Heavenly Farmer Chapter 241-250

Chapter 241

Shashi City.

At foot of the Yuelu Mountain.

An elegant villa was constructed there.

Those who came here were either rich or high-end people.

Because there was a high-end club in this villa, only the senior officials and rich people were received here.

A person you casually meet here might be a group executive or head of a department.


A loud sound of firecrackers came from the wide courtyard. At the moment, inside the courtyard.
The pavilions were divided into sections, each having delicate and elegant tables.

It was like a banquet held by a large family in ancient history films. The guests were in suits or in formal attire

Outside the courtyard, there was a lot of curiosity.

“How can anyone set off firecrackers here?”

“You don’t know. I heard that the third branch of the immortal spring restaurant is opened here.”

“I think I saw director Li of city hall go in before. This immortal spring restaurant has such capability that even director Li can be invited?”

“Haha, this is nothing, I also saw provincial governor Zhang’s secretary .”

Immediately the person got startled.

The significance of the secretary of the provincial governor was not ordinary. He doesn’t represent himself, but the provincial governor, that was to say, the provincial governor sent people to attend the opening of this immortal spring restaurant.

Yes, this was the immortal spring restaurant of Shashi.

The reason why they chose to open the business near the start of the new year was that most of the people at this time were not busy.

However, this was the busiest time for the catering industry. Immortal spring restaurant was going to use this time for publicity.
Although the immortal spring restaurant was well-known in the southern province, it was mainly concentrated in Yang city and other surrounding counties.

Most of the people invited here were related to Ye Xiaochen.

In addition to businessmen, there were also government officials, such as the head of several large enterprises that were cooperating with the Yang city plant consciousness research institute.

They were not interested in the immortal spring restaurant opening, but they came as they had to give Ye Xiaochen a face.

More official level people were coming. However, several big leaders have sent their secretaries. After all, they have a special status, so it was better to participate less in such occasions.

Although not many people came as compared to the Yang city branch, the quality was much higher.

It was six o’clock in the evening.

Several low-key looking cars were parked in the parking lot.

The special security guards took the guest from the car through another passage.

At the moment.

There was a table set up with food and wines in a luxurious private room of the Shahsi branch immortal spring restaurant.

Ye Xiaochen and Wang Shusiheng were drinking with several people. All these people have extraordinary status.
Each of them has an amazing origin.

Zhang Sheng, governor of the southern province.

He was a middle-aged man who looked extremely energetic.

Another person was Shen Yipedng, secretary of the Shash municipal party committee.

There were also three famous large group bosses, who have cooperation with the Yang city plant consciousness research institute. Each of them has far more assets than Wang Shuisheng.

Under normal circumstances, even Wang Shuisheng couldn’t eat with such people.

Their level was higher than him.

Although Wang Shuisheng was the richest man in Yang city, in the provincial capital it was not enough.

“Professor Ye, is the super rice really amazing as you said?”

Zhang Sheng asked in a deep voice.

This gathering naturally was not just for fun, but about some important things.

“Governor Zhang, it is better than I said.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a light smile.

“That’s good. I’ll give my full support. At least, in the southern province, I can make decisions.”

Zhang Sheng was confident about Ye Xiaochen and laughed.

The promotion and application of super rice were not as simple as rapeseed. Super rapeseed was only promoted in one county and city, and the impact was not big.

However, super rice was different.

It involves the whole province and in the future the whole county, it was conceivable that how strong resistance they could encounter.

After all, this involves too many interest groups. Now the rice seeds circulating on the market were mainly hybrid rice. The interest group of hybrid rice was too large. On the contrary, the intersect group represented by Yang city plant consciousness research institute was just a newborn and hasn’t been fully integrated.

The promotion of super rice was very difficult, without the policy support, it was likely that it would be difficult to move forward, and might end before it even starts.

As it was very difficult, Ye Xiaochen chose to take advantage of his status.

Since he became an associate professor at the Chinese Academy of science and brought Yang city plant consciousness research institute in the southern province, a national-level branch of the Chinese academy of sciences, he has been in contact with official and commercial forces represented by Zhang Sheng.

As they want to get benefits, they have to support Ye Xiaochen’s research work.

“With the support of Governor Zhang, there would not be any problem.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

Now the situation in the southern province was becoming clear, Zhang Sheng had the possibility of rising further, the Southern Province top leader was already in half-withdrawal because of physical illness.

Zhang Sheng before was already able to compete with the top leader, but now he has gained more power, because he won over the Yang city plant consciousness research institute, a branch of Chinese Academy of Science.

Now Zhang Sheng has a strong voice in the Southern province.

“As long as the cultivation of super rice is successful, we will naturally cooperate.”

The three company bosses said quickly. They all have businesses that are related to agriculture and planting and have a very strong influence.

There were government and businessmen support on the side, therefore the promotion plan of super rice in the southern province was already half successful.

Of course, today was just a meeting, they would still wait and look at the development of super rice.

After all, this was not a kind of event that could be decided at once.

The next thing was to naturally drink and eat food; the atmosphere was very harmonious and relaxed.

For Zhang Sheng and others, it was their first time eating and drinking wine at the immortal spring restaurant.

“Professor Ye, the foods are really delicious. I really admire you, even the vegetables you cultivated are so delicious and amazing.”

Liao Xueliang, the chairman of the Jiuding group said while eating.

“Old Liao, this fruit wine is even better. It is absolutely amazing. The Wuliangye liquor I have drunk before is simply waste compared to this.”

Another boss taking the sip of wine said.

“You know I can’t drink, and you are still tempting me?”

Liao Xueling glared at the person, he smelled the aroma of wine and felt his throat move.

He has an alcoholic liver, so he couldn’t touch alcohol at all. The others burst out laughing.
“Mr.Liao, the vegetarian dishes in the immortal spring restaurant have the effect of maintaining good health, you eat more, it is very good for your body.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

Liao Xueliang’s eyes lit up and said, “ that’s great. I have been eating vegetarian food for a long time, and have lost the taste for it. However the vegetarian dishes here still taste delicious, I finally found a place to eat.”

“Unfortunately, I’m very busy with my work and can’t come here often.”

Zhang Sheng said.

He couldn’t come here to eat every day, not to mention the time spent, the influence also won’t be good.

This time coming to the immortal restaurant was also low-key, not many people know about it.

After all, he was the head of the province, leaving the work and going to eat out regularly won’t look good.

“Me too.”

Shen Yipeng, secretary of the Shashi municipal party committee also said.

“It’s okay, I will provide the ingredients for you guys. As long as you have a good cook, the dishes will taste good.”

Ye XIaochen smiled and said. “Then we thank professor Ye.” Zhang Sheng was very happy.
Ye Xiaochen would be supplying them with the best ingredients. The position they were in now, they have eaten all types of delicacies and were tired of eating them.

However now, the vegetarian dishes of the immortal spring restaurant have made them thoroughly love the food.

Chapter 242

The dinner party was over.

Ye Xiaochen and Wang Shuishneg didn’t stay in Shahsi city and returned to Yang city that night.

In the car.

Ye Xiaochen and Wang Shuisheng sat side by side.

Ah Jin, Wang Shusiheng’s bodyguard was driving the car.

Ah Jin, whose real name was Liu Jin, used to be a special force soldier, he mixed in Southeast Asia and performed many tasks.

Later, he offended someone, and Wang Shuisheng got him out of prison.
From then on, he was loyal to Wang SHuisheng.

According to Wang Shuisheng’s words, even three to five strong men couldn’t come close to Ah Jin.

Moreover, Ah Jin was not only strong in close combat but also his shooting skills were very good.

With Wang Shuisheng’s ability he privately provided a gun license to Ah Jin, which means that he has a gun with him. “Xiaochen, if it weren’t for you, I’m afraid I’d never been able to contact such big people like Governor Zhang.”

Wang Shuisheng sighed.

Although he has contacts in the province, it was confined to the bureau level.

After all, the provincial and ministerial level could be called the true officials, and only the provincial tycoons were qualified to have contacts.

Wang Shuisheng was the richest man in Yang city, but he was still a grade below the provincial tycoons.

Most importantly, his foundation was in Yang city and there was no way to move up.

Even the provincial relationships, for other reasons, cost a lot of money each year to maintain it.

However, now it was different.

He has officially entered the inner circle of the province.

He really marveled at Ye Xiaochen’s ability. He thought of the time when he first saw Ye Xiaochen, At that time Ye Xiaochen was just a farmer delivering vegetables to restaurants. However, now, in just less than a year, Ye Xiaochen has become an associate professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, a top botanist, director of a national research institution, and guest of the provincial and ministerial officials.

Anyone of these identities could cause a huge impact.

“Brother Wang, you are treating me as an outside family. With our current relationship, there is no need to say anything.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed. In the Shashi city branch, with addition to several old shareholders, Wang Shusiheng also officially participated in it.

Li Jiaren and others have nothing to say. Now the vegetable supply of the immortal spring restaurant has been slowly transferred to the Earth Shennong farm.

The current structure of the Earth Shennong company has undergone some changes. Ye Xiaochen and Wang Shuisheng have established several subsidiary companies, like earth Shennong seed company, Earth Shennong fertilizer company, and Earth Shennong transportation company according to their different business needs.

In addition to growing vegetables, they were also growing different kinds of flowers, medicinal plants, and other things.

Now it has been developed to a certain scale.

It was not possible for Ye XIaochen to cultivate all of them into super crops.

There was no time, nor did he have the energy.

However, in the planting process, new special fertilizer was used, and the seeds were soaked in the seed promotion liquid. In addition, Ye Xiaochen’s Shennong talent has a certain impact on the branch farm.

Naturally, these crops would gradually change as they grow and would be absolutely superior to normal crops.

Moreover, this kind of superiority would be retained heredity, and the next generation would only be better and better.

Nowadays, the advantage of genetically modified crops or the hybrid in various aspects would be gradually weakened in heredity. Some of the second generation have lost the reproduction ability, and could not be used for replanting. No matter how strong the technology has become, it was impossible to cultivate plants that were genetically stable.

Ye Xiaochen was different, he had divine talent.

In the car, two people discussed the future development of the Shennong company.

Ye Xiaochen said things about his future research direction. With Wang Shusiheng’s business mind, he could easily create business opportunities.

It has to be said that Ye Xiaochen and Wang Shusihen were a perfect match.

One could create achievements, and the other could easily turn those achievements into business opportunities.

With Ye Xiaochen’s business ability, he would definitely create a mess. He doesn’t have too many people he could trust. Maybe he would be betrayed and even could owe money to others

Wang Shuisheng was different.

It was already 9.pm when they arrived at Yang city. Wang Shuisheng asked Ye Xiaochen to stay at home for the night.

Ye Xiaochen thought about it and agreed.

There were several guest rooms in Wang Shuisheng’s villa, so he doesn’t need to worry about the place for sleeping.

Wang Xinyi was very happy to know that Ye Xiaochen would be staying for the night. She went to Ye Xiaochen’s room and talked with him for a long time.

It wasn’t until Wang Xinyi yawned repeatedly, then only she went back to her room to sleep.

Ye Xiaochen was still in good spirits. Lying on the soft bed, Ye Xiaochen closed his eyes, he summoned the Shennong system and opened the farm map to check the situation of the farm.

Using the farm map, he was directly able to communicate with the three- bean soldiers.

The farm has three-bean soldiers, so Ye Xaicohen was very relaxed.

Ye Xiaochen using the farm map applied the cloud rain dana to water the immortal plants and plant growth.

This was his daily routine which he has to do every day.

He was particular about those three medicinal materials that were required to prepare the qiyuan medicine as they were the most important.

After Ye Xiaochen consumed more than half of his energy, Ye XIaochen began to absorb the power of immortal grass and began to cultivate Shennong tactics.

The time passed by.

It was already late at night.

The whole villa was dark and everyone was asleep.

Ye Xiaochen opened his mouth and exhaled the turbid qi, there was a kind of swelling feeling in the dantian. This was the power of energy crystal reaching extreme, and he could no longer absorb the plant power.

He was about to turn off the map of the farm and prepared to sleep, but suddenly Dou Fanger sent a warning that someone had sneaked into the farm.


There was a look of surprise in Ye XIaochen’s eyes. Now the farm was not like how it used to be in the past, it was surrounded by level one fence and it couldn’t be destroyed unless some climbed over the wall and entered.

On top of that, there were bean soldiers at the farm, they were very sensitive and could detect any moment.

So far, there has been no case of someone sneaking into the farm.

Thinking till here, Ye Xiaochen hurriedly checked the situation of the farm through the map.

Sure enough, he saw a figure dressed in white at the southeast corner of the farm.

It was not the posture of sneaking in, but swaggering.

Moreover, the man walked as if the winds were blowing under his feet.

He saw that the person was clearly a young man with long hair and ordinary appearance, but definitely not ordinary temperament.

Ye Xiaochen from this person felt a similar kind of breath. Naturally, it was not Shennong.
There was only one Shennong in heaven and earth. It was the breath of a cultivator.
Yes, it was the breath of a cultivator.

Even across the farm map, Ye Xiaochen could still vaguely sense the breath of the white-dressed young man.

“Is he a cultivator?”

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes widened, he was not nervous, but excited, because finally, a cultivator had appeared.

Chapter 243

After Lu Dongcheng ate the food in the immortal spring restaurant, he asked Wang Cheng, the Ceo of the Yanghe group to investigate the source of raw materials.

With the power of Wang Cheng, it didn’t take any effort to investigate these things.

Moreover, Ye Xiaochen never covered up this matter.

Lu Dongcheng according to the map found Ye Xiaochen’s farm

Naturally, he came here tonight to take advantage of Ye XIaochen’s absence.

He was curious about the farm.

The moment he climbed over the fence and entered the farm, he became aware that there was something strange.

“The aura on the farm is very light, but its quality is very high. Even in the holy land of Kunlun, the aura on the platform nearest to Heaven is not so high.”

Lu Dongcheng’s eyes shined with a strange light. He was originally a disciple of the Shushan sword sect, and his cultivation was only in the late stage of foundation construction, which in the sect could be only regarded as the basic level, as long as he has a certain qualification, he could reach Qi refining stage in three to five years.

However, Lu Dongcheng’s qualification was too ordinary. After cultivating for more than ten years, he has only arrived at the foundation construction late stage, and this was the result of his hard work.

At the beginning of the spirit root test, the elders of the clan said that he would never have a chance to reach the qi refining stage.

In any case, he had no chance to go to Kunlun holy land, let alone go to the platform.

However, the Heaven realm, under the decree of the emperor, restarted the immortal seed plan.

To travel from the cultivation world to the secular world, you must need to use a boundary-breaking talisman

It was absolutely a great waste to use such a precious boundary-breaking talisman on the monk of the foundation construction period.

This was the decree of the immortal world, so the Kunlun holy land must also comply with it.

In this way, through some luck, he became the seed of the foundation construction period and became the first batch of cultivators to enter the secular world.

There was no other option, in the huge Shushan sword sect, there were only a few old disciples in the foundation construction period, and most of them have reached the refining period.

Lu Dongcheng was still the child of the Lu family, and luckily got selected. With trepidation, Lu Dongchen used the boundary-breaking talisman on the platform and successfully came to the world, i. e, the secular world.

In addition, the boundary-breaking talisman could precisely be located.

Although Lu Dongcheng was just a basic level disciple of the Shushan sword sect, his Lu family was a very old cultivator family.

Although the cultivation world has long been disconnected from the secular world, it happened after the end of the dharma era. Before that, the immortal cultivation world had left strong potential forces in the secular world.

In the long history of time, some of these forces have disappeared, while some exist and even have great influence.

Wang Cheng’s clan was the Lu Family’s servant before the end of dharma.

However, after hundreds of years, many servant families had already fallen into decline without the support of the Lu family, leaving only the branch of Wang Cheng’s family.

Wang Cheng had the ancestral text which mentioned about being the servant family

When Lu Dongcheng came to Wang Cheng with a token, the first thing Wang Cheng did was to completely submit.

Because he knew from the ancestral texts of his family how powerful this legendary monk was.

Even the blood of his family was planted with a blood oath, which has been passing down from generation to generation.

It was due to relying on this stamp of blood oath that Lu Dongcheng could easily find Wang Cheng when he came to the secular world for the first time. “It was said that there is no aura in the secular world, so why is there a high aura here?”

Before coming to the secular world, Lu Dongcheng had read a lot about the secular world.

However, most of the knowledge was useless.

Who could have imagined that the secular world was developing so fast? Mortals could also fly in the air.
Without using horsepower, the vehicle runs by burning oil.

When he first came to the secular world, it took him some time to understand things.

Compared to the immortal cultivation world, this secular world was more wonderful.

If it wasn’t for his heart of pursuing eternal life, it was afraid that it would not be long before he would be lost in this colorful world.

He even doubted that the immortal seed plan was actually a test whether they could withstand the temptation of the secular world.

“If I can find the source of this high aura, then I can absorb it for a long time, and it would become easy to reach the qi refining stage.”

Lu Dongcheng’s eyes were full of excitement. However, he was not careless.
The owner of this farm was not simple. He could cultivate the vegetables containing aura, so he might be a cultivator.

There was no aura in the secular world, so it was impossible to have cultivators. However, who said that there could be no exception, the aura here explains everything.

In place of such a high aura, it’s afraid that the cultivation of the owner of the farm would not be low.

He was only in the late stage of the foundation construction period, which was low.

That’s why he came while the owner was away.

“The aura seems to be strongest over there?”

Lu Dongcheng walked towards the immortal lands.

Just walked a little, he stopped suddenly and his face showed a dignified look.

Because in front of the shed, an amazing baleful qi was rumbling and surging. Through the endless darkness, he could see a shadow approaching slowly.

“Spirit? no, it can’t be spirit; it has a kind of yang qi life, but the baleful qi doesn’t seem fake?”

Lu Dongcheng was extremely surprised.

Finally, in his field of vision, a white figure came flying.

Pure and refined, as if a fairy was walking under the moonlight

However, when this sight fell on Lu Dongcheng’s eyes, his face changed greatly.

“This, this is Yin soldier, moreover the Yin soldier with yang qi consciousness, it is almost the level of Yin God. ”

Lu Dongcheng was staring at the white figure. He couldn’t figure out how a Yin god exists in this secular world. Anything containing the word god was extraordinary.
God represents immortal.

Though Yin gods were not true gods, and far from reaching immortal level, but they were no longer afraid of the yang power, and no longer common means of exorcism could be used to restrain them.

As the Yin god produced consciousness, the body has produced yang qi. This is what is yangying born.
Such a yin god, even in the cultivation world, it was estimated that only a sect like Maoshan that specializes in refining corpses and exorcism might have.

The refining of the Yin god was very difficult and takes a long time. The best method was to capture the available yin god for refining “Who dares to intrude?”
The Yin god in white clothes sent out a silent cry.

This was howl at the spiritual level, it resounded in the mind of Lu Dongcheng.

He felt his whole body cold and even his spirit seemed to be frozen. However, the energy inside him automatically solved the discomfort.
He felt bitter in his heart, he did not think that there would be a Yin god on this farm. If he had known before, he would have never rushed here rashly.

Without waiting for him to open his mouth, the Yin god in white clothes suddenly raised its hand, and white gas rushed out, it formed a net, covering Lu Dongcheng.

Lu Dongcheng was surprised to find that the attack of this Yin god was not as powerful as imagined but gave a feeling of emptiness.


The cultivation in this novel is different from normal Xianxia.

Normally, it is Qi refining, Foundation, Core Formation, Nascent Soul. But here it is first Foundation, next Qi refining, then Core Formation. The division of Grade: Huang(Yellow), Profound(Black), Earth, Heaven

Chapter 244

Lu Dongcheng gently pulled out a soft sword from his waist, it was as thin as cicadas wings and was almost transparent.

As the energy ran, the soft sword became straight and sharp, with many runes engraved on it.

The sword suddenly shook, with a buzzing sound, a sword qi shot out and suddenly the white net was torn apart.

Though Lu Dongcheng was in the late foundation construction stage and belongs to the Shushan sword sect, he couldn’t practice the flying swords, because for that he must reach the qi refining stage.

The soft sword he carries with him belongs to a magical treasure category.

For a real flying sword, you must first cast a sword embryo, incorporate it into the dantian, nurture with the qi and finally, a natal flying sword would form.

“Hmph, I thought it was a Yin God, but it is just fake.”

Lu Dongcheng’s heart was set. Though he doesn’t know how this yin soldier could generate consciousness and contain yang qi, it was definitely not a Yin God, and the strength should be at middle stage foundation construction.

This level was not enough for him who was in the late stage of foundation construction.

In addition, he also has a magic sword, which could enhance combat power.

After breaking Dou Fanger’s net with the sword, he went forward instead of retreating, he stabbed with his sword, it was as powerful as lightning.


It was too fast.

Dou Fanger couldn’t dodge and was stabbed by the magic sword.

Like a punctured balloon, Dou Fanger quickly turned into a mass of white fog.

Originally, Yin was black, but Dou Fanger’s body was based on an immortal bean, which gradually produced Yang qi, and so the Yin qi turned from black to white.

Not to mention Dou Fanger, even Dou Huangyi and Dou Hongsan, also began to have such signs.

The mass of white gas suddenly soared into the air and was re-condensed into the shape of Dou Fanger.


Lu Dongcheng was surprised.

His sword technique was quite extraordinary and has an extremely strong restraint ability on Yin soldiers and evil spirits. This yin soldier was only in the middle stage of foundation construction, and under his sword, it should be greatly damaged and should no longer have the ability to condense the body.

However, now the yin soldier wasn’t damaged at all.

This scene was seen by Ye Xiaochen through the farm map.

“He could smash Dou Fanger’s body with one sword strike, the strength is really not weak!”

Ye Xiaochen was a little surprised.

However, he wasn’t worried, because Dou Fanger was not an ordinary bean soldier, the immortal bean with divinity was used as the foundation. Unless the immortal bean was destroyed, Dou Fanger couldn’t be killed.

“The soft sword used by this person should be a magic sword. He was holding and using it, which shows that he was still in the foundation construction period.”

Ye Xiaochen judged.

If you want to control the magic weapon remotely, then you must reach the qi refining stage, and give birth to spiritual knowledge.

“This person is an immortal cultivator. I don’t know where he came from. Is there a more powerful cultivation force behind him?”

Ye Xiaochen pondered in his heart.

If possible, he wanted to capture this person.

All of sudden, the immortal cultivator Lu Dongcheng has put away his sword, he arched his hands and said, “It was impolite for this disciple of the Shushan sword sect in the Eastern Taoist realm of the cultivation world to break into your land. Please forgive me. I will personally come and apologize to you tomorrow, now I’m leaving.” After saying that, he turned and left. He Jumped over the farm fence, and his figure disappeared.

Without any hesitation, he left quickly.

Ye Xiaochen was stunned. He had planned to make a move, but he didn’t expect this person to leave so quickly.

“Haha, interesting. It seems that this cultivator is not as unreasonable as imagined!”

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

He was looking forward to the person’s visit tomorrow. After all, he was curious about this Cultivation world.
“I wonder where this cultivation land is? As he said that he came from the Shushan sword sect in the Eastern Taoist realm? Where on earth is it?”

Ye Xiaochen pondered in his mind.

Perhaps, these questions would be solved after seeing that person tomorrow.

The next morning.

Ye Xiaochen directly went to the farm, as for the research institute, he didn’t go.

He could go there when he wanted and not go when he doesn’t want to. It was very free.
It was almost New Year, and the research institute gave holidays based on the distance to the home. Ye Xiaochen returned to the farm, and after some time Lu Dongcheng came.

“Mr. Ye, I am Lu Dongcheng, a disciple of the Shushan sword sect. I ask forgiveness for recklessly rushing into your land last night.”

This Lu Dongcheng has the manner of noble children, his every moment was excellent in all respects.

At the moment, Lu Dongcheng was surprised when he saw Ye Xiaochen because he felt a vague sense of oppression from Ye Xiaochen’s body.

This was obviously the coercion of aura. Generally speaking, it happens only either the cultivation is higher or the energy quality was absolutely superior.

He was a disciple of the Shushan sword sect, even if he was just a grass- root level disciple, he comes from the Lu family and so his cultivation practice was extraordinary.

It was almost impossible to have the coercion of aura due to the quality, so the only possibility was Ye Xiaochen’s cultivation was much higher than his.

Was he in the qi refining stage?

Only the cultivator of the qi refining stage could create this kind of pressure.

He was secretly glad that he did not act rashly yesterday, otherwise, the consequences could have been disastrous.

The gap between the qi refining stage and foundation construction stage was very huge.

Ye Xiaochen doesn’t know the other side’s thought, otherwise he would have laughed secretly. Because his current cultivation was just at the early stage of foundation construction.

The reason why Lu Dongcheng felt this way was because he practiced the Shennong tactic. Even if it was not fighting oriented, it was something only people with Shennong talent could practice, and so the quality of energy was naturally high.

“What is your purpose?”

Ye Xiaochen asked calmly.

No matter how strong Lu Dongcheng was, inside the farm, he would get suppressed.

Therefore, Ye Xiaochen didn’t worry.

“Mr.Ye, you are not from the cultivation world. Naturally, you don’t know my origin, but you are also a cultivator, so you must have heard that this cultivation world is not in the secular world, but in another realm, it is quite different from the secular world and from this place I came.”

Lu Dongcheng hurriedly said.

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t have come from the cultivation world, because the channel between the immortal cultivation world and the secular world has been closed long ago.

The reason why he could come to the secular world was because of the boundary-breaking talisman given by Heaven.

Thirty-six monks entered the secular world this time. He had met all of them, and there was no Ye Xiaochen among them.

Ye XIaochen didn’t speak and just listened.

Although he was a little surprised, he could accept it. He has even seen the immortal, and this was just a mere cultivation world, nothing much.

Chapter 245

The cultivation world and the secular world were not in the same realm and were like two sides of a piece of paper. The secular world was the front side, while the cultivation world was the opposite side.

The two worlds do not communicate with each other except through some special channels.

From Lu Dongcheng’s words, Ye Xiaochen guessed many things.

A long time ago, the two realms were connected, but the advent of the late dharma era affected the cultivation world.

In order to reduce its influence, the cultivation world completely closed the channel and cut off the connection between the cultivation world and the secular world.

This happened hundreds of years ago, and only myths and legends about it exist now.

“Then how did you come to the secular world?”

Ye Xiaochen asked curiously.

The Heavens launched the immortal seed project, and by luck, I got selected.” Lu Dongcheng didn’t hide and said directly.

“So are there others beside you?”

Ye Xiaochen felt a little relieved.

As long as the cultivation world was not connected with the secular world, its influence on him and his future plans would be reduced a lot.

After all, the immortal cultivation world has mastered extraordinary power, which could greatly interfere with his plans.

The influence of these foundation construction people was very limited, even the secular world’s scientific-technological force was enough to suppress them if they took any action.

“Yes, there are thirty-five more, but after coming to the secular world, all were scattered.”

Lu Dongcheng said with some embarrassment, “ Mr.Ye, I have an unreasonable request, I hope you can agree.”

“What is the request?”

Ye Xiaochen had a good impression of Lu Dongcheng and calmly asked.

“Can I practice on your farm? The quality of the aura is very high here. If I practice here, maybe I can have a breakthrough and enter the Qi refining stage. Mr.Ye, I know this request is too much, but this is the only hope for me to breakthrough. And therefore, I am willing to pay the price.”

Lu Dongcheng hurriedly said.

He was afraid that Ye Xiaochen would refuse.

His qualifications were too poor, even in the cultivation world, he might not reach the qi refining stage in his whole life. Unless the family and clan provide him with unlimited resources. It was simply impossible.

In this secular world, he couldn’t improve any further. Although he has a spirit crystal on him, it only served for replenishing the energy.

Ye Xiaochen looked at Lu Dongcheng, and he could see that the other party was not lying.

“Lu Dongcheng, you should know that the aura on my farm is not too much. It’s impossible to fully support your cultivation.”

Ye Xiaochen said after a brief pause.

“Mr.Ye, don’t worry about it. I only need half an hour cultivation time, and don’t need much aura.”

Lu Dongcheng hurriedly said.

Such a high-quality aura, he really couldn’t use much, because he couldn’t digest it all.

Just like when people eat adequate food, it gives energy, but eating too much would cause indigestion.

It was the same for cultivation.

Of course, if the talent was high, it was another matter. Ye Xiaochen naturally knew about this.
“It’s not impossible to agree, but I have one condition.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Mr.Ye, please say.”

Lu Dongcheng could no longer bear the excitement in his heart and revealed it on his face. “You must sign an immortal contract with me.”

Ye Xiaochen took out a strange jade that was shining.

It was a low-grade immortal contract that cost Ye Xiaochen only one hundred immortal yuan.

As long as the two parties made an agreement on the immortal contract, it couldn’t be violated.

When Lu Dongecheng took the jade talisman, something suddenly appeared in his mind, this was the content in the immortal contract.

There were several points.
First, don’t tell anyone about the farm and Ye Xiaochen’s situation. Second, during the period of the immortal contract, the party must obey
Ye Xiaochen’s arrangement without violating the party’s will.

Third, do not do things that could endanger Ye Xiaochen.

Fourth, during the period of the immortal contract, Lu Dongcheng was allowed to practice on the farm, but cannot affect the operation of the farm.

Fifth, the duration of the immortal contract is three years.

After Lu Dongcheng looked at it, he signed it without hesitation.

Although Ye Xiaochen’s arrangement must be obeyed during the period of the immortal contract, it was worthwhile if he could break through the refining stage.

Moreover, Ye Xiaochen could not force him to do anything that goes against his will.

In this way, it was just equivalent to getting employed and not being a servant. As soon as the immortal contract was signed, the jade talisman suddenly broke into a mass of light, it split into two and disappeared between their eyebrows.

Immediately, in the minds of both, the image of the immortal contract appeared.

Lu Dongcheng’s heart shuddered, such a mystical immortal contract absolutely doesn’t exist in the cultivation world.

He had a premonition that if he violated it, this immortal contract would become extremely terrifying.

“Haha, Lu Dongcheng, from now on I will call you Xiaodong.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said.

The face of Lu Dongcheng became a little stiff, Xiaodong? This name was too casual.

He could not object and it was not something that goes against his will. Immediately, he nodded his head and agreed.
“Haha, Xiaodong, in fact, I think it’s a waste of your talent to practice sword.”

Ye Xiaochen became amiable, his attitude was completely different from before.

Now that the immortal contract was signed, Lu Dongcheng was no longer a threat.

“Well? Mr. Ye, my qualification is too bad, and am not suitable for sword practice, but my ultimate goal is to seek longevity and not to reduce to bones after a hundred year.”

Lu Dongcheng smiled bitterly. He thought that Ye Xiaochen saw his qualifications were too poor.

“Too bad? Who said that, though you are not fit for sword practice, in fact, you can do something else.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

He knew Lu Doncgecheng didn’t understand what he meant.

“Something else? What else can I do besides cultivating and practicing the sword?”

Lu Dongcheng was stunned and confused.

“Don’t you know that your planting talent is good?”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Really ?”

Lu Dongcheng was stunned. “You didn’t test your talent?” Ye Xiaochen asked curiously.
“I tested, I only have human grade tenth-level cultivation spiritual roots.”

Lu Dongcheng revealed a touch of sadness. His qualification was his greatest regret. “Human grade tenth level?”
Ye Xiaochen was shocked and said, “Isn’t talent just four categories, yellow(Huang), black(profound), earth and heaven, each divided into 10 levels? How come there is a Human grade?” “Human grade is divided into ten levels, it is for those whose spiritual roots are too weak. Generally speaking, people below level 3 have no cultivation qualification, the human grade level 3-6, can not build a foundation and can only practice internal martial arts. Only Human grade level 7-10 have the qualification for foundation construction, but have no hope for Qi refining.”

Lu Dongcheng explained.

Ye Xiaochen nodded, so it was like this.

No wonder Lu Dongcheng’s cultivation aptitude was poor and was still in the late stage of foundation construction.

Unfortunately, Lu Dongcheng went in the wrong direction.

“Xiaodong, didn’t you test other talents in the cultivation world? Like planting, alchemy, refining?”

Ye Xiaochen asked curiously.

“No, only the spiritual roots can be tested.”

Lu Dongcheng shook his head.

Ye Xiaochen sighed, it seems that the level of the cultivation world was still too poor and could only test cultivation talent and not others, what was going on?

Do they not attach importance to other aspects? Or was it that they don’t have the means to test?

“Haha, Lu Dongcheng, let me introduce you to the talents. In addition to the cultivation talent, which you called spiritual root, there is planting talent, alchemy talent, talisman making talents, formation talents, and so on. I have to congratulate you; you have planting talent and it’s pretty good.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said. Planting talent?

Lu Dongcheng was slightly taken back, he had no idea about this and said, “ In our cultivation world, there are a lot of spiritual farmers specializing in planting a variety of spiritual plants. The planting talent you said, is it to become a spiritual farmer?”

“No, it’s not what you think. What is the difference? I can’t tell you for a while, but I can tell you for sure that if you follow the path of the immortal planter, your future achievement will be much greater than the sword cultivation, after all, your planting talent is black grade fifth level, which is not bad! ”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and said

The reason he agreed to let Lu Dongcheng practice on the farm as he has taken a fancy to his black grade fifth level planting talent.

“Black grade fifth level?”

Lu Dongcheng was stunned.

The black grade talent, in the cultivation world the person with such a talent could be considered a genius among genius. There is a black grade third level cultivation talent in his Lu family and that person was treated like a treasure. That person was younger than him, but now was in the peak of qi cultivation and was said to be reaching the threshold of condensing core.

It was just, what was the use of black grade planting talent?

In his understanding, apart from cultivation; the spiritual farmer, gardener, and all were lowly occupations.

When Ye Xiaochen saw Lu Dongcheng’s expression, he knew that he wouldn’t be able to accept it for a while.

It doesn’t matter, such a planting genius has to be slowly cultivated.

Chapter 246

After Lu Dongcheng signed the immortal contract, he settled down at the farm.

He could cultivate here, but he must obey Ye Xiaochen’s arrangements.

Ye Xiaochen’s arrangement was simple, Lu Dongcheng should help the bean soldiers in taking care of the farm.

Lu Dongcheng’s eyes became solemn when he saw the immortal plants.

Although these immortal plants looked ordinary, the pressure of aura couldn’t be hidden in any way.

Also, the level of aura was very high.

It was hard to believe that such high-quality spiritual plants exist in the secular world, and moreover, they were growing well.

In the cultivation world, not in all places could spiritual plants grow, there must need to be spiritual land with abundant spiritual energy.

Such a place was a treasure, and every sect would defend it to death.

Wars between sects happen usually for fighting over such spiritual resources. He was sure that there must be a spiritual land on the farm, otherwise, these plants couldn’t grow so well.

However, no matter how he tried to sense, he did not discover any trace of the spiritual land.

It was very normal, Lu Dongcheng was just a foundation construction, so how could he recognize the magic of immortal land?

“Mr.Ye, how can I take care of these plants?”

Lu Dongcheng asked.

He has never learned anything about planting since he started cultivating.

Therefore, he had no idea about planting and didn’t know how to take care of these plants.

“I’ll teach Five finger spirit listening, then try to communicate with plants and just make them happy.”

Ye XIaochen said with a smile. “Communicate with them?” Lu Dongcheng was astonished.
He was a real man since he signed the agreement, he would follow it. After all, he got the benefit of cultivating on the farm.
With Lu Dongcheng’s talent, it was natural to be able to learn finger spirit listening, and he even progressed quickly. Others might take one or two months to fully master, but he could master it in half a day.

This was the advantage of having black grade planting talent.

When Lu Dongcheng mastered the finger spirit listening, he tried to communicate with an immortal plant, and he immediately entered the spirit listening state.

During this time, Ye Xiaochen went out for a trip, when he came back, he saw Lu Dongcheng sitting in front of an immortal plant, his eyes were closed and his fingers were touching the plant and shook with a strange rhythm.

Obviously, he was communicating with the immortal plant.

After a long time, Lu Dongcheng stood up, his face showed the expression of wanting to continue, he seems to be remembering the feeling he felt.

“Xiaodong, how do you feel?”

Ye Xiaochen asked with a smile.

“It’s amazing that I can communicate with the spiritual plant’s consciousness. The feeling is really nice. Moreover, the energy in my body is running automatically, and it is not as rough as it used to be and has become smooth.”

Lu Dongcheng exclaimed.

“It’s natural. You have a very high planting talent. In the spirit listening state, the spiritual consciousness of the whole person is highly concentrated, which is the best state of cultivation. If it wasn’t for your cultivation technique not matching with your planting talent, the effect would have been even better.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

Planting talent was not only useful in planting, but it was also helpful in cultivation. But only in the state of planting, the effect would be obvious.

Due to this, most of the immortal planters spend their time planting, and which was why their progress was not inferior to that of ordinary immortal cultivators. The reason why Ye Xiaochen’s cultivation was progressing slowly has to do with the Shennong tactic, because of it constructing the foundation was very troublesome.

However, once the foundation was built, the progress would be very rapid.


Today was Chinese New Year’s Eve. In the house.
The dinner table for new year’s eve has been prepared; chicken, duck, goose, fish, ribs, and many other items.

It was extremely rich.

The spring festival gala was playing on the big tv.

In front of the large table, beside Ye XIaochen’s family, Lu Dongcheng and three bean soldiers were also there.

Well, the bean soldiers don’t require to eat food at all.

However, the mother forced them to come over, saying that it was new year’s eve, so they shouldn’t be working on the farm.

Compared with Dou Huangyi and Dou Hongsan, Dou Fanger was much smarter and could speak like an ordinary person.

Lu Dongcheng’s attention was on Dou Fanger, he became more and more curious about how Ye Xiaochen was able to refine such an amazing Yin soldier?

“Little Lu, eat more, don’t be formal, feel just like home.”

Ye Xiaochen’s mother gave Lu Dongcheng a big fat golden braised pork meat. “Thank you, Auntie.”

Lu Dongcheng hurriedly said.

He had never experienced such a warm atmosphere of eating together like this in the Shushan sword sect.

From childhood to adulthood, he has spent most of the time in cultivation, plus since he didn’t have good qualifications, he wasn’t valued by his family.

For the family, he didn’t have much affection.

However, here, he suddenly felt warm in his heart. No one had ever given him dishes.

Eating the new year’s dinner and watching the spring festival gala. This was the tradition in Ye Xiaochen’s family.
This year’s spring festival gala wasn’t new, it was still the same old story. However, Lu Dongcheng watched it with great interest.
Because he has never seen the Spring Festival Gala in his whole life.

He lived in the cultivation world, and the meaning of his life from small to big was cultivation.

When he saw such a wonderful program, whose content was particularly rich and colorful, it was beyond his imagination.

“That’s a nice song.” “That dance is very good.”
“Is this comedy skit? How interesting!” “Haha, this is so funny…” ……………………

Lu Dongcheng couldn’t stop looking at it, especially when he saw the comedy skit, he would laugh a lot.

Ye Ying was sitting on the side while eating melon said, “brother, how he can laugh at such low punchlines, I feel these skits are not funny. ”

“I also think so.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

Lu Dongcheng was not a secular person, it was the first time for him seeing the Spring Festival Gala, so no wonder he was very responsive.

After a few hours of the Spring Festival gala, Lu Dongcheng didn’t move his butt.

It was almost twelve o ‘clock.

Father was going to set off firecrackers.

It was the tradition for every family to say goodbye to the past year by setting off firecrackers on the new year’s eve.

Rich families would also set off firecrackers.

This year, the father has bought a lot of firecrackers, ready to show off.

Just as the clock reached twelve o’clock, the firecrackers began to lit the sky.

Ye Xiaochen lit a bucket of firecrackers, the firecracker rushed to the sky and burst out, lighting the sky.

Today was destined to be a sleepless night. It was late at night. The noise of firecrackers gradually died down.

There was a lot of smoke outside, which was caused by too many firecrackers.

The smog did not disperse over the course of the night. Instead, it formed a thick haze in the early morning, reaching the point where you couldn’t see things properly.

Ye Xiaochen’s parents and his sister were already sleeping. Lu Dongcheng was still watching the Spring Festival Gala. He was totally addicted.

Chapter 247

The next morning.

After Ye Xiaochen got up, he saw that Lu Dongcheng was sitting in front of the computer and watching the Spring festival Gala.

Ye Xiaochen went to take a look, woah, it is actually last year’s spring festival gala.

Did he become addicted to watching the spring festival gala?

Lu Dongcheng saw Ye Xiaochen, he then embarrassingly said, “the spring festival gala is really beautiful. After watching it last night, I searched for last year’s spring festival gala on the computer.”

One could tell from the joy on his face that he really liked watching the Spring Festival Gala.

“Spring Festival Gala has been held for decades, there is enough for you to watch for a long time.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

“No, No, No. I’ll watch it only at night and do the work during the day.” Lu Dongcheng hurriedly shook his head and said.

He would like to continue to watch, but he was a man of the firm will. Otherwise, he would not have been able to cultivate until the late foundation construction stage when his qualification was very poor.

Ye Xiaochen nodded and asked Lu Dongcheng to go to the farm after eating breakfast.

As for the three bean soldiers, they have already gone back to the farm after eating dinner last night.

He won’t be going back.

After all, today was New Year’s Day!

The next few days he would be busy with New Year’s greetings.

According to the family custom, on the first day of the new year, they would visit the father’s elder brother and younger brother for greetings.

On the second day, they would go to grandmother’s house for greetings.

On the third to the fifth day, they would be going to several other relatives to greet the new year.

However, this year was not the same, Ye Xiaochen’s family was ready to leave, but one after another people came to wish for a new year.

Father’s elder brother, younger brother, Ye Xiaochen’s cousins, and others came.

The hall was abuzz with cigarettes, tea, and sweets.

If there is a child, you must give him candies and a red envelope.

Since it was a new year’s day, naturally after worshipping, they would sit for a while and would go to the next family. Ye Xiaochen’s family didn’t get the chance to pay New Year’s visit at all, because as soon as the first family left, the second family came, not only from the Ye family, the villagers also came.

Ye Xiaochen’s family never stopped receiving. It was about ten o’clock.
Ye Xiaochen’s family thought that they had the time to go out now and pay new year’s greetings. But who would have thought that the other relatives would also come?

Vehicles were coming one after another.

There was the big aunt’s family, second aunt’s family, big maternal uncle, second maternal uncle, and so on… in any case, it seems that relatives who got along with each other seemed to have discussed, and all of them came together.

Relatives came from very far, so naturally, they had to entertain them with lunch.

It was just there were too many people.

Fortunately, his aunts helped. And at noon, seven to eight tables were arranged with food.

It was afternoon.

Ye Xiaochen’s family finally breathed a sigh of relief and thought that they could now go out to pay the new year’s greetings.

However, who could have thought that again more people would come to pay new year’s greetings.

It was Li Jiaren, Liu Fusheng, Xu Jiao, and other shareholders of the immortal spring restaurant.

They came at the right time. The relatives of Ye families had just finished their visit.

After all, New Year’s greetings between relatives usually happen in the morning.

It was also to avoid Ye Xiaochen’s family from preparing lunch for them. It was not until four o’clock in the afternoon that the house became quiet.
Of course, Ye Xiaochen’s phone was still ringing, from time to time someone would call and wish the new year.

“Xiaochen, don’t answer. Let’s first go pay the worship.”

Mother saw Ye Xiaochen was answering the phone and hurriedly said.

It was almost 5 o’clock now. If it becomes too late, it would not look good to wish the new year.

After hanging up the phone, Ye Xiaochen simply turned off the phone so that no one could call him.

When he came back, it was already evening.

Ye Xiaochen just turned on the phone and found several people had called him.

He could only call them one by one.

He called several important people to wish the new year’s greetings, such as the secretary of Yang city, Zheng Hongye, governor of the southern province, Zhang Sheng.

It has been a very busy day.

During the meal, Lu Dongcheng came leisurely from the farm.

After eating, he sat in front of the computer and began to watch the spring festival gala. The next day, Ye Xiaochen’s family began to pay greetings to relatives, starting with his grandmother.

In this way, it took a few days to greet all the people.

Ye Xiaochen did not think he could feel relieved because of just visiting relatives, as he has to go to other places also to pay New years greetings!

He really felt tired!

In this way, it was not until the tenth day of the new year that Ye XIaochen completed the task of paying new year’s greetings.

By this time, the research institute had already resumed its normal work. Ye Xiaochen was finally going to start the main things
Super rapeseed pilot planting.

This was the first major event in 2016.

In addition to Yufeng village, several villages had joined, which added up to nearly 1000 acres of pilot land, there were also several other pilot sites, adding all it was nearly 2000 acres of land.

After all, it was only a pilot project, and many farmers lacked confidence in super rapeseed and were still waiting to check the situation.

As long as the pilot project of super rapeseed was successful, the farmers on the sideline would start participating.

By that time, the industrialization of the super rapeseed would be fully launched.

The promotion ceremony of super rapeseed was held in the central building of Yang city.

In addition to the staff of the Earth Shennong farm, there were representatives of farmers involved in the pilot project and some leaders of the Yang city market.

The representative of the farmers would sign the relevant agreement with the Earth Shennong farm in front of the media.

There were many farmers, it was impossible to get everyone’s sign here, so only a few representatives of farmers were present here.

As for the rest of the farmers, there would be an Earth Shennong staff going door to door for getting signs.

Due to Ye XIaochen’s fame, this super rapeseed cultivated by Ye Xiaochen got such a big response.

Many people were discussing whether this super rapeseed could save Yang city’s rapeseed industrialization project?

There were some who were pessimistic about it and some who were optimistic.

Although the super rapeseed was not a research project of Yang city plant consciousness research institute, it was still the work of Ye Xiaochen, which naturally attracted people’s attention.

This was especially true for companies that were in cooperation with the research institute.

Although the super rice project hasn’t been announced, its news was already being circulated internally.

If the super rapeseed could succeed, their confidence in super rice would naturally increase.

Knowing the importance of super rapeseed, Ye Xiaochen was personally helping in the pilot scheme.

He even went to the scene to personally instruct farmers on sowing and fertilizing. The super rapeseed has proved themselves to be extraordinary.

In less than two days after the sowing, all the seeds of super rapeseed sprouted.

The germination rate was 100%.

On each pilot site of super rapeseed, Earth Shennong has sent technicians to sit in towns and note down the detailed records of the situation of pilot sites every day.

By the third day, through pictures, the green rapeseed seedlings could be seen growing.

It took only three days for rapeseed to take root, sprout, and grow to the present level.

It was much faster than regular rapeseed.

The confidence of the farmers has greatly increased.

Chapter 248 – Man-Made

Yang city plant consciousness research institute.

Ye Xiaochen clapped his hands and said to the group of researchers who were clustered around him, “I’d like to introduce you to our new colleagues, Lu Dongcheng, and welcome him to join our big family.”


Everyone knew that the person who could be recruited into the research institute must be having planting talent.

Lu Dongcheng was very friendly and greeted others.

Ever since he learned the five finger spirit listening, he has been completely addicted to the spirit listening state.

He suddenly felt that he was really a planting genius.

Otherwise, how could he have this feeling?

In the past cultivation for him has been boring, torturing, and hard to endure.

Now, however, he felt it was kind of enjoyable. It was wonderful to be able to communicate with the plant consciousness and cultivate at the same time.

Since then, he has never rejected Ye XIaochen’s idea of planting and even took the initiative to learn.

This time he took initiative to enter the research institute and to learn the study of planting in a comprehensive way.

“Well, so it’s a new year and new weather. I hope we can work together and make our Yang city plant consciousness research institute famous.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said.

Everyone smiled, they were very confident.

After work, the people in the research institute went to the immortal spring restaurant for dinner.

Of course, it was Ye Xiaochen’s treat.

While halfway through the meal, Ye Xiaochen suddenly answered a phone call.

It was from Wang Shuisheng.

“Xiaochen, something happened. In the pilot area of Tianshui village, the rapeseed seedlings have suddenly turned yellow.”

Hearing Wang Shuisheng’s words, Ye Xiaochen frowned.

This was impossible!

The super rapeseeds were very stable, and things like this couldn’t happen.

Immediately, he left the immortal spring restaurant and drove straight to Tianshui village.

This Tianshui village was in the suburb of Yang city and was only seven to eight miles away from Earth Shennong farm.

When Ye XIaochen arrived, it was already dark.

The large pilot field was lit with lights.

Several workers were busily moving around.

When they saw Ye XIaochen arrive, they immediately felt as if they found the backbone.

Wang Shuisheng had already arrived.

Ye XIaochen checked the situation of super rapeseed seedlings, and his face turned gloomy.

“Someone has tampered with these seedlings.”

Ye XIaochen said coldly.

“But Xiaochen, they have examined it just now, and found nothing?”

Wang Shuisheng saw Ye Xiaochen touching the seedling, so he was sure there must be some reason, and immediately he asked.

The promotion of super rapeseed was too heavy, once there was a problem, it would have a huge impact on Earth Shennong company.

If something like this spreads out, it would immediately arouse questions.

It was afraid that in the future, the promotion of super rapeseed would become very difficult.

“Normal testing methods definitely can not find it.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head, “Hehe, it seems that someone is trying to destroy our super rapeseed program.”

“What to do now?”

Wang Shusiheng asked.

“Don’t worry, the super rapeseeds I’ve cultivated is definitely not so easy to destroy.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head.

If it were a normal rapeseed seedling it would already be dead.

“Well, as long as you water it more it would be fine. More guards need to be sent to watch over the rapeseed field, and other pilot sites should also be watched 24hours a day. ”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Wang Shuisheng nodded, since Ye Xiaochen said there was no problem, then certainly there was no problem.

In the car.

“Xiaochen, you just said that someone is trying to deal with our Earth Shennong company?”

Wang Shisheng asked in a deep voice.

“Yes, this problem of rapeseed was man-made, but the method used was not a conventional method, so with the current method of testing it is difficult to find. It will only make people believe that there is a problem with our rapeseed. Haha, really a good sinister plan, as long as the pilot project fails, the whole rapeseed industrialization plan will go bankrupt immediately, and will even affect the whole earth Shennong company.”

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes showed a hint of coldness.

No one could tolerate this kind of thing.

It was a new year and a happy atmosphere, but there was this kind of problem, won’t it upset the people?

Ye Xiaochen asked Wang Shuisheng to go back, after all, he couldn’t intervene in this thing.

This was not a normal fight.

Because those super rapeseeds have been hurt by a kind of invisible evil qi.

Fortunately, these rapeseeds were developed by Ye Xiaochen himself in the Earth Shennong farm, so it contains a trace of divinity and has a certain resistance to evil qi.

Capable to use evil qi, it must be a monk.

However, there were no monks on earth, and there was only a cultivation world.

Ye Xiaochen felt that it was not done by the other thirty-five cultivators.

After all, the 36 cultivators have been scattered in this large country and even in neighboring countries, so the probability of two appearing in Shahsi city was very low.

Moreover, he caught a familiar fluctuation when he was communicating with plant consciousness.

Ye Xiaochen drove back to Yang city and called Lu Dongcheng.

Such free handyman shouldn’t go in vain.

“Mr. Ye, are you asking about the stand-in scarecrow?”

When Lu Dongcheng heard about Ye Xiaochen’s question, he was slightly stunned and his face immediately became dignified.

“It is said to be a strange evil method, and the refining technique is very magical. It is said that it can be attached to a special type of body, where slowly the attached person’s spirit and vitality would be absorbed strengthening the user, and the attached person would age very quickly. Orthodox immortal cultivators will not use this method, because this is not only exiled but also a very evil thing. In the cultivation world, it is banned and once any person if found using it, they will be killed without mercy.”

Lu Dongcheng said what he knew.

“Sure enough, it seems that Cao Xinhong should have been targeted long ago before buying this stand-in scarecrow.”

Ye Xiaochen was very sensitive, when he felt the breath in plant consciousness, he knew it was the same as the stand-in scarecrow.

Listening to Lu Dongcheng’s statement, Ye Xiaochen concluded that Cao Xinhong should have been possessed by evil thought.

It should be that Cao Xinhong’s constitution or some other aspect has met the requirements of this evil thought.

Late at night.

Ye Xiaochen with Lu Doncgehgn went to the villa district where Cao Xinhong lives.

He has been observing the area.

The security was very tight, but it was of no use against these two people.

Two people were as lithe as a swallow, as if like smoke they quickly reached close to the villa.

This villa was very eye-catching, it could be said to be the best in this large residential area.

“How? did you sense something?”

Ye Xiaochen asked, looking at the unlit villa.

“There is a dreadful evil qi hidden in there. But it is perfectly restrained. I really did not expect that there is such a sinister existence in the secular world.”

Lu Dongcheng’s face became serious.

The stand-in doll method was different from the orthodox method of cultivating immortality, the practice speed was fast and also didn’t require training resources.

Of course, it was impossible to reach the higher level.

This was also the reason why it could exist the secular world which doesn’t have the aura

At this time, an invisible scream suddenly burst forth.

All of a sudden, a black fog covered the villa, making the whole villa hazy and ghostly.

“My God! This thing, how long has it been in existence?”

Lu Dongcheng was shocked.

“Can you handle it?”

Ye Xiaochen looked at Lu Dongcheng and asked.

“Obviously,  although the level of this thing is not low, it is just a formless thought. The possessed person is only a mortal. At most they could drive the evil qi, but it is inferior compared with energy. Moreover, I have the magic sword.”

Lu Dongcheng said haughtily.

He came from the cultivation world and received the cultivation training, which naturally was much better than these secular messy things.

Chapter 249 – New Life


Lu Dongcheng leaped into the air like a kite flying across the night sky and immediately arrived at the door of the villa.

The door was closed and was enveloped by the dark mist.

All of sudden, a white light flashed on Lu Dongcheng’s finger and instantly the evil qi suddenly dissipated like a snow meeting hot sun.

Lu Dongcheng’s body moved and he directly burst through the door, breaking into the villa.

Accompanied by another invisible scream, the rolling evil qi filled the air and seem to have enclosed.

However, an astonishing wave appeared and the evil qi spread out.

The whole neighborhood seemed to be quiet, there was no movement.

This evil qi had shut out the sound from outside.

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen saw a figure coming from a distance, although it was night, Ye Xiaochen could see clearly.

It was Master Ning who was with Cao Xinhong during the auction time.

This master Ning looked strange. At the moment, he seemed to have detected some movements and came.

Suddenly, he saw Ye Xiaochen standing in the middle of the path.

His pupils constricted, revealing a deep fear.

This was because he felt a dangerous breath on Ye Xiaochen.

“Who are you? Why did you stop me?”

There was a lack of confidence in Master Ning’s voice.

Currently, something was happening inside the villa, and he had no clue about it.

“Master Ning, who on earth are you, and are so eager to help Cao Xinhong buy the stand-in doll? It seems that you should know the origin of the stand-in doll, or, you are the guardian of it?”

Ye Xiaochen folded his arms and coldly said.

Master Ning’s face suddenly became ugly. He suddenly understood what was going on. He immediately reached into his arm and took out a piece of yellow rune paper. His wrist trembled, he bit his tongue and sprayed the blood essence on it.

All of a sudden, the rune paper automatically burned up then turned into a mass of evil qi and roaring rushed towards Ye Xiaochen.

Seeing the scene Ye Xiaochen was a little surprised, but he immediately shook his head.

This person has no energy at all and was unable to use the talisman, but with the essence of blood, he urged it.

It was the loss of blood essence, not blood. It was very troublesome to make up this loss.

Sure enough, Master Ning’s whole person suddenly seemed to become dispirited.

However, this mass of evil qi was extremely astonishing, it vaguely seems to be forming a ferocious face, it opened its mouth and seemed to want to devour Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen sneered, this mass of evil qi was not worth mentioning in front of him. He immediately raised his fist, the energy was wrapped around his fist and a strange green light bloomed. All of a sudden, the mass of evil qi directly smashed to pieces and dissipated.

Master Ning’s whole body was in shock, a mouthful of blood sprayed out and his face turned pale.

At this time, the situation in the villa seems to calm down, and the originally scattered evil qi was gradually dissipating.

Ye Xiaochen was not worried, after all, Lu Dongcheng was an orthodox cultivator, he must have had a lot of cards.

Sure enough, not before long, Lu Dongcheng came out carrying a man.

It was Cao Xinhong.

He was unconscious, his breath was like a gossamer, and seemed as if he would die at any moment.

Moreover, Cao Xinhong didn’t look as energetic as he was before. His hair was gray and his skin turned older, he looked like he was in his seventies or eighties.

“Let’s go inside the villa.”

Ye Xiaochen, taking Master Ning went back to Cao Xinhong’s villa with Lu Dongcheng.

It was a mess inside, obviously, it was not an easy fight.

“Xiaodong, What about the evil thought?is it finished?”

Ye Xiaochen asked curiously.

“No, the evil thought has taken root in the person, if the evil thought is destroyed then the person will also die. You decide what to do with it.“

Lu Dongcheng said.

Ye Xiaochen nodded and then asked. “Is there a way to remove the evil thought and keep the person alive?”

He was not a brutal person who regarded human life as worthless. Although this Cao Xinhong has a little dispute with him, it did not reach the point of death.

There was no need to take his life.

“A spirit material or something like that can be used, but I don’t have one right now.”

Lu Doncghecng shook his head.

Spirit material?

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes shined, can the refined bean be used?

The bean soldiers were made by attracting the spirit.

This evil thought was a form of spirit, only more powerful.

If this evil thought was refined into a bean soldier, it would be very strong.

Immediately, Ye Xiaochen took out a refined immortal bean.

When the immortal bean was taken out, Lu Donghceng’s eyes lit up, because he felt the pure spiritual breath emitting from the immortal bean.

He has a great talent for planting and was extremely sensitive to this aspect.

Ye Xiaochen created the soul summoning seal, placed the immortal bean on Cao Xinhong’s forehead.

A strange sound wave arose.


The strange sound came from Cao Xinhong’s body, then a gray light came out from his forehead and went into the immortal bean.

The evil thought was finally captured in the immortal bean.

Ye Xiaochen could feel the power of evil thought in the immortal bean.

It was much stronger than Dou Fanger.

At this moment, Cao Xinhong woke up.

At first, he looked around blankly, and then his eyes fell on Ye Xiaochen.


Cao Xinhong was shocked and suddenly he seemed to think of something. He touched his forehead and then said in disbelief; “You saved me?”

After he had finished the sacrificial ceremony, the evil thought possessed him.

He seemed as if changed to a different person and in fact, his thoughts were blinded.

However, his heart was very clear, but he could not stop himself, and even he felt his consciousness slowly weakening.

However now, he was completely awake, the oppressive shadow completely dissipated and he felt relaxed.

He knew that he got a new life.

He was full of tears.

All of sudden, he knelt in front of Ye Xiaochen, “Mr. Ye, please forgive me for what I have done before. Thank you for saving me and my whole family. I don’t know how to repay you for this great kindness. As long as there is anything, I Cao Xinhong will do my best to help you.”

Since the time he was possessed by the evil thought, his personality changed, not only to the outsiders but also towards his family, and due to this his family already moved out of the villa.

He became a lonely person.

“Boss Cao, this is just a small effort. Besides, I hope you don’t tell anyone about it.”

“Mr. Ye, please don’t worry about it. I will keep it a secret.”

Cao Xinhong hurriedly said.

“Well, I’ll take this person with me, and I’ll leave rest for you to sort out.”

Ye Xiaochen said.


Cao Xinhong’s cold eyes fell on Master Ning, it seemed eager to bite and drink blood. If this Master Ning hadn’t bewitched him, how could he have fallen in this situation?

He was just around fifty years old and had a strong body, but now his body has become like this.

Master Ning’s heart sank.

“Boss Cao, You have too much mental and physical loss. If you have time, you should go to the immortal spring restaurant to eat often. I think you can make up for the loss.”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly added this sentence, before he left carrying master Ning.

Cao Xinhong’s eyes lit up, he immediately nodded. Since it was Mr. Ye’s suggestion, he naturally believed it.

Chapter 250 – Tianqi Xiangmen

Ye Xiaochen and Lu Dongcheng left Cao Xinhong’s villa carrying Master Ning.

They drove back to the farm.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t deal with the immortal bean and instead was going to interrogate Master Ning.

He wanted to know the origin of the evil thought, and whether there were more incarnations.

This was the peculiarity of this thing unless the root was found, it was difficult to remove and easy to revive.

Ye Xiaochen must eradicate it, otherwise, there would be hidden dangers.

Master Ning looked ugly, but his mouth was hard.

He didn’t say anything.

“Master Ning, why are you suffering? You should know the cultivator’s means. Even if you die, your soul can still be tortured.”

Ye Xiaochen said lightly.

Naturally, he doesn’t have this ability. If he wants to directly capture the soul, he must at least need to reach the refining stage.

However, Master Ning doesn’t know this.

In Cao Xinhong’s villa, he clearly saw Ye Xiaochen using a bean to absorb the evil thought.

“Mr. Ye, why bother talking so much with him? Such a stubborn person would be sent to the underworld to be tortured for a hundred years in our cultivation world so that he won’t be able to die nor live.”

Lu Dongcheng was born in the cultivation world, where cruelty exists.

The weak are prey to the strong, and the powerful get respect.

For Lu Dongcheng, it was not hard to kill.

Master Ning was shivering with fright from Lu Dongcheng’s cold breath, he stammeringly said, “I, I will say, but I just want to ask one thing.”

“Hmph, you are going to die, and still dare to ask for conditions.”

Lu Dongcheng’s eyes were very fierce.

Ye Xiaochen was amazed at Lu Dongcheng’s change before he really thought of him as a modest gentleman.

He didn’t expect that a person who looked so simple and kind could be so cold at the moment.

All of sudden, he realized that Lu Dongcheng was from the cultivation world. The reason why he was so humble in front of himself was that Lu Dongcheng thought he was stronger than him.

If last time he showed even a little weakness, then it was afraid that Lu Dongcheng would have treated him differently.

Even Lu Dongcheng was like this, so I am afraid that it would be more true for other cultivators of the cultivation world.

It seems that in the future he should pay more attention to dealing with people in the cultivation world.

“Xiaodong, don’t be so fierce, let him finish his words.”

Lu Dongcheng quickly closed his mouth, he played his role as a thug.

“Say it, if it is possible I’ll promise you.”

Ye Xiaochen kindly said.

It was like the big wolf who tricked the little red riding hood.

It might be that Ye Xiaochen seems mild and had no fierce aura of Lu Dongcheng, so Master Ning hurriedly nodded and said, “I belong the sect called Tianqi Xiangmen, where the disciples are mainly concerned on the Fortune telling, but, in fact, our main purpose is to select suitable bodies to possess for the Lord Ancestor Spirit.”

“Actually, we serve the Lord ancestor, and each of us has been planted with a blood ban. If we dare to betray, not only we will die, but also our family will also die.”

“Therefore, I hope that Mr.Ye can help my family to lift the blood ban. ”

After Master Ning, finished, he kneeled on the ground and begged.

For people Like Master Ning, who have been under the control of the ancestor spirit for hundreds of years, there was no turning back.

Unless the ancestor spirit dies.

Now, at last, he saw the possibility of the death of the ancestor spirit.

However, the problem was that if he betrays the ancestor spirit, then it would directly wipe out his family.

“So your ancestor spirit must have other incarnations?”

Ye Xiaochen asked.

“Yes, it’s not easy to find the body suitable for the ancestor spirit. Moreover, it should be done in a secretive manner, otherwise, it is easy to cause trouble. Up to now, there maybe three to five more people possessed by the ancestor spirit. In addition, in the Xiangmen ancestral land, there might be an ancestor portrait, which is the root of the ancestor spirit.”

Master Ning hurriedly said.

“Three to five incarnation, furthermore there is still root.”

Ye Xiaochen pondered for a moment and then asked Lu Dongcheng, “Xiaodong, do you have any methods?”

Lu Dongcheng shook his head and said, “I have no idea about the spirit thought and have only heard some rumors about it, so I don’t know much. If I find the disciple of the Maoshan sect, maybe I can deal with it.”

He was just a sword cultivator in the foundation stage, and it was already sufficient to know this much.

Ye Xiaochen thought about it, “ This being the case, let’s directly go to the ancestral land of the Tianqi Xiangmen, maybe as long as we find the main body, we can also get other incarnations. By the way, I forgot one thing.”

He suddenly smiled and took out the immortal bean.

“With this, it might be easier.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Lu Dongcheng didn’t understand what Ye XIaochen meant.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t explain and began to carry out the last step of refining bean soldiers.

He suddenly opened his mouth and exhaled the energy, then immediately the immortal bean floated up, emitting a faint glow.

Lu Dongcheng was stunned by seeing the scene, is he refining Yin soldier?

What shocked him most was the energy Ye XIaochen released, the invisible pressure made him feel that the energy inside his body was shaking.

This was the result due to the absolute gap between energy.

The fear in Lu Dongcheng’s heart increased.

The evil thought in the immortal bean was quite tenacious. Unfortunately, when it entered the immortal bean, it became like the fish on the iron plate and was on Ye Xiaochen’s mercy.

With a scream, a cloud of black gas dissipated into nothingness.

The fourth bean soldier was finished refining.

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes shined, he pointed the finger, and in an instant, the floating immortal bean suddenly erupted with rich yin qi and spread out.

The temperature of the whole area seems to have dropped a lot.

Lu Dongcheng couldn’t help but feel a little shock and his face became grave.

Master Ning began to shiver.

With Ye Xiaochen’s thought, the mass of yin qi suddenly condensed slowly into a black

Old man. His face was dignified and looked very imposing.

“The subordinate meets the master.”

The old man with black bear kneeled in mid-air and said respectfully.

Master Ning was shocked, and the appearance of the black-beard old man was almost identical to that of the image of the ancestor spirit in the ancestral land.

However, Lu Dongcheng once again felt shocked, he did not think that such a powerful evil thought would be taken as subordinate.

Even this Yin soldier’s evil breath was removed and turned into a pure Yin soldier.

He was very curious about Ye Xiaochen’s mystery and power.

In the secular world, how could such an extraordinary person appear?
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