Heavenly Farmer Chapter 11-20

Chapter 11- Relationship

Next day, in accordance to the contract, Ye Xiaochen delivered a load of vegetables to the Food Cube.

The vegetables requirement of Food Cube is very high, after picking vegetables it will not enter the cold storage, although it can keep the fresh appearance but it will impact on the taste of vegetables.

Recently, the weather has been hot. And due to the heat, Ye Xiaochen can only deliver his vegetables before sunrise for maximum efficiency.

Today, Ye Xiaochen did not go to logistic department of Food Cube ,but went to meet the boss of Food Cube ,Chang Xu.

Chang Xu introduced himself to Ye Xiaochen in the office.

“Brother Ye, I really Thank You for Yesterday’s matter”

Chang Xu offers Ye Xiaochen a cigarette.

Ye Xiaochen politely refused.

He doesn’t drink, smoke, or chew betel nuts.

Why thank him?

He saved the son of Wang Shuisheng.

Chang Xu saw Ye Xiaochen doubting. He immediately said, “The incident happened in our Food Cube parking lot. If something had happened, the impact on Food Cube would be very large.”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly understood. If anyone were to die near the entrance of the new-found hotel, it would have a bad reputation.

Suddenly office phone rang, which was on the table. Chang Xu picked up and answered, there was smile on his face then he said, “It was Mr.wang’s phone, I urged him to come faster, Brother Ye, you just sit here.”

After saying that, he got up and walked towards the door.

Shortly, Chang Xu, with the middle-aged man dressed in casual clothes came in.

The last time Ye saw that man was right outside the Food cube.

The middle-aged man was a little bald-headed. His head was held high, and a bulky figure. His walking posture was very impressive, giving a vigorous and majestic feeling.

“Ha ha,so you are Ye Xiaochen.Brother, I am Wang Shuisheng. Thank you for saving my son’s life yesterday. I, Wang Shuisheng repay kindness with kindness, and, revenge with revenge, from now on, brother Ye, if anything bothers you, find me as soon as possible.”

The middle aged man saw Ye Xiaochen come near him, so he took his hand and shook vigorously.

Ye Xiaochen, seeing Wang’s enthusiasm, did not know what to say.

Wang smiled and said, “brother Ye, I am a very straight forward person. This old man understands me. I never deceive a person”.


Ye Xiaochen was saying.

“What? Mr. Wang??, I’m  older than you. You call me brother wang, this is my name card. If there is any matter, call on this number.”

Wang Shuisheng waved his hand and took out a piece of silver card.

Ye Xiaochen experienced Wang Shuisheng’s aura. Speaking to such person, everywhere you can feel a restraint
However it is no wonder that he can become Yang Shi’s richest man with a character like that. Ye Xiaochen is a chick who has just graduated 1-2 years back, there’s huge difference in their status.

Even the Food Cube’s boss Chang Xu is only a foil in front of Wang Shuisheng.

“Brother Ye, if there’s a another chance, let’s talk more. Also don’t you have a farm?sales will not be a problem, you can depend on me.”

Wang Shuisheng said to Ye xiaochen. He patted on his shoulder and left as there are important matters to attend in the company.

Beside Chang Xu seeing the scene , he was feeling very jealous on Ye Xiaochen’s luck.

Afterwards  when Ye xiaochen returned home, continously various natives of Yang Shi city called him,saying that Mr. Wang recommended to him and they want to discuss the purchase of vegetables with Ye Xiaochen.

These people are the boss of supermarket and restaurants.

It’s clear, it is all due to Mr Wang.

Ye Xiaochen was pleasantly surprised, he immediately rode the motorcycle and went directly to Yang Shi city. He made agreements with the bosses on purchases of vegetables and fruits.

These bosses purchasing prices are not low,but Ye Xiaochen was polite. It is clear they were giving face to Wang Shuisheng.
Ye Xiaochen in his heart was sighing with emotions,Ah! The benefit with the relations is very big!

He secretly determined that he must take this opportunity to establish his own connection and advance his official career.

With Shennong system this goal is definitely achievable

Because now sales is not a problem, the matter of going to market to sell vegetables has come to an end.

However, now the problem of distribution has appeared.

He cannot continue to deliver vegetables riding tricycle.

Presently, now he has to deliver 5 to 6 places and especially there are two supermarkets, the demand is not small.

Finally, Ye xiaochen decided to go to town and hire a refrigeration truck, specially for his deliveries.

On the farm

Three people from Ye Xiaochen’s family,  his uncle,aunt, sister-in law and several other people are picking vegetables.

“Xiaochen, the cucumber from the vine has been  picked over dozen of times, how come it doesn’t show any sign of collapse?instead it is becoming more lush?”

Aunt moved out the big basket of cucumber and asked Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen was drinking water.

In general, after taking out seven or eight batches of cucumber, the output will straightly decrease and the cucumber vines will begin to turn yellow.

But Ye Xiaochen’s vines are keep getting better and better.

Not only cucumber vines but other vegetables also.The sauted green beans, long beans spinach and so on are becoming better, their appearance are very good.

Ye Xiaochen also looked, he knows this is all because of his own Shennong talent and immortal land is also  one of the reason.

This is very good.He can get higher profit as the supply has become more sustainable.

He went to another greenhouse ,here melon vines are placed.It is filled with big fat melon and is estimated to be at least dozens of kilograms. The appearance are very good,it will sell very well.

“Oh, it seems the melon can also be picked.”

Ye Xiaochen was feeling very happy seeing his fruit of labour.

Originally for this melon to mature and pick it should take at least more half month, but now because of Shennong talent its growth rate has promoted.

Not only muskmelon, in pumpkin vine also there are big disc size of pumpkin everywhere.

In other side of greenhouse, muskmelon and watermelon are ready to be picked.

The appearance of this fruits are very good, they are very big.

Ye Xiaochen entered the greenhouse.He took a complete muskmelon and watermelon, which was growing in the greenhouse, with fruit knife he cut the fruits.

Muskmelon was fleshy white giving out a strong scent.

The watermelon inside was red blood.

Ye Xiaochen asked the father to rest early and ate the fruit with him.

“Wow, the watermelon is really sweet.”

Mrs lin also taking one mouthful said, “ Xiaochen, you planted this watermelon not long back, how come it has matured this quickly, it should actually need one more week to fully mature.”

“Ha ha, Xiaochen specially studied this line,he must have better technology.”

The aunt also liked the taste of muskmelon. This muskmelon is much more sweeter than the common muskmelon, she has already eaten several blocks.

“It seems planting vegetables and fruits, he must have used scientific means!”

Mrs lin nodded and said.

The vegetables and fruits in the farm are very good example, can even the seasoned farmers can plant vegetables and fruits so well?

Chapter 12 -Settlement

In the afternoon, a truck loaded with vegetables drove out of Yufeng village and headed towards Yang Shi city.

Ye Xiaochen followed the vehicle.

In addition to the vegetables, Ye Xiaochen brought along some watermelon and muskmelons, preparing to put them in the supermarket to sell.

Anyway, the contract he signed with the supermarket not only includes vegetables, but also fruits.

This is the benefit of a relationship. Had he not formed a relationship with Wang Shuisheng, it would have been a problem to sell the fruits.

Now, he has found the solution in one step.

Food Cube.

This the first place that Ye Xiaochen delivers.Chang Xu also has attached a tag of great importance to Ye Xiaochen and received him personally.

After Chang Xu tasted Ye Xiaochen’s watermelon and muskmelon, he immediately made the decision and said,

“Well, brother Ye, your watermelon, and muskmelon are really good, my restaurant needs some to make salads”.

It’s not just about giving a face to Wang Shuisheng but Ye Xiaochen’s watermelons and muskmelons look, taste and feel exceptional.

Other deliveries also went smoothly.

For few weeks, Ye Xiaochen was running between his farm and the Yang Shi city, taking care of the farm, picking the vegetables, and doing the deliveries.

Through the partner’s feedback, his vegetable sale reputation is good.

Especially his watermelons and muskmelons seem to have become popular. Basically, as long as they are up on the shelves, there is a crowd.

Many people in the supermarket chose to buy this these two fruits which also caused a situation where other watermelons and muskmelons became unsaleable in the supermarket.

To this end, two supermarkets are hoping Ye Xiaochen can provide more watermelons and muskmelons to them.

Ye Xiaochen regretted not planting some more watermelons and muskmelons.

Otherwise, with this best-selling watermelons and muskmelons, he would have made a fortune.

July will soon begin and it is the time for the settlement with several buyers.

Ye Xiaochen is very excited, according to the supply of the vegetables, he can earn a lot of profit.

He is going to get this money to buy a truck especially for delivery, otherwise, hiring other vehicles is very troublesome and also a lot of money is spent on it.
Anyway, he already got his driving license long ago.

Several bosses paid the settlement easily.

Otherwise under normal circumstances, it is difficult to get the settlement in time.

Ye Xiaochen also knows to a large extent they are giving face to Wang Shuisheng

He is also maintaining the relationship with Wang Shuisheng, a while ago, he especially went to the hospital to see the son of Wang Shuisheng who has been hospitalized.

The little guy is recovering very well.

This time, in the settlement , Ye Xiaochen got more than 87,500 yuan, after deducting the cost of labor and transport, he estimates that he can earn around 60,000yuan.

This profit is not low.

This he got only less than one month.

Certainly, next month’s income will definitely reduce, after all, he has picked out almost all of watermelon and muskmelon.

Other vegetable income should grow a lot, the new vegetables will be listed for example tomato, eggplant bitter gourd, snake gourd etc.
The reason why his income has increased so much is mainly due to the changes brought by the immortal land, by increasing the production of other ordinary vegetables and fruits.

Just the cucumber, Ye Xiaochen estimates that the production of it has more than doubled.

This is the first time in the life that Ye Xiaochen has so much money, earning this much money, he is feeling a lot of excitement in his heart.

His whole body is now filled with high spirit and self-confidence and his mental outlook also has changed.

As the proverb says, money can strengthen man’s courage.

That’s the state Ye Xiaochen is in now.

After sending the truck driver back, Ye Xiaochen went to second-hand vehicle trading market in Yang Shi city.

He is going to buy a second-hand truck first.

After all, now he has limited funds, he can’t buy a new vehicle and need to manage with what he has.

He is also prepared to improve some of the farm infrastructures and it needs a lot of money.

Now the sales of fruits and vegetables are on right track, he must take this opportunity to build a good farm, especially he needs to expand the cultivation of vegetables and fruits.

There is the market but there is no product to sell, it is the most depressing thing.
The second-hand truck market scale is not small, in the huge parking lot it was filled with all kind of truck, pickup truck, ordinary truck, van, canned truck, flatbed truck, container truck, it has everything you want to find.

Ye Xiaochen’s goal is to buy the truck within fifty thousand yuan, his requirement is not big, it is enough if the truck has a loading capacity of a 3-5 ton.

He casually entered the garage, the reception is a middle-aged man, a smart face, he was speaking in an exaggerated manner.

Ye Xiaochen could hardly resist buying things.

However, he remembered his father’s words, looking at few there was a contrast.

He does not intend to buy the truck today, he is only checking for the price.

He is also prepared to go to second-hand truck market in Jingxian county to have a look.

He looked at several trucks, he also received their name card, the price of each of them are similar but their condition is the main issue because he is just looking at them and didn’t test them.

“Mr. Ye, the refrigeration of this truck is very good, it was delivered recently  before some people had looked for it and they were satisfied, if not for that person having some matter, it would have been already sold if you miss this opportunity you will not find in any store..”

Ye Xiaochen fell in love with this refrigeration truck 90% new, well-preserved, the problem is the high price, it is more than sixty thousand yuan which has gone out of the scope he can bear..

“Maybe I can give you a discount, canceling the change, the total price is 65,000 yuan this is a favorable price, I also can’t earn much, come you try to see the performance of the truck.”

The big fat man seeing Ye Xiaochen heart swaying, he was trying more hard.

Suddenly a black land rover came from the side and stopped, the glass window fell, a middle-aged man stretched out his head and looked at Ye Xiaochen.

“Brother Ye, what are  you doing here?”

This middle-aged was Wang Shuisheng, seeing Ye Xiaochen he immediately shouted.

Ye Xiaochen heard someone calling him, he hurriedly turned his head and was surprised, he immediately walked towards Wang Shuisheng,”it is you brother Wang, I have come here to buy a second-hand truck”

When the big fat person saw Wang Shuisheng on the car, his whole body shook and revealed a touch of surprise color.

He did not have any dealings with Wang Shuisheng, but still, he recognize Wang Shuisheng the yang shi city’s richest man, it is not that Wang Shuisheng is famous but because he is the boss of the second-hand truck market.

He pays a lot of rent and management fees to Wang Shuisheng every year.

He also didn’t pay much attention to Ye Xiaochen before, thinking him of just a youth,a good lamb, but now it seems that this young man has a relationship with Wang Shuisheng and it is not same.

“Buying a second-hand truck, did you pick any?

Wang Shuisheng stepped down from the car and laughed.

“ I am looking at that one, but I do not know the market, I do not understand how  is the performance of truck, so I am hesitating.”

Ye Xiaochen said the truth.

“This is easy, you try this vehicle.”

Wang Shuisheng said to the young driver from the car.

The young man has a calm temperament, sharp eyes, and very simple look.

He nodded and went over to the truck.

The fat boss secretly wiped the sweat, in his cunning eyes, a nervous look flashed, he hurriedly handed the truck key to the youth.

The youth entered the truck, started the engine and went to the testing field.

Chapter 13- Guest

After a few minutes later, the truck came back.

Getting down from the truck, the youth said, “ This truck must have been used for 2- 3 years, the engine has been serviced, other than that there is no problem in other aspects.”

The big fat boss broke into cold sweat.

He told Ye Xiaochen that the car has never been overhauled before, didn’t he lose his face now?

Ye Xiaochen looked at the youth and was astonished, just only with a test drive he could determine the engine’s maintenance, isn’t he too good?

“ Elder brother, will the serviced engine impact on the performance of the vehicle?”

Ye Xiaochen knew that he had met an expert and was very excited.

While buying a second hand car, the most afraid is the problem of the vehicle itself, especially if it had met an accident before.

“ As long as it is not used too fiercely, within 35 years there should not be any problem, you need to pay more attention to the maintenance of it.”

The youth said.

Ye Xiaochen was relieved with his words, “ Brother, really thank you!”

Having such an expert, he is not afraid of being cheated.

He decided to take this opportunity to buy the vehicle now.

“ Brother Ye, do you want to buy this vehicle?”

Wang Shuisheng asked.

Ye Xiaochen nodded, although it is a bit expensive, he will still buy this truck.

He believes that when he gets rich, he certainly have to change, and at that time he will change with a more better vehicle.

“ You are Zhang right, so Mr.Zhang what is the price of this truck?”

Wang Shuisheng looked at the big fat boss and asked.

Fat boss Zhang exposed a flattering expression, bowed and he said, ”Since it is for Mr. Wang’s friend, I, Zhang Panzi will certainly give the most preferential price, 30,000. This is the lowest price i can offer.”

Nearby, Ye Xiaochen’s eyes almost popped out staring at this fatso, this fat man is really ruthless, before the selling quotation was 65000, it was unexpectedly  full 35000 higher!

In his heart, he could not help but smile bitterly, doing business is really not a simple matter, he was almost slaughtered by the knife, really hard to guard against it.

After price discussion, the next steps were simple.

“Brother Ye, do you have time today, how about having dinner with my family?”

Wang Shuisheng didn’t leave until he got the truck.

This is the first time Wang Shuisheng invited Ye Xiaochen to visit, Ye Xiaochen will certainly not reject it, after all he was able to buy this truck thanks to Wang Shuisheng and without his driver, Ye Xiaochen would have suffered loss.

Immediately, Ye Xiaochen drove the truck which he just bought and left the second hand truck trading market with Wang Shuisheng’s vehicle.

As the richest man in Yang Shi city, the place where Wang Shuisheng lives naturally cannot be ordinary, the villa was in a beautiful area, various types of landscapes were everywhere, the arrangement pattern was quite natural.

Outside the villa area there was a strict security booth.

Being with Wang Shuisheng, Ye Xiaochen easily went inside with his truck.
Soon, the villa where Wang Shuisheng lives appeared in the eyes of Ye Xiaochen

Extremely luxurious.

The style of the villa is original and quite special, it is a western style multi storied building with an eastern style garden, the combination is not awkward but it looks perfect together.

It is clear that this villa was carefully designed by the experts.

This is the first time he is entering into such a luxury villa, he had only seen it in the movies.

He sighed in his heart, the life of the rich cannot be imagined by the average human.

Suddenly, in his heart there was a hunger for strong power, I also want to live in a house like this in the future.

This is a world of money, the concept of money has penetrated deeply into the hearts of rural people, there is comparison everywhere.

Ye Xiaochen can not escape it, in such an environment, there is a big impact on him, making money is the first goal of his life.

“ Uncle Ye”

When Ye Xiaochen was entering the door, he heard a tender voice, then, he saw a three years old kid running towards him.

This little boy is naturally Wang Shuisheng’s  son, Xi Bao.

The last time he saw him in the hospital and was admitted for a week, now he is completely recovered and discharged.

Although before, Ye Xiaochen and Xi Bao met only once in the hospital, this little guy is very attached to Ye Xiaochen, not afraid of stranger, it seems he likes the aura around Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen hold Xi Bao and kissed his chubby face.


Wang Shuisheng’s wife, Zhu Qingqing came smiling.

“Sister-in law.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a shy smile, his character is a little introverted, feels uncomfortable greeting girls, especially beautiful girl, although she is not a girl, but is very beautiful and has a mature charm,he feels flustered looking at her.

(tl note: here Ye Xiaochen means that he see her as a woman and not a girl)

“ Xiaochen, sit down. I’m going to cook”

Zhu Qingqing was wearing an apron.

“ Brother, you are blessed, your sister-in law’s cooking is top notch, but she doesn’t cook easily. I have not eaten many times.”

Wang Shuisheng laughed.

Two people only talked a few words when Wang Shuisheng phone rang, he got up and answered.

Ye Xiaochen started playing with Xi Bao, this little guy took the children’s story book and started telling him story.

This little guy is not much old, but while telling stories his expression is rich and his hands have not stopped.

Ye Xiaochen looked amused seeing the little guy.

“ Oh, uncle Ye, don’t smile while listening to the story, you should listen quietly..”

The little guy became upset.

“ Okay, I will listen.”

Ye Xiaochen seeing Xi Bao’s serious appearance, immediately nodded.

The little guy went on speaking.

When Wang Shuisheng came in, he saw his son saying story earnestly and Ye Xiaochen listening it earnestly, he couldn’t help smiling.

This little guy likes to tell stories. He is a father, as long as he is home, his ears will be devastated, but he has to pretend listening very seriously.

Finally at the point when it was time to eat, Ye Xiaochen was finally released.

Smelling the meals fragrance, Ye Xiaochen felt his stomach cuckoo calling.Just the meals fragrance is really delicious, Zhu Qingqing cooking skill is amazingly high!

“ Xi Bao, go and call your aunt for dinner.”

Wang Shuisheng told that he would continue to tell the story after eating.

“ Okay”

The little guy excitedly left the dining room.

Shortly, a long hair girl holding the hand of Xi Bao came in.

Watching the girl, Ye Xiaochen felt like this woman is made out of water. Fair skin, gentle looks, especially her eyes, it is very gentle and makes people feel pity.

Ye Xiaochen couldn’t help to look at her, the girl’s eyes met with his, there was a pounding sound came in his heart, he couldn’t help avoid his eyes, he does not dare to look again, he felt his cheeks becoming hot.

Chapter 14-Tuberose

“ Brother Ye, this is my younger sister Wang Xinyi.”

Wang Shuisheng introduced the two of them to each other.

However, while talking to Wang Xinyi he made some sign language with his hands.

Ye Xiaochen was surprised in his heart. Watching the scene, the girl cannot hear?

Wang Xinyi is very fond of Xi Bao and when she got to know that Ye Xiaochen had saved Xi Bao, she showed an elegant sweet smiles, revealing her two dimples which was very attractive.

At the same time, her two hands also made a few simple sign language.

“ My sister is saying thank you for saving Xi Bao.”

Wang Shuisheng said to Ye Xiaochen, “ Brother Ye, my sister is deaf and mute,we usually communicate with sign languages, really sorry”

Sure enough.

Ye Xiaochen looked at Wang Xinyi,his heart produced a trace of pity, such a beautiful girl, cannot hear the voice of the outside world and can’t speak, god is really unfair to her!

Wang Xinyi and Wang Shuisheng exchanged several gestures, Ye Xiaochen did not understand a thing.

Ye Xiaochen was surprised when seeing the little guy Xi Bao who is not much older also knows some sign language.

After dinner, Wang Shuisheng said that he is going to pick up two people and left. Ye Xiaochen also wanted to leave but Xi Bao would not let Ye Xiaochen leave, he wants to continue telling stories to Ye Xiaochen.

As for Wang Xinyi, she left after dinner.

Ye Xiaochen is still a little curious about this girl.

But he did not know sign language so he can’t communicate with her.

While listening to story read by Xi Bao, Wang Shuisheng came with two people.

When Ye Xiaochen saw one young men,he was a little surprised.

“ Ye Xiaochen, why are you here?”

The young man was carrying a box, next to him was an old man, when he saw Ye Xiaochen, he cannot help but be surprise.

“ Wang Yuandong, long time no see!”

Ye Xiaochen greeted him.

These two were university students and also roommates, but their relationship is not particularly good, Wang Yuandong is a popular and outgoing type, his family condition is also superior,l. While Ye Xiaochen is a little introverted, naturally these two types of personalities generally are difficult to become friends.

After Wang Yuandong graduated from college, he was admitted in the Central South University, shouldn’t he be in Shashi, how is he in Yang Shi city?

Suddenly he remembered, Wang Yuandong is also surnamed Wang, maybe he is brother Wang’s relatives?

“ Ha ha, Yuandong, brother Ye, you two know each other, it’s good.”

Wang Shuisheng laughed.

Ye Xiaochen got to know that Wang Yuandong is unexpectedly Wang Shuisheng’s nephew.

Wang Yuandong was also curious for the reason why Ye Xiaochen is at his uncle’s house, after learning that Ye Xiaochen had saved Xi Bao, then, he didn’t care more.

The old man name is Zhang Keqin  who came with Wang Yuandong, he is a quite famous botanist in the province and well known professor at the Central South University, also Wang Yuandong’s tutor. He came to Yang Shi to attend a seminar on protection of Herbaceous Plants from pest.

Wang Yuandong was able to study and graduate under Zhang Keqin is largely due to Wang Shuisheng’s relationship with him.

This time, Zhang Keqin came under Wang Shuishneg’s invitation. Originally Wang Xinyi has two tuberoses, don’t know what’s the matter, in recent years, it has not blossomed.

Actually, the season of blossoming for tuberose has already arrived early.

Although it is only two ordinary tuberoses, but these had been left by Wang Xinyi’s mother. She really loves these two tuberoses.

After Wang Shuisheng knowing about it, he invited Zhang Keqin, hoping to find out the reason for the tuberoses not blooming.

He is very caring towards his younger sister, his parents have died early, because of the age difference between them, she was raised by him.
“ Mr. Wang, lead me to those two strains of tuberose now to look at it.”

Zhang Keqin got up after drinking tea.

“ Good”

Wang Shuisheng nodded.

Immediately, several people moved towards the backyard.

Xi Bao wanted to join for fun, with no interest in storytelling, he pulled Ye Xiaochen with him.

They have arrived at the serene small courtyard.

There were colorful flowers, trees and plant, a long haired girl with a sprinkler was watering the two strains of tuberoses.

These two strains have grown very long, it has climbed to the top of the wall.

But there is no bud in those tuberoses, accordingly, now is the blossoming season for tuberose, certainly it should be covered with buds, on night it blooms and releases a fragrant aroma.

The girl watered earnestly and did not notice the arrival of the crowd.

After all, she is deaf and mute, she can only see with her eyes and cannot hear any sound.

Wang Shuisheng walked forward, he  communicated with his sister using sign language.

Wang Xinyi looked, gently nodded, her clean and clear eyes perhaps were showing hope.

The fragrance of tuberose has accompanied her many summer nights.

In her childhood, after having dinner, she goes to the bamboo bed in the yard with her mom and dad, lying on the bamboo bed smelling the fragrance she goes to sleep.

Tuberose’s fragrance is very special, it cannot be placed indoors because it can cause breathing difficulties.

Wang Xinyi loves this scent, in summer night, without taking the smell of tuberose’s fragrance, she is unable to sleep.

“ This two tuberoses are very lush, Mr.Wang, probably how long have they been?

Zhang Keqin walked towards two strains of tuberose, observed for a while and asked.

This is obviously a very common species of tuberose, it does not have much value, however he can’t not paying attention to it, after all, he was personally invited by Wang Shuisheng.

“ These two strains of tuberoses were planted by my mother, it is almost 20 years now.”

Wang Shuisheng said.

“ For 20 years, it is no wonder, the tuberose life is about twenty years, usually by this time, tuberose enters the stage of decline, it is difficult to bloom.”

Zhang Keqin said.

Wang Shuisheng was puzzled. “ Teacher Zhang, this two strains of tuberoses look so lush, it doesn’t look like it is in the stage of decline?”

“ Biological life cycle is very strange, like people, they age, the body’s physiological cycle will change, although it is not shown on the surface but in fact it has changed,the two strains of tuberoses not blossoming represent the intrinsic change, in a few years, it will be completely withered.”

Zhang Keqin explained.

After listening, Wang Shuisheng was disappointed, if these two strains of tuberoses really withered, wouldn’t his sister will be more sad?

He saw the look of her sister’s eyes, but he did not know how to say it to her?

“ Mr. Zhang, don’t you have any other way?”

Wang Shuisheng was unwilling and asked.

“ The life cycle is irreversible, if it was due to disease, pest or other external factors, I might have a way, I am helpless.”

Zhang Keqin shakes his head.

He also wanted to help, but he is powerless against the nature.

At this moment, Ye Xiaochen is not idle, he walked towards the two strains of tuberoses, gently touched their leaves,the stem and branch.

Since childhood, Ye Xiaochen has a kind of intimacy toward plants and likes to deal with various kinds of plants.

Perhaps, it is the reason the Shennong system befell on him.

Since the possession of shennong system, his sensitivity towards plants has become stronger, he is able to communicate with plants and even feel their emotions.

Chapter 15-Study

The “Shennong System Introduction Guide”. He has seen it many times and knows that it has a relation with Shennong Spirit talent +1.

(TN: i have changed Psychic to Spirit)

Unfortunately, there is no specific spirit technique in the book, otherwise it would have become easier to communicate with the Tuberose’s consciousness and can grasp the reason for the Tuberose not blooming.

Currently, the sense of communication is fuzzy, he must try all sorts of induction and analyse to figure out the real reason.

If it was before, this would be impossible, but since he now posses the Shennong System, his unique Shennong talent has awakened, he has incredible sensitivity and insight with plants.

With the two tuberoses, he interacted with the complex consciousness, he seemed to catch a very special wave, he has a strong feeling that the reason for the tuberose not blooming has a great relationship with this special fluctuation.

According to Zhang Keqin, the tuberose is entering the period of decline and will not blossom.

He did not feel like that, though it has entered the period of decline, it has a very strong vitality.

“ Exactly what is this particular wave?”

Ye Xiaochen was feeling carefully, but he did not have any clue, he has less experience and insight, even if there is a talent, it also has limitations.

At this time, Zhang Keqin has finished talking with Wang Shuisheng.

Wang Shuisheng can only helplessly tell the result to his sister.

Wang Xinyi’s face is full of disappointment, it is a pity.

The Tuberoses have not bloomed and also have entered the stage of decline, which means that these two strains of tuberoses have very few years to live, they will gradually wither.

Ye Xiaochen, Zhang Keqin and the others left the yard, he still has not been able to analyze what is the special fluctuation,confused, especially seeing Wang Xinyi at a lost, he can’t wait to find out the reason.

“ No, I will be able to find out why.”

Ye Xiaochen thought.

Outside of the yard, at the moment he saw the weak figure of Wang Xinyi standing beside the tuberoses, having an inexplicable sadness.

Because Zhang Keqin has not left, Ye Xiaochen did not continue to stay, he said goodbye to Wang Shuisheng directly.

Wang Shuidheng did not retain him, after all, he also need to entertain Zhang Keqin, he immediately said to Wang Yuandong:

“ Yuandong, you send Ye Xiaochen instead of me”

Wang Yuandong’s heart was unhappy, but his uncle had spoken, he could not refuse, he is very afraid of his uncle.

Ye Xiaochen and Wang Yuandong walked out of the door of the house.

The two people did not talk anything.

Ye Xiaochen already realized Wang Yuandong indifference to him, it was the same in university, perhaps in Wang Yuandong’s eyes, he is just taking the chance of saving Xi Bao to cling on Wang Shuisheng.

He didn’t care about it, now, he has a golden finger and Shennong System, his future prosperity is just around the corner. Perhaps, he will surpass Wang Shuisheng, it isn’t difficult by that time, what is Wang Yuandong?

What’s more, now, his most attention is on the special wave from the tuberose’s consciousness.

He must find out what this particular wave represents.

“ Is this your truck? Are you doing delivery now?”

Wang Yuandong is watching Ye Xiaochen walked to the front of the van and couldn’t help laughing.

Previously, when he came in, he was curious. How can such a truck be parked in his uncle’s villa, but now he got to know that it is Ye Xiaochen’s.

Ye Xiaochen just smiled and didn’t explain anything.

Getting into the truck, Ye Xiaochen said to Wang Yuandong, “ I’m leaving”

He started the truck, took a turn in the parking floor and left towards the exit.

Wang Yuandong saw the truck leaving, he sneered, turned back and walked into the villa.

In his view, the possibility of meeting with Ye Xiaochen is very small.

At home.

Truck parked outside the house, the parent and others were watching.

“ Xioachen child, didn’t you go search for more places, why did you rushed to buy the truck?”

Mother was very unhappy.

She was afraid that her son was cheated,  the truck is not a daily necessities to install, if one is not careful, there maybe loss of tens of thousands of yuan.

“ Mom, you can rest assure that there is no loss, you guess how much is the truck costs?

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

If  wang Shuisheng was not there, he would definitely had suffered a loss.

“ The car looks very new, it should cost fifty thousand or sixty thousand?”

The mother guessed.

“ Up to fifty thousand, no more.”

Dad circled around the truck and said,

“ Zhu Siya in Zhujiao also bought a second hand truck, it is said that he has to spent forty-eight thousand yuan. I also went to see, feels like the same truck.”

“ The thing in car is about the brand, Zhu Siya truck’s appearance is slightly different than this truck”

Lin Sao smiled, “ And the most important thing is about the performance of the car.”

Several other people also nodded, the appearance of the car can be repaired well and can even replace the broken parts, other ordinary people can’t find any problem with it unless they are a veteran.

There often news of someone buying a new car and spending more money on maintenance.

Even the new cars are fake, not to mention the old cars, there would be a big problem in it.

“ Sister-in-law Lin is right, the appearance is not important, the important thing is the performance, this truck is of Jiangling brand, it is a relatively well-known truck brand, if it was new, it would have costed more than one hundred thousand yuan.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“ Well, Xiaochen, in the end, how much did it cost?”

Mom asked.

“ 30,000”

Ye Xiaochen stretched out three fingers and said.

“ 30,000?!”

Mother’s eyes widened and exclaimed.

She thought it was 40,000-50,000, now listening that it is 10,000-20,000 less, she had a strong feelings of happiness.

Dad said, ” Xiaochen, what issue does this have, this vehicle looks very good, how can it be 30,000 yuan?”

“ Yes, Xiaochen, this car is not a stolen good, right?”

Mother worriedly asked.

The stolen goods are unauthentic.

Often a brand new motorcyle, if it was bought in 1000-2000 range, it means that it is a stolen good.

“ Mom, are you kidding, the second hand goods market is very authentic, how can it be a stolen good, and the transfer formalities have already been completed.”

Ye Xiaochen did not know whether to laugh or cry.

Cars without number plate are not allowed on the roads

“ Oh, that’s true”

Mother then thought and asked: “ Is the performance of the car bad?”

“ Mom, rest assured, when i bought the car, a knowledgeable acquaintance tried the car, there is no problem, before the company boss priced it at 65,000. However, after my acquaintance tested it, he immediately changed the cost.”

Ye Xiaochen smiled.

“ Turns out to be like that, I’m so relieved.”

Mom sighed a relief.

Her idea is very simple, anyway, it is only 30,000 yuan, where can it go if they eat a loss?

The story about the vehicle ended, Ye Xiaochen drove it to the farm.

After circling around the farm, he returned back to the shed, took out the ”Shennong System Introduction Guide”. In his mind, he was still thinking about the issue of the tuberoses.

“ In this book, there is explanation on the use of a spiritual talent to communicate with plant’s consciousness and also detailed analysis of  abnormal plant consciousness problems which are divided into seven categories .”

Ye Xiaochen muttered to himself.

Chapter 16- Mystical

The seven abnormal problems, respectively are pests, disease, light,temperature, water, nutrients and variation.

Each category is divided into many small classes, the explanations are very detailed.

Various classifications are intertwined and  have farmed many combination of problems.

All problems that occur in plant are included in it.

In the “Shennong System Introduction Guide”, one by one in rows, appeared in detail.

Ye Xiaochen read carefully.

“ According to the description of this book, I have basically understood the unusual fluctuations of consciousness in each category.”

Ye Xiaochen looked and pondered.

Each problem has an abnormal sense of fluctuation.

It seems to be very simple, but if combined, it formed a very complex sense of fluctuation.

“ That special fluctuation of tuberose,according to the unusual fluctuation of the plant’s consciousness, should be the abnormal problem of mixed nature.”

Ye Xiaochen was analyzing in his heart.

The common problem is usually very easy to distinguish, but once it involves the mixed nature, it is difficult to differentiate, it tests the talent and ability of the immortal plant growers.

Ye Xiaochen has just came into contact with plant’s consciousness, the difficulty is still very big.

The next period of time, in addition to driving truck for deliveries, Ye Xiaochen spent almost all of his time in  experimenting on communication with the plant’s consciousness, analysing various plant’s consciousness fluctuations, verifying them one by one.

He seemed to be obsessed, even during him driving the vehicle, he couldn’t help to think over it, due to this distraction, he almost got into an accident, he had scraped the vehicle, finally he had to pay more than 1000 yuan to solve the problem.

He found a lot of problem in the vegetables and fruits in his farm. Under limited conditions, he solved them one by one, making a lot of improvement in the output and quality of the vegetables and fruits.

At the same time, he has accumulated a lot of rich of experience.

“ Basically it can be determined that the special fluctuation of the tuberose, belongs to the problem of mixed nature, primarily there are two factors, variation and nutrients, but it also include, temperature, light and water. These three aspects.”

Ye Xiaochen has pondered over this period of time and concluded.


The “Shennong Instruction Guide” seems like just a book, but it contains massive amounts of information, it is very special. Just like a browser with many links, as long as you click with a finger, it will open a new page.

“The life of a tuberose is more than 20 years, now it has truly entered into the stage of decline, so it’s body has began aging, this belongs to the category of aging variation, due to the aging of plant, it has effected on the absorption of nutrients, once some type of nutrition  element relates to blossoming is unable to be absorb, it will not bloom, due to aging of the plant, the temperature, water content and the requirement of sunlight had also changed, combining, it has formed a very special kind of fluctuation.

Ye Xiaochen thought to himself.

In the final analysis, the aging tuberose needs some type of essential nutrition, otherwise the flowering will be affected.

Here comes the question.

What kind of nutrition is it?

How to make the normal tuberose to absorb the nutrients?

Ye Xiaochen decided to go to Wang Shuisheng’ villa, take some soil and branch leaves to detect the tuberose’s composition, so to determine the tuberose is lacking which kind of nutrient?

There are many nutrients which influence on blooming, lack of any type, may create a similar result, must have a professional test.

Without an invitation from Wang Shuisheng, going directly to his house, it is somewhat reckless, people will think he has some motives.

There is also a very important problem, he doesn’t know sign language, when he wants to communicate with Wang Xinyi, it will be a problem.

Unless there is a translator.

“Later if I have time, I need to study sign language.”

Ye Xiaochen thought in his heart.

On second thought, Ye Xiaochen decided to directly contact Wang Shuisheng, because this will make the matter clearer.

Anyway, he now has a great understanding, as long as he can identify the reason, solving the problem of the tuberose will not be much difficulties.

Ye Xiaochen took out his cell phone, found Wang Shuisheng’s number, then, pressed the dial button.

Turned off.

Ye Xiaochen was a little disappointed,shaking his head he kept his cell phone,he looked up at the sun, the sun was burning and the temperature was high.

Holding an umbrella, he arrived at the edge of the field.

Entering into the immortal land, the temperature immediately decreased, as if entered into an air-conditioned room, it is very cool.

Two lazy dogs are lying down comfortably.

Ye Xiaochen was speechless when seeing them. The 24 hours a day or at least 22 hours a day that they stayed here,

They have changed a lot, their hair has become smooth,and have become exceptionally spirited.
Let alone them, even Ye Xiaochen, because frequently visiting the immortal land, his body also had some changes, for example because of constantly in the sun, he has dark skin, has now completely recovered, very smooth face, originally there were few pimples on his face, now its traces has been completely lost, and his originally oily skin has become shiny.

Now, this situation has not appeared.

All in all, some of his physical problem have completely disappeared, his body has become better.

Obviously, this has a great relationship with the immortal land.

Just this immortal land is so magical, I don’t know if the immortal plants growing out of this land, how will it be?

Ye Xiaochen has an idea, if there is a sufficient time later, he must construct a house on top of this immortal land, this will absolutely be comfortable to live on.

It has been almost a month since the planting of this immortal carrot, these carrots are flourishing smoothly, it is estimated that soon it will mature.

He is looking forward to the day when he can harvest the carrots.

So that he can trade the carrots with immortal god and get immortal yuan.

He was very greedy of the things in the mall.

Moreover  the development of the farm is very important, now it is just one piece of immortal land, he needs more immortal land. Moreover the immortal spring is also indispensable, according to the information, irrigating by using the water of immortal spring, can accelerate the growth of the immortal plant.

In the evening, Ye Xiaochen received a call from Wang Shuisheng.

“ Brother, really sorry, today there was a meeting, so I turned off my phone, I was very busy, so didn’t had time to see my mobile phone, so just called you now”

Wang Shuisheng’s voice comes out of the phone.

For such a big person, usually there is no need to explain anything, his current attitude shows his importance on Ye Xiaochen.

After chatting a few words, Ye Xiaochen explained the reason.

“ What, brother Ye, you really have the confidence to make the two strains of tuberoses to bloom?”

Wang Shuisheng was startled and then immediately asked with surprise.

It is not that he does not believe in Ye Xiaochen’s ability but even a renowned botanist like Zhang Keqin was also helpless, Ye Xiaochen is a farmer, saying even if a farmer has studied the expertise in agriculture, compared with a botanist like Zhang Keqin, there is a difference of heaven and earth.

“ Brother Wang, I do not have 100% confidence, but there is 70-80%, I need to collect some soil and branches samples of the tuberose.”

Ye Xiaochen said confidently.

He is the master of the magical “Shennong Introduction Guide”, the existing knowledge on earth cannot be compared with it, it does not mean that earth’s knowledge doesn’t have usefulness, it is just that the level of research is insufficient.

Like the communication with the plant’s consciousness, if relying on existing technology, it is simply not possible.

Ye Xiaochen can easily achieve this now depending on his Shennong talent, later if he become a yogi, this kind of communication induction ability will be strengthened and even can produce all sorts of magical ability.

Wang Shuisheng was silent for a moment  and said “ In that case, you can come tomorrow, your sister in law will be there at home.”

He is too busy, so he definitely does not have time, Ye Xiaochen doesn’t know sign language and can’t communicate with his sister, there must be a person to translate.

Although he doesn’t believe that Ye Xiaochen has the ability, but he has a very good impression on Ye Xiaochen,  a feeling that he is not the kind of person who finds reason to deliberately cling,since Ye Xiaochen will give it a try, he is naturally pleased.

His younger sister has become more and more silent these days, she also has became thin.

He deeply felt the loneliness in his sister’s heart, there are many feelings on those two strains of tuberoses, but now, it is not blooming and even has entered into the period of decline, not knowing how long it can live.

His sister is not only mute but also has autism to a certain extent.

He cannot imagine, once the two strains of tuberoses are completely withered, what will happen to his sister?

Chapter 17-Method

The next day, Ye Xiaochen drove the vehicle loaded with fruits and vegetables towards Yang Shi City.

After completing the distribution of the goods, Ye Xiaochen drove towards Wang Shuisheng’s villa.

After arriving near the gate of the villa, Ye Xiaochen’s truck was stopped by the guards.

Such a place, unless you are a tenant or the tenant bring the people with them, it is difficult to go in, you must pass through a strict checking system, which is also for the sake of the safety of the villa.

To be able to live here, at least the person is a rich or a powerful man in Yang Shi City.

Such a place, the security measure is naturally strict.

“ Name Ye Xiaochen, truck brand is ***,well, Mr.Wang has left the record, you can go in now”

The guard looked at Ye Xiachen’s ID card and read the record, after registration, he was directly allowed to pass.

Ye Xiaochen sighed in his heart, really worth of a high-grade villa area, the security checking is different.

But he doesn’t have any interest towards the villa, even after making lot of money, he will not come to the city to buy a villa,with that money, it is enough to build a luxurious villa in the countryside.

His foundation is his farm, so he cannot live far away from the farm.

Ye Xiaochen drive the truck and easily arrived outside Wang Shuisheng’s villa,just as he is taking something out, Wang Shuisheng’s wife Zhu Qingqing who is holding Xi Bao came out.

“ Uncle Ye!”

Xi Bao ran over.

Ye Xiaochen in one hand has the fruits and vegetables of his farm and other hand is holding Xi Bao, he greeted Zhu Qingqing.

Zhu Qingqing knows the purpose of Ye Xiaochen coming, she nodded with a smile and said: ” Come, what is this?”

“ Sister in law, this are my farm products,they taste very good.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

Zhu Qinqing didn’t care, watermelon and muskmelon fruits of this kind are only low-grade fruit, rarely do they eat them.

After entering the villa and putting down the things, Zhu Qingqing leads him to the courtyard where Wang Xinyi lives.

In the courtyard, the things there are the same as before, a white figure is sitting on a chair, she is looking at the direction of the tuberose, seeming to be in a daze.

Zhu Qingqing walked over, made some hand gestures with Wang Xinyi, quickly, Wang Xinyi suddenly stood up and turned around, she was surprised of seeing Ye Xiaochen, she was filled with expectations.

Wang Xinyi has became much thinner than last time, her eyes has become shallow, causing a heartache.

She gestured at Ye Xiaochen as if she was trying to express something.

Ye Xiaochen could not understand it.

“ Ye Xiaochen, Xinyi is asking whether you really can make the tuberose bloom again?”

Zhu Qingqing hurriedly translated to Ye Xiaochen.

“ Of course.”

Ye Xiaochen wanted to say 70-80%, but after seeing Wang Xinyi’s nervous and anxious look, he hesitated for a moment and immediately said with a confident tone.

Zhu Qingqing looked at Ye Xiaochen with some doubt, even a plant expert like Zhang Keqin has no other way, where does Ye Xiaochen got so much confidence?
If he wants to please Wang Shuisheng, there is no need to use this way, once he cannot solve the problem of the tuberose blooming. It will make people more sad, this is obviously a thankless task.

Zhu Qingqing translated the words of Ye Xiaochen to Wang Xinyi with hand gestures.

On the melancholy face of Wang Xinyi, suddenly an expression of joy came, for the first time she revealed a surprise smile.

Zhu Qingqing who was watching this sighed darkly in her heart, I really hope that Ye Xiaochen can solve the problem of the tuberose, otherwise Wang Xinyi’s situation is not optimistic, she knows her husband has attached a great importance to his younger sister and recently she doesn’t know how many times he heaved distress sighs.

After taking an approval from Wang Xinyi, Ye Xiaochen took the soil in the pot and some leaves and branches of the tuberose.

Ye Xiaochen left the Wang house, in the eyes of Wang Xinyi, it was full of expectations.

Originally, Zhu Qingqing wanted to stop Ye Xiaochen for lunch, but Ye Xiaochen has rejected, after all, without Wang Shuisheng at home, it is not quite convenient.

Also, he must go to Agricultural Technology Extension Station in the city to analyse the component of the soil, branches and leaves. He does not have any specialized tools and he is not a practitioner, otherwise he can observe the soil and branches internal composition with his thoughts directly.

The Shennong System he has is more apparent than real.

He must wait until the immortal carrots were harvested, after a transaction, he can get immortal yuan, then, there might be some opportunities.

Ye Xiaochen drove towards Yang Shi Agricultural Technology Extension Station. After inquiring, he was a little disappointed. They can detect the soil and branches components, but can’t do it instantly, it will take at least 3-5 days for the result to come out, today is friday and the day after tomorrow is a weekend holiday.

The time is too long, Ye Xiaochen wanted to know if there are other similar stations in the county, but the technical equipment cannot be compared to here, except if he goes to a specialized agricultural college, but Ye Xiaochen has estimated more slim hope.

He can only wait?

Ye Xiaochen was just thinking when a figure passed from the side, that person hesitated for a moment, paused, he looked at Ye Xiaochen and said with surprise, ” Ye Xiaochen, why are you here?”

“ Fang Yuan, ah, it is you.”

Ye Xiaochen saw a man wearing glasses. He is only 1.6 metres height, a ball like chubby fat, he could not help but be surprised.

He is his college classmate and their relationship is not like Wang Yuandong, it was fairly good, at least in the college it was but after graduation there was very less contact.

The two men sat down to chat, Ye Xiaochen just know that Fang Yuan, after his graduation, went back to Yang Shi City and through family ties, he got work in the Agricultural Technology Extension Station,eating the grain.

“ What’s good here, you have to just pretend.”

Fang Yuan said with a complaint, ” Which can’t be compared to your self employed occupation, now you are a farmer, later there is an opportunity, it can get you there. Everyday, I am sitting in the office, do you see my shape, it has become round and has become hard for me to find a girlfriend.”

Ye Xiaochen knows that Fang Yuan is a cheerful and slippery person, absolutely can not believe all that he has said,perhaps he is in a good condition here.

“ Ye Xiaochen, you want to detect the component of the soil and tuberose, this matter just leave it to me and I will ensure you that I will handle it and give the result to you today.”

Fang Yuan hits his chest and gives guarantee.

As the saying goes, there is benefit in relationship.

In the evening, Ye Xiaochen drove the truck back home, as for the data on the composition of the soil and the foliage of the tuberose, it is in his hands, Fang Yuan’s efficiency is very high.

These two people have exchanged their contact information, since both of them are in the prefecture level city, later, the possibility of contact is very high.

Moreover, Ye Xiaochen is engaged in farming, perhaps in the future there might be some dealings with Fang Yuan’s department area, with such an acquaintance, a lot of work will also become convenient.

If there was no Fang Yuan, Ye Xiaochen can only wait until next week to get the results, but also need to spend money.

This time, it was done freely because of Fang Yuan.

After going home, Ye xiaochen started to study the data.

After a comparison, Ye Xiaochen found that in the tuberose leaves, there are indeed two kinds of materials that have changed, one is that the mineral elements concentration has become lower than normal, the other type is chemical compound, which absolutely is not there,these two materials directly affects the flowering of the tuberose.

“ Because the tuberose has entered the period of decline, the absorption capacity of mineral elements has been reduced a lot and thus affecting the synthesis of the chemical compound, now what I need to do is to improve the mineral absorption of the tuberose.”

Ye Xiaochen touched his chin.

This situation is very difficult to improve by the existing technology, the plant has entered into aging period, which is an irreversible process.

However in “Shennong Introduction Guide”, looking at some abnormal problems, it has a solution.

“ Now can only determine that the aging affected the nutrient absorption, as plant is aging, the nutrient intake is decreasing coupled with the demand for water,temperature, light has correspondingly changed. After mixing, the plant produced this special kind of fluctuation.”

Ye Xiaochen carefully analysed, “ According to the Shennong Introduction Guide’s solution, the core lacks the nutrients, if I can solve this problem, the aging of the plant will slow down. Unfortunately, I don’t’ have any immortal yuan nor am I a practitioner, there are several simple solutions, but I can’t do it.”

He couldn’t help but sigh.

“ It seems, I can only use the most complex method which is also a stupid method.”

Ye Xiaochen touched his chin and has finally decided.

Chapter 18- Prescription

Plant growth promoting agent, it is a kind of special medicament specially for the issue of plant aging.

In the “Shennong System Introduction Guide”, the prescription of medicine and its production process is given in detail.

The reason for this is the most complex and stupid method is mainly related to the requirement of large number of raw materials and high accuracy, the most  important thing is the cost is too high and its use is not only once, it is a temporary solution and not a permanent cure. The plant growth promoting agent can only slow down the aging of the plant, it needs to be used for a long time.

For the two common strain of tuberoses, using this precious plant promoting agent is definitely a big loss.

At least right now, Ye Xiaochen can’t afford it.

Certainly, this plant growth promoting agent needs to be make, he can’t stand  seeing Wang Xinyi sad, when the time comes, he will let Wang Shuisheng bear the cost.

Ye Xiaochen took out a pen and paper and began to write a list, in the prescription of plant growth promoting agent, altogether involves 78 raw materials, which includes 48 species of herbs, eleven types of insects, eight kinds of minerals, six types of animal bodies,three gas components, a liquid inquident and microbe.

May be for convenience, the “Shennong System” has provided the raw materials name that can be found on earth.

As a result, Ye Xiaochen does not need to identify those things one by one, saving him a lot of time.

“ It is pity that there is no Ling water, otherwise, the success rate or efficiency will improve by a lot.”

Ye Xiaochen carefully analysed the prescription, perhaps because of the Shennong System, he doesn’t think this as a dull work, but felt a lot of excitement, as if his interest was aroused.

Pharmacology things are very deep,before, Ye Xiaochen had different look towards pharmacology. Now, looking at the prescription, he can’t understand the pharmacological change and can only read without thinking.

This sparked his interest in this area, he has decided to learn about this.

Shennong, is not only about planting but is also linked with the pharmacology of plants.

The next day, after the distribution of his vegetables, Ye Xiaochen went to the city’s pharmacy with the prescription to ask around, all kind of materials can’t be found here, because many cannot be called medicines.

Finally, Ye Xiaochen could only find 58 kinds of medical materials, which includes 42 kinds of plant materials, eight kinds of insects, five kinds of minerals and body of three animals.

Just with these materials, Ye Xiaochen had to spent more than 5 thousand yuan,he didn’t have any choice, the quantity of the materials are many, there are also some relatively rare medicinal herbs, such as ginseng, chinese knotweed and so on.

Ye Xiaocen felt pain, earning money is not easy!

He was unable to buy some material, a few are common such as walnut, lime,body fluids of cockroach.

As for other materials, it is quite troublesome.

The next few days, Ye Xiaochen felt a headache. In order to gather the materials,he had to go to different places personally to collect the materials, for example the venom sac of a coral snake, the bigger the snake the better, he had to kill the snake to take the sac, Ye Xiaochen is most afraid of snake, he almost collapsed.

After preparing for a week, Ye Xiaochen has managed to collect all the materials.
For all these stuff, Ye Xiaochen has estimated that he had spent at least 10,000 yuan.

Ye Xiaochen suddenly felt doubt, did he commit some crime?

(Tn:i guess here he is referring to his pending money as punishment for some sort of sin)

Thinking of Wang Shuisheng calling and inquiring about the progress to help Wang Xinyi, he did not give up.

After all, Wang Xinyi is having hopes on him.

He didn’t have the heart to disappoint her.

Ye Xiaochen has transformed the farm shed into a laboratory, the two old refrigerators are mainly used for putting in the raw materials, after all, now the temperature is high, preserving it outside is not good, he needs to put these things in low temperature.

“ For now, the gathering of the materials is basically completed.”

“ The next step is to attempt to make the potion.”

Ye Xiaochen put down the “Shennong Introduction Guide” and released a long breath. He recalled each step and process given the prescription without making any mistakes.

Since his possession of the Shennong System, Ye Xiaochen’s memory has increased, he can remember such complex recipe and method of preparation for several days without writing it down

“ The last thing that is missing is a boiler for modulation.”
Ye Xiaochen looked at the boiler placed in the corner, it was ordered by him, he had to spent over a thousand yuan, but after making a careful analysis, he thought that using this kind of boiler on unprocessed medicinal herbs, he is afraid that the success rate will not be high.

With the materials he has prepared, he can only try for two – three times.

“ If I can buy the special boiler from the Shennong System store it will be good.”

Ye Xiaochen thought.

This special boiler is very magical, even if Ye Xiaochen cannot activate the magical effects of this special boiler, this boiler’s characteristics can allow the success rate to improve by a lot.

Unfortunately, he does not have any immortal yuan.

“ Yes, the immortal carrots should be mature by now, I have already waited for several day, I should dig some now.”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly thought, he hurriedly stood up and walked out of the shed.

The change in the immortal land is very large, the carrot leaves are more lush and taller.

By Ye Xiaochen’s experience, the carrots in the soil should be mature.

The size of the carrot itself has a very great relationship with the growth of the leaves itself.

He is looking forward to it.

“ Well, let’s dig one to try and see.”

Ye Xiaochen quickly took out the immortal hoe.

The two dogs lying in the ground seeing Ye Xiaochen’s moves, got up and wagged their tails behind Ye Xiaochen,

During the growth period of the immortal carrots, the two dogs were behaved, they didn’t destroy the immortal carrots.

He was worried before that the dogs might get tempted and eat the leaves of the immortal carrots and who knows after eating they might get poisoned? Now it looks like the two dogs know to avoid disaster and didn’t eat the immortal carrots.

With the immortal hoe in his hand, Ye Xiaochen began to dig up.

He dug very carefully, he was afraid of hurting the immortal carrots, if in digging it is hurt, who knows if it can be sold or not?

Hard immortal soil easily passes through under the immortal hoe like tofu.

He spent a lot of effort and finally picked out an immortal carrot without hurting its root block.

When the root block of the immortal carrot appeared, Ye Xiaochen was a little disappointed.

This immortal carrot is a little small, really a waste of long lush leaves!

The carrot is smaller than the carrot available in the market, its speciality is- it is really red, the color is bright, eye-catching, very clean, looks very good and is small in size.

The most peculiar thing is that there is a faint light on the surface of the immortal carrot.

“ Ding, whether want to put the immortal carrot in the store? Note: the sale price of goods priced by the store, has no right to interfere, the store consignment fee will be 5%”

Suddenly, in Ye Xiaochen’s mind the sound of the system came.

Chapter 19-Cheap hand

“ The store consignment?”

Ye Xiaochen heard the sound of a system prompt, his eyes were shining and was looking forward to it.

In his heart, another idea emerged.

He thought he could only sell to gods, now with this store consignment, things have become different.

He is absolutely ignorant about the values of this products, while selling to the gods, if those gods take an opportunity to offer a very low price, will he not suffer a big loss?

Now let’s try the store, so I can know the prices.

Quickly Ye Xiaochen made the decision.

He quickly in his heart summoned the system, wanting to put carrots in store for sale.

“ Drop, there is limitation on quantity to put in store, the immortal carrot belongs to the low-end goods, needs at least 100 immortal carrots to carry on the consignment.”

Hearing the sound of Shennong System, Ye Xiaochen almost wanted to curse.


No wonder the system provided 100 immortal seeds of carrot, originally this was the lowest limit to put consignment on store.

Now he had only planted fifty, which is half of the amount and can’t be consign in the store, even if the remaining immortal carrot seeds are planted it will take more than a month to harvest, this cycle is too long, he can’t wait till then.

Thinking till here, Ye Xiaochen didn’t have any choice but to rely on immortal friends.

Since the acceptance of friend request,these gods never made a movement,and also don’t know if can be contact.

Anyways let’s try.

“ Hello, I am Ye Xiaochen, I have nice immortal carrots, if needed please contact me.”

The next step is to wait, as whether there will be result he does not know.

He did not continue to dig the immortal carrots, there is no special warehouse,after digging there might be possibilities of losing the aura.

He picked up the immortal carrot he dug before,and started to read System Introduction Guide about the knowledge of identification, to appraise this immortal carrot.

There are several aspect for identification of plant, first is the physical appearance. From the appearance, need to check the luster, size and other factors.

The physical appearance of the immortal carrot when compared with ordinary carrot, is naturally good but compared to the true immortal carrot, it is not quite good as the the size is quite small, this point is enough to reduce the quality of the immortal carrot.

Second is the taste, whether it is human or god’s the  taste is a must, this Ye Xiaochen can’t identify, after all he can’t eat this immortal carrot.

Third is the nutritional values, certainly for the immortal carrot, it not only needs nutritional value but also need to contain special immortal aura, Ye Xiaochen also has no way to identify this.

The fourth is the immortal pattern, any immortal plant has special immortal patterns, it should not only contain immortal aura but also need to have pattern, the more line you have, the more complex it is, representing the grade of the immortal plant to be higher.
Existence of immortal pattern decides the grade of the immortal plant, because of the difference in immortal pattern, there are different grade, in simple terms it is divided into defective, low grade, high grade and best quality goods.

“ I don’t know which grade does this immortal carrot belongs to?”

In Ye Xiachen’s heart, it was as there is cat’s claw, itchy wants to know the immortal pattern inside the immortal carrot.

The immortal carrot needs to be cut to see the line inside.

If he was a true practitioner, with just the birth of will he can penetrate inside the carrot, but Ye Xiaochen does not have this ability right now.

“ Anyway, if he can’t verify the pattern in the immortal carrot personally, he is not qualified to become a Shennong Emperor. Even though this is wasteful, it is unavoidable.”

Ye Xiaochen soon made up his mind.

This could be used to exchange for an immortal yuan, a waste,Ye Xiaochen felt sad

In order to study it, he does not have any alternative.

Ye Xiaochen returned to the shed and took out a fruit knife.

Unlike immortal land, the immortal carrot  is not hard and is similar to ordinary carrot.

However, Ye Xiaochen is very curious, the immortal soil is very hard, how can the soft carrot grow in it?

Can plants grow in steel?

It is impossible.

But the immortal carrot can grow.

Ye Xiaochen can only attribute these to the extraordinaires of immortal plants.

He cut the tail part carefully.

“ Gee, it is pretty hard.”

It took a lot of effort for Ye Xiaochen to cut down this section.

The tail part is red, but there is a strange texture, vague, fuzzy, it is not quite clear.

“ The pattern is round, it is defective!”

Ye Xiaochen was disappointed after seeing this fuzzy immortal pattern.

He thought if he was a Shennong, top grade carrot would come out, but now it is very disappointing.

There are different kind of pattern in the immortal plants.

The defective ones usually contain round patterns, similar to the big tree on earth will form a ring.

As long as there is circular pattern, the immortal plant is defective, no matter how many numbers are there, it cannot break out of the category of defective.

The more number of rings, it means a little higher quality, after all, there is also different types in defective

If it is a low grade usually there is a reticulate pattern, that is to say there is a general mesh texture.

Whether it is round line or reticulate pattern it belongs to the statics lines.

While the top grade patterns are dynamic, the immortal lines changes from time to time, they are quite strange.

As for the best quality immortal plant, it practically does not exist and the  Shennong Introduction Guide didn’t mention anything about it.

Suddenly, a bell rang in his head, Ye Xiaochen whole body shook, this a God friend contacting himself.

Ye Xiaochen quickly opened the Shennong Interface System, on the surface of friend, he saw a small picture flashing.

“ The Goddess of the Moon ?”

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes lit up.

It is known to every family about the legend Goddess of Moon.

He could understand the reason for the  Goddess of Moon, he is afraid this is related to her pet rabbit, after all, rabbit loves carrots the most.

After thinking, Ye Xiaochen took a deep breath, he hurriedly opened the flashing picture and started to contact with Godess of Moon.

“ Ye Xiaochen, how many immortal carrots do you have? Is the quality high? My rabbit on moon only eats high grade immortal carrots.”

After Ye Xiaochen seeing the message of Goddess of Moon Fairy, he was dumbfounded.

Fuck, it only eats high grade immortal carrots?

What rabbit, holds such high taste.

Is this batch of immortal carrot can only be kept with myself?

He felt the tragedy, he has cut an immortal carrot, now even if he plants all 50 immortal carrots seeds, finally there will only be 99 immortal carrots, just short of a single carrot ah!

Cheap hand!

Suddenly Ye Xiaochen regretted it. Why did he study the immortal pattern of an immortal carrot!

Now, he can’t even put it on the store for sale.

Ye Xiaochen regretted it very much.

Chapter 20- Immortal yuan

“ Why does doing business so difficult?”

Ye Xiaochen felt very bitter and helpless.

The first, the sale of his vegetables and fruits became a big problem. If not for coincidentally meeting Liu Fushen whose supply has ran out, he is afraid that he might still having a headache going around the market for selling vegetables.

If he didn’t save the son of Wang Shuisheng, perhaps he would be riding tricycle everyday and going to the market to sell vegetables.


Now the immortal carrots have been harvested, but he still stuck on the problem of sales.

After losing the store consignment, Ye Xiaochen knows that his only opportunity lies in selling the immortal carrots to his immortal friends, even if it was asked for a cheap price he can’t refuse, otherwise, without having immortal yuan he can’t buy the immortal plant’s seeds.

As for the purchasing of immortal land and other farm buildings, practicing cultivation techniques and magic weapons, for a short period of time he need to forget it.

He has clearly understood, there was a problem in his planning, he not only wasting his time, he even took a great risk  which may even turn the Shennong System into a waste.

Taking a deep breath, Ye Xiaochen knew that it was time to do his best in selling his products.

“ Goddess of Moon, I am sorry, my immortal carrots are defective, this was the first time I’ve planted it, so inevitably there were some problems, I believe that in the next planting, can certainly improve the quality, as long as Goddess of Moon accept this batch of immortal carrots, the price can be lower.”

Ye Xiaochen thought and didn’t know what to say anymore.

He is not a person who is good at explaining things, he does not have any talent in product marketing. Otherwise, when the time to find sales for his fruits and vegetables, he wouldn’t run into the wall everywhere, unable to persuade others.

Finally, after considering it again and again, he sent the message.

He felt very upset, the meaning of this sentence shows that even he is not confident, can it really impress the Goddess of Moon?

“ Ye Xiaochen, actually I am buying immortal carrots for my pet rabbit, my rabbit doesn’t eat defective immortal carrots, also, if I really buy, there will be no use and it will only be a waste, so..”

In a while, the Goddess of Moon replied.

When Ye Xiaochen saw the message, his heart was filled with disappointment and he knew that he had failed to sell.

If you can’t use it, only a fool will buy it.

He had failed to sell to the Goddess of Moon, not to mention, it will not be any difference with other gods, after all, the immortal carrot is too ordinary and the demand is also small.

He has lost all confidence in selling the immortal carrot.

“ I’m sorry to bother you.”

While he was preparing to send the message, suddenly, the Goddess of Moon sent Ye Xiaochen a message,” however, Ye Xiaochen, it is not impossible for me to buy this batch of immortal carrots, but I have a condition.”

Seeing the message, Ye Xiaochen was slightly startled, there was a touch of surprise on his face, right now any condition is acceptable for him, even yielding his body is not a problem.
After all, if he cannot sell the immortal carrot, he wouldn’t be able to obtain immortal yuan and he cannot buy anything, then it is almost destroying the Shennong System.

“ Please say, Goddess of Moon.”

Ye Xiaochen quickly deleted the previous message and hastily sent a new one.

“ Ye Xiaochen, I hope that you keep planting the immortal carrots, if after planting, there are best and top grade immortal carrots, you must first sell it to me.”

The Goddess of Moon sent the message .

“ So simple?”

Ye Xiaochen was slightly startled and felt unbelievable, he thought that the Goddess of the Moon will give him a very harsh conditions.

Although he has doubts, Ye Xiaochen is very happy and hurriedly replied: ” Well, Goddess of Moon , I promise you.”

The Goddess of Moon: “ Good, then let’s sign together an immortal deed (contract) now, in case for evidence later.”

Soon, in Ye Xiaochen’s mind, emerged out a strange talisman, he seemed to be able to understand what is in the talisman, it is an immortal deed, which records the content of the contract, it is very detailed.

Ye Xiaochen carefully read it, he felt it is fairly reasonable and did not exceed the limit of category, so did not have any idea of bargaining and agreed directly.

Suddenly, this immortal deed talisman broke into countless lights and disappeared in Ye Xiaochen’s head.
Faintly he felt that the immortal deed  talisman is everywhere.
As long as he violate the contract,something bad will happen.

Ye Xiaochen does not care, as long as he can sell this batch of immortal carrots, it will be the biggest success, for other thing, presently there is no need to consider.

Finally, the Goddess of Moon with a price of one immortal yuan for an immortal carrot, purchased all 49 immortal carrot from Ye Xiaochen.

About the normal price, Ye Xiaochen temporarily does not have any idea, after all, there is no price given in the store.

Therefore, this price can only be decided by the Goddess of Moon.

Later, the Goddess of Moon buy at this price.

As for low grade, high grade and best grade carrots. Temporarily, there is no fixed price. Ye Xiaochen is not a fool. Now, if the price is fixed, who knows if the Goddess of Moon may take advantage of that loophole and he may suffer a great loss.

Ye Xiaochen spent some time and dug out all the 49 immortal carrots, and through a transaction sold to the Goddess of Moon for immortal yuan.

Immediately, Ye Xiaochen obtained his first 49 immortal yuan.

Ye Xiaochen sighed in his heart, although the process has twists and turn, eventually, he made a start!

Unfortunately, forty-nine immortal yuan is too little, the things in the store are very expensive.

As for buying immortal land, warehouse and the immortal spring, he temporarily does not want to think about it.

The road of Shennong, it has still a very long way to go!

Ye Xiaochen cleared up his mind and once again became competitive.

The idea of buying a boiler for disposition of medicine, he has not dispelled.

There are a lot of grades of boilers in the store, he certainly can not afford the high grade one, it is at least one hundred thousand immortal yuan, as for the lowest one, it can be bought for 35 immortal yuan.

Well in fact, for Ye Xiaochen, it is not cheap!

He only has 49 immortal yuan, after deducting the price of a boiler, only 14 immortal yuan remained, and it can only get one pack of immortal carrot seeds.

He gritted his teeth and bought a pack of immorta carrot seeds and a cheap boiler.

All of a sudden, he was only left with 4 immortal yuan.

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes flashed, he is trying to find something that he required strongly now among those beautiful collections in the store.

Suddenly, his eyes revealed a bright and excited light, immortal bean (red), one immortal yuan, the fire attribute, can be used as refining material for fire bean puppet.

Immortal bean (green), one immortal yuan, the wood attribute, can be used as refining material for wood bean puppet.

Immortal bean (black), one immortal yuan, the water attribute, can be used as refining material for water bean puppet.

Immortal bean (yellow), one immortal yuan, the soil attribute, can be used as refining material for soil bean puppet.

Immortal bean (blue), one immortal yuan, the wind attribute, can be used as refining material for wind bean puppet.

Immortal bean (white), one immortal yuan, the metal attribute, can be used as refining of material for metal bean puppet.

Immortal bean (purple), one immortal yuan, the thunder attribute, can be used as refining material for thunder bean puppet.

“ This immortal beans are good, although a little expensive, but as long as it was successfully planted, harvest will be great!”

Ye Xiaochen carefully looked at the seven type of immortal beans and soon decided.

He finally chose, the (yellow) immortal bean, which is the easiest to plant.

As for the other types of immortal beans, besides requiring immortal earth, other conditions are quite harsh, for example the (Red) immortal bean needs some fire type immortal fertilizers, otherwise the fire immortal qi will be inadequate which extremely affecting the beans quality.

And for the others, it is also the same.

Only the (yellow) immortal bean, belongs to the soil properties, the earth itself contains the properties of soil, so the minimum planting conditions is achieved.

Ye Xiaochen condition is now limited, he can only chose the (yellow) immortal beans.

Spending the last four immortal yuan, he bought four (yellow) immortal beans.
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