Carrying a Hoe to Cultivate Chapter 11-20

Chapter 11

Gu Wen began to tell him one by one.

It turned out that it was Yu Chengzhi who met in the city last time. So set up a banquet and invited the three arresters of the county government to make up a headman to detain Gu Wen for a meal, and then close it for a few days to vent their anger.

Fortunately, the head catcher in the yamen was very acquainted with Gu Wenzhu on weekdays, and informed the county magistrate after learning about it. After getting permission from the county magistrate, he brought a few of his men at the intersection, stopped Gu Wen and his party one by one, and released him on the spot after some interrogation.

As for the three arrests, brought them back to the county government and asked the adults to punish them without mentioning them.

After Xia Yi returned home, she was shocked, tired, and cold. She fell ill and coughed intermittently for more than half a month. Gu Wen surrounded a small stove day by day and fanned him to make a decoction. As long as he heard which village or household was killing pigs, he hurriedly bought a few catties of meat to stew, and went down to the river to catch fish and make soup several times. .

After an illness, Xia Yi gained weight a few laps.

Qilin also ate various kinds of dashi and gravy bibimbap, and grew into a half-big dog in half a month. Her fur was shiny and shiny, and she followed Xia Yi’s feet every day to sprinkle Huan’er.

Unconsciously, the fennel in the ground also matured. The fennel was only half of the ground, and Gu Wen used it all morning and collected it, a full 300 catties.

“Host, the three acres of fennel you requested, 9,000 jin has already been included in the system space.”

“Congratulations to the host, your task has been half completed.” 179 was a little excited.

The task interface appeared in Xia Yi’s mind again.

“Task Introduction: Reach the base building period and obtain a spirit beast

Degree of completion: 1/2

Reward: a gift package for mission rewards”

“Half completed, can I receive my task reward?” Although the task reward is useless, it is better to receive it than not. It is a reward anyway.

“Host, when the task is completed 2/2, the task reward will be issued.”

Xia Yi nodded casually, all right.

In the evening, Gu Wen was cooking dinner. Xia Yi was sitting in the yard eating pears, taking a bite to feed Qilin from time to time. “Kirin, I gave you the wrong name. You should be called Taotie. Tell me what you have. Don’t you eat it?”

Qilin snorted dissatisfiedly while eating the fragrant pear.

When the meal was finished, a small table was brought in front of Xia Yi, and then a huge soup bowl exclusively for Xia Yi appeared on the table. It was full of noodles and covered with two fried yellow-poached eggs.

Gu Wen also sat down opposite each other, and the two began to eat dinner.

Xia Yi clamped a large chopsticks, sucked, and the noodles slipped into her mouth.

He was still chewing on the noodles, and then he picked up the poached egg and took a bite. The whole mouth was full. He bulged his mouth and chewed again and again, and picked up another chopsticks noodles.

Just when Xia Yi was about to put the noodles in his mouth, he suddenly stopped and his chopsticks froze in the air.

Gu Wenzhu didn’t know when he had put down the bowls and chopsticks, and was looking at him with a smile in his eyes.

Xia Yi slowly came back to her senses, and suddenly felt that it was ugly to chew hard with her mouth full, and it was embarrassing to devour her food.

Ah ah ah ah, a wave of embarrassment came up, he swallowed the poached egg calmly, slowly slipped the noodles on the chopsticks into the bowl, and then snorted silently.

Knowing that Gu Wenzhu was still looking at him, Xia Yi buried her head, her face was getting hot, she couldn’t even keep the noodles anymore, she didn’t know how to open her mouth.

Gu Wen smiled and stopped staring at Xia Yi. He picked up the bowl and started to eat noodles. While eating, he said: “I love to watch you eat. The more fragrant you eat, my heart The happier.”

“Host, why is your heartbeat speeding up again?” 179 is always vigilant.

“My noodles are so delicious that my heart beats?” Xia Yi was a little bit ashamed. What’s going on with this system? It’s like being secretly observed by parents to see if they are in a puppy love all day long.

Xia Yi slowly ate the noodles, stealthily sniffed Gu Wen one by one, and found that he was also looking over, hurriedly lowered his head again.

What’s wrong with me? Why am I so flustered when he looks at me? I used to be stared at by the guys in the dormitory into cross-eyed eyes, and my heartbeat wouldn’t be fast. What happened to me? Is it assimilated in this perverted world?

Ahhhh, dare not look up, he looked over again.

. . . . . .

When the onions are also harvested, the system not only announces that the second mission has been completed, but also releases the third mission to Xia Yi.

“Task Introduction: Obtain the movement of the master master

Completion: 0/1

Rewards: Mission rewards, a rare gift package”

Xia Yi: Whatever you want, let alone the movement of the master master, I can plant him with ten more movements of the master.

“Then what is the corresponding farming task this time?” Xia Yi asked, “Just point it, don’t use ten acres and twenty acres.”

“A radish.” 179’s voice was a little frustrated.

“Just ordinary big white radish?” Xia Yi was a little suspicious.

“Just ordinary.”

“no problem.”

It’s good to grow radishes, and radishes are good to grow and sell. The last batch of onions and fennel, Gu Wen not only sent them to the barracks, but also several dry goods stores before they were sold out.

It took a day to plant the radishes. In the sunset, Xia Yi walked home carrying a hoe and humming a song.

Only when walked to the entrance of the courtyard, heard loud chatting and laughing of women coming from inside.

“It’s one of those ladies by the river.” Before Xia Yi asked, 179 began to answer.

As soon as Xia Yi opened the courtyard door, a fragrant wind blew, and Aunt Li’s loud voice followed: “Xiao Yi, you can come back. Auntie has been waiting for you for a long time.”

“Aunt Li, is there anything to do with me?” Xia Yi was puzzled and smiled.

“Come here, Aunt Li has something good for you.” Aunt Li familiarly pulled him to a chair in the shade of the tree and sat down on a stool.

Xia Yi looked at Gu Wenzhu who was standing on the corridor in a puzzled way. Gu Wenzhu did not look at him, leaning on the wooden pillar, hanging his head silently.

Aunt Li took Xia Yi’s hand and said with a smile: “Little Yi, you are not too young anymore, have you passed 17?”

Xia Yi nodded, this familiar prelude… This was the opening remark every time relatives in the family introduced the object in the previous life.

“This time, Aunt Li is here to tell you good things.” Aunt Li pulled the stool closer, “Wangzhuang, I have an older sister, ask me to find a brother for her son. Her family is in very good condition. There are fields and houses at home, and every brother who married in the past has fallen into the golden nest…”

“179, is this not just for me as a matchmaker? It’s also for me to marry?” Xia Yi was shocked.

“Yes, host, if you want to marry someone.”

“Aunt Li, don’t say anything, I’m not suitable, you can find someone else.” Xia Yi quickly interrupted Aunt Li’s introduction.

“Xiao Yi, don’t be ashamed, they want to find a good-looking innocent guy, it’s best to keep the family simple, don’t have a lot of relatives.” Aunt Li persuaded.

Xia Yi was horrified in her heart, she stood up suddenly, the chairs fell backwards, and Aunt Li was taken aback.

“Aunt Li, this is not a question of suitability, nor is it embarrassing, I…I don’t marry, I have made an oath long ago, I will never marry, and I will live like this for the rest of my life.” Xia Yijiejie Baba said sincerely, but didn’t raise his hand to swear on the spot.

Standing on the corridor, Gu Wenzhu kept his head down and silent. Hearing his oath, he raised his head and looked at him incredulously, with a trace of injury in his eyes.

Aunt Li’s mouth opened in astonishment: “How can you not marry? How can your brother not marry? How can you get through the craze?”

“Hot… boom? What kind of boom?” Xia Yi looked dumbfounded.

“Are you guy who doesn’t even know the craze?” Aunt Li said loudly, then looked at Gu Wenzhu under the corridor, and then lowered her voice, “Brother is over 16, there will be a craze.”

“179, how am I listening, like…aunt?” Xia Yi asked the system doubtfully.

“Host, not my big aunt.” 179’s voice was rigid and flat, and every word hit Xia Yi’s head, “It’s estrus|estrus|period.”

“Fa…fat|love|period?” Xia Yi’s mind seemed to be struck by lightning.

“Yes, est | estrus | period.” 179 reiterated.

“You said to yourself, how do you live the craze? Hmm?” Aunt Li was still tempting, but Xia Yi couldn’t hear a word. Three words played in his mind, “Essence|Essence|Period.”

He knows this, and many articles have this setting, such as star ABO.

However, isn’t this particularly a farming article? It’s fine to pretend to be a third-s.εメ brother in the farming text. After all, he doesn’t give birth and no one insists on giving birth to him, but now there’s another craze?

Xia Yi stood motionless. The whole figure seemed to be petrified. He couldn’t hear anything in his ears, but still answered mechanically in his mouth: “No…I don’t…”

“Okay, don’t say anything, Aunt Li, Xiaoyi doesn’t want to marry a man and won’t marry, I can go and gather waterweed for him.” Gu Wenzhu suddenly interrupted Aunt Li loudly.

“The waterweed, that grass is too difficult to pick, can you pick the waterweed?” Aunt Li’s ear-piercing squeaking sounded again.

“Yes, I want to pick it up, Aunt Li, you don’t have to worry about Xiao Yi’s affairs.” Gu Wen said coldly, and then turned back to the room without looking at anyone.

Aunt Li stood up, dusted the dust that was not there, and walked out of the yard without saying a word.

In the yard, only Xia Yi, who was smashed by the boom, was still standing there.

“Host, don’t worry, Gu Wenzhu just talked about helping you find waterweeds.” 179’s voice sounded.

Xia Yi: “What is a waterweed?”

System: “Aquatic plants can prevent brothers from fever.”

Xia Yi: “Is this really a farming essay rather than a fantasy essay?”

Gu Wen sat in the room to repair the plowshare, exuding an inexplicably depressed atmosphere. Xia Yiqi eagerly approached him and sat down.

“Brother Zhu, can you help me gather water weeds?” Xia Yi lowered his head and grabbed his fingers.

Without hearing Gu Wen’s answer for a long while, Xia Yi looked at him nervously.

Gu Wen kept moving from hand to hand, but his face was indifferent, his eyes drooping slightly without emotion, and his thin lips pressed into a straight line.

Just when Xia Yi thought that Gu Wen would not answer, a faint voice sounded: “Don’t you want to marry? I will help you find shelter from the water, so you don’t have to worry anymore.”

After speaking, Gu Wen put down the plowshare in his hand, opened the courtyard door and walked out.

Chapter 12

“179, Brother Zhu seems to be very unhappy.” Xia Yi finally found out that Gu Wenzhu was wrong, “You help me sweep what Brother Zhu did for going out.”

“He went to the river and sat alone on the stone in a daze.” The system replied.

Xia Yi sat in the room anxiously waiting for Gu Wenzhu, feeling a mess in her heart.

After more than an hour, footsteps sounded outside the courtyard, and Xia Yi immediately went to wait under the porch. The courtyard door was pushed open, and Gu Wen walked in with all the dew. He looked up and saw Xia Yi, he was taken aback for a moment, then looked away again, crossed Xia Yi, and walked straight to the room where he slept.

Xia Yi stretched out his hand to stop him, “Brother Zhu, why are you unhappy? Everyone is a big man, what can I say?”

“Everyone is a big man?” Gu Wen suddenly laughed at himself, “It turns out that we are all big men in your heart. You never thought about marrying, in fact, I am all…” Suddenly, Gu Wenzhu stopped talking, turned his head in embarrassment and gritted his teeth, then pushed Xia Yi’s hand away, and entered the room and closed the door.

Xia Yi stared at the closed door blankly, feeling mixed. Brother Zhu is what he meant? It should be, that’s what it means.

He felt that he should be scared, maybe there was resistance and disgust. After all, although this is a turbulent world, he is a tough steel guy who has been straight for more than 20 years… But why besides panic, there are no other thoughts in his heart, vaguely sweet?

How is this going? ? ? ! ! !

Xia Yi felt like a sieve was sifted through, tossing and turning all night. After a while, he sighed, then made a silly laugh, and rolled around on the bed holding the quilt.

“Host, you are like this in my heart.” 179.

“It’s alright, I’m going to bed.”

The next day, Xia Yi got up with a pair of dark circles under her eyes. The probe went to look at the kitchen, but he didn’t find Gu Wenzhu. He was busy in the kitchen at this time.

Looking around, there was no Gu Wenzhu in the entire yard, and the farm tools were all there, as were the cows in the cowshed.

“179, where did Brother Zhu go?” Xia Yi asked the system.

“I don’t know, he left before dawn this morning, and then out of the village.”

Did it go to the county seat? But he used to tell me when he went to the county town.

Xia Yi stayed out of the house all day, and went to the field to see his beloved radish and couldn’t calm herself down. Either standing in a daze with a hoe, or sitting in a daze with a hoe handle on the ridge.

I seem to have a problem.

After a while, had to go home once to see if Gu Wen came back. He waited until dark and he was the only one in the yard.

Xia Yi panicked a group.

Will it be taken away by officials like last time? Xia Yi suddenly thought of this, and suddenly became nervous, “No, I have to look for it.”

Just when he wanted to go out and search, Brother Wang, who was going home with a hoe, passed by the gate of the courtyard.

“Xiao Yi, where are you going? It’s dark.”

“I went to find Brother Zhu, he hasn’t seen anyone for a day.”

“Gu Wenzhu and Dazhu went up the mountain to look for waterweeds, don’t you know?” Brother Wang asked in surprise.

“Oh oh… I forgot.”

“What kind of waterweeds are picked? The grasses are only found on Chongming Mountain, and they are all grown on cliffs. How can they be picked so well.” Brother Wang shook his head and walked away.

Xia Yi stood still for a moment, closed the courtyard door and returned to the house.

At night, Xia Yi kept listening to the outside sounds with her ears upright. As long as the sound of footsteps came from outside the yard, he immediately sat up and carefully caught every movement, but the sound of footsteps gradually faded away.

“It’s dangerous to hear them picking the grass, I shouldn’t have to avoid the water grass.” Xia Yi buried her head on the bed, regret and worry in her heart.

“I don’t want any grass anymore, I just want Brother Chau to go home safely.”

It was dawn, and the gate of the courtyard had never been opened, and Gu Wenzhu still did not come back.

Xia Yi was listlessly cooking for herself, and then sat on a chair in the courtyard and waited for Gu Wenzhu. Before I knew it, I fell asleep, and when I woke up, the courtyard door was closed, and I was the only one at home.

The sun slanted west, and he stood on the road at the entrance of the village and looked into the distance. Standing until dark, Dew quietly climbed onto his trouser legs, still did not wait for Gu Wenzhu.

Brother Zhu, please come back quickly, I don’t want that sheltered grass.

Xia Yi regretted her death in her heart.


It was late at night, and Gu Wenzhu and Dazhu were walking on the way home. This time the three of them picked four grasses in total, and Gu Wen took one one by one, leaving the remaining three to the other two to sell for cents. Da Zhu’s leg was injured and he limped while walking. Gu Wenzhu was not much better, his back was all scratched.

But despite the hard work, it was worth picking for Xia Yi anyway.

The three of them talked and hobbled to the entrance of the village. Everyone in the village has already fallen asleep, and the whole village fell into silence, and only one dog bark was heard occasionally.

Suddenly, a figure rushed out of the big rock in front and ran straight in this direction. The three of them stopped and ran closer to others. Gu Wen looked through the torch to see that it was Xia Yi.

Xia Yi ran in front of them and stopped, fixedly looking at Gu Wenzhu. After looking at him up and down, he suddenly plunged into his arms, clasped his waist tightly, and started to tremble.

Xia Yi was cold all over, and she didn’t know how long she waited at the entrance of the village, her clothes were moisturized by the dew in the night. Gu Wenzhu’s chest undulated violently, and his Adam’s apple rolled up and down.

Slowly, he also raised his arm around Xia Yi, circling it in his arms neither light nor heavy.

After winking at Gu Wen, the two Dazhu talked and laughed and left.

Regardless of whether there are other people around, Xia Yi kept holding Gu Wen in her arms, choked up in her mouth, “I don’t want to avoid the water and weeds, I only want you.”

“Brother Zhu, don’t worry about me anymore, I don’t want anything, as long as you are enough.”

Because of the scratches on his back, Gu Wen started to burn that night.

Xia Yi guarded him every step of the way, invited the doctor to see a doctor and decocted the medicine, and then wiped him with a cold water towel little by little to cool him down. When he saw the deep and shallow scars on his back, he trembled with distress.

Gu Wen lay on the bed one by one, with chapped lips and pale face. He opened his eyes slightly to look at Xia Yi.

Xia Yi first tilted her head to the edge of the bed, then gently picked up Gu Wenzhu’s big hand and pressed it to her cheek.

Gu Wen swallowed one by one, sliding his Adam’s apple up and down, rubbing his thumb slowly on his face.

“179, I may have been bent.”

“Well, I can see it, but you must remember that no matter whether you bend or not, the task is to be done.”


Gu Wenzhu’s health is good, and his fever subsided before dawn. In a few days, the injury on his back will heal more and more.

In the past few days, although the two have not said anything to each other, they have understood each other’s minds. When Xia Yi was busy in the house, Gu Wenzhu’s eyes stuck tightly to him, and every confrontation seemed to spark sparks in the air. It takes a long time to eat a meal. You put a chopstick on me, I will peel an egg for you, and then look at each other smirkly.

The entire yard was shrouded in sweetness.

On this day, Gu Wen took out a wooden box one by one and handed it to Xia Yi in silence, without saying anything. Xia Yi took it suspiciously, and opened it to take a look, “The waterweed?”

Gu Wen nodded one by one, making a nonchalant look, but his eyes secretly looked at Xia Yi’s expression.

This water-preventing grass is grass, rather than water-repelling bacteria, it looks a bit like Ganoderma lucidum and is green and moist. Xia Yi held it in her hand and looked at it, then put it back in the box and handed it back to Gu Wenzhu, “Take it and sell it.”

Blushing a bit.

Gu Wen’s eyes lit up after hearing the words, and he grinned and stretched out his hand to pick up the box.

“Host, have you decided to have children?” 179’s voice suddenly sounded.

Xia Yi shuddered, and her outstretched hand shrank back again, stammering: “First… I’ll put it here first.”

Seeing that the light in Gu Wen’s eyes dimmed again, Xia Yi hurriedly added: “No, no, I didn’t mean that. I just…I’m afraid #@$#&.” The last three The words are very light.

“What are you afraid of?”


Gu Wenzhu: …

Finally, he finally understood what Xia Yi meant, cleared his throat and looked away and said, “Actually, it’s okay if you don’t want to have children for the time being.”

“We can @#¥#@%¥.” Gu Wen blushed and whispered.

“What can you do?”

“Yes @#¥@%&.”

Xia Yi: …

In the end, the waterweed was put away by Xia Yi, not because he didn’t believe in Gu Wenzhu’s @#%&, but because he was worried about what happened.

The protagonists in those interstellar ABO articles are not all suddenly in | estrus| when the expectation is over, and there is no one around, just grab a passerby?

Of course, there are a lot of s.εメ in the text, no, the male lead is behind 10% of passers-by. But here, except for Gu Wenzhu, Xia didn’t want anyone to be the male lead.

What if Gu Wenzhu isn’t by his side by the time?

Wang Shu ran to his yard every day, what if it happened to catch him when he was confused?

For this kind of thing, it is better to be careful and prepare with both hands.

It’s not too late to sell the aquatic plants after that period.


The radishes in the ground have grown bigger and bigger, and Xia Yi has to carefully remove the soil on the surface of a radish every day to see what it looks like underneath.

179 is too anxious, “You will pull them to death like this.”

“No, I’ll take a look and cover it with soil immediately.”

“Then you can’t just pick one, take turns, oh, I said why your dead brother is so mad, and my heart hurts.” 179 was almost mad.

. . . . . .

At night, Xia Yi slept soundly, and was suddenly awakened by the barking of a unicorn. At the same time, there was the sound of fists and feet fighting in the yard.

Xia Yi’s sleep was gone for an instant, and there was no time to wear his shoes, so he grabbed his beggar stick from under the bed and rushed out.

Chapter 13

In the yard, three black-clothed masked men emerged, and Gu Wen dressed in obscene clothes was fighting two of them. Qilin still bit the other one’s thigh, and was dragging towards the corner with a low growl.

Xia Yi saw that Gu Wen met the two men in black one after another and did not let the wind fall, so he was at ease. He carried the stick and quietly touched the back of the two of them, and smashed one of them to the joints of the legs. Hearing a “click”, the man screamed and knelt to the ground instantly.

Gu Wen took the opportunity to punch the other person in the face, and the person flew back and hit the courtyard wall. Slipped softly again and passed out.

The man in black who was bitten by the unicorn was still screaming, and the unicorn bit his thigh without letting go, and from time to time he had the wrong teeth. Every time he made a mistake, the man screamed as if birth was worse than death, and Xia Yi felt pain when he looked at it.

At this time, the courtyard door was knocked open, and many villagers rushed in with sticks, “Is there a thief? Is there a thief?”

Enthusiastic Uncle Wang rushed to the front holding a copper urinal.

Uncle Wang turned around in front of the three, smashed a urinal at one of them, and said loudly: “Tie it up and report to the official.”

“Don’t don’t, don’t report to an official, don’t report to an official.” The man in black who was beaten to the ground by Xia Yiyi begged.

Hearing his voice, Gu Wen stepped forward and pulled off his mask. “The officer came to my house in the middle of the night to be a thief.”

This is the last time that the ambassador Yu Chengzhi came to arrest Gu Wenzhu, and then was stopped by the head of the city gate and reported to the county government.

It turned out that the three yamen wanted to earn some money from Chengzhi, but instead of earning the money, they were disciplined by the county officials. The three of them were fined for the month’s salary, and they were driven out of the yamen no longer as bad. So with a grudge, after several discussions, they decided to steal Gu Wenzhu’s house tonight, and then take some of Xia Yi’s money away.

But didn’t expect the big black dog to be so cruel. When they turned over the courtyard wall, the dog didn’t say a word, and when they landed, they rushed up, barking and biting again.


After listening to the three people’s explanation of the cause, despite their pleading, the villagers tied them to a carriage and sent them to see the officials.

Unexpectedly, the small incident last time caused the following series of disturbances. Xia also couldn’t help but sighed at Gu Wen for a long time. At the end he shook his head and said, “I’m such a confidant.”

Gu Wenzhu: …

After the rain this day, it turned fine, the breeze was blowing, and everything grew. Gu Wen watched Xia Yicheng turn around the white radish, and said to him: “Today I will take you up the mountain to pick up the fungus.”

“Well, pick up the stewed chicken.” Xia Yi agreed with the food.

Gu Wen carried a basket one by one, Xia Yi took out a beggar stick, followed by a unicorn, and the two entered the mountain with a dog. The unicorns are full of joy in the mountains, chasing rabbits and hunting birds, rushing to the front every time, and standing in the distance waiting for them. Under the big tree, beside the stone, many fresh wild mushrooms emerged. Xia Yi kept picking it under Gu Wenzhu’s guidance.

Just when Xia Yi bent down to pick up a wild mushroom with a particularly large umbrella cover, and happily showed it to Gu Wen to take a look at it, a flower suddenly appeared in front of his eyes, and the scenery began to be distorted.

What’s wrong? What’s wrong? Damn it!

The whole scene became more distorted and began to rotate. Xia Yi stretched out her hand towards Gu Wen who had been unable to see clearly ahead, but found that she could not grasp anything.

“179! 179! What’s going on! 179 come out! System, are you there?”

Did not hear 179’s response.

The world was spinning and twisting like crazy, the whole world turned into colorful stripes and jumping spots of light, and finally melted into a colorful black.

Xia Yi was dizzy and closed her eyes, panic in her heart.

When I opened my eyes again, I realized that my surroundings were no longer the mountain, but in another scene.

Garden flowerbed, small bridge and rockery.

Looking around, he was standing on a small wooden arch bridge in the back garden of a big house. Holding a handful of bait in his hand, a bunch of red koi carps were waiting to be fed in the small lake below.

“Yi’er, go and say goodbye to your mother, stop angering her again.” A familiar voice sounded behind him.

Xia Yi heard this voice, and his whole body was agitated. He turned back suddenly and called out aloud; “Dad.”

“What’s the matter, go quickly, you are going to Qishan to send an apprenticeship. Dad won’t stop you from realizing your ambitions, but your mother can’t bear you, you can’t hurt her heart.” A middle-aged man who is exactly the same as Xia Yiyuan’s father.The man walked over, “Go, and be alone with her.”

Xia Yi stared at the middle-aged man in front of him for an instant, his heart was surging, his lips trembled, and tears suddenly blurred his vision.

This is what his dad looked like when he was still healthy.

Xia Yi’s lips moved, and he murmured “Dad,” and then walked over a few steps, hugged the man, and buried his head on his shoulder.Tears instantly wet the clothes.

Chapter 14

The man was moved and surprised. He stood there with his hands and feet at a loss, patted Xia Yi on the shoulder, “My son will be sad. I can come back to see my parents every year, and my parents will be satisfied.”

Xia Yi lay down for a while, letting go. He raised his head and asked, “Where is my mother? I’m going to see my mother.”

A young man who followed came out, “Master, please.”

Following the young man, walked for a long time along the nine-curved and eighteen-curved corridor, and came to the front of a wing room.

Xia Yi suppresses his heartbeat, will it be his mother? can you?

The curtain was opened by a little girl, and Xia Yi walked in slowly.

On a large carved bed, there was a woman lying on his side with her back to him. From this figure alone, Xia Yi recognized that this was his original mother.

Xia Yi walked to the bed, knelt down slowly, and leaned her head lightly on the woman’s back. She yelled softly with tears, “Mom, mother!”

The woman’s back began to shake, and she was clearly crying.

“Yi’er, don’t blame the mother.”

“Don’t blame you, don’t blame you, it’s all my fault, I’m not filial.” Xia Yi murmured in tears.

The woman turned around and put Xia Yi’s head in her arms, “Go, go if you want, come back and see your parents.”

Xia Yi shook his head desperately. He wanted to say loudly, “No, I won’t go anywhere. I’ll stay with you. I don’t care about him or cultivate immortals, I’ll just stay by your side.” I can plant the land, and I want to give you the potatoes and radishes I planted.

When the words came to lips, found that couldn’t say anything. The air seems to be stagnant, and the surrounding scenery, the mother in front of me, are beginning to sway and twist, and gradually rotate.

Xia Yi was so anxious that she opened her mouth desperately, wanting to yell, want to speak out, and want to call her mother.

The rotation is getting faster and faster, and the world has turned into lines and light spots.

. . . . . .

When everything stopped, Xia Yi found that he was back on the mountain. And time seems to have never passed by, just like before, holding the big toadstool in his hand, as if to pass it to Gu Wenzhu.

The unicorn was still running around in the grass beside him, and Gu Wenzhu was also picking up a beautiful umbrella-shaped fungus, and turned to show Xia Yi.

“What’s the matter with you?” Gu Wen was shocked, throwing away the fungus in his hand, and took Xia Yi two steps forward, “Xia Yi, what’s wrong with you?”

I saw Xia Yi holding a fungus and standing there blankly, with a look of sorrow and tears on her face.

“I…I just met my parents.”

Gu Wen stunned one by one, holding Xia Yi tightly and said distressed: “Your parents don’t want you to be sad because they miss them. Don’t cry. If you have me in the future, I will love you.

Xia Yi didn’t explain anything, but quietly lay in Gu Wenzhu’s arms, and Gu Wen stroked his back with his hand.

When the mood improved, the two walked home carrying the fungus. The sky had turned cold, and a mountain breeze passed, Xia Yi shivered twice.

Gu Wen said one by one: “Did we not buy a few pieces of fabric last time when we went to the county seat? I went to Aunt Li and asked her to find a good needlework for me. We paid her the handicraft money and made a thick set for us. Shirt.”

In the evening, Gu Wen went to Aunt Li one by one. Two days later, a girl picking up the job entered their yard.

The girl was called Huaiyu, who lived in the village next door and was regarded as a professional tailor. Most of the people in the surrounding villages who made clothes were looking for her.

Huaiyu is about 17, 8 years old, tall and pretty. If before the change, Xia Yi could not say that he had to think carefully, but now he is deeply in love, and there is no one else in his eyes except for Gu Wenzhu.

Huaiyu used a soft ruler to measure Gu Wen’s figure, while Xia Yi helped, using a small notebook to write down the size.

The posture of Brother Zhuo turning around is so handsome…He doesn’t turn around with two feet in turn. He uses his right foot as the center of the circle and his left foot drives the upper body to turn…The same is turning, why does he turn around? Can you look better than others?

Brother Zhu raised his hands flat, hey hey even this scarecrow-like posture looks so tall and straight…

Xia Yi, Xia Yi, how come you have such a good vision?

After Huaiyu’s quantity was completed, Gu Wenzhu went to give Xia Yi’s quantity again. Finally, he took the small notebook and the cloth with the size written down, and left.

Before leaving, he looked at Gu Wen shyly and shyly.

Xia Yi:? ? ? ! ! !

“179, did you see the look in her eyes? With a brother’s intuition, I understood her thoughts in an instant with just this look.”

“Host, you are too sensitive, you are both a brother, why didn’t I feel it.” I don’t know when it started, and the system began to regard itself as a brother.

Xia Yi felt that her guess was not groundless. After measuring his size, Huaiyu ran to his house six times in just five days.

Brother Gu, the size I measured is lost. I will measure it again. Brother Yi, please remember it for me.

To make clothes for Liu Zhu’s family, just drop by and have a look. These are the dates from our jujube tree. You can taste it, Brother Gu, it’s sweet… Brother Yi, save two for Brother Gu.

Brother Gu, my jade hairpin is broken, help me see if I can pick it up? …Yi brother, this is really jade, not made of pebbles.

Xia Yi was very angry, and when he saw Huaiyu’s figure appear at the gate of the courtyard, he became angry.

Big Brother Gu, Big Brother Gu, Big Brother Gu, is it so sweet?

Where are the eyeballs? Didn’t you say that there is no one in Liu Zhu’s house, so come to my house and sit down for a while? The wind fluttered to Brother Zhu, when I was blind?

Also, don’t be a brother and brother all day long, do you want to call me Xia Yi, or do you want me to call me Big Brother Xia.

Who makes you look like a sister.

Chapter 15

At this time, as a loyal system, 179 must be on the same front line as Xia Yi.

“Bah.” 179 took a sip in Xia Yi’s mind at Huaiyu, “Little cheap hoof.”

“Right? Even straight boys like you have found something wrong with Huaiyu.” Xia Yi said bitterly at 179.

But Gu Wenju, a straight man, never noticed anything wrong with Huaiyu from beginning to end. Xia Yi secretly rubbed his face every time and hoped that Gu Wen would show Huaiyu his face, but every time Gu Wen was very polite and polite.


This kind of careful thinking and embarrassment to tell Gu Wen one by one, can only secretly sulking. Although his appetite has not diminished, Gu Wen would pick and choose every time he served the dishes.

“It’s salty.”


“It’s too hot! Want to burn me to death.”

“Fried old, too much firewood.”

Gu Wenzhu: …No, I haven’t made this dish yet.

He only said that Xia Yi had been in a bad mood since the last time he picked the fungus and missed his parents. Doesn’t it mean that everyone loves to send bad tempers to the closest person? Who will he look for if he doesn’t ask me to sneer? Just let him vent, and it will be fine after this period of time.

Gu Wen remembered Xia Yi’s sorrow that day, his eyes felt even more pity, and he treated him more tenderly and negligently. Xia Yi wanted to have a fierce fight with him and then take the opportunity to tell Huaiyu’s problem. As a result, Gu Wen refused to accept the move. Every day he said everything was right, yes, yes.

Xia Yi felt like a punch on the cotton, and seemed even more angry.

He finally broke out when Huaiyu came for the ninth time.

Huaiyu made both of his clothes, only the sleeves were left. thought that after the clothes were finished, there would be no chance to get close to Gu Wenzhu. So while the summer was not there, only Gu Wenzhu was left in the yard preparing dinner. , He mustered the courage to confess to Gu Wen one by one.

Yesterday, Xia Yi made an appointment with a brother named Liu Qing in the village. Today, he went to the mountain to pick chestnuts, so he went to the field early in the morning. Now he is going to go home to clean up and look for Liu Qing.

As soon as he was about to open the courtyard door, he heard Huaiyu’s voice. He immediately stopped the hand pushing the door and listened carefully.

“Brother Gu, I haven’t appointed someone yet, I just want to find someone that suits my heart…”

“Sure enough, this fox wants to hook people!!” 179 shrieked angrily.

“I don’t think there is anyone by your side to take care of you, and you have to take care of your younger brother by yourself…”

“What brother? What brother? You are his unmarried brother! I want to tear her mouth.” 179 was shaking with anger.

“I am willing to serve you for the rest of my life.”


“I don’t want to listen anymore.” Xia Yi suddenly turned around and strode out of the village, “Is listening.”

“179, from now on, don’t say a word, let me stay quiet for a while by myself.”

Xia Yi found some bushes outside the village, fell on her back, and bursts of energy and blood in her heart. He couldn’t do anything about Gu Wen’s quarrel, and he didn’t even have the courage to ask a question. I’m a man, not a jealous lady.

But it’s so uncomfortable to hold back like this.

Xia Yi’s heart was burning, and it burned him to turn around in the grass, all over his body with Bidens.

“179, I want to run away from home.” Xia Yi suddenly stood up and said in a firm tone.

“What? What about your land? The radish is still there! And just let Gu Wen go one by one?” 179 was shocked, “Give up without grabbing it. How does this look like our brother? I can’t grab the vixen, and I have to think about it, so I can stay and guard the ground anyway.”

“No, no, I didn’t really ran away from home, I just ran away like a TV series, but left a lot of clues.” Xia Yiqi 179 calmly analyzed.

“He will wonder why I ran away, and then follow the clues to find me. According to the development of the plot, he will explain clearly, baby, you misunderstood, I didn’t mean that at all…”


When Xia Yi returned home, Gu Wen disappeared. He left three words on the table with paper and I left. Then he put his clothes and money bag into the baggage, took a few cakes in the pot, took some charcoal from the stove, and started to run away from home.

Qilin flicked his tail to keep up. Xia also refused, touching its head and whispered, “Hey, I’ll be back in a while. You go out and find Dahei and the others to play for a while.” Qilin stopped following, and squatted obediently. At the gate of the courtyard, Xia Yi walked away.

When walked to the entrance of the village, took out a charcoal pencil and drew a puppy on the big rock next to me. In order to prevent Gu Wen from confirming, the painting was still a unicorn.

“Pretend to be upset, and smear freely while walking, and this look is what I painted.” Xia Yi explained, “It’s like a clue left unintentionally.”

“After all, I can’t really drop some necklaces and earrings all the way like a TV show, let alone no, even if I have it, I can’t bear it. I turned my head and was picked up by someone, and it was too late to cry.”

After walking for a while, reaching a fork in the road, Xia Yi drew another unicorn on the tree. After more than half an hour, when he arrived in a small forest, Xia Yi had already painted a unicorn. Find a clean boulder to sit down, take out cakes to eat, and then sleep for him.

“Just let the dead man be anxious at home. He cried and thumped his chest when he found that you had run away.” 179 sneered sullenly.

Xia Zhu slept in the warm sunshine and had a dream.

In his dream, Gu Wen read the note and rushed out of the room, shouting heartbreakingly in the heavy rain, rain and tears dripped down his face… Xia Yi Feeling relieved and distressed, I couldn’t help but open my mouth to say that I was here, but I woke up as soon as I heard.

Look around, where there is Gu Wenzhu, there is only a sound of birds singing and leaves whirling wind.

Forget it, go to bed again, maybe he will find him before he wakes up.

…But can’t sleep…why isn’t he coming yet?

The sun is going west! Could it be that the road sign is not obvious and he can’t find it?

So Xia Yi stood up again and walked back for a while, adding two more unicorns on the trees on both sides.

The sky was dim, the sun had already set in the mountain col, and Gu Wenzhu’s shadow had not yet been seen. Xia Yi was no longer sitting on the rock and waiting, he walked to the middle of the road and looked forward, his heart anxious.

“Don’t look at it, it’s only half an hour away. If I wanted to come to you, I would have found it.” 179 was very cold.

The villagers who were farming nearby began to pass by Xia Yi in twos and threes to go home, while still saying hello, “Xiao Yi, what are you doing here? It will be dark if you don’t go home.”

Xia Yi stood on the side of the road, sadly picking a piece of bark, eyes sore, and sniffing from time to time.

“Don’t be sad, go home.” 179 persuaded softly, “What should I do when it gets dark, he won’t come to you.”

“I died outside and won’t go back.” Xia Yi felt a pain in her heart and couldn’t help but choke.

“Say something angry, do you want to tie your life to a stinky man? Go back, as if nothing has happened, plant the land well in the future, and finish the task early.” 179 coaxed Xia Yi.

Xia Yi really couldn’t think of where else she could go, so she carried her baggage, bowed her head, and walked slowly to the house step by step.

Gently pushed open the courtyard door, stood there and waited for a while, then plucked up the courage to step in. When Qilin saw him, he happily came up to lick the palm of his hand.

“I’m back?” Gu Wenyu’s happy voice sounded, “How many chestnuts did you pick? Come and eat, I’ve been warming the vegetables and waiting for you. I also said that I won’t come back, I’m going to Liu Qing’s house to find you.”

“Wh, what chestnut?” Xia Yi suddenly raised his head to look at Gu Wenzhu, his expression gradually turned from confused to annoyed, “Yes, I told you yesterday, I will go picking chestnuts with Liu Qing today. "

“Yeah, didn’t you leave me a note when you left today?” Gu Wen Zhujun’s face was full of confusion, and he asked puzzledly: “You didn’t pick chestnuts?”

Xia Yi remembered the note he put on the table: I’m leaving.

Xia Yi:…

Bai drew so many unicorns.

People didn’t think he was running away from home at all.

Xia Yiyi’s grievances, it turns out that he spent an afternoon in the mountains, waiting for Gu Wen to beat his chest and feel regretful, so he cried all the way to find it, but Gu Wenzhu didn’t know at all, and made a table of dishes to be delicious. Drink spicy.

Gu Wen started to look at Xia Yi up and down one by one, seeing the burden on his hand, his eyes sank, “What did you do with the burden?”

Xia Yi scratched her arm, and there were a few red packets bitten by mosquitoes in the mountains. I couldn’t help but burst out and yelled, “Have you not noticed that I ran away from home? You didn’t come to me, I waited for an afternoon!”

“Li, run away from home? Why run away from home?” Gu Wen’s eyes widened in surprise, his face was shocked, and he stammered.

“I’ve heard it all. I heard what Huaiyu said to you.” Xia Yihong continued to roar with her eyes rimmed.

“Baby, you misunderstood, I didn’t mean that at all…” Gu Wen showed a dazed expression, and then walked up to him dumbfounded, and gently explained Xia Yi into his arms.

179: …

“I didn’t pay attention to her before, so I didn’t know what she thought. After she told me, I rejected her at that time, and also took the clothes back to prevent her from doing it, and she won’t do it again in the future. Our house.” Gu Wen said softly one by one while stroking Xia Yi’s hair.

“Really?” Although Xia Yi had basically believed it in his heart, he still showed suspicion on the face.

“Really. Normally I can only pay attention to you, and the others are not human in my eyes.” Gu Wen understood, and at this time, he had to confess his heart.

When Xia Yi heard this, she couldn’t help but burst into laughter, and two dimples appeared at the corners of her mouth, “What about the clothes? Let me take a look at the clothes.”

Two thick shirts, one light purple, and one dark blue, were all finished with body parts, but there were still sleeves left on both of them.

“Then what to do?” Xia Yi flicked in the air with two separate sleeves, and began to worry. “Xiu Niang was driven away by us.”

Gu Wen looked resolutely, “I’ll sew!”

Chapter 16

With the candle flame swaying, Gu Wen frowned, lips closed, eyes focused on a sleeve in his hand, and then fell into anger, holding a thin needle and passing it calmly.

“Huh…” Xia Yi looked at Gu Wenzhu quietly, holding her cheek next to her.

Gu Wenzhu’s side face is well-defined, and the tall bridge of the nose casts a shadow on his face under the candlelight, making him extraordinarily handsome.

It is said that men who work hard are the most handsome, and this honestly does not deceive me. Xia Yi revels in the beauty of his own man and cannot extricate himself from it.

“Scissors.” Gu Wen didn’t lift his head one by one, but raised his hand to the right.

Xia Yi quickly passed the scissors in the basket.

“Thread the thread.” Gu Wen commanded briefly and concisely, continuing to sew the sleeves in his hands.

Xia Yi quickly used another needle to thread the thread and handed it to Gu Wenzhu, and wiped the sweat from his forehead with a kerchief. Gu Wen tilted his head slightly, his eyes still looking at the needle and thread in his hand.

“The last two stitches will be over.” Gu Wenju’s voice was calm and serious, “The stitching was very successful.”

Xia Yi: …how it feels like an operation.

As the last stitch passed through, Gu Wen cut off the excess thread one by one, and let out a long breath of relief, “You’re done, come and try.” After speaking, he shook the shirt in his hand and handed it to Xia Yi.

Xia Yi took it and saw that the stitches were fine and the gaps between the needles were the same. Although Gu Wen said that he had never done needlework before, but this time he sews too beautifully.

“Brother Zhu, you are really amazing, amazing, and I admire you too much.” Xia Yi did not hesitate to say good things about Gu Wen’s face, making his face slightly hot.

Because it is a looser and thicker shirt, Xia Yi directly puts on her body. After putting it on and tightening it, he triumphed in front of Gu Wenzhu a few times.

“Does it look good?” Xia Yi asked, seeing Gu Wen’s eyes brighten.

“It looks good.” Gu Wen nodded again and again.

Xia Yi moved for two more laps, shaking her hands on her hips, and gradually felt that something was wrong. There was something under the armpit on one side, and the shoulder was a little tight.

Xia Yi took off her clothes and took a closer look, and finally figured out the reason, “Brother Zhu, you sew up the sleeves upside down, the shoulder part is underneath, and the crunchy nest is sewn to the shoulder.”

Gu Wen hurriedly walked up, and after checking, the two looked at each other, “This has to be dismantled and re-sew.”

. . . . . .

“Scissors.” Gu Wen stretched out his hand solemnly, and Xia Yi quickly handed it over.

“Thread the thread.” Xia Yi hurriedly threaded the needle.

“There are two last stitches.”

The sleeves are up and down correctly this time, and the armpits and shoulders are suitable. Xia Yi shook her arms up and down, very satisfied. Gu Wen stepped forward and pulled at it, and looked there to make sure there was no seam in the opposite direction.

Gradually, Xia Yi felt that something was wrong. Why did it look weird?

Gu Wen held his chin and frowned one by one, then suddenly realized, “The two sleeves are not the same length.”

“After I removed it just now, I saw that there were needle holes in the sleeves, so I sew more into it.” Gu Wen regretted it.

“What should I do then?” Xia Yi looked at Gu Wenzhu eagerly while wearing a jacket with a short sleeve, “Take it again? You don’t want to do it anymore. The more you do it, the more the problem arises, just find a piece of fabric and attach it underneath.”

“Okay, let’s find a piece,” Gu Wen flipped through the basket after speaking, and found a piece of cloth of the same quality. He cut a piece with the scissors, and began to connect Xia Yi’s sleeves.


“Thread the thread.”

“There are two last stitches.”

You’re done. After putting on the clothes this time, there is no problem finally, and it fits perfectly. The shirt was a little longer, and the color of the sleeve that was attached to the lower leg was not the same. But both felt that this was just a small regret, not a big problem.

Xia Yi’s shirt was finished, and he came to sew the one by Gu Wen again.

Xia Yi took the sleeves that hadn’t been stitched and compared them on the clothes spread out on the table, and suddenly shouted “Ah”, “Brother Zhu, you just took the fabric for the sleeves. Did you cut this? "

Looking at Xia Yi holding the sleeve with a piece of fabric missing in his hand, Gu Wen felt a pain in his heart one by one.

“Cut a section at the bottom of my clothes to make your sleeve. Anyway, it was a bit long when I tried it on just now.” Xia Yi suggested.

This was the only way to go, so he twisted the hem of Xia Yi’s shirt again and connected it to Gu Wenzhu’s sleeves.

After the two pieces of clothing were finished, Gu Wenzhu felt as if he had finished ploughing three acres of land in a row, and he was so tired.

After the two changed into new clothes, they looked at each other with a smile.

Gu Wen was dressed in blue one by one, handsome and tall, with a circle of deep purple on the cuffs, while Xia Yi was full of deep purple, and the cuffs were blue.

Fuck, this is a couple outfit.

There is purple in the blue, and blue in the purple. You have the base in you and me in the base.

Early the next morning, both of them put on new clothes. After breakfast, they went to see the old house with half of the wall broken. If the walls are patched up, they can be used as a miscellaneous house to install farm tools that are not in use.

The two of them looked around the house, and soon a lot of people from the village came, all holding their bowls while eating and watching.

“Xiao Yi, are you wearing new clothes? They look so good.”

“Xiao Yi, what’s the matter with your new clothes? The sleeves are not the same color?” Li Zhu squatted next to him holding a bowl, and asked as he planed rice.

Both of them were embarrassed to say the reason, and said, “I don’t know where the hole was hanging, so they just patched up their sleeves.”

The people around nodded clearly, only Uncle Wang was doing meditation, looking deep into the distance, and finally smiled coldly, “Where do you really believe it was hung up?”

Both Xia Yi and Gu Wen jumped in their hearts.

“It must be those three thieves who came back to retaliate and tore them.” Uncle Wang gritted his teeth, “Don’t let me run into them again.”

. . . . . .

Xia Yi had never talked about real love in her previous life, and she was very uncomfortable with those couples who showed their affection. saw someone putting candles to court on the road, vulgar! Proposal with a ring, bah!

“179, I finally got out of the order. I want to give Brother Zhu a ring, and I also want to put a heart with a candle!” Xia Yimei thought happily, “I want to do all the things that lovers must do one by one. Finished.”

After speaking, he took a small notebook out of the house, and ticked off at the back of wearing a couple outfit together.

Have a candlelight dinner with him! I’m spending candlelight dinner together every day, tick tick.

Take a tour with him! Well, the last time I took me to catch fish, climb mountains and wading, I also ticked it.

Watch the sunrise and sunset with him! Go to the field and farm together every day, go back and hook together.

Save money with him! All our money is in that small wooden box, tick.

Cook food with him! I accompany him while he is cooking, Gou.

Keep a pet with him! Qilin is biting his shoes next to him, hook.

Those who can’t do anything while watching a movie together, the rest is to set their hearts with candles, Xia Yi closed her notebook and thought deeply.

Where is it placed? It’s not possible outside the village, it will blow out if the wind is strong at night. The inside of the village is not good either, you have to be surrounded by three floors inside and outside three floors by the villagers. Your own yard? No, no, Brother Zhu is at home at night, watching him put candles, and not telling him to come up to help, it’s not a surprise.

“It can be placed in that old house.” 179 made suggestions.

Yes, it can be placed in an old house without blowing the wind or being watched by people. When the time comes, will lie out for a while, and Brother Zhu doesn’t know.

“179, you finally came up with a good idea, it’s not a waste of the system.” Xia Yi couldn’t help but praise the system.

Just do it, and immediately go to the village’s old Zhangtou’s house to buy candles. Lao Zhangtou had a carriage and went to the county town every three days, so he simply opened a small shop in his own home to sell some groceries for needles, needles, and brains.

Seeing that Xia Yi bought all the candles, Lao Zhangtou was a little surprised.

“Brother Zhu is learning how to sew clothes. The candlelight is too dark for fear of hurting your eyes, so I have to order a few more.” Xia Yi is very witty.

After dinner, it was all dark, Xia Yi bowl pushed his bowl, still bulging, and said to Gu Wen vaguely: “I’ll go to Liu Qing’s house. I’ll be back later. Don’t leave.”

The moment he opened the courtyard door to go out, he turned his head and said again: “Don’t go, wait for me, I’ll be back in a while.”

In the old house, Xia Yi seriously placed candles one by one, looking forward to it in her heart.

“179, do you think Brother Zhu would be very moved when he saw it? I think this idea is simply too romantic…”

“But when I recommended you ten things that couples must do before, didn’t you still say it was too vulgar?”

“Others are vulgar, I call it romantic when I do it, forget it, don’t tell you, you don’t know what a sense of ritual is.”

The candle slowly formed a heart shape on the ground, and Xia Yi carefully lit each one on fire. The old house was illuminated by Yingying candles, and it seemed that the whole room had become extra warm.

“Okay, I’m looking for Brother Zhu.” When you’re done, Xia Yi snapped his fingers and started to go back and call Gu Wenzhu.

Gu Wen was serving rice in the Kirin’s food bowl. The Kirin was eating big mouthfuls, and his mouth was still purring happily. Xia Yi pushed open the courtyard door and walked in.

“I’m back? There are a few persimmons on the table. They were brought by Dazhu just now. Go and eat.” Gu Wen put down the food bowl quickly and walked towards Xia Yi.

Xia Yi did not speak, but stared at him with bright eyes and a smile on his mouth.

“What’s the matter?” Seeing Xia Yi’s appearance, Gu Wen softened his voice unconsciously and smiled.

“I want to take you to see something. It is a surprise I gave you.” Being watched gently by Gu Wen, Xia Yi suddenly felt a little embarrassed.

“What’s the surprise?” Gu Wenzhu’s voice was softer, as if silk satin gently brushed his ears.

“Come on, come with me, you will know when you go.” Xia Yi said with a faint excitement, and walked out after speaking, Gu Wen hurriedly followed.

“Dangdangdang”, as soon as I walked out of the yard, I heard the sound of the gong knocking from the village, accompanied by the heartbreaking loud cry of Uncle Wang, “The water is gone, the water is gone, the house is burning… …”

Chapter 17

A man holding a water basin ran past the two of them, then stopped, and shouted to Gu Wen one by one: “Your old house is on fire, don’t hurry up to put out the fire.” Go ahead.

“Crap, I’ll go extinguishing the fire.” Gu Wen said hurriedly to Xia Yi who was sluggish in place, and then tucked the corners of the shirt neatly into his belt, returned to the house and lifted a wooden bucket with one hand, facing the old house. Ran in the direction. “You are at home, don’t run around.”

“179, is it the fire from my heart-shaped candle?” Xia Yi asked the system in despair.

“Host, it seems like this.”

When Xia Yi also rushed to the old house with the wooden basin in panic, the open flame had been extinguished, and only the roof and windows were still slowly emitting black smoke.

When the black smoke dissipated, everyone walked into the room to take a closer look.

I saw that the walls of the house were singed to darkness, and the ground was wet. The crowd surrounded the empty house, puzzling and talking about it.

“How could this old house catch fire? There is no one in it and no furniture.” Li Zhu asked suspiciously, fanning the black smoke in front of his nose.

“Yeah, I can’t figure it out, and there is no such thing as wildfires and thunderstorms, so I ignited myself.”

“Could it be that some mountain spirit lives in this house?” someone shouted silently.

“What are you talking about? There are mountain spirits all day long. Has anyone really seen mountain spirits? They were all made up by others.” The person next to him immediately refuted the rumor. “However, I went to the next village two days ago and heard about them. There are fox demon in the village…”

“I was going out and saw that the room was burning and the window lattices were burning. I hurried to Uncle Wang’s house. Uncle Wang immediately took the gong out…” Li Zhu triumphantly turned towards the surrounding people. Take credit.

Gu Wen put down the bucket in his hand and wiped the sweat from his face with his sleeve. Seeing Xia Yicong’s face lost his soul after entering the house, he whispered comforting, “Don’t be afraid, it’s okay, it’s already extinguished. NS.”

“Then…Is that a big loss? What have been burned?” Xia Yi’s voice changed.

“The old house didn’t have much at all, just a few unused broken furniture piled in the corner, all worthless, burn it.” Gu Wenchi saw that his voice had changed sharply, and he quickly calmed down.

“Then do you see how the fire started?” Xia Yi murmured anxiously, feeling up and down.

“How can it be burned? I can’t hide it from others? I really thought I couldn’t tell?” Uncle Wang was holding a wooden basin in one hand and his copper urinal in the other, his small eyes shot out. Bright, looks impressive.

When Xia Yi’s legs softened and her mouth opened, she immediately prepared to confess like pouring beans from a bamboo tube, “Uncle Wang, I…”

Uncle Wang raised his hand to stop Xia Yiwei’s words, and said with a sullen expression: “Those three bad embryos are really undead. They have suffered a lot from your place, and since then, they have a grudge and wait for an opportunity to retaliate. First, go to your yard to steal and steal. If you don’t succeed, you can just smash the new shirts that are drying in the yard. This is not enough, you stole into your old house to set fire!”

“And they have directed their hatred towards the whole village. The day before yesterday, the egg was boiled by his mother. After putting it in a bowl, he turned and went back to the room. Guess what? Just this time, the egg is just No more.” Uncle Wang first smiled coldly, then cast his gaze to the distance, and sighed faintly: “From now on there will be no peace in the village, it’s bloody storm…”

“As long as I catch the arson thief, I want him to lose a layer of skin.” Uncle Wang sat down on the copper urinal fiercely, gritted his teeth and said.

“179, I’m so scared.” Xia Yi shrank to Gu Wenzhu’s side, shivering with the system.

“What’s the matter?” Gu Wen gradually noticed Xia Yi’s abnormality, and when no one was paying attention, he stretched out his hand and patted him on the shoulder.

“Brother Zhu, this fire, this fire may have been lit by me.” Xia Yi bowed his head down and felt uneasy. “I thought”

“Xiao Yi, don’t hide for the bad guys. These bad guys are not worth it.” Uncle Wang heard it sharply and interrupted loudly. Seeing that Xia Yi was still talking, he reached out and made a stop gesture, “Don’t say anything. Uncle Wang knew it in his heart.”

Xia Yi, 179: …

Back home, Gu Wen remembered the first thing about going out to see the surprise, so he said apologetically to Xia Yi: “You meant to give me a surprise, but the house was on fire. Now you can take it. Am I going to see the surprise?”

Xia Yi’s mouth opened and opened, and at last he had to answer vaguely: “All the surprises are burned out, and I will show it to you again when I have a chance.”

“Host, do you want to set fire again?” 179 screamed incredulously.

“Don’t dare, don’t dare.” Xia Yi hurriedly denied, adding, “I mean another surprise.”

The next day, Xia Yi went to the field to see his radish. The green radish seedlings were very gratifying, and a bumper harvest would be expected.

After waiting for a long time happily, Xia Yi began to walk home slowly after the addiction.

As soon as walked to the east of the village, saw a strange middle-aged and elderly man with long hair scattered, Zheng Shi Shiran standing by the pigsty of Sister Li’s house. And Uncle Wang was squatting under the willow tree on one side, smoking a cigarette pretendingly, and observing calmly.

It was a thin old man in his fifties, with long hair hanging down his shoulders. It’s like a worldly expert who has come out of a costume drama.

He was wearing a cyan gown with large sleeves and a toga. The fabric looked good, and it swayed slightly in the wind. The waistband is also embroidered with dark floral prints, revealing a low-key connotation of luxury. With one hand behind him and his long beard with the other hand, it looks like a fairy wind road is super dusty.

Such people usually only appear on the top of the mountains or deep in the clouds, usually either playing the piano or playing chess, followed by two disciples who serve tea.

Now appearing next to Sister Li’s pigsty, there are still two big fat pigs humming inside, and the picture is not harmonious no matter how you look at it.

Uncle Wang saw Xia Yi and beckoned him. After Xia Yi walked over, he covered his mouth with his hand, and said mysteriously: “I wandered around the village early in the morning, and how can I sell pigs for a few nights? Look at how he looks, whether he is a liar or a pigger who breeds|pigs|breds.”

How long is the pig? Xia Yi looked at the old man, repeating the pig that Uncle Wang said in her mouth for several nights, feeling inexplicably familiar.

Pigs for a few nights, pigs for a few nights, build the base fluid! Xia Yi snorted, did that person actually talk about foundation building fluid? ? ! !

Xia Yi started to plop in her heart. After thinking about it, she couldn’t let it go, so she walked towards the pigpen. Seeing Xia Yi coming, the old man nodded slightly and nodded when he saw Xia Yi’s arrival. Before he could get closer, he asked aloud, “Is the little friend here to buy the foundation liquid?”

That’s right! Build the base fluid! It’s not a pig for a few nights!

Xia Yi walked to him, looked up and down, and then whispered in a tone like a connector code: “Xiuxian? You are not from this world? System? Wearing books?”

The old man was taken aback when he heard it, watching Xia Yi gradually widen his eyes, his face was full of joy, and he replied in a low voice like him: “I don’t understand what you said later, but I am indeed a cultivator. "

After speaking, I looked at Xia Yi’s face and saw that he was calm, not as if it was difficult to accept that the sky was falling apart, and then he continued: “I just finished a game of chess on the top of the mountain last morning, and I am going to play the piano by the lake. I don’t know how. What happened, the world revolved, and then I opened my eyes and I came here. Everyone I saw all the way asked, no one had heard of Xiuxian, is this a paradise here? But I turned around for a day without looking for an exit, and I went to ask How do other people go out? Others say that you just follow this road and you will arrive at the county seat.”

This person seems to be different from me, or is he a lunatic, or he is really cultivating immortals. It’s impossible for a lunatic to know the foundation liquid, could it be that he was originally a person in the world of cultivating immortals, and then came from over there?

Seeing Xia Yi’s doubts, the man whispered again: “It sounds incredible, but I’m telling the truth. I am Liu Siqian, the third elder of the Qishan school. I have heard of my name.”

I’ll take a big fuck! !

Seeing Xia Yi still standing still in a daze, Liu Siqian thought he still didn’t believe it, sighed, and continued to explain: “I could prove my identity with magic techniques, but I don’t know what happened. I can’t use magic, and I was mistaken for a liar…”

Xia Yi stopped her thoughts and decisively raised her hand to interrupt him, “No need to explain, I believe you.”

This special Qishan faction and base building fluid have all come out, can they still be a liar? This clearly came from the world of cultivating immortals.

“System, your internal management is too bad, right? How do you all work? I won’t talk about it here, now even people from the world of cultivating immortals are here.”

Xia Yi is simply worried for the entire system community.

Chapter 18

179 is so busy now that he is reporting the news to his boss, and he has no time to pay attention to Xia Yi.

Liu Siqian thought he had to explain something, but Xia Yi didn’t expect to believe him in this way.

Moved, his face turned to Xia Yi unnaturally and said, “But since I got here yesterday, I haven’t touched my rice. I’m already too hungry. That’s why I wanted to sell a few bottles of base liquid for bowl of rice. Who knows that the immortal medicine that everyone in the world of cultivating immortals dreams of cannot sell even a copper plate here.”

Xia Yi nodded clearly, recalling her own experience, and she couldn’t help but sigh with sympathy, “My name is Xia Yi, if you know something about you, you can go with me and go home to get some food. The old man can’t be hungry when he is old, especially in the world of immortality, don’t be too hungry and go crazy.” After speaking, take him home.

Liu Siqian followed Xia Yi and explained to himself: “I have not eaten for many years, and I don’t know why. I suddenly felt a fire rushing through my lungs. I felt flustered, short of breath and sweating. I thought it was. I got hit or got caught up, but when I checked my body, it was normal, but later I realized that it should be burnt with hunger and fire.”

“Stop talking, save a bit of effort and walk to my house, lest I have to carry you.” Xia Yi couldn’t help telling her own experience. “Also, if you are too hungry, you will find a stick and put it on. Bowl, so that others know that you want to eat, you can help with one or two.”

Liu Siqian nodded and said yes.

Back home, Xia Yi hurriedly lit the fire, filled the pot with a handful, and then brought out the big soup bowl that she usually eats by herself, and prepared to serve the noodles.

Since he started to boil water, Liu Siqian stood at the door of the kitchen, staring at the surface of the pot without blinking, swallowing his saliva, rubbed in, raised his hand to touch the cupboard, and moved the firewood.

Xia Yi hurriedly said: “You go out and wait to eat, don’t feel embarrassed, I am also a person who has been hungry.”

When the noodles were ready, Xia Yi took it out and put it on the table. As soon as the bowl was put in place, Liu Siqian rushed forward without scalding his mouth. He grabbed the chopsticks and stuffed it into his mouth. While swallowing the noodles while breathing hot, Xia Yi kept shouting to slow down, slow down.

Liu Siqian swept the bowl over the wide sleeves of his robe, and directly rolled up the sleeves. The stray hair would fall from time to time, so simply searched for a small stick in the firewood pile, and ran a bun indiscriminately behind his head, where there was a bit of fairy-style bones.

When the noodles were all gone and the noodle soup was upside down, Liu Siqian slumped in his chair contentedly, “When I first came here, there was a cornfield around me. I wanted to find the Taoyuan exit later in the village. After walking around for a day, I tried to break the corn several times, but I just held back.”

He raised his eyes and looked up and down Xia Yi, “If I find an exit, I can take you with you, accept your entry and become a disciple of Qishan School. From then on, you are a member of the fairy gate and no longer a mortal. On weekdays, if you practice hard, I will find you a marrow pill. It should be able to form the pill within a few years, even if I repay you for the kindness of a meal.”

“You can’t cultivate immortals here.” Seeing Liu Siqian still want to say, Xia couldn’t help but remind him.

“This is very strange. It seems that the spiritual energy is strong, but in fact the spiritual power in the body can’t work at all, and all the magic weapons have lost their usefulness.” Liu Siqian felt very strange, “Which immortal has sealed this place? "

Xia Yi finally couldn’t help it, “This is not a Taoyuan, nor is it your world of cultivating immortals.”

“Do you know what a parallel world is?” Seeing Liu Siqian’s look confused, Xia Yi began to explain to him what a parallel world is.

I don’t understand how this person was so stupid to cultivate immortality, or what kind of Void Refining Realm? He even spoke with gestures for a long time before Liu Siqian finally understood that he had entered another world.

Seeing his dull and empty eyes, Xia Yi did not bother him, and thoughtfully left him time for digestion.

At this moment, Qilin came back from playing outside. As soon as he entered the yard, he rushed to Xia Yi’s legs affectionately. Xia Yi gently rubbed his head, “Hungry?” Mix some noodle soup in the pot to eat.

“This! Isn’t this a unicorn?” With a shout from behind, Liu Siqian stood up from the chair, his eyes glowing, and his fingers tremblingly pointed at the unicorn.

“Yeah, it is a unicorn. You have known it only a day after you came to the village?” Xia Zhu felt that the old man was startled, and dumped the leftovers into the dog basin. The unicorn happily flung his tail and stretched out his head. I went in and groaned while eating.

“This, this is a unicorn, you, you give it leftovers?” Liu Siqian looked shocked and incredible.

“What to eat if you don’t eat leftovers? There is no dog food here.” Is this person too stimulated, how can he look abnormal. What happened to the dog eating leftovers? Does the dog have to put a bowl of noodles on the table without eating leftovers and put a pair of chopsticks to eat with him?

Qilin finished the meal, licked his lips contentedly, and rubbed against Xia Yi, “Go, take the broom out for me.” Xia Yi called.

I saw Qilin flicking his tail, rushing to the corner quickly, and trotting here with a broom.

Liu Siqian watched this scene, clutching his chest and breathing heavily, heartbroken.

“179,179 are you still there? Is he sick? Check it out soon.” Xia Yi began to call the system vigilantly.

“Host, I’m very busy here. I’m working on the vulnerability patch. You should observe it yourself.” After a long time, the voice of 179 came out, and then there was no movement.

“Don’t act as if you are very dedicated. How long has it been since you got me here? You are still patching. I suggest that your entire system should strengthen business learning and don’t always worry about performance.” Xia Yi heard this. Things get angry.

Here Liu Siqian was following Qilin’s butt, and he stretched out his hand with caution and ecstasy, “Kirin, this is a unicorn, I have seen a unicorn.” The Qilin was gradually unhappy, and he began to bark his teeth at him.

Xia Yi: …Fuck it, is it because you haven’t seen a dog or your brain is really broken? Or is the cultivator so magical and unruly?

When Liu Siqian finally became normal, Xia Yi began to talk to him, “What do you plan to do in the future? I don’t know if you can go back, but you have to plan to live in this world in the future. You are ready Do you continue to sell medicine or what?”

“No, I can’t stay here. I’ll go back and find the head.” Liu Siqian resolutely refused, after thinking about it, and explaining to Xia Yi: “We, Qishan sent Cangyixianzun to travel abroad for more than 20 years. All the affairs in the gang have always been handled by the head. Recently, when many disciples went down the mountain to practice, they disappeared inexplicably and there was no trace to be found. So the head brother took a few big disciples in the faction to look for them. .”

Speaking of this, Liu Siqian couldn’t help but sighed, “Who knows that the head brother, like the other disciples, is nowhere to be seen. Now I will temporarily take over the martial art. If I disappear again, the Qishan faction will definitely meet. It’s a mess.”

Yep? Why does this kind of thing sound so familiar?

“179, come out quickly, have you taken the head of the other world to other worlds?” Xia Yi began to call the system.

“No, they are in the original world. I don’t have a record of their going to another world. Whether it is you or Liu Siqian, as long as you go to the other world, we have a record here.” The system replied.

“By the way, my task seems to be the movement of gaining the head master, does it mean this head?” Xia Yi suddenly remembered the task she had taken before.

“Yes, host.”

“Does that still need to be searched? Can’t it be done after I plant this radish?”

Liu Siqian frowned, and sighed faintly, “I don’t know where you are. Everyone is ordinary people, but you can still raise unicorns.” After a pause, he added: “Eat leftovers.” The unicorn.”

…….Where did the leftovers offend you? It’s like the person who was starving to death just now wasn’t you. At that time, did you dare to dislike the leftovers?

“But I am definitely going back. The whereabouts of the head is unknown. I have to go back and look for clues to him.”

“Don’t worry about this. When my radish matures, you will have a clue to your senior brother.” Xia Yi said sincerely, “There is still more than half a month left.”

“Let’s borrow your good words.” Liu Siqian replied absently.

“I’m serious, when my radish matures…” Xia Yi suddenly stopped talking. He saw Liu Siqian in front of him suddenly his eyes became motionless, and the air around his body swayed like water waves. With ripples in circles, his person gradually became illusory.

“179,179, is Liu Siqian returning to the world of immortality?” Xia Yi hurriedly called the system.

“Yes, after our rush repairs just now, the loopholes have been filled. Liu Siqian is returning to his original world through the cracks in time and space.” 179 breathed out a long breath and said briskly.

Liu Siqian in front of him became more and more blurred, and gradually there were only a few spots of light left, and finally even the spots of light disappeared.

Chapter 19

When it was getting dark, Gu Wen went home one by one, carrying a piece of pork in his hand, and he smiled and said to Xia Yi when he entered the door, “kill the pig in the next village, I will weigh a few catties of meat, and I will make dumplings for you tonight. .”

“Okay, okay, eat dumplings.” Xia Yi was overjoyed, and quickly went to fetch water and wash his hands, and the two of them were busy chopping stuffing and kneading dough.

More than half an hour later, a pot of steaming dumplings was brought to the table. You can pick one of them for me, and I will feed you a bite.

While eating happily, the courtyard door was suddenly slammed, and Liu Qing shouted anxiously, “Xia Yi, Xiao Yi, are you there? Go to the field, someone wants to destroy your field!”

Xia Yi heard that a dumpling under the chopsticks fell into a bowl, blood filled the top of his head instantly, and his heart was pounding.

I fuck! Who wants to destroy my field!

While responding loudly to Liu Qing, he walked towards the courtyard gate, and Gu Wenzhu quickly followed.

In the field, the villagers were holding torches and were chasing and intercepting three black figures. The three people fled around in a panic, but they were all villagers in all directions.

“Block him, block him, he wants to run from here.”

“He ran up the ridge and wanted to go under the tree and block it.”

A figure quickly crossed the ridge, preparing to escape from under the tree. Hearing a “boom” sound, he received a heavy blow on the head, and the flower in front of him immediately softened, and the villagers who came up to him held it down.

Uncle Wang carried the copper urinal with an aura of looking at the world, standing there with a cold snort and said, “I know someone will escape here, waiting for you.”

The other two are still rushing from left to right. At this time, Xia Yi arrived, and a swoop hit one of them on the back. He squeezed his fist against the temple and punched his teeth. He gritted his teeth and said, “I’m fucking your ancestor for the eighteenth generation, you guys. You dare to destroy the dog X’s, Lao Tzu’s land, you and he X are living impatiently.”

After speaking, he turned his head fiercely and found that Gu Wen was staring at him dumbfounded, and quickly jumped off the man’s back and covered his chest sadly, “Hey.”

Gu Wen stepped forward and lifted the man to the ground, and he stopped moving in an instant.

At this time, the third person in black was also tied up by the villagers.

Under the torch shining, the three people were tied up and thrown on the ridge. It was the three officials again.

Uncle Wang sneered around them, then said to the people around him: “A lot of strange things have happened in the village during this time. The clothes were torn. The empty house was set on fire. The eggs in the bowl will disappear. . So, I have been watching for any clues to follow.”

“Today, a pigboy suddenly came to the village. You didn’t see him. He actually found a costume to wear on him. It’s too fake! With my years of experience as a security guardian and this pair of insightful eyes, I thought he had problem.”

“Then I went to ask him, how is this breeding pig matched? Hehe, he didn’t know anything, he would only repeatedly say that he was selling pigs for a few nights. I didn’t expose him at the time, but I know, this pigger, he is The spies sent by these three thieves.” Uncle Wang continued to circle around the three of them, scanning them with fierce eyes, and recounting the process of solving the case without emotion.

“I noticed something was wrong, but I pretended to be ignorant, and I have been patrolling the village tonight, observing in secret. Sure enough!” Uncle Wang narrowed his eyes and squatted down, saying word by word: “You have acted tonight.”

Xia Yi: …

Three officials: …

The three former officials with swollen noses and swollen noses eagerly tried to argue, “No, we did not do those things, and there are no pigs. Conscience of heaven and earth, we just drank two more glasses tonight, thinking about being sent to the county by you last time. The ya suffered ten sticks and was kept in jail until now. He wanted to find the bad luck in your village and save the crops in the fields…”

Before he finished speaking, someone stuffed the rotten cloth in his mouth, “Don’t listen to their nonsense, just send it to the yamen newspaper officer.” Then the three of them were pushed into the carriage of Lao Zhang’s head in a hurried manner, overnight. Pull to the county government.

Seeing the carriage drifting away, the villagers scattered and went home. Xia Yi and Gu Wen also walked on the path home.

The night was drooping, the stars all over the sky seemed to be shining above the head, the night breeze sent a scent of green grass, and the insects kept screaming in the woods on both sides.

Xia Yi listened to Gu Wen’s breathing slowly, and quietly stretched out her finger.

Bai Nennen’s fingers climbed onto the corner of Gu Wenzhu’s clothes, and then slowly moved upwards, hooking Gu Wenzhu’s big palms.

Gu Wen paused one by one, and immediately reacted, holding Xia Yi with his open hand. Xia Yi stunned in her heart, and hurriedly clasped her fingers together.

Just walked quietly for a while, no one spoke, and my heart was pounding.

“Do you just pull your hands?” 179’s untimely voice sounded.

“Could you not come up with the horror right now? Does your system have no insight?” Xia Yi wanted to complain right away.

“No, I’m kindly reminding you, shouldn’t there be other things between lovers?” 179 felt very aggrieved.

Roar! Do something else! Hehe!

“Then you shield yourself first, I’m going to do something that lovers should do.” Xia Yi was inwardly rubbing his hands trivially.

“I have put on my headphones to watch a movie.”

“Oh!” Xia Yi suddenly let out a scream, and rubbed her eyes with her head down.

“What’s the matter?” Gu Wen asked nervously one by one.

“There is a piece of sand in the eye, and I can’t open it…”

“Host, I really think you are very old-fashioned, and your acting is very artificial.” 179’s voice came out again.

“Didn’t you mean you were watching a movie?” Xia Yi was about to explode.

“It’s still playing the title, so I just took a glance. It’s alright, the feature film has started, don’t say anything.” 179 retreated quickly when he saw that the situation was not good.

“Don’t rub it! Let me blow.” Gu Wen quickly pulled down the hand that rubbed his eyes, and then walked two steps closer, holding the back of Xia Yi’s head with one hand, and separating his eyelids with the other.

Gu Wen gently blew into that eye a few times, “Blink and try, do you look better?”

Xia Yi blinked her eyes pretendingly, “It’s still not good.”

“Then I will blow again,” Gu Wenzhu opened his eyes again with his hands.

This time, Xia Yi took advantage of Gu Wenyu’s concentration to blow into her eyes, getting closer and closer, tighter and tighter, and slowly pouted…

“Host, you are really lame like this, your eyelids are all turned up, only the whites of your eyes are left, and then your mouth is stretched and longer, and you always feel that your fangs will come out soon.” 179 I can’t help it, kindly mention it. .

Me him!

“Okay, okay, the feature film has begun, I really concentrate on watching the movie, don’t bother me anymore.” 179 said calmly immediately.

…Who is bothering whom?

Xia Yi pushed away Gu Wenzhu’s hand that was still rolling his eyelids, and said blankly: “Okay, I feel better.”

“Is it all right? You blink and try again.” Gu Wenzhu was still worried.

Seeing that Xia Yi was really nothing, he let go of Xia Yi’s head and continued to take his hand and walk home.

The road is still long. Xia Yi glanced at Gu Wenzhu next to him, and began to wonder again in his heart: The stars are so good and the atmosphere is so perfect. I am really unwilling to do nothing…

Gu Wen caught Xia Yi’s gaze, and turned his head, watching him softly and smiling, his handsome face became more three-dimensional under the stars.

Xia Yi couldn’t help but feel the rippling in her heart. She really couldn’t help it. He was so handsome. I really want him to kiss me, but he won’t take the bait…Huh? Why must he kiss me? I am a man too! What are you afraid of?

Thinking of this, he stopped abruptly, and his fiery eyes slowly slipped from Gu Wenzhu’s face to the two thin lips with distinct lines.

Gu Wen stopped as soon as he saw the situation, a questioning look appeared on his face, the corners of his eyes were slightly raised, and his eyes were like stars.

Fuck, beauty has mistaken me!

“Don’t be afraid, don’t be afraid, I won’t do anything else, I just kiss, just kiss.” Xia Yi said nervously and quickly, and rushed forward. He put his arms around Gu Wenzhu’s neck and nibble on his lips without thinking.

Gu Wen was rushed by Xia Yi and stepped back two steps, stepping into the field by the roadside. Then he froze in place and didn’t move. Ren Xia also gnawed anxiously on his lips and cheeks.

Xia Yi felt his stiffness, and quickly reminded herself not to be anxious|sexy|ghost, so she continued and whispered: “Don’t be nervous, I will be responsible for you…”

Really, I feel like what I said is like a scumbag.

Gu Wen gradually responded, and his hands clasped Xia Yi…

“Who is it?” A stern shout thunderously resounded from behind.

Although he could not see the person’s appearance, the copper urinal in his hand reflected the shining starlight, which was extremely eye-catching.

…Uncle Wang, don’t you sleep?

“Run.” Xia Yi led Gu Wen and ran wildly, and Sayazi disappeared at the end of the road.

Uncle Wang walked slowly and came to the place where Gu Wenzhu and Xia Yi were standing just now. He looked at the footprints in the field from side to side and sneered.

“There are comrades.”

Chapter 20

In the middle of the night, myriad music was silent, and Xia Yi curled her eyebrows in her sleep.

In his dream, he came to the hospital full of disinfectant water again, and sat on the bench outside the operating room with his head in his arms. My parents went out for a self-driving trip and had a car accident, and now they both lie in it. In my ears is the loud cry of a child at the end of the promenade, and feet in nurse shoes are coming and going on the floor in front of him.

There was still a lot of blood on his jacket, which belonged to his mother. When he received the call and rushed to the hospital, his father had already advanced to the operating room, and his mother was about to be pushed in while lying on the bed.

She was still awake at the time, she just looked paler. She trembled and murmured to Xia Yi who was holding her hand tightly: “I’m just worried that you will be alone…”

Seeing the hospital bed being slowly pushed into the operating room, Xia Yi stayed still, mechanically reverberating in her heart, “Mom, don’t leave me, mom…”

“Xiao Yi, Xiao Yi, wake up, Xiao Yi.” The eager call dragged Xia Yi out of her sleep. It was Gu Wenzhu’s voice.

“Brother Zhu.” Xia Yi opened her teary eyes and choked.

“I’m here, I’m here,” Gu Wen put him in his arms, stroked his back, and asked in a low voice: “What’s wrong? Did you have a nightmare? I heard you crying next door. .”

After finishing speaking, he raised his hand and gently wiped the tears on Xia Yi’s face, “What nightmare did you do? I cried so sad.”

Xia Yi was still sobbing, and said intermittently: “I dreamed of my parents. He, they also said, worried, worried that I will be alone…”

Gu Wen got up and went to the clean room next door to take a towel, and while wiping Xia Yi’s face, he whispered: “If you have this kind of dream in the future, you will tell the second elder in the dream that you are not alone, and someone needs to take care of you for the rest of your life. You, let them not worry. They will be spoiled by them for the first ten years, and will be spoiled by brother for the next eighty years.”

“Is it better now? Do you want to drink some water?” Gu Wen hugged Xia Yi across the quilt and gently patted him, watching him gradually calm down and stopped sobbing.

“No, I don’t want to drink.” Xia Zhuwo was in Gu Wenzhu’s arms, stretching out two fingers from the bed to hook his clothes corner, “It will be better if you stay with me.”

“Okay, then you lie down first, I will accompany you, and wait until you fall asleep before leaving.” Gu Wen whispered and coaxed warmly.

“You lie down next to me.” Xia Yi moved inside to free half of the bed. Gu Wen hesitated, after all, he just sat slantingly on the edge of the bed, leaning on the back of the bed. Xia Zhu turned over and lay on his side facing him, then pulled his hand that fell on the quilt to his waist, and then closed his eyes.

Gu Wen didn’t dare to go out, so he sat leaning forward with one hand on Xia Zhu’s waist.

“Touch your ears.” Xia Zhu suddenly groaned.

? ? ?

What? Touch your ears?

“When I was a child, I wanted my mother to sleep every night, and my mother touched my ears to fall asleep. Didn’t you say you want to spoil me for them?” Xia Yi opened her eyes slightly, her voice still a little hoarse. Because I just cried, the ends of my eyes were red, and the eyes were as pure as those washed with water, and the eyelashes were condensed in clusters.

Gu Wenzhu stretched out his other hand with difficulty and gently stroked Xia Zhu’s ear.

“I want to listen to you sing.” After lying down for a while, Xia Zhu suddenly said, “When I was young, my mother coaxed me to sleep and even sang to me on the bedside.”

I didn’t hear Gu Wen talking back for a long time, and even the hand that touched his ear stopped. Xia Yi opened his eyes and raised his head to accuse, “After I finish speaking, I will spoil me like my mother. NS?”

“But I don’t know how to sing at all.” Gu Wen looked dumbfounded one by one.

“If you think about it, you will surely sing a song and a half song. I don’t dislike it. Just hum a few words.” Xia Yi lay down again and closed his eyes. “Think about it, sing as soon as you want, I’m still waiting to hear it. Sleep well.”

After speaking, he gave a long yawn.

After a long while, just when Xia Yi thought that Gu Wen could not sing anymore, a trembling voice of incomplete tone of voice sounded:

Little orchid, white and beautiful, as clean as snow, bright as the moon…

Xia Yi:? ? ? ? ? !!!!!!!

Well, don’t be too picky, it’s already good to sing with brother.

Xia Yi curled up in the quilt, quietly listening to Gu Wen humming a small tune. Although the tune ran far away, but could hear a general idea, and still felt a little familiar, as if had heard it somewhere.

Where is it? In the TV series? wrong. Children’s nursery rhymes? Not right.

But why is it so familiar? I feel that I can hum along with that song.

Suddenly, a flash of light flashed in Xia Yi’s mind: a young man in a white shirt, holding a bunch of orchids, was running in the mountains and forests. The sun was shining from the gaps in the trees and reflected on him as agile as a deer. Posture.

He was still singing a cheerful little tune in his mouth.

Little orchid, twigs, small waist, like a jade carving…

“Brother Zhu, where did you learn this song?” Xia Yi simply turned over and asked Gu Wenzhu.

Gu Wen closed his mouth and began to recall. After thinking for a while, a trace of confusion appeared on his face: “I don’t remember, maybe my mother sang it to me when I was a child?”

“Forget it if you don’t remember, go to sleep.” Xia Yi yawned again and buried herself deeply in the pillow.

It was morning when Xia Yi woke up, and the sun came in through the window lattice. The courtyard was quiet, and Gu Wen had already gone down to the ground when he wanted to come.

He squinted in the bed for a while, and got up lazily to wash. After packing up, went to the kitchen and took a look at the lid. A big pot of steamed buns was still steaming. Every time Gu Wen kept a meal for him, he would use a layer of ashes to press it on the firewood. Although there was no open flame, the remaining temperature kept the breakfast steaming all the time.

Xia Yi was eating porridge in one hand and buns in the other. He heard a chaotic footstep outside the courtyard wall, accompanied by Li Zhu’s loud voice, “Xiao Yi, are you there, Xiao Yi? Xiao Yi. "

“I’m here.” Xia Yi quickly answered in a loud voice, and put the porridge bowl on the table, wondering what was wrong.

The courtyard door was pushed abruptly, and then Li Zhu stepped back in backwards, still shouting “Tap, tap.”

Stepping back in, you can see that he is holding a wooden board in his hand, and there is clearly a person lying on it, showing his feet.

Xia Yi didn’t even take a closer look, and felt that his head hummed, and his legs became soft in an instant, and the bun in his hand fell to the ground. He staggered two steps forward, and asked softly with trembling lips: “Brother Zhu? Is Brother Zhu?”

“Go in, go in, be gentle.” Li Zhu was still commanding the person carrying the stretcher on the other end loudly. He caught a glimpse of something wrong with Xia Yi, and quickly said: “It’s not Wen Zhu, Xiao Yi, not Wen Zhu, it’s your relative.”

When I heard that it was not Gu Wenzhu, Xia Yi let out a long sigh, and instantly his heart settled, and his feet were not soft anymore. Then I was puzzled and asked: “What kind of relative am I? Where do I have relatives?”

“I don’t know, you can watch it yourself.” While talking, Li Zhu and a few villagers had already lifted the door panel into the yard and placed it on the ground.

Xia Yi approached and took a look. He hadn’t seen the face of the person on the door panel. Just the cyan gown with large sleeves and dark patterns embroidered on the door, she understood in her heart.

Is this why Liu Siqian passed through again?

When he saw his face clearly, Xia couldn’t help but hesitated. This was not Liu Siqian. A little fatter than him, a little younger, about forty years old.

Although he closed his eyes tightly, he was holding a bowl in one hand and holding a wooden staff in the other, even if he was in a coma.

“It was Er Niu who found him. He was running around in the col on the other side of the mountain. When he saw Er Niu, he asked him if he recognized Xia Yi. Er Niu said he did. Then he rolled his eyes and fainted.” Li Zhu While fanning himself with the corner of his clothes, he said, “It looks hungry and dizzy.”

“I also came from famine? Which costume did you choose to put on? It’s so pitiful if you haven’t eaten enough, oh, even if you are dizzy, you know that you can pinch the beggar and the bowl so hard, we squeeze hard. I can’t pull it out.” Er Niu sighed while sweating.

Xia Yi’s mind was spinning quickly, and all this knew my name, it must be Liu Si moved back to tell him, did they master the method of crossing, and told him to come to me when he got here before crossing?

“Well, do you recognize him?” Li Zhu asked Xia Yi.

Xia Yi nodded hurriedly, “I can recognize him, he is my fourth uncle. I guess he can’t live anymore. Then he fled to the famine and came here to find me.”

The few people were talking to ask the doctor to come and see, they heard a long moan|moan, and then the person on the door panel moved and Youyou woke up and turned around.

As soon as he woke up, he looked around and his lips moved to say something.

Xia Yi was afraid that he would say something out of place in front of everyone, so he didn’t wait for him to speak out, so he yelled loudly, “Uncle Si! You are looking for me, I am Xia Yi.”

The man lay on the door panel and stared at Xia Yi. His eyes were blank at first. After a while, they seemed to slowly remember something. A pair of eyes glided by turns, including but not limited to thinking, suspicious, surprise, joy, sadness, and other emotions.

Then trembling lips, choked and said: “Xiao Yi, you have grown taller, and you look more like your mother.”

I rub, this is a drama.
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