Carrying a Hoe to Cultivate Chapter 21-30

Chapter 21

When Li Zhu and the others left, Xia Yi went to the kitchen and brought out the big pot of steamed buns, “Eat first, and I will ask you after I have eaten.”

When the man turned over, he sat up from the door, grabbed a bun with one hand, and started to gorge himself, rolling his eyes with choking. Xia Yi quickly went to serve him again with a bowl of porridge.

When the whole pot of buns were all resolved, he turned back and sipped the porridge lightly, and said to Xia Yi: “My name is Cheng Ming, the fourth elder of Qishan School. I know what Brother Liu and you know. "

“Some time ago, Senior Brother Liu suddenly disappeared for two days. Just when we were panicking and preparing to look for him everywhere, he appeared in the hall unconsciously. Then, we brought a few of our senior brothers in. The secret room tells us that Qishan faction may have been laid down by an expert, saying that the two days when he disappeared was actually teleported to a Taoyuan.”

“He is afraid that we will be recruited one after another, so he told us to prepare a bowl and a wooden staff in advance. He told us not to lose it after arriving in Taoyuan. Remember, we must go to a nearby village to find one. A young man named Xia Yi said you would help us.”

“Then when did you come here?” Xia Yi couldn’t help but ask.

Cheng Ming hesitated. Although he didn’t want to answer this question, he still spoke, “Two days ago.”

“At that time, I was cultivating magic weapons, and suddenly there was a floating in front of my eyes, and the scenery was also distorted. I felt bad at the time. Could this be the formation that the senior brother said? Sure enough, I opened my eyes and I was here.”

“You came here the day before yesterday, why did you find me today?” Xia couldn’t help but feel curious.

Cheng Ming was silent for a while before he said faintly; “I never know the way, even in Qishan School, as long as I get out of my yard, I can’t figure out the direction. After I got here, I found that I was beside a cornfield and surrounded It’s all corn, endless corn.”

“They all look the same.” Cheng Ming paused, emphatically explaining.

…Can corn grow in other ways?

“I’ll go, go, I don’t know how long I have been walking, and finally walked to a mountain. Fortunately, I found a few wild fruits to satisfy my hunger, so I could survive the two cows just now.”

“This is called Lu Chi.” Xia Yi couldn’t help but sigh after hearing it. Cheng Ming was so sad because he didn’t know the road and was hungry for two days and two nights.

Cheng Ming also wrinkled his face bitterly, “Fortunately, I-” When he said this, he suddenly stopped and looked straight in the direction of the kitchen.

Xia Yi followed his gaze and saw that Qilin was lying lazily at the door, licking his food bowl with his front paws from time to time.

Cheng Ming looked dull, and muttered: “Senior brother really didn’t lie to me, you also raised a unicorn, a unicorn who ate leftovers…”

Okay, I figured it out, this Qishan school is a dog slave of a sect.

“I’m going to boil some water, you first wash it, and take a set of Brother Zhu’s old clothes for you to wear. No one knows when you can wear them back. There is still an empty old house in the village. , You will go over and clean up this afternoon and live there for the time being.”

After Cheng Ming was washed, Xia Yi took him to the old house yard at the village head, “It’s just that the wall is blackened, and everything else is fine. Only a few days ago, Brother Zhu repaired the wall. The debris next door There is also a bed in the room. You clean it first, and come over with the bedding at night.”

Cheng Ming nodded again and again, grateful, “I can’t eat you for nothing. Let’s do that, I still have a few bottles of foundation liquid on my body-”

Xia Yi hurriedly interrupted him, “I have that stuff, so you can stay at ease. If you feel uneasy, just follow me to farm.”


“Hehe, I still look down on farming. If it wasn’t for a mistake that made you wear the wrong place, you would still be eating and drinking at Qishan Pie, and there is a young girl waiting on it.” 179 said angrily, and found out after finishing speaking. Xia Yi’s face was not right, and she hurriedly fell silent.

“It’s okay if you don’t want to farm. You can work as a doctor to sell the foundation liquid, and you can also be a piggery. If it doesn’t work, don’t you still have a wooden staff and a bowl?” Xia Yi said blankly.

“All kinds of things, I plant them.” Cheng Ming quickly replied decisively: “I will start farming tomorrow.”

Xia Yi nodded, “Then you clean up first. There are wells and wooden basins in the corner of the courtyard. Fetch water by yourself, and I will go back first. When it’s time for dinner, I will go to my place, and I don’t need to call you again.”

“Yes, yes.” Cheng Ming nodded as if pounding garlic, for fear that Xia would change his mind and rush himself to beg.

After Xia Yi returned to the yard, she began to call the system.

“179, when Liu Si moved back last time, didn’t you just say that the vulnerability was patched? Why did you come here again?”

“I don’t know what’s going on. Last time our technical system said that it has been repaired. I asked again when Cheng Ming came here just now. The technical system was still a bit angry and thought I questioned his professionalism. He said Every modern world has gone to study, just returned from your original world, where he studied for three months.”

“Ah? Did you finish it in three months? What did he learn?”

“I don’t know, anyway, after I came back, I always wanted to bring us together to give us lessons. Once we got in, we closed the door and were not allowed to leave. We asked us to develop five more students, and also took out various chips to sell to us.”

Xia Yi: …what exactly did the technical system experience in the original world?

After thinking about it, it doesn’t work like this, one or two of them are hungry to death. Nothing else can help, two meals can still be managed. So Xia Yi turned out another wooden board, wrote and painted on it, and nailed a long wooden strip under the wooden board.

When came to the cornfield had passed through, inserted the wooden board on the ridge. After a closer look, there is no problem, and he clap his hands and go home with satisfaction.

I saw a map drawn on the wooden board, marking the route to Xia Yi’s house, and marking it with a thick arrow.

There is also a unicorn at the bottom, and it says There is a vicious dog inside.

In the evening, Cheng Ming came over early to wait for the dinner.

Xia Yi washed all the vegetables in the kitchen, and waited for Gu Wen to come back and fry. At present, he can do some preparations for cooking, but the actual operation still depends on Gu Wen step by step.

Cheng Ming was teasing the dog in the yard. It is not very accurate to say that he is teasing a dog. Strictly speaking, the dog is teasing him.

Qilin also discovered that this dog slave was quite obedient to him, and he was respectful before and after, so he acquiesced to this little brother.

Now it lay lazily on the slate floor of the yard, and fiddled with a small round cloth sandbag with its front paws.

This sandbag was made for Qilin when Gu Wen was practicing. By the way, since sewing the sleeves of the two clothes, Gu Wenzhu vaguely felt that he had touched the door of a certain craft, so when he was free, he would do something to practice his hand.

Qilin pretends to play with sandbags unintentionally, but actually pays attention to his younger brother’s behavior. When Cheng Ming didn’t pay attention, it grabbed the sandbag and slammed it severely. The sandbag drew an arc in the air and landed on the corner of the courtyard.

At this time, Cheng Ming hurried to chase the sandbag and retrieve it again. He placed the sandbag in front of the Qilin flatly, and looked at him with bright eyes, and the Qilin would stick out his tongue and lick his hand as a reward.

Cheng Ming was very happy, Qilin also had a great time.

One person and one dog were having fun, the courtyard door was pushed open, and Gu Wen came in one by one carrying a hoe. Today is just loosening the soil, so came back earlier.

As soon as he entered the courtyard door, his gaze turned to the kitchen. After hearing the movement, Xia Yi quickly walked out of the kitchen, and said happily, “Brother Zhu is back.” She greeted her.

From the moment Gu Wen saw Xia Yi, his eyes were on him, and he didn’t notice that there was another person in the yard. He was squatting in front of Qilin, staring at him with his eyes wide open.

Cheng Ming was already stunned. The handsome farmer with his trouser legs and sleeves high up and carrying a hoe was not Cang Yi Xianzun who had been wandering for more than 20 years? Although he hadn’t seen it in so many years, he remembered the appearance of Xianzun clearly.

Cang Yi Xianzun said he was wandering, but in fact he hasn’t been traced for more than 20 years. So he, he has been farming here? ?

Gu Wenzhu also spotted Cheng Ming at this time, and saw a middle-aged fat man squatting in the yard, looking at himself in shock. So he couldn’t help but looked at Xia Yi inquiringly.

“This, this is my fourth uncle, who came to find me after fleeing the famine.” Xia Yi bit the bullet and lied.

After finishing speaking, he gave Cheng Ming a wink, “Uncle Si, this is my brother Zhu, Gu Wenzhu. It was me that he took in at the beginning.”

“Four uncle.” Gu Wen heard that Xia Yi’s relatives were one by one, and immediately stepped forward to greet him enthusiastically.

However, Cheng Ming still squatted on the ground without hearing the conversation between the two, with his mouth wide open, looking at Gu Wenzhu with an incredible expression on his face.

Just when Gu Wen was puzzled, he saw Cheng Ming trembling lips, tears filled his eyes and yelled, “Xianzun! I am Xiao Ming.” After speaking, he stood up and tried to pounce on him.

Is this drama still addicted to acting? Xia Yi was also stunned.

Is this too exaggerated? Little Ming? You look in the mirror. Are you embarrassed to call yourself Little Ming when the boss is too old?

Gu Wenzhu also froze, and then turned to look at Xia Yi with a dazed expression.

“My fourth uncle just passed out of hunger. He was picked up by Li Zhu and Er Niu in the mountains and brought it back. It didn’t take long for him to wake up, and his mind was still confused.” Xia Yi explained to Gu Wen step by step while facing Cheng.Obviously winked.

Little Ming, it’s enough, don’t add too much drama to yourself.

Cheng Ming didn’t even look at Xia Yi now, but stared at Gu Wenzhu dimly and affectionately with tears, just like a child who had been separated for many years found his mother, and Xia Yi couldn’t help but get goose bumps.

“Xianzun, do you really remember me? I am Xiao Ming. 400 years ago, you brought me back to Qishan in Xiaoliu Village outside Qishan. I was only 7 years old at that time and my parents were helpless.Damn, you wiped the tears from my face, and then took my thin little hand and said that you would give me a warm home.” Cheng Ming’s lips trembled, quite emotional.

Chapter 22

“Four uncle, you have admitted the wrong person, I am not a fairy, my name is Gu Wenzhu, and Xiaoyi’s aunt is my stepmother.” Gu Wen stood in place at a loss.

Uncle, that’s enough! Is there a little more | Fuck? Xia Yi just wanted to roll her eyes.

Cheng Ming is still crying and he is quite sincere, “Xianzun, you have been wandering for more than 20 years. We have searched for you many times and have not seen anyone. I still wonder if you have already soared. It turns out that you are I became a farmer here.”

Gu Wen looked at Xia Yi helplessly one by one, Xia Yi shook his head and said that he could not help it. Pointing to his head again, meaning that Cheng Ming has a problem with his brain.

“Um, uncle, come here for a while.” Xia Yi retreated to the edge of the yard.

After Cheng Ming came over with tears, Xia Yi said in a low voice, “Enough, Xiaoming, you are too much, why do you call me Xianzun? I will tell you that I am a good man. , Even if you don’t pretend to be stupid, he will take you in.”

“Don’t chase your elder brother or elder brother, and respect it. Do you know who he is? It is from our Qishan school. Even though you saved me, if you are disrespectful to us, I will turn my face with you.” Cheng Ming said solemnly.

“179, is he addicted to acting?” Xia Yi was shocked, carefully observing Cheng Ming’s expression, and seeing that he didn’t seem to be pretending, he started to wonder again.

“You are not acting? Then why do you think he is your Immortal Venerable?”

“It’s not a belief, it’s a fact. He is indeed the Cang Yi Xianzun of our Qishan School.”

The ball is over, there is really something wrong with the dressing.

“179, I don’t think he looks like a pretender, otherwise the acting skills are too good, he seems to have worn out his brain.” The more Xia Yi looked at Cheng Ming, the more he felt that he had a problem.

“Host, I have already reported this issue to the main system, and will hand it over to the technical system for investigation, to see if mental problems such as delirium, hallucinations, and role-playing occur because of the crossing.” The system said solemnly.

“That’s good.” Xia Yi relaxed, and then felt that something was wrong. “Technical system? Just three months of MLM|Selling that?”

“What MLM|Selling? He was communicating and learning.” 179 was a little bit dissatisfied. If you usually attack me as the host, even my colleagues attacked.

“Now we have morning meetings every day and recite positive quotations together. The mental outlook within the system has been improved and improved.” 179 pleaded angrily. Seeing that Xia Yi said nothing, he calmed down and said, “If you are in me Buy five chips here and let me become a third-level manager. I will forgive you.”

Do you still say this is communication learning? It’s no wonder that these people from Qishan faction wear them here one by one.

Xia Yi walked to Gu Wenzhu’s side, “My uncle’s brain is not good, not to say that he is from the Cultivation School, but also that you are their Xian Venerable. Brother Zhu, you just follow him. Whatever he says is good. NS.”

“Okay, I’ll listen to you, not to mention that he is your fourth uncle. I should have taken good care of him.” Gu Wen replied in a low voice, “Tomorrow I will ask the doctor to come over and show him.”

“No, he will be better after a while.” Xia Yi decisively refused, this traversal sequelae is not something that a few local herbalists can be optimistic about. “I will boil some refreshing medicine for him to drink first.”

Gu Wen nodded one by one. The problem in his mind is indeed difficult to cure. “You don’t want to save money. The money is in that small cabinet. Bring more when you go to grab the medicine.”

“I see, go cook now, I’m hungry.” Xia Yi said loudly, and hurriedly pushed Gu Wen into the kitchen.

“Xianzun still wants to cook?” Cheng Ming took a breath, “Aren’t you serving him?”

In the kitchen, Gu Wen began to pour vegetables and stir fry. With a sound of “swish”, the oily smoke rose, and then grab a few dried chilies and throw them in. Xiao also loves spicy food. Tumble the pot a few times easily, and the enticing fragrance begins to diffuse. Use chopsticks to grab a piece and taste it. Yes, take the plate and start the pot.

Cheng Ming stood at the door with a dazed expression, watching Gu Wen skillfully cook the dishes one by one, feeling that everything in front of him was an illusion.

“Don’t say we Xianzun is standing in front of a dusty earthen stove and cooking vegetables. The smell of oily smoke is unnoticeable. We only drink the water from Yunli Spring, and the crane flies to the spring thousands of miles away every day to get two dendrobium. , So as to ensure that the water quality is pure and not polluted. And he is still carrying a hoe with his sleeves and legs to go down to the fields? Cang Yixianzun wears white clothes all the year round, and the dust is elegant. The clothes are made by Teng Xiufeng’s best weavers, using carefully selected jade silk Made it.”

“Xianzun is here to cross the robbery?”

“And he doesn’t know me, he has forgotten me? Impossible, Immortal Venerable has already cultivated to the Transcendent God Realm, and he can remember the longest things. Besides, even if he forgets everyone, he will not forget his most beloved one. Xiao Ming.”

“Is it amnesia?”

Gu Wen fried a plate of bamboo shoots with bacon, which Xia also loved, and mixed with a handful of fragrant garlic sprouts. Xia Yi didn’t touch the fat, picking up a slice and eating up the lean, leaving the unevenly gnawed fat and throwing it into Gu Wenzhu’s bowl.

In Cheng Ming’s shocked gaze, Gu Wen calmly picked up half of the fat and ate it.

Xia Yi got up early the next morning. The radishes in the field should almost be mature when they are fertilized again, so have to be busy today.

After breakfast and Gu Wen followed by a weary farewell ceremony, he took two steamed buns and two hoes, humming and came to the courtyard of the old house.

“Xiao Ming, Xiao Ming.” Xia Zhu began to ask Cheng Ming to get up. “Xiao Ming, it’s time to get up and work.”

Cheng Ming opened the courtyard door with a bitter face, reached out his hand to take the steamed bun, and mumbled He Xia Yi down to the ground. “When I was in the martial arts, there were children waiting to get up every day. Although I have long been bigu, I occasionally taste some delicacies, like this kind of buns, which are used by the people of the martial arts. Every day I go to the mountains to absorb the aura of heaven and earth. After vomiting, I will concentrate on cultivating.

Xia Yi smiled coldly and put her hand in front of Cheng Ming, “If you don’t eat it, give it back to me. After you wake up today, Cang Yi Xianzun will first make breakfast for us, then feed the dog, shovel chicken feces, and now go to farm again. Now. As your Immortal Venerable, he didn’t even complain.”

Cheng Ming squeezed the bun in his hand vigilantly and closed his mouth.

When he arrived in the field, Xia Yi threw a hoe to Cheng Ming, “Go, loosen the soil for every radish, be careful, don’t rub the skin.”

Cheng Ming took the hoe reluctantly and began to dig in the ground gently.

Suddenly, his movements stopped. He saw a piece of soil cut open by him, revealing a little radish skin. He put the hoe aside, knelt down and gently removed the soil around the radish, his eyes suddenly widened.

Rubbing his eyes in disbelief, he poke the soil a little further. Immediately, ecstasy appeared on his face, and his voice trembling said: “Heavenly Spiritual Fruit, this is a Heavenly Spiritual Fruit.”

Here comes again.

Xia Yi leaned on the hoe and felt very weak.

“179, have you responded to the news you reported?” Xia Yi began to call the system. “Passing through has broken my mind, and there is a trend of getting worse.”

“As soon as I reported the situation yesterday, the technical system did a detailed inspection. However, after some inspections, no problems were found. The technical system felt that it needed to strengthen business training and went out to study for further studies.” 179 replied.


Therefore, this morning, Cheng Ming was looking at the turnips one by one, smiling so hard that he could not see his eyes. “I have never seen such a large number of heavenly spirit fruits with such good quality. Many years ago, various factions I saw it once during a party. It was shown to us by the master of the door. It was much worse than this, and it was hidden, as if we were missing one piece at a glance.”

“It turned out to be a heavenly spirit fruit all over the ground. I asked the sect master if he saw the stupid hahahahahaha.”

“This is a cultivation base that can last at least a hundred years.”

“It’s a pity that my brothers can’t see this kind of wonder.” He began to choke again.

Xia Yi really couldn’t help it anymore, “If you want to plant the land, you can plant it well, keeping a border of radishes going crazy all morning and never ending.”

Cheng Ming looked at him dissatisfied, “Tianlingguo, you said it’s a carrot, do you think I don’t know a carrot?”

Xia Yi nodded with a sneer, and dragged Cheng Ming forward. When he came to the radish field of other people’s house, he cut a finger and asked him, “What is this?”

“Turnip.” Cheng An answered naturally, seemingly dissatisfied with Xia Yi asking such a question.

Huh? I am cured?

He dragged to his own ground, pointed at the carrot in the ground and asked, “What is this?”

“Tian Ling Guo.” Cheng Ming replied with a silly smile.

Is this him!

Why can’t you recognize my carrot? Are they intermittent?

“Forget it, don’t fight with you. Let’s go, go back to lunch.” It’s already noon, these few days are not too busy, Brother Zhu may have already prepared lunch.

“I don’t eat, I want to guard the fruit here.” Cheng Ming waved his hand without raising his head, then changed his mind and said, “Just bring me two steamed buns when you finish eating.”

Xia Yi didn’t call him anymore, and went home to eat leisurely.

Chapter 23

As expected, Gu Wenzhu had already cooked lunch and put it hot on the table. He saw Xia Yi returning to the yard alone. He glanced behind him and asked, “Where is the fourth uncle?”

“I’m guarding the radish in the ground, and I won’t leave.” Xia Yi said as he ate a bowl of rice.

“Wait later, you will send the food to the fourth uncle. The old man’s body must have been damaged, but he can’t be hungry anymore.” Gu Wen urged Xia Yi one by one.

Hehe, people are always served by boys, only those who don’t want to eat, there is nothing that they can’t eat. However, Xia Yi’s belly slandered, and he replied obediently: “Well, I will deliver the meal after I finish eating.”

After Xia Yi had eaten, she carried a food box and walked slowly into her own ground. He stopped when he was about to walk. Uncle Wang was sitting on the ridge not far from his home, smoking a dry smoke while looking at the sky, occasionally looking at Cheng Ming’s side seemingly inadvertently.

Knowing that he was observing in secret again.

“Xiao Yi, come here.” Uncle Wang also saw him and waved quickly.

Xia Yi walked over, “Uncle Wang, what’s the matter?”

“Is that your fourth uncle?”

Xia also nodded.

“Escape from famine?”

Xia Yi nodded again.

“I just got closer and wanted to ask about his origin. You didn’t see his eyes, and he was about to jump up and bite people before he touched the ground.” Uncle Wang said solemnly, “Based on my observations. ——”

“He was born with a disease in his brain.” Xia Yi interrupted quickly, and you should stop watching, Uncle Wang.

After Cheng Ming saw the radish, he never returned to the house. Eat in the ground, drink in the ground, build a small shed on the ground, and live in the ground.

When the villagers ate dinner every day, they squatted on the edge of the field with their bowls to watch Cheng Mingshou the ground.

“Poor, really poor.”

“It’s even more powerful than Xiao Yishou Tudou.”

“Of course, both my uncles and nephews escaped from famine hungry. They value the land more than life.”

“No, I heard that there is something wrong with his brain…”

This afternoon, Xia Yi went to deliver food to Cheng Ming again. Just as Little Ming yelled, he heard firecrackers and gongs and drums in his mind again, and 179 beaming voices sounded:

Congratulations to the players for completing the third mission.

“Task Introduction: Obtain the movement of the master master

Completion: 1/1

Reward: task reward, a rare gift package

May ask the host, should receive the reward now or later? "

“Let me put it in the space first, and ask you to get it when I want it.”

Is this reward useful for eggs? It is too much trouble to take out.

Cheng Ming was squatting on the ground to check the radish. Hearing Xia Yi calling him, he raised his head and asked, “Is the meal here?”

As soon as Xia Yi opened her mouth, she felt a flower in front of her, and the surrounding scene began to twist and wave, and slowly began to rotate.

This familiar scene made him feel a little bit in his heart, “End! This is to be worn!”

Then the rotation speeded up, and Cheng Ming could still be faintly heard calling his name in panic. Xia also wanted to open his mouth to respond, but could no longer make a sound. Rotating faster and faster, the scenery began to turn into lines and spots of light. He felt his head dizzy, and he quickly closed his eyes and silently counted the time.

After a while, the dizziness stopped, whirring sounds came from my ears, and several cranes called. Xia Yi slowly opened her eyes and looked out, then she was stunned.

I saw a cloud of mist around him, and a white crane flew over his head, screaming and rushing into the sky. Not far away is an island floating in the air, with huge waterfalls hanging down the side of the island, and several magnificent buildings, hidden among the green trees. There are scattered islands floating further away, with different attitudes.

The whole scene is as beautiful as an illusion.

Xia Yi stared blankly at the magnificent picture in front of him, fascinated, and involuntarily wanted to walk forward, and glanced at his feet before stepping forward.

At this look, he was almost frightened.

He was standing on a single-plank bridge between two floating islands. The clouds and mists at his feet are tumbling, and there is no bottom, and there are still a few cranes flying in the clouds and mist.

Xia Yi’s legs softened, and she quickly squatted on the single-plank bridge, clinging tightly to her motionlessness. After the fierce heartbeat subsided, he slowly crawled to the opposite side, and the atmosphere didn’t dare to come out during the whole process.

Finally climbed to the other side, his back was soaked with sweat. Lie on the ground for a while to rest, and then walked to the buildings along a stone stairway.

As soon as he walked two steps, his eyes were illuminated by a reflection from the stone steps. What’s there? Xia Yi walked over curiously and picked up a green jade pendant from the grass.

This jade pendant is the size of a palm, has a smooth jade color, and is engraved with intricate patterns. It is very valuable at first glance.

Who fell here? Put it away first, and ask when you meet someone.

“179,179 are you there? I seem to have come through the world of learning and learning again.”

“I heard the answer from 179,179.” Xia Yi was a little flustered, even if the system was a waste of firewood, it was better than being alone in this strange place.

No response from the system was heard.

Isn’t the immortal cultivation system that you are aiming at? When you arrive in the world of cultivating immortals, have you played missing again?

When I was in a panic, I shouted from my head, “Who is your uninvited person?”

Xia Yi was startled and looked up at the sky, only to see a silver round object floating above her head. That voice came from there.


What a fuck, what a fuck, even aliens?

Is there any interstellar text that has been crossed this time?

Seeing that he didn’t answer, but stared at his magic weapon in amazement, the Qishan disciple couldn’t help but secretly said in his heart: “It turns out that he has never seen the world.”

The UFO slowly moved away from the top of the head and landed slowly. Only then did Xia Yi see that there was another person standing on it. With long hair fluttering, he was wearing a long gown with wide sleeves and a long robe, with golden dark patterns embroidered on it.

Xia Yi breathed out slowly, still in the world of cultivating immortals, this was the uniform of Qishan School.

As soon as the man landed and raised his hand, the UFO instantly became smaller, shrank into a jade plate and flew into his hand.

This is also amazing…

He held his chin high and looked at Xia Yi from top to bottom, “Who is your last name and name? What is the matter of coming to my Qishan School?”

“My name is Xia Yi.” Xia Yi only answered his first question, so there is no way to answer the facts.

Brother, I don’t do anything wrong, I came through the farming world. Just stroll around and wear it back later when you are in doubt.

“Xia Yi? Xia Yi…” the man slowly said, as if he was familiar with the name.

Suddenly he patted his forehead, with an unexpected expression on his face: “Could it be that you were admitted to the school by the master master, but you are late in the future, the son of Xia Zhifu, Xia Yi?”

“It’s right, it’s under.” When Xia Yi heard this, she knew that Shiyou ** was talking about herself.

Isn’t it the first one in the quest to cultivate immortals? Become a disciple of the head of Qishan School. The key is that he has also completed the task, so he is now a Qishan disciple.

“Brother, why are you here now?” The man suddenly put away his vigilance, with an affectionate smile on his face, “The head has already told us to come down, saying that his newly recruited disciple will look for the mountain gate in the near future. , Let us pay attention to receiving people.”

“Then he, what else did the master say?” Xia Yi asked.

“Said he met you when he was traveling outside the mountain. He saw that you had a wonderful bones and an extraordinary talent. He was a unique cultivator of immortality. So he visited Xia Zhifu and accepted you into the school.” Pat Xia Yi on the shoulder, “From now on you will be my junior.”

“I am your brother Qinghui, a disciple under the head of Tianshu, and ranked seventh in our generation, you can call me brother Qinghui.” Qinghui said.

“Brother Qinghui.” Xia Yi Congshan Ruliu yelled. “It’s a pity that you came at an untimely time. The master master hasn’t come back when you go out to do errands. But I will first familiarize you with the school. After a few days, the master will come back and you can visit him.” Qinghui said enthusiastically.

“Thank you Brother Qinghui.” Xia Yi quickly thanked him.

Qinghui waved his hand, “You and my brother, you are welcome, you will be a family from now on. You have come from Huangzhong Mansion all the time. You must be tired and sleepy. I will take you to take a rest. After dinner, Go to see the third elder Tianji.”

“Thank you Brother Qinghui.” Xia Yi thanked again, suddenly remembering that Liu Siqian had told him that he was the third elder in Qishan faction, and couldn’t help asking: “Brother, the third elder is Liu… .. Liu Siqian?”

“Is the name of the elder Tianji called arbitrarily?” Qinghui stood still, his face was serious and followed the teaching, “you must remember, don’t call his name directly, you must be called the elder Tianji.”

“Yes, yes.” Xia Yi quickly said that he was taught.

“But Elder Tianji’s former layman’s name is indeed called this.” Qinghui added again, and then led the way to the mountain gate.

It turned out to be an old acquaintance, so it would be easier to handle. Xia Yi suddenly relaxed a lot.

Chapter 24

Qinghui led Xia Yi into the mountain gate, and there were young disciples greeted him along the way, and then looked at Xia Yi curiously. Qinghui introduced, “This is Brother Xia.”

“Hello Brother Xia.” The young disciples rushed to greet Xia Yi again.

As Xia Yi responded, she thought dizzyly, did she start cultivating immortals?

But no, no matter how good the world of cultivating immortals is, have to go back. Brother Zhu is still waiting at home.

Thinking of Gu Wenzhu, Xia Yi was heartbroken. Now I don’t know what happened to him, how would Cheng Ming explain that he disappeared for no reason? Brother Zhu will definitely look around when he finds that others are gone, and may worry about how anxious he is.

Qinghui led Xia Yi through a quiet bamboo forest, and then stepped into a circular arch to a unique small courtyard, “You will live in Wangzhuyuan from now on. Later, the gatekeeper will give you hot water for your clothes. Send it, and if there is any need, just tell them.” After speaking, I looked around and saw that there was nothing missing for the time being, so I left first.

Only Xia Yi was left in the yard, and he began to look around.

There are three rooms in the courtyard, with simple shapes, red walls and blue tiles, and four corner cornices are raised high. The courtyard is a bluestone ground, and there is a small piece of land at the corner of the courtyard, planted with several tall and verdant green bamboos.

Xia Yi couldn’t help but squatted down, grabbed a handful of soil, and twisted it with her fingers. The land is very fertile, the soil is dark and bright, and the humidity is just right. don’t understand why bamboo is planted. If you plant a bunch of green onions and peppers, and then build a rack to climb some loofah seedlings, wouldn’t it be beautiful?


“Xia Yi.” Just as he was thinking about it, a tentative cry suddenly came from behind him.

Xia Yi suddenly turned around and blurted out, “Liu Siqian?”

At the archway, saw a Qingzhuo immortal long with fluttering robe sleeves, who looked like an outsider, braving immortal spirit.

This is not Liu Siqian who else is it?

“When Qinghui reported the report, I heard him talk about the name Xia Yi, so I asked a few more words. Listening to the description of his appearance, I was suspicious of you. When he asked carefully, he said that your sleeves are two colors, so I hurried over. Now.” Liu Siqian said with a smile.

Xia Yi was also surprised and delighted, “Sure enough, you are the elder Tianji.”

“Xia Xia, how did you come?” Liu Siqian walked in and asked curiously, “and he became the son of the Xia Zhifu and the disciple of my senior brother.”

Xia Yi replied, “I don’t know, as soon as I came over, Brother Qinghui called me like this.”

Liu Siqian nodded suddenly, “Then he is confessing the wrong person, you just have the same name. But it’s okay, as long as the master does not arrive, you can temporarily borrow this identity.” Suddenly remembered something, and hurriedly asked, “I.” Did the Fourth Junior Brother go to your place? I haven’t seen anyone for a few days, and there are some jewels left in the bedroom."

“He has gone to my place, and he is farming every day.”

I’m not sure I’m lying in a shack on the ground eating steamed buns.

“En.” Liu Siqian breathed a sigh of relief, and said approvingly: “The Fourth Junior Brother is very good, so I don’t leave to practice wherever I go. I can’t absorb spiritual energy in your Taoyuan, so I practice hard. Not bad, not bad.”

“It’s almost dinner time, go to my place to have some food, talk while eating, and walk around.” Liu Siqian looked at the sun and warmly invited Xia Yi.

“Aren’t you bigu?” Xia Ye can remember Liu Siqian’s words of bigu for many years.

“Yeah, bigu is early. But this is not a Taoyuan experience. After I come back, I feel uneasy if I don’t eat something every day.” Liu Siqian said that there are still some lingering fears here.

Xia Yi understood very well, “Let’s go and eat.”

As soon as he exited the bamboo forest, Liu Siqian immediately slammed his face, his expression majestic and unattainable. The young disciples in the forest all respectfully called elder Tianji hello, but Liu Siqian didn’t even look at it, only nodded slightly, and made an inaudible sound from his nostril.

Xia Yi was thinking about how far Liu Si moved from here, when he saw him wave his hand at the air in front of him, and a huge gourd appeared in the sky.

I saw that the gourd was half the size of a room, and there was a floating ear around the gourd’s mouth, and the gourd body was up and down slightly in the air.

Liu Siqian raised his leg and stepped onto the front half of the gourd, standing steadily on it, with his robe sleeves fluttering, and said to Xia Yi, “Come up.”

This is the magic weapon to fly.

So exciting…

Xia Yi was full of excitement and climbed onto the gourd with both hands and feet. I also wanted to stand steadily like Liu Siqian, but found that this gourd was barely easy to move.

While he was constantly changing the standing position, the gourd took off without warning and went straight into the air.

Xia Yi instantly flew out of her throat, squatting down and straddling the gourd. His position was in the back half of the gourd, round and bulging, and he couldn’t even focus on sitting. Seeing that his body was about to slide down, he hurried forward and plunged himself into the depression where the two gourds were connected.

I have to say something about taking off.

This gourd is not easy to sit on without even a handle, let alone a seat belt. Can’t you choose an Arab flying carpet? Brother Qinghui’s UFO is also better than this.

After the gourd lifted into the sky, it flew straight to a small floating island outside the main island. Through the thin clouds, you could see the verdant green and verdant roof of the small island.

Xia Yi lay down on the gourd in fear, and had no time to appreciate the beautiful scenery. Fortunately, the journey was short, and within a few minutes, Hulu stopped over the small floating island and began to descend.

Xia Yi didn’t feel that she was alive again until she stopped in a delicate little courtyard.

Liu Siqian watched him sliding down the gourd with his blue lips and white lips, and he couldn’t help but sighed, “Xia Xia, this is not good. In the future, you will have to control the magic weapon by yourself, travel thousands of miles every day, and exercise more.”

Xia Yi waved his hand feebly, “What magic weapon to control, I want to go back as soon as possible, the family is still waiting for me.”

Liu Siqian took Xia Yi into the hall, and saw that the doorman had already set the table and served good dishes. In addition to the big fish and meat on the table, there was also a bowl of steamed buns.

“Eat.” After sitting down, Liu Siqian caught himself a piece of pig’s feet, and then greeted Xia Yi, “After eating, tell me how you came here.”

Xia Yi was not hungry yet, so he ate some symbolically, and Liu Siqian swept away all the dishes left on the table.

When she finished eating, Xia Yi began to tell in detail how she passed through.

After listening, Liu Siqian showed a thoughtful expression, “I have been searching on the island recently, trying to find out what teleportation array our Qishan faction has been deployed. But the people who deployed the array have a very advanced level of cultivation, and I can’t even see it. There is something abnormal when it comes out.”

“The Fourth Junior Brother was passed on, and I don’t know when he will come back.” Liu Siqian looked distressed, “Even if he comes back, I don’t know who will pass it on again, or someone from Taoyuan.”

“Who would set up such a circle? What purpose does he have? It is really hard to understand. I always feel that someone is targeting our Qishan faction, and there is a terrifying premeditated brewing behind them.” Liu Siqian tapped the square table with his fingers. , The bottom of my eyes is deeply thoughtful.

“And you, who are innocent, were also involved in it involuntarily and joined the torrent of this conspiracy.” He looked at Xia Zhu again, his eyes burning.

“Really?” Xia Yi replied in a whisper, thinking that the bugs caused by this group of spicy chicken systems are really harmful, and it is about to set off a bloody storm in the world of cultivating immortals.

“And my brother-in-chief hasn’t heard anything until now. I don’t know if it has anything to do with this formation, or if he was also teleported to somewhere in Taoyuan.”

“No, he has not been transmitted, he is still in this world.” Xia Yi remembered what 179 had said, saying that the system did not detect that there were other people who had experienced the transmission.

“You believe me.” Xia Yi stared at Liu Siqian frankly.

Liu Siqian observed Xia Yi for a long while, and finally nodded, “Okay, I believe you.”

“That’s right.” Xia Yi remembered one thing, took out the jade pendant from his arms, and handed it to Liu Siqian, “I picked it up on the way, you see if you recognize it. know.”

Liu Siqian took the jade pendant and looked at it and raised the volume in surprise, “This is the jade card of the Fallen Demon Envoy. Where did you find it?”

“It’s next to the stone steps coming from the single-plank bridge.” Xia Yi said and gestured.

“How could this jade card of the Fallen Demon Envoy appear in our Qishan Sect? When did he come, and we didn’t feel it at all.” Liu Siqian stood up, pacing inside the house, pondering.

Suddenly he slapped his hand and said in shock: “Well, the head was taken away by the Fallen Demon.”

“I said why I couldn’t find the slightest trace of the leader, it turned out to be taken to the Demon Realm.” Liu Si said bitterly.

He groaned for a moment, stretched out his hand, and a few small paper cranes appeared in his palm.Liu Siqian instructed the paper cranes: “Go and call a few elders to come to Tengyun Pavilion to discuss matters immediately.” After raising his hand, the paper cranes turned into cranes in the air, and they yelled forever., While flying out from the window.

Xia Yi was stunned, this magical world of cultivating immortals.

Chapter 25

Liu Siqian let off a few paper cranes, then looked back at Xia Yi, “Xia Xia, thanks to you for discovering this important clue, otherwise we would still be looking around without a clue.”

“I’m going to discuss the countermeasures with several elders soon. In this way, I will send you back to Wangzhuyuan first.” After speaking, Liu Si was prepared to dig out a gourd.

Xia Yi asked desperately: “Is there any other magic weapon that can send me back? Not this gourd.”

“Yujian?” Liu Siqian pondered for a moment.

“No, no, too scary, too narrow.” Xia Yi shook his head out of the afterimage.

“Yu Tiansuo?”

“The one with the round and round ends with pointed ends? No way, no way.” Xia Yi shook his head frantically.

“Be flat, wide.” Xia Yi said.

“Qingliang, I will send you Brother Xia back to the main island.” Liu Siqian said loudly, and then whispered to Xia Yi, “The magic weapon of coolness is bamboo slips.”

This is good, this is good, the bamboo slips are flat and wide, and they are almost the same as the Arabian flying carpet.

I saw a round-faced youth responding from outside the hall. He first saluted Liu Si’s move, and then hugged Xia Yi, “Hello, Brother Xia.”

Xia Yixian clasped his fists, “Hello Brother Qingliang.”

After Qingliang and Xia Zhu met each other, they walked forward and pulled Xia Yi out affectionately, “Junior Brother Xia, I have long heard that the master master has accepted a disciple, but we haven’t seen you go up the mountain for a long time. We are all waiting. How about you. It’s good today, I finally saw it, and our brothers will have to come and go a lot in the future.” As he said, he walked into the courtyard, waved his hand, and a huge bamboo slip appeared in the sky.

This bamboo slip is indeed wide and flat, and it looks like an Arabian flying carpet. But why is it upright!

Ah? Can anyone tell me why it stands in the air like a door panel?

Qingliang gently leaped to the top of the bamboo slips, reaching out the handle still frozen in place, Xia Yi pulled it up before he could react.

Leave you!

The bamboo slips quickly soared into the sky.

The sound of the wind rang in her ears, and Xia Yi screamed and choked in her throat, only feeling that her heart was falling straight down, and her soul flew out of the clouds.

The bamboo slips were not as wide as the soles of their feet, and half of their feet were hanging outside. Xia Yi moved the soles of her feet slightly, feeling part of the touch under her feet, couldn’t catch it, almost fainted.

Qingliang is still enthusiastically introducing, “Many juniors love to take advantage of my magic weapon. They say that they feel especially when walking through the clouds. They are more exciting than the sword. The speed is also extremely fast. Once the eleventh juniors fell in the middle, they would The moment I landed, I caught him up, ha ha ha ha…”

Please stop talking, please?

“Wow…Woo…” Qingliang exclaimed with excitement in his mouth, while showing off his skills in front of Xia Yi. Sometimes it climbs straight to the top of the cloud, and sometimes it dives vertically against the earth…

“Is it exciting? Hahahahaha, isn’t it fun? Next time Brother can take you down from the air and let bamboo slips chase us…”

Xia Yi rode on the bamboo slips, clinging to the cool calf, unable to even call for help.

He felt that the last few minutes of returning to the main island were as long as ten gourds in the afternoon.

There is a blank in my mind, I don’t know how the bamboo slips landed, how they set foot on the main island, and finally they bid farewell to Brother Qingliang. When he returned to his Wangzhuyuan like a walking corpse, he hadn’t recovered for a long time.

“179, the world of cultivating immortals is terrible, I want to go home.”

“But don’t you always think about cultivating immortals?”

“I don’t want to, I want to chase my brother, I want to go home.”

Xia Yi sat blankly in front of the bed, just about to stroke today’s affairs, when she heard a few explosions of fireworks in the air, half of the sky was also brightened.

At this time, the sky was dark, and Xia Yi’s face was clearly extinguished by the fireworks.

“Who is setting off the fireworks? New Year’s Day? The time is not up. Proposal? The Qishan Cultivator is not so romantic, right?” Xia Yi curiously walked to the window and looked up at the sky.

I saw that the fireworks had not yet dissipated, forming a gorgeous pentagon on the horizon, hung in the dark night, very dazzling.

Countless Qishan sect men dressed in cyan gowns and flutteringly fluttering clothes, driving all kinds of magic weapons, rose into the air from around their courtyard, the main island, and various floating islands, and flew toward the fireworks.

What is this for? Going to Star Wars? Xia Yi quickly got out of the house, stood in the courtyard and looked up.

A familiar silver UFO stopped on his head again, and Qinghui said loudly above his head without seeing anyone: “Junior Brother Xia, the elder has just issued a notice that my master is not a traveler, but was taken away by someone in the demon world. We are. Now if you are going to save Master, you should not run around in the door.”

Xia Yi nodded quickly, remembering that Qinghui couldn’t see it again, and replied loudly: “I know, you go, pay attention to safety, I am waiting for your return.”

As soon as the voice fell, the UFO rose straight up, and flew quickly to the sky with the magic weapons, and a gust of wind roared from where it passed. Xia Yi kept looking up, shocked in her heart, and slowly returned to the house until all the magic weapons were gone.

As soon as he stepped into the threshold, Xia Yi stopped in place. saw the furniture in the room began to twist and wave, and slowly rotated, slowly from the beginning, and then faster and faster.

This familiar sight.

Xia Yi let out a long sigh, “I can finally go back.”

Xia Yi slowly opened her eyes when there were a few worms in her ears. It was pitch black all around, and looking around in the moonlight, he was still standing on the ridge before crossing.

“Host, you are back.” 179 yelled in relief in his mind.

Without waiting for Xia Yi to ask, 179 explained quickly, “It’s okay, the loopholes are fixed, you won’t wear it anymore. And the main system is fully prepared, even if you wear it, I can follow it.”

Xia Yi hurriedly walked home, thinking as she walked, it was dark, how should I explain to Brother Zhu that where did she go on this day?

As soon as he turned a corner, Liu Qing walked towards him. As soon as Liu Qing saw him, she yelled: “Xiao Yi, where have you been? The whole village is looking for you.”

Xia Yi was shocked, and disappeared less than a day, all the villagers sent out to find?

“You go to deliver food to your fourth uncle at noon, and he will return to the yard after a while and find Gu Wen and say that you have been passed to Qi… Qi…”

“Qishan faction.” Xia also added.

“Yes, Qishan faction, have you usually heard him mention it? He said that you were sent to Qishan faction, and he called Gu Wen Cang…Cang…”

“Cang Yi Xianzun.”

“That’s it, Cang Yi Xianzun, crazy. Gu Wen didn’t take it seriously at first, but when I saw you later, he went to Tiantou to deliver a meal and didn’t return for a long time, so I went to find you. I didn’t see it in the ground, and again. I looked everywhere in the village, and no one was seen anywhere. Seeing that it was getting dark, he was anxious to death. Now everyone in the village is looking for you all over the mountains and plains.”

“Then what should I do? You have to call them back, don’t look around anymore.” Xia Yi was shocked and anxious.

“Go to Uncle Wang, he is in your old house.”

Xia Yi hurriedly walked to the old house and asked Liu Qing, “What is he doing in the old house?”

“Watching your crazy fourth uncle pouring medicine.”

Xia Yi:…

Only when I walked outside the courtyard wall of the old house, I heard Cheng Ming yelling loudly: “I am the elder Tianquan under the Qishan School. I will soon break through to the Void Refining and Combination Dao at the late stage of cultivation. Eliminate demons and relieve the common people, and are admired by all. You dare to bind my hands and feet and pour me such bitter soup? Do you not want to live anymore?”

Li Zhu in the house and the doctor in the village looked at each other, “It seems to be getting crazy.”

Uncle Wang gave them a wink, “Continue to pour it.”

Cheng Ming was still yelling, “I went to participate in the celestial assembly, when the slaying demons cast down the demons, you didn’t even know where…”

Li Zhu slowly approached with the clearing medicine, “Great god, great immortal, elder, can we drink this sugar water obediently? This is the sugar water taken from the Yaochi in the Tiangong Temple. It is very sweet.”

Cheng Ming opened his eyes in shock, “Tang Shui? Return to the Yaochi in the Heavenly Palace? Are you crazy?” Then he said vigilantly: “Don’t come over, beware of my magic weapon.”

“Yes, yes, we are crazy, so don’t be like our lunatics, don’t dig out the magic weapon.” Li Zhu remained unmoved, and continued to approach slowly, “Drink this sugar water, and you can think of Xiao Yi.Where is it.”

“How many times do you want me to tell you? Xiao Yi suddenly said that he was gone. He was sent to cultivate immortals.” Cheng Ming wanted to cry without tears, so why didn’t these people listen?

Uncle Wang’s face sank, and he categorically said: “Change the big bowl!”

Chapter 26

Seeing that the bowl of heart-clearing medicine was getting closer, and the bitter taste came after it, Cheng Ming couldn’t help but feel sad.

I think that as a master of immortality, I have always been respected by the world, and I am so elegant. How did a few mortals put bitter medicine on the bed like this?

Since falling to this ruined place, he has been hungry and farming, and has lost his spells. Even the beloved Cang Yi Xianzun has become ignorant of himself.

Cheng Ming was frustrated for a while, and simply gave up the struggle, lying on the bed, staring at the roof with hollow eyes, two drops of tears slid down the corners of his eyes.

When Li Zhu saw this, he hurried forward and was about to feed him the cleansing medicine. At this time, Xia Yi opened the door and walked in, “Li Zhu, don’t give medicine to my uncle.”

When Cheng Ming heard Xia Yi’s voice, his eyes lit up instantly, showing his vitality. Turning his head and crying like weeping, “Xia Yi save me!”

“Xiao Yi, are you back?” Uncle Wang was surprised and delighted, “Where have you been? Everyone is looking for you everywhere.”

“I went to the village next door and wanted to buy something for Brother Zhu. I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I made everyone worried.” Xia Yi replied and bowed and apologized. Before, I planned to get a pair of rings at the silversmith in the next village. This was just an excuse.

“You are going to buy things and tell Wen by one too. It seems that the people in the village are very anxious. I originally wanted to ask your fourth uncle about your whereabouts, but he turned out to be crazy again.” Uncle Wang said. Xia Yi took out a gong out of the yard.

“Hey, heythe man found itthey came back to the village, and the man found it.”

Gu Wen was holding a torch and looking around in the mountains, his lips were chapped and he was full of anxiety. As the night darkened, a heart also fell to the bottom.

Xiao Yi usually never drills into the mountains, but he has searched everywhere, where would he go if he is not in the mountains? Could it be that it was dragged away by some wild thing…

His body gradually trembled and his face became paler. Quickly stop myself from thinking about it, and while patrolling the woods on both sides, he continued calling out in a dumb voice, “Xia Yi, Xiao Yi.”

“Stop! Stop! It’s all quiet.” A young man suddenly shouted, “I seem to hear a gong ringing.”

As expected, everyone stopped and listened carefully. There was a faint ringing of gongs at the foot of the mountain in the distance.

“It’s Uncle Wang. Uncle Wang is knocking on the gong, and Xiao Yi found it.” Someone shouted excitedly. I just wanted to remind Gu Wenzhu that he had already run down the mountain quickly. The mountain road was steep, so I simply sat on the ground while running and sliding, and disappeared for a while.

Xia Yi raised Cheng Ming with tears in his eyes and explained to Uncle Wang and the others, “My uncle’s brain is a bit bad, but I am also to blame for this, because I want to go to the next village and I am afraid that he has to follow, so I lied to him and told him to go. Cultivation.”

“But you originally went to our immortal world.” Cheng Ming mumbled dissatisfiedly.

I wanted to say that, seeing Li Zhu doing the same thing again, he immediately closed his mouth.

At this time, only listening to a rush of footsteps coming from the entrance of the courtyard, with a rush of “Xiao Yi”, Gu Wen strode in.

The door was pushed “bump” against the wall, and it shook slightly.

He first stood at the door, staring at Xia Yi in a daze, his chest rising and falling violently. Then he walked over slowly, stopped in front of Xia Yi, and looked at him from head to toe with his eyes.

“I’m okay, Brother Zhu, I’m sorry, I just want to go to the silversmith in the next village to make something” Gu Wen took it into his arms one by one and clung to it before he finished saying a word.

Gu Wen buried his head on Xia Yi’s shoulders and neck, took a deep breath, motionless.

Uncle Wang and the others stared dumbfounded, but Li Zhu teased him and made a look out. Uncle Wang nodded quickly, and walked out with the doctor.

When he reached the door, he suddenly turned his head and dragged Cheng Ming on, coaxing the child and said: “Walk around, take you to see the gods, there are gods outside, and there are many by the river.”

Cheng Ming saw that he was about to be pulled out of the door, and hurriedly grabbed the door frame to remind Xia Yi loudly: “The heavenly spirit fruit is mature, remember to collect all the fairy fruits in the ground.”

Uncle Wang quickly exchanged glances with Li Zhu.

It seems that the medicine still cannot be stopped.

Everyone quietly retreated, and Li Zhu closed the door thoughtfully.

Xia Yi listened to Gu Wenzhu’s fierce heartbeat, smelled his body’s sweat and the fragrance of plants, and also raised his arms around his generous back.

“I’m so afraid of what’s going on with you, I’m so afraid.” After a long time, Gu Wenzhu’s voice sounded, with a trace of tremor, revealing his inner fear.

“No, Brother Zhu, I won’t have anything wrong, don’t worry.” Xia Zhu thought for a while, and then left Gu Wenzhu’s arms, holding his face in his hand, and looking directly at him, “Brother Zhu , I have to tell you something.”

“Maybe I will disappear inexplicably in the future. I don’t know when and how long it will take to come back. However, in such a situation, don’t be afraid and don’t look around. I will find a way to come back as soon as possible.”

“What the hell is it, can’t you tell me?” Gu Wen’s eyes were confused.

“Brother Zhu, it’s not that I don’t believe you. It’s that this matter is too unbelievable. I’m afraid you won’t be able to accept it. I will tell you exactly when I have the right time.” Xia Yi shot Gu Wenzhu’s eyes and said seriously. .

“I’m afraid I can’t accept things? Do you have a marriage contract? Have you been married?” Gu Wen gradually panicked, “Or… still have children?”

Xia Yi was shocked, what do you think about, Brother Zhu?

Seeing that Xia did not answer, Gu Wenzhu became even more panicked, “You can get married and leave. Since you have escaped from famine, that person will definitely treat you badly. I can accept having a child, and your child is me. My child, I must be well raised…”

“Brother Zhu, don’t think about it. I’m neither married nor children, and I don’t even have a girlfriendnot even a partner.” Xia Yi kissed Gu Wen on the cheek, “I only have you.”

Gu Wen expelled a sigh, and his expression relaxed, “Then tell me, I can accept any unthinkable things. For example, you are actually a mountain spirit and come to the village in human form. Or you are actually teleported to. The world of cultivating immortals went to cultivating immortals, just like our fourth uncle said.”

Thinking of the crazy words spoken by the fourth uncle, Gu Wen couldn’t help laughing.

After laughing for a while, he suddenly found that Xia Yi had no smile on his face, just looking at him blankly. Slowly he put away the smile on his face, suspiciously, and gradually a bad guess emerged.

Sure enough, Xia Yi said calmly: “Yes, just as the fourth uncle said, I was sent to the immortal world.”

Gu Wen was speechless one by one.

“Why? Don’t you believe it?” Xia Yi squinted at Gu Wenzhu.

“Believe, believe.” Gu Wen shook his head twice and found that something was wrong, and then nodded quickly with a sincere expression.

Xia Yi was satisfied. Anyway, he had already started his head. He opened the gate like a flood, and fell out of his head, “You haven’t seen that single-plank bridge… Those people call me Junior Brother Xia… the gourd magic weapon hahahaha …I have played a lot in my life, but the most ruthless one is the magic weapon of bamboo slips…”

Xia Yi talked vividly about what Qishan saw and heard, and he saw that Gu Wenzhu’s eyes were getting straighter and more erratic.

He couldn’t help but stopped, and asked vigilantly: “Are you thinking of me as crazy? Do you want to give me medicine?”

“No, no, I just need to calm down.” Seeing Xia Yi’s fierce gaze, Gu Wen shook his head hurriedly.

On the way home, Gu Wen stepped deep and shallow, and almost fell several times, but Xia Yi quickly caught him.

“That said, the fourth uncle is not crazy. You two think that there is another world outside of our world, and the people there are still gods?”

“It’s not a god, it’s Xiuxian. But it’s almost the same. After Xiuxian ascends, he will become a god.” Xia Yi explained.

He only talked about Qishan to Gu Wen, and didn’t talk about the system and his original world. For fear of too much information, Gu Wen would be crazy if he couldn’t digest it.

Gu Wen’s heart sank straight down. It turned out that Cheng Ming was not Xia Yi’s fourth uncle at all. He didn’t know what he had said to Xia Yi nonsense, which made Xia Yi believe in the fact that he was an immortal, as if he had been caught in an evil spirit.

Bewitched? I remember that I heard people say that there was a sect called Fangxiandao, who every day preached that they were immortals and deceived good men and believers in order to make money. Could this Cheng Ming be the congregation of Fangxiandao?

Chapter 27

“Host, you can’t tell me, the existence of the system cannot be known to ordinary people.” 179 warned.

“I know, I can’t say it.”

“Even if Gu Wen blows the pillow wind to you one by one, you can’t say it, you have to promise. You men have no power to resist the sweet words of those little fairies.” 179 was still a little worried.

“If you can’t speak, you can’t speak, don’t worry.”

“Yes, you are not the kind of man who has never seen the world. Just like me, you are a principled brother who has experienced big storms and waves.”

179 remembered again, “Host, yesterday you did not accept a new task after completing the task. When are you going to accept it?”

Xia Yi glanced at Gu Wenzhu, and saw that he was still silly and had no time to talk to himself, “I’ll take it now.”

As the words fell, a big interface appeared in my mind, and the voice of 179 sounded.

“Now, the fourth task will be released for you by the Xiuxian System No. 179.”

“Task Introduction: Awaken Cang Yi Xian Zun

Completion: 0/1

Reward: a rare gift package for task rewards”

Cang Yi Xian Zun? The name of the target of this task is familiar, isn’t it what Cheng Ming called when he went crazy to Brother Zhu? This task is good, and it sounds kind.

“What are you planting this time?”

“Winter melon.”

“Winter melon? As far as I know, although winter melon has a word for winter, it is not grown in autumn, right?” Xia Yi was a little surprised. Could it be that you are deliberately embarrassing me?

“Host, you can just plant, don’t care about the little things like the season.”

“Is this a trivial matter?”

“We will regulate the temperature, you can rest assured, the host.”

“Okay, I see, plant winter melon.” Xia Yiyou absentmindedly, “By the way, I completed a mission last time, which was to find the clues to the disappearance of the master master. This time I went to the world of immortality and found it. Is it the role of the mission if the clues are removed?”

“I don’t know very well, host. After all, our system has never experienced a mission to release the wrong world. This is the first time, everything is still groping.”

Gu Wen walked silently, but in fact he received a huge impact in his mind, and his heart was overwhelmed.

I heard that everyone who was deceived by Fangxian Dao was convinced, like an evil spirit, he would not hesitate to let him die. Do not use strong means to break Xiaoyi and Fangxiandao. Xiaoyi looks at her temperament, but in fact she has a strong heart, so she has to take her time.

You are his only relative, if you all say he is nonsense, who can he rely on? Anyway, as long as he is serious in his heart, I have to follow him first.

He said he went to be a god, then he just went to be a god, don’t show suspicion and distrust.

Yes, that’s it.

As long as he is safe, he can remember to go home safely.

Gu Wen gradually lowered his emotions and said in a dull voice: “If you go to be a god next time, you must remember to come back. No matter how long, I will be waiting for you.”

“I will definitely be back.” Xia Yi felt sour and soft, “No matter how good the world of cultivating immortals is, I won’t stay longer without you there.”

Both of them couldn’t help stopping, and looked at each other affectionately.

Under the moonlight, Xia Yi’s skin seemed to be coated with a silvery white soft light, delicate and transparent. He has ruddy lips, round almond eyes and long eyelashes. Seeing Gu Wen’s heart move, he swallowed unconsciously, and his Adam’s apple slid up and down.

“179, get out of the way, don’t take a peek.” Seeing that the fire was here, Xia Yi urged 179 not to look at any evil, while watching Gu Wenzhu’s face get closer and closer, slowly closing his eyes and pursing. Mouth.

“Xiao Yi! Wen Zhu!” Uncle Wang’s heart-piercing call came from a distance, interrupting the two at once.

Lao Tzu knew that there must be Uncle Wang here.

I hate it.

“Xiao Yi!” Uncle Wang ran over panting, out of breath, “You, your uncle, your uncle,”

“Uncle Wang, speak slowly, did he go crazy when he saw something in the field?” Xia Yi asked.

“No, I guess you are gone, and you are taking him back to the old house. I was still talking, but turned around,” Uncle Wang stammered in shock, “He disappeared as soon as he turned around.”

“Did Little Ming wear it back? 179.” Xia Yi asked the system immediately.

“Yes, it was shown just now that he has returned to the realm of cultivating immortals through the cracks in time and space.”

“That’s it, Uncle Wang.” Xia Yi coughed a few times, and his mind moved quickly. “My fourth uncle has been saying that he wants to go home these days, so he is going back.”

“Say it?” Uncle Wang was still a little startled.

“He’s like this. Just run away as soon as you don’t pay attention, hiding somewhere first, and then he will come out after you leave.” Xia Yi pointed her head again, “After all, there is a problem here.”

Uncle Wang nodded in relief, “That’s good, this is good.”

After bidding farewell to Uncle Wang, Gu Wen asked Xia Yi tentatively, “Did the fourth uncle say he wants to go home? I haven’t heard him mention it.”

“Yes.” Xia Yi nodded, “He was originally a member of the world of cultivating immortals. There was spatial chaos, that is, when parts of the two worlds overlapped, he was teleported over. But now he has gone back.”

Gu Wenzhu:…

But anyhow, the fake fourth uncle finally left, and Gu Wenzhu let out a long sigh of relief in his heart. Looking at Xia Yi next to him, she was still a little uneasy, afraid that he would run away in the blink of an eye. couldn’t help but took his hand and clasped it tightly in his palm, thinking that he would be alert in the future.

Xia Yi felt Gu Wenzhu’s nervousness, and leaned forward and leaned on his shoulder. The two of them hugged each other like this, and walked home silently.

Early the next morning, Xia Yi went to the ground, and he was going to collect the radish.

The radish of a cent will be harvested in less than an hour. What was planted in the ground was loaded in the cart and pulled away, and the reward of three acres of land was collected by 179 in the system space.

After lunch, Xia Yi began to look through the small wooden box beside Gu Wen’s bed. He remembered that there was a silver ingot of good color and purity, and he planned to take it to the next village to make a pair of rings.

Looking at Gu Wenzhu who was nervous during this period, Xia Yi felt that as a gentleman, he should give his lover a sense of security, so he secretly made a decision.

He wants to propose to Gu Wen one by one.

Holding the silver ingot, Xia Yi found Gu Wenju who was washing dishes in the kitchen, threw on his back and said affectionately, “I’m going to the next village to do something, and I’ll be back later.”

Gu Wen kept going one by one, “Do you want me to accompany you?”

Surely not, otherwise it would be called a surprise.

“No, I’m just going to buy some winter melon seeds.” Xia Yi originally planned to buy some seeds by the way. There is a hawker in the next village.

“Then you come back early. If you haven’t returned at dinner time, I’ll pick you up.” Gu Wen has been a little clingy these days, perhaps because of insecurity.

“Okay, you have to be obedient.” Xia Yi chuckled at Gu Wen’s face, then turned and went out.

Gu Wen turned around to look at him, until the figure disappeared at the gate of the courtyard, then turned around and continued to wash the dishes.

The village next door is not far away, only three or four miles away, and it will be there in a while. This village is larger than theirs and has a larger population, so there are still a few small miscellaneous shops.

Xia Yi quickly found the silversmith’s house. After talking with gestures for a long time, the silversmith didn’t know how to engrave the letters “XY” and “GWZ” into the ring.

The silversmith blinked blankly, and said bitterly: “I usually just give the villagers kids locks. I can’t sculpt your flowers.”

“Well, I don’t have trouble for you. Just carve one, okay? Let’s carve a Y and a G.” After speaking, he took the branch and traced it on the ground. Xia Yi couldn’t help it. The silversmiths in the countryside really didn’t know how to do it.

“Well, I’ll try.” The silversmith took the silver ingot, “You will come back later, now let’s go shopping in the village.”

“Okay, then I’ll go buy some winter melon seeds.” Xia Yi stepped out and walked out.

This village is very lively, like a small town, Xia Yi not only bought the seeds, but also bought some needles and needles, and prepared to give it to Gu Wenzhu. In addition, bought a bell tied around his neck for Qilin. This bell is made of brass and attached to a leather cord. It looks pretty.

“Why didn’t you buy it for me?” 179 dissatisfied voice sounded, “I want that guy’s headband, pink.”

“What do you want for a system? Even if I buy it for you, you can’t wear it.” Xia Yi looked helpless.

“You bought both Gu Wenzhu and Kylin, but you didn’t buy it for me.” 179 said indignantly, “Even if I can’t wear it, I am happy to see it every day.”

Xia Yi had to count a few money and bought a pink headband for her brother.

“I want words too, let Gu Wen embroider three numbers on it one by one, 179.”


Chapter 28

After buying good things, I was watching if there were any small tea shops or the like to take a break, and I heard Gu Wenzhu’s voice not far away, “Xiao Yi.”

Xia Yi turned his head in surprise, and saw Gu Wen smiling and standing under the shade of a tree not far away. Because he was walking in a hurry, Jun Lang still had a few drops of sweat on his cheeks.

“Why are you here?” Xia Yi was surprised and delighted.

“I’ll pick you up.”

“Didn’t I say that I didn’t go back to pick me up during dinner?”

“I think it’s almost time for dinner.” Gu Wen ignoring the sun in the middle of his head, replied confidently.

Yep? This lunch has only been finished for a while.

But seeing Gu Wenzhu, Xia Yi was also very happy, no longer caring about whether it was noon or night, and happily took his hand.

Gu Wen hurriedly looked around, his handsome face turned red.

Xia Yi knew what he was thinking, so she squinted at him with threats in her eyes, meaning you let go and try?

Gu Wen didn’t dare to let go, and he couldn’t bear it in his heart, but he didn’t dare to raise his head to see people. After thinking about it, he quickly took off his shirts and put the hands of the two of them on.

So holding hands like this, wandering around the village.

When the weather turned cold, Gu Wen also wore one inside, so walking like this would not be eye-catching.

We walked from the village head to the village head together, and then wandered from the village head to the village head. Gu Wenzhu also bought a few catties of this year’s new cotton in a shop, and turned to explain to Xia Yi: “I’ll prepare first. Next time I go to the county town to buy some fabrics, it’s time to sew your jacket.”

“179, my daughter-in-law is really, too virtuous, except that her chest is a little smaller. But it’s nothing, don’t care.”

Seeing that it was evening, Xia Yi was going to pick up the ring from the silversmith. I wanted to surprise Gu Wen one by one, but since he has already come, it’s okay to go and fetch them together.

The two entered the silversmith’s yard, “Master, is my ring finished yet?” Xia Yi asked.

“Okay, okay, I have carved the pattern too.” The silversmith nodded while entering the back room and took out a pair of shiny silver rings.

Xia Yi played a pair of plain circles, which was relatively simple. So it’s done well, and the shape looks smooth and round.

Gently picked up one and looked towards the inner ring, “Huh? How did you hit a 1? Didn’t I say that I hit Y?” Xia Yi asked suspiciously.

Seeing the silversmith’s face blank, he hurriedly gestured in the air, “I’m going to hit a Y.”

“This little tree branch is too difficult to handle, I can’t get it out, so I just got one.” The silversmith smiled honestly, “Anyway, I think it’s the same, only one branch is missing, ha ha ha.”

Xia Yi picked up the other one and looked at it carefully, and was shocked, “Why is this one a zero again?”

“What I want is G, not 0. This one is unsealed. Look, it’s less. The 0 you hit is sealed.”

The silversmith looked blankly for a long while, “It turns out that it’s different. I thought you wanted to make a circle, but didn’t notice that the circle you drew was not closed.”

This is so special, two rings, one is engraved with 1, and the other is engraved with 0.

Is this the fate of Chuji World? ? ?

Seeing Xia Yi’s face depressed, the master silversmith couldn’t help feeling anxious, “What’s wrong? Are you dissatisfied? Is the ring I hit bad?”

“No, master, you played well, it’s okay, you’re beautiful.” Xia Yi didn’t want to continue, and quickly praised the ring in his hand and closed his wages.

The two of them walked out of the yard and came under an old willow tree at the head of the village. Xia Yi was bathed in the golden sunset and looked at Gu Wenzhu with a smile, “I made two rings, one for each of us.”

After speaking, take out the 0, and instructed, “Put out your hand.”

Gu Wen stretched out his hand obediently.

Xia Yi put on his ring finger.

Yeah, it doesn’t fit, it’s stuck.

No, no, the ring finger is too thick, try the little finger.

Also stuck.

Is this a hand or an iron rake? what’s up.

Gu Wen watched Xia Yi frowning and biting her lip. He was still studying the way to put a ring on his hand. He couldn’t help but laughed, gently took the 0, and held his hand, facing the white and tender. A lightly set of ring finger.

Just right.

Then he picked up the 1 and pushed up against the ring finger of his left hand.


Gu Wen raised his hands one by one, squinted his eyes at the setting sun, and looked at the 0 on Xia Yi’s finger. A slight smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

He knows that Xia Yi loves to make a couple with him no matter what. What couple outfit, what belt color, even the socks must be checked for the same.

“Why don’t you wear the same socks as me today?”

“It’s the same, isn’t it all white?”

“Look at your feet, they are pure white, my feet are pure white, can they be the same? The belt is different, yours is sky blue, mine is light blue…”

When Gu Wenzhu dressed and put on socks according to Xia Yi’s instructions every day, he had to work hard to identify for a long time. Those colors that looked exactly the same set him countless traps, and he was blinded.

Xia Yi also raised her hand, and put the ring on her hand together with Gu Wenzhu. His skin is fair, Gu Wen gradually has a healthy wheat color, and his hands with the same ring on his large and small hands look so coordinated through the sun.

Squinting his eyes again, he looked at Gu Wenzhu from the corner of his eye.

He was looking at the ring intently, with a gentle smile on his face. The handsome face was blushed by the afterglow, making it more angular.

Xia Yi started to jump up and down, secretly cheering herself up, turned to face Gu Wenzhu, and asked: “Brother Zhu, do you know the meaning of the ring?”

“En?” Gu Wen raised his eyebrows questioningly.

Xia Yi knelt down on one knee suddenly, staring straight ahead, and said loudly:

“Brother Zhu, I want to ask you to marry me.”

When Gu Wen saw Xia Yi suddenly knelt down to him, he was shocked. Suspecting that his feet were numb, and trying to pull him up, I heard this sentence.

Suddenly, he seemed to be acupuncture, motionless, maintaining his original posture and froze in place.

Xia Yi didn’t wait for a reply, and was about to raise her head secretly, when she heard a plop, Gu Wenzhu actually landed on his knees and knelt in front of him. Blushing face excitedly said loudly: “Xiao Yi, I want to ask you to marry me.”

“Sorry Xiao Yi, I wanted to wait until the new year is over before begging you. Because you said before that you don’t want to marry, I just want to leave you time to adapt. I hope you can like me more, accept me, and wait until the spring blossoms. I will propose to you again. I didn’t expect that because of my negligence, I didn’t tell you that one of your brothers would kneel down.” Gu Wen looked ashamed and dying.

“Xiao Yi, please marry me, I will treat you forever and protect you.”

“The luckiest thing in my life is to meet you, and my biggest wish is to be with you all the time.”

“I don’t want anything, as long as you are enough. I will try my best to make you live a good life.”

Gu Wen finished a series of vows passionately, his eyes gleaming. He moved a few steps forward on his knees, no matter if anyone came to see him or not, he hugged Xia Yi tightly in his arms.

“I’m sorry, Xiao Yi, it’s my late proposal, I damn it, I’m sorry, Xiao Yi.” Gu Wen put Xia Yi’s head on his chest, and muttered with his eyes closed.

“This scene seems to be different from what I had imagined, but it doesn’t matter.” Xia Yi was hooped in his arms by Gu Wen, his ears were his violent heartbeat, and he couldn’t help thinking in a daze.

The sun was westward, and the two began to walk slowly home side by side.

It’s autumn, and there is a sweet fragrance of melon and fruit floating in the air. Xia Yi’s shoulder touched Gu Wenzhu’s arm from time to time, and her heart was also sweet.

One didn’t pay attention and was tripped by a stone under his feet. After Gu Wen steadily stabilized him, he squatted in front of Xia Yi again, “I am carrying you.”

“Aren’t you afraid that people will see it?” Xia Yi looked around, and there were a few villagers coming home carrying hoes in the distance.

“What are we afraid of when we are getting married.” Gu Wen’s momentum was like a rainbow, and his voice floated far away, causing the villagers to look over here. “It’s a few miles away, you’ve been shopping for another afternoon, and you must have sore legs.”

Seeing Xia Yi hesitating and looking around, he urged, “Come up soon.”

Xia Yi no longer forced herself, without hesitation, leaned over on the back of Gu Wenju’s broad shoulders.

“I will tell Uncle Wang when I go back, let him choose a good day in two months, and we will get married that day.” Gu Wen said with joy while striding home with Xia Yi on his back.

“Then I’ll take you to the city in two days and buy some new cloth quilt or something.”

“I have to find a carpenter to make new furniture.”

“But I still want to make our furniture by myself.”

“By the way, I’ll buy you some jewelry rouge gouache and the like.”

Xia Yi hurriedly interrupted Gu Wenzhu’s idea, “This is unnecessary, Brother Zhu. I don’t like it, I don’t like it very much.”

“Well, don’t buy or buy, it’s up to you.”

Chapter 29

“Host, you should go planting winter melons.” The weather today is exceptionally good. Seeing Xia Yi still slumped in the yard licking melon seeds, 179 was a little anxious.

“I don’t want to move.” Xia Yi spit out the skin of melon seeds into the small dish.

He doesn’t want to leave this world now. To be precise, didn’t want to leave Gu Wenzhu, so didn’t get much interest in the task.

Anyway, the original world’s parents have passed away, and there is not much contact between him and his relatives. The brothers in the dormitory in the past also have their own happy homes. What does it matter if they can’t go back?

“What’s more, although there is no mobile computer in this world, there is you, 179.” Xia Yi affirmed the value of 179 for the first time. 179 would be very happy if he heard this sentence, but now he really can’t be happy.

“No matter when you start, the important thing is not to stop after you start.”

“When you stop trying, you fail.”

“If there is no sowing, how can we reap; where there is no hard work, how can we succeed; where there is no tribulation, where can there be glory; where there is no setbacks, where can there be brilliance.”

“All rights reserved, please indicate the source.”

179 began to read the chicken soup that didn’t know where to find.

Seeing that Xia Yi continued to eat melon seeds, even holding a plate of dried fruits in his arms, 179 began to play music in his mind again.

“There are too many lost paths ahead. Only by persisting can you be free and easy, you can walk away from the dark and be happy and happy…”

Xia was unmoved, and even started to beat the rhythm gently.

“I shouldn’t have agreed with this marriage.” 179 looked at him in such a dead state, and began to feel heartbroken, “Beauty Township, Hero Tomb. It should have been thought that a little fairy like Gu Wenzhu could not be blocked by a brother. live.”

“Host, you have to think about you for the future. The technical system went to study abroad. I think this bug will not get better for a while. What if you go to the immortal world again? You don’t need to do a few more tasks to lay the ground for yourself. Is it a great way?” 179 Continue to work hard, understand it with reason and move with affection.

Yes, doing a task is still good in the world of cultivating immortals. For example, if I complete the task of finding clues to the master, I can just plant potatoes here. If I really look for clues over there, I can find a fart.

Xia Yi slowly stopped eating melon seeds, and thought to himself, “This group of spicy chicken systems are unreliable, and I can only rely on myself when I get there. You can still do more tasks as you can, and be prepared.”

“Okay, plant winter melon, listen to me.” Xia Yi thought of this, patted off the melon seeds and stood up.

Now Xia Yi can be regarded as an expert farmer, and it took only one day to bury all the winter melon seeds.

179 finally let go of his heart, no longer worry about it.

Two months passed in a flash, and the winter melon also emerged and began to climb vines.

Xia Yi originally had a dim sum. I was afraid that people would find out that he had grown winter melon in this season. Unexpectedly, Zheng Gou’er squatted on the ground with a bowl this morning and said to Xia Yi, “Your carrots are so good. "

It seems that 179 is still a bit capable in this aspect of being fooled.

Gu Wenzhu was not at home today, and left in the middle of the night with Li Zhu and the others to go up the mountain to hunt wild boars, saying that they were picking some wild boars there and preparing an extra dish for the wedding banquet.

Since that marriage proposal, he has been busy preparing for the wedding.

Together, the two whitewashed the walls and courtyard walls, each door was painted, and even the Qilin slept in the newly sewed doghouse by Gu Wen.

Gu Wenzhu never went to the ground anymore, bought a few good woods and piled them in the yard. Every day, he dinged the local furniture and made new beds, just like an industrious carpenter.

Seeing Gu Wen soaking in the pile of wood all day long and making gestures, Xia couldn’t help but persuade: “Just find a carpenter, it’s too much trouble for you to do it yourself.”

“No, I want to make our wedding bed by myself.” Gu Wen lifted a piece of wood in front of him, squinting at the past, “Besides, I have practiced well, and I will make a small bed for my child in the future.”

child? Ha ha.

Suddenly realizing that he had missed his mouth, he quickly remedyed the indifferent Xia Yi, “I’m talking about a puppy born to a unicorn.”

Which puppy is in the bed? The unicorn lies in the doghouse. Besides, how do you give him a male dog?

Qilin, who was gnawing at his bones, raised his head blankly when he heard his name.

Forget it, he loves to make his own furniture, and he doesn’t press himself with too much skill. He is already a tailor anyway, and it doesn’t matter if he has more carpentry skills.

Since Gu Wenzhu was not at home to go hunting in the mountains, Xia Yi ate something casually, heated up a large bowl of leftover rice, and took the Qilin for a walk after a few strokes.

The unicorn has now grown into a majestic big dog with shiny black fur and a bell hanging from his neck. It makes it look very different among all the local dogs in the village. The little bitches of Dahua and Xiaobai in the village are jealous and fight for her every day.

Walking slowly along the village road to the river, saw the group of daughter-in-laws and brothers washing clothes from a distance.

“I said there is so much laundry, they just take root here every day?” Xia Yi sees this group of people feel a little bit frustrated, every time they pass in front of them, they will doubt that they are not talking about themselves. I was laughing at myself.

“They are talking about Gu Wenzhu.” 179 said.

“How many times have I said it to you, don’t listen to it, don’t listen to it, they can’t believe what they say, it is gathering crowds to spread rumors, listening to these will reduce IQ.” Xia Yi frowned and sighed 179, “What did you say to brother?”

“It is said that Gu Wen helps you embroider the dowry at home every day, and he is blind. The last time you went to the Lao Zhangtou grocery store to buy all the candles, it was because he couldn’t see it. He also said that he wears it on his fingers anytime. Thimble, I went to the field for a while and embroidered flowers—”

“Is that a ring? Where is the thimble.” Xia Yi was unhappy.

“Yes, they have broken mouths. They love talking behind their backs and don’t look at themselves. Once aunt Li and her man came back from the county, and the lady from Zheng Gouer’s family was in an old carriage with Zhang’s head. . How could you say that it was so coincidental? I went to the county all day, and even got in the old Zhangtou car?” 179 lowered his voice, and said mysteriously, “One more time, that brother of the Chen family.. ….”

Xia Yi: …

After walking and returning home, Xia Yi is going to cook dinner. Gu Wen must be very hard hunting in the mountains, and then sit in a pot of hot water and wait for him to take a bath.

“Leaving Qilin, Dad is going back to make dinner for your mother.”

Although Qilin still wanted to play and groaned a few times reluctantly, he still followed back home very obediently.

Just after washing the rice and cutting the vegetables, I heard movement from the courtyard gate and someone came in. Xia Yi stood in the kitchen and greeted happily, “Brother Zhu is back?”

Gu Wen didn’t respond, and the courtyard was silent.

Xia Yi raised her volume and called again, “Brother Zhu, are you back?”

Still no one answered, and then heard the menacing purr of Qilin.

A stranger came into the yard? Xia Yi put the vegetable leaves on her hand into the basin and went out.

As soon as left the house, saw a thin, long-haired middle-aged man standing in the yard. He was embroidered with golden dark patterns on his Tsing Yi gown, and he was holding a wooden staff in his hand.

Behind him stood a handsome young man with a handsome face, who also wore the same gown, with a tall figure and an aloof look.

There was a bright red mole on his forehead, which was as dazzling as Bao Zheng’s crescent moon.

This familiar uniform and the oncoming cultivating temperament made Xia Yi recognize their origins at a glance.

Wear them as soon as you wear them?

Seeing that the Qilin had already lowered his front body, revealing two rows of fangs, and his hind legs were about to pounce on, Xia Yi hurriedly shouted, “Don’t bite the Qilin, you are my own.”

When Qilin heard it, he paused and stopped the motion of jumping up, but still staring at the man fiercely with his teeth.

Xia Yi took a few steps forward and patted its head, “Son, it’s okay, go play by yourself.” Then it reluctantly walked into its den and lay down, still watching the other side vigilantly.

The elder one, facing the evil appearance and evil of the unicorn, didn’t think he was disgusted, but he was full of eyes and praised, “Sure enough, it is a divine beast, and its reputation is well-deserved.”

Xia Yi knows that Qishan faction and dog slaves.

The young man Qingjun didn’t take it seriously. He only looked around the small farmyard, looked at the dustpan and basket hanging on the wall, and the several hoes arranged in the corner, and his eyes faintly revealed a bit of disgust.

After speaking, the man took the stick in his hand, dusted the sleeves that did not contain a trace of dust, and turned to Xia Yi said: “Xia Xiaoyou is lucky enough to meet. I am Meng Wanzi, the elder of the Tianxuan under the Qishan school. I am also from Tianji and Tianquan. Brother.” Seeing Xia Yi’s face blank, he added, “Tianji Liu Siqian, Tianquan Chengming.”

Turning sideways slightly again, revealing the young man next to him, “This is my big disciple, Qi Zhou.”

Qi Zhou first nodded slightly towards Xia Yi, then raised his hand to salute, his posture was quite elegant.

“Oh, lucky to meet.” Xia Yi also replied.

It seems that both the master and the apprentice passed through.

Now that Meng Wanzi mentioned Cheng Ming, Xia Yi asked with concern: “Then Cheng Ming went back? Isn’t there anything unusual about him?”

I am still a little worried that the more he wears his brain, the more problems he will have, and the illness will get worse, and everyone will call Xianzun in the future.

“There is nothing unusual about him.” Meng Wanzi smiled slightly. “Xia Xiaoyou is interested.”

“That’s good.” Maybe because the auras of the two worlds are different, it’s normal for him to wear it back.

“Even if you see someone serving a bowl of soup, you will get angry, and I don’t know why.”

Chapter 30

“Poor, I’m afraid of being filled with medicine.” 179 has been listening silently, and I can’t help but slurp here.

Xia Yi counted in her heart. The Qishan sent to find him, including these two, are all four. “What’s the matter with you? You suddenly passed through?”

“I don’t know. At that time, I was instructing Qi Zhou in the exercises. Suddenly the sky was spinning, and the two of me were here.”

“Recently, our brothers and sisters have been secretly investigating to see if we can find the magic circle that the master is laying outside Qishan, but we have found nothing.” Meng Wanzi shook his head in shame, “Of course, this is also the blame for our inadequate ability and can’t blame others.”

“Master, it’s the treacherous methods of the formation, the source is unknown, how can you blame you?” Qi Zhou couldn’t help but defend Meng Manzi.

“179, you should feel ashamed, right? This is a good thing your system has done.” Xia Yi began to condemn 179. “It makes others cultivators and decent people go all out and look for that fictional array everywhere.”

The system said nothing.

“Are you hungry?” Xia Yi remembered the point.

“Thank you, Xiaoyou Xia, I am not hungry. At Tianji’s request, we Qishanmen must eat every day, and we have to eat three meals a day.

“Then didn’t you get lost when you came?”

“I was mentally prepared to appear in a cornfield, and as soon as I reached Taoyuan, I saw the map you made by my side.” Meng Wanzi made various preparations for the crossing in advance and was quite confident.

While talking, the courtyard door was pushed open, and Gu Wen, carrying half of a wild boar, walked in strode.

“Brother Zhu is back.” Xia Yi greeted him happily. Gu Wenzhu also smiled and looked at him. The eyes of the two were lingering, and a spark was instantly stirred up in the courtyard.

Seeing Xia Yi approaching, Gu Wen stepped back two steps to stop him, “I’m dirty, don’t come over.” After speaking, he threw the wild boar on his shoulder on the ground with a slap.

Qi Zhou frowned and drew back a few steps quickly, took out a clean veil from his arms, bent over and wiped the snow-white upper that was not splashed with any dirt.

Only then did Gu Wenzhu notice that there were two more people in the yard. He looked at his familiar outfit and couldn’t help but looked at Xia Yi uncertainly.

“This is the sky… the sky…” Xia Yi quickly introduced Meng Wanzi to him.

“Meng Wanzi, Tianxuan under Qishanmen.” From the first glance Meng Wanzi saw Gu Wenzhu, he began to look up and down suspiciously.

“Qi Zhou, disciple under the seat of Qishan Tianxuan.” Qi Zhou examined his vamp and added without raising his head.

These Fangxian Taoists came one after another, and two more came this time. It’s endless, right?

Gu Wen’s heart writhed endlessly, and his face also became gloomy.

“Just walked through.” Looking at Gu Wen, Xia Yi quickly explained to him.

At this time, Qi Zhou also put away his handkerchief and looked at Gu Wenzhu. At this glance, his face suddenly changed slightly.

“Cang Yi Xian Zun.” Xia Yi said it for him, “Xiao Ming called it that way. I thought it was his problem, but now it seems that my brother Zhu and your Cang Yi Xian Zun look very similar. . But he is a native, not your Immortal Venerable.”

“It’s somewhat similar, but it’s not Xianzun, it’s different.” Meng Wanzi muttered as he looked at Gu Wenzhu, “Cheng Ming has always been a little confused between people and Tao.”

Qi Zhou also nodded in agreement.

“Okay, Brother Zhu is back, let’s have dinner.” Xia also saw that Gu Wenzhu’s expression was not good, so he quickly turned back to the kitchen to serve food.

“Heaven… Heaven…” Gu Wen watched Xia Yi leave, and wanted to say something to Meng Wanzi, but couldn’t remember how to call it.

“Just call me Elder Meng.” Meng Wanzi said.

“Xiao is young and ignorant, and he is easy to believe in others. But with me, no one can ever want to continue to confuse and deceive.” Gu Wen’s face was cold, his eyes looked like frost, and there was a sorrow in his eyebrows.

Qi Zhou only felt an invisible pressure oncoming, as if it were real, as heavy as a mighty force, making people unable to move their feet, making no sound, and actually unable to move.

Gu Wenzhu didn’t know the suppression he brought to him. Seeing that his face paled without saying a word, he smiled coldly and walked straight into the house.

As he left, the pressure also withdrew, Qi Zhou couldn’t help letting out a long sigh, his eyes looked uncertain.

“Master, is this Xianzun?” Qi Zhou asked in a low voice for a while.

“No.” Meng Wanzi slowly shook his head, and fell into deep thought, “He is not Xianzun, he looks a bit similar, and may have some origins with Xianzun.”

“Unexpectedly, there is such an expert in this Taoyuan. Qi Zhou, you know your temper as a teacher, and you should be cautious in your actions in the future. Don’t irritate them.”

Qi Zhou had already withdrawn his contempt for these mortals, and when he heard the master’s advice, he nodded quickly, “Tui’er understands.”

Gu Wen changed his clothes one by one while thinking.

Xiao Yi now believes in these swindlers, but I can’t directly confront him, and it hurts his heart. Change his mind slowly and imperceptibly.

As long as these two swindlers don’t do anything out of the ordinary to hurt Xiaoyi, I will let them go for the time being.

Xia Yi carried the food outside, back and forth.

Qi Zhou also followed into the kitchen under the hint of Master’s eyes, first carefully tucked the corner of the robe into the corner of the garment, and then pointed his fingers to help with chopsticks.

When he turned around accidentally, the long white hair band embroidered with gold thread swept the firewood beside the wall, “Huh.” He couldn’t help taking a breath, and quickly blew the unstained hair. belt.

“You go out, I’ll do it alone.” Xia Yi simply drove him out.

Meng Wanzi was already sitting at the wooden table, and Qi Zhou walked to his next position.

Although the wooden stool in front of the dinner table seemed spotless, he took out the veil from his arms and wiped it again. Then he lifted the corner of his robe and owed his ass, and sat down carefully.

When Gu Wen got out one by one, the food was on the table.

Xia Yi first put a bowl in front of him, and then picked up a bowl to serve Meng Wanzi with rice. “Wait,” Qi Zhou raised his hand to stop him.

Then he took out a cloth bag from his arms. Layer by layer, the cloth above was opened, revealing two white porcelain bowls.

“Use this.” Qi Zhou took out the two bowls and began to scan the corners of the table like a radar. “Junior Brother Xia, there is dust on the legs of this table. Wipe it off before meals.”

After speaking, he looked at Xia Yi without blinking, his face full of stubbornness, as if you didn’t wipe it off, I just looked at you like this.

“Ahhh, 179, I have a cleanliness addiction.”

“I don’t like this guy.” 179 replied.

“En? Is he a brother?”

“Yes, his red mole is so obvious, haven’t you seen it?”

I see.

“Does he know it himself?”

“I don’t know, hehe.”

Just as he was about to take the plastering cloth out, Gu Wen put his rice bowl on the table one by one, saying coldly, “Master Qi, if he is full, he can leave the table.”

Qi Zhou was shocked by the shocking aura, so he took out the veil from his arms and wiped the table legs again aggrievedly.

Meng Wanzi quickly put down the dishes and apologized: “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’ve been like this disciple since I was a child, it’s not that he deliberately made things difficult, he was like this when he was in the martial arts.”

“Understand, understand.” Seeing Gu Wenzhu’s face still dark, Xia Yi hurriedly rounded out with a loud voice.

He has also heard of severe cleanliness addiction. Obsessive-compulsive disorder, no way, no self-control.

Qi Zhou first picked himself a bowl of sharp dishes, and then never touched the dishes again, just bowed his head and took small bites of what was in his bowl.

Xia Yi carefully picked up a piece of fish and put it in Gu Wen’s bowl.

Qi Zhou frowned when he looked at the chopsticks.

This fish was bought from the villagers who were fishing in the afternoon, and it was very plump. Xia Yi bought two, one was stewed in a pot with tofu, and the other was kept in a water tank.

Gu Wen picked up the fish in the bowl one by one, took a bite into his mouth, and couldn’t help nodding, “It’s delicious.”

“Well, this soup is delicious.” Gu Wen gradually fed Xia Yi a spoonful of fish soup with his own spoon.

Xia Yiao swallowed it.

Qi Zhou looked at the spoon and couldn’t stop his eyebrows twitching.

Xia Yi picked up a piece of fish, put it in her own bowl, ate the belly of the fish, and then threw the rest of the back into the bowl by Gu Wen, “It’s not tender anymore, you eat it.” Gu Wen clipped it by. When I got up, I put it in my mouth.

My goodness… Qi Zhou rice is almost too much to eat.

“By the way, did you rescue the leader from the collective action that day?” Xia Yi suddenly remembered the Qishan disciple who was flying through the sky before he came back.

That scene left a very deep impression on Xia Yi. Wu suppressed a group of swords and gourds flying in the sky. The scene was very spectacular and shocking, and all the special effects of movies that claimed to be heavily invested were slapped.

Gu Wen was eating with chopsticks, sighed, and shook his head helplessly.

“Oh.” Meng Wanzi mentioned this and couldn’t eat it, and put down the bowls and chopsticks in his hands. “Senior brother was indeed taken abducted by people from the Demon Realm. But that day, instead of saving him, we were taken away. Hundred disciples.”

“What? Hundreds of disciples were arrested again?” Xia Yi could not help but raised his voice in surprise.

Meng Wanzi nodded, patted the table hard, and all the bowls followed.

“So I have to think about going back quickly. I’m afraid that the people in the Demon Realm will go to the Qishan School. They took away the head of the school before, and then abducted so many disciples behind. Now is the time for arrogance and arrogance. Taking advantage of our low morale, the school. Empty, they will definitely come forward again to provoke.”

After finishing speaking, he glanced at Xia Yi again, “You are also half of Qishan, so you can see if you can find a way to send me back as soon as possible.”

“Send it, I’ll send it right away. Where do you live, I will send you back tomorrow.” Gu Wen answered indifferently, expressionless, but Meng Wanzi shuddered in his heart and swallowed the rest.
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