Carrying a Hoe to Cultivate Chapter 1-10

Chapter 1

It took Xia Yi for a long time to finally confirm a fact and put the book on herself.

He has been reading two novels at the same time these days. In terms of probability, he has a half chance of being able to cultivate immortals and prove the way and stop a catastrophe of heaven and earth from soaring.

However, he penetrated into the farming article.

There are also many types of farming, such as engaging in infrastructure construction and mixing up a big country teacher, or making cake soaps and opening branches in China. But Xia Yihao never died, and the farming article he pursued was farming in the true literal sense.

This Wen Xia is also used for hypnosis before going to bed. Watching the protagonist fertilize and catch insects and sow, three acres of land grows into 10 acres, and ten acres grows into 100 acres, just like a serial documentary on the Chase Agricultural Channel.

“System, system you come out, I know you are there.” Xia Yi called in his head.

“System 179 is for you. Host, please receive the plot line now.” A mechanical sound sounded in his brain.

In an instant, a large amount of information poured into his mind, and Xia Yijing settled down and slowly filtered the information.

“System, who are these flying with the long sword gourd? What is the Qishan School? I am the son of the prefect, and I have grown up since I was young? What is going on in the Qishan School to cultivate immortals?” Xia Yi sees how this style of painting has improved. The more and more wrong, I couldn’t help but get angry and said, “Not only do I want to farm, I also want to cultivate immortals?”

“What kind of farming? You just need to do the task of Xiuxian, why do you want to farm?” The system’s voice was a little confused.

There was a bad premonition in Xia Yi’s heart: “Xiuxian? Look around, and then look at me. I’m like the son of the prefect in fine clothes and jade food? I’m dressing up like Xiuxian?”

Xia Yi was standing on the ridge at this time, surrounded by sparse corn fields.

He himself was dressed in tatters, with cloth strips under his trouser legs, and a pair of cloth shoes showing his toes. Not to mention his face was yellowish and thin from hunger. He was holding a stick in one hand and a bowl in the other. This outfit was simply a sign of escape from the wild Hanako. match.

Xia Yi leaned on the stick and tremblingly said, “You’d better find out what’s going on right away.” She was too hungry to control her voice.

“Host, wait a minute, I’ll check it for you right away to see what went wrong.” The system was also a little anxious.

Xia Yi began to walk vainly towards the distant village. After only a few steps, she was cold and sweaty, and her eyes were dying.

That farming article tells the story of the protagonist fleeing here, and finally diligently opening up wasteland and farming here.

“Host, are you still there?” The system’s voice rang, “I checked, because the main system has a bug and the timeline is chaotic, so the data transmission between the two worlds is wrong. Host, although you have entered the farming world now, But what follows you is the system of the world of cultivating immortals.”

Xia Yi thought for a while and said, “Then you should correct this mistake. If you can’t correct it, let me go back.”

The system is silent and will say: “Because the amount of data is too large, although the bug is fixed, the result cannot be changed, so you can only stay in this world as the host. And your mission is released by me, the No. 179 Cultivation System will serve you. .”

Xia Yi was shocked in her heart, but she had to take a step back and said, “Then can’t I go to the world of cultivating immortals?”

System: “Host, everything can’t be changed. If you complete all the tasks, you can choose which world to go to.”

Xia Yi wiped away the sweat and said: “Then you publish the task quickly, what do you want to grow? I’m going to find food after publishing.”

“Host, now please accept your first mission: first enter the mountain gate to apprentice successfully

Task introduction: Become a disciple of Qishan School

Degree of completion 0/1

Reward a newbie package”

“Where do I go to apprentice to cultivate immortals in the farming text? Where can I find the Raoshizi Qishan faction? I want to complain to you.” Xia Yi doubted whether this system was infected with any virus.

“Host, after the discussion between me and the main system, you can farm in this world and use the corresponding farming tasks to complete the fairy cultivation task. For example, if you plant three acres of potatoes and complete the primary tasks in the farming world, the corresponding tasks will be completed. The primary mission of cultivating immortals.” The system replied, with a hint of tension in the mechanical sound.

“I haven’t farmed before, I can’t plant it, I can’t complete the task.” Xia Yi began to be irritable, and felt dizzy again and faltered. “You get me something to eat first.”

The system hurriedly said: “Host, there is cornfield 50 meters to your right. As an excellent immortal system, I can scan the host’s entire body for 500 meters. Now there is no one nearby. You can go to break the corn and get through the front of you first. Difficulty.”

Xia Yi now has no mental system. He walked to the cornfield tremblingly. He just walked two steps, his eyes turned black, and he fell straight down.

Before coma, I heard 179 panicked voices: “Host, you can’t go crazy.”


Xia Yi slowly opened her eyes and found herself lying on the bed. Looking around, the furnishings in the house are very simple, except for the bed underneath, which is a wooden cabinet in the corner.

“179, where is this?” Xia Yi asked in confusion in his head.

“You were rescued, and now he is about to enter the house.” 179 replied.

With a creak, the wooden door was pushed open.

Under the projection of sunlight, against the orange halo, saw a tall man standing at the door.

He walked in two steps, seeing Xia Yi had opened his eyes, he was taken aback for a while and then he said: “Wake up? Come and eat something.”

The voice is deep, deep, and very magnetic.

The man walked to the bed with a large porcelain bowl in his hand.

From the first glance Xia Yi saw him, there was nothing else in his mind, only the bowl was locked firmly in his eyes.

Seeing the man came to the bed, he didn’t know where the strength came out, so he turned over and sat up on the bed and reached out to grab it.

“Slow down, you can’t grasp.” Xia Yi’s outstretched hand was intercepted in midair by a pair of well-knotted hands.

Then, the bowl was brought in front of him.

A thick scent of rice floated into her nose, Xia Yi’s stomach began to churn restlessly, and saliva was secreted from her mouth instantaneously.

The bowl is thickly boiled millet porridge with some pickles on it. Xia Yi grabbed the chopsticks on the bowl and plowed it into her mouth. He took the bowl behind and swallowed it with her neck up.

When he wanted to scrape a grain of rice stuck in the bowl into his mouth, the man reached out and took the empty bowl.

Only then did Xia Yi lick his mouth without trying to exhaust himself, and then looked up at his savior.

This is a tall and muscular man with deep eyebrows, tall and handsome, and wearing a dark blue cloth. If you change that outfit, it’s like a model walking out of a magazine.

Xia Yi was grateful, thought it over, and said to the man earnestly: “Xiongtai, although I don’t say thank you for your great kindness, but today I receive your grace for saving my life. One day, brother, I will thank you very much.”

Xia Yi thinks that these words are very decent, the taste is also very ancient, not abrupt. Unexpectedly, the man did not return to him, but just glanced at him with a strange look, took the empty bowl and left the door.

“179, did I say something wrong?” Xia Yi was a little nervous.

“It’s okay, I don’t think you need to go into it at this time.” The mechanical sound of the 179 tablet.

Xia Yi had enough energy to eat, and thinking that she would not lie in bed again, she got up and opened the door and walked out.

This is a small courtyard, not big but neat and clean. There are several houses with red bricks and green tiles, and there are some farming tools in the corner of the yard. It can be seen that the life is better.

Looking out at the horizon, there are rolling mountains and fields at the foot of the mountains.

Xia Yi took a deep breath: “179, I smell the scent of nature, fresh and refreshing.”

“There is also the smell of farming.” 179 reminded him.

At this time, the man walked out of the kitchen. Faintly, he said to Xia Yi, “Come here.”

After speaking, he walked to the main room, and Xia Yi quickly raised his heel.

When he came to the main room and sat down, the man took out a tattered small bag and put it on the table, and said to Xia Yi: “You are dizzy on the side of the road, and the fourth aunt found it and sent it. She saw the way in this bag. Yinhe’s household registration has sent you here. Are you here to find your aunt?”

Xia Yi was bewildered, but he cleverly didn’t answer yes or no, and he didn’t show any doubts. It’s just to make an honest truth that listens carefully and thinks about it.

He is very good at this, he used to read books, whenever he couldn’t answer the teacher’s question, he used this expression.

The man frowned for a while and continued to say: “Your aunt is my stepmother. She passed away last year.”

After speaking, he looked up at Xia Yi and examined his expression.

Xia Yi was still wandering, maintaining his honest face unchanged. It wasn’t until he found that the man was staring at him nicely and didn’t speak.

Hastily lowered his head, with a sad expression on his face.

The man nodded and continued, “I know that it is not easy to find a brother of yours from thousands of miles away, but also the nephew of my stepmother. At the village head, you will live in the old house my father left behind.”

“There is still three acres of land rented out in the south. When the grain is harvested this season, you can take back half acre and use it for planting first.”

Here comes, he finally shows up on three acres of land.

Chapter 2

“The house hasn’t been cleaned, so you can stay here for a few days. Don’t avoid suspicion, I’m your brother, and my name is Gu Wenzhu.”

Gu Wen looked at the name on the household registration again and said: “Your name is Xia Yi?”

“Brother Zhu.” Xia Yi immediately called out affectionately: “My name is Xia Yi, you can call me Xiaoyi.”

Gu Wen nodded and said: “You go to the clean room and take a shower first. I will find a suit for you to wear first, and then buy new clothes when I enter the city.” When it comes to taking a bath, Gu Wen’s expression is a little bit so. A little bit unnatural.

The clean room is the small room separated from the bedroom. Xia Yi first cleaned the face with her pancreas inside.

“179, this original body is pretty good-looking, with clean brows, but a bit of a nymph, not masculine. There is a red mole on this forehead, right?”

Xia Yi looked left and right in front of the bronze mirror, reached out and dig, it turned out to be real, and it grew out of nature.

179 did not say a word.


After rubbing the old mud hard, Xia Yi sat comfortably in the wooden bucket with a towel on her head.

This malnourished body was thin and small, and his skin was white and shiny. After everything settled down, he began to exercise and sunbathe to make it honey-colored.

“179, let’s talk about the task now.” After eating and drinking enough to raise the spirit, Xia Yi began to settle the accounts.

“You made a mistake in your work and brought me to this broken place and called me to plant the land. I can plant the land, and I can also rely on the task of planting. But -” Xia Yi tore the towel off his head and threw it away. In the water: “You have to compensate me.”

“Host, I have discussed with the main system and decided to give you compensation to reduce the difficulty of the task. For example, the primary task was originally to plant an acre of potatoes, and you can just plant a portion of the potato to complete it.”

“How big is a cent?”

“More than 60 square meters.”

“This is bigger than my previous house. It’s also called compensation?” Xia Yi wiped the water off her face with her hand, and said simply: “Give me another golden finger, and we will even out with a golden finger.”

“If it’s not too much, I can give it to you, what golden finger do you want?” 179 swallowed.

Xia Yi didn’t know anything about farming. After pondering the meeting, Xia Yi said, “I want to talk about it later.”

“179, if I complete the task, what good do you have?” Xia Yi asked.

“At the end of the task, the host must give the system a score, and the score should be linked to performance.”

“You Spicy Chicken systems are actually embarrassed to talk about performance!” Xia Yi was shocked.


After taking a shower, changed into Gu Wenzhu’s old clothes. The clothes were fat and big on her body, and Xia Yi had to pull up her cuffs and trousers a few times.

Walking out of the room, Gu Wen was chopping wood in the yard one by one. The blue cloth on his body had been soaked in sweat and stuck to his body. With the movement, the back reveals extremely smooth and strong muscle lines.

Xia Yi felt that she should go to say hello, so she stepped forward and shouted respectfully: Brother Zhu. "

Gu Wen nodded back to him one by one in response, and kept moving.

Xia Yi saw that Gu Wenchi didn’t pay much attention to him, so he walked up to him and said with some kindness: “Brother Zhu, your body is really good, you look strong, and you have a good body.”

After that, staring at Gu Wen’s bulging chest muscles, he nodded in admiration.

After hearing the words, Gu Wen immediately stopped the movement in his hand, slowly raised his head, his eyes were full of shock.

His face gradually flushed, and after opening his mouth, he didn’t say anything. In just a few breaths, the expression on his face has changed again and again.

Finally, he stood up straight and walked back and forth into the room, and slammed the door shut with a bang.

Xia Yi was a little nervous and a little dazed: “179, what’s wrong with him? Did I offend him?”

179 After a moment of silence: “The ancients were very restrained and didn’t like to be praised for their bodies.”

“Then tell me what are some taboos, lest I have to touch mine in the future. That kind of Tianwen is not written in detail, the author is inverted, and wherever he thinks of writing, he is farming anyway. You can tell me in detail. Talk about the world.” Xia Yi began to complain dissatisfied.

179 murmured in a vague tone: “I don’t know… You know, I am a cultivating system… You still have to discover these later.”

Spicy chicken system, not to mention the wrong place, even the world does not introduce it. What’s the use besides asking me to farm?

After a while, Gu Wen walked out of the house one by one and walked into the kitchen without squinting his eyes. But Xia Yi kept looking at him kindly, and found that he seemed to have changed his clothes.

In the setting sun, the chimney on the roof was full of smoke, and Xia Yi probed his head at the door.

Gu Wen was kneading the dough one by one, and on the strong forearm that rolled up his sleeves, there were a few blue veins bulging, the stove was burning, and a large pot on it was bubbling.

Xia Yi was a little ashamed, and didn’t do anything after eating others. Standing by the door rubbing his hands, he asked embarrassedly: “Brother Zhu, can I help you? Peel the garlic and pick the green onions.”

Gu Wen didn’t make a sound and continued to rub his noodles, so Xia Yi slowly entered the house, touching the firewood and the cupboards from time to time.

Gu Wen jumped and jumped with the blue veins on his forehead, and finally smashed the dough on his hand into the basin and said, “Go and wait. I will call you for dinner later.”

Xia Yi went to the yard with relief, and after a boring stroll in the yard, he started to see the ants under the big tree in the yard.

“179, I can play this one day.”

“179, has the team that helped me pay attention to the corner set off again?”

Xia Yi kept squatting on the ground and poking the ants until a pair of feet wearing cloth shoes appeared in front of her eyes.

Looking up, saw Gu Wen’s expressionless face.

“Have a meal!”

Dinner was noodle soup, noodle somersaults, and a bite full of wheat fragrant. Xia Yiyi ate four bowls in a row.

“Host, according to your way of eating, I suggest you still plant three acres of land.” 179 politely.

Xia Yi bit her chopsticks and tilted her head for a while and thought, “I think it’s OK. My golden finger can produce three acres of land for one cent.”


After dinner, Gu Wen cleaned up his bowl and chopsticks and said, “Xia Yi, I’m going to the city to sell mountain products tomorrow, and I’ll be back in the afternoon. The rice noodles are all in the tank. You can cook something yourself. The day after tomorrow, I’ll leave the village. Clean up the old house first, and you can move there."

Think about it and say: “When the time comes, I will give you some food, enough for you to live for a few months, and then give you some seeds, your life will not worry.”

Xia Yi was really touched: “Brother Zhu, I won’t say anything anymore. From now on, if there is a place to be useful to my brother, there will be no other words!”

Gu Wen started jumping again with the blue veins on his forehead.

After cleaning up the dishes, Gu Wen carried one table into the hall and put the two tables together. Go to the bedroom cabinet and take out a quilt and spread it on top.

“I’ll sleep here at night, you go to bed in the inner room.” Gu Wen said one by one, while Xia Yi stood at the door with his back facing the quilt.

Xia Yi was a little puzzled, and asked suspiciously: “I think your bed is quite big, I am not big, and I don’t occupy much space. I usually sleep well. We can sleep together if we don’t grab the quilt or snorting. what.”

“Host!” 179 suddenly yelled, and Xia Yi actually heard a hint of despair in the mechanical sound.

At the same time, Gu Wen froze while laying the quilt, motionless like a stone sculpture.

After a while, his gritted teeth sounded: “Xia Yi, if you are so shameless, just leave my house, even if I can’t blame your aunt or my father.”

After speaking, he turned around and strode over, pushing Xia Zhu out of the door with a sullen expression, and then slammed it shut.

Xia Yi stood at the door in a daze. Even if he didn’t understand what was going on, he knew that something was wrong with the world.

“179! Tell me clearly what is going on! I will complain to you if I don’t say it clearly!”

“179 You come out for me!”

“179 You pretend to be dead, don’t you? You wait, I will give you a negative score after I finish the task!”

After a while, the mechanical sound of 179 rang out: “Host, this is this farming article.”

“Lao Tzu knows this is farming.”

“It’s also a Bunsen text.”


“Giving birth to children! There are men, women and brothers in this world. Brothers are of the third s.εメ and can have children.” 179 explained with difficulty.

Xia Yi was shocked for a while, and said blankly: “So…”

179 actually made a rolling swallowing sound of Adam’s apple: “…Yes, you are.”

There was a suffocating silence.

Suddenly, Xia Yi began to speak quickly: “Let’s go, go to the world of cultivating immortals, and go now, I know you can. I will take you to cultivating immortals and take you to fly, and when I develop the school, I will find a younger sister to become a real life. A baby, I will give you full marks when the time comes. Go now, do you have to make me faint before you can wear it? Come on, I’m ready and knock me out.”

“Host, calm down! Host… Host… Calm…” 179 tried to reassure.

“Host, the world cannot be switched, so you can only farm here. But you can choose not to reproduce, no one forces you to reproduce, as long as you complete your task.” 179 persuasively.

Xia Yi gradually calmed down and stood in the yard thinking: “It seems to be this reason, what am I panicking? I just plant my field and complete my task.”

I just farm the land and wait to go home. No matter how abnormal the world is, he won’t be able to get on me.

Besides, they are all here.

Furthermore, no matter what world you are in, even if it is a brother, I can only be the one who sows.

After standing in the courtyard for a while, Xia Yi sighed for a long time after thinking about this.

No more flustered in my heart, but still cursed 179,179 pretending to be dead, and didn’t say anything until Xia Yi went back to the room to sleep.

Chapter 3

The next day, Xia Yi was hungry and woke up. found out if this body is too hungry, flustered and short of breath as soon as stomach is empty, and no matter how sound sleep, will wake up immediately.

The yard was silent. Xia Yi lay on the bed and remembered that Gu Wen had said he was going out today, so she got up. Rubbing his stomach, go to the kitchen to see what to eat.

Uncovering the lid of the pot, there was nothing. Open the cupboard, only half a bowl of noodle soup leftover from last night. Gu Wenzhu seemed to have instructed him to cook and eat today by himself, so he lifted the lid of the rice noodle jar in the corner and looked inside. There was more than half of the rice noodle jar.

Looking into the stove’s eyes again, he squatted aside and began to worry.

“179, is it feasible for us to cook a meal together?”

Xia Yi is an old son who was spoiled by his parents since he was a child. When his parents passed away, he was already at work. He made a painter and stayed in the studio every day. When he was hungry, he ate takeout and called a group.

After a while, black smoke billowed in the kitchen, Xia Yi’s eyes flushed, and she coughed and rushed out of it.

“179, you can’t even cook food.”

“179, I found that your system is really useless at all. Doesn’t your system industry need to evaluate your business level?”

System: Host, I can only tell you how to cook until you make a good fire.


As the sun sets, cooking smoke rises from the distant houses, adding a lot of smoke to the village surrounded by mountains.

Gu Wen carried a big basket on his back, carrying a big baggage in his hands, and jumped out of the old Zhangtou’s carriage. From the mountain road here, turn a big bend and you can see the village.

As soon as turned the corner, saw a thin figure standing under the old tree at the entrance of the village, looking forward to it in this direction. Seeing him from a distance, the man rushed over, his fat clothes swaying in the wind.

Xia Yi rushed over to Gu Wen with excitement, and yelled as he ran: “Brother Zhu, you are back, I want to die.”

Gu Wen was stunned after hearing the words, his hands and feet froze in place at a loss. He wanted to turn his head and leave, but found that it was not suitable, so he had to hold onto the baggage in his hand tightly.

Xia Yi ran to Gu Wenzhu in one breath: “Aren’t you tired? Have you eaten yet? Are you hungry? Walk around, hurry home to cook and eat.”

Gu Wen opened his mouth one by one to say something, closed his mouth again, and walked home with a straight face, Xia Yi followed closely behind him.

After returning home, Gu Wen put down his baggage and went into the kitchen one by one. Seeing the dry wood stuffed in the stove without leaving a gap, he gradually frowned.

The dry wood was burnt black but not burned.

“What did you eat today?” Gu Wen asked questioningly.

“Punch noodle soup.”

“But the half bowl left in the cupboard?”

“En.” Xia Yi lowered his head in shame.

Gu Wenzhu didn’t say anything. He went back to the hall and opened the furoshiki. He took out an oil-paper bag and handed it to Xia Yi: “Push the mat first, and eat later.”

Xia Yi opened the oil paper bag, and inside were two greasy meatloaf with a fragrant aroma. Suddenly became energetic, quickly picked up one and handed it to Gu Wenzhu: “Brother Zhu, you also eat.”

Gu Wen shook his head one by one, and walked straight to the kitchen: “I have eaten.”

Xia Yi had eaten half a bowl of noodles that day. She was so hungry that her breasts were pressed against her belly. Now she just took a bite of the meatloaf she touched.

Want to cry.

Although the two patties were eaten, Xia Yi felt that he could stick to two more bowls for dinner.

“Tomorrow I will go and clean up the old house, you will live there, and you will come to me to eat in the future.” After Gu Wen put down the dishes and chopsticks one by one, he watched Xia Yi mix the rest of the vegetable juice in the rice. Belly, said lightly.

With rice in her mouth, Xia Yi was speechless, so she nodded vigorously.

“179, Brother Chase is really great, I must repay him well in the future.”

After dinner, Gu Wen went through the baggage one by one, took out two sets of new clothes and handed them to Xia Yi: “I don’t know what my brother likes, so let the boss choose one for me. You take it and replace it. Bar.”

Remembering that when he was choosing clothes in a clothing store, the boss kept saying things like your brother can really enjoy the blessing, Gu Wenzhu’s face was still a little unnatural.

Xia Yi rubbed his hands and took the clothes: “Masters wear whatever you like. I don’t pick, I can just wear the clothes.”

After finishing speaking, he went into the back room with her clothes in her hands.

The clothes are knee-length cloth shirts. The workmanship is pretty good, and there is no need to pick the cutting needles. After getting dressed, Xia Yi looked at herself in the bronze mirror.

“179, does it look good?”

“It looks good, especially the waist. It’s a great pinch.” 179 seized the opportunity to express a wave of good feelings.

Xia Yi touched her chin with her hand, with a hint of suspicion: “Good-looking is good-looking, but the color is a bit…Isn’t this gay purple?”

He has been a little sensitive to these lately.

“Where are those in this world? You think too much.”


Wearing new clothes, Xia Yi walked outside the house happily, yelling for Brother Zhu as he walked, and then stood at the door with a smile.

Gu Wen was adjusting the plowshare in the yard one by one. He raised his head when he heard Xia Yihuan, and was startled when his eyes met Xia Yi.

I saw him standing there in his newly fitted clothes, slender figure, pliable waist, handsome eyebrows but with a man’s handsomeness. The setting sun softly fell on his body, covering him with an orange halo even more.

In the past few days, Xia has not been a dirty beggar, or is wearing Gu Wenzhu’s unfit clothes. After packing up like this, he is indeed a very handsome brother.

Xia Yi walked up to Gu Wenzhu and smiled and asked, “How’s it going?”

Gu Wenyi didn’t answer, but he opened his eyes instantly.

Then he said: “I’ll go and take a look in the ground.” Without looking back, he walked out of the yard quickly.

At night, lightning flashed and thunderstorms poured down, and the whole village was covered with a thick rain curtain. Water was rushing outside the window, roof tiles were clinked, and occasionally there was the rumbling of distant rocks collapsing.

Xia Yi was so quarreled that she could not fall asleep tossing about in the bed. He heard Gu Wenzhu in dimness as if she got up and left the courtyard, and returned after more than half an hour.

The next morning, when Xia Yi was awakened by a bird song, the rain had stopped, and there was still dripping rain under the eaves.

In the hall, Gu Wen was sitting among the piles of bamboo, using a machete to repair the bamboo strips one by one.

Hearing the sound of footsteps, Gu Wen said without looking back: “One of the walls of the old house was soaked in water and the stone fell. It is unpopular. You can live here. I will make another bamboo couch. Sleeping on a bamboo couch.” After a pause, he said, “Breakfast is left in the pot, you are going to eat it.”

With a cry, Xia Yi-oh, went to the kitchen to serve a bowl of porridge, and used chopsticks to skew three large steamed buns, walked carefully, and squatted at the door to watch Gu Wen make a bamboo couch.

Gu Wenzhu’s hand has wide joints, slender fingers and thick calluses on his palms. The cuffs were rolled up, revealing the brown forearms with strong muscles and smooth lines. The bamboo slices were flipped flexibly under his hand, and they were put into the frame of the bamboo couch made of wood by him.

Which man doesn’t like to watch manuals and excavators?

Xia Yi was fascinated, moved forward, squatting across from Gu Wen, staring intently while chewing on the buns.

Gu Wenzhu’s movements gradually slowed down, and then he turned sideways and turned his back to Xia Yi.

Xia Yi moved again, this time to Gu Wenzhu’s side, and squatted down side by side.

Under the fiery gaze, Gu Wen finally stopped working in his hands and turned his head to stare at him.

Xia Yi snorted a mouthful of porridge, raised her chin to the bamboo stick with her mouth bulging, meaning you to continue.

Gu Wen let out a deep breath, staring at the corner silently, as if tolerating something. Then he put down the bamboo strips in his hand, and piled them all in the corner of the door. I got up and went to the kitchen to pick up a few steamed buns and a pot of water into the cloth pocket, then lifted the plow, “I went down to the ground.”

The voice was muffled, as if not too happy and as if it were unnatural.

“Host, don’t you hurry up and get familiar with the business?” 179’s voice sounded.


“Brother Zhu, wait!” As soon as Gu Wen led the cow out of the village, Xia Yi chased up panting.

“Brother Zhu, I’m going to see you farm.”

Xia Yi panted, running flush with a flush on her face, and she also carried a cloth pocket with steamed buns and water in her hand. After hearing the words, Gu Wen paused, closing his mouth again when he wanted to say something, and continued walking forward with no expression, Xia Yi quickly followed.

Passing by a small river outside the village, several people were washing clothes by the river. When the two of Xia Yi passed by, they all stared at him.

Gu Wen hurriedly stepped up, and separated a dozen steps from Xia Yi.

“Gu Wenzhu, this is Li Xiu’er’s nephew?” A woman straightened up and shouted to this side.

Li Xiu’er is Gu Wenzhu’s dead stepmother and Xia Yi’s cheap aunt.

Gu Wen greeted him indifferently, and continued to speed up his pace. It seemed that there was something chasing him behind him, and the cows were pulled all the way to a trot.

“Oh, he looks so handsome.” A group of women began to laugh.

Xia Yi also smiled friendly at them, and noticed that there were two thin men with red moles on their foreheads and powdered fat inside.

“179, don’t tell me that’s brother.”

“That’s the same brother as you, host.”


Xia Yi stepped down and looked at the two brothers secretly without a trace. When they saw them laughing, she naturally raised her hand to cover her mouth.


“System, is there really no way to cultivate the immortal world?”

“There’s no way, host.”

When he turned around, he found that Gu Wenzhu had gone out of sight. He hurried to catch up, and after turning a corner, he found him waiting there with a cow.

Seeing Xia Yi’s figure, Gu Wen walked into the ground keeping a distance of more than ten steps.

“179, to be honest, Gu Wenzhu’s reaction makes me feel like a woman.”

“Host, you are really sensitive, I think Gu Wenzhu is normal.” 179 quickly retorted, letting the host clear up his doubts and farm with peace of mind.

“Maybe since I knew this is a perverted world, and I’m still a brother, my mentality has collapsed a bit.” Xia Yi sighed, feeling a little sad.

“Host, you have to adjust your mentality, don’t be suspicious of everything.” 179 calmed him.


In the ground, Gu Wen began to smash the ground one by one. Under his control, the plough smashed through the black ground.

Xia Yi sat on the edge of the ridge, carefully studying every step and memorizing every movement.

“179, the plowshare needs a 45° angle.”

“179, use the principle of leverage to press down the plowshare.”

“Host, you have to drive the cow with the whip in one hand. I don’t think the plowshare is so easy to press.”

“179, you see that he stepped on the ground barefoot, he might encounter earthworms and the like, I feel I can’t do it a bit.”

“At that time I can mosaic all the earthworms.”

“But there will be a touch.”

“I will block your physical feelings.”

One person, one system, while watching Gu Wen’s arable land, started a lively academic discussion in his mind.


Gu Wenzhu feels that ploughing this small piece of land today is the hardest farming in history. The two eyes on the ridge on the left that had been stuck to him were so hot that he had forgotten to drive the cattle several times, and he didn’t let his hands and feet behave.

Why doesn’t this guy know that he is ashamed? Staring at the man, his eyes look good.

Turning his head to stare at him, he smiles sweetly at you instead.

I know he is interesting to me, but only a few days have I got along with him? Every day I try every means to seduce myself.

Where is the look of a brother?

Really shameless.

Chapter 4

In the next few days, Xia Yi followed Gu Wen to the ground every day. When Gu Wen was ploughing the land, he learned the technique on the ridge, and Gu Wen planted the seeds one by one, he followed to see how and how many seeds were planted in each pit. I also actively asked questions and carefully analyzed, which greatly enriched my theoretical knowledge of farming. It’s just that there is no pen and paper, so I can’t write it down in a small book.

It can be said that he is very thirsty for knowledge.

It’s just that for Gu Wenzhu, the past few days have been as difficult as years. Every day when I led the ox down to the ground with the plowshare, I seemed to be walking towards the churning oil pan, and I was about to jump in and be fryed over and over.

As Xia Yi’s gaze became more scorching day by day, Gu Wen stabbed on his back, stumbled on his left foot several times and almost fell to the ground with his right foot.

This brother is really getting too much, he has been dissatisfied for the past two days and just stared at himself.

He would pretend to watch the seeding follow behind him. Had it not been for his agility, he would have deliberately fallen and stuck to his back.

Have nothing to look for.

The peanuts originally grew underground, but I thought they were on the tree. You planted 6 seeds in this pit, but you planted at least a dozen seeds in the previous pit. Will it have any impact?

While talking, he looked at himself with bright eyes. He deliberately got close, letting a faint scent from his body pierce into his nose, as if he was afraid that no one would know what he was thinking.

Gu Wen was a little bit worried, this brother is really terrible, and I have to find a time to mention him implicitly. I’ve always abide by the rules and been innocent, and I’ve never spread the gossip with any girl or brother that makes people chew their tongues. In the future, you must pay attention, not to ruin your reputation in the hands of this brother.

Gu Wenchi thought vigilantly.

Turning to look at Xia Yi, he smiled and touched the bull’s head. The sun shone on his face, his white skin seemed to be transparent, and a shallow dimple appeared on the side of his cheek.

What’s more, everything came too fast, the offensive was too fierce, and there was no buffer time for thinking.

You have to let us get along for a while to see it.

Gu Wen continued to think.


Today, Xia Yi got up very early. After Gu Wen washed up and walked into the kitchen one by one, he found that he was sitting at the table vigorously waiting for dinner.

Because after a period of study, Xia Yi believes that he has initially mastered the basic essentials of farming and is ready to practice farming. So Gu Wen took the rented land back two days ago, and personally chose the fattest piece of land for him to plant.

Xia Yi quickly ate breakfast, and happily went to carry the plowshare. Gu Wen raised his hands one by one to stop him, then took a hoe and went to Xia Yi’s field, turning over the lot in half an hour.

Xia Yi: …

“179, I found that we wasted a few days looking at the cattle farming.”

“There is no waste, host, these are precious theoretical knowledge. Later when you plant three acres, ten acres, or even a hundred acres…”

“It’s all right, don’t say it.” Xia Yi interrupted 179 decisively.

Don’t want to listen.

Xia Yi stood in the ground and began to bury the cultivated potato pieces. Fill in the soil lightly again, being careful as if he was planting a baby.

Fill the soil and apply fertilizer. The fertilizer is water mixed with plant ash, and he tries to pour it evenly, spoon by spoon.

After such a busy day, Gu Wen sent him the food one by one to eat.

In the sunset, Xia Yi carried an empty bucket and looked at a piece of land where potatoes were planted. She was filled with relief and couldn’t help but breathe a long sigh.

“179, if I plant potatoes in this part of the land, will my first task be completed? It is the task of cultivating immortals and apprentices.”

“Yes, the host, it is complete, and besides the task reward, there is a novice gift pack.”

“What’s in the package?”

“I don’t know.” 179 made that flat mechanical sound again.

Xia Yi already understood it, and every time 179 made this sound, it showed that the answer was not so wonderful.

Forget it, just complete the task, and Xia Yi can only comfort herself like this.

It was getting dark today, and he was still reluctant to go home and kept staring at the land until Gu Wen made dinner to call him.

Instead of standing on the avenue beside the field and shouting names, Gu Wenzhu walked around the winding field ridge to Xia Yi’s ground. He coughed harder, and when Xia Yi noticed his arrival and greeted him warmly, he looked at other places and said lightly: “Eat.”

Then he left without waiting for Xia Yi’s response.

Returning home tiredly, but still very excited. After dinner, Xia Yi rushed to wash the dishes, then hummed a song and began to take a comfortable bath.

“179, I want to see if the potatoes have emerged.” Xia Yi rubbed her back with a towel, feeling the exhaustion of the day flying away.

System: “Host, you just planted it an hour ago.”

“Yes, I was really anxious. There is no common sense of agriculture.” Xia Yi laughed to herself, wringing out the towel and covering her head, resting comfortably on the back of the bucket, putting her hands on her hands. The barrel edge.

“I’ll see it tomorrow morning.”


When the bath is finished, the moon has risen to the top. Xia Yi got up and put on clothes, and after looking around, she realized that Xieyi had not been brought in. looked out the window and wiped it. The clothes were still hanging on the clothesline in the yard.

How to do? Go get it.

He put on his trousers, pulled his cloth shoes, naked to the upper body, opened the door and went straight out.

While walking, wipe the drops of water dripping from the ends of the hair with a towel.

It was mid-June, the night in the mountains was still a bit cold, and the evening breeze brushed over the upper body still covered with water droplets, and Xia couldn’t help but shiver.

The bright moonlight shone softly on his bright white body, and his skin seemed to glow.

“Boom!” It was the resounding sound of the washbasin falling to the floor.

I saw Gu Wen standing by the door of the hall, his mouth open, looking at him with a shocked expression of five thunders, as if the sky was falling.

Xia Yi was also stunned in the same place, still keeping the posture of wiping his hair with his hands, and then he instantly reacted.

“179, I forgot that this is a perverted world!” Xia Yi howled in his head.

“I not only exposed the neck, but also showed two mosaics!!!”

“179, this is equivalent to sitting in my community, and suddenly a shirtless girl came out from the corridor.”

“179, I’m done, I am done.”


A few seconds later, Xia Yi seemed to walk under the clothesline calmly, tore off the clothes, and put them on unhurriedly. He fastened the belt around his waist, turned and nodded to Gu Wen one by one, smiled, and went back to the room.

Early the next morning, because he was thinking about the potatoes, Xia Yi was sitting at the table early again, waiting for dinner.

Gu Wen wore a pair of dark circles one by one, making breakfast in despair. After a while, dropped the rice spoon on the ground, and then the water was boiled dry. When took the bowl, almost knocked over a stack of bowls.

“179, Brother Zhu is like this, if he goes to my former dormitory, will he survive three days?”

In summer, the whole building is shirtless.

“Bang!” A large bowl of noodles fell heavily on the table in front of Xia Yi. Because he can eat noodles, Gu Wenzhu used the only big soup bowl at home to serve him noodles.

Gu Wenzhu didn’t sit down at the dinner table, as if he hadn’t seen Xia Yi, and didn’t lift his eyelids. Holding his bowl of noodles, he walked straight to the yard and squatted under the big tree to eat.

Seeing him like this, Xia Yi thought for a while with a bitter face, and holding his big bowl with both hands, walked tremblingly to Gu Wen and squatted down next to him.

Looking around, he hooked a stool with his feet to put the bowl on it.

Too heavy.

Gu Wen sucked the noodles with a dark face, said nothing, and turned his face aside slightly.

Xia Yi moved to him and dragged the stool with the noodles in front of him.

Gu Wen kept aiming all the time, as soon as he saw it, he wanted to get up and walk away.

Seeing that Gu Wen was about to leave, Xia Yi hurriedly shouted, “Brother Zhu, listen to my explanation.”

He was afraid that Gu Wenzhu would be like a TV series, so he left without looking back. As a result, Gu Wen finally stopped walking away and stood still.

Although he was still black, he gave you the only chance, and you explained it clearly to me.

Xia Yi bit his chopsticks and pondered, and turned to look at Gu Wenzhu earnestly, “Brother Zhu, if I say that in my hometown, the whole building, ah no, all the brothers in the whole village will be naked in the summer. Do you believe in running across the village?”

Gu Wen’s expression was startled first, and then his expression even more gloomy.

Seeing that the situation is getting worse, Xia Yi said hurriedly: “I tell you, my brother in our village doesn’t care about this at all. Everyone is a man, it doesn’t matter what the dew point is…”

Gu Wen jumped up high against the blue veins on his forehead, closed his eyes, and took two deep breaths. Then he shouted unbearably: “Shut up! Nonsense!”

After speaking, he turned straight and walked to the kitchen angrily. Halfway to pause, he turned his head and said in a low voice: “Xia Yi, I know your thoughts, but you can’t use this method, it will only bore me.”

After speaking, he entered the house without looking back.

Xia Yi was there, squatting motionless.

After a while, he asked faintly: “179, he knows what my mind means? What is my mind?”

System: “Follow him, and he knows your mind. If you want me to say, these guys have the most thoughts and the hardest to guess, which look like our brothers.”

Xia Yi would be dumbfounded, and said: “I don’t want to, I can’t guess.” Suddenly he remembered something, “179, I think your tone of speech is a bit strange recently, but I can’t say how it feels.”

“179, are you scanning the group of people washing clothes by the river recently?”

System: “Look at what you said, I have the spare time to scan those cheap hooves.”


Chapter 5

This time, Gu Wen showed Xia Yihao’s face for a few days. A word was different from what he said, as if there was no such person as Xia Yi in his eyes. When calling him to eat, he didn’t call his name, but said roughly, “Eat.”

It’s like a silent tower at home.

Xia Yi lived tremblingly, not even daring to open the meal to eat. Gu Wenzhu secretly looked at Gu Wenzhu blindly, rushing to sweep the floor and plastering, for fear that someone accidentally annoyed him: Not only did you have an unhealthy mind, you can still eat so much, and the family is overwhelmed by you, let me go!

So Xia Yi only ate half-full every meal, panicked with hunger in the middle of the night, and secretly went to the kitchen to turn over things to eat.

“179, scan to see if Gu Wen has fallen asleep?”

System: “Sleep.”

He tiptoed to the kitchen and started to eat. bumped into the basin in the dark, and immediately did not dare to move with a bang.

“179, is Gu Wen awake yet?”

System: “Woke up, but he just looked up at the kitchen and fell asleep again.”

“I was violently violently by the family, I was so miserable.”

System: “Stop talking, let’s eat first.”

I went to turn over the food every night, but fortunately, can turn over some of it every night, so messed up stomach anyway.


During this time, Xia Yi went to see his patch of potatoes every day. Coupled with the unilateral cold war between Gu Wenzhu and him, the air at home seems to be frozen. So in addition to sleeping and eating, he spent the rest of the time soaking in the ground.

Gradually, the whole village knew of Gu Wen’s stepmother’s nephew who had escaped from famine. Because was scared and hungry, finally got a bit of potatoes. watched every day, and eyes were green. wish could sleep in the field. It was really pitiful to see.

Xia Yi quickly got in touch with the sympathetic villagers.

“Xiao Yi, go to see potatoes again?”

“Yes, Auntie, have you had breakfast?”

“Xiao Yi, I’ve seen your potatoes for you, and they haven’t emerged yet.”

“Thank you Uncle Wang.”


“Sister Wang, Dan baby can talk.”


Xia Yi squatted on the ridge with a sad look. It’s been so many days, the ground is still the same, not a single seedling, these seedlings will not all die in the soil.

At night, he lay on the bed tossing and turning, suddenly turned over and sat up, put on his shirt and shoes, and walked out.

System: “Where are you going, host?”

Xia Yi: “I have to go and see my land, otherwise I can’t sleep.”

System: “Didn’t you just go to see it in the morning?”

Xia Yi: “No wonder I think about it so much. I haven’t seen it for an afternoon.”


Xia Yi stepped onto the ridge that he was so familiar with that he could walk with his eyes closed, and walked all the way to his own land.

The moonlight was like water, and from a distance, he saw a hunched figure in his ground at a glance.

Xia Yi’s heart jumped and she said in shock, “179, scan quickly, who is in my field and what is it doing?” His eyes began to patrol around the ground to see if there were any sticks, rocks, etc. "

“Fuck, if he wants to harm me potatoes, I will kill him.”

System: “Host, don’t panic, that’s Gu Wenzhu, loosening the soil for your potato field.”

Xia Yi was taken aback, stopped immediately, and looked carefully. It can be seen that Gu Wenzhu’s figure is squatting in the gully of the field, moving little by little, loosening every potato pit little by little.

Xia Yi suddenly felt warm in his heart, and the grievances and boredom that Gu Wen had left out these days also disappeared unknowingly.

“179, I think it’s good for Gu Wen to chase each other.”

“I don’t want to have a cold war with him.”

Gu Wen returned home after loosing the soil in the ground, and as soon as he entered the yard, he looked at Xia Yi’s bedroom. Through the window, the room was dark, and Xia Yi had obviously fallen asleep. He was about to go to the corner of the courtyard to fetch water to wash, and as soon as he turned around, he saw a row of dripping clothes hanging on the clothesline. It was exactly the one he hadn’t washed today.

There was also a pair of obscene trousers hanging on the rope, which was slightly dancing in the wind wet.

Gu Wen stood there in a daze for a moment. After a long while, he sighed helplessly, shook his head and continued to walk to the well.

. . . . . .

Not two days after Gu Wen had loosened the soil that night, the potatoes had emerged. The newly unearthed seedlings stretched out in the sun, tender and fresh. Xia Yi stood on the ridge, looking at the tender green shoots in the field, with unspeakable happiness in her heart.

The villagers passing by with their hoes also noticed the greenery of the border.

“Xiao Yi, your potatoes have finally emerged.”

“Yes, Uncle Wang, you are early today.”

“Oh, it’s not easy, Xiao Yi finally managed to emerge from the seedlings.”

“Where, don’t worry, seedlings will emerge anyway, is breakfast available for Aunt Li?”

Xia Yi greeted the villagers in a hurry and was very polite. With a slight smile on his face, he looked very calm.

“179,179, the seedlings finally emerged, hahahahaha the seedlings have emerged, hahaha”

“Hahaha seedlings have emerged, hahahahaha.”

“179, I really want to roll on the ground.”

“179, I want to run a few laps on these ridges.”


The weather is getting warmer, and the longer the potato sprouts, the better, and the greenery is very gratifying. Xia Yi went to inspect several times a day, catching insects and watering, squatting on the ridge and chatting with 179, discussing the growth of Xiao Miao’er, which was very exciting.

Seeing that it would be harvested in two months, Xia Yi was very longing for it in her heart. When the first task is completed, it is one step closer to leaving this ghost world as soon as possible.

In the afternoon of that day, Xia Yi and Gu Wen were sitting in the courtyard for a meal under the shade of the trees. Since the weather got hot, they moved the dining table from the kitchen to the yard, which was bright and cool.

Slowly a dark cloud floated, and stopped on the top of the small courtyard, and the sky gradually became faint. Then, with a few flashes of lightning and thunder, heavy rain poured down.

Gu Wen hurriedly brought the dining table to the corridor.

The world is getting darker, and the rain is already mixed with hail the size of rice grains, and the courtyard is beating with crackling.

Xia Yi secretly screamed badly, and remembered his family’s upset potatoes. Can’t help putting down the dishes and standing on the side of the corridor, looking up anxiously at the sky.

“179, I’m a little worried about my potato sprouts, would you scan it?”

“Host, the potato seedlings are currently safe, and hail is not enough to pose a danger.”

The hail gradually got bigger, like pigeon eggs, and smashed down with the heavy rain, and quickly gathered a thick layer on the ground. The tiles above my head could hear the crunch of cracks, and the leaves and branches in the yard fell all over the ground.

“179, scan the potato sprouts again.” Xia Yi rubbed his hands around under the eaves, anxious.

“Host, potato seedlings are a bit dangerous. Although potatoes are anti-hail crops, the hail is too big.”

“No, I have to go and see my little Miaoer.” Xia Yi stopped pacing back and forth, “I have to pick some banana leaves in the forest next to it.”

“Host, no matter how important the task is, it can’t compare to your safety.” At the critical moment, 179 was still calmer than Xia.

“I can’t control that much. If this task is broken, how can I go home?” Xia Yi looked up the tub for washing her face quickly, gritted her teeth, and rushed out the tub above her head.

“Where are you going?” Gu Wenzhu screamed from behind.

Xia Yi ran and replied: “I’m going to see my potato sprouts.”

Gu Wen roared one by one: “You are not going to die? At this time, you are still thinking about potato sprouts.”

Xia Yi ignored the reply, and ran towards the potato field hurriedly against the tub. The hail hit the wooden basin above the head banging, and people were frightened.

“My little Miao’er, you must hold on. Dad is here, and Dad is going to block banana leaves for you.”

“Ah!” With a short exclamation, Xia Yi slipped and fell heavily. The tub in his hand was also taken off, and Gululu rolled to the side.

Hail immediately hit him like a bullet, and he hurriedly hugged his head in his hands, looking for the tub everywhere. The pain on back and shoulders was unbearable, but couldn’t care about it now, just wanted to get up and go to the ground quickly. As soon as he stood up, there was a sharp tingling in his ankle, and he sat down again.

My ankle is crippled.

Xia Yi sat awkwardly in the hail, squinted his eyes and touched the tub beside him on his head, struggling to get up.

At this time, a figure stopped in front of Xia Yi. With the darkness in front of him, he was covered by a thick coat of clothing, and he no longer felt pain when the hail hit his body.

It was Gu Wen who came here.

Gu Wen picked him up in his arms one by one, and rushed to the house. Bend his waist slightly while running, and use his upper body to block the hail.

With a kick open the door of the courtyard, Gu Wen quickly carried Xia Yi into the house. After laying him on the bamboo couch, Gu Wen knelt down and asked, “Has the man broken?”

Xia Yi was lying on the bamboo couch, feeling pain all over, but no matter how painful she was, she couldn’t be as sad as the ground being destroyed. Turning his head to ignore him, only choked up: “My little Miao’er.”

Gu Wen paused one by one, and then he was puzzled: “Just smash the potatoes, where are they so expensive? If they are broken, I will give them to you.”

Xia Yi buzzed with a nasal sound, “You don’t understand, I want my Xiao Miao’er, they are very important to me.”

After speaking, she turned her side, didn’t want to speak any more, secretly sad.

Imagine that I came to this strange world for no reason, always suppressing the fear of my brother’s identity and working hard to go home. Finally, there was a little hope, a hailstorm, which wiped out all the expectations these days.

Xia Yibei came from it, and tears finally couldn’t help but he wiped it secretly, not wanting to be seen by Gu Wen.

After a while, Xia Yi heard a strange noise coming from behind him. Turning his face to see, Gu Wen wore a hat and a quilt, dragged a few old bamboo mats taken out of the utility room, rolled them into rolls and clamped his arms under his arms to make a gesture to go out.

“Where are you going? The hail is so big outside.” Xia Yi propped up her upper body and looked at Gu Wenzhu dimly with tears.

“I’ll save your Xiao Miao’er.” Gu Wen glanced at him one by one, then turned and rushed into the hail rain.

“Don’t! Don’t go!” Xia Yi hurriedly stopped, but Gu Wenzhu had already reached the gate of the courtyard quickly, opened the gate and ran out.

Chapter 6

Xia Yi turned over and sat up: “179, quickly scan Brother Zhu, quickly, the hail is so big, I am very worried about him.”

“Host, please rest assured, Gu Wenzhu is currently all normal.”

“Gu Wen drove to the ground.”

“Gu Wen is laying bamboo mats for Xiao Miao’er.”

“The back of Gu Wenzhu’s hand was smashed green.”

“Gu Wenzhu’s hat was overturned, and he picked it up and put it on again.”

“Gu Wen stepped on the hail and fell down.”

Listening to the live report of 179, Xia Yi clenched her heart tightly.

“He’s laid it out, and he’s going home.”

“Enter the yard right away.” 179 continued to broadcast.

Xia Yi took a long sigh of relief, and a heart fell to the ground.

Gu Wen walked into the yard, took off his hat and fur clothes on the corridor, patted the rain on his coat, and stomped in. As soon as he entered the door, he looked at Xia Yi who was sitting by the bamboo couch. Xia Yi was also looking at him steadily.

Xia Yi’s eyes were still red, and she warmly said to Gu Wen, “Brother Zhu, come here.”

Gu Wen didn’t know what he was going to do, and walked over according to his words.

Xia Yi said again: “Stretch out your hand.”

Gu Wen stretched out his hand, a little puzzled in his heart.

His palms are dry and thick, with a thin cocoon on his face.

Xia Yi sniffed, and the urn sounded, “The back of the hand.”

Although Gu Wenzhu didn’t understand what he meant, he still turned his hand over.

Xia Yi stretched out a white and tender finger, gently stroked the bruise on the back of Gu Wen’s hand, and asked in a low voice, “Does it hurt?”

Gu Wen was stunned one by one, and the half of his body touched by Xia Yi suddenly felt crisp and numb like thunder. He quickly took back his hand and walked outside the house. When he reached the door, he stopped again and said without looking back: “It doesn’t hurt.” Then he stretched his leg across the door.

When stepped out of the door, staggered and almost tripped over the threshold.

“179, Brother Zhu didn’t know where he was hit, and the road was unsteady.”

Xia Yi couldn’t help but feel a little worried when he saw him like this.

After a while, Gu Wen entered the room again, still holding a bottle of medicated oil in his hand. He walked to the couch and sat down in front of Xia Yi with a small stool and said, “Take off your shoes and socks and put your feet on the edge of the couch.”

This look is to give Xia Yi’s injured ankle a massage.

When Xia Yi was in school, he had a foot and was massaged by the old Chinese doctor downstairs, knowing the pain. Seeing that Gu Wenzhu was about to grab his feet again, he couldn’t help being frightened and uneasy.

“Brother Zhu, Brother Zhu…or we just leave it alone, it will grow better after a while.” Xia Yi pleaded bitterly, but Gu Wen was unmoved. He didn’t look up and didn’t reply, he just twisted open the medicine bottle, and waited with his eyes down.

It can be said to be very hard-hearted.

Seeing that it could not be dragged, Xia Yi took off her shoes and socks aggrievedly, and slowly put her feet on Gu Wenzhu’s thighs.

Gu Wen was pouring medicated oil into the palm of his hand for a while, and then continued to pour the oil nonchalantly.

Xia Yi’s feet are white and tender, her toes are round and her fingernails are like small pink shells. Gently push up the trouser legs, showing the ankles. Now the ankle was swollen, and it was blue and purple, and it was set off by Bai Shengsheng’s calf, looking extremely miserable.

Gu Wen gently attached the hand that poured the medicinal oil to the bruise.

Seeing Xia Yi’s body trembled, her brows frowned, and the red mole on the center of her eyebrows was vivid and dripping. The eyelashes were drooping, the fan fluttered and trembled, and a row of small white teeth bit her pink lips.

Gu Wenzhu’s hand began to gently push up along the ankle with a little force.

Yu Guang noticed the pale face with fear, and couldn’t help feeling pity in his heart. Hey, after all, he is a lonely brother, even if he goes too far in the usual way, he just wants to find a support.

“Ah!” With a scream that broke through the roof, that face instantly deformed, his facial features were twisted, and his mouth opened wide.

Gu Wen could see the small tongue trembling with the sound wave on the top of his throat.

“It hurts, it hurts, it hurts! Ah-it hurts, it hurts!”

“Hail of dog*-I fuck ah " Xia Yi’s tears and nose flowed, and she did not forget to howl.

“Ah-I’m going to die-don’t push anymore -”

Gu Wenzhu: …

Amid the howls and curses overturning the roof, the massage was finally over. Gu Wen put away the medicine bottle with a black face, and quickly left. He didn’t want to stay in this room for another second.

Xia Yi was dying and slumped on the couch, sweating all over, and tears flashing in the corners of her eyes.

“179, is there anything more painful than this?”

“Yes, host, if you want to have children.”

The rain stopped and the wind stopped, and the hail finally stopped. The sun shone from the cracks in the clouds, and the whole village steamed with clouds. The surrounding green hills were washed by rain and became more verdant green.

Gu Wen carried the wooden ladder one by one on the eaves, and he wanted to go up and repair the tiles. The hail smashed the tiles of the whole village to pieces, and the roofs of every house were already riddled with holes. If you don’t fix it, you will sleep on your pillow in the moonlight at night.

Gu Wen walked up and down the wooden ladder one by one. He wants to throw the broken tiles from the roof into the courtyard, and then down the stairs to the ground, and lift the stacks of new tiles on the corner of the courtyard.

The sun is venomous, and the hail on the ground turns into water early, evaporating hotly. Gu Wenzhu’s sweat kept flowing, because there was a brother in the family, he had no shirtless, his clothes were soaked and stuck to his body, showing perfect and smooth muscle lines.

Xia Yi found a bamboo stick on the bed and limped into the courtyard. Seeing this scene, he couldn’t sit still.

The host is busy working hard. As a free food eater, are you embarrassed to lie down on the couch and rest?

So, when Gu Wen was on the roof, Xia Yi sat on the wooden ladder with a stool, and waited with herbal tea and towel.

Gu Wen stepped down to the ground, and he quickly brought herbal tea to quench his thirst, “Hurry up and take a sip, don’t keep it hot.”

Gu Wen drank tea one by one, he was swaying the fan of the wind, “Is this speed suitable?”

After Gu Wen finished drinking the tea, he quickly took the bowl, and then wiped the sweat on Gu Wen’s forehead with a towel, and said worriedly: “Be careful on the roof and don’t slide down.”

Gu Wen looked at him with a smile and said: “It’s okay, I’m paying attention, don’t stay here, it’s hot here, go to the couch and rest, and be careful of your feet.”

“I’m fine, I’ll go and cool you a pot of tea again.”

When turning around and walking towards the kitchen, Xia Yi suddenly felt a little other smell.

“179, this kind of dialogue in this kind of scene makes me feel that the atmosphere seems a little weird.”

“Host, I don’t think it’s weird. You should put your attention on farming and don’t think about messy things all day long.” The system replied.

Since her feet were cramped, Xia Yi seldom went to see her potato sprouts. The road in the field is too difficult to walk, I am afraid that another fall will hurt him. Fortunately, there are 179 days of scanning, like a surveillance camera in the ground.

“Gu Wen went to fertilize one by one.”

“Gu Wen went to catch the insects.”

“The longer Xiao Miao’er is, the better.”

After being bored at home for a few days, Xia also panicked with boredom. Every day look forward to when the sun is westward, sit on a small stool at the gate of the courtyard and wait for Gu Wen to come back from the ground to cook for him.

Gu Wen watched him sullenly these past few days, planning to stop going to the ground today, and take him out to get some breath.

After lunch, Gu Wen took out a fish basket one by one, and asked Xia Yi knowingly, “I’m going to catch fish, do you want to go together?” Xia Yi brows and smiles again and again, leaning on the stick to go. Walk outside the courtyard.

Gu Wen grabbed him one by one, opened the courtyard door and looked around. With a nervous expression on his face, he suddenly retracted his head and closed the courtyard door. After a while of footsteps passed the yard and then gradually went away, he reopened the yard door and stretched out his head to look out.

Xia Yi: …

Gu Wenzhu waited for a while, and saw that there was no one left, so he hurried back to Xia Yi and turned and squatted down: “Come up.” Without hesitation, Xia Yi dropped the stick on Gu Wenzhu’s back.

Gu Wen carried Xia Yi on his back and the fish basket in one hand, and quickly walked out of the village.

There is only one road after leaving the village, with a hillside on the left and a small river on the right. After walking a short distance along the mountain road, heard a burst of laughter, which is the favorite place for women in the village to wash clothes.

Hearing the laughter, Gu Wenzhu slowed down and stood hesitantly.

Xia Yi asked, “Brother Zhuo, don’t you leave?”

Gu Wen hesitated for a while, and was about to move forward, when Aunt Li’s loud voice came: “So I said it a long time ago. Carpenter Wang and his widow must have fallen asleep. Think about it, brothers and men live under the same roof every day. Down……”

The women around you all laughed: “It’s still your eyesight.”

Gu Wenzhu:…….

Xia Yi asked again, “Brother Zhu, are you still leaving?” He was really afraid that Gu Wenzhu would not go, and went back to the yard with him behind his back.

Gu Wen said: “Go.”

Looking around again, he categorically cut the railway line: “Climb the mountain!”

Xia Yi: …

The mountain road was rugged, and Gu Wen was climbing higher and farther with Xia Yi on his back…I hadn’t heard the sound of the river for a long time, and only the sound of the pine waves and the birds singing in the wind through the woods were in his ears.

Xia Yi couldn’t help but reminded: “Brother Zhu, we are going to catch fish.”

Gu Wen panted with sweat and said, “I…I know, go around…there is only a way down the mountain.”

The mountains and forests are quiet and empty. Gu Wen carried Xia Yi on his back, stepping on the thick fallen leaves, rustling.

“Brother Zhu, how far is it?”

“Huh…huh… coming soon…huh…”

Finally started going down the mountain, and it took more than an hour by the river.

Xia Yi looked at Gu Wenju’s sweaty head and couldn’t help but persuade: “Brother Zhu, you go take a bath, go to wash behind the stone.”

Seeing Gu Wen hesitating, Xia Yi added: “Don’t worry, I won’t go there.”

Gu Wenzhu:…

After taking a shower, Gu Wen walked out from behind the stone naked, carrying clothes in his hands.He walked up to Xia Yi uncomfortably, picked up the fish basket on the ground, and went upstream to catch fish.

Xia Yi watched him go farther and farther down the river, farther and farther…until his strong back was blurred.

“……179, Brother Zhu still doesn’t worry about me.”

Chapter 7

Xia Yi was idle as well, washing Gu Wenchu’s coat by hand and spreading it on the big rock by the river.

Blowing the river breeze and listening to the sound of water, Xia Yi closed her eyes and fell on the big rock on the river beach.

He had no time to care before, and has been adapting to this farming world. Work hard on the task and don’t think about everything in the original world. As soon as he calmed down, many thoughts surfaced unconsciously.

He thought of his parents who had passed away, the brothers in the dormitory, and the stray cats he used to feed downstairs. Can not help but give birth to a sadness and loneliness of being alone in another world.

A tear slipped from the corner of his eye.

I don’t know when, Gu Wenzhu has already returned. Dressed and sat beside him, staring directly at the river.

A low voice sounded: “I haven’t asked what’s the situation in your house, why did you escape to find your aunt, but you can’t live it anymore. Anyway, since you have found here, I will be It’s up to you.”

Xia Yi sat up, sniffed with red eyes and said, “I just miss my parents.”

Seeing Gu Wen looking over, he added sadly: “They all passed away.”

“When my parents were there, I didn’t care about anything, so I didn’t even know how to cook. Now I feel so regretful, like a cripple.”

“I miss them so much. They haven’t eaten the potatoes I planted. They used to be ignorant and think that everything has parents. Before leaving, they are worried about how I will live in the future.”

“I want them to know now that I’m working hard to farm. Don’t worry about me, I will live a good life no matter where I am.” Xia Yi wiped the tears from her face, turned her head and looked into the distance, trying not to choke herself. Speak out.

Gu Wen stared at Xia Yi with pity in his eyes, and said softly, “You work hard, they will know.”

A gust of wind blew up the soft hair on Xia Yi’s forehead, and raised a few small dull hairs. Suddenly, Gu Wenzhu wanted to reach out and smooth out those hairs for him. Squeezing his fingers, he turned his head back.

Gu Wen caught a lot of fish in the upper reaches, more than a dozen large and small, including grouper and crucian. He showed the fish basket to Xia Yi, and Xia Yi quickly forgot the sadness he had just now, and smiled again with a red nose.

It was getting late, Xia Yi picked up the full fish basket, climbed onto Gu Wenju’s generous back, and started to return. The sky was already dark, and when passed by the river, there were no people.

This time Gu Wen walked back home with Xia Yi on his back.

Gu Wen boiled a pot of fish soup one by one, which was fresh and delicious. You pick one for me of the two, and I pick one for you, and eat up that pot of fish.

Xia Yi also ate three bowls of rice in fish soup.

When Gu Wen was washing the dishes, Xia Yi slumped straight on the back of the chair. Watching Gu Wen’s tall and tall figure bustling around in the kitchen, doing all kinds of housework in an orderly manner.

He touched his belly and thought of a question, so he asked curiously: “Brother Zhu, why are you so good and haven’t got a family?”

Gu Wen stopped washing the dishes. He turned and looked at Xia Yi. Xia Yi looked back at him with an innocent look. After thinking about it for a while, Gu Wen replied: “I didn’t meet a satisfactory one.”

Xia Yi nodded clearly, “A good person like you will surely find someone you like.”

After thinking about it, he added: “But when you meet something you like, you have to be like me. Let people understand your intentions as soon as possible, so as not to be preempted by others.”

When Xia Yi was buying milk tea in her freshman year, she met a girl, and when she fell in love at first sight, she chased her and beat her. The girl behind also agreed to watch him everywhere. Although after talking for a month, still broke up with disagreement, but it proved that the method of chasing people is still effective.

Gu Wen didn’t answer, Xia Yi heard him seem to smile twice, and then shook his head helplessly.

After a while, Xia Yi’s feet were almost healed, and the potatoes were ripe. He has been running more frequently in the field these days, and he has to go to see it several times every day.

As soon as walked to the ridge this morning, there was a burst of fireworks and firecrackers in head, and at the same time the voice of 179 rang out beamingly:

Congratulations to the host for completing the first task released by the system.

The content of the task is: Become a disciple of Qishan School

Completion: 1/1

Reward: a gift package for task reward novices

Host, do you receive the prize now or later? "

Xia Yi faintly listened, and couldn’t help asking: “What are the prizes?”

The system didn’t answer immediately, and after a while, a flat mechanical tone sounded: “Are you sure you want to know now?”

When Xia Yi heard this voice, she knew it was not good, but she was still curious: “Speaking of which, I just want to know how spicy your system is.”

“The task reward is 10 bottles of base building fluid, and the novice gift package is a marrow pill and 10 lower-level spirit stones.” 179 read.

Xia Yi:…….

“Host, if you don’t receive the prize now, I can store it in your system storage compartment, and you can receive it anytime and anywhere in the future.” 179 proposed.

Xia Yi asked: “What is the storage compartment of the system?”

“The system storage compartment is the main system space, there is a sub-system space dedicated to you, which can be used for storage.” 179 explained.

“Then you save it for me.” Xia Yidao.

After receiving the reward, Xia Yi went to see his baby potatoes. Rubbing her hands, Xia Yi raised the hoe with both hands and digged down at the side of a potato seedling. When the hoe is pulled out, a large piece of mud is turned up, and the mud is densely packed with potatoes. According to a rough estimate, a single seedling can be dug out several tens of kilograms.

Xia Yi was very excited, immediately threw away the hoe and ran home, and hurried back to call Gu Wenzhu.

Gu Wen pushed a scooter to the ground one by one, and the two of them shook their arms and digged. The potatoes were big and many, and Xia Yi soon became so sore that he couldn’t move his hoe, so Gu Wen continued, picking it up with the bamboo basket behind him.

When the potatoes in this part of the field are harvested, the sun will set. After pulling them home several times with a cart, a potato hill was piled up in the yard.

In the moonlight, the two of them came to weigh the potatoes again, which was a full 1,000 jin.

Xia Yi looked at these potato mountains and smiled like a fool.

Gu Wenzhu simply boiled a pot of potatoes. After it is boiled, it is fried again, until the skin is browned, and then sprinkled with salt and pepper noodles. The potatoes were yellow and orange, and the bite was sandy and sweet, and the two couldn’t stop eating.

While eating and looking at the pile of potatoes, Gu Wen said one by one: “I put 100 catties in the cellar, and I will take the rest to the city tomorrow to sell, just to take you into the city.”

Xia Yi quickly agreed with joy.

When lying on the bed at night, Xia Yi suddenly started calling the system.

“179, didn’t I say that I opened a golden finger? One cent of land produces three acres of land.”

179 did not say a word.

Xia Yi saw this posture, and I went, this was a prelude to pretending to be dead. So he sat up, angrily, “Do you want to shame?”

179: “Host, you don’t have a place to put potatoes on three acres of land. Besides, you suddenly have so many potatoes, how can you explain to Gu Wen one by one?”

Xia Yi thought for a while, and smiled slyly: “Don’t I have a system space? You install it in the system space for me first.”

179 reluctantly agreed.

After a while, the system sounded in Xia Yi’s mind: “Host, your five tons of potatoes have been used up in the system space.”

Xia Yi held a fist into the air: “Thanks.”

The system sounded again: “Host, given that you have completed the first task released by the system, also known as the novice task, and received the reward. Now, the second task is released by the Immortal Cultivation System No. 179 for you.” “Task Introduction: Reach the base building period and obtain a spirit beast

Completion: 0/2

Reward: a gift package for mission rewards”

Xia Yi: …

“What is the corresponding farming task this time?” Xia Yi asked.

“Plant onions and fennel on ten acres of land.” 179.

“I want gold fingers.” Xia Yi said.

Just as the system was about to refuse, Xia Yi said: “Compensation, complaint, score.”

System: “One cent.”

Xia Yi: “Deal.”

With a genius, Gu Wenzhu made breakfast in the kitchen. When Xia Yi finished washing, a large bowl of porridge and a small basket of pancakes were already on the table.

Xia Yiyi ate several cakes and got into the carriage that Gu Wenzhu had already set. The carriage was borrowed by Gu Wen from the old man in the village, and it was full of Xia Yi’s potatoes. As Gu Wen flicked his whip one by one, the carriage went all the way towards the city.

The village was only a dozen miles away from the county seat, and when the sun rose to the top, the carriage also entered the city.

After Xia Yi came into this world, his eyes were full of mountains or fields. This is the first time have come to a place with so many people. Said to be a county town, in Xia Yi’s view, it is just a little bigger than the original town in the world, but the streets are bustling with various stalls and vendors shouting loudly, which is very lively.

The carriage drove to a small tea stall. Gu Wen stopped Xia Yi one by one and said, “You will wait for me here. I will drive the cart to a nearby military camp. The purchasers inside are people I know well. All my food was sold directly to him.”

Seeing that Gu Wenzhu had to urge him, Xia Yi nodded quickly and said, “Just do your business. I’ll wait for you here, not going anywhere.”

Gu Wen confessed to the tea stall owner one by one, leaving a few copper plates, and drove away.

Xia Yi sat at the tea stand with a bowl of tea in front of him, looking around.

“179, over there, the one called Jinfenglou, quickly scan it, is it the legendary brothel?”

“Host, that’s a restaurant.”

“Oh… There is a restaurant called Zuiyi Pavilion over there. It should also be a restaurant.”

“Host, that’s a library.”

“…That’s it. 179. Look at the one in the west called Songzhuguan. The gate looks simple and elegant. It should be the academy where students study.”

“Host, that is a brothel.”

Xia Yi:…

What happened to these ancient people?

Chapter 8

There are a lot of big girls and little wives on the street, all of them show off, and Xia Yi will look more when she meets good-looking ones. Because he is a brother, even if he stares at others, they won’t mind. Instead, he develops a sense of confidence and ecstasy that is appreciated by the same s.εメ.

So Xia Yi started to look at the beauties upright and exclaimed, “179, it’s good to be a brother for the first time.”

There are also many brothers, who are also green and red. Every time Xia Yi saw them inadvertently, her whole body was shaken, and then her eyes quickly passed by.

At this time, a man who looked like a young man walked slowly in front of the tea stall, followed by two small servants behind him. Wearing an icy blue jacket made of good silk, wearing a pair of black silk soap boots and a jade crown on his head, he looked like a child of a wealthy family.

“179, if it is the son of the prefect, dress better than this.”

“If I go to Qishan to send an apprenticeship, my father will definitely give me more than two servants, and maybe there are a few more girls.”

The system said nothing.

The young man must have noticed Xia Yi’s gaze, and looked towards the tea stand. Xia Yi and him looked at each other, feeling embarrassed about being caught, and smiled at the young man.

The young man was startled, a little surprised, and then smiled at Xia Yi.

Xia Yi nodded to him again and turned to look elsewhere.

The young man did not continue walking, he drew lightly, turned his head and confessed to the two servants behind him, and walked towards the tea stand. When he arrived in front of Xia Yi, he said in a polite manner: “Under Yu Chengzhi, I ran into my little brother and would like to ask my little brother’s name.”

Xia Yi was stunned, a little overwhelmed. It doesn’t matter if this person suddenly came to talk to him, or if others used the term fame to him.

Yu Chengzhi looked up and down Xia Yi, and then said: “The tea here is crude, don’t get dirty with my little brother Yukou. Could you please move to Jinfeng Tower, let me prepare some water and wine, and talk about my feelings.”

This…Is this here to strike up a conversation? Xia, who encountered this situation for the first time, was shocked and did not reply.

Yu Chengzhi smiled at ease, unfolded the folding fan in his hand and slapped it, “Although there is no jade liquid, but you can also prepare a few glasses of thin wine. This is crude and simple, how can it be worthy of the little brother’s delicate face like a flower. "

“1…179, is Lao Tzu being molested?” Xia Yi heard a few thunders in his heart, and thundered.

What a fuck, what a fuck!

“Yes, host.” 179 angrily said.

“Bah, I thought that a few stinky money wanted to play with my brother. Our brother is not something that these prostitutes can easily get started.” 179 couldn’t help but spit out, accidentally revealing that he was scanning Aunt Li and the others in the past two days. .

Xia Yi finally suppressed the shock in her heart, and wanted to get rid of this person as soon as possible. So he said lightly: “No, I’m waiting for someone here, please, please.”

Yu Chengzhi was in his chest, but he didn’t expect this answer, and he couldn’t help being stunned. But he was not discouraged. He simply lifted the hem of his shirt and sat down, and said to Xia Yi: “Little brother just nodded to Xixia just now. If you don’t ask for an appointment, wouldn’t he betray your brother’s good intentions?”

After speaking, he raised an eyebrow and smiled at Xia Yi, instantly reminding him of a certain leader on TV.

Xia Yi’s heart began to churn: “Has he never been beaten like this?”

Yu Chengzhi didn’t know that Xia Yi’s heart was burning with fire, and he raised an eyebrow and asked with a smile: “Brother said to wait for someone, dare to ask who is waiting?”

“Say waiting for someone! It’s my father-in-law who is waiting!” Xia Yi was very impatient, and the straight man was vaguely irritable.

As soon as the voice fell, there was the rustling of a carriage not far away, accompanied by Gu Wenzhu’s shout: “Xiao Yi, gone.”

Gu Wen drove the empty carriage and slowly stopped beside the tea stall. When he saw the weird atmosphere of Yu Chengzhi and Xia Yi, a few doubts appeared on his face.

Seeing Yu Chengzhi showing a somewhat puzzled look, Xia Yi had to bite the bullet and shout: “Msang Gong, you are here.” After finishing speaking, he walked over without looking at Gu Wenzhu’s face. .

Yu Chengzhi put away his smile, still sitting still, his face was not very good.

Xia Yi walked to Gu Wenzhu’s side, still thinking about whether to hold his arm again and put his head on his shoulder.

“It’s too much, it’s too much, the play is not good, it’s abrupt.” 179 stopped immediately.

Gu Wen saw this scene one by one, and immediately guessed it. He stood by the carriage, staring at Yu Chengzhi with cold eyes. Seeing Xia Yi approaching, he reached out to help him get into the carriage.

Yu Chengzhi’s face rose with anger and winked at the two young servants. The two young men nodded and walked to the carriage.

One of them arbitrarily arched his hands to Gu Wen: “This elder brother, my son wants to invite this brother to a banquet.” After speaking, the other young servant directly reached out to pull Xia Yi on the carriage.

Only his hand could be stretched out, and he was kicked out one by one by Gu Wen before he touched the corner of Xia Yi’s clothes. He slammed into a wooden pole on the side of the street, and blood foamed out of his mouth instantly, and he couldn’t cough.

Seeing this, the other young man shouted and punched Gu Wen face to face. Gu Wen did not evade, and directly stretched out his hand to intercept in the air, twisting his backhand. Accompanied by a cry of pain, the young man’s shoulder clicked, and one arm fell softly, already out of place.

Yu Chengzhi was furious and slapped the table heavily and stood up. As he was about to move forward, he suddenly met Gu Wen’s gloomy gaze, and instantly a chill appeared on the soles of his feet, and he couldn’t move.

Gu Wen jumped straight into the carriage one by one, ignoring the two young men and Yu Chengzhi who were crying on the ground. With a wave of the horse whip, the carriage headed west of the city.

The horses' hooves clattered on the stone pavement, and neither of them said a word. Xia Yi felt that she had caused trouble for Gu Wen, and she didn’t dare to show up.

After walking for a while, just as Xia Yi was wondering what to say, Gu Wen suddenly muffled his mouth, with anger implied in his voice: “Don’t be afraid of things like this in the future, I will protect you no matter what. Don’t let you suffer.”

Xia Yi was taken aback for a while, and was a little moved. She just wanted to wave her hand and say what loss I could suffer, and then remembered that she was in a perverted world.

In this world, isn’t Lao Tzu going to suffer?

So obediently said. After a while, he said with a bit of excitement: “Brother Zhu, you are too good. Those two shots just now are amazing.” After speaking, he stretched out his hand and gestured a few times.

Gu Wenzhu didn’t answer him, and Xia Yi didn’t care, and began to look into the distance in a trance. It took a while before he shook his head and sighed, “Unexpectedly, I’m pretty seductive.”

Gu Wenzhu: …

Gu Wen stopped the carriage one by one in a clearing and handed the horse to a child in the clearing. Let the child take the lead to feed, and take Xia Yi to eat.

“Brother Zhu, where are we going to eat? I saw Jinfeng Tower at the tea stand, and it seemed to be pretty good.”

“His place is too expensive. It’s all the big families who go to banquets. Let’s go to Xingwu Building to eat some small dishes.”

Xia Yi: …

Is Xingwu Tower really not a martial arts gym but a place to eat?

Xingwu Tower really eats, and business is very good.

After Xia Yi sat down, Gu Wen ordered a portion of pork head, a portion of fried chicken, and a portion of lotus root. Looking at Xia Yi on the opposite side, he ordered another braised pork and 4 donkey meats.

Paotang quickly shuttled and shouted, and the dishes were served in a short while.

Xia Yi was amazed in her heart. Unlike the exquisite display of the present world, here is a big bowl for you to serve, each bowl is full of weight. So he shook off his arms and started eating, eating with a mouthful of greasy and joy.

The guys around were watching him secretly, and those guys were even more shocked when they looked at his appetite.

Gu Wen finished eating first, then took out a heavy small cloth bag from his arms and threw it to Xia Yi: “This is your potato money.”

Xia Yi hurriedly swallowed the braised pork in his mouth, and refused vaguely: “Brother Zhu, I eat yours and drink yours, and I still live in your house. How can I collect the money.”

Gu Wen waved his hand one by one: “You keep this money next to you, so that you don’t even have some money for powder. I’ll talk about the rest later.”

Xia Yi: Powder money? ? ? ! ! !

Gu Wen saw Xia Yi with a dull look, and said to him: “There is a powder shop across the street. You will buy some later. I heard that all the brothers and daughters in the village buy here.”

Xia Yi shook her head frantically: “No need, no need, really no need.”

Swallowing a lip of the braised pork and continued to say sincerely: “Brother Zhu, don’t care about it. I never use lipo powder. I didn’t use it before, I don’t use it now, and I won’t use it in the future.”

Seeing him so determined, Gu Wen nodded and didn’t say anything, but he felt even more pity in his heart.

Yeah, I’m so hungry, I’ve been thinking about a bite of food since I was a child, and I can’t eat enough. Where else would I go to dress up? If you don’t need it, you don’t need it. I think it’s good for him.

After eating, the two went to buy some necessities, and Xia Yishun bought onions and fennel seeds together. By the time bought all the necessities and returned home, the sky was already dark.

With a quiet moonlight and a soft breeze, the horse walked on the path back to the village. In this rhythmic sound, Xia Yi tilted her head unknowingly, still holding half of the unfinished fire in her hand, leaning on Gu Wenzhu’s shoulder and fell asleep.

Gu Wen turned his head to look at him, gently took the fire out of his hand, took out an outer shirt from his side and put it on him, and then closed the neckline of the outer shirt. Gently shake the whip, and continue to move slowly in the night.

Chapter 9

Xia also began to plow the ground, preparing to plant fennel and onions. Potatoes just came out of this part of the land, and the soil is soft. Xia Yi turned the ground in one morning, and the gully was lined up neatly.

“179, fennel and onions are not staple foods. How can I eat so many of them? I can’t sell them well.”

System: “Host, the task content is set by the main system, I am only responsible for publishing.”

Xia Yi was a little nervous, who knows if the next mission released by the main system will ask for something weird. This group of systems is unbelievable, and they all feel a little bit infected.

“179, why don’t you go to discuss with the main system, the next mission release point is rice or wheat?”

“This requirement cannot be met, host. Every task issued by the main system is not random, it is a task made after a lot of data research and analysis.”

“But the host can rest assured that the planting target of each mission is to plant ordinary plants.”

The system added another sentence.

Xia Yi nodded and said, “Okay, as long as I don’t ask me to plant Ganoderma lucidum elixir and resurrection grass or something.”

The system said nothing.

The appearance of the system suddenly made Xia Yi a little alert: “Why don’t you speak? You don’t answer my question, are you in a guilty conscience?”

“No, I got stuck for a while and almost crashed.” The system replied, the voice floating a bit.

The weather today is very good, this is for farming, there is no rain and no sun, Gu Wen also went down. He has a large area of land to cultivate, so he didn’t plan to go home at noon.

Before dawn in the morning, he got up and baked a few pancakes. Except for some for breakfast, Gu Wen took a few of them one by one, and left the rest for Xia Yi for lunch.

The freshly baked pancakes are delicious, but they are cold and hard at noon. Xia Yi thought that Gu Wen had to eat cold cakes all morning and felt uncomfortable, so he planned to make a pot of hot porridge by himself, and then fry a plate of pickles and bacon to Gu Wen.

“179, how about let’s try again?” Xia Yiyue was eager to try and rolled his sleeves into the kitchen.

“Yes, after the last time, I have downloaded a few farm cooking essays, as well as various tips for making a fire in the earthen stove, and I am fully prepared.” The system will not lose the chain at the critical moment.

Half an hour later, there was a squiggle of smoke from the roof chimney, and bursts of fragrance wafted from the kitchen.

At noon, Xia Yi happily put a plate of pickles and bacon and a bowl of hot porridge into the food box. After looking at it, it was not beautiful, and he pulled a few pieces of green onions and spread them on the bacon. Carrying the food box and walking up the ridge, saw Gu Wen busy doing it from a distance.

Gu Wenzhu also saw him and walked over here after dropping his hoe.

“Taste it quickly and see if it tastes good.” Xia Yi opened the food box and handed the chopsticks to Gu Wenzhu. He took Gu Wenzhu’s cake and broke it into pieces and soaked it in the hot porridge.

“It’s delicious.” Gu Wen gobbled it up, and while eating, he reached out and wiped off the black and gray on the bridge of Xia Yi’s nose, “Xiao Yi, how did you learn to cook?”

“I’ll see it a few times.” Xia Ye could not tell that he did it under the guidance of 179.

Gu Wen wiped out the lunch one by one, Xia Yi was greatly encouraged, and developed an unprecedented interest in cooking. After returning home, he plunged into the kitchen and studied various foods.

At night, when the last dish was being served, the courtyard door was opened, and it was Gu Wen who drove home. He didn’t come in after he got home, so he smiled and stood at the door of the kitchen, with his hands behind his back, looking at Xia Yi without saying a word.

Xia Yi was looked up and down, looking at Gu Wen suspiciously, and suddenly turned behind him, and met a pair of small black pupils.

In the small bamboo basket that Gu Wen was holding one by one, a fluffy little milk dog was lying on his stomach. Black fur, pink nose, watery eyes looked at Xia Yi nicely.

Xia Yi yelled in surprise, and quickly took out the puppy and tapped its nose with a finger. The puppy stretched out two small feet to hug the fingers, then licked it with his small tongue, and made two sweet and charming noises. ‘S hum.

Xia Yi’s heart was about to melt, and she asked in surprise, “Where did it come from?”

“The bitch was going to give birth to old Zhang’s house. I asked him to choose one for me to keep. Today, the pup is two months old and I will bring it back.” Gu Wen also reached out and touched the puppy, but his eyes were watching. Xia Yi.

Xia Yi quickly scooped up a bowl of potato rice, mashed it, and topped it with gravy, and brought it to the puppy. The puppy stuck out his nose and sniffed it, and then ate it.

“Eat slowly, it’s all yours.” Xia Yi squatted to watch the puppy eating, and her heart was full of joy. In his previous life, he wanted to raise a puppy of his own, but he was always afraid that he could not raise it and let the puppy suffer along with it. , Now that Gu Wen raises one by one, he can finally get what he wants.

“Brother Zhu, can you name the puppy?”

“Heizi?” After frowning and contemplating for a while, Gu Wen said the name earnestly.

“Be majestic.”

“Big Black?” Gu Wenzheng thought hard again.

“Several dogs in the village called Big Black. When he called Big Black to go home for dinner, Big Black didn’t know who was calling.”

“Black skin?” Gu Wen looked at Xia Yi unconfidently.

…….Why do you have to add black letters, what are your obsessions?

In the end, Xia Yi gave the puppy a name, Qilin.

“It’s just a local dog called a unicorn, and it will be laughed at by the people in the village.” Gu Wen stared at the little dog who was eating, thinking about it, then he thought, “Follow him, Xiao also likes it, and the unicorn is the unicorn. "

“Kirin, kylin, do you know if you will be called kirin in the future.” Xia Yi said while holding the puppy, and the puppy grunted twice in response.

Qilin ate his food, sniffed everywhere in the room, walked under the cupboard and smelled it. He tilted his hind legs and wanted to pee. Gu Wen grabbed them one by one and carried them out.

In the hall at night, the candles were bright, and Gu Wen sat in a pile of bamboo sticks weaving bamboo baskets. He flipped his fingers flexibly, and the bamboo strips slowly formed a round frame in his hand.

The unicorn burrowed excitedly in the pile of bamboo sticks on the ground, gnawing and planing. Xia Yi sat watching Gu Wen weaving bamboo baskets one by one, and from time to time he stretched out his hand to play up the unicorn.

I don’t know when, he began to stare at Gu Wenzhu’s side face in a daze.

Gu Wenzhu’s face is well-defined, resolute and steady, his nose is high and erect, and his sword eyebrows are inserted diagonally into his temples. He is very handsome.

Suddenly, Xia Yi’s heart moved and went to the kitchen stove to find a few pieces of black charcoal. Seeing that Gu Wenzhu hadn’t noticed him, he drew on the floor following Gu Wenzhu’s silhouette. He is a small famous painter in the original world. With a few sketches, a handsome man in costume jumped out of the charcoal brush.

Add eyes… Brother Zhu has deep eye sockets and thick eyelashes… His eyes are very gentle…

Also draw his eyebrow peak…high eyebrow peak….

Draw the lips again… Brother Zhu’s lips are so thin… The lip shape is so sexy…

“Host, I measured your heartbeat faster and faster.” 179 suddenly said, Xia Yi’s charcoal pencil almost let go.

“Because I haven’t painted for a long time, my heart is surging for a while, and my love is hard for me.” Xia Yi replied calmly.

“Host, why is your face so red.”

“It’s just too excited. I said why your system is so much nonsense. If you have nothing to do, go to the riverside to scan and play, don’t interrupt here.” Xia Yi became a little embarrassed and angry.

“I won’t scan those people at all. Am I such a boring system? I will concentrate on guarding you.” When I mentioned this, I felt a little emotional and couldn’t control myself, and the processor heat directly soared.

“That’s right, it’s night, and no one is by the river.” Xia Yi said coldly without giving him any face.

Gu Wen found out that Xia Yi had been smearing the ground for a long time. He usually talked endlessly with one mouth, and there was no sound tonight, so he put down the bamboo basket in his hand, got up and looked down.

Taking a closer look, Xia Yi is painting with charcoal.

In the painting, a tall man is weaving a bamboo basket. The man is drawn very delicately, his facial features are lifelike, and even the hair hanging from his cheeks is rooted out. There is a pile of bamboo sticks beside him, and a little black dog rolls in the bamboo sticks with his tongue out, charming and lovely.

This is clearly the painted self.

Gu Wenzhu’s face began to have a fever, his heart throbbed, and his fingers curled up unconsciously, and his Adam’s apple rolled up and down. Gu Wen said step by step: “The painting is really good.” His voice was dry, and he cleared his throat before adding. In one sentence, “Xiao Yi, you paint really well.”

When Xia Yi heard Gu Wenzhu’s words, she didn’t understand why she didn’t dare to look up at him, but she lowered her head and whispered “Yes”, unconsciously picking up the charcoal pen in her hand.

The two were silent for a while, and Gu Wen gently raised his hand, split his curled fingers, took out the charcoal pencil and placed it on the ground, and then repeatedly wiped the black dirt on the palm of his hand with a wet wipe.

The two of them didn’t speak, and the air seemed to be sticky. Xia Yi just watched Gu Wen rubbing his palms one by one, making her heart numb.

“Ooo, oooo” Qilin’s two hums broke the silence in the room, and Xia Yi suddenly returned to his senses. He retracted his hand, muffled and said “I’m going to sleep” and hurried to the bedroom. .

In the darkness, Xia Yi lay on the bed, staring at the top of the bed blankly, and his mind was chaotic.

“Host, you are a bit weird tonight.” 179’s voice implies temptation.

“I was thinking that the unicorn painting was not done well.” Xia Yi answered quickly.

It’s really weird, otherwise, why don’t you want to tell 179 that you are troubled by the inexplicable reaction just now?

Xia Yi, Xia Yi, you must not treat yourself as a woman just because this is a perverted world and you are a brother.

Remember, you are a true man with strong bones.

Forget it, don’t want to go to sleep.

Chapter 10

The next day, Xia also began to sow.

He divided the land into two sides, planting fennel while planting onions, but within half an hour, he planted all of his land. Clap the soil on your hands, prepare to go home to cook lunch, and send it to the field for Gu Wen one by one.

As soon as he turned around, he saw Uncle Wang from the village running towards him from a distance, with a group of children behind him. Uncle Wang stopped nearby, and said to Xia Yi out of breath: “Your Gu…Gu Wen was taken away by the government…by the government.”

Xia Yi only felt a chill rising from the soles of her feet, and could not help asking loudly, “Gu Wenzhu was taken away by the government? Why? Uncle Wang, are you sure it is Gu Wenzhu?”

Uncle Wang was still panting, and a group of children around him replied in a rushing voice: “Yes, it was Brother Zhu, who was pulled away by the government with a chain sleeve.” They also made the appearance of being handcuffed with their hands together. .

“Where did it go?” Xia Yi’s voice changed in anxious tone.

“The official sent to the county office.”

“Do you know what you committed?”

“I don’t know, but the officer said it was provoking and beating people or something.”

Fortunately, it wasn’t a big case of killing people and getting rid of goods. Xia Yi settled down and ran home in great strides.

As soon as he entered the house, the Qilin surrounded him affectionately, and Xia didn’t know what to do, so he rushed directly to the back room, took out a furoshiki, and started to put things inside.

“You have to put the money bag. I’m afraid it’s not enough for my own money. You have money in the box. Brother Zhuo, take all of it. If you need to take care of someone, you will use it.” Xia Yi murmured while reminding herself not to panic.

The small box and keys that Gu Wen filled with money never avoided Xia Yi, so Xia Yi knew where to get the money. There were some broken silver copper plates in the box, as well as a few whole silver ingots, and Xia Yi threw it all into the baggage. He put on a change of clothes and entrusted the Kylin to Uncle Wang who followed, and Xia Yi was about to go out with a bag on his shoulders.

“Bring some food and water,” the system reminded.

Xia Yi took a few more steamed buns and water, put on the stick that he brought when he escaped from the famine, closed the gate of the courtyard and headed towards the county seat.

“Gu Wen robbed a few big girls and hid them in the cellar. He also robbed a few boxes of gold from the big family and killed two servants. He is wanted by the government!” As soon as he left the village, 179 high-pitched voices sounded. Implied excitement.

Xia Yi was taken aback when he heard the words: “Who did you listen to?”

“That group of ladies doing laundry.” 179 replied.

Xia Yiang started from her heart:…Can you please stop making trouble at this time?

After anxiously rushing for a while, Xia Yi looked ahead, and started to wonder: There are more than a dozen miles to the county seat, without any means of transportation, relying on only two legs, and don’t know when to go. When it’s too late to take care of it, what should do if Gu Wen is arrested one by one.

Xia Yi looked around, remembering the mountain where Gu Wen had turned his back when he caught the fish last time, and decided to take a shortcut.

When went up the mountain, the forest was quiet, only the chirping of birds and the rustling of leaves in the wind. Xia Yi leaned on a wooden staff and carried a bag, sweating on the mountain road.

It is said that it is a mountain road, but it is actually a trail that the woodcutter walks out. Xia Yi had never walked this way. After a while, she couldn’t climb anymore, leaning against a big tree and panting.

“179, this body is really too bad, it won’t work at such a short distance. I used to run 800 meters and didn’t breathe after a few laps.”

After a short rest, when the strength recovered a little, Xia Yi took a long breath and prepared to climb to the top of the mountain in one breath.

Just when he grabbed the stick and straightened up, trying to leave the big tree with his back, the rock under his feet fell loose and suddenly fell. Xia Yi staggered and fell on the hillside unsteadily, and the wooden stick also fell out. Panicked, he stretched out his hand to fish, but did not catch anything, and slid down the hillside and the rocks.

“Ah ah ah ah…179…”

“Ah ah ah ah… the host…”

Xia Yi screamed, and after sliding down ten meters with a few rocks, she finally slowed down and stopped, her feet fell to the ground, and she quickly stood up and looked around in shock.

This is a deep ditch, with mountain walls on three sides, a full dozen feet high. The front end of the ditch is a cliff. Although the mountain wall is sloped, it is very smooth, covered with moist moss, and there are no other attachments that can be grabbed.

Xia Yi tried to climb a few times before giving up.

He began to cry out for help, “Is anyone? Help…” Only his own echo was in the empty valley.

Xia Yi shouted for a while, her voice getting smaller and smaller, and finally sat down in frustration, “179, what should I do? I can’t get out, I’m stuck here, what should I do with Brother Zhu? Will he be beaten.”

“179, is there any way you can get me out, I can do some additional tasks to return.”

“Host, I can’t get you out.” 179’s voice was also very disappointed.

Xia Yi hugged her knees and stared at the sky. What should do?

. . . . . .

Unknowingly, the sky darkened, and the crows who had returned home wailed. Xia Yi buried her head on her lap, motionless, he had maintained this position for a long time.

“Host, eat something.” 179 reminded.

Xia Yi slowly shook his head, “I don’t want to eat.” He has tried many times, and his hands are covered with moss. If no one comes down to rescue him, he can only be trapped here. .

This damn farming world can’t even call 110 on a cell phone.

. . . . . .

Xia Yi was awakened by a burst of lightning and thunder. He fell asleep unknowingly just now, and he didn’t know how long he slept. When he opened his eyes, it was pitch black in the mountains.

Immediately afterwards, the raindrops fell, falling on the leaves and grass, and there was a rustling sound at first, and then as the rain increased, the entire valley was screaming. The temperature in the mountains dropped abruptly, and Xia Yi was soaked in moisture, clinging to her body, a gust of wind blew over her, and her teeth gurgled.

He had eaten breakfast today, and he is already hungry, so hungry that his chest is pressed against his back. Xia Yi shivered and opened the bag, and touched the steamed buns out. The steamed buns had been soaked in water and became mushy. He squeezed the buns mushy with his fingers and ate them in the rain.

“179, if no one comes, am I stuck here until I starve to death?” Xia Yi leaned against the mountain wall and muttered.

“Host, you have to hold on, someone will come to rescue us tomorrow.” 179’s mechanical voice was a little anxious.

“Really? No one knows that I fell here. They all thought I went to the city to find Brother Zhu.” Xia Yi closed her eyes and leaned her head on the mountain wall. “I don’t know what happened to Brother Zhu? When he came out later, he found that I was missing and the money was gone. I still don’t know what to think of me.”

“You might think that watching him get arrested, I’ll roll up the money and run away.” He slid down the mountain wall and sat on the ground, hugging his knees tightly.

“179, if I die, will I return to the original world?”

Xia Yi stared blankly into the dark distance, “If I die, I hope Brother Zhu will find me sooner, so I know that I am not gone.” He shook his head slowly, “Forget it, he will be sad to find that I am dead. Just let him think I’m leaving.”

“Host, someone who chops wood and hunts will pass by tomorrow, don’t be discouraged,” 179 comforted Xia Yi.

“But until tomorrow, Brother Zhu will be punished…I don’t know what he will be beaten.” Xia Yi closed his eyes in the rain.

. . . . . .

“Host! Host! Someone is coming!” 179 suddenly shouted, “Hurry up, get up, someone is nearby.”

Immediately afterwards, I heard a few calls from the top of my head: “Xiao Yi… Xia Yi…”

Xia Yi suddenly raised his head, it was Brother Zhu! It’s the voice of Brother Zhu! Brother Zhu was not taken away, and came to look for him.

“I’m here… Brother Zhu, I’m here…” Xia Yi’s voice was hoarse and hoarse, as dry as a handful of sand. He coughed a few times, then responded loudly.

After a while, a rope hung from the mountain wall beside him, and a lantern hung on Gu Wenzhu’s back, slowly sliding down the rope.

Going down to the bottom of the ditch, Gu Wen wiped the rain off his face one by one, fixedly looking at Xia Yi in embarrassment. His chest was up and down, and he took him two steps forward and held him tightly in his arms.

Xia Yi also held Gu Wenzhu’s back with his backhand, choked with sobs: “I heard that you were taken away…I’ll look for you…”

“I know I know, Uncle Wang said you came to me.” Gu Wen hugged Xia Yi tightly, and murmured in fear, “I’m fine.”

Xia Yiguwen hugged him, feeling his warm body temperature and solid arms, and felt extremely safe in his heart. At the same time, he felt a deep grievance, and his voice was crying, “I’m cold again.” I am hungry and worried about you, and I don’t know when people will pass by. I thought I was going to die here."

“You won’t die, I will definitely come to you.” Gu Wen whispered.

He did not tell Xia Yi, how anxious he was when he knew that Xia Yi was looking for him, but when the people returning from the county town said that he did not meet Xia Yi on the road. When saw the wooden staff that Xia Yi lost on the trail, a heart instantly fell to the bottom, empty and cold, until heard Xia Yi’s echo in the deep ditch.

I don’t know when the rain has stopped, and the two climbed out of the deep ditch along the ropes and walked home. Seeing Xia Yi fighting with his legs, Gu Wen picked him up one by one.

“I’m starving to death.” Pasted on Gu Wenzhu’s warm and solid back, Xia couldn’t help but began to complain.

“Immediately, I’ll get you some food when I get home.” Gu Wen calmed down warmly.

“My knee is still rubbing against the mountain wall, it hurts.” It feels good to be cared for.

“Wait later to see if the skin is broken, and put some medicine on it.” Gu Wen speeded up the pace of going home.

“My legs are still tired.” Xia Zhu prolonged her nose, with a little bit of coquetry.

“Go back and I will rub it.”
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