Heavenly Farmer Chapter 221-230

Chapter 221- Hearing

After Wang Xinyi’s consent, Ye Xiaochen released her hands and opened the lid of the thermos cup. Suddenly, a strange fragrance came out with the heat.

Wang Xinyi sniffed the smell and revealed a touch of surprise.

She made a hand gesture, “it smells good.”

There was not much medicine in the thermos, only 200 ml.

Although it was packed in the thermos, the temperature of the medicine was not too high, it was about 50 to 60 degrees.

He poured the medicine into a glass, and when it was cold enough to drink, he handed it to Wang Xinyi.

Wang Xinyi looked at Ye Xiaochen and took the glass.

When Ye XIaochen saw Wang Xinyi’s hesitant eyes, he immediately encouraged her with his eyes.

Wang Xinyi then gently leaned and prepared to drink.

Although she doesn’t know what it was made of, she believes in Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen’s heart was nervous.

Although he showed a confident look, he was a little unsure.

“So bitter!”

Wang Xinyi took a sip and suddenly frowned, her pretty face was a little squeezed.

She only felt the bitter taste in her mouth, and it was difficult to drink.

“Xinyi, don’t spit it, the medicine is good for the illness.”

Wang Xinyi gently held Wang Xinyi’s hand, communicated with her consciousness with the spirit talent, and transmitted his voice.

This was a technique of combining energy with spirit talent.

If he could have mental power, even if he doesn’t touch her with his hands, he would be able to transmit his voice through the air.

Wang Xinyi nodded gently, she forced herself to endure the strong bitterness, then closing her eyes she drank all the medicine in the glass.

After drinking, she covered her mouth, it was so bitter she felt to throw up.

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly poured water in the glass for her to gargle.

Even after gargling several times, it didn’t work. The bitterness in the mouth was still very strong.

Seeing Wang Xinyi’s frown and uncomfortable appearance, Ye Xiaochen’s heart moved and quickly took out three immortal grapes.

This was already free of immortal qi.

“Xinyi, have a grape.”

Ye Xiaochen quickly gave the grapes to Wang Xinyi.

Wang Xinyi opened her mouth gently and ate the grape. After biting through the grape skin, the cool and sweet justice immediately covered the bitter taste and then spread all over dispersing the bitterness taste.

“Isn’t it very sweet?”

Ye Xiaochen asked with a smile.

Wang Xinyi nodded, her eyes shined.

Wang Xinyi also fed Wang Xinyi with two other immortal grapes.

After Wang Xinyi finished eating, she felt the bitter taste in her mouth had completely disappeared.

Suddenly, she felt itchy inside of the ear. She couldn’t help scratching the ear with her hands, but it was useless because it was deep in her ears.

It was bearable at first, but she couldn’t stand it for a long time.

She quickly made a gesture to Ye XIaochen.

“Ear itching? Xinyi, don’t worry. It might be the effect of the medicine. Yes, it must be so.”

Ye Xiaochen grabbed Wang Xinyi and excitedly said.

Wang Xinyi’s eyes brightened.

She had taken a lot of traditional medicines and western medicines previously, but she had never felt this way.

“It’s so itchy inside my ear, I can’t stand it.”

Wang Xinyi couldn’t help try scratching, but it was useless.

“I’ll scratch the ears with a cotton swab.”

Ye Xiaochen quickly entered the room and brought a cotton swab.

“Don’t move!”

Ye Xiaochen used his spirit talent and transmitted his voice in Wang Xinyi’s mind.

He pulled Wang Xinyi’s head closer towards him, then gently put the cotton swab into her delicately clear ear and stirred it.

He didn’t dare to use too much force, otherwise, the eardrum would break.

He gently touched one side, then also did it in the other ear, he repeatedly did it.

Wang Xinyi’s beautiful eyes narrowed, and her pretty face showed a very comfortable look.

“How is it? is it still itching?”

Ye Xiaochen holding Wang Xinyi asked.

Looking at her delicate face his heart softened.

Wang Xinyi nodded gently. Suddenly she seemed to realize something and gently broke free from his arms.

On her delicate face, there was a blush.


At the moment, the loud sound of a firecracker came from a distance.

Suddenly, Wang Xinyi raised her head and looked around, as if she heard something.

After a long time, she seemed to think of something, and quickly asked in hand gestures, “Xiaochen did you hear anything?”

“Yes, someone has just set off a firecracker, what happened?”

Ye XIaochen nodded and said.

All of sudden, he was stunned. He immediately looked at Wang Xinyi, he grabbed her hand and used the spirit talent to transmit the voice, “Xinyi, did you, did you hear the sound of the firecrackers?”

Wang Xinyi was dazed.

Ye Xiaochen loosened his hand and said it again in a loud voice.

Wang Xinyi was taken aback and looked at Ye Xiaochen. Suddenly, her eyes become moist and gently sobbed.

Because she was sure that she could really hear the sound.

Although the sound was very small, it was very clear in her silent world.

Even though Ye Xiaochen’s sound seemed to come from afar, to her it was like the sound of heaven.

She nodded with excitement.

“Great, wonderful, this medicine is really effective for you.”

Ye Xiaochen was also very excited.

Next, Ye Xiaochen tested Wang Xinyi’s hearing.

After repeated testing, Ye Xiaochen estimated that Wang Xinyi’s situation has improved a lot, she was able to hear in the range of fifty to sixty decibels.

Below this decibel, it was hard for her to hear.

Ye Xiaochen guessed that the effect of the medicine has not completely disappeared, there should still be some effect.

Moreover, there were still two doses left.

After three consecutive doses, Wang Xinyi should definitely recover.

Ye Xiaochen was happy.

Wang Xinyi was even happier.

Before Ye XIaochen left, he asked her not to tell Wang Shusihieng about it for the time being.

Wang Xinyi naturally agreed.

She also wanted to give her brother a surprise.

For the next two days, Ye Xiaochen would come and give a dose of Qiyuan medicine to Wang Xinyi.

After the second time, Wang Xinyi’s hearing has reached forty decibels

After the third time, Wang Xinyi’s hearing has reached thirty decibels.

She could hear the normal voice.

However, Ye Xiaochen was not happy, because Wang Xiny’s hearing recovery was much worse than he thought.

Normal people’s hearing range was around 0-25 decibels.

Wang Xinyi’s hearing range at most could reach 25 decibels.

It was still not within the scope of ordinary people.

It showed that Wang Xinyi’s ear disease has not fully recovered, and was not comparable to normal people.

Compared with Ye Xiaochen’s disappointment, Wang Xinyi was very happy, because now she could hear it.

She was finally able to heal different kinds of sounds, the sound of her brother, the sound of her sister-in-law, the sound of her nephew, the sound of birds, the sound of cars starting, the sound of the wind, the sound of footsteps and even the sound of herself.

All this was so beautiful, it felt that her original world had suddenly become alive.

Although Ye Xiaochen was disappointed, he did not show and knew that Wang Xinyi was happy with this.

However, he won’t give up.

Since three doses of medicine don’t work, then he would add a few more.

Chapter 222- Immortal Qiu

Wang Xinyi could hear.

When Wang Shuisheng and Chu Qingqing got to know about it, they were shocked.

At first, they didn’t believe it, but when Wang Xinyi repeated the same words they said in a stiff voice, they finally believed it.

Wang Shuisheng was so emotionally moved that tears kept falling and he embraced his sister.

When they learned the reason that Wang Xinyi was suddenly able to hear sounds because Ye Xiaochen had given Wang Xinyi a medicine, they were shocked.

It was actually Ye Xiaochen who cured Wang Xinyi.

“Xiaochen, how did you do it?”

“Brother Wang, this is a secret medicine which I found accidentally. However, most of the medicinal herbs in the secret recipe cannot be found. So, I used my own planting technology to grow herbs with the corresponding properties. At first, I wasn’t fully confident, but now it seems that I have succeeded.”

Ye Xiaochen had naturally prepared a reason long ago.

“Xiaochen, thank you very much, I really don’t know how to thank you properly.”

Wang Shusiheng held Ye Xiaochen’s hand, his tone was filled with excited emotion, and this emotion was stronger than when Ye Xiaochen rescued him from bankruptcy.

“Brother Wang, this is what I should do, but Xinyi’s hearing still hasn’t reached the normal standard.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Wang Shuisheng looked at Ye Xiaochen and felt great relief.

He felt that Ye XIaochen was really the lucky star for their Wang family!

First, he saved his son, then next he rescued him from the brink of bankruptcy and now he has cured his sister’s ear illness.

This kindness was something he couldn’t repay for the rest of his life.

However, when he thought of the relationship between Ye Xiaochen and his sister, he felt relieved, anyway, they were going to be a family.

After lunch, Ye Xiaochen went out with Wang Xinyi.

Due to her ear illness, Wang Xinyi would rarely go out.

After all, it was very inconvenient and was easy to have an accident.

However, it was different now.

She now even has a hearing aid, which allows her hearing to reach a normal person’s hearing level.

Ye Xiaochen was talking to Wang Xinyi while driving.

Since she has never spoken, Wang Xinyi’s speaking was still in the learning stage.

So when she talks, she stops sometimes and her voice would be blunt.

From time to time, Ye Xiaochen would correct her pronunciation.

It might be because she has never spoken before, Wang Xinyi seems to have become a chatterbox, almost not stopping.

Ye Xiaochen was not impatient and listened to her.

He went to the Earth Shennong farm with Wang Xinyi and visited various places inside it.

He also took her to the Yang city plant consciousness research institute.

The researchers saw that the director had brought a girl, and immediately understood that she should be the director’s girlfriend, all of them revealed an understanding look.

The next day, Ye Xiaochen took Wang Xinyi to different places around Yang city.

After dropping her back home, Ye Xiaochen said he would take her to his home tomorrow.

Wang Xinyi nodded gently, suddenly very silently she kissed Ye Xiaochen on his cheek, then she chuckled happily and ran into her room.

Ye Xiaochen was stunned and touched the place that Wang Xinyi had kissed.

He knew that Wang Xinyi had completely accepted him.

Although there was no confession, no oath of eternal love, the two hearts were in tacit understanding and depended on each other.

“Haha, it’s a good feeling.”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly smiled.


On the farm.

Ye Xiaochen was asking Lao-Tze about Qiyuan medicine through the Shennong system.

“The reason for this situation is that when several kinds of medicinal materials are mixed and boiled, they do not fully integrate and utilize their medicinal properties. Generally speaking, the material you have boiled does not have immortal spirit qi. Without the immortal spirit qi, the integration of medicinal properties becomes much more difficult.”

Taoist Lao-Tze replied.

“Senior, is there any other way?”

Ye Xiaochen asked.

“Actually, it is very simple to solve this problem, that is, to use medicinal materials containing divinity. You are a Shennong, and the medicinal plants you grow have inherent divinity. This divine nature has a strong fusion effect, which is enough to bring full medical properties of the medicinal materials.”

Taoist Lao-Tze replied again.

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes lit up, just need to use immortal plants with divine characteristics?

This certainly has given him hope.

Since the medicinal herbs purchased from the Store had no divine characteristic, he could grow the plants by himself!

The immortal wind medicinal herb, ruler grass, dandelion spirit, he could plant all this by himself.

It doesn’t matter if it takes a long time.

Anyway, now with the help of hearing aid Wang Xinyi could act like a normal person.

He was not in a hurry now.

Moreover, it was not easy to plant black grade immortal plants like dandelion spirit.

After paying the immortal yuan, Ye Xiaochen closed the chat window with Taoist Lao-Tze and then opened the Store.

He was looking for the seeds of ruler grass.

Ruler grass was a yellow grade eight rank immortal plant, one seed was worth twenty-one yuan.

However, the dandelion spirit was special.

It grows on a vine called dandelion spirit vine. It was said that a hundred dandelion spirits could grow on one immortal dandelion vine.

It was just the growth cycle was very long, and could take years.

In fact, the growth cycle of the black grade immortal plants was basically more than a year.

If it was a prefecture-level immortal plant, it would be a hundred years.

As for the heaven grade immortal plant, haha…

Therefore, if he wants to plant the dandelion spirit plant, he must buy the dandelion spirit vine seed.

That was very expensive.

One seed cost was 385 yuan.

If the dandelion immortal vine seed could produce low-grade dandelion spirit seed, then from one dandelion immortal vine at least a million immortal yuan could be earned.

The problem was the dandelion spirit could not reach the lower grade and the inferior grade dandelion spirit was not very valuable, it was estimated that each could be sold for a dozen immortal yuan.

That was to say, he could earn at most ten to twenty thousand immortal yuan at most.

Compared with the growth time and the cultivation difficulty of dandelion spirits, such income was absolutely not worth it.

Because if it was changed to an ordinary yellow grade immortal plant, under the same conditions and time, he could certainly earn more.

However, Ye Xiaochen didn’t care much about it, it doesn’t matter if he could not cultivate lower grade dandelion spirit seeds, because he planted the dandelion spirit plant to treat Wang Xinyi’s ear illness.

As for the immortal yuans he could earn, it was just an additional point.

Immediately, Ye Xiaochen directly purchased ten seeds of immortal wind medicinal herb, ten seeds of ruler grass, and one seed of dandelion spirit vine.

When Ye Xiaochen saw that he had several thousand immortal yuan, he immediately bought two more second-level immortal land, one second-level immortal spring, and immortal fertilizers.

The dandelion spirit vine was an immortal plant with wind attribute property, though it has the spirit changing characteristics, Ye Xiaochen bought a package of immortal fertilizer with wind attribute, as he doesn’t want it to grow slowly.

He also bought different types of other immortal fertilizer.

In this way, in Ye Xiaochen’s account, he had less than 2000 immortal yuan.

Ye Xiaochen first soaked the several immortal seeds in the immortal seed promoting liquid, and then placed the immortal lands and immortal spring.

He went to the two settled immortal land and was ready to plow it once.

Of course, there was no need for him to plow with the immortal hoe.

The efficiency was very low for that and the effect was not very good.

After the previous immortal plants harvest, he has purchased an adult immortal Qiu for plowing.

From the storage space, he quickly took out a strange vessel.

This was a special container for the immortal Qiu.

It cost him more than 100 immortal yuan.

He pointed his finger towards the vessel, then suddenly the light bloomed above the vessel, and a hole was opened.

He placed the vessel on the ground, and immediately finger thick sized an earthworm-like creature crawled out.

The whole body was pale yellow.

It was a foot long.

As soon as the worm-like creature touched the immortal land, it made a hole and drilled in.

Suddenly, an amazing scene appeared, on the immortal land where the immortal Qiu drilled began to fluctuate up and down as if it was a wave of water.

Immediately, after, the original hard immortal land split, and directly turned into the fine sand.

Chapter 223- Super rapeseed

In less than three minutes, one immortal land was completely plowed.

It was neat.

Every piece of the broken soil seems to be measured and was of the same size.

The surface of the immortal land was smooth without any ups and downs.


Ye Xiaochen sighed in his heart, this was the power of immortal Qiu!

If he was asked to plow, he couldn’t achieve this effect.

Moreover, he knew that while plowing, it would also secrete a kind of liquid in the soil, which could increase the fertility of the immortal soil.

It didn’t take long for the second immortal land to be plowed completely.

The immortal Qiu came out and returned to its container.

“Ah, it is really a treasure!”

Ye Xiaochen was very satisfied.

With this immortal Qiu, even if there were more immortal lands, he was not afraid.

As long as there were enough helpers, even planting more immortal plants would not be much difficult.

He just needs to master the general direction and details of the planting process.

For plowing immortal lands, there was immortal Qiu.

For sowing and harvesting, there were bean soldiers.

For the pollination, there were pollination bees.

The next day, Ye Xiaochen took Wang Xinyi and visited the farm.

Mother and father were very happy to know that Wang Xinyi’s ear illness has improved a lot and could communicate normally.

After this period, they understood that the relationship between their son and wang Xinyi was unusual.

Previously, although they liked Wang Xinyi, they were a little regretful.

After all, Wang Xinyi was deaf and couldn’t speak, if she married Ye Xiaochen there would be a lot of inconvenience in her life.

Relatives at the village would also discuss it behind their back.

Therefore, they haven’t told their relatives about it.

However, now it was different, Wang Xinyi could hear and speak. Although there was some stiffness in her tone and also required hearing aids, it was much better than before.

In their hearts, they have immediately taken Wang Xinyi as their daughter-in-law.

Wang Xinyi was a little uncomfortable, but in her heart, she was still happy.

The ear illness was gone.

The inferiority complex in her heart also disappeared

They went back to Yang city.

The soft flute sound was echoing.

Ye Xiaochen was playing the flute, Wang Xinyi wanted to record Ye Xiaochen’s flute music.

She said she liked Ye Xiaochen’s flute music very much, so he accompanied her to record it in a professional recording studio.

While he was recording, the people in the whole studio were deeply attracted, they were so intoxicated that they even forgot to record the flute sound.

Finally, Ye Xiaochen had to play the flute again.

When they left the people in the studio looked at him with admiring eyes, and even the two female staff members wanted to get the autograph of Ye Xiaochen.

Helplessly, Ye Xiaochen could only fulfill their wish.

The recording flute music still has the strange effect of touching the soul, but it was not as obvious as while playing the real flute music.

People who have heard the music were very immersed in it.

When the car was waiting at the traffic light, the soft flute sound spread from the car.

The world seems to be still.

The sounds of horns disappeared.

All the noise seemed to disappear.

Everyone seemed to be immersed in the music of the flute.

Fortunately, the music of the flute did not reach the level of hypnosis, otherwise, he was afraid something might have happened.

When Ye Xiaochen’s car left, the flute music disappeared and everyone who was still reminiscing about the wonderful flute sound looked for the source of the flute music.


The weather has changed.

There was heavy snowfall.

This was the first snow since the beginning of winter.

At Earth Shennong farm.

In a high-tech greenhouse.

Compared with Ye Xiaochen’s farm shed, this greenhouse was different, it was like the difference between a country brick house and a city’s high rise buildings.

The area of the greenhouse was around four to five thousand square meters.

Inside the greenhouse, it was warm like spring, there was no freezing cold like outside.

He saw rape seedlings growing abundantly.

It was extremely lush.

It was only half a month but seemed like it was two months old.

These were the super rape seedlings cultivated by Ye Xiaochen for the Yang city.

Originally, another big company was responsible for the rapeseed industrialization plan in Yang city, but for various reasons, the company was not willing to do it.

Finally, it was taken over by the Earth Shennong company, and it has returned to Ye Xiaochen’s hand.

This was an experimental batch, it was mainly to see the planting and harvest situation. Once all aspects of it were good, then the rapeseed would be put in the market.

Ye XIaochen was extremely confident about the seeds he had cultivated.

Not to mention the growth time, just the yield output was at least two times higher than the original local rapeseed, and even those high yield genetically modified rapeseeds couldn’t compare against it.

The rapeseed cultivated by Ye Xiaochen was not the method of artificial gene selection, but the result of natural selection, which was more adaptive and harmless.

“Haha, these experimental rapeseeds are growing very nicely, only in a half month they have grown so fast!”

At the moment, in the aisle outside the test field, a large crowd was standing.

Standing at the forefront were Zeng Hongye, Wang Shusiheng, Ye Xiaochen, and other leaders of the municipal party committee and local government.

They came here to inspect the Earth Shennong farm.

Naturally, this experimental rapeseed field was their top priority.

“Secretary Zeng, this is the characteristic of the plant I cultivated. The growth time is half of the ordinary seed. As for the matter of the yield, it is at least double, and so the oil production will be also higher. There are no side effects, unlike genetically modified crops.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled confidently.

“Is this rapeseed also cultivated using the application of plant consciousness?”

Zeng Hongye asked curiously.

“Yes, normally, in the genetically modified crops the genes are selected through artificial methods and don’t take into account the principle that everything in the world has Yin and yang balance. The plant consciousness technology I use directly starts from the essence and through the influence of the plant consciousness, lets the plant consciousness regulate itself and adapt to the environment, so it can improve the yield, growth time, quality, and other aspects. If genetically modified technology achieves its goal through external force strengthening, then my plant consciousness technology belongs to self-evolution, natural selection, the survival of the fittest. And only the natural selection…”

Ye Xiaochen explained.

All the leaders present showed a deep look and all showed expression of approval.

They couldn’t help, this kind of professional terms was very high for them.

Moreover, Ye Xiaochen was a top expert in this field, who dares to refuse?

So like this, on the Yang city news of that day, there was mention of the leaders of the municipal party committee and other leaders visiting Earth Shennong farm.

The highlight was put on the super rapeseeds cultivated by Ye Xiaochen with the latest plant consciousness research technology.

This was the propaganda strategy of the Earth Shennong farm, which was to start directly with the government media.

It was much more powerful than commercial advertising.

With Wang Shusiheng’s influence in Yang city and coupled with Ye Xiaochen’s status of the associate professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and director of the Yang city plant consciousness research institute, the Earth Shennong farm has already entered the ranks of the most important enterprise of Yang city.

As the saying goes, under a big tree the shade is plentiful!

The Earth Shennong farm has such conditions.

Chapter 224- Feast

The snow melted, the sun shined brightly but the weather was still cold.

Today was a good day.

And today was going to be new house roof setting feast

This was the custom of building houses in the countryside.

Friends, relatives, neighbors would be present to congratulate.

After the beams were placed on the roof, the firecrackers would be set off with sugar candy.

Whether it was children or adults, all would rush to get it.

Originally, Ye Xiaochen didn’t plan to make it big, just family relatives, few friends, and some villagers, which would be no more than ten tables.

Today happened to be Sunday, many young people would go for temporary work.

A lot of family relatives were also outside.

However, who thought that this time’s feast, all the family relatives said they would come to participate.

Ye Xiaochen naturally couldn’t deny them, so it became a big party, at most he would get a little busy.

Adding family relatives and villagers, it would be more than thirty tables.

Ye family had a lot of relatives, there were five brothers and three sisters on father’s side, while the mother’s side had a little less, there were still three brothers and two sisters.

This was only the closest relatives, there were also other relatives, such as his father’s cousin!

It was the same with her mother.

Even his aunt’s husband and their children were also coming.

This would add more than thirty tables.

The list doesn’t finish here, as Ye Xiaochen’s some business partners would be also attending.

Although he didn’t invite them, he doesn’t know where they got the news. They congratulated him and said they would definitely be coming on the day of the feast.

So, now it was around 35 tables.

For the safe side, it was better to prepare 40 tables. If there were too many people and not enough food, won’t it become a joke?

Ye Xiaochen was speechless. Isn’t this just an ordinary feast? Is it necessary to make it so lively?

Ye Xiaochen had no choice but to become busy.

In fact, he doesn’t have to do anything.

Because the feast has been outsourced.

At nine o’clock the guest started coming.

Ye Ying carried a bag and was receiving red envelopes.

When you receive a red envelope, you have to return a red envelope.

This time’s returning red envelope amount was ordinary, around ten to twenty yuan.

As there were so many people, his sister rarely stopped.

As time went on, Ye Xiaochen’s business partners started coming in their cars.

Ye Xiaochen had to go up and receive them in person.

Li Jiaren, Liu Fusheng, Xu Jiao, Master Lin and others.

There were also some leaders of counties and cities.

Wang Shusiheng’s family also came.

Fang Yuan and Huang Qiqi were also present.

Even many people from the institute came.

He doesn’t know how they got the news.

Zeng Hongye sent a secretary.

It was eleven o clock, the inside and outside house were bustling with people, and the total number of tables were more than 35.


On the eave of the new house, a sealed firecracker was hung, after ignition, a loud explosion suddenly sounded.

All the voices were covered by the sound of the firecrackers.

Shortly, different kinds of sugar candy fell from the roof like rain.

A lot of people rushed to take it.

The scene was very lively.

At noon, inside and outside of the new house was filled with tables and chairs, the tables were present even in the old house.

Thirty-eight tables.

This was definitely a large scale feast.

It was lively until three o’clock, after that the guest started leaving. Ye Xiaochen saw off the last group of guests.

Only some close relatives were there at home.

Wang Xinyi also went back with Wang Shuisheng.

“Xioachen, come and have a drink with us.”

“Xiaochen, now you are a big celebratory, the pride of our Ye family. Brother toasts to you. “

“Let’s have a good drink today. Until you get drunk, we won’t go back.”

At the wine table, Ye Xiaochen’s various cousins were there, most of them were married.

It was hard to meet them together like today.

“All right, let’s drink.”

Ye Xiaochen sat down on the chair with a smile.

After an hour later, Ye Xiaochen finished the last glass of wine, he saw that nobody could stand up, and smiled.

Really an invincible drinker!


The noises were gone.

All the tables and chairs have been removed.

The floor was swept clean.

Ye Xiacohen’s family was registering and counting red envelopes.

Ye Ying was holding a pen and a notebook and carefully noted down the gift money.

Now, people eating at a feast would generally give 100 yuan, if they have good relations, they might give 200 yuan, if it was a family relative, then three to four hundred yuan was normal.

“Wow, there’s a lot!”

Ye Ying opened a big red envelope, there was a full stack of notes, it was around 5000 yuan.

The business partners gave a lot.

The next few red envelopes contained three to five thousand yuan.

The highest one was of Wang Shuisheng, which had 10,000 yuan.

It took a few hours to calculate and register all the red envelopes.

Adding all the gift money, it reached around 100,000 yuan.

It doesn’t seem like much, but actually, it was a lot.

Under normal circumstances, in Ye Xiaochen’s family feast it was already good to reach the gift money 8000-9000 yuan.

Now it was ten times.

Of course, 100,000 yuan was not much for the current Ye Xiaochen.

Now that the immortal spring restaurant branch has been opened in Yang city, his monthly dividend has increased a lot, it was not a problem to earn seven to eight million per month.

“Son, so many people came to the feast, many of them are your friends, so you have to give them a gift. Your father and I will take care of our relatives and villagers.”

Mother reminded him.

She was afraid that his son would forget and lose the courtesy.

Courtesy calls for reciprocity. Now that someone has attended his feast, it was natural that he should attend any happy event later when that person hosts.

“Mother, don’t worry, I’ll remember it.”

Ye Xiaochen nodded.

In the past, due to a lack of friends, he would rarely attend any banquets.

He really needs to pay attention to this aspect.

“Brother, here are all the records of your friend’s money, take it.”

Ye Ying handed Ye Xiaochen a notebook.

Ye Xiaochen nodded and took the notebook, he saw that father and mother went to sleep, then suddenly he smiled and said, “Didn’t Guo Moyun also give a red envelope, why didn’t you write it down?”

Ye Ying blushed and said, “What is there to write, any way you don’t need to care about it.”

“All right, I won’t care about it.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“Here is the money.”

Ye Ying handed the paper bag with money to Ye Xiaochen.

“You take and use it.”

Ye Xiaochen waved his hand and walked out with the notebook.

When Ye Ying saw the paper bag in her hand, she was stunned for a moment, and then she put it in her bag.

Chapter 225


The moonlight spilled over the farm.

Although the weather was cold, Ye Xiaochen was still wearing autumn clothes.

The divine energy has strengthened his body, so he has become resistant to cold and heat.

Ye Xiaochen entered the immortal field where he had planted several elixirs; immortal wind medicinal herb, ruler grass, and dandelion spirit vine.

The ten immortal wind medicinal herb and ten ruler grass were already more than an inch tall, their growth rate was quite fast.

If it was in the past, it would almost take half a month to grow this much. He looked at the single dandelion vine.
A stainless steel frame was placed near it; when the vine grows, it could cling on the steel frame.

It was really a black grade immortal plant, the growth rate was really slow, it has only sprouted. This was after his everyday effort of using plant growth.

He has never stopped providing the immortal spring water and immortal fertilizer.

The black grade immortal plant takes at least years to mature, even with Ye Xiaochen’s Shennong talent, coupled with the plant growth technique, he was afraid that it would take a few years before it could blossom and grow fruit.

Of course, he was confident that his Shennong talent would slowly grow, and at the same time, he was confident he could also upgrade the immortal land to level 3, which would definitely increase the growth rate.

Ye Xiaochen applied plant growth technique on the dandelion spirit vine, it seemed as if there were no changes, but he knew that the effect was there, but was not too obvious.

Over a long period, the qualitative change would surely occur. He took out his flute and began to play the music.
The flute sounded like flowing water. Ethereal and clear.
In an instant, the plant all over the farm began swaying.

Even the two bean soldiers who were busy with the work stopped and listened attentively.

The light in their eyes seemed to grow brighter and brighter.

The main body of the bean soldier was of an immortal bean. So naturally speaking, they were a kind of plant in a sense.

Therefore, this music has an effect on them. After he finished playing the music, Ye Xiaochen felt the energy inside the crystal become very active.

He smiled slightly, and immediately went towards the immortal grass area and began to cultivate.

He found that after playing the music, his cultivation practice would become much better.


Meanwhile, in a studio in Yang city. Today was Wang Xuanyang vigil.
He wore headphones and was listening to the ethereal melody of the flute.

This piece of flute music he got when he helped the people recording it, after listening to it, he was shocked.

It was that the guest had asked to keep it confidential and even the soundtrack was removed from the studio.

However, he secretly recorded it on his cell phone.

Although it was not as clear as the professional recording equipment, it still let him feel good.

If he doesn’t listen to it every day, he would feel uncomfortable. “It’s really a waste to listen to such flute music alone.” Suddenly an idea came in his mind.
Although the guest asked to keep it confidential, it was only for the original song. He recorded it on his phone, so it should be okay, right? Anyway, no one would know it was him. After getting this thought, he could not resist, he hoped the flute lovers would like this.

Immediately, he logged in to the ethereal music forum which he often visits.

This music forum was not for the public, but for real music lovers, who post their own recorded music on it.

In this forum, many amateur singers were active.

Naturally, there were almost no professional singers.

However, few small domestic music companies would come here sometime to explore, and it was said that they have found a few famous singers from it.

Let’s just take Hua Chen, who was quite famous now, she was from this ethereal music forum. Later, she was discovered by the well known Chang Jiang music company. Now she has become a second-tier singer, many amateur singers on the forum envy her.

Wang Xuanyang himself was a music lover, but his voice was not so good, so he later learned photography and music recording.

He quickly logged into his account and uploaded the flute music.

The title was, “Super Spirit music, worth listening a hundred times!”

He was an old member. Naturally, as soon as his post was uploaded, few clicked on it.

He refreshed it again and again.

After a full ten minutes, there were still no comments. He was a little puzzled. Did other people not like it?

In this way, he refreshed for more than ten minutes. It reached half an hour, according to normal circumstances, it was impossible not to leave a comment after such a long time, and the number of views had already exceeded one hundred.

He refreshed again, and suddenly a comment appeared.

“It is so nice to hear. I’ve listened to it several times just now. I can’t get enough of it. Thank you for sharing.”

Wang Xuanyang looked at the message and finally, a smile appeared on his face.

It was not that no was willing to comment, but the people who listened were continuously listening to the music two to three times in a go.

They couldn’t stop at all!

He refreshed again, and sure enough, more comments appeared one after another highly praising the music.

However, some people commented that the recording was not so good. Although the music was good, the sound was not clear and felt a little regretful.

Wang Xuyanyang immediately edited the post saying that he had accidentally recorded the flute music and the person playing the music was not him but rather someone else.

, as he hoped, the post went viral.

The number of visitors increased, so did the number of comments. In a single night, hundreds of comments appeared.
This was extremely rare, considering that it was late at night!

When Wang Xuanyang looked at the time, it was almost morning. The full night he was watching the post. He now felt sleepy.

Moreover, other colleagues would be coming to work now.

He didn’t want to discover that he uploaded it, so he immediately logged out of his account and closed the website.


In the morning, Ye Xiaochen dropped his sister at the High-speed railway station.

“Sister, it’s time to get a driving license.”

Ye Xiaochen said suddenly. “But, I am afraid to drive.” Ye Ying said.
“What are you afraid of? You haven’t tried it. No matter, you have to try it.”

Ye Xiaochen encouraged.

Ye Ying nodded, “Brother, then I am going.” “Okay, make a phone call when you reach!” Ye Xiaochen waved his hand.
After he saw Ye Ying passed through the inspection passage and entered the waiting room, he turned away and left.

While passing by a newsstand, he picked up the Yang city newspaper. There was a very prominent new headline on the front page. “The Xinhong group has raised one billion yuan and invested in the Qingyu group. It is a big move to enter the plant and agriculture industry.”

The following text ‘ Just a short while ago, Wang Shusiheng the chairman of the Jinyang group had set up Earth Shennong company, and now Xinhong group’s this big move could be regarded as the comprehensive rise of the agricultural and planting industry in Yang city. At the same time, two giants would be fighting against each other now.’

Ye Xiaochen frowned. What does the Xinhong group this move mean?

While thinking, he carried the newspaper to the car, and then called Wang Shusiheng.

“I also got to know about it recently. Cao Xinhong has done a good job of keeping secrets, there was no news at all about it. However, I already know his method, the Qingyu group is the sub-group of the Xiangjun group and it is responsible for agricultural products. I have heard that in the sponsorship of the research institute, there is a shadow of the Xiangjun group, it seems that Cao Xinhong has used some means and colluded with the Xiangjun group. ”

Wang Shusiheng’s tone was a bit serious.

The Xiangjun group was a giant group in the Southern province with assets of more than 10 billion yuan. Compared with the Jinyang group, it was one grade behind.

Obviously, the Xiangjun group also saw the great potential of the agriculture and planting industry in Southern Province.

However, the reason why it chose to cooperate with the Xinhong group was intriguing.

After all, the Xiangjun group could do it on its own, so why did they join with the Xinhong group? Ye Xiaochen hung up the phone and did not inquire too much about it.
Anyway, for him, no matter what they did, he would be invincible.

He believed that Wang Shuisheng has the ability to handle it.

He drove straight to Yang city plant consciousness research institute. Today, he was going to carry out an important experiment.

Chapter 226

Yang city plant consciousness research institute In a high tech lab.
More than twenty researchers were wearing white uniforms. Academician Yang, Zhang Keqin, and others were present.
Those who could be here have the talent of spirit listening talent.

Academician Yang and Zhang Keqin like people have successfully learned basic Five Finger Spirit Listening.

“The experiment that I’m going to conduct today is very important. You all have entered the beginning stage of the Five Finger Spirit Listening method, which is enough to get involved in the spirit listening world that I’m applying. I’m going to let you experience what real plant consciousness looks like. This will help you guys a lot in your understanding of the plant consciousness.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and continued, “There is an old saying, in science, you should have the mind to doubt. However, this is not absolute. In some things, when you doubt, you can not get started, just like in religion, faith is the spirit if there is no faith it is ineffective. It is the same here, if you doubt its existence, you will not be able to truly enter the consciousness world…”

Ye Xiaochen said a lot of things.

All the people present on the scene showed a look of expectation.

They have learned a lot of theoretical knowledge these days, but they still don’t know what plant consciousness was like.

Shortly, Ye Xiaochen took the people towards a large camellia tea tree. The tree was not tall, but it covers a large area.
They surrounded it.

Everyone’s hands were on the tea tree.

“All right, all of you close your eyes and tap the tea tree with Five Finger Spirit Listening, as usual, you must not be distracted at all.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Suddenly, everyone closed their eyes.

They touched the branches of the tree and their fingers tapped on it with a strange rhythm.

There seems to be unity in all the people’s tap.

Ye Xiaochen also put his hand on the tree and used the spirit talent.

His spirit talent did not only cover the tree but also all the people present on the scene.

All the people were highly concentrated and there were no distractions. It became easy for Ye Xiaochen to communicate with their consciousness. Instantly, with Ye Xiaochen’s spirit talent as the medium, as if a bridge was built between the consciousness of all people and the tree’s consciousness.

Suddenly, everyone felt that their consciousness was pulled across the communication bridge by an invisible force, and then sensed a strange consciousness.

In this way, the world of consciousness gradually revealed a part of mystery to them.

After a long time, everyone opened their eyes and their faces were lit up with surprise.

They really sensed the plant consciousness, it was a wonderful feeling!

“It’s amazing. The plants are really conscious!”

Academician Yang sighed.

He didn’t say this because he had a doubt, he said it because of excitement for sensing the plant consciousness.

Compared with the previous plant study, this plant consciousness world has made him look forward to it more.

Other people were also discussing, they were excited and were unable to suppress it.

“Remember the feeling that you have when I guided you to communicate with plant consciousness. After you completely master the Five Finger Spirit Listening method, you will be able to communicate and sense it by yourself.”

Ye Xiaochen nodded.

After finishing the experiment, Ye Xiaochen left the research institute. In any case, what should be done has already been done, and rest should be solved by the researchers themselves. Anyway, they were not a three-year- old child.


The first thing Wang Xuanyang did after waking up was to log in to the ethereal music forum in his mobile phone and check the status of his post.

When he opened it, he was stunned.

Because his post has become too popular.

The count of views has exceeded 50,000 and the number of comments has reached more than 1000.

Such a post would definitely become super hot in the forum.

And the most important thing was this took only one night and one day!

In fact, after listening to the music many members of the forum have become deeply attracted to it.

Although it was recorded from a mobile phone and the touching of the soul was weak, still it was not low.

Everyone who heard it, became immersed in it, they were unable to extricate themselves and listened repeatedly, eventually becoming a fan of the music.

In the comment section, people were asking about the person who played the flute?

It was obviously impossible for Wang Xuyanyang to disclose it.

Although he wanted to reveal it, he knew consequences would follow if he did it.

Ye Xiaochen had come to the studio with Wang Xinyi driving a two to three million worth Porsche car. At a glance, he understood that he was a rich man with high status.

This amazing post has long alarmed forum management.

After listening, they were also deeply attracted to it, and then without thinking much, they put it in the top post.

It was because the post was placed in the top post section, it became so popular in a short time.

If Wang Xuanyang while uploading hadn’t turned off the download permission and only gave the right to listen, he was afraid that it would have spread more widely.

Even so, because of such music, the flow of traffic in the ethereal forum had increased and it kept on increasing.


Suddenly, Wang Xuanyang received a private message.

He quickly opened it and found that someone claiming from a certain music company hoped to find the person who played the music, and they were willing to give a lot of money for this news.

Wang Xuanyang didn’t expect that the people from the music company would come to him so soon.

He replied that he didn’t know about the person and recorded it accidentally.

For the next few days, he was repeatedly getting private messages.

It also included the forum administrator. They hoped that he would not open the download permission.

Once the download permission was opened, the song would definitely go out to different music platforms. At that time the traffic flow would certainly be divided.

Therefore, the management was willing to pay him the fee to retain it, that was, the more additional traffic to the forum, the more he would earn.

“It’s good. I won’t spread it to other music platforms, and I can also make a small profit.”

Wang Xuayang was worried that it would spread to different platforms and the person who played the flute would get to know about it.

Now that this song was fixed in this forum, its influence would get limited and that person might not know about it.

Although some people might use recording equipment to record this music, the sound effect would certainly be worse.

Immediately, Wang Xuanyang directly agreed.

In this way, this music of the spirit song of plants swept the whole music circle. It was recommended by friends, colleagues, family members, relatives, classmates, and so on. When people listened they couldn’t stop it, they became a loyal fan and continued to recommend it to others.

In this way just like a snowball, the more it rolled the bigger it got.

The flow of traffic at the ethereal music forum soared at an alarming speed.

Although some people recorded the song, the effect was not so good.

Although many copied versions came out, they did not have much impact, because those who heard it felt that it was far inferior to the original.

Chapter 227


The night’s silence was like still water.

Although the weather was very cold, Ye Xiaochen didn’t feel anything. He still sleeps on the bamboo bed in the shed at night.
He was looking at the Shennong system introduction guide. So far, he has read the book from beginning to end.
ly he used to read with eyes.

However, now that he has practiced Shennong Tactic, and produced energy, he could cooperate energy with his spiritual talent to directly communicate with this book and absorb the content of the book directly. The speed was a hundred times faster than reading with his eyes.

This was equivalent to rote memorization, to remember without seeing, it was that kind of feeling.

He still reads it every day. “Planting is complementary to Shennong. When you plant, the plant you have planted will give an invisible benefit. It is not obvious at present, but it will be revealed in the future.”

Ye Xiaochen put the book in the storage space.

He recalled the piece of information he had just read.

It was difficult for him to understand exactly what kind of benefit it would give because it has not been specially recorded.

Since it was mentioned in the Shennong system introduction guide, there must be something.

“I am bored, what should I do now?”

Ye Xiaochen pondered.

With the two bean soldiers around, he doesn’t have to worry about the farm at all.

At the ordinary time, he would practice Plant growth, and Cloud and Rain dana.

“Why don’t I try Plant soldier skill?”

Ye Xiaochen thought.

He hasn’t practiced this immortal technique yet. It was more difficult and required higher energy.
However, he has been practicing the Shennong tactic for quite some time, and now his energy has increased many times compared to what it was at the beginning.

He felt that there should be no problem in practicing the plant soldier. Once he practices this plant soldier, he would have mastered an immortal technique that has both attack and defense.

Naturally, this plant soldier technique could not be practiced on the farm, as it would destroy the vegetation and immortal plants.

When borrowing the power of plants, it would cause damage to that plant.

He quickly went to the mountains outside the farm. The cold wind blew.
Ye Xiaochen took out the animal hide and put it in front of him. With his eyesight, he could even see it in the dark as it was a day.
It was like casting bean soldiers. First of all, it was necessary to visualize and condense the seal.

It was just the seal that was different from that of a bean soldier.

The seal of the bean soldier could last for a long time, while the seal of plant soldiers could only last for a short time.

It was also because of this, the seal of plant soldiers has a strong explosive force.

The seal was condensed in his mind, he pinched his finger, the spirit talent ran wildly and the energy also gushed out from the dantian.

All of a sudden, he felt a stagnation of qi and his chest became very stuffy and tight. He quickly scattered the spell and recovered himself.

He tried a dozen times, and every time he reached this point he felt his chest tightened.

He knew there was a problem. He carefully studied the technique again.

After correcting himself many times, Ye Xiaochen felt certain.

All of sudden, Ye Xiaochen hummed in a low voice and stomped his feet, just like a thunderbolt on the ground. The stale air that would have stopped at his chest gushed out from his mouth, and immediately he felt very relaxed.

Promptly, he moved his finger, and streaks of white light came out. Instantly, dozens of light streaks fell on large and small plants.
Vaguely, Ye Xiaochen felt that there were some changes in the plant and trees, they were not the same as before.

Swiftly, he recited the tactic, then suddenly the whole scene changed, dozens of plants and trees shook.

The most incredible thing was the ground vibrated a little, and the root of trees poked out of the ground.

Under Ye Xiaochen’s control, these plants have gone extraordinary changes, their trunk and branches have become extremely resilient, they could also twist and smack, completely contrary to the characteristics of the tree.

It was hard to imagine that a pine tree with a thick trunk could bend its trunk to 90 degrees.

This was the strange thing about all the plants. These plants were no longer ordinary plants but connected by strange magic which stimulated the potential and turned into power for the vegetation.

It was self burning.

It lasted for only twenty to thirty breaths, but the surrounding vegetation was affected as if a tornado had raged the area. Only a dozen of plants remained intact.

All of a sudden, Ye Xiaochen’s whole body shook, his energy was completely dissipated, and he could no longer maintain the spell of plant soldier.

Like a flash in the pan, the dozens of plants and trees instantly solidified, and even the bent trunk was fixed and could no longer be restored.

The whole scene was so bizarre, it seemed as if these plants had been placed in a certain shape.

The roots that drilled out of the ground were like thorns.

The most important thing was that at the moment when the ‘plant soldier’ spell failed, the leaves of the trees turned yellow, and the trunk lost their vitality completely.

Dozens of plants were completely dead.

They have been drained of all their vitality by the spell, and all of it has turned into the power of plants.

Ye Xiaochen looked at the appearances of these plants and was speechless, what should I do?

If anyone came here and saw the appearances of the trees and plants, they would be scared to death!

This was not a remote mountain forest, but a mountain located near the village, and this mountain has owners.

“It seems that the next time I practice the plant soldier spell, I have to go to a remote mountain!”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head.

The plant soldier skill could be called the art of destroying the forest. All the plants that had been turned into soldiers were deformed and dead. Only if he could control the power of the Plant soldier. He was far from it now.
“It seems that I have to think about other means.”

Ye Xiaochen sighed.

The surrounding mountain and forest were owned, so it was better to go farther.

At the moment, Ye Xiaochen had no choice but to turn and go down the mountain.

As for this little mountain forest, there was nothing he could do about it, so he left it as it is.

Back at the farm, Ye Xiaochen directly went to the immortal grass field.

He had no energy in the crystal, the one immortal spell had consumed all his energy pool.

When he replenished his energy, he was surprised to find that his energy has improved a lot, and was much more effective than using plant growth and Cloud and Rain dana.

He was pleasantly surprised.


Fang Yuan was working in the Municipal Agriculture Bureau.

As early as half a month ago, he was transferred from the promotion station to the Agriculture Bureau.

Moreover, he was now a deputy section level official.

He was also a department director and could be said to be holding important responsibility. At the moment, he was drinking and looking at the document leisurely.

Sometimes his department was so idle that he could just sit in the office every day.

When he’s busy, he wouldn’t even get a quarter of an hour to rest. Currently, he is idle.
Suddenly, a notification came in his WeChat. He opened it and saw that it was a message from his wife Huang Qiqi.

“It is a very nice song, recommended by my best friend.”

There was also the link to the website

Chapter 228

Fang Yuan knows that his wife likes music and was a loyal fan of a certain star.

He had no interest in music, although he was not tone deaf, he had average sense.

It was just that his wife likes music, so he needs to listen.

At the moment, he opened the website and found that he had to register.

“What a broken website, still asking me to register, it is really troublesome.”

Fang Yuan muttered.

However, he still registered. If after going home while discussing if his wife found out that he hadn’t registered and didn’t listen to the song, he would certainly be punished.

He felt that he had become careless and was confused by Huang Qiqi’s gentle and virtuous appearance. After marriage, she has changed completely and became strong.

He was now a henpecked husband. After registering with great difficulty he was finally able to listen to the so-called great music.

When he played the music, his face immediately changed.

Outside the door, a disciplinary inspection commission staff gently pushed the door, ready to check the situation inside.

Suddenly, he stopped and listened to the music carefully.

It doesn’t know how long it took, but all of a sudden, the sound of the flute disappeared.

The disciplinary officer rushed in.

There was happiness on Fang Yuan’s face, it was really nice to hear, his wife’s recommendation was really good.

He was about to play the music again, and suddenly he heard a sound of rushed footsteps.

He immediately looked back and saw that the door had been pushed open and a man rushed in.

He was very surprised and was about to put the phone away.

Because he knew that recently there has been frequent inspection.

If you are caught doing something unrelated to your job, you will be punished.

He was a newcomer who had just been the head of the department for less than a month, and he hasn’t fully secured his place. If he was punished by the inspection, it would become a joke.

“Fang Yuan, what was that flute music just now?”

The man hurriedly asked. Fang Yuan saw the man and shouted bad in his heart.

Because this man has the nickname of black-faced god, many officials have fallen into his hands and have been punished.

“Director Li, ah..”

Fang Yuan froze, what should he do?

“The flute music you played just now, was very nice. Who played it?”

Black-faced God Director Li impatiently asked.

Fang Yuan saw director Li’s impatient appearance and immediately an understanding came over.

His heart shouted lucky in his heart, looks like he would be able to escape this calamity. He immediately handed the phone to director Li and said, “Director Li, it is a song from this website, I also listened just now.”

Director Li clicked on the music and played again.

Suddenly, a soft, clear, and melodious sound of flute sounded in the office.

Director Li already sat down and listened to music with a face full of intoxication.

It was the same for Fang Yuan.

After playing it several times in a row, director Li still couldn’t get tired of it.

“I didn’t expect there would be such beautiful flute music. Fang Yuan, you share this URL of this website to my WeChat.”

Director Li was very surprised.

“Yes, however Director Li, what is your WeChat number?” Fang Yuan hurriedly asked.

Director Li instantly told him, Fang Yuan quickly added Director Li and then shared the website URL to him.

After Director Li left, Fang Yuan secretly called himself lucky.

If it were not for Director Li liking this piece of music, he wouldn’t have escaped from the calamity.

Although he wanted to listen to music again, he suppressed himself.

………………………………………. In the evening.
Ye Xiaochen was eating dinner at home.

Suddenly, his mother said, “I heard from old Wu that strange things happened on Li Zhiying’s family mountain.”

“What strange things?”

Father asked curiously.

“It seems that the trees and plants on the mountain have turned into strange shapes, and many of them have died, some of them even got destroyed.”

The mother continued, “It was when Li Zhiying and her man went to the mountain to cut a tree, they found it. She was scared to death. It was said they were going to offer a sacrifice tomorrow morning. Many people have gone to see the scene.”

“Let’s go and have a look at it tomorrow.”

Father was interested in these strange things. After Ye Xiaochen heard, his eyes shook a little, he knew that it was he who created the strange forest by using plant soldier skill.

However, he didn’t show it at all on his face, and instead asked curiously.

Mother said it was a mysterious Mountain God, and said spirits roam in the mountain forest …

Ye Xiaochen touched his nose, it seems that his spell has created a mysterious event.

The next day early morning, Ye Xiaochen, his mother, father, sister-in- law Hui and aunt; such a large group of people went directly to Li Yuying’s mountain forest.

While on the road they also met other people, all of them went to see the strange trees.

At foot of the mountain, Ye Xiaochen suddenly felt he had seemed to underestimate this strange forest influence. He saw that there were different kinds of motorcycles and even several cars parked on the road.

They came to see the strange forest.

The mountain was bustling with people, there should be at least a hundred.

In the strange forest, there were several dead trees with strange shapes, the roots pierced out of the ground like thorns, everything was strange.

And Li Yuying’s family lit incense, burned paper money, placed tribute, and offered sacrifices.

Ye Xiaochen was sweating.

Doesn’t it mean they were sacrificing to himself?

In the afternoon, while coming back to Yang city, Ye Xiaochen saw there were still many motorcycles and cars parked at the foot of the mountain. He couldn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

It seems that it would take some time for this to settle down. Unfortunately, he had no idea when it would stop.

Ye Xiaochen holding the mobile phone was video chatting with Wang Xinyi.

Since now Wang Xinyi could hear and speak, the communication between the two has become easier.

After chatting for more than half an hour, Ye Xiaochen closed Wechat and was planning to read the Shennong system introduction guide.

These two days, he hasn’t practiced the plant soldier spell, because he doesn’t know where to practice.

The supernatural forest he had created, was still under great attention. It was said that even the county forest bureaus have sent people.

Suddenly, a notification came on the phone. It was weChat.
He quickly opened and saw that it was from Fang yuan. It turned out to be a website URL.
“A wonderful song, I am sharing it with you.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head since when did this guy start to like to listen to music?

Didn’t he say that he doesn’t have any interest in music?

Ye Xiaochen put his phone aside without opening the website. After ten minutes, a notification again came in weChat.

“Did you listen to it? Isn’t it awesome?”

Ye Xiaochen rolled his eyes, was it so good? I really need to listen to it.
He clicked on the website. “Damn, I need to register!” Ye Xiaochen was speechless.
He thought it was too much trouble and ignored it.

“Be sure to register. If you don’t listen to the song, you’ll regret it all your life.”

“Is it so good?”

Ye Xiaochen sent a message to him.

“You will never think of any other music again. Believe me, register quickly, you will never stop listening to it.”

Fang Yuan sent a big message.

Ye Xiaochen with a wry smile registered, and then click on the music.

When the ethereal sound of the flute played on the mobile phone, Ye Xiaochen was stunned.

Damn, what the hell

Chapter 229

Ye Xiaochen didn’t expect it to be the music that he played. He was absolutely sure, only his playing has such an effect. Spirit song of plants
Although the sound quality was not as good as the studio, it still has the wonderful effect of touching the soul.

“It looks like someone has secretly recorded it on their mobile phone while I was playing the flute.”

Ye Xiaochen frowned slightly.

If it was the original music, the effect would be much stronger.

Ye Xiaochen was a little unhappy that someone had secretly recorded his song and put it on the internet. However, when he saw that ninety-nine percent of the comments praised him, he felt a sense of accomplishment.

At this time, Fang Yuan sent a message again. “Xiaochen, how is it? Isn’t it amazing?” “Pretty good.” Ye Xiaochen replied.

“It is not just good it is unparalleled in the world. I wonder who played this flute? Unfortunately, I can’t download the song, and have to log in to the site to listen to it.“

Fang Yuan sent another message.

Ye Xiaochen smiled and chatted with Fang Yuan for a while, then he closed the weChat and began to read the Shennong system introduction guide again.

After a long time, Ye Xiaochen took out a piece of paper and drew something on it with a pen.

He drew a strange diagram, it looked something like a pentagram.

“The five-element plant layout, specially designed to strengthen planting. It has the effect of condensing vitality, maintaining temperature, ventilation, water content, and promoting the absorption of nutrients. Moreover, there is no restriction on the material, so it is very simple to arrange.”

After Ye Xiaochen finished, he murmured to himself.

This type of vegetation layout was mainly for common plants, and its effect on the immortal plant was ordinary.

“Well, this vegetation layout can be tried at the Earth Shennong farm.”

Ye Xiaochen nodded and quickly made a decision.

Shennong system introduction guide has too many planting techniques, and Ye Xiaochen doesn’t have much energy to do everything, so he could do it slowly.

For the next few days, Ye Xiaochen was planning the arrangement of the vegetation layout. In the earth Shennong farm, he chose a piece of land about two to three acres, instead of building a high-tech house, he directly arranged the vegetation layout.

Wang Shusiheng was very curious about Ye Xiaochen’s experiment because this land was used in a regular pentagon structure, and in the five corners, an earthen platform was built.

At the moment, Ye Xiaochen was busy in the test field.

Many workers were watching and so was Wang Shusiheng.

Ye Xiaochen stood on an earthen platform and ran divine energy then infused in his eyes.

He was performing a tactic in his hand.

Of course, his movements were so secretive that no one suspected anything.

However, many people were curious, they didn’t know what these earthen platforms were for.

Now it was winter, if without building the greenhouse the plants were grown on this land, then all the plants would be frozen to death.

However, Ye Xiaochen’s prestige has been deeply rooted in people’s hearts, and no one would doubt him.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t care about other people’s thoughts. At the moment, he was using the technique of plant identification with plant vision Qi and was watching the situation of five qi fields of the test site.

The floor heating, fertility, wind direction, water content, Yang qi, sunlight, and other things could be vaguely sensed through this qi vision.

In his vision, the world was made up of countless colors and lights. It was colorful and gorgeous. He looked at the qi on the other four earthen platforms.

Every time he saw an earthen platform, he used his pen to draw some strange lines on the paper in which the five-element plant layout was drawn.

After he finished watching all the five earthen platforms, he saw that seemingly disorder line on paper, it seemed as if it produced an invisible vortex.

“The center of the qi at this point is somewhat displaced, and there is a different force here…”

Ye Xiaochen looked at the things on the paper and quickly got a solution to the problem.

, he directed the digger to dig a hole somewhere on the test site and buried a big stone in it.

In a certain position, a large stake or a piece of steel bar was driven in. No less than seven constructions like that happened.
There was even a spot where a hole was dug directly and concrete was poured in.

After finishing all this, he looked at the qi of the site with qi vision, and immediately found that the qi had changed significantly and became normal, the center of qi had reached the ideal position.

“Well, take these five earthen platforms as the connection point and use planks to encircle the area. Remember, the planks must be the same height as the earthen platform.”

Ye Xiaochen gave orders to a farm supervisor.

The farm supervisor nodded in agreement and began to command the workers to work.

“Xiaochen, is it really okay to not put an insulating greenhouse?” Wang Shuisheng came up and was a little puzzled. “Haha, brother Wang, wait a moment, you will know.” Ye Xiaochen laughed and said.
Wang Shuisheng blinked, thinking that Ye Xiaochen has become more and more mysterious.

Because of the ready-made planks, it became simple and convenient to construct. In less than an hour, the test site was completely enclosed, and only two large entrances and exit were created at the position ordered by Ye Xiaochen.

“Brother Wang, let’s go in and have a look.”

Ye Xiaochen said.


Wang Shuisheng was already full of questions. Immediately, the two people entered the test field.
Suddenly, Wang Shuisheng paused for a moment, then took a few steps back from the entrance of the test field.

After a while, he entered again, he repeated it several times.

The shock on his face grew stronger, “Xiaochen, what’s going on? How is the temperature in the test field higher than outside?”

The skin was most sensitive.

Outside, even if thick clothes were worn, the cold was felt.

However, after entering the test field, there was a feeling of warmth. The temperature difference was too obvious. What the heck!

If he didn’t know that there was no heating technology used in the test site, he would have doubted whether there was some kind of underfloor heating equipment was used.

“Brother Wang, how is it? Does it feel like entering an insulated greenhouse?”

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help laughing looking at Wang Shuisheng’s rich expression.

“Yeah, it’s strange. How did you do it?”

Wang Shuisheng’s eyes shone.

It was very good to be able to achieve this effect without any thermal equipment.

If in the whole farm this method was used, then how much cost could they save?

At least half of the farm’s expenses were spent on the greenhouse.

“It is something which I’ve come up with recently. It involves the use of the aura of heaven and earth. I can’t explain the specific situation in one or two sentences.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“Can this technology be widely used?”

Wang Shuisheng hurriedly asked.

“Not for the time being. I’m still experimenting, but it is hard to say whether it will work or not. After all, there are other aspects related to plant growth besides insulation. I have to collect some data to improve it.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head and said. Wang Shuisheng understood, however, in his heart he was looking forward to it.

Chapter 230


Ye Xiaochen was appraising the new batch of harvested immortal radishes and immortal carrots.

Since the immortal land was upgraded to level 2, the immortal plant’s growth rate has increased a lot.

This batch of radishes was harvested by Dou Fanger.

With the presence of bean soldiers, Ye Xiaochen doesn’t need to do everything by himself.

“Well, I have a batch of immortal grapes, immortal grass, immortal yellow beans, immortal wheat. The other batch of immortal yellow beans and immortal red beans will soon mature.”

Ye Xiaochen pondered about it.

It was a pity that these immortal plants were still stuck at ten circle patterns, and haven’t reached lower grade.

He knew this was a bottleneck. There were many immortal planter apprentices who have been blocked from reaching the threshold of immortal plant master, and couldn’t step in their lifetime.

However, Ye Xiaochen was Shennong. There was a bottleneck, but he was not sad. As long as he planted a few more times, he could overcome it.

The limitation of the inferior grade was getting closer and closer, as long as he got over this barrier, he would step in the domain of lower grade products.

In the two empty fields, he was planning to use only one immortal land for planting radishes.

In his opinion, using two immortal lands for planting radishes wouldn’t earn him much immortal yuan.

He was going to plant a more advanced immortal plant. Immortal watermelon.
It was also a kind of immortal fruit, belonging to yellow grade fourth level immortal plants.

This time he used the seed of radish and carrot cultivated by himself and not from the store.

As for the immortal watermelon seed, he could only buy it from the Store.

When he put the three kinds of seeds in the immortal solution, a notification arrived in his Shennong system.

He conjured the Shennong system and saw that in the friend’s column, someone had sent him a message.

He hurriedly opened it and found that Taoist Lao-Tze had sent him a message. “Dao friend Ye, this poor Taoist wishes you to plant an elixir.”

“Senior Lao-Tze, the younger generation only can plant inferior grade immortal plants, I’m afraid that I can not meet your requirement.”

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly replied.

At the level of Lao-Tze, the grade of the immortal plant needed by him should be high, and he doesn’t have the ability to do it.

“Dao friend Ye, the level of the immortal plant I want you to plant is not high. It is the Dingling flower, yellow grade sixth level immortal plant. As long as it can reach lower grades, I’m willing to offer more than six hundred immortal yuan per plant. There is no limit to the quantity. You can plant as many as you can.”

Lao-tze replied.

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes lit up, this was a very high price.

The immortal wind medicinal herb was a yellow grade seventh level plant, and its selling price was less than 300 immortal yuan.

The price offered by Lao-Tze was twice.

Naturally, Ye Xiaochen knew that it had something to do with his divinity.

However, the price was still higher than the Store consignment. It was definitely a huge profit.
This business could be achieved.

Ye Xiaochen thought in his mind that if he could plant 100 flowers, then he would earn tens of thousands of immortal yuan.

It was just currently there was no empty immortal land. When the next auction would be held, he would certainly be able to buy a few immortal lands.

Thinking of this, he agreed directly.
He has absolute confidence in planting lower grade Dingling flowers. The next moment, Ye Xiaochen signed an immortal contract with Lao-
Tze, which was taken initiative by the Lao-Tze.

As long as the immortal plants planted by Ye Xiaochen could meet the requirement of Taoist Lao-Tze, Taoist Lao-Tze must purchase them at a price of more than 600 immortal yuan.

After finishing the contract, Ye Xiaochen closed the Shennong system, he decided to wait until the immortal beans were harvested.

The next night, when Ye Xiaochen finished the dinner, he heard a piece of astonishing news. The village was going to raise money to build a mountain temple in that strange forest.

“Mother, is the village really going to build a mountain temple?”

Ye Xiaochen had an astonished look.

“Of course, since there is a mountain god there, the temple must be built. Otherwise, the mountain god will go somewhere else.”

Mother nodded repeatedly and said, “I have already paid 10,00 yuan. When the temple is built, our Ye family name will be included in the mountain temple merit monument, and we will be protected by the mountain god.”

Ye Xiaochen’s mouth was open, he wanted to say that the mountain was your son.

He was really speechless. Mother was a stingy person, such a person was willing to donate 10,00 yuan, then the sun must have risen from the west.

Few days passed.

Ye Xiaochen’s everyday schedule consisted of taking care of the farm, going to Earth Shennong farm, research institute, and meeting Wang Xinyi.

He was having a nice time.

Finally, the two immortal beans also have been harvested. In this time’s auction, there were more immortal plant products than the last auction.

He had already announced the auction in advance, and as soon as the second auction opened, many immortals came, the number was more than the first time.

Although the immortal plants didn’t reach lower grades, the quality was better than previous times, especially the divinity value has increased a lot, which made the auction more intense and increased in price.

In particular, the immortal grapes brought a great surprise to Ye Xiaochen.

This time he only auctioned a hundred clusters of immortal grapes and kept the rest with him.

A total of 3,787 grapes.

In the end, he earned more than 4,500 immortal yuan from it, the price of each immortal grape exceeded 1.2 immortal yuan.

As for the other immortal plant, they fetched him more than 18,000 immortal yuan.

In this way, he earned more 23,000 immortal yuan from the auction. Adding the remaining 1000 yuan in the account, Ye Xiaochen’s immortal yuan amount suddenly reached around 25,000. Since he has promised Taoist Lao-Tze that he would plant Dingling flowers, naturally he must need to do a good job.

For important things, you have to go all out.

Ye Xiaochen directly bought five second-level immortal lands, and one second-level immortal spring, in this way 6000 immortal yuan was spent.

In addition, he bought Dingling flower seed, each cost 15 immortal yuan.
He bought a total of 100 seeds, which was 1500 immortal yuan.

It was the first time Ye Xiaochen spent so much immortal yuan on buying immortal seeds.

These 100 seeds of Dingling flowers could be planted in one immortal field.

He was still experimenting. After all, he doesn’t know whether he could plant lower grade immortal plants, so he didn’t plant too many Dingling flowers.

As for the other four immortal lands, he was going to plant other immortal plants.

In two immortal lands, he was going to plant immortal grapes.

The grape seeds were from the immortal grapes he had eaten before.

This was a second-generation grape seed, and he was confident that it would turn out great.

In the remaining two immortal lands, he was going to plant elixirs; immortal Asian ginseng and immortal notoginseng

The immortal Asian ginseng was a yellow grade ninth rank immortal plant.

It was different from ordinary ginseng. The ordinary ginseng, the higher its age, the higher its value.

The immortal Asian ginseng was different, as long as it matures, it would not grow more.

Immortal notoginseng, a yellow grade eighth level plant, looks like earth’s Chinese Ginseng or Notoginseng.

He purchased 50 seeds of each elixir, which cost him nearly 2000 yuan.

He also purchased immortal fertilizer. In this way, he consumed more than 10,000 immortal yuan.

“Ding!Congratulations! On your purchase of more than 100,000 Immortal Yuan, you got an opportunity to draw a special lottery from the store, whether you want to draw a lottery?”

Suddenly, the system notification came.

“Haha, I didn’t expect to reach 100,000 yuan consumption so soon!”

Ye XIaochen touched his chin.

The last time he spent 50,000 yuan, he had a chance to draw a lottery, but he didn’t use it.

So now he has two chances of drawing in the lottery.

“Well, let’s try what I can get.”

Ye Xiaochen decided to use the two lottery opportunities
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