Heavenly Farmer Chapter 171-180

Chapter 171

“There are many ways to remove it. For example, there are specific skills that can refine the power of obsidian force, and special formations could use used to envelop the obsidian that can strip the obsidian force, there is also special spell when applied on the obsidian, it can accelerate the release of obsidian force and turn the obsidian into a common substance in a very short time. There are also some specific magic weapons that can absorb the obsidian force or a special liquid that can eliminate the invisible obsidian force…”

The goddess of the moon replied quickly and mentioned many methods.

These methods for current Ye Xiaochen were basically impossible to achieve.

“Fairy, can spirit cut-off material absorb the obsidian power?”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly thought of the spirit cut-off material and asked hurriedly.

He hadn’t thought about it before, so he didn’t experiment with it.

“The spirit cut-off material cannot absorb the obsidian force, it can only absorb the immortal spirit qi.”

The goddess of the moon replied. Ye Xiaochen was disappointed.

“Are there any immortal plants that can absorb the obsidian force?”

Ye Xiaochen asked quickly.

“Immortal plants? There is, for example, the obsidian god wood, a special immortal wood that is grown in a field containing obsidian, there is black dragon divine rattan that can absorb the obsidian’s power thus producing bald dragon divine fruit,….”

The immortal plants mentioned by the Goddess of the moon were not of low level, even the lowest one was earth level immortal plant.

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t afford the seeds, and even if he could afford them, he wouldn’t be able to grow it.

As the growing environment of these plants was too demanding. “Goddess of the moon, is there no low-level immortal plant?” Ye Xiaochen felt hopeless.
“Low-level immortal plant? Yes, in fact, all the low-level immortal plants have the ability to absorb the weak obsidian, but their radiation resistance is poor. When they encounter strong obsidian, they simply can’t bear it. Moreover, the immortal plants that absorb obsidian will be contaminated and mutate, and couldn’t be used.”

The Goddess of the moon replied.

Ye Xiaochen was stunned for a while, damn, it was so simple?

The next moment he asked a few more questions, then thanked the Goddess of the moon and closed the Shennong system.

Since the low-level immortal plants could be used, he could buy the cheapest seeds from the store. The only problem was, could these seeds take root in the ordinary soil?

Ye Xiaochen suddenly regretted that he hadn’t thought of trying it for this long time!

After thinking, he quickly opened the store.

According to his judgment, the cheapest seeds should be immortal grass seeds.

Five hundred seeds in a pack, and twenty-five immortal yuan for one pack.

Best value for money.

Moreover, the immortal grasses were least noticeable and could be easily concealed.

After all, this grass doesn’t look much different from the ordinary grass. After thinking, he hurriedly bought a pack of immortal grass seeds.
He soaked the pack of seeds in seed promoting liquid. Now he has to wait.
He inspected the whole farm. The immortal radishes were close to maturity, he could earn nearly a thousand immortal yuan from it.

For such little immortal yuan’s, he didn’t feel excited.

There were also previous harvest’s several immortal radishes plants remaining. They were full of white flowers, it is estimated that in a short time they would be able to produce seeds.

In the evening.

Ye Xiaochen sat crossed legged and began to practice the Shennong Farming’s cultivation method. With the stirring of qi in the dantian, as if his whole stomach has turned upside down, a rumbling sound came one after another.

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen couldn’t control it anymore, and loud farts were released. He suddenly got up and ran away.

“How comfortable!”

Ye Xiaochen felt his whole body relaxed.

The accumulation of miscellaneous waste gas was removed. Naturally, he would feel comfortable.
Ever since he practiced, his body strength hasn’t increased, but he felt relaxed and fresher.

This was due to the removal of impurities in his body.

Once all the waste gas was removed, then the last step ‘planting’ could be carried out.

At that time he would really enter the door of practice, just thinking about it made him feel very excited.


Ye Xiaochen went to Wang Shuisheng’s home. Wang Shusiheng wasn’t there.
Chu Qiqing looked sad, obviously worried about her husband.

She was afraid that her husband wouldn’t be able to brace such a big impact.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t stay for long, he then drove directly towards the project site. When he arrived near the construction site, the whole site was blocked. It was surrounded by barriers.
He couldn’t see anything going on inside.

When the radioactive material was found in the soil, it was impossible for Wang Shuisheng to conceal it. After all, it was impossible to solve the problem by himself.

He couldn’t keep constructing.

“No entry here.”

As Ye Xiaochen drove near the entrance, the two men in protective clothing came and stopped the car.

Seeing the scene, Ye Xiaochen understood that the government department has taken control.

Ye Xiaochen stopped the car, took out his phone, and made a call to Wang Shuisheng.

Quickly, the call was connected to Wang Shuisheng.

His voice was hoarse, it was clear that he had been racked by this incident.

“Brother Wang, I am outside the construction site.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Xiaochen, there is radiation inside. You don’t come in.”

Wang Shuisheng said.

There was so much radioactive material that it has contaminated the whole underground soil. Although it hasn’t reached the level of no man’s land, it was still better to wear protective clothing. Otherwise, if someone stays for a long time, their health would greatly get affected.

“Brother Wang, maybe I have a solution.”

Ye Xiaochen said.


Wang Shuisheng became silent for a moment and then said, “I am coming out now.”

After a few minutes, a car came out.

Shortly after it stopped, Wang Shuisheng was dressed in protective gear and got out of the car.

He took off his cover and walked over to Ye Xiaochen’s car. “Xiaochen, do you really have a solution?‘
Wang Shuisheng suppressed the excitement in his heart and asked hurriedly.

“Yes, but I haven’t tried it.”

Said Ye Xiaochen.

“It’s better than nothing.”

Wang Shuisheng was not disappointed. “Currently, the government department has taken control and blocked the entry. Now it’s exploring the radiation source.”

“Is the radiation source found?”

Ye Xiaochen asked curiously. “It has been almost confirmed. A few decades ago, a disaster happened in the nuclear waste storage network equipment. Due to the disaster perhaps some relevant personnel have died or were fired. And so after the disaster, all the documentation about this storage was lost. If it wasn’t due to drilling into the repository while building the foundation, I am afraid it will not be known for a long time.”

Wang Shuisheng bitterly said.

His luck was so bad that he just met a disaster.

Unexpectedly such a terrible thing was hidden here.

Now that the demon was out, he doesn’t know how long it would take to clean it up.

His project was on the verge of becoming a total failure.

Moreover, it was impossible to hide such a big thing. Even if it could be concealed from the people at the bottom of society, it couldn’t be concealed from people like Wang Shuisheng.

It won’t be long before those people get news.

Chapter 172

Ye Xiaochen was also speechless. He could only say that Wang Shuisheng’s luck was too bad.

Even if there was nuclear waste storage, as long as it was not damaged, at most it could be considered a hidden danger and would not affect the progress of the project, but now…..

Just then, Wang Shuisheng’s phone rang.

He took it out and his complexion became somewhat gloomy. He then looked at Ye Xiaochen and with a sad smile said, “Look the person must have got the news and is calling me now. ”

He shook his head and then answered. It took a long time to appease the caller, he hung up the phone and sighed, then asked, “Xiaochen what means do you have?”

Even Feng Xifan couldn’t do anything about it.

“Brother Wang, I want to try first.”

Said Ye Xiaochen.

“Then I will get you a protective suit.” Wang Shuisheng hurriedly said.

“No need, it will be just for a short time, so it won’t be dangerous.”

Ye Xiaochen’s spirit talent was very sensitive. He could still sense the invisible radiation, so after entering he got an uncomfortable feeling, that was to say he felt the nuclear radiation.

Obviously, this feeling was not much strong, which means there was no danger unless he was close to that radiation source.

Wang Shuisheng hesitated for a moment and then nodded, he took Ye Xiaochen inside the construction site.

The scene inside the site was completely different; empty and lifeless. All the construction materials and engineering machines have been removed.

Ye Xiaochen and Wang Shuisheng arrived near the place where the rapeseed plant was dug and could see a deep pit.

He looked around, there was no one else, then immediately jumped into the pit and took out immortal grass seed.

Although it hasn’t been soaked for twelve hours, it was still soaked for more than ten hours.

He couldn’t wait for that long.

Wang Shuisheng saw Ye Xiaochen’s action and had expectations. He really hoped that Ye Xiaochen could help him solve the problem.

Though, he knew that the probability of it was very low. This was nuclear radiation after all!
Even countries found it difficult to clean it up.

However, yesterday Ye Xiaochen used a mysterious method to turn rapeseed into one-foot high seedling with more than one meter long roots, and he still has vivid memories of it.

Maybe, Ye Xiaochen really has a solution.

He could only pin his hopes on Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen placed the immortal grass seeds on the ground, then gently touched it with his fingers and used spirit talent to communicate with its consciousness.

The growth of immortal plants was more difficult than that of ordinary plants.

The main reason was they need more complex nutrition and also require the immortal spirit qi.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t know if the immortal plants in absence of the immortal spirit qi environment could still grow?

If it doesn’t, then Ye Xiaochen could only depend on the spirit transformation type of immortal plants.

Spirit transformation immortal plants have the ability to automatically convert the solar energy into the immortal spirit qi.

However, the spirit transformation immortal plants were generally quite expensive, for instance, the immortal wind medicinal herb seed costs 12 immortal yuan per seed.

A large area like this construction site, it was certain that a few dozen plants wouldn’t be able to solve the problem, in that case, a large number of immortal plants would be required. Then, how much immortal yuan would Ye Xiaochen need to spend on that?

Shortly, under Ye Xiaochen’s Art of Growth the seed of immortal grass began to take root and germinate.

The rooting and germination were from the release of nutrients from the seed itself and doesn’t require external nutrients. Once it has taken root and germinated, it would need an external supply of nutrients and water to continue to grow.

Ye Xiaochen’s face became very solemn. Whether it succeeds or not depends now.
For more than ten seconds, the immortal grass did not show any response.

He was frightened in his heart, could it be that without the immortal spirit qi it won’t work?

Suddenly, his spirit talent caught a very small movement of the immortal grass, it seemed to be absorbing the nutrients and some elements from the soil.

His eyes widened, showing a touch of surprise. It works!
The immortal grass seedling was growing.

The most incredible thing Ye Xiaochen found that the immortal grass seedling was not only absorbing the nutrients in the soil but also the nuclear radiation.

Ye Xiaochen breathed a sigh of relief. It seems that without even the immortal spirit qi, the immortal plants could be grown!

He immediately shook his head. No, it should be due to the power of radiation, that was, the so-called obsidian force, that allowed the immortal seed to continue to grow.

It lasted for several minutes and the immortal grass had almost grown to an inch.

However, its root was much more developed, it was almost foot long. Ye Xiaochen removed his hands and looked at the immortal grass seedling, and fell into thoughts.

He saw that the immortal grass was not pure green, and gave a kind of grey sensation.

It seems that this was the change caused due to the absorption of radiation by the immortal grass.

However, unlike the ordinary grass, this immortal grass would be able to bear the absorption and could continue to grow.

This was the difference between the immortal plant and an ordinary plant.

He extended his hands again.

He carefully sensed it, after sprouting. This immortal grass was not the same and has a large absorption range of radiation.

In his sense, this immortal grass could cover a 3-meter radius.

Not only the roots but its sheath and blade could also absorb the radiation, however, the root has the strongest absorption.

“Although its range was now three-meter now, with the growth of the immortal grass its absorption range of radiation would slowly increase.”

Ye Xiaochen said in his heart.

Moreover, the root of the immortal grass has a characteristic that it could drill towards the soil containing the stronger radiation force

He stood up.

“Xiaochen, how is it?”

Wang Shuisheng wasn’t able to understand Ye Xiaochen’s actions, and what does it have to do with the elimination of nuclear radiation? “Brother Wang, there is no problem. This grass can absorb nuclear radiation and will not die. As long as there are enough grasses planted on this soil, nuclear radiation can be completely eliminated.”

Said Ye Xiaochen.

“That, how long will it take?”

Wang Shuisheng hurriedly asked.

This was his biggest worry, for him, now time was as precious as gold.

“It won’t take a long time. A month at most.”

Ye Xiaochen confidently said.

He had already asked the Goddess of the moon about this, but he had to spend the immortal yuan.

The immortal plant has an active ability to absorb the radiation, just like a vortex, it could absorb all the radiation from its vicinity.

This was not the main thing.

The immortal plant could purify the substance containing radiation, that was to say, it doesn’t need to wait for the substance to release radiation, but could actively absorb and purify the radiation force from the nuclear material.

In this manner, it was possible to remove the radiation from the soil in a short time.

“That’s great!”

Wang Shuisheng’s face showed the color of happiness.

Let alone one month, he was even willing to wait for three or five months. At most, the loss would be greater, but there was still a chance for turnover. “Brother Wang, after I plant this grass in the whole construction site, you must take good care of it and should never damage it.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“All right”

Wang Shuisheng quickly nodded.

Although now the government was in charge, he was still able to exert some influence.

The next moment, Ye Xiaochen bid goodbye to Wang Shuisheng and left the construction site. The main reason he didn’t plant all the seeds was that they were still immersed in the seed promotion liquid and also it was not good to take them out directly. Moreover, the seed immersion time was not enough.

If the seed immersion time was not enough, then it would affect the growth of the immortal plants.

Chapter 173

Instead of leaving, Wang Shuisheng went towards a temporary metal construction near the radiation source.

This was the temporary headquarters of nuclear defense crisis incident management.

Not only were there leaders from the nuclear defense Leading small group(LSG), but also nuclear defense experts from cities and even from provinces.

Here, all the people were wearing white protective suits.

“Mayor Li, how is the current situation?”

Wang Shuisheng asked Li Zuxin, the leader of the nuclear defense LSG.

Li Zixun was a deputy mayor and was in charge of this time’s nuclear defense crisis incident management.

It was not easy to work.

If you are in a radiation area and even if there was protective clothing, you might not be 100% safe.

Unfortunately, this was his job. “The amount of nuclear waste inside has been calculated. Alas, it doesn’t look optimistic, when the foundation was being built, the radiation protection wall of the storage station was pierced, and then there was rain. Because the rain entered into it, the nuclear material mixed with rain and leaked out. According to the experts’ prediction, the radiation concentration in this area will gradually increase and its duration is difficult to estimate. Fortunately, the leakage of nuclear was detected in time, and the surrounding area doesn’t have rich groundwater resources, so the possibility of the nuclear material spreading to the surrounding area with the infiltration of groundwater will be greatly reduced.”

Said Li Zixun.

He looked at Wang Shuisheng with a complicated expression, the richest man of the Yang city, an influential figure. Even he dared not look down on him, but now he has encountered a disaster.

He sighed, it’s afraid that it wouldn’t be long before Wang and his Jinyang group became a thing of the past.

Of course, he didn’t say it.

“Mayor Li, I have something I want to tell you.”

Wang Shuisheng thought about it, he knew that to plant that kind of grass on the construction site, he would need Li Zixun’s consent.

“Please say, Mr. Wang.”

Li Zixun perceived that there was some change in wang Shuisheng.

“Mr. Ye Xiaochen, a botanist in our yang city, said he has developed a plant that could absorb nuclear radiation. If it is planted in the whole construction site, it can remove all the nuclear radiation from underground within one month.”

Wang Shuisheng said in a very calm tone. As Wang Shuisheng watched Li Zixun’s expression grow more and more astonished, he naturally knew what he was thinking. After all, it was too ridiculous.

Even the country couldn’t get rid of the radiation.

“You mean Ye Xiaochen of Jing County?”

Li Zixun felt his head was stiff.


Wang Shuisheng nodded.

“Is he kidding? How is that possible?”

Li Zixun felt hard to believe.

If a plant that purifies nuclear radiation was really researched, then its contribution to the world will be unimaginable.

“I believe in Mr.Ye.”

Wang Shuisheng quietly said.

Li Zixun thought for a moment and then said, “I can’t make a decision on this issue. I need to talk with the superiors.”

“All right”

Wang Shuisheng nodded. He naturally knew that the reason why he told Li Zixun first was that he respected Li Zixun.

Soon, Li Ziuxn talked with his superiors and finally got the permission, so that ye Xiaochen could have a try.

Anyway, there was nothing to lose, and it won’t increase the nuclear radiation. Wang Shuisheng was not surprised, after all, he knew that Secretary Zeng attached great importance to ye Xiaochen.

On the way back to the farm, Ye Xiaochen received a call from Zeng Hongye.

“Sister Zeng.”

Ye Xiaochen answered the call.

“Xiaochen, does the plant you have developed really eliminate nuclear radiation?”

Asked Zeng Hongye.

After all, such a major incident happened in her jurisdiction. Moreover, this couldn’t be solved in a short time. Although it was not her responsibility, it must need to be handled by her.

Especially in this area which involved a major project in the city, she had been supporting this project.

Now that there was such a big mess, she was under a lot of pressure.

“Sister Zeng, you can rest assured. I am sure about it.”

Ye Xiaochen said confidently.

“Xiaochen, I am relieved to hear that you are very confident. If your method really works, then I think you will become famous all over the world.”

Zeng Hongye laughed and said. She was not joking.
Purification of nuclear radiation has always been a major problem. The countries have no good method, they could only rely on forces of nature and use the time to purify. If Ye Xiaochen could really solve the problem of nuclear radiation, then he would shock the whole world.

At that time, Ye Xiaochen wouldn’t just be the Yang city’s top botanist, but the world’s top botanist.

Such fame couldn’t be compared with each other. It was the glory and fame achieved through real achievements, not supported by some expert groups.

“Haha sister Zeng, I just wanted to help in solving brother Wang’s problem.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

He naturally knew that the immortal grass used to purify nuclear radiation, its impact would be indescribable.

After a few more exchanges of words, they hung up.

Ye Xiaochen took a deep breath, he knew that he was going to be busy for a while.

After all, the seed of the immortal grass could only be planted by him, otherwise, it would take too long for them to germinate by natural rooting.

Back at home, Ye Xiaochen bought a pack of immortal grass seeds from the store and put them into the seed promoting liquid.

A pack contains 500 seeds, one plant could cover a radius of 6 to 10 meters. Such a large construction site would require at least a thousand immortal grass.

As there were things to do tomorrow, Ye Xiaochen began to work on the farm.

Now he was eating immortal plants every day, and condensing the spirit seed and was practicing the Shennong Farming, so his spirit was more energetic. Even if he only sleeps for two to three hours a day, he was still full of energy.

The next morning, after picking all the vegetables and watering all the plants, Ye Xiaochen drove away from the farm.

He had a busy day ahead. In the construction site.
Wang Shuisheng had already arrived.

In addition to him, Mayor Li Zixun of the LSG and several nuclear defense experts were there, and also an excavator and its operator.

“Mayor Li.”

Ye Xiaochen shook hands with Li Zixun. Li Zixun was very polite to Ye Xiaochen.
Not only Ye Xiaochen was the top botanist of Yang city, but the superiors also attached great importance to him, and even secretary Zeng fully supported Ye Xiaochen.

Naturally, he was very careful.

Only those nuclear defense experts looked at Ye Xiaochen with strange eyes.

When they learned that someone wanted to use plants to purify the radiation, they thought it was ridiculous.

Even if that person was the top botanist in the city, they thought it was impossible to achieve.

Of course, they were people with identity, they wouldn’t show the traces of thought on the face It was just, no one believes it.

In fact, even Li Zixun doesn’t believe it at all.

A randomly researched plant could purify nuclear radiation, were so many scientists around the world good for nothing?

Chapter 174

If it wasn’t for Ye Xiaochen being the city’s top botanist and had not developed the so-called nuclear radiation purifying plant, Mayor Li and other nuclear experts would have not come to watch it.

Even if they came, it was with the mindset of watching a joke.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t care about their thoughts, the fact would speak everything.

“Elder, please dig a hole every ten meters. The deeper the hole, the better it is, and the hole edge should be compact.”

Ye Xiaochen said to a middle-aged man standing next to the excavator.


The excavator operator nodded, quickly climbed on the excavator, and started it.

The excavator operator was quite skilled, he shorty dug out a hole more than one meter deep. The hole was tightly pressed around the edges, if it was deeper, then the hole would become larger and would not be easy to handle. Ye Xiaochen nodded towards the excavator operator, indicating it was okay.

The excavator operator continued to make the next hole.

However, Ye Xiaochen jumped into the hole and took out an immortal grass seed from the glass bottle.

Mayor Li and others were curious about Ye Xiaochen’s actions.

Only Wang Shuisheng saw yesterday what happened, so he knew what Ye Xiaochen was going to do.

Instead of putting the seeds in the soil, Ye Xiaochen held it in the palm of his hand.

With the Art of Growth, the immortal grass seed with the speed visible under the naked eye split and began to germinate.

This amazing scene directly made the mayor Li and others directly stunned and dumbfounded.

If they hadn’t been wearing the face protective gear, they might have tried rubbing their eyes, to check whether or not it was real?

However, the green color was very conspicuous.

They all took a deep breath. It was really a shocking scene. Only Wang Shusiheng felt it was normal.
However, there was an expectation on his face, this grass was his hope!

After using the Art of Growth on the immortal grass seed, Ye Xiaochen removed a small piece of soil and gently put the seedling. With the moist soil, he covered it, leaving only the bud to be exposed.

He did not remove his hand and continued to use Art of Growth. A few minutes later, he stood up.

The immortal grass seedling has grown an inch tall. Then he went to the next hole.
At this moment, the mayor Li and others who were in shock came back to their senses.

They felt their eyes were a little sore because they had been watching Ye Xiaochen’s action without blinking in fear of missing something.

“Mr. Wang, is this? Is this a magic trick?”

Mayor Li felt hard to believe.

This kind of seed growth could only be explained with magic tricks. As for it being mysterious magic, they found it hard to accept.
After all, this was a scientific world, how can such unnatural phenomena appear?

“No, it is not a magic trick, but real magic.”

Wang Shuisheng firmly said.

The nuclear defense experts were speechless. They couldn’t find any reason to retort.
Now they also have the glimmer of hope that Ye Xiaochen plant might purify the nuclear radiation.

If it was really possible, just imagining this thought made them feel incomparably excited.

The immortal grass seed from birth to rooting and to germinate took about five to six minutes. As time went by, Ye Xiaochen became more and more proficient in it. May Li and others did not leave and watched for hours.
Ye Xiaochen used the Art of Growth on more than 50 immortal grass seeds.

After these immortal grasses were planted, Wang Shuisheng immediately let people put a blockade around it.

“Brother Wang, let’s call it a day.”

Ye Xiaochen was tired and said.

“Xiaochen, is there anything I need to pay attention to?”

Wang Shuisheng asked.

“No, there is nothing. Just don’t damage the plants.”

Said Ye Xiaochen.

“Mr.Ye, it is really amazing. If I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes, I would have thought it just as a magic trick!”

Mayor Li Zixun stepped forwards and said. “Hehe, Mayor Li, it’s just a small means.” Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.
He didn’t mind about the Art of Growth being seen by others.

“Ye Xiaochen, you are joking. If this is considered a small means, then I don’t know what can be called astonishing means. Mr.Ye is really a top botanist!”

Mayor Li exclaimed. Several other nuclear experts were also impressed. They were ashamed of the thoughts they had before.
As Ye Xiaochen was very tired, he didn’t stay there for long and drove back to the farm.

After returning to the farm, Ye Xiaochen immediately fell asleep. When he woke up, stars were shining in the night sky.
He went home to eat dinner, then after dinner, he returned to take care of the farm and began cultivating.

The next day, Ye Xiaochen went to the construction site again and continued to plant the immortal grass.

Meanwhile, Mayor Li told Ye Xiaochen that the nuclear defense expert team hoped to get some samples of the plants for research.

Ye Xiaochen naturally didn’t care about it. He gave a few young immortal grasses he planted yesterday.

After a night, the immortal grass has grown a little tall.

However, the gray sensation was stronger, obviously, it has absorbed a lot of radiation.

This day, Ye Xiaochen planted more than 60 immortal grasses.

At this speed, it would take about half a month to plant 1000 immortal grass.

Of course, this was the most conservative estimate.

If he could complete the ‘cultivating land’ of Shennong farming in this period and enter the planting, then he could really practice the Shennong tactics. Once he starts practicing the divine power, then the speed of the art of growth on the immortal grass would greatly increase.

Now, Ye Xiaochen could feel that the turbid qi in the dantian sea has been gradually decreasing.

Nuclear defense crisis incident management, in a temporary meeting room.

Li Zixun and members of LSG, as well as many nuclear dense experts, were gathered.

“Mayor Li, the test data of the purification plant has come out.”

One of the elderly nuclear defense experts said.

“Old Yin, how is it?”

Mayor Li asked curiously.

“The results are quite shocking. The concentration of radiation in the purification plant sample is so high that it is almost par with nuclear material. Most importantly, these samples do not release nuclear radiation, it is as if the radiation were trapped and have become a part of the plant.”

Old Yin said with an excited face.

“So this grass could really purify the radiation?” Li Zixun took a deep breath and hurriedly asked. “Yes, this is totally effective.”
Old Yin continued, “Not only that, after absorbing such high-level radiation, but the tissues of these plant samples were also still intact.”

Plants were very sensitive to nuclear radiation. After all, it was a living thing. Like humans or animals, if they receive excessive nuclear radiation, they would die slowly.

This was just the case from passive exposure to radiation.

However, this purification plant could actually take the initiative to absorb nuclear radiation. The concentration of nuclear radiation in these plants one could only imagine.

Chapter 175

“Great. Closely monitor the growth of those purification plants and the concentration level of underground nuclear radiation.”

Li Zixun was very excited and hurriedly said.

“Don’t worry, Maor Li. That is already being done.”

Old Lin said.

Li Zixun nodded, “Also, the cleaning up of nuclear waste must be carried out as soon as possible. According to the weather forecast, there will be rain in the coming days. Even if we can prepare in advance, it will still cause a great impact.”

Under normal circumstances, the spread of nuclear waste material was slow, but rain could increase the spread faster.

“The situation inside is basically clear and should be cleared by tonight.”

Another nuclear defense expert said.

The cleaning up of nuclear material couldn’t be done casually. After the meeting indeed, Li Zixun hurriedly made a call to secretary Zeng and the Mayor and reported the situation.

After hanging up the phone, he breathed a sigh of relief. His eyes flashed, he knew this time there was going to be a big show in the Yang city.

It was rare to get such an opportunity!

If he could grasp this chance, then he would have a huge benefit. After all, he was the leader of the nuclear defense team.
The farm.

Ye Xiaochen sat cross-legged, and his stomach was making gurgling sounds.

All of a sudden, his body shook and his dantian qi region became hot, very hot.

As if it became a boiler.

A series of thunderous sounds came.

“Haha, great, the cultivating land is finally completed.”

Ye Xiaochen exhaled, his eyes were full of excitement and laughed loudly.

This was a happy event!

He could now feel that his whole body was extremely relaxed and a slight heat was flowing into the dantian, this was the natural flow of human vitality.

If the martial art novel termed was used, he could already feel the qi. Of course, the method of cultivation immortal was not so simple. The next step ‘planting’ was crucial.

“Planting, it refers to the absorption of plant spirit qi from a certain kind of immortal plant and channel it into the dantian, and then refine it into a trace of divine energy.”

Ye Xiaochen muttered to himself.

In the beginning, only from one kind of immortal plant, the plant spirit qi could be gathered.

Only after the first planting was completed, the divine energy could evolve into the shape of plants and when eventually reaches its limit, then could continue planting of other plant spirit qi.

Of course, one could continue to plant the same plant spirit qi.

However, the more the plant spirit qi in the dantian sea represents the higher the depth of cultivation.

And eventually, it would form a forest of plant spirits.

Greater the number of species of plant spirit in the forest, the stronger the foundation would be.

The process of condensing the plant spirit was the first stage in cultivation- Foundation.

Even if it was just the Foundation, it was beyond the hope for the mortals’ reach.

“For my first plant spirit, what plant should I choose?”

Ye Xiaochen pondered.

He has now planted two kinds of immortal radish, an immortal grass, immortal wheat, all belong to non-attribute plant spirit qi.

The yellow immortal bean contains soil property plant spirit qi. The red immortal bean contains fire property plant spirit qi The wind immortal herb contains water property plant spirit qi.
As for the Fusang tree, naturally, it contains the fire property plant spirit qi.

“However, while I cultivate, taking the plant spirit qi will have an impact on the growth of the immortal plants.”

Ye Xiaochen thought.

In this way, he must buy more immortal fertilizer, otherwise, there would definitely be a reduction in the immortal plant’s quality.

“It seems in the future the expenditure of immortal yuan will increase a lot.”

Ye Xiaochen sighed.

This was inevitable in order to support cultivation.

“Among these plant spirit qi, the Fusang tree’s plant spirit qi is the best. If it is used for cultivation, then the condensed plant spirit qi would be extremely strong and was enough to become the strongest core of the plant spirit. But, this Fusang tree is still weak and if now used to absorb the plant spirit qi, then it will certainly affect its growth, this was not worth it. Anyway, it can still be used as the core plant spirit later, there is nothing to lose.”

After the repeated consideration, he finally chose the immortal grass as the plant spirit.

Although immortal plants contain non-attribute plant spirit qi, it could be harvested many times.

This was its advantage over the other immortal plants. Moreover, in Wang Shuisheng’s construction site, he would be planting thousands of immortal grass. After they absorb the nuclear radiation, they would be waste and could be used to completely absorb the plant spirit qi.

Besides, these immortal grasses contain radiation, which was the obsidian force. He could use this opportunity to refine the power of obsidian.

He has carefully studied the Shennong tactic, he could absorb the plant spirit qi containing the obsidian power, and there was even a matching derived secret technique. When the time comes, he could completely buy it from the store and cultivate the strongest destructive secret technique.

Although Ye Xiaochen’s nature was tranquil and calm, he knows that it was necessary to master a certain degree of self-preservation.

After all, the Shennong tactic was just for cultivation, and it was not good for fighting.

After thinking till here, Ye Xiaochen could no longer wait.

He hurriedly ran towards the immortal land, then went straight to the immortal grass and sat down.

He closed his eyes and began to practice according to the method of planting.

His spirit seed naturally operated, and the formless light spot emerged from the immortal plants in all the directions.

This was the plant spirit qi.

As for the light spot emitted by the ordinary plants, it was the plant essence qi.

The previous time, Ye Xiaochen used the plant essence qi and plant spirit qi to condense the spirit seed.

ly condensed spirit seed did not consume any plant spirit qi. However, this time was different.

Ye Xiaochen could keenly sense the difference between each kind of plant spirit qi.

Some were enthusiastic like fire, this was the plant spirit qi of the red immortal bean.

A little thick as soil, this was the plant spirit qi of the yellow immortal bean.

Some were also very ordinary, this was the plant spirit qi without any attribute.

There was also a plant spirit qi just like a small sun, dazzling and incomparably hot.

This was the Fusang tree’s plant spirit qi.

Those ordinary plants plant essence qi looked dim.

Ye Xiaochen quickly chose the plant spirit qi of the immortal grass.

This plant spirit qi looked very common and although it was not dazzling, it was very gentle.

Ye Xiaochen used the power of spirit seed to communicate with the plant spirit qi of the immortal grasses and through a specific breathing method, sucked the plant spirit qi and guided it to dantian.

After these plant spirit qi entered the dantian qi sea, they were immediately constrained by the invisible forces and couldn’t disperse.

Once these plant spirit qi disperses, it will return to their body.

Little by little, more and more plant spirit qi was bound by the invisible force.

“Not enough, this is not enough.” Ye Xiaochen knew that this much was not enough to even condense a grain of the Shennong divine energy crystal, let alone plant spirit.

He continued to breathe the plant spirit qi of the immortal grass.

He didn’t know how long it lasted, more and more plant spirit qi was entering the dantian, forming a vortex of light.

A large number of light spots were compressed. After the vortex gradually dissipated, a strange light speck appeared.

This was the crystallization of a large amount of plant spirit qi. This was the divine energy.
As long as he thinks, he could control the power of this crystal and cause it to fission and release a terrible force.

“I finally formed the crystal using fusion.”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly got a realization.

Of course, this plant spirit qi fusion was different from nuclear fusion, because it was just the aggregation of the energy.

The release of divine power and the use of force belonging to divine energy fission could release extremely powerful energy in an instant.

Fusion and fission represent the essence of the immortal.

Chapter 176

Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes and looked at the immortal grasses that had become dim and spiritless, it was the result of plundering some of their plant spirit qi.

He took a long breath and shook his head. It would take at least one or two days for the immortal grass to recover from the current state.

This was the result of the limitation of resources.

“Now let’s try the effect of divine energy.”

Ye Xiaochen walked out of the immortal land and went near a big stone.

He took a deep breath, suddenly ran the Shennong tactic, and mobilized the energy of crystal in the dantian qi sea.


Fission happened in the divine energy crystal and terrible energy erupted out.

This energy, which was gentle in nature, in an instant burst out and became extremely terrifying.

He raised his finger in the air. There was a release of divine energy.

There was no spell, just a pure energy release. Immediately, the terrible energy came out of the finger. Pop!
A strange green light flashed, and in an instant, the hard stone was pierced, showing a finger-sized hole.

The stone was completely penetrated.

Ye Xiachen was dumbfounded. Damn, just this pure energy was so terrible, if he practiced spells, then how terrible would it be?

He knew that his current divine energy was just a crystal of divine energy, which hasn’t even been transformed into the plant spirit and was far from enough to practice the spell.

Moreover, the most important thing about the Shennong divine power was planting.

He sensed his dantian, the divine energy crystal has shrunk by a third. That was to say, a divine energy crystal could be used three times.
Ye Xiaochen wanted to try more.

He went to the immortal land, walked towards a growing yellow immortal bean seedling, and according to a specific method mobilized the energy in the crystal.

Suddenly a torrent of energy was released.

He suddenly opened his mouth, and a soft green light came out, enveloping the while yellow immortal seedling and spread to a radius of 3 meters. The strange thing was the green light didn’t dissipate, instead shrouded the area with the immortal bean seedling as the center, and then an amazing scene appeared. He saw that the immortal bean seedling rapidly grew and even the other bean seedlings enveloped by the light.

However, they were not as fast as the center one

After the green light gradually dissipated, the center yellow immortal bean plant completely grew, and there were even flowers on it.

Ye Xiaochen looked at it with amazement

When he mobilized the energy, he also used the art of growth, the combination of two had produced an astonishing effect.

The divine energy didn’t harm the immortal bean seedlings at all, instead, it produced a stronger growth.

It was far better than just using the pure Art of Growth.

“The divine energy is really a good thing. It can even increase the power of the Art of Growth.”

Ye Xiaochen was surprised.

He immediately got great confidence. With divine energy, he could finish planting thousand immortal grass in a week.

“It is a pity that I can only absorb the plant spirit qi of the immortal grass only.”

Ye Xiaochen felt a little regret.

If he could condense the plant spirit and change its spirit result, then even if it was not the immortal grass spirit qi, he could also use the other non- attribute plant spirit qi.

Only the attribute plant spirit won’t do. “Let’s do it slowly.”

Ye Xiacohen thought to himself.

He has planned that after harvesting the radishes, he would buy an immortal land, and plant it fully with the immortal grasses.

Anyway, the immortal grass belongs to the category of the immortal plant that doesn’t need much care.

The next morning.

Before Ye Xiaochen left, he went to the immortal land where the immortal grasses were planted, and practiced the Shennong Tactic and replenished the energy crystal.

It didn’t reach its peak form.

He couldn’t do anything about it, the immortal grass hadn’t fully recovered yet.

However, it still recovered four-fifth.

Before leaving, Ye Xiaochen irrigated the immortal grass with the non- attribute immortal fertilizer.

Yang city, Longchen Luxury villas area. In one of the luxury villas.
Cao Xinhong was laughing, “Wang Shuisheng, oh Wang Shuisheng, you are doomed by the god. After you fall, I Cao Xinhong will become the richest man in Yang city.”

With his power, there was no problem in getting the news that the government has blocked.

As long as he becomes the richest man, then his influence in Yang city will reach the peak, and then in the business world, he would no longer have a rival.

Currently, he was below Wang Shuisheng, and he couldn’t accept it.

“Congratulations boss Cao, you will soon become the richest man in Yang city. Besides, once the stand-in scarecrow sacrifice is successful, you will have a long life and the good fortune will last for the three generations.”

The strange-looking master Ning was there too and congratulated Cao Xinhong.

“Haha, you are flattering me. After this thing becomes successful, I will be very grateful to Master Ning.”

Cao Xinhong was naturally happy.

Once successful, he will be free from disaster and difficulties in the future and it will all be borne by the stand-in scarecrow.

“This is natural. Just wait for a few days. There is going to be an auspicious day. Then we can perform the sacrifice. During this period, Boss Cao must cultivate the heart and nurture the character.”

Master Ning smiled and said.

“This is natural. Haha, if it was not because of this matter, I would have gone out to mess with Wang Shusiheng, and let him know what it means to throw stones on a person who has fallen down in a well.”

Cao Xinhong was in a good mood.

The only regret was currently he cannot trouble Wang Dhuisheng.

He had already made some good plans, and as soon as the matter was successful he would give a great blow to Wang Shuisheng, let him go completely bankrupt, and become a stray dog.

In the construction site. Ye Xiaochen was planting the immortal grass with the Art of Growth.

He put the newly grown immortal grass seedling in the soil, and from his palm, a green light would flash by that increased the immortal grass growth at an alarming rate.

Even if he takes his hand back, the immortal grass did not stop growing.

Only Wang Shuisheng and a few workers were watching from the sidelines.

Li Zixun and others were busy, they seemed to be cleaning up nuclear waste.
Several workers who came to specifically place barricades were baffled. Although this was not the first they were seeing it, still it shocked them. However, Wang Shuisheng was very excited as he found that today Ye
Xiaochen’s plant growing speed was much faster.

Yesterday it took four-minute to plant one immortal grass.

However, now it was almost one-third shorter, and at most it took one and a half minutes.

The grasses were growing bigger, and even when Ye Xiaochen left, they were still growing continuously.

The faster he plants, the faster the soil could be purified.

This day, Ye Xiaochen planted 156 grass, nearly thrice than before. Ye Xiaochen was quite satisfied with the result.
He felt less than a third of the divine energy was left within him and breathed softly. He was trying to control the release of energy. Due to this, his control of the energy was now more subtle.

Chapter 177

After returning, Ye Xiaochen endured his tiredness and took care of the farm work first.

Although the ordinary vegetables were taken care of by his mother and father, the immortal land only could be taken care of by him.

“Well? The radishes and carrots have matured.”

Ye Xiaochen walked by the immortal land where the radishes and carrots were planted and were a little surprised.

However, he didn’t immediately harvest the radishes. He was very tired and intended to take a rest.
When he woke up, he felt very comfortable.

He looked at his phone, it was seven o’clock in the evening.

He found that there were Wang Xinyi’s messages in WeChat, and all were concerned about his news.

As he has been working hard to plant every day, he would chat very less and would stop just after chatting a few words. After chatting for a while, Ye Xiaochen got up and began to work. First, harvest all the radishes.
Since cultivating the divine energy, there was also a subtle effect in the transformation of the body.

He was much stronger now.

It could be seen just by holding the immortal hoe.

He dug out all the radishes and carrots in one stretch, without gasping for the breath.

According to the usual practice, he sliced a radish, saw there was an eight circle pattern, and he couldn’t stop smiling.

As long as there are two more circles, it will touch the threshold of the inferior grade.

Naturally, he knew it wouldn’t be easy to reach.

From the ten circle pattern to the net pattern, it seems just a step away, but sometimes many immortal planting apprentices couldn’t cross this step for their lifetime.

Planting inferior grade plants could only be regarded as an immortal planting apprentice.

Only when the lower grade plant could be planted, he could be regarded as the real immortal planting master.

He did not bother to check the store for the appraisal, he had already made the deal with the Goddess of the Moon.

350 carrots and radishes for seven hundred immortal yuan. He kept 50 carrots and white radishes with himself. This time he won’t be using the radish and carrot leaves as green manure.

After all, compared with the immortal fertilizer in the store, the green manure was a little worse.

These leaves could be eaten!

After removing the immortal spirit qi, it would become a great food item. Especially for making the pickled vegetables.
Ye Xiaochen hasn’t yet eaten the pickled vegetables made from the immortal plants.

He always wanted to try it.

Seeing that there was 700 immortal yuan on the account, he immediately bought two immortal lands and also two packets of immortal grass seeds.

A few packets of non-attribute immortal fertilizers.

He also bought another immortal spring and four packets of radish and carrot seeds.

In this way, six hundred immortal yuan was gone. Only one hundred immortal yuan was left.
After setting the immortal lands and immortal spring, he soaked the seeds of the immortal grass, immortal radish, and immortal carrot in the seed promoting liquid.

, he used the spirit cut-off on some radish leaves, two immortal carrots, and white radishes, then washed them and put them into the Magical pickle jar

Of course, he was not on the farm when he used the spirit-cut off, he has been very careful about it. He kept all the remaining radish leaves into the warehouse. By the time he finished all the work, it was almost 11 pm. Finally, I can relax.
He went to the field where the immortal grasses were planted, sat down crossed-leg, and started cultivating the Shennong tactic.

A lot of light spots started rising from the immortal grass.

After he cultivated the divine energy crystal, he was able to communicate with the plant spirit qi.

Other immortal plants would no longer release the plant spirit qi.

After a long time, Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes. The divine energy crystal has grown a lot.

He doesn’t know how many times he has to cultivate before he could reach the limit of the divine energy crystal.

When the divine energy crystal reaches its limit, it will undergo a transformation. It will transform into the plant spirit.

There was a limit to the capacity of the divine energy crystal. In the process of using divine energy, it has the effect of grinding the crystal and the capacity would gradually expand.

So, when it reaches the true limit, at that time it would transform into the plant spirit.

Therefore, using the energy does not decrease the capacity of the crystal.

It was just like a balloon of air. The more air there was, the bigger the balloon would be. Once the air was released, the balloon would shrink.

It was the fourth day since Ye Xiaochen had been planting the immortal grass on the construction site, and the efficiency was higher than yesterday, he planted 168 immortal grass.

On the fifth day, he planted 177 immortal grass. On the sixth day, he planted 191 immortal grass.
On the seventh day, 203 immortal grass was planted.

So far, he has planted a total of 1,000 immortal grasses on the site.

Currently, the largest immortal grass has grown half foot high, with dozens of grass seedling around it, creating a lush scenery.

The color was gray and did not have the tender green color. It was already evening.
Ye Xiaochen, Wang Shuisheng, Mayor Li, Secretary Zeng, and others were looking at the planted immortal grass.

Everyone was wearing protective clothing.

“Secretary Zeng, Mayor Meng, a thousand purification grass have been planted and their growth rate is amazing. Through testing, it has been found that the concentration level of the nuclear radiation on the first planted purification grass was 20 times greater than the initial. Moreover, the purification grasses were still stable and no radiation has been emitted. Now, the concentration of nuclear radiation has been rapidly decreasing in the soil, especially the surface soil layer, on which hardly any presence of the nuclear radiation could be detected. ”

Deputy Mayor Li, as the leader of the nuclear defense team, was reporting on the situation.

“I didn’t expect that the effect of purifying grass would be so amazing.
Mr.Ye, you are really the hero of my Yang city.”

Meng Jiayuan, the mayor of Yang city said. He knew the significance of this purifying grass, which could be said as the powerful nuclear defense weapon.

Now even the country has attached great importance to this. They were preparing a team of experts for inspection.
“Mr. Ye, can these purification grasses really purify all the nuclear radiation in one month?”

Asked Zeng Hongye.

In front of so many people, she would not naturally call Xiaochen, and called him in a respectful way.

“Secretary Zeng, it should not be a problem.”

Ye Xiaochen nodded.

“Mr.Ye, you need to be prepared. The inspection team is going to come, let them witness your great achievement. ”

Zeng Hongye smiled and said.

To call this purification grass as the great achievement was not an exaggeration at all, but real truth.

It could be said that the whole Yang city would benefit from this purifying plant.

And Ye Xiaochen, the founder of this purifying plant would be famous all over the world.

It could be imagined that once the efficacy of this purifying plant was released, the world would be shocked.

Ye Xiaochen nodded, he has been preparing for it. After all, it was a big deal. In fact, he knew that some hassle would come up with such a spectacular result.

He just wanted to save Wang Shuisheng and didn’t think much.

Moreover, it was not much of a hassle, as it could make him famous in the world.

This honor, status, and fame would be his protection, as long as he doesn’t commit a crime, basically, no would dare to touch him.

There was no other way. Until he didn’t have the strength to protect himself, he could only use this method.

Just like the restaurant, he was running with others, if it wasn’t for his identity, and his connection with Zeng Hongye, those greedy wolves in the back would never miss the opportunity to bite.

Unless he does nothing and just plants quietly. But what was the point of living like that?
Who doesn’t dream to live a wonderful life?

Chapter 178

At night.

Farm, the shed.

The lights were on.

Ye Xiaochen was looking at the Shennong system introduction guide.

These days, he has been studying how to deal with the matter of the experts’ team.

After all, he had to find a rational reason to explain the purification grass.

There was a Shennong system introduction guide, plus his spirit talent and he also cultivated the Shennong tactic, naturally, it was not difficult.

At this moment, he saw a rather incredible piece of knowledge, he pondered about for a long time and there was no harvest. Finally, he shook his head and put down the Shennong system introduction guide.

He then thought of other matters.

“Currently, the progress of the cultivation of the Shennong tactic is very slow. I don’t know when I will be able to reach the point of crystallization spirit stage with the current resources. ” Ye Xiaochen looked at the three immortal lands planted with immortal grasses.

Even if there were three fields of immortal grass, it was far from enough.

All of a sudden, there was a movement in his heart. In his hand a strange piece of plain paper-like white jade appeared, on which immortal words and music scores were written.

He could read the immortal words, but he did not know anything about the music score.

The spirit song sheet of plants

After he got this thing from the lottery, he didn’t study it all because he was not interested in this music thing.

However, previously when he read the Shennong system introduction guide, he found something. This spirit song sheet of plants might be of great benefit to his practice of the Shennong tactic.

This spirit song sheet of plants was very unusual. After practicing the divine energy, it will produce a magical effect, it will form a strange sound field, which could strongly increase the plant growth rate, even could increase production, improve quality and even the plant spirit qi quality could be improved.

If he could refine this plant spirit qi and practice it, naturally, his cultivation speed will greatly increase.

He couldn’t ignore this temptation.

However he was tone-deaf and had no foundation at all. He studied this spirit song sheet of plants carefully and found that its music notation was quite different from that of the earth.

“How about taking a music class?”

Ye Xiaochen thought. He felt it was necessary.

After looking at it for a while, Ye Xiaochen put it away and walked around the immortal land.

Now there were twelve immortal lands.

Three pieces were planted with the immortal grass.

Two pieces of immortal land were planted with the immortal carrot and immortal white radish.

One was planted with immortal red beans and the Fusang tree. One immortal land was planted with immortal wheat.
An immortal land was planted with immortal grapes seeds.

There were only ten immortal grapevines, but they have grown very lush.

The ten immortal grapevines were enough to cover the whole immortal field.

Immortal grapevines were lush, but he didn’t know when they would bloom and bear fruit.

He was looking forward to it.

This was the first fruit type immortal plant he was growing.

In the remaining four immortal lands, all were immortal yellow beans, and there were around 110 plants.

The main reason was there were big spaces between the immortal beans.

Furthermore, the immortal wind medicinal herb was also planted in the field, which occupied a large area. Excluding the immortal wind medicine herb and Fusang tree, there were seven types of immortal plants.

Ye Xiaochen returned to his bamboo bed and felt a little hungry.
After he began cultivation, he felt that his appetite had greatly increased. Although while cultivating divine energy he absorbs the plant spirit qi,
there was still a need for body vitality and spirit soul.

Otherwise, after refining the plant spirit qi into energy, on what basis could it be controlled freely and would not harm the body?

From the storage space Ye Xiaochen took out a large glass jar and removed its lid, then an indescribable aroma emerged.

It filled the whole shed and immortal land.

Inside the jar were bright green radish leaves soaked softly.

There was also some white radish slice, bright red carrot slices, red immortal beans, and yellow immortal beans.

These were the immortal plants used for making the immortal vegetable pickles after removing the immortal spirit qi.

Woof woof!

As soon as the two local dogs smelled the fragrance, they raised their butts and rushed over with their wagging tail. The two dogs’ eyes were shining and wished the pounce on.

Ye Xiaochen kicked away the two dogs.

These two local dogs were shamelessly staying in the immortal land and wouldn’t go anywhere.

If Ye Xiaochen hadn’t disciplined them, then perhaps these dogs would shit all over the immortal land. He didn’t look favorable at these lazy dogs.

Last time, Ye Xiaochen in kindness threw them little pickled vegetables and they got addicted to it.

The two dogs no matter what would come and wag their tail vigorously. They wish to even lick Ye Xiaochen
Ye Xiaochen ignored them, then picked up a white radish slice with chopsticks from the glass jar.

It was crispy and delicious.

If the immortal spring pickled vegetables could score 100 points, then the immortal plant pickled vegetables would score 1000 points.

They were not at the same level at all.

The taste and aroma could not just be described as delicious, it has entered into bones and even soul.

After eating a piece of white radish, Ye Xiaochen felt tiredness wash away and felt very energetic.

he ate a piece of carrot, it gave another taste. Then finally, immortal leaves.
The two dogs were drooling, the ground was stained with their drools. Ye Xiaochen frowned slightly and threw out two radish leaves.
Ah, I’m too soft-hearted!

The two dogs immediately jumped on it. After eating it, they lied on the spot, squinted their eyes, as if enjoying the delicious aftertaste.

Ye Xiaochen closed the jar and put it away. The next day, Ye Xiaochen went to the construction site.

Although all the immortal grass was planted, it didn’t mean the matter was over.

He would go to the site every day and communicate with the immortal grass to check their specific situation.

Walking in the construction site, the uncomfortable feeling was much lower than before.

Obviously, the thousand immortal grass were absorbing the nuclear radiation, so the radiation in the site has decreased.


Ye Xiaochen met with an old man who was not wearing a protective suit. He was the senior expert in the nuclear defense team. He was also an academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, he was older, so he retired and was living in the southern province.

The nuclear defense team had invited him.

“Mr.Ye, your purification grass is really terrific. Now the radiation on the surface soil has dropped to a safe level.”

Old Yin was very surprised.

He was shaken by witnessing the effect of the purification grass.

Such a great scientific research achievement was a blessing for the country, no it should be a blessing for the whole world.

Therefore, he was very polite towards Ye Xiaochen.

“Mr.Ye, can the seeds of the purification grass be mass-produced?”

Old Yin curiously asked. If it could be mass-produced, then its value would be amazing.

“For mass production, there are still some technical difficulties that need to be solved.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head.

“I’m sure Mr.Ye will overcome this difficulty.”

Old Yin said with a smile.

“I’ll work hard.”

Ye Xiaochen nodded and said.

The two talked for a while, mainly about the anti-nuclear effect of the purification grass. The old Yin was not proficient in botany, but it did not reduce his curiosity.

“Mr.Ye, you work, I’ll just watch.”

Ye Xiaochen turned and walked towards a pit blocked by a blockade. Old Yin also followed.
Ye Xiaochen removed the movable blockade and went in. Twenty minutes later.
Ye Xiaochen has examined more than 20 plants.

When he entered the other earth pit, he was shocked. He saw that the pit was empty and was deeper.

The immortal grass was gone.

All the immortal grass have been numbered from one to thousand. There were special guards who every once in a while would patrol the area.

Old Yin had not left, he was very curious about Ye Xiaochen’s method of checking the purification grass.

He saw that the immortal grass in the earth pit was gone and was very surprised, “how did the purification grass disappear?”

This was a big matter.

The news of purification grass was still secret, not many people know about it. Even those who have entered the site were all under security.

Chapter 179

Mayor Li Zixun arrived with some people.

His face was gloomy, such a big thing had happened, so naturally, he was in a bad mood. After all, this purification grass was a very big matter.

God knows where this purification grass has gone?

“Quick, check all the purification grasses.”

Mayor Li hurriedly gave the orders. Immediately, everyone checked the grass.
After inspecting, it was found a total of 13 purification grass were missing, because the roots of the immortal grass were too deep, so some part of the root still remained inside, also some of the leaves of the immortal grass were missing.

“Damn! Who did it? Investigate it immediately. We must find out the person who stole the purification grass. Who was patrolling today?”

Li Zixun was very furious.

Ye Xiaochen frowned, losing a few immortal grasses was nothing, but the occurrence of this kind of situation revealed a problem, some people were eyeing the immortal grass.

Shortly, four guards arrived.

As there were too many immortal grasses, there would be four guards for each inspection.

There were two shifts.

Moreover, at night, it was increased to eight.

Unfortunately, this site was located in the wilderness and there were no major traffic routes around it, so there were no cameras.

After some interrogation, there was no result.

“You guys better come out clean, otherwise you guys will be in jail for the rest of your life.”

Li Zixun looked at them with a cold face.

The possibility of stealing the purification grass during the day was very low, after all, many people will be on the construction site.

However, it was different at night.

Although these four people were patrolling during day time, they must have checked on the purification grass. Once the purification grass was stolen, they would certainly get to know during the patrol.

Now several people were saying they haven’t seen the immortal grass missing, something was wrong

It was impossible to disappear suddenly.

So, it means that someone was lying or maybe everyone was lying.

“Mayor Li, let me inquire.” Said Ye Xiaochen.

Li Zixun swallowed his anger and nodded.

“Who was responsible for patrolling this area?”

Ye Xiaochen looked at the guards and asked. They looked at each other.
“We don’t have any specific allocation.” said one the older man among them.

“Then you must have remembered the area you have patrolled?”

Ye Xiaochen asked again.

“I didn’t check this area after I came to work today, I patrolled area 1 in the first patrol and area 3 in the second patrol.”

“And you?”

Ye Xiaochen looked at the other person.

“I also didn’t patrol this area, I checked area 4 in first and area 1 in the second.”

The inquired person hurriedly answered.

“How about you?”

Ye Xiaochen looked at the third person.

“I, I also didn’t check, I was patrolling the area 3 and area 4.”

The man quickly said.

“It’s impossible, Li Wei. I did the patrol for area 3 and area 4.” The fourth man suddenly cried out.

“Why not? I remember it clearly.”

The person named Li Wei quickly said.

Ye Xiacohen looked at the situation and glanced at Li Zixun.

Li Zixun was surprised, did not think that Ye Xiaochen just asked a few questions casually, and soon the flaw was revealed.

Either the third person or the fourth person was lying.

“You two, don’t you guys know which area they patrolled?”

Li Zixun asked seriously.

“I, I didn’t pay attention to that.”

Both shook their heads at the same time. Who would pay attention to this?
However, they were secretly relieved of being eliminated from the suspicion list.

Now only two people were there, who both believed that the other person was lying and were arguing about it.

Suddenly, the fourth person remembered something and hurriedly pointed to third-person Li Wei and said, “Yeah, I remember that Li Wei was also on the patrol duty last night. He said that something happened, so he replaced Wang Dao. Li Wei must have done it on purpose to conceal the truth of missing purification grass.”

The third person Li Wei’s face changed, but he insisted that Wang Dao took the leave and he was not concealing anything.

The people present on the scene looked suspiciously at Li Wei. The first person and second person also said that the matter of Li Wei replacing Wang Dao was true.

“Call all the people who were on duty last night.”

Li Zixun said.

In fact someone had already called them.

In less than twenty-minute, all the seven people who were on duty last night arrived.

They told a strange thing, everyone had become tired after the final patrol and it was Li Wei who woke them up.

It was pretty obvious.

Li Wei’s face turned pale in the face of the iron facts.

“Li Wei, say it honestly otherwise you should know the result of resisting. Who in the end ordered you to steal the purification grass?”

Li Zixun said seriously.

Li Wei collapsed because at his side two armored special police were standing.

“I will speak, I will speak. It was professor Wen who asked me to do it.”

Li Wei was crying bitterly, “Also, it was professor Wen who stole the purification grass, I was just keeping the watch.”

“What? It was Wen Xiaoning?”

Old Yin’s face changed, “How, how could he do that. Damn!” “Old Yin, where is Wen Xiaoning?”
Li Zixun hurriedly asked. “He said there was an emergency at home, so he left early in the morning.”

Old Yin was upset, “It turned out that he stole the purification grass, but what exactly did he want to do with it?”

At this moment, Wang Shuisheng driving hurriedly arrived.

The purification grass was stolen, he was more anxious than anyone.

The purification grass was related to whether the land could be restored to its original form or not.

Fortunately, only a few were stolen otherwise he would have vomited blood.

“To catch Wen Xiaoning, even if we have to go to the ends of the earth, we must catch him.”

Li Zixun’s face was cold and issued the order.

In this matter, naturally the public security bureau would handle it.

The purification grass, as the focus of Yang city’s work this time, could be regarded as an opportunity for the future development of Yang city. Naturally, they attached great importance to it.

Shortly, Zeng Hongye and several other city leaders arrived. A lot of calls were made.
It was not only that the public security bureau of the Yang city was mobilized, but through the respective relation, they also coordinated with the surrounding counties and cities, they must capture Wen Xiaoning.

Although they didn’t know what Wen Xiaoning was going to do stealing the purification grass, they knew the matter was not simple.

Maybe behind Wen Xiaoning, there were some forces at work. About these things, Ye Xiaochen naturally doesn’ need to intervene, everything would be done by the country.

He checked the other immortal grass one by one.

There were too many, so it took half a day to check them all.

When he finished checking, he found that the construction site had become lively.

A lot of engineering vehicles were coming in and going out. It turned out that they were installing monitoring equipment.
There was the incident of stolen purification grass, so naturally they were preparing against it.

In this way, in less than a day’s time, hundreds of cameras were installed on the site.

Furthermore, the number of patrol guards were increased for both day and night.

The construction site has become heavily guarded, and to get in and go out certificates were required.

Obviously, it didn’t affect Ye Xiaochen. A few days passed.
To Ye Xiaochen’s surprise, there was no progress in catching Wen Xioaning.

Wen Xiaoning seems to have disappeared into thin air.

According to the information obtained by Wang Shuisheng, Wen Xiaoning has been working for a foreign intelligence organization for a long time. That was to say, Wen Xiaoning must have been instructed by the organization behind him to steal the purification grass.

Now there was the involvement of the foreign organizations.

Chapter 180

Yang city, Longchen Luxury villas areas. It was already late at night.
The villa was brightly lit.

There were no lights on, but only candles.

Rows of red candles illuminated the whole inside and outside the villa as if it was daytime.

At this moment, the villa was flourishing with people.

Besides Cao Xinhong and Master Ning, there were also Cao Xinhong’s family members.

Cao Xinhong has many brothers and sisters. His family was quite prosperous. In Yang city, Cao’s family was a well-known name and wasn’t inferior to the Wang family name.

Originally, Cao Xinhong was going to call his brothers.

However, Master Ning said that if there were too many people, then some of the luck would get divided. Cao Xinhong immediately dismissed the idea.

Who wasn’t selfish, he cared only about his own family.

“Master Ning, everything is ready.”

Today, Cao Xinhong was wearing a white robe, with no ornaments on his body.

He has long ago removed his symbolic thick gold chains.

Now Cao Xinhong looked a lot more peaceful and not as aggressive as before.

It seems as if this period of meditation has had an effect.

Master Ning was dressed in the same old way, and a smile appeared on his strange face.

“Then let’s continue.”

He nodded, got up, and walked out.

In the area outside the villa, a sacrificial altar was already built. On the altar, many red candles were burning.
On top of the altar, there was paper money, incense sticks, various feng shui devices, and other things.

The stand-in scarecrow was also placed.

After going through preparation, everyone got into their position.

Cao Xinhong was looking forward to it, he followed Master Ning to the altar.

Master Ning first asked Cao Xinhong to burn paper money and lit some incense, which was for worshipping Heaven and Gods. Master Ning read the ritual incantation and used the Feng Shui things from time to time.

In this way, half an hour passed.

“Sit down.”

Master Ning suddenly said.

Cao Xinhong was already uncomfortable standing for a long time and hurriedly sat down.

“The sacrificing person, whose surname Cao and whose given name is Xinhong, ask heavenly officials to bless him, ask earth spirit to bestow good fortune, and ask supernatural beings to transmit long life.”

Master Ning revolved around Cao Xinhong, holding the stand-in scarecrow in his hand, and would occasionally put the stand-in scarecrow on Cao Xinhong’s hand.

He did ninety-one turns.

Suddenly, he said to Cao Xinhong, “Take it and burn it with fire.” “Do I need to burn it?”
Cao Xinhong was surprised.

“Burn, quick.”

Master Ning was very serious.


Cao Xinhong hurriedly took the scarecrow.

When he took the scarecrow, he suddenly felt his whole body cold and uncomfortable. It could be due to the weather.

He didn’ think much. After all, it was winter. Fortunately, there was no wind today.
Taking the scarecrow, he quickly walked towards the burning candle, he was about to lit but didn’t know why there was hesitation in his heart.

“Burn it quickly, if you hesitate the power of sacrifice will dissipate.”

Master Ning shouted.


Cao Xinhong hurriedly put the Scarecrow on the candle, and immediately the Scarecrow started burning.

The scarecrow was burning so fast that the fire covered the whole scarecrow in an instant, and even Cao Xinhong’s hand was in the fire.

Cao Xinhong was terrified and hurriedly threw it away, but the scarecrow completely turned into flames and suddenly spread to his body. Finally he was completely engulfed by the flames.

This horrible scene shocked Cao’s family.


Cao Xinhong’s wife was frightened and she rushed towards him.

“Do not move.”

Master Ning shouted, “This internal spirit fire will not hurt boss Cao.”

Sure enough, after experiencing the initial fear Cao Xinhong was shocked to find that the flames did not hurt him.

However, he felt chilling cold all over his body. When the flames went out, there was no trace of burning in Cao Xinhong’s body, even his clothes didn’t burn. If not for so many people seeing it, they would have thought it as an illusion.

“Congratulations, boss Cao, the spirit fire has entered your body. From now on, you will live a long life without suffering any difficulties, disasters, or diseases. Your family will be blessed with happiness.”

Master Ning congratulated Cao Xinhong.

“It is all thanks to master Ning. Once this matter is over, there will be rich offerings of sacrifice.”

Cao Xinhong felt a little cold, but he didn’t care about it. Instead, he was full of happiness.

Just from the strange scene, things should be true.

The last trace of disbelief had vanished from his mind.


Ye Xiaochen didn’t go to yang city today.

The situation of the immortal grass has stabilized, so he goes every alternate day.

He could not devote his all-time to it.

In addition, the experts’ team has arrived in Yang city. Ye Xiaochen hasn’t contacted them yet.
They must also need to conduct preliminary research to understand all the aspects of the grass.

Only after thorough preparation, two sides would hold the talk, Jing county South town. Ye Xiaochen stopped his car in front of an old brick building along the street.

He got out of the car and looked up at the third-floor window, where the sign of the Wenjing music training center was hanging.

Yes, he was here to learn music.

“Sister Xu said the training center was opened by the daughter of a business friend of hers. She has already informed them and will take care of me.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

He still remembered Xu Jiao’s surprised expression and words when she got to know that he wanted to learn music. You are a botanist, why do you want to learn music? Aren’t you ignoring your occupation?

To these questions, Ye Xiaochen just smiled, he couldn’t say he was learning music for planting.

He locked his car and went upstairs. On the third floor.
One of the doors had the sign of the training center which was easy to recognize.

The glass door was closed but could see the situation inside. The decoration was very special, it had a fresh and natural feeling.

He pushed the door in.

A middle-aged woman came over and asked, “Young man, what can I do for you?”

“Auntie, I’m looking for teacher Liang Wenjing.”

(TN: Here Auntie is used for the woman of similar age to one’s parent) Said Ye Xiaochen.

“Oh, teacher Liang is taking piano lessons in the piano room. It will probably take a while before the class is over. Please wait.” said the middle-aged woman.

“All right.”

Ye Xiaochen nodded and walked around the training center. Every door was marked with a name.
There were some doors with observation glass, where one could from outside see what was going on inside.

Shortly, he arrived near the piano room and saw what was going inside. There was a piano in the center, a long-haired woman dressed in white cloth was standing and saying something. Because it was her back, he couldn’t see her appearance clearly.

Around her, there were dozens of students of different ages. Ten minutes passed.
The piano lesson was over.

The students came out with their piano textbooks. Many of them took a glance at ye Xiaochen.
Now Ye Xioachen’s temperament was extraordinary. After cultivating the immortal, there was a kind of heavenly temperament.

It seemed an ordinary face, but very conspicuous.

After the students left, it took some time before the woman dressed in white came out.
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