Heavenly Farmer Chapter 151-160

Chapter 151-Wedding Banquet

After a long time, Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes.

Active practicing of condensation of spirit was more real and sensual compared to practicing it in the dreams.

Spiritual consciousness seems to be in a state of omniscience and omnipotence, which was amazing.

“Nuwa spirit seed has a very high requirement for spirit condensation. This requirement not only includes talent but also the external environment.”

Ye Xiaochen had a glimmer of enlightenment.

The spirit seeds have different attributes.

The fire spirit seed has an advantage in practicing the fire system exercises.

And Nuwa spirit seed was a condensation method of life attribute.

One must feel the life force of heaven and hearth, communicate with it and ignite its spiritual seed with the spiritual fire of life.

When condensing spirit seed, the more life you feel and the more complex the species, the more perfect and powerful will be the condensation spirit seed.

“During this period, when I was condensing the spirit seed I communicated with all the plants in the immortal land and farm. I was almost reaching the limit. If I want to strengthen the spirit seed, I must expand the range.”

Ye Xiaochen thought.

Of course, even if Ye Xiaochen doesn’t expand the scope, the present condensed spirit strength was not too bad. After all, there were immortal plants on the farm, which ordinary plants could not compare with.

Besides, the Nuwa spirit seed was not aimed at only plants but also animals.

As the Ye Xiaochen’s talent was focused on plants, he doesn’t have a strong ability to communicate with animals when condensing the spirit seed.

“Since I want to condense the spirit seed, it should naturally be the strongest.”

Ye Xiacohen made his decision.

For the next few days, when he has time, Ye Xiaochen would go out every day to mountains to condense spirit seed.

Different plants and seeds have an effect on the condensation of spirit seed.

If it was the same kind, the effect would be worse.

Every time he would change places, and even when he would go to the county or city, he would look at a park with different varieties of flowers and trees.

He has tried to communicate with animals and enhance the spirit seed, but the results were average.

The time soon reached the end of October.

The red immortal beans were maturing slower than he had imagined.

Ye Xiaochen estimated that it has to do with a lack of fire qi provided by the Fusang tree.
If he had applied fire attribute immortal fertilizer he would have harvested it long ago.

However, he didn’t care, a few days at most.

October 26th.

It was dawn

Ye Xiaochen drove a Porsche Cayenne and left his home.

Today was Fang Yuan’s wedding day.

Originally, he didn’t need to go so early, but Fang Yuan told him that he wanted his car as the wedding car.

Using luxury cars as wedding cars were very common.

Usually, it would be a relative or a friend’s car.

If there was no one, or want a more expensive car, one could rent it from a wedding car rental company, from extended Lincoln to ordinary Toyota.

Ye Xiaochen’s Porsche cayenne was more than three million and the grade was very good.
Being able to help, Ye Xiaochen naturally won’t refuse.
After more than an hour, Ye Xiaochen drove his car to the door of a flower shop in Yang city.

In addition to Ye Xiaochen’s car, there were more than a dozen other cars which all belonged to Fang Yuan’s acquaintances.

There were Mercedes, Benz, BMW and the best was Jaguar.

“Xiaochen, you have come.”

Fang Yuan was flushed and full of energy.

“Haha, Fang Yuan, you are the bridegroom today, congratulations!”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“Hey, when the time comes you will have to drink two glass!”

Fang Yuan smirked.

“Rest assured, any number of glasses is okay. Today I will knock you down and you will not be able to go to the bridal chamber.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

He was not afraid of drinking, he has an anti-toxic constitution, he would not get drunk even after 1000 glasses!

Another car came.

It was a white Porsche.

“Ah, Wang Yuandong came. Today his car will be the leading car.”

Fang Yuan said.

Generally, the leading car in the wedding car team was mainly white. It means to live together until the hair grows white.

“Fang Yuan, Xiaochen.”

Wang Yuandong got down from the car with a lady companion.

The girl was beautiful, has long hair and quite matched with Wang Yuandong.

“Wow, Yuanding, won’t you introduce this beauty?”

Fang Yuan embraced Wang Yuandong’s shoulder, looked at the beautiful girl and laughed.

“Bei Yiyi, my girlfriend”

Wang Yuandong smiled and introduced,  “Yiyi, these are my two college classmates. The fat man is today’s main character, the bridegroom Fang Yuan, and this one, haha, you should have heard about him, he is the famous botanist Ye Xiaochen.”

The girl Bei Yiyi was surprised when she saw Ye Xiaochen, she did not think this young man in front of her was the famous Ye Xiaochen.
She was polite and greeted both Ye Xiaochen and Fang Yuan.

“Oh, Wang Yuandong, you have become quiet, after you found a girlfriend. You see Xiaochen is still lonely, you introduce Xiaochen to some girl.”

Fang Yuan said.

Wang Yuandong’s face stiffened and looked at Ye Xiaochen. He wanted to say does Ye Xiaochen still require his introduction? he has almost become his cheap uncle.

Ye Xiaochen touched his nose and smiled, “What nonsense are you talking about? Be a good bridegroom.”

“Well, let’s go to the shop over there and have some breakfast first.”

Fang Yuan said.

Since they came so early, no one had eaten breakfast.

After an hour.

A dozen wedding cars were decorated.

It was past eight in the morning.

The caravan of wedding cars started and headed straight to the bride’s home.


Fuzhou hotel.

Fang yuan’s wedding ceremony will be held here.

In the big wedding hall, there were many guests. There were almost forty to fifty tables.

The guests of Fang Yuan were many, in addition to relatives, there were also his college classmates, high school classmates, junior school classmates, and even primary school classmates.

There were colleagues and leaders also.

He was now considered section-level head, naturally, there would be a lot of people.

Moreover, there was also his wife Huang Qiqi’s classmates, friends and colleagues.

Ye Xiaochen sighed in his heart, this was the importance of the relationship.

It could be seen from the wedding banquet.

He doesn’t know what would happen when he would get married?

There were more than dozens of students from the university.

Although they were college classmates, they were separated for several years and never contacted them.

Ye Xiaochen saw he could still recognize them, but might not be able to call their name.

“Ye Xiaochen, do you remember me, Zhang Feng. Haha, Fang Yuan said that you are best in our class, and are a top botanical expert.”

University classmates were concentrated on two tables, which were placed together.

A young man with glasses, sitting beside Ye Xiaochen said.

“Of course I remember. When we were in college, we almost fought.”

Ye Xiaochen looked at so many old classmates and felt nostalgic.

It was okay when he didn’t meet them, but now seeing so many familiar faces, he suddenly felt pretty good.

After four years of being together, even if there was not much deep impression, it was still a period of life experience that was hard to forget.

“Yes, I remember, I accidentally dropped your phone and you were about to come after me.”

Zhang Feng smiled.

“It was I who separated you guys, otherwise there would have been a fight.”

A young man with artistic temperament laughed.

Hua cheng.

Game maniac, who was almost unable to graduate, only got the diploma but did not get the bachelor’s certificate.

Ye Xiaochen still has a deep impression of him.

“Ye Xiaochen, Fang Yuan said you have opened a farm, is it true?”

On the opposite, a female classmate asked.

Lai Qiaoer

A small and exquisite girl with a normal look, but was eccentric, lively and kind.

And a chatterbox who likes to ask questions.


Ye XIaochen nodded.

“I heard that an expert group composed of academicians from the Chinese Academy of sciences has visited you in person, is it true?”

Lai Qiaoer asked again.

“oh!, the Academician of the Chinese Academy of science. I Heard there are more than twenty. Ye Xiaochen you are so powerful.”

Another girl said.


Ye Xiaochen was embarrassed, the Fang Yuan must have exaggerated the facts and publicized everywhere.

He said the expert’s group has more than twenty academicians.

Chapter 152-Immortal red beans

At the banquet, Ye Xiaochen received the treatment which he never got before in the college.

He became the center of attraction for two tables of the banquet, the old classmates would come and toast to him from time to time, and the conversation was all about him.

Currently, the internet was well developed, it was not difficult to search about Ye Xiaochen’s news. Even some unfamiliar students who didn’t know would pick up the phone and check on it.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t refuse the toasts from his old classmates.

After all, he was also their classmate and he was a nostalgic person. There would not be many opportunities in the future to meet.

So he drank almost twenty glasses of beer.

However, Ye Xiaochen felt nothing.

He was completely immune to alcohol.

When Fang Yuan came with his bride Huang Qiqi, they changed the target.

“Dear old classmates, you guys have come to my wedding, I am really happy. Today you must eat and drink a lot. I will accompany you guys later, now I toast this glass of wine to you guys.”

Fang Yuan, wearing a white suit, holding the glass wine, said with a smile.

“One glass is not enough. It should be one glass per person.”

Zhang Feng shouted.

“Yes, one glass per person.”

“Fang Yuan, according to your capacity, it should not be a problem.”

Others also fanned the flames.

“You guys are really evil. One glass per person? There are hundreds of people at the banquet. You will suffocate me. Do you guys still have any humanity? Today, I still need to go to the bridal chamber.”

Fang Yuan must have drunk a lot, his tongue was somewhat rolled.

“Let’s do this. One glass for male classmates and one glass for female classmates. If the bridegroom really gets drunk and is not able to make it to the bridal chamber, then the bride will blame us till death.”

Ye Xiaochen stood up holding the glass of wine and laughed.

“Xiaochen has real loyalty.”

Fang Yuan quickly said.

In this way, Fang Yuan toasted two glasses of wines, then left with the bride.

“Ye Xiaochen, you made Fang Yuan drink less, now you have to make up for him in his place.”

Zhang Feng smiled.

“It is no problem, but don’t blame me if you guys get drunk.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

Today he could see so many old classmates, he was in a good mood and naturally did not refuse. Anyway, he would not get drunk.

“Everyone, did you hear it, Ye Xiaochen himself said it is not a problem, then what are we waiting for?”

Zhang Feng loudly said.

“If I don’t make Ye Xiaochen drunk today, then I would pour it on myself. Bring the bottle of wines.”

Wang Yuandon was the first one to stand up, he opened a bottle of Jiannanchun liquor, poured a glass and handed it to Ye Xiaochen.
Ye Xiachen just smiled and didn’t say anything, and drank the wine in the glass in a single gulp.

Next, other old classmates tried to get Ye Xiaochen drunk.

Unlike the beer he previously drank, this was the solid white wine.

After two rounds, Ye Xiaochen had drunk more than ten glasses of wine. His face was not red, but sober and his tongue did not seem to slip.

“Ye Xiaochen, for your alcohol capacity, I bow.”

Zhang Feng was surprised when Ye Xiaochen drank more than a dozen glasses and didn’t get drunk.

“It’s only the start, let’s continue.”

Wang Yuandong was not willing to let Ye Xiaochen go, and continued the drink.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t refuse anyone.

Ordinary people have no problem drinking a glass or two of white wine, but by the third glass, they would start feeling a little dizzy.

Now some male students began to get muddle-head.

The people like Wang Yuandong who could drink alcohol, four to five glasses is not a problem. If there were more, they would also feel the effect.

In the end, Ye Xiaochen couldn’t count how many glasses he had. Anyway, on the table, there were ten opened bottles of white wine, and at least half of them had entered his stomach.
Almost all the male classmates were lying on the table.
And Wang Yuandong had leaned back on the chair and was still murmuring, “drink, let’s continue to drink, I, I, do not believe, you can still drink.”

Under many female’s adorations, Ye Xiaochen poured the remaining liquor from the last bottle into the glass.

“Ye Xiaochen, you have drunk so much wine, are you really okay?”

Lai Qiaoer’s eyes widened and asked.

“I am okay.”

Ye Xiaochen picked up a slice of meat with his chopsticks, put it in his mouth and chewed slowly, then drank a mouthful of wine and shook his head.

He didn’t feel anything, but just had a little urge of peeing.

He took a sip from the wine glass, then wiped his mouth with a tissue, stood up and said, “I am going to the washroom.”

After Ye Xiaochen left the table, the female classmates who were not drunk started discussing.

“Ye Xiaochen is a good drinker, he has at least drank four to five jin of wine.”

“Not only that. I counted, he drank 28 glass of white wine, not including the dozen of beers he drank before.”

“That’s ridiculous.”

“He drank so much, won’t there be any problem?”

“Why don’t you go and take a look?”

“I will go.”

Li Qiaoer took the initiative and followed to check the situation of Ye Xiaochen.

When Ye Xiaochen reached the washroom, he saw Fang Yuan vomiting.

“Drank a lot.”

Ye Xiaochen patted the shoulders of Fang Yuan.

“I am going to die of drinking, if I had known that I needed to drink so much alcohol, then I wouldn’t have gotten married.”

Fang Yuan feebly said.

“You are stupid. It has nothing to do with whether you are marrying or not. It has to do with your IQ.”

eE Xiacohen laughed.

“It has to do with IQ? I have a high IQ”

Fang Yuan vomited again and then said.

“People with a high IQ will replace wine with water. People with low IQ will drink as much as they can, especially when they can’t drink.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Damn, why didn’t you say it earlier.”

Fang Yuan said with a depressed face.

“You didn’t ask me and which married bridegroom won’t do it, otherwise they would die of drinking.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

After saying that he finished his work and went out.

When he went out of the washroom, he saw Lai Qiaoer waiting outside the door.

“Ye Xiaochen, you came out.”

Lai Qiaoer was a little surprised.

“Uhm, do you have something to say to me?”

Ye Xiaochen asked with curiosity.

“I was worried about you drinking so much wine. Since you are okay, I am relieved. I am saying, you shouldn’t drink so much alcohol in the future. It’s not good for your health. I have a relative who was very fond of drinking. He said that he never got drunk. But, what happened in the end? He drank and directly reached the hospital. He got alcohol poison.”

Li Qiaoer said in a bitter tone.

“Oh. thank you for your concern.”

Ye Xiaochen nodded, after all, she had good intentions.

The two did not return to the banquet, just near the window they chatted.
“Oh, you two guys are chatting fiercely here. There won’t be any adultery, right?”

Fang Yuan came out of the washroom with staggering steps, then he saw Ye Xiaochen and Lai Qiaoer, and couldn’t help give an ambiguous smile.

“Fang Yuan, what nonsense are you talking about?”

Lai Qiaoer glared at Fang Yuan.

“Haha, I think you two are quite a match, should I be a matchmaker for you guys.”

Fang Yuan gave a strange laugh.

Lai Qiaoer glanced at Ye Xiaochen, her cheeks were red, and said to Fang Yuan, “not going to talk to you, I am returning to the table.”

Saying that she quickly left.

“You are always looking for trouble.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head.

Although Li Qiaoer was a beauty, he didn’t feel anything about her.

“Haha, Qiaoer is quite good. She was also our class flower at the beginning.”

Fang Yuan laughed and said.

“I have a girlfriend.”

Ye Xiaochen shrugged and said.

“My God, so fast. Don’t bluff me.”

Fang Yaun’s eyes were widened.

“But not faster than you.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and walked towards the banquet hall.

After reaching the table, Ye Xiaochen found a problem, that was Li Qiaoer always seemed to be looking at him, and cheeks were red.

He released a sigh, it was unlikely that this brother now has a great charm?

The wedding finished.

The guest left one after another.

More than a dozen classmates were drunk, however, Fang Yuan has already booked rooms in the hotel, Ye Xiaochen as a porter sent them to rooms one by one.

Several female classmates have to go back home, they have taken the leave for the wedding day, and need to go to work from tomorrow.

So Ye Xiaochen drove the car and dropped them to the high-speed railway station including Li Qiaoer.

After completing the mission of dropping people, Ye XIaochen called Fang Yaun, and directly went home.

Few days passed.

The thirty immortal beans were finally matured.

After picking and threshing were done, the basket was filled with immortal red beans, it was bright red as fire.

Ye Xiaochen carefully counted, there were 7748 beans,

In terms of yield, it was lower than the yellow immortal beans.

He cut a bean, it had seven circle patterns.

This was the bean closer to the Fusang tree.

He cut a bean which was farthest from the Fusang tree and was obviously lower, it had only five circle patterns.

“I didn’t expect the impact of the Fusang tree would be so big.”

Ye Xiaochen was surprised.

It should be known that yellow immortal beans,  even after applying the immortal fertilizer, there were only six circle patterns at most.

This shows the influence of heavenly treasures like the Fusang tree on the immortal beans were stronger than the immortal fertilizer.

He realized how lucky he was to get a piece of Fusang tree.

“If I can get a few more Fusang trees, then I can expand the range of the immortal red beans.”

Ye Xiaochen thought.

Of course, he knew it was impossible for the time being, after all. The big Fusang tree was in the hands of the government.

It was already rare that he could get a branch.

“Well, let’s first appraise this batch in the store.”

Ye Xiaochen decided.

Although the price in the store was not as high as in an auction, it could still let him know the details of this batch of immortal beans.

Soon, Ye Xiaochen put the 500 red immortal beans in store for sale.

It didn’t take long for the appraisal result to come out.

Ye Xiaochen looked at it and was surprised to find that the information of this batch of red immortal beans was special.

The divinity was the same as the yellow immortal beans, but the spirit quality was much higher.

“Is it because of the Fusang tree that its spirit quality has strengthened so much?”

Ye Xiaochen muttered to himself.

Immediately, a smile appeared on his face. With such a high spirit quality, the immortal red beans would fetch a good price.

Quickly, he set up a discussion group and sent invitations to many immortals.

Chapter 153- Harvest

The number of immortals this time was much higher than the last time, reaching more than 60.

“Seniors, there is a red immortal beans batch, the quality is good. I will now send the appraisal information.”

Ye Xiaochen saw that everyone was there, he then sent a few screenshots of the appraisal information taken from the store to the group.

“The spirit characteristic is pretty good this time.‘

“It is really nice.”

“With this quality, it is really hard to have such a high level of spirit characteristics.”

“I think it would be good to cook a pot of red bean porridge.”

“The fried beans would be delicious.”

“It will be great for making red bean sauce.”

“I think if used to make tofu, it will be delicious.”

“You all are real foodies. If this kind of red immortal beans is used for eating, it would be too wasteful.”

“How are we wasting it? The spirit quality and divinity it contains will be good for our practice.”

Soon there were a lot of discussions going on in the group, and it became very lively.

Ye Xiaochen looked at the chats and was dumbfounded, will not these all immortals be foodies? Even eating such a precious red immortal bean.

However, after thinking about it, these immortal beans were precious to him, but for these immortals, the level might be too low.

It’s probably good for cooking.

Forget it. What does it have to do with him what immortals do after buying beans?

It was good as long as he could earn immortal yuan.

This time he was going to sell seven thousand five hundred immortal beans, leaving with him more than 200 immortal beans.

Five hundred beans were already sold in the store, only 7000 beans would be auctioned.

“Predecessors, in this auction, the 1000 beans would be considered as a group. There are only seven groups, each group’s base price is two hundred immortal yuan and each bid increase shouldn’t be less than 5 immortal yuan.”

Ye Xiaochen saw that the mood was almost boiling, he immediately said the rule.
The reason he reduced the number of groups was to increase competitiveness.
“Ye Xiaochen, hurry up. I am waiting to make the red bean porridge.”

There was a foodie immortal who couldn’t wait.

Shortly, the auction for the first group of immortal beans began.

Compared with the last immortal beans, this auction was more intense.

The frequency of bids was very high.

In the blink of an eye, the bid price reached three hundred and fifty immortal yuan.

“Three hundred and sixty immortal yuan.”

“Three hundred and seventy immortal yuan.”

“Three hundred and eighty immortal yuan.”

“Three hundred and ninety immortal yuan.”

When the bid reached four hundred immortal yuan, Ye Xiaochen was so excited that he almost shouted.

In the last auction, it was in the thirteenth group, that it reached this price.
And it was clear that the limit hasn’t yet been reached.

“Four hundred and five immortal yuan.”

“Four hundred and ten immortal yuan.”

“Four hundred and fifteen immortal yuan.”

The bid finally slowed down when it reached four hundred and twenty immortal yuan.

Ye Xiaochen knew the price was reaching its limits.

Sure enough, the final bid was settled at four hundred and thirty-five immortal yuan.

The bidding for the second group started.

The final bid for it was four hundred and fifty immortal yuan.

The third group’s final bid was four hundred and seventy immortal yuan.

The fourth group final bid was four hundred and eighty-five immortal yuan.

The fifth group’s final bid was four hundred and ninety immortal yuan.

The sixth group’s final bid was five hundred immortal yuan.

When the last group of immortal beans auction started, it instantly reached five hundred immortal yuan and finally settled at five hundred fifty immortal yuan.

Ye Xiaochen almost went wild.

Although the yield of the red immortal bean was not as good as that of yellow immortal beans, the final income of the red immortal beans exceeded that of yellow immortal beans.

He got 3330 immortal yuan.

And this was only from the auction.

From the store, he got one hundred and fifty-eight immortal yuan.

As a result, his total revenue of the red immortal beans reached 3488 immortal yuan.
The previous eight thousand immortal beans, he got 2590 immortal yuan, the difference was more than 900 immortal yuan.

Ye Xiaochen sighed in his heart, the profit margin was really great in the red immortal bean.

Unfortunately, he had only one Fusang tree, and its range was limited, otherwise, he could have expanded the planting.

He looked at the account and saw it had reached six thousand immortal yuan.

“The Shennong mantra cultivation skill requires 8,800 immortal yuan. Now, I have 6000 immortal yuan and need more 2800 immortal yuan.”

Ye Xiaochen thought.

At the present, among the immortal plants he planted, the immortal wheat and immortal grass could be harvested soon.

Especially the immortal grass, they have grown tall enough to be harvested.

As for the immortal wheat, it would take a few more days to harvest.

“Well, let’s now harvest immortal grass.”

He came to an immortal land where it was filled with tender green grass.

This immortal grass was slightly different from the ordinary grass. It was half the height of a person and was very slender.

He once checked that grass from seed could cover a large area, sprouting numerous grasses.

The output was very good.

Immediately, he took out the immortal sickle, this sickle was not much different from the ordinary sickle, except it had some strange textures on it.

Ye Xiaochen also took out a spirit lock medicine and gently applied it to the sickle.

Immediately, the medicine was absorbed by the immortal sickle and an immortal pattern appeared with a faint halo.

The spirit lock medicine was displaying its effect.

He no longer hesitated and quickly began to harvest the immortal grass.

When he was harvesting, he tried to stick close to the root of immortal grass, so that he could harvest long grasses.

After working for more than an hour, Ye Xiaochen harvested all the immortal grass from the immortal land.

Not a blade of grass escaped.

This all could be sold for the immortal yuan.

“Do not know what is the price of immortal grass in the store.”

Ye Xiaochen quickly opened the store.

The store replied.

Ten thousand grass was required to put in the store.

“Anyway, I don’t know how much grass I have. Let’s put all the in the store.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head.

There was too much immortal grass, he would be a fool if he started counting.

Ye Xiaochen did not sell all the immortal grass but left a small part with him.

Finally, he got the appraisal, there was a total of 57,438 immortal grass.

The appraisal of the store was extraordinary, it identified each blade of grass.

To Ye Xiaochen’s surprise, the price of immortal grass was good.

The average price of grass reaches two-spirit yuan.

Not before long, all the immortal grass was sold out.

It was very popular.

After deducting the fee of the store, Ye Xiaochen got 1,145 immortal yuan for the 57,438 immortal grass.

“Haha, the price is not bad.”

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help laughing.

It should be known that the immortal grass has a greater advantage than other immortal plants, that is they could be harvested many times.

The next harvest won’t take the same long time as the first harvest.

“Haha, now I have 7100 immortal yuan. I just need 1700 immortal yuan to reach 8,800 immortal Yuan. In the next harvest, I will be able to get enough.”

Ye Xiaohen was in a good mood.

Just as he was thinking, dozens of immortals including the Goddess of the Moon contacted ye Xiaochen about the immortal grass.

It turns out that as long the pet or mount was herbivorous, immortal grass was the best food for them.

Moreover, the immortal grass planted by Ye Xiaochen contains divinity.

Chapter 154

Ye Xiaochen was holding the handle of the millstone in one hand and a small tea sized bowl on the other hand. From time to time in the middle hole of the millstone, he would pour the water in the beans which were soaked all night.

These beans were the common soybean harvested from the farm. A month ago he harvested these beans
According to the normal time, it would take more than two more months to harvest.

Because of Ye Xiaochen’s Shennong talent, beans were matured in advance.

Ye Xiaochen was now grinding beans to make Tofu.

Originally, there exists a special soybean milk machine that specializes in crushing the beans, but Y Xiaochen thinks that the soya bean milk made by machinery was not as good as made from the millstone.

It just happened that Ye Xiaochen’s family had millstone, which hadn’t been used for a long time. He moved it out, washed it and then manually started grinding the soybean.

Among these beans, Ye Xiaochen also mixed few yellow immortal beans and red immortal beans.

He thought after mixing the immortal beans, it would definitely make the Tofu delicious.

When the immortal beans were ground and blended with the soy milk, a faint fragrance emerged which was extremely attractive.

When the last bowl of beans was poured into the millstone, gradually ground into soymilk, which flowed out from the gap of the millstone and fell into the below stainless steel basin.

The bean liquid in the stainless steel basin was not pure white but had a hint of yellow and red color. This was the color of yellow immortal beans and red immortal beans.

He had eaten red immortal beans, it had a completely different taste from the yellow immortal beans.

The most peculiar thing was that after eating a red immortal bean, he felt his whole body warm and then sweat started to come out. The sweat was black and the impurities in the body seemed to be removed.

Obviously, the red immortal bean had a detoxifying effect.

As for the yellow immortal bean, the effect was much more peaceful, it subtly improves the physique.

Ye Xiaochen felt some physique enhancement after eating some yellow immortal beans.

After the beans were grounded, Ye Xiaochen moved the rotary plate of the millstone, inside the remaining soymilk on the plate with water, and poured it in the stainless steel basin. The bowl was full of soymilk.

The bean fragrance it was sending was extremely good to smell.

The next step was to filter the okara out of the soy milk, leaving only pure soy milk.

His mother bought a white cloth bag to filter the soy milk.

Ye Xiaochen holding the basin directly poured the bean liquid into the bag, and immediately soy milk started to flow out from the bag.

After all the soy milk flowed out, the mother began to tie the bag tightly and put it on a wooden stool specially used for squeezing and began to knead the bag vigorously and immediately the liquid started flowing out from the bag again.

Squeezed for more than ten minutes, until no more soy milk was flowing out, what left a bag of okara.

This okara was also edible.

What’s more, there were red immortal beans and yellow immortal beans mixed in it, so it could not be discarded.

This okara could be used to make the soybean cake. The next step was to boil the soymilk.
He put the soymilk on the pan, put the pan on the woodstove and fired it.

Always when boiling soy milk, should simmer it on a low heat to remove the froth.

If at this time soymilk was cooled, you could find the pieces of bean skin.

At this time, his mother used a piece of gypsum to get the gypsum water and put it in a pot. Gypsum water brine was especially used to make tofu.

When the brine is mixed with the soymilk, a chemical reaction occurs that turns soymilk into tofu curd.

After making the brine, the mother brought the vegetable bowl from the house and with a spoon scooped out the soymilk from the iron pot.

Then, Ye Xiachen and his mother lifted the iron pit from the wood stove and poured the hot soymilk in the brine pot and stirred it thoroughly.

Soon, the white bean curd slowly started emerging.

The mother bought a wooden container to specially make tofu.

First, she put a gauze on the bottom of the container, and then scooped out bean curds into the container with the spoon. After filling the container, she put a lid on it, then put a weight on the lid.

In just a few hours, the tender tofu would form.

The wooden container was filled with the jellied tofu.

There was only a bowl of tofu curd left in the pottery jar, which would be used for the cooking at noon.

Ye Xiacohen picked a bowl of soy milk from the table and took a sip, it was really sweet. Although no sugar was added, it tasted sweet.

“Xiaochen, won’t you add sugar?”

The mother bought a sugar jar and asked.

“Mother, don’t add sugar in it. It’s better like this, you try a sip.”

Ye Xiaochen quickly said.

“How it will be good without sugar?” Mother didn’t believe him.

“Just try a sip.”

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly said.

Mother took a sip, suddenly her eyes showed a surprise expression. It was really delicious. Even if there was no sugar, there was sweetness in the beans.

And there was a mellow bean flavor, which was very memorable. After drinking a bowl, the mother had a feeling of wanting more.
“It’s really delicious, had I known about it before I would have kept two more bowls.”

Mother said.

“Isn’t their bean curd ?”

Ye Xiaochen drank the bowl of soy milk and then put his next target on the bowl of bean curd.

He took a spoon and ate it.

It was really too good, the bean curd was very tender and fresh, it was incomparable, it was simply the best taste in this whole world!

“Don’t eat everything, leave some for your father.”

Mother also ate a potion of bean curd, she finally held herself back and left the portion of bean curd for the father.


Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help put his eyes on the tofu container. Don’t know how the tofu would taste? Suddenly there was an idea in his mind. If he used farm beans and little immortal beans to make the bean products and serve them at the Immortal Spring Restaurant, it would be another hit product comparable to the pickled vegetables.

Unfortunately, the immortal beans were too precious and limited, so it couldn’t be wasted.

He could use it for himself and family, but rather would not sell it at the restaurant. Let’s just forget it.

Ye Xiaochen walked out of the house and came to the side yard. The building materials such as redbricks were piled up.
The foundation has been laid, it was about a foot high. Father was watering the foundation.
In a few days, the construction team would come over and start the construction process.

“Father, I will water it. You go back and drink soy milk.”

Ye Xiaochen went towards his father and said. “It’s all right. It will be finished soon.” Father said.
Ye Xiaochen was about to say something, and suddenly his phone rang.
He took it out and saw that Li Jiaren was calling him.

It turned out there was a meeting this afternoon and informed Ye Xiaochen to attend.

The meeting was just a summary and progress of the previous month’s company’s operation. In addition to the various department heads of the company, the shareholders will also attend the regular meeting.

Chapter 155

Three o’clock in the afternoon.

The third floor of Immortal Spring restaurant, conference room. Everyone was present.
Eighteen people in total.
In addition to twelve shareholders, there were also six department heads. The general manager Nie Yunhai, assistant General manager Zhu Xia,
head of the finance department Li Yun, head of the accounting department Xie Juan, head of logistic department Liu Xuilang and head of the service department Peng pan, were present.

First Assistant general manager Zhu Xia reported the company’s previous month’s profit.

Total turnover, raw material cost, utility cost, labor cost, tax payments, profits, etc.

There were detailed reports in front of each member.

Ye Xiaochen looked at it. Even if he knew the net profit would be high, he was still shocked. The average daily turnover was more than four hundred thousand. On October 31, the total turnover was 12.78 million.

After the deduction of all the costs, the net profit was 8.94 million.

And calculating from Ye Xiaochen’s dividend, he got nearly four million. It was an extremely astonishing income.
Other shareholders were smiling at their income.

With such profits, within half a year their investment could be fully recovered and whatever next come would be the pure profit.

And when the branches will open, the income would be even more amazing.

Now the restaurant was full of customers every day, and it was hard to get a reservation.

, after the report, the restaurant operation for the next month was discussed.

For example, the price adjustment.

Logistics department head Liu Xioloang made detailed statistics on the popularity of various dishes, which dishes were more popular and which dishes order rate was low.

There was a requirement not only for the price adjustment but also the kitchen improvement.

After an intense discussion, eight dishes were finally decided for the price adjustment, for some dishes the price would increase and for some price would be reduced.

Also, several new dishes were added by the chefs and need to discuss how to price them. Should they serve them under the current menu or reserved menu. By the time the meeting finished, it was at least past five ‘o clock.

Dinner was done at the restaurant. It was a party. All the company employees and restaurant waiters gathered together for dinner.

The cooking was naturally done by Master Lin and other chefs.

It was a rare opportunity for the employees and waiters who usually watch guests eat and could only secretly drool. Now, they finally got their hands on the restaurant’s food.

Although the company covers three meals a day, what they get was ordinary food. After all, immortal spring vegetables were too precious to be used as meals for employees.

During this meal, the employees ate heartily and satisfied themselves. These immortal spring vegetable dishes were really delicious.
According to the normal ordering price, their meal would cost thousands of yuan for each person.

After the meal, Ye Xiaochen smiled and said that there would be such dinner every month from the future and they could also bring their family members.

The employees present on the scene cheered.

Their salaries were already higher than the average hotel and restaurant, and now they could even have the opportunity to bring their family for a meal. Naturally, they were happy.

The next morning.

Ye Xiaochen was busy working on the farm, and suddenly his phone vibrated. He took it out and saw there was an account balance message from the bank. The total was four million three hundred eighty-four thousand six hundred and eighteen yuan.

Such an astonishing dividend, Ye Xiaochen felt endless pleasure. This brother could be considered a rich man in the future.
After thinking, Ye Xiaochen hurriedly returned to the home and showed the message to the mother.

Mother was first confused, then was stunned for a moment, and finally, her eyes almost came out because of surprise.

She looked around and then whispered, “son, why there is so much money?”

She counted it carefully, there were seven digits. God, this was more than four million.

“The dividend from the restaurant.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“So much!”

Mother said in surprise.

“Of course, one month’s gross income was more than ten million.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said.

Mother didn’t know what to say, she felt a little ignorant.

She never imagined that her son and his partners could make so much money by opening a restaurant.

She quickly took out her phone and called father to come back immediately. When father came he was still wondering why they called him. Mother was so secretive, she didn’t say anything and asked him just to come back.

However, when he read the message he gasped and was completely taken aback.

“How was it, mother? Was it shocking? I think the standards for the new house should be raised.”

Ye Xiaochen said proudly.

“No, half a million is enough. You can save money. With so much money, the one-year bank interest would be big enough.”

Mother was very stubborn.

Ye Xiaochen was speechless, what was this vision, how do you always just think about bank interest?

On the farm.

Ye Xiaochen came to the immortal wind medicinal herb.

The wind medicinal herb was already more than two-inch tall but was far from being mature.

The mature wind medicinal herb should be more than a foot tall.

“During this time, I have practiced the art of growth a lot, and have accumulated a lot of experience. The success rate should be 100%. Maybe now I can practice on the immortal plants.”

Ye Xiaochen thought.

Among all the immortal plants, the immortal grass and immortal radishes were the cheapest.

The immortal grass should be the easiest to promote after all its structure was the most simple. Unlikely, the immortal beans. In addition to the stem and leaves, he also needs to grow the bean pods that contain beans.

After thinking, Ye Xiaochen quickly went near the immortal grass.

Just recently the immortal grass was harvested, so now the immortal grass was only a little tall, and the broken part of the soft shoots was there.

Ye Xiaochen chose the immortal grass, there were hundreds of grass densely packed in an area.

He opened his hand, gently covered the immortal grass and closed his eyes, then used his spirit talent.

The immortal grass consciousness was much stronger than that of ordinary plants, it was full of spirituality.

Because of this, it was much more difficult to promote the growth of immortal plants. After all, the more the spirit in the consciousness, the more variables were there.

Ye Xiaochen has accumulated enough experience, his mastery of the art of Growth was quite good.

Slowly, the immortal grass shoots began to grow faster.

In fact, the Art of Growth for immortal plants was not complicated. The only thing to consider whether the nutrition and the immortal spirit qi of the immortal land could keep up with the growing needs of immortal plants.

Lasted for more than ten minutes, the hundreds of the immortal grass grew more than an inch.

Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes and took a breath. It went pretty smoothly.
“Haha, I will practice with the immortal grass. Maybe the second harvest of the immortal grass can be done much earlier.” Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help laughing.

In the next few days, Ye Xiaochen concentrated all his energy on the immortal grass.

All the immortal grass grew nearly two inches tall and looked much lusher.

Under normal circumstances, it would take nearly a week to grow so tall. All the immortal grass growth went smooth, there was no problem.
, he used the art of growth on the immortal radishes, it went smooth.

In this way, Ye Xiaochen became more and more skilled in the art of growth.

At the same time, the immortal wheat matured.

Chapter 156

A sign that wheat has matured, was when all the leaves in the wheat would turn yellow and there would be no greenish color.

And the top wheat ear would be in gold color, just as if it was gold and looks very beautiful.

The wheat stem was thick and strong and was as tall as a person, there were about four ears.

There was a lot of wheat hanging on it.

Ye Xiaochen took out his immortal sickle and began to harvest.

It took him more than an hour to cut down all the wheat plants and put them in a basket.

was the threshing of the wheat.

The method to remove the wheat was very simple. Put the ear of wheat in the water and stir them gently. All the wheat grains would fall off automatically and there would be no damage to the wheat grains.

There were a lot of wheat grains in one ear, ranging from twenty to thirty. According to the average, the wheat plant has four ears, so 30 grains in each ear, so there should be 120 wheat grains in a plant and a hundred plants would have 12000 wheat grains.

Ye Xiaochen knew that this immortal wheat has spirit characteristics like immortal beans and could be used to refine wheat soldiers.

In fact, all the cereal, like immortal corn, immortal millet, immortal maize, etc could be used for refining soldiers.

However, out of all the crops, immortal beans were the most outstanding.

This time Ye Xiaochen decided to keep a hundred of immortal wheat grains with himself and put the rest all in the store.

First, he sliced a wheat grain to check the lines of the pattern.

Although it was small in size, the immortal pattern in wheat grain was still clearly visible, there six circles.

He wondered how many immortal yuans would he get this time. Immediately, he chose all to sell in the store.
There were 13,189 wheat grains in total.

If added the 500 wheat grains left with him, then it would be 13,689 wheat grains.

The average price of wheat grain was 13 spirit yuan. The total price was 1,779 immortal yuan.
Deducting the five percent consignment fee, he would get 1,691 immortal yuan.

Adding the previous 7173 immortal yuan, his total now has reached 8,864 immortal yuan. Ye Xiaochen finally revealed a smile, he knew that this was enough to buy the page of Shennong manual containing the Shennong matra.

Soon, all the immortal wheat was sold off, and Ye Xiaochen couldn’t wait to buy the page of the Shennong manual.

After 8,800 immortal yuan was deducted, the page of the Shennong manual appeared in the storage space.

He couldn’t wait and took out the page.

Like the last Nuwa spirit seed, the Shennong mantra was written on the animal skin paper.

There was a humanoid image on it, but the image no longer had the head of the snake, but of a real person. Its posture was peculiar and there were many red and black dots on it and had an immortal mark.

Beside it, there were many immortal words.

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen was stunned, no one should say he was stupefied. He doesn’t know more than eighty percent of them.
Damn, I still need someone to translate this. He almost vomited blood due to anger.
He had only sixty-four immortal yuan.

Moreover, there were more immortal words than the last one, there were at least 1800 words. Deducting the repeated words, and the words which were translated last time, there should be no less than 700 to 800 words which he doesn’t know.

Ye Xiaochen was very sad, he thought after getting the page, he would be able to practice, but now it seems he has to wait for more time.

Damn, was there any mistake? Why couldn’t they give a translated page? Ye Xiaochen shook his head and smiled bitterly.

If he had known about it before, he wouldn’t have bought it.

Now he has the Shennong matra, but couldn’t practice it, which was really sad.

All he could do was put the page in storage space. All right, he has to wait again!
It was estimated that it would take another week or two to harvest the latest immortal plant, which was the fifty yellow immortal beans he planted.

Ah, it’s a tough day!

Ye Xiaochen felt for the first time that the growth rate of these immortal plants was so slow.

There was no other way, Ye Xiaochen took out one hundred and twenty immortal wheat grains, and soaked in the seed promoting liquid. He has to wait until tomorrow to plant the seeds.

After doing all the work, Ye Xiaochn then thought about how this immortal wheat would taste.

Anyway, he has to satisfy his tongue first.

What had happened really made him angry, and now he just wanted to have a good meal and blow off the anger.

Back at home, Ye Xiaochen took out ten spirit cut-off wheat grains at once, then grind them into powder with a millstone, mixed some flour and began to male dumpling wrappers.

Mother was surprised seeing Ye Xiaochen’s actions.

Ye Xiaochen made dumplings with leeks, the leek was grown from immortal spring water. He used to cook eggs with leeks, and would taste very delicious.

Now, it was used to make dumplings and it won’t taste bad. Soon, thirty dumplings were ready.
He put it in a steamer and began to cook on the gas stove.

Not before long, a strong fragrance of wheat mixed with leeks came out and filled the whole house.

After half an hour.

Mother and father were eating dumplings, and said it was delicious.

“Son, what is in this dumping? Why is it so delicious?”

Mother was very curious.

She thought her son has planted something nice on the farm, “Haha, of course, it is a good thing. It tastes delicious, right?” Ye Xiaochen said in a mysterious tone.
“It is more than delicious, it is simply extremely delicious, I don’t know how you made it.”

Mother sighed.

During this period, she has eaten more delicious food than in her entire life.

The tofu that was made last time, was also very delicious.

Ye Xiaochen smiled. In fact, he was thinking about an issue, that was how to use these spirit cut-off immortal pants. Directly eating the spirit cut-off immortal plants certainly won’t do, and the quantity was too less.

However, the taste of these plants themselves was great that they could be used as the super seasoning.

Whether it was cooking rice, adding a few immortal beans, or making tofu, or even while making dumplings, putting few immortal wheat grains could make the whole food delicious.

Using the spirit cut-off immortal plants as seasoning could solve the problem of less quantity of immortal plants and would maximize the spirit cut-off immortal plants.

If the restaurant uses the immortal plant seasoning then the restaurant business will become even better.

He thought he could give it a try.

Anyway, he had some immortal plant product on his hands, which could be used properly.

His method was simple, grind immortal beans, immortal wheat, and other immortal products into powder and make a seasoning.

In this way, when cooking a dish, if a little bit of seasoning was added, it would immediately improve the taste of the dish.

He has kept some immortal plant seasoning at home, while cooking, mother would use little seasoning which made the taste of food delicious.

Mother was surprised and asked what kind of seasoning it was.

Ye Xiaochen explained that this was pure natural seasoning which he made.

When he gave the immortal plant seasoning to the immortal spring restaurant, master Lin and other chefs were shocked. Because these seasonings were able to elevate the taste of the dish to a higher level.

Chapter 157

Immortal spring restaurant, the kitchen.

This kitchen was not like a household kitchen. The area of the kitchen was very large.

Regardless of whether it was the layout or decoration, it was very scientific and reasonable and was equipped with all kinds of facilities.

There were more than 20 kitchen staff, including chefs, chef apprentices, and dishwashing staff.

There were six master chefs and each chef has brought three to four apprentices, making it equivalent to a team.

In the everyday cooking work, except for a few particularly difficult main dishes, the chef would only guide their apprentices from the side.

Some secret sauces, ingredients and other things like this were naturally done by the chefs.

Moreover, each kitchen team was responsible for a particular dish, so the division of labor, cooperation, and efficiency was very high.

In such a big kitchen, although there were many people, it was not chaotic but was orderly. At the moment, several chefs gathered together and were making the dishes using the immortal plant seasoning provided by Ye Xiaochen.

When they tasted it, they were completely shocked, because the dishes with seasoning tasted at least one level higher.

Most importantly, the flavoring brought by the seasoning did not have any synthetic taste, instead, it was full of natural and authentic taste.

They were all top chefs with outstanding cooking skills. Naturally, they knew how much influence the seasonings could have on the cooking skills. Even a cook with average cooking skills uses this kind of seasoning, it would improve his dishes by a few levels.

This was really amazing.

“Xiaochen, what kind of seasoning is this?”

Master Lin asked with curiosity.

“Haha, Master Lin, there are some natural ingredients in it. For example, this seasoning which has a bean flavor is called red immortal bean powder. I made it from the red beans and has no trace of chemical synthesis. And, This seasoning is made with yellow immortal bean powder extracted from the soybean. And, this is made from immortal wheat powder, extracted from the wheat.”

Ye Xiaochen explained with a smile.

Master Lin and other chefs were amazed, extracted from beans and wheat. How was this possible?

However, they couldn’t help but believe it, as the flavor of these seasoning was of bean and wheat variety.

It was just the enhancement of aroma and taste of the dishes was not something that could be explained by simple wheat and beans. Even if pure bean and wheat were cooked, it was far from producing this kind of aroma and taste.

They already admire Ye Xiaochen’s ability, the vegetables he grew were so delicious, the pickled vegetables he made were peerless and now making such a seasoning was not a surprise.

“Master Lin, adding these three seasonings should be good.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said.

“Xiaochen, it’s not just good, but perfect. Our immortal spring vegetables are the top grade ingredient and this seasoning is enough to increase its grade. I can say that even a chef with high cooking skill, cannot make such great dishes. With such seasoning, our immortal spring restaurant will be invincible in the food industry.”

Master Lin laughed heartily.

The other chefs also nodded, with such seasoning they were more confident in dominating the food industry.

In the future, the immortal spring restaurant would surely become a super brand in the food industry.

“Master Lin, these seasonings are very precious. it is not easy to make, the production is very small and it has a strong nutritional value. So when using on dishes, it is best to raise their price, otherwise, it will reduce the profit.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“It really requires an increase in price.”

Master Lin nodded and then continued, “Xiaochen, why not hold a meeting and discuss it?”

Ye Xiaochen nodded. In the afternoon, a meeting was held to discuss the use of the immortal spring seasoning.

After several discussions, the decision was made.

The three secret seasonings would be added to the menu and priced uniformly.

If the diners want to add these seasoning to their dishes, they need to order it separately.

The prices of the three seasonings were very expensive, the price on each seasoning was set at 588 yuan.

Moreover, the amount of seasoning in each dish was accurately weighed, so that it was neither too much or too less.

Others were a little confused about the high price of seasoning which was set by Ye Xiaochen.

In Ye Xiaochen’s opinion, 588 yuan was still a favorable price.

For a single immortal spring seasoning, it needs about one-tenth of the immortal beans or a quarter of an immortal wheat grain.

The immortal beans and wheat, how precious were they? The nutrients contained in them could be said as an elixir for the ordinary people.

That evening all the menus were revised.

Three kinds of immortal spring seasonings were added, and each price was 588 yuan per serving.

Putting the seasoning on the menu, it could be said immortal spring restaurant was the first one to do.

These seasonings were really very expensive. During the dinner, many diners who came to eat saw that three seasonings were added to the menu.

Many people became curious.

Although the people who come here to eat have some wealth, the 588 yuan for a seasoning still made many people little apprehensive.

In particular, the amount of single serving of seasoning was too small, accurate to the point of milligrams.

It was more expensive than gold.

Of course, some rich people were foodies and were very curious about this secret seasoning, so they ordered one to try it.

When the dishes with the secret seasoning came, an indescribable fragrance came which was beyond the normal immortal spring dishes.

When they tasted the dish, they felt it was worth the price.

The most peculiar thing was that after eating a dish with the seasoning, not only there was a kind of spiritual enjoyment, but also the body felt an unspeakable sense of comfort.

Especially the people who ordered dishes with immortal red powder seasoning. After eating, they would feel warm and would sweat. Then after sweating, they would feel light and comfortable beyond description.

“Delicious, very delicious.”

“The secret seasoning is worth the price.”

“Haha, I know now why this secret seasoning is so expensive, it is really good.”

“It is not just good, it is wonderful.” In the private dining room and the hall, as long as someone has ordered dishes with secret seasoning there would be a burst of exclamation and praises.

It provoked curiosity in other diners, and they also tried.

After that day many people completely fell in love with the secret seasoning.

For several days, the popularity of the immortal spring restaurant rose exponentially. Many diners who had eaten the secret seasoning dishes were infatuated with it. After eating the first time, they want to have it for the second time.

As a result of the immortal spring seasoning, the income of these days rose and on the highest day, the income reached more than 600,000 yuan.

Fortunately, the quantity of secret seasoning was very small, otherwise, Ye Xiaochen would have doubted whether the immortal beans and immortal wheat he had could meet the diners’ demand.

Today, Ye Xiaochen was practicing the Art of Growth on the immortal grasses. The immortal grasses have grown more than three-inch tall and with this speed, within a week it could be harvested for a second time.

Suddenly, he received a call from Li Jiaren, saying that the immortal spring restaurant met with a mishap.

Someone has reported that the immortal restaurant was using the poppy as a secret seasoning.

The relevant department involved in the investigation asked immortal spring restaurant to suspend its business.

Chapter 158

Outside the immortal spring restaurant.

A crowd of diners was gathered, as well as the law enforcement people from the relevant department.
“Oh no, the immortal spring restaurant uses the poppy as a seasoning.” “Probably not, after all, the man behind the restaurant is Ye Xiaochen.
He is a top-level botanist and a public figure. How can he use poppies?”

“However, the dishes are so delicious, and after eating will feel particularly addictive. If you don’t eat it, you will always feel something is missing. It can’t be because of poopy right?”

“I don’t think it’s possible. The seasoning is very special and has a natural flavor if it was poppy it cannot have this flavor.

“You have not eaten poppy, so how do you know what it tastes like?
Anyway, I am afraid to eat here again.”

“Let’s wait for the result of the investigation.”

Arguments were going on, some were doubtful and some did not believe
it. However, the majority of the people were a little worried.

After all, currently, the food safety problem was a very serious matter. Sometimes some well known and high-end restaurants would often expose big problems.

It was impossible to say that there was no problem with the immortal spring restaurant.

When Ye Xiaochen arrived, it was when most of the crowd was present.

When he got out of the car, he was immediately surrounded by many people.

Even the journalists were there, don’t know how they could react so quickly and come here so fast.

“Mr. Ye, you are one of the owners of the immortal spring restaurant. Do you have any comments about using poppies as a seasoning in the restaurant?”

“According to the diners, the dishes in the immortal spring restaurant are very delicious. After eating once they still feel like eating more, there was a sense of addiction, is it due to poppy?”

“Mr.Ye, recently, three special secret seasonings have been added in the menu of the immortal spring restaurant. They are super expensive and make the dishes very delicious. May I ask what ingredients were used to make these seasoning. Does it have anything to do with poppies?”

The reporters were ready with their guns

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t get a space and had to say, “Please be quiet. I can guarantee that all the ingredients and seasonings used in the immortal spring restaurant are absolutely safe and reliable.”

“But why did someone report it? Generally speaking, if there is no problem then why did the relevant department ask you to suspend the operation of the restaurant?” “Excuse me, what the secret seasoning is made of? Is it really safe and reliable? Or is it a new chemical addictive? ”

The reporters did not let Ye Xiaochen pass and kept on asking questions, each question was sharper than the previous one.

At this time the restaurant people got to know Ye Xiaochen came, and hurriedly got someone to get him.

Ye Xiaochen was filled with sweat, it really felt like fighting a battle.

In the restaurant, the law enforcement officers of the relevant department were doing the inspection. All kinds of vegetables, oil, seasoning, salt spices and other things samples were taken for conducting the test.

As for the secret seasoning, it was the most important thing.

“Brother Ren, there should be no problem, right?”

Ye Xiaochen found Li Jiaren and asked. “No problem, it is just a routine check.” Li Jiaren confidently said.
He has the backing of the deputy county commissioner and has a strong connection. Not to mention, Ye Xiaochen was his signboard.

“However, the impact of this thing will be quite big and if the negative impact is not eliminated in time, it will affect the business of the restaurant.”

General manager Nie Yunhai said with worry.

As a high-end restaurant it pays attention to the word of mouth, this event will create a negative impact.

“It is difficult to avoid it, but we have to find out the person behind this incident.” A cold light flashed in Li Jiaren’s eyes and said in a cold voice.

Currently, the restaurant was so popular that it could be said to be a cash cow, at this time, someone reported, which means that person has an ill intention.

“The people who reported must belong to these two types, those who are jealous, or those who are enemies with us.”

Li Jiaren said.

Whether it was him or other partners, they all had their own businesses, and as long as there was business, it was unavoidable to offend people.

Moreover, the restaurant business was so hot, it would also attract some eyes.

After all, the monthly net profit was near ten million, it was simply too profitable.

During this period, there have been many people who wanted to buy the shares of the restaurant but have been rejected by Li Jiaren and others.

As the restaurant opened, it simply became a cash cow. They certainly won’t let others participate, won’t they lose money by doing that?

Therefore, it was not impossible for someone to do something in secret. In the afternoon.
In the meeting room on the third floor of the restaurant, Ye Xiaochen, Li Jiaren, and others were gathered.

“Old Li, how are things?”

Liu Fusheng asked.

Among all the people, Li Jiaren’s network was the strongest. In the government department, he has many connections and his backing was the deputy county commissioner. Naturally, he was well-informed and could inquire into many problems.

“There is a clue. But this time’s incident is troublesome.”

Li Jiaren seriously said.

“What happened?”

Others knew that Li Jiaren said trouble means things were definitely not simple.

“Behind this, it may have something to do with Peng Zhiping.”

Li Jiaren said in a deep voice.

“It seems that he still hasn’t given up.”

He lei said in a cold voice.

Peng Zhiping relies on his brother-in-law to walk sideways in the Jing county and has many properties under his name.

Privately, many people know that Peng Zhiping was actually the spokesman of secretary Liu.

Peng Zhiping wants to buy the shares of the restaurant means that there is also a shadow of secretary Liu behind him.

In fact, a part of the cost of the immortal spring restaurant was spent on having a good relationship between government departments. They have given a large amount to the leaders of the county.

However, some people were still not satisfied and wanted more.

Nothing could be done, the immortal spring restaurant’s ability to make money was too strong. If it wasn’t for the existence of Ye Xiaochen, those people would have seized it openly and boldly. With Li Jiaren and others’ ability, it would be hard for them to keep such a piece of meat.

Li Jiaren and others were naturally aware of this.

“Well, what should we do now? let’s talk with Peng Zhiping.”

Xu Jiao said.

She knows how much influence secretary Liu has in Jing county, it could be said as covering skies with his one hand.

This time’s incident could be said just as a warning, but next time it won’t be so easy.

After all, it was hard to defend a stumbling block in the dark.

“If we agree to Peng Zhiping and others, I’m afraid that the immortal spring restaurant will be divided by them.”

Li Jiaren coldly said.

This thing could never be shared.

Other people knew this, but there was no other better way.

“Xiaochen, do you have any method?”

Li Jiaren suddenly looked at Ye Xiaochen who had not opened his mouth. If anyone who could solve it currently, it was only Ye XIaochen
Ye Xiaochen was a top botanist and was also the sign of Yang city. Even the secretary Liu has to give a face to him.

Moreover, he believes that ye Xiaochen was capable of handling it.

“Well, I’ll handle it.” Ye Xiaochen frowned slightly.

He knew that this was not a problem that could be solved once and for all, it was easy to leave hidden dangers.

In the future, if the immortal spring restaurant wants to grow and open- chain restaurants, then it would encounter more troubles.

Chapter 159

Jing county, the courtyard of the county party committee.

From the outside, it looked a little bit unimpressive, but inside it was lined with beautiful trees, creating a nice scenery.

Those who could live here were the county’s main leaders and their families.

In a high standard house, Liu Xianjin sitting on the mahogany sofa was smoking a cigar.

Li Xianjin likes to smoke cigars. Many people in the county know it and some people would even send rare cigars to please him.

“Brother-in-law, this time I have hit the immortal spring restaurant, even after this if they don’t compromise, what should I do? I can’t really close the restaurant.”

Beside him sat a man with a thick face, he was wearing thick gold chains around his neck and said in an angry voice.

He was Peng Zhiping, Liu Xiangjin’s wife’s elder brother.

“After all, the strength of the immortal spring restaurant’s is Ye Xiaochen. This time, it was just to test his base to see if he could handle it.”

Liu Xianjin spat out a smoke ring and said in a hoarse voice.

“If he couldn’t do it, we could directly hit them.”

Peng Zhiping excitedly said.

“Certainly can not do that. It will be too direct. We should also pay attention to the influence. Anyway, he is also our Jing County signboard. It is not easy for us to have a celebrity.”

Li Xiuanjin smiled and continued, “However, I want to let him know that there is no one who doesn’t dare to give me face in Jing county.”

“If Ye Xiaochen can handle it, then what should we do? Just forget it?”

Peng Zhiping quickly asked.

“Haha, how can it be possible? Although the experts’ group visit made him famous, in private many people got offended. Someone will help us deal with him.”

Li Xiuanjin said with an inscrutable smile.

Peng Zhiping didn’t understand it fully, but he knew that his brother-in- law was very powerful. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to run Tientong(state-owned telecommunication operator), even the county commissioner has to give him respect.

Ye Xiaochen returned to his farm.

He was still wondering about how to solve this matter. He sighed inwardly, really troublesome.
Opening the restaurant, although it made a lot of money, it also attracted envy and other troubles. It was precise because of troubles like these he did not want to manage the company. Instead, he appointed a manager and left everything to Li Jiaren and others to handle.

Since the restaurant opened, he had nothing to worry about.

Until today, he didn’t know how worrying it was to run a company restaurant.

Don’t know how many troubles Li Jiaren might have encountered, but he did not disturb him and solved it privately.

“Well, at any rate, this matter should be settled carefully. If anyone wants to take money from me, it depends whether I agree or not.”

Despite the big trouble, Ye Xiaochen felt he should solve this. Ye Xiaochen came to the rapeseed experiment field.
The rapeseed has only been planted for a month but was full of flowers, it is estimated that after a week it could be harvested.

“It seems, I have to accelerate it.”

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes flashed.

For the next two days, Ye Xiaochen didn’t go anywhere and stayed on the farm. He tried his best to promote the growth of rapeseed plants.

In just two days, these rapeseed plants have undergone great changes, all the seed inside the rapeseed pods have matured.

Of course, Ye Xiaochen was also very tired.

He worked overtime to promote the growth of these rapeseeds.

The next day, Ye Xiaochen drove to Yang city with ten pounds of harvested rapeseed. Before going, Ye Xiaochen made a call to Zeng Hongye.

As long as you make this private call, you could directly contact Zeng Hongye.

If it was through other means, Ye Xiaochen wants to meet Zeng Hongye, then it would not only be difficult but also very troublesome.

That afternoon, Ye Xiaochen met Zeng Hongye in an elegant room of an old tea house in Yang city.

Zeng Hongye was dressed like an ordinary woman and drinking tea. Looking at her, it would be hard to imagine she was the leader of a prefecture-level city.

“Xiaochen, the Longjing green tea brewed here is very good. Whenever I am free I will come here to drink tea.”

Zeng Hongye took a sip of tea and smiled.

“The tea that the sister Zeng likes should be good. I will also taste it.”

Ye Xiaochen opened the lid of the teacup, a light fragrance emerged which could make people relax and happy.

He picked it up and looked at green tea, which had a pleasant aroma. He smelled it first before taking the sip.

As the tea rolled down his throat, it felt bitter at first and then turned into sweetness and spread out on the tip of the tongue.

He couldn’t help close his eyes and used his spirit talent. It seemed that he could feel some information contained in the tea.

“The tea has spirit, even if tea is picked, baked or boiled in water, the spirit is not scattered but stored in the tea and lets people enjoy its taste.”

Ye Xiaochen had a kind of enlightenment. The tea was really a unique plant.

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen’s face became strange.

“Xiaochen, how was the Longjing green tea?”

Zeng Hongye observed the changes in Ye Xiaochen’s expression. Generally speaking, the person’s expression while drinking tea, could say something about the person.

Zeng Hongye was a master in seeing it.

“Sister Zeng, do you often come here to drink tea?”

Ye Xiaochen pondered for a moment and directly asked. He felt it was necessary to inform Zeng Hongye.
“Yes, at least twice a week.”

Zeng Hongye smiled and said.

It was very rare to be able to find such a place for tea.

“Sister Zeng, you listen to me. It is better not to come here again in the future for tea.”

Ye Xiaochen pondered, then said.

He was afraid that she would not accept the fact.

With the status of sister Zeng, after knowing it, the consequences could be unpredictable.

Zeng Hongye’s face changed slightly when she heard Ye Xiaochen’s words.

“Xiaochen, what’s the matter?” From Ye Xiachen’s words, she had a bad feeling.

“Sister Zeng, this green is not made from new tea leaves, but from second-hand tea.”

(TN: Second-hand tea refers to the tea leaves that are illegally processed and packaged by illegal business manufacturers to collect the brewed wet tea waste for sale again.)

Ye Xiaochen looked around and then whispered.

“This, this..”

Zeng Hongye was stunned for a while, and then her face turned blue.

However, she was able to hold back herself and did not flared up, rather asked in a deep voice,

“Xiaochen, this is not a small matter. Do you have any evidence?”

The boss of this place was an acquaintance of hers.

She knows that the owner of the tea house was a very famous person in the Tea world.

She came here to drink tea after hearing about the owner’s reputation. Even the precious guests, she would recommend this place.
Because of this, she felt the need to have evidence first.

“Of course.”

Ye Xiaochen said with confidence.

With his spirit talent, this tea has no secrets

Chapter 160

Zeng Hongye somewhat believed Ye Xiaochen’s words. She asked her secretary to call the owner of the teahouse.
The owner of the tea house was a middle-aged fat man who looked like a Maitreya Budhha. He has well-maintained health, wore a long gray gown, and looked very cultural.

“Secretary Zeng, I don’t know if this tea has satisfied you?”

Jin Baotang, the owner of the teahouse asked with a smile.

He greeted Ye Xiaochen, able to have tea With Secretary Zeng, he certainly wasn’t an average person.

He was smooth and slick and was good at talking, so people didn’t feel they had been ignored.

Zeng Hongye’s face was indifferent and did not show the anger in her heart, she then asked with a smile, “Master Jin, this tea is very good. I don’t know which kind of Lingjing it is?”

“Secretary Zeng, this is the rarest tea leaves grown in Hangzhou’s Longjing village. However, no matter how good the tea leaves are, it should be accompanied by good tea-making skills. I don’t like to brag, but in this Yang city, there is no one yet who could defeat me in my tea- making skills.”

Jin Baotang said in a proud tone.

“Oh, Master Jin, what you said is very reasonable. Making tea required profound skill and knowledge. However, what is the reason to entertain my distinguished guest with this second-hand tea?”

Zeng Hongye smiled and said in a cold voice.

Jin Baotong’s proud expression suddenly became stiff, and even his body shivered. He hurriedly said, “Secretary Zeng, what are you talking about? I use only the new tea leaves, and it is absolutely impossible to use the second-hand tea leaves.”

“Hehe, Boss Jin, I am your guest, not a fool. He is Ye Xiaochen, a famous botanist. He has tasted the tea.”

Zeng Hongye sneered.

Jin Baotang’s forehead broke out in cold sweat and hurriedly said, “ It is Mr.Ye who came to my humble house. Although Mr. Ye is a big man, you can’t slander my shop. This is a real Longjing tea and not second-hand tea.”

“Boss Jin, you don’t be occupied in complaining. In fact, it’s very simple to identify whether this is second-hand tea or not. If you boil this tea, you should be able to see the truth. If I don’t guess wrong, the water you prepare should not have boiled, at most, it should be seventy to eighty degrees, this temperature won’t damage the second-hand tea’s camouflage ingredient.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

The tension on Jin Baotang’s fat face increased. He looked at Ye Xiaochen with shocked eyes. The camouflage ingredients used in tea was a secret. There was absolutely no person in the world who knew about it.

He discovered this natural camouflage ingredient by accident. This ingredient could make second-hand tea look like new tea and its taste was flawless.

Even the best tea master would find it difficult to differentiate.

The reason he dared to blatantly use this second-hand tea was that he was absolutely sure no would know about it.

Otherwise, how dare he use second-hand tea to entertain such big people like Zeng Hongye. Once exposed, it was the end.

Now Ye Xiaochen said the problem of the camouflage agent, the horror in his heart could be imagined.

“I believe that every time Boss Jin makes tea by himself, so as not to expose the problem of camouflage ingredients. To be honest, it is really amazing that such a camouflage ingredient could make the second-hand tea taste like the new tea.”

Ye Xiaochen continued.

Jin Baotang felt more and more frightened.

Because sitting in front of him was Zeng Hongye, the boss of Yang city.

“Boss Jin, you better give a good explanation.”

Zeng Hongye looked coldly at the Jin Baoting, she got up and walked out of the room.

Jin Baotang watched Zeng Hongye and Ye Xiaochen leaving. He collapsed in his chair, he knew he was completely finished.

He let secretary Zeng drink second-hand tea for so many years, would she let him go? Of course not.

Don’t look at Zeng Hongye as a simple woman, the way to deal with people was not simple at all.

“Xiaochen, this time I really have to thank you. Otherwise, I wouldn’t know for a lifetime that I have been drinking second-hand tea.”

Zeng Hongye sat in her car, just thinking of drinking second-hand tea for so many years made her feel nauseous. She was originally a person obsessed with cleanliness, how could she stand it?

She swore in her heart that Jin Baotang would pay for it.

“Now food safety is really a worry. ”

Ye Xiaochen sighed.

Zeng Hongye nodded and realized that now even drinking tea could be cheated, what other things couldn’t be done?

Although she was the leader of Yang city, she could still fall into the trap, let alone ordinary people.

“Xiaochen, you said rapeseeds have cultivated, how is it so fast?”

She didn’t think about previous matters and asked.

“Sister Zeng. In fact, I have been working on the improvement of rapeseed for a long time. I have great confidence in it.”

Ye Xiaochen made up a reason. After all, it was impossible to cultivate so fast under normal circumstances.

“Originally, it was like this, what are the improvements in the rapeseed?”

Zeng Hongye asked curiously. “Sister Zeng, my improved rapeseed has a strong resistance to the pest and doesn’t need pesticides. The yield is also one third higher than normal rapeseed and the most important thing is, the time of planting to maturity is one third shorter than the ordinary rapeseeds.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Zeng Hongye was surprised, she still has some understanding of the rapeseeds. First of all, the growth time reduced by a third was an amazing thing.

If it weren’t for Ye Xiaochen’s ability, she would have doubted if it was genetically modified.

“Sister Zeng, this is the 6 kg of improved seed, and this is the cultivation method of the plant. It must be planted according to the method I wrote. Otherwise, it will have a great impact. The harvested seed still could be used for the second generation of planting and characteristics won’t decrease much. However, the third generation can’t be done.”

Ye Xiaochen gave a bag of rapeseed.

“Well, Xiaochen, thank you very much. If the rapeseed planting industrialization can become successful, you will make a great contribution.”

Zeng Hongye said.

“Sister Zeng, the immortal spring restaurant which I opened has created a pure natural secret seasoning. It is not only delicious but also has health and beauty effects.”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly said.


Zeng Hongye was surprised. The food at the Immortal Spring restaurant was really delicious, she still misses it, but because of being too busy, she couldn’t go. Otherwise, she would like to have another meal.

“Will I lie to you?”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“That’s right. After a few days, it will be my father’s birthday. Originally, we wanted to eat food at home. Now it seems that I can use this opportunity to take my family to the immortal spring restaurant to try something fresh.”

Zeng Hongye laughed.

“That would be great.”

Ye Xiaochen said, “Sister Zeng, when is the exact day so that I could do good preparation.”

“This weekend, there will be dozens of people. Two tables would be enough.”

Zeng Hongye smiled and said.

“All right.”

Ye Xiaochen knew Zeng Hongye wanted to have a quiet time with her family.

Because of her status, many people wanted to please her. Once this news releases, I don’t know how many people would secretly think of ways to give gifts and utilize it.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t stay for a long time. After Zeng Hongye answered an important call, he left.

After all, Zeng Hongye was a leader, she was very busy. For this trip, Ye Xiaochen felt quite satisfied, he has achieved his goal.

Have to say, it was easy to talk with smart people. He just mentioned it, Zeng Hongye gave a reply.

With Zeng’s Hongye’s identity, even if she wants to eat, she doesn’t need to go so far to the immortal spring restaurant.

She was trying to help Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen knew, with the current friendship, it was far from this point.

It was because of the rapeseed and the incident of tea, that Zeng Hongye was returning the favor.
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