Heavenly Farmer Chapter 1-10

Chapter 1- Lightning

A conference is being held in the tower hall of Heaven where many people of importance have gathered.

“Everyone, a new generation of Shen Nong has awakened, do you have any suggestion on how to train them?”

The Jade emperor, sitting at top, gazed down upon the  immortals,having indescribable majestic aura.

“Your majesty, this new generation of Shen Nong can be directly shifted to heaven, and with the resources here, we can upgrade the Shen Nongs quickly.”

“Yes, it has already been several thousand years we didn’t have a Shen Nong, and now, various high- quality raw material have become scarce…. if this goes on any longer, we will have to stop the celestial operations, we must now upgrade the Shen Nongs as soon as we can.”

“I also agree, with the Shen Nongs, we can reduce the present crisis in the Heavens”

“Shen Nongs are very important for Heaven, for thousands of years of there not being a Shen Nong, has dropped the majesty of the heavens.”

“Yes I want to have a batch of high grade elixirs, but because of lack of high-grade raw materials,we have not been able to brew the elixir”

Many immortals have spoke in succession, all having excitement on their face.

Constraints for several thousand of years, finally the Shen Nongs were born, meaning that auspicious days are to arrive.

They will cultivate Shen Nongs very carefully.

“This is wrong, this is very wrong.’

Suddenly there was a voice of opposition.

Many deities looked back, it is actually Taishang Laozi.

The position of Laozi is high, even the Jade emperor must respect him, Laozi is the incarnation of Daode Tianzun and is representative of saints(Taoist).

“Your majesty, all previous Shen Nongs slowly walked into the path of the Shen Nong, they experienced the worldly life, understood the world’s sufferings, slowly got enlightened, and finally reached the position of Shen Nong, if this generation of Shen Nong is directly received to the heaven, it will be only destructive, because they have lost a complete growth process, if we cultivate Shen Nong by this way they can never achieve greatness.” he said, giving a slight bow a the emperor and then looking back at the immortals.

Jade emperor and many celestial beings fell silent, as what Laozi stated was very reasonable.

Those deities, everyone had gone through the long process of cultivation, they underwent through suffering and difficulties to attain this present attainment.These words of Laozi directly persuaded the Jade emperor and many other gods, soon they discussed about a plan to cultivate the new generation of Shen Nong.


A small, peaceful village in China, which goes by the name Jing Yufeng, and which is connected to the outside world only by means of one single narrow road, has exceptional soil quality which is a very good news for the locals residing there, since the major occupation in that decent little town is farming. The folk here are simple. few go out and work, only to come back home and enjoy homely things. The constructions here are not fancy, just red tile and white ceramic tile houses.

Today, there is a thunderstorm.

This month, it has rained heavily, cultivation of many crops have been affected, even in june it’s going to rain heavily.

Ye Xiaochen sat in a shabby Tin House, looking at the weather, he was very depressed.Not far away, there are two big lazy dogs lying, sticking out their tongues.

He has studied his undergraduate in the Southern province of the agricultural university, jobs there are not easy to get and he has no relations,finally he can only enter a sales company, as a salesman, but he is introverted, he is clumsy with words and often faces trouble while communicating with others, while communicating with other people he faces huge obstacles.

For two months, he didn’t manage to sell anything, in the end, he had to resign.

He returned to his hometown, and planned to put up a fruits and vegetable farm, anyway he is of agricultural origin, and is most appropriate for this profession.

His parents did not understand his logic, in their eyes, life in the city is honorable.But, to come back,continue their traditional work , to be farmer? It made no sense to them.

Ye Xiaochen said lots of bad things about city life, but his parents still think it’s an ideological work.

Finally, his parents took out savings which they were going to use during Ye Xiaochen’s marriage. Well it was actually not much just twenty to thirty thousand yuan, his father and mother work on various fields, occasionally going out to do coolie job, annual revenue is not much, they also must supply Ye Xiaochen and Ye Ying’s school expenses and living expenses.

The father has high blood pressure, mom has rheumatism, when both the medical expenses are added, it is not a small figure.

To be able to save twenty thousand to thirty thousand is not very easy.

Ye Xiaochen uses this sum of money, in addition with the amount borrowed from other relatives, which came up to a fifty thousand and then contracted a large area of field.

The wild field did not take much money, and it was few hundred acres long.

Most of the money was spent on the construction of fence and greenhouse.

Even if Ye Xiaochen tried to save money, by the time the greenhouse and fence were built and the seeds and fertilizers were bought, he was not left with much.

Now, Ye Xiaochen’s current farm species are seasonal fruits and vegetables, such as cucumber, beans, green beans, rorippa, watermelon, muskmelon etc..

As for sales, he does not have to worry about it for now, because his uncle’s son opened a large supermarket in the county, the vegetables and fruits here can be sent there and sold.

Because of this, Ye Xiaochen dared to build the farm, and he invested all his savings on it.

“Mom , the weather will greatly affect the yield and quality of fruits and vegetables.”

Ye Xiaochen looked up at the vast sky, the occasional thunder has made him very depressed.

Seasonal fruits and vegetables demand high amounts of sunlight, if water is too much it will affect the  quantity and quality of crops.

Agricultural productions largely depends on the Gods.

He was thinking all this, when suddenly his phone starts ringing in his pocket.

He quickly took it out and saw,  his cousin Chen Hao was calling him, this Chen hao is the eldest son of his uncle, he opened a supermarket in the town, his father-in-law is in the government department of retired veterans, he is the director of health bureau. Chen Hao took advantage of his relationship, to get settled in the county.

“Hey, elder brother Hao, how do you have time to give me a call today?”

“Xiaochen, there is one thing I need to tell you about”

On the other end, Chen was silent, then he said:”Originally, I have promised to always buy your farm’s fruit and vegetables but your sister-in-law did not agree, she…”

Ye Xiaochen did not wait for Chen Hao’s sayings , his head started to ache, he understood the matter immediately and in his heart he felt bitter pain.

It seems to sell his fruits and vegetables in his cousin’s supermarket is impossible, cousin Chen’s wife Li Yan…. she is a powerful woman, very snobbish,she considers low of Ye Xiaochen like poor relatives, even uncle and aunt both have always been bullied.

Cousin can have today’s achievements because, a large part of the reason is by relying on his wife’s relationship and because of this cousin’s wife is a powerful lady, Chen Hao must please Li Yan everywhere.

“Xiaochen, really sorry, but rest assured, I will try help you with other ways possible.”

Chen Hao was sorry, after all, he had promised, now going back on this word, he felt embarrassed.

“Elder brother Hao, It’s all right”

“Ah, Xiaochen, then I am hanging up, when I have information, I will inform you.”

Chen Hao sighed, then he hung up the phone.

Ye Xiaochen suddenly had a muddled feeling, the bright future suddenly seems eclipsed, and sure enough, wanting to depend on others, it is really hard!

He put down the phone, suddenly in the dark sky, a lightning struck from the sky, Ye Xiaochen did not react in time, and he was struck by lightning,he seemed like a lightning rod.

It was strange that small shed did not get destroyed by lightning.

The two lying dog suddenly stood up, their body hairs raised,stared at Ye Xiaochen, and issued a low roar.

Note: Laozi itself is an honorific title: 老 (Old *rˤuʔ, “old, venerable”), he is founder of taoism and is considered ot be the incarnation of Daode Tianzun.

Daode Tianzun (道德天尊) is the official title for Tàiqīng (太清): the Grand Pure One, which is one of the Three Pure Ones. He is commonly known as Taishang Laojun (太上老君) “The Grand Supreme Elderly Lord”. His other names include Daode Zhizun 道德至尊 “The Universally Honoured Virtuous One”, Daojiao Zhizu

Chapter 2- Package

The Lightning dispersed and Ye Xiaochen was surprisingly unscathed.

He was lying on the floor, his eyes closed, he seemed to be asleep, his face showing a comfortable smile, and he was breathing in perfect proportion.


Just before, it  was raining heavily. But it stopped, the weather cleared up suddenly. From the clouds, the sun’s light started to shine.

The two dogs also recovered, then hurriedly ran to Ye Xiaochen’s side, bumping with Ye Xiaochen’s head.

After a long time, Ye Xiaochen slowly woke, only to feel his body nice and comfortable. There’s something licking his face, he opened his eyes and saw that a dog was licking his face,  felt sick of it and was opening his mouth to scold it.


Suddenly, he heard a voice inside his head “Shen Nong system activated, loadi-in-”

‘What the hell, what is this voice?’ He thought to himself.

Ye Xiaochen was completely stupefied.

He looked around, except for the two dogs, there’s nobody!

In a rainy day like this,  who would move around?

“Ding, Shen Nong system loading is completed, loading image—”

That voice again, Ye Xiaochen reacted immediately, unexpectedly the sound was coming inside his head.

Ye Xiaochen was astonished.

He did not know what to say as next moment in his view,an interface appeared, just like penguins interface,the top panel has a few buttons,namely Personal,Farm,Friends,Store.

Now below the interface of Personal,

There was a image of the left side, and after looking carefully ,it turned out to be just like him.

Below that is character information.

Character : Ye Xiaochen.

Occupation : Shen Nong(Level 1).

Cultivation : None

Talent : Psychic +1,  Yield(Production) +1,Quality +1,Acceleration +1,Disease- resistance +1, Insect resistance+1,Variation +1,Strength +1,Anti-poisonous Physique+1 .

Immortal Yuan :0.

Experience: 0/100.

Needles to say, this is his personal information.

Ye Xiaochen’s face lit up and he somehow felt rich.

He tries to open the farm option up.

‘The farm was not Selected, please select the farm address.’

On the right side of the farm section, there is a map button.

Ye Xiaochen’s heart leapt, hurriedly clicked the button, suddenly a map enlarged in front of him,and when he saw the scene on the map , he froze. It turned out to be a real time satellite map, high-definition, if zoomed in more, you can even see the blade of grass and stones on the ground clearly.

The location of map shows his surrounding area, the center is shown as him and there was a circle about 1 square kilometer around him.

Not far on the map, he could see a greenhouse.

“Oh my god!! isn’t this broken?”

Ye Xiaochen,on seeing this, was dumbfounded, as this function is too strong.

Unfortunately, the map can only display the range of a kilometer,if you want see more you must need to upgrade the level of Shen Nong.

“Please select the farm address within the map.”

The system prompts the sound.

Ye Xiaochen’s was excited, stroking his chin, he soon took a decision.

The farm address must chosen here, after all here is a ready-made farm, and he doesn’t want to start again from scratch.

One square kilometer is also a lot, the waste land which Ye Xiaochen contracted is less than 50 acre, it happened to cover all of the greenhouse field.

Thinking of this, Xe Xiaochen went to the central area of planting base.

Immediately, he selected the farm address.

In an instant, Ye Xiaochen discovers centred on him, an invisible light wave radiated over one square kilometer area,within this area an invisible cover hung over, but it was there only for a moment and then quietly disappeared.

At the same time, few changes have taken place in the Farm option of interface.

There are now four icons, representing four kinds of farm facilities.

He looked at the first icon.

First-level Immortal farm, needs 100 immortal yuan, can plant first-level immortal plant.

First-level warehouse,100 immortal yuan, can store the harvest of agricultural products.

First-level Immortal spring, 100 immortal yuan, use spring water for plants, can increase production and quality of crops.

First-level Fence, 100 immortal yuan, can protect from man made destruction and natural environment and prevents Immortal gas dissipate out from immortal field and plant.

Ye Xiaochen was speechless,he does not have any immortal yuan, he is poor, how can he buy these things?

At this time, the system prompts sound rang again. “Giving newcomers Gift package to the system account, please accept it.”

A New package?

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes lit up.

He is looking forward to it, he can’t wait to pen the new package, immediately, he opens the package.

A piece of immortal land, a pack of immortal carrot seed, an immortal hoe and a book.

Just four things?

Ye Xiaochen was a little disappointed.

However after thinking a little, he relaxed.After all, he can’t ask for too many good things.

He opened the friend option,bit by bit..suddenly , a lot information came out.

“Taibai Jinxing wants to add as your friend, do you want accept?”

“The queen mother wants to add as your friend, do you want accept?”

“The Jade emperor wants to add as your friend, do you want accept?”

“Moon fairies wants to add as your friend, do you want accept?”

“Danling Tati wants to add as your friend, do you want accept?”



Ye xiaochen looked at these names, he was amazed, how come all are are having different gods’ name?

But he thought of the inexplicable system,in his mind he thought, don’t tell me that system is connected with god, or how can you explain about so many gods to add to him as friends?


There are hundreds of thousands of gods!

He has no intention of contacting this gods, unless they take initiative to contact him on store.

The Store,as its name implies, is naturally, a place to buy.

Sure enough, at the Store, there are many things you can buy,whether cultivation methods, or spells, magic talismans, immortal pills, everything can be found here.

There are all kinds of seeds that can be bought.

Ye Xiaochen searched for the things which the system has gifted him,the immortal carrot seed, ten immortal yuan a pack.

Immortal land-one hundred immortal yuan.

Immortal hoe-50 immortal yuan

In other words, the system has sent the value of at least 160 immortal yuan to him.

Seeing things in the store, Ye Xiaochen can only be envious.Immortal yuan!! he needs immortal yuan!

But how?

He immediately understood friends,once he plants a few things, he can sell them to any friend to earn immortal yuan, of course, you can also sell in the Store.

Regardless of these, the system has presented a level 1 immortal field.

He thought of moving it, immediately he moved that piece of land in the map,only within this scope of this field can farm be placed, once moved it outside, it turned red, only in green areas can he place the land.

This building shows red alert.

Ye Xiaochen chose a greenhouse which is not planted,he placed directly on top of it.

Then there appeared shape of land,it showed square, round, rectangular, etc.The immortal land can chosen in any shape.

Ye Xiaochen chose rectangle directly, so that it can fit in the greenhouse.

After placing the land, Ye Xiaochen quickly came to the location of immortal yuan, he went into the greenhouse, he wanted to see how immortal land looks.

The two dogs also followed him.

Chapter 3- Immortal Land

“Nothing changed?”

Ye Xiaochen entered the greenhouse, it was still the same as before,he had placed the land here but he couldn’t see any difference.

The only strange thing was when he stood above the immortal land, the air he was breathing felt more fresh and comfortable than before. The two dogs that were laying on the soil, they were unwilling to move, and their eyes showed an expression of comfort.

He crouched down, tried to pull out a handful of soil, only to find that the soil was hard like iron.

He tried once again,but the results were still the same.

“What’s the matter, how soil could be this hard?” he thought to himself.

Ye Xiaochen was surprised, he hurriedly walked to the place where there was no immortal soil,  then he took another handful of soil, and pinched with his fingers and saw the soil to be completely normal.

In other words, after placing the field, a kind of strangeness crept into the soil, and it turned as hard as iron.

“ I feel so dizzy, if it has become so hard, then how can I still dig?”

Ye Xiaochen was dumbfounded

He thought for a moment, grabbed his umbrella, he hurried back to the tin house and brought back the hoe.

He rubbed his hands and then started digging.


Ye Xiaochen felt like the hoe hit an iron wall, the hoe’s nail broke directly.

Ye Xiaochen’s wrist went numb. Looking at the collapsed hoe head, he was stunned.

It’s really harder than iron!

“If I am unable to clear the land, dig a few small holes, how can I grow plants?” he thought to himself.

Suddenly, he remembered something,  the system presented a gift package, “didn’t it contain immortal hoe?”

“Can’t it be used to plow this immortal field?”

Thinking of this, Ye Xiaochen moved hurriedly.  From the system’s storage space he brought out the immortal hoe.

The storage space contained a total of nine boxes, each box is capable of storing a particular thing, there is no limit to the number, i.e, he could altogether store nine types of goods.

The immortal hoe materialized in his hands, it is very heavy, approximately 20-30 jin.

Carrying such a heavy hoe to dig is very hard.

But Ye Xiaochen, holding that immortal hoe, was very curious about it. He rubbed the hoe’s handle, he didn’t know what materials it was made of , but it felt extremely comfortable.

His hands holding the immortal hoe, he raised it’s head and then tried digging the land.

There is no resistance, the hoe directly pierced into the soil easily.

“Fuck, it is really designed to plow the immortal land!”

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes lit up, “This hoe is a good thing, it can easily dig into the hard soil, like digging tofu.” he exclaimed.

The things of gods are not the same as the ones which we use.

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen fell in love with the immortal hoe.
With high spirits he began digging, after a few minutes however, the immortal hoe started feeling heavier and he couldn’t raise it .

Sitting on the ground, Ye Xiaochen felt exhausted and was drenched in his sweat.

Taking a good look at the amount of soil he dug, he estimated that he had dug about 1/10th of land.

Strangely enough, while relaxing, he felt his strength returning at a very rapid pace.

Under any normal, situation it would have taken quarter of an hour at least, to regain his strength.

Most peculiar thing is ,standing on the immortal field, although the greenhouse’s thin shield is blocking the sun’s rays, it is still it very sunny, but, the surroundings and his own body were cool.

“Very comfortable.” he thought.

“Is this the effect of immortal land?”

Ye Xiaochen pondered in his heart.

He started to work again

“Erhuang,Rhubarb, move aside”

Ye Xiaochen wanted dug where those were lying.

He urged several times, but the two dogs were too lazy to move, they were just laying down, their bellies flat on the ground.

Ye Xiaochen rolled his eyes,

So after dozen of times of digging and resting, Ye Xiaochen finally dug the whole immortal land.

Of course, at left corner two dogs were lying down, they didn’t want to move, with no solution at hand, Ye Xiaochen can only leave them.
Immortal land looks very smooth,soil block size seems very symmetrical.
Because of the soil’s speciality there will be no issue of soil deformation

“Not bad, worthy of immortal land !”

Ye Xiaochen was very satisfied with the results

“Now, these immortal carrot seed can be planted, but this is immortal, not a mortal type, I do not know whether ordinary planting methods can be used?”

Ye Xiaochen was wondering,he focused his mind on the carrots in the storage space.

“Hey, does it also comes with planting method?”

Ye Xiaochen was astonished.

Immortal carrot was cultivated by the first generation of Shen Nong, strengthening the ordinary carrot, enhanced nutrition, and contains certain amount of immortal qi, it is used as raw material during Immortal treasure.Also some, herbivorous animals like to eat food, such as rabbits.(note-this immortal plants need to be avoided eating by mortals)

Ordinary people can’t eat?

Ye Xiaochen was disappointed, he thought after Immortal carrots grows, he could eat them at the very least.

However, he thought, if he has immortal yuan, can’t he purchase the cultivation method from the store in order to become immortal?

When he becomes an immortal, at that time, he can eat them whenever he wants .

Thinking of this, he planted the seeds, with a very  strong desire to earn.

Ye Xiaochen continued to look at the introduction of immortal carrot seed.

Immortal carrot seed planting method is almost same as the ordinary carrot method, needed to grow in immortal soil, need to prevent damage,need immortal water for growth and immortal fertilizer.

Immortal spring?immortal fertilizer?

He does not have any of these,to construct an immortal spring, one hundred immortal yuan is required, immortal fertilizer also should be bought from the store using immortal yuan.

It appears that with this pathetic condition, he cannot carelessly hope to grow the seeds.

Thinking this , Ye Xiaochen made small pits with the hoe and placed some carrots seed into the soil, and then covered the soil.

Out of 100 carrot seed he planted 50 carrot seeds.

He dared not plant all, for if something goes wrong, he can try again, but if he lost all his seeds he would have to cry.

After planting immortal carrot seeds, he felt he achieved something, he needed to wait for a few days.

However, after planting , Ye Xiaochen was somewhat worried, because several vegetables in other greenhouses are ready to be picked up, such as green peas, spinach, cucumber, Indian rorippa, seasonal vegetable types, if not picked up fast, they will get aged,and he won’t be able to sell them and he would have a huge loss.

Although he obtained the shennong system now, and can plant the immortal plant, it aids him slowly and immensely but does not help much in an emergency.

He was having a shortage of money.

It seems like, he needs to go to country to run a few things.

Ye Xiaochen had a land of more than 10 acres of fruits and vegetables, if you cannot find a market, the things will rot in the field.

Thinking of this, Ye Xiaochen kept immortal hoe and carrot seeds in the space storage, for that was the most secure place.

As for the two dogs, they didn’t even move yet.

“So hot!”

Ye Xiaochen sighed.

Originally, in the immortal land he felt the fresh cool air, now suddenly leaving the land, he feels as if he is in a furnace.

Chapter 4- Sales

Ye Xiaochen’s home is situated in mountains, where there is only one narrow road made of stone which connects his town to the cemented road outside.

The house is a pretty old-fashioned brick house, it’s both sides have a main room and a smaller room,the middle is the hall, it’s symmetrical and has a quite rich history to itself.

Living in such a brick house,it is cool in summer and an air conditioner is not really required.

Even if installed it is useless, as the whole house is ventilated really well.

In front of the house there is a small ground, there are few fields of corn, next to it there are two small water bodies, Ye Xiaochen’s family contracted one and Lin Sao’s family contracted the other.

Planted within the water is a large field of rice, now the seedlings has started germinating, it has become green like forest.

On the other side of the rice field, a small river can be seen, meandering through the Lianshui county.When Ye Xiaochen was young, the Lianshui river was almost dry. At five pm everyday, with his small gang, he used to go to the river to bathe.

Once, during the time of junior high school, he went to bathe as usual but he was entangled due to the underwater plants, and he almost drowned. He was scared from then on and basically he didn’t go to the river to bathe again.

It took a little time for Ye Xiaochen to get used to the rural lifestyle but, the beautiful sceneries and quiet places made it easier for him to live.

Under the eaves of his house, his mother, He Qinglian was washing clothes.

As for his father, Ye Hesheng, was in the hall room was making baskets with thin bamboo strips.

His father did not study any preparation method for bamboo sticks, he developed the skill all by himself.All bamboo made things in the house were made by him.

“Xiaochen, it stopped raining, shouldn’t you send a batch of vegetables today?”

His mom looked up and asked.

“ Today, I have to tend to something, so I will not send.”

Ye xiaochen didn’t say that his cousin’s supermarket will not take his vegetables. He did not want his mother to worry.

He is ready to go to the county to run a trip to see if he can find a new market.

The fresh seasonal vegetables. The  longer it drags on, the more loss he has to bear.

His mother didn’t mind and continued to wash the clothes.

Ye Xiaochen put out a formal outfit. After all, he can’t go to find markets while wearing shorts and slippers.

Soon, Ye Xiaochen takes out his trusty, second-hand, women’s motorbike and starts it.

Ye Xiaochen went straight to the gas station for he was low on it. Then, he sped towards the county.

The Jingxian county is more than 20 km away from the Yufeng village. The county is well developed and he can see construction works being carried  out everywhere.

Ye Xiaochen’s goal is to find those restaurants or vegetable shops which require fresh supply of vegetables everyday.

Unfortunately, he went to more than 10 places in a row but couldn’t find any success.

The weather is so hot that even though it rained earlier, he was feeling hot and sweaty.

He stopped by a convenience store and bought a bottle of ice mineral water. Drinking little, he felt better.

Ye Xiaochen looked at the dazzling sun.Suddenly, he laughed bitterly, followed by a jolt of a depressed feeling. His career is so fragile, just a little problem leads him to bigger ones.
He finally seemed to understand, that it was too naive of him to pin his hopes on this insecure relationship.

If time could be reversed, Ye Xiaochen would not have been this impulsive.

Unfortunately, there is no return once an arrow is set loose or a bullet has been fired,He can only continue to move forward, otherwise his tens of thousands yuan investment will be useless.

He must continue his work.He absolutely cannot disappoint his mom, dad and elder sister.

He has the golden finger, surely his future prospect will be become more promising.

(TN: here golden fingers refers to his cheat system)

Tightening the mineral water cap, Ye xiaochen started his motorcycle.He put the remaining half bottle of mineral water.Suddenly, a black honda car stopped beside him, the car window lowered slowly,a man raised his head from inside the car.

“Xiaochen, why are you here?”

The man looked at Ye Xiaochen and was surprised.

“Cousin, I  came to county to handle some matters”

After seeing the man, Ye Xiaochen was slightly startled.Then immediately smiled and replied.This man is his cousin Chen Hao.

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes fell on the woman sitting in the passenger seat, even with her pretty good looks, gives an uneasy feeling to others.A pair of peach-blossom eyes with an arrogant attitude,Ye Xiaochen saw her from the corner of his eye, she didn’t speak.

This woman is Chen Hao’s wife, Li Yan.

Although this Li Yan looks down upon him,he must at least greet her. His father taught him to be a polite person.

“Hello sister in law”

Ye Xiaochen addressed Li Yan.

Li yan disregarded him, she just snorted her nose.

Chen hao was embarrassed. His wife despises his relatives. He is helpless as his current success, to a large extent, is dependent on his wife’s family.

“Xiaochen, regarding the vegetables matter, I have helped you ask,there should be some news soon.”
He knows the reason of Ye Xiaochen’s visit to the county, it is certainly the problem of selling vegetables.

He was sorry.

“It’s all right”

Ye Xiaochen doesn’t hate Chen Hao, his life is also pretty tough, he should always be on Li Yan’s whim, but, he also has good temper, he can endure her naggings.

The two exchanged a few words.Li Yan seen grew  impatient, ”don’t delay, my parent are still waiting.”

Chen hao laughed and said, “ Xiaochen, I have important matter with your sister-in-law.Otherwise, you can have come to my house for lunch”

He waited for Chen’s car to leave and then Ye Xiaochen retracted his eyes, he laughed bitterly. Although there are some places he did not go, but the result has already been estimated, the things which his cousin said, he didn’t put in the context.

He must depend on himself for everything.

Ye Xiaochen also refused to eat lunch and went to different place, the result is disappointing.

No one is willing to.

Although his empty stomach has shrunken, Ye Xiaochen does not have the least bit of appetite, he casually looked for a restaurant to eat a bowl of Qingping Rice noodles, usually he eats the whole bowl as he likes it but, now, he has eaten only half.

Ye Xiaochen’s heart is heavy,he never experienced these things, he did not know how to solve the problem now.

Riding the motorcycle, Ye Xiaochen returned to Taiping town.

He’s going to find hotel or supermarkets in town,although the hope is very little, still he wants to give it a try.

Finally, Ye xiaochen arrived at a supermarket named Qingtian Supermarket.

This was Taiping town’s largest and best supermarket in business.

The entire Taiping town is not big,there are five large supermarkets,mainly, people in the town are quite wealthy and have boosted the local economy.

Each month on day of fair, it gets overcrowded, even people from other towns come.

It is 4.00 pm now.

Although today, there is no fair, it is tomorrow but still traffic is relatively large in Qingtian supermarket.

It can be be seen from the number of motorcycles parked outside.

In the countryside, motorcycles are the main means of transport.Each household has it.

“What’s the matter?You said before dawn we’ll have the vegetables,now this happened.Where will I get goods in this short time?tomorrow is the fair, if there are no vegetables,do you know how serious would be the impact and losses?”

In front of the supermarket, a middle-aged man holding a cell phone was speaking loudly.

Qingtian’s main products are vegetables and fruits, it’s sales are huge.

Without the vegetables,it will not only affect the turnover but the most important thing is that it will have an adverse impact in the heart of customer, his supermarket does not have vegetables and fruits and other supermarkets have them. Won’t the other supermarkets seize the chance to draw customers towards them?

Ye xiaochen knew this person,Qingtian supermarket boss Liu Fusheng.

Hearing Liu Fusheng’s words, he knows that the Qingtian supermarket is facing problem of  vegetable supply.

Perhaps, this can be his opportunity.

Chapter 5- Opportunity

Frowning, Liu Fusheng hung up his phone. The usual supply of vegetables was always provided by Sheep, a large scale farm.

Now, that farm is facing an issue. There is an excessive amount of pesticide residues in the vegetables.

This is a very serious issue,the vegetable are not qualified to be sold in the market.

You cannot play around with customers life like this.

Not only tomorrow, but it is estimated that the next few days, they will experience a shortage in the vegetable supply. The consequences are very serious, the reputation of Qingtian Supermarket which was established over the years is now at stake.

New temporary suppliers must be found as soon as possible.

Liu Fusheng was about to make a phone call, when suddenly a young man walked over, “Excuse me, are you the Qingtian Supermarket’s owner, Liu?”

Now engaged in self-employed standard policies, as long as funds reach a certain level,he can make sure that the company will get a concession in the tax rates. Therefore the full title of Qingtian Supermarket is ‘Qingtian limited liability company’.Naturally this Liu Fusheng is a first level manager.

“I am, and what brings you here?”

Liu Fusheng looked at Ye Xiaochen and nodded.

“Mr. Liu, please give me a few minutes of time, let me introduce myself. My name is Ye Xiaochen, coming from Taiping town, Yufeng village, I run a farm and planted a lot of seasonal vegetables. I just overheard you and got to know that there are few problems in the supply of vegetables, I think I may be of some help for you.”

Ye Xiaochen then took out a pack of Furong Wang cigarettes and offered one to Liu Fusheng.

Liu Fusheng gave back a hand signal showing he does not smoke and then said “We do have a problem with the supply of vegetables in the supermarket. But we always have a secure backup, so I am sorry.”

He was not convinced of unknown origin.

In the matter of vegetables, there should not be any problem.

Even the farm which provides vegetables to his supermarket goes through a strict inspection over the quality by staff sent by Liu Fusheng.

He knows that if there is even one single problem, the consequences could be devastating.

It is because of his strict and careful measures over the years, that, the Qingtian Supermarket was able to develop so smoothly.

When Ye Xiaochen heard Liu Fusheng rejecting, could not help but feel disappointed.


Ye Xiaochen wanted to say more, but Liu fusheng did not give him the opportunity.He directly went out of the supermarket, towards an Audi car where it was parked.

Ye Xiaochen, seeing this, estimated the attitude of Liu Fusheng.
He sighed heavily. His heart felt heavy. ‘The road of entrepreneurship, why is it so difficult?’ he thought.

“It’s ok, I can do it, I have golden fingers. I will be able to succeed.”

Ye Xiaochen cheered himself and regained his confidence.

He walked back to his parked motorcycle and was about to leave.Not far from there, the audi car windows rolled down, and Liu Fusheng suddenly said “Young man,well give me your mobile phone number, if I want your vegetables, I’ll give you a call.”

Ye Xiaochen was slightly startled, he was pleasantly surprised. Although Liu Fusheng did not say directly about the vegetables, asking for his phone number meant there was still hope.

He wondered why Liu Fusheng changed his mind so suddenly.He hurriedly took out a business card from his pants’ pocket. it was very simple, which says Yu Feng Vegetables and Fruit planting base, below which were his name and phone number.

“Young man, next time you sell a product, remember to offer the business card first”
Liu Fusheng took the business card, gave a quick glance and threw it to the box next to the hand brake

He did not wait for Ye Xiaochen to reply and started the car.

Him asking Ye Xiaochen’s number was not a sudden decision. He has been boss of management in the supermarket field for over ten years and knows the importance of controlling the initiative.

Now he is in a dire need of supply of vegetables,if he becomes too eager it will certainly create advantageous opportunities for other people.

Now, he treated Ye Xiaochen Coldly at first, then he took his phone number which will only make Ye Xiaochen feel grateful, so that at the time of supply he can bargain easily.

This is the art of doing business.

Unfortunately, a feather(young) boy like Ye Xiaochen has not thought of this point and fell in Li Fusheng’s vicious circle.

Even if Ye Xiaochen saw through this, he can do nothing about it, after all he needs Liu Fusheng’s market, but Liu Fusheng may not necessarily need him.

After going back home, he was waiting for the call. He was feeling restless.

He has no mood to do anything.

After dinner, it is six in the evening already and the light outside is still very bright.

(TN:villagers have dinner early)

Ye Xiaochen’s heart still felt heavy.

If Liu Fusheng needs his vegetables, he should have already called him. The more the delay, the more he is feeling nervous and, after all, picking the vegetables require some time.

“I’m going to the farm.”

Ye Xiaochen told to his mother and father who are watching TV.

“Take care of yourself”

Mother said.

Ye Xiaochen nodded. He goes to the farm every night. Such a large farm needs to be taken care of properly.

Reaching the tin shed in the farm, Ye Xiaochen used mosquito repellent incense. At  night, mosquitoes are many. If one does not take care, they will start feeding on him/her.

He already put up temporary electric wires so that there is light not only in the shed but also in the several greenhouses.

Ye xiaochen played with his phone for a while, quickly got bored, thought of the book given by the system. He quickly pulled out from the space storage.

He doesn’t know of what material the book is made of. It is very light and thin like cicada wings, and the text written on pages is emitting a faint light.

On the cover of the book, it is written with simplified texts ‘Shen Nong System Basic Guide.’

This book uses simple characters. Ye Xiaochen is not surprised since it was bestowed by the system, certainly to be understood easily easily. Otherwise, what’s the use of the book having a complex which needs to be deciphered.

He skimmed through, mainly in the Shen Nong System Basic Guide, there is a massive foundation knowledge on planting, such as how to communicate with a plant, which is the basics of planting technique. To plant a good plant, first he must know about plant’s condition.

Just like how a doctor treat an illness, first he must inquire about the physical state of the patient, then judge, and give an antidote for the disease.

However, plants are not human, they are unable to speak.Even still, every life has consciousness. The plants also have their own consciousness, so as long as you can communicate with a plant’s consciousness, you can master and monitor the plant’s growth properly.

The guide book itself seemed quite magical. Although the appearance is similar to a regular book, it is like a Pocket PC. Tapping the text link above with your fingers, you can enter a new page, it is very convenient.

Ye Xiaochen was deeply attracted by the knowledge written in the book, he was immersed in it completely.

He didn’t not know for how long he was immersed, suddenly, his cell phone rang.

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly pulled out to take a look, looking at the number it seem to be a local number.

Is this a phone call from Liu Fusheng of Qingtian Supermarket?

It should be.

Yes, certainly it is.

Ye Xiacohen’s heart pounded.

Chapter 6-Germination

Ye Xiaochen gulped and answered the call.

“Hello, who is this?”

“Young man, I’m Liu Fusheng, Where is your farm?”, a slightly hoarse voice came.

Ye Xiaochen’s spirit was in shock, it’s really great.Suppressing the excitement in his heart, he quickly told him the location of his farm.

Hanging up the phone, Ye Xiaochen, like the wind, quickly ran out of his tin house and hurried home.

Pantintg, he reached home. When his mother saw this strange scene, she asked, “Xiaochen, why are you in such a hurry?”

“Of course I am. Something good happened!!”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile.

Although Liu Fusheng had not said that he will certainly purchase his vegetables, since he called and is coming personally, the matter was considered to be an almost successful one.

Although Qingtian Supermarket will buy his vegetables, it is only for a short period of time. After all, Qingtian Supermarket has it’s own specialized supplier.

However, the purchase quantity of Qingtian Supermarket is very large. It will be enough for him to support himself for a period of time, reducing his loses. And when times comes, he can try to find different solutions again.

He quickly rode his motorcycle, went through the rough, jagged roads and went to the cemented road. Here, the state of road is too complex, he must guide Liu Fusheng’s car to come in.

Within five minutes, a black Audi arrived in between the intersection of cement road and the jagged road,

Liu Fusheng peered out from his window,“Young man, you can lead the road in front”

Ye Xiaochen can see Liu Fusheng in the car. And with him, there are two more people, but it’s very dark so he can’t see their faces.

Soon, Ye Xiaochen directly lead Liu Fusheng to his farm.

The roads leading to farm are even worse compared to the jaggy road near the cement road.

“Young man,your farm road is not good, it will be difficult for big vehicles to come in”

Liu Fusheng got off from the car and glanced around

From the car, a man and a woman got down. The man was carrying a large sky blue color toolbox.

The sky had turned dark.

Ye Xiaochen hurriedly lit all the sheds, the dark farm suddenly lit up.

“Well, the size is not small!”

Liu Fusheng sized up then laughed afterwards

They have come here to test Ye Xiaochen’s vegetables.

If the pesticide standard doesn’t satisfy, or if the quality if too poor, they will certainly reject it.
Naturally, in farm vegetables, pesticides are used. They is used more than once. It is important to prevent diseases and control the pests. If pesticides is not sprayed, the impact on agricultural products will be very large.

Ye Xiaochen is very confident about this, he did this his undergraduate in the agricultural university and is knowledgeable

Liu Fusheng and those people randomly picked all types of vegetables and then started the test.
Ye Xiaochen’s vegetables look pretty good.

“Well, the appearance is pretty good”

Liu Fusheng nodded. In his view, although the farm cannot be compared to professional vegetable farm, it is good. After all, a large farm undergoes through a scientific management and control test and so, the requirement of physical appearance is very high.

Next, they tested for pesticide standard, each one they did more than once, from this you can see Liu Fusheng is very strict on safety of vegetables, he absolutely does not allow even small mistakes.

Finally, Liu Fusheng washed the cucumber and began to eat.

“Well, the taste is also very good!”

Liu Fusheng’s eyes flashed a color, the cucumber tasted crisp and refreshing, it has a unique flavor. In this hot weather, eating this is making him exceptionally happy, he felt cool and comfortable.

After eating the cucumber, he felt like wanting more.

“You two also eat, how do you feel?”

Liu Fusheng said to the man and the woman who came with him.

The these two are his daugher and son in law Liu Tingting and QI hai.
Liu Tingting washed for a minute then ate. She has never eaten the cheap cucumbers, but the taste is really good, she wasn’t able to stop her mouth from eating.

Seeing Liu Fusheng, and all the three people eating with delighted appearance, Ye Xiaochen wondered if the cucumber really that delicious?

He doesn’t know how many he ate these everyday and has become sick of eating it.

“Young man, I’m going to purchase your farm vegetables, but I have to give you a reminder, this is just a short-term cooperation, about a week or so, when the time is up, I would unilaterally stop, I hope we are clear about this.”

Liu Fusheng said.

“I know this.”

No matter whether it is short-term or long-term partnership, he needs to sell first, so that he can buy some time.

Liu Fusheng’s work is very reliable.He took out a simple agreement, in which was written the cooperation time, the interests of both parties, and so on, it was very detailed.

In addition, the agreement also contained purchasing price for a list of vegetables.

“Young man, this is our, Qingtian Supermarket foreign procurement lists, you carefully look at it”

Liu Fusheng said

The purchase price of vegetables are not high, it is much lower than supermarkets’ sales price, which after all involves the transport charges, inspection, manual handling and loss.

For example, the cucumber, now the price in supermarket generally is one jin(0.5kg) six-seven jiao, but the purchase price is actually two jiao for 21 jin.

(TN; jiao-1/10th of Yuan)

Ye Xiaochen had already done some investigation. Liu Fusheng’s prices are all quite reasonable.

Most importantly, Liu Fuahsneg’s purchase quantity is very large.
The next moment, Ye Xiaochen directly signed the agreement.
Next was picking vegetables, after all tomorrow, it needed to be on supermarket shelves, and he needs to work overtime to finish.

Liu fusheng left with his people. He will send the van in the early hours.

Ye Xiaochen was brimming with excitement, hurriedly gave a call to mom and dad, he also called sister in law Lin, aunt and few other people, after all, for so much picking, there must be enough manpower for the job.

Not long after that, his sister in law Lin, aunt, mom, dad and few other people arrived.

“Xiaochen, what is the matter?”

Mom started nagging

Ye Xiaochen also knows he cannot hide the truth for long. After he said the matter, his mom and dad would get depressed.Although, currently, Qingtian supermarket has purchased, it is only for a short period of time. He still does not have a stable sale, at end of the day they will be sad.

“Father, mother, everything is alright. Don’t you see the purchasing order of Qingtian supermarket? Maybe if Qingtian supermarket is satisfied with our vegetables they will continue to purchase it”

Ye Xiaochen laughed

He only said to comfort but everyone knows it is unlikely to happen.

Soon, several people went inside the greenhouse and started working together.

“Xiaochen, your spinach is really good”

His sister-in-law Lin picked a handful of spinach. The leaves were green and fresh, the quality was very good.

Ye Xiaochen had a smile on his face. This credit is due to his good care.Only a farmer can tell how much of it has gone into it.

They have been busy till 1:00 am and were finally able to pick various vegetables which were required.

Ye Xiaochen sent his sister-in-law Lin and his aunt back first, those two have worked late hours of night. Ye Xiaochen felt very sorry.

Two o’clock in the morning, the Qingtian Supermarket van came, apart from the driver, Liu Fusheng’s son in law Qi hai also came, he is doing the supervision, after all,picking vegetables,package weighing, requires personal supervision.

Everyone was busy up until five o’clock in the morning. Everything was then packaged and loaded.

Altogether 750 jin of cucumber, water spinach 330 jin, green bean 300 jin, indian rorippa 250 jin, long beans 380 jin, eggplant 350 jin, snake gourd more than 300 jin and green pepper 300 jin.

According to the purchase price, the total price of this batch of vegetables about 4000-5000 Yuan, deducting various costs, Ye Xiaochen profited around 3000 yuan.

It does not look much and  vegetables have long growth cycle,and when we check for quality the number of picking also gets limited.

Under normal circumstances,if the whole farm’s vegetables are sold, his net year income will be less than 100,000 yuan

When the truck drove off, Ye Xiaochen felt very tired.

He has been working from yesterday night seven up until now.He saw mom and dad are worn out, Ye Xiaochen immediately let the two go back to sleep.

“Xiachen, you also sleep fast”

His mom said when she left.

Although weary and tired, his spirit is excited. Ye xiaochen naturally cannot fall asleep. He went to his immortal land. Entering the immortal land, his body felt cool, breathing the air, he felt relaxed.

The two dogs are still here, comfortably sleeping,he wanted to hit them, your master was busy doing the work and you two domestic animal here were enjoying.

Ye Xiaochen took a chair and sat and started Reading”Shen Nong Basic Guide”

He dozed off unknowingly.

His sleep was really comfortable, when he opened his eyes, it was morning.

Although the sun glared through the roof, Ye Xiaochen did not feel hot. His whole body is comfortable and cool.

“Well, later, I can move here to sleep.”He thought

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen, from the corner of his eye, saw something. His eyes widened. He could see, from the small pit, small, green shoots growing out.

“Immortal- carrot seed. It germinated?”

Chapter 7-The Change

Indeed, the immortal carrot germinated.

Ye Xiaochen was very surprised. It has been only a day since he planted it.

‘Under normal circumstances, should it not take about three or four days?’ he thought.

Is it because of the Immortal field or because it is an immortal plant?

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen thought of the character information displayed in the Shen Nong panel. In the talents section, it showed “acceleration: +1”, which can accelerate the rate at which the plant grows.

Now, it seems, it is related to the faster germination of seeds.

Psychic: you can communicate with the plant’s consciousness.

Yield: it represents the increase in production.

Quality: it represents the increase in quality.

Pest resistance: it increases the resistance towards diseases and pests.

Mutation: which means his plants have a higher probability of variation, and this variation is not dangerous.

Strengthened: it represent the increase in special effects such as nutrition ,and property aspects.

As for anti poisonous physique+1, it refers himself, it can let him have the resistance towards external toxins(poison).Like when tasting various Shen Nong herbs, if there is no anti poisonous physique,eating toxic herbs, he can get easily poisoned and be killed.

His phone rang. His mother called him for lunch.

In the afternoon, he also needs to pick out a number of vegetables, in order to supply Qingtian Supermarket tomorrow.


Li Liang is one of the town’s residents, he went to the market to buy some daily necessities, fruits, and vegetables.

At the fair, the price is lower than usual.

After retirement, he now helps in bringing up his grandson.

His grandson is three years old and very mischievous.
Seeing his grandfather return, he ran over and proceeded to eat candies.
“Yuan, be a good boy. Eating too much candy will decay your teeth. Here, grandpa bought you a cucumber.”

Li Liang ruffled through his grandson’s hair.

“No, Yuan wants to eat sugar.”

Li Liang washed the cucumber , peeled off it’s skin, cut it into two pieces and said,”Round, if you eat this section of the cucumber, grandpa will reward you with candy, ok?”

He usually coaxes his grandson this was.

“Yuan eat cucumber. Give more candy.”

Yuan  immediately became happy.

Li Laing took the cucumber and began to eat. Dry and crisp, it tasted really good, he was very much surprised, ‘How come this cucumber is so tasty?’ He wondered.

Yuan also ate with relish.

“Yuan, isn’t this cucumber really good?”

Li Liang knew his grandson hated cucumbers, always eating very little and not wanting more.

Yuan’s mouth was stuffed and he said,

“It delicious cucumber, really delicious….”

Yuan ate his half of the cucumber. He actually wanted to eat more.

Li Liang finished his half of the cucumber.It did not satisfy his desire. So he immediately washed one more, and ate with his grandson.
“You two, how can you eat cucumber? Wait a while.You will have to eat dinner too”
Li Liang’s wife picked up the spinach bought from Qingtian Supermarket.

“Old woman,the cucumber is really delicious! I will wash one for you to eat.”

Li Liang said hastily.

“It is just a cucumber, what so special about it?”

Li liang’s wife, after she took a bite, couldn’t stop.

“This cucumber is really nice. Where did u get it from?”

Li liang’s wife wife asked amazed.

“In Qingtian supermarket.This time I bought five, if I had known their taste earlier, I would have bought more.”

Li Liang wanted to buy more “I’ll go and see if I can buy more.You see, Yuan also likes to eat these”

Immediately, he got on his motorcycle, and went straight to the Qingtian supermarket.When he came back, he was empty handed. Qingtian supermarket has sold out all their cucumbers.

During the meal, Li Liang found out that the spinach is also delicious.Usually, while eating meals, he needs to feed his grandson. But today he’s eating very quickly, and loves his food.

Moreover, the green pepper fried meat tastes good. Especially the green pepper, it is having a very unique flavor.

“Hey, when did you learn to cook so well?”

Li Liang thought it was his wife’s cooking skill that made the food so tasty.

“What? I cooked in the same old way, but, how come that today, the dishes taste so delicious?”

Li Liang’s wife wondered.

Usually Li Liang is dissatisfied with her cooking and complaints frequently.

“Is it because of these vegetables?”

Li Liang thought.

First it was the cucumber,then, spinach, and now even the green pepper, Li Laing thought this should something to do with the vegetables.Otherwise, his wife’s cooking can only be considered as average.

Such a situation not only occurred in Li Liang’s household, but also in different families who bought from Qingtian Supermarket. They discovered that today’s vegetables are very delicious.

Of course, only a part of people think it is because of Qingtian Supermarket vegetables, most people are not concerned about it, for them the vegetables is delicious and nothing more.

Even then, many people went to Qingtian Supermarket in the afternoon, to purchase more vegetables.

Unfortunately, the vegetables of Qingtian supermarket had been sold out.Many people were disappointed.

In the next few days, Ye Xiaochen picked the vegetables which were supplied to the Qingtian supermarket.

Ye Xiaochen has not given up finding other sales ideas,as long as he time, will run around the town.

But, he was in vain.

On the cousin’s side also there is no news, he thought that there is no hope.

The immortal carrot seed, after germination, is growing much faster than the normal growth rate, it is growing very well. In this case, Ye Xiaochen estimates that it will take about one month time for the carrots to mature.

Normal growth cycle of carrot is 3-4 months.

Ye Xiaochen has discovered a strange phenomenon.Other farm vegetables have undergone some changes too. Such as cucumbers now taste delicious, and other vegetables’ dishes have become exceptionally delicious.

At first, he thought it was a problem with his taste buds, then he asked his mom and dad they also felt the same way.

Moreover, the growth rate of these vegetables have changed. The newly formed cucumbers are growing in a very short time. It can grow to the point where you can pick at least two to three times more than the normal growth rate.

Under normal circumstances, each time a cucumber is picked, it’s bud becomes thinner, but, now it looks more and more, each cucumber vine is full of flowers,forming many small cucumbers.

The quality is much better than before. After repeated picking, the quality has not reduced.

All these odd changes, Ye Xiaochen was curious and surprised.

After analyzing the observations repeatedly, this situation should have the relations with his own Shen Nong talent.It’s effects are seen not only in immortal plants but also in ordinary plants as well.

Maybe the reason behind the taste of the vegetables is due to the immortal land after all.

Chapter 8- Market

Today is the last day to supply vegetables to the Qingtian supermarket.

In the morning, Liu Fusheng called Ye Xiaochen, said he wanted to settle accounts later in the afternoon.

Ye Xiaochen, in this period of time, has gone to many places, but has achieved nothing, Now with expiration of agreement with Liu fusheng, farm sales have now become a big problem.

However,he made decision. If he really can’t find a market, he will work hard, and with the three wheeled electric vehicle he has at home, he will put up batches of vegetables at each local market, selling personally.

Although this very hard, but he doesn’t have any other choice.

In the afternoon, Ye xiaochen went to Qingtian supermarket.

After a detailed list, a total of five days, it added up to more than 22,500 dollars.

Liu Fushen was happy to give money. After a moment, he said to Ye Xiaochen “It is not that i don’t want to renew the contract with you, but, there is no way.I already signed a long term contract with the large farm, even if it is to expire, there is more than 6 months of time, so sorry.”

Looked like this supermarket owner is really sensitive to goods, Ye Xiaochen’s vegetables were very good. It is now very popular among customers, no wastage in any vegetable at the sales. People used to come again in hopes to buy bigger amounts of vegetables.

“Mr.Liu, you don’t need to say it, I really thank you.If not for this. the vegetables in my farm would have certainly piled up by now.”

Ye Xiaochen said.

He earned more than 20,000 which has reduces a large part of the losses. Ye Xiaochen is very grateful towards Liu Fusheng.

“I have a  business friend. He just opened a restaurant in the Yang Shi district, the scale of his restaurant is very big, so there should be a large demand of vegetables. I see your vegetables are very good, so I will help you get in touch with him, if there is no problem, I’ll call you.”

Liu Fusheng said.

Ye Xiaochen has helped him quickly. Upon dealing with him these days, he felt Ye Xiaochen is very honest and sincere, and has a good impression on him.

Ye Xiaochen’s eyes lit up. Since Liu Fusheng said that, certainly the opportunity is not very low. he immediately said,”Mr. Liu, Thank You.”

“There’s no need for it”.

Liu Fusheng laughed.

“No matter what, I have to thank you.”

Ye Xiaochen suddenly realised and said, “Mr.Liu, you must be very busy, I’ll leave.”

Liu Fusheng nodded.

Ye Xiaochen is back onto the farm now.

As usual, it is again a hot day and merely standing in that heat makes one feel a little light headed.

Ye Xiaochen picked up a cucumber in greenhouse, rubbed it against his clothes in order to clean it. He then bit into it. Crisp and sweet.
He came to the immortal land, cursed the two dogs who don’t want to walk away from there, except to eat.

Also, it may just be because of the immortal land that the two dogs’ fur became glossy. It feels soft, like silk, which is different from their previous rough hair.

Ye Xiaochen looked at an immortal carrot seedling. Their growth seemed good. It has been less than a week and with this kind of growth speed, his carrots can be ready for harvest in a month.

Next day,at three o’clock in the morning, Ye Xiaochen ,his mother  and father, all three people were busy at work on farm as today, they are going to the town fair to sell vegetables.

Dai ma town is adjacent to Tai ping town. Riding a three wheeler will probably take an hour.

Ye Xiaochen must go early.

Five o’ clock.

it was broad daylight.The three wheeler has been filled with all kind of fresh vegetables, electronic weighing machine,plastic bags, an umbrella, a bucket of water, water sprinkler, vegetable price sign and so on.

After getting everything ready, Ye Xiaochen and his father left the farm.
This is the first time Ye Xiaochen is going to sell vegetables on his own.He is a little excited.

Six o’ clock.

Ye Xiaochen and his father reached Dai ma Town.

It was very lively here, many vendors have begun to occupy a good lot.

They got a fairly good location to set up their shop.

“Dad , I’m going to buy breakfast.”

Ye Xiaochen walked towards a rice noodle shop not far away, ordered two bowls of rice noodles with two poached eggs.He did not buy water as he already had 5L of water with him in his vehicle.

“This is fodder egg. It has good nutrition.”

Ye’s father commented and proceeded to put it into Ye Xiaochen’s bowl.

“Dad, I have one!”

Ye Xiaochen didn’t know to laugh or cry.

“Young kid,eating one is not good”

He said seriously.

Ye Xiaochen knows his dad’s personality, he didn’t say anything and ate it.

By  seven 0’ clock the sun rose up,and it started to heat up.

Ye Xiaochen quickly opened the umbrella, inserted on tricycle, and dragged boxes of vegetables from tricycle.

People started coming.

Finally a customer comes to him.

“How is this cucumber so expensive?”

Said the old customer, with a child beside him.

Ye Xiaochen’s cucumber price which was written on sign was for 1  jin. It is certainly more expensive than the supermarket.

He referred to other vendors.

Ye Xiaochen washed the cucumber and gave it to old man and said “Gramps, this is a home grown cucumber, it is very tasty, you try it first.”

After saying this, he cut the cucumber into two sections with fruit knife. One, he handed to the old man and other, to the child.

“It is just a cucumber. What is so special about it?.”

Said the old man but still  he took it and ate,then he was  startled.

The child also ate the half cucumber, “grandpa, I want, I want cucumber..”

Ye Xiaochen gave another section of a cucumber to the child, smiled and said to the old man, “Uncle, you see, your grandchild is also fond of eating it.Please buy it.”

“Well the taste of cucumber is indeed very special, i have grown old, but have never eaten such delicious cucumber.”

The old  man nodded his head.

Ye Xiaochen handed the old man a bag.

The old man examined the cucumber.

The cucumber looks good, the color is good. The child had picked up a cucumber and put into a bag.

“My dear grandson, it is enough”

The old man saw the bags were full and quickly said,

“ well, I want more.”

His grandson took a couple more.

“So much? can you eat it?”

The old man shook his head, took a bag, and packed a few cucumber. The cucumber satisfied the old man and so bought few more vegetables. 22 dollars.

Their first business. Ye Xiaochen and his dad were happy.

Chapter 9- Rescue

The following business can be described as hot.

As long as they taste the cucumber, they will buy it all.Other vegetables were bought in a more or less fashioned way.

In less than two hours , more than half the vegetables they brought had been sold.

Undoubtedly, cucumbers were the most sold ones in their shop. So many sales infact, they have none left.

Ye Xiaochen felt a little regret for selling all his cucumbers so fast.People would at least try to buy more vegetables from him hoping that they too would be as good as his cucumbers.

The weather showed no signs of cooling down.

Ye Xiaochen’s vest is completely soaked in sweat.

He took his sprinkler and sprinkled some water on his vegetables in order to keep them fresh.

It’s almost noon, some vegetables were left unsold.

Ye Xiaochen wanted to end the sale but his father insisted on waiting for some more time.

Suddenly, Ye Xiaochen’s phone vibrated.

He took a look. An unfamiliar number.

“Dad, i am going to attend a call, you take care here.”

He then went to a nearby alley so that he could hear better.

Ye Xiaochen pressed the answer key.

“Hello, may I know who this is?”

On the other end of the phone, a magnetic heavy male’s voice came.

“Are you Ye Xiaochen? You were recommended by Mr. Liu. My surname is Chang.I opened a restaurant in Yang Shi city.He said you have a farm, are there fresh vegetables available?”

Ye felt really happy as Mr.Liu recommended him and so he answered quickly.

“Yes, I am Ye Xiaochen.”

“Oh, Liu said your vegetables are very good.Come to me tomorrow with one batch and we can discuss the price when the time comes.”

Mr.Chang said on the phone.

He has not said how much,but, Liu fushen really did tell good things about him, or he would not have called.Moreover, a restaurant requires an extremely fine quality of vegetables.

“All right , Mr.chang”

Ye Xiaochen said hurriedly.

“Wait a minute , I’ll send you the address.”

Mr.Chang hung up the phone after sending.

Ye Xiaochen took a deep breath, ‘it’s a good news!’

He’s very confident in his own vegetables. With shen nong’s talent, growing extraordinary vegetables is easily possible.
Of course, the demand of vegetables in a restaurant is as not large as a supermarket’s.He must still sell vegetables with other means.

As a result, tomorrow he will not be able to go dragon town market as he needs to send vegetables to the restaurant.

Ye Xiaochen talked to his dad about it, and they decided that his father and mother would open the market tomorrow.

The reason he is so assured about the safety of his farm is because it is in a relatively remote place. There will not be people going there and he could use the system  to view his farm live.

The next morning his parents went off to the market, as they planned.

Ye Xiaochen borrowed a tricycle from his in-laws’ place and headed for the restaurant.

Yang shi town is more than 40 kilometers away.It took more than an hour, and by 8.20 , Ye Xiachen arrived at Mr.Chang’s restaurant.

“Food Cube.”

This is the name of the restaurant.

Two floors,unique decoration.Although it is not in the downtown,the area is relatively prosperous. At the crossroads outside, there are all kind of cars parked.

In such a location, with this decoration and hotel area being not small, without a million yen there is no way to open up.
Ye Xiaochen thought, financial power determines the level of person’s social circle.

Liu Wusheng’s worth tens of million and his friend also will not be an ordinary person.

Ye Xiaochen took a deep breath. His career is just beginning, and with the golden finger, he can sure have positive results.

He stopped his bike,and gave a call to Mr.Chang.

Not long after that, a restaurant staff came out,”You are Ye Xiaochen?Put the vehicle there”.

Ye Xiaochen quickly drove the tricyle.

This is the hotel’s logistic channel, various food enter the hotel’s kitchen through here.

“You wait for a while!”

The staff member said to Ye Xiaochen and went in.

After waiting for a few minutes, a chef came out with the staff member.

The chef came to check the vegetables.

The chef looked a the cucumber, took it, cleaned it with his apron and took a bite.His eyes immediately brightened up“This is extremely tasty,just as it’s appearance suggests.”

While eating the cucumber, he checked the other vegetables.Satisfied, he told “take it to the kitchen, I would like to do test these.”
Ye Xiaochen could not help but be secretly relieved.He was worried about the chef being too picky.

Soon, the pesticide residue test was completed, his vegetables qualified.

“well, your vegetables are good. Our restaurant wants it.Someone will talk to you about it soon.”

The chef said.

Ye Xiaochen, suppressing his excitement, immediately nodded. The stable sales of vegetables should not have any issues now.

Ye Xiaochen did not have to wait for a long time.A person in charge of logistic procurement told Ye about the price at which they are going to purchase the vegetables.

Compared to the supermarket, this restaurant’s demand is smaller but the pay is higher.

For example, the purchase price of cucumber of qingtian supermarket was 22 fen but the Food cube is giving out 35 fen.

Lesser quantity but higher price, plus long term supply to the restaurant.The farm can now earn the orignal spent  and going to market to sell the vegetables, it will be purely profit.

Coming out of the restaurant, Ye Xiaochen felt relaxed.

Ye Xiaochen is very curious about Mr.Chang, but, he had not had a chance to meet Mr.chang.

Driving the borrowed tricycle, Ye Xiaochen noticed a crowd at the parking lot.

Looking back, Ye Xiaochen was stunned. He saw a middle-aged man holding a fire axe, trying to smash the glass window of a car.

A middle-aged woman beside him is crying.

On the driver’s seat, there is a little boy lying.

Ye Xiaochen suddenly understood what was going on

The owner of the car has forgotten the key in the car, the car windows are closed and no ventilation is taking place. Considering the high temperature outside the car, temperature in the car will not be low.

The child’s face has turned red, it seems to be unconscious.

The child’s situation is very critical now.

However, without the car keys, how can it be opened?

“cannot break it”

The middle-aged man hitting the glass window was out of breath.Yet he still did not stop,leaving only a mark.

Bullet-proof glass.

Even bullets cannot penetrate it.

Nearby, another middle-aged man wearing casual clothes is on the phone, almost shouting”why has your fire brigade not reached? my son is dying!! what? a traffic jam?”

Wang shuisheng began to panic, the child in the vehicle is a blessing to him who was born when Wang was 40 years.

Today. he and his wife took the child out to play.They let the child sleep in the car, and he specifically turned on the the car air conditioning.

They did not think that when he and his wife would come out of the hotel, the air conditioning would stop.

Even more to his surprise, he forgot the keys inside the car and cannot open the car.

This is a bullet proof car. A big problem was created, and he vowed to trouble the car sales company.

He saw the middle-aged man trying to break glass has been out of breath.He quickly left the phone, rushed up, snathed the axe, and crazily started smashing.

Unfortunately, the bullet-proof car is too strong, leaving only marks but the window didn’t break.

He was almost in despair.

Ye Xiaochen looked at the child in car, his heart pulled up, he thought of something.He hurriedly ran to the side of the tricyle, took out the immortal hoe from the system storage.

It almost looks like an ordinary hoe,but it was forged from unknown metal and was very heavy.

This bullet-proof glass was so strong that even a fire axe cannot break it, but Ye Xiaochen felt that the hoe was worth a try.

The immortal hoe can even dig the immortal soil.

Ye Xiaochen has used the immortal hoe on regular hard stone, it sliced through as if it were tofu.

Holding the hoe, he rushed past,”coming through, excuse me, coming through…….”

He squeezed out from the crowd, arriving at the BMW car, without any thought, he lifted the hoe and brought it down on the glass with all his strength.

Chapter 10 – Richest Man


The hoe penetrated through the glass in a single straight line, leaving a thin trail of broken glass where it passed.

Wang Shishuneg, who desperately was smashing the car’s glass with a fire axe stopped and stared.

The middle aged man, Chang Xu was also shocked.

All the onlookers were stunned.

The fire axe was unable to put even a small scratch on the glass.

Is that not messed up?

However, this also relieved many people.The child can now be saved.

Ye Xiachen forced the hoe out and dug in, and suddenly, the entire glass broke apart.

“THANK GOD!  The child can now be saved.”

“The glass broke”

“It’s a very good news”

“Originally, I thought the child cannot be saved, but neither have I expected a miracle”

“A hoe could break the bullet proof glass which even fire axe couldn’t?”

“It’s one tough hoe.”

Before the rescue operation, many people’s hearts were racing, worrying for the child’s life.

Wang Shuisheng could not wait to say thank you.He rushed up, quickly went near the broken window, took the baby out quickly, and went under a shady area. Just then, from a nearby hospital, a doctor hurriedly rushed over to the kid to do an emergency examination.

Ye Xiaochen, seeing everyone’s attention was diverted, quietly left left the crowd, and went back to where he left his tricycle.

After the emergency rescue, the child was finally out of danger. He was in a stable condition and can be admitted to hospital for further treatment.

The doctor said to Wang Shuisheng, “Fortunately, he was rescued in just time. If it had happened after few minutes later, His brain would have been affected and so would multiple parts of his body due to lack of oxygen.”

Wang Shusheng sighed heavily.He was almost scare to death, his son is fine now.
Suddenly, he remembered about the young man with hoe who broke the bullet proof glass, but he couldn’t find him at the scene.

“Mr.chang did you see that young fellow?”

Wang Shuisheng asked hastily.

“Didn’t see.  I will enquire”

Chang Xu’s was also was relieved. If Wang Shusiheng’s son had an accident here, although he did not have any responsibility, his new restaurant would not have a good reputation.

After asking around, someone said that the young man had left riding the tricycle.


Wang Shusheng was slightly surprised.The young man used a hoe to break the glass.He was very grateful and would like to say thanks personally.

“Mr.Chang, you must help me to find this boy. please.”

Wang Shusheng requested Chang Xu while getting in the ambulance.
“Wang, I assure you that as long as he is in Yang Shi city, I will help you find him.”

Chang Xu replied.

Chang Xu waited for the ambulance to leave and went in to check the surveillance cameras.

Chang Xu was astonished.

After inquiring the logistic department, he got to know that the man riding tricycle was Ye Xiaochen, the man who came to his restaurant to deliver vegetables,”

If Ye Xiaochen hadn’t come to deliver vegetables to his hotel,  Wang’s child couldn’t be rescued.

Thinking of it, he quickly gave a phone call to Liu Fusheng,asked about the situation of Ye Xiaochen.


At that moment, Ye Xiaochen left the Yang Shi city, riding his tricycle.

He did not want any person to have an idea about the immortal hoe. That’s why he did not leave a name behind after doing good deed and hastily left.
He did not go directly to home, he went to Dragon king town.
By the time he found his mom and dad, they have sold nearly all the vegetables.

“Business is very good, as long as they taste the cucumber, they will buy it. Right, little Chen, what happened to your business matter?”

With a towel, he wiped his face,and smiled.

Now he doesn’t have to worry too much about the sale of vegetables.

Even if there’s no way, by only relying on selling on different markets, he will not be in loss.

“It went well.”

Ye Xiaochen said with a smile  “it’s too hot, only few vegetables are left. let’s go back early.”

“Em, next time we need to bring some more.”

His mom said after drinking some water.

Today, they have sold the vegetables fast which didn’t give her full satisfaction.

Tidying up the booth, the three began to return with two tricycles.

The moment Ye went home, switched on the fan and was about to rest, Liu Fusheng called him up.

Why is Liu Fusheng looking for me?

Ye Xiaochen was surprised.

He is very grateful to Liu Fusheng , he was a very huge help for him.

“Has brother Ye saved a little boy near the entrance of the restaurant?” Liu Fusheng asked.


“Such a thing has happened Mr.liu, what’s the matter?”

Ye Xiaochen was stupefied. How did Liu fusheng go to know?

He did not know Liu Fusheng’s intention.

“Brother Ye, you see your luck, you saved our Yang Shi city’s richest man Wang Shishueng’s son. Chang told me Wang wanted to thank his saviour very much and personally wants to meet you to show his gratitude, ha-ha, brother ye, if you seize this opportunity later it would be very great!”

Liu Fusheng may be a rich guy in the town, but he is not so rich compared to the rich people in the city.Wang,however,is the richest man in the city.

Now Ye Xiaochen has become Wang Shuisheng’s son’s savior.This a very big favor.

He can only lament the good luck of Ye Xiaochen.

Ye Xiaochen was a little ignorant.

He saved Yang Shi city’s richest man Wang’s son?

He just saved the person. He didn’t had any other ideas. He purely wanted to save a life.

Ye had heard a little bit about Wang. He is the chairman of Jingyan Jingyang group. It involves lots of fields, such as real estate, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery etc.

Real estate, agricultural engineering machine of Jingyang group is well know in the province.

Then he shook his head, he just saved a person.He is not prepared to cling on with a relationship with the richest man.

He was very satisfied with the status quo, the sales are not much of a problem anymore.

He can now start thinking about the the mysterious Shennong system.

The immortal carrot seedlings are growing very fast.The carrots are about half a foot high. It is estimated that the carrot root-stock was about to take shape.

Ye was very curious regarding the changes these carrots could bring, both in his life, by quickly getting sold, and to the immortal land.
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