Heavenly Farmer Chapter 21-30

Chapter 21-Matchmaker

All the immortal carrots have been traded to the Goddess of the Moon. Ah, there is still one which has been cut off by Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen looked at the immortal carrots stem and leaves on the ground, he doesn’t know how to deal with it.

He has asked the Goddess of the Moon before, these immortal carrots stem and leaves are of little value.

“ Yes, the immortal carrot leaves and stem are not much value for gods, but for me, it might not be the case, the immortal carrots stem and leaves also contains immortal aura if used as green manure, won’t’ it be useful?

Ye Xiaochen suddenly had an idea.

Before the family farm frequently used the green manure compost, it is safe for the environment, economically beneficial and can save lots of money.

The reason for the quality of immortal carrot did not increase may be related to not using immortal fertilizer and immortal water.

Now he does not have any immortal yuan to buy the immortal fertilizer and also cannot exchange for the immortal spring, he can only use the immortal carrots stem and leaves as green manure.

This stem and leaves can not be placed in the soil directly, must wait for them to rot and turn into fertilizer, he does not know how long he needs to wait, after all this is not a paddy field and he can not speed up the process of decay.

Immediately, Ye Xiaochen collected all the stems and leaves of the immortal carrot, used a blade to chop it into pieces, then using a wooden hammer and crushed it into juice, mixed with a certain percentage of lime. Finally, the crushed immortal carrot stems and leaves were piled up in a ventilated bamboo basket and some immortal soil was sprinkled on the outer layer.

This is the process of composting.

This immortal carrot stem and leaves belong to the immortal plant. He doesn’t know if it will work with this ordinary fertilizing method.

Let’s try first.

After completing all these, Ye Xiaochen did not directly start planting the immortal carrot seeds and yellow Immortal beans. After reading Shennong Introduction Guide for a long time, he has some ideas. He may be able to improve the yield and quality of the planted Immortal plants.

Ye Xiaochen took out the immortal hoe and began to loosen the soil carefully. Soil particle size should not be too small so that it can form a cellular gap, which can guarantee the content of the oxygen and the moisture, which is favorable to the plants.

The immortal plant is also a plant but it needs the immortal spirit.

Similarly, the immortal plants also required various types of minerals, for example, phosphorous, potassium, nitrogen and so on.

It is present in the soil, but the growth of the previous immortal carrots would definitely reduce the minerals and he need to supplement it.

As for the immortal spirit, Ye Xiaochen doesn’t need to worry about it, the immortal land is very strange, it has a peculiar effect which converts the solar energy into immortal spirit.

Ye Xiaochen also put some fertilizers.

Restoring the soil fertility is also a skill.

Ye Xiaochen has learned this skill and can actually be said good. Of course, to be able to achieve most fair stage is certainly not possible. Moreover, the requirement of fertilizer in the immortal plant is different from ordinary plants.

Fortunately, in Shennong Introduction Guide, there is information on this, there is no need for him to explore this one by one and it can be used directly.

After completing the preparatory work, Ye Xiaochen planted 150 grains of the immortal carrot seeds completely.

The piece of immortal land is not large, but the carrot itself can be planted densely,even immortal carrot has similar characteristics. Before, planting 50 immortal carrots were a waste of the immortal land.
He also planted four yellow immortal beans in a corner.
According to his understanding of the yellow immortal bean, coupled with the growth requirement of ordinary beans, the yellow immortal beans should have good adaptability, the requirement of its growth condition is not high, as long as there is sufficient fertility in the soil it will be good. After all, this is a soil attribute immortal beans.

He has a very high expectations of this immortal yellow beans.

The most important thing is after harvesting the yellow immortal beans, it can be used again for planting seeds.

Certainly, it will reduce the quality, but Ye Xiaochen has a sense of expectation.

From the store, buying immortal plants seed is a waste of immortal yuan.

As a future Shennong, he should be able to achieve self-sufficiency, cultivating his own quality plants seeds.

The reason that he does not use the idea of carrot seeds, mainly because it takes too long for the seed to mature, it takes two years for ordinary carrots. Even if he has the Shennong talent and can shorten the cycle of immortal carrots, it is estimated that it will still take a few months, but the red carrot itself will get wasted too, the loss outweighs the gain.

When all seeds have been finished planted, Ye Xiaochen finally breathed a sigh of relief.

He was about to leave, when he saw his two dogs lying on the immortal soil where he has planted the seeds, Ye Xiaochen hastily scolded, ” Lay aside, there are seeds.”

After all the immortal land is not big, the seeds when compared with the previous time it is more in quantity, he must naturally use all the land.

If these dogs lied down above, who knows, if it will affect the development of the immortal plants?

The two dogs looked at Ye Xiaochen with eyes filled with grievance, the original lying place can be said as a souvenir but it’s a pity that the immortal seeds have been planted, they can only lay down their heads and went to a corner of the field, they still extended their head towards the immortal field as if trying to breathe the fresh air.

In this regard, Ye Xiaochen can only shake his head.

Returning to the shed, Ye Xiaochen opened the Shennong System, looking at the position of immortal yuan, there is a big zero character, he felt a very heavy sense of loss, when can he gains tens of thousands of immortal yuan.

looking at the location of experience, there is only 1 point of experience value.

Ye Xiaochen was depressed, it was said that to upgrade to the second level Shennong, doesn’t he need to plant one hundred times?

Shaking his head he tidied up his mood, from the storage space, he took out the boiler, it is a square and a half meter long. In the aspect of appearance, it looks extraordinary, there is a strange texture that feels moist as jade, and it is not heavy.

The inside of the boiler is not the same as the outside, unexpectedly, it has a hemispheroid liner.

The whole boiler is divided into two parts, the shell, and the inner liner.

The shell is made of unknown metal, the glass liner is like a jade-like material

There is a space between the shell and the liner.

After reading the manual, Ye Xiaochen figured out how to use the boiler.

There are several ways to use this boiler. First is suffering, second is curing, third is dissolution, fourth is smelting.

Recalling the prescription of the plant promoting growth agent and its configuration in his mind, he was ready to start configuring the agent.

Suddenly, his phone rang, Ye Xiaochen took a look, it is from his mother, it is certainly about food.

Immediately, he put the boiler back into the storage.

This thing does not belong to the earth, it is best to keep it in the storage space.

Returning home.

At dinner, his mother brought up a topic, ”  Ye Xiaochen, your aunt called, she said she act as a matchmaker for you, the girls’ side condition is good, the person is also beautiful, her education is little less. After graduating from high school, she directly started working. Now, she is aged twenty-three, she is three years younger than you, if you want, you can meet her after two days.”

Chapter 22-Preparation

Ye Xiaochen who was eating, suddenly got shocked.

At his present age, in the countryside, he should has gone to a matchmaking date,get married and then settle down long ago.

But he had attended university, naturally, his marriage issue was postponed and moreover the conditions in the family were not good. After graduation, the work also didn’t go smoothly, nobody was willing to act as a matchmaker for him.

Now his aunt is willing to be a matchmaker on her own, it can only be explain as a problem, she supposedly knows that the farm is on the right track and is starting to earn money.

This is really a problem.

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help but look at her mother, he sighed darkly in his heart, it seems like his mother is not worried about his marriage.

If there was no Shennong System and before he had not met Wang Xinyi, he might have considered it, after all this is a life important matter.

But now, he couldn’t help but hesitate.

However this is the good intention of his aunt, he cannot reject it directly, it will not look good. Looking at the situation, it is estimated that his mother also did not want to talk about this thing with his aunt.

“ Okay.”

Ye Xiaochen thought for a moment and then noded.

Seeing once is also good, perhaps the other side might not like himself.

With the cheat, Ye Xiaochen is very confident, he will be able to reach the pinnacle of life and get married to a beauty.

Returned to farm shed.

The weather is really very hot!

Even if the fan is running the whole time, it wasn’t reducing the heat.

He thought of a way, taking the ice cubes from the refrigerator, he put them under the blowing fan, soon the sultry shed became a little cool.

Next, Ye Xiaochen began the preparation to configure the agent.

First is fire, there is little requirement, just that the fire should be large enough and must be continuous, so Ye Xiaochen chose the gas burner, the gas burner is generally used in a hotel dining room,the fire is strong enough but when Ye Xiaochen purchase it, he made some changes to the gas burner.

Ye Xiaochen put the boiler on the gas burner, it fits correctly.

The gas stove was turned on and a blue flame burst out all of a sudden, releasing high temperature.

The shed become more humid.

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen’s eyes revealed a surprising colour, on the surface, the singular lines on the exterior of the boiler seems to lit up, turning into dark red, like numerous and dense network.

But the color of the shell itself did not change.

There are three special parts on the boiler. One which is the surface, there is a very special pattern, it can absorb the external flame and evenly distribute the heat in  between the gap of the liner and the shell, what is more strange is that, the shell doesn’t seems to have any temperature, Ye Xiaochen turned off the gas burner and touched the shell with his hand, it is definitely not hot.

The second is the gap between the shell and the liner.
This is a real flame energy space, the external energy of the flames are all stored here, you can maintain a relatively stable temperature, there will not be too much energy differences.

Third is the liner itself, it was used for baking internally, there will not exist any problem of burning raw materials, as what principle it used, Ye Xiaochen does not know. Anyway, it is so magical.

Ye Xiaochen took out the box, which are the materials that need to be baked inside,then covered them with a transparent glass lid.

Through the glass cover, you can see the raw material inside. With the speed visible to the naked eye, they are withering,cracked and eventually are turned into bright yellow powder, obviously, this is the result of extreme internal pressure.

Seeing this he knows that the curing of the raw materials have ended, he immediately pressed a button on top of the glass cover, then, a jet pressure is released. The powder under the guidance of the compressed air, were directly sucked into the storage box under the button directly.

Ye Xiaochen removed the lid and took down the storage box, he saw that the bright yellow powder is turned into a small yellow solid lump, it is very hard, this is obviously due to compression.

He put the yellow solid lump into the box, he needs to urgently bake the second set of materials, even if it is a hard buffalo horn, it has turned into powder by the boiler and finally compressed into solid.

Next baking process will not be so simple.

After the baking was completed, next is to dissolve, such as the mantis body fluids, it must be dissolved to deal with certain materials.

There are a number of minerals that needed to be smelt to get rid of impurities.
When most of the processing have been finished, it was already evening.

After Ye Xiaochen had dinner, he continued overnight.

When all the things were completely processed, Ye Xiaochen knows that it is now the last step, configuration. This is the most critical step, the component proportion and sequences should not have too big deviation in their time-interval.

Ye Xiaochen began to use a very high precision electronic weighing scales.

After completely weighing all the things, he started to inject clear water into the space of the boiler. It doesn’t need high temperature to boil. As long as the water temperature is one hundred degree Celsius, it is enough.

Finally, he put some distilled water into the tank.

This not ordinary water, it should be distilled, after all there are some substances in the water which will cause some interference to the agent configuration.

After the distilled water is boiled, Ye Xiaochen quickly put in the raw materials one by one, the quantity and the time interval, all has strict request.

Ye Xiaochen’s spirit is in high tension.

An hour has passed.

Two hours have passed.

Three hours have passed.

At the moment, through the glass cover he can see that the inside of the tank is filled with green liquid.

“ The color of the liquid is not clear enough, the transparency is not strong, a little muddy, obviously the integration of the chemicals are not completed.”

Ye Xiaochen has a lot of patience.

Another hour has passed.

The liquid in the boiler tank has completely turned into dark green, like amber, but clear and transparent,very good looking.

“ Well this plant promoting growth agent is the same as described. It seems to be successful.”

Ye Xiaochen nodded slightly.

But after thinking, this is the boiler he bought from the store. If it was not successful, it has only shows that Ye Xiaochen is too incompetent.

If replaced by the ordinary boiler, with only the treatment with raw material, it will not be qualified and it will be very difficult to make a real plant promotion growth agent.

Wait until the plant proming growth agent slowly came out through the outlet, it suddenly emitted a strong smell of medicine.

The smell of medicine is very fragrant.

“ I don’t know if this plant promoting growth agent can be eaten by people?

Ye Xiaochen’s mind suddenly has an idea emerged, as long as he thinks about the material used in this medicine, he will not have the feeling to eat it.

But maybe it can be experimented on the animal.

Ye Xiaochen felt satisfied as he look at the bottle full of plant promoting growth agent liquid. Suddenly, a strong sense of tiredness came over him. Looking at the time, it is already two o’clock in the morning, he did not expect that he will take quite a long time.

He shook his head and packaged all the rest of the material, next time he can continue to configure.

After cleaning up the scene, he cleaned the boiler and put it back into the space.

Although he felt tired, he could not sleep. His spirit is very excited and keep on thinking about the effectiveness of the plant promotion growth agent.

He immediately wanted to go to Wang Shuisheng’s villa in Yang Shi City and try it out on the two strains of tuberose.

Chapter 23-Effects

The next morning, after finishing the vegetables distribution, Ye Xiaochen directly went to the villa where Wang Shuisheng lives.

This time, Ye Xiaochen is driving his truck and went inside without any obstruction.

Wang Shuisheng’s wife Zhu Qingqing and his son Xi Bao have gone out, he heard from the nanny that they have went to visit their relatives.

Ye Xiaochen was somewhat embarrassed as he doesn’t know sign language. Now, how can he communicate with Wang Xinyi?

This days, he has tried to learn some knowledge about sign language from the internet. He has only touched the surface, it is not enough to do daily communication.

Anyway, he is here to use the plant promoting growth agent on the tuberose. It will not be much problem if he can’t communicate with Wang Xinyi.

He just want to test the effect of the plant promoting growth agent.

Soon, he went towards the outside courtyard where Wang Xinyi lives. He knocked on the door and after a short time the sound of footsteps came. Then, the door was opened, Wang Xinyi wearing a white dress appeared behind the door.

After seeing Ye Xiaochen, an expression of surprise immediately appeared on her sad pretty face.

It is clear that she has a great expectation towards Ye Xiaochen for curing her tuberose.

Because of not able to communicate with words, Ye Xiaochen did not say anything, he directly pointed towards the direction of the tuberose.

Wang Xinyi hurriedly led Ye Xiaochen towards the tuberose.

Ye Xiaochen took out the prepared bottle of plant promoting growth agent.

Wang Xinyi is very curious towards the glass bottle that Ye Xiaochen took out,which contains a dark green liquid,can this cure the tuberose?

Seeing her curious eyes, Ye Xiaochen pointed towards the glass bottle and towards the pair of tuberose, then he picked up a sprinkler, opened its lid then he first poured one litre of water and injected about twenty ml of plant promoting growth agent.


After shaking, the water in the sprinkler turned to a pale green colour and released a light fragrance.

Ye Xiaochen took the water sprinkler and started to sprinkle it on the two tuberoses.

Waiting until the leaves of the two tuberose became all wet. Then, he poured all the remaining water into the flowerpot.

Plant promoting growth agent does not solely rely through root absorption, but  it can also enter from the plant’s pores, the effect does not decrease, so this can make the plant promoting growth agent to produce faster results.

After watering, Ye Xiaochen put down the sprinkler, there was a puzzled expression on Wang Xinyi’s face. He reached out to touch the tuberose branches and leaves,with his unique Shennong talent, he tried to sense the awareness of the tuberose.

After a while, on his face there was finally a movement, the originally chaotic and unique fluctuation seems to be eased,even he felt the consciousness is gradually filled with joy, seems to be the joy of being reborn.
Ye Xiaochen cannot help but take a sigh of relief, it seems that the plant promoting growth agent is effective, it is estimated that it will not take a long time before the special fluctuation in the tuberose that brought upon due to the declination period to get eliminated.

Of course, he is unable to judge how long it will take for it to be fully restored and re-enter the flowering period.

Moreover, this is just a superficial phenomenon, the tuberose must depend on the plant promoting growth agent effect regularly to maintain its stability.

As for how long it needed to be watered, Ye Xiaochen also can’t judge this, it must be calculated according to the changes  brought by the consciousness of the tuberose.

Ye Xiaochen loosened the leaves of the tuberose from his fingers, he turned his head and saw that Wang Xinyi is anxiously looking at him, he doesn’t know how to explain this to her.

Wang Xinyi also seems to understand this,she suddenly turned and ran inside the house, after a short time, she brought a piece of writing board, with the magnetic brush she wrote some words on it.

Ye Xiaochen seeing this became slightly surprised, right, if he can’t speak, he can still communicate by writing.

After thinking, Ye Xiaochen cannot help but be happy, here will not be the only place he can exchange, he thought of more things, such as Wechat, then, there will not be much inconvenience.

“ Ye Xiaochen, can this tuberose be cured?”

Wang Xinyi’s writtings are pretty and have wonderful spirit.

“ I have at least 90% confidence, this is the medicament that I have prepared, its name is plant promoting growth agent,specially used for restoring the vitality of the tuberose, it may take some time. I will also be coming tomorrow and will determine how long it needs the plant promoting growth agent according to the changes in the tuberose.”
Ye Xiaochen took the writing board and magnetic brush.

Because the sentence he need to write is too long, he wrote some words, then wiped and again wrote.

“ I believe you.”

After wang Xinyi finished, he wrote some words.

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help but be happy, he know the inner world of a mute like Wang Xinyi is very sensitive, it is unpredictable, now she wrote these words and it means that she has started trusting him.

When leaving, Ye Xiaochen took Wang Xinyi’s phone number and Wechat ID.


In the evening, Wang Shuisheng returned back home with his wife and child and got to know that Ye Xiaochen had came to the villa from the nanny.

“ Shuisheng, can Ye Xiaochen really cure those two strains of tuberoses? Even a plant expert like Zhang Keqin does not have any means, he will not be…”

Zhu Qingqing sat on the sofa, she hesitated for a moment and then finally asked. According to her character, she is more inclined to lose contact with Ye Xiaochen, so as to not get entangle. After all, the gap between Ye Xiaochen and their home is too large, so as far as possible it is good without any intersection.

Wang Shuisheng knows what is in his wife’s mind, he said:” I know him. He should not be that kind of person, perhaps he really has the ability, anyway, for now just wait and see.”

He thinks he can identify people, he has a very good impression on Ye Xiaochen, this day he is also considering about Ye Xiaochen’s favor.

As for Ye Xiaochen’s matter regarding the sales of vegetables and fruits, it is only a small thing, it cannot be compared with his son’s life.

According to his view, Ye Xiaochen managing the farm, there is no future in it. After some preparation, he needs to find Ye Xiaochen and talk about it.

“ Well, you don’t have to worry about it, I will talk with Xinyi.”

Wang Shuisheng said .

Zhu Qingqing nodded, this kind of things,she does not want to worry, it is better if her husband handles it

For three days in a row, Ye Xiaochen went to Wang Shuisheng’s villa.

Zhu Qingqing and him were not at home.

There were not much changes in the tuberose.

Of course, this is only on the surface.

Ye Xiaochen got to know about the amazing changes in the consciousness of the tuberose through psychic talent, it has become completely normal.

According to the changes in the tuberose’s consciousness, Ye Xiaochen can determine the need of plant promoting growth agent for it.

It is difficult to make the plant promoting growth agent, if the demand is big, it will be a little troublesome.

On the fourth night, Ye Xiaochen was sleeping, his phone suddenly rang loud in the silent night.

But this time, Ye Xiaochen is too tired, even after ringing for several times, Ye Xiaochen was not awakened and still sleeping.

If Ye Xiaochen is awake, he can see the phone is showing the name – Wang Xinyi.

Chapter 24-Shocked

Early in the morning, Ye Xiaochen slowly woke up, he picked up the glass to fill the water as he was feeling thirsty.


After drinking the glass of water, he released a breath. Then, putting down the glass, he hold the phone charger and put the charger in the plug.

“ Well?”

Ye Xiaochen saw that there were a few missed calls and messages in Wechat.

It was from Wang Xinyi.

Ye Xiaochen was a little curious, why did she call during late night?

Then, he understood the matter after he looked at the WeChat, finally, there was the growth of small buds on those two strains of tuberoses.

Growing of buds means that the two tuberoses have entered into the bud period.

“ This is a good news.”

“ Haha, it seems that the effect of the plant promotion growth agent is really good!”

Ye Xiaochen is now filled with a sense of accomplishment.

After a little thinking, he hurriedly replied to Wang Xinyi and sent a message in the Wechat. He wrote that he was in a deep sleep yesterday so he did not saw the phone and messages in Wechat.

He waited for sometime but Wang Xinyi didn’t send any reply.

Ye Xiaochen shook his head, he went to wash after putting on his clothes.


Wang Shuisheng’s villa.

“ Hey, how come today Xinyi still didn’t get up?”

Wang Shuisheng sitting on a rattan was having breakfast and at the same time is reading a newspaper.

Under normal circumstances, the younger sister would already wake up and have breakfast.

“ I will call aunt.”

Xibao jumped off from the chair and ran towards the courtyard.

“ Xibao, run slowly.”

Zhu Qingqing said from behind.

After not a long time, Xibao returned followed by Wang Xinyi. Today, there was a touch of happiness on Wang Xinyi’s face, but only around the eyes has black circles, apparently she has not rested properly.

“ Xinyi, you didn’t have a good sleep?”

Wang Shuisheng put down the newspaper, seeing the appearance of his sister, he was a little distressed.

He thought that his sister is still sad because of the tuberose.

Wang Xinyi made some signs.

“ What, you are saying that you saw the buds growing on the tuberos and therefore did not rest for the whole night?”

After Wang Shuisheng looked, he hurriedly communicated with Wang Xinyi in sign language, but he was startled, did Ye Xiaochen really cured this tuberose?

These days, he has not inquired about this matter,

Wang Xinyi nodded and continued the movement.

“ Ye Xiaochen used some medicine and just within three days time, it let’s the growth of bud on the tuberose?”

After Wang Shuisheng seeing the sign language of his sister, he finally believed that this tuberose was cured by Ye Xiaochen.
He is very shocked, it can be imagined that even Zhang Keqin, a well known botanist was also helpless against this problem, but unexpectedly it was solved by Ye xiaochen.

It is incredible, right?

And according to his sister, Ye Xiaochen had used some kind of a special medicine.

What medicine could it be?

Did Ye Xiaochen made it by himself?

No matter what, seeing his sister’s happy look, his heart also became relaxed. These days, his sister had became thin and more silent, her face had also turned pale and did not had the past healthy color.

“ Haha, it seems Ye Xiaochen is really the lucky star of our Wang family!”

Wang Shuisheng said to his wife, Zhu Qingqing with a smile.

Zhu Qingqing doesn’t know what to say. First, saving her precious son. Now, curing the tuberose and lifting the worry in her sister-in-law’s heart. Ye Xiaochen’s kindness to their family had become bigger and bigger.

Wang Shuisheng deliberately turned down some meetings and didn’t go out as he wait at home to meet with Ye Xiaochen.

“ Brother Ye, you really are a sage hidden in human, having a really great skill.”

Wang Shuisheng said with a sigh.

“ Haha, I’m just lucky, it is just that I knew the prescription for the recuperation of plant aging. I did not had full assurance, it seems that the effect is good. However, brother Wang, this prescription can only delay the aging of the plant, it cannot completely cure it, it needed to use the plant growth promoting agent I have prepared for a long time.”

Ye Xiaochen scratched his head and said.

“ Can delay is already good, brother Ye, how long does it need to use?”

Wang Shuisheng can understand, can cure the plant aging is the same as preserving youth and has gone against heaven’s will.
This is simply impossible. As for delaying aging, although it is magical but at least it is acceptable.

“ It need to be observed for some time,first, I will look at the situation of the tuberose.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

When Wang Xinyi knew that Ye Xiaochen came, she quickly came out to greet him,she is now very grateful to Ye Xiaochen,her pretty face is filled with smile.

Wang Shuisheng looking at his sister’s appearance and can’t help but secretly sigh. He has not seen his sister being so happy for a long time.

In the courtyard where Wang Xinyi lives, the two strains of tuberoses have become lush. A bud had just emerged in one of the branches and it is estimated that it can bloom at night soon.

In front of several people’s eyes, Ye Xiaochen walked towards the tuberoses and gently touch it with his hand as he communicated with the consciousness of the tuberoses.

This time, the consciousness of the plant is different from last time and it seems to desire the promoting chemicals into the plant.

Yes, this is the case, Ye Xiaochen understood quickly, it seems the tuberose requires the plant promoting growth agent.

In other words, it is time to water it with the plant promoting growth agent.

Ye Xiaochen calculated the time, it seems it needs the plant promoting growth agent once four or five days.
Of course, now is the initial period, as with the long time usage, the number of frequency will increase.

It needs 20 ml. It is required to pour five or six times in one month, that is, 100 ml. Before, Ye Xiaochen while configuring the agent, he has probably made more that 1000 ml, which can guarantee for more than a year, the cost is around five thousand or six thousand yuan.

Ye Xiaochen is slightly relieved, it is still within the range.

While leaving, Ye Xiaochen left a small bottle of 100 ml of plant promoting growth agent for Wang Xinyi, it is enough to use for a month.

Wang Shuisheng actually wanted to retain him for lunch, however, Ye Xiaochen received a call from his aunt, the dating things have been arranged, so he left quickly.

Originally, it was agreed two days before,but later, the woman postponed and it was dragged to today.

After Ye Xiaochen left, Wang Shuisheng returned to his sister’s courtyard.

“ Xinyi, give me a little of this plant promoting growth agent, there is a little problem in the potted flower in my office, I want to try it.”

Wang Shuisheng said to Wang Xinyi.

Wang Xinyi did not suspect him and gave a small portion of the plant promoting growth agent to Wang Shuisheng

“ Xinyi, remember do not say anything about this to Ye Xiaochen.”

Wang Shuisheng said this sentence while leaving.

Wang Xinyi nodded, she did not think of other matter, for her she is already very happy that the two strains of tuberoses can bloom.

“ Hubby, what do you want to do?”

Zhu Qingqing curiously asked when she saw her husband taking a small portion of the plant promoting growth agent.

“ Ha-ha, Qingqing, what do you think about the plant promoting growth agent?”

Wang Shuisheng laughed.

“ It is very mysterious.”

Zhu Qingqing is also a smart woman, she soon understood, ” husband, do you think that the plant promoting growth agent will have a high market value?”

She rarely interferes with her husband’s business, she is a proper housewife but she is also a smart person, she naturally thought of this point.

“ Well, what if these plant promoting growth agent is used on the expensive flowers and plants? These precious flowers will one day suffer through aging, if it can delay the plant’s aging, don’t you think its value will be high?”

Wang Shuisheng said with a smile.

He is businessman and is most sensitive towards opportunities, after seeing the mysterious effect of the plant promoting growth agent, he first thought of these things.

“ Husband, do you want to analysis the component to find out its original prescription? Then…”

Zhu Qingqing immediately understood her husband’s intentions.

If you can grasp the original prescription,then surely it can create astonishing profits.

But in this ways, if used the plant promoting growth agent for oneself, isn’t it returning kindness with ingratitude evil?

Zhu Qingqing felt a little hard to accept it.

“ Oh, Qingqing, it is not as you think. If it was someone else, I will definitely do it. Harming others to benefit oneself, this is the common method in business, but I, Wang Shuisheng will not return someone’s kindness with ingratitude evil. These days, I have been thinking, how to pay Ye Xiaochen’s gratitude? It was very difficult, but now, seeing this plant promoting growth agent, I have finally decided.”

Wang Shuisheng said with a smile.

Zhu Qingqing feels slightly relaxed, she  faintly understood her husband’s intention.

Chapter 25-Aunt

It was approaching noon, Ye Xiaochen drove the truck towards his aunt’s home.

His aunt lives in the county.

After making some money, his cousin, Chen Hao, has bought a house in the county and also gave birth to a pair of twin daughter. His aunt and uncle live together with them, they help taking care of the children.

The house is very big, it has four rooms and two halls. The decoration is very luxurious. The price of the house  in county is not high. However, with this kind of decoration, area and also coupled with furniture and electrical appliance, it would be not be less than one million.

“ Xiaochen, come in.”

The aunt opened the door. She has a plump figure and is wearing gold and silver. Her face full of smile.

“ Aunt”

Ye Xiaochen took off his shoes and put on the slippers.

The floor is very clean, even the reflection of human can be seen. Ye Xiaochen remembered, when he came for the first time, he did not take off his shoes and directly walked inside. Immediately, he was scolded by his aunt. Ye Xiaochen is a man with a very strong self-esteem, so naturally his heart felt very uncomfortable.

He felt warm seeing his aunt’s smiling face.

If the people are like this, it isn’t difficult to  eliminate the knot in the heart.

In the living room, his uncle is accompanying his two granddaughters in watching animated cartoons. His cousin’s wife, Li Yan, is playing with her mobile phone and his cousin is in the balcony and is talking on the phone.

His uncle glanced at Ye Xiaochen, he only said “ Xiaochen come” and didn’t talk anything, he appears cold. Only when he is accompanying his two granddaughters,will he show his smiling face.

As for his cousin’s wife, Li Yan, she did not even look and directly ignored Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen did not care, he just want to finish this dating task.

His big aunt poured a cup of herbal tea to Ye Xiaochen and said to the uncle: ” Old Chen, Xiaochen came, hurry and cook something.”

His uncle got up and went inside the kitchen.

His uncle used to be a cook, in fact he is a very good cook.

After taking the seat, his aunt started chatting with Ye Xiaochen.

Actually, she has been asking about the situation in the farm, if there was any loss in the business.

Obviously, she doesn’t know that his son’s supermarket didn’t purchase the vegetable from Ye Xiaochen’s farm,otherwise she will not mention this topic directly.

“Mother, you can’t say this messy things,Ye Xiaochen’s farm vegetables are unqualified, so I didn’t let him distribute in our supermarket.”

sister in law Li Yan opened her mouth and didn’t speak any polite words.

The aunt was slightly surprised and then exposed an embarrassed face.

Obviously, this was not the first time her daughter in law had spoken towards her like that.

“ Child Yan, Xiaochen does not has an easy time, he is a family member, can’t we help him?”

Aunt slightly hesitated, looked at her daughter in law’s face and said.

Ye Xiaochen was little surprised, his aunt was willing to help him? 
“Mother, we are running a supermarket and we must pay attention to the quality of the products. If there’s no quality, how can we let the customer buy things, this you don’t have to interfere in this matter.”

Li yan didn’t give any face.

Seeing Li Yan’s attitude, even if Ye Xiaochen has a good temper, at this moment, his heart felt very unhappy. This is not about quality, she is simply doesn’t want to help their poor relatives.

Feng shui turned and this year has arrived at my family.

(tl:it is  is  Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment. Here sentence meaning is luck has arrived in family)

I, Ye Xiaochen had obtained the cheat like Shennong System, my success is just  around the corner.

Today, you are indifferent to me but tomorrow, I will be higher than you.

Ye Xiaochen is also a proud and an arrogant person, he silently pledged in his heart.
In front if this daughter in law, she has lost her courage. She looked at his nephew. The face of his aunt is not very good,but she didn’t say anything.

Can’t do anything, everything at home is according to Li Yan, who let her to have a good father.

At this time, his cousin, Chen Hao just came in. He had heard the conversation in the living room. However, he is helpless against his wife’s temper. He wants to help Ye Xiaochen but there is an obstruction from his wife, Li Yan.

There is no other way.

“ Xiaochen, I have contacted two restaurants and a vegetable stall. It should not be a problem but the demand is not too large. However, it will be able to lift your pressure slowly.”

Chen Hao hurriedly said.

To Ye Xiaochen’s farm size, this type of sale can reduce the losses but it will not be able to save his farm.

That is to say, it will only be a matter of time when Ye Xiaochen’s farm will be closed.

Ye Xiaochen doesn’t have any complain towards Chen Hao. After all, he has been trying to help him, he immediately said with a smile: “ Cousin, actually, I have already solved problem with the sales of my vegetables and fruits.”

“ Solved?”

Chen Hao was a little surprised.

He has been to Ye Xiaochen’s farm. The scale of it is not small to solve the problem with the sales of the vegetable and fruits, he needs to find a large supermarket which has a large demand and a stable sales.

In the county, there are many large supermarkets but this supermarkets already have a stable supply of logistics. Currently, there should not be any new supermarket.

“ You see, people do not appreciate.”

Li Yan ridiculed in sarcastics tone.

She did not believe that Ye Xiaochen can find a stable sale. He is definitely saying this to save his face.

“ Xiaochen, is what you said true? Don’t not get deceived.”

Hao Chen also does not believe it. After all, the problem with the sales of the vegetable and fruits is that you must have contacts. Otherwise, you will hit the wall everywhere.

He feared that Ye Xiaochen has ran into a swindler and will suffer loss.

“ Cousin, you can rest assured, an acquaintance introduced me to someone in Yang Shi City. Recently, I’ve even bought a van to distribute my vegetables and fruits to Yang Shi City.”

Ye Xiaochen said hurriedly.

Chen Hao is still a little doubtful, he did not know how ye xiaochen was able to achieve.

“It is good that you were able to find sales,no wonder you mother told me that you bought a truck,it turned out to be true.”

The aunt’s eyes widened,before she didn’t believe her sister in -law’s words,now it seems it is true.

She sighed with relief.

After all,if Ye Xiaochen’s farm goes bankrupt,it will let other relatives think that they are too arrogant.

Lunch was finished in awkward atmosphere.

Anyway while eating ye xiaochen felt uncomfortable,as beside li yan has always been nit-picking,saying the vegetables are too spicy or the soup is too salty.

The Hot tempered uncle in Ye Xiaochen’s impression didn’t say nothing,just let daughter-in law say anything.

Well,now ye xiaochen has thorough understanding of his cousin’s wife ,li yan‘s temper.

It seems it is also hard for his cousin.

After lunch,aunt contacted with woman’s side and took ye xiaochen outside.

His cousin Chen Hao originally wanted to drop Ye Xiaochen and aunt ,after all  if they go by driving it will appear more respectful.

But Li Yan wanted to go to beauty parlour.

Cousin could only promise her and revealed helpless look to ye xiaochen.

Finally , Ye Xiaochen drove truck with his aunt towards the woman’s family house.

A truck is better than nothing,

In fact,Ye Xiaochen does not have any interest towards this blind date,it is good as along as he complete this task.

Chapter 26-Surveying Seeds

After more than half an hour, Ye Xiaochen date was finished and he drove the truck with his aunt towards home.

“ Xiaochen, it was really a big negligence of mine this time, I had not inquired properly, if I had known earlier that this girl had epilepsy, your aunt would never introduce you to her.”

The aunt sitting inside the truck said to Ye Xiaochen.

She really is regretting it right now, if not for the girl showing the symptoms of epilepsy during the date, they would have married unknowingly and it would implicate his nephew’s whole life.

Ye Xiaochen actually didn’t care much about it, he didn’t has any plans from the start. The girl is very beautiful, her figure is good and her family condition is also better, the bride’s family did not have any demand for the groom to have a car, they are even willing to use their own house in the county as the dowry.

Well, how can there be such good things?

The girls nowadays, has put very high standards even if they are just average,don’t know how many families have taken debts for marriage.

It is a pity, they are even giving a house.

If it was before, perhaps Ye Xiaochen would really have been enchanted.

Who would have thought that the girl would have an epilepsy, directly ending their blind date.

“ It’s nothing, the bride side must have concealed the truth and it would have been difficult to enquire about it.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and said.

After dropping his aunt home, Ye Xiaochen drove towards the seed market in the county.

Right now, the farm is going on the right track. It’s time to prepare for the next batch of fruits and vegetables so as to have a continuation

Purchasing seeds is also a skill.

Now there are varieties of seeds, even with the same type of seed, the difference is very large. So, Ye Xiaochen need to  judge them by himself.

It’s a test of a person’s vision and experience.

He arrived at the shop from where he bought his seed last time

Ye Xiaochen has become an acquaintance with the shop owner as it is not the first time he has bought seeds from here and there is plenty of room for a long-term relationship now.

“ Brother Ye, there is a new variety of  broccoli seeds which have just arrived, it is called emerald green king, it’s color and output are very good.”

The shop owner recommended Ye Xiaochen a new variation of seed.

After looking at the detailed introduction of the broccoli seed, Ye Xiaochen didn’t agree immediately, after all the selection of seed is very crucial, especially if it is new products. Without the cultivation of a broad masses of farmer, if a problem appears, the influence of it will be very big.

Often, during the use of new variation of seed, there will be a huge loss to the farmer because of the seeds having some flaw.

For a new variation of vegetable seed to be launched in the market, it must go through strict and long-term experiment  as planted as seed in the process of germination, not only do we have to check the problem of output quality, but it also need to have insect resistance, as well as adaptability with soil and light.

It is a disaster if anything goes wrong.

On this introduction pamphlet of broccoli seed, there are various successful examples of it has been given.

Ye Xiaochen gently picked up a seed and used his psychic talent to sense the faint consciousness of the seed.

The consciousness of the seed is sleeping and must be planted to rouse its consciousness, allowing the seed to function.

But he can still sense a lot of thing from the sleeping seed by using his psychic talent.

“ The consciousness of the seed is too weak.”

Ye Xiaochen checked it carefully, although he can sense it, it is still very faint.

In the Shennong Introduction System,there is a special technique to measure the quality of the seed.

After getting some understanding of this batch of seed, he put it down.

Generally, the seed can be considered good but there seems to be a problem which he was unable to determine. He can only identify it completely after planting the seed and the root start to germinate.

After that, he tested several other seeds,these seeds are established seeds, they have gone through long test and if there were any problem they have already been solved.

Only this broccoli seed which Ye Xiaochen has not get a complete grasp.

Finally, he chose several other types of seed, as for the new variation broccoli seed emerald green king, he just took a packet, saying that it is only for an experiment. The shop owner also knows that Ye Xiaochen is a very cautious farmer. So, he didn’t say any useless words.

Returning back home, Ye Xiaochen told his parents about the blind date. After listening, his mother rejoiced. If his son married to a girl with an epilepsy, it would be a big trouble.
Not saying, much, Ye Xiaochen went to his farm and directly began to work.
The sowing of seeds is not simple, it is a complicated process.

First, is seed treatment. He must remove small, flat, shriveled grains and insect particles. The seeds which a regular company sells will have some inferior seeds mixed in, especially some black heart business agents who intentionally dope the inferior seed.

The next step is planting, this is a very important step as it has great effect on the seed germination rate.

The general peasants usually disperses the seed, they will frequently have situation where the seed does not germinate. After all, directly seeding the seeds into the soil has a very big influence on cognition.

While, more formal farmers naturally have a mature process.

The seeding of different seed is not the same. It took several hours for Ye Xiaochen to complete this process.

He also dealt with the new variation of broccoli seeds.

The entire germination process takes one to two days and with the help of The Shennong Talent, it could be reduced, but he cannot be idle during this period. He must frequently check the humidity and the temperature which is essential during the seeds germination period.

Therefore, he must use his psychic talent to observe the changes in the seed consciousness during the process of seed’s growth.

It’s already more than eight in the evening,

Ye Xiaochen is busy with work in a crude room.

“ Well, there seems to be some changes in those broccoli seeds’ consciousness.”

Ye Xiaochen is very sensitive and his ability has promoted due to his regular practices these days.

Every time there is a change, he will record it in a small book.

This is his habit.

Since he has started managing his farm, he has recorded his experiences one by one.

“ Yes, it seems because of this factor,there is a disorder, the change of consciousness is also the process of the seed awakening and becoming active.”

Ye Xiaochen finally realized where the difference is.

“ Indeed, there is a flaw in the broccoli seed.”

“ This flaw may not be obvious. However, when encountering a specific situation, it will enlarge, forming a vicious circle that will eventually lead to the problem of the  production quality of the broccoli, where it may not even bloom.”

“ Do not know if the seed company has discovered this situation? Supposedly, there will be a strict mechanism for elimination of defective seeds during the  experimental cultivation, how can it have such a large flaw?” However, it is difficult to find out. If it were not for my psychic talent, perhaps, in a normal experimental circumstances, this flaw will not have any impact.”

Ye Xiaochen frowned.

He was thinking of a solution.

In the Shennong System Introduction Guide, there is a solution, such as the special improvement medicine, it is sold in the store, but is very expensive. As for Ye Xiaochen to make it, he doesn’t have that ability.

“ If I remember it correctly, there is another effect of the plant promoting growth agent that would be able to solve this problem.”

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen’s mind moved, he hurriedly took out the Shennong System Introduction Guide and started to read.

Chapter 27-Defects

After looking for a long time, Ye Xiaochen finally found the information he needed.

“ Indeed, as expected the plant promoting growth agent can also be used during seeding. Generally, the seed’s consciousness is not perfect because of various problem during the cultivation process. If you can improve the consciousness of the seed during the nurturing process, the seed will automatically repair its flaws and the plant promoting growth agent has this mysterious effect.”

Ye Xiaochen revealed a smile while looking at the information displayed in the Shennong System Introduction Guide.

He can definitely use the plant promoting growth agent to nurture the plants, even if there was no problem, it will have a very advantageous benefit.

Using the plant promoting growth agent to nurture the seed, the vegetable grown will be better than the previous ones and he does not have to worry about the huge consumption of the plant promoting agent which will result in a huge economic cost because the role of the plant promoting agent is only to work as a catalyst.

Thinking of it till here, Ye Xiaochen quickly used the plant promoting agent.

The previous seeds are almost ready to be sown and naturally there is no need to soak them in the catalyst.

He intended to compare this two groups of seeds as an experiment to see the effect of the plant promoting growth agent on seed germination.


Southern province Global Agriculture Seed Technology Co. Ltd.

They are a national leading enterprise in agriculture industrialization, the Tianlong Group had established a set of scientific research in breeding, production, processing and improvement as one large scale-industry corporation in the province, selling various improved vegetables seeds.

The vegetable seeds of this company are very good and has a quite high share in the seed market of the Southern province,they have great popularity especially in the three district of the Guang Shi City’s five counties.

Currently it is evening.

In a luxurious conference room, the light was on and an emergency meeting was being held.

“ We have to call everyone to meet at this late hour because this matter is very urgent.”

The one who is sitting in the first position is the general manager He Haomin.

He was frowning and looked worried.

Other people attending the meeting are the executives and they know that conducting a meeting at this time means that the matter is not small.

“ Minister Li, would you please explain about the situation.”

He Haomin said to the nearby middle aged man.

This person is Li Quan. He is responsible for the scientific research department and he is with a scientific research background.

Li Quan nodded and standing, he said,” The newly introduced broccoli seeds, the emerald green king has a serious defect. I suggest that we recall all the seeds back.”

“ What?”

Serious defect? How is this possible? Wasn’t this project emerald green king went through examining?”

“ This is the first product of this year, how can this happen?”

“ Wasn’t the emerald green king personally approved by Zhao Hui?”

“ This may be a trouble, it will have a great impact for the company in the seed market!”
“ This is a problem, the company is preparing to go public, the impact will be very big!”

All the executives at the scene were startled.

A lot of people looked towards another person, this person is Zhao Hui. He is the director of the company and he has a very deep background in the corporation and lands…

Zhao Hui frowned.

He was eager to make an achievement so, the product was not fully tested before the product is going into the market.

Normally it should go to the market next year.

Now the problem has arised and he needs to take the blame.

“ We absolutely cannot recall the seeds back. Mr. Li, I have read your reports. In normal circumstances, it is very difficult to get that flaw, you all should know our company is planning to go public. Once the seeds are recalled, do you know how much this will affect the company?”

Zhao Hui took a deep breath.

There is no confusion.

The company is going on the market, it is a major event, there cannot be any negative reports.

If the seed is said to have a flaw and is recalled, this will become a major problem for them.

He will not allow anyone to disrupt his plans.

Li Quan looked at Zhao Hui and wanted to say something but he stopped. He couldn’t help but heave a sigh.

Although, he is the general manager of the company, sometimes he has to respect Zhao Hui’s opinion.
And for this matter of going on the market, he has to think about it.

Finally, after a unified internal discussion, they have decided to temporarily not announcing the recall of the seed and start the remedial measure by tracking the seeds and establish the emergency action mechanism.

After a busy day, Ye Xiaochen felt a little tired.

After taking a bath, he was about to move the bamboo bed to the immortal land to sleep. Then, he suddenly remembered about the compost he pit in the corner. It has been several days and he had not gone to look at it. Now, he doesn’t know how it will be?

He immediately took the flashlight and moved.

The immortal carrot leaves in the basket has changed in colour and is emitting a strange smell. It is not a pure rotten smell,the smell is not strong but a little light.

To be honest, he is not sure how to make the compost for the immortal leaves and stems.

In the immortal plants, there is an  immortal aura which cannot allow the multiplication of the microorganism and it is unknown if the plant leaves will decompose.

After all, human beings cannot eat the immortal plant that contains immortal aura,otherwise it is tantamount to eating a highly poisonous things.

He doesn’t know if the microbe in this world will be able to adapt to the immortal aura?

“ Hey, does this compost have microbes?”

Ye Xiaochen’s spirit is very sharp, there is a faint sense of consciousness in the compost.

As a Shennong, he has awakened his spirit talent which is not only for plant but also for other creatures.

For a long time, Ye Xiaochen was thinking about a problem.

That is the appeal of the immortal aura to all the creatures of the world.

The immortal land has a huge attraction to the two dogs. Everyday, they stay inside and breathe the air which has a very great advantage to them.

But they don’t’ dare to eat the stems and leaves of the immortal carrot.

Or is it the immortal aura of the land which changes the immortal plants after planting?

Only the immortal aura of the land can be absorbed by any creatures?

In fact, it is very easy to understand. The oxygen, water, carbon dioxide and many others. Through the process of photosynthesis, the oxygen, hydrogen and the carbon element in the plant body turned into a new kind of material. The same material in a different plant body’s produce different material that has different effects and functions.

Does it means that similar transformation occurs when the immortal aura is absorbed by the immortal plants?

Of course, this is just Ye Xiaochen’s guess, but there is also a possibility that the concentration of the immortal aura is lower in the air so that it doesn’t affect the human body.

He don’t know how does it works for the time being.

He was surprised seeing the microbes in the compost.

Why do the microbes able to survive and multiply?

Are these microbes not afraid of the immortal aura in the stems and leaves of the immortal carrot?

“ It seems that I need to find an opportunity to study  these microbes and see what happens to them”

Ye Xiaochen was able to sense the light fluctuation from the consciousness of the microorganisms through his spirit, they seems to desire the immortal stems and leaves.

If the microbes are really not afraid of the immortal aura, then, he need to find out this mystery. The significance is very big.

Ding Dong!

While Ye Xiaochen was thinking, a systematic sound suddenly came in his mind.

“ Friend message?”

Ye Xiaochen was a little bit surprised.

The friend in the Shennong System are gods!

So far he has only associated with the Goddess of the Moon.

Chapter 28-Price Increase

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly opened the message, it was sent by the Goddess of the Moon.

“ Ye Xiaochen, do you have immortal carrots?”

Seeing this message, he couldn’t help but be surprised. Didn’t the Goddess of the Moon sayid that her pet rabbit doesn’t like to eat defective grade carrots?”

“ Goddess of the Moon, what is the matter?”

He thought for a moment and didn’t reply directly  that he doesn’t have immortal carrots.

He wanted to know what the Goddess of the Moon is thinking.

After a while, the message from the Goddess of the Moon came.

“ Ye Xiaochen, although the immortal carrot you planted is a defective grade item, it is not an ordinary defective grade, my rabbit likes eating it and has eaten all your immortal carrots, and now it is not eating any other food.”

The Goddess of the Moon didn’t conceal the matter.

It was strange that the rabbit would rather eat the inferior quality carrot that was planted by Ye Xiaochen than eating the better quality carrot.

She guessed that it has to do with Ye Xiaochen possessing the Shennong Talent.

In the heavens, there is no shortage of low grade immortal carrot but it lacks  Shennong.

There must be something special about Shennong, that is why the heaven is so  serious about them.

When Ye Xiaochen saw the reply from the Goddess of the Moon, he was extremely surprised. Does the jade rabbit really like to eat his planted defective immortal grade carrots?

He was bewildered and curious, what if ,he  rise the price in the next deal?

But when he thought of the immortal deed he signed with the Goddess of the Moon, he became depressed. In the Immortal deed, it was clearly written that the price of a defective grade immortal carrot will be only one immortal yuan!

“ Ye Xiaochen, you must have  lots of immortal carrots. Let me know as soon as possible when it has matured. For the next transaction, I am willing to  pay two immortal yuan for your defective immortal carrot.”

Goddess of the Moon directly raised the price for Ye Xiaochen.

In his heart, he was calculating the amount of money,this time he had planted 149 immortal carrot seeds. So, he can now harvest 149 immortal carrots, if the price for one immortal carrot is two immortal yuan that means the total amount will be 298 immortal yuan!

With this he can purchase two immortal lands.

“ From her reply, it can be seen that my defective grade immortal carrot has a huge attraction to her pet rabbit than the genuine low grade immortal carrots.  Moreover, for the Goddess of the Moon who is a deity, she might even get the top grade immortal carrots. So, why does my planted defective grade Immortal carrot has a very big attraction?”

Unfortunately, he cannot ask the Goddess  of the Moon directly.

If he, as the grower does not know about it, then it will make the Goddess of the Moon think that the special defective grade immortal item was only grown by chance.

This is not good, he absolutely cannot let the Goddess of of Moon know about this.

Anyway, it is the Goddess of the Moon that raised the price on her own initiative. Even if the second batch of immortal carrots doesn’t have this special factor, she can’t blame him and mostly the price of defective grade immortal carrots will fall back to one immortal yuan again.

Still, he is very hopeful that he can grow those special immortal carrots.

Otherwise, how can he call himself a Shennong!


For the next few days, Ye Xiaochen became busy. He needed to do both the distribution and sowing. Luckily, his parents were there to help him. Otherwise, he would have become more busy.

Because of his Shennong talent, the growth of the seed germination seems to be faster.

He could clearly sense the consciousness of seeds becoming better.

Ye Xiaochen recorded all this data.


The weather forecast has predicted that Recently there will be thunderstorms and heavy rain in Yang Shi city.

The agriculture is largely depending on the weather. The farmer must always pay attention to the changes in the weather.

Ye Xiaochen is no exception to it.

He began to prepare for the thunderstorms and heavy winds. He strengthened all sheds to prevent it from being lifted by heavy winds, he also cleared some gutters to prevent heavy rain forming floods. Once it enters into the shed, there will be huge impact on the crop.

Although the weather is cloudy now, there is no sign of rain but the weather in the summer is always changing.
Ye Xiaochen cleared the last drain. He was soaked with sweat.
Wiping his sweat, he sat down on the shady and cool ground, he took off his hat and began to fan with it.

“ Xiaochen, I just took a look. How come the watermelon vine is blooming again?

His father came with a hoe. He was wearing nothing but a vest.

A watermelon vines blossom only once and after that the vine will wither.

He was going to clear up the watermelon vine today but he didn’t expect the flowers will blossom again.

“ Father, are you saying that the watermelon vine is blooming again? If so, let it be, there is no need to clean it for time being and I guess we should be able to have a second batch”

When Ye Xiaochen got to know that watermelon vine is blossoming again,he became curious about it

He just doesn’t know what will the quality of the second batch be?

His father nodded, he has already accustomed to the strange things that happened in the farm like the cucumber vine that was still blooming. However, normally by this time, other farms cucumber vine would wither.

Any beans or other vegetables are very dazzling.

He can only put the blame on the greenhouse.

Returning back to the shed, he drank water and ate a watermelon. After switching on the electric fan, Ye Xiaochen opened the farm map in the Shennong System, it revealed the surrounding area of 1 sq kilometer.

The farm  was surrounded by one meter tall barbed wire

There are are twenty-thirty big sheds lined neatly inside.

“ The sheds are not enough”

In Ye Xiaochen’s mind, there was a secret thoughts.

However, he does not want to expand temporarily.

The current farm size right now is enough to make his family of three busy. Once it is expanded he will need to invite some talented people for work.

His farm is unusual, the speed of the vegetable and fruits growth is fast and there is the existence of the immortal land and plants. So, asking other people is definitely not suitable.

Now, the farm scale has reached a bottleneck. It needs to be transformed.

These days, he had been considering about this matter and to need take the best route to solve this problem.

In the afternoon, the thunderstorm and rain arrived as he had predicted.

Ye Xiaochen is glad that he was cautious!

Just looking at the flow of water in the drain, you can know how heavy the rain is falling.

The rain came quickly and left quickly.

After the rain had stopped, Ye Xiaochen checked the farm again.

Just when he returned back to the shed,Ye Xiaochen’s phone rang and when he took out his phone to look, he saw that it was from Liu Fusheng.

Although the cooperation between the two of them has ended long time ago, they didn’t break contact and often call each other.

Originally, Ye Xiaochen is just a small farmer and Liu Fusheng is a large supermarket boss. There are several industries and his assets reaching to tens of millions, the gap between them is very big and it is difficult to have intersection between them.

But the matter right now is Ye Xiaochen has contacts with Yang Shi city’s richest man, Wang Shuisheng, which changes  things differently.

Liu Fusheng felt that Ye Xiaochen has potential and wants to pull him in his inner circle.

Chapter 29-Private Dining

“Brother Ye, are you free tonight?There is a business party, and some of my business friends will be attending it.Are you interested in joining us?”

Liu Fusheng’s unique hoarse voice came from Ye xiaochen’s mobile phone.

“Ha ha,brother Fu,you have called me,so even if i don’t have time,I will make some time and come and moreover,I m’ very free now.However,will it be appropriate for me to come to your dinner party?”

Ye Xiaochen knows his personality is little introverted and doesn’t like much intersections,but now he has a farm and he must change the attitude.

In business,communication is necessary  and he must learn to do it.

“Then you hurry over here, I will waiting for you in the town”

Liu Fusheng said.


After that Ye Xiaochen hung up the phone, then he returned back home and quickly changed to a more  formal clothes.He got this clothes for less than 200 in a roadside stall,after putting it, he felt very hot.

On scooty,Ye Xiaochen went straight towards Taiping town.

After arriving,Ye Xiaochen  parked his scooty in Qingtian supermarket,then he sat inside Liu Fusheng’s benz car.

“Brother Ye,are you not feeling hot by wearing this dress?”

Liu Fusheng asked in surprise after  seeing dress of Ye Xiaochen.

“It is hot,how can’t it be hot,don’t you see me sweating heavily”

Ye Xiaochen wiped the sweat on his forehead and said “But I need to dress formally to attend your business party.”

“Ah!Actually ,it doesn’t matter if you dress casually, don’t you see that i’m in short pants and short sleeves?.”

Liu Fusheng doesn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

When Ye Xiaochen saw Liu Fusheng in short pants and sleeves,he felt quite depressed.

After reaching the county, Liu Fusheng drove his car to a roadside specialty store and made Ye Xiaochen go in and pick an outfit.


Not long after, Ye Xiaochen’s face was in pain,he was wearing shorts and a t-shirt, and carrying a plastic bag in which his previous clothes were put in.

He has spent several hundreds on this T-shirts and shorts.

If he goes in a general shop,within one hundred yuan he can get it.

“Brother Fu,where are we going?”

Ye Xiaochen saw Liu Fusheng driving quite fast on streets,he turned west then east and finally entered in an old looking town, from a glance you can understand how many years this building have been standing here.

“Soon you’ll know”

Liu Fusheng smiled.

The car drove into a big yard where some other cars were parked in.

“Here we are.”

Liu Fusheng got off and said.

Ye Xiaochen thought that Liu Fusheng would take him to big hotel for dinner,unexpectedly he brought him in this kind of place,does this place has a restaurant?

Soon Ye Xiaochen got to know,this place really has a restaurant, but it is a private cooking house
Here authentic local cuisine is cooked and generally entertain only regulars. Liu Fusheng said that the chef is very famous and his ancestor has worked in private kitchen of Zheng Guofan.

(Zheng Goufan was  a Chinese statesman, military general, and Confucian scholar of the late Qing dynasty.)

Ye Xiaochen  was extremely surprised,he did not expect in this town there can be such powerful hidden cook,ancestors to able to cook in Zheng Guofan’s private kitchen,then the cooking skill should certainly be amazing ,even if the ancestral cooking has not been completely passed down,there should be some attainments

No wonder, Liu Fusheng didn’t go to grand hotel for dinner and instead,he came to this place.

A house with four rooms and two halls,the decoration were done very well and in each room there is a table.

In order for guest to have a better dining environment,each of the room has been remodeled,the windows have been changed to a more larger size and has been installed with ground glass,outside the balcony is filled with lots of bonsai, creating insufficient lighting in room,but at the same time allowing to enjoy outside greenery.

In all the four roms there are guests.

In one of the room there is large crimson coloured round table surrounded with six chairs.

Beside Ye Xiaochen and Liu Fusheng there were four more people, three male and one female.

A robust fat man, who while smiling his were becoming as narrow as seam
He is called Zhao Peng,the boss of Shuang Cheng KTV.
A skinny middle aged man,whose pair of eyes were giving gloomy feelings,but he likes to say adult jokes.He is called Hei Lei,the boss of Longyou coal mine

A serious man,with a quite young face,he has large scale furniture industry in city.

The woman’s name is Xu Jiao,she is more than 40 years old and owner of Wanfu jewellery store.

Beside ye xiaochen, all five people present here are businees owner of worth more than 10 million.

They didn’t seem surprised at Ye Xiaochen’s arrival but instead they all were very enthusiastic

At beginning, Ye Xiaochen wasn’t able to adapt as he had never attended like this kind of party and had no common topic with them.

He could only listen them discussing and on top of it it was all about business.

“Brother Ye,come let us have another glass”

The fat man Zhao Peng raised his glass towards Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen seldomly drinks, but he knows that when attending like this kind of dinner party,being a non-drinker obviously will not be good,and it would become very difficult to integrate in their small circle.

He drank few more cups.

Obviously,it was beer.

He certainly won’t be able to hold white wine.

Ye Xiaochen felt uncomfortable after drinking few glass of beer on empty stomach.The alcohol in his stomach was surging,he felt like vomiting and his head also felt very heavy.

“Old Zhao,the dishes hasn’t come,you should not be in hurry”

Liu Fusheng said.

“Brother Ye,you cannot be like this,you must practice your alcohol drinking capacity,in business the drinks are common at dinner party”

Zho Peng also saw Ye Xiaochen cannot hold anymore drinks and proudly said.

Ye Xiaochen gratefully looked at Liu Fusheng

Finally the dishes were served.

When the aroma of dishes was stimulated, Ye Xiaochen felt his head becoming lighter.

“Brother Ye, eat little more,we all will be drinking together and not going home until we are drunk”

He Lei pressed the steam pork with chopsticks,the meat was fat,bright red, tender and at the some time it was not greasy.

Although it was a common dish,but it was very delicious to eat.

Ye Xiaochen secretly complained of hardship,if he knew earlier he would had not come.

However,his attention quickly turned towards dishes on the table.

Steamed pork,rice flour pork ribs,cooked vegetables,fried duck…the dishes that are generally served at banquet.

Being cooked by the chef of Lin privates kitchen made it far more delicious compared to other exotic delicacies.

When Ye Xiaochen ate such delicious food,he almost swallowed his tongue.

Midway through eating,the door of the room was pushed open,and an elderly man dressed in chef attire walked in.

“Master Lin has come”

When they saw chef coming in, Liu Fusheng and others who were drinking and eating the food stood up.

They showed very deep respect towards chef.

Ye Xiaochen looked at master Lin,and felt  some what familiar as if he had seen him somewhere, but couldn’t remember it.

“Everyone, are dishes are to your liking?”

Old man master Lin smilingly asked.

Everytime he cooks dishes for a table,he waits till guest have eaten half way through,then goes to ask opinion of diners.

He doesn’t pretend,but he really wants the diners to find out some mistakes,so next time he can improve his ideas.

This also has become a big characteristics of Lin private kitchen.

“Master Lin,I’ll just say,the rice flour in steamed pork chop tastes little sticky”

Zhao Peng took the lead.

“Well ,rice flour is sticky.”

The assistant beside Mr.Lin hurriedly recorded with pen and paper.

Once an individual raised problem then others also started saying the problems.Liu Fusheng and other five people finished saying.

Finally it was turn of Ye Xiaochen.

This is the usual practice,normally one person will say one mistake,of course this is not mandatory,but the regular customers know that Master Lin likes when other criticise his dish.

It was first time for Ye Xiaochen eating such delicious dishes.

How can he say what defects are there,Ah!

If he asks how delicious the dishes are,he absolutely can speak big words.

“Hey,is that you?”

Master Lin’s eyes fell on Ye Xiaochen’s figure,first he was surprised then was shocked,he excitedly walked over and asked, “Young man,aren’t you the person who was selling vegetables in town?”

Chapter 30-Esteem


Ye Xiaochen was little surprised,then nodded.

He did sell vegetables,but how did master Lin got to know about this?

Suddenly, a light flashed inside his mind,he suddenly remembered.No wonder, why he felt so familiar, wasn’t this master Lin was the first customer when he was selling vegetables on market?

At that time master Lin was also holding a child.

He thought of him as only an ordinary old man ,but didn’t expect him turn out to be a chef with amazing cooking skills!

“Good,you finally remembered?”

Master Lin saw Ye Xiaochen’s astonished expression and immediately knew that he has found the right person.He hurriedly said: “Young man, the vegetables that I purchased from you were extremely good,I had never seen such quality of vegetables,but unfortunately after that time I never saw you selling vegetables there ”

At that time he was deeply regretting.

But he didn’t expect that at his own private restaurant he would finally meet the boy who was selling vegetables, his heart was in excitement!

He always wanted to use that kind of vegetables in his cooking.He is sure that if he use that kind of vegetables,his cooking will further upgrade by one step.

Liu Fusheng and others were somewhat ignorant,they didn’t know why master Lin was so excited?isn’t it just vegetables?

They also felt strange about the fact of Ye Xiaochen going to market to sell vegetables.

Only, Liu Fusheng knew the fact that before cooperating with him Ye Xiaochen’s farm vegetables couldn’t find any sales ,so going to market to sell vegetables was not at all surprising.

However,he was startled by the thing ,why does master Lin think highly of Ye Xiaochen’s vegetables?

Although he knews that the taste of Ye Xiaochen’s vegetables are good and also  has very good reputation among the customers, but afterwards he ended the cooperation with Ye Xiaochen and replaced it with the original vegetable sales channel.Many customers become somewhat dissatisfied and often asked the reason for vegetables not becoming tasty.

But at that time he didn’t care much about it.

Now, it seems that Ye Xiaochen’s vegetables are really extraordinary!

“Well,afterwards I didn’t go anymore to market for selling vegetables.”

Ye Xiaochen honestly said.

“So that why! oh, by the way young man,do you have more vegetables?I want to use your vegetables for my Lin’s Private Kitchen.And the price will be ten time more than the market price.”

Master lin said hurriedly.

Ten times the market price?

Ye Xiaochen was stunned, is Master Lin joking with me?

“If you feel it low,you can speak your own price.”

Master Lin is a famous chef,so his  requirement of ingredients is also very high.

Now he has encountered high quality vegetables,naturally he is unwilling to miss it.

As for speaking of price being expensive, it doesn’t matter,his Lin’s Private Kitchen dishes compared with other restaurants are ten times more expensive.

“Master Lin, I don’t mean it like that, I feel it is too high and furthermore……”

Ye Xiaochen didn’t know whether to cry or laugh.

“No, it’s not at all high,your vegetables are totally worth the price”

Master Lin waved his hand and said ”Young man, as long as you supply vegetables to my Lin’s Private Kitchen, you can come here to eat at any time and no need to wait for ordering in future.Furthermore, I will even give you discount”

Nearby, Liu Fusheng and other people were stupefied when they heard, and was very envious.

They are considered to be regular customer ,but who has gotten this kind of treatment?

Even if  county’s high officials come here,they also need to to order the food in advance.

“Master Lin,roughly how much vegetables do you need?

Ye Xiaochen felt himself surrounded by happiness.

Ten times the price!

Damn! Was I selling too cheap to restaurant and supermarket?

The thought flashed in his head,but soon he dispelled it,one cannot forget one’s root.It is because of these supermarket and restaurant that he was able to come out of from difficult position and did not had to worry about sales. However, through Mr.Lin’s reminder,het got a new idea through which he could sell the quality vegetables.
There are specialize people like master Lin who will buy in such high price.
“Not much,taking all kind of vegetables ,it not surpass more than 100 kg”

Master lin said.

“That’s not a problem”

Ye Xiaochen nodded,squeezing out 100 kg of vegetables is not a problem for him.

Soon, the two people exchanged their contact details

“Everyone,I have troubled you”

After master Lin departed,another waiter sent a plate of pickled cabbage.

This pickled cabbage is a major characteristic of Lin’s Private Kitchen,it is prepared with utmost care and taste extraordinarily delicious, for many it is the most favourite dish.

Unfortunately, for every table there will be only one plate of pickled cabbage.

Liu Fusheng and other people know, to be able to eat second plate of pickled vegetables is clearly because of  Ye Xiaochen’s face

One plate of pickled vegetables. People’s eyes turned red,everyone wanted to snatch it to eat, others picked their chopsticks, ye xiaochen also picked up his chopsticks ,and quickly one plate of pickled vegetables were robbed.

“Thanks to brother Ye,today i was able to satisfy my craving of pickled vegetables, it was really good!”

Zhao Peng said with satisfaction.

“Yes, normally old man Lin is very stingy,he will not send more than one plate of pickled vegetables”

Hei lei nodded

“Ye Xiaochen, your elder sister also wants to buy  the vegetables,I don’t know if have such luck?”

Xu jiao rolled her eyes and suddenly said.

“Sister Xu, what do you mean by buying! Doesnt this mean your not giving me face?the consumption of vegetables  is not much,so it will not be a problem,when times come I will deliver to you”

Ye Xiaochen said with smile.

This is the chance to make good relationship with Xu.

“Then its ok, when the time comes where you want to buy some gold or jewelry, directly look for this sister, i will give you the lowest price”

Xu Jiao smilingly said.

Ye Xiaochen naturally cannot favour one and discriminate others,he promised everybody to deliver some vegetables,the people present at scene were beaming with joy.

Liu Fusheng has eaten Ye Xiaochen’s vegetables and he misses it,so naturally, he will not refuse.
After this,the atmosphere at wine table became more good.

The relationship between Xe Xiaochen and others were not as unfamiliar like before,but has become more close;speaking ,laughing , there was not much uncomfortably like before.

Ye Xiaochen knew that he was slowly integrating into their circle.

In future, as long as he engage properly,he will have more contacts and then these people will become his relationship network.

People in this world without connection is difficult to work,everywhere there are obstacles,it makes people helpless.

After all this is human society.

Food has been eaten and alcohol also must need to  have.

Although Ye Xiaochen tried to drink as little as possible,but nevertheless he has poured many cups.

“Brother Ye, why are you drinking only beer? men should drink white wine,don’t you see sister Xu instead of being a woman she is drinking white wine,you cannot be defeated by a woman”

Hei lei saw Ye Xiaochen drinking beers in glass,then hurriedly poured a five grain alcohol in the cup.

The strong flavour of wine stimulate Ye Xiaochen’s stomach to churn and made him feel more drunk.

“What do you mean by defeated by woman?Little lei, should we compete?”

Xu Jiao stared at Hei Lei and said.

“Let’s compete,I am not afraid of you! Old rules, the winner should pay the bill”

Hei lei loosened his collar.

“Then it is settled”

Xi jiao also was not outdone.

The glass of six people was filled with five garin liquor.

“Brother Fu, do I also need to drink?

Ye xiaochen smelling alcohol felt that he may pass out at any time,seeing the full glass of alcohol,his head was becoming more heavy.

“”It doesn’t matter,drink until you are drunk,when time come naturally someone will help you settle down”…

Liu Fusheng said with a smile.

It’s the custom of their dinner,

Ye Xiaochen also has no choice but to endure,

However win,the bill will not pay.

“I ‘ll go to to washroom first”

Ye Xiaochen felt the urge to urinate,he quickly got up and said.

“”Brother Ye ,you cannot slip way, we will be waiting for you”

Zhao Peng said.

Ye Xiaochen really had the idea,he cannot help but smile “Certainly not”.

Leaving the room,he hurriedly asked the waiter the way to toilet and hurriedly went towards it.

At that moment two people were coming from the door of hall.

It was Chen Hao and Li Yan.
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