Heavenly Farmer Chapter 202-210

Chapter 202

Before practicing the casting bean soldiers, Ye Xiaochen had another thing to do, that was to arrange a spirit gathering array and gather the free spirit qi of the whole farm.

He took out the spirit gathering array disc plate, which was a foot high. He didn’t know with what materials it was built, it was densely covered with strange textures, and had different kinds of immortal rune marks on it.

In the center, there was a slot for placing the immortal stones.

The fire immortal stone could only be used in the fission spirit gathering array.

He did not have any other type of immortal stone. Although they were available in the Store, they were extremely expensive.

He could only choose a low-level spirit crystal, but it was not cheap and it gets consumed too fast. He was reluctant to spend the immortal yuans.

However, there was no other way. His cultivation was too low now and he couldn’t rely on his divine energy.

He wants to practice the technique of casting bean soldiers without any mistake. So he bought a spirit crystal for a hundred immortal yuan.

He took out the spirit crystal. Its size was similar to a rice grain, it was transparent and exquisite like a crystal, but was not as bright as the immortal stone.

He placed the spirit crystal in the slot and activated the spirit gathering array, immediately it started to continuously gather the immortal spirit qi on the farm.

When practicing the casting bean soldier, naturally the immortal spirit qi would be helpful.

This was not enough.

Ye Xiaochen also took out the spirit qi he collected during these days and also placed several barrels of water from the immortal spring water in the spirit gathering array.

The wave of spirit qi in the air would immediately be restrained by the spirit gathering array and would not be lost.

Now that Ye Xiaochen has started immortal cultivation, he doesn’t need to worry about breathing the dense immortal spirit qi. He would be able to bear it, and would not have poisoning or other symptoms.

When he was surrounded by the dense immortal spirit qi, he felt his breathing comfortable and his whole body felt refreshed.

Ye Xiaochen took out the immortal yellow bean.

This immortal yellow bean couldn’t be planted, otherwise, the plant consciousness would awaken and it couldn’t be refined into the bean soldiers at all.

He placed the immortal bean in the law made from the tree trunk.

The reason he placed only one grain was naturally to first test it. If it fails, it would become a waste. Moreover, he estimated that currently, he could only refine one grain.

After preparing properly, Ye Xiaochen took out the page in which the casting bean soldier technique was recorded.

He could see a strange image in the middle of the page.

He knew that this was the core rune of the casting bean soldier technique.

Only by mastering this rune would it be possible for him to refine the bean soldiers.

After he saw the image, he tried to visualize it and operated his energy. He closed his eyes and his forehead was sweating.
It was very difficult to visualize this rune and construct it with divine energy.

During this period, when he has time, he would try to visualize the rune, but he has never constructed it with energy, because it was very risky, as there was no medium for the rune, it was a very dangerous thing and could hurt his spiritual consciousness.

All of a sudden, Ye Xiaochen’s whole body shook, on the tip of fingers, strange white light wrapped around it and emitted a strange wave.

The sweat was flowing down from his nose.

He opened his eyes and suddenly pointed his fingers at the immortal yellow bean.

At the same time, he pinched the seal with his other hand, and a thread of energy waves were spreading like cobwebs through the narrow space.

In an instant, the altar, the law, the seal shook, and released a chilling breath. Moreover, a white mist seeped out from the platform, this was the water of the Yinhe river, which was stirred by the energy and became a mist.

And the burning phosphorus file leaped and flashed.

immediately, all five yin auxiliary materials complemented each other and formed a strange force field, covering the immortal bean.

From Ye Xiaochen’s fingers, the faint white covered the immortal bean.

Driven by the strange force field, the immortal yellow bean’s spiritual characteristic was activated.

Suddenly, the white light penetrated and blended into the immortal bean at a very slow speed.

It took a dozen breaths before the white light completely blended with the immortal yellow bean.

Ye Xiaochen’s face turned pale and his fingers were shaking. It was very expensive.
He felt the energy in the divine crystal was almost exhausted.

There was the support of the spirit gathering qi, which quickly could restore the energy.

Absorbing the immortal spirit qi could restore Shennong’s energy. However, if you want to improve the cultivation, then you must absorb the plant spirit qi.

“Haha, it seems my talent is pretty good. I succeeded the first time.”

Ye Xiaochen saw on the immortal yellow bean there were strange textures and was completely different from the original shape.

Now the immortal yellow beans have fully inspired the spiritual characteristic. Moreover, the plant consciousness in the immortal bean has been completely dispersed by the core rune, and it would dominate the operation of the immortal bean.

Those strange textures on the beans were an external manifestation of the core rune.

Ye Xiaochen picked up the immortal bean and used his spirit, he could only sense the core rune.

As for plant consciousness, it has completely disappeared.

Originally, if there was no plant consciousness, it meant that the vitality of the immortal bean has completely dissipated, but the vitality in this immortal bean was perfectly preserved.

Of course, if he now wants to plant his immortal bean, it won’t work.

Because this immortal bean was no longer a seed but has become a magic weapon.

“The next step is to use the immortal bean to summon the soul and attach it on itself.”

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes shined.

The casting bean soldier was divided into three parts. The first part was refining the core run into the immortal bean. The second part was to attach the soul and the third part was to plant his imprint.

Different ranks of immortal bean could summon different levels of souls. The immortal bean refined by Ye Xiachen was not very strong.
He doesn’t know how strong the soul could it summon?

The soul here doesn’t refer to the soul of a person. Once a person dies, the soul will be scattered and there is no possibility of existence. The soul here was an energy body that condenses in some special circumstances.

These energy bodies do not appear under the sunlight and not even on the surface of the earth.

Generally only in the underground world, in a special yin place, the soul cloud exists.

These souls could be summoned by the refined immortal bean.

Any soul doesn’t have wisdom but has a soul instinct. Naturally, a spiritual immortal bean has a strong attraction to the soul.

Ye Xiaochen collected the refined immortal bean.

In the farm, the soul could not be summoned, as the fence formed a shielding force that could block those souls.

Ye Xiaochen cleaned up the things; the platform, the seal, and other things. He put them into the storage space. Then after removing the spirit gathering array, he went out.

As for summoning the soul, he was going to wait till night and go out to a place full of yin.

Chapter 203

Late at Night.

Ye Xiaochen came to a forest in the mountains.

Obviously, he came here to summon the soul and refine the immortal bean into a real bean soldier.

“Well, this place is not bad. The yin qi is strong enough. Moreover, at this time, the yin qi between heaven and earth flourishes, and the yang qi drops greatly. It should be enough to summon the yin soul.”

Ye Xiaochen looked at the surrounding environment and nodded.

Currently, the temperature was less, plus the night breeze blowing the weather was very cold.

Nevertheless, Ye Xiaochen didn’t feel cold at all, he had the energy for the protection and his body was also strengthened.

He sat down cross-legged, took out the immortal bean, and held it in the palm of his hand.

He calmed down his breathing and began to practice the casting bean soldier. He made the signs with his fingers and finally formed a soul summoning seal. With the waves of the divine energy, a strange sound came out from the palm of his hand.

The spiritual breath of the immortal bean was transmitted along with this wave.

Gradually, from Ye Xiaochen’s spirit sense, the world seemed to greatly change, from the depths of the earth, it seemed a mass of yin air was drilling out.

That was a summoned soul.

However, as soon as the soul reached the surface of the earth, it did not dare to come out.

Even when it was night, even when the place was full of yin qi and the yang qi was dropped to lowest, the yin souls were still afraid.

“Eh, still not coming out?”

Ye Xiaochen’s thoughts moved, he suddenly urged the divine energy, the soul seal stirred, and a more intense sound wave transmitted.

All of sudden, the soul could not resist and finally came out. It turned into an invisible wind and rushed directly towards Ye Xiaochen.

“Good, it came out”

In his sense, the soul was almost invisible and was just like the wind.

If ordinary people get struck the soul, they would have a shortage of qi and blood and would have a serious illness.

However, Ye Xiaochen had the divine energy to protect the body and didn’t need to care about it.

In an instant, the mass of yin air drilled into the immortal bean. Ye Xiaochen didn’t let go, as this was not enough. This soul was too weak.
The souls were very peculiar and have the ability to devour and grow.

In order to take possession of this spirit immortal bean, the souls would be fighting with each other and devour each other by instinct. The final soul would be a stronger soul.

Sure enough, just when this one entered, immediately few more souls emerged and entered into the immortal bean.

The souls came rushing one after another.

In the end, thirteen souls entered the immortal bean.

“It seems there are only thirteen souls in this place.”

Ye Xiaochen did not see any more souls coming out, and knew there were no more souls in this place.

The formation rate of the souls was quite low and coupled with mutual engulfment, there were very few.

At this time, the devouring of the soul has ended, and finally, a powerful soul was formed.

Ye Xiaochen smiled and immediately carried out the last part of refining the bean soldiers.

It took a long time, when he finished, he recovered his energy and looked at the immortal bean in the palm of his hand.

He could sense that he had formed a peculiar bond with the immortal bean.

All of a sudden, he operated his divine energy and the immortal bean flew out, it twirled in the air, and immediately the air was filled with black fog.

“Yin soldier assemble.”

He began to control the black mist and shaped it.

It took more than ten seconds for the black mist to turn into a naked man; the muscles were strong, the face was dull and eyes were pale.

He stepped forward and touched the yin soldier, it felt like real.

In fact, this Yin soldier was just a shell, and the interior was filled with Yin qi.

As long as the shell was broken, the yin soldier like a deflated balloon would shrivel and turn into the black fog again.

Although the shell was thin, it’s defense was amazing and the ordinary sword couldn’t be able to break it.

“Well with my current accomplishment, I can only urge one Yin soldier at a time. If it is to carry out only physical manual labor and not the fighting, I should be able to maintain its existence all time. Moreover, the bean soldiers have the ability to absorb the immortal spirit qi.”

Ye Xiaochen nodded with satisfaction.

In this way, with the help of the yin soldiers, the farm would not face any shortage of labor.

Originally, the yin soldiers have no wisdom but have strong shape- changing ability. As long as they were inscribed with various control information, they could do anything.

However, the yin soldiers, refined by Ye Xiaochen seemed to have some consciousness or have a sense of awakening.

If he has guessed correctly, it might have to do with his divine talent, as well as the additional divinity value in the immortal bean. This was the key.

Why do the heavenly soldier and generals in the immortal world possess wisdom?

It was because they were refined from beans having divinity.

If it was an ordinary immortal bean, no matter how powerful the refining method was, it was impossible to produce wisdom.

Unless it was a powerful person with supreme magical ability and personally enlightens it.

However, in this, the consumption was quite large and could not be used on a large scale.

Moreover, those who were capable of it, why will they do it?

Ye Xiaochen changed the seal. Suddenly, the bean soldier shook and turned into black fog. After rolling and surging, it turned into a black tiger.

He jumped and landed on the back of the black tiger.

The back of the black tiger was very strong when he landed on it, the black tiger’s body didn’t shake at all, showing it has a strong strength and balance.

Under his control, the black tiger galloped through the forest. It was extremely fast, flexible, and light.
It didn’t take much time for Ye Xiaochen riding on the black tiger to reach the cement road at the foot of the mountain.

He jumped off the black tiger’s back and snapped his finger. Suddenly, the black tiger collapsed turned into the immortal beans, and fell on the palm of his hands. “Tut, tut, this bean soldier is really good. The shape-changing ability is matchless, It can turn into a human for labor and as an animal to become mount.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

“Well, in the future I can use the wind attribute immortal bean to refine it into a soldier and it will have the ability to fly!”

Although the bean soldier could be changed into any shape, if he wanted to fly, just by having the wings won’t be enough, it also needs the power of the wind attribute immortal bean.

Just like how the fire attribute wind soldiers could manipulate flames and the water attribute bean soldiers have the ability to control water.

Chapter 204

Back at the farm.

Ye Xiaochen took the refined immortal bean and operated the casting bean soldier technique, it suddenly turned into a big man.

This big man was no longer naked but was wearing clothes similar to the migrant workers.

It was just that the formidable breath was hard to ignore.

Naturally, the clothes were not real but were from the shape-changing ability.

Ye Xiaochen took the bean soldier and began to work on the farm. Like weeding, loosening the soil, and picking vegetables.
What Ye Xiaochen did, this bean soldier repeated, it was not able to grasp the work properly at the beginning.

After Ye XIaochen’s patience training, the bean soldier quickly learned and finally became a skilled worker.

This was the strength of bean soldiers. As long as they master something, it would become their instinct. Any action would be as accurate as if measured with a ruler.

After instilling enough information into the bean soldiers, Ye Xiaochen observed it.

This bean soldier doesn’t know what was tiredness, it doesn’t know to complain and doesn’t pause for a second.

“Haha, it’s really good. This bean soldier is at least equivalent to several young laborers.”

Ye Xiaochen nodded with satisfaction, the bean soldier hasn’t made any mistakes.

The only problem now was the identity of the bean soldier.

After all, his parents come to the farm every day, the drivers who transport vegetables and the neighbors in the village, they all would come in contact with the bean soldier.

In a short period of time, it might not be a problem, but in the long run, trouble might arise.

It was better to give the bean soldier a proper identity. In this way, a lot of trouble could be saved.
The next morning.

Ye Xiaochen was sleeping, suddenly his mother’s shout came into his ears, “son, a thief has entered the farm!”

Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes, and immediately asked, “where is the thief?”

“Look over there, there is a man on the field. I don’t know what he’s up to, your father has been staring at him with a shoulder pole.”

Mother said nervously. “Eh?”

Ye Xiaochen was astonished and didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He understood that the thief his mother mentioned was actually the bean soldier.

When the two elderly people saw the bean soldier they didn’t know him and naturally thought he was a thief.

“Mother, he is not a thief. He is a worker I’ve hired from outside to help with the farm work.”

Ye Xiaochen said.


Mother’s eyes widened and took a breath of relief. Immediately, Ye XIaochen called the bean soldier over.
“Father, mother, his name is Dou Huangyi. He is a relative of one of my friends. He doesn’t like to talk very much and his head is a bit dull. However, he is a hard worker, so my friend asked me to take him to put in the farm work.”

Ye Xiaochen had already thought of a good reason in his mind.

As for the name Dou Huangyi it was was the transliteration of immortal(xiān) bean(dòu) yellow(Huáng) one(yī)

“Oh, that’s how it is.”

Mother saw Dou Huangyi had a big body but was silly. She knew that he was not smart.

“Mother, he works very hard. If you have any work to do in the future, you can just ask him.”

Ye Xiaochen said. “Don’t make him work too much. People need rest. You can’t mistreat the salary part also.”

Mother was a hard spoken but soft-hearted person. When she saw Dou Huangyi, she immediately felt he was pitiful. He was big but was not smart.

“Don’t worry, mother. I give him 2,500 yuan per month. Dou Huangyi, you start working.”

Ye Xiaochen waved to the bean soldier.

All of sudden, the bean soldier, like an honest worker, got back to work.

“That’s okay, but don’t make him work too much.”

Mother nodded.

Ye Xiaochen’s family became more relaxed since the bean soldier started working.

Dou Huangyi was too good at the work.

Twenty-four hours a day, there was absolutely no need to rest,

During the day, when his parents saw that Dou Huangyi was silently working without taking any rest, they got a little afraid, so they made him take rest and eat something.

Even the mother blamed Ye Xiaochen for letting Dou Huangyi do so much work.

Ye Xiaochen’s didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, he couldn’t say that the Dou Huangyi was actually a bean soldier and doesn’t require rest.

There was no other way, during the day, as long his parents were present Ye Xiaochen would make Dou Huangyi take a break every three hours.

During this period, Ye Xiaochen had refined a few more bean soldiers. However, these bean soldiers did not have souls. After all, it was not easy to find the Yin place easily.

And even if there was soul, the quality was not so good. Ye Xiaochen wanted stronger souls.
Moreover, with his current divine energy, he could only maintain just one bean soldier.

He couldn’t use more bean soldiers at the same time. Therefore, he thought of improving his cultivation.
In fact, Ye Xiaochen now feels a little regretful, why had he not chosen the immortal red bean as the first plant qi.

There was immortal fire stone to provide the immortal qi, which would have certainly met his cultivation needs.

Unfortunately, regretting now was useless, at the beginning who could have thought that he would get a fire immortal stone!

Nearly a week passed.

Fifty immortal yellow bean plants, a field of immortal wheat, the immortal radishes, and immortal carrots have smoothly matured.

It was a bumper harvest!

There was also another happy event, on the cane immortal grapevines, there were bunch blue fruits.

Each immortal grapevine had at least dozens of canes, totally there were 148 canes.

This was an immortal fruit! Ye Xiaochen was a little excited. I don’t know how an immortal fruit tastes?

As so many immortal plants have matured, the immortal land also became empty, Ye Xiaochen already had plans of what to do next.

The immortal radishes and the immortal carrots will be continued to plant, one hundred seeds of each.

He was going to wait a few more days, and the immortal carrots and immortal radishes could be used as seeds.

Then he would be planting the second generation seeds directly. He would also continue to plant the immortal wheat.
Only in the immortal land, which he had previously planted the fifty immortal yellow beans, he was not going to plant the immortal beans.

He was going to plant more higher rank of immortal plants.

The immortal land was already the second level, planting all the lands with yellow grade first rank or the second rank was not worth it, the earning of the immortal yuan would be too slow.

These days he had been thinking about the plants he was going to plant.

After repeated screening and comparison, two new immortal plants were selected.

The first immortal plant was the “Fragrant immortal plant, yellow grade fifth rank immortal plant, this plant has only one function, to be used as material for making low-level immortal incense.

The immortal incense, not only has a strange and pleasant scent but was also good for cultivation.

It was said that the different levels of immortal incense have different effects on the cultivation. During cultivation, because of all kinds of invisible illusion, it was easy to fall into a demon.

Ye Xiaochen needs to always be prepared for this.

The immortal incense was extremely precious. Ye Xiaochen doesn’t want to spend a large amount of immortal yuan to buy it, it was best grown by himself.

The second immortal plant was the immortal seven gourd vine. Yellow grade seventh rank immortal plant.
It was said that after growing, it could produce seven gourds, which could be eaten or could become a specific container when the gourd grows old.

According to the characteristics of the two kinds of immortal plant, Ye Xiaochen bought 30 Fragrant grass seeds and 10 seeds of immortal seven gourds from the store.

A seed of the fragrant grass cost three immortal yuan. The seven gourd seed costs 15 immortal yuan.
It cost him more than 200 immortal yuan to buy these two immortal seeds.

In addition, he also bought immortal fertilizer for these immortal plants, for which he spent another 200 immortal yuan.

It has to be said that if he doesn’t cultivate his own seeds and just rely on the store for the supply, then cost would only increase and increase, which would become a huge expense.

Chapter 205

After soaking the seeds of the two new immortal plants in the immortal solution, Ye Xiaochen began to prepare for the auction.

He sorted out all the immortal plants to be auctioned.

The 80 plants of the third generation of immortal yellow beans have produced more than 23,000 beans with ten circles pattern.

The 30 plants of the third generation of immortal red beans have produced more than 8,100 beans with ten circles pattern.

There was more than 57,000 immortal grass with nine circle patterns and more than 14,000 grains of immortal wheat with ten circle patterns.

Two hundred immortal carrots, ten circles. Two hundred immortal radishes, ten circles.
Naturally, Ye Xiaochen wasn’t going to auction all of them, he was going to leave some with himself.

In the end, he decided to auction 6000 immortal red beans, 20,000 immortal yellow beans, 50,000 immortal grass. The immortal grass was also useful after removing the spirit qi, when feeding the local chickens, putting little crushed grass in their feeds improved the meat quality of the chicken and the eggs they lay also have a special fragrance.

Immortal wheat, he was going to auction 10,000 grains.

He was going to auction only 100 pieces of immortal radishes and immortal carrots, as he still needed to trade with the Goddess of the Moon because of the contract.

There were many immortal plants and this much was enough to open a grand auction.

This time, he wasn’t in a hurry as he was before.

He informed the immortals in advance and set an exact time for the auction.

Moreover, he did not intend to use the discussion group for auction, as the auction atmosphere was not strong in that.

Therefore, he was going to spend some immortal yuan and open virtual space.

After the Shennong system was upgraded, in addition to the discussion group, a virtual space option was also added in the friend’s tab.

However, to use the virtual space the immortal yuan was required, it was not much expensive, just 30 immortal yuan per hour.

He believed that as long as the auction was held well, the additional cost of one to two hundred immortal yuan could be covered up.

At the moment, he has sent the message to hundreds of immortals. The auction would be held in three days. He was looking forward to it, he would get a large amount of immortal yuan and more importantly, he would be able to see the real appearance of those immortals.

The virtual space allows a person’s spirit to enter, just like the virtual reality game in the novel.

In a virtual space, everyone would have a body, which would be no different from that in reality.


The news that the Chinese Academy of Sciences would be cooperating with the Southern province government to establish a scientific research branch has long been spread.

The news media of the southern province were rushing to report.

The scientific research community regarded this as the breakthrough in the rise of scientific research technology in the southern province.

It was mid-December.

In another half month, 2015 will come to an end and 2016 will start. This morning, Ye Xiaochen was designing a plan to expand the farm.
According to his idea, the cultivating land of the currently developed farmland could be doubled.

There was plenty of free space on the farm anyway. So, it was natural to have a good design.
With the money in hand, there was no need for the greenhouse design to be cheap and affordable as before.

Higher materials could be used. Of course, he was not going to make a high-tech greenhouse.

After all, when the current farm was closed with the fences, an invisible field covered the farm.

Within the field range, it was warm in winter and cool in the summer, the temperature was adaptable.

Even the insulation which Ye Xiaochen had bought before has now become unnecessary.

However, he doesn’t care about it now. The ten thousand yuan was lost, but it was not worth mentioning.

Moreover, when Ye Xiaochen planned to expand the farm’s greenhouse, there was no need to hire a construction team, if there were bean soldiers, they would do the work.

When the conditions were right, he would get more bean soldiers. Tring Tring.
The phone ringing came, Ye Xiaochen took a look, it was Zeng Hongye.

“Xiaochen, I wanted to inform you that on the 3rd of the next month, cooperation on the Science and technology between the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Southern Province would be held in Beijing. A series of agreements on scientific research cooperation will be signed. At that time, you will also need to attend the meeting in person.”

Zeng Hongye said.

“Ah, I have to go?”

Ye Xiaochen was a little dumbfounded.

He really doesn’t want to leave home, after all, a lot of farm work needs to be taken care of. “Of course, you have to go. You are the key person in the cooperation between our Southern province and the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Moreover, you will also be certainly rewarded with the title of professor and become the director of the new research branch. As the cooperation representative of both the Chinese Academy of Sciences and our Southern province government, if you are not there, then what is the significance of this cooperation?”

Zeng Hongye didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Well, I understand. By the way, sister Zeng, are you also going?”

Ye Xiaochen said helplessly.

“I am definitely going. This time the team going to Beijing is quite large. Even some members of the provincial party committee will be going.”

Zeng Hongye laughed and said.

“Oh, all are big people.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“You are also a big man. Now, who doesn’ t treat you as a treasure?
You are a big shot!”

Zeng Hongye teased.

Ye Xiaochen knew that the cooperation between the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Southern province government was not as simple as just establishing a research branch, there would be more cooperative projects.

This research branch was just an opportunity.

It was precise because of this that the southern province government attaches great importance to this scientific cooperation. It would give a boost to the scientific research industry and other industries of the southern province. It was said that after the news about the cooperation between the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Southern province government spread, the share prices of some of the companies related to the scientific research industry in southern province have soared.

Just as Ye Xiaochen hung up the phone, his phone rang again. It was from Wang Shuisheng.
Wang Shuisheng has been busy recently.

As the nuclear radiation in the construction site has been cleared, the construction will resume in a week.

When the time comes, the 980 immortal blades of grass would be transplanted.

These immortal grasses would become important research specimens for the research institute.

“Xiaochen, congratulations”

Wang Shuisheng laughed and said.

Ye Xiaochen knew what he meant, Wang Shuisheng must have got the news, “Brother Wang, the construction work should be about to start.”

“Almost ready to resume.”

Wang Shuisheng continued, “By the way, Xiaochen, do you have time today, can you come here?”

“eh, Yes. What’s the reason?”

Ye Xiaochen asked.

“You will know when you come here.”

Wang Shuisheng spoke mysteriously. “Brother Wang, why are you playing riddles with me? Okay, I will arrive there in the afternoon.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

In the afternoon. Ye Xiaochen drove straight to the Yang city. This was the headquarters building of the Jinyang group.
To construct a big building as the office of the company, only some powerful companies have the strength.

There was no doubt that the Jinyang group had such strength.

Although it has experienced the nuclear radiation incident and the group was greatly affected, it has been finally solved.

“Eh? Brother Wang, what do you mean?”

In Wang Shuisheng’s office.

Ye Xiaochen looked at the document handed over by Wang Shuisheng and was greatly shocked.

“It doesn’t mean much, this is what you deserve. Xiaochen, sign it.”

Wang Shuisheng laughed.

Ye Xiaochen stupidly looked at the share transfer agreement paper. Five percent of the Jinyang group.
Wang Shuisheng would be transferring 5 percent shares from his name to Ye Xiaochen.

Don’t look at it just as 5 percent, it was worth hundreds of millions yuan

Chapter 206

“Brother Wang, is it because of the Tianheyuan project?”

Ye Xiaochen was silent for a moment and immediately understood Wang Shuisheng’s intention. He immediately said, “I didn’t help you for this, brother Wang, you don’t have to..”

“Xiaochen, listen to me.”

Wang Shuisheng looked calm, “ It’s hard for you to imagine the difficulties and despair I have experienced this month. If the Tianheyuan project failed, I would have left with nothing. No, it’s more terrible than nothing, because I’ve offended too many people in my life.”

“Xiaochen, it is you who rescued me from despair. In fact, this 5% share is not much. Only due to various reasons, I can only transfer this much.”

Wang Shuisheng smiled and continued, “Moreover, I transferred the shares to you, there is also a little selfishness.”

Ye Xiaochen didn’t speak and listened quietly.

“You are going to be the director of the future research institute and an Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. You have become the shareholder of the Jinyang group, it will also benefit the Jinyang group.” Wang Shuisheng chuckled. This was his main purpose.
“Brother Wang, do you have any other plans?”

Ye Xiaochen heard the unexpected thing and asked curiously.

“Well, after the opening of the Tianheyuan project, the potential of the Jinyang group will be exhausted. It will become very difficult to grow and expand. Especially the outward expansion, there is too much resistance. Currently, our Jinyang’s 50% of the business is concentrated in the Yang city, and only little more than 45% are scattered in the Southern province. As for the business outside the province, it is not more than 5%.”

Wang Shuisheng said “If a company wants to expand, it has to expand outward, if it cannot expand, then the decline will be inevitable. However, the major businesses of the Jinyang group are very competitive and it is impossible to continue to expand outward. But, your presence has given me hope.”


Ye Xiaochen questioned.


Wang Shuisheng nodded and said, “Secretary Zeng has told me about the rapeseeds you have cultivated. Originally, another big company in the city was responsible for the rapeseed industrialization plan. However, the company has no hope for this industrialization plan, so secretary Zeng hoped that the Jinyang group could take the lead.”

Ye Xiaochen understood.

Wang Shuisheng transferred his shares not only because he was thankful to Ye Xiaochen because he saved the Jinyang group, but also because he wanted to tie Ye Xiaochen to the Jinyang group and enter the agricultural industry. If he has Ye Xiaochen as the shareholder, they would have great advantages in the agriculture and farming industry.

“Xiaochen, let’s cooperate to set up a company in the agricultural industry. I’ll provide the capital and you will provide the technology, and each of us will hold half of the shares. What do you think?”

Wang Shuisheng finally told his biggest goal. In his opinion, the Jinyang’s 5% shares was a trivial matter, cooperating with Ye Xiaochen was the real event.

The Jinyang group performed better, that was it.

However, working with Ye Xiaochen was different, and he felt that the future would be bigger.

“Brother Wang, are you saying that the company is funded individually, and not in the name of Jinyang group?”

Ye Xiaochen was surprised.

He thought it would be under the name of Jinyang group.

“It’s natural. The situation of the Jinyang group is too complicated, and it will cause a lot of trouble.”

Wang Shuisheng said bluntly.

Although he was the chairman of the Jinyang group and holds the absolute right to speak, there were too many interests. In particular, there were many financial backers and political bigwigs also involved.

Ye Xiaochen nodded, this was true, if you let Jinyang group get involved, it would be really troublesome.

“Brother wang, it’s not a problem. You say how to open this company, you know, even when I opened the catering company I cooperated with others. I am just an arm-flinging shopkeeper, so I have to trouble you on this matter.” (arm-flinging shopkeeper: a person who asks others to work but does nothing himself:)

Ye Xiaochen didn’t think much and immediately agreed.

In fact, this was a plan he had thought about for a long time.

In the future, if the immortal spring company wants to expand its branches all over the country and even in the world, would it still depend on his farm?

This would not work, a larger farm must be established.

According to his plan, in the current farm, only the immortal plants would be grown in the future. As for the ordinary vegetables and fruits, the places must be changed.

As for ensuring the quality of the ordinary vegetables, this was not a problem at all, he has too many ways to achieve it.

Now that Wang Shuisheng has joined, it was good.

In this way, he doesn’t have to worry about carrying out the plan by himself.

In fact, he didn’t pay much attention to the issue of money, it should be just enough.

What he wants most is to improve the planting industry on the earth by using the planting technology he has learned from the Shennong system.

Food was essential for life. Planting was fundamental.
He hopes to be able to do his part for mankind in this respect.

Besides, if he could make more money this way, then he would not give up such a great opportunity. Without much hesitation, Ye Xiaochen signed the share transfer agreement.

He knew the agreement would come into effect as soon as he signed.

He now owns the five percent shares of the Jinyang group, which was worth hundreds of million yuan.

In other words, he was now a real multi-millionaire.

When Wang Shuisheng saw Ye Xiaochen signed, he showed a happy smile.

The two people again discussed the matter of cooperation. Wang Shuisheng outlined his vision for the company’s future.
“Xiaochen, please look at what needs to be modified in this plan.”

Wang Shuisheng had done a good job of preparing a general plan.

Ye Xiaochen looked at the plan and immediately admired it very much, he was worthy of being an elite businessman, the vision was unique.

Wang Shuisheng described the plan with key points.

Let’s say the whole company was based on planting farms to form various derivative industries.

In Wang Shuisheng’s opinion, the vegetables Ye Xiaochen supplied to the immortal spring restaurant was just one of the simplest sales methods.

It was better to produce and sell, rather than just be a supplier of raw materials.

Besides, not only vegetables but also different kinds of ornamental plants, flowers, medicinal materials also could be planted. For these things, Ye Xiaochen has considered before, but thinking about the farm scope he didn’t do it.

After all, the sales of vegetables were simple, but flowers and medicinal materials came in different classes and were much more complicated.

Since they wanted to set up a company specializing in farming and agriculture, naturally, growing these things they would get a lot of money.

Thinking about how much profit could be obtained by planting ordinary ginseng into precious old ginseng that was comparable to ten or a hundred years old?

It was simply unimaginable.

With Ye Xiaochen’s current technology, plus assistant of special medicine aids, it was not too hard to achieve this.

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen felt the future was very bright.

Wang Shuisheng was the best partner God has given to himself. Deep knowledge and deep pockets.
Moreover, Wang Shuisheng might become his future brother-in-law. The cooperation between the two was a perfect match.

Chapter 207


At 8:40 pm.

In the immortal greenhouse.

Ye Xiaochen took a deep breath, there was a look of excitement and expectation in his eyes.

His thoughts moved, he interacted with the Shennong system, and in the friend’s tab directly chose to open the virtual space.

Today was the appointed time for the auction of the immortal plant products.

He wondered how many immortals would come to the auction.

Generally speaking, the more the numbers, the more intense would be the competition.

With the opening of the virtual space, Ye Xiaochen felt the scene in front of him change and came to a closed space.

The space was very peculiar and was about one hundred square meters. It seemed to be suspended in the void, like a floating platform and there was boundless darkness outside.

On the contrary, inside the platform it was bright.

“Haha, this virtual space can be controlled by me.”

Ye Xiaochen looked at himself and felt the body was real.

Moreover, he felt that he had absolute control over this virtual space.

His thoughts moved, and suddenly in the original empty virtual space, an earth-shaking change took place.

Many seats emerged, arranged into an oval shape increasing in an ascending manner, there were about 300-500 hundred seats.

And at his location, an auction platform was created, this platform has become the center.

In addition, he also decorated the space with other decorations. The final auction venue that formed had a modern style.
Ye Xiaochen looked around and nodded with satisfaction.

It has to be said that the virtual space of the Shennong system was really peculiar. If it could be used in the real world, it was definitely a kind of black technology!

Feeling that the auction venue was well arranged, Ye Xiaochen decided to open it to all the immortals.

Immediately, he invited all the immortals to his virtual space. Not before long, he saw figures appearing out of thin air.
These figures were wearing strange costumes, at least in the eyes of Ye Xiaochen. Some were dressed in Taoist clothes, some were dressed as monks, some in a scholarly style, some were dressed in armor, some were beautiful ladies in palace clothes and some were hot girls only partially covered with some metal armors.

Some had dark black robes, some wore feather crowns, few had double horns on their head and some had wings on their back, some were carrying a beast’s head, some had extremely deformed heads, some were extremely beautiful, and some were children in red aprons.

There were silver-haired old women, golden girls, there were giants with terrible faces, some had eyes like a copper bell, some had huge ears and some had three eyes.

Some had four arms on their bodies, few had a tail behind them, some wore masks, some were holding pagodas in their hands, some carried sticks and in few flames were bursting out of their body.

Ye Xiaochen was looking at the immortals.

The immortals were also looking at Ye Xiaochen.

They have to pay attention to him. This was the future Shennong!

If they want to have a good life in the future, they need to deal well with Ye Xiaochen.

In this auction, almost all the immortal gods that could come were present.

Not for anything else, but to take a look at Ye Xiaochen.

“Thank you seniors for participating in this auction. I am very honored.”

Ye Xiaochen coughed after a while and then quickly said.

“Haha, young follow Ye Xiaochen, your strength is too weak, you need to speed up your cultivation.” An immortal smiled and said. He had a thin and small figure and was carrying an iron stick.

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes fell on him and suddenly recognized him. Great sage the equal of heaven, Sun Wukong(Monkey king.)
Compared with the Tv series Journey to the West, he looked much uglier and quite ferocious.

“May I ask, is this senior Sun Wukong?”

Ye Xiaochen cupped his hand and greeted him.

“It is Lao Sun, I didn’t expect you to know. That’s right, I heard that the mortals wrote about this Lao Sun in novels and even made it into Tv series.”

Sun Wukong gave a feeling of being a chatterbox, he couldn’t stop talking.

“Ye Xiaochen, can you recognize this sister?”

A charming and beautiful voice sounded.

Ye Xiaochen noticed her a long time ago because she was beautiful, very beautiful and no one could compare to her.

The immortal was dressed in white.

In Ye Xiaochen’s eyes, no one on the earth could be more beautiful than her.

She was perfect to the extreme, and the temperament was otherworldly.

Because she was so perfect, Ye Xiaochen felt it was an illusion and thought this was a fairy that came out from the painting. “The senior sister is so beautiful, is it the Goddess of the Moon(Chang’e)?”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

“You also think this sister is beautiful?”

The Goddess of the Moon said with a smile.

Her smile could make flowers shy and also let the moon hide. The absolute embodiment of female beauty captivating the world. All the male immortals on the scene were attracted and the female immortals were jealous.

“Ye Xiaochen, I think it’s better if you ask people present here to introduce themselves to you.”

All of sudden, sitting in the front row, a majestic and motherly demeanor immortal dressed in the palace dress said.

Although she was not as beautiful as the Goddess of the Moon, she has a graceful temperament.

Ye Xiaochen came back to his senses and was surprised in his heart. He didn’t expect that the Goddess of the Moon was so attractive that he would lose his sense.

He quickly looked at the beautiful lady in the palace dress who spoke, and then looked at the middle-aged man beside her who was wearing a dragon robe and crown.

He immediately knew who they were.

Needless to say, these two were heavenly lords, the Queen Mother of West, and the Jade Emperor.

“It was actually Queen Mother and Jade emperor, this boy thank you two for your support.” Ye Xiaochen was neither humble nor overbearing.

“Haha, Ye Xiaochen, work hard and in future, there will be a place for you in Heaven.”

The two immortals smiled and nodded, they had a gentle attitude towards Ye Xiaochen.

Who let the Ye Xiaochen be the only Shennong in three realms after thousands of years, he was related to the future development of Heavenly Court!

Ye Xiaochen shuddered, and his heart was excited. Even the two lords said that I have a promising future!
The thought of becoming an immortal, living a long life, made him feel full of strength and energy!

, various immortals introduced themselves one after another.

There were 348 immortals, all of them were famous, even in the mortal world.

Taoist Lao-Tze was also there, he was a white-haired old man with an immortal style and looked very kind.

“Seniors, it’s already late. Lets’ start the auction now.”

After Ye Xiaochen got to know all the immortals, he immediately announced the opening of the auction.

Chapter 208

The first type of immortal plant Ye Xiaochen chose to auction was immortal carrots.

All one hundred pieces were auctioned off at a time. The base price was 200 immortal yuan.
There were only a few bidders, such as the Goddess of the Moon, who have herbivorous pets.

Finally, the hundred immortal carrots were sold at 250 immortal yuan. Ye Xiaochen was quite satisfied.
was 100 immortal white radishes, the price was the same, 250 immortal yuan.

For the third auction item of immortal plants, Ye Xiaochen chose the immortal yellow bean.

20,000 immortal yellow beans. It was divided into four batches. The first batch has 2000 beans. The second batch has 4000 beans. The third batch has 6000 beans.
The fourth batch has 8000 beans.

He has carefully considered that having too many batches would reduce competition, and similarly, the number of beans in each batch could also affect bidders.

This was the summary he made when he checked some auction materials before.

“Seniors, the third type of immortal plant is immortal yellow beans, this is cultivated from the third generation immortal yellow beans and has an additional divinity of 1.98 and spiritual characteristic of 2.33”

Ye Xiaochen said the details of the immortal yellow beans.

For the immortals, they could know the quality of beans just by a glance. Suddenly, many immortals on the scene were ready to bid on it.
The special feature of the immortal plants planted by Shennong lies in the divinity, and as well as being able to inherit the divinity and spiritual characteristics.

Even if the immortal plants were lower grade, they were more precious than the ordinary lower grade immortal plants.

Due to this, the next auction of immortal yellow beans became extremely fierce, the previous auctioning of the immortal carrots and immortal radishes was simply not worth mentioning.

The first batch of immortal yellow beans, sold for 860 immortal yuan.

The second batch of immortal yellow beans, sold for 1780 immortal yuan. The third batch of immortal yellow beans, sold for 2850 immortal yuan. The fourth batch of immortal yellow beans, sold for 3870 immortal yuan. He got a total of 9,360 immortal yuans.
Ye Xiaochen was very happy, the price of this immortal bean was much higher than he thought.

It seems many people mean more fierce competition.

Suddenly, he was looking forward to auctioning the immortal red beans.

For the fourth auction item, Ye Xiaochen chose 50,000 blades of immortal grass.

It was divided into two batches.

20,000 in one batch, and 30,000 in another batch.

These immortal grass were different from when he first harvested, now the grass has reached the ten circle pattern and the additional divinity value also increased a lot.

The first batch of immortal grass was sold for 630 immortal yuan.

The second batch of the immortal grass was sold for 970 immortal yuan. This price was much higher than selling in the Store.
Ye Xiaochen’s heart was full of emotion, as expected, the auction was the King!

For the fifth item, Ye Xiaochen chose immortal wheat.

As for the immortal red bean, it would be auctioned at the last.

Ten thousand immortal wheat grains were divided into three groups. The first batch with 2,000 grains fetched 350 immortal yuan.

The second batch with 3,000 grains was sold for 530 immortal yuan. The third batch of 5,000 grains went for 900 immortal yuan.
was the finale of the auction.

When Ye Xiaochen showed the information of the immortal red beans, it aroused the strong interest of the immortals.

The final result of the auction was beyond Ye Xiaochen’s imagination. The six thousand immortal red beans were auctioned off in three batches. The first batch of 1000, sold for 500 immortal yuan.
That was to say, the price of one immortal red bean has reached up to 50 spirit yuan.

It was only the first batch.

The competition for the second batch was even more intense, the 2000 immortal red beans sold for a whopping 1,100 immortal yuan.

And the third group consisting of 3000 immortal beans was terrifying, it was bought at 1,800 immortal yuan.

The six thousand immortal red beans were sold for 3,400 immortal yuan.

This auction was an absolute success, and the harvest was much higher than he expected.

After the auction finished, Ye Xiaochen expressed his thanks to the immortal who participated in the auction.

These immortals had a very good attitude, one by one they said goodbye to Ye Xiaochen and disappeared from the virtual space. Shortly, the virtual space became empty. Only Ye Xiaochen was remaining.
Ye Xiaochen took a look at the time, it was only more than an hour.

He quickly summoned the Shennong system and checked the balance of the immortal yuan in the account, it was more than 18,000 immortal yuan.

This was an absolutely unprecedented harvest.

ly because of the task reward, he got 100,000 immortal yuan, but that was different.

This time it was real hard income.

He thought about the time when he just got the Shennong system, in order to save a few immortal yuan he had to plan carefully!

Ye Xiaochen didn’t touch the immortal yuans for the time being.

As previously he had purchased several immortal skills, he has now practiced Plant identification, plant growth, and Casting bean soldiers.

As for the Cloud rain Dana, and Plant soldiers he had not practiced it yet. He was not in a hurry to redeem other Shennong manual pages.
Farm, immortal land.

Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes and sat upon the bamboo bed.

He looked around, he was now in the immortal lands and was no longer in the virtual space.

It was a very different feeling.

The feeling of controlling everything in the virtual space like a god disappeared in reality. There was a faint sense of loss in his heart.

However, he soon recovered, after all, it was just illusory.

“Ding, Main Task enabled: Earth Shennong.”

“Task Description: As a Shennong, you must do something for the world to deserve the title of Shennong. Use your Shennong talent and planting skills to change this chaotic world.”

“Main Task final reward: 100 million immortal yuan, qualification to ascend the immortal realm. True immortal occupation, Rank in the immortal class.”

“Ding the branch task enabled: the first stage of branch task: it’s time for the world to realize the greatness of Shennong. Cultivate a super crop with the goal of everyone having food to eat.”

“Task reward: 300,000 immortal yuan.”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly heard a series of notifications from the system and was stunned.

He quickly opened the Shennong system to check the notification and was extremely surprised.

After a long time, he took a deep breath.

Damn, the rewards of the main task were too terrifying. A hundred million immortal yuan.
Qualification to ascend into the immortal world!

Rank in the immortal class and the achievement of true immortal occupation position.

In this way, he could live forever. This was many people’s wish!

However, Ye Xiaochen also knew that it was quite difficult for him to complete the main task.

As the task was too general, there was no specific description, and it wasn’t known to what extent to accomplish the task.

Fortunately, there was a branch task, which should be derived from the main task.

The first phase of the branch task was very clear, to cultivate super crops. The task was simple.
The trouble was in the promotion.

Ye Xiaochen knew that if he researched a super crop, it would certainly affect the existing crop industry, it would be like a 12 magnitude earthquake for them.

He doesn’t know how many agricultural companies could go bankrupt.

It could be imagined that in the super crop promotion process it would encounter strong resistance.

The reason why he didn’t do it before was because of this. Now, since it was a branch task, he was going to do it.
No matter how difficult it was to achieve, he would proceed. Moreover, he would also get 300,000 immortal yuan.

Chapter 209

In the blink of an eye, it was the end of December. It was drizzling and the temperature was low.
Everyone was wearing thick clothes. Shouyang mountain, Yang city.
This was a hill on the outskirts of the city. it has beautiful scenery.
There used to be a large farmhouse here.

However, now the farmhouse has been changed and renamed.

It has become a branch of the immortal Spring restaurant in Yang city.

The restaurant has been decorated and renovated, with a flavor of nature suitable for the immortal spring restaurant.

Today was the opening day of the Yang city store.

Many people have been invited, it was much more than the first opening of the immortal spring restaurant. Many leaders from both political and business circles in Yang city have come to attend.

It couldn’t be helped, the immortal restaurant was too hot now. Even reservations couldn’t be made.
Now that the second branch has been opened, naturally, the opportunity to enjoy food has increased.

Moreover, it was much more convenient for guests from Yang city, as they no longer need to drive to Jing county.

The only thing they weren’t satisfied with was the weather was not good today. It was drizzling and made the people uncomfortable.

However, the guests were still in a good mood.

Ye Xiacohen was overwhelmed with the guest greetings.

“Mr.Ye, I came here uninvited, you won’t have any opinion, right?”

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen met an unexpected acquaintance. Ling Jinxiu.
The general manager of the Universal Company. A smart and capable woman.
Last time when he met her, she personally gave Ye Xiaochen a Porsche Cayenne.

“So, it is Ms. Ling.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“I haven’t congratulated Mr. Ye yet. You are soon going to become a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.” Ling Jinxiu said.

She didn’t expect Ye Xiaochen would take such large steps, it seemed as if he became famous overnight.

Fortunately, she acted decisively last time and established a good relationship with Ye Xiaochen.

Thinking of that, she felt a little excited. If she could succeed, it would be very beneficial to her Universal Company.

At that time, it would only be a matter of time before the public listing. And all of this was pinned on Ye Xiaochen.
It was because of this, as soon as the immortal spring restaurant in yang city opened, she came uninvited from Shashi city.

“Thank you.”

Ye Xiaochen politely said.

After chatting for a while, Ye Xiaochen left because he had more important guests to accompany.

By the time the party finished, it was past two o’clock in the afternoon.

After Ye Xiaochen sent off several important guests, he found that Ling Jinxiu was still there.

At this time, most of the guests who attended the opening ceremony had already left.

“Ms. Ling, do you have any other work?”

Ye Xiaochen knew that Ling Jinxiu came, this time certainly was not to just attend the opening ceremony, there should be other things.

“I think Mr. Ye is very busy, it would be better to talk about it later.” Ling Jinxiu said.

“Ms. Ling, if there is any difficulty in seed research in which my help is required, just say me.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“In fact, I’m embarrassed to talk about this matter. ”

Ling Jinxiu looked around and hesitated.

Ye Xiaochen understood the meaning of Ling Jinxiu and immediately took her into the office.

The two sat down.

“Mr.Ye, I heard that when the institute is going to be built, the local government will be responsible for solving the fund problem. Under normal circumstances, most of the funds can be raised from other channels, such as corporate sponsorship….”
Ling Jinxiu saw Ye Xiaochen’s tacit eye and immediately began to say. Ye Xiaochen knows that it should be about this matter. Unexpectedly, the
Universal Company was impatient and found him directly.

Ever since the news was released the institute was going to set up in Yang city, the southern province’s business community has been boiling up.

As long as any company that was connected with agriculture and the plant industry, almost all of them thought of sending money to the institute.

The reason why these companies were so enthusiastic was to board the future research ship of the research institute.

A branch research institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences would surely produce a large number of results on agriculture and plants. If these achievements could be applied and promoted, how much huge benefits could be generated? It could be said that as long as you could sponsor the research institute, the future return would be ten times more.

Obviously, Ling Jinxiu also had this idea.

As long as she could board this ship, the possibility of going public was definite.

“Ms. Ling, I am afraid I cannot do anything about this matter. After all, the local government should be responsible for the problem of funds.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head and said with a smile.

In fact, other research institutions would very welcome this kind of donation.

It was just that the situation was different here. Even if you want to send money, they do not necessarily need it. It also depends on whether you have a strong background and connections.

As the head of the future research institute, Ye Xiaochen has no problem attracting a company.

The problem was he was reluctant to pass this opportunity onto others because the company he was working with Wang Shuisheng was already in preparation.

He was prepared to leave this opportunity for his company. He has already discussed it with Wang Shuisheng.
The cake was only so big, if one more person comes, the benefits would be reduced.

“Mr. Ye, are there really no ways?”

Lin Jinxiu’s pretty faces showed a sad look. She doesn’t believe, Ye Xiaochen has no means but she understands that Ye Xiaochen does not want to help.

After all, the sponsorship quota was too competitive.

Although the Universal Company was not small, it was only a few hundred million yuan.

Compared to the real giants, it was still worse.

Now it wasn’t known how many capital tycoons were competing secretly.

It was because she wasn’t able to use other ways, she directly went to Ye Xiaochen.

It seems, now this also won’t work!

“Ms. Ling, it is very difficult. After all, there are only limited shares.
However, I have a suggestion.”

“Mr. Ye what suggestion? You can say it.”

Ling Jinxiu leaned forwards and made the posture of listening.

“Although your Universal Company can’t be the first beneficiary, it should still be okay to be the second.”

Ye Xiaochen said.


Ling Jinxiu was stunned for a moment, then she understood and immediately said, “What is the method Mr.Ye?”

“I have recently set up a company specializing in agriculture and planting. Maybe we can cooperate.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile. Since Ye Xiaochen has set up an agricultural and planting company, naturally, he would not miss the opportunity and would definitely get the sponsorship quota.

If it were her, she would not give it to anyone else, not even the best friend.

On the battlefield, there was no mercy.

“Mr.Ye, our Universal Company is willing to contribute 10 million yuan for the establishment of the research institute under Mr. Ye’s company name.”

Ling Jinxiu’s beautiful eyes flashed with a touch of firmness and made the decision.

Chapter 210

Wang Shuisheng’s villa.

Ye Xiaochen and Wang Shuisheng were drinking tea.

“Haha, this woman is straight forward.”

Wang Shusihneg took a sip of tea and chuckled.

“Yes, ten million yuan was donated casually, even without any credit.”

Ye Xiaochen sighed.

If it was him, he would not have such courage.

“If Universal wants to go public successfully, this is a step they have to take. Compared with going public, the ten million yuan is nothing.”

Wang Shuisheng continued, “and Xiaochen, since we are going to pull Universal into the board, we can use this opportunity to make a fortune.”

“Brother Wang, what do you mean?”

Ye Xiaochen was not very familiar with the business affairs, now he has only just touched the surface and feels like getting a headache. He felt he was not cut out for this.

“If Universal company goes public, we can buy some of the original shares before it goes public, and now we have the opportunity.”

Wang Shuisheng laughed.

A company like Universal has great potential, especially when it cooperates with its own company, the shares would definitely become a good potential stock.

When there were opportunities to make money, naturally it shouldn’t be missed.

“In any case, brother Wang, you handle it.”

Ye Xiaochen nodded.

He has more than ten million yuan in his hand, it would be a waste to just keep it in his bank, it was better to invest it.

As for the company founded with Wang Shusiheng, he doesn’t need to invest.

The name of the company has been decided, Earth Shennong. Well, Ye Xiaochen directly used the name of the main task.
Anyways, this Earth Shennong company was established by him in order to complete the main task.

Wang Shuisheng felt the name was good and was very apt with the nature of the company.

The registered capital of the company was 10 million yuan, but the total investment in the early stage had reached 100 million yuan.

According to Wang Shuisheng, since they were going to do it, they have to do it in a big way. The site of the farm has been decided.

It was in Hongqi town, which borders Jing county and Yang city. The land here was fertile and the terrain was good.
It was very suitable for building large scale farms.

According to the plan, the whole farm area would be around several hundred hectares.

month, the construction of the farm will start in full swing. Back to the farm.
Ye Xaochen inspected all the immortal lands and returned to the iron shed.

He took out the Shennong system introduction guide and began to read it.

For the past few days, he has been studying the method to make Qiyuan medicine.

He currently has more than 18,000 immortal yuan in his account, which was enough to buy three batches of medicine materials.

However, he was not fully confident, according to the explanation of the Lao Tzu, in this kind of medicine it was needed to grasp the internal changes of its properties, so that it could be prepared smoothly, it couldn’t be casually just boiled.

In order to create Qiyuan medicine, he has to be very careful.

“There is also another difficulty, before using the dandelion spirit, from it the fake spirit silk must be removed, otherwise, it would affect the success rate of the medicine.”

Ye Xiaochen pondered about it. The false spirit silk was mixed with the real spirit silk of the dandelions spirit and was difficult to identify, it could only be removed with mental power.

Ye Xiaochen was just barely at the beginning of the foundation period. He has no mental power. at all. At most, he has the spirit talent, which has some advantages over the ordinary practitioners in the foundation period.

If you want to be a real immortal planter, you should at least achieve the Qi refining stage and have produced the mental power.

“It seems that only the most clumsy method can be used.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head.

As he was going to Beijing in a few days to attend the cooperation meeting on scientific research between the Chinese Academy of Sciences and South province, so he did not intend to prepare the medicine now.

It has to wait until he comes back.

As for the management of the farm, it could only be handed over to the bean soldier Dou Huangyi.

Fortunately, after the upgrade of the Shennong system, the function has improved a lot.

The scope of the farm map has been greatly expanded, that was to say, within this range, it could be regarded as farm territory.

Also, even if he was miles away, he could still use the farm map to do some operations. For example, he would be able to send his voice to the target on the farm.

If he wants to do something, he could send a message to Dou Huangyi anytime to do it.

In addition, he could use the Art of plant growth on the immortal plants and even on the common vegetables through the farm map. This kind of spell through the map was absolutely fantastic.

Through the farm map, he could also communicate with the immortal plants, and absorb the plant spirit qi for cultivation.

All these functions have brought him great convenience, and he could even go out for a long time.

January 1st.

Early in the morning.

Ye Xiaochen has finished his breakfast.

“Son, when you reach the capital, you must call back.”

Mother said.

She was filled with pride that her son was going to attend a high-level meeting.

“Don’t worry, mother.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

He took the suitcase, went to the car, opened the car trunk, and put the suitcase on it.

“Mother, father, I’m leaving.”

Ye Xiaochen waved at them, then got into the car and drove away.

When the mother and father saw the car disappear, they went to the new house which was under construction.

Two floors have been built

The third floor was under construction. The layout of the house was very unique, it was in accordance with the latest trend.

The house should be more than a million, at least should be around a million.

In this regard, the mother could only accept reluctantly.

Because she now understood that her son was in a different position. The monthly income was several million yuan.
It was really nothing to spend a million on building a house, and the house shouldn’t be too shabby either.


Instead of going with Yang city delegates Ye Xiaochen directly drove to Shashi city.

He was going to his sister’s college. Nanjing University Business school. This was a secondary branch.
It was the practice of many ordinary schools to affiliate with the famous school in order to gain fame and expand enrollment.

Obviously, the standard of the teaching level of the business school was quite good.

The car stopped at the school gate.

Ye Xiaochen sitting in the car was waiting for his sister. He has already called his sister,
Not before long, Ye Xiaochen saw her coming by riding a bicycle. As she often eats the immortal spring immortal plant pickled vegetables, her skin has become very good even if she doesn’t use cosmetics.

She was actually a pretty girl, but she was a little malnourished before. Now she has a rosy complexion, her hair was dark and shiny and was dressed very well. She has turned into a real campus beauty.


Ye Ying stopped her bicycle to the side and smiled.

“Come inside.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

“Where are we going, brother? I have a class later.”

Ye Ying said.

“I just want to tell you something.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled. Ye Ying sat in the car.
Ye Xiaochen told her about the postgraduate recommendation.

“Brother, is it true?”

Ye Ying’s eyes widened.

“Of course, you can choose Tsinghua or Peking university.”

Ye Xiaochen said.


Ye Ying bowed her head as if she seemed to be hesitant about something. “What’s the matter?”

“I don’t want to attend graduate School.”

Ye Ying seems to have made up her mind, she looked up and said.

“Eh? Why?”

Ye Xiaochenw as stunned.

He thought Ye Ying would be very happy, who thought she didn’t want to go to graduate school at all. Was there any mistake?
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