Heavenly Farmer Chapter 141-150

Chapter 141- Hospitalized

The art of growth has great side effects but also has high potential.

If the side effects could be controlled to a certain extent, then it would become very useful.

Currently, the wind immortal grass was growing very slowly, with the art of growth, its growth rate could be increased. Even if the rate increases just by a few times, it would be enough.

Moreover, the requirement to use the art of growth was not high.

As long as a person has spiritual talent, they could use it.

Therefore, for him, it was an excellent learning technique.

Of course, he wouldn’t directly start using it on the wind immortal grass.

And even won’t use the art on immortal plants.

Once he fails, the loss would be very big.

So, he was first going to target those ordinary vegetables.

As long as he could master the art of growth to a certain degree, then he could carry out the operation on immortal plants and could reduce the loss.

Otherwise, even all the immortal plants from the farm might not be enough for him to use.

He couldn’t do anything about it, from the interpretation of the art of growth, this technique requires a lot of practice and has a very low success rate at the start.

Soon, Ye Xiaochen went out of the immortal land and found a radish seedling.

This radish seedling was the best experimental target.

He gently touched the radish seedling with his hand.

It was less than two-inch tall and was very young.

He closed his eyes, took a deep breath and maximized his spirit.

As the spirit seed was gradually condensing, it was sharpening his spirit talent.

In an instant, he had all the information about the consciousness of the radish plant.

“The core of the technique lies in forcibly infusing the plant’s consciousness with certain information, it was almost like brainwashing it. Let this information become the instinct of consciousness and stimulate its potential to produce rapid growth.”

However, even the slightest error in the growth could make the plant collapse.

After all, the plant’s consciousness may seem simple, but was still very complex and to sort it out clearly, it was very difficult.

On Ye Xiaochen’s forehead, there was a cold sweat.

This method of forcibly infusing the plant consciousness consumes a lot of spirits.

Fortunately, his spirit seed was gradually condensing, and it gave all kinds of incredible effects; the recovery of the spirit was very fast and because of it, he was able to support the art for a long time.

If Ye Xiaochen had opened his eyes, he would have been shocked to see that the radish seedling which was only two-inch tall suddenly trembled and started to grow at the rate visible to the naked eye.
In a short span of ten seconds, its length has doubled.
However, the radish seedling looked abnormal, its two leaves were too large but its stem was too thin, and unable to support the leaves, it crumbled.

The growth rate hasn’t slowed down.

Suddenly, the main stem of radish broke.

Ye Xiaochen was in contact with the radish seedling consciousness, naturally, he was aware of even the most subtle changes in the plant.

He opened his eyes and looked at the broken radish seedling, it was twice larger than its previous height, and the leaves were three times larger.

“The art of growth is indeed magical!”

Ye Xiaochen was not disappointed, instead, he was surprised.

Ye Xiaochen knew that after forcibly infusing the information in the consciousness, the growth rate will be fast till it becomes mature.

It was just the Art of Growth that was astonishing.

After using the Art of growth, it was best to eliminate the infused information to minimize the side-effects.

Only the infusion was easy, but elimination was difficult.

This was the hardest part of the Art of Growth.

During the elimination, it was easy to harm the consciousness of the plant.

Because of this, at the time of infusion, if the information was simple and had a few aspects involved, it was better.
In fact, a degree of balance was required during the infusion of information. If it was too simple, like just to increase the height of the plant, and the thickness was ignored, it was easy to make plant thin and break it.

The degree of control was very important.

Ye Xiaochen was not frustrated, he continued to experiment and under his art, the radish seedlings changed.

Some grew tall, and the main stems were too thin.

Some were too thick and weren’t tall.

In some, the leaves were too small.

Some vegetables grew too slowly and some leaves were very loose, various kinds of problems have emerged.

Although Ye Xiaochn was slowly adjusting it, the result was still inevitable.

However, there was still some progress.

Don’t know how long it has been, Ye Xiaochen looked at the small area of discarded radish seedlings around him and smiled slightly. The feeling of controlling the growth of plants was really wonderful.

He rubbed his eyebrows, although there was spirit seed to recover the spirit, he has used the spirit too much. The spirit seed was not completely formed, and was unstable and had a certain impact on his soul.

He returned to his bamboo bed in the immortal land. He took out his phone and found that Li Tingting had replied.

“Sorry, I woke up just now and saw your message.”

“It’s four o ‘clock, why are you still sleeping and it’s not even the weekend today?”

Ye Xiaochen immediately replied.

“I had a bad day and, currently I am in the hospital.”

Li Tingting’s reply was a bit slow and sent a sad emoji.

“Hospitalized? Are you sick?”

Ye Xiaochen asked.

“No, today while walking on the street, someone snatched my talisman and because of it got dragged down to the ground.”

After some time, Li Tingting sent the message.


Wasn’t that the Pendant on Li Tingting’s neck?

Ye Xiaochen was terrified and immediately replied, “was it the pendant? Who snatched it?”

“You are a strange person, asking about the pendant and not caring about how I am.”

Li Tingtign sent a message that contained little resentment.

“Well, I’m sorry, are you shocked? How are you now?”

Ye Xiaochen obviously cared about the pendant, it has the spirit material.

Otherwise, for what other reason had he taken her WeChat?

Of course, these words couldn’t be said.

“My head got hit on the floor and suffered a slight concussion. I will be in hospital for one to two days.”

Li Tingting sent the message.

“Pay attention to your rest, oh right, in which hospital are you in?”

Ye Xiaochen thought for a moment, then sent the message.

“Why, will you come to see me?”

Li Tinting sent a wide-eye emoji.

“Can’t I?”

Ye Xiaochen replied.

Right now he was anxious about the pendant.

This was something he needed, but someone took it away.

So he has to go to Shashi and find the pendant.

Maybe, he could use this opportunity to get the pendant.

As for how to find the pendant, it was a problem. However, as long as the person who took the pendant was still in Shashi city, it would take some time but could be found.

After all, the spirit qi was obviously attracted to the spirit material.

After thinking, Ye Xiaochen hurriedly began to extract the spirit qi without rest.

After all, he didn’t know how long it would take to find the pendant nor how much spirit qi would be required to find it.

In addition, Ye Xiaochen designed a device and installed the bottle containing the spirit qi on the car, so that spirit qi could be slowly released, and then he could search while driving along the streets.

It was late at night that Ye Xiaochen got ready with everything.

Chapter 142- Visit

The next morning, Ye Xiaochen asked his mother and father to look over the vegetable delivery, and then drove towards Shashi city.

It was not even eight o ‘clock when he reached Shahsi city.

He did not immediately start the search, but first went to the People’s Hospital in the Shashi city to see Li Tingting.

“Ye Xiaochen, you unexpectedly came? I thought it was a lie.”

Li Tingting was in a single person ward and a specialist was accompanying her.

She was surprised when she saw Ye Xiaochen coming in.

When she chatted, she thought he was joking.

Now, seeing Ye Xiaochen, her heart was warm. After all, a person was concerned about her, it made her happy.

“Of course, it’s true, but I came so early in the morning, and no shops were opened and could only bring some fruits from home.”

Ye Xiaochen put down a bag of muskmelons and watermelons.

The season of muskmelon has long ago ended.

However, in Ye Xiaochen’s farm, the muskmelon vine was still blossoming and bearing fruit, it was extremely unusual.

“It’s all right, you should have come empty-handed.”

Li Tingting was really happy.

“Let me wash muskmelon for you. It’s very sweet.”

Ye Xiaochen from the bag took out the melon which also had beautiful looking oranges.

He went into the bathroom, washed it and came out, then he picked up the fruit knife from the side and sliced it.

All of a sudden, a strong, indescribable melon fragrance emerged and filled the whole room.

“It smells so good!”

Li Tingting’s eyes flickered with surprise.

It was not that she had never eaten a melon, but even if it was the imported melons, they definitely were not so fragrant.

This kind of sweet smell really could make people intoxicated. Deeply attracted by this fragrance, saliva involuntarily flowed out.

Ye Xiaochen sliced the muskmelon into several pieces, then took a small plate, inserted a toothpick on a piece and handed it to Li Tingting.

“It is really delicious, I’ve never eaten such delicious melon. Ye Xiaochen, is this melon really grown by you?”

She said while eating.

“Of course.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“You really have the skill, even the muskmelon grown by you is so delicious.”

Li Tinting chewed slowly.

While eating muskmelons, Ye Xiaochen slowly led the topic towards the pendant.

“Yesterday afternoon, I was in Huangxin pedestrian street shopping with my friends. When I was near the corner of the street, suddenly a person directly snatched my pendant and ran, while I fell on the ground.”

Li Tingting recalled.

“Did you catch the man who snatched your pendant?”

Ye Xiaochen curiously asked.

“No. I only saw a shadowy figure and my friends couldn’t notice as there were too many people. Moreover, the location happened to be the blind spot of the camera.”

Li Tingting shook her head.

“People need to be safe.”

Ye Xiaochen saw that Li Tingting was little lost, she was thinking about the pendant.

After all, the pendant meant a lot to her.


Li Tingitng nodded.

Ye Xiaochen was about to say something when suddenly the door of the ward was pushed open.

A man and a woman came in.

They were carrying something in their hands.

The man was in his forties, tall, has a big back and well-maintained body. Wore a windbreaker and had a very imposing manner.

The woman was beautiful, seemed to be in her thirties and was elegant, she was the perfect match with the man.
Ye Xiaochen saw that the smile on Li Tinting’s face disappeared and was replaced with a disgusted expression.

It was the disgust from the heart against the man and woman who came in.

“Tingting, father and step-mother came to see you.”

The middle-aged man looked at Ye Xiaochen and had a hint of doubt in his eye, but soon he stopped looking at Ye Xiaochen and said to Li Tingting.

There was a hint of concern in his tone.

“Tingting, are you hurt anywhere?”

The beautiful woman also showed a concerned look.

Ye Xiaochen had some curiosity, the middle-aged man’s face resembled a little bit like Li Yang’s, now he heard his words, he suddenly understood that this person was Li Tingting’s father.

However, last time Li Tingting said that her father abandoned her and her mother and broke the father-son relationship with her grandfather.

Presently, this doesn’t seem to be the case.

“You don’t have to pretend. Get out of here.”

Li Tingting’s eyes were cold.

“Tingting, I know that you have resentment in your heart, but who can say things they understood clearly that year? Besides, I am not at fault alone.”

The middle-aged man showed a complex look.

“All I know is that you abandoned me, drove my mother mad, and broke the father-son relation for this lowly woman, there is nothing to say anymore. In my heart, my father is dead.”

Li Tingting said with tears in her eyes.

“Tingting, you!”

The middle-aged man was angry and raised his hand.

“Xiangjun, what are you doing, Tingting is injured now, you can’t stimulate her. ”

The woman hurriedly caught the middle-aged man.

Ye Xiaochen who was watching was ready to go forwards and stop, but seeing the situation, he quickly halted his movements.

However, he was a little embarrassed, if he knew this situation was going to happen, he would have come late.

He cannot go out nor interrupt.

“Tingting, you have a good rest. I and your aunt came by night plane, and afraid we have to fly back after a while, I’ll see you again.”

Middle-aged man Li Xiangjun looked at his daughter’s tearful appearance and his heart became soft. Although it was full of apology, he didn’t know what to say. In the end, he has lost his daughter’s love.

“Tingting, no matter how you scold and blame me, this stepmother apologizes to you. ”

The woman also said a sentence, then left the ward with Li Xiangjun.

By the time two left, the room became silent again.

Li Tingting lowered her head, her hands were on her knee and tears were streaming down from her face.

Ye Xiaochen went forward and didn’t know what to say.

“Ye Xiaochen, I am a little tired. I am going to sleep first.”

After a long time, Li Tingting looked up and said.

“Okay, have a good rest and don’t think too much.”

Ye Xiaochen gently nodded and walked out of the ward.

At the hospital parking lot, Ye Xiacohen walked towards the Porsche Cayenne and was about to open the door. He sensed something and looked around, and found that nearby from the black Mercedes car, a pair of eyes containing heavy pressure was looking over.

Though the window was closed by the time he looked at the yes.

Ye Xiaochen was extremely sure that it was the middle-aged man who appeared in Li Tintign’s ward.

Ye Xiaochen saw the Mercedes going away, his eyes narrowed slightly. He always felt that these eyes seemed to contain some kind of warning.

He shook his head, he was too lazy to pay any attention to it. For him, finding the pendant was the most important thing. As for Li Tingting’s family affair, he didn’t care about it.

Immediately, he got into the car and drove out of the hospital gate.

Chapter 143- Good Luck

Inside the black Mercedes, the middle-aged man Li Xiangjun and beautiful woman Bai Ru were sitting in the back row.

“Xiangjun, don’t worry. Just now we have asked the attending doctor of Li Tinting, he said Li Tingting would be fine as long as she rests for two days.”

Bai Ru gently comforted.

“I am not worried about Tingting, I understand her temper. Ah, in this life, I will never get her forgiveness.”

Li Xiangjun said.

“No, Tingting, is still young. When she grows up, she will definitely understand you.”

Bai Ru said.

“Did you notice the young man in the ward?”

Li Xiangjun suddenly asked.

“Yes, I saw him, he is a nice young man.”

Bai Ru said.

“You think he is a nice man?”

Li Xiangjun was surprised.

“Of course, just as you were about to hit Li Tingting, even if I didn’t stop you, the young man was ready to interrupt.”

Bai Ru gave a light smile.

“You are still so attentive. In the parking lot, I saw him enter a Porsche cayenne car. I’m afraid he comes from a wealthy family.”

Li Xiangjun continued, “No matter what thoughts he has about Tingting if he wants to get close to my daughter, he must first reach my level. ”

He spoke in a dominating and majestic tone.

He took out his phone and pressed a key. No sound came out from the other side.

“Investigate the details about the young man who was in my daughter’s ward.”

He spoke in a cool and calm tone.

After speaking he hung up directly. Seemingly indifferent if any response came from the other end, or he was confident that someone from the other end would definitely pay attention to his command 24/7.


After driving out of the parking lot, Ye Xiaochen had turned on the device containing the bottle filled with immortal spirit qi

Suddenly a pale red gas started floating out from the edge of the window of the passenger seat.

From the side mirror, he could see the direction of the reddish gas.

Of course, Ye Xiaochen must drive carefully and speed should not be too fast.

In this way, Ye Xiaochen drove along the road.

The attraction range of the immortal spirit qi to the spirit material was about a hundred meters at most, once it exceeds a hundred meters, even if there was an attraction force, it would be difficult to determine the direction of the flow of the immortal spirit qi.

It was a test of endurance.

Besides, the person who snatched the pendant could also be on the move and he could easily miss him, he might even enter the area he already searched.

He felt a lot of emotions in his heart, he could only hope to have good luck, otherwise, his chances weren’t much better than looking for a needle in a haystack.

If he was a practitioner, he could use the practitioner’s means.

At least in the Store, he saw a tracking talisman specially used for tracing. Unfortunately, such talisman usually requires magical power to activate.
Most importantly, currently, he doesn’t have any immortal yuan to buy it!
Considering that the incident took place in the Huangxin pedestrian street, he was planning to go there first and use it as a location to start his search.

Of course, he knew that the possibility was very small because the man’s first thought would be to leave that place after snatching the pendant.

However, in Ye Xiaochen’s mind, there was a doubt.

Why did the person only grab the pendant on Li Tingting’s neck?

It was not gold, or diamond or jade any other precious thing.

Besides, the man’s timing was great, he targeted when she was near the corner of the street.

This couldn’t be done by an average person.

Even if the person wants to find the blind spot of the camera, it would take a while, and during the search, the person might get filmed. Once the police investigate and replay it, the flaws could be revealed.

In short, this was no ordinary theft!

Ye Xiaochen even suspected that the person specially targeted the pendant.

After thinking, Ye Xiaochen suddenly felt a movement in his heart. For a long time, he was thinking about a problem.

Since the immortals exist, would there be any high-level martial artists or cultivators on this earth?

Although so far he hasn’t seen any, it does not mean they don’t exist.

After all, even the immortals exist.

It was just his current scope was very narrow and he couldn’t see any places where light doesn’t shine.

No to mention others, Ye Xiaochen from childhood had never seen any black gang fighting or killing like depicted in the movies.

In fact, it could happen in every corner of the city.

It was a different society.

Light and darkness always exist.

Just they interweave without attention and were often overlooked by the ordinary people.

Perhaps, in the future, he would be able to get in contact.

Furthermore, he hasn’t started practicing and naturally he doesn’t want to encounter those things earlier.

No way, he doesn’t even have the ability to protect himself.

Ah, he couldn’t say any, at least he has a pollination bee with him, which was still very powerful.

It was because of his confidence in the pollination bee that he dared to come to Shashi city and search for the person who snatched the pendant.

The best he could do was to release the pollination bee, sting the person down and then get the pendant.

According to the GPS, if he takes the next intersection he would reach the Huangxin pedestrian street.

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen’s eyelid jumped and he subconsciously stepped on the brake under his feet, which made his body suddenly lean forward.

The car immediately slowed down.

The car in the back almost rammed into the car, that person started cursing.

Fortunately, the speed was not fast, otherwise, the car would really collide with his car.

Ye Xiaochen came back to his senses.

However, he did not pay any attention to the curses, instead, the heart was filled with ecstasy.

Because he found that all the red immortal spirit qi that was leaking was directly going in one direction.

This shows there was a spirit material within the hundred meters area.

Ye Xiaochen’s heart was excited.

Indeed, I traveled far and wide to find the thing, only to find it easily.

He expected to take a long time and was even ready for the long war.

Who would have thought he would come across it now?

Indeed, Heaven’s has eyes opened.

It seems his luck was not bad.

Whether there was a parking space or not, he immediately parked the car near the road.

He turned off the device installed in the car.

Then took out the small bottle, released the immortal spirit qi and looked out of the window.

There was a cluster of tall buildings, but behind them, there was a residential area.

Immediately he stopped his breath and tried to calm down himself

It was his first time doing this kind of detective thing, he was quite nervous.

Only after his heart calmed down, he got out of the car.

He closed the door, locked the car and walked towards an underpass entrance

Chapter 144- Accident

Ye Xiaochen arrived near a building.

Judging from the direction of the immortal spirit qi, the material doesn’t seem to be in this building but the residential area behind it.

Immediately, he walked towards the street next to him.

He was careful and pretended as if he was a pedestrian.

He also specially bought a handbag, in which he placed the pollination bee so that he could release the pollination bee at any time.

He was afraid of death.

After walking for more than ten minutes, Ye Xiaochen finally saw the entrance to the residential area.

There was a kind of security booth, where you have to swipe to get in or go out.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t rush in, and waited for a while, when several people entered the community at the same time, he quickly followed them and smoothly got in.

This residential area was very large.

The residential buildings were lined up neatly.

He saw the layout, it was divided into three phases; phase 1, phase 2 and phase 3.

With spirit qi as the guide, he was not afraid of getting lost.

After ten minutes, Ye Xiaochen finally reached near a building.

According to the immortal spirit qi, the spirit material was here.

He looked up at the apartment building which had more than twenty floors and frowned slightly.

It would not be easy to find a specific floor!

He could only climb stairs!


On the fifteenth floor, in a 3BHK room.

The air condition was running at a suitable temperature.

A short hair man wearing a short-sleeve shirt, trousers; lying on the sofa and was watching TV.

Suddenly, his phone rang.

He hurriedly picked up the phone and answered.

A slightly muffled voice came out of the phone.

“I’m almost there, get ready with the thing.”

The man smiled and said, “My money is ready right?”

“Of course.”

The reply came from the phone.

The man took out a delicate box from his pocket and gently opened it. There was a very ordinary pendant inside it.

“It is really strange, for such an ordinary talisman, they are willing to give me half a million.”

Holding the thread, the man took out the pendant and carefully looked at it.

He has watched it many times, and even used some means, but failed to analyze what was special about it.

It seems to be just ordinary wood.

“Forget it. I guess, the employer has too much money to spend or it is some kind of token which has a special meaning. Anyway, it didn’t take much effort to earn half a million.”

There was a triumphant smile on his face.

At the elevator entrance on the fifteenth floor.

With a ding sound, the door opened and a man stepped out of it carrying a password box. He was wearing a black suit and looked very cold.

He went straight to the door of a house and knocked.

At the same time, Ye Xiaochen, tired like a dog, also arrived at the fifteenth floor from the stairs. He opened the heavy staircase door and went into the corridor of the fifteenth floor.

According to immortal spirit qi, the spirit material should be on this fifteenth floor.

Suddenly, he saw a black figure entering a door.

The moment he entered the floor, the black figure seemed to sense something and looked back at him.

This look made Ye Xiaochen feel like he had fallen in an ice lake.

The hairs on his body stood up.

Only one thought was there, this man is a very dangerous person.

His five senses were extremely sensitive, and even his spirit talent, which could be said as the sixth sense, was very sensitive to the breath that ordinary people couldn’t perceive.

After the man entered the house, he felt relieved.

He slowly walked past the room,

Suddenly, he was surprised as the immortal spirit qi was pointing to the same room which the black figure had entered.

Was it the black figure who stole the pendant?

Immediately, Ye Xiaochen’s heart became alert.

Instead of walking into the room, he walked past it.

The man in the black cloth might have seen him just now if he observed through the door, he might expose himself.
He went straight towards the window on the other side.

The location of the flat was on the right side. From this window position, as long as he releases the pollination bee, it will be able to find the entrance and enter the room.


A black-light from Ye Xiaochen’s handbag suddenly flew out and went out of the window.

Ye Xiaochen whistled softly.

The sound of the whistle was so low that the human ears could hardly hear it, its frequency was high that was almost similar to the ultrasonic waves of bats.

He closed his eyes, and maximized his spirit powers, making even the spirit seed in the space between his eyebrows to throb, and made his ability to receive the message from pollination bee increase.

Faintly, he was able to see where the pollination bee was and predict its flight path.

This kind of sense was strange and wonderful but was unclear.

All of sudden, he vaguely perceived that the pollination bee had found its way into the flat.

Through the whistle, Ye Xiaochen told the pollination bee to be careful and not disturb the people inside it.

Although the pollination bee produces very little noise in their flight, it was still better to be prepared.

There were two people.

He has to say that after dreaming of the image, the spiritual seed which was gradually forming gave great benefits to him.

His spirit powers were enhanced and also his connection with the pollination bee.

The spirit seed was acting just like a special organ that was receiving the feedback from the pollination bee, just like a bat can transmit information through ultrasound.


In the flat.

After entering the flat, the man in the black dress did not directly go to the living room, but stayed near the room and then looked from the keyhole.

He did not stop looking until the man had walked past the door.

“What’s the matter?”

The short hair man asked curiously.


The black figure shook his head and walked straight to the living room, directly sat down on the sofa and placed the password box on the coffee table.

“Here’s the money, where is the stuff?”

He simply opened the password box revealing new hundred yuan notes.

The man with short hair took out a stack and touched it with his finger. He counted the money in the password box and immediately revealed a satisfied expression.

“Here is the stuff.”

He took out a small box and gave it.

“I don’t know what is so good about that piece of junk that it’s worth half million.”

The short hair man smiled.

“No need to worry about that.”

When the black figure finished checking the contents of the box, his eyes flashed with a cold light, and suddenly a pistol appeared in his hand which also had a silencer.

Directly aimed at the man and was about to pull the trigger.

“Hmph! I knew you had bad intentions”

The short hair man seems to have already been prepared, he moved back his body, the sofa turned and he hid behind the sofa.

He moved very fast when the man took out his pistol.


A muffled sound came out.

The bullet hit the sofa.

Chapter 145- Pendant

“What was that sound?”

Ye Xiaochen, who was controlling the pollination bee through whistling, suddenly heard a muffled sound.

Although the sound was not loud, it couldn’t hide from Ye Xiaochen’s ears.

His five senses have already become extremely keen. Although it was not to the point where he could hear crawling of ants, it still has greatly surpassed the ordinary people.

There were several more dull sounds within a very short interval.

Then he heard a faint painful scream.

Following the scream, the room became quiet.

Ye Xiaochen quickly analyzed the information sent by the pollination bee.


In the room.

The sofa was overturned, there was a hole in the LCD TV, and was covered with cracks.

Next to the overturned chair, the body of the short hair man was lying.

There was a hole in the chest and head, blood was dripping down from it.

The black figure put the gun back.

His eyes were cold as if he didn’t care about the killed person.

He calmly closed the open password box and walked towards the door without even clearing the scene.

The moment he opened the door, all of sudden, from his behind a black light appeared.

The black figure seemed to be aware of it, but it was too late to turn back or to dodge and was hit by the dark light.

In an instant, the dark light flew out.

The black figure was horrified and slowly fell to the ground and was completely unconscious.

The password box rolled to a corner.

Not before long, the door was opened.

Ye Xiaochen came in.

He was wearing medical gloves in his hand and his shoe also was covered.

He wore a white coat on his clothes.

The doctor’s hat and mask weren’t missing.

He couldn’t help but be careful.

He guessed there has been a murder, and if he didn’t want to be involved in it, he has to be cautious.

When he entered the room, he saw a body lying down on the ground.

His heart was pounding with nervousness.

This was the scene he had never seen in his life.


Murder Scene!

It was shocking!

He took a deep breath to calm down his nerves and tried not to damage the scene.

He lightly searched the back figure’s body and quickly found a box.

When he opened it, he immediately saw the pendant.

There was a glint of excitement in his eyes.

He quickly put it in the space storage.

It was the safest place to keep things.

Then there was the password box that was not locked. When he opened it, he immediately saw a box full of money, which made his heart thump.

Although during this period he had earned more than half a million, it was still the first time seeing so much cash.
He immediately put all the cash into the storage space.
As for the password box, he didn’t keep it, he doesn’t want any tracking device.

When he saw the pistol on the black figure, he hesitated in his heart, which man doesn’t like guns?

Unfortunately, at the crime scene, the murderer has used the gun.

If the gun was missing, the police would suspect someone else.

After thinking, he didn’t take the gun.

He checked the scene again and found nothing else.

He quickly moved towards the coffee table and picked up his phone.

It was locked.

However, it was no problem to call the police.

He put the phone in the deceased’s hand and then dialed 110.

It was ringing.

The voice of an emergency operator came from the phone.

“The person is going to kill me, killing me, help help….”

Ye Xiaochen leaned closer towards the phone and spoke in a weak and hoarse voice.

No matter what the operator asked, there was no sound.

Ye Xiaochen quietly walked away.

When he was about to leave, he let the pollination bee sting the black figure again so that he wouldn’t wake up earlier.

After finishing all this, Ye Xiaochen just released a sigh and walked out of the door.

He did not close the door.

He looked around, there was no one. Then he went near the door, open the door, walked in and took off his mask, gloves, and coat and kept it in the handbag, then he proceeded to go downstairs


Shashi emergency center.

The female operator called the police.

There was no more response from the other side.

She realized the seriousness of the situation, and did not hang up the phone, but hurriedly contacted the Skynet monitoring center.

Soon, the Skynet monitoring center, using the phone’s communication signal tracked the location.
In less than three minutes, the local police were dispatched from the police station.

After five minutes, the police arrived at the scene.

The murder scene was discovered and then sealed off. The criminal investigation team and the forensic team arrived at the scene.

Finally, they confirmed that the unconscious man in the black cloth was the murderer.

There was no trace of the third party at the scene.

However, there was also a doubt.

Why was the man in the black clothes unconscious?

Could it be that the black figure suddenly suffered from some disease?


Ye Xiaochen stood on the other side of the road and watched police cars entering the community, there was a smile on his face.

He believed that he should be able to stay clean.

Although there was a small detail that couldn’t be helped, for example, the black figure had seen him.

However, he hadn’t shown any flaw.

Also, he used the pollination bee, and shouldn’t be exposed.

Now he has completely calmed down, there was a sense of accomplishment in his heart.

What could be happier than being able to get the pendant without much effort?

Immediately, he walked down the street, crossed the underpass and went to the opposite side of the road.

But when he saw the parking ticket on his car, he was bewildered.

The traffic police were diligent!

He shook his head and thought of the half-million he just got.

A fine of 200 yuan compared to half a million was nothing.

Instead of going to the hospital, he directly went home.

The pendant matter, Li Tingitng shouldn’t know anything about it.

Not to mention if she gets to know he has the pendant, how would he explain how he got the pendant?

It would expose his presence on the crime scene.

For his good and everyone’s good, this pendant should disappear.

When he returned, he did not directly go to the farm.

Instead, he entered his room.

After all, the spirit material has a great effect on the immortal plants of the farm.

He closed the door and examined the pendant.

He didn’t believe that this wooden pendant was a spirit material.

In the Shennong system introduction guide, it was mentioned that the spirit material was very magical, it was neither gold, wood, jade or stone and was hard to destroy.

“Is it inside the pendant?”

Ye Xiaochen thought.

This was the only explanation.

After thinking, he quickly brought a knife and began to cut the pendant.

In any case, the spirit material was impossible to damage.

Pieces of wood were chipped away by him.

The pendant was gradually getting smaller.

He was patient and was chipping bit by bit.

After all, he doesn’t know how big this material was, maybe it could only be the size of the grain or size of a sesame seed.

After ten minutes, suddenly a white light flashed.

His heart was happy, and he was quickly chipping the wood.

Finally, a strange irregular material about the mug bean size was separated.

The whole body was pale and a little transparent.

It was soft to touch, just like a jelly, but couldn’t be destroyed at all.

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen took out the bottle and released the immortal spirit qi.

All of sudden, just like a whale sucking the water, it absorbed all the immortal spirit qi.

There was no doubt.

This was the spirit material.

Chapter 146-Investigation

Province People’s Hospital.

Special ward.

This ward was for the treatment of special patients.

Presently, plainclothes wearing policemen were guarding the inside and outside the ward.

The security was very tight.

As there was a very dangerous murder suspect in the ward.

Suddenly, a series of rapid footsteps rushed through the corridor, a group of stern-faced men and women entered with serious faces.

There was a young man with a beard.

Surrounded by the crowd, his eyes were calm and deep.

There were also two doctors and nurses.

He went towards the door of the ward.

The plainclothes policeman looked serious and straightened up.

“Open the door.”

The man said in an indifferent tone.

Suddenly, someone hurriedly opened the door of the ward.

The crowd went inside.

The ward was very simple looking, but there were anti-theft and explosion-proof doors, anti-theft and explosion-proof windows, and the bed was extremely hard.

Inside the ward, two plainclothes policemen were guarding.

The black figure on the bed was handcuffed to the hospital bed.

His eyes were closed and he was still unconscious.

“Head Jiang, how is the prisoner?”

The man asked.

“Captain Zhang, the patient’s situation is very strange. He has no symptoms of anything but is unconscious. However, the overall situation is stable and there is no danger to life.”

After examining the prisoner, the old doctor, Head Jiang said.

“Have you tested blood  or anything?”

Zhang Wei, the man with the beard asked.

“The blood has been sent for inspection. The results should be out soon.”

Head Jiang continued, “However when I examined the prisoner, I noticed a small red dot on the neck, as if he had been bitten by a mosquito or something.”


Zhang Wei nodded.

“And on the prisoner’s chest, there is a strange tattoo.”

The dean Jiang lifted the black figure’s clothes and showed a strange pattern on the chest, it was like a shadow cast by a spider.

It was very weird!

“It is definitely strange. I’ve seen the dragon tattoo and tiger tattoo, but never seen a spider shadow tattoo.”

Zhang Wei slightly frowned.

At this moment, the nurse suddenly gave the health record to the head Jiang.

“Captain Zhang, the results of the test are out. There is a strange anesthetic substance in the prisoner’s body, which could put the living being into a deep sleep state.”

Dean Jiang hurriedly said.

“Did you analyze what kind of anesthetic substance is it?”

Zhang Wei asked.

“It can’t be analyzed. This substance seems special and even its molecular structure isn’t able to identify, and it is also highly decomposable, so it cannot be preserved at all.”

Head Jiang said.

“Is it a new kind of anesthetic material?”

Zhang Wei slightly frowned and said, “It seems that there is a mystery behind this case!”

“This man must be closely guarded and as soon as he wakes up, inform me.”

Zhang Wei said to the two guards.

“Yes, captain.”

Two guards hurriedly responded.

Zhang Wei then went out of the ward.


Shashi, Huanghua Airport.

In the VIP Lounge.

Li Xiangjun and Bai Ru were sitting, and talking in a low voice.

Suddenly, Li Xiangjun’s mobile phone vibrated.

He opened it, he got a mail.

Quickly, he opened it.

It was the information related to Ye Xiaochen’s investigation.

“Ye Xiaochen, male, 25 years old, southern province Yang city Jing county person. Graduated from Southern Agricultural university…once saved the southern province Ye Qiankun’s white wax bonsai tree. At the Archaeology institute with director Li Yang’s invitation, healed the Millenium ancient Fusang tree. Academician Yang and another top twenty domestic and international botanists formed an expert group and visited Ye Xiaochen in Jing county. 
They stayed in Jing county for nearly a week and had in-depth discussion and exchange on the field of botany. Academician Yang and other botanists during the interview with reporters highly praised Ye Xiaochen’s achievements in the field of botany… accepted a Porsche cayenne given Ling Jinxu general manager of Global corporation,  for providing the solution to the defective broccoli seeds. ”

Li Xiangjun looked at the information on the phone and was a little stunned.

The young man who looked like a wealthy young master has such amazing achievements.

How big was his ability to have discussions with top botanists like Academician Yang?
Had he not been sure that there would be falsehood in the investigation intelligence, he would have been skeptical and wondered if it was fabricated.

“No wonder Tingting knows him, this Ye Xiaochen is really special.”

There was a look of surprise on Li Xiangjun’s face.

“Xiangjun, what’s the matter?”

Bai Ru saw Li Xiangjun talking to himself and asked.

“Have a look.”

Li Xianggjun handed the phone to Bai Ru.

Bi Ru took the phone and looked at it, soon she also revealed a surprised expression.

“It seems that my vision is still good.”

Bai Ru chuckled lightly.

Li Xiangjun smiled and didn’t speak. He then pondered, couldn’t know what he was thinking.

“Are you still thinking about Tingting and Bing Xin?”

Bai Ru understood her husband’s mood and softly asked.

“I just thought of Bing Xin’s appearance, I blame myself. If I had been hard-hearted at the beginning, maybe the current situation would not have happened.”

Li Xiangjun shook his head.

Bai Ru didn’t know what to say.

At that moment the boarding announcement sounded.

“Let’s go.”

Bai Ru gently said.

Li Xiangjun nodded.

Two people, surrounded by bodyguards, got up and headed for the gate.


On the farm.

Ye Xiaochen stood on the immortal land and suddenly was a little depressed.

He currently doesn’t have any immortal plants on hand.

All the immortal radish, immortal beans, and others have already been sold.

As for the immortal beans in the immortal land, they were not mature yet.

As for the leaves of the plant after harvesting the immortal plants, they have been made into green manure.

Presently he couldn’t use any immortal plants to experiment.

He had no choice but to store the spirit material in the storage and could only wait for immortal plants to mature, and then only he could do the experiment.

As for those premium and immortal spring vegetables, the immortal qi in them was very limited and the experiment would have no effect.

“Oh, what a mistake!”

Ye Xiaochen sighed.

After all, he didn’t expect he would get the spirit material so quickly.

“Forget it, let’s first practice the Art of Growth.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head.

At the moment, he didn’t want to think too much about it. He went to radish seedling and started practicing the art of growth.

Practicing the art of growth was boring. Repeatedly grow, when tired take rest and then continue again.

Ye Xiaochen was very patient and meticulous. After each time of use, he would summarise his gains and losses and would make the improvement.

Every moment, he was making progress.

Chapter 147- Great Harvest

People’s Hospital, Special ward.

As soon as Li Min woke up, he found himself being handcuffed to the hospital bed and saw two people were guarding beside him.

He immediately knew what was going on.

He recalled what happened, he took the box, killed the professional thief and was about to leave, then suddenly he detected a movement and wanted to dodge, but it was too late. There was a feeling of a needle picking on his neck and then he didn’t know what happened.

When he woke up, he was here.

There was no need to say, he has been arrested by the police.

However, he couldn’t figure it out. Who attacked him?

The professional thief had no accomplices and there was no one else in the room.

Otherwise, with his senses and vigilance, it was absolutely impossible not to notice.

Besides, the police couldn’t have been notified in advance.

His whereabouts were very secret, only very few people knew. He also even hired Xiao Ran the professional thief, and no one knows what his original goal was.

Even the existence of this object was known by the organization accidentally.

The tingling situation before becoming unconscious indicates that he had been attacked by a kind of anesthetic needle.

He suddenly remembered the young man before he entered the room, but then he rejected the suspicion. From his point of view, the other side’s pace was undisciplined and breakable, he absolutely didn’t have any formal training.

He looked at the two guards and was glad that the police didn’t know his true identity, otherwise he wouldn’t have been guarded by ordinary policemen.

He believes that after the organization gets the news, they would try every means to rescue him.

So, he was not worried.

He was more worried about the whereabouts of that thing and the person who attacked him from behind.


For the past few days, Ye Xiaochen had been practicing the art of growth and his mastery was growing stronger and stronger.

The price of it was a large field of radish seedlings were used by him.

Fortunately, the radish seedlings were easy to grow.
Ye Xiaochen squatted on the edge of the field, his fingers gently touched a radish seedling, then a magical scene happened. The radish seedling was growing at the rate visible to the naked eye.

Moreover, there was no abnormality.

After a few minutes, the radish seedling had grown to a foot high, almost as tall as ordinary radish.

He opened his eyes, there was an expression of surprise.

“Haha, using the art of growth on radish seedlings is not a problem now. However, it was just radish seedlings, as for the root section, it is a little troublesome.”

He gently pulled the radish shoots out of the ground.

However, the root section was thin, the radish was not formed fully.

“Next is to solve the problem of the root.”

Ye Xiaochen touched his chin and pondered.

At night.

Ye Xiaochen read the Shennong system introduction guide for a while and then took out the animal hide page.

There were still dozens of words left untranslated.
Since he had finished the strange sitting posture in his sleep while dreaming, he felt that these seemingly incomprehensible words seemed to make a little sense.

Just like a beginner who could read classical Chinese.

According to his own understanding and comprehension, these words were a type of practice with the help of the image or to say was an outlook of thoughts.

Visualizing the image in his mind, he breathed in a certain manner… However, he could not visualize properly as the last few words have not been translated.

Because of this, he could only complete the visualization in his dream.

Under normal circumstances, even if you do not sleep, you could take initiative to visualize and condense the spirit.

Suddenly, his phone vibrated.

There was a message in WeChat.

He took a look and saw it was from Li Tingting.

“Ye Xiaochen, have you slept?”

“No. It’s already late, why haven’t you gone to sleep?”

Ye Xiacohen felt a little sorry for Li Tingting.

After all, he took her pendant and broke it.

“I couldn’t sleep, so wanted to chat with you.”

“What do you want to chat with me?”

“Don’t know, just a casual chat.”

“Ok, just chat.”

“You are a funny person. Tell me about your farm.”

“There is nothing to say about my farm.”

“Why nothing? Isn’t the countryside scenery interesting?”

“Okay. I will send you a video of my farm shed.”

Ye Xiaochen looked at the bright shed, directly shot a small video and then sent it.

“Why are you sleeping in the shed?”

“The air in the shed is fresh and there are many vegetables to give the company.”

“Wow, that is interesting. In our archaeology, most of the time we live outside the tomb and eat and sleep in the tents.”

“Are you not afraid?”

“No, it’s interesting.”


The two people chatted for a long time. Finally,  Ye Xiaochen sent a message, but Li Tingting did not reply.

Ye Xiaochen knew Li Tingting must have fallen asleep. It was early morning after all.

The next morning.

Ye Xiaochen watered all the immortal plants with the immortal spring water.

He was ready to practice the Art of Growth but found that thirty yellow immortal beans had entered the mature stage and at any time the bean pods would be ready to split.
As for the thirty red immortal beans, there was still time to mature.

“It seems at most by tomorrow, these 30 yellow immortal beans can be harvested.”

Ye Xiaochen was looking forward to it.

These thirty immortal beans were full of bean pods and definitely, there would be a big harvest.

Sure enough, in the afternoon, the thirty yellow immortal bean plant’s bean pods began to split.

Ye Xiaochen picked the bean pods one by one.

The quality and yield of these thirty yellow immortal beans were better than the previous one.

After all, he had used the attributed immortal fertilizer.

Besides, the seed also had been soaked with the seed promotion liquid moreover, Ye Xiaochen’s Shennong talent and planting experience were getting better and better.

For the thirty immortal plants, he picked 2598 bean pods.

Each plant was equivalent to 80 beans pods.

After peeling, the basket was full of yellow immortal beans.

The total count was eight thousand three hundred and forty-seven immortal beans.

Ye Xiaochen’s heart was on fire, even if calculated according to a group of ten and for each group could get 2.5 immortal yuan, then at least there would be more than 2100 immortal yuan!

It was definitely a great harvest!

Of course, this time he won’t be selling all of them.

He would leave some to use as seeds.

And some would be used to test the spirit material.

“Well, let’s sell the eight thousand immortal beans and leave the rest for use as seed or testing the spirit material.”

Ye Xiaochen quickly made the decision.

He was now a wealthy man.

According to the usual practice, he would first find out the quality of yellow immortal beans.

He took out his dagger and sliced an immortal bean.

Seeing there was a six circle pattern, Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help smiling.

“Well, first sell the 500 pieces of yellow immortal beans in the store.”

Ye Xiaochen was ready to go out big this time.

First, identify the information of the immortal bean in the store, then according to the quality, he would conduct an auction.

“Ding, please select the consignment goods”

As the system prompt sounded, Ye Xiaochen put the 500 yellow immortal beans into it.

“Do you want to sell?”

The prompt came again.


Ye Xiaochen confirmed.

“Ding, now the commodity value is being appraised, please wait …..”

Ye Xiaochen rubbed his hand and waited for the detailed information list to come out.

Chapter 148- Nuwa Spirit Seed

A few seconds later, the system’s notification sound came, “Ding, The appraisal is completed, do you want to check the product list?”


Ye Xiaochen immediately agreed.

Soon, the appraisal list of the five hundred yellow immortal beans came out.

Ye Xiaochen looked at it carefully, and a happy expression came out.

The quality of this batch of yellow immortal beans was better than he had imagined.

Moreover, he discovered that his divine talent has reached 0.96.

It was not far from reaching one.

According to the appraisal of the store, the average price of this batch of each immortal bean has reached thirty spirit yuan.

He got a total of 142.7 yuan.

Of course, after deducting the consignment fee.

Soon after the consignment, the immortals began to contact Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen took this opportunity to create a discussion group and began to add immortals one by one.

At the moment, there were thirty to forty immortals in the group.

All were interested in the yellow immortal beans.

“Thank you for taking part in the yellow immortal bean auction, the younger generation would also like to notify in advance that after a few days, there will be a red immortal bean auction. If the seniors are interested, they are welcome to participate.”

Ye Xiaochen sent the message, and soon he received responses. Many people showed great interest in the red immortal bean.

Many immortals wished to get a reservation and were even ready to pay 50 spirit yuan for a bean.

Ye Xiaochen was astonished, whether it was the Goddess of the Moon’s interest in black immortal beans or other immortal’s interest in the red immortal beans, it was stronger than the yellow immortal bean.

Was it possible that the immortal bean with water attribute and the immortal bean with fire attribute was more precious than the earth attribute immortal bean?

He couldn’t help secretly note down. He was looking forward to the batch of immortal red beans.

“Predecessors, in this auction, five hundred yellow immortal beans will be a group. The starting price of the one group will be one hundred immortal yuan, the increased price shouldn’t be less than 1 immortal yuan.”

Ye Xiaochen announced the bidding rules.

No immortals raised objections.

Before auctioning, he has published the appraisal information of the immortal beans in the discussion group, so that the immortals could have an intuitive impression of the yellow immortal beans.

Soon, Ye Xiaochen began the auction of the first group of immortal beans.

Immediately, many immortals started bidding.

“One hundred and one immortal yuan.”

“One hundred and two immortal yuan.”

“One hundred and three immortal yuan.”


Soon the price reached 150 immortal yuan.

There was still a lot of competition.

“One hundred and sixty-four immortal yuan.”

“One hundred and sixty-five immortal yuan.”

“One hundred and sixty-six immortal yuan.”


Finally, the first group of immortal beans ended with a price of one hundred and seventy immortal yuan.

Ye Xiaochen was secretly disappointed, he thought it could reach higher.
It seems that the price of immortal beans won’t reach much high.
The second, third and fourth groups were all sold for one hundred and seventy immortal yuan.

In the fifth group, the price had risen to 180 immortal yuan.

The tent group, the price rose to 190 immortal yuan.

At the thirteenth group, it was 200 immortal yuan.

“Seniors, there are only two groups of immortal yellow beans left. After this batch, you have to wait for a long time to get the yellow immortal beans.”

Ye Xiaochen shouted.

Where it was useful or not, it was better than nothing.

He doesn’t know if it will produce any effect.

The fourteenth group was actually sold at two hundred immortal yuan.

But, the fifteenth group of yellow immortal beans was sold at two hundred and twenty immortal yuan.

Ye Xiaochen thought that the last group would reach 250 or higher.

It seems that these immortals were shrewd masters.

Ye Xiaochen thanked the immortals in the discussion group. When he was about to close, Taoist Lao Tzi asked,

“Ye Xiaochen, the previous yellow immortal beans had high divinity and spirit characteristic, why didn’t they appear in this auction?”

“Right, this time I also didn’t see. The previous immortal yellow bean was good. Although the quality was a little bad, the divine nature and spirit characteristic was stronger.”
“Ye Xiaochen, do you have the method to grow that kind of immortal bean again?”

“Yes, that kind of yellow immortal bean was really good. If it can reach an inferior grade, then I am afraid a special heaven soldier can be refined.”


The other immortals also started to speak. All were interested in the last batch of yellow immortal beans.

Ye Xiaochen knew they were talking about the second generation of yellow immortal beans.

Due to inheritance, there was a superposition of divinity and spirituality.

“Predecessors, currently I don’t have that kind of yellow immortal beans, but the younger generation promises that next batch, there will be that kind of immortal beans, the quality will be higher and there may be even immortal red bean variety.”

Ye Xiaochen replied.

“That would be great, if there is that kind of immortal bean, then we will definitely come again.”

“Yes, the price will never be less.”

Many immortals spoke.

They were more interested in that kind of immortal bean.

After many immortals exited the group, Ye Xiaochen also disbanded the group and began to look at the harvest with excitement.

Sure enough, the auction was the king!

This time he got two thousand four hundred and fifty-five immortal yuan.

There were also nearly 140 immortal yuan from the store.

For the eight thousand yellow immortal beans, he got 2,599 immortal yuan.

Besides, he still has more than three hundred and forty yellow immortal beans in his hand.

“Well, how should I spend this immortal yuan?”

Ye Xiaochen pondered.

He has immortal yuan in his hands, naturally, he had to spend it.

It was necessary to build all the fences.

He calculated that the total fence required for the farm was about 300 meters.

A fence was ten meters, and thirty fences would require 3000 immortal yuan.

All could not be spent on fences.

“Well, anyway, let’s first translate the last dozens of words.”

Ye Xiaochen was not in a hurry to spend.

Immediately, he contacted the Goddess of the Moon.

In the end, for the sixty-eight words, the translation cost was sixty-eight yuan.

Ye Xiaochen was now rich, so he didn’t feel distressed.

The words on the animal hide page were finally translated.

He finally understood the method of condensing the spirit.

The name of this technique was called Nuwa Spirit Seed.

Everyone knows that in Chinese mythology Nuwa was said to be the origin of human beings or could be even said Nuwa created humans.

Naturally speaking, this Nuwa’s technique of condensing spirit was absolutely extraordinary.

Chapter 149-The taste of immortal bean

Ye Xiaochen’s heart stirred.

He immediately searched the store and did not find any product information on the spirit condensation method.

“Strange, since it was in the store lottery, there should be product information, shouldn’t be?”

Ye Xiaochen was puzzled.

Suddenly, a thought came in his mind, he patted his forehead, “Right, right, when I won the lottery at that time it was written it was called Generation Shennong manual page, not Nuwa spirit seed. It should be my searching error.”

Immediately, he changed the search keyword.

Sure enough, the product information on the Generation Shennong manual appeared in the store.

In addition to the complete Generation Shennong manual, there were separate pages, such as page 1, page 2 and so on.

He looked at it carefully, and the page he got was the page no 888 of the Generation Shennong manual.

Ye Xiaochen was dumbfounded, my god! there were so many pages!

He quickly looked at the complete manual of the Generation Shennong manual, there was a total of 9,999 pages.

The price of each page was not the same, for example, the Nuwa spirit seed, this page’s cost was 38000 immortal yuan.

The complete Generation Shennong manual was 100 million immortal yuan.

He cursed.

The Generation Shennong manual was too expensive.

“Forget it, let’s not think about it for the time being.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head.

It was already great luck to be able to get this Nuwa spirit seed page.

38000 immortal yuan!

If he depends on planting immortal plants, don’t know how many months it would take for him to save.

Originally, he thought this time’s earning of more than 2000 immortal yuan was a big harvest, but now it seems that he was still poor, extremely poor!

Ye Xiaochen did not close the store and was still looking at the Generation Shennong manual’s each page introduction.

Each page represents a planting technique, theories, supernatural powers, breeding methods, etc left by a generation of Shennong, it could be described as rich.

“Is there no special practice method for Shennong?”

Ye Xiaochen was thinking.

Even if he couldn’t afford to buy, there should always be a goal.

The ordinary immortal planters practicing method couldn’t be compared with Shennong.
The Shennong method was the best match for the Shennong talent.

He searched for hours.

His efforts paid off, he finally found a Shennong based technique- Shennong mantra.

“Haha really great. The Shennong mantra is not expensive. It costs only 8,800 immortal yuan.”

Ye Xiaochen’s eye lit up and couldn’t help laughing.

Although the 8800 immortal yuan was still a little pricey, it was not beyond his reach.

“Currently, I have more than two thousand immortal yuan, and after two more transactions I should be able to accumulate enough immortal yuan.”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly decided that temporarily he wouldn’t use the immortal yuans he has.

For the Shennong mantra, he has to save the immortal yuans.

Ye Xiaochen rubbed his hand and left the store.

He still has some immortal beans, so there was no need to buy seeds. He could directly use it for planting, and there was some immortal fertilizer left which would be enough for the time being.

He soaked the thirty immortal beans with the seed promotion liquid and remaining would be used to test the spirit material.
As the spirit material has a great influence on the immortal plants, he kept the remaining immortal beans in the storage space, left the farm and went home.

In the room.

Ye Xiaochen took out a piece of immortal bean and the irregular shaped spirit material.

Although the immortal spirit qi couldn’t be seen, Ye Xiaochen’s spiritual talent was very sensitive. He could keenly perceive that a little bit of the immortal spirit of the immortal beans was merging with spirit material.

At the speed visible to the naked eye, the yellow immortal bean seems to lose moisture.

It looked dim.

“Did not expect that the impact on the immortal bean after losing the immortal spirit qi would be so great?”

Ye Xiaochen was unceasingly surprised.

After a long time, when there were no changes in the bean, he took away the spirit material.

“What would be the effect on the nutritional component, divinity, and spiritual characteristics after losing the spirit qi? ”

Ye Xiaochen wondered.

Unfortunately, Ye Xiaochen had no way to identify or judge.

Although the store has the function, it requires 500 grains to be able to identify, and these immortal beans which have lost immortal spirit qi, couldn’t be appraised.

However, he could still cut the bean.

“The immortal patterns are gone.”

Ye Xiaochen saw that on the sliced section, there were no immortal patterns.

“It seems the presence of the immortal spirit qi creates the circle of the immortal pattern.”

Ye Xiaochen nodded slightly.

He picked the two slices of immortal bean and wondered in his mind, if after the immortal spirit qi was removed, could mortals eat it?

After thinking, he decided to do an experiment.

Immediately, he left the room and immediately set his experimental target at the local chickens.

Outside the house.

A flock of chickens was moving around. He came to a big black hen and dropped the two sliced beans on the ground.

The hen took a look at it, then cautiously went towards it, first, the big hen looked at Ye Xiaochen and then ate two slices of immortal beans.

“Haha, it really ate. It seems spirit cut-off was effective.”

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help laughing.

If there was immortal spirit qi in the immortal beans, these chickens would never eat it.

However, he did not leave immediately, instead, he observed the hen and wanted to make sure that the hen was okay after eating it.

There shouldn’t be any mistake. After all, it was a matter of life!

One hour later, two hours later, three hours later, the big hen seems to have no changes, instead, it keeps circling around Ye Xiaochen. It follows wherever Ye Xiaochen goes. And seems to want to eat that kind of immortal bean again.

Ye Xiaochen naturally wouldn’t waste the immortal beans on it.

An immortal bean was about thirty to forty spirit yuan!

He hurried back to his room, took out three beans at once.

He was ready to eat it.

There were three people in the family, so one bean for each person.

In the evening, Ye Xiaochen took the initiative to help his mother cook rice.

“Xiaochen, don’t add much water, the water level shouldn’t exceed more than one inch of the line.”

Mother warned.


Ye Xiaochen washed the rice three times, added the water and in the water, he put three spirit-cut off immortal beans and then put the rice container in the rice cooker.

After twenty minutes.

A strong fragrance of rice gradually filled the whole room.

The fragrance of rice seems to have mixed with a hint of bean flavor.

This kind of bean flavor was very weak, but couldn’t be ignored. The fusion of bean and rice made the rice fragrance more attractive.

The father who came after working in the field suddenly sniffed and was very surprised.

In the past, the fragrance of rice was definitely not so attractive.

He felt his stomach grumble and was feeling hungry

Chapter 150-Visualizing

“Today’s rice is cooked by Xiaochen, it seems he has put the water accurately!”

The mother came out of the kitchen with dishes.

Even the fragrance of the dishes couldn’t mask the fragrance of rice.

“Son, quickly fill the rice.”

Father arrived near the edge of the dining table and shouted.


Ye Xiaochen came out from the kitchen holding bowls and chopsticks.

He went to the front of the rice cooker, opened the lid. Suddenly, a richer fragrance of rice emerged.

Ye Xiaochen just felt his saliva was about to flow out from his mouth.

The rice was too fragrant.

He was very surprised, he didn’t expect that after putting three immortal beans in the rice, the effect would be so good.

Needless to say, it was caused by the three yellow immortal beans.

The three yellow immortal beans disappeared, it is estimated that in the process of cooking, the boiling water has mixed the yellow immortal beans with the rice.

He began to fill the bowl with rice, and soon, he saw the three yellow immortal beans.

Three bowls of rice, each had one cooked yellow immortal bean.

When he brought the bowl to the table, his father couldn’t wait to start eating.

Ye Xiaochen saw that his father ate a yellow immortal bean mixed in the rice.

Father slowly ate.

Suddenly, he stopped, his expression became strange, then he closed his eyes. He was chewing slowly as if to feel the taste of the rice.

“What are you doing old man?”

The mother sat down and asked the father who had made the expression.

Father didn’t say anything. He swallowed his food, then took a breath, his face showed a pleasant and enjoyable expression.

“Just now, I felt like I ate a bean. It was so delicious that I didn’t want to swallow it.”

Father said.

“You are exaggerating. Besides, how can there be beans in the rice?”

The mother laughed.

Suddenly, she looked down at her bowl and was surprised, “why is the rice yellow?”

“I was also surprised, but this rice is really delicious.”

Father took another bite of rice, although it didn’t taste as wonderful as the immortal beans he had, it was still full of fragrance and delicious.

“There is a bean. How can there be beans in it?”

Mother suddenly picked out a yellow bean from the rice.

“There are really beans?”

Father was surprised.

“Don’t put it aside, just eat it, it’s really delicious!”

Father saw the mother was going to put the bean aside and hurriedly said.

“Is it really delicious?”

The mother pricked the bean and put it in her mouth.

Father was staring at her, his saliva was flowing out.
When the mother put the bean in her mouth, first she showed a surprise expression, then she slowly chewed it and the face slowly revealed a look of enjoyment.

“Well, isn’t it delicious?”

Father quickly asked.

“Oh, it is really delicious. How can this bean be so delicious?”

After eating the immortal bean, the mother was surprised.

All of sudden, she looked at Ye Xiaochen, who was looking at her, and asked him, “Xiaochen, did you put the beans in the rice?”

She thought the delicious beans could only be produced by her son.

During this time, the vegetables Ye Xiaochen planted and the pickled vegetables he made were all delicious.

Now again there was such a delicious bean, she first suspected Ye Xiaochen.

“Mother, is it not delicious? How do you feel?”

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

“It is not just delicious, it is very delicious. I have eaten many beans, but for the first time I felt it was so delicious.”

Father said.

“Son, Did you plant these beans?”

Mother asked.

“Yes, this my latest improved immortal spring bean. And tastes good.”

Ye Xiaochen proudly said.

“Son, Are there more beans?”

Father quickly asked.

“Yes, but not much. The yield of this kind of beans are very low, mainly due to enhancement of the taste”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“It is good if you have more. Son, again in the night put in a few more beans.”

Father said.


Ye Xiaochen nodded.

Although the yellow immortal beans were precious, for his family he was willing to give it.

He looked at the yellow bean wrapped in the rice, now it was plump with water. He picked it up with chopsticks and put it in his mouth.
At that moment, an indescribable fragrance exploded on the taste buds of the tongue.

Fragrance, strong fragrance!

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help narrowing his eyes.

No matter if it was the dishes made with immortal spring vegetables or the pickled vegetables made with the immort spring water, compared to this cooked bean, there was obviously a huge gap between them.

It was not the taste but was the effect on the level of divinity.

These immortal beans were enough to make people’s hearts happy.

It was really valuable and delicious.

When he slowly chewed the immortal bean in his mouth, the rich bean flavor spread everywhere and there was a kind of feeling of stimulation on the cells of the body, and even there was a feeling that pores were expanding.

“Haha, immortal bean, really is worthy of its name!”

Ye Xiaochen smiled in his heart.

At night.

Today there was a full moon.

On the farm.

Ye Xiacohen was holding a yellow immortal bean whose immortal spirit qi has been removed….

“The yellow immortal beans after removing the immortal spirit qi could be eaten, but don’t know what is the benefit of it?”

Ye Xiaochen pondered.

If it was just delicious, then it’s a little wasteful.

Suddenly, he put the immortal beans in his mouth and slowly chewed.

It was not as good as the cooked one, it was mellow, but still pretty good.

Also, the taste was purer.

Shaking his head, Ye Xiaochen took out his phone, opened WeChat and sent a message to Wang Xinyi.

After a while, Wang Xinyi replied.

“I was just washing my hair.”

“Accept the video call, I want to see you.”

Ye Xiaochen sent a message and then clicked on the video call.

Wang Xinyi accepted it.

As the video connected, Wang Xinyi appeared. She was wearing a pajama and there was a yellow headscarf on her head.

Her face was as white as jade, a pair of bright eyes, her hands holding the chin and looking at the mobile screen. Her face was no longer melancholic as before, instead, it was full of sunshine.

Wang Xinyi has changed a lot and has become a brilliant person.

The two people didn’t turn off the video but talked in the hand sign language.

It was very late.

There was not a sound.

Ye Xiaochen sat crossed-legged.

He tried to take initiative to enter the state of spirit condensation.

He was able to read the whole Nuwa spirit seed method and knew details of how to practice it.

The key was visualization.

Adjusting the breathing, he concentrated and focused on the image.

In front of him, there was an animal skin hide page.

His eyes were fixed on the image.

Although the image was not clear, he looked at it seriously and the whole spiritual consciousness seems to be engaged.

Gradually, Ye Xiaochen felt that his mind was becoming empty, there was nothing else in sight except the image and the image was becoming clearer in his mind.

In a flash!

There was a rumbling sound in his mind, the image appeared completely in his mind and the whole spirit seemed to be in it.

He was the image.

The image was him.

There was unprecedented clarity, there was no muddiness as it used to be while dreaming.

He could even feel the spirit seed held between the claws of the image.
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