Devil Venerable Also Wants to Know Chapter 81-82 (End)

Chapter 81 – Devil Venerable Also Wants to Know

Extra Chapter 1 – The end

At the grand conclusion of God of Annihilation: Volume 3, Hè Wenzhao used divine power to reconstruct the three realms, living in eternal peace and happiness with his wives and friends in the divine realm.

Several centuries later, Hè Wenzhao also used his memories to recreate many people from the divine, immortal, and human realms.

He was the supreme god in all the realms whom no one dared to defy. Everyone obeyed him without a hint of dissent.

At the beginning, Hè Wenzhao thought this kind of life was wonderful. He could go freely throughout the three realms and no one dared to threaten him or his friends and loved ones. He didn’t need to constantly worry about people and gods plotting to harm him. The three realms belonged to him,
and it was a peaceful and happy existence.

But a few centuries later, Hè Wenzhao was tired of this life.

The peace without any sort of disruption and the days and years in the same routine caused Hè Wenzhao to gradually lose feeling.

Everything unfolded according to his wishes without anything unexpected happening. Life was tasteless, no surprise or delight to speak of.

One day, in a flash of callousness, he called in the beautiful Gongxi Jin, then called in Baili Qingmiao and made out with Gongxi Jin in front of her.

Baili Qingmiao’s expression was calm, smiling slightly as she said, “Shixiong treats Sister Gongxi so well.” Hè Wenzhao pushed Gongxi Jin aside and grabbed Baili Qingmiao by the shoulders. “Aren’t you jealous? Aren’t you bitter? I remember when I had
any contact with a female disciple in the past, even a few words, you would start a fight over it!”

Baili Qingmiao didn’t act like her shoulders hurt. She pressed her forehead against Hè Wenzhao’s arm, saying meekly, “But shixiong, you don’t
actually like them. You just can’t help it. I know the one you love the most is me.”

“Then… why don’t you be a little willful, argue with me or something?” Hè Wenzhao gripped Baili Qingmiao’s shoulders hard. “I’m using so much force, doesn’t it hurt?”

How could it not? Hè Wenzhao could hear the sound of bones being crushed.

“How could I argue with shixiong? Shixiong is the supreme god in charge of all of the three realms. With how busy you are, how could I inconvenience you?” Baili Qingmiao said. “Also, my shoulders don’t hurt. Even if they were injured, shixiong would heal them for me, right?”

Listening to her, Hè Wenzhao took his hands away in a daze.

Right, back when he resurrected his little shimei, he had thought, his little
shimei was so good, she was just too jealous. He was the divine emperor, so what was the problem with him having relations with a few goddesses? It
would be so great if his shimei didn’t have such a temper.

So the new Baili Qingmiao was always dedicated to Hè Wenzhao, never raising a fuss or causing trouble, waiting patiently in her palace every day for her shixiong to come to her.

Hè Wenzhao left Baili Qingmiao’s palace and went looking for his main wife, the Violet Spirit Goddess.

Seeing Hè Wenzhao coming with an album in hand, the Violet Spirit
Goddess said, “Dearest, that’s an album of goddesses of the divine realm. Are there any you’ve been close to recently, that you need me to arrange marriage with?”

Staring at the Violet Spirit Goddess, Hè Wenzhao said, “I’m your husband. Isn’t it hard for you to arrange marriages to other women for me?”

“My dearest is so gallant that these goddesses are blessed to be able to marry him, no?” the Violet Spirit Goddess said.

“As I remember, you would secretly eliminate the women you didn’t like.” Even if Hè Wenzhao never mentioned some things, that didn’t mean he hadn’t noticed. “I remember you disliked Gongxi Jin the most, so why haven’t you gotten rid of her?”

“Because my husband likes her, of course.” There was no emotion in the Violet Spirit Goddess’s smile. She resembled a finely-crafted puppet.

Hè Wenzhao opened the album. Each and every woman was beautiful in her own way, but he could no longer tell the difference between their

“Just look through and pick a few,” Hè Wenzhao said, leaving with a disinterested wave.

His wives all looked like what he wanted. Hè Wenzhao knew all their words and actions in advance, because all of them had been created by him, even the future wives he took.

He came to Yao Jiaping’s palace. Yao Jiaping was now a god of medicine, in charge of the miraculous medicines of nature. When Hè Wenzhao
arrived, Yao Jiaping’s wife, Xiao Yi, was tending the herbs in the garden. Upon seeing him, she bowed to him. “Divine emperor.”

“Where’s Yao Jiaping?” Hè Wenzhao never had much of an impression of Xiao Yi, so the one he created looked exactly like the original, but had a personality like a blank sheet of paper.

“He’s treating a patient,” Xiao Yi said. When he heard that, Hè Wenzhao furrowed his brows and barged into Yao Jiaping’s rooms. He saw him putting on his clothes, a woman lying on his bed. Her eyes looked like Xiao Yi’s, probably a patient or a patient’s relative.

“You’ve already found Xiao Yi, so why are you still doing this?” Hè
Wenzhao said furiously, grabbing Yao Jiaping. “Isn’t your heart dedicated to Xiao Yi?”

After tying his belt, Yao Jiaping said, “I’m the god of medicine, so what’s wrong with me getting with a few women? She can increase her power by dual cultivating with me too. And Xiao Yi is the only one in my heart—
with other people, it’s only fooling around. Aren’t you the same? Your love for Baili Qingmiao doesn’t get in the way of you marrying the Violet Spirit Goddess, Gongxi Jin, and all those other goddesses.”

“You scum!” Hè Wenzhao sent Yao Jiaping flying with one blow.

Yao Jiaping flew out of the palace, heavily injured. Xiao Yi instantly threw herself in front of him. “If you want to kill my husband, you’ll have to kill me first!”

“Your husband?” Hè Wenzhao’s eyes turned cruel. He pointed a finger to one side, creating an identical Yao Jiaping. “How about that one?”

Xiao Yi instantly threw herself in front of the other Yao Jiaping, saying, “If you want to kill my husband, you’ll have to kill me first!”

“Hahahahaha!” Hè Wenzhao let out a sudden burst of chilling laughter. He took a few steps back, pointing at Xiao Yi. “These two husbands are both yours. Pick one for yourself, hahahaha!”

He left Yao Jiaping’s palace, wandering aimlessly in the divine capital. “False,” he thought, “all false. It’s all my imagination, hahahaha!”

He had woken up from a centuries-long dream. Alone, he had spent several centuries with puppets created from his imagination who would never disobey him. From then on, Hè Wenzhao no longer pampered his wives. None of them bothered him, each content to stay in their own palaces.

Hè Wenzhao sat on his throne, idly messing with the human realm. He released a disaster here and destroyed a country there, a species. From the divine realm, he watched the destitute refugees of the human realm, but felt nothing.

“So this is what being a god feels like. No wonder you could heartlessly unleash disasters. I get it now.” Hè Wenzhao looked to the sky, his eyes empty, talking to someone who wasn’t there.

Back when he first became a god, he thought the primordial goddess was beautiful beyond compare. Her indifferent eyes looked equally upon all gods, as if there was no difference between them and the insects of the mortal realm. Thus, he began constantly bothering that woman, wanting her to look differently at him than everyone else, wanting those emotionless
eyes to gaze at him tenderly.

After they reincarnated, he fell in love with Baili Qingmiao the moment he laid eyes on her, just like in their previous lives. Yet when he saw that his little shimei’s eyes held only himself, he felt disinterested. It felt as if
something was wrong, different from what he had imagined.

Now he realized that what had drawn him in his previous life was that pair of eyes, emotionless yet caring, and filled with compassion.

“You’re no longer around, are you?” Hè Wenzhao rubbed his chest and suddenly said, “No, your divinity exists inside my body. We’ve been together all this time.”

The world outside was all an illusion, a mere daydream of his. Only the divine nature within his body was real, the only thing left behind by that primordial goddess.

Hè Wenzhao curled up on the throne, his arms encircling empty air, as if embracing someone. He closed his eyes, feeling a bit tired, and sank into deep slumber.

The moment the divine emperor fell asleep, tremendous waves rocked the Blood Hell in the human realm.

After Hè Wenzhao took in the divine nature, he was still unable to purify the demonic energy it had commanded. Following his memories, he sealed the demonic energy in the Blood Hell, which remained peaceful for all these years.

Within the waves, a human figure gradually solidified above the Blood
Hell. He lifted his head, looking at the sky and listening to the wind around him, seemingly taking in countless pieces of information.

“I see,” that person spoke quietly to himself. “After this Venerable fell into the Blood Hell, so much has happened. Yin Hanjiang, the Burning Sky Immortal… this Venerable has truly missed a lot.”

He faintly remembered that after falling into the Blood Hell, he had been
consumed by the 180 thousand demonic gods, only one lingering obsession remaining. As for what kind of obsession, he didn’t really remember. But he knew that he had left an incomplete task, and couldn’t die.

So when the divine nature destroyed the barriers of the three realms, that obsession began to absorb the demonic and divine energy around it, growing stronger.

After the human and immortal realms were merged, the mindless demonic energy found the remnants of the Burning Sky Immortal in the immortal realm. At that moment, the divine nature lost control over it, the barrier between the immortal and divine realms was broken, and the 180 thousand demonic gods attacked the divine realm, bringing the world to the brink of destruction.

Finally, Hè Wenzhao used his soul bond with Baili Qingmiao to take in the divine nature, and sealed the demonic energy back in the Blood Hell, giving time for that obsession to continue absorbing demonic energy. The moment Hè Wenzhao’s mental stability crumbled and he closed his eyes and sealed himself off from the world, this man took his chance,
gathered all the demonic energy, and shattered the seal on the Blood Hell, breaking out of it.

He was a demon, the only remaining demonic god in the three realms, Wenren È.

Wenren È looked at the mortal realm. His eyes could see through falsehood, so the fantasy Hè Wenzhao had constructed couldn’t fool him.

In his eyes, the three realms had already merged into one, the world
contracting, all energy returning to chaos. In the center of the mass of chaos, someone embraced the divine nature, having a sweet dream.

Unbeknownst to him, the divine nature was gradually eroding his godly power, and when it was all drained, his soul bond with Baili Qingmiao would vanish, and no one would be able to stop the divine nature from returning creation to chaos.

Wenren È arrived at the sleeping Hè Wenzhao’s side. Placing a hand on his head, he “saw” his dream.

The divine nature noticed Wenren È and realized that he was the only person who could stop it from destroying the cosmos. Feeling threatened, it gathered its power in order to kill Wenren È.

“You don’t need to be on guard,” Wenren È said. “This is no longer the world that this Venerable wishes to protect.”

He looked at Hè Wenzhao, currently putting all his effort toward subduing the divine nature with the soul bond, and chuckled quietly. “Burning Sky Immortal… you desperately wanted to avenge this Venerable, so today, let me realize your wish.”

With a flick of Wenren È’s wrist, the remnants of Hè Wenzhao’s soul bond was dissolved. The divine nature burst out of Hè Wenzhao’s body, becoming one with the cosmos, beginning to absorb chaos energy. The chaos began contracting endlessly, even affecting Wenren È’s body. He felt the demonic energy that sustained him being gradually drained away, but his heart was calm.

The world had already been destroyed. The only thing that could be looked forward to was the creation of a new world.

In that case, there was only one thing he could do.

Wenren È stopped resisting and dove into the chaos energy, being absorbed by the divine nature and compressed.

After millions of years, the chaos energy had compressed to its limit, and finally exploded.

The conflagration brought about new life, giving rise to myriad worlds, and an obsession which had not been worn down after eons split and merged
with three of the worlds.

In the first, a female author typed the title, Abusive Romance: You Are the Unchanging One in My Heart at her computer.

In the second world, a male author typed out God of Annihilation.

And in the third world, Wenren È, in the middle of discussing the Great Sect War with his subordinates, suddenly felt a space open up above his head, from which fell a book.

He caught it casually and saw on the cover, Abusive Romance: You Are the Unchanging One in My Heart.

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Chapter 82 – Devil Venerable Also Wants to Know

Extra Chapter 2 – Ten years later

Xuanyuan Sect, Main Hall

Zhongli Qian was talking business with Shu Yanyan in the discussion room. He had been ignored by Wenren È for ten years now, over which he would send a resignation slip to Wenren È and Yin Hanjiang every half month.
After persistently sending two hundred and forty talismans over the past ten years, he finally got an annoyed response from Wenren È: “If you find
someone suitable to manage Xuanyuan Sect, you can hand the position over and leave.”

After receiving this message, Zhongli Qian happily touched his hair and hurried to find Shu Yanyan. He passed the regulations he had written over the past years, rewards and punishments, stocks of spiritual stones, the methods of sect members and their potential advancements and bottlenecks in the future, all over to Shu Yanyan. Seeing how she leaned on the desk
with no intention of checking the jade slips, he was forced to explain every point to her.

After ten years, Shu Yanyan was still beautiful as a young maiden. She yawned, looking at Zhongli Qian bleary-eyed. “Forty years ago, when I met you at the literature conference, why didn’t I realize you were so long-

At the literature conference, Zhongli Qian had discussed classics and composed poetry, each line eloquent and uplifting even if you didn’t
understand it. Right now, he was talking about how many first-grade, upper- grade, mid-grade, and lower-grade spiritual stones were in storage, what
anxieties the sect members had lately, what the Altar Masters were planning and how to keep them content, and so on. Shu Yanyan couldn’t stop her eyelids from growing heavy as she listened.

She pinched Zhongli Qian’s handsome face and said wearily, “No wonder the scholars of the mortal world are so distinguished and elegant as
students, like a tender bamboo stalk, that you can’t help but want to sample. But after passing the exams, they all become gluttonous officials with potbellies and wrinkles, and on top of being ugly, they can’t even compose a poem and stink of alcohol. Ah, Zhongli Qian…”

She shook her head with a sigh, as if lamenting a beauty past its prime. Zhongli Qian, who had been youthful and handsome for many years: …
After some thought, he replied, “After all these years at Xuanyuan Sect, I’m still a teacher of the Dao and haven’t changed.”

“I know.” Shu Yanyan suddenly stood up. Stroking his chin, she said tenderly, “You’ve lost weight.”

Zhongli Qian was stunned.

Shu Yanyan said seriously, “I celebrate you being a student or a teacher, but don’t bother yourself with Xuanyuan Sect’s odd jobs anymore. That’s not
suited to you. A teacher passes on knowledge and values. You make every effort for your disciples, but there are times where you have to take your hand away. Everyone walks their own paths, and you can’t do it for them. You’re exhausting yourself.”

Zhongli Qian stared at the jade slips on the table, one of which recorded each sect member’s future path of cultivation. He had written down
everything he could think of, but in truth, there were countless possibilities he hadn’t been able to write.

“As for me, I follow my heart in everything. I sample everything I like and discard everything I don’t like. If I appreciate someone, I’ll interact with them more. If I respect them, I’ll be honest with them and share my feelings, and not treat them lightly,” Shu Yanyan said. “I respect Sir Zhongli, so I’m willing to let someone I desire leave me. But at the same time, I’m happy to let go because I want Zhongli Qian to forever remain a gentleman, a revered teacher. If you let this pack of fools degrade your principles, then I won’t be so nice anymore.”

Zhongli Qian pondered for a long time, then cupped his hands to Shu Yanyan. “Many thanks to Protector Shu for her guidance. I understand now.”

He had given so much to Xuanyuan Sect over all these years, and without his notice, it had become a fetter for him, just like the Zhongli clan, gradually taking away his freedom and causing him to forget his original intent.

He had originally wanted to spread the Dao to the entire realm. However, the Dao he wanted to teach wasn’t rigid, and thus each person would have a different understanding and arrive at their own path. And right now, he had nearly planned out the future paths of all the members of Xuanyuan Sect, instead of letting them develop on their own.

“I’m glad you understand.” Shu Yanyan picked up the jade slips. “I’ll look at the things you put together, but as for whether or not I’ll follow your instructions, that can’t be said. This Protector has her own path, so I don’t want you buzzing by my ear like a fly, telling me to do this and not that.
People who speak too much aren’t attractive.”

“I understand.” Zhongli Qian smiled slightly, carefree like the night breeze.

“You can go,” Shu Yanyan said. “Spread your Dao across the world and let me see if peace can exist under heaven. Also, come back every few years so I can admire your face, okay?”

“The sage[1] said, ‘anyone can be my teacher’. The path of teaching isn’t just about teaching others, but finding your own teachers, which can be
anyone in the world. Today, Protector Shu has been my teacher,” Zhongli Qian said. Staring at his face, Shu Yanyan pressed a hand against her forehead, waving him off with her other hand. “Hurry up and go, before I make you be my teacher for a day.”

With a smile, Zhongli Qian said, “Then this is farewell. A few years later, when my realm has advanced, I’ll come back to discuss the Dao with Protector Shu.”

Watching his departing figure, Shu Yanyan shook her head. “You better not come back, or I really won’t be able to resist.”

She picked up a jade slip, looking through everyone’s current information until she got to Qiu Congxue. It was written, “Protector Qiu frequently goes to Shangqing Sect to challenge a duel, and after losing to Baili Qingmiao,
she goes to beat up Su Huai. With her motivation, the three have each made swift progress, so it could possibly be considered legendary.”

The corners of Shu Yanyan’s mouth twitched. Someone like her, who
sought pleasure in the moment, could never understand how Qiu Congxue’s brain worked.

Oh, right, she didn’t have a brain. She never thought about anything, just relying on her instincts for everything, huh? It’s a good thing Baili
Qingmiao and Su Huai spoil her and let her use Shangqing Sect as a playground. That was fine, with Protector Qiu at Shangqing Sect all day, Shu Yanyan had one less rival for the position of Sect Leader.

As for the other two…

Protector Shu gazed toward Wenren È’s room. By the time those two came out, they would probably be heading off to the immortal realm to terrorize the immortals, so by then, Xuanyuan Sect would be hers!

But this was somewhat boring. They were going to the immortal realm to throw their weight around, and since she was so dedicated to rising in the ranks, shouldn’t she follow and become a leader of immortals? Sitting at the desk with her chin in her hands, Shu Yanyan began to seriously consider focusing on her cultivation.

At the back mountains of Xuanyuan Sect, a red-robed man sat barefoot at the edge of the spring, silently watching the moon in the sky.

The black-robed man sat leaning against his back, also looking at the sky, not understanding what there was to see about the moon.

Wenren È casually spoke his question, and after a long pause, Yin Hanjiang replied behind him. “On that day you found me, the moon was especially bright and the night was peaceful. When I managed to stick my head from the corpse pile, I saw you slowly approaching in the moonlight. You walked with no sound and my vision was weak, so if the moon hadn’t been so bright, I would’ve missed you.”

“Put that way, the full moon truly is beautiful.” Wenren È turned and pulled Yin Hanjiang into his lap.

The night wind blew their loose hair to one side. Seeing their hair together, Yin Hanjiang controlled the wind with a flick of his fingers and tied their hair together in a knot.

Yin Hanjiang’s hand landed casually on Wenren È’s body, but firmly pinned his robe.

Noticing his actions, Wenren È didn’t say anything, but used chaos energy to entangle the two’s hair completely together, so they couldn’t tell whose was whose.

“After Zhongli Qian leaves, Shu Yanyan will rule over the place again,” Yin Hanjiang said, suddenly remembering.

“That doesn’t matter. She can solve a lot of problems. But if you like being Sect Leader, I’ll shoo her off for you.” “I’m not interested.” Yin Hanjiang turned his head, looking at the side of Wenren È’s face in the moonlight.

“Then what do you want?” Under his gaze, Wenren È’s throat slightly trembled.

Yin Hanjiang leaned toward Wenren È and whispered in his ear. “Under the moonlight…”

The next few words, only Wenren È could hear. He noticed that Yin Hanjiang’s ears were bright red.


By one hand, he grabbed Yin Hanjiang’s waist. Underneath the moonlight, their belt sashes fluttered in the wind, landing in the spring and reflecting a silver shine on the water’s surface.

1. Confucius ↩

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