Heavenly Farmer Chapter 271-280

Chapter 271 – Ten Thousand Plant Spirit Pill


In an immortal land, the red immortal beans plant was covered with red petals.

In the middle of the red immortal plant, a Fusang tree was growing.

As soon as you entered this area, you could feel a warm feeling, which was obviously much higher than the outside temperature.

Ye Xiaochen sat cross-legged and practiced breathing. A trace of plant qi melted into his body, forming a trace of energy in the dantian, and then condensed into a grain size energy crystal.

After a period of cultivation, he started condensing the second plant spirit.

In order to cultivate the plant spirit, he planted two more fields with the immortal red bean. Although the Fusang tree couldn’t prove the fire immortal qi to it, there was still the five-element immortal bead, so there was no need to worry about the shortage of supply.

Naturally, Ye Xiaochen did find some subtle differences. The fire immortal qi provided by the Fusang tree was better than others, its fire qi was more refined and pure.

Therefore, Ye Xiaochen liked to practice mostly in this immortal land.

Feeling the abundant fire energy in his body, Ye Xiaochen exhaled. The airflow was like a flame, it dissipated and created a heatwave.

“Haha, although this energy cultivated by immortal red beans is of fire attribute, it is not the general fire attribute. It belongs to the plant fire type, which is much milder, but has more vitality and could absorb the power of vitality to grow.”

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help laughing.

He once used the fire energy to use the plant soldier skill, the controlled plants contained peculiar fire energy.

In fact, this could be seen from the bean soldier refined from immortal red beans.

The power of red bean soldiers was inclined towards the fire system department.

The yellow bean soldiers tend to the earth system department.

Currently, Ye Xiaochen is growing several kinds of immortal beans, such as the immortal black bean, which belongs to the water system department.

Immortal green bean which was a wood attribute plant.

Immortal blue bean, this was of wind attribute.

“Ah, it is really difficult to cultivate Shennong tactics at the foundation stage!”

Ye Xiaochen sighed.

Especially the crystallization stage, he could only absorb a specific plant spirit qi.

On the contrary, the plant spirit formed has strong cultivation.

Now, his plant spirit was very powerful, his move could even produce fear to ordinary qi refining cultivators.

Ye Xiaochen got up and went to a different immortal land, where the yellow grade seventh level Dingling flower was planted.

The immortal plant was ordered by Lao-tze.

Currently, this batch of Dingling flowers have almost matured, the bright flowers were very conspicuous.

Unfortunately, it still didn’t reach the lower grade.

If it doesn’t reach lower grades, then he wouldn’t be able to trade with Lao-tze.

“At present, I have been able to plant yellow grade third level to lower grade quality. The next thing is I need to breakthrough to yellow grade level 4, then level 5. I believe it will not be long before I could achieve it.”

Ye XIaochen thought to himself.

Just a while ago, he planted the immortal beans and all of them reached lower grade, even the yellow grade third-level immortal grape also reached the lower grade.

With the breakthrough to one level, it becomes easy to break through to another level for immortal plants

In this way, a few days passed.

When Ye Xiaochen used the plant identification skill, he couldn’t help being stunned.

Because the Dingling flower has reached the lower grade.

“What’s going on? How did it suddenly reach the lower grade?”

Ye Xiaochen was a little confused!

He repeatedly looked for the cause of it, and finally found it.

In his Shennong talent, the quality has become +2.

“Is it because the quality reached +2 that the immortal plants reached lower grade?”

Ye Xiaochen’s breathing became heavy.

If this was true, then the significance of quality talent was very extraordinary, this had a great role in improving the quality of immortal plants.

After thinking till here, Ye Xiaochen quickly checked several other immortal plants that were about to mature.

Sure enough, all these immortal plants reached the lower grade.

“Good, Good, Good.”

Ye Xiaochen was ecstatic.

What a pleasant surprise!

Immediately, Ye Xiachen ordered all the bean soldiers to harvest Dingling flowers and quickly contacted Lao-Tze.

Lao-Tze got to know that Ye Xiaochen had planted lower grade Dingling flowers and was a little surprised.

At present, they trade 600 immortal yuan for a piece, there were a total of 90 Dingling flowers.

That was 54000 immortal yuan.

Ye Xiaochen kept ten Dingling flowers with himself.

Because he knew the characteristics of the Dingling flowers. Even if it was eaten directly, it has proved a great effect, especially after breakthrough, it stabilizes the state of cultivation.

If possessed by a demon and there is a deviation in qi, the Dingling flower has some effect of stabilizing it.

Therefore, Ye Xiaochen kept the ten Dingling flowers with himself in case of need.

In the following days, Ye Xiaochen felt extremely happy, because a variety of immortal plants were harvested of lower grade.

His income has immediately soared.

In the immortal plant auction, Ye Xiaochen’s income reached more than 300,000 immortal yuan.

This could be said as getting rich overnight.

When did he have so many immortal yuan?

The system also previously rewarded him with 100,000 immortal yuan.

Now he has nearly 400,000 immortal yuan in his account.

“Now, you can’t do it step by step.”

With so many immortal yuan, Ye Xiaochen’s first thought was to buy pills to promote cultivation.

“Ten thousand plant spirit pills, this pill could be used as a substitute for the plant qi.”

Ye Xiachen found the safest pill.

There were some pills with similar characteristics, but they all had some side effects.

However, the Ten thousand plant spirit pill was different, there were no side effects or were very small.

Moreover, according to the description this pill was developed by the Second Generation Shennong. It was said that this pill was developed in order to cultivate the next generation Shennong and rapidly improve the cultivation of the third generation Shennong.

“Although the price is a little higher, there are no side effects.”

Ye Xiaochen gritted his teeth and bought a bottle of the pill.

In the bottle, there were twelve pills.

A bottle cost 120,000 immortal yuan.

However, Ye Xiaochen could get a 10% discount, so it cost him only 108,000 immortal yuan.

Ye Xiaochen immediately tried it.

He poured out a crystal clear green pill from the bottle, then put it in his mouth and swallowed it.

The pill slowly melted into a plant spirit qi and spread in the body.

Ye Xiaochen immediately urged the Shennong tactic. The plant spirit qi was quickly refined, converted to energy, and integrated into the energy crystal.

For a moment, the energy crystal inflated with an astonishing speed.

When the power of the pill was completely absorbed, Ye Xiaochen felt that the crystal had reached extreme, the next moment, it actually split open and turned into a plant spirit.

Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes, his breathing incomparable became heavy,  this is too fast.

Only one pill completed the process of turning to plant spirit.

One pill!

Previously it took a long time.

Ye Xiaochen was crying a little.

Damn, if I knew it would be so fast, I would buy it immediately, why did I cultivate so hard?

Chapter 272 – Heavenly Land Farm

The second plant spirit has been refined.

Ye XIaochen decided to continue cultivating and directly build the third plant spirit.

Anyway, the more plant spirit, the stronger the foundation.

Immediately, Ye Xiaochen went to the field of immortal yellow beans.

He sat quickly and began to cultivate.

When the dantian gathered a trace of plant spirit qi, he instantly took the pill.


Aura bloomed in his body.

With the high-speed operation of the Shennong tactic, a torrent of energy was generated and gathered into the body, and a new energy crystal was growing at an amazing speed.

After a long time, suddenly a click sound came, the energy crystal reached its limit and turned into a plant spirit.

The third plant spirit.

Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes and couldn’t help laughing.


It’s so cool!

This was called cultivation, what before was called torture!

Ye Xiaochen felt that his bright future was about to begin.

He quickly went to the next piece of immortal land, he chose the immortal black bean.

Half an hour later, the fourth plant spirit was formed.

An hour later, a fifth plant spirit formed.

At this point, Ye Xiaochen finally felt a little tired.

He stopped cultivating.

He was in no hurry!

He still has eight pills, which could condense eight more plant spirits.

In this way, the next few days, Ye Xiaochen crazily cultivated.

The sixth plant spirit, the seventh plant spirit, the eight plant spirit…

When the ninth plant spirit was formed, Ye Xiaochen found that he could no longer gather new plant spirit qi.

He seems to have reached its limit.

“Damn, unexpectedly there is a limit!”

Ye Xiaochen was a little depressed.

He still has four more pills!

“No, there was no mention in the Shennong tactic about the number of plant spirits.”

Ye Xiaochen wondered.

He repeatedly studied the Shennong tactic and finally found the problem.

The reason why he couldn’t cultivate more plant spirit was that his soul strength was not enough.

However, in order to improve the strength of the soul, he must breakthrough.

What is soul strength?

In sense, it was lifespan.

The higher the lifespan, the stronger the soul strength would be.

Therefore, the nine plant spirit was his limit, unless his soul strength increases, he must cultivate higher.

Ye Xiaochen was just a mortal, how could he have strong soul strength.

“I guess nine is my limit.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head.

However, he didn’t care, in the future, he could still gather plant spirit, but that was only after constructing the foundation.

At most, it would be a plant spirit which was not as pure as that in the foundation construction stage.

The nine plant spirit qi, as long as they were condensed to the extreme, could be fused forming a plant core.

Of course, this was not like the golden core, but a combination of nine plant spirits.

This was going to be the late foundation construction stage.

If the plant core could be transformed into plant spirit again, he would have reached the perfect foundation construction stage.

And the plant core would be having the characteristics of nine different plant spirits, which would be extraordinary.

On this day, Ye XIaochen harvested another immortal plant.

Immortal gourd.

Ten gourd vines.

The immortal gourds can not only be eaten but could also be made into containers. There are nine kinds of gourds, which have their own characteristics.

For example, if you put wine in the gourd for a long time, some magical changes would happen.

When Ye Xiaochen finished harvesting the immortal gourd, suddenly Ye Xiaochen heard the system’s notification sound.

“Ding, the experience value has exceeded 1000, you have obtained the qualification to upgrade. Do you want to upgrade?”

Ye Xiaochen’s heart was surprised, so quickly he reached the upgrade?

He doesn’t always pay attention to the experience point, he didn’t expect to accumulate 1000 experience points so quickly.

However, after thinking, he felt it was normal, now he could grow lower grade immortal plants, so he could get more experience.

He promptly upgraded the system.

“Ding, this upgrade will last three days. Within three days, some functions of the system will not be available.”

It was the same as the last time.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t care.

There was nothing to worry about.

Shortly, the three days passed.

All of a sudden, the pleasant sound of the system came, “Ding, the system upgrade is finished. Heavenlyland is opened.”

Then a light screen appeared.

It was the interface of the Shennong system.

In addition, to the personal, farm, friends, store, mission, a Heavenlyland column was added.

“The Heavenlyland could divide a boundary forming a fairyland, it could accommodate the whole farm. In Heavenlyland, by consuming immortal yuan the rate of time could be adjusted, and could also let the immortal projection descend.”

After reading the description of Heavenly land, Ye Xiaochen’s eyes lit up.

This was a great function.

From now on, the farm would no longer be in a fixed place. He could carry the Heavenlyland farm anywhere and could enter at any time.

How convenient was it?

The most important thing was that you could adjust the time, which was a godsend.

Just, I don’t know how much immortal yuan would be consumed?

After thinking, Ye Xiachen showed a touch of excitement, he immediately entered the Heavenly land column, and directly clicked on it creating the Heavenly land farm.

Ye XIaochen felt the void shake.

He saw the sky, suddenly the wind and clouds changed.

Lu Dongcheng, Lian Yuzhu, and Du Yueqiu came flying. They wondered what was happening?

It took several minutes for the shock to subside.

Although the sky still looked like the sky, Ye Xiaochen already knew that the farm was no longer in the earth’s sphere, but in Heavenlyland.

“Boss, what just happened?”

Lian Yuzhu hurriedly asked.

“Haha, you guys come with me.”

As the master of Heavenlyland, Ye Xiaochen had the ability to enter and leave the heavenly land at will.

With a wave of his hand, a light door appeared out of thin air.

“This, this is the space door?”

Du Yueqiu’s voice stuttered.

It was amazing.

They have seen the space door, which leads to the immortal world.

Only when the cultivation reaches a certain level, could you open the door to the immortal world and ascend.

Now this space door appeared in front of everybody.

They looked at Ye Xiaochen with awe.

Can he open the space door at will? Is the boss the immortal mentioned in the legends?

After thinking, they became very excited, they felt that they have gotten a unique opportunity.

Immediately, Ye Xiaochen with three people entered the light door.

The next moment, outside the original farm, four figures appeared out of thin air.

Looking at the original location of the farm, the greenhouses were still three, but there were no immortal plants in the greenhouses. All the immortal plants have been transferred into the Heavenly land.

Chapter 273 – Time Acceleration

Lian Yuzhu and the other two people were puzzled.

What was going on?

Where was the farm?

They were all cultivators and have reached the Qi Refining stage and were very sensitive to the aura. The aura that used to be everywhere on the farm has disappeared.

“From now on, the farm has been moved to HeavenlyLand you must need my HeavenlyLand token before you can enter it.”

With a flip of a wrist, Ye Xiaochen took out three tokens.


The three tokens flew out and fell into the hands of the three people.

“Use qi to refine it. This token can only be used by you guys.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

After Ye Xiaochen finished saying, only the three people reacted, they were very shocked, actually, there was a Heavenly land.

They were all cultivators and naturally knew what HeavenlyLand represents.

In the cultivation world, there were also Heavenly Lands.

Those Heavenly Lands were all controlled by the top sect. Only the inheriting disciple and elders were eligible to enter. It was said that this was a core secret of a sect. Even if the sect was destroyed, as long as Heavenlyland was there, the sect could be re-established.

Now, they actually saw the legendary Heavenly land.

Their hearts were filled with excitement.

Because having the qualification to enter Heavenly Land means an additional means to protect one’s life.

Even if you fall in a desperate situation, as long as they could activate the Heavenlyland token, they could enter directly.

Quickly, the three men refined Heavenlyland.

The four people return to the Heavenly land.

Ye Xiaochen studied the function of Heavenly Land, which could adjust the flow of time.

However, it was going to cost immortal yuan.

For example, if you want to double the time, you have to spend one immortal yuan per minute.

The growth rate of 10 times requires 10 immortal yuan per minute.

The growth rate of 100 times, requires 100 immortal yuan per minute.

“Tsk, Tsk this acceleration of time doesn’t consume much immortal yuan.”

Ye Xiaochen was surprised.

If the time flow was double, then it would cost sixty immortal yuan an hour, that was 1440 immortal yuan per day.

Ten days would consume 14400 immortal yuan.

For a hundred days, it would be 144000 immortal yuan.

What could be done in a hundred days?

It was enough to plant two batches of lower yellow grade immortal plants.

If it was speeded up, it was equivalent to planting four or five batches of immortal plants.

In a sense, as long as you have enough immortal fields and immortal plants to plant, the higher profit you would earn.

At the current moment?

Ye XIaochen couldn’t judge for the time being whether he would make a profit by accelerating.

Let’s try first.

Thinking till here, Ye Xiaochen directly chose to accelerate twice.

All of a sudden, a strange feeling arose, like motion sickness; he felt uncomfortable and was unable to concentrate.

He looked around and vaguely felt something was different.

He couldn’t say what changed.

In fact, the time for him in the Heavenly land was normal, but it was twice as fast compared to the real world.

The one day outside was equal to two days inside here.

At that moment, Lu Dongcheng and others walked over and said they felt something.

“It’s normal. Currently, I have accelerated the Heavenlyland’s time, the two days here is equivalent to one day outside.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Lu Dongcheng and others were a little bewildered.

Suddenly, they remembered why the people who entered Heavenly land, their cultivation rose so quickly.

Did it have something to do with the fact that the time could be accelerated?

“Well, although speeding up the time would have an impact on your cultivation, once you get used to it, your cultivation time would double.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

At present, his financial resources could only double the speed of time. Moreover, if the acceleration was too fast, it might have a greater impact and might affect planting, he must need to slowly observe the situation.

Lu Dongcheng and others eyes brightened. Twice the time, which meant that they could increase their cultivation time.

Ye Xiaochen was also no exception to it, but first, he went to study immortal plants.

He wanted to know what would be the impact on immortal plants when the time gets accelerated.

Immediately, he looked at the immortal lands.

After careful comparison, Ye Xiaochen found that the influence was not big, of course, it might be for the short term, but he needs to observe the long-term situation.

After inspecting the immortal plants, Ye Xiaochen began to cultivate.

Sure enough, the impact of the acceleration of time was not small, it was difficult to concentrate.

He tried several times before he could concentrate.

After a long time, he opened his eyes.

“The impact is not big, as long as you can adapt, it won’t have much effect on cultivation.”

Ye Xiaochen breathed a sigh of relief.

In the next half month, Ye Xiaochen accelerated the time of Heavenlyland.

Half a month of the real world was equal to one month in the heavenly land.

Lu Dongcheng and other people’s cultivation have improved a lot, and the planting also has improved a lot.

Of course, compared with Ye Xiaochen, they were far behind.

Ye Xiaochen as early as half a month ago had successfully refined nine spirit grass to the limit.

The next was integrating the nine spirits into the plant core.

Although he has not yet fused, Ye Xiaochen felt his strength has increased.

He has tested the power of nine plant spirits, and he could deal with the Lu Dongcheng trio easily.

It was hard to imagine, once refined into plant core how strong he would be.

Ye Xiaochen was sitting in the car, Lu Dongcheng was driving.

“Are you sure none of them want to come?”

Ye Xiaochen asked Lian Yuzhu.

For more than half a month, they have been contacting other cultivators.

Unfortunately, none of them were willing to come.

For some, they couldn’t be contacted at all.

This also left Ye Xiaochen helpless, he couldn’t tie them all.

“They’re all getting together and they wanted me to come over. I don’t know what they’re thinking.”

Lian Yuzhu shook her head.

The three people she contacted were from the same sect.

“Boss, I got in touch with one, but…”

Lu Dongcheng who was driving suddenly said.

“But what?”

Ye Xiaochen asked.

“He seems to have offended the local government and is wanted by them.”

Lu Dongcheng said.

“Wanted? That’s a bit of trouble.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a frown,

“Do you know why?”

Ye Xiaochen asked.

“He didn’t say it.”

Lu Dongcheng said.

“Xiaodong, you contact him some time and ask the reason clearly. As long as it is not too outrageous, I can protect him.”

Ye Xiaochen thought for a while and said.

If he did something wicked, such as killing people and stealing things, it would not work. He would never accept people with such bad character, even if he has the highest planting talent.

Lu Dongcheng, Lian Yuzhu, and Du Yueqiu, although they have their own shortcomings, they were not evil people, so he took them in.

Chapter 274 – Resigning

At the research institute.

The first regrowth of the super rice was almost matured.

The rice plants were not as tall as the first one, but they were still taller than normal rice plants.

A closer look at the head of rice showed that there would be another good harvest.

After harvesting and drying, the result of the first rice regrowth came out.

Over 1,115 kg per mu.

It was less than half of the original but was still much better than today’s super hybrid rice.

It should be known that it was just more than one month from the first harvest to the current harvest, which was more than half of the normal growth period of rice!

Moreover, there was a second regrowth.

Rice was grown only twice a year in the southern province, unlike the Hai Province where three times rice could be grown due to the temperature.

Now, this super rice was enough to compare to thrice rice plantings, but this super rice needs to be planted only once.

Besides, the rice produced by the super rice seeds was very delicious. Currently, the rice they eat in the institute was the super rice they harvested.

“Director, with just this second harvest, it is enough to pass acceptance.”

“As long as a promotion can be done, it would become a huge success.”

“Director, I think this super rice is good enough for marketing.”

“Yes, our super rice can grow in the normal growth environment and can absolutely stand the trials.”


Many researchers were excited.

After so much hard work, their first product was finally regarded as a success. Naturally, they were happy.

“Well, I know this, but whether it can pass acceptance, I don’t have any say in it.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

Obviously, he was actually confident.

Therefore, Ye Xiaochen asked the people to sort out the information and make a report.

In just a few days, the Ministry of Agriculture ordered the agricultural experts to check and inspect the super rice.

The result was—Disqualified

In the southern Province governor office.

Zhang Sheng banged his fist on the table.

“What did Li Sucheng mean? He made it disqualified?”

All the people present on the scene were silent.

Everyone knew that the provincial governor was currently very angry.

“Mr.Governor, I’m afraid some have interfered in this matter.”

“I know, Hmph, do they think they can stop the super rice from coming to market?”

Zhang Sheng’s eyes flashed with a cold light.

Just then, his phone rang. He picked it up and answered, “What? Professor Ye is resigning as the director of the institute? What is he going to do? I’ll handle it. Let him take his time.”

After the call, he said with a bitter smile, “Ye Xiaochen is resigning as the director of the Yan city plant consciousness institute.”

“Is he fooling around? It’s not like there’s no room to turn around.”

Shen Yipeng didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

It was not like the burden was gone.

Southern Province must not lose!

“It’s normal for young people to be angry. If I was in his place, I’m afraid I would have been more impulsive than him.”

Zhang Sheng said with a smile.

“That’s true.”

“Old Shen, you’d better go there personally and comfort him.”

Zhang Sheng said.


Shen Yipeng nodded.


In the research institute.

When Ye Xiaochen learned about the acceptance result of super rice, he immediately became very angry.

Because the reason was too absurd, saying that the yield was too high, too much regrowth, there is no scientific basis, need to carry out a few more experiments of planting.

Dman, is science-based on your mother?

No matter how good Ye Xiaochen’s character was, he scolded that person’s mother.

The rest of the institute was also annoyed.

“I quit.”

Ye Xiaochen directly left without saying anything.

For the next two days, he didn’t go to Yang city but spent his whole time cultivating in Heavenlyland.

When Shen Yipeng came looking for him, he couldn’t find him, and no one knew where he had gone.

In the Heavenlyland.

“Boss, are you really not going out?”

Lu Dongcheng asked curiously.

“What am I going to do? I’ve worked hard to help them do research, in return, they unexpectedly dare to cheat me. I quit this line.”

Ye Xiaochen’s stomach was full of anger when he remembered it.

“The boss did the right thing. How comfortable it is just to cultivate in Heavenly land.”

Lian Yuzhu said.

“Yes, let’s not worry about worldly affairs.”

Du Yueqiu also said.

They stayed in the Heavenly land for a long time and they didn’t want to leave even for a moment.

Whether it was cultivating or planting, it was very attractive to them.


Headquarters of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

“You said that Ye Xiaochen has given up the responsibility?”

President Qin was stunned by the news.

“Yes, I heard it was because of the acceptance of super rice.”

Said the deputy president.

“This super rice is really good. The first yield per mu was more than 2000kg, and the first regrowth was more than 1000kg. It is said that there is even a second regrowth. Haha, people from the acceptance group think that this is not scientific.”

one of the vice presidents laughed.

“Unscientific? What a funny reason the acceptance team gave.”

President Qin sneered: “It seems that those people’s hands are too long.”

“This is normal, after all, if the super rice comes to the market, it will hit them the hardest.”

Said the vice president.

“Well, once the super rice is successful, it will be a national priority. Besides, the second project is about to be launched. Now that something like this happened, the impact is too great. It seems that a warning must be given.”

Presiden Qin snorted coldly.

All the people at the scene knew that President Qin was angry.

Some people were going to be unlucky.


Longping hi-tech

“What? Someone has reported a major corruption case within us, and the investigation team will be stationed?”

A piece of news went viral.

All of a sudden, everyone was in danger.

In particular, senior management, many people’s faces changed.

It was not long after that the inspection process was started.

The result was — Qualified.

When the news came out, many people breathed a sigh of relief.

Of course, there were also many people who were upset.


When Ye Xiaochen got the news, he couldn’t help but be stunned, so quickly it was solved?

He thought it would take some time.

After all, this was the most troublesome thing.

His period of seclusion was not without any result. He has successfully integrated the nine kinds of plant spirit.

At this point, his cultivation has reached the late foundation construction stage.

The benefit of the accelerated flow of time was also revealed. Although the consumption of immortal yuan was very high, the loss was not much because the immortal plants grew twice fast.

Moreover, his Shennong talent like Yield, Spirit, and acceleration have successively reached +2.

The effect of this increase was too great.

He estimated that even if keep the twice acceleration of time, he would not lose money, but would probably see an increase in revenue.

Chapter 275 – Big Player

Would Ye Xiaochen be just satisfied with the acceptance of super rice?

Nonsense, I’m not satisfied.

You guys think that you can block at any time and can let go anytime.

No way!

I, Ye Xiaochen, won’t buy this behavior.

Ye Xiaochen still ignored them.

The people in Yang city were stunned!

The people in the Southern Province were dumbstruck.

The people at the Chinese Academy of sciences were speechless.

The Ministry of Agriculture didn’t know what to say.

They have’ never seen such a big player.

Even the top academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has to be honest.

Ye Xiaochen, except going to Wang Xinyi’s house, hid most of the time in HeavenlyLand.

He was having a great time!

His cultivation was improving rapidly!

The efficiency of earning immortal yuan also increased higher.

Today, Ye Xiaochen just came out of Wang Xinyi’s home and was blocked.

It was secretary Zeng Hongye.

“Xiaochen, what kind of game are you playing? Now the problem has been solved, go back as soon as possible.”

Zeng Hongye said.

“Sister Zeng, currently, I am on a vacation. After doing such a big project, I need some time to rest.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Zeng Hongye didn’t believe him, you usually are free at ordinary times and seldomly go to the research institute, do not think we don’t know.

In fact, she has no other option, although the super rice has been qualified, Ye Xiaochen was still needed if you want to accelerate the breeding.

Previous attempts by researchers have been less effective, the results were much worse.

And because of this, the top management couldn’t wait.

If Ye Xiaochen goes back one day later, the benefit would get delayed by one more day!

Now, who was not looking forward to using super rice to salvage something?

In the business, in government, in the research field and even the big farmers were looking forward to it.

“Xiaochen, give me the exact day.”

Zeng Hongye said helplessly.

“Well, I’ll go tomorrow. But let me warn you, the next time something like this happens again, I’ll really retire.”

Ye Xiaochen saw that the sister Zeng was really anxious and immediately said.

“All right, you can rest assured that it won’t happen again.”

Ye Xiaochen finally returned to the research institute, and many people were relieved.

People in the research institute seem to have got their backbone and immediately worked with a high level of enthusiasm.

Ye Xiaochen was in complete charge.

For the next few days, everything went well…

As for the first two batches of rice that were harvested, have been already sent to several partners as seeds, among which was the earth Shennong company was one.

A large area of farmland has been already prepared for planting the super rice seeds, named Xianling-1

The problem of super rice breeding has been solved, the next step was for a group of researchers to take charge of the super rice.

Ye Xiaochen began to prepare for the second research project.

Now the issue of desertification was very serious, how to prevent the expansion of it has become a very important issue for the country.

Unfortunately, the progress hasn’t been fast in this matter. Although some drought-resistant plants have been cultivated, they couldn’t solve the problem.

If a strong drought-resistant plant could be developed, it would be of great significance to stop the expansion of the desert.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t find this difficult.

It was even easier than super rice because the drought-resistant super green plant needs to just have drought resistance. As long as this point is solved, then basically there would be no problem.

Naturally, if Ye Xiaochen had to research, it was impossible to make it only drought resistant, but also make it able to absorb the nutrients at high speed, so as to achieve the purpose of rapid growth.

Just like the duckweed, it could cover a large area of water overnight, relying on super growth and reproduction.

If you have to conquer the desert, you have to make it kind of like multiplying and grow like bacteria.

In the office.

Ye Xiaochen was having a video chat with his sister, Ye Ying.

Guo Moyun’s matter has long been settled.

The game company returned the game rights.

He had some spare money so he and Wang Shusiheng invested apart. They pooled tens of million to set up a game company with Guo Moyun as a partner.

Not counting the money in the bank, just only the shares of immortal spring company and Earth Shennong company gave Ye Xiaochen a worth of hundreds of millions.

The monthly dividend was more than ten million.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t care much about it, so he took the money and invested it.

Of course, all this was run by Guo Moyun’s team.

Anyway, he doesn’t know anything about the game field, and Wang SHuisheng just sent two people to supervise.

After all, neither of them cared much about the future of the game company.

“Brother, Moyun’s game has already been tested internally.” said Ye Ying excitedly, “I think it’s very good, and would surely go viral.”

“That’s good.”

Ye XIaochen said with a smile.

“Are you having a hard time?”

Ye Xiaochen saw his sister in the video and felt that she had lost a lot of weight.

At a glance, he knew that she had been working too hard and felt distressed.

“The work is hard, but I feel very satisfied. It is really difficult to start a business, but the harvest in the process of starting a business is also very big”

Ye Ying said.

“Haha, I didn’t expect that my sister would get this feeling.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“I haven’t experienced it before. Brother, I don’t know how you achieved it.”

Ye Ying said.

If Ye Xiaochen hadn’t helped, they wouldn’t have gotten the game copyright back and the studio’s future had been lost.

She suddenly admired her older brother, he has unexpectedly reached today’s level.

“Haha, do you admire your brother now?”

Ye Xiaochen asked with a smile.

“Well, Moyun said that he also admires you, and said that your experience is just like a legend.”

Ye Ying honestly said.

“Haha, then if I have time I will write an autobiography called, Ye Xiaochen the farmer.”

The siblings chatted for a long time before they hung up. Ye Xiaochen picked up a ballpoint pen and wrote something on the paper.

He was now writing a paper on plant consciousness, which was required by the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences has a requirement for its researcher to publish a few papers each year.

This was related to future ratings.

Therefore, in recent days, Ye Xiaochen has been busy with this matter.

He has written a good number of papers, this should be able to deal with things for a long time.

It was done!

Ye Xiaochen called Ji Yuting and asked her to type the paper’s content on the computer.

This was not the first time for Ji Yuting to do it, she has handled this thing very smoothly.

Moreover, Ji Yuting was able to see the most- cutting-edge technology papers which were hard to get.

Every time, she would take the paper and study it carefully.

Chapter 276 – Prison Break

Ye Xiaochen packed up his things and was ready to go back home.

During this period, due to the research affairs, he had been at the institute for a long time.

Suddenly, Lu Dongcheng came rushing.

“Xiaodong, why are you in such a hurry?”

Ye Xiaochen asked quietly.

“Mr.Ye, that person has been arrested by the government.”

Said Lu Dongcheng.


Ye Xiaochen was surprised.

After all, it was a cultivator of the perfect foundation construction stage. Shouldn’t he have no problem escaping?

“Boss, do you think we should save him? It will be bad for us if he leaks our secret.”

Lu Dongcheng said.

“Well, that is a question, but do you know where he is now?”

Ye Xiaochen nodded.

They all came from the cultivation world.

This was a big secret, if the secular government knew, it wouldn’t be known what they could do.

It should be known that this is a world, just like any other life planet, it represents resources!

At present, the strength of a country depends on three aspects: First is technology, second is talents and third is resources.

Why were the middle and eastern countries so rich. It was because of the rich oil.

If it is known that there is an area that could be avoided from the earth, but habitable and rich in resources, no one would be able to resist such temptation, and the countries would be even worse.

“On the other side of Wu city, in the northern province. He has opened up his information, so I could locate him directly.”

Lu Dongcheng said.

“Tell him to keep his mouth shut, or no one can save him.”

Ye Xiaochen pondered for a moment and said.

When Lu Dongcheng left, Ye Xiaochen felt a bit tangled.

If he goes to save people, it is bound to create a conflict with the local government.

He has no power to fight against the government.

Even if there was, he wouldn’t be sure.

After all, the great powers in the world were not the ancient power, but modern weapons. The power of modern weapons is terrible. Not to mention the Qi refining stage, even the golden core cultivator would need to be cautious otherwise, some mass destruction weapons of the country could easily deal with them.

He has a Heavenly Land now.

As long as he entered the heavenly land cave, no one could do anything about him.

Anyway, he has set the original farm as the fixed entrance, even if he goes thousands of miles far, he would be able to get home through the Heavenly Land in a flash.

This was his card.

To black grade level genius, he was willing to use it.

After all, the unlucky guy didn’t do anything bad, but stopped some person from bullying a nice woman, and accidentally turned him into a eunuch.

However the family of that person has a very big influence, naturally, they made the government issue a wanted order.

The same day, Ye Xiaochen let Lu Dongcheng go to Wu city, Northern province.

As long as Lu Dongchen goes to that place, he could carry out teleportation through the heavenly land. This was very convenient.

The most important thing, it was not easy for Ye Xiaochen to go out. After all, he was a famous scientist and always gets a lot of attention.

That day, at three o’clock in the afternoon, Ye Xiaochen received the call from Lu Dongcheng, saying he had arrived.

Immediately, Ye Xiaochen asked him to find a remote place. He then immediately entered the cave, then located Lu Dongcheng’s token.

The next moment, he traveled hundreds of miles from Yang city’s southern province and arrived at Wu city in the northern province.

“Mr.Ye, the heavenly land is very convenient.”

Lu Dongcheng could only sigh when Ye Xiaochen suddenly crossed hundreds of miles.

“Unfortunately, you can only rely on a token for the position.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head and said.

The token needs to be purchased with immortal yuan, immortal Yuan!

You couldn’t just put a token everywhere you go, right?

He was not so wasteful.

Anyway, he could send someone to go to the place, and then teleport. How convenient!

It didn’t take much time for Ye Xiaochen and Lu Dongchend to arrive at the police station, where that person was inducted.

Stealth talisman!

Change talisman!

The stealth talisman could make people invisible.

The Change talisman could change the person’s appearance, height, skeleton, and breathing, to become another person.

Since they wanted to save people, they didn’t want to expose themselves. Therefore they must hide their appearance.

These were low-level talisman in the store available at 100 immortal yuan.

Lu Dongcheng looked with envious eyes, these things are very high-level!

I wonder who the Boss is?

Is he the illegitimate son of an immortal tycoon?

If Ye Xiaochen knew about Lu Dongcheng’s thought, he would have beaten him into a pig’s head.

The two people entered the interior of the police station unimpeded, with the guidance of Lu Dongcheng, they soon came to the small black house where the guy was held.

The guys also became aware that Lu Dongcheng and Ye Xiaochen have arrived.

Ye Xiaochen used the pollination bee to knock down the police officer on duty, and then directly opened the stainless steel door lock.

Suddenly, an alarm went off.

Followed by a few iron gates fell sharply from the ceiling, sealing off the passage.

Lu Dongcheng and Ye Xiaochen were dumbfounded.

Thud thud Thud…

There was a sound of rapid footsteps, and many armed policemen came.


At this time, if he doesn’t know that this was a trap, he would be a fool.

“Tu Baiyan, you dare to deceive us?”

Lu Dongcheng looked towards the young man in the room and roared loudly at him.

“I also can’t help. It was Chen Ao who took shelter under the secular government and set up this bureau. I was also deceived by him.”

The young man said with a bitter smile.

“Haha, Tu Baiyan is right. I think you should behave properly and get captured. You can still save your life.”

Outside the iron gate, a young man in a suit, with gelled hair said with a smile.

“Chen Ao, why do you want to join the secular government?”

Lu Dongcheng couldn’t believe it.

This guy even took shelter under the secular government and helped them catch cultivators.

“Haha, with your small vision, how could you know my ideals? I’m fed up with the cultivation world. I’m different from you. My goal is not to live forever, but to live with dignity. In the cultivation world, with my talent and qualification, I couldn’t think of it. Only this secular world is my paradise. Huh, the secular world is not ignorant like in the past, this is one of the best worlds. Do you know how strong the power of science and technology is? Even if one cultivates a golden core of a nascent soul, according to my research, a missile is enough to knock them down. Even if the immortals from the immortal world descends, the nuclear bomb mastered by the secular world has the possibility of killing it. If there is a day when we could find a way to open the cultivation world, what kind of scene would it be? It’s so exciting!”

Chen Ao’s face was full of fanaticism, just like a madman.

Lu Dongcheng and Tu Baiyuan’s heart sink.

And Ye Xiaochen sighed in his heart, it seems that things are really developing in an uncontrollable direction.

Chapter 277 – Afraid of Death

“Chen Ao, do you think it’s fine to join the secular government? The Secular government can deal with us as well as you.”

Said Tu Baiyuan.

“You don’t need to worry about it. As long as you cooperate well, there will be no danger to your life. By the way, there are other people waiting for you.”

Chen Ao waved his hands and didn’t care about his words.

Tu Baiyuan looked gloomily, he became aware that Chen Ao was determined to go his own way.

Moreover, listening to his tone, other cultivators have also fallen into the hands of the government.

“Lu Dongcheng, I’m sorry, I have implicated you.”

Tu Baiyuan was a little ashamed.

“It’s all like this. What can be done?”

Lu Dongcheng looked at Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen slightly nodded, he immediately entered the darkroom and closed the iron door directly.

“Well, you guys are trapped, you can’t escape it.”

From the outside, Chen Ao’s voice came.

“We really can’t escape. There are too many secular ways to deal with us.”

Tu Baiyuan looked desperate.

Suddenly, he became slightly stunned, because Ye Xiaochen waved his hand, and suddenly a strong force covered him. The next moment, the scene in front of him changed and he appeared inside a strange farm.

Ye Xiaochen and Lu Dongcheng were beside him.

In addition, he also saw two women: Lian Yuzhu and Du Yueqiu.

“What, what is this place?”

Tu Baiyuan’s face was full of shock.


Tu Baiyuan was hit by Lu Dongcheng’s fist and flew out.

His face was devastated with pain and was sweating heavily.

“Hmph, Tu Baiyuan, you are really cruel, even wanted to harm us.”

Lu Dongcehgn’s eyes were cold.

If he had not gone with Mr. Ye this time, he would have fallen into big trouble.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t want to do it.”

Tu Baiyuan apologized and was very embarrassed.

“Wooden Board, what’s the matter?”

Lian Yuzhu asked curiously.

“Hmph, this guy was caught by the people of the government. He then actually helped the government to set a trap, wanting to catch all cultivators. And Chen Ao, that son of bi**h has joined the government.”

Lu Doongcheng said with a cold face.


Lian Yuzhu slapped Tu Baiyuan in the face.

“This slap is to tell you that even if you hurt the wooden board, I have no problem, but you absolutely can’t hurt my boss, do you understand?”

Lian Yuzhu said viciously.

“She is right, if you hurt the boss, then you’re my enemy.”

Du Yueqiu also hit Tu Baiyuan on the face.

Tu Baiyuan rolled over a few times before he got up, but his face was full of shock. Obviously, he didn’t understand what these two girls meant.

And Lu Dongcheng looked gloomily at the two girls. What was the meaning of this? Harming me is no problem?

Ye Xiaochen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.


Wu city, police station.

When the armed police threw the tear gas into the room, they immediately rushed inside the room only to find that the room was empty.

They are gone!

Chen Ao also wore a gas mask and entered the room, his face was very dark.

“We have surrounded them, it should be impossible to escape.”

A middle-aged man said in a cold tone.

He was from the Special Department of the country.

He was in charge of this whole operation.

In the beginning, Chen Ao used the secular relation to find him, and then the plan to arrest the cultivators was launched.

This was a very important matter.

Chen Ao said that there is another world on this earth, with more resources and area than the earth. Moreover, there is also a cultivation technique, which could give you special powers. And also there were magic weapons. These things immediately attracted the top management’s interest.

Let’s not talk about the cultivation skills, just this huge inner world, if you could occupy, what a huge resource it could provide?

How much boost would this have to the country’s overall strength?

What was the reason for developing the space program, landing on the moon, launching exploration vehicles, and looking for life planets in the endless space?

Compared with the terrible difficulty and small chance of finding life in space, this inner world of earth seems much more reliable.

It should be known that there are many myths and legends in ancient times, even in foreign countries, which show certain reliability.

In fact, there were some supernatural phenomena on the earth that were hard to explain by science or technology.

In a nutshell, the top-level management of the country has attached great importance to it, and even prepared to set up a department, and laboratory specially responsible for this matter.

“Was it a stealth or pierce skill? It’s —it’s even less likely. I’ve clearly taken precautions against it, and besides, I didn’t even sense the fluctuation of qi?”

Chen Ao’s face looked ugly.

“Chen Ao, you also said that the cultivators’ means are endless and no one could fully predict it. As long as they are still in mainland China, they will be caught one day.”

The middle-aged man said lightly.

The more he saw the supernatural means of cultivators, the more excited he got. Although he knew that he would never be able to cultivate without going to the cultivation world, he would find an opportunity to enter it. As long as he could catch all the cultivators, and research using science and technology, with the addition of Chen Ao who took refuge, he could always find an opportunity to cultivate.

Chen Ao nodded, but he still didn’t leave the room and was still thinking.

Naturally, he would not imagine that there actually exists a Heavenly land in the secular world.


“Mr.Ye, thank you so much for saving my life. I don’t know how I can repay you for your kindness.”

Tu Baiyuan thanked Ye Xiaochen and bowed.

If Ye Xiaochen wasn’t there, he would have lost his freedom, and it might have been worse than death.

Moreover, he already knew that the youth in front of him was the boss of three people.

A powerful and mysterious existence.

If looked closely at this place, it could be known that this is a Heavenly land.

He really didn’t expect that there could be a heavenly land in the secular world. No wonder they were able to escape.

With this life-saving thing, it was easy.

Tu Baiyuan directly signed the immortal contract without any hesitation.

He now has a sense of fear towards this secular world, and no longer has any sense of superiority.

All he wanted now was just a safe and secure palace.

This Heavenly land was naturally a safe place.

Moreover, he didn’t argue about changing cultivation techniques.

Ye Xiaochen grasped his temper, this person was afraid of death. Otherwise, he would not have lured Lu Dongcheng. As long as it was a way to live, he would try anything.

Although the immortal plant technique has weak combat effectiveness, it could be cultivated faster.

This was enough for him.

“Lu Dongcheng, although you changed your appearance, you have already exposed your identity while being in contact with Tu Baiyuan. So for the time being, you stay in the heavenly land.”

Ye Xiaochen said to Lu Dongcheng.

Lu Dongcheng nodded without any objection.

In fact, for cultivators, seclusion was a common thing and has long been taken for granted.

Ye Xiaochen also told Lian Yuzhu and Due Yueqiu to show up less and change the appearance a little.

Naturally, the two girls agreed.

Now knowing that the country was arresting immortal cultivators, they don’t dare to be careless!

“It’s better to stay in the heavenly land.”

Du Yueqiu said.

“Ah, it can be only like this, this all Tu Baiyuan’s fault.”

Lian Yuzhu glared at him.

After the arrangement, Ye Xiaochen left.

He was not worried about his safety, he hadn’t exposed himself. After all, when Lu Dongcheng contacted Tu Baiyuan, he never revealed too much information about him.

Chapter 278 – Super Drought-Resistant Grass

In the following days, Ye Xiaochen strengthened his research on the drought-resistant green plants.

As for Lu Dongcheng and others, they almost stayed in the Heavenly Land.

Anyway, the vegetables could be grown and chicken and ducks could be raised, it was completely self-sufficient.

In a flash, two months passed.

Ye Xiaochen has made a lot of progress in his cultivation, as early as half a month ago, he entered the Perfect foundation construction stage.

Now, his cultivation could breakthrough any moment and enter the Qi refining stage,

Shennong tactic, like other cultivation methods, the foundation stage to Qi refining stage was a threshold.

Foundation construction.

Whether, it was the body, or the energy, or Plant dan, until now the nine Plant spirit was the foundation.

It was not Qi.

Because now he depended on the aura.

The Qi cultivators could actually absorb the void energy, into the aura.

The reason for this is because the Qi cultivator has generated spiritual knowledge that could be released from the body and absorb the free energy.

This was the basis of absorbing and Cultivating Qi.

Otherwise, if you couldn’t even feel the energy, how could you absorb energy and refine the Qi to aura?

Now the super rice has been planted at Shennong farm and several other farms, the plants have already grown.

Just from the situation of the head of rice, it could be judged that there would be a very high yield,

In addition, super rapeseed has been harvested with great success and got amazing yields.

Moreover, the oil from rapeseed was extremely amazing and high quality.

The news broadcast of the city and even of the province carried out in-depth and focused reports.

Now the city has started promoting super rapeseeds.

All of a sudden, countless farmers expressed interest in planting super rapeseed.

When the seeds of the super rapeseed began to be sold, it caused a mad rush to buy it.

According to the statistics, the city has completely turned to plant super rapeseeds, and the area of planting was 10 times larger than the last year’s conventional rapeseed planting area.

Once planted successfully, it would become an important cash crop industry in Yang city.

Now even the other cities have shown strong interest in super rapeseed.

Also, the super drought-resistant grass cultivated by Ye Xiaochen has already passed the acceptance test.

This super drought-resistant grass could survive even in the desert with almost no water. It can use its leaves to absorb water molecules floating in the air. In addition, it has a very strong root system, which could take root even more than ten meters in depth.

The most important thing was it has strong vitality. Even if it was pulled out and exposed to the sun for a whole day, it would not die completely. As long as it could absorb water, it would revive.

In the experiment, the super drought-resistant grass died only after it was exposed to the sun for more than 30 hours.

Besides, the reproductive ability of it is extremely amazing. It could be said that in the normal areas they would pose a significant threat to the survival of ordinary plants because they are very predatory and invasive.

When the experts’ group accepted the inspection, they were all shocked by Super drought-resistant grass.

If this grass gets out of control, it would definitely cause serious ecological damage.

These concerns were expressed by some of the experts.

However, Ye XIaochen said that he had already prepared the method of restraint.

After Ye Xiaochen’s experiment, all the experts smiled, saying that after planting the super drought-resistant grass, hundreds of thousands of square kilometers would be added to the national land area.

It should be known that the deserts were no man’s land. If they could be transformed into normal land, it would be of great benefit to the country and the people.


Badain jaran Desert, North Lasahan Banner, Mon Province.

Its length was 270km from east to west and 220km wide from south to north, covers an area of 47000 square kilometers, and is the third desert in China.

There were more than 10,000 square kilometers in the northwest that have not yet been explored by humans.

Now in the endless Gobi desert, a convoy stopped near the water source.

This convoy was not passing through here. It came specifically here to solve the desert problem.

People in the convoy carried down several bags of seeds from the car.

Before it was transported over, it had been soaking in the seed promotion liquid.

“All right, everybody, drive around this water source and plant seeds.”

The team was led by an elderly man, he was an expert from the national desert greenery control department, this time he came to sow seeds in person.

He was personally involved in the acceptance of the super drought-resistant grass.

It was the greatest desire of his lifetime to sow life for this dessert that was forbidden to human beings.

Now there was finally a chance to achieve it.

“Professor Zhao, is this really reliable? Will the seeds still germinate without digging, watering, and fertilizing? Besides, when the sand blows, it will get buried.”

A young man was puzzled and asked.

“Of course, this is the super drought-resistant plant developed and cultivated by professor Ye himself. It has already passed the acceptance test. How could it not work? Now, don’t talk nonsense and do it quickly. Remember to spread it out nicely, it shouldn’t be too dense.”

Professor Zhao said confidently.

The seeds were immediately put into the seeding machine mounted on the roof of the car. As the car moved, the seeds would erupt from the machine, then blown by the wind would fall to the sand.

Cars went in different directions.

After several hours of busywork, the bags of seed were all spread out in ribbon shape, at least covering dozens of square kilometers.

Naturally, such a small area compared to the ten thousand square kilometers was very insignificant!

After sowing, Professor Zhao and others didn’t leave. Instead, they stationed near the water source and inspected the seeds every day for any problem.

Two days later in the morning.

“Oh My God, you see, the seeds have sprouted!”

Someone suddenly exclaimed.

Many people came out of their tents.

Sure enough, they saw a shocking scene, in the boundless desert, vaguely like stars, it was covered with unimaginable green color.

Those were the shoots of the super drought-resistant grass.

The seeds have really sprouted.

Moreover, under such extreme conditions, it only took two days to germinate.

Seeing this scene, Professor Zhao was very excited, he immediately called to report the situation to his superior.

Over the next few days, Professor Zhao and his team members got a real taste of what super drought-resistant grass was.

These seedlings seem very young, but in the hot sun, they grew tenaciously.

Day by day, the original scattered green gradually became dense, and in a short week, it finally turned into a green sea.

Professor Zhao and his teammates were completely stunned.

“This is great, this is great.”

Professor Zhao knelt down in front of the super drought-resistant grass which had grown to more than an inch high, and tears streamed down from his face.

Everyone cheered.

They knew what this shocking spectacle represented to the whole world.

Chapter 279 – Dragon and Tiger Dual Immortal Pattern

In the Heavenlyland farm.

Ye Xiaochen sat cross-legged and felt that the nine plant spirits in the dantian had grown to extremes.

The next step was the Qi refining stage.

“If you want to break through to the Qi refining stage, the most critical step is to transform spiritual consciousness into spiritual knowledge and then sense the void energy. When breathing you can absorb the energy and refine it into an aura. As long as there is energy, the cultivator of the Qi refining stage can survive. ”

Ye Xiaochen recalled the many key points about the Qi refining stage.

In fact, it was a matter of nature to transform the spiritual consciousness into spiritual knowledge.

Of course, if there was something against heaven, it could also repair the spirit root.

Ye Xiaochen has Shennong talent, naturally, he has the strongest talent.

In fact, with his spirit talent +2, Ye Xiaochen could feel that spiritual thought could generate at any time.

It was just previously the nine plant spirit didn’t reach the extreme, so he had to endure it.

Because having spiritual thought was equivalent to opening an energy channel between the human body and the outside world. It could not absorb the energy, but also dissipate the energy outside the body. At this time, if the foundation was not stable, the phenomenon of dissipation may occur.

Moreover, even if there was no dissipation of energy, there would be no way to further construct the foundation, unless used the external QI cultivation method, that was, the Qi refining stage.

In essence, the construction of the foundation belongs to the origin aura.

The stronger your origin aura was, the better your foundation would be.

It was needless to say that Ye Xiaochen’s cultivation was strong, originally, just one plant spirit  pushed his power to the level of Qi refining stage

He has now fully refined the nine plant spirit, the foundation could be imagined.

“Now, it’s time to breakthrough.”

Ye Xiaochen took a deep breath, suddenly his mind moved, and suppressed the eager spiritual consciousness. In an instant his whole body was shocked as if he had been pictured, there were many holes.

In an instant, the pores of the whole body opened, a stream of jet air came out. At the same time, Ye Xiaochen felt that his spiritual consciousness had completely transformed into spiritual thought, and then released from his body.

Immediately, the air around him shook a little.

As a flow of rippling water, it was the power of his spiritual knowledge.

At that moment, in his spiritual knowledge, a strange vision formed in his mind. It was a three-dimensional scene, which was more wonderful than what the naked eye could see.

“Very good, my spiritual knowledge could fully cover three hundred meters.”

Ye Xiaochen without any scruples released the spiritual knowledge, almost all over the farm.

Lu Dongcheng, Lian Yuzhu, Du Yueqiu, and Tu Baiyuan could sense it.

Under this kind of spiritual knowledge, they felt that their cultivation had been suppressed.

“Is that the boss’ spirit? It’s so powerful.”

The four people in their hearts were extremely shocked and had a feeling as if they were facing the elder of the Golden core stage.

Yes, only the spirit of the elder in the Golden core stage could reach this level.

As the spiritual knowledge spread, Ye Xiaochen could sense all kinds of energy existing in the void, such as the Sunlight from outside the boundary, various cosmic rays, the immortal spirit qi, plant qi, and so on.

With the movement of his spiritual knowledge, as if these things met a magnet, they were attracted and continuously transported to Ye Xiaochen’s body, refining into the aura.

“Sure enough, there is a world of difference between the foundation construction stage and the refining stage!”

Ye Xiaochen sighed.

If there was a possibility that the cultivator’s aura would be exhausted during the foundation construction stage, then at the Qi refining stage, the cultivators could absorb a large amount of energy and turn them into the aura. It could be said that there was constant steam, as long the aura was not overloaded, there was absolutely no possibility of exhaustion.

“Moreover, the Qi refining cultivators could control the flying sword and refine the magic weapon into the body.”

Ye Xiaochen’s heart became excited, now he was in the Qi refining stage, which represented that he could use real magical devices.

He looked at the account, there were more than 100,000 immortal yuan, immediately he was ready to open the store to see what good magical weapon he could buy.

Immediately, he opened the Store in the Shennong system.

“Defence is a must.”

Ye Xiaochen made his first choice.

The strength of the Qi refining cultivator was not weak, but the one weakness was that the defense was not strong. Although they have aura protecting body, it was not strong enough to withstand bullets with high power.

Therefore, he must prepare for a defense weapon.

In the final analysis, the cultivation of the cultivator was the foundation, and the magic weapon was to guarantee their strength.

As long as you have enough powerful magic weapons, even the low-level cultivators could kill high-level monks.

Dragon and Tiger Dual immortal pattern device.

Ye Xiaochen fell in love with this magic tool at first sight.

This was a kind of tattoo magic tool, which was refined using a special power.

It belongs to the category of pattern tool.

The dragon and tiger Dual immortal pattern was made by using two magic powers, Dragon chanting Iron cloth shirt and Tiger roaring Vajra cover, the two kinds of magic were smelted forming dragon and tiger Dual immortal pattern. On activation, it would form a double defense.

Although it was only a yellow grade medium-level defense tool, it needed 70,000 immortal yuan.


Ye Xiaochen liked this magic device very much and immediately bought it.

Immediately, the dragon and tiger Dual immortal pattern appeared on his hand, it was a strong sticker with an image of power and dragon on it.

Ye Xiaochen immediately refined it using his aura. In an instant, A shadow of a tiger and dragon flew out of the sticker and integrated into Ye Xiaochen’s body.

When he moved his thought, he could sense the dragon and tiger patterns on his whole body. It looked very powerful.

With the urge of his aura, A shadow of Dragon and Tiger emerged, interwoven into air cover, which looked extremely strange.

“Haha, it’s really good. It was much more powerful than body protection.”

Ye Xiaochen nodded with satisfaction.

Moreover, the power of magic devices increases with the improvement of cultivation.

This dragon and tiger dual pattern could at least be used till the Golden core stage.

Next, it was time to buy an offensive weapon.

What would he choose?

Obviously, a flying sword.

It should be known that many people love the flying sword.

Ye Xiaochen was no exception.

As for the thing like Shennong doesn’t need to use a flying sword? Nonsense, anyway, he just wanted to be cool.

Immediately, Ye Xiaochen bought the flying sword of yellow grade lower level, which cost him more than 8000 immortal yuan.

This was a flying sword with wood attributes. The whole body was green as if it was made from bamboo.

This kind of flying sword was quite suitable for him.

Naturally, he didn’t practice any sword technique and just used it directly.

After refining, the flying sword suddenly narrowed into a green light, which he swallowed into his mount, and then it entered into his dantian.

When he wanted to use it, he opened his mouth and the green light shoot out. He shuttled around, the speed of it was amazing.

Heavenly Farmer

Chapter 280 – Kiss

“Haha, the flying sword is really good!”

Ye Xiaochen with his thoughts controlled the movement of the flying sword and hovered it around the body.

As long as the flying sword was within his spiritual knowledge scope, he could control it easily.

“Unfortunately, if you want to fly with the flying sword, you just need to reach the golden core stage!”

Ye Xiaochen sighed in his heart.

The reason why the golden core could fly with the sword or even with different tools was, the Golden Core cultivators could use different kinds of magic like offsetting gravity.

The Qi refining stage is simple, it mostly depends on the various spells.

However, the golden core was different. Even if you don’t use spells, you could form all kinds of wonderful techniques by the virtue of Golden core alone.

You couldn’t create your own spell until you’ve reached the Golden core.

In a word, The Golden Core was a big hurdle.

In the cultivation world, the Foundation construction cultivators were at the bottom, the Qi refining was ordinary, and the Golden Core were the elite.

“Haha, I am also considered an expert.”

Ye Xiaochen was very satisfied.


In the research institute.

Ye Xiaochen was examining a newly bred plant.

Now that he has spiritual knowledge, he no longer needs to touch it with his hands.

He could now communicate with the plant consciousness with a single movement of his mind and could communicate with multiple plant consciousness at once.

This was a huge step forward.

The current plant he was working on was called the super dust-eliminator tree, which was designed to improve the worsening smog.

The principle of the super dust-eliminator tree was more complicated than that of any other plant.

In some ways, it was similar to the purification grass, because the purification grass absorbs the nuclear radiation, while the super dust-eliminator tree absorbs the dust and other pollution particles from the air.

However, the principle is a little different.

Because nuclear radiation belongs to invisible rays, but the dust and other pollution particles belong to tangible substances.

There were a lot of big technical difficulties in this.

However, it didn’t bother Ye Xiaochen.

In the immortal world, there were similar immortal plants.

Since there are examples, naturally, they could be cultivated.

Naturally, the principles were too complex to replicate with modern technology.

However, Ye Xiaochen could cultivate it but would take a lot of time.

It should be known that in the purification grass the immortal grass was used because it was cheap and could produce seed, and those seeds could be also planted and have inherited the ability to absorb the nuclear radiation.

However, the Dust removal immortal plant was very high grade, and Ye Xiaochen couldn’t afford to buy it.

So he had to cultivate it by himself.

“Profesor, just now the Desert Control center called to say that the Super Drought-Resistant grass is working very well and wanted to order another batch of seeds.”

Ji Yuting came and said.

Currently, Ji Yuting’s status in the research institute was equivalent to assistant director.

“You ask them to contact Earth Shennong company.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

The cultivation of the super drought-resistant grass seed has long been entrusted to the Earth Shennong company by the institute.


Ji Yuting nodded and was about to leave, but was stopped by Ye Xiaochen, “Yuting, I heard that you are going to take the postgraduate exam?”

“Yes, professor. If I don’t get a graduate tutor, I’ll study directly under you.”

Ji Yuting nodded and said.

The country has not yet defined the subject of plant consciousness in the professional category for graduate students.

And Ye Xiacohen also was not qualified to be a graduate teacher for the time being.

Currently, Ji Yuting working in the institute was equivalent to an internship.

If she has to get her graduate degree, she must need to study other related majors.

“Well, the subject should be approved soon, and then you’ll be able to study directly at the institute.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

He has already applied for it to the Chinese Academy of Science, which should not be a difficult matter.

In addition, the state is also including the subject of plant consciousness into the elective category of Botany.

Of course, then there was a need for qualified teachers for this subject and was not feasible for the time being. It was estimated that the pilot batch could only happen in the Southern Province agricultural university. When the time comes, the researchers from the institute could become part-time teachers.

There was no other way, the subject of plant consciousness has too high requirements for students, so it was difficult to popularize. It was definitely a high-end subject that was far away from the mainstream.

“That’s great.”

Ji Yuting cheered and kissed Ye Xiaochen on his cheeks.

Ye Xiaochen was stunned for a moment.

However, Ji Yuting blushed and said hastily, “Well I was just too excited. Don’t mind this. It’s my first kiss, and you have nothing to lose.”

After saying that she turned and left.

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help shake his head and smile, but he didn’t think much about it.

At outside.

Ji Yuting patted her bulging chest, her face was blushing. She took a deep breath and said to herself, “how could I have been… so embarrassing.”

“The professor won’t think much about it, right?”

Ji Yuting looked at the door and calmed down her mood. “What if the professor thinks too much about it? What should I do? Severe Refusal? By the way, the professor has a girlfriend, and he’s not the kind of guy who would mess around. Well, yeah, that’s it.”

Thinking of this, she breathed a sigh of relief. However, her heart was thinking about this matter, and she became a little absent-minded.


Ye Xiaochen answered a phone call from Wang Xinyi.

“Xiaochen, there is Li Mengyao’s concert tomorrow night. Would you like to see it with me?”

Wang Xinyi said.

“All right.”

Ye Xiaochen directly agreed.

He knew that Wang Xinyi was particularly fond of music. After her ears returned to normal, she enjoyed it to the point of infatuation.

Besides listening to Ye Xiaochen’s flute, she liked listening to a female singer called Li Mengyao.

This girl’s song was very beautiful indeed. It was not too much to call her voice the sound of nature. It was not just the voice, but there was also the feeling of touching the soul.

Of all the songs Ye Xiaochen heard, only three or five could reach that level.

In China, this was only one person.

Now Ye Xiaochen has a high appreciation for music.

Therefore, he was willing to listen to Li Mengyao, not to mention he could also accompany Wang Xinyi.

The next evening.

Ye Xiaochen drove towards Li Mengaya’s concert place from the villa.

In addition, Wang Shuisheng also took his wife and child to come together in a car.

Chu Qingqing was also a fan of Li Mengyao.

Wang Shuisheng doesn’t like to listen to music, but he couldn’t refuse Chu Qingqing, so he could only go with her.

When they arrived at the concert venue, they were shocked by the scene.

A sea of people!

It has to be said that Li Mengyao’s popularity in China was too high, she could be called Queen. In addition, she was very beautiful and pure. Whether it was a man, woman, old or young they liked her. There were many fans in China and even in Asia.
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