Heavenly Farmer Chapter 231-240

Chapter 231

Ye Xiaochen silently thought of the lottery in his heart, and suddenly a big wheel appeared in his mind.

He didn’t bother to check what was there in each sector of the wheel.
Anyways, he knew it all depended on luck.

He hopes to get better luck this time and take out something useful.

Immediately, Ye Xiaochen’s thought moved, and clicked on the spin button, then suddenly the big wheel rotated at high speed.

After rotating for a long time, the wheel gradually slowed down. Finally, the pointer pointed to a relatively wide sector.
Ye Xiaochen knew that the thing he got this time would not be too good.

“Ding, Congratulations on winning the Magical Wine Jar.”

Hearing the system’s announcement, Ye Xiaochen rolled his eyes.

The first time was a Magical Pickle jar, and this time it was a Magical Wine jar. The system really could joke.

He took out the Magical Wine Jar from the storage space. It was no different from a regular wine jar.

The only difference was that there was a strange texture on the surface of the jar.

“Magical Wine jar: a special tool, you can put raw ingredients in it, and can quickly turn them into good wine.”

Ye Xiaochen understood that this was similar to the magical pickle jar.

“Forget it, a wine jar is just a wine jar. It happens that there is no good wine match in the immortal spring restaurant. This Magical Wine jar can make good wine, so this should suffice.”

Ye Xiaochen was relieved.

He put the wine jar in storage space and continued to draw the second lottery.

It wasn’t long before the result of the second draw came in.

“Ding, Congratulations on greeting the immortal talent eye tool.”

Ye Xiaochen heard the system prompt, and was slightly stunned, actually an immortal tool?

This was an immortal tool!

Which represents the magical tool used by the immortal.

He quickly took out the talent eye. It was a strange jade eyeball like the thing.

“The talent eye can be used to check the target’s talent. As long as you are an immortal cultivator, you can refine it. Note: the function of the eye of talent depends on the cultivation and must be unlocked accordingly.”

After Ye Xiaochen saw the information of the eye of talent, he immediately breathed a sigh of relief. Fortunately, there was no limitation on the cultivation level, so he could also use it.

Promptly, without thinking, he bit his finger and dropped a drop of blood on the talent eye, which immediately absorbed the blood.

At the same time, Ye Xiaochen injected his energy into the talent eye. In an instant, the talent eye turned into a ray of light and suddenly disappeared into Ye Xiaochen’s left eye.

A sharp pain burst out, Ye Xiaochen let out a low cry, and covered his left eye, he was unable to open the eye and felt like it was burning.

At this moment, a strange eye appeared in his mind. Talent eye.
When his spirit talent communicated with the talent eye, he received streams of information.

“Foundation Stage, initial, please select the talent to unlock…”

, he could see innumerable branches of talent in talent eye skill.

Such as cultivation talent, alchemy talent, weapon refining talent, etc. There was no need to ponder, it must be planting talent.
With Ye Xiaochen’s decision, all the other talents were removed, leaving only planting talent.

This means that in future Ye Xiaochen would be able to use the talent eye to detect other people’s planting talent.

The talent eye has a strict hierarchy for talent evaluation. Yellow, Balck, Earth, Heaven, and Divine.
Every grade except the Divine grade has ten levels. Ye Xiaochen’s Shennong talent belongs to Divine grade and was the limit of planting talent.

There were also Divine grades in other talents. As long as that person grows, they become absolutely invincible in that field.

Moreover, divine talent was very rare and was unique.

It was like Shennong talent, between heaven and earth, it’s afraid that only Ye Xiaochen has divine level planting.

Any talent, as long as you reach the yellow grade, you have the qualification for entry in that field.

If you can’t even get into Yellow grade, then it’s better to save your breath and forget about it.

“Hey, with the talent eye, I can check other people’s planting talents. In this way, it will be easier to find talents.”

Ye XIaochen was delighted.

It was very inefficient to find talent using the five finger spirit listening method

Spirit listening was not something that all could learn. After the lottery, Ye Xiochen’s mood became good.
Although the first draw magical wine jar was good as it could be, the talent eye drawn from the second lottery was simply excellent.

If he wanted to develop the planting industry on earth, he couldn’t do it alone. He must cultivate more planting talents.

Otherwise, when would his main task be completed?

He looked at his account and found that there were more than 10,000 immortal yuan in his account, for which he didn’t have any use for the time being. He saved it, and when there was a need in the future, he wouldn’t be facing the trouble of having less immortal yuan.

, he asked Dou Fanger to deal with a few immortal seeds. He didn’t need to worry about planting, the bean soldier would do a good job.

The next morning.

Ye Xiaochen returned home.

Now the family has shifted to the new house, the floor was of concrete, the area was large and was surrounded by a railing.

Mother was cleaning the floor.

The chicken, ducks, geese at home were all free-range, so they have to clean the floor every day.

Ye Xiaochen’s thoughts moved and stimulated his divine energy then he poured into the talent eye, and immediately Ye Xiaochen’s left eye shined.

In his mind, suddenly his mother’s planting talent information appeared. Planting talent: None.
“Mother has no planting talent, but what about father?”

Ye Xiaochen murmured, and he quickly asked his mother, “Mother, where is the father?”

“He is cooking.”

The mother looked at him and said.

Ye Xiaochen quickly walked into the house and saw that his father was in the kitchen. He quickly used the talent eye to check the talent.

Immediately, under the detection of the talent eye, father’s talent information also appeared. Planting talent: None.

Ye Xiaochen secretly sighed, even his father was lacking talent!

Parents have no planting talent, so it was not possible for him to have the planting talent, and even if there, it would be very low.

However, now his planting talent has reached divine grade, which only shows that his Shennong talent was not just a simple inheritance.

If a person really has a certain talent, as long as it was not buried, it would certainly shine.

Mother and father were farmers for their whole life. If they really had planting talent, it would not show ‘none’.

Chapter 232

Yang city plant consciousness research institute.

As soon as Ye Xiaochen entered the area, he looked at all the researchers with the talent eye.

Sure enough, as long as the person has spirit listening talent, they also had planting talent.

Naturally, there were high and low-level planting talents.

Most of them had yellow grades with levels one to five, and only a few people have reached level six or seven.

As for level eight and above, there was no one, let alone the black grade.

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help but release a sigh, it was really rare for a talent to reach black grade.

There are a lot of people on earth who might have planting talent, but probably most of them would be yellow grade.

As for the black grade, even if there were any, it was certainly in a small number. As for the Shennong talent like Ye Xiaochen, it was only born under extraordinary circumstances.

For several days in a row, Ye Xiaochen especially took his car to the street and went places with a lot of people, then used his talent eye to check the planting talent of the people.

Unfortunately, he hasn’t met any.

He has to say, the planting talent was really rare!

It was no wonder the people from the institute were elites selected from hundreds of millions of people.

Today, just when Ye Xiaochen came out of the research institute, he suddenly received a call from Wang Yuandong.

After the experts’ group visit, the relationship between the two has eased a lot.

Of course, Wang Yuandong would never take initiative calls, except accidentally.

“Yuandong, today the sun seems to rise from the west. Why did you call me?”

Ye Xiaochen pressed the answer key and said with a smile.

Wang Yuandong on the other side almost vomited blood, it was like an elder talking to a junior.

However, he got completely depressed when he thought of Ye Xiaochen’s relation with his aunt.

“Ye, brother Ye, there is something I want to tell you.”

Wang Yuandong hesitated a little and finally called him brother Ye. If it was in the past, he would have never called him that. However, now Ye Xiaochen’s achievements have gone far beyond him and directly made him look up to him.

He has lost all the desire for comparison.

“What’s the matter?”

Ye Xiaochen asked.

“Do you still remember teacher He, our former counselor at Agricultural university?”

Wang Yuandong asked.

“Yes, what happened?”

Ye Xiaochen was a little stunned.

“Yesterday, Mr.He contacted me, since you graduated from Agricultural university it has become your alma mater, so he hoped that you can go back to university as a visiting professor. You don’t need to do anything, just mostly need to put your name.”

Wang Yuandong said.

He sighed in his heart, although the agricultural university was a second- tier university, it was still a great honor to become a visiting professor of it.

If he wants to achieve such an achievement, he doesn’t know how long it would take to make it possible.

In fact, Agricultural University for a long time had this idea, after all, Ye Xiaochen was a graduate of the Agricultural University which was an extremely glorious thing for the university, after all, it was an achievement of cultivating such a student.

Now there is no student of Agricultural university who doesn’t know that there was a senior who has graduated and became the associate professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Currently, Ye Xiaochen has become the idol of the students of the agricultural university.

Ye Xiaochen pondered for a bit and suddenly understood the matter.

Now that he has become very famous, the southern agricultural university hopes to publicize its old graduate.

It was a tradition among many universities.

This was not a bad thing, he has graduated from the Agricultural University, if he could help his alma mater, he was quite willing.

Immediately, he set an appointment with Wang Yuandong.

The next day, at Yang city branch immortal spring restaurant, Ye Xiaochen met his former counselor He Haijian.

In addition, there were two more university members, one was vice president, and the other was the director of the academic affairs office.

He Haijian was a tall, handsome middle-aged man.

When he was at school, it was said that there were girls who liked him secretly and made some trouble.

“Teacher He, it’s been a long time.”

Ye Xiaochen greeted He Haijian.

He Haijain saw the extraordinary temperament of Ye Xiaochen and his heart was filled with emotion.

He did not have any deep impression of Ye Xiaochen, because he was very low-key in class, introverted and did not like to talk much. His sense of existence was too low.

If he didn’t get news about him from school leaders, it was afraid that he would have never remembered Ye Xiaochen. He couldn’t really relate the present Ye Xiaochen to the former low-key and the introverted student.

Things always change!

Talking about old matters made the atmosphere more relaxed.

“Mr.Ye, we had a discussion at our university. We hope you to be the visiting professor. There is no restriction, it is just showing name, if possible, you can open a class on plant consciousness. It is up to you if it is a full class or half class, as long as you nod, it would be settled. Now it’s up to your decision.”

The speaker was vice president Hu

Southern province agricultural university was a common undergraduate school, so its position in the provincial education circle was not very outstanding.

Even this time, the cooperation between the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the scientific research community of the Southern province did not benefit the Agricultural university much. The two universities that benefited were Nanjing university and Xiangtan University.

However, Ye Xiaochen graduated from Agricultural university, this was an opportunity from heaven. If Ye XIaochen could become a visiting professor and even open a course in plant consciousness, it would be of great significance.

According to the Agricultural university’s senior management plan, it was to open a department devoted to the study of plant consciousness.

Ye Xiaochen saw He Haijian and other people’s expectant eyes, then he pondered for a moment.

Originally, his goal was to set a specialized college on plant consciousness when the discipline system of the plant consciousness was perfected to a certain extent and cultivate planting talent. Now, it seems that this plan could be changed. First, let’s cooperate with the Agricultural University to set up a course on plant consciousness.

Moreover, he believes that there should be students with planting talent at the university.

After all, most majors in the agricultural university were related to agriculture and planting.

“Haha, this is a good thing and also would be my honor. I don’t have any opinion.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

He Haijian and others were immediately surprised.

They thought it would take some words and efforts, but Ye Xiaochen agreed so easily.

They were genuinely happy.

Ye Xiaochen made an appointment with them that he would visit the Southern Agricultural university.

It was time for dinner.

It was the first time for them to taste the vegetarian food of the immortal spring restaurant. The food was so delicious that they almost swallowed their tongue.

“It is so delicious. It’s just vegetarian food but so delicious. I thought the fame of the immortal spring restaurant was exaggerated. The food is delicious, but unfortunately, the food here is too expensive.”

He Haijian looked at the empty dishes and felt that it was not enough. Every dish left him with a lasting impression on him.
He Haijian couldn’t help sighing. The food here was very expensive. If it wasn’t for Ye Xiaochen’s treat, he would have never been able to come to such an expensive place for a meal.

“Mr.He, if you really want to eat here, you can just call brother Ye in the future. He is the boss of the immortal spring restaurant.”

Wang Yuandong laughed.

He really liked the food of the immortal spring restaurant. Every time, he came to yang city, he would come here and have a big meal.

He Haijian and the other two were in shock, Ye Xiaochen was still the boss of the immortal spring restaurant.

It seems that Ye Xiaochen was not only a big player in the botany industry, he also had the strong ability to make money!

Chapter 233

Southern Agricultural University.

Compared with those hundred-year-old universities, this was a relatively young university and its sense of historical weight was much thinner.

However, the greenery of the campus was very good.

Clean streets, neat ornamental trees, and a crowd of students; there was a strong academic atmosphere.

“Did you hear? Ye Xiaochen of the 07th batch is going to be a visiting professor. Do you think it’s true?”

“It’s true, I heard that the timing has been fixed.”

“I am really looking forward to it. Senior Ye is the most talented graduate from our university. He is the associate professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, the youngest associate professor in the history of the Chinese Academy of Sciences!”

“Well, Ye Xiaochen is not much older than us and he is already an associate professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It’s really amazing.” “It is said that during university time Ye Xiaochen was not an outstanding student.”
“What do you mean not outstanding? That is called being low-key!” “It seems that the university is going to open a course on plant
consciousness. When it happens, I am definitely going to join it.”

“It is not that easy. I heard that if you want to study plant consciousness, you need to have something called spirit listening talent.”

“Plant consciousness is now considered as the future of botany. If we can learn this knowledge, it would be very beneficial for us.”

“I’ve also heard that this spirit listening talent is very mysterious, and it seems that many botanist experts don’t have this talent.”


It is not known when the topic of Ye Xiaochen coming to university as a visiting professor began to spread.

At the end of the day, it got worse and worse, and almost all the students got to know about it.

Many students were looking forward to the visit.

They admired their senior Ye Xiaochen very much, he was the top talent from their university!

They all felt proud in their hearts. Who said that the Southern Agricultural university could not produce talents?

At the beginning many people were skeptical about the news, after all, there was no official confirmation and maybe it was just a rumor.

However, when students found that some staff members had started to pull up banners at the school’s gate, in which it was written, “welcome Professor Ye Xiaochen, alumni of 07th batch.” Immediately, the rumor that Ye Xiaochen was coming as a visiting professor was confirmed.

The news media also mentioned this matter, which really increased the face of the Southern Agricultural university.

Today, Ye Xiaochen drove to Southern Agricultural university, he saw the conspicuous banner at the entrance, and his face revealed a smile. He did not expect one day he would receive such a high treatment when returned to his alma mater.

In the beginning, he was just a very ordinary graduate of Southern Agricultural university.

He drove in.

Although it has been a few years since he graduated, the environment inside hasn’t changed much.

It was almost the same as in his memory.

This gave him a feeling of nostalgia, and he remembered life during his university days.

Passing by a basketball court, he could see many students sweating like rain.

He stopped the car, got out of the car, and walked to the basketball court. It’s been a long time since he played basketball.
In the past, when he was in university, he would play basketball on weekends. Although his skills were not good, he liked playing.

Suddenly, a basketball flew towards a girl who was reading a book near the court.

“Sister Yu, stop reading and play a game with us.” A tall young man in a basketball dress laughed and said. His strong muscles could be clearly seen in the sun. “Your skills are not good, so it would be boring.”
The girl caught the basketball in one hand and raised her head, revealing a bright face. She has a nice and very delicate face.

“Old rules, what do you say?”

Said the young man. “That’s what you said.” The girl stood up.
Ye Xiaochen was surprised to find that the girl was not short and extremely tall, at least more than 1.75m.

She took off her clothes, and inside she was wearing the basketball suit. She entered the court with a basketball in one hand.
In the next game, Ye Xiaochen saw her skills.

Although she was a girl, her speed and skills were extremely good. Even though her opponent has the advantage of height and body, he was beaten by her.

Her jumping ability was amazing.

Ye Xiaochen was surprised to see, such a campus beauty could still be a basketball master, it is really hard to judge!

Suddenly, he used the talent eye and looked at the people on the court.

When he saw the girl, he was stunned and a little surprised, because the girl’s planting talent was very good, her talent had reached yellow grade seventh level.

It was the same level as the Academician Yang.

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help but smile. Originally, he thought that since the girl’s basketball skills were high, she had strong sports talent, but he didn’t expect that her real talent was planting talent.


When the tall man was about to throw the ball to the basket, the girl jumped and deflected it.

The basketball flew high and went towards Ye Xiaochen’s position. Fast!
Ye Xiaochen grabbed the basketball with one hand, and his eyes fell on the basketball backboard. With a slight throw, the basketball flew out and fell into the basket with extreme accuracy.

The people who were playing were stunned.

Such a long-distance had already exceeded the three-point line, and it was thrown with one hand if it was not due to luck then it shows that the skills were very good.

The tall young man’s eyes lit up, he quickly ran over and said, “big brother, do you want to play a match?”

“Haha, it’s been a long time since I played.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said.

“Your shooting skills don’t look like someone who hasn’t played for a long time. Let’s play a match.”

The tall young man rubbed his hands and was looking forward to it. “Chaozi, take a break first.”, he said to his companion. The companion nodded and walked out of the court.
Ye Xiaochen, seeing this, could only agree and immediately walked into the court.

In fact, the reason why he agreed to play basketball mainly because he was interested in the girl Yu, with such a high planting talent, she could be recruited into the research institute.

At the beginning of the game, sister Yu used her speed as an advantage to take the ball successfully, and then directly made a three-point shot, it seemed as if she was challenging Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help laughing.

Although his skill was average, his physical quality was extremely good.

He was at the initial foundation stage, and his body speed already crossed the human realm. His reaction speed, strength, jumping ability, and others were better than ordinary humans, even those abnormal NBA players couldn’t compete with him.

As soon as the ball fell into his hands, he broke through quickly with speed.

The girl Yu’s reaction was also fast, she went to intercept, but he passed by her in a flash.

When She reacted, Ye Xiaochen already made a layup. The sister Yu was surprised, so fast?
She then took the ball.

Her dribbling skills were quick and changed very fast, which could let humans dazzle, she already broke through. Seeing the sister Yu was about to arrive under the backboard, Ye Xiaochen appeared in front of her.

Sister Yu’s eyes revealed a strong sense of war, she tried to rush through right, then left but every time Ye Xiaochen would intercept her.

She used several tactics, but couldn’t get rid of Ye Xiaochen and finally did a layup.

Speaking of which, Ye Xiaochen was only 1.7 m tall, and sister Yu was taller than him.

Also, sister Yu’s jumping ability was very strong. Unfortunately, she met Ye Xiaochen.

A block.

The basketball flew out and landed in the hands of the tall young man. Sister Yu was stunned.
Ye Xiaochen’s backward jump could actually block her basketball throw, this reaction speed and jumping power is too frightening, right?

Chapter 234

The next game could be said one-sided.

“Not playing anymore”

Sister Yu threw the basketball and depressingly said. “Haha, Sister Yu, we finally defeated you once.” The tall young man laughed and said.
“Did you defeat me?”

Sister Yu disdainfully said.

The tall young man was choked, he then laughed and asked Ye Xiaochen,
“Big brother, what is your name?”

“My name is Ye Xiaochen, a graduate of the Southern Agricultural University.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

“Wow, so it is senor Ye! My name is Ning Ze, and this is Ji Yuting.”

The tall young man hurriedly said. “You said your name is Ye Xiaochen. Why don’t you say you are Ye Xiaochen who is the associate professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences?”

Ji Yuting looked at Ye Xiaochen and suddenly said.

“Eh! Senor, are you really that Ye Xiaochen?”

Ning Ze was surprised.

Now in the Southern Agricultural University, who doesn’t know Ye Xiaochen’s name?

Now at the moment, this senior claimed to be Ye Xiaochen, was he really the associate professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences?

No way!

They don’t believe it, because Ye Xiaochen doesn’t look like an academic expert at all.

Ye Xiaochen touched his nose and said with a smile, “It should be the same name, you guys play, I have something to do, so I am leaving first.”

“Brother Ye, let’s exchange WeChat.”

Ning Ze hurriedly said.


Ye Xiaochen took out his mobile phone and they exchanged the Wechat id.
He also exchanged with Ji Yuting, whose WeChat name was Yu Jie. (Tn 姐: Jie means older sister)
When Ye Xiaochen went out of the basketball court and headed to Porsche Cayenne, Ning Ze and others in the court looked at him with widened eyes.

“Damn, I didn’t expect that brother Ye not only has good basketball skills but also drives such a good car. He is a total Mr.Perfect(handsome and rich person). Sister Yu, this is a good opportunity, if you try, maybe you can hook up with him.”

Ning Ze joked.

“My criteria for the boyfriend is that his basketball skills should be better than mine and he can’t be shorter than me, it doesn’t matter whether he is rich or not. The important thing is that he should be more talented than me,”

Sister Yu calmly said.

Ning Ze and others were speechless. Taller than You?
The brother Ye seemed to be around 1.7 meters, right?

Ye Xiaochen doesn’t know what the Ning Ze and others were talking, otherwise, he would have been speechless knowing that he was despised by women because of height.

Ye Xiaochen parked the car, took out his mobile phone and called He Haijian.

He Haijian got to know that Ye Xiaochen had arrived at the university, so he hurriedly said that he would be coming to pick up Ye Xiaochen.

In the President’s office.

Ye Xiaochen met many leaders of Southern Agricultural University. They gave Ye Xiaochen a warm welcome and looked very enthusiastic. Ye Xiaochen was officially made a visiting professor of the Southern Agricultural University when he accepted the appointment from the president.

Originally, President Li Kaifang wanted to hold a welcome ceremony, but Ye Xiaochen did not want to be too high-profile and directly refused.

He didn’t want the university to prepare, so he directly came to the university.

“Professor Ye, since you are here, why don’t you take a class first?”

President Li Kaifang suddenly proposed the idea.


Ye Xiaochen nodded.

Anyway, he has nothing to do today. Since he was already here, he couldn’t just take the letter of appointment and leave.

Li Kaifang and other university leaders were overjoyed and immediately started to prepare.

Not before long, there was an announcement from the university broadcast that associate professor of Chinese Academy of Sciences, Ye Xiaochen has come to university and become a visiting professor of the university. He would be holding a lecture in the auditorium in the afternoon, and the students were welcomed to register.

After the broadcast, the whole campus went into a frenzy.

Shortly, countless students went to register after hearing the news. On the basketball court.
Ning Ze and others were playing basketball, Ju Yuting had already left.

“Senior Ye Xiaochen has already arrived?” Ning Ze and others were surprised.

“You say, can that brother Ye be the senior Ye Xiaochen”

Someone suddenly said.

“Well, this, this is possible. The name Ye Xiaochen was the same, it cannot be so coincidental.”

Ning Ze’s eyes lit up and immediately said.

“So, we might have played basketball with senior Ye Xiaochen?” “Haha, great, we also have his WeChat.”
Ning Ze and others were excited. “Let’s go, we need to sign up quickly.” Nin Ze said hurriedly.
Immediately, the group of students stopped playing basketball and directly went to the registration place.

Ji Yuting was looking for the book in front of a bookshelf and suddenly heard the broadcast.

“Senior Ye Xiaochen has arrived at the university?”

Ji Yuting’s eyes shined.

She admired this famous senior.

At a young age, he became an associate professor at the Chinese Academy of Science, and what was even more incredible was he created a new discipline called plant consciousness.

Her goal was to join the Yang city plant consciousness research institute, and study plant consciousness. Thinking of this, she hurriedly left the library.

“Principal, too many students have registered, the auditorium can not accommodate them.”

The Director of the academic affairs office, who was responsible for the arrangement of the classroom, quickly reported to the principal.

“Since the auditorium can not be done, then let’s directly use the stadium.”

Li Kaifang thought for a while and said.

Although the stadium was very big, it would reduce the teaching atmosphere a lot, however, there was no other option.

One o’clock in the afternoon.

The stadium of the Southern Agricultural University was overcrowded. Countless students have come.
For this reason, the leading teachers of each department had to organize the student to sit in various areas, to avoid chaos.

Due to a large number of people, the seats of the stadium were all occupied, and many had to stand.

There was a lot of noise in the big stadium.

A platform was already arranged to let Ye Xaiaochen take the lecture.

Near the rostrum, the leader and the teachers of the university were sitting.

Two o clock sharp.

The director of the academic affairs office, holding the microphone said loudly, “Dear students, teachers, and leaders, let us now give warm applause and welcome Ye Xiaochen, the associate professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and 07th batch alumni. He is going to give a lecture on the new discipline of plant consciousness.”

Suddenly, countless eyes fell in one direction, there was a straight figure coming over, and stepped the platform.
With the emergence of this figure, immediately there was warm applause. At the same time, many students shouted, “Ye Xiaochen, Ye

In the crowd, Ning Ze and his companions saw the familiar face and froze for a moment, and immediately revealed happiness. They frantically shouted and looked very excited.

They couldn’t help but get excited, because they played basketball with Ye Xiaochen.

On the other side, sitting among the crowd of girls, on the delicate face of Ji Yuting there was an expression of shock, and couldn’t help cover her mouth, as if afraid to scream.

“How could it be him?”

Ji Yuting murmured.

The other girls sitting next to her screamed as if the fans were seeing their idols.

For the students of the Southern agricultural university, Ye Xiaochen has really become an idol in their hearts.

Chapter 235

The applause rang out like thunder, many students were shouting YE Xiaochen’s name, and the girls were especially screaming.

Ye Xiaochen had just arrived at the stage and was almost taken aback. He did not expect that the students at his alma mater would be so enthusiastic.

It was the first time that he faced such a scene, all the people of the Southern Agricultural University who could come have arrived, the number was probably around ten thousand. The stadium was densely packed with human heads, and their shouts were like landslides and tsunami.

“Everyone, please be quiet?”

Ye Xiaochen took the microphone from the director of the academic affairs office, seeing that the shouting and applause didn’t stop, he immediately said it with the microphone.

His words were useful, the scene gradually calmed down, countless pairs of eyes were staring at Ye Xiaohen with full of excitement.

“Hello everyone, I am Ye Xiaochen, a 07th batch graduate. Today I am back at my alma mater. It is my honor to stand here and give you a lecture.”

Ye Xiaochen said. His mood gradually calmed down.

After all, he was a person who has seen big scenes, so he was able to adapt quickly.

“Before I start my lecture on plant consciousness, I’m going to show you an experiment to let you have a more intuitive understanding.”

Ye Xiaochen stopped for a moment and continued.

Shortly, some school staff brought pots of flowers, all were in the budding stage. Within less than a few minutes, Ye Xiaochen was surrounded by various kinds of flower pots.

“If you look at these flower pots, all of them are in the budding stage. Normally, they have their own blooming time. However, in the plant consciousness, I am studying, it can make their nature change and let them bloom ahead of time.”

Ye Xiaochen holding the microphone said.

All of a sudden, a magical scene appeared, they don’t know what action Ye Xiaochen did, but the flower pots surrounding him started blooming at the same time.

In an instant, the scene turned colorful.

There was an air of silence in the whole stadium and only the sound of gasps could be heard.

They felt like they were watching magic.

However, the issue was it was more mysterious than magic.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t even move his hand, and the flowers bloomed automatically.

It was extremely mystical. Many people asked aloud, senior Ye Xiaochen how did you do it?

“As you can see, there are at least dozens of flower buds, but they bloomed at the same time, I haven’t used any magic to make them bloom. I have communicated with the consciousness, to let them actively bloom. This consciousness is plant consciousness. Everything has a spirit and can communicate. When we can solve the barrier of communication, everything becomes simple, it’s just like how we communicate with foreigners, we don’t speak the same language, but we still found a way to communicate. As a result, translations of different languages appeared. In the same manner, a means exists to communicate between different species. This is the basis of my research on plant consciousness. When we can solve the communication barrier, it is no longer difficult to communicate with plants. It is simple as our daily life conversation, hello, have you had your dinner? I had some. The communication between me and these flowers are like these simple conversations. I said to them that there are many alumni of mine who want to see you all bloom together. For these flowers, somebody wants to see them blooming, naturally, they felt happy. In such a natural way the flower buds bloomed….”

Ye Xiaochen began to speak eloquently.

Many people felt interesting, it was not profound and simple to understand.

“Senior Ye, may I ask a question?”

A boy suddenly shouted.

“Student, Please ask what question you have.”

Ye Xiaochen’s hearing was amazing, his eyes looked everywhere and he absolutely didn’t miss anything

If it was changed to other ordinary teachers, it would be difficult to grasp such a large class. The boy was very surprised, he didn’t expect senior Ye Xiaochen really heard what he said. He quickly stood up and asked, “Senior Ye, I’ve heard that for learning plant consciousness the person needs to have spirit listening talent, is it true?”

This was the question many people wanted to ask.

There were a lot of rumors about the spirit listening talent on the internet and even things about the five finger spirit listening have been spread.

However, they couldn’t see the magic of these things, there was no effect at all.

Naturally, there was also a rumor that the spirit listening is deceptive and Ye Xiaochen’s so-called plant consciousness is a trick to bluff people.

“I think this student’s question is also everyone’s question. Let me say, the so-called spirit listening talent, is only one aspect, more precisely, it should be planting talent.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and continued, “What is planting talent, to speak in simple terms, it is whether you have the talent to be a farmer. Many people think that to become a farmer should there be a planting talent? Naturally, every industry requires talent. If you want to write a novel, you should have a talent for writing, otherwise, it is impossible to become famous and have food to eat. To become a scientist, you must have talent in this field, otherwise, it will be even hard for you to enter in this field. Athletes, businessmen, and even martial art practitioners, have the corresponding talent. If you don’t have talent, it may be very difficult to achieve success.”

Many people thought that the talent was really important.

Wasn’t there a famous saying that Genius is 1% talent and 99% percent hard work? Actually, hard work is important, but the talent is more important.

“Senior Ye, how can we know if we have the planting talent?” The boy asked curiously.

“First of all, you have to know if you have any interest in planting. If not, then I can be sure that you do not have the talent in this field, because if you don’t have any interest, how can you have the talent?”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said.

“Senior Ye, I am very interested in planting, otherwise, I would have not taken this major.”

The boy hurriedly said.

Suddenly, many people started saying they were interested.

In this regard, Ye Xiaochen just smiled and said, “a preliminary test can be done to check if one has this talent. This test will not definitely determine whether you have planting talent, but if you fail, it means you absolutely have no planting talent.”

“First, close your eyes, and then in your mind, imagine a plant you are most familiar with. If you can clearly imagine this plant in your mind, then it means you may have the planting talent. As for those who can’t imagine in your mind, it means that you absolutely do not have this talent.”

Ye Xiaochen explained the method of the preliminary test and said, “I will open a course on plant consciousness in the university. The classes will be held once every half month. When the time comes, the students that may have planting talent can apply for registration, if there is no talent, then do not sign up.”

When Ye XIaochen said the test method, immediately many students closed their eyes and began to imagine the plant they were most familiar with.

Chapter 236

In the stadium, Ning Ze closed his eyes and tried to imagine for a long time, but he didn’t feel anything at all.

He opened his eyes helplessly and was depressed, it seems that he has no planting talent!

“Gang, do you have?”

Ning Ze saw Cheng Gang who was next to him also opened his eyes, and hurriedly asked.

“Well, I almost fell asleep and couldn’t imagine any plant.”

Cheng Gang wiped the drool from the corner of his mouth and said. Ning Ze rolled his eyes.
The others also opened their eyes and shook their heads.

“None of us have planting talent?”

Ning Ze was very surprised.

There were a lot of people around them who were opening their eyes, but none of them seemed to have any talent. Naturally, from time to time someone managed to successfully imagine a familiar plant, which attracted the envy of the nearby people.

Although it was not necessary that they have planting talent, at least there was a certain chance.

Ji Yuting also opened her eyes.

“Yuting, how did it go?” A girl nearby her asked. “Not bad.”
Ji Yuting gently said.

“It seems that you probably have a talent for planting, but we don’t have any. I was simply unable to imagine the appearance of any plant, the more I tried the fuzzier it became!”

“Yes. Yuting, it’s great that you can register for senior Ye’s course.”

“I also want to listen to Ye XIaochen’s class. Have you observed that senior Ye is very handsome!”

“Yes, he is very handsome and has a good temperament. I’m deeply attracted to him.”

“You are flirting again.”


Ji Yuting listened to the squabbles of her friends, and her eyes fell on Ye Xiaochen on the stage, a smile appeared on the corner of her mouth.

After half an hour later. The lecture was over. Ye Xiaochen left the stadium early.

However, he did not leave the university, instead, he asked the university leaders to prepare a classroom where he could personally accept the student’s application.

The reason why he did was naturally to take a look at those applicants with his talent eye.

After all, the test wasn’t 100% accurate.

It didn’t take long before the first student came to register.

Unfortunately, Ye Xiaochen saw that the student didn’t have any talent with his talent eye.

Nevertheless, Ye Xiaochen still accepted his applications.

If he tries to recruit only those who have talent then he guessed there would be only a few people.

Anyway, his teaching was just an outer appearance, if the person really has the planting talent, he would focus on training that person.

He was curious about whether Ji Yuting would come to register?

That girl has yellow grade seventh level planting talent, which could be considered absolutely best on earth.

Such a talent must be gathered under his banner and cultivated well.

After that, one after another students came to register, but none of them had planting talent.

He sighed in his heart, it seemed that the proportion of people with planting talent was really too small.

Just when he was in thoughts, two more people came in, they seemed like a couple. “Senior Ye, both of us want to register.”

The speaker was a boy wearing glasses and had a gentle manner.

“Have you guys tried that simple test?”

Ye Xiaochen asked.

He didn’t use the talent eye at the start. After all, it costs energy and if there were more people, he would not be able to support it.

“I don’t think I have any planting talent, but I would like to accompany my boyfriend to your class, senior, is that okay?”

The girl asked.


Ye Xiaochen nodded. Anyway, one more increase would not be a loss.

He looked at the boy who was wearing glasses with his talent eye. The next moment, his eyes lit up. The boy had planting talent.

For Ye Xiaochen, something was better than nothing.

He calculated in his mind, with the addition of Ji Yuting, now there were two people with planting talent.

Well, this time’s visit to the Agricultural University was not in vain.
Ye Xiaochen asked the two people to leave their contact and other details. Zhao Kaiping, the boy with the glasses, wanted to add we Chat, and Ye
Xiaochen immediately agreed.

There were other applicants who also wanted to add his weChat, but he turned them down.

If he adds everyone in his WeChat, won’t his WeChat explode! The reason he added Zhao Kaiping was naturally because he had the planting talent, and was worthy to cultivate.

Zhao Kaiping doesn’t know that he had entered the key training list of Ye Xiaochen. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be known how excited he would have been.

In the following period, many people came. The number of students in the agricultural university was not less, even if 100:1 ratio was taken, at least 100 to 200 people applied.

Ye Xiaochen discovered another one with the planting talent. Like Zhao Kaiping, he was also a yellow grade first level talent.

Maybe his luck ended, after that, there were no people with planting talent.

At last, Ji Yuting came. Ye Xiaochen finally breathed a sigh of relief, he was afraid that Ji Yuting didn’t want to attend his class.

Otherwise, he would have had to try to persuade her, and she might have thought he has some ulterior motive if he did that.

“Senior, we met again.”

Ji Yuting skilfully smiled.

“Haha, I thought you wouldn’t come.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“Senior, how did you know I would come?”

Ji Yuitng listened to the unexpected situation and asked curiously.

“Because I saw that you have a pretty good planting talent.”

Ye Xiaochen directly said. Such a good seedling, Ye Xiaochen naturally attached great importance to it. If Ji Yuting was given a good development space, her future achievement would be pretty good, not to mention reaching the level of Academician Yang.

“Senior, what you said is true?”

Ji Yuting’s eyes shined and hurriedly asked.

“It’s true.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“You don’t have any other ideas, do you? Otherwise, how can you directly say I have planting talent?”

Ji Yuting was the kind of girl who dares to say what she thinks.

“Haha, do I look like that kind of person? Why don’t you try the spirit listening method.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said.

Ji Yuting’s eyes shined, she hurriedly nodded.

Ye Xiaochen told the details of the method and gave her some advice. It didn’t take much time for Ji Yuting to enter the spirit listening state.
After a long time, Ji Yuting opened her eyes, showing a novel look, “Senior, it’s wonderful, is this the magical perception of the spirit listening state?”

“Haha, of course. The people without planting talent have no way to enter the spirit listening state. Moreover, your entry time in the spirit listening state is fast, and your state lasted for a long time, which indicates that your planting talent is good.”

Ye Xiaochen nodded and said. “Hehe, I believe you now. It seems that I am really talented!”

Ji Yuting revealed a sweet dimple and then curiously asked, “Senior, with my talent, is there any hope to surpass you in the future?”

Ye Xiaochen was astounded and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He looked at Ji Yuting and said, “Do you want to hear the truth or lie?”

“Listen to both.”

Ji Yuting blinked her eyes and said.

“As long as you work hard, you might surpass me one day. As the saying goes, the rear waves of the Yangtze river drive on those before.”

(Tn: each new generation excels the previous) Ye Xiaochen said.
“And the truth?” “It’s impossible.” Ye Xiaochen said.
“Why is it impossible? I am talented. Don’t the rear waves of Yangtze river drive on those before and the student surpasses the master?”

Ji Yuting pouted and said.

“Because I am more talented than you!”

Ye Xiaochen burst into laughter.

Ji Yuting’s eyes widened, and suddenly she felt that the senior was really an interesting person.

Chapter 237

During this trip to Southern Agricultural University, Ye Xiaochen’s final harvest was four people with planting talents.

After Ji Yuting left, he accepted one more person. Moreover, that person was a teacher, his name was Huang Yuandeng.

After graduation, he stayed in the university for three years and was still a teaching assistant. The reason why he wanted to register was to give a try, thinking if he has planting talent then maybe he would be able to change the current situation.

Ji Yuting, yellow grade seventh level. Zhao Kaiping, yellow grade first level. Li Suyuan, yellow grade first level.
Huang Yuandeng, yellow grade second level.

Out of more than 10,000 people, he found only four with planting talent. This was a very low ratio.
Moreover, this was in Southern Agricultural university, where the probability of the appearance of planting talent should be high. So it seems that under normal circumstances, the proportion of people with planting talent was probably in one hundred thousand or even in a million.

This means that among billions of people around the world, only a few thousand might have planting talent.

Most of them might be older and harder to find.

After deducting a part of it, then it was left with two to three thousand people that could be found, and the number would be even less in China.

In the end, the number of people enrolled in the course was 180. That was a lot of people.
After leaving Southern Agricultural University, Ye Xiaochen went to Nanjing Business school, to give something to his sister.

His sister knew that Ye Xiaochen was coming to Shashi city, and also was aware that he was invited by the Southern Agricultural University as a visiting professor. She didn’t know what to say.

Her brother seems to become more and more awesome, if it wasn’t that they have grown up together, she really doubted whether he was possessed by some monster.

After coming back to Shashi, Ye Xiaochen returned to his usual life. In the twinkling of an eye, more than half a month has passed.
It was already the end of Yuan month, less than half a month from the Spring Festival.

The sister didn’t come back, and the told parents that she would be doing a summer job.

However, Ye Xiaochen knows that his sister was helping Guo Moyun in taking care of some trivial matters in the studio. During this period, Ye Xiaochen refined another bean soldier, this time he refined the immortal red bean, belonging to the fire department. Ye Xiaochen named it Dou Hongsan.

With the addition of a third bean soldier, Ye Xiaochen bought three more immortal lands. Now, the total number of second-level immortal lands reached twenty.

In these three immortal lands, he planted the new varieties of immortal plants.

As the number of immortal lands increased, a batch of immortal plants matured every few days, which greatly increased the income of immortal yuan.

The immortal spring restaurant was developing quickly. Now the branch of Yang city has been stabilized and the earth Shennong farm was also running normally, so the opening of the third immortal spring restaurant has been put on the agenda.

Now that Ye Xiaochen’s foundation in Ye Xiaochen was almost solid, it was important to open a branch there.

In addition, the immortal spring fruit wine also entered the tables of the immortal spring restaurant.

This immortal spring fruit wine was brewed by Ye Xiaochen using various fruits, immortal grapes, and mixing immortal spring water in the magical wine jar.

The taste was extraordinary and unforgettable; for the people who have drunk it.

The price of the immortal spring fruit wine was expensive, it was served in a wine gourd, each wine gourd contained half catty and was priced at 8888.

Even though it was very expensive, many wealthy people still bought it. Some even hoped to take back.

Ye Xiaochen has already made the rule that it would be only served in the restaurant, and only one bottle per table in the restaurant would be served.

There was no other way, the production of the immortal spring wine was very limited.

After brewing the wine, he gave some to other people, like Wang Shuisheng, Zeng Hongye, and the provincial leaders.

He now has a network of contacts all over the province, and occasionally he would attend some official meetings.

This was after he refused as much as he could, otherwise, he would have been attending some kind of meeting or party every day.

He doesn’t fit in these things.

He also has the status of being a member of the provincial government.

In short, he found that everything had changed since he became an associate professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of the research institute, a wider world had emerged before him.

He was now in contact with the upper class, the so-called social elites. Yang city…
Ye Xiaochen was giving a lecture in the conference room.

All the people present in the conference room had the planting talent.
Academician Yang and others had already gone back.

In addition to Ye Xiaochen, twenty-two people were present on the scene; eighteen people were from the research institute and four were from university; Ji Yuitng and others came as the university had holidays.

They were overjoyed when they received Ye Xiaochen’s notice. Listening to the lecture in a research institute was different from listening to the lecture in a university.

After the end of the lecture, Ye Xiaochen led everyone to a test field. The test field was actually in a high-tech greenhouse.
Inside it was a large paddy field, it was divided into more than twenty parts, and in each rice, seedlings were growing.

This was the super rice that Ye Xiaochen has cultivated recently. He cultivated the super crop to complete the branch task.
Ye Xiaochen repeatedly considered and chose the super rice. Everyone knows the impact of hybrid rice.
If he develops super rice with a higher yield than the hybrid rice, then he could achieve his goal naturally.

His super rice needs to take into account the environment of all parts of the world.

Since it was super rice, of course, it should be able to grow in any environment.

Under normal circumstances, this was an almost impossible task.

However, for Ye Xiaochen, who has the Shennong’s talent, it was not too difficult, but it was really difficult for him to cultivate any plant into an immortal plant.

In this super rice test field, Ye XIaochen explained to the people present on the scene how to communicate with the plant consciousness and exert influence on the plants at the level of consciousness.

He personally drew them all into the spirit listening realm, and let them experience it one by one. Now, many of Ye Xiaochen’s current methods of training them followed the method of cultivating immortal planters in the immortal world. Because they were dealing with only ordinary plants, the things that some immortal planters learned haven’t been taught.

Since the systematic study of the plant consciousness discipline, these researchers have become more and more interested in the subject, because they have touched a wider world.

“Well, let’s call it a day. Everyone take care of your rice field section, tomorrow I will come to check your progress.”

Ye Xiaochen finally said.

There were more than twenty rice fields here, and each person was responsible for one.

Ye XIaochen was in charge of the largest rice fields.

Now, this super rice was the only research project of the institute and everyone couldn’t wait to stay here 24 hours a day.

Apart from Ji Yuting and the other three, rest already had the ability to do spirit listening and could try to communicate with plant consciousness. Their daily task was to communicate with the plant consciousness and communicate with seedlings.

As Ji Yuting and the other three came to a short while ago, Ye Xiaochen asked them to see more basic knowledge and practice more spirit listening.

Just as he came out of the test field, suddenly Ye Xiaochen received a call from his sister Ye Ying.

Ye Ying was actually crying on the phone.

“Brother, the mobile game painstakingly designed by Moyun’s studio, has been secretly sold to Yingling game. And, The Yingling game company is now falsely accusing Moyun of plagiarism…” Ye Xiaochen was stunned when he heard Ye Yin’s crying voice

Chapter 238

Earlier, Ye Xiaochen from his sister got to know that Guo Moyun’s game studio was in negotiation with Yinling Games.

This company called Yinling games was relatively famous in the game field and has made several well- known games.

Just how did this happen all of a sudden?

“Sister, don’t cry. What is going on?”

Ye Xiaochen heard the sister’s crying voice and immediately comforted her.

Ye Ying stammeringly explained the situation.

Ye Xiaochen got to know what was going on. Originally, the game designed by Guo Moyun’s studio was in negotiation with the Yingling games, however, during the talks, there were differences within the studio. There was an important figure in the studio named Xiang Hai, who wanted to use the mobile game to join the Yingling games, but Guo Moyun hoped to be able to finance the studio, rather than become a subsidiary team of Yingling games.

They could use this mobile game to develop and grow, and it was not impossible to start a game company. It was these two differences that made the subsequent engagements difficult.

However, no one thought that Xiang Hai had already been bought by Yingling games.

The higher management of the Yingling game was very optimistic about the game designed by the studio and has long wanted to take it as its own. Therefore, they paid a lot of money to buy Xiang Hai to be the internal agent and directly steal the complete data of the whole game.

Followed by, the Yingling game held a press conference in advance, announcing a new game would be launched. Guo Moyun and others got to know about it, naturally, they do not want their hard years to disappear to nothing.

The top management of the Yingling game was optimistic about Guo Moyun’s team and hoped to attract them. As long as they were willing, they would still allow them to lead this mobile game.

Unfortunately, Guo Moyun and others were not willing, which eventually led to breaking ties between both sides.

Then, Yingling game threatened to sue Guo Moyun’s studio, if they do not join the Yingling game, then they would ruin their reputation and let them quit the game field forever.

Guo Moyun and other talents found that all this was due to the traitor Xiang Hai, who put their studio into such a passive state.

“The Yingling games and Xiang Hai are too abominable. Brother, do you have any way to help Moyun?”

Ye Ying pleaded.

She knew her brother was very capable now, therefore she called him. Now Guo Moyun and others were really cornered. If the Yingling Games sue them, they would definitely lose the lawsuit, and it might also affect Guo Moyun’s studies.

“Sister, you don’t worry about it. I’ll help to find a solution.”

Ye Xiaochen knows his sister has deep feelings for Guo Moyun; not for the monk’s sake but for the Buddha’s sake he must have to help.

(TN: monk here is referred to Guo Moyun and Buddha here is referred to Ye Ying.)

It was just he doesn’t have much experience in this kind of thing, he must find a professional for help.

After hanging up the phone, Ye Xiaochen pondered for a bit and called Wang Shuisheng to ask if he knew any powerful lawyer.

“Xiaochen, why do you need a lawyer? Are you in trouble?”

Wang Shuisheng asked curiously.

Looking for a lawyer means it should be something concerned with lawsuits.

“No, I am not the one, but a friend of mine is having a bit of trouble and wants to consult a lawyer.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“No problem, I know a lawyer who is very famous. I’ll send you his phone number. Well, I think it would be more convenient if I personally introduced him to you.”

As Wang Shuisheng’s industry was so big, the Jinyang group has a strong legal department and has business contacts with some big lawyers.

“Thank you, Brother Wang.” “Thank you for what? With your reputation, even if I don’t introduce you they will still attach great importance to you. Moreover, lawyer Xie and I haven’t had dinner for some time. He has helped me a lot with matters previously.”

Wang Shuisheng laughed and said.

They made an appointment for a time and place and hung up immediately.

At noon, Ye Xiaochen drove to Yang city’s immortal spring restaurant.

In a private room, Ye Xiaochen met with Wang Shuisheng and a middle- aged man who had a scholarly aura.

“Professor Ye, I’ve been hearing about your name for a long time. I have never got the opportunity to meet you, and today I am finally able to see you.”

As soon as the middle-aged man saw Ye Xiaochen, he got up and enthusiastically said.

“Xiaochen, this is lawyer Xie Zhengqi.”

Wang Shuisheng quickly introduced him.

“Lawyer Xie, I will be bothering you this time.”

Ye Xiaochen shook hands with Xie Zhengqi and said politely.

“Haha, what bother? I’m in this business.”

Xie Zhengqi was outspoken and straightforward. Three people sat down.
After chatting for a while, they finally went to the main point. Ye Xiaochen gave a detailed account of the actual situation. “Professor Ye, the crux of this matter is evidence, as long as the studio you are talking about can show that the game was designed by them, then it would not be a trouble.”

Xie Zehngqi said.

“There was a problem inside their studio and someone wiped out the evidence.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Then this makes the matter more difficult, but it doesn’t matter. As long as the game is designed by them, there will always some evidence to be left. Professor Ye, let me contact them to find out more about the situation.”

Xie Zhengqi thought for a while and said.

Ye Xiaochen nodded. He was not fully aware of the specific situation. It was best for Xie Zhengqi to contact Guo Moyun.


Shashi city, NanjingUniversity, in a certain building

Ye Ying, wearing an apron, was putting the food on the table.

She went inside the studio next room which was filled with computers and other things, then called Guo Moyun and others to have the meal.

Guo Moyun’s beard was long and unattended, the whole person looked decadent.

The same was true for others.

The atmosphere in the room was very silent. Bang! All of a sudden, the most bad-tempered Lu Xiaqi banged his hands on the table and said angrily, “I can’t stand it anymore. I’m going to kill that bastard Xiang Hai.”

He got up angrily. No one spoke.
Lu Xiaoqi stopped, “damn, you guys won’t stop me?”

“How many times have you repeated this? I haven’t seen you doing anything.”

Xia Ping said feebly.

“All right, let’s eat. After finishing eating, let’s disband.”

Gup Moyun picked up chopsticks and said.

“Disband? Big brother, what do you mean? No, absolutely no. How can you do that?”

The fat man stared in disbelief and said

“What can we do if we don’t disband? The matter has come to this, and we can’t do anything about it. Let’s just think of it as a dream. As for the matter of loan sharks, leave it to me.”

Guo Moyun looked tired.

He believed Xiang Hai too much.

He once thought him as his best brother, but that person stabbed him in the back, and he felt a little disheartened about it.

The others were silent. They were really desperate. In the beginning, in order to design this game, they not only worked part- time but also asked for money from their families. They even borrowed money from the entrepreneurial platform and even borrowed money from loan-sharks.

As long as they succeed, they would no longer be short of money. However, now it was all over.
The game they designed became someone else’s, and they were burdened with huge debts.

They were at the end of their rope.

If they want to start again, they have to cross this difficult time, and they have no such confidence to start after this time’s shock.

At this moment, someone’s phone rang. Everyone looked at Ye Ying.
Ye Ying quickly took out the mobile phone, it was an unfamiliar number. She looked at Guo Moyun and answered.
“Hello, is this Miss Ye Ying? I am Xie Zhenqi, the director of Yang city Zhengqi law firm. I was entrusted by your brother professor Ye to deal with the dispute between Tianqi studio and Yingling game company.”

A male voice full of magnetism came out of the phone.

Ye Ying was slightly stunned, and immediately there was happiness in her heart, she quickly said, “Lawer Xie, I am Ye Ying.”

Guo Moyun and others looked at her.

Ye Ying spoke with Xie Zhengqi for a while, mainly about the case, and agreed on a place and time for the meeting. After hanging up the phone, Guo Moyun frowned and said, “Yingying, did you tell brother Ye?”

“Well, Moyun, don’t blame me.”

Ye Ying nodded, she knew that Guo Moyun had strong self-esteem, and did not want this thing to be known to his brother.

“That’s great. Sister in-law’s big brother is a big professor, he can certainly help us.”

“Yeah, why didn’t we think of that?”

“With professor Ye helping up, we will surely win.”

Xia Ping was pleasantly surprised.

They have long known that Ye Ying’s brother, Ye Xiaochen, was an associate professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

“Why did you say that?”

Guo Moyun shook his head and showed a touch of bitterness.

Ever since he got to know Ye Ying’s brother was an associate professor at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, he had a strong desire to prove himself in front of Ye Xiaochen.

However, now his dream was shattered, and he has to still rely on Ye XIaochen to help.

He felt previously his thoughts on the world were too simple

Chapter 239

Yang city, immortal spring restaurant, at the parking lot.

A low-key and reserved car was parked in the VIP parking area.

The immortal spring restaurant has implied the VIP membership system, a recharge system, where you could have VIP passes.

There was also a consumption limit, which must be finished each month. If the consumption limit didn’t reach, then the fee would be automatically deducted, unless you take the initiative to cancel the VIP qualification.

As long as one has a VIP pass, that person could come to the immortal spring restaurant anytime, and there was no need to make an appointment in advance.

The recharge amount of the VIP pass was very high, it was as high as one million, and the monthly consumption should be at least 200,000.

Currently, there were more than forty people who have been granted VIP passes, all of them were real tycoons.

The door of the car opened and the first person to step down was a middle-aged man with meticulously combed hair dressed in a western-style suit. From first glance, it could be told that the suit was hand-made by a top tailor. A watch stuck out of sleeves, judging from the logo, it was the top luxury brand Vacheron Constantin, which was worth a fortune.

After getting out of the car, the middle-aged man quickly walked to the other side and opened the door with a respectful look, as if a big person was sitting inside.

Shortly, a young man with long hair stepped down from the car.

This young man was not only handsome, but also gave people a kind of suave like an aura, and his eyes were bright like stars.

His skin was white, smooth, and delicate, which could make any girl envious.

What was more unusual was that the young man was wearing pure white clothes similar to the training suit.

It looked appropriate on the young man and didn’t look weird at all.

“Uncle Ying, is this the restaurant you mentioned?”

After getting off the car, the young man had a faint smile on his face, and his eyes fell on the conspicuous plaque hanging not far away.

Immortal spring restaurant. Yang city branch.
“Haha, immortal spring, a little interesting. I hope I can really taste the immortal spirit.”

The young smiled.

“Young Master Dongcheng, this place will never let you down.”

The middle-aged man spoke with humility. Normally, it would have been impossible for the middle-aged man who could be the father of a young man, to have such a servile manner.

However, the middle-aged man didn’t feel inappropriate at all. The young man seemed to have taken it for granted.
“Let’s go in.”

The young smiled and walked towards the door of the immortal spring restaurant.

His pace seemed neither hurried nor slow and seemed every step measured, the middle-aged man actually had to trot to keep up with the young man’s pace.

“Welcome, Mr.Wang.”

A doorman saw the middle-aged man and quickly took initiative to welcome him because the middle-aged man Wang was a VIP member of the immortal spring restaurant.

Mr.Wang, whose real name was Wang Cheng, and was the chairman of the Yanghe group.

“Take us to the VIP room.”

Wang Cheng nodded.

“Mr. Wang, please follow me.”

The doorman quickly led the way.

Entering the private room, Wang Cheng directly ordered the top-level meal, including three immortal rice, five immortal soups, and a bottle of immortal spring fruit wine.

When the meal was served, the Young man’s mild smile became solemn. He stared at the food on the table, his nose inhaled the fragrance and there was a touch of surprise in his starry eyes.

Wang Cheng already began to uncork the stopper of the fruit wine gourd and poured the wine into the goblet in front of the young man. Like amber, the wine flowed out of the gourd, and its aroma filled the hall.

The surprise on young master Dongcheng’s face increased.

Without waiting for Wang Cheng to say anything, he picked up his glass and began to drink.

After taking a sip, he closed his eyes and began to appreciate it.

“You master Dongcheng, how is the fruit wine?”

Wang Cheng didn’t drink and instead looked at the young master Dongcheng.

“How is it possible? I didn’t expect there was such a wine in this world.”

After drinking the sip, his face showed an inexplicable look.

He picked up his chopstick and ate the dishes on the table, he nodded his head as he ate.

Wang Cheng thought that the young man nodded because the food was delicious, immediately he also picked up his chopstick and began to eat, from time to time he would pour wine for the young man, but he never drank.

However, what he couldn’t expect was that the young master Doncheng’s mind was not in the taste of food and wine.


Ye Xiaochen didn’t pay much attention to Guo Moyun’s affairs. He believed that Xie Zhengqi could handle this matter well. After all, he was a gold medal lawyer in the Southern Province.

Besides, if it doesn’t work out, then they could think of other ways.

He checked the origin of the Yingling company and found that it was a large game company, and was rather troublesome to deal with.

Returning from the Yang city, Ye Xiaochen drove past the foot of the mountain where the temple was to be built. He saw some cars parked, many nearby villagers were gathered and watched the excavator working to build a road up the mountain.

It seems that the construction of the mountain temple was finally going to start.

Ye Xiaochen’s car was very conspicuous, and many people greeted him.

“Secretary Li”

Ye Xiaochen saw an old man dressed in camouflage clothed and greeted him.

He was Li Yutang, the branch secretary of Yufeng village.

Li Yutang has been the secretary of Yufeng village for more than ten years and has done some practical things for the village.

However, due to limited conditions in the village, the income of the village hasn’t changed much and many young people go out of the village to work.

Ye Xiaochen knew that Li Yutang was leading the construction of the mountain temple. He hoped to get some donation money to the village through the temple, to improve the situation in the village.

There was already an example, there is a place called Donggua temple in the neighboring town. A lot of people go there to worship, the donation is very strong. It brought a lot of income to the village and also benefited villagers a lot.

“Xiaochen, last time about the matter I spoke with you, is it possible?”

Li Yutang’s old wrinkled face showed a smile.

“Secretary Li, this matter is not a problem, I just wanted to tell you about it.”

Ye Xiaochen nodded and said.

Some time ago, secretary Li asked him if he could carry out a project in the village to increase the farmer’s income.

He was now regarded as a public figure and pride of the village. He thought it was time to help the village.
With his current ability, he could help and make fundamental changes in the Yufeng village.

“Xiaochen, that’s very kind of you. I want to thank you on behalf of all the villagers of Yufeng.”

Li Yutang was so excited that his speech became incoherent.

“Secretary Li, no need to say that. I am a member of Yufeng Village, and I should help it.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile and continued, “Now let’s go to my home and discuss this matter?”

“Good, Good.”

Secretary Li hurriedly agreed, “haha, I haven’t been in such a good car.” He slapped the dust on his body and wiped off the dirt of his shoes on the nearby grass. He quickly pulled the car door and got into it.

Chapter 240

After arriving home, the mother made tea and served them.
“Sister-in-law, this is really good tea, it must be very expensive, right?” Secretary Li took a sip and felt his mouth filled with the fragrance of tea. “This was brought back by Xiaochen, I don’t know anything about it,
it’s just tea anyway.”

Mother said with a smile.

This tea tastes much better than home-made tea.

There were tea gardens in the village. Every family has a few tea trees. Every family would go to the tea garden to pick tea leaves during the tea picking season.

After a little idle talk, they talked about the main point.

“Secretary Li, it is like this, you also know that I am engaged in planting, and my research direction is also in the same direction. Therefore, if the village wants to engage in a joint project, I think it should be carried out in planting. As long as you guys execute things according to my requirement, I can guarantee that the output will not be low, and also the market will be guaranteed.” Ye Xiaochen took a sip of tea and said.

“Xiaochen, is your super rapeseed really feasible? In the past, the county carried out the industrialization of rapeseed, but the seeds were not good and many people lost money. Our village has also planted those seeds, and even your family also planted the seeds.”

Secretary Li hesitantly said.

Having experienced the planting failure in this field, he was a little worried that the villagers would disagree.

He looked at Ye Xiaochen’s mother.

Mother nodded and said, “Yes, at that time, it was vigorously promoted by the government, your father and I planted several acres, but the situation turned out to be bad. The final output was low, the buyer also changed their mind and the price was too low. That time was really a big loss, we had used all the fields to plant rapeseed.”

When she spoke of the past, she sighed.

Ye Xiaochen naturally knew of the situation, Zeng Hongye had already told him about it.

“Secretary Li, you can rest assured. These rapeseeds have been cultivated and improved by me. I will take guarantee that if the yield of rapeseed is lower than the normal yield, then I will make up for the deficiency. Of course, I will not force villagers to plant…”

Ye Xiaochen confidently said.

Regarding the promotion of super rapeseeds, it has already entered the pilot scheme phase.

Ye XIaochen was very confident about it, and so he chose to carry out the pilot scheme in the village. Moreover, this was a good thing for the village, as long as the pilot scheme was successful, the villagers would certainly benefit from it.

“Xiaochen, seeing you speak confidently, how can I not believe you? The villagers also believe you, believe that you are capable of making the village rich. It is decided that the rapeseed will be planted, but Xiaochen, the time for planting of rapeseed has already passed, don’t we have to wait till next year?”

Secretary Li immediately patted his chest and assured him.

Ye Xiaochen was an associate professor at the Chinese Academy of Science, a top botanist, and director of the Yang city plant consciousness research institute if they couldn’t believe him, then who could they believe?

Now the villagers of the Yufeng village were extremely proud that there was such a capable celebrity, expert, and professor in their village, when they go out, they feel their faces shine with pride.

“Haha, no need to wait. You can plant it after the new year.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

Generally, the rapeseeds were planted during the winter period, ie, from October to November.

However, Ye Xiaochen’s super rapeseeds don’t need to consider these, it could be planted at any time.

Otherwise, why would it be called Super rapeseed?

Secretary Li’s eyes widened, and his mouth opened, he couldn’t say anything more.

Ye Xiaochen was such a big expert, does he need to still deceive him?

They also discussed some other things. The super rapeseed would be provided free of charge by Ye Xiaochen’s Earth Shennong company, after harvesting of rapeseed the company would directly purchase. The fertilizers also would be provided by the Earth Shennong company, though not free of charge, it could be owed first, and then the account could be settled when purchasing rapeseed.

The earth Shennong company also would sign a purchase agreement with villagers. If the output was not up to the standard, the company will compensate them.

In the past, during the rapeseed industrialization plan, they had no verbal promise from the government. Now, that there was a written contract, they would be able to endure the trial.

Moreover, there was Ye Xiaochen, so it was absolutely unlike to be false.

After the discussion, Li Yutang happily left, and he went to villagers to mobilize the work.

“Son, is your super rapeseed really so amazing?”

Mother asked curiously.

“Of course, mother, you say, isn’t the vegetable I grow on the farm amazing?”

“Well, I have nothing to say.”

Mother didn’t say anything.

The watermelon vine planted by his son had successively produced watermelon, which she hasn’t seen before.

The production of other vegetables was also several times higher than normal, which would have been hard to believe if she hadn’t seen it with her own eyes.

Secretary Li did a good job of mobilizing the work, or the Villagers have enough confidence in Ye Xiaochen. Unexpectedly, all 300 households in the village asked to participate in the planting project. , Secretary Li registered the areas of land that each household planned to plant.

This would determine the number of seeds and fertilizers to be distributed.

The fertilizer was specially formulated by Ye Xiaochen, which was totally different from the urea compound fertilizer found on the market.

It was more suitable for the growth of super rapeseed.

Although the common fertilizer was not impossible to use, it could not play the full role of the super rapeseed growth.

What Ye Xiaochen didn’t expect was that when Yufeng village planned to plant super rapeseed, it was known by the surrounding villages and in the next few days, village officials from several nearby villages came to him, hoping to join the super rapeseed project.

Ye Xiaochen naturally welcomed this.

After all, he was very confident in the super rapeseed, and the larger the trial area, the better.

After registering the several villages, more than 900 acres of land was scheduled to be planted with super rapeseed, of which Yufeng Village accounted for half.

The spring festival was approaching.

The family began to buy new year’s goods.

The school has already declared holidays, and some of the migrant workers have begun to go back home.

The village has become lively.

The mountain temple was in construction, and many people would go to watch it every day. Many of the Ye family members also came back, his uncle, second uncle, younger uncle, and some of his cousins.

Those who didn’t come back have formal jobs and had to wait until the holiday.

In recent days, the home has become lively, every time there were a lot of visitors, and there would be cards playing, it was very lively.

In the past, it was absolutely impossible to see this scene. His sister Ye Ying also came back from Shashi city.
The Guo Moyun’s studio case was in a stalemate, and they were actively collecting evidence.

ly Lawyer Xie and Ye Xiaochen got angry, the Yingling game secretly found a lot of means, and they had strong contacts. It was best to take advantage of this new year period to collect some key points.

Ye Xiaochen knew that in order to fight this lawsuit, he should not only have solid evidence but also need to have personal connections, otherwise, he would suffer a lot.

However, he was not worried about the part of the relationship, the contacts based on the Yang city plant consciousness research institute was not a joke, now it has become an extraordinarily large interest group.

As long as he was willing, even provincial and ministerial level relations could be used.
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