Carrying a Hoe to Cultivate Chapter 51-60

Chapter 51

In the yard, the hoe turned into a long spear with silver light all over it, floating steadily in the air, and Gu Wen stood up with Xia Yi in his arms.

Qilin also flew up, wanting to follow.

Xia Yi hesitated for a while, fearing that it would scare people if it appeared rashly, so he touched Qilin’s head, “Son, next time I have the opportunity to take you to see my grandparents, will you stay and watch the house this time?”

Although Qilin was very reluctant, he cleverly returned to the door of the room and slumped on the bluestone slab.

Seeing Xia Yi for a while, he was not only not a good mate, but also a good father.

After asking the doorman for the general direction, the hoe soared into the sky, rushed out of the sky, and headed east.

Fly over the large and small floating islands, over the majestic mountains, and fly out of the Qishan area without much effort. Housing villages and some intertwined fields have appeared one after another below.

Some farmers were plowing the fields, and they saw the hoes flying over their heads with people, but they were not surprised, they looked like they were commonplace.

Some leaned on their hoes and set up a pergola to take a look, while others took a faint glance and continued to work, as if two people with a hoe were flying over their heads, but only two birds.

Sometimes they fly low, and some people greet them politely and loudly, “Xianzhang, have you eaten? Busy to get rid of the demon?”

This is the direction from which Qishan dispatched the mountain. It must be like an air route, with people flying around every day.

Xia Yi was still afraid of shocking people at first, so he let Gu Wen fly on the cloud. Seeing them look like this later, on the contrary, I made a fuss and lowered his height.

After all, the wind is strong above and the air is thin, and sometimes it gets into the clouds and blocks the line of sight.

He flew lower halfway and was stopped by someone waving his hand.

When he slowly came to ask someone in front of him, the man held out a crock pot with small holes drilled in it, “Thanks to the immortal long, my field is too big. Is it possible for you to fly to help me spread fertilizer?”

Xia Yiyi saw that this is a master, and he usually catches the flying cultivators to help him spread fertilizer. Even the earthen jars with holes are necessary to make them.

So the two had to hold the earthen jar and fly around in the field.

It’s like an agricultural aircraft that doesn’t consume fuel.

Asking people about the route all the way, he soon flew out of the mountains, and a vast plain appeared in front of him.

Want to come to Huangzhong Mansion is also near.

When a large-scale city appeared below, the hoe dropped the cloud head and slowly landed outside the city gate.

As the flow of people passed the investigation by the school lieutenant of the city gate, the two walked on the streets of Huangzhong Mansion.

There are many people on the street, one after another, and it is very lively.

Worthy of being the world of cultivating immortals, Xia Yi looked all the way, and many immortal cultivators with whisks and swords were also coming and going on the street.

There were still people on the street selling some elixir, just put it on the ground with a piece of blue cloth, and put some bottles and cans on it, and started shouting.

“There was another surprise feedback late at night. The guest’s grandmother was dead for three days. She stuffed a pill of my elixir. She got up in the coffin and ran around the yard five times. Wang Er refined the resurrection pill, wishing the elderly in the world healthy and longevity.”

“Good news, good news, the school has collapsed, and the head of the sect ran away with the younger sister. The younger brothers had to sell the various elixir in the door in exchange for some to go home and entangle them. Now all the elixir are sold at low prices, and only sell the medicines for money. .”

The two of them inquired all the way, and soon turned to the street where the prefect’s residence was located.

A young servant sitting in a daze at the door was the first to see Xia Yi. First, he was taken aback, then rubbed his eyes, and yelled out of joy, “Master is back.” Then he turned his head and rushed into the courtyard to report.

Before the two approached the door, they heard the young man yelling all the way, “Master, the young master is back, the young master is back.”

Xia Yi couldn’t help feeling a little excited, thinking about seeing her parents soon, her heartbeat suddenly accelerated, and she couldn’t help but grabbed the arm of Gu Wenzhu beside her.

Under this grasp, Gu Wenzhu’s arm muscles collapsed very tight and his waist was straight.

Looking at his face again, he found that his expression was serious, his lips were tight, and he was obviously also in emotional tension.

That’s right, this is the first time he has visited his in-laws, and it is inevitable to be nervous.

As a considerate friend, Xia Yi immediately suppressed her inner anxiety, revealing a calm expression.

He patted the back of Gu Wenzhu’s hand comfortably, and said briskly: “Don’t be nervous, you are so good, they will definitely like you.”

Gu Wen mumbled one by one, and took a deep breath.

As soon as stepped into the courtyard, saw Father Xia and Mother Xia hurriedly coming out of the hall.

Father Xia said to the young servant who reported the letter as he walked: “If it’s fake, see if I don’t send you out.”

As soon as the voice fell, saw Mother Xia halting abruptly and yelled joyfully toward the door.

Xia Yi saw her mother’s face again, and heard the familiar call, her heart was agitated first, and then a sharp tingling pain.

Is this mom? No, this is a mother.

Finally, with red eyes, he took a few steps forward, hugged Xia’s mother tightly, and screamed, “Mother.”

Mother Xia’s eyes were also red, she touched Xia Yi’s back, and said angrily: “How old is she, she’s still acting like a baby, it’s been a long time since I saw my mother, just like this.”

“This is because I was wronged outside, and I miss my mother.” Father Xia wanted to show the majesty of the parents, but couldn’t help but smile.

“Father.” Xia Yi turned around and hugged Father Xia again, put her face on his shoulders, and choked up: “I just miss home, and I miss my parents.”

Father Xia suddenly became at a loss, surprised and a little embarrassed, and finally had to cough twice, “You kid, it’s all right, what is it like a man crying and crying, and there are guests there.”

Even though he said so, there was an undisguised pampering in the words.

Xia Yi still lay quietly on Father Xia’s back, instantly as if traveling through endless time.

As a young man, he walked ahead impatiently, and behind him was his father who helped him with his schoolbag.

Father tried to come forward and run with him several times, but he speeded up his pace and pulled away.

Later, when he lay alone on the sofa and stared at the black and white photos on the cabinet, he always thought that if he had the opportunity to walk side by side with his father again, he must hold his father’s hand and give him one. Hug tightly.

Xia Yi let go of Xia’s father and stood up straight until Xia’s mother laughed beside him.

“Is this immortal long a fellow of Yi’er’s Qishan?” Father Xia turned his head to face Gu Wenzhu, with a warm smile on his face.

I saw Gu Wen dressed in Qishan school uniforms one by one.

Father Xia was in awe, and then he wanted to bow his hands.

“I can’t use it.” Gu Wen stepped forward one by one, firmly supporting Father Xia’s hands.

Only then did Xia Yi remember that she hadn’t introduced her parents, so she whispered with a bit of shame: “Father, mother, let me introduce you. This is my lady and your daughter-in-law, Gu Wenzhu.”

“What?” Xia’s father and Xia’s mother suspected that he had heard him wrong, looked at each other suspiciously, and then asked together.

“I didn’t have time to bring a letter to my family before. I got married in Qishan. This is my wife, Gu Wenzhu.” Xia Yi slightly raised her voice, “I will go home this time. Introduce it to you.”

This passage was so clear that Xia’s father and Xia’s mother had heard it clearly.

You can hear it clearly, but why don’t you understand how this is connected? marriage? Lady? With this man?

And Gu Wenzhu also took a step forward at this time, clicked to the end, and said in a loud voice: “My son-in-law Gu Wenzhu, I have met my father and mother, please greet my father and mother.”

“Yes, but this is a man.” Mother Xia blurted out.

Seeing the face of Xia’s father and Xia’s mother changed drastically, Xia Yixin said badly.

I have been in the farming world for a long time, and have become accustomed to the world base there.

This suddenly came to the world of cultivating immortals, and of course he took Gu Wen home one by one, forgetting that it was different here.

Mother Xia was still in a daze, looking at Gu Wen and Xia Yi again, but she didn’t react for a while.

Is that a girl who looks like a man? But it’s really not like it, not to mention the shaved stubble mark on the face.

After all, Father Xia had been an official for many years, and he had heard a lot about Fengyue from his colleagues. Knowing that the south wind is prevailing nowadays, many officials and dignitaries will raise a few young men in private.

But that is a plaything, it is difficult to get on the stage. People raising young men are also playing in private, the picture is fresh. What should be married later is irrelevant.

Like Xia Yi, it was unheard of to take a man home openly, and said that he had become relatives to this man.

“You were looked at by the head of the Qishan faction and wanted to accept you as a disciple. We didn’t agree to it, but you have to go to life and death with your temper. Go and go, I can’t help my mother, and my mother doesn’t want to delay your future. But you You have only been learning for so long, so you can bring a man back and say that you have become a kiss?” Xia Mu’s tears flowed out, crying and accusing.

Xia Yi couldn’t argue with a hundred words at this time.

He can neither say that I may not be your real son, but may be just a fake. Your real son seemed to have evaporated when I walked through.

I just miss my parents so much, I want to treat you as my biological parents.

I can’t say that I came through the farming world. In fact, Brother Zhu and I have legally pulled the marriage certificate over there.

Our marriage is protected by local laws and public opinion.

Xia Yi saw Father Xia’s face pale, his chest rising and falling panting, and his eyes circling around the yard, he choked in his heart, secretly making a bad cry.

This familiar posture looked like looking for a stick and broom, which was exactly the same as the original world every time the teacher called and complained.

Xia Yi panicked and didn’t choose his way. He sneaked behind Gu Wenzhu, clutching his clothes tightly, and shouted, “Brother Zhu, help me, my dad is going to beat me.”

Gu Wenzhu was distressed and anxious, and quickly said to Father Xia: “My father, we are ignorant, and we get married without telling our parents. But there are also difficulties, and I ask my father to forgive us once.”

forgive? Still want to forgive? Okay, let’s give up you male vixen first.

Also, who is your father?

Seeing Father Xia’s trembling lips, he couldn’t say a word with his fingers, Gu Wen hit the ground one by one.

After getting up, he said sincerely, “My father, please calm down your anger first, but don’t let your anger hurt your body. Although we married without telling you, I promise that we will treat our children forever. Father and mother will give them to Xiaoyi. I, please don’t worry about this.”

“The two adults have to be tough, wait for two years, and embrace the grand-grandson whom Xiaoyi and I gave birth to you.”

“Master!” With Mother Xia’s scream, he saw Father Xia leaning back, actually stunned.

Chapter 52

At night, Gu Wen sat in the room by himself, waiting quietly for Xia Yi.

In the afternoon, the entire prefect’s mansion was in chaos. After Father Xia fainted, he quickly reached out to hold the person, but was pushed away by the crying Mother Xia, and only helped him into the room with Xia Yi.

And he stood in the courtyard in a daze, watching people hurriedly passing by, bumping into his shoulder from time to time, and said to let him go.

At last he retreated to a corner with no one, standing at a loss, not knowing what went wrong.

After Xia Yi asked his servants to send him to the room where the original body used to live, he had to leave in a hurry, preparing to accompany the father Xia who was still not awake.

When Gu Wen offered to go with him one by one, Xia Yi did not explicitly refuse, but showed a distressed expression.

Gu Wen immediately understood and said: “Then you go alone, be careful not to make the elderly angry.”

Looking at the panic in his dark eyes, Xia Yi felt soft, and wanted to stay and comfort him, but thinking about Father Xia who was still lying down, he had to kiss his face and said softly, “It’s okay. , Don’t worry, I’ll be back later, you wait for me first.”

Gu Wen nodded quickly, “Go, I’ll be waiting for you here.”

The moment Xia Yi closed the door, I saw Gu Wen standing in the house looking at herself.

Against the light, the facial features are well-defined, the deep eye sockets are high and the brow peaks, and the eyes are extremely black, like a deep pool.

Although he didn’t say anything, Xia also knew that his expression at the moment was nervous.

he is hurt.

Xia Yi thought of this, and her heart suddenly throbbed like a needle pierced.

He hesitated, as if to make a decision, and opened the door again, “Come with me? Go and talk to your father.”

As soon as the voice fell, Gu Wenzhu, who was still standing in the room, his eyes lit up instantly.

Xia Yi walked in, wrapped his arms around his thin waist, and placed his head lightly on his shoulders, “Brother Zhuo, it’s not your fault. Did you know? Men and men are not allowed to be together in this world.”

“Man and man? But you are not a man, you are a brother.” Gu Wen murmured, his voice confused.

Xia Yi raised her head and stared into his eyes, “There are no brothers in this world, only men and women. That’s why parents will be so angry when they hear that we are married.”

“Brother Zhu, it’s not your reason, it’s not what is wrong with you. Understand?”

Gu Wen was startled for a while, “It turns out that it was not because I did something wrong, or what was not good enough, that made your father dissatisfied?”

“Yes.” Xia Yi nodded heavily.

“But there is no brother in this world, you are also a man in the eyes of the world, so they don’t allow us to get married?”

“Yes.” Xia Yi held his face in distress and nodded again.

Gu Wen’s expression gradually relaxed, and the corners of his lips were slowly pulled up, revealing a relieved smile, looking clean and clear, “Then let’s go to see my parents together, I will try to make them accept me.”

“Let’s go, let’s go together.” Xia Yi took his hand, his palm was warm and dry, making his heart calm down instantly, opened the door and walked out.

Mother Xia sat on the head of the bed, gently pressing Father Xia’s temples, and said nothing.

Father Xia lay on the bed with his eyes closed, listening silently.

When Xia Yi opened the door, Father Xia heard the door ring and immediately opened his eyes to look.

Seeing Xia Yi and Gu Wenzhu both walking in, they turned their heads and closed their eyes.

Xia Yi walked over and sat on the head of the bed, slowly taking his father’s hand on the quilt and holding it in his palm.

“Father, I know you are for my good, that’s why I’m so angry.”

“Although my father and mother never said it, I know in my heart that your greatest wish is that someone can always be with me, love me, and spend my life peacefully.”

“I’ve already met that person, and I’m just brother. The child is not filial and often annoys my parents and makes you worry about me. I really want to keep listening to you in the future, so that you won’t be sad for me anymore. But my parents, Except this time.”

“Because I leave Brother Zhu, I will be sad for the rest of my life, and I will never be happy again for the rest of my life.”

Gu Wenzhu also took the first two steps at this time, his robe corners were raised, and his knees knelt heavily on the ground, “My father, I can learn from my heart for Xiaoyi. In this life and this world, no matter what happens, I will love him and protect him. He makes him happy. I will never be separated from him for the rest of my life, even if I die, I will not let go.”

“Father and mother, please rest assured that Xiaoyi will be handed over to me.”

Father Xia remained silent, lying there with his eyes closed.

But his breathing was obviously heavy, the corners of his eyes were wet, and his lips were slightly trembling.

Mother Xia was already sobbing, covered her mouth with a veil, and then she spoke helplessly and bitterly, “Master, forget it, you don’t know that Xia Yi has been stubborn since she was a child, look for it. Ten cows can’t be brought back. Why bother to ruin his body and make him feel resentful, hurting the relationship between father and son.”

Seeing that Father Xia didn’t say anything anymore, Mother Xia waved her hand to Xia Yi and said, “Go back to the room and let your father rest first.”

In the room, Gu Wen leaned on the carved bed one by one, watching Xia Yi curiously touching here and there in the room.

“Brother Zhu, look at the Eight Treasure Pavilion in this room. There are no ceramic bottles and various ornaments, but cricket cages and clay figurines. It is very interesting.”

Xia Yi picked up an exquisitely crafted cricket cage, looked at it and smiled and said, “I think this disappeared Xia Yi really resembles my personality and hobbies. No wonder my parents feel that there is nothing wrong.”

Gu Wen nodded absent-mindedly, and hesitated, “You said, my parents didn’t drive me away, but stayed with you. Does this mean you have already admitted me?”

“That’s what it means. The old man can’t save his face, he doesn’t recognize it, he already recognizes it in his heart.” Xia Yi grinned happily.

After laughing, my heart became sour again.

It is how much parents love themselves that they will acquiesce in this, which is considered a shocking marriage in today’s society.

Besides, his father is still a prefect, equivalent to the secretary of the municipal party committee at the prefecture level. From now on, have to withstand the pressure of public opinion in society and the officialdom.

I made my parents worry about me in the original world. After I came here, I changed to my parents and continued to worry about me.

What an uneasy thing.

While wandering around the room while thinking about what was going on, his men randomly opened the drawer of the closet next to him.

The drawer opened, Xia Yi was shocked, and saw a doll in a crimson long gown lying inside.

The doll is about a foot long, and the head is still invisible in the depths of the drawer, but the clothes are made of similar materials and styles, very delicate.

Xia Yi thought it was very interesting, and took out the doll with her hand.

When he stared at the doll in his hand, he was shocked, his eyes widened, and he froze in place.

Damn, fuck, fuck… Xia Yi can only think of these two words now.

I saw that the doll he held in his hand turned out to be an Ultraman dressed in clothes and made of plastic.

An unbelievable surge in Xia Yi’s heart, he quickly stripped off that layer of clothes, and a red and white Altman appeared in front of him.

This is the little boy’s favorite toy, Ultraman, which costs tens of dollars apiece.

He crossed his hands on his chest, posing in the classic posture of Ultraman.

This kind of Ultraman is very common in toy stores, large and small, and Xia Yi also had a few when he was a child.

But isn’t this something from the original world? Why did it appear in the world of Xiuxian, or the room of Xia Yi here.

There was a muddle in his mind, and the Oldman held in his hand was dazed.

what the hell is it?

Gu Wenzhu also noticed Xia Yi’s abnormality. He had originally leaned against the head of the bed, but now he sat up straight.

“What’s wrong?”

Seeing Xia Yi did not answer, he just stood there in a daze, looking like a thunderstorm. Gu Wen stood up in confusion and walked over, reaching out and taking the Ultraman away.

“What is this?” Gu Wen squeezed the Ultraman and looked over and over again. “The demon head is still innocent.”

Frowning, he saw Xia Yi’s small shirt pinched in his other hand, and quickly took it over and put it on Altman, “Put it on, otherwise it looks ill-fated.”

“These children in the world of cultivating immortals are playing with strange things.”

Xia Yi was in a mess now, and he didn’t pay attention to what Gu Wen was talking about.

When he was a child, he also had several Ultramans, with different sizes and poses. One of his favorites is exactly the same as the Ultraman in front of him.

I just don’t know when, can’t find it suddenly. After searching everywhere, asked parents. They said that they were stolen by a thief.

He was sad and rioted, rolling and howling on the ground, so angry that Father Xia almost lifted him up and gave him a beating.

In the end, had to take him to the toy store and let him choose a new toy of his choice, which reluctantly gave up.

Before that Ultraman was lost, it was his favorite toy, held in his arms at any time, and put it next to the pillow at night.

That winter, when he was sitting by the briquettes and eating chestnuts roasted by his father while roasting the fire, he inadvertently rubbed Altman’s head against the hot chimney.

It was his father who found out that there was blue smoke, so he snatched Ultraman over. Although the action was timely, the plastic back was also scarred.

Thinking of this, Xia Yi suddenly took the already-dressed Ultraman from Gu Wen one by one, stripped it clean after a few swishes, turned it over and looked at its back.

In the candlelight swaying, the back of the toy Ultraman showed a burning scar the size of a copper coin.

How is this going? How is this going? Xia Yi murmured, eyes full of confusion and horror.

Why do my childhood toys appear here?

Could it be… Could it be… Suddenly a conjecture appeared in Xia Yi’s mind.

“179, 179.” Xia Yi began to call the system eagerly, “You tell me, when did your vulnerability start?”

“It started when you entered the farming world by mistake.” 179 replied.

“No, you lied to me.” Xia Yi’s tone was cold.

“Host, I really didn’t lie to you. My information shows that this loophole was discovered only after you arrived in the farming world.” 179 shouted wronged.

“If it’s a loophole that only exists now, then tell me, how come my childhood toys appear here?”

“Don’t tell me the toy came with me, because this Ultraman has been missing for many years.”

“Also, do you think I will make a small Han suit for Ultraman?”

179 did not answer, as if thinking seriously.After a while, he definitely replied: “It’s not true, because this style is totally unsuitable. If you want to do it, you will also make a suit of armor for him to wear.”

Although the entry point for systematic thinking is very strange, the answer is the same by different routes. It is this Ultraman who has not only brought it here now, it has existed here for a long time.

Chapter 53

Xia Yi began to work hard to recall, when was the last time he saw this Ultraman in his impression.

Some scales and fragments of memory floated through his mind. But when he tried to grasp those fragments, the momentary memory floated away without slipping.

Suddenly, he remembered a dusty past.

It has been a long time, until he can’t tell whether it is a reality or a dream.

But at this moment, when he connected with his surroundings, he felt that it was something that really happened.

One night when he was a child, he was awakened by urine. He put his arms around his pillow in a daze, and went to the toilet with his eyes half closed.

But when he opened the bedroom door and walked to the living room, he reached out to touch the wall light switch on the wall, but he didn’t touch anything. I only felt the breeze blowing over my body, and the sounds of forest rustles and night insects that shouldn’t have appeared in my ears.

Sleepy flew away, suddenly opened his eyes, and found that he was no longer in the living room at home, but in a secluded garden.

Surrounded by half-person-height forests, there is a rockery not far away, with grotesque rocks, which are extremely terrifying in the moonlight.

Xia Yi was standing on the spot wearing her own bear pajamas, holding an Ultraman in her arms, widening her round eyes, and looking around in astonishment.

The shadow of the tree was mottled, swaying under the pale moonlight, like a monster with teeth and claws leaping towards people.

There were also several screams of meows from a certain corner, and a black cat gently jumped onto the top of the artificial hill, its pupils gleaming, and it was fixed on Xia Yi.

Xia Yi stepped back and finally yelled uncontrollably. While crying to his mother, he ran around in the forest in panic, looking for a way out.

He ran across a long wooden corridor and heard the snap of his little slippers on the wood. At the end is connected a pond with a small red arch bridge across it.

He was crying and crying in the forest garden, running along the winding path, and he didn’t even find out where the Ultraman he was holding in his arms was lost.

Then messy footsteps sounded behind him, and someone hurried to catch up.

He didn’t know any of those people, they all wore long dresses and gowns from the TV series.

First, he looked at him in surprise, then pulled his bear pajamas to check, and kept calling the young master, regardless of his resistance to kicking and walking behind him.

Panic rose in his heart, where are these people going to carry him? He began to struggle frantically, closing his eyes and kicking people around him desperately, crying sharply to his mother.

Until the “pop” sounded, the lights came on, and the mother’s panicked voice sounded at the same time, “Xiaoyi, Xiaoyi, what’s wrong with you?” At the same time, she was hugged into a warm embrace.

Xia Yi felt the dazzling light and heard the sound her mother was familiar with. She immediately stopped crying, and tightly grasped her mother’s arm and opened her eyes.

Everything seemed to be solved, and the courtyard was no longer beside him. The rockery, the promenade, and the people surrounding him had disappeared, and he was standing in the middle of the brightly lit living room.

Father also walked out and asked nervously while putting on his clothes, “What’s wrong with Xiao Yi?”

“I, I went to the toilet, and then couldn’t turn on the light. I saw me standing in an unknown place. You are not there. Some bad guys in long skirts wanted to take me and sell them.” Xia Yi said while crying.

“What bad guy in a long skirt?” Father asked suspiciously, and reached out to poke his forehead.

“I’m wearing the kind of long skirt in the TV series that my mother watched, and I called me Young Master.” Xia Yi choked and said.

I remember that my parents looked at each other quickly and picked him up, “That’s Xiao Ye’s nightmare. Isn’t this good at home? We Xiao Ye are so behaved, how can any bad guy want to sell you.”

Mom patted him on the back as he walked, “Will you sleep with Mom today?”

Xia Yi nodded and fell into her mother’s arms.

It turned out to be a dream. There are no black cats and bad guys, and there are no terrible corridors.

Xia Yi recalled here and suddenly remembered that he and Brother Zhu were picking up mushrooms on the mountain. When they first crossed over, they stood on a small arch bridge to feed the fish.

It was exactly the same as the small arch bridge he saw when he was running on the promenade when he was a child.

And beside the pond, there is also a vermilion-painted wooden corridor.

What he saw when he was a child was exactly the scene in the backyard of the prefect’s residence.

In this way, this Ultraman was accidentally left behind when he ran that night. Then Xia Yi here took it back as a toy and sewed clothes.

Then why did the parents lie to themselves, saying that Ultraman was stolen by a thief? What do they know, and what are they hiding from themselves?

The parents here look exactly the same as their parents in the original world. Is this the reason for the parallel world, or… is this your own parents?

But it’s not right. If they are their own parents, why do they act as if they don’t know themselves? And their performance doesn’t seem to be pretended at all.

Xia Yi took Ultraman and stood in a daze, the doubts in her heart surfaced one after another.

Gu Wenzhu’s hand suddenly shook in front of his eyes, “Xiao Yi, what are you thinking about? I’ve been there for a long time.”

“Brother Zhu, I seem to have discovered something extraordinary.” Xia Yi said in a daze, holding the Ultraman nervously with both hands.

“What’s the matter? Can you tell Brother Zhu?” Looking at Xia Yi, he was startled and panic again, and Gu Wenzhu’s expression also became serious.

Xia Yi thought for a while, took Gu Wen to sit down next to the bed, and said solemnly: “Brother Zhu, I have found something, I think, I have been here since I was a child, and this toy is proof. Possibly, what I said is possible. The parents here are also my biological parents, and the Xia Yi here is also my own.”

“If Xia here is myself, what will happen if you say I walk through the farming world?”

“What will happen?” Gu Wen looked blank one by one, and did not understand what Xia Yi was talking about.

“I know what will happen.” 179’s sharp voice sounded, faintly excited, “Gu Wen will have two wives one by one.”

“If this is a parallel world, there will be two me. But after I came here, Xia Yi disappeared from the world, and I took over his life as a matter of course.”

“Could it be that Xia Yi and I were the same person. After I came over, he disappeared and disappeared? Or was he merged with me?”

Gu Wen looked at Xia Yi with a headache.

And Xia Yi hadn’t noticed him at all, she was immersed in her own vision, her eyes burning, her face full of determination and excitement.

“I’m going to ask my mother now, the origin of this toy.”

After speaking, Xia Yi held Ultraman, opened the door, and ran towards the courtyard where Xia’s father and Xia mother were.

“Young Master is here, Madam is about to rest.” Just as Mother Xia got up to go to the clean room, she heard a girl shouting hello outside the door.

Then the door was “creaked” opened, and Xia Yi came in panting.

Father Xia was still angry, but when he saw Xia Yi like this, he was even more angry, “Is there any etiquette? Is there any rules for etiquette? Your parents' house, you just broke in without telling you about it? "

“It’s never been so unruly, no wonder I will marry a man.”

Speaking of this, Father Xia felt another pain in his heart.

Xia Yi couldn’t take care of so much now. She raised the Ultraman and looked at Mother Xia with bright eyes, “Mother, look at this, do you know? Do you remember how you got this?” Xia mother answered. After passing Ultraman, he looked up and down suspiciously, “Isn’t this something you picked up in the yard when you were a kid? I thought this thing looked weird and wanted to throw it away, but the people who served you said it was you who dropped it. . Then I stayed and made a set of clothes.”

“Then… Mother, do you remember what a child I was when I was a child?” Xia Yi asked again.

“What kind of kid? That’s it, naughty and disobedient. Every time, your dad is so angry that he wants to beat you. Before the broom fell on him, he would howl for his life, and hide in the closet while howling. Especially. Once you failed the exam, your teacher called your dad…” At this point, Mother Xia’s voice suddenly cut off, and she stood there with her mouth open, with confusion on her face.

“Mother, you go on and on,” Xia Yi said with trembling lips.

The voice was very soft, as if he was afraid of interrupting Xia Mu’s memory, and as if he was afraid of awakening himself from a beautiful dream.

Mother Xia stood there blankly, her expression confused and perplexed, “Why can’t I remember? Why didn’t I remember what happened when you were a kid?”

Father Xia was still angry, but at this moment he couldn’t help turning his head and asked roughly, “What are you talking about?”

“Father, think about it, think about what happened when I was a kid.” Xia Yi saw that Xia’s mother was still shocked, and hurriedly went over to ask Xia’s father.

“I’m so embarrassed to ask you when you were a kid, you could make people alive when you were a kid. For example, like…” Father Xia’s words were also interrupted, just like Mother Xia, froze there.

“Why can’t I remember what happened to my son when he was a child?” After a long while, Father Xia turned his head to Mother Xia and asked in a daze, “Is it because I have hysteria?”

Gu Wen sat in the room and waited for a long time before he heard footsteps under the eaves.

As the door was creaked open, Xia Yi floated in as if she had lost her soul, her eyes straight, and the Ultraman still in her hand.

“Xiao Yi, what’s the matter?” Gu Wen stretched out his hand and waved in front of his eyes.

Xia Yi squeezed Gu Wenzhu’s hand and looked at him blankly, “Brother Zhu, I really can’t see through this world.”

Gu Wen took his hand and walked to the bed, “Didn’t you ask your parents? What did your parents say?”

Xia Yi walking dead usually let Gu Wen push himself on the bed, muttering: “Brother Zhu, my parents seem to be not dead. No, they are dead, I buried them myself. It’s just their souls. Are you here? And the memory is washed away? But it doesn’t make sense, who would do this?”

“179, you have listened to the whole process just now, can you analyze it for me?” Xia Yi only had the help system at this time.

“This…er…um…” 179 couldn’t answer a word.

Xia Yi fell heavily on her back on the bed and closed her eyes and said loudly: “Brother Zhu, are my parents my biological parents?”

Gu Wen took the Ultraman in his hand and put the little Han suit on it again, “Whether it is your own parents, or the parents of the other world, they are all your parents anyway.”

After listening to it, Xia Yi was taken aback, staring at the top of the bed.

After a while, as if she had figured out something, she opened her eyes and looked at Gu Wenzhu with a smile, with a satisfied expression, “Brother Zhu, you are right, I won’t think about it anymore. Real or fake, it’s all right. I have parents again.”

“Yeah.” Gu Wen patted his face affectionately, “There are parents again.”

Taking over the dressed Altman, Xia Yi put it next to the pillow, just like when she was a child.

Turning over again, burying his face in Gu Wenzhu’s arms, listening to his steady and powerful heartbeat, he fell asleep peacefully.

Chapter 54

The next day, because they were thinking about Qilin, the two of them had to go back to Qishan after breakfast.

Mother Xia stood in the yard, holding Xia Yi’s hand, her eye circles started to flush again. Xia Yi quickly calmed down and said, “Mother, I will be back in a while, don’t be sad.”

“Who is sad, I hope you don’t bother in front of you.” Mother Xia said so, but her hand was tightly pulled Xia Yi reluctant to let go.

Seeing Xia Yi’s eyes kept looking into the room, he sighed again, “You can go away with peace of mind, your dad will be fine after this period of time, now don’t get in front of him and annoy him.”

Xia Yi nodded, and said faintly, “I see.”

Seeing that Gu Wenzhu had released the magic weapon in the air, he let go of Xia Mu’s hand and prepared to board the magic weapon.

“Wait.” Mother Xia suddenly shouted.

Then he took out a palm-sized square wooden box from his sleeve, stuffed it into Xia Yi, and handed a color to Gu Wenzhu’s direction, “Give it to him.”

“What is this?” Xia also saw that the box was simple in style and heavy in his hand. Curiously, he was about to lift the lid of the box and was held down by Xia Mu.

“This is for him, let him open it by himself, don’t take it too much.”

Xia Yi put the box in her arms, hugged her mother again, lowered her body, leaned her head on her shoulder, and shook it gently like she did when she was a child, “Mother, then I will go, you help me Persuade him not to be angry, and I will come back to see you in a while.”

“Let’s go, let’s go, don’t delay the time.” Mother Xia urged impatiently, but turned around secretly, and wiped the corner of her eyes with her sleeve.

“Mother, then we will leave. After a while, my son-in-law will bring Xiao Yi back to see you.” Gu Wen pulled Xia Yi on the spear one by one and said loudly to Xia Mu.

When Xia heard this, her face was hardened.

Seeing Mother Xia ignore her, Gu Wen gave a bitter smile, his mind moved with his heart, and the magic weapon began to slowly lift into the sky.

“You are a daughter-in-law, do you know? What kind of son-in-law’s son-in-law’s.” Seeing Bao’s rising higher and higher, Mother Xia suddenly shouted dissatisfiedly to the top of her head: “I will give Xiao Yi the token that the Xia family passed to her daughter-in-law. , Let him give it to you.”

Gu Wen was startled when he heard the words, then opened his eyes and smiled, and replied loudly: “Hey, I see, mother-in-law.”

The voice was full of air and loud and loud.

The magic weapon rose higher and higher. After Xia Yi waved at Mother Xia, she remembered the box just now, and quickly took it out of her arms.

Carefully uncovered the lid of the box, underneath was a crimson flannel, and after carefully uncovering it, there was a crested jade hairpin for women’s hair.

The quality of the jade is top grade at first glance, it is warm and lustrous, transparent and flawless, and there seems to be a stream of light floating inside under the sun. In the complicated shape of the crested’s mouth, there is also a white pearl the size of a longan.

“Wow… my mother is really big-handed, this is a family heirloom?” Xia Yi exclaimed, while taking out the crested hairpin to take a closer look, but Gu Wen snatched the boxes one by one.

Gu Wen carefully re-laid the flannel and closed the wooden cover. After steadily putting it in his arms, he touched his chest uneasy, making sure it wouldn’t fall out.

“This is a meeting gift my mother gave me. I have to take it home and put it away.”

Xia Yi couldn’t help being amused, “This was given to her daughter-in-law by her mother-in-law, don’t you take it out and put it on your head?”

Gu Wenzhu also laughed, “Where can I wear it? This is also the mother’s heart. Put it there, and wait until our son gets married, and then you will hand it over to the daughter-in-law.”

Xia Yi pulled her face down in an instant and looked at the ground blankly.

At this time, the two of them had risen very high, and the houses under their feet were getting smaller and smaller. But Xia Yi’s eyesight now is extraordinary. At a glance, he saw two supporting figures in the courtyard of his prefect’s mansion, struggling to look up at the sky.

It’s dad.

Xia Yi’s nose was sore, and her eyes were swollen.

Although he knows that he is only a small spot on the ground and can’t see anything clearly, he also waved his hand down vigorously and yelled: “Father, mother, after a while, I will come back to see you.”

Gu Wen brought him to his arms one by one and patted his back comfortingly.

The magic weapon rose into the clouds, and the Yellow Clock Mansion below was no longer visible. The spear accelerated and flew away in the direction of the Qishan School.

When went back, they were not in a hurry. They stopped and flew all the way. When they saw the unique scenery, they lowered the cloud head and played a little bit.

Gradually leaving the plain, the lower realm is full of high mountains.

The huge peaks are raised everywhere, layered and unique, and the eyes are full of verdant green.

In some places, it has just rained, and the drops of water on the leaves reflect the sunlight. When the two passed the top of the mountain, they couldn’t open their eyes from time to time by the colorful light.

At this time, they simply fell to the ground and walked hand in hand for a while.

Just like this, was walking while swimming, unknowingly it was dark, but hadn’t reached half of the distance.

Simply choose a dry and open place, prepare to rest overnight, and continue on the road tomorrow.

Gu Wen let Xia Yi sit and wait for a while, and plunged into the nearby forest. After a while, two pheasants and a rabbit were brought back.

There is a stream not far away, clear and clean. Gu Wen lifted the pheasant rabbit to the edge of the stream, plucked his hair and cleaned it up.

Then turned the hoe into a spear, and lightly drew a circle on a large rock. After taking out the middle part of the circle, the stone becomes a clean stone pot.

Returning to the open space to make a fire, and putting the stone pot on the shelf, Gu Wen began to blanch the water to stew the pheasant, cooking one-stop skillfully.

The rabbit was put on with a spear, and slowly roasted on the fire.

He took out a porcelain bottle similar to the elixir of immortality from his arms, unplugged the cork, and poured it into the stone pot.

“Brother Zhu, what did you fall for?” Xia Yi asked curiously.

“Before going out, I put a little seasoning, I’m afraid you won’t be accustomed to eating it when you are out in the wild.” Gu Wen replied while flipping through the roasted rabbit.

“I’ll go and see if there are any wild vegetables like mushrooms, and stew them with pheasants, it will be fragrant.” After Gu Wen finished speaking, he got up and went to find the mushrooms. Xia Yi quickly stopped him.

“179, take out two Heavenly Spirit Fruit and Mu Ge, I want to stew pheasant.” Xia Yi said to the system.

“Eh?” The system was dumbfounded, only to realize that it was radishes and onions.

The pheasant was tumbling in the stone pot, emitting a tempting smell of meat. Xia Yi handed the radish and onion to Gu Wenzhu, “Brother Zhu, stop looking for wild vegetables. Here, use this.”

After Gu Wen took it one by one, he looked over and over again and asked hesitantly: “Isn’t this round, the Muge that Elder Liu said? It seems very precious.”

“Don’t worry about eating.” Xia Yi turned the rabbit on the fire. “We have a lot of this. Last time you pulled a cart to the barracks and sold it.”

“Pull a cart to sell the barracks?” Gu Wen was puzzled, and carefully checked the onion in his hand. “But I don’t remember I sold this, and I have never seen it anywhere else.”

Seeing Xia Yi did not answer, just looking at herself, with a mysterious smile on her face, Gu Wenzhu’s eyes suddenly lit up, “This is the vegetable we planted by ourselves, and it becomes this after we pass it through. Looks like a unicorn?”

“Smart.” Xia Yi praised: “This is the onion we grow by ourselves.”

As soon as the voice fell, Xia Yi burst into laughter herself.

“Our onion will become Muge fairy fruit here.”

“Then where do you put all these things on weekdays?” Gu Wen asked curiously, eyes rolling on Xia Yi.

Xia Yi knocked on his head unceremoniously, “What do you think? Can I hide it in my body, don’t you know?

“But don’t ask, it’s a secret.”

“Okay, don’t ask, don’t ask.” Gu Wen smiled and didn’t ask any more.

179 breathed a sigh of relief in Xia Yi’s mind.

Gu Wen used his fingers as a knife one by one, and gently stroked the radish. When the wind passed, the radishes scattered into small pieces. Put it in the pot and stew with the pheasant.

The onion was also cut into several pieces and stuffed into the belly of the roasted rabbit.

It didn’t take long for the rabbit and pheasant to heal. The two of them gathered around the stone pot and ate the rabbit meat while drinking chicken soup.

This chicken soup is very fresh, with a faint radish fragrance. The rabbit meat was also roasted so that it was crispy on the outside and tender on the inside, with a golden skin.

Unconsciously, all the meat and soup, including those carrots and onions, were swept clean by the two.

When finished eating, the last gleam of light on the side of the mountain sank to the bottom of the valley, and the sky was dark.

I don’t know when it started, and there were sporadic light rain in the sky.

Seeing that the light rain gradually increased, half-wetting Xia Yi’s hair and shoulders, Gu Wen was going to the forest to find some broad leaves to block the rain.

Xia Yi grabbed him and said, “You don’t need to go there, I have a house.” He looked around, hesitantly took out the semi-finished winter melon from his arms.

Seeing that a green winter melon house had been set up on the ground, Gu Wen asked Xia Yi in surprise, “Xiao Yi, what is this? Your magic weapon?”

Xia Yi felt that compared with Gu Wenzhu’s magic weapon, this winter melon was very hard to tell. He answered vaguely: “It’s not a magic weapon, it’s a tent, uh, a house that can be moved.”

As a result, the rain stopped as soon as the winter melon house was placed.

The moon hung its head, and the autumn insects began to scream.

Xia Yi leaned in Gu Wenzhu’s arms, and the two of them sat on a large rock beside the cliff.

He closed his eyes, feeling the soft wind on his face, listening to the sound of the night.

As if his perception was greatly amplified, he could hear the sound of flowers and grass in addition to the sound of wind, water, swaying trees and the chirping of various animals and insects.

The rhizomes of those flowers and plants, rustling in the soil, are struggling towards the outside, full of vigorous vitality.

It seems that there are all kinds of electric waves, coming from the sky, from the ground, from nature and strange sounds from space.

Xia Yi was shocked and slowly opened her eyes.

When he was about to turn his head and talk to Gu Wen about his strange feelings, the picture in front of him was even more shocking, and he couldn’t say a word.

I saw myself and Gu Wen floating in countless light spots all over their bodies, floating slightly in the air.

It’s like being surrounded by thousands of luminous stardust, and like countless fireflies gathered together.

I don’t know how long these light spots have been floating around, forming a band of light, slowly flowing around the two of them.

As far as his eyes can be, those stone cliffs, ground, trees, flowers and grass, and even mountains and streams, are flying up that kind of small light spots, and slowly flying in the direction of the two of them.

Xia Yi stared at the wonders in front of him dumbfounded, and was about to call out his brother loudly, but suddenly felt something was wrong.

It is said that Gu Wen should have discovered the abnormality long ago, but he said nothing, still sitting with him hugging him.

Xia Yi quickly turned her head and saw Gu Wen sitting there with her eyes closed, she couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

I saw his chest rise and fall gently, his breath was heavy, as if he was taking a nap, and he seemed to be meditating.

But then it was discovered that something was wrong. The light bands gathered by the light spots around him seemed to be drawn by a suction, and the flow whirled away towards Gu Wen, and got into his body.

And Gu Wenzhu’s clothes were also windless, and he hunted and fanned.

The sleeves of the robe flew up, and the inside seemed to be full of wind.

“179, 179, what’s wrong with Brother Zhu?” Xia Yi called the system in horror, “Hurry up and help me see.”

“Host, don’t panic, Gu Wenzhu has unconsciously entered the state of cultivating concentration, absorbing the spiritual energy of heaven and earth and turning it into something.” 179 hurriedly said, “Don’t disturb him, just help him protect him.”

Xiuxian, Xiuxian, this is Xiuxian.

Xia Yi was excited and confused in her heart. heard that Gu Wenzhu should not be disturbed. Even the voice that communicated with 179 in her mind was not consciously lowered and turned into a breath.

“179, these light spots are spiritual power, which is equivalent to providing energy for Zhuge to become a god?”

“Ah, no, it has no effect on kidney function.”

“I feel a little flustered, I want him to breathe more, and I want to finish it sooner.”

“Premature ejaculation is even more impossible.”

179 also replied earnestly with a voice.

Xia Yi was shocked, what has this system been thinking about all day long?

Seeing more and more spots of light rising from the mountain cols, and even in the distance, there are light bands winding from the sky, Xia Yi gradually panicked.

Gu Wenzhu is now like a large exhaust machine, all the light bands are continuously sucked into the body by him, and the speed is getting faster and faster.

Xia Yi stared at Gu Wenzhu closely without blinking, trying to see every change on his face.

As long as Gu Wen appeared abnormal and his expression was painful and uncomfortable, he rushed forward without hesitation and shook Gu Wen frantically.

Even if the legendary practice is turned into a madness, it is better than being exploded into fireworks by these auras.

However, Gu Wen’s expression on his face was always calm and serene, and a soft light appeared faintly.

And it seems to have a layer of beauty, the hazy middle of the nose is tall, the black hair is dark, and the outline of the facial features is more distinct.

Xia Yi could no longer appreciate the beauty in front of her eyes, but waited anxiously, waiting for Gu Wen to wake up from the state of meditation.

I don’t know how long time has passed, only know that the light gradually brightens, and the sky has already appeared white.

Xia Yi sat opposite Gu Wen one by one, and had watched the whole night intensively. During this period, never went to the toilet and changed posture once.

When was about to ask 179 how long it was, heard Gu Wen let out a suffocating breath and slowly opened his eyes.

The moment he opened his eyes, the light in his eyes flickered, and the shadows flowed, and then disappeared.

Xia Yi was startled first, and then shouted loudly, “Brother Zhu, are you finally awake?” He rushed forward with surprise on his face.

But don’t want to have stiff joints, sore muscles, ice or numbness, and no feeling in feet. This time, instead of rushing to Gu Wenzhu’s arms, he fell to the ground.

Xia Yi originally thought that she would fall to the ground steadily, but she didn’t want to fall into a warm and sturdy embrace.

He didn’t see any movement from the opposite Gu Wen, he just flashed to his side and caught himself firmly.

Gu Wen caught Xia Yi one by one, feeling that his clothes had been wet with dew, cold and astringent. Quickly transported his spiritual power to evaporate the moisture in his whole body.

The night in this mountain has a very large temperature difference compared with the daytime.

Although Xia Yi was nervous all night and was ignorant of the cold weather, as soon as he relaxed, he felt cold all over and began to shiver.

While shivering, he plunged into Gu Wen’s arms and couldn’t help asking, “Brother Zhu, how are you feeling? Nothing unusual, right?”

Gu Wen hugged him distressedly and blamed himself.

Looking around, he hugged Xia Yi sideways, and got into the melon house next to him.

The winter melon house has been covered with long-haired carpets by Xia Yi, warm and dry, with a sweet fragrance of fruits and vegetables.

Gu Wen knelt on the ground one by one, placed him gently on the carpet, took off his shoes and socks, and rubbed his cold feet against his chest with his hands.

“Are you just guarding me like that?” Gu Wen’s face was cold, distressed and angry, “I don’t know when I come back to the house and sit down. It’s cold like this, and my feet are like icy tusks.”

“You stay there as if you are sitting in the house, be careful to freeze yourself for nothing.”

Gu Wen’s face was dark and cold, but his actions were gentle. After a while, Xia Yi felt that his feet were conscious, and the blood seemed to circulate.

“Brother Zhu, please feel free to see if there is any change in your body.” Xia Yi looked at Gu Wenzhu with excitement and expectation, his tone full of eagerness.

Gu Wen frowned and tilted his head, as if thinking about something. Then Xia Yi felt that the feet held by Gu Wen’s palms seemed to be filled with two currents of heat.

It was like two balls of flames rising from the soles of the feet, warm but not burning. After circling twice, after the entire sole of the foot is warm, he walked up the calf all the way up, and walked around the body in a circle.

Xia Yi felt warm and very comfortable, and moved her position, leaning against Gu Wenzhu like a lazy cat without any bones.

The voice is also lazy, “Brother Zhu, you are really good, you can control water and temperature, warm in winter and cool in summer, IKEA and suitable room.”

He raised his eyes slightly, his eyes gleaming because of his comfort, half-closed, “Just feel it, and see if you have made any breakthroughs, opened up what pulses, reached what realms, and so on.”

This is the case in the world of cultivating immortals. Although Xia Yi has never practiced, he has read a lot of novels about cultivating immortals.

Routines are routines.

He waited for Gu Wen to feel the changes in his body one by one, but he felt his hands start to wander restlessly on him.

There was a thin cocoon on the fingertips, and there was a shudder in the passing.

Yeah, I asked you to feel yourself, but I didn’t ask you to feel me.

Xia Yi was about to speak, but was blocked firmly.

After a while, Gu Wen whispered in his ears, “I won’t feel it myself, I want you to come.”

In a daze, Xia Yi seemed to be floating in a wave of heat.

The heat wave was brought to him by Gu Wen, flowing through his limbs from his lower abdomen. The whole body was washed away, as if the body and mind were cleansed of dust and dirt inside and out, and looked new.

After wandering all over the body, he gave feedback to Gu Wenzhu via XX, and endured a new wave of heat.

This cycle goes on and on again and again.

Suddenly Xia Yi was clever, and instantly felt that this situation fits the description in Xiuxian’s novels, and she suddenly became sober.

Two bright red characters floated in his mind:

Furnace tripod.

Ah, it’s not right.

Double repair!

Chapter 55

The winter melon house stood quietly on the top of the mountain, like a large piece of emerald gleaming.

It wasn’t until noon that the door of winter melon opened, and a satisfied Gu Wenzhu walked out.

He looked back at Xia Yi, who was still sleeping, carefully closed the door, and prepared to catch some prey for lunch.

When the two rabbits were roasted golden brown and exuded a burst of meaty smell, Xia Yi walked out with her nose shake.

“It smells so good.” Xia Yi’s hair is messy, and a few dull hairs are on the top, and her voice is still a little lazy when she wakes up, dragging a long tail.

“It’s hot, don’t take it. Hurry up and wash, the hot water in the stone pot will give you hot water, and then come to eat.” Gu Wen saw him stretch out his hand to grab it, and quickly took the rabbit away.

Xia Yi had to take the pot of hot water and walk to the jungle on one side.

As soon as he wiped his face, he heard a rustle on the top of his head. He looked up and was overjoyed. They turned out to be two colorful golden pheasants.

Waiting to surreptitiously turned back to call Gu Wenzhu. Unexpectedly, the two golden pheasants also found him. Feeling dangerous, they hurriedly flapped their wings and flew into the sky.

Seeing this, Xia Yi became anxious, and subconsciously raised his hand at the two golden pheasants.

Unexpectedly, under this grasp, the body moved with his heart, and his feet were so lightly off the ground, and he flew into the air.

He intercepted the path of the two golden pheasants in the air, grabbed their wings like lightning, and then slowly landed on the ground.

After standing on the ground, the whole person was stunned, and his heart was pounding, and he still didn’t understand what was going on.

“179, did you see it? I seemed to be able to fly just now.” Xia Yi looked incredulous, “Am I really flying?”

“Congratulations to the host, after my test, your cultivation has skipped the golden core and entered the Nascent Soul Stage directly.” 179’s voice was also pleasantly surprised.

“Really? It’s okay, it’s equivalent to skipping directly from third grade to fourth grade if you have good grades, right?” Xia Yi replied easily.

“Small point? Host, do you know how many people are stuck in the Golden Core Stage and cannot break through?” As a well-informed immortal cultivation system, 179 was shocked.

“If you didn’t eat so many carrots and onions, and Gu Wenzhu’s XX, do you think you can skip a grade? It’s not bad for you to not repeat a grade.”

“Xiao Yi, what are you doing? The rabbit meat is ready.” Gu Wenzhu’s voice came from behind him.

I saw him walking over with a stick with rabbit meat in his hand.

“Brother Zhu, I can fly, I can fly.” Xia Yi turned his head happily, and let go of the two golden pheasants that were still fluttering without thinking about it.

“Host, you are not called flying, you can only call floating in the air. It is also time-limited, you will fall from the air after a breath of real energy, and it is no different from your winter melon.” I was going to walk in space, and quickly reminded.

Gu Wen looked around and saw a towering old tree in front of him.

After thinking for a while, he held the rabbit in one hand and Xia Yi in the other, and turned slightly towards the top of the tree.

Xia Yi only felt light, and Gu Wen took her whole body into the air instantly.

The wind whistled in ears, and the branches and leaves passed by before eyes, but within a few seconds, was already above the canopy.

He looked left and right in surprise, and then looked at Gu Wenzhu unbelievably, “Brother Zhu, will you also fly?”

Gu Wen pulled him to find a thick branch and sat down, handed the rabbit meat to his mouth, and smiled softly: “Yes, I found it before. I didn’t tell you about it if I was afraid of scaring you. .”

Seeing Xia Yi’s shiny eyes, his legs hung in the air and swayed one after another, Gu Wen let out a low laugh, tore off a rabbit leg and stuffed it into his mouth.

Flowing clouds flicked by, and flocks of birds surrounded. The two of them were sitting on the top of the tall tree. You and I divided the rabbit bit by bit.

When Xia Yi took back the winter melon house, Gu Wen called out the magic weapon of the hoe one by one.

There was no further delay, but half an hour, the magic weapon rushed out of the thick clouds, and the floating island of Qishan appeared in front of him.

As soon as he fell into Wangzhuyuan, a black shadow pounced on him.

Qilin slammed into Xia Yi’s arms, staggered him, and then licked his face with emotion.

Xia Yizheng hugged Qilin’s neck and entangled together, and heard Gu Wen next to him asking in a strange tone: “What is that?”

“What?” Xia Yi raised her head questioningly, followed his gaze, opened her eyes wide in shock and unconsciously, and slowly stood up.

I saw a black line appeared in the sky, like a thin ink pen outline, and as the black line became thicker, it seemed as if a black curtain was dragged out in the sky.

The curtain moved quickly, and it was actually coming towards Qishan.

As the distance progressed, Xia Yi found that the upper and lower sides of the curtain were slightly stretched, as if countless wings had been born.

Look carefully, where is the moving curtain, there are hundreds of birds gathered together, the black wings flapping all together, creating a whole effect.

“What’s that?” Xia Yi was also stunned, and asked the same thing as Gu Wenzhu in a daze.

“Junior Brother Xia.” With a quick call, he saw the tall and clear sleeves walking into the courtyard with a stern face. Seeing Xia Yi still in the courtyard, he couldn’t help but let out a sigh of relief.

“Brother Qingxiu, what do you think is in the sky?” Xia Yi quickly asked, pointing to the flock of birds in the sky.

Qingxiu raised his eyes and glanced at the sky, then solemnly replied: “Junior Brother Xia, the demon world is here, and we all have to respond to the enemy. No matter what happens later, you and Gu Gongzi will be in this courtyard. Don’t go anywhere.”

“But don’t worry, there is a barrier around Qishan that the Immortal Venerable originally laid out. When the elders activate the magic circle, the barrier will isolate the outside world. People with low cultivation level cannot break through this barrier. of.”

After hearing this, Xia Yi was taken aback, and pointed to the dark curtain in the sky, “Is that the demon monster?”

He cleared his sleeves and nodded. As soon as he was about to say something, he heard a sharp whistling from above his head.

With a few “bangs” sounds, several gorgeous fireworks exploded in the sky, turning them into a huge pentagonal shape.

Xia also saw this pentagonal firework, on the night he wore it for the first time.

After the explosion, countless Qishan disciples went to the sky to gather. This should be their signal of challenge.

Seeing the signs in the sky, Qingxiu’s face was solemn. didn’t care to say anything more, and after again instructing Xia Yi not to run around, he walked out of the gate and continued to run towards the courtyard in front.

At this time, the flock of birds had been crushed to the front of Qishan Mountain.

The huge wings covered the sky and covered the sun, fluttering in the low altitude, and a strong wind blew the trees in front of the mountain gate to a low level.

Countless disciples of the Qishan Sect have also emerged on Qishan main island and floating islands. They are all dressed in blue shirts and long robes, with jade crowns on their heads, and they are flamboyant with the wind.

For a time, all kinds of magic weapons were flying around in the sky, criss-crossing and crisscrossing, making Xia dizzy.

Folding fans with whisks and swords are commonplace, and there are many that resemble Qinghui’s jade disc.

The most surprising thing is that there are those who step on feather dusters, those who ride on a heavy water tank, and those who use paper windmills for children to play, all kinds of strange things.

“179, looking at it this way, my winter melon magic weapon is quite normal.” Xia Yi sighed at the system.

“Host, I still feel abnormal. Look at so many magic weapons, which one is flying inside?”

Gu Wen turned around at this time, pulling Xia Yi to return to the house.

With such a big excitement, it doesn’t matter if you don’t go to the front row, you can’t just watch it in the backstage courtyard?

Xia Yi hurriedly begged, “Brother Chase, let’s watch a while, just a while, wait until we fight, okay?”

Gu Wen hesitated, Xia Yi quickly took his arm and shook it, but said helplessly, “If the situation is wrong, you have to go back to the house immediately.”

Xia Yi nodded quickly, and took the opportunity to hit the snake stick again, “Then let’s go to the gate of the courtyard to look at it. This is a block of sight.”

After speaking, he dragged Gu Wenzhu, who was too late to refuse, slipped out of the circular arch and hid behind a row of bamboo outside the courtyard.

Qilin also followed behind him sneakily, found a few bamboos to block him, and then squatted down.

“179, if you really fight, the sword qi is really angry, I’m afraid there will be accidental injuries. Do you have any protective shields that can hide me and Brother Zhu?”

“Yes, I can give it to you.” 179 replied simply.

Why doesn’t this system push back and forth? Xia Yi originally wanted to threaten it again, but she agreed so readily.

“Does your protective cover work?” Xia Yi doubted inwardly.

“Of course we have. Our protective cover is made of carbon fiber and has passed the 3C certification. It can block a large part of the gravel and broken branches.”

Forget it, you shouldn’t think that this system will be reliable.

The Qishan people in the sky seem to be flying around the sky, but in fact they are very organized. Although they are criss-crossed, they are distinct. No one has ever met or collided.

When they stopped moving and floated steadily in the air, Xia Yi found that dozens of them were scattered in nine different directions. They actually sealed all the Qishan Sect’s routes and protected them strictly.

A group of Qishan disciples also stood at the gate of the mountain facing the birds. At the forefront are Liu Siqian and Cheng Ming who are stepping on the gourd Sinan.

When the disciples stood up, they raised their swords and aimed them at the sky.

As the long sword was raised, two white sword auras rushed straight into the sky, and the sword auras emitted by several other Qishan people converged in midair.

As the swords fuse together, a transparent barrier rises from the ground swiftly, and then quickly converges above the head to form a large space.

This space has a radius of several tens of miles, and all the Qishanmen and the main halls are enclosed in an airtight manner.

“This is what Qing Xiu just said, the protective barrier under Cang Yi Xianzun’s cloth in the past, right?” Xia Yi opened his eyes wide, inexplicably excited.

Duck, really sucked.

At first glance, it is much more reliable than the 3C certification of 179.

Liu Siqian drove the gourd at his feet and moved a few meters forward, and his dantian cried out loudly, “Who is here? Why do you want to break into Qishan?”

The group of black birds in front of the mountain gate began to disperse, revealing a three-headed eagle in the middle.

When the three eagles flapped their wings and slowly sank, Xia Yi could see clearly that there was a man in a red shirt standing on the bird’s back.

The texture of the red shirt is very soft, curling up and dancing in the wind, like a gauze skirt.

If other men dressed up like this, Xia would definitely feel hot eyes. But on the bird’s back, he saw his fair skin, long black hair, and a pair of peach eyes that were raised diagonally upwards, his eyes seemed to be open and closed, and his face was beautiful.

The whole person is difficult to distinguish between male and female, and the temperament is lazy, and it matches the strong red dress in an incomparable harmony.

As soon as he showed his face, Qishan’s whole faction was in an uproar, and they showed off the weapons in their hands and waited for them.

A little disciple had already yelled out, “Red? Is this demon entropy?”

Seeing that Jie Entropy’s eyes were faint, the other disciples hurriedly reached out to cover his mouth, “Speak down, be careful to let this demon hear him.”

My voice trembles slightly when speak, which shows that heart is very scared.

Liu Siqian was also taken aback when he saw Jie Entropy, and after looking at each other with Cheng Ming, he sank his face with a solemn expression. There are hundreds of people, countless disciples of the Foundation Pill, and a lot of Nascent Soul, let alone a few elders who have reached the Mahayana. It’s not that the Demon Lord can come and go at will."

Jie Entropy smiled when he heard the words.

This smile is actually full of charm, and the person is better than Huajiao.

Some of the little disciples who lacked concentration were so dumbfounded that they stupidly opened their mouths and didn’t move.

As the hearts of those big disciples were shaking, they couldn’t help but sigh in their hearts, “Monster.”

Xia Yi also looked dumbfounded after hiding in the bamboo forest, “Brother Zhu, this man is actually a demon, and he looks so young. However, people in the world of cultivating immortals do not show their age, such as that Cang Yi. Look at this demon. Isn’t it beautiful?”

Gu Wenzhu made no sound, so Xia Yi stabbed him with an elbow again, “Brother Zhu, ask you, do you think he is beautiful?”

Still no response.

Xia Yi turned to look at him slightly, only to see Gu Wen staring at the man in red steadily, with a confused and perplexed look in his eyes.

Chapter 56

“Brother Zhu, what’s the matter? Do you still know him?” Xia Yi asked strangely when he saw Gu Wenzhu’s expression.

Seeing that Gu Wenzhe was still wandering outside the sky, and didn’t even hear the appearance of himself speaking, Xia Yi’s heart suddenly writhed with sourness. He squeezed his arm hard, looking fiercely, “What do you look at? You can’t turn your eyes when you see a beautiful man?”

Gu Wen had pain in his arms, and then he woke up.

Turning his head to look at Xia Yi, he said in a strange tone: “Xiao Yi, I think I know him.”

“Who do you know?” Xia Yi was stunned, and suddenly realized that he was talking about the man in red. “Do you know the person they call Demon Jie Entropy?”

“Is he Demon Zun Jie Entropy?” Gu Wen didn’t answer, but instead asked, his words were full of deep confusion.

“As soon as I saw him, some pictures flashed in my mind. It was him who was talking softly to me and smiling, making me feel…feeling very close…” Gu Wen stared at the front with open eyes. , Murmured.

Are you special, what are you special? This is YY? There are still pictures in my mind?

Is the small theater coming out soon?

Xia Yi was furious and began to twist the soft flesh under his arm fiercely. After twisting it, he gritted his teeth and said: “Gentle…smile at you…very close…”

Gu Wen grabbed his messy hand and squeezed it tightly, “Xiao Yi, do you feel this way? Some pictures flashed through your mind. The person in there seems to be someone else instead of yourself. .”

Xia Yi was stunned. The words Gu Wen said reminded him of himself, of the rippling pool of water, and the sound of “Xiao Lan” that occasionally echoed in his mind.

For some reason, Xia Yi immediately felt a guilty conscience, and her arrogance also diminished. But he said fiercely: “Look at it, you are not allowed to think about it. Even if it is someone else’s business, you are not allowed to think about it.”

Gu Wen nodded quickly, indicating that he understood. Xia Yi released her hand, closed her mouth, and looked in the direction of the mountain gate again.

After Jie Entropy smiled, he walked slowly from the back of the sinking three-headed eagle.

Although he is thin and thin, he is tall, tall and handsome.

Going straight along the stone steps, all the way is divided into flowers and willows, leisurely and contented, it is like a leisurely stroll in the garden of one’s own home.

In front of him was the guardian enchantment under the Cang Yi cloth, like a crystal wall, seemingly transparent, but slightly shining.

Jie Entropy just took a few steps forward and reached outside the barrier.

Everyone thought that he would stop, but Jie Entropy’s footsteps did not stop, and saw that the barrier was cut across by a sharp blade, automatically revealing a big hole.

After Jie Entropy enters, the mouth automatically closes again, and it is intact as before.

Seeing that the barrier under Cang Yixian Zun had no effect on Jie Entropy, everyone present took a breath of cold air, secretly startled.

“This is the Qishan Realm. People from the Demon Realm are not welcome. Please also ask the Demon Lord to leave this place as soon as possible.” Liu Siqian saw Jie Entropy walk into the mountain gate just like that, and hurriedly shouted to stop.

Jie Entropy smiled again, and stopped to look at Liu Siqian, “Who are you? Is there no one in the Qishan School? Ask you Cang Yi to come out and talk to me.”

Although he did not speak loudly, his voice was clear and soft, but it was as if he was talking to his side with his ears, and everyone present could hear him clearly.

Seeing that he didn’t put himself in his eyes, Liu Siqian suddenly lowered his face and shouted, “Oxumi is facing the Nine Palaces Immortal Array, starting the array.”

Suddenly, all Qishan disciples behind him moved altogether, and the sword aura from nine different positions burst into the sky.

After a sound of weapon scabbing out, countless swords flew into the sky, hovering in the air, and the sharp points of their swords all pointed at Jie Entropy.

Seeing this scene, Xia Yi became nervous subconsciously, and unconsciously stretched out her hand to pinch Gu Wenzhu’s arm.

Qilin shouted excitedly around him, but was stopped by Xia Yi’s hastily booed.

Jie Entropy was facing the sword tip of the sky, but he didn’t see the slightest panic.

He continued to move forward while holding his hand, while gently opening his lips, “You don’t need to be nervous, I am coming to Qishan alone this time, not to trouble you. I just heard that the noble school Cangyi Xianzun has already left the customs, and I came to see him here. You go and report it quickly, just say that an old friend of his, heard that he was out of customs, came to congratulate him.”

“The Demon Venerable is obviously wrong. Our Cangyi Immortal Venerable has not left the customs.” Liu Siqian’s expression relaxed a little when he said that he was not here to cause trouble, but then he became fierce again. The time comes just right, and it saves me waiting to go to the Demon Realm to find you."

“Oh? Are you looking for me?” Jie Entropy stopped and raised half of his brows slightly, “What is it for me?”

Liu Siqian gritted his teeth and said: “I sent Senior Brother Tianxuan and more than a hundred people to be taken away by Mozun’s men. Please return them to Qishan.”

After hearing this, Jie Entropy frowned and thought for a while, and then said: “I thought for a long time, and I didn’t think of when we took your doorman, and what other Heavenly Jade.”

“Isn’t Tianxuan your head? He was also taken away?” Ji Entropy asked with surprise. Then it seemed to be funny, but stood still and laughed.

“I said you Qishan, you are really inferior to the next generation, and you have withered up to this point. A leader has been taken away by others, and I don’t know who did it. Now I actually come to ask for someone.”

“It’s funny, hahahaha.”

I saw him standing on the spot for a while, leaning forward and back together. When he was laughing, the sudden laughter stopped, and his face was already sinking, his expression gloomy.

“I’ll say it again, call Cang Yi out for me.”

Cheng Ming couldn’t bear it. He drew his sword and pointed it at Jie Entropy, “I said that Cang Yi Xianzun didn’t get out of the gate, or he didn’t. We are still looking for his old man. Where do you want us to call you someone?”

“Really? But I obviously feel his breath?” Jie Entropy tilted his head, looking like he was thinking seriously.

Suddenly he smiled slyly again, “It turns out that after he left the customs, even you did not hide it.”

“Is this because I am afraid that I will seek revenge from him when I learn the news?”

“But I, I came to him for revenge.” A strange expression floated on Jie Entropy’s face, gently spitting out word by word from his teeth, with endless resentment: “revenge the murder of the son.”

As soon as the four words “Killing the Son” came out, the hearts of everyone present trembled.

Liu Siqian’s heart moved when he heard the words. Years ago, the bloody siege at Yulumen came to mind again.

After receiving the distress signal from Yulumen, the Qishan people set off immediately and arrived within a short period of only half a day for hundreds of miles, but they were still a step late.

When they entered the mountain gate, the Yulumen disciples who had been lying on the ground outside the hall. Although they didn’t lose their lives, they were all broken and thrown on the ground, rolling and howling all over the floor.

When rushed into the hall, the scene saw was even more horrible. The body of Wu Qianyuan, the master of the Yulu Gate, was lying on the ground. A man in a black robe with his back facing them was using a silver spear unhurriedly. Head, cut off Wu Qianyuan’s head.

The several trusted disciples in front of Wu Qianyuan all had their tongues and eyes gouged, and they fell to the ground like a gourd.

There was still a breath in the cavity, and his chest slowly rose and fell, twitching.

After some other immortal gates received requests for help, the cultivators who rushed there first also covered their chests and fell to the ground with pale faces.

It was obvious that he had been hit hard and could not move.

Splashing blood was everywhere, and the whole hall reverberated with a miserable howl, and it was not an exaggeration to say that it was an asura field on earth.

When Liu Siqian and others saw this scene, their livers and gallbladders were split.

The realm of cultivating immortals has always been untouched by the world, peaceful and peaceful, and on weekdays, it is only when heard that there are spirits that hurt people, and then will be born to cast demons. The whole process of descending the demon was nothing more than a small fight. Where did you see this scene of blood flowing into a river right now?

At this moment, the black robe man with his back facing them also mentioned Wu Qianyuan’s head, and slowly turned around.

I saw that although his face was sharp, his face was full of blood, and he couldn’t see his original face.

He was holding a silver spear in his hand, and the blood dripped down the corner of his robe to the ground, and his whole body was murderous, like an evil god.

“It’s a demon.” After seeing the bunch of strelitzia embroidered on his chest, someone exclaimed, “He is the young master of the demon world, Ze Yuan.”

At this time, some of the disciples had gone to treat the injured Yulumen disciples, fed the elixir to continue their lives, and stopped the bleeding and healed the injuries.

When Liu Siqian and others heard the exclamation, their hearts were shocked, and they slowly withdrew their swords and waited for them.

Demon Zeyuan, they all know, is the son of the demon master Jie Entropy.

Although the Demon Realm and the Xiuxian Realm have never had contact for many years, and the well water does not violate the river water, they have heard of this young master of the Demon Realm more or less.

This Ze Yuan is said to be born of Jie Entropy and an unidentified woman.

After giving birth to Ze Yuan, there was no news about that woman. Rumor has it that Jie Entropy was put to death by accident because of a small incident that angered Jie Entropy.

This shows how fierce the monsters of the demon world are, and their temperament.

Na Zeyuan has been brave and good at fighting since he was a child, and is respected by the entire demon world.

It is said that when he was twelve years old, he killed two evil dragons in Shuanglongtan with his bare hands, and took off the skins of the dragons and made several pairs of shoes for his father.

At the age of sixteen, there was a great upheaval in the Demon Realm, and Ze Yuan tried his best to protect the Jie Entropy throne, defeating the leader of the rebels, the Demon Realm Great Elder Cheng Yuwan, and sealed him in the underground water cell.

Mozun Jie Entropy is full of love and protection for his only son. To this day, everyone in the world of cultivating immortals has been able to see the respect of this young master of the demon world.

Because he is used to a long gun, all his clothes are embroidered with a bunch of Strelitzia on the chest. Therefore, even if he had never seen this famous demon Ze Yuan, he would be recognized at a glance.

When Na Zeyuan saw them, he didn’t avoid it, just holding Wu Qianyuan’s head like that, looking at them with gloomy eyes.

“You, why did you kill the head of Wu and still slay so many Yulumen disciples?” A Qishan disciple took the courage and asked sternly.

“Because he deserves to die.” For a while, when everyone thought Ze Yuan would not answer, a hoarse voice sounded, as if it had been rubbed by rough sand, “And these disciples are all accomplices.”

Ze Yuan stared at them coldly, his face covered with blood, he could no longer see his original face, and looked extremely cruel.

I saw his eyes gradually rise again, “If you are aware, leave quickly, otherwise, I will kill you as well.”

“No, this person seems to be going crazy.” A disciple beside Liu Siqian cried out in horror, his hands holding the sword trembling slightly.

Everyone knew that Zeyuan was fierce, and couldn’t help but step back a few steps, put his weapon in front of his chest, and set his posture.

Everyone present here, except for those who were seriously injured and fell to the ground, those who are still standing upright are considered Liu Siqian’s highest cultivation base.

So he took his sword slowly at Ze Yuan, and said loudly: “Ze Yuan, we all immortals have always been in the same spirit. You killed so many people at Yulumen today, even if we know that we can’t beat you, we will fight with you. You fight to the end.”

“It’s a fight to the end, then I will make you happy.” Ze Yuan finished coldly, and a silver light burst from his spear, and flashing and flowing dark lines appeared on the gun’s shaft.

In an instant, the wind screamed in the entire hall, and the wreckage of the tables and chairs on the ground was swept up in the air. Then, from a distant place outside the temple, there was still a faint sound of howling.

“This demon is trying to attract the water of the hidden sea.” Some other immortal monks who were still lying on the ground yelled in horror.

“It is rumored that Ze Yuan can call the wind and call the rain and mobilize the ocean currents of the Haihe River. I didn’t expect this rumor to be true.”

“Ze Yuan, what on earth do you want to do?” Liu Siqian was shocked and angry, and shouted: “You don’t know if the water of the hidden sea is transferred, let alone this Yulu Mountain, the surrounding area will be submerged for thousands of miles and become a vast ocean. The land. Thousands of people will suffer annihilation, with no survivors.”

Ze Yuan was unmoved when he heard the words, and only suddenly laughed a few times.

It’s not so much laughing as it is crying. The sound is bleak and sad, piercing to the heart.

“The Yulumen captured my beloved one, cut his eyes and cut his tongue, tied him to the stone platform to let his blood flow, and he was tortured for ten years before the genius died. It is because he is the son of the flower essence, with spiritual power, so he drank his Blood is of great benefit to your cultivation.”

“You pretend to be the right way of cultivating immortals and have always looked down on our demon world, but it is you people from the immortal gate who did such a vicious thing and killed my Wang Lan.”

“Today, I will let everyone from Yulumen taste the pain of gouging their eyes and cutting their tongues, and let your entire world of immortality be buried with my lover.”

Ze Yuan gritted his teeth and said, his eyes were red, with hysterical madness and desperate hatred.

“Even if I kill all the world, it won’t be my Wang Lan. I will revenge him first, and then go down to accompany him.”

As soon as the voice fell, he heard Ze Yuan’s loud shout, and then, the roar of the water roared louder, like a muffled thunder. A silver line of water has appeared in the sky.

“Not good.” Liu Siqian was shocked and wanted to use his sword energy to interrupt Ze Yuan. But the majestic qi was oncoming, and the coercion was like a mountain. It was good for him to stand firm, so how could he go further.

The rest of the people hugged the column in the temple to stabilize their figure, and said with difficulty: “I can’t take care of so much, let’s go first, it’s too late.”

The disciple with a low level of cultivation has been carried and flew out, and after a few laps, he fell to the ground unconscious.

How to do? Seeing that Ze Yuan was still moving the sea intently, his black robe flew around without any wind. The water line in the sky is getting closer and closer, and the rushing waves can already be seen, and Liu Siqian’s heart is full of despair.

“Ze Yuan, stop quickly.” At this moment, there was a squat from outside the hall, and the voice was clear and clear, and it was sent to everyone’s ears.

Following that voice, a silver sword aura flew from outside the hall and attacked Ze Yuan head-on.

That sword aura was fierce, breaking through Zeyuan’s stubborn aura and attacking his front door.

Ze Yuan had to temporarily stop and move his attention to the sea, and waved his spear to block the blow.

“Chang”, after a loud sound, Ze Yuan staggered back a few steps, slammed the spear to the ground, and made a long white mark on the ground with a piercing noise.

Only then was he half kneeling and able to stabilize his figure.

A figure also floated into the hall, a cyan gown, a dark-grained belt, a long jade body, and a majestic posture.

“Cang Yi Xianzun.” Someone yelled out in surprise.

The person here is Cang Yi.

Chapter 57

Cang Yi stood steadily at the door of the main hall.

I saw his eyes swept across the hall, and frowned when he saw those who were still lying mourning and crying.

Seeing that Ze Yuan was holding Wu Qianyuan’s head in his hand, his eyes were fierce, frightened and angry.

“Ze Yuan, but you did it?”

Ze Yuan still held the spear in his hand and half-kneeled on the ground. hearing this raised his eyes, looked at Cang Yi coldly, and said coldly, “I did it.”

Cang Yi closed her eyes and her figure shook slightly.

After a while, he asked in a hoarse voice: “Why are you doing this?”

“Just do it, what’s the matter with you? You want to avenge them directly.”

Seeing Cang Yi’s face showing pain, Ze Yuan sneered again, “You don’t have to put on this look, who do you pretend to be?”

“But do you know how many innocent people will be killed by doing this?” Cang Yi stared at Ze Yuan, and her face without waves was all angrily. “Have you thought about it again, what will you do in the future? You…you What about the father?”

Ze Yuan seemed to have been touched by his father, his face slightly changed and his head lowered.

It took a while to make a low voice, with resentment and despair in his voice, “My lover was killed by them.”

After finishing speaking, he raised his head suddenly, his voice trembling, and said each word: “My Wanglan was killed by them. They tortured him for more than ten days. He died and his body was terrible.”

“I searched everywhere, but I didn’t expect him to be caught in the dungeon of Yulu Mountain. I can’t help him and didn’t protect him. Now that he is gone, I want the entire world of immortality to pay for it.”

Ze Yuan’s eyes were blood red, and his voice was stern, like a widowed lone wolf howling in pain.

“I’ll ask you again, what do you ask your father to do in the future?” Cang Yi also yelled sharply, her fingers twitching slightly.

Ze Yuan interrupted him abruptly and roared, “I can’t control that much, I only know that Wanglan is gone, and Wanglan was killed by them.”

“Now you ask my father what to do in the future. Have you asked him a few years ago? Have you asked me?”

“We are nothing in your heart! What’s the point of being hypocritical now! Why bother to pretend! Isn’t it the same spirit? Isn’t the world of immortality all in the same line? If you want to kill, you have to fight. What is the meaning of this nonsense? mean!”

When Cang Yi heard these words, her face was pale, her body trembled, and her eyes were closed in pain.

Upon seeing this, Liu Siqian immediately shouted at Ze Yuan vigilantly: “What are you talking nonsense to our Immortal Venerable? It is said that the Demon Realm Monster is good at bewitching people’s hearts. What have you done to us Immortal Venerable?”

Cang Yi suddenly opened his eyes and raised his hand to make a stop gesture, Liu Siqian had to swallow the rest of the words, and closed his mouth bitterly.

“Where is his body? Where did you put Wanglan’s body?” Cang Yi was already calmer and suddenly asked.

“His body is naturally taken care of by me, what to do with you!” Ze Yuan heard the mention of Wang Lan, and immediately looked at him sharply, like a vigilant beast.

Cang Yi ignored his evil appearance and said to himself: “You know in your heart that I will not harm you after all.”

Ze Yuan continued to stare at him, as if to be on guard, but also as if observing his expression.

Cang Yi couldn’t look at each other with him, eyes deep.

“He followed me to Qishan once before. There was a medicine field at the foot of the mountain. He said that the flowers bloomed from the herbs were beautiful.” After a long time, Ze Yuan murmured.

“What are you doing in Qishan?” Cang Yi’s eyes were strange, her voice was very small, and there was a slight tremor that was imperceptible.

“I told him that I want to show him to my relatives. Even if I can’t see him, it’s okay to see where he lives.” Ze Yuan suddenly chuckled, as if mocking himself.

Then he raised his eyes to look into the distance from the gate of the temple, his eyes blank, “I promised him that I will live with him next to the medicine field, plant medicinal materials and look at the flowers.”

“So, I put him in a jade coffin and let him sleep next to the medicine field. But he will not be alone. Now the pair of flower essences, his parents, are also guarding by his side.”

“And Little Black, who is also there.”

“When I finish revenge, I will also go with him.”

“You take me quickly, the jade coffin has sealed his three souls and six souls that have not yet been dissipated, and it is still too late.” Cang Yi interrupted his muttering, and said hurriedly.

Ze Yuan seemed to have not heard what he said, and was still trapped in his thoughts, his face was blank, and even Cang Yi walked up to him and didn’t notice it.

Cang Yi grabbed his clothes, dragged him from the ground, and said sharply: “I want you to take me to see Wanglan now, it’s still too late.”

“Also, what does it mean to be too late?” Ze Yuan was shocked, as if he was suddenly awakened, staring at Cang Yi in a daze, and asked with a trembling voice.

Just then, the skirt of the clothes was grasped by Cang Yi and did not resist, and his eyes suddenly lit up, with unbelievable surprises, and with deep hopes and pleadings.

“I’ll talk when I go.” Cang Yi let go of him, walked out of the palace door hurriedly, and with a wave of his hand, he stepped on the long sword suspended in the low altitude.

Looking at the rushing silver line in the sky, he turned his head and shouted sharply: “You first take back the Yinhai water.”

Ze Yuan’s expression was no longer hurried, and without saying anything, he ran out of the hall and waved his long spear, only to see the silver line in the sky slowly receding back again.

Just when the two were about to fly towards the Qishan faction, a hoarse voice sounded on the ground, “Xianzun, this demon killed my head, ruined my sect, wounded our people, this blood sea, you can help us get back. Fair.”

The voice was full of deep resentment.

It was a Yulu Clan who had his arm cut off.

After some treatment, he just woke up from a coma of blood loss and was lying on the stone steps leaning on the column, staring at Ze Yuan steadily.

Cang Yi paused for a while, and then said coldly, sideways: “I will find out about this. No matter who it is, as long as it is evil, it will definitely pay a price.”

After speaking, he drove the long sword under his feet to fly to the sky, and Ze Yuan also stepped on the silver spear, and quickly followed.

Next, for those who were still in Yulu Mountain, the body of Wu Qianyuan, the master of the Yulu Gate, was also sealed in the coffin.

Seeing that the Yulu Gate was no longer a problem, Ze Yuan followed Cang Yi to Qishan.

Although it was Cang Yi Xianzun, Liu Siqian was still not relieved, and hurriedly returned to the school with the sects.

In the martial arts, waited nervously until late at night before saw Cang Yi who had returned.

Everyone hurriedly gathered around, asking questions with concern.

Cang Yi just waved his hand wearily, “Ze Yuan is already gone, so I won’t talk about it again in the future.”

Then, his eyes were sharp, and his tone gradually increased, “It is Yulumen Wu Qianyuan who acted misbehaving, he did not practice well, but he went to evil ways and injured the lives of innocent people with cruel methods. This led to the young master of the demon world to come and seek revenge.”

“Even though he also injured several people in Yulumen, they can be regarded as taking the blame. Besides, Ze Yuan also got the punishment he deserved.”

“From then on, the world of cultivating immortals will not allow anyone to seek revenge and trouble in the demon world. If I know that someone is dissatisfied and will do his own way in secret, I will not forgive him.”

Seeing that everyone was silent, Cang Yi’s expression eased again.

He only said that he was going to retreat, and from then on, Tianxuan was left with the affairs of the gang to take care of temporarily.

As he spoke, his voice was low, his face was haggard, and occasionally he couldn’t help but cough slightly.

Seeing that Cang Yi had no signs before, several people suddenly said that they were going to retreat. They couldn’t help but stare at each other, and their hearts were greatly surprised.

But seeing Cang Yi’s current situation, he obviously had a fight with that demon son Ze Yuan.

Although he defeated Ze Yuan in the end, after all, the demon had a profound magic power, and it was estimated that Xianzun was also badly injured, so he had to retreat and heal his wounds.

So, a few people obediently stopped asking.

After speaking, let the others leave, leaving Tianxuan.

I don’t know what they have been admonishing, it’s all about the martial arts after his retreat.

That night, Cang Yi Xianzun disappeared, thinking that he had gone into retreat.

The disaster was thus vanished by Cang Yi.

The monstrous flood has receded, and the world of Xiuxian has never heard of Demon Zeyuan.

During this period, it is estimated that Jie Entropy has been paying attention to the movements of Cang Yi. As soon as he heard that Xianzun left the customs recently, he came to seek revenge.

When Jie Entropy finished saying the four words “Killing the Enemy”, there was silence in the field.

Because of the elegant attitude back then, Qishan Party never mentioned anything about Yulu Mountain, but the disciples of the martial art all knew about it privately, and they would always talk quietly after tea and dinner and before going to bed in the evening.

At this time, hearing Jie Entropy coming to take revenge, everyone could not help being frightened and cold all over.

“Back then, Cang Yi begged me not to hurt you before he left the customs. I relented and agreed. But I didn’t expect that after leaving the customs, he still shrank and did not dare to show up, is it because I was afraid that I would learn the news. , Come to destroy you Qishan is full of doors?”

Jie Entropy’s gaze looked around and sneered coldly.

“You demon is full of nonsense.” Cheng Ming became angry when he heard his disdain for Cang Yixianzun in his tone.

The Xueliang sword that had been stagnating above his head suddenly burst into silver light and pierced directly at Jie Entropy.

“Heaven is not right.” Liu Siqian hurriedly stopped, but the sword also flew out.

Seeing that he was about to pierce Jie Entropy, he stopped a few feet in front of him, trembling slightly, and he couldn’t move forward even an inch.

Jie Entropy didn’t even look at it, and suddenly said to the front, “Cang Yi, I know you have passed the customs. The agreement of the year will be practiced today. The vengeance of killing children will never stop. If you don’t show up again, every time In half an hour, I will kill ten people under your clan until you show up.”

It didn’t seem to be loud, but the shouts echoed over the entire Qishan faction.

Xia Yi also heard this, and couldn’t help but grasp Gu Wenzhu’s arm next to him with one hand, and put his arm around Qilin’s neck with the other.

Is this Jie Entropy a secondary disease or an anti-social element? Looks like a beautiful woman with a smile, opening her mouth is killing, and killing ten in half an hour?

“Shut up!” Liu Siqian couldn’t bear it at this time. He raised his sword and pointed it at Jie Entropy. “We originally respected you as the Demon Venerable, but in the end you deceived me and sent the Immortal Venerable to retreat. First, we took the disciples and the head of the school abducted, and now we are right again. Xianzun speaks harshly.”

“Do you think I Qishan will just grab and let you kill? Even if you are the Demon Venerable, you are sure to make you look good if you fight Qishan Man Sect today.”

“All the disciples under the sect, take out the sword.”

As soon as the voice fell, saw the hundreds of swords floating in the sky all light up, the sword body trembling and buzzing, suddenly like shooting stars in the sky, with sword energy soaring, all facing Jie Qi. Entropy shot away.

“Ah.” Xia Yi screamed shortly and closed his eyes.

Even if Jie Entropy is an anti-socialist, as a citizen who grew up in modern society and abided by laws and regulations since childhood, Xia also saw no one being pierced into briquettes alive.

However, didn’t hear the screams had imagined. Instead, there was a loud noise of the sky and the earth cracking, and then there was a bang of sharp swords.

Xia Yi opened her eyes and looked out in astonishment.

I saw long swords falling everywhere on the ground in front of them, and some were stuck in the cracks of the stone slabs, shaking tremblingly.

And Nakie Entropy stood still on the spot, with a red dress surpassing blood, hunting and flying in the wind. The snow-white skin made the brows darker and darker, like a deep pool.

Ruo Xia couldn’t help but look at Gu Wenzhu next to him.

Gu Wenzhu felt that Xia Yi was looking at him, so he turned his head and raised an eyebrow, revealing a questioning look.

Those eyes were also pitch black as pools of water.

Xia Yi shook her head quickly, then turned back and pointed to the front, meaning to keep looking.

As soon as Gu Wen turned his gaze back, he called out, “Not good.”

As soon as Xia Yi was about to ask what was going on, he saw that Jie Entropy, who was still standing in the same place and had not seen any movements, had already added a Qishan disciple.

The disciple was tall and sturdy, but was pinched in his hand by Jie Entropy, who was much thinner than him, like a little chicken with no ability to struggle.

When he was adjusted by Jie Entropy, Xia Yi almost exclaimed.

It is clear sleeves.

I saw Jie Entropy grabbing the back of Qing Sleeve’s neck with one hand, and hovering with one hand on top of his head, a black air slightly rose from the palm of his palm.

“Cang Yi, I have dozens of hits. If you don’t show up again, don’t blame me for killing you.”

“one two Three,”

A gleam of water floated under Qing Xiu’s eyes. He looked nostalgic in the direction of the Qishan Clan, gritted his teeth and closed his eyes.

“Four,” Jie Entropy counted casually, seemingly careless, but there were waves in the bottom of his eyes.


Jie Entropy only counted to five, and there was a clear shout in the air.

Chapter 58

Jie Entropy heard this voice, his whole body trembled, and he could not help closing his eyes, his face also showed sadness and joy.

When he opened his eyes again, his expression had been suppressed, leaving only a coldness.

Everyone looked up at the sound, and they couldn’t help exclaiming in excitement, “Cang Yi Xianzun.”

“It’s Xianzun, Xianzun has come to save us.” Some young disciples almost cried.

Cheng Ming was overjoyed and threw away the long sword in his hand. While shouting “Xianzun, look at me, look at Xiao Ming.” He raised his head recklessly and moved forward. If it hadn’t been for Liu Siqian to grab it quickly, he had already He fell down from Na Si Nan.

Xia Yi looked at the figure fluttering in the sky, and grasped Gu Wenzhu beside him tightly. “Fortunately, he appeared at this critical moment. He still has a conscience and has not left his disciples and grandchildren.”

Cang Yi fluttered in front of Jie Entropy, elegant and handsome, tall and straight like a bamboo.

Everyone held a heart tightly, waiting for the next battle.

However, to everyone’s expectations, the two did not immediately start their hands. Instead, they stood there and looked at each other just like that.

Cang Yi’s gaze first focused on Jie Entropy’s face, her expression remained unchanged, but a dark tide surged in her eyes.

Then two steps forward, a hand hanging on the right also moved, and slowly clenched into a fist.

At that moment, Xia Yi almost thought that he was about to reach out to touch Jie Entropy’s face.

But he immediately regained his calmness, and looked plain and indifferent again.

It makes people feel that his gaffe at that moment just now is just an illusion of others.

At the same time, Xia Yi noticed sharply that the Jie Entropy opposite him was also hesitant to speak, and his expression was complicated and difficult to understand.

Thanks for what period? The awesome sight of the giant infant, comparable to a telescope, made Lao Tzu discover a terrifying blood.

“179, did you see it? I think the relationship between the two of them is definitely not a pure enemy.” Xia Yi called the system excitedly.

“I see, the jade pendants on their waists are exactly the same. I don’t understand the realm of a master. Could it be that if you want to defeat him, you have to experience him first?”

Um? Did you find these? What about your usual keen gossip nerves? Having been so affected by Aunt Li’s ears and eyes for so long, only learned her accent, but failed to learn her essence?

But yes, even the jade pendant is exactly the same.

This fruitful adultery.

Haven’t Cang Yi’s disciples and grandchildren ever noticed it? Perhaps in their hearts, their Immortal Venerable has long lost all emotions and desires, and does not eat the fireworks in the world.

The affection between men and women is wrong, and the affection between men and men appears on Xianzun, which is a blasphemy against him.

“Aren’t you looking for my revenge? I’m here, let go of my disciple.” Cang Yi stared at Jie Entropy for a moment, and said lightly.

Jie Entropy smiled slightly, and a bright blush appeared at the corner of his eyes.

With a light push, Qingxiu flew in the direction of Qishanmen, and after a scream, Qinghui jumped up and caught it from the air.

“Okay, then today, you will pay my son’s life.” Ji Entropy put away the smile on his face, his eyes gradually became cold.

After speaking, a silver light lit up in his hand, and the movement swiftly reached Cang Yi’s chest.

It was a sharp dagger.

Cang Yi was already very high, but Jie Entropy didn’t expect to see it, and when the two stood together, it was half a head taller than Cang Yi.

“I want to gouge out your heart and see what color it is. However, you may not have a heart at all.” Jien Entropy said through gritted teeth, his expression both painful and angry.

“Xianzun.” Seeing this scene, the Qishan faction was shocked, and they couldn’t help showing their weapons and eagerly stepped forward.

“You are not allowed to do it.” Cang Yi’s voice was not loud, and his tone was not harsh, but he did not dare to disobey his orders easily.

“I owed him the debt, and I will repay it to him today.”

After speaking, he closed his eyes lightly, his face calm.

Seeing him like this, Jie Entropy couldn’t help but pause.

The other hand grabbed Cang Yi’s chest, his eyes were full of hostility, and he hissed: “Aren’t you sure I can’t do it?”

Cang Yi opened his eyes again when he heard the words, “I am sorry for your father and son, you can do it.”

Those eyes were pale in color, like a pair of amber full of light in the sun.

Jie Entropy seemed to be dazzled, and saw that he grasped Cang Yi’s mind with one hand, and stood there with a sword against his chest, angrily and hatefully, he didn’t know what to do.

“Xianzun.” Cheng Ming let out a frightened and angry roar, suddenly shot, and waved a sword aura at the Jie Entropy in front of him.

Jie Entropy seems to be confused now, looking at Cang Yi and standing in a daze. Seeing Sword Qi whizzing in with the sound of breaking through the sky, he didn’t even make a move to resist, and was attacked by Cheng Ming just like that.

The sword energy smashed Zhongjie Entropy, and he flew out, and the short sword fell to the ground.

No one in the field expected such a change, and they were all stunned.

Cheng Ming didn’t expect that he would hit Jie Entropy. He looked at his hands and opened his mouth unbelievably.

Cang Yi opened his eyes when Jie Entropy was knocked out, trying to reach out and hold it, but Jie Entropy jumped in the air and broke free.

Jie Entropy turned around and landed steadily on the ground, but his breathing was short for a few minutes and then calmed down in an instant.

“It’s okay.” He looked at Cheng Ming with a smile on his lips.

It’s just that the smile didn’t reach the bottom of my eyes.

“Ang!” At this moment, a muffled growl rolled over his head and blasted in his ears.

Everyone was excited by the sound, and their chests were tight and painful.

The disciple with a poor cultivation level even covered his head and his face was pale, and his luck quickly suppressed the qi and blood.

Xia Yi also felt a faint sense of nausea, and she was stroking her chest. A heat flow came from the palms that she held with Gu Wen, and the discomfort disappeared immediately wherever it flowed through.

Following that low roar, a black figure swept down from the back of the group of black birds in the air.

The head is a lion, with one horn, and the body is like a deer, but with scales. The four hooves were shining, like four balls of silver flames.

Xia Yi looked at the unicorn next to her, and then at the one in the sky in the distance, her mouth opened wide.

It was also a unicorn, just like his own son, but with a bigger body and a more mighty appearance.

The big unicorn in the air quickly leaped to Jie Entropy’s side, lowered his front body, arched his hind legs, and showed a fierce light, and slowly barked two rows of sharp teeth like sharp cones at the Qishan crowd.

Xia Yi found that the unicorn beside him suddenly became irritable, and he used his front paws to scratch the ground vigorously, splashing a piece of rubble around him.

As soon as felt bad, saw a dark shadow rushing out of side like an arrow, rushing towards the center of the field.

“Kirin.” Xia Yi looked at the flying unicorn and couldn’t help but exclaimed in exclamation. She was very anxious and ran out.

Seeing Xia Yi rushing out, Gu Wen secretly said badly, and quickly leaped forward to chase the unicorn together.

Qilin faced the big unicorn, raised his head and roared as he ran.

Although it was thunderous, but compared to the sound just now, it was much immature, and it seemed to have a milky sound.

The big unicorn was gaining momentum, and a group of red flames rose from his mouth. Its fierce aspect was revealed, its hind legs exerted force, and it was about to rush toward the front, and then expelled flames in front of the crowd.

From a distance, there was the voice of a unicorn, both like a response and a call.

The big unicorn paused there for an instant, and the raised right grasp was frozen in the air.

Immediately, a black shadow flashed, and the unicorn looked like a gust of wind, passing by everyone, and steadily pounced on the big unicorn.

Xia Yi, who was chasing over, saw this scene and was so shocked that she was about to rush forward desperately, but was held by Gu Wen one by one, “Don’t worry, look.”

Xia Yi settled down, and an unthinkable scene appeared before her eyes.

I saw the unicorn leaping forward and backward, not biting, just rubbing and jumping affectionately around the fierce giant unicorn, humming with milk like a coquettish in his mouth, and his tail licking quickly.

And the big unicorn slowly put down its sharp claws, sniffed around the unicorn, and finally seemed to be sure. He lowered his head and rubbed the unicorn, and then stretched out his tongue to lick its head.

The eyes narrowed to the fierce light, full of tenderness and love.

Jie Entropy also saw the unicorn, showing an incredible expression, “Da Hei, this is your Xiao Hei? Is this Xiao Hei?”

Big Black was looking at Qilin softly, his big yellow-orange-orange eyes seemed to contain water.

Hearing Jie Entropy’s question, it raised its head and snorted to Jie Entropy, as if responding to his question affirmatively.

Jie Entropy’s face was sad and happy, and the whole person became in a trance, “It’s Little Black, it’s Little Black.”

He slowly turned around, facing Cang Yi, a pair of diagonally upward peach blossom eyes filled with confusion, “Cang Yi, Cang Yi, is he, is he…”

The sound is very small, as if I am afraid that it will wake up a dream when it is too loud.

Cang Yi stared at him, seemingly calm and indifferent, without sadness or joy. In fact, the hands were clenched into fists in the sleeves, and the knuckles were pinched white.

Seeing that Jie Entropy hadn’t paid attention to herself, Xia Yi took two steps forward tentatively, calling her son, son softly.

After hearing this, Qilin turned his head to look at him, showing a cheerful expression. Just about to move forward, he looked at the big unicorn behind him again, his expression hesitant.

Jie Entropy had heard Xia Yi’s soft voice calling Qilin, and suddenly turned his head to look at him. Seeing the scene of him and Qilin, he knew that Little Black was what he was feeding.

His face changed abruptly, and a red light flashed by. He had grabbed Xia Yi in his hand, strangled his slender neck, and asked sharply, “Say, where did you get Xiao Hei?”

Xia Yi suddenly felt his neck tighten, and it was difficult to breathe for an instant. He stretched out his hand to break the hand on his neck. The seemingly slender fingers were made of steel, but he did not move with all his strength.

“You bastard, let him go, ah, host, hold on.” 179 screamed in horror in his head.

Qilin also let out a roar, arched his whole body, and was about to rush towards Jie Entropy. Big Black quickly grabbed his neck and lifted it up, his four hoofs fluttered in the air freely, struggling endlessly.

“Let go of him”, at this moment, accompanied by a stern shout of anger, Gu Wen held a long spear one by one, and with an invincible momentum, he stabbed in the air.

This thorn carries the majestic spiritual power, pressing against the entropy of the sky overwhelmingly, and the surrounding air is pulled and twisted.

Jie Entropy is now in a mess, and all of his thoughts are on Xia Yi. He doesn’t even look at Gu Wenzhu, and is still sternly forcing Xia Yi, his eyes are red, “Say, how did you get Xiao Hei?”

Disregarding that the thorn has already arrived in front of him.

Seeing that the spear was pointing straight at Jie Entropy, he was about to plunge into his vest.

Between the electric light and flint, I heard a sound of “clang”, and a silver light swayed obliquely, urging the spiritual power, and just blocking the fierce blow.

The two spiritual powers collided, causing a surge of air. Gu Wen was forced to stagger back. He thrust his spear into the ground and knelt on one knee. This was enough to stabilize his figure.

He raised his head to look at Cang Yi, his eyes gloomy and full of hostility.

Cang Yi dropped the long sword in his hand and stared at him silently, with complicated and difficult eyes. He opened his mouth, as if he wanted to say something, but closed his mouth after all.

It turned out that he helped Jie Entropy block the shot just now.

Gu Wen saw Jie Entropy still pinching Xia Yi’s neck, and Xia Yi’s face went purple, tears overflowed from the corners of his eyes, turning his eyes to look at him, couldn’t help burning all within his heart.

In desperation, he couldn’t take care of that much, and while fiercely yelling at Cang Yi, “You will stop it again, I will kill you!” While pointing the spear obliquely into the air, he wanted to arouse the spirit of heaven and earth.

Cheng Ming was too anxious, and shouted to Cang Yi: “Xianzun, Xianzun, Xiao is also his own.” After speaking, he waved his long sword and tried to step forward, but was stopped by Liu Siqian on the side. .

“Don’t panic, there is a fairy statue, and there will be nothing wrong with the little one.”

“Jie Entropy, let go of him.” Cang Yi’s cold voice sounded, “He doesn’t know anything, you will kill people in vain. He is Wang Lan you haven’t seen before.”

When Jie Entropy heard this, his whole body was shocked. First he looked up and down Xia Yi in surprise, and then slowly loosened the hand that was holding his neck.

Xia Yi hurriedly broke free, panting heavily while clutching her neck, while staggering towards Gu Wen and ran in each direction.

Gu Wenzhu also quickly retracted his spear, stepped forward, and hugged Xia Yi in his arms.

He hugged and loosened his arms, stretched out his hand to lift the hair on his neck, and saw that there were a few bruised fingerprints on the white porcelain skin, and he could not help but feel distressed and angry. He held the long gun in his hand. , His chest rises and falls.

Xia Yi wanted to grunt a few times, but seeing that he looked wrong, for fear that he would go to Jie Entropy again.

What if you get hit by that pervert?

He hugged Gu Wenzhu’s arm tightly, with horror and begging in his eyes, and said repeatedly, “I’m fine, it’s fine.” It’s just that his voice is still a little hoarse.

Xia Yi clung to him like an octopus. Gu Wen struggled twice and didn’t break away. He wanted to use his strength but was afraid of hurting him, so he had to stand still and look bitterly at Jie Entropy.

At this moment, Jie Entropy also recovered, turned his head and looked over, just to match Gu Wenzhu’s hostile eyes.

For an instant, Jie Entropy stood in a daze, staring at Gu Wenzhu for an instant, his face pale and weird.

Suddenly, he turned to Cang Yi and pointed his finger at Gu Wen in each direction, “He, he…”

Cang Yi looked at Jie Entropy, nodded slowly, and then closed his eyes.

It seems calm, but his chest is up and down, which is obviously agitated.

Xia Yi watched Jie Entropy’s expression fluctuating sorrows and joys, becoming weird, and couldn’t help being alert, holding Gu Wenzhu’s arm tightly.

“179, I think the look in this person’s eyes looking at Brother Zhu is terrible.” Xia Yi called the system, “How can I have an ominous premonition.”

“Host, don’t think so terrible. According to the common sense of the world of cultivating immortals, Gu Wenzhu’s blood can cure certain terminal illnesses. Just drink his blood. Or he is a good furnace and wants to Take him as your own.”

To shut up.

Big Black also gently put the struggling Qilin down on the ground at this time. With a whimper, the Qilin ran to Xia Yi in small steps, stretched his head, and rubbed his leg comfortingly.

Big Black quietly walked to Jie Entropy’s side and lay down, looking softly at Qilin’s side.

Liu Siqian, Cheng Ming and others also looked at each other, completely wondering what was going on in this situation.

The disciples behind him were even more confused, standing blankly on the spot holding their weapons.

“Ze Yuan.” Jie Entropy suddenly called out this name to Gu Wen.

The voice was very soft and soft, and it trembled slightly.

Gu Wen was squeezed in his arms by Xia Yi one by one, holding the spear in one hand, looking at Jie Entropy with dark eyes.

But seeing his appearance, couldn’t help being stunned, and a trace of doubt arose in heart.

Jie Entropy slowly walked towards Gu Wen one by one, while staring at him intently.

Gu Wen watched him gradually approach, he should have taken precautions, but looking at his appearance, he couldn’t raise a trace of resistance in his heart, and there was a vague sense of inexplicable familiarity.

Jie Entropy walked to Gu Wenji and stood still, raised his hand and stretched out to his face, “Come here and let me see if the soul seal behind your ear is still there.”

Gu Wen looked at Jie Entropy’s familiar eyes, his expression became more and more startled, his legs involuntarily took Xia Yi forward.

Jie Entropy held his breath, gently lifted the hair around his ears, and the light blue drop-like mark was impressed under his eyes.

“That’s right, that’s right, the soul-protecting seal, I will give you and him, and I will put one on one person.” Ji Entropy stared at the blue mark, his eyes suddenly brightened.

“At the beginning, your soul was unstable. This is the seal that can protect your three souls and six souls. Whenever you get out of your body, the seal will forcibly take the soul back into your body.”

Xia Yi stood aside, completely stunned.

Based on his many years of experience in chasing Korean dramas with his mother, a speculation faintly emerged in his heart.

Are you going to recognize your relatives next?

impossible? What a coincidence? Brother Zhu is not from the world of cultivating immortals, he has traveled through the farming world.

“You are my son, and your name is Ze Yuan.” Sure enough, Jie Entropy took a few deep breaths, looking at Gu Wen and said affirming word by word.

This is more than just acknowledgment! Still admit it!

“Host, is this your mother-in-law? Or your father-in-law? I can’t recognize it without a mole.” 179’s shocked voice sounded.

“This is not the farming world with brothers and children, don’t talk nonsense.”

The words of Jie Entropy were not loud, but everyone in front of this platform heard them.

Gu Wen stood there blankly like five thunders.

Not far away, Liu Siqian and Cheng Ming also opened their mouths, with an incredible expression on their faces.

“I always thought that I lost you, so you are alive.” Jie Entropy looked at Gu Wenzhu, a faint layer of water appeared in a pair of peach blossom eyes, “You are still alive, so good, so good.”

“You have admitted to the wrong person, I have a father and a mother, but mother died very early, and my father died a few years ago.” Gu Wen said with a little helplessly.

“You are my son and I am your father.” Jie Entropy’s tone was categorically affirmed.

Chapter 59

In fact, deep down in Gu Wenzhu’s heart, he already had some faith in Jie Entropy. Because at the first sight of him, some intermittent pictures appeared in his mind.

In those pictures, Jie Entropy is watching him tenderly, and he can feel his inner peace and joy.

Not to mention, Jie Entropy pointed out the mark behind his ear without hesitation, and called it the soul-protecting mark.

In his memory, he had a few serious illnesses when he was a child, and he burned into a daze.

Gu’s father was too anxious to know what to do, so he could only force him to pour the medicine from the local doctor in the village, and then rub him over and over again with the veil.

Gu Wen was in a semi-coma, only feeling that his body was getting lighter and lighter, so light as if there was nothing, and he floated up in the air.

He could even see his body while floating, lying on the bed quietly with his eyes closed.

On the other hand, Gu’s father twisted the wet kerchief anxiously and wiped it on his back.

When he was about to drift out of the window following a gust of wind, he saw his body, the blue birthmark behind his ears gradually floated a layer of light, and an unfamiliar pattern flashed.

Then I felt a huge suction hit, and I was instantly sucked back into my body.

Could it be that this is the soul-protecting seal Jie Entropy said, opening the seal to help him protect the soul that is about to leave?

Gu Wenzhu felt like a mess in his heart, disturbing one after another, and he couldn’t tell how he felt.

Suddenly was told by a stranger that the parents who loved you were not your biological parents, but the stranger was your father.

It’s hard for anyone to accept it.

Xia Yi was also extremely surprised at this time, but she didn’t show the slightest on her face.

He stared at the Jie Entropy in front of him calmly, holding Gu Wen tightly one by one, feeling a piece of cold and damp.

In his head, the system screamed in exclamations.

“Host, it turns out that Gu Wenzhu is not a person in the farming world. He actually has his biological parents here, so what’s the matter with his parents?”

“Host, you are the prince of the Demon Realm.”

“Host, I have a terrible guess, Cang Yi-”

“You shut up.” Xia Yi interrupted 179 ferociously, “If you say anything, I will complain to you.”

Jie Entropy watched Gu Wenzhu eagerly, eager to prove to him that he was Ze Yuan, “I was injured by the Great Elder of the Demon Realm, and I was in retreat. After I received the news that you were going to Yulu Mountain, I forced to leave the customs and rushed out. , But it’s too late…”

“Ze Yuan, you are indeed the son of Jie Entropy.” Cang Yi’s voice suddenly sounded from the side.

He took another deep breath, as if he had made some decision.

“I am also your biological father.”

At this time, the entire square was dead silent.

The sword in a disciple’s hand slipped, and when it fell to the ground with a cry, the sound of gold and iron echoed harshly.

They couldn’t make everyone at the scene recover, closing their open mouths.

Only 179 screamed excitedly in Xia Yi’s head, “Am I right? You think I was right? You told me to shut up.”

Xia Yizheng held Gu Wenzhu’s hand tightly, with a shocked expression in his heart and a calm expression.

“The immortals have always been against each other. It is because I am too abiding to the old rules that I have left your father and son behind for so many years.”

Cang Yi’s voice was hoarse, and everyone in the square could hear it clearly.

“And myself, I am tortured by longing and guilt all the time, and I have never felt at ease for a day.”

“After these years of retreat, I finally got rid of my happy knot and figured it out a little bit—”

Xia Yi found that Cang Yi’s lips were still opening and closing, and her expression was no longer calm, but her voice suddenly didn’t reach her ears, as if she was performing a pantomime.

What have you figured out? Ah? If you have something to say, don’t just open your mouth and say nothing.

No, it doesn’t feel right, it’s not that he didn’t say anything.

This is to be worn!

Xia Yi hurriedly looked around. As expected, the air began to float, and the surrounding scene rippled like water waves.

“179, it looks like I’m going to wear it again!”

“Yes, host, quickly wave to your parents-in-law and tell each other.”

Gu Wenzhu also noticed something strange, but at this time he couldn’t open his mouth and couldn’t move his body.

Seeing that the expressions of Ji Entropy and Cang Yi were getting more and more shocked, they stretched out their hands to grab themselves, but they caught nothing.

The unicorn called Dahei who had been lying on the ground also shook his head and let out a long roar, with a little anxiety.

Gu Wen calmed his mind and held Xia Yi’s hand tightly beside him. After a while, he was already involved in the vortex of time and space.

When the surroundings subsided, a few dog barks sounded in her ears, and Xia Yi slowly opened her eyes.

Seeing the bright red happy window grilles, the burnt dragon and phoenix candles on the table, and a few pieces of furniture made by Gu Wenzhu himself, he breathed out slowly.

Sure enough, this is home.

The unicorn has become like a dog, and is looking around anxiously around him. As if in a hurry, the scene changed, and his father, Dahei, disappeared.

Gu Wenzhu still stood blankly, holding Xia Yi’s hand with a dazed expression, obviously he hadn’t recovered from the scene just now.

Xia Yi tentatively yelled softly, “Brother Zhu.”

Only then did he suddenly come back to his senses, looked around, and looked at Xia Yi in a daze, “Are we back here?”

Xia also nodded.

Looking around, the family still looks like they walked through on the wedding night, but it’s covered with a layer of dust everywhere.

“Xiao Yi, me, the two of them,” Gu Wen looked at Xia Yi, hesitating to say but not knowing where to start.

“It should be getting dark soon, I’ll go cook for you.” After a daze for a while, Gu Wen hurried out and headed toward the kitchen.

Xia also knew that he needed someone to be quiet at this time to sort out the thoughts in his heart, so he didn’t follow.

Seeing Gu Wenzhu’s figure entering the kitchen, he squatted down, stroked Qilin’s head, and said warmly, “My dear son, don’t panic. We will pass by and see your dog dad again.”

“Actually, I’m just your adoptive father, and that’s your real father, right?”

Qilin didn’t respond, only licked Xia Yi’s hand, and calmed down, no longer so irritable.

After a while, dinner was ready, and the two sat facing each other for dinner, silently.

Xia Yi always looked at Gu Wenzhu secretly, and saw that his face was calm, as if nothing had happened.

Maybe it was because he looked too many times, Gu Wen took his chopsticks and knocked on his bowl one by one, “Concentrate on eating.”

Xia Yi finally couldn’t help it, put down the dishes and chopsticks, “Brother Zhu, what do you think in your heart?”

Gu Wen arrogantly planed the meal one by one, without saying a word.

Just when Xia Yi thought he would not answer, Gu Wen swallowed the food in his mouth and suddenly said: “I don’t know them, my parents are Gu Dashi and Li Xiu’er.”

Then I put a piece of tofu into the Xia Yi bowl, “Hurry up, don’t think about it.”

Xia Yi nodded, picked up the dishes and chopsticks again, and started to eat.

At this time, the courtyard door creaked and was pushed open, and a head stuck in.

Seeing that the two were eating, Qi Zhou came in and said with relief: “You can be considered back, where did you disappear these days? Did it spread to Qishan?”

“Uncle Wang asked me about you every day, and I said that you went to the home of Junior Brother Xia, but I was so anxious that I didn’t know how to explain it to the villagers if you didn’t come back.” Qi Zhou complained loudly.

“Master was talking to me just now, and suddenly disappeared, leaving me here alone.” Qi Zhou remembered the scene last night, his eyes were a little red, if he was the only one in this world, he I don’t know what to do yet.

“Did Elder Meng pass it back?” Xia Yi asked.

“Yes, it turned into a spot of light and disappeared.” Qi Zhou stood in the courtyard, his expression still a little worried.

“I watched him disappear, wondering if you are back, so I came over and have a look. Fortunately, it’s okay, you passed it back.”

Xia Yi looked at his panic and comforted: “Don’t worry, you will pass it back sooner or later.”

“Have you eaten?” Xia Yi asked.

Meng Wanzi passed it all back, and Qi Zhou, the master cultivator who doesn’t take up the fireworks, would be starved to death? Let him eat at his own house from now on.

“I have eaten.” Qi Zhou replied absently, “Gu Beicheng will cook for me.”

Xia also nodded, as long as she didn’t die from starvation.

At night, Xia Yijing lay quietly next to Gu Wenzhu, put his face to his chest, and listened to the powerful heartbeat in his chest, and no one spoke.

After a while, Gu Wen spoke gently. The voice was low, as if coming from the chest.

“When I was a child, my family was very poor. When I saw children in the village eating maltose during the New Year, I didn’t dare to ask my father for it. My stepmother was not very healthy. Apart from meals, the rest of the family had to give her medical treatment and medicine.”

“As a result, when I went home that day, my dad took out a piece of candy from behind and gave it to me.”

“I still remember the taste of that candy. It was very sweet. I asked my father to taste it. He didn’t eat it and gave it to my stepmother. She also shook her head. The two of them looked at me with a smile like that…”

Gu Wen suddenly stopped speaking, took a few deep breaths, twisted his head to one side, and looked out the dark window through the window.

The beautiful pictures collected for so many years seem to be a very lame story when say it again.

After a while, he calmed down and said in a flat tone:

“They will never abandon me, except life and death.”

“Gu Dashi and Liu Xiu’er are my biological parents. I have no other parents.”

Xia Yi closed her eyes and leaned motionless against his chest. After a long time, he stretched out his hand and gently touched Gu Wenzhu’s face in the dark.

The warm and soft fingers rubbed the sharp and deep contours carefully, with careful cherishment and pity.

Gu Wen tilted his head one by one, clinging to the soft palm.

I was at a loss, bitter, or maybe was afraid of something else.

When Xia Yi woke up the next day, she was surprised to find that she had fallen asleep until midday.

Gu Wen went down to the ground early, and the kitchen gave him warm porridge and steamed buns.

“179, why don’t you wake me up, I’ve slept till this time.” Xia Yi was a little upset.

179 hurriedly shouted injustice, “I called you several times, and I played the march in your head, but there was no response at all. You can sleep too much, the host.”

“Really? I’m sorry, maybe my body is too weak recently and I have to exercise more.”

Xia Yi ate porridge and steamed buns in one hand.

“Host, your lettuce has matured on the day you got married, and the task has been completed. After all these days, you should also take a new task and plant the land well.”

Xia Yi took a bite of the meat porridge, “Hurry up and post it, don’t delay my meal, I have to go and collect the lettuce in the field after eating.”

“Please accept the new task for the host.

Task introduction: Rescue the robbed Qishan head and all his disciples.

Completion: 0/1

mission rewards”

When the system read the task reward here, it suddenly interrupted the sound, as if the host was stuck.

“179?” After waiting for a while, before seeing the system continue, Xia Yi was puzzled, “179 are you gone?”

After a while, the mechanical sound of the system sounded, “I’m here.”

“What happened to you, the voice suddenly cut off?” Xia Yi asked.

“Nothing.” 179’s voice became hesitant.

“What the hell happened?” The system showed this tone, making Xia Yi immediately alert, “No, is there something wrong with the task reward?”

179’s voice became very erratic, “Nothing, host, don’t think too much.”

“Then you tell me clearly, what is the reward for that mission?”

“Mission rewards, it’s just an ordinary gift bag, which contains some medicine pills. It’s no different from before. It’s all the same.” 179’s voice returned to normal.

“Really?” Xia Yi’s voice was still suspicious.

“Yes.” 179’s voice was serious and serious.

Well, although this system is spicy, it doesn’t seem to lie.

Seeing that Xia Yi stopped questioning, 179 let out a sigh of relief.

“Then you haven’t told me what this new mission is.”

“Whatever you want, plant whatever you want, plant it blindly.” 179 was very absent-minded.

“Blind all sorts of things?” Xia Yi was stunned.

This is the first time I have seen 179 be so irresponsible for his own work, and he doesn’t even bother to arrange the tasks properly.

“179, then I plant some cotton candy?” Xia Yi asked tentatively.

“Okay.” “179, then I plant some ice cream? Plant the sun?” Xia Yi asked again.


“Did you hear what I said?” Xia Yi finally couldn’t help but wake up the system loudly.

You don’t assign tasks to me, let me grow whatever you want, but it’s the worst to grow whatever you want.

“Then you plant carrots.” 179 will answer after thinking about it.

“Okay, carrot.”

After eating, Xia Yi picked up a hoe and walked into the ground, walking all the way to greet the villagers on the road.

“Xiao Yi, come back from her parents' house.”

“I haven’t seen you and Wen Zhu in the past few days, knowing that you will return in the middle of the night, and those who don’t know think you were caught by the mountain spirits and wild monsters, ha ha.”

…My natal family.

All right.

Your natal family is your natal family.

When he reached the ground, Xia Yishen exhaled a deep breath of fresh air.

This smells of moist soil and fresh melon leaves, which is really familiar and familiar. He almost wanted to throw off his arms and dig into the world for three days.


Chapter 60

The lettuce in the ground is thick and big, and it grows well. Xia Yi carefully planed them out one by one, laying them on the ground, and then pushed the trolley to install them after harvesting.

After finally digging out all the lettuce, he wiped the sweat from his forehead and got up contentedly and went home.

On the road outside the village, Gu Wen was walking home with a wild boar leg, preparing to make dinner early.

Xiao Yi’s expression is not very good these days. She wanted to find out if anyone in the neighboring village had killed pigs at home, and went to weigh some meat to make up for him. As a result, when I went out this morning, I met the hunter who came down the mountain and went home with a wild boar on his shoulder.

Xiao Yi likes to eat the stewed wild boar that he made for him. Gu Wen bought a hind leg immediately and prepared to stew it with Codonopsis and Angelica when he returned home.

There was no one after returning home, and wanted to come to summer and had already gone to the field. Gu Wen began to pluck the pig’s legs and singe, then cut them into chunks, and added the aniseed to blanch the fish.

Finally, the wild boar from which the fishy smell was removed, plus the auxiliary ingredients, was stewed in a casserole. After a while, a faint smell of meat floated out.

As Xia Yi walked home, he and 179 totaled the lettuce production this time, and then came to the gate of the courtyard.

As soon as he opened the courtyard door, Gu Wen showed his head from the kitchen and greeted him with a smile, “When you come back, go wash your hands and prepare to eat.”

Xia Yi was the most active in eating. She washed it clean after a few strokes, and sat obediently at the table waiting for the meal.

Gu Wen set out the bowls and chopsticks one by one, and took out a pot of steaming wild boar from the kitchen. After putting it on the table, he smiled and said, “Try it quickly and see if it tastes good.”

“Wow, my favorite wild boar.” Xia Yi picked up the chopsticks with bright eyes, regardless of the scalding mouth, picking up a piece and stuffing it into her mouth, her cheeks swelled and began to chew.

Gu Wen stood at the table one by one, looking at Xia Yi with a smile, with some expectations in his tone, “How is it, is it delicious?”

Xia Yi chewed, and just about to nodded her head, suddenly she felt a fishy tantrum hit the end of her nose. There was a sudden churn in his stomach, and he couldn’t help but retching.

But even so, the pork in his mouth couldn’t bear to vomit it out, just like his eyes were reddened in his mouth.

Gu Wen became anxious when he saw him one by one. He hurriedly stepped forward and leaned down, stretched his hand to his mouth, and said hurriedly: “Spit it out.”

Xia Yi took two breaths, waited for the energies to be relieved, and then insisted on chewing twice, followed by a few more retchings.

Seeing his tears and still reluctant to bear the appearance of that piece of pork, Gu Wenzhu was distressed and funny, and urged: “Don’t eat it, spit it out quickly.”

Xia Yi finally reluctantly spit the wild boar in Gu Wen’s palm.

Gu Wen stepped into the kitchen, threw away the piece of meat, cleaned his hands and came out with a bowl of water, while stroking Xia Yi’s vest, feeding him water.

He reproached himself and said: “You usually like to eat wild boar, this time I must have gone to the mutton, and it will make you fishy.”

Xia Yi’s eyes and nose were still red, and when he heard this, he shook his head, “It tastes good, and I usually like to eat the faint mountain smell. I don’t know what’s wrong today. I smell it. The smell is uncomfortable."

“Could it be that I caught a cold and hurt my appetite?” Gu Wen said with some worry in his words, and stretched out his hand to explore Xia Yi’s forehead.

“It’s okay, maybe it’s because I was too tired of eating the first few times. Just eat some greens and have a meal.” Xia Yi saw that he was still worried and couldn’t help laughing, “What a big deal, eat and eat.”

The pots of wild boar were placed on the table, and Gu Wen ate them one by one.

Xia Yiwei ate the greens with the same wax. Several times tried to stretch out chopsticks to pick a piece, but when remembered the taste, suddenly lost appetite.

At this time, following the soft wind, a scent of meat floated into his nose again.

Xia Yi felt that her chest and abdomen were churning again, immediately put down the dishes and chopsticks, and rushed to the entrance of the courtyard quickly, again with heart-piercing retching.

Gu Wenzhu also quickly put down the bowl and chopsticks and followed.

Although she didn’t vomit anything, Xia Yi still felt like she was going to breathe, and her whole body was soft.

He opened his mouth and leaned in the arms of Gu Wen who was following, and he was weakened.

Gu Wen saw him pale and his temples were wet with cold sweat, so he quickly beat him up and hugged him.

He held it to the bed before putting it down, and then covered it with a quilt. The corners of the quilt were also tightly tucked.

Looking at the worried Gu Wenzhu, Xia Yi said weakly: “I think I might really have a cold.”

“You lie down first, I’ll find a doctor for you to see.” Gu Wen looked anxious one by one, unable to hide his panic.

After speaking, he quickly pushed the door out of the yard and walked towards the doctor’s house in the north of the village.

Xia Yi watched him leave the courtyard, feeling that the discomfort had been much better, and the whole body eased again.

A burst of sleepiness struck him, and he yawned, and before slipping into his sleep, he did not forget to tell the system: “179, I have to wake me up later, I have to get up to eat meat, the wild pork made by Brother Zhu is delicious. I love it the most.”

“If you know the host, just rest.” 179 didn’t understand the host’s food-eating remarks.

He vomits while eating, and eats when he vomits.

In the village, the ancestral doctor surnamed Li, can’t look down on serious illnesses, and it’s okay for minor illnesses and minor pains.

After Gu Wen arrived at his home, he was also eating dinner. Hearing Gu Wen explaining his intentions, he quickly put down the tableware, put on the medicine box and left with him.

“It is estimated that I have a cold, and the spleen and stomach is damaged. I will go and have a look and prescribe two more medicines.” Li Langzhong comforted the worried Gu Wenzhu as he walked.

When he got home, Gu Wen opened the bedroom door one by one and saw that Xia Yi was already asleep, and she was quietly sinking into the quilt, her mouth slightly open.

Seeing Li Langzhong still sitting in the hall waiting, Gu Wen had to wake him up one by one, “Xiao Yi, Xiao Yi, don’t sleep first, the doctor is here, let him show you.”

Xia Yi snorted, pushed him away with his hand impatiently, turned over and continued to sleep, and there was a small snoring.

Seeing Li Langzhong starting to stand up and pacing back and forth in the hall, Gu Wen began to gently pat his face with his hands, “Xiao Yi, Xiao Yi, wake up soon, the doctor is here, and I will sleep later.”

Xia Yi was a little awake this time, opened her eyes in a misty manner, recognized Gu Wenzhu in front of him, and asked vaguely: “It’s dawn?”

“You fell asleep, I left for a while and invited Uncle Li to take a look.” Gu Wen started to get up with his arms around him, put his coat on him, “Come, let’s get dressed first.”

Xia Yi closed his eyes, lying softly on Gu Wenzhu’s shoulders, letting him raise his arms and get dressed.

Just after putting on two sleeves, Gu Wen heard the snoring floating in his ears.

After finally putting on her clothes, Xia Yi was already asleep again.

Gu Wen sighed helplessly and put him in the bed.

After carefully tweaking the quilt, he simply invited Li Langzhong in, and said to the Langzhong embarrassedly in the string of small snores: “Li Bo, can’t wake him up, he is too sleepy, why don’t you just look at it like this? "

Li Langzhong smiled and shook his head, “Let’s look at it this way, I’ll check his pulse first.”

Gu Wen sat down by the bed one by one, took out Xia Yi’s hand from the bed and placed it on his lap, letting Li Langzhong get his pulse.

The room was quiet. Only Xia Yi’s deep breath was heard. Gu Wen watched by the side, but he didn’t dare to let out the atmosphere.

After a while, the doctor opened his eyes, revealing a suspicious expression.

“What’s wrong? Is there any problem?” Gu Wen suddenly became nervous.

Li Langzhong shook his head, “It’s nothing, I’ll do it again.” After speaking, he put his finger on Xia Yi’s wrist again.

Gu Wen restrained his breath, staring closely at Li Langzhong’s face, wanting to see something in that expression.

Fists with both hands on the sides of the legs, and the back is tight.

After a long time, Li Langzhong sighed and slowly put down Xia Yi’s hand.

Turning to look at Gu Wenzhu, a smile appeared on his face, “Go and burn the paper for Gu Dashi and Liu Xiu’er.”

“Annunciation? What kind of news?” Gu Wen looked puzzled and at a loss.

Then he reacted, his face was unbelievable at first, and then a surprised look appeared, “Uncle Li, yes, do you mean that?”

Li Langzhong smiled and nodded, “Go and tell them that you have a future for your family.”

Gu Wen stood there blankly, with joy and sorrow on his face, and for a moment he didn’t know what to look good.

“Uncle Li, but Xiao Yi, is he in danger of giving birth?” Thinking of Xia Yi’s weak body, Gu Wenzhu was a little worried.

Uncle Li packed his things in the medicine box and replied: “Well, who can guarantee that the birth of a child will be safe? There must be risks. But, doesn’t everyone come here like this? This one will not give birth.”

When Gu Wen heard the words, his heart trembled, and the lines of his face suddenly tightened. He didn’t say anything any more, and stood silently on the side.

Seeing that he was not very good-looking, Uncle Li patted his shoulders with a smile, “I see a lot of you who are about to be a father, don’t panic, settle down for a few months to nurse Xiao Yi’s body, wait to hold the baby. "

179 also started screaming excitedly in Xia Yi’s brain, “Host, you are about to wake up, you want to be a father, no, you are going to be a mother.”

Xia Yi slept until noon the next day, before opening his eyes, the scent of fish porridge floated from the tip of his nose, which made his mouth secrete saliva instantly.

Opened his eyes and saw that in front of him was Gu Wen’s enlarged face, lying on the edge of the bed, staring at him silently.

“You scared me, what are you doing,” Xia Yi prolonged her nasal voice, with a hint of coquetry that she hadn’t even noticed. He pushed his face with his hand again, squeezing the handsome facial features into a ball.

Gu Wen grabbed the hand one by one, leaned close to his mouth and kissed him, “I slept until noon, are you hungry? Get up and eat some porridge. I will go to the river to catch the fish before dawn.”

Xia Yi didn’t eat enough last night, so she fell into bed and slept till now. He was hungry when he heard the smell of the fish, and quickly got up from the bed.

Hurriedly went to the clean room to wash, and trot.

Gu Wen screamed slowly and slowly, and opened his hands behind him, guarding his back nervously like an old hen, “The floor of the clean room is slippery, be careful.”

Xia Yi rinsed his mouth with green salt and looked strangely at Gu Wenzhu who was waiting behind him, and asked vaguely: “What are you doing, I’m not a kid anymore.”

Gu Wen opened his mouth one by one, without saying anything.

Xia Yi began to tilt his head back and hit the bridge of his nose with the back of his head.

Gu Wen helplessly covered the back of his head with his hands, “Concentrate a little bit.”

After washing and returning to the room, Xia Yi hurried to serve the porridge, shaking her nose exaggeratedly, “It smells so good, I can eat ten bowls.”

“Don’t move, I’ll feed you.” Gu Wen picked up the porridge bowl one step at a time, scooped up a spoonful and blew it in his mouth, carefully feeding it to Xia Yi’s mouth.

Ooo, he almost swallowed the spoon in one bite.

Soon the bowl of porridge was at the bottom, and Xia Yi reached out to take the bowl, “I still have to eat, I will serve another bowl.”

Unexpectedly, Gu Wen quickly got up, holding the bowl tightly, and said nervously: “Sit and don’t move, I’ll go to Sheng.” After speaking, he hurried to the kitchen.

Xia Yi looked at his back and suddenly felt suspicious.

“179, after I fell asleep last night, did the doctor come here?”

“Yes.” 179 replied with a grin.

“Did that check out what was wrong with me? Why did Brother Zhu take care of me like a seriously ill patient?” Xia Yi became nervous.

“Guess, hehe.”

“179, isn’t it my brother? Tell me quickly, I can bear it no matter what the result is.”

“I can’t tell you this kind of thing, you can ask Gu Wenzhu.”

While talking, Gu Wen walked in with the porridge bowl one by one, blowing gently while stirring with a spoon.

Then he took another spoon and fed it to Xia Yi’s mouth.

Xia Yi finished the porridge that night without saying a word, with various speculations in her mind.

When Gu Wen cleaned up the bowls and chopsticks, and nervously sat next to him to guard, Xia Yi couldn’t help but ask, “Brother Zhu, won’t you go down today?”

“No, I will be with you today.”

“But didn’t you say that you are going to water the winter wheat these few days?”

“Don’t go, watering for two days will not die.”

“But what if you really want to die?”

“Love never die.”

After speaking, he began to gently squeeze Xia Yi’s shoulders.

Xia Yi’s face gradually became serious, holding the hand on the shoulder, and asked in a low voice: “Brother Zhu, the doctor came to see me last night, what did he say?”

After speaking, he turned his head and looked behind him.

His pupils are completely different in color from Gu Wen’s. They are very shallow. When looking at people quietly, they feel very docile, but they also reveal a simple stubbornness.

When Gu Wen heard this, a strange expression appeared on his face, as if he was trying his best to hold back his excitement, but also as if he was worried and frightened.

Finally, he thought for a while and told Xia Yi softly, “Xiao Yi, our family is going to add some imports.”
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