Unrivaled Tang Sect Volume 45 (End)

Book 45: Huo Yuhao

Chapter 607: Yuhao Arrives

The Skydream Iceworm was delighted as he said, “I can’t fight. But I’m very good at containing energy. Don’t forget that I’m a million year soul beast. I slowly transferred my spiritual power to you, but I still possess my own strength. I’ve cultivated for a million years, and spiritual power is my specialization. Don’t worry and just absorb this soul ring. I’ll help you store whatever spiritual power’s left. When you can absorb it, I’ll fuse this newly-found strength into your body. Won’t that do? I can still be a container.”

Huo Yuhao eyes brightened. Tang Wutong was also delighted. Yes! The Skydream Iceworm was a million year spiritual-type soul beast. Ignoring his ability to fight, he was actually very good at storing energy. He had transferred his spiritual origin to Huo Yuhao. Given the amount of energy he had released, it should be fine for him to store the Evileye Tyrant King’s seven hundred thousand year cultivation. Moreover, it was only his soul ring. It wasn’t the immense spiritual power that the Evileye Tyrant King possessed.

The Snow Empress furrowed her brow and asked, “Skydream,  are  you  really  confident?  The  Evileye  Tyrant King’s spiritual power is different from yours. His is much
more dominant. You must be cautious. Otherwise, if things go wrong…”

The Skydream Iceworm rolled his eyes and said, “Are you that unconfident? It’s only a soul ring. Don’t worry. I’ve got it. Come on, what’s there to hesitate about? Yuhao, quickly fuse with this soul ring. If you can obtain his Light of Time, you’ll strike gold. Your understanding of spatial power will ascend to another level. You might even understand the profundity of time domains.”

Huo Yuhao fully trusted the Skydream Iceworm. Without his fusion then, he wouldn’t have gotten where he was today.

He sat down without any hesitation. Using his spiritual power as a guide, he started to fuse with the Evileye Tyrant King’s soul ring. As for the eye bone, Tang Wutong put it away. It wasn’t a good time to fuse with it now. He should only consider it when he was preparing to form his third soul core.

Huo Yuhao’s entire body shook tremendously as the dark-red soul ring was absorbed into his body. He only felt a terrifying spiritual intent which was strong, dominant and filled with
indignation and destructive intent swarming his spiritual sea. It was surging, and was about to tear his spiritual sea apart.

But Huo Yuhao wasn’t easily bullied. His spiritual soul core started to circulate quickly. His spiritual power, which carried some characteristics of Ultimate Ice, was slowly freezing this spiritual intent before slowly breaking it down. It purified the new spiritual power so that it could fuse with Huo Yuhao’s body.

The Skydream Iceworm’s strength was demonstrated next. Just like he had mentioned earlier, he devoured all the purified spiritual power into his body before sealing it.

With his help, Huo Yuhao’s absorption went on smoothly. It had to be said that the Evileye Tyrant King’s spiritual power was immense and dominant. He was indeed a seven hundred thousand year soul beast. Just the essence contained within his soul ring was enough to completely fill Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea.

At the very start, he could still filter the spiritual power, but after a certain stage, he could no longer do so. This was because he no longer had any time. As every second passed, a
large amount of spiritual energy would be released from the soul ring, and fuse with his spiritual sea.

The Skydream Iceworm was strong too. At such a time, he absorbed all that spiritual power without any hesitation. He didn’t even let go of the spiritual power that resisted him.

He revealed his original form in Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea. The golden light patterns that had already vanished from his body were slowly being restored. It was just that were some blood-red patterns along with the golden light patterns. It was a manifestation of impure spiritual power.

Even so, he still did Huo Yuhao a huge favour.

Li Ya also appeared above Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea.

Even though she couldn’t devour spiritual power like the Skydream Iceworm, she still did her best to filter some of the spiritual power for him. She dispelled some of the brutal and violent aura.
In this way, it was much easier for Huo Yuhao to fuse it into his body.

In this continent, only he was daring enough to fuse with six Spirits. Furthermore, every one of them was very loyal to him.

Right now, there were no longer any conflicts between him and his Spirits. They wouldn’t interfere with him either. Apart from their trust in him, they also saw hope in him.

Huo Yuhao’s encounter with the God of Emotions and subsequent recognition by were simply too overwhelming for these six Spirits.

Even though they all shared the same goal, they didn’t bear too much hope when it came to ascending to the ethereal godly realm. They were only feeling lucky that they made their current choice after truly sensing a godly aura, and after realizing how the godly realm treated soul beasts. By following Huo Yuhao, they could leave this world and enter that realm, obtaining new life! What was there to whine about? They would do their best to help Huo Yuhao, in the hope that they could obtain new life in that realm.
It took three days and three nights before Huo Yuhao fused the Evileye Tyrant King’s soul ring into his body. It wasn’t fully complete. This was because the Skydream Iceworm’s golden light patterns had completely filled his body. This was why Huo Yuhao still had to suffer from some of the brutal spiritual power.

This left his spiritual sea very unpeaceful. It was as if a storm could break out at any time.

Right now, Huo Yuhao’s cultivation should be that of an Ultimate Douluo. He was even a twin martial soul Ultimate Douluo.

He was also like a rubber ball now. He was filled with air, and could only do his best to keep himself from bursting. If things went wrong, it was likely he would face problems.

“Yuhao, the best solution now is to find a place for you and Wutong to cultivate quietly. It’ll probably take longer for your body to absorb so much energy if you do that. However, it’s the safest option. Furthermore, both of you have the potential to become Ultimate Douluo.” The Snow Empress proposed.
While Huo Yuhao was very powerful now, it was also very dangerous for him. If he faced a strong enemy and overused his powers, he might lose control of the energy that he had not assimilated yet. He would face the danger of death if that happened. The reason why he couldn’t absorb all that energy
was because his body wasn’t adapted enough to do so yet. If he
wanted to be able to handle it, he had to cultivate more to make himself stronger.

However, could Huo Yuhao really find a place to cultivate now? The answer was no. There were still many matters to deal with in Radiant City.

Huo Yuhao made a rough estimation. If he wanted to completely absorb the energy in his body and make a breakthrough as an Ultimate Douluo along with Tang Wutong, he would need at least three years.

After they became Transcendent Douluo, their abilities were increasing too quickly. This made their foundations slightly unsteady. Given this, they couldn’t possibly make another breakthrough in the short-term. They would run the risk of running amok.
However, many things could happen in three years. At least, they couldn’t enter closed-door cultivation now. First, they had to deal with the problems in Radiant City. It was only by killing Xu Tianran and making Ju Zi fulfil her ten-year promise that he could bring himself to cultivate and make a breakthrough.

After listening to the Snow Empress’ opinion, Huo Yuhao thought for a brief moment before saying to Tang Wutong, “Let’s go. Let’s return to Radiant City.”

He was telepathically connected to Tang Wutong. Naturally, she understood his worries. She nodded without any hesitation. At such a time, she had to support her man. Furthermore, things had to be settled at the Sun Moon Empire.

Without the Holy Ghost Church, the Sun Moon Empire would be able to accumulate enough strength to attack in less than a year’s time. This time, they were definitely going to work towards unifying the entire continent.

Under such a circumstance, what they could most effectively do was fulfil their promise to Ju Zi. It was only in this way that the two empires would get some breathing space.
Huo Yuhao knew that he could stop the Sun Moon Empire in the short-term, but he couldn’t hold them off forever. After all, he had to challenge Di Tian the moment he became an Ultimate Douluo and accepted the God of Emotions’ seat. As for what would happen next, he didn’t know. The future was unknown. However, the situation in the continent had already changed. The advent of technology had brought the entire continent under the control of soul tool technology. This was irreversible.

After the Heavenly Soul Empire was invaded, there were many protests at the start. However, as soul tool technology slowly crept into people’s lives, the protests became less and less vigorous.

Ordinary citizens had very simple demands. As long as they could live in peace, had enough to eat, and could keep warm, they were content. Moreover, soul tool technology brought them a lot of conveniences. As time passed, they slowly got used to it. They even forgot what had happened before.

It seemed like it was possible to reverse the Sun Moon Empire’s dominance of the continent. However, no matter what, Huo Yuhao had to turn back time, since he was from the Star Luo Empire, and he had to do this for Shrek Academy too.

Looking from afar, Radiant City was like a huge beast. Only the imperial palace seemed to be a little disharmonious.

A few days had passed, but the imperial palace was still heavily guarded. Reconstruction was bound to begin soon. Given the power of the Sun Moon Empire, a new palace would be reconstructed in less than two years. It would even be more majestic than before, while it would most certainly be more defensively sound. This was the strength of technology.

No one could stop the progress of technology. As technology continued to develop, all sorts of problems were developing in society. This also caused changes to the situation in the continent.

Huo Yuhao couldn’t help but sigh heavily when he looked in the direction of the Sun Moon Empire.

Tang Wutong held his hand. “What’s wrong? We should be able to influence proceedings in the entire continent given our current abilities. As long as you’re vicious enough, we can kill Ju Zi after we kill Xu Tianran. There will certainly be chaos in the Sun Moon Empire. When that happens, they’ll slow down. No matter who ascends the throne, we’ll kill him, and turn the Sun Moon Empire into a complete mess. One day, the Star Luo
and Dou Ling Empires will catch up. We just need to protect the continent and stop the Sun Moon Empire from ruling the continent.”

Huo Yuhao shook his head and said, “If everything is as simple as you think, it’ll be great. It’s a pity that the world isn’t like this. It won’t change according to our imagination. If we kill Xu Tianran, there will be internal chaos in the Sun Moon Empire. However, Ju Zi’s still around. With her power and influence in the military, she’ll be able to control the entire situation. At least, it won’t be too chaotic in the Sun Moon Empire. However, if we kill her, the entire Sun Moon Empire will really descend into chaos. The Sun Moon Empire is too powerful. If you let those soul engineer legions fight the Star Luo or Dou Ling Empires, they’ll be almost invincible. Once they aren’t restrained anymore and run riot, the entire continent will be affected. Countless lives will be lost to those soul engineers.”

“The reason why I’ve been tolerating Ju Zi is because she doesn’t kill for the sake of killing. Unless it’s war, she’s always been able to restrain her subordinates. Every fight is settled while minimizing casualties. If the continent is unified because of soul tool technology, Ju Zi is actually the most suitable person to rule the continent.
“In this world, whatever stays together too long will separate, and whatever’s separated for too long will come together. The Heavenly Dou and Star Luo Empires had ruled the continent for thousands of years, and they’ve been at odds for thousands of years too. When they destroyed the Martial Hall, many people thought that the continent would enter an era of peace. However, how long did it take? How long did it take for the Heavenly Dou Empire to split into the Heavenly Soul and Dou Ling Empires? The conflicts never stopped. This is why there are so many empires. Perhaps a unified empire might be a good thing for the future of the Douluo Continent. At least it’s a good thing in the short-term.”

Tang Wutong was astonished as she looked at Huo Yuhao. She asked, “Are you in favor of the Sun Moon Empire ruling the entire continent?”

Huo Yuhao shook his head and said, “Of course not. I’m saying all this because I don’t want to see a chaotic continent. We’re already strong enough, but we are unable to influence the entire continent. We can’t turn the entire continent into a battlefield just because of what we want to see. Moreover, you’ve seen what happened to Ye Xishui and Elder Long. Ultimate Douluo are no longer invincible as soul tool technology develops. In the future, the Sun Moon Empire might actually have ways to deal with us!”

“This is why we can rely on our own strength to influence the continent. However, we must know our limits. Comparatively speaking, Ultimate Douluo are usually more significant when it comes to asserting a stance.”

“Yes.” Tang Wutong sighed gently. “In fact, right now, I only hope that we can get as far away as possible from those conflicts. We’ve been through too much over the past few years. I’m tired! After we conclude our ten-year promise with Ju Zi, we’ll proceed with our closed-door cultivation. We’ll not care about anything, and become Ultimate Douluo first. After the ten years are over, we’ll have done our best.”

Huo Yuhao smiled and hugged her thin waist. She came into his embrace. Some things couldn’t be resisted, such as the need to conform with the times. Who could say what the continent would be like in the future? Ten thousand years ago, who would have expected soul masters to be slowly replaced by soul engineers, when the Martial Soul Hall ruled the continent? Did soul tools make soul masters so useless? A soul master legion was actually helpless against a soul engineer legion. This was unbelievable!
Huo Yuhao was still very focused on finding Ju Zi as they spoke. The Sun Moon Imperial Palace had already been destroyed. However, the Sun Moon Empire’s imperial family was still in Radiant City. The few buildings near the palace were snapped up and heavily guarded by soldiers. Huo Yuhao discovered a few soul engineer legions using his Spiritual Detection. There was even a complete soul formation. Surveillance soul tools were even more prevalent than before. Even if Xu Tianran wanted to visit the washroom, he would probably still be under the surveillance of these soul tools. No one could escape them, no matter which building they were in.

These buildings weren’t very tall or big. The buildings around the palace weren’t allowed to be too high. This was a requirement. The palace wasn’t built very tall either. This was because tall buildings were easily attacked by soul tools. Of course, given the defenses around Radiant City, the new imperial palace would probably be much higher if Huo Yuhao hadn’t managed to successfully lead three soul engineer legions in a successful attack.

Ju Zi was in one of the rooms on the third storey of a building. Xu Tianran wasn’t with her. He was in another building. The defense there was even stricter.
Just by scanning slightly, Huo Yuhao understood why the defense was so strict there. Xu Tianran was evidently not confident that the two Ultimate Douluo were dead. This was why a situation like this appeared.

It was no wonder he was so paranoid. Ultimate Douluo were too scary. Without being in the same tier, it was impossible for one to gauge how strong they were.

If an Ultimate Douluo wanted to exact revenge, it was not something anyone could deal with. Xu Tianran must have had been living in fear over the past few days.

“Ju Zi is still the smartest!”  Huo Yuhao sighed. When he sensed the changes in front of him, he even managed to roughly guess what she was thinking.

After hearing his words, Tang Wutong was also slightly moved.  She  asked,  “Are  you  saying  that  the  strict  defense around here is also Ju Zi’s ploy? What’s the benefit of doing this? If their defense is too strict, it’s not going to be beneficial for us!”
Huo Yuhao shook his head and said, “If I’m not wrong, Ju Zi must have a backup plan. This shouldn’t be her only plan. Think about it. After all, we and the Sun Moon Empire are in conflict. We can’t be controlled by Ju Zi either. What would you do if you were her? If it were me, I wouldn’t fulfill our promise. However, she has a deep hatred for Xu Tianran. It’s not possible for her to not make a move. This is why she must have another plan. This plan should be hatched inside the Sun Moon Empire. I’m afraid she’s already bribed some people.”

“She’s creating this atmosphere to cover things up. Once Xu Tianran dies, she can plant his death on the two Ultimate Douluo. It’s impossible to verify that theory. What that happens, the empire will mourn together. Along with her influence in the army, it’ll be much easier for her to control the entire empire. Those imperial family members can’t fight her at all.”

After listening to Huo Yuhao’s analysis, Tang Wutong was shocked. However, she soon laughing. She was even laughing very sweetly.

“Why are you laughing?” Huo Yuhao was stunned.
Tang Wutong laughed, “I’m laughing because didn’t she lose to me even though she’s so intelligent. This only proves I’m smarter. What’s so good about ruling the continent? How is she as free as us? Most importantly, you belong to me! You completely belong to me. I won’t even give her a bit of you.”

Huo Yuhao couldn’t help but laugh when he felt Tang Wutong’s feelings. Although he was a little uncomfortable with Ju Zi’s ambitions and cunning, it was still acceptable to him. After all, she would become a sacrifice in the environment that she was in.

“Let’s go. Let’s go and give her some help.”  Huo Yuhao led Tang Wutong as they fused into the void. This time, they were borrowing the power of space.

When they appeared again, they were already inside Radiant City, in a dark corner.

They didn’t reveal themselves. The perfect combination of Imitation and spatial control generated such an effect. Along with the adjustment of temperature and control of their spiritual undulations, Huo Yuhao managed to fuse with the air.
At least, the current soul technology meant that it was almost impossible to expose them.

Space broke open once again. Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong entered the building Ju Zi was in.

It was a luxurious and expansive hotel. Undoubtedly, it was the estate of the Sun Moon Empire’s imperial family.

Ju Zi was in the biggest room on the third storey. There were more than ten maids in the room. Right now, she was with her son.

Xu Yunhan was no longer the little fellow that needed to be carried all the time. He had grown quite significantly, and was running around. He was very cute, and was doted on by everyone.

Ju Zi was sitting on a luxurious, high seat. When she looked at her son running around the room, there was a benevolent look on her face.

How could anyone imagine the invincible War God Empress in this state?

“Yunhan,  run  slower.  You’re  already  sweating.  Get  some water.” Ju Zi waved to her son.

Little Yunhan ran to her side and opened his eyes wide as he looked at his mother. There was a grin on his face. “Mom, mom, I want milk.”
Ju Zi twisted her lips. “Rascal, you’re already so old. I’m long out of milk.”

Little Yunhan was just like other little kids. He was very close to his mother, who had breastfed him since he was young. He climbed onto Ju Zi and was smiling as he rubbed his mother’s chest.

Ju Zi hugged Little Yunhan tightly. At this moment, he was everything in her heart. She only felt fulfilled when she hugged him. She didn’t think of anything else right now. She was completely immersed in the joy she shared with her son.

“Ju Zi.” A soft voice sounded in her ears.

Ju Zi shuddered. Little Yunhan immediately sensed the changes to his mother. He lifted his head and looked at her. “What’s wrong, mom?”

Ju Zi was stunned for a moment. Her eyes turned red. At the same time, the two most important men in her life appeared. It was an indescribable feeling.
She wanted to tell the little fellow in her arms that the person he had once called his father was here. She even wanted to jump into that person’s embrace with him!

When she thought until here, she felt as if her heart was being scalded by hot water. She couldn’t tell whether it was painful or relieving.

Precisely because that day never seemed to come, she desired it so much when both of them were in front of her right now.

After pausing for a few seconds, Ju Zi kissed her son when that  voice  didn’t  appear  again.  She  said,  “Yunhan,  I  have something I need to deal with. Leave with aunty first.” As she spoke, she waved her hand. Naturally, a servant came over and took Little Yunhan away. Ju Zi waved her hand, and all her servants retreated.

She walked to her work desk before sitting down. She forcibly tried to calm herself down before muttering, “Don’t reveal yourself. Once you reveal yourself, you will be discovered.”
She really wanted to see him! However, that was obviously not a good choice. As she slowly calmed down, she couldn’t help but feel astonished.

Given the current defenses around here, she had originally thought that Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong wouldn’t be able to find her. This was because all the surveillance soul tools in this building were targeted at Ultimate Douluo! Ju Zi couldn’t even sleep every night, and could only meditate to restore her energy.

She didn’t even know how long this would last. Anyway, Xu Tianran had already given the order to await the revenge that could come at any time. At the same time, the search for the two Ultimate Douluo had intensified. Before they were found, Xu Tianran was not going to relax.

He still wanted to rule the entire continent. No one else was more afraid of death right now.

Huo Yuhao’s voice sounded once again. “We won’t appear. I’ve also scanned this place thoroughly. Have you thought of what plan you have? How are we going to deal with Xu Tianran?”

Ju Zi revealed a bitter smile on her face and said, “I had originally thought that you couldn’t sneak in, and we’d have to make another plan. The defenses here are too strict. There aren’t any loopholes. The Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion is with him. There are also many strong individuals protecting him. Unless we assault him, there’s no way of killing him. However, an assault is impossible too! This is why we can only wait now. We’ll wait for him to make a mistake. How long can the two of you wait?”

“We can’t wait any longer.”  Huo Yuhao answered without any hesitation. It wasn’t that he was impatient. It was that the energy in his body had no patience!

Right now, he was under huge pressure from the Evileye Tyrant King’s spiritual power and Long Xiaoyao’s soul power. Given the strength of his twin soul cores, he was even a little overwhelmed. Right now, what he needed was time to cultivate so that he could fuse the spiritual and soul power into his body. This was why he had to quickly settle things here.

However, he couldn’t wait until he finished cultivating before he returned. He had a feeling that this closed-door cultivation would be his longest one ever. It might take several years, or
even a decade. No one knew. Things would change greatly within that span of time. This was why he had to settle things over here before he went to cultivate.

Ju Zi furrowed her brow. “You can’t wait? I can’t think of a better way now. Xu Tianran is very cautious right now. He only trusts the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion now, as well as those who are secretly in hiding around him. He’s protected by them. There are also many powerful soul formations installed around this makeshift palace. Once there’s any movement, they will immediately be activated. Although they’re still weaker than high-energy compression array soul tools, they are still effective against the attacks of Ultimate Douluo. Tell me, how are we supposed to touch him then?”

When she saw the helplessness on Ju Zi’s face, Huo Yuhao said, “Ju Zi, let’s be honest. If I’m not wrong, you should have been involved in creating such a situation. The reason why you are doing this is because you want to frame those two Ultimate Douluo. Am I right? Since this is the case, you must have a backup plan. You should have someone close to Xu Tianran. I won’t play around with you either. I’ll make an opportunity for you. I’ll create a miracle for you. I don’t care how you want to control the Sun Moon Empire in the future. As long as you
fulfil your promise not to start a war in the next ten years, I’m fine with anything else.”

Ju Zi didn’t appeared astonished. She sighed and said, “Why do you understand me so well? Do you know that this isn’t good? I’ll continue to have ideas of you.”

“They can only remain as ideas then.”  Tang Wutong said coldly.

Ju Zi’s expression changed, and she replied, “It’s not a good time now. I can create an opportunity for you, but your safety is not guaranteed. I don’t want you to die here either. That’s why I hope that both of you can wait for a more opportune time.”

Huo Yuhao was persistent. “No, we can’t wait any longer. We must act now. As for our safety, you don’t have to care. We have our own ways of escaping. You just need to make an opportunity for us.”

Ju Zi was astonished as she asked, “You’re so confident?”
“I can tell you a few things,”  Huo Yuhao said calmly, “first, Long Xiaoyao and Ye Xishui are both dead. We helped them escape, but they died in front of us. As for the Holy Ghost Church, you don’t have to worry about them. We’ve killed almost all their senior officials. They won’t be a threat anymore. Their headquarters is in the Evildemon Forest. We also destroyed their resources with a Class 9 shell. We even alarmed the Evileye Tyrant King.”

“What?” Ju Zi was astonished as she stood up. She was really shocked now. Her eyes were wide open. What kind of existence was the Evileye Tyrant King?

She didn’t really have much of an understanding of things in the Douluo Continent. However, she had heard many legends about the Evileye Tyrant King as someone from the Sun Moon Empire. The Sun Moon Empire even had a soul engineer legion named after him. To some extent, the Evileye Tyrant King was like a symbol in the Sun Moon Empire.

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong managed to escape unscathed after meeting the Evileye Tyrant King. This shows how strong they are.
“Are you okay? Is anyone hurt?” Ju Zi asked anxiously. While she was asking both of them, it was obvious who she was concerned about.

Huo  Yuhao  replied,  “He’s  dead.  We  killed  him.  Now,  you should know why I’m confident. Zhong Liwu and Feng Ling are both dead too. Take it as a gift from us. You shouldn’t have any misgivings now. The priority now is to kill Xu Tianran. As for what will happen next, I don’t care. I just hope you can fulfil your promise. After that, Wutong and I will proceed somewhere else to cultivate for some time.”

Ju Zi was silent. She slightly lowered her head. She didn’t let Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong look into her eyes. Huo Yuhao could sense that she was quickly thinking of something.

He didn’t rush her either. He only waited silently. Now, it was important to give her some time to think.

A brief moment passed.

When Ju Zi lifted her head again, the look in her eyes was already very determined. She wasn’t as gentle as before. The
War God Empress was back.

“Wait here. I’ll go out for a while. We’ll attack tonight.” After she finished speaking, she quickly walked out.

Huo Yuhao was in fact very curious. Under such strict monitoring, how was she going to expedite the matter? It wasn’t going to be easy for her to deploy her people! This was because all movements in the makeshift palace were monitored by surveillance soul tools. She was also the War God Empress. There were bound to be many eyes on her now.

Chapter 608: Attack During the Feast

Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection had enveloped the entire compound and was following Ju Zi.

Much to his surprise, Ju Zi was actually looking for Xu Tianran. Along the way, she was not walking very quickly. In fact, there did not seem to be anything strange about the way she was walking.

However, Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection was definitely able to extract more information from his observations than normal surveillance soul tools could.

At the very least, those surveillance soul tools would not be able to monitor her heart rate, pulse, and spiritual fluctuations. However, with Huo Yuhao’s current ability, he was able to monitor all of these details.

Hence, he had been sensing the transformations within Ju Zi. And it seemed like he had managed to identify some peculiarities.
Firstly, Ju Zi was making too many unnecessary motions. While she was walking, she seemed to be scratching her head and adjusting her posture too often. Every time she made those little adjustments, her heart rate would increase. Even though the increase was not very significant, the change was apparent.
On top of that, her spiritual fluctuations would also increase.

This was definitely not something which could be caused by her body. It could only originate from her thoughts.

It seemed like she was already prepared! Even though Huo Yuhao was using his Spiritual Detection, he could not be certain about what she had done.

After a good twenty minutes, Ju Zi finally found Xu Tianran. Huo Yuhao was unable to tell what she was saying to him. An hour later, a few people took the same path Ju Zi had taken, and all of them had the same increased heart rate and spiritual fluctuations as her.

There were only seven to eight people who exhibited the same characteristics as Ju Zi out of the few hundred people who had walked the same path. No one would have been able
to detect what was wrong with them. This was simply something that surveillance soul tools were not capable of.

Huo Yuhao squinted and spoke to Tang Wutong. “Ju Zi must have used some secret way of communicating. I don’t know what method she’s using, but it seems like it is working well.”

Tang Wutong whispered to Huo Yuhao, “Are we going to just wait like this? Do you think she’ll threaten us? Did you notice how she exhibited significant emotional fluctuations when she was listening to how you had killed the Evileye Tyrant? She also seemed to be frightened. When a person starts to become frightened, he or she tends to do things that are hugely irrational. Even though she has feelings for you, it is apparent that her son is a lot more important than you. That’s right. Her son. Where is her son? Can you see if you can find where her son is?”

Huo Yuhao scanned his surroundings with his Spiritual Detection as he tried to find Little Yunhan.

Very soon he realized that right now, Xu Yunhan was in a room that was not too far from the room Ju Zi was in. It seemed like he had not been moved away. Huo Yuhao and Tang
Wutong became a lot more relaxed after confirming his location.

Just as Tang Wutong had accurately put it, Little Yunhan was the person whom Ju Zi cared about the most. Hence, it was clear that she did not harbor any ill intentions towards Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong from how she had left her son in that room. After all, she would never put her son’s life at risk.

It was four hours later when Ju Zi finally returned. The sky was turning dark, and it was almost nighttime.

After opening the door, Ju Zi immediately sent her servants and maids away. She entered her room and made sure that she was the only one inside.

She started to pant as she heaved a sigh of relief. After all, she was dealing with the Emperor of the biggest empire in the entire Douluo Continent! There would be no turning back if she were to fail. She would lose everything, and her son would lose his position if her plans were to be discovered. Ju Zi understood Xu Tianran too well. Hence, she was extremely careful with what she was doing.
After returning to her desk, Ju Zi started to mutter to herself. “After two hours, the sky will be completely dark. The aerial surveillance soul tools will all explode by themselves. The different surveillance soul tools on land will also be disabled temporarily. At least for the following hour, no one
will be able to activate them. Hence, the two of you should take action after those surveillance soul tools have exploded. Following which, both of you can escape while the entire compound falls into chaos.”

“In about an hour’s time, it will be time for his dinner. Tonight, he has invited six Class 9 soul engineers for dinner. This is already a habit of his. I will ask Elder Kong to take care of my son. I have no clue about what else is going to happen. None of the six Class 9 soul engineers are under me. However, you can rest assured that all of the other Class 9 soul engineers will not be taking any action. The linked defensive barrier will only be released after the aerial surveillance soul tools have exploded. The only people you need to worry are the soul engineers from the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion. They have been protecting this compound from the outside and are the nearest to Xu Tianran. Once he is in trouble, you can expect all of them to rush to his assistance instantly.”

“As of now, Xu Tianran has exactly eleven Class 9 defensive soul tools. All of them are activated automatically, and have a
diverse set of defensive effects. They can block all kinds of attacks, including spiritual and physical ones. The Worshipped once concluded that even an Ultimate Douluo would not be able to destroy all of these soul tools within an hour’s time. This will be your biggest challenge.”

“I suggest both of you concentrate on one type of attack. You should either choose to launch a physical attack or a spiritual attack. This would mean that you don’t have to work against all of the different soul tools. In my opinion, it would be wiser for both of you to attack spiritually. After all, Huo Yuhao is most adept at this. On top of that, Xu Tianran had been mainly guarding against the two Ultimate Douluo, who specialized in physical attacks. Hence, he should possess at most four defensive soul tools which can guard against spiritual attacks. Yuhao, after hearing what I have said, are you still confident of pulling it off? The Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion will definitely rush over at the first instant. Even though the area is small, they just have to block the attacks for Xu Tianran to give him enough time to escape.”

Huo Yuhao had been listening to everything Ju Zi had been saying. Her face was already a little flushed after she finished her last sentence.
“Do you not plan to use your own people?” Huo Yuhao asked plainly.

Ju Zi’s breathing became a little heavier. “Well, if you have absolute confidence, I…”

Huo Yuhao spoke plainly, “Who would dare to say that he or she was absolutely confident about a plan like this? Since you already control the Imperial Consecration Hall, why don’t you get them to help you too?”

Ju Zi was startled by Huo Yuhao’s words as she stood up immediately. “W-What are you saying?”

Huo Yuhao smiled and said, “Am I wrong? Are you sure that you’re not in control of the entire Imperial Consecration Hall despite being able to command Elder Kong, who is definitely the leader among the Class 9 soul engineers?”

Ju Zi’s breathing became even heavier as she stared at Huo Yuhao. After a short while, she revealed an awkward smile. “You’re really too smart. You are actually able to tell from the little things and words I have said that I have control over the
Imperial Consecration Hall. This is something I haven’t expected.”

Huo Yuhao said, “To be honest, I wasn’t very sure before this. Now, I am absolutely confident that that is the case. Actually, the words and actions you had made were not the things that gave you away. The biggest clue was the huge amount of confidence which you had in your plan. What made you so sure that you will be able to control the entire Sun Moon Empire after Xu Tianran is taken down? If you were not supported by a powerful institution or organization, you would not be able to secure political power that easily. Even though you have an unbeatable reputation within the army, that’s not enough—at least for now. The support from the army will not allow you to suppress the royal family and protect your son’s throne. If I didn’t understand what you meant when you said that Elder Kong will help you protect your son, I would be really stupid. Even though I don’t know how you’ve managed to convince Elder Kong, your plan should be a lot smoother with his support. In fact, you should have a pretty good chance even without our help. After all, you are Xu Tianran’s Empress. No matter how powerful his soul tools are, there are bound to be gaps and flaws you can take advantage of. Even if we don’t come to help you, you should be able to take action once he lowers his guard after some period of time.”
Ju ZI suddenly smiled as she shook her head. “I used to think that you used all your gifts on cultivating and becoming a good soul master. I thought that your brains were not as good as mine. It seems like I was wrong. However, I am very happy, but I can’t tell you why. You are right. I do have a complete plan. Even without working with all of you, I still stand a good chance at succeeding. Elder Kong’s only request for me was to not use anyone from the Imperial Consecration Hall for this operation. He did not want the Imperial Consecration Hall to be associated with this operation—regardless of whether it was successful or not. After all, the Imperial Consecration Hall is supposed to support the Emperor regardless of the situation. Hence, I really can’t get them to help us. Hence, I only had two options: both of you or myself.”

As she spoke, Ju Zi slowly raised her hands to reveal her beautifully manicured nails. Her nails were colored with a pearl-like color.

“There is poison in my nails. Every single dish Xu Tianran eats is tested by someone. I have managed to bribe one of them to allow me to sneak a poisoned dish to him. I am confident that the plan will succeed because the poison will only be added when the dishes are being brought to the table.”
“However, death due to poisoning usually leads to a very chaotic situation. Hence, it would be best if we can kill him physically. Everyone would believe that it was but an act of revenge from the two Ultimate Douluo.”

Huo Yuhao paused for a while before saying, “I hope you will keep your promise.”

Even though Ju Zi could not see Huo Yuhao, she seemed to be gazing into the distance at this moment. She answered, “I will.”

Huo Yuhao replied, “Then we have an agreement.”

Xu Tianran had been very anxious for the past few days. After the plan, which he had believed was perfect, had failed, he had been in a foul mood.

Right now, all of the higher class fighting power had been deployed to defend the temporary palace. As one became more powerful, one usually valued his or her life a lot more. That was the reason why many emperors tend to seek ways to acquire immortality after aging.
Xu Tianran was very afraid of death. He wanted to become the first Emperor to unite the entire continent. This was something he believed he had to do. Hence, he felt that he must not die.

Even though his Class 9 soul engineers, including Elder Kong, had tried to persuade him with their analysis that the two Ultimate Douluo had a near-zero chance of survival, Xu Tianran could not help but worry. He was worried that the two Ultimate Douluo might still have a breath or two in them, and would be able to take him out with their final blow! Hence, he felt that there was a need for him to reinforce his defenses at all costs. He needed to guard against this possibility. It was of the utmost importance for him to survive in order to become the first Emperor in history to conquer the entire Douluo Continent.

It was clear how anxious he was from the fact that he wore his human-shaped soul tool to sleep. On top of that, he made sure that his eleven Class 9 soul tools stayed on his body at all costs.

There would be at least six Class 9 soul engineers guarding him at any time of the day, In addition, he had never left the
temporary palace for the past few days. He seemed to have become overly cautious about everything.

He had no idea how long he had to stay in this state. After all, there was no news about the two Ultimate Douluo. The absence of news and information simply made him more worried.

“Your Majesty, your meal is ready. Your guests have also arrived.” A servant politely informed Xu Tianran.

“Okay.” Xu Tianran nodded and lifted the visor covering his face. He walked out of his room and entered the dining hall.

Xu Tianran was so paranoid that he had placed several small protective soul barriers around the dining hall, just in case.

The six Class 9 soul engineers had actually arrived for a while already. Other than dining with Xu Tianran, they were supposed to protect him. Of course, all of them believed that they were actually just there to reassure him that everything would be alright.
After all, they believed that the two Ultimate Douluo could not have survived those explosions! However, no one dared to let Xu Tianran know that he was paranoid. The reason was that Xu Tianran had already killed more than ten servants who had told him that.

“Come  on,  make  yourselves  at  home.  Let’s  dig  in.”   Xu Tianran’s words contrasted against the expression on his face. Even though there was a huge variety of incredible delicacies, he was definitely not in the mood for good food.

Even though the six Class 9 soul engineers kept silent, they helped themselves to the food before them. Eating with a paranoid Emperor was not something which would be enjoyable for anyone. They only wanted to leave as soon as possible once they were done with their meal. After all, a Class 9 soul engineer led a very busy life. They had to make soul tools, test soul tools, design soul tools, and handle all sorts of administrative matters.

After having a few cups of wine, Xu Tianran became a lot less tense. Perhaps it was because of his age and increased political power that he had started to like alcohol. In fact, he had been asking for wine to help him with his sleep.
Once again, the servant stepped forward to refill Xu Tianran’s cup. Xu Tianran raised the cup as he flashed a smile. “Come, let’s drink together, and hope that our army will be able to conquer the last two empires and unite the entire continent.”

“Cheers!”  The  six  Class  9  soul  engineers  did  not  dare  to disobey the Emperor as they exclaimed in unison.

After seeing how cooperative they were, Xu Tianran naturally became a lot happier. After all, it definitely felt good to see how six powerful Class 9 soul engineers were obedient to one’s orders. This was what was so great about ruling the world!

Following which, all of them downed the cups of wine in their hands. This was something which was extremely common at banquets and dinners. However, no one noticed how an inconspicuous vortex had formed in their cups when they brought them to their lips. That little vortex was dark blue, and was definitely very hard to notice, especially when it was formed within the dark red wine.
Grape wine tended to be a little sour and sweet. However, all of them found the wine a lot more chilled than usual. It was a very different sensation from what they were used to. It was extremely refreshing.

“Huh? I don’t know if it’s because I am drinking with His Majesty,  but  this  wine  is  really  good!”  An  old  Class  9  soul engineer remarked.

Xu Tianran was startled by his comments. Immediately, he turned his head to look at the servant.

How can the flavor of the wine change when they all came from the same bottle? He was very certain that the servant had not changed the bottle. After all, he was so paranoid that he would have paid attention to all of these details.

He was comforted by the fact that the servant did not seem to panic after he had turned around. In fact, he seemed a little clueless. He simply lowered his head and asked, “Your Majesty, do you want another cup of wine?”
Just when Xu Tianran was starting to doubt himself, he, along with the other six Class 9 soul engineers, felt something at the very next instant.

The refreshing wine suddenly became ice-cold. Usually, the wine should become warmer after entering their bodies. However, it suddenly became frozen as it released a chilling aura from within all of their bodies.

“Shit!”  A  Class  9  soul  engineer  exclaimed  as  an  icy  mist started to form around his body. However, he was able to react very quickly. He immediately tried to use his soul power to force the wine out of his body.

However, just when he was about to circulate his soul power, he realized that his blood and soul power that came into contact with the wine had already frozen. In fact, any soul power that came into contact with the wine would immediately freeze. It was clear from the fact that it was able to freeze even forms of energy that the wine contained an incredible amount of power!

Xu Tianran was naturally trying to force the wine out of his body. However, he was also startled to find his soul power
freezing upon contact with the freezing aura from his body. This was unprecedented. Is it a kind of poison? This was his first guess. After all, there was nothing else within his knowledge that could have achieved the same effect. However, he was certain that his wine had been tested by his own people.
How could the wine still be poisoned? This is impossible!

Four black figures immediately appeared behind Xu Tianran. One of them placed his hand on the neck of the servant who had poured wine for Xu Tianran as he lifted the servant up with his bare hand. Another soul engineer was surveilling his surroundings as his human-shaped soul tools radiated a brilliant glow. The other two placed their palms behind Xu Tianran as they inserted their powerful soul power into his body.

“Quick! Spread my orders! Seal the…” Xu Tianran exclaimed. However, he soon realized that it was getting harder for him to even speak. The reason was that his throat was starting to become frozen. In fact, icy mist was starting to come out of his mouth.

What kind of poison is this?! It’s so strong! Have Long Xiaoyao and Ye Xishui finally started to exact their revenge on me?

Even though Xu Tianran was very frightened, he was fairly composed. After all, there were a total of eleven Titled Douluo including him within this room. There was still the mighty Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion outside of the temporary palace. Even if the two Ultimate Douluo were to join hands, they would not be able to kill him so easily. No matter how powerful the poison was, it would not be able to kill him with his current cultivation. He would simply have to figure out how to get rid of the poison after the problem before
him was settled.

“It’s useless. Your orders would never be disseminated to the rest. Everything that is about to happen here will stay in this room”

The black figure who was surveilling his surroundings launched himself in the direction of the voice, but was repelled by an invincible force. His entire human-shaped soul tool was immediately coated with a layer of ice and frost.

The entire dining hall was now enshrouded by a faint, wavering light. Following which, the Titled Douluo in this room realized that they were no longer able to sense the world beyond the dining hall.

W-What kind of power is this?

Even though the six Class 9 soul engineers found the blood in their bodies growing increasingly cold, they were never going to give up just like this. They immediately activated their protective soul barriers to protect themselves before they moved over to surround Xu Tianran. Their eyes darted around vigilantly as they tried to find out where the voice was coming from.

Two figures started to appear before their eyes of Xu Tianran and the other powerful soul engineers of the Sun Moon Empire.

When Xu Tianran was finally able to get a good look at them, he was shocked. Even though he did not know who exactly they were, he was certain that he had seen them before.

“Y-You’re from Shrek Academy…” Xu Tianran’s eyes widened as he stared at the person before him.
“Yes,  I  am  Huo  Yuhao  from  Shrek  Academy.  She’s  my girlfriend, Tang Wutong. You must have been surprised by our visit, Your Majesty.” Huo Yuhao smiled.

Xu Tianran spoke coldly, “Huo Yuhao, you’re the one who challenged ten of the most powerful soul masters from my empire and defeated them, right?”

Huo Yuhao nodded his head and said, “That’s right.”

Xu Tianran released a cold grunt and said, “I have to admit that you’re probably the brightest star within your generation. But how dare you try to infiltrate my palace and attack me on your own! Do you really think that the two of you can escape from my palace alive today?”

Huo Yuhao chuckled. “Your Majesty, you must be mistaken. You should be the one answering that question instead of me.”

An image suddenly formed behind Huo Yuhao’s back.

Every single soul engineer present was already extremely tense after Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong had appeared before them. They instantly attacked Huo Yuhao once they saw the transformation behind his back.

Powerful streaks of light were projected towards Huo Yuhao as powerful soul power fluctuations rippled across the entire dining hall, causing the entire compound to vibrate vigorously.
A few of the sharper soul engineers decided against attacking Huo Yuhao. They chose to direct their attacks towards a compound which was outside of the dining hall. They wanted to create a commotion to alert the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion, which was stationed outside. As long as they could alert them, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong would have no choice but to flee. After all, they believed that they would not
be able to fight against the entire Sun Moon Imperial Soul
Engineer Legion.

However, they were shocked to discover how their attacks, which were fired in different directions ended up flying towards Huo Yuhao anyway. The rays of light that surrounded them started to contort and twist in a mysterious way.

A mystical icy blue vortex started to revolve before Huo Yuhao. The rays of light in the room disintegrated into nothingness after they were caught by the vortex. At this instant, the figure behind Huo Yuhao formed completely.

The figure was a beautiful lady. While she had the torso and head of a female, she had a mystical fishtail on the lower half of her body. The mermaid had a pair of big eyes as she smiled at the soul engineers before her. Following which, she allowed her beautiful singing to enshroud the entire hall.

At the very next instant, Huo Yuhao’s soul rings started to light up. There was no longer a need for him to conceal the colors of his rings.

His first soul ring was no longer masked in white. It was presented in its original brilliant golden color. Huo Yuhao’s least impressive soul rings were black. However, the most common soul rings he had were red.

Huo Yuhao transmitted his low voice into the soul engineers’ ears. “Spiritual Blast!”

A gentle ripple swept across the hall as an intense light was released from the bodies of Xu Tianran and his soul engineers. All of their defensive soul tools which were designed to block spiritual attacks released a blinding light. At that instant, the entire hall was brightly lit by all of their soul tools.

However, that wasn’t all. Loud shattering sounds could be heard right after everyone was blinded by the lights from the soul tools. Everyone, including Xu Tianran, lost a spiritual defensive soul tool.
There were, in fact, two soul engineers whose spiritual defensive soul tools did not shatter. The reason was that they did not even have a spiritual defensive soul tool to begin with.

After all, spiritual defensive soul tools were one of the hardest soul tools to make among all Class 9 soul tools. This was why Zhongli Wu was very unwilling to concede to Ju Zi’s terms back then.

This was why not every Class 9 soul engineer was equipped with spiritual defensive soul tools. After all, it was fairly rare to encounter soul masters or soul beasts who were capable of unleashing spiritual attacks.

However, those two soul engineers who were not equipped with spiritual defensive soul tools had to pay for their mistake tonight.

Even though they had tried to counter the Spiritual Blast by increasing their spiritual power to the maximum their Spiritual Seas could generate, they still stood no chance against Huo Yuhao. After all, Huo Yuhao had just acquired the Evileye Tyrant’s powerful spiritual soul ring.
Blood started to gush from the noses and mouths of the two Class 9 soul engineers after they released a grunt. Both of their bodies started to sway to the left and right as they tried to steady themselves.

Even though they were shocked by how powerful Huo Yuhao’s attack was, those soul engineers tried their best to retaliate against him. However, it was at this very instant that Huo Yuhao launched a second wave of Spiritual Blast. Even though the second wave was not as strong as the first, it was equally frightening.

“Bang! Bang!” Two loud explosive souls could be heard as the heads of the two soul engineers who did not possess spiritual defensive soul tools exploded. Their blood and pieces of their brains splattered across the floor of the hall.

However, no one could afford to show any sign of concern for them. They were already busy trying to fend off Huo Yuhao’s second wave of Spiritual Blast.

Huo Yuhao’s Merfolk Duet allowed him to launch his spiritual attack twice consecutively. This made it an incredibly strong soul skill! The Merfolk Duet was definitely one of the
strongest spiritual soul skills Huo Yuhao possessed. It was probably only second to the soul skills which the Three-Eyed Golden Lion had given him.

When Huo Yuhao released his second wave of Spiritual Blast, every single soul engineer present released a painful grunt. They stumbled backward as they tried their best to use their spiritual defensive soul tools to block the blast. However, their soul tools were already shattered.

Xu Tianran was the only person who was somewhat fine. After all, four of the eleven Class 9 defensive soul tools on his body were spiritual defensive soul tools. On top of that, these four soul tools were definitely the highest quality soul tools within the entire Sun Moon Empire. Even though he looked a little shaken by the attacks, the two Spiritual Blasts had only destroyed one of his soul tools.

While he was stumbling backward, Xu Tianran’s chest emitted a powerful beam of light as it sent him flying backward.

Regardless of whether it was in the palace or the temporary palace, Xu Tianran had always prepared several backup plans
for him to flee in times of trouble. Right now, he was certain that he, along with his soul engineers, had already entered Huo Yuhao’s powerful domain. The only way he could survive under such circumstances was to use the secret passageway under the floor, which was not far away from him. The passageway had been programmed to transmit a distress signal to his troops on the outside the moment he accessed it. Hence, as long as he was able to reach the passageway, there was a good chance for him to stay alive.

Unfortunately, Huo Yuhao was not prepared to let Xu Tianran do that. After all, he would not have come with just the fighting power he had just showcased.

After releasing two Spiritual Blasts, Huo Yuhao began to unleash his other attacks.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” A series of explosions could be heard once again. Just when everyone was still trying to recover from the Spiritual Blasts, loud explosions echoed in the hall again. However, this time around, the attacks were not coming from outside of their bodies. Instead, they were coming from within their bodies.
The frozen blood and soul power in their bodies had suddenly exploded intensely! This was something that caught all of them by surprise!

Everyone, including Xu Tianran, had drunk the wine which was contaminated by Huo Yuhao.

Of course, the wine was not poisoned. It simply contained Huo Yuhao’s Ultimate Ice soul power.

It was important to note that it was exceptionally hard for a soul master to sneak his or her soul power into the drinks of Titled Douluo. The soul engineers were all Titled Douluo, and were very sensitive to any soul power or spiritual power fluctuations around them. Not anyone would be able to pull off what he had done. In fact, Huo Yuhao had only managed to contaminate their drinks because he had concealed his actions extremely well.

Huo Yuhao was able to conceal his own aura and his soul power fluctuations with his powerful abilities. His Yin Yang Complement soul cores’ soul power vortex also possessed the ability to conceal its traces. Coupled with his intentional efforts to mask the fluctuations of his soul power, Huo Yuhao
was able to release seven Ultimate Ice soul power vortexes into their cups without raising any alarms. Hence, Xu Tianran and the soul engineers had ingested his soul power along with the wine in their cups.

His Ultimate Ice soul power was able to conceal itself, and explode only after it had entered their bodies. Hence, it was too late by the time they discovered that they had ingested something. The only reason why it could remain obscure was that Huo Yuhao’s soul power was now infused with his spiritual power. Hence, he could continue to control the soul power vortexes even though they were away from his body.

Now that the blood and soul power in their bodies were frozen in ice, Huo Yuhao could use his legendary soul skill on them. Ice Explosion!

Even a Titled Douluo would not be able to handle an Ice Explosion taking place from within them. Xu Tianran’s plethora of defensive soul tools would not be able to protect him from within his body.

Hence, the other five people immediately released a cry of pain after explosions took place within their bodies. They
instantly fell to the ground and lost all ability to retaliate.

At the end of the day, a Titled Douluo’s body was incredibly tough. Huo Yuhao was unable to put too much soul power into their wine, or else they would have discovered the vortex in their drinks. Hence, the explosion was not powerful enough to take their lives. However, the intense pain was not something they could handle easily.

When Huo Yuhao made his move, Tang Wutong also began to take action.

She instantly teleported behind the two men who were standing behind Xu Tianran. She released a radiant purple- gold glow as she unleashed two punches with both of her fists.

Xu Tianran’s guards were all very powerful individuals. However, how could they resist their opponents when they were at the level of an Ultimate Douluo?

A blinding golden light was emitted as the human-shaped soul tools released a series of explosions. However, none of their soul tools were able to fend off the power of Tang
Wutong’s fist, which was releasing a dragon’s roar. When Tang Wutong’s punch eventually landed on their human-shaped soul tools, the outcome was already decided.

After sending the two of them flying backward, Tang Wutong leapt into the air and flipped around as she collided with Huo Yuhao in mid-air.

At this instant, they were like two balls of energy. Upon colliding with one another, their bodies fused as they released an invincibly powerful aura.

Chapter 609: The Emperor Falls!

This time around, even Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Interference Domain was unable to conceal their aura. The powerful spiritual fluctuations which were released by them could be sensed by every single person within the temporary palace.

A gigantic eye appeared in the air. This eye was golden, but its surroundings shone with a majestic purple-gold light. Its frightening radiance expanded at the next instant as small mystical hammers appeared throughout the entire hall.

Mantra Amidst the Void, Spiritual Tempest! This was one of the four martial soul fusion skills Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong shared.

This was also the most powerful spiritual attack amongst their martial soul fusion skills. They were no longer holding back, as they had to achieve their mission objective as quickly as possible.

Right now, even if Long Xiaoyao and Ye Xishui were to be revived, they would also choose to avoid taking Huo Yuhao and
Tang Wuton’s soul skill head-on. Perhaps only the Evileye Tyrant would stand a chance against this spiritual attack.

Of course, ifs and maybes were meaningless most of the time.

The entire dining hall was instantly ravaged and shredded to pieces. Even though this was supposed to be a spiritual attack, it was so powerful that it was able to destroy material objects. The heads of those Class 9 soul engineers who were injured by the Ice Explosion and the Spiritual Blast eventually exploded after the soul tools on their bodies gave way.

They were not the only victims of the powerful martial soul fusion skill. Xu Tianran’s guards had no chance against the powerful and intense spiritual attack released by Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong.

This Spiritual Tempest was simply overwhelmingly frightening. Xu Tianran lost two powerful Class 9 spiritual defensive soul tools throughout the storm. This was sufficient to show how powerful their Spiritual Tempest was.
At this moment, Xu Tianran was starting to lose hope. The throbbing pain within his body made it extremely difficult for him to flee.

As of now, Tang Wutong was already wielding her Golden Dragon Spear, while Huo Yuhao held his small dagger.

Huo Yuhao swept his dagger horizontally as a streak of icy blue light appeared before their eyes. The ten meters of space around Xu Tianran were instantly frozen. At that instant, the ambient temperature plunged to a temperature which was close to absolute zero. Xu Tianran mustered the remaining strength in his body to resist the intense cold which was attacking his body. The most frightening thing was how Huo Yuhao had only done this to temporarily immobilize Xu Tianran.

Now that the dining hall had been destroyed by the Spiritual Tempest, the entire area was covered with dust and dirt. When Xu Tianran could finally see what was around him, he realized that the two people before him had transformed.

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong had vanished. Instead, two familiar pairs of eyes were now staring at him.

They were none other than the Death God Douluo, Ye Xishui, and the Dragon Emperor Douluo, Long Xiaoyao.

“B-Both of you…”  Xu Tianran was no longer able to make sense of reality. He could no longer be sure if the people who were standing before him were Ye Xishui and Long Xiaoyao or Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong.

If he had to make a choice, he would rather believe that the two people were Ye Xishui and Long Xiaoyao. After all, they were Ultimate Douluo! Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong were still terribly young.

Even if he were somehow able to survive today’s attack, he would have no chance of conquering the continent if his foes were two Shrek Academy soul masters who possessed Transcendent Douluo abilities. He was already very well aware of how powerful an Ultimate Douluo was after witnessing the powers displayed by the Dragon Emperor Douluo and the Death God Douluo. As long as he or she was careful, an Ultimate Douluo was effectively invincible in this world.
Unfortunately, the hope in his heart did not manage to last very long. Xu Tianran had noticed the eye on “Long Xiaoyao”’s forehead.

The eye was sparkling as a beam of purple-gold light surged out from it and landed on Xu Tianran’s head.

Xu Tianran’s last Class 9 spiritual defensive soul tool finally shattered. At this instant, he felt as though he had become naked.

That’s it. I’m done!

Xu Tianran closed his eyes in pain. He knew that his worries had been legitimate. He was simply too weak when compared to the powerful soul masters of the Douluo Continent. At the end of the day, an Ultimate Douluo possessed enough power to destroy any political power.

If he had another chance at things again, he would have tried to get Ye Xishui to forgive him at all costs. If Xu Tianran had the Death God Douluo protecting him, there was no way the two of them would be able to kill him.

In the end, he was finally certain that the two people before him could not be Ye Xishui and Long Xiaoyao. Both Ultimate Douluo did not possess the Ultimate Ice ability, nor the ability to conceal themselves. Hence, they could only be Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong. Even though he did not know when they
had become so powerful, he was certain that they were the ones behind his demise. Of course, all of this was no longer important.

Huo Yuhao unleashed the Merfolk Duet again at this crucial moment. A second streak of purple-gold light landed on Xu Tianran’s body at the very next instant.

“Boom!” Xu Tianran’s skull exploded as his blood and pieces of his brains splattered across the room. The Emperor of the Sun Moon Empire was dead. In fact, he had died without an intact corpse.

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong heaved a sigh of relief after killing Xu Tianran.

Even though the entire sequence was within their control, they had actually expended a fair bit of energy and power to
achieve this outcome so quickly.

Before making their move, they had already agreed to focus on spiritual attacks. Hence, Tang Wutong was not required to make too many attacks. Huo Yuhao was the main fighting force throughout the entire battle.

The results justified their means. Xu Tianran had ultimately died under the power of Huo Yuhao’s Merfolk Duet and Spiritual Blasts.

Streaks of light started to flicker in the sky. The Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion had started to gather towards the dining hall. They were now establishing protective soul barriers as they tried to envelop the entire compound within their shield.

Huo Yuhao released a long howl as a gigantic black dragon soared into the air and transformed into an image that rammed into the barrier above them. At the same time, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong flickered before they vanished into thin air.
Even though they were only here for a short amount of time, Huo Yuhao was certain that the Sun Moon Empire’s surveillance soul tools must have already captured their appearances. This was enough, as they had created enough opportunities for Ju Zi.

The linked defensive barrier would be a difficult problem to handle even for a powerful soul master. This was especially true when the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion was the one who had established it.

Unfortunately, they were now up against two Ultimate Douluo.

Previously, when Xu Tianran was trying to contain Ye Xishui, he had used high-energy compression array soul tools. This was because he knew that any linked defensive soul barrier would not be able to contain an Ultimate Douluo—even if it was established by the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion.

This was exactly what happened.
Huo Yuhao’s Morning Dew Dagger sliced into the linked defensive soul barrier as he cut a slit in it effortlessly. Tang Wutong raised her fists and made a gaping hole where Huo Yuhao had cut. Both of them darted through the hole and concealed themselves with their Imitation as they disappeared into the night sky.

All this time, Ju Zi had been waiting in her room anxiously. She could not help but shudder when she heard the loud explosion caused by the Spiritual Tempest. At that moment, she was overwhelmed by two different emotions.

She was extremely excited. If Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong were to succeed, all her problems would be solved on their own.

She was also overwhelmed by fear. Right now, she had already given up all hope on Huo Yuhao. She knew that there was no way that he would give up Tang Wutong for her. Now that Huo Yuhao had become so powerful, she could no longer control him. In fact, he was becoming a threat to her rule over the Sun Moon Empire. Nonetheless, she really didn’t want him and Tang Wutong to fail. She could not imagine what would happen to Huo Yuhao if they were to fail. This fear stemmed
from a mother’s love for her husband. It was not something which she could control with her rationality.

“Ju Zi!” At this instant, she heard a very familiar voice. The voice woke her up from the possibilities she was running through in her head. She instinctively exclaimed, “Yuhao!”

It was important to note that there were many servants present in her room at this moment.

These servants were all surprised by her sudden exclamation. Ju Zi instantly flashed a cold stare after seeing their reaction. It seemed as though she was about to kill them to shut them up.

However, she heard Huo Yuhao’s voice once again. “The Ju Zi I know would never kill innocent people.”

Ju Zi took a deep breath as she tried to calm herself down. This was really not a good time to silence people. She exclaimed, “I want all of you to scram out of this room. If anyone dares to spread any meaningless rumors around the palace, don’t blame me for being ruthless.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” The servants scrambled out of the room. Ju Zi hastily called out to Huo Yuhao, “Yuhao? Are the two of you alright?”

At this instant, a series of loud rumbles could be heard from outside the room. Initially, it sounded as though there were a few flashes of lightning across the sky. However, they soon grew in intensity as they gave off the impression that a huge storm was brewing above the temporary palace.

The chain explosion Ju Zi had mentioned to Huo Yuhao had finally started. The comprehensive surveillance system established by the aerial surveillance soul tools was starting to lose its coverage.

At the very next instant, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong appeared before Ju Zi. Now that the surveillance soul tools had been destroyed, they no longer had to worry about being noticed.

After seeing how Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong were safe and sound, Ju Zi heaved a sigh of relief. At the same time, she was overwhelmed by a complex emotion.

“Both of you…” Ju Zi instinctively spoke. However, she stopped as she found herself at a loss for words.

Huo  Yuhao  nodded  and  said,  “We  have  succeeded.  Xu Tianran is dead. I detonated his head with my spiritual attack. The ten people who were protecting him are also dead. Now, we can retreat after fulfilling our promise to you. It is now your turn to fulfill your end of the promise.”

Ju Zi was elated after hearing what Huo Yuhao had told her. Her body started to tremble in excitement as she exclaimed, “Dead? He’s really dead?” Even though she refused to admit it, Xu Tianran had always been one of the biggest worries on her mind!

Huo Yuhao stared at Ju Zi as various thoughts ran through his mind.

“Ju Zi, after we part ways today, we might not meet again if you fulfill your end of the promise. Take care of yourself.” Huo Yuhao sighed.
At the end of the day, the lady before him was the first female to open up his heart. There was also a period of time when he had hoped that she would change her mind. However, they ultimately were not fated to be together.

Huo Yuhao was naturally able to sense the regret in Ju Zi’s heart. However, he knew that they could not turn back time. It was impossible for them to start over again now that they had missed the opportunity to do so earlier. He already had Tang Wutong, and was incapable of loving another person. In addition, he knew that Ju Zi would never be able to give up on what she had now. She wanted to fight for power for her son, and for the hatred in her heart.

Huo Yuhao had already managed to secure ten years of peace for the Douluo Continent to recover and develop the necessary capabilities to try and defend against the Sun Moon Empire. He was not sure what would happen after those ten years.

Just as he had said, this was possibly the last time he would see Ju Zi. After this, he would try to push for the rank of Ultimate Douluo. Following which, he would aim to enter the God Realm. If he was lucky enough to succeed, he would no longer be able to intervene in the Douluo Continent's affairs. Nonetheless, he was still very confused about the feelings he
had for the God Realm. He had no idea what that world would be like.

After hearing his words, Ju Zi's face turned very pale. "W- Why? What are you planning to do?"

Huo Yuhao sighed and said, "Just as I mentioned to you before, Wutong and I will be going into closed-door cultivation. We have become too powerful in too short an amount of time for our bodies to adjust. It’s time for us to consolidate the power we have gained. I have no idea how long we will be cultivating, but I don't think we will meet in the foreseeable years ahead. Nonetheless, I really hope that you will fulfill your end of the promise. If not, I won't hesitate to kill you with my bare hands."

After finishing his sentence, Huo Yuhao stared into her eyes before he turned around and held Tang Wutong's hand. Following which, both of them vanished into thin air before her eyes.

Tears started to stream down Ju Zi's beautiful face as her body started to tremble vigorously.
Did he leave just like this? At that instant, she felt that she had really lost him forever. This could really be the last time she saw him. Is this really the end? Is that it?

"Ju Zi, why? Why did you make such a foolish decision back them? If you had chosen him back then and let go of all your hatred, you would have been a lot happier. Is revenge really that important? Is power really so important? Hahahaha!"

Ju Zi laughed at herself as tears continued to flow uncontrollably from her eyes. The servants who were waiting outside of the room could not help but shudder. Suddenly, a group of people rushed towards Ju Zi's room.

"We are here to see Her Majesty!"

Chapter 610: Takeover

Huo Yuhao held Tang Wutong’s hand as they flew through the air, while Radiant City was in a complete mess not far behind them.

Radiant City was in disarray. Not just because of Xu Tianran’s death, but also because many aerial surveillance soul tools were exploding.

Only a small number of people knew about Xu Tianran’s death for the moment, but the entire city’s citizens could see the exploding aerial surveillance soul tools in the sky. That was something that couldn’t be hidden.

Radiant City had descended into chaos, and nobody knew how long it would take before it could settle down. However, Huo Yuhao was very confident in Ju Zi. She was too capable, and almost every situation was within her grasp. Since she had prepared to deal with Xu Tianran, she had definitely also prepared for what would come afterward. Now was the time for her to flip her cards one after another.
Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong left just like that. He didn’t even try to arrange anything, and neither did he obtain a definite answer from Ju Zi. He knew that they were leaving a little too abruptly. He also wanted to stay, and he wanted to watch Ju Zi reorganize the Sun Moon Empire’s internal affairs, and execute her promise of not moving against the Star Luo Empire and the Dou Ling Empire within ten years. That was her best choice. As long as he and Tang Wutong were around to intimidate the Sun Moon Empire, he believed that she wouldn’t dare to do anything rash.

But he had to leave. If he didn’t leave, both he and Tang Wutong would probably not be able to leave ever again.

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong had rained hell upon Xu Tianran to destroy him during that epic battle, but serious problems surfaced in their bodies.

Cracks were conspicuously tearing out over the barriers that Long Xiaoyao and Ye Xishui had left in their bodies, and these barriers could crumble at any moment. Once these barriers crumbled, they would both run the risk of going insane.
This was especially so for Huo Yuhao, because the Evileye Tyrant King’s spiritual power was still revolting violently within his spiritual sea. The Skydream Iceworm really couldn’t hold on any longer, and he didn’t even have time to take this news back to Shrek Academy at a time like this. They had to find a place to cultivate. Otherwise, they would be faced with certain death!

Therefore, he said a few brief sentences before he quickly took Tang Wutong away from Radiant City and toward the Heavenly Soul Empire.

“How are you, Yuhao?” Tang Wutong could clearly feel that Huo Yuhao’s palm was ice-cold, and his soul power was surging about vigorously within his body. His body radiated with strange light, and that was a sign of Huo Yuhao almost losing control over his soul power!

Huo Yuhao didn’t look so good as he said, “I’m afraid I can’t hold on for much longer. We have to find a place to cultivate. If not, we’ll be in trouble.”

Tang Wutong nodded and said, “Let’s do it here. We can’t delay this any longer.” There was a valley beneath them. They
couldn’t be bothered with getting the direction right because of the big problems that had risen in their bodies, and they didn’t know where they were. But they couldn’t be bothered with anything else as they immediately went down.

Tang Wutong punched a hole in the side of the mountain, and she supported Huo Yuhao as they snuck inside. They didn’t even have time to conceal themselves at a time like this.

“The  two  of  you  can  rest  assured  as  you  cultivate.  We’ll protect you guys.”  The Snow Empress and the Ice Empress emerged from Huo Yuhao’s body at the same time. They had nervous expressions on their faces, because the soul power and spiritual power within Huo Yuhao’s body were just too vast. Even with their experience and their knowledge, they had never seen such vast energy undulations, which seemed to go beyond this world’s limits, and Huo Yuhao could explode at any moment. If that happened, then all the effort that they had put in before this would be wasted!

Huo Yuhao couldn’t even express his gratitude. He was barely able to fly, and he was already controlling himself as much as he could.
He sat down on the ground and immediately focused as he used all his spiritual power to control his soul power.

Tang Wutong helped him cross his legs and sat opposite him. They could no longer use Haodong power to cultivate. Furthermore, the soul power within their bodies was too vast, so she couldn’t help Huo Yuhao at all. She was facing a similarly huge problem, and she only observed Huo Yuhao for a moment and made sure that he wasn’t in any danger before she started to meditate. The first thing she had to do was maintain that barrier in her body before anything else.

Huo Yuhao’s barrier was starting to break apart irrevocably, as soul power that resembled tidal waves surged around in this body.

Huo Yuhao’s spiritual soul core had been filled by the Evileye Tyrant King’s formidable spiritual power, and Long Xiaoyao’s soul power had also filled his Ultimate Ice soul core to the brim. Huo Yuhao’s body was like an enormous balloon that had been pumped with as much air as it could take, and it was still being pumped continuously.
Huo Yuhao’s body was already starting to swell. His veins bulged on his skin, and his body was an unhealthy red color. A golden sun and a blue moon flickered incessantly behind him, and the air would contort faintly with every flicker.

Fortunately, Tang Wutong was sitting opposite him. A golden sun and a purple moon flickered behind her at the same time, and they resonated with Huo Yuhao’s aura. This resonance, and perhaps also because of their Yin Yang Complement soul cores, barely suppressed that energy storm in Huo Yuhao’s body.

The Ice Empress and the Snow Empress stood guard at the cave entrance. The Ice Empress glanced at the Snow Empress worriedly and asked, “He’s not in a very good state. Can he hold on?”

The Snow Empress lowered her voice and said, “He definitely can. Haven’t we succeeded in tiding through every single trouble and toil over these years, no matter what we’ve faced? This is the last step he has to take, and if he can succeed, then he will rise through the heavens. Our dream will come true. But if he fails…”
The Snow Empress smiled brightly as she spoke. “So what if he fails? If not for him, we’d probably have been dead a long time ago. Let’s just accompany him if he fails.”

The Ice Empress was astonished. “Have you made up your mind, Snow Empress?”

The Snow Empress smiled faintly and replied, “Are you really asking me that? Haven’t you made up your mind too? You’re just unwilling to admit it. Even though you’re always so fierce toward the Skydream Iceworm every day, I can tell that your eyes have become increasingly tender and gentle. Seems like you’ve truly found someone that you like. You have already decided to fuse your origin with Yuhao, haven’t you? And you’re going to do that because Skydream has already completed his own fusion in order to help him. So we are left with our spiritual origin, and that’s the last strength we can use to help him. We cannot be separated from him after completing this fusion, and even if he does succeed in reaching that world in the end, we cannot separate ourselves from him. That’s the true meaning of one for all, and all for one. I can’t bear to leave you guys! So why can’t I have made up my mind?”

The Ice Empress held the Snow Empress’ hand. She blushed as he said, “Snow, I… I didn’t with that fellow…”

The  Snow  Empress  giggled  and  said,  “We’ve  known  each other for hundreds of thousands of years. How can I not know what you’re thinking about? Don’t overthink this, because I’m not trying to tease you. I am truly happy for the two of you! Aren’t we all in a good place right now?”

“Yes. No matter what, we have to help him pass this difficult test. Let me go first, Snow. Yuhao is in a terrible situation now, and he needs to stabilize himself.”

“Alright, go. I’ll stay here.” The Snow Empress looked at the Ice Empress seriously, and she hugged her gently before she released her with a faint smile on her face.

The Ice Empress skittered before the Snow Empress, and she gave her a peck on her face before she giggled and ran away.

Huo Yuhao was in a terrible situation. One could say that he was in the worst condition that he had ever been in.

There was just too much energy within his body. What he wanted most was to vent the vast energy out of his body, but he
couldn’t do that at all.

Huo Yuhao couldn’t control his soul power with his spiritual power, because his spiritual power was in a mess in the first place. The Evileye Tyrant King’s spiritual power had already been cleansed, but that spiritual power itself was violent, like it contained a formidable avenging spirit within it. It continued to wreak havoc, and it wanted to dominate Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea.

The Evileye Tyrant King had been a formidable soul beast with more than seven hundred thousand years of cultivation! Even though his body was dead, he could still retaliate while drawing his last breath. It’s no wonder I didn’t feel any spiritual undulations after his death. He hid his spirit’s strength within his soul ring, and he’s compressed vast amounts of spiritual power inside it.

It’s clear that the Evileye Tyrant King calculated precisely before his death that I had to absorb his soul core, and what he’s trying to do now is possess me! He wants to possess my body.
Huo Yuhao wouldn’t be afraid of the Evileye Tyrant King if Long Xiaoyao hadn’t infused all that soul power into his body. He had the Skydream Iceworm and the Mermaid Princess, and his spiritual power was incredibly powerful in the first place. Huo Yuhao still had his power of emotions, and the Evileye Tyrant King was unworthy of competing with him because he only had his spiritual origin left.

But Huo Yuhao was in deep trouble right now, because the soul power within his body was revolting! His soul power was revolting to the point where he couldn’t concentrate to deal with the Evileye Tyrant King, which was his biggest problem.

Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea was chaotic. The Mermaid Princess and the Skydream Iceworm could barely hold on, and he was in the same situation. His mind was starting to feel groggy. Fortunately, his spiritual soul core was strong enough that the Evileye Tyrant King’s spirit couldn’t truly complete the possession.

But the outcome would remain the same if this situation was allowed to continue.

The Evileye Tyrant King was intelligent. He could clearly feel what Huo Yuhao was experiencing, because he wouldn’t have done anything otherwise. What he could do was wait for an opportunity when something was happening to Huo Yuhao’s body.

Once Huo Yuhao couldn’t control the soul power within his body, and once the Evileye Tyrant King completely unleashed his havoc, then Huo Yuhao’s soul core would no longer be stable. That was the best time for possession.

The Evileye Tyrant King was still pleased with being able to possess an Ultimate Douluo’s body. He had had a chance to escape with his spirit when Huo Yuhao killed him, and he could even be reborn through one of his descendant’s bodies. The Evileye Tyrant King had a very formidable spirit, and killing him completely wasn’t that easy.

But he didn’t choose that, because he had his eyes on Huo Yuhao’s body.
The Evileye Tyrant King’s strength would be greatly affected if he had chosen one of his descendants for rebirth, and he would need a long time to regain his peak condition. That was still possible back then, and all he needed was more time. That was the conservative choice.

But he couldn’t make the same choice this time because he was about to face his next tribulation, and his tribulation wouldn’t care if he was severely injured or if he had been reborn through possession. The tribulation would target his soul, and the Evileye Tyrant King wasn’t confident of successfully making it through this great tribulation even if he was at his peak. He didn’t have formidable life energy like the Beast God did, not to mention when he was already severely injured. He would truly meet his demise once that tribulation struck.

Therefore, he chose to take the riskier path after some thought, and he chose to possess Huo Yuhao’s body.

Just as Huo Yuhao had guessed, the Evileye Tyrant King was certain that Huo Yuhao couldn’t possibly abandon such a formidable soul ring, and the Evileye Tyrant King would still have time to possess one of his descendants even if Huo Yuhao did forgo it.

And once Huo Yuhao absorbed his soul ring, the Evileye Tyrant King would aim to find a chance to possess his body.

A soul beast’s body couldn’t conceal his aura, but a human body could! Furthermore, Huo Yuhao had such a high cultivation and formidable soul power. If the Evileye Tyrant King could succeed in possessing his body and complete his third soul core, then he would be absolutely confident of making it through his next tribulation. He could even use this human body to break through into the God Realm. The Evileye Tyrant King was overcome with intense greed, and that was the reason why he chose this riskier path. It seemed like his opportunity had come, and success was within his grasp.

Therefore, he wasn’t hasty at all. He was waiting for something to happen to Huo Yuhao’s body before he would make an all-out attack. He didn’t want to ruin this body, because what would be the point of possession if that happened? He had to wait until Huo Yuhao was about to crumble before he could take control over his body. Afterwards, he would rely on his formidable spiritual power after fusing with Huo Yuhao’s body to control the violent revolting soul power, suppress it, and slowly absorb it.
The Evileye Tyrant King became increasingly satisfied with the current situation as he continued to think. Everything was going better than he had expected: a perfect body, a perfect type, and a spiritual sea that was so powerful that it could carry his spiritual power. There was still the soul power that was unabsorbed but extremely pure, and the shape of a third soul core was within reach. This was the best kind of gift that
the heavens could give him!

A bluish-green shadow glimmered into view behind Huo Yuhao in this moment. She wasn’t considered extremely beautiful, but her ice-cold aura and majestic elegance, her perfect and alluring body, and her jade-green frame gave off a unique and exotic beauty.

Tang Wutong was having it easier as she sat opposite Huo Yuhao. Her golden sun and purple moon’s light flickered as they radiated and dimmed continuously. Even though she was unstable, her undulations weren’t as vigorous.

But Huo Yuhao’s situation was a lot worse. His golden sun flourished, but his blue moon was exceptionally dim as thick mist steamed from his body. His clothes were completely soaked as large beads of sweat rolled down from his forehead.
The Ice Empress took a deep breath. Her body became like her scorpion’s tail, and glowed with brilliant jade-green light. That green color wasn’t one that was filled with life, but one that was cold to the extreme. The mist that rose from Huo Yuhao’s body was immediately transformed into countless ice particles that drifted down, and the cavern was cleansed.

The Ice Empress’ eyes sparkled like two pillars of icy flames. She crossed her legs, sat down behind Huo Yuhao, and pressed one palm against his back. She moved closer to his body, and pressed her other hand on Huo Yuhao’s dantian. Thick green flames burned within her eyes in the next moment, and green hues permeated the entire cavern.

Not a single inch of iciness was released, and the Ice Empress slowly closed her eyes as she burned her spiritual sense, and a faint smile appeared on her beautiful face while her own voice echoed in her heart.

You’re so silly, Skydream. I’m not very eloquent, and I don’t really know what to say, but I can remember everything you’ve done for me over the years. Even though I’m cold, you’ve melted me, and this is all I can do. This is the best kind of love I can give you. I’m burning my spiritual sense, and we will no longer be separated.

Icy waves surged into Huo Yuhao’s body, and the revolting soul power within his dantian immediately quieted. Not because his soul power stopped circulating, but because it was frozen by those strange icy waves.

Long Xiaoyao’s soul power was formidable, but the Ice Empress was burning her spiritual sense, and the power of her spirit wasn’t inferior to that of an Ultimate Douluo! That was pure freezing power, and both spiritual power and soul power would be instantly frozen.

Huo Yuhao’s expression became a lot calmer as the soul power within his dantian froze. He slowly took a deep breath, and his aura was as solemn as ever. There seemed to be dragon roars echoing through the air with his exhalation.

Huo Yuhao was in the most pain that he could be in right before the Ice Empress began burning her spiritual sense. Of course, he knew that he had been tricked, and this was happening to him because he had been too eager for success. However, he couldn’t possibly have made another choice under those circumstances as he thought back over the situation. The Skydream Iceworm had given him a guarantee, and the seven
hundred thousand year soul ring was so alluring that he couldn’t possibly turn it away.

Fortunately, the Skydream Iceworm was around. The Skydream Iceworm had absorbed much of the Evileye Tyrant King’s soul power inside his soul ring, and Huo Yuhao was only absorbing a small portion with his spiritual sea. This resulted in the Evileye Tyrant King only being able to mobilize part of his spiritual power when moving against Huo Yuhao, in an attempt to consume Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power to strengthen himself. The Evileye Tyrant King could only reabsorb the spiritual power from the Skydream Iceworm once he had strengthened himself to a certain extent.

In other words, the Skydream Iceworm made the Evileye Tyrant King’s possession process much more challenging and complicated.

But even then, the soul power in Huo Yuhao’s body was too violent, and shocked his body so much that he couldn’t resist the Evileye Tyrant King’s absorption at all. Huo Yuhao was experiencing so much pain that he couldn’t fight back at all.
The Ice Empress burning her spiritual sense was like a lifeline to Huo Yuhao at a time like this, and the soul power within his body immediately settled down as he heaved a long sigh of relief. Huo Yuhao relied on his formidable spiritual power as he exhaled, and he readjusted and realigned all the disorganized soul power within his body. His Yin Yang Complement soul cores began to spin stably again, and immense gravitational forces appeared once more that withdrew and took back the chaotic soul power and spiritual power running through his passageways.

The Evileye Tyrant King naturally discovered the big changes in Huo Yuhao as soon as they occurred, and he turned pale with fright. He had already exposed himself, and he understood that if Huo Yuhao regained the upper hand, then there was nothing left for him but death!

The Evileye Tyrant King no longer had his original body. Even though he had taken his spirit and his essence with him, he was still quite a far cry from Huo Yuhao, who was an Ultimate Douluo and had Yin Yang Complement soul cores. The Evileye Tyrant King didn’t have a single chance if Huo Yuhao could concentrate all his attention on dealing with him.
The Evileye Tyrant King had no choice at a time like this, and he didn’t even have time to think as he launched his attack as soon as possible.

The Evileye Tyrant King couldn’t let Huo Yuhao catch his breath as the energy that he had hidden within Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea erupted, and a single wheel of evil light glowed above it.

Huo Yuhao had his legs crossed, and a blood-red Evileye surfaced behind his back. Evil light flickered as the entire cave was tainted red.

Tang Wutong was already in meditation. Even though her situation was a lot better than Huo Yuhao, she had to concentrate fully if she wanted to completely absorb the vast soul power that Ye Xishui had left behind for her, and she had to do so while in meditation. Therefore, she didn’t know such big problems were happening to him.

Huo Yuhao’s entire body trembled, and a vertical eye gradually opened on his forehead. However, there were no longer any rose gold sun patterns around his vertical eye. Instead, there were strange dark red patterns thatwere like
tiny snakes that climbed out from his vertical eye and began spreading throughout his head, like they were about to swallow his entire skull.

The Evileye Tyrant King used his full strength in this attack. The Ice Empress, who was standing behind Huo Yuhao, was overcome with fear, as she didn’t expect the Evileye Tyrant King to have hidden such formidable power within Huo Yuhao’s body, to the point where he almost couldn’t resist at all.

However, Huo Yuhao finally stabilized all the soul power within his body with the Ice Empress’ help, though the intense agony made him feel like his spiritual sea was being torn apart. His spiritual sea’s water had been completely solidified, and cracks began to appear as liquid that resembled dark red lava emerged from those cracks. They quickly permeated across his entire spiritual sea, and the goal was simple: he had to consume this entire spiritual sea!

The Evileye Tyrant King’s evil eye that was hovering above Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea was becoming increasingly clear and conspicuous as it unleashed its full strength and attempted to consume Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea. The evil eye could start consuming Huo Yuhao’s spiritual soul core once it finished consuming his spiritual sea, and when that happened, the Evileye Tyrant King could almost control Huo Yuhao’s entire body. The Evileye Tyrant King had seven hundred thousand years of cultivation, and he believed it wouldn’t be difficult to control the violent soul power.

Huo Yuhao was in a very disadvantaged position, and he almost couldn’t resist at all. The Evileye Tyrant King was consuming large patches of his spiritual sea, and his own soul power was just starting to stabilize. Whirlpools mixed with soul power and spiritual power rushed towards his spiritual sea, but the Evileye Tyrant King’s spiritual origin kept blocking them, and didn’t allow Huo Yuhao to help himself.

The Evileye Tyrant King’s aim was very precise: he wanted to dominate Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea at all costs. When that happened, and if he could arrest Huo Yuhao’s spiritual soul
core, he could reduce Huo Yuhao’s control to as low as it could get. Everything would become a lot easier.

Huo Yuhao tried to break through several times before he suddenly stopped. He quietly adjusted his soul power and controlled his two soul cores’ rotations. He seemed like he was temporarily giving up on his spiritual sea, and that made the Evileye Tyrant King extremely surprised.

Does this child not want his spiritual sea anymore?

The dark red colors continuously covered large patches of Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea. Dark red patterns also stretched to more places on his face, and his expression appeared unnaturally sinister.

The Ice Empress’ figure behind him became increasingly illusory, though the freezing power produced from her burning her spiritual sense could at least ensure that the soul power within Huo Yuhao’s dantian wouldn’t cause him trouble for the time being.
The entire process was very slow. Day passed into night, and night passed into day, while Huo Yuhao was facing a test of life and death.

The Evileye Tyrant King became increasingly excited. He could clearly feel that Huo Yuhao’s resistance was becoming smaller and smaller. He wouldn’t need too much time before he could control Huo Yuhao’s entire spiritual sea, and when that happened, Huo Yuhao would have no chance to turn the tables.

Huo Yuhao seemed completely unaware of this fact. He was just channeling his soul power quietly, and he had already completely withdrawn all his disorganized soul power and fused it back into his two soul cores. He could even absorb some of the soul power that the Ice Empress had frozen, and he fused it into his soul core. He cultivated at the same time, and allowed his Yin Yang Complement soul core’s soul power to nourish his body, and to strengthen himself. The aura that he gave off resembled somebody who was preparing to break through to become an Ultimate Douluo, and to form a third soul core. He seemed to completely overlook the Evileye Tyrant King’s existence.
The Evileye Tyrant King was anxious about that, because the unknown would always be most frightening. No living being would voluntarily relinquish control over his or her own body, so there had to be something amiss because Huo Yuhao wasn’t interfering with his attempt to control his spiritual sea. But he
couldn’t possibly ask him! And Huo Yuhao couldn’t possibly answer him even if he did ask. Therefore, he became exceptionally careful as he continued dominating Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea, but this extra care made him slow down a lot more.


Inside the Sun Moon Empire’s Radiant City.

Martial law was finally lifted.

Over an entire month! Radiant City had been subject to martial law for a month, and more than two hundred thousand soldiers had stood guard at every alleyway within Radiant City. All kinds of aerial surveillance soul tools dotted the skies above, as the city spent a jittery month in sensitivity.
All the shops and businesses in Radiant City had been temporarily closed over the past month. There was a vigorously resentful and grievous atmosphere in the air that chilled everyone’s spines.

The reason was because the Emperor who had expanded the Sun Moon Empire’s territory by more than a third, and who had only ruled over the empire for a short while, had died for some unknown reason.

The Sun Moon Empire didn’t announce the reason for Xu Tianran’s death; all they announced to the public was that the Emperor was dead. Radiant City descended into chaos in the following month, especially for the royal family, who were an utter mess.

Xu Tianran was dead, and there were still many direct descendants of the royal bloodline. According to the laws, the person who would inherit the throne should be Xu Tianran’s only son, the Sun Moon Empire’s crown prince, Xu Yunhan. However, Xu Yunhan was far too young, so how could the royal family’s members not look for alternatives?
Radiant City was in disarray. Different sides fought each other, and that was especially so for the royal family.

The chaos lasted for half a month, and many private armies were mobilized outside Radiant City. The court was also as turbulent as could be.

Ju Zi was the Empress, but she remained silent from the beginning to the end, as she was allegedly keeping watch next to Xu Tianran’s coffin, and she didn’t show herself at all. The Worship Hall also chose to remain silent. Therefore, everyone seemed to have tacitly agreed that they would allow the royal family’s members to determine the eventual victor through their own capabilities.

Therefore, several royal members who were relatively more powerful began to fight among each other, and everyone started to form alliances. However, what surprised them was the fact that many individuals chose to remain neutral as they were forming alliances, like they were waiting and looking for something.

When Ju Zi reappeared in court with Xu Yunhan half a month later, and in the moment that she placed Xu Yunhan on
the throne, the royal subjects fell into an uproar.

But this uproar didn’t last for too long.

Kong Deming, Master of the Worship Hall, announced that the Worship Hall only supported the crown prince, who was the rightful heir to the throne. The Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion also announced that they were loyal to the crown prince, along with the Fire Phoenix Legion, the Evileye Tyrant Legion, and the Terrorclaw Legion.

The Sun Moon Empire’s armies that were stationed near the borders to readjust and replenish their ranks also announced that they supported the crown prince.

The Imperial Dragon Soul Engineer Legion, which Huo Yuhao had wrecked a long time ago, were all by themselves. Ju Zi turned the tides in court almost instantly, and all the royal family’s members who were most involved in conflict, especially those who had employed private mercenaries, were directly labeled as traitors and charged with treason. They were stripped of their titles and incarcerated for life.
Ju Zi sufficiently displayed her glory and majesty as the War God Empress, and she used the remaining half month to gain control over the entire Sun Moon Empire. She aided Xu Yunhan to ascend to the throne, and she used her status as the Empress and commander of the three armies to rule in place of
the Emperor.

Xu Tianran was considered a very capable ruler in the eyes of many of the Sun Moon Empire’s citizens. But Ju Zi was also a very capable ruler, and she was also the War God Empress.

The effects of many years of life and experience in the army, and in addition to Xu Tianran’s almost unreserved support, were on full display. Every single opposing voice was silenced within a very short period of time.

Someone who belonged to the Sun Moon Empire’s royal family had found Elder Kong and expressed his disapproval towards Ju Zi. Elder Kong had asked him plainly, “Could you lead the empire to unite the continent, if the empire were given to you? Do you have the same status as the Empress does in the army?”
Ju Zi wasn’t just the Empress. She had also become a veteran and cornerstone within the military. Support from the military was always the most important as the generations of Emperors changed.

The Sun Moon Empire still needed some time to rebuild their royal palace. Ju Zi handled all official business from the beginning to the end. The crown prince, Xu Yunhan, was still young, but he had already become Kong Deming’s disciple. He was introduced to soul tools at a young age, while he began cultivating soul power in the most foundational fashion. It wasn’t hard to imagine what his future would be like with top- tier soul engineers supporting him. Ju Zi believed that her son would be very talented in the future.

Ju Zi stood quietly at her window, while her flowing yellow dress that stretched over the ground sufficiently displayed her majesty and elegance. She wore a crown adorned with all kinds of beautiful jewels on her forehead, while she revealed a single dash of white in front of her chest.

Her hands were interlocked with her palms facing inward as she placed them on her abdomen. Her gaze went through the window in front of her as she stared at the clean night sky.
She had been standing here for an entire hour, and she maintained this position from the beginning to the end, without moving an inch. There was some moisture on her long eyebrows, like her eyebrows were decorated with water crystals.

“Why  did  you  have  to  tell  me!”  She  muttered  under  her breath.

“Why did you have to tell me that you won’t return for another few years?”

“Do you know the pressure that you give me when you’re around, and that the hatred in my heart is also suppressed.”

“But you’re not around, and you’re never by my side.”

“Why do you have to trust me? Why?”

Tears rolled down her face, slipped across her exquisite chin and dripped down onto the ground. There seemed to be unlimited pain in her eyes.

She seemed to make a very difficult decision after a long time, and she closed her eyes as her tears stopped.

“I’m sorry, Yuhao.”


The entire cavern had been filled with dark red colors. Tang Wutong, who was sitting in a corner with her legs crossed, was radiating a faint golden light that separated herself from the dark red colors. She was sitting there like a beautiful statue, and the golden sun and purple moon behind her flickered faintly, but were still incomplete. She was in deep meditation, and she no longer felt anything about the outside world.

Huo Yuhao’s entire face had become dark red, and frightening dark red patterns that were like tentacles stretched from his face, down through his neck, and straight for his chest.

The dark red hues that were permeating across the entire cavern were coming from him. The enormous dark red eye
behind his back had completely turned into the Evileye Tyrant King’s appearance. More accurately put, it was a miniature Evileye Tyrant King.

Huo Yuhao seemed to have lost all consciousness, and his breathing was so thin that it almost wasn’t there. The Ice Empress’ figure behind him had disappeared completely, and there was only some bluish-green light that flickered incessantly beneath his chest.

Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea was completely red, and there were only several fine golden patterns that could barely be seen within his dark red spiritual sea.

Chapter 611: The True Mastermind

An enormous vertical eye was hovering above his spiritual sea like a dark red sun, and its tentacles were wrapping itself around Huo Yuhao’s spiritual soul core. Those tentacles didn’t force their way inside, but circled around it, and the frightening spiritual undulations caused Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea to be at least twice as large. But clearly, that strength no longer belonged to Huo Yuhao.

The Evileye Tyrant King’s aura had filled Huo Yuhao’s entire spiritual sea, and his formidable spiritual undulations almost seemed material.

The final moments were imminent, and the Evileye Tyrant King’s heart was brimming with excitement.

Such a long time had passed, and the Evileye Tyrant King hadn’t felt any resistance from Huo Yuhao even when he had dominated his entire spiritual sea. Huo Yuhao couldn’t possibly resist at a time like this even if he wanted to. What could Huo Yuhao use to resist the Evileye Tyrant King? Huo Yuhao’s spiritual soul core almost couldn’t muster any more spiritual power. Once I control his spiritual soul core and infuse my
spiritual origin into it, then this possession will have reached its final stages.

The Evileye Tyrant King was very satisfied with this body. At least, there was never any other human who had a body that could match this from his experience.

Huo Yuhao had a perfect body, and his element was perfect.
More importantly, he was still young!

Youth was almost more important than strength for an aging soul beast who had more than seven hundred thousand years of cultivation! The Evileye Tyrant King could cultivate based on his experience if the possessed body wasn’t strong enough, but if the body wasn’t young enough, everything would be meaningless. Huo Yuhao was only a little more than twenty years old, but he was already an Ultimate Douluo, and he was going for an unprecedented third soul core. How could the Evileye Tyrant King not be satisfied with that?

“Let it begin! Huo Yuhao, your body will belong to me after this.” The Evileye Tyrant King launched his final invasion as he laughed hysterically.
Dark red waves surged within Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea, and the turbulent tides and frightening spiritual power reached every corner of Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea.

The golden patterns that were already few in number were disappearing at an alarming speed, and it wouldn’t take more than a few breaths before any traces of Huo Yuhao would vanish.

All the tentacles tightened, and wrapped themselves around Huo Yuhao’s spiritual soul core. Huo Yuhao’s spiritual soul core that was rotating rapidly immediately slowed because of those tentacles, and spun slower and slower.

Terrifying spiritual power released immense pressure at the same time and suppressed Huo Yuhao’s soul power, not giving him a chance to turn the tables. Dark red lines and patterns began to stretch down Huo Yuhao’s neck like veins, and continued down his entire body.

The vertical eye on Huo Yuhao’s forehead had completely transformed into an Evil Eye, which was very vile and sinister.
The possession’s final step, domination!

Huo Yuhao’s aura was almost completely undetectable in this moment, like there was nothing he could do to change anything.

Tang Wutong was sitting opposite Huo Yuhao, and strangely, the corner of her mouth curved into a gentle smile.

The Evileye Tyrant King’s projection was right behind Huo Yuhao, and that enormous eye had been observing Tang Wutong from the beginning to the end. He had to pay attention to her. Even though she couldn’t stop what was happening within Huo Yuhao’s body, there was one thing she could do: she could kill him.

Huo Yuhao’s body was very weak during the possession process. If Tang Wutong chose to kill him during this process, then everything the Evileye Tyrant King had done before this would have been meaningless.

That was an important reason why the Evileye Tyrant King didn’t hold back as he projected his spiritual power outward,
and continued to monitor Tang Wutong.

Tang Wutong didn’t appear like she was doing anything from the beginning to the end, like she was completely absorbed in her deep meditation. She naturally couldn’t stop what was about to happen in such a state, but why, at such a crucial moment, was she smiling?

An indescribable fear immediately appeared within the Evileye Tyrant King’s mind. He was a renowned ruthless character of his generation after all, and he didn’t think about any underlying reasons at a time like this at all as he used his full strength to raise his spiritual power to the strongest possible level as he attacked Huo Yuhao’s spiritual soul core. Everything could only develop in his favor once he dominated Huo Yuhao’s spiritual soul core.

Huo Yuhao had kept his cool, but right at this moment, his body suddenly trembled. The Evileye Tyrant King suddenly felt a joyous sensation in this moment.

This happiness was like that of a night of consummation, or the announcement of winning top marks in an examination. That happiness came from his inner heart, and happiness like
that was inexplicably contagious. The existence of this sensation was what caused all the dark red colors within Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea to pause. The Evileye Tyrant King’s spiritual power was excited and waltzing around amid this happiness, like he had lost control over his spiritual power.

The Evileye Tyrant King’s expression changed drastically, but his heart was still filled with that intense happiness. What… what’s happening? The Evileye Tyrant King didn’t understand what was happening at all. Why am I suddenly developing this sensation?

The joyous atmosphere suddenly changed at this moment. Anger took over, and caused the dark red seawater to rile up turbulently.

Dark red pillars of water surged into the sky one after another, like they had gone crazy, and they began blasting in all directions. Some of them rushed towards the Evileye Tyrant King’s spiritual origin, while some others surged towards Huo Yuhao’s spiritual soul core.

The Evileye Tyrant King was now truly overcome with fear. He was panicking, yet he was brimming with fury. Why? Why
is this happening? Hasn’t he completely abandoned his spiritual sea? Why does he seem to have control over his spiritual sea at a time like this? Why? Why is all of this happening?

Nobody could answer his question, and the only thing he could feel at a time like this was that fury in his mind.

Grief came after anger, and all the hysteria seemed to disappear in an instant. The dark red spiritual sea settled down, but it was filled with boundless grief.

Those long tentacles gradually slipped down from Huo Yuhao’s spiritual soul core because of that grief, and they quivered faintly as they limped weakly, like they were sobbing children.

Everything settled down within Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea in this moment, but specks of golden light appeared amid the dark red colors.

Bliss came after grief. Yes, that was endless joy. However, this blissfulness didn’t belong to the Evileye Tyrant King, but to
Huo Yuhao instead.

That was a kind of bliss that came from the bottom of his heart, the kind that was very contagious. Huo Yuhao’s spiritual soul core began to rotate with unprecedented speed amid all that bliss, and dense spiritual undulations immediately enabled his spiritual soul core to radiate with golden light that shone over his entire spiritual sea. The dark red colors were replaced with eye-catching reddish-gold hues.

Fear. There was only endless fear left in the Evileye Tyrant King’s heart. The unknown would always be the most frightening, and everything that he was experiencing was unknown to him, despite his seven hundred thousand years of cultivation.

Faint light flickered in the air continuously, and two silhouettes quietly glimmered into view beside Huo Yuhao’s spiritual soul core, and they were also radiating with blissful emotions.

That was the Skydream Iceworm and the Mermaid Princess.
They emanated gentle spiritual undulations, and their eyes were filled with disdain and contempt as they stared at the Evileye Tyrant King.

A vigorous icy beam suddenly surged into Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea without warning right at this moment. Everything that this icy beam touched froze, and this icy beam froze almost the entire dark red sea. Even the Evileye Tyrant King’s spiritual origin had been frozen.

A beautiful figure appeared quietly within Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea. White ribbons trapped the Evileye Tyrant King’s spiritual origin, and her face flowed with faint smiles as rising icy mists froze everything in place.

The Snow Empress!

The Snow Empress had been holding back for a long time, and she finally made her move.

The Evileye Tyrant King didn’t even know that the Snow Empress wasn’t inside Huo Yuhao’s body. From his perspective, Huo Yuhao’s Spirits had been suppressed along with his
spiritual sea. Only the Ice Empress had managed to escape outside, and she had already burned her power to save him.

But what about the Snow Empress? The Snow Empress had been waiting outside quietly from the beginning to the end, waiting for an opportunity to arise. Except, the Evileye Tyrant King couldn’t see her. The Snow Empress was outside the cavern, while Tang Wutong’s aura concealed her, and she didn’t reveal her aura at all. But at this moment, she was back!

“Evileye, you should be able to see the outcome as things have developed until now. I should thank you for giving everything you have to my spiritual sea. If not for that, I would probably have needed at least ten years to increase my spiritual sea to a size that could sustain my third soul core’s fusion. Therefore, I must thank you.”

Huo Yuhao’s voice finally reappeared after being silent for so long. His voice was gentle and calm, and he didn’t show any emotions at all.

“You! This is all part of your plan?” The Evileye Tyrant King was both astonished and furious!

Huo Yuhao said plainly, “I was in my most difficult time when you first launched your attack. When that happened, your spiritual power was in my brain, and Long Xiaoyao’s immense soul power started revolting because I had used too much soul power. I was in trouble both from the outside and from the inside, and I could have crumbled at any moment. It was almost impossible for me to turn things around with my own strength. Then, you appeared.”

“Your biggest mistake was that you wanted to preserve my body too much. Therefore, you didn’t attack my spiritual soul core as soon as was possible, and chose to control me instead, while assimilating my spiritual sea at the same time. You did that because you were afraid that attacking my spiritual soul core would cause me to lose control over my soul power, and if that happened, you could only accompany me as we blew up together.”

“That is all true. If you had chosen to attack my spiritual soul core instead, we would have perished together in the end. Fortunately, you didn’t do that, and I have to thank you for that. You were unwilling to die, and so am I, because I still
wish to accompany my lover for all of eternity. Thank you for giving me this opportunity.”

“I borrowed the Ice Empress’ strength to temporarily seal Long Xiaoyao’s violent and vigorous soul power as I readjusted and realigned my body at the same time. I didn’t have any strength to retaliate against you at that point, and that was also when you had your greatest opportunity. If you had chosen to attack my spiritual soul core before using your formidable power to take over my body as quickly as possible, you might have completed your possession. But you were too paranoid because I wasn’t retaliating, and you reacted logically by attempting to dominate my spiritual sea for stability. Under normal circumstances, your decision would have been right, but I’m different from normal people. My spiritual sea is no longer within human boundaries, because there is an aura from another world contained within it. Therefore, I wasn’t afraid of you dominating my spiritual sea from the beginning to the end, because you cannot possibly become my spiritual sea’s true master, and neither can you wipe out my consciousness.”

“Therefore, I reacted according to what you were hoping for. I struggled for a few moments before I stopped, while I concentrated on my own soul power, to control it.”
“My effort over that period of time finally allowed me to completely withdraw and stabilize the disorganized and messy soul power within my body, and I even managed to gain control over some of Long Xiaoyao’s soul power. My situation was completely stabilized, while you also gave me a pleasant surprise because you integrated your spiritual origin into my spiritual sea. I initially believed that only my companions, my Spirits, could do so, but it turned out that you could, too. Therefore, I have to thank you. Right now, I have wholly
absorbed my ninth soul ring that you’ve given me, and my spiritual power has exceeded that of any living being on the continent. Not even the Beast God, Di Tian, can compete with me in that respect. I believe that your spiritual power was probably at around the same standard even during your
strongest times. Therefore, I must thank you.”

“I know you really wish to ask, how have I done all this? I should tell you, too, because you will die with unresolved grievances otherwise. What you just felt was happiness, anger, sorrow, and bliss. You felt the power of emotions, as my spiritual sea contains power that doesn’t belong to this world: a godly seed. The God of Emotions has set his eyes upon me and my talents, and he’s given me this opportunity. How can you dominate my spiritual sea with this godly seed around?”
“You…” The Evileye Tyrant King was over the top with fury, and his enormous Evil Eye radiated black waves. However, how could he fight against the Snow Empress, who had also burned her spiritual sense to integrate herself into Huo Yuhao? The Snow Empress was third among the Ten Great Savage Beasts, and the Evileye Tyrant King would have had a hard time defeating her even during his strongest times, not to mention under these circumstances.

A short blade that was emanating faint mist hovered in midair, and the blade was pointed downwards. Icy-blue sword light pointed right at the enormous Evil Eye projected in the sky.

The Evil Eye had lost all color and liveliness, and there were only grey hues deep within his pupil: the color of hopelessness and defeat!

Chilly sword light descended upon the Evil Eye mercilessly and brutally pierced into it. Huo Yuhao’s soul power, which had been held back over so many days, finally erupted.

Those whirlpools that were mixed with spiritual power and soul power rose once more, and Huo Yuhao’s spiritual soul core
guided them as they swiftly rushed into his spiritual sea.

Whirlpools appeared one after another inside his dark red spiritual sea, and golden specks of light dispersed in all directions. Happiness, anger, sorrow, and bliss switched in between one another and suppressed the Evileye Tyrant King’s spiritual power to the point that he couldn’t control his own spiritual power effectively anymore. The Evileye Tyrant King could only look on as golden light fused into Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea continuously, and his Morning Dew Dagger’s icy radiance was breaking down and disintegrating the Evileye Tyrant King’s frozen spiritual sense piece by piece.

Tang Wutong, who was sitting opposite Huo Yuhao with her legs crossed, opened her eyes and watched as the dark red patterns over Huo Yuhao’s face gradually receded. The Evileye Tyrant King’s projection behind his back dissipated, and she heaved a sigh of relief as she closed her eyes once more. This time, she no longer worried about anything as she entered deep meditation.


Three years later.

The Star Luo Empire’s capital, Star Luo City.

The sky was grey, and the stench of smoke and gunpowder permeated the air. The heavens were dim and gloomy, and dark clouds threatened to shower the city with a monsoon.

Less than a third of Star Luo City’s northern city walls were still standing, but defensive perimeters of soul tools could still be seen. The other three sides had the same setup as soul tools resembled a forest of metal as they protected the city.

However, there was an even larger and denser forest of metal outside this one.

Fifty kilometers to Star Luo City’s west, and fifty kilometers to Star Luo City’s north, the air was filled with insidious murderousness, and all kinds of surveillance soul tools dotted the skies. They were all pointed toward Star Luo City.

Vast patches of soul tools that formed numerous soul tool fronts stretched across the earth, and they resembled an
immense pincer that could pinch down on Star Luo City at any moment.

Star Luo City was the three native empires’ final defensive line. Yes, the city was their last defense.

The Heavenly Soul Empire was destroyed more than three years ago.

The Sun Moon Empire’s Emperor, Xu Tianran, had suddenly passed away not long afterward, and the crown prince, Xu Yunhan, ascended to the throne. The War God Empress ruled the empire on the new Emperor’s behalf.

The continent welcomed a period of peace that didn’t even last a year. When everyone believed that the Sun Moon Empire had descended into disarray and chaos to the point that the war would be delayed for another few years, the Sun Moon Empire’s great armies launched another invasion without warning over two years ago.

The Sun Moon Empire had deployed eight soul engineer legions, who had discreetly followed the Heavenly Soul
Empire’s northern borders towards the east and eventually broke through the Dou Ling Empire’s northern borders. They ambushed the Dou Ling Empire so quickly that they couldn’t even react.

The invincible soul engineer legions used but eighteen days to fight their way outside Dou Ling City’s gates.

Dou Ling City was broken before Shrek City’s reinforcements could arrive. Xue Lingxun took her remaining troops and escaped, and rendezvoused with Shrek City’s soul engineer legions as they retreated continuously after consistent defeats.

The War God Empress, Ju Zi, personally led seven other soul engineer legions and the Sun Moon Empire’s four hundred thousand-strong army toward the Ming Dou Mountain Range, which was on the Star Luo Empire’s western border. The Sun Moon Empire unleashed a heavy bombardment against the Ming Dou Mountain Range that lasted for ten days, and forced the Star Luo Empire to mobilize their main forces towards the western regions to defend themselves so that they couldn’t reinforce the Dou Ling Empire.
In an attempt to break the Sun Moon Empire’s pincer attack, the White Tiger Duke Dai Hao had personally commanded three legions of soul masters to ambush the Sun Moon Empire’s armies along the Star Luo Empire’s northern borders that had once belonged to the Heavenly Soul Empire. However, he suffered an irrevocable defeat as the Sun Moon Empire’s first batch of linked defensive soul tools supported by high- energy compression array soul tools unleashed their immense power along the Heavenly Soul Empire’s borders, and they repelled the White Tiger Duke’s ambush just like that.

The Dou Ling Empire had Shrek Academy’s help, and they finally stabilized their southern regions into a standoff against the Sun Moon Empire. The Sun Moon Empire’s three hundred thousand soldiers that came a month later entered the Dou Ling Empire through the Heavenly Soul Empire and consolidated their dominated territories, and they completely conquered Dou Ling City, along with more than half of the Dou Ling Empire’s territories.

The Sun Moon Empire’s invasion was launched on all fronts, while the War God Empress, Ju Zi, personally commanded the three armies.
Three gaping holes were blown through the Ming Dou Mountain Range one month later, and the Sun Moon Empire’s armies streamed in as they broke through the Star Luo Empire’s defensive perimeters one after another with support from their soul engineer legions. They broke the Ming Dou Mountain Range and regained control over it.

The Star Luo Empire’s armies were beaten back continuously, and suffered heavy losses. Their five soul engineer legions that they had just established were almost utterly crippled as their inferior soul tool technology became the main reason for their defeat.

The Dou Ling Empire managed to stabilize themselves with Shrek Academy’s help on the other side. However, they couldn’t do anything to push back against the Sun Moon Empire’s formidable soul tool fronts.

Shrek Academy couldn’t be in two places at once, and the academy couldn’t support both empires at the same time. They could only choose to reinforce the Dou Ling Empire, because the empire was in an extremely dire situation.
The continent descended into another impasse, but both the Star Luo Empire and the Dou Ling Empire didn’t know that Ju Zi’s true motive wasn’t to dominate the entire continent in one go. The Sun Moon Empire mobilized many workers and smiths after they dominated the Dou Ling Empire’s northern regions, and they began excavating the mines and metals that they had discovered around the borders between the Heavenly Soul Empire and the Dou Ling Empire under two beast-ranked soul engineer legions’ protection.

Large volumes of rare metals were transported back to the Sun Moon Empire, and they were used to build and improve upon all kinds of soul tools.

The Sun Moon Empire reduced their budget on researching and building stationary soul cannon shells. Instead, they diverted their resources and budget towards high-energy compression array soul tools. They decreased the size of their high-energy compression array soul tools continuously while maintaining their strength as much as possible at the same time.

Six months later, Kong Deming led the Sun Moon Empire’s Worship Hall as they achieved another breakthrough in their soul tool technology. They mastered the art of absorbing and
storing light, and they absorbed and stored sunlight to become persistent and long-lasting fuel for their high-energy compression array soul tools. Their equipment was oversized and clumsy even though they could store sunlight for a long time, but even so, they opened a new door for their soul tool technology.

The Star Luo Empire and the Dou Ling Empire were clueless about that, and they could only develop their soul tools as much as possible with Shrek Academy’s help so that they could attempt a fight to the death with the Sun Moon Empire in the future.

One year ago.

The Sun Moon Empire had suddenly launched a fierce attack from the Ming Dou Mountain Range against the Star Luo Empire without any warning, and they mobilized twelve soul engineer legions with more than five hundred thousand soldiers. Thy only kept four soul engineer legions and two hundred thousand soldiers at the Dou Ling Empire’s side, relying on their high-energy compression array soul tools for defense.

The Star Luo Empire suffered continuous defeats. The White Tiger Duke was a renowned commander of his generation, but his army’s strength was at an absolute disadvantage, and he couldn’t do much to retaliate. The Sun Moon Empire used but a month to conquer vast patches of land in the Star Luo
Empire’s western territory, and more than half of the Star Luo Empire’s territory ended up in their enemy’s hands.

Shrek City’s three soul engineer legions and Shrek Academy’s powerful individuals arrived in the nick of time, and they brought new soul tools that the Tang Sect had invented and improvised. They were barely able to block the Sun Moon Empire’s ferocious invasion in the end.

But nobody expected that, at a time like this, a single army with a few hundred people appeared inside the Dou Ling Empire like they had torn through space.

More accurately put, there were three hundred people. However, these three hundred had a legendary reputation: they were the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion! They were the Hand that Protects the Nation’s thumb, and the only emperor-ranked soul engineer legion across the entire continent. Every one of them was equipped with a human- shaped soul tool, and each individual could reach a Class 8 soul engineer’s standard. Four Class 9 soul engineers were at the helm, and they dealt the heaviest blow to the Dou Ling Empire’s defending armies.
This diversion wasn’t that impressive, but because their overall strength was at an absolute advantage, this simple tactic achieved excellent results.

Ju Zi made use of the Dou Ling Empire and the Star Luo Empire’s inertial thinking. From everyone’s perspective, the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Legion was a formidable and intimidating force, but their most important job was the protect Radiant City. But nobody considered the fact that Radiant City no longer needed protection with the current situation that the continent was in. Ju Zi discreetly mobilized the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Legion under such circumstances, and she deployed the legion onto the battlefield.

They accomplished their mission, and with the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Legion at the helm of several soul engineer legions stationed inside the Dou Ling Empire cooperating with them, and in addition to the Sun Moon Empire’s two hundred thousand soldiers, they pushed the Dou Ling Empire’s armies back irrevocably. The Dou Ling Empire’s armies could no longer stop the Sun Moon Empire’s forward march.
The Sun Moon Empire’s greatest advantage had always been their control over surveillance and intel. They relied on their absolute dominance in high altitude aerial surveillance soul tools. The Star Luo Empire and Shrek Academy only received this news a month later, and less than a hundred thousand of
the Dou Ling Empire’s remaining armies retreated out of the Dou Ling Empire under Xue Lingxun’s leadership, entering Shrek City’s territory. Only then did the Sun Moon Empire’s armies stop their pursuit.

Ju Zi had been keeping her promise to Huo Yuhao. Huo Yuhao’s one-versus-ten challenge seemed to give everyone an extremely deep impression, and no matter how the war had developed, Shrek Academy was never attacked. This time was no exception, either. The Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering chased the Dou Ling Empire’s remaining armies out of their own territory, and they conquered the entire Dou Ling Empire before they immediately withdrew their forces and returned to the Dou Ling Empire. They stationed their forces near the borders and constructed soul tool fronts. At this point, the Dou Ling Empire was no more; the Sun Moon Empire had completely conquered the Dou Ling Empire.

The entire Star Luo Empire was devastated when they heard that nightmarish news. The Dou Ling Empire’s destruction meant that the Sun Moon Empire was about to concentrate all
their strength against them. How could the Star Luo Empire fight the Sun Moon Empire with their current strength? Their nation’s destruction was but a matter of time.

What happened subsequently proved that fact. The Sun Moon Empire paused their invasion after conquering the Dou Ling Empire, and it was evident that they were accumulating strength while consolidating their conquered territories.

The Sun Moon Empire also began to change their tactics. They no longer launched frontal assaults, but they started to disperse their armies as they surrounded the Star Luo Empire from the Sun Moon Empire, the Heavenly Soul Empire, and the Dou Ling Empire’s borders. The Sun Moon Empire didn’t want to conquer the Star Luo Empire in one go, but they continuously assimilated and ate into the Star Luo Empire’s territory.

The Star Luo Empire’s overall strength was considered to be the strongest among the three native empires, but how much of their strength could they display under such circumstances?

Shrek Academy was supporting them as much as they could, but the academy’s strength was limited. They could defend a
city, but protecting an entire nation was just too difficult.

Three years had gone by as the war progressed, ever since Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong went missing. Much of the Star Luo Empire’s southern lands ended up in their enemy’s hands, and circumstances were similar for the empire’s other regions. The only area that was still within the Star Luo Empire’s control was the area around Star Luo City, as more than eighty percent of the empire’s territory ended up in the Sun Moon Empire’s hands.

Everyone knew at this point that the Sun Moon Empire’s position to unite the entire continent was irreversible, but the Star Luo Empire was still hanging on by a thread as much as they could, and they were unwilling to give up even if there was but a single ounce of hope left.

The Sun Moon Empire finally completed their encirclement, which was the current situation, half a month ago, and they finally launched their third ferocious invasion.

Soul tools had become mainstream on the battlefield after so many years of war. The Sun Moon Empire’s research had already enabled them to use soul tools without soul power, and
even normal soldiers could be equipped with soul tools in the near future. This was a byproduct of high-energy compression array soul tools and their ability to utilize sunlight.

A war with soul tools was a war of attrition, and a war of how many soul tools and reserves both sides could afford to lose. The Star Luo Empire could defend themselves temporarily, but they were but a single city in their current situation, but they were up against the entire continent!

The Sun Moon Empire’s armies were at the gates, and Star Luo City’s millions of citizens were mired in a stifling atmosphere every day. The Star Luo Empire was left with four hundred thousand soldiers, the rest had either been annihilated or had deserted to become part of the Sun Moon Empire. On the other side, the Sun Moon Empire had surrounded Star Luo City with a million soldiers, and their forces included the Hand that Protects the Nation, which comprised the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion, the Imperial Dragon Soul Engineer Legion, the Evileye Tyrant Soul Engineer Legion, the Fire Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion, and the Terrorclaw Soul Engineer Legion. Their main forces on the battlefield consisted of eighteen soul engineer legions.
The Sun Moon Empire had already established many soul tool fronts, and there were eight miniature high-energy compression array soul tools among them. They had been charging and storing sunlight over the past two weeks, and they were preparing to deal the heaviest possible blow to Star Luo City.

Inside Star Luo City’s royal palace.

The great hall was deathly quiet.

The Star Luo Empire’s Emperor sat on the throne, but his face was ghastly pale, and his eyes were vacant. Everyone could see the kind of burden and pressure he was under from his dry, cracked lips, and the dark circles under his eyes.

There were people who were seated beneath him, and one of them was Shrek Academy’s Elder Xuan.

Elder Xuan’s expression was calm, but his eyes were very dim and gloomy. Shrek Academy’s individuals were seated beneath him, and the elders from the Sea God’s Pavilion all had a seat.
The Tang Sect’s strongest individuals stood behind these elders. Bei Bei took the lead as Tang Ya, Xu Sanshi, He Caitou, Jiang Nannan, Xiao Xiao, Ye Guyi, Ji Juechen, Nan Qiuqiu, Jing Ziyan, and even Xuan Ziwen and Gao Dalou, along with the Soul Tool Hall’s other individuals, were all present. Shrek Academy’s elites were almost all gathered in this place.

The Star Luo Empire’s subjects and officials sat on the other side, and the White Tiger Duke sat at the helm. Princess Jiujiu was clad in armor as she sat beneath him.

Princess Jiujiu’s expression was equally pale, and she was overwhelmed with fatigue. The war had continued for almost two years, and she had witnessed her enemies assimilate her country’s territory continuously. It wasn’t hard to imagine the pressure she was feeling.

The White Tiger Duke was evidently a lot older and frailer than before, and his hair and beard had turned white. He was only a little over fifty years old, and he was also a Titled Douluo. According to normal circumstances, he should be in his prime!
“Haih…” The Star Luo Empire’s Emperor heaved a long sigh as he slowly stood up from his throne.

“Your  Majesty!”  The  various  subjects  and  officials  bowed, and their voices quivered as they spoke.

The Star Luo Empire’s Emperor, Xu Jiawei, waved his hand and said, “Let us not kid ourselves anymore. Star Luo City’s defeat is but a matter of time. My beloved subjects, you have contributed much to the empire beside me over the years. Our defeat in this war is a result of the changing times. I consider myself industrious, but there is a gap which has resulted because of our stubbornness and refusal to advance with the times over a few thousand years. We have discovered this problem, but we are no longer able to change the situation. I am Emperor to a nation, so let me take responsibility for these mistakes. At ease, my dear subjects. Take as many family members as you can, leave the Star Luo Empire, and submit to the Sun Moon Empire. I will never fault you for that.”

“Your  Majesty!”   An  elderly  white-haired  official  howled agonizingly as he went onto his knees with tears rolling down his face. “Your Majesty, I swear to live and die with the country!”
Many subjects and officials went down on their knees, but the White Tiger Duke wasn’t among them. There were some others who didn’t kneel with sparkles in their eyes.

Dai Hao’s expression was solemn and serious. “Your Majesty, we should only boost our army’s morale, not reduce it. We will protect Your Majesty’s safety, even if it comes to sacrificing every last soldier.”

Xu Jiawei shook his head and said, “I’ve already said that we shouldn’t lie to ourselves anymore. I am very aware of how dire our situation is, and everyone else is equally aware. Pass my order, Dai Hao, to open the eastern and southern gates so that our citizens may leave. We will not hold those who wish to surrender.”

The Star Luo Empire’s Emperor had relinquished his last hope with those words.

Chapter 612: Pressure

Elder Xuan was silent, and didn’t say anything at all. In his heart, he was even a little in awe of the Star Luo Empire’s Emperor. He was very clear. He was right. Given the current circumstances, even Elder Xuan couldn’t do anything, even though he was an Ultimate Douluo. The city’s fate was sealed, and couldn’t be reversed.

Dai Hao was a hero, but he was born in the wrong time. He couldn’t fully unleash his abilities as a commander, as he was suppressed by soul tool technology. He could only watch as the Sun Moon Empire suppressed the Star Luo Empire through their absolute advantage in terms of soul tool technology.

Although the Tang Sect and Xuan Ziwen were in Shrek City, Xuan Ziwen was only one man! How could he challenge an entire empire and its thousands of years of history? He had also grown much older over the past few years. Even though he was already a Titled Douluo, he was simply drained too much everyday.

The Tang Sect’s soul tool technology had been growing. It was already close to mainstream soul tool technology.
However, whether it was in terms of resources, production ability, scale or research capabilities, it was still inferior to the Sun Moon Empire. These were irreversible.

Should I really let the Sun Moon Empire rule the continent?
Elder Xuan shut his eyes painfully.

Although the Sun Moon Empire didn’t attack Shrek City eventually, there still seemed to be a huge rock on Elder Xuan’s chest.

“Your Majesty, I’ll leave first. I’ll serve you in my next life.” One official turned around and left. Tears were streaming down his face.

One person was fine. However, there couldn’t just be one official standing here! If they didn’t think for themselves, they still had to think for their families.

With the first came the second.
In just a little while, more than half the court was already gone.

Xu Jiawei laughed mockingly and slowly came in front of Elder Xuan.

“Elder Xuan!” He bent down and bowed to Elder Xuan.

Elder Xuan raised his hands and lifted him up with gentle soul power. At the same time, Xu Jiawei also stood up. It wasn’t just his respect for an Emperor. It was his respect for an Emperor who treasured life.

“Your Majesty!”

Xu Jiawei sighed and said, “I represent the Star Luo Empire. Thank you, Shrek Academy. Thank you, Tang Sect. Without both of you, the Star Luo Empire would have been destroyed. Thanks. However, things have finally come to an end. Elder Xuan, you and the others from the academy and the sect should leave too. After all, the academy is independent. It doesn’t belong to any empire. You’ve already gone to such lengths for the Star Luo Empire. We are grateful for that. But
you can’t continue. It might enrage the Sun Moon Empire. The Star Luo Empire can die, but Shrek Academy can’t. Shrek is where the true legacy of the Douluo empires lie.”

Elder Xuan furrowed his brow and sighed heavily. He knew Xu Jiawei was right. Just like the officials who had left, Elder Xuan could ignore his own plight, but he was still the Master of the Sea God’s Pavilion. He had to think for the million people in Shrek City! Moreover, there were still troops from the Dou Ling Empire in Shrek City. The remaining royal family members of the Dou Ling Empire were all in Shrek.

“Your Majesty, even though Shrek isn’t capable of protecting the Star Luo Empire, we can still lead the royal family back to Shrek if you are willing to do so. You can find an opportunity to rise again in the future. How about that?”

Xu Jiawei laughed and shook his head. He replied, “No. The Sun Moon Empire has occupied too much land. Shrek City is only a city. If the empire wants to exert pressure, it doesn’t even need to attack. It just has to cut off all supply routes, so that Shrek City becomes helpless. Elder Xuan, let me give you a word of advice. After you return, ask the Dou Ling and Heavenly Soul Empire’s royal families to dismiss their troops.
In that way, Shrek can still survive. Otherwise, even Shrek City can’t protect them.”

After he finished speaking, Xu Jiawei suddenly kneeled down in front of Elder Xuan.

“Your Majesty, what are you doing?” Elder Xuan gave way and was astonished as he looked at the Emperor. From his earlier words, Elder Xuan could tell that he was superior to the Emperors of both the Heavenly Soul and Dou Ling Empires. This was probably also why the Star Luo Empire was the last to be destroyed.

“Elder Xuan, I have a request.” Xu Jiawei could no longer call himself the Emperor now.

As he said this, not only was his expression serious, but it was also filled with an indescribable sense of persistence.

“Your Majesty, please tell me.” Elder Xuan replied respectfully.
Xu Jiawei said, “After the Sun Moon Empire conquers the continent and changes it to the Sun Moon Continent, I hope that you plant a seed of revenge for the three empires of the original Douluo Continent. In the future, our future generations will change the name back one day.”

When he said this, everyone’s expressions changed.

The name of the Douluo Continent had already been around for thousands of years. Was it really going to change now?

The few officials that had walked out of the hall stopped in their tracks. They unwittingly clenched their fists.

Elder Xuan’s body shook. His eyes brightened.

“If the Sun Moon Empire really changes the name of the continent, I swear that I’ll make sure the Sun Moon Empire’s royal lineage will never carry on. This is even if it catalyzes widespread chaos!”
The name of the Douluo Continent had been around for thousands of years. It carried the desire of every soul master too. How could it be tarnished just like this?

An empire could fall, but the name of the continent must never change.

Suddenly, the crowd in the hall were all very agitated. They all kneeled down in front of Elder Xuan.

At this moment, a majestic voice sounded.

“Message from the War God Empress – hand over the White Tiger Duke in three days. The Star Luo Empire can surrender, and deaths can be avoided. No looting will occur, no invasion will be carried out, and everything will remain as it is in Star Luo City. Otherwise, I’ll wreak havoc!”

When she mentioned the words ‘wreak havoc”, huge soundwaves shook the entire city.
The city could surrender only if the White Tiger Duke was surrendered?

Why was this the condition? Even though the White Tiger Duke had been fighting the Sun Moon Empire these past few years, did they really have to fear him considering the absolute advantage they possessed?


A messenger ran in from the outside. “Your Majesty, Star Luo City has been surrounded, and the northern and southern city gates have been sealed. The officials and their families who planned to defect to the Sun Moon Empire, as well as civilians, were all chased back into the city. No surrender is allowed. No one is allowed to leave the city.”

When they heard these words, everyone around was horrified. Surrendering wasn’t even an option?

The White Tiger Duke gritted his teeth until they almost broke. He clenched his fists tightly. “Bastard!”
Xu Jiawei’s facial muscles were also contorting. No matter what, he hadn’t expected to be in such a state; he couldn’t even surrender.

Soundwaves were heard once again, just like before. Through the sound amplifiers carried by surveillance soul tools, all of Star Luo City could hear this voice.

“Your Majesty!” The White Tiger Duke kneeled on one knee. “Please allow me to fight them myself. I won’t surrender, but I’m willing to fight until I die.”

“Nonsense!” Xu Jiawei shouted at the top of his voice. “You are a loyal official of this court. Without you, this empire will cease to exist. I can hand myself over, but I won’t hand you over.”

“Perhaps we aren’t doomed yet.” At this moment, a slightly low-pitched and hoarse voice sounded.

“What?” Xu Jiawei subconsciously turned back. Someone walked out from the crowd behind Elder Xuan.
When he walked out, both Xu Jiawei and the White Tiger Duke were stunned.

They wouldn’t be very bothered if it was someone else who said those words earlier. However, because it came from this person, it felt as if they had a glimmer of hope.

“Hallmaster Xuan, what good idea do you have?” Xu Jiawei asked anxiously.

Yes, the person who had walked out from the crowd was the Hallmaster of the Tang Sect’s Soul Tool Hall.

Xuan Ziwen looked much more elderly than before. He had been tirelessly researching over the past few years, but he was rarely involved with soul tool production now, especially over the past year or so. He was researching almost day in and day out. He only left his laboratory after the Star Luo Empire came under serious threat. He also brought the elites from the Soul Tool Hall out with him. However, he didn’t cease his research. But no one knew what he had been researching.
Xuan Ziwen was abnormally red. However, there was an excited look in his eyes. He said, “Let those who have left leave. It’s best to let go of the officials who can’t weather the storm with you. Your Majesty, my research has succeeded. The Sun Moon Empire won’t be able to take advantage so easily.”

“What?” The White Tiger Duke immediately stood up. His eyes brightened. There was a look of desire as he stared at Xuan Ziwen. He knew that this was perhaps the last hope for the Star Luo Empire.

Sun Moon Empire base.

Ju Zi was wearing fiery-red armor, and standing silently in front of the commander’s tent. She was looking at the Star Luo City’s walls.

Three years had passed. Time didn’t have any effect on her.
She was still as beautiful as ever.

The last ultimatum has been issued. I’m only waiting for their reply now. From the current situation in the Star Luo Empire, they have no choice. The White Tiger Duke will most
certainly surrender, given how loyal he is. In this way, I can kill fewer people when the city surrenders. In that case…

As she thought until here, Ju Zi’s body shuddered. An indescribable fear spread in her heart. She couldn’t help but sigh. It’s been three years. He has indeed not returned. However, I still feel very terrified when I think of him as I take down cities.

Everything was about to be over. Once Star Luo City surrendered, the last remaining empire in the Douluo Continent would fall into her hands. Once she occupied the Star Luo Empire, her mission would be done; the entire continent would be unified. When that happened, even if he returned, at most she would lose her life to him.

When she thought until here, Ju Zi revealed a melancholic look in her eyes. Yuhao, did you know? I fear your return, but I also hope for you to return. Are you fine?

Three days later.

The Sun Moon Empire Commander’s tent.

“Has there been no response from Star Luo City?” Ju Zi sat in her seat, and appeared almighty.

“No.” The general who was kneeling in front of her answered respectfully.

Over the past three years of war, Ju Zi’s authority only became stronger and stronger. The entire Sun Moon Empire, whether it was civilians, scholars or officials, were all in admiration of the War God Empress. Under her rule, the Sun Moon Empire became very stable. Everything was in order, and the military was extremely effective. Most of the Dou Ling and Star Luo Empires had become part of the Sun Moon Empire.

Ju Zi slowly stood up, and a cold look flashed across her eyes. “Wow, this White Tiger Duke is impressive. I’ve judged you wrongly. Send my order – assault from the northern city gates. I really want to see what they’ll use to resist the onslaught of my army.”

“Yes!”  Everyone shouted in unison. They were all excited. They were already out of patience. This was a good opportunity for them to achieve their goal! Star Luo City was just a slaughterhouse in their eyes.

The military signal echoed. A deep humming sound resonated across all of Star Luo City. The Sun Moon Empire’s ten-plus soul engineer legions attacked at the same time. The Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion led the charge. The five soul engineer legions in the Hand that Protects the Nation
rose into the sky. They formed a neat formation in the sky, coldly watching Star Luo City. On the ground, the various soul engineer legions were also prepared to unleash an all-out attack. All types of linked soul tools had already started to circulate soul power. In other words, they were ready for a linked attack.

After all the changes over the past few years, there was no longer any need to use ordinary soldiers at the frontline anymore. Cities were nothing in front of powerful soul tools. This was even applicable for a city like Star Luo City. No matter how tough and resilient it was, how could it possibly resist an attack from linked soul tools?

At the top of Star Luo City’s walls, soul tools were seen charging. The top and bottom of the city walls were quickly filled with Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons and various other types of soul tools.

The three soul engineer legions from Shrek were ready to attack. The Heavy Artillery Engineer Legion now had more than five hundred Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons. It was also the main force resisting the Sun Moon Empire during the war. If not for the heavy artillery, they would have long since caved in.

The linked defensive barriers in Star Luo City were also ready to be activated. In terms of soul tool technology, the Star Luo Empire was undoubtedly inferior to the Sun Moon Empire by a lot. However, when it came to the number of soul masters, the Star Luo Empire had the advantage. Its advantage was even very large.

It wasn’t just the soul masters of the Star Luo Empire that were gathered here. There were also some soul masters from the Heavenly Soul and Dou Ling Empires.

Among the soul masters from the two empires, there was indeed a portion of them who had defected to the Sun Moon Empire. However, more of them ran to the Star Luo Empire, the only remaining haven in the Douluo Continent.

As a result, the linked defensive barriers could be supported.
This was also why Star Luo City could hang on until now.

Of course, this was also because the Sun Moon Empire’s high- energy compressive array soul tools needed more time to be charged. Although light was unlimited, absorbing, transforming, filtering and compressing it required a long
process. This was especially so because this technology was new.

The various soul engineer legions in the Sun Moon Empire were already very experienced. Just as they closed in, balls of intense light were already starting to form in the sky.

Star Luo City felt a little silent and lonely now. To the Sun Moon Empire’s army, it was the city’s last struggle. But it was a futile one.

All five soul engineer legions of the Hand that Protects the Nation were high up in the sky. They were divided into five regions. They were usually not needed for the first strike. Their main purpose was to monitor the entire battlefield, and their role was to replenish a sector whenever there was a shortfall.

Ju Zi was inside the commander’s tent. There were different types of soul tools at the side of the tent. These soul tools’ screens were connected to various aerial surveillance soul tools, broadcasting the live situation on the battlefield. Ju Zi was thus able to analyze the fight and deploy her troops better.
“Weird.  Why  has  the  city  not  attacked  using  stationary shells, given how close we are?”  Ju Zi was a little puzzled as she muttered.

Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons were the most important weapons to Star Luo City. They fired stationary shells. Their greatest advantage was their effective range. Because of this advantage, the gap between the Sun Moon Empire’s soul engineer legions and Star Luo City was controlled. While linked attacks were very strong, their effective range was not as far compared to stationary soul cannons. Even high-energy compressive array soul tools were not as impressive. After all, these technologies were only developed in recent years, and had not been perfected yet.

Right now, the various soul engineer legions were already around two and a half kilometers from Star Luo City. This was the best distance for stationary soul cannons. At the same time, it was also the maximum distance linked attacks could travel. The closer the soul engineer legions got, the more powerful their linked attacks would be.

At this moment, the situation changed.
Balls of dark green light rose into the sky from Star Luo City. After they rose into the air, they shone with a jade-green glow.

There were not many balls of light, only slightly more than ten. They were also greatly scattered, and their soul power undulations weren’t very strong.

The strength of soul power undulations was determined by oscillation detectors. No matter how strong the Sun Moon Empire’s soul engineer legions were, it was still very dangerous for them to face Class 9 soul tools. This was why the various soul engineer legions immediately intercepted from afar using their linked soul tools the moment the oscillation detectors determined whether there were Class 9 soul tools. Their strength was restrained as much as possible. In the previous fights, the advantage of these Class 9 soul tools had been properly demonstrated.

However, it seemed to be different this time. The soul power undulations that came from those glowing balls weren’t too strong. The strongest ones only came from Class 7 stationary soul cannons. Given the tier of this lineup of offensive soul tools, even the most ordinary of soul engineer legions could rely on their linked defensive barriers for protection.
The linked offensive soul tools had already finished charging. The soul engineer legions were waiting to deal Star Luo City a heavy blow. After making a judgment, the various soul engineer legion commanders naturally gave the order not to intercept. They only opened up their defensive barriers. This
was already enough for them.

However, Ju Zi seemed to sense something. She suddenly shouted, “Quick, give the order to intercept…”

She only managed to say this much before she turned much more serious as she looked at the screens in front of her. This was because her order came too late.

Those balls of jade-green light exploded the moment they got close to the various soul engineer legions.

Green lights scattered in the air. After this, Ju Zi was astonished to find that the several screens in front of her started to show distorted images.

What was going on? Ju Zi was astonished. The rest of the generals were also stunned. This was their first time seeing
something like this.

The soul engineer legions on the battlefield were even more astonished.

As the jade-green lights shone in the sky, the defensive barriers erected by the Sun Moon Empire’s soul engineer legions were quickly dismantled. The linked attacks that they accumulated earlier were jumbled up. Streaks of light rose into the sky, but they were very chaotic.

They were still not at an optimal distance to attack yet. Even if they fired one or two attacks, they couldn’t pose any threat.

When these linked attacks were jumbled up, the soul engineer legions were shocked to find that they could no longer form any linked attacks or defenses.

Suddenly, the normally formidable Sun Moon Empire soul engineer legions were confused.
Xuan Ziwen was standing arrogantly at the top of the city walls. There was a cold grin on his face.

“Linked soul tools are special because they are linked. Soul tools with similar frequencies are linked to attack or defend. However, what if I disrupt the frequencies? What if everything becomes messy? I would like to see if you can still unleash linked attacks or defenses. This was your greatest advantage. And you are about to lose it.”

Yes, this was Xuan Ziwen’s newest research. It was something that was capable of changing the outcome of a war.

As the Hallmaster of the Tang Sect’s Soul Tool Hall and the strongest Class 9 soul engineer on the Douluo Continent, Xuan Ziwen was well-aware that he could not compare to the Sun Moon Empire. Under such a circumstance, how was the situation supposed to be changed?

He was looking in this direction.

The Sun Moon Empire’s greatest advantage came from linked soul tools. Once they were linked and there were sufficiently
strong soul engineer legions operating them, they weren’t even afraid of Ultimate Douluo.

However, what would happen if there was no link? Could these soul engineers pool their strength? Their fighting strength would fall significantly. A soul engineer, unless he was Class 9, couldn’t possibly fight a Titled Douluo.

The Sun Moon Empire had quite a number of Class 9 soul engineers. However, this number was still smaller than the number of Titled Douluo in the three empires.

Furthermore, without any linked attacks or defenses, the Sun Moon Empire’s soul engineer legions were no longer invincible.

Because of this, Xuan Ziwen had decided to research the destruction of linked soul tools.

He had finally succeeded not long ago, and even turned his idea into reality. All the advanced-tier soul engineers in the Tang Sect were now involved in the production of such special soul tools.
He had decided to call them stationary interference shells.

It possessed the long-range characteristic of stationary shells. At the same time, it could cover a huge region, and last for a long time.

Stationary interference shells were all-round devices. They generated strong yet chaotic undulations which were sufficient to interfere with the aerial surveillance soul tools of the Sun Moon Empire. Most importantly, all linked soul tools would be disrupted through the undulations that were generated.

The only thing that Xuan Ziwen was regretful about was that his research had come too late. If he had succeeded when the war had just begun, the Sun Moon Empire would not have destroyed the Heavenly Soul and Dou Ling Empires. With the fighting strength of the soul master armies of the three empires, they would have been able to restrain the soul engineers.

It was war-defining research! Linked soul tools were weak in the face of stationary interference shells. Of course, the Sun Moon Empire might be able to come up with interference- resistant soul tools in the future, if given enough time.
However, that wasn’t something that could be completed in a day or two.

Interfering was easy. Resisting the interference was much more difficult.

“Fire!”  The White Tiger Duke had not been so excited for a long time. When he saw the linked attacks being fired in all directions, and that chaos had descended upon the soul engineer legions, he grew excited.

All this while, the Star Luo Empire had been under the restraint of the Sun Moon Empire. As Marshal of the army, he felt helpless because of this. Today, he finally got to raise his fist because of this stationary interference shell. He could finally combat his enemies.

Beams of light rose from Star Luo City. There were more than ten of them, and they were all headed towards the Sun Moon Empire’s soul engineer legions.

Every beam of glaring light was very powerful. Almost every soul engineer legion had to face the attack of one such beam of

All the aerial surveillance soul tools were a mess now. This was why they couldn’t possibly judge how strong these beams of light were. The Star Luo Empire’s counterattack had finally begun.

These beams of light were the last remaining Class 9 stationary shells that were left in Shrek City, the Star Luo Empire and the Dou Ling Empire!

The White Tiger Duke had decided to use his last trump card in this first wave of attack.

He had no choice. The stationary interference shells would be very effective at the start. This time was also when the Sun Moon Empire’s army was at its messiest. Class 9 stationary shells were able to unleash their greatest strength without any linked defenses around. If they succeeded, the entire situation of the war would change.

Ju Zi had already rushed out from her tent by now. With the help of her guards and advanced-tier soul engineers, she
quickly rose into the sky. She watched as the glaring lights shot towards them.

It was too late to stop them now. She couldn’t even use sound transmission soul tools to give orders to the soul engineer legions.

Right now, she was even panicking, although she was always one to stay composed. She hadn’t expected the Star Luo Empire to come up with such a powerful soul tool to interfere with the linked and surveillance soul tools. She was a little frantic. Now, the Sun Moon Empire could only rely on the responses of their various soul engineer legions.

After all, the Sun Moon Empire had a strong foundation. The strength of soul tools and the command abilities of the various legion commanders had been well-demonstrated within the short amount of time they had.

First, the five soul engineer legions of the Hand that Protects the Nation made a move. Beams of light fired from the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion.
These beams of lights were indeed not a part of any linked attack. However, they still congregated together in the air and transformed into an attack. They weren’t a linked attack, but the beams of light were still very close to one another as they fired at the Class 9 shell coming towards them.

The Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer was undoubtedly one of the strongest forces in the world now. Every soul engineer had a cultivation equivalent to a Class 8 soul engineer, and they were strengthened by human-shaped soul tools. Although there were only three hundred of them, their combined attack still managed to detonate the Class 9 shell. At the same time, these soul engineers all activated their individual protective barriers. They let the shockwaves hit them and remained firm in their positions.

The other four beast lord-ranked soul engineer legions used the same method. They were all located in different directions, and were each facing a Class 9 shell too.

The Fire Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion managed to successfully down one Class 9 shell. However, their overall abilities were still rather inferior compared to the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion. Some of the soul engineers were flung away from the resulting shockwaves. Close to a
hundred people fell from the sky. These people had been all standing at the front of the soul engineer legion.

The Terrorclaw Soul Engineer Legion fared about as well as the Fire Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion. They had always been known for their defense. About fifty or sixty of them fell from the sky.

But the Evileye Tyrant and Imperial Dragon Soul Engineer Legions were in a worse state.

The Evileye Tyrant Soul Engineer Legion was known for their speed. Furthermore, it was once battered by Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong. Although their members were quickly replaced, the new members weren’t as good as the ones before!

The Imperial Dragon Soul Engineer Legion was in a similar situation as the Evil Tyrant Soul Engineer Legion. It was under the command of the royal family. After Ju Zi gained authority, she suppressed the royal family. Along with the huge losses sustained by the Imperial Dragon Soul Engineer Legion many years ago, as well as the death of their legion commander, it was no longer as strong as it had been.
This was why both soul engineer legions suffered heavily as they were caught off-guard. Only a third of their soul engineers survived.

The situation on the ground was even more tragic.

The ordinary soul engineers were much weaker compared to those from the Hand that Protects the Nation. Even though some of them tried to resist, it was very difficult for them to aim under the effect of the stationary interference shells.

Balls of glaring light blew apart in the air. A terrifying energy storm instantly raged.

However, just as this round of explosions detonated, eight beams of light also shot from afar. They formed a barrier in the air that managed to protect some of the soul engineers.

Stationary interference shells could disrupt linked soul tools, but they couldn’t affect the attack and defense of a single soul tool.
These eight beams of light came from the high-energy compression array soul tools that the Sun Moon Empire’s army had brought.

These soul tools were directly operated by Kong Deming. Once he discovered the frightening effects of the stationary interference shells, he immediately reacted.

Although he couldn’t determine their exact positions through the aerial surveillance soul tools, he relied on his own experience and memory to quickly fire the compression array soul tools.

They were capable of attacking and defending, and he now used them to defend. This was because any attack would be futile right now, since Star Luo City was still far away. Intercepting the stationary shells required accuracy, but the aerial surveillance soul tools weren’t working. As a result, using the compression array soul tools to defend now was the best option.

Kong Deming’s timely use of the soul tools was a blessing for the Sun Moon Empire.
Terrifying explosions shook the entire sky. Lights of different colors flashed all around Star Luo City. The booms that resonated caused the soldiers to temporarily lose their hearing. Even the sky was painted with all types of colors as the sunlight dimmed.

This series of explosions lasted for fifteen minutes before they slowly stopped.

Ever since this war had started, this was probably the most intense moment. More than a dozen Class 9 stationary shells had been fired at the same time! How terrifying was that? Even the Sun Moon Empire couldn’t afford to attack so luxuriously.

The battlefield became clear again after fifteen minutes.

The defensive strength of the compression array soul tools was rather impressive. Although the protective barriers didn’t completely shield the soul engineers in the face of so many Class 9 shells, they still helped to a large extent.

Four protective barriers were left intact. The other four were completely crushed. On the ground, five out of the original
twelve soul engineer legions had been wiped out. The other seven soul engineer legions had also sustained heavy losses.

This round of attacks had caused the Sun Moon Empire’s soul engineer legions to lose a third of their fighting strength! This was the heaviest loss they had sustained since the war had begun.

Ju Zi clenched her fists tightly as she drifted in mid-air. Even when the energy storm was at its most intense, she didn’t descend to avoid it. She hadn’t expected something like this at all.

Chapter 613: Submission

The Star Luo Empire relied on a single soul tool to change the entire situation. They brought massive losses to Ju Zi.

Not only did her soul engineer legions lose a third of their fighting strength, but even the eight compression array soul tools were drained in the process of protecting them. That was also why they managed to minimize their losses.

The generals that flew to Ju Zi's side were all pale-green right now.

Ju Zi gritted her teeth as she said, “Retreat!”  Although she knew that Star Luo City would never be able to replicate such an attack, she had no choice right now.

Although she had only seen them for a short time, she could accurately tell that the green shells' interference couldn't last forever. After the energy storm, they were already much weaker. They would disappear after some more time.
More importantly, her troops' morale was very low due to what had happened. They were in no state to fight right now. If the city had a backup plan, it would be very difficult to deal with.

A signal flare was set off into the sky. However, the Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons also lit up at the same time.

The stationary shells that Ju Zi was once eagerly waiting for rained down. They quickly engulfed the entire region.

The five beast lord-ranked soul engineer legions, especially the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion, played a very big role at this point.

The three hundred soul engineers in the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion quickly dispersed under Ju Zi's orders. They turned into flashes of light and charged towards the ground. Every one of them shone brightly with more than ten beams of light. They were using their individual strength to intercept the shells.
Dazzling fireworks were set off in the sky. Bright lights flashed. Every time there was an explosion of light, one would feel very mesmerized.

The other beast lord-ranked soul engineer legions also reacted. They couldn't be bothered to mourn the death of their compatriots now. They all joined in, and helped to intercept the stationary shells.

The war had gone on for a few years. Star Luo City's reserves were limited too. After this attack, the Sun Moon Empire's soul engineer legions were finally out of their offensive range. However, they left behind more than four hundred corpses too.

Seeing that the Sun Moon Empire's soul engineers had retreated, everyone at the top of the city walls cheered.

To the Sun Moon Empire, this was unprecedented. As for the Star Luo Empire, this was an unprecedented victory too.

Victory left everyone excited. Xuan Ziwen's face was even flushing. His stationary interference shells had proven to be
effective after a live experience!

The White Tiger Duke was also excited. The losses that they had caused the Sun Moon Empire were beyond his expectations. If only the protective barriers erected by the high-energy compression array soul tools weren't there! In that case, the soul engineer legions on the ground would have been wiped out.

However, this was already good enough. Although Star Luo City's reserves in terms of soul tools had been greatly depleted, it was important to know that there were many soul masters here! As long as there were stationary interference shells, they were still very significant.

Terrifying explosions ensued in the sky. Every beam of light formed streaks of dazzling glow. The fight entered a stalemate.

However, the battlefield was already a mess.

The soul engineers who were caught in the energy storm wouldn't have survived. Not even their corpses were left. This was the brutality of a fight involving soul tools.

Sun Moon Empire commander's tent.

Ju Zi was pale-green and silent for fifteen minutes. After this, she gave out a series of orders.

All the Class 9 soul engineers gathered in the commander's tent, including Kong Deming.

"We were unprepared this time. It must not happen again. Worshipped, we'll fight again tomorrow. Please be responsible for dealing with those interference shells. Tomorrow must not be like today.” Ju Zi said to the Class 9 soul engineers.

Kong Deming furrowed his brow and said, "I hadn’t expected the Star Luo Empire to come up with such a soul tool. With those interference shells, our strength has indeed been greatly weakened. I've checked it out. Those interference undulations can last for more than thirty minutes. Even though it's not cheap to produce them, they are as powerful as Class 7 stationary shells. Given the Star Luo Empire's ability, they can still produce them in batches. These shells are also able to cover a huge region. That's why we saw what happened earlier. If we want to avoid any interference, it's impossible as of now.
Our linked soul tools will still be affected. The best option we have now is to use stationary soul tools.”

Ju Zi shook her head and replied, "No, we have no time. Our research on stationary soul tools has dropped over the past few years. We won't have time to deploy enough stationary shells. We can only rely on our current strength. White Tiger Duke, I would really like to see if you can resist the Sun Moon Empire’s army with those interference shells. Elder Kong, I'll need you to personally lead the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion. What do you think?”

Kong Deming nodded silently.

The Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion was indeed very strong. However, there were still hidden problems behind this strength. Human-shaped soul tools had to be controlled using immense spiritual power. Given the current members of the legion, this was impossible. How did the legion possess such great strength then? It was because Kong Deming had invented a secret method, whereby life energy was drained as the price to pay. This helped to increase the soul engineers' spiritual power greatly.
This was why the individual abilities of those soul engineers in the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion were in fact only about five or six rings. They were able to become as strong as eight-ringed soul masters through human-shaped soul tools. However, the sacrifice was that their lives were much shorter than ordinary soul masters. None of them could live past fifty. At the same time, they were also very arrogant because they were powerful, and their spiritual power had been overly enhanced. Unless one was powerful enough, he couldn't control this legion. The true fighting strength of the legion could only be unleashed under Kong Deming's control. This was even more important after the Sun Moon Empire lost their linked soul tools.

Without linked soul tools, they had to fight with their absolute strength. Ju Zi didn't think that Star Luo City could resist the Sun Moon Empire's army with those interference shells.

After all, the Sun Moon Empire's overall abilities had grown too much over the past few years. The empire had also greatly flaunted its military strength. It had more than three million soldiers now. More than a million of them had been thrown into this war. This was at least twice the number the Star Luo Empire had. Furthermore, it had many soul engineer legions, soul tools and soul formations. Star Luo City didn't stand any
chance at all. Unless the city had many more Class 9 shells, but that was impossible. Class 9 shells weren't so readily available.

The night was silent. The excitement in Star Luo City had long faded. Things were very busy in the city.

Today marked an unprecedented victory for the Star Luo Empire. However, everyone also knew what a victorious fight like this meant. It meant that the empire now shared a deep enmity with the Sun Moon Empire. Once the war ended, no one would be spared.

Given the circumstances they were in, everyone from the Star Luo Empire was united. It was only by fighting to the death, along with interference shells, that they could possibly survive.

This was their only chance.

Xu Jiawei couldn't sleep for the entire night. Dai Hao couldn't sleep. Elder Xuan couldn't sleep…
When the first ray of sunlight shone from the east and bore down on Star Luo City, the city was covered by a layer of gold. A signal from the Sun Moon Empire also sounded.

After one afternoon and night of rest, the Sun Moon Empire's base was like a lion that had just awoken. That signal was like a lion's roar. It meant that the Sun Moon Empire was about to bare its sharp claws at Star Luo City.

The Sun Moon Empire's army didn't charge at Star Luo City instantly. However, the entire base was moving.

Looking over from Star Luo City, it was clear that the army was tearing down their soul tool formations.

This only meant two things. Either they were retreating, or they were going to attack!

Standing at the top of the city wall, the White Tiger Duke appeared very grim. The Sun Moon Empire was obviously going to go all-out. It was not going to retreat. The soul formations were being torn down so that they could be shifted
forward. Star Luo City was going to be attacked, and the soul formations were there to protect their soul engineer legions.

Undoubtedly, the Sun Moon Empire was not going to show mercy. If all the soul formations were destroyed, the Sun Moon Empire would be in a disastrous situation. However, was that possible?

A million-man army was moving together towards Star Luo City. It was like a huge millstone was slowly turning, faster and faster. This millstone was about to grind Star Luo City into powder.

Now, the people in Star Luo City had no choice. They could only prepare to fight. If they won, they might survive. However, if they lost, they were doomed.

The powerful individuals from Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect were all at the top of the city wall by now. They were all at the northern side. This was the main battlefield. The five soul engineer legions from the Hand that Protects the Nation were all gathered here.

Without defeating these five soul engineer legions, they stood no chance at all. Originally, they didn't stand a chance anyway. However, the chance seemed to have come after the appearance of stationary interference shells.

The low-pitched signals became louder and louder. As the sun shone brighter, and after the Sun Moon Empire's army left behind some troops, they began to slowly but steadily inch their way closer to Star Luo City.

Xu Jiawei personally came to the top of the city wall. He stood beside the White Tiger Duke.

Xu Jiawei smiled and asked, “Dai Hao, did you know? I once feared you.”

The White Tiger Duke smiled, “Of course I know that. Otherwise, why do you think I was always at the western border? Given my contributions, I should have been the marshal of the three armies. Isn't that so?”

Xu Jiawei sighed and said, “Yes! I was jealous of you. I'm not fit to be the leader of an empire.”

The White Tiger Duke shook his head and retorted, “You can't say that. It's just a psychological thing. Whenever an emperor meets an official like me, I'm afraid that'll usually be the reaction.”

Xu  Jiawei  laughed.  “Perhaps.  I  didn't  expect  to  have  the chance to fight alongside you. Do you know how I feel now? I feel honored.”

The White Tiger Duke couldn't help but laughed heartily. “Me too.”

Xu Jiawei's eyes brightened. “Let those Sun Moon Empire bastards come. I really want to see if my city falls first, or if the
Sun Moon soldiers' blood will run dry.”

The five soul engineer legions slowly separated. In the sky, all types of aerial surveillance soul tools were slowly moving forward. On the ground, the remaining soul engineer legions re-organized themselves. They managed to form six full soul engineer legions. Of course, this was only on the northern side. In the other three directions, there were still other soul engineer legions moving along with the soldiers. They were ready to construct soul formations.

The Sun Moon Empire's strategy was very simple. It was to construct soul formations that were within the effective range of Star Luo City. However, it was such a simple strategy that was the most deadly at this point. This was because the destructiveness of those soul formations could be relied on once they were fully built. While Star Luo City could disrupt the linked attacks and defenses of the Sun Moon Empire, it might still be unable to handle the strength of the soul formations.

The only thing worth celebrating was that the high-energy compression array soul tools were drained the previous day. At least they couldn't be used in the short-term.
“Prepare the Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons and stationary interference shells.”

“Fire the Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons!”  As the White Tiger Duke shouted, Star Luo City seemed to have become a huge porcupine that shot out all its spikes. Suddenly, an uncountable number of shells was flung towards the Sun Moon Empire's army.

This time, the White Tiger Duke didn't use the stationary interference shells immediately. They were very limited. After knowing that they had these shells, the enemy would most certainly try to intercept them if they used them again. Dai Hao was well-aware that the Class 9 soul engineers among those soul engineer legions were surely well-prepared. They were going to be responsible for dealing with the stationary interference shells. This was why he needed to be invested in the fight right from the beginning.

The soul engineers immediately erected linked defensive barriers. Without the presence of stationary interference shells, these linked defensive barriers were impenetrable on the battlefield.
It was a pity that they only lasted for an instant.

Green halos silently spread, and quickly engulfed the entire battlefield.

Kong Deming, who was at the front of the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion, revealed an astonished look on his face. “What a cunning fellow.” As the godfather of all Class
9 soul engineers, he immediately knew that he had been

The last time the stationary interference shells were fired, they had released jade-green light. They were very obvious on the battlefield, as if they were fireworks. This time, these shells were fired without any warning.

Obviously, those shells didn't have to release jade-green light. Clearly, they only appeared that way the other time because it was an intentional ploy by the Star Luo Empire. This time, the empire had exploited the Sun Moon Empire's intention to intercept their interferences shell, misleading the Sun Moon Empire. The stationary interference shells were planted among the other stationary shells and fired with the Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons. Immediately, an unexpected effect was
achieved. The aerial surveillance and linked soul tools immediately became useless.

Whether it was Ju Zi or Kong Deming, they couldn't help but be impressed.

On the Tang Sect's side, Bei Bei, He Caitou and Xu Sanshi were gathered. They laughed sinisterly. This idea didn't come from the White Tiger Duke, but the three of them. As Xuan Ziwen was the one who had researched stationary interference shells, the person who was truly responsible for the production and use of these shells was the current vice-hallmaster of the Tang Sect's Soul Tool Hall, He Caitou.

The White Tiger Duke smiled before turning around and giving a thumbs-up to He Caitou.

If Star Luo City wanted to resist the Sun Moon Empire, its interference shells had to be effective first. If the linked soul tools couldn't be stopped, everything else was useless.

“First,  second,  third  and  fourth  soul  engineer  legions, attack!” The White Tiger Duke shouted. After this, he drew a
long sword from his waist, and pointed his sharp sword in the direction of the Sun Moon Empire's army.

Figure after figure rose. They turned into flowing lights and charged towards the Sun Moon Empire's army.

Exploiting one's strength was an important element in war. The only strength that the Star Luo Empire possessed was their soul masters.

When these figures flew out, a low-pitched roar sounded in the air. It was so loud that it seemed as if thunder was booming.

A giant yellow projection appeared.

This projection was almost a thousand meters long. It was huge, as if it were a giant bull. It was Elder Xuan's Martial Soul True Body, the Taotie Godly Bull.

The figures all steadily landed on the Taotie Godly Bull's body. There were a few thousand of them. The Godly Bull's
figure flashed in the sky as he charged towards the Sun Moon Empire's soul engineer legions.

It was a life-and-death fight. There was no retreat for either party. This was the same for Shrek Academy. To win this fight, both parties didn't just need to combine their abilities. They also had to combine their strategies. The White Tiger Duke was relying on 'miracle soldiers' today.

This wasn't his usual style. He was normally very honest and open with his strategy. However, he had no choice but to rely on these 'miracle soldiers' now, considering that the Star Luo Empire couldn't challenge the Sun Moon Empire openly. As an ingenious military commander, he was equally as strong even if he used 'miracle soldiers'.

The first wave of 'miracle soldiers' were the stationary interference shells. In that case, the second wave of 'miracle soldiers' were these four soul master legions.

These four soul engineer legions were led by powerful individuals from Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect. They were here to defeat the five soul engineer legions from the Hand
that Protects the Nation. The Star Luo Empire only stood a chance of victory if it defeated these five soul engineer legions.

Ju Zi was no longer in the commander's tent by now. Although she had set up measures to prevent the stationary interference shells from landing, Star Luo City would most certainly resort to any method to maximize their effects. Otherwise, there would be no fight to speak of.

However, Ju Zi didn't expect their soul tools to be disrupted so easily. However, all this wasn’t important anymore. The important thing was the head-on clash that was about to occur.

Seeing that the Taotie Godly Bull was close to the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion, a ball of intense silver light was suddenly unleashed.

Silver light suddenly shone, forming a huge light barrier.
This barrier engulfed the Taotie Godly Bull.

It was important to realize the size of the Taotie Godly Bull. There were even a few thousand soul masters on top of him! He was actually contained by that ball of silver light. Even
linked soul tools didn't seem to be so strong. Elder Xuan was an Ultimate Douluo!

A silver moon suddenly rose into the sky. Suddenly, sunlight disappeared from the sky. As the silver moon rose, the barrier shone along with it. Elder Xuan's ferocious charge was stopped just like that.

Xuan Ziwen lost his voice as he shouted from the top of the city  wall,  “Silver  Moon  Douluo.  It's  Elder  Kong!  It's  Elder Kong!”

As he mentioned the words 'Elder Kong', his expression greatly changed. His face was actually filled with fear right now. Yes, it was fear. Xuan Ziwen, who was normally so fearless, was actually terrified now.

Suddenly, countless rays of light shot towards the Taotie Godly Bull. Although it wasn't a linked attack, the combined strength of an attack by more than a thousand soul engineers was still terrifying.
As an Ultimate Douluo, Elder Xuan's horns shone brightly with yellow light. He was struggling to break free from the silver barrier. However, the silver light was like sticky candy. He could stretch the light as much as he could, but he still couldn't break out from it.

All the soul masters also demonstrated their powers within the barrier. They were attacking the barrier furiously, but none of them escaped.

On Star Luo City’s walls, Xuan Ziwen was dazed as he looked at this scene. “He has succeeded. He has actually succeeded. Elder Kong is now a Class 10 soul engineer! He has fused his Transcendent Douluo abilities into his soul tools. This was the natal soul tool that he mentioned once before? That is, he has fused his most powerful soul tool with his own martial soul, by tapping into the power of heaven and earth. Silvermoon Divine Light Barrier. The Death God Pagoda is like a joke in front of this Silvermoon Divine Light Barrier.”

They could only defend, but couldn’t attack. The Taotie Godly Bull and the thousands of soul masters were now target boards for the Sun Moon Empire.

With the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion leading them, the five soul engineer legions from the Hand that Protects the Nation quickly gathered. They unleashed an all- out attack. On the ground, the soul engineers that were charging forward also quickly constructed soul formations. They then used the powerful attacks from their soul formations against the Godly Taotie Bull.

The soul masters on the Godly Taotie Bull could only rely on their own individual strength to resist the attacks. However, they couldn’t retaliate. Suddenly, they were all in a disadvantageous position.

This was even after their linked soul tools were disrupted. Otherwise, the Star Luo Empire would have incurred huge casualties by now if the Sun Moon Empire’s soul engineer legions used their linked attacks.
The White Tiger Duke was very grim now. This silver barrier had never appeared on the battlefield before. The Star Luo Empire wasn’t the only one who had a trump card. The Sun Moon Empire had a trump card too. It was thousands of years of soul tool technology! This was finally demonstrated now.

Elder Xuan couldn’t protect everyone by himself. Some of the weaker soul masters were already starting to die.

This was also Elder Xuan’s first time facing such a situation. He roared furiously, and the yellow light emanating from his body became more and more intense.

To the others, it was only a silver barrier. However, as an Ultimate Douluo, he fully understood that this silver light tapped into spatial power. It didn’t tap into the strength of the moon. Most of the attacks unleashed by him and the other soul masters were hitting nothing. Otherwise, even a Class 12 soul tool would have collapsed, given the magnitude of their attacks.

Spatial power?
Elder Xuan roared, and his horns slowly turned silver. Above him, a ball of glaring silver light slowly surfaced. Around this ball of silver light was a black halo. It was obviously space that had been torn open.

When Kong Deming saw this, he sighed in his heart. It’s a pity that he discovered it so soon. It’s really a pity. If there wasn’t an Ultimate Douluo who could control spatial power, I could have killed many more soul masters using my Silvermoon Divine Light Barrier.

As Elder Kong waved his hand, the sky shone brightly. The barrier slowly dissipated just before Elder Xuan attacked. However, the external attacks didn’t cease.

Elder Kong didn’t intend to use his barrier to trap them all.
He just needed to build momentum.

Beam after beam of light shot out from the Taotie Godly Bull.

A huge golden dragon charged into the sky. Countless beams of light bore down, and the closest soul engineers from the Sun
Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion had no choice but to raise protective barriers and cease their attacks temporarily.

Radiant Holy Dragon True Body. It was Bei Bei!

Countless turtle shells opened up, forming a massive shield in the sky that blocked the oncoming attacks. Many beams of light were also refracted away. The surface of the turtle shell was shining bright gold. A giant snake was moving around on it. Its blood-red eyes were glaring at its enemies, as if it was choosing who to devour.

It was the Xuanwu Shield of the Eternal Defense, Xu Sanshi!

Balls of light exploded in the sky, accurately intercepting all types of attacks within a hundred meter radius. It was a man that was completely hidden in thick armor. His entire body was covered in all types of soul tools, including barrels that fired soul rays. Destructive rays were being shot everywhere.

All the heavy attacks were blocked.
Origin of Destruction, He Caitou!

A pinkish-red snake revealed itself in the sky. A dim golden halo was supporting it, and covering some of the weaker soul masters.

An Invincible Golden Body was unleashed by a Soft Tendon Python. It was the Wilddemon Soft Rabbit, Jiang Nannan!

The sound of a flute resonated in the air. Nine phoenixes rose into the sky, all flashing with different colors. Whatever attack struck them instantly penetrated them. Wherever they passed, all the attacks deviated from their original trajectories.

It was the Flute Cauldron Douluo, Ninephoenix Worshipping Flute, Xiao Xiao!

Twelve wings fluttered over. A huge angel descended, and layers of holy light surfaced. Whenever they were on a soul master’s body, they offered them a golden ring of protection.

It was the Angel Douluo, Ye Guyi!

A giant, pinkish dragon opened up in the sky. Pinkish halos spread from its body. Any attack that touched these pinkish halos was instantly destroyed.

It was the Ruby Dragon True Body of the Ruby Douluo, Nan Qiuqiu!

A long beam of sword light shot up, and a hundred meter- long blade appeared. A member of the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion was killed by this beam of sword light.

It was the Sword Fanatic Douluo, Ji Juechen, and his Judgment Sword!

Yes, they came from the Tang Sect.

They were the current eight Titled Douluo of the Tang Sect. In three years, they all became Titled Douluo as they cultivated tirelessly, and after they consumed the spiritual pill. All of them were very strong now.
Right now, they were the pillars of the Tang Sect. They were also the faces of the younger generation of Shrek. However, the strongest two weren’t here. Otherwise, if all ten powerful Douluo were here, the Tang Sect’s ultimate strength would be fully demonstrated!

Apart from them, the Titled Douluo from Shrek Academy, the Star Luo Empire, the Dou Ling Empire and the Heavenly Soul Empire all demonstrated their abilities too. They flew in all directions from the Taotie Godly Bull’s back. Figure after figure emanated dazzling lights from their bodies. Not only did they resist the attacks that were fired at them, but they even leaped towards the soul engineers.

The biggest advantage that soul engineers possessed were linked soul tools. After that, it was distance! If they could close the distance, soul masters would surely be unafraid of soul engineers.

However, that was easier said than done. Even with Titled Douluo in front, many soul masters still perished from the attacks.
The four thousand who went with Elder Xuan were all elites among soul masters. They each had to possess at least five rings. Those with less than seven rings relied on flying-type soul tools. Some of those above seven rings did so too. Only those who were adept at flying relied on their own strength to remain in the air.

Given this circumstance, falling from the sky meant death.

The fight in the sky immediately became unprecedentedly intense.

From Star Luo City, Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannons were furiously making sounds. Beams of light were continuously being fired. At the same time, the city gates at the front of Star Luo City opened. Giant figures started to appear on the city wall. They were climbing out using their long legs as rapidly as possible.

It was Shrek City’s Fort Soul Engineer Legion.

After many years of strengthening, the Fort Soul Engineer Legion was much stronger than before. Every all-terrain self-
driving fort was as strong as a Class 7 soul tool. Three soul engineers drove one fort. Now, the entire legion had a total of five hundred self-driving forts. They coordinated with the cannons on the city walls and quickly ventured out. They were charging towards the soul formations on the ground; their job was to destroy them.

Otherwise, it would be a catastrophic disaster if the soul formations were allowed to be fully constructed.

Not only was the Fort Soul Engineer Legion unleashed, but the Tang Sect Soul Engineer Legion joined in too.

Three hundred figures rose above the city wall. The reason why they didn’t appear at the start was because they currently formed the greatest fighting strength out of all the soul engineer legions.

After three years of training, the individual fighting strength of each soul engineer in the Tang Sect Soul Engineer Legion had greatly increased. They were all equipped with the best soul tools in the Tang Sect. In the Star Luo Empire, the Tang Sect Soul Engineer Legion was the only force capable of
challenging the Sun Moon Empire’s five soul engineers in the Hand that Protects the Nation.

Of course, this referred to the beast lord-ranked soul engineer legions. Compared to the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legions, they were still some ways off.

Ordinary soldiers were already useless on the battlefield. They were only assisting the soul formations on the Sun Moon Empire’s side. As for Star Luo City, the ordinary soldiers were responsible for moving supplies.

Everyone knew that this fight was critical to the final outcome of the war. Nothing else mattered.

The White Tiger Duke kept giving commands. At the top of the city walls, all types of soul tools were raining as much fire down as they could.

The fight in the other three directions of Star Luo City had already begun. However, at this moment, the White Tiger Duke could only be bothered with the front.
It was the most important direction. The other three directions were more miscellaneous. There were only a few stationary interference shells and linked defensive barriers used in those three directions.

At the front, many stationary interference shells were used to keep their enemies from using linked soul tools. This was why the Star Luo Empire didn’t use its own linked soul tools either. As for the other three directions, there weren’t enough people to launch linked attacks. However, linked defenses were still used to stabilize the situation.

The White Tiger Duke was taking a gamble. He had no choice. He had too few trump cards in hand. He could only choose to lay all of them out on the battlefield now. This was the only way he could win.

The situation on the battlefield was very tragic. Ju Zi was watching from behind. Of course, she knew that all of them came from Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect. She was even more conflicted now.

It was important to know that there were still two more people who had yet to appear on the battlefield. With
stationary interference shells, they were capable of changing the situation of the entire fight!

Chapter 614: You Dare!

She did not expect to see both of them here at this moment. After all, they had already disappeared for a good three years. However, she was still very worried that they would reappear!

If the powerful soul masters from the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy were to die in battle before her, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong would never forgive her.

Ju Zi was torn between the options before her. She was usually very decisive when it came to making such decisions. However, she had suddenly become very hesitant.

“Marshal, please give us your orders.”  A commander who was by her side begged her.

Ju Zi sighed before whispering some instructions to the commander by her side.

Right now, both sides were now engaged in a battle. Because the battle had only just begun, the soul masters and soul
engineers on both sides were in their best possible state. They could still go all-out on each other. It was only when they had expended a good amount of their energy that the casualties would start to pile up.

At the end of the day, the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion was still the most powerful group on the battlefield. Several people would fall from the sky with every attack they launched. However, under the command of Kong Deming, they would always retreat after launching an attack to extend the distance between their foes and themselves. Kong Deming’s body was constantly radiating a powerful silver light as he kept Elder Xuan away from the soul engineer legion.

At this moment, the soul masters from Shrek Academy were able to showcase their individual brilliance. The Elders from the Sea God’s Pavilion, as well as the powerful soul masters from Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect, rushed towards the Sun Moon Empire’s soul engineers. The entire battlefield was illuminated by the different-colored lights which were being radiated and released by their soul skills.

Suddenly, a mysterious light surged from the back of the Sun Moon Empire. This beam of light was very unexpected as it appeared without any warning. It swept across the battlefield
in an indiscriminating way as every soul master and soul engineer on the battlefield was illuminated by it.

In addition, the main target of the beam of light was the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion.

The people going up against the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion were the most powerful soul masters from the Star Luo Empire. Hence, they were instantly enveloped by the beam of light.

An intense sense of weakness instantly spread throughout their bodies. Even though their soul power was not affected by it, the circulation of their blood within their bodies became very slow and weak. The movement of these soul masters seemed to have become very sluggish.

Their intense attacks became a lot weaker under these circumstances.

At this instant, Ma Xiaotao was unleashing her Phoenix Meteor Shower. After being hit by the beam, her body started to sway left and right as the sense of enfeeblement weakened
her battle intent. Because of this, her Phoenix Meteor Shower was terminated.

Meanwhile, the Sun Moon Empire’s soul engineers’ bodies released a thin membrane which protected their bodies from the beam, and they managed to emerge unscathed from it.

Enfeeblement rays? Enfeeblement rays at this scale? This must be a Class 9 soul tool. In fact, it’s definitely more powerful than the average Class 9 soul tool.

Everyone had trump cards, and the Sun Moon Empire was no exception. There was no reason for them to be less well- equipped than the Star Luo Empire. However, they did not possess things like interference shells, which could directly influence the outcome of the battle.

This enfeeblement ray was, in fact, a Class 9 soul tool. The only reason why it was able to cover such a huge range was because it was a single-use soul tool.

It was very similar to a stationary soul cannon shell, but it possessed certain key differences. It was a lot more controllable
even though it was not as powerful as a stationary soul cannon shell. In addition, it unleashed more than just one enfeeblement soul ray.

Streaks of enfeeblement rays swept across the sky as more than half of the four thousand Star Luo soul masters were hit by them. Under such circumstances, their fighting power plunged tremendously.

This was not the end of it. Following which, a different- colored ray shone on the Sun Moon Empire’s soul engineers.

At that instant, the soul engineers became a lot more powerful. Not only was their soul power enhanced, but their entire aura was also changed by the light. It was a ray which helped to buff up one’s troops. The soul engineers’ soul power was enhanced by ten percent, and their spiritual concentration was also improved. On top of that, the ray also had a bloodthirst effect. This was also a single-use Class 9 soul tool.

These two Class 9 soul rays were able to change the situation on the battlefield by weakening their opponents and enhancing their soul engineers. After they were released, it was clear that the Sun Moon Empire was gaining the upper hand.

The exact same situation was being replicated on the ground. It was obvious now that the Sun Moon Empire had come prepared. They started to trade attacks and blows with the soul engineer legions within Shrek City now that they had finished installing their soul tools. Even though they were still at a slight disadvantage, their situation had improved tremendously. On top of that, they were installing several
other soul tool deployment areas. If the battle were to continue to drag on, the Sun Moon Empire would definitely seize the upper hand.

It was now clear that the Star Luo Empire had lost the aerial battle. In the meantime, the tables were now slowly being turned by the Sun Moon Empire as they started to seize the upper hand on the ground as well. The White Tiger Duke saw all of this from the city walls of the Star Luo City. He closed his eyes as a grimace formed on his face.

Surprise attacks no longer had any effect if your opponent had an absolute edge over you. He let out a long sigh as he thought to himself how fate had tricked him once again. If we had figured out the stationary interference shells earlier, the outcome would have been a lot different. Even if we were only able to produce them after Dou Ling Empire had been wiped
out, it would still not be too late. Back then, the Star Luo Empire was still at its most powerful state.

Right now, the Star Luo Empire was no longer the same as before. They no longer had enough power to defend themselves against the powerful Sun Moon Empire. Without reinforcements and support from Shrek Academy, they would never have been able to hold onto their remaining land.

It’s too late. It’s probably over. We’re done.

At this instant, someone placed his hand on the White Tiger Duke’s shoulder. The White Tiger Duke opened his eyes and turned around to face Xu Jiawei, the Emperor of the Star Luo Empire.

For some strange reason, Xu Jiawei was actually smiling right now.

“Your Majesty, I-I’m sorry. I didn’t manage to protect our last chance of defending the Star Luo Empire.” Tears started to well up in the White Tiger Duke’s eyes.
Xu Jiawei shook his head and sighed. “I knew this day would come eventually. I am already grateful to you for giving me hope—even if it was for only a day. From the look of things, there is no way the Sun Moon Empire would let either of us go. Let’s get our troops to retreat. Regardless of the outcome, we should not let the blood of the talents from Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect flow because of this battle. After all, they are the future hope of our continent. Do you still remember what I said yesterday?”

The White Tiger Duke nodded silently. He knew that Xu Jiawei was right. The most important thing they should be doing now was to preserve whatever fighting power they had. From the beginning of the war until now, the Sun Moon Empire had never attacked Shrek City. In addition, they had never launched an all-out attack on anyone from Shrek Academy. As long as the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy were still around, the three original empires of the Douluo Continent would still have hope.

The White Tiger Duke gritted his teeth and shouted, “Retreat!”

The signal to retreat was immediately released above Star Luo City. As the signal lit up the sky above the city, the hearts
of the soldiers and soul masters who were fighting at the front line sank.

Everyone knew what retreating meant. It seemed like this war was really about to end. This meant that the continent was finally going to be united by a single empire.

Elder Xuan sighed as he transformed back into his human form. He glared at Kong Deming, who was not too far away from him, as he spoke. “We did not manage to decide who is the stronger one between us. If not for the Academy, I would really want to know what other powers a Class 10 soul engineer possesses.”

“We’ll  have  plenty  of  time  for  that  in  the  future,”  Kong Deming replied plainly, “you can tell your people to stop fighting now.”

Elder Xuan nodded.

Very soon, the fights and battles that were going on on the battlefield stopped. The Sun Moon Empire also stopped
attacking the soul engineers from Shrek Academy, the Tang Sect, and the other empires.

Now that the war had progressed to this stage, it was no longer possible for the Star Luo Empire to turn the tables. It was all over. The only thing everyone could do was wait for the consequences to hit them.

Elder Xuan naturally stopped fighting because he also wanted to preserve the power of the Academy! There was no longer any meaning in continuing the battle. At the end of the day, Shrek Academy was still a very powerful entity. There was no reason for the Sun Moon Empire to challenge the academy.

Even if they were to conquer the entire continent, it was not possible for them to overlook the power of the academy. At the end of the day, even if Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong were missing, they had to account for the powerful soul masters which had once graduated from Shrek. In fact, there were many powerful soul masters who had once studied at the prestigious Shrek Academy in the land that had been conquered by the Sun Moon Empire. After all, Shrek Academy was a place which was revered by all soul masters. It would be political suicide for the Sun Moon Empire to attack the Academy and slay their members.

On top of that, there was no longer a need for the Sun Moon Empire to do so. In fact, they already had the entire continent under their control. No matter how powerful Shrek City was, they would never be able to influence the outcome. It would be wise for them to keep Shrek City around so as to appease the powerful soul masters who had graduated from the Academy.

After all, they would only trigger a violent response from what was left of the three empires by destroying their last remaining hope.

Hence, Kong Deming also instructed the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion to cease fire after Elder Xuan commanded his people to stand down. They allowed the soul masters from Shrek Academy, the Tang Sect, and the Star Luo Empire to retreat safely.

Ju Zi flew to the front line under the protection of her personal guards and stopped next to Kong Deming. There was a mixture of anticipation and relief in her facial expression. She had been waiting for this moment for far too long. She not only wanted to conquer the entire continent, but she also wanted to exact the revenge she had been looking forward to for a long time!

Ju Zi took in a deep breath before turning around to look at the Star Luo Empire. “Pass my orders. I want Star Luo City to hand us the White Tiger Duke. Get the Star Luo Empire to surrender to us.”

Kong Deming looked at Ju Zi as he revealed a faint smile before nodding.

The commanders, especially the legion commanders from the different soul engineer legions, had originally wanted to question Ju Zi’s orders. After all, the soul engineer legions had lost many soul engineers in yesterday’s battle.

However, after seeing how Elder Kong had nodded in agreement with her proposal, no one dared to raise any objections.

Because the War God Empress had the support of Elder Kong, no one dared to challenge Ju Zi’s decision. It was also precisely because of Kong Deming that Ju Zi was able to rule the entire Sun Moon Empire comfortably.

“Spread the War God Empress’ orders! The great Sun Moon Empire has decided to show mercy on the innocent lives within the Star Luo Empire. As long as the Star Luo Empire surrenders the White Tiger Duke, Dai Hao, the Sun Moon Empire will allow the Star Luo Empire to surrender. If the Star Luo Empire dares to show any form of resistance, we will massacre every single person within the city!”
The orders were projected by a sound amplifying soul tool in the direction of Star Luo City. Very quickly, the entire city learned what the Sun Moon Empire had proposed.

Xu Jiawei, who was standing above the city walls, lowered his head and remained silent. He clenched his fists before speaking softly, “Brother Dai, I will definitely accompany you when I join you in hell.”

At this very instant, there were no longer any other options. He knew that even he would not be able to stop Dai Hao from saving the millions of lives within Star Luo City. This was a fact of life that everyone understood.

A heavy silence fell upon the people above Star Luo City’s walls.

All the commanders suddenly dropped to their knees. Very soon, the soldiers and then the civilians followed suit. Everyone from above the city walls and within the city were all kneeling at that instant.
The White Tiger Duke slowly turned around as he revealed a faint smile on his rugged face. He exclaimed with his deep voice, “I, Dai Hao, have spent my life on the battlefield fighting loyally for our empire. Today, there’s no reason why I wouldn’t give my life for the millions of lives of our Star Luo Empire. Take care, everyone! I, Dai Hao, shall take my leave!”

After finishing his sentence, he turned around and leaped into the air.

At this instant, a figure suddenly pounced onto him and hugged him tightly around his waist. “No, Father! You can’t go!”

The person who had pounced onto him was his personal guard, who was also none other than his youngest son—Dai Luoli.

Because of his bravery and a multitude of military achievements, Dai Luoli had already become a commander. He commanded the personal guards who protected the White Tiger Duke. Right now, tears were already streaming down his face as he tried to keep his father from leaving.
Dai Hao sighed gently and stroked his head. “My dumb son, there’s no need for you to stop me. Let’s not make our family look bad. Yaoheng, pull him away.”

Yaoheng immediately strode over as he dragged Dai Luoli away from his father. Dai Huabin had also come over to help Yaoheng control his brother.

“Let go of me! Let go of me! Do you all really want to see Father die just like this?” Dai Luoli’s eyes were now red as he tried his best to break free from his brothers. However, his cultivation was not as high as that of his brothers. No matter how hard he struggled, Dai Luoli simply could not free himself.

Dai Yaoheng suddenly slapped Dai Luoli. His eyes were also equally red. “Dumbass, do you think I want Father to die? Huabin, take care of him. Both of you will have to make sure our Dai family doesn’t die out. We must never forget what the Sun Moon Empire has done to us.”

Following which, he suddenly turned around to face Dai Hao and said, “Father, I am the eldest son in our family. Please allow me to join you to demonstrate the loyalty we have for our empire.”

As he spoke, he suddenly moved his palms and planted them on Dai Huabin’s and Dai Luoli’s necks. Because of this, both his brothers fell unconscious, and collapsed to the ground.

Following which, Dai Yaoheng turned around and bowed to Elder Xuan. Without saying anything, he strode towards Dai Hao.

His bow was simply a gesture to thank Elder Xuan in advance for taking care of his family, since he would not be returning to Star Luo City with his father.

Dai Hao stared at his son and spoke, “You are truly a man from our Dai family. You are a good child!”  Following which, he raised his hand and brought Dai Yaoheng into his embrace. It was clear that he was very proud of his son.

However, his hand suddenly moved towards Dai Yaoheng’s neck. Similarly, Dai Yaoheng froze before he fell unconscious. He would never have expected his father to use the same method on him.
Dai Hao turned around to face Elder Xuan and pleaded, “Elder Xuan, I will need you to take care of my sons for me.”

Elder Xuan sighed and replied, “White Tiger Duke, you can rest assured that as long as Shrek City is still around, I will not let anyone hurt them.”

“Alright!”  After  hearing  Elder  Xuan’s  promise,  the  White Tiger Duke seemed to have no more worries. He leaped upwards  and  released  a  deafening  howl.  “The  White  Tiger Duke is here. Come and take my life if you dare! Hahahahaha!”

He suddenly ripped apart the armor and shirt he was wearing to reveal his muscular physique. His body seemed to possess a perfect balance between strength and aesthetics. His powerful aura infected all of Star Luo City.

The commanders who were already kneeling on the ground could not help but lower their heads and bawl. No one wanted to see how the war god of their generation was about to fall.

In the meantime, Xu Jiawei appeared to be a lot calmer. He stuck his hand into his sleeve and withdrew a short dagger. He
had long thought of committing suicide after failing to protect his people as the Emperor of the Star Luo Empire. Now that Dai Hao had chosen to give up his life for the empire, Xu Jiawei thought of doing the same too. Even though they could not be born on the same day, Xu Jiawei wanted to die on the same day as his brother-in-arms. The moment the White Tiger died for the empire would be the same moment when he would die for his empire.

The sky above was dark and cold. The clouds were like a huge slab of stone on everyone’s minds. Everyone, including the powerful soul masters from Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect, had their fists clenched tightly.

Everyone present knew that there was no other option.
However, no one was happy to give up just like this.

They could only stare and watch as the White Tiger Duke went forward to give up his life. It was a shameful moment for everyone! Everyone would owe the White Tiger Duke a favor they would never be able to return.

Even though the White Tiger Duke was flying against the wind, his muscular body, straight back, and the proud look in
his eyes made him look formidable. At this instant, he looked like a leader among mankind descending from the sky. He did not resemble someone who had just failed to defend his city.

Under the protection of the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion, Ju Zi slowly flew forward. She was very excited as her body started to tremble in anticipation.

Kong Deming, who was standing by her side, was also equally excited by how close they were to success. After all, it had always been his dream to see his empire unite the entire continent.

However, the main reason why he was willing to help Ju Zi was because she was a lot easier to control than Xu Tianran. In addition, he no longer cared about power and status now that he had become a Class 10 soul engineer. Instead, he wanted to see the Sun Moon Empire conquer the entire continent so that he could spread the soul tools he had developed to the whole continent. He knew that Ju Zi would definitely support his aspirations.

Because both parties weren’t too far apart, it didn’t take long before Dai Hao arrived before the Sun Moon Empire army.

A beam of silver light was projected forward as it enveloped the White Tiger Duke. Dai Hao did not try to resist it as he allowed the silver light to restrict his movements. The white light pulled Dai Hao towards Ju Zi.

It was the first time he was seeing the War God Empress at such close proximity. He was shocked to see how he had been defeated by such a young lady.

“You are the War God Empress of the Sun Moon Empire?” Dai Hao asked coldly.

Ju Zi nodded and said, “That’s right. Are you Dai Hao, the White Tiger Duke?”

“There would be no other Dai Hao in this world!”  Dai Hao replied coldly.

Ju Zi took in a deep breath and asked, “Do you still remember how you brought your troops to attack the cities near the border of the Sun Moon Empire? Do you remember how you killed our people?”

Dai Hao spoke plainly. “I have spent my entire life on the battlefield, and have killed countless enemies. How am I supposed to remember who I have killed? There are always bound to be casualties on the battlefield.”

Tears started to stream down Ju Zi’s face as she said, “However, you were the person who killed by father back then. My father was but a civilian—a chef. Our family used to lead a happy life. I loved to eat my father’s food. However, he never returned after that fateful day. My mother cried herself to death not long after my father died. And I became an orphan.”

The White Tiger Duke froze, then asked, “So you have come all the way here to exact revenge on me?”

Ju  Zi  nodded  and  replied  hatefully,  “That’s  right.  I  have buried this hatred for you in my heart for twenty years. Twenty long years. During these twenty years, I have wanted to skin you alive to avenge my parents. It is because of this hatred that I have managed to put up with everything in my life until now.”
“It would be too easy for you if I were to kill you directly. I want to destroy everything that is a source of your pride. Didn’t you take pride in being called the War God? Then, let me destroy your army and conquer your empire. Today, you shall lose everything you owned. I want to use your blood and soul to bless my parents’ spirits.”

After hearing Ju Zi’s angry words, the White Tiger Duke broke out into a burst of unexpected laughter.

“There are always bound to be casualties in war. Even though I don’t quite remember what happened back then, isn’t it very hypocritical of you to blame me for what I have done when the Sun Moon Empire had been doing exactly the same for the past few years? You are but one of the millions of people who want to kill me. In the future, you can similarly expect millions of people who want to seek revenge on you. Go ahead and take your revenge. What are you waiting for? My head is right in front of you. Take it as you wish.”

Even though the White Tiger Duke was their enemy, the commanders of the Sun Moon Empire could not help but marvel at the spirit and courage he was exhibiting. He was truly a commander worthy of respect. Even under such
circumstances, the pride and confidence in him was not battered by Ju Zi’s threats.

Ju Zi became very uncomfortable after seeing and hearing his reaction. She suddenly felt that she had not managed to defeat the White Tiger Duke. Compared to what she had expected, he did not seem to be in any pain.

Ju Zi threatened him, “White Tiger Duke, do you believe that I will give orders to slaughter everyone within Star Luo City right now?”

“How dare you?!” The White Tiger Duke was visibly enraged by her words. “Are you not afraid that karma will strike back at you?”

Ju Zi stared coldly at him and said, “I have spent my whole life with a single aim—to exact revenge on you. Why would I be afraid of karma? It is beyond my consideration.”

“Marshal,  I’d  urge  you  to  think  twice  before  doing  that.” Elder Kong whispered to her.

Ju Zi gazed into the distance in the direction of Star Luo City. If there were no one from Shrek Academy or the Tang Sect in Star Luo City, she might really have gone on to slaughter everyone in there. However, that was not the case. She could only try and scare the White Tiger Duke.

Ju Zi unsheathed the long sword by her side as she pointed it at the White Tiger Duke. “Dai Hao, I shall dig out your heart and bless my parents with your blood today.”

“Bring it on!” Dai Hao exclaimed angrily.

Ju Zi glared coldly at Dai Hao. Even though she did not dare to kill everyone within the city, she must exact her revenge on Dai Hao. This was the bare minimum she had to do to avenge her parents. She had decided to disappoint Huo Yuhao by breaking the promise they had made, and was willing to accept the consequences for that.

She pointed her sword at the White Tiger Duke’s chest. She started to move the tip of the sword closer to his chest as the blade of the sword released a powerful sword light. She wanted to see the White Tiger Duke crumble under the pressure of impending death.

However, she was destined to be disappointed. The White Tiger Duke’s eyes were full of arrogance and determination. There was not a single bit of cowardice or fear.

Screw it! I should just kill him and end this once and for all.

Suddenly, an intense murderous intent formed in Ju Zi’s eyes as she retracted her sword and prepared herself to make the final stab to end this hatred in her heart.

Suddenly, a deafening roar echoed across the sky. It was as loud as the thunder one would hear in an incredibly large thunderstorm.

“I dare you to do that!”
Those simple six words were enough to cause the entire area to tremble. The powerful sound wave was infused with an overwhelming amount of spiritual power as it echoed across a fifty-kilometer radius.

Normal soldiers would only hear an unbelievably loud voice. However, soul masters and soul engineers felt the impact of the voice. It was almost as though their heads had been hit by a hammer. The more powerful their cultivation was, the greater the impact on them. Ju Zi felt dizzy after hearing the voice, and was unable to stab the White Tiger Duke.

The dark and gloomy sky suddenly lit up as a radiant golden sun started to illuminate the land beneath it. Its intense glow was cast across the entire sky as it caused ripples in the air whenever it flickered.

Even Elder Kong was startled by the overwhelming spiritual suppression released by the sun. He gasped, “An Ultimate Douluo? Who is this powerful Ultimate Douluo?”

It was the first time he had seen someone use their voice to spiritually suppress everyone within a fifty-kilometer radius.
In fact, this was unprecedented in the history of soul masters. But now, it was happening right before his eyes.

Even though Elder Kong could hear the rage in the person’s voice, it was a bright voice. It was definitely not Elder Xuan’s voice. Elder Xuan is not the only Ultimate Douluo?

It was important to note that Kong Deming was only able to fend off Elder Xuan’s attacks with his Class 10 soul engineer powers. It was almost impossible for them to conclude who was more powerful. The Sun Moon Empire had only gained the upper hand because of their soul tools. Because of them, their individual fighting power was enhanced, while their enemies’ combat ability was reduced. If Star Luo City was to gain the help of another Ultimate Douluo, it would be a very difficult victory for the Sun Moon Empire. They would have to sustain a heavy cost to take down Star Luo City! How could Elder Kong not be worried about the appearance of this mysterious Ultimate Douluo?

In addition, as a Class 10 soul engineer, he was able to tell that this newcomer was probably more powerful than Elder Xuan. He or she was not just an ordinary Ultimate Douluo. Even Elder Kong was not confident of defeating this person.
However, there was one person who was even more shocked than Elder Kong. The person was none other than the War God Empress who was standing behind him.

After hearing the loud exclamation from the sky, Ju Zi might have been momentarily overwhelmed by a dizzying sensation. However, after she composed herself, her body started to tremble uncontrollably. She was not trembling in excitement this time around. On the contrary, she was trembling with fear!

That was right! She was trembling with fear! The reason was that she knew whose voice that was. That was precisely why she was so scared of his sudden appearance. He was the person whom she really did not want to see at this very instant!

Even though the golden sun was irradiating the land with its brilliant, intense glow, the air started to become incredibly cold. Snowflakes started to fall from the sky as they enveloped the entire battlefield.

It was important to note that it was only the start of autumn at Star Luo City. However, the ambient temperature was plunging at an insane speed. In fact, it was so cold that the
snowflakes were just drifting about in the sky. For some strange reason, they could not land on the ground.

A silver light flickered from the distant sky. During its first flicker, it appeared to be at the furthest end of the sky. However, when it flickered again, it was already right before Ju Zi and Kong Deming.

Two figures appeared in the air right before the Sun Moon Empire’s army.

Is that him? Is it really him?

Ju Zi almost stumbled as her mind turned completely blank.

Kong Deming immediately raised his hand and dragged the White Tiger Duke towards him. He used his soul tool to control and suppress him.

At this instant, it was apparent that the people who had exclaimed earlier were a man and a woman.
The man was wearing a long pale blue robe. His long hair was swaying in the wind behind his back. While he was undeniably handsome, he had an aura which seemed to give off the impression that he was no longer affected by worldly concerns. Snowflakes spiralled around his body in a continuous fashion. Whenever the snowflakes were about to disappear, they would give off a faint silver glow which was almost indiscernible to the eye.

The female who was standing by his side was even more radiant. Her long violet hair draped from her head to her toes. Her breathtaking looks were definitely more than enough to bring shame to the moon. Her violet eyes were absolutely mesmerizing. A gentle and warm golden glow flickered around her body, and there was a faint dragon roar every time the golden light flickered.

Audible gasps could already be heard around Ju Zi.

“Is that Huo Yuhao? The Spirit Ice Douluo who challenged ten of our people. The person who is standing beside him must be the Dragon Butterfly Douluo, Tang Wutong.”
Yes, the pair who had suddenly appeared on the battlefield was Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong!

After cultivating for three long years, they had finally completed their closed-door cultivation.

Those three years went by very quickly for them because both of them were in a deep meditative state. Huo Yuhao had finally completed his absorption of the Evileye Tyrant’s spiritual power. He was able to use his powerful spiritual power—which was already beyond that of an Ultimate Douluo, and at borderline demi-god level—to complete his third soul core and fuse all of the soul power in his body. At the same time, he was finally able to master his control of spatial power. His third soul core was a spatial soul core.

Huo Yuhao was already done with his cultivation about half a year ago. However, Tang Wutong had needed some help because she did not possess an equally powerful spiritual power. She was stuck at a bottleneck, and needed Huo Yuhao to use his soul power and spiritual power to guard her. She was only able to make her breakthrough and complete her third soul core a day ago.
Hence, they were able to build on their achievements as the first people to possess Yin Yang Complement soul cores and form their third soul core. They had created another miracle in this world.

Even though they were ultimately still Ultimate Douluo, they were definitely the most powerful Ultimate Douluo in the history of the Douluo Continent.

After completing their closed-door cultivation, Huo Yuhao had a deeper appreciation and sensitivity towards destiny. He immediately sensed that something was amiss. Hence, they flew to a neighboring city to understand what had happened while they were away. They were utterly shocked by what they had heard.

They learned that Ju Zi did not keep the promise they had made previously, but had gone on to start another war, and had already destroyed the Dou Ling Empire.

After hearing this news, Huo Yuhao could not help but fly into a rage. At this instant, he could sense his heart contracting as he felt an inexplicable sense of fear. Led by his sense of
destiny, he ripped apart the space before him and tried to rush to Star Luo City with Tang Wutong.

At that instant when Ju Zi was about to stab the White Tiger Duke, Huo Yuhao was actually about two hundred and fifty kilometers away. However, he could sense the fear in his heart reaching an unprecedented peak. Hence, he used his voice to rip apart space to stop her. Following which, within the blink of an eye, he was able to use his mastery of spatial power to transport himself and Tang Wutong to where Ju Zi and Kong Deming were.

Huo Yuhao was instantly overwhelmed by several emotions after seeing her and the White Tiger Duke, who was no longer wearing any armor or a shirt.

Similarly, Ju Zi was also overwhelmed by a multitude of emotions. As they stared at one another, her eyes reddened.

“Why? Why must you return now? Why?” Ju Zi raised the longsword in her hand and stabbed the White Tiger Duke without any warning.
She knew if she didn’t make her move now, she would probably not have a chance to avenge her parents again. This time, she used all her effort and soul power to attempt to kill the White Tiger Duke. As long as she was able to kill him, her revenge would be complete.

“Cling!” A bright metallic sound could be heard. Even though the longsword had come into contact with skin, it was unable to penetrate into the person’s body.

Ju Zi’s jaw dropped when she saw that the White Tiger Duke had been replaced by the person she had missed all this while.

Xuanwu Displacement! This was one of Huo Yuhao’s favorite skills, and it now saved his father’s life.

He was able to use his powerful spiritual power and soul power to rip apart Kong Deming’s Silvermoon Divine Barrier and complete his Xuanwu Displacement.

The White Tiger Duke had been displaced to where Huo Yuhao was.
After emitting that bright metallic sound, the longsword immediately disintegrated.

Kong Deming was shocked as he tried his best to contract his Silvermoon Divine Barrier to contain Huo Yuhao.

“Scram!” Huo Yuhao exclaimed furiously. At that instant, his entire body turned a brilliant red-gold color. An intense golden light was released into his surroundings as a spiritual tempest formed around him.

The Silvermoon Divine Barrier which had managed to contain Elder Xuan was instantly shredded to pieces. The golden light released by Huo Yuhao immediately became silver. Following which, the Silvermoon Divine Barrier returned to Kong Deming’s side, and tried to envelop him.

Chapter 615: Invincible

Kong Deming couldn’t just be described as astonished now. He was completely horrified as he looked at Huo Yuhao. He retreated almost instantly, and widened the gap between them.

This, this person's control of spatial power has actually reached such a standard? He managed to seal all the surrounding space in just an instant earlier.

The Silvermoon Divine Light Barrier taps into spatial power. No matter how strong an attack is, it can be directed into space.

However, this person managed to seal all the surrounding space and prevented the Silvermoon Divine Light Barrier from escaping. After this, he relied on his unprecedentedly strong spiritual power to tear the barrier apart.

If Kong Deming wasn’t quick enough, his natal soul tool would have been completely destroyed. If that had happened, he would have been critically hurt.
Huo Yuhao didn’t even take a look at Kong Deming. His attention was all on Ju Zi.

“I should be asking you why instead. Why? Ju Zi, tell me why? I trusted you, but you betrayed my trust. You started a war just as I was in closed-door cultivation!”

Huo Yuhao’s voice was very low-pitched. However, every word that came from his mouth generated a weird spiritual undulation.

Right now, the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion had gathered. They encircled him, Tang Wutong and Dai Hao.

When those in Star Luo City saw Huo Yuhao appearing, they were all extremely delighted after a momentary shock.

Perhaps the others couldn’t sense Huo Yuhao’s condition. However, Elder Xuan could tell that his abilities were already way above his. This meant that Huo Yuhao was already an Ultimate Douluo! Furthermore, Huo Yuhao definitely had a third soul core. This was because he couldn’t have become an
Ultimate Douluo without one. Even though Elder Xuan didn’t know how he had done it, he saw hope right now.

Xuan Ziwen, fire stationary interference shells. Those from Shrek and the Tang Sect, follow me to receive Yuhao and Wutong.” Elder Xuan instructed. Everyone from the Tang Sect was already very eager. They immediately flew out from Star Luo City towards Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong.

Ju Zi was in a daze as she looked at Huo Yuhao. However, she didn’t step back. “Why? Why did you tell me you’d be in closed- door cultivation for a long time? Did you know that I didn’t dare to start a war with you around? Why? Alright, I’ll tell you why. You should know why I chose to marry Xu Tianran. I did it for revenge. I did it to avenge my parents. It’s him, it’s him!”

As she spoke, she pointed at Dai Hao. “He’s the person who killed my father. It’s him. He led his troops and occupied our land. It was his soldiers who killed my father. My mother died of sorrow. My family was broken up because of him. He made me an orphan. I only lived for revenge. I lived to kill him. If you didn’t let me start a war, I’d need to wait for ten years. I can’t wait for ten years. Did you know? I’m afraid of you. You’re too strong.”
“I wasn’t afraid of how strong the Star Luo and Dou Ling Empires would be in ten years. How can soul tool technology be caught up to so easily? But I was afraid of you. I was afraid that you’d become stronger. You were already so strong. I’ve personally seen you reach the abilities of an Ultimate Douluo. How much more powerful will you be in ten years? I can’t judge. When that happens, won’t you stop me if I try to start a war? How can I take revenge if you intervene? How can I kill my enemy? This was why I went back on my word. If I can kill him, so what if you kill me? Yuhao, let me do it. Let me kill him. If you do so, I won’t touch Star Luo City anymore. Since you’re back, I can give up on Star Luo City. However, Dai Hao must die. He has to die!”

When she finished, Ju Zi was already hysterical. Her entire body was shaking tremendously. There was only boundless hate in her eyes.

Huo Yuhao looked at her coldly. “Ju Zi, I didn’t expect you to become like this. For your own selfish reasons, you started a war in the continent. You went back on your promise. There’s no need to say anything else. Pull your troops back immediately and lead them back to the Sun Moon Empire. Return the territories that belong to the Heavenly Soul Empire, Dou Ling Empire and Star Luo Empire. Otherwise, I’ll spare no one. So what if I massacre your empire? That’s right, you’re
right to be afraid. I’m back. I won’t let the Sun Moon Empire rule the continent!”

“Joke!”   Kong  Deming  was  so  furious  that  he  started laughing. “Ignorant kid, do you think you can change the entire war just by yourself? Even if we have to pay a price, you’ll die here today.” As he spoke, he lifted his right hand, and the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion immediately dispersed. They formed an arc and surrounded Huo Yuhao.

However, Huo Yuhao seemed to ignore them. He turned around and shouted at everyone from the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy, “Everyone, don’t come over. Let me settle it.”

Bei Bei was anxious, and was about to speak. However, Elder Xuan stopped. He even opened his arms wide and stopped the rest from moving forward.

“Everyone, stop. Let Yuhao settle this.”

Bei Bei was anxious as he said, “Elder Xuan, there are only two of them. The Sun Moon Empire…”
Elder Xuan shook his head and replied, “If numbers were the most critical factor, the three empires wouldn’t have lost to the Sun Moon Empire. Don’t forget that Huo Yuhao is an Ultimate Soldier the academy nurtured. Now, he’s really an invincible Ultimate Soldier! Trust him.”

After listening to Elder Xuan, everyone calmed down.
However, they all turned to Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong.

Huo Yuhao looked coldly at Ju Zi. Silver lights flashed before he was already back at Tang Wutong’s side. Similarly, he was beside Dai Hao.

“Huo Yuhao!” Dai Hao was a little astonished as he looked at him. He wanted to say something, but he didn’t know what to say.

Ever since the war began, Huo Yuhao had vanished. Even those from Shrek Academy didn’t know where he had disappeared to. When they saw him again, he was already so strong. This left the White Tiger Duke completely astonished. He had been resigned to his fate. However, who knew that Huo Yuhao would come to save him at such a critical moment?
Furthermore, he felt very strange now. It felt as if Huo Yuhao was a little different from how he was before.

Huo Yuhao looked calmly at the White Tiger Duke and nodded. He said, “Retreat first. I’ll deal with things over here. There are some things we need to settle between us too.”

The White Tiger Duke was stunned. However, he still nodded. He didn’t say anything further. He turned around and flew towards those from Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect.

Ju Zi suddenly shouted, “No, no, he can’t go. He’s not allowed to go!”  She knew that Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong were already back. If she missed this opportunity, she would probably not have a chance at revenge anymore.

Just as Ju Zi roared furiously, the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer’s attacks began!

Blinding lights instantly shot at Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong. There were close to three hundred Class 8 soul engineers, guided and commanded by Elder Kong.
Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong were completely drowned in the glaring lights.

Ju Zi shook. Although she wanted to exact revenge, her heart still skipped a beat when she saw Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong engulfed by the lights. It was as if something terrifying was going to happen.

Are they going to…

Her worry only lasted for an instant. As the lights flashed, they silently vanished. A silver door quietly appeared in front of Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong, and all the attacks were devoured.

No matter how strong the attacks were, what was the point if they struck nothing? Huo Yuhao reacted in the same way as Kong Deming when facing the Star Luo Empire soul masters.

It was just that Huo Yuhao’s control of spatial power was clearly on a higher tier.
Kong Deming seemed to have sensed this. He ferociously lifted his right hand. This time, his Silvermoon Divine Light Barrier covered a larger area as it engulfed Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong.

The silver door from earlier disappeared within the barrier.

As a Class 10 soul tool, how could the concept behind it be so simple? Kong Deming could also seal space. Furthermore, he could seal a large region of space.

Kong Deming was the most brilliant when it came to soul tool technology. He had always believed that one could control his own destiny. No matter how strong one was, he couldn’t resist an attack that was too overwhelming. One could control space, but what if he lost that control? How could they possibly direct the attacks of three hundred Class 8 soul engineers away? It was impossible.

This was why he only had a simple goal, which was to kill Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong with the strongest attack while sealing the space around them.

Close to three hundred beams of light shone once again. However, they weren’t aimed at Huo Yuhao or Tang Wutong this time. Instead, they were aimed at Kong Deming.

A strange silver armor suddenly shone on Kong Deming’s body. This armor was like a mirror. On his chest, there was a huge gem which extended all the way from his chest to his belly. This gem was bright silver. After the lights behind Kong Deming surged into his body, they were quickly guided to that huge gem by the massive Silvermoon Divine Light Barrier. The bright silver lights made Kong Deming seem as if he were a small silver sun.

The Sun Moon Empire’s soul tool technology was so advanced. How could it possibly only have one simple trump card?

Right now, Kong Deming was using another trump card.

Yes, ordinary linked attacks were now useless after they were affected by the interference shells. However, Kong Deming
didn’t just unleash a simple linkage. It was a guided linkage.

He was like an intermediary. He guided, compressed and fused the soul rays that the soul engineers fired before unleashing an extremely powerful attack. This involved very complicated knowledge of spatial control.

Such an attack couldn’t be replicated by anyone else. This was because it wasn’t just enough for one to possess immense soul power and spiritual power. It was also critical for one to understand these powers.

The human-shaped soul tools that the soul engineers wore were designed by Kong Deming. Along with his control of spatial power through his Silvermoon Divine Light Barrier, Kong Deming believed that his attack was already stronger than an Ultimate Douluo. It wasn’t even far-fetched that it was at the tier of gods.

This was the strongest strike he could unleash. He had wanted to use it to deal with the Ultimate Douluo in Star Luo City. He didn’t use it against Elder Xuan earlier because he didn’t want to kill him, and develop a deep enmity with Shrek Academy as a result of it. However, Huo Yuhao and Tang
Wutong both threatened the Sun Moon Empire now. Without any hesitation, Kong Deming immediately resorted to his final and most powerful trump card. A powerful attack was instantly unleashed.

Huo Yuhao was expressionless as he watched everything unfold in front of him. He was holding hands with Tang Wutong as they stood there. His left hand was lifted slightly in front of him.

A strange layer of light appeared on his body.

A jade-green halo mixed with an icy-blue light projection. In the distance, the golden sun which was originally there turned into a blue, circular moon. Yes, it was a full moon instead of a crescent.

Unprecedently bright light shot out from Kong Deming’s chest. It couldn’t be described using colors anymore. When it appeared, heaven and earth dimmed. A terrifying force caused Ju Zi to exclaim. Even she didn’t know about this trump card that Kong Deming possessed.
It was so powerful that everyone was shocked.

The sky instantly turned dark. It was as if nothing could challenge the brightness of this light. Kong Deming was already grinning.

If this were classified as a soul tool, it had to be a Class 11 soul tool. Yes, it was an unprecedented Class 11 soul tool.

In fact, Kong Deming could only unleash this strike once. This was because there was no material capable of containing such immense strength currently. It was not possible even if spatial power was used as a guide. Right now, when this beam of light was fired, the gem at the front of his chest was already crushed. Once it was fired, the gem ‘expired’. It was completely wrecked.

However, Kong Deming’s smile immediately froze. He couldn’t believe his eyes.

What did he see?
It was as if the ice plains of the Extreme North had appeared in front of him. Thick snow fell, and the ground was icy.

There was a huge ice mirror. The mirror was dim-blue, and emanated a gentle glow. In the sky, a full moon fell. It shone on this mirror, making it seem like a sparkling sapphire.

The surface of the mirror was very smooth. The gentle glow was in contrast with the bright light that was approaching from afar.

When the light shone on the mirror, it was reflected at a forty-five degree angle. It was reflected away just like that.

The reflected light was like a huge pillar that could support heaven and earth. It was reflected far away, and appeared boundless.

Huo Yuhao turned slightly pale. Behind him, two figures, one white and one green, silently appeared. They both stretched out their palms and placed them on his back.
The temperature fell dramatically. Silver-white frost started appearing on the body of every soul engineer from the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion. They started to lose control of their bodies, and weren’t able to fly steadily in the air.

“This, this is impossible…” Kong Deming lost his voice as he exclaimed. He had lost control of his emotions even given his status. He was not composed at all.

The attack of a Class 11 soul tool had been neutralized just like that. The other party had used very simple logic, that all light could be reflected.

“Bang, Bang!” Two loud explosions rang out.

The gem in front of Kong Deming’s chest and the ice mirror were crushed at almost the same time. They broke into smithereens

“Happiness----!” Huo Yuhao shouted. Following this, the blue moon turned back into a golden sun. The sky was shining bright with golden light.

At the same time, a sonorous dragon roar was heard from Tang Wutong’s mouth.

She turned around and transformed into a giant purplish- gold Radiant Dragon Butterfly. This Dragon Butterfly supported Huo Yuhao. After this, strong spiritual pressure was exerted from both her and Huo Yuhao’s bodies.

A strange spiritual intent immediately engulfed the entire Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion. Their supposedly relentless attacks were halted just like this. Their bodies shone with blinding light, which obviously came from spiritual defensive soul tools.

To build an invincible soul engineer legion, the Sun Moon Empire had invested a lot of resources and effort into the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion. Every soul engineer from the legion was equipped with a spiritual defensive soul tool. This was even proposed by Ju Zi. Right now, they indeed played a very critical role.

However, while they could block the spiritual attack, they couldn’t block out the emotional undulations that came with
the spiritual attack.

“Anger!”  Another scream sounded. The three hundred soul engineer legions all shuddered at the same time. As they were influenced by emotions, they were struck by happiness and anger at the same time. Their soul power also became messy. They didn’t even know what to do now. Their hands turned soft.

“Spiritual Blast!” Huo Yuhao’s cold voice echoed.

The sky collapsed.

Yes, it really felt as if the sky had collapsed when he shouted. A terrifying shockwave immediately spread. It was no longer just at the spiritual level. It was on a spatial level.

The sky turned dark within the region of the Spiritual Blast. After this, the barrier started shaking. Not only this, but another golden sun shone behind Huo Yuhao’s back. It belonged to Tang Wutong.
A singing voice echoed in front of the golden sun. after this, a second Spiritual Blast was unleashed.

Two Spiritual Blasts were unleashed just like that. If Huo Yuhao was the one unleashing both, there should at least be a gap between both Spiritual Blasts. Even the Merfolk’s Duet couldn’t achieve an overlapping effect on the second strike.

However, things were different with Tang Wutong’s spiritual power. Her spiritual power also came from three soul cores. Furthermore, it was even close to Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power. The Spiritual Blasts generated by the Merfolk’s Duet achieved an unprecedentedly magical effect.

The second blast was generated immediately after the first blast. Before the first wave passed, the second wave had already arrived. They overlapped, and their effects were enhanced!

A deafening crushing sound was heard. The spiritual defensive soul tools that belonged to the soul engineers of the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion were crushed. After this, their helmets and human-shaped soul tools were crushed.
Of course, there was still the Silvermoon Divine Light Barrier!

Kong Deming wanted to stop Huo Yuhao, but he couldn’t do so. When he was prepared to control his Silvermoon Divine Light Barrier, a blinding beam of black light had already lit up in front of him.

It wasn’t overly huge, and was only thirty centimeters long. It was shaped like a black hammer. However, there was a weird black glow coming from this black hammer.

When he saw this hammer, Kong Deming immediately sensed a potentially fatal pressure coming from it. This caused him to shudder.

After this, the hammer struck the air not far away from him. The terrifying pressure caused him to lose his balance. He even lost control of his barrier as his body shook. At that instant, he only felt as if he had fallen into collapsed space. He could no longer control his body.
His eyes were filled with horror. At this moment, he could only act to save himself.

He retracted the cracked barrier again. It appeared in front of him and stabilized the space around him. Even though he was bleeding, he still managed to escape from the region engulfed by the Clear Sky Hammer.

Three hundred corpses fell from the sky.

The battlefield was silent.

Whether it was the Sun Moon Empire or those from the three empires, they believed that the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion no longer stood any chance of victory.

Earlier, it was because of their involvement that the Dou Ling Empire fell so quickly. In the world of soul masters, the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion was legendary. However, this legend was taken down right now. It was as if it had ceased to exist.

It was all because of two people!

The Sun Moon Empire had lost its strongest pillar. The fate of this fight was sealed.

Ju Zi was completely in a daze. Although she knew that Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong would become terrifyingly strong if they returned, she was still comforted by the fact that she had the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion. At least the soul engineer legion shouldn’t have any problem resisting them.

However, her hopes were dashed now. Resist? How could they? Without linked soul tools, how could they possibly resist two Ultimate Douluo? These two were even extraordinary Ultimate Douluo!

“How? How did you manage to reflect my light? It’s impossible! The strength of my Silvermoon Divine Light Ray has already transcended this world. It’s already close to the strength of gods!”  Kong Deming was unconvinced. He was a little hysterical as he screamed at Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao looked coldly at him, “This is because my ice mirror is at absolute zero!”

“Absolute zero?”  Kong Deming was dazed. He had heard of such a concept, but didn’t it only exist in myths? Even Ultimate Ice couldn’t possibly reach such a temperature!

Forming an ice mirror at absolute zero before using it to reflect the ray.

He was a little unconvinced as he asked again, “If you resist it directly, you can’t block it off even if you can reach absolute zero.”

“Childish!” Huo Yuhao snorted scornfully. “Why do I have to resist it directly? Don’t tell me you are willing to resist my all-
out attack directly? You have three hundred people, but we only have two. Our small tactic was enough to down all of them. If you can unleash that sort of attack a hundred times, perhaps you can resist us. But for now, it’s over!”

As he spoke, Huo Yuhao looked into the sky. Tang Wutong, who was below him, also shone brightly with golden light.

In the sky, two golden suns shone at the same time. They flashed alternately in the sky, turning the entire battlefield golden. Immense spiritual undulations engulfed the entire Sun Moon Empire army. Any slight movement was recorded.

“Sorrow!” Huo Yuhao called.

Something strange happened. On the ground, all the soul tools in the soul formations started to melt. They turned into a golden metal fluid that spread on the ground.

The feeling of sorrow didn’t just affect people. It affected everything. This was the power of emotions.
It was simple sorrow, but the entire world shook because of this. The soul formations that had been constructed seemed to vanish instantly.

Huo Yuhao looked coldly at Ju Zi, “Now, you shouldn’t doubt my words, right? You should know that I can destroy your entire army. Return all the territories that the Sun Moon Empire has invaded and scram back to the Sun Moon Empire. If you do that, I’ll spare their lives. Otherwise, prepare to witness their deaths.”

Ju Zi turned pale. When she saw the White Tiger Duke, who had already retreated far away, she knew that she probably wouldn’t be able to avenge her parents’ deaths.

All her sacrifices and hard work over the years was wasted just like that.

“No, no, no! I want to take revenge. I want to take revenge!” Ju Zi raged at Huo Yuhao. “That’s right, you can kill all of us. So what if you can? I’ve already given the order. If the Sun Moon Empire’s army is taken down here, the troops stationed in all the cities of the three empires will start a massacre of the civilians in those cities. We’ll kill as many as possible.”

“You are brilliant! However, can you save the entire continent? Can you? Thousands and thousands of people will have died because of you. If you kill millions from the Sun Moon Empire, I’ll kill even more from the three empires. They’ll die with us. If you don’t let me take revenge, I’ll vent all my anger and hatred on the entire continent.”

After hearing Ju Zi’s hysterical words, Huo Yuhao wasn’t the only one whose expression changed significantly. The people from Shrek Academy, Star Luo City, the Dou Ling Empire and the Heavenly Soul Empire were also all shocked.

If Ju Zi really did that, the entire continent would be stained with blood! How terrifying would that be?

Such a disaster was unimaginable. At least, no one here was willing to imagine it.

Huo Yuhao was furious. “What are you talking about? Will you dare to do that?”
Ju Zi glared at him coldly. “I can do anything for revenge. Don’t think you’ve won. Hand the White Tiger Duke over. As long as I kill him, I’ll recall my troops. Star Luo City can remain. I won’t attack the city as long as you are alive. I’ve already gained control of the entire continent. I can do whatever I want. No matter how strong you are, you can’t save the entire continent.”

Huo Yuhao was already pale-green by now. That’s right, he had managed to reverse the situation with his and Tang Wutong’s immense abilities. Even though there were millions in front of him now, they were just cannon fodder to the two of them. However, Ju Zi was right. The Sun Moon Empire controlled most of the continent. Given this, Huo Yuhao might be able to protect a few cities if she ordered a genocide. However, he wouldn’t be able to protect the entire continent! It couldn’t happen.

“Ju Zi!” Huo Yuhao shouted coldly.

Ju Zi looked up and glared coldly back at him.

At this moment, a figure flew out from Huo Yuhao’s back and came beside him. It was the White Tiger Duke, Dai Hao.

“If she wants to kill me, let her do it. As long as I can protect the countless lives on the continent, what’s my life worth?” Dai Hao said. Right now, there was a comforted look in his eyes. As the Marshal, he had never expected someone to be able to change the entire course of a battle with his individual ability.

Furthermore, he saw hope in Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong. He saw hope for the Star Luo Empire. He still recalled Huo Yuhao once telling him that he was from the Star Luo Empire. Since this was the case, the Star Luo Empire had a future!

In the future, how could the empire not restore its glory under Huo Yuhao’s leadership? Ju Zi was very big with her words. She wanted to massacre everyone on the continent, but she might not be able to do it. Once he was dead, she might lack the motivation to do it too. Didn’t she just want revenge? She could kill him. For the future of the empire and for the continent, he believed that his death was worth it.

“No.” Huo Yuhao shouted and grabbed the White Tiger Duke by the shoulder. He refused to let him fly over.
After this, Huo Yuhao’s gaze turned deeper. His spiritual undulations engulfed the entire Sun Moon Empire army. After this, there seemed to be something else appearing in his eyes. He appeared to struggle a little, but soon made up his mind.

“Ju Zi, don’t blame me since you’re so brazen.”  Huo Yuhao snorted coldly. He swept his right hand in front of his body. A streak of silver light flashed across the sky and revealed a silver door.

Ju Zi was stunned. When she looked into his eyes, an indescribable fear surfaced in her heart. This was because she immediately knew what he was up to.

“No, don’t!”Ju Zi shouted.

However, Huo Yuhao’s hand was already in the door. At the next moment, a boy who looked like he was six or seven appeared in his hand.

This boy’s appearance was very sudden. However, the soldiers of the Sun Moon Empire were very astonished now.
This boy was also lost. He looked at Huo Yuhao before looking at his mother. He appeared confused.

However, he still managed to remain calm. He was puzzled as he looked at Huo Yuhao. “Who are you? Why did you grab me?” His train of thought was very clear.

“Huo  Yuhao,  you  must  not  hurt  him.  No,  no!”   Ju  Zi’s persistence was broken because of this boy. She was almost on the verge of crying as she screamed at Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao looked coldly at her, “If you can kill all life on the continent, why can’t I do the same? I don’t wish to use a boy to threaten you. However, don’t blame me if you’re using the entire continent to threaten me.”

As he spoke, he pulled the boy into his embrace. The boy’s face was very close to Huo Yuhao. He was in a daze, but he wasn’t afraid. He even stretched out his hand to touch Huo Yuhao’s face.

Huo Yuhao dodged, but the boy still managed to touch him.
“Why,  why  do  I  find  you  so  familiar?”   The  boy  asked curiously. He didn’t seem to be afraid at all. After this, he turned to his mother. “Mom, don’t cry! This uncle smells very familiar. He won’t harm me!”

Yes, Huo Yuhao was holding the current Emperor of the Sun Moon Empire, Xu Yunhan!

He had easily managed to find where Xu Yunhan was using his Spiritual Detection. After that, he used his control of spatial power to capture him. This was something that Ju Zi didn’t expect.

Chapter 616: Son

Very few in the Sun Moon Empire knew that Xu Yunhan had tagged along with them. The reason why Ju Zi brought him with her was because she couldn’t leave him alone in the empire. After all, she had left with the strongest fighting force in the empire. Furthermore, something had happened to her son before. She was afraid of a repeat of the incident, which prompted her to bring him along with her. In her opinion, he was very safe with such a powerful soul engineer legion led by Elder Kong personally. However, who knew that the situation would be like this now?

Huo Yuhao was stunned for a moment after listening to Xu Yunhan’s words. He couldn’t help but think of the time when he first met him. He lowered his head and saw the beautiful, black short hair that Xu Yunhan had. His big black eyes were very bright, and his skin was just like his mother’s – very smooth and delicate. He looked elegant in his outfit. The smile on his face was even more captivating. He was only six or seven, but he was not frantic at all. Rather, he was curious as he lifted his head to look at Huo Yuhao.

Could Huo Yuhao really lay his hands on this kid? It was a certain no. It was impossible. However, he had no choice after
being forced by Ju Zi.

Ju Zi shuddered as she screamed, “Huo Yuhao, you must not touch Yunhan!”

Huo Yuhao took a deep breath and calmed himself down. “Then agree to my conditions. Leave with your people and return to the Sun Moon Empire.”

Ju Zi’s eyes flashed and she gritted her teeth. She was already a little speechless as she looked at Huo Yuhao. Revenge had been her life’s goal. However, there were only two important people in her life. One was this man, who had disappeared for three years. The other was the little kid in his arms!

Huo Yuhao was still less important. After all, she didn’t belong to him. However, Xu Yunhan was her only son. He was her only reason to live. Ju Zi didn’t even dare to imagine what would happen if something happened to him. Perhaps she would really use the blood of the continent to pay respects to her son.
Even though she knew that Huo Yuhao had always been very soft-hearted and wouldn’t do anything to her son, she didn’t dare to take the gamble. It was too scary.

“Why? Why must you protect the White Tiger Duke? Why don’t you let me kill him? You should know that it’s better for my empire to rule the continent compared to what’s going on now. I’m no longer the one who can make the decision anymore. Even if you threaten me, I… I…”

Ju Zi could not carry on any further as she spoke until this point. This was because she was terrified to see Huo Yuhao caressing her son’s head. Given his abilities, he just needed an instant to kill him!

“No, Yuhao, don’t do it! Don’t harm Yunhan.” Ju Zi begged.

Kong Deming was already very grim now. Xu Yunhan wasn’t just the Emperor. He was also his disciple. Although he was only six, his potential was already recognized and well-loved by Kong Deming. He believed that he could nurture a great Emperor for the empire.
Now that he was in the enemy’s hands, the circumstances had changed completely. Moreover, the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion had been wiped out. It was a complete turnaround!

Huo Yuhao’s abilities were simply too terrifying. No one from the Sun Moon Empire could fight him. Under this circumstance, no one could possibly save Xu Yunhan.

After listening to Ju Zi’s words, Huo Yuhao turned his head to look at the White Tiger Duke. The White Tiger Duke was also staring back at him. He revealed a gentle gaze in his eyes, whereas Huo Yuhao appeared very conflicted.

“Do you know why I’m protecting him? Why won’t I let you kill him? I’ll tell you in front of everyone.” Huo Yuhao took in a deep breath.

Xu Yunhan was very obedient in his arms. He didn’t struggle at all.

“Because!” Huo Yuhao turned around again and glared at Ju Zi. “He is my biological father!”

When he said this, it was like a bomb that was dropped on two people.

Although he wasn’t very loud, it was very clear in every part of the battlefield because of the conduction of his immense spiritual power.

On the city walls, Dai Yueheng, Dai Huabin and Dai Luoli were all jolted awake. They also heard everything Huo Yuhao said. Apart from Dai Luoli, Dai Yueheng and Dai Huabin were both stunned.

This was especially so for Dai Huabin. Ever since he had entered Shrek Academy, he had been chasing and challenging one person. No matter what, he wouldn’t have expected this. He didn’t expect Huo Yuhao to be his brother. In terms of age, Huo Yuhao should be his younger brother.

Ju Zi was in a daze. She looked at Huo Yuhao, and her mouth was already subconsciously wide open. There were many thoughts in her mind, but she didn’t expect this to be the case. How could this be the case? The White Tiger Duke, the person
she hated to the core, was actually Huo Yuhao’s father. Didn’t that mean that Dai Hao was…

Ju Zi felt as if cold water had been poured on her head when she developed this thought. She staggered in the air and almost couldn’t control her body. She fell just like that.

The White Tiger Duke was equally as astonished as he drifted to Huo Yuhao’s side.

“What, what are you talking about?” The White Tiger Duke’s voice had completely changed.

In his heart, this young man was one of the most powerful individuals in the younger generation of soul masters. He was the most outstanding person in Shrek. Because of him, the Star Luo Empire had managed to avert a few disasters. Did, did he actually mention that he’s my son?

“That’s right! You are my father.” Huo Yuhao turned to look at Dai Hao. He was no longer calm, and his voice was shaking a little. Due to his emotional undulations, an indescribable sense of sorrow also influenced everyone around him.

“However, you are also my enemy at the same time!”  Huo Yuhao was already very pale when he said this.

The White Tiger Duke’s voice cracked as he asked, “No, this is impossible. How could you possibly be my son?”

Huo Yuhao took in a deep breath and tried to suppress his emotions. “In that case, let me remind you that my mom’s surname is Huo. You should recognize that.” As he spoke, Huo Yuhao lifted his hand and retrieved a dagger from his storage- type soul tool before passing it to the White Tiger Duke.

“This is a gift of love that you gave my mom. I hope you haven’t forgotten.”

The White Tiger Duke paused for a moment. He was fixated on the White Tiger Dagger in Huo Yuhao’s hand. He took it subconsciously, but his hands were shaking.

“You, you’re Yun’er’s kid. Yun’er, she actually bore me a child. Didn’t she die of sickness when I went out for an expedition? How, how did this happen?”

“The person who told you about my mom’s death must be your wife,”  Huo Yuhao said coldly, “in your heart, my mom must have had died some twenty-odd years ago.”

Dai Hao was in a daze as he looked at the dagger. “I was busy with war. I couldn’t return even after learning Yun’er was dead. Things were very tense at the front line. I didn’t return to the Duke’s Mansion for ten years. When I returned, she was already in ashes. The only thing I could do was refurbish her tomb. You, you’re actually Yun’er’s son. You shouldn’t be called Huo Yuhao then. You should be called Dai Yuhao!”

Huo Yuhao shook his head with force and raged, “No, I’m not Dai Hao. I’m Huo Yuhao. I’m only Huo Yuhao. I’m my mother’s son, not your son. Have you taken care of me for a single day? Did you even know I existed? When I was young, I had to watch you from afar. You even returned then, but why didn’t you go and see my mom? Why did you let your wife bully her?”

“I returned? Every time I did so, I had to leave hastily. Things were simply too hectic in the military. Yes, I neglected Yun’er.” Dai Hao turned pale. Even when he faced Ju Zi’s sword, he didn’t look as lost as he was right now.
Huo Yuhao turned his head suddenly and tried to hold back his  tears.  “After  we  deal  with  this  matter,  I  will  get  back everything you owe my mother from the Duke’s Mansion, you and your wife.”

As he spoke, Huo Yuhao turned to Ju Zi.

“Do you understand? You should! No matter how much I’m unwilling to admit it, his blood flows in me. Although he harmed my mother, he’s still a hero of the Star Luo Empire. I’m not ashamed because his blood flows in me. No matter what, I won’t let him die by your hands. Now you should understand why I’m protecting him, right?”

After he finally vented everything he had kept in his heart for so many years, Huo Yuhao felt relieved. Everything was about to be over. After he defeated the Sun Moon Empire’s army, he would return to the Duke’s Mansion.

Tang Wutong was close to Huo Yuhao, and grabbed onto his arm. She grabbed his arm and used the warmth of her palms to comfort him. She was the only one who wasn’t astonished by his words. This was because she already knew.
He still deeply recalled the vow he had made before he left the Duke’s Mansion more than ten years ago. If not for that vow, he wouldn’t have trained so tirelessly.

Although his hatred had diminished, he still believed he needed to deal with his mother’s matter.

A bitter look surfaced on Ju Zi’s face. “I didn’t expect this. I really didn’t expect this. You are actually his son. Yuhao, I have to thank you. You are right, I really shouldn’t kill him. No matter how much I hate him, I can’t kill him. Return my son to me. Return Yunhan to me. I’ll promise you anything. I’ll pull the army back. We’ll return the land we’ve taken from the Star Luo Empire to them. However, both the Heavenly Soul and Dou Ling Empires have long been occupied. We can’t return them. They are already more than half the Sun Moon Empire’s land. I have no right to return them. What I can do is to return the Star Luo Empire. It’s already the most I can do.”

The White Tiger Duke was slightly shocked when he heard Ju Zi’s words. It was already a surprise that the Sun Moon Empire was willing to return their territories.
As for the Dou Ling and Heavenly Soul Empires, their royal families were completely powerless. Even if their empires were returned to them, they were no longer capable of running them. Undoubtedly, this was the best that could be achieved.

After pondering for a moment, Huo Yuhao nodded and said, “Alright, we’ll follow your idea. Retreat with your army and leave the Star Luo Empire. However, since you betrayed our promise, I’ll need you to pay for it a hundred times more. Within the next thousand years, the Sun Moon Empire must not invade the Star Luo Empire.”

Ju Zi sighed, “Alright, I can promise that. However, we’ll counterattack if the Star Luo Empire attacks us. Return my child to me. We’ll leave immediately.”

She finally compromised. It had to do with Elder Kong. This was their bottom line that Elder Kong had suggested to her. As Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong were simply too strong and there were stationary interference shells, the entire Sun Moon Empire army might actually be wiped out if Huo Yuhao decided to attack! They could only leave this place first before finding a way to invent a soul tool strong enough to deal with him.
Huo Yuhao said, “Leave first. As for Yunhan, I’ll take care of him. You’ve already betrayed your promise once. How do you expect me to trust you again? After ten years, I’ll return him to you as long as the Sun Moon Empire remains obedient.”

“What?” Ju Zi exclaimed. “You’re going to take Yunhan away for ten years? No, impossible. Impossible!”

After hearing that Huo Yuhao wanted to leave with Xu Yunhan, Ju Zi panicked.

Huo Yuhao dealt with this in a composed manner. “You betrayed our trust and started a war. We can’t trust you anymore. Xu Yunhan will follow me for the next ten years, and we’ll see what happens next. You can leave now.”

“No, you can’t do that. Return my son. Return my son!” As she screamed, Ju Zi immediately increased her speed and rushed out.

She was already not too far from Huo Yuhao. She also acted very suddenly. Her human-shaped soul tool was the best she could wear. Once its soul thrusters were activated, she almost instantly teleported in front of Huo Yuhao. She reached out for Xu Yunhan.

Huo Yuhao lifted his hand, and a strong force restrained Ju Zi. She was completely restricted. Right now, Kong Deming knew that it was too late to save her.

Huo Yuhao spoke coldly as he looked at Ju Zi from close- range. “Leave with your people. I won’t retract my decision after I’ve made it. You must pay the price for your mistake. I trusted you so much before, and even told you about my closed- door cultivation. How did you treat me in return? Now, I can’t bring myself to trust you again. I won’t harm you. Leave.”
“Return my son. Return my son to me. I can’t let him leave with you. In your eyes, he’s the Emperor of the Sun Moon Empire. You won’t guide him properly. He is my last hope in life. Yuhao, I beg you. Return my son to me. Return him!” Ju Zi begged.

If this were the past, Huo Yuhao would have gone soft- hearted. However, the entire Dou Ling Empire had been crushed because of her betrayal. Even the Star Luo Empire was almost annihilated, and the White Tiger Duke had almost died at her hands.

Huo Yuhao hardened his stance and forcibly shook his head. “Leave! There’s nothing more to say.”

“No--!”  Ju Zi shouted. “Huo Yuhao, you can’t do this. You can’t do this. Yunhan, Yunhan is your son!”

Space seemed to collapse. Just when Ju Zi said this, space within a region spanning a hundred meters in diameter collapsed. Her voice was completely drowned in that space. Only those within this region heard what she said.
Time and space seemed to stop at this moment.

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong were both astonished. So was the White Tiger Duke. Their expressions froze. Ju Zi was still sobbing. Little Yunhan was stunned. He lifted his head and looked at Huo Yuhao.

This strange scene just paused in the sky like that.

A dignified voice sounded all of a sudden and echoed in their ears.

“I told you before – never reveal this secret. If you reveal it, I’ll take your son’s life. It seems like you’ve forgotten my words. In that case…”

A bright beam of golden light shone. Huo Yuhao, Tang Wutong, Dai Hao, Ju Zi and Xu Yunhan only felt as if everything was spinning in front of them. In the next instant, they came to another place.
When everything became clear once again, they were astonished to discover that they were above a golden patch of clouds.

Even with Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong’s cultivations, they couldn’t sense where they were right now.

It was just that they weren’t thinking of this at the moment. Huo Yuhao’s gaze was fixated on Ju Zi. He lost his voice as he asked, “What, what did you say? Whose son is this?”

Ju Zi was already pale-white by now. The dignified voice left her horrified. She quickly grabbed Xu Yunhan. After this, she kneeled down. “No, please, I beg of you. Don’t harm my son. It wasn’t intentional. I was just afraid that he would harm my son! Please, please don’t hurt my son.”

Huo Yuhao only managed to turn around right now. He also unleashed his Spiritual Detection. However, he was stunned to realize that he couldn’t sense any changes around him, even with his immense spiritual power.
What’s going on? Where is this place? Huo Yuhao was stupefied as he tried to make sense of everything around him. He couldn’t understand what was going on.

At this moment, a beam of golden light shone in front of everyone. That dignified voice spoke once again.

“Aren’t you afraid of harming someone else’s kid if you are so afraid of harming your own? I’ve already tolerated this fellow for a long time. But heaven is benevolent. However, you still blurted it out. Hatred has blinded you and caused you to lose control of your emotions. You’re walking towards destruction. I’ll grant you your wish since that’s the case.”

A golden figure slowly became clearer and clearer. A handsome man who seemed to be only twenty years old appeared in front of everyone.

He had long flowing blue hair that drooped all the way down to his feet. If not for his burly figure and broad shoulders, one might mistake him for a lady.
There were ripples on his long blue robe. Upon closer look, one would be captivated by the ocean-blue on his robe. His entire soul might even be absorbed into this ocean.

While the guy seemed to be only twenty, the look in his eyes was very deep. It looked very hollow, but it seemed to contain everything at the same time. At times, there would be a purplish, moving flash that felt as if he could kill with a blink of an eye.

He was carrying a huge golden trident with his right hand.
This trident was very familiar to Huo Yuhao.

He, he was…

“Daddy!” Tang Wutong suddenly shouted. Her figure flashed, and she leapt into the embrace of that young man.

The blue-haired youth opened his arms wide and hugged her. There was a benevolent look on his face. He gently caressed Tang Wutong’s pinkish-blue hair. “My dear daughter, don’t worry. Daddy won’t let you suffer.”
Tang Wutong turned around and looked at Huo Yuhao. Right now, the look in her eyes was already different. She was intelligent. From Ju Zi’s words and her father’s rage, she knew that her claim was probably true.

“Daddy, does this kid really belong to Yuhao and Ju Zi?” Her voice was trembling when she said this.

The blue-haired youth nodded. “That’s right.”

Tang Wutong started to tear up. She looked at Huo Yuhao and seemed to be shaking. She spoke as if she was heartbroken. “Why?”

Huo Yuhao’s mouth was already wide open as he tried to explain himself, “Wutong, listen to me. I don’t know either! It’s impossible that he belongs to me. Impossible! I’ve never done it with Ju Zi. I’ve never! I admit to liking her before knowing you were a girl. However, we’ve only been friends. We’ve never been together at all. It’s not real. This kid isn’t mine.”
The blue-haired youth laughed coldly, “Not yours? Xu Yunhan, do you know why he’s called Xu Yunhan? It’s because his name is compatible with yours. Do you really think it’s a coincidence? Ju Zi, tell him. Is this his child?”

Ju Zi hugged Xu Yunhan tightly. When she looked at Huo Yuhao before turning to Tang Wutong and that blue-haired youth, she was already so dazed until she couldn’t speak.

The person with the dignified voice was actually Tang Wutong’s father. No wonder he forced her not to speak. He didn’t want his daughter to know anything!

“I beg you, please don’t hurt my child. I beg you. I’m only a poor mother. I’m only afraid of my son being hurt! Please, I beg you.” Ju Zi didn’t explain, and only kowtowed towards the blue-haired youth while hugging Xu Yunhan.

Tears flowed down Tang Wutong’s face. Her eyes were already red when she looked at Huo Yuhao.

No woman could forgive her man for having a child with another woman! No matter how much she liked him, she could
only feel sorrowful and enraged right now.

The blue-haired youth looked coldly at Ju Zi. “You turned a deaf ear to my words. You shall pay the price!” As he spoke, he lifted his hand. A streak of blue light flashed, and Xu Yunhan disappeared. When he reappeared, he was already in his hands.

Ju Zi frantically tried to leap over. However, space had been frozen. The blue-haired youth looked coldly at her. He already had his hand around Xu Yunhan’s neck.

“Let go of him!” A furious scream sounded. A figure charged forward and smacked a pair of tiger palms towards the blue- haired youth.

It was the White Tiger Duke, Dai Hao.

From the earlier conversation, he knew that the kid probably belonged to Huo Yuhao. Although he didn’t know why Huo Yuhao suddenly became his son, he knew that if Huo Yuhao was his son, Xu Yunhan was his biological grandson! No
wonder the War God Empress said that she can’t kill me earlier.

Right now, there was no longer the Sun Moon or Star Luo Empire in his mind. There was only his biological grandson. How could he watch as his grandson was captured by someone else and was about to be killed?

That blue-haired youth focused his gaze, and the White Tiger Duke froze in place. At the same time, Tang Wutong suddenly hugged him tightly. “Daddy, don’t do it. The kid is innocent. Don’t harm him.”

When the blue-haired youth heard her words, the look in his eyes turned gentler. He sighed, “But, my daughter is innocent too! Who’s taking pity on you? My poor Little Seven.”

Tang Wutong bit her lower lip, “Daddy, let’s go home. I’ve missed you, and I’ve missed mommy.” As she spoke, she started to cry out loud.

“Wutong,  Wutong!”   Huo  Yuhao  only  reacted  from  his astonishment at this moment. He wanted to leap forward, but the blue-haired youth glared at him, and he froze in place too.

After this, blue lights flashed, and the blue-haired youth and Tang Wutong turned into two projections before they vanished into the golden clouds.
A dignified voice echoed in the sky. “The Star Luo Empire must be returned, and the Sun Moon Empire must be renamed the Heaven Dou Empire. Otherwise, hmph!”

Xu Yunhan drifted in the sky, and was immediately caught by Ju Zi, who regained her mobility.

Little Yunhan wasn’t afraid. His eyes were still open wide. He was looking at this and that; he was curious. Of course he wasn’t afraid. He didn’t sense any killing intent from that blue- haired youth earlier.

Huo Yuhao suddenly turned to Ju Zi and roared furiously, “Why? Why did you say he’s my son? How can it be? How?”

Ju Zi hugged Xu Yunhan and stood up. She coldly looked at Huo Yuhao. “No matter what you believe, he’s your child. Do you really think I’d give birth for just anyone? Back then, I knew Xu Tianran wanted me to inseminate myself with someone else’s sperm. That was why I was already prepared. Do you remember when we were in the Extreme North? Just when you fell unconscious in my arms. I’m not so despicable as to take advantage of you. I only use a soul tool to steal a ‘seedling’ from you. After that, I inseminated myself with your
‘seedling’ when Xu Tianran forced me. That’s right. Yunhan is your flesh and blood. However, I have nothing to do with you. Neither does he. He’s just a product of your genes. What have you done for him?”

Huo Yuhao was stunned as he looked at Ju Zi. He also took a look at Xu Yunhan. Suddenly, he was very conflicted and emotional. No matter what, he hadn’t expected things to turn out this way.

Everything that had happened before replayed in his mind right now. He quickly recalled what had happened. Yes! He had been unconscious in Ju Zi’s arms for quite a while back then. It must have happened then. No wonder he felt so drawn to Xu Yunhan the first time he saw him.

When he thought of the moment when Xu Yunhan called him ‘Daddy’ for the first time, Huo Yuhao didn’t know what to say anymore.

Ju Zi hugged her son tightly and let her tears flow. She said coldly, “I only took your ‘seedling’. As for the harm I’ve caused to you, I can only apologize. However, what I want to tell you is this. This kid has nothing to do with you. He’s my son, and the
future Emperor of the Sun Moon Empire. He’ll take the surname ‘Xu’, not yours. You should know why I was afraid that you would hurt him. If you really hurt him, you would have regretted it for the rest of your life.”

The White Tiger Duke looked at Huo Yuhao before turning to Ju Zi. Suddenly, he didn’t know what to say. Everything that had happened today was completely out of his imagination!

Huo Yuhao shut his eyes in pain. Right now, he was completely confused.

It wasn’t easy for him to undergo closed-door cultivation for three years and become an Ultimate Douluo. He even turned the situation around and prevented the Star Luo Empire from being wiped out. However, his lover had left him for something like this.

Before Tang Wutong left, the sadness that she portrayed made him feel as if someone had cut his heart out. He couldn’t even explain because he didn’t know what was going on.
Was he supposed to blame Ju Zi? He had no energy to do so anymore. He had a son, but he was still a virgin.

“Yunhan, unleash your martial soul.” Ju Zi suddenly said to Little Yunhan.


Xu Yunhan unleashed a gentle streak of soul power. This caused Huo Yuhao to reopen his eyes. The White Tiger Duke also turned his attention to him.

A white glow shone from Xu Yunhan’s body. His eyes turned brighter. What was strange was that he had two pupils in his eyes. He ballooned slightly in size, and a vertical eye silently opened on his forehead. His hair also turned half black and half white, and looked just like the patterns on a tiger’s skin.

This was…

Three-Eyed White Tiger? What kind of martial soul was this?

The White Tiger Duke was astonished when he saw the double pupils in his eyes. At this instant, he was astonished to discover that the heroism in his heart had ceased to exist. He was certain that this kid was his descendant!

Huo Yuhao also shook a little. He hadn’t inherited the White Tiger, but there were sunray patterns around the vertical eye! The aura that belonged to his Spirit Eyes and the Eye of Asura couldn’t be faked.

This kid only had one martial soul, but it contained the strength of the White Tiger and the spiritual undulations of his Spirit Eyes. It was a powerful mutated martial soul.

The surrounding golden lights slowly dimmed, and space distorted.

Xu Yunhan regained his original look and remained in his mother’s arms. He had allowed space to change, but was mostly fixated on Huo Yuhao. He was a little curious, but was also a little weirded out as he looked at him.
It was still outside Star Luo City, and it was still above the Sun Moon Empire army, but everything was frozen. Time and space had come to a complete standstill.

No matter how confused Huo Yuhao was, he could still guess the identity of his father-in-law. He had to be a god. Apart from a god, who could possibly control time and space? Originally, he had thought that he was the peak of this world. However, he was still too far off compared to his father-in-law.

So Wutong is the daughter of a god. No wonder she’s so talented.

Right now, he couldn’t think of anything more. This was because the sealed time and space were reactivated at the next instant.

No matter whether it was the army, those from Shrek Academy, the Tang Sect or the three empires, they didn’t notice anything amiss. To them, they only lost their awareness for a bit earlier. After that, everything returned to normal.
Only those who were sharp noticed that Tang Wutong was missing.

Ju Zi looked a little pale. Her son was already back in her arms. She flashed and widened the gap between her and Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao looked at her weirdly. Right now, he didn’t know how to deal with the current situation.

“I’ll keep my promise. I will. This time, a god is a witness.” Ju Zi muttered.

Huo Yuhao nodded forcefully.

Ju Zi took in a deep breath and turned to the generals of the Sun Moon Empire. She shouted, “Retreat!”

The words of the blue-haired youth were deeply imprinted in her mind. Huo Yuhao also believed that she wouldn’t dare to go back on her word now that a god was their witness.
In fact, both he and Ju Zi didn’t know that the god was only saying it for the sake of saying it. As a god, he couldn’t intervene in the lower realm. Unless it involved his daughter, he couldn’t easily reveal himself.

The Sun Moon Empire army slowly retreated. After a momentary silence, cheers burst out in Star Luo City.

It was over. The war was finally over. Earlier, they still thought that they were doomed. But now, they had regained control of their destiny. They had even attained the final victory. It was a miraculous change!

Huo Yuhao drifted in mid-air and turned to the White Tiger Duke. The White Tiger Duke was also looking back at him. This iron-blooded marshal was no longer as tough as he was before. The look in his eyes was both gentle and complex. As for the Sun Moon Empire, his hatred towards them had diminished. This was because the Emperor of that empire was his own grandson! His grandson was actually in control of the biggest empire in the continent. How magical was that?

“Let’s go back.” Huo Yuhao nodded at Dai Hao.
He was already a grown-up, and a leading figure of his generation. Tang Wutong’s departure left him heartbroken. However, he had many things to deal with right now. He could only search for her after dealing with them.

A son, he actually had a son. Apart from Tang Wutong, he was also thinking about Xu Yunhan.

As he sighed, Huo Yuhao flew towards the others from the Tang Sect.

Under Bei Bei’s leadership, those from the Tang Sect quickly came up to receive Huo Yuhao. Bei Bei opened his arms wide and gave Huo Yuhao a big hug. Apart from Tang Ya, who was holding the fort in the Tang Sect, the rest were almost all here.

“Little  junior,  where’s  Wutong?  Where  has  Wutong  gone to?” Bei Bei couldn’t help but ask after he hugged Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong had disappeared for three years. They had many questions to ask.
Huo Yuhao shook his head dejectedly and said, “Something happened earlier. Once we settle things here, I’ll look for her. Eldest senior, Elder Xuan, let’s return to Star Luo City first.”

As everyone clustered around them, Huo Yuhao and the White Tiger Duke returned to Star Luo City.

When he landed on the city walls, he received a hero’s welcome. Yes, he was the Star Luo Empire’s hero right now!

He was a hero who turned the situation around. Because of him, the Star Luo Empire was preserved. There was even a thousand year pact that the Sun Moon Empire couldn’t attack them. This gave the Star Luo Empire enough time to catch up to the Sun Moon Empire. Moreover, the Sun Moon Empire was unlikely to try to renege on this pact with such an invincible Ultimate Douluo around.

Xu Jiawei came over to receive him. He looked at Huo Yuhao before looking at Dai Hao. He had clearly heard Huo Yuhao’s words earlier.

“Brother Dai, I didn’t expect you to have such a son.”  Xu Jiawei complimented.

The White Tiger Duke laughed bitterly. “I only found out about it today! It’s just that…” He thought to himself. I just
wonder whether he’s willing to accept me as his father. However, he didn’t say this out loud.

Huo Yuhao said, “Your Majesty, this matter is ended. We still have other things to deal with. If you have anything else to say to the White Tiger Duke, please do so quickly. After this, we have some personal matters to settle.”

It was time to deal with personal matters now that they had settled ‘work’ matters.

After he finished speaking, Huo Yuhao turned to Elder Xuan, kneeled down on both knees, and kowtowed towards him.

Elder Xuan was astonished. “Yuhao, what are you doing?”

Huo Yuhao lowered his head and said, “Elder Xuan, I don’t think I can remain in Shrek City or the Tang Sect. I have some things to do. I need to find Wutong.”

Elder Xuan revealed a smile on his face. “Is that it?”
Huo Yuhao nodded.

“Get up, kid.” Elder Xuan pulled him up himself and patted his shoulder. “If Elder Mu could see how you are right now, he’d be delighted. Go and do what you want to. You’ve already contributed so much to the academy and the continent. Although I don’t know what’s going on between you and Wutong, I’ll still encourage you to do whatever you want. As for the academy, don’t worry. The others from the Tang Sect are still around. Furthermore, there’s a new member of the Sea God’s Pavilion.”

“Oh?” Huo Yuhao was stunned as he looked at Elder Xuan.

A fiery-red figure walked out from behind Elder Xuan. She jumped into Huo Yuhao’s embrace and tightly hugged him.

“Younger brother, you’re finally back. I’ve not heard from you for so long. Do you know how hard we’ve been searching for you?” The person who came out and hugged Huo Yuhao was Ma Xiaotao.
Her fiery-red hair was brighter than before. Compared to the past, she was much more genial. However, the fiery undulations that came from her body were much stronger than before as well.

She had been assimilating what she had learned when she was an evil soul master with her own cultivation and everything she now understood. She was now the strongest among the younger generation of soul masters in Shrek Academy. She was an Ultimate Fire Transcendent Douluo. She could possibly become an Ultimate Douluo in the future.

Huo Yuhao hugged Ma Xiaotao and became very emotional. He then recounted what had happened after he and Tang Wutong left.

When Elder Xuan heard about Ye Xishui and Long Xiaoyao’s deaths, there was a heavy look on his face. He was the only elderly Ultimate Douluo left. Both the Twin Holy Dragons of Black and White and the Death God Douluo were gone.

“…the situation was very critical then. I couldn’t inform the academy first. Also, I only went into closed-door cultivation with Wutong after Ju Zi promised not to start a war in the next
ten years. However, who knew that something like this would happen? It’s all my fault. I caused this disaster.” The more Huo Yuhao spoke, the more depressed he became.

“Fate is making a fool out of everyone!”  Bei Bei said, “How can you be blamed for something like this? You’ve already done exceedingly well. You killed Xu Tianran, watched two Ultimate Douluo die, killed the Evileye Tyrant King and did whatever you did just now. You are a hero of this continent. You protected the last hope of the original Douluo Continent with your own strength. You couldn’t have done better.”

Huo Yuhao revealed a grin on his face when he mentioned the Sun Moon Empire. “The Sun Moon Empire will cease to exist soon. It’ll be renamed the Heaven Dou Empire. Ten thousand years ago, the Heaven Dou Empire was in conflict with the Star Luo Empire. Ten thousand years later, it’ll still be the case. While the Sun Moon Empire used soul tool technology to influence people from the Heavenly Soul and Dou Ling Empires, the legacy of these two empires could also be said to have influenced those from the Sun Moon Empire. As for who will assimilate who in the end, it’s difficult to tell. As long as the Sun Moon Empire ceases to exist, they might not be the final victor.”
He didn’t say anything about being a god. After all, that would be taboo. However, he revealed the truth about his meeting with a god.

“Younger brother, what do you plan to do next?” Ma Xiaotao asked.

Huo Yuhao replied, “I’m thinking of a way to find Wutong. Although I don’t know where she is, I believe I can find her somewhere.” As he spoke, he looked into the sky.

Since Wutong’s father is a god, she must have returned with him to the godly realm. I must go to the godly realm if I want to find her.

To others, the godly realm was ethereal. However, Huo Yuhao was already at the gate to the godly realm.

Ma Xiaotao looked a little dejected. “When are you going to come back?”
Huo Yuhao laughed bitterly as he shook his head and said, “I don’t know either.”

After a momentary loss of concentration, Ma Xiaotao said with determination, “Younger brother, go. Don’t worry about the academy. Your teammates are in the Tang Sect and I’m in the academy. I’ve already decided to remain in the academy forever. I’ll be the next Master of the Sea God’s Pavilion.” As she spoke, she couldn’t help but laugh.

Not only would she possess authority and status as the Master of the Sea God’s Pavilion, but she would also have heavy responsibilities on her shoulders.

“Elder sister, thanks.” Huo Yuhao hugged her tightly.

Ma Xiaotao smiled and said, “I can only do this much for you. Go and find Wutong. You must find her. If possible, you must return with her in the future.”

Although it was only conjecture, she knew where Huo Yuhao was headed in the future. How could she not aim for the same
target? However, she didn’t do so in the end. She believed that she might not reach such a tier, given her abilities.

An exclamation was suddenly heard at this moment.

“No, Your Majesty!” It was the White Tiger Duke’s voice.

Huo Yuhao turned around to take a look. He only saw the White Tiger Duke kneeling on one knee in front of Xu Jiawei, who was holding a sharp blade to his own throat.

“Dai Hao, get up. Don’t force me. If you don’t agree to my request, I’ll immediately die in front of you.” Right now, this Emperor of the Star Luo Empire appeared a little crazy.

The White Tiger Duke was already very frantic now. It wasn’t just him. Dai Yueheng, Dai Huabin and Dai Luoli were all here now. They were kneeling down behind him.

Huo Yuhao furrowed his brow and walked over.
Xu Jiawei smiled even more when he saw him. “Yuhao, quickly convince your father.”

Huo Yuhao looked at Dai Hao. “What’s going on?”

Dai Hao sighed and said, “His Majesty wants to relinquish his throne to me.”

“What?” Huo Yuhao didn’t expect Xu Jiawei to resort to this.

Xu Jiawei looked very honest as he said to Huo Yuhao, “As an Emperor of the Star Luo Empire, I’ve been useless. I’m also very jaded after all these years. There’s no one outstanding in the Xu bloodline. But the Dai Clan is only getting stronger. Honestly speaking, the empire will be very stable if you are the one on the throne. Moreover, the throne belongs to your clan. I’m only returning it.”

After this ordeal, Xu Jiawei finally knew what he thought about power and authority. This was especially so after Huo Yuhao’s arrival.
Seeing Huo Yuhao destroy the formidable Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion on his own, Xu Jiawei secretly swore to himself that he would rather relinquish the throne to Huo Yuhao than remain on it if the Star Luo Empire survived the crisis.

Everything that happened next was even more dramatic. Huo Yuhao was actually the White Tiger Duke’s son. Xu Jiawei immediately thought of a brilliant idea.

Giving the throne to Huo Yuhao wasn’t as convenient as giving it to Dai Hao. Dai Hao was more influential in the Star Luo Empire. Also, the Dai Clan was part of the royal family. Although there was a conflict between Huo Yuhao and Dai Hao, Xu Jiawei knew that Huo Yuhao would protect the Dai Clan from how he had saved his father earlier. If the Star Luo Empire was controlled by the Dai Clan, it might actually continue to prosper in the future.

This was why he made such a certain decision.

How was the White Tiger Duke going to respond? Xu Jiawei was putting his life on the line just for this.
Huo Yuhao was a little speechless. This Xu Jiawei was too intelligent!

“Dai Hao, cut the crap. Do you agree to my demand or not?” Xu Jiawei tightened his grip on the blade and shouted, “If you don’t, you’ll be a Duke who killed the Emperor!”

The White Tiger Duke let out a long sigh. “Your Majesty, why do you have to do this? I have no choice but to agree.”

Chapter 618: Challenging the Beast God

The White Tiger Duke agreed, and became the Star Luo Empire’s new ruler.

Xu Jiawei put down the blade in his hands as he helped the White Tiger Duke to his feet. He heaved a sigh of relief and said, “I can finally rest a little. I will immediately issue a royal decree and announce this to the world. What happens next is up to you. But you have to make me a Duke. Our little exchange is quite interesting, is it not?”

Dai Hao stared at Xu Jiawei, whose face was brimming with chirpiness. Xu Jiawei was truly happy because he had sustained too much pressure over the years as the Star Luo Empire’s Emperor. Their enemy had retreated, and he was relinquishing all his responsibility, so he felt a lot younger than before.

“We need to settle things between us before you deal with other matters.” Huo Yuhao’s voice rang out.
Dai Hao turned around and stared at Huo Yuhao with a complicated look, and his three sons did the same.

Dai Luoli took a few quick steps forward and came before Huo Yuhao as he exclaimed, “Brother!”

A faint smile finally appeared on Huo Yuhao’s face. Dai Luoli was much taller and bigger than before, and his soul power undulations weren’t weak. He was a Soul Emperor now, close to becoming a Soul Sage. Huo Yuhao could see Dai Luoli’s growth over the years.

Huo Yuhao gave him a hug and said, “You have to continue working hard.”

“Yes,” Dai Luoli nodded excitedly.

Dai Hao glanced at Dai Luoli suspiciously. “Luoli, you knew that he…”

Dai Luoli no longer needed to hide anything anymore as he nodded and answered, “Father, the teacher I have been talking
about is my elder brother!”

“Ah?” Dai Hao’s eyes widened with astonishment. He could clearly remember that the person that Dai Luoli had referred to as his teacher had saved his own life more than once. So, so he’s always been trying to protect me. And I, as his father, didn’t even know about such an outstanding son.

“Yuhao…” Dai Hao closed his eyes painfully. He knew that he owed this son of his far too much.

Dai Yueheng and Dai Huabin’s wore strange expressions on their faces. Dai Yueheng’s expression was a little better because he didn’t belong to Huo Yuhao’s generation in the first place, but Dai Huabin’s expression was incredibly strange as he seemed to recall something from his past, especially about how things were like when he was still a child.

Huo Yuhao said plainly, “Follow me, everyone.” He waved his hand as he spoke, and a layer of golden light rose up that encompassed all four of them. Golden light surged into the sky and travelled out of Star Luo City into the distance.
“Where are you taking us, brother?” Dai Luoli could tell that there was something wrong in the atmosphere as he whispered to Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao replied, “The Duke’s Mansion.”

Dai Luoli was momentarily stunned. Right at this moment, Dai Huabin suddenly hollered from the back, “If you wish to seek revenge, Huo Yuhao, seek revenge on me!”

Huo Yuhao’s body froze as he spun around and stared at Dai Huabin.

Dai Huabin wasn’t afraid at all as he gazed into Huo Yuhao’s shocked but icy eyes.

“I remember now. You’re that little fellow from all those years ago. So, you’re still alive.” Dai Huabin said coldly.

“Smack!”  Dai Hao suddenly turned around and slapped Dai Huabin across the face. Dai Hao was furious as he roared, “You knew? You knew that he existed. Does this mean that I’m the
only one in the Mansion who didn’t know about this son of mine?”

Dai Huabin fell to the ground, and he no longer stood up as he knelt on the ground. He lowered his head and said nothing.

Dai Hao looked up and turned towards Dai Yueheng as he roared once more, “Speak! Did you know?”

Dai Yueheng forced a laugh as he went down on his knees. Of course he knew, since even Dai Huabin, who was a lot younger than he was, knew. How could he not know? “Back then, he went missing not long after Aunt Yun’s death. Father, I…”

“Say no more.” Dai Hao kicked him to the ground. Dai Hao was such a strong and resilient individual, but tears flowed uncontrollably down his face in this moment.

“Yun’er, I’ve let you down! I’ve let our son down, too. I am a commander and a hero in others’ eyes, but I am an unforgivable asshole and a jerk before you.”
Huo Yuhao turned back around and said nothing, and neither did he look at Dai Hao as he quietly controlled the golden light and continued flying.

The White Tiger Duke’s Mansion was located close to Star Luo City, but Huo Yuhao was stunned when he arrived.

The White Tiger Duke’s Mansion had always been so magnificent and grand! But it had become a pile of rubble now.

Huo Yuhao extended his Spiritual Detection. The vast White Tiger Duke’s Mansion had become nothing but rubble, not even a single complete brick remained.

Dai Hao forced a laugh and said, “I was the War God Empress’ number-one enemy. She has vented her fury onto this place a long time ago, so nothing remains.”

Huo Yuhao’s body trembled vigorously as he suddenly looked up.
The golden light accelerated, and suddenly descended towards a certain direction. They were moving very quickly, and everything around them became a blur.

Fear! Dai Hao could feel fear coming from his son at a time like this. He’s afraid? What is he afraid of? Dai Hao stared at Huo Yuhao in surprise.

Yes, Huo Yuhao was afraid, because he thought of a possibility, something that would make him live with regret for the rest of his life.

That place finally came into view. Huo Yuhao swept over it with his Spiritual Detection, and his body swayed a little before his tensed emotions finally relaxed.

They descended from the sky onto that place.

They were at a grave that had been renovated very well. It was lonely, but fiercely independent.
Huo Yuhao was afraid because he was afraid that his mother’s grave had been destroyed like the White Tiger Duke’s Mansion was! Dai Hao’s name was on this gravestone after all, and Huo Yuhao would never forgive Ju Zi if that happened.

But he could see that this gravestone was fortunate. There were no traces of armies or soldiers, like there was a force in the nether protecting this place.

Huo Yuhao went down on his knees before the gravestone as he spoke with a quivering voice, “I’m here to see you, mother. I’m here.”

Dai Yueheng and Dai Huabin were on their knees in the first place, and they both looked up subconsciously at the gravestone. Dai Yueheng heaved a sigh, but Dai Huabin’s lips were tightly pursed as his body continued trembling while tears flowed from his eyes.

Dai Luoli knelt down next to Huo Yuhao and kowtowed towards the gravestone.
The White Tiger Duke was the only one who was still standing, but he was sobbing uncontrollably at this point.

“I’ve let you down, Yun’er. I didn’t even know that you’d given me a son.”

Huo Yuhao continued kneeling as his voice turned incredibly cold. “There are still many things that you don’t know about. The duchess mistreated my mother, and the two of us were treated worse than servants. I’ve asked my mother before, when can I stop being hungry? I can still deeply remember the pain on my mother’s face. My mother placed baked biscuits into her clothes for me so that I could enjoy a warm baked biscuit. But she burned herself in the process.”

“My mother has passed away, but even in the moment right before her death, I never saw a thread of regret in her eyes. I don’t understand what it is about you that is worthy of her love. You were the one who had brought all the pain in my mother’s life. You’re a good commander to Star Luo City, but you’re a horrible husband.”

There was no anger in Huo Yuhao’s voice, there was only iciness. However, his body still trembled continuously.

He had been waiting for this day for far too long.

Huo Yuhao had returned. Even though he wasn’t a Duke, and he didn’t have that exalted and noble title, he was entirely worthy of realizing the promise that he had made all those years ago.

“I’ve been very resentful. I hated the duchess, and I hated Dai Huabin, who had hurt my mother. But my hate gradually dampened afterwards, because my mother didn’t have to take the pain that they had given her. At the bottom of it all, she suffered all that because she fell in love with you. My mother had to go through all that pain because of you.”

Dai Hao seemed a little lost as he stepped before the gravestone. His stiff knees gradually started bending as he finally went down on his knees. “Yes, you’re right. Everything is my fault. I couldn’t give her happiness, but I still chose to be together with her, and I ended up giving her a difficult life. Yes, everything is my fault. Yuhao, I know you are resentful, and I am too embarrassed for you to call me your father. But can you allow me to live for another year so that I can arrange matters and affairs within the empire before I’ll retire, build a house, and live in this place. I will finally be free when that happens,
and I can accompany your mother every day so that I can speak to her and repent. And when I die, if you allow it, and if you believe that I am worthy, I will bury myself here to accompany her. If there is a next life, I will give everything I have to love her.”

Huo Yuhao’s eyes were no longer cold. Dai Hao’s words touched his tenderest heartstrings. Of course he knew what his mother had hoped for the most back then. She didn’t wish for any title or whatnot. She had just hoped for her husband to return, so that she could accompany her lover!

Didn’t Huo Yuhao wish for Dai Hao to repent before his mother’s grave in the first place? Huo Yuhao’s persistence finally dampened as he listened to Dai Hao’s words.

With his cultivation, and in addition to his control over the power of emotions, he was no longer like the child that he had been back then when he was blinded by the thought of revenge.

Huo Yuhao stood up, came beside Dai Hao and helped him to his feet.
“I hope that you will keep your promise and do everything that you’ve said today,” He paused and contemplated momentarily as he continued, “When I left back then, I vowed that I would avenge my mother, so that I could give her the most exalted and noble title and status. I knew that what my mother hoped for most was to be your wife. Now, since the Star Luo Empire’s Emperor has abdicated the throne to you, I want you to appoint my mother as Empress. You are not allowed to find another Empress in the future, and you absolutely cannot let the duchess become Empress. I will not seek my revenge against her on the grounds of your repentance.”

The White Tiger Duke stared at Huo Yuhao’s much gentler expression as he forced a laugh and said, “You can’t take your revenge against her even if you wanted to.”

“Eh?” Huo Yuhao was momentarily taken aback.

Dai Huabin gritted his teeth as tears continued flowing down his face. “My mother passed away a long time ago. She passed away five years ago. Come at me if you want to take your revenge!”

The duchess is dead?

Huo Yuhao was momentarily stunned. Yes! Everyone has to die at some point. He suddenly felt very relaxed in this moment, and he felt it deep in his heart as the heavy stone that had weighed on his heart for all these years crumbled just like that. It’s over. Yes, everything is over. My hatred and revenge have been resolved.
Dai Hao stared at Huo Yuhao with a complicated look in his eyes. “What do you plan to do next, child?”

Huo Yuhao replied, “Our matters here have been settled, and I have accomplished everything that I wanted to. The Sun Moon Empire will definitely not go back on their word this time. Furthermore, we still have that level of connection between us. Xu Jiawei has abdicated his throne to you, and that is an absolutely excellent move. Even though I can’t say that the Star Luo Empire won’t run into any trouble within a thousand years, there shouldn’t be a war within a hundred years. The Star Luo Empire will be fine if it continues developing steadily. There are still some things I have to do.”

“Will you return?” The White Tiger Duke asked.

Huo Yuhao shook his head. “I don’t think so. I’m going to a faraway place.”

Dai Hao heaved a sigh. “I know that I’m not worthy of you calling me your father. But I still have to say: take care, my son. If someday you find yourself too tired and fatigued outside, then come home.”
Huo Yuhao’s body shook as Dai Hao addressed him as “son”, and the last thread of hate in his eyes disappeared. Huo Yuhao stared at his mother’s gravestone, and his mother’s smile suddenly surfaced in his mind, like his mother was staring at him with hope brimming in her eyes.

“Father…”   The  gentle  word  emerged  from  Huo  Yuhao’s mouth.

The White Tiger Duke quivered. He stared at Huo Yuhao in disbelief, then he suddenly opened his arms as he took Huo Yuhao into his embrace.

Yes! This is my son!

Huo Yuhao didn’t address Dai Hao as “father”  because of him, but because he knew that that was what his mother wanted most. He would do anything so that his mother could be happy.

“You can leave. I wish to accompany my mother for a few moments more.” Huo Yuhao muttered softly.
The Duke let go of Huo Yuhao and turned towards the gravestone as he said gently, “Wait for me, Yun’er. I will be back soon to accompany you. I’ll return everything that I owe you for the rest of my life.”

“Brother!” Dai Luoli exclaimed.

Dai Yueheng stood up as he pulled Dai Huabin to his feet.

Dai Yueheng walked up to Huo Yuhao and patted him on the shoulder.

Dai Huabin walked over as he gazed at Huo Yuhao with a complicated look for a long while. He was struggling as he said, “I’m sorry.”

A forced smile appeared at the corner of Huo Yuhao’s mouth. “My mother cannot be revived no matter what, and neither can your mother. Let bygones be bygones. Forget it!”

Forget it! It was so difficult for Huo Yuhao utter those two words, but he finally said them in the end. He finally and
completely liberated himself of all his hate and resentment.

The Star Luo Empire’s new Emperor, Dai Hao, left with his three sons. Huo Yuhao was the only one left in front of the gravestone.

Huo Yuhao knelt down in front of his mother’s grave, and a faint smile appeared on his face.

“That’s what you want to see, don’t you, mother? You’re so kindhearted, and I’ve done it. I’ve finally brought him back to your side. He will be here to accompany you in the future, and you no longer have to feel so lonely. I really miss you, mother! If only you had still been alive.”

Huo Yuhao muttered as he knelt in front of his mother’s gravestone like that. Time continued to pass, and he remained on his knees for a day and a night, which passed in the blink of an eye.

Faint golden light condensed behind him and gradually took shape.
“Have you dealt with everything?” A gentle voice jolted Huo Yuhao awake from his memories of his mother. He looked up, and what he saw was a familiar face.

“It’s you.” Huo Yuhao stood up and bowed respectfully at the golden-haired youth behind him.

The God of Emotions, Rong Nianbing, smiled faintly as he said, “I have found out about your affairs. Seems like you’re not in a particularly good mood!”

Huo Yuhao forced a laugh and replied, “I’ve done everything that I ought to. But I suddenly have a son out of nowhere, and Wutong has left my side. I don’t even know where she is.”

Rong Nianbing asked, “Then what plans do you have?”

Huo Yuhao’s eyes suddenly grew resolute. “I have to search for her, and I have to bring her back to my side no matter what price I have to pay. Please take me to the God Realm, because she must be there. Do you know where she is? Who exactly is Wutong’s father?”
Rong Nianbing answered, “Nobody can take you to the God Realm, not even I can. You’ll have to rely on your own strength if you wish to go to the God Realm, not some external aid. There’s one more test that you haven’t completed if you wish to inherit my spot. You have to become the strongest individual in the Douluo Continent. As for your future father-in-law, I will tell you when you officially take over my seat in the God Realm.”

Huo  Yuhao’s  eyes  moved.  “You’re  talking  about  the  Beast God?”

Rong Nianbing tilted his head slightly, and his body slowly became faint and illusory as he disappeared into a million golden specks of light.

“Go, you can inherit my seat in the moment when you defeat the Beast God.”

Thoughts spun in Huo Yuhao’s head as he remained rooted to the ground, and a faint smile slowly appeared on his face.
Rong Nianbing didn’t mention it, but Huo Yuhao could tell that he was acquainted with his future father-in-law from his words. That meant that as long as he could reach the God Realm, searching for Wutong wouldn’t be that difficult.

The Beast God, Di Tian! Is it finally time for us to fight?

Intense belligerence and fighting spirit radiated from Huo Yuhao’s eyes. He could only find Tang Wutong if he defeated the Beast God, and nobody would stop his passage to the God Realm!

Huo Yuhao turned back around and knelt down in front of his mother’s grave once more.

“Mother, I’m going to find your daughter-in-law. I will bring her to see you once I find her.”

Huo Yuhao kowtowed a few more times before he got to his feet and flew toward Star Luo City.

Celebratory spirits permeated the city.

Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection easily covered the entire city, and he searched for the people that he wanted to find. He quickly found where the Tang Sect’s individuals were located.

Huo Yuhao broke through space as he appeared in front of his companions.

Huo Yuhao was about to leave, and he had to bid his farewells to his companions, and to Elder Xuan.

“You’re leaving?”  Bei Bei stared at Huo Yuhao, and his eyes were filled with yearning and longing. They hadn’t seen each other for three years, and Huo Yuhao was finally back, yet he was going to leave once more.

Huo Yuhao wore a gentle smile on his face as he stared at Bei Bei. “Don’t worry, eldest senior brother. We will return when I find Wutong. I want to conduct our marriage at the Tang Sect, inside Shrek City. Our happiness cannot be complete without your blessings.”
Bei Bei, He Caitou, and Xu Sanshi laughed heartily as they heard his words.

“Then what are you waiting for? Hurry and bring her back. Otherwise, don’t come back.” Jiang Nannan chimed in as she laughed.

“Yes, definitely!”

Huo Yuhao left Star Luo City once more as he said goodbye to his companions. Huo Yuhao didn’t leave right away as he rose into the sky and he turned around and gazed in the Sun Moon Empire’s direction.

They should be on their way back. Yunhan, little Yunhan. A thread of lamentation flowed through his heart. Ju Zi, oh Ju Zi. I don’t know how to face you anymore. Perhaps fate and destiny have played us after all. You’re right, I am not worthy of being Yunhan’s father. He belongs to you. He’s your son.

Huo Yuhao shook his head forcefully as he tossed away all the distracting thoughts at the back of his mind as he soared into the sky and raced towards the Great Star Dou Forest.


The rubble that was the White Tiger Duke’s Mansion outside Star Luo City was cleared, and a ceremonial altar was erected.

Xu Jiawei announced to the world that he would abdicate his throne to the White Tiger Duke, Dai Hao. Xu Jiawei was appointed as a Crown Duke, and he began building his own residence where the White Tiger Duke’s Manion used to be after the ceremony.

Dai Hao took over as Emperor, and he made Dai Luoli crown prince as Dai Yueheng and Dai Huabin also became princes. He made his beloved wife, Huo Yun, who had passed away, Empress, while he appointed the Spirit Ice Douluo, Huo Yuhao, as the Imperial Tutor.

Shrek City removed their lockdown, and Shrek Academy started enrolling students once more. The Tang Sect expanded their Soul Tool Hall’s research structure, while He Caitou took over as the Soul Tool Hall’s master. Xuan Ziwen entered Shrek Academy and became the Soul Tool Department’s Dean, while Ma Xiaotao took over as the Martial Soul Department’s Dean.

Elder Xuan passed his position as Master of the Sea God’s Pavilion to Yan Shaozhe, and he went back to his wonderful days of enjoying beautiful wine and delicious chicken thighs.

The Spirit Ice Douluo, Huo Yuhao, was named the Sea God Pavilion’s Honorary Master.

Three months later.

The Sun Moon Empire’s armies had completely retreated from the Star Luo Empire’s territory, and they returned the Ming Dou Mountain Range.

Six more months went by.

The War God Empress stood her ground against the opinion of the masses, as the Silvermoon Douluo Kong Deming and the military supported her while she announced that the Sun Moon Empire would be renamed as the Heaven Dou Empire.
The Douluo Continent regained the standoff between the Heaven Dou Empire and the Star Luo Empire from ten thousand years ago in the North and the South from this moment onwards.

Peace returned to the continent, and the damage wrought by the war was slowly remedied as soul tool technology continued advancing rapidly.


Huo Yuhao covered hundreds of kilometers in the blink of an eye.

Only a few moments seemed to pass as the Great Star Dou Forest appeared within his sight.

Silver light flickered as Huo Yuhao broke through space and reappeared in midair. He was high above the Great Star Dou Forest’s skies at this moment.
The Great Star Dou Forest’s skies were known as a forbidden region, but not a single flying soul beast dared to come close when Huo Yuhao appeared.

The skies were clear, and the weather was excellent. Gentle sunlight shone upon the Great Star Dou Forest, and the vast forest radiated with thick life energy.

Huo Yuhao’s body glowed with a layer of faint light as he hovered in midair. Immense spiritual power expanded with his body at the center like an enormous pool of water that stretched over the entire Great Star Dou Forest.

“I’m coming, Di Tian!” Four simple words became like tidal waves of consciousness as they travelled into the Great Star Dou Forest. Huo Yuhao’s consciousness traversed the entire forest, and that frightening spiritual will caused all the soul beasts to tremble fearfully, including the hundred thousand year soul beasts.

Inside the Great Star Dou Forest’s core region, at the Lake of Life.

An enormous head suddenly emerged from the bluish-green lake water as water rippled and splashed in all directions, and dense life energy permeated the air.

The creature’s large golden eyes gradually opened, and a gigantic frame gradually rose through the air.

“You’re  finally  here?  I’ve  waited  for  you  for  a  long,  long time.”  A deep voice resonated in the heavens, and waves of sound rolled through the air as the Great Star Dou Forest’s skies began to contort. The sky’s color slowly changed, as the originally radiant sunlight was immediately covered by dark clouds.

Huo Yuhao hovered in midair, and he was unmovable against the dark clouds’ overbearingness.

“I have also waited for this day for a long, long time.”  Huo Yuhao stared towards a certain direction calmly.

A pillar of smoke and mist rose from that direction. It was just a tiny sphere in the beginning, but the smoke swiftly magnified like an enormous smoke dragon rising into the sky.

The lively Great Star Dou Forest became completely quiet in this moment, and not a single sound could be heard.

Clouds and smoke condensed as the Beast God, Di Tian appeared. Di Tian’s long hair was draped over his shoulders,
and he placed his hands behind his back as he appeared before Huo Yuhao just like that.

Di Tian’s deep eyes were trained on Huo Yuhao’s body. He stared at this unassuming youth, and he nodded slightly. “I knew that this day would come when I didn’t capture you on that fateful day. I just didn’t expect it to come so quickly. The power of destiny has covered everything about you. I searched for you for over a year, but wasn’t able to find a single trace. You dare to seek me out today, so you must have some level of confidence?”

Huo Yuhao smiled faintly as he stared back at the Beast God. They were like old friends who hadn’t seen each other for a long time, and Huo Yuhao answered, “You’re like a towering mountain before me, and I will never reach the pinnacle if I don’t cross it.”

Di Tian smiled coldly and said, “Then we shall see if I’ll keep the Great Star Dou Forest’s destiny behind, or if you’ll step over me to search for your God Realm.”

Huo Yuhao wasn’t surprised that Di Tian knew about his pursuit of the God Realm. The Beast God wouldn’t be known as
such if he couldn’t feel Huo Yuhao’s intentions.

“Up.” Di Tian growled as he took a step forward. Silver light flickered, and he disappeared into the air.

Huo Yuhao smiled faintly, and he also stepped into space with a single step.

Battles between individuals of their level were a lot simpler, but more dangerous than anything else.

The originally clear skies darkened almost instantaneously. Dim light rays portrayed a strangely beautiful picture, and there wasn’t any pressure at all. Instead, the skies appeared to be sublimating in some exalted fashion.

Two beams of silver light emerged through these dark clouds almost at the same time as Huo Yuhao and Di Tian appeared ten thousand meters above the ground at the same time.

Not even Titled Douluo could reach such an altitude. The air at this altitude was at extremely low temperatures, and also
extremely thin. There were also vigorous gales billowing through the skies.

Normal living beings appearing at this altitude would immediately be ground to dust and obliterated.

However, Huo Yuhao and Di Tian looked like they were stepping on level ground as they appeared, and nothing seemed to change. Furthermore, the distance between them was identical to back when they had first met each other above the Great Star Dou Forest.

Di Tian nodded in Huo Yuhao’s direction. “I haven’t had such fighting spirit like I am feeling today, and nobody has challenged me for many years. The truth is, I’m very lonely.”

Huo Yuhao said, “I can feel that your yearning towards life isn’t that strong. Why?”

Di Tian smiled faintly and replied, “You wouldn’t ask me that question if you’ve lived for a few hundred thousand years. I’m familiar with every speck of dust within the Great Star Dou Forest, and I’ve seen every detail that has happened in the
world. I am already sick and tired of this place. It is duty that has kept me here so that I cannot leave. Otherwise, I would rather use my future life to pursue new and mystical things.”

“Oh? What is considered new and mystical to the Beast God?” Huo Yuhao asked a little curiously.

A look of yearning appeared in Di Tian’s eyes. “I wish to pursue worlds outside the Douluo Continent. I travelled the world when I was younger, and did you know that our world is a giant sphere? If you fly in a single direction, you will ultimately circle back to where you started. The ocean takes up most of our world, and there are barely a few patches of land. The Douluo Continent is the most advanced one, in addition to the Sun Moon Continent that came afterwards. Of course, only the Douluo Continent remains, and the Sun Moon Continent is no more. I was born in the Douluo Continent, so I am happy to see this result.”

Huo Yuhao stared at him in astonishment. “Our world is round?”

Di Tian nodded and said, “Yes. Furthermore, all the stars that we can see every night are all spheres, including the sun
and  the  moon.”  Di  Tian  was  like  an  intellectual  who  had accumulated his knowledge over a hundred thousand years in this moment.

“Therefore, I wish to see other planets and stars aside from our own. I’ve already attempted to fly even higher. The pressure and restrictions in the air decrease after you breach a certain altitude, but there is a barrier in place. You can only search for other worlds if you break through that barrier. I don’t know if I can accomplish that in my lifetime, but I do wish to try. Perhaps, that barrier is what the God Realm has restricted our world with. If I can break through that barrier, perhaps I will have a chance to enter the God Realm. I can almost feel that the God Realm is likely to exist on another star, perhaps one that exists above and superior to us. That place can master more powers and mystical things.”

“Why didn’t you try?” Huo Yuhao asked curiously.

Di Tian shook his head and replied, “I can’t. Life and death are terrifying things, but death is nothing to me. However, I’m not just living for myself. I have to protect the Great Star Dou Forest, and I have to protect the dragons’ last pure bloodlines. Therefore, I cannot take that risk because I have to stay alive. Even if I have to stay alive, alone and lonely.”

“Frankly speaking, your appearance has given me a pleasant surprise. I have seen what other humans do not have on you, and there hasn’t been anyone across tens of thousands of years who has been able to break through into the God Realm by relying on his own strength, and to ultimately obtain the God Realm’s approval. And you finally have this opportunity. If not for the fact that you carry the Great Star Dou Forest’s destiny, I would almost be willing to help you, in the hopes that you can return in the future and tell me what you’ve seen on the other side. That would be most meaningful for me.”

“Unfortunately, you have fused with the Three-Eyed Golden Lion, and this means that we can only be on opposite ends. I will not kill you, and if I can defeat you today, I will seal you away and keep you in the Great Star Dou Forest. With your current cultivation rank and physical strength, you will have no problem surviving for a thousand years. Furthermore, I will use the Lake of Life’s water to nourish your body, and find some way for you to reproduce. Then, I will use your descendants to pass on the power of destiny.”

“I will find a hundred thousand year soul beast to be your wife, so that your descendants will possess a soul beast’s characteristics, and your descendants can live even longer, while your power of destiny will always be passed on to your
descendants. I will kill you when that happens, and I will fuse your Skull of Destiny into your descendants who possess a soul beast’s characteristics. His long life and fusion with the power of destiny will undoubtedly guarantee the Great Star Dou Forest’s peace and safety. I’ve contemplated this for a long time, and I feel that dealing with this in this fashion will achieve the best result.”

Di Tian was speaking very seriously, like he had already dealt with this matter.

Huo Yuhao’s expression didn’t change, and he listened quietly to Di Tian’s speech.

“The stronger you become, the lonelier you get. The Beast God is living an unhappy life after all, and he can’t even pursue the things he wishes to. However, I have a lot of respect for you. You hold onto this life because you’re bound by duty, and that is enough to earn my respect.” Huo Yuhao bowed faintly in Di Tian’s direction as he spoke to show his respect.

Huo Yuhao gradually straightened his body after his bow, and his eyes began to change along with his posture. His calm
eyes suddenly grew bright, and they were filled with incredibly sharp luster.

“But everything you’ve planned is based on a single prerequisite:  you  have  to  defeat  me!”   Huo  Yuhao’s  voice travelled far into the distance, and those soundwaves tore a gap through the dark clouds. Radiant sunlight shone upon the great earth once more, and onto Huo Yuhao’s body such that his entire frame turned golden.

Di Tian nodded and answered, “Yes, I have to defeat you. Then, let’s begin.”  Di Tian slowly raised his right hand as he spoke and pointed his palm in Huo Yuaho’s direction.

Huo Yuhao made the same action and raised his right hand.
He radiated with incredibly strong light at the same time.

A golden sun glowed from behind his back, and this sun’s light was so intense that it surpassed the sunlight from the sky. The golden backdrop made Huo Yuhao seem like a God descending from the heavens.
A sun shone from behind Di Tian’s body as well. Di Tian’s sun was black as ink in comparison to Huo Yuhao’s glaring gold. There was a purple circle on the edges of his black sun.

Purplish light flickered faintly, and rippled with patterns that resembled flames.

A golden sun and a black sun faced off against each other in the sky, and the dark clouds were immediately divided into two colors. One side was golden, while the other was black, but the clouds were no longer above their heads. They descended to beneath their feet.

Chapter 619: Third Soul Core

Di Tian had an eight hundred thousand year cultivation! His abilities were unparalleled. Their palms shone at the same time. Golden and black lights clashed instantly.

They were originally only a hundred meters apart from each other. However, after they clashed, the gap between them immediately widened significantly, as if they had sparked each other.

A strong ball of light formed at the center of where they were earlier. After this, a terrifying energy storm caused space to shake tremendously.

A huge black hole instantly appeared at that position. It was more than three thousand meters in diameter, and it was devouring everything furiously, such that the clouds below were rising towards that black hole.

Some strange also happened. Below the black hole, there seemed to be a black and golden tornado. It only lasted for ten seconds, but it was an abnormal phenomenon.

Huo Yuhao and Di Tian were several thousands of meters apart now. Di Tian appeared very surprised. “You’ve formed your third soul core? It’s spatial type?”

Huo  Yuaho  nodded  slightly.  “Yes.  Otherwise,  why  do  you think I dared to challenge you?”


The breakthrough was already at its most critical moment. The strength of the Ice and Snow Empresses were almost fully drained. Huo Yuhao’s third soul core had already taken form in his dantian, but it was circulating on its own.

Sitting in the cave, Huo Yuhao could sense a lot right now. He knew that the next fusion was going to be the most critical one. If it succeeded, he would improve by leaps and bounds. If he failed, both he and Tang Wutong were doomed.

If he had a choice, Huo Yuhao would rather not choose to cultivate his third soul core forever. He wasn’t willing to take the risk with Tang Wutong.

However, the Dragon Emperor Douluo and Death God Douluo had poured too much soul power into their bodies. If they didn’t absorb the soul power, they were mostly likely going to die. If they couldn’t control the soul power, they would die even faster.

This was why they were in closed-door cultivation.

What he had to do now was let his third soul core fuse with his other two soul cores. A new chain was also to be formed during the collision.

If he hadn’t absorbed the Evileye Tyrant King’s spiritual power and raised his spiritual power to a new tier, Huo Yuhao would really be lacking confidence. Right now, he had some confidence.

He immediately relied on his spiritual intent to slow down the circulation speed of his three soul cores. The slower they were, the less likely it was for mistakes to occur during the fusion later on. This was undoubtedly the best choice.
After he slowed down his three soul cores, Huo Yuhao started to adjust them slightly again. He increased the circulation speed of his first soul core, which was his spiritual soul core, whereas he slowed his other two soul cores down even further.

In this way, things became a little messy between his intersecting first and second soul cores.

Their fusion was built on a foundation of balance. This was how Huo Yuhao had completed the Yin-Yang Complement method. Right now, the balance was affected when their speeds were altered.

His soul power undulations became a little unsteady. However, Huo Yuhao made a strange choice. He silently drew out the spiritual power in his spiritual sea.

His spiritual soul core was at the core of his spiritual sea. As he drew out his spiritual power, a part of his spiritual soul core slowly separated itself from his spiritual sea.
The immense spiritual power in his spiritual sea was the origin of his spiritual soul core. Without the support of his spiritual sea, his spiritual soul core couldn’t possibly stay stable. Only someone like Huo Yuhao with such immense spiritual control could do something like this. If a Titled
Douluo tried this, he would most likely have died by now.

His soul power bulged a little. After this, Huo Yuhao started to struggle.

Under his control, the spiritual power which he drew from his spiritual soul core started to sink towards his chest, whereas his second soul core rose as it was pushed by his soul power.

Yes, he was trying to switch their positions!

This was the best method if he wanted to cultivate his third soul core.

After absorbing the Evileye Tyrant King’s immense spiritual power, Huo Yuhao’s soul cores were already a little unbalanced. This was because his spiritual soul core was too
strong, and his Ultimate Ice soul core paled in comparison. This was why the strength of his spiritual soul core would devour that of his Ultimate Ice soul core just as they collided to form his whirlpool-like soul power.

Due to this, Huo Yuhao was forced to separate a part of his spiritual sea from his spiritual soul core. Right now, he was relying on the strength of his spiritual soul core to complete this fusion.

His two soul cores shifted positions. The pain made him feel as if his organs were being torn apart before being put back into place.

Even though Huo Yuhao was already prepared, he still felt excruciating pain when he got to doing it.

His two soul cores passed each other. At that instant, blood streamed out from all his pores. Given his physical strength, he was still unable to bear such excruciating pain. On his forehead, his Eye of Destiny had already uncontrollably opened. However, it was dim inside.
His Eye of Destiny had fused with his spiritual soul core! Now that his spiritual soul core was being moved away, it greatly influenced his Eye of Destiny.

However, he still persisted.

His two soul cores were finally separated. His Ultimate Ice soul core was heading up, and his spiritual soul core was heading down. The energies that clashed generated unstable soul power. A low-pitched blast could be heard coming from Huo Yuhao’s body. This was because his soul power wasn’t stable, leading to minor ‘explosions’ in his body.

Finally, his Ultimate Ice soul core was pushed to where his spiritual soul core had been, and his spiritual soul core was also moved to his chest. Both soul cores were guiding each other. They wanted to return to their original positions. The chain between them was like a taut rubber band. Once it was released, it would immediately catapult both soul cores back to where they were originally.

Huo Yuhao actually opened his eyes right now.
If anyone could see the look in his eyes, he would discover that distorted lights were shining inside of them.

He was shaking as he lifted his right hand. He pressed it against his Eye of Destiny.

It was normally a very simple action, but it appeared very difficult for him now.

Finally, Huo Yuhao’s right hand was high enough. He used force and pressed his right hand against his Eye of Destiny.

A weird ball of light shone. Huo Yuhao groaned slightly. He already sounded like a wild beast. At the same time, he removed the last layer of protection around his third soul core. The force generated from the circulation of his third soul core instantly appeared. Strong traction was immediately unleashed. The spatial whirlpool-like soul power it generated immediately clashed with the spiritual soul core at his chest.

It was also at this moment that unprecedently strong spiritual power was unleashed from Huo Yuhao’s Eye of
Destiny. There was a strong suction force. At the same time, Huo Yuhao released control of his first and second soul cores.

Both soul cores immediately sprung back to where they had been.

Right now, the strength of his third soul core was guiding his spiritual soul core. The strong suction force caused his third soul core to be wrenched out from his dantian. It left its original position.

If there was one word to describe the situation in Huo Yuhao’s body right now, that word was ‘messy’.

His three soul cores had shifted positions. Whether it was his spiritual power, Ultimate Ice soul power or spatial-type energy, everything was a mess.

However, there was one thing that was in order as his three soul cores circulated, and that was his spiritual soul core, which was trying to return to his brow, and his Ultimate Ice soul core, which wanted to return to its original position too.
This was even accelerated because of the great suction force that was suddenly generated by his Eye of Destiny, such that his spiritual soul core instantly sprang back into its original position. It stuck closely to his Eye of Destiny, and unprecedentedly strong spiritual power was unleashed. At that instant, Huo Yuhao’s spiritual soul core and Eye of Destiny
fused completely with his spiritual sea. His spiritual power was
enhanced even further.

Then, the mountain peak that Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong were on turned pure gold because of this terrifying spiritual power.

However, that traction was simply too strong, such that his Ultimate Ice soul core immediately sprung away again. His third soul core also sprung up once again this time. The energy between both soul cores caused them to clash with each other.

These two soul cores were obviously circulating in different directions. Something strange occurred. Under Huo Yuhao’s precise control, they instantly fused through the Yin-Yang Complement method. However, they weren’t where they were supposed to be. Rather, they were close to Huo Yuhao’s shoulders.
The three soul cores formed a strange triangular shape.

The control that Huo Yuhao had relinquished earlier now returned.

The two soul cores that had completed the Yin-Yang Complement sank. Huo Yuhao’s third soul core returned to his dantian, where it was supposed to be. What about his second soul core? It returned to his chest.

Due to the Yin-Yang Complement method, both his soul cores were already shining extremely brightly. The immense spiritual power that came from his first soul core also sank at this moment.

When it came, it didn’t just clash with one other soul core. It directly collided against the chain between the second and third soul cores. Immense spiritual power was directly poured into that rapidly spinning whirlpool-like soul power.

The Ultimate Ice and spiritual soul cores were originally fused through the Yin-Yang Complement method. Naturally, they complemented each other. And his Ultimate Ice and third
soul cores had undergone the same fusion right now. Due to this, the fusion of the third soul core was unprecedentedly harmonious.

Huo Yuhao’s spiritual soul core was the strongest out of the three. Its strength sank down to the Ultimate Ice soul core. After it fused with his Ultimate Ice soul core, it continued to sink down to his third soul core before it fused and assimilated. The strength of Huo Yuhao’s second and third soul cores helped to neutralize the strength of the spiritual soul core, which was much stronger than either of the other two.

A strange balance was formed as a result. It was like a link that was moving up and down in Huo Yuhao’s body. After Huo Yuhao’s soul power fused many times, it gathered in his dantian. It then entered his passageways through his Mysterious Heaven Technique.

The earlier mess and chaos vanished. The result was that Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power was mainly gathered in his head, whereas his dantian was where his soul power gathered. At the same time, he possessed three different elements – spiritual, Ultimate Ice and space.
The fusion of the third soul core was complete!

The entire process sounded very complicated, and it was even more complex in real life. The reason why Huo Yuhao was able to complete the most important part was because his spiritual power was strong enough, and his spiritual control was precise enough.

Huo Yuhao slowly put down his right hand. Thorn-shaped halos were silently flashing around Huo Yuhao’s Eye of Destiny.

Yes, there was something special there.

When the Evileye Tyrant King was killed by Huo Yuhao, he didn’t just leave behind a seven hundred thousand year soul core. He also left a small eye. That eye was in the shape of a vertical eye. It wasn’t a decoration; it was the soul bone that the Evileye Tyrant King had left behind. It was an unprecedented external soul bone, an Evileye!

Under normal conditions, no human could absorb this Evileye. First, it was because it contained too much spiritual power. Next, it was also a vertical eye. It couldn’t even be said
to be a soul bone. It was just a manifestation of a strange form of energy, but it was superior to soul bones.

It contained the purest spiritual power, as well as some of the memories of the Evileye Tyrant King with regards to his abilities.

When he tried to take over Huo Yuhao, he actually paid a huge price. After all, his main body was gone, and he couldn’t possibly pour in all his strength into his soul rings to fuse with Huo Yuhao. Given this, he left some of his soul skills in his eye.

However, he had failed. The control left behind in this eye naturally disappeared. Huo Yuhao managed to unleash his spiritual power by fusing with this Evileye at the last moment. This increased his spiritual control to the maximum, which led to the fusion process earlier. Otherwise, it couldn’t have been completed.

He only fully recovered after a long rest after he completed his fusion. Next, it was time to help Tang Wutong. Given his spiritual cultivation and control, he was Tang Wutong’s Evileye. No, rather, he was the Eye of Asura.

After listening to Di Tian’s astonished voice, he was reminded of the torment he went through to cultivate his third soul core. His success was tightly related to luck. If not for the Dragon Emperor Douluo’s immense soul power and the Evileye Tyrant King’s soul ring and eye, he wouldn’t have stood a chance at all.

It was only through trying that he knew that forming a third soul core was actually so difficult.

He was the first in history to complete it. While Tang Wutong was the second, she only succeeded with his help. Of course, that was also because their martial souls were complementary. It wasn’t impossible for Huo Yuhao to help someone else form a third soul core.

In terms of the volume of soul power, Huo Yuhao was still inferior to Di Tian. However, Di Tian was still shocked because of the immense soul power generated from his three soul cores. This was because Huo Yuhao’s soul power was superior to his quality-wise. They were inseparable after their first confrontation!

They were separated by that black hole. Even with their cultivations, they didn’t dare to get close to it. The suction force coming from that black hole was simply too terrifying. It was a phenomenon of space being torn apart. Once they were sucked in, there was no turning back. They also didn’t know where they would be transported to.

Huo Yuhao’s gaze suddenly shifted. After this, he shifted lightning-quick.

This was because neither of them could use spatial power given this huge crack in space. This was why he could only rely on his speed.

Once he moved, the Beast God also moved. He shifted at the same time. Undoubtedly, he was trying to make his way around the black hole.

The black hole slowly shut. However, both Huo Yuhao and Di Tian both knew that space had been completely crushed. It would take a long time for it to be completely healed.
They both moved hundreds of kilometers instantly and stopped at the same time, as if they were telepathic. Huo Yuhao’s Eye of Destiny opened. He pointed his right hand at Di Tian. Before his soul rings even appeared, a whirlpool and a skull appeared behind Di Tian.

Spiritual Confusion and Spiritual Enfeeblement.

Di Tian revealed a cold smile on his face. “Useless. Your soul skills won’t have any effect on me. No matter how strong your spiritual power is, they won’t work. Unless you are much more powerful than me, dragons are immune to most spiritual attacks.”

As he spoke, he pointed at Huo Yuhao. Suddenly, the space around Huo Yuhao seemed to bubble. Purplish air bubbles suddenly appeared before they blew apart, turning into countless purple billows that moved towards the giant dragon in the center. After this, they surrounded the dragon as it shot into the sky.

The corrosiveness of the darkness element was properly demonstrated right now.
However, that purple region soon stopped. It slowly turned white and smooth, and transparent snowflakes fell from the top. After this, the purple whirlpool from before slowly dissipated. It turned into countless snowflakes before scattering.

The air temperature, which was extremely chilly, fell even more dramatically. The entire sky was covered in a hazy fog, which Huo Yuhao used to conceal himself.

“It seems like you’ve understood the true meaning behind Ultimate Ice.” Di Tian nodded as he complimented Huo Yuhao. He waved his right hand, and the snowflakes that came in front of him naturally dispersed. He didn’t retract his right hand. It transformed instead. His joints became huge and thick. After this, scales started to surface and form a dragon claw.

It was the Dragon God’s Claw. Di Tian was actually prepared to use his Dragon God’s Claw against Huo Yuhao in this fight?

When it appeared, it felt as if something mighty and terrifying had appeared in heaven and earth, even though Di Tian didn’t attack. The snowflakes that Huo Yuhao had formed were crushed at this instant. They turned into powder and
instantly disappeared. Huo Yuhao was even revealed from the fog, and his body shook slightly.

Di Tian’s expression also turned serious as he faced his Dragon God’s Claw towards Huo Yuhao. Behind him, a projection of a huge black dragon surfaced. Above this projection was a ball of rainbow light, shining brightly.

Huo Yuhao had never seen Di Tian in this form before. He only felt helpless, like an irresistible force was restraining his body and soul. The pressure on him kept mounting, as if it wanted to crush him just like that.

Although the Dragon God’s Claw was only tapping into the strength of the Dragon God, it was still left behind by the Dragon God for Di Tian. Di Tian was also able to make breakthrough after breakthrough with it, eventually becoming the Beast God.

This wasn’t the strength of gods, but it was beyond the strength of an Ultimate Douluo. It was like it came from a demigod!
The biggest problem with Huo Yuhao was that he hadn’t expected Di Tian to use his greatest strength the moment the fight started. From this earlier interaction, he knew that he had lost. He had lost to the Beast God’s experience and slyness.

In his heart, Di Tian’s superiority influenced his judgment. He didn’t demonstrate any arrogance at all. Instead, he revealed his greatest strength to pressure Huo Yuhao. He didn’t give him any chance at all.

Huo Yuhao felt very strange. He had done this himself before, which was to limit his opponent before completely defeating him. This was undoubtedly the best strategy in any fight.

Right now, he was on the opposite end. And it didn’t feel good at all.

The entire sky distorted because of the immense pressure. A low-pitched dragon roar rang in Huo Yuhao’s ears and shook him greatly.
Di Tian’s claw was slowly turning golden. In his eyes, a rainbow flare had already started burning.

A smile appeared on Di Tian’s lips. Young man, you must not have expected this. I’ve already treated you as my nemesis the moment you dared to challenge me. How could I have survived until now without giving my all every time?

Di Tian used to be invincible in the past. Indeed, he was very arrogant. However, he was really hurt after he was attacked by evil soul masters not long ago. Although his injury wasn’t very serious and he managed to retaliate, he was still left with a deep impression then. This also reminded him of how powerful humans could be. They could already threaten him.

This was why he didn’t hesitate to unleash his strongest attack after he felt that Huo Yuhao already had an unprecedented third soul core.

Although Di Tian didn’t know how strong a third soul core would be, he must have possessed twin soul cores for hundreds of thousands of years longer than Huo Yuhao. How could he not have any understanding of third soul cores? This was why he didn’t want to give Huo Yuhao a chance to unleash his full strength. He used his greatest power the moment he attacked.

The Dragon’s Claw didn’t belong to him, but the Dragon God. This demigod-like power had threatened many of his enemies who were once stronger than him. It had helped him to become the Beast God.

Right now, when he used it again, Huo Yuhao was completely suppressed.

The lights coming from Huo Yuhao’s body kept on transforming. In Di Tian’s eyes, he seemed to see Huo Yuhao’s three soul cores shining non-stop. Every time they shone, his soul power would spread with stronger momentum.

However, what was the point of this? Even if he had three soul cores, his power was still at the human tier. It still couldn’t compare to the power of a god. Regarding this, Di Tian was extremely clear.

Huo Yuhao’s expression seemed to turn cold. Behind him, the projections of his Spirits kept on flashing. However, they only flashed for a short period of time before they changed.
He couldn’t sense the changes coming from Di Tian’s body. However, Di Tian could sense that he was using different types of soul power to break out from this restraint.

The Dragon God’s Claw had already turned golden. The tip of his claw was already shining with a rainbow glow.

“It’s no use. You don’t have to attempt to break out of this restraint. What you can only do is drain your own soul power in the face of the power of a demigod. Don’t worry. I won’t kill you. I want to complete my perfect plan, which I mentioned to you earlier. When your soul power is drained, I’ll take you back to the Great Star Dou Forest.”

Huo Yuhao looked at Di Tian calmly. The soul power undulations coming from his body suddenly weakened. When they weakened, Di Tian’s rainbow glow suddenly shone brighter. The entire sky started to distort, and Huo Yuhao’s body started to tighten, as if it could possibly be crushed.

Di Tian was stunned for a moment. An Ultimate Douluo was not supposed to cave in so easily!
It was also at this moment that an icy-blue light flashed before it disappeared instantly. Di Tian only felt that everything in front of him was empty. After this, that icy-blue light was in front of him.

“Ding!”  Di Tian raised his Dragon God’s Claw and blocked the invasion of that icy-blue light.

However, that icy-blue light instantly bloomed like a flower, forming countless streaks of icy-blue light. Di Tian’s body was completely engulfed.

Di Tian wasn’t the only one with demigod-like abilities.

Huo Yuhao had been complacent, but so was Di Tian. He didn’t dare to kill Huo Yuhao. If he had attacked with all his might earlier, Huo Yuhao would most likely have been severely hurt. However, he only wanted to assume control over him.

Sigh of the Frozen Goddess, Morning Dew Dagger! It was a powerful weapon of the God of Emotions. When Huo Yuhao completed the formation of his third soul core, he was finally able to unleash demigod-like abilities.

At his tier, his Icy War God Armor was no longer as effective as it used to be. However, the Morning Dew Dagger was different. Even if he became a god, it would still be a very useful weapon for him.

Rain Dragon’s Dance.

Two figures suddenly flashed past after a short few seconds. Di Tian broke open space and appeared a thousand meters away. His Dragon God’s Claw was already rainbow-colored. However, there were seven wounds on his body. None of them were very big, and no blood was seeping out. However, there was a layer of frost on top of each of them.

However, did it really look as simple as it was on the surface?

Huo Yuhao was panting a thousand meters away. His Morning Dew Dagger was flashing with a bluish glow. Light fog drifted around the bluish glow, making it seem extremely divine.
Di Tian was watching him, and was already looking very serious. Demigod-like abilities. He actually possesses demigod- like abilities.

Although Di Tian could tell that Huo Yuhao was hugely drained with every attack he unleashed, he also knew that he was hurt from the previous attack. The strength of Ultimate Ice was quickly invading his body.

No, it wasn’t just Ultimate Ice. There was also Huo Yuhao’s spiritual intent and spatial power.

Spatial power could be neutralized, but Huo Yuhao’s spiritual intent and Ultimate Ice were already causing destruction. If not for his immense physical strength, he would have been greatly hurt.

He was hurt. He was really hurt again.

Di Tian slowly lifted his Dragon God’s Claw. Suddenly, he looked into the sky, and a dragon’s roar turned into countless echoing sounds. The huge black dragon projection behind him
exploded and turned into a black fog that surged into that rainbow dragon projection.

Suddenly, rainbow lights shone brightly, and turned Di Tian into the same colors. He stretched his Dragon’s God Claw out towards Huo Yuhao. A huge dragon claw suddenly appeared out of thin air before it reached out towards Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao was tightly holding onto his Morning Dew Dagger, and he suddenly took in a deep breath. Thick icy fog suddenly rose at an alarming speed, turning into rings of icy fog.

Huo Yuhao then raised his dagger high above his head. At this instant, Huo Yuhao was completely covered in a holy aura. It gave him an indescribable feeling. It was as if he had completely fused with the dagger at this instant.

His facial expression turned gentler. As ice and fog gathered, Huo Yuhao disappeared. He was replaced by a graceful figure.

It wasn’t the Ice or Snow Empress. It was also not the Goddess of Light. It was just an icy-blue figure.

She was more than a hundred meters tall, and she released an icy, foggy aura from her body. Her appearance wasn’t very clear, but she was wearing an icy-blue dress.

“Ai---” A voice started to ring out.

Following this, a ball of icy-blue fog surfaced from her head and received the Dragon God’s Claw.

The rainbow projection stopped instantly, and turned icy- blue.

Di Tian was stunned. What’s this? It’s already stronger than Ultimate Ice! The strength of the Dragon God’s Claw was actually quickly being drained, as it were being frozen by the icy-blue fog.

Of course, he didn’t know that this was Huo Yuhao’s unused ninth soul skill. It was the ninth soul skill of his Ice Jade Empress Scorpion.
When he attained nine rings, Huo Yuhao originally believed that he could obtain a ninth soul ring from the Ice Bear King. However, he experienced a mutation then. His ninth soul skill didn’t appear directly. Instead, it was very ambiguous, as if it were just a haze. Although his ninth soul ring was red, Huo Yuhao didn’t know what his soul skill was going to be.

It was only when the Ice and Snow Empresses burned their spiritual sense and fused completely with him that his ninth soul skill presented itself.

With a hundred thousand year soul ring, he naturally had two ninth soul skills. These two soul skills didn’t just belong to any Spirit. All of his ice-type Spirits had them. They also fused with the strength of his Morning Dew Dagger. They were two extreme soul skills of Ultimate Ice.

Right now, Huo Yuhao was using one of them. By using the Morning Dew Dagger as a guide, he was able to unleash the immense power of this soul skill.

Huo Yuhao named this soul skill the Sigh of the Frozen Goddess!
“Blow!”  Huo  Yuhao’s  cold  voice  resonated  in  the  sky.  Di Tian’s body shook, and a strong black glow was released from his body. Even so, a series of explosive sounds were still heard from his body. It was characteristic of the Ice Explosion Technique, after Ultimate Ice was introduced into Di Tian’s body.

The frozen Dragon God’s Claw started shuddering. After all, the Sigh of the Frozen Goddess was Huo Yuhao’s soul skill, and not really the power of the Icesky Snow Goddess, whereas the Dragon God’s Claw was extremely close to the power of the Dragon God.

At this point, Huo Yuhao suddenly moved. He didn’t advance, but retreated instead. He was already in front of the frozen Dragon God’s Claw, and he smacked it.

“Piak---”  Di  Tian’s  body  shook.  Due  to  the  Ice  Explosion Technique, he wasn’t able to control his claw or intercept Huo Yuhao. He could only watch blindly.

At the next moment, Di Tian’s pupils shrank. This was because he was astonished to find out that his connection with the Dragon God’s Claw had been cut off.

This Huo Yuhao actually possesses such a power?

It was his second ultimate ninth soul skill, Absolute Zero! It was combined with the Snowless Glacier.

First, Absolute Zero was used to consolidate the Sigh of the Frozen Goddess, before it was poured into Di Tian’s body using the Snowless Glacier. The terrifyingly low temperature and god-like strength of the Morning Dew Dagger finally blocked off Di Tian’s lethal strike.

Chapter 620: Flying Dagger

Huo Yuhao’s face had become pale after releasing a series of explosive attacks. The three soul cores in his body were operating already operating at maximum capacity. Even though he made it seem easy, Huo Yuhao had already expended more than fifty percent of his soul power. This was something he had not experienced after becoming an Ultimate Douluo.

“Good!”  Di  Tian  exclaimed  loudly.  He  swung  his  left  fist forward as he released a wave of spatial power.

An almighty intent was released at that instant. A gigantic black dragon appeared right behind Huo Yuhao as it opened its mouth to devour him.

Once again, Di Tian ripped apart space as he transformed into a streak of silver before vanishing.

Powerful binding and corrosive forces started to infiltrate Huo Yuhao’s body. However, they were ineffective, as they were instantly frozen due to the effects of his Absolute Zero.
Just when Huo Yuhao was about to break out from the head of the dragon, he suddenly spun himself in mid-air as multi- colored light grazed past his body.

Huo Yuhao felt that side of his body turn numb. The insane energy within the light was actually able to spin his entire body around. The absolute zero temperature was somehow unable to affect Di Tian’s attack.

At this instant, Huo Yuhao finally learned how powerful the Dragon God’s Claw was.

There seemed to be some sort of extremely frightening absolute power within it, in addition, to pulses of elemental energy.

Huo Yuhao specialized in ice-type elemental energy. However, the Dragon God’s Claw seemed to possess energy from all elements.

Water, fire, earth, wind, light, darkness, and spatial-type energy fluctuations appeared at the same time. In fact, they were released in an extremely chaotic and explosive manner.

Di Tian was not trying to land a heavy blow on Huo Yuhao. Instead, he focused on the speed of his attack. In addition, he was able to fuse spatial power and the power of darkness perfectly. Di Tian managed to time his attack such that he struck Huo Yuhao when he had just expended a lot of energy, and was catching his breath. There was no lock-on, or any sort of warning. Hence, Huo Yuhao was ultimately unable to evade the attack.

Because of how half of his body was numb, Huo Yuhao had to activate the three soul cores in his body to fend off the frightening power of the Dragon God.

The dragon head, which had consumed him, had already disintegrated. Huo Yuhao took a step forward as he entered a crack in the space before him. He was able to avoid the subsequent attacks coming his way.

Space flickered as two individuals continually appeared and collided with one another. Flashes of light illuminated the surrounding air as both Di Tian and Huo Yuhao separated from one another every time after they collided.
If one were to look up at the sky above the Great Star Dou Forest, one would see a sky which was completely contorted. The colors in the sky were rapidly changing as they flickered between radiant golden, intense black, and rainbow colors. Even though they could have been separated by tens of
thousands of meters, every single soul beast in the Great Star Dou Forest did not dare move at this moment.

Within the Core Region of the Great Star Dou Forest.

The Emerald Swan, the Myriad Demon King, the Bear Lord, and the Scarlet King were all gathered here. They all seemed to be reacting to the commotion above them differently.

The Bear Lord continually released and retracted its Darkgolden Terrorclaws as it glared ferociously.

On the other hand, the Myriad Demon King seemed to be thinking about something.

Meanwhile, the Scarlet King and the Emerald Swan were very worried about Di Tian.
After all, they were separated by ten thousand meters, and the four of them were extremely powerful soul beasts. Even though they were heavily suppressed by the effects of Huo Yuhao and Di Tian’s battle, they were still capable of moving.

The Scarlet King bellowed, “Who is that? I don’t know of anyone who is able to fight with the Beast God for such a long period of time.”

The Emerald Swan’s eyes seemed to be sparkling as it replied, “I think Di Tian is fighting with a human. I just don’t know who he is. I only realized that when I saw Di Tian ascending into the sky with a human.”

“Impossible. How is a human able to possess enough power to rival Di Tian?” The Scarlet King did not believe what the Emerald Swan had just said.

The Bear Lord sniggered, “Is it the Evileye Tyrant again?”

The Myriad Demon King scolded him, “Can you please use your brain? There’s no way he can come here right now. He’s probably busy trying to prepare himself for the catastrophe
which is about to hit him. Unless he has reached the eight- hundred-thousand-year cultivation level, he would have no chance against Di Tian.”

The Bear Lord grunted, “So what if he has managed to make a breakthrough?”

“Bullshit…”  The Myriad Demon King replied. However, at the very next instant, its body started to tremble. All four Savage Beasts looked up into the sky at the same time as an expression of disbelief formed on their faces.

The originally warped sky suddenly became clear as a mystical streak of light flashed before their eyes.

“Is that really the Evil Emperor?” The Emerald Swan gasped.

The  Myriad  Demon  King’s  eyes  widened  in  disbelief.  “T- That’s Space-Time Light?”

The sky above them had already transformed into a different world. The Eye of the Asura above Huo Yuhao’s forehead was
radiating a deep and frightening glow. At that instant, it seemed as though it had come alive.

Di Tian, who was not too far away from Huo Yuhao, seemed to be moving very slowly. The surrounding space and time seemed to have become frozen.

Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power exploded like a geyser as Di Tian’s human form started to give way. Scales started to appear on his human skin.

Initially, those scales still seemed to be radiant and shiny. However, very soon, the light on their surfaces started to fade away as they started to fall off of his body.

At this instant, Di Tian’s eyes widened in disbelief. His body started to tremble as it stared at Huo Yuhao.

“Space-Time Light! H-How are you able to use Space-Time Light?” Di Tian could not believe what he was seeing.
As the two of them continued to collide in the air and unleash their demi-god abilities—the Dragon God’s Claw and the Morning Dew Dagger—Di Tian had managed to land another blow on Huo Yuhao. However, his attack was blocked by Huo Yuhao’s Absolute Zero. Following which, Di Tian saw Huo Yuhao’s Eye of the Asura release a dark blue light.

A powerful streak of dark blue light was suddenly released from the depth of his pupils.

When this streak of dark blue light appeared, it was almost as if time had been frozen. Di Tian, who was about to go after Huo Yuhao, was practically immobilized in mid-air. The surrounding space-time was contracting at an incredible rate. The dark blue light seemed to be moving very slowly. However, during its movement, the sky and earth had become dark blue. At that very instant, everything seemed to have become dark blue.

Space-Time Light!

This was the Evileye Tyrant’s biggest trump card. Back then, it was only able to escape from Di Tian with this powerful ability.

This was effectively space-time power which originated from one’s source of spiritual power! Space-time power was able to strip the source of spiritual power from all living things. This would cause their source of spiritual power to deteriorate, and eventually be destroyed.

Back then, even though Di Tian was able to severely injure the Evileye Tyrant, he was also hit by the Space-Time Light. The Beast God took close to a thousand years before finally recovering from that blow. It was apparent how powerful Space-Time Light was.

This time, the Space-Time Light had reappeared. However, Huo Yuhao was now the person releasing this ability. Di Tian could sense that Huo Yuhao’s Space-Time Light was, in fact, a lot more powerful than the Evileye Tyrant’s. The reason was that Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power was stronger than that of the Evileye Tyrant.

After all, Huo Yuhao possessed spiritual power which could rival that of a demi-god! His spiritual soul core was already at the demi-god level—a level which even Di Tian could not attain after cultivating for seven hundred thousand years. Di Tian
finally learned that Huo Yuhao’s power did not only come from the Morning Dew Dagger!

Di Tian finally understood everything. He realized that there was only one possible reason why Huo Yuhao was able to acquire the Space-Time Light power. Huo Yuhao must have gone to look for the Evileye Tyrant before finding Di Tian. In addition, he must have made the Evileye Tyrant his soul ring.

No wonder he’s so confident of defeating me. That’s right! With three soul cores, a demi-god level spiritual soul core, a demi-god level Morning Dew Dagger, his Absolute Zero aura, and the Sigh of the Frozen Goddess… There’s no way he would not be confident of defeating me.

Di Tian’s pupils had already taken on several colors at this instant. He was mustering all the energy his Dragon God’s Claw could give him. He was trying to stop his source of spiritual power from deteriorating in the Space-Time Light.

However, at this instant, Di Tian saw a small blue light in Huo Yuhao’s hand. The light was not very intense. In fact, it was wedged under his finger nail. However, Di Tian revealed a look of despair after seeing it.

Following which, Huo Yuhao’s pupils took on a dark color. He closed his eyes, including his Eye of the Asura. The blue light in his hand suddenly became very intense as it became even brighter than the glow from the Space-Time Light.

Because Di Tian was pinned down by the Space-Time Light, there was no way he could stop Huo Yuhao. Right now, Huo Yuhao was practically one with heaven and earth.

Suddenly, Huo Yuhao waved his arm as the blue light instantly retracted to form a crystalline blue dagger. The dagger was released into the air as it formed a beautiful blue parabolic path which flickered across the sky.

The fear in Di Tian’s eyes was apparent. As it watched the layers of space that were crushed and penetrated by the dagger, his eyes widened in disbelief. The dagger seemed to contain all of Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power. Di Tian could sense the demi- god aura from the little dagger.

Di Tian lowered its head in despair. He knew that there was no point in watching the dagger, since he was unable to avoid the dagger. The Beast God looked at the forest beneath it
longingly. He really did not want to leave the forest in such a manner.

Dragon God, it seems like I won’t be able to complete the task which you have given me… A bitter smile formed on Di Tian’s face. Perhaps, this was the look one would give after one was liberated from his or her responsibilities.

Di Tian’s body started to tremble lightly. At the very next instant, he felt as though its body was flying. The dagger was sending his body backward as Di Tian smashed through layers of space. The other world seemed to be beckoning him.

The four Savage Beasts could not believe what they were seeing.

Is the number one soul beast in the world really going to depart from this world? Is this the end for the Beast God who ruled the Great Star Dou Forest for hundreds of thousands of years?

At this instant, the sky was no longer in its warped and contorted state. The Emerald Swan was now able to tell who Di
Tian was fighting.

Huo Yuhao? The person who created the Spirit Pagoda?

Why is it him? Why does he want to kill Di Tian? When did he become so powerful?

The Emerald Swan could not understand what was happening. At the same time, she was very saddened to see what had happened.

Di Tian…

After releasing that dagger, Huo Yuhao had to stay where he was for a couple of seconds. The blow itself had expended too much of his energy.

Crying Guanyin: Guanyin’s Tear! This was the Tang Sect’s most powerful hidden weapon technique. Huo Yuhao did not try to form Guanyin’s Tears, because he knew that a normal Guanyin’s Tear would never be able to destroy Di Tian. Instead,
he used his Ghostcarving Blade—the second blade Rong Nianbing had given him.

I don’t remember being penetrated by any weapon or attack… Hundreds of thousands of years of memories started to stream through Di Tian’s head. Right now, everything seemed to have lost its meaning after he had been defeated by Huo YUhao.

When Di Tian was still young, he had been doted by the Dragon God. Afterward, the Dragon God had fallen and transformed into two Dragon Kings. Following which, Dragons started to fall as a race. Everything until now was running through his head like a tape recording.

As his life energy started to flow away, Di Tian simply closed his eyes. The sensation of being liberated was extremely calming. Even though it was a little disappointing to end just like this, it was ultimately the end!

“Beast God.” Suddenly, Huo Yuhao’s voice entered Di Tian’s head. Huo Yuhao’s chilling voice woke him up from his dreamy state.
Di Tian opened his eyes, and was shocked to realize that his life energy was not fading away at a very fast rate.

Why is that?

Di Tian immediately looked down at the wound in his chest.

This isn’t a fatal wound!

Everyone at Di Tian’s level knew that attacking the head was the easiest way to take someone’s life. However, Huo Yuhao, for some strange reason, had not chosen to attack his head. This was something which was hard to comprehend. Even though the blade intent and the Space-Time Light were ravaging his body, Di Tian should still be able to survive the blow.

Di Tian did not believe that Huo Yuhao had made a mistake.
This was something which would never happen.

“Why?” Di Tian asked Huo Yuhao.
Huo Yuhao smiled. “I only want to defeat you, and never wanted to kill you. Have you forgotten? I have made a promise to never voluntarily kill another soul beast.”

“Then  what  about  the  Evil  Emperor?”   Di  Tian  replied condescendingly.

Huo Yuhao answered regretfully, “It wanted to kill me. I had no choice but to retaliate.”

Di Tian revealed a bitter expression and said, “What a lucky retaliation that was. In the end, you have won.”

Huo Yuhao nodded. At this moment, he was very relaxed. He nodded at Di Tian and said, “Goodbye, Beast God. Perhaps this will be the last time we see each other. However, I still want to thank you for saving my life back then. Without understanding some of your abilities, I would never be able to possess the power I have today. Goodbye, and take care.”

After finishing his sentence, Huo Yuhao waved his hand and disappeared into the space before him.
As he watched Huo Yuhao disappear, the bitter expression on Di Tian’s face intensified. The Beast God had realized how wonderful the sense of liberation was. Without liberation, it meant that he still had to fulfill its duties.

Di Tian slowly landed back in the Great Star Dou Forest from the sky.

The four Savage Beasts stared blankly at him as they watched him land. They had no idea what had happened up there. Even though Di Tian was injured, his aura was still powerful and intimidating.

The Bear King, who was starting to harbor some selfish intentions, immediately lowered his head in fear. He was worried that Di Tian was might learn about his disloyal thoughts.

Di Tian waved his hand at them as he moved to the side of the Lake of Life.

The four Savage Beasts stared at each other before retreating.
“He did not want to kill me. Haha. He did not want to kill me.” Di Tian was overwhelmed by a multitude of emotions. He was laughing and crying at the same time.

At this instant, silver light started to form and move around Di Tian.

“He did not kill you. Even if he wanted to kill you, there is no way that you would die just like this. You still have a responsibility you have to shoulder.”  An authoritative voice rang beside Di Tian.

Di Tian was instantly awakened by the voice as he kneeled down on the ground.

“It was precisely because he had no intention to kill you that I had chosen not to intervene. If not, I would risk ending my closed-door cultivation prematurely to kill him.”

Di Tian seemed to have regained its composure as he asked, “But, Master, why did you not stop him from leaving? He possesses the power of destiny! That is something our entire Great Star Dou Forest needs. You also need this power.”

That mysterious voice replied plainly, “The power of destiny belongs to the Douluo Continent. It is not something that anyone can just take away as they please. He is going to leave this world very soon. When he leaves, the power of destiny will naturally be returned to the Great Star Dou Forest. Di Tian, I
know you have been very lonely. It must have been very hard for you all these years.”

“Master.” Di Tian continued to kneel on the ground.

“Just bear with it for another ten thousand years. By then, I will have finished my cultivation and recovered from all of my injuries. When I return to this world, you can go and travel around as you please.”

“Yes. Thank you, Master.”

The silver light slowly faded as everything became normal again.

Ten thousand years might be an infinitely long time for a human; however, it was nothing for Di Tian, who had already
spent eight hundred thousand years cultivating. In fact, there was now a clear deadline for him to anticipate.

He could not help but reveal a look of genuine excitement and anticipation.


A streak of silver light flickered across the sky as Huo Yuhao appeared out of nowhere.

The sky and earth had seemed to become completely different at this instant.

Huo Yuhao could sense how his Spiritual Sea was bubbling and becoming stronger. The six Spirits in his body were also cheering in excitement.

He could also sense how the soul power in his body was transforming and taking on a special aura. These changes were starting to surface from his body.
Di Tian was like a mountain and a barrier for him.

Now that the barrier was no longer able to restrain him, Huo Yuhao had made his final breakthrough.

Huo Yuhao looked up at the sky as he opened his arms wide. At this moment, he felt that heaven and earth had become different. His spirit seemed to be rising and ascending into a different world.

“You have succeeded. Congratulations, Yuhao.” A gentle voice rang in his ear. A faint golden glow started to descend from the sky as it took form before Huo Yuhao’s eyes.

Rong Nianbing was still wearing the same outfit, and was happy to see that Huo Yuhao had finally done it. He was clear how difficult the path he had taken was! Huo Yuhao had conquered more difficult challenges than he had.

“Teacher.”   Huo  Yuhao  respectfully  kowtowed  to  Rong Nianbing. It was only now that he felt that he was sufficiently qualified to call the person before him teacher.
Rong Nianbing smiled and said, “To be honest, I’m not well- suited to be your teacher. Your teacher should be someone else. I am just someone who took advantage of the situation and found a treasure. If not for me, you might not have had to suffer so many tribulations. Nonetheless, you have managed to
pull through all of them. Are you ready?”

“Yes.” Huo Yuhao nodded fervently. Of course he was ready. He was going to find his beloved wife! There was no longer anything that could stop his heart. He was raring to fly to the other world. Wutong, I wonder if you are doing fine in that world.

Rong Nianbing nodded as he revealed a serious and solemn expression. He spoke, “I am the God of Emotions. Humans possess a multitude of emotions: happiness, anger, sorrow, and bliss. There is an abundance of unification and separation in a human’s world. There are always positive and negative emotions. What you have to control is the power of emotions. It is now appropriate for me to share more details about our world with you.”

“The Douluo Continent—the place where you have lived for your entire life—is a planet. Other than the Douluo Continent, there are several other planets in this world. All living things
on these different planets possess some form of psychokinetic energy. When this energy rises above their bodies, they collectively form a special place. While this place is beyond the realm of planets, it is still intimately tied to them. It is like a space carved out independently by humans. Hence, humans are usually the only entity allowed to enter this realm. This place is called the God Realm.”

“The  God  Realm  houses  all  the  individuals  who  have exceeded the limitations imposed by their planets. Hence, they can be called Gods. I am an example of a God. Tang Wutong’s father is also another example.”

“To be more precise, I don’t belong to your planet—the Douluo Continent. On the other hand, Tang Wutong’s father came from the Douluo Continent. In fact, you should have heard his name before. He is called Tang San.”

After hearing Tang San’s name, Huo Yuhao could not help but shudder. He never would have expected the woman he loved to be the daughter of the Founder of the Tang Sect.

After seeing how Huo Yuhao’s jaw had dropped, Rong Nianbing could not help but chuckle. “Tang San came from the
Douluo Continent. He has always been concerned about it. Tang Wutong is his daughter. Tang San loves his daughter a lot, and hence allowed her to come to the Douluo Continent to train.”

“A God is not allowed to intervene with what happens in the world of the humans. This is true for all planets. Hence, even Tang San can only send his daughter to the continent and seal the part of her memory about the God Realm. This was the reason why both of you were able to meet each other. Tang San had always been observing you. That was why he placed a seal on Tang Wutong. In fact, he has been able to positively influence your development through the little bit of divine sense he has placed in his daughter.”

“Some of the tribulations you went through were actually evaluative measures Tang San had put in place on behalf of the God Realm. If not, you would have had a much easier time. Do you remember the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley? That was one of the tests which was used to evaluate your suitability to become a God. It was then when I saw the potential in you, and decided that I wanted you to take over my Godly Seat. Because Tang San was bogged down by some things which were happening in the God Realm and was unable to monitor you closely, I was able to sneak in and get you to inherit my Godly Seat.”

“Hence, you shouldn’t blame him for what he has done to you. Without the challenges he laid in your way, you would not have been able to achieve what you have today. In fact, he was a much more influential figure in your development than me.”

Huo Yuhao listened to Rong Nianbing’s explanation as he allowed past events to stream through his head. Some of the things which used to be unclear started to make a lot more sense now.
No wonder I was attacked by the powerful golden figure back at the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley.

No wonder Wutong has a seal on her which stops me from being intimate with her.

No wonder Wutong disappeared after returning to the Clear Sky Sect.

Legend had it that the Clear Sky Sect was also started by Tang San—the founder of the Tang Sect.

Now that everything was falling into place, Huo Yuhao finally understood everything! Tang Wutong was actually Tang San’s daughter. Tang San, his future father-in-law, had been testing him all this while.

Rong  Nianbing  continued,  “Even  within  the  God  Realm, Gods are divided into different tiers. The five most powerful Gods within the God Realm form the Judicial Committee. Among them are two Godkings—the God of Kindness and the God of Evil. There are also three Enforcers—the God of Asura, the God of Annihilation, and the God of Life. Tang San
happens to be one of the Enforcers—the God of Asura. As of now, the two Godkings have gone to another planet to be reborn. They wanted to experience the ever-changing human life. Right now, the new Godkings are still in their development stage. Hence, Tang San could be said to be the most powerful God in the God Realm. He is essentially the one managing the God Realm now. Beyond the Judicial Committee,
the most powerful Gods are Tier One Gods. I am one of the Tier One Gods. Because of how my power of emotions is intertwined with the abilities of the God of Kindness and the God of Evil, I am stronger than the average Tier One God. However, I still pale in comparison to Tang San.”

“After the Tier One Gods, we have Tier Two Gods and Tier Three Gods. There is also a group of individuals called the God Realm Patrol Hunters. All of them come together to form the God Realm. Because of the space limitation within the God Realm, only individuals who possess a Godly Seat can enter the God Realm. A person can only be given a Godly Seat after he or she has successfully passed the evaluation set by the Judicial Committee, and when a Godly Seat is available. He or she would then have to make a breakthrough and ascend into the God Realm. This is precisely what you have to do now.”

After finishing his sentence, Rong Nianbing paused for a while. He knew that Huo Yuhao would take some time to digest
what he had just said.

Huo Yuhao seemed to understand what he said in no time. After all, he had always been an intelligent person. Before long, a clear picture of the God Realm started to form in his head.

So the God Realm is basically a world that is built above the Douluo Continent! It is a world which houses individuals who have exceeded the limitations of our world!

Rong Nianbing smiled and asked, “Do you understand?”

Huo Yuhao nodded.

Rong Nianbing continued, “I’m only telling you all this because I want to give you one more chance to make a decision. After all, I have taken advantage of Tang San’s situation, and not done as much as what he has done for you. You can now make a decision whether you still want to inherit my Godly Seat. Of course, you are also allowed to choose to inherit Tang San’s Godly Seat. He really wants someone to help him share his workload. I can also pass what you feel about his Godly Seat
to him. I’m sure he would be very happy to hear that. Besides, I’m sure it will help you get back your wife.”

Huo Yuhao shook his head. “There’s no need for that. I still wish to inherit your Godly Seat. As a man of my word, I ought to keep my word. Besides, I also should not rely on my father- in-law to find Wutong. Wouldn’t that make me seem useless? Can I ask you to pass your Godly Seat to me?”

Rong Nianbing revealed a pleased smile. “Alright. But I still want to remind you about one thing. Life in the God Realm is extremely lonely and boring. Even Tier One Gods like me can’t leave the God Realm whenever I please. In fact, we can never stay in the world of humans for an extended period of time. Unless we have passed our Godly Seat to another suitable individual, we can never leave the God Realm after entering it. The main reason why both Tang San and I want to pass our Godly Seat to you is that both of us want to travel around the world. Both of us want to see if there are any other God Realms in distant planets and worlds.”

Huo Yuhao’s determination did not seem to waver after hearing Rong Nianbing’s clarification. He spoke resolutely, “I am willing to inherit your Godly Seat.”  No matter what the
price was, he wanted to go and find Tang Wutong. This was something that would never change.

Rong Nianbing exclaimed, “Alright! I have already laid out all the things you should know. Since you are still willing to take up my Godly Seat, let’s begin.”

Following which, he raised his hands as two lights—one blue and one red—surged and rose around him.

Huo Yuhao could sense how his Ultimate Ice soul power was activated by the lights released by Rong Nianbing. At this instant, Huo Yuhao felt the familiar sensation of becoming one with heaven and earth when he had released the Ghostcarving Blade earlier.

Rong Nianbing waved his hand as the scenery around him started to fade and become illusory. In the blink of an eye, both of them were transported to a sky full of stars.

Rong Nianbing continued to release icy blue and fiery red light into Huo Yuhao’s body.
At this instant, Huo Yuhao could sense how his entire body was being enhanced. The three soul cores in his body were rotating at an unprecedented speed. Every time a circulation was completed, an immense soul power fluctuation would be released.

Streaks of light started to fly through the air as a mysterious intent started to form on Huo Yuhao’s face.

Streaks of starry light began to descend from above as they landed on his body.

His surroundings started to become warped as Huo Yuhao’s past started to run itself like a tape recording within his spiritual world.

It started from how he was ill-treated within the residence of the White Tiger Duke. Following which, it moved on to the part when he met the Skydream Iceworm and absorbed a million-year soul ring. Then, it showed him how he met Tang Wutong at Shrek Academy. Everything that had happened to him in the Douluo Continent was appearing before his eyes again. He was able to experience his entire life in this short moment.

After a short while, Huo Yuhao opened his eyes again, only to see a smiling Rong Nianbing.

As he stared at Rong Nianbing, the color in Huo Yuhao’s pupils seemed to have become fainter. It was almost as though he had aged, and had comprehended more about the laws of the universe. The energy and power in his body were undergoing a complete transformation.

His three soul cores started to melt as the Ultimate Ice, spiritual power, and spatial power in his body started to fuse together. A brand new power was forming.

His Spiritual Sea started to take on a pure golden color. His spiritual sense was becoming illusory as the divine sense he had once detected from Electrolux started to expand from his Spiritual Sea. Everything about him was being enhanced at this instant.

Rong Nianbing raised his hands as a mystical crown appeared at the top of his head. The crown had two colors—icy blue and fiery red. There seemed to be some mystical fluctuations radiating from the top of the crown.

Huo Yuhao immediately felt the emotions within him— happiness, anger, sorrow, bliss, love, hate, and disgust— changing and activating.

The Morning Dew Dagger on Huo Yuhao’s body transformed into a streak of blue light and returned to Rong Nianbing. Rong Nianbing’s seven daggers represented the seven different kinds of emotions.

In order to hand his Godly Seat over to Huo Yuhao, Rong Nianbing had to first take his power back from him.

The seven different daggers represented the water, fire, earth, wind, light, darkness, and spatial elements. These were the seven daggers that belonged to Rong Nianbing—the God of Emotions.

Sigh of the Frozen Goddess—Morning Dew Dagger.

Roar of the Flaming God—Positive Yang Dagger.
Whisper of the Free Wind—Arrogant Sky Dagger.

Melody of the Awakening Earth—Immortality Dagger.

The Brilliant Six Lights—Jade Pearl Dagger

The All-Penetrating Dawn—Holy Radiance Dagger.

Curse of Eternal Damnation—Devildevouring Dagger.

These seven godly daggers were radiating seven different colors—which also happened to represent the seven different kinds of emotions.

Suddenly, the Morning Dew Dagger transformed into an icy blue light image as it shot towards Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao felt his body shudder as the blue light flashed before him. A melancholic emotion was stirred within his heart. This was sorrow—one of the seven emotions.
Following which, the fiery red Positive Yang Dagger carried its burning flames and flew towards Huo Yuhao.

An intense rage appeared in Huo Yuhao’s heart. This was anger!

Next, the green blade flew towards Huo Yuhao. This was the Arrogant Sky Dagger, the Whisper of the Free Wind. Huo Yuhao could sense the happiness in his heart.

Following which, a long yellow dagger shot towards Huo Yuhao. It was the Immortality Dagger—a dagger which contained the power of earth. The yellow light fused into Huo Yuhao’s body and gave him bliss.

A ray of silver light was emitted from the Jade Pearl Dagger. The Brilliant Six Lights was not only a dagger which contained mere hatred. It was also filled with rejection and exclusion.

Next, there was the Curse of Eternal Damnation—the Devildevouring Dagger. This was the embodiment of true hatred. Its black glow seemed to be drawing strength from all sorts of negative emotions within Huo Yuhao.

Lastly, there was a brilliant golden light. This almighty light entered from the top of his head as it penetrated through his entire body.

It was the All-Penetrating Dawn—the Holy Radiance Dagger. It embodied the power of radiant light. At that instant, everything seemed to come to life as all negative emotions were embraced and converted by the power of love. Yes, it was love—the most powerful emotion among the seven.

All seven emotions were now interconnected as the seven legendary daggers returned to Rong Nianbing. It was evident that Rong Nianbing was sad to part ways with his beloved daggers. However, he decisively waved his hand as all of them combined to form a ball of light. The ball of light was then released into the starry sky above them.

Chapter 621: Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing

Nobody knew what their destination was, but they disappeared into the air in that moment.

Rong Nianbing came before Huo Yuhao, and gradually placed the crown in his hands on Huo Yuhao’s head.

The seven emotions flickered in Huo Yuhao’s eyes, and everything finally returned to peace and tranquility as a glossy luster appeared on his body.

The crown fused into Huo Yuhao, and the seven emotions receded at the same time.

Suddenly, an indescribable light erupted from Huo Yuhao’s body as his six great Spirits glimmered into view one after another.

The Skydream Iceworm, the Ice Empress, the Snow Empress, the Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass, the Ice Bear King, and the Mermaid Princess appeared one after another behind him.

The seven emotions were immediately divided. The Snow Empress inherited the emotion of sorrow, the Ice Empress inherited the emotion of anger, the Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass inherited the emotion of happiness, and the Ice Bear King inherited the emotion of bliss. The Mermaid Princess, Li Ya, inherited evil, while the Skydream Iceworm’s entire body was covered with a layer of radiant golden light, and that allowed Huo Yuhao to experience drastic transformations. The one million year soul beast who now had a future had inherited the power of love.

Huo Yuhao’s six Spirits had each inherited an emotion.

Rong Nianbing’s eyebrows lowered. “There’s one left: hate.
Are you going to inherit the power of hate by yourself?”

The vertical eye on Huo Yuhao’s forehead gradually opened in this moment, and a black beam of light surged out from within it. There was something hovering in front of him, and this thing had an aura of hate that immediately swelled. Wasn’t the entity that inherited the seventh and final emotion the Evileye Tyrant King?
The Evileye Tyrant King wasn’t one of Huo Yuhao’s Spirits, but his degree of fusion with Huo Yuhao wasn’t inferior to any of Huo Yuhao’s Spirits.

The Evil Emperor seemed to understand some things as he sensed his surroundings, and the intense hatred gradually receded as he finally transformed into a minimized version of himself and floated next to Huo Yuhao. The Evileye Tyrant King was still emanating hate, but there was only calmness deep within his eyes.

“Good.”  Rong Nianbing nodded in Huo Yuhao’s direction. A powerful beam of white light erupted from his body and swept up Huo Yuhao and himself.

Huo Yuhao and his seven Spirits closed their eyes at the same time. Seven emotions flowed continuously, and everything about them was transforming and sublimating.

An unknown period of time passed, and when Huo Yuhao reopened his eyes, his seven great Spirits were gone. He realized to his surprise that he was standing on a small mountain.
But there were only clouds and mist around this tiny mountain. The clouds rolled through the air, and all kinds of dense elements permeated the air as they rippled and undulated mystically.

Huo Yuhao looked down at himself as his emotions changed.

Nothing seemed to have changed, but there seemed to be something else in his mind.

The clouds around were suddenly tainted with gentle golden colors that gave off a strange but unique quality.

Several figures gradually emerged from the clouds and flew in Huo Yuhao’s direction.

They were all good-looking and wearing yellow, unassuming clothes. They took but the time needed for a few breaths to appear in front of Huo Yuhao.

There were twelve people, and they all bent down and greeted Huo Yuhao respectfully.

The man in the lead opened his mouth, “Greetings, God of Emotion.”

“You are?” Huo Yuhao asked confusedly.

The man replied, “We are the God Realm’s God Officers. You are new to the God Realm, and we are here to guide you to the Godking and the Enforcer.”

Huo Yuhao nodded and said, “Thank you.” He would follow along since he was here. Huo Yuhao could still remember Rong Nianbing’s words, that his father-in-law was the Tang Sect’s ancestor, the God Realm’s Enforcer!

The God Officers made a gesture to invite him forward, and the man in front took the lead, while the other God Officers separated to both sides. Their expressions were very reverent and respectful.

Huo Yuhao’s body floated forward on a whim. Everything seemed different after he became a God, and his spiritual power and soul power had both transformed drastically.

Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea was filled with strange golden colors, and its quality seemed to belong to another realm. Huo Yuhao could make anything happen as long as he willed it.

This made Huo Yuhao think of his teacher, Electrolux’s spectral demiplane. Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power was like an entirely different plane, and it felt like a true plane rather than a demiplane. Huo Yuhao was the dictator over everything in that place. Perhaps that was what it felt like to be a true God.

Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea should be known as his godly sea, and the golden soul power flowing within his body should also be known as his god power.

Huo Yuhao’s god power could change elements according to his thoughts, and he could control all the elemental ripples and undulations within the God Realm. Of course, his elemental transformations were limited to those that he originally possessed, but his elements were no longer distinct, and they were purer. Furthermore, he could switch between them on a whim, and very swiftly.
Light and mist separated as the scenes before his eyes changed continuously, and Huo Yuhao released his consciousness amid his variegated surroundings.

Huo Yuhao realized to his surprise that the God Realm didn’t seem to transcend human boundaries. There was still land, mountains, and rivers. However, there was dense vital energy of heaven and earth in every corner, and its volume was at least several hundred times that of the Douluo Continent. Even breathing in this place would improve one’s cultivation more than cultivating and meditating down on the Douluo Continent.

However, there seemed to be some kind of strange unique force in the nether restricting something in this peculiar world.

Huo Yuhao had to slowly sense and figure out all these things in the future. Rong Nianbing’s introduction was only foundational after all, and there were so many more mystical and magical things in the vast God Realm.

Huo Yuhao flew for an unknown period of time when the area before him glowed, and the golden colors around him
grew denser. Gentle light resembled a mother’s hand that caressed the clouds’ delicate skin, and the illusory space gave off a peculiarly touching concreteness. There appeared to a majestic hall somewhere in the distance, and it appeared both illusory and real against the tender light.

A single figure stood quietly among the clouds, gazing across the boundless horizons. Nobody knew what he was looking at.

This person had long blue hair that resembled a waterfall that fell all the way to his feet. If he didn’t have an upright and tall stature and broad shoulders, one would probably think this person was a lady by looking at his back.

Water seemed to ripple on his luxurious blue robe, and upon closer inspection, one’s eyes would be immediately drawn by the deep blue hues, like one’s spirit would be sucked into those blue colors that were vast, profound, and endless like the great oceans.

This man looked but a little more than twenty, and he had handsome features along with a pair of deep and profound eyes. His eyes seemed empty, yet also seemed to contain every single cosmological phenomenon in existence. Purplish hues
flickered by from time to time, which was even more touching and alluring. There was a quality of youth and wonder in one moment, and the vicissitudes of life and death in the next.

The God Officers guided Huo Yuhao before this man and stopped. They bowed respectfully and said, “God of the Sea.”

“Yes,”  The blue-haired youth turned around and looked at Huo Yuhao. His originally calm eyes suddenly turned cold.

The God Officers retreated quietly and gave them space.

The blue-haired you appeared even more intimidating and dignified from the last time they had met. Huo Yuhao could particularly feel that pressure from his aloofness, and it stifled him until his breathing became irregular.

“Greetings,  uh,  God  of  the  Sea.”  Huo  Yuhao  didn’t  really know how to address him. He was afraid to anger this man by addressing him as his father-in-law, but he couldn’t address him by his name, either. Huo Yuhao could only follow how the God Officers had addressed him.
Tang San scrutinized Huo Yuhao, who was both a little uneasy and anxious. He asked plainly, “You’ve inherited Rong Nianbing’s Godly Seat. From today onward, you’re a member of the God Realm. There are many rules in the God Realm, and the God Officers will guide you in the future. You will have some land within the God Realm. The two Godkings and the other two Enforcers are cultivating on their own, but you will have a chance to see them during the Assembly of the Gods. As long as you adhere to the God Realm’s rules, the God Realm’s council members will not interfere with anything else you do.”

Tang San growled, “Come.”

A shadow swiftly appeared beside Tang San. This person was clad in a long golden robe, and his godly power undulations were conspicuously stronger than the God Officers who had come before. “Enforcer, sir.”

Tang San waved his hand and said, “Take the new God of Emotions to his residence.”

“Yes.” The golden-robed God Officer answered respectfully.
Tang San glanced coldly at Huo Yuhao before he turned to fly towards the great hall in the distance.

Huo Yuhao was terrified as he hurriedly exclaimed, “Please wait, God of the Sea!”  Huo Yuhao’s most important goal in coming to the God Realm was to find Tang Wutong! He had finally met with his father-in-law, but how was he to find her again in the unfamiliar God Realm if his father-in-law was leaving?

Tang San paused. He didn’t even turn back as he asked, “What else do you want?”

Huo Yuhao clenched his fists. He struggled to hold on before Tang San’s overbearing pressure as he said, “Please let me see Wutong. I wish to explain things to her.”

“Nonsense!”  Tang San suddenly roared as he spun around. Fury  radiated  from  his  face  as  he  retorted,  “Have  you  not harmed my daughter enough? She has suffered so much in the lower world because she became acquainted with you. And you still wish to see her?”
Huo  Yuhao  answered  shamelessly,  “Yes,  everything  is  my fault. But I just want to see her. Can you give me a chance?”

Tang San laughed coldly and glanced at the golden-robed God Officer beside him. The God Officer understood his meaning, and drifted away discreetly as he disappeared with a golden flash.

“You wish to see her? Yes, you may.”  Tang San lowered his voice as he spoke.

Huo Yuhao’s heart skipped with joy. However, his joyous mood immediately sunk when he saw Tang San’s expression.

Indeed, Tang San continued, “You can see her if you can defeat me.”

Huo Yuhao was momentarily stunned. Defeat him? Defeat the God Realm’s strongest Enforcer? Defeat Tang San, who even Rong Nianbing, whose God’s Seat I have inherited, has admitted that he’s inferior to? Defeat this formidable individual who became a God ten thousand years ago? I have to defeat my future father-in-law? How… how is that possible?

“I… How can I fight you?” Huo Yuhao uttered a little breathlessly.

Tang San smiled plainly and said, “Then you can leave.”

Huo Yuhao forced a laugh. “You’re the Tang Sect’s ancestor, and you’re the God Realm’s Enforcer. How can I fight you? And how can I defeat you?”

Tang San grunted coldly and retorted, “Right now, I’m not an Enforcer, and I’m not the Tang Sect’s founder. I’m the father of a daughter who has been bullied and treated unfairly. You’ve told Wutong so many times before that you’ll protect her and defend her, that you wouldn’t let her come to even a
little bit of harm. But have you done that? You have hurt her again and again, and you’ve sent her down an abyss of pain and agony. You already have a child, so why are you still trying to stick to my daughter?”

“It’s not like that. Listen to me, God of the Sea,” Huo Yuhao answered worriedly, “I had no idea about that child. I’m not pushing my responsibility away, but I’m not even sure how that happened! I… I’m still a virgin!” Huo Yuhao’s face flashed red and white when he said ‘virgin’.

An amused smile flickered across Tang San’s face, but Huo Yuhao couldn’t see that because he was blocked by the illusory mists before him.

Tang Sa’s voice was still ice-cold. “Whatever you say to me is useless. You have only one choice if you wish to see Wutong. You have to defeat me!” Tang San waved his large hand as he spoke, and blasted a forceful air flow that pushed Huo Yuhao several hundred meters away.

“Wutong, Wutong, I’m here! It’s me, Huo Yuhao! Where are you? Where are you?” Huo Yuhao shouted at the top of his lungs directly at the great hall in the distance.

“Shut up!” Tang San lowered his voice as he growled.

The environment suddenly changed drastically. The mountains, rivers, and paradise disappeared as a dense forest replaced everything, while Huo Yuhao’s surroundings turned green.

Huo Yuhao stopped shouting as he stared at his surroundings in astonishment. Why did everything around him seem to familiar, like he had returned to the Great Star Dou Forest?

An unspeakably terrifying murderousness suddenly pounced right at him, a murderousness so thick and vigorous that it almost seemed material.

Huo Yuhao followed his instincts and glanced into the distance, where he fearfully witnessed a figure slowly pacing toward him.

Is that… is that still the Tang Sect’s ancestor?
In this moment, Tang San was no longer the God who was filled with spirituality and magic from before. Tang San’s long hair and luxurious robe had become blood-red.

What was even more frightening was the fact that the dense forest behind him also turned red as he walked. Dense murderousness rushed continuously in Huo Yuhao’s direction almost like it was material, and all the plants around him gradually withered before the vigorous murderousness. The forest behind Tang San had become an ocean of blood, and Huo Yuhao seemed to hear countless vengeful spirits crying out agonizingly behind him. He had never felt such formidable and overbearing murderousness, not even from an evil soul master.

How can this be? Isn’t he the God Realm’s Enforcer? Why does he look like an evil demon?

The blood-red colors rippling from Tang San’s body almost seemed viscous as his icy voice resonated through the air.

“Since you wish to die, then I will fulfill your wish. I am the God Realm’s Enforcer, and I have the authority to punish all Gods who disobey the rules. I’ve wanted to kill you for a long
time, so that my daughter can escape all that pain. The only thing that has stopped me is the fact that the God Realm cannot influence the human world. That’s the reason why I haven’t done so. Now that you’re in the God Realm, you’ve presented yourself to me. I did want to give you a chance, but since you dare to shout and holler before me, I’ll kill you where you stand.”

Tang San waved his right hand as he spoke. The grass and leaves on the ground suddenly magnified and transformed into thick vines that encircled Huo Yuhao. Every vine was blood- red, and there seemed to be veins pulsing on every surface, like they were enormous red snakes that had come alive.

He wants to kill me? Huo Yuhao felt intense fear run through his heart. That murderousness was definitely not fake; it was the strongest one he had ever encountered.

Huo Yuhao didn’t want to fight Wutong’s father, but he had to protect himself right now!

Huo Yuhao glowed with a layer of gentle golden light, and the golden color immediately transformed into icy-blue colors that stretched outwards.

Extreme chills permeated the air, and the red vines immediately slowed when they touched the extreme cold. Huo Yuhao soared into the sky in a flash as he evaded the vines’ entanglement.

But his surroundings changed once more right at this moment. The skies suddenly became the ground, and the ground suddenly transformed into the sky as Huo Yuhao planted his head heavily into the ground while he was flying upwards.

This was the first time Huo Yuhao had encountered something like this. He had just touched the ground when those blood-red vines wrapped themselves around him and immobilized him. Huo Yuhao’s Ultimate Ice godly power could slow these vines, but it couldn’t truly affect their power.

Small spikes began appearing on those vines once they wrapped themselves around him, and started piercing him. Huo Yuhao’s body couldn’t completely block those spikes despite his formidable physique, and intense piercing pain coursed through his body.
But Huo Yuhao was a man who had been through endless pain and suffering, and he had experienced pain much stronger than this. Therefore, even though his body tensed up because of the acute pain, the pain actually allowed him to clear his mind.

He had to live if he wanted to find Wutong. He couldn’t die here, no matter what.

An enormous figure appeared behind Huo Yuhao’s back. It was the Ice Bear King. A joyous sensation immediately radiated from the Ice Bear King; Bliss, of the Seven Emotions.

The blood-red vines that were wrapped tightly around Huo Yuhao froze before they started swaying faintly like they had been given life, and were dancing happily.

Huo Yuhao felt the tension relax as he immediately used Instant Teleportation to escape the vines’ iron grip. However, he didn’t dare to fly upward. Tang San could actually reverse the heavens and the earth, and escaping from his grasp was far too difficult.
An enormous red web descended from the sky at this moment and bore down on Huo Yuhao.

Dense murderousness exploded through the air, and Huo Yuhao realized in fearful shock that he couldn’t seem to evade the enormous web no matter what he did. The web seemed to become an entire space in that moment, and it was about to consume him.

Huo Yuhao couldn’t dodge it, so he could only fight it head- on.

Huo Yuhao took a deep breath as light sparkled in his eyes. I have to bear all the pain I need to so that I can see Wutong again.

Enormous ice cones swiftly took shape with his body in the center and erupted in all directions as countless ice cones surged into the sky like giant pillars.

Huo Yuhao himself was astonished. Has my Star Anise Omnithrust become so formidable after I’ve become a God?
Circles of white light rippled from his body: Absolute Zero!

Huo Yuhao’s Absolute Zero could be considered a godly skill, and its most salient characteristic was that it amplified all of Huo Yuhao’s ice-type abilities, which had extraordinary significance in battle.

Those ice pillars immediately rose from the ground to more than three hundred meters tall.

The gigantic red web bore down and clashed with the ice cones. The ice cones were gradually crumbling, but it greatly stalled the web’s descent, and bought Huo Yuhao several moments of time.

Huo Yuhao bolted backwards. He had never considered defeating Tang San, because he was clear that that was entirely impossible. Therefore, he could only run, and he would escape before thinking about anything else.

Tang San was the God Realm’s Enforcer, but he wasn’t the only Enforcer in the God Realm. Huo Yuhao had to escape Tang San’s grasp before finding some other way to find his wife.

Huo Yuhao raced backwards as he raised his speed as high as possible, and detonated those ice pillars at the same time.

The Ice Empress’ shadow appeared behind Huo Yuhao: Anger of the Seven Emotions.

The Ice Explosion’s force was immediately maximized because of the emotion of anger. The explosion resembled nature herself heaving a deep sigh as searing fury mixed with countless icy explosions transformed into uncountable pieces of ice that danced through the air.

Circles of light rippled from Huo Yuhao’s body. Huo Yuhao didn’t just use Ice Explosion along with the emotion of anger; he immediately used the Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice and the Ice Bear King’s Blizzard afterwards. Huo Yuhao unleashed his domain control abilities to their highest possible standard.

The entire forest seemed to become an icy-blue world as the terrifyingly low temperatures because of Absolute Zero and the Blizzard were so formidable that even Tang San, who was the God Realm’s Enforcer, paused in his tracks.
A look of surprise appeared in his blood-red eyes. He muttered under his breath, “He’s just entered the God Realm, and he has already fused Rong Nianbing’s power of emotions so seamlessly with his own abilities. He’s a very adaptable individual after all, and his potential is unleashed the more he is pressured.”

Huo Yuhao ran away hurriedly. He could feel that the murderousness became weaker when he unleashed Blizzard, and he heaved a sigh of relief. Huo Yuhao had a feeling that he was controlling heaven and earth. Was this what it was like to be a God?

Huo Yuhao’s surroundings gradually became illusory, but everything around him was a vast forest from beginning to end, like there was no end at all. Huo Yuhao was confident that he would have traversed even the Great Star Dou Forest at his current maximum speed, but this forest he was in seemed endless. He released his divine sense, but all he could feel were endless trees and vegetation.

Huo Yuhao stopped only when he couldn’t feel the murderousness from behind him anymore. He dropped to the ground, and when he turned around, he was still stuck in the vast forest, but his father-in-law’s terrifying aura was no longer there.

Huo Yuhao’s life was temporarily safe, but he could only laugh bitterly at his predicament. He had such a powerful and overbearing father-in-law, so how could he search for Tang Wutong? Furthermore, his father-in-law was the God Realm’s Enforcer, while he had just entered the God Realm. He was still unfamiliar with everything around him, and there was hardly anything he could do.
What should I do next? He was in a completely unfamiliar place. Furthermore, he could be in danger at any moment. Huo Yuhao had gone through so much trouble to become a God, but even now, he felt a thread of helplessness.

Huo Yuhao laughed bitterly as he walked forward. No matter what, he had to leave this forest before anything else. He didn’t dare to fly above it, because that would expose him too easily. There seemed to be some mystical force within this forest, and not even his divine sense could reach places further away.

Huo Yuhao didn’t know how long he had walked when the area before him emptied and grew spacious as a small lake appeared in front of him.

Huo Yuhao was momentarily stunned when he saw this lake, because he realized to his surprise that this lake was too similar to the Great Star Dou Forest’s Lake of Life!


Huo Yuhao’s eyes flowed with astonishment, because he suddenly realized that there was a small courtyard by the
lakeside. There were three wooden houses inside the courtyard, and they weren’t very large. However, they were intricate and exquisite, and their location by the lakeside in a forest seemed especially scenic and poetic.

There were houses, and that meant there were people. Huo Yuhao hurriedly stepped towards those wooden houses. Even though he didn’t know which God stayed here, asking someone about the God Realm was better than trying to figure things out on his own. That was especially so because he had offended the Enforcer.

Huo Yuhao raised his voice and asked as he came to the courtyard, “Hello, is anyone here?”

Huo Yuhao asked three times before the door to the wooden house in the middle opened, and someone walked out.

This man had golden hair and a burly, muscular frame. He had mundane and unassuming facial features, and he looked a little more than thirty. An indescribably old and ancient aura emanated from this man as he stood there, and he was like a towering and majestic mountain that would intimidate any onlooker.

For some reason, Huo Yuhao seemed to find this person a little familiar. He felt like he had just seen the White Tiger Duke. Huo Yuhao’s eyes were incredibly sharp, and he focused and realized to his surprise that this golden-haired man also had two pupils in each of his eyes.

“Come  in.”  The  golden-haired  man’s  voice  was  deep  and thick, but it carried a tinge of clanging sounds.

The courtyard door opened as Huo Yuhao stepped in subconsciously. However, his eyes were fixated on the golden- haired man’s face from the beginning to the end, and he seemed to guess something in his heart, but he couldn’t really confirm his theory.

“He’s here?” Another voice could be heard in this moment. This voice was a little cold, but extremely touching and melodious. There was also tenderness mixed with the voice’s coldness.

Another person stepped out from the wooden hut. Flowing black hair draped behind her, and her simple black dress brought out her beauty and elegance. She seemed like she was
around twenty-eight or twenty-nine, and her body was very mature, while her features were gorgeous. Coldness radiated from her beautiful eyes, but her eyes were very gentle as she trained them on Huo Yuhao. They even had a tinge of benevolence.

“You must be Yuhao.” The black-haired lady smiled as she spoke.

Huo Yuhao nodded, but his eyes seemed a little lost.

The lady turned and glanced at the golden-haired man as she giggled, “He must be stronger than you are. He’s a Tier One God.”

“He’s  still  my  descendant,  ”  the  golden-haired  youth  said proudly.

Huo Yuhao’s eyes froze as he immediately confirmed his speculation. “You… who are you?”
The golden-haired youth stared at him with passionate, sparkling eyes. “My name is Dai Mubai, and this my wife, Zhu Zhuqing.”

Dai Mubai? Zhu Zhuqing?

Even though Huo Yuhao already had his own speculations, he could still feel his blood stirring in his veins when he heard their names.

Huo Yuhao had just entered the God Realm, but the Enforcer was coming after his skin. And when he was blank and helpless, he suddenly met his ancestors!

Yes, his ancestors. Back when Shrek Academy was still a small academy with a concept ten thousand years ago, they had only enrolled monsters, and not normal individuals.

Back then, that generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters was born, and shook the entire continent. Only then was Shrek Academy born, and only then did the Tang Sect come into existence.
The leader of that generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters was undoubtedly Tang San, who later became both the God of the Sea and the Asura God. However, the other six individuals were equally outstanding.

The person who was most senior in that generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, the person that even Tang San had to call his elder brother, was called Dai Mubai. People knew him as the Evileye White Tiger, and he was the first of the White Tiger Douluo. The White Tiger was inherited by the Dai family, and the White Tiger Duke, Dai Hao, who was Huo Yuhao’s father, was one of them. This also meant that if this man was truly the Evileye White Tiger, Dai Mubai, then he was Huo Yuhao’s ancestor!

Zhu Zhuqing was number six in that generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, and people knew her as the Netherworld Spirit Cat. The strongest individual with the most formidable individual fighting strength besides Tang San in that generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters was undoubtedly Dai Mubai. Legend held that Dai Mubai had also become a God, and that he disappeared without a trace after having sons and daughters. Huo Yuhao had undoubtedly confirmed this legend at this moment.
Huo Yuhao ran into his kin in his most difficult moment, and that feeling was just so wonderful. Huo Yuhao subconsciously released his divine sense and stretched it over to Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing.

Dai Mubai frowned a little, but said nothing.

Huo Yuhao was brimming with emotions, but he couldn’t proceed blindly. He would truly embarrass himself if he recognized the wrong ancestor, so he had to feel for himself.

Inherited bloodlines wouldn’t change through the passage of time, and Huo Yuhao fell to his knees and kowtowed in the next moment. His voice was so excited that it trembled as he said, “Greetings, my two grand ancestors. I am Huo Yuhao.”

“You should be called Dai Yuhao! Otherwise, how can you call me your ancestor?” Dai Mubai chided.

Dai Yuhao? That name cracked into Huo Yuhao’s heart and momentarily stunned him. Yes, I should be called Dai Yuhao. But can I really call myself that?
Old memories flashed through his mind, about how his mother had brought him up through pain and suffering when he was young, and how she had passed away and eventually been buried in the end. Intense pain erupted from the bottom of his heart, and no matter what rationality told him, and that
he couldn’t offend his ancestors at a time like this, he still couldn’t help but raise his head and retort, “No, my surname is Huo, not Dai.”

“What did you say?”  Dai Mubai’s facial hair flared, and an incredibly fearsome aura erupted from his body.

Dai Mubai was a Tier Two God, and Huo Yuhao was a Tier One God, but he was so stifled that he almost couldn’t catch his breath. He felt like he was facing Tang San again.

Huo Yuhao gritted his teeth and held on painfully, but said nothing. However, there was only stubbornness in his eyes, and that was his answer.

Dai Mubai’s eyes grew cold. “Are you not recognizing your ancestors?”
Huo Yuhao’s expression also turned cold. He had made up his mind in those few moments. There were some things that could be changed, but some couldn’t be changed even across eternity.

“That is not what I am doing. However, my surname can only follow my mother. My mother raised me through much pain and suffering since my birth. As long as there was some delicious food in the house, she would give it to me, and she quietly ate food that humans shouldn’t be eating. I would be dead a long time ago without my mother, so what’s the point of recognizing my ancestors if that were the case? I am capable of detaching myself from hate and vengeance, but my mother is no longer around when I have become powerful, so the only thing I can do for her is to continue living, and pass down her surname. Therefore, my surname is Huo, and this surname will never change. Not unless my mother comes back to life and tells me to change it herself!”

Huo Yuhao struggled to speak in the beginning, but his own aura flourished increasingly as he spoke, and he stood up from the ground towards the end as he bore the brunt of Dai Mubai’s immense pressure. Huo Yuhao didn’t mince his words, and his attitude was decisive.
Dai Mubai said coldly, “I know what has happened to you. You have offended Tang San, and he will not give you a single chance without us. He might even kill you. If your surname is Huo, then you can scram. You’re not part of the Dai family, and I will not help you at all. You will find yourself with nowhere to go in the God Realm, and you will suffer Tang San’s judgment.”

Huo Yuhao’s heart had turned cold. He laughed at himself mockingly, and he took two steps back before he went on his knees again and kowtowed toward Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing.

Right when Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing thought he was about to change his mind, Huo Yuhao suddenly stood up straight as he turned and stepped out of the courtyard.

Huo Yuhao didn’t hesitate at all, and neither did he dally. He was willing to be an enemy to the whole world rather than change his filial piety and love for his mother.

“Yuhao!”  A voice suddenly rang out from behind him. This voice was filled with passion and sniffles, and it was also filled with endless love and warmth.
Huo Yuhao’s entire body shook when he heard this voice. His eyes were overcome with fear, and he felt like he had been immobilized as he just stood there, motionless. He was still in a daze as he slowly turned around, and his body was quivering continuously despite his determined attitude.

Chapter 622: Conclusion

The door to the leftmost wooden house had opened. There was a lady at the door. She was simply dressed, and was sobbing. She was holding onto the door as if she might fall down at the next moment. Her beauty was gentle and fragile, but it was one to be admired. She appeared old, but she was still ravishing.

“Mom!” Huo Yuhao suddenly shouted. He leapt forward, and felt as if he had completely lost control. He hugged the lady’s leg tightly and started bawling.

Yes, this lady was his pitiful mother, Huo Yun’er!

Zhu Zhuqing glared at Dai Mubai and her eyes turned slightly red. “You’re so bad. Why do you have to be so extreme?”

Dai Mubai chuckled. “No wonder he’s my descendant; he has a backbone! I like kids like this. At least he didn’t waste my efforts. Good kid!Very good, very good! This time, Oscar was so envious that his eyes turned red! Hahahaha!”
Huo Yuhao didn’t expect to completely lose control of his emotions when he saw his mother. The emotions that he had been suppressing for years were now released. Even Tang Wutong’s departure and the repeated tortures that he had been subjected to never once made him cry like this.

Huo Yun’er gently caressed her son’s head. Her tears were also flowing down her cheeks. She wanted to pull Huo Yuhao up, but how would she have the strength to?

Dai Mubai came to his side and pulled him up from the ground after he had cried for some time.

“You’re a big man. Just vent for a moment and everything will be fine. This is a joyous occasion. You should be happy.” As he spoke, he even patted Huo Yuhao’s back. His vigorous divine power surged into Yuhao’s body and calmed him down.

“Elder, thanks for fulfilling my wish.”  If Huo Yuhao didn’t know what was going on now, he would be a fool. He fell to the ground and kowtowed three times.
Dai Mubai let him do this. There was a grin on his face, and he felt slightly proud. He was so delighted that there was no way anything could beat this. Yes! Anyone would be delighted to have a descendant like Huo Yuhao!

“Get up.”  Dai Mubai waved his hand. This time, it was Zhu Zhuqing who lifted Huo Yuhao up from the ground.

Dai Mubai said, “Now that you and your mother have been reunited, are you still called Huo Yuhao? Yun’er, I shall hand this matter over to you.”

“Yes, elder.” Huo Yun’er acknowledged as she sobbed. There was a look of gratitude in her eyes.

Zhu Zhuqing smiled and said, “You and your mom have been separated for so long. Both of you must have a lot to talk about. Go into the house and chat. Go on.”

“Yes.”  Huo  Yuhao  hurriedly  acknowledged  her  words.  He only felt as if there was something stuck in his throat. His mind was also a mess. To him, this was too much. He didn’t
think anything else was important now. He only wanted to stay by his mother’s side.

Huo Yuhao squatted down to hug his mother after they entered the house. However, he stopped his tears from flowing out any longer.

Huo Yun’er gently caressed his hair and said in a daze, “My Yuhao has grown up. He has really grown up! My son, you must have suffered a lot over these years.”

Huo Yuhao shook his head. Of course he had been through a lot. However, that wasn’t important now. What were they considered compared to the revival of his mother?

He had a lot of things to say to his mother. However, he didn’t know what to say right now. He had been an orphan for so many years, but he was a son once again. It was such a precious feeling.

Both of them just hugged each other like that. Gradually, they calmed down. Huo Yun’er told Huo Yuhao everything about her.

It seemed like Huo Yun’er had indeed died more than ten years ago. However, Huo Yuhao possessed abilities that normal gods didn’t have as a Tier One God. One was that he could bring a limited number of family members to the godly realm.

Even Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing couldn’t do this.

After all, Tang San was an enforcer in the godly realm. Although he couldn’t interfere in human affairs, he was still afforded some flexibility when it came to gods. As a result, they found Huo Yun’er’s spirit after Dai Mubai and Tang San discussed it. They resurrected her, and brought her to the godly realm. Although she wasn’t even a Tier Three God, she was still resurrected.

Huo Yuhao was Dai Mubai’s descendant. After Tang San tested Huo Yuhao and trained him, why would he hide anything from Dai Mubai? Dai Mubai was cognizant of everything regarding Huo Yuhao. He was also aware that Huo Yun’er was the biggest knot in his heart. It was only by untying
this knot that he could really become a god. That was why this had happened.

However, Huo Yuhao couldn’t bring too many more people into the godly realm. He only had two spots left. One was for Huo Yun’er, and another one was for Dai Hao. The godly realm was very lonely. Huo Yun’er had to be rewarded.

Huo Yun’er couldn’t see what happened in the Douluo Continent, but she could sense what was happening within a few hundred square kilometers of her grave. These past few days were her happiest days, because she heard the voice of the man she loved. The sorrow and hostility in her heart gradually disappeared because of his voice and the good news that Huo Yuhao brought. How could she not be relieved after seeing Huo Yuhao today?

Naturally, Huo Yuhao didn’t know what had occurred. However, he was filled with gratitude after learning that Dai Mubai had resurrected Huo Yun’er. What was more important than his mother’s life?

After Huo Yuhao’s emotions had more or less stabilized, he recounted everything that had happened to him to his mother.
Of course, he skipped the parts where he faced a lot of trouble and difficulties. He only told her about the happier things.


The godly realm didn’t seem to have a day and night cycle.
After some time had passed, the doorbell rang.

Huo Yuhao hurriedly stood up and opened the door. He only saw Dai Mubai standing outside.

“Elder.”  Huo  Yuhao  immediately  knelt  down,  but  he  was stopped by Dai Mubai.

“Alright, there aren’t so many formalities in the godly realm. How is it? Has Yun’er convinced you? Are you willing to be a Dai now? Don’t worry, when your dad comes to the godly realm, I’ll punish him on behalf of your mother. That rascal. He gave his all to his empire, but why did he neglect his family?”
From the start until the end, Huo Yun’er didn’t mention anything about changing surnames. However, Huo Yuhao was clever. There were things that didn’t need further explanation. After his mother’s resurrection, all his hate and indignation had disappeared.

“Elder, I’m willing to recognize my ancestry.” As he spoke, he kneeled down again. This time, Dai Mubai didn’t stop him. He only laughed. “Alright, alright. In the future, you will be called Dai Yuhao.”

Dai Mubai was rather pleased with this name. He dragged Dai Yuhao out of the house into the courtyard.

A plethora of scrumptious dishes had already been prepared around a table. Dai Mubai picked up a wine vat and poured himself a bowl before passing it to Dai Yuhao.

Dai Yuhao hurriedly received it. He also poured some wine for Zhu Zhuqing and his mother. After that, he poured for himself.
Dai Mubai picked up his bowl and said, “This meal shall be a celebration of your promotion to a god!”

“Thank you, elder.” Dai Yuhao was overjoyed after seeing his mother. He downed his bowl of wine.

Dai Mubai also gulped down his wine and laughed heartily. “Fantastic. Fantastic!”

Dai Mubai changed the topic and asked Dai Yuhao, “Have you seen Tang San since you came to the godly realm?”

Dai Yuhao’s expression turned bitter. He recounted everything he had encountered since he came to the godly realm.

Dai Mubai was also stunned after hearing his words. Dai Yun’er appeared very worried.

Zhu Zhuqing snorted and said, “He’s rebelled! Let’s find him when we return, and see what he can do to you.”
Dai Mubai glared at Zhu Zhuqing and shot her a look. He said, “I heard Tang San mention this matter before. He’s quite unhappy with you. He only has a daughter, and he dotes on her a lot. No wonder he acted like this after what happened. The godly realm places a lot of emphasis on power. You’re a Tier One God. Defeating him is not possible. However, you must show him that you’re strong enough. Only that will appease him and make him think that you can protect his daughter. In fact, you don’t have to worry. If he said that you must beat him, just do your best. Try to hold on for some time. As for the rest, leave it to us.”

“Yes, thanks elder.” After listening to Dai Mubai’s words, Dai Yuhao felt much more relieved. When he thought of his relationship with Bei Bei and the others, he naturally understood why the previous generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters was so close. With two elders on his side, it made his job much easier.


After a sumptuous feast, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing allowed Huo Yun’er to remain in the wooden house. Both of them then brought Dai Yuhao to the sky.
In the godly realm, the clouds were very low. Undulations of origin energy of heaven and earth could be felt in the clouds. When one breathed, his divine energy would surge in his body.

Dai Yuhao calmed himself after listening to Dai Mubai’s instructions. He adjusted the circulation of his divine energy. At the same time, he sensed the changes to his own body.

Yes! He was already a Tier One God. He was the God of Emotions. Dai Mubai seemed to know what he was thinking, and said, “If you really just want to resist him, you’ve already lost this fight before you even fight him. You don’t even stand a chance. Whether it’s a person or a god, how can he possibly unleash his potential to the maximum if he has no will to win? Since you’ve already become a god, it’s not possible that you don’t understand this logic.”

Dai Yuhao was astonished when he heard Dai Mubai say that. Yes! If he didn’t even have the will to win, how much of his fighting strength would he be able to unleash? “But he’s Wutong’s father!” Dai Yuhao said a little bitterly.

Dai Mubai was scornful, and replied, “Do you really think you can hurt him given your powers? Believe me, just give it your all. Let’s not even talk about whether you can do it. Even if you can, it’s a good thing for the godly realm.”

Dai Yuhao didn’t continue. However, he was less afraid than he was before.
When he first entered the godly realm, the unfamiliarity had left him a little afraid. Fortunately, he met Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing at this critical moment, which settled him down. His confidence was also slowly coming back. After all, he was the strongest creature in the entire Douluo Continent, and he had even defeated the invincible Di Tian. Yes, the godly realm had pressured him. However, he slowly turned it into motivation after he calmed down.


Not long afterward, that pavilion hall was already within sight. When he saw it, Dai Yuhao was immediately excited. Tang Wutong was there! No matter what, he had to see her today. He had to explain himself to her.

More than ten golden figures blocked him before he even got close. When they saw Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing, they immediately bowed to them and greeted them.

While Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing were both Tier Two Gods, they were very close to Tang San. Naturally, they held higher statuses in the godly realm.
Dai  Mubai  said,  “Please  invite  the  Sea  God  out.  We  have things to talk about.”

“Yes, please wait a minute.” One of the men dressed in gold immediately went to report.

Very soon, a beam of blue light descended from the sky. It was Tang San. However, he was no longer dressed in red like he was when he had pursued Dai Yuhao.

He focused his gaze when he saw Dai Yuhao. His cold killing intent was immediately revealed. However, it dissipated slightly when he saw Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing.

“Mubai, why are the two of you here?”  Tang San asked. He appeared a little indifferent.

Dai  Mubai  said,  “Because  of  this  guy.  Little  San,  you’re already so old. Why are you still holding grudges against this guy? I know you dote on Wutong, but you should give him a chance to explain.”
Tang San snorted and replied, “Given our ties, we can agree on anything else. However, there’s no resolution for this matter. I only have one daughter, but she was hurt so badly in the mortal world. I won’t let him harm Wutong again, unless he can beat me.”

Dai Mubai groaned furiously. “So what if he beats you? Do you really think you’re invincible? Yuhao, show him your Tier One God abilities.”

Dai Yuhao’s expression changed slightly. Originally, he had thought that he might really get to see Tang Wutong, given Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing’s ties with Tang San. However, who knew that they were going to fight after just a few exchanges? He was really put in a spot.

Tang San coldly looked at him. “Do you dare to challenge me?”

Dai Yuhao took in a deep breath, then took a step forward. He drifted forward and bowed to Tang San. “I only want to see Wutong once. If you are intent on testing me, I’m willing to give it a go.”
Tang San suddenly laughed. It was a little disdainful. “Alright, I really want to see what you’ve got.”

A mighty aura was suddenly unleashed. It completely engulfed Dai Yuhao. Tang San’s cold voice rang in his ears. “You only have one chance. I won’t kill you on Mubai’s account. However, I’ll wipe away your memories if you dare to come here again. I’ll make you forget Wutong forever.”

Dai Yuhao’s eyes flared wide. Everyone had their trigger, and he was the same. Ever since he came to the godly realm, he had been constantly pressured by Tang San. He tried his best to adjust his own mentality and didn’t dare to disobey him. However, his competitive streak was triggered the moment he heard Tang San’s words. To see Wutong, he didn’t care about anything else right now.

A strange glow suddenly shone from his body, and his entire aura changed. A jade-green projection shone behind his back. It was the Ice Empress.

The Ice Empress represented fury!
A strong intent rose. Dai Yuhao’s eyes brightened, and his Eye of Destiny opened. A strange glow was shining inside his Eye of Destiny. Suddenly, a thorny wheel of light appeared behind him.

It was the ninth soul ring of his Spirit Eyes, Thorny Halo!

Although he was a god now, his soul skills remained, and were even enhanced. Under the effect of his divine sense, Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing could sense the aura coming from his Thorny Halo. They were both shocked. Immense undulations of divine sense! No wonder he’s a Tier One God...

This Thorny Halo came from the Evileye Tyrant King. Dai Yuhao didn’t even use it when he had faced Di Tian. He had been worried that Di Tian would find out that he had absorbed the Evileye Tyrant King’s soul ring, and be more cautious. When he finally used the Space-Time Light, Di Tian was indeed unable to handle it, because he was completely unaware in the first place.

Now that he was facing Tang San, how could he dare to hide his powers?
Tang San had already made his move. He lifted his right hand while pointing at Dai Yuhao. Everything around him turned blue, and a terrifying pressure immediately arose. As he retracted his right hand, he flicked his finger. A ball of greenish-jade light flew towards Dai Yuhao.

Although Dai Yuhao didn’t know what skill Tang San was using, he didn’t dare to be complacent, either.

He immediately switched his soul power to Ultimate Ice. A streak of deep-blue light slashed out. It was the Unparalleled Cold, Emperor’s Sword!

Ding! The Unparalleled Cold, Emperor’s Sword was instantly crushed and scattered in the air, while that ball of green light still flew towards Dai Yuhao. It wasn’t quick, but it was terrifying.

Tang San was scornful. “How dare you try to resist my Divine Skygreen Annihilation Lightning?”

Dai Yuhao took in a deep breath. He knew that no soul skill would work on Tang San.

He focused, and the Ice Empress’ projection also became clearer behind him. The Ice Empress was looking at Tang San coldly. She didn’t care who her opponent was. Her fury surfaced. With Dai Yuhao’s body as the center, a beam of jade- green light shot into the sky and tore a slit in the bluish space around Dai Yuhao.

Dai Yuhao took a step forward with his left foot and unleashed his yearning intent. The Eye of Destiny on his forehead suddenly turned black and white. After that, two beams of light shot out.

The blue in the sky dimmed instantly. The world of blue turned black and white.

A huge vertical eye seemed to support the entire sky as it drifted behind Dai Yuhao. The black and white lights had also filled the entire area.

Be it Tang San, Dai Mubai, or Zhu Zhuqing, they were all astonished. It was just that their degree of astonishment varied.
It wasn’t just them; even Dai Yuhao couldn’t believe it. His Eye of Destiny was actually so strong?

Spiritual Reaving and Destiny’s Demise; these two divine skills finally revealed their effectiveness in the godly realm!

When the two streaks of light hit Tang San, his body started to shine with bright blue light. However, the bright blue light didn’t succeed in blocking the two streaks of light. Instead, Tang San’s body turned black and white.

Meanwhile, the Divine Skygreen Annihilation Lightning arrived in front of Dai Yuhao.

Dai Yuhao waved his right fist, and Tang Wutong’s figure appeared in his eyes.

It was his Fist of Remembrance, packed with anger.

Anything that tries to stop me from reaching Wutong shall die in the face of my anger. This was his intent!

The black and white in the sky began to dim after Dai Yuhao unleashed his two divine skills. However, jade-green light instantly filled the area soon afterward.

Dai Yuhao only felt a huge green dragon surrounding his body. After that, an unprecedently terrifying explosive force was unleashed. That explosive force struck his body and soul, and the excruciating pain made him feel he was about to be torn apart.

The jade-green figure turned into the Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass. Happiness quickly engulfed Dai Yuhao. The origin energy from the clouds was quickly surging into his body.

Star Anise Ice Origin!

Immense origin energy of heaven and earth cleansed Dai Yuhao’s body, restoring the damage done to him.
In the distance, Tang San’s body shook. He only let out a groan and shuddered at the same time. The black and white undulations on his body also became more intense.

However, the black and white disappeared in the next instant. It was just that Tang San appeared a little paler.

He’s hurt?, was Dai Yuhao’s first reaction.

Yes, Tang San was hurt. Even Tang San didn’t expect that Dai Yuhao’s Thorny Halo would be so strong. He understood him well enough, but it was Yuhao’s first time using this Thorny Halo!

The effect of the Thorny Halo was that fifty percent of the harm done to him would be reflected onto his opponent as spiritual harm.

If this were normal circumstances, this wouldn’t have hurt Tang San. However, Tang San had been struck by Dai Yuhao’s Spiritual Reaving! His spiritual defense had been weakened considerably.

“Good, well done!” Tang San said coldly.

Dai Yuhao anxiously said, “It wasn’t intentional. I didn’t think this would happen, either...”

“You don’t have to explain anything.” Tang San lifted his hand, and a very familiar beam of light appeared in his palm. The bright gold light shot out. It was the Golden Trident!

Dai Yuhao had been struck by the Divine Skygreen Annihilation Lightning. Although he had been healed slightly through the Star Anise Ice Origin, he still felt excruciating pain running through his body. When he saw the Golden Trident, his expression greatly changed. Just in terms of intent, he could sense the terror radiating from the Golden Trident.

Tang San’s expression suddenly turned hollow. The surrounding clouds turned blue. However, they sky was a blue ocean now.

Tang San’s Golden Trident moved in a circular motion, creating halos that flew towards Dai Yuhao.
Dai Yuhao’s senses were very acute. He knew that what he had to do now was to continue maintaining his Thorny Halo before unleashing his power of destiny. It was only through this that Tang San would be afraid.

However, he didn’t do so. After all , Tang San was his father- in-law. He was Tang Wutong’s father! How could he hurt him?

Dai Yuhao quickly retreated backward. However, the golden halos were getting increasingly closer to him.

Dai Yuhao was horrified to discover that all his abilities seemed to have been sealed when the golden halos arrived above his head. He couldn’t use any soul skills!

After that, the halos fell and trapped his body. They restrained him so tightly that he couldn’t move.

“Tang San, don’t go overboard. How dare you use your Unpredictable Storm on a kid? What are you thinking?” an angry voice sounded. Following this, lights flashed, and a figure appeared not far in front of Tang San. He grabbed the
Golden Trident. Wasn’t he the God of Emotions, Nian Rongbing?

Tang San scanned him coldly. Suddenly, his Golden Trident moved again. Another round of golden halos was unleashed. Nian Rongbing was very close, but he didn’t expect Tang San to lay his hands on him. He was immediately restrained and couldn’t move.

Not only this, but more golden halos also started to rise not far away. They trapped Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing.

Tang San looked at Nian Rongbing sinisterly and said, “What do I want? I want to kill this rascal. What’s the timing now? How dare you to shirk your responsibilities! After I kill him, I’ll remove my daughter’s yearning and wipe away her memories. As for you, you’ll regain your position as the God of Emotions. You’ll remain in the godly realm to aid me. Wait and see how he dies!”

“You-” Nian Rongbing was infuriated. He didn’t expect Tang San to be like this. His body shone brightly, and he immediately turned to his divine power, trying to escape from the entrapment of the golden halos.

However, how could it be easy to escape from the Unpredictable Storm that Tang San had unleashed using his Golden Trident? It was the number one control skill in the godly realm! If Nian Rongbing was still a god and prepared, he might have been able to resist it. However, he couldn’t escape
now, no matter how much he struggled.

Tang San was watching Nian Rongbing. Dai Yuhao only felt the halos slowly tightening. They weren’t quick, but they were tightening steadily. He had already tapped into whatever divine power he had, but he still couldn’t resist the halos.

As the pressure increased, Dai Yuhao felt his bones slowly cracking.

He, he actually wants to wipe away Wutong’s memories!

He’s really going to kill me!

Wutong, Wutong!
Dai Yuhao was shouting frantically in his heart. The divine energy and sense inside his body were being combusted.

However, the golden halos were simply too strong. No matter how much he struggled, he couldn’t slow them down at all.

Dai Yuhao was starting to feel a little breathless as the pressure grew heavier and heavier. He even felt his body changing shape.

Nian Rongbing seemed to be shouting something at Tang San, but Tang San ignored him. He stabbed his Golden Trident into the ground and just looked back coldly at Nian Rongbing.

Am I about to die?

As he was restrained by the golden halos, even his divine sense couldn’t escape. He could only wait as he came closer and closer to death.

Wutong, Wutong!, Dai Yuhao screamed frantically inside.
He didn’t want to die, but he was even more unwilling for Tang Wutong to forget him. The two elders were restrained. So was Nian Rongbing. If he really died, Tang Wutong would forget him forever. He wouldn’t be able to see her again.

If I can’t be with Wutong, what’s the point of being a god?

If he wasn’t going to die in silence, he was going to unleash everything he had!

Suddenly, Dai Yuhao suddenly lifted his head. An indescribable glow shone from his body.

Happiness! The Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass’ projection suddenly appeared. Happiness was suddenly unleashed. That immense emotional undulation instantly fused with his divine sense and power. Instantly, it expanded and alleviated the pressure on him.

Anger! Feelings of anger were unleashed next. Right now, Dai Yuhao was filled with intense anger! He couldn’t be with Tang Wutong, and the man that he viewed as his father-in-law was about to kill him!

Sorrow! Snowflakes danced, and boundless sorrow spread. Right now, Dai Yuhao seemed to have returned to the time when he created his Three Ultimate Haodong Skills.

Bliss! Happy memories were always so beautiful. The roommate he had once had, the beautiful pinkish-blue fairy during the Sea God’s Fated Blind Date, and everything they went through were all beautiful memories in his mind.

Hate! Hate was an emotion projecting pain. The day he left the Duke’s Mansion, he was filled with pain. When he lost Wang Dong’er and Wang Qiu’er, he was filled with hatred. Hate drove one crazy.

Evil! Dai Yuhao didn’t possess evil and craftiness, but he had sensed the evil of evil soul masters. It was a dark world. Right now, the dirtiest things in his heart were being burned up by evil.

Six emotions meant six different outbursts! As his emotions were unleashed, his divine soul was enhanced!
The Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass represented happiness, the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion represented anger, the Icesky Snow Lady represented sorrow, the Ice Bear King represented bliss, Li Ya represented hate, and the Evileye Tyrant King represented evil!

Six light projections appeared separately behind Dai Yuhao. At times, they fused together. At times, they separated. Just as they did that, a six-colored glow was released. This glow was unbelievably strong, and it managed to force the halos away. Dai Yuhao’s body also shone with a six-colored aura.

A huge golden projection suddenly appeared. A golden glow engulfed all six Spirits and their six emotions. An indescribable gentleness, wildness and sense of love surged forth.

This was… the power of love!

“Wutong!  I--  love--  you--!"  Dai  Yuhao  shouted.  At  this moment, his soundwaves turned into a rainbow light that struck toward the mighty pavilion in the distance.
Dense fog transformed and formed rows in the sky. As he screamed, the halos around his body started to crack.

Happiness, anger, sorrow, bliss, love, hate, evil! Finally, the power of love defeated all other emotions and fused with all of them.

At this moment, Dai Yuhao’s divine power and sense, as well as his own spirit, were enhanced.

In his heart, Tang San was no longer a barrier. He was also freed of worries and anger. He was only filled with love and yearning for Tang Wutong.

Tang San waved his Golden Trident, and streaks of golden light were released. However, they weren’t used to attack Dai Yuhao, but to remove the restraints on Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing.

A smile appeared on Tang San’s face. He lifted his hand and grabbed Nian Rongbing’s shoulder. Nian Rongbing was very grim. He was filled with anger and sorrow!
Bang! The golden halos that had restrained Dai Yuhao were completely crushed. He broke out, and his rainbow glow turned into seven halos that formed a miraculous wheel behind him. His aura was much stronger than it was before. The undulations of the seven emotions kept on surging, fusing with Dai Yuhao’s divine sense and power. This was the first
time he had this sense of control ever since he came to the
godly realm.

Tang San smiled and nodded as he looked at Yuhao. He said, “That’s more like it. You’re looking more and more like my son-in-law.”

Dai Yuhao was still immersed in his own emotions. After he heard Tang San’s words, he was dazed for a moment.

“Silly kid, why aren’t you greeting your father-in-law?” Dai Mubai spoke up from behind him.

Dai Yuhao kneeled subconsciously and bowed to Tang San. “Greetings, father-in-law.”

However, the black and white disappeared in the next instant. It was just that Tang San appeared a little paler.

He’s hurt?, was Dai Yuhao’s first reaction.

Yes, Tang San was hurt. Even Tang San didn’t expect that Dai Yuhao’s Thorny Halo would be so strong. He understood him well enough, but it was Yuhao’s first time using this Thorny Halo!

The effect of the Thorny Halo was that fifty percent of the harm done to him would be reflected onto his opponent as spiritual harm.

If this were normal circumstances, this wouldn’t have hurt Tang San. However, Tang San had been struck by Dai Yuhao’s Spiritual Reaving! His spiritual defense had been weakened considerably.

“Good, well done!” Tang San said coldly.

Dai Yuhao anxiously said, “It wasn’t intentional. I didn’t think this would happen, either...”

“You don’t have to explain anything.” Tang San lifted his hand, and a very familiar beam of light appeared in his palm. The bright gold light shot out. It was the Golden Trident!

Dai Yuhao had been struck by the Divine Skygreen Annihilation Lightning. Although he had been healed slightly through the Star Anise Ice Origin, he still felt excruciating pain running through his body. When he saw the Golden Trident, his expression greatly changed. Just in terms of intent, he could sense the terror radiating from the Golden Trident.

Tang San’s expression suddenly turned hollow. The surrounding clouds turned blue. However, they sky was a blue ocean now.

Tang San’s Golden Trident moved in a circular motion, creating halos that flew towards Dai Yuhao.
Dai Yuhao’s senses were very acute. He knew that what he had to do now was to continue maintaining his Thorny Halo before unleashing his power of destiny. It was only through this that Tang San would be afraid.

However, he didn’t do so. After all , Tang San was his father- in-law. He was Tang Wutong’s father! How could he hurt him?

Dai Yuhao quickly retreated backward. However, the golden halos were getting increasingly closer to him.

Dai Yuhao was horrified to discover that all his abilities seemed to have been sealed when the golden halos arrived above his head. He couldn’t use any soul skills!

After that, the halos fell and trapped his body. They restrained him so tightly that he couldn’t move.

“Tang San, don’t go overboard. How dare you use your Unpredictable Storm on a kid? What are you thinking?” an angry voice sounded. Following this, lights flashed, and a figure appeared not far in front of Tang San. He grabbed the
Golden Trident. Wasn’t he the God of Emotions, Nian Rongbing?

Tang San scanned him coldly. Suddenly, his Golden Trident moved again. Another round of golden halos was unleashed. Nian Rongbing was very close, but he didn’t expect Tang San to lay his hands on him. He was immediately restrained and couldn’t move.

Not only this, but more golden halos also started to rise not far away. They trapped Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing.

Tang San looked at Nian Rongbing sinisterly and said, “What do I want? I want to kill this rascal. What’s the timing now? How dare you to shirk your responsibilities! After I kill him, I’ll remove my daughter’s yearning and wipe away her memories. As for you, you’ll regain your position as the God of Emotions. You’ll remain in the godly realm to aid me. Wait and see how he dies!”

“You-” Nian Rongbing was infuriated. He didn’t expect Tang San to be like this. His body shone brightly, and he immediately turned to his divine power, trying to escape from the entrapment of the golden halos.

However, how could it be easy to escape from the Unpredictable Storm that Tang San had unleashed using his Golden Trident? It was the number one control skill in the godly realm! If Nian Rongbing was still a god and prepared, he might have been able to resist it. However, he couldn’t escape
now, no matter how much he struggled.

Tang San was watching Nian Rongbing. Dai Yuhao only felt the halos slowly tightening. They weren’t quick, but they were tightening steadily. He had already tapped into whatever divine power he had, but he still couldn’t resist the halos.

As the pressure increased, Dai Yuhao felt his bones slowly cracking.

He, he actually wants to wipe away Wutong’s memories!

He’s really going to kill me!

Wutong, Wutong!
Dai Yuhao was shouting frantically in his heart. The divine energy and sense inside his body were being combusted.

However, the golden halos were simply too strong. No matter how much he struggled, he couldn’t slow them down at all.

Dai Yuhao was starting to feel a little breathless as the pressure grew heavier and heavier. He even felt his body changing shape.

Nian Rongbing seemed to be shouting something at Tang San, but Tang San ignored him. He stabbed his Golden Trident into the ground and just looked back coldly at Nian Rongbing.

Am I about to die?

As he was restrained by the golden halos, even his divine sense couldn’t escape. He could only wait as he came closer and closer to death.

Wutong, Wutong!, Dai Yuhao screamed frantically inside.
He didn’t want to die, but he was even more unwilling for Tang Wutong to forget him. The two elders were restrained. So was Nian Rongbing. If he really died, Tang Wutong would forget him forever. He wouldn’t be able to see her again.

If I can’t be with Wutong, what’s the point of being a god?

If he wasn’t going to die in silence, he was going to unleash everything he had!

Suddenly, Dai Yuhao suddenly lifted his head. An indescribable glow shone from his body.

Happiness! The Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass’ projection suddenly appeared. Happiness was suddenly unleashed. That immense emotional undulation instantly fused with his divine sense and power. Instantly, it expanded and alleviated the pressure on him.

Anger! Feelings of anger were unleashed next. Right now, Dai Yuhao was filled with intense anger! He couldn’t be with Tang Wutong, and the man that he viewed as his father-in-law was about to kill him!

Sorrow! Snowflakes danced, and boundless sorrow spread. Right now, Dai Yuhao seemed to have returned to the time when he created his Three Ultimate Haodong Skills.

Bliss! Happy memories were always so beautiful. The roommate he had once had, the beautiful pinkish-blue fairy during the Sea God’s Fated Blind Date, and everything they went through were all beautiful memories in his mind.

Hate! Hate was an emotion projecting pain. The day he left the Duke’s Mansion, he was filled with pain. When he lost Wang Dong’er and Wang Qiu’er, he was filled with hatred. Hate drove one crazy.

Evil! Dai Yuhao didn’t possess evil and craftiness, but he had sensed the evil of evil soul masters. It was a dark world. Right now, the dirtiest things in his heart were being burned up by evil.

Six emotions meant six different outbursts! As his emotions were unleashed, his divine soul was enhanced!
The Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass represented happiness, the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion represented anger, the Icesky Snow Lady represented sorrow, the Ice Bear King represented bliss, Li Ya represented hate, and the Evileye Tyrant King represented evil!

Six light projections appeared separately behind Dai Yuhao. At times, they fused together. At times, they separated. Just as they did that, a six-colored glow was released. This glow was unbelievably strong, and it managed to force the halos away. Dai Yuhao’s body also shone with a six-colored aura.

A huge golden projection suddenly appeared. A golden glow engulfed all six Spirits and their six emotions. An indescribable gentleness, wildness and sense of love surged forth.

This was… the power of love!

“Wutong!  I--  love--  you--!"  Dai  Yuhao  shouted.  At  this moment, his soundwaves turned into a rainbow light that struck toward the mighty pavilion in the distance.
Dense fog transformed and formed rows in the sky. As he screamed, the halos around his body started to crack.

Happiness, anger, sorrow, bliss, love, hate, evil! Finally, the power of love defeated all other emotions and fused with all of them.

At this moment, Dai Yuhao’s divine power and sense, as well as his own spirit, were enhanced.

In his heart, Tang San was no longer a barrier. He was also freed of worries and anger. He was only filled with love and yearning for Tang Wutong.

Tang San waved his Golden Trident, and streaks of golden light were released. However, they weren’t used to attack Dai Yuhao, but to remove the restraints on Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing.

A smile appeared on Tang San’s face. He lifted his hand and grabbed Nian Rongbing’s shoulder. Nian Rongbing was very grim. He was filled with anger and sorrow!
Bang! The golden halos that had restrained Dai Yuhao were completely crushed. He broke out, and his rainbow glow turned into seven halos that formed a miraculous wheel behind him. His aura was much stronger than it was before. The undulations of the seven emotions kept on surging, fusing with Dai Yuhao’s divine sense and power. This was the first
time he had this sense of control ever since he came to the
godly realm.

Tang San smiled and nodded as he looked at Yuhao. He said, “That’s more like it. You’re looking more and more like my son-in-law.”

Dai Yuhao was still immersed in his own emotions. After he heard Tang San’s words, he was dazed for a moment.

“Silly kid, why aren’t you greeting your father-in-law?” Dai Mubai spoke up from behind him.

Dai Yuhao kneeled subconsciously and bowed to Tang San. “Greetings, father-in-law.”
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