Heavenly Farmer Chapter 101-110

Chapter 101-Relationship

Yang City, Xinhong Company office building.

This company was famous in the fertilizer industry in the whole province, not only for the fertilizers but it was also famous for the pig feeds, fish feeds, chicken feeds and duck feeds.

In addition, it was also involved in real estate.

Take this office building as an example. It was built by Xinhong real estate company, a subsidiary company of Xinhong group.

Cao Xinhong, the owner of Xinhong group, was Yang city’s one of the famous tycoons.

There was a rumor that Cao Xinhong was once an underground gang leader but afterward washed white.

At this moment, in the high-class office of Xinhong Building, a sound of broken Ceramic was heard.

If it was not for the soundproof facility, the Cao Xinhong’s angry roar could be heard throughout the building.

“Damn, why did my inspection quota got canceled?”

Cao Xinhong’s eyes were red.

He was of medium build and robust, and wears gold chains around his neck, giving an impression as a parvenu.

However, this parvenu like person possesses wealth which comes in the top three of the Yang city.

In the office, there were several men and women who were quiet.

“Bullshit group of experts. What qualification do they have to cancel it? ”

Cao Xinghong dropped several more things, which made him happier, then after that, he sat down. His face became calm as if nothing had happened just now.

The floor was littered with glass and ceramic piece, that indicated what had just happened.

“Boss, what do we do now?”

A middle-aged man asked carefully.

“What else can we do? Can we force experts group to come to us? Hpmh, if they do not want to come, let them not come. Without experts, I can still develop Xinhong.”

Cao Xinhong sneered, “However I want to see, in the end, who caused this mischief?”

He does not believe that the experts’ group would cancel his qualification for no reason.

Jing County suddenly entered into the Experts group eyes. If there was nothing dirty about it, then he would not believe it.

Because he was an expert in this.


The whole city was shocked when the news broke out that the Jing county got the inspection quota.

According to the secret news, originally the Jing county was excluded from the quota list.

Later, the group of experts modified the quota and removed the Xinhong from the regular quota.

Now the Xinhong company has become a joke, do not know how many people were secretly discussing it. In the end, no one knows, what means Jing county used to grab the quota from the Xinhong company.

Jing County, who got the jackpot without any reason was happy.

On the same day, the county government held a meeting to make the full preparations in the county with the matter of health, public security, traffic, and other aspects, all the task were assigned strictly.

There was only one purpose, to prepare for the experts’ group inspection.

This has become a political mission.

The expert group coming, naturally also made the county thoughts to drift.

After all, it was said that experts group were coming to visit the county, as for what they were going to inspect, it was not the county’s arrangement.

Furthermore, it was a great opportunity to accompany the experts’ group.
Even some old comrades, who had already retired were eager to jump in.

In a district of Jing County

“Dad, can you use your relationship and let the experts’ group visit our supermarket?”

Li Yan said to a white-haired old man.

This old man was her father and Chen hao’s father in law, Li Minzhu, who had stepped down from the health bureau and joined county CPPCC (Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference) and held a sinecure post.

Since the group of experts was coming to the county for the inspection, Li Yan’s mind had a thought, if the experts’ group could come to their supermarket, won’t it become a big advertisement?

She immediately rushed over with Chen hao, hoping that her father could help her.

“Child Yan, even if I didn’t get retired, what you are asking is impossible.”

Li Minzhu shook his head with a wry smile.

Only the leaders of county government could arrange the schedule of the experts’ group.

He was at loss for her words.

What was more that there were so many eyes staring in the county, how much chance would he get a bald old man who has retired.

He was mature and has a clear view of the situation.

When he was in the prime of his life, many people would come to his family, but now you can net sparrows at the door.
(TN: you can net sparrows at the door (idiom)- means completely deserted)
Nevertheless, he has already retired and only wants to concentrate on enjoying his retirement.

“Just try for it.”

Li Yan did not give up.

“Wife, forget about it, don’t trouble father.”

Chen hao Hurriedly said.

He could see the situation better than Li Yan. Now the father-in-law didn’t have many connections.

“Why are you talking like this, Am I not doing this for our supermarket?”

Li Yan fiercely stared at Chen Hao but was still begging with her father.

Li Minzhu had a wry smile, his daughter was very precious to him. Helplessly, he made a phone call to ask.

The result, there was no hope at all.

Finally, Li Yan and Chen hao left with disappointment.


Early Morning.

Ye Xiaochen delivered the vegetables and went towards Wang Shuisheng’s villa.

He did not see Wang Xinyi for a few days and was quite missing her. Although they chat every day in Wechat or even do video chat, they didn’t see other n.

Recently, Yang city has changed a lot.

The roads were clean.

The traffic was moving more orderly.

The motorcycles and electric vehicle that used to move here and there were almost gone.

The traffic police in yellow vest kept the order at each intersection, and everything seemed to be in regulation.

Driving all the way, Ye Xiaochen was stopped twice by the traffic police.

Finally, he arrives at Wang Shuisheng’s villa.

Wang Shuisheng was not at home.

Chu Qingqing and Xibao were at home.

“Your Wang brother went to the company, today experts group would be coming to his company.”

Chu Qingqing said with a smile.

“Experts group?”

Ye Xiaochen was surprised.

“Yes, your Wang brother for this inspection visit worked painstakingly, it was not easy to get. And, it seems that Your Jing County also got an inspection quota.”

Chu Qingqing said.

She spoke briefly to Ye Xiaochen and also mentioned about the matter of Xinhong getting replaced by the Jing county.

Now, she considers Ye Xiaochen as her family.

And have become closer.

Ye Xiaochen also felt that in the past Chu Qingqing would always be smiling but would always have a vigilant heart.

He talked with Chu Qingqin for a while, then he took Xibao and went towards Wang Xinyi’s courtyard.


In the evening.

The Farm.

Ye Xiaochen was watering the immortal plants with the sprinkler.

The newly sprouted immortal plants were growing very well.

The thirty immortal red beans were the most eye-catching thing, the blood-red buds were just like a mass of flame.

Just as he was pouring the water, suddenly his phone rang, Ye Xiaochen took a look, it was Fang Yuan

“Xiaochen, tomorrow I will be coming to your Jing County.”

He pressed the answer button and a loud voice came out.

“Well, tomorrow, I happen to be free, are you bringing your girlfriend?”

Ye Xiaochen laughed.

“No, No. No, I am not coming to play, there is a task, Aren’t experts group coming to your Jing County for inspection? I have become miserable, I am running errands and must follow the experts’ group.”

Fang Yuan said.

“Forget it, it’s not that bad, it means that the leaders trust you more.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and scolded him.

“Damn, you don’t know how much tired I have become this time, I am not having proper meals and not able to get a proper good night sleep. I just want to hurriedly send the group of experts away.”

Fang Yuan said

“Don’t’ wine about it. You don’t know how many people don’t have this chance. ”

Ye Xiaochen laughed and said.

“Okay, leave it. I’m going to dinner. I’ll see if I have time tomorrow and will contact you.”

Fang Yuan said.

“Okay then.”

Ye Xiaochen hung up his phone, he stroked his chin was thinking.

Tomorrow the experts’ group will be coming to Jing County, Do not know how they will contact him?

Chapter 102-Show Off

The County committee and county government have attached great importance to the experts’ group coming to Jing County.

Taiping town, it was the only road to enter into the Jing County Expressway and was the only road that connects Sha City to Jing County.

The experts’ group would be passing by the town, so the town government has prepared things long ago.

Early morning, on both side of the national road of Taiping town, people were standing, there were students from the various schools, government department people, village committee members and so on.

In short, the people who could be used were already present.

Standing on both side of the road, drawing the banner, setting up brocade banners, people were bustling with noise and excitement.

Today was a sunny day, so many people were standing in the sun, but no one left.

This was true even for the head of the town government.

“Why haven’t they come yet? Did you call and ask?”

A bald middle-aged man wiped the sweat from his forehead with a tissue.

“Secretary Song, they have passed through the toll gate and are about to come.”

A young man next to him hurriedly said.

“Quick. Everyone stand up straight and must have a gentle atmosphere to welcome the arrival experts group. ”

The Song secretary hurriedly said.

Suddenly, all the people on both sides of the road stood in perfect order.

After a few minutes, the fleet arrived.

In order to meet the experts’ group, the traffic was controlled on the national highway from toll gate to County town.

Dozen or more big and small cars, led by the county governments two guiding cars arrived, in the guiding car county leaders were sitting.

As for the luxury bus in the middle, the experts’ group were sitting inside it.
Other cars accompanying consists of security personnel from Yang city and province, it also includes media reporters.

When the fleet arrived, their speed slowed down.

In a guiding car, Fang Yuan and a middle-aged man were sitting on the back seat and looked at the welcoming crowd standing on both sides of the road, he shook his head and smiled.

“This Song Baisheng, really can’t work without making a loud noise.”

The County’s governor Zhu Changqing said.

“If the old secretary sees him like this, he will certainly scold him.”

The man sitting next to him laughed and said.

It was Mayor of Jing county, Jin Bingqiu

Many people thought that the experts’ group coming was his credit

Now the Mayor of the county was recognized as County’s big hero.

Suddenly, the luxury bus behind them stopped.

“What’s the matter?”

Zhu Changqing saw the vehicle behind him stopping and hurriedly made the driver stop the car.

Jin Bingqiu also hurriedly got out of the car.

The Taiping town people were surprised to sees the fleet stopping.

“Secretary Song, the fleet has stopped and the luxury bus with the experts’ group also stopped.”

Some of the officials of the town exclaimed.

“Come on, let’s go, maybe we can get the experts’ group stay in town, and maybe even get them to look around the town. ”

Song Baisheng’s face revealed a color joy, he hurriedly ran, while running his big belly was fluctuating up and down.
At this time Zhu Changqing and Jin Bingqiu also learned the reason why the luxury bus stopped.

They were astonished.

Because…. The experts’ group wanted to stay in this town for inspection.

Zhu Changqing and Jin Bingqiu, these two experts Directly cursed them in their heart.

What was there to study in this broken town? Was the County’s good wine and meat were waiting for you?

However, now these grandfathers were going to stay here.

Well, they have to admit that all the people in the expert group were really grandfather.

You can’t hit them or scold them, you have to greet them with a smiling face if you offend them you have to walk away and can’t even cry to death.

Both of them were helpless, they can’t force them to go to the county.

At this time, Song Baisheng came running with his jolting buttocks.

“Governor Zhu and Mayor Jin, you guys are here, would experts group like to stay in our Taiping town? Should I go and make good arrangements?”

Song Baisheng was sweating and said with a red face.

He was excited!

It would be a great achievement if the experts could stay in town for a long time or even do the inspection.

Perhaps, he could take this opportunity to go further.
Zhu Changqing and Jin Bingqiu were eager to kick this Song Baisheng to death.

If this guy hadn’t done anything, the experts would not stop here all of a sudden.

The experts’ group didn’t have this plan before.

Regardless of whether Song Baisheng was the cause or not, the two county head recognize it as Song Baisheng’s responsibility.

Song Baisheng did not seem to see the two County heads unhappiness.

“If you don’t make good arrangement and anything goes wrong, I will hold you accountable for that.”

However displeased Zhu Changqing was, there was nothing he could do about it at this moment.

“I promise, to complete the task properly.”

Song Baisheng gave a firm reply.

After that, he went to arrange things.

The news that experts group would be staying in Taiping town and do inspection spread like a gust of wind throughout the Jing County.

After other towns knew about it, they stamped their feet in anger. Such a great thing was caught by the Taiping town.

The remaining leaders in the country were looking forward to the arrival of the experts’ group. Suddenly, they got to know that the experts’ group would be staying in the Taiping town and they spit out blood in anger. They wish they could destroy the Taiping town and snatch back the experts.

Of course, this was impossible.

Taiping town was also under the jurisdiction of Jing County.

The remaining main leaders hurriedly rushed to the Taiping town with the quickest speed.

For a time, the arrival of the experts’ group caused the whole Taiping town situation chaotic, it was not jubilation but was the same as New Year’s day.

Countless well-respected people in rushed from all over the county, to catch the glimpse of the expert, which they consider a great honor.


When the experts’ group arrived in Taiping Town, Ye Xiaochen was delivering vegetables in the Yang City.

After delivering, he went to Wang Shuisheng’s villa.

Wang Shuisheng was at home.

Wang Yuandong was also there.

“Xiaochen is here.”

Wang Shuisheng changed the title of calling Ye Xiaochen, originally he used to call him brother Ye. Now they were closer.

He undoubtedly regarded Ye Xiaochen as a family.

“Brother Wang, Sister-in-law.”

Ye Xiaochen greeted Wang Shuisheng and Chu Qingqing.

Xibao climbed onto his lap and called him uncle Ye.

It seems that he was closer to him.

Wang Yuandong looked from the sidelines, his heart was very uncomfortable, he felt that he was lower than Ye Xiaochen’s generation.

“Uncle, My mentor said that in a few days he would accept Academician Yang’s invitation and go to the academy of agricultural sciences, at that time I will also get the opportunity to go and will get better learning environment. ”

Wang Yuandong suddenly said.

As he was speaking, he glanced at Ye Xiaochen from the one corner of his eyes, there was a grin on his face.

The Chinese Academy Agricultural sciences were the country’s top agricultural research institution.

Do not know how many talented people have set their goal to enter into the Chinese Academy Agricultural sciences.

This was a chance that would come once in a thousand years.

Was it not for the treatment of Fusang tree it would be difficult for his Mento to establish a relationship with Academician Yang, and he wouldn’t be able to get this opportunity?

He does not know that it was Ye Xiaochen who cured the Fusang tree, not some mysterious expert according to rumor, otherwise, he would never have said such things.

For Wang Yuandong’s deliberate show-off, YE Xiaochen just smiled and said nothing.

Wang Shuisheng was satisfied, he nodded and said, “Very good, Yuandong, try your best, getting such an opportunity is very rare. ”

Their wang family had no shortage of money but only lacks fame in a certain professional field.

Once the Wang family was able to produce a famous agricultural expert, a botanist, the wang family would become stronger.

Hearing his uncle’s praise, Wang Yuandong looked with provocative eyes at Ye Xiaochen.

Curing bonsai tree, fixing broccoli seed defects?

So what? After all, he was just an ordinary farmer and finally will live in the countryside as ordinary for a lifetime.

And he will have a brighter future and broader stage.

Chapter 103- Premeditated

Taiping town, in a temporary conference room.

More than twenty experts were gathered together, the group consists of both domestic and foreign experts.

Among the accompanying personals, there was deputy mayor of Municipal government in charge of agriculture and two leaders from the promotion station of the municipal agricultural bureau.

“Secretary Liu, governor Zhu, the experts’ group time is very precious, can your county will be able to arrange the itinerary?”

Deputy mayor Hou Shuwen came to Jing county leaders and asked.

“Mayor, we have already arranged everything, but the experts’ group staying in Taiping town also has made thing difficult.”

Zhu Changqing said with a wry smile.

The place that they have arranged for inspection was not in the Taiping town, but a Red rice planting base in the county, which was an agricultural project belonging to the Government group.

It was the only place that Jing County could prepare.

“I’ll with talk with the experts’ group.”

Hou Shuwen nodded. His task was to finish the inspection early and escort the experts’ group back to the city and then try to let the experts’ group stay In Yang City for a longer period.

Now in the Yang city, there were lots of working group from other cities were gathering outside the Yang City, all of their purposes was to let experts group inspect their city.

The expert groups current schedule was to go to Yang city, and there were no further plans.

Naturally, the other cities like a shark smelling the fishes were desperately trying to pull experts group to their homes.

During this period of time, do not know how many calls he had got.

Immediately, Hou Shuwen walked inside the meeting room.

These experts group seems to be whispering about something and ignored Hou Shuwen’s entry.

He coughed and said to Academician Yang, the nominal leader of the experts’ group, “Academician Yan, The Jing County has already arranged the schedule. Why don’t we start now?”

“Mayor Hou, we already have decided the destination for inspection.”

Academician Yang looked at Hou Shuwen and said in a formal tone.

“What, A destination for inspection?”

Hou Shuwen didn’t feel good. So these experts come with some purpose?

At least, he had no idea what the experts’ group have planned.

The traveling route of experts group seemed very strange, came from Shashi city and arrived closed to the Yang city.

The experts’ group have not revealed the next step.

Now, the experts’ group have arrived at this Taiping town and suddenly stopped their journey. They do not wish to let Jing county arrange the destination and have already decided the destination for investigation.

What does this mean?


Hou Shuwen’s reaction was slow and couldn’t think of anything. He was the deputy mayor of the prefecture-level city, naturally, there was no need to mention his abilities.

However, what exactly the experts’ group want to inspect?

“Mayor Hou, we will be going to this place.”

Academician Yang suddenly took out his mobile phone and opened the navigation map.

He pointed his finger on a position.

Hou Shuwen took a look, Yufeng village.

What was this place?

It was normal for him to not know a village under Jing County. He went out and asked the leaders of Jing County.

“What? Yufeng Village?”

“What village is this?”

“Which town does it belong to?”

“It seems to be a village under Taiping town.”

All the Jing county leaders were confused.

The experts’ group was going to visit a village in Taiping Town.

Did the experts’ group take some wrong medicine? First, they wanted to stay in the Taiping town, and now, they were going to visit a village, what about their arrangement?
It would take a half day to do the inspection, the experts’ group might return to Yang city by afternoon.

“Quick, go and call Song Baisheng here.”

A county leader said.

Soon, Song Baosheng with his jolting Buttock came running.

“What? The experts’ group is going to visit Yufeng village?”

Song Baisheng was stunned at first, and then became excited, “good, really good…..”

He saw that the county leaders wanted to kill with their eyes. He stopped his excited voice abruptly and immediately said, “leaders, it is a great honor for us that the experts’ group will visit the village under Taiping town. We will spare no efforts to organize the inspection, absolutely no mishap will happen.”

He was so happy in the heart, finally, he got the pie.

No wonder when he got up today, the Magpies were chirping outside the window. It turned out to be a good sign.
The county leaders saw Song Baisheng’s annoying act, but they were helpless. After all, this thing was decided by the experts’ group.

They could only agree and absolutely couldn’t oppose it.

“You arrange the things as soon as possible. You must make sure that the places visited by the experts’ group are clear and report to us as quickly as possible.”

Liu Ping firmly said.

“Yes, I will fulfill the task.”

Song Baisheng hurriedly said.

After Song Baisheng left, Liu Ping said with a bitter smile, “Unexpected;y we are being busy in vain.”

“It should be said that you jing county are not busy in vain. Aren’t you guys curious about the place that experts are interested?

Hou Shuwen smiled,

The county leaders present on the scene were slightly stunned and immediately showed a pondering look.

There were all guessing something.

Why did the experts’ group choose Jing County?

When experts arrived at Taiping tow, why did they stay and selected Yufeng village?

“Leaders, I have arranged thing. In addition, I have asked the officials of Yufeng village. Yufeng village has a farm, but the farm size is very small. The owner of the farm iv a very you man with the surname Ye and is unmarried. Did undergraduate from the Southern province Agricultural University, afterward he opened a farm in the village, in addition to it, there is no other planting base there.”

Song Baisheng said.

“Is there any retired expert in Yufeng village?”

Secretary Liu quickly asked.

“No, absolutely No one.”

Song Baisheng shook his head and said.

“That’s strange. What is it there that is attracting experts?”

The leaders present felt strange.

If it was the small farm, they won’t believe it, it was just a college graduate, how could he get in touch with experts group?

No way, they could only arrange things for the experts’ group to go to the village.

Suddenly, the fleet set out from the town and headed straight for Yufeng village.

“God, why are the experts’ group going to Yufeng village where Xiaochen is located?”

Fang Yuan was also in the vehicle.

He couldn’t figure out what the experts’ group were going to do in Yufeng village?

Don’t ….. Were they going to look for Xiaochen?

His heart trembled and could not think of any other reason.

If Ye Xiaochen hadn’t helped him in solving the problem of Broccoli seed defects, he would never have thought about it.

Ye Xiaochen had once refused the special offer of millions of annual salary from the global company!

Till now, he felt pity for YE Xaicohen.

Thinking till here, he touched his mobile phone, but he hesitated and did not call him.

He was not sure yet.

Perhaps, besides YE Xaicohen there was still some old experts living in the village.

Otherwise, how could Ye Xiaochen ability become so strong?

There is no person guiding, who would believe it!

Yes, it should be.

The Fang Yuan finally found a stable reason.

Chapter 104- Entering the Village

The fleet vehicles entered into the road of Yufeng Village.

Suddenly, the luxury bus stopped again.

What were the experts up to?

Many leading officials were silently cursing in their hearts.

“Town head Song, you send someone to Yufeng village and ask them how to reach to Ye Xiaochen’s house?”

Academician Yang put his head out of the vehicle and said to Song Baisheng who came over.

“Academician Yang, you said Ye Xiaochen, Are you talking about that Ye Xiaochen who opened a small farm?”

Song Baisheng was startled and asked again.

“Well, if there is only one Ye Xiaochen in this Yufeng village, then it is him.”

Academician Yang laughed.

He had already investigated it.

This time, obviously they came prepared.

“Well, Academician Yang, then I will ask the village officials.” Song Baisheng quickly said.

The dialogue between Academic Yang and Song Baisheng was loud enough that everyone could hear it.

The crowd was amazed.

Ye Xiaochen?

Was it really as the Song Baisheng mentioned a university student with a small farm?

How was that possible?

How could the experts’ group be so excited to find the farmer Ye Xiaochen?

Yes, a farmer.

Even if Ye Xiaochen was a college student and did undergraduate, however now he was growing vegetables for livelihood, a farmer.

Wasn’t this a joke that these botanical big shots were just looking for a farmer?

The experts’ reply was positive, that they came to find Ye Xiaochen.

Academician Yang saw the discussion of people from the vehicle.

He was also very helpless.

He also doesn’t want to let a great number of people involved, who told these bureaucrats to make this affair so big? What could he do?

Unless if they don’t go to Ye Xiaochen.

However, to not look for Ye Xiaochen, how could they be willing.

They can’t do anything. They could only hope that Ye Xiaochen wouldn’t be angry about it.

“I didn’t know it was Ye Xiaochen. How did he get to know these experts?”

Fang Yuan was stunned for a while.

“It seems there are many things about YE Xiaochen which I don’t know.”

Fang Yuan sighed incessantly.

He thought for a moment, then immediately ran over and shouted, “Academician Yang, I know where Ye Xiaochen’s home is.”

This was an opportunity to show his face!

Fang Yuan was no doubt a smart man, he immediately grabbed the opportunity.

Suddenly, many people looked towards Fang Yuan and were surprised.

“Fang Yuan, you don’t talk nonsense.”

The station master of the promotion station yelled.

“Stationmaster, I really know it, Ye Xiaochen and I are university classmates. I also went to his house previous time to play.”

Fang Yuan said.

“Haha, Since this young man is a classmate of Ye Xiaochen, let him lead the way.”

Academician Yang laughed and said.

Suddenly, many people’s expression looking at Fang Yuan changed.

The car continued to move, and soon reached a fork in the road.
The Fang Yuan sitting in the guiding car pointed towards the gravel road, “Go from there.”

“Are there no concrete roads?”

The driver of the car asked.


Fang Yuan directly shook his head.

Immediately, the driver began to turn towards the gravel road.

“Why are we going from here?”

“Why there is no cement in this road?”

“Yes, currently wasn’t all the village roads were hardened with cement?”

“This road is very bad.”


In the other car, Song Baisheng felt his body shaking, but fortunately, the car was moving very slowly.

However, his facial expressions were slightly ugly, he was scolding this village official, as the road was not hardened with cement.
County, City leaders, and experts, what would they be thinking?
“Song Baisheng, what is going on? Isn’t hardening the village road the main policy? How come such an important village wasn’t hardened yet?”

The shaking county leaders were directly cursing.

It was really bad for the county’s image.

In this car, there were also city news journalist, if even a little report was done, then it would become troublesome.

In the car.

Fang Yuan’s heart was secretly felt bright.

Although it was only a slight face, it was not ordinary.

A girl next to her asked curiously, ”Fang Yuan, are you really a classmate of Ye Xiaochen?”

She was a journalist, as a journalist professional sensitivity, she immediately felt that she could dig up a lot of primary information about Ye Xiaochen from the Fang Yuan.

“Of course, for four Years, YE Xiaochen and I have been classmates in the university.”

Fang Yuan said proudly.

If Ye Xiaochen becomes really famous, then won’t he also as his classmate become famous?

“That’s great, then can I ask you questions about Ye Xiaochen?”

The girl’s eyes sparkled.

Although she hasn’t seen Ye Xiaochen, able to let the experts’ group attach so much importance to this person, how could it be an ordinary person?

She was very interested in this Ye Xiaochen. Fang Yuan was a classmate of Ye Xiaochen, she immediately turned like a curious baby and asked about Ye Xiacohem.

Meanwhile, she was also recording down it with her pen.

“Of Course, when it comes YE Xiaochen, there are too many things to say…… ”

Fang Yuan blinked his eyes.

He thought and thought, and there was nothing to say because Ye Xiaochen has been too low key in the university, that let people easily ignore his existence.

He smiled awkwardly and began to rack his brain for the solution.

“Here, we should immediately get down.”

Suddenly Fang Yuan’s eyes shined and hurriedly said.

“Eh. You haven’t said anything yet.”

Said the girl.

“Cough, let’s talk about it later?”

Fang Yuan squeezed his eyes and hurriedly made the driver stop in front of the house.

The girl was a little disappointed. She thought that she would soon see Ye Xiaochen and her attention diverted.

The village officials who rushed back to the village in advance had already informed village families through loudspeakers.

Do good Hygiene!

If someone from the experts’ group come to the house for the question, what would they answer!

For a while, the whole village was in chaos.

Everywhere a lot of cleaning was going on.

The time was tight, the whole village became like a battlefield, making sure that there was no garbage in front and back of the house.

“It’s strange, why are the experts’ group coming to our village?”

“Yes, I heard there are also foreigners in these group of experts?”

“Then, won’t we have a chance to see a foreigner. There is not much feeling when watching foreigners on Tv. don’t know what would be difference watching face to face?”

“These experts all have the big names, it was strange they are coming to our village.”

Ye Xiaochen’s parent after the busy work, have already cleaned all the trash, they were standing under the eaves and were talking.

Sister-in-law Hui, the eldest aunt, and others also were gathered and talking with each other.

Suddenly, the sound of the horn came from the far corner of the road.

Then a car came in.

As the roads were not hardened and were full of stone, it was very bumpy and the car was coming slowly.

“You guys look, so many cars, will it not be experts groups?”

Said the aunt.

“Maybe, but how did they get in through this road?”

“Yes, this not a good road to come.”

“By the way, I heard there would be some big official coming with the experts’ group, Can we ask them to allocate some money to harden this section of road?

“No, the experts’ group will not be in charge of such matter, and just now village officials told us to say as little as possible.”

The others started speaking.

For some reason, this section of the road has not been hardened. It has already been for several years and was not yet solved.

As they were speaking, the vehicles suddenly came to a stop, and a large crowd of people was getting out of the vehicle.

All the people were slightly surprised, Could it be that the experts’ group were coming here?

Chapter 105- Paying Visit

At Ye Xiaochen’s Gate.

The fleet stopped.

A large crowd of people got down from cars and headed for Ye Xiaochen’s home.

The expert’s group was escorted by its entourage.

Yang City reporters, cameraman carrying the cameras were takings pictures.

The whole line up was extremely huge.

Ye Xiaochen’s parents and neighbors who were talking under the eaves were shocked by seeing such a line-up.

Why the experts’ group were coming here?

What to do?

What should I say?

After all, they were ordinary people, when did they encounter such a scene?

Fang Yuan was first to get down from the car, he ran like he was in a 100-meter race and said in a loud voice, “Uncle Ye, Aunt Ye. I am Fang Yuan. Today experts group have come to visit Chen.”


To Visit Chen?

Which Chen?


The neighbor’s eyes fell on Ye Xaiochen’s parents.

By the way, Chen, was it not Ye Xiaochen?

Sister in law Hui, Eldest Aunt, and others was dumbfounded. What is this rhythm?

These aloof and remote experts unexpectedly came to visit YE Xiaochen, they didn’t mishear, right?

Ye Xiaochen’s parents were also confused.

What do you want to do by paying a visit to our son?

Could it be that our son committed some crime?

It should be wrong. They came to visit, not to arrest.

The two elders breathed a sigh of relief, however, they were still nervous.

What did they want to do by finding our son?

In the process, Fang Yuan repeatedly explained, then YE Xiaochen’ believed that the experts’ group really came to find their son.

This was a good thing!

Fang Yuan quickly introduce the two elders to many leaders, experts, and professors of experts group.

The two elders were already extremely nervous, after listening for a long time, they couldn’t remember anything. They only know that these all were big people.

The two elders hurriedly welcomed the experts’ group, city leaders and county leaders into their house.

The room was very small to accommodate so many people.

Most of the people could only wait outside.

Hui Sister-in-law and others quickly helped in making the tea and carrying it.

“Is Mr. Ye Xiaochen not present? ”

The experts’ group sat inside the house.

As they had few seats, they borrowed some from the neighbors.

Academician Yang looked at Ye Xiaochen’s parent’s nervous face and asked politely.
Although he was older than Ye Xiaochen’s parents, he still used honorifics.
In his opinion, to be able to cultivate Ye Xiaochen like son, they were absolutely worthy of respect.

“Xiaochen went to Yang city for delivering the vegetables, it will take some time for him to come back. Oh, old man, you quickly call your son and ask him to come back immediately. ”

Ye Xiaochen’s mother replied.


Ye Xiaochen’s father took out his mobile phone, however, he was too nervous and several times dialed the wrong number.

“I’ll do it.”

YE Xiaochen’s mother immediately grabbed the phone and quickly dialed Ye Xiaochen’s number.

On the other side of Yang city, in Wang Shuisheng’s home.

Ye Xiaochen was talking with Wang Shuisheng.

Suddenly, his mobile phone rang. He took out for a look, his mother was calling.

“Brother Wang, I’ll take a call.”

Wang Shuisheng nodded.

“Child Chen, you come back quickly, experts, experts, experts group are here. ”

Mother’s hurried voice came out.

“What? The experts’ group are there?”

Ye Xiaochen frowned.

“Yes, everyone is here. Furthermore, there are many leaders. You quickly come back.”

Mother almost shouted.

“All right.”

Ye Xiaochen laughed helplessly.

What a hassle!

He thought that even if the experts’ group would come they would be using some other method. However, they came with such a large force. Was it necessary to put him in such fire?

Ye Xiaochen shook his head and frowned.

When he entered the room, Wang Shuisheng saw the worry on his face and asked, “Xiaochen, what’ the matter?”

“I met a little trouble, I guess I will go home early.”

Ye Xiaochen said.


Wang Shuisheng asked.

“It’s nothing.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head and said,” I’ll go to Xinyi first.”

“Go ahead.”

Wang Shuisheng nodded.

Ye Xiaochen walked towards the courtyard where Wang Xinyi lives.

Waiting until Ye Xiaochen left, then Wang Shuisheng eyes flickered, with a questioning voice he asked, “the third Uncle, is Ye Xiaochen and aunt?”
“These are not the things you should ask. Leave it to them.”

Wan Shuisheng glared at Wang Yuandong.

Wang Yuandong’s heart was howling in grief, it seems to be true and moreover, the third uncle doesn’t seem to object it.

If Xiaochen and Wang Xinyi were together, then shouldn’t he need to call Ye Xiaochen…. He trembled at the thought and did not dare to think about it anymore.


At home.

Mother hung up the phone said, “I’m sorry, have to let you wait.”

“That’s all right, anyway we have some time. By the way, doesn’t Ye Xiaochen run a farm? Can you show us?”

Academician laughed and said.

They obviously know about YE Xiaochen’s past and know about Ye Xiacohen’s accomplishment in botany. Unexpectedly, he resigned to open a farm. This was a little strange, so he was very curious about the farm Ye Xiaochen opened.

“Good, I‘ll take you there.”

Naturally, the mother agreed.

Immediately, the group of people marched towards YE Xiaochen’s farm.

After arriving at the farm, many people were disappointed.

This farm was really small!

Small greenhouse, very average drainage facilities, there was no shadow of any high tech features.

This was just an ordinary greenhouse.

But to many people’s surprise, when they entered the farm, the fresh air made them feel very comfortable.

“The air is really fresh!”

“Yes, originally I was feeling my chest little stuffy, but when I got here, I feel a lot relaxed.”

“Look, these vegetables are really nice.”

“It is really beautiful. I’ve seen a lot of farms and never saw such good vegetables!”

“It’s not that the vegetables are better, the excessive pesticide must have been used, so there are fewer pests.”

“It is also possible that, since the experts’ group came to find Ye Xiaochen, perhaps this person’s vegetable cultivation level is very high.”


A large number of people entered into the farm.

However, all the people were very conscious not to destroy any single farm plant.

YE Xiaochen’s mother and father became the guide, leading the experts into the greenhouse, introducing the planted fruits and vegetables in the greenhouse.

“My son’s vegetables and fruits are very delicious.”

“All the vegetables here are free of pesticides. My son has great abilities.”

“Look at those watermelons, they are in their third blooming. My son said that he has transformed it and can be harvested many times. ”

“You don’t know, my son’s pickles vegetables are very delicious. I guarantee that you will want it a second time after tasting it.”


Ye Xiaochen’s mother started her chatterbox, she was talking non-stop, she was telling how strong her son was.

Academician Yang and others listened to Ye Xiaochen’s mother, they were very interested.

Finally, they came to the greenhouse where immortal land was.

“This greenhouse, my son won’t let us in. Saying that the vegetables planted here are not ordinary vegetables.”

Mother said.

“Can we go in and have a look?”

Academician Yang became very curious about the farm.

The quality of the vegetables here was very excellent.

Even in the Academy of agricultural science ‘s special greenhouse, those well cultivated experimental vegetables couldn’t reach this level.

Whether the pesticide has been used on the vegetables or not,  with his vision and experience, he could tell this with a glance.

The vegetables here were absolutely the most original ones.

Chapter 106- Amazement

“Well, this must not be a  problem, anyways you are experts, you know about it.”

Mother hesitated for a moment and then nodded and said.

Just as Academician Yang and others were about to enter the immortal land, suddenly, two big local dogs rushed over and bared their teeth at Academician Yang and others.

Academician Yang and others immediately got frightened, and the entourage accompanying them were started, they came forward to protect Academician Yang and other experts.

It would become a joke if the experts were bitten by a local dog.

“Rhubarb, Erhuang, what are you guys doing?”

Mother like a brave warrior rushed and shouted at them.

After seeing the mother, the two dogs began wagging their tails.

The people present at the scene breathed a sigh of relief.

These two local dogs were extremely huge and did not resemble like local dogs, they could be compared with the wolfdogs.

Standing there, they gave an extremely oppressive atmosphere.

Many people inwardly clicked their tongue, the local dogs could grow up so big?

Obviously, they don’t know that these two dogs have been living in the immortal land for a long time.

After mother scolded the two dogs, the group just entered into the immortal land.

As there were things planted in the immortal land, the space inside of it was not too big, only experts could enter, as for the rest of the people, they were waiting outside.

Meanwhile, Ye Xiaochen was driving his vehicle on the way from Yang City to Jing County.

Suddenly, he pulled over his vehicle to the side of the road, and a map of the farm appeared in his mind.

He saw many people entering the farm.

Needless to say, it should be the experts’ group.

“The farm’s ordinary vegetables in the greenhouse can be seen, but can’t let people see the strangeness of the immortal land. ”

Ye Xiaochen’s heart shook.

This immortal land was a big secret.

After thinking till here, he looked at the farm, the interior building had unremarkable signs.

The constructions could be hidden.

Like Immortal land and immortal spring.

Of course, hiding the immortal land doesn’t mean that the immortal land would disappear, rather it makes the people not see the existence of immortal land.

The immortal land was dependent on the original land.
The immortal land was hidden, the original land would exist like before.

Of course, immortal plants would also exist.

However, the immortal plant’s appearance would be ordinary and there was no need to deal with it.

If he hides it, and if some people who enter think that there were no plantings, and casually trample, then what would he do if they step on the immortal plants?



All the experts who went inside did not find anything special.

The cool breath surrounding the immortal land seems to have disappeared.

The two dogs who were wagging their tails watched the strangers with vigilant eyes. Suddenly, they became restless.

They have long been accustomed to the scent of immortal land.
Now, the scent of the immortal land has disappeared, and they immediately sensed it.

Suddenly, they bared their teeth again at the experts.

According to their simple thinking, when these strangers entered, the scent of immortal land disappeared.

It must have something to do with these people.

Being the stared at by such big two dogs, even the experts who were calm and fearless became frightened.

Fortunately, Ye Xiaochen’ mother and father were also with them, otherwise, they would have gone out without any delay.

Mother also found out the situation, and scolded the two dogs again, letting them become well behaved again.

“What type of bean is this?”

An expert crouched in front of an immortal bean, which was covered with yellow bean pods It was very eye-catching.

This was the second generation immortal yellow bean, if it was the immortal beans purchased from the store, then it was sure that they would become more surprised.

“Is it a new variety cultivated by Mr. Ye?”

Another expert wondered.

In their eyes, Ye Xiaochen was master in the field botany. Naturally, everything on this farm was extraordinary.

“You guys look here, what is this sprout? The buds are actually red as flames.”
“Can’t identify it, but it looks like a bean sprout, however, the color is not right.”

“Oh god! you guys look here, what is this?”

Suddenly, there was a cry of surprise, which immediately attracted the attention of many people and hurriedly looked at it.

An expert was standing in front of a strange little tree, it was an only half foot tall, and red in color, there was a green and golden bud at its top.

“This, this, is this the Fusang tree branch that Mr. Ye Xiaochen took it previous time?”

“This branch unexpectedly can be cut alive?”

“Alive, absolutely alive, you guys look, this bud although is green golden color, without a doubt it is a real bud.”

“It’s unimaginable, a branch of the Fusang tree was actually cut alive, how did Mr.Ye achieve it?”

They have done all the experiments. The broken branch would soon turn into ash, let alone applying to cut. They couldn’t even preserve it.

They have all come to an agreement that the branch of the Fusang tree could not be cut alive.

However, now they have witnessed another miracle.

“That’s great.”

Academician Yang, with the cane in his hand, was trembling with excitement.

He knows the significance of it, this means that the rare and precious Fusang tree could be produced in large quantities.

What an amazing cutting technique!

All the people present on the scene were aware of this.

The importance of this kind of cutting technology was much more than this, it was even able to cut Fusang tree alive, then couldn’t it be used on other precious and endangered plants?

The re-cultivation of precious and endangered plants was often met with difficulties.

Sometimes, you could only watch an endangered plant slowly disappear, but there was nothing you could do about it.

If they could master this amazing cutting technology, then they would be able to cultivate a large number of them.

All the experts looked at each other.

They felt that visiting Ye Xiaochen was absolutely correct.

They were looking forward to communicating with Ye Xiaochen.

Outside the greenhouse.

Many city and county leaders and entourage saw the experts looking excited, they gathered around, do not know what they were doing, they were curious

They did not go in to disturb but began to arrange for resting place and lunch.

There were many people, the experts amount to twenty people, and including other people makes the total reach fifty or sixty people.

It was not easy to arrange a place for such a large crowd of people.

Half an hour later.

The experts remained in the immortal land and did not leave.

Everything in the greenhouse made them very curious, they began to talk in a group of three and five.

There was a large crowd of people waiting outside under the sun, naturally, it was uncomfortable.

Ye Xiaochen’s parent with neighbors began to arrange for cutting some farm-produced fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, and other farm fruits and distributed to the people present on the scene.

“Wow, this watermelon is so sweet and refreshing, it tastes much better than the one bought from the supermarket.”

“What kind of melon is this? It’s so delicious.”

“This cantaloupe is very fragrant and tastes so sweet, I have never eaten such a delicious cantaloupe before.”

“Yes, it is extremely delicious, it’s better than what’s on market. You can see the standard from the way the melons have been planted.”

Many people ate the fruits and marveled at it.

Even those city and county leader who usually eat exotic delicacies and top-notch fruit were also attracted by these fruits.

They have never eaten such delicious fruits.

Experts were also served with the watermelon and cantaloupe when these experts tasted they were full of praise for it.

Ye Xiaochen’s mother felt happy in her heart when so many people praised the melons.

Just then, on the road outside of the farm, a sound of the engine came.

Ye Xiaochen was back.

Chapter 107-Concept

Ye Xiaochen with his vehicle arrived at the farm, it did not attract the attention of many people.

The main reason was Ye  Xiaochen was too young.

Being too young, no one has associated him with Ye Xiaochen.

“Hello, the experts’ group are visiting the farm, for the time being, you can’t’ go inside.”

Although there were many people on the farm, they were all reliable people.

Be it the experts’ groups, or county leaders or city leaders or the other accompanying entourage.

There was also the village officials, Ye Xiaochen’s parents, as well as the neighbors.

They all were well informed.

The experts’ group inspection, how could they not to pay attention to the security.

Among the entourage, there were plainclothes wearing police.

Around the farm, there were plainclothes wearing security guards.

In short, the current farm security was tight from inside and outside, not anyone could casually enter.

Currently, Ye Xiaochen was stopped outside the farm by two plainclothes police officers.

Ye Xiaochen didn’t know whether to laugh or cry, the owner himself actually couldn’t get inside, was this not comical?

Fortunately, Ye Xiaochen’s father and mother have been looking out of the farm, expecting their son to come back quickly.

They saw Ye Xiaochen’s vehicle coming, immediately they knew that their son was back, they hurriedly ran to the entrance of the farm and saw security personnel stopping Ye Xiaochen, mother hurriedly shouted, “This is my son, why are you guys blocking him?”

The two plainclothed policemen were directly stunned.

They naturally know who the middle-aged woman was, the mother of Mr.Ye for whom the experts’ group came to visit.

Doesn’t that mean this Young man was Ye Xiaochen?

According to their previous investigation, Ye Xiaochen doesn’t have any brother and has only one sister.

“Oh. Mr. Ye, we are very sorry, we are responsible for this area, please forgive us.”
The older policeman immediately changed his face and said with a smile.

“It’s okay.”

Ye Xiaochen naturally didn’t care about it, he nodded and then went entered into the farm.

The two plain-clothed policemen looked at YE Xiaochen’s back and then looked at each other.

“Brother Shen, you say, he is that Ye Xiaochen, but why can’t I see anything extraordinary about him?”

The younger policeman whispered.

“If you could see it, you wouldn’t be here guarding the door.”

Bother Shen, the older policeman said with a shriveled mouth.

In fact, his heart was also curious, that person was too young.


Ye Xiaochen entered the farm.

Fang Yuan immediately welcomed him.

With his loud cry, he immediately attracted the attention of many people.

Especially, when Ye Xiaochen was coming together with his mother. Many people were muttering in their heart, could it be that this the young man was Ye Xiaochen that the experts were looking for?

Well, isn’t he too young?

“Mayor Hou, this is my college classmate, Ye Xiaochen.”

When Fang Yuan introduced Ye Xiaochen to Mayor Hou, Hou Shuwen and everyone already knew without any suspense that this young man was Ye Xiaochen.

They could only marvel, deeply marvel.

A book could not be judged by its cover.

“Ye, Mr. Ye, you are pretty good”

Mayor Hou extended his hand.

He even called him Mr. Ye.

Although Ye Xiaochen was young and a common person, when experts group came to visit him, his position has changed dramatically.

He has to face it.

Moreover, he was fortunate that Ye Xiaochen was from Yang city.

He was sure that Academician Yang and others absolutely would not misjudge a person.
Since Ye Xiaochen could make them pay so much attention to him, he must have sufficient ability.

Ye Xiaochen was slightly surprised, unexpectedly it was the vice mayor of a prefecture city level.

In the past, for him, it was a high ranking figure that could only be seen on Tv and News.

However, now he was standing in front of him, and the mayor was even addressing him as Mr. Ye.

He took a deep breath, reached out his hand and shook hands with Mayor Hou.

In addition to Mayor Hou, there were many county and city leader who came forward to shake hands with Ye Xiaochen and showed their goodwill.

Ye Xiaochen was speechless and had to shake hands one by one.

“Haha, Mr.Ye, I have finally met you. It’s a little presumptuous for us to visit you suddenly.”

At this time, Academician Yang and other experts received the news of Ye Xiaochen’s return, all came out of immortal land.

Academician Yang was walking with a cane in his hand.

“Academician Yang, aren’t you putting me on fire? Just would have given me a call, and I would have gone straight to see you. ”

Ye Xiaochen said with a wry smile.

“Doesn’t matter. We coming here is the same. I don’t know if we are not welcomed?”

Academician Yang laughed.

“Of course, you are welcomed. It is just this situation is a little bit big and little out of place.”

Ye Xiaochen looked at the surrounding crowd, there were flashing lights and the cameras that were taking pictures.

How would he be able to keep a low profile?

“Mayor Hou, Secretary Liu, really sorry, to let you accompany us all the way. I am afraid that because of us, you have delayed a lot of your works. So, we old guys will be staying in Yufeng village, and you guys can go back.”

Academician Yang said to the leaders present on the scene.

He was driving the people away.

Many county and city leaders looked embarrassed.

Could they leave in peace?

Could they feel relieved that so many leaders would be staying in Yufeng village?

Surely not!

If the experts have even the slightest bit of problem, then they would be in big trouble.

However, Academician Yang was resolute and negotiated with the several key leaders, finally reaching an agreement where only a part of the entourage would be left with the experts.

As for the county leaders, they could go back.

Soon, half of the people left.

At last, there was peace.

“Fang Yuan, you must accept my private interview, okay?”

When the female journalist of the Yang city TV station was leaving, she said these words to Fang Yuan.

All reporters needed to evacuate.

Fang Yuan was the classmate of Ye Xiaochen, so the city promotion station official had the luck to stay.

The leaders personally asked him to report any situation at any time.

Fang Yuan was flattered because even Mayor Hou was politely talked to him.

“Ha Ha, this brother is going to rise in the career.”

Fang Yuan’s heart was full of joy.

In the immortal land.

Ye Xiaochen was accompanying the group of experts to show the things planted inside.

“Mr. Ye, how did you cut the branch of Fusang tree?”

Academician Yang asked a question that even other experts wanted to know.

Ye Xiaochen knows that he couldn’t hide things about Fusang tree.

Moreover, he didn’t want to hide it.

“Professor Zhang, do you still remember about what I told about plant consciousness?”

Ye Xiaochen did not directly answer Academician Yang’s question, but looked at Zhang Keqin and smilingly asked.

Zhang Keqin also followed the experts’ group in their inspection.

During this period of time, communicating with so many to botanist has yielded him tremendous benefits and has helped in building an incredible network.

He knows that all this has a great relationship with Ye Xiaochen.

Otherwise, with the status and vision of top botanist like Academician Yang, how could they care about such general botanist?

Many experts on the scene glanced toward Zhang Keqin and were looking forward to the answer. Obviously, Ye Xiaochen and Zhang Keqin had exchanges with each other.

“Mr. Ye, is the cutting technique of Fusang tree related to the plant consciousness? ”

Zhang Keqin was shocked.

Although he believed in Ye Xiaochen’s capacity, he always had doubts about the existence of plant consciousness.

However, Now Ye Xiaochen has mentioned again about the plant consciousness.

Moreover, what does it mean to be able to cut the Fusang tree alive?

It proved the possibility that plant consciousness exist!

YE Xiaochen smiled and nodded.

“Actually, this was the way!”

Zhang Keqin was deeply shocked and could only marvel. He saw the experts curious look and quickly explained about the plant consciousness to them.

The experts were shocked when they listened.

Plant consciousness, in the field of botany there was no such concept at all.

Now, Ye Xiaochen has put forward this concept. If it really exists, then it would open a new field in botany.

Chapter 108-Reaction

“Mr. Ye, how can we prove the existence of the plant’s consciousness?”

Academician Yang took a deep breath and asked in a consulting tone.

If the existence of the plant’s consciousness could be proved, it would have an unimaginable significance for the development of botany.

“You can’t, just like the human soul, we are aware there is this concept and even if we are convinced that the soul exists, it cannot be proved. Same is the case with the plants’ consciousness, my research of plant consciousness is not proving its existence, but on the basis, it exists and use it to master new knowledge, until one day to reverse demonstrate the existence of plant consciousness under a large number of results. ”

Ye Xiaochen shrugged his shoulders.

Hypothesis and Proof.

That’s how the world’s problems are formed.

Naturally,  Ye Xiaochen’s this theoretical argument is without any result, if it was applied for the experiment, there would be nothing.

Nothing, but Ye Xiaochen was able to achieve it.

Cutting the branch of Fusang tree alive, was it not a clear proof?

Otherwise, why experts even after gathering everyone and using the best equipment and technology were not able to do it?

Doesn’t it show that there is a possibility of the existence of plants consciousness?

The experts present on the scene listened in silence.

Although they quite don’t understand it, they couldn’t help but think about it.

Perhaps, Ye Xiaochen cutting alive the Fusang tree was just a coincidence?

This was the thought in many people’s heart.

However, some didn’t think so.

For example, Zhang Keqin who knows that Ye Xiaochen helped Global Company in solving the problem of broccoli seeds.

Previously, the Global company had asked him, but he was never able to figure out the principle of saline solution.

There were also some who had said Ye Xiaochen found the solution by accident.
If saline solution method was a coincidence, and saving the Fusang tree was also a coincidence, and cutting the Fusang tree branch cutting alive also a coincidence, I would like to ask, how could there be so many coincidences in this word?

There was only one possibility, Ye Xiaochen has really mastered some theory of plant consciousness, and using it he was able to have so many coincidences.

With so many success, doesn’t it indirectly prove the existence of the plant’s consciousness?

All the people remained in the immortal land for a few hours till the time of lunch. They left the farm and went to Ye Xiaochen’s home to eat.

In order to receive the experts’ group and the remaining entourage, Ye Xiaochen’s parent and neighbors already made preparations in advance. They killed chickens, slaughtered ducks, cut fish, and chopped meats.

It was just like a banquet.

Fortunately, half of them left, otherwise doing the hospitality would have become troublesome.

The meals were home cooked, and wine was rice wine brewed at the farmhouse.
The ingredients used on the dish were grown on the farm, so the taste was nice even if the cooking was mediocre.

Everyone enjoyed the meal.

At the end of the meal, several pickled vegetables were served.

Pickled vegetables were put in the end, as its taste too delicious, if it was served at starting, could they still eat other dishes?

When someone eats a piece, they couldn’t stop eating it.

In a short time, the pickled vegetables were cleaned.

Even the refined experts were defeated in front of the pickled vegetables and didn’t care about their image.

“So good, how is this pickled vegetable is made?”

“The food is delicious enough, but I didn’t realize the food was still lacking behind, this is the best-pickled vegetable I have eaten in my life.”

“I didn’t expect the pickled vegetable could be so delicious.”

“How can ordinary pickled vegetables be tasty, Mr. Ye, how did you marinate the pickles? ”


After eating the pickled vegetables, everyone wanted more.

Zhang Keqin was recalling the aftertaste of pickled vegetables and regretted that he could not eat more, if only there were still more.
Suddenly, he seemed to think of something, by the way, didn’t Ye Xiaochen previous time send him few packets of pickled vegetables?

Could it be, those pickled vegetables were just like this pickled vegetable?

Thinking about it, zhang Keqin’s heart became excited.


Jing County, Renchen furniture factory, a luxuriously decorated office.

Li Jiaren was talking with some management people.

Suddenly his mobile phone rang, which he had put on a bedside table.

He picked it up and saw it was Liu Fusheng.

“What did you say? The experts’ group came to Jing county to find Ye Xiaochen? How could it be possible?”

Li Jiaren eyes were ready to pop out.

The news was very shocking.

Now, who doesn’t know that the experts’ group came to Jing county?

However, he didn’t pay much attention to it, after all, he was engaged in the furniture and could not meet with the experts’ group.

However, now it was not the same.

What does it mean for experts group to visit specifically Ye Xiaochen?

Ye Xiaochen would soon become famous for no matter what the reason was. Ye Xiaochen was no longer a just unknown small farmer.

“A mistake!”

Li Jairen regretted, he gnashed his teeth and said to Li Fusheng, “Old Liu, we can’t wait any longer, inform everyone immediately and meet today.”

Saying that he hung the phone, and frantically began to contact others.
He knows that once Ye Xiaochen becomes famous, many people would surely notice him.

If someone discovers about Ye Xiaochen’s premium vegetables and start collaborating with him, would they still have a share?

Although they have the financial resources, it was the only general. Not to say the huge Yang city, even within the Jing county there many with abundant financial resources.

Moreover, Ye Xiaochen also knows Wang Shuisheng, the richest person in Yang city!


Jing county, a certain district.

Li Minzhu’s family was having meals, daughter Li Yan and son-in-law Chen hao was also there.

Suddenly, Chen Hao’s mobile phone rang.

Chen Hao saw the number, it was his mother, immediately he got up and walked aside to pick up.

“Eat your meal, what call your answering?”

Li Yan muttered.

Chen Hao didn’t seem to hear and answered the phone, “Mother, I am having a meal, what is the matter? ”

“What! Mother, what did you say? The experts’ group went to third uncle’s house and were looking for Ye Xiaochen?”

Chen Hao was shocked.

He couldn’t believe what he was hearing.

Why did the experts’ group go to third uncle’s house?

Both sides were completely impossible to meet together in the eight lifetimes. It was fundamentally impossible.

“It is true, now this news has been spread all over the relatives. Currently, the experts’ group are staying at Xiacohen’s house, come back quickly as soon as you finish your meal. Let’s go to Xiaochen’s house.”

The voice of Chen Hao’ mother came from the other side of the phone.

“Oh okay okay,… I will be back.”

Chen Hao hung up the phone, he was looking little dazed.

The news was shocking.

Even when he returned to his seat, he did not seem to recover his soul.

“What’s wrong with you? What is the matter?”

Li Yan quickly asked.

“Wife, let’s quickly go back to home….”

Chen Hao suddenly stood up and said.

“Go back? Now we are having dinner. In the afternoon we have to take Dad to the hospital. “

Li Yan gave Chen hao a harsh glance.

However, Chen Hao didn’t pay attention and promptly said, “Really have to go back. A big event has happened. The experts’ group went to Chen child’s house.”

“The experts’ group went to Chen child’s house? Who is Chen? What does it have to do with us?”

Li Yan did not react at all.

“Ye Xiaochen, my uncle’s son.”

Chen Hao said.

“You don’t have a fever, do you?”

How Li Yan could believe, she sneered, “Experts group, your cousin is poor, will experts group visit his home?”

“If you don’t believe, I’m too lazy to explain to you.”

Chen Hao couldn’t bear it any longer, he turned around and went out.

He was already fed up with Li Yan.

“Dad, you saw his hard wings, he dares get angry on me”

Li Yan felt wronged and said.

“Let me make a phone call and ask.”

Li Minzhu knows his daughter’s strong nature and his son-in-law honest nature, he doesn’t get angry easily, there must be a certain reason.

Although what his son-in-law had just was a little unreasonable, he had to pay attention to it.

Soon he made a call a leader with a good relationship.

When he found out the situation, he was shocked.

“Dad, what’s the matter?”

Li Yan saw her father’s look and hurriedly asked.

“The experts’ group went to Yufeng village of Taiping town and visited a young man named Ye Xiaochen.”

Li Minzhu directly said.

Li Yan was dumbfounded.

How could it be possible?

However, Dad has verified with the leader and it was true.

“Little Yan, quickly go with Chen Hao. ”

Li Minzhu saw his daughter’s dazed look, he knows about her proudish character and knows how she despises the poor relatives before it didn’t matter, but now it was different.

“Ah, well, I, I’ll go now.”

Li Yan was not stupid, even if she was not willing to believe, she has to go.

She got up, picked her purse on the sofa and rushed out.

Chapter 109-Depressed

In the afternoon, the experts refused to take rest and gathered again to exchange the botanical insights with Ye Xiaochen.

Naturally, Ye Xiaochen did not hide anything.

Many new concepts have been mentioned, which were not present in the current botany.

All the experts present on the scene felt refreshed.

Zhang Keqin was very impressed. Compared to previous exchange, Ye Xiaochen now had a deeper understanding and insights of certain aspects.

It was hard to imagine that in such a short period of time he has made such big progress.

It was four-o’clock of the afternoon, but experts were not yet ready to leave.

After communicating with Ye Xiaochen, they all felt that their horizons have been broadened.

Although Ye Xiaochen had mentioned many of the things which could not be confirmed, they felt it was all reasonable.

“Mr. Ye, we will be staying in the Jing county for several days, if we continue to come here every day, we are afraid it will cause inconvenience to your family, why don’t you come tomorrow at our place?” “

Academician Yang said with an expectant look.

Just one afternoon of exchanges, it was far from satisfying their needs.

They had no intention to leave for a period of time.

Ye Xiaochen pondered about it and then agreed.

Today, in order to receive so many people his father and mother had become very busy, it was almost like making a banquet.

If they come again tomorrow, that won’t do.

In this way, Ye Xiaochen watched experts group leaving in the car.

The leaders of Yang city and Jing county did not leave but were waiting in the Taiping town.

When they found out the idea of experts group, the leaders’ group had two different thoughts.

Yang city leaders felt very depressed

The Jing county leaders felt very excited. Let alone staying for a few days, it was good if they do not even leave.

Immediately, the Jing County leaders quickly arranged the best accommodation for the experts’ group.

As for Mayor Hou, he was helpless, he could only leave few Agricultural bureau and promotion station officials, as he and other leader have to return to Yang city.

The experts’ group were going to stay here for a few more days, he was a vice mayor and has lots of works, naturally, he can’t stay here every day with them.


Yang city, Wang Shuisheng villa.

“Third uncle, my mentor is not going to return to Yang city and will be staying in the Jing county for few days with experts, I am thinking to go to him.” “

Wang Yuandong said to Wang Shuisheng.

“Why are experts group staying for so long in Jing county?” “

Wang Shuisheng asked curiously.

“I don’t know, my mentor didn’t say it. However, I know Fang Yuan who was my university classmate and works in city promotion station, he went to Jing county accompanying experts group. He might know the reason for it.”

Wang Yuandong said.

The teacher didn’t say about it, so it was not good for him to ask.

Immediately, he called Fang Yuan’s phone.

“Hey, old friend, are you still in Jing County?” “

Wang Yuandong asked.

His relation with Fang yuan was good.

“Old wang, I am still here. Your mentor is with experts group, why didn’t you follow him?”

Fang Yuan laughed and asked.

“I thought it was only for half a day, so I didn’t go. I didn’t expect that the experts’ group would be staying in the Jing county for a few days. Oh, by the way, do you know the reason for it?”

Wang Yuandong asked curiously.

“Old Wang , isn’t your teacher also here? Why don’t you ask your teacher? Hey, but I’m saying you absolutely won’t be able to imagine the reason for it.”

Fang Yuan chuckled.

“What is the reason, don’t play riddles with me.”

Wang Yuandong was speechless

“Do you remember Ye Xiaochen?”

Fang Yuan chuckled and said.

“Ye Xiaochen?” “

Wang Yuandong was slightly surprised. How could he not remember? He had just met him in the morning.

Moreover, Ye Xiaochen was probably going to become his cheap uncle in the future.

Just thinking about it makes him vomit blood.

“Yes, hey, you would have never expected that the experts’ group was looking for Ye Xiaochen.”

Fang Yuan sighed and continued, “who would have thought, that humble Ye Xiaochen of our class is now very capable and famous. ”
Just thinking of those top experts communicating with Ye Xiaochen on equal terms makes the heart envious.

Doing the undergraduate from the same university, and even has a better family background, but why the gap is so big now?

Previously, Ye Xiaochen rejected Global company’s annual salary of millions. Now, so many experts came to specifically visit him. How great was his ability!

“Ye Xiaochen?

” How was this possible?

“Did he… cure the Fusang tree?”

Wang Yuandong trembled and revealed an astonished expression.

He remembered that in the morning Ye Xiaochen wanted to go back quickly. Now, it turns out that the experts’ group had come to visit him.

He took a deep breath, his heart was extremely bitter.

He suddenly felt that the gap between him and Ye Xiaochen seemed to be growing bigger and bigger.
Previously, he showed off in front of Ye Xiaochen that he was able to enter Academy of Agricultural science, but now it seems simply very ridiculous.

He was not in the mood to ask any more questions, so he hung up the phone.

“Wang Yuandong, what is the matter?”

Wang Shusiheng looked at him and asked.

Wang Yuandong had not turned on the speaker while calling Fang Yuan, so their conversation was not very clear to him.

“Third Uncle, the experts’ group came to Jing county to find Ye Xiaochen.”

Wang Yuandong said with a bitter smile.


Even Wang Shuisheng who was a calm and steady person, was shocked.

In order to make the experts’ group inspect his company, he didn’t know how much effort he had to spend and connections he had to use.

However, now his nephew said that the experts’ group made a special trip to Jing county to find Ye Xiaochen.

This was too strange, right?

“If I didn’t guess wrong, then the person who cured Fusang tree in Shashi city is no doubt Ye Xiaochen.”

Wang Yuandong said with a depressed expression.


Wang Shuisheng was startled.

The word that the Fusang tree has been cured was already spread. It was a word class gem and precious treasure of mankind.

It was an unparalleled miracle.

The world’s top botanists were brought together to cure the Fusang tree.

Now, Wang Yuandong was saying that Ye Xiaochen cured the Fusang tree, this was too unbelievable, right?

“Third Uncle, in the past I always thought that my ability is not inferior to others, but after meeting Ye Xiaochen I got to know what it is called to view the sky from the bottom of a well” “

Wang Yuandong sighed and said with a bitter face.

Ye Xiaochen curing the white bonsai tree,  helping Global company in solving the defects of broccoli seeds and rejecting the salary of million per annum, he told all this to Wang Shuisheng.

Wang Shuisheng was silent.

Chu Qingqing sitting beside was stunned, it was hard to believe. Ye Xiaochen who always looks ordinary, unexpectedly has such amazing abilities.

“Haha, it seems that we have still looked down on Ye Xiaochen, but, isn’t it  better?” “

Wang Shuisheng suddenly laughed.

The stronger Ye Xiaochen’s ability, the happier he was because Ye Xiaochen likes his sister Wang Xinyi!

That was sufficient.

Wang Yuandong was slightly distracted, then immediately he recovered and gave a bitter smile.

Although in his heart there were no more comparative thoughts against Ye Xiaochen, it was just….. thought of him calling Ye Xiaochen as an uncle in future, it felt like swallowing rat’s shit, it was extremely uncomfortable

Chapter 110-Mature

The liveliness in the Ye Xiaochen’s family did not end with experts group leaving. Instead of getting calm, it became more lively, as more and more villagers arrived.

Now Ye Xiaochen was a famous personality in the Yufeng village and was even known to surrounding villages.

Currently, who doesn’t know that the experts’ group came specifically to find Ye Xiaochen?

“Ye sister-in-law, your troubles have finally come to an end, you have given birth to a son with great ability.”

“Yes, so many experts just came to find your son, this is a very big reputation(face).”

“Those experts are very influential people, even the county leaders must be careful while serving them.”

“You haven’t seen it. Our Taiping Town Mayor Song has been running errands but he was still doing it happily.”

“Chen child has great ability. Finally, our Yufeng village has a talented person.”


The lively discussion was going on, everyone was talking about today’s event.

Their tone revealed admiration.

This was indeed a great thing that could bring honor to the ancestors.

Ye Xiaochen’s mother was continuously smiling, today she got more flattery than in her entire lifetime.

She was proud of having such a good son.

Ye Xiaochen’s father was very pleased, his face was red, there was a sense of proud.

In the past, his home was the poorest in the village and was least capable of making money. Some people would deliberately make things difficult for him and would bully.  

The relatives would also look down upon him.

However, now, everyone was kind and polite to him.

He felt that his reputation has increased by two or three fold.

Not only Just Ye Xiacohen’s parents but other family relatives were also beaming with joy, it was just like celebrating New Year.

They were happy because it was a great occasion for their Ye family.

Chen Hao came with his parents and Li Yan carrying some gifts.

As there were too many people, they didn’t get the chance to talk at all, with no other choice they could only look from the side. They looked at Ye Xiaochen’s parent who was surrounded by the crowd, they were envious!

Then Li Yan saw the scene, she felt upset in her heart.

In the past, she was the target of relatives envious and flattery, but now, she could only stand in a side.

This drop in treatment made her very frustrated.

Suddenly, Chen Hao saw Ye Xiaochen getting out of the house and hurriedly greeted him.


Chen Hao hastily shouted.


Ye Xiaochen nodded and greeted him, but he also had to go to greet other people, there were too many people to greet.

He was laughing bitterly in his heart. When a person becomes famous, it really becomes troublesome!
It took some effort for Ye Xiaochen to return to the house and decided not to go out again.

Chen Hao was only able to greet Ye Xiaochen, so he was somewhat disappointed and returned to Li Yan.  

He became aware that from now on, the difference between his and Ye XIaochen’s identity was very big.

“Husband, Doesn’t Xiaochen’s farm has vegetables? We can let his farm vegetables be sold in our supermarket.”

Li Yan’s eyes shined and hurriedly whispered to Chen Hao.

She had this wishful thought. Before she always disdained Ye Xiaochen and was afraid that she has left a bad impression on Ye Xiaochen’s heart, so she made up her mind to re-establish the relationship.

“Times have changed, do you still think that Xiaochen would need our supermarket to sell his vegetables?”

Chen Hao was completely left speechless by his short-sighted wife. At this time, she was still having these naive thoughts.

“We can request him, after all, we are relatives, he should promise us. Husband, he is so popular now, as long as we sell his farm vegetables, it would certainly drive our supermarket business.”

Li Yan was still thinking of taking the advantage.

Chen Hao was completely speechless by his wife’s naive idea. He hates why he was so weak at that time, and regrets it till now, but it was already too late.

It was only during the evening that the crowd dispersed.

However, Ye Xiaochen’s relatives still remained.

There were more tables for dinner.

In the meantime, all sorts of praises were continuously coming one after another.

Ye Xiaochen remained silent, speaking of it, during student time in relatives gathering who would have taken him seriously!
It was common for the parents to eat sullenly in front of these powerful relatives.
Ye Xiaochen saw the excited and proud face of his parents and suddenly he felt his heart relieved. Perhaps this was good, to let the parents have a good time.

To children, was it not to let the parents feel proud?

Under the emotion and encouragement of few cousins, Ye Xiaochen drank several times.

With his anti-poisonous physique, it was absolutely impossible to get drunk.

Late at Night.

The lively atmosphere finally dispersed.

Ye Xiaochen looked at the messy cups and plates, several of his cousins were lying on the table.

Mother and father got drunk, so they went to sleep. only a few conscious relatives were cleaning up the dishes.

He got up and walked out of the house.

“Xiaochen, you drank a lot, you should go and sleep.”

The elder Aunt was cleaning the dishes and hurriedly said.

“Aunt, I am fine.”

Ye Xiaochen shook his head.

Looking at Ye Xiaochen walking out of the house, the elder Aunt was full of emotion, this nephew has matured.

She looked at her drunken Son Chen Hao, suddenly felt her chest tight.

It was not easy for his son to marry such a strong wife, don’t know how many grievances he had suffered.


Ye Xiaochen walked down the mountain road. The night wind was blowing, his whole body felt very relaxed.

To speak, everything today for him was just a break between the scenery.

In any case, how the day should go, it would go. He would not ascend to heaven in a single step ( instant success) because of the experts’ group.

If the foundation was not strong enough, it’s easy to collapse.  

He knows that the impact of what happened today would not just end here, it would be slowly brewing.

On the farm, Ye Xiaochen looked at the situation of the farm especially the immortal lands.

With just a thought, he lifted the hidden function of immortal land. In a moment, the cool air again shrouded the immortal land.

The two dogs ran over, they felt the change of immortal land and suddenly became excited. They ran to the temporary dog house and comfortably lied down.

Ye Xiaochen looked at the immortal plants in the immortal land, they were growing normally.

As he didn’t water in the evening, Ye Xiaochen hurriedly took out the sprinkler and began to sprinkle water on the immortal plants.

Just as he finished a bucket, he was about to go to immortal spring to get another bucket of water, but then suddenly he sensed something.

He hurriedly put down the sprinkler and ran toward the iron shed, and took out the immortal beehive from the storage space.

As his thoughts moved, a hole was opened in the immortal beehive and revealed the Pollination Larvae with golden line.

The gold line on the back of Pollination Larvae bee has been completely extended from tail to head.

When Ye Xiaochen saw this, his face showed a hint of ecstasy.

Pollination Bee larva has finally matured.
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