Heavenly Farmer Chapter 261-270

Chapter 261- Super Rice Peculiarity

Currently, Lu Dongcheng was very curious, why is Mr. Ye planting ordinary plants?

Also, this land was very strange, why was there such a strong immortal qi?

Previously, this soil did not have any qi.

He felt that Mr.Ye must have mastered a magical formula for cultivating the soil.

If I can learn this, it would be wonderful!

Then he won’t have to plant in the future. Well, I can’t have this thought, it is very dangerous, I should learn honestly from Mr. Ye.

For the next several days, Ye Xiaochen’s main focus was on the experimental field.

Ye Xiaochen would inspect it once in a while.

At last, the fifth group of carrot seeds germinated.

“Strange, why did the fifth group germinate fast?”

Ye Xiaochen touched his chin and pondered.

He divided the plot into ten groups.

Each group was sowed with 10 seeds.

According to different proportions, the soil was mixed.

The first group had the highest proportion of immortal soil and the tenth group had the lowest proportion.

According to Ye Xiaochen’s previous conjecture, the first germination should happen to the tenth group, after all, the proportion of normal soil was highest, and the impact of immortal soil would be lowest.

However, the result was different.

Originally, in a day or two, the carrots should germinate, but until now only the fifth group’s carrot seed germinated. The existence of the immortal soil must have suppressed the germination of carrot seeds.

However, the question was, why did the fifth group of carrot seeds germinate first?


Bah, this has nothing to do with science.

Ye Xiaochen analysed in his mind.

After carefully analyzing, Ye Xiaochen suspected that it had something to do with some characteristics of immortal soil, which could inhibit the development of plants, but also play a role in promoting.

If the proportion was too low or too high, the inhibition degree would be greater than the promoting effect.

You have to reach a certain equilibrium.

He simply bought another piece of second-level immortal land and started the experiment again.

Once Ye Xiaochen engaged in his research, he became completely mad about it.

He would just occasionally go to the research institute, and basically, most of the time stayed on the farm.

“So it was like this.”

Ye Xiaochen looked at the notes on the record and revealed an enlightened expression.

According to his research, there was no difference between ordinary plants and immortal plants. The difference lies in their ways of expression.

In fact, the essence of immortal carrots and ordinary carrots was the same.

Just like how the essence of mortals and immortals were the same.

It was just that in cultivation, the immortal cultivator has opened the human potential and absorbs the aura of Heaven and Earth into the body, so as to transform the body and even the soul, and thus finally completing the transition of life level.

The same was true for plants.

The immortal spirit qi is not only the force that makes human beings cultivate immortality but also for plants.

“The problem was, plants don’t cultivate.”

Ye Xiaochen found the most crucial point.

He must let plants learn to cultivate actively and absorb the immortal spirit qi.

He finally smiled.

His previous experiment had gone in the wrong direction.

After pondering, Ye Xiaochen removed all the carrots from the two immortal lands.

Lu Dongcheng was puzzled by seeing this scene.

How could you remove all of it after taking such meticulous care?

Didn’t all the work go to waste?

Ye Xiaochen went out to get some grass seeds.

After soaking in the seed promoting liquid, he went to Yang city with Lu Dongcheng.

“Xiaodong, is there no news yet?”

While driving, Ye Xiaochen asked Lu Dongcheng.

“Mr.Ye, there is a response. It’s from Sichuan province, but this person belongs to the Maoshan sect, which specializes in refining corpses, exorcising ghosts and making talisman.”

Lu Dongcheng hurriedly said.

“What is the character of this person?”

Ye Xiaochen asked.

“I don’t know what to say about this person. It’s said that she is from the lineage of master Zhang, but she doesn’t like to refine corpses and exorcise ghosts, instead she studies the spirit driving method.”

Lu Dongcheng said.

“Spirit driving method?”

Ye Xiaochen was curious.

“This is also a secret skill of the Maoshan sect, but it belongs to the side ranks. It is mainly used to drive the spirit of grass and trees for their own use. However, the power of this spirit driving method is too weak, it couldn’t be compared to the technique you used to manipulate the spirit of grass, Mr. Ye.”

Lu Dongcheng explained.

Ye Xiaochen understood, Haha, actually learned the spirit driving method, it seems my guess is eighty to ninety percent correct.

At the research institute, Ye Xiaochen just finished something and was ready to leave, but suddenly Ji Yuting rushed over.

“Mr. Ye.”

Ji Yuting was sweating profusely, she looked very anxious.

“Yuting, what’s the matter?”

Ye Xiaochen chuckled

This Ji Yuting learns very fast and also has a high talent. In the research institute, she was just a little worse than Lu Dongcheng.

Ji Yuting has an advantage, she puts her heart and soul into the study. However, Lu Dongcheng usually cultivates, which takes up a large part of his time.

Although Lu Doncheng has developed a strong interest in planting, he would not abandon his original sword cultivation.

If Lu Dongcheng cultivated the matching skills, perhaps even the planting and research would not slow down his cultivation.

However, now, there was bound to be some impact.

“Mr. Ye, when I was communicating with a super rice plant, I suddenly sensed that plant consciousness of the super rice was very anxious as if it had encountered some danger, but I couldn’t figure out what the reason was.”

Ji Yuting hurriedly said.

“Oh, did it happen recently? What about the other super rice?”

Ye Xiaochen changed his direction and walked towards the test site.

“When I communicated with other super rice plants, nothing like this happened. I also asked other people, they also did not understand. I really am not able to find the reason.”

Ji Yuting said.

“Well, it’s normal. After all, super rice is not stable yet. I’ll just go and look at it.”

Ye Xiaochen nodded and said.

At the test site.

The group of super rice was thriving.

The rice was at least half the height of a man.

There was still room for growth.

According to Ye Xiaochen’s predictions, it should be able to reach the point of a person’s height.

This super rice not only has high yield and strong adaptability but also has a strong recovery ability after being harvested. Although the yield of the second harvest would not be as good as that of the first, it would not be much worse than that of the current hybrid rice.

Even the second was not the limit, there was also the third.

It could also reach the general yield.

Plant once, reap three times.

It could explain the power of super rice.

Shortly, Ye Xiaochen stood in front of the super rice plant that Ji Yuting was talking about.

Ye Xiaochen did not communicate with the plants to check the problems.

Because he has plant identification.

Chapter 262 – Mutation

Ye Xiaochen walked around the whole super rice field and returned to the abnormal super rice plant.

Ji Yuting has just been following him, did not speak anything, and just wanted to see something from Ye Xiaochen’s expression.

She wanted to know what had happened to this super rice plant?

After a long time, Ye Xiaochen stood up.

“Brother Ye, is there anything wrong with this super rice plant?”

Ji Yuting finally couldn’t help asking.

“Yes, and the problem is serious.”

Ye Xiaochen nodded and said.

“Ah? What to do then?”

Ji Yuting hurriedly asked.

She was afraid that she hadn’t taken care of the super rice plant properly which might have caused the super rice plant to have problems.

“Haha, you don’t need to be nervous. In fact, this kind of problem may not necessarily be a bad thing for the super rice plant. Maybe, it could be a good thing. So, you should pay more attention to this super rice plant, record the changes at each interval, and give more fertilizer and water.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Ji Yuting was still puzzled, was there a problem or not?

Unfortunately, Ye Xiaochen did not tell her too much. After all, it involves the aspect she didn’t understand.

In fact, this super rice plant was not suffering from any disease or pest.

With the existing pests and diseases on earth, it was still a bit difficult to affect the super rice, but the pests would slowly adapt, gradually evolve and grow until they might pose a threat to the super rice.

This was a relatively long time frame.

There was no need to think about it in the short term.

The problem with this super rice was that it was growing abnormally and was already in the category of mutation.

It was not easy to mutate.

For the ordinary plants it was easy, but the more advanced the plant the harder to mutate.

In the case of the immortal plant, it was even harder to mutate.

Ye Xiaochen had the talent variation+1 In his Shennong talent, he has cultivated so many immortal plants, but never saw any mutation. So the difficulty could be imagined.

The mutation could be good or bad.

In the bad, the plant would become deformed or lose certain characteristics.

The good may lead to increased yields, quality improvement, larger seeds, plant size, etc.

In some cases, there would be changes in the nutritional characteristics of millets.

Ye Xiaochen was also temporarily unable to judge whether the mutation is good or bad.

Unless the plant consciousness of this super rice plant stabilizes and adapts to the mutation process.

Therefore, Ye Xiaochen attached great importance to the mutation of this super rice plant. If the mutation was good, it would definitely produce a variant of super rice.

Moreover, in the process of mutation, the plants would consume more water and nutrients.

Many of the mutations fail because of failing to meet the demand for nutrients and water.

Ye Xiaochen just let Ji Yuting fertilize and water more.

After a hard day’s work, Ye Xiaochen finally returned to the farm with Lu Dongcheng in the evening.

Lu Dongcheng told him that the disciple of the Maoshan sect was willing to come and estimated that in a few days he could meet her.

Ye Xiaochen nodded.

He took all the grass seeds from the seed prompting liquid and went straight to the immortal land.


He planted only one seed.

The immortal fertilizer was put, and the water of the immortal spring was poured.

All of a sudden, Ye Xiaochen sat down and faced the hole where the grass seed had been planted.

He stretched out his fingers, touched it lightly, and immediately a green light shot to the soil.

This was not normal energy.

Rather it was plant spirit.

It was a strange feeling.

It was like becoming a seed and entering the plant consciousness.

This was the use of plant spirit, attaching to the seed and manipulating the plant consciousness.

Since plants couldn’t cultivate, he would manipulate the plant consciousness to achieve the goal of cultivating.

Ye Xiaochen ran the Shennong tactic and absorbed the immortal spirit qi from the air, and correspondingly the grass seed was absorbing, acting as if it were a whole body.

Ye Xiaochen was breathing the immortal spirit qi, and so was the seed.

Not only that, but the life activity of grass seed had increased many times.

At that moment, Lu Dongcheng, who was standing beside him, felt very strange. He felt like Ye Xiaochen was no longer a human being, but a plant that blended with nature exuding vitality.

Even when he used his senses, he could feel that the existence of Ye Xiaochen seemed as if he had transformed into the vegetation of the area.

What a strange feeling!

Lu Dongcheng felt more and more that Ye Xiaochen was unfathomable.

The time passed by.

All of a sudden, the seed broke its shell and germinated, then it started to grow rapidly.

It quickly started to absorb nutrients from the soil.

The spirit of the plant began to absorb the immortal spirit qi from the immortal land.

At the moment, the shoots of the seed had grown out of the soil, and a green color came out of the ground.

Lu Dongcheng’s eyes widened when he saw the scene.

The seeds grew so quickly?

The grass seedlings grew very fast and shortly grew to an inch.

Suddenly, the whole grass seedling changed and died in the blink of an eye time.

Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes.

“Too much of the immortal spirit qi was absorbed, beyond the capacity of the grass seedling.”

Ye Xiaochen slightly frowned.

However, he was not disappointed. He continued to sow the next seeds.

Second, third, fourth, fifth…..

Tenth, twentieth, thirtieth….

This evening, Ye Xiaochen was sowing back and forth.

If he failed, he would try again.

Lu Dongcheng has been observing and didn’t feel it was boring.

In the course of the experiment, Ye Xiaochen also selected a different proportion of normal soil and immortal soil.

After his repeated experiment, he found a problem: the seedling that sprouted in the area of five to five ratio lasted the longest.

“Why is that?”

Ye Xiaochen was lost in the thought.

Absorbing the same amount of the immortal spirit qi, why does it last longest in zone 5?

He felt that there should be something.

That night, he didn’t sleep and was looking through the Shennong system introduction guide.

“If I didn’t guess wrong, the immortal soil itself creates a magnetic field, which affects the plant.”

Ye Xiaochen vaguely understood.

It was like living on the earth, everyone knows that the earth’s magnetic field is everywhere in our environment.

Without this magnetic field, the world would be very different.

Our human body’s magnetic field had reached a harmonious unity with the earth’s magnetic field. Once the earth’s magnetic field changes, it might cause changes in the internal physiological cycle of the human body.

Why do human organs have a rest period, a recovery period, and a working period? This was caused by the specific laws of the earth’s magnetic field.

Once you reverse this rule, the human body is bound to produce bad influences.

Maybe, this immortal soil has the same effects on the plants.

Chapter 263 – Hiring

It was difficult for Ye Xiaochen to detect the influence of immortal soil magnetic fields on plants. Only when he becomes a cultivator of the qi refining stage and gives birth to spiritual knowledge, he could carry out the most detailed observation and research at a microscopic level.

He was now only communicating with the plant consciousness through spirit talent, which could be considered a kind of macro-control.

It was just like how a doctor treats generally mainly depending on touch, eyes, and ears.

To a certain extent, this was a great test of a doctor’s skill.

With the addition of medical equipment, more precisely and accurately the disease could be found.

Ye Xiaochen spent the next few days studying this aspect.

In addition, Ye Xiaochen was also paying attention to the mutant super rice in the research institute.

He couldn’t check the situation for the time being.

On this day, Lu Dongcheng suddenly said to Ye Xiaochen that the person had arrived in Yang city.

According to Ye Xiaochen’s knowledge, the thirty-six people who came to the secular world could contact each other, but they were wary of each other, and some of them had hatred between them.

It was a lot harder to contact, and some people don’t even want to connect with others.

Just like Lu Dongcheng, he never thought of contacting anyone before.

Everyone knew that it was very difficult to return to the cultivation world when they came to the secular world for the immortal seed plan, and might never get the chance to go back, or even die of old age in the secular world.

Therefore, a lot of people have different plans.

In a teahouse.

Ye Xiaochen met with the Maoshan sect disciple that Lu Dongcheng contacted.

The person was a girl.

She was not particularly beautiful but was a little different, especially the temperament, which could definitely attract a lot of men’s attention.

The first time Ye Xiaochen saw her, he immediately used the talent eye and immediately checked the planting talent of the other party, she was actually black grade talent.

His thoughts moved, is it possible that all the people sent from the cultivation world by heaven were black grade planting talents?

If it was so, then that would be great.

“Hello, I’m Ye Xiaochen.”

Ye Xiaochen held out his hand.

The girl made no attempt to stretch her hand. He realized that she was not a secular person and so didn’t like the handshake.

“My name is Lian Yuzhu.”

The girl was dressed up in modern clothes like normal people, in addition to temperament, she didn’t look much different from secular girls.

She was even holding a mobile in her hand and wearing headphones in the ear as if she seemed to be listening to some music.

On the contrary, Lu Dongcheng even after dressing up properly, was still incompatible with the secular world look.

“Haha, Miss Lian, I don’t know how you feel about the secular world?”

Ye Xiaochen asked with a smile.

“It feels good. If I’d known it was going to be so good, I would not have resisted.”

Lian Yuzhu seriously said and continued.

“There are too many rules in the cultivation world. It’s not as free as here. It is too bitter and too tiring to cultivate. It’s better to live a hundred years.”

Suddenly, she looked at Ye Xiaochen curiously and asked, “What do you want me to do?”

Ye Xiaochen didn’t know what to say.

How does it feel like a younger sister?

How long has it been since she assimilated by the secular world?

Ye Xiaochen wondered whether his conditions could still attract this Lian Yuzhu?

“Haha, although the secular world is so good, it is not as beautiful as you think. This colorful world is full of fraud, conspiracy, weak being the food of the strong. Although Miss Lian is a cultivator, you are just at the foundation construction stage, but unfortunately, there are countless powerful weapons in the world that can threaten you. Once you offend someone, I don’t think there is any sect or clan there to protect you, at that time, what kind of situation will you face?”

Ye Xiaochen took a sip of tea and said with a gentle smile.

“Are you scaring me?”

Lian Yuzu glared at Ye Xiaochen.

“I am not scaring you, but giving you a kind reminder.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

“So what do you want? Do you want me to be like this wooden man and become your underling? Well, I’m not that stupid.”

Lian Yuzhu sneered.

“Don’t you see that he has reached the perfect foundation construction stage?”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

Lian Yuzhu was a little surprised, then looked at Lu Dongcheng.

As a cultivator, although she couldn’t detect the other party’s real cultivation, she could still sense, and distinguish from strong and weak.

Currently, Lu Dongcheng gave a stronger feeling than her.

It was impossible, she remembered that when they gathered at the Kunlun holy land, this guy hadn’t reached the perfect foundation construction, at most was late foundation construction stage. He should be one level weaker than himself.

How is it possible?


Suddenly, she thought of a possibility and looked at Ye Xiaochen, curiously asked, “ Do you have a way to improve our cultivation?”

She got some basic understanding of Ye Xiaochen from Lu Dongcheng’s mouth.

However, Lu Dongcheng didn’t mention the matter of improving the cultivation.

“Of course, I can not only improve your accomplishments, but I can even make you breakthrough to the qi refining stage. I think this is hard for you to refuse. The foundation construction stage is still in the mortal stage, but the Qi refining stage is really beyond the realm of mortal, and the life span is enough to reach 200 years.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

He doesn’t believe that Lian Yuzhu could refuse such temptation.

It was because there was no hope that this one has been so absorbed in worldly life.

Instead of suffering, it was better to have a good time and experience the life of ordinary people.

Once you have a chance to live long, who could refuse it?

Moreover, it was impossible to refuse.

“You don’t release the hawk until you’ve seen the hare. What evidence do you have?”

Lian Yuzu still didn’t completely believe.

“Here it is. This is a reward for your employment.”

Ye Xiaochen took out a crystal clear immortal grape and put it in front of Lian Yuzhu.

Lu Dongcheng’s eyes became hot.

The same was true for Lian Yuzhu.

Because they sensed the rich aura in the grape and most importantly it was of higher quality.

The higher the quality of aura, the stronger attraction to the cultivators.

Lian Yuzhu swallowed her saliva, she stared at big eyes, then looked at Ye Xiaochen and said, “you, are you really going to give me this fruit?”

In the cultivation world, she could never eat such a precious fruit, it was estimated that only those elders were qualified to taste it.

“Of course, this is your monthly salary, which will be paid every month. In addition, you can cultivate on my farm.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said.

“Every Month?”

Lian Yuzhu’s face revealed the color of excitement.

“Good, Good, good. I promise I promise.”

She immediately agreed.

She didn’t care about what was cultivating on the farm, what she cared about was the immortal fruit.

Eating a piece of this level of immortal fruit every month, it might be possible to break through to the qi refining stage!

Qi refining!

It was a distant dream.

Now there was finally a chance to achieve it.

Chapter 264 – Chatterbox

While returning to the farm, there was another person in the car, Lian Yuzhu.

She was an offhand girl, unlike the dull Lu Dongcheng, she was a chatterbox.

“Ye Xiaochen, how did you grow this fruit?”

“Did you really plant this?”

“That’s amazing.”

“Do you really have a farm where you grow all spiritual plants?”

“My God, this is a secular world. How could there be a land for planting spiritual plants, unless it is a spiritual place?”

“It was said that since the secular world entered the era of the end of dharma, there could be no spiritual land.”

“Ye Xiaochen, besides this grape, what kind of fruits have you planted.”

“Next month, can I have a different fruit?”

“If not, then grapes will still do.”

“By the way, what exactly do you want me to do when you hire me? I’m very lazy.”

“Oh, I really don’t know how you men could be like stuffy gourds.”

“Don’t you know that talking more is good for your physical and mental health?”

“Oh, by the way, Ye Xiaochen, if I help you attract another person to join you, would I have any benefit? In your secular words, eh, it’s a commission?”


In the car, Lian Yuzhu seldom stopped talking.

At first, Ye Xiaochen would answer patiently, but finally, he just answered with “Hmm, ah, Oh”

He wondered whether he had done something wrong and shouldn’t have hired her?

For Lian Yuzhu’s last question, Ye Xiaochen answered, “of course, as long as you attract, you will be rewarded with a spirit fruit, what do you think?”

“Really, that’s great. Sure.”

Lian Yuzhu looked like a kind of greedy little girl, immediately her eyes shined.

Lu Dongcheng who was sitting beside him couldn’t be calm, if he was robbed by Lian Yuzhu then he would not have any benefits.

“Lian Yuzhu, you are not allowed to rob people with me.”

Lu Dongcheng hurriedly said.

“Hmph, what is robbing people? In this secular world, it’s called soliciting, it depends on the person’s ability.”

Lian Yuzhu just stared at Lu Dongcheng and said, “I agreed to join, it could be considered cheap for you.”

Lu Dongcheng couldn’t retort to Lian Yuzhu, and his face turned red.

If it was talked about attracting people, he might not be able to compete with Lian Yuzhu.

He suddenly felt he brought a strong competitor.

The mouth of Lian Yuzhu was very sharp and could say some secular words very smoothly. From a glance, it could be said she has mixed well in this period. She was really adaptable.

On the contrary, Lu Dongcheng was no match at all. Alas, a huge gap!

However, it was good, as long as there was competition, the situation could be controlled well.

There was a saying, the boss must need to keep employees united, competitive, and must maintain a sense of balance.

Of course, the premise was all must listen to his words.

“Well, don’t argue. If you choose one person, the other can’t intervene unless the other party fails.”

Ye Xiaochen, the boss became the mediator.

They agreed immediately.

Back to the farm.

After Lian Yuzhu arrived at the farm, she was attracted by all the things on the farm.

Although the aura was high and could be said to be thin, the quality was very high.

A small amount of farm aura could be more than ten or even a dozen times than the cultivation world.

Suddenly, she glared at Lu Dongcheng, this guy didn’t say anything about it, and she almost missed it.

If she was not attracted by the spirit fruit, it was afraid that she would have refused and would have missed such a good cultivation condition.

Oh heavens, what am I seeing? There are so many spiritual plants, and the aura quality is really high!

Heavens, if I could eat them, wouldn’t I reach the Qi refining stage?

However, when she saw two yin soldiers who were comparable to the Qi refining stage, she immediately gave up this idea. Boss is indeed a powerful man, he not only has spiritual land but also has planted so many spirit fruits and even has Yin soldiers at the Qi refining stage.

Well, let’s forget it, and do a good job under the boss, maybe I could really break through to the qi refining stage.

Ye Xiaochen naturally didn’t know Lian Yuzhu’s thoughts.

“Lian Yuzhu, how about I call you Xiaoyu?”

Ye Xiaochen asked.


Lian Yuzhu waved her hand.

“Well, Xiaoyu, I heard from Xiaodong that what you practiced is the spirit driving method of the Maoshan sect?”

Ye Xiaochen inquired.

“Yes, my technique is pretty good.”

Lian Yuzhu pointed her finger, white light fell on the grass.

All of sudden, the weeds began to rise, and even entangled Lu Dongcheng’s feet.

Lu Dongcheng’s face slightly changed, and he stomped his feet, and immediately those weeds broke.

More weeds spread an interwoven into a net trying to entangle Lu Dongcheng.

Ye Xiaochen was surprised when he saw the scene.

This method was very strange, it mainly used energy and strength of special rules to control the vegetation and let them have a strong fighting power.

It was a bit like a plant soldier, but also like a plant spirit.

It could be even combination two.

Ye Xiaochen could be sure that this was not a combination of two and was like a brand new spell.

In terms of power, it couldn’t be compared with the plant spirit.

The application condition was low.

It looked more like spreading and growing weed, which looked rather strange.

Lu Dongcheng suddenly pulled out his magic sword and swung it, immediately, a large area of weed was cleared and was about to reach Lian Yuzhu.

However, Lian Yuzhu retreated, and those grass were holding her body giving a very flexible movement.

It was the first time seeing the applications of spells by the cultivators of the cultivation world, as expected it was clever.

At least it was hard for Ye Xiaochen to imagine like this, after all, this was the cultivation world that has been studying spells for countless years.

Ye Xiaochen was just practicing from the book, and there were no teachers, how to fight, and cooperate, it all depended on his own exploration.

Seeing two people fighting and making the area mess, Ye Xiaochen hurriedly shouted to stop.

However, two had entered the fighting mode and ignored him.

“Damn, you guys will destroy my farm if it goes on like this.”

He shook his head and spread his fingers, a green light flashed and suddenly, a giant weed appeared.

It was taller and bigger than the last time, the two thick leaves rolled towards them.

They were startled and quickly resisted.

Lu Dongcheng was swept away by the leaves.

And Lian Yuzhu also couldn’t escape, the weeds she controlled couldn’t do anything to the giant weed, she was directly captured by the leaves of the giant weed and was swung by it.

When Ye Xiachen ordered the giant weed to put Lian Yuzhu down, her face had already turned pale.

After all, it was not a good feeling.

Lu Dongcheng also got up from the ground with a little embarrassment.

Chapter 265 – You will suffocate me!

“Really, you guys are so fierce, could you guys afford to damage my farm?”

Ye Xiaochen looked at the two people and shouted.

Lian Yuzhu stuck out her tongue, and then looked at the giant weed beside Ye Xiaochen, she secretly smacked her tongue, too big.

My technique is just like a child’s trick.

Lu Dongcheng had already seen it before.

Next, they became more honest.

In fact, the main instigator was this girl Lian Yuzhu, she is a bit careless if she didn’t deliberately cast a spell on Lu Dongcheng, this would have not happened.

Lu Dongcheng was more tolerant.

All of a sudden, he felt a headache, only two of them almost created a headache. If there were more than a few cultivators, wouldn’t it be more chaotic?

Suddenly, he had doubts about the feasibility of his plan to gather all the cultivators.

“Xiaoyu, your spirit driving method is quite good. The efficiency is very high and cooperation is also good. However, with your cultivation, you should not be able to control so many plants?”

Ye Xiaochen asked curiously.

Just now Lian Yuzhu controlled too many weeds. It was just like a sea of grass and plants. If Lu Dongcheng had not reached the perfect foundation construction stage and didn’t have the powerful magic sword, he would have been submerged by those weeds.

“I am very sensitive to plants. My spell is more than ten times powerful than ordinary cultivators. Because of this, the originally weak spirit driving method could play a strong role in my hands. Of course, compared to your giant weed, mine is not worth mentioning. Is your magic also related to the spirit driving method?”

As soon as she opened her mouths, she could not stop.

“No, it doesn’t have the characteristic of the spirit driving method. The spirit driving method is not a single spell, but controls and drives the vegetation in an area.”

“Even in the control area, the spell doesn’t usually increase the power of an individual plant, because there is a limit to how much the spirit driving method could increase the power.”

“Ye Xiaochen, what kind of spell did you use? Could you also teach me?”

Lian Yuzhu talked for a long time.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t even have the chance to butt in.

Finally, Lian Yuzhu stopped.

“Well, do you know why you are so sensitive to plants?”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and asked.

“Eh? How would I know? Do you know, wrong, how can you know. When I lived in the sect, I tested my talent, it came out to be very ordinary. Otherwise, I would have already reached the Qi refining stage. Many cultivators younger than are already qi refining cultivators, it really depressed me to death.”

Lian Yuzhu depressedly said.

“You actually have a high planting talent.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Planting talent, oh, I can’t be Lingnong(Spirit farmer). Damn, A beautiful woman like me will be going to the lowly work of Lingling.”

Lian Yuzhu rolled her eyes.

Ye Xiaochen released a sigh, she was also looking down upon Linglong.

It was no wonder that the cultivation world doesn’t know what is planting talent. It could be seen from this.

The cultivation world is really unhealthy. How could it develop if they don’t pay attention to planting?

Even so many black grade planting geniuses were abandoned!

“Haha, Xiaodong, you come and explain to her what is planting talent.”

Ye Xiaochen looked at Lu Dongcheng and said.

Lu Dongcheng hesitated for a moment and finally explained.

In particular, he mentioned that after learning the spirit listening method it would bring great benefit to the cultivation practice.

There was a change of expression in Lian Yuzhu.

She didn’t completely disbelieve, otherwise, how could this Ye Xiaochen’s planting be so powerful?

Moreover, Lu Dongcheng was just in the late foundation construction stage before and he broke through to the perfect foundation construction stage quickly, it should be due to the planting talent.

Do I really have a talent for planting?

Otherwise, how can I be so close and sensitive to plants?

Well, let’s learn first.

Seeing Ye Xiaochen accept so quickly, Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help but smile. Compared with Lu Dongcheng, Lian Yuzhu’s ability to accept was better.

Soon, Lian Yzuhu learned the pirate listening method.

To Ye Xiaochen’s surprise, Lian Yuzhu quickly learned the spirit listening method.

According to Lian Yuzhu, it was very easy to master.

Originally, while using the spirit driving method, she would also try to communicate with plant consciousness. However, she doesn’t have a clear concept, but through contact found that it had a great benefit to practicing the spirit driving method.

Now learning the spirit listening method, she immediately understood.

On the contrary, Lu Dongcheng started without knowing anything.

Moreover, his acceptance ability is not so strong.

Lu Dongcheng was not convinced that Lian Yuzhu had mastered it so quickly.

“Stiff person, how long did it take you to learn the spirit listening technique? Was it faster than me?”

Lian Yuzhu asked Lu Dongcheng with a smile.


Lu Dongcheng felt that she was asking intentionally.


Lian Yuzhu smiled.

It was late at night when Ye Xiaochen taught her some basic knowledge about planting.

Lian Yuzhu became more and more interested in planting techniques and learned with great enthusiasm. Compared with Lu Dongcheng, she was very opposite.

It seems that even with the same talent if there is no interest the gap between the two would be very big!

Ye Xiaochen got more and more optimistic about Lian Yuzhu. If he teaches her well, perhaps she could become an important helper.

How could Shennong have no assistant?

You can’t do everything by yourself.

It was just like those great scientists who are surrounded by assistants.

This was called a team.

Ye Xiaochen also has to build his own team.

As for those in the research institute, although they have planting talent, they are in yellow grade after all and do not cultivate. It would take a long time of observation and test before they could really enter Ye XIaochen’s team.

The next day, Ye Xiaochen didn’t go to the institute, but stayed on the farm and continued to experiment with grass.

As for teaching basic planting knowledge to Lian Yuzhu, Ye Xiaochen assigned this task to Lu Dongcheng.

Though Lu Dongcheng didn’t want to teach, he didn’t go against YE Xiaochen’s will.

After some time, Ye Xiaochen, who was doing the experiment, suddenly heard Lian Yuzhu and Lu Dongheng quarreling.

He frowned and went over.

“Ye Xiaochen, his level is not qualified to teach me, so you should teach me!”

Lian Yuzhu said.

Lu Dongcheng blushed and didn’t know what to say.

“Xiadong’s foundation should be good. How could he not be able to teach you?”

Ye Xiaochen was surprised.

“She has too many questions, many of them are beyond basic knowledge. How can I answer them all?”

Lu Dongcheng continued, “Mr.Ye, I can’t teach her. It’s better you teach her.”

Honest men also have tempers.

Ye Xiaochen took a look at Lian Yuzhua and sighed, “Okay, but I will tell you my rules clearly. You can’t open your mouth when I am giving the lecture.”

Lian Yuzhu was stunned.

If you don’t let me open my mouth, you will suffocate me!

Chapter 266 – Lower Grade Immortal Plant

In the blink of an eye, half a month passed away.

In this half month, everyday Ye Xiaochen researched the problem of turning grass to immortal.

Although there were some gains, there were still many problems.

Even if he used the plant spirit and let the grass have the potential to cultivate, it still couldn’t reach the ideal effect.

Ye Xiaochen was not in a hurry, research is a slow and difficult thing, one couldn’t be impatient.

Although Ye Xiaochen has been researching for a half month, he still taught the students including those in the research institute. There was no doubt that Lian Yuzhu was among the best.

She now has learned basic plant techniques.

In comparison, Lu Dongcheng’s progress was much worse.

Lian Yuzhu cultivated the spirit driving method and followed its cultivation path.

On the other hand, Lu Dongcheng took the path of sword cultivation, which was not related to planting at all.

Unless Lu Dongcheng changed his path, the gap between the two would only grow larger.

Lu Dongcheng was almost killed by Lian Yuzhu while training.

Those two people’s nature was opposite, whenever they ran into each other they would quarrel.

In the research institute.

Ye Xiaochen was looking at the work of many researchers.

Lian Yuzhu and Lu Dongcheng were also there.

In this large area of super rice, there was super rice which was particularly eye-catching, because it was just taller than ordinary super rice, it was at least a foot taller, very thick and its leaves were flourishing. Most importantly, the panicles of this rice were slightly purple.

This was even more strange.

If it wasn’t for the remarkable growth of the super rice plant, one would wonder if it was ill.

Ye Xiaochen obviously knew that this was not a disease, but a mutation. From the present situation, it looked like the mutation was on the superior side.

However, the plant consciousness of super rice has not yet been fully stabilized.

Still, Ye Xiaochen got a lot of valuable data from this mutant super rice.

Ye Xiaochen explained some knowledge to the student on the communication with plant consciousness.

Back to the farm.

Ye Xiaochen hurried towards the immortal land.

Today another important plant would ripe.

Moreover, this kind of immortal plant was likely to have the chance to break through its grade barrier and reach the lower grade quality.

It was just that the immortal plant was in growth and maturity, until the last moment, the quality couldn’t be identified.

Because the immortal pattern in the immortal plant was always in the process of formation, until the moment of maturity, it would not be completely shaped.

Shortly, Ye Xiaochen came to the immortal land where carrots were planted.

The green leaves of the carrots were flourishing and looked just like jade.

Ye Xiaochen has never wasted these leaves, either he would make pickles or directly cook them. He has a good appetite.

Naturally, he would also give his parents after removing the immortal spirit qi.

Ye Xiaochen directly performed the plant identification, and immediately the information about the immortal carrot emerged.

Instantly, Ye Xiaochen’s face showed the color of happiness.

Ha Ha…

He couldn’t help laughing.

Lian Yuzhu and Lu Dongcheng looked at each other, why is the boss so happy?

However, they were greedy for these immortal plants, if they could fill their stomach with it, wouldn’t they be able to break through to the Qi refining stage?

Of course, they wouldn’t dare.

Not to mention, there were two local dogs watching them like watching thieves, and there were also bean soldiers.

What was more, even if they eat, they were afraid that even before digesting, Ye Xiaochen would know about it and they would be killed!

“Holding this grass really feels so good. I didn’t expect that system would still give me rewards for planting lower grade immortals.”

Ye Xiaochen’s heart was excited.

Just a moment ago, after he identified the lower grade immortal carrot, immediately he heard a system notification in his mind.

“Ding, Congratulation to the host for successfully planting lower grade quality immortal plants, which is the most important step in the Shennong’s cultivation. A special reward of 10,000 immortal yuan would be given to you and a 10% discount when you buy things from the store.”

In the short term, the 10% discount is a very small sum, but in the long term, it would not be a small sum.

Ever since he got the Shennong system, he has spent more than 100,000 immortal yuan in the store.

According to the 10% discount, he could save ten thousand immortal yuan!

He was sure that he would consume more in the future.

“Haha, good, the 10% discount is pretty good. It’s much better than directly getting immortal yuan.”

Ye Xiaochen was very satisfied.

As for ten thousand immortal yuan, it was nothing.

Of course, it was nice to get ten thousand immortal yuan for free. At least now he has a lot of immortal yuans.

Moreover, Ye Xiaochen believed that since the system gave a reward for cultivating lower product immortal plants, then the rewards would certainly be better when he cultivates, middle grade, high grade, and even the top grade immortal plants.

He couldn’t help looking forward to it.

Shortly, Ye Xiaochen gave orders to bean soldiers, as well as Lu Dongcheng and Lian Yuzhu to harvest carrots.

“After the carrots are pulled out, we can use these carrot leaves for today’s cooking.”

Ye Xiaochen added a sentence.

Today, he was in a good mood and naturally was more generous.

Lian Yuzhu and Lu Dongcheng suddenly became excited.

Although they couldn’t eat carrots, the leaf was still pretty good!

In fact, there wasn’t much work, the two foundation cultivators and bean soldiers worked very quickly and harvested all the immortal carrots.

Ye Xiaochen carefully cut off the leaves, leaving behind the bright red carrot, which made Lu Dongcheng and Lian Yzuhu salivate.

“Haha, lower grade immortal implant, haha, finally broke through.”

Ye Xiaochen knew that the bottleneck had been finally broken through.

In the future, no matter what kind of yellow grade level one immortal plants he planted, they would reach the lower grade level.

This was Shennong’s ability.

As for the yellow grade level two or above, he estimated they would also shortly achieve the lower grade.


Ye Xiaochen ate it at the farm.

Since Lu Dongcheng and Lian Yuzhu came, Ye Xiaochen had been often eating at the farm, all kinds of kitchen tools were there.

As for cooking, Ye Xiaochen certainly won’t do it.

Nonsense, there were still employees so why should the boss cook?

Cooking was given to Lian Yuzhu, this girl was actually quite diligent. In addition to a little bit of chatterbox, she has many other qualities.

At the dinner table.

A plant of white rice, because the wheat powder was put in, there was an extra fragrance.

A large plate of immortal carrot leaves, a dish of immortal pickled vegetables, and a cup of immortal rice wine for each person.

Of course, the immortal rice wine was not pure, otherwise, they would get drunk.

Even so, Lian Yuzhu and Lu Dongcheng felt that their life was like a real immortal!

Now, even if they were beaten to death to leave, they were not willing to leave.

Chapter 267 – Five-element immortal bead

“Boss, I think that we should raise some chickens, ducks, and geese on the farm so that we can have meat to eat. After being moistened by the aura, the taste should be very good.”

After drinking a mouthful of wine, Lian Yuzhu’s face slightly became red, and began to talk more.

“To tell you the truth, I really miss the spirit animals of the cultivation world. The taste is very delicious, not like secular meat which has a heavy fishy smell. If you eat too much, it would pollute the body.”

“If you put chicken, ducks, and geese on the farm, it won’t turn them into a real spirit bird, but definitely the filth in their body would be removed.”

“Boss, I think that your two dogs are very good. They are fat and strong, although they are spirit animals, they already have small amounts of spirit qi.”

Lian Yuzhu kept on talking.

Woof woof!

Two dogs who were lying on their backs were not far away, they suddenly stood up, their hair rose, and bared teeth against Lian Yuzhu. Their eyes were very fierce.

They were no longer normal dogs.

Since the establishment of the farm, they have been here and got adapted to the farm’s aura environment.

They were able to understand human speech, now when they heard Lian Yuzhu talking about eating them, isn’t this bullying the dog?

It could not be tolerated.

“How long have you been paying attention to my dogs?”

Ye Xiaochen glared at Lian Yuzhu.

Lian Yuzhu smiled and said, “I was just joking. How could I eat them? Dogs are human friends.”

“Mr.Ye, she was having this plan for a long time. Last time, she was going to do it secretly.”

Lu Dongcheng said.

“Lu Dongcheng, what do you mean?

Lian Yuzhu became nervous.

“You are again noisy. I’ll deduct one month’s salary.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Lian Yuzhu didn’t speak and buried herself in eating.

The next day, immortal white radish also matured.

It was also a lower grade.

Ye Xiaochen laughed, with two kinds of lower grade immortal plants, the next auction would be profitable.

He believed that even if the carrots and radishes were only yellow grade level one immortal plant, the lower grade plants with the divine characteristics were enough to make the immortal go crazy for it.

The divinity of inferior grade immortal plants was far from comparable to lower grade immortal plants.

“However, I signed the immortal contract with the Goddess of the Moon and now it can be canceled. After all, I have planted lower grade quality carrots.”

Ye Xiaochen closed his eyes, and he could feel that the immortal contract in his mind had become extremely faint, and seemed to disappear at any moment.

He knew that, now that he had planted the lower grade carrots, the immortal contract had begun to lose efficacy.

If Ye Xiaochen and the Goddess of the moon renew the contract, the immortal contract would consolidate again.

However, Ye Xiaochen was not ready to renew the contract.

Immediately, Ye Xiaochen made a movement in his mind and suddenly the immortal contract crumbled and vanished.

At the same time, Ye Xiaochen found that in the friend’s column of Shennong’s system, a message had come to him.

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help laughing. It seemed that the Goddess of the Moon had learned that the immortal contract had been lifted.

He opened the Shennong system, and sure enough, he saw a message from the Goddess of the Moon.

“Ye Xiaochen, have you planted lower grade immortal carrots?”

“Yes, Goddess of the Moon.”

Ye Xiaochen replied.

“Ye Xiaochen, I am willing to continue to buy your immortal carrots at a high price. How about 25 immortal yuan for the carrot?”

The Goddess of the Moon hurriedly sent a message.

The price given by The Goddess of the Moon should be very high.

In the Store, the lower grade immortal carrot was generally around ten immortal yuan.

However, since Ye Xiaochen possesses divinity, the value of it naturally would double or even more.

“Yes, but I didn’t grow much. I can only sell you thirty immortal carrots and thirty immortal white radishes.”

Ye Xiaochen thought about it and agreed.

Goddess of the Moon was the first immortal to buy his plants.

He must need to give a face to her.

He only sold thirty pieces of carrot and radishes, because he wanted to keep some of them for auction and some for his own use.

He was ready to cultivate the seeds of these two products.

Although the quantity was a little less, the Goddess of the Moon still agreed, it was better than nothing!

Immediately, the 30 carrots and 30 radishes were sold for 25 immortal yuan each, which was 1500 immortal yuan.

It was still pretty good. After all, it was only 60 pieces, it was worth more compared to the inferior quality.

However, he didn’t plan to plant more, because no matter how valuable it is, it couldn’t be compared with the more advanced immortal plant.

Once the high-level immortal plant also achieves lower grade quality, that would be really worthy.

Another few days passed.

Ye Xiaochen held another auction, and also said there would be lower grade immortal plants.

This time there were more immortals than before.

Although it was just yellow grade level 1 carrot and radishes, the competition was very fierce.

Ye Xiaochen was very puzzled, even if the immortal plant has divine nature, it was only a yellow grade level 1 immortal plant, why are these immortals competing with red eyes?

Finally, Ye Xiaochen sold the fifty immortal carrots and fifty immortal radishes at a jaw-dropping price.

The average price has reached 30 immortal yuan apiece.

All of sudden, he regretted selling the carrots and radishes to the Goddess of the Moon.

This was equivalent to losing more than a hundred immortal yuan!

Heaven, there won’t be the next time.

However, to Ye Xiaochen’s surprise, the Goddess of the Moon took initiative to find him and wanted to compensate for the price difference.

Ye Xiaochen was naturally happy to take it.

However, Ye Xiaochen was curious about a thing, he asked The Goddess of the Moon, “Since you wanted carrots so much, what didn’t you bid higher?”

Anyway, with the financial resources of the immortal, it was nothing but a few hundred immortal yuan.

However, the Goddess of the Moon just replied, “There is a reason.”

As for what is the reason, the Goddess of the Moon didn’t say.

Ye Xiaochen suddenly thought of the previous things, even when asking questions to immortals they have to charge, so do immortals have to obey some rules?

Otherwise, they wouldn’t have been picked to this extent.

Thinking of this, he immediately felt that there was something wrong.

However, since the Goddess of the Moon didn’t say, he didn’t ask again.

At this auction, he earned a lot, more than 40,000 immortal yuan.

With the addition of the previous system reward, he now has 60,000 immortal yuan.

It was time to spend again.

Ye Xiaochen has already decided what to buy.

This was something he had been looking forward to.

“Five-element immortal bead, Yellow level medium grade spiritual treasure, it can absorb the energy of heaven and earth, and transforms it into the immortal qi of five elements attribute, which has a great effect on all kinds of immortal plants.”

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes shined when bought it.

With this five-element immortal bead, he could plant various types of immortal plants.

Unlike now, he was mainly planting the non-attributed immortal plants and or spirit conversion immortal plant.s

However, the spirit conversion immortal plant has a shortcoming, it’s growth rate is slow.

With this five-element immortal bead, the spirit conversion immortal plants would grow much faster.

Due to this, Ye Xiaochen researched and bought this five-element immortal plant, even when it was very expensive and needed to spend 55,555 immortal yuan.

Besides, doesn’t he have a 10% discount offer?

This could save him thousands of immortal yuan.

Chapter 268 – Place

Where to place the five-element bead was a problem.

This was because the five-element bead must absorb sunlight and rays of the cosmos in order to function.

Therefore a platform must be built to place the five-element immortal bead. The higher the height, the better it would be.

However, considering that the immortal force field formed by the farm wall has a height range, naturally, the immortal bead must be placed within this force field, so that the immortal spirit qi formed by the five-element immortal bead could be retained in the farm.

In the next two days, Ye Xiaochen checked the height of the force field and then went to the county to buy a batch of steel structures. He assembled it by himself and built a tower more than 20 meters.

Fortunately, he has cultivators Lian Yuzhu, Lu Dongcheng, and bean soldiers to work.

If it was ordinary people, he would have required large machinery to build.

Finally, the steel tower was completed, it was twenty meters high and was equivalent to six to seven floors.

“Boss, is it useful? Is it a type of signal tower?”

Lian Yuzhu asked curiously.

“Naturally, it is very useful.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

With a sudden movement, he leaped up to the horizontal steel pie and climbed rapidly like an ape.

Quickly, he reached the top of the tower.

He didn’t expect that Lian Yuzhu would also follow him.

The top area of the tower was not big, there was only one square meter place. A steel plate was installed on the top of the tower. On the steel plate, a special box with a groove was welded out for placing the five-element immortal bead.

In order to allow the five-element immortal bead to absorb the maximum amount of sunlight, the box groove was made of wire mesh.

Ye Xiaochen took out a crystal bead from his pocket, it was the size of a baby’s fist and emitted five colors in the sunlight.

Yellow, red, green, black, and gold.

Lian Yuzhu looked at it curiously.

Because the bead looked very ordinary.

There was no fluctuation in the aura.

It wasn’t like the magic bead.

Besides being good looking, it seemed useless.

She became more and more curious. Did she just build the whole tower for this thing?

Ye Xiaochen placed the five-element immortal bead into the box slot.

He then looked up at the sky.

Currently, it is sunny.


Suddenly, Lian Yuzhu became alert, because she felt that this ordinary bead actually released a trace of aura.

Yes, it was aura!

Moreover, the aura quality seemed to be very high.


How could there be such a thing that releases high-quality aura?

Immediately, the eyes of Lian Yuzhu became big.

Her breathing also became heavy, because such a bead, even in the cultivation world would be considered a top treasure. It was afraid that many powerful sects would cause bloodshed to get this treasure.

Now, Ye Xiaochen took it out.

Who on earth is he? And why can he take out such a rare treasure?

Lian Yuzhu became more and more curious about Ye Xiaochen.

“Xiaoyu, you should take good care of it. Don’t let it be stolen, this is the foundation of our future cultivation.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Lian Yuzhu hurriedly said, “Boss, you can rest assured. I will certainly take care of it. However, boss, can I cultivate here?”

“No Problem.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.


Lian Yuzhu cheered, she immediately sat on the side, and accompanied with a deep breath, a trace of aura entered into her body.


Lian Yuzhu felt that it was very hard to contain such a furious aura.

Ye Xiaochen suddenly felt fluctuation emanating from the body of Lian Yuzhu, and suddenly pointed his finger.


Lian Yuzhu hurriedly spits that trace of aura.

Her face flushed and with surprise, she asked, “boss, what kind of aura is this? Why can’t I refine it? It is extremely violent and almost detonated my energy.”

“This is the immortal spirit qi. Which cannot be refined with your current cultivation and skills.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said.

“Boss, did you do it on purpose?”

Lian Yuzhu asked depressedly.

“Naturally, I did it on purpose. If I don’t let you absorb now, what would you do when you secretly absorb it without my knowledge?”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Lian Yuzhu stared at Ye Xiaochen.

“So it means I can’t absorb it, what should I do then?”

Lian Yuzhu became depressed.

“There are two ways, one is to absorb ordinary aura, and the second is to change the cultivation method.”

“Changing cultivation? Boss, you said it is the immortal spirit qi, is it the immortal qi of the immortal world?”

At this time, Lu Dongcheng also came up and saw the situation of Lian Yuzhu.

“Yes, this is the immortal qi of the immortal world. What you cultivate are ordinary aura and practice ordinary cultivation methods, naturally, you cannot absorb the immortal spirit qi. Only when those immortal plants absorb them, turn into an absorbable plant aura, you can absorb. Of course, if you change to an immortal cultivation method, you can absorb them directly.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“However, we don’t have any immortal cultivation method.”

Lian Yuzhu said disappointedly.

It was depressing when there is immortal qi but cannot cultivate it!

All of a sudden, she seemed to think of something and looked at Ye Xiaochen, “Boss, how do you know these things, and as well as have immortal treasures? Is it possible that you are practicing an immortal cultivation method?”

“Of course, don’t look down on your boss.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

“Boss, who are you?”

Lian Yuzhu asked curiously.

“An extraordinary person. Anyway, as long as you follow me you will be able to ascend to the immortal world.”

Ye Xiaochen confidently said.

Ascend to the immortal world?

On Lu Dongcheng and Lian Yuzhu’s face, the color of fascination appeared.

This was the dream of countless people in the cultivation world!

However, actually, only very few could achieve ascension.

They were just at the bottom, not to mention ascending to immortal land, even advancing to the qi refining stage was extravagant hope.

And now the boss said he could guarantee their ascension to the immortal world?

It was amazing.

Nevertheless, two people felt the boss was just bragging, so they didn’t take it to heart.

When Ye Xiaochen saw this, he just smiled.

He was going to let two cultivate special immortal plant cultivation methods.

Without practicing immortal plant cultivation, one couldn’t become an immortal planter.

However, he was not going to take initiative and was waiting to let them ask willingly.

The five-element immortal bead was a great temptation to them.

Ye Xiaochen took a deep breath. Suddenly, a wisp of immortal spirit qi entered his body and was refined by the power of the Shennong tactic. It was immediately transformed into pure energy and integrated into plant spirit.

Now the plant spirit in the dantian has become more and more solid.

Chapter 269 – Changing Cultivation

A few days later.

Lian Yuzhu finally couldn’t help but find Ye Xiaochen.

“Boss, I want to absorb the immortal spirit qi to cultivate.”

She seemed to have made up her mind.

“Oh, are you sure you want to change your cultivation method? I’ll make things clear, once you change it, the previous cultivation would be gone, which is equivalent to starting new.”

Ye Xiaochen said seriously.

“I know, I have already pondered about it. Anyway, my cultivation is average, even if I break through to the refining stage, it would probably be my limit. I might as well change it, and I don’t think you will deceive me?”

Lian Yuzhu clenched her teeth and said.

“That’s not certain.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“Anyway, I left it to luck.”

Lian Yuzhu said.

“Well, but I would like to say it before, for the cultivation method I provide, you have to work for me at least 100 years for free. Of course, I will provide you with the resources for cultivation.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Hundred years? It depends if I can live up to 120.”

Lian Yuzhu pouted and said.

If she doesn’t enter the qi refining stage, then she could only live till 100, and currently, she is in her twenties.

“Don’t worry, I won’t let myself lose money.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled.


Lian Yuzhu said.

Ye Xiaochen suddenly took out a jade talisman.

This was the immortal contract.

When Lian Yuzhu saw what it was, she became speechless, the contract was already prepared.

Well, anyway I left it to luck.

Immediately, she signed an agreement with Ye Xiaochen,

The most important thing was she would work for Ye Xiaochen for 100 years.

Ye Xiaochen’s duty was to provide her with all the cultivation resources.

“Boss, tell me what kind of immortal cultivation have you prepared for me?”

Lian Yuzhu asked excitedly.

“Take a look.”

Ye Xiaochen handed her a jade slip.

“Put a drop of your blood on it, then hold it between your eyebrows and try to communicate with it.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

About the jade slip, Lian Yuzhu naturally knows about it, it was not uncommon in the cultivation world.

After all, it was difficult to preserve texts for a long period of time in ordinary things. They would often get worn out.

Moreover, the jade slip was easy to carry and could store lots of information.

Lian Yuzhu dropped a drop of blood and pressed it between her eyebrows.

After a long time, Lian Yuzhu opened her eyes and looked at Ye Xiaochen with surprised eyes.

“Xiaoyu, why are you looking at me like that?”

Ye Xiachen asked with a smile.

“Boss, what is this method?”

Lian Yuzhu felt a little crazy.

Because the method contained in the jade slip was called immortal plant tactics.

Although it was an immortal cultivation method, it belonged to the category of the immortal planter, there was no power and could only be used to do the planting.

Originally, she thought since it was an immortal cultivation method, it should be super awesome, how could it be this kind of auxiliary method!

“Xiaoyu, originally, immortal planter, cultivated this kind of method. Although their combat effectiveness is very weak, they could plant various kinds of immortal plants. They have a very high status in the immortal world. Moreover, your cultivation speed would be very fast as you are black grade planting talent. Comparable to black grade cultivating genius. You can easily enter the qi refining stage. Besides, the immortal planters specialize in cultivating plants, why do they need to fight?”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“But, boss, aren’t you an immortal planter? How come your combat effectiveness is so strong?”

Lian Yuzhu absolutely couldn’t cut any corners.

In the cultivation world, the strong eat the weak. If you don’t have strength, you have no position. As for those who did the planting, were spiritual farmers, and were at the bottom of the cultivation world, which was equivalent to the farmer in the secular world!

Being a farmer was a shame!

“That’s because your boss is not a normal person.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

Lian Yuzhu felt like she was deceived.

However, she had already signed the immortal contract, so she could now only cultivate it!

She also had this feeling that if she doesn’t cultivate immortal plant tactics, she would surely suffer.

There was no other way, Lian Yuzhu could only take a jade slip and leave dejectedly.

Ye Xiaochen just smiled and continued to do the experiment.

An hour later, Lian Yuzhu came running.

Her face looked very excited.

“Why are you so happy?”

Ye Xiaochen felt that this girl’s emotion was too unstable, a lady must be a little bit reserved.

“Boss, I’m already at the perfect foundation construction stage.”

Lian Yuzhu said.

“Oh, you were already at the perfect foundation construction stage, what is wrong?”

Ye Xiaochen said casually.

Suddenly, he froze for a second and stared at the cultivation of Yuzhu, and immediately felt some changes. The breath of her cultivation changed and was a kind of plant and vegetation breath.

This was obviously the immortal plant tactic.

Damn, after rebuilding the cultivation, she quickly cultivated till the perfect foundation. It shouldn’t be so fast?

“Are you sure you cultivated the immortal plant tactic?”

Ye Xiaochen asked curiously.

“Yes, I didn’t expect the cultivating speed would be so fast. This method can really refine the immortal qi, which made my cultivating speed amazing.”

“I have a feeling that within three to five days, I will be able to break through to the qi refining stage.”

Although she had lost her former strength, she felt a sense of relief which she had never felt before. It was as if a knot in her body had suddenly disappeared, making her whole body relax.

She even sensed the barrier between the foundation construction stage and the qi refining stage.

As long as this barrier is broken, she would be able to become a real Qi refining cultivator.

Although she was an auxiliary immortal planter, she would be a qi refining cultivator.

One could live for two hundred years.

“Well, it’s very good. Keep working hard. Believe me, with your current cultivation speed, there is hope for Golden core.”

Ye Xiaochen encouraged.

Lian Yuzhu was looking forward to it.

Golden Core!

In the cultivation world, that was an elder level figure!

A Golden core cultivator could live for five hundred years.

After a few days, even Lu Dongcheng came to him and said that he wanted to cultivate the immortal plant tactic.

“Are you sure?”

Ye Xiaochen asked with a smile.

“I am sure. It’s better to follow the path of an immortal planter than the path of no hope. I don’t like fighting anyway.”

Lu Dongcheng said firmly.

“I am glad you have thought it through.”

Ye Xiaochen immediately signed the immortal contract with him and then threw a jade slip to him. He absorbed the information in the jade slip and hurriedly went to cultivate.

Sure enough, after more than an hour, Lu Dongcheng also rebuilt his perfect foundation construction stage.

Ye Xiaochen was sighing.

Why was his Shennong tactic so difficult to cultivate?

He was still at the middle foundation construction stage. When would he reach the late stage?

Of course, he knew that the most difficult part of Shennong’s tactic was to build the foundation. Once the foundation was built, he could fully utilize his Shennong talent and the speed of cultivating would reach a terrible level.

It should be known that he has Heaven grade Shennonog talent.

Chapter 270 – 2000kg per Mu

Lu Dongcheng and Lian Yuzhu have been practicing the immortal plant cultivation, and their cultivation was progressing very rapidly.

Ye Xiaochen ordered them every day and made them work like cattle.

During this period of time, he bought some more immortal lands and planted more immortal plants.

Naturally, they played their role.

However, they didn’t complain at all, because they found that when they were engaged in planting, their cultivation speed was even faster.

So they also wanted to devote all their time to planting.

With more immortal lands, there were more immortal plants. Now Ye Xiaochen could harvest a batch of immortal plants almost every day or two, which could be regarded as daily profit.

He was moved, the more he surpassed his past, the more efficient it was to make money.

In this way, another half a month passed.

Lian Yuzhu finally attracted another cultivator for Ye Xiaochen.

The person’s name was Du Yueqiu, she was also from the Maoshan sect and has a good relationship with Lian Yuzhu.

However, she was not like the carefree Lian Yuzhu, Du Yueqiu was cold and had a dead face.

As if someone owes her money.

Although she was also a beauty, this expression pulled down her score.

At first, Du Yueqiu thought Ye Xiaochen was a liar and asked Lian Yuzhu to follow her, but when Lian Yuzhu released her breath, she was shocked.

Because Lian Yuzhu a few days ago broke through and successfully entered the Qi refining stage.

Lu Dongcheng also made the breakthrough.

Therefore, Du Yueqiu immediately joined and signed the immortal contract.

However, after Du Yueqiu joined, she didn’t find how Lian Yuzh’s cultivation was growing fast, and when she got to know, she felt she had been cheated.

Unless the cultivation method was changed, she couldn’t break through to qi refining quickly.

Du Yueqiu practiced the art of controlling corpses. Her character was even smelly and hard, she strongly opposed Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen had to teach her a few lessons before she became honest.

Finally, she saw that Lian Yuzhu and Lu Dongchen’s cultivation was increasing rapidly and also had a subtle breakthrough to the middle Qi refining stage, she could no longer bear.

Although the immortal planter cultivation was high, the combat effectiveness was not so good, but they usually have a stronger foundation.

In this way, Du Yueqiu finally put down her bad temperament and asked for the cultivation method.

To this, Ye Xiaochen naturally agreed.

He suddenly sighed, each of these cultivators has individual characters and to accept them completely was not easy.

It took so long for just one Du Yueqiu.

Fortunately, these cultivators have black grade talent and were worth spending these efforts on.

Du Yueqiu’s planting talent was higher than Lu Dongcheng and Lian Yuzhu, reaching the Black grade level five.

So when Du Yueqiu cultivated the immortal plant cultivation, her cultivation speed was very rapid, and even caught up with the two people in a very short time.

Ye Xiaochen secretly smacked his tongue.

The three immortal planters at the qi refining stage require a lot of cultivation resources. Fortunately, Ye Xiaochen bought the five-element immortal bead, otherwise, he couldn’t have met the demands.

The efficiency of the five-element immortal bead was very high.

Not to mention three or five people, even if there were thirty to fifty people it would be fine.

In the research institute.

Ye Xiaochen and others were harvesting super rice.

Yes, the super rice has matured.

In particular, the mutant super rice plant had the longest body and bigger grain, and more strange was a purple hue in the grains.

This was extremely peculiar.

After Ye Xiaochen’s research, he found that there was a genetic change in this mutant super rice, so there was a change in color and the mutation was to its advantage.

In terms of nutrition, it was about 30% higher than ordinary super rice, and the yield was also 30% higher.

It could be said that this was the real super rice.

By comparison, the other super rice was far from perfect.

In fact, Ye Xiaochen knew that this was the result due to variation, if it was cultivated by normal means, even with his Shennong talent, it was difficult to achieve this level.

There were strict standards for harvesting all millet.

When cutting wheat with a sickle, you must leave a certain height.

As the super rice could be cultivated multiple times.

The experimental cultivation of super rice is not over yet, and it has to wait till two more cultivation cycles.

The rice grains were dried and weighed, the results cheered the researchers.

The yield of one mu reached 2412 kg.

(TN: 1mu=1/15th of a hectare)

It was twice as much as the hybrid rice.

It should be known that even under the most ideal experimental condition, the ultra hybrid rice could only reach at least 900 kg.

According to the normal conventional planting, as long as there was a normal harvest of super rice, the yield per mu would be 2,000 kg.

This was really super rice!

On the same day, the report on the recent super rice harvest was sent to the leaders of Yang city and Southern province.

All who saw the report were shocked.

This was not an exaggeration but a real fact!

“Haha, good, this super rice really deserves the title of being called super rice.”

Zhang Sheng, the governor of the province laughed, he was very satisfied with the results.

It could be predicted that once such achievements were made public, it would shock the whole world.

In fact, ever since the research institute’s report came out, it was hard to hide from the people.

Shortly, in a small circle, the word about the super rice was spread out.


Longping Hi-tech is a giant agricultural and plantation company in the southern province and also well known in the country.

Longping supplies almost half of the country’s hybrid rice seed.

And the southern province was the main supply area of Longping Hi-tech.

Although Longping’s super hybrid rice was producing more than 1000kg of super rice per mu, it was still in the experiment stage, and moreover, the failure of super hybrid rice in Anhui province hindered the popularization of Longping High-tech seeds.

Once this super rice was born, it would have a huge impact on Longping hi-tech.

“Impossible, the yield of 2000kg per mu is absolutely impossible to happen.”

“You can tell from a glance that they are exaggerating.”

“But we can’t help but take precaution. It was cultivated by professor Ye Xiaochen of Yang city plant consciousness research institute.”

“Even if professor Ye Xiaochen is excellent, he couldn’t be so talented. We have academics from the academy of engineering and aren’t worse than Ye XIaochen.”

“No, I don’t believe it.”

“This report has been put in the governor’s office, can it be false?”

“Then what should we do? If the yield is really 2000kg per mu, then won’t it crush our super hybrid rice?”

A lot of discussions were going in the meeting, some believed the report and some didn’t.

“Everyone, calm down. Even if super rice is real, it is still in the experimental stage and is not available commercially. So there is no need to be in such a hurry for the time being.”

The vice president of Longping hi-tech said.

“Mr.Li, the problem is that the governor’s side is very supportive of super rice, and it will be just a matter of time before it’s commercially available.”

Another executive said.

“Well, then we won’t let the super rice get out of the laboratory.”

Mr.Li sneered.

The eyes of those present at the scene lit up.

Yes, this was a good method. The super rice like the product was related to people’s livelihood, from test to commercial availability, there was a strict process, which must be accepted by the relevant expert groups.

The approval unit was usually led by the ministry of agriculture.

With the influence of Longping Hi-tech, it was enough to create some obstacles in this regard.

As long as super rice was not allowed to leave the laboratory, even if the yield per mu is highest, what worth would it have?

Everyone present at the scene thought it was possible.

Unfortunately, they don’t know that they were taking things too easily.
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