Carrying a Hoe to Cultivate

Xia Yi had transmigrated, with a cultivation system into a farming novel. Orz

Mission: Becoming an apprentice in the Qi Shan Sect to obtain a mythical beast.

With his hoe on his shoulder, Xia Yi gazed at the large area of farmland in front of him, he almost blacked out: How am I going to complete cultivation missions in a farming novel?

System: It’s fine. There is always a fix to a problem…

And so, Xia Yi was forced to go between the two worlds, farmed a bit here, cultivated a bit there.

Although the rubbish missions were torturing him to death, there was always a loyal doggie beside him…

Xia Yi: Cultivating is so hard.

Gu Wen Zhu: I’ll teach you.

Xia Yi: Farming is so exhausting.

Gu Wen Zhu: I’ll help.

Xia Yi: I don’t want to have a child.

Gu Wen Zhu: Yes, you want to.

As the worlds mixed up, the characters in the cultivation novel frequently appeared beside him.

The whole thing was a mess, traveling between two worlds. Claiming to be relatives with people, arranging a marriage, becoming sworn brothers with others…

Why not let his dog at home join the party too!
Author:Little Baldy
Associated Names:扛起锄头去修仙[穿书]
Related Series:N/A
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