Heavenly Farmer Chapter 161-170

Chapter 161

Immortal Spring Restaurant was reopened.

The so-called secret seasoning was just powdered immortal beans and immortal wheat. Naturally, there was no poppy in it.

However, this incident still had an impact on the business.

The number of diners has decreased by 20% in the past two days.

Ye Xiaochen informed that Zeng Hongye would be bringing her family to the restaurant for a birthday dinner.

When others found out, they were pleasantly surprised.

Zeng Hongye bringing her family this time has a completely different meaning from the last time’s opening ceremony.

More precisely to say Zeng Hongye was coming to the immortal spring restaurant.

Even if now the secretary Liu has some thoughts, he would need to think about it at least three times.

They were secretly astonished, Ye Xiaochen really has the ability, he was even able to invite Secretary Zeng. Everyone was in high spirits, and the worries caused by the suspension of business were swept away, and everyone was full of confidence.

It was the weekend.

At 11 o’clock in the morning, Zeng Hongye brought her family according to the schedule.

Ye Xiaochen personally welcomed Zeng Hongye and her family and took them to a large private dining room.

The interior was carefully arranged,
Zeng Hongye was very satisfied with Ye Xiaochen’s arrangement. Suddenly, she saw a big box on the table and asked curiously,
“Xiaochen, what is that?”

“Today is Uncle’s birthday. This is a birthday cake specially prepared by us at Immortal Spring restaurant.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

A professional baker was specially invited to make this birthday cake.

“Xiaochen, now your Immortal Spring restaurant also specializes in the cake?”

Zeng Hongye couldn’t help laughing.

Zeng Hongye’s father was a thin old man, estimated to be in his seventies. His hair was gray and his face was full of old age spots.

He was being supported by someone, and even while sitting in the chair he was trembling.

It could be seen that he was sick. Ye Xiaochen in heart sighed, Zeng Hongye was able to bring her sick old father to the immortal spring restaurant for the birthday party, it should be really rare.

It was not easy for an old man to travel this far.

Soon the box was opened, revealing a delicate three-layer cake.

It was decorated with various fruits, watermelon, muskmelons, tomatoes, cucumber, and other things. It was all from Ye Xiaochen’s farm.

There were three other things, golden yellow immortal beans, fiery red immortal beans, and yellowish-brown immortal wheat.

It was on layering.

There were fifteen of them.

It wasn’t that he was stingy, but the immortal beans and immortal wheat were too precious.

If he grinds these immortal beans and wheat into powder, its worth would be tens of thousands of yuan.

In order to make this cake, Ye Xiaochen also took great pains.

In addition to the fifteen immortal beans and wheat, the cake was made with immortal bean wheat flour.

“Why are there beans and wheat?”

Zeng Hongye was surprised.

“Hehe, sister Zeng, these are no ordinary beans and wheat. You will know it after trying.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed. The birthday cake was just a formality. Naturally, they didn’t light the candles and blew to make wishes.

Ye Xiaochen took the cake knife and started cutting the cake. Each person got a small piece of cake with a bean and wheat on it.
On Zeng Hongye and her father’s cake piece, there was an immortal red bean.

“This watermelon is really sweet.”

“This muskmelon is so fragrant. I have never tasted such a delicious melon.”

“This cream is delicious. It is not greasy at all.”

Zeng Hongye’s family ate the cake and was full of praises.

It wasn’t that they have never eaten a cake before, but this cake taste was very special, whether it was the fruits on it or cream, it was all delicious.

“Haha, the taste is really good. Xiaochen I didn’t expect your immortal spring restaurant not only has delicious food but also has delicious cake.”

Zeng Hongye ate gracefully.

She picked up the immortal red bean with a fork and put it in her mouth. As soon as she took a bite, her face slightly changed.
A stunned expression appeared.

By this time, other people who ate immortal beans or wheat all let out exclamations of disbelief.

“Why is this bean so delicious?”

“Really delicious. This wheat tastes wonderful.” “It is not just delicious, it is an unforgettable taste, but it’s a pity there is only one.”

The people who had not eaten it, when heard other people’s words, they also quickly tasted it, and immediately showed exaggerated expressions.

Even Zeng Hongye was very intoxicated, her face was red as if she had drunk wine.

“It’s hot.”

Zeng Hongye’s father suddenly said.

His face which was full of old age spots turned slightly red and sweat started appearing on his body.

“Xiaochen, what kind of bean is this? After eating it, why do I feel hot?”

Zeng Hongye was surprised.

After sweating, she felt her whole body comfortable.

“So comfortable.”

Zeng Hongye’s father’s spirit became much better.

“Sister Zeng, this is my secret product: the immortal bean and immortal wheat, it has good health effects.”

Ye Xiaochen already thought of a good reason. “I didn’t expect this bean to be so magical.” Zeng Hongye and others were amazed.
If one hasn’t tasted it, it would be hard to imagine it. After the surprise of cake, eating various dishes on the menu let Zeng Hongye’s family have a good time.

Even her old father, who had a poor appetite, actually ate a lot of food this time and his spirit was much better. It was the immortal red bean that had improved the physical condition of the old man.

After the meal, Ye Xiaochen gave Zeng Hongye’s father a dozen of immortal beans and wheat. After they go back, everyday boils a grain and eat, which would be good for the body.

Zeng Hongye naturally felt grateful for such precious immortal beans and wheat as a gift.

Although she was a member of the municipal party committee, she was still helpless about her father’s illness.

Today after eating the beans, her father’s energy and spirit improved a lot, it was clearly the effect of immortal red beans.

She suddenly felt a glimmer of hope.

When she was a child, her mother died in childbirth. It was her father who endured all sorts of hardships and raised her and her siblings. He both played the role of mother and father, it was really not easy.

She really wished that her father could live a long life and enjoy happiness.

Finally, the family of Zeng Hongye went.

Ye Xiaochen took a sigh of relief. In order to entertain Zeng Hongye and her family, these two days they have worked very hard.

The job was done, just need to wait and see the effect. At Liu Xianjin’s home.
Peng Zhiping was also there. “Brother-in-law I didn’t expect secretary Zeng would take her family to the immortal spring restaurant for her father’s birthday. It was really unimaginable.”

Peng Zhiping said in a muffled voice.

“I also did not expect, it seems, that the relationship between Secretary Zeng and Ye Xiaochen was closer than I thought. ”

Liu Xianjin sighed.

“So, what should we do now?”

Peng Zhiping asked.

“I have to see Ye Xiaochen and repair the relationship.”

Liu Xianjin narrowed his eyes and said.

“What should we say to Cao Xinhong?”

Peng Zhiping froze for a moment and hesitatingly asked.

“Just tell him the truth.”

Li Xiantian said.

“Brother-in-law, if we offend him, will it not affect your future?”

Peng Zhiping was worried.

He knew how big Cao Xinhong’s ability was. His brother-in-law was strong in Jing county, but outside he was not much strong.

“It is better than offending Zeng Hongye. Besides, Cao XInhong is a wise man and knows what to do.”

Liu Xianjin shook his head. Peng Zhiping was unable to understand, he felt his brother-in-law was profound and mysterious, It was just better for him to manage things according to what his brother-in-law had ordered.

Chapter 162

It was the middle of November. The weather has turned cold.
In addition, there was a lot of rain during this period, which gave people a kind of uncomfortable feeling.

The business of the Immortal Spring Restaurant has recovered and it was growing more and more popular.

The Immortal Spring Restaurant has now introduced a vegetarian hot pot.

The hot pot was not like which could be bought from supermarkets but was carefully researched by Master Lin.

Naturally, this vegetarian hot pot was expensive, the cheapest one was a thousand yuan.

However, the Immortal Spring Restaurant’s brand of vegetarian hot pot has attracted a lot of people.

Moreover, all kinds of dishes in the Immortal Spring Restaurant were extraordinary and have the effect of increasing health. A lot of people who often come here to eat found that some small health issues they had were gone.

Especially the people who ordered the secret seasoning, the effect was more obvious for them.

In the immortal land.

It was as warm as spring, and there was no feeling of coldness and humidity like outside.

Ye Xiaochen squatted in front of the immortal wind medicinal herb and gently touched it with his hand. Then, he communicated with the plant’s consciousness and used the Art of Growth on the immortal wind medicinal herb.

After a long period of experimentation and practice, his Art of Growth technique has made remarkable progress.

It might be due to his Shennong talent. As long as it has something to do with plants, his learning ability would be very astonishing and could be rated as a real talent.

At the moment, the immortal wind medicinal herb was half a foot tall. The reason why it grew so fast was due to his Art of Growth.
Now, he has become so adept at the Art of Growth that there was no problem using it on immortal wind medicinal herb.

With the current speed of Art of Growth, it was estimated that within a month’s time the immortal wind medicinal herb could fully mature.

“The fifty yellow immortals beans should have matured. I don’t know if the bean pods have split.”

Ye Xiaochen got up and went to the immortal land where the yellow immortal beans were planted. The plants were full of golden bean pods.

Such a large area of the yellow immortal bean was enough to let Ye Xiaochen have an unprecedented harvest.

“Hey. It really has split, that’s great.”

Ye Xiaochen saw the cracks in the bean pods and immediately became happy. He quickly picked up all the bean pods.

There were more than 4180 bean pods.

After removing the shells there should be more than 10,000 grains of yellow immortal beans, as there were too many Ye Xiaochen just made a rough estimate.

He cut a bean, and unexpectedly it had the seven wheel pattern. “Haha, this time the yellow immortal bean’s quality is higher.” Ye Xiaochen was pleasantly surprised.
As usual, he sold the 500 beans to the store first and then rest to use it in the auction.

The 500 yellow immortal bean’s appraisal was completed soon and sure enough, the quality was better than the previous one. Especially the divinity, it reached 0.98.

From reaching one, it was only 0.2 far. Ye Xiaochen sighed in his heart.
After selling the store, with the deduction of the consignment fee, he got 149 immortal yuan.

Seven immortal yuan more than what he got for the previous 500 beans. As for in the auction, Ye Xiaochen sold 12,000 beans and earned 3,924 immortal yuan.

If the store’s profit was added, the total has reached 4,073 immortal yuan. And, of course, he left a thousand yellow immortal beans with himself.
Currently, for Ye Xiaochen, the output of the immortal plants has increased greatly. He doesn’t need to be as careful as before and could leave some for his own use.

He has the spirit cut-off material and could use this to remove the immortal spirit qi from plants and use it for his consumption.

Whether it was for himself or for his family or to use it as a seasoning in the immortal spring restaurant, the demand has gradually increased. Therefore, he left some with himself.

More than a thousand immortal yellow beans were enough to meet the current demand.

With the four thousand immortal yuan, all the immortal words on the page could be translated.

He was also surprised that he has spent more than 9000 yuan in the store, which was only a little away from reaching ten thousand immortal yuan.

ly, he bought a page of the Generation Shennong manual, which cost him 8,800 immortal yuan.

He has already spent one thousand immortal yuan.

That adds up to more than nine thousand immortal yuan.

Originally, last time, he had already met the five thousand immortal yuan consumption quota and got the chance to draw the lottery.

However, he didn’t use it, mainly because he was depressed that he could not practice Shennong tactics and saved the chance to draw the lottery. He decided to draw two prizes at a time. For five thousand quotas.
For ten thousand quotas.

Thinking about it, Ye Xiaochen felt very excited.

Immediately, Ye Xiaochen contacted the Goddess of the Moon and sent all the unknown immortal words in Shennong Tactic to the Goddess of the Moon to translate.

It didn’t take much time, and hundreds of immortal words were translated.

Obviously, Ye Xiaochen paid more than 800 immortal yuan for it. It was really expensive.
He doesn’t know how many immortal characters were there in the immortal writing system. It should be known that more than 3000 Chinese characters were used commonly, and the total number of Chinese characters with the original) was as high as 100,000.

If there were so many immortal words, then it would be terrible. If he buys a page of the Generation Shennong manual, then he has to pay a lot of immortal yuan just to translate immortal words.

It was depressing when he thought about it.

“Haha, I can finally practice.”

Ye Xiaochen secretly rejoiced.

However, he did not rush to see the translation of the Shennong tactics. He used the remaining immortal yuan first.
With so much immortal yuan in his hand, he felt comfortable. Most importantly, he wanted to use the lottery.

After spending more than eight hundred immortal yuan on the translation, there was still more than three thousand two hundred immortal yuan left.

Ye Xiaochen was now rich, he was no longer prudent as before. He directly bought a few packets of immortal fertilizers. There were non- attribute fertilizers and also soil attribute fertilizer.

was the fence, there was a need for a twenty-six section fence, which cost him 2,600 immortal yuan.

Adding the four fences he had before, now he has a total of thirty fences, it could enclose the whole farm.

The reason he bought the fences was due to his future cultivation.

After the fence completely encloses the farm, the entire farm would become one entity. So that the immortal qi produced by the immortal land and immortal plants will not be lost outside, but will gather in the farm, making the farm a heavenly land.

Of course, if you want to make it a real heavenly land, then you must turn the whole farm into the immortal land.

In this way, the farm will become a real heavenly land.

There were still more than 200 immortal yuan with him. Ye Xiaochen did not use it and temporarily kept with him.

He heard the system prompt, saying that he has spent more than 10,000 yuan in the store and once again got the chance to draw the lottery.

Two chances to draw the lottery.

Ye Xiaochen shouted in his heart, “System, lottery.”

Suddenly, a big wheel appeared in his mind. There were various things in the various sectors of the wheel, some were so precious that he envied them.

“Immortal stone. It can be used for cultivation and also as the source of Array.”

“Flying Spirit boat, the flying type of magic weapon. As long as you have the magic power to move or immortal stone as a source of power. Could be used to fly.”

“Generation Shennong page 48, the earth condensing soul. This method can communicate with the spirit of the earth, condense the earth soul and herd plants.”

Ye Xiaochen looked at these good things and his breathing became a little heavy.

Chapter 163

Suddenly, the big wheel spun very fast.

After spinning for several minutes, the big wheel finally slowed down. At the last moment, the pointer fell on an extremely wide sector.
Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help showing the expression of disappointment. The wider the sector, the lower the value of things.
With such a wide sector, it would be surprising if there were any good things.

“Ah, the luck is so bad.”

Ye Xiaochen sighed.

He looked at the thing he had won, and was surprised for a moment, then showed a strange color.

The immortal words dictionary.

Ye Xioachen felt a little stupid if he knew before he would have drawn the lottery first. After getting the immortal dictionary, he wouldn’t have needed the Goddess of the Moon to translate it!

He looked at the dictionary, which contained all the immortal words.

As for the explanation of the text, it turned out to be in Chinese characters. In this way, using the immortal words dictionary, Ye Xiaochen could understand the meanings of the immortal words.

Good Stuff!

Anyway, Ye Xiaochen was quite satisfied with this immortal words dictionary.

At least he could save the cost of immortal words translation.

He shook his head and put the immortal words dictionary into the storage space.

Draw once again.

Ye Xiaochen concentrated his energy and stared at the big wheel, secretly praying in his heart.

The big wheel spun again.

After a few minutes, the wheel slowed down, and the pointer was moving across sectors.

Ye Xiaochen was nervous.

“Stop, stop, stop.”

Finally, the pointer approached a narrow sector, he shouted in the heart. It may have heard his roar, the pointer stopped at a narrow line sector.
Yeah! Ye Xiaochen almost jumped up in excitement.

Whatever that sector contained, it must be a treasure because of its narrow size.

Soon, the stuff arrived in his storage space, and he quickly took it out to look.

The spirit song sheet of plants.

Damn, it turned out to be a song sheet. Ye Xiaochen guts felt rotten.
In the Shennong system introduction guide, he has learned about this kind of song sheet which has a very good effect on planting immortal plants.

It was just, he was tone-deaf and his musical talent was close to nothing.
This song sheet has no use for him!

Ye Xiaochen took out the song sheet and looked at it. He saw that it was also written in immortal words. As for the format of the music sheet, he couldn’t understand it at all.

Ye Xiaochen was not satisfied.

Why not give a flying magic device or page of the Shennong manual?

Ye Xiaochen felt uninterested, he threw the song sheet into the storage space and began to lay the fence.

All the sections of the fence were placed.

When the last section the fence was laid down, for a moment, Ye Xiaochen felt that the whole farm seemed to shake, as if an invisible force field was forming and the immortal qi in the air seemed to be restrained.

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly opened the farm map in the Shennong System. On the map, the whole farm was clearly visible.

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen was surprised to find that on the non-immortal land area of the farm some changes had taken place.

The land was slightly spiritualized.

Due to the closing of the fence, the farm has produced a spiritual field and began to form a trace of a spirit on the non-immortal land.

This kind of spiritualization phenomenon was easy to understand, just like in a magnetic field, affects the materials in its field, making the material produce a weak magnetization.

If the farm’s spiritual field was strong enough, it could even transform the ordinary land into the low-level immortal land.

Of course, the current spiritual field was far from reaching that point.

“I had no idea this would happen when the fence was closed.”

Ye Xiaochen was very surprised.

He knew that since the farmland has been slightly spiritualized, the benefits of the growing vegetables and fruits won’t be small. Without even watering with the immortal spring water, these plants could also become the immortal spring vegetable and immortal spring plants.

“However, now that the farm has produced a spiritual field, the immortal qi in the air will slowly thicken and I am afraid it will have an effect on mortals.”

Ye Xiaochen thought.

Only a small amount of immortal spirit qi was good for the mortal, but if it was excessive then it would produce side effects in mortals.

The current concentration of immortal qi on the farm was far from reaching that point. However, this was only a matter of time.

“It seems I need to save immortal yuan to buy a spirit gathering array.”

Ye Xiaochen thought.

With the spirit gathering array, the immortal spirit qi in the farm could be condensed to form an immortal liquid. This liquid was not like the immortal spring water, it has only pure immortal qi.

If the immortal liquid was concentrated to the extreme, even immortal stone could be formed.

As for the conditions to use the spirit gathering array, either need to use the immortal stone as the power source to use or divine power to activate it.

Once Ye Xiaochen started practicing and could generate divine powers, then it would be possible for him to use the spirit gathering array.

“Well, I still lack immortal yuans!”

Ye Xiaochen sighed, he needs to accumulate immortal yuan again.

He quickly regained his excitement, because soon he would be able to practice the Shennong tactics.

First, he soaked the fifty seeds of second-generation yellow immortal beans in the seed promoting liquid, and then took out the animal skin hide containing the Shennong tactic.

He began to translate the Shennong tactic. It was hard to understand.
Ye Xiaochen repeatedly studied it for a few days, and with the help of the concept of Nuwa’s spirit seed method, he gradually got a deep understanding of the tactic and finally reached a point where he could start cultivating. The principle of the Shennong tactic was very simple. Collect the essence qi of the plants and trees, mix it with the immortal spirit qi and his spirit, and smelt it into a furnace, which could be turned into divine powers of Shennong.

This divine power was extremely wonderful and contains the miracle of giving birth to all things.

The effect of Shennong divine powers was far more than that and it needed Ye Xiaochen to develop it one by one.

There was a quicker way, that was to buy the Generation Shennong manual, which must have all kinds of secrets to develop the Shennong divine powers.

“Before cultivating the Shennong Tactic, I must first open up the dantain sea as the smelting furnace for the divine power, which was the foundation for the Neidan method.”

Ye Xiaochen thought.

Opening the dantian sea was the method of Neidan.

There was also the Waidan method, which was to use an external alchemy furnace and refining an elixir dan. After taking it, you could refine with your spirit seed and could convert it into divine power.

The two methods of cultivation have their own wonders.

The Waidan method requires a large number of dan medicines.

The Neidan method was much simpler, but the progress of cultivation was slower than that of waidan.

However, the advantage was there were no side effects.

The most troublesome when taking dan medicine was to eliminate the impurities. Ye Xiaochen has no conditions to use the Waidan method.

The only way he could cultivate was to use the Neidan method.

People have dantain sea, but they were ignorant about it, they need to take initiative to open it.

Opening the dantian was the key to walk on the road of cultivation of immortal.s

Each kind of cultivation method has its specialized method to open the dantian.

The Shennong tactic was no exception to it.

Ye Xiaochen took out the page of Shennong tactics. He focused on the humanoid figure.
There were many lines and dots on it, as well as immortal words.

This was the Shennong tactic’s method of establishing dantian- Shennong Farming

Chapter 164

What was farming?

Clearing land, cultivating land and planting.

The Shennong farming techniques use the same kind of principle. The human body’s dantian qi sea was muddle, first we must clear the land.

With the power of spirit,illuminate the qi sea and remove the turbid qi in

Ye Xiaochen according to the posture of the humanoid image, sat cross-
legged. This sitting posture was different from Nuwa’s method and has its unique secret.

While breathing, he imagined the Nuwa’s spirit image in his mind and mobilized the power of spirit to sink down inch by inch.

This was a pure visualization method, this was the only way unless you have the ability to see internally.

After not knowing how many efforts, his mind roared.As if he had opened a channel,the power of spirit seed sank violently, and the position under his navel produced a hot feeling, as if water was boiling inside it.

This feeling lasted for several minutes before it subsided. The strangeness in the dantian sea hasn’t completely dissipated, still he felt extremely comfortable.

The next step was to cultivate land.

This cultivating land could be done using outside force or inside force.

Ye Xiaochen did not have dan medicines to serve as an outside force to cultivate land and could only use cultivating land using internal force.

It seems simple, but was very troublesome.

It couldn’t be done in one or two days. You must need to have perseverance.

He tried to cultivate the land for the first time. It was very simple. He just thought that there was a stream of Qi rolling in the dantian sea, stirring the whole dantian sea.


Ye Xiaochen felt that there was a strange noise in his stomach and he couldn’t bear it, and a series of farts were released.

Very stinky!

Ye Xiaochen quickly got up and fled from the spot.

Damn, this internal force cultivation land has such a drawback. However, after this cultivating land, he felt very relaxed.
All of a sudden, his phone on the table rang, he hurriedly went near it and picked up to take a look, it was Wang Shuisheng.

He quickly answered the call.

“Xiaochen, are you free tomorrow?” Wang Shuisheng asked.

“I am free, but Brother Wang, what’s the matter?”

Ye Xiachen asked curiously.

“Tomorrow i am going to a small dharma artifacts auction. I want you to help me whether the things are authentic or not.”

Wang Shuisheng said.

“Well? I am not good at these dharma artifacts auctions!”

Ye Xiaochen knew that the dharma artifacts Wang Shuisheng was talking about should be the ancient Feng Shui tool with special significance which has been used by buddhist monks or taoists.

It was not the same nature as the dharma artifacts mentioned by the immortals.

“Xiaochen, this time’s small Dharma artifacts are different from the ordinary dharma artifacts. It’s mainly made of spirit wood. I am mainly afraid that there can be fake dharma artifacts .The reason why I want to buy the dharma artifacts is because I am facing a problem with a real estate project that I am building. Must need a dharma artifact to suppress the Feng Shui in the site.”

Wang Shuisheng explained the actual situation to Ye Xiaochen.

The rich people were more superstitious than the ordinary. When doing big projects they invite people to check Feng Shui, and let people practice sacrifice before starting construction.

“Brother Wang, I really don’t know anything about this aspect. You can send me the information regarding this matter, I will study it carefully.”

Ye Xiacohen thought for a while and said.

If it was just about the material build, he could help. Not before long, Wang Shuishen sent an email to Ye Xiaochen, containing an introduction about the small Dharma artifacts as well as spiritual woods.

Small Dharma artifact was related to the large Dharma artifact. Currently, the so-called buddhabhiseka artifacts were the large Dharma artifacts, what we pay attention to was the fame and status buddhabhiseka, and the profound attainments in the Dharma

(TN:buddhabhiseka, also known as opening the eye, is mostly used in statues or religious works of art. It is through religious ceremonies that invite gods to enter the statues or religious works of art with spiritual power. The person in charge is usually a Taoist or a monk)

It was just like cultural relics and antiques, if it was used by famous people, like emperors and generals,its value became more precious.

However, for the small dharma artifact need to pay attention to the function

Made from practical spirit wood, it has a magical effect on changing the Feng shui magnetic field, eliminating evil qi and seeking good fortune.

The spiritual wood refers to a certain kind of wood.

For example, the locust tree, willow tree, mulberry and poplar tree, belongs to the five chief demons of folklore personification tree in the spirit tree.

The small dharma artifacts made from these five demon trees were inherently of yin property.

In addition, there were also mahogany, sandalwood, agarwood, ebony, thunderwood and so on.

These spirit tree’s quality depends on the year, the higher the year, the better the quality. In addition, the growth environment, and shape would also affect the quality. After Ye Xiaochen read carefully, he immediately got to know more about the small dharma artifacts and spirit wood.

The next morning, Ye Xiaochen went to Yang city.

In Wang Shuisheng’s villa, Ye Xaochen met a Feng Shui master named Feng Xifan, he was invited by Wang Shuisheng.

Feng Xifan was very famous in the Yang city, he has done lots of research on the small dharma artifacts even has the ability to make small kinds of dharma artifacts.

Wang Shuisheng invited him to come this time, naturally to take his help.

From a glance it could be known that Feng Xifan was an arrogant kind of person.

He was surprised to hear that Ye Xiaochen was a top botanist who has recently risen to fame.

He immediately knew that Wang Shuisheng also wanted Ye Xiaochen’s help, he couldn’t help laughing. With a light contemp in his speech.

“Mr.Wang. I don’t want to boast about it , but in terms of identifying these small dharma artifacts, not only in Yang city, even in the whole southern province, there are few who could surpass me. With me being here, you can buy an ideal dhama artifact.”

In the car, Feng Xifan kept on talking.

“There are many kinds of dharma. Whether it was material, quality or age, it is impossible to completely understand it. The material of the dharma is not a living tree. its nature and shape have undergone complete change, even the real botanist cannot judge the real material information, unless it was tested with equipment and instrument, but in this way, the artifact will be discarded.”

Feng Xifan glanced at Ye Xiaochen and then said with a smile. How could Ye XIaochen not know that his little old man was demonstrating toward himself.

He just smiled and didn’t fight back. Instead it made Feng Xifan feel that Ye Xiaochen lacked confidence, making him more proud.

Wang Shusiheng could only give ye Xiaochen a helpless look. He knows that Feng Xifan has arrogant character but has real ability, otherwise he would have not paid him a lot of money.

In fact, the reason why he called Ye Xiaochen to go together was not to really take his help, but just wanted to give Ye Xiaochen some insight and on the way introduce some people to him.

All the way, Feng Xifan kept boasting how powerful he was, how he could identify the fake dharma artifacts and how he could pick precious and best dharma artifacts.

Ye Xiaochen secretly sighed, how could a person be so thick skinned!

If he is allowed to boast, even if he has such great ability, he would feel embarrassed.

However, Feng Xifan, from beginning to end, did not blush in this matter, but kept on boasting more and more.

Finally, the car reached its destination.

The moment Ye Xiaochen got down from the car, he felt secretly relieved. His ears were finally free, he didn’t need to listen to Feng Xifan boasting.

He looked at the tall building in front of him, TianYang building.

“This is the headquarters of the TianYang auction house. Let’s go in.”

Wang Shuisheng laughed. They were no longer in the Yang city, but in the Zhu city, which was the site of this small dharma artifact auction.

Chapter 165

The VIP auction room was very different from what Ye Xiaochen had imagined.

It was not a hall, but a luxurious room like a conference room.

Tables and chairs were lined up in a row, and on each table, a group of people was sitting.

In the middle, there was a fiberglass round table and a mahogany chair. As soon as Wang Shuisheng arrived, several people greeted him.
“Old Wang, you are late.”

“You have invited Mr.Feng, it seems that this time you are determined to win the small dharma artifact.”

“Old Wang, who is this young man next to you? even brought him here.”

The people who greeted Wang Shuisheng were naturally not simple characters. The financial power was not inferior to that of Wang Shuisheng. They were all rich people. “Haha, he is Ye Xiaochen, the top botanist of Yang city, have you heard of him?”

Wang Shuisheng said with a smile.

“Ah, so he is Ye Xiaochen. I heard that Ye Xiaochen is a young man and already a top botanist. I thought it was just rumored, but I didn’t expect it to be really true.”

The speaker was a strong dark-skinned man. He looked at Ye Xiaochen in surprise and he immediately greeted and said, “Mr, Ye, I am Dong Haitong from Xiatan city. Is Mr.Ye also interested in these small dharma artifacts?”

“Haha, even if I am interested, I can’t afford it.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

The small dharma artifact auctioned here should naturally be expensive, and it might even cost tens of millions.

Other people also were very interested in Ye Xiaochen and greeted him. After all, Ye Xiaochen has become popular during this period, naturally, people were curious about him.

Suddenly, the person sitting on the opposite side chuckled and said, “Everyone says that Ye Xiaochen is a famous top botanist, but I don’t think so. I don’t know what kind of achievement and contribution he made that he has this honor?”

When that person spoke, many people were stunned.

Wang Shuisheng looked at that person and coldly said, “Cao Xinhong, what do you mean by this?”

“I don’t mean anything. It is just a little bit uncomfortable. A boy who hasn’t grown up calls himself a top botanist. It’s ridiculous. What is wrong Wang Shuisheng? I didn’t say it to you, why are you angry? Is it because he likes your deaf sister?” The man named Cao Xinhong was medium stature and strong build, he was wearing gold necklaces around his neck, giving the feeling of nouveau riche.

He spoke rudely and did not give a face to Wang Shuisheng.

“Cao Xinhong, shut your mouth.”

Wang Shuisheng slammed the table and stood up, his face was cold. The two almost reached the point of fighting.
The people present on the scene knew that Cao Xinhong and Wang Shuisheng were among the top three richest people in Yang city, but these two people were like fire and water. Whenever these two meet, there will always be strong gunpowder in the air.

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes also became cold. He doesn’t seem to have offended Cao Xinhong anywhere?

“Calm down both of you. This is the auction house. We will be having the auction soon, don’t disturb the harmony.”

An old man with silver hair came walking in with a cane.

Originally like swords drawn they were about to hit each other, but immediately Wang Shuisheng and Cao Xinhong sat down. Obviously, the identity of the old man was not simple. They both were afraid of him.

Soon the room became quiet, and people were whispering in low voices. Wang Shuisheng whispered to Ye Xiaochen about Cao Xinhong.
Ye Xiaochen got to know how he offended Cao Xinhong. Originally, when the experts’ group was on inspection, this Cao Xinhong’s Xinhong group had been on the inspection list, but because of Ye Xiaochen, they directly removed it from the list.

After Cao Xinhong got to know, he naturally hated Ye Xiaochen. Moreover, he and Wang Shuisheng were rivals.

Cap Xinhong believed that his company was removed from the regular quota because Ye Xiacohen instructed it, and it could not be separated from Wang Shuisheng.

Otherwise why from the regular quota and reserved quota only his Xinhong group was deleted?

Ye Xiaochen was speechless. What does it have to do with him? It was the experts’ group decision, he was innocent in this matter.

“Everyone, it is not the first time for you guys to participate in this small dharma auction. The authenticity of this small dharma is determined by you. If there are any fakes, Tianyang auction house is not responsible for it.”

The silver-haired old man reached the table in the middle and sat down.

The people on the scene were aware of these private auction rules. The private auction will not be recorded in the auction records of the Tianyang auction house, and there was no need to pay taxes. Because of this, the price of the auction items was lower than normal as there was no tax in it.

There was also another important reason, the unusual objects like small dharma artifacts were difficult to identify and were not suitable to auction with precious items.

“In this auction, there are three small dharma artifacts. Now, I am taking out the first one, you can appraise it.”

The silver-haired old man saw that no one had any objections, and clapped. Immediately, a woman in a Cheongsam came with a box, walked towards the table, put it down, and then stepped back.

The silver-haired old man opened the box, revealing a grey gourd that seemed to have been burned. “This is a demon eliminating bottle gourd. It is said to be made of eight hundred-year-old lightning hacked jujube wood and contains three jujubes inside it. ”

The silver-haired old man picked up the half foot tall gourd and gently shook it, making a very clear sound.

“Let me take a look.”

A bald man suddenly got up and said.

He walked towards it, took the gourd, and returned to the seat. Then he started talking in low voice with those close to him.

After four or five minutes, the bald man handed the gourd to another table.

In this way, everyone took the turns to identify it. It was now Wang Shuisheng’s turn.
“Brother Wang, you see, this is the lightning pattern left after hacked by lightning. It seems to be scorched yellow, but it actually contains the power of yang lightning and has the power to remove evil. It can be said to be the best spirit wood material for the small dharma.”

Feng Xifan spoke freely.

He took a flashlight and pointed it at the small opening of the gourd to check the situation inside.

“There are really three pieces of jujube. After absorbing a lot of evil qi, it has become fiend jujube. It is the perfect material for making yin artifacts.”

Feng Xifan said.

“Mr.Feng, these three jujubes look almost the same as fresh ones. How can you put them in?” Wang Shuisheng also took a look and asked curiously.

“It is a long lost secret skill. It’s said that you can refine fresh jujube to a small size, without hurting it. After the refined jujube is put into the demon eliminating bottle gourd, it will absorb the evil qi and recover slowly becoming the same as the fresh jujube.”

Feng Xifan said.

“I didn’t expect there was such a thing.”

Wang Shuisheng exclaimed.

“Of course, the difficulty of making this demon eliminating bottle gourd is only medium level. There are high-level small dharma artifacts that are very complex and hard to describe. Those were priceless.”

Feng Xifan said.

“Then Mr.Feng, is this demon eliminating bottle gourd authentic?”

Wang Shuisheng quickly asked.

“This demon eliminating bottle gourd itself is authentic. It mainly depends on the material, the age of the jujube wood and the jujube dates in the gourd. Any problem in it will affect the value of the demon eliminating bottle gourd.”

Feng Xifan continued, “After my judgment, the jujube wood of this demon elimination gourd which has been hacked by lightning should be at least 500 years old. According to the lightning pattern, it has suffered many times from lightning. There are also three pieces of jujube that are purple in color, normal size, and have a peculiar silk wired pattern. The most important thing if this jujube was different from this demon eliminating gourd wood, the power of the demon eliminating bottle gourd would have greatly affected, and these jujubes would be dried. Now, these jujubes are bright and full, which means that these jujubes are from the same jujube wood from which the demon eliminating bottle gourd was made.”

“So to say, we can compete for this demon eliminating bottle gourd?”

Wang Shuisheng’s eyes shined.

“Brother Wang, there will never be a problem with my appraisal.”

Feng Xifan confidently said.

At this time, Ye Xioachen took the gourd from Wang Shuisheng. The wood of the gourd was warm as if the heat hadn’t dissipated, it was very strange.

Especially the three jujubes inside it, which looked as if it had ripened just now.

This gourd was not big, even if the jujube dates were dried, it was impossible to put it inside.

Thus it could be seen that the secret technique of refining the fresh jujube date into small size was not a trivial thing.

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen’s expression changed and he became thoughtful.

Chapter 166

“Xiaochen, what do you think?”

Wang Shuisheng saw Ye Xiaochen’s expression and hurriedly asked.

“I agree with Mr.Feng’s appraisal.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

Feng Xifan immediately showed a triumphant smile and couldn’t help stroking his beard.

In his view, it was Ye Xiaochen’s way of showing goodwill.

No matter what, Ye Xiaochen was a top botanist, his goodwill to speak has increased his face.

The Appraisal of the first small dharma artifact was completed. It was put back on the table near the silver-haired old man.
The second small dharma artifact was brought up. A tawny wooden qilin.
Lifelike and was exquisitely carved. After this wooden qilin was brought up, a light fragrance emerged, which felt good to smell.

“It is a home guardian qilin beast. It is said to be made of 300 old year agarwood. After making it, it was put in a special furnace to be baked.”

The silver-haired old man said. Many people became curious.
Wood should easily burn when put in the furnace, right? Not to mention this rare timber of agarwood.
“Unexpectedly, the secret furnace fire sealing technique was used on this home guard qilin beast?”

Feng Xifan was very surprised.

“Mr.Feng, what is this secret furnace fire sealing technique?”

Wang Shuisheng asked with curiosity.

“It is also a secret technique that has been lost a long time ago. It was once included in the Mohist heavenly book..”

Feng Xifan said.

“Mohist heavenly book, isn’t that a legend, could it be that it really exists?”

Wang Shisheng became more curious.

“Of course. It is said that there 108 kinds of strange mysteries recorded in the Mohist heavenly book, and each of them is incredible. Unfortunately, this heavenly book has been lost and could only find its mentions in some ancient books.”

Feng Xifan sighed. The home guard qilin beast finally came to their table.

After Feng Xifan and Wang Shuisheng took a look, Ye Xiaochen also glanced at it.

This home guard qilin beast radiated certain heat, the wood was delicate and the smell was pleasant.

“Mr.Feng, is this wooden qilin authentic?”

Wang Shuisheng asked.

“It is real, only this is used to guard the home and gather wealth.”

Wang Shuisheng was a little tempted, but he knew that this was not his target.

Also, he knew that this kind of small dharma artifact was very precious, and competition for it would be very fierce.

The third small dharma artifact was also brought up.

When people saw it, they were surprised, because this was a scarecrow. A foot tall, made of straws.
It looked extremely exquisite and delicate.

However, the scarecrow was a little dark, as if it had been years.

“This is a stand-in scarecrow. It was said that the straws have been a hundred years old. It was refined with a special mystery technique so that it could last long and would not rot. Finally, gathering 100 straws the stand-in scarecrow was weaved. It is said that this scarecrow can be used to eliminate the disaster and prevent troubles. As long as using a special sacrificial method the birth data is written on the body of this scarecrow, that person can live a long life, be free from all disease, will not face any disaster and troubles, and even will benefit the person’s family.” Said the silver-haired old man.

This caused a great shock to the people present on the scene. Stand-in scarecrow actually was so magical?
They were all superstitious people, otherwise, they would have not gathered here for the private auction.

If the person has a stand-in scarecrow, won’t that person be able to live a long life and be favored by his family?

How many people dream of that? Everyone’s eyes grew hot.
The only thing to worry, was it real?

This stand-in scarecrow was more attractive than the previous two small dharma artifacts.

“Mr.Feng, is this stand-in scarecrow real?”

Wang Shuisheng saw Feng Xifan was still carefully identifying the scarecrow and hurriedly asked.

“It’s so amazing. It is really very old. The straw hasn’t rotten. I don’t know what kind of techniques were used?”

Feng Xifan didn’t seem to hear anything and muttered to himself.

“Brother, Wang, I can’t identify if this stand-in scarecrow is real or not, but the straw has been preserved using a strange method.”

He suddenly looked up and said.

Wang Shisheng frowned and there was some hesitation. He was a user, not a collector. He always buys things for its use, and not for a display purpose.

Ye Xiaochen also took a look, when he contacted the scarecrow, he suddenly felt a sense of horror.

It was a strange feeling as if his mind has been pricked by a needle. He quickly let go.
“Xiaochen, what’s the matter?”

Wang Shuisheng saw Ye Xiaochen’s complexion turning worse, and quickly asked.


Ye Xiaochen shook his head.

He looked at the scarecrow and was surprised. Why did this scarecrow give him such a terrible feeling?

Really Strange!

He took a deep breath and touched the scarecrow again. He tried to stay calm and communicate with the scarecrow using his spirit talent.

After a while, he let go of his hand on the scarecrow. His face was a little strange. He touched the scarecrow again but didn’t get the feeling he felt previously.

It was like the scarecrow became ordinary.

However, the information left on the straws of the scarecrow was quite in line with the information of the silver-haired old man.

These straws were a hundred years old. Merely the feeling he got a few moments ago made him realize that this scarecrow was not a treasure that eliminates disasters, but was an evil object.

Moreover, the information hidden in the straws also gave him some clues.

“Well, everyone should have checked the three small dharma artifacts.
Now I will begin the auction.”

The silver-haired man stood up and said. Everyone ended their private discussions.
The first item to be auctioned was the demon eliminating bottle gourd. The starting price was 1 million.
Each increase should not be less than one hundred thousand yuan. Ye Xiaochen was stunned, this price was really expensive.
There was a total of 12 bidders on the scene, all of them were famous tycoons in the Southern province having the wealth of at least several hundred million yuan.

They did not hesitate to bid, and soon the price reached near four million yuan.

When it came to five million yuan, the number of competitors slowly decreased.

Finally, it was only Wang Shuisneg and Cao Xinhong.

Anyone could see that Cao Xinhong was intentionally raising the price. Wang Shuisheng’s complexion became gloomy.
Cao Xinhong clearly wanted to raise the price. However, he had to fight, after all, among the three small dharma artifacts, only the demon eliminating bottle gourd was urgently needed by him.

Moreover, Feng Xifan determined this was authentic, so he naturally wanted to get it.

However, currently, Cao Xinhong was stirring the price, even if he wins, he was afraid he might need to spend large amounts of money.

“Seven million.”

Cao Xinhong triumphantly said.

As long as Wang Shusiheng was sad, he felt happy.

Moreover, he had already investigated, Wang Shuisheng requires the power of this demon eliminating bottle gourd.

It was an opportunity to toy with Wang Shuisheng, and he won’t let it go.

Chapter 167

“Eight million”

Wang Shuisheng clenched his teeth and raised the price by one million.

“Haha, Wang Shuisheng, don’t be so anxious, take your time.”

Cao Xinhong said with a smirk, “8.1 million”

Wang Shuisheng’s eyes were cold. “Then, I don’t need it.”

Although this demon eliminating bottle gourd was good, reaching the price of 8 million was already expensive.

This was what Feng Xifan analyzed.

He saved only a small amount for this kind of Dharma artifact and coupled with Cao Xinhong’s stirring, his limit was till this point.

Cao Xinhong was slightly stunned for a moment, and said, “Wang Shusiheng, don’t you require this kind of dharma artifact? Why don’t you bid again and I will stop?”

How was it possible for Wang Shuisheng to believe him? Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen whispered in Wang Shuisheng’s ear, “ Brother Wang, if you believe me. Get this gourd, no matter how much money it takes.”

He said very quietly, even the Feng Xifan next to them couldn’t hear it clearly.

Wang Shuisheng was slightly surprised and there was a hesitation in his face.

He believes in Ye Xiaochen, but just now Feng Xifan said that the demon eliminating bottle gourd max price was 6-7 million.

Ye Xiaochen was just a botanist, could it be that he also dabbles in the Feng Shui artifacts?

He pondered for a moment and decided to believe in Ye Xiaochen.

“Ten Million.”

Wang Shuisheng smiled and said, “If you bid again, I will stop.”

He raised the price directly by 1.9 million yuan.

Feng Xifan next to him was slightly stunned, he wondered what Ye Xiaochen said, even let Wang Shuiheng increase the price so much in one go?

Cao Xinhong was also stunned, he did not expect Wang Shuisheng would really bid.

If he bids again and Wang Shuisheng doesn’t, then won’t he be spending
10.1 million yuan to buy this demon eliminating bottle gourd? He would become a fool.
“Ah, Wang Shuisheng, you are really brave.”

Cao Xinhong smiled and did not bid again. In this way, the demon eliminating bottle gourd fell into the hands of Wang Shuisheng.

Soon, the demon eliminating bottle gourd was delivered to Wang Shuisheng.

The second item was the wooden qilin beast, after a fierce competition, a rich man named Li Daoyuan took it for 13.8 million.

This kind of auspicious beast was very popular.

When the third item stand-in scarecrow came, the bidding was not much active.

This stand-in scarecrow was difficult to identify, and don’t know whether it was authentic or not.

No one was a fool here. If they spend millions of yuan to buy an ordinary scarecrow, they would vomit blood!

So they were bidding carefully.

When it reached 2.5 million, no one raised the bid.

“Cao Xinhong offers 2.5 million yuan. Who is going to bid higher?”

The silver-haired old man asked.

Cao Xinhong said with a smile, “Haha, this scarecrow is very exquisite.
I think my precious grandson will like it.”

“Cao Xinhong, you are just buying a pile of straw.”

Wang Shuisheng couldn’t help but say sarcastically.

“You don’t have to worry about that. Even if it is used as firewood to cook, I will still be happy.” Cao Xinhong smiled, “Old Wu, don’t wait. This stand-in scarecrow is mine.”

The silver-haired old man looked around and nodded. He was about to speak.

Suddenly, a quiet voice came, “Slow down, 2.6 million.”

Everyone looked at the source of the sound, it turned out to be Ye Xiaochen who was beside Wang Shuisheng.

“Mr.Ye, do you also believe in this scarecrow?”

Dong Haitong, who spoke to Ye Xiaochen before was surprised.

“Haha, I’m very interested in researching plants and trees. I wanted to study how this straw could survive for more than 100 years.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

Many people in the room suddenly understood.

It is estimated only for this reason a botanist like Ye Xiacohen would be interested.

“Then we are looking forward to Mr.Ye’s research, whether this straw is really a hundred years old.”

Dong Haitong laughed and said.

Everyone present on the scene was not sure whether this stand-in scarecrow was authentic or not.

Naturally, they were curious about the truth of the straw.

“Ye Xiaochen, do you want to fight against me?”

Cao Xinhong’s face was gloomy and coldly said. “Why, can’t I?”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“That’s not true. I just wanted to know if you have the capital to compete with me.”

Cao Xinhong sneered.

In fact, in his heart, he was scolding Ye Xiaochen for not playing according to the routine. This scarecrow almost became his, but now he made a wave.

“Why wouldn’t he have? I’m here”

Wang Shuisheng said with a smile.

Cao Xinhong’s complexion turned ugly.

Comparing the financial resources, he was still behind Wnaag Shusiheng. If Wang Shusiheng was stubborn about helping Ye Xiaochen, then his desire to get this Scarecrow would become a little difficult.

Everyone on the scene felt there was going to be a good show to see. Cao Xinhong and Wang Shuisheng’s dispute once again strengthened.

Soon, Ye Xiaochen and Cao Xinhong competed with each other.

“Three million.” “3.1 million”
“3.5 million”

“3.6 million”

“4 million”

“4.1 million” Shortly, the price of the stand-in scarecrow reached 4.5 million yuan. Ye Xiaochen frowned slightly.
His current asset was just more than 4million yuan.

Although Wang Shusiheng was there to help, he didn’t want to use his money.

Now he has reached his limit and Cao Xinhong was still fighting with him.

When other people are rich, oneself would appear weak.

“Five million.”

Cao Xinhong’s eyes were cold, “Ye Xiaochen. If you have the ability, then continue. I will fight with you till the end”

“Cao Xinhong, why are you like this? I am bidding this scarecrow for your good. Anycase, I won’t bid.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head.

The price was so high, he couldn’t continue.

Speaking of which, the reason he wanted to get this Scarecrow was apart from this scarecrow being strange, it has a strange origin, he didn’t want the scarecrow to fall into other hands, otherwise, there would be a disaster.

However, this Cao Xinhong thinks of this scarecrow as a treasure.

“Haha, you don’t need to worry about that.”

Cao Xinhong laughed loudly.

Now that Ye Xiaochen didn’t continue, this stand-in scarecrow would belong to him. Although it cost five million yuan, more than two million yuan higher than he estimated, his heart felt fiery as long as he thought about the stand- in scarecrow’s magic.

When Ye Xiaochen saw this, he shook his head, this person really has self-harmed.

For a long time, Ye Xiaochen was thinking that since gods exist, then naturally supernatural forces on this earth should also exist.

It was just he never found it, until today. Seeing the stand-in scarecrow, he finally confirmed it.

Although this scarecrow was far from being the real dharma artifact, it was a little superficial, but on this earth, it could also be considered disastrous.

The private auction was finally over.

Ye Xiaochen, Wang Shusiheng, and Feng Xifan did not stay long and left the Tianyang building by car.

Chapter 168

“Xiaochen, why did you make me buy this demon eliminating bottle gourd?”

Wang Shuisheng holding the box containing the spirit gourd finally asked.

He was able to bear himself till now to ask this question. Feng Xifan was even more curious.
“Brother Wang, you got a treasure this time. Well, in Mr.Feng’s jargon, it is a leak.”

(TN: Here the word leak meant for left out treasure or hidden treasure) Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.
“Picking up a leak? Where does this come from?”

Feng Xifan hurriedly asked, “Although this demon eliminating bottle gourd is good, it’s worth only six-seven million. After all, its ability to eliminate the evil spirit has some limitations.”

With his vision and insight, this demon eliminating bottle gourd was not worth 10 million. Wang Shuisheng was also puzzled.

If it wasn’t for him believing in Ye Xiaochen, he wouldn’t have spent two million more.

After all, money couldn’t be wasted.

Ye Xiaochen smiled, he took the box from Wang Shuisheng’s hand and took out the demon eliminating bottle gourd.

“Brother Wang, the reason I said to you picked the leak was because of this.”

Ye Xiaochen gently touched the bottom of the gourd, unexpectedly there was a mechanism inside it, and all of sudden a small object came out.

This was a smaller gourd, inlaid in the interior of the demon eliminating spirit gourd.

Wang Shuisheng and Feng Xifan were stunnned.

Especially Feng Xifan, he couldn’t figure out how there was another gourd hidden inside the demon eliminating bottle gourd.

It should be known that he had carefully checked it before, he didn’t find any hidden mechanism.

All of sudden, his complexion changed and seemed to be thinking of something, his eyes suddenly widened and said in an incredible tone, “My God, could this be the mother-son demon seal bottle gourd? ”

“But, isn’t the mother-son demon seal bottle gourd just a legend? It was said they don’t exist.”

Feng Xifan muttered to himself.

“Mr.Feng, what is this mother-son demon seal bottle gourd?” Wang Shuisheng’s heart pounded. From Feng Xifan’s expression, he could make out that this bottle gourd may be really extraordinary.

Feng hurriedly said.

“The mother-son demon seal bottle gourd is a higher level Feng Shui dharma artifact than the demon eliminating bottle gourd. I just read in some ancient books, this kind of dharma artifact could suppress the evil spirit of a place. There is no need to arrange the Feng Shui pattern at all, it is immediately capable of suppressing the evil.”

He continued.

“You look at this small bottle gourd, the son bottle gourd. It is said that the jujube tree which has been hacked to death by lightning, again a new jujube tree grows on it, this is a revival, a new life after calamity and this tree contains endless vitality. When that new jujube tree grows to a certain extent and hasn’t born fruit and again gets hacked to death by lightning, then that jujube tree’s interior is taken and carved into the son bottle gourd. Only by this series of coincidences, can mother-son demon seal bottle gourd be created.“

“So amazing?”

Wang Shsuisheng was in awe.

After all, such coincidences were simply too difficult to happen, naturally, the gourd created from this would be extremely rare.

“Yes. If this is really the mother-son demon seal bottle gourd, then this is really priceless!”

Feng Xifan exclaimed.

Suddenly, he looked at Ye Xiaochen and in an ashamed tone said, “Mr.Ye, please forgive me for being rude with you. It turns out that I was shallow in knowledge and couldn’t match with Mr.Ye” He accepted it wholeheartedly, Ye Xiaochen was able to see this mother- son demon seal bottle gourd which he could not.

“Mr.Feng, you are being modest. I just found it by coincidence.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

“Xiacohen, does the stand-in scarecrow you bid was also a treasure?
Why didn’t you continue bidding?”

Wang Shuisheng thought of something and suddenly asked.

“Brother Wang, that thing is not clear, the reason I bid on that was I just didn’t want that evil thing to fall into the hands of others. Unexpectedly, this Cao Xinhong brought his own destruction, and I had no choice.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head.

“So, that stand-in scarecrow was an evil thing?”

Wang Shusiheng was stunned.

“No? If it was an evil thing, how could Tianyang auction house put it up for auction?”

Feng Xifan said.

Although the rule of the private auction was Tianyang wouldn’t appraise if the item was authentic or not, it would still identify dangerous things. Otherwise, it would cause a disaster to the auctioneer.

“It’s because Tianyang auction house couldn’t appraise it.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head.

“If I guess it correctly, I am afraid someone has put this stand-in scarecrow with an ulterior motive to harm people.” Ye Xiaochen continued, “Now, that Cao Xinhong has a stand-in scarecrow. Within three months, he and his family will be destroyed.”

Wang Shusiheng and Feng Xifan’s whole body became cold when they heard.

They believed in Ye Xiaochen’s words. Tianyang building, a suite on a certain floor. There lived a young couple.
There was a knock at the door.

After opening, the silver-haired old man from the Tianyang auction horse came in, “The stand-in scarecrow has been suctioned off. This is the money obtained after the auction. Everything is on the card.”

“Good, you can go.”

The young smiled and took the card.

The silver-haired man said nothing and walked out without taking another look.

“Hehe, this is a good method. When the cursed doll is out, we can swindle the money again. Killing two birds with one stone.”

The young man with an evil look on his face raised the bank card and smiled.

“You have the most clever plans”

The young woman was charming and said, “But after we finish the task, we should have fun.”

In another car. Cao Xinhong looked at the box containing the stand-in scarecrow with admiring eyes.

“Master Ning, what kind of preparation and things are needed to activate this stand-in scarecrow? I’ll let people prepare it now.”

He asked the middle-aged man who was sitting beside him.

The middle-aged man has a strong personality, but his features were very incongruous. He has a pair of eyes, one big and another small. His nose was flat and was far from his eyes.

And his mouth was crooked.

The pair of jug ears looked strange.

Cao Xinhong did not dare to underestimate this Master Ning.

“Boss Cao, rest assured, it does not need many things. According to the record from the teacher’s book, as long as you write your birth data in this stand-in scarecrow, and then everyday feed it with a drop of blood, the scarecrow will absorb your blood and establish contact with you, and would become like your stand-in. It will take 100 consecutive days to take effect.”

Master Ning said confidently.

“I request Master Ning.”

Cao Xinhong was impatient.

He believed in master Ning. After all, he was a famous disciple of the Xiangmen sect in the southern province.

He met this Master Ning by coincidence.

It was said that the Xiangmen’s disciple appearances were very strange. It was said that they reveal the secrets of the universe, which backfires on them and completely change their appearance. He didn’t know if it was true.

However, this strange-looking Master Ning was a real thing.

Chapter 169

Tian Heyuan project construction site.

This was a big project developed under the banner of the real estate company Jinyang.

This was going to be a large scale activity center integrating entertainment, leisure, and shopping.

Just the land alone cost Jinyang more than 1 billion yuan, and the subsequent capital they put was even bigger, reaching to the point of 2 billion yuan.

Once this huge engineering project becomes successful, then Jinyang group would benefit a lot.

However, half a month ago, the Tian Heyuan project was forced to halt after a series of engineering accidents on the foundation of the main construction.

Such a large engineering project even if stopped for a day was a huge loss to them. After all, different kinds of engineering equipment, machinery, and laborers were all money!

Wang Shuisheng afterwards invited Feng Xifan. He carefully surveyed the area and found that there was a Feng Shui problem. Originally, before the construction started, even before buying land, the Feng Shui was carefully checked and there were no problems.

His reason was that the change in Feng Shui was unpredictable. It might be a Feng Shui treasure place and the next moment it might become a dangerous place.

Especially in big projects like this, it could be said changing the lands, which naturally could change the pattern of Feng Shui.

The car was parked near the construction site, where the columns made of dense steel bars stood.

Different kinds of materials were there and many types of machinery were parked.

Ye Xiaochen got down from the car and looked at the small tree not far from him. Due to serious damage to the construction site, rarely a tree could be seen.

The small tree remained because it was far away from the place where construction started.

However, the leaves of this tree had withered and it doesn’t have any vitality, it seemed to be dead.

He gently touched the tree and communicated with his consciousness. Shortly, he showed a thoughtful look.
Though he couldn’t see the Feng Shui nor the changes in the Feng Shui pattern, however, his spirit talent has made his spirit consciousness extremely sensitive.

After entering this site, he always felt an uncomfortable feeling.

Now, after communicating with the dying tree, he was more sure of it. “Brother Wang, at that location construct a temporary altar and decorate it. Then put the mother-son demon seal bottle gourd on the altar. It will eliminate the evil spirit from here and will make the project continue smoothly.”

Feng Xifan pointed to a position not far away. “Mr.Feng, what about after this project is completed?” Wang Shuisheng asked.
“It is simple. After the completion of the project, the Feng Shui pattern here will completely change. After my design layout, and with the mother- son demon seal bottle gourd’s long time suppression, it is enough to make the evil disappear.”

Feng Xifan said in a confident tone.

Suddenly, he looked at Ye Xiaochen and said, “Mr. Ye, do you think I was negligent?”

In his words, there was little intention of asking for advice.

Although Ye Xiaochen was a botanist and was not related to the Feng Shui industry, he was the one who found the mother-son demon seal bottle gourd, so he didn’t dare to look down on Ye Xiaochen.

Moreover, he was always observing Ye XIaochen, he felt that Ye Xiaochen seemed to find something, so he asked this question.

“Although I don’t understand the change in Feng Shui pattern, let’s assume there is a change in it. You look at that tree, what do you see?”

Ye Xiaochen did not answer directly, instead asked a question.

“The tree is covered in dust, the living environment is getting worse and it’s dying.”

Feng Xifan observed and said. “It is not just that, it is also related to changes of Feng shui pattern here.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Xiaochen, how can Feng Shui pattern have such a big impact on the tree?”

Wnag Shuisheng was startled.

If the tree was dying, then it was not a Feng Shui field, but must be radiation.

Ye Xiaochen did not speak and gently broke a branch from the small tree. It was almost dry.
When Wang Shuisheng and Feng Xifan looked at the interface of the branch, they were shocked, because the interface was black, as it had been burnt.

This matter was not as simple as dying.

“Brother Wang, give me the mother-son demon seal bottle gourd.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Wang Shuisheng quickly took out the spirit gourd from the car and handed it to Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen walked around the field with the spirit gourd. He closed his eyes slightly as if he was sensing something.
Shortly, he came to a place, stopped, and did not move for a while. Suddenly, he raised his head and looked at the sky.
Today was a sunny day. Due to the winter season, the sun was not strong, so the sunlight gave a warm and relaxed feeling.

His eyes narrowed.

He thought for a moment and suddenly took out a seed from his pocket. This was the rapeseed.
He squatted on the ground and put the seed on the ground.

Wang Shuisheng and Feng Xifan looked at him and did not say anything, but they were curious about Ye Xiaochen’s action.

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen covered the seed with his palm, this lasted for more than ten seconds, then he gently raised his hand and slowly lifted it.

Wang Shuisheng and Feng Xifan saw a green color object.

The two were shocked, and their face showed incredible expression, they stared at the seedling growing at the speed visible to naked eye under Ye Xiaochen’s palm, their heart was filled with horror.

This magical scene was completely beyond their scope of thinking, tearing apart their world view and letting them see a miracle.

Letting the seed take root and sprout in such a short time. This was magic!
This was real magic!

At this moment, whether it was Wang Shuisheng or Feng Xifan, they looked at Ye Xiaochen with different eyes, there was unspeakable admiration in their eyes.

Wasn’t it admirable to be able to master such mysterious power? Ten minutes later, the seed had taken root and grew to half foot tall. Being able to grow so fast without a defect has a lot to do with Ye Xiaochen’s progress in the art of growth.

After a while, Ye Xiaochen felt tired and retracted his hand.

Although the dying small tree could provide him with some information, it was not as good as the rape seedling he grew.

Sometimes plants were more sensitive to the environment than humans.

In some places with excessive environmental pollution, people won’t feel it, but the grass and trees would die because plants were very sensitive to the environment.

“Brother Wang, bring a shovel.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“All right”

Without asking much Wang Shuisheng hurriedly ran to the distant shed and brought a shovel.

Ye Xiaochen began to dig.

The soil here was relatively soft and was not difficult to dig.

After a few minutes, the soil around the rapeseed was dug, but Ye Xiaochen did not stop and continued to dig.

After digging for a long time, the root system of the whole plant was exposed.

“Why is the root so long?”

Wang Shuisheng and Feng Xifan were puzzled.

There was still a part of roots in the soil, and the exposed part was longer than the seedling outside the soil.

Chapter 170

Ye Xiaochen wiped the sweat and continued to dig.

Even after a long time, the root was not completely dugout. It was really very long.
Wang Shuisheng and Feng Xifan were completely dumbfounded, was this a normal rapeseed seedling?

Obviously, it was not.

This rapeseed was grown by Ye Xiaochen, the length of its root has reached an astonishing level.

This was the magic of the art of growth, letting plants grow taller, letting plants grow leaves, it could be said as miracle magic.

In this way, he continued to dig for half an hour, Wang Shuisheng wanted to help, but Ye Xiaochen did not let him do it.

Finally, a hole more than a meter deep was dug.

The root of the plant was over one meter, it should be at least two to three meters. Wang Shuisheng and Feng Xifan were more confused, what does Ye Xiaochen want to do?

“Brother Wang, Mr.Feng, did you notice something?”

Ye Xiaochen pointed at the rapeseed seedlings lying in the pit.


Wang Shuisheng shook his head.

“Mr. Ye, why is the root of this seedling so long?”

Feng Xifan asked.

“It is just a small trick, but you guys look at the root, doesn’t it look slightly grey?”

Ye Xiaochen didn’t say much and just pointed towards the root.

“Yeah, if you hadn’t said it, I wouldn’t have noticed. It does appear a little gray. What’s the cause?”

Feng Xifan looked closely and nodded.

“The secret is here, brother Wang, take this root and do a lab test of it, you should be able to solve the mystery.”

Ye Xiaochen pulled the roots, and took a piece of it, then said to Wang Shuisheng.


Wang Shuisheng was in doubt but still nodded.

“Mr.Ye, then what about this mother-son demon seal bottle gourd?”

Feng Xifan was a little uncertain. “Let’s discuss after the test.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Immediately, the three people got inside the car.


Wang Shuisheng quickly did things, and after two hours, the results came out.

At Wang Shuisheng’s villa.

Feng Xifan and Ye Xiaochen were still there.

At the moment, in Wang Shuisheng’s hand, there was a lab test report, his face was very gloomy.

“Damn it, how could there be radioactive materials under the ground?”

His mood was very bad, this was not a small matter.

If they couldn’t get rid of the radioactive material in the soil, then the project was dead.

This was a leisure and entertainment-oriented project. Now that there was radioactive material in the land, who would dare to come here to have fun, wouldn’t it be making fun of their health?

“Brother Wang, didn’t you explore the situation before starting the project?”

Feng Xifan quietly asked.

It was not surprising that the land containing radioactive material has become a fierce place.

The so-called inauspicious influence was just an illusory talk, in scientific terms it was all kinds of radiation and magnetic fields. “Obviously, it has been explored. Before the development started, the water and soil have been strictly tested and they were completely up to the standard.”

Wang Shuisheng’s eyes were red.

If the project collapses, then the damage would be too great. Perhaps he would go from the richest man to a debtor overnight.

For this project, he has borrowed a lot of money from the bank.

Once something goes wrong with the project, the bank would surely urge him to pay, in addition, other investors, partners would all rush in together to demand repayment.

As for his competitor, they would surely drag him down more.

“Brother Wang, is someone trying to deal with you? Otherwise, how can there be radioactive materials?”

Feng Xifan suddenly asked.

“It’s impossible. I have sent someone to test the whole area. The radioactive material is all over the place. The deeper you go into the earth, the greater the concentration. How much radioactive material would be needed for such a large area, even my opponents don’t have such great ability, besides, this a disaster for hundred years, who would dare to do it?”

Wang Shuisheng’s voice was somewhat hoarse. God was playing with him!
He couldn’t figure out how so much radioactive material could appear in the soil out of nowhere?

“Could there be some hidden place underground where there is a lot of radioactive material? And while doing construction you destroyed the hidden place and let the radioactive material leak?” Ye Xiaochen suddenly asked.

“It is impossible. All the records of the land were checked before launching the project. There was no underground defense project or no storage warehouse for radioactive material or anything like that. Otherwise, the government would have not opened this land.”

Wang Shuisheng shook his head and suddenly seemed to think of something, “Wait. I remember half a month ago while digging a foundation, a person said below 70-80 meter, he encountered a hard rock layer and the drill got even broken. Then several workers continued to have problems, but it is not right. If there was radioactive material, it should have been detected early by these people. ”

Feng Xifan remained silent.

He was aware of the danger of radioactive materials.

As long as the radioactive material in the soil was not eliminated, even the mother-son demon seal bottle gourd couldn’t stabilize the Feng Shui.

The removal of radioactive material, even at the national level, was a problem.

It has been decades since Russia’s nuclear power plant exploded, and the area around was still no mans’ land.

Ye Xiaochen also had no method.

Planting was his line of business, and could even use it to help Wang Shuisheng find out the cause, but letting him get rid of the underground radioactive material was difficult for him.

Seeing Wang Shuisheng’s red eyes, Ye Xiaochen sighed in his heart. Wang Shuisheng was in great trouble. If he couldn’t pass this, then it‘s afraid that…. But the problem was there was no method to pass this obstacle! There was no solution unless the radioactive material from the underground could be removed.

Wang Shuisheng went out.

Ye Xiaochen comforted Chu Qingqing, said goodbye to Wang Xinyi, and drove home.

However, his mind could not calm down at all, he kept on thinking about Wang Shuisheng’s matters.

No matter what, Wang Shuisheng had helped him, and now that he was in such a big difficulty, he wanted to help him.

“In the end, what is the way?”

Ye Xiaochen pondered.

Suddenly, he got an idea. Immediately he opened the Shennong system and contacted the Goddess of the moon.

“Goddess of the moon, do you know about a material that can release invisible rays and is harmful to mortals?”

After a long time, Ye Xiaochen replied to the uneasy Ye Xiaochen.


The response was simple.

Ye Xiaochen was very excited and immediately asked, “What is that material?”

“One question, ten immortal yuan.”

The Goddess of the moon replied formally. Well, he knew there would be fees. Fortunately, he was wise enough to save more than 200 immortal yuan, otherwise, he would have needed to sell a batch of immortal beans.

Quickly he paid ten immortal yuan to the Goddess of the moon.

“This material is called obsidian in the immortal circle and is of different types. And emits an invisible obsidian force. The weak ones have an effect on the mortal, and the stronger one could even let the first-grade immortal perish.”

The goddess of the moon shortly answered.

“Goddess of the moon, is there any way to remove this Obsidian?”

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly asked again.

Obviously, he paid the ten immortal yuan.
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