Heavenly Farmer Chapter 121-130

Chapter 121- Trademark

“Ye Xiaochen, your method was really effective, my Haworthia cooperi plant condition has improved”

Li Tingting sent the message.

Ye Xiaochen smiled when he looked at it, and sent a message to her,” I helped you so much, how are you going to thank me?”

“How do you want me to thank you?”

Li Tingting sent a sly expression.

“Why don’t you give me a present?”

Ye Xiaochen’s eye revealed a strange color and quickly sent the message.

“Well, what kind of present do you want?”

Li Tingting fell into Ye Xiaochen’s trap.

“Will you give me what I ask?”

“Sure, as long as I can afford it.”

“What about the pendant around your neck?”

Ye Xiaochen saw Li Tingting took the bait and immediately sent the message.

After waiting for a while, Li Tinting still didn’t reply.

Ye Xiaochen felt depressed, it seemed that Li Tingting was unwilling.

Just as he was about to send a message, suddenly, Li Tingitng replied.

“This one won’t do.”

Li Tingting sent the message with complete determination, showing the importance of pendant to her.

“Why? Is it very precious?”

Ye Xiaochen was a little disappointed.

“Well, it is the only thing my mother left for me.”

After a while, Li Tingitng sent the message.

Ye Xiaochen felt a little sadness from this message.

He didn’t know what to say.

This pendant was left by her mother, so naturally, it has special significance and was very precious.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t know your mother passed away.”

Ye Xiaochen was silent for a moment and then sent an apology.

“What are you talking about? My mother is still alive.”

Li Tingting sent an angry expression.

Ye Xiaochen was stunned. Didn’t she just say that the pendant was the only thing her mother left for her?

“Sorry, I thought…”

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly replied.

“Never mind, I didn’t explain properly. In fact, it doesn’t matter, my mother has been living in a mental hospital for many years. After my father divorced my mother, and he found another woman, he also broke off the relationship with my grandfather. Since childhood, I have been living with my grandfather.”

After a long time, Li Tinting sent a message.

However, the content was too much and Ye Xiaochen got surprised after reading it.

He didn’t expect, Li Tingting, who looks very intellectual had such an unfortunate past.
It was hard to imagine that the mother was crazy, father found another woman and does not want the daughter and only depending on grandfather. This kind of tragic experience was really hard to imagine.

Suddenly, he felt pity for Li Tingting, don’t know how she was able to bear it.

“Li Tingting, you are very strong.”

Ye Xiaochen sighed and sent another message.

He doesn’t know what to say, comforting, perhaps Li Tingting had already gone through this, and doesn’t require it, on the contrary, it would seem a little artificial.

“Anyway, I am used to it. All right, let’s not talk about these things. Why did you fancy the only pendant? Did you already had prior intentions on it?”

Li Tingtign soon sent another message.

Ye Xiaochen read it and directly felt embarrassed.

When he asked for Li Tingting’s WeChat, didn’t he already had this plan?

“How can it be! Your pendant, from the first glance, could be said that this was not very valuable, I thought that since you were wearing it, there be some special significance attached to it. I wanted to see if you really would give me it as a present. ”

How could Ye Xaichen admit it? On the spot, he made a reason and sent it.

Had it not been for Li Titngting’s tragic past, he might have spoken directly about it.

However, now, he doesn’t want to hurt Li Tingting’s heart.
Approaching someone for some purpose would make anyone uncomfortable.

“Okay, I believe you.”

On the other side, in an apartment building in Shashi.

Li Tingting was lying on the bed with the mobile phone in her hands. Li Tingting saw the message of Ye Xiaochen and pushed her black-rimmed glasses back from the bridge of her nose.

In fact, when ye Xiaochen had mentioned about the pendant, she remembered when she first met with Ye Xiaochen.

Could it be Ye Xiaochen was interested in her pendant and that’s why he stared at her neck?

If it was the reason, then she would surely be depressed, but after seeing Ye Xiaochen’s reply, her heart was relieved.

She felt that she was thinking too much. After all, the pendant was very ordinary, when she went to Mt.Heng in Nanyue with her mother, her mother had bought it for her as a protective talisman.

“Hey, I am really kind.”

Ye Xiaochen chatted with Li Tingitng for few more minutes before closing the Wechat and sighed.

Anyways, the pendant wouldn’t run away from Li Tingting, there was always an opportunity.

Three days passed.

The experts’ group after staying for nearly a week in Jing County, they were finally ready to leave.

Mainly the Mid-Autumn festival was approaching soon, The foreign experts and specifically the domestic experts attach great importance to the Mid-Autumn festival, as it was a family reunion festival, it was natural that they had to return home to reunite with their families.

On this day, many major officials of Jing county came to see them off.

Ye Xiaochen also sent them off.

They would be directly going to the Shahsi city, as for Yang city, they would not be going there. The leaders of Yang city were very disappointed.

Originally planned to make the experts’ group stay for few more days, but didn’t expect all would be squandered by Jing county.

Nevertheless, Yang city was still happy, after all, now Yang city had produced Ye Xiaochen, a top botanist, it should be known that the experts’ group had been in Jing county for so long, but they were engaged in academic exchanges with Ye Xiaochen.

As for the working group of other cities who have been waiting in Yang city for a long time, they were even more depressed.

On the second day after the experts’ group left Yang city, a deputy director of Yang city Agricultural bureau personally delivered a stainless steel medal and related audit document in which it was written,” Yang city Provincial Level Special grade farm.”

Although it was just a provincial level farm, it was still very rare. In the whole southern province, only a few farms could get this brand, the number doesn’t exceed more than two hands, mainly due to the high threshold.

Moreover, such farms were all large-scale farms and have a strong background.

It was definitely the first time for a small farm like Ye Xiaochen’s farm to get it.

For Ye Xiaochen, such trademark still had great use.

Ye Xiaochen received Deputy director at his home.

The Deputy Director was also very polite to Ye Xiaochen and didn’t put any official airs.

When he was leaving, Ye Xiaochen gave him several bags of pickled vegetables.

After Deputy Director tasted the pickled vegetables he was very fascinated by its deliciousness, so he was naturally happy.

“Son, is this trademark a good thing?”

Mother curiously looked at the medal in the hall.

“Of course, as long as any ordinary farm has this trademark it would immediately soar in value.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“I see, then that’s really good.”

Mother also smiled.

She was happy as long as it could make the farm better.

“Unfortunately, it was only the provincial level. If it was a national level, it would have been so much better.”

Ye Xiaochen sighed.

For him to get this provincial level title was already good.

The national level has a much higher threshold and he wouldn’t get it just because he was a top botanist.

As for this provincial level, it was estimated that the Yang city had spent a lot of money to get it for him.

Currently, Ye Xiaochen was the symbol of Yang city in agriculture and botany.

Now, when it comes to experts group everyone would first thing of Ye Xiaochen.

Even top experts like Academician Yang must visit, the Yang city feels there could not be anymore increased in honor than this.

Chapter 122- Partnership

In the afternoon, Ye Xiaochen went to Taiping Town and couriered all the online shop orders he had accumulated in the past two days.

Since the time he restricted daily sales, his online shop has become more and more popular.

Every day the orders were reaching the upper limit.

Many customers have sent messages to Ye Xiaochen, hoping to buy some more.

Ye Xiacohen refused.

Of course, in order to take care of these people’s emotions, Ye Xiaochen has experimented with the pre-order method.

In other words, the customers could place an order.

However, Ye Xiaochen would not ship the goods in sequence.

Only when it was your turn, the goods would be delivered to you.

In addition, Ye Xiaochen has made an order expiration time, which was one week. If within a week if that customers turn doesn’t come then the customer’s order will expire and the customer must re-order again.

After the trial of this scheme, Ye Xiaochen’s online store has become less chaotic than before and the complaints have also reduced, at least those swearing messages were much less.

In fact, Ye Xiaochen has other plans.

Online store sales were an only temporary thing, once the restaurant chain opens, he needs to stop the online sales of pickled vegetables.

The pickled vegetables should be first served in the restaurants.

Next morning.

Ye Xiaochen drove his car and went to Taiping town.

“Brother Ye, I wondered whose car it was, and it turns out it is yours.”

Ye Xiacohen parked his car outside Qingtian supermarket, not long after that, Liu Fusheng came out of the supermarket.

He was amazed by the car Ye Xiaochen drove.

He knows a little bit about the car models and knows that the Porsche Cayenne needs at least two million yuan.

Although he has worth ten millions of yuan, he was still reluctant to spend two to three million on a car. 

In his heart, he was amazed, Ye Xiacohen was not the same as before. He thought of the time when a few months ago he was still having the problem for the sales of farm products, and now, he has become a famous figure of the Yang city.

Even the farm was rated as the provisional level super grade farm.

This trademark has a very high value.

He regretted that he hadn’t continued to use Ye Xiaochen’s vegetables.

Since the time when Ye Xiaochen’s vegetables exited the supermarket and were replaced with the original vegetables, the supermarket sales have become a little sluggish.

The main reason was those customers found the vegetables were not as tasty as before. And, later customers would often ask about those vegetables.

Fortunately, he had helped Ye Xiaochen in the past, had created goodwill, otherwise he wouldn’t have had any chance to cooperate with him.

He thought to himself, the impact of the accidental decision was too big.

“Hehe, this car can’t compare with your status.”

Ye Xiacohen smiled.

“Brother Ye, you are joking, your ability is beyond mine.”

Liu Fsuheng smiled and said.

As long as the vegetable restaurant chain opens up, it would become popular, at that time, Ye Xiacohen who has the largest share would have a huge source of wealth.

Moreover, he didn’t believe that Ye Xiacohen doesn’t have any other source of income.

Take this car, it was in millions!

How long did it take Ye Xiaochen to get such a good car? It couldn’t be said that the money came from the air.

After chatting a few words, Liu Fusheng got into his Audi car.
The car was relatively high end, but compared to Ye Xiaochen’s Porsche Cayenne, it was shabby.

This time’s gathering was still in Lin’s private kitchen. A few days ago, master Lin closed Lin’s private kitchen.

Since they were going to open a vegetable restaurant chain, Lin’s private kitchen naturally couldn’t be opened anymore.

The atmosphere of the dinner party was quite different from the previous one.

Li Jiaren and others attitude towards Ye Xiaochen had undergone a great change, there was a faint sense of flattering.

Ye Xiaochen sighed in his heart, this fame and fortune was really a good thing, no wonder everyone likes it.

The negations that followed became very simple.

Ye Xiaochen has the 49 percent shares in the company.

Ye Xiaochen’s shares wouldn’t get diluted even with the addition of funds, which would ensure his absolute control.

As for other people’s share allocation, it was for them to decide.

The total investment was 30 million.

First, open a restaurant in Jing county as a pilot one, and then wait until it gets famous and open branches in other places.

As the investment was not small, so before opening, they must register as a catering company and has to facilitate the management.
There were also things like restaurant location, floor decoration, staff recruitment and so on.

These things would be done by Li Jiaren and others, Ye Xiaochen doesn’t need to do anything.

On the same day, they signed the partnership agreement.

The partnership agreement was very detailed. The rights and obligations of both parties were clearly defined. Joining, withdrawing, profits and losses were clearly stipulated in the agreement.

Since the company was registered as a limited liability company, it still requires the articles of associations. The capital contribution, dividends, and other important matter could be written in the articles of association.

The charter must also be filed in the Trade and Industry Bureau, binds the shareholders, companies, and legal representatives.

The partnership agreement came into force when everyone signed it.


Today was a full moon.

The moonlight like water covered the whole farm.

Tomorrow was August 15 and the Mid-Autumn festival.

Ye Xiaochen was still busy in the immortal land.

Since the partnership was completed, Ye Xiaochen has devoted most of his energy to the farm.

As for the pollination bee pupa in the immortal beehive, there was no movement at all, do not know when it could break the shell and come out as bee.

The twelve yellow immortal beans tree bean pods haven’t cracked yet, making Ye Xiaochen helpless.

On the contrary, the recently planted immortal plants were growing well.

The only plants that were growing slowly were Fusang plant and wind immortal grass.

The mature wind immortal grass should be at least a foot high then only will it have a leaf which would be like a screen,


With the current growth rate, how long will it take to grow a foot high?

Ye Xiaochen pondered, whether should he buy some water property immortal fertilizer or not.

It was just that this immortal fertilizer was too expensive. In order for this single immortal grass, the immortal fertilizer would cost 100 immortal yuan, it was not worth it!

Only when he thought that this immortal grass represents hope for Wang Xinyi’s ears, he bit his teeth and wanted to try a package.Click….

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen heard something.

Then as if it was a signal, there was a series of slight cracking sound.

Ye Xiaochen seemed to realize something, he suddenly walked towards the twelve immortal bean plants.

“God, you finally cracked.”

Ye Xiaochen was full of emotion.

He simultaneously planted all the seeds but these twelve immortal beans were a week slower than the previous fourteen.

However, they have finally matured.

He quickly picked a bean and used the same method to take out beans intact.

These immortal beans compared to size and appearance couldn’t be compared with the previous one, these look like they have malnutrition.

Ye Xiaochen cut a bean, and sure enough, there were only two rings.

He couldn’t help shaking his head.

He was not going to leave the few seeds and plant them again. The third generation of immortal beans would definitely get worse and would be meaningless to plant it.

Soon, he put all the immortal beans in Store for selling.

The total was 1748 beans.

Compared to the previous fourteen plants whose yield was more than three thousand beans, it was much worse.

Soon, the identification was completed.

When Ye Xiaochen opened the identification list, he was shocked.

“God, what is going on?”

His eyes widened and revealed a color of ecstasy 

Chapter 123-Pleasant Surprise

In the identification list of the store, all the details of immortal beans were recorded.

Undoubtedly, the appearance, taste, nutrition, and immortal lines were worse than the previous one.

However, that was not the main point.

The main point was the additional divinity and spirit attribute.

Divinity 1.01

Spirit attribute 1.01

“The divinity last time was 0.8, this was not long ago and it is absolutely impossible to reach more than 1, as my divinity talent hasn’t manifested yet. Furthermore, spirit properties also cannot increase so much.”

After a moment of ecstasy, Ye Xiaochen pondered about it.

What was the cause?

“Could it be related to the fact that it was from the second generation seed of the yellow immortal beans? ”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly thought of a possibility in his heart.

The second generation seeds and the seeds purchased from the store has a very big difference. The difference was in the divinity.

Based on the reproduction of life’s heredity, the divinity and the spirit attribute could also be inherited.

Due to replanting, these two attributes were naturally well preserved.

Moreover, Ye Xiaochen’s Divinity and Spirit talent has invisibly enhanced these two attributes.

The second generation immortal bean seeds produced were better in divinity and spirit attribute than the previous one.

Although it was still an inferior product and even the basic quality was poor, under the appraisal of the store the price was much higher, reaching more than 30 spirit yuan each.

After deducting the consignment fee, Ye Xiaochen ultimately would earn 518 immortal yuan.

Ye Xiaochen’s heart was bright. It was a pleasant surprise.

He thought he would be losing a lot this time, but who could have thought it would turn out to be a great harvest!

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen hit his forehead, he was very upset because he sold all the seeds.

“Damn. Its a tragedy, if I had known earlier, I would have left some to use as third generation seeds.”

Ye Xiaochen was depressed.

Who knew that these inferior quality seeds were more expensive?

What a blunder!

He shook his head, then Ye Xiaochen looked at the white radish planted in another side of the immortal land, and thought in his heart, should I leave some seeds?

Currently, the white radish already looked very lush, in less than half a month it would be ready for harvesting.

If he wants seed then perhaps it would take one or two months.

“Well, it will be a wise choice to leave some and cultivate own seeds. Not only I will not be spending the immortal yuan but also its price will increase. ”

Ye Xiaochen quickly made the decision.As the number of immortal lands was increasing, so was the amount of immortal yuan needed to spend on seeds.

Naturally, cultivating own seed was the right path.
The consignment of the yellow immortal beans was very fast, and five hundred and eighteen immortal yuan quickly arrived.

Now that he has immortal yuan, if he doesn’t spend them, Ye Xiaochen would feel uncomfortable.

“Currently I have seven immortal land and two immortal spring which is not less. If I have too many, then I will not be having enough energy to take care of them.”

Ye Xiaochen thought in his heart.

Currently, more than 90 percent of his time and energy was spent on immortal plants, as for ordinary vegetables, he seldom cares about it. His present Shennong talent, the immortal qi in the air and the water of immortal spring could guarantee the output of high-quality vegetables.

“It’s time to buy other things.”

Ye Xiaochen pondered about it.

The two immortal spring was enough, so there would be no addition to it.

The immortal land, after all, represents income, so it can be added.
Moreover, there were several other constructions in the Shennong system, such as warehouse and fence.

The warehouse could be used for storing vegetables.

Both immortal and ordinary vegetables could be stored in it.

The warehouse also had a very unique function, it could keep the vegetables, immortal plants in the state just when they were harvested, without any loss of nutrition and immortal qi.

Take ordinary vegetables as an example, if it was left for a long time, they would rot, would have nutrients loss and appear dry and discolored.

If put in the warehouse, absolutely nothing like this would happen and could guarantee the best condition.

As for the fence, it also has very strong functions. In addition to stopping the invasion of insects, birds, and animals on immortal plants, it could also slow down the rate of loss of immortal qi on the farm.

Once the whole farm was enclosed by the fence, it could completely lock up the immortal spirit qi.

“Well, let’s buy one by one.”

Ye Xiaochen quickly made the decision in his mind.

An immortal land, a warehouse, and a fence.

Warehouse and fence, like immortal spring and immortal land must have something to attach to it.

When Ye Xiaochen had constructed the tin house, he had already planned to use it.
As for the fence, there was already an existing fence.
Soon, Ye Xiaochen bought a piece of immortal land, a warehouse, and a fence.

The space of the first-grade warehouse was not that large. Its length and width were three meters and has a height of 2 meters. Only within this range, the functions of the warehouse could be effective.

YE XIaochen had already decided the place for the warehouse long ago.

As for the first-grade fence, it was one meter high and ten meters long.

Naturally, such size was far from enclosing the whole farm.

However, the fence was magical and could do functions, such as slowing down the rate of loss of immortal qi on the farm.

Soon, Ye Xiaochen put the immortal land, warehouse, and fence in its proper place.

He went to the tin house first.

He entered into the standard warehouse, as soon as he entered, he immediately felt something different, it felt as if the surrounding space was cool and refreshing, and there was a natural air conditioner.

“Well, all the vegetables that are harvested in the future can be placed here.”

Ye Xiaochen nodded with satisfaction.

In the past, every day he had to pick vegetables. If some urgent works come up, he had to delay picking.

Now that he has this magical warehouse, it doesn’t matter if he picked vegetables in advance, he could just put them here.

He went to the place where the fence had been placed.

This was the place where he had caught the Hare last time.

On the outside, the fence doesn’t seem to have changed much, but he was surprised to find that the previously patched area has been completely repaired.

When he touched the fence, he felt the difference.

It was strong!

Originally, this barbed wire, if used huge force could get deformed easily.

However, now, even if he was trying very hard, this section of the fence has not changed, it was very strong.

“Haha, it seems this quality is pretty good. ”

Ye Xiaochen nodded with satisfaction.

It was only ten meters long and compared with the large farm it was very short, but in the future, one day the fence will cover the whole farm.

Moreover, according to the introduction, once the fence encloses, there wouldn’t be just simple functions such as blocking the immortal qi, but also there would be some other changes.

“I have purchased a piece of immortal land, a fence, and a warehouse. I have spent nearly three hundred immortal yuan, there is still more than three hundred yuan left. How should I spend them?”

Ye Xiaochen pondered about it.

Now that there was an immortal land, the seeds could not be lacking.

He regretted that he didn’t leave some immortal beans, then he wouldn’t have needed to buy the seeds.

“Well, there is too little experience points. Let’s increase them first.”

Ye Xiaochen thought in his heart.

After several harvests, his total experience point has reached 23, and he was still lacking 77 points to upgrade.

The mission was still quite heavy! 

Therefore, he chose a new type of immortal plant, the immortal grass.

This immortal grass could be used as food for an immortal beast such as an immortal horse.A packet of seeds was sufficient enough to plant in one immortal land.

Temporarily there was no green manure, so Ye Xiaochen bought a pack of common immortal fertilizer.

Fifty immortal Yuan a pack.

It was half the price of attributed immortal fertilizers.

In addition, Ye XIaochen bought an immortal sickle, mainly for harvesting immortal grass.

This immortal grass was different from the ordinary immortal plants, as it could be harvested many times.

When mowing the grass, special immortal sickle must be used.

Furthermore, special locking spirit liquid needs to be applied on the sickle, to prevent the loss of nutrition and spirit of immortal grass.

An immortal sickle was fifty immortal yuan, and one locking spirit liquid bottle was thirty immortal yuan.

In the end, Ye Xiaochen was left with less than seventy immortal yuan.

Chapter 124- Mid-Autumn Festival

These immortal Yuans were temporarily reserved in case of any emergency needs.

He did some calculations and was surprised to find that he had already spent more than 910 immortal yuan in the Store.

Only 90 immortal yuan was less to reach a thousand immortal yuan.

“It seems that by the time of the next harvest, I will be able to scrape enough  to reach one thousand immortal yuan consumption quota of the Store and can get the chance to draw a lottery.”

Ye Xiaochen’s heart was very excited.

This lucky draw was very precious!

Although the possibility of getting cheap things was high, there was still a chance of getting a good thing.

Especially practicing law, it was the thing which he wants the most.

A Shennong without cultivation, what kind of Shennong was that?

Anyway, it was still early morning, Ye Xiaochen began to work. First, he mixed the seed promoting liquid with the immortal spring water and let all seeds of immortal grass soak in it, then he plowed the whole immortal land. Finally, he mixed the general immortal fertilizer with the water of immortal spring and used the special fertilizer device to fertilize the whole immortal land uniformly.

The next day, after handing over all the vegetables to the driver, Ye Xiacohen with his parents in the Porsche cayenne went to his grandmother’s house.

To guard against someone intruding the farm, he concealed all the immortal lands.

Grandmother’s house was in the Xianfeng town.

Geographical location was far worse than the Taiping town, and in terms of economic development, the Xianfeng town ranks last in the Jing County.

Here there were many mountains and many roads in the mountainous interior to the shuttle.

Fortunately, in the past two years, the village road was hardened with cement, otherwise, in the past, these roads were all unpaved and were even very difficult to walk.

Shuiyuan village, this was the village where Grandmother’s house was located.

After the car reached the end of the cement road, it entered in the rough road. Although it was covered with sand and gravel, it was pushed down by the truck.Ye Xiaochen could only drive slowly.

Finally, they arrived at his uncle’s old house.

Next, to the old house, there was a flattened yard.

This year, his uncle has been staying at home and didn’t go out to work, in order to construct a new house.

However, the construction of the new house was not going smooth, one neighbor has a bad relationship with his uncle, and has been making things difficult for him and was preventing uncle from building a new house.

It was said that some time ago, they were almost about to fight.

In the countryside, this situation was very common. Neighbors would often have disputed because of minor conflicts and bad relations.

The neighbor that was making things difficult for uncle was a former debt dodger and behaves like hoodlums.

Moreover, this guy has three sons and they were very aggressive.

To build the new house, his uncle has tolerated everything, even when the other side was repairing the floor, he took the initiative to bear some of the expenses, but even then this guy was still greedy.

The car stopped.

Grandma, Big Uncle(mother’s brother), Big aunt, uncle’s son, Aunt(mother’s sister), aunt’s husband, aunt’s daughter, and others came out to welcome them.

They were very enthusiastic.

Especially, the big aunt was full of smiles and took the initiative to go towards his mother and helped in carrying things.

Originally, the relationship between his big aunt and his mother was not good. As for what was the cause of contradiction, Ye Xiaochen was not clear about it. He only knew that they were not on talking terms.
Last time when the experts’ group were visiting Ye Xiaochen, many relatives came to his home, but only his big uncle and big aunt did not come.

However, now this attitude seems to have changed one eighty degrees.

“Old three, little Yingmei didn’t come back?”

Grandmother had gray hair and was healthy, but because of years of hard work, her back was somewhat bent.

“No, mother. She won’t be back till eleven.”

Mother said to his grandmother.

Ye Xiaochen also hurriedly greeted grandmother.

“Xiaochen, you have grown up.”

Grandmother took Ye Xiaochen’s hand and was very happy.

During this period, all the stories of her grandson have let her heart feel very proud.

“Brother Xiaochen, this car is a Porsche cayenne, I am afraid it would have cost one to two million? ”

At this time, the big uncle son’s He Kequan asked curiously.

He was currently a junior college student in Tan city, and he returned home because of the Mid-Autumn festival holiday.

“Not so much, it’s just three to four hundred thousand.”

Mother replied in a tone filled with pride.


Ye Xiaochen quickly winked at his cousin.

Unfortunately, He Kequan didn’t notice it at all and said, “This is a Porsche cayenne. The cheapest is at least a million yuan.”

“At least one million?”

Mother was stunned, then immediately she put a clear look on her face and said, “Oh, I thought it was three to four hundred thousand, originally it was this expensive.”

Although she was surprised, she maintained an unconcerned look.

His big Aunt who was carrying things, exclaimed, “So expensive, a million yuan ah! Xiaochen’s skill has grown and can make lots of money. Third sister, third brother-in-law, you guys will certainly have a happy and prosperous life in the future.”

Mother’s brows raised in delight and were repeatedly being modest.

“Now, don’t stand outside and talk. Let’s go inside.”

Big Uncle smilingly said.

“Yes, yes, let’s go inside.”

Grandmother hurriedly pulled Ye Xiaochen inside the home.

Grandmother’s house was an old fashioned red brick building with a cement flooring.

Inside there were red lacquered wooden sofas.

The people sat down and talked.

Big Aunt and other aunt took the initiative to serve tea and prepare lunch.

While talking, he talked about the construction of a new building with big Uncle.

“Haha, brother-in-law, the problem has been resolved, a few days ago Big Shan took the initiative to talk with me, and said that I shouldn’t pay the money for the floor repair. ”

Big Uncle said while laughing.

“This time it is really lucky due to Xiaochen, otherwise with the character of Big Shan, it wouldn’t be easy to give in. ”

Grandmother said.

“Yes, Big Shan asked about Xiacohen and also apologize for the previous matters.”

Big uncle said with a smile.

Ye Xiaochen’s parents were surprised when they heard about it. They didn’t expect things to take such a big turn.

Suddenly, they also somewhat realized the reason for the change in Big Aunt’s attitude.

Immediately, the two people’s heart was filled with endless pride, this difficult problem was easily solved with the influence of their son!

After drinking the tea served by her great Aunt, Ye Xiaochen looked at the time and told to grandmother and big uncle that he had some works.

“Xiaochen, you hurriedly go, don’t delay your matters.”

Grandmother immediately said.

In the eyes of Big Uncle and others, now Ye Xiacohen was not an ordinary person, in the future, he must attend many social gatherings and certainly would become a huge person, naturally, they couldn’t delay his time.

Hardly as he left the house, few people came over, they were grandmother’s neighbors.

During Childhood, Ye Xiaochen used to call them as the uncle, aunt, grandmother, and grandfather.

“Foster uncle.”

“Aunt Yan.”

“Third grandfather.”

“Elder grandmother.”

Ye Xiaochen greeted them and talked a few polite words with them and then got in the car.

“Auntie, your family will be having a very nice future as you have Ye Xiaochen like the person in the family.”

“Yes, I have long known that Ye Xiaochen was a capable person.”

“Right, Lian sister, Ye Xiaochen doesn’t have any girlfriend, how about I introduce a girl to Ye XIaochen? The family financial situation is very good and the girl is also a university student.”



After Ye Xiaochen left, the person who just opened his mouth revealed a strong admiration.

When grandmother and others heard it, their heart was beaming with joy and felt happy.

They felt proud.

Chapter 125- Hand Strings

It was ten o’ clock, Ye Xiaochen drove his car and arrived at Wang Shuisheng’s villa.

Today, Wang Shuisheng’s many family members and the closest relative of the Wang family were there.

“Ye Xiaochen, you have come.”

Wang Yuandong came out and even took the initiative to greet Ye Xiaochen.

He looked at Ye Xiaochen’s car, and felt a little jealous, this was a Porsche cayenne 2015 turboS model and was more than 3 million.

He also drives a Porsche, but it’s worth was just only a million.

“There’s quite a lot of people today.”

Ye Xiaochen followed Wang Yuandong inside the villa.

“Xiaochen, come and sit here. Let me introduce you to the people present here.”

Wang Shuisheng was sitting in the living room, talking with a few people, after seeing Ye Xiaochen come in, he immediately got up and said.

Several others also stood up, all were looking at Ye Xiaochen with a surprised face.

Ye Xiaochen greeted them one by one.

These people were aware of the fact that Ye Xiaochen was the person for whom the experts’ group personally visited. They were all surprised meeting the young man who was in the limelight.

The recent rumors about Ye Xiaochen were endless.

Now after seeing him, they were more curious.

If it wasn’t for Wang Shuisheng personally introducing him, they would have never connected the two people, after all, Ye Xiaochen looks too young and ordinary.

Suddenly, they remembered some gossip which was going around in the family that Wang Xinyi has found a boyfriend.

Was it Ye Xiaochen?

They were all smart people, they suddenly understood why in the Mid-Autumn festival Wang Shuisheng called over Ye Xiaochen, the meaning was different, it was clear that he considered Ye Xiaochen as his people.

Ye Xiaochen accompanied them and talked for a while, then got up to find Wan Xinyi.

After lunch, Ye Xiaochen took Wang Xinyi out for a walk.

It was a drive.

Driving out during Mid-autumn festival was not a good choice.

There was a lot of traffic on the streets and the traffic jam was very serious.

Wang Xinyi still liked it very much. For, her watching the pedestrians and vehicles was a kind of happiness.

What was more, Ye Xiaochen was with her.

Finally, the car reached a park in the outskirts of the city.

Today, many people have taken advantage of the holidays and came out with their families to relax.

There are a lot of children.

After Ye Xiaochen parked the car, he walked slowly with Wang Xinyi along the creek in the park.

From time to time, those two would stop to take pictures.
Suddenly, Wang Xinyi pulled Ye Xiaochen’s hand and pointed to the sky.
Ye Xiaochne looked up, a huge colorful kite was flying in the sky.

The colorful centipede kite was very long, extending all the way to the outside sky of the park.

The other end was connected to the center of the park.

Wang Xinyi made some hand gestures.

Ye Xiaochen was now quite proficient in the gestures and sign language, he understood it at once and also made some signs.

Immediately, two people walked towards the place from where the colorful kite was released.

After walking for about ten minutes, the two reached the place from where the kite was flying.

A lot of people were gathered here.

It was the park management staff who was flying the kite.

The colorful centipede kite was still flying. Then another centipede kite was also released. More than a dozen people were pulling the ropes.

The travelers were also pulling the ropes.

It was easy for such a large kite drag a person to the sky, however one end of the string was connected to the wheel, allowing to pull in or out.

Ye Xiaochen and Wang Xinyi also tried to pull the ropes.
The tension was very strong, the kite was rising high in the air, the long colorful kite was winding and suddenly the rope was pulled straight, the people who were pulling the ropes lost little stability.

The two people pulled the ropes for a while and then quit.

Wang Xinyi’s face was red and she was very happy.

There were too many people.

Ye Xiaochen was afraid that Wang Xinyi would get separated.

He took her hands and came out of the crowd.

When Wang Xinyi held Ye Xiaochen’s hand her face was red, did not know if it was due to tiredness caused by pulling the rope and because of shyness.

She did not object and let Ye Xiaochen pull her.

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help but secretly feel happy.

Even when the crowd was less, Wang Xinyi didn’t break free from Ye Xiaochen’s hand.

The two people walked to an empty square with a fountain in the middle which was drawing water from the river course and looked quite spectacular.

The two took a picture in front of the fountain before they continued to walk.

There were a lot of people here, as well as flower vendors, handmade ornament vendors, and other vendors.

The business was going well, and many people were buying it.
Ye Xiaochen asked Wang Xinyi if she wanted to buy a bonsai?
Wang Xinyi shook her head, but not far from that there was a handmade goods stall which attracted her attention.

She went to the stall and picked one of the handstrings, which was not much expensive just a few dozen yuan.

Although the material of the handstring was ordinary, it was still very beautiful.

She picked up one more handstring which was a little dark in color and gestured at Ye Xiaochen’s hand.

“For me?”

Ye Xiaochen was surprised and immediately raised his hand.

Wang Xinyi grabbed Ye Xiaochen’s wrist with one hand and held with the other hand.

The action was gentle and honest.

Ye Xiaochen wasn’t able to describe his feelings.

Wang Xinyi wanted Ye Xiacohen to wear the handstring. In sign language, she asked if ye Xiaochen didn’t like it?

Have to say, the handstring Wang Xinyi picked was quite matching with his hand.

After seeing Ye Xiaochen nod, she picked another handstring and put it on her wrist. She raised her hands towards Ye Xiaochen and showed a charming smile.

It was a bit like a Couple handstring.

One hundred Yuan.

Ye Xiaochen was in good mood and quickly paid.

They were about to leave, then suddenly from a nearby stall a bang sound came, something hit the ground and a quarrel followed.

Ye Xiaochen took a look and saw a woman customer quarreling in front of the flower and grass stall.

On the ground, there was a flower pot, the cultivated soil and broken ceramics were scattered on the ground, a Scarlet Kaffir Lily was lying down with a tragic sight.

Originally, this family was looking at the bonsai pots in the stall, but unexpectedly the child broke the Scarlet Kaffir lily pot.

If it was an ordinary Scarlet kaffir lily, its cost might have been around a couple of hundred yuan.

However, the stall owner insisted that this was a rare Scarlet kaffir lily, called Peacock tail and asked for compensation of thirty thousand yuan.

The family denied it and was only willing to pay a hundred yuan.

Immediately, two sides began to quarrel.

The stall owner quickly gathered the support of his companion, four to five people were surrounding the family of three, and wouldn’t leave them without taking money.

The stall owner obviously was a fraud.

It was just there were several husky fellows on the stall owner’s side, and from the first glance, it could be said that they were not to be trifled with.

“This is obviously a pot of ordinary Scarlet Kariff Lily flower, I have never seen the peacock tail variant flower, why should I pay thirty thousand yuan and let me tell you, I’m a reporter. What you are doing is clearly blackmail.”

WenXin aggressively looked at the stall owner and strongly argued.

She works in the TV station and got this rare Mid-autumn festival holiday. She came here with her husband and son to enjoy. However, she didn’t expect to encounter this kind of thing.

“You are a reporter and still can’t pay for compensation. I am saying you, even if you are a central reporter, you have broken my peacock tail flower pot and have to pay for it.”

The stall owner was not all afraid of Wenxin’s reporter identity at all. He was extremely aggressive and said, “Quickly pay, otherwise you will not be leaving today.”

“Boss, let’s do this since today is a Mid-Autumn Festival. Let’s not make it a big deal and it also won’t be good for you. How about a thousand yuan?”

Wenxin’s husband Ye Zili was a gentle-looking man with medium stature and light tone.

“One thousand, Hmph! One thousand wouldn’t be enough to even buy a leaf of my peacock’s tail flower pot. Thirty thousand yuan, not a penny less than that.”

The boss didn’t budge.

Ye  Zili’s face turned ugly and didn’t know what to do. “What thirty thousand, I won’t even pay a thousand since you want to blackmail then I can only report to the police.”

Wenxin hurriedly took out her phone.

“If you want to report to the police, quickly do it, any way you have to pay thirty thousand, not a penny less than that.”

The boss did not seem to be afraid at all.

Not long after that, a police vehicle arrived.

The arrival of policemen did not have any use, they just let the two sides negotiate.

Currently, the Scarlet Kariff flower was destroyed, and no one could estimate the price of the Scarlet Kariff flower, what price the stall owner says that much will be it.

“For the sake of police officers face, you need to just give me twenty thousand and  leave.”

Wenxin was fuming, this stall owner was really arrogant, there was police here, but still, dare to blatantly blackmail.

She looked around, hoping someone would come forward and say something.

Unfortunately, no one came, all were just watching.

Suddenly, Wenxin’s eyes lit up, as she saw an unexpected person.

Chapter 126- Fake

In the crowd, Ye Xiaochen and Wang Xinyi were also looking at the scene.

Wang Xinyi couldn’t hear voices, so she didn’t know what was going on, Ye Xiaochen had to use sign language to explain the situation.

Wang Xinyi asked in gestures, “is that scarlet kafir very expensive?”

“It is hard to judge like this, but buying a pot in this kind of place certainly won’t be so expensive.”

Ye Xiaochen said in sign language.

The expensive Scarlet Kafir was very rare to come by, and only on high-end occasion will it be able to sell at a good price.

To say that there was such an expensive Scarlet Kafir flower in a place like this was false.

“Can you help them?”

Wang Xinyi asked.

“I’ll give it a try first, whether I can help them, that is a different matter.”

Ye Xiaochen said in sign language, but in his heart, he was secretly sighing, she was really a kind girl.

The other party has a lot of people on his side.
If it weren’t police officers being present, he would have been reluctant to get involved.

Nowadays the society was more impetuous and complex, if they don’t agree, they would use fists and knives. Ye Xiaochen feels that his life was very precious.

Just as he was about to walk, suddenly, the woman who claimed to be a reporter looked at Ye Xiaochen and shouted in surprise, “Mr. Ye, Mr.Ye, you are also here! please help us.”

Ye Xiaochen was stunned. Does this woman know him?

No, he doesn’t have any impression of this woman.

He sighed in his heart, it seems that even if Wang Xinyi doesn’t ask him to help them, this woman won’t let him go.

“Do you know me?”

Ye Xiaochen held Wang Xinyi’s hand, came out of the crowd and curiously asked.

“Mr. Ye, you may not know me, I was one of the reporters who accompanied the group of experts, so I was able to recognize you.”

Wenxin was surprised, she didn’t expect to see Ye Xiaochen on this occasion.

She had interviewed Fang Yuan and from his mouth, she heard a lot of things about Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen was a top botanist, and even the experts’ group personally visited him.

The difficulty which she has encountered currently, she could only look for Ye Xiacohen’s help.

Ye Xiaochen suddenly realized it was originally like this. Last time, there were too many people, he naturally couldn’t pay attention to everyone.
Wenxin’s husband He Zili was surprised when he saw his wife asking for help from a strange man, first, he had lots of questions.

However, he immediately responded, and was overjoyed, because he had already guessed Ye Xiaochen’s identity.

“Mr. Ye, you are a top botanist, I hope you can help me, this stall owner is insisting that this scarlet kafir is very valuable and asking for twenty thousand yuan. If it was true, I would have accepted it, but this is clearly a fake!”

Wenxin said.

The stall owner saw Wenxin found a helper, he became a little anxious then squinting his eyes he disdainfully glanced and said, “His hair hasn’t grown, what top botanist, do you think everyone is Ye Xiaochen!”

Suddenly, he seemed to realize something, he stared at Ye Xiaochen and asked in a surprised tone, “are you that Ye Xiaochen?”

“Yes, Mr. Ye is a top botanist whom the experts’ group personally visited. I don’t know whether your Scarlet Kafir is really a rare variant peacock tail, but I believe that with Mr. Ye’s ability, he could definitely be able to distinguish it.”

Wenxin hurriedly said.

The people present at the scene were surprised, recently, they have heard a lot of rumors about Ye Xiaochen.

Now the man was actually in front of them, naturally, they were curious about him.
Both the police officers showed a gesture of respect to Ye Xiaochen.
The stall owner’s face changed, but he sneered and said, “Even if he is Ye Xiacohen, so what, you have damaged my flower and you need to compensate for it.”

He glanced at the fallen Scarlet Kafir flower pot and wondered if even a top plant expert could identify it.

Ye Xiaochen touched his nose, so many people were staring at him.

He made Wang Xinyi stand aside and walked towards the damaged Scarlet Kafir flower pot.
Many of the leaves were broken and roots were damaged.

Even if this was the rare Scarlet Kafir flower, such damage made it lose all its worth.
The value of the Scarlet Kafir flower lies in its leaves.

A defective leaf was worthless.

From the external appearance of several other Scarlet Kafir flower leaves, it could be seen that the leaves were perfectly straight, hard glossy surface.

Ye Xiacohen with his hands touched the soil and ceramic fragment, he gently touched the leaves of Scarlet Kafir flower.

After a while, he found something.

“Boss, you are saying this Scarlet Kafir is a rare peacock tail variant?”

Ye Xiaochen looked at the stall owner and smiled.

“Of course, Mr. Ye. I have a picture of every bonsai tree here, you can take a look.”

The stall owner was scared of Ye Xiaochen, still like before said in a strong voice.

However, his tone was much more polite than before.

Ye Xiaochen was a famous botanist in the Yangshi city, he couldn’t help but fear this!

“No need to look at the photos.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a slight smile on his face, “You are faking technology is quite good, the glue between the leaf and the plant is very natural, and handling the processing is also very good, the textures on the leaves are lifelike.”

The stall owner’s face immediately changed, he hurriedly said, “Mr.Ye, I respect you as a top expert, but you can’t talk nonsense like this, please provide evidence, which part does this Scarlet Kafir looks fake? ”

Anyway, this Scarlet Kafir was in a very bad situation, just from Ye Xiaochen’s words it couldn’t be concluded as fake.

“Of course I have proof and it’s ironclad evidence.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head and smiled.
He picked up the Scarlet Kafir flower from the ground, and carefully removed the soil from its leaves, and with his fingernails pinched on one of the leaves.

Immediately after that, from the little opening, a black liquid started flowing out of it which had a very pungent smell.

The stall owner saw the black colored liquid and was surprised, “Impossible, it’s impossible.”

This black liquid was a special chemical that could be injected inside of the flower with a syringe, it could make the flowers and leaves of the plant more bright for a certain period.

This kind of medicine has a lot of side effects. Over time, flowers would face some serious problems.

However, with the conventional test, the chemicals inside the flowers couldn’t be detected at all, unless more sophisticated tests were performed.

However, currently, this chemical was flowing out straight, it was very obvious.

“Well, do I need to say anything more?”

Ye Xiaochen said with a slight smile.

The reason from the leaves the black liquid started flowing was he communicated with the consciousness of the Scarlet Kafir flower plant to let the chemical discharge.

From this black chemical liquid, one could casually judge that the Scarlet Kafir flower was faked.

Could flowers release the chemical composition by themselves?

What else could he say in this situation?

Chapter 127-Interview

The final result was obvious, the stall owner didn’t dare to make things difficult again, he accepted 50 yuan for compensation, and then left the place with all his things.

Many people in the audience know about Ye Xiaochen’s fame and were eager to take a photo with him.

Even the two policemen were no exception.

Ye Xiaochen managed to escape the crowd with great difficulty.

He sighed in his heart, it was no wonder that stars would always go out with sunglasses.

In one of the less crowded pavilions.

“Mr. Ye, thank you so much for helping us out.”

Wenxin with her husband and child thanked Ye Xiaochen.

If it was not for Ye Xiaochen, she wouldn’t know what to do.

“It was just a small effort.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and shook hands with Wenxin and his husband Ye Zili.

Through small chat, Ye Xiaochen learned that Ye Zili was a teacher in Yang city.

“She is?”

Wenxin looked at Wang Xinyi.

“She is my friend, Wang Xinyi.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

However, Wenxin’s woman sense, tells her that these two were not just ordinary friends.

In the Mid-Autumn festival, walking together, the relationship won’t be so simple.

When she learned that Wang Xinyi had an ear problem, she secretly felt pity, but she did not say anything.

“Mr.Ye, can I request a private interview with you? I know that this request is very abrupt.”

Wenxin suddenly said.


Ye Xiaochen pondered for a moment and immediately agreed.

During this period, often media reporters would call him, hoping to interview him, and he had to push them away one by one.

He was fed up with it, this was the disadvantage of being famous.

Still, continuously rejecting the interview definitely won’t do.

In this case, let’s give this opportunity to Wenxin.

“Thank you so much, Mr.Ye.”

Wenxin just wanted to try, but didn’t think that Ye Xiachen would directly agree, she became excited.

At her Tv station, she always has been trying to contact Ye Xiaochen for an interview, but it was without any success.

If she completes this interview, it will be a big deal.

Quickly, Wenxin took out a recording pen and a small camera from the bag.

She took the recording pen, handed the camera to her husband and asked him to shoot from the side.

It was not the first time for her to take an interview, she soon began to ask some questions.

Half an hour passed.

“Mr.Ye, thank you very much for giving me this opportunity.”

Wenxin switched off the recording pen and said with a face full of excitement.

This was Ye Xiaochen’s first interview.

Although she previously interviewed Fang Yuan, she just learned about Ye Xiaoxhen’s experience during college from his mouth.

After all, what outsiders say was no match for taking a personal interview.

“It is nothing.”

Ye Xiaochen waved his hand.

After talking for a while,they said their farewells to each other.

Soon, he walked away with Wang Xinyi.

“Honey, I’m so lucky today.”

Wenxin was happy.

She even picked up her son and kissed him.

If her son hadn’t broken the pot, how could they have the chance to meet Ye Xiaochen? How would she have the opportunity to interview Ye Xiaochen?

“I didn’t expect Mr. Ye to be so young.”

Ye Zili said.

“I told you about it long ago, but you didn’t believe me. You said you are all surnamed Ye, how can the gap be so big? ”

Wenxin looked at her husband and sarcastically said.
Ye Zili was indifferent to his wife’s satire, he has long been used to it, doesn’t know how many times he heard his saying wife him he was a coward and doesn’t have enterprising spirit.

Ye Xiaochen and Wang Xinyi stayed for a long time in the park and didn’t leave until it was more than 4’o clock.

They didn’t buy anything, except the hand strings.

Back to Wang Shuisheng’s villa.

Most of the people were gone.

Ye Xiaochen greeted brother Wang and his wife, then left.

He went to his grandmother’s home at Xiafeng town to pick up his parents.

Grandmother’s house.

“Xiaochen, go after supper, anyway, you have a car with you.”

Great Aunt said.

“Sister-in-law, we better leave early, after all, it’s not safe to drive at night.”

Ye Xiaochen’s mother said.

“Alright, later you have to often visit us.”

Big Aunt didn’t say anything more.

Before Ye Xiaochen left, he gave his grandmother three thousand yuan.

In the past, people who wanted to give money to grandmother were only a few, and would just give it two-three hundred.
Ye Xiaochen was not short of money, it was normal to give more.
She was old and also need to raise two children of small uncle.

Small uncle was the kind of sloppy person and didn’t have a steady and serious character. Since he divorced his small aunt, he rarely goes home, the two children have been brought up by his grandmother.

The car drove along the village road.

“Xiaochen, how much is the car cost?”

Mother suddenly asked.

“Don’t try to fool me, tell me the truth.”

She said in a serious tone.

“Three million.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a wry smile.

Mother and father were stunned.

“So expensive?”

Mother subconsciously looked around the car and said, “How can you accept such a good car? Even if you have helped again, it is impossible to send such a good car?”

Three million.

Even if they both earn their whole life, they would not be able to afford such a car.

“Mother, you can be rest assured, I have accepted within the normal standard.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Well, anyway, you know about yourself more, but in the future when receiving things, it is better to take money, things can lose their value. It’s safer to put more money in the bank.”

His mother told him.

“Now the money can also lose their value.”

Father suddenly said.

“Will you suffocate, if you don’t talk?”

Mother glanced at the Father.

Father stopped talking.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, his mother character was more traditional, she thinks that it’s more secure to put the money in the bank and eat interest.

It was not that the mother was greedy for the money, but she has been used to being poor, so she takes money more seriously.

After returning home, the mother became busy preparing for dinner, Ye Xiaochen went to the farm to take a look.

Immortal carrots and immortal radishes were growing nicely, it was estimated that after a week it would be ready for harvesting.

Of course, he was going to leave a few to grow seeds.

Calculating the time, the immortal grass seeds were ready to cultivate, he distributed uniformly the seeds in the immortal land, and then applied immortal fertilizer and poured immortal spring water.

The seeds of immortal grass were easier to plant compared to other immortal seeds.

It didn’t take much time for Ye Xiacohen.

Just as he finished, his father called him to have dinner.

After dinner, Ye Xiacohen continued to work on the farm.

Most of his energy was devoted to the immortal land.

As for the ordinary vegetables, he doesn’t want to manage them at all.

It all depends on his Shennong talent.

“Unfortunately, my strength is limited, and cannot expand the planting. Otherwise, I could make a lot of money by just selling high-quality vegetables.”

Ye Xiaochen sighed.

He couldn’t find workers, and depending on just by himself and his parents was impossible.

He couldn’t help but think of those immortal plant puppets in the Store, like automatic robots, they could help in managing the immortal plants on the farm.

There was also the most common bean puppet, which could be used as coolies.

Unfortunately, Ye Xiaochen’s current immortal yuan was not enough to buy a real immortal plant puppet.

“However, I can grow immortal beans. Maybe I can discuss with those Immortals and can exchange the beans for a bean soldier?”

Ye Xiaochen pondered about it and got the idea.

If he could get some bean soldiers, it would be awesome.

Chapter 128-Promotion

It was nine o’clock in the morning.

At Yang city TV news channel Workspace.

Wenxin with dark circles was carrying a large document bag and directly headed towards the chief editor’s office.

She was busy all night to arrange Ye Xiaochen’s interview script and write a manuscript, so she didn’t get much sleep.

She just entered the office.

If it was a normal day, she would have got scolded.

However, today was different.

In the editor’s office, the editor Li Wei was angry.

“You are all waste, till now you guys haven’t interviewed Ye Xiaochen.”

Li Wei had just been reprimanded by his senior, so naturally, he took out all his anger on his subordinates.

Several subordinates couldn’t lift their heads.

Suddenly, there was a soft knock on the office door.

Followed by it, Wenxin entered inside with documents in her hand.

Wenxin saw the serious atmosphere, especially the chief editor was screaming just now, even the soundproof wall wasn’t able to block it.

“Wenxin, I thought you were spending a comfortable time at the Mid-autumn festival. You didn’t even go to the team, do you know what time is it now?”

Editor Li Wei saw Wenxin coming inside and criticized her.

“Boss, I..”

Wenxin was scolded by Li Wei and shrank her neck.

In the whole channel, who doesn’t know about Li Wei’s violent temper, as long as his mood was bad, he would certainly curse.

“What I? No matter what the reason is, you have come late, and this month’s bonus will be deducted completely.”

Li Wei snapped at her.

“Boss, it’s not like that.”

Wenxin was anxious, deducting bonus, this always has been chief editor’s mantra, and certainly would do it!

“What? Could it be that your son is in the hospital again and you have been taking care of him, so you weren’t able to sleep?”

Li Wei sneered.

He could write a whole book of reasons given by these subordinates.

“Boss, I interviewed Ye Xiaochen last night, so I spent the whole night writing manuscript.”

Wenxin said with a grievance.

“I don’t care who you have interviewed. Anyway, you can’t be late for work. Who did you just say you interviewed?”

Li Wei’s cold face didn’t turn kind just because Wenxin was a girl.

However, he was stunned and stared at Wenxin, which almost made Wenxin cry.

“Boss, I interviewed Ye Xiaochen.”

Wenxin said in a weak voice.

“Ye Xiaochen, the top botanist of Yang city, Ye Xiacohen?”

Li Wei couldn’t believe it, he repeated the name.

Wenxin nodded.

“Quickly, show me the information.”

Li Wei couldn’t wait.

He directly got up from his chair, grabbed the folder from her hand and looked at it.

There was also a USB drive inside it, he connected the USB drive to his computer.

After a long time, a look of happiness appeared on his face and suddenly stared at the Wenxin.
“Wenxin, from today onwards you are the leader of the second editorial team.”

Li Wei said seriously.

Next to him, there was a fat man who made an ugly face, as he was the head of the second editorial team, that is to say, he has been dismissed.

“This, this is not good.”

Wenxin felt the happiness came too fast.

“What not good? If I say you are the team leader, then you are the leader, if you have the ability, you can rise top in our channel, if you are useless, then leave quickly and walk away.”

Li Wei was domineering.

In this way, Wenxin made the first step towards her career.

At evening.

A family of three was having dinner.

The news was playing on the Tv.

Suddenly, Ye Xiacohen’s phone rang, he took it out to look, it was Fang Yuan.

“Hello, Xiaochen, did you watch the news? You are on the news, when did you accept the interview from Yang city Tv station?”

Fang Yuan’s nonchalant voice came out.

“Oh, Yesterday.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Beside him, mother’s listened with her sharp ears, “Son, you are on the news? Which channel?”

“It should be Yang City TV station. We can’t see it on our Tv.”

Ye Xiacohen said with a smile.

Nowadays, every household in the countryside was using a sky dish, and they all receive satellite video channels. As for local Tv channels, it cannot receive it.


Mother was disappointed.

She also wanted to see the scene of Ye Xiaochen appearing on Tv.

Ye Xiaochen talked for a while with Fang Yuan and hung up the call.
After having dinner, he went back to the farm and started to work.
Now, he likes to stay on the farm, watching his vegetable fields, immortal plants grow, he feels a sense of achievement.

It was relaxing and fulfilling

He stayed on the farm for several days, and would rarely go out.

From the message of Li Jiaren, all the process of setting up the company has been completed.

The company was registered as Jing County Immortal Spring restaurant chain Ltd.

The restaurants will also be named after Immortal Spring. This will create a brand of immortal spring vegetables.

As for the location of the restaurant, it has already been selected, it will in Jing county’s new development zone Purple mountain villa

The purple mountain villa was originally a place of leisure and entertainment, invested and built by a wealthy man from a different county.

It was natural to establish a restaurant in such a place.

Immortal Spring vegetable restaurant focuses on premium vegetables and the price would be extremely expensive.

According to Li Jiaren, it would take at most half a month, the preparations will be finished and it can be opened directly.

These things, he doesn’t need to worry about it.

At this moment, Ye Xiaochen crouched in front of the Fusang tree, closed his eyes, touched it with his five fingers and used his spirit talent to communicate with the Fusang tree’s consciousness.

From his sense of communication, the Fusang tree’s consciousness seemed like a flame.

“It’s amazing. The immortal red beans planted near the Fusang tree seemed to form a particular resonance with the Fusnag tree’s plant consciousness, thus forming a bridge for communication. And so, the fire qi emitted by Fusang is absorbed by the immortal red beans.”

Ye Xiaochen was impressed.

If the consciousness resonance couldn’t be achieved, then it would have become difficult for immortal red beans to absorb the fire qi of the Fusang tree.

Only after the resonance was formed, certain characteristics contained in the fire qi of the Fusang tree wouldn’t hurt the immortal red beans.

In this way, the Fusang tree seemed to have become the king of the immortal plants in this area.

“There are few immortal red beans which are a little far from the Fusang tree making its resonance weaker. The fire qi absorption seems a little inadequate in them!”

Through this kind of communication, Ye Xiaochen has found the radiating range of the Fusang tree.

Within this range, the immortal red bean would have normal growth, once it exceeds this range, it will have a short supply of fire qi.

There was no other way.After all, Ye Xiaochen hadn’t figured out these before, only through the process of planting, combining the knowledge of Shennong System introduction guide and practice could he slowly become master.

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen showed a slight surprise, and then the immortal beehive immediately appeared out of thin air.

Just now he sensed that the Pollination bee pupa was about to turn into a bee.

“How so fast?”

Ye Xiaochen was very surprised.

It has been more than a month since he bought the pollination bee eggs.

It took almost a month from the bee egg to turn into the pupa stage. He thought it would take more time from pupa to bee, but now it has matured so quickly.

Ye Xiaochen quickly opened the immortal beehive.

Chapter 129-Test


There was a slight sound, a black light shot out from the immortal beehive.

Too fast!

If Ye Xiaochen’s five senses weren’t much stronger than before, then he wouldn’t even be able to see the black light.

Inside the beehive, only the skin of the dark golden pupa had shed was left behind.

Ye Xiaochen’s spirit had a very strange feeling, there was a kind of intimate consciousness was flying around his body.


A ray of black light suddenly appeared in front of his eyes, he was finally able to see the appearance of the black light, it was a bee about the size of little thumb’s head.

The figure was slender, black and had a cold metallic luster.

This bee looked similar to a wasp.

Ye Xiaochen’s heart was excited, it goes without saying that this was a breeding pollination bee.

He finally succeeded.

He repressed his excitement and gently stretched out his hand. The black pollination bee landed in the middle of his palm.

A kind of blood connection arises spontaneously.

He communicated with the pollination bee’s consciousness, there was no hindrance and was much clearer than the immortal plants, he could feel many things about the pollination Bee.

After all, it was bred with his blood sacrifice, now Ye Xiaochen was the pollination bee breeder.


Ye Xiaochen gave a command to the pollination bee through his thought.

Sure enough, the pollination bee flew.

He was surprised to find that even if the pollination bee left him and was flying around the connection didn’t break. He tried to remotely command the pollination bee and found that it was still somewhat effective.

After repeated testing, he found that once pollination bee goes more than a meter away from him, the connection completely breaks off.

“It seems that this connection cannot be used for long-distance. This is not good, it’s better to figure out a way to control remotely.”

Ye Xiaochen was pondering.

He closely studied the pollination bee. Though it was small, it was extraordinary, it’s thin wings were not fragile, but was sharp as a knife, it’s mouth was extremely developed, Ye Xiaochen felt that if it bites even stones can be easily shattered, slender legs were extremely sharp and covered with tiny hairs. The tail has a poisonous needle.

There was no test target, so Ye Xiaochen temporarily cannot determine the power of this poisonous needle.
According to the introduction, the pollination bee’s tail has different characteristics.

Some have an anesthetic effect, some produce hallucinations, hemolytic and so on.

Generally, a pollination bee has only one characteristic.

“The tail of the pollination bee is more effective than a wasp or hornet, even it affects the practitioners. If an ordinary creature is stabbed with it, then it would be very harmful. Even if my pollination bee was bred with ordinary blood and no superior food, it certainly won’t be too weak.”

Ye Xiaochen was wondering where he could find a target.

He quickly used some immortal spring water and honey powder to concoct honey, and directly put it into the immortal beehive, then he commanded pollination bee to enter into it.

This pollination bee has just become a bee, so it urgently requires food.

The pollination bee’s requirement of food was not small.

Ye Xiaochen pondered and made some more honey.

For several days, Ye Xiaochen trained the pollination bee.

The pollination bee was very smart, only need to repeat instructions a few times, it could completely understand Ye Xiaochen’s control commands.
Ye Xiaochen’s control command was simple, it was just whistle.
He learned from the Shennong system introduction guide.

It was mainly controlling sound frequency.

It seemed simple but was difficult to master.

However, it was not difficult for Ye Xiaochen, he quickly mastered and started to use very flexible.

In complex terrain, as long as the pollination bee was not a kilometer away from him, it could receive his control signal.

In the open flat terrain, it could receive the signal even several kilometers away.

The pollination bee has strong hearing, especially for certain sound waves.

In this way, Ye Xiaochen could even control the pollination bee remotely.

Using whistle for remote control was far less convenient than the consciousness communication and could only be used for simple control commands.

Even then it was extremely powerful.

Having gained the ability to control the pollination bee remotely, Ye Xiaochen began to experiment with the toxic characteristic of its tail.

He stared at the chickens.

Well, the chickens in his family were little pitiful, last time Ye Xiaochen fed immortal spring vegetables for his experiment.

This time it will be the target for a more dangerous experiment, testing the toxic characteristic of the pollination bee.
He looked at the scattered chickens in the distance, with a thought the immortal beehive appeared in his hand, he opened the hole and using his connection Ye Xiaochen directly gave the command to the pollination bee.

Suddenly, a black light shot out.

In the blink of an eye, the pollination bee came back, but a nearby large chicken without any movement fell on the ground.


Ye Xiaochen’s face changed little, this toxicity was not ordinary.

Although it was a chicken, how big was the pollination Bee?

If a person gets stung by it, then it was afraid that he won’t last long.

He hurried over and picked up the fallen chicken.

It was fat and strong.

It should be at least 3 or 4 kg.

“The crest is still bright red, the body temperature is normal and the heart is beating, it hasn’t died?”

Ye Xiaochen quickly checked and also used his spirit talent to communicate with the consciousness of the big chicken.

Sure enough, the consciousness of the chicken was intact, just it was in a drowsy and confused state.

“This looks like anesthetic characteristic !”

Ye Xiachen couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

If it was fatal, then the danger would be too high.

Suddenly, mother came out of the house and saw Ye Xiaochen holding a big chicken, “Xiaochen, why are you holding the chicken?”

“Oh, how did this big chicken die?”

Ye Xiaochen tried to cover up, however, mother was surprised and quickly strode over and took the big chicken.

“Mother, I also don’t know, I suddenly saw the chicken lying on the ground.”

Ye Xiaochen quickly said.

Strange did some put pesticides in our field?

Mother frowned.

She walked into the house carrying the big hen.

“Mother, what are you doing?”

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly asked.

“It just died, so after throwing the internal organs, it should still be edible.”

Mother said.

“Mother, I don’t think it is dead, but has just fainted.”

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t let the mother kill his experimental chicken.

He wanted to know how long would it take the chicken to wake up.

“Fainted? It cannot faint without no reason. It must be sick, then it cannot be raised let’s kill and make stewed chicken soup today.”

Mother said.

“Don’t kill it, and if it’s really sick, we cannot eat it.”

Ye Xiaochen snatched the chicken and said.

“Why can’t we eat the sick chicken? Need to just throw away the internal organs. I have eaten one before and there was no problem.”

Mother said.

“No matter what the sick chicken cannot be eaten, Mother I need to tell you, that from now on the sick chicken, duck absolutely shouldn’t be eaten and leftover food, previous night food must be thrown away.”

Ye Xiaochen seriously said.

Before the mother was reluctant to do it.

“I know, know, don’t preach your old mother.”

Mother with an unhappy glanced at Ye Xiaochen.

She, in the end, listened to Ye Xiaochen and let off the big chicken’s small life. 

Chapter 130-Candidate

“Chicken oh chicken wakes up quickly, I have saved your life.”

Ye Xiaochen holding the big chicken went back to the farm.

As the big chicken has not yet woken and its life signature was normal, Ye Xiaochen felt bored and started to read a book to pass time.

After three hours, the chicken made a loud cry, the chicken who had been originally lying on the ground got up and walked around as if nothing had happened.

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly grabbed the big chicken and checked it carefully again, there were no after-effects.

“It seems that the pollination bee’s tail has only anesthetic effects and no other toxic side effects.”

Ye Xiaochen concluded.

However, he still held a cautious attitude and decided to do more experiments.

Moreover, he also tried ordering the pollination Bee to reduce the amount of toxin released from its tail.

In this way, the house chickens were suffering the calamity.

To hide from his mother, Ye Xiaochen like a chicken thief would immediately pack the chicken when it faints and transport it to the farm.

There were no side effects.

The chickens who have been stung were still alive and kicking.

After knowing that the tail of the pollination bee was not lethal, Ye Xiaochen’s mind once again became lively.

Soon, he got the idea of experimenting with the big fat pig raised by the sister-in-law Hui’s home.

He wanted to test the effectiveness of pollination bee’s tail on large animals.

In this way, the big fat pig laid down for more than an hour, almost scaring sister-in-law Hui to death, thinking that her family pig has died.

Ye Xiaochen who did the bad deed pretended not to know anything.

Finally, Ye Xiaochen set his sight on the livestock raised by other people in the village.

Dog, sheep, Cow!

Dogs that often walk on the road, the cattle and sheep that graze in the fields would suddenly faint.

Now the villagers were frightened.

Those two local dogs were also the subject of the experiment.

Perhaps because of staying long hours in the immortal land, the two dogs were more resistant to the pollination Bee’s tail than ordinary domestic animals, even more than the buffalo.

Now those two dogs after seeing Ye Xiaochen would tremble.

In the twinkling of an eye, it was the end of September.

The weather was getting cold.

Ye Xiaochen stood in the immortal land and could see the immortal yellow beans and immortal red beans covered with small flowers.

The flowers of immortal yellow beans were white and the immortal red beans were dark purple.

Although the Fusang tree did not grow tall, the bud has already started to form branches and leaves.

Even more intense fiery breath started emanated.

At this moment, a buzzing sound was heard, the pollination bee was busy among the flowers.

From the Pollination Bee’s consciousness, he could sense joy.

After all, Ye Xiaochen’s concocted honey grade was too low and not suited to the appetite of Pollination bee.

Instead, the pollen of these immortal plants was a favorite of the Pollination Bee.

“Through the Pollination bee, the yield and quality of the two types of immortal beans should be improved a lot.”

Ye Xiaochen thought.

The Pollination bee not only pollinates but also secretes a body fluid that helps fertilize the pollens.

After this batch of immortal beans flowering period, he could only wait for the next batch of immortal beans, immortal wheat, and immortal grass.
As for the radishes, they were ready to be harvested, at most leaving few seeds for cultivation.

Moreover, he recently read in Shennong system introduction guide that there were some special methods for seed cultivation.

Previously, Ye Xiaochen relied on the second generation of naturally produced immortal bean seeds.

And to speak strictly, it failed.

If it wasn’t for the superposition of divinity and spiritual characteristic, it would have been worthless.

This time, naturally he would cultivate the radish seeds using special cultivation methods.

And he was going to use the same cultivation method for the immortal bean seeds.

Suddenly, his phone rang.

He took out his phone and saw that Li Jiaren was calling him, he immediately understood that it should be about the opening of the immortal spring vegetarian restaurant.

“Brother Ye, the opening date has been fixed, it will 11th, the restaurant’s decoration is also nearly done. If you have time then come and have a look.”

Li Jiaren said with a laugh.


Ye Xiaochen gave a simple answer.

They were doing all the company’s affairs and Ye Xiaochen seldom participates.

However, he plans to send an individual into the company after the company starts running, after all, so many people cooperating, it was easy to play tricks.

Ye Xiaochen’s doesn’t want to be in the dark

It was difficult to choose a candidate.

The person must be close, and could be used confidently and must have the ability, otherwise, the person would be only a decoration.

It would have been best if he goes.

However, he has no time, although it was important to make money, it was nothing compared to planting immortal plants.

After much consideration, Ye Xiaochen decided on a person.
His aunt’s eldest daughter Xie Juan, graduated from professional training college and majors in accounting, she works at a foreign trade company in Shanghai, recently he heard from the aunt that she was looking to change job.

Ye Xiaochen has a good relationship with Xie Juan and often would contact by phone.

When his aunt and uncle would go out for work, they would send Xie Juan and her two younger brothers to live in Ye Xiaochen’s home.

They kind of grew up together.

Xie Juan was lively and generous, her communication skills were also good, naturally, there was no need to mention about her ability.

After thinking till here, Ye Xiaochen decided to call Xie Juan and ask about the current situation.


In a rental house.

At the moment, Xie Juan was very confused.

She had already given her resignation letter and was waiting for the company’s approval.

However, company leaders wanted to keep her and promised to give a raise.

Xie Juan’s ability was obvious to all. If the company’s financial department lacks such an employee, it would be difficult to make up in a short time.

Xie Juan’s problem was not about the increase in salary or promotion but was another issue, she was pregnant.

Her boyfriend was her classmate in college, they fell in love and have been together till present.

After the two resigning from their respective job, they planned to use years of saving to open a store.

However, now she was pregnant and was going to get married.

If she quits now, there would be no income for some time in the future and would only have expenses.

After all, opening a store may not necessarily generate profit, and might instead lose money.

Marriage was another big expense.

When she will have a baby, it will be even bigger.

On the other hand, her mother was not satisfied with her boyfriend, she feels that he was not ambitious enough.

She was quite satisfied, as long as her boyfriend was good to her, as for earning money, wasn’t she there?

It was her idea to quit and set up a store.

Her boyfriend was hoping for stability.

Unfortunately, she was not satisfied with the current status quo and felt that earning in the job was too less.

“Dear, don’t worry. You can go back to work, I will run the online store first. Anyway, from the online store there was still some business.”

Xie Juan’s boyfriend Cai Qiang saw his girlfriend was worried and hurriedly comforted.

Two people while working had opened the online store, which was quite impressive.

“It can only be like this.”

Xie Juan sighed.

She didn’t want to go back, there was too much pressure.

Just as two made up their mind, suddenly the phone rang.

Xie Juan picked it up and was slightly surprised.

“Wife, whose call is it?”

Cai Qiang asked.

“It is brother Xiaochen’s call.”

Xie Juan said.

She was one year younger than Ye Xiaochen.

“Then quickly answer, brother Chen, must have some matter to talk.”

Cai Qiang hurriedly said.

Now, among the Ye family’s relatives, who don’t know about Ye Xiaochen.

Although Xie Juan didn’t go back, she congratulated him through the phone.


Xie Juan nodded and immediately pressed the answer button.
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