Heavenly Farmer Chapter 211-220

Chapter 211

Ye Ying looked up at Ye XIaochen and seemed embarrassed to speak anything.

Ye Xiaochen suddenly got a thought and immediately asked, “Sister, are you dating someone?”

Ye Ying’s cheeks were flushed and hurriedly said, “No, No…”

Ye Xiaochen was able to discern her actions, and he immediately understood, it was really the matter.

“Still saying no, I can clearly see that you are lying. I am asking you, who is your boyfriend?”

Ye Xiaochen knows his sister very well, and she couldn’t lie properly.

“Brother, don’t say it to the parents, okay?” Ye Ying blushed and said in a low voice. “So it is really true. You are pretty fast.”
Ye Xiaochen laughed and said. “Brother, in fact, he has been chasing me since my second year, only this semester I promised him.”

Ye Ying showed a hint of shyness. “What is your boyfriend’s name?” Ye Xiaochen asked curiously.
“His name is Guo Moyun. He is a graduate student in the Department of Computer Science at Nanjing University.”

Ye Ying hurriedly said.

“Since he is a graduate student, why don’t you want to attend graduate school?”

Ye Xiaochen asked.

In fact, he was not very optimistic about his sister’s campus love.

In the campus love, only a few couples could get together till the end, and most of the others break up after graduation.

He didn’t want her to be so emotionally involved that she would miss a major life event like going to a graduate school.

“He is going to graduate next year if I go to graduate school, I’m afraid…”

Ye Ying said in a low voice.

“You silly girl, even if he graduates, you can still study.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head.

People in love were really simple-minded! “It’s not like that. He has opened a gaming studio with his classmates, mainly developing mobile games. It is said that he has already successfully created to a degree, and is negotiating with a game company. I hope I can help him after graduating from university.”

Ye Ying smiled when she mentioned him.

“It seems that your boyfriend is quite capable.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“Of course, he is first in the computer department of Nanjing University. Even before taking the graduation exam, many companies threw an olive branch at him, but his goal is to develop his own game.”

Ye Ying smiled and said.

“Haha, then I have to definitely meet him.”

Ye Xiaochen was a little curious about this Guo Moyun.

“Brother, you will not tell your parents, will you?”

Ye Ying was worried about this thing.

“Don’t worry about it. Wait for me to come back from the capital, at that time, you ask him to have a meal with me.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Ye Ying nodded. She knows that as long as her elder brother agrees, then the parents should not have any problem.

“Brother it’s getting late, I am going to class.” Ye Ying looked at her watch and said in a hurry. “Okay, this is what I brought for you. Keep it.” Ye Xiaochen picked up a bag from the back seat and handed it over to Ye Ying.

“Thank you, brother.”

Ye Ying carrying the bag got off the car, then she put the bag in the basket in front of the cycle, and rode away.

“Hey, the sister has grown up!”

Ye Xiaochen touched his chin, watched his sister bike disappear, and shook his head.

He started the car and turned away from the gate of the business school.

Shortly after he left, there was a boy with messy hair pushing the bicycle from one hand and carrying a phone in another hand, he curiously muttered, “It’s strange, how did my sister-in-law come out of that Porsche Cayenne.”

“No, I must tell my boss about it.”

Instead of going to business school, the male student went to Nanjing University.

The campus of Nanjing University was much larger than that of business school.

As a famous university in Southern province, the teaching staff and scientific research level were undoubtedly highest in the whole province.

Near the old building of the campus.

Xia Ping parked his bicycle, then took breakfast from the basket, carrying in his hand walked towards the building.

On the third floor. Xia Ping took out the keys and opened the door. The room inside seemed as if it had been transformed into a studio. The computers were set up and running.

There were also drawings hanging on the wall, all of which were characters from the various games.

Several young men were busy.


Xia Ping yelled.

“Second brother, why did it take you so long? We are starving to death.”

A shirtless fat man came over, the fat in his body was undulating.

“Brother, I just saw the sister-in-law while coming.”

Xia Ping didn’t give his normal greeting to the man, he quickly went inside and went towards a young man standing in front of the blackboard.

The young man was 1.7 meters tall and looked handsome.


The young man named Guo Moyun just nodded. His attention was still on the things written on the blackboard. He seemed to be thinking about something.

“I saw the sister-in-law getting off from a Porsche Cayenne.”

Xia Ping added another sentence.

Guo Moyun immediately turned around.

“What, sister-in-law came in a Porsche Cayenne? Which kid is it?” “Damn, how dare that person try to rob our sister-in-law, does he not want to live?”

“Second brother, why didn’t you inform us earlier, we will show hell to that guy.”

Everyone gathered and were resentful.

“Xia Ping, what’s going on?”

Guo Moyun was much calmer.

“Here is the video, you can have a look.”

Xia Ping took out the mobile phone.

Guo Moyun took the phone and looked at it, others also were trying to squeeze their head to see.

“Oh move your head aside, I can’t see it.” “What is the rush?”
“I want to look!”

Several people wanted to see, but the phone screen was too small for everyone to look at it simultaneously.

“You see, this is Shashi city license plate. Someone from the city is trying to have ideas on our sister-in-law.”

“I am very angry, rich people can blatantly rob other people’s girlfriends!”

“Damn, can you not come to such a vicious conclusion, I believe my sister-in-law is not such a person.”

“Eh, that’s true, what is going on?” “Let’s ask the sister-in-law.” “Yes, call her.”
Xia Ping and several others were discussing.

Guo Moyun smiled and said, “It’s okay. I believe her.”

He continued to write something on the blackboard with chalk.

At this time, his mobile phone rang, he took it out to take a look, and the name it showed was -Ying

“Wow, it’s from my sister-in-law. Boss, hurry up.”

“Hush, be quiet. Don’t disturb the boss to answer the phone.”

Guo Moyun looked at his companions, he shook his head and laughed, then went to the balcony to answer the phone.

After a while, he came in with a slight smile on his face.

“Boss, what did the sister-in-law say?”

Xia Ping asked nervously.

“You guys are really skeptical people. It was your sister in law’s brother in the car.”

Guo Moyun laughed and said.

“Wow, boss, brother-in-law came today.”

“My god, he came driving in a Porsche Cayenne, doesn’t it mean that the sister-in-law’s family is good?”

“What did my sister-in-law say?”

Xia Ping asked impatiently. “Her brother wants to meet me over dinner in a few days.”

Guo Moyun silently said.

He didn’t expect Ye Ying’s family to be rich, although he doesn’t pay attention to the cars, he still recognized the Porsche Cayenne in the video, it should be at least two-three million yuan.

Would Ye Ying’s brother accept him?

He has a lot of confidence and a great career in the future. However, now?
After all, it was still early, the future of mobile game development was still unknown, and even business partners hadn’t settled.

In short, everything was unknown.

He has always thought of himself as a calm and confident person, but at the moment, there was inexplicable nervousness in his heart.

Chapter 212

Shashi Huanghua Airport. VIP lounge.
The delegates of the Southern Province going to Beijing were gathered together.

Here, Ye Xiaochen also met with other members of the working group. He has seen most of them in Yang city.
However, he was seeing the provincial members for the first time.

Zhang Sheng, the provincial governor, Cao Hongqing, the Secretary- general of the provincial committee, Geng Chengyuan, director-general of the Province, Gu Xuanhao, director of Science and technology bureau, Chen Kai, president of the Nanjing University.

There were two standing committee members of the provincial committee.

The others were bureau level officials.

The whole working group was quite large, there were nearly 40 to fifty people in total and have chartered a flight. If it was in the past, Ye Xiaochen would have been very nervous seeing so many senior officials at one time.

However, now it was different.

Although he did not gain the full experience, there was still experience to deal with the things now.

Moreover, he was the key figure in the cooperation between the Chinese Academy of Science and the Southern Province. No one would try to pretend to be a big man in front of him.

At three o’clock in the afternoon, the plane landed at Beijing Capital international airport.

To Ye Xiaochen’s surprise, someone from the Chinese Academy of Science came to pick him up at the airport.

“Mr.Ye, I am Xiao Ling from the administrative office of the Chinese Academy of Science. From now on, I will be your temporary assistant and arrange everything for you.”

A petite and cute girl stood in front of Ye Xiaochen and said.

“Miss Xiao Ling, I’ll be troubling you.”

Ye Xiaochen shook hands, her hand was very soft as if there were no bones.

“Mr.Ye, just call me Xiao Ling. It’s my honor to be your assistant.”

Xiao Ling hurriedly said.

For this task, she was very satisfied.

Now there was a lot of rumor about Ye Xiaochen within the Chinese Academy of Science. It was said that the academy was going to confer the title of associate professor to him. Even if this title was temporary, within a year or two, he would be reaching the professor level.

She was interested in this, perhaps he would be the youngest professor in the history of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

“Governor Zhang, Secretly general Cai, I am leaving first.”

Ye Xiaochen said goodbye to the two standing committee members of the provincial party committee and boarded a black Audi with Xiao ling.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences has already arranged his itinerary.

Before the meeting on the scientific and technological cooperation, he would be going to the headquarters of the Chinese Academy of Sciences for getting the title.

After all, he was officially admitted to the Chinese Academy of Science and has become a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

It was urgent to confer the title of associate professor.

Ye Xiaochen would be appointed as the director of the research institute at the meeting, he must need to have a certain title.

The headquarters of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was located at 52 sanlihe roads.

It took more than an hour to reach.

The car drove inside the gate of the headquarters of the Chinese Academy of Science.

He has to say the capital was too big and the traffic condition was not very good, the traffic jam was very serious.

The headquarters of the Chinese Academy of Sciences was very large, there was even an internal hotel, which was mainly used to receive personnel from the major branches of the Chinese Academy of Sciences across the country.

Ye Xiaochen’s accommodation was arranged in the internal hotel. The hotel was pretty good.
“Mr.Ye, I am afraid you might be a little tired. Take a good rest, if you need something, just call me.”

Xiao Ling, the temporary assistant was very attentive and handled everything properly.


Ye Xiaochen nodded.

After Xiao Ling left, Ye Xiaochen took a bath and laid on the bed. First, he opened the map from the Shennong system and checked the situation of the farm.

Everything was in order.

He took out his mobile phone, called home and said that he reached safely.

He opened WeChat, sent a message to Wang Xinyi, he chatted for a while, and then closed it.

Ye Xiaochen put down his phone, walked towards the window, opened the curtain, and saw the outside view through the glass.

The view was very wide.

The greenery inside the Chinese Academy of Science was very good. Seriously, it would feel really good to be able to work in a place like this. “Haha, let’s have a stroll around the Chinese Academy of Sciences.” Ye Xiaochen naturally wasn’t tired, even if he doesn’t sleep for three days and three nights, he would still be in good spirits.

This was the first time he has come to the capital. Naturally, he has to take a good look at it.

He made a call to Xiao Ling.

Since she was his assistant, naturally taking her would save a lot of trouble.

Shortly, Xiao Ling came over.

“Mr. Ye, do you want to take a stroll?”

Xiao Ling asked.

“Yes, I want to look around.”

Ye Xiaochen said.


Xiao Ling nodded quickly.

Immediately two people left the hotel, Xiao ling also arranged a small tour bus, which would be very convenient for them.

After all, the Chinese Academy of Sciences was too big, if they walked on foot, they would get tired easily.

In this way, Xiao Ling took Ye Xiaochen around the various areas and facilities of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Of course, it could be only seen from outside. As for entering some important building, they must need to have a pass or go through the formalities for approval. As the largest comprehensive research center in China, there were too many secrets here.

Due to this, the security measures here were also very strict.

“Xiao Ling, why is there a cordon here?”

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen pointed to a park surrounded by the cordon.

Xiao Ling showed a hesitant look and then said, “This is Taishui garden. I don’t know the exact reason why it was blocked. I just heard that a person died here some time ago.”


Ye Xiaochen was not surprised. After all, it was such a big place, the death of a person was very normal.

Without thinking much, he was about to leave, then suddenly an unusually loud and piercing scream came out of the park.

Xiao Ling shivered, she looked pale and could not help holding Ye XIaochen’s arms.

However, Ye Xiaochen didn’t care about this. He was staring towards the park, and his eyes showed a hint of a surprise because he sensed an invisible wave of evil yin.

Although it was a short time, he easily sensed it.

“Is it possible that there is a strong soul in the park?”

Ye Xiaochen was surprised.

Such a big scream naturally startled the people around, and shortly few people came.

“What’s the matter? There was another scream!” “Did something happen again?”

“I heard that last time when a person died, he also screamed.” “Yes, I’ve also heard, this park seems very evil.”

People were all outside the cordon standing and did not dare to go in.

Not before long, a patrol vehicle came and several uniformed guards with batons got off and hurriedly into the park.

“Mr. Ye, don’t go in.”

Xiao Ling suddenly saw Ye Xiaochen cross the cordon and entered the park, so she couldn’t help shout.

However, as if Ye Xiaochen didn’t hear he proceeded.

Xiao Ling was anxious, she stomped her feet, and gritting her teeth quickly followed him.

Chapter 213

The area of the park was very large, it should be around an acre, it was mainly used by the staff of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to take rest and have a good walk.

There were different kinds of vegetation inside and rows of the footpath with cobblestone.

If it was ordinary time, such a quiet place was absolutely a good place for having a walk.

However, now, even if it was daytime, even when there was sunlight, this place gave people an eerie feeling.

Ye Xiaochen and several security guards reached the source from where the sound came. On a big osmanthus tree, a woman with long black hair, dressed in black clothes was hanging.

Several security guards rushed forward and untied the rope from the tree and performed emergency rescue on the woman.

“It’s hopeless.”

An older security guard looked at the eyes of the woman, checked her pulse, and said helplessly. Ye Xiaochen frowned slightly and looked around, but there was nothing abnormal.

The breath of the evil yin was there only for a moment.

“Who are you?”

A security guard suddenly saw Ye Xiaochen and asked him.

“Sorry for the inconvenience, he is Mr. Ye Xiaochen, who will be joining the Chinese Academy of Sciences.”

Xiao Ling chased in, panting she hurriedly said. The security guard didn’t ask any more questions.
He recognized Xiao Ling who belonged to the administrative department.

“Mr. Ye, let’s get out of here. It’s not suitable for us to be here.”

Xiao Ling said in a low voice.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t answer, but looked at the female corpse placed on the ground and observed it carefully.

Xiao Ling just saw the face of the woman and said in a low shout, “It’s Nie Xiaoqin, how could it happen?”

“Do you know her?”

Ye Xiaochen asked curiously.

“Yes, she and I arrived at the same time. She was already a research intern and even applied for the title of the assistant researcher. Unexpectedly…”

Xiao Ling said with some sadness. “Eh!”

Ye XIaochen listened to what Xiao Ling said. Suddenly, he saw a white insect lying next to the tree.

He went over and picked up the white insect. The insect was dead.
“Xiao Lin, do you know what kind of insect this is?”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly asked.

Xiao ling was not afraid of insects, she said, “This should be a scarab beetle larva. Strange, this kind of larva basically grows underground. Only when they mature they could climb out to the surface. Moreover, the weather is so cold, in this season it is more impossible for a scarab beetle larva to appear.”

Naturally, she didn’t think of anything else.

Ye Xiaochen frowned slightly, he was basically certain that there was a soul in this place.

Just now, the evil yin qi he felt, was the breath the soul emits.

It was just the soul rarely leaves the underground, let alone appear in the daytime.

The corpse of this beetle larva was very suspicious, it was most likely that the soul had attached itself to the larva and crawled out of the ground to harm people.

If this was the case, it means that the soul was not weak. Ordinary souls would never actively attack the living.
One more thing, this woman named Nie Xiaoqin was found hanging, and even the person last time was found hanging. What does this mean?

The soul already possesses some kind of spiritual power like illusion or hypnosis.

To say, this soul has become a malicious spirit.

“Interesting, I didn’t expect to encounter a soul in such a palace. If it can be collected and refined it into the immortal bean, then the refined bean soldier would be absolutely powerful.”

Ye Xiaochen’s heart moved.

In this way, not only would he be eliminating evil, but also get a powerful soul, killing two birds with one stone.

It certainly couldn’t be done right now.

Immediately, with Xiao Ling, he left the crime scene.

After touring the Chinese Academy of Sciences, they went outside. It was rare to come to the capital, naturally, he should have a stroll. He was going to buy something for the family.
They strolled around for several hours, it finished in the evening. The two people came back with big and small bags.

In order to thank Xiao Ling for her company, Ye Xiaochen bought her a gift.

In the room.

Xiao Ling left.

Ye Xiaochen cleaned up the things and began to cultivate. He opened the farm map, with a single thought of his mind, a wisp of plant spirit qi appeared out of thin air and was absorbed by him.

It was a strange feeling as if using the farm map as a medium, an invisible aura channel was formed between the farm and at his location.

After a cycle, he stopped, feeling that the divine energy crystal in dantian has become fuller.

He did not use the plant growth, after all, he still needed to save power to deal with the powerful soul in the park.

……………………………………. In the park.
Two people were standing under the osmanthus tree where the woman was found hanging.

A middle-aged man in his thirties looked strong and powerful, his eyes were like a light, he stood under the tree motionless and tried to feel something.

The other person looks to be in his fifties or sixties. Although he was older, he had fair skin and an elegant face.

“Taoist Yan, is there really no other way?”

The middle-aged man’s face was as cold as ice.

“No, this soul has become a malicious spirit. Cunning and abnormal, it cannot be brought out at all. The only way to solve the problem is to suppress it.”

The old man shook his head, “Originally during the republic of china period, here there was a palace pond, do not know for what reason it became evil yin place and soul was born, and later according to some historical record someone was buried alive here to death, the strong resentment aroused the soul. Originally, this soul can turn into a malicious spirit decades ago, but this was the place of academics. With the place’s strongest spiritual power of atheism, any evil spirit and ghost could be suppressed forever.”

“Taoist Yan, in this case, how did this malicious ghost come out?”

The middle-aged man was curious.

“I don’t know, it may be caused due to some other reason.”

The old man Taoist Yan also had deep doubts in his eyes.

After many disasters, the Feng Shui Taoism in China has already declined, and the real Taoism has long been out.

“So, how to suppress it?”

The middle-aged man asked.

“It’s simple, just build a suppressing dharma pillar. But it will only be unsightly, but also affect the academic atmosphere of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. I suggest that you go to the people of Xiangjiang, there should be a solution.”

Taoist Yan said.

“This seems to be the only way.”

The middle-aged man nodded.

The Taoist Yan was regarded as the most powerful Feng Shui Taoist in China, he was also helpless about this matter.

Shortly they left the park.

The park was blocked from the outside so that people could be prevented from breaking in.

Before they just used cordon which allowed the victim to enter. Moreover, in the park’s periphery, several surveillance cameras were also installed, as long as someone entered, it could be seen.

The reason why no one was stationed outside the park was, of course, to prevent something from happening.

Not long after the two people left the park, a shadow came out. It was Ye Xiaochen.

Chapter 214

“Did not think that there are still people who know about things such as soul and malicious spirit. It seems that on earth there should be people like cultivators.”

Ye Xiaochen touched his chin and thought.

Obviously, the Taoist Yan didn’t have a breath of cultivation. According to his estimate, he should be having some theoretical knowledge of Feng Shui Taoism and perhaps don’t have any real practical means.

“According to them, there are real masters of Feng Shui Taoism on the side of Xiangjiang.”

Ye Xiaochen pondered.

Till now the things related to cultivation he saw were such as mother-son demon seal bottle gourd, dharma beads, and souls.

However, he hadn’t yet met any real cultivator.

He felt that he hadn’t touched this world’s real cultivation level. Ye Xiaochen walked towards a place and sat down.
What he needed to do was draw out the soul. However, he was not sure whether the immortal bean could lead the soul out.

After all, this soul was no longer a pure energy body, but a soul with negative energy.

He took out a refined immortal bean from the storage space and clasped it in the palm of his hand. His hand made a soul summoning seal and urged it with the energy.

In an instant, an invisible wave radiated in all directions.

Wherever this wave-swept, Ye Xiaochen was able to sense something imperceptible.

This was the wonder of the soul summoning seal.

All of sudden, he sensed a terrible soul hiding in the depths of the earth.

However, this soul was extremely vigilant, if it was replaced by the common soul, they would have come out a long time ago.

The terrible soul didn’t even move. Only the wave of evil yin radiated from it showed that soul was not silent but waiting.

After a full quarter of an hour, Ye Xiaochen felt that his energy had been consumed at least one-fifth.

Fortunately, evoking the soul seal doesn’t consume much energy, otherwise, it would have become a little troublesome.

At last, the soul finally moved.

In the beginning, the speed was very slow, which showed that the soul was no longer a pure energy body, and possessed the general vigilance of an animal.

Finally, the ghost reached close to the surface of the earth after ten minutes. Then the ghost stopped moving.

“So cautious?”

Ye Xiaochen was surprised.

Suddenly, the soul moved in a different direction and part of it was buried in a dormant insect.

“Oh boy! Even at this time, you can still resist the temptation and possess the insect to test?”

Ye Xiaochen was extremely surprised. It was absolutely extraordinary.
After a while, the insect possessed by the soul came out of the earth’s surface.

In an instant, an invisible spiritual force radiated out, shrouding the space, it began to invade Ye Xiaochen’s mind.

It was an illusion trick.

It invades the target’s mind and creates a terrible scene, which makes the target produce negative feelings and make them despair.

However, this trick does not affect Ye Xiaochen.

Although the spiritual power of the soul was strong, it was only when compared to ordinary people.

Ye Xiaochen was already a cultivator. He was at the initial foundation stage and has a spiritual seed which has a strong defense against the spiritual power.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t move at all. The spiritual power lasted for dozens of seconds before it dissipated, then a huge soul rushed out from the ground and went straight at ye Xiaochen.

It finally came out. Wu Wu Wu.
The winds blew, and the sound came like a crying ghost. The plants and grass swayed.
The scene was extremely horrific. Ye Xiaochen was still.
He was trying his best to maintain the soul seal. The energy in the body was restrained and did not radiate, so as to prevent the soul from being frightened.

Finally, the terrible soul rushed into the immortal beans.

The whole immortal bean was shaking violently as if trying to break away from Ye Xiaochen’s palm.

This was due to the soul trying to take control of the immortal bean.

Generally, the soul has no cover, so it could not exist on the surface and could only stay in the underground.

Even if it reaches the malicious spirit level, it is the same.

It was absolutely impossible for a real soul to cling on to the human body like those ghosts in the movies.

Only the spiritual material could accommodate the soul and malicious spirits.

Due to this, the immortal bean was very attractive to the soul. With this immortal bean, the malicious spirit could also stay on the surface world.

Dou Huangyi was also like that. It was the recognition of the lord.
The bean soldiers who have not recognized the lord were ghouls. Once born, it would lead to a terrible disaster.

“Want to escape?”

Ye Xiaochen naturally wouldn’t let the soul escape. Suddenly he aroused the energy which formed a strange light that covered the immortal bean and tried to surpass the soul.

He could only feel the dark mass moving to and fro, but wasn’t able to break free.

It lasted for a quarter of an hour, and Ye Xiaochen’s energy was almost exhausted before he really subdued the malicious spirit and turned into a real bean soldier.

Ye Xiaochen was very tired, he looked at the immortal bean in the palm of his hand, and showed a touch of satisfaction.

He has a feeling that this bean soldier would be much stronger than Dou Huangyi.

He quickly put the bean soldiers and left the park. Back at the hotel room.
Ye Xiaochen was very tired and fell asleep on the bed. The next day.
Ye Xiaochen got up early and wore formals. Today he would be awarded the title of associate professor.

He felt excited, after all, this was the title of associate professor of the Chinese Academy of Science and its weight was not ordinary.

The auditorium of the Chinese Academy of Science.

It was full of people, everyone was from directly affiliated institutions under the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Those who were qualified to enter here were at least associate researcher or associate professor level.

Every year, the conferring ceremony for associate professor level and above was held here.

This time it was different, it was not a normal award ceremony, because this year’s awarding ceremony has already been carried out.

This awarding ceremony was held for one person only.

In the huge hall, there was a lot of discussion and whispering, and all were discussing today’s protagonist.

“Have you heard? This impromptu ceremony is held for a botanist named Ye Xiaochen.”

“Ye Xiaochen, why haven’t I heard about him?”

“Yang He, does your plant department have this person?” “No, I haven’t heard of him.”
“Then it’s strange. Who in the end asked the headquarters to hold a personal awarding ceremony for him?”

“I heard that this person is very young.” “How young is he?” “I don’t know. I just heard about it. Anyway, the information is tightly sealed by the upper head, and no information has been disclosed.”

“I know a little bit of news. I heard that the cooperation with the southern province has something to do with this person.”

“What more?”


All kinds of discussion fulfilled the whole venue.

The news about Ye Xiaochen’s research of purification grass that absorbs nuclear radiation has been closely guarded by the state.

Many people only knew that the Chinese Academy of Science and the Southern province government were carrying out cooperation on scientific and technology, but what was the reason, not many people knew about it.

Although Ye Xiaochen was very popular in the Southern Province, it was only average across the nation-wide.

This was especially true in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, after all, who has time to care about the outside things.

Especially the information in this regard was suppressed.

When it was announced that the conferring ceremony of personal associate professor would be held, many people were still a little confused about it.

Chapter 215- Recruiting people

An application for the conferment of the right to assess the professor level qualification shall be submitted by the university or scientific research institution, and shall be reviewed by the province, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government, the relevant education and research departments, the personnel of institution under the central government, directly affiliated institutions, and shall be submitted to State education commission for approval and a copy to the Ministry of Personnel for the record.

Anyway, it was quite complicated.

The applicant must have the right qualifications.

Under normal circumstances, Ye Xiaochen doesn’t meet any conditions.

However, he developed the purification grass and created a plant consciousness discipline, which was already an enormous research achievement.

It was a special affair.

It does not only affect China but also abroad.

Its influence was not only in the field of scientific research but also in other industries.

The entire ceremony of conferring the title of associate professor was very simple.

First, the host introduced the person’s information, work experience, research achievement in the field, and so on.

This was a resume.

Every successful applicant would definitely have a thick resume.

The thicker your resume, the stronger the foundation.

Precisely because of this, the title of associate professor or above level was not something that could be given depending on the relationship, there must be real ability.

Ye Xiaochen’s resume was short and concise.

Graduated from the Southern province agricultural university.

Unexpectedly was from a non-key undergraduate college.

Was there any mistake?

Well, in the Chinese Academy of Sciences, if the person was not a master graduate or Ph.D. student, the person would be embarrassed to even greet.

It was better to be from a famous university.

It was said to be unskilled work if you have just done an undergraduate.

Age twenty-five.

What! So young?

Work experience.

Worked in a medium-sized company for a year. Well, it was not a big achievement, so just one line was said, not even the company name, the position of job or the contribution was mentioned.

After resigning, he went home to start a business and set up a small farm.

Set up a farm?

Were there any mistakes? This could also be considered work experience?

To say it crudely a farmer, to say respectable it was a farm owner.

Was there a mistake in listening? Could such a person be also awarded the title of associate professor?

Ye Xiaochen was present in the auditorium.

Next to him was Xiao Ling.

Although Xiao Ling knows that Ye Xiaochen was the cultivator of purification grass and in charge of the future research institute, she didn’t expect Ye Xiaochen’s previous experience would be so simple and ordinary.

Yes, it was ordinary, it could even be said mediocre.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t care about the introduction.

It was the routine.

The main point was in the end.

Sure enough…

When the host exposed Ye Xiaochen’s research result, it immediately caused a sensation in the audience.

Developed purification grass that could absorb nuclear radiation?

Established the research discipline of plant consciousness?

They both were a huge achievement.

The host briefly described the two kinds of results.

He even gave examples, such as a project site in Shashi due to construction reasons the nuclear waste storage base was destroyed and leaked out.

Relying on the purification grass, in just one month, the leakage of nuclear radiation was completely purified.

As for the introduction of plant consciousness discipline, it was to let people know of its value.

Even the purification grass was achieved from the plant consciousness discipline. Does that mean with the in-depth study of this new discipline more valuable achievements could be developed?

The experts and professors in the field of botany, their eyes shined, because this coincides with their research fields!

“Now, Let’s welcome professor Ye to the stage.”

The host suddenly said.

Although the title of the associate professors has not been granted yet, it was just a ceremony within the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Many people looked around and wondered which one was Ye Xiaochen?

Ye Xiaochen was in the center.

As soon as he got up, he immediately attracted the attention of the audience.

Ye Xiaochen walked towards the stage.

“Now, let’s invite Mr. Qin Xiaochuan, the President of the Chinese Academy of Sciences who will be issuing the title of associate professor to Ye Xiaochen.”

The host taking the microphone said.

Soon, the President of the Chinese Academy of Science came to the stage, he was a silver-haired old man, with a pair of wise and contained vicissitudes of life.

Ye Xiaochen had previously met President Qin.

President Qin put the certificate in Ye Xiaochen’s hand and said with a smile, “Professor Ye, welcome to the big family of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.”

After saying a simple sentence, President Qin stepped down.

Ye Xiaochen was still standing, as he had to talk.

“Now I ask professor Ye to say a few words.”

The host handed the microphone to Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen took the microphone and said a few words of thanks, it was all routine anyway.

Next was important.

“Soon the research institute established by the Chinese Academy of Science and Yang city government of Southern province will be established. The main research field is on plant consciousness. This is a brand new field, which just has started. It is not possible to study the field completely by myself, so I sincerely invite all the seniors who are interested in plant consciousness to join.”

After he finished speaking, he expressed his thanks.

In fact, his purpose was not really to invite these experts and professors.

They were all highly qualified, how would they be ready to become his subordinates?

His goals were those people in the Chinese Academy of Sciences who have not yet reached the professor level but have solid professional knowledge.

He believes that after this news gets released, some people ‘s hearts would definitely be moved.

The host was dumbfounded.

Ye Xiaochen was recruiting people in such a grandiose manner?

Many of the experts and the professors present here were from various research institutions of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and some were even important leaders.

Even if they were willing, it’s afraid the research institution they work in would not let their people go!

Many people were secretly whispering and talking.

After accepting the award ceremony, Ye Xiaochen contacted the senior official of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, mainly about the establishment of the institute.

For example, about the required equipment, researchers, and so on.

Anyway, there were a lot of things.

However, Ye Xiaochen’s first idea was to recruit a research team.

Ye Xiaochen’s first requirement for the research team was to be able to learn five finger spirit listening.

Since they were going to study the plant consciousness, and if they cannot even communicate with plant consciousness, what could they do!

Ye Xiaochen talked about his requirement for the research team with the senior leaders of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the leadership led by President Qin was very supportive.

As long as some were willing to Join Ye Xiaochen’s research team, they would fully cooperate.

In this regard, Ye Xiaochen secretly breathed a sigh of relief, knowing that this matter was almost successful.

It was easy to attract people, but the movement of personnel would be very troublesome without the coordination and cooperation of senior management.

Chapter 216- Return

After the award ceremony, various kinds of news about Ye Xiaochen spread rapidly within the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The purification grass that could eliminate nuclear radiation.

Created a new research discipline-Plant consciousness.

Everyone has remembered the name of Ye Xiaochen.

Many people wanted to learn about purification grass and plant consciousness.

This was especially true for those in the field of botany.

On the same day, some contacted Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen directly used the five finger spirit listening to test them.

As long as they have spirit listening talent he would accept, if not, he could only apologize to them.

Shortly, the condition of Ye Xiaochen’s criteria for the admission was spread out.

Of course, no one thought that Ye Xiaochen’s condition was too harsh, and instead, it increased the interest in the new discipline of plant consciousness.

In the end, more and more people contacted Ye Xiaochen, even some well-known experts and professors contacted him.

In the evening.

Ye Xiaochne sent off the last candidate.

Probably around two hundred came to take the test today.

Unfortunately, the proportion of people with spirit listening talent was not too large, and only eight have been found with talent.

It was still in the top research institutions like the Chinese Academy of Science and they were basically related to botany.

It could be imagined that the proportion of talent for spirit listening in the crowd was really very low.

He calculated in his mind, this time he discovered eight people, in the first experts’ group there were five experts including the two foreign experts, then in the second time there were seven experts, which add up to around twenty.

This ratio was too low.

If the research institute was set up and it started working, then this number was very less.

Moreover, it was impossible for some people to join the institute. After all, they were well-known experts, professors, and even academicians.

It was estimated that no more than twelve people would be joining the institute.

Ye Xiaochen knows that there must be people with the spirit listening talent. Even if the proportion was small, there were more than 1 billion people in China, even if it was one in a million, there would be nearly a thousand people.

He actually doesn’t believe that the ratio would be so low.

The next day, Ye Xiaochen attended the meeting on scientific research cooperation between the Chinese Academy of science and the Southern province government.

At the meeting, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Southern province Government signed a series of cooperation agreements, among which the establishment of the Yang city plant consciousness research institute was the most important.

In addition, Professor Ye Xiaochen of the Chinese Academy of Sciences would be the director of the Yang city plant consciousness research institute.

In the cooperation agreement, naturally, there was also the mention of the profit distribution of research results.

The two sides had already negotiated before on that.

The distribution would be thirty thirty-forty.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences would get 30%.

The southern province would account for 30%

And the remaining 40% would belong to the Yang city plant consciousness research institute.

This was the approximate distribution.

In more detail, from 40%, Ye Xiaochen would get 15% for being the director of this research project.

Generally speaking, the proportion academicians get was around 5 to 10%

Unless the leader was the indispensable owner of the core technology, only then there would be a corresponding increase in the shares.

As the leader, the owner of the core technology, and the founder of the plant consciousness research institute, Ye Xiaochen’s situation was unique.

Naturally, due to this, his share was astonishing 15%.

From the remaining 25%, the 20% would be included for the financial management of the institute, and the 5 % would be allocated to researchers of different levels of the institute as rewards.

As for how the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Southern province government would allocate their respective 30% shares, that was up to them.

For example, in the 30% shares of the southern province government, it was indispensable to give half to the Yang city government.

This was only the technical dividend of the research institute,

Once the research was used in the market, the profit in the form of the product sales would be greater. After all, there would be various kinds of taxes.

In any case, in the end, it was the state and local government that would make the most of the money.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t care too much about it, because he knew that he couldn’t take all the profit, there would be no such good thing in the world, and instead, it would create a lot of troubles.

Like now, with the backing of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, how comfortably and safely he was able to make money.

There was no need to worry about anything at all.

Moreover, he has established the Earth Shennong company, which was enough to participate in this huge interest group that was about to form.

It was January 5, Ye Xiaochen followed the working group of Southern province to take a plane back to southern province.

Of course, he was followed by 13 other researchers from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

All of these 13 have the spirit listening talent.

In addition to the previous 8, five more were tested for the talent.

Eight men and five women.

Ye Xiaochen also talked with the first two expert team’s group of people who had talent.

The two plant experts and two assistant researchers were willing to join the institute.

As they were still in Yang city, they just remained there.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences has fully transferred their work.

As for these 13 people, the work transfer procedure has been already completed.

From now on, they were the people of the Yang city plant consciousness research institute.

And, the professor Zhang Keqin was also willing to join the institute.

In this way, he has a total of 18 people with the talent of spirit listening.

Although this was much less than his desired numbers, it was barely sufficient.

The plane landed at Shashi Huanghua Airport. Ye Xiaochen got off the plane and set foot on the Shashi airport. He felt a sense of inexplicable joy.

After five days, he felt like he reached home.

Ye Xiaochen asked the 13 people to follow Yang city working group to go to Yang city, as he still has some tasks in Shashi city.

Yang city government was in charge of the construction of the institute, so he doesn’t have to worry at all, he just needs to know the progress.

Ye Xiaochen got in the car parked in the parking lot of the airport and called his sister Ye Ying.

“Brother, are you in Shashi?”

Ye Ying’s voice contained a hint of surprise.

“Just got off the plane. I am coming to your college now, remember to inform your boyfriend.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said.

“Brother, do you really want to see him?”

Ye Ying hesitated.

“Of course, why? Are you afraid of me seeing him? Didn’t you say he was an excellent person?”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“Of course, he is an excellent person. Brother, I’ll tell you a piece of news, there is already a mobile game company that is interested in the mobile game designed by his studio, and are ready to negotiate.”

Ye Ying smiled and said.

“That’s good.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

From his sister’s tone, he could feel that the sister has a sense of admiration for Guo Moyun.

A woman has a sense of admiration for a man, it was difficult to change her thoughts.

This Guo Moyun seems like a capable person, as long as he really likes his sister, it would be no problem.

Chapter 217- Warning

Beijing Capital International airport.

A flight from Xiangjiang landed at the airport.

“Master Qingtian, welcome to Beijing. This is Jiang Hanliang, director of the special affairs department under the Security department of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.”

At the airport stood Taisot Yan wearing a tang suit and next to him was a middle-aged man in his thirties.

In front of them was an old man with a childish face wearing a long gown, just like an old scholar of ancient times.

Behind the old man were two young people, a man, and a woman.


The old man known as master Qingtian had an arrogant look, and he just nodded.

As one of the three great masters of Feng Shui Taoism in Xiangjiang, he couldn’t be compared with a half skilled person like Taoist Yan in the mainland. He has real skills.

Taoist Yan was a little embarrassed, his seniority was lower than Master Qiangtian, and his attainment in Feng Shui Taoism was also below him.

Jiang Hanliang, director of the special affair department was slightly unhappy with master Qingtian’s arrogance attitude. However, he knew that he had to rely on the other side, so at the moment he was polite and also gave compliments.

Master Qingtian just gave a faint smile, and then got on a luxury Mercedes Benz car. Several cars drove out of the airport and headed towards the Chinese Academy of Sciences.


Near the Nanjing university Business school.

A fairly decent restaurant.

The people entering and leaving were college students from nearby universities. Due to the high rates, those who could come here were all from good financial families.

Ye Xiaochen had already reserved a private room in the restaurant.

As for his sister Ye Ying, she has yet to come.

Originally, he wanted to pick her up, but she said she would be coming with Guo Moyun.

Ye Xiaochen sighed in his heart.

After a while, the door of the room was pushed open, followed by Ye Xiaochen saw his sister Ye Ying coming with a tall and handsome young man.

From the first glance, Ye Xiaochen felt that Guo Moyun had a strong personality.

Moreover, there was a little bit of pride in his eyes.

Although Ye Xiaochen couldn’t be sure, he could still see that Guo Moyun has a firm and preserving character. He looked like a person who would not easily admit defeat.

Such a person once makes a decision, would never give up easily.

Generally speaking, such people were easy to succeed.

It seems that his sister’s vision was quite good.

“Brother Chen, I’m Yingying’s boyfriend, Guo Moyun.”

When Guo Moyun saw Ye Xiaochen, he immediately recognized him and said his greeting.

As facial contours of the sibling were somewhat similar, an outsider could tell they were siblings from one glance.

“Take a seat.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and said,

Ye Ying and Guo Moyun both sat down.

On Ye Ying’s face, there was little nervousness, as if worried that her brother would be dissatisfied with Guo Moyun.

On the contrary, Guo Moyun appeared calmer.

Ye Xiaochen asked him about the studio.

Guo Moyun answered everything in detail.

From his tone, it appeared that he was confident in the mobile game designed by the studio.

“It is very common for college students to fall in love, and I am not against it, but the success rate of being together is not high. There have been many breakups for various reasons, so I don’t want my sister to be hurt by a situation like this. Guo Moyun, do you understand what I mean?”

Ye Xiaochen’s tone was flat and also formed a kind of pressure on Guo Moyun.

“Brother Chen, I really like Yingying. In the second year when I first saw her, I felt that she is the one I would take care of for my whole life…”

Guo Moyun hurriedly said.

Have to say, Guo Moyun’s eloquence was really good, and it was hard to dislike him.

However, these words couldn’t affect Ye Xiaochen at all.

“Guo Moyun, do you know that for your sake my sister would rather give up the postgraduate qualification admission to Tsinghua and Peking university?”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Guo Moyun was shocked.

He looked at Ye Ying.

“Don’t doubt, I have the ability.”

Ye Xiaochen saw a hint of doubt on Guo Moyun’s eyes and directly threw out a certificate.

When Guo Moyun saw the words Chinese Academy of Science, he was stunned for a moment, then picked it up and looked at it, followed by his whole body was shocked.

Associate professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Director of Yang city plant consciousness research institute, branch of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Guo Moyun raised his head and looked at Ye Xiaochen. He originally thought Ye Ying’s brother was just the boss of a certain company, so he might be able to afford the luxury car worth a few million.

Now he knew it was not that, it was ten times bigger than being the so-called boss of the Company!

Associate professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences!

Was there such a young associate professor?

And he was only in his twenties!

Also, he was responsible for an important research institute under the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

All of sudden, he felt that his achievements were not worth mentioning compared to Ye Ying’s brother!

Ye Ying saw her boyfriend’s shocked expression. She was a little puzzled. She then took the certificate, and immediately covered her mouth with her hand and stared at it with wide eyes, the eyes showed a color of shock.

She didn’t know the purpose of his brother going to the capital and just knew that he was just going to attend a meeting.

Now that she saw the certificate, she knew the purpose.

Naturally, she knows the weight of the certificate!

With such a certificate, it was absolutely easy to apply as a professor in any famous university.

“Guo Moyun, I am not showing off anything. I just want to tell you, don’t let down my sister.”

Ye Xiaochen took back the certificate and seriously said.

Although he was satisfied with the first impression given by Guo Moyun, he didn’t know his heart, so he still had to give a warning.

Either you leave my sister’s side, or take good care of her for your whole life.

There was no other choice.

Otherwise, you will regret your whole life.

“Brother Chen, my love for Yingying, will never change.”

Guo Moyun stood up and seriously said.

There was no trace of falseness.

He understood Ye Ying’s brother’s action, it was a warning to him.

“Okay, let’s eat.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and removed the atmosphere from the room.

Ye Ying couldn’t help but take a breath of relief.

Guo Moyun felt the pressure on him was gone.

Next, the atmosphere became very normal.

This Guo Moyun did not seem to be affected, he could speak well and adjust the atmosphere.

No wonder his sister likes him.

Let’s not talk about his ability, just with his mouth he could become very popular with girls.

After the meal, Guo Moyun rushed to settle the bill, Ye Xiaochen said with a smile, “Well, Guo Moyun, if you consider me as a brother, let me pay the bill.”

Guo Moyun said, “That’s not good. You are not only my brother but also will be my future brother-in-law. Naturally, I have to pay the bill.”

Ye Ying blushed who was on the side.

Ye Ying was speechless, this Guo Moyun looks handsome, but why is his face so thick?

Chapter 218- Three Zhang qi measure

When Ye Xiaochen returned home, it was already more than 4 o’clock in the afternoon.

His parents had already been waiting for him, and the sister-in-law, Aunt Hui, and other neighbors had all come to visit.

“Son, show me your associate professor certificate.”

The mother was beaming with smiles and hurriedly said.

Father’s face was also flushed.

There was an associate professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences at their home, this was absolutely a great thing!

Although the experts’ group visited previously, it was informal and he hasn’t been recognized officially.

This time it was different.

The brand new certificate, bright red seal, black letters!

This could be said as the glory of the entire Ye family.

It wasn’t long before the entire Ye family gathered.

They killed chicken and geese and were prepared to offer sacrifice to their ancestors.

At the time of dinner, there were several tables set up.

There were all relatives and friends of the Ye family, the number wasn’t less than the time when the experts’ group visited.

Lively and nosey!

All of them were happy that from the Ye family there was an associate professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

It wasn’t until eight or nine o clock that the relatives and friends dispersed.

Ye Xiaochen finally had the chance to go to the farm.

Although he could see everything from the farm map, it was still convenient to check the farm personally.

Dou Huangyi was working hard.

The whole farm was well organized.

There was not a single weed in the field, it was clean.

Ye Xiaochen thought of the soul in the park of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and immediately took out the immortal bean.

With a flick of his finger, the bean flew out, spinning, it exploded with a sound, and thick black smoke spread.

The black smoke turned into a woman in a white dress.


Ye Xiaochen was a little surprised because he didn’t give the bean soldier an order to condense the body.

Active shape-shifting?

Interesting, it seems that this bean soldier was different from Dou Huangyi!

The woman in white was floating in mid-air, she had a beautiful face, a classical beauty.

Moreover, there was a shine in her eyes, and she seems to have wisdom.

Ye Xiaochen touched his chin, “Good, form now on, your name is Dou Fanger”

“Dou Fanger greets master.”

The woman in the white dress knelt down and said in a clear and pleasant voice.

“Well, change your look and dress.”

Ye Xiaochen waved his hand.

She was just a bean soldier working on a farm. Was it necessary to be so beautiful?

Shortly, Dou Fanger changed and was dressed like a village girl.

It didn’t look very beautiful.

All right that was it, it looks good.

Compared with Dou Huangyi, Dou Fanger was much smarter and more flexible.

Ye Xiaochen asked her to take care of the twelve immortal lands,

With the two bean soldiers, Ye Xiaochen could finally relax.


Chinese Academy of Sciences, Taishui garden.

It was late at night.

Five people were standing under the osmanthus tree where a person was found hanged previously.

Director of the special affairs department, Jiang Hangliang, Taoist Yan, Master Qingtian, and his two disciples.

At the moment, the two disciples were busy, they took out the strange thing which they were carrying and began to measure around.

Master Qingtian would say one or two sentences from time to time.

Jiang Hangliang, director of the special affairs department, was confused and did not understand anything.

However, Taoist Yan was carefully watching, his eyes were full of expectation because he knew that the Master Qingtian was actually measuring the Feng Shui aura here.

All sorts of terms and information were coming out of Master Qingtian’s mouth, and his two disciples were laying out the measurement neatly.

“Master Qingtian, is this heaven and earth measurement of the Lingnan faction?”

Taoist Yan suddenly asked.

He belongs to the Beidi faction, but the Beidi faction has fallen very seriously.

On the contrary, it was the Lingnan faction that has developed well, in Xiangjiang, Southeast Asia, Europe, and the United States.

“Heaven and earth measurement? That’s just the general outline of our Lingnan school. It is just three Zhang qi measures.”

(TN: one zhang= 3.3 m)

Master Qingitan shook his head,

Three Zhang qi measures could detect the Feng Shui condition of place clearly within the range of three zhangs.

It was said the more powerful Feng Shui master could complete the measure within the three feet range.

Even so, Taoist Yan admired Qingtian.

Compared with the Lingnan school, the Beidi school was better at finding the dragon acupuncture points, but that was in the past, and now it was not.

After getting the information from his disciples, Master Qingitan walked in a strange path and was holding a delicate Feng Shui compass in his hand.

Suddenly, Master Qingtian stopped and muttered something. He was holding the compass and was calculating something.

After a long time, Master Qingtian took a long breath and went back to his original position, he shook his head and said, “No, although there is hidden evil yin ground, there is no soul or malicious spirit.”

His tone was very firm.

“Impossible, a person committed suicide here the previous day.”

Taoist Yan was astonished and said, “did the soul leave by itself?”

“It is not possible, although there are traces of damages in the Yin acupoint, it is shrouded by the academic atmosphere and there is no flaw in it. Even if it is a malicious spirit, it could never take a half step out of the park.”

Master Qingtian said with a confident tone.

“so, is there really no soul here?”

Taoist Yan knew that master Qintian wouldn’t make any mistakes.

“Was the previous two suicides just normal?”

Jiang Hanliang, director of the special affairs department, was surprised.

“I just looked at the Feng Shui here. There was a malicious spirit here and it was very strong, but now it has disappeared. Why did it disappear? There can be only two kinds of circumstances, a Feng Shui master took away the soul, or because of an accident, it was killed by the academic atmosphere of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. However, I am more inclined to the first one.”

Master Qingtian said.

“Did a Feng Shui master come here?”

Taoist Yan and Jiang Hanliang were all surprised.

If this was the case, why did they spend so much money to invite Master Qingtian from Xiangjiang?

Master Qingitan saw two peoples’ expressions and immediately knew that they did not know that master.

Originally, he thought there were only a few real masters of Feng Shui Taoism in the mainland, but it seems that this is not the case.

If there really is a Feng Shui master who has taken away the malicious spirit without alerting the special affairs department of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, then it could be only said the person’s mean was not trivial, at least he doesn’t have this ability.


At this moment, in Yufeng village.

On the farm.

Ye Xiaochen was studying the cloud and rain dana immortal technique.

The principle of the immortal technique could not be explained by the existing knowledge of the earth.

He created a seal with ten fingers, and the energy suddenly bloomed and pointed at a bucket of immortal spring water.

All of sudden, a violent current surged in the water, and mist rose.

It lasted for more than ten seconds, and a cloud of ten meters radius formed.

He flipped his finger, and a ray of energy shot into the cloud, the cloud began to move, and it began to drizzle.

After the cloud of mist was over, the whole immortal field was watered.

Moreover, the immortal plant that got the water from the cloud and rain dana technique began to grow at a speed visible to the naked eye.

“Sure enough, the effect of cloud and rain dana with the plant growth is strong.”

Ye Xiaochen showed a look of satisfaction.

Compared to pure plant growth, it was stronger.

Chapter 219- Branch Farm

The days passed by in a blink of an eye and it was already the second half of January.

The preparatory work for the Yang city plant consciousness research institute has been almost completed, and funding of all the staff has been put in place.

The address and the research institute was the original Yang city botany institute, which now has been transformed.

However, the facility and building area of this institute were far from enough, it was only a temporary base for now.

A new and complete research institute base was under construction, its area was ten times larger than the current research institute.

During this period, Ye Xiaochen mainly taught the researches of the research institute on the plant consciousness discipline, so that they could have a systematic understanding of the new discipline of plant consciousness.

In the research of plant consciousness, they were all newcomers, and haven’t even entered the door.

However, they were elites, and have high learning ability.

This saved Ye Xiaochen a lot of trouble.

The practice of Spirit listening was the top priority.

In addition to the existing members, Academician Yang and several others who have practiced the spirit listening have all been staying in the research institute.

During this time, they all stayed at the research institute to learn theoretical knowledge about plant consciousness with others.

Naturally, they didn’t stay for too long. After all, they were all the heads or important members of the research institute and their research work was very busy.

After leaving the research institute, Ye Xiaochen directly drove to Earth Shennong farm.

The Earth Shennong farm has been basically completed.

In the huge farm, a lot of farm machinery and equipment was in use.

Many workers in green clothes were busy working.

The buildings were constructed just like blocks, and the progress was very fast.

Ye Xiaochen parked the car in the parking lot and walked to the huge building which was nearby.

This was the seed treatment building that has been recently constructed.

The whole building was made with steel structure and was inlaid with special glass which could adjust the heat of outside light.

It has a complete high-tech equipment system.

Temperature control, water control, and so on, it was the most advanced automated planting processing building in China.

There several processes of seeds were done here, like seeding, sowing, rooting, germination and transplanting, all of which would be carried out in this building.

In the monitoring area, Ye Xiaochen met Wang Shuisheng.

Wang Shuisheng’s skin has turned darker, and his facial expression showed tiredness.

There was no other choice, during this period, he had to manage the construction project, the Earth Shennong farm, and the Jinyang group.

If Ye Xiaochen hadn’t provided him the immortal spring pickled vegetables and the immortal plant pickled vegetables, it’s afraid that he would not have been able to hold on.

“Xiaochen, the seed promoting liquid you have provided is really amazing, the seed germination rate has reached 100 percent, and the most important thing is that the germination time has been shortened by half, there is no defect.”

Wang Shuisheng said excitedly.

Although with the current technology, seed germination could reach more than 90% after the elimination of the bad and inferior seeds. However, the germination does not mean that it could survive, there would be cases of not enough vitality.

It was impossible to have a 100% rate like this.

Moreover, after laboratory testing, it was found there were no inferior plants.

This was extremely amazing.

“Brother Wang, this is just the beginning. After soaking with my prepared seed promoting liquid, the future growth would be very smooth. It can grow half the time of normal plants, and there will be no problems”

Ye Xiaochen said confidently.

Wang Shuisheng nodded, previously he had little doubts, but now he fully believes that Ye Xiaochen has the ability.

The plant growth time was shortened by half, which means the yield of the farm would rise linearly.

In fact, Ye Xiaochen didn’t say that after being soaked, not only the growth would be shortened but also the yield and the quality would improve a lot.

This seed promoting liquid was prepared after diluting the immortal seed promoting liquid.

Of course, this was not the main factor.

The reason why Ye Xiaochen could be confident that the plants in the Earth Shennong farm would not be inferior to that on the old farm was that he has a branch farm quota which he got after the Shennong system was upgraded to the second level.

The old farm was the main farm.

This Earth Shennong farm was a branch farm.

Things like immortal land, immortal spring, and other immortal buildings could only be placed on the main farm and not on the branch farm.

However, if Ye Xiaochen binds the branch farm- Earth Shennong farm under the main farm, then his Shennong talent would be applied to this branch farm also.

Naturally, the effect won’t be as good as the main farm, it was estimated that it would be half.

Even so, this was good.

As long as Ye Xiaochen doesn’t unbind, the vegetables, fruits, flowers, and herbs planted in this Earth Shennong farm would be much better than those in ordinary farms.

This was where his confidence lies.

Naturally, Wang Shuisheng does not know this, he would only think it was due to the seed promotion liquid and fertilizers provided by Ye Xiaochen.

Back to the main farm.

Ye Xiaochen inspected the farm, and was very satisfied, the two bean soldiers were taking care of the farm properly.

All he had to do was every once in a while, apply cloud and rain dana, and plant growth.

As for the general watering and other things, he doesn’t need to do it at all.

After a long time, Ye Xiaochen stood up in the immortal grass field, opened his mouth and exhaled, an air arrow shot out, making a whistling sound.

Since he practiced immortal cultivation, his body has been moistened by the energy, and his internal organs have become extremely powerful.

He could feel that the divine crystal in his dantian was several times stronger than before.

“I don’t know when this divine crystal would reach the turning point of changing to plant spirit?”

Ye Xiaochen thought in his heart.

As he was pondering, Dou Fanger flew over, “Master, the immortal grapes have matured.”

“Tsk Tsk, the grapes have finally ripened.”

Ye Xiaochen felt that his saliva was almost flowing out.

This was the only immortal fruit plant!

He has always liked to eat grapes, and the immortal grapes must be delicious.

Immediately, he quickly picked a bunch of grown immortal grapes.

Chapter 220- The immortal grapes

There were clusters of immortal grapes, Ye Xiaochen counted, in one fruit cluster there were around 38 grapes.

Generally, in normal grapes, a fruit cluster would have 15-30 grapes.

Moreover, this immortal grape’s size was bigger.

Ye Xiaochen picked one of the fruit clusters, he did not wash, just wiped it, and put one piece in the mouth.

As he bit through the grape skin, a cold sweet juice came in his mouth.


Too Delicious!

Ye Xiaochen doesn’t have any words to describe the taste of this grape.

There was also an immortal spirit qi surging in his body.

He couldn’t help but eat a few more pieces, and immediately felt full. His body was filled with the immortal spirit qi and seems difficult to digest.

He knew if he ate more immortal grapes, he would have indigestion, which was not good for his body.

Although he was an immortal cultivator, his cultivation was still shallow and he couldn’t eat too many immortal fruits and plants.

At the moment, Ye Xiacohen began to collect other immortal grape clusters.

Adding in the cluster he picked, there were a total of 148 immortal fruit grapes clusters.

He identified it with plant identification, and all were ten circles.

As for the price of each immortal grape, through the plant identification technique and combined with the situation of other immortal plants, Ye Xiaochen could judge it.

One grain could at least reach 1.3 to 1.5 immortal yuan.

That was to say, the ten immortal grapevines were at least worth 7,000 immortal yuan.

Ye Xiaochen had no intention of selling these immortal grapes now, he was preparing to accumulate a few more immortal plants and open an auction again, so as to get more profit.

Ye Xiaochen returned home, with the fruit cluster from which he had eaten, the immortal spirit qi has been removed from it.

Since the water content of the grape was very high, even after removing the immortal spirit, there was no condition like dried beans, it was still beautiful but not as beautiful as it was before.

Ye Xiaochen removed six grapes from the fruit cluster, put in a fruit plate, and gave to the parents who were watching TV, “eat the grapes.”

Mother and father didn’t care about it even though the grapes looked nice and big.

However, after both of them ate, their eyes widened.

“Son, what kind of grape is this? Why is this so delicious?”

Mother took one more grape, put it in her mouth, and eating with satisfaction said, “Really so delicious, is it the grape from your greenhouse?”

“Yes, these are from the grapevine which I have carefully researched and cultivated.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and said.

“My son is great, and this gape is also great.”

Mother was full of praise.

The six grapes were finished quickly, and two of them were still unfilled.

“Son, do you have more, just a few grapes are not enough!”

Mother asked quickly.

“Mother, you can’t eat too much of this grape.”

Ye Xiaochen casually made up a reason.

Actually, there was no other side effect other than being rich in nutrition.

However, it was hard to provide too many quantities.

Moreover, this was an immortal fruit!

The quantity was limited, and couldn’t be eaten too much. They need to be restrained so that they could eat every day.

For his family, Ye Xiaochen certainly won’t be stingy about the immortal fruits.

Due to regularly eating the immortal spring vegetables, immortal beans, immortal carrots, and other immortal vegetables, his parents look ten years younger and all their physical problems are gone.

If they eat like this, it would be easy to live a long life.

After dinner.

Ye Xiaochen returned to his farm.

He was going to make Qiyuan medicine tonight.

After preparing for so long, he has basically solved all the technical problems.

Three dandelion spirits.

Three auxiliary ruler grass.

Three immortal medicinal herbs.

They were all lower grades.

In order to buy these plants, he has spent more than 12,000 immortal yuan.

However, as long as Wang Xinyi could be cured, any amount of immortal yuan was worth it.

In the iron shed.

Ye Xiaochen took out all the materials from which the immortal qi had been removed, and then began to deal with the materials.

Ye Xiaochen was very careful.

He knew that even a little carelessness might lead to failure.

This was thousands of immortal yuan!

From night nine o’clock to two or three o’clock, Ye Xiaochen was beside the boiler and controlled the temperature.

At the moment, there was nervousness on Ye Xiaochen’s face.

Because medicine was about to form.

It was also the most vulnerable moment.

He couldn’t help being nervous!

All of a sudden, a strange fragrance came out of the boiler.

Ye Xioachen’s nose twitched, his face showed the color of happiness, and he quickly turned off the fire.

The strange fragrance gradually thickened and finally, the room was full of that fragrance.

It took a quarter of an hour until the fragrance faded away. He opened the lid of the boiler and saw a vermillion liquid in the tank.

He quickly took out three small thermos cups and poured out the liquid inside it, dividing it evenly into three parts.

He quickly closed the lid again.

These three cups of medicine represent Wang XInyi’s hope for recovery!

He wanted to send a message to Wang Xinyi, but he thought it was very late and Wang Xinyi should be in deep sleep, so he could only give up.

The next morning, Ye Xiaochen sent a message to Wang Xinyi.

“Xinyi, I’m going to give you a surprise today.”

Wang Xinyi quickly sent a message asking what kind of surprise it was.

However, Ye Xiaochen didn’t say it and kept it a secret.

He didn’t even eat breakfast and directly drove to Yang city.

He reached Wang Shuisheng’s villa, Wang Shusiheng had already left.

These days, Wang Shusiheng would leave early and come late, he was very busy.

Ye Xiaochen went directly to Wang Xinyi’s courtyard.

Wang Xinyi had been waiting for him.

She asked what kind of surprise it was, using hand gestures.

Seeing Wang Xxinyi’s curious appearance, Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help smiling and then took out a thermos cup.

Wang Xinyi looked at the thermos cup and wondered if there was something delicious in it.

“Xinyi, I have found the medicine that will cure your ear problem.”

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly said in hand gestures.

Wang Xinyi was stunned.

There was no joy on her face, as she knew that it was too difficult to cure her ear.

Her brother had tried everything he could think of, but nothing succeeded. All she got was disappointment after disappointment, and finally, it turned into despair.

Therefore, she had lost all hopes of curing her ear problem.

Ye Xiaochen saw Wang Xinyi’s expression and didn’t know what was going on in her mind, he immediately said, “Xinyi, just believe me once.”

Wang Xinyi was silent for a moment, before she made a hand gesture, “Xiaochen, I know you are doing it for me, but, there is no cure for my disease. So let’s forget it, in case of getting disappointed later, it is better to cut off any thoughts.”

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly took her hand, and with spirit talent communicated with Wang Xinyi’s consciousness.

Immediately, his voice sounded in Wang Xinyi’s mind.

“Xinyi, can you hear my voice?”

He didn’t care that this would cause Wang Xinyi shock, he must now let Wang Xinyi believe him.

Wang Xinyi was shocked because she was able to hear Ye Xiaochen’s voice.

It was the first time she had heard any person’s voice, and it was Ye Xiaochen’s voice.

Ye Xiaochen’s voice was gentle and very magnetic, letting her fragile heart tremble.

“Xinyi, believe me, I can make you hear my voice, let you hear the sound of my flute, and I will certainly be able to cure your ears.”

Ye Xiaochen said softly.

His eyes were extremely gentle, containing only pure love.

Wang Xinyi’s heart was completely melted by Ye Xiaochen’s words and eyes.

Finally, she nodded her head gently.
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