Heavenly Farmer Chapter 251-260

Chapter 251 – Ancestor Spirit

From now on, you will be called Dou Hongwu.”

Ye Xiaochen looked at the black beard old man and nodded with satisfaction.

However, Ye Xiaochen was not satisfied with the image of the bean soldier, it looked like an ancient arrogant official. How could this be done?

Soon, under the guidance of Ye Xiaochen, the bean soldier named Dou Hongwu changed his appearance. Although he was still an old man, he no longer looked domineering and was pleasing to the eye.

When Lu Dongcheng saw Ye Xiaochen’s action, he was stunned, the bean soldier was actually given such a name?

And changed the bean soldier’s appearance.

Suddenly, he thought of other Yin soldiers and sighed in his heart. Managing farms with Yin soldiers was really a good way.

Unfortunately, it was very difficult to use this method in the cultivation world. Unless it was a Yin soldier who has automatically formed consciousness, otherwise it was impossible to do such a delicate work.

The only use of Yin soldiers was to explore, fight, and kill.

“Dou Hongwu, do you still have the past memories?”

Ye Xiaochen directly asked Dou Hongwu.

After this bean soldier was refined, it has extremely strong consciousness, especially that kind of temperament, it was not inferior to Dou Fanger.

In terms of strength, Dou Hongwu has probably reached the late stage of foundation construction.

Moreover, after getting the enhancement by the immortal bean, it has already developed Yang qi. It might now be difficult for Lu Dongcheng to suppress Dou Hongwu again.

As for attempting to kill Dou Hongwu, it was impossible and Lu Dongcheng would fail.

As long as Ye Xiaochen maintained Dou Hongwu alive, it was almost immortal, unless the immortal bean body was destroyed.

“Yes, master.”

Dou Hongwu answered.

“Tell me the truth about the ancestor spirit.”

Ye Xiaochen’s heart was happy, Dou Hongwu could be said as the spy, with his information the next action would become very easy.

Half an hour later, Ye Xiaochen finally showed a satisfied smile.

Dou Hongwu provided many clues, it could be said that now he was 80% assured that the whole ancestor spirit could be completely destroyed.

The only trouble was the ancestral land of Tianqi Xiangmen was a little far away, this place was along the border of Yunnan province.

After finding out whatever he wanted to know, Ye Xiaochen changed Dou Hongwu to the bean.

The energy drain of this bean soldier was more than the other three combined.

Ye Xiaochen pondered, should he refine the ancestor spirit and other incarnations into bean soldiers, or should he merge them together refining into a super-strong bean soldier?

If it was a super bean soldier, although it would be powerful, there would be too big restrictions. After all, he was still only at the early stage of foundation construction.

However, once refined into a bean soldier, the growth would be very small.

Forget it for now. Let’s first solve the hidden trouble thoroughly.


At a distance far from Yunnan province border, in a wild mountain bordering Myanmar.

A very primitive tribe was located here.

There was hardly any outside tech here, it looked very primitive and only their clothes looked a little modern.

The people of the tribe seldomly went out and were self-sufficient.

There was very little communication with the outside world.

This was a very closed tribe.

In the back of the mountains where the tribe was located, there was a cave, which had mysterious and strange carving.

The entrance looked like a gate of hell.

Inside was very spacious.

However, at this moment, there was another formless thought which was crazily radiating evil qi and was in a hysterical state.

More than a dozen men in ancient robes were kneeling in front of a strange jade statue.

The jade statue looked ordinary but it was lifelike, and the ferocious and evil breath could be felt.

The formless thought was radiating evil qi from this jade statue.

All the people kneeling were trembling.

It was a long time before the evil thought calmed down a little.

“Go, find my fourth incarnation at all cost.”

In all the people’s mind, a cold voice sounded.

With relief, these men hurriedly went out of the cave.

Soon the rock cave became calm but the formless thought was silently thinking.

“What kind of existence could kill my incarnation? In this world, there are only a few existences like me. We do not interfere with each other, and won’t do this unless they want to fight….”

“It took me hundreds of years to nurture and get the five incarnations, and now I have lost one. Hateful.”

It took a long time for the formless thought to calm down,

Then the statue became very ordinary, and there was no sense of evil breath.

Instead, under the candlelight’s illuminations, it exuded dream-like brilliance.


Yunnan province, Kun city.

The weather here was obviously much hotter and humid than the Southern province.

At the Kun city airport, two young men and a strange-looking middle-aged man stepped down from the plane.

“Haha, the plane is very interesting. It can carry so many people in the sky and doesn’t  fall down.”

A gentle young man looked back at the huge plane and marveled.

“In your eyes, it is incomprehensible how the plane can fly. In the eyes of ordinary people, it is incomprehensible how those powerful beings in the immortal world can ride clouds and fly on swords.”

Another young man, who looked bright and sunny laughed.

These two people were obviously Lu Dongcheng and Ye XIaochen.

As for master Ning, he was just silently following them.

It was better to get rid of the ancestor spirit rather than later.

Therefore, they immediately came the next day.

They brought master Ning with them, naturally only he knew the way to the ancestor land.

As for Dou Hongwu, although he was very familiar with the ancestor spirit, the problem was that he didn’t know the way to the ancestor spirit.

There was no other choice but to take Master Ning with them.

At this time, a girl ran up from behind and curiously asked, “Two handsome guys, you are here for tourism and I happen to be a local. Do you want me to be a guide?”

The girl looked delicate and mature.

On the plane, she would always find a topic to talk about.

However, Lu Dongcheng doesn’t talk much and didn’t want to talk to the girl.

As for Ye Xiaochen, he would occasionally reply back.

He didn’t expect that the girl still didn’t let go and unexpectedly caught up with them again.

Ye Xiaochen was speechless, do girls like to chase handsome guys?

Well, Ye Xiaochen’s look could only be regarded as ordinary, but his temperament was good.

It was the same for Lu Dongcheng, his cultivator temperament was exposed, for ordinary girls, this was very attractive.

Chapter 252 – Stared

Finally, they got rid of that beautiful woman’s entanglement. Ye Xiaochen and others took a taxi and left the airport.

The influence of Tianqi XIangmen was large in the Yunnan province, that’s why they took a plane to Kun city in order to avoid frightening the snakes.

Next, they took a long-distance bus, it took them a whole day to reach their destination–Tuxian County.

It was not far from the border.

The main residents here were mainly ethnic minorities.

Here, you could see people in strange clothes.

Ye Xiaochen and others had already changed their faces.

After all, the three were very eye-catching.

According to Master Ning, the power of Tianqi Xiangmen was very large. They have even secretly set up a gang called the Tianqi faction, which was active in the border of Yunnan province and Myanmar.

The Tianqi faction controls many underground forces on the border and was even in collusion with Myanmar Warlords.

In a word, let alone the strength of the ancestor spirit, even this Tianqi faction could pose a great threat to the three people.

Actually, Ye Xiaochen has taken a great risk.

Though Master Ning gave in, he could not be believed at all.

Once Master Ning betrays, the consequences would be unimaginable.

In the border area, it was very chaotic, and it was normal for the Tianqi Faction to have armed forces.

Although Ye Xiaochen and Lu Dongcheng were cultivators, they were only in the foundation construction stage, the firearms were enough to pose a huge threat to them.

Only the qi refining stage could fight against ordinary guns.

But even the qi refining stage could hardly resist the heavy weapons and mass destruction weapons.

The development of modern science and technology has brought the power of weapons to a frightening level.

They drove out of the county and took the mountain road.

It was hard to drive, there were no concrete roads and all were just rugged mountain roads.

It had just rained yesterday, and so the road was muddy.

Ye Xiaochen was driving the vehicle.

In the back seats, Master Ning and Lu Dongcheng were sitting.

Lu Dongcheng folded his hand, although the car shook a lot, he was just closing his eyes and seemed to be resting.

And Master Ning was very calm.

Suddenly, Lu Dongcheng opened his eyes and said, “Mr. Ye, do you feel like we are being stared by something?”


Ye Xiaochen didn’t look back and just gave a simple answer.

He had been getting this feeling for a long time.

When he drove out of Tuxian county, he felt like he was being stared.

When they reached the top of a mountain, Ye Xiaochen stopped the car.

This kind of terrain was very dangerous, the mountain road had very sharp turns.

Ye Xiaochen got down from the car.

Ye Xiaochen looked up at the sky and he saw a small black dot, it was inconspicuous.

If you don’t pay attention, it was hard to find.

Lu Dongcheng also got down from the car.

All of a sudden, Master Ning took the opportunity to take the driver seat and started the car. Then suddenly the car went towards the two people.

“Haha, you guys will certainly die. The Lord Ancestor will kill you guys.”

His eyes were full of hatred and he roared.

Ye Xiaochen and Lu Dongcheng quickly jumped to the side and dodged the car.

The car broke through the railing and fell off the endless cliffs.

After a while, a loud noise came, followed by a cloud of fire.

The car exploded.

Ye Xiaochen and Lu Dongcheng looked down and were bewildered.

Neither of them expected this to happen.

“Mr. Ye, what should we do now?”

Lu Dongcheng looked at Ye Xiaochen and asked.

“How should I know?”

Ye Xiaochen rolled his eyes.

Although he vaguely felt that there was something wrong with Master Ning, he didn’t expect that Master Ning would be so cruel that he would rather die and kill them.

It seemed that Master Ning had already decided to die from the beginning.

He just wanted to fool themselves into coming here.

Perhaps Master Ning had passed on the message in some way, and now the Tianqi Xiangmen should have set up a network of traps to kill them.

“That bird is watching us. If we don’t kill it, we will be under the control of the enemy.”

Lu Dongcheng said.

During this period, he got some understanding of the secular world and no longer had the previous disdain.

The secular mortals have mastered the terrible weapon that could threaten cultivators.

So he knew where he was.

Of course, he didn’t worry much in his heart, different situations call for different actions which were normal in the cultivation world.

He even had a vague expectation. After all, in the Shushan sword sect, he had been sheltered by the clan and had not been exposed to many dangers and battles.

Now, at last, he could go all out.

Ye Xiaochen looked at Lu Dongcheng, how do I feel that his guy is looking forward?

Well, he really deserves to be from the cultivation world.

Ye Xiaochen also didn’t worry, after all, he also had some cards in his hands.

Otherwise, he would not have risked coming here.

“It is very high, I wonder if it will work?”

Ye Xiaochen touched his chin and muttered to himself.

Suddenly, he took out an object.

Lu Dongcheng looked at it, it was a strange container.

It was the size of a fist and was in a hemispherical shape. The bottom was flat, the whole body seemed to be like wood, and the surface has strange textures.

He couldn’t help shrinking his pupils.

This was a magic weapon.

And the grade was not low.

The strange texture was filled with mysterious and complex rhythm, which made him feel as if his soul was about to be pulled away.

He quickly looked away and didn’t dare to look at it again.

Ye Xiaochen naturally didn’t notice these actions.

Through the spiritual talent, he had been communicating with the pollination bee in the immortal hive.

Yes, he was going to use a pollination bee against the bird in the sky.

Could normal bees fly so high?

The distance was at least several thousand meters!

Nonsense, this was an immortal bee, how could it be described normal?

All of a sudden, on the immortal hive a hole appeared, then a black light came out, it immediately flew into the sky. The speed was very fast, and it did not leave any trace.

Even Lu Dongcheng could only see a fuzzy shadow.

He wondered, what the hell that thing was?

Moreover, it gave a dangerous feeling.

As the pollination bee flew farther and farther, the connection between Ye Xiaochen and it weakened, and eventually broke.

His heart was tense.

He hoped that the pollination bee could finish the task and come back safely, otherwise, the damage would be too great.

After all, the pollination bee was carefully cultivated by him.

Suddenly, he heard a sharp cry.

Then the big bird in the sky suddenly fell down.


The anesthetic effect of pollination bee tail could leave a person unconscious, let alone this was just an ordinary bird.

Chapter 253 – Arriving at the Ancestral Land.

When Lu Dongcheng saw the big bird falling down, he was slightly stunned, and immediately realized that it had to do something with the black light that flew out from the container.

He wondered what was the thing that could kill the bird at such a height.

This kind of method was really amazing!

He did not know that at the moment Ye Xiaochen was very nervous.

Because he was waiting for the pollination bee to come back.

Although he believed that the pollination bee was smart and should not be lost, he still couldn’t be cautious.

All of sudden, Ye Xiaochen’s face revealed happiness because he sensed the pollination bee.


He breathed a sigh of relief.

Not before long, a black light came down from the sky.

Ye Xiaochen opened his hand and immediately the pollination bee landed into his palm.

Lu Dongcheng looked at the pollination bee and was amazed.

He didn’t expect that such a small thing could fly so high.

Ye Xiaochen took out a capsule, created a hole, and the pollination bee immediately went to the position of the hole.

Shortly, all the liquid in the capsule was eaten up by the pollination bee and then it returned to the immortal hive.

Ye Xiaochen collected the immortal hive.

Without Master Ning to lead the way, things would become very difficult.

However, fortunately, he has made some preparations.

He took out an immortal bean.

With a thought, the immortal bean suddenly turned into Dou Hongwu.

Dou Hongwu looked at Ye Xiaochen respectfully.

“Dou Hongwu, can you sense the existence of the ancestor spirit?”

Ye Xiaochen asked.

Though he didn’t put much hope, after all, the distance was very far and should be difficult to sense.


Dou Hongwu looked up at the sky and then said.

“Which direction?”

Ye Xiaochen’s heart was in joy and hurriedly asked.

“Over there.”

Dou Hongwu pointed towards a direction.

There was a long stretch of mountains.

Ye Xiaochen nodded.

Now that Dou Hongwu could sense it, there was hope.

It seems that the ancestral land of Tianqi Xiangmen was not too far.

The two men walked in the straight line.

Anyway, both of them were cultivators. Their bodies were as agile as a swallow, it was not difficult to climb over mountains and rivers.

Half a day later.

Ye Xiaochen and Lu Dongcheng reached towards a wild mountain forest.

As for Dou Hongwu, he was collected back by him, he only takes out once in a while to get directions.

After all, the consumptions of using Dou Hongwu was very large

Suddenly, they found traces of human activity ahead.

Two people slowly closed towards the direction and immediately saw some people farming in the fields.

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly took out Dou Hongwu.

“Master, in front, I can clearly sense it.”

Dou Hongwu quickly said.

Ye Xiaochen finally revealed a smile on his face, it was not easy!

He collected back Dou Hongwu again.

Since Dou Hongwu could sense the presence of the ancestor spirit, maybe the ancestor spirit could also sense Dou Hongwu.

He put back Dou Hongwu, so the other side could not control their whereabouts.

Immediately, the two men sneaked into the primitive village.


In the tribe, the seemingly calm atmosphere was hiding a trace of tension.

Outside the cave, men of the Tianqi Xiangmen were gathered together, along with them there were armed men in camouflage clothing.

The men had dark skin, fierce eyes, and were armed with guns.

“Master Ancestor spirit has sensed the existence of the incarnation. Those two people should be arriving soon.”

Said the old man wearing the long robe, who looked like a priest.

He has the highest prestige among the people.

Ever since Master Ning delivered the message, the Tianqi Xiangmen sect has been staring at Ye Xiaochen and Lu Dongcheng.

However, their well-trained hawk was killed and they lost their trace.

It was not until the ancestor spirit sensed the presence of incarnation, which became more and more clear every once in a while, then they realized that the other part was coming towards them.

Because of their fear of the two people. They gathered an elite armed team force from the Tianqi faction overnight.

This was enough to succeed.

Suddenly, an invisible scream came out from the cave.

The old man’s face changed and he shouted, “Those two have come. Get ready.”

“Yes, master.”

A big man whose face was painted in camouflage color answered the order and began to arrange the armed men under his hand.

They were all well equipped; sub-machine guns, rifles, grenades, and there were even sniper guns.

These people have clearly received proper military training.

Moreover, some people spoke Burmese rather than the local dialect.

At the moment, Ye Xiaochen and Lu Dongcheng, who was lurking in the village, stopped.

As a cultivator, they were very sensitive.

They sensed a terrible danger in the depths of the village, so they did not rush.

Ye Xiaochen once again took out the immortal hive and released the pollination bee.

He could currently control the pollination bee up to two kilometers radius.

The village was not big, so it was enough to cope with.

Under the detection of the pollination bee, Ye Xiaochen understood the situation in the village.

“Xiaodong, be careful. There are twenty-eight people with guns hidden inside.”

Ye Xiaochen quickly warned Lu Dongcheng in a low voice.

Lu Dongcheng knew the power of guns, naturally, he didn’t try to act brave.

“Wait till I give the order.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Lu Dongcheng nodded.

Ye Xiaochen began to remotely control the pollination bee.

The biggest threat was undoubtedly the snipers.

There were two snipers, hiding in the commanding height of the village.

However, they couldn’t hide under the sense of the pollination bee.

On a big tree next to a brick house, the leaves were so thick that it even covered half of the roof.

Hiding in the tree was a man wearing camouflage cloth.

The sniper was aiming at the direction, the muzzle moved slowly looking for the suspicious target.

All of a sudden, a very faint humming sound came.

The man didn’t care, he thought it was just a mosquito.

There were many mosquitoes in the jungle this season.

Suddenly, he felt a sharp pain in his neck.

He tried to shout, but he felt all the muscle in his body become stiff at the moment.

The next moment, he was unconscious and fell from the tree.

Ten seconds later, another man hiding on the nearby cliff also fainted in silence.

After solving the two snipers, the pollination bee under Ye Xiaochen’s control began to attack other armed men.

If even one of the armed men faint, then the threat would be reduced by one point

Naturally, he knew that it was impossible to stun everyone with the pollination bee without alarming the other people.

Moreover, in this village, the most dangerous was not these armed men, but the mysterious ancestor spirit.

This was the nest of ancestor spirits. Ye Xiaochen doesn’t believe that the other side has no cards?

Chapter 254 – Attack

Just as the pollination bee attacked eight armed men, suddenly an invisible scream came out from the cave behind the village.

The faces of those who were guarding outside the cave changed.

“Quick, inform Zhang Lei, something has attacked his men.”

The old priest hurriedly said.


A young man answered at once and rushed away.

In a better field of view, a man dressed in camouflage and two other armed men were looking at the surroundings with binoculars.

At the moment, his face was not very good, because he used the walkie-talkie to contact other subordinates but there was no answer.

He was afraid that something had gone wrong with these men.

All of his subordinates were elites, they had participated in the Myanmar civil war and have a good sense of combat.

At this time, a person from the Tianqi Xiangment came running over, “Captain Zhang, just now Lord ancestor spirit warned that something has attacked your men, you should be careful.”

“I know this.”

Zhang Lei nodded with a gloomy face. This kind of enemy who doesn’t play cards according to common routine was impossible to guard against.

He still didn’t understand how the other side had killed several of his subordinates without alarming him.

He had no choice but to give orders to assemble the team.

This dispersion has allowed the enemy to defeat each person.

Finally, Zhang Lei with his team assembled near the mountain area.

Only 18 came back from the original group of 28, 10 of them were killed.

Especially the two elite snipers didn’t come back.

“Sect master, since the other party’s target is ancestor spirit, we just need to guard here, and they will automatically be coming here.”

Zhang Lei said in a cold tone.

“Do according to your arrangement.”

The old priest nodded, and all the people of Tianqi Xiangmen also gathered at the entrance and sat down one by one.

At the moment, at a certain location in the village, Ye Xiaochen collected back the pollination bee, because it was detected by the ancestor spirit. For the sake of safety, he did not let the pollination bee continue to attack.

Taking out ten men, which include two snipers were already a big gain.

“Next, it is time for us to act.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Lu Dongcheng nodded, he couldn’t wait.

“Be careful and don’t get hurt.”

Ye Xiaochen reminded him.

“Don’t worry, Mr.Ye, I’ll take care of myself.”

Lu Dongcheng nodded, his eyes were twinkling with excitement. Suddenly, he jumped and ran at a quick speed.

“This guy, why is he so excited? Is there a beautiful woman?”

Ye Xiaochen was speechless.

All of a sudden, he took out an immortal bean and urged his energy, suddenly Dou Hongwu appeared out of air.

“Dou Hongwu, go ahead and get rid of all the enemies who are in the way.”

Ye Xiaochen’s face became very solemn.

It was the first time he has ever killed a person, and it was still very… Stimulating.

“Yes, master.”

Dou Hongwu’s eyes were filled with evil qi and his whole body radiated out a ferocious breath. He suddenly rose into the air and went towards the mountain behind the village.

Ye Xiaochen followed carefully.

He was very careful about his own life.

Ye Xiaochen held a jade talisman in his left hand, which was a defensive talisman purchased from the store. When activated, it will form a protective shield and can resist the attack of the qi refining stage.

This was the reason he dared to come.

On the other hand, he was carrying a block of spirit crystal, which he used to restore his mana.

All of a sudden, a loud scream came from ahead.

It was obvious that Dou Hongwu had attacked the armed men.

Outside the cave, Zhang Lei had just made his arrangement, then suddenly, a figure approached at an astonishing speed.

Everywhere the figure passed through, the houses were smashed and trees collapsed.

Zhang Lei’s pupil shrank and suddenly issued out the command to fire.

In fact, there was no need for him to give orders, others had already pointed their guns at the figure.

For a moment, a lot of shots rang out.

However, the figure turned a blind eye to the bullets. The bullets passed through the body, and it seemed that nothing happened.


The figure finally reached the cave and showed his figure. He was an old man with a black beard and had a tall and majestic look.

The people of the Tianqi Xiangmen lost their color when they saw the old man.

Because he was very similar to the ancestral idol in the cave!

“This is my incarnation. It has been controlled by someone. Abominable, you guys hurry.”

In the minds of the people of Tianqi Xiangmen, the voice of the ancestor spirit rang out.

At the same time, an invisible spiritual storm swept out of the cave and collided with the power of Dou Hongwu.

The bean soldier was full of ferocious breath. He went towards the nearest armed man.

The armed man roared, and a stream of bullets spewed out from his weapon, but it was useless.

Instantly, Dou Hongwu’s fierce hand caught the armed man, the person trembled, his complexion changed and suddenly fell to the ground.

At that moment all the Tianqi Xiangmen people were in their arranged places. They were holding incense sticks and seemed to be performing some secret method.

After lighting the incense stick, the smoke rose from it and did not disperse instead it gathered together.

Those people closing their eyes were murmuring things.

Suddenly, the smoke became thicker and thicker and finally turned into a human shape.

This figure was similar to Dou Hongwu.

With a scream, the human-shaped smoke shot out, but a line of smoke stretched out, connecting to the incense that seemed to sustain the smoke.

At this time, Dou Hongwu was invincible. Those guns and bullets were useless in front of him. He took out five more armed men.

When the human-shaped smoke flew over, Dou Hongwu finally stopped attacking other people.

He looked at the human-shaped smoke.

Zhang Lei and others finally breathed a sigh of relief. This monster was very terrible, the bullets were useless and he couldn’t be killed!

All of a sudden, a figure suddenly flashed out from the corner. There was a sword in his hand, which seemed transparent. Suddenly, the figure stabbed the armed man who didn’t react.

By the time others reacted, the figure had disappeared after the strike, and the bullets hit the empty space.

At this time, the bean soldier Dou Hongwu and the human-shaped figure were fighting.

As the battle raged, the evil qi filled the air, and the armed men felt as if they were in the middle of a cold winter.

“My incarnation, no matter what you have encountered. Return to me now.”

With a scream, the human-shaped smoke suddenly split out a lot of smoke which turned into chains and entangled Dou Hongwu in all directions.

Chapter 255 – Spell

Ye Xiaochen has been lurking nearby and was watching the fierce fight.

Especially the scene when Lu Dongcheng suddenly appeared and did a sneak attack.

“This guy is very careful.”

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help laughing.

He then looked again at the main battlefield; the battle between the human-shaped smoke and bean Soldier Dou Hongwu.

Currently, the bean soldier was completely wrapped up in smoke.

However, Dou Hongwu struggled very hard to break out of the smoke, but the more he struggled the more the smoke wrapped him.

Behind the human-shaped smoke, Ye XIaochen looked at the thin line of smoke coming out from the cave, where dozens of people were sitting holding the thick incense stick.

Those ignited incense sticks smoke was connected to human-shaped smoke.

It was certain that the human-shaped smoke was maintained by the smoke of these incense sticks.

If the incense sticks were extinguished, then the smoke would definitely not last.

Ye Xiaochen saw that Dou Hongwu could still support him and so he didn’t care much about him. After all, he was a bean soldier made of immortal beans containing divinity. It couldn’t be defeated. It was just that the strength of the ancestor spirit was extraordinary and has reached the level of qi refining stage, it could be felt from the emanating spiritual power.

However, that’s all. Without the support of the physical body, it was impossible to exert out the strength of the qi refining stage.

The reason why he was able to have such combat power now was entirely due to the power of incense sticks.

This was not an ordinary incense stick, it contained amazing evil qi, he doesn’t know how they made it.

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen’s thoughts moved and hurriedly released the pollination bee, ordering it to attack the people holding the incense sticks.

Shortly, the pollination bee flew out.

As it neared the people of Tianqi Xiangmen holding incense sticks, a faint smoke filled it and formed a net to capture the approaching pollination bee.

A veil of smoke formed around all the incense stick holders.

The pollination bee dodged the smoke net, but it could not get near the incense stick holders and it hated the smoke.

Seeing this, Ye Xiaochen could only call the pollination bee back.

At this time, a scream rang out, and Lu Dongcheng who was hiding jumped out again. After killing one of the armed men, he immediately hid. The armed men were so angry that they roared out loudly.

Currently, four armed men had died in the hands of Lu Dongcheng.

Ye Xiaochen frowned slightly, it seems that he has to do things by himself.

All of sudden his eyes lit up, as he saw some vegetations growing around the cave entrance, though it was not many, but was sufficient to be of great use to him.

At the thought of this, Ye Xiaochen smiled.

With a thought, he immediately activated the protective talisman, and instantly, a faint golden light surrounded him.

Feeling that his body still has sufficient energy, Ye XIaochen suddenly moved, like a lightning, he flew out and already arrived near the cave.

He ignored the bean soldier and human-shaped smoke.

The diffused evil qi had no effect on him at all.

The dozen armed men had already run to the side when Ye Xiaochen appeared and opened fire.

He moved at great speed, and dodged the bullet, though a few bullets hit him, it was blocked by the golden shield.

The shield was so strong that even when it was hit by a bullet, it only fluctuated a little.

Zhang Lei and others were speechless, how could another monster come out?

What kinds of the world was this?

Suddenly, a figure jumped out from the side, it was Lu Dongcheng. With the attention of armed men attracted by Ye Xiaochen, he carried out the sneak attack again.

Although Zhang Lei and others were still on guard against Lu Dongcheng, they still couldn’t react to his sneak attack.

Lu Dongcheng was in the foundation construction stage, though it was considered in the category of mortal, he was already superhuman among normal mortals.

Two streaks of light passed.

Two more men were chopped and fell to the ground.

Lu Dongcheng retreated again.

Zhang Lei’s face became dark.

Only six people were left standing.

Moreover, they were still in a state of panic, and they were no longer calm as before.

After all, what they were dealing with this time were inhuman existences.

At the moment, Ye Xiaochen has already rushed through the attack range of the armed men.

The golden light on his body slightly dimmed.

However, fortunately, it could still sustain for a while.

He reached closer to the mouth of the cave.

Ye Xiaochen stopped. Suddenly, his fingers moved. The energy in his finger vibrated. All of a sudden, he hit the ground with his seal, and the ground shook slightly. Followed by, the grass and plants began to grow up.

Plant Soldier!

Plant Growth!

He used two spells together.

Instantly, Ye Xiaochen felt the energy in his dantian crazily drawing out.

Fortunately, he still has the spirit crystal in his hand which was supplementing his energy.

It was just that the replenishment was not fast.

In the blink of an eye, all the grass became extremely huge, it was two to three meters tall and the leaves were sharp like knives, cutting the air.

The strangest thing was that when the grass rose, the roots also came out of the soil and surrounded the group of people who were holding the incense stick.

In the distance, those armed men watched it with horror!

This was more incredible than human-shaped smoke!

Lu Dongcheng, who was hiding was shocked when he saw the scene.


It was a real spell!

The energy required for it was not small.

In the cultivation world, only qi refining stage and above could cast spells.

As for the monks in the foundation period, this was only possible if they were using magic tools.

Currently, Ye Xiaochen was obviously by the virtue of his own cultivation strength was casting the spell.

He should definitely be at the Qi refining stage.

Lu Dongcheng let out a sigh and revealed a solemn atmosphere. The cold light in his eyes bloomed, and he again lurked towards the remaining few armed men.

These people were his prey.

Whoosh, whoosh…..

Those giant grasses danced wildly around the incense stick holders. Although the smoke was covering them, it was smashed and cut open by the sharp leaves.

As long as the smoke was cut into pieces, it would disperse and could no longer condense back.

Finally, the outer layer of smoke was completely crushed by the plants and grass.

Ye Xiaochen’s forehead broke out in a cold sweat because this spell costs a lot of energy and moreover he was still maintaining Dou Hongwu’s existence.

However, he was a little relieved after seeing the smoke barrier broken.

At this time, he once again released the pollination bee, it took advantage of the opportunity and approached the incense stick holders.

With the help of those plants, the pollination bee attacked them.

Suddenly, the incense stick holder fell to the ground. After falling to the ground unexpectedly the incense stick extinguished.

And then there was second, third…

The smoke from the incense stick grew lighter and lighter.


With a roar, bean soldier Dou Hongwu finally broke free from the constraints of humanoid smoke. Dou Hongwu suddenly threw a violent blow, and the human-shaped smoke was directly scattered, no longer able to maintain his form.

Although it was gathering, it couldn’t condense to take a shape.

At the same time, a violent mental fluctuation radiated out.

“Damn, hateful!”

The ancestor spirit was completely furious.

Without the smoke from incense, its incarnation could no longer sustain itself.

It never imagined that Ye Xiaochen would be able to cast such an amazing spell and directly broke the smoke barrier, attacking the incense stick holder.

When the last incense stick holder fell, all the incense sticks were extinguished.

The tumbling cloud of smoke gave an unwilling roar and finally dispersed completely.

Chapter 256 – Soul Jade


Ye Xiaochen breathed a sigh of relief and finally broke the human-shaped smoke.

This ancestor spirit must need to use the special incense sticks in order to manifest and interfere with reality through spiritual consciousness.

That is to say, if the incense sticks were broken, the ancestor spirit couldn’t take any actions.

The plants and grass that had been blessed by the energy had finally exhausted their last bit of potential, all of them withered down and lost all vitality.

At that moment, another terrible scream came out.

Lu Dongcheng killed another armed man in the sneak attack.

Currently, there were only five armed men left, including the camouflage dressed man Zhang Lei.

Zhang Lei’s face looked pale and others were in a state of panic.

The person in the dark was very scary.

Every sneak attack he would take a life.

Moreover, they couldn’t even touch the other side, the bullets couldn’t reach that person, his response speed was too fast.

Ye Xiaochen ignored Lu Dongcheng and the armed men. He walked towards the cave with Dou Hongwu.

The power of the talisman still exists and so he was still under the protection of the golden shield.

This was his guarantee for him to enter the cave; after all, he couldn’t be sure that the ancestor spirit had really lost its resistance.

Finally, one man and one bean soldier entered the cave.

Ye Xiaochen saw the situation inside the cave.

A jade statue of more than a foot tall was placed on the shrine.

It gave off an evil breath.

An invisible wave radiated out.

“Young man, who are you?”

This fluctuation was received by Ye Xiaochen’s mind, and an old voice was heard.

Obviously, this was the voice of the ancestor spirit.

“It doesn’t matter who I am, what other skills do you have?”

Ye Xiaochen also used his spiritual talent to communicate with the ancestor spirit.

“I didn’t expect I would get defeated, young man, how can you let me go?”

The ancestor spirit sighed and said.

“Haha, I came all the way here. How can I return empty-handed?”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head and smiled. Suddenly, Dou Hongwu beside him abruptly moved, flew towards the jade statue, and grabbed it with one hand.


The old voice roared, he was so angry that the whole statue shook.

An invisible spirit storm swept over and exploded.

Unfortunately, when it came near Ye Xiaochen, it was blocked by the golden shield.


The whole statue was captured by Dou Hongwu.

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

The ancestor spirit indeed only has the power of spiritual thought and could not interfere with reality, the most it could do was an attack on people’s spiritual consciousness.

Unfortunately, he has a defensive talisman.

And Dou Hongwu was a bean soldier, his body was of an immortal bean. Naturally, the ancestor spirit couldn’t affect it.

Ye Xiaochen looked at the jade statue carefully. It was delicate and full of soft luster, it could be seen that it was very extraordinary.

This jade statue alone was a priceless treasure.

Suddenly, a figure flew in and landed beside him. The figure was Lu Dongcheng.

He was full of fierce spirit and looked excited, from a glance you could say that he had killed all the armed men.

“This is a soul jade, a big soul jade!”

Lu Dongcheng looked at the jade statue and was amazed.

“Do you know the use of soul jade?”

Ye Xiaochen asked curiously.

“This is extremely precious heaven and earth treasure. For refining a high-level magic weapon, a soul jade is required to be integrated into it. The soul jade is also used for storing extremely important inheritance knowledge as it can be preserved forever. In addition, there is a special method of incarnation, which uses soul jade as a medium.”

Lu Dongcheng said the three main uses of the soul jade.

Ye Xiaochen nodded, it seemed that the soul jade was really precious.

It was no wonder that the soul jade could accommodate the spirit thought and it was not surprising that the ancestor spirit could exist for a long time relying on the effect of soul jade.

This ancestor spirit was hiding in the soul jade and was a hidden danger that must be solved first.

Ye Xiaochen took out an immortal bean and immediately pressed it on the soul jade.

With the spirit summoning, an invisible spirit power transmitted from the immortal bean and directly penetrated through the soul jade.

Vaguely, Ye Xiaochen sensed a peculiar spiritual space in the soul jade, in which a divine spirit was hiding.

Ancestor spirit!

“Ancestor Spirit, come out.”

Ye Xiaochen’s thoughts moved, the spiritual power directly penetrated into the spiritual space, enveloping the ancestor spirit and summoning it forcefully.

The ancestor spirit was much stronger than that of incarnation. The battle lasted a long time, the ancestor spirit finally lost its resistance and was gradually summoned out by the spiritual power, and finally integrated into the immortal bean.

Ye Xiaochen immediately carried out the final step of refining the bean soldier.

Accompanied by a piercing scream, a black air rose!

The fifth bean soldier has been completed refining.

This immortal bean gave off an indescribable power, the evil qi tumbled in the air and a yang qi penetrated the directly. The whole originally gloomy cave suddenly became warm as spring.

Ye Xiaochen pointed his finger and urged his energy. Suddenly, the immortal bean changed and a man wearing golden armor appeared.

This man’s appearance was similar to Dou Hongwu but was much younger and powerful. The most important thing was that this man had golden armor on his body.

This golden armor was not a trivial thing,  on it yang qi power was formed and has a very strong defense.

If a general yin soldier was attacked by a special magic soldier, they would be easily broken.

However, the golden armor on the Yin soldier would provide a very strong defensive ability, and could no longer be easily restrained by the special magic soldiers.

Most importantly, Ye Xiaochen found out that he doesn’t need to consume much energy after activating the bean soldier.

This bean soldier was able to automatically absorb the qi from the void and transform it into his own qi.

This was the strength of the bean soldier in the qi refining stage.

The monks in the qi refining stage do not need to rely on energy, they could absorb the external qi and refine it into their own qi.

Currently, this bean soldier has the same ability.

Ye Xiaochen was very pleased, in this way, he got a powerful qi refining stage bean soldier.

There was no need to worry about energy to maintain it.

“From now on, you’ll be called Dou Hongliu.”

“Yes, master.”

The qi refining stage bean soldier quickly responded.

He had the previous wisdom, but after becoming a bean soldier, he couldn’t give birth to any idea of resisting Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen asked Dou Hongliu about other incarnations.

Sure enough, Dou Hongliu still has connections with other incarnations.

After hearing this, Ye Xiaochen was surprised and immediately asked Dou Hongliu to give orders to the other four incarnations and let them come to the ancestral land.

In this way, he could solve the hidden danger once and for all.

Ye Xiaochen took complete control of the tribe.

After the people of Tianqi Xiangmen woke up, they saw that the ancestor spirit was controlled by Ye Xiaochen, so they could only surrender.

All of sudden, Ye Xiaochen became the master of Tianqi Xiangmen without much effort, and even the Tianqi faction was indirectly controlled by him.

Chapter 257 – Return

A day later, the ancestor spirit’s first incarnation returned, it was attached to a minister-level official of Shen city from Guang Province, named Zhao Ji.

When Ye Xiaochen removed the ancestor spirit’s incarnation attached to Zhao Ji, he completely recovered his consciousness.

Similar to Cao Xinhong, he remembered all the things he did before, and immediately became grateful to Ye Xiaochen and vowed that he would repay this life-saving kindness.

The next day, the second incarnation returned. He was a powerful warlord leader of Myanmar in southeast Asia, when he returned he brought a special squad with him.

Unfortunately, in the face of Ye Xiaochen, Lu Dongcheng, and three-bean soldiers, they were immediately disarmed, and forcibly the ancestor spirit incarnation was removed.

As soon as the warlord woke up, he also became grateful to Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen got to know his name General Sangna, there were thousands of men under his command and has a strong force.

Sangna was very grateful to Ye Xiaochen and told him that if Ye Xiaochen goes to Myanmar in the future, he must contact him. He would treat him with the most honorable manner.

After Sangna and his men left, within less than a day the third ancestor spirit incarnation returned.

This person was a super-rich man in Hong Kong, named Deng Baichuan. He was one of the top ten richest men in Hong Kong.

The fourth incarnation was three northeastern province boss called Chen Shuinan.

He also brought a group of elite men with him.

Because the time difference between the two groups was not big, in three days Ye Xiaochen solved all the incarnations.

Fortunately, he could use the farm and take care of the farm without any worries.

After solving all the problems, the party finally left the primitive village.

When they left, there was not any difficulty, because Chen Shuinian and Deng Baichuan both had brought their means of transport.

Finally, the group arrived at Tuxian county. After a good meal, they headed directly towards the nearest airport.


Kun city airport.

At the time of parting.

“Mr.Ye, I don’t know how I can thank you. If there is anything in the future I can do, I will try my best.”

Chen Shuinan was a bold and straightforward man. Full of muscle and vigorous vitality, from a glance it could be said that he was a strong martial artist.

These muscles were not for show but had real combat ability.

It could be said that martial artists like Chen Shuinan were similar to monks in the foundation construction stage but without energy.

There was a hidden force inside their bodies, which was quite amazing.

Therefore, martial artists with hidden force were absolutely a strong existence among ordinary people.

According to Chen Shuinan, although there were many martial artists only a few of them could develop the hidden force.

The reason why he could control the three northeastern provinces was due to the hidden force.

Of course, Chen Shuinan admired Ye Xiaochen and Lu Dongcheng more.

Because Ye Xiaochen could even remove the horrible incarnation.

As for Lu Doncheng, they had a fight. Even without using energy Lu Dongcheng easily suppressed Chen Shuinan.

“Mr.Ye, when you come to Hong Kong, you must come to me.”

Deng Baichuan quickly said.


Shortly, Deng Baichuan and Chen Shuinan left with their own group.

Ye Xiaochen and Lu Dongcheng also entered the airport Lounge.

Three hours later.

The plane landed at Shashi city airport.

Returning to Shashi, Ye Xiaochen suddenly got a nostalgic feeling.

In just a few days, Ye Xiaochen has experienced a lot.

Soon after getting off the plane, two cars arrived.

“Mr.Ye, you have finally come back.”

A man with a buzz cut came out of the car and saluted Ye Xiaochen.

His breath was strong and eyes sharp, from one glance it could be said that he was a strong person.

This person’s name was Zhang Hai and was actually from a special department that has been protecting the safety of Ye Xiaochen and his family.

It could be regarded as a guard provided by the state for Ye Xiaochen.

Of course, Ye Xiaochen doesn’t like to be followed, so they usually only follow from a distance.

This time Ye Xiaochen went to Yun province in the name of travel. However, he quickly got rid of Zhang Hai’s vision using the ability of cultivators.

With Ye Xiaochen’s sensitive status, it was very difficult and complicated to go abroad.

“Haha, Zhang Hai, I have troubled you.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said.

“Mr.Ye, you really had put me in a difficult position.”

Zhang Hai said with a bitter smile.

However, seeing that Ye Xiaochen came back intact, he felt relieved.

If anything happened to Ye Xiaochen, he would be greatly responsible for it.

“Well, this time was an accident, so it won’t be like this in the future. I have troubled you this time, as for the specific matters, I will communicate with you.”

Ye Xiaochen patted on Zhang Hai’s shoulder and laughed.

Lu Dongcheng had just an expressionless face and didn’t say anything.

Shortly they got into the car.

The car started and drove out of the airport.

Just as he reached Yang city, Ye Xiaochen received a call from Zeng Hongye.

“Xiaochen, you disappeared without saying a word.”

Zeng Hongye complained.

Now Ye Xiaochen was considered as the treasure of Yang city. If anything happened, what would the yang city do?

“Cough, sister Zeng this time just went to travel for relaxation.”

Ye Xiaochen coughed and said.

“All right, anyway, you have to pay attention to your safety in the future. When you go out, you should take some people with you.”

Zeng Hongye said.

“Understood. I’ll be careful in the future.”

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly said.

Instead of going to the research institute, he first went to Wang Shusiheng’s home.

Of course, he called home and said he was okay.

Mother and father thought Ye Xiaochen had just gone to travel, so they didn’t worry.

Ye Xiaochen had just arrived at the door of the courtyard when he heard the sound of the piano and Wang Xinyi’s singing voice coming from inside.

Her voice was very melodious and sweet, it was very pleasant to the ears.

There was no pause or stiffness at all.

Ever since she was able to hear and speak, she had been learning to speak and practicing her voice.

The best way, of course, was to sing.

Moreover, she also likes listening to music and singing. She even taught herself the piano.

He didn’t expect Wang Xinyi’s talent to be good, and she learned soon.

Ye Xiaochen listened quietly for a long time. When the sound stopped, he pushed the door and entered the courtyard.

“Xinyi, your singing and playing skills are getting better and better.”

Ye Xiaochen walked and said to Wang Xinyi with a smile.

“Xiaochen, you are back.”

Wang Xinyi saw Ye Xiaochen and on her delicate face, a smile bloomed.

“Did you miss me?”

“And you?”

Wang Xinyi asked rhetorically.

“Of course, I came here as soon as I arrived in the city.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Wang Xinyi felt sweetness.

Since Ye Xiaochen cured Wang XInyi’s illness, the relationship between the two people has been rapidly warming up.

After talking for a while, Ye Xiaochen sat down in front of the piano and touched the keys with his fingers.

After learning to read music scores from Liang Wenjing, he has laid a solid foundation and began to dabble in other aspects.

He has learned to play the flute, guitar, piano, and other things.

Naturally, mastery was out of the question, but with his current learning ability, it was quite easy to learn.

In fact, it was Ye Xiaochen’s credit that now Wang Xinyi could sing and play the piano.

As he gently pressed the keys, the sound of the piano began to flow like running water.

Chapter 258 – Delicious watermelon

At night.

Moonlight lit the night sky.

Ye Xiaochen was appraising a batch of immortal plants.

Immortal watermelon.

These watermelons were not much big, each was about two to three kg, and had a jasper like an appearance.

The skin was very thin.

Ordinary thin-skinned watermelon couldn’t be compared with these.

The skin of the immortal watermelon was really thinner than paper!

Ye Xiaochen was unable to bear and directly cut it.

Inside, it was bright red, without a hint of other color and extremely pure.

Ye Xiaochen cut the watermelon into several pieces.

“Come on, have some pieces.”

Ye Xiaochen said to Lu Dongcheng and several bean soldiers.

Yes, bean soldiers could also eat.

However, it could only be immortal plants.

Ordinary food was of little use to them.

The immortal plant contains the immortal spirit qi and was of great benefit to bean soldiers.

Lu Dongcheng couldn’t bear it, because after the watermelon was cut, its rich melon fragrance had let his saliva involuntarily flow down.

There was no image of being a cultivator.

“Really very delicious.”

Though Lu Dongcheng was eating hurriedly, he didn’t waste any juice.

The most important thing was when the watermelon reached the stomach, a strong aura was released in his body.

He felt his whole body comfortable.

Vaguely, he felt that he had touched the perfect foundation construction stage barrier.

After eating a piece of watermelon, he hurriedly said, “No good, I have to digest the aura.”

Just a piece of watermelon had let the late foundation construction stage overflow with aura.

Seeing Lu Dongcheng leaving in a hurry, Ye Xiaochen just smiled and immediately started to eat.

This immortal watermelon really tastes good!

Worthy of yellow grade fourth level immortal plant.

This was the most advanced immortal plant he’s ever had.

Its level was higher than the grapes.

Indeed, the immortal spirit qi was astonishing.

However, Ye Xiaochen practiced Shennong tactics and was able to bear the impact of the aura more than Lu Dongcheng.

Currently, he has cultivated the Shennong tactic to a certain extent where it was close to turning into plant spirit.

Several bean soldiers were also eating watermelon.

Obviously, their way of eating was not the same as ordinary people. They directly absorbed the immortal spirit qi of watermelon.

Now, Ye Xiaochen has seven bean soldiers.

In the ancestral land, in addition to Dou Hongliu, Ye Xiaochen refined the other four incarnations into an immortal yellow bean. Unexpectedly, these four incarnations were also smoothly promoted to the Qi refining stage.

It was not inferior to Dou Hongliu.

Ye Xiaochen named the bean soldier formed by the four incarnations as Dou Huangqi.

All of a sudden, Ye Xiaochen has two bean soldiers at the qi refining stage.

It was a powerful force.

Due to this, even in the face of Lu Dongcheng, he didn’t worry much.

There were two qi refining stage bean soldiers, let alone Lu Dongcheng, even if thirty cultivators gathered together, they could be killed in minutes.

The gap between the foundation construction stage and the qi refining stage was too large.

“Haha, it’s time to have an auction.”

Ye Xiaochen now has accumulated a large number of immortal plants.

Immediately, he started sending messages about the auction.

According to his estimate, this auction could bring around 30,000 to 40,000 immortal yuan.

Now that there were so many bean soldiers, he was ready to expand immortal land again.

Currently in the whole farm, no longer ordinary vegetables were grown, they have all been put in the Earth Shennong farm.

Good things, why shouldn’t it be shared with the family?

The next morning, Ye Xiaochen moved several immortal watermelons back home after removing the immortal spirit qi and let his parents eat it.

Mother and father could only marvel at the watermelon whose skin was as thin as paper, and of course, they praised its taste.

When Ye Xiaochen went to Yang city, he also brought a few watermelons with him, ready to take them to Wang Xinyi.

A few immortal plants were nothing to him now.

Having been away for a few days, Ye Xiaochen first learned about the situation of super rice suer rapeseed.

The super rapeseeds were growing very smoothly. The super rapeseeds which had problems last time have also been restored to normal, and the growth looked very good.

Now the farmers were very confident.

In the afternoon, Zeng Hongye took some officials to the countryside to investigate the growth of super rapeseed.

This was also a message to the people that the government was very supportive of the promotion of super rapeseed.

Wang Shuisheng’s home.

“Haha, Ye Xiaochen, this Cao Xinhong seems to have taken some wrong medicine. Unexpectedly, he is showing goodwill, and also said that he wanted to cooperate with our Earth Shennong farm.”

Wang Shuisheng suddenly said the matter.

The relationship between him and Cao Xinhong hasn’t been good and has many contradictions.

Now that the Cao Xinhong was showing goodwill, the sun seemed to rise from the west.

“Haha, brother Wang, since he is friendly, is it not good?”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

He knew that Cao Xinhong was grateful to him for saving his life.

“I’m afraid he’s up to something.”

Wang Shuisheng had little faith in Cao Xinhong.

As a competitor, he knew that Cao Xinhong was very cunning and insidious.

“Haha, brother Wang, this time you can rest assured and cooperate with him.”

Ye Xiaochen took a sip of tea and felt its aroma in his mouth.

“Xiaochen, did you do something?”

Wang Shuisheng was surprised.

Wang Shuisheng knew since Ye Xiaochen said that, he must have some kind of assurance.

“Haha, it’s simple, I actually saved his life.”

Ye Xiaochen didn’t play any riddles and directly said.

Anyway, they were one family, so there was nothing to hide.

Wang Shuisheng showed a surprised expression and immediately nodded “I thought so, otherwise this old man wouldn’t be so soft.”

After discussing some things, Ye Xiaochen got up and went to look for Wang Xinyi.

Two days passed.

At night.

Ye Xiaochen moved his thoughts and created the virtual space.

The auction of immortal plants began.

More than two hours passed.

Ye Xiaochen slowly opened his eyes.

This auction sale brought him more revenue than expected.

The immortals liked the immortal watermelon more than he imagined.

It’s bidding was more intense than the immortal red bean.

It seems that the immortal fruit was also very popular among immortals. In other words, there were a lot of foodies in the immortal.

Ye Xiaochen saw that there was more than 50,000 immortal yuan in his account and felt good.


Ye Xiaochen immediately bought several second-level immortal lands.

He also brought two immortal spring water.

In addition, he decided to upgrade all the fences.

The thirty fences alone cost him thirty thousand immortal yuan.

He then purchased several other kinds of immortal seeds and a lot of immortal fertilizer.

He now only has a few thousand immortal yuan left in his account.

The faster you earn, the faster you use it.

As soon as the fence upgraded, the air in the whole farm suddenly changed.

Chapter 259 – Plant Spirit

At a place on the farm, Lu Dongcheng sat crossed-leg and was refining the aura in his body.

For two days he didn’t go anywhere and was concentrating on refining the aura.

The quality of the aura was really high.

He couldn’t stop cultivating.

He felt that he was getting closer and closer to the perfect foundation construction stage barrier.

All of a sudden, the aura in the whole farm changed. It was as if there was a terrible pressure.

This pressure actually formed a kind of unimaginable driving force for his breakthrough.


It was as if a barrier in the body had been broken.


More powerful energy surged in his body and gathered in the dantian, making the energy in the dantian as if it were a small lake.

The energy has grown three to five times stronger.

This was the feeling of building the foundation.

Lu Dongcheng opened his eyes and sensed the space with astonishment, he found that it was more oppressive than before.

Even the energy operation in his body seemed to become a bit heavy.

Suddenly, he sensed a man approaching, he looked up and saw it was Ye Xiaochen.

“Mr. Ye.”

Lu Dongcheng quickly greeted him.

He knew that the changes in the farm must have been made by Ye Xiaochen.

The awe in his heart for Ye Xiaochen grew stronger.

This was a mysterious man who has too many mysteries.

“Haha, Xiaodong, congratulations on your breakthrough and reaching perfect foundation construction stage.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said.

Since Lu Dongcheng was on his farm, he immediately sensed when Lu Dongcheng made a breakthrough.

He guessed that after the fences were upgraded, the aura in the farm became more powerful and thus providing a strong driving force to Lu Dongcheng’s breakthrough.

“Mr. Ye, it is all due to you. If it hadn’t been for you, I don’t know if I would have had a chance to breakthrough.”

Lu Dongcheng sincerely said.

If he had continued to stay in the cultivation world, may he would have broken through and reached the perfect foundation construction stage, but it was feared it would have taken decades.

At that time, the body and spirit would not be at the peak and has already aged.

Naturally, there would be no hope of reaching the qi refining stage.

Now that he reached the perfect foundation construction stage, his body and spirit were still at its peak, so there was much more hope for breaking through to the qi refining stage.

“Well, work hard.”

Ye Xiaochen nodded with satisfaction.

“By the way, can you get out more and see if you can contact other people who have come to the mortal world?”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly said.

Lu Dongcheng was slightly stunned. To be honest, he was not very willing.

After all, how could you share such a good thing with others?

If there was one more person, the high-quality aura would be divided, wasn’t he making a loss?

“Don’t worry, I’ll give priority to your aura supply first, and as long as you can bring one more person, I will give you a reward.”

Ye Xiaochen was like a strange uncle who was bewitching children with lollipops.

Although Lu Dongcheng was not a child, he was looking forward to Ye Xiaochen’s reward.

If I can eat that kind of spiritual fruit more times, then I can definitely be able to further my cultivation.

Lu Dongcheng immediately nodded and said, “in fact, we have a way to communicate.”

Ye Xiaochen stared at Lu Dongcheng.

Lu Dongcheng felt a little embarrassed and said, “I haven’t contacted them ever since I’ve been here.”

His meaning was clear, he didn’t contact others afraid they would find out the benefits.

“It’s all right. Don’t be embarrassed.”

Ye Xiaochen patted him on the shoulder.

The reason why he was ready to attract these people who had entered the secular world was not only to see if there were any planting talent but also to establish his own power.

These cultivators who have come to the mortal world had a very low possibility of returning to the cultivation world.

Because the boundary between the world was closed unless there was a boundary-breaking talisman.

The thing was, they only have a one-way ticket and no return ticket.

Besides, a boundary-breaking talisman was not something they could use.

Another thing, he has been repeatedly thinking was, why did the cultivation world let the cultivators of the foundation construction to the mortal world, even at the expense of using the precious boundary-breaking talisman.

Why did they choose such low-level cultivators?

Does that make any sense?

Ye Xiaochen was not a fool, this obviously immortal world was helping himself to choose subordinates!

In this case, why doesn’t he take them all under him?

Ye Xiaochen also wondered, why did Lu Dongcheng have high planting talent?

Do the other 30 foundation construction cultivators also have planting talent?

According to Lu Dongcheng, when he was selected, he was indeed tested by the immortal world.

Only with the permission of the immortal world could they be traveled to the mortal world.

If that was the case, it makes sense that other people also have planting talent.

Due to this, he suddenly asked Lu Dongcheng to recruit other cultivators.

Anyways, he now has two bean soldiers at the qi refining stage. Even if those immortal cultivators were arrogant and overbearing, he could crush them with strength.

Moreover, he didn’t believe that they could withstand certain temptations.

After thinking, Ye Xiaochen was in a good mood.

Back to the immortal lands.

Ye Xiaochen remembered that he had not played the flute for a long time.

He took out his bamboo flute and began to play.

The sweet sound of flute fluttered in the farm, and many immortal plants swayed as if they seemed to be cheering.

However, the sound didn’t go out of the farm, due to the farm fence, a peculiar sound insulation effect was created.

In the other words, the aura in the whole farm formed an invisible barrier, isolating the inside and outside.

Lu Dongcheng listened quietly.

He enjoyed listening to it.

He felt the energy in his body very active when listening to the sound of this flute.

Ye Xiaochen’s flute sound repeated again and again, without stopping.

At the moment, Ye Xiaochen felt the energy crystal in the dantian has reached a limit.

It was about to turn into a plant spirit.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t expect that his sudden intention to play music had led him to the level of breakthrough.

So again and again he has been playing the flute. Ye Xiaochen felt the whole farm’s immortal spirit qi was gathering around him.

In particular, those immortal grass, a large number of plant qi turned into a light and floated towards him forming a strange band of light.


The energy crystal suddenly burst.

This was not fission.

It was a natural breakdown.

Because the seeds have germinated.

A blade of grass was made from the cracked energy crystal.

Finally, the energy crystal was replaced by a strange little grass.

Rooted in the dantian, swallowing large amounts of aura and growing slowly.

Plant spirit!

It was finally done.

Ye Xiaochen knew that he had entered the middle foundation construction stage.

Chapter 260- Experimental Field

Ye Xiaochen could feel that after the crystal turned into a plant spirit, there were huge changes.

In the future, to strengthen the plant spirit, he doesn’t require to absorb the plant qi of immortal grass.

Moreover, he could now start cultivating the second plant spirit.

For the second plant spirit, he already had an idea. He chose the immortal red bean.

The different plant spirits have different properties.

The immortal red bean belongs to the fire attribute and the immortal grass was attributeless.

Originally, a person could cultivate only one type of energy.

However, Ye Xiaochen’s Shennong tactic was extraordinary, it was based on the changes in plants.

Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes, and a hint of joy appeared in them.

For others, the early to middle foundation construction stage was a little progress, not a significant change in power.

For Ye Xiaochen, it was different.

Other people in the foundation stage cultivate gaseous energy.

However, what he cultivated was solid energy, a crystal of energy.

Ye Xiaochen came to the field outside immortal land where there were dense weeds growing.

Suddenly, his eyes shined, he pointed his finger and a green light flashed.

In an instant, a weed on the ground grew up crazily.

In the blink of an eye, a thick weed of four to five meters was grown.

The edge of the leaves of the weed was as sharp as a saw and gave off a metallic sheen.

It was no longer a weed that could be trampled on.

Ye Xiaochen’s thoughts moved, then this huge weed pulled its root off the ground.

Under his remote control, the weed was controlled just like an arm.

What was more, when the thick long weed waved its leaves, it cut the air and made terrible sounds. A stone rubbed the leaves of the weed and was smashed to pieces.

“Tut tut, this plant spirit is really powerful. I just used superficially but it was unexpectedly this powerful.”

Ye Xiaochen clicked his tongue and was surprised.

This was not the plant soldier technique, he just used the advantage of the plant spirit and controlled it.

His plant spirit could only reach the point of controlling a plant, but if it is attached to the plant, it could be a very strong fighting force.

It was not like a plant soldier controlling all the vegetation in an area and has weak individual strength

“If I use the plant spirit combined with plant soldier technique, I’m afraid the power will not just be one plus on superposition.”

Ye Xiaochen thought in his heart.

The plant spirit also has an advantage, unless he withdraws the power of plant spirit, as long his energy could be maintained, the plant spirit could always exist and the plants would not die automatically because of consuming all its potential.

At this time, Lu Dongcheng came over and looked at the giant weed beside Ye Xiaochen and was extremely alarmed.

It gave him a sense of threat.

“Haha, Xiaodong, do you want to give a try?”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said.

“All right.”

Lu Dongcheng was eager to fight.

He pulled out the soft sword from his waist and used his energy. Suddenly, the soft sword became straight and thin like a cicada wing.

At Ye Xiaochen’s command, the roots of the giant weed moved at a great speed, just like spiders.


Lu Dongcheng gave a low roar, the sword in his hands moved.


The leaves collided with the sword.

Lu Dongcheng flew out directly.

On the contrary, the giant weed did not move at all, except that there was a small gap in leaves.

It was cut by the sword.

Such a small gap was not worth mentioning for the huge body of the weed.

Lu Dongcheng rushed up again.

Unfortunately, no matter how fast he was, he could not be faster than the giant weed. The long leaves danced and covered a distance of several feet, and seemed to form a terrible stranglehold.

Lu Dongcheng made several attacks.

There were only a few holes in the leaves of the weeds and no major injury.

Whoosh, whoosh…

Lu Dongcheng squatted on the ground and was gasping loudly because his energy consumption was very large.

He did his best.

I have broken through the perfect foundation construction stage, why can’t I beat such a giant weed?

Ye Xiaochen was very satisfied with the huge weed.

It seems that the plant spirit was much stronger than he imagined.

Lu Dongcheng was already in the perfect foundation construction stage and only one step away from the qi refining stage, but his plant spirit could crush Lu Dongcheng.

Immediately, Ye Xiaochen got a general understanding of his own strength. His power should have reached the limit of the general foundation construction stage or maybe just a little worse than the qi refining stage.

Of course, this was his judgment, he doesn’t know whether it was true or not.


The next day.

Ye Xiaochen got up early.

He went straight to the immortal land.

This immortal land was vacant for the time being because it was going to be used as an experimental field.

What kind of experiment?

Naturally, it was to cultivate mortal plants into immortal plants.

This was a very difficult process.

Of course, it was not impossible.

Under normal circumstances, a normal plant after a very long period could gradually adapt to the environment with immortal spirit qi and gradually transform from inside.

It was impossible to directly turn a mortal into an immortal plant.

Even if Ye Xiaochen could cultivate it, it might not be achieved in a short time.

Once it could be done, it would be of great significance.

This time, Ye Xiaochen chose the most common carrot seeds.

He first soaked it in the seed promoting liquid.

As for the immortal land, it has also been processed.

After all, it was an immortal land, normal plants couldn’t grow on it.

Ye Xiaochen spent a lot of effort to mix the ordinary soil with the immortal soil.

Even if the carrots seeds could not absorb the nutrition of the immortal land and immortal spirit qi, at least the carrot seed could gradually adapt to the environment of the immortal land.


This was the first step in nurturing.

Ye Xiaochen also considered the proportion of normal soil and immortal soil.

He had to choose the best ratio.

So he sowed the seed with different proportions of soil.

In the whole process, he didn’t let the bean soldiers interfere. He did it all by himself.

As there should be no mistake in it, he had to do it by himself.

Sowing the seeds was not enough, Ye Xiaochen must often communicate with them, cultivate their plant consciousness, and form the potential to evolve into immortal plants.

This was training from childhood and building strong perseverance.

The small things were not insignificant, but could be very useful.

It took half a day for Ye Xiaochen to finish.

Beside him, Lu Dongcheng has been observing.

Ye Xiaochen was very attentive to him and often gave advice when planting.

Now Lu Dongcheng was a good student with a strong desire to learn.
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