Heavenly Farmer Chapter 131-140

Chapter 131-Joining Office

“Hello, Brother Chen, how do you have time to call me today?”

Xie Juan said with a smile.

“I can’t call you if I don’t have time?”

Ye Xiaochen’s voice came from the phone.

“Aren’t you a big celebrity now? You should be very busy.”

Xie Juan joked.

“What big celebrity? Your brother is just a farmer. By the way, Juan, you didn’t go to work today?”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“No, I have resigned.”

Xie Juan said.

“That is nice.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Brother Chen, you are ridiculing your little sister who has lost the job.”

Xie Juan said.

“Hehe, brother I have a very good job and want to introduce you, will you not come?”

Ye Xiaochen would often make fun of Xie Juan.

Between Brother and sister do not pay much attention to what they say nor take it seriously.

It is only with his family that Ye Xiaochen feels comfortable in talking.

“Brother Chen, what kind of job is it? Am I qualified for it ?”

Xie Juan knew that Ye Xiaochen wouldn’t joke in this matter, and seriously asked.

“Definitely, it is your kind of job”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“What about the salary, although we are relative, this thing shouldn’t be too less okay?”

“It will be less for you, but higher than what you used to get and there is also a bonus at the end of the year. Well, I have started a chain restaurant in partnership with others. I am busy, and don’t have time to see the company’s financial affairs.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Wow, Brother Chen, you have already opened a company. You are amazing.”

Xie Juan was surprised.

With current Ye Xiaochen’s fame, many people want to cooperate with him.

She was very curious about the assets of the company opened by Ye Xiaochen and his shares, but she did not ask, anyway after entering into the company these things will be known.

She decided to help her cousin oversee the company’s operation and financial issues.

To prevent the partners from scamming him.

In this matter, she was quite adept at it, and immediately promised, “Brother Chen, you can rest assured, there is me, even a little moth won’t dare to have any thoughts.”

“Hehe, of course, I can rest assured, but you should not put too much pressure on yourself. That type of situation won’t happen. ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

The two chatted for a while and then hung up.

Xie Juan put down her mobile and directly hugged Cai Qiang and said, “We will pack up the things tomorrow, return to Yang city and directly will go to brother Chen’s company to work.”

“Don’t be too excited, be careful about the baby.”

Cai Qiang hurriedly said.

“It’s all right.”

Xie Juan smiled.

“Uhm, dear, can you also arrange me to enter into the brother Chen’s company?”

Cai Qiang probed.

“Temporarily don’t think about it, brother Chen has opened the company with other people in partnership, definitely cannot randomly insert a person in the company. You have to look after the online store, the washing, cooking and other things will be left to you.”

Xie Juan said.

Cai Qian had a bitter face and could only agree, in front of Xie Juan he never had any other choice.

However, he was also like this kind of person, there was no need to think too much and just need to do what the wife says.
Only people like Cai Qiang could harmoniously live well with strong nature people like Xie Juan.


After the candidate was selected, Ye Xiaochen called Li Jiaren.

“Brother Ye, I have already preserved the position for you. I am assured that the person you choose can directly come to work.”

Li Jiaren said.

Because there were too many partners, not everyone could insert a person into the company, and the participation of Shareholders in the company’s management was not a good thing itself.

The company has employed professional managers to run the company.

Ye Xiaochen had no objection to this.

The next afternoon, Ye Xiaochen received a call from Xie Juan, she first took a plant to Shashi city and then high-speed rail to Jing county North Station.

She was coming alone, as for Cai Qiang he would be temporarily staying in Shanghai and handle things related to the online store.
Immediately, Ye Xiaochen drove the Porsche cayenne and went directly to the Jing county North station.

After half an hour Ye Xiaochen reached the Jing county North station and not long after that Xie Juan called and came out of the station.

Soon, Ye Xiaochen met Xie Juan.

A height of 1.6 meters, the curly hair dyed with blonde color, she was exactly looking like a beautiful city person.

“Wow, brother Chen, did you come driving in Porsche?”

Xie Juan couldn’t remove her eyes when she saw the black Porsche cayenne.

After getting in the car, Xie Juan sighed, “Sitting in the luxury car is really different.”

“Why didn’t Cai Qiang came back with you?”

Ye Xiaochen asked with a smile.

“He won’t come until he finishes processing the things of the online store, it’s really annoying, need to make lots of calls to the individual to deliver stuff.”

Xie Juan said.

The online store she opened was not in the form agency, so need to personally go for acquiring stock. However, the profit was large, at the same time it was also extremely exhausting.

On the whole journey, Xie Juan never stopped her mouth, she was quite chatty.

Ye Xiaochen drove directly towards the county town.
The company was already up and running, today he would let Xie Juan report.

The company’s office was located in the same place as the restaurant, the purple mountain villa.

It was a three-story bungalow with a classic look.

After the renovation, it looked green and has a nature style.

“Brother Chen, the company is located here, is the environment nice? ”

Xie Juan curiously asked.


Ye Xiaochen nodded.

“The rent here is not cheap, right?”

Xie Juan asked again.

“Not expensive, the purple mountain villa business was not that good.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

Not only it was not expensive, but also very cheap, it could be considered almost free.

The boss of the purple mountain villa did not know from which channel he became aware that Ye Xiaochen with other partners was going to open a restaurant chain and came to find him.

This was actually a disguised experiment, once immortal spring vegetable restaurant becomes famous, it will surely drive the development of purple mountain villa.

In the end, this purple mountain villa owner also fancies Ye Xiaochen’s fame.

Li Jiaren was already waiting.

He was responsible for the construction of the whole company and the decoration of the restaurant.

“Brother Ye.”

Li Jiaren greeted Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen introduced Xie Juan to Li Jiaren.

After exchanging greetings, three of them entered the restaurant.

The decoration was really good, it could be seen that Li Jiaren had really put a lot of thought into it.

The third floor was the office area.

As for the first and second floors, it was the restaurant department.

The space was really large.

The offices of various departments have been arranged properly.

CEO’s office, Finance office, Logistic office, Human Resource office and so on.

Moreover, the staff were all good

The CEO of the company was called Nie Yunhai, Li Jiaren spend a large salary to dig him from a big hotel. He was originally a hotel executive and was very good at the catering field.

Ye Xiaochen first let Nie Yunhai complete the entry formalities of Xie Juan.

Her position was in the Finance department and will be the head of the accounting team. Her monthly salary was tentatively set at 10,000 yuan per month, five insurance and one housing fund which will be arranged after a while.

As for the food and accommodation subsidies, national holidays, year-end bonuses and other things also will be provided.

In this matter, Xie Juan was very satisfied, after all the salary was not low.

In the previous company, she earned more than 6000 per month, even if the boss promised to increase salary at most it would reach 8000, with the consumption standard of Shanghai, this salary might seem high, but in fact, was general.

In this small county town, it was different. The monthly salary of ten thousand was absolutely high.

After waiting for Xie Juan to be familiar with the working environment, with Xie Juan, they went to 2BHK rented flat near the company.

“The rent is really cheap!”

Xie Juan looked at the rent and sighed.

Two bedrooms, one living room, the monthly rent was only three hundred fifty yuan.

The furniture and appliances were also provided.

If it was in Shanghai city, even if it was at the edge of the city, the rent won’t come down to less than a thousand.

Just the rent could save a lot of money.

Chapter 132-Doesn’t exist

The National day was approaching.

Ye Xiaochen became even busier.

After all, the restaurant was going to open soon, he couldn’t just watch it.

On the opening day, how many friends does he need to call?

Opening day was important if more powerful characters come it would be better.

Li Jiaren, Liu Fusheng, and others were all the people with a wide range of networks and they will certainly attract many people.

As the company’s largest shareholder, Ye Xiaochen naturally needs to contribute.

After thinking, he decided to invite Wang Shuisheng.

One such character was enough.

Wang Shuisheng knew that Ye Xiaochen has opened a restaurant business with others in a partnership, naturally, he congratulated and said that he would definitely come.

Ye Xiaochenwas standing in the radish field.

These all immortal radish have matured.

A large stretch of greenery.

Ye Xiaochen was delighted.

Two hundred immortal carrots, two hundred immortal radishes, even if he leaves a few for cultivating seeds, this time income would at least reach seven hundred to eight hundred.

As for how to use it, he already had an idea.

He decided to have a total of ten immortal lands.

Make another immortal spring.

Also, the fence radius needs to be increased.

Thus, a thousand Yuan won’t be much.

Ye Xiaochen still used the old method, first cut a few radishes for identification.

“Well, it’s not bad, there has been some progress.”

Ye Xiaochen grinned when he saw the six-wheel pattern on the sliced radish.

After recording the data, he directly contacted the Goddess of the Moon.

Goddess of the Moon quickly replied.

“Goddess of the Moon, I wanted to ask a thing, do you have any bean soldier for exchange?”

Ye Xiaochen quickly asked.

“I have a bean soldier but you can’t use it. Bean soldiers are different from puppets. They need to integrate with the spirit of caster while refining.”

Goddess of the Moon replied.

“Is there no other way?”

Ye Xiaochen was disappointed.

He already knew it from the Shennong introduction guide.

Bean soldier was medium to summon the spirit if the caster cannot control the bean soldier, then spirit might backfire.
With the caster’s breath as a guide, the summoned spirit will obey the caster’s order.

“Yes, after completion of refining, you can use nourish with your blood essence and after a long time, you can succeed. However, you are just a mortal and haven’t started cultivating which makes it very difficult to succeed. Only if you practice qigong and have gained qi, you can succeed.”

Ye Xiaochen rolled his eyes, wasn’t it the same as not saying, if he had a practice method, would he still inquire about it, he would directly go to the store to buy the bean soldier.

The puppets can be controlled as long as there was a control token, and do not require qi.

Because of this, the puppets were very expensive and thousands of yuan could be spent.

The bean soldiers were cheaper, the lower grade bean soldier requires just a dozen hundred immortal yuan.

Even so, Ye Xiaochen could only sigh, this price was not cheap at all! A grain of immortal bean costs dozens of immortal yuan and after refining the price could reach a hundred times more than that.

Sure enough, depending on buying the raw material doesn’t make a lot of profit. Only after all sorts of technical processing a lot of money could be made!

Unfortunately, currently, he doesn’t have the technology nor talent, he could only sell some raw materials to make a profit.

Ye Xiaochen sighed.

He stopped talking and directly completed the transaction with Goddess of the Moon.

Having immortal yuan, ye Xiaochen shopping thoughts has come alive again.
Two pieces of immortal land, one immortal spring, three fences, the six hundred fifty immortal yuan was gone.

He bought four immortal radish seeds, costing 40 immortal yuan.

He also bought ten immortal grape seeds.

The grape seed was very expensive, although it was just a third-grade yellow immortal plant because it belongs to the perennial immortal plant, each seed cost eight immortal yuan.

And so, seven hundred and seventy immortal yuan was gone.

With the remaining twenty immortal yuan, he bought immortal yellow bean seeds.

Anyway, it was cost-effective to grow the immortal beans.

“Ding! Congratulations! The total price of your purchase in the store has exceeded 100 immortal yuan. Got the chance to draw a special lottery. Would you like to draw? ”

Suddenly, a system notification came.

Ye Xiaochen was not surprised before his consumption in the store had reached more than 900 immortal yuan.

This time in the store he spent nearly two hundred immortal yuan, exceeding the thousand immortal yuan mark.

Ye Xiaochen rubbed his hands, he was both nervous and excited.

He hoped to get some good things!

He thought, and a big wheel appeared in his mind.

A familiar scene!

Last time, in this big wheel, he drew the magical pickle jar.

Although just a pickle jar, he had made a lot of money through it.

However, he still felt cheated!

This time, he would make sure to get a good thing

Ye Xiaochen carefully looked at the sectors on the big wheel, there was no difference from last time.

However, the content has changed.

“Damn, where is my Plant Tactic.”

Ye Xiaochen repeatedly looked at the Sectors on the big wheel, but he didn’t see the Plant Tactic.

“System, you can’t do this to me. Although I know, getting the Plant Tactic is almost the same as winning the lottery, you must still give me some hope!”

Ye Xiaochen felt like to vomit blood.

Not seeing the Plant Tactic, he felt like the world has become gray.

Tring Tring!

The phone rang.

Ye Xiaochen was depressed, so he closed the Shennong System. He took out his mobile phone and looked, his sister Ye Ying was calling.

He smacked his head. Unexpectedly, he forgot such an important thing.

Tomorrow was the National Day and sister Ye Ying was coming today by high-speed rail, he has to go to Jing county North Station to pick her up.


“Brother, I have almost reached.”

Ye Ying’s voice came from the mobile phone.

“Ah, sister, after you get off, wait in the station. I’ll come now.”

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly said.

“Brother, you haven’t come yet. Anyway, I don’t have many things, I‘ll come by bus.”

Ye Ying said.

“Then okay, I’ll wait for you at the Taiping town intersection.”

Ye Xiaochen thought, now driving to Jing county North station to pick her will be too late, it’s better to let her take the bus.

“Wel, the train is about to reach. I’ll hang up first.”

After the sister finished talking, she hung up.

Ye Xiaochen scratched his head, he was still depressed. He went back home and driving Porsche Cayenne quickly headed to the Taiping town.

When he got there, he looked for a place to park.

While idling, he thought of that cheating big wheel.

The was no Plant Tactic!

He quickly opened the Shennong System and that big wheel appeared again.

He searched again, but he couldn’t find the Plant Tactic, instead, there was something else.

The place that should belong to Plant Tactic was replaced by the Wood Spirit immortal bead.

This immortal bead has a very magical function, it can continuously convert the external energy to wood spirit qi and can release it to nourish a region.

The price of this bead in the store was at least ten thousand immortal yuan.

“Forget it, the Plant Tactic, I cannot get this thing. Even if it is available, I won’t be able to get it. It’s better if it’s not there, so I won’t think about it. Let’s draw the lottery.”

Ye Xiaochen calmed down his thoughts and with a thought he clicked the button in the middle of the big wheel.

Suddenly, the big wheel rotated frantically.

Chapter 133- Manual

Ye Xiaochen stared at the big wheel in his mind and clenched his fist.

Something good should come!

If it was another magical jar, then he would cry to death.

After several minutes, the big wheel finally slowed down.

When the pointer in the big wheel fell into a very narrow sector at the last moment, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Anyway, the narrower the sector, the better value it represents.

“Ding! Congratulations on getting a page from the Generation Shennong manual.”

A page from Generation Shennong manual.

Not a book?

Damn, a page could be useful?

Ye Xiaochen was sad, he felt that his luck in the lottery was too bad, no wonder from childhood he didn’t even win a final prize.

He quickly took out so-called page of Generation Shennong manual from the space.

It was a piece of animal skin paper, smooth and shiny, the edge seems to have been touched too many times so, its color has turned to ash brown.

There was some weird text recorded in it.

“Damn, I can’t understand.”

Ye Xiaochen almost spat out blood.

What language was this?

In the middle of the animal skin, there was a slightly blurred human figure portrait.

To say it was not exactly like a human, as its head resembled like a snake, there were two wings on its back, similar to chicken feet its hands were holding a seed.

Anyway, this was what Ye Xiaochen could make out.

He looked at it many times, but there was nothing. He shook his head and couldn’t help but feel sadder.

Rather than the useless animal skin, he would prefer the magical pickle jar.

For now, he could only throw this page into the storage space.

He took a look outside, the bus that sister boarded should be arriving soon.

He waited.

Quite strange, he kept on thinking about the strange picture on the page.

It was impossible to get it out of his mind.

When he wanted to remember, it seemed vague, this feeling was very weird.

A few minutes later, a bus stopped at a distance, followed by several figures who got down from it and one of them was Ye Ying.

Ye Xiaochen got out of the car and greeted her.


Ye Ying had a bright smile on her face.

Ye Xiaochen helped her with the luggage, he suddenly looked at a girl beside Ye Ying, she had long hair which was fluttering in the wind, she looked pure and beautiful.

“Brother, this is my high school classmate Xu Wei. She is also studying in Shashi city, we came together.”

Ye Ying said.

“Hehe, you are Ying’s brother, so I will also call you brother.”

Xu Wei was very lively and smiled happily.

“Xu Wei, where is your home, how will you go?”

Ye Xiaochen asked.

“Over there, I‘ll take the car.”

Xu Wei said

“Okay then, we’ll be leaving first.”

Ye Xiaochen nodded to Xu Wei.

“Xu Wei, when you go to Shashi city, remember to call me!”

Ye Ying told Xu Wei.


Xu Wei nodded and watched the siblings walking towards the parked Porsche Cayenne, and couldn’t help but be surprised.

She had not seen Ye Xiaochen getting off the car.

She remembered that Ye Ying’s family situation was not very good, but her brother could afford such a good car?

The Porsche Cayenne started, it turned towards a corner and soon disappeared.
She clearly saw Ye Xiaochen, Ye Ying’s brother was driving the car.

In the car.

Ye Ying looked very curious.

“Brother, is this your car, did a person really sent it as a gift?”

She was surprised by the softness of the seat, there wasn’t any smell of gasoline, the air was fresh and the seat was steady.

The last time when her brother came to pick her up, he drove a second-hand vehicle.

It’s only been a month, but now his brother got this luxury car.

It was a big change.

“Sister, did you like it?”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“Yes, I like it very much, this car is very comfortable.”

Ye Ying touched everywhere and was very excited.

“After you graduate, your brother will buy you one.”

Ye Xiaochen said.


Ye Ying’s eyes widened.

“Of course, will your brother lie to you, I will get you even more beautiful than this one.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“I will choose another brand.”

Ye Ying took it as a joke and began to say, “I like Maserati, it looks noble and elegant.”

Ye Xiaochen naturally agreed.

For him, making a lot of money in the future was not a problem.

He loves Ye Ying the most. Naturally, he will let her live a good life.
Boys should be raised tough and girls should be raised rich.

He always thought it made sense.

His sister since childhood hasn’t eaten well didn’t have good clothes and there was an inferiority complex in her heart.

As her brother, he will make her a princess and let her lead the most superior life.

In the evening.

At immortal land.

Father, mother, and sister, all three were there.

All the harvested vegetables were put into the warehouse.

Considering that the immortal spring vegetable restaurant was about to open, the demand for the vegetables would greatly increase.

Beforehand, he had plowed a few more plots of land and planted a variety of vegetable seeds.

Some of the vegetable seeds have been soaked with the seed promotion liquid

Of course, there were advantages and disadvantages to soaking.

Moreover, it was not immortal plant seeds. Naturally, it can’t be soaked according to the method for immortal plant seeds.

After the soaking, Ye Xiaochen found that the growth rate has increased by at least 1/3, which was more advantageous in plant yield.

He also has determined that for all kinds of seeds, only one or two hours was enough.

A longer soaking time doesn’t enhance the effect.

Ye Xiaochen took out the animal skin paper and studied it for a long time, but there was no harvest.

He checked online, but there was no data about it, he even posted on some archaeological forums, however, all said that there were no texts like that exists.

Ye Xiaochen could only give up.

After checking it for many times, Ye Xiaochen felt a slight headache, he rubbed his forehead and then put the page into the storage space.

It was already late at night, so he got up, turned off the lights in the shed and went back to the bamboo bed to lie down.

Not long after he lied down, he fell asleep and was snoring softly.

Suddenly, in the dark shed, the immortal plants seem to emit light halo. The tiny spots of light converged from all directions and surrounded Ye Xiaochen.

As he breathed, these light spots got slowly inhaled into his body, then got exhaled and return to those immortal plants.

Such repetition formed a wonderful cycle between Ye Xiaochen’s body and the immortal plants in the immortal field.

At the same time, in Ye Xiaochen’s mind a strange image automatically emerged, A human with a snake-like head, wings on its back and its two claws holding a seed.

The image was blurry.

The consciousness of Ye Xiaochen was guided into the image.

Suddenly, the image became completely clear.

No, there was still something blurry, the seed in the two claws.

The seed was bleak as if it was empty.

Suddenly, many strange lights spots gathered from different directions and condensed on the seed held by the two claws, making the bleak seed light up.

Not long after that, the whole space shook and Ye Xiaochen’s consciousness was detached from the image which made the clear image suddenly become unreal.

The only unvarying thing was the seed seemed to become a little brighter.

Ye Xiaochen suddenly opened his eyes, the sky was already bright.

He felt as if he had a strange dream, where he turned into a strange monster with two wings on it’s back.

He couldn’t help but shake his head, definitely after watching the page lot of time, he dreamed about it in his sleep.

Chapter 134-Opening

Today was National day and also the opening day of the immortal spring restaurant.

Ye Xiaochen started making some arrangements.

After the vegetables and fruits were transported to several restaurants and supermarkets, Ye Xiaochen returned.

Today, mother, father, and sister would also attend the opening ceremony.

As soon as he got home, he saw that everyone was neatly dressed and ready.

Maybe, because of eating immortal spring vegetables every day, his mother and father didn’t look older and tired, instead, they were looking much younger and full of energy.

Clothes make the man.

Wearing the branded clothes Ye Xiaochen bought, the whole person seems to have become more classy and no longer had the past rustic appearance.

Especially her mother wearing a pearl necklace and bracelet in her hand, she looked brighter.

To buy her these things, Ye Xiaochen had listened to incessant complaints from her mother.

This jewelry was bought from Xu Jiao’s jewelry shop with a special discount.

Father had put on a casual suit, a pair of shiny leather shoes and had neat hair. He looked stylish and had the aura of a successful person, the only dissatisfying thing was once his father reveals his signature thick smile, the whole person would suddenly turn into a farmer uncle.

As for her sister, she was definitely the brightest person at the moment, she gave a fresh and pure feeling.

“Brother, why are you staring at me?”

Ye Ying was embarrassed by Ye Xiaochen.

“Haha, I suddenly feel that if you go wearing this dress to your school, you will certainly be rated as School flower..”

(Tn: school flower means the most beautiful girl in the whole school/college.)

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“How can I be, those school flowers are really beautiful. ”

Ye Ying naturally didn’t believe him.

Of those school flowers, which was not one who doesn’t get pursued by the countless men. She was just like an ugly duckling and could only be silently envious.

“No, those school flowers are not as pretty as my sister.”

Ye Xiaochen affirmed.

“Son, I don’t feel much comfortable in this formal dress.”

Father moved his shoulders, he felt slightly tense and uncomfortable.

At home, he would wear a casual dress and a pair of canvas shoes, which can be worn for a long time.

“Obviously, need to be in formals otherwise won’t we disgrace our son by wearing rustic clothes?”

His mother was much more understanding.

“Son, do you think your mother has dressed well? Do I look like a noble lady? ”

His mother put on a poss and asked.

“Very good.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said.

Afterward, the family of four stepped out of the house and went towards the black Porsche Cayenne.

After the car started, it left the place.

The Purple Mountain Villa.

Located in the eastern suburbs of the county, near the Lianhui river. It has great picturesque scenery.

In the past, it was deserted.

However, from today morning it has become very busy.

At the entrance of the villa, there was a huge arch with a conspicuous banner.
“Immortal Spring vegetarian restaurant grand opening.”

Ye Xiaochen driving the car came till there.

“Wow, brother, is this the place?”

Ye Ying was extremely curious.

“Son, shouldn’t the restaurant needs to be opened in a flourishing lively place? Although the environment is nice here, it is desolate. Will people come here?”

Mother looked left and right, felt worried.

“Mother, you can rest assured, the immortal spring restaurant is not a general restaurant but a premium restaurant for the rich, so, the source of the customer is not a problem.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

If it was a general restaurant, the location was very important, but for a premium restaurant, more attention needed to the word of mouth.

“Oh, I see.”

Mother nodded.

Soon, the car drove towards the Purple Mountain villa.

Trees were lined on the way, the rocky mountains and flowing water looked very elegant.

Around the plaza, a three-story building decorated with nature could be seen.

The most obvious thing was the long red cloth, which was written with the company, department,store and so on celebrating the opening of the immortal spring vegetarian restaurant.
This was a great opportunity to show the strength of the restaurant’s contacts.
There were around 70 to 80 names were written, it not only had Jing county but also had Yang city.

Obviously, for the sake of propaganda, Li Jiaren had used his connections.

In front of the three-story building, there was a platform built and covered with red carpet and colored fabrics.

After Ye Xiaochen parked the car, he took his family to the restaurant.

“Brother Ye, Uncle, and Aunt, you have come early.”

Li Jiaren immediately greeted.

“I am also one of the owners,so I can’t just let you be busy.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“Haha, brother Ye, you can’t think yourself just as one of the owners, you are the signature of our restaurant.”

Li Jiaren laughed.

Soon Li Jiaren arranged the staff to guide Ye Xiaochen’s family to the VIP room.

“Brother Jiaren, are there enough staff?”

Ye Xiaochen saw Xie Juan, she was very busy.

“There’s enough for now, the boss Wang is straightforward and directly lent us a group of people.”

Li Jiaren smiled.

The boss Wang he mentioned was the owner of the Purple Mountain Villa.

Time quickly passed and it was already 10 o’clock in the morning, the guests started arriving one after another.

Those who could come, at least have some assets in Jing County.

Some people were invited by Li Jiaren using his connection, and some when they heard that this restaurant has a connection with Ye Xiaochen, they took the initiative to come.

There was also Ye Xiaochen’s relatives.

For example, aunt, uncle, cousin Chen Hao, Li Yan and so on.

Even people from Yang city started to come one after another.

Many leaders of government departments also came, such as deputy county mayor against whom Li Jiaren’s leaned on.

He was the most distinguished guest in the room.

Li Jiaren’s face was full of smiles, it was in his honor that the deputy county mayor could come.

He hurriedly introduced the Deputy mayor to the Ye Xiaochen.

“Mr.Ye, we met again. I didn’t expect that we have a botanist like you in Jing county. It is really a blessing for Jing County!”

Deputy mayor, Chu Ziping was very polite.

Li Jiaren was a little shocked and immediately reacted. He shouted at himself why he never thought that when the expert’s group visited Ye Xiaochen, the deputy mayor was also there.

It was normal for them to know each other.

Seeing the situation, he suddenly understood that Ye Xiaochen’s plant expert identity was very important in the county.

“It’s all those seniors respect, Mayor Chu, thank you for coming. Please sit inside.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled, and with neither servile nor overbearing attitude, he said.

Immediately, he accompanied the deputy mayor towards the VIP room.

Next, several strong figures like county party secretary Liu, deputy executive of county Jin Bingqiu, County magistrate Zhu Changqing and others came together.

Once again it became busy, it surprised many people.

They immediately admired Ye Xiaochen’s ability.

Li Jiaren and others were both happy and a little lost, after all, these important figures came because of Ye Xiaochen.

Chen Hao, Li Yan and others who watched Ye Xiaochen talking with important people were envious.

Once upon a time, Ye Xiaochen was just a poor college student, but now, they need to look up to him.

When Ye Xiachen was exchanging greetings with several leaders, suddenly a staff member hurriedly came and said,” Secretary Zheng of Yang city, and Mr. Wang Shuisheg, the richest man of Yang city, have come together.”

As soon the words came the whole hall was shocked.

Even a few main leaders of Jing county hurriedly got up and followed Ye Xiaochen to out.

This was a real big shot!

Chapter 135- Support

The county leaders coming to support, after all, the restaurant opening would contribute to the county’s tax.

However, it was not the same for Yang city, in olden times, it was a vassal level character.

Unexpectedly, was willing to come from Yang city.

When the experts’ group came to Jing county for investigation, Yang city also had sent a deputy mayor to accompany them.

Suddenly in many people’s hearts, Ye Xiaoch’s top-level botanist title weight has increased.

As for the Yang city’s richest man, Wang Shuisheng, he was also one of the powerful characters.

In the modern world, sometimes wealth represents power.

After all, money requires power to protect. Wang Shuisheng was able to have today’s achievements, without sufficient background, it was naturally impossible.

Now that Wang Shuisheng and Zeng Hongye came together, it means relations between them were not ordinary.

“Secretary Zheng, you have also come. You should have informed our county party committee and county government in advance!”

“We haven’t made any preparations.”

Secretary Liu of the county committee was the person to greet her, his tone was full of respect and fear.

After all, for such a leader, the county needs to attach great importance.

“It’s okay, I am attending this opening ceremony with personal identity. You don’t need to think much, just relax.”

Zheng Hongye was a middle-aged beautiful woman with well-maintained health and an amiable attitude.

However, her eyes seemed to have the magic to see through people’s heart, she looked at Ye Xiaochen, slightly smiled and said, “You must be Ye Xiaochen. Good, we from Yang city are proud of you.”

“Secretary, welcome to the opening ceremony. Please come inside.”

Ye Xiaochen sighed in his heart, this official was full of strong aura!

Ye Xiaochen quickly greeted Wang Shuisheng.

“Brother Wang, did you invite the secretary Zeng?”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly asked.

He didn’t think that Zeng Hongye would come here just to meet him personally.

Now that Zeng Hongye and Wang Shuisheng came together, this relation was not simple.

“Yes, and secretary Zeng was also curious about you, so she wanted to come and see for herself.”

Wang Shuisheng chuckled.

Speaking of which, he was surprised that secretary Zheng agreed to him.

Zeng Hongye like people were very busy day and night, where would they have time to attend a county restaurant opening ceremony. Unless she was invited by a very influential leading enterprise, it was impossible to invite.

What’s more, Ye Xiaochen never invited her.

More than a hundred distinguished guests were present in the first and second-floor lobby.

Drinks, snacks, and fruits were already prepared and were brought up by the well-dressed waiters.

Towards noon, with a series of roaring fireworks sound, the opening ceremony officially began.

The ribbon-cutting was a very important part.

Due to the arrival of a few important people, the already chosen people were readjusted immediately.

Zeng Hongye and Wang Shuishen were included.

As for the shareholder of the immortal spring restaurant company, Ye Xiaochen was indispensable, after all, he was the company’s face.

Nie Yunhai, the company’s CEO was also included.

Also, the deputy mayor of the county Chu Ziping was originally appointed, but there were several leaders stronger than this position, s Secretary Liu of the county party committee was elected.

Five ribbon cutters.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t understand the ribbon-cutting ceremony and just listened to Li Jiaren’s arrangement.

When he gave his speech, he already had a draft to recite, he doesn’t have stage fright, but unlike other leaders, his speech was not vivid and powerful.
He couldn’t help, those people specialize in speaking.

After the ceremony, Ye Xiaochen felt more tired than planting vegetables, his face was almost stiff with a smile.

Seeing that Zeng Hongye, Wang Shuisheng, and others could still talk and laugh, he sighed.

After the opening ceremony, Li Jiaren began to make arrangements for guests to sit.

There was a free meal and a priced meal.

All the dishes in the restaurant will be served to guests in one round for a taste.

At the same time, the price of each dish will also be marked.

In this way, in the future, the guest will have the bottom price in the mind.

If it was worthy or not?

To make these free meals, Master Lin and several other chefs began the preparations a few days ago.

It was an extremely luxurious line of chefs, each one of them could go to any big hotel as a chef.

“The first side dish is immortal spring tofu, it is made of soybeans grown at immort spring farm. It is made through thirteen processes and is priced at 88 yuan per dish.”

Soon, a person loudly said it.

Then, one by one, the waiters came out holding plates with a white background and a green pattern.

On the plate, there were dried yellow tofu pieces.

The amount on each plate was the same.

Ten pieces in one plate.

Each table had ten people.

Each visitor tasted a piece of tofu.

The piece was small as there were many people.

Moreover, the dishes will keep coming.

For those who were present, even though a plate of tofu priced 88 yuan was expensive, it was still acceptable.

One by one, the plate became empty.

A piece of tofu, eight yuan!

When everyone tasted tofu, their faces suddenly changed.


That’s what everybody thought.

Looking at the empty plate, everyone felt their appetite increase, but there was no more food.

Fortunately, the second dish was coming.

It was again a side dish.

Potato pancake.

Each potato pancake was big, it was placed on the plate, it was golden and bright.

It was also not cheap, 108 yuan per plate.

Even the potato pancake a piece was provided, but with the previous example tofu, they chewed slowly, afraid of finishing at once.

Under the golden appearance, it had a white layer, just as it opened, an unimaginable aroma of potato radiated out, which stimulates the taste bud.

It had a completely different taste and aroma than the tofu.

The next dishes were continuously coming, under the imagination of Chef Lin and other chefs, from the vegetables of Ye Xiaochen’s farm, they made 28 side dishes and 32 main courses. Each dish had a completely different character and made the guests enjoy it.

Especially the last pickled vegetables, it thoroughly conquered all the diners.

Of course, these side dishes were not cheap.

The minimum side dish cost was 88 yuan and the highest was 188 yuan.

As for the main course, they were even more expensive, the starting price was 388 yuan and the most expensive was 3888 yuan.

These dishes had one feature, that was they don’t come in large quantities and it would leave you hungry.

After eating, they would only feel like continuing.

Chapter 136- Purpose

A tide of positive reviews.

Many people said on the spot that they would come again in the future.

“Haha, this is the best meal I have ever eaten. I didn’t expect that the vegetables could reach this level. It’s not inferior to those exotic dishes containing fish and meats. In fact, it is particularly more pleasant to eat! ”

At the special table.

Zeng Hongye was smiling.

“I think the chef’s skill is needless to say, and the vegetables provided by the immortal spring farm have also contributed a lot.”

Wang Shuisheng laughed.

Many people nodded, they were the people who were accustomed to eating delicacies. Naturally, the higher the level of ingredients, the more delicious the dishes were made.

Otherwise, if there were no cooking skills, even a clever woman would find it difficult to cook the rice.

After eating, many guests left one after another.

Several leaders of the county originally intended to accompany Zeng Hongye, but were sent away by her.

Everyone understood that Secretary Zeng came to Ye Xiaochen not just for attending the small opening ceremony, there must be some other purpose.

In a spacious and bright office room.

The tea has been prepared, only Ye Xiaochen and Zeng Honngye were there.

“Mr.Ye, in addition to attending the ceremony, I came here for another reason.”

Zeng Hongye said with a smile.

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly said.

“Secretary Zeng, you can just call me Ye Xiaochen.”

After all, she was a bigshot in the government, he couldn’t help but pay attention to it.

“Okay, I’ll call you Xiaochen, you also don’t call me secretary Zeng, just call me sister Zeng.”

Zeng Hongye smiled and said,

Sister Zeng?

Ye Xiaochen was slightly stunned, this Zeng Hongye was expressing her goodwill.

However, was it necessary for someone in power to show goodwill?

Maybe it was due to Wang Shuisheng?

Ye Xiaochenn’s mind worked quickly and immediately said, “Sister Zeng, if there is something, you can say it.”

“This is the situation. Our Yang city is considered to be a big agricultural city. The importance of agriculture is very heavy. As early as a few years ago, we were engaged in major economic measures to promote the independent cultivation and processing of rapeseed. However, the produced rapeseed output quality could not keep up with the requirements, the fluctuation was very large, there was not enough competitiveness, so the progress hasn’t been smooth. There were objections from the province, but now, the policies have softened little by city, and want to introduce strong adaptability and high output genetically modified rapeseed, but this opening will bound to cause serious impact on the already precarious local rapeseed industry.”

Zeng Hongye looked at Ye Xiaochen and directly said.

This was a confidential policy, and shouldn’t be disclosed, but she wanted the help of Ye Xiaochen, and naturally did not need to keep it secret.

Ye Xiaochen had heard of the city’s efforts to encourage local rapeseed cultivation.

A few years ago, every family had to grow rapeseeds. It happened in a large area, during the flowering season, it was just like a golden sea.

However, now the situation was slowly disappearing.

The main harvest of rapeseed was not very good, on top of that the purchasing price was not good, finally, didn’t sell to buyers and rather kept to themselves to squeeze oil and extracted rapeseed oil was used by their household.

This led to the rise of private oil mills everywhere.

At that time, the higher authorities used administrative means to close a number of them, however, the effect was still limited and finally, they simply gave up on that matter.

Under such circumstances, one could imagine that the Yang city’s plan to promote local rapeseed industrialization would be considered an empty talk.

“Sister Zeng, what do you want me to do?”

Ye Xiaochen pondered for a while and then asked.

“I was thinking, if do you have any means to improve the rapeseed, letting it adapt to the local growth environment and increasing the production and refining rate?”

Zeng Hongye said.

In fact, the improvement and cultivation of seeds have always been the most difficult problem to solve.

Not to mention the high cost, it might not necessarily succeed and the effect of improvement might not be good, how could it be compared to the seeds produced by genetically modified technology?
This has led to the decline of local farm crops and the market share was occupied by the various genetically modified crops.

Even if the safety of the genetically modified crops were not guaranteed, there was no other choice.

Survival of the fittest, the weak are eliminated, the survival of the strong applies to any field.

“I can give it a try.”

Ye Xiaochen was also worried about the genetically modified foods on the market, before if he didn’t have this ability, he might have purchased those crops.

It was just like some restaurants would use waste recycled oil, but people would still go to eat there.

“Okay, I will appoint you as the deputy director of the City Agricultural Research Institute, and allocate a group of skilled researchers for your use, all funds from the city finance will be allocated to you.”

Zeng Hongye said with a happy face.

If this seed problem could be solved it would be equivalent to mark an achievement in her political track record.

“No, No, sister Zeng, I don’t need the job or assistant researchers and don’t even require funds. I can complete the improvement and cultivation of seeds on my farm.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head.

If he goes to the City Agricultural research Institute, he won’t be able to take care of the immortal fairy plants, so this was absolutely not possible.

Zeng Hongye was surprised.

“This, will it be okay?”

Zeng Hongye was surprised.

“Sister Zeng, you can rest assured, since you sought me, I will certainly go all out.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

There was a strong sense of confidence in his tone.

Zeng Hongye could naturally sense what kind of character a person was, she immediately nodded and said, “good, according to your arrangement”

The talk was direct and wasn’t sloppy.

Ye Xiaochen felt that talking with such a person was easy.

Zeng Hongye left.

Wang Shuisheng also left with her.

The opening of the immortal spring restaurant was a success.

After a brief meeting with Li Jiareng and others, Ye Xiaochen left with his family.

“Brother, the food here is too delicious.”

“It was in a small amount.”

“I don’t even feel full right now”

“By the way, are the dishes very expensive?”

“Although the few pieces of tofu were delicious, it cost 88 yuan per plate.”

“It is more than just expensive, it is ridiculously expensive.”

“Today a lot of big people came. My son’s face is really big enough. You see those people because we were Xiaochen’s family, they were very polite to us.”

Mother, father, and sister couldn’t stop talking.

Ye Xiaochen smiled, expensive?

It was certainly not expensive.

The current pricing could only be regarded as a special price, later would be adjusted according to the customer’s demand. 

For example, if a dish was the best-seller, the price would be higher.

If a dish was less popular, the price would be reduced.

In short, the Immortal Spring restaurant was to create a high-end vegetarian place.

Let a person come once and would forget to go home.

After returning to the farm, Ye Xiaochen began to think about the problem of improvement of rapeseed mentioned by Zeng Hongye.

Maybe, it would be very difficult for others.

However, for Ye Xiaochen, who has the Shennong system and has awakened Shennong talent, it was not difficult.

“Although there is a certainty of local rapeseeds adapting to local soil temperature and light environment, it has poor resistance to natural disasters, then the yield and oil extraction rate are also too low. If modern genetic technology is used, it’s easy to solve, but it is against nature’s law and the harm will be not small.”

Ye Xiacohen pondered.

Since he wants to improve, naturally he could not do it this way.

“Hehe, well the best way to improve is to let seeds have the ability to self-regulate.”

Ye Xiaochen had a slight smile, and very quickly he got a solution.

Chapter 137- Fee

Any living creature has the ability to adapt its body to the environment and adjust itself.

However, this feedback to biological evolutions could take an extremely long time, usually over thousands of years.

After all, natural environmental changes take a very long time.

As for trying to adjust the plant to adapt anywhere and anytime to the changing environment was simply impossible.

Just like drought-tolerant plants, if planted in a water-rich area, because of too much water its roots would decay.

Similarly, aquatic plants, planted in dryland would wilt to death.

Even if Ye Xiaochen had great ability, it was impossible for him to do this, even past Shennong certainly couldn’t, after all this was contrary to the laws of nature.

However, there was a short saying, human wisdom can prevail over nature.

It was not that humans could surpass god(Heavens), but through their own wisdom and great efforts, they could improve the adaptation and could even borrow the power of God.

Now the power of technology speaks for itself.

Once science and technology reach a certain level, no natural disaster could affect human beings and even using the power of science and technology it could be transformed.

What Ye Xiaochen needed to do was catalyze the awakening of the rapeseed consciousness.

After the consciousness of the rapeseed awakens, it could adapt itself to the outside environment in advance, showing the most perfect aspect and adjust the growth direction of the plant.

Actually, the reason why the yield of the local rapeseed was unstable lies during the seed period, because the consciousness was not awakened, the seed takes root and sprouts naturally, and after the consciousness awakens, the growth direction of the plant has been determined already. The plant consciousness was just an instinct of the plant growth and unlikely to have wisdom like humans to be able to find problems, and naturally, the ability of self-regulation won’t appear and it would deviate more and more.

However, the genetically modified technology was very purposeful, it strengthens a certain characteristic. In a sense, it violates the law of nature as humans were forcing things on the plant.

In the planting theory shown in the Shennong system introduction guide, let nature take its course, it is the law of growth of all things.

If you go against heaven, you will meet the wrath of heaven.

In the beginning, Ye Xiaochen didn’t care, but with a deeper understanding of the Shennong system introduction guide, he felt it very reasonable.

Currently, many ideological theories of the Shennong system introduction guide have a greater influence on him.

“The best way to cultivate the rapeseed was to let it self-awaken and self-regulate by using the seed promotion liquid as a catalyst, and then use the Shennong talent to solidify such characteristics and produce genetic effects.”

Ye Xiaochen had a clear idea in his mind.

Ye Xiaochen knew that his Shennong talent could not only slightly influence the plant growth, but could also increase yield and improve the quality.

More importantly, this effect could stably be inherited.

This was the horror of Shennong’s talent.

The ordinary immortal planters, even if their talent was strong, could at most affect the immortal plants they planted, but it would not affect the genetic level.

In the spiritual world, the inheritance phenomenon was the most difficult problem to solve.
Nearly, there was no method to affect the inheritance phenomenon.
The ability of Shennong to influence inheritance, even in the plant domain was considered terrifying.

For the next few days, Ye Xiaochen worked on the farm, he was taking care of the immortal plants and improving the rapeseeds.

He selected a plot of an area near the immortal land as a testing ground for the rapeseeds.

About three-quarters of the field.

The rapeseed, which had been carefully treated by him, quickly took root and germinated after sowing.

Now in each earth pit, there was a piece of lush green plant.

Moreover, he communicates every day with the rapeseed seedlings to guide them with potential guidance.

The importance of these rapeseed seedlings was only a little less than the immortal plants.

The popularity of the Immortal Spring restaurant was beyond his imagination.

Ever since it opened, it has made a name for itself, at least in the Yang city, there was no one who didn’t know about the immortal spring restaurant.

Not to mention it was founded by Ye Xiaochen, a famous botanist in Yang city. On the restaurant opening day, even Yang city secretary went personally to attend the opening ceremony.

Besides, there were many guests who tried the taste in person and spread it through word of mouth.

Every day the seats were filled!

Countless people were booking.

There were also some from other counties and cities.

In just three days, the turnover was close to one million. If the taxes and various costs were deducted, the net profit was at least more than 500,000.

Ye Xiaochen got the most profit.

It could even be said that he was earning a lot of money.

Just from the pure profit, he got close to 300,000.

It was equivalent to 100,000 a day.

After knowing the situation, Ye Xiaochen was a little shocked.

Although he knew that the restaurant would be very profitable, he did not expect the profit would be so large, crazy.

Moreover, it was just a single restaurant.

In the future, when more restaurant chains would open, the revenue will be even more frightening.

There was another matter, Ye Xiaochen was very confused.

That was, every night when he goes to sleep, he always has a dream that he became a creature with two wings on the back and has a head of a snake.

Not only did he dream this every day, but he was feeling strange, like  in the space between the position of eyebrows, there was something.

Especially when communicating with the immortal plants with his spiritual talent, the space between the eyebrows would throb as if something was about to burst out.

Not only that, but he also found that in the past he required a period of rest after using the potential guidance.

However, now, he could use it for a long time, and as long as the space between the eyebrows throb, it seemed the lost spirit would be recovered immediately.

He thought it was strange and suspected that it had something to do with a picture on the animal hide he had seen.

He did not know if this was harmful.

So, he didn’t dare to take out the animal hide.

“Should I ask the Goddess of the moon?”

Ye Xiaochen pondered.

If he didn’t figure out about this matter,  he would feel restless.

After making up his mind, he immediately contacted the Goddess of the Moon.

It was after a long time, the Goddess of the Moon replied.

“Ye Xiaochen this is about practicing. You must pay the fee.”


Ye Xiaochen was slightly stunned and then recovered. This was normal when you find a tutor on the internet, won’t they charge according to time?

“Eh, the Goddess of the Moon, how much is the fee?”

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly asked.

“One question is ten immortal yuan. It’s very cheap, and I can answer one question for you now for free.”

The Goddess of the Moon replied.

One question was ten immortal yuan, that was cheap!

Ye Xiaochen almost rolled his eyes.

He was now penniless and couldn’t even ask a single question.

Fortunately, there was one free question.

“Could the fairy answer the question I asked a few moments ago? ”

Ye Xiaochen used the free question available.

“Yes, you should have come in contact with spirit seed condensation law left by the first generation of Shennong”

The Goddess of the Moon quickly replied.

“What is this spiritual seed thing?”

Ye Xiaochen was surprised.

“That is the second question and requires a fee.”

Ye Xiaochen’s forehead was filled with black lines, and sent the message, “I don’t have any immortal yuan. So, I will ask it next time.”


The Goddess of the Moon quickly replied.

Ye Xiaochen could only exit the Shennong System in depression. It seems that next time when he asks a question, he must think clearly about it.

One question was ten immortal yuan, too expensive!

Chapter 138- Spirit Seed

“Although the Goddess of the Moon didn’t tell me what spirit seed is, this page of Shennong manual shouldn’t be harmful to me.”

Ye Xiaochen thought.

Since it was a Spirit seed condensation law, it should represent a type of practice law.

He was a little excited, though it wasn’t the plant Tactic, it was still something to do with practice.

Unfortunately, he doesn’t know what spirit seed was, his heart was itching as if a cat was scratching.

It was a pity that he didn’t have any immortal yuan, otherwise, he would have asked things to thoroughly understand.

“Oh, that’s right, if the Goddess of the Moon can answer a question for free. Then, what about other Daoist immortals?”

Ye Xiaochen was walking in the immortal land. Suddenly, he patted his forehead and his eyes lit up.

“So many Daoist immortals, if one person gives one free question, then won’t I be able to save a lot of immortal yuan?”

Ye Xiaochen praised his cleverness.

On the spot, he promptly sent a flurry of messages…. inquiring about the questions to the Daoist immortals.

Of course, he didn’t send any message to the Goddess of the Moon.

Soon, a Daoist immortal sent a message, it was from the river general Shen Gonggbao.

“Young fellow, I can answer one question for you, but for the later questions, you have to pay a fee. One question is ten immortal yuan.”

When Ye Xiaochen saw the message, at first he was delighted, then shortly he felt somewhat bewildered, it feels like these immortals have set a unified price.

“Senior, what is spirit seed? ”

Ye Xiaochen quickly asked.

“Spirit seed is the foundation of practicing, it is equivalent to a special practicing organ. Some people are born with spirit seed, some acquire it and some people use condensation law to get it. Well, the first question is over, for the second question you need to pay a fee.”

River general Shen Gongbao replied.

Ye Xiaochen rolled his eyes and hurriedly replied, “Senior, I will ask again next time, now I am short of money.”

Shen Gongbao did not answer anymore.

Ye Xiaochen pondered, it seems that he was lucky, he got the method of condensing spirit seed.

In this way, when the spirit seed condenses and practicing method was available, he would be capable of practicing.

“No, these words, I can’t understand any of them. First, ask other immortals to translate these words for me.”

Ye Xiaochen saw that several immortals replied.

Immediately, he scanned the text using the system’s scanning function.

“Senior, could you translate these words for me?

This time Ye Xiaochen chose Qian Liyan.

(TN: Qian Liyan is one of the gods in Chinese mythology and folk religious beliefs)

“Translating is not a problem. For the first time, the translation of ten words is free, afterward, it will be charged one immortal yuan per word.”

Qian Liyan soon replied.

One immortal for one word?

Why don’t you just rob me!

Ye Xiachen almost went berserk.

There weren’t many words in the animal skin, but there should be almost a thousand words.

Well, who let them be immortals. He could only request them.
“Cough, senior, translate the first ten words for free, now I don’t have any immortal yuan.”

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly replied. Anyway, he couldn’t see the immortal, and his face was thick enough.


Very concise reply.

It didn’t take long, soon Qian Liyan sent the ten translated words.

However, after reading it, Ye Xiaochen almost vomited blood, because two of the ten words were repeated.

What the hell! As an immortal, you should not be so shameless!

Repeated words were also calculated!

Ye Xiaochen almost wanted to cry, this one word represents one immortal yuan!

Ye Xiaochen did not continue to ask other immortals.

He was going to find out the repeated words on the animal skin, and won’t let the shameless immortals translate the repeated words.

The search wasn’t unsuccessful, dozens of duplicate words were found.

Ye Xiaochen secretly thought in his heart, he saved a few immortal yuans!

In this way, Ye Xiaochen relied on the opportunity of free inquiry and got words on the animal hide one by one translated.

The immortal whom he could have asked, he has asked all of them.

Some immortals simply ignored him.

Ye Xiacohen looked at the last dozen of untranslated words, and was a little bit depressed!

It seems he could only wait.

However, what previously translated was only the meaning of the words, he had to reorganize words, form sentences, and phrases and then it would be understandable to read, it was up to Ye Xiaochen to figure it out.

“Strange, obviously these five words’ meanings were combined, but the literal meaning is not clear?”

Ye Xiachen frowned.

The text on the animal hide was just like the classical Chinese, but more difficult to understand.

Finally, he couldn’t help and accepted it without thinking and memorized the literal meaning.

In the future, if he has a chance he should find an ancient writer.

That night, Ye Xiaoche slept very late.

And that dream appeared again.

Ye Xiaochen’s consciousness once again merged with the strange image.

From the immortal land and even from the whole farm, several light spots emerged.

The light spots of the immortal plants were large, dense and bright and the light spots from the common plants were small, sparse and dim.

Eventually, with Ye Xiaochen as the center, it formed a vortex of lights.

An indescribable strange exchange was created.

All of a sudden, those literal meanings memorized during the day emerged from the depths of consciousness and inexplicable enlightenment emerged spontaneously.

In reality.

Ye Xiaochen’s body stood up, and then sat down in a very unique position, he clasped his both hands near his heart, formed a strange hand seal and breathed with a special rhythm.

With the changes of the body, the mild whirlpool of light suddenly became quick and violent.

It was as if the exchange rate had increased by a hundred times.

In the Ye Xiaochen’s mind, the image of a claw holding the seed was also solidifying quickly.

After a long time.

Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes, stretched himself, he was feeling really comfortable.

Suddenly, he froze for a moment and looked down. He found that he wasn’t lying down but was sitting crossed-legged.


Sitting crossed-legged?

There was no memory at all about this.

He quickly got up, after sitting cross-legged for long the blood flow would decrease in the legs, but he was feeling comfortable.

More comfortable than he ever felt.

It was like the whole body had come alive.

He gently touched the space between the eyebrows, and his eyes flashed with a different color. The feeling in the space between the eyebrows was more clear, it was as if a seed was hidden there, ready to take root and sprout.

Needless to say, he must have triggered the spirit seed condensation law again in the night.

It was just this time, it was more serious than before, and even the body performed certain actions in the consciousness.

“Is it good or bad?”

Ye Xiaochen muttered to himself.

He got up and put the bamboo bed away. He walked inside the immortal land and ran his fingers over the immortal plants. The change of consciousness of each plant was reflected in his mind.

Even with the complex changes, he was capable of understanding.

This was the change he experienced after the dream. He no longer needs to touch and meditate to be able to grasp the changes in the plant’s consciousness.

Now could communicate freely and could grasp the changes in the consciousness inadvertently.

No, it wasn’t this clear before, but this time, he felt it clearly.

It was like observing the pattern of the palm, all the changes in the consciousness of the immortal plants, were under control.

It was a wonderful feeling.

Chapter 139- Discussion

The September months payment for all vegetables and pickled vegetables has been settled.

Full 350,000 yuan.

As Ye Xiaochen’s farm was classified as a Province special grade planting base, he could get tax privileges.

So the 350,000 will completely enter into his pocket.

If you have money in the body, you will have enough confidence.

The original plan of constructing the house, he was ready to implement it.

Therefore, Ye Xiaochen immediately discussed with his mother and father, to begin the construction of the house, it was better to be sooner than later.

The site selection and foundation approval were confirmed within a few days.

However, Ye Xiaochen and his parents didn’t reach an agreement on the amount of money to be used for the construction of the house.

The two elders thought it was enough to spend near four hundred to five hundred thousand.

However, Ye Xiaochen’s thoughts were different, since they were constructing a house, naturally, it should be good, after all, they will be living there and there shouldn’t be any grievance.

After all, now he has money.

And next month his earnings would be more than a million.

Mother and father were frightened, because according to Ye Xiaochen’s thought if he doesn’t use near 2- 3 million, he won’t construct the house

“It cannot be too luxurious, let’s just build a middle-class building. You can save money for the future.”

The mother strongly disagreed.

“Mother, I drive a car which is worth millions, can’t I even build a house costing a few million?”

Ye Xiaochen felt his mother’s thought was too stubborn.

“You can’t spend money like this. How much interest would we get every year if deposited in the bank! ”

Mother persuaded patiently

“Now, the interest rates are very low and there is high depreciation. Sister, you say, isn’t this true?”

Ye Xiaochen said.

The sister looked at the red face mother and brother, don’t know whom to help?

As for father, he was always the mother’s yes-man person, how would he dare to make suggestions? He buried himself in the cigarette smoke.

“Anyway, it is not the same, at most five hundred thousand.”

Mother said.

“Okay, five hundred thousand, so let it be five hundred thousand, I will go to the farm and build another house. You live in yours and I will live in mine, all right.”

Ye Xiaochen’s temper also emerged.

“That can’t be done, you build two houses, but our family has only you, what is this!”

Mother immediately panicked.

She knows her personality, don’t look at her usually gently disposition, sometime she would as stubborn as a bull.

“This is not okay, that is not okay, then what should I do?”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Earned money, if it wasn’t used to spend, would it be useful if it was deposited in the bank?

As for making money, will there be only fewer opportunities in the future?
He felt that if he doesn’t change his mother’s habit now, he would face more disputes in the future.

He just wanted his mother to realize, life wasn’t what it used to be before, and there was no need to live with hardship.

Buy what you want, use what you want and eat what you want.

Don’t be reluctant to part with it, money wasn’t brought with birth and nor could it be taken after death. The money is valuable only if it is spent, otherwise, it is just a pile of paper.

“Mother, you, you lister to brother.”

Besides, my sister couldn’t help and finally said in a weak voice.

The mother’s sharp eyes swept at her, and immediately the sister shrank her neck.

“Mother, you see, sister is also supporting me. Now we are two and you are one, the minority should obey the majority.”

Ye Xiaochen proudly said.

Sister was still loyal, surely it was pure love.

“Old man, what do you think?”

Mother with a bad mood looked at father, obviously, there was a threat.

“Mother, you can’t do this. You are threatening the father. It’s undemocratic.”

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help but speak.

“If you don’t want to say, don’t say. Old man, do as you please.”

Mother folded her hands around her chest.

Father looked at mother and then at Ye Xiaochen, he mumbled a few times and then said, “Xiaochen has grown up. Let’s listen to him.”


Ye Xiaochen shouted in excitement.

The sister also showed signs of joy.

Mother glared fiercely.

“Okay, you all are in the same boat.”

Mother walked away angrily.

Ye Xiaochen saw his mother was really angry. After all, his mother used to be in charge of the family, and this time no one listened to her, so it was naturally difficult to accept.

Immediately, he got up and tried every way to persuade her and finally made the mother’s anger dissipate.
Mother was a hard mouth but a soft-hearted person, only she couldn’t change her thoughts.

The next morning, at the dining table, mother suddenly said, “Xiaochen, in future, if you have some matters to decide, you can decide. ”

“Mother, some important things, I must discuss with you.”

Ye Xiaochen thought his mother was still angry and quickly said.

“It is not what you think, and I have thought about it clearly. Our older generation’s thinking is very different from your younger generation. You have grown up and are matured, for some of your thoughts and plans, if we intervene again, it would affect you.”

The mother laughed and said.

Ye Xiaochen was silent, he felt that his mother had really thought about it.

He couldn’t help but secretly take a sigh of relief.

Sometimes, a thorn in an elder’s heart would easily create problems if it lasts for a long time.

“And also, what you said yesterday about building two houses, I think it makes sense.”

Mother said.

Ye Xiaochen was stunned.

“When it comes to relationships with mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, it is very difficult to deal with. Living under the same roof for a long time will definitely create conflicts. In the past, your grandmother and I often would quarrel with each other. So, when you get married, you will be living in another house and, your father and I will live in this house, not far from your house, which is for the best. ”

Mother said.

After hearing this, Ye Xiaochen’s heart was full of warmth. The parent always thinks about their children.

The matter was finally settled.

First build a new house for the parents, according to the standard using five hundred thousand yuan.

As for Ye Xiaochen’s house on the farm, it could wait..

As today was October 7, the last day of National Day, Ye Ying needs to return to college.

After eating breakfast, Ye Xiaochen with his sister drove to Jing county north railway station.

The high-speed train ticket was already booked for 10’ o’clock.

Ye Ying’s classmate, Xu Wei also was on the same train.

She took a minibus to Taiping town and joined them.

“Sister, after arriving remember to call.”

Ye Xiaochen accompanied Ye Ying and Xu Wei till the door of the waiting room.


Ye Ying walked side by side with Xu Wei and then turned back to wave towards Ye Xiaochen.

In the waiting room.

Ye Ying and Xu Wei sat side by side with their luggage.

“Xiao Ying, what does your brother do?”

Xu Wei asked in a curious tone.

“My brother runs a farm.”

When Ye Ying talked about his brother, her cheeks were overflowed with shallow dimples.

“Farm, it should be very large?”

Xu Wei was surprised.

To be able to afford such a car, that person wouldn’t be ordinary.

Unexpectedly, Ye Ying who usually looks low key has such a rich brother.

She was envious.

“Not big, but my brother opened a restaurant. The immortal spring restaurant which was  just opened in the county.”

Ye Ying said.

“Immortal spring restaurant, that restaurant was opened by your brother? Your brother is really great.”

During the National day, she went to the county with her family to celebrate the birthday of a relative.

Those people praised the immortal spring restaurant as heaven on earth, the dishes were more delicious than the exotic delicacies.

It was high grade, expensive. Generally, if you go for a casual meal, you need to pay around your one to two months salary.

Chapter 140- Art of Growth

The construction of the new house would proceed as scheduled.

For the house layout style, consulted the most popular consultant in the present countryside, there were many changes in the details.

As long as there was money, there was no need to worry too much, just need to supervise little.

The farm management didn’t fall at all.

All kinds of vegetables, immortal plants were growing nicely.

The business of the immortal spring restaurant was very hot, the daily flow of earnings has reached three hundred to four hundred thousand.

If the manpower issue wasn’t considered, the restaurant scale could be expanded.

But after much consideration, he gave up.

If the restaurant size was too large, the management difficulty would increase, and there would also be some disconnection from the natural, pure and elegant style theme.

If there were a lot of guests, it would give people a busy crowded market feeling.

When space was limited, the service quality could be guaranteed.

The quality of the restaurant, in addition to the quality of service and food taste, also depends on the dining environment, which was an important factor.

Instead of expanding, branches could be opened.

Of course, currently, it was not possible. A restaurant must have a very professional chef system.

Presently, the immortal spring restaurant was mainly supported by Master Lin and a few other chefs.

Although they have some apprentices, they were not yet able to support the Immortal Spring restaurant.

Anyway, the immortal spring restaurant was on the right standard and was earning gold every day.

There was another matter, Ye Xiaochen every day after going to sleep he would dream, and things were becoming more and more serious.

Even after he woke up, he had a feeling of sleepwalking, it was as if he had become the strange figure in that dream.

The thumping in the space between the eyebrows was getting stronger and stronger as if it was about to break out of its shell.

Ye Xiaochen from the limited clues could only guess that the spirit seed was rapidly condensing.

Moreover, the condensation of spirit seed has greatly increased his control over the pollination bee.

Previously, after the range of one meter his connection would cut off, but now it has increased at an alarming rate and reached the range of two meters.

His bond with the pollinating bee was growing stronger. The only thing that bothered him was it was picky about food and was not willing to eat the honey powder.

On the contrary, it likes to collect pollen from immortal plants.

Unfortunately, the flowering period of immortal pants was quite limited, and couldn’t fully meet its need.

Thirty immortal bean plants which have been irrigated with immortal fertilizer were filled with the bean pods.

Besides, thirty other immortal bean plants were also filled with bean pods, but the color was red. Its growth was slightly slower than the other immortal beans.

He was looking forward, once the beans were ripe, there would be an unprecedented harvest.

The wind immortal grass was still growing slowly.

Ye Xiaochen thought when he would have immortal yuan, he would buy some water attribute immortal fertilizer. Otherwise, it would take a very long time for the plant to mature.

The growth of the rape seedlings was going smooth, however, the growth cycle of rapeseeds was long, even with his Shennong talent, it would take one to two months to have a harvest.

He contacts Zeng Hongye, mainly to report on the cultivation of rapeseed.

After all, she was the leader of Yang city, and Ye Xiaochen felt that he needed to be in touch with her.

Zeng Hongye told him that the aftertaste of the dishes of the immortal spring restaurant was still lingering, but because of work, she couldn’t go.

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said that as soon as possible he would open a branch in Yang city.

The location of the second restaurant would be Yang city.

It was something already planned.

As for the third restaurant, it must be opened in the Shashi city, the capital of Southern Province.

Of course, this was all just plans, at least until the chef team, management team and service team were trained.
The funds were not a problem, even the initial capital hasn’t been completely used, it was still in the account.

And not to mention, the restaurant’s ability to make money, within two months, they could get enough money for funds.

In the flash, it was the middle of October.

On the farm.

Ye Xiaochen was talking with Fang Yuan.

This boy could be said to be flushing with success.

After the experts’ group visit, he took the shortcut to promotion.

Now, he was already the head of the station master office. Although he was still at the deputy section level, he was enjoying the section level treatment.

He called Ye Xiaochen to inform him that he was going to get married to his girlfriend.

The date was set at the end of October.

“Say, Fang Yuan, isn’t this too fast?”

Ye Xiaochen was stupefied.

“Fast? It could already be considered slow, the parents of both sides are urging to hurry up things.”

Fang Yuan was a little upset and said, “It seems I am going to step into the grave of marriage. In the future, I could only look at you being free and at ease.”

“Marriage grave, marriage is a good thing. Okay, I will definitely attend.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Haha, that’s good, if you come then I will have a strong face. There will be a lot of classmates, let them see, who is the best brother of Ye Xiaochen!”

Fang Yuan said with excitement.

Fang Yuan has a wide circle of networks and hasn’t broken contact with classmates. During the wedding, many students will definitely take part in it.

After thinking till here, Ye Xiaochen suddenly wondered if he marries, how many college classmates would come?

He thought a lot, and suddenly sighed, it seems that there weren’t many who had good relationships with him.

Even if it was Fang Yuan, only after the previous encounter that it got better.

Not only college classmates, even primary school classmates, junior school classmates, and high school classmates, it seems there weren’t many impressions, let alone have contacts.

“It seems either my character is not good or the relationship is not good.”

Ye Xiaochen could only sigh.

After several years of studies, how was he still alone?

Sitting on the bamboo bed, Ye Xiaochen took out his phone.

First, he sent a message to Wang Xinyi, and then remembered that he didn’t contact Li Tingitng for a while.

Ye Xiaochen felt that he was really not good at communicating with people. Even after so long time, he hasn’t settled the pendant matter. Instead, if replaced with a person who has experience in relationship, the pendant won’t only be in the pocket, but also would get hold of Li Tingting.

He sent a message.

There was no reply from Li Tingting.

Ye Xiaochen shook his, and could only take out the Shennong system introduction guide to read.

He reads during his leisure time.

Swimming in the ocean of knowledge, he feels enriched.

The more he read, the more aware he felt.

After a while, Ye Xiaochen suddenly put down the book, there was a shine in his eyes.

“Is the Art of Growth really so magical?”

Ye Xiaochen muttered to himself.

This was what he read in the Shennong system introduction guide.

This art was especially used for the quick growth of immortal plants.

Excessive enthusiasm spoils results.

Due to this art, the foundation of the immortal plant would get unstable, and various problems could appear.

The advantage was, it allows the immortal plants to grow several times or even dozens of times faster.

There were profound immortal planters, who in the blink of an eye were able to grow seed from birth to point of maturity.

“If I can master the Art of Growth, would I not be able to let the wind immortal plant grow faster?”

Ye Xiaochen’s face revealed a touch of eagerness.
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