Heavenly Farmer Chapter 181-190

Chapter 181

The woman was dressed in a white jumpsuit, wore a coat, on the foot was flesh-colored stocking and high-heel leather shoes.

Looked like an urban beauty.

Most importantly when it came to music, she had this literary atmosphere.

The combination of two temperaments gave people a bright feeling.

When she came out, she looked at Ye Xiaochen, was surprised, and then asked; “You don’t seem to be a student of this institute, may I ask what do you need? ”

“Teacher Liang Wenjing, I’m Ye Xiaochen, elder sister Xu introduced me.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and said.

“You are Ye Xiaochen? I’ve heard about you from Aunt Xu.”

Liang Wenjing was surprised, and then asked curiously, “But why do I feel that I have seen you before?”

“Seen me?” Ye Xiaochen was stunned, and immediately shook his head and said,
“It’s impossible.”

“Oh, maybe I have been mistaken.”

Liang Wenjing nodded.

However, she still had some doubts. The young man has an extraordinary temperament, at glance could be seen that he was not an ordinary person.

From Aunt Xu’s tone, her evaluation of Ye Xiaochen was very high, even vaguely mentioned to let her grasp the opportunity. There were needles to say about her intention.

It was estimated she was trying to be a matchmaker. However, she didn’t care.
She has a high requirement for choosing a spouse. She must like that person, and the person should treat her nicely.

The most important thing was to have a common liking.

She likes this music teacher occupation, naturally, the other half must also like music.

However, after she saw Ye Xiaochen with her eye, the string in her heart was stirred involuntarily.

It couldn’t be helped, the kind of temperament Ye Xiaochen exudes makes people involuntarily have a good impression, and wish to explore and understand more.

“Ye Xiaochen, let’s go to my office and talk.”

Said Liang Wenjing.

Ye Xiaochen nodded and followed her. In the office.

The layout was simple and elegant. Liang Wenjing poured a cup of tea for Ye Xiaochen.

“Ye Xiaochen, which field do you want to learn?”

Liang Wenjing interacted alone with Ye Xiaochen, and her heart was uncomfortable, this thing was impossible to appear previously.

Therefore, she directly went to the topic to ease the embarrassment in her heart.

“Well, I just want to learn how to read music scores.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Just read the music score?”

Liang Wenjing was amazed.

“Yes, I don’t know anything about music and I am tone deaf. It is just due to my work, there are some matters related to music, and I need to understand this field.”

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly said.

“Understanding the music score is the foundation of music. It’s not difficult to learn.”

Liang Wenjing said with a smile.

“Teacher Liang, in fact, in addition to the numbered notation, I hope to learn other music notation methods, whether they are foreign, domestic or ancient, is this ok? ”

Ye Xiaochen quickly asked. Because the spirit song sheet of plants music notation was quite different from that of the current modern music notation, he must fully understand all kinds of the music score of all times and different countries, to find the common ground and maybe would be capable of deciphering the spirit song sheet of plants.

In fact, previously he had thought of learning directly from the immortals.

It was said that the Goddess of the Moon was an expert at music knowledge.

It was just the price was too expensive.

According to the Goddess of the Moon, to learn the spirit song sheet of plants would need to start from basics. Just only learning the music score would need to spend a thousand immortal yuan.

Goddess of the Moon also said that this price was after the discount. If other immortals wanted to learn, then they would need to spend ten thousand immortal yuan.

Ye Xiaochen was speechless.

I have to spend a thousand immortal yuan to learn music scores. Is there any mistake? I won’t learn it.

I don’t believe that I won’t be able to figure it out.

Of course, the main thing was that the Goddess of the Moon said, “In fact, you can learn the music knowledge of mortals first, although the levels are different, the essence is common.”

That’s why he got this idea.

“Other music scores?”

Liang Wenjing said with a smile, “You want to learn different kinds of music scores of modern and ancient times and of different countries? This is quite difficult, just the ancient Chinese notation has 13 different kinds, and because the characters, customs, and habits are different, there are hundreds of various notations. Of course, as long as you can master the core principle of music notation. Then it is not difficult to master different kinds of notations.”

“Yes, that’s what I want to learn, it’s better to learn the core principles of all kinds of notation.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

He suddenly felt that he had found the right person.

This Liang Wenjing’s attainment in music knowledge was extraordinary, she must be proficient in different kinds of notations.

“All right, I’ll try.”

Liang Wenjing thought about it and nodded.

This was not easy to teach, if it was just to teach simple notations, then one class was enough to teach Ye XIaochen.

This was not the same, she must prepare a good lesson plan, otherwise, Ye Xiaochen won’t be able to understand some things.

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly said thanks to her.

“Ye Xiaochen the classes will start tomorrow. I will inform you in advance about the timings.”

Liang Wenjing said.

She needs to sort out the information. Besides, she also has other classes.
Ye Xiaochen nodded. , Ye Xiaochen went through the registration formalities. This course was measured by the number of hours.
As Ye Xiaochen’s course was a single person class, the tuition fee was quite expensive.

However, he didn’t care, it was nothing.

Finally, he exchanged contact information with Liang Wenjing and left the training center.


At night.

The lights were on in the study room.

In the bookshelves, rows of different kinds of music books were there. In addition, many music discs also were there.

Both domestic and foreign.

Moreover, soft music was playing in the study room.

Liang Wenjing has a habit of always listening to music when writing, which gives her inspiration.

She was now preparing the teaching plan for Ye Xiaochen.

Her eyebrows were slightly raised, she was thinking of something.

“I must have seen him somewhere and I can’t be mistaken. I think I have quite a good memory.”

In Liang Wenjing’s mind, Ye Xiaochen’s shadow was lingering. There was stubborn thought to find out that familiarity. She rubbed her temples and glanced at the clock on the wall. It was nearly ten o’clock.

Normally, she would be sleeping at this point. She always follows her schedule.
Just today, the lesson plan was not finished yet! She has to work overtime.
Suddenly, her eyes fell on the picture frame on the side of the desk.

She was slightly stunned, then seemed to think of something and hurriedly opened the drawer, then took out a big photo album.

It contained many of the treasure photographs.

Her childhood, her school time, her travels, her friends, and so on. She flipped through it.
After more than ten minutes, she finally saw a photograph. It was a large photo and was a little pale.
It has been a few years.

Graduation photo with all teachers and students of grade 3, Taiping middle school.

She looked at the back of the photo on which all the names of students and teachers were recorded.

Suddenly, she saw a familiar name. She smiled.
It was him.

Chapter 182

The special plant research institute in Yang city.

In the beginning, this department was established mainly for the industrialization plan of the rapeseeds.

The city government allocated a large sum of money, bought advanced high-tech equipment, and hired senior technical researchers to make great progress.

It was just after a long time, the industrialization plan of the rapeseed ran into difficulties and were stopped, plus the research institute hadn’t made any achievements. Finally, the facility was abandoned.

Experienced researchers have been looking for a way out, and the institute finally became a place for retirement.

Just over a week ago, secretary Zeng Hongye personally visited the institute, issued instructions, and allocated a sum of money, and the institute was put back into operation.

During this period, people from the institute went out to recruit high-tech staff.

The research institute which used to be deserted has gradually become lively. Unexpectedly, it really displayed its role, it wasn’t long before the experts’ team sent by the top to investigate settled in the institute.

The experts’ team was composed of top botanists with astonishing fame or the nuclear experts from the national secret department.

These people also brought with them many assistants, and immediately the institute became vibrant. Many laboratories that had been locked up for a long time were all opened on that day.

Cleaning, moving various equipment, installing, people going in and out, the place was bustling with people.

This group of experts also brought a large number of high-tech research equipment to carry out comprehensive research of the purification grass.

As the equipment in the research institute was not enough.

For several days, the team would either go to the construction site to observe the purification grass and collect data or would use the sample to conduct research in the research institute and then discuss it…

At the moment, in a conference room.

Many experts have gathered and were in discussion.

“It has been basically determined that the purification grass has a very strong ability to remove nuclear radiation, and can completely remove the nuclear radiation in an area. This purification grass can contain nuclear radiation, and will not allow the radiation to re-emit and leak out…”

The speaker was a short, fat old man with a bald head.

His identity was not simple. His name was Liang Guodong, a super senior figure of the national nuclear industry, chief engineer, and was also the academician of the Chinese academy of sciences.

“Mr.Yang, has your plant team made any progress in studying the mechanism and the principle of the absorption of nuclear radiation by the purification grass?”

Ling Guodong looked at the botanist Yang Kai.

The experts who could come this time, even the worst were also at the nation-level experts. Academicians like Ling Guodong and Yang Kai were definitely international level experts.

This was the first collaboration between the plant industry and the nuclear industry.

“In terms of the basic structure, the purification grass is no different from ordinary plants. At most, the various life functions are more vigorous that can support nuclear radiation. As for the reason that the purification grass can absorb nuclear radiation or even digest it, there is no clue for now.”

Yang Kai shook his head.

He now admires Ye Xiaochen very much, he even researched the purification grass that could absorb the nuclear radiation.

He had previously believed that it would take years or even decades for Ye Xiaochen to make a real achievement and become famous in the field of botany in China and even in the world.

However, now, how long has it been since he last visited with the experts’ group?

It seems that in less than two months, Ye Xiaochen has made great achievements, which was enough to shock the world and even benefit mankind.

“Not able to? So many top botanists can’t even figure out this?”

Another senior expert in the nuclear industry exclaimed.

“Cheng Gong, what’s the matter? Isn’t your nuclear team also unable to judge the state of nuclear radiation after it is absorbed by the purification plant?”

A silver-haired old woman from the plant group laughed and said. The expert named Cheng Gong was speechless.
“In my opinion, we’d better contact Ye Xiaochen directly. We are blindly researching and can’t figure out the right direction.”

Yang Kai advised. “That’s the only way.” Ling Guodong nodded.
In his heart, he was more and more interested in the young man that Yang Kai had mentioned. What kind of talent was that he could develop the purification grass?

He couldn’t wait to see him.

Other experts in the room also had similar thoughts.

………………… On the farm.
Ye Xiaochen sat in the field of immortal grass.

Accompanying his breathing, the spirit seed swayed the plant spirit qi, and countless light spots rose from the immortal grass and gathered towards him.

The divine energy crystal was gradually filling up.

After a long time, Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes, looked at the dim immortal grass, and slightly smiled. He stood up, with immortal fertilizer mixed with the immortal spring water, he fertilized the immortal grass. After he finished, collected back the special fertilization tool, went to the center of the immortal land, looking at the immortal grass, his eyes became deep and distant.

He gently raised his hand, then closed and gradually a soft green light gathered at the palm of his hand.

It gathered without scattering.

Suddenly, his eyes changed, he squatted down, opened his hand, and the green light gradually expanded.

He took a deep breath, his eyes sparkled, and he pressed his hand to the ground.

In an instant, a green light burst forth and radiated in all the directions.

The countless immortal grass which had grown to three-inch tall swayed without wind and then was covered in a strange light.

Extremely bizarre.

The green light did not dissipate for a long time, and the immortal grass grew at a surprising speed.

After the green light dissipated, Ye Xiaochen stood up and walked to another field of immortal grass.

Performed the same thing.

After the casting, the immortal grass had grown to four-inch-tall. Moreover, they were growing at a much faster rate than usual.
Since the divine energy must be used frequently so that it could make the crystal hold a larger and larger amount of energy.

After each cultivation session, he would apply Art of Growth on two fields of immortal grass and it took only a few days for the immortal grass to grow so fast.

He believed that in a short time, the two fields of immortal grass could also be used for cultivating.

He went to the bamboo bed, picked up a towel, and wiped the sweat on his face.

Just as he was about to sit down and rest, suddenly his phone rang. He took a look and it was Liang Wenjing who was calling him. She informed Ye Xiaochen that the class was at 4 pm today.

After an exchange of a few words, they hung up.

Ye Xiaochen thought that since he was going to class for the first time, he couldn’t go empty-handed. It would be better to take two packs of pickled vegetables.

If you let others know that you are giving pickled vegetables to a beautiful woman as a gift, it was estimated they would think that person was joking.

It was just that his pickled vegetables were extraordinary!

Chapter 183

2:30 pm in the afternoon.

Ye Xiaochen got into his car and drove off.

He first went to the immortal spring restaurant.

At present, there were a lot of customers in the Immortal Spring restaurant, even at this time, many people were coming to eat.

“Xiaochen, I think opening the second branch of Immortal Spring restaurant is imminent.”

Li Jiaren often stayed in the immortal spring restaurant. This time also he was there.
Li Jiaren saw Ye Xiaochen and said.


Ye Xiaochen nodded.

According to the survey, most of the people who came to the Immortal Spring restaurant to eat were coming from places other than Jing county. Jing county was only so big, there weren’t many rich people.

And having a meal at the immortal spring restaurant was not cheap, almost was a month’s salary of a white-collar worker.

Therefore, many of the diners in the Immortal Spring restaurant were coming from the counties surrounding Yang city.

Now the Immortal Spring restaurant has too many customers and there was a lot of pressure.

If they could open another branch, then they could divide the flow and reduce the pressure greatly.

“Then where do you think it should be built?”

Ye Xiaochen asked with a smile.

“Originally, it would have been better to open it in Shashi city, which is the center of the southern province, and have a lot of rich people. However, our influence is difficult to reach there. Once something happens, it would be beyond our reach. It could only be opened in Yang city, which is more reliable. Although it would have a great impact on our Jing county branch, it is necessary.”

Li Jiaren said.

Due to the geographical location, the Yang city branch would gradually become a new hotspot, and the Jing county branch might greatly be affected.

“Xiaochen, if you open the branch in Yang city, will you really let Wang Shoabing and others participate?”

Li Jiaren looked at Ye Xiaochen and suddenly asked.

Ye Xiaochen knew who Wang Shaobing and others Li Jiaren were talking about, they were his partners in the yang city. They have big supermarkets and other industries in Yang city, and also have more abundant funds than Li Jiaren and others. Otherwise, they won’t have a relationship with Wang Shuisheng.

The vegetables previously supplied to Wang Shaobing’s supermarket have not been cut off, but the quantity has been reduced.

Once the branch is opened, these supplies will be cut off.

Ye Xiaochen let them participate in the Yang city branch, which was also their compensation.

Ye Xiaochen was a man who knew gratitude.

In the beginning, they bought Ye Xiaochen’s vegetables. Although it was due to Wang Shusiheng’s face, they helped him a lot.

Moreover, Ye Xiaochen also considered a thing, that was, Wang Shaobing and his colleagues have a lot of relations in Yang city. With their participation, the opening of the Yang city branch would be more smooth.

In this world, connections were needed.

Only by enriching the connection, could you strengthen yourself. This was the principle of the so-called interest groups.
As long as the interest group he belongs to was strong enough, even if he doesn’t take action, there would be some people in order to defend their interest, would firmly stand with him.

Now, he has already realized this.

Having a few shareholders could share more profit, but no matter how much money they make, it would be like that.

What he needed was business power. “Well, they would only participate in the Yang city branch, and the specific shares would be divided from my shares.”

Ye Xiacohen nodded and said.

“Xiaochen, I don’t mean like that. Since they will be participating only in Yang city branch, the shares naturally would be considered from all of us, and certainly can’t let you do it alone.”

Li Jiaren hurriedly said.

If they let Ye Xiaochen do it alone, doesn’t that mean they don’t have the same intention as ye Xiaochen?

He would never allow such a thing to happen.

Even if they lose some benefits, they must follow Ye Xiaochen’s pace. He knew that currently, everything depended on Ye Xiaochen.
Otherwise, the restaurant was just a castle in the air. Li Jiaren was very clear about it.
“As for the matters of the share, let’s discuss it in detail. I will find some time to have a meeting and also call Wang Shaobing and others.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

Wang Shaobing and several of them have already contacted Ye Xiaochen and have been asking about the opening of the branch in Yang city.

He doesn’t know where they got the news of this.

With their shrewdness, they couldn’t fail to see that there were huge benefits.

What was more, they had a cooperation with Ye Xiaochen. Once the Yang city branch opens, this cooperation might be broken. This was the link that would maintain the relationship with Ye Xiaochen.

They were taking the indirect approach, hoping to be able to take part in Yang city restaurant. They don’t want to have a lot of shares, and it won’t be less money, just hoped to be able to participate.

The point was they would only be participating in the Yang city branch and wouldn’t hold any shares in the Immortal Spring chain Restaurant co ltd and Jing county branch.

Li Jiaren nodded. It was settled.

After coming out of the purple mountain villa, Ye Xiaochen while driving called Wang Shaobing and others, and informed them.

Wang Shaobing and others were naturally happy.

During this period, they have been waiting for this news. Ten minutes later.
The car arrived at the music training center. Pulled over to the side of the road.
As it was a county town, there were no roadside parking spaces like in bigger cities and there would be no traffic police to put up tickets, as long as it doesn’t affect the traffic.

The car was so domineering, it naturally attracted the attention of the passers-by.

He climbed the stairs, went to the third floor, and soon arrived at the training center.

He looked at the phone, it was 3:50 pm. It was always polite to arrive early. Suddenly, his phone rang.

He went outside the door of the training center and looked at the screen, it was mayor Li Zixun.

After answering the phone, he got to know that the experts wanted to meet him tomorrow and discuss the matter of purification grass.

Ye Xiaochen agreed.

After ending the phone call, he re-entered the training center and Liang Wenjing holding the lesson plan walked out.

“Teacher Liang.”

Ye Xiaochen greeted her.

“Let’s go to my office.”

Liang Wenjing looked at Ye Xiaochen carefully, gave a sly smile, and then said.

Ye Xiaochen was surprised by her strange look and was a little puzzled. In the office.
Liang Wenjing and Ye Xiaochen sat on the sofa. On the tea table, there was hot tea.
There were also two packs of pickled vegetables that Ye Xiaochen had brought with him.

Liang Wenjing didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, she has never seen a man giving pickled vegetables to a woman.

As expected, the personality was different!

“Ye Xiaochen, do you really not know me?” Liang Wenjing suddenly smiled.

If it wasn’t for the face outline that looked similar and the name was the same, it would be hard for her to imagine that the young man with extraordinary temperament was the same dull, honest, rustic junior middle school classmate.

Life was incredible.

The country bumpkin became tall and handsome. The ugly duckling turned into a white swan.
Cinderella became a beautiful princess. The reality was outrageous.
Ye Xiaochen was shocked. He doesn’t know her, absolutely not.

He looked at her carefully, but there was no impression of her in his memory.

“Ah, I suddenly feel like crying. I recognized my old classmate, but my old classmate has forgotten me.”

Liang Wenjing smiled.

“Old classmate?”

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes widened.

Naturally, it couldn’t be the college classmate. It couldn’t be the primary school classmate.
Either it was middle school or senior high school classmate. He tried to remember, and couldn’t help but feel like crying. Damn, there were only a few impressions.

Attending school and achieving this level, it was really a failure!

Liang Wenjing saw Ye Xiaochen’s appearance and immediately knew that Ye Xiaochen hadn’t recognized her yet.

She immediately smiled and said, “I won’t be talking in riddles, it’s normal that you couldn’t recognize me. After all, I changed very much. You should remember that in junior middle school, there was a fat girl who often got low in exams and loved crying?”

Ye Xiaochen who was taking a sip of tea almost sprayed on the opposite Liang Wenjing.

He was dumbfounded and looked at Liang Wenjing, pointing at her and stuttered for a long time and said, “Heaven! You, you are that fat girl, Liang Wenjing.”

He felt like the sky was about to collapse.

Chapter 184

After the initial shock, Ye Xiaochen believed little.

In reality, there were real stories like Cinderella becoming a beautiful princess, and a dark fat girl becoming a fair-skinned and beautiful girl.

And, he finally remembered the story of Liang Wenjing from the depths of his memory, the figure was vaguely overlapping with the person in front of him.
The original name of the fat girl was not Liang Wenjing, but Liang Meili. (TN: Meili- It means beautiful. It is also the ideal state in terms of form,
proportion, layout, grace, color or sound )

Well, it was quite a common and simple name.

Because of this, the fat girl Liang Meili had become the target of many students bullying and teasing.

With Ye Xiaochen’s former personality, the reason why he could still remember was that he and Liang Meili had been deskmates for two years.

The two were considered the class weirdo’s

One likes to cry, and the other doesn’t talk, silent and introverted. There was another thing common between them, the results were poor.
Of course, Ye Xiaochen’s results were better than Liang Meili’s.

Until the third year of junior middle school, he worked hard and made rapid progress and was admitted in the Jing county number one high school in one stroke, which was absolutely a kind of explosion, even the teacher in charge of the class couldn’t believe it.

As for Liang Meili, there was no such good luck, she studied in the Taiping town middle school and later didn’t know about her.

“Liang Wenjing, did you, did you have plastic surgery?”

Ye Xiaochen carefully looked at the half-smiling Liang Wenjing, the face was delicate, there were light makeup and thin cosmetic powder, plus that kind of literary temperament, it was very attractive.

It was hard for him to relate this gorgeous girl with that dark fat girl.

Although a girl changes eighteen times between childhood and womanhood, it was a too big change.

“What do you think?”

Liang Wenjing smiled and said.

“How would I know, but I don’t think your nose was long, is it made long?”

Ye Xiaochen rolled his eyes.

“You can touch and see whether my nose was made long or not?” “Really can touch?”
Ye Xiaochen was stunned.

“Of course, we are old classmates, we shared the same trials and tribulations in the beginning.” Liang Wenjing nodded.

“Then I am touching, if the nose collapses, don’t blame me?”

Ye Xiaochen said and stretched out his hand and directly touched Laing Wenjing’s nose.

Soft and delicate, an indescribable feeling.

“You really touched it! What do you think? is it fake?”

Liang Wenjing’s nose was touched by Ye Xiaochen’s hand and it felt itchy, her cheeks were vaguely covered with a layer of redness.

“I don’t think so?”

Ye Xiaochen retracted his hand and was very surprised.

“Of course, this girl was born beautiful, I was just a little fat and dark at the beginning.”

Liang Wenjing proudly said.

When she was in junior middle school, her family was still poor and she had to go home to work every day, therefore she was tanned.

“By the way, how did you become a music teacher?”

Ye Xiaochen asked curiously.

“After I passed the high school entrance examination, I only went to high school for one year and didn’t continue. Instead, I went to the supergirl voice of mango TV.”

Speaking of the past, Liang Wenjing’s delicate face showed a touch of nostalgia.

“Supergirl voice?” Ye Xiaochen was dumbfounded, the dark fat girl who liked to cry and got poor grades went to participate in the supergirl voice?

“Why? Don’t believe me? You can find my name if you look at the supergirl voice information of that year. To speak it was the supergirl voice that changed me. In fact, I always like music and could sing well, but at that time I was introverted and cowardly, and did not dare to sing in front of outsiders.”

A faint smile appeared on Liang Wenjing’s face.

“Then suddenly how did you participate in the supergirl voice?”

Ye Xiaochen knew about this program. In the beginning, it was very popular, now some female stars stood out because of the supergirl voice.

Since Liang Wejning was not famous, it means that she participated in the super girl voice, and she was not popular.

“In fact, I didn’t plan to take part in it. I just accompanied a classmate. Due to an unexpected turn of events, I replaced her and participated. You don’t know when I went on the stage, I felt suffocated. My mind was blank. It was teacher Shen Yue who comforted me, let me not be nervous and relaxed. When I overcame the nervousness and sang, several judges and teachers were shocked. They described my voice as the sound of nature.”

Liang Wenjing chuckled lightly. “Then Why are you not popular?” Ye Xiachen asked.
“You, Why can’t you ask a good question?” Liang Wenjing glared Ye Xiaochen. “Cough, can’t I be curious?” Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“Do you think that on a stage like a supergirl voice just the sound being good, you could sing? How many people like me were there? And you need to know that to pass the round of the supergirl voice at that time, besides the votes of judges and teachers, there was also the requirement of votes from the audience. As a result, I was eliminated in the Final district round.”

Liang Wenjing said calmly. Ye Xiaochen was speechless.
Yes, at that time, the audience who watched super girl voices were all young girls and boys. Who wouldn’t like beautiful girls?

Even if the girl was not pretty, she should have a personality, like a joyful older brother or composed elder sister.

The girls like Liang Meili were at a disadvantage on the starting line.

After all the people who could enter the next level, which one of them wasn’t elites selected from hundreds of contestants?

Therefore, Liang Meili faced tragedy.

“Fortunately, that opportunity changed my life. Later I was recommended by Shen Yue and was admitted to the City Modern Music school.”

Liang Wenjing’s Tone was a little sad.

If it wasn’t for that supergirl voice, maybe she would sink forever and spend her time as a fat girl.

“Since you have gone to music school, have a talent for singing, and became a beauty, you should have become a big star, right?” Ye Xiaochen did not expect that Liang Wenjing would have such a complicated and inspirational experience and asked curiously.

“Who said going to music school will become a singing star?”

Liang Wenjing smiled and continued “Actually, I didn’t have this plan at the beginning. I like the music. What I like is its essence. It can make me confident and has changed my life. As for the other thing, I am not used to that kind of life.”

“So it turned out like this. Ah, you did this step wrong. Otherwise, now I should have a classmate who is a big star! ”

Ye Xiaochen said in a grieving tone.

“Well, I finished my story. You say about yourself, how a poor short man became a tall rich handsome man?”

Liang Wenjing asked with a smile.

“I used to be short?”

Ye Xiaochen rolled his eyes.

“Almost had such an impression otherwise, how could I be a little uncertain when I saw you at first sight?”

Liang Wenjing laughed.

The current Liang Wenjing, that kind of natural conversation, was different from Ye Xiaochen’s impression of Liang Meili, the two were very different.

Whether it was the appearance, temperament, or self-confidence. In fact, he himself was not the same.
Had he not acquired the Shennong system, he would have continued to remain a common man. “Well I am still a poor man and I do farming.”

Said Ye Xiaochen.

“Liar. Do you look like a farmer now?”

Liang Wenjing didn’t believe him at all.

“You wouldn’t believe it. To be more specific, I built a farm at home and planted some vegetables and fruits. Oh also, I opened a restaurant.”

Ye Xiaochen shrugged and said.

“Is it true? Where is your restaurant? If I have time, I’ll go and cheer for you.”

Said Liang Wenjing.

“I’ll welcome you. And I’ll treat you to dinner at my restaurant.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.


Liang Wenjing raised her wrist, looked at her watch, and said while smiling, “Now, let’s start our class.”


Ye Xiaochen nodded.

Soon, Liang Wenjing began to teach Ye Xiaochen.

(Translator talk: I just felt like saying my thought, I feel that beauty always lies inside.)

Chapter 185

It was already past five o’clock and the lecture was at its end.

“Okay. let’s stop here for today.”

Liang Wenjing said.

She stood up, took a glass of warm water, and drank to moisten her throat.

By the time Liang Wenjing finished packing and handled the training center, it was almost six o’clock.

Downstairs, Ye Xiaochen leaned in front of the Porsche Cayenne and waited for Liang Wenjing to come down.

Not before long Liang Wenjing came down.

“Is this your car?”

Liang Wenjing looked at the Porsche cayenne behind Ye Xiaochen and was somewhat surprised.

“That’s right.”

Ye Xiaochen nodded. “It seems that my old classmate has really made a fortune.”

Liang Wenjing laughed.

“What fortune! I am punching the face and making it fat.”

(TN: “! am punching the face and making it fat”-[ to slap one’s face until it’s swollen in an effort to look imposing]generally means exaggerating their ability.)

Ye Xiaochen said.


Liang Wenjing smiled and obviously didn’t believe it. “Get in the car. I am going to take you to a good place.” Said ye Xiaochen.
“What good place? What about your restaurant? Don’t dare to take me, is your restaurant a black shop?”

(TN: black shop here means the place that scams.) Liang Wenjing laughed and said.
“The good place I said was naturally the restaurant I opened.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“I‘ll see whether you are just boasting.”

Liang Wenjing continued, “By the way, I rode a folding mountain Bicycle. Can I put it in your car?”

“Bicycle? Okay, where is it?”

Ye Xiaochen nodded. “Over there.”

Liang Wenjing went to a store not far away and brought a folding bicycle from inside.

Liang Wenjing carried the bicycle as if it didn’t have any weight, you could tell from the first glance that it was very expensive.

Ye Xiaochen opened the trunk and put the folded bicycle in it. He asked curiously, “You could buy a car when you are able to ride a bicycle like this. What will you do when it rains?”

“I can’t drive. I can use a bus or taxi on rainy days.”

Liang Wenjing sat on the front seat and shook her head.

“You can go to driving school if you don’t know how to drive.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Forget it. I dare not even ride an electric car. How could I dare to drive? As soon as I get to the street, I can’t even distinguish the direction and will get nervous. I have checked it’s a driving phobia. Anyway, it is good, I can still exercise by cycling.”

Said Liang Wenjing.

Ye Xiaochen chatted with Liang Wenjing while driving.

Ten minutes later, they arrived at the entrance of the purple mountain villa.

“Ye Xiaochen, why are we here?”

Liang Wenjing was surprised to see that Ye Xiaochen brought her to the development zone and it was still the purple mountain villa.

Now the purple mountain villa was very famous. It was not that the villa was famous for itself, but because the immortal spring restaurant was in this purple mountain villa.

The owner of the purple mountain villa has made a lot of money.

“You know this place?”

Ye Xiaochen asked.

“I’ve been here once. The food in the immortal spring restaurant was really delicious.”

Said Liang Wenjing.

“How about we have a big meal?”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said.

“I thought we were going to your restaurant?”

Liang Wenjing was puzzled.

Suddenly, she seemed to think of something, “Ye Xiaochen, eh. I always seemed to have heard this name before?”

“Ye Xiaochen, are you that Ye Xiaochen who is the famous owner of the immortal spring restaurant and also in the news? ”

She finally remembered.

So, wasn’t Ye Xiaochen the famous top botanist of Yang city? Her beautiful eyes lit up.
“I am so famous that even the old classmate didn’t recognize me.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

“Now I found that among the old schoolmates you are deepest hidden.” Liang Wenjing laughed and said.

“Are you still in touch with other middle school students?”

Ye Xiaochen asked.

“Yes, there was a get together the previous year, I just went back to my hometown to manage matters of the music training center and went to see the old schoolmates thinking they could recommend me some students, but Ye XIaochen, why didn’t you come?”

Liang Wenjing said.

“I was still working at that time.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head.

At that time, it was the worst time for him and he wasn’t in any mood to attend the middle school reunion.

Most importantly, he had no contacts with his junior middle school classmates and probably no one remembered him.

“You have become beautiful. I think all the old schoolmates would have been shocked after seeing you.”

Ye Xiaochen said while laughing.

“That’s right, but unlike you, no one thought I did plastic surgery.”

Liang Wenjing glared at Ye Xiaochen.

“No way. Those people just didn’t say, but they might have thought of it.”

Ye Xiaochen damaged those old schoolmates with this sentence.

“Do you think everyone is like you?” Liang Wenjing’s character was quite different from that of before. She talked naturally and there was no unfamiliar tone.

Perhaps it was the relationship of being an old classmate that let her be very relaxed.

“We have reached.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and parked the car in the parking lot. The two got out of the car.
All of a sudden, several cars came over. One of them was a white BMW, which stopped not far away. A young man came out of the car, he was dressed in famous brand clothes and looked handsome.

“Wenjing, you are also here?”

The young man saw Liang Wenjing, he immediately came over and looked pleasantly surprised.


When Liang Wenjing saw the young man, she reacted coldly.

This person was a playboy who relied on his rich family and reputation was not good. Ever since she met him, he has been pestering her.

“My father and some of his business friends are also going to the immortal spring restaurant for dinner. Why don’t we go together?”

Shao Xiaobao quickly said.

He looked at Ye Xiaochen and showed a hint of hostility. He had long coveted Liang Wenjing.

Now seeing Ye Xiaochen beside Liang Wenjing’s side, he immediately felt uncomfortable. “No, I came with my friend.” Liang Wenjing shook her head. “Why is this brother messing?”
Shao Xiaobao saw Ye Xiaochen and said in a disrespecting tone.

Ye Xiaochen smiled and was too lazy to get involved with such a small gangster. Suddenly a surprised voice came from the side, “Mr.Ye, I haven’t seen you for a long time!”

Ye Xiaochen looked at the direction of the voice and saw a middle-aged man in a suit coming towards him.

“It seems boss Shao also came to have a meal today!”

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

This Shao Donglai was a well-known rich man of Jing County and has assets worth over a hundred million yuan, which was one level higher than Li Jiaren and others.

When the immortal spring restaurant opened, he was also present. And also he was regular at the immortal spring restaurant.
“Yes, today I came with some of my business friends. This is my idiot son and is somewhat not sensible. I hope Mr.Ye doesn’t mind him.”

Shao Donglai said with a smile.

He naturally heard the thing he said just now and immediately came over. If his son offends Ye Xiaochen completely, his Shao family won’t have an easy time.


Shao Xiabao was a little confused. What was this rhythm?

Liang Wenjing was also surprised. Although she knew Ye Xiaochen’s identity, it still felt a little unreal.

And now, even a rich man like Shao Donglai was flattering Ye Xiaochen, which shows Ye Xioachen’s influence.

Chapter 186

Immortal spring restaurant, a luxurious private room.

The decoration style of the room was natural and fresh, it gave people a good visual sense.

While eating, it was also required to pay attention to the environment style.

“Ye Xiaochen, I’m really unable to understand you.”

Liang Wenjing supported her chin with one hand and stared at Ye Xiaochen.

She was still thinking about what happened in the parking lot.

The matter which has been bothering her was easily solved and the Shao Xiaobao would never bother her again.

She was very happy in her heart, although she knew that Shao Donglai thought her as Ye Xiaochen’s girlfriend, it will not let his son have any thoughts on her.

“I am still me. What is there to understand? Well, we are here, let’s have good food.” Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“There are only two of us. We could have eaten in the hall. Why order the set meal? ”

Asked Liang Wenjing.

To speak, when entering a private room, you need to order at least a set meal.

And the set meal would be more than 8800 yuan.

“Don’t worry, I ordered a half set meal.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said.

Half does not mean that the number of dishes would be reduced, but the quantity of each dish would be reduced so that there was no wastage.

Since it was not a complete set meal, naturally there would be some concession in the price.

Shortly, the door of the private room was pushed open, and a mobile food cart entered, the waiter then began to put various dishes on the table.

There were a totally twelve dishes.

The dishes looked very delicate and exquisite. It was made like a work of art.
Moreover, the vegetables have a characteristic, they don’t give a greasy feeling like meat food.

“Wow, this rice is really fragrant. There is a strange kind of wheat and bean flavor. Eh, there are three colors. There really is a bean and wheat. My god, isn’t this the three immortal rice? ” Liang Wenjing lifted the lid of the delicate earthenware pot, which was filled with rice and an indescribable fragrance came out.

Even the fragrance of the vegetables couldn’t cover it. Her beautiful eyes were wide open.
This earthenware pot was specially made. It was divided into three small sections. Each of them was filled with high-quality rice, and on top of each, it was one immortal yellow bean, one red immortal bean, and one immortal wheat grain.

This was called the three immortal rice.

The three immortal rice was the latest product of the immortal spring restaurant. A three immortal rice dish cost 58888 yuan.

Since its launch, the three immortal rice was ordered only 20 times. No way. It was too expensive.
Actually, it was not the most expensive dish, the most expensive dish was the five immortal soup.

It contained one grain of red immoral bean, one grain of yellow immortal grain, three grains of immortal wheat, one piece of immortal carrot, and one piece of immortal radish.

Its cost was 88888 yuan.

“Try it.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

This time he ordered three immortal rice instead of the five immortal soups.

Just this table of meals cost more than 80000 yuan. No ordinary person could afford it.

Even if Ye Xiaochen was the boss, he has to pay. This was the rule set before.
The purpose was to prevent the relatives and friends of each shareholder from eating at free and causing bad influence.

Half an hour later.

Liang Wenjing leaned back on the chair and touched the stomach. She said, “I’m so full, it was really delicious. I feel like if there was more food, then I might keep eating till my stomach burst.”

She no longer had the image of the lady. Every plate was empty on the table.
Although it was not the complete set meal, it was enough for the two people to eat fully.

“Unfortunately, I can’t eat it often otherwise I’ll get fat. I don’t want to be a fat sister again.”

Liang Wenjing said gloomily.

“Don’t worry. It’s all vegetarian, you won’t be fat.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

“You are a little bad man. Knowing that I don’t have so much money, you are tempting me?”

Liang Wenjing glared at Ye IXoachen.

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said, “Did I? I don’t think so.” Liang Wenjing was about to say something when her cell phone rang. She picked it up and looked at it. Her face changed a little and hissed at Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen nodded.

Laing Wenjng answered quickly, “Sister Yin, have you eaten?”

“What! You are coming tomorrow to see me, but… okay, you must pay attention to safety on the way.”

Liang Wenjing took a look at Ye Xiaochen, then turned to one side and whispered.

Ye Xiaochen’s face turned a little strange.

As his hearing power was strong, he could hear clearly even when Liang Wenjing’s cell phone didn’t turn on the speaker.

The caller was a woman with a very young voice.

The relationship between the two seemed extraordinary.

The exchange of words revealed a relationship like between lovers.

Especially before hanging up the phone, in the end, the woman said that was very cheesy, more like how a girlfriend speaks.

Could it be…

Ye Xiaochen doesn’t know what to say.

Liang Wenjing had already hung up the phone, she looked over and saw Ye Xiaochen’s face was strange, her cheeks slightly turned red as if she was guilty.

Settled the account.

They went out of the entrance of the immortal spring restaurant. “Liang Wenjing let me drop you back.”

Ye Xiaochen looked at the sky.

“Just send me to the public square.”

Said Laing Wenjing. Ye Xiaochen nodded.
Ten minutes later, at Cairen public square. Ye Xiaochen stopped the car.
There were lots of lights and vehicles here, this was the busiest area in Jing county at night.

“Old classmate, I’m off.”

Liang Wenjing took out her bicycle from the car, opened it, and rode away.

Ye Xiaochen looked at Liang Wenjing’s back, touching his chin, and recalled the phone call Liang Wenjing received in the restaurant, he felt strange, then he immediately shook his head.

Let’s forget it, what does it have to do with me? He quickly turned the car around and drove away. Currently.
Liang Wenjing was riding the bicycle and was in a different mood.

“Ah, Sister Yin is coming. What should I do? I’m confused. I was going to end all things with her.”

Liang Wenjing rode for a while, then stopped and found a curb to sit down. She had thought that by leaving the city she should be able to forget the past.

For this reason, she gave up her career.

Originally, she was going to listen to her parents and go on a blind date.

After knowing about Ye Xiaochen’s situation, she had an intention in her mind.

It was just the phone call at the dinner that had completely disrupted her calm heart.

She knew she could never forget her.

……………………………………………… The next morning.
Yang City plant research institute.

Now the level of security has passed the municipal government office buildings.

Two heavily armed policemen were guarding with guns. Anyone entering the institute must have a pass.
As soon as Ye Xiaochen arrived near the entrance, he was stopped. He lowered his car window and handed over a temporary pass.
The armed policemen carefully checked without error, then gave a salute to Ye Xiaochen and went back to the sentry box.

Suddenly, the closed steel gate was opened. Ye Xiaochen drove in.

Chapter 187

In the institute.
The vegetation was very deep and was mottled with the lights of the sun. He found a parking space and stopped. As soon as he got out of the car,
he saw mayor Li Zixun and a dozen people were waiting.

Academician Yang was also among them.

“Academician Yang, Mayor Li.”

Ye Xiaochen greeted them with a smile.

“Xiaochen, we haven’t seen each other for nearly two months. You have really opened my eyes. It hasn’t been long since you made your previous achievement.”

Yang Kai came forward and hugged Ye Xiaochen. He was really excited.
Ever since he went back, he has been practicing the five finger spirit listening method every day and never stopped it. Although his current level of five finger spirit listening method hasn’t reached the state of listening to the spirit, he was still very close.

The more he practiced, the more he felt the magic and mystery of the five finger spirit listening method.

He vaguely felt that he had touched the door to an endless domain.

He felt that this time’s Ye Xiaochen’s research of the purification grass should be based on the theory of deep consciousness he studied.

The only way to truly master the planting technology was to start with the plant consciousness.

The only way to understand plant consciousness was this five finger spirit listening method.

And all this was related to Ye Xiaochen.

He seems to have surpassed all his predecessors. The great botanist who has opened a new chapter in the field of botany and was growing at an alarming rate.

The others who came with Yang Kai and Li Zixun were the botanist experts.

Everyone’s fame was not less than Yang Kai.

They were very polite to Ye Xiaochen. After all, the purification grass cultivated by Ye Xiaochen has really broadened their horizon.

They also got to know the existence of the five finger spirit listening method from Yang Kai’s mouth.

It was just that Yang Kai didn’t teach them because it was created by Ye Xiaochen and without Ye Xiaochen’s permission, he wouldn’t disclose anything. These experts were curious about the spirit listening state Yang Kai mentioned, and they hoped that Ye Xiaochen could teach them.

Ye Xiaochen talked with them and walked towards the building. He became the center of attention.
Finally, the crowd entered the building and went all the way towards an assembly hall.

There were nearly a hundred chairs and one podium.

From this podium, Ye Xiaochen would explain to the experts’ team about the various principles and cultivation methods of the purification grass.

The experts’ team could ask various questions

In a sense, it was an exchange but in fact, it was Ye Xiaochen who’s going to teach them.
There were very few who could actually teach so many top experts. There were only eight Academicians in the Chinese Academy of
]Sciences; three were botanical experts, four nuclear engineering experts, and one physiology expert.

As for the other experts, they were all famous, even if they were not academicians, they were the top experts at the national level.

Even the assistants brought with them were well-known, and at least at the Ph.D. level.

In this way, there were more than 70 people in the hall, from experts to assistants, and there were also researchers from the research institute and more than a dozen government personnel.

Naturally, these researchers joined for the fun. Their professional level was far less than that of the assistant of the experts’ group. Ye Xiaochen already knew how this exchange would work.

It was the first time standing in front of so many people and that too for teaching. To be honest, Ye Xiaochen was a little nervous.

The previous exchange with the experts’ group was different. The last one was just like a symposium. Sitting together, and engaging yourself in the various discussions.

This time he was the teacher and the experts were the students. There was a difference in status.
Being stared by so many eyes, how could Ye Xiaochen not be nervous?

A few months ago he was just an ordinary person, and anyone present in this room could be said as a real human elite.

However, now, they were going to listen to his lecture.

Suddenly, he took a deep breath and walked straight up to the podium. Standing at a high position, he looked down at the below audience.
This was a strange feeling. Vaguely, the tension in his heart seemed to be disappearing, instead of being replaced by a faint sense of excitement.

“Hello everyone, I’m Ye Xiaochen.”

Ye Xiaochen facing down glanced at the whole audience and said in a tone which was neither hurried nor slow.

He knew that when people were nervous, they would stutter.

And while speaking, the mind would go blank, often would forget words, and even if remember, there would be bumps.

The best method was to slow down the speed of speaking and give yourself time to think. “Today, I am very honored to be able to explain the planting principle and cultivation method of the purification grass to all the seniors. I am worried that I might not be able to explain it well. To be honest, this is the first time for me to give a lecture as a teacher..”

He spoke slowly first, almost spewing out word by word.

As he got used to the atmosphere, he began to speak a little faster

Moreover, while speaking, he tried to speak with as much vigor as possible.

“Now, I hope that all the seniors could introduce themselves to me so that I can get to know you better. Let’s start from the left side of the first row.”

On the podium, there were identity information sheets of each expert.

Nevertheless, he still wanted to let each expert introduce himself once, to have an impression.

Although his current memory was not like a photographic memory, it was about the same.

The most important thing was to relax the atmosphere.

“I am Liu Mingsheng. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Director of the  Beijing Genomics research institute”.

There were eight people in the first row.

They were all the academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The first person to stand up was a middle-aged man in his forties and fifties who had the scholarly temperament.

Ye Xiaochen knew that every academician of the Chinese Academy of Science was generally the head of an important research organization. The Beijing Genomics research institute was one of the institutes under the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

He was responsible for research of the biological genome, Liu Mingsheng as the main person in charge was the top expert in gene research and his status was better than Yang Kai.

The fact that such a heavyweight has joined the experts’ team shows the importance attached to the purification grass.

, the other seven academician introduced themselves one by one, and then the experts in the back row.

As for the assistant, they did not introduce themselves as there were so many of them.

“Before I begin. I want to ask a question. Do plants have consciousness?”

Ye Xiaochen had already prepared his lesson plan, so he knew what to say.

However, before he started, he asked a question.

Because this question was the core of the whole subject, and also the theoretical basis of his creation of new plant discipline.

“I didn’t believe it before, but now, I believe in the existence of the plant consciousness.”

It was yang kai who spoke.

Although his skills were not fully developed, he always felt something special when he tried to communicate with plants.

The feeling became stronger as he became more proficient in the five finger spirit listening method. He seems to be able to sense the hidden consciousness fluctuations of the plant.

Many experts present on the scene have opened their mouths in succession, there was curiosity, there was doubt, there was uncertainty… After all, they haven’t practiced the five finger spirit listening. Naturally, they had no concept of the plant consciousness.

Even those who knew something about it only heard from Yang Kai. They don’t know exactly what it was like.
In the final analysis, for a new theory to develop, besides being reasonable and dialectical, people also need to accept it.

Although Yang Kai recognized it, and dozens of botanists who came previously recognized, it was only a small part of the whole field of botany.

This was far from enough.

Chapter 188

“Let’s do an experiment.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and said, “I have recently discovered a very interesting phenomenon, which might explain the existence of the plant consciousness.”

Suddenly, he looked at a young man sitting at the lower right of the podium and nodded.

The young man was a temporary assistant assigned to him by the institute.

The young man quickly got up and brought a large glass box, in which was a pot of rose plant containing buds.

“Do you see this? It’s a rose pot that has been sealed in a glass box.”

Ye Xiaochen moved the big glass to the podium, tapped on the glass, and made a thumping sound.

“In my study of plant consciousness, there is no isolation, there is no barrier for the communication between consciousness and even this layer of glass cannot isolate it.”

Ye Xiaochen said gently. The people present on the scene were extremely curious.

“Mr.Ye, can I have a look at this rose pot?”

Suddenly someone sitting in the crowd stood up and said. He was a nuclear engineering expert.
Ye Xiaochen remembered his name, identity, position, and other details.

“Of course, professor Qian.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

Professor Qian hurriedly went and began to examine the glass box carefully.

“Haha, this should be reinforced glass. Even bullets cannot pass through it. Besides, the connection between the base and the cover is a kind of sealing screw.”

Professor Qian’s discerning eyes could judge it at a glance.

The reason he checked it so carefully was to see if there were any other tricks.

Shortly, Professor Qian went down.

“Is there anyone else who wants to check?”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

He knew that the professor Qian came to see, it shows his unconvinced attitude.

However, he doesn’t care, after all, they were the national level experts. How high was their status? Today they came to listen to a class of juniors. Even if they do not say, or show it on the face, their heart has different ideas. If he could not persuade them and make them satisfied, it was afraid some of them would never give a face to him, and even would attack together.

Academic research was so serious that no one will talk about affection. With Professor Qian as the representative, no one else came up.
If even a nuclear expert like professor Qian couldn’t see any problem, then even if they go up and check it would be in vain.

“If there is no one. I’ll proceed with the experiment.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and said.

Suddenly, he lifted the box and directly moved it to Academican’s Yang’s table.

“Academician Yang, why don’t you be my partner in this experiment?”

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

“I am honored. I don’t know what I need to do?”

Yang Kai stood up and asked with a smile.

“Very simple, with the communication I have formed a bridge with the rose’s consciousness. Now it can understand what we say and you can give commands to do anything you want.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Yang Kai was startled and he couldn’t believe it. All the people present were in an uproar.
Plants could understand human speech? Was this a joke? Not to mention plants, even in animals, only a few of them have this ability, but also need to be carefully trained and there are still limitations in it.

“Then I’ll try.”

Yang Kai took a deep breath.

When he saw Ye Xiaochen’s smiling face, he suddenly felt that he must believe Ye Xiaochen.

This young man was bound to create a miracle.

Even the purification grass that absorbs nuclear radiation was researched, so this plant consciousness that could understand human speed was not impossible.

“Let the buds bloom.”

Yang Kai’s face became solemn and he began to speak. Lots of eyes were fixed on the rose in the glass box.
With the ending of Yang Kai’s word, a magical scene happened, the rose in the glass box suddenly bloomed.

The flower was bright, beautiful, and delicate. Everyone was stunned.
Yang Kai was also shocked in his heart, and then immediately his eyes became fanatical.

If it was normal to communicate with plants using the five finger spirit listening method, then this kind of thing has gone a step further.

This represents that Ye Xiaochen has made great progress in the research of plant consciousness. “Flowers close and become buds.”

Shortly the rose which had opened completely closed, and became buds again.

Then Yang Kai gave several commands, and at last, was to let the rose wither. Suddenly, the original delicate rose withered, the flower fell off, and the leaves gradually dried up. The process which originally takes several days was completed in a few seconds.

“Mr.Ye, how can this be done in an isolation glass box? The glass box is closed, so the voice shouldn’t pass through. How can it receive my orders?”

Yang Kai asked the biggest doubt in his heart. In fact, this was also the people’s doubt.
“Haha, in fact, this is actually what I want to talk about in today’s course. It is the core principle to cultivate the purification grass.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and went back to the podium.

At the moment, he could feel many eyes that had doubted and despised have become solemn.

This represents a change in their mindset.

This was a good start, and that’s why Ye Xioachen did this experiment.

“In the theoretical concept I established, everything in the world has waves, magnetic fields, and the whole world is composed of particles, energy, and various waves. Naturally, it is also the same for our human body. As long as our consciousness can think, there will be waves, which is the brain wave. ”

“I named the brainwave thought as mental power. In some fiction, there is the concept of mental power. I think this idea is meaningful, although the mental power represented in fiction is not true, it still represents a kind of supernatural ability. For example, here it allows us to communicate with the plant consciousness. Of course, the ordinary people’s brain waves were not strong and even if it was strong, they don’t know how to use it.”

“Once we master the application of brain waves, we can make incredible changes. That is to say, Academician Liu who is an expert in genetic research knows how to detect genes, but he can only use indirect detection methods. If he wants to distinguish between different genes, then even the scanning electron microscope, transmission electron microscope, atomic force microscope with the highest resolution cannot be able to identify. However, I can say with certainty that as long as we master the application of the brain waves, we may be able to observe at the genetic level.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Mr.Ye, can you use your mind to observe at the genetic level?”

Liu Mingsheng’s eyes were hot, he stared at Ye Xiaochen and asked quickly.

“I haven’t tried this yet, because my research direction is not this. I believe you all know that compared with the actual existence like genes, consciousness is more illusory. Since the brain waves thought can sense consciousness, then let alone the genes. Academician Liu, do you think it’s true?”

“It’s true, but at the core of all this, it is required to confirm the existence of consciousness and whether the brain waves can really communicate”

Liu Mingsheng said.

A lot of people showed a deep thought.

If such questions could be verified, then the value contained in it would be too great, it was equivalent to opening up a new scientific field. When Ye Xiaochen saw this, he felt a sigh of relief in his heart, he finally entered into the topic.

It was not easy to teach this class.

It cost him a lot of brain cells to be reasonable but also not to expose too many advanced things, and also to be able to build a contour theory that could support a new discipline.

He believed that the experts in front of him will become the seeds of his new discipline after this class.

This kind of high-level and comprehensive scientific research was difficult to develop without starting from the top and was not possible just relying on unorthodox ways.

Like now, with the help of the purification grass, he found breakthroughs at once.

The next plan would be much easier.

Chapter 189

Many experts listened to the lecture very carefully.

Ye Xiaochen has fully mastered the rhythm of the course.

Little by little, he threw out his theoretical points and gradually guided experts’ thinking direction.

Obviously, these experts were people with high IQ. No matter how complicated the theoretical knowledge was, it was not difficult for them. What needed to be considered was whether they could accept it or not.

After Ye Xiaochen’s in-depth explanation and some experiments, many experts believed the concept.

Especially those botanists, they all had a huge interest in it.

Some experts, such as nuclear experts, they were not entirely convinced by Ye Xiaochen’s theory.

For them, they were more interested in the absorption of nuclear radiation by the purification grass.

They waited till Ye XIoachen’s lecture to come to this concept, but some nuclear experts could not bear it. Professor Qian suddenly stood up and said, “Mr.Ye, the theory of the plant consciousness you mentioned is very wonderful, even a layman like me who is not involved in botany is interested.”

He praised Ye Xiaochen.

However, the implication was that these nuclear experts were just interested in it nothing more.

“May I ask Mr.Ye, why does the purification grass absorb the nuclear radiation?”

Professor Qian finally asked the important question.

All the nuclear experts stared at Ye Xiaochen, this was their most important concern.

The same was true for the plant experts.

It was just Ye Xiaochen’s knowledge about the plant consciousness that made them unknowingly draw into it.

“Professor Qian, you have asked a good question, but the reason why I first mentioned the plant consciousness was that the nuclear radiation absorption ability of the purification grass is based on the plant consciousness.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

Professor Qian was stunned for a moment and immediately asked,
“Please ask Mr.Ye to give us a detailed explanation.”

Then he bent towards Ye Xiaochen and asked in a sincere tone.

“Naturally. Academician Liu, I would like to ask you what determines the different characteristics of a plant in its growth process.”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly looked at the genome expert Liu Minsgheng. “It is obviously genes, and the current transgenic technology is based on this principle.”

Liu Mingsheng said.

“Yes, genes. Although we have an electron microscope that can look at the atomic level and even can observe the genes, we cannot identify the genes. Naturally, we cannot confirm the specific effect of these genes. So, this problem returns to the plant consciousness. All we have to do is indirectly observe the gene by communicating with the plant consciousness. We can use this to control the gene structure and achieve the transformation of the plant characteristic. In the final analysis, without mastering the plant consciousness the plant transformation technology cannot be carried out. Unless modern technology can be developed to a certain extent that it can directly carry out the super precision gene transformation technique.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled gently and said.

This theory was correct, but for the time being Ye Xiaochen couldn’t apply it as he doesn’t have a high degree of control over consciousness.

Unless his cultivation progresses further, he builds the foundation and gives birth to the spirit knowledge.

This spirit knowledge could not be compared with spirit talent.

Nuclear experts were dumbstruck, if they couldn’t master the plant consciousness, they wouldn’t be able to study and analyze the principle of how the purification grass could absorb radiation. What was the meaning of their participation in this investigation?

The botanists, on the other hand, were secretly pleased because it meant that the botanists were more important than the nuclear experts.

This research was no longer a nuclear field but purely in the field of botany. “Mr, Ye, I have heard that you have developed a five-finger spirit listening method that can let people communicate with the plant consciousness. I don’t know if there is such a thing.”

Professor Qian hurriedly asked him.

If they couldn’t participate in the study of the purification grass then it would be a shame for the nuclear experts.

“Yes, the five finger spirit listening method could let people communicate with the plant consciousness. However, not everyone has the talent for it. If you are willing to learn, I can teach you now.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and said.

Naturally, the experts present were willing to learn and if they couldn’t learn this method, then they wouldn’t be able to communicate the plant consciousness, let alone participate in the research of the purification grass.

Immediately, all the experts got excited.

This was true even for the nuclear experts who didn’t have this thought before.

They couldn’t help it, they wouldn’t even be able to participate in the research of the purification grass without learning this spirit listening method.

They all wondered, whether in this way they were going to switch to the dry botany research.

Ye Xiaochen began to teach the people the method.

Ye Xiaochen has no way of judging how many people could learn the method. After all, to learn the five finger spirit listening method they must have a spirit talent.

Generally speaking, the botanists were more likely. After all, they were interested in plants, must have a gift for this. The fact was the same, Ye Xiaochen was speechless after the test of the spirit listening method.

Not even one nuclear expert and other related assistant had the talent. On the other hand, seven botanists had entered the spirit listening state.
Two academicians, three botanist experts, and two assistants of botanist experts.

Ye Xiaochen sighed in his heart, they were worthy of being academicians, they even have the spirit talent.

In opposition, the nuclear experts were all disappointed.

They understood that talent was talent and it couldn’t be forced. This five finger spirit listening method was biased to botany. They were nuclear experts and didn’t have any connection with botany at all.

The morning lecture was over.

People started to leave, after all, it was time for lunch.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t leave and had the meal in the canteen of the research institute.

The food was not bad, there was variety and had rich nutrients.

Ye Xiaochen was greatly welcomed here. All the experts and the researchers he met greeted him very politely.

In the middle of the meal, Yang kai suddenly came with his meal plate.

“Academician Yang.”

Ye Xiaochen greeted him.

“Xiaochen, don’t be so polite, just call me Brother Yang.” Yang Kai said with a smile. Ye Xiaochen blushed.
“I will call you old Yang.”

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly said.

Considering Yang kai’s age, it was enough to be his grandfather.

“Xiaochen, just now few of the old guys contacted the head and hoped that you can join the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and even let you be head of the new research institute. You think about it.”

Yang Kai said.

In fact, the previous time he asked Ye Xiaochen, but that time he only invited him to do research work in the Chinese Academy of Science, as for being the head of the new research institute, it was impossible.

What place was the Chinese Academy of Science? There are tens of thousands of graduate students. It could be said the doctoral students were many, and master students were everywhere.

“Old Yang, I really don’t want to leave my hometown. Anyway, this research work, where can it not be done? I live comfortably at home.”

Ye Xiaochen said helplessly.

“Xiaochen, you don’t have to refuse in such a hurry. I haven’t finished yet. The new research institute just mentioned is specially built for you by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and will be specialized in studying plant consciousness. It will be directly under the Chinese Academy of Sciences and will be a national key research institute, which you will be the main person in charge of. You will enjoy allowance and even the promise from the head, and after three years you could be elected to be the academician of the Chinese Academy of science. Haha, once you succeed, you will become the youngest academician in the decade since the founding of the Chinese Academy of sciences.” Yang Kai carefully observed Ye Xiaochen’s expression.

For a person to establish a professional research institution, there were not many cases in the Chinese Academy of Science, and all that did were real super-technical power.

It was a great honor for the researcher.

After the lecture, some of his old fellows immediately reported to the headquarters of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It took a lot of talking before the headquarters agreed.

He believed that it would be hard for ye Xiaochen to resist such temptation.

No one would be able to refuse it.

Chapter 190

Unfortunately, Yang Kai underestimated Ye Xiaochen. Ye Xiaochen already had his own ideas and plans.
Besides, his farm couldn’t be moved at all. The foundation was set in his hometown and it was impossible for him to leave the foundation and go to other places.

“Old Yang, I really appreciate your kindness. I’m afraid I still cannot promise.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head.

“Xioachen, why can’t you agree? Such an opportunity is very rare.”

It was hard for Yang Kai to understand.

People like Ye Xiaochen not entering the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which was absolutely the biggest loss for the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

“Old Yang, the biggest dream in my life is to have a field, grow some vegetables, and do some research in leisure time, this is enough.”

Ye Xiaochen quietly said. Ye Xiaochen almost vomited blood. If this was your ideal, then this ideal was too small.

Well, he knew that people like Ye Xiaochen have a firm character and it was hard to change the decision.

It seems that they have to think of some other methods. After eating the meal, Yang Kai quickly went away.
Ye Xiaochen touched his chin, he saw old Yang’s depressed appearance just now and felt a little funny in his heart.

Hey! I really didn’t want to do this, but if I don’t do it, how can I achieve my purpose?

As a world-class research institution, the Chinese Academy of Sciences was the highest academic institution of natural science in China; the highest advisory body of science and technology, and the center of integrated research and development of natural science.

Once the research institute of plant consciousness was directly under the Chinese Academy of Sciences, it was equivalent to having enough background to rely on.

As soon as the research institute was established, it would be his responsibility.

His status as the top botanist would also be solidified.

For the purpose of the nation establishing the research institute in Yang city and being in control of it, this was Ye Xiaochen’s final goal.

In a conference room.

Yang Kai, other academicians, and botanical experts were in discussion. All of them have learned the spirit listening method. This means that they have the qualification to study plant consciousness in the future.

That’s why they attached so much importance to it.

“He really doesn’t want to do it.”

The female academician was surprised.

Her name was Sun Miaomao, a top botanist. It was said she comes from a family having a long history of traditional Chinese medicine practitioners. She has good medical skills. Her main research direction was to cultivate various kinds of precious Chinese herbal medicines.

“This is a national key research institution, even we old guys are not qualified for it.”

Another old expert found it difficult to understand.

This man’s name was Hua Jingrun, and he specializes in research on traditional crops.

“What can we do?”

“Yes, if Ye Xiaochen can’t join the Chinese Academy of Sciences, I’m afraid it will have a great impact on the study of the plant consciousness.”

“The study of the plant consciousness was founded by Ye Xiaochen, and he should be in charge. Even if we start it, I am afraid it will be difficult. This is a new field and there is no experience.”

Other experts were worried.

“What do you think if we establish the research institute in the Southern Province?”

Yang Kai suddenly said.

“Eh, yes, it is possible.” “Yes, there are branches of the Chinese Academy of Sciences all over the country, and it is feasible to set up one in the Southern province.”

The two academicians’ eyes lit up.

ly, they had hit a dead-end and had not thought of it. “I just don’t know if the headquarters will agree.” Someone worriedly said.
“It should not be a problem. After all, there is purification grass here, no one can remove this fact. As long as we properly operate, it is enough to succeed.”

Sun Miaomiao said.

Soon, several people agreed. Two o’clock in the afternoon. In the assembly hall.
This time, the number of experts participating has been reduced by half. However, everyone from the plant group still took part.
Although for most people they didn’t have the spirit talent, this did not stop them from learning the knowledge.

This might be the future development direction in the field of botany.

This time, Ye Xiaochen explained about the cultivation of purification grass.

Naturally, the premise to cultivate was to be able to master the spirit listening method and be able to use brain waves. At the end of the day, this was just a theory. If you want to apply it to practice, only Ye Xiaochen could do it.

In fact, even he couldn’t do it.

However, all that was needed was the ability to bluff in front of these experts.

Anyways, all the theories he said were true and not fiction.

For several days, Ye Xiaochen came to the institute and explained the content of the lesson plan in simple and profound ways.

So far, the basic outline theory system of the plant consciousness has been constructed.

It was no longer a scattered thing but has a basic framework.

Yang Kai and other experts who were starting to learn the spirit listening method have higher talent and sharper insights than others. In just a few days, they have basically completed the baptism of the theoretical basis.

They were eager to learn more advanced knowledge.

However, Ye Xiaochen told them that if they want to learn more advanced knowledge, only by mastering the spirit listening method and having the ability to communicate with the plant consciousness could they enter the magic door.

On this day, Ye Xiaochen finished his last lecture. From tomorrow, he will not be coming to the institute again.

What should be taught has been taught.

When he packed up things and was about to leave, Yang Kai stopped him with the same old questions.

“Old Yang, you are embarrassing me like this.” Ye Xiaochen knew that Yang Kai came for that matter.

These days, Yang Kai comes to him every day, trying to persuade him to go to the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Ye Xiaochen hasn’t promised him.

“This time is different. You come with me.”

Yang Kai shook his head and said.

Ye Xiaochen had some doubts but he still followed Yang Kai into the conference room.

There were several other academicians and experts, all of whom were beginners at the spirit listening method.

It could be said that they were the people who were most eager to establish a research institute of plant consciousness.

“Xiaochen, we have coordinated with the above and are ready to build the plant consciousness research institute in the Southern Province, and are in cooperation with the Southern Province.”

Yang Kai said.

“Institute will be built in the Southern Province?”

Ye Xiaochen showed a hint of surprise, it seems that things were turning the way he planned.


Yang Kai nodded.

For this matter, some of the old guys don’t know how many relationships they had to contact. If it weren’t for the study of the plant consciousness, why would they care so much about it?

“Where exactly it will be?”

Ye Xiaochen asked curiously.

“We haven’t decided yet. After all, this kind of cooperation with the local government involves too many things. Of course, the main thing to consider is the opinion of the person who will be in charge in the future.”

Yang Kai said.

“Of course, I think it is better to be in Jing county, or even better in Taiping town, it is very close to home.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said.

Yang Kai and others directly laughed involuntarily.

However, they were relieved in their hearts that Ye Xiaochen had not refused, indicating that it wasn’t that he didn’t want to enter the Chinese Academy of Sciences, but he didn’t want to work outside the city.

“Since it is chosen in the Southern province, whether it will be Sahsi city, Yang city, or Jing county, it depends on your opinion.”

Yang Kai said with a smile.

Others nodded. If Ye Xiaochen wasn’t willing, it would be useless.

When Ye XIaochen saw this, he was secretly relieved in his heart.
Although he used old Yang in order to achieve his own goal, he was sorry.

Besides, he believed that they wouldn’t have any opinions.

After all, as soon as the research institute would be established, those who learned the spirit listening method would also benefit from it. However, Ye Xiaochen didn’t think that because of research institute settlement problems, in the following period, it would lead to a battle between many provinces and cities.
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