Heavenly Farmer Chapter 111-120

Chapter 111-Famous

The moment Bee larva matured, great changes took place. The original white chubby body changed at the speed visible to naked eyes and quickly turned to golden brown color.

Moreover, the skin was no longer soft and has hardened, as if a layer of the shell has been added.

The bee larvae completely changed to bee pupa.

Ye Xiaochen took out the bee pupa and cleaned the internal space of the immortal beehive, then put the bee pupa back.

Next, he just needs to wait for bee pupa to mature, completely break out of its cocoon and turn it into a bee.

At that time, the pollination Bee could really put to use.

Not only could it be used for pollination but also as an offensive power.

It would be a great help to Ye Xiaochen.

After taking the look at pupa, Ye Xiaochen returned to the Immortal Land and irrigated the rest of the immortal plants and then went towards the immortal Yellow beans.

The yellow beans were full of dazzling bean pods.

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen saw a small crack on the bean pods.

This crack was like a sign that other bean pods were ready to split open.

“Great, the fourteen immortal beans have finally matured.”

Ye Xiaochen was very excited.

It was a double blessing.

First, the pollination bee larva turning to pupa and second was the immortal yellow beans matured.

Immediately, he harvested the bean pods from the fourteen immortal yellow beans.  

As for the bean pods of other twelve immortal yellow beans, though they have turned into a deep yellow color, they did not yet crack, so need to wait for some time.

Let’s ignore these 12 plants.

He counted the bean pods harvested from the fourteen immortal yellow plants, there were totally 1814 bean pods.

It was a good harvest!

Calculating an average of 3 beans per bean pods, it would be more than three thousand beans!  

Last time a group of immortal beans was bought for more than two immortal yuan.

There were more than three hundred groups which would worth to more than 700 immortal yuan.

Ye Xiaochen felt he was full of energy, this time he has really made huge profits.

He was sighing, it was better to grow immortal beans than the immortal carrots.

The only drawback was its cycle was longer.

In fact, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, it was better than growing carrots.

He decided that in future he would prefer to plant more immortal beans.

As for the carrots, he could plant a little less.

After thinking till here, Ye Xiaochen hurriedly processed bean pods in accordance with the previous method. After separating out all the beans, he cut an immortal yellow bean with a knife.

“This.. how could it be?”

Ye Xiaochen looked at the sliced section of the beans and was somewhat absent-minded.

There was only three ring pattern.

“How can this happen? This bean plant was planted where there was more fertilizer. Shouldn’t it have five or six rings?”

YE Xiaochen frowned.

He took more care of the immortal beanstalks compared to the immortal carrots.

And even there was more manure.

However, now this situation has happened.

He quickly sliced another immortal bean which was from the less fertilized land.

After seeing it, he was stunned.

There was only two ring pattern.

Moreover, this pattern looked the same as previous times harvested one, that was to say, there was no progress at all.

“How can this be? It absolutely shouldn’t be like this, exactly what went wrong?”
Ye Xaiochen sat on the ground with a confused face.
He was slightly puzzled, clearly, his Shennong talent has progressed and he used more fertilizer, but why the quality of immortal beans did not improve?

“There must be something I overlooked.”

Ye Xiaochen thought about the problem.

However, even after thinking so much about it, he did not found the problem.

Because fundamentally this situation was impossible to appear.

The whole night Ye Xiaochen didn’t sleep.

Although he harvested the immortal beans, he didn’t trade and kept it with him. If he doesn’t find the problem, he would have trouble sleeping and eating.

Although it was late, Ye Xiaochen took out the Shennong system introduction Guide and went through it.

He wants to find out the answer.

There must be something in the book.

It was dawn outside.

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes were bloodshot, it was the result of reading the book for a long time.

However, he didn’t care about it.

It was morning and he still didn’t figure out. When YE Xiaochen’s parents came in the morning and saw his appearance, they were shocked.

“Son, Did you not sleep the whole night?”

Mother asked with a distressed tone.

“I am fine, I was just thinking about the issue of planting vegetables. ”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head and said.

Although he didn’t sleep the whole night, he was still in good spirit.

This was immortal land’s credit.

“What is the problem that you are so confused? I thought that there was something wrong with you. ”

Mother continued, “Okay, you go to sleep now. is it necessary to meet the experts today? As for delivering things, we will ask other vehicles.”  

“I am really fine.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head and said.

In the end, he drove the vehicle to deliver the goods.

He drove towards the Food Cube.

Ye Xiaochen found that there were many cars in the parking lot of the Food cube, it could be said that today it was filled with diners.

Suddenly, through the vehicle’s window, Ye Xiaochen saw large banners hanging in front of the Food Cube’s door.

“The excellent vegetables in this restaurant are provided by the special farm established by Ye Xiaochen, a famous botany expert. Customers are welcomed to taste it ”

“Our Restaurants main pickled vegetables are personally marinated by Mr. Ye Xiaochen a famous Botanist. Customers are welcomed to taste it.”

“The experts’ group composed of top botanists from both the Domestic and abroad visited Mr. Ye Xiaochen, a famous botanist in our city, and congratulated Mr. Ye Xiaochen on joining the ranks of top botanists in the world.”

“Congratulations to botanist Ye Xiaochen for establishing a farm which will be the city’s first super farm. It is a great honor for our Yang city.”

Ye Xiaochen was stunned seeing it.

Damn. What was Chang Xu doing?

Although he knew that experts group visiting him would make a lot of noise, he didn’t expect Chang Xu to seize such an opportunity to publicize.

No wonder the Food Cube’s business was going so well.

Near the roadside, don’t know how many pedestrians and resident were pointing their fingers.

After driving into the backyard of the Food Cube, Ye Xiaochen received a warm reception.

Chang Xu was more polite and had an attitude of worship.

While the other staff members had restrained themselves.

Ye Xiaochen sighed, humans were like this. Once they become famous, the attitude of other people around them would change dramatically.

Chang Xu invited Ye Xiaochen to his office and took the initiative to increase the price of the vegetables

Ye Xiaochen has become a top botanist. If it was still bought for a cheap price, how could it still display its value?

If he does not raise the price, he would not be at ease.

In just one day, the Food Cube customers have increased dramatically and have smashed the competitors across the streets.  

Even if he directly increases the price of the dishes made with Ye Xiaochen’s farm vegetables, it still sells like hotcakes.

This was all due Ye Xiaochen’s fame.

Now in this Huge Yang city, who does not know Ye Xiaochen’s name? Just Yesterday the Yang city’s Tv station, famous newspapers have published that the experts’ group have visited a certain botanist.

Now, in whole Yang city who wasn’t proud?

Our Yang City also has a top botanist.

The celebrity effect was extremely frightening.

Not only the Food cube but also several supermarkets whose vegetables were supplied by Ye Xiaochen have a sudden surge in the customers, all in order to buy the vegetables provided by Ye Xiaochen’s farm.

Chapter 112-Finalize

What were Premium vegetables?

There was a special market in the country for the premium vegetables, and Chang Xu has long known about it.

This time, Chang Xu has directly increased the price by almost 10 to 20 times.

For example, take cucumbers, its original price was 1.8 yuan per kg.

Now, it was directly priced 36 yuan per kg.

Such a price, in the premium vegetable market, could only be considered moderate.

If the other supermarkets also purchase at the same price, then Ye Xiaochen’s revenue would probably increase by ten to twenty times.

Ye Xiaochen’s heart was on fire, it seems that there were really too many benefits of fame!

“Brother Ye, you have made me admire you, obviously have such amazing ability, but you are still low-key and run the farm.”

Chang Xu sighed.

With such amazing capability, wherever he goes he can make a name for himself, but he was still running the farm and growing vegetables.

“What amazing ability? It is all exaggerated and spread out.”

Ye Xiaochen said. 

“Brother Ye, about the cooperation to open the chain restaurants, can we discuss it again?”

Chang Xu suddenly said.

“Brother Chang, I am still saying it  again, I definitely won’t put the farm in the shares.”

Ye Xiaochen looked at him, he didn’t know what he was thinking, he felt it was other people who asked Chang Xu to test him.

He was now full of confidence, and fame, was he still afraid of not finding a partner?

Now, Chang Xu has taken the initiative to raise the price. Why? It was because of his fame.

Ye Xiaochen doesn’t need the cooperation of him. Naturally, there will be many people coming to his door and even would help Ye Xiaochen to pay the breach of contract and terminate the cooperate contract.

Fame was more important than anything else.

“Naturally, we have considered this repeatedly and we think that putting the farms in shares is indeed a problem. Brother Ye, what do you think about the farm technology as shares?”

Chang Xu said.

Now, it was Ye Xiaochen who has the initiative, and they have become weak.

In fact, to some extent, there was no big difference between the farm and farm technology as shares.

The main problem of Ye Xiaochen farm was it involves the presence of immortal land.

Unless he could move the special constructions like immortal lands, he could not change the farm location at any time, till then this farm would be his base.

“That’s not a problem.”

Ye Xiaochen pondered for a bit and directly nodded.

“That’ great, Brother Ye, we have already discussed it. in the future, you will own half of the shares in the Vegetarian chain restaurants and name of the restaurants also will be chosen by you. ”

Chang Xu was very excited, he breathed a sigh of relief in his heart.

Now every second count, if he was late, there might be other capitalists who would enter the arena.

Although half of the shares were given, it was totally worth it. Because Ye Xiaochen’s reputation was worth this price.

In the future, for restaurants promotion, it would rely on Ye Xiaochen’s fame.
Moreover, Ye Xiaochen also has amazing vegetable cultivation techniques.
Ye Xiaochen knew that if he further delayed for a bit, or negotiates with them, he could get more benefits.

However, that’s too much trouble.

He was not the kind of person who was too demanding and not to mention if he cooperates with other people he wouldn’t know full details of them and it would be easy to things go wrong.

However, Liu Fusheng, Xu Lin, Chang Xu, and others, he knows about them and also is friends with them, which makes the cooperation easier.

With half of the shares, it was enough to establish absolute control over the company.

However, there was no need for it.

For him, making money was secondary, his attention was still on growing immortal plants.

After the establishment of the Vegetarian Chain restaurant, he has to rely on other people to run the business operation. He just needs to be an arm flinging shopkeeper(TN: who asks others to work but does nothing himself).

After leaving the Food Cube, Ye Xiaochen went to other supermarkets for delivery.

Without any exception, these supermarkets owners launched their marketing campaign on Ye Xiaochen’s name.

When Ye Xiaochen went to delivery, these supermarket owners took initiative to raise the price, and some price limit reached almost the same as Food Cube’s one.

Originally, these supermarkets were mostly dominated by ordinary vegetables and did not have premium vegetables.

This time they saw the opportunity to promote their supermarket, they immediately listed all the vegetables provided by Ye Xiaochen in the premium vegetable section and increased the prices more than 10 to 20 times.

However, the buyers were still coming continuously and did not got reduce because of the high price.

The main reason was fame and not to mention these vegetables were very delicious.

In current society, rich people were not afraid of eating expensive things, they were afraid of not eating safe food.

The vegetables were supplied from the farm founded by a top botanist and were even visited by the experts’ group, and they were all super premium vegetables. Naturally, its safety was certainly high.

After the supermarket owners finalized the new price, the supermarket owners wanted to renew the vegetable delivery contract in advance, they were going to strike while the iron was hot.

Ye Xiaochen politely declined them, but he still promised that even after the contract was over, he would still provide some premium vegetables for their supermarket.

This could be considered as Ye Xiaochen’s gift.

Although they bought the vegetables because of Wang Shuisheng’s face, Ye Xiaochen was a nostalgic person and this was his personality.

Precisely, because of this reason, he promised to continue to cooperate with Chang Xu and Liu Fusheng.

Perhaps, Ye Xiaochen could not be considered as a qualified businessman.

The supermarket owners were not disappointed, but were joyous, as Ye Xiaochen’s promise was an absolutely unexpected surprise for them.

Now even if Ye Xiaochen kicks them off, it wouldn’t be unreasonable.

From now on, these supermarket owners will be personally sending someone to Ye Xiaochen’s farm to get the goods, and Ye Xiaochen wouldn’t need to deliver the goods again in person.

Currently, Ye Xiaochen’s status was not ordinary and could not be allowed to deliver the goods in person. How will it look like? Even if Ye Xiaochen wants to, they can’t afford it.

In this regard, Ye Xiaochen was obviously happy, delivering in the future would be really troublesome and it would waste a lot of time.

After delivering the good, Ye Xiaochen directly drove to Wang Shuisheng’s villa.

In the morning Wang Shuisheng called him and congratulated him for what happened yesterday. Things have spread, naturally, he has to talk with Wang Shuiheng, although his relationship with Wang Xinyi was not public, still, there was a tacit understanding.

When he arrived, Ye Xiaochen felt some changes.

For example, sister-in-law Chu Qingqing personally gave him a cup of tea, before there was no such good treatment, it used to be the job of the nanny.

Wang Shuisheng was continuously smiling and asked some things. He urged Ye Xiaochen to communicate with these senior experts more.

He was afraid that Ye Xiaochen has become famous at such a young age, his temper would not be stable and will have arrogance and pride.

However, he saw that Ye Xiaochen did not seem to be arrogant and impatient because of being famous. He was even more satisfied with him.

As Ye Xiaochen had to meet the experts’ group, he did not stay there for a long time.

Chapter 113-Dry Goods


Southern Province Global Agriculture Seed Technology Co Ltd.

An emergency meeting was in progress.

“Everyone, you should have already heard that this time the experts’ group’s inspection was made to specifically meet Ye Xiaochen.”

Ling Jinxiu’s eyes swept over the room and said.

Even till now she found it hard to believe.

Before in her mind, she concluded that Ye Xiaochen had discovered the solution of broccoli seed defect accidentally.

However, now it seems that this was not the case at all, the person has the capability.

Moreover, she faintly guessed the fact about the mysterious expert who treated the Fusang tree, she felt it had to do something with Ye Xiaochen.

The people at the scene were discussing it, The news was really amazing, when they heard about it they were not able to react.

“Ms ling, previously Mr. Ye solved the defects of the broccoli seeds for our company and we only provided free seeds for his farm, which is far from enough to represent our company’s intention. I would suggest you can start on this aspect and maybe try to create a relationship with Ye Xiaochen.”

An executive said.

Others nodded, this reason was very suitable.

As a  company closely related to plants, if they could have a relationship with a top botanist, the benefits would be very big.

Once the company encounters some technical difficulties, it was possible to invite them.

Otherwise, even if you have money but no relationship, you won’t be able to invite them.

It was said that Ms. Ling had invited a student from the headquarters who studied under Academician Yang, she hoped to invite the experts’ group to the company with the help of it, but there was no result yet.

If earlier they had a relationship with Ye Xiaochen, perhaps there wouldn’t have been such trouble, because Ye Xiaochen’s reputation was big enough.

Moreover, Ye Xiaochen himself was a top botanist.

Although there was no professional title with respect to the field, in the hearts of many people, Ye Xiaochen’s status has already been labeled as a top botanist.

“For this, I will personally visit him.”

Ling Jinxiu stood up and concluded the meeting.……………..

From the Yang City, Ye Xiaochen drove straight to Jing County and met with experts group.

“Mr. Ye, is the consciousness guidance really feasible? After all, between plants and humans, there is no medium of communication. How with the external help can we communicate with the plants’ consciousness?”

In a spacious conference room, many experts were gathered together.

Few observers after breaking their head were fortunate enough to enter

For example, the expert Ling Jinxiu invited from headquarters and was a former student of Academician Yang.

He was just a student and Academician Yang just gave a few lessons and pointers, it was not at the point where he was proud of that student.

However, he still gave him the opportunity to come and watch.

There was also Wang Yuandong, originally according to his capacity, it was unlikely of him to come and listen, but he was Zhang Keqin’s student and had the relation of being Ye Xiaochen’s classmate, so he was able to come.

At this moment, he was looking at Ye Xiaochen who was on an equal footing with many experts. He had a complicated mood, he once thought that he could be in a high position than Ye Xiaochen and look down at him.

However, now, he could only listen and doesn’t even have the qualification to take a seat, he could listen because of his identity as Ye Xiaochen’s classmate.

How ironic it was!

However, he immediately restrained his mood and focused on listening to the lecture. This was a very rare opportunity.

Fang Yuan was also there.

He Just came in to play soy sauce, but he doesn’t know how many people were envious of him.

(Tn: “playing soy sauce” is an internet slang in China, here it refers to being just a passer-by who has nothing to do with the topic.)
There were several others who have worked very hard to get a chance to attend.
“Professor Tian, what you said is, in fact, the topic which I have recently studied. Communication between people can be carried out through words, and its medium is the human body’s sensory organs. Similarly, the human- animal communication, there is some commonality, therefore humans are able to tame certain animals. However, plants and humans, or animals have a distinct difference. there is no sensory organ with similar functions. So the communication between humans and plants is very difficult. In fact, in the study of such issues we often commit dogmatism, always to study the conventional experience, but it is not known that this is a dead end. Only by breaking the rules and starting with a new angle of thinking we may be able to open up a new field.”

Ye Xiaochen gave an eloquent talk.

The people present at the scene were listening carefully, they were afraid that they would miss any information.

“I don’t know, how many have you ever read any web novels?”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly changed his tone and smiled.

“I have.”

Fang Yuan raised his hand first.

Other shook their heads.

The elderly such as Academician Yang has never heard of it. After all the field is very different. They don’t need to rely on reading novels to spend their leisure time.

“In the web novels, there is a fantasy called Xianxia, The people in them either are martial artists or Cultivator. You can cultivate the soul and consciousness. Am I right, Fang Yuan?”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

He used to read web novels in college, but after graduation, he stopped. Now, he was basically not interested in it, especially after getting the Shennong System, all his attention was devoted to it.

“Yes, the cultivators inside the novel can use the soul to detect everything around them and can even communicate with each other through the soul and do not need to directly talk…..”

Fang Yuan found that he was not playing soy sauce at all, but was being useful. He immediately began to talk non stop about web novels to the experts present.

He was feeling proud, this was a very awesome experience and later in front of others, he could brag about it.

When the people present on the scene heard it, they were surprised, it was simply breaking their worldview.

“Mr. Ye, since this is a web novel, it shouldn’t be true right?” “

An expert said.

“Is it true? I don’t know. After all the world is very big, do not know how many wonderful things are hidden inside it. It is just like saying aliens do not exist, but this cannot be verified and at the same time it cannot be completely denied.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Of Course, he can’t say that the Cultivators inside the web novel have the possibility of being real

“Mr. Ye, have you found a method to communicate with plant’s consciousness?”

Academician Yang seems to have caught the meaning of ye Xiaochnen’s words and curiously asked.

“It cannot be said that it is a concrete method. It can be called a law, the law of communication.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Since he was talking with the experts’ group, he naturally to need to take out some dry goods

(Tn: “Dry Goods” it is also an internet slang used in china. Dry goods refer to meaningful things, that can be used as methodological knowledge, experience, etc. )

“What is the law?”

Academician couldn’t wait to ask.

Law generally referred to as observations that describe some aspect of the natural world, it is the key to unlocking the mysteries of the universe.

Mastering law is equivalent to opening a door to science.

Everyone’s eyes light up.

Finally, it was time to take out some dry goods.

Chapter 114-Five Finger Spirit Listening

Currently, there were many laws.

Newton’s three Laws, The law of conservation of energy, Moore’s law, Murphy’s law…..No matter what kind of law, after countless verification, it was perfected.

It takes a long term process for a law to be a scientific law.

Now, Ye Xiaochen said that it was a scientific law, which represents that the study of this law has been perfected.

Many experts were extremely curious about it.

If a new scientific law was found, then the benefit in botany field would be too huge.

“I call this scientific law as the law of life. As long as there is life in the object, it can give birth to the instinct of consciousness and has a medium of mutual communication sense.”

Under the expectation of many experts, Ye Xioachen finally said it.

The whole surrounding was silent.

Because what Ye Xiaochen said was too vague or to say it was too mysterious.

Ye Xiaochen was not surprised by this.

Actually, the law of life he said was just one part of another law.

The complete law is called the law of creation, as long as there is the existence of energy in the material, it has the instinct of giving birth to consciousness, and has the media to communicate.

Facts have proved that the law of creation was very correct. In the endless universe, life was bright and colorful.A ball of energy could give birth to consciousness and become a kind of life.

A stone could give birth to consciousness and become a lifeform.

There were too many unimaginable existences that could give birth to consciousness.

If practiced Dao, they could even possess boundless wisdom and could create civilization.

In comparison, the current definition of life on earth was too narrow.

“Mr. Ye, you said the birth of consciousness. I will leave it aside for a moment, but what does the medium of mutual communication sense mean? ”

Academician Yang slightly frowned, he had some difficulty in understanding it.

It was the same for others.

It wasn’t for Ye Xiaochen had already demonstrated amazing accomplishments in the field of botany, then it was afraid if he was replaced by other people, they would consider it as empty talk.

Ye Xiaochen smiled, he suddenly got up and placed a flower pot containing noble orchid in the center, and said, “It is said that humans have five senses, but it is not true, I think there is also sixth sense which can influence the consciousness of the human mind. Therefore, for people to communicate with the plant, it must be done using sixth sense.”

Everyone was getting more curious.

Was there really a sixth sense?

There was no lack of study on the sixth sense field.

It was just too mysterious, and there hasn’t been any substantial development to this day.

“To say, in order to communicate with this pot of noble orchid, it can be done only through the sixth sense, this is the media sense of human beings. Similarly, there must be a similar media sense in this noble orchid, so that the humans and plants consciousness can communicate”

Ye Xiaochen pointed towards the noble orchid and said.

No one spoke, and even the sound of breathing was low, there was only Ye Xiaochen’s voice.

Suddenly, he stretched out five fingers and gently placed them on a leaf of the noble orchid flower.

Everyone was watching Ye Xiaochen’s movement with endless curiosity.

What does this have to do with the communication of Nobel orchid? You won’t be using fingers to communicate, right?

“It is said that the five fingers are connected to the heart. This heart doesn’t only represent human’ heart organ but also with humans spirit. Isn’t there a saying join hands in hand and heart with heart? ”

Ye Xiaochen gently laughed.

His fingers moved in a strange rhythm as if striking the leaves of Nobel orchid.

Five Finger spirit listening!

This was a low-level entry level immortal technique given in the Shennong system introduction Guide

The immortal planters who just started practice don’t have the immortal spirit, so it was impossible to communicate with the consciousness of immortal plants.
However, for the excellent immortal planters there was another way, even if there was no immortal spirit, they could still be able to communicate with simple spirit of immortal plants.

It relies on fingers to hear the spirit.

Through the touch of five fingers, strike with some specific frequency rate. Because of the special nature of fingers which is close to the human’s spirit, could produce an invisible spiritual characteristic.

Of course, this requires a very strong concentration. If there was no patience and was an anxious person who couldn’t calm down. it’s absolutely impossible for them. In general, when someone practices the Five Finger spirit listening and once they have become a true immortal planter then they would become an excellent immortal planter.

As Ye Xiaochen was a Shennong, he has natural spirit talent. He could touch with his five fingers to achieve communication.

However, he doesn’t need to use any specific technique, with direct contact it could be achieved.

If it was replaced by others, they absolutely won’t be able to do.

“Using this principle, I developed a Five Finger spirit listening. skills that allow me to create contact with plants through a specific frequency, thus enabling a subtle sense of communication.”

Ye Xiaochen’s face showed a sense of pride.

“Five Finger spirit listening?”

The people present on the scene were shocked and felt curious.

Just from its name, it could be seen that it was extremely important.

“Everyone knows that while playing the piano, the master pianist can infuse the audience with the emotions through the piano. My Five Finger spirit listening  has the same purpose, it expresses information through the striking of fingers to the plant consciousness.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and said.

The crowd was surprised as if there was a magical door and all wanted to see the world behind the door.

“If you don’t believe me, let me show you.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

Suddenly, his face changed, he closed his eyes and revealed a sense of solemnity.

At this moment, his temperament of the body dramatically changed. Restrained from inside and elegant from outside.

Every movement was eye-catching.

All the people’s eyes couldn’t help but concentrate on Ye Xiaochen’s body.

His five fingers started to move, in the beginning, it was slow, but it expressed a very unique rhythm as if they were playing the piano.

“This Five Finger spirit listening has skill called ‘Instant fragrant’.”

Ye Xiaochen with closed eyes said gently.

In the conference room, there was a silence, no one spoke anything.

Everyone’s eyes fell on Ye Xiaochen’s fingers, they seemed too afraid of missing any small details.

Ye Xiaochen finger striking frequency rate became faster and faster, and finally, it became so fast that naked eyes couldn’t see it.

From the gap, they were able to see that with Ye Xiaochen’s finger strike, the whole noble orchid flowers seemed to be shaking.

At this moment, Ye Xiaochen’s face became more dignified.

Suddenly, the original noble orchid trembled and the freshly bloomed flowers withered.

Instant Fragrant

Before it was moist, fresh and fragrant, but the next moment, the bright colored gone and it became dry and withered.

This amazing changes made the people who were in the room stunned.


A noble orchid flower which was in most prosperous period of time, in just a short moment it withered.

After a long silence. there was the sound of taking cold breaths, everyone’s eyes turned fiery.

Chapter 115-Miracle

(TN:In the previous chapter I made a mistake in one paragraph, here is the correct one

( In general, when someone practices the Five Finger spirit listening and once they have become a true immortal planter then they would become an excellent immortal planter.))


“Mr.Ye, How, how did you do it?”

Academician Yang suddenly stood up and stared at Ye Xiaochen with hot eyes, his voice was trembling.

Others conditions were not much better than him.

“It’s…It’s amazing”

Fang Yuan looked at the boss “I am not dreaming, am I?”

“This is a miracle.”

Wang Yuandong had no idea how to express his inner shock.

This method was simply unimaginable.

“Elder Yang, Just now I said that I developed this Five Finger spirit listening. It is a technique for communicating with the plant’s consciousness. As long as it is grasped, not only I but  even you can use it.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and said.

“I, can I also use it?”

One expert asked in a trembling voice.

If this technique could really be used and was effective, then it illustrates the fact that Ye Xiaochen’s technique and the law he mentioned might really exist, at least it was in the right direction.


Ye Xiaochen said in an affirmative tone.

“Xiaochen,  can we learn it?”

Fang Yuan couldn’t help but ask.

Others were also eager, their eyes were fiery, What Fang Yuan asked was also the thing they wanted to ask.

“Of course. This technique might seem easy, but it is very difficult to master, because you must be sincere, and should not get disturbed by the outside world and need to keep the heart calm, so as to truly communicate with the plant’s consciousness.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Is it required to have this talent? Is there a way to test this talent?”

Fang Yuan rubbed his hands, he was very interested in this.

“Yes, and it is very simple to test. Close your eyes, use your fingers to tap on the table, apart from the touch of your fingers, if you can exclude all the perceptions of the outside world, which means that you have this talent.  ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“How to tap? Should I tap randomly?”

Fang Yuan had an expectant look.

“This is my own created spirit listening finger method, which is specially used for the training of the heart. With the talent and practice, you can enter the state of spirit listening as soon as possible. If you can reach the state of listening anywhere and anytime, you are considered to have initial mastery.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Teach us quickly.”

Fang Yuan said impatiently.

Ye Xiaochen nodded and began to teach the simplest method of spirit listening.

It was really simple, anyone who has practiced a few times won’t get it wrong.

The people present on the scene began to try.

Those foreign experts were no exception, someone next to them specially translated.

Just less than one minute, Fang Yuan opened his eyes and was about to speak, but ye Xiaochen stared at him and signaled not to speak.
It was only then Fang Yuan realized that others were also trying.
If he makes any noise, it would surely affect others.

After a while, one by one people opened their eyes, apparently, they were unable to go into the state of Spirit listening.

They did not speak anything and watched silently.

After a few minutes, only five people were left with their eyes closed.

It was Academician Yang, Professor Tian, Zhang Keqin, and two foreign experts, Dr. James and Gandhi respectively.

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help but look at Zhang Keqin with surprise, to be able to insist on for so long, then it was highly probable that they have entered the spirit listening state.

This special method of spirit listening seems simple but was extremely strange. Once you were not able to enter the state of spirit listening, then later you will become more and more impulsive. Finally, it would become unbearable and simply you wouldn’t be able to persist.

Currently, the faces of the five people were calm, there was no agitation expression.
He was not surprised when Academician Yang and others entered the state of spirit listening. Those who could reach this level must be very talented in the field of botany and such persons usually have a relatively high spirit talent.

However Zhang Keqin’s talent was also good, it was very rare, After all, he was lacking compared with Academician Yang and others.

Like this, it lasted for 7-8 minutes, Zhang Keqin opened his eyes first, his eyes revealed fatigue, it seemed that his spirit consumption was large.

He rubbed the eyebrows with his fingers.

Followed by him other four opened their eyes.

When they opened their eyes, they looked excited.

Although they felt tired when they entered the strange state, they couldn’t stop their inner excitement.

The spirit listening state was very wonderful.

It isolated their four senses, no should be five senses, although the perception of five fingers seems to exist, it was illusory as if it was connected with the soul.

If the guess was not wrong, it was probably the sixth sense.
It was amazing that using this technique they reached the field of sixth sense.
“Mr. Ye, thank you so much for your contribution to the field of botany. Please accept my bow.”

Academician Yang first stood up and suddenly bowed to Ye Xiaochen.

Several others felt moved, they also stood up and bowed to Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen could afford this respect because Ye Xiaochen taught them the spirit listening method. It was very precious and invaluable.

Ye Xiaochen stood up and wanted to say something, but when he saw the firm color in their eyes, he didn’t open his mouth.

The others saw the scene and understood that professor Ye Xiaochen’s spirit listening was effective, but they were unable to do it.

This means that they don’t have the talent for spirit listening.

However, Academician Yang and four other people had it.

They were envious, excited and regretful, the mood was very complex.

Without the talent of spirit listening, there was no opportunity to touch the consciousness of the plant.

It would be difficult or almost impossible for them to achieve higher achievement in the field of botany. After all, they have reached their peak in the field of botany.

After Ye Xiaochen walked out of the conference room, the experts left in the room began a heated discussion. The Academician Yang, Zhang Keqin and three other people were the objects of inquiry by other experts.

They were very curious about Ye Xiaochen’s spirit listening.

“Xiaochen, say, what is it like to be in spirit listening state?”

Fang Yuan followed him.

“Can’t say, the path is unknown.”


Fang Yuan rolled his eyes, and pitifully asked,” I, I really don’t have this talent?”

“What do you think?”

Ye Xiaochen looked at him with a smile.

“Well, if no talent then no talent. Anyway, I don’t rely on it for my living.”

Fang Yuan put his hand on Ye Xiaochen’s shoulder and said with emotion, “ Xiaochen, I didn’t expect that one day you would be able to reach this extent. Honestly, I feel like I’m dreaming.“

“Did you wake up from the dream?”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“No, it’s better not to wake up. Brother, now I can borrow your wind and can certainly mix in the scenery.”

(Tn: Borrow your reputation and use it)

Fang Yuan laughed.

“Okay, let’s not talk about it. I am going first.”

Ye Xiacohen waved his hand

“Hey, Are you not having lunch!”

Fang Yuan continued, “it’s already arranged.”

“Forget it, I need to go back.”

He has to take care of the farm.

And there was a very annoying problem that has not been solved.

Chapter 116- Immortal Fertilizers

These days Ye Xiaochen has been thinking about why the yellow immortal beans were deteriorating?

Previously, he planted the immortal radishes and the best one had five rings, but these Yellow immortal beans highest was three rings, the gap was too obvious.

He broke his head thinking about it, but unfortunately, he wasn’t able to find out the cause of it.

Over the next two days, he would be going to Jing county to meet with experts group and exchange ideas on the botany.

Apart from these, he would be giving pointers on Five Finger spirit listening to Academician Yang alone.

All the five were talented, but Academician Yang was the best.

Of course, he did not teach them other finger methods, as their mastery of the basic Five Finger spirit listening method was far from sufficient to learn other methods.

Unless someday they could enter the spirit listening state anywhere and anytime, then only they would be qualified.

Academician Yang and others were very energetic, they spent a lot of time every day practicing the basic Five Finger spirit listening method

During this period, every day he would be getting many calls to his mobile phone, asking for cooperation with him.

For example, to invest in Ye Xioachen’s farm.

To order his premium vegetables at a high price.

There were also invitations to give lectures or offers to hire him at a high salary.

In a word, he was now a hot product.

However, Ye Xiaochen refused everything.

At this moment, his main thought was on the immortal land.

“What is the reason?”

Ye Xiacohen was sitting on a bamboo bed in the immortal land, he pulled his hair and his face was tangled.

It’s been days and he couldn’t find the cause.

What surprised him most was these twelve yellow immortal bean pods haven’t cracked yet.

However, he had no idea about these immortal beans. Even the previous yellow immortal bean did not improve in the quality, let alone these twelve immortal beans.
“I don’t understand, I really can’t figure it out.”
Ye Xiaochen found himself extremely confused, he was little possessed.

It couldn’t go on like this!

He simply didn’t think more about these things and sold these immortal plants.

He didn’t even have the idea of auctioning it, so he put all of them on consignment in the store.

Immortal beans were sold out soon.

After deducting the charges, Ye Xiaochen received 708 immortal yuan and 48 spirit yuan.

If he had auctioned, he would have gotten more immortal yuan.

However, he does not have the mood for it!

Soon, one after another immortal inquired about immortal beans. Ye Xiaochen wasn’t in the mood to chat with them, so he just sent one or two sentences.

Ye Xiaochen opened the identification list of the store, and carefully studied the information of the immortal beans.
He found that the divinity and spirit properties have been somewhat enhanced.
That is to say, the situation of immortal beans had nothing to do with his Shennong Talent. It should be caused by other circumstances.

“What is the reason?”

Ye Xiaochen carefully pondered.

“The quality of immortal beans get affected, by the talent of the planters, the planting environment, fertility of the immortal soil, richness of the immortal qi……”

“For the immortal qi, I everyday use immortal spring water, so there should be no problem with it.”

“Moreover, I have also considered spirit absorption characteristic of the immortal bean plants. So there is adequate spacing between. In addition, the seedlings of the immortal beans tree were very lush. ”

“So, what can be the reason?”

“Is it due to fertility?”

“Not right. The green manure should be able to meet the demands”

Ye Xiaochen fell into deep contemplation.

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen looked at the Fusang tree, next to it were thirty seedlings of red immortal  beans with flame-like buds.

“Yes, the red immortal beans belong to fire category immortal beans. It needs the shelter of the Fusang tree which has the characteristic of Spirit transformation to get enough immortal fire qi. What about immortal yellow beans? The immortal soil has the ability to absorb the external energy and convert into the immortal qi, but does the immortal soil has the characteristic of changing the property of the immortal qi?”
“Is it the immortal earth qi of the immortal land? After the last planting of the immortal beans, it consumed too much immortal earth qi resulting in the lack of immortal earth qi in the immortal soil and unable to meet the requirements of the yellow immortal beans? ”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly thought of the problem and his body trembled.

Perhaps there was no lack of immortal qi in the immortal land, but it lacks the immortal earth qi.

Thinking till here, Ye Xiaochen quickly took out the Shennong system introduction guide and carefully looked at it.

After a long time, Ye Xiaochen put down the Shennong system introduction guide, took a long sigh and shook his head.

As expected!

He had read this information before, but he didn’t pay any attention to it and neglected it for a while, which caused the current problem.

“According to the above information, if I want to solve this problem, then I should either buy earth property immortal fertilizer or need to possess the earth property treasure like an earth spiritual pearl. Another way is to leave the land, and let the immortal land gradually recover the immortal earth qi.”

Ye Xiaochen whispered to himself.

The second method was temporarily impossible. Those treasures were generally very expensive.

The first method, immortal earth fertilizer in the store was also very expensive.

As for the third method, it was too wasteful.

“It seems that it is necessary to buy the attributed immortal fertilizers! ”

Ye Xiaochen sighed.

This was another huge expense.

Nevertheless, this time’s income of immortal yuan was quite high, so he could still afford it.

“Well, it is no wonder that the immortal beans have high output and high profits. The original reason is after using the attributed immortal fertilizers, the profits will greatly reduce.”

Ye Xiaochen understood, whatever species it was, they would have all kinds of restrictions.

The radish had no such order. Their price was low and demand was small.

If it was immortal beans, then need to consider too many factors, once there was a problem, it might cause huge losses.

If he had known the reason earlier, he might have gained more.

“It seems that I need to add immortal earth fertilizer to the planted 30 yellow immortal bean seedlings, otherwise, the harvest certainly will not be good.”

Ye Xiaochen opened the store and searched for information about all kinds of immortal earth fertilizers.

There were many kinds of immortal earth fertilizers, including low- grade and high-grade.

Ye Xiaochen’s target was naturally the low-grade immortal earth fertilizer.

Enough for the current yellow immortal beans.

However, the price was too expensive.

A pack costs 100 immortal yuan.

It was worth a piece of immortal land.

He gritted his teeth and directly bought it.

The pack of immortal fertilizer was not very big. It was similar to the washing powder. There was black granules inside it and had a strange earthy smell.

The method was simple. The water of immortal spring was used for irrigating the immortal land.

A grain of immortal manure could satisfy the fertility of immortal bean requires from planting to flowering and fruiting stage.

Once the fruit was produced, another grain of immortal fertilizer must be consumed.

In this pack, there were only 100 grains of immortal fertilizer.

In other words, one immortal yuan for one grain.

It was too expensive.

The thirty immortal yellow beans, from planting to harvest requires sixty immortal fertilizer, which means the sixty immortal yuan would be gone.

It was just too expensive.

Chapter 117- Purchase

Ye Xiaochen was very helpless, however, there was no other way, he always could not only plant radish, but he has to plant immortal beans also.

As for the red immortal beans, he can’t plant too many. The Fusang tree’s current scope of influence was very small.

He was now worried about thirty red immortal beans, would it be too much?

However, they have already been planted, and there was no other way. They couldn’t be pulled out. He reluctantly said to himself, carrying out experiments, would get some experimental data.

Soon, Ye Xiaochen hurriedly used the 30 immortal fertilizers grains on the yellow immortal bean seedlings through the water.

In order to distribute evenly, he had to mix thirty times in a row.

Damn, it almost bored him to death.

“Now there were only 30 plants. If there were more plants in the future, I will die of fatigue.No, I have to buy the Special Fertilizer Device.”

Ye Xiaochen thought to himself.

The sprinkler could be only used for irrigating, but not for fertilization.

However, the price of the special fertilizer device made him hesitate a little.

This thing was not cheap.

After all, it was an advanced type of equipment, its cost was 80 immortal yuan.

Currently, he had five immortal lands, although it was a lot, he needs to increase it.

He also needed the buy seeds.

The immortal spring water was also in short supply, so he needed to buy another immortal spring.

As for the absence of an existing well, there was a solution for that. Buying an immortal well chain, he could connect the two immortal springs together which would save the trouble of digging another well and would not occupy space.

The immortal well chain was not cheap. It needs 50 immortal yuan and could connect only one immortal spring to another one parallelly. If he wants to connect more immortal springs parallelly, he must again buy the immortal well chain.

Ye Xiaochen found that as more immortal yuans he earned, the more places he needed to spend them.

After some pondering, Ye Xiaochen finalized the purchase list.

Two immortal lands and one immortal spring costs 300 immortal yuan.

A special fertilizer device, 80 immortal yuan.

An immortal well chain, 50 immortal yuan.

Fifty yellow immortal seeds, 50 immortal yuan.

As a result of buying yellow immortal beans, Ye Xiaochen also bought a pack of immortal earth fertilizers, costing 100 immortal yuan.

How could there be greater gain without greater investment?

A pack of immortal wheat seed, which was also a yellow level first order immortal plant, 20 immortal Yuan one pack, and one pack contains one hundred seeds.

It was much more expensive than the immortal radish seeds.

The immortal wheat was not only used as food but could also be used as a raw material for refining low- level Lingdan.

Although this immortal wheat does not have the spirit absorption characteristic, it has very unique spirit characteristic.

This unique spirit characteristic was very special, only one kind of immortal plants could be planted in an immortal land and other immortal plants would not survive.

Among the immortal plant kinds, some have solitary spirit characteristic, especially in some medicinal herbs, the solitary spirit characteristic was more obvious.

In this way, adding all the miscellaneous things and the purchase list, it added up to seven hundred immortal yuan.

He was only left with four immortal Yuan.

He was poor again.

However, Ye Xiaochen was quite satisfied with the expansion.

It took some effort to place the two immortal lands, he placed one immortal land in another shed and prepared to transplant the Fusang tree and thirty red immortal bean seedlings.

As for placing the immortal spring, it was very simple.

The immortal well chain was a peculiar bead. Inside the bead, there was a strange light chain.

As long as the bead was put in the previous well, the immortal well chain would automatically get activated, and then the second immortal spring could be connected parallelly.

As for the immortal bean seeds and immortal wheat seed, he placed them into the immortal liquid solution.

By the time everything was done, it became night.

He didn’t even have dinner, so he rushed home.

“Why were you so busy? Don’t work too much.”

Mother said in distressed stone.

She served hot foods.

“It was nothing.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and began to wolf down.

He was really hungry.

After eating a bowl, he was just about to get up and get another bowl, but mother came over and said, “I’ll fill it for you.”

Ye Xiaochen nodded and handed bowl to his mother, then he took out the phone and sent a message to Wang Xinyi.

Wang Xinyi didn’t see the message, so she didn’t reply.

At this time, the mother came with a bowl full of rice.

Ye Xiaochen took it and looked at the WeChat while eating.

He immediately remembered that for a few days he didn’t contact with Li Tingting and immediately sent her a message in WeChat.


This time Li Tingting immediately responded.

“Today, I’m feeling bored to death.”

“Who provoked our beautiful Tingting?”

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

“Nobody provoked me. The Haworthia Cooperi succulent plant I kept is going to die.”

Li Tingting replied with a pitiful expression.

“Haworthia Cooperi succulent, this thing seems quite expensive?”

Ye Xiaochen gave a surprised expression.

He knows little about the succulent plant, which he had seen during school time.

This thing was delicate, difficult to maintain and has a high requirement for the environment, this plant was considered a kind of house pet.
“Yes, I spent ten thousands of yuan, but didn’t expect to turn out like this.”

Li Tinting sent a helpless expression.

So expensive?

Ye Xiaochen was surprised.

According to his impression, a better succulent plant could be bought from a few hundred to thousand yuan, even if it was a premium one, it won’t be so expensive, right?

He naturally doesn’t know the popularity of succulent plants in recent years, especially after breeding done by some famous experts, they produced a lot of precious hybrid species, coupled with the pursuit of enthusiasts, the price has been steadily increasing.

“Ye Xiaochen, you look at it.”

Li Tingting sent a message and a picture at the same time.

He opened the photo, it was a Haworthia Cooperi plant in a pot.

It looked exquisite and beautiful. There were light yellow textures on the emerald green leaves.

It was very beautiful.

Even if Ye Xiaochen hasn’t done much research and doesn’t have appreciation ability towards the succulent plant, he could still feel that this Haworthia Cooperi plant was very valuable.

“This Haworthia Cooperi plant looks very beautiful, where is it dying?”

Ye Xiaochen replied with a surprised expression.

“This is the old one, I will send the picture of the new one now.”

Li Tingting replied.

Soon another picture quickly arrived.

Ye Xiaochen looked at the picture, there was a huge change in the Haworthia Cooperi plant, its colors were dim and were seriously dehydrated.

“Ye Xiaochen, can you do anything?”

Li Tingting sent another message.

“How did you raise it?”

Ye Xiaochen asked.

“This Haworthia Cooperi plant previously was easy to raise, I seldom take care of it and used to give watery every few days, but during this period something went wrong”

Li Tingting replied.

“Impossible, this Haworthia Cooperi looks like it hasn’t been watered for a long time, how long has it been since you watered it?”

Ye Xiaochen messaged.

He still knows little about the characteristics of succulent plants. Although he hasn’t raised any, he could still deduct some details, and with his current insight and vision, he immediately found the problem.

“Well, this time I was busy with the tombs, so it’s been more than a week since I watered it. ”

Li Tingting sent an embarrassed expression.

Ye Xiaochen rolled his eyes.

“Ye Xiaochen, can you do something about it? I have watered it, but it is of no use. You have to help me. If it dies, my grandfather will surely kill me.”

Li Tingting sent out another pitiful expression.

“It has been hurt in the roots, watering alone won’t do anything.”

Ye Xiaochen replied.

Just like in people, after serious dehydration, it was useless to give water directly and must be given saline, glucose, electrolyte, etc.

It was the same with the Haworthia Cooperi plant.

Ye Xiaochen told her a solution.

“Great, I’ll try it now.”

Li Tinting sent a smiley.

Ye Xiaochen put down his phone and drank the leftover soup.

“Mother, I am going to the farm.”

He picked his phone, told his mother, stood up and walked out of the house.

Chapter 118 -Box

The moon was clear.
The Mid-Autumn festival will be approaching soon.
Ye Xiaochen laid on the bamboo bed which was in immortal land and chatted with Wang Xinyi.
Previously she went to bath.
The two were seeing each other through the video call, Wang Xinyi was wearing a white silk nightdress, the long hair draped over her shoulder and gave a dream-like feeling.
The video call was only for a short while and then they turned it off. After all, they could only type and couldn’t talk to each other.
Suddenly, his phone rang.
It was Fang Yuan’s call.
Ye Xiaochen quickly messaged Wang Xiny that there was a phone call coming, and would chat later with her. Closing the WeChat, he pressed the answer button.
“Xiaochen, I need to tell you something. The Global company you met last time contacted me and said that they wanted to meet with you again. This time, the new president of Global company will be coming.”
The sound of Fang Yuan came from the phone.
“Meeting me again?”
Ye Xiaoche said, “Forget it. Just say to them that I am not free for the time being.”
He guessed that it would be like last time, at most increasing the price.
“Don’t, bro, I have already promised them. You won’t be making me lose my face, will you?”
Fang Yuan bitterly cried.
“Damn, You promised them on behalf of me!”
Ye Xiaochen was speechless.
This guy has a big mouth.
“You have no idea, the beautiful assistant was very beautiful and a little gentle, I couldn’t resist.”
Fang Yuan gave a mischievous laugh.
“All right, just for this time. Don’t repeat it again!”
Ye Xiaochen shook his head and laughed.
“Ok, Ok Ok, next time, I won’t be so soft. Xiaochen, can you give me some of your time?”
Fang Yuan finally breathed a sigh of relief.
“Tomorrow, the same place.”
Ye Xiaochen said.
“Good, then I will be hanging up. You rest early.”
Fang Yuan hung the call with joy.
Ye Xiaochen shook his head, he opened WeChat and continued to chat with Wang Xinyi.
Since the vegetables don’t need to be distributed by himself, it has saved a lot of time.
He just has to wait on the farm for someone to receive it.
At nine in the morning, Fang Yuan called and said that the people from the Global company had reached Taiping town.
Ye Xiaochen got on his motorbike and went straight to Taiping town.
As for his discussion with the experts’ group, he postponed it to the afternoon.
Taiping town, near a tea house, many people lingered around and watched.
Because there a powerful luxury car was parked.
Ye Xiaochen still has some understandings on the cars. In the past, during his college time, his classmates used to discuss these models, so he got to understand something from them.
Just take the car in front of him, it should be a Porsche Cayenne, as to which model it was, he couldn’t identify it.
However, the Porsche Cayenne cars price were extremely expensive, it was at least a million yuan.
Next, to the Porsche, several other cars were parked, all were either Audi or Benz, but when compared to the Porsche, they were still lacking.
“It’s a Porsche Cayenne. Did someone from our town buy this car?”
“It doesn’t have Shashi code, Certainly does not belong to our town.”
“That’s not for sure. Someone might have been doing business in a different city and might have bought that city’s license plate code. ”
“This car looks cool”
“Must be very expensive?”
“Yes, at least a million.”
“A Million is nothing. There should be many cars in our town worth a million. Last time I saw a BMW 7 series.”
“This is not an ordinary Porsche model, but a Turbos model which was released last year. Just the bare car price was more than2.8 million yuan, taking with full accessories, hehe, should be at least more than three million.”
“Ah! It’s so expensive?”
The pedestrian who had the knowledge of the car told the origin of it, which immediately made a lot of people take a cold breath.
One million and three million, that’ was two million difference.
Suddenly, many people took out their phone and hurriedly took photos.
Ye Xiaochen parked his motorcycle at the roadside and locked it. Although this motorcycle was old, there were many thieves in the town. Often there was the case of the motorcycle being stolen.
Once a motorcycle was lost, it was almost impossible to find it and was also useless to call the police.
He glanced at the car and guess it was from Global company.
Just as he arrived near the door, Fang Yuan welcomed him,” Xiaochen, you have come. The people of Global company are seated above. Tsk, Tsk you can never imagine that the boss is a goddess class beauty, she is even more beautiful than her assistant. ”
His voice was very low, and his face was shining.
Ye Xiaochen was dumbfounded seeing the pig like brother Fang yuan, he was too lazy to reason with him.
On the second floor, in a private room.
Ye Xiaochen met with the people from the Global Company.
There were six people.
Although Fang Yuan did say that the company’s boss was a great beauty, he had done some psychological preparation, but after seeing her, Ye Xiaochen was still surprised.
She was dressed in a professional suit, hair tied, a delicate face and had minimal makeup.
This was a woman with a strong character.
Fang Yuan introduced both sides. Ye Xiaochen shook hands with her, politely greeted and took his seat.
“Mr. Ye, we are really thankful for your help last time, you have solved a difficult problem for the company.”
Ling Jinxiu spoke in a vigorous and clear tone.
“Haha, I just found it accidentally.”
Ye Xiaochen laughed and said. He wanted to know the purpose of Lin Jinxiu.
Have to say, talking to beautiful women was never boring.
“Mr.Ye is joking. Currently, in the southern province, there is no one who doesn’t know you.”
Lin Jinxiu slightly smiled and said, “For the last time’s help, because the company’s state just changed, we had no time to thank you properly. This time, the company has finally stabilized, and belatedly came to express the thanks to Mr.Ye, please forgive us for that.”
“Mrs. Ling, the previous time I already said it was just a coincidence and moreover, your company has already thanked me.”
Ye Xiaochen doesn’t want to have ambiguous relation with the Global company, being stuck like glue was very troublesome
Although he just received little seed reward, he like a generous adult let it pass.
“Mr. Ye for you it might just a slight effort, but for our company, it was a rescue from the major crisis. How can just a word of thanks be enough? ”
Lin Jinxiu shook her head and said, suddenly she looked at her assistant.
Immediately, the beautiful assistant placed a delicate wooden box on the table.
Ye Xiaochen looked curiously at the wooden box.
Don’t know what was Ling Jinxiu’s idea?
“What is in the box?”
Fang Yuan sitting next to Ye Xiaochen was more curious about it.
The previous time, The Global Company offered a million yuan annual salary, and high-end apartment and a car to hire Ye Xiaochen.
What about this time?
Would it be better than the previous one?
If it was before, he might have felt that Ye Xiaochen refusing such superior treatment was a huge loss.
This time, the situation was different. The experts’ group personally came to visit, he had the title of the top botanist.
With Ye Xiaochen’s current status, this kind of treatment could only be considered general.

Chapter 119- Gifting Car

“Mr. Ye, in order to thank you for the help you provided to Global company last time, this is our token of appreciation, we hope that Mr. Ye can accept it.”

Ling Jinxiu pushed the wooden box towards Ye Xiaochen’s direction and said in a sincere tone.

Ye Xiaochen’ eyes fell on the wooden box, he didn’t pick it up. He smiled and said, “Miss Ling, please take it back.”

Fang Yuan beside him was anxious, seen or haven’t seen you should have accepted it. At least you should have seen what was inside it!

Of course, he restrained his temper and didn’t open his mouth, he had an eager expression which anyone could see it.

“Mr. Ye, I absolutely don’t have any other meaning. This is my company’s reward given to Mr. Ye.”

Ling Jinxiu wouldn’t absolutely give up like this.

“Okay, let me first look at it.”

Ye Xiaochen looked at Ling Jinxiu, he guessed that if he doesn’t accept it, she would endlessly pester him.

Fang Yuan stretched his neck to look inside the wooden box.

“Car keys? Oh my god, is it the Porsche?”

Fang Yuan released a low cry, his eyes almost bulged out.

He immediately remembered the cool black Porsche cayenne which was near the building, it was brand new and seemed like recently bought. Now it appears that it was specially bought for Ye Xiaochen.

Wasn’t this too much?

It was more than three million!

He couldn’t describe the envy in his heart.

Such a luxury car, even if he doesn’t eat and drink for ten years, he wouldn’t be able to afford it.

Ye Xiaochen saw the car keys inside the wooden box, he was also a little shocked. He raised his head and looked at Ling Jinxiu, his heart already had the thought of to owe nothing.

This Ling Jinxiu was too generous, right?

A car worth two to three million was giving him as a gift.

The Porsche Cayenne parked downstairs would belong to him as long as he agrees.

It felt as if his heart was burning in the fire.

His face was tranquil and calm, “Mrs. Ling, this intention is really too big!”

“Mr. Ye, it’s not big at all. Compared with the loss our company would have suffered, this car is not that worth.”

Ling Jinxiu smiled.

When she expressed the thought of giving Porsche Cayennes as a gift to Ye Xiaochen, there were a lot of objections from within the company, but when she explained all the pros and cons, no one objected to it.

This car was not only a present but was also a potential investment.

Take a soft hand and give a soft mouth.

(TN: It is a Chinese saying, where it means when you got something from others you have to do things for others, it can also be understood as there is no free lunch in this world)

Later, if the company has any troublesome thing, they could always invite Ye Xiaochen confidently.

No man would refuse such a car.

However, this Ye Xiaochen, she couldn’t see through him.

“Well, it’s hard to refuse.”

Ye Xiacohen laughed and continued, “Okay, I’ll accept this gift but I am saying it, in future if there are any affairs, I’ll charge for it.”


Ling Jinxiu’s delicate face showed a touch of indescribable joy.

She breathed a sigh of relief before she was very uncertain.
“Mr. Ye, the transfer procedure of this car, we will handle it for you, there will be no issues.”

Ling Jinxiu said.

Ye Xiaochen nodded his head, he was not an unreasonable person, since it was for him, he would accept it. Anyway, it was not for nothing, last time, he gave a very big help to them.

Mostly, this time he accepted it, next time he would have a chance to earn more extra income.
In the first help, he got a Porsche, so if next time the Global Company asks for his help, the reward wouldn’t be lower than this.

Ye Xiaochen happily thought in his heart.

Ling Jingxiu left with her people.

Leaving behind the black Porsche Cayenne.

“Xiaochen you’re so awesome, you got a Cayenne, it’s more than three million! ”

Fang Yuan followed Ye Xiaochen downstairs and went towards the black Porsche Cayenne, and was astonished.

“You don’t understand the concept of shorthand and short mouth?”

(TN: It is a Chinese saying, where it means when you got something from others you have to do things for others, it can also be understood as there is no free lunch in this world)

“That’s right, could it be hard for  you?”

Fang Yuan thoroughly respected Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen pressed the button on the car key, and suddenly the Porsche gave out a Ding sound. The flashlights in the rear-view mirror and other places lit up.

He was about to open the car door when Fang Yuan with mischievous laugh came and said, “Xiaochen, let me have a kick of it, okay?”

“You won’t be driving, would you?”

Ye Xiaochen gave a supercilious look.

Fang Yuan drove a Geely today, obviously it was not his rather he borrowed it.

(TN:Geely-Chinese Car Company)

“You drive mine, I will drive yours. Anyways, you can drive it. Let me try the taste of driving a 3 million yuan luxury car”

Fang Yuan was rubbing his hands.

“All right, but don’t damage it.”

Ye Xiaochen gave the car key to him.

“Don’t worry, I promise, I won’t.”

Fang Yuan went inside the car.

Ye Xiaochen sighed. To tell the truth, currently, he also wanted to have a taste of driving this luxury car!

Quickly, two cars, one after another left the Town and went towards Jing county.

In the hotel parking lot.

“Xiaochen, the feeling of driving a luxury car is really great, just as I got out of the car, there was a beautiful girl winking at me. ”

Fang Yuan with a satisfied face was saying.

“Stop dreaming.”

Ye Xiaochen directly rejected Fang Yuan’s thoughts.

“Damn, I can’t even dream.”

Fang Yuan was heartbroken.

Ye Xiaochen was about to take the key back, suddenly Fang Yuan said, “Hold on. Xiaochen, take some pictures of me, I will show off it in the group.”

“is it interesting?”

Ye Xiaochen was speechless.

“Yes, I can’t explain to you blockhead.”

Fang Yuan was already in POSE.

Ye Xiaochen seldom plays with the social network software, unlike the young people of the new era.

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help but take photos of him.

Fang Yuan took photos from the side, rear and inside.

After taking photos, he immediately uploaded in WeChat.

“Xiaochen, quickly give me a like!”

Fang Yuan hurriedly said.

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t do anything about Fang Yuan.

Ding Ding.

It wasn’t long before Fang Yuan started getting non-stop notifications.

“Brother, see how many messages I got for a photograph, but this brother will just ignore them and let them be impatient.”

Fang Yuan said proudly.

Well, Ye Xiaochen thoughts couldn’t follow Fang Yuan’s Dimension.

At Four O’clock, Ye Xiaochen finally came out of the hotel.

He came to the parking lot and saw next to the black Porsche Cayenne some young girls were taking pictures.

Ye Xiaochen was dumbfounded, does everyone likes to take selfies with the car?

He stood next to them for a while, but the girls don’t seem to be aware of it, they kept taking photos and even putting various kinds of attractive poses.

Ye Xiaochen, couldn’t help but cough, “ beautiful girls, have you finished taking pictures?”

“No, you wait. After we finish taking pictures, you can take.”

One of the girls replied.

Ye Xiaochen was sweating, actually considered him as also a selfie lover.

“No, I need to drive the car.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

“Drive, we will be taking pictures, and won’t block you.”

A young girl looked at Ye Xiacohen and said.

“If you don’t get out of the way, how can I drive?”

Ye Xiaochen was completely speechless.

“This car is yours?”

The girl looked up and down at Ye Xiaochen and then looked at the car, she felt a little disharmony.

Ye Xiaochen calmly pressed the button on the car key.


Porsche Cayenne made a noise, and then the flashlight on the rear-view mirror and other place lit up.

The girls were stunned.

Chapter 120-Risk

Ye Xiaochen drove Porsche cayenne through the streets.

Remembering the scene in the parking lot, he couldn’t help but give a bitter smile. No wonder those rich young men like to drive sports cars to show off, it’s really easy to attract bees and butterflies.

The girls were so enthusiastic that they couldn’t wait to squeeze inside Ye Xiaochen’s car.

It was not easy to get rid of them.

It was actually very frightful.

The car was too eye-catching.

When his car entered into the gravel road, he had to drive carefully, so as not to let the bottom touch.

In fact, he doesn’t need to worry at all, the off-road chassis was high.

He has to say, driving this car really feels good.

The gap was too big compared to his truck.

In the cement pool beside the well, Ye Xiaochen’s mother He Qinglian was washing clothes.

There was no washing machine at home, all the clothes were washed by the mother’s hand.

In the countryside, even if you buy a washing machine, it was mostly used for drying. As for washing clothes by hand, many people think that the washing machine doesn’t clean clothes properly.

Suddenly, the mother heard the sound of the car, she looked up and saw a strong car entering.

“Who is visiting my son again? ”

Mother was not surprised by this scene after the visit of experts group. Although these past few days there was no endless stream of horse and carriage (Heavy traffic), often there would be someone coming to visit.

There were all kinds of cars.

Haven’t noticed that the original smooth flat plain, now has a lot of wheel prints.

Suddenly, the car door opened and a figure appeared which shocked her.


He Qinglian was shocked. Why was his son driving the car?

She has been seeing too many cars these days, and each one was eye-catching, from a glance could be said it was luxurious and costs a lot of money.

“Xiaochen, whose car were you driving?”

Mother asked.

“This is my car.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled and said.


Mother was stunned.

“When did you buy the car? Did it cost a lot of money?”

If it was before, she wouldn’t care about wrong or right and would definitely criticize.

However, now, her son was not an ordinary person, even experts were polite to him, that was the status and reputation of a famous person.

With this thought, she always paid attention to her words and actions, afraid of losing face to the son, she must give him face anytime and anywhere.

“I didn’t buy it. I got it as a gift”

Ye Xiacohen said.

“Got as a gift? Why? Son, you cannot randomly accept it.”

He Qinglian quickly said.

“Mother, you can rest assured. I helped solve a big problem for someone, it is just an insignificant car, that’s all.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

“That’s good, but son, you must pay attention to your influence in the future, even if you accept gift, cough, don’t accept car-like conspicuous things. It’s better to collect money, so it won’t be known …”

Mother said.

“I know.”

“Gee, I have never seen such a nice car….”

Mother touched the car, she loved it and was happy.

Buying a car in the countryside is a big event and often firecrackers were used to celebrate it.

“Mother, come in, I’ll take you for a ride. ”

Ye Xiachen laughed.

“Wait a minute, I’ll call your father.”‘

Mother hurriedly said.

Seeing mother’s solemn appearance, Ye Xiaochen didn’t know what to say.

After waiting for ten minutes, the father returned with a hoe.
“Son, it’s very expensive, why don’t you return it?”

Father was more cautious.

“Return what? This thing my son deserves it, you know, my son helped Global Company solve a very big problem. can a small car compare with it? In my opinion, it’s less. Now, my son is a great expert.”

Mother said in a confident tone.

Father was dumbfounded.

Ye Xiaochen looked at his mother’s imposing style and felt a little funny. Fortunately, he said her this car’s price was two-three hundred thousand, if he had said it was more than three million, then his mother would have been more worried than his father.

At the moment, Ye Xiaochen accompanied two people, made a big round around the village road before returning home.

“The car is very comfortable.”

Mother sighed.

When she used to ride in the truck, she thought it was pretty, but compared to this car, the gap was too big.

“Son, during the Mid-Autumn festival, you will have to come with us to your grandmother’s house.”

Mother suddenly said.


Ye Xiaochen rubbed his nose.

In the past, during the Mid-Autumn festival, they used to go to maternal grandmother’s house.

Especially, when he was young, it was the happiest time when he went to his grandmother’s house because his grandmother loved them very much and would make lots of delicious food.

However, only this time, he told Wang Xinyi that he would go to her house during the Mid-autumn festival.

If he goes to Wang Xinyi’s house, he won’t be able to go to grandmother’s house.

“This, mother, I have something to do, I can send you to grandmother’s house, and I won’t be going in?”

Ye Xiaochen turned his eyes and hurriedly said.

“Why will you not come inside the house? Just sit there.”

Mother was not happy.

“All right.”

Ye Xiaochen could only promise, otherwise mother’s mouth won’t stop, she would say all kind of major morals, how grandmother was so good to him since childhood, after growing wings( mature), forgot grandmother goodness and so on.

Back to the farm.

Ye Xiaochen was busy.

It was time to sow the immortal plant seeds he bought yesterday and grow them.

He was occupied till evening.

He went towards the twelve yellow immortal beans, which hadn’t cracked yet.

“Are the replanted immortal beans different from those bought from the store and wouldn’t crack on their own?”

Ye Xiaochen touched his chin and thought.

Of course, he was not going to take off the bean pods directly, The risk was too great.

If the immature beans were harvested, they would be discarded immediately.

He won’t take this risk.

Even if the quality of these twelve beans were poor, it would be no problem to get two-three hundred immortal yuan.

If all were discarded, whom will he seek to cry?

So he decided to wait.

He squatted down and touched the yellow immortal beans gently. He used his spirit to communicate with the consciousness of the bean plant.

“From the perspective of plant consciousness, it seems to have entered the maturity stage but is not completely stable. There were not many changes compared to the previous days.”

Ye Xiaochen opened his eyes after a while.

When the immortal plant matures, the plant consciousness would have some type of changes.

He has accumulated a lot of experience in this field.

Suddenly, his mobile phone rang. He stood and took it out. It was from Li Tingting.
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