Carrying a Hoe to Cultivate Chapter 41-50

Chapter 41

“Let’s go, let’s go down the mountain.” With 179 and Qilin next to Xia Yi this time, she couldn’t help but relax, and her footsteps down the mountain became brisk.

But then there was a little worry again in my heart.

“179, Brother Zhu just watched me and Qilin disappear, he wouldn’t be frightened, would he?”

“I didn’t pay attention, I was wearing it with you.”

“Oh, I hope he doesn’t worry and waits for me to go back with peace of mind. I just don’t know how long I will stay here this time.”

Shortly after returning to Wangzhuyuan, there was a knock on the gate of the courtyard. “Junior Brother Xia, is Senior Brother Xia here?”

Xia Yi hurriedly shouted to the unicorn who was plowing bamboo roots in the yard, “Son, I am going to open the door, so you should hide behind the bamboo and don’t come out, lest others take you as a monster.”

Qilin blinked his eyes innocently, and he walked obediently to the bamboo ridge and squatted there motionless. Looking over from Xia Yi’s angle, only one horn sticking out can be seen.

It’s really so good that Dad feels distressed.

Seeing that the unicorn had been hidden, Xia Yi replied loudly, “I am here, here.” Then he walked over and opened the courtyard door.

Outside the courtyard stood a tall and burly Qishan disciple with a handsome appearance. Grinning at him, revealing a row of white front teeth.

“Hello, Junior Brother Xia, I am the disciple Qingxiu of Elder Tianji, and I live in the Fuhuayuan in front. Master previously told me that if I see you back to Qishan, I will tell you to go to Feiyu Island and meet him.”

“Thank you, brother, I’ll be there.” Xia Yi quickly replied.

At this moment, Qilin didn’t know what was going on behind the ridge of bamboo, and made a rustling sound, and Qingxiu couldn’t help but stared at it curiously.

“Junior Brother, what is that?” I saw the bamboo ridge swaying together, and a horn of the unicorn was still sticking out.

“That was when I asked a child to help me pick and sweep bamboo leaves. It was a broomstick.” Xia Yi explained anxiously, and then said loudly to Qilin, “Be serious, don’t let me see you playing with the broomstick. "

As soon as the voice fell, the corner was retracted.

Xia Yi just breathed a sigh of relief, and saw two bright hooves that looked like fluorescent shoes stretched out there, shining in the night.

Not waiting for Qingxiu’s question this time, Xia Yi said hurriedly: “Thank you, Brother Qingxiu, I’m going to Feiyu Island now. "

With a snap, the courtyard door was closed tightly.

“Good boy, come out.” Xia Yi walked to the bamboo and saw Qilin huddled in a ball with her two front hooves.

In order not to expose the horns, he even twisted his head individually, looking straight at the sky so that the horns faced the sky.

Xia Yi couldn’t help being funny and distressed, so he called it out quickly.

“Host, let’s go to Feiyu Island, I don’t know what Liu Siqian has to ask you.” 179 reminded.

Xia Yi nodded, and suddenly remembered something, “How are we going? That island is in the air, and there is no cable car or something. Last time, someone else’s Fabao carried me to fly over.”

Thinking of Brother Qingliang’s magic bamboo slip last time, Xia Yi was still nervous.

“Host, according to my test, you are already in the foundation building stage, and you have surpassed many disciples in the pill formation stage and golden pill stage. You can completely control the magic weapon by yourself.” 179 said.

“Can I control the magic weapon by myself? Myself?” Xia Yi was surprised and delighted.

“Of course.” 179 replied in the affirmative.

Xia Yi was so happy to jump up. Before passing through, he hadn’t passed the first subject and second make-up exam several times in the original world. Don’t talk about the test here, haven’t even passed the driving school, and got the flying driver’s license directly.

Suddenly he remembered something again, his face was full of joy and regret, “But I have no magic weapon.”

Although I have a driver’s license, I don’t have a car.

“Host, in our world of cultivating immortals, the magic weapon for every monk is to choose something he wants and then refine it.” 179 explained patiently.

“Refining? How to refining? I won’t.” Xia Yi was dazed.

“The reward package after the completion of your second task contains the secret medicine for refining magic weapons.” 179 is like an angel now, “The secret medicine does not require you to spend time and spiritual energy to slowly refine it.”

Magic quick medicine.

“What magic weapon do you want to practice?” 179 asked.

Xia Yi’s mind was empty.

“For example, some people are good at wine, and their magic weapon is wine gourd. Some people like delicacies, and their magic weapon is plates. Other magic weapons are spoons and chopsticks…” 179 persuasively.

Do you mean that the world of immortality is a group of foodies?

“I don’t pick the type of magic weapon, no matter what it is. The most important point is not to make it narrow or round.” Xia Yigang wanted to say that it should be flat, wide and wide, so she thought of the bamboo slips and quickly changed her words.

“It’s best to wrap me in a closed space like a car, full of safety, and the ride is very comfortable, soft and practical.” Xia Yi made her own request while pondering.

I looked at the courtyard and found that there were no suitable ones, but there were a lot of bamboos, and the shape was completely out of consideration.

There are only a few simple pieces of furniture in the house, so you can’t fly around in the sky on a large carved bed at any time, right?

It seems weird.

“179, do you have any suitable items to lend me?” Xia Yi had to turn around and ask for the system.

“I don’t have a host, all your belongings are kept in the system space here.” 179 replied.

Xia Yi was silent for a moment, and yelled out at the same time as 179, “Winter melon!”

On the square table in the room, there is a beautiful oval winter melon.

This is 179 carefully selected from the system space, and selected the one with the best appearance, the roundest shape, and the purest color.

Xia Yi kept spinning around this lucky melon.

“You have to hollow out the flesh inside and open a door.” Xia Yi rubbed his hands at 179 excitedly.

As he said nothing, Xia Yi looked around, took a decorative sword from the wall, and began to carefully open a door on the winter melon, digging out the winter melon flesh from the inside out.

After the melon flesh was completely digged out, the door that was taken out was carefully installed back.

Then, picked up the bottle of 179 magic weapon quick secret medicine taken out of the system space on the table.

This medicine is the same as the foundation liquid, packed in a transparent jade bottle.

But the jade bottle of Zhuji liquid is the size of AD calcium milk, and this bottle is only the size of wife’s oral liquid.

“179, how to use it? Let the winter melon drink it?” Xia Yi asked when looking at the bottle of medicine, feeling helpless.

“Take a drop of your blood, mix it into the medicine, and then gently apply it to the whole body of the winter melon. After the first coat is dry, apply another layer. After applying three layers, the winter melon becomes a magic weapon that can be driven by you.” 179 explained, and emphasized, “Remember, there are three layers, and the wax gourd must be applied to every part.”

Xia Yi looked at the wife’s oral liquid in her hand, and then at the big winter melon on the table. She was a little dumbfounded, “For such a small bottle of medicine, I have to apply it to every place. It is very difficult to apply only one layer. How to apply three layers? "

“179, is there any secret medicine? Get a few more bottles.”

“No, just this bottle.”

“What if I only apply one layer?” Xia Yi circled the winter melon a few times, thinking to herself.

“I don’t know.” 179 replied honestly. “Why don’t you go and cut a piece of bamboo outside and apply three layers?”

Xia Yi imagined herself flying across the sky on a thin bamboo, and shook her head frantically, “Forget it, I’ll apply winter melon and try a layer. If it doesn’t work, I will continue to do the task and do more. Continue to apply the bottle of secret medicine.”

After speaking, he carefully pulled out the stopper of the bottle, and then gently stroked his middle finger with a long sword, squeezing a drop of blood into it.

As soon as the drop of blood entered the bottle, a burst of white smoke lightly rose up, and quickly melted with the secret medicine, and disappeared in an instant.

Xia Yi shook it two more times, poured a few drops on her palm, and evenly spread it on the body of the winter melon.

The whole body of winter melon was coated, and a bottle of secret medicine was also seen.

As the potion slowly penetrated into the winter melon, the skin gradually changed, and the green body began to glow with soft light.

The light flickered slightly, from weak to strong, becoming more and more dazzling, flashing the whole room like a laser light.

Xia Yi couldn’t help closing her eyes.

After a while, until the dazzling light in the room ceased, only the soft candlelight was felt, and then his eyes opened again.

I saw that the original winter melon on the table had completely changed, lustrous and translucent, as if it were carved from a whole jade.

“Is it done?” Xia Yi asked 179 excitedly.

“It’s done.” 179’s voice was also excited.

“Then teach me, how should I fly this winter melon plane? Is there a formula to recite?” Xia Yi could not wait to rub her hands.

“No, your blood has been incorporated into the magic weapon, and now it communicates with your mind, you only need to use your mind.” 179 replied.

“Walk and try in the courtyard.” Xia Yi hurried to hug the winter melon on the table.

“Host, don’t have to work so hard, you just need to make it smaller by thinking about it in your heart, and it will become what you have conceived in your mind.”

“Is that so? Let me try.” Xia Yi hurriedly said in her heart, “become smaller, smaller.” At the same time, she imagined a peanut-sized wax gourd in her mind.

The winter melon on the table disappeared instantly, leaving only a peanut-sized green jade sculpture lying in the center.

Xia Yi almost jumped up, and quickly picked up the jade sculpture and walked out of the room like a treasure.

“Now let’s see how it becomes bigger.” Xia Yi placed the jade sculpture in the courtyard, and then stepped back two steps.

I muttered silently in my heart, “Being bigger, bigger.” I also imagined a winter melon the size of a small house.

I saw that winter melon swelled in the courtyard, as if an oval hut painted with green paint was suddenly pulled up in the courtyard, and a door was opened on the side.

“179, hahahahaha, great, great.” Xia Yi was very happy, “this is my RV.”

Xia Yi touched the wax gourd with love, as if touching her own car, and said to the Qilin who followed: “Son, dad is going to test the flight, you don’t go, and wait at home first. Wait for dad to practice. Would you like to take you with me next time?”

Qilin blinked and happily returned to lying on his stomach under the eaves.

“Let’s go, let’s go, 179, test flight.” Xia Yi walked in through the opened winter melon door.

Chapter 42

The winter melon house is warm and quiet, with a sweetness of fruits and vegetables.

As soon as Xia Yi stood still, the door of winter melon quietly closed, tightly fitting and impervious to light.

In the darkness, Xia Yi asked the system, “179, what should I do next? Is there no operating system?”

“Next, you will control it with your mind. Try it and let it take off.” 179 said.

Xia Yi forced herself not to get too excited and calm down first. After calming down for a while, he muttered silently in his heart, “Take off.”

I only felt a sense of floating, and the soles of my feet trembled slightly, thinking that the melon speeding car had already vacated.

“I’m so cool, 179.” Xia Yi was pounding. A person who had never even experienced a second-hand, started flying the plane directly.

The excitement continued until after more than a dozen meters of climbing, Xia Yi was shocked to realize a big problem.

It’s pitch black all around, how do I see how to drive outside?

Go blind? As for where to go, everything depends on fate?

“179, I can’t see how I can fly outside?” Xia Yi felt a panic in her heart, and the winter melon speed car also began to tremble, and swayed from side to side.

Xia Yi staggered to one side and couldn’t help feeling more panicked. He stretched out his hand to grab some handrail to make him stand firm.

As he moved, the Winter Melon Speed began to undulate up and down in the air uncontrollably, and rushed diagonally toward the ground on the left.

“Ahhhh, host, let it go to the right, and it’s about to hit the mountain.” 179 who could detect the outside world screamed in surprise.

“Up, up, there are tree trunks in front!” 179’s mechanical sound was split.

“Don’t go up, go into the clouds. Go down, go down, don’t fall down, stop and stop.”

179 Watching the winter melon magic weapon perform various stunts in a thrilling manner, the soul is completely destroyed, “Host, don’t panic, stop first, stay in the air, hold steady.”

Xia Yi had fallen into the Winter Melon Speeding Car, rolling around.

This winter melon looks like a jade carving and has the same texture.

After hitting Xia Yi, she was dizzy and aching all over her body.

He heard 179’s cry, forced himself to calm down from the panic, tried to calm his mind, and muttered, “Don’t be nervous, I’m not nervous, the coach just sat next to me and stepped on the brake.”

Finally, the winter melon no longer scurrying around, hanging slightly in the air, Xia Yi and 179 both let out a long sigh.

“What should I do now? I can’t see the outside.” Xia Yi asked 179 in a low voice while keeping her heart still.

It’s like being afraid that the loud voice will disturb the winter melon, making it go crazy again.

“Host, I’ll say how good it is to use a bamboo section, you want to wrap yourself in it.” 179 wanted to cry without tears, “You can see it clearly when you step on the bamboo section and go 360 degrees into the sky.”

“Bamboo sections are impossible. I would rather be locked in winter melon and hit a mountain to death than just step on a bare bamboo section and fly in the sky.” Xia Yi wiped the sweat from his forehead. You don’t understand the pain of a fear of heights at all."

“Host, you can use your mind to open windows to magic weapons.” 179 finally remembered, “I said before that magic weapons are connected to your heart, and you can open windows wherever you want.”

“Is that so? Then I will try.” Xia Yi began to hold his breath in the dark.

I saw the black melon flying car, and a faint light came in from the side wall, and the melon body was also able to see the mountains outside.

Gradually, one side of the melon body has become transparent glass.

“Sure enough, you can open the window.” Xia Yi hissed, “Now I can see outside.”

It’s just that this window seems to be a bit big, and there are floor-to-ceiling windows for viewing.

A little afraid of heights, Xia Yi glanced out, and quickly shrank the window frame again.

A bay window was also created. In order to increase the sense of inner security, several guardrails were set up along the lower edge of the window.

Well, this time is good, very satisfied, very smart.

“It’s pretty good, it’s like the pumpkin car in Cinderella. No, it’s better than that.” Xia Yi lay on the window sill and looked out, very satisfied.

Because he was in the middle stage of foundation construction, even though it was dark, he still saw clearly.

He saw that Qilin was squatting on the steps looking at him in his Wangzhuyuan, and couldn’t help but wave his hand with a smile, “My dear son, next time Daddy will take you to fly.”

Qilin actually saw him, and wagged his tail.

This is simply the telepathy between father and son.

“Host, when are you going to Liu Siqian?” 179 reminded Xia Yidao.

“No hurry, just fly a few more laps.” After that, Xia Yi controlled the winter melon to fly upwards, “I must first familiarize myself with my aircraft and master all the flying skills.”

“Go, go, go,” Xia Yi controlled the melon plane in his heart.

The oval green melon house passes through the stacked clouds and stops on top of the clouds.

The dome on his head is dotted with low stars, as if it can be picked up by reaching out, gently and silently. With a dazzling light, the meteor slid down from around, like a small silver fish, sliding into the sea.

The floating island in the distance also seemed to be born in the starry sky, beautiful.

Xia Yi lay on the windowside blankly, thinking, if only Brother Zhu is here, I will take him to the sky and watch the night scene together. I think all the good things I can see will be shared with him.

After watching quietly for a while, Xia Yi said to the system: “Go, fly a few more laps and go to Liu Siqian’s place.”

After finishing speaking, control the winter melon speed car and start to gallop freely on the clouds.

“179, this feels so cool.” Xia Yijia flew fast, through the clouds, over the mountain, “I finally understand why Superman has to fly a few times around the earth if nothing is wrong.”

Hurry up, hurry up, and fly towards the floating island in front.

Hahahahaha, that’s it, it’s great, let’s make another hard brake.


Xia Yi gradually found the skills to drive a speeding car, and it was even more handy to maneuver.

“Rush to the cloud in front, then brake and stop in there, then dive and make a sharp turn.”

Winter Melon Speed received Xia Yi’s instruction and swiftly drove away to a cloud in front of him.

Xia Yi lay on the bay window and commanded the melon speeding car, very pleasant.

Suddenly, felt a few bumps in the car body, and a soft halo appeared on the melon body at the same time.

what happened? Encountered strong air currents?

Before Xia Yi had time to ask 179, she felt that her feet were empty and she hadn’t stepped on the ground.

And the surrounding walls suddenly disappeared from the eyes, and a cold wind poured in from the nose and mouth.

There is also a whistling wind in my ears, and there are clouds flowing quickly in front of my eyes.

“Ah.” Accompanied by a heart-piercing scream, Xia Yi was heartbroken. “179, what’s wrong?”

I saw that the entire giant winter melon flying car had disappeared suddenly, and the winter melon turned into its original form, and became the appearance of an ordinary winter melon.

And Xia Yi was riding on the round green-skinned wax gourd.

“Host, the secret medicine has only been brushed once, and the medicine is not enough!” 179 also screamed. “When the time comes, the winter melon will be back to its original state.”

Xia Yi’s tears were screaming, and just as she opened her mouth and screamed, a cold breeze poured in.

Although this winter melon was restored to its original shape, it was still carrying out Xia Yi’s orders, and it flew into the clouds quickly and came a dashing brake.

“Host, clamp your legs!” 179 watched Xia Yi sway and planted the winter melon, and couldn’t help but cried out, “It’s just that the appearance has changed back, and you can still fly, don’t panic!”

“Clamp, clamp it.” Xia Yi’s whole body strength was used on both thighs to make herself stick to the winter melon firmly.

Winter Melon finished the sudden brake and began to execute the next command, diving.

“I’m dying, really dying, dying in the hands of this frenzied winter melon. Brother chase, goodbye in the next life.” Xia Yi closed her eyes, and with the feeling of falling empty, her heart was completely ashamed for a time.

“Host, clamp it.” 179 was still screaming, wishing to rush out of Xia Yi’s mind to help him fix the two thighs.

“My whole body’s strength is used below the waist, how can I clamp it.” Xia Yi’s tears floated in the air.

He is now riding on the wax gourd, like a nuclear bomb rushing to the ground. Seeing that I was getting closer and closer to the ground, I just felt that my soul had already flown out of the sky, and my mind was blank.

Just when he closed his eyes and prepared to meet the impact of the crushed bones, the winter melon stopped sharply.

Feeling that everything was still, and there was no imaginary crash or impact, Xia Yi opened his eyes slightly.

Looking around, I found that I was dangerously hovering about ten feet above the ground, and there were bamboo forests on the left and right, and he had obviously returned to the vicinity of Wangzhuyuan.

“Host, you are still alive.” 179 choked out, with the joy of the rest of his life.

Xia Yi was already pale at this time, eyes blank, only a drop of cold tears slid down the corner of her eyes.

After moving her legs that had lost her feeling, Xia Yi was about to jump off the ground.

But at this moment, this winter melon moved, it moved again!

I saw it accelerate without delay, turn right, and fly along the road extremely fast and close to the ground.

“Host, there is also a right turn in your starting instruction…” 179 wanted to cry without tears. “Clamp…”

Xia Yi couldn’t even make a scream now, closed her lips, and rode pale on the wax gourd.

Winter melon travels at high speed in Qishan Pie.

Passing through a bamboo forest, a sea of flowers, passing a pool of clear water, a group of koi.

Several children who were cleaning in the yard suddenly felt a flower in front of them, and a shadow flashed by silently, and the wind that was brought up dispersed the fallen leaves that had just been swept away.

“Did someone fly by just now?” A child stopped the broom in his hand and looked forward suspiciously.

“I thought it was my dizziness, so you saw it too.” Another child also looked along, “It seems that he even rode a ball.”

The other children answered, “These brothers are really ingenious, magic weapons will always open our eyes.”

Several people agreed and nodded.

After the crazy winter melon was finally quiet, Xia didn’t know how she returned to Wangzhuyuan.

Qishan disciples along the way were greeting him, he just nodded mechanically, and walked back down the road in despair.

Back in the courtyard, Qilin greeted him happily. Xia Yi stretched out her hand to touch his head, went into the room, and fell on the bed.

“Is Junior Brother Xia here?” someone asked loudly in the courtyard.

“Yes.” Could it be that Liu Siqian knew he was coming and sent someone to call him? Xia Yiqiang replied mentally with a hoarse voice, “Come in.”

After the door was knocked twice, the tall man walked in with clear sleeves. He also held a tray in his hand, “Junior Brother Xia, seeing that you didn’t go to dinner, I brought it for you.”

On the one hand, he put the tray on the table and said, “Recently, the martial arts have a new rule that everyone must eat three meals a day.”

Xia also knew about this, so he nodded and thanked Qingxiu.

Qingshou waved his hand repeatedly to say you’re welcome, and turned around to leave, Xia Yi dragged his trembling legs and drove him all the way to the courtyard gate.

Seeing his back disappear outside the bamboo forest, Xia Yi turned around and closed the door.

Suddenly remembered something, “179, he didn’t see the unicorn, right?”

“No, Qilin is very good, he hid before he cleared his sleeves,” said the system.

“What a caring and good son.” Xia Yi sighed and greeted Qilin again, “My son, come and have dinner.”

Qilin suddenly appeared out of nowhere and stood in front of Xia Yi, shocking him.

“Don’t appear silently like this in the future, you know? Daddy can’t bear the slightest stimulus anymore.” Xia Yi taught.

Qilin licked Xia Yi’s hand.

Back in the room, Xia Yi looked at the dishes on the tray, and instantly lost his appetite. Stewed pork ribs with winter melon, braised winter melon and winter melon cake.

I do not want to eat.

It’s upset when you look at it.

Give it all to Kylin.

“Host, when the winter melon recovers some mana, we have to go to see Liu Siqian.” Seeing Xia Yi’s lazy appearance, 179 couldn’t help but remind.

“Don’t sit down, don’t sit down,” Xia Yi shook her head frantically, “Even if a charging pile is tied to it, I won’t sit anymore.”

“But you can’t do this. Look outside, it’s hard to move without a magic weapon.” 179 reminded Xia Yi that he lives on a floating island.

“I’ll stay in the house and don’t go anywhere.” Xia Yi was about to lie down on the bed after speaking, “I stay in the house until I wear it back.”

“Xiao Xia, Xiao Xia.” At this time, there were several shouts from the yard, and the voice sounded like Liu Siqian, and Xia Yi quickly greeted him.

“Oh, Xiaoxia, why don’t you come to me when you are here.” Liu Siqian just took back the magic gourd from the sky, and smiled enthusiastically when he saw Xia Yi: “I still heard the disciple talk about it, so I came here. Let’s see what happens. It really turned out to be you.”

“Isn’t this always doing this magic weapon?” Xia Yi pointed to the winter melon on the table. “Just tried it for a while and I’m still familiar with it.”

Liu Siqian glanced at the winter melon, and just as he was about to speak, his eyes were staring at the courtyard corner.

Xia Yi followed his gaze and saw Qilin was standing there, licking his fluorescent hoof carelessly.

Oops, Xia Yi was shocked, if Qilin was seen in this way, would it be treated as a mountain spirit or something to be eliminated.

Don’t these cultivators take the killing of demons and demons as their life’s work?

He was thinking about countermeasures quickly, and he saw Liu Siqian pointing at the unicorn and saying happily: “You brought the unicorn here too? Okay, good. Hahahahaha, we also have unicorns in the Qishan school.”

After speaking, he walked to the unicorn, turned around and looked carefully, and exclaimed: “It’s a sacred beast, even if it has been raised by leftovers, it is so extraordinary.”

Turning to Xia Yi again, “It is said that Demon Zun Jie Entropy also has a unicorn, but it’s just no chance to see it.”

After thinking for a while, he sighed infinitely: “It’s just said that his one is usually fed with elixir and miraculous fruit, and there is no ordinary thing in his mouth.”

Xia Yi is a little confused now, what does this mean?

Wait, could it be said that the unicorn in his mouth is different from what I thought? Not the name but the kind?

“No, didn’t it look like this when you saw it when you were there?” Xia Yi asked Liu Siqian.

“Yes, that’s it.”

“With horns and four hoofs glowing?” Xia Yi couldn’t believe it.

“Otherwise, what else? Can it still look like a dog?” Liu Siqian asked doubtfully.

At the end, I felt that my answer was quite interesting, and couldn’t help but laugh.

Xia also couldn’t help staying there, “179, what are the unicorns you saw in the farming world?”

“Dog.” 179 replied affirmatively.

Xia Yi sighed for a long time, “It seems that it is still the problem of these immortal cultivators. They think that unicorns are not dogs.”

“It’s normal for a dog to grow like this, and the unicorn looks better than Ahua’s group of dogs, with four shiny hooves and horns on the forehead. Even if the dogs in the village run together, I can recognize the unicorn at a glance.” There is a bit of pride and pride in the words of 179.

Xia Yi:…

“By the way, I came to you because I have something to ask you.” Liu Si moved out and interrupted Xia Yi’s thoughts.

He looked straight and said: “Tianquan Junior Brother, that is, Cheng Ming. After returning from Taoyuan, I said that I saw Cang Yi Xianzun with you. I don’t know if this is the case.”

Xia Yi hurriedly waved his hand, “Misunderstanding, my brother Zhu and your Cang Yi Xianzun look alike, but they are not the same person. It is Xiao Ming. Cheng Ming admitted he was wrong.”

“So that’s the case, I think so. After so many years, Tianquan can’t distinguish between me and the head of Tianxuan.” Liu Siqian nodded calmly. So when I heard Junior Brother Tianquan talk about it, even though I felt it was not true, I still couldn’t help but want to verify it again."

“But some time ago, on Yushu Peak on the main island, a disciple said that he had seen Cang Yixianzun’s Qin Yuan at night. I don’t know the specifics, but from the appearance described by that disciple, ten of them are the piano. Yuan. I just don’t know if it was the enchantment set by the master, or the illusion left by him before he wandered around.” Liu Siqian was still a little bit sighed at this point.

“Now that the head and some of the disciples have been taken away by the people in the Demon Realm, we have joined the great immortals to attack the Demon Realm several times, but we have not been able to rescue them. On the contrary, we are badly injured, broken wings and feathers, and are afraid that it will take a long time to recover. Now I hope to find Cang Yixianzun early and preside over the overall situation for us.”

Xia Yi thought about it, and then told Liu Siqian about the last time she met Cang Yi.

You Xianzun knows about you. However, it is not clear whether he will save these disciples and grandchildren, so suggest not to hold out too much hope.

Liu Siqian was shocked after hearing this, “It turns out that what the disciple said is true, you really met Cangyi Xianzun that night. But why these days have passed, but Xianzun hasn’t been seen?”

Xia Yi shook his head, “I don’t know about that.”

“By the way, can Junior Brother Meng be on your side?” Liu Siqian suddenly thought of Meng Wanzi, frowned slightly, “I don’t worry about anything else, I’m worried that his master and apprentice’s so clean and lonely temperament will not be able to bear it. The ordinary life in Taoyuan is also incompatible with the ordinary people around.”

“It’s pretty good. Old Meng cleaned up a yard and lived in it. It was well furnished. And he was very much in the countryside.” Xia Yi replied.

It is a pity that no camera can capture the harvest of Meng Wanzi wearing a big cotton-padded jacket, holding his hands and Uncle Wang squatting on the ridge.

It looks good to carry a bamboo basket and fork the dung around to pick up cow dung.

“Then I can rest assured.” Liu Siqian breathed a sigh of relief.

Then he gratefully bowed to Xia Yi, “Speaking of which, thanks to Xiaoxia, you helped me in Taoyuan. If this circle is not removed for one day, I may send disciples to be passed on at any time. In Taoyuan Mana. I lost everything, and I couldn’t bring gold and silver. Tianquan was fully prepared last time, but when it was passed away, he only took away a stick and a bowl, leaving a pile of jewels on the ground. Hey…”

Xia Yi hurriedly replied, “You are welcome, Elder Tianji. I am a half Qishan disciple. I can still do anything within my power.”

“So, you can live in Qishan with peace of mind. This Wangzhuyuan is yours. You usually want to practice or play. I will equip this yard with a few more children to use as a call.” Liu Siqian said .

“No need, just clean the room and yard as usual. I don’t need anyone to wait on it.” Xia Yi hurriedly waved his hand and refused.

Asking those eleven or twelve-year-old teenagers to work, I lay there licking sunflower seeds, which really couldn’t adapt.

Seeing that it was late at night, Liu Siqian stopped staying any more. After He Xia Yi left, he took a gourd and left. Xia Yi also returned to the bed and fell heavily, sighing.

I don’t know what happened to Brother Zhu, if he was panicked, and then organized the whole village to find him.

Probably not, after all, he had been vaccinated before. And he watched himself slowly disappear with his own eyes.

I was afraid that he was not at ease, so he had to search everywhere before he stopped.

Hey, the bridegroom disappeared like this on this beautiful night in the bridal chamber, pitying my abandoned bride.

Xia Yi rolled up and down distractedly on the bed, Qilin was lying on the bedside in a nest made of mattresses, half-opened a pair of golden eyes, looking at him meekly.

“Go to sleep, don’t want to think about it, it’s useless to think about it, I don’t know how long it will take to go back this time.” Xia Yi reached out and rubbed Qilin’s head and stuffed herself into the quilt.

When Xia Yi woke up, the sky was bright. The first thing Xia Yi opened her eyes was to look around. The first thing that came into view was the big horned head beside the bed.

“Hey, I haven’t gone back yet.” Xia Yi closed his eyes again in frustration.

“Host, I’m idle and I’m idle, let’s study the magic weapon.” 179 was about to move again.

“I don’t want to move.” Xia Yi lay upright.

“How to see a rainbow without experiencing wind and rain, no one can succeed casually.”

“Don’t you have a morning meeting every day? Don’t be late.” Xia Yi just wanted the system to shut up.

“We haven’t had a morning meeting for a long time.” After a long time, the voice of 179 faintly sounded, “The technical system went to study for further studies, and then we lost contact.”

“How long has it been out of contact?”

“It was lost when Cheng Ming was wearing it.”

Xia Yiman turned over casually, “Don’t worry, when you destroy a few MLM dens, the technical system will naturally come back.”

“This is not a pyramid scheme, it is a real loss of connection.” 179 explained: “As long as there is a network or a place where electrical appliances are energized, we can follow the signal to find the technical system, but his signal can’t be captured.”

“Don’t worry, he is a system that has experienced strong winds and waves, it’s okay.”

“I hope.” 179’s voice was a little dull.

Xia Yi saw that the system was depressed, so she sat up from the bed, “Let’s go, let’s study the magic weapon.”

“I’ll make it bigger and remember the time to see how long it can last in this form.” Xia Yi hugged the winter melon to the center of the courtyard and put it away, meditating silently in her mind.

The winter melon flashed with a green glow, and it grew bigger, sitting in the middle of the courtyard like a small green lacquered garden house.

Xia Yi touched her chin, “179, you help me keep track of the time and see how long it takes to get back to its original state.” After that, she walked to the clean room to wash first.

When left the clean room, eyes scanned the yard, and the huge winter melon was still standing there.

“179, keep staring, I’m going to have breakfast.” After speaking, he walked to the hall again and uncovered a veil on the table.

Yes, seven or eight kinds of dim sum and hot porridge.

This was sent by the child early in the morning, and it might have used some spells, and it won’t get cold if left alone.

Xia Yi slowly enjoyed the hearty breakfast, took one side of the veil, wiped her mouth, and came to the courtyard.

“179, what’s going on with this winter melon, it’s still not restored.” Xia Yi was surprised.

Put you in the middle of the yard and you will be dead.

“I think it’s like a mobile phone. It’s in standby mode, so it doesn’t consume electricity. But after launching, various programs are started, and the power consumption increases sharply.” 179 analyzed and explained.

“Host, why don’t we go to heaven and try?”

What to try? Dare to try? will use this winter melon as a tent in the future.

Xia Yi thought silently in her heart, turning the melon round house into a peanut-sized jade carving, and then put it into the cuff.

“The host, now that you have reached the world of cultivating immortals, let’s start practicing.” The system is indeed a dedicated and dedicated system. If you don’t work for a day, it feels like you have spent half your life.

“What am I cultivating? Do you want me to take root here? I don’t practice, I want to go home.” Xia Yi hugged the unicorn beside him, stroked its head with his hand, sadness came from it, “I I have to go back to continue my wedding night.”

“I’m not going anywhere, doing nothing, I just waited quietly to go home like this.”

The system was silent for a while, “Then the host, let’s go strolling around and see the scenery of the strange mountains and water wonderland? Just take a break, and it won’t work if you stay in the yard.”

“I do not want to see.”

“Then we go to feed the cranes, how about the koi for a while?”

“It’s boring.”

“Go to see the sect young disciples practicing? By the way, there are many senior sisters and younger sisters who are also practicing. They are all in Teng Xiufeng, and they are as beautiful as a god in cultivation, and their posture is quite graceful.” 179 words were temptation.

“What do you mean?” Xia Yi condemned vigilantly: “Seeing that Brother Zhu wasn’t there, so he persuaded me to see the sister?”

179 was a little ashamed at once, and being said so, it seemed that he was indeed the Hupengou friend who instigated him to fool around.

“But since you have already proposed it, forget it, I will reluctantly go and take a look.” After talking, Xia Yi quickly walked to the courtyard gate.

“Xiao Yi!” As soon as I walked out of the hospital, I saw someone facing him shouting in surprise at him, “Hahahaha, it really is you.”

It was Cheng Ming.

“Xiao Ming.” Xia Yi was also very excited to see familiar people here.

“I always remember you, but I didn’t expect you to pass it over, which made me happy.” Cheng Ming walked up with a smile, “I came to you as soon as I got the news last night.”

“You came last night? I definitely didn’t hear it when I slept.” Xia Yi felt a little embarrassed when he thought that Cheng Ming would come to visit him but was locked out of the courtyard.

A trace of embarrassment appeared on Cheng Ming’s face, “Neither, I turned to midnight in the sky and didn’t find the way to look at the bamboo courtyard. I turned back somehow afterwards. I let a child lead the way before I got here this morning. .”

Almost forgot Xiao Ming’s idiot attributes.

Cheng Ming embraced his shoulders enthusiastically, “It’s not easy for you to come here. I have to take you around to see the beautiful scenery of Qishan. By the way, where are you going to go out now?”

Xia Yi was embarrassed to say that she was going to Teng Xiufeng to see the seniors and sisters practicing, so she said, “I just wander around.”

“You can’t go around, I’ll take you to a good place.” Looking around, Cheng Ming said to Xia Yi in a low voice, “Teng Xiufeng has a wonderful scenery, you will know it when you see it.”

When he finished speaking, he waved his hand to beckon the magic weapon. Suddenly he remembered something, “Said that the unicorn is also here?” Then he looked around.

Qilin was standing in the yard sneakily, looking at this side with half his head exposed. When he saw that it was his own little brother, he couldn’t help but let out a low growl.

“The unicorn is indeed here.” Cheng Ming was overjoyed and shouted: “Come and play with the unicorn.”

Xia Yi was originally worried that others would treat unicorns as monsters, but seeing Liu Siqian and Cheng Ming’s attitude, he relaxed, and said, “Son, let’s go, let’s go together.”

The unicorn trot out, shaking his tail like an iron whip excitedly, and instantly drew a few deep grooves on the stone pavement, bursting out a few small sparks.

After a few clicks, the stone pavement cracked.

“It’s alright, don’t flick your tail, you are called vandalism.” Xia Yi hurriedly stopped.

Cheng Ming spread out his hand, holding a small square iron plate in his palm with an iron spoon on it. With a wave of his hand, he grew up in the air instantly, like a Simmons.

“Is this your magic weapon?” Xia Yi stared at the Simmons with his eyes glowing.

“Yes, it’s Sinan.” Cheng Ming leaped slightly, his slightly fat body was so light that he stood up at once.

“This magic weapon is not bad.” Xia Yi reached out and touched, thinking of something, and said suspiciously: “You can’t stand up and fly, right?”

“No, it’s something you young people love to play with. I can’t stand that kind of stimulation when I’m older.”

That’s good, that’s all, Xia Yi happily climbed up Simmons, “Let’s go, go shopping. Anyway, no matter where you go, I always remember the way back, and I have a good sense of direction.”

After climbing up, he summoned Qilin, “Son, come up soon, son.”

“Kirin will keep up by itself,” Cheng Ming said. As soon as the voice fell, Simmons took off steadily.

“Don’t let him run down there-” Xia Yi swallowed without saying a word.

I saw the fluorescence of the unicorn’s four hoofs suddenly dazzling, like a few silver cold flames, and it actually flew up, quietly following Simmons.

“179, am I dazzled? The unicorn can fly, it will fly.” Xia Yi murmured.

“Host, this is the first time I have seen a flying dog.” 179’s tone was also shocked.

Isn’t it a dog? In the farming world, you can see that its appearance is different from those of big flowers, and you still think it is a dog?

My unicorn is really a unicorn. It’s a pity that there is no Baidu Encyclopedia, so I can’t check my son’s noble lineage.

“It’s not a unicorn that can be eaten in particular, isn’t it?”


“I was bombed by firecrackers during the New Year-, that’s not the case. New Year’s Eve.”

Xia Yi breathed a sigh of relief, thinking that he was a little proud. Raising a dog at random has become a sacred animal. I am a child of destiny, ha ha.

Cheng Ming’s magic weapon is really good, much better than those weird flying vehicles before. And as Cheng Ming’s direction changed slightly, the big spoon in the middle also turned slightly.

“Si Nan has been pointing to the south, right?” Xia Yi asked.

“Yes.” Cheng Ming stood steadily in the front corner with his hand held steady, his clothes fluttering, his eyes wisely staring at the front, and he couldn’t tell that he was a road idiot.

“Then why are you getting lost?”

“Because I don’t know where I am going.” Cheng Ming answered with confidence.

Xia Yi was about to say something when Cheng Ming suddenly said to him hurriedly: “Head down.” His voice was tense.

“No, this is an enemy? Demon people?” Xia Yi snorted in her heart and buried her head obediently.

Cheng Ming’s voice sounded again, “Go back two steps and then raise your head.” Xia Yi quickly climbed back two steps, then raised his head and looked around quickly.

There is nothing unusual, there is nothing above, around, or below, there are only floating clouds.

“I just turned the corner and the ground is spinning, I’m afraid that the handle of the spoon will hit your head, haha.” Cheng Ming just finished speaking, and then he cried out, “Head down.”

I saw the iron plate turning quickly, and a shadow had arrived in front of him, it was the huge spoon handle.

Xia Yi leaned down again in an instant, and the handle of the spoon swept past his head.

I finally knew why this Simmons was so big, Cheng Ming would still stand by the side.

“Huh? Where did I go?” Cheng Ming asked suspiciously, “Xiao Yi, do you remember the way back?”

I lie on this iron plate and dare not look up. Where can I remember the way?

Xia Yi tentatively raised her head, “Don’t turn, let me stand up first.” After speaking, she slowly got up from the iron plate tremblingly.

“Yes, when you are standing, you jump up and avoid when the turf turns to the handle of the spoon. You must be optimistic about the way, or you won’t be able to go back later.”

Xia Yi looked outside the iron plate, dizzy in his head.

Even if I can stand firmly, do I have to jump back and forth at 10,000 meters?

“Kirin, son, come here and let daddy help.”

Qilin flew to Xia Yi obediently, and stood on the iron plate, letting him hold his neck tightly.

“Attention, I’m going to turn.” Cheng Ming reminded loudly.

What are you turning? Can’t you just go straight because you seem to be familiar with the route?

“1, 2, 3, smash, jump.”

“Jump again.”

Qilin jumped with Xia Yi.

Fortunately, after a short while, a beautiful and verdant mountain appeared in front of him, towering into the clouds. Cheng Ming said happily, “Teng Xiufeng is here.”

The iron plate slowly landed and stopped at the foot of the mountain.

“I can’t remember any other places, but I remember the route to Teng Xiufeng very clearly.” Cheng Ming felt frustrated after speaking, glanced at Xia Yi, and saw that his face was not different, and explained: “The main thing is here. The scenery is good, so I come often.”

Haha, you don’t need to explain, I understand it in my heart.

Following the trail all the way up, Cheng Ming gave Xia Yi a detailed introduction to what kind of tree this is and what kind of fruit it is.

As he said, he stopped, and said in a loss: “Unfortunately, I haven’t tasted the taste of the heavenly spirit fruit, so I was passed on.”

Xia Yi was also full of sympathy.

He watched how Cheng Ming carefully guarded the radish, and his whole heart was on the ground.

It can be said that it is not called serving the field, but serving the confinement.

As a result, he was passed on as soon as the radishes were harvested.

“By the way, 179, didn’t you let you keep the carrot in the system space? See if you can take it out.”

“A good host, I was originally a cultivating system.” 179.

“Then you take a few out, make Little Ming happy first, and bring him back to stew the ribs.” Xia Yi said.


As soon as the voice of 179 fell, Xia Yi’s hand sank, and there were already a few more items.

Is this my carrot? Xia Yi looked down.

I saw that although the shape of this thing resembled a radish, it was much smaller and looked more like ginseng. The skin is red, transparent and smooth, with a shimmer like jade in the sun.

Cheng Ming also looked over at this time, his eyes were fixed on the radish, and he exclaimed excitedly, “heavenly spirit Guo! Xiao Yi, you also brought heavenly spirit Guo!”

This is amazing, the unicorn in their eyes is not a dog, it really becomes a unicorn. This radish has also changed, becoming the heavenly spirit fruit in Cheng Ming’s mouth.

Xia also wanted to ask 179, but felt that she would not get a satisfactory answer.

Sure enough, after hearing his question, 179 was puzzled and asked: “Isn’t this the radish? It’s bright red. Although it looks different from the radishes in other places, it is because our radishes grow well. .”

Cheng Ming took the so-called Heavenly Spirit Fruit that Xia Yi handed him, cherished it in his hand, smiled so that his eyes were narrowed into a line, and praised in his mouth: “Good baby, good baby.”

Seeing him like this, Xia Yi was probably reluctant to stew the ribs, so she asked, “How are you going to eat Lingguo today?”

“How to eat? Of course, it is to cut off a thin piece of clothing, pack the rest in a jade box, and then seal it up with spells.” Cheng Ming waved his hand, and the sky spirit fruit disappeared from his hand. What kind of ring space is it?

There are many such objects in Xiuxian’s novels. In every seemingly ordinary ring, there is either space or an old man lives.

“Xiao Ming, if you suddenly have a few hundred catties of Heavenly Spirit Fruit, how do you plan to eat it?” Xia Yi asked.

Cheng Ming glanced at him reproachfully, “The rare and precious fruit is not a radish, how can it be calculated with a catty.” After thinking about it, he said with emotion: “But the Tianlingguo you planted in Taoyuan has more than a hundred roots, which is enough. It’s too much.”

100 roots? That’s because you didn’t see the yield of my three acres of land.

“Xiao Ming, in the future, you can open your belly and eat it. All the heavenly spirit fruit will do. You can make the soup or braise it in brown sauce.” Xia Yi finished speaking and waved his hand pretentiously while letting 179 take the heavenly spirit fruit.

A pile of heavenly spirit fruit suddenly appeared on the ground in front of Cheng Ming, glowing red and bright, blinding his wide eyes.

“Lingguo, you did your work this day. You deserve it.” Xia Yihao said dryly and loudly. A local tyrant said to others, have you seen this yacht? This is your kind of exhilaration.

After speaking, he took out another one and handed it to the unicorn, “Son, you can eat too.” The unicorn snorted and gnawed in his mouth.

Cheng Ming grunted a few times in his throat, rolled his eyes and fell down.

Chapter 43

The scenery of Teng Xiufeng is really good, with peaks and mountains, clear water like a mirror, and the peaks of the broken clouds are like clusters of small islands, and the milky white clouds hang on the top of the mountain and are connected in a line.

Xia Yi strolled on the stone steps, admiring the strange trees and grass along the way. Cheng Ming followed behind in a daze, his thoughts still immersed in the shock that the pile of heavenly spirits brought him.

Suddenly there was a few babbles from the woman in front, and then, a large colorful butterfly exploded from the grass in front, covering the sky colorfully.

Among them, several women in light gauze dresses were flying gracefully.

Xia Yi touched Cheng Ming next to him, “Xiao Ming, is this the beautiful scenery you showed me?”

“En?” Cheng Ming was awakened from his absence, and followed Xia Yi’s gaze absent-mindedly.

Nodded casually, made a double chuckle in his mouth, and stared at the stone beside him in a daze. Obviously, he continued to be immersed in the world of Heavenly Spirit Fruit.

“179, is this my senior sister and younger sister?” Xia Yi saw that Cheng Ming looked unaccustomed and had to chat with the system.

“Yes, host, do you feel better? Looking at these Biteian, Caidi, Yunyan, and beautiful women, it’s like a fairyland. No, this is a fairyland.” 179’s mechanical voice is also a little excited.

It’s okay, but I would rather watch Brother Chase farming.

When Xia Yi thought of Gu Wenzhu, her mood fell again, and she used her finger to pick the bark beside her.

“No matter how beautiful these senior sisters and younger sisters are, in my heart I can’t keep up with what happened when I pulled the bull and plowed the ground.”

“I miss him so much, go and urge your main system to send me back.”

The two attracted the attention of the female disciples, and stopped practicing and began to whisper.

“Elder Tianquan came to see us to practice again, and this time he brought a senior who hadn’t seen him.”

“This brother is so handsome.”

“I don’t want to think about how old I am. I can return it to my brother or my nephew.”

“These brothers and sisters love to see us do the exercises. Today, the sisters will show off and look at the first brother Jun, who is here for the first time.”

“Good, good.”

The female disciples all covered their mouths and snickered, staring at Xia Yi, who was still bowing his head and picking up the bark.

“Still shy, so cute.”

As a result, a group of female disciples of Teng Xiufeng, who looked like a fairy, began a beautiful stage performance.

**Jing Hao Tian mirror and everything are taken out and placed in place, reflecting the dazzling colorful light. Recruit a few mountain spirits to play music nearby. Put on all the light veils, the longer the better, don’t be too cumbersome and wait for the shirtless practice.

get ready.


Pay attention to blowing up thousands of colorful butterflies at the same time.

Hurry up, hurry up, shuttle up.

Sisters, graceful, that’s it.

The entire valley is dazzling with dazzling colors, celestial music repeats, and light gauze fills the sky.

On the stone next to them, Cheng Ming and Xia Yi sat in a daze, looking at the sky and picking the bark, completely free from the situation.

“179, what if I can’t go back?”

“Host, don’t worry, you still don’t believe in the strong expertise of our system? We can fix the loopholes as soon as possible and let you go home.”

“Yeah, I should really believe you. You definitely won’t be able to solve the loopholes in a short time. Maybe I can go home after a while.”

After being said by 179, Xia Yi got a little bit more vigorous and restored some confidence in being able to go home.

After the female disciples put out their best efforts to perform, they found that the two audience members were distracted. So he stopped angrily, rolled his eyes at them, and then dissipated.

Two blind men?


“Xiao Ming, let’s go back.” Xia Yi got up boredly and greeted Cheng Ming.

If you say dance, just dance. don’t know why these elder sisters and younger sisters have to put in a few mirrors. The light dangles from time to time so that people can’t open their eyes.

The music is also loud and horribly noisy. Can’t let people quietly miss Brother Zhu, immersed in their own little emotions.

These elder sisters and younger sisters, the square dance seems to be a bit annoying to the people.

Not fun.

Cheng Ming was called by Xia Yi, and then he came back to his senses and looked around in confusion, “Aren’t there usually many disciples practicing here? There is no one today?”

Xia Yi glanced at him strangely, “Did you not notice such a big movement just now? What kind of look?”

“Oh oh oh,” Cheng Ming nodded indiscriminately, “I didn’t pay attention, I went thinking about Tianlingguo.”

After speaking, he said nothing, his eyes staring forward blankly, and a silly smile appeared on his face.

Xia Yi had to shake his hand before his eyes and shouted helplessly: “Xiao Ming, go, go back.”

Cheng Ming was awakened abruptly, and quickly calmed down the expression on his face. He recruited the Sinan again and floated steadily in the low altitude.

Xia Yi froze as soon as she saw this thing. She really didn’t want to experience the feeling of jumping at a height of 10,000 meters. He couldn’t help but ask: “Do you have any other magic weapons? You can fly. Don’t pick, whatever. The shape allows me to sit securely.”

After thinking about it, I added, “As long as it can stand still.”

“No, isn’t this bad?”

“I can’t get used to it.” Xia Yi gritted her teeth, and had to prepare to climb up to the Sinan. “You only have to persist, otherwise you can’t go back.”

“Then why don’t you ride a sacred beast?” Cheng Ming showed an unbelievable expression, “Didn’t you take the unicorn and ride Sinan because you like my magic weapon so much?”

Who likes it? Who likes to sit on this spoon? Wait, what do you mean, I can ride a unicorn?

“Sure beasts can ride.” Cheng Ming said enviously, “Who wouldn’t want to have a beast? All these years, I only heard that there is a unicorn in Demon Lord Jie Entropy. I don’t know which one is better than yours. .”

After thinking for a while, he asked in confusion, “Could it be that you are the Jie Entropy?”

“Is this unicorn my good? It’s still a pup. When the unicorn was a pup, I took it home and raised it by myself.” Xia Yi raised her volume and said vigilantly.

Then he turned around and called the unicorn who had gone crazy without knowing where he went, “Erzha, erzha, let’s go back.”

After a while, saw Qilin running upside down from the mountain road in the distance, his tail wagging all the way and the rocks scattered and splashed.

“My dear son, let me ride it back, okay?” When he ran to her front, Xia Yi asked cautiously while stroking the unicorn.

Upon hearing this, Qilin loosened his forefoot and knelt on the ground. With two round eyes that were as clear and golden as amber, he looked at Xia Yi meekly.

Xia Yi saw that it was not very large, and again confirmed to Cheng Ming, “I can really ride it? Will it not be crushed?”

“Don’t worry. For your small body, don’t say one, let’s have ten, one hundred and one thousand. As long as you can sit down, you will have no effort on the unicorn.”

Xia Yi felt excited and rubbed her hands. The original world had even seen a video of riding a pig, and had never seen a dog riding.

Then I’m welcome.

When Xia Yi straddled up and helped its neck, the fluorescent hoof of Qilin began to flash, and then took off steadily.

The speed is increased from slow to fast, and the ride feels very comfortable at the start.

Xia Yi flew in the sky several times, and finally felt the joy of flying.

Qilin flew quite steadily, and adjusted his flying angle with Xia Yi’s sitting posture, so that he would not deviate from his back.

Xia Yi gradually let go of the hand that was holding Qilin’s neck tightly, and the whole person relaxed, enjoying the scenery on the ground with peace of mind.

Hahaha, hahahahaha, above the clouds, he sprinkled wild laughter all the way.

Seeing that the unicorn was not controlled by humans, Cheng Ming flew towards the main island, his eyes dripping with jealousy.

After a while, Qilin slowed down and began to land slowly. When it sank, he turned his head and hummed to Xia Yi as a reminder.

“Son, go to Feiyu Island first and send Little Ming home.” Seeing that the landing point that Qilin was aiming at was the main entrance of Qishan Island, Xia Yi patted it on the head and ordered.

Qilin grunted again, as if responding. Then he glide towards the flying feather floating island ahead.

Cheng Ming watched from behind, almost crying.

First sent Cheng Ming, who didn’t know the road, back to his own courtyard, and then Xia Yi rode a unicorn to the main island.

Just after landing outside the mountain gate, I heard a familiar hello from above my head, “Junior Brother Xia.”

Xia Yi looked up and saw the silver UFO.

So he also called out affectionately: “Brother Qinghui.”

Although he couldn’t see Qinghui’s person, his voice was a little anxious, “Junior Brother Xia, have you seen the Third Elder?”

Liu Siqian? Xia Yi replied loudly, “I haven’t seen it, what happened?”

“Someone is destroying the medicine field where the third elders are in Juxia Valley, right in front of the foot of the mountain.” Qinghui’s voice was still a little frustrated.

“Ah? Did someone in the Demon Realm do it?” Xia Yi asked vigilantly.

Anyway, the devil world in the novel is very abnormal. It sounds like a flower that has ruined Qishan. In fact, the flower may be deadly poison to them.

There is no reason for it, it’s just that just can’t understand it.

Otherwise, how do you deserve to be called the Demon World?

He didn’t hear Qinghui’s answer, and he was probably shaking or nodding.

Then, his voice came from above his head, “I don’t know if it is from the demon world. When I saw him, he was destroying the field, and the treasure was a hoe.

“This person has a high level of cultivation, and I stretched out my hand but he couldn’t pull him. I tried to tentatively. Although he didn’t fight back, my spell hit him like a stone, and it didn’t work at all.”

At this point, Qinghui’s voice became angry, “I know my skills are not as good as others, but when I use spells, he still mocks me for cramps.”

“It’s really unreasonable.” Xia Yi also felt a little angry. “You can ask his name and find some elders to help you.”

“I asked, he said his name is Gu Wenzhu.”


“What’s your name?” Xia Yi’s heartbeat speeded up suddenly, suspecting that she hadn’t heard clearly.

“Gu Wenzhu. It seems that our school didn’t offend this person, and the name is tight.”

Before Qinghui finished speaking, he saw a black beast. Arrows sprang from his side and rushed towards the sky, with four fireflies flashing under his feet.

Xia Yi was on his back.

“What’s wrong with Junior Brother Xia? Just leave. What’s the ride?” Qinghui looked at the background where Xia Yi had disappeared in surprise, and carefully searched for information about the beast just now.

Four hooves are on fire, there are horns on the forehead, horse body, dragon scales…

Could it be a unicorn?!

Chapter 44

Xia Yi flew towards the foot of the mountain on a unicorn, pounding in her heart.

He pressed his lips tightly, his face flushed with excitement, his hands were clenched into fists and placed on both sides of Qilin’s neck, his knuckles were pinched white.

Did Brother Zhu also wear it? Or is it just someone with the same name and surname as him?

Anticipation surged in heart, thinking that Qilin could see people sooner if he was faster. was afraid that expectations would fail, and couldn’t help feeling anxious, thinking that Qilin could slow down.

Unconsciously breathing is getting faster and faster, and my heartbeat is getting faster and faster, so I have to take a few deep breaths to calm myself down.

Don’t hold out too much hope, it may just be called by this name.

Xia Yi couldn’t help but sniffed sadly at the moment when he was wearing it, Brother Zhu’s panicked face.

Qilin also seemed to sense the anxiety in Xia Yi’s heart, and flew faster and faster. In a short while, a large sea of colorful flowers appeared on the ground in the distance.

I think this is the medicine field in Qinghui’s mouth.

The unicorn flew low over the medicine field, passing the purple herbs. There was a wave of wind and waves in the passing place, and the purple stalks undulated in patches, and then rippled away like water waves.

Xia Yi stuck his head out, and his eyes swept down the boundary.

Suddenly, from a distance, a familiar figure appeared in a corner of the corner. He also set up a pergola with his forehand, looking at him and Qilin in this direction.

The long figure, the familiar blue shirt, and the raised right sleeve is also inlaid with a circle of purple. Who else could it be if it wasn’t Gu Wenzhu?

Xia Yi couldn’t help but let out a whimper of joy from her throat, and her whole heart seemed to swell.

Qilin also saw Gu Wenzhu, let out a low growl of excitement, and flew towards him quickly.

Gu Wen was hoeing the ground one by one in the field. The moment he got up to wipe his sweat, he saw a small black spot flying from the horizon.

The thing moved extremely fast in the sky, and it had arrived close in a short while. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a monster flying in the sky.

Vaguely, it seemed that there was still a person sitting on it.

Seeing the monster coming in his direction, Gu Wen showed a vigilant expression and clenched the iron hoe in his hand.

No matter what it is, as long as it shows malicious intent to attack itself, it can’t make it easier in any way.

Seeing it soaring not far away in an instant, Gu Wen stared at its eyes intensively. Ready to wait for the moment it sprints against him, swinging his hoe to give it a heavy blow to the head.

When he was arching his back and ready to go, I suddenly heard a familiar call from the monster, “Brother Cha!”

It’s Xiao Yi’s voice.

Gu Wen froze in place instantly.

The monster stopped in front of him, gasping for his breath with his tongue open, a furry head poked out from its back.

A pair of almond eyes are full of joy, the delicate bridge of the nose is still covered with sweat, and the porcelain-white skin is also pink because of excitement.

Because against the sun, the whole body seemed to be coated with a layer of orange, which made Gu Wen dizzy slightly.

It was Xia Yi he had been looking for in the past two days.

Xia also saw Gu Wen standing in a daze. He closed his eyes first, then opened his eyes and looked at him incredulously. He couldn’t help but yelled again.

“Xiao Yi.” Gu Wenzhu finally awakened, and hurriedly took a few steps forward and stretched out his hands towards Xia Yi above his head.

As soon as he stretched out his hand, Xia Yi eagerly tried to jump down, and fell into Gu Wenzhu’s arms like a young bird throwing a forest.

“Brother Zhu, Brother Zhu.” Xia Yi clung to Gu Wenzhu’s neck, his eyes red.

Although he hadn’t seen it in a short time, his heart was always in fear.

I’m afraid I won’t be able to go back this time, or even if I can go back, I don’t know when.

He has lost his parents and has no relatives except Gu Wenzhu.

If he loses this only bond and stays alone in this world of cultivating immortals, he doesn’t know if he can sustain it anymore.

Gu Wenzhu also hugged Xia Yi tightly, murmured his name, and kissed the top of his hair lightly.

It seems that the lost treasure has been found again, and never want to let go.

Xia Yi buried her face in Gu Wenzhu’s neck, smelled the familiar breath of vegetation, listened to his low voice, felt the hug that was too tight to breathe, and the anxiety in her heart slowly dissipated.

“Brother Zhu, how did you come here?” For a long time, Xia Yicai asked softly in Gu Wenzhu’s arms, his voice groaning and sticky.

179 made a sound of toothache.

“Although Lao Tzu is a steel man, he can also turn into a soft finger in front of his wife.” Xia Yi became angry and roared in his head, “Hurry up and disappear for me!”

Then I switched the audio without barriers, and called out again, “Brother Zhu.” The voice seemed to be mixed with honey.

179 couldn’t stand it anymore and disappeared immediately.

“That night you suddenly became fuzzy, and shouted no. I stretched out my hand to catch, but couldn’t catch it, my hand was empty. Seeing you slowly disappeared, there was a light spin around my body, and I didn’t I thought about it and jumped in.”

Gu Wen remembered the panic and despair of losing Xia Yi at that time, and it was unavoidable that there was another lingering fear.

He lifted Xia Yi’s face and kissed him carefully, then hugged him tightly, carefully feeling the flexibility in his arms, which gave him a sense of reality.

“I looked at you in that light rotation, but my eyes were dazzled, and I couldn’t see anything. I was panicking, and I was standing here when I found my surroundings recovered. I didn’t dare to move at first, thinking it was an illusion, and then I remembered it later. This may be what you are talking about.” Gu Wen whispered in a low voice.

“I didn’t believe it before. I always thought you were bewildered by Fangxian Dao. Now I know it’s true.”

“I just met Senior Brother Qinghui. He said he met you in the medicine field. I couldn’t believe it when I first heard your name.” Xia Yi saw that Gu Wenzhu still had anxiety on his face, and he would stretch out his hand from time to time. Pinch on yourself, as if confirming whether the person in front of you is real. Feeling distressed, he pecked comfortably on his face.

“I guess you are here too, so I want to find you. But I have searched all over this area, and I haven’t met a single person, so I can’t find out. I don’t know how long to stay here, I just thought It’s better to cultivate a few acres of land first, and when you have something to take with you, then go to the world to find you.” Gu Wen said lowly.

So, did you plan Liu Siqian’s medicine field for him?

“Then what did you eat these two days?” Xia Yi was distressed and worried.

“Don’t worry, you can’t be hungry. There are so many wild animals around here, and I am not afraid to hide when I see people, so I hunted a few rabbits to eat.”

“I couldn’t find people everywhere, so I came back here. I saw that this field was deserted, with only some weeds growing, and a hoe. I thought that if there was land, there would be people. I first cultivated a wasteland to grow food, and so on. When you meet the owner, you will pay the rent.” Gu Wen looked around and felt a little uneasy. “You said it’s not a weed, it’s a medicinal herb?”

“Then how did you start with Brother Qinghui?” Xia Yi didn’t answer his question, because he was afraid that he would be more upset. Since this medicinal field was moved by Liu Si, he will bear the consequences and how much compensation is needed for Gu Wen.

“That person was your Senior Brother Qinghui, right? I didn’t do anything with him.” Gu Wen explained hurriedly.

“I’ve been cultivating the land, and he came just as soon as it was a small size. I asked my name first, and then grabbed my hoe without saying anything. I just grabbed the hoe and didn’t give it to him.”

“I saw that he was wearing the same clothes as Cheng Ming back then, so I wanted to ask if he knew your whereabouts. But he surrounded me, grabbed a plate and started dancing. I thought he was cramping, so I asked him a few times. Be even more angry. When he finished dancing, I couldn’t ask him about your whereabouts, so he made the plate bigger, stepped on it, and flew away.”

“We really didn’t do it.” Gu Wenzhu’s black eyes were all innocent.

“I know.” Xia Yi raised his head and snorted on Gu Wen’s face, then rubbed his head into a mess.

Seeing that his face was full of indulgence and helplessness, his heart was full of joy, “Brother Qinghui misunderstood, I will go to him to explain clearly.”

“Then this grass, what should I do with this medicine?” Gu Wen looked at the grass roots that had been dug up, very embarrassed, “I have to find a way to compensate them.”

Before the voice was over, heard a call from a distance, full of breath, full of strong anger.

“Who came from? Why destroy my medicine field?”

With that sound, the two of them were shrouded in a shadow.

A huge, smooth gourd fell from the sky, and it was in front of the two of them in an instant, sinking and floating slightly in the air.

Behind the gourd, followed by a group of Qishan disciples driving various magic weapons.

Qinghui’s UFO closely followed the gourd, poked his head and looked down, and said angrily: “Master, this is the servant.”

“Xiao Yi stepped aside, this person’s cultivation is not low, let me deal with him.” Liu Siqian stood steadily in front of the gourd, holding a long sword in his hand, and pointed the sharp tip of the sword at Gu Wenzhu on the ground. .

“You” However, after seeing Gu Wenzhu’s face, the pre-war provocation came to an abrupt end and swallowed in his throat like that.

Liu Siqian stared at Gu Wenzhu in a daze, his face was uncertain, and his sword was also drooping.

Asked tentatively, “Xianzun?”

“No, you are not Xianzun, who are you?” Liu Siqian raised his sword again, and re-pointed it at Gu Wenzhu, with a stern expression on his face.

Isn’t he blind face like Cheng Ming’s, and instantly discovered that Gu Wenzhu and Cang Yi are not the same person, just similar in appearance.

The disciples behind him could no longer hold back, “The elder, don’t talk nonsense with him, he changed to look like an immortal, and ruined your medicine field, he must be a demon demon. Let the disciples take him down first.”

After speaking, several impatient disciples had already flown to the front, showing off their weapons one after another, and heading away towards Gu Wen.

As soon as Xia Yi saw this scene, his whole mind was lost. What’s wrong with this? If you say you want to get a knife, you get a knife?

Seeing several disciples attacking Gu Wen one by one, he suddenly rushed forward two steps sideways, opened his hand to block Gu Wenzhu in front, and shouted in panic: “If you have something to say, don’t be rough!”

After those disciples issued sword moves, they moved with the sword and could no longer hold back the offensive. Caught off guard, Xue Liang’s sword tip was handed to Xia Yi’s chest.

The tip of the sword instantly magnified in front of Xia Yi’s eyes, followed by a few panicked faces, and Liu Siqian and Qinghui’s exclamations were heard in their ears.

Knowing that he was inevitable, he gritted his teeth and closed his eyes.

I hope that the stabbing is in my shoulder, don’t stabbing the heart, liver, spleen, lungs, kidneys and large arteries!

However, the imaginary pain did not come. Two or three seconds later, only the muffled noise and a few screams of heavy objects fell from a distance.

Xia Yi opened his eyes and saw that everyone in Qishan was shocked, staring blankly at his direction. The disciples who had done their work were lying on the ground ten meters away mourning and crying, and the weapons in their hands were gone.

Xia Yi followed their gazes and turned to look behind him, only to see Gu Wen throwing a few swords in his hand on the ground, making a few screams.

He stood in place without saying a word, his expression gloomy and ruthless. He lowered his head slightly, the corners of his lips pressed tightly down, and stared coldly at the group of people on the opposite side.

The whole person exudes a bloodthirsty breath like a beast.

Chapter 45

Liu Siqian stared blankly, and the gaze of the person in front of him instantly reminded him of the other person.

In that siege that he never wanted to recall anymore, that person also stood in the hall of Yulumen with his head slightly down, with the head of Wu Qianyuan, the master of Yulumen in his hand.

The head was still open with gray eyes, and drops of blood dripped down the corner of the man’s robe, converging into a bright red pool at his feet.

He slowly looked around at the crowd with a beast-like gaze.

Liu Siqian’s eyes met with him, the cold and bloodthirsty feeling made his heart squeeze, and he couldn’t help but feel the horror of being stared at by a large beast.

Xia Yi had already reacted at this time. Seeing everyone looking behind her with fear and suspicion, she waved her hands quickly: “Your own people are all your own. Don’t panic, he is not a bad person, he is my daughter-in-law.”

“Your daughter-in-law?” Liu Siqian suddenly awakened from the memory, looking at Gu Wen and Xia Yi, his expression was a little dazed, and he couldn’t react for a while.

“Yes, my daughter-in-law, that is the Cang Yi Xianzun whom Cheng Ming said he saw in Taoyuan.” Xia Yi explained anxiously.

“Then where did his cultivation come from? I didn’t even see it clearly. He took the weapons of several disciples, and the people were knocked out.” Liu Siqian was still a little dazed, feeling extremely unbelievable in his heart. .

I don’t know this. Anyway, the dogs around me can turn into beasts, and the radishes turn into fairy fruits. So what’s the surprise when my man becomes Ultraman?

After all, I am the son of luck.

Only then did Xia Yi look back at Gu Wenzhu. Seeing that he was still tense and staring at everyone fiercely, he hurriedly leaned forward to calm down and said softly: “Brother Zhu, Brother Zhu, it’s okay, it’s safe. It was a misunderstanding just now, don’t be angry.”

“Misunderstanding? They almost killed you. Is this still a misunderstanding?” Gu Wen gritted his teeth word by word.

Red threads began to appear under his eyes again, and his whole body trembled slightly because of the fear of Xia Yi almost lost because of Shi Shi.

Seeing that he seemed to be about to do something again, Xia Yi cried out inwardly. I couldn’t even care about being under the eyes of so many people, I rushed up and hugged Gu Wenzhu’s waist tightly, saying: “Daughters-in-law, they are all my own. They are my brothers and sisters, just not on purpose. "

The disciples who were knocked into the air were also helped up at this time, staggered forward, bowed and apologized to Xia Yi with anxiety, “Junior Brother Xia, we all blame us for being reckless, and I think it is the Devildom without asking clearly. Demon, I rashly shot and almost hurt you.”

“It’s fortunate to be blocked by this young man, otherwise we will be to blame for our deaths.”

After finishing speaking, he bowed his fists to Gu Wen and gave a deep salute. When bend over, don’t know where the injuries are caused on body, and every one of them grinned and didn’t dare to make a sound.

Gu Wen looked down at Xia Yi, who was holding him tightly, and saw that the eyes looking at him were full of panic. The soaring anger in my heart couldn’t help but slowly extinguished, and people calmed down.

Although his face was still cold, but there was no tendency to rush to fight.

Xia Yi couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

“Junior Brother Xia, isn’t it wrong that he is a man? Is he your wife? Or is his name called your wife?” Qinghui looked up and down Gu Wenzhu with good eyeballs, and repeatedly confirmed that the man in front of him is indeed male. , Could not help but asked the question in his mind.

Xia Yi was too lazy to explain, and said concisely: “Man, his name is Gu Wenzhu, my lady.”

Liu Siqian jumped off the gourd, walked up to Xia Yi’s ear, and asked in a low voice: “Is this really your mother, mother? Did he pass through too?”

He looked at Gu Wenju, who was tall and long, with a cold face, and said the word “Lady” with difficulty.

“Yeah, he wore it with me, and he came here as soon as he came over. He didn’t recognize your medicinal plant and thought it was a weed, so he wanted to open it out to grow grain.” Xia Yi explained in a shameless voice. lower and lower.

Liu Siqian then moved his gaze to the ground.

Looking at the ground that had been turned over one by one by Gu Wen, and then at the broken roots of medicine placed on the side, his face began to twitch involuntarily, and his lips trembled.

He hurried to the ridge, staggering two steps on the road. Carefully picked up the broken roots and held them in the palm of his hand, trying to join the two pieces together again.

Finally put it down in despair, and slowly covered his face with his hands, his tone was a little choked, “This is my Muge, my Muge. I have reached a bottleneck in my cultivation, and I hoped that subduing Muge could have something. The breakthroughs were meticulously guarded for decades before they sprout, and they are gone, they are all gone.”

“Elder, I’m sorry, I ruined your herb. I don’t know how to compensate, or if you replant it, Brother Zhu and I will keep it for you for decades and replant this herb.” Xia Yiman feels ashamed and feels helpless. Standing there, I don’t know what to do.

Seeing him like this, Gu Wen stretched out his hand to hold his finger, and said softly, “It’s okay, if you want to guard, we will be together. How many years will do.”

“Don’t be moved by Liu Si.” 179 who had been silent all the time suddenly said, “Where is this medicinal herb for decades? Bah, the last time you planted it and sold it to the military camp in the county, you only need a few copper plates. A pound.”

“How can I grow any Muge? A few copper plates cost a jin. Don’t talk nonsense here, I’m thinking about how to compensate Liu Siqian.” Xia Yi was dissatisfied with 179 and came out to gag at this time.

I don’t look at the color to distinguish the occasion.

“How can I be nonsense? This onion can be turned into a fairy grass by changing its name? You can’t tell or are you stupid?” The words of 179 were aggrieved. I went to the county to sell it to the barracks.”

“Onion? Is the onion we planted?” Xia Yi asked quickly.

“Yeah, didn’t the onion leaves we planted back then?” 179 was uncomfortable, “I go down with you every day to serve the onion, I remember clearly.”

Xia Yi became confused. He remembered that onion leaves were not like this. They looked like green onions, and were distinctly different from the herbaceous weeds.

But after another thought, the unicorn and sky spirit fruit in 179’s eyes are not the same as what I saw?

“By the way, I also collect a lot of onions in the system space. You can show me one.” Xia Yi said to the system.

As soon as the voice fell, a purple fruit the size of an egg appeared on his hand. The color is dull, with scales on the surface, and the scales are slightly glowing underneath.

“Here, look, Onion.” 179’s voice contained a trace of disdain, “This Liu Siqian wants to ruin you and trick you into giving him a place to keep for decades.”

179, you can.

Here Liu Siqian’s figure is already shaky.

I wanted to turn face with Gu Wen, but looking at his Xiao-like Cangyi face, standing there with fierce aura, couldn’t blame it anymore.

When I think of his Xianggong Xia Yi, who helped him in Taoyuan when he was in Taoyuan, he was almost hurt by the martial artist, and even more said nothing.

But looking at the remaining short branches in that place, felt heartburn again. A suffocating breath stuck in his lungs, his face turned pale, his chest undulating, like a blower installed.

“Elder Liu, take a look at what this is?” Xia Yi suddenly said.

Liu Siqian looked at Xia Yi in a complicated mood, and was fascinated by the purple fruit in his hand.

“Muge? This is Muge?” he cried out inconceivably.

He walked over quickly, took the onion from Xia Yi’s hand, and held it in front of his eyes to take a closer look.

“It really is Mu Ge.” After careful identification, Liu Siqian couldn’t help being surprised.

Looking at his own field that has been sparsely planed, he quickly asked Gu Wenzhu, “Did you dug this out of my field just now?”

“Impossible, my muge has just budded, and it will take decades to bloom. It will take another two to three hundred years to wait until it grows to fruition.” Liu Siqian’s words were profound. confuse.

Liu Siqian turned to Xia Yi again, his tone was quick, “Xia Xia, where did you come from, Muge Fairy Fruit?”

Onion ah onion, you fairy fruit saved me and Brother Zhu’s life, Xia Yi secretly breathed a sigh of relief.

Now the two of them don’t have to stay here for decades, and for the rest of their lives, they have been painstakingly planting medicine for Liu Siqian.

When I felt relieved, a smile appeared on his face, “This, I planted it.”

“You planted it?” Liu Siqian was surprised at first, and then a little suspicious appeared. “How old are you to grow Muge that has been fruitful for hundreds of years?”

“If you don’t believe me, I have a lot more.” Xia Yi said casually.

“how much remaining?”

“Probably… dozens of catties.” Xia Yi answered uncertainly.

“How many… dozens of catties?”

Did you hear that right? Are you using Jin?

Liu Siqian’s face was straight, “Xia Xia, don’t be kidding, I’m asking seriously.”

“Seriously, then I’ll think about it.” Xia Yi frowned and began to try hard to remember.

“I made a mistake, not dozens of catties.”

Liu Siqian let out a sigh of relief, let me just say it.

“The dozens of catties have been dragged to the county and sold. The output of the three acres of land in my warehouse should be a few hundred catties?” Xia Yi frowned and worked hard to calculate.

No way, since childhood, mathematics has been bad.

Gu Wen was confused when he listened to the side, but he remained calm and showed nothing on his face.

At this moment, the unicorn who hadn’t noticed on the side quietly walked to his leg and lay down, tilted his horn to one side, and rubbed the side of his head affectionately on his leg.

Gu Wen subconsciously thought it was the dog in the family, so he stretched out his hand and patted Qilin’s head.

Qilin closed his eyes comfortably, and licked Gu Wen’s palms.

After taking a few shots, Gu Wen gradually realized that it didn’t feel right. Looking down, was bluffed.

I just remember that Xia Yi was riding this one just now. was so excited at that time, didn’t take a closer look. Take a closer look at this time, is this strange-looking monster a mountain spirit?

Qilin was also shocked by Gu Wenzhu. He watched Gu Wen look at him with a vigilant and unfamiliar look. He also squeezed the hoe in his hand. He couldn’t help but grieved and whimpered coquettishly.

The whine sounded like a muffled thunder from low altitude.

Gu Wen tightened his heart, holding a hoe and slowly approaching Xia Yi, blocking him.

Liu Siqian was choked by Xia Yi’s words of several hundred catties, and suddenly lost his interest, only waved his hand helplessly, and didn’t want to ask anything.

Xia Yi saw that he was still looking at the onion lovingly, and suddenly remembered the gift Meng Wanzi gave to herself when he got married.

No wonder Qi Zhou’s eyes were straight at the time.

“Elder Liu, look at how many fruits Brother Zhu ruined you just now. Take this one first, and I will pay you the rest.”

Ten times to pay you.

Chapter 46

Liu Siqian held the onion, his eyes narrowed, “On my land, only a half of the seedlings can bloom smoothly. When the flowers fade and bear fruit, only a half. The young fruit exudes a strange fragrance. Most favored by those Ge-chewing beasts. Even if I watched those young fruits day and night, the final ripe harvest would only be three or four. And, how could there be such a good appearance like this.”

“It is said that Junior Brother Meng has two ancestral Muge, they are of average appearance, but he is reluctant to give it to me. He also said that if I am married, it is this kind of idiot to give it to me.”

“Xia Xia, if you are willing to sell this Muge to me, this land will be destroyed if it is destroyed. I will give you a few more pills to help you improve your cultivation?”

Fearing that Xia Yi looked down on his pill, Liu Siqian hurriedly explained, “Every pill I refining takes effort and can be refined for many days. In the world of cultivating immortals, everyone asks for it. And got it."

Xia Yi smiled and said to Liu Siqian, “You are welcome, Elder Liu, you can take this onion.”


“I call it onion, Muge is too awkward.”

“Xiaoyi, you are so funny, haha.”

After Xia Yi finished speaking, he asked 179 to take a bunch out and hugged it in his arms.

The yard was too high, the top one fell off, and Gululu rolled to his feet and was kicked by him.

Seeing that Liu Siqian’s eyebrows twitched, he quickly picked it up and blew again and again carefully.

“This is for your spiritual compensation.” Xia Yi put all the onions in his arms into Liu Siqian’s arms.

Liu Siqian quickly caught up and said repeatedly: “Slow down, don’t scratch the skin.”

But isn’t that still leather underneath it?

Xia Yi thought for a while and asked 179 to take out a few radishes and hand them to Liu Siqian. “I have been here several times, and I have not given any thanks for your hospitality. These few roots of heavenly spirit fruit. Give it to you, even if it’s a thank you.”

Liu Siqian looked at Muge and Tianlingguo in his hand, his face flushed, and there was a rustle in his throat, and he couldn’t get up and down there.

Just when Xia Yi looked at him worriedly and suspected that he would pass by like Cheng Ming, he breathed out again and finally came through firmly.

Then Xia Yi began to send meeting gifts to all the seniors present.

One radish and one onion per person.

“Come, come, a little gift is not a respect, don’t dislike it.”

Who dislikes? Who can say disgust to Heavenly Spirit Fruit and Mu Ge?

These Qishan disciples have also heard of these two names. In this life, let alone get one, it is impossible to see the last time. If there is a chance to fill their eyes, it will be enough for them to blow up for several years.

This time not only saw and touched, but also had it, no matter what time wanted to see it, and even a bite, a sense of unreality filled heart.

“Brother, is this true?” A young disciple was holding onions and radishes, looking carefully, and asked the big disciple next to him.

The big disciple was also blank, “Where do I know, do you think I have seen it? But the elder said it was true, then it was true.”

Some disciples are already wiping away their tears with excitement, “I want to go back and confess, and I will bring it home during the New Year, so that my parents will also open their eyes.”

Over there, Liu Siqian had recovered from the stimulation of Mu Ge and Heavenly Spirit Fruit, collected the pile of onions and radishes, and arranged his appearance and clothes.

Xia Yi saw that he was about to open his mouth to himself, and quickly raised his hand to stop him, “Don’t ask, don’t ask anything. Anyway, it’s the right way, just keep it.”

Liu Siqian opened his mouth, and had to close it again.

Don’t ask, don’t ask, anyway, the fruit that has been harvested is true.

God gave it, thank you Xianzun.

Standing in front of Gu Wenju, smiling and nodding, “Xiao Gu and Cang Yi Xianzun are alike, so it’s no wonder that the Fourth Junior Brother admits mistakes. However, the difference is still quite big.”

Our Cang Yixianzun has the bones of the fairy wind and the phoenix, and it is different from the mere mortals.

Xia Yi also stood in front of Gu Wenzhu, touched his chin and nodded in agreement, “Yes, it’s just an image, the difference is still very big.”

My brother is heroic and majestic. How can this youthful vigor compare to that?

“Let’s go, you two go back to the martial arts first.” Liu Siqian jumped onto the gourd and turned to Xia Yi and said: “I have something to do, so I’ll take a step ahead. Thank you Xiao Xia for being generous, giving Liu and the spirit of the clan If there is a chance, Liu will definitely be grateful.”

After speaking, he drove the gourd under his feet and lifted off towards the sky. The rest of the disciples also thanked them endlessly, and finally left with a magic weapon in gratitude.

Here, Gu Wenzhu was still confronting Qilin. Qilin tried to step forward to make out with him several times, but he pushed his hoe back against him, and there was a yelling noise in his mouth.

Qilin was puzzled, and fawningly shook his tail more happily, swiping the ground that Gu Wen had turned over to splash the earth.

“Xiao Yi, what is this thing you just rode here?” Gu Wen had to ask Xia Yi behind him one by one, and put his hoe on his chest vigilantly.

Xia Yibai glanced at him and walked to Qilin. When Gu Wen saw it, he hurriedly tried to reach out and pull, but saw Xia Yi suddenly smiled and shouted at the monster: “Kirin, good son, come here to Daddy.”

I saw the monster trot in front of Xia Yi, licking his hand while rubbing affectionately.

How familiar this scene is.

A guess flashed through Gu Wen’s brain. He suddenly remembered that when Xia Yi had just passed away, he also jumped into Guangxuan, and there seemed to be a dark shadow rushing in in the corner of his eye.

Could that shadow be his own dog? It has also been worn, and has become this look?

Gu Wen thought of this and asked Xia Yi hesitantly, “Kirin? Is this the unicorn in our house?”

“Yes, that’s it.” Xia Yi scratched Qilin’s chin, watching it tilt her head slightly to make herself more comfortable, “You don’t like it at all, there is only one more horn, you won’t recognize it. "

After speaking, he squinted his eyes and glanced at the hoe in his hand, “And I want to hit it.”

Gu Wen quickly put down the hoe in his hand and looked up and down around the unicorn, “…It’s not just an extra horn.”

“You seem to recognize the unicorn. Who was scared to run around the mountain by the unicorn in the first place?” 179 sneered, “I really don’t understand what’s going on with you, the unicorn has not changed. Just change the world. It’s like being blind.”

“This time I am really eye-opening. What I have seen and heard in the past few days has been heard in those old storytellers and Gu Li. I never thought it was true.” Gu Wen gradually looked at the figures who were gradually moving away from the horizon. , I was very shocked.

Xia Yi pouted, trying to say what was there, I still have a magic weapon. But when I thought of the battery life of my winter melon, I still didn’t feel embarrassed to take it out.

“Brother Zhu, how did you suddenly grab their swords just now? I didn’t see them at that time.” Xia Yi suddenly remembered the two tricks that Gu Wen Zhulu had started, and asked curiously.

Gu Wen listened to him mentioning the scene just now, his face could not help but become gloomy again, with a hint of anger.

Seeing that Xia Yi was still curiously waiting for his own answer, he tried to suppress the anger and began to think about it.

“I can’t tell you the details, but when I was thinking about stopping those swords, their movements slowed down in my eyes.” Gu Wen answered calmly and closed his mouth, obviously not wanting to talk about it anymore. Thing.

Xia Yi saw that he was like this, so he stopped questioning, and just gently bumped his forehead with the top of his head. Gu Wenzhu’s expression was soothed, and a gentle color appeared on his face.

“Let’s go, take me to see your house in Qishan School.” Gu Wen gently opened a strand of hair that fell on Xia’s cheek with his hands, and said softly.

Xia Yi pursed her lips, stretched out her hand to hold Gu Wenzhu’s hand, “Then let’s not ride a unicorn, just walk back like this.”

“Okay.” Gu Wenzhu has always been obedient to him.

Following the path by the medicine field to the gate of the mountain, Xia Yi gave Gu Wen a step-by-step introduction. The unicorn rushed far in front, spurring the little hare and the beast from side to side.

This wonder of the fairy world made Gu Wen’s eyes dizzying and shocking. Xia Yi knew that the scenery here was amazing, but she had been thinking about how to go back before, and she was full of worries all day long, so she didn’t want to appreciate the scenery.

Now that Gu Wenzhu, who was thinking of his heart, was by his side, he could watch it with ease.

Raise the head to cover the sky with strange peaks, the gurgling flow under the feet, and the waves lying on the strange rocks.

The floating islands in the sky are shrouded in a layer of light veil, and they are very shadowy.

The crane flying over his head is like a few brushes of light ink, smeared on the blue sky.

Both of them were immersed in the beautiful scenery, and stopped talking, just clasped their fingers and walked quietly on the mountain road.

“Da dā dā da, dā dā da.” A strange sound suddenly came from behind, breaking the surrounding silence.

The sound was like someone tapping the ground rhythmically with a stick.

Xia Yi paused, turned around and looked around, wondering if all Qishan disciples were flying away? haven’t seen anyone just now, where did this come up.

Unexpectedly, when he glanced at it, there was nothing on the trail behind him, and the medicine fields on both sides were empty. Only two unknown birds with bright tail wings flew over their heads tweeting.

“What’s the matter?” Gu Wen saw him stop and look around, then turned his head.

“It’s nothing, I just heard it wrong, thinking someone is behind us.” Xia Yi turned around and took Gu Wen to move on.

The gentle breeze blew his face, sending a scent of green grass.

Xia Yi was in a good mood, and as she walked, she waved the hands of the two together one after another. Smiling at the people around him, a pair of small tiger teeth were exposed, and his clear eyes seemed to be flooded with fine sunlight.

Gu Wen’s sharp and deep face also softened and rubbed his head, “Is that so happy to see me?”

Xia Yi nodded heavily, then raised the hands of the two of them, rubbed their cheeks against the back of Gu Wenzhu’s hands, and said softly, “Just happy.”

Gu Wen suffocated one by one, feeling that the road was almost immobile. Gently hugged Xia Yi, and dropped a kiss on the top of his hairy hair, “I am happy too.”

“Da da da.” As the two of them stepped forward, the strange sound suddenly rang again.

This time Gu Wen also heard it and turned around in confusion, but the back was still empty.

He cautiously turned around and walked for a short while, gazing around.

But apart from the wind blowing through the herbs, like the waves of wheat stretched into the distance, nothing else was seen.

“179, what was following us just now?” Xia Yi could only ask the system at this time.

After a long time, the system’s voice sounded, with a crying sound, “I didn’t pay attention just now.”

“What’s wrong with you?” This was the first time I heard 179’s mood swings. Xia Yi hurriedly asked, “What happened?”

Can make 179 cry, then this matter must be very important.

“Your computer room is going to be powered off?” Xia Yi asked solemnly.

“No, it’s a technical system. The technical system has finally been found.” 179 choked up a few times, too excited to himself.

Xia also knew that the technical system had been missing for a long time, which made 179 very worried. I am also very happy to hear the news, “Really? Where did you find it?”

“Colleagues saw him on TV.”

“Still on TV? Did he go as an actor?” Xia Yi exclaimed: “Your technology system is okay, you can still be a star after MLM.”

“No, it’s not an actor, it’s a news section. The latest issue that was broadcast just now contains several local departments who have jointly destroyed several black coal kilns and rescued many people.” 179’s mood has not yet calmed down, “ColleaguesI saw him among those who were rescued.”

“I was sitting on the bench of the police station and gulping instant noodles.” 179 was about to cry. “There are two empty boxes next to him that have been eaten up.”

Chapter 47

What, what? During this period of time, the technical system was out of connection, but was it actually tricked into digging for coal?

It is no wonder that the system community has searched intensively, and there is no signal from the technical system.

The black coal kiln is two to three hundred meters underground, and they are not energized. They are all equipped with petrol lamps. It is strange to find them.

“Your colleague was successfully rescued. Congratulations.” Although this technical system is very unreliable, it is also too pitiful. Seeing 179 so happy, Xia Yi is also happy for him.


“By the way, can your system be transformed into a human form?” Xia Yi asked curiously.

“Of course, we can turn into normal human beings, with the same physiological characteristics and structural composition as them.”

“Then why don’t you turn into a human form for me to see?” Xia Yi couldn’t help but curiously asked. “Do you need any permissions, or are you currently incapable of doing it?”

“Neither.” Board 179 replied in a straight voice: “I don’t want to.”


“Because I am home.”

After speaking, 179 said again: “Host, I want to take an hour off to pick up the technical system and go home.”

“Go.” Xia Yi can understand 179’s urgency at this time.

179 didn’t respond, thinking that he had already left.

This speed.

Xia Yi and Gu Wen continued to walk back holding hands.

But the strange clicking sound followed them all the time, and disappeared as soon as they stopped. Looking back, there was nothing.

When the voice appeared again, Gu Wenzhu and Xia Yi exchanged glances.

The two proceeded forward nonchalantly, and then quickly turned around without warning.

“The field next to him.” Xia Yi pointed to the medicine field on the right and shouted.

At the moment he turned around, he saw a wooden stick still exposed, and then quickly leaned down.

“Someone lay down in the field with a weapon and grabbed him.”

Gu Wen rushed over like lightning, grabbed the stick that was still showing a short section, and shouted angrily: “Come out for me.”

With both hands pressed hard, the wooden stick came up.

However, the surroundings were empty, and the people who were expecting to ambush in the fields were not seen.

“Where’s the person?” Xia Yi also rushed up, looking around the fields with Gu Wen one by one.

Nothing at all.

It’s weird, could it be an invisible person?

The two looked at the wooden stick in Gu Wenzhu’s hand, only to realize that there was a hoe blade made of black iron attached to it, which turned out to be a hoe.

Who was just behind sneakingly behind with this hoe? Is there an attempt or is it trying to secretly harm others?

Gu Wen pulled Xia Yi behind him one by one, looked around vigilantly, and shouted in his mouth: “Who has been behind us, please show up to understand.”

No one came out, only the unicorn in the distance was jumping and chasing a rabbit to play.

“Let’s go.” Xia Yi pulled Gu Wenzhu’s sleeve, “We’ll go back soon, I always think there is something weird here.”

Gu Wen looked around one by one, nodded, and was about to throw the hoe in his hand on the side of the road.

However, as soon as he loosened his hand, the hoe did not fall, but was firmly attached to the palm of his hand.

Gu Wen hurriedly shook his wrist, the hoe swayed vigorously from side to side, but firmly refused to fall.

Xia Yi quickly grasped the hoe handle with both hands and pulled it back, but the hoe seemed to grow with Gu Wenzhu’s palm, and it didn’t move no matter how hard it was pulled.

“Brother Zhu, what should I do?” Xia Yi panicked and broke the handle of the hoe even harder.

“Who are you? What is your purpose? Come out for me.” Xia Yi let go and began to yell at the surrounding air.

“What’s the ability to stick a hoe on someone’s hand? Come out if you can.”

It was quiet all around.

Xia Yi let go of her hand out of breath, and said angrily: “Let’s go back and find those elders. They all have spells and will always take this hoe off.”

Gu Wenzhu’s heart suddenly moved, and he suddenly felt as if he had learned the idea of the hoe. It seemed to know that it was going to be thrown away, but it aroused fear and anxiety.

This feeling was so strange that he couldn’t appeal to it. But he just knew how the hoe felt at the moment, as if he was connected to his heart.

“Brother Zhu, what’s wrong with you?” Xia Yi could not help but ask worriedly when he saw Gu Wen standing there motionless, with a strange expression on his face.

Gu Wen twisted his eyebrows for a moment and said uncertainly to Xia Yi: “Xiao Yi, I don’t think there is anyone else.”

“What does it mean to have no one else?”

“It’s like this hoe is going to follow me. It’s very happy to see me.”

I want to follow you? Xia Yi was stunned, how could he not understand these words.

“I feel that I can understand its meaning, this is its own thoughts, no one else.” Gu Wen explained with difficulty.

Its own idea? No one else? Xia Yi felt that her head was like a mass of paste, and she couldn’t turn it around.

“You mean this is a hoe?”

“Perhaps.” Gu Wenzhu’s face was also blank, “I used it to drive a bit at the beginning, and I didn’t feel anything abnormal at that time.”

With a shocked mood, Xia Yi leaned closer and looked at the hoe carefully. It looked ordinary, with a normal wooden stick hoe handle and a black iron hoe blade with the mud from the ground just now.

“Hey, are you a hoe?” Xia Yi asked, “If you are, just move and show me.”

The hoe remained motionless, still firmly stuck in the palm of Gu Wen’s palm.

“Hoes, hoes…” This doesn’t look like a fine, but it looks like a magic weapon, Xia Yi muttered.

Suddenly, there was a flash of inspiration in his mind, and he looked at Gu Wenzhu, “Brother Zhu, tell me how you found this hoe in the first place?

“When I passed it, it was on the side of the field, and there was this hoe next to it. I thought it might have been left here by the host’s family, so I used it first.”

“Did nothing happen in the middle? Think about it again.”

Gu Wen twisted his eyebrows and pondered for a while, before hesitatingly asked: “My hand was cut, and a little blood was bleeding on the handle of the hoe. Is this abnormal?”

Forget it, don’t you need the master’s blood to refine magic weapons? Ability to communicate with the magic weapon.

Gu Wenzhu thought for a while, “Behind you, your senior arrived, dancing and dancing at me. When I was about to touch me several times, I used a hoe to block it.”

“By the way, there is a strange place, that is, when I apply force, I feel warm all over, as if a warm current swims through my body, and then swims on the hoe.”

Xia Yi’s own semi-finished winter melon magic weapons are all brushed with secret medicine, so he is not familiar with the refining methods of magic weapons. But the method is not known, and the results can be tested.

Xia Yi began to transfer to Gu Wenzhu using the same method that the system had taught herself before.

After Gu Wen listened to Xia Yi’s account, he only concentrated for a moment, and saw that the hoe in his hand shrank suddenly and turned into a small hoe the size of a brooch, lying steadily in the palm of Gu Wen’s palm.

Sure enough, it was a magic weapon, Xia Yi was surprised and happy, and almost jumped up.

In the next second, Gu Wen was seen scratching in the void again, and the restored hoe suddenly appeared in his palm.

The difference is that the handle of the hoe shimmers in silver, shining with a cold and organic light. The hoe blade also turned into a spike shape, and the streamer floated, as if there was an electric current attached to it, and as if there was a rune hidden in it.

This hoe has faded from its blunt shape, and its sharp edge is sharp and unstoppable. It’s like a long|gun that has been keeping a low profile for a long time and finally seeing the sun.

Gu Wen was connected with the magic weapon’s mind. At the moment, he only felt a stream of heat wandering around his limbs and limbs. Without a teacher, he danced the magic weapon in a circle, piercing it diagonally upwards against the sky, a silver light like an arrow. Break through the sky.

In an instant, a strong wind blew around, like a turbulent wave hitting the shore, rolling up countless leaves and trees. Red light lingers in the sky, and auspicious color circulates.

Xia Yi opened her mouth wide and stood still. Seeing Gu Wen holding up the hoe one by one, no, a long gun, like a majestic God of War descending.

The posture is tall and straight like a pine, majestic like the sun. His eyes were sharp, full of shocking oppression, and his lips were tight, forming a cold arc.

Xia Yi suddenly felt that Gu Wenzhu in front of him was both familiar and unfamiliar.

It seemed to be someone he had known, but when thought about it carefully, couldn’t find anything about that person in his memory.

Some scenes suddenly flashed in front of me between the flashing lights.

It was the back of a man, wearing a black robe, holding a long|gun dripping blood donation, standing in a hall.

Lying on the ground were stumbling corpses, and the corners of the man’s robe were hunting and dancing in the wind, like the reappearance of Shura’s killing god.

The picture changed suddenly, and he was again in a pool of water, deep and gleaming. He rippled rhythmically with the waves, and someone whispered in his ear: Xiaolan, Xiaolan…

The voice is gentle and lingering.

Hurry up! Stay headed! Xia Yi regained consciousness alertly.

At this time, you still have the heart to think of other men. Which TV series is this?

Looking at the appearance of Gu Wen raising the long gun one by one, an emotion of fear arose in his heart inexplicably.

I couldn’t analyze what I was afraid of, so I couldn’t help but yelled softly, “Brother Zhu.”

The voice came to Gu Wen’s ears, he glanced at Xia Yi, and then retracted the spear suddenly.

The wind stopped and the clouds stopped, Ye Mu was quiet.

After he took the long gun back, it also grabbed its dazzling brilliance and turned it into that black hoe that never slipped into the autumn.

And Gu Wenzhu also lost the intriguing momentum and sharpness, and returned to his usual gentle brows.

“What’s wrong, Xiao Yi.” He asked softly.

“Brother Zhu, I almost didn’t dare to recognize you just now.” Xia Yi was still dumbfounded, feeling complicated and difficult to understand.

“Look at what silly things you said.” Gu Wen smiled lightly one by one, his eyes full of indulgence.

Xia Yi recalled the scene just now, and started to get excited again, “Brother Zhu, you were so majestic just now. Try to fly the magic weapon to the sky, try now.”

His own semi-finished winter melon is not up to date, and it seems that he will only have the co-pilot sitting on this hoe in the future. “Okay, try.” Gu Wenchi replied.

I saw that the hoe in his hand was flourishing and turned into a long silver-white|gun look, sinking and floating in the low altitude with a restrained and luxurious temperament, and complicated patterns appeared on the gun body, as if it was rotating and flowing.

Gu Wen leaped lightly one by one, stepped on the barrel of the gun steadily, and under the backlight, he leaned down and stretched out a hand to Xia Yi, “Come on.”

Xia Yi grabbed the generous palm without hesitation, and was gently moved by Gu Wen into his warm arms.

Long|The gun took off steadily, with a slight sound of breaking through the air, and flew obliquely towards Hongxia above his head.

When they flew over those grounds, the glow fell on the calm water and scattered into red light.

The twilight of the verdant fairy mountain and the clouds are connected together, as if being sprinkled with a layer of fine powder, looming and floating.

But after a while, the long | gun rose higher and higher, and got into the clouds. After just a few seconds, Gu Wenzhu and Xia Yi rushed out again.

Xia Yi leaned against Gu Wenzhu’s arms, and was gently but safely circled by his arm. Although he only stepped on a gun, he was extremely relieved.

The unicorn flew in circles around them.

From time to time, he accelerated to the front and got into the thick clouds. Looking at the two with only one head out, with a grin and tongue out, he was extremely happy.

It is the setting sun, and the setting sun slowly flows over the clouds, and layers of light and colors are vigorous and vigorous.

The two cuddled tightly in silence, admiring the beautiful scenery in front of them.

Chapter 48

“Ah—” Xia Yi’s scream of screams sounded in Xia Yi’s mind, and his whole body shivered with fright.

Gu Wen hurriedly tightened his arms and asked, “Do you feel cold?”

Xia Yi shook her head quickly, “It’s not cold.”

“Host, don’t you have a fear of heights? Why am I in the sky as soon as I come back?” 179’s tone was quite intense, “It’s still such a thin gun! It makes me not mentally prepared at all.”

Xia Yi snorted coldly, “My fear of heights is intermittent and won’t happen by Brother Zhu. Didn’t you pick up the technical system? You picked it up so soon?”

“Yes, after removing his human form, he can come back instantly.” 179’s tone became happy again.

This technical system seems to have a bad mind. It was either entered into the MLM den or was taken to dig coal. Xia Yi couldn’t help reminding 179, “If you pick him up this time, don’t let him go. Be careful to get lost again.”


Although Xia Yi said he was not cold, Gu Wen touched his chilly cheeks and insisted on going back.

Seeing that the spear began to fall diagonally, Qilin quickly flew to the front and led the way, leading Gu Wen to fly all the way to Wangzhuyuan.

After entering the yard, Xia Yi led Gu Wen around, “How about? This yard.”

Gu Wen nodded one by one, “It’s pretty good, but the corner of the field is very fat, but bamboo is planted. If you plant some chili and green onions, then build a shelf and climb some loofah seedlings.”

What a good wife, exactly the same as you think.

He turned to the room and looked at it again, and said critically, “There is no small cabinet for you. If you haven’t sent it back after two days, I will find the wood and make a cabinet for you.

He stretched out his hand and picked up Xia Yi’s shirt on the back of the chair to check, “This is still a wooden buckle. What should I do if I sleep with you at night? I have to remove it and replace it with a cloth buckle.”

A scent of food penetrated into his nose, and Xia Yi found a gauze cover on the table. When opened it, it turned out that the doorman had already brought the supper, and it was hot on the table.

“Eat and eat.” Xia Yi was about to start serving the meal, but was stopped by Gu Wen.

“This dish is too light and doesn’t suit your taste. Just now I saw the kitchen next to me, so I will add two more dishes that you like.” After speaking, he rolled up his sleeves and walked towards the kitchen.

Just as Xia Yi wanted to open her mouth to the system, she heard a grumpy voice of 179, “You know, you are happy, needless to say.”

After dinner, Gu Wen began to study the piece of bamboo one by one.

The bamboo forest in this exquisite small courtyard is upright and quiet. Against the blue tiles and gray walls, vermilion arches, and the raised cornices of the row of houses, it is like a portrait drawn on rice paper.

Extremely beautiful and elegant.

Gu Wen walked to the bamboo and squatted down, first twisting a handful of soil with his hands and rubbing it. Good soil, suitable for growing peppers.

Stand up and tap the bamboo joints with your knuckles. Good bamboo, you can make a bamboo couch and put it in the yard, and then weave a few dustpans and baskets.

Putting his arms around his chest, thinking to himself, will cut it all off tomorrow morning.

Xia Yi was full, touching her belly and slowly walking behind Gu Wen, her eyes began to become irregular.

Because of Gu Wen’s gesture of standing upright holding his chest, the lines on his back came out from under his clothes, smooth and graceful. The muscles on his arms also slightly rise, showing strength.

Xia Yi also drew a lot of human bodies when she practiced painting before, and she believed that she had never seen such a perfect figure as Gu Wenzhu. Thinking of my wedding night that was over before it was over, I couldn’t help but feel like a heartbeat.

Gu Wen was thinking about whether to make a cricket cage for Xia Yi, and felt that a warm chest was suddenly attached to his back.

At the same time, Xia Yi deliberately brought a somewhat hoarse and sweet voice to his ears, “Brother Zhu, let’s go back to the room to play.”

“In broad daylight, what do you want to play?” 179 vigilant voice sounded, “Host, don’t you pay attention to the occasion? I’m still there.”

“By the way, you almost forgot you when you didn’t say anything. 179, let you go on vacation and go find the technical system to play.”

As soon as 179 heard this, there was no sound, and instantly disappeared without a trace.

Gu Wen gradually felt Xia Yi’s hot nose spray on his neck, and a faint scent lingered on the tip of his nose.

His face turned red, his eyes looked forward in a daze, his expression a bit at a loss.

Xia also felt funny when he saw Gu Wen’s doing this. Gu Wenzhu has always been a serious person. It is estimated that in his heart, except during the boom, those things can only be done at night.

He even suspected that Gu Wen was born a serious baby. He frowned and stared at the midwife as soon as he landed.

Xia Yi’s hand was like a pliable little snake, and went through the gap between Gu Wen’s clothes.

Gu Wen swallowed one by one, and his Adam’s apple rolled up and down. Looking around, his eyes are struggling, and his mouth is still murmured weakly: “Xiao Yi, it’s still early in the morning, wait a little later.”

Xia Yi calmed down and withdrew her hand, looking at Gu Wenzhu blankly.

Just when Gu Wen was panicking in his heart and was about to say something to comfort him, Xia Yi grabbed the skirt of his chest and began to drag into the room.

Go in for Lao Tzu!

Xia Yi soaked in the warm wooden barrel, closing her eyes lazily and contentedly. The heat was so hot that not only his face was blushed, but the exposed skin also showed a faint pink color.

Gu Wenzhu is now busy in the kitchen, guarding a crock of pigeon soup on the stove.

Not far after he walked out of the hospital, a child came up to him and asked him what he needed. When he heard that he wanted to look for food such as hens or pigeons, the boy turned around and left. After a while, he brought the newly killed pigeons from the kitchen.

The soup is now ready and exudes an attractive aroma. Gu Wen tasted the saltiness one by one, carefully filled a bowl, and put it on a tray for Xia Yi.

“Don’t soak for too long, beware of colds.” Pushing the door open, seeing Xia Yi still soaking in the water, he reminded him worriedly.

Xia Yi hummed lazily, then suddenly moved her nose and opened her eyes again, her eyes gleaming, “What’s so fragrant?”

At a glance, he saw the bowl in Gu Wen’s hand, and quickly reached out his hand, “Give it to me, give it to me.”

“No, it’s too hot. Let it dry and drink after you get up.” Gu Wen changed hands and put the pigeon soup on the counter by the door, and then went to the cabinet by the wall to find clean clothes for Xia Yi.

Xia Yi smelled the scent, swallowed, and slapped the small table next to the barrel hurriedly, “Put it next to me, and I’ll drink it when it’s cold.”

There is also a plate of crystal grapes on the small table, which he eats while taking a bath for the convenience of himself.

Gu Wen couldn’t reach him, shook his head helplessly, and had to turn around to pick up the tray again.

As soon as he walked to the small table, Xia Yi hurriedly stood up from the barrel and reached out to pick it up. Unexpectedly, just after the water came out, he slipped on his feet and planted toward the side of the bucket.

Gu Wen was holding the tray in his hand and couldn’t let go, so he shouted to be careful. Xia Yi saw that he was about to fall, and in panic, he grabbed his hands indiscriminately and slid heavily on the tray.

Seeing that the tray suddenly tilted, a bowl of hot pigeon soup poured over Xia Yi’s bare shoulders.

“Host!” 179 let out a scream of horror, the mechanical sound was chopped, and there was a rustling electric current.

At that moment, Xia Yi also widened her eyes in horror. She just stabilised her body with her hand on the rim of the barrel. The oily soup was poured down, and she couldn’t avoid it anyway.

At this moment, the bowl of soup suddenly stopped in the air. It’s like a frame that has been paused, stuck in the air with a pouring momentum.

It’s not quite accurate to say that you have pressed the pause, because although the soup no longer falls, the heat is still rising slowly in a curling state.

There were also a few drops of oil that came first, just hanging in the air, stopping a few millimeters away from Xia Yi’s porcelain white skin.

Xia Yi opened her mouth slightly, still keeping her original posture, and leaning on the side of the wooden barrel blankly.

“Come out soon.” Gu Wen’s calm voice sounded, slightly hurried.

Only then did Xia Yi wake up, and responded shortly, and immediately turned out the wooden barrel naked.

“Did you make it? Did you park the soup in the air?” Xia Yi couldn’t wear clothes, so she rushed to Gu Wenju and asked in surprise.

Gu Wen hesitated and nodded, “Maybe it is.”

I saw him staring intently at the front, and the soup stagnant in the air slowly flowed in the opposite direction, flowing back from low to high into the bowl.

“Wait.” Xia Yi said suddenly.

Gu Wen hurriedly stopped Tang Shui and looked at Xia Yi with a little nervousness.

Xia Yi stretched out her hand and carefully picked out half a pigeon in the soup in the air. Breathing out a soft breath, he smothered his mouth and said relaxedly to Gu Wen: “It’s okay, let’s serve the soup.”

When a drop of water returned to the bowl, Xia Yi looked at the bowl of soup on the table, jumped in front of Gu Wenzhu, and stared at him with bright eyes, “Brother Zhu, you can manipulate water.”

Gu Wen’s face was also blank, with a little anxiety. But when he saw Xia Yi’s exhilarating look, he left his uneasiness behind.

Immediately he was shocked by the new discovery. Xia Yi was so naked, standing in the middle of the room, still nibbling half a pigeon in his hand.

He shook his head helplessly, and hurried to get his clean clothes to put on him.

“Host, you really have hot eyes.” 179 can’t stand it anymore.

Gu Wen put on his clothes one by one, then went to fetch a clean cloth towel, covered it with his head, and rubbed his head.

“Wait.” Xia Yi is usually most afraid of this.

The original world has sharp short hair, which can be shaken like a dog after shampooing.

But here is different. He has long hair and it takes a lot of effort to wash his hair every time. After washing, rub it with a dry cloth for half a day, and then let it dry for half a day, which is very troublesome.

“Brother Zhu, come and try, soak up the water in my hair.” Xia Yi’s eyes lit up, eager to try.

Gu Wen paused slightly, “Then I will try.”

As soon as the voice fell, saw many crystal water drops on Xia Yi’s head. Those water droplets slowly moved upwards, and then merged into a stream in the air, fluctuating slightly.

“Wow!” Xia Yi yelled, his eyes rounded, and then stretched out his hand to touch the top of his head in a daze.

The hair is completely dry, soft and dry, exuding the light fragrance of honey locust.

Seeing his appearance, Gu Wen let out a low laugh, and couldn’t help but get upset.

Just when Xia Yi stretched out her finger, curiously trying to poke the hovering stream of water in the air, she found that it was beginning to change its shape.

Slowly gave birth to four hooves and a pair of plum blossom horns, transforming into a small deer grazing.

The little deer is like a handicraft made of transparent crystal, vividly presented. He blinked his big eyes slightly, tilting his head towards Xia Yi’s side.

“Wow!” Xia Yi could only add another wow to express her inner surprise and shock.

The deer raised all four hooves and began to run in the air. The sun shines through its body and pulls up a small rainbow wherever it passes, like a colorful shooting star across the sky.

I saw it ran, and it began to change shape again, the four hooves and the plum blossom horns all receded, and a tail appeared.

It turned into a fish again.

“Wow!” 179 couldn’t help it anymore, and shouted along with Xia Yi.

That fish, like the deer, is transparent and made of crystal. Swim forward flexibly in the air, swinging the flexible tail fin, and small blisters popped out of his mouth from time to time.

Behind him also dragged a rainbow refracted by sunlight, following its tail back and forth, drawing wavy color stripes in the air.

Next, Gu Wen conjured rabbits, tigers, chickens and so on for him one by one. All of them are vivid and vivid.

A transparent unicorn was also conjured, and the unicorn was also taken in a daze. It flew up and chased after it, and stretched out its paws eagerly to fiddle.

Xia Yi’s eyes were shining brightly, and she looked fascinated, as if she had entered a world he had dreamed of since he was a child.

In the stories that his mother had read to his bedside, in the colorful dreams of his childhood.

Also, it’s in this room.

Chapter 49

After playing until the water in the wooden barrel was cold, Gu Wen led all the water into the ditch outside the courtyard one by one.

Xia Yi plunged into his arms and looked up admiringly, “Brother Zhu, you are amazing!”

Gu Wen smiled one by one, “It’s just to make you happy.”

“Where it only makes me happy. I tell you, your skill can not only be used for tricks, but also can be used for real purposes. The effect is very, very, very big.” Xia Yi said solemnly.

At night, the night is as cool as water, and a crescent moon hangs in the sky, giving off a pulse of light.

Xia Yi lay on her back on a couch in the yard, her face covered with a water film.

It was the cucumber juice that Gu Wen controlled for him, and then it condensed into a water film, which was tightly attached to his skin.

You can jump, run, or even laugh and cry, and you won’t fall. The water film will adjust its shape as Xia Yi’s face changes.

Holding a small plate of dried beef jerky with raisins and mango in his hand, he threw it in his mouth and chewed slowly.

These dried fruit jerkys were all made by Gu Wen by controlling the moisture for him.

Xia Yi’s legs overlapped, shaking Bai Shengsheng’s feet comfortably, and proudly said to Gu Wen who was sitting next to him: “Brother Zhu, I’ll say that you are not just a little cat and puppy, but practical. That is very strong.”

Gu Wen smiled and touched his head, got up and said, “I’ll get some more apples and I’ll squeeze a bowl of apple juice for you.”

The term “fresh squeeze” was originally taught by Xia Yi, and Gu Wenzhu felt it was appropriate.

Watching Gu Wen’s tall back into the kitchen, Xia Yi adjusted his gaze back. He hummed a song while stuffing raisins in his mouth.

“Hey.” 179 whimpered suddenly in his head.

“Don’t hesitate, the technical system will be fine, you can’t eat this raisin.” Xia Yi didn’t bother to ask, anyway, it was just these two things.

“Hey.” 179 murmured again, with a hint of crying.

“What the hell is going on?” Xia Yi put down the raisins in his hands.

“There is a ghost.” 179’s voice trembled.

“Ghost?” Xia Yi quickly sat up and looked around, “Where is the ghost? Where?”

Don’t say there are ghosts in the yard, there is not even a shadow.

“It’s in the bamboo forest outside the yard.” 179 whispered in a voice voice, as if afraid that a ghost might hear it if the voice was too loud.

Outside the courtyard is a large bamboo forest, swaying slightly in the soft wind, making a rustling sound. The bamboo shadow is mottled, and the place is quiet and quiet.

Xia Yi followed the direction of 179 and looked towards the bamboo forest. This look was stunned.

I saw a man standing on the top of the bamboo forest, with a tall figure, standing with his hands behind his back, facing the direction of the small courtyard.

The man’s large robe and sleeves were fluttering and ecstatic, and the whole person seemed to have no weight.

It’s really a ghost.


Xia Yi’s back was cold and her scalp was tight, and the hair all over her body exploded. Just about to yell to Gu Wenzhu, at this moment, the cloud opened and the moon appeared, and a halo fell on the bamboo forest. Standing on the bamboo, the man slowly turned and suddenly appeared from the shadow.

Looking closely, he saw that his Qishan uniform was swaying slightly in the wind. The face similar to Gu Wenzhu was without sadness or joy, and his eyes stared flatly in the direction of the small courtyard.

It is Cang Yi.

Fuck, what’s the matter with this Immortal Venerable? I’m already in the Qishan faction and I’m not going to meet those disciples and grandchildren. In the middle of the night, sneaking up on the bamboo to spy on someone else’s yard?

Xia Yizheng wondered whether to wave his hand to say hello, and suddenly remembered the last time he met him in the enchantment.

After falling off the cliff and being rescued by him, not only did he fail to repay his life-saving grace, but when he returned to the farming world, he punched him in the face and raised his middle finger.

To die, to hide, what face is there to say hello to others?

Xia Yi quickly turned around, drumming in her heart.

He didn’t recognize me, right? After all, the light is not good at night.

But even I can be like an owl in the middle stage of foundation construction. As a fairy, can Cang Yi not see me clearly?

What if he comes to question me?

But I beat him inexplicably, and he was wronged. If it comes, I will sincerely apologize, and he will be beaten back.

And offered a few catties of carrots and onions to apologize.

Thinking of this, Xia Yi gritted her teeth, turned to face the direction of Cang Yi, slightly flushed and bowed, raising her back and shouting loudly: “Xianzun, do you want to sit down?”

However, Cang Yi didn’t answer, just glanced at him indifferently, then turned his gaze away, and cast it to the crescent moon in the sky.

Xia Yi had to touch her head in a dare, and didn’t dare to sit down, just like that, facing Cang Yi from a distance, standing in the courtyard properly.

“179, he is not a ghost, but Cang Yi I told you last time, I misunderstood the immortal venerable brother Zhu. You see, I didn’t coax you? They are not alone.” Xia Yi faced The system explained.

“That’s not necessarily. Now that Gu Wenjiu is not by his side, how do you know it wasn’t him who pretended to enter the kitchen and then climbed onto the bamboo with makeup?” 179 is now a mature lever.

“Why have you become so unreasonable?” Xia Yi was a little bit distressed. “You are making me feel more and more strange now. The lovely single system at the beginning has become a bitter single system.”

179 was hit at the key point and began to growl angrily, “That is Gu Wenzhu is Gu Wenzhu, or you can prove it to me.”

“Brother Zhu, Brother Zhu.” Xia Yi shouted to the kitchen with a voice that can only be heard in this yard: “You come out quickly.”

After shouting, she looked back at Cang Yi and saw that he was still standing there motionless.

However, he did not hear Gu Wenzhu’s response from the kitchen.

179 sneered twice.

“Brother Zhu, Brother Zhu.” Xia Yi raised the volume slightly, “I heard an answer.”

There was silence in the yard, and there was still no response.

179 began to giggle.

Xia Yi was puzzled. Didn’t Gu Wenzhu squeeze apple juice for herself in the kitchen? Why don’t you say anything? Where did people go?

He didn’t really think that Gu Wenzhu was Cang Yi, but he was worried that he had had a confrontation with people in the school today. What if someone couldn’t figure it out and secretly come to trouble Gu Wenzhu?

The more thought about it, the more things went wrong, so turned over and sat up, looking for shoes around on the bed, ready to go to the kitchen to have a look.

“Sure enough, men are unreliable. Do you think Gu Wen is good to you? He is greedy for your body.”

“I would rather believe that there is a ghost than a man’s mouth.”

“How happy we were together before, you just want to find such a heartless man to be sad alone.”

Xia Yi could not bear it, and shouted angrily, “179, that’s enough. If you talk bad about him, I will no longer be friends with you.”

“Who is your friend? Who wants to be your friend?” 179 also yelled angrily, “I will ignore you again. I will shut down.”

Having said that, 179 started to sing in his mind. It was a Minnan song with a brighter rhythm.

“It turns out you’re a bluff

Deliberately to abandon me

So you are sweet talk

Mountain alliance as a trifle

Ah… I ask you

Ah… I ask you

Where is your conscience?”

Xia Yi frowned, and as soon as she pulled up her heels, she saw Gu Wen walking out of the kitchen carefully holding a bowl, “Xiao Yi, come and drink apple juice.”

“I called you just now, why didn’t you agree?” Xia Yi asked loudly, her face crumpled tightly and still vaguely angry.

Nothing happened and silent, which made me fall in front of 179, and now I’m still looping songs in my mind.

There is no way to block it.

Really angry.

“I went to the backyard from the back door of the kitchen just now. I saw a pear tree in the yard during the day, and the pears on it were ripe. I am going to squeeze some more pear juice for you.” Gu Wen explained one by one.

“What’s the matter? I’m not happy if I didn’t see it for a while?” Gu Wen couldn’t help laughing as he saw Xia Yi’s expression.

“I didn’t say you didn’t respond, I’m worried about you.” Xia Yi retorted angrily, “Who has a bad temper? I am a beloved wife who is obedient to my daughter-in-law.”

After speaking, he went back to the couch and sat down heavily, kicked his two shoes on his feet, and flew out several meters in tandem.

“Yes, yes, you are not tempered, you are just a little melon.” Gu Wen put the bowl on the small table one by one, while picking up his shoes, he coaxed warmly: “Isn’t you going to drink juice? I’ll make it for you. ——”

“Stop drinking, whoever wants to drink.” Xia Yi interrupted him loudly, with a grumpy expression on his face.

After speaking, he picked up the bowl on the small table, raised his hand and poured it all into the bamboo ridge on the side.

The songs in his head were endless, Xia Yi was angry and slammed the empty bowl in his hand on the stone floor.

Just hearing the “pop”, the bowl fell apart, and the song in my head stopped abruptly.

Gu Wen was stunned for a moment, looked up at him, no longer said anything, just bent over to pick up the shoes on the floor. Then he blew the dust on his shoes, walked back and squatted in front of Xia Yi, holding his feet and putting them on.

Xia Yi sat there, her undulating chest gradually eased, and she looked down at Gu Wen seriously putting on shoes for him. Suddenly, there was a feeling of anxiety in her heart.

I was mad at 179, so I turned my anger on him. What is it worthy of being a spoiled wife?

Before marriage, I was determined to be a good husband with 24 filial piety, but this is how he treats his wife after marriage?

Gu Wen lowered his head and said nothing, because of the action of putting on the shoes, a strand of jet-black hair slid down his neck and pressed it to his cheek.

His eyelashes are drooping, his complexion is calm, and his expression is gentle and focused.

Xia Yi couldn’t help but stretched out her hand and lifted up the eye-catching strand of hair.

Gu Wenzhu had already put on his shoes, and still kept a squatting posture, raising his head and looking at Xia Yi quietly.

Eyes as deep as obsidian are full of tenderness that can make anyone sink into it, shimmering in the moonlight.

Xia Yi was instantly hit by that gaze, her heart was sour and soft. Why am I so scumbag?

His hand was still resting on Gu Wenzhu’s ear, and he couldn’t help moving the back of his head along with it, and with a gentle force, he brought it into his arms.

Gu Wenzhu also grabbed his waist and buried his head on Xia Yi’s chest.

Xia Yi leaned over, dropped a small kiss on the top of the black hair, and muttered with infinite love and compassion: “Baby, I’m sorry, I’m not here for you.”

Gu Wen nodded in his arms.

Xia Yi went on to say: “I am mad at other things, not because of you. No matter when, I will always be your little melon.”

Gu Wenzhu seemed to laugh twice, because Xia Yi felt his shoulder tremble twice.

“Hey.” 179 trembling voice sounded again.

Why are you here again? Laugh, continue to laugh, laugh enough.

Our husband and wife almost had a conflict, and Xia Yi did not give any response to the system.

“Host, I’m sorry.” 179 saw that Xia Yi ignored herself, and said cautiously: “If you apologize to Gu Wen one by one, he will forgive you. I also apologize to you, can you forgive me.”

“I admit that I am sour, I am only sour system, Cang Yi and Gu Wenzhu are not the same person.” 179 Seeing Xia Yi just holding Gu Wenzhu, I couldn’t help feeling aggrieved, “If it wasn’t for you to attack me Single, I won’t laugh at you like that.”

“I won’t do this anymore, I was wrong, sorry.”

“Okay, I also apologize to you. I shouldn’t have said that you are a single system first.” Xia Yi saw that 179’s voice was almost crying, and he also began to admit his mistake.

“Then even if we reconcile, we will still be good girlfriends in the future.” 179 burst into tears, and said happily with a bit of graciousness.

Xia Yi said after 179, only then did he think of Cang Yi. Quickly pushed away Gu Wen to stand up, “Brother Zhu, Cang Yi Xianzun is in the bamboo forest outside the courtyard.”

After speaking, he turned and looked at the bamboo forest.

But the bamboo shadow was swaying, but there was no one on the bamboo top, only a round of meniscus was hanging quietly.

Where is there any ecstasy.

Chapter 50

On the second day, Xia Yi woke up under the enthusiastic lick of the unicorn. He woke up in a daze, pushed away the huge dog’s head in front of him, and looked at him sleepily, no one was there.

Look out the window, the sun is already on top, and slept almost to noon all this time.

After getting up and washing, he walked around in the yard without a single figure. But on the table, found the breakfast that Gu Wen had left for him one by one.

Uncovering the veil, saw three steaming steamed buns and gruel on the plate, and a plate of refreshing side dishes and salted duck eggs next to it.

At first glance, this breakfast was made by Gu Wenzhu.

That steamed bun is three or two, like a small ball.

As soon as he put down the bowl after eating, Gu Wen walked in from the courtyard one by one, carrying a hoe on his shoulder in one hand and a tray in the other.

Inside are neatly folded clothes, familiar colors, textures and patterns. Xia Yi recognizes it at a glance. It is a Qishan uniform.

Gu Wen’s forehead was covered with fine beads of sweat, and the clothes on his back were also soaked in sweat. This looked like he had just come back from the ground.

“Brother Zhu, are you planning Liu Siqian’s medicinal field again?” Xia Yi choked on his throat with a mouthful of steamed buns.

Prodigal daughter-in-law, no matter how good our family is, no matter how many onions we have, we can’t afford to do this every day.

Sooner or later, it will be lost.

Gu Wen paused for a while, and quickly explained, “No, I went out in the morning and met some younger brothers. Some of them went to find me with your brother yesterday and recognized me. Then I pointed out a wasteland at the foot of the back mountain, and asked me to cultivate there. So I spent a whole morning and opened the field for a while, ready to plant something you like.”

After speaking, put the tray on the table and take out the Qishan uniform inside, “I also met Liu Siqian, and he brought me a change of clothes.” After thinking about it, he said, “I will wait for him to go to our side in the future. I will sew a new shirt and return it to him.”

After speaking, went into the clean room to rinse off.

Xia Yi finally breathed a sigh of relief, and resumed eating with confidence.

Just don’t go to the medicinal field anymore.

When Gu Wen walked out of the clean room in Qishan uniform, Xia Yi was shocked.

With a piece of steamed bread in his mouth and a bowl of porridge in his hand, he stared at the person in front of him in a daze.

Brother Zhu usually wears ordinary clothes, and he wears ordinary cloth shirts that everyone in the village loves to wear. The fabrics are simple in style, and the color is either navy or dark blue.

But he is tall and handsome, even the farmer model is also very handsome. Unexpectedly, with this change, the whole person is even more outstanding in Yushu Linfeng temperament.

It was as if suddenly took off the loose school uniform with white stripes on the blue background and put on a high-profile suit.

The simple and smooth cuts and lines highlight Gu Wenzhu’s perfect figure. A dark embroidered waist belt stretched out a thin and powerful waist.

Gu Wen saw Xia Yi staring at him in a daze, still a little awkward, suspecting that he was wearing something wrong, and secretly reached out to pull his sleeves.

I saw Xia Yi put down the porridge bowl in her hand, swallowed the bun in her mouth again, took the cloth towel on the table and wiped the corner of her mouth unhurriedly, and took another sip of tea.

It seems to be very leisurely and leisurely.

It’s just that during the whole process, his eyes were staring at Gu Wenzhu, his eyes getting brighter and brighter, and they seemed to be filled with light.

This familiar look…

Seeing Xia Yi’s gaze turned to the carved bed, Gu Wen said badly.

Seeing him slowly bursting into a smile at himself again, that smile was full of alluring sweetness, Gu Wen couldn’t help but look at the sun hanging high outside the window, and he felt a little choked in his heart.

Before he waited for his sweet voice to say “Brother Zhu, let’s go to bed and play.” Gu Wen took a few steps forward quickly, holding Xia Yi’s shoulders with both hands, and said solemnly, “Little Also, let’s do something meaningful and go farming now.”

Planting, farming? Xia Yizheng was full of waste, unable to react for a moment.

At the foot of the back mountain is a large piece of flat wasteland, a small piece of which has been cultivated by Gu Wen.

“It’s a pity that I asked the little brother who brought me here. He said that there are no cattle and plowshares in the martial arts, otherwise I can cultivate more in the morning.” Gu Wen had a little regret on his face. Said with Xia Yi next to him.

“I have turned over the ground and used the plant ash to make it fat. Now you go sit and rest under the shade of the tree next to me, and I will fetch water. This land has been deserted, and you must raise it first. You are not the favorite to eat. Do you boil corn? I’ll grow corn for you when I’m fattened up.”

After speaking, Gu Wen tucked the corners of his robe in his waist one by one, and then went to a well not far away to fetch water.

“What kind of water do you still pick? You can control water like the Dragon King? Just pump the water from the well?” Xia Yi quickly stopped.

King Gu Long stood there calmly. Immediately, there was a sudden rushing noise from the well on the side of the road, and a stream of silver water rushed to the sky.

The water column stood steadily in the air, and then floated toward the two of them. Finally stayed on the top of that piece of land, slowly stretched out, and spread out into a piece of water covering the whole piece of ground.

In the end, it turned into scattered raindrops and sprinkled down finely.

Chase brother is awesome.

Xia Yi looked at everything in front of her with surprise, her heart was both happy and shocked.

Gu Wen also turned his head and stared at him deeply, “Look, during the day you should do some daytime things, such as farming. The night things should be done at night to make it more meaningful.”

Xia Yi was still watching the artificial rainfall, and nodded indiscriminately when she heard Gu Wenzhu’s words.

It took a long while to figure it out, what did he mean by this?

What night’s thing should be left until the evening to do it to make sense?

He slowly turned his head suspiciously, turned his gaze on Gu Wenji, and looked up and down.

Yu Guang glanced at him until Xia Yi, Gu Wen pretended to be calm.

I saw him look forward with a nonchalant expression, with a calm look, but in fact his hand was tensely clenched into a fist.

Xia Yi smiled coldly, and Gu Wenji couldn’t help but trembled. Still staring at the front, he asked subconsciously: “Xiao Yi, what are you looking at me for?”

“I think you are itching to see, and I want to find you to do something meaningful.” Xia Yi said blankly.

Gu Wen pursed his lips, his face showed an expression that he was struggling with resisting temptation, “Xiao Yi, I, I…”

Xia Yi stretched out a fair finger and gently hooked Gu Wenzhu’s belt. Slightly squinted a pair of eyes, with long eyelashes resting on them, a puddle of autumn water was half-curtained, making it even more moving.

Gently close up and breathed in Gu Wenzhu’s ear, and was satisfied to see a layer of goose bumps on his neck. Then he asked with a dumb voice, “Then you can do it?”

Gu Wen took a heavy breath, gritted his teeth and said: “Do.” After speaking, he turned around and walked towards the yard.

After walking two steps, saw Xia Yi standing on the spot and laughing, turning around and carrying him on his shoulders, angrily and annoyed at that pretty tun

I took a picture and said bitterly: “Go back.”

After the cloud closed in the rain, Xia Yi lay lazily in Gu Wenzhu’s arms, playing with the strand of hair he had fallen to his chest in his hands.

“Brother Zhu, were you a very serious and serious kid when you were young?” Xia Yi suddenly turned on his stomach and looked at Gu Wenzhu curiously.

Gu Wen frowned and recalled, “It’s okay, but I really don’t like playing with boys of the same age in the village.”

“Then what do you usually do?”

“Every day before dawn, I have to get up and go to the school in the next village to read and read. When I come back from school, I will follow my father to farm the land, or help my mother feed chickens and geese.”

Gu Wen’s mother was his stepmother, Xia Yiyuan’s aunt.

“Really a sensible child.” Xia Yi sighed: “When I was a child, I was not obedient at all and always mad at my parents.”

When Xia Yi said this, a touch of sadness floated in his heart. couldn’t help but flashed through those previous scenes in mind.

He was invited by his parents for being naughty. When he returned home, he drooped his head, but his father just patted him on the shoulder. He was still howling after the beating, and his father brought another bowl of noodles with two poached eggs lying on the bottom of the bowl.

There is also the big red envelope that took out from under pillow in the early morning of the Chinese New Year; mother had bad eyes, so she knitted a gray sweater for him under the lamp; besides hanging family photos on the wall in the living room, he was also pasted because of his participation in the juvenile group painting. The certificate of the contest.

Never thought that these trivial and ordinary things will one day, unexpectedly make a ruthless interruption with him.

Xia Yi turned over and covered her face with her hands, but tears flowed more and more violently, and there was an uncontrollable sob in her throat.

Gu Wen hurriedly sat up, panicking and going to remove the hand covering his face, and asked anxiously: “Xiaoyi, what’s wrong with you, Xiaoyi? Is it something uncomfortable?”

Xia Yi closed her eyes and shook her head, tears continued to flow outward.

Gu Wen looked at him steadily, his eyes could not hide the panic, “Xiao Yi, what’s the matter? Would you tell Brother Zhu, okay? Don’t worry Brother Zhu.”

Xia Yiyu said dissonantly: “I am, that is, miss me, miss my parents.”

“I really just miss my parents, are there any other discomforts?” Gu Wen confirmed again and again.

“Yeah.” Xia Yi nodded.

Gu Wen lifted his upper body one by one, wrapped it tightly in a quilt, and then hugged him in his arms like a baby, patted gently with his hands, “Didn’t Brother Zhu say that? He has been loved by parents for more than a decade. You will be spoiled by Brother Zhu for the next 80 years.”

“But me, but I just miss them.” Xia Yi choked.

Then he buried his head in Gu Wen’s chest and burst into tears.

He howled loudly like a child, fingers convulsively clasping Gu Wenzhu’s arm, his shoulders and back were shaking violently, tears instantly drenched his shirt with his face buried in it.

That year, he alone suffered the worst loss in his life.

From the death of his parents to the completion of the funeral, no tears shed. Contacting the funeral home, buying a cemetery, informing relatives and friends, burial… Various procedures are being carried out in an orderly manner.

Those pains, loneliness, and sorrows were forcibly suppressed by him.

Even if the funeral is over and a person returns home alone, he won’t let himself remember.

This is the only way he can live a good life.

Today, in the arms of Gu Wenzhu, he finally removed that layer of camouflage armor.

Standing in front of the cemetery with his head hanging down, watching his parents' urn buried by shovel after shovel of soil, but never shed a single tear, he finally cried happily in front of his lover.

Gu Wen hugged Xia Yi tightly, listening to his cry, his heart seemed to be torn out, shaking with pain.

I had to kiss the top of the hair in my arms again and again, pat the back lightly, and red eyes one by one: “Cry today, don’t cry again in the future. If you have me, I will always be with you.”

Qilin opened the door to the room and walked in quietly, lying on the side of the bed neatly, resting his chin on Xia Yi’s lap.

Then Xia Yi, who was wrapped in a quilt into a cocoon with her big head, looked at him meekly and worriedly.

In his mind, 179 is also sniffing and sniffing.

Xia Yi had slowly calmed down, only gasping for a while, and then raised her head after a long while, seeing a large swath of water on Gu Wen’s chest, she couldn’t help but feel a little bit ashamed.

“Brother Zhu, I also have parents in this world, they are exactly the same as my parents. I want to see them.” Xia Yi said hoarsely, her voice still with a thick nasal sound.

“There are parents too? What do you mean?” Gu Wenzhu didn’t understand the meaning of these words.

Xia Yi’s eyes and nose were still red, and her eyelashes were condensed in clusters.

“Do you remember the time we went to pick up mushrooms on the mountain? I said I saw my parents. That time was actually walking through for a while, and then I met two people who were similar to my parents calling my name. I’m here The side is their son, also called Xia Yi. And since I came, there is no news about Xia Yi. I feel that I am him, and he is me.”

“It turned out to be like this.” Gu Wen murmured, “Okay, then we will go see them and see your parents.”

After taking care of Lixia’s messy hair, she was infinitely affectionate, “Change clothes first, and go now.”
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