Carrying a Hoe to Cultivate Chapter 61-69 (End)

Chapter 61

What? Tim Ding import? What does this have to do with my illness? Xia Yi didn’t react for a while, and his expression was a bit dazed.

Immediately, he understood the meaning of the words, and slowly opened his eyes widened. It was horrified and unbelievable. The whole person was like a thunderstorm, and he stayed there in a daze.

Doesn’t it mean that? Isn’t it? Maybe Brother Zhu or some relative of the original body is coming here?

Xia Yi’s expression was stiff, but there was still a faint hope in her heart, “Brother Zhu, you can make it clear, what do you mean by adding a new importer?”

Gu Wen first looked at him silently, with a focused expression, as if observing his expression.

Then he said cautiously: “Xiao Yi, you are pregnant with a child.”

Xiao Yi, you are pregnant with a child.

You are pregnant with a child.


Xia Yi stood there blankly, her limbs numb and her head buzzed.

“You, are you talking nonsense? I think you made a mistake.” Xia Yi tried to suppress her emotions, trying to be as calm as possible.

It’s just that the voice was still trembling, with unconcealable horror.

Gu Wen looked at him silently, dark eyes deep.

Then, he touched the back of his head with his hand and brought it into his arms.

Xia Yi buried her head on the broad chest, her heart sank.

He has been afraid since the beginning of 179 when he talked about the third s.εメ here. But after so long, he gradually forgot that this is a world where children are born.

When he left the matter behind, others told him abruptly.

you are pregnant.

He slapped these words carefully, as if he didn’t feel that the person involved was himself, but felt that the whole thing revealed a kind of weird comicality.

But was really pregnant.

There was a real life in his stomach.

This life is still growing up in his belly, and one day, he, a man, will give birth to it.

Xia Yi finally had a sense of realism, only to feel that the blood rushed over her head in bursts. The whole body was hot and hot for a while, and then it was like being in an ice cave.

Many emotions surged in his heart, heartbroken, flustered, overwhelmed, and frightened.

Suddenly, felt a sense of grievance rushing to heart, and eyes started to heat up.

Feeling that his chest was slowly soaking wet, Gu Wen slid up and down through his Adam’s apple.

He lowered his head, grabbed the back of Xia Yi’s neck, and moved his head slightly away from his arms.

Putting it against his forehead, gently press the tip of his nose with the tip of his nose.

Xia Yi turned her head, her eyes flushed, her small chin was round, and her slender neck was porcelain white, with a tender fragility.

After looking at him for a while, he suddenly turned back to look at Gu Wenzhu, his eyes burning with anger.

“Why didn’t you give birth? Ah? Why do you want me to live?”

His eyes were fierce, but his voice was hoarse, and he trembled with a sense of crying.

Gu Wen was dumbfounded by the question.

But looking at Xia Yi, her chest was also rising and falling, panting heavily, and quickly apologized, “I’m sorry, I’m all blamed for being useless, I’m not pregnant, I’m sorry.”

“I was originally to blame you.” Xia Yi blushed, shook his hand on his back and yelled: “This is all to blame for you.”

“Yes, yes, it’s my fault, it’s all my fault.” Gu Wen gradually apologized for fear that he would hurt himself suddenly.

Xia Yi was furious, he wanted to hit people, he wanted to smash all the objects in his sight and destroy them clean.

He angrily pushed Gu Wenzhu away, and his eyes began to wander around the room.

Picking up a teapot on the table, as he slammed it hard, “boom”, the fragments scattered and splashed.

The small pot with wild flowers smashed.

The big red window grille on the window was a fat doll holding a big fish. It looked so obtrusive and so red that the doll smiled so badly.

Tear it off, tear it all off.

Xia Yidong was panting heavily, red-eyed and raged around in the room, like a firecracker that had already lit the lead.

Gu Wen followed him silently, allowing him to smash the room to pieces. It just kicks away the broken tiles around him extremely fast.

When Xia Yi didn’t find anything to smash, she stopped. Standing in a mess with his shoulders collapsed, his back looked aggrieved and sad.

Gu Wen leaned forward and carefully picked him up from behind, “Are you tired? If you’re not tired, you can beat me out.”

Xia Yi closed her eyes wearily and buried her head in her warm arms.

Next, he stopped mentioning this matter, as if it had never happened before, and he was not pregnant, so he went to the ground with his hoe every day.

Gu Wen became nervous and worried, but didn’t dare to stop him, so he had to follow behind every day. Seeing that he was about to swing a hoe, he quickly planed it out a few times.

Pregnancy is very difficult. The first thing wake up every day is to rush to the clean room and vomit heartbreakingly, but can’t vomit anything.

At this time, Gu Wenzhu could only hug him behind him, caress his back, and feed him a bowl of sour soup made with plums.

Ever since it was discovered that sour plums can well suppress Xia Yi’s nausea, a warm bowl is always on the table, and it is replaced with a new one when it is cold.

Xia Yi started to be picky eaters, not eating meat, vegetables, or fish.

Gu Wen had to chop up the meat and vegetables one by one, and then carefully season them and cook them into porridge for him to eat.

When taking a bath at night, Xia Yi stripped naked and stood in front of the bronze mirror, coldly looking at herself, whose lower abdomen was gradually protruding inside, as if she was looking at a stranger, without a trace of temperature in her eyes.

It wasn’t until Gu Wen knocked on the door uneasily and asked him why he hadn’t finished washing before he put on his clothes and went out.

It seems that over time, Xia Yi finally accepted the fact that she was pregnant and gradually calmed down.

179 became smart for the first time, and noticed that under Xia Yi’s seemingly calm appearance, an undercurrent was surging, and he was not sure when it would erupt.

So during this period of time there was no noise anymore, as if he was dead in his head.

That night, Xia Yi tossed and couldn’t fall asleep, staring straight at the top of the bed from behind, staring at the light blue bedclothes above.

By his side, Gu Wen went into deep sleep, long breathing and slight snoring.

Xia Yi suddenly burst into flames and pushed him with her hands, her voice pretending to be calm, “Brother Zhu, I want to eat dates.”

Gu Wen’s snoring stopped, turned over and went back to sleep.

Xia Yi kicked his calf again, raised his voice and said, “Brother Zhu, I want to eat dates.”

Gu Wenzhu heard Xia Yi’s voice this time, opened his eyes in a daze, turned his head and asked in a low voice, “Xiao Yi, why haven’t you slept yet?”

After speaking, he stretched out his hand to hold him in his arms.

Xia Yi pushed Gu Wenzhu away, looked at him seriously, and said word by word: “I said, I, want, eat, date.”

His eyes revealed a stubborn stubbornness that didn’t reach the goal.

Gu Wen looked out the window with sleepy eyes, “What time is this, not to mention that there are no dates in winter, so tomorrow I will look for any red dates?”

After speaking, he took Xia Yi in his arms and patted him comfortably on the back, “Go to sleep, it’s late.”

Gu Wen gently patted Xia Yi’s back one by one, and closed his eyes again.

When it was dim, suddenly felt a slight tremor beside me, and there was the sound of nose twitching.

At this time, his drowsiness disappeared, he turned over and sat up, stretched out his hand to light the oil lamp, “Xiao Yi, isn’t it uncomfortable?”

The oil lamp was lit, and he saw Xia Yi lying straight on the bed, her chest up and down, tears overflowing from the corners of her eyes, sliding down the sideburns into the pillow. Gu Wen panicked suddenly, and lightly patted Xia Yi’s cheek, “Xiao Yi, Xiao Yi, are you having a nightmare?”

“If you have a nightmare or a nightmare, you only know to ask me if I have a nightmare.” Xia Yi suddenly opened her eyes, sat up angrily, and cried out, “I have said it several times, I want to eat dates! I want to eat date!”

“I will ask the doctor to get rid of this child tomorrow! Get rid of him!”

“I never thought about having a baby, I hate him, hate him!”

After roaring, he buried his face in the quilt and howled sadly, and his shoulders twitched violently.

Gu Wenzhu’s hand gently dropped on his shoulder, and he shook it away, “Go away! Don’t touch me! Let me be quiet for a while!”

He felt Gu Wenji standing beside him all the time, looking at him quietly. Just continue to bury, immersed in anxiety and depression, crying ceaselessly.

The string that had been breaking these days, the fear that had been deep in his heart, and the emotion that made him angry and uneasy, finally turned into tears and burst out.

After a while, suddenly heard the sound of the door being opened.

Then, a gust of cold wind whizzed back in, causing the grease paper on the window to rustle.

With the sound of the door closing, the wind suddenly stopped.

Xia Yi raised her head blankly, and saw that the room was quietly empty, and Gu Wenzhu had already left.

Sure enough, he just left.

Xia Yi couldn’t help feeling confused, stopped crying, opened her swollen eyes, and stared at the closed door.

Maybe in the next second, Gu Wen will come in with the hot and sour soup and let him drink it with a smile.

But after waiting for a long time, didn’t wait for the door to open.

As time passed slowly, Xia Yi sat on the bed blankly, listening to the scream of the cold wind raging outside the window.

The wind blew over the leaves, and from time to time the overwhelming clicking sound of the tree trunk could be heard.

Did Brother Zhu leave like this? He is mad at me. Will he come back when he is angry? He won’t just leave me behind.

Xia Yi couldn’t help panicking in her heart, and her heart was full of regrets.

After sniffing and looking around, Gu Wen’s shirt on the back of the chair was missing only one coat, and the cotton-padded clothes were still there.

The wind is so strong and the temperature is lower at night. Is he going out like this and won’t he freeze?

“179, Brother Zhu is okay? I haven’t come back after going out for so long.” Although Xia Yi tried to restrain himself, the ending sound still had a trace of panic.

The system didn’t make a sound. He knew that Xia Yi was in a bad mood recently, and he was irritated, always hiding there and pretending to be dead.

The old branches outside the house made another unbearable click, and Xia Yi trembled.

No, I’m going out to find him.

Suddenly lifted the quilt, got up and bent over to put on shoes.

At this moment, there was a sound of footsteps in the yard, and then the door was pushed open, and the sound of the wind was closed instantly, isolating the chill from the outside.

Under the candlelight, with his tall figure turned against the light, Gu Wen walked over.

Seeing Xia Yi staring at himself in a daze, his words were still a little bit of joy, “I found it, I will find you a handful of red dates. Fortunately, Sister Wang’s house”

Before he finished speaking, he saw Xia Yi rushing over, slammed into his arms, and hugged his waist tightly.

He said repeatedly: “Brother Zhu, don’t go, don’t go.”

“What’s the matter?” Gu Wen saw him like this, and couldn’t help but get anxious, “What’s the matter?”

Xia Yi shook her head desperately, “I’m too capricious, don’t go.” After speaking, she felt that she was still not close enough, and she stretched out her hand to scratch Wenzhu’s neck.

“When did I say that I was leaving?” Gu Wen was taken aback for a moment, and then smiled again, “You and the child are here, where can I go?”

After that, he kissed Xia Yi again, “What are you thinking about? Isn’t that stupid, eh?”

He didn’t know where he was hit. He only heard a hiss, and he let out a painful inhalation from between his teeth.

Xia Yi quickly raised her head, and asked nervously and nervously, “What’s wrong? Where is the pain?” Taking two steps back, he looked at Gu Wen’s whole body with his eyes.

“It’s nothing, it’s just that it’s dark, I can’t see the way, I fell, and it’s okay.” Gu Wen saw Xia Yi’s anxious appearance, and quickly consoled.

Xia Yi stubbornly still wanted to check, reaching out to unbutton his clothes.

Gu Wen had no choice but to stretch out his right hand.

Xia Yi lifted his sleeves lightly, a momentary twitch in his heart.

I saw a few bloodstains winding upward from the wrist and reaching the elbow, and the deepest two were still leaking blood.

“Does it hurt?” Xia Yi’s voice trembled with distress.

He stretched out his fingers to touch the bloodstain lightly, and was afraid of hurting him, so he stopped abruptly, and the fingers hung tremblingly in the air.

“It doesn’t hurt, this little injury doesn’t matter, don’t be sad.” Gu Wen looked at him softly.

Xia Yi touched his face, feeling cold where he started, and quickly grabbed the cotton coat on the back of the chair and put it on him.

Gu Wenzhu suddenly remembered something, so he took out a small cloth bag from his arms with his left hand and placed it on the table.

The cloth bag was spread out, revealing a dozen big and bright red dates inside.

“I went door-to-door and asked, and finally found it at Brother Wang’s house. This is what was left from the time when Sister Wang lay eggs and was in confinement.” Gu Wen smiled and looked at the handful of red dates, dark.His eyes gleamed.

Then carefully picked one up and put it to Xia Yi’s mouth, “Eat quickly, taste the sweetness or not.” Full of expectation.

Xia Yihong took a bite under her eyes, only to feel the sweetness of red dates overflowing between her lips and tongue.

“Sweet.” He curled his eyes and smiled.

Chapter 62

After this incident, Xia Yi didn’t toss anymore, and was pregnant anyway, what else could he do?

What’s more, toss and toss, Gu Wen suffers every time, which makes him feel distressed.

Recently, he has stopped vomiting and his appetite is getting better and better. Every meal of fish, meat, eggs, and chewing snacks at any time, it seems to bulge like a fermented steamed bun.

Gu Wenzhu’s cheeks became thinner and thinner, as if he was actually pregnant.

Although he had never said it, the joy and care he showed was everywhere telling him how much he cares about this child.

Xia Yi now has no idea of destroying the fetus.

I don’t know if it’s because of pregnancy. Recently, when he saw those lively children in the village, he couldn’t help feeling soft, and he couldn’t help but touch his lower abdomen.

As the child moved for the first time, felt his little hands and feet for the first time, and gradually looked forward to the arrival of this life in the abdomen.

Besides, those delicate little girls in the original world can give birth bravely, so why am I being a big man?

Why not give birth to a baby? What’s the big deal.

Gu Wen came back every day, and after entering the house, he always felt that something had changed.

Take a closer look, there are more new teapots on the table, and a bunch of wild flowers in the new pottery jar at the head of the bed is still stained with moisture.

On the window lattice, where the fat doll was torn off by Xia Yi, there are two more red paper figures holding hands. One of the figures is obviously unnatural and thicker.

When got closer, saw that there was another layer of paper pasted on the arm, and it looked like a swaddle.

It’s just that the workmanship is very clumsy. One villain’s legs are not the same length, and the other’s body is bent upward, just like a hunchback.

Gu Wen watched carefully for a while, then walked out of the house.

When came back, there was an extra bowl of batter in hand. He carefully glued the unadhered part again.

After stepping back two steps and looking at his chin, the corners of his lips curled up slightly.

179 has recently started to talk a lot again. When he is free every day, he will play soothing light music in his mind, or read aloud a pregnant woman guide to him softly.

One day he fell asleep and was awakened by Peppa Pig’s dialogue. 179 also grievedly explained that this was giving the baby prenatal education.

At night, Xia Yi half leaned against the head of the bed, watching Gu Wen carefully stroke his slightly bulging belly, and kissed it a few times, and couldn’t help but start to yearn for the child’s appearance.

Whether he (she) is a male treasure or a female treasure, his eyes must look like Gu Wenzhu. The slightly floating peach blossom eyes, the eyes are as dark as a deep pool…

By the way, Gu Wenzhu’s eyes look like Jie Entropy.

In the past, only knew that he was like Cang Yi. Looking at it this way, his appearance was actually a combination of two people.

The bridge of the nose is high and it casts a shadow on the other side of the face by candlelight. The contours of the face are deep, and a little indifferent when not smiling.

Gu Wenzhu was murmuring and talking to his belly, suddenly raised his head and found that Xia Yi was looking at him, his eyes brightly thinking about something.

“What are you thinking?” Gu Wen couldn’t help but asked with a funny smile.

“Thinking about your two fathers.” Xia Yi answered without thinking.

I regretted it as soon as said it.

Sure enough, Gu Wenzhu’s smile condensed on his face. Immediately, he turned around nonchalantly and continued to talk to his belly. Only Xia Yi could feel him wandering.

“Sorry, I just blurted it out and didn’t think too much.” Xia Yi explained nervously, “I think you look a lot like the two of them. I think the baby will look like you in the future.”

“It’s okay, I didn’t care.” Gu Wen laughed again and reached out to touch his head, “As for the baby, it must look like you to look good.”

“The eyes are big and round, the nose is small, and it’s upright…”

Following his words, Gu Wenzhu’s fingers slid along the part of Xia Yi’s face that he had read.

Gradually, his voice became quieter until it was completely silent.

The expression in his eyes gradually became a little dangerous, with a certain meaning that Xia Yi was familiar with.

“Don’t be foolish, the baby is still young.” Xia Yi vigilantly stretched out a finger against his gradually approaching lips.

Gu Wen continued to move forward one by one, and said in a low voice, “I have asked Uncle Li, and said it will be okay in three months.”

“Really?” Xia Yi’s mouth was already blocked, and she struggled to ask, keeping the last trace of clarity in her mind.

Gu Wen kept going under his hands, but the movements were very gentle, “Really, I will be careful and leave everything to me.”

As the weather gets warmer, Xia Yi’s body is getting heavier and heavier, and his belly is getting bigger and bigger.

Seeing that it won’t be long before giving birth, Xia Yi began to prepare small clothes and shoes for the children, as well as a blanket for the baby.

Of course, these are all stitched by Gu Wen.

Gu Wenji doesn’t have much time to go to the ground now. He goes early and returns early. After returning, apart from cooking for Xia Yi, he sits in the courtyard and sews clothes for the children.

Those little shirts and trousers are very cute, so Xia Yi just wants to give birth quickly, so that she can see what it looks like when the baby wears them.

After listening to the words of the aunts in the village, he took the old soft sheets into strips, washed them and scalded them with boiling water, then exposed them to the sun for a few days, and prepared them to make diapers for the babies.

In addition to preparing these, Gu Wen did not know where to drag out a few good woods, and began to make a crib for the baby.

“Didn’t you run out of wood when making furniture last time? Where did this come from?” Xia Yi kicked the logs in the courtyard.

Gu Wen smiled one by one, “I put the wood for the child’s bed ahead of time, and the rest is used to make furniture.”

I used to say that was going to make a bed for Qilin’s puppies when was practicing crafts. knew was not at ease.

You liar.

179 is not urging Xia Yi to farm the field now, his attention has been completely diverted by the baby. Every day, he studies various pregnant women’s guides and urges Xia Yi to do various prenatal exercises.

“Host, you have to move more, lying in the yard every day, eating and sleeping, and eating, only Gu Wen will not feed your mouth, it will not be good.”

“Host, I think you should rub your chest or do some breast expansion exercises. Breast milk can increase your resistance after the baby is born, but you, you, this accessory is not like a baby ration at all. "

179 appeared worried and very anxious.

I’m a man, it’s weird enough to be able to have children, you still ask me to breastfeed?

But in the evening, Xia Yi couldn’t hold back the doubts in his heart, and he still asked out hesitantly, “Brother Zhu, after your brother here has given birth, what do those children eat?”

“Breast,” Gu Wen replied as it should be, and continued to knead Xia Yi’s calf without raising his head.

Recently, Xia Yi didn’t know if it was calcium deficiency, and her calf cramps all the time. The world couldn’t buy calcium tablets, so Xia Yi had to repeat the method of 179, asking Gu Wen to make more calcium-rich foods for herself.

However, the calf was still unavoidably stiff and stiff, so every night, Gu Wenzhu would knead him to relieve the soreness of the lower muscles.

Xia Yi was very dissatisfied with Gu Wenzhu’s answer. After thinking about it, he asked roundly, “What kind of milk do you have?”

“You can take whatever milk you have.” Gu Wen continued to press his calf patiently, paying full attention.

Xia Yi couldn’t help it anymore. He kicked his calf a few times and stepped his hand on the soft sole, “I’m asking you what kind of milk I can give the baby to eat.”

Seeing Gu Wen looking up at him one by one, Xia Yi also gestured several times with her hands on her chest.

Gu Wenzhu suddenly realized, “If you ask this, the baby can of course be breastfed. Don’t see if you don’t have it now, it will be there after giving birth.”

After speaking, he glanced at Xia Yi’s chest, “I think from now on, I can take a breath every night.”

Seeing Xia Yi’s face sinking, Gu Wen hurriedly said: “If you don’t want to feed, don’t feed it. I will go to the nearby village tomorrow to see if there are any sheep that have just given birth to buy two, and then let the baby drink goat’s milk. It’s okay.”

“After all, my brother didn’t have enough milk in the first place”

Before he finished speaking, he saw Xia Yi’s two cold eyes shooting like a knife, and Gu Wen immediately closed his mouth obediently.

Early the next morning, after Gu Wen made breakfast for Xia Yi and warmed it in the pot, he went out to find the nanny sheep. Before noon, he brought two fat and strong sheep back with three soft lambs in his arms.

“I didn’t buy the sheep, but the villagers borrowed two for me. These days, they are fed at our house. The lambs are sent back after weaning, and the ewes are kept until the baby has eaten them for a while before returning them.”

Gu Wen sent the sheep to the backyard one by one and said, “I will buy it at that time, don’t worry.”

If your sheep is not ready, you will rely on me to deliver nutrients to your baby. Can I not worry about it?

Qilin was also very good during this time, as if he knew that Xia Yi was pregnant with the baby, and would no longer have a savage collision from time to time as before, and plunged his head into Xia Yi’s arms.

Always follow carefully, rubbing against his leg at most.

Since the few sheep were brought home, the baby moved more happily in his stomach.

Xia Yi’s body is getting heavier and heavier, although she doesn’t want to move, she takes time out of the village every day.

There is no surgery in this world, let alone surgery if you don’t give birth, it’s all on your own.

Xia Yi felt her scalp tightening when she thought of this. Without 179 urging, she felt a sense of urgency.

If it weren’t for Gu Wen’s refusal, he would want to cultivate his three acres of land every day with a hoe, so that the intensity of exercise would be at ease.

As a result, every day after dinner, the bowl was set aside, so took a unicorn, and then took three lambs to wander outside the village.

Occasionally, Qi Zhou would walk with him, because they never talked speculatively, so the two did not communicate. They just walked slowly along the village road like that, and they were harmonious.

But don’t know why, Qi Zhou hasn’t come to look for him these days, Xia Yi also went to look at the door of the old house, only to see that the door was closed tightly.

No one answered after calling the door several times, and the Erniu were not there either.

Because Qi Zhou said before that he wanted to go to the county town for a few days, Xia Yi wondered whether these two people had entered the city?

Qi Zhou has been here for a long time, and he also knows about his brother.

After reshaping the Three Views of the collapse of the sky, he can now face it calmly, that is, every time he sees Xia Yi’s pregnant belly, he will turn his gaze very quickly.

Xia Yi also gave him her unused waterweed.

When Qi Zhou asked him suspiciously, Xia Yi was a little embarrassed to explain it clearly, and said vaguely, “Anyway, you must keep it. As for the effect, you will know later. When you feel that your whole body is feverish, it will be abnormal. When you are in a situation, eat this quickly.”

Although Qi Zhou didn’t quite understand, he also knew that this world was a bit weird.

So didn’t ask too much, and after taking it over, he held it in his arms solemnly.

The weather was good today, and after a nap, Xia Yi took Qilin and went out.

When he showed his feelings at first, he was not too embarrassed to go out.

Although it is normal to know that the man here has a big belly, he is still not used to it.

The figure behind became more and more awkward, and it was indeed impossible to hide it anymore. After being surrounded by aunts and wives in the village several times and guessing the gender of the baby in his stomach, Xia Yi began to smash the jar and completely let go.

He walked across the village with a big belly and greeted the villagers along the way. Passing the Xiaohekou again, caught a fresh cucumber thrown by the group of daughter-in-laws who washed clothes, and continued to walk forward while eating.

His eyes looked forward unconsciously, and his mouth was still humming an untuned song.

Suddenly, two tall figures came into the line of sight, walking along the village road towards him.

There was also a big black dog by his side.

When Qilin saw the big black dog, he rushed out like an arrow, and Xia Yi couldn’t stop shouting.

“179, don’t tell me, some of the people in these villages look really good. Except for my brother, you see that the two in front are also good, one looks like Cang Yi, the other looks like Jie Entropy.”

179 was watching the distance teaching of practical obstetrics and gynecology with full attention, and didn’t pay attention to what Xia Yi said, so he just said twice.

As the person on the opposite side got closer and closer to herself, Xia Yi slowly stopped. A bite of cucumber was held in his mouth like that, and I forgot to swallow it.

One of them, that Qishan uniform, that cultivating demeanor, who is not Cang Yi? And the other person beside him, the eye-catching red gown, the porcelain-white skin, the diagonally flying peach eyes and the pitch-black eyes, is exactly the entropy of Jie Entropy.

179 finally pulled out from the ocean of knowledge at this time and screamed, “Host, your parents-in-law are here.”

Xia Yi was already stunned at this time.

There is no problem passing through. After all, the people of their Qishan School, either today or tomorrow, will wear them in turns.

But why did Cang Yi and Jie Entropy come together and walk side by side? Didn’t you beat you to death? Before I left, didn’t all the daggers of Jie Entropy still reach Cang Yi’s chest?

He is so soon?

As the distance got closer, Cang Yi and Jie Entropy also recognized Xia Yi.

“Wang Lan?” Jie Entropy still remembers that the handsome man with a big belly and dressed as a villager on the other side was the son of the flower essence that his son was crazy about, Wang Lan.

Seeing him half-opened his mouth stupidly, with a few slices of unswallowed cucumbers in his mouth, Jie Entropy couldn’t help showing disgust in his eyes.

Slowly stopped, and before Xia Yi opened his mouth, two eyes fixedly landed on his bulging belly.

“Ah, I, my name is Xia Yi.” Although Xia Yi didn’t know why they both called themselves Wanglan, they were after all Gu Wenzhu’s mother-in-law.

A sense of tension when the son-in-law saw his mother-in-law for the first time still made him feel embarrassed and began to stammer.

“You, who are you?” Jie Entropy’s eyes locked tightly on his belly, and his mouth began to stutter, “Yes, did you have a child?”

Although Xia Yi felt a little embarrassed, she nodded.

I don’t care. Didn’t you also give birth to my brother Zhu?

Each other.

Jie Entropy’s face gradually revealed surprise, grabbing Cang Yi beside him, but asking Xiang Xia Yi in his mouth: “Is it Ze Yuan’s?”

Although Cang Yi had never spoken while standing aside, his eyes were bright, and his face also showed some expectation.

Although Xia Yi was reluctant, she had to continue nodding.

Yes, congratulations you are going to be grandma.

Ah, no, no, no.

“179, am I wrong? Why is there a red mole on Cang Yi’s forehead, but there is nothing on Jie Entropy’s forehead?”

179 also seemed to be in shock, before murmured for a long time: “Host, it turns out that Cang Yi is your mother-in-law, and Jien Entropy is your father-in-law.”

Fuck Fuck, I’m so uncomfortable, ah ah ah, I have reversed CP.

Ah ah ah ah ah.


Chapter 63

The unicorn was still enjoying the big black dog, and the dog docilely let it pounce on itself, and licked the little nose of the unicorn with its tongue.

Alas, no need to ask, this must be the father of the unicorn named Dahei.

Because of the arrival of Lao Zhangren and mother-in-law, Xia Yi stopped walking, and took the two of them to the house.

He walked quickly in front, while introducing the surrounding environment to the two of them, while looking for words in embarrassment and enthusiasm.

Jie Entropy will look around with his instructions, nodding from time to time.

Cang Yi stared at the front without saying a word, and even hesitated to give a look in his eyes.

And Xia Yi’s gaze would always fall on the bright red mole on his forehead unknowingly.

When he looked over suspiciously, he turned his gaze away calmly.

When Xia Yi realized that she was always alone in her voice, just like a real estate agent who accompanied the client on a tour, she finally closed her mouth in disbelief.

The air was filled with deathly silence.

The pressure is so great, the old husband and mother-in-law look so young and beautiful.

Because was too nervous, didn’t pay attention to a staggering step. The jie Entropy around him hurriedly stretched out his hand to hold him. He wanted to say something and stopped, so he had to follow him step by step.

When passing a fork in the road, Jie Entropy slowly stopped and looked into the distance along the mountain road.

“Is the end of this road on the other side of the mountain, where there is a canyon?” Jie Entropy asked suddenly.

Xia Yi stretched her head to look, and nodded, “Yes. But I haven’t walked. It’s too far. I heard Brother Zhu mentioned that this road can go to the other side of the mountain.”

“Right, I remember correctly.” Ji Entropy murmured.

Immediately, a meaningful smile appeared on his face, and he looked at Cang Yi, “Do you remember that valley? It was full of purple flowers. At that time, we were fighting together, and suddenly the sky was spinning, and we both reached a strange place. ——”

“Is it coming soon?” Cang Yi suddenly said, interrupting Jie Entropy’s words hastily.

Then he quickened his pace and moved forward, and distanced himself from the two behind him.

It’s just that his footsteps were a little unstable, and he almost tripped over a small stone. Ji Entropy rushed forward to hold him, but he gently broke free.

Xia Yi was surprised to find that Cang Yi’s ears and nape of neck were actually red as if dripping blood.

This is hidden.

If you analyze it carefully, the amount of information can be too large.

There is no third s.εメ in the world of cultivating immortals, but Brother Zhu is their son. There is definitely nothing wrong with this.

Listening to the meaning of Jie Entropy, the two of them have been here before. Could it be that Cang Yi is here…

“Host, you even have to chew the tongue of your parents-in-law.” 179’s voice suddenly sounded, frightening Xia Yi.

Oops, when one was not paying attention, he habitually told the system when thinking about the problem.

“But, you guessed it, I just checked the information. Your mother-in-law arrived here within two days of the boom. Don’t look at him now with a sullen face and a deserted look, oh, you haven’t seen it. That energy, hey, right in that canyon, your father-in-law—” 179’s voice was quick and anxious, bursting with beans, and snickered with excitement.

“Shut up to me.” Xia Yi quickly interrupted, he didn’t want to hear how the mother-in-law and the old man made his wife.

But once the smell came, I suddenly felt something wrong, “179, I remember I asked you when I discovered the Ultraman before, did this loophole exist long ago, what did you say at the time?”

Xia Yi’s tone gradually became colder, “You said that according to your records, it was a loophole that only existed when I crossed into the farming world. But why can you tell me vividly now, earlier, Jie Entropy and Cang Yi? Have you crossed it once?”

179 suddenly closed his mouth with a guilty conscience, and said nothing.

Really, after seeing it clearly, none of these systems are reliable.

At this time, Gu Wen was in the yard, polishing the small bed with sandpaper, making sure that there was no small burr on the bed rail.

Hearing the sound of the courtyard door, he said without lifting his head: “I’m back? Tired? The sour plum soup boiled for you in the kitchen is still warm. You rest, and I will bring it to you when I finish grinding this. .”

After speaking, but no response was heard, and before Xia Yi walked around, Gu Wen couldn’t help putting down the small bed in his hand and looked up.

Then the whole person froze in place, holding the piece of sandpaper tightly in his hand, turning it into a stone sculpture.

Jie Entropy and Cang Yi didn’t say a word either, staring at him steadily, with the emotions surging in the stormy waves in their eyes.

Xia Yi waited for a while, one and the other, seeing that the three of them didn’t speak, and quickly stepped forward to break the silence, “Brother Zhu, it’s the daddy who came to see you.”

At this time, Jie Entropy finally took two steps forward and whispered: “Ze Yuan, I am daddy.”

Gu Wen stopped breathing, silently tilted his head to one side, and looked at the ginkgo tree in the courtyard.

“Your father has already told me what happened back then, and everything is clear to me. This time, we-”

Before Jie Entropy finished speaking, he saw Gu Wenzhu suddenly turned around, strode to the bedroom, and closed the door with a bang.

“Um, those two, two seniors, you sit down first, sit down and rest. He just couldn’t turn around for a while, let me talk to him.” Xia Yi saw this and quickly stepped forward to complete the game.

Seeing Jie Entropy standing on the spot with a look of loss, Cang Yi also showed sorrow, so she went to the courtyard and moved two chairs over.

Just as Jie Entropy turned his head, he saw Xia Yi’s big belly unconsciously, moving a chair in one hand, and quickly stepped forward to snatch the chair in his hand.

“Wang Lan, don’t you know your current physical condition?”

Cang Yi also looked at Xia Yi with disapproval, faintly blamed.

Xia Yi rubbed her hands in a whisper, “Then I’ll go and see Brother Zhu first, and you two can do whatever you want.” After finishing speaking, he turned around and walked into the room.

Walked to the door and turned back, “Senior, you may have recognized the wrong person. I am not Wang Lan, my name is Xia Yi.”

Seeing Xia Yi finished saying these words and entered the house, Jie Entropy looked at Cang Yi in wonder, “Didn’t you say that he is the son of the flower essence?”

Cang Yi paused, then sighed slightly, “He used to have his spirit body collapsed and his soul was destroyed, so he can’t remember it now.”

“Na Zeyuan?” Jie Entropy asked after a while.

“Ze Yuan’s soul is about to be nurtured. The two of them are one soul and soul. When one of them remembers, the other will remember it.”

Xia Yi opened the door and saw Gu Wen sitting at the table, staring blankly at an old cloth tiger in his hand.

This cloth tiger Xia also knew that when the two of them had thoroughly cleaned the room before they got married, they found it in the box under the bed.

At that time, Gu Wen took a closer look, and told Xia Yi with nostalgia that this was his childhood toy. It was his father, that is, Gu Dashi, who was both a father and a mother when he had not renewed the string, made it for him. of.

At that time, Gu Wenzhe’s eyes were faintly glowing, but there was a warm smile on his face.

Xia Yi gently sat next to him, reached out his hand to take the cloth tiger, and poked the fat belly with his finger.

Suddenly stopped the movement in his hand, frowned slightly, and “hissed” in his mouth.

Gu Wenzhu finally had an expression on his face, turning to him with a dumb voice, “What’s wrong, is it uncomfortable?”

Xia Yi shook his head, and took his hand to his bulging belly, “He is Sa Huan again, and he is jumping very hard. Feel it.”

Gu Wenyu’s wide palms were quietly pressed against his abdomen, his sullen expression gradually improved, his brows stretched out, and a faint smile appeared at the corners of his mouth.

“How about it, are you moving?” Xia Yi asked with a smile.

“Yeah.” Gu Wen nodded one by one.

Xia Yi put her hand on Gu Wenzhu’s and felt it together. Then he turned his head and looked at him seriously.

“I know that we all love this baby, and he will have two fathers who love him the most.”

“But if one day, the baby has to leave us,” Xia Yi said here, seeing Gu Wen’s face and not good-looking, hastily reiterated, “I mean if, of course, this situation will not happen, our baby I must always be with us, I’m just making an analogy.”

“If the baby leaves us and is adopted by a kind adoptive father and mother, even though he is not by our side, that doesn’t mean we don’t miss him anymore.”

“We are grateful to his adoptive parents and miss him as well. We don’t let him make a choice, it’s just that he has more love.”

Seeing Gu Wen withdrawing his hand silently, Xia Yi turned his head to herself again, looked at his dark eyes, and solemnly said: “Accepting your parents is not a betrayal to your adoptive parents.”

“Because they all love you.”

Cang Yi stood straight in the courtyard, staring at the closed door for an instant, seemingly expressionless, but his fingers clenched the corner of his shirt tightly, revealing the tension in his heart at the moment.

Suddenly, the hand was held, and the slender fingers were gently broken apart one by one.

Jie Entropy patted Cang Yi’s slightly wrinkled clothes, and gently hugged him into his arms.

Cang Yi struggled a few times and didn’t break free. Ji Entropy whispered in his ear: “Don’t move.” After speaking, he pressed his head to his shoulder.

Cang Yi leaned on Jie Entropy’s shoulder, and as expected, he didn’t struggle any more, but his whole body was still tight, revealing the tension in his heart.

Ji Entropy gently stroked his back, feeling his tight muscles gradually relax, turning his face to the side, and dropping a light kiss on his hair.

“Don’t worry, he will understand.”

“What’s more, you still have me.”

“No matter what happens in the future, I will not leave you.”

With a “creak”, the door of the room was suddenly opened, and Xia Yi walked out.

Cang Yi hurriedly stood up straight from Jie Entropy’s arms, and quickly walked aside two steps, still with a trace of panic on her expression.

Jie Entropy had a smile on his face, a calm and composed look.

Xia Yi pretended not to see it, but gave way to the side, revealing Gu Wen behind her.

Gu Wen walked slowly towards the two of them, and stopped in front of them.

Jie Entropy put away the smile on his face, and together with Cang Yi, looked at his son expectantly.

“Father.” Gu Wenzhu finally spoke with difficulty, calling out to Jie Entropy, then turned his head to look at Cang Yi, “Father.”

“Ze Yuan, because you have lost half of your spirit body and soul, so the memory of your past will also be lost. Your soul is slowly growing up. When the day is fully cultivated, your memory will be restored. Therefore, Wang Lan will also remember everything in the past.”

Cang Yi sat at the table and said to Gu Wen.

Jie Entropy was playing with the cloth tiger in his hand, lowering his head not knowing what he was thinking.

After a while, he raised his head and said softly: “When will you take me and your father to give your adoptive parents a stick of incense and worship.”

As soon as the words were finished, the people in the room fell silent. After a while, Gu Wen nodded and replied, “Okay.”

At this time, there was a creak opening sound from the courtyard door, and at the same time Uncle Wang’s loud voice sounded in the courtyard.

“Wen Zhu, Wen Zhu, Xiao Yi, is Xiao Yi here?”

“Here, Uncle Wang.” Xiao Yi quickly got up to greet him.

At this time, Uncle Wang had already stepped into the door. Looking up to see Jie Entropy and Cang Yi, he was shocked, “Is there a guest?”

Looking at the looks and demeanor of the two of them, knew that they were definitely not ordinary people.

Uncle Wang immediately stopped and stood there calmly. Then carefully asked: “Wen Zhu, who are these two distinguished guests?”

Gu Wenzhu was about to introduce his relatives. He heard Jie Entropy replied with a smile: “Uncle Wang is welcome, Wen Zhu is my son. The next one is my wife and Wen Zhu’s father. "

“Father, father?” Uncle Wang was stunned, but he reacted quickly and looked at Gu Wenzhu unsurprisingly, “Your biological father has finally been found?”

As soon as Xia Yi heard this, he immediately looked at Gu Wenzhu.

Listening to Uncle Wang’s tone, everyone in the village of feelings knows that Gu Wenzhu is not the Gu Dashi couple’s own birth?

Gu Wen stunned and nodded.

Then he said: “Uncle Wang, can you tell me what happened back then?”

Chapter 64

In front of the graves of Gu Dashi and Liu Xiu’er, Jie Entropy and Cang Yi held incense in their hands, paid three visits quietly, and then inserted the incense into the incense burner in front of the futon.

Gu Wen threw the yellow paper into the brazier one by one, recalling what Uncle Wang had said in his mind.

“Your father picked you up when he went to chop wood. He insisted that you were given to him by God. He said that it was a ball of light floating in front of him. When the light receded, there would be a baby on the ground. , Looks like two or three years old.”

“We all advised him not to ask for this kind of baby of unknown origin. It’s not good to raise this kind of baby. Your father had already put you back, but it was like a person lost his soul. It rained heavily in the middle of the night, and he rushed in. The mountain took you back again.”

“Then I said I don’t lose you, I want to raise you up. The old people in the village know this, but no one will mention it in front of you. If it weren’t for your father’s found today, I would also keep this secret. Take it into the coffin.”

Xia Yi had too many questions in her heart. Seeing that Cang Yi had already got up and stood aside, she quietly moved over.

After hesitating for a while in the names of seniors, father, and mother, Xia Yi chose the safest one.

“Xianzun, I don’t understand one thing, I want to ask you.”

Cang Yi raised his eyelids and said nothing. But Xia also knew that he was tacitly agreeing to ask questions.

“Xianzun, I have parents in the world where I was born and raised, but when I went through the space channel to the immortal world, I also saw them there, and found my toys in the original world in the room.” Xia is also cautious. I wondered how to make it clear, although it sounds incredible.

Unexpectedly, Cang Yi showed no surprise at all, as if everything were normal.

Just when Xia Yi thought he hadn’t heard clearly and wanted to tell it again, Cang Yi’s clear voice rang softly:

“Because the parents you have met in different places are the pair of flower essences. That is to say, your body, the biological parents of the strelitzia’s womb.”

Oh, it sounds reasonable, but can’t even understand a single sentence.

Cang Yi turned his head, his amber eyes fixed on him, “Your real name is Wang Lan, and you are conceived by the essence of flowers. After your spirit body has dissipated and your spirit is gone, I will leave your spirit body behind, and your spirit will be sent in. Another space for nourishment. The pair of flower spirits was there and begged to follow along.”

Xia Yi’s mouth opened and closed, closed and opened.

Am I really the Wanglan in their mouth? My parents are still a pair of flower essences? Because some of my soul flew away and needed conservation, they followed to the original world?

Moreover, can Cang Yi open the passage of time and space?

Cang Yi glanced at him indifferently, looked at his expression in his eyes, and continued: “Because the spirit body and the spirit must be placed in different spaces to stimulate the emergence, so I created an illusion and put your spirit body In it, let him be raised as the son of the prefect. And the pair of Strelitzia and his wife will guard your soul, which is what you said Xia Yi.”

Hearing this, Xia Yi seemed to be rusted in his brain, just standing blankly. Gu Wenzhu also got up at some point, walked to the side and gently wrapped his waist.

“Your spirit body and soul will always be attracted and pulled by each other. According to my inference, it will be cured in more than 20 years. But I don’t know what will happen by that time. It was torn and shattered because of that pull. From then on, Wang Lan truly disappeared completely.”

“Then, my parents, did they really die in my world?” Xia Yi muttered.

Cang Yi shook his head, “It’s just a spell I did at the beginning. When the eighteen years come, before you tear, they will be sent back, and their memories will be erased. Ordinary and happy mortals who have experienced the pain of losing their children.”

“I don’t know, after the couple came back, although they didn’t have any memory, they actually found the illusion that I made to protect the spirit body with an obsession, took away the spirit body, and lived again.”

“Seeing that the time for Lan’s spirit body and spirit to be brought up is about to come, I was hit hard by forcibly opening the space channel and couldn’t get out of the mountain. Bring back Qishan faction.”

“As a result, your spirit body and spirit did not tear apart. When you passed through the space some time ago, they merged together. After a while, all memories will recover and you will know everything.”

“It turned out to be like this…” Xia Yi stared at Gu Wenzhu in a daze, “My parents really didn’t die, they are the parents of the world of cultivating immortals.”

“Yes, they’ve been there all the time.” Gu Wen saw his face pale, and the arms around his waist couldn’t help tightening.

“Furthermore, your soul and spirit body have tried to fuse each other because of the mutual traction, but failed.” Cang Yi continued to say next to him: “The channel I opened at the beginning was never really closed. A few years ago, I once sensed that a soul passed through the tunnel and broke into the illusion I set up for your spirit body.”

“Yes, that’s me.” Xia Yi said eagerly: “I still left my toys there.”

179’s suddenly realized voice also sounded in his mind, “It’s no wonder that we can’t fix the loophole. It turns out that the gap that Cang Yi forcibly opened many years ago has not been completely closed. As long as the space fluctuates, it will start again. Where is this? It’s a loophole, it’s clearly a Trojan horse that Cang Yi planted.”

Then he whispered: “The time they came over was the technical system on duty. We were playing a game of stealing food, and we didn’t notice it. Later, we discovered a problem, which was quickly resolved by the technical system, so we didn’t report it. This piece of information was quietly sealed up.”

Technical system? In fact, your technical system is the most powerful Trojan horse in the system world!

“Then Xianzun, when was the first time you opened the passage?” Xia Yi asked.

“Of course it was the time I came here with me.” Jie Entropy quickly answered, with a complacent expression on his face, “We were fighting, he didn’t want to fight, so he opened a teleportation channel and wanted to leave. Unexpectedly, when I made moves at the same time, the two of them did not know where they opened the channel, and then both fell in.”

“We have been here for a while, those days, I” Seeing Jie Entropy’s tone became more and more excited, Cang Yi suddenly felt bad, and gave him a cold glance.

Jie Entropy was taken aback, and he closed his mouth in a jealousy.

Cang Yi saw that no one was paying attention to him, his expression returned to nature, and then he said: “But I was severely injured by this technique, my soul was unstable, and the cultivation base hadn’t been completely restored, so I had Ze Yuan. So, he After birth, I was born weak, and the spirit is just like me.

Having said this, he looked at Gu Wenzhu, his eyes were a bit guilty, “So Jie Entropy used his secret method to plant two soul-protecting seals for us. I was too busy to take care of you at the time and couldn’t take care of you. , And feel resentful, so he will take you back to the Demon Realm and nurture you carefully.”

When Jie Entropy heard this, he smiled wryly, “Your mother” As soon as he said the words, he saw Cang Yi look over suddenly, with a look in his eyes like a knife.

He quickly changed his words and said: “Your father was in the Qishan School to recuperate, and the two of us, father and son, have been together for more than ten years.”

The yellow paper in the brazier was burning, making the sound of hunting flames. Gu Wen stared quietly, letting the two clusters of flames jump in his eyes.

Cang Yi went on to say: “Because you are already insecure, and you have lost half of your spirit body and spirit. Therefore, your spirit, like Wang Lan, needs to be recuperated.”

Speaking of this, Cang Yi’s face was slightly flushed, “At that time, I thought that if you put you in the place where you were nurtured, it might be more suitable for growth and recovery, so I put you here.”

“After opening two channels in a row, my cultivation base was almost exhausted. When I returned to the martial art and arranged some follow-up matters, I began to retreat.”

“Father.” Gu Wen raised his head and said to Cang Yi: “Why don’t I remember anything? Is Xiao Yi really Wang Lan? What is the relationship between Wang Lan and me, and why does he have spirit body and soul All scattered?”

When Xia Yi heard this, she stood up from the stone bench and looked at Cang Yi nervously.

Cang Yi turned his head to look towards, nodded and said affirmatively: “Yes, he is Wang Lan.”

“As for what happened to you, just keep it until you remember it for yourself.”

“You have half of your spirit body and soul in Wang Lan’s body. When you restore your memory, he will remember everything.”

On the way back to the village, Xia Yi looked empty and walked deep and shallow.

Several times, tripped left and right feet and fell to the ground, and was supported by Gu Wen who was vigilant all the way. Cang Yi and Jie Entropy around him trembled.

After returning home, he walked straight to the bed, opened the quilt, and got in.

After burying his head, the urn sounded angrily to drive Gu Wenzhu who was standing by the bed, “Brother Zhu, don’t talk to me now, let me think about it.”

Gu Wen was silent for a while. Seeing him wrapped himself up like a large silkworm chrysalis, he had to say softly: “Then you go to bed first, I won’t disturb you, I’ll cook, and I will call you when the meal is done.”

After speaking, Xia Yi didn’t respond, so she retreated lightly and closed the door carefully.

It turns out that I really am Wang Lan.

The spirit and body were ruined, and the spirits and souls were scattered. It seems that I once died miserably.

The Huajing couple followed Wang Lan’s soul to that space.

It’s no wonder that when I was a child, when I crossed into the world of immortality that time, my parents didn’t ask anything, and quickly fooled them because they knew everything in their hearts.

My parents spanned several spaces for me.

After the car accident, they did not leave me, but stayed with me all the time.

It turns out that I have never been alone.

Xia Yi couldn’t tell whether it was joy or sorrow, her heart was sour, and there was a flow of heat in her eyes.

At this time, the baby in his belly also seemed to feel his emotions and moved restlessly.

“Baby, do you know? Grandparents have been with Dad all the time.” Xia Yi touched her abdomen and laughed.

Biting the pillow towel again, twitching his shoulders, choked out.

“Host, are you better?” Xia Yi lay silently on the bed for a long time, laughing for a while and wiping tears, the system dare not make any noise.

It wasn’t until it was almost dinner time that cautiously reminded me.

“Gu Wen came to the door twice and didn’t dare to come in for fear of disturbing you. Host, hurry up to eat out, you are not hungry, but the baby is still hungry.” 179 for fear that the baby will be malnourished.

Now that Xia Yi’s emotions calmed down, she sat up, “Well, eat. I want to give birth to my baby healthy and healthy, and then take him to see my parents.”

Outside, Gu Wenzhu had already set up the table and tableware, and sat at the table with Cang Yi Jie Entropy.

Qilin and his dog daddy were lying in the kennel at the corner of the courtyard, with food bowls in front of them.

The unicorn ate vigorously, and the dog father looked at it lovingly, sticking out his tongue to lick its head from time to time.

Although Cang Yi Jie Entropy didn’t say anything, he sighed slightly when Xia Yi came out, picked up the chopsticks on the table, “eat.”

After dinner, it’s time for a walk again.

Xia Yi thoughtfully didn’t let Gu Wen accompany him. He wanted the three of them, father and son, to talk more, and only went out with a unicorn and dog daddy.

Not far from the gate of the hospital, two people came to face each other in tandem.

It was Qi Zhou who was angry at the front, and the tall man who followed closely behind him, anxiously explaining what was going on, was Erniu.

What is this doing? Xia Yi stopped curiously.

At this time, Qi Zhou also saw him. While stepping up to him, he pushed the Erniu beside him and said angrily: “Don’t follow me.”

After speaking, he walked to Xia Yi angrily, “Let’s go.”

Er Niu had no choice but to stop, and watched the two go out of the village.

“What’s wrong with you? It’s too bad, Er Niu has such a good temper, honest people, and usually work hard, you still treat others like this.” Xia Yi looked back and saw Er Niu still standing there with a dejected face. The tall figure looks pitiful.

Unexpectedly, Qi Zhou exploded when he heard this and almost didn’t jump up, “He’s honest, he’s an honest ass.”

Inadvertently, a swear word unexpectedly collapsed.

Xia Yi heard that people like Qi Zhou were starting to swear words. It must be out of anger. He couldn’t help but ask: “What happened? Look at you like this.”

Unexpectedly, Qi Zhou suddenly began to hesitate again, his eyes dodged and looked to the side.

Seeing him like this, Xia Yi suddenly had a guess in his mind.

Haven’t you seen Qi Zhou or Erniu all these days? Could it be… the two have been locked in the room to spend the boom? But some time ago, didn’t he hand over the waterweed to Qi Zhou?

Oops, could it be that he doesn’t know how to take it? It’s over.

A gust of wind blew and picked up Qi Zhou’s hair. Xia Yi tilted her head unconsciously, her eyes falling to the side of his neck.

Obediently, this piece of bruise doesn’t look like it’s been beaten, it looks like it’s been sucked out.

As someone who came by, Xia Yi immediately understood.

The second cow, watching silently, had already eaten Qi Zhou.

It’s really not easy to look at, it’s not simple, it’s not simple.

Seeing Xia Yi’s gaze on the side of his neck, Qi Zhou suddenly reacted and quickly put his hair down again, his expression also becoming unnatural.

“Are you… are you…” Xia Yi asked tentatively.

Seeing that he couldn’t hide it anymore, Qi Zhou finally nodded slightly, then raised his head again, and gritted his teeth with a flushed face: “I’m going to cut him a thousand times and chop it into pieces to feed the dog.”

“Didn’t I give you the waterweed at the beginning? Why didn’t you use it?” Xia Yi couldn’t help but glanced at Qi Zhou’s neck again, and shook his tongue. The situation was a bit too intense.

After using it, you have to cut people thousands of times and chop them into pieces to feed the dogs?

When it comes to the water weeds, Qi Zhou’s expression is even more sullen, “I took this back and showed him, and asked if this Zhen is precious. He said that it is precious, and it will be very useful for my future craze.”

“That person didn’t say anything wrong, and didn’t conceal you, why did you gnash your teeth when you mentioned him.” Xia Yi didn’t understand.

Can’t tell if you have taken advantage of Erniu and made others stronger.

Qi Zhou stopped angrily, turned around and lowered his voice to Xia Yi, the words seemed to be squeezed out between his teeth, “He said such precious grass must be kept well, so that I can pass the boom safely. But in the village. During this period of time, there has been a lot of trouble. Three officials have fallen into trouble, often stealing things in the village. If they find out, they will definitely try to steal them.”

“In order to keep the grass, he found a few wooden boxes, big boxes and small boxes, each box was locked. He took me in the middle of the night, sneaked into the col, let me watch and bury it. Behind a big rock.”

“But, when the craze comes, no matter where I can walk, I still have to go so far, go to the col to dig out first. Not to mention the locked boxes, one after another…”

When Qi Zhou said this, Hyun Ran wanted to cry.

With red eyes, kicked fiercely towards a big willow on the side of the road, one foot after another, as if it were Gu Beicheng.

Chapter 65

Qi Zhou bitterly kicked the tree and cursed Er Niu with gnashing teeth.

Xia Yi waited for him to finish venting, and asked tentatively: “Then what are you going to do next?”

“I’m going to kill Gu Beicheng that dog thing.” Qi Zhou replied with red eyes.

Tsk tsk, if you wanted to kill you would have been killed, didn’t you see you two walking side by side just now? What a good start at that time.

Seeing that he was still angry, Xia Yi thought for a while and said, “I don’t think you need to kill him. Why do you have to carry a life on your hands? Isn’t it good to be clean? Anyway, you will sooner or later. If you wear it back, you will never see him at that time, just as long as nothing happened?”

Qi Zhou was stunned when he heard this, and suddenly pressed his lips to silence, his eyes drifted.

“What’s the matter? Still reluctant to go back?” Xia Yi asked with a squint when he saw his expression.

“How is it possible? I wish I would never see him again.” Although Qi Zhou replied this way, his voice instantly became quieter.

The two continued walking silently.

“Congratulations to the host, your carrot has matured, and the task has been successfully completed.” In silence, the voice of 179 sounded, accompanied by a salute and background music for awards.

“Mission introduction: rescue the robbed Qishan head and all his disciples.

Completion: 1/1

Task reward: Painless and safe delivery. "

Xia Yi had habitually complained about rewards, but when the words came to her lips, she swallowed abruptly.

What, what? Am I right? Painless and safe childbirth?

“Yes, host. When I received this task before, I didn’t want to read the task reward to you. I thought this task was crazy. Only now I know that this reward is really great.”

179 giggled happily.

Xia Yi was struck by thunder first, and there was a thunder in his head.

After calming down, thought about it, hey, don’t say it, this reward is good, really good.

At the beginning, I was psychologically resistant and uncomfortable with giving birth. After accepting all this, only the fear of childbirth was left.

There are so many cases of dystocia and pain that Xia Yi dare not think about what it will be like when she gives birth.

Besides, this is still in the farming world.

It doesn’t matter what you want, if you have a dystocia, you can only wait for death.

This reward is good, especially good, as good as a caring and caring women’s friend.

But immediately, Xia Yi felt a sense of alertness in her heart.

“179. In the past, every time I completed a mission soon after, maybe on the same day, but two days at the latest, I was passed on to the world of cultivating immortals. Will it be like this this time? What to do when it comes to production?”

“I can’t give birth without Brother Zhu by his side, and I will have to come back.”

“You can afford this responsibility with one dead body and two lives? Brother Zhu can’t even think about it, that’s a family.”

The system was obviously frightened, and there was no sound.

After a while, he said faintly: “Host, to be honest, I don’t know when you will be passed on. But I will try my best to bring Gu Wen with you even if you are passed on.”

After thinking for a while, he said, “Do you want to pass Li Langzhong also over?”

But goodbye, Li Langzhong prescribes two medicines for colds and flu, and they don’t know how to deliver babies.

After returning to the village entrance and breaking up with the absent-minded Qi Zhou, Xia Yi walked to his yard.

Just after turning a corner, he stopped and bluffed.

I saw a group of villagers crowded at the gate of their home, looking in with a grin, some of them were still holding a bowl and picking up rice in their hands, whispering to each other from time to time.

A group of children from the village lie on the wall.

“What’s the matter?” Xia Yi quickly stepped forward and separated the crowd.

“Xiaoyi, are you back?” Sister Wang stood in front of the egg with her baby, and asked in a low voice, “Are those two Wen Zhu’s biological fathers and mothers? They are so good-looking, like gods.”

…So, do you all gather around my yard to see my old man’s mother-in-law and mother-in-law?

When Xia Yi squeezed into the courtyard, he found not only the entrance of the courtyard, but also people in the courtyard.

Uncle Wang was holding a smoking gun, sitting under the ginkgo tree and drinking tea, while Li Zhu squatted beside him, beating his leg.

Beside the small table, Cang Yi and Jie Entropy with a look of interest were sitting, listening to what Uncle Wang said.

“So, Wenju won that match, and my candy pie went to him, and the peanuts went to Li Zhu.”

“Then he was over thirteen, no, he seems to be fourteen years old.”

“Wrong wrong, Uncle Wang, he was only ten years old the year of the fight.” Li Zhu quickly corrected him.

It turned out to be talking about Brother Zhu when he was a child. I have been out shopping all afternoon, and I was only ten years old.

At this time, a voice came from the outer wall of the courtyard, “Uncle, I missed one more thing. When I was nine years old, Wen Zhu and I went to the mountains to pick persimmons, but we got lost. Let me also talk about it.”

It was Zheng Ergou’s voice. He was lying on the wall with a group of children holding the bowl.

Jie Entropy and Cang Yi listened with relish, not letting go of any detail.

Even if Gu Wen was chased by a dog and fell into the ditch when he was a child, it made them nervous first, and then laughed happily.

Gu Wen sat in the corner of the courtyard one by one, his face expressionless as the whole village laughed and talked about the embarrassment of his childhood.

Xia Yi knew that he was tumbling in his heart now, and couldn’t help but feel funny, so he took a small stool and walked over and placed it next to him.

Gu Wen gradually noticed someone beside him, raised his eyes to see Xia Yi, and quickly got up and carefully helped him to sit down.

The tea party lasted until night, three poles in the moon. Until the adults of various families brought the children home one after another, the rest of the people began to disperse unconsciously.

Gu Wen cleaned the guest room next to him one by one, and replaced the double bed with freshly dried bedding.

This is the extra bed he made when the two got married, and he made furniture by himself. At that time, Xia Yi asked him why he made one more frame. He cleverly changed the sentence to sleep for the children in the future instead of sleeping for the guests in the future.

But fortunately, they made the bed, otherwise they will give up the bedroom tonight and make the floor by themselves.

Since everyone in the yard was gone, there was silence outside. Holding two pillows in her arms, Xia Yi looked out the window curiously.

I saw Cang Yi getting up and slowly walking under the ginkgo tree in the courtyard, looking up at the full moon in the sky.

Jie Entropy also got up, walked to his side and looked up at the moon together.

Unconsciously, his left hand quietly wrapped Cang Yi’s thin waist.

Cang Yi seemed to have earned twice, but Jie Entropy hugged him tighter and tighter, and finally took Cang Yi into his arms.

“What are you thinking?” Gu Wen asked, seeing Xia Yi uncharacteristically, lying on the side of the window in a daze, shaking the quilt while asking.

“I’m thinking, maybe your son’s future childhood playmate will be your brother.” Xia Yi said in a mysterious voice in a low voice.

“What?” Gu Wenzhu obviously didn’t understand, and asked in surprise: “What kind of brother is me?”

Xia Yi turned her head and waved to him with a smile, “You’ll know if you come over and take a look.”

Gu Wen put down the quilt in his hand, walked over blankly, and looked in the direction Xia Yi pointed.

I saw Jie Entropy bend his head and kiss Cang Yi lightly.

Under the moonlight, the two slender figures merged together.

Gu Wen hurriedly blushed back and pulled Xia Yi away, “I’m back to the room, don’t look.”

Back in the bedroom, Gu Wen took out the sewing basket one by one and started making tiger-toed shoes for the baby. Xia Yi took out a change of clothes and went to the clean room to take a bath.

When he saw his cumbersome figure crossing the threshold of the clean room, Gu Wen raised his head and exclaimed, “Be careful, watch out for slips.”

“I know.” Xia Yi replied while closing the door.

When all the clothes were stripped off, Xia Yi began to twist her waist to look at herself in front of the bronze mirror, and then began to complain dissatisfiedly.

“179, my eight-pack abs was exchanged for such a big winter melon.”

“Host, but you didn’t have abdominal muscles before.”

“I wonder if it’s secreting progesterone or something, it seems that my skin is getting paler and my honey-colored skin is gone.”

“Host, has your skin always been this color?”

“179, my eyesight has also become poor, and the figure in the bronze mirror is distorted.”

“Host, originally your figure is—”

The sound of the system stopped abruptly, and Xia Yi screamed at the same time: “It’s going to be worn.”

I saw that the surrounding scene was beginning to change slowly, which was a sign before each crossing.

Xia Yi looked down at her stomach, “No, I want to bring Brother Zhu, I don’t want to have children over there alone.”

Seeing that it was already beginning to rotate slowly, Xia Yi ignored the lack of strands of her whole body. She took the agility that she had never had since she was pregnant, kicked the door that was already twisting, and rushed out.

The scenery in front of me has become bizarre lines, and can’t see where Gu Wen is. Opening her mouth but unable to make a sound, Xia Yi had to stretch out her hand to the frantically spinning front, and then closed her eyes.

Xia Yi opened her eyes until the sound of wind that shouldn’t be in the room came in her ears.

The moment he opened his eyes, a tall mountain gate appeared in his field of vision.

Although it was already night, his eyesight was extraordinary, and he could clearly see the three characters carved on the boulder, “Qishan School.”

Sure enough, this is wearing again.

And he was standing on the big square in front of the mountain gate, which was the place where he passed back then, where he confronted Jie Entropy.

A night breeze hit, bringing a burst of coolness, and a layer of goose bumps all over his body.

Xia Yi subconsciously clasped her arms and wrapped herself around herself, but the smooth touch made him feel that something was wrong.

Immediately afterwards, heard two short exclamations coming from the front right.

Looking up, I saw two seven or eight-year-old children standing there, holding a broom with their mouths wide open, looking at themselves dumbfounded.

Xia Yi felt bad, and suddenly remembered that she was taking a bath before putting it on, as if she didn’t care about putting on her shirt the moment she ran out.

I couldn’t help but chuckle, and secretly said that I was going to suffer.

Looking down, I fucked, and sure enough, I was standing so naked, wearing nothing.

Bai Shengsheng stood under the moonlight, clear at a glance.

What a special thing!

Xia Yi’s mind moved quickly, thinking about hiding and asking the two boys to help them find clothes, or just holding themselves and quickly running back to Wangzhuyuan.

As long as I run fast enough along the way, the eyes of others will not catch me.

Besides, as long as you cover your face, can people recognize me? Brother Xia Yushu Linfeng, would he have such a big beer belly?

Even if you guess based on your body shape, you will guess it is Xiao Ming!

Chapter 66

When Xia Yi was about to throw away his legs and run wildly, a large outer shirt with body temperature fell on his shoulders, and then was wrapped tightly and airtight.

Turning his head to see, Gu Wen stood in front of him with a dark face, wearing only a white blazer.

“Um, I—” Xia Yizheng wanted to explain, as the sky turned around, the whole person had been beaten and hugged by Gu Wen in his arms.

Well, Xia Yi had to shut her mouth angrily.

All the way towards Wangzhuyuan, Xia Yi was shrunk in Gu Wenzhu’s arms, only the two snow-white legs that were not blocked, swayed rhythmically in the air following his steps.

“Brother Zhu, how did you follow this time?” Xia Yi stretched out two fingers from his clothes, trying to hook a button on Gu Wen’s chest.

“I saw you rushing out suddenly, without saying anything, just stretched out your hand to me, and there was something like a whirlpool floating around me, and I understood.”

Gu Wen looked down at Xia Yi as he spoke, and saw that as his fingers moved, the shirt that originally wrapped his arm gradually slipped off, revealing a smooth arm. He quickly grasped the messy hand and re-stuffed it. Into the clothes.

“So you rushed in too?”

“Yeah.” Gu Wen agreed in a low voice.

The sound seemed to come from the chest, causing Xia Yi’s ears to tremble slightly.

Along the way, ran into several Qishan disciples. When they saw Gu Wenzhu for the first time, they all showed expressions that were first astonished and then complicated and difficult to understand.

Needless to ask, Xia Yi also knew that after they walked back to the farming world, people in the whole school knew that Brother Zhu was the son of Jie Entropy, that is, Ze Yuan, the young master of the Demon Realm.

After all, there were not many disciples who had experienced the siege of Yulu Mountain, so most people had only heard of Ze Yuan, but never met him.

After knowing that he is Gu Wen, there is not much fear in life, but the majority of them are curious.

Not to mention that Cang Yi Xianzun also said that he was also his father.

Usually, the big brother looked at Fairy Yunxia twice, from the lingering eyes until the index finger that moved slightly at that time, it was enough for them to talk for many nights and analyze a big truth.

As soon as the matter of Cang Yixianzun came out, it was said that they should have been discussing it enthusiastically for ten or eight years, but all the disciples were silent on the matter instead.

It was too shocking to say anything.

First digest it inwardly for half a year.

Back to Wangzhuyuan, it was late, the two took a bath together and went to bed to rest.

Xia Yi buried herself deeply in Gu Wenzhu’s solid chest, feeling his generous palms touching her belly. He yawned, and a burst of sleepiness came.

In a daze, I heard Gu Wen sigh softly, “I don’t know how my father would guess if we were gone.”

“Don’t worry, they know we passed it back.” Xia Yi muttered vaguely, and fell asleep.

“Junior Brother Xia, Junior Brother Xia.” Xia Yi was awakened by a cry.

He rolled over sleepily and buried himself deeper in the quilt, but the voice still echoed in the yard unyieldingly.

The sound is like clear sleeves.

“Boom boom boom,” Seeing Xia did not respond, Qing Xiu began to knock on the door again.

Xia Yi opened her eyes helplessly and replied, “Wait a minute.”

Leaning sideways strenuously, and using both hands, he lifted his cumbersome body from the bed, pulled over the shirt on the back of the chair, and sat on the edge of the bed with a wooden face.

The sky was already bright, and his side was empty. Gu Wenzhu didn’t know when he had already gotten up.

“What’s the matter?” Xia Yi’s voice still woke up with a hint of breath, “Come in.”

When Qing Xiu heard Xia Yi let him in, he opened the door, “Junior Brother Xia, I heard that you are here, and Elder Phecda sent me to pick you up.”

Liu Siqian? Why is he looking for me.

“Where will Elder Tianji pick me up?” Xia Yi asked while propping up her waist.

Then I saw Qingshou’s gaze fell on his round belly, his eyes slowly widened, and his mouth turned into an “O” shape.

“179, would they believe me if I said I was a beer belly? By the way, there is no beer here, so it’s a middle-aged blessing?”

“Haha. You might as well say that you are dying, this is ascites.”

“Junior Brother Xia, are you middle-aged getting a blessing? Or, still, what kind of illness?”

Look, my brother Qingxiu is so caring and automatically passed the explanation to my mouth.

“Neither, I’m pregnant.” Xia Yi said with a grin, then took a sip from the cup of tea on the table.

It was still warm, obviously it was the hot tea that Gu Wen had poured him before he drove out the door, waiting for him to drink it after he got up.

Qing Xiu said with a “pouch” laugh, “Junior Brother Xia, you are really interesting.”

He smiled, but found that Xia Yi was looking at him expressionlessly, and his smile couldn’t help but slowly condensed on his face.

“What I said is true, I’m pregnant.” Xia Yi reiterated again to Qingsiu.

In the past few months, Xia Yi has been resisting and embarrassed from the very beginning, and now she has told the world if nothing happened.

How proud is it even faintly?

Next, Qingxiu looked like three views, standing there blankly, his expression changing very wonderfully.

“Are you really, Junior Sister Xia?” After a while, he asked in a low voice.

“No.” Xia Yi took out his roughest voice and replied: “Do you know where I have gone?”

“I met him on the way just now, and he went to the kitchen to catch you chicken and said he would cook soup for you.”

“Hmm.” Xia Yi nodded, “What happened to Elder Ji who asked me that day.”

“Elder Tianji has replanted a batch of Muge. I would like to ask you to see if the method is correct.” Qingxiu may have been too irritated. After thinking about it for a while, he remembered the purpose of his trip.

Xia Yi thought for a while, and it won’t be too long to go and have a look. Come and go, and Brother Zhu’s chicken soup has just been simmered.

So he stepped outside and said, “Then let’s go take a look.”

Until he walked out of the hospital gate, Qing Sleeve still looked in a trance, and his eyes fell on Xia Yi’s stomach several times.

When Xia Yi looked past, she drifted and flickered and looked away.

Hehe, people in the world of cultivating immortals have never seen the world before.

It wasn’t until Qingxiu recruited the magic weapon that Xia Yi remembered that Qilin hadn’t come with him this time, so how could he go to the medicine field?

Look at the magic weapon for cleaning sleeves. Fortunately, it is a large smooth folding fan, flat and wide, and there is no suspicious object like spoon essence on it.

I am a laborer, and I can no longer jump at an altitude of 10,000 meters.

Riding on the folding fan, the clear sleeves drove the magic weapon to slowly fly towards the mountain gate.

I think it was the first time that he carried the pregnant husband, and felt the pressure, so he flew low and slowly, and turned at the greatest angle.

Fly towards the mountain gate at a speed of 20 yards per hour.

I met many disciples along the way, among them many disciples who had accepted Xia Yi’s gift of carrots and onions. Whenever they saw Xia Yi, they greeted him with great enthusiasm.

But as soon as his gaze fell on his straightened belly, his eyes widened and his mouth opened.

Although it seems that don’t know what the disease is, but the proud look of Junior Brother Xia and the hands holding the back are really easy for people to think about.

“179, when I come back, I will give everyone in the door a radish and an onion. Anyway, they are under my mother-in-law’s door. By all accounts, they are all a family.”

“No problem, host, your mother-in-law is also my mother-in-law.”

Under Qingxiu’s nervous control, the magic weapon slowly flew out of the mountain gate, along the stone steps, all the way to the medicine field at the foot of the mountain.

The mountain gate is only a dozen miles away from the medicine field, and it only takes a few minutes to fly. But at the speed of clearing sleeves, it won’t take more than ten or twenty minutes.

The folding fan swept over a few stone rocks. Because it was close to the ground, the folding fan also jolted a few times with the arc of the stone rocks. Qingshou quickly turned around to see if there was any problem with Xia Yi.

Seeing that there was nothing unusual about him, he looked back at ease and prepared to move on.

But at the moment he turned his head, without warning, the sky suddenly went dark.

Xia Yi subconsciously raised his eyes and saw a big fishing net similar to fishing, unexpectedly dropped from the sky and covered the two people on the folding fan.

Immediately afterwards, a strange fragrance was introduced into the nose.

As soon as Xia Yi yelled badly in her heart, she felt that her head was dizzy, her eyelids were heavy, and the scenery in front of her became double shadows.

Before falling into a coma, he reached out to protect his stomach.

He only heard what 179 was screaming in horror in his head, and he lost consciousness and knew nothing.

Drowsy, Xia Yi saw the turquoise pool again. Amidst the rippling water, the gentle and deep voice rang in her ears, “Xiaolan, Xiaolan.”

As soon as the picture turned, he seemed to be a teenager who was pushing open the wooden door and hurriedly running out, holding a bunch of fragrant strelitzia in his hand.

“Xiaolan, where are you going?” A call came from behind, and Xia Yi turned his head and looked at her mother.

“I’m going to see Ze Yuan, he promised to take me to see the sea today.” Xia Yi heard himself answering, it still had a childish youthful voice.

“Wanglan, Ze Yuan also has to cultivate, don’t always pester others.”

The voice behind him got farther and farther, and the boy named Xiaolan had already ran far away.

“I know” Xia Yi saw her hands cupped to her mouth, shouting at the figure in front of the distant mountain col.

“Ze Yuan won’t bother me, he wants me to pester him every day.”

Wang Lan, it turns out that this young man is Wang Lan. Xia Yi thought in a daze.

Wang Lan happily walked through the forest, letting the sun shine on him, like a small deer leaping in the forest, humming a little song that Ze Yuan often sang to him:

The little orchid is white and beautiful, as clean as snow and bright as the moon.

Small orchids, thin branches, small waist, like jade carvings.

Soon, he came to a pool of water, Wang Lan looked around, as if looking for someone. There was no one on the left and right, and she started shouting again, “Ze Yuan, Ze Yuan, brother, I’m coming.”

The sound reverberated in the mountains and forests, starting a flock of birds and rushing into the blue sky.

Without waiting for any response, Wang Lan pouted, holding the bunch of Strelitzia and sitting on a rock by the pool.

Hanging his feet on the rock and shaking, Wang Lan waited boredly.

Seeing the clear water of the lake, he couldn’t help but soak a pair of snow-white and round feet in addition to his shoes and socks.

Suddenly, the sky was spinning around, and he was picked up in the air from behind. Wang Lan was about to scream in horror when he smelled the familiar fragrance of plants and trees behind him.

Suddenly the panic dissipated, and my heart was shocked and happy.

The small earlobe was held, the warm nose slapped against the neck, and at the same time a familiar low voice sounded, “How long have you been waiting for me?”

Hearing this voice, Xia Yi also moved her lips in the dizziness, and uttered two words very softly.

It sounded at the same time as Wang Lan’s surprise voice in his mind:

“Brother Chase.”

“elder brother.”

Various fragments began to appear in his mind more and more clearly, and Xia Yi seemed to have experienced the story of Wang Lan and Ze Yuan in person.

When they were young children, the two met in a mountain forest and ran out of the devil world to play Ze Yuan, where they met Wang Lan, who was lost.

Ze Yuan coldly looked at the white jade dumpling with pink makeup and jade, crying out of breath, clutching his hand tightly, and sobbing as his brother.

“Brother, I can’t find my mother anymore. My mother took me to see Huahua. I chased Xiaodie and my mother was gone.”

Ze Yuan broke his face solemnly, and broke the tiny fingers that were holding him one by one.

Just turning around and intending to leave, his waist was tightly hugged again.

Bai Yuduanzi cried so much that he couldn’t open his eyes, “Brother won’t go, brother won’t go.”

Ze Yuan struggled twice and didn’t break away. The ball was crying more heartbreakingly in his ears. He couldn’t help but sighed and said discouragedly: “Do you know you are noisy, crying makes my brain hurt? .”

“If you keep crying, I will throw you here.”

Hearing this, the dumpling stopped crying like a jam.

Because of his efforts to hold back his breath, a tear-stained face flushed red, and he hiccuped.

Ze Yuan looked around, frowning like an adult, “What is your name? Where do you live? I will send you back.”

“My name is Wang Lan and I live at home.” Tuanzi replied milkily.

On the big round almond eyes, the eyelashes were still stained with tears, clusters of clusters condensed.

“Since you can’t tell where your home is, then you stay here and wait for your mother to find you.” Ze Yuan wanted to throw the kid down, so he went to the forest to find the little monkeys.

“No, I want to follow my brother.” Wang Lan is now like a lost chick, following the first person she meets.

After thinking about it, it has been long enough. If you don’t hurry to find the little monkey, the demon guard will find that he has slipped out of the demon world, and he will be scolded by his father.

So Ze Yuan could only hold Wanglan’s little hand and said fiercely: “Then you are not allowed to cry or make noise, and walk by yourself.”

Wang Lan was not at all afraid of the fierce look he had made. He smiled so that his eyes were narrowed, covered his mouth with his other hand, and said with a breath of voice: “Brother, I don’t make a noise.”

The two played wildly in the mountains and forests for an afternoon.

Ze Yuan went after the group of monkeys, and Wang Lan sat on the rock on one side and watched with a smile. Ze Yuan was sweating profusely, so Wang Lan took out her small handkerchief from her arms, reached out to wipe the sweat on his toes, and said repeatedly, “Brother bowed his head, brother bowed his head.”

Ze Yuan looked at him, paused for a while, and finally leaned down.

Wang Lan learned the way her mother wiped her sweat, and carefully wiped Ze Yuan’s face indiscriminately, still saying: “Don’t run too fast, be careful of falling.”

Impossibly, Ze Yuan pulled the corner of his lips and showed a fleeting smile.

The two kept playing until someone in the distance called Wang Lan, and it was his mother who had found it.

Seeing that it was not early, Ze Yuan would also return to the Demon Realm. Before leaving, the sleeves were torn again.

Wang Lan blinked pitifully, and asked in a low voice, “Brother, will you come tomorrow?”

Ze Yuan just wanted to refuse, but looking at the expectant gaze of the villain in front of him, he couldn’t say anything when he spoke.

He nodded, “Come back.”

Wanglan immediately smiled, “Then tomorrow I will be waiting for my brother there just now.”

Since then, as long as the demon guards didn’t pay attention, Ze Yuan would shake them off and leave the demon world and head straight to Xiyuegu where Wanglan was.

And from a distance, I would always see a group of small figures sitting on the rock, waiting for him quietly.

Whenever saw Ze Yuan, the pair of round eyes lit up like two small stars, suddenly bursting into light. While yelling his brother in surprise, he rushed forward.

Ze Yuan caught the figure, although he didn’t say anything, there was a gentle smile on his lips.

As Wang Lan grew older and spoke more and more fluently, Ze Yuan gradually learned everything about him.

His parents are all flower essences, who have been cultivated in human form by Strelitzia. They have lived in this spiritually-rich Xiyue Valley for more than two hundred years.

The two couples only wanted to practice peace of mind in this retreat, but they were pregnant with a spiritual fetus and gave birth to Wang Lan.

At this time, the two flower essences had no intention of even practicing, and they wandered around their son all day, putting their hearts on Wang Lan’s body.

Seeing that Wanglan met an outsider from the demon world at some point, and followed the boy around every day, running across the mountains and collaterals, the two couples were full of anxiety.

They knew in their hearts that, like Wanglan’s womb, whether it was the Immortal Realm or the Devil Realm, the flesh and blood could greatly improve the cultivation level.

But no matter how you stop it, Wang Lan will sneak out. Hit it, looking at that white and tender appearance, you can’t get it off. Scold, he will look at you with big watery eyes.

Seeing that such a long time passed, Wang Lan was also safe and sound, and Lianghua Jing was helpless, so she shook her head and sighed, and no longer prevented him from waiting for Ze Yuan every day.

As Ze Yuan grew up, his power became stronger and stronger, and the name of the demon Ze Yuan gradually became known.

On this day, Wang Lan waited on the usual stone again, pulled a grass in his hand, and looked eagerly at the direction of Ze Yuan’s arrival.

Seeing that a long time has passed since the usual time for the two to meet, the sun is about to set, and Ze Yuan’s figure has not yet appeared.

Isn’t your brother coming today? Still something delayed? Wang Lan pouted aggrievedly, his eyes were covered with moisture.

Seeing that the setting sun had fallen into the distant mountain top, the forest was also covered with a hazy black mist, and the little figure was sitting motionless even though his head was lowered.

Just when the crystal drop on the eyelashes was not falling, a voice rang from the side, “Wang Lan.”

Ze Yuan stood there all over, his chest rising and falling and panting.

The face that had begun to take on the contours of an adult man, and drops of water slid down the firm and handsome chin.

As soon as the voice fell, saw that figure suddenly raised his head, and then, like a bird, rushed straight over, plunged into his arms, and buried his head on his chest.

“Why are you so late today? Where have you been?”

A muffled voice came from his chest, with an aggrieved nasal sound.

Ze Yuan stood there bewildered, looking at the dark and soft hair top in his arms.

The boy was still dripping wet. wanted to push away, but couldn’t bear the softness, and the raised hand froze in the air like that.

“Say, where have you been, tell me to wait till now.”

As soon as the grievances passed, Wang Lan began to interrogate angrily.

Now in front of Ze Yuan, he is no longer the soft ball, there is often a little bit fierce with teeth and claws.

“I heard from the Demon Guard that the dragons in Shuanglongtan often go out of the water to do evil recently. I just went to kill those two dragons today. I gave my father some pairs of boots with the skins of the dragons and brought you the dragon pill.”

“This Jiao Dan is also called Dragon Ball. It will glow at night. I will give you two pills. Put them in the tent at night. You can’t even use candlelight.”

Although Ze Yuan’s tired face was a little bit proud, after speaking, he stretched out his hands in his arms and fumbled for a while, and took out two shiny and shiny beads.

Gently raised Wang Lan’s hand and placed it on the palm of his hand, “Here it is.”

Wang Lan looked at the Flood Pill in her palm, and then at Ze Yuan.

I saw a lot of scratches on his clothes, revealing blood stains inside. A wound on his back was deep and long, and the flesh was still faintly rolled up.

My eyes started to turn red, and my lips trembled, “Who cares about your beads, I don’t want them.”

Seeing his expression like this, Ze Yuan couldn’t help but panicked, and said quickly: “Don’t just don’t, let’s don’t want this flood pill. My big black egg is about to hatch. When the little unicorn is out, I’ll catch one for you, okay? Let you keep and play."

“No, I don’t want it.” Wang Lan’s tears began to fall.

Ze Yuan hurriedly wiped his tears. Seeing that white and tender skin, a red mark suddenly appeared as he wiped it with one hand. He couldn’t help but feel more chaotic. He didn’t know what to do.

While crying, Wang Lan couldn’t help turning to look behind Ze Yuan to check the wound, and asked in a crying voice, “Do you hurt it?”

“It doesn’t hurt, it doesn’t hurt at all, really.” Ze Yuan said quickly.

Seeing Wanglan’s tears still falling, Ze Yuan had only one thought in his heart, don’t let him cry anymore.

Then, he gently lifted the face with his hands.

Wang Lan’s face was small and white, because it was washed away by tears, it looked like a shiny piece of warm jade with crystal clear water droplets on it.

When the ghost sent him to the ground, he leaned down and held the tear with his mouth.

Wang Lan closed her eyes docilely, her eyelashes trembling lightly, but her tears flowed more violently.

Ze Yuan sucked those tears, and moved all the way, falling on the two pink lips.

When Ze Yuan raised his head, Wang Lan still closed his eyes.

I don’t know when he has stopped tears. At this moment, his lips are slightly swollen, and the whole face is intoxicating pink. Seeing the thin eyelids with blue blood vessels open slightly, revealing the shining eyes of a morning star. Ze Yuan hurriedly let go, stepped back two steps, and stammered: “It’s getting late, I, I’ll go back first.”

“Yeah.” Wang Lan also rarely harassed him to prevent him from leaving, just lowered his head and groaned inaudibly.

Looking from the direction of Ze Yuan, the white and slender neck that was hanging down was covered with a layer of pink.

When he ran out for two steps, Ze Yuan stood still and turned his head and said loudly, “Wait for me tomorrow, I will come on time.”

After finishing talking, he drew out his guns while running, threw them in the low air, and jumped up.

As soon as he flew out, I heard Wang Lan shouting behind him: “I know. You must remember to go back and get the medicine.”

Ze Yuan stepped on the long spear and headed towards the Demon World, reached out his hand and touched his lips, a smile appeared on his face.

Soon after, Ze Yuan brought him a little unicorn who had just been weaned.

The whole body was pitch black, and his two yellow-orange eyes looked like two ambers. Wang Lan couldn’t love it as soon as they saw it.

“Da Hei is fierce, I brought Little Black out secretly to play with you, and I have to take it back when it gets dark.” Ze Yuan fiddled with Xiao Qilin’s Xiao Nen horn, while looking at Little Black who was holding Little Black. Lan said.

“I know, I will play with Little Black occasionally.” Wang Lan kissed Little Black’s forehead, Little Black closed her eyes comfortably, and rubbed his chest affectionately.

Ze Yuan came to Xiyuegu every day with Xiao Hei. The two began to not only play in the valley, but to explore further areas.

On this day, Ze Yuan was holding a long spear, leaning against Wang Lan, who was holding Little Black in his chest, and the two flew low over the hidden sea.

The calm sea was blue, and from time to time there were dolphins jumping out of the sea lightly, and then hitting a small wave of waves, making Little Black let out a low roar.

At the end of the hidden sea is a high mountain, and the strange peaks towering into the clouds, you can still see the sky faintly, and there are some floating islands hanging in the air.

“Wow, what is that, the islands flying in the sky.” Wang Lan excitedly tugged at Ze Yuan’s clothes corner, pointing to the front with her finger, “Brother, let’s go there to play and see those islands.”

However, rarely, did not hear any response from behind.

Wang Lan turned her head curiously, seeing Ze Yuan dullly not talking, her eyes didn’t look at the floating island, but stared under her feet.

“Brother, what’s wrong with you? Why are you upset?” Seeing his appearance, Wang Lan couldn’t help lowering his voice and asked cautiously.

After a while, Ze Yuan raised his head and looked at the floating island.

“Xiaolan, did I tell you that one of my closest relatives lives on the floating island.”

It was the first time Wang Lan listened to him and shook his head quickly.

“Although I know he lives here, I have never been here. And I heard my father talk about it once, or after he got drunk, he accidentally said to me.” Ze Yuan was emotional. It’s a bit low.

“My father usually never talks about this person, but I know he actually misses him very much. I often see him standing on the roof of the palace alone at night, drinking and looking in this direction.”

“In the moonlight and starry night, the floating island here will faintly appear in the sky.”

“Then, what is the relationship between this person and you?” Wang Lan couldn’t help but ask curiously.

Just when Wang Lan thought he would not answer, Ze Yuan’s low voice sounded, still frustrated, “It’s my mother.”

After saying this, Ze Yuan looked at Wang Lan, wanting to see the expression on his face.

Hopefully, there is nothing strange on Lan’s face, as if the sentence he heard was just the neighbor next door.

“Let’s go, brother, let’s go and take a look closer to your mother.” Wang Lan looked up at him and said softly.

Ze Yuan’s heart was immediately moved.

Because of anger or other reasons, he has never approached the floating island, nor has he asked his father about Cang Yi.

But when Wang Lan mentioned this, a strong emotion suddenly rose in her heart.

He silently said to himself: “Go and take a look, just take a look. It’s not that I want to go, but Wang Lan wants to go.”

The long spear flew up to the floating island, flying low over those lakes and fairy mountains.

Ze Yuan looked at the Qishan Gate, which was looming in the mist and mist in the distance, feeling like a drum.

That person, he lives in it.

The magic weapon landed in a medicinal field, and the purple herb rods undulated with the wind, and the strong color stretched to the horizon like a wave of wheat.

Wang Lan was running in the field, laughing and shouting, with excitement, “Brother, this place is so beautiful, we don’t want to go back, okay?”

Ze Yuan looked at his shining eyes, the white porcelain skin on his face was also pink, and he couldn’t help but nodded with a smile, “After that, we will live next to him.”

“Well, let’s build a wooden house and we will live here.” Wang Lan nodded vigorously, for fear that he might not be sure enough.

Seeing the sky gradually dimmed, the two had to get up and leave.

As soon as took the magic weapon, saw a few people flying in the distance, and when saw them, slowly stopped in front of them.

“Two immortal friends of the Qishan School, Chen Qian in Xia Yulu Mountain, at the invitation of the Qishan Tianxuan elder, followed the head Wu Shizun to Qishan.” A man dressed as a monk stood up and pointed at the two.

Wang Lan and Ze Yuan looked at each other, giggling and said, “We are not from Qishan, we are here to play.”

A few people on the other side listened and looked up and down the two of them. The person who started talking turned his head and said behind him: “Master, let’s go.”

The person behind slightly nodded, but at the moment when Wang Lan passed by, he slightly narrowed his eyes and revealed a meaningful smile.

“Spirit baby! It will only take a few years to grow.”

The smile was like a poisonous snake spitting out a letter, exuding the cold air of a yin bird.

Xia Yi suddenly felt a panic of fear and pain rising from the bottom of his heart, and the picture before him turned into darkness.

He heard himself panting quickly, and a group of people laughed triumphantly in his ears, his body seemed to be tied to a cold stone slab, and his whole body was in pain.

He was full of panic, wanted to yell, wanted to yell elder brother, father and mother, but he opened his mouth and heard only the strange noise from his throat.

It hurts, whole body hurts, feel wronged, where is brother, where are you? Xiaolan hurts…

Xia Yi felt that his throat was tightened by huge fear, and he began to struggle violently, breathing heavily.

“Junior Brother Xia, Junior Brother Xia, wake up.” An anxious call came from my ear, pulling Xia Yi out of the abyss-like darkness.

“Junior Brother Xia, what’s wrong with you?” Qing Siu looked at Xia Yi who was trembling in coma and opened his eyes suddenly, watching the heavy breathing violently above his head, and couldn’t help asking tremblingly.

Xia Yi slowly turned her gaze while panting. As far as she could see, she looked at a huge rock dome, surrounded by a few strange faces looking at herself anxiously, one of whom was an acquaintance who cleared his sleeves.

Chapter 67

Seeing him wake up, all of them let out a long breath and fell to the side.

“Junior Brother Xia, you scared us to death. We were wailing and crying, and struggling to kick and beat. You are pregnant again. Everyone is afraid that you will make some mistakes and how will you explain to Cang Yi Xianzun? Ah.” Qing Xiu said with lingering fear while helping him to get up.

Xia Yi had slowly calmed down at this time, and her pale and paper-white face had become a bit bloody.

Hearing what Qingsiu said, he quickly reached out and touched his stomach.

The belly is still there.

I patted him a little bit more vigorously, and a small bag protruded slightly from his belly. The baby was kicking him dissatisfiedly.

Fortunately, Xia Yi breathed a sigh of relief.

Seeing this scene, the faces of the people around them all became complicated.

Seeing him starting to roll his eyes and look around, Qing Siu quickly introduced him to a long beard, beard and fairy cultivator beside him, “Junior Brother Xia, this is the head you have not seen, Master Tianxuan. .”

It turns out that this is my cheap master, so I have to see him quickly.

Seeing Xia Yi struggling to move, Merak quickly raised her hand to stop it, “You don’t need to be polite, you just rest first.”

Xia Yi’s stomach was inconvenient, so she stopped insisting, and only verbally greeted Tianxuan.

Then he sat up with the help of clear sleeves and looked around.

I saw that this is a naturally formed cave, half the size of a basketball court, with the sky shining above my head, which is very bright.

There were more than one hundred people lying in the cave stumblingly and vertically. Seeing Xia Yi’s eyes, they all nodded weakly and greeted him.

Those people were all sallow complexions, dull eyes, and they all wore Qishan school uniforms.

I think this is the missing group of Qishan disciples and heads.

Seeing this, Qingxiu smiled bitterly at Xia Yi, “Yes, we sent all the missing colleagues here. Now we are also taken captive.”

“Where is this?” Xia Yi asked, only to feel that her voice was so dumb as she did.

Qing Xiu quickly brought water with a gourd scoop to let him drink.

“I’ll wake up a while earlier than you, and I’ll be here when I wake up.” Qingsiu replied while feeding him water.

“Here is in the hinterland of Dendrobium Mountain. Enchantments are set up around it to prevent you from getting out.” A Qishan disciple who was sitting next to him replied.

Seeing Xia Yi looking at herself, Merak also sighed, “We were fed a strange poison by Cheng Yuwan from the Demon Realm, which made the zhenqi stagnated in the body unable to function and could not break his barrier. Everyone. I tried all the antidotees I carried, but none of them could solve the poison.”

Cheng Yu Wan? Why does this name sound so familiar?

In an instant, some pictures flashed before Xia Yi’s eyes:

Wanglan blocked her breath and turned to leave. Ze Yuan smiled and put her arms in her arms, “Where do I not come to see you? It is the great elder of the demon world recently who brought a part of the demon army to rebel and wanted to give my father Get rid of.”

Wang Lan suddenly stopped anger, turned around and asked anxiously, “What was the result? Has he succeeded in rebelling?”

Ze Yuan stretched his hand into his shirt, while holding his earlobe in his teeth and said, “Just rely on him? Besides, if he succeeds, can I still stand here?”

“Then are you injured?” Wang Lan pulled her messy hand out of her clothes, and asked with a calm face.

“No, he has been imprisoned in the Demon World’s underground prison.”

After speaking, Ze Yuan hugged Wang Lan horizontally and walked to a small wooden house beside him, “I haven’t seen you these days, you have to treat me well.”

Cheng Yuwan, by the way, he is the Great Elder of the Demon Realm, who was imprisoned by Ze Yuan.

“Didn’t Cheng Yuwan be locked up? When did he come out and took so many of us away.” Xia Yi asked.

Tianxuan smiled bitterly, “Who knows? We were forced to take the scattered the art pill and we have been locked up here, and we don’t know what he wants to do.”

“179, you can check for me, is there anyone else around.”

After a while, 179’s voice sounded, “Host, this is a barren mountain, except for you, there is no one else around.”

Xia Yi suddenly became depressed, “What can I do? Brother Zhu must have found out that I am no longer here, and he is looking for me everywhere as if he is not crazy? Both Haier and Haier’s mother are missing, so why don’t you give him a sudden death? I don’t know when I can get out.”

“Master, what have you eaten here during this period of time?” Xia also knew that, except for Tianxuan’s non-stopping, all the other disciples still had to eat.

A disciple lying next to him replied weakly: “Junior Brother Xia, talk less and keep your spirits up. You can eat some moss here. Don’t waste your energy.”

After speaking, he rolled his eyes and looked at his stomach, “What’s more, you have to spare your energy to have a baby.”

As soon as the voice fell, the surrounding disciples all turned their heads and looked at his stomach.

The group of them was shocked when they first saw it, and then Qingxiu explained it indiscriminately, and was dragged out of his stomach. After that was also the grandson of Cang Yi Xianzun, he had already acquiesced to the fact that he was pregnant with a child. All have been reshaped.

Xia Yi suddenly became embarrassed, coughed pretendingly, raised her hand and held her big belly like winter melon.

Winter melon, yes, system space.

“179, I remember that I stocked several tons of potatoes in your system space. See if they are still there?” Xia Yi called the system in surprise.

“Host, yes, all the harvests you planted are in the space.” 179 replied.

“Quickly, take out all the potatoes.” Xia Yi sat up straight.

“Host, are you sure to take out all the potatoes? I suspect that this cave will be filled.” 179 asked suspiciously.

“Then just take one pile, only one pile.” Xia Yi was so happy now that she laughed out loud.

As long as there is something to eat, it is not a big problem. When you are full, you can slowly get out of here.

The disciples, who were dying of hunger, lay on the ground and recharged, suddenly heard someone yell in surprise, “Potato! This is a potato!”

“I’m so hungry and mad, isn’t it? The moss in the hole is almost scraped off, where did the potatoes come from?” The disciples thought, and followed the prestige.

At this time, everyone was stunned.

I saw a small mountain of big round brown objects piled up in the open space in the middle of the cave.

Look at the appearance, what is it if it is not a potato?

Some disciples have gotten up and walked tremblingly towards the hill. Before the others had time to stop them, he had already picked one up.

I took it on my hand and looked around, then gently scraped off the skin with my nails, and exclaimed in surprise, “It’s really a potato, it really is.”

All the disciples cheered up and got up from the ground one after another.

The fire that made the fire, the firewood that was looking for firewood in the enchantment area around the cave, quickly burned a lot of potatoes.

First, one by one, they gnawed wildly, and continued to bury potatoes in the firewood.

Qingxiu also picked up two potatoes in his hand, slapped and blew all the way to Xia Yi, “Junior Brother Xia, eat first.”

Seeing that Xia didn’t answer, he said again: “Follow him, what fell from the sky, poisonous and not poisonous, is better than starving to death, let alone you have to save yourself enough to give birth to a child.”

All the disciples around who were eating potatoes turned their heads and agreed: “Yes, yes, I have to have children.”

“Hey,” Xia Yi sighed heavily, “I don’t eat it because I’m not hungry. You can eat it, it’s not poisonous. I brought this potato out for you.”

After all, it is in the world of cultivating immortals. It is not surprising that everyone is familiar with the portable space, but Xia Yi carries so many potatoes with him, which is still admirable.

Seeing that everyone was full, Xia Yi took out the radishes and onions again, “Brothers, these are my meeting gifts for everyone. Be careful not to show respect, laughed, laughed.”

Then there was another burst of fuss and exclamation, and some disciples cried with joy.

Even the head of Tianxuan held the onion and watched repeatedly, looking like he couldn’t put it down.

Xia Yizheng looked at it with a smile, and suddenly felt a few things in his hand.

When looked down, saw small purple fruits the size of pea.

“179, what is this?” Xia Yi looked at the small fruit in his palm and asked the system.

“Oh, I got it wrong. I wanted to get two more onions, but I took out the fennel seeds that were with the onions.” The system explained quickly.

“Fennel seeds? Are these fennel seeds?” Xia Yi held the purple fruit in front of her eyes and squinted her eyes.

“Yes, fennel seeds. Have you forgotten the host? At first, one part of the land, half of the onion, and half of the fennel. When harvesting, I will collect these two together.” 179 replied.

Xia Yi sneered, “Very well, fennel seeds.”

Then he put the purple fruit in his palm and stretched it out in front of Tianxuan, “Master, look at what this is? I also carry some with me, but I don’t know it.”

Tianxuan carefully gathered the onions and radishes in his hand, and then cast his eyes on Xia Yi’s palm.

Twisted one and took a look, shook his head, “I don’t know either.”

As he was about to return the purple fruit to Xia Yi, he suddenly hesitated.

“Wait, I remember seeing it in a booklet, let me think about it.”

Tianxuan looked at the fruit carefully at the bright spot, frowning, seeming to be reminiscing bitterly.

Seeing that he couldn’t recognize it, Xia Yi planned to take back all the remaining fennels, and let Cang Yi have a chance to take a look in the future.

At this moment, Merak suddenly yelled in surprise, “I remember, this fruit is called dry green fruit.”

Seeing everyone looking up at him, Merak explained excitedly: “Why is this fruit called dry green fruit, because dry and green mean the opposite, which means that this fruit can make people from inanimate to full of vitality.”

“This withered green fruit is a rare detoxification holy product in the world. I have never seen a real thing before. I only read a picture album in the book pavilion in the door. There is this effect in the picture, so I didn’t think of it for a while.”

Tianxuan circled the hole excitedly, then walked to Xia Yi and asked eagerly: “Xiao Yi, where did you get this fruit?”

As soon as the voice fell, before Xia Yi answered, he seemed to have thought of something, and laughed to himself: “Even if you know where you got it, what’s the use? Could there be a lot of this fruit, which poisons everyone? Can’t solve it?”

“Even if I take your withered fruit to relieve the strange poison, I can’t open this barrier with my own power.”

Seeing Tianxuan’s expression lost, Xia Yi’s expression also became solemn, “How many fruits are needed to detoxify one person? One? Two?”

After all, there are not too many fennel seeds in half the land, and half of the output of three mu of land is onions. If there are more than 100 people with one hand, it may not be enough.

“Two more one handful?” Merak smiled bitterly, “Do you think it is as simple as planting vegetables to grow this withered fruit?”

“Is it difficult to plant it?” Xia Yi asked more curiously.

“Otherwise? If it’s simple, why have I only seen it in the book?” Tianxuan answered absently while looking at the fennel seeds in his palm, “Of course, one per person is enough to detoxify the current poison. "

When Xia Yi heard this, she let out a long breath, and her tone became relaxed, “Master, then we can be saved.”

“Coincidentally, I just planted a bunch of withered fruits like vegetables.”

When all the disciples took the fennel seeds religiously, and then sat cross-legged on the ground to adjust their breath, Merak still couldn’t recover.

With too many questions in his mind, he wanted to open his mouth to ask Xia Yi to find out the origin of these withered fruits and Muge Tianling fruits, but he closed his mouth again after thinking about it.

This is Cang Yixianzun’s daughter-in-law, the Crown Princess of the Demon Realm, and his own origin is also unfathomable, and it is definitely not the young master who generally informed the family.

So, isn’t it normal even if there are some fairy grass spirit fruits? What’s more, don’t know what kind of peculiar medicine has been taken, and a man can even be pregnant with a child.

Thinking of this, Merak took the fennel seeds calmly, and then sat on the ground to adjust her breath.

After an hour or so, all the doormen opened their eyes one after another, expressing with joy that the poison had been solved.

Under Tianxuan’s instructions, all the spiritual powers were gathered together and pointed straight out of the cave.

After only listening to the sizzling electric current that resembled an electric shock from a high-voltage wire network, a large block of barriers flowing like a curtain of water outside the cave broke.

Everyone hurriedly walked out of the cave door and got out of the barrier.

Outside the enchantment, clouds and mists are lingering and there is no bottom, the original cave door is on a cliff platform. Everyone called out magic weapons one after another, preparing to return to the Qishan faction first, and then make a move later.

At this moment, the sky suddenly darkened, and the dark clouds hung over everyone’s heads. When the wind blew up, all the beasts and birds in the forest screamed and fled in panic.

“Master, what’s the matter?” Xia Yi looked at Tianxuan with a heavy belly.

Tianxuan’s face also became unwell when he saw this scene. He urged everyone loudly, “All the disciples put on a magic weapon and leave quickly.”

After speaking, he summoned his magic weapon and stretched out his hand to pull Xia Yi up.

“Hahahaha, want to go? Can you go?”

At this moment, there was a burst of laughter from nowhere, echoing gloomily throughout the mountain stream.

“No, Cheng Yuwan is here.” A disciple said in horror.

“Just leave him alone,” Merak ordered loudly.

The disciples stepped on the magic weapon with half-squinted eyes against the strong wind that made people unable to open their eyes. The magic weapon was teetering in the wind, and trying to rush out of the wind slantingly, it was difficult to advance one meter.

“It’s useful to keep you, so that Cang Yi can cooperate with me to destroy the entropy, but you have to run away.”

Following the voice, a person slowly walked out of the dark wind.

He was burly in shape, surrounded by black air, and his face was gloomy, with a vulture standing on his shoulders.

He hovered in front of everyone, his eyes stopped on Xia Yi.

His eyes were cold and brutal, falling on her body as if it were true, causing Xia Yi to shiver, guarding her stomach vigilantly.

“But it’s useless to keep you, after all, I have a better weight.” Cheng Yuwan stared at Xia Yi, showing a frightening smile.

“Strelitzia’s womb, you are actually fine. When Wu Qianyuan learned about your movement from me, didn’t he still catch you? The little bitch that Jie Entropy and Cang Yi gave birth to, hang out with you every day, I thought Unconsciously. Hahahaha”

Cheng Yuwan suddenly looked up to the sky and laughed, then suddenly stopped the laughter, staring at Xia Yi’s eyes with excitement.

“It’s better now. You have nurtured a purer fetus in your belly, which is also mixed with fairy spirits.”

“Host, this pervert is hitting the baby’s idea.” 179 yelled angrily, his voice trembling with anger, “I want to grab his face and pull his hair…”

Tianxuan pulled Xia Yi behind him, pointed at Cheng Yuwan with a long sword, and yelled, “You demon is so arrogant and frantic. Do you want to be the enemy of the entire fairy world and the demon world?”

Cheng Yuwan didn’t comment after hearing this, his eyes continued to stare at Xia Yi, gleaming with hatred.

“Spirit baby, do you know what happened to me in the underground prison?”

“That’s a good thing that Zeyuan and Jie Entropy did. I was in the dark water prison and didn’t want revenge all the time. See you, God, I finally came out, and God gave me a great gift.”

“After I take out the fetus in your womb, I will give you the same double the same methods they imposed on me.”

“Hit him, let Tianxuan hit him, this dog who knows nothing about life and death.” 179 jumped up in his mind quickly, his voice was full of anger.

Cheng Yuwan has slowly walked towards everyone, carrying a strong black air.

Tianxuan shot with a sword light, and headed forward with the sound of breaking through the air. All the disciples also brought up their spiritual power, and the sword light went straight to Cheng Yu Wan. In an instant, the brilliant sword light from the sky pierced the black cloud, reflecting half of the sky.

“Yes, tie him into briquettes.” 179 smiled gleefully, and quickly put Peppa pig off again. “The baby must be frightened, let him slow down.”

However, when the sword qi rushed to Cheng Yuwan’s side, only a sound of gold and iron was heard, and he used a snake-headed iron rod to block all of them.

Xia Yi saw him slowly retract the iron rod, and smiled at herself like a poisonous snake.

“Spirit baby, you can’t run away.”

“George, let’s get dressed and pretend to be mom and dad.”

“What are you talking about?” Xia Yi asked loudly.

“I will torture you slowly and make you worse off than death.”

“Daddy Pig can’t see anything without glasses, which makes him very irritable.”

“Will you be louder?” Xia Yi shouted at the opposite side again.

Seeing that Cheng Yuwan’s face became visibly blue with the naked eye, Xia Yi remembered, “179, turn off Peppa quickly, I can’t even hear what he is talking about.”

When the animation was turned off at 179, Xia Yi said to Cheng Yuwan again: “Well, what do you have to say now.”

Cheng Yuwan closed his lips and said nothing, raising the snake-head iron rod and it was hit by a thick black magic energy.

Isn’t it special that the two sides are negotiating before the war? Hit whatever you want.

Tianxuan instantly blocked it with a sword, and only heard a muffled sound. Although the devilish energy was blocked, Tianxuan staggered back two steps, his face was not very good-looking.

“Your hand.” Xia Yi saw a black air like a snake, following Tianxuan’s arm all the way up, and she couldn’t help but scream in surprise.

“Oops, it’s poisoned, there is poison in his devilish energy.” Cheng Yuwan stretched out his hand and tapped a few times on his upper arm, sitting cross-legged decisively, trying to use his spiritual power to force the poisonous gas out.

“Hahaha, this is my secret poison. It uses Thousand-Year Vipers and Money Toads” Cheng Yu closed his mouth in astonishment before he could finish his sentence.

I saw that Xia also didn’t know what to put Tianxuan’s mouth, and after half a sentence, Tianxuan’s already black face turned back.

Xia Yiman filled Tianxuan’s mouth with a handful of fennel seeds, and she was chewing hard, so she couldn’t say a word.

My heart was distressed and shocked.

One pill is enough for this kind of spiritual fruit treasure, one pill, why should I have a mouth?

Xia Yi was already shuttled among the disciples, giving out fennel seeds in turn.

“Let them hold them in their mouths and press them under their tongues as a vaccine to increase their resistance. After poisoning, take two more pills to enhance the efficacy of the medicine.” 179 whispered on the side.

When Cheng Yuwan saw this, his expression became even more cruel, and he gritted his teeth and said: “If this is the case, then you all go to death.”

After speaking, he raised the snake-headed iron rod, and a black tornado rushed out of the rod head, as far as the sky, connected with the low-altitude dark clouds.

In an instant, the violent wind raged and the dark clouds rolled, and branch-shaped light was faintly visible flowing inside.

“No, he wants to activate the formation to induce thunder and lightning.”

Tianxuan quickly got up, waved the long sword in his hand, and attacked Cheng Yuwan again.

Seeing the sword in front of him, Cheng Yuwan didn’t dodge or evade, and started his magic circle. Two figures flashed beside them, holding a snake-head iron rod to block Tianxuan’s attack, and quickly fought together.

“Head.” The disciples couldn’t help but let out aloud when they saw Cheng Yuwan’s disillusionment.

I was about to jump up and be drunk by Merak, “Stop, you are not his opponent.”

Tianxuan faced the two Cheng Yuwan, the left and right clumsiness gradually lost, was hit by one of the iron rods in the back, the whole person flew out, fell heavily to the ground, spouting a mouthful of blood.

Seeing the thunder and lightning in the sky shining fiercely, the entire dome was covered with black pressure, and Tianxuan hissed to everyone: “Run away.”

“Escape? Where to escape?” Cheng Yu Wanyin smiled and said, “Let me see you off. When you are on the road, I will go to Qishan faction and let you reunite in the underground.”

“Host, run away.” 179 saw that the lightning above his head was about to fall, and urged Xia Yi in panic.

“Look at me, where can I escape? Can the winter melon fly if the unicorn is not by my side?” Xia Yi said desperately, holding his belly.

By the way, winter melon. Although my winter melon is not easy to fly, but the skin is firm and fleshy.

Anyhow, it is a closed magic weapon.

At this time, some disciples had already sacrificed the magic weapon, but before stepping on it, the magic weapon was blown to the ground by the wind.

Someone with a flimsy figure had been blown back to the edge of the cliff, but fortunately, the doorman by his side grabbed him, so that he did not fall.

At this moment, just hearing a bang, a green round room stood on the ground in such an instant.

Sitting steadily in the strong wind, motionless.

“Come in quickly.” Xia Yi shouted at the people outside while standing at the door of the winter melon house.

Everyone began to head against the wind, helping each other to walk towards the melon house.

The dozen or so disciples who came in quickly filled the melon house and couldn’t stand it anymore.

Xia Yi muttered in her heart, that winter melon house began to swell non-stop. It is getting bigger and bigger, forming a solid green dome building.

Solid and heavy, like a steel fortress.

After all the disciples came in, the winter melon door closed instantly, leaving no gap.

“Huh” At this time, the first lightning has already fallen, and through the bay window, you can see the outside world is bright, flashing so hard to open your eyes, and the sound of sizzling electric currents can be heard from the top of the head.

A disciple had closed his eyes, and nervously grabbed his shirt.

When the light was over, the electric current stopped, and when he was still standing in place safely, he couldn’t help but breathe a long sigh of relief.

Immediately afterwards, another larger wave of current struck.

In the sound of thunder like the collapse of the world, the winter melon fortress was surrounded by dense electric current like a huge ball of light, illuminating the sky for a long time.

A disciple asked Tianxuan with a trembling cry, “Master, can we withstand it?”

Tianxuan was supported and sat aside, and she could only sigh, “Listen to the fate.”

The thunder gradually stopped, and the bright world returned to its original gloom. The heart that everyone mentioned slowly fell, feeling that another catastrophe was passed.

The winter melon fortress still stood quietly on the top of the mountain, with no cracks on its smooth surface.

Then there was the second wave, the third wave…

The expressions of the crowd gradually turned from fright to calm.

When the third wave is over and the fourth wave hits again, everyone is already sitting in front of the bay window, watching the outside scene while roasting potatoes.

“I was fortunate enough to see the immortal that soared back then at the foot of the mountain. The color of the day is just the same as it is now.” Tianxuan slowly chewed the potatoes handed by the doorman, while telling people around him about ancient times.

Xia Yi loves to listen to these stories, and hurriedly moved forward.

Outside the winter melon house, Cheng Yuwan was igniting thunder and lightning, and the sky was overwhelmed, and the world was dizzy, like the end of the day.

In the winter melon house, everyone gathered around Tianxuan to listen to the story and enjoyed themselves.

When Xia Yi heard a funny place, she was holding her belly and laughing, she suddenly felt a pain in her lower abdomen.

“Junior Brother Xia, what’s the matter with you?” A disciple quickly asked when he noticed that his expression was different.

Xia Yi waved his hand, “I’m fine, maybe it’s because I ate too much potatoes.”

As if verifying his words, the pain suddenly disappeared. Seeing Xia Yi’s expression relaxed, the disciple also turned his head.

Xia Yigang wanted to go and see what was going on outside the bay window. Her stomach throbbed again, and the baby moved inside.

“179, I think I have a bad stomach after eating.” Xia Yi frowned tightly.

“Host, I’m afraid you are about to give birth.” 179 screamed in panic.

Xia Yi panicked as soon as she heard it, “You will give birth wherever you are, don’t talk nonsense, it’s just that you eat too much potatoes.”

With this system, since I was four months pregnant, every time there was an abnormality in my stomach, I was about to give birth.

Very fuss.

However, having said that, Xia Yi was still a little nervous. After all, it was almost time for labor, so she calmed down and began to feel the pain carefully.

But this time it took only a minute or two, and the pain disappeared without a trace.

Just as he was wondering in his heart, a sharp pain that was stronger than at the beginning struck, and at the same time, the lower abdomen and the waist had a feeling of swelling, the baby moved more vigorously, and the belly was agitating with his movements.

You can’t deceive yourself, this is the throes of attack!

I really want it!pregnancy!NS!

Chapter 68

The disciple sitting next to Xia Yi turned his head again and saw that his chest was rising and falling and taking a deep breath. He asked concerned: "Junior Brother Xia, are you still uncomfortable after eating potatoes?"

Xia Yi just passed the throes, and smiled at him, "It's okay, it's about to give birth."

The disciple nodded, and turned around with a loud oh.

Then he turned his head slowly, looking surprised.

After a while, the disciple's scream resounded in the winter melon house, and the sound covered the lightning and thunder outside the house.

"Junior Brother Xia is about to give birth to a baby!"

In the chaos, Xia Yi let the melon house set up a barrier to isolate herself a space. Through the barrier, everyone outside can be seen panicking.

"Who has given birth to a baby? Who has given birth? A squeak of having given birth to a baby." Someone yelled.

"Senior Brother Liu, take a good look for yourself, who do you think of us have ever given birth to children?"

"Then who took over? Who took over? Also squeaked." Senior Brother Liu continued to shout.

"Who can we deliver? Not even a cow."

"Where are those senior sisters? Isn't the senior sister female?"

"Hey, what do you think? It's not bad to have a peek at them during Teng Xiufeng."

Xia Yi gritted her teeth and shouted to the outside: "You guys don't come in, I can do it myself."

"Host, don't panic. Wasn't the last reward for a painless and safe delivery? Don't worry, I will use it for you in a while, so that you are painless and noninvasive." 179 comforted Xia Yi lying on the long woolen blanket.

"But, why do you want me to wait a while?" Xia Yi asked while taking a deep breath.

179 thief smiled, "Because Gu Wenzhu has already arrived, and he is fighting with Cheng Yuwan. You have to let him come in after the fight, and see how hard it is for you to have a baby, so that he will cherish it more in the future. You. After he comes in to see you, use the reward."

"What? Brother Zhu is here?" Xia Yi didn't bother to scold 179. He was shocked by the news that Gu Wen was chasing him, and even ignored a lot of the pain.

"Yes, host, he has awakened all his abilities and is fighting outside." 179's voice was filled with excitement, "have you not noticed that the lightning has stopped?"

Xia Yi quickly got up, let the barrier reveal a piece, and said to the outside: "Master, I'm here to chase my brother. I'm fighting outside. Go and help him."

Seeing Tianxuan hurriedly walked out, Xia Yi fell heavily again.

"Host, don't worry, Gu Wenzhu completely crushed the generator, you just have to give birth with peace of mind." When 179 saw Xia Yi, he wanted to look out of the window and quickly discouraged him.

"Come on, let's have a baby, exhale, inhale, exhale, and follow me."

"Use that reward to me, do you want to hurt me to death?" Xia Yi resisted another wave of pain, sweat ran down her cheeks, and gritted her teeth.

"Okay, well, originally it was for your own good, but in the end you couldn't hold on to such a small pain." 179 was also a little flustered seeing him like this.

This is still a little pain, can you give it a try?

Immediately afterwards, Xia Yi felt all the pain as if flying away out of thin air, the swelling sensation in her lower back was gone, and there was no discomfort all over her body.

He suddenly relaxed for a while, slumped on the carpet, let out a sigh of fear.

"It's really too hard to have a baby. It's not easy."

"Host, although you don't hurt anymore, the child still has to continue to give birth." 179 reminded: "You can't just lie down like this and don't move, right?"

"Then let's go to the bay window and watch Brother Zhu beat people while giving birth."

Outside the winter melon house, Gu Wen held a silver spear and fought with Cheng Yu Wan.

Cheng Yu Wan quickly erected a barrier with an iron rod, barely blocking Gu Wen's earth-shaking shot. But he was also hit by the air wave in his chest, and he fell back some distance.

"Ze Yuan, it's been a long time since I haven't seen you. It doesn't seem to be necessary for me to find you, but it was automatically sent to the door. Anyway, let's settle the previous account."

Cheng Yuwan wiped the blood spilled from the corner of his mouth and smiled gloomily.

Gu Wen was floating in the air, wearing a Qishan sect robe, his face sinking like water, his eyes like a knife, the strong wind swept his body but motionless, as if the god of war came.

"In the past, you told Wu Qianyuan of Wang Lan's whereabouts and killed him. Today you took him again, wanting to harm him again. Okay, Cheng Yuwan, since it's time to settle accounts, let's count this new hatred and old hatred together. Calculate."

Gu Wen stared at Cheng Yuwan viciously, every word seemed to be squeezed out of his teeth.

In front of the winter melon floating window, Xia Yi leaned his legs halfway on the cushion, staring at the scene in a daze.

Outside the barrier, Qingsiu thought about the battle outside, and worried about Xia Yi, rubbing his hands and pacing anxiously back and forth.

Every once in a while, he asked loudly inside the barrier: "Junior Brother Xia, how's it going? Do you need me to come in?"

Xia Yi woke up and quickly replied: "No need, I'm fine."

He then cast his gaze out of the window.

The Gu Wen in front of him made him familiar and unfamiliar. Gradually, he overlapped and merged with the figure of another person in his mind.

In a trance, countless pictures all flashed in an instant, Xia Yi was impacted by a large amount of information, and all the past has been remembered at this moment.

"Ze Yuan, brother." Xia Yi was shocked by intense emotions, holding the window lattice with his hand, and murmured in tears.

"Host, you still use your strength, don't forget that you are giving birth just because there is no pain." 179 reminded anxiously.

Outside the winter melon house, Gu Wen shot one by one. The monstrous power was so overwhelming that Cheng Yuwan couldn't breathe. The two phantoms also fought with Tianxuan and several disciples.


Gu Wen didn't show his face, but he was very anxious. Although he knew that Xia Yi was in the big and solid winter melon house, he didn't know if he was injured in the beginning.

Unable to speed up his actions, his spiritual power was continuously released, and he attacked Cheng Yu Wan overwhelmingly.

Tianxuan's Yu Guang caught a glimpse of Gu Wenzhu being a little impatient, so after Yijian pushed back a fan, he shouted to Gu Wen loudly: "Don't worry, don't be impatient, the little one is not injured. Where's the child."

Have a baby?

Gu Wen suddenly tightened his pupils and closed his teeth.

After saying these words, Tianxuan saw that instead of slowing Gu Wenju’s movements, he was even more pressing. The long guns were opened and closed with the wind, and the guns were all deadly tricks. , Spiritual power gushes out like no money.

Gu Wen pressed on every move, and his mind kept flooding with the images of that day.

He and Cang Yi flew to the medicine field at the foot of Qishan, and saw the jade coffin in the purple bouquet from a distance.

His Wang Lan, the young deer-like agile boy, lay quietly in the jade coffin.

There was a tearing pain in Ze Yuan's heart, and his expression was in a daze. He almost fell from the spear, resisting the fishy smell in his throat, speeding up and flying away.

When he rolled from the spear to the ground and stumbled over, Little Black rushed forward, biting the corner of his robe and dragging it towards the jade coffin.


The pair of flower spirits also supported each other, looking up at him with teary eyes.

Ze Yuan stopped a few steps away from the jade coffin, staring at the coffin blankly.

Wang Lan was lying quietly, her eyes flashing like black onyx with broken light no longer, only two horrible cavities were left.

There was no trace of blood on the once-ruddy lips, and would never call brother sweetly with the voice that was like pouring sugar.

Under the clean clothes that had been changed, Ze Yuan knew clearly what kind of scars were on the white porcelain skin, which was horrible.

Little Black threw himself on the coffin and whimpered, looking up at him while looking at the person in the coffin.

Although Wang Lan's body was taken over by him, wiped off the blood and put it in the coffin very preciously, but when saw him lying on his back with lifelessness, still felt that the pain was so black that he couldn't breathe.

It was as if someone reached into his chest and squeezed his heart tightly.

Cang Yi had already hurried to the coffin and saw the miserable condition of the young man in the coffin, his face couldn't help showing an expression of unbearableness, and he closed his eyes.

Then he stretched out his right hand and placed it on Wang Lan's head.

"Is this?" Seeing Cang Yi's move, the Pixie couple should have stopped it, but because he was with Ze Yuan, the two raised their red and swollen eyes and looked at Ze Yuan suspiciously.

"He is my father." Ze Yuan didn't say that Cang Yi might still have a way, because he was afraid of bringing hope to the Pixie couple, and then his hope was shattered.

If there is any bad result, let him bear it alone.

Cang Yi's palms on Wang Lan's head floated with soft light, and he frowned, thinking about something.

Seeing this scene, the Huajing couple had some guesses in their hearts, they couldn't help but stop crying and hold their breath, looking at him without blinking their eyes.

"His spirit body and soul have been disintegrated, only a few strands are left, and if they need to be maintained, they can't take root." For a long time, Cang Yi shook his head.

Hearing this statement, the Huajing couple suddenly started crying desperately. Ze Yuan stood there, and felt that he was plunged into eighteen layers of hell in an instant, his heart was as cold as ice.

He knelt down on the ground, his bloodshot eyes were hollow, and he murmured: "Well, then I will go with him. With his temperament, he will be scared if he can't see underneath. Cry, maybe you will be bullied..."

"What do you want to do?" When Cang Yi heard his rant, he couldn't help but scolded loudly, "Do you think it's great to die for love?"


Ze Yuan was shaking his hands and covering his face, tears soon overflowed between his fingers.

He suddenly roared, his voice seemed to be bleeding, full of deep sadness and despair.

"Ze Yuan, you can wake me up a little bit and cheer me up." Cang Yi burst out angrily, and the blue veins on his forehead burst out.

Ze Yuan seemed to hear nothing, he roared loudly after another, like a lone wolf widowed.

Then he fell heavily on the ground, thrusting his fingers into the soil convulsively.

Suddenly he raised his head again, blood-red eyes glowing with fanaticism and stubbornness, "Xiaolan is so timid, she would not dare to sleep without a candlelight at night, and she would be scared to find brother if she couldn't see anything. How could I leave him alone? There, I have to hurry to find him, I have to protect him..."

Cang Yi looked down at Ze Yuan, his expression changing, struggling in every possible way.

When he saw Ze Yuan stretch out his hand to hold his gun, he sighed helplessly. As if finally making some decision, gritted his teeth, "Ze Yuan, there is still a way."

"I can save Wanglan."

Ze Yuan sat cross-legged in front of the jade coffin, and the Huajing couple looked at him nervously.

Cang Yi stood in front of him, looked at this son with a complicated mood, and asked one last time, "Are you sure you want to do this?"

Ze Yuan's whole person seems to have been reborn, rejuvenated with brilliance.

He looked at Cang Yi and nodded firmly, "I'm sure."

"Well, I will take out half of your spirit body and spirit as a vessel, and keep Wanglan's souls in it." Cang Yi closed his eyes and continued: "From now on, you will also be like Wanglan. It wasn't until more than twenty years later that the incomplete soul grew up."


"During this period, I will also send you into other dimensions. You will lose all your memories and live from the beginning. Perhaps, your life is only more than twenty years, and perhaps you will never see Wanglan again in your entire life. Are you sure?"

Cang Yi's voice trembled slightly.

Ze Yuan glanced at him deeply, "Father, I'm sure."

When Cang Yi heard this father, his body trembled slightly, and his expression was also moved.

Next, Ze Yuan's memory was very vague. In the mist, he felt that he was floating, and a twisted light spin appeared in front of him, which seemed to have endless magic power, attracting him to float towards it.

When he completely entered the light spin, a black shadow flashed, and it seemed that Little Black also whimpered and rushed over.

At the last moment when his consciousness disappeared, he only muttered one name in his heart, Wang Lan.

Gu Wen lifted up the aura of the mountain and super sea, and Cheng Yuwan saw that he was not good, and he hurried back, which could not be more than a shot.

He saw that Gu Wenzhu was going crazy now, and he kept attacking desperately. His eyes were bloodshot, and his expression seemed to be fanatical and sorrowful, and a chill burst out, and he was afraid from the bottom of his heart.

Looking around, one of his two phantoms had been stabbed by Tianxuan, and the other was surrounded by disciples. They were also left and right. They even made a few tricks on their body, but they couldn't see it.

Gu Wenzhu had already remembered all the past events, and his heart felt like a raging fire at the moment.

Seeing Cheng Yuwan kicked over by himself, he wanted to flee with a snake-headed iron rod after rolling on the ground twice. He flew up and raised his silver spear high, like a mighty god of war. The light on the pole dazzled Cheng Yuwan's eyes.

Cheng Yuwan was already suffocating with fear at this moment, and as the enlarged figure in the air approached, his pupils were also tightened to the extreme.

He was about to be stabbed in the chest, rolled on the ground again, got up and turned and rushed away embarrassedly.

However, before running two steps, as the bright silver light flashed away, Gu Wen rushed to him like a ghost, and with a wave of his spear, a blood line burst out of his neck.

Cheng Yuwan's eyes opened in anger, with an unbelievable expression. He covered his neck with his hands and made a sound of hesitation. Scarlet blood spurted from his fingers and splashed on the ground in front of him.

He stretched out his hand unwillingly and wanted to catch Gu Wenzhu, but was kicked, and finally shook it twice unwillingly and crashed down.

The dark clouds dispersed, and the wind stopped. Gu Wen slowly turned around and looked at the winter melon house standing in the sun. Two lines of tears slowly flowed down. He said in a low voice, "Xiao Lan."

Xia Yi waited until the wave of information in his mind was received, and forced himself to calm down and stop paying attention to everything outside.

He grabbed the window lattice with his hands and gritted his teeth.

"Host, that's it, it's great, you can see the baby's head." 179 cried out in surprise.

Xia Yi took a deep breath and used force again.

Those images in my mind kept flashing at this moment.

"Xiao Lan, I have already told my father about our affairs. He asked me to take you to the Demon Realm earlier and let him see." Ze Yuan hugged Wang Lan from behind, and gently smelled the fragrance of orchids overflowing from his neck. .

"I know, but I'm still a little scared." Wang Lan whispered her lips.

Ze Yuan laughed, snorting hotly on the back of Wanglan's neck, "Are you still afraid? By the way, you are just being fierce in front of me. This is killing me."

"Tomorrow I will pick you up at noon, okay? Let's meet at the rock in Xiyue Valley."

Wang Lan nodded lightly, then pursed her lips and began to laugh.

Xia Yi strained, tears gushing out of her eyes.

Ze Yuan, wherever I thought, you would never see me again the next day.

"Host, you are so amazing, your head has come out." 179's voice was almost broken.

Ze Yuan, Ze Yuan, Brother Zhu, Brother...

With a crisp cry of the baby, the barrier in the winter melon house was lifted by a palm, and a tall figure rushed in.

Gu Wen stared at Xia Yi steadily, his chest rising and falling violently, his expression agitated.

In those cry after cry, Xia Yi looked at him with sweat on his face, and smiled with tears: "Brother, the baby is born."

"It's a boy, like you."

"So, do you remember it too?"

In Wangzhu Yard, Xia Yi sat on the side of the bed, and asked softly while watching the sleeping baby.

Gu Wen leaned against him, twisting the strands of his hair with his fingers, "Yes, I remember it all."

"Then tell me, when my soul dissipated and was sent to other dimensions by the Immortal Venerable, why would you lose half of your soul and be sent away to raise your breath?" Xia Yi leaned back and poured into Gu Wen's arms. inside.

Gu Wen bowed his head and kissed the top of his hair lightly, but remained silent.

"Brother Zhu, Brother, Ze Yuan..." Xia Yi began to act like a baby, "Just say it, don't say that I will always have a question in my heart, and I will never live in peace again."

"Because I was injured at that time, my father had to send me to nurse." Gu Wen gently touched the baby's face with his fingers, and answered with a smile.

As for the truth, Xiao does not need to know.

Xia Yi didn't ask any more, but looked at the baby quietly in Gu Wenzhu's arms.

The baby slept soundly, with two small fists raised on both sides of his head as if surrendered, his cheeks flushed, and his small fleshy mouths were smacked from time to time.

The little shirt and quilt on his body are made of the softest and most luxurious silks and satin that Cheng Ming has collected everywhere. It is said that they are made of some jade silk by the Weaver of What Peak.

However, Xia Yi still feels regretful. After passing through this time, the small shirts, tiger-toed shoes, and a large bag of diapers that Gu Wen sewed before are still there.

Compared with these luxurious silks and satin, Xia Yi is more willing to put on the clothes made by his father himself.

What upset Xia Yi most is the baby's ration problem.

As Gu Wenzhu said before, my brother also has a little bit of milk, but how can that little bit be enough?

Everything was too rushed and nothing was prepared. For the baby who is waiting to be fed, Xia Yi has bravely picked up his clothes and contributed a poor bag.

But the baby still blushed and couldn't eat enough, and finally waved his little hands and feet, closed his eyes and started crying angrily.

"Host, host, please drink another bowl of crucian fish soup." 179 began to urge again.

"I haven't just finished drinking it for ten minutes, okay? There are all kinds of soups every day, and I ran four times to clean the room in an hour." Xia Yi mentioned that after drinking the soup, he began to have a physiological nausea.

"Why the container is only so big, can you turn into a milk sheep when you drink soup?" Xia Yi began to be irritable as she listened to the baby's cry.

I miss the two milk goats at home that had prepared for a long time. Ugh.

Today, several disciples had driven the magic weapon out of the mountain to find the milk sheep, and Gu Wen stewed him soy pork knuckle soup in the small kitchen one by one.

Xia Yi patted the baby lightly, while calming and coaxing: "Baby, my uncles will bring you the food back later. Shall we stop crying?"

The baby opened his eyes and looked at Xia Yi, her little pink mouth deflated aggrievedly.

His eyes look like Xia Yi, big and round. But the color of the eyes is as pure as obsidian like Gu Wenzhu.

Seeing that the dark eyes were still shining with water, Xia Yi was so distressed that he picked up the crucian carp soup on the table, raised his head and poured it down again.

Crucian carp soup, crucian carp soup, look at the heart of my beloved son. Quickly change the quantity and make the quality change better?

"Hey", at this moment, I suddenly heard a sheep cry from the yard.

Xia Yi was overjoyed, and walked out with the baby in her arms, "Er, my uncles got your rations."

Pushing open the door, you first saw two big white sheep in the courtyard.

However, did not see the imaginary Qishan disciple, but saw a sheep in one hand and the entropy of three lambs in his arms.

The two big goats were struggling to eat the pepper seedlings planted by the courtyard, and the three little goats were also arching in his arms with milk and milk. Ji Entropy had to stabilize his figure and maintain his image. difficult.

Cang Yi was standing next to him holding a big baggage. The familiar blue background and white flowers on the furoshik made Xia Yi recognize at a glance that he was her own.

A light blue baby trouser leg was exposed at the corner of the baggage. Xia Yi also recognized that it was from Gu Wen's stitching.

"Father, are you wearing it back?" Xia Yi was surprised and delighted when he saw them.

Gu Wen also walked out of the kitchen after hearing the sound, and when he saw it, he hurried to take the sheep and pick up the burden, saving the embarrassed Cangyi Xianzun and Jie Entropy Demon Lord.

"Baby, baby, grandpa's be careful." Ji Entropy stepped forward eagerly, took the baby carefully from Xia Yi's arms, and Cang Yi and the two looked at it with joy.

"Look at these little hands and feet, how strong, like Ze Yuan when he was a child."

"Look at the fair skin, like Xiaolan."

The baby was held in Jie Entropy's arms and didn't cry at all. He looked at him curiously with his round eyes, and he spit out a saliva bubble.

Jie Entropy embraces the child in a familiar manner, with one hand supporting his soft back neck, this posture is like a dad who has experienced many battles. Seeing Cang Yi's heart sorrow and grief, the eyes that watched Ji Entropy became softer.

Jie Entropy felt Cang Yi staring at him, thinking that he wanted to get close to the baby, so he handed it forward, "Would you like to give it a hug?"

"Okay?" Cang Yi turned his eyes back to the baby, with a look of anticipation and eagerness on his face, but at the same time a little nervous.

Jie Entropy laughed blankly, "What's wrong, you are his grandmother."

As soon as the voice fell, saw Cang Yi's expression suddenly unnatural, and two blushes flew up on his face, adding a bit of freshness to the often deserted complexion.

Jie Entropy couldn't help but get up, leaning close to Cang Yi and whispering: "Or, another one?"

Cang Yi glanced at him wonderingly, "Xiao Yi hasn't had a confinement yet, would you let him have another one?"

Seeing Jie Entropy smiled while looking at herself, Cang Yi suddenly understood what he meant.

He couldn't help but his face became redder, and he scratched him severely with an eye knife, but he didn't say anything against it.

Jie Entropy knows Cang Yi’s temperament, so he clicked until he put the baby in his arms, and kissed that little cheek, "I will grow up and play with your little uncle or aunt in the future. ?"

When Xia Yi and Gu Wen tied the sheep one by one and put their things out, Cang Yi looked nervous and hugged the baby stiffly, as if facing an enemy.

Jie Entropy was standing not far in front of him, leaning on a ginkgo tree with his back, and looking at him with a smile on his face.

"Xiao Yi, come and pick up the baby." Cang Yi saw them and hurriedly asked for help, "Jie Entropy will not take over."

Gu Wen glanced helplessly at his father who was watching a good show, and took the soft baby from Cang Yi.

Cang Yi shook his stiff hands, glanced angrily at Jie Entropy, and walked to Xia Yi.

Xia Yi saw that Cang Yi stood in front of him and wanted to say something, but he was hesitant to say something, and couldn't help but ask in doubt: "Xianzun?"

"Didn't I say that your parents were erased by me using magic techniques?" Cang Yi said.

Xia Yi lifted her heart in an instant, and thumped.

Sure enough, he went on to say: "In the beginning, I did the magic because I was afraid that your spirit would disappear completely. Now that you are healed, I can restore their memory."

"Yes, okay?" Xia Yi stammered.

Cang Yi smiled imperceptibly, and slightly moved the corners of his lower lip, his eyes softened, "Of course."

Gu Wen walked over with the baby one by one and smiled encouragingly at him, "I will pick up my father-in-law and my mother-in-law tomorrow morning, and let my father solve the magic technique for them."

"Yeah." Xia Yi's throat choked, and he nodded heavily.

At this time, the courtyard door was pushed open, and Cheng Ming sneakily poked his head in. When everyone was there, he suddenly smiled and said, "Brother Phecda has prepared food and drinks in the front hall, and all the disciples of the martial art are waiting. Immortal Venerable , Devil, please come with Xiao Ming."

Thinking of today's martial arts banquet, it is not only a celebration of Cangyi's exit, but also a baby's full moon wine.

So everyone followed Cheng Ming out, and Gu Wen held the baby to the end.

"Xiao Ming, where are we going?" Xia Yi looked more and more wrong. Isn't this the route to the back mountain?

Cheng Ming replied loudly in front: "Go to the lobby next to the square."

Is this the way to the square? Xia Yi could hardly complain.

In the end, Cang Yi led the way, and everyone turned in the right direction.

Xia Yi was walking, and suddenly felt that her hand was held by a large, warm and dry hand.

Gu Wen held the baby one by one, holding him with the other, smiling at the corners of his mouth.

The breeze blew, bringing a burst of bamboo fragrance.

Xia Yi clasped the hands of the people around her, listening to the baby's milk whispering, her heart was peaceful.

Full text end

The author has something to say: Thank you Tian の Xia Xia for the grenade and nutrient solution.

Chapter 69

"Kirin, Erbao is crying."

Xia Yi was standing in the grounds of Wangzhuyuan picking peppers, and when she heard Gu Xing in the cradle behind her, he began to groan.

The unicorn, who was playing with a small butterfly with his paws, quickly pretended that nothing happened, put a special hand on the cradle in his mouth, floated up low, and flew in circles in the yard.

Gu Xing immediately stopped his crying, vomiting cheerful saliva bubbles, giggling in the slightly undulating cradle, waving Chubby's hand excitedly.

Kylin is already a mature babysitter. After taking Dabao Gu Cheng for a few years, he immediately took over the work of bringing Erbao Gu Xing, which can be said to be very hardworking.

Gu Xing is just eight months old. When he took him to the farming world for the first time, a red mole appeared on his forehead. He was a brother.

He is different from Gu Cheng, except for the shape of his eyes, everything else resembles Gu Wenzhu.

Except for his slightly slanted peachy eyes, he inherited Xia Yi's looks, whether it was his small nose and the face with big palms.

179 has successfully completed the task two years ago and returned to the system world, but will come back from time to time. Often it suddenly appeared in Xia Yi's mind without knowing it.

"Host, ah, it's not right, do you know that the former host? Those tasks of yours have been changed. The original tasks are not like this, and the rewards are not these." 179 didn't know when it came again, and suddenly said, "Of course, I I just found out just now."

"Originally, it was changed. You had to change to the quest of cultivating immortals when you entered the wrong world." Xia Yi casually nibble on a tomato.

"It's that those quests of immortality cultivation have been revised, and the rewards are different from the original quests of immortality cultivation." 179 said mysteriously.

Yes, it seems that all tasks are closely related to the development of the event, not to mention task rewards, even painless birth.

Seeing Xia Yi was stunned and silent, 179 lowered his voice and said, "It was changed by the technical system."

"Why does the technical system do this?" Xia Yi stopped chewing and asked in confusion.

"I also asked him, and after a long questioning, he opened his mouth. He said that he had been on a business trip to the world of cultivating immortals and turned into a wild wolf and got stuck in a tree hole. He was embarrassed to ask for help inside the system, and he was stuck there for several times. God, when he was dizzy with hunger, Wang Lan, who was passing by, rescued him."

Is there such a thing?

Xia Yi fell into hard thinking.

By the way, there is such a thing in memory.

One day I just broke up with Ze Yuan and went home. When I passed a thousand-year-old tree, I found an animal stuck in the tree hole with its butt exposed, and it was stuck there. After pulling him out like a carrot, he found it was a dog.

It's a dog, and it's a breed of the original world, with three fires on his head.

So that is the technical system?

"Why is he stuck there?" Xia Yi was shocked.

"He said that he thought he was just furry, and he turned out to be really fat." 179's tone was gloating, "but the point is not this, he has been helping you secretly behind him."

Xia Yi put down the tomatoes in his hand and solemnly said: "Please help me to tell the technical system that Wang Lan saved him well, but he is very grateful for Wang Lan's help. Wang Lan is infinitely grateful."

"Where is the technology system now? If I have the opportunity, I really want to thank it in person."

"I went on vacation and lost contact again."

The vulnerability has not been repaired.

The technical system erased the data of this vulnerability, allowing it to always exist here, staying between the two worlds.

In addition, the position of the gap was adjusted from random brushing to a fixed location, that is, the backyard of Wangzhuyuan and the yard of Farm World Home

Now, Xia Yi and the others can travel freely between the two worlds, and they can come back whenever they want to.

Seeing that it was late, Xia Yi was going to call Gu Cheng back for dinner.

After instructing Qilin to be optimistic about the second treasure, Xia Yi went to the backyard and got into the slowly rotating space-time passage in the corner.

The exit is in a small space isolated in his yard. After Xia Yi walked out, he first collected the diapers that had been dried in the yard, and then walked towards the village.

Gu Xing wets countless diapers every day, and Wangzhuyuan can't dry them anymore, and the rest is hanging here.

Passing the ground, saw a figure in Qishan uniform squatting on the ground with Uncle Wang, each with a cigarette.

Needless to say, this is Meng Wanzi.

He will come over every day after he finishes his practice, chatting with Uncle Wang and smoking.

Seeing Xia Yi, Meng Wanzi took a sip from the tea mug and said with a smile: "The baby is in the village."

Even the accent has changed...

The six-year-old Gu Chenggang played wrestling with the iron baby in the village and threw all his friends into the haystacks at the head of the village. He proudly crouched on his hips and looked at the sentient beings, "Who else is not convinced?"

The defeated generals of Tiewa were convinced by Gu Cheng, "The king is great, the king is forgiving."

Gu Tian, the little girl of Erniu's family, is five years old this year and looks as white as Qi Zhou. She also screamed and shouted, "The king is great, the king is forgiving."


Gu Cheng couldn't help but smiled smugly, then took Gu Tian's hand and said patiently: "Let's go, my brother will take you home."

Qi Zhou was holding a big belly, sitting at the gate with a bowl of green plums and eating. Seeing the two of them from a distance, I couldn't help but laughed, "Xiaocheng, I'm sending my sister home, I'm so sensible."

When Gu Cheng greeted him politely, Qi Zhouqian smiled after looking back at Tian Tian: "Wait later, your Uncle Beicheng is going to Qishan to practice exercises, do you want to go back with him?"

Er Niu now worships under Liu Siqian's family. As long as he doesn't farm, he will go to Qishan to cultivate immortals. He is not only Qi Zhou's husband, but also his junior and senior.

Gu Cheng waved his hand, "No, I have to play with Tiewa and the others in the afternoon."

As soon as the voice fell, I heard Xia Yi's loud call from the village head, "Gu Cheng, go home for dinner."

"Hey, I can't play, my mother is here." Gu Cheng's frustrated look made Qi Zhou and the little girl Gu Tian laugh.

"Let's go, let's come over to play tomorrow, and send it back to Qishan first. Today your grandparents are coming, and your father will pick them up early in the morning, even if the time is coming soon." When Gu Cheng approached, Xia Yi stretched out his hand. Twist away a few grass clippings from his head.

Gu Cheng looked at Xia Yi in wonder, "Aren't grandpa and grandma live in the canyon on the other side of the mountain? I went there in the morning and took my aunt and picked a lot of flowers. Grandpa didn't say that he was going back to Qishan for dinner. ."

His grandparents are Jie Entropy and Cang Yi, and his aunt is the daughter of Cang Yi, who is just three years old this year.

Although Cang Yi only allowed him to be called Grandpa and Second Grandpa, as long as he was not with Cang Yi, Gu Cheng was called Grandpa and Grandma.

Jie Entropy has always said that the canyon at the foot of the mountain is his most memorable place, so he built a wooden house there and took the father and daughter to live for a period of time from time to time.

When Xia Yi heard Gu Cheng's question, her expression became stiff, and then he said falteringly: "I'm talking about your grandparents in Yellow Clock Mansion."

"But isn't that grandpa and grandma?" Gu Cheng glanced at his mother. "Mother, are you confused?"

"Calling my mother again, didn't you ask you to call me father?" As long as there is no one, Xia Yi always encourages his son to use the original world's name for him as father.


"Dad." Gu Cheng cried out like a stream, but he secretly said in his heart: "Hey, I just coaxed myself."

Soon after Xia Yi took Gu Cheng back to Wangzhuyuan, the chef of Qishan sent the cooked food. As soon as the table was placed, heard the voice of parents coming from the entrance of the courtyard.

"Xiaocheng, Xiaoxing, dear grandson."

"Grandpa and grandma!" Gu Cheng was coaxing his younger brother to play, making faces at his cradle, making Gu Xingyi giggling endlessly. Hearing the voice of Xia's father and Xia's mother, he immediately turned his head and yelled happily.

"Call Grandpa and Grandma." Father Xia immediately lowered his face.

"Grandpa and grandma." Gu Cheng yelled with a grin. Father Xia smiled and patted him on the head, then went to see Gu Xing in the cradle.

Mother Xia hugged Gu Cheng, raised her hand to Bibi's head, and nodded in satisfaction, "Have you ever insisted on drinking milk every day and doing the radio gymnastics that grandma taught you?"

Gu Cheng nodded quickly, "Some grandma."

Cang Yi has restored the memories of Xia's father and Xia's mother, so they have also retained many of the habits of the original world.

For example, after dinner every afternoon, the two elders began to hum and dance square dances in the yard, and from time to time to go fishing outside the Huangzhong Mansion for a picnic, and let Gu Wen drive them with magic weapons to travel around.

Gu Xing had been picked up from the cradle by Xia's father and held in his arms, facing him who was learning Chinese, teaching the alphabet:

a, o, e...

Gu Xing looked funny at Father Xia's exaggerated mouth, and grinned with a mouth with only two white teeth.

At this moment, Gu Wen carried a bag in his hand one by one, avoiding Gu Cheng's eyes, sneaking into the kitchen.

"What are you doing? Like being a thief." Xia Yi asked curiously when she saw him when she was setting the tableware.

Gu Wen put the baggage into the cupboard one by one, and said with a smile: "Mother-in-law made a lot of cakes for Gu Cheng. I'm afraid he will find out now. I will give it to him after the meal."

Mother Xia started to recall the food in the original world when she was idle in the mansion. She made various desserts, such as cakes and biscuits, which she sent to Gu Cheng every other day.

Gu Cheng loves to eat very much. He eats as much as he wants, and he doesn't eat the day he eats, which makes Gu Wen a headache.

"Yes, hide and hide." Xia Yi quickly agreed.

Gu Wen helped set the tableware and chopsticks one by one, and went out to call people to eat, only to find that there was no one in the courtyard.

"Mother must have gone to pick fresh cucumbers in the field again, let you make a water film for her." Xia Yi shook his head helplessly, "I'll call them."

"Go together." Gu Wen took the first two steps, holding his hand.

When she arrived in the field, Mother Xia was picking cucumbers. She saw Gu Wenzhu and said excitedly: "Wen Zhu, I will make a mask for my mother later."

"Good mother." Gu Wen hurriedly agreed, and then went to pick the peppers and eggplants in the field, "Mother, I will bring some back later, knowing that you love the vegetables we grow."

Father Xia hugged Gu Xing and looked at the ants on the ground, and said with a smile: "Your mother loves to eat the vegetables you grow, fresh and watery, and use them to make salads."

Several people walked home with a smile, and when they reached the gate of the courtyard, Xia Yi suddenly asked, "Where is Gu Cheng?"

Everyone looked at each other and said that they hadn't seen it. Only Gu Xing smiled and suddenly burst out a word, "Gao."

Xia Yi's face changed, "Not good."

Sure enough, I saw Gu Cheng coming out of the kitchen with a full hiccup, with cake crumbs on his mouth, "Grandpa, grandma, father and mother, I'm going to play, I won't eat any more, you eat."

"Gu! Cheng!" Seeing Xia Yi gritted his teeth, Gu Cheng secretly moved to the direction of the courtyard door and ran away.

His voice was heard from afar, "I went to find Uncle Tianji to practice."

The unicorn followed behind him sneakily and rushed out.

Hey, there is no need to take the kids today.

After eating, Xia's father and Xia's mother held Gu Xing and climbed the mountain to eat. Gu Wen washed the dishes one by one, walked to the side of Xia Yi, who was paralyzed on the recliner, and squatted down.

Xia Yizheng closed her eyes and enjoyed the warm sunbathing. She felt a shadow on her face, and the hot breath also sprayed on her neck.

He closed his eyes and laughed, turned his head and pouted, and got a gentle kiss as he wished.

"Let's go, take you to see something." Gu Wen's low voice sounded in his ears.

Xia Yi opened her eyes and asked lazily, "What?"

"You'll know if you go and see it." Gu Wen gently wiped the water on his lips.

Xia Yi rolled her eyes and thought for a while, got up and stretched, "Let's go, go and see."

At the foot of the mountain, the purple medicine field stretches to the horizon, as strong as a pair of oil paint.

Xia Yiyuan saw a small courtyard located between the purples.

After the magic weapon, he gently opened the courtyard door and walked in.

In the exquisite small courtyard, flowers and plants were planted around the walls, and a half-centre was circled on one side, and tender pepper seedlings emerged.

There are four spacious and bright houses in a row. Xia Yi chose the one that looked the most like a bedroom and opened the door and walked in.

All the furnishings inside are the same as the home of Farming World, and Gu Wen personally made it.

The grilles on the windows are four people holding hands, two big and two small are vivid.

An earthenware vase with wild flowers on the table top exudes a faint fragrance.

The familiar handmade wooden big bed has been covered with brocade quilts. On the quilt, there was also an Ultraman dressed in clothes.

Xia Yi looked around in surprise, and was suddenly attracted by the line of calligraphy and painting on the wall.

Those are just a few light yellow rice papers with words written on them.

When came closer, was writing about Xia Yi, the first prize of the 3rd Baisha City Youth Drawing Competition.

Seeing Xia Yi looking back in surprise, Gu Wenzhu a little embarrassed to explain: "You told me before that your room is full of papers."

"Certificate." Xia Yi quickly corrected.

"Yes, the certificate." Gu Wen nodded one by one, "Then I asked my mother-in-law, and she taught me to write these down."

"Every time you talk about your previous things, your eyes will shine when you talk about it, and I want to give you back that light." Gu Wen looked at Xia Yi gently, with a strong affection in his words.

Xia Yi was in a trance, her waist was gently wrapped, and a low voice sounded in her ears, "Do you like it? Xiaolan."

He nodded, his eyes moisturized, and his lips lightly opened, "Brother, I like it."

The author has something to say: the new article "Twisting the Waist to Cultivate Immortals" is seeking acceptance. The little angels who leave a message within 24 hours a day in the first ten chapters all have red envelopes.

What is the most important thing in the world of immortality? Talent!

Su Li is dressed as the head of a small pie, so poor that he can hardly eat. In desperation, the former women's clothing tycoon can only return to his old business and bring the whole faction to live broadcast.

When everyone took the picture jade and listened to the guidance of the gods, they discovered something extraordinary.

In Yuli, a strange fairy named Lili was actually twisting! waist! waist! ! !

[I am not Master Lingyou]: Good|waist! Good|legs!

[Great Yuan Pill is a fart]: Just refine the dust pill, take it!

[Love Cultivation, Love Lili]: Lili fairy, fairy grass for you, pill for you, and life for you! !

Amidst the sound of appreciation, an out-of-fit barge came out.

[There is only practice in my heart]: Shameless!

Reminder: Your words cannot be sent out temporarily, please come back after two hours of practice.

Qi Changyu, a magnate in the world of immortality, put away the water curtain wheel in his hand: Oh, it's banned again.

Su Li just wanted to create the strongest school in the realm of immortality, but he didn't want to be a green tea in his original form. Not to mention a lot of brothers and sisters, he also angered Qi Changyu, a young elder in the realm of immortality.

Qi Changyu: He must be thinking about how to hook me at this time, so he must always be vigilant.

Su Li:? ? ?

Qi Changyu: I saw through his tactics, but he was damn attractive.

Zurich: trembling

Qi Changyu: You are like that famous fairy...

Su Li: No, I am not, I am not.

If you think you are devoted to cultivating immortals, you will be full of waste.

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