Carrying a Hoe to Cultivate Chapter 31-40

Chapter 31

“What can I do? I just went through it inexplicably.” Xia Yi replied helplessly while urging the system, “179, you report these situations to the main system, urging him to find a way to fix the bug as soon as possible.”

“Understood, I have already reported.” 179 also felt helpless.

After eating, Xia Yi took Meng Wanzi and Qi Zhou to the old house and confessed seriously: “This is Little Ming, ah, God… God…”

“Tianquan.” Meng Wanzi prompted.

“Yes, this is the house Tianquan lived in. Don’t dislike it, you will just live here.” Xia Yi said.

There is no other place to dislike it.

“Where can I dislike it, we Qishanmen can get Xia Xiaoyou’s help many times, and Meng is indebted.” Meng Wanzi quickly replied.

Standing in the courtyard, Qi Zhou glanced over the fallen leaves in the courtyard and the climbing vines on the courtyard wall. Moved a few more steps, fearing that the dust in the corner would get on the snow-white shoes.

“There is a well over there. You can take water and clean the house yourself.” Xia Yi saw him look uncomfortable, and reminded him: “But you have to do it yourself, there is no doorman here.”

Seeing Qi Zhou’s gaze falling on him sadly, Xia Yi hurriedly added, “I was just misrepresented to Qishan, and I am not a person of your sect.”

Qi Zhou pouted his mouth and nodded, and then looked at Xia Yi’s forehead, “You also have a red mole? I found that I also had an extra forehead, and I wondered what miasma was in.”

Xia Yi paused for a while, thought about it and said, “Don’t worry, you are healthy, no problem.”

“Does this red mole stand for something? Cultivators?” Qi Zhou asked.

“Maybe it means that you are very talented.” Xia Yi looked at Qi Zhou, which can be regarded as telling the truth.

Thinking that he will stay here soon and will wear it back soon, so there is no need to explain it clearly, which will add a psychological burden to him.

Qi Zhou nodded as if he didn’t understand, as long as it didn’t endanger his life, he quickly left the question behind.

Arranged for the two masters and apprentices, Xia Yi left now.

In the evening, Gu Wen sat on the bedside sewing winter clothes. First, took out a roll of fabric bought in the city a few days ago, and then hung a cloth ruler around neck, which was cut to the size of Xia Yi.

Xia Yi put her chin on the quilt and lay on her stomach, unknowingly, staring at Gu Wenzhu’s side face again and staring in a daze.

The candlelight gave Gu Wen a layer of soft light, softening the cold lines. The thin lips are pressed lightly, forming a beautiful arc. Sword eyebrows entered the temple, her drooping eyelashes trembled slightly, and Xia Yi’s fingers moved, finally suppressing the urge to touch.

“179, I really want to do something bad. We have been in love for so long, and we have decided to kiss him. He is already my person, and the time is almost up.” Xia Yi began to move around.

“I have been a mother in the original world. I have had enough.” Xia Yi buried his face in the pillow and rolled around on the bed, causing Gu Wen to look at him helplessly.

“What do you want to do?” 179 was very vigilant, “You don’t want to do the task now, do you want to be completely destroyed in the hands of this little fairy?”

“Does the task have nothing to do with the mother and the fetus? Is it possible that your task still requires boy urine?” Xia Yi was angry, “You are just a lemon system.”

Gu Wen saw Xia Yi first roll around holding the pillow, rolling her hair in a mess, and a few dull hairs on top of her head. Then didn’t know what was thinking, and for a while, he laughed silly, covered his face with a pillow and kicked his legs, and then became angry again.

The round almond eyes are humming and joyful, and the expression is very rich.

I couldn’t help but laughed low, put down the needle and thread in his hand, and stroked Xia Yi’s head, “What are you thinking?”

The voice is deep and magnetic, like a cello playing.

What do you think? was thinking how to eat you.

“179, if the petals are singular, I will do the task seriously, even on the day of marriage. If it is even, I will…hehehe tonight.” Xia Yi reached out from the bedside cabinet. Draw a golden zinnia from the earthen jar.

This was when was passing the field this morning, and saw the blooming branches crowded in lively, so picked a bunch of them easily.

“Single, double, single, double…” 179 watched Xia Yi slowly pulling the petals, counting with horror.

“Ha!” 179 laughed in surprise.

I saw only the last lone petal on the flower pole, teetering.

“It’s a single, hahaha, it’s a single. Host, hurry up and go to bed, go to bed early and get up early to do the task tomorrow.” The system was extremely happy.

“Double.” Xia Yi tore off the last petal without expression. “I’m going to take action. You shield yourself first. If you dare to peep, I will complain to you.”

“You, you actually shame.” 179 exclaimed anxiously, full of shock and indignation.

“What’s wrong with shame?” Xia Yi raised her head with a cold expression on her face. “Is your system playing tricks on me less?”

179 was choked and silent. After a while, he said, “I want to start watching a movie. If you disturb me, I will turn on the sound in your head.” After speaking, there was no response.

“179, 179.” Xia Yi continued to call, for fear that he would suddenly come out like Gu Wenzhu himself last time.

“179, I feel like I’m going to wear it again.”

“179, Aunt Li is here.”

After trying several times, finally satisfied that the system was blocked, and was relieved.

Began to act quietly.

First, the unicorn who was lying on the bed and biting the sandbag was coaxed back into the doghouse, but he couldn’t let it stand by the bed from start to finish to watch the live broadcast.

Qilin was playing happily and was about to be kicked out suddenly, looking at Xia Yi grievously with Yuanyuan’s eyes open.

“My dear son, I will stew big bones for you tomorrow when the good things are done for Daddy.” Xia Yi whispered to Qilin while dragging it out.

Fortunately, Qilin was very well-behaved. Although he was reluctant and did not resist, he went back to his own nest.

Then close the door, close the window and tighten the curtains.

Finally, sat next to Gu Wenzhu, and quietly reached out and unlocked the top buckle.

Looked down, not enough.

Untie the two more, revealing a deep-set neck and a white landscape.

Then he moved over and leaned on Gu Wenzhu’s shoulder.

“Why? Do you feel cold?” Gu Wen sensed that Xia Yi was getting closer, and asked in a gentle low voice, his voice rubbing his ears like silk.

“It’s not cold, it’s still a bit hot.” Xia Yi also replied in a low voice, with a hot nose spraying on Gu Wen’s neck.

After speaking, he squeezed to his side again, pressed closer, and put his arms around his waist.

“Huh? Brother Zhu, I found out that there was a birthmark behind your ear.” Xia Yi said in surprise, and stretched out his hand to touch it gently.

I saw that the birthmark was in the shape of a light blue drop, and it was growing behind Gu Wenzhu’s ear. If it is not the right angle, it is usually not easy to find.

Gu Wenzhu’s ears were touched by Xia Yi’s warm fingers, and his body couldn’t help but tremble, and the hands that were sewing clothes were also paused there.

Then slowly turned his head and looked at Xia Yi.

Looking over, he held his breath instantly. The seemingly calm eyes concealed a storm, deep and gloomy, and his expression became complicated and obscure.

“What’s the matter? Keep sewing.” Xia Yi pretended not to know, looked at the fabric in Gu Wen’s hand with an innocent look, and stretched out a finger to poke. Then he followed the outline all the way up and slowly slid to the back of Gu Wenzhu’s hand.

The soft finger pads stopped on the back of the fist tightly, gently rubbing back and forth.

Gu Wen swallowed hard one by one, his Adam’s apple slid up and down.

The room was quiet, only the beeping of the candlelight and Gu Wen’s breathing heavier. Xia Yi looked at the calm, eyes seemingly waveless, revealing innocence and ignorance, but in fact, the waves in her heart were raging.

“Ahhhh, what should I do next? Throw him down?”

“Can you keep staring at me like this? I can’t hold on any longer.”

“If you don’t do it, I will do it!”

Gu Wen spoke one by one, with a somewhat hoarse voice, “Xiao Yi, fasten the buttons.”

“No button, I’m hot…” Xia Yi whispered, and put her hand on Gu Wen’s hot cheek.

Gu Wen reluctantly closed his eyes and turned his head to the side. The blue veins on his forehead violently, his fingers squeezed the joints white, and a few words were squeezed out between the teeth, “Xiao Yi, we are not married yet, we can’t do this.”

You are sewing a dowry for yourself, the furniture is ready, the date is set, and the villagers who have invited to help at the wedding banquet are also all collected, so why do you even say that we are not married yet?

It seems that only strong ones can be used.

do my best.

If the mountain doesn’t come, I’ll just level your mountain and reclaim it.

Evil grows to the guts, Xia Yi keeps on doing it, “Puff!” Blow out the candle on the table, and rushed to Gu Wen…

In the darkness, could only hear the rustling of clothes pulling and rustling, and the rustling sound of a few people on the side of the table being knocked over…

“Pop!” The flint and steel lit up, shining a ball of light in the room.

Gu Wen tried his best to stretch out his hands to light the candle on the table with his untidy clothes and messy hair. He said unsteadily, “Xiao Yi, calm down, I can’t do this to you…”

“Puff!” The candlelight that had just been lit was blown out again, and at the same time Xia Yi’s frustrated voice came, “Where do you want to run?”

“Xiao Yi, Xiao Yi, don’t be like this…”

“Shut up to me.”

In the middle of the night, the village was very quiet, only the croaking of autumn insects and a few dog barks were heard.

“Pop!” The flint and steel sounded, and there was light in a small courtyard room, and at the same time Xia Yi’s trembling cry came, “Brother Zhu, not coming, not coming.”

“Puff!” The light disappeared, and Gu Wen’s husky male whispered, “Again, baby again.”

Qilin felt that tonight was very difficult, and felt that he was so noisy that he could not sleep.

There are always strange movements in the room, and the lights will be lit and extinguished for a while, which is really annoying to the dog.

Chapter 32

The next morning, the door of the room that had been closed for the night was opened, and a refreshed Gu Wen walked out. can see that he is in a good mood, his whole face is radiant, and he is humming a silly tune to make breakfast.

On the bed, Xia Yi shrank under the covers, crying to 179 sadly.

“Really, he is really not a human being. You see how miserable I am. I don’t even have a good skin on my whole body, and even the back of my instep has been chewed.” Xia Yiyu sobbed sadly.

“I told you not to come here blindly. What’s wrong with being a mother? Seeing how comfortable I am, how can I persuade you not to listen or sympathize with you.” Lemon System said gleefully.

179 Can you really hear that I am showing off?


Hearing footsteps outside the door, Xia Yi quickly closed her eyes and pretended to sleep.

Gu Wen walked in with the porridge in one hand and the pan bun in the other. Seeing that Xia Yi was still asleep, he put the things in his hands on the bedside cabinet.

Leaning over and looking at it lightly, she found that although Xia Yi closed her eyes, her eyelashes were trembling lightly, and the eyeballs under her eyelids were also turning.

He is clearly awake and still pretending to be asleep.

Gu Wen couldn’t help but laughed softly, sat down by the bed, reached out and fished Xia Yilian with the quilt into his arms. He kissed the shaggy hair and said affectionately, “Little pig, get up for breakfast.”

Xia Yi still closed her eyes and said nothing, and then felt the scent of meat porridge lingering on the tip of her nose.

Quietly opened a slit, and found a spoonful of porridge stopped by his mouth.

The strong smell of meat porridge entered the nasal cavity, and then I felt that I was hungry, and my stomach suddenly made a few grunts.

Xia Yi couldn’t put it on anymore, “Ao Wu” swallowed the porridge in one bite.

The hot meat porridge slips into the esophagus, and the whole person is ironed and comfortable.

Gu Wen fed Xia Yi spoonfuls of gruel one by one and eaten up the stuffed buns in a short while.

Xia Yi ate happily, not paying attention to Gu Wen staring at the tip of his little pink tongue, and the bottom of his eyes began to churn again.

When he finished eating and drinking, Gu Wen took out the empty bowls and plates one by one, and Xia Yi lay down again in the quilt contentedly. I didn’t sleep well last night, and I am ready to take a good night’s sleep.

Hearing the sound of the door being pushed open again, Xia Yi didn’t bother to open her eyes, so she just snorted lazily from her nose.

The quilt was lifted, and a strong and warm chest pressed against him, embracing Xia Yi again.

Xia Yi suddenly felt that something was wrong, and his whole body was agitated, the alarm bells in his brain rang, and his sleepiness disappeared.

“No way, no way, you go away, you go away…”



At noon, Qi Zhou, whose hair was combed untidy, stood in the yard with his long body standing in the courtyard, with Meng Wanzi holding his hands in front of him.

Looking around, the door was closed tightly, as if there was no one. Only the Qilin raised his head lazily, seeing that it was the two of them, and then lay back in the den and continued to sleep soundly.

Anyway, the whole family won’t get up, and the dog will go to bed too.

“Is there anyone? Do you have dinner?” After a long while, Qi Zhou’s voice sounded with a hint of aggrievedness.

No way, both myself and the master are hungry.

“Crack.” The door opened, and Gu Wen walked out one by one, his face full of joy made Qi Zhou think that he had seen a bridegroom official, except that he didn’t wear a big red flower on his chest.

“Wait a minute, I’m going to cook.” Gu Wenzhu rarely gave the two Fangxian Taoists a good face, and walked to the kitchen with a smile on his face.

Meng Wanzi looked behind him, did not see Xia Yi, and couldn’t help but curiously asked: “Where is Xiaoyou Xia? Why didn’t he see him?”

Gu Wen paused step by step, with an unnatural touch on his face, “He is sick.”

“Ill? Is it serious? Let me see.” Meng Wanzi was about to walk into the room, “I have a little medical skills and can help him prescribe a prescription.”

“It’s okay, it’s just a small wind chill, just raise it for a day.” Gu Wen stopped it quickly.

“It depends on Xiao Fenghan. He is a mortal, no better than our immortal cultivators. He can’t be dragged when he is sick.” Meng Wanzi continued to walk towards the house as he muttered.

Suddenly, it went dark, and a figure flashed in front of him, blocking his way.

Meng Wanzi stopped and looked in surprise.

“I said he would just raise him, now he can’t see the wind, he is covering his sweat.” Gu Wen stood in front of him, his voice sounded coldly, his eyes were a bit hostile, the tail of his eyes was slightly raised, and his expression was indistinct.

At that moment, Meng Wanzi’s heart shook, and a strange feeling occurred. The ordinary mortal farmer standing in front of him unexpectedly brought him an invisible pressure.

“Well, if you don’t watch it, I won’t watch it.” Meng Wanzi was cold in his heart and didn’t dare to move on.

Qi Zhou curled his lips, thinking arrogantly in his heart that these ordinary people just don’t know good or bad.

Gu Wen moved quickly, and made lunch in a while, and there was a large table of dishes. He first took out an empty plate, sandwiched a part of each dish, put the rest on the dining table, and then glanced at Meng Wanzi, “Meng Lao, use it slowly.”

“Okay, okay, you don’t have to worry about me.” Meng Wanzi replied quickly and stood aside with his hands down, watching Gu Wen pick up the food he picked up and walk towards the house.

How do I think this farmer is terrible, his eyes make him feel familiar.

If he looks like Cang Yi, his look just now reminds him of another person.

Qi Zhou took out his handkerchief and wiped the stool until Gu Wen stepped into the room and closed the door, took out his porcelain bowl to serve the rice, and ate it in small bites.

In the room, Xia Yi sat on the bedside with her curly hair, her eyes fiercely leaning on the bed, “I won’t eat! If you can’t say that if you don’t eat, you don’t eat! You take it away!”

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry Xiao Yi, it’s all my fault. I didn’t control myself well.” Gu Wen apologized in a low voice. Seeing the quilt slide down, Xia Yi was bruised, even more guilty and distressed.

“Just take a few bites, OK? Just take a few bites.” Gu Wen coaxed softly and handed the spoon full of food to Xia Yi’s mouth.

“Are you wrong? Ask you, did you recognize your mistake and reflect on it?” Xia Yi moved her sore body and complained.

“I was wrong, I was really wrong, I shouldn’t be with you %@%%&&……&……&——” Gu Wenzhu’s mouth was covered by Xia Yi, and he shouted anxiously. Said: “They are still outside, keep your voice down.”

Gu Wen looked at him with innocent eyes and nodded repeatedly.

Xia Yi let go of Gu Wenzhu’s mouth and glanced at him sideways, “Feed me.”

When the food was cleaned up, the two masters and apprentices Meng Wanzi also left outside the courtyard, and Gu Wen began to clean up the dishes one by one.

Xia Yi was aching all over, and wanted to lie down again. Just this one action grinned his teeth, slowly like a patient with a whole body fracture.

After finally lying down, he looked at the ceiling hopelessly, “179, really, he’s really not a human being.”

179 didn’t want to answer this time and wanted to spit him twice.

Just as he was about to fall asleep in a daze, Xia Yi suddenly felt a heat flow in his abdomen. Before he recovered, the heat flow rushed towards the limbs. Suddenly, the blood immediately boiled, and the heartbeat accelerated at the same time, but the hands and feet were lazily soft.

What’s wrong with me? Going to wear it? It’s not like it. Xia Yi looked around, the air was not floating, and the furniture was not distorted. sick? Heatstroke? influenza? Or is it an emergency?

“179, 179 come out soon, something serious happened, without you, I don’t feel like my whole body is right.” Xia Yi called the system in panic, “Did I have any emergency?”

“Host, don’t panic, I’ll test it for you.” 179 is calm and professional, like a mature system. Xia Yi took a deep breath, trying to suppress the inexplicable irritability in her heart, waiting for the system’s test results.

“179, if I have a terminal illness, don’t tell me, at least let me and Brother Zhu happily get married first.”

“Forget it, let me know, I won’t get married with Brother Zhu, so as not to delay him, it will become a second marriage if it is good.”

179 There was no reply for a long time, and the situation seemed not so good.

Xia Yi felt more and more uncomfortable in her heart, saying that the more Baidu, the more she felt terminally ill, but this is not because Baidu is all based on random thoughts, even thinking about where the cemetery was built.

He began to imagine the scene where Gu Wen looked at him gradually becoming thinner, hiding aside and hammering the wall alone in pain, and having to force a smile when facing him, couldn’t help his eyes become soggy.

The body seems to be getting hotter, is it going to explode?

“179, haven’t you checked it out yet?”

“Host, after a sophisticated test, it shows that you are not suffering from any disease, but your craze is coming.” 179’s voice suddenly sounded, “Maybe it was caused by your hormone fluctuations last night.”

“Hot… boom period?” Xia Yi had a thunderous expression on his face.

“Yes, hee hee.” 179’s laughter reveals the gloat that can’t be concealed.

But I’m not a single dog now, I don’t know how happy you are.

Xia Yi changed his mind and calmed down as soon as he thought about it, and sneered at 179.

Gu Wen came in with a bowl and opened the door at this time, still calling out softly, “Xiao Yi, come and drink the chicken soup, and rest after drinking.”

As soon as the voice fell, Gu Wenzhu stopped and stared at the front in a daze.

I saw that Xia Yi had already sat up and was looking at him with the quilt. The cheeks are flushed, and a pair of almond eyes are filled with mist, as if a small hook has grown…

“Brother Zhu, come here soon.” Xia Yi’s voice also seemed to grow a small hook, soft and waxy…

Chapter 33

As the sun sets, every household is lit up with smoke. After the Qilin was outside and Dahua playing wildly for an afternoon, he returned home contentedly from the square hole made for it under the wall.

There was no one in the kitchen, and they were still locked in the room and fighting.

I hurried to the food bowl to see, it was actually empty? Forget fighting, not even cooking?

Qilin grieved and slumped back to his den.

At this time, the courtyard door was pushed open, Qi Zhou walked in with the corner of his robe, and hesitatingly asked: “Is anyone there? Is the meal served?”

After a while, the door of the house opened, and Gu Wen walked out one by one, uncomfortably tidying up his clothes as he walked.

As soon as Qi Zhou saw Gu Wenzhu, he felt a little fear in his heart and couldn’t help but whispered: “I will bring the food back to eat, so as not to disturb you.”

“I’ll cook now. But in the next few days I have to serve Xiao Yi, so you have to cook it yourself. I’ll serve you some rice noodles and meat dishes later, and I will cook them directly in the old house when I bring them back. Yes.” Gu Wen rolled his sleeves and walked toward the kitchen.

“I don’t know how to cook!” Qi Zhou yelled in horror when he heard this.

“That’s it…” Gu Wen pondered one by one, “You can take the unicorn and let the unicorn teach you to cook. By the way, I have fed it together these few days.”

“This…this…” Qi Zhou was shocked by Gu Wenzhu’s operation and couldn’t say a word.

Qilin looked at him and flicked his tail innocently.

Gu Wen threw down a large pot of chicken noodle soup, and when it was cooked, he filled two bowls and walked into the room, leaving most of the pot for one person and one dog.

As soon as Qi Zhou wanted to look through the crack of the door curiously, the door closed with a snap.


The gate of the Gu family’s courtyard had not been opened for several days, nor had seen Gu Wenzhu and Xia Yi, and no one answered the door.

The dogs are barely living like this after eating hundreds of meals in the whole village.

Did these two go to the county to buy wedding supplies?

Li Zhu and Er Niu stood in front of the courtyard, leaning on the crack of the door and looking in.

“What are you doing?” An unfamiliar voice sounded behind him, with a cold meaning.

“Let’s just take a look. I haven’t seen anyone for a few days, and I’m a little worried” Li Zhubian explained and turned his head.

Turning his head, the whole person was stupid, unable to say a word with his mouth open.

Looking at Li Zhu’s appearance, Er Niu turned his head curiously, as if he was struck by lightning, and turned into a stone sculpture like Li Zhu.

Qi Zhou was returning from a walk outside the village, passing by the gate of Gu Wenzhu’s courtyard. From a distance, saw two young people looking like villagers peeking from the courtyard gate, frowned and went to ask questions.

Unexpectedly, when these two people saw themselves, they showed a stupid form of thunder and thunder.

Answered that the villager’s appearance is acceptable, fairly pretty. The man who turned back, his rough appearance and mud-stained shirt, looked really dull and stupid.

Li Zhu was fairly shrewd, and immediately turned his eyes away after reacting. However, Er Niu still stared at Qi Zhou, his eyes were not blinking, and his mouth was slightly open.

Seeing him looking at him unconcealedly, Qi Zhou couldn’t help frowning in disgust.

This ignorant mountain villager really wanted to dig out his eyeballs.

“They’re okay, don’t think too much about it.” Qi Zhou didn’t want to explain more to these vulgar people, and left in a hurry after saying a few words.

“Er Niu, this brother is an immortal.” Looking at Qi Zhou’s back, for a long time, Li Zhu hit the Er Niu next to him with his arm.

Er Niu said nothing, still watching the direction Qi Zhou was leaving.

“Er Niu, don’t look, everyone is gone.” Li Zhu punched him hard.

Only then did Er Niu come back to his senses.

Next, Er Niu’s whole person was in a trance, with a look of unaccompanied expression.

Just when Li Zhu had been talking for a long time, and when he was about to get angry, Er Niu suddenly stopped, blushing, and said, “I want to marry him.”

“Who to marry?” Li Zhu didn’t react yet.

“That brother just now, I saw him go to Wen Zhu’s old house.” Er Niu’s eyes glowed, and the whole person was still in a dream. “Won’t my mother keep urging me to get married? I have taken a look at him. Marry him to be my daughter-in-law.”

“Er Niu, are you crazy? That brother is not an ordinary person at first glance. It must be some wealthy relative of Wen Zhu who came to live for a few days.” Li Zhu really wanted to wake up his partner and stop dreaming.

Er Niu opened his mouth, and after a moment of daze, his eyes gradually firmed up, “I’m fond of him, but he doesn’t marry him.”

After finishing speaking, he said solemnly to Li Zhu: “Don’t call me Erniu anymore, call me by my name, Gu Beicheng.”


Gu Wen looked down at Xia Yi who was lying on his back, and saw his pink and white neck with a few strands of sweaty black hair on it.

He stretched out his hands and pressed those soft hairs to his ears, leaned over and said dumbly, “I’ll make you some food, okay?”

Xia Yi didn’t say anything, just hooked his fingers with infinite attachment, humming like a kitten in his throat, and his wet eyes were full of longing.

Gu Wen took a deep breath and forced himself to get up quickly and go to the kitchen to make a meal as quickly as possible.

Boiled a large pot of water, let Xia Yi soak in a comfortable bath.

Time flickered, and another two days passed.

In the early morning, the bedroom door was opened, and Gu Wen stepped out.

He has messy hair and sunken eye sockets, and he takes a greedily breath of fresh air. Let the refreshing fragrance of green grass whirl around in his lungs, and then exhale slowly.

“Xiao Yi, I’m going to make breakfast.” He turned his head hastily and said to the room, and walked quickly to the kitchen as if he fled, as if he would be caught by someone taking a step slower.

The moon sets and the sun rises, and another day has passed.

The door slowly opened, and Gu Wen appeared at the door blankly.

I saw him fighting with his legs, his eyes turned black, and his shirt was not buttoned. Just like that, the footsteps were vain, and the floating corpses floated to the kitchen and started cooking.

He couldn’t even turn the pot upside down, and the hand holding the spoon was shaking.

Finally, it was divided into two trips, and all the food was returned to the room, and then creaked and closed the door.

The sun rose slowly, and after the door was opened today, Xia Yi came out with a contented look.

He felt that he was full of energy that he had never seen before, and he was extremely comfortable both physically and mentally. Stretched a long way, walked briskly to the kitchen, caught the fish he was keeping from the water tank, cut the scales by laparotomy, and started to boil the fish soup.

After a while, he carried a bowl of fish soup into the bedroom.

When he entered the house, Gu Wenzhu was still asleep, Xia Yi put down the fish soup, secretly lifted the quilt, rushed up and took a bite on his face: “I got up to eat.”

Gu Wen rubbed his face and slowly opened his eyes.

Gu Wen, who had just woke up, lost the steady and solemnity, a little dazed, and there was a shallow tooth mark on his face that had just been gnawed out.

Seeing Xia Yi’s heart moved, he pushed him down again, and kissed him cruelly.

“How long have you been awake?” Gu Wen stood up firmly with his elbows, and sat up tremblingly. “Are you hungry? I’ll cook for you.”

He still remembers his responsibilities. In the past few days, in addition to satisfying his brother during the boom, he has to take care of his brother’s diet and daily life.

Especially for the first-time craze brother, he must get the best care, so that he can bloom like the most perfect flower.

“I’ve done it, don’t get up.” Xia Yi looked at Gu Wen’s arm that was supporting her barely sitting up and was trembling, feeling very sorry in her heart.

In the past few days, the brother Zhu who has dealt with the craze for the first time must receive the best care to be as healthy as the liveliest calf.

“Come and I feed you.” Gu Wenzhu and Xia Yi said at the same time, and at the same time they reached for the spoon.

Gu Wen took it one step at a time, his wrist softened, and the spoon snapped back into the soup.

“I’ll feed you.” Xia Yi took the spoon and scooped up the white fish soup, blowing lightly in her mouth.

“I’ll do it myself.” Gu Wen walked through the body, trying to maintain the dignity of the man.

Xia Yi ignored him and fed fish soup into his mouth.

“One more bite of fish, okay? Baby open your mouth.”

“Xiao Yi, I can’t eat anymore…”

“Take another bite, where does the dragon and tiger spirit come from if you don’t eat enough?”

In the middle of the night, the whole village fell asleep, except for a small courtyard somewhere in the middle of a conversation.

“Xiao Yi, I’ll get you the shelter plants, or take a bite first…”

“Who wants some waterweed, throw it away. Come here for me!”

“I’ll rest for a while, just for a while.”

“You still have the spirit to hide everywhere, why do you take a break!”

The last wave of enthusiasm finally ended, and Gu Wen almost burst into tears.

He was like an ox that had ploughed the ground for several days. He was finally unloaded with a heavy plow, buried in a pillow, and fell asleep, feeling unconscious.

Xia Yijing quietly pressed to Gu Wen’s back, closed her eyes and pursed her lips and laughed a few times, then kissed his earlobe, stretched out her arm to embrace the firm waist, and fell asleep.

Chapter 34

When woke up, the sky was bright, Xia Yi raised his hand to block the sunlight in front of him, and looked around with blindfolded eyes.

With empty sides, the kitchen heard the sound of pots and spoons colliding. Didn’t Brother Zhu become a dead dog before going to bed last night? He had already got up this morning.

After all, Gu Wenzhu had a strong physique, and he regained his spirit after only one night of grooming.

When Xia Yi walked into the kitchen, she saw a slurping casserole on the stove, boiling fragrant eucommia codonopsis chicken soup.

Seeing Xia Yi shaking her nose and walking in and uncovering the lid, Gu Wen said softly and softly, “I’ll make up for you.”

In fact, I think you need to make up for it!

Gu Wen filled the bowl of soup and set it aside, “Cold it for you.” Then he picked up two chicken drumsticks and put them in another bowl, and handed them to Xia Yi.

The drumsticks are big and fat, exuding an attractive smell of meat. Xia Yi picked up one and stuffed it into Gu Wenchu’s mouth, and then gnawed the other one.

“Where is Qilin? Give Qilin some rice in chicken soup.” Xia Yi remembered that he hadn’t seen Qilin for several days, and didn’t know what it was eating.

“Kirin is in the old house, living with Old Meng and the others.”

Xia Yi held a chicken leg in her mouth, and was stunned, “Can they cook?”

“I’m not starving.” Gu Wen replied lightly.

Who says starvation can’t die? Does Master Meng Wanzi look like someone who can cook? Perhaps this time passed, and the bodies of both of them were stiff.

“Let’s see them.” Xia Yisan gnawed off the chicken legs in two bites, and said in a vague mouth: “Add some chicken soup to me, and I’ll send it to them.”

Gu Wen frowned. This was a chicken that was killed specifically to help Xiaoyi. He really didn’t want to share it with the two Fangxian Taoists.

After hesitating for a while, he still took a food container and filled it with chicken soup.

Anxiously came to the old house and pushed open the courtyard door. At that moment, Xia Yi’s food container was almost unsteady, and she suspected that she had taken the wrong place.

I saw that the courtyard was spotless, and the blue brick floor was slightly glowing in the sun. The rotten baskets in the corner were long gone. Several pots of green plants were placed, and the well was covered with a clean wooden board.

“Let’s let go, let’s let go.” An unfamiliar male voice came from behind, which didn’t sound like Meng Wanzi and Qi Zhou.

Xia Yi looked back and saw a large stone slab in front of her and quickly stepped aside.

The stone slab was put down slowly in the courtyard, revealing a simple face.

Er Niu grinned at Xia Yi while wiping the sweat off his face with his clothes.

“Er Niu?” Xia Yi asked suspiciously: “Why are you here? Where are Lao Meng and Qi Zhou?”

Qi Zhou’s voice came from the house, “I’m building a rockery.” As the sound fell, Qi Zhou walked out leisurely with his hands under his hands.

Xia Yi asked in shock: “Are you going to build a rockery in the yard?”

“Yes, no matter where you live or how long you have to live, you can’t lower your own requirements for life.” Qi Zhou stretched a wrinkle on the corner of the cleansing robe with his hand, “I will not only build a rockery, but also plant it. Some flowers and plants, and some birds and fish.”

After speaking, he nodded reservedly at Er Niu, “Gu Beicheng, you did a good job. Let’s continue tomorrow.”

Er Niu looked at Qi Zhou with shining eyes, and said with a silly smile: “Then I will come back tomorrow for you.” After speaking, he turned and walked out.

Seeing that Er Niu had just walked out of the yard, the unicorn with two small stone slabs tied to his back also walked in.

Xia Yiyi saw the Qilin look like this, and suddenly became angry.

Well, you are a Qi Zhou, if you want to pursue the quality of life, you just need to pursue it yourself. As a result, you did nothing and took a leisurely time. Not only did you support Erniu to do things for you, but you also regarded my unicorn as a coolie.

“Son, come here.” Xia Yi sullenly called Qilin loudly.

Qilin hadn’t seen Xia Yi for several days, and was aggrieved by the slate. Seeing the master at this time, he ran over happily, licking and rubbing at Xia Yi, and twisting his body to show him his back.

Xia Yi hurried to unload the slate, raising his eyes and glaring at Qi Zhou.

Are the Qishan faction good enough to be dog slaves? Do you treat your master like this?

“Don’t worry, the unicorn is a divine beast, you can move mountains and unloading ridges, these two stone slabs are completely trivial.” Qi Zhou waved his hand indifferently.

But go to your beast, Xia Yi quickly hugged the unicorn and looked left and right. Seeing that it was indeed alive and kicking, there was nothing unusual, so she was relieved.

Look at the chicken soup in the food box I put on the wall of the courtyard, so I won’t give it to this person, and I will take it back later.

“Yo, Xiaoxia is here.” With a burst of laughter, a man dressed as an ordinary villager walked in from outside the courtyard.

He was dressed in a brown coarse blouse, his long hair was in a bun on top of his head, and he was carrying a bamboo basket on his back.

Look at that eyebrow, is this Meng Wanzi or who?

Xia Yi suddenly felt a trance. If Qi Zhou hadn’t yelled his master behind him, he wouldn’t dare to recognize it.

I haven’t seen him for a few days now. Is that immortal and powerful Meng Wanzi so grounded?

Meng Wanzi put down the back basket behind him, took another two sips of the tea that Qi Zhou handed over, and said to Xia Yi: “By the way, today Brother Cai, the carrots in your field are almost ready.”

“Who is Brother Cai?” Xia Yi asked blankly.

“You don’t know Wang Cai, isn’t it your security chief?” Meng Wanzi glanced at him strangely, his eyes seemed to contain condemnation, “Brother Cai cares about you so much. You have been sick for the past few days, and he has visited you every day. I’m in town.”

“I always call him Uncle Wang. I don’t know what his original name is.” Xia Yi pleaded for himself.

Did Meng Banzi get into the village so quickly? He and Uncle Wang are actually called brothers and sisters.

“What are you holding?” Meng Wanzi only found the food container in Xia Yi’s hand and his eyes lit up.

“Chicken soup for you.” Xia Yi didn’t want to drink it to Qi Zhou, but Meng Wanzi let it go.

So he brought the food box in front of him, “Wash your hands first, then bring your porcelain bowl, and I will serve you soup.”

“You are so particular about it,” Meng Wanzi finished, pulling his sleeves to wipe off his sweat, then rubbing his hands on the top of his clothes, took the food box from Xia Yi, and went into the kitchen.

After a while, saw him walking out with two porcelain bowls.

A bowl was placed in front of the unicorn, with a smile on his face, “Quickly eat the unicorn.” The bowl was handed to Qi Zhou.

After speaking, he took the food box straight and ate the rest.

Qi Zhou stood on the side, his face full of pain and unbearable stare, the bowl was brought to his mouth several times without opening his mouth.

Finally, he gritted his teeth and closed his eyes, frowning and pouring down.

“Say your illness is all right?” Meng Wanzi asked after drinking the soup and wiping his mouth with his sleeve.

“Hmm, all right.” There was still a trace of unnaturalness on Xia Yi’s face when it was mentioned, but Meng Wanzi didn’t pay attention either.

“Then I’ll go to the ground and take a look first.” Xia Yi waved wildly, and quickly went out with the unicorn to the ground, lest Meng Wanzi would have to ask further questions.

As soon as he walked out of the courtyard, 179 beaming voices accompanied the firecrackers and fireworks, “Congratulations to the host, congratulations to the host, the winter melon is ripe, and you have successfully completed the fourth task.”

“Task Introduction: Awaken Cang Yi Xian Zun

Completion: 1/1

Reward: a rare gift package for task rewards”

“What’s the use of these rewards? Saying that I haven’t received the rewards for the first mission, it’s the foundation building liquid and marrow pill.” Xia Yi began to complain dissatisfied, “There are also rare gift packages, I am not rare. .”

“Can you drink the base-building liquid? If you can, give it to me now. I’m a bit thirsty. Drink two bottles.”

“Can you drink it?” 179 replied uncertainly.

“If you can’t drink it, you can say no, if you can drink it, you can say it. Why can you add one?”

“Drinkable.” 179 answered clearly this time.

“Then get me a bottle and I will taste it.”

As soon as the voice fell, a white pottery bottle similar to the size of Wahaha calcium milk appeared in Xia Yi’s hand.

The appearance is simple and simple, and at first glance, it is the poisons such as Lingdanxianwan or Crane Dinghong in the TV series.

Anyway, 179 said that he could drink, and Xia Yi unceremoniously opened the lid and poured his head into his mouth.

Smacking mouth, sweet and sweet, taste a bit like fruit beer, not bad.

The bottle is not big, so I drank it in a few strokes, “179, get me two more bottles.”

“Since I came into this world, I haven’t drunk a drink, even the sweet one.” Xia Yi spit out while uncovering the lids of the other two bottles. “I was drinking Coke in my dreams, and my saliva flowed out.”

“Host, if you have a baby, you can drink brown sugar water, and you can also eat brown sugar water eggs.”

“179 You are so annoying.”

Seeing Qilin sticking his tongue out and panting, he stared at himself without blinking. Xia Yi hesitated, opened a bottle and handed it to Qilin, “Son, open your mouth and Daddy will give you a drink.”

Qilin opened his mouth obediently, and Xia Yi slowly fed it.

After a while, one person and one dog drank all the foundation building liquid, and burped contentedly, “Go, look at the winter melon.”

“Wait, host, you haven’t received a new task yet.” 179 reminded.

“Let’s talk, what do you want me to plant.” Xia Yi didn’t care.

179 cleared his throat, raised his tone and said loudly: “Now, please accept the new task for the host.”

“Task description: Obtain a magic weapon and summon your own beast

Completion: 0/1

Reward: A rare gift package for mission rewards”

“Then what are you planting this time?”

“This time it’s planting lettuce.”

It’s not planted across seasons, but it’s okay. You can plant it in a fair manner, and then sell it in a fair manner.

“Yes, grow lettuce, now go see my winter melon.”

Wow, such a big winter melon, Xia Yi walked into the field and looked at it and was shocked.

“My winter melon grows so well? It’s so obvious. Other people still look like carrots?”


“Then if I transport it to the street to sell, is it the price of winter melon or the price of carrots?”

“This…” The system is in trouble.

Forget it, let me receive it all in the system space.

“It’s all received, what do you say when Gu Wen asks questions?”

“Just say that the carrots in one place are rotten.” Xia Yi patted the winter melons, “Take them all away.”

Back home, before Xia Yi entered the bedroom, she heard the strange noise of moving furniture inside. Going in, Gu Wen was tearing down the bed he was sleeping in.

“Brother Zhu, why did you take the bed apart?” Xia Yi asked in surprise.

“Anyway, the new bed is ready, so just change this one. It’s too old, small, and very dynamic.” Gu Wen recalled the previous few days, and couldn’t help blushing and heartbeat.

At night, the two slept in the new bed.

The bed was made so meticulously and sturdily that there was not even a burr on the leg of the bed. Gu Wen rubbed it with sandpaper one by one, and also painted it layer by layer several times. After being placed in the courtyard for a few days, the wind blew before moving in.

Xia Yi stuck to Gu Wenzhu’s solid chest, listening to his powerful and gentle heartbeat, slowly sinking into sleep.

Suddenly felt something was wrong in sleep, and chest was empty. Xia Yi closed her eyes and fumbled under the quilt for a while.

Huh, how about people? The feel of the quilt has also changed, from fabric to soft silk satin.

Xia Yi was very excited, and her sleepiness disappeared, and she sat up from the bed.

With the moonlight coming in from outside the window, the furniture in the house was fascinated by the shadows.

Under the body is a bed with red sandalwood lotus pattern, and a black lacquer carved screen stands in front of the bed.

Outside the half-open window, the bamboo shadow swayed.

Isn’t this Qishan School Nawang Bamboo House?

I’m wearing it again.

Chapter 35

Xia Yi turned over and sat up, put on the shoes in front of the bed, put on an outer shirt, opened the door and walked into the courtyard.

The courtyard was silent, only the quiet moonlight sprinkled on the ground through the bamboo shadow. After staying here for a while, it was too late to take a closer look at the surrounding environment. Now Xia Yi was completely drowsy and walked out of the yard along the circular arch.

Outside the courtyard is a bamboo forest, and a few children are talking and laughing not far away. Seeing Xia Yi dumbfounded, then he bowed and bowed, “I have seen Brother Xia.” Xia Yi saw that these children were not curious about their sudden emergence, so he also gave a bow. He secretly lined his heart, showing the Qishan school. People usually come and go without a trace, so children are used to it.

Xia Yi saw that the children were playing happily, but when she saw herself, she turned around and walked back, and said thoughtfully: “I’ll go shopping behind, you can play by yourself.”

Along the trail by the bamboo forest, Xia Yi went all the way, and soon came to the foot of a fairy mountain.

It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a fairy mountain.

The mountains are full of clouds and mists, and even though it is night, you can see the mountains are full of exotic trees and fruits, and they are full of lush greenery. There is also a pool at the foot of the mountain. The water in the pool is crystal clear, with water lilies floating on the surface of the pool, and a golden fish can be seen jumping out of the water from time to time.

The fish were not afraid of people, and when they saw Xia Yi standing by the pool, they rushed to swim over. think it’s because I’ve become accustomed to being fed on weekdays.

Xia Yi didn’t carry anything on her body, and she couldn’t help but feel a little guilty. Quickly leave the pool and walk up the mountain along a stone road at the foot of the mountain.

After walking for a while, Xia also admired the beautiful scenery along the way, with a panoramic view of the trees and plants. Suddenly, he stopped and realized a problem in his mind.

This is night. Great night! Why can I see my surroundings clearly without lanterns, candles and mobile phones, just like during the day?

Is this the BUFF that comes with the world of immortality? Novice village birth skills?

“179, 179 are you there?” Xia Yi called the system without hope. This shit system is obviously from the realm of cultivating immortals, but it gets stuck every time it gets here.

As expected, 179’s response was not heard.

Now that he could see everything clearly, Xia Yi was fearless and kept climbing up the mountain along the stone steps. He saw a small pavilion halfway up the mountain from a distance, and decided to sit there and experience the feeling of a world-class master sitting on the cloud alone, or playing chess with a piano or flute.

The path in front of me suddenly became blurred, and it appeared from time to time, as if it were seen from a small number of mobile phone cameras.

Xia Yi stopped alertly.

How is this going? Want to wear it again? Look at the surrounding scenes, there is no change, what is going on?

When you encounter strange and unclear things, don’t be curious and look back immediately.

It’s like this in the movie, you won’t die if you don’t die.

Xia Yi immediately turned around, but in an instant, the way back disappeared. The scene in front of him also changed accordingly, the green trees and green hills gradually faded away, and an antique, delicate and elegant small courtyard stood in front of him.

Is this him, is it a fox’s den?

This familiar Liao Zhai has a sense of sight.

Next, I would knock on the door, tell me how I was lost, and then I would be taken in by an old man with enthusiasm. After a meal, the old man insisted on betrotting his youngest daughter to me. The youngest daughter is beautiful and charming, but when she takes her home, she finds it is a vixen?

Haha, if I don’t go in, I will stand outside the courtyard all night.

Xia Yi looked around, planning to find a big rock to sit all night.

Anyway, this is the boundary of Qishan Sect, no matter what spirit or demon he is, he probably wouldn’t dare to assassinate his own disciple, the head of Qishan Sect.

By the way, haven’t seen the face of the cheap master until now, he should have been captured by those anti-socialists in the Demon Realm and he hasn’t been released yet, right?

Just as Xia Yi looked around, trying to find a flat stone, he heard a creak from the courtyard door behind him, and then was gently opened.

Fuck, what kind of monster is this going to come out? Seeing that I don’t drill the sleeve, you can’t sit still and just retreat?

Xia Yi turned around, staring at the courtyard door tightly, throbbing in her heart.

No matter what kind of monster you are, as long as you don’t look weird.

The best ones are gourd dolls and ginseng dolls.

At the entrance of the courtyard, a green shirt embroidered with dark patterns showed a corner.

As soon as Xia Yi saw this Qishan uniform, he let out a long sigh, scaring me to death. It turned out that it was not a mountain spirit or a ghost, but a member of the school.

Then the man walked out of the yard and stood in the moonlight. The body is tall and straight, with a long body. With the breeze in the mountains, the ties on the hair and the sleeves of the robe were moving slightly. If Liu Siqian and Meng Wanzi look like an immortal, then this person is the immortal.

He slowly walked towards Xia Yi, and Xia Yi met his sight.

At the moment when he saw his appearance clearly, Xia Yiru was struck by thunder and couldn’t help but blurt out loudly, “Brother Zhu!”

The fairy in front of him, the nose and the eyebrows, Xia Yi couldn’t be more familiar with, he even reached out and touched a few before going to bed.

This is not Gu Wenzhu who can be?

At the same time that Xia Yi said that Brother Chau said, the opposite Gu Wenzhu was also stunned. He looked at Xia Yi in amazement, looked up and down, and then hesitated and asked: “Wang Lan?”

Xia Yi was also stunned, Wang Lan? Brother Zhu called me Wanglan? What’s the meaning?

“Brother Zhu, why are you here too? Who is Wanglan?”

Gu Wenzhu didn’t answer the question, but slowly walked to him, his eyes gradually serious, “Wang Lan, why are you here? Ze Yuan?”

Xia Yi suddenly felt confused, what’s going on? Who is Zeyuan?

He stared at the approaching Gu Wenzhu, trying to see the expression on his face more clearly.

Is Brother Zhu deliberately teasing me to make me panic?

No, this is not Brother Zhu. Although I stood far away just now and looked at it roughly in the dark night, I almost admitted my mistake, but although the faces of the two are similar, they are clearly two people.

People who are closer can tell at a glance.

The contours of the face are sharper, the bridge of the nose is taller, and the lip shape is more distinct.

Xia Yi thought critically.

The corners of this person’s eyes were rounded and blunt, while the tails of Brother Zhu’s eyes were more slender and slightly raised. Although their eyes are as deep as the sea, this person is a little more indifferent and desolate, and there are a few more fine lines, obviously with the traces of time.

Suddenly, a person flashed across his mind, Cang Yi Xianzun.

From the beginning, Cheng Ming recognized Brother Zhu as Cangyi Xianzun. Could this be? The task I just completed is to awaken Cang Yi Xianzun, isn’t this awakened by me?

This is Cang Yi Xianzun, right? Cheng Ming said that he has been missing for many years, but in fact, he has been living in the back mountain of the martial art. The poor disciples still searched all over the world, but they were just under their noses.

My brother Zhu is lying on the bed and sleeping, this must be the legendary Cang Yi Xianzun.

Thinking of this, Xia Yi immediately took two steps back and straightened his face, and bowed to the front, “Senior is Cang Yi Xianzun?”

The person was obviously taken aback, his eyes gradually confused, “Wang Lan, don’t you remember me?”

“Xianzun has admitted the wrong person, and it is not Wanglan. The disciple Xia Yi of the Qishan School sees Xianzun.” Xia Yiyou replied with eyesight, staring directly at the ground.

“Xia Yi.” He stared at Xia Yi in front of him unblinkingly, his tone full of uncertainty, “You said you are not Wang Lan or Xia Yi?”

“Yes. My father is the Xia Zhifu of Yellow Clock Mansion, not Wang Lan.” Xia Yi wiped a cold sweat in his heart.

Cang Yi looked up and down Xia Yi, his eyes gradually clear, Xia Yi stood motionless.

“That’s right, you definitely don’t remember anything.” Cang Yi murmured, with a complex expression on his face, “You have forgotten even Zeyuan.”

“But Xianzun, I’m really not Wanglan, look carefully.” Xia Yi was cruel and brought her face to Cang Yi’s eyes, “Look at this nose, this eyebrow is unique.”

Cang Yi glanced at him, then adjusted his gaze lightly.

Xia Yi didn’t know if it was her own illusion, but in that glimpse, she saw a bit of pity.

“Wang Lan, it doesn’t matter if you can’t remember the old things in Qianchen, you will concentrate on cultivating in the future and get the Tao as soon as possible.” Cang Yi murmured.

Suddenly another finger nodded Xia Yi’s eyebrows.

Before Xia Yi could react, she felt that the cold touch had disappeared. I saw Cang Yi withdraw his hand, and said flatly, “In the middle of the foundation period, it’s okay. Although the roots are a bit weak, hard work can still make progress.”

What? What base period? I’m already in the foundation period, why I don’t feel it at all.

Is it because I became a night vision eye because of the foundation period, but I can’t feel any other changes in my body.

Is this base-building period just like an owl?

I haven’t practiced myself, and I don’t know anything about my spiritual energy. Could this be a golden finger given to me by the system?

By the way, the system.

Before, I took a few bottles of base-building liquid from the system and drank it. Is it because I drank too much?

“Seeing that you are good now, I am also a little relieved.” Cang Yi continued to mutter to herself, “Presumably Ze Yuan is also doing well.”

After speaking, he turned his head and looked into the distance, his expression was sad, his eyes were painful, and his figure showed a lingering depression.

Chapter 36

Although Xia Yi’s complexion was calm, she was actually writhing in her mind.

Although Cang Yi admitted the wrong person, this person named Ze Yuan must be very important to him. From the analysis of the words and phrases he said, this is a love triangle.

Ze Yuan put on him a green hat and followed that named Wanglan to escape, or walk around the world or hide in the city.

When the lover left, Cang Yi was also hit. Since then, he has stayed away from the secular school, is a small hidden in the mountain, and has lived alone in the back mountain for more than 20 years.

What kind of terrible BE ending was this in the end?

Xia Yi felt a bit of sympathy in his heart, but he would not comfort people. He searched his stomach for a long time, and only remembered a few words of the inspirational chicken soup he had seen before, so he cleared his throat and said bitterly: “Xianzun, you Hear me out.”

“The past is dark and cannot be pursued, but the future is bright and promising.”

“The first sentence when you get up every day, give yourself a breath.”

“There is nothing you can’t live with, only the feeling of being upset.”

Cang Yi glanced at Xia Yi and saw that he was still thinking hard and scratching his head, his face gradually eased, a faint smile was pulled at the corner of his mouth, and his head turned away.

With the sorrow faded away, Cang Yi’s eyebrows and eyes softened, light and clear.

He seemed to think of something again, constricted his passing smile, looked over, with a sharp look, “Why can you enter the enchantment I set up? This world except Ze Yuan and " said There was a slight lag here, and then he said: “No one else can come in.”

“No, when I was walking, the road suddenly disappeared, and your small courtyard appeared in front of me. I thought I would just squat outside the courtyard for one night, and then you walked out.” Xia Yi resisted the coldness of Cang Yi. The dead man’s gaze bit the bullet and explained.

Cang Yi did not continue to question, but showed a thoughtful expression, frowning slightly. Seeing him like this, Xia Yi didn’t dare to show the atmosphere.

“I think the enchantment I have laid is alive, and I am sympathetic to me missing Ze Yuan, so I let him in.” Cang Yi thought of this, feeling pain in his heart, and closed his eyes.

Seeing Cang Yi standing there in a daze, with a lonely and lonely expression, Xia Yi didn’t dare to make a noise. He stood upright on the spot, and the air was filled with deathly silence.

“Xianzun, do you know that Quan Qishan is looking for your trace.” After a long time, seeing Cang Yi still dazed, Xia Yi broke the silence, lowered his head and asked in a low voice tentatively.

Seeing that Cang Yi did not respond, but there was no displeasure on her face, Xia Yi then cautiously said: “The Qishan Sect has not been peaceful recently. The head of Tianxuan and many disciples of the Sect have been taken away by the Demon Realm, Qishan Sent to snatch a few times, but they didn’t get it back.”

After Xia Yi finished speaking, she found that Cang Yi was still holding her hands and her face was indifferent.

I can’t help but complain, but you Qishan faction has been looking for you for 20 years and are sincere to you. In the end, you did well, staying in this back mountain, regardless of whether they were alive or dead.

No wonder that Ze Yuan is leaving you.

This bad old man is very bad.

After a long time, Cang Yi spoke suddenly, her tone still faint, “Yue’er was taken away by someone in the Demon Realm?”

Yueer? Where did a ghost pop up again? First Wang Lan, this is Yue’er, who knows who it is.

“Yue’er is Tianxuan, the head of the Qishan School.” Cang Yi glanced at Xia Yi as if to see his thoughts. “The name of Tianxuan is Zhu Yue.”

His eyes were cold, falling on his body as if it were real, and Xia also shivered from the cold, and chilled in his heart.

Cheng Ming and Meng Wanzi and Liu Siqian are not young anymore, they want to come to the head of Tianxuan as their senior brothers, they are older. Such a few half-old men, in Cang Yi’s mouth, are either Little Ming or Yue’er. This person seems to be as young as Brother Zhu, but he is actually afraid that he will not be a teenager.

“Yes, it has been abducted for many days.” Xia Yi replied in a respectful gesture.

Cang Yi nodded, “Yue’er is already in the Mahayana period, and could be taken away by the Demon Realm. Thinking of the years when I was not there, the Demon Realm’s strength has developed a lot.”

“Okay, you can go down the mountain. Although you accidentally broke into the enchantment I set up, it is because of the relationship between us.” Cang Yi interrupted Xia Yi’s random thoughts, after thinking about it, he said again, “Qi Shan I will rescue the sect disciples who were taken away.”

“Okay, okay, go down the mountain.” Xia Yi is still immersed in Cang Yi’s sentence that is quite related to him, and replied absently. He didn’t care about his feet at all, and turned around and stepped out with an unfavorable expression.

Then he stepped on the air and fell off the cliff silently.

“Ah!” After falling for two or three seconds, Xia Yi burst out a scream of hindsight.

Xia Yi’s brain was blank and the soul was out of his body at this time, and his hands only knew how to scratch randomly.

To be finished, to be finished, to be finished!

mother! Brother Cha!

There was only the sound of the wind whistling in his ears, just when he desperately thought he was going to fall until he fell to the bottom and fell into a meatloaf, a figure appeared next to him, stepping on the sleeves of the flying sword robe.

Xia Yi felt her back firmly supported by her hands, and after falling for another two seconds, she finally stopped falling.


“You don’t know how to use magic weapons?” Cang Yi asked calmly while holding him up to fly, “What kind of imperial heaven do you usually use?”

Two icy tears slipped slowly from the side of Xia Yi’s eyes. He trembled with his lips, his teeth gurgled, and he couldn’t say a word.

Seeing him like this, Cang Yi didn’t ask any more, and immediately accelerated the flight, returning to the front of the yard between the ups and downs.

“Since you don’t know how to protect the sky, how did you get to the top of this cliff?” Cang Yi tried to put Xia Yi down, but his feet were soft like noodles. Leaning on the edge of a tree.

Xia Yi took a deep breath several times before calming her beating heart, but her voice was trembling uncontrollably, “I don’t know what cliff top is here, I just want to go to the small pavilion halfway up the mountain.”

Damn the world of immortality, is this a different-dimensional killing array? Come in well, and go out into an abyss.

“It turns out that you didn’t even come to the edge of the barrier I laid down, you actually came in like this.” Cang Yi said to herself.

“Yes, I—” Xia Yi originally wanted to ask if there was a gossip array or the like in this mountain, which made people spin around like a ghost hitting a wall. He didn’t know where to go after a few steps, but he said. Without speaking, his gaze was stunned.

Cang Yi was tilting her head, this position just made Xia Yi see clearly behind his ears.

There was the same as Gu Wenzhu, with a light blue drop-shaped birthmark the size of a little finger! Even the position and shape are not bad!

Xia Yi only felt that her heart was getting cold, but the blood was boiling over her head. His whole body was burning like fire, and it was like falling into an ice cave.

If the two look the same, it is because two similar leaves appeared in the world. But these two leaves, which are separated by thousands of miles from the north to the south, have the same insect eyes that were bitten out. How can this be explained?

Cang Yi, he is Gu Wenzhu. Because he can use spells in the world of cultivating immortals, he changed part of his face.

Otherwise, how do you explain this blue drop-shaped birthmark?

Xia Yi was scalp numb by this conclusion. He could not hear any outside sounds, but felt dizzy tinnitus.

Is Gu Wenzhu always lying to himself? Liu Siqian said that Cang Yi Xianzun has been wandering abroad for more than 20 years, but in fact he has not been in the world of cultivating immortals in the past 20 years.

But why should he make a look of not knowing himself now? Still pretending to look like this? The unfamiliar eyes, cold tone, even the actor is nothing more than that.

And what happened to Wanglan Zeyuan? Xia Yi felt a sore nose. Didn’t she get caught by the mistress before she knew it?

Cang Yi, no, Gu Wenzhu, you cheating scumbag.

Cang Yi, who had already changed from a fairy to a scumbag, didn’t know that Xia Yi’s heart was overwhelmed. He turned his head back to stare at Xia Yi, and asked uncertainly: “Have you really never seen Ze Yuan again?”

Pack! Continue to install! I thought that I didn’t know you, a double-faced person, and here pretended to be a wandering fairy. In fact, people have gone to that world and abducted an ignorant boy like me.

“You really don’t have news from Ze Yuan?” Cang Yi didn’t notice Xia Yi’s strange expression, and his cold voice was a little tentative.

You ma!

“Gu Wenzhu, I X your ancestor!” Xia Yi yelled with red eyes, then slammed a punch, exhausted all his strength, and slammed on the shocked face on the opposite side.

Xia Yi wanted to rush up again, but found that the surrounding air had become thick and viscous, as if it had turned into substance, and the scenery began to float and spin slightly.

Yes, have to wear it again at the critical moment.

I saw Cang Yi’s face at a loss, opening her mouth to say something to him, but the voice was no longer audible, and the face gradually became blurred and indistinguishable.

Xia Yi stood in the spinning scene, tried to raise her hand and put her middle finger in the direction of Cang Yi, before closing her eyes.

Chapter 37

After a while, the whistling wind on the top of the cliff disappeared from my ears, replaced by a slight snoring and a deep snort.

Very good, Gu Wenzhu, you followed back.

The acting is top-notch, and he knows to pretend to be asleep and snore. This is not to let go of any details that can expose oneself.

If you are in the original world, you can get a few titles of actor.

Xia Yi opened her eyes and looked to her side with a calm face. The moonlight outside the window came in, and a faint touch was spilling on Gu Wenzhu’s side face.

Gu Wenzhu’s nose is tall, casting a shadow on his cheeks, and his eyelashes are distinct. When he closes his eyes, they hang gently under his eyelids.

At this moment, Xia Yi suddenly thought of many things.

When he first came to this world, how did he carefully adapt to everything around him, and Gu Wenjiu concealed all his actions that seemed to be isolated but secretly caring for him.

Carrying him on the mountain to catch the fish, gently brushing away his tears, generous and reliable chest, clean, pure and focused eyes…

Is everything pretended?

I saw him make a look like he was still in a dream, his face was calm and calm. A hand was placed on Xia Yi’s waist, and his head was buried in his neck.

Because the hair band was unraveled, a few strands of hair slid down Xia Yi’s neck, intertwined with his hair.

The tall body curled up slightly, as if he was infinitely attached to him in his sleep.

Xia Yi closed her eyes, and remembered Wang Lan Zeyuan in his mouth again, she couldn’t help but feel a throbbing pain in her heart, and her chest was up and down violently.

Liars, fakes, are fakes.

He gritted his teeth, kicked hard at his side, and yelled viciously, “Gu Wenzhu, you still pretend to me! Get up.”

The soft snoring stopped, Gu Wen opened his eyes one by one, and looked at himself ignorantly, and found that he had been lying on the side of the bed and almost rolled off.

Then he rubbed his aching calf with sleepy eyes, and looked at Xia Yi suspiciously, “Xiao Yi, what’s the matter?” The voice still revealed the dullness of just waking up.

Seeing Xia Yi staring at him silently, she stretched out her arms to put him in her arms, “Have a nightmare? Don’t be afraid, Brother Zhu sleeps in a hug.”

“Don’t come to this one.” Xia Yi’s blue veins jumped on his forehead, opened his hand, and exclaimed in a low voice, “Say, who is Ze Yuan? Who is Wang Lan?”

Gu Wen pushed up and looked ignorant, “Who?”

“Don’t give me this set, you want to fool me.” Xia Yi felt sour and astringent, burning with jealousy, rushed to push Gu Wen back on the pillow, and reached out and grabbed the collar of his obscene shirt.

“Host, what happened?” 179 anxious voice sounded, “I almost followed it just now. As a result, there was a small program error and I was isolated here. But I should be able to go with you next time.”

“Gu Wenzhu, he, he is Cang Yi, he has been lying to me.” Xia Yi heard the voice of the system, as if seeing her best girlfriend, her nose was sore that she almost cried, “He is still there. The old lover is called Ze Yuan, or what else is called Wang Lan.”

“Na Zeyuan didn’t know what contradiction he had with him. He couldn’t tell because Gu Wenzhu was too carefree. There was another large group outside, so he left him anyway.”

In a short period of time, Xia Yi has built a complete story structure with the conjecture in his mind, enriched the flesh and blood, and brought it to life.

“I just found out today, I am a junior. No, maybe it’s a junior.”

Xia is very sad.

179 was dumbfounded, and was silent for a while before he said: “This is even more bloody than a dog blood drama, the host, are you sure that Gu Wenzhu is Cang Yi?”

“I’m sure, not only do they look alike, they even have the same birthmark behind their ears. The key is that people who cultivate immortals can change their appearance at will?”

“Um…” 179 was speechless.

Gu Wenzhu was fully awake now, and looked at Xia Yi grabbing his collar’s hand, then looking up at him, looking confused.

“Xiao Yi, what happened? You release me first and let me sit up.”

Xia Yi stared at Gu Wen fiercely for a long while before letting go.

Gu Wen got out of bed and lighted the oil lamp, went to the cabinet and took another coat to put on Xia Yi. He tore it off and threw it aside bitterly.

Gu Wen sighed, then picked up his clothes and put them on him, “It’s cold at night, beware of the cold. No matter what, don’t let your body breathe.”

Xia Yi stopped knocking off his clothes, but stubbornly turned her head to the side, not looking at him.

“Okay, now you tell me what the hell is going on,” Gu Wen stepped forward and sat on a stool in front of the bed, looking at Xia Yi intently, his black eyes deep.

“Do you want me to talk? Don’t you know everything in your heart? You still want to coax me over.” Xia Yi couldn’t help her nose sour, her eyes were hot, and she shut up quickly, and looked out the window with red eyes.

It was pitch black outside the window, and a red paper-cut 囍 was pasted on the window, reflecting the light faintly under the light.

It was Gu Wen with him the night before, and the two of them sat at the table and cut the window grilles for almost an hour. After practicing a lot of waste paper, such a decent finished product came out.

Xia Yi twitched in her heart, then turned her head and looked to the right.

There is a small cabinet on the right side of the house, just like the bed under him, Gu Wen made it by himself.

It is a small closet for him to wear clothes and shirts.

Although the workmanship of the small wardrobe is simple, every part has been carefully polished, and the surface that has been brushed with several layers of varnish shines with a soft and clean halo.

Xia Yi just felt uncomfortable again in her heart.

This is a new house just furnished, and went to the Civil Affairs Bureau to get a certificate the day before. Did you get a divorce at the gate waiting for work the next day before dawn?

His nose was sore, tears filled his eyes, and his vision began to blur.

If you lose, you don’t lose, Xia Yi quickly didn’t look anywhere, looked down at her fingers, and buried her face.

He felt a moment of confusion in his heart.

Suddenly thought, does he really understand Gu Wenzhu?

And Gu Wenzhu, really… do you love him?

“Xiao Yi, you have to tell me what happened. You can’t just make me unclear.” Gu Wen saw Xia Yi’s appearance, realizing the seriousness of the problem, and frowned and tightened. Lip.

The room was silent, Xia Yi kept silent, only to hear the beeping sound of candles from the candlestick on the table.

Without urging him, Gu Wen waited quietly with a solemn expression.

“I just wore it to the world of cultivating immortals.” Xia Yi spit out a little, then looked at the candlelight, the corners of her lips curled slightly.

Gu Wen faintly twitched his eyebrows, but his clenched fists were slightly relaxed.

“And you are over there, pretending not to know me.” The voice gradually filled with grievances.

Gu Wen began to beat the corners of his forehead, and he stretched out a few fingers to reach there, rubbing gently.

“I know it’s you. When you rescued me from the edge of the cliff with a sword, I saw the blue birthmark behind your ear.” Xia Yi began to clenched his fists and knuckles creaked.

Gu Wen took a few deep breaths and told himself to calm down.

After a pause, Xia Yi gritted her teeth, “I will give you a chance to explain, but you had better explain it so that I believe it.”

“Xiao Yi, the dream is not real.” Gu Wen sighed one by one, and reached out to touch the top of Xia Yi’s head, letting him move it away. “Or, tomorrow we will go to the doctor’s office, either to see a doctor, or to prescribe some tranquilizers, okay? I heard that some people get too nervous before they get married.”

“Who said it was a dream? Who said I was nervous? It’s all true.” Xia Yi’s eyes widened, “In order to cover up your cheating, you actually didn’t even admit it to the immortal world.”

“Xiao Yi, I have been sleeping, whether you are dreaming or not, the person you meet is not me.” Gu Wenzhu’s expression gradually became serious, “Don’t you believe me?”

His eyes are the deepest black that settles down, and when he focuses on people, they appear pure and clean.

His face was calm.

Xia Yi opened her mouth and said nothing.

“Why do you think it is me?” Gu Wen gently picked up Xia Yi’s hand and held it in his palm. “En?”

“You look alike, even the birthmarks behind your ears.” Xia Yi struggled with her hands outside, but was held tighter. The warm palms wrapped around him, causing him to shudder in his heart, and he did not make any attempt to break free. Move.

“Then take me with you next time you walk through, okay? Then you know if he is me.” Gu Wen turned his head to think about it and said, his voice very soft.

I still have to go to the city to find out which doctor’s prescription for tranquilizing the nerves is easy to use.

“Really? Isn’t that really you?” Xia Yi murmured while looking at Gu Wen. His eyes started to glow, mixed with hopes he didn’t even know.

Gu Wenzhu suddenly felt distressed.

“Really, that’s not me.” Gu Wen stood up from the stool, sat down on the side of the bed, and stretched out his hand to rub the top of Xia Yi’s head.

Xia Yi didn’t say a word, and stared at him. Under his calm gaze, a guilty conscience gradually surged.

Finally, he turned his gaze aside, and said in a panic: “Then I will believe you for the time being.”

“Host, didn’t you say that Cang Yi must be him at first? Gu Wen said a few words lightly, and you chose to forgive him without showing any evidence?” 179’s questioning sounded.

“I know Brother Zhu better than you. At first I was too angry, so I didn’t think about it calmly. Now when I think about it, I am indeed too impulsive. Brother Zhu is not that kind of person.” Xia Yi explained to 179 in a low voice.

“Understand, you are the kind of person who asks your girlfriend to cry and tell her husband to cheat, and your girlfriend is in the same hatred with you. Here is still helping you figure out a solution, and then you are fooled by your husband in a few words, and in turn blames your girlfriend.” 179 Angrily said.

Xia Yi lowered her head and picked her fingers.

“179, this matter is indeed a bit reckless, but I even have things like wearing a book happen, and there is still you in my mind. It is not impossible for people with the same birthmark in those two worlds. Isn’t it?” Xia Yirou The sound appeasement system is more like appeasing oneself.

“Next time I go through it again, I must have a good appraisal. Besides, didn’t you say that you can follow me next time?”

“Yes, today is because of a mistake in a small program, otherwise I will follow.”

“Then we will test it together when we wear it again next time. Okay?”

“Okay.” 179 reluctantly agreed.

Chapter 38

After this awkwardness, the relationship between the two is better than before.

Gu Wen was so nervous before Xia Yi married that he couldn’t distinguish the reality of dreams.

I want to come because of his lack of security in his heart, so he is more gentle and considerate on weekdays.

After Xia Yi reflected on it, she didn’t believe that Brother Zhu would do that kind of thing from the bottom of her heart, so she temporarily put the birthmark behind her mind and started all kinds of preparations before marriage with peace of mind.

The two seemed to have their honeymoon early.

Gu Wenzhu is now a mature carpenter and tailor.

Not only did he make a set of furniture in just one month, he also made a set of quilted shirts for himself and Xia Yi in his leisure time at night, ready to wear on the day of marriage.

There is not much spare money at home, and neither of them planned to make scarlet dresses, so they just made two sets of usual wear.

Although Gu Wenzhu thinks that Xia Yi looks good in purple, Xia Yi resolutely protested, and personally chose the fabrics, a navy blue and a navy blue.

Counting the days, it was only a few days away from getting married. On this day, when the weather was good, Gu Wen picked up a basket of melon seeds, dried fruits and sugar cubes, and led Xia Yi to go door-to-door to welcome guests.

Every time Gu Wen went to one house, he grabbed a large handful from the box, and after explaining his intentions, he went to another house in the smiles and congratulations of the host’s house.

Before knew it, arrived at the old house.

When Gu Wen saw the old house one by one, his heart was angry. Last night, Xia Yi suddenly became awkward in the middle of the night. There must be a reason for the two Fangxian Taoists, Meng Wanzi and Qizhou.

Neither of them knew what they were advocating to Xia Yi, which made him believe more and more in lies in the world of cultivating immortals.

During this period of time, Gu Wen stared at Xia Yi very closely. As long as he saw him heading towards the old house, he would quickly follow up and stay on track.

When Xia Yi talked with Meng Wanzi’s master and apprentice, he stood behind with a cold face, and the cold light in his eyes seemed to freeze the two masters and apprentices into icicles.

The two also found Gu Wenzhu’s hostility, and they were puzzled. can only try to reduce the sense of existence, not actively looking for Xia Yi, and not dangling under Gu Wen’s eyelids.

When Xia Yi came to look for them, he also said a few words perfunctory, and dismissed it as soon as possible.

When Gu Wen saw Xia Yi stopped in front of the old house, he couldn’t help but pull his face down.

On the day of getting married, it was inevitable to see the two Fangxian Taoists, Meng Wanzi and Qi Zhou, and it was unlucky.

“Walk around, go and invite Elder Meng.” Xia Yihuan came forward and knocked on the door happily.

He was married in this different world, but he didn’t have a family or friend. At last, Meng Wanzi was half the elder of his teacher and wanted to invite him and Qi Zhou.

“Who is it?” An angry question came from the door, and the voice was not Meng Wanzi or Qi Zhou, but rather like two cows in the village.

Xia Yi and Gu Wen looked at each other, then tapped twice, “Is Elder Meng here? This is Xia Yi.”

“It’s Xiao Yi.” As the footsteps approached, the gate of the courtyard was opened, and a burly and tall young man stood by the door, it was Er Niu.

Er Niu held the doorknob, smiled honestly at them, showing a row of white teeth, “Wen Zhu Xiaoyi, come in and sit down, Old Meng is now going out to pick up cow dung, no one is there.”

Xia Yi was stunned, and after a long while he said: “Meng Lao is still going to pick up cow dung?”

“Yeah. Uncle Wang comes to call him every day, and the two of them will pick up manure and fatten up the fields.”

Gu Wen stretched his face and listened to their conversation without saying a word. This fairy road is becoming more and more arrogant, not to mention his old house as a den, and also dragged Er Niu and Uncle Wang together.

Er Niu suddenly reacted, he kept blocking the door, and hurriedly backed away, leaving his place. Warmly greeted: “Come in first, come in and say.”

He looks like a half master.

The yard has been arranged by him to look decent, not to mention that the slate floor has been washed so that it can be used as a mirror, and even every bamboo strip on the fence has been wiped clean.

At the corner of the courtyard, there is a rockery that looks like this. Next to the rockery, there is a large aquarium with a few green water lilies on it.

“Come on, drink tea.” Er Niu enthusiastically brought two bowls of water and handed them to Xia Yi and Gu Wenzhu.

Xia Yi took a look, and saw a few unexplainable grass floating in the water.

“Catch the yellow grass.” Erniu explained, “Xiao Zhou thinks the tea in the village is not good, so he doesn’t drink the tea I bought in the county. He dried the yellow grass and used it as tea. He said that he would still drink it. It’s refreshing.”

Pay attention to.

“Gu Beicheng, who is here?” Qi Zhou walked out of the room with a lazy voice.

She was yawning while covering her mouth with her hand while walking, and it seemed that she had just woke up.

“It’s Xiao Yi and Wen Zhu, they are going to get married, come and invite you and Elder Meng to a wedding banquet.” Er Niu quickly explained to Qi Zhou with a smile.

“You two? Get married?” Qi Zhou slowly widened his eyes, revealing an unbelievable expression. “Aren’t you both male, male?”

“What’s the matter with men, don’t you want to marry a male daughter-in-law?” Xia Yi was unwilling to hear this, and coldly pulled her face down.

Qi Zhou stood there blankly, speechless, apparently shocked from the body to the soul.

“Gu Beicheng, is your man married with a man?” After Xia Yi and Gu Wen left, Qi Zhou turned to Er Niu stubbornly.

“Nothing.” Er Niu smiled faintly.

“Oh, that’s good.” Qi Zhou turned and walked towards the clean room, “but some people in your village look weird, and the men still apply grease and powder.”

The world is getting worse.

Walking to the door of the clean room, he turned his head and said to Er Niu indifferently: “Come in and wait for me to take a shower.”

“Hey, here comes it.”

In the next few days, several aunts and wives from the village came to help at home, including two brothers.

Xia Yi followed them by cooking meat, steaming steamed buns and killing chickens. Gu Wenzhu followed the old Zhangtou’s carriage to the county town every day to buy all kinds of wedding banquet supplies.

After Xia Yi was busy that day, thinking of a bit of lettuce that I hadn’t cared about for several days, I decided to take a look.

As soon as walked out of the village, saw Meng Wanzi and Uncle Wang.

One person was squatting on the ridge of the field, holding a water bowl, holding a dry pipe, and chatting with a smile.

Seeing Xia Yi, Meng Wanzi knocked the smoking gun on the soles of his shoes, and then inserted it on the hemp rope belt around his waist. With his hands folded in the sleeves of the coarse cotton jacket, he smiled and greeted loudly, “Xia Xia, have you eaten?” "

Xia Yi: …

In a blink of an eye, it was the day of getting married, and Xia Yi was woken up by Gu Wen before dawn.

He closed his eyes, pushed away the hand that was gently pulling his face away impatiently, and buried himself in the quilt with only a few strands of black hair on the pillow.

The quilt was slowly uncovered again, and Gu Wen’s voice with a smile rang in his ears, “Msang Gong, it’s time to get up.”

Hearing this acquaintance, Xia Yi’s sleepiness suddenly ran halfway, closing her eyes and pursing her mouth, and laughed silently under the quilt.

“My husband, today is a good day for us to get married. It’s time to get up and get ready to marry me.” Gu Wenzhu couldn’t help but stretched out his fingers and scratched the pink and white fleshy earlobes in front of him.

Xia Yi couldn’t help it anymore, opened his eyes and turned sideways.

I saw Gu Wen standing beside the bed with a smile, wearing a new navy blue robe, and a corsage made of crab claw orchid and asparagus leaves on his right chest.

The black hair is neatly tied, and the body is long and handsome, with extraordinary handsomeness.

Xia Yi suddenly became so sleepy, she stretched out her hand to Gu Wen with a smirk, and made a gesture of hugging, “Daughter-in-law, you look so good today.”

Gu Wen couldn’t help but pull the corners of his lips, stretched out his hand to hug him out of the quilt.

The embrace still carried a hint of morning breeze outside, and Xia, who had just got out of the hot bed, couldn’t help fighting.

Seeing him shivering, Gu Wen hurriedly put on his new shirt on the head of the bed, “Get up, Aunt Li and the others are already here.”

“Okay, then I’ll go out and help too.” Xia Yi said as she put her hands into her sleeves, and began to dress one by one.

Gu Wenzhu had originally wanted to say that this was not a proper number. The day when the brother and the girl got married, they would all stay in the new house. But looking at Xia Yi’s excitement, he opened his mouth and closed it.

Xiao Yi originally didn’t want to marry, so don’t use these courtesies to restrain him. He can do whatever he likes.

Today, Xia Yi wears Gu Wenzhu’s navy blue shirt, which is also sea blue, with a corsage on her chest, just like Gu Wenzhu.

These two crab claw orchids were picked from Qi Zhou’s yard last night.

After putting it in the water bowl for one night, the bright red petals opened, and there were a few crystal water drops on them.

Xia Yi’s skin is porcelain-white, and her eyebrows are picturesque.

The two looked at each other and couldn’t help laughing.

Seeing that the indoor air began to stick again, Gu Wen gently tapped his lips on Xia Yi’s forehead, “Let’s go, go out.”

The sun gradually rose to the top, and many guests came one after another in the yard.

If you meet someone in the village to hold a happy event, you will never get to the ground this day. The whole village crowded in Gu Wenzhu’s small courtyard, chatting lively and eating melon seeds.

When the hour was almost the same time, they began to worship.

When they came to the church, because they had no parents, Meng Wanzi and Uncle Wang sat there as the elders and accepted their worship and tea.

When the ceremony was heard, there was crackling firecrackers in the yard, and Gu Wen hurriedly stretched out his hand to cover Xia Yi’s ears.

179 also played the marriage march in his head at the right time, and excitedly shouted congratulations on the newly married and early birth of a child.

Xia Yi folded her hand on the back of Gu Wenzhu’s hand and looked outside the house with her eyes narrowed. Look at the confetti flying around, like flowers and rain in the sky.

Without being noticed, he rubbed the corner of his eye against his sleeve.

Dad, Mom, I am married, and I have someone who will accompany my life.

You can rest assured.

Suddenly, a warm sniff came from his ear, and Gu Wen leaned forward and said something in his ear very briskly.

The firecrackers were too loud to hear clearly.

He turned his head to look at Gu Wenzhu, with questions.

Gu Wen looked at him shiningly, and repeated it again.

Xia Yi saw his mouth clearly this time, he was saying,

“I love you.”

Chapter 39

The sound of firecrackers ended, and when the smoke cleared, Uncle Wang smiled and gave them a red seal. Meng Wanzi took out two shriveled onions from his arms and handed them arrogantly.


On this occasion, under the gaze of everyone’s eyes, he actually took out two pieces of water and lost it. At first glance, he didn’t know how long the dried onion had been left.

He also handed it to the two newcomers with confidence, with a sense of spending a lot of money to send out a few beach villas, which is really shocking.

However, the elder did not dare to give up. Although Xia Yi stayed for a while, he and Gu Wen respectfully took the two onions.

For fear that others will see, the action is still very fast.

When he turned around, his eyes swept across the table, and Xia Yi saw Qi Zhou staring at the onion that he hid in the palm of his hand, revealing a little onion, and his eyes were straight.

What kind of look is that? The word envy was written brightly.

Gee tut, do you want it? Both can be given to you for fried meat.

The wedding banquet is a running water table, with eight tables open, and a variety of game meat dishes are placed at the top.

Uncle Wang and Meng Wanzi sat at the table. Although Qi Zhou drooped his face and looked at the other villagers sitting around the table, his eyes were full of undisguised disgust, but he still sat down to Meng Wanzi’s head with his ass.

Er Niu followed him, first took out a clean rag from his arms, wiped the tabletop in front of him repeatedly, and then took out a cloth bag from his arms.

After uncovering several layers, a white and translucent porcelain bowl was placed in front of Qi Zhou.

The movements are very skillful.

Qi Zhou briefly tasted a few mouthfuls and then put down the bowls and chopsticks. Seeing this, the two cows quickly finished a few mouthfuls of the rice in his bowl.

Put away Qi Zhou’s empty bowl, take it to the kitchen and wash it carefully. Then he took out another veil and wiped it three times, and then he wrapped it carefully in his arms.

After walking out of the kitchen, seeing Qi Zhou already standing under a big tree in the corner of the courtyard, he also walked over and stood beside him.

Leaning slightly to his side, he helped Qi Zhou block the surrounding villagers.

Qi Zhou blocked his mouth with his hand, leaned close to Er Niu’s ear, and whispered in a mysterious voice: “I see you people here, it seems that the marriage of two men is commonplace.”

Suddenly remembering something, he glanced at Er Niu again, and asked vigilantly: “Gu Beicheng, don’t you want to marry a man too, do you?”

I always feel that Gu Beicheng is a bit weird.

Especially after discovering that this place does not reject or object to men and men getting married, Qi Zhou even vaguely feels that there is something wrong with him.

He often stared at himself in a daze, his eyes staring blankly, and still glowing, like a wild wolf that had been hungry for a long time.


It was also abnormal when I asked him to serve myself in the bath that day. After breathing heavily, in a short period of time, he ran out three times.

Once when he came back, there was still a cloth stuffed in his nose. When he asked him, he said that the weather was dry and he had a nosebleed.

Qi Zhou’s warm nose fell between Er Niu’s neck, and those deserted peach eyes were slanting, and Er Niu suddenly felt that half of his body was numb, and his soul seemed to fly out of the clouds.

“What about you, what are you in a daze?” Qi Zhou frowned dissatisfied.

Er Niu recovered and hurriedly replied, “No, no, I won’t marry a man.”

I only marry my brother.

After speaking, he smiled honestly at Qi Zhou, showing two rows of white teeth, very sincere and reliable.

Qi Zhou was satisfied with Er Niu’s answer, nodded and walked back. Then he thought of something again, turned his head and looked at him up and down.

Er Niu noticed Qi Zhou’s scrutiny gaze, and his whole body began to stiffen.

I didn’t say anything that shouldn’t be said? Is this what he saw?

Nervously, he quietly sorted out his clothes, reached out his hand to wipe his face, and looked at the back of his hand, there was no black and gray.

Qi Zhou turned his head and didn’t look at him anymore. He secretly said that Gu Beicheng, let alone a closer look, looked quite pleasing to the eye.

Wedding banquets are held in the village, but they have to be held all day long. It didn’t take long for the noon bowl to be put aside, and as soon as it got dark, everyone sat down at the wine table again.

Li Zhu and a group of young men gathered around Gu Wen to drink wine.

Gu Wenzhu is always here today. Anyone who is toasting with a smile is bored, and Xia is also a little worried.

Seeing that his face began to flush, his eyes were dumbfounded, and he was still drinking one bowl after another, Xia Yi couldn’t help it anymore.

He stepped forward to take the wine bowl in his hand and smiled at the villagers who came to toast: “Brother Chen, I drank this bowl of wine for Wen. You see that his health is not very good recently. I’m afraid he will drink it today. Too much, it hurts my body.”

Gu Wenzhu really became a little drunk, his face flushed and his eyes blurred. Hearing Xia Yi said that he was not in good health recently, he immediately showed an unhappy expression.

I saw him sweep away his calm and steady image on weekdays, and immediately drove the car with his mouth open, “Where am I in bad health? I am in good health, don’t you know every night?”

Xia Yi panicked and hurriedly covered his mouth with one hand, not allowing him to open his mouth again. With the other hand holding the wine bowl, he poured it into his mouth gruntingly.

After drinking, he quickly explained to Brother Chen that he drank too much, too much.

Brother Chen smiled meaningfully, “It doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter, I understand, I understand.”

Fortunately, the alcohol content is not very high, similar to the original rice wine in the world. Given the amount of Xia Yi’s several bottles of beer, drinking this bowl is still no problem.

Gu Wen, who was covering his mouth, made a whining sound in dissatisfaction, and wanted to continue saying that after being glared at by Xia Yi’s fierce eyes, he closed his mouth aggrievedly.

Then he stretched out his tongue and licked it in the palm of his hand covering his mouth.

Xia Yi was still talking to Brother Chen, and felt a sudden warmth in his palm, accompanied by a damp touch, suddenly stiffened, and slowly turned his head inconceivably.

When Gu Wen saw him turning his head to look at himself, he immediately showed a misty and handsome smile. Because the mouth was covered, only the exposed eyes were misty, and the black eyes were shining.

“I hate drunks the most.” 179 snorted coldly.

“I didn’t wave at you again, you hate a fart.” Xia Yi went back without hesitation.

When the banquet was over and the bridal chamber was over, and all the drunken guests were sent away, Xia Yi returned to the room.

Gu Wen had been helped back to the room long ago, and was lying quietly on the bed, covered with new brocade and red quilt.

Xia Yi carefully sat down on the edge of the bed with a bowl of hangover soup. Seeing that he was breathing heavily and sleeping soundly, he gently put the bowl on the table next to him.

Then he leaned down, the whole person was enveloped above Gu Wenzhu, and he traced his outline with his eyes in the light of the pair of dragon and phoenix candles jumping.

Gu Wen followed the cold lines of his face, softened in the warm red halo. The heat he exhaled still carried a scent of wine, and it threw warmly on Xia Yi’s neck. The long eyelashes drooped, blocking the dark and deep eyes when they opened.

Xia Yi couldn’t help but stretched out her fingers, wanting to gently touch the row of eyelashes.

As soon as I stretched my fingers, I saw those closed eyes squeaked open, watching him with a smile, his eyes were clear, and there was still half a drink.

Xia Yi did not expect that he would suddenly open his eyes, and couldn’t help but let out a short whisper in surprise. Immediately afterwards, the outstretched fingers were also held, turning around, and then he was placed on his back on the pillow.

“Okay, you still pretend to sleep.” Xia Yi couldn’t help laughing.

“Yeah, I just see what you want to do,” Gu Wen also smiled, leaning over the dimple on the side of Xia Yi’s cheek and lightly pecked and kissed.

As soon as Xia Yi was about to speak, he heard the sound of Qilin rushing through the door with his claws from the door, accompanied by a whine of pleading.

I have been busy with weddings these days, but didn’t care about Qilin. When wanted to come, he knew that things were over, so he came to behave like a baby at this time.

Xia Yi hurriedly pushed Gu Wenzhu’s shoulders, “Hurry up and put my son in. If you don’t see him again, the relationship between father and son will be divided.”

Gu Wenzhu still leaned over, placing his hands on the side of Xia Yi’s head, supporting his body. He buried his head on the side of Xia Yi’s neck and sniffed, pretending not to hear him.

Qilin began to scratch the door anxiously.

Xia Yi turned her head, took a bite in Gu Wenzhu’s ear, and said viciously, “Go ahead.”

Gu Wen sighed, turned his back on Xia Yi, closed his eyes and said helplessly, “I will stew it someday.”

Then he stood up, put on his shoes and went to open the door.

As soon as the door opened, a dark shadow leaped forward sharply. Qilin licked his hand while humming softly in his mouth, as if very aggrieved.

Xia Yi also sat up, hugged the unicorn, and touched its head guiltily, “I’m sorry, my son, because my father is going to marry your mother, so I haven’t cared about you these days and left you in the cold.”

Qilin and its mother began to fold the clothes scattered on the chair. Hearing this, the corners of her lips made a smile.

Qilin hummed, and rubbed his head against Xia Yi’s leg. Xia Yi scratched his chin, causing Qilin to squint comfortably.

Gu Wen folded his clothes one by one and put them into the cabinet, looking at Xia Yi who was smiling, the warmth in his eyes almost overflowed.

Under the dragon and phoenix candles, Xia Yi’s eyes were sentimental, as if there was a puff of autumn water. Gu Wen stepped forward two steps and held his face carefully.

The face was small and was easily supported in his palm, and the fingers gently rubbed the smooth skin, causing a shudder.

The unicorn at his feet also stopped moving and looked up at the two curiously.

Gu Wen was caught by Xia Yi, who lowered his head, and pecked and kissed him twice in his palm covered with thin calluses.

As if being touched lightly by two small fishes, the silver fish tails were hooked up and scratched twice in his heart.

Xia Yi looked up at Gu Wenzhu, saw him startled in a daze, couldn’t help but smile, showing a shallow dimple on one side of his cheek.

Just as opened mouth to say something, suddenly noticed something was wrong. The air began to float, gradually forming a corrugated twist.

Damn it!

…Can you not let me wear it on my wedding night?

Can you not let me disappear without a trace under the bride’s eyelids like a fugitive?

He watched Gu Wen widen his eyes, showing a horrified expression, and stretched out his hand to pull him, without any surprise.

Qilin was also barking desperately at him nearby.

Xia also knew that now she was slowly dispersing into a spot of light in Gu Wen’s eye.

After exhausting all his strength, Xia Yi shook his head to Gu Wen with difficulty, opened his mouth and made a lip, “Don’t panic.”

Suddenly, the world turned around and was involved in the time tunnel again.

Chapter 40

When the dizziness disappeared, Xia Yi slowly opened his eyes, and the first thing was to look at his feet first.

Very good, not on a single bridge beside the cliff.

Looking at the surrounding scenes, it is very real, and it shouldn’t be a different-dimensional killing array.

Surrounded by lush forests, I am in between, standing on a winding mountain road.

Halfway up the mountain in the distance, an elegant and classical pavilion emerged.

Yep? Isn’t this the place where you crashed into the Cang Yi barrier last time?

It seems like you are logging out of the game when you are downloading a dungeon. When you go online again, the character stops at the door of the dungeon.

Xia Yi took a few steps towards the direction of the dungeon in his memory, to see if he could still break into the barrier of Cang Yi.

Look around carefully, there is no change.

Forest trees, mountain roads, and small pavilions are still there.

Forget it, go back, this ghost place is very weird. Xia Yi thought to herself, and turned around.

When he turned around, he looked into a pair of big orange golden eyes, like two faint little lanterns.

In the center of the lantern, a pair of vertical pupils were staring at him without blinking.

Xia Yi was stunned, her hair exploded in an instant, and after a scream, she hurriedly backed away.

When he saw the thing in front of him clearly, he took a sigh of relief.

I saw a monster of unknown species standing silently in front of him, tilting his head and looking at him.

The monster looks like a lion with a single horn. The body is shaped like a deer, with hard and smooth black scales, and the four hooves are slightly bright, like wearing four fluorescent shoes.


These two words flashed in Xia Yi’s mind.

Don’t panic, don’t run, don’t show that you are scared.

Xia Yi held her breath, pinched her thigh, and stood straight on the spot.

Don’t stare at it, let it mistake you for provocation.

Xia Yi cast his gaze to one side indifferently, as if looking at the weeds on the side of the road.

Now, just now, go slowly, yes, leave slowly.

The monster was standing on the side of the mountain, so Xia Yi continued up the mountain road as if strolling in the courtyard, toward the small pavilion.

To finish! The monster slowly followed! And keep the same pace with him!

Don’t panic, take a deep breath, don’t expose your inner fears.

Xia Yi continued to walk unhurriedly, cold sweat coming out of her palms.

The sensory nerves in his whole body are now moved to the ears, as if two radars are installed, vigilantly discerning the movement behind him.

There was a rustling sound from the grass on the left, and the monster was scraping the grass.

There was another crunching sound on the right, where there was a strange stone that was shining with fluorescence, and the monster must be gnawing and grinding its teeth now.

“Crack,” bite! broken! NS!

Xia Yi’s heart and liver also trembled.

His head is definitely not as strong as that stone.

After walking about 100 meters in this way, the monster always hung behind him, from left to right.

Seeing the next paragraph, just as Xia Yi breathed a sigh of relief, it looked ahead and followed up again.

Suddenly, a hare jumped out of the grass ahead, with round eyes open, looking at Xia Yi ignorantly.

“Go, go,” Xia Yi murmured softly, driving quietly.

The rabbit obviously didn’t understand Xia Yi’s suggestion, and he hadn’t been driven away normally when he wanted to come, so he was not afraid, and actually jumped two steps in this direction.

The monster behind him also clearly spotted the rabbit.

It dashed forward as if interested, and suddenly let out a low, thunderous growl.

Xia Yi was already tense all the way, and his nerves were highly nervous. Hearing this roar suddenly, he could no longer control himself, screamed, and rushed forward.

He has never run so fast in his entire life, and this body is already in the base-building period, and when encountering hurdles and hurdles, he encounters rivers and rivers.

I could only hear the whistling wind in ears, and flew to the pavilion halfway up the mountain in a few breaths.

He was just waiting to stop to see the situation, and when he saw the monster still coming, he heard the sound of running with four hooves on the ground.

It turns out that it has been adorned a few meters behind it not too far away.

That’s it!

Xia Yi re-energized, mobilized her trembling legs, and prepared to run to the top of the mountain in one breath.

Suddenly, felt a cold wind hitting behind me. With a scream of horror, Xia Yi was instantly pounced on the grass by the monster.

After the monster fell on Xia Yi, regardless of his struggle, he turned him over with his claws and held it firmly.

The golden vertical pupil has become round, revealing inexplicable excitement, and opened a mouthful of blood at him.

Xia Yi couldn’t catch it in one breath, and there was a buzzing in his head. There is only one thought repeatedly, I am going to die, I am going to die, I am going to be eaten by aliens.

Seeing the mouth with the white fangs getting closer, Xia Yi was pressed to the ground and couldn’t move.

He was desperate, so he gave up struggling and turned his face to one side, “Brother Chase, goodbye in the next life.”

The imaginary pain did not come as expected, but his face was licked by something warm and moist.

Xia Yi trembled with fright.

Then, it’s another time.

Then he licked his face frantically.

Xia Yi opened her eyes slightly, both frightened and surprised. I saw the monster in front of me while licking himself, while swinging his heavy tail happily, and humming coquettishly in his mouth.

Although the voice was low and thunderous, Xia Yi was strangely able to hear the meaning of acting like a baby from within.

It’s like a unicorn at home.

Seeing Xia Yi opened his eyes and looked at him, it stopped continuing to lick and squatted back two steps on the ground, panting with its mouth open.

Is this definitely an alien and not a dog?

“Ding Ding,” the monster shook his head and suddenly made a slight noise.

I vaguely heard it when I was running, but Xia Yi didn’t have time to think about it. Now he looked at the sound and saw that there was a brass bell hanging from the monster’s neck.

Look carefully, yes, it is a copper bell.

Brass texture, black leather cord.

Isn’t this the bell I bought for Qilin by the way when I was playing the ring in the next village? !

Seeing the monster on the opposite side chasing the bunny on the side of the road again, a guess slowly emerged in Xia Yi’s mind.

So he opened his mouth and called out hesitantly, “Kirin?”

As soon as his voice fell, he saw that the running monster stopped, turned his head to look at him, then came over, rubbing his body affectionately with his head.

Only the horn of his forehead pushed Xia Yi upside down.

Xia Yi looked at it at a loss, and pointed to a broom in the pavilion next to it, “Go and grab the broom for me.”

I saw it rushed out quickly, like a black light, and then ran back again with a broomstick.

That’s right, it’s my biological son.

“My unicorn, how did you become like this!” Xia Yi hugged the unicorn, kissed and touched, still very sad, “My dear son, how come you have become an alien.”

“It’s all to blame for the 179 unspecified systems that made you look like this.” Xia Yi kissed again on the corner of Qilin, “But Daddy doesn’t dislike you.”

“Why blame me? I’m not a technical system, I’m just your task release system.” 179 annoyed voice sounded in his mind.

“179! You are here too!” Xia Yi was really surprised and happy.

“I’ve always been there.”

As soon as Xia Yi pondered it, her expression became gloomy, “It turns out that you have been there all the time. Then you watched me being scared like that by a unicorn, and didn’t tell me aloud?”

“How do I know you were scared by him? I thought you were playing with him.” 179 felt wronged, “Don’t you recognize that it is a unicorn?”

“It’s not a species at all, how can I recognize him?” Xia Yi felt it was wrong. “Look for yourself, is it a bit similar to before?”

“Is there any change? Isn’t it still like that?” 179 was justified.
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