Unrivaled Tang Sect Volume 44

Book 44: Legacy of the Darkness Holy Dragon and the Death God Douluo

Chapter 598: The Grieving Ju Zi

The army was now getting a lot closer to the Sun Moon Empire’s border. However, their morale was extremely low. None of the commanders were in a good mood, and such things were extremely infectious. Hence, even the soldiers below them were feeling it.

Even though the army had secured multiple victories on this campaign, they were feeling very displeased after problems had emerged internally within the army. This was a common sentiment shared by the soul engineers and the commanders. One could only imagine how furious they must have felt to encounter these things when a golden opportunity for them to leave their names in the history books had shown itself. They couldn’t wait to skin the entire Holy Ghost Church alive.

Ju Zi was naturally a lot more composed than the rest. She was sitting in her carriage, but she would occasionally lift the curtains to glimpse at what was outside. Her eyes would naturally drift to where Huo Yuhao—who was wearing a female outfit—was. Even though her face would not give off any hint of emotion, Huo Yuhao would still be able to tell from her eyes that she was laughing deep down inside.
This was the first time that Huo Yuhao was being punished in this manner. In fact, Ju Zi was not only the one laughing at Huo Yuhao! Tang Wutong would also burst into laughter periodically—even though she had already been warned many times by the soul engineer who was in charge of military discipline.

Hence, while Huo Yuhao was very frustrated by the punishment he had received, Ju Zi was actually very happy about it.

Even though Huo Yuhao had recently caused her a lot of trouble and had enraged her multiple times, the displeasure in her heart was gradually being melted by his mere presence beside her. In fact, she wished that this road they were traveling on would never end. At the very least, this would mean that he would be able to stay by her side. She felt good just seeing him every day. Ju Zi wondered why she didn’t feel the same way when they were back in the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy.

The speed at which the army was moving definitely could not be compared to that of a soul engineer legion. Even then, the Sun Moon Empire’s troops were able to fast march at a quicker pace than the other empires’ troops. Within five days, the
border between the Sun Moon Empire and what was originally the Heavenly Soul Empire was now within sight.

Ju Zi chose to reorganize her troops at an area close to the border of the Heavenly Soul Empire. After getting her troops to set up camp at that area, she gave out an order to the surrounding cities to resupply the army with rations and other supplies. The army was to rest up at that area while they waited for her next orders. In the meantime, she brought the Fire Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion, as well as the remaining soul engineers from the Evileye Tyrant Soul Engineer Legion and the Imperial Dragon Soul Engineer Legion, with her back to Radiant City. The Class 9 soul engineers from the Imperial Consecration Hall also followed her back to the capital of the Sun Moon Empire.

Now that she had planned to confront the Holy Ghost Church, Ju Zi would definitely bring along all the manpower she had. Even though two of the three beast lord-ranked soul engineer legions were no longer what they used to be, she still effectively had two soul engineer legions when all their manpower was combined. At the same time, she had quite a few Class 9 soul engineers with her. They would definitely be able to protect themselves even if they were to bump into an Ultimate Douluo like Ye Xishui.
Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong were flying not too far away from Ju Zi. After all, they were supposed to be her personal guards. Right now, Huo Yuhao was definitely feeling uncomfortable in the human-shaped soul tool, which did not fit very well with his body. Even though he knew it was mainly psychological rather than physical discomfort, he still could not help but feel frustrated with his outfit. He was constantly trying to release his Ultimate Ice aura to counter the fire-type elemental fluctuations which were coming from the human- shaped soul tool.

“Xiao Yu, can you come over here?” Ju Zi, who was flying in the air, suddenly turned around and waved at Huo Yuhao. Xiao Yu was the name she had given him. Every soul engineer from the Fire Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion knew that their Marshal liked Xiao Yu a lot.

The selection criteria for the soul engineers within the soul engineer legions were very strict. This was especially true for the Marshal’s personal guards. Because Ju Zi was the one who was supposed to handpick her personal guards, no one knew Xiao Yu’s background. In fact, they did not even know what she looked like, as she was always wearing her human-shaped soul tool.
Huo Yuhao flew towards Ju Zi unwillingly before transmitting a message. “What’s the matter with you?”

Ju Zi lifted her visor as she moved closer to Huo Yuhao before flashing him a mesmerizing smile. “I’m hungry. I need you to prepare a meal for me. I heard your family has passed down a recipe for delicious grilled fish.”

“No, I won’t!” Huo Yuhao replied coldly.

This was not the first time that Ju Zi had tried to make his life difficult. Ever since he had become her personal guard, she had made all sorts of difficult requests.

Of course, Huo Yuhao knew that she was only doing these to get closer to him. However, this was precisely why he was very wary of her. In fact, Huo Yuhao was very against giving in to her demands.

Suddenly, Huo Yuhao heard Tang Wutong’s voice in his ears. “Go ahead and grill the fish for her.”
Huo Yuhao was startled, and turned around to look at Tang Wutong.

Tang Wutong was still flying in a very relaxed manner. It did not seem like she was angry at all. When did she become so magnanimous? Is she still the Tang Wutong I know? Huo Yuhao was a bit doubtful about her words.

“It’s really fine. I really don’t mind. However, you must tell her that I want a share of the grilled fish. I really miss the grilled fish you used to make.” Tang Wutong revealed her true intentions.

It seems like this girl is also craving some food. Compared to his attitude towards Ju Zi, Huo Yuhao was very willing to prepare grilled fish for Tang Wutong. As long as that was what she wanted, Huo Yuhao would definitely do his best to satisfy her wants.

Ju Zi frowned and replied, "If you can't even fulfill such a small request, how do you expect me to cooperate with you?" This was not the first time she had used this to threaten him. However, it was undeniable that it was fairly effective.
Of course, Huo Yuhao had also given clear rejections if the request was too much. Hence, Ju Zi did not have high hopes that he would agree to her every single request.

However, much to her surprise, Huo Yuhao actually nodded after hesitating for a short while. "Alright. But Wutong and I must get a share of the fish too." He purposely added himself into the picture just so that Ju Zi would not reject his condition outright.

"Sure." Ju Zi replied without any hesitation. Huo Yuhao could tell that she was over the moon from the look in her eyes.

Is this really necessary just to eat a few grilled fish? Is she still the invincible War God Empress I know?

An hour later, Ju Zi ordered the group to settle down by a huge river. Catching fish was a piece of cake for soul engineers.

Very soon, several fresh fish were presented in front of Ju Zi. The generals and soul engineers had all settled down at a place which was fairly far from where she was. After all, it was best if both genders could stay in different rest areas. Hence, Ju Zi

would not have to share the food Huo Yuhao was about to prepare.

Because Huo Yuhao was wearing the human-shaped soul tool, he could only use the exposed part of his hands to prepare the fish. He was able to clean the fish and remove their scales in a short amount of time.

Huo Yuhao was already very familiar with the grilling process. He was able to set up a rack in no time. Very soon, the two ladies could smell the scent of grilled fish.

Ju Zi naturally took the first fish. After taking her first bite, she could not help but look up to compliment Huo Yuhao. Her eyes widened in disbelief as he nodded furiously to express her satisfaction with Huo Yuhao's grilled fish.

The second fish was offered to Tang Wutong. She simply sat by the side and enjoyed the fish Huo Yuhao had grilled for her.

It was common knowledge that women tend to have a greater appetite than men when it came to good food. Both ladies devoured Huo Yuhao's grilled fish like nobody's business.

Perhaps it was because of her greater fighting power, but Tang Wutong seemed to have a greater appetite than Ju Zi. While Tang Wutong was still grabbing the next grilled fish, Ju Zi was already full.

During this time, Huo Yuhao had also eaten a few grilled fish. However, he really did not have to eat much at his current cultivation. Even if he were to go without eating anything for a few days, he would still be perfectly fine.

Ju Zi leaned on a huge tree behind her as she glanced at Tang Wutong, who was sitting not too far away from her. "Are you not jealous that he is making grilled fish for me to eat?"

Tang Wutong shook her head as she continued to eat her grilled fish happily.

Huo Yuhao walked towards her before wiping the oil at the corner of her mouth with a clean handkerchief. Tang Wutong looked up and flashed a blissful smile at him.
Even though Ju Zi was not able to see Huo Yuhao's expression because of the visor on his face, she could still imagine the loving look in his eyes. She couldn't help but remark jealously, "I can't believe you're not jealous at all. I think you don't know how to cherish your man. If Huo Yuhao were my man instead, I would definitely not allow him to prepare food for another woman!"

Tang Wutong shook her head and smiled at Ju Zi. "This is really nothing. Besides, the stuff he gives me is always different from what he gives others."

"Different? How is it different?" As one would have expected of Ju Zi, she had been paying close attention to the way Huo Yuhao had been grilling the fish. She made sure that he had followed the exact same procedure for both their fish. Hence, she did not believe what Tang Wutong had just said.

Tang Wutong extended the grilled fish in her hands to Ju Zi and said, "Since you like him so much, why don't you try the fish he gave me?"

As she spoke, she retraced her arm and peeled off a chunk of fish for Ju Zi. Tang Wutong had decided not to be so

Ju Zi took the piece of fish from Tang Wutong suspiciously. Her rationality told her that she should not be eating the leftovers of a commoner as the powerful War God Empress. However, the curiosity and affection within her ultimately won her over as she stuffed the piece into her mouth.

It took Ju Zi only a few bites for her to be stunned by the flavor. She sat still as she stared blankly at the space before her.

The flavor in her mouth was simply out of this world! The fish meat was tender and juicy. It seemed to possess some sort of special energy. Even though its flavor was more or less similar to that of the meat she ate earlier, this special energy was what made the meat so special. It was almost as if the entire grilled fish had been enhanced.

In the meantime, Tang Wutong continued to eat her grilled fish. She still had the same blissful look on her face as she savored every bite.
Ju Zi was stunned for a good long while before she finally swallowed the fish in her mouth. At that instant, she felt an immense satisfaction overwhelm her entire body. She felt as though she was being brought into a warm and loving embrace.

“W-What did you add to her grilled fish?”  Ju Zi turned her head and asked Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao spoke plainly, “You’ve been watching me while I was grilling the fish. You should know well enough that I did not vary my procedure because of Tang Wutong or you.”

“However, why is the flavor different? In fact, it tastes so much better. I don’t care. I want that kind of fish too.”  Ju Zi spoke viciously.

Huo Yuhao shook his head and said, “I am sorry, but I don’t think I can do it.”

“Why can’t you do it? I don’t care. I want it too!” Ju Zi was practically shouting at Huo Yuhao. In fact, she was so loud that some of the soul engineers from the Fire Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion who were guarding the area turned around to make sure that their Marshal was okay.

Ju Zi waved her hand and told them that she was fine. She tried to slow her breathing as she looked at both Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong.

“Why? Why are you not able to do it for me?”  By now, her voice had softened.

Huo Yuhao let out a gentle sigh before shaking his head. He did not go on to explain why as he looked away.
Tang Wutong stood up and finished the grilled fish in her hand before explaining to Ju Zi, “The emotions were different. You need to stop making things difficult for him. He didn’t do it on purpose. He simply had different emotions when he was grilling the fish for us. Hence, the flavor will still be different,
even though they were grilled in the same way. That’s why I was never overly concerned that he was grilling fish for you. Unless I’m willing to share my grilled fish for you, you will never be able to taste the flavor of love.”

Tang Wutong walked towards Huo Yuhao before she leaned into his body. “The grilled fish was very delicious. I love you.”

Huo Yuhao was startled by her short, simple sentences. It was the first time that Tang Wutong had expressed her love towards Huo Yuhao in front of someone else. This was a pleasant surprise for him. Even though he knew that Tang Wutong was trying to piss Ju Zi off, he was certain that she meant every single word she had said to him.

“I love you too,” Huo Yuhao said. His heart had already melted after hearing what she had just said.
Tears started to stream down Ju Zi’s face in an uncontrollable fashion as she watched them hug before her. She finally understood why Tang Wutong was willing to allow him to grill fish for her. She was neither trying to be kind, nor was she hungry. She had simply wanted to show her that she didn't stand a chance at wresting Huo Yuhao from her!

She finally understood it was not that Tang Wutong was not jealous of her. In fact, Tang Wutong had always been jealous of her. She was trying to put her down in the strongest possible way. Even though Ju Zi knew that she needed to be strong in moments like this, she still couldn’t help but cry.

So what if I manage to conquer the entire continent? I have still lost to her. As long as he leaves his heart with her, I will never stand a chance.

Her tears blurred her vision. Ju Zi turned around and wiped away the tears on her face. She covered her face with her visor before walking to the side silently. She started to walk away from them as she remained silent.

“Did I go overboard?”  Tang Wutong snuggled against Huo Yuhao and asked.

Huo Yuhao shook his head and said, “It’s good that you’re trying to get her to give up on me. There’s already no chance that we can get together. Besides, I don’t want her to hold any more feelings for me. What you’ve done is correct. But I have to admit that Ju Zi is quite pitiful. You can tell that there is still
kindness in her heart. She did not kill needlessly while she was conquering those cities. If not, I would have killed her despite our past relationship. "

"Past relationship?" Tang Wutong looked up immediately.
She was alerted by Huo Yuhao's usage of such words.

Huo Yuhao lifted his visor before he planted a kiss on her red lips.

It just so happened that Ju Zi had turned around at this very instant after reaching the riverbank. After seeing them kiss, she could not help but fly into a rage. She dashed towards Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong in a furious and mad manner.

Huo Yuhao was naturally able to sense her movement. After all, his powerful cultivation meant that he was able to sense most of the movement in his surroundings. He let go of Tang
Wutong before turning around to look at Ju Zi. Following which, he released a gentle stream of soul power which formed a barrier that blocked Ju Zi from getting near them.

Ju Zi glared at Huo Yuhao with blood-red eyes and shouted, "Huo Yuhao, do you know how much I…"

At that instant, the golden trident on Tang Wutong's forehead suddenly appeared before it emitted a golden ray of light that landed on Ju Zi's body.

Ju Zi trembled vigorously as she stumbled backward. It was almost as if she had discovered something extremely frightening. Her eyes widened in fear as she ended her sentence there and then.

"Wutong, what did you just do?" Huo Yuhao was startled as he turned around to look at her. Based on his understanding of her, Huo Yuhao knew that she would never harm Ju Zi even if she was jealous of her.

“Huh? I also have no idea what just happened." Tang Wutong was equally worried as she quickly stepped forward to support
Ju Zi. "Ju Zi, are you alright? I really don't know what just happened."

Huo Yuhao believed that Tang Wutong would never lie to him. Besides, her tone and emotional fluctuations did not seem to suggest that she was lying. But then, what was that golden light?

At this instant, their positions seemed to have been reversed. Ju Zi was now the composed one, while the other two were panicking over her. She shook her head and told Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong, “I’m fine. I’m sorry for being so emotional. I just need to rest for a while.”  Following which, she walked over to a big tree and sat down. Everything seemed to have become normal again.

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong turned around to look at one another. Neither of them had any idea what had just happened. However, now that they no longer were in the mood to get intimate with one another, they simply sat down and rested up.

At this moment, Ju Zi, who seemed to have returned to her usual calm state, was actually very confused. She was still
trying to understand what had just happened to her. When that beam of golden light landed on her, she felt as if her entire body had been pinned down by a mountain. She also heard an immensely authoritative and frightening voice talk to her inside her head.

The person with the mysterious voice said something that doused all the feelings of injustice and frustration within her heart. His words woke her up and left her with nothing but fear.


"If you don't want me to destroy you and your child, you would better keep what you want to say to yourself."


Without the entire army burdening them, the soul engineer legions were able to move at top speed. Because the beast lord- ranked soul engineer legions were all capable of flight, they were able to fly for a good two hours with the help of milk bottles before they needed to land and rest.

Hence, they were able to see Radiant City in just slightly more than a day's time.

While Ju Zi was flying with her human-shaped soul tool, she gazed at Radiant City, which lay before her. She knew that there was no room for failure. She must succeed in what she had planned to do. If she were to fail, there would be no turning back. Of course, she had prepared for the worst. Even if she were to fail, she would not lose everything. However, she knew well enough that her loved one would definitely die if she were to fail.

Even though she had already given up on him, and had understood that she had no hope of getting together with him, she was unable to give up her feelings for him! Hence, she was constantly being tormented by her feelings. However, Ju Zi knew that she had to focus on the task at hand.

She took in a deep breath and allowed the cold air to calm her nerves and emotions. She had to succeed. She could not fail, for her son, for herself, and for him.
To be honest, conquering the entire continent had never been her priority. The most important thing for her was to control her own destiny. After commanding the army for so long, she definitely knew how the Sun Moon Empire's technological advantage would not disappear in just ten years.
Hence, she was not anxious at all.

However, she was very worried about her son. As her son continued to grow, it would soon be his turn to undergo the martial soul awakening ceremony. She had absolutely no idea what martial soul her son would inherit. Hence, she was really very scared for her son.

She knew she could not afford to wait any longer. This was the best chance she had to take charge of her own destiny.

At this moment, Huo Yuhao was also overwhelmed a wave of emotions. He could no longer remember how many times he had been to Radiant City. In fact, he had always left Radiant City with different impressions and feelings.

He was initially very impressed with how the city was set up. Now, he felt as if he could control and destroy the city if he
really wanted to. This was a transformation that came about as he became stronger.

At the end of the day, one could only rely on one's abilities. One could only truly become confident after becoming powerful. In addition, he now had someone he loved whom he could trust with his life. After their encounter with the two Ultimate Douluo, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong had been training very hard, and were definitely improving faster than an average Transcendent Douluo could. In fact, Huo Yuhao believed that they would be able to reach Rank 98 earlier than he had previously projected.

Radiant City, Xu Tianran, and the Holy Ghost Church, we are finally here. This time around, we must influence affairs from within the Sun Moon Empire. This is the only way we can fight for more time for the Star Luo Empire and Dou Ling Empire.

Huo Yuhao was confident that both he and Tang Wutong would be able to become Ultimate Douluo by the time the war would start again in ten years’ time. Both of them would become the first Ultimate Douluo in history to possess three soul cores. Even though soul tools would still be immensely powerful, he believed that they would be able to influence
some of the events within the continent with their superior abilities.

At the end of the day, Huo Yuhao did not believe that the three empires’ soul tool technology would be able to catch up with the Sun Moon Empire’s in these ten years. However, he felt that he would have a chance at deciding the outcome of the war once he had become sufficiently powerful.

A faint light flickered across Huo Yuhao’s face as he flashed a smile. Xu Tianran, let’s have a proper fight this time.

The three soul engineer legions started to descend when they were about twenty-five kilometers away from Radiant City. After landing, they did not head towards Radiant City immediately. Instead, they stayed where they were and reorganized themselves.

After all, it was common knowledge that flying above Radiant City was strictly forbidden. Unless they were given special permission by the Emperor, they would not be able to fly above the city. In fact, all of these returning troops had to be checked before they could enter Radiant City. Only military
officers would be exempted from these checks. This was a rule everyone had to abide by.

News of their return instantly spread to the rest of the capital. Very soon, a soul engineer legion flew out from the center of Radiant City. It was apparent that they had been given special permission to fly.

Even though this was not Huo Yuhao’s first time seeing the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion, he was still very impressed by them.

Every single one of their soul engineers was wearing a thick human-shaped soul tool which could barely conceal their powerful auras. Compared to them, the beast lord-ranked soul engineer legions looked very juvenile.

The Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion consisted of only Soul Douluo. Their hundred-man team were all eight- ringed Soul Douluo—or rather Class 8 soul engineers.

It was immensely frightening that the Sun Moon Empire was able to gather so many powerful soul engineers and put them in a regimented environment. They were essentially Xu
Tianran’s trump card to anyone who tried to threaten the Sun Moon Empire. On top of that, Radiant City was continually improving and enhancing its defenses. Hence, Radiant City was also called the number one city on the entire continent.

Huo Yuhao waited quietly behind Ju Zi.

As the hundred soul engineers from the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion descended from the sky, a soul engineer in a human-shaped soul tool stepped forward to bow and greet Ju Zi.

“War God Empress, His Majesty has an order for you. He wants you to lead all commanders and generals who are vice- commanders and above into the city. His Majesty will welcome all of you personally at the Palace. The rest of the three soul engineer legions shall remain here and await further orders.”

The soul legion commanders who were standing behind Ju Zi couldn’t help but reveal a look of displeasure after hearing what that soul engineer had said. After all, they had just returned victorious after destroying the Heavenly Soul Empire. Instead of being welcomed in a ceremonious way, they had only sent a soul engineer from the Sun Moon Imperial Soul
Engineer Legion to receive them. This was something they found hard to accept.

Upon sensing the dissatisfaction behind her, Ju Zi raised her hand to demand silence from them. Following which, she went down on one knee before acknowledging the order.

Afterward, Ju Zi removed the helmet of her human-shaped soul tool before passing it to Huo Yuhao, who was standing by her side. Following which, she led the vice-commanders and commanders into Radiant City.

That representative from the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion immediately clarified, “War God Empress, His Majesty has granted special permission for you to fly in with the commanders under you.”

However, Ju Zi shook her head and said, “It’s okay. How can we fly in just like that after returning from a war? That would be very disrespectful to His Majesty. We will walk in. I am sorry that I will have to trouble all of you to walk in with me to see His Majesty.”
After finishing her sentence, she did not even turn her head as she continued walking in the direction of the Palace.

As they were only her personal guards, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong naturally could not follow her. After all, Xu Tianran had already said that he only wanted the commanders and vice-commanders to enter the city. This meant that he did not want to see any soldier or guard enter the city. Hence, both of them could only wait here.

Of course, Ju Zi knew that Xu Tianran was not trying to ill- treat her. His decision was founded solely on safety considerations. The three soul engineer legions should naturally not be allowed to enter Radiant City right after returning from a battle. But because of this, Ju Zi could be vulnerable if a soul master from the Holy Ghost Church were to attack her now. Hence, Xu Tianran had sent the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion to protect her.

Of course, Ju Zi would not share her guess with the people around her. It was better that her commanders and vice- commanders were displeased with Xu Tianran. It would only be advantageous to her plan she.
After watching Ju Zi leave, Tang Wutong transmitted a message to Huo Yuhao. “What should we do now?”

Huo Yuhao revealed a faint smile and said, “Let’s just wait here. I’m sure Ju Zi will settle everything for us. When we returned to Radiant City, I could sense that she has become normal again. When she is in her usual state, she is definitely way better than us when it comes to military and political affairs. We should just let her handle the problem.”

Tang Wutong rolled her eyes and said, “It seems like you have a lot of trust in her.”

Huo  Yuhao  simply  replied,  “There  are  no  permanent enemies. This time, she needs our help. Even if she were to disregard the friendship we had in the past, she would not do anything disadvantageous to us before our mission is accomplished. Besides, I have spread out my Spiritual Detection as much as possible. If she harbors any ill intentions against us, we can definitely react in time.”

“Okay.” Tang Wutong did not say any more words of jealousy.
One of the military officers who had been ordered to stay behind gave them instructions to rest up.

The soul engineer legions started to set up camp where they were. Normally, they would have to set up soul tool deployment areas and install their soul tools to prepare for battle. However, now that they had returned to the outskirts of Radiant City, there was no longer a need for those procedures. In fact, they might even be suspected of treason if they were to do that.

Inside the Sun Moon Empire’s Palace.

Xu Tianran was leading the minister and generals under him as he waited by the Palace Gates silently.

Ju Zi should have entered the city by now. However, she was still out of his sight. As he stared into the distant sky, Xu Tianran could not help but wonder why she had still not arrived.

At this instant, a representative from the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion flew back and landed not too far from Xu
Tianran. He quickly dashed over before kneeling before him.

“Your Majesty, the War God Empress has led the Imperial Dragon, Evileye Tyrant, and Fire Phoenix Soul Engineer Legions back to Radiant City. The War God Empress has decided against flying into the city out of respect for you. Hence, she will still need a fair bit of time before she arrives at the Palace.”

After hearing his words, Xu Tianran smiled to himself. Ju Zi, you have not disappointed me! It seems like you have not allowed your achievements to go to your head; I am very pleased to see that.

“Where did the War God Empress and the commanders enter Radiant City?”

The representative quickly answered Xu Tianran’s question.

Xu Tianran nodded as he turned around to face his ministers and generals. “Our War God Empress has been undefeated, and has once again conquered more land for our empire. She has achieved a lot, and deserves to be rewarded. It is also rare that
she understands our etiquette, and chooses not to fly into our city. I want all of you to follow me and welcome her. We need to acknowledge the achievements of our army.”

“Long live His Majesty! Long live His Majesty!” The ministers and generals cheered loudly in unison. At this instant, it was possible to tell that all of them had all sorts of expressions written on their faces. However, none of them dared to question what Xu Tianran had just said.

The conflict between the army and the Holy Ghost Church was not something which could be hidden. After all, news of how Ye Xishui had tried to ambush the army had already spread back to Radiant City.

Now that things had come to this stage, none of the ministers would support the Holy Ghost Church. After all, those evil soul masters were never well-liked among them.

It was needless to say what the generals felt about the Holy Ghost Church. After all, the War God Empress was one of them. Even though she was the Empress, she had helped secure countless victories for the army and the empire over the past few years. Now that the Heavenly Soul Empire’s land had
been added to the Sun Moon Empire, the status of the army and the generals would most likely overtake that of the ministers. Hence, the support the generals and commanders had for Ju Zi would only increase as the days went by.

In fact, they were very impressed by how the War God Empress had volunteered to shoulder the responsibility for the soul engineers under her who had killed the evil soul masters from the Holy Ghost Church. In addition, she had even requested to be relieved from her appointment as the Marshal after that incident. How would she not be able to move these naive generals? Even the rich and powerful people within the Sun Moon Empire were now very supportive of Ju Zi.

They would definitely not have any objections now that Xu Tianran wanted to welcome the War God Empress personally.

Even though Xu Tianran mentioned that he was going to receive Ju Zi personally, they were not actually walking quickly towards her and her group of commanders. After all, it was going to be a few kilometers. However, it was not long before Ju Zi. who was dressed in her fiery red human-shaped soul tool, appeared in Xu Tianran’s sight.
Xu Tianran’s eyesight was very good. He could see very clearly that she was not wearing her helmet. Her fatigue was clearly written over her face, even though her eyes showed the determination she had within her.

It pained him to know that his Empress had suffered so much for him. This is my Empress! If only I could… She really deserves my love! She has been fighting so hard for my ambitions and for the empire. Yet I am still so wary of her.

Ju Zi, Ju Zi! Tell me, how is my heart not supposed to ache for you?

As this thought drifted across his mind, Xu Tianran quickened his steps as he moved forward to receive her.

Similarly, Ju Zi also increased her speed as she strode quickly towards Xu Tianran without using any of her soul tools.

When they were about ten meters from each other, Ju Zi knelt down before him.
“Your Majesty.”  Her voice was trembling as tears streamed down from her face.

By now, Xu Tianran was a lot more used to his prosthetic leg. He quickly strode forward and hugged Ju Zi, who was kneeling before him.

Ju Zi hugged him tightly as she started to bawl loudly.

The ministers and generals knew they should not move closer or interrupt this moment. They could tell how important Ju Zi was to Xu Tianran from the way he was hugging her.

The commanders and vice-commanders who had followed Ju Zi also knelt down. As they watched her cry, tears welled up in their eyes.

This was especially true for Xia Xuanchen, the legion commander of the Evileye Tyrant Soul Engineer Legion. He was already very distraught after seeing so many of his subordinates die at the hands of the Holy Ghost Church. After returning to the army and seeing how the War God Empress
had suffered so much for everyone, one could only imagine the intensity of the emotions pent up within him.

The vice-commanders of the Imperial Dragon Soul Engineer Legion were also bawling uncontrollably. After all, almost the entire legion had been destroyed. On top of that, they had no idea where their soul tool supplies had gone. No one hated the Holy Ghost Church more than them. Previously, they were also the ones who had killed the greatest number of evil soul masters from the Holy Ghost Church.

Xu Tianran spoke gently, "Come on, don't cry, my dear Empress. Don't cry. All is well now that you have returned. I will make everything right for you."

After crying for a while longer, Ju Zi slowly broke free from Xu Tianran's embrace before taking two steps back. Following which, she kowtowed once more to Xu Tianran.

"I, the Marshal and Commander of the Three Armies, Ju Zi, shall now hand my appointment back to Your Majesty." As she spoke, she handed her Commander's Seal back to Xu Tianran.
Xu Tianran did not take the seal from her. Instead, he said, "Rise, my Empress. Rise, my loyal subjects and commanders. All of you have done a lot for our empire. I have decided to reward all of you for expanding the land of the Sun Moon Empire. Follow me back to the Palace."

All of the ministers and commanders then followed Xu Tianran as he held Ju Zi's hand and strolled back to the Palace.

Chapter 599: Xu Tianran's Decision

“Your Majesty, it’s my fault for not managing the army well. I am willing to accept any punishment.” Ju Zi whispered to Xu Tianran.

However, Xu Tianran shook his head and turned to look at her. Compared to when she had just left, she had become a lot more frail. Her radiant skin had become a little duller. It was clear that she had suffered from a lot of stress during the war. Even Xu Tianran would not deny that Shrek Academy was extremely hard to deal with.

Afterward, Ju Zi had also had to manage the conflict between her commanders and the Holy Ghost Church. One could only imagine the stress she had been under. It was telling how she had opted to return the Commander’s Seal right after she had led the troops back to the capital.

“My  dear  Empress,  why  are  you  returning  the  seal?”  Xu Tianran asked Ju Zi.
Ju Zi lowered her head and answered, “There’s no way I can return the trust Your Majesty has placed in me. Even though I am very willing to fight for Your Majesty, I am but a woman. At the end of the day, a woman will experience moments of fragility at times. Even though I am confident of taking down our enemies in war no matter how strong they are, I am powerless when it comes to some of the pressure coming from within our empire. I really want to be responsible for the hundreds of thousands of troops under me. But I am starting to doubt my ability to protect them. This responsibility is simply too heavy for me. It’s not that I want to push it away, but I really recognize the limits of my abilities. Hence, I urge Your Majesty to look for someone else who is more capable. I only wish to be by Your Majesty’s side, and spend time with Your Majesty and Little Yunhan.”

Tears immediately welled up in Ju Zi’s eyes the moment she mentioned her son. Xu Tianran could even feel that her hands were trembling.

That’s true! Even though she is exceptionally capable, she is but a woman—a lady who simply wants to stay by her husband and child’s side. It’s so unfortunate that the kid is not my own son. If not…
It pained Xu Tianran to see Ju Zi like this. He consoled her and replied, “It’s okay. You have already done very well. It is definitely time for us to settle some of the things you have mentioned. You can rest assured that I will definitely fight for the justice you deserve. You are definitely the person I can trust
the most, and also the person who is closest to me. It’s time for you to rest up properly now that you have returned. The army also needs to rest and be resupplied. We need to consolidate our control over the Heavenly Soul Empire. After all, I am still decently young; we are not in a hurry to conquer the entire
continent. I will make sure that you will not have any other worries the next time you set off on campaign. As of now, no one is more deserving to be the Commander of the Three Armies. I want you to remain as the Marshal.”

After returning to the Palace, Xu Tianran immediately announced the rewards that the army and the commanders would get. Even though he did not seem to give many rewards to Ju Zi, it was clear that he still placed a lot of trust in his War God Empress. He was definitely going to end his relationship with the Holy Ghost Church. That would be the biggest reward she could get.

After the Three Armies received their rewards, Ju Zi immediately took off her human-shaped soul tool. She dashed to the back of the Palace to look for her son!

Following which, she stayed away from the main hall of the Palace for the next three days. In fact, she did not even contact any of the commanders she had brought back. She simply spent all her time with her son as she tried to be the best mother possible for Little Yunhan.

Xu Tianran was naturally very pleased to see this. She definitely fit his idea of a good wife. She was capable, loyal and deserving of trust. Most importantly, she did not seem to possess any unwelcome ambitions.

Even though he was still unable to get over the fact that he could not have his own child, he believed that this was probably the next best thing. In his eyes, Ju Zi would not be able to betray him, even if it were for her son. This meant that he could hand over his troops to her without any worries.

In the Holy Ghost Church’s headquarters.

“Mother, even though Xu Tianran has rewarded the army, he did not even mention how they tried to kill us. It seems like he has already decided to give up on us.”  Zhong Liwu’s face was extremely pale as he spoke to Ye Xishui.

Ye Xishui was sitting in a seat as she listened to her son with an   expressionless   face.   She   said,   “Have   you   finished transporting our resources?”

“Most of them have already been shifted to the Heavenly Soul Empire’s land. Even though the Sun Moon Empire has taken over their land, it should take a while before they fully understand the situation over there. By then, we should be able to anchor down over there.”

Ye Xishui replied, “This time, we have really suffered a lot from this war. Without resting for a hundred years, it will be impossible for us to regain the strength that we have lost. I still can’t believe that Xu Tianran would actually cut us off after using us. I will not let this matter rest just like this. Once our resources have been completely moved away, I will make sure they pay for this!”

“Yes!” Zhong Liwu’s eyes were full of hatred.

After fighting with Huo Yuhao, he had hurt his martial soul and sustained several injuries which were extremely damaging to his body. Following which, he was bugged by the matters at
the front line. Even now, the Titled Douluo under him were still unable to explain why the army had suddenly attacked them. In fact, he believed that the Evileye Tyrant Soul Engineer Legion’s talk about how they and the Imperial Dragon Soul Engineer Legion had been attacked by evil soul
masters was a complete joke. However, they were somehow able to produce a fairly persuasive argument.

It was then that Ye Xishui had sensed that things were turning bad. The reason why she had chosen to attack the Sun Moon Empire’s army was because she had wanted to see how Xu Tianran would react to it. It was important for her to determine his attitude towards the Holy Ghost Church.

She knew that Xu Tianran had not pursued the matter with Ju Zi. Hence, she wanted to increase the pressure on him and see how he would react.

However, she did not expect him to not do anything about it. In fact, he simply allowed the Sun Moon Empire’s army to return without saying anything.

After seeing that things were turning for the worse, Ye Xishui immediately ordered her people within the Holy Ghost
Church to transport the supplies and resources they had gained from the Sun Moon Empire to their secret lair within the land of the Heavenly Soul Empire.

Ye Xishui definitely knew what kind of person Xu Tianran was. He would definitely destroy whoever tried to stop him at all costs.

The Holy Ghost Church would definitely not be exempted from this rule. Now, only she and Long Xiaoyao could deter him from destroying the Holy Ghost Church. Once both of them were gone, Xu Tianran would definitely snuff them out.

Hence, Ye Xishui had already made up her mind to move the Holy Ghost Church’s headquarters elsewhere. This would give them precious time to recuperate while they waited for an opportunity to strike back.

She was not too concerned about whether Xu Tianran planned to take down the Holy Ghost Church. After all, she had eyes and ears planted everywhere within the Sun Moon Empire. The Holy Ghost Church’s dominance in the Sun Moon Empire over the past few years had allowed her to build up an extensive network. She would definitely get hold of any news
before he launched an attack on the Holy Ghost Church. After all, she also knew how to use communication soul tools.

“Mother,  how  do  you  plan  to  get  back  at  the  Sun  Moon Empire? I must say that Ju Zi is a really formidable woman. We should definitely kill her when the first opportunity arises. After we take her down, we will have nothing to fear from Xu Tianran. Even though I don’t like that woman, I must say that she’s really the best Marshal in our generation. She is definitely more capable than the White Tiger Duke of the Star Luo Empire.” Zhong Liwu said.

Ye Xishui nodded and said, “I had already planned to kill her back in the valley. However, she was well-prepared back then. This time, Xu Tianran had also sent a hundred soul engineers from the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion to protect her. Because they were all around her, it would be hard for me to kill her with a single blow. The Sun Moon Empire has really developed too quickly over the past few years. Soul masters are becoming more and more worthless. No wonder they could destroy the Heavenly Soul Empire with ease. Liwu, I need you to gather all the people we have. I need you to take all the supplies and disciples who are seven-ringed and below with you. Even though I don’t think Xu Tianran dares to turn on us yet, we need to prepare for the worst. I will now go and look
for him. I need to know what he plans to do with the Holy Ghost Church, and how he plans to answer my questions.”

As she spoke, Ye Xishui stood up and left the room.

Zhong Liwu was startled by his mother’s words. “Mother, are you sure you won’t be in danger?”

“There’s no place in this world that is truly life-threatening for me,”  Ye Xishui replied arrogantly, “you must remember that your mother is already an Ultimate Douluo. Besides, Long Xiaoyao is also around. The Sun Moon Empire would definitely have to think twice before meddling with two Ultimate Douluo.”

“Yes. I will now go and prepare the things you have told me to do. However, please be careful. Don’t let your anger hurt your body.” Zhong Liwu was showing care and concern for his mother.

“Alright, you may leave now.”
After Zhong Liwu had left, Ye Xishui was the only person left in this dark room. She seemed to cut a lonely figure as she lowered her head and gazed into the distance.

“Is it really worth it? You should know that your goal is impossible to attain. Even if I were to support you fully, it would still be impossible.” A low, resigned voice echoed within the room.

“Have you even once tried your best to help me?” Ye Xishui asked coldly.

A towering figure stepped out of the darkness. He was none other than the Dragon Emperor Douluo, Long Xiaoyao.

Long Xiaoyao walked towards Ye Xishui and said, “Xishui, stop while you still can. It is impossible for the Holy Ghost Church, a group of evil soul masters, to survive in the long run. No matter where you set up your headquarters, there will still be people who will go after you and try to destroy you. You should know how ambitious Xu Tianran is. Once he has accomplished some of his objectives, he will definitely cut off all ties with the Holy Ghost Church. And it all boils down to the problem of evil soul masters. From the look of things, the
Sun Moon Empire will definitely be able to conquer the entire continent in the near future. When that happens, that will be the end for the Holy Ghost Church. They will definitely emulate what happened back then and try to cleanse the continent of all evil soul masters.”

“Shut up!” Ye Xishui suddenly exploded with rage.

Long Xiaoyao kept quiet as Ye Xishui’s rapid breathing echoed within the room.

“Is it really worth it?” Long Xiaoyao sighed and muttered.

Ye Xishui suddenly turned around and stared coldly at Long Xiaoyao. “Mu En asked me the same question back then. Do you want to answer on my behalf?”

Long Xiaoyao’s body started to shudder vigorously. One could see the sadness in his eyes.

After seeing how Long Xiaoyao had reacted to her words, Yi Xishui sighed and said, “Forget about it, Xiaoyao. I am in the wrong. I should not have mentioned that. At the end of the day, you have spent more than a hundred years with me even if you were wrong back then. This is something Mu En and Zhongli Wu’s father would never be able to do. I know you are the one who loves me the most. You must have struggled a lot and blamed yourself all these years. Do you know I have long wanted to tell you that I have forgiven you? But I am afraid that once I say that, you will leave me. And when that happens, I will no longer have someone I can trust with my heart.”

The pain in Long Xiaoyao’s eyes had disappeared. Tears started to well up in his eyes instead.
Ye Xishui gently leaned on his body and allowed herself to enter his embrace. “Now, I have really forgiven you. You don’t have to feel bad about that incident anymore. You no longer owe me anything after all that you have done for all these years. Now, you can rest assured and leave. Do what you have always wanted to do. Don’t let me burden you.”

Long Xiaoyao gave her a bitter smile and asked, “You have sensed that something bad is about to happen, right?”

Ye Xishui’s body froze.

Long Xiaoyao sighed and said, “To be honest, it’s been a while since you last threatened me with that. However, I have already gotten used to being by your side. Do you know what I’m trying to say? Even though I won’t help you with your wrongdoings, I have always protected you and stood by your side. Hence, I am partially at fault for those things you have done. We are already on the same boat. Over the course of these hundred years, I have struggled a lot whenever I saw you kill and nurture your evil soul masters. However, I was willing to bear with the pain and conflict in my heart to stay by your side. This is because my love for you outweighs everything else. I am willing to continue to stay by your side even if I can’t stop
you from doing what’s wrong. However, if karma does strike back at you one day, I am willing to take it on with you.”

Tears started to stream from Ye Xishui’s eyes. She used her fists to hit Long Xiaoyao’s chest repeatedly.

“Why are you so dumb? Why are you so dumb?!”

Long Xiaoyao smiled and hugged her even tighter than before. “Because I love you! It’s that simple. You were right. I can be proud to say that there’s no one in this world who loves you more than I do.”

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong had waited quietly for three days, but there was still no news from Ju Zi. However, they learned about how the army was rewarded for their achievements on the battlefield.

The three soul engineer legions had been given permission to enter the city. They were naturally sent back to where they had been housed previously.
Even though the Sun Moon Empire had conquered the Heavenly Soul Empire, they had suffered huge losses. This was especially true considering how many powerful soul engineers they had lost.

Two of the four beast lord-ranked soul engineer legions had been wrecked by their enemies. The thousand soul engineers they had dispatched to reinforce the others were also completely wiped out. On top of that, they had lost about five Class 9 soul engineers. Coupled with the resources and supplies they had expended, as well as the Holy Ghost Church problem, the Sun Moon Empire was fairly shaken by the war.

Of course, this might also be a good chance for the Sun Moon Empire to start afresh for certain things. As long as they maintained their lead in terms of soul tool technology, it was only a matter of time before they made up for the soul engineers and soul tools they had lost.

The Illustrious Virtue Hall had finished reconstruction, but it was no longer in the hands of Jing Hongchen. A large amount of money had been invested in all sorts of research.
A lot of soul tool technology had been exported to the Heavenly Soul Empire, but the bulk of them were soul tools which were mainly for civilian use. Not a single military-grade soul tool was sent to their newly-conquered land. By using those soul tools which were used by civilians, the Sun Moon Empire had amassed a huge amount of wealth and resources from the Heavenly Soul Empire. These resources were all useful for the Sun Moon Empire’s military development.

As the Sun Moon Empire continued to improve its human- shaped soul tools, Huo Yuhao had once asked Ju Zi how their Class 5 and 6 soul engineers were able to use human-shaped soul tools. Even though Ju Zi did not reveal the answer to his question, Huo Yuhao was able to see a tinge of sadness in her eyes.

Huo Yuhao thought about it, and realized that there was only a single possibility.

One would need sufficiently strong spiritual power to control a human-shaped soul tool—at least that was the case for the current soul tool technology in use.
How was one supposed to improve his or her spiritual power? One would usually find one’s spiritual power enhanced after one had attained a higher cultivation. Individuals who were blessed with spiritual-type martial souls could develop their spiritual power separately. Other than these two normal ways, one could also stimulate one’s brain artificially to enhance one’s spiritual power.

If the Sun Moon Empire had achieved some results in this field, they might have used this method to artificially enhance their soul engineers’ spiritual power to make them able to control the human-shaped soul tools.

However, this also meant that these soul engineers would lose their potential. They would not be able to improve their cultivation in the future.

Xuan Ziwen had once told Huo Yuhao about how the Sun Moon Empire had researched ways to heighten a human’s spiritual power through methods of stimulation. However, they had never actually practiced them because of the powerful side-effects. Xuan Ziwen had admitted that he had no idea to what extent was the Sun Moon Empire able to suppress those side-effects. If the side-effects were truly that harsh, the Sun
Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion might not be that invincible after all.

The army was rewarded for their acts of bravery, and was given good food and alcohol for the next two days. Subsequently, other than key personnel who were asked to stay behind, the rest of them were given a break.

At the end of the day, soul engineers were extremely highly regarded, even within the army. There were not many restrictions imposed on them. It was the same even after they returned to Radiant City. In fact, they were given a ten-day break after they returned.

As for how the three soul engineer legions planned to replenish their manpower, Huo Yuhao was not clear about that. However, it did not seem to be a big problem judging from the emotional fluctuations shown by the commanders above.

Huo Yuhao had been enveloping the entire military camp with his Spiritual Detection. One of the most valuable bits of intelligence which he had gotten was how the Sun Moon
Empire had planned to take a longer time to reorganize their troops.

The military order had already reached the army, which was still waiting at the southern border of the Heavenly Soul Empire. While they were locked in a standstill with the Star Luo Empire, they were being resupplied. The supplies naturally came from the Heavenly Soul Empire.

It seemed like the Sun Moon Empire was really planning on resting up and reorganizing their troops. It did not look like they would go to war anytime soon. Even if Huo Yuhao and Ju Zi’s plan were to fail, the Sun Moon Empire probably wouldn’t launch any major military operations within a year. This was definitely good news.

However, this news was still fairly meaningless. After all, it was impossible to verify. Hence, the other empires, especially the Star Luo Empire, must still be on guard and get ready for war.

Huo Yuhao had no idea how much the Star Luo Empire had developed in the past few years. He believed that they should
have improved a fair bit without the stress and pressure of actually fighting a war.

Huo Yuhao couldn’t help but think of that man when he was thinking about the Star Luo Empire. He believed that he should really go back and settle that matter once he had taken down Xu Tianran and gotten a confirmation from Ju Zi that she would not invade either empire in the next ten years. He felt that it was also time for him to pay his respects to his mother.

It pained Huo Yuhao to think about his mother. Even though his intense hatred was already gone, the bitterness and pain were still very present in his heart.

Huo Yuhao would often think to himself how great it would be if his mother was still alive. He believed that he would definitely be able to give her a good life with his current abilities.

Unfortunately, this was only something he could imagine. He knew that it was impossible to resurrect anyone. No matter how strong he had become, he would never be able to bring his mother back to life.
Hence, he must settle that matter. He needed to look for him and get closure. Huo Yuhao knew it was necessary to make things right for his mother. On top of that, he also had scores to settle with that Duchess!

Huo Yuhao was instantly infuriated by the thought of her. Even if he could choose not to exact revenge on the others, he would never let her go just like this. If not for the Duchess, his mother would never have died.

Dai Huabin was still young and rash back then, so Huo Yuhao could forgive him. However, the Duchess could not be forgiven. After all, his mother would definitely still be alive if not for her.

“Yuhao? What’s on your mind?” Tang Wutong squeezed Huo Yuhao’s hand.

Now that the soul engineers were taking a break, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong naturally left the camp. Huo Yuhao had also changed out from the annoying human-shaped soul tool he had had to wear for the past few days. After changing into normal clothes and disguising themselves with some simple makeup,
they started to stroll leisurely through the streets of Radiant City.

Tang Wutong was really enjoying the way they were walking these streets without any worries. However, she was ultimately still able to sense the change in Huo Yuhao’s mood.

Huo Yuhao shook his head gently and said, “It’s nothing. I was just thinking about my mother.”

Tang Wutong squeezed his hand and said, “Don’t worry too much about it. Once we’re done with this, let’s go and pay respects to your mother, alright?”

Huo Yuhao smiled and said, “That’s great. But you should stop calling her my mother. She’s now also your mother. I feel so sad that she’s unable to see her beautiful daughter-in-law.” After finishing his sentence, Huo Yuhao almost choked up with his emotions.

Tang Wutong blushed and asked, “Then when do you plan to marry me?”
Huo Yuhao replied, “If this thing proceeds smoothly, I will marry you after we have paid respects to my mother. Is that alright?”

Tang Wutong was displeased with his answer. “Is this how you propose to a girl?”

Huo Yuhao laughed, “I guess not. I will propose to you officially again once we get back.”

Tang Wutong burst into laughter and said, “There’s no need for that. Do you think I’d really care about such things after we’ve been through so much together? Alright, I will promise you. I will definitely try my best to contact my parents once we are done with things over here. I’ll...”

“What will you do?” Huo Yuhao teased her.

“Hmph! I won’t tell you.” Tang Wutong turned around.

“Haha!” Huo Yuhao burst into laughter. It seemed almost as if he had already forgotten about all those things that had made him sad. He was always very happy when Tang Wutong was around.

As they walked on, they soon came within the vicinity of the palace. Huo Yuhao was pretty familiar with the palace, after all, he had entered more than once.

Today, he was simply walking around aimlessly with Tang Wutong. However, Huo Yuhao realized that three days had passed, and Ju Zi still had not contacted them. He felt that he should try to establish contact with her to determine what their next move ought to be.

Huo Yuhao was confident that he would be able to sneak into the palace with Tang Wutong with ease.

However, just when he came close to the outer wall of the palace, he suddenly sensed impending danger. This sensation was very sudden, but extremely intense.

Tang Wutong, who had gotten ready to enter the palace with him, realized that he had stopped.

“Let’s  go.”   Huo  Yuhao  held  Tang  Wutong’s  hand  as  he continued down the street. He remembered clearly that there was a barbeque store which had pretty good food. The smell of the burned charcoal was extremely dense, and their meat was very tender and juicy.

There should not be that many people in the middle of the afternoon. I should bring Wutong along to eat some barbeque meat.

Huo Yuhao’s memory was very good, and he managed to successfully locate the restaurant. Both of them ordered some barbequed lamb and beef, as well as some of their barbequed innards. On top of that, they requested two cups of wheat wine.

It did not take very long before they were served. It was truly a remarkable dining experience to munch on barbequed meat and sip wheat wine.
“Why did you not enter the palace just now?” Tang Wutong transmitted her words to Huo Yuhao while munching on the meat normally.

Huo Yuhao also replied by transmitting his thoughts to her. “I don’t know why, but I sensed something threatening just when I was about to enter. It was almost as though something bad was about to happen. Perhaps there’s someone within the palace who is able to threaten our lives. It seems like the Sun Moon Empire’s surveillance soul tools might have improved once again. This is really bad!”

Tang Wutong was also startled. She knew how powerful Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power had become after both of them had become Transcendent Douluo. Even though his Spirit Eye was still lacking its ninth soul ring, his ability to sense danger was definitely on par with that of an Ultimate Douluo with the boost he had received from the Three-Eyed Golden Lion.

Huo Yuhao had failed to detect the two Ultimate Douluo previously only because they were never in real danger. Hence, one could guess from Huo Yuhao’s reaction that the palace was incredibly dangerous.
I can’t believe how strong the Sun Moon Empire has become!

Because the barbequed meat was really fantastic, Tang Wutong revealed a very satisfied expression. Afterward, they sat where they were and asked for two more cups of wheat wine before sipping their wine slowly.

In the meantime, Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power was creeping along the walls of the palace as he tried to envelop the entire compound with his spiritual power. However, he did not try to project his power into the palace. Instead, he simply wrapped it around the compound like a spiritual barrier and surveilled the compound from a vantage point.

This method of surveillance would definitely not give away his existence even if the palace had set up multiple surveillance soul tools within its compound.

On the surface, it seemed as though the palace was still its tranquil self. The guards who were on patrol were still moving around in an orderly fashion. The aerial surveillance soul tools were still exactly the same as they were before.
Could I have been wrong? Huo Yuhao was puzzled by what he was seeing. No, I can’t be wrong. Even if I am wrong, I need to be very careful.

After so many years of training, Huo Yuhao was able to compose himself very quickly. Taking risks would only lead to disastrous outcomes. Even the most powerful soul masters were no exception to this rule.

After he composed himself, he made sure his Spiritual Detection did not enter the palace as he observed the interior of the palace from the outside.

He was not anxious at all. In fact, there were many ways he could survey the palace without entering it physically. He only needed to see if there was a point in employing those methods.

Very soon, they were done with their second cup of wheat wine.

“Let’s head back.” Huo Yuhao suddenly stood up. Just when he was going to foot the bill, the expression on his face suddenly changed. Very quickly, he returned to where he was
sitting and exclaimed, “Can we have two more cups of wheat wine?”

Tang Wutong was not startled by the sudden change of plans. She understood that Huo Yuhao must have discovered something to have decided to change their plans. She waited patiently for her third cup of wheat wine to be served.

Huo Yuhao shared his Spiritual Detection with her so that she would be able to see what he was seeing.

They were shocked to see a familiar figure striding towards the main gate of the palace from their vantage point. The figure was dressed in a big red robe. Her overpowering aura was radiating from her body in a haughty fashion.

She was none other than the Death God Douluo, Ye Xishui. Huo Yuhao believed that she must be intending to make some sort of statement to have decided to come to the palace at this time. After seeing her appear, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong naturally could not leave. Both of them hated Ye Xishui to the core. This fact would not change even though she had chosen not to attack them because of Long Xiaoyao.
What is Ye Xishui doing at the palace in the middle of the day? It was important to note that evil soul masters often found their powers more limited in the afternoon. The reason was that their powers were often tied to spirits, and spirits were often weakened when daylight was strongest. Hence, it was very strange for the Death God Douluo to choose to come at this time. Did she not consider the possibility of a fight?

As Ye Xishui strode into the palace, the guards by the door bowed to her in respect. No one dared to stop her as she continued to walk towards the inner part of the palace.

However, Huo Yuhao was definitely able to sense the transformation within the palace from his vantage point after she entered the gates.

Four lights suddenly appeared at the four corners of the palace. These lights were not very intense, and looked just like any normal light. They were not particularly large—roughly ten meters in diameter or so. However, Huo Yuhao could feel the same threatening sensation once those lights lit up. In fact, the sensation was way more intense than before.
Huo Yuhao became incredibly worried. At the very next instant, Huo Yuhao instantly understood what those lights were. It was important to note that he was a Class 9 soul engineer with a detection ability that even Ultimate Douluo would not be able to rival.

Those are…

Those are high-energy compression array soul tools!

Weren’t those soul tools set up at the four corners of Radiant City? When did they install them within the palace too? They were a lot smaller than the high-energy compression array soul tools that were installed around Radiant City. On top of that, they were not radiating any soul power. Hence, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong were not able to tell exactly how powerful they were. However, they believed that these soul tools could not possibly be weak.

Previously, those high-energy compression array soul tools had left an extremely deep impression on Huo Yuhao. They had managed to protect over a hundred thousand civilians under the command of Xu Tianran. At the same time, they had
protected his life. A Rank 98 Transcendent Douluo was unable to destroy it even after he ignited his own life energy.

On top of that, Xu Tianran had only borrowed power from one of the four soul tools. This meant that they should probably be able to protect all of Radiant City if all four of them were activated at the same time. That would be an incredible amount of power!

Of course, Huo Yuhao also knew that it would take a long time for them to store up so much power. Nonetheless, this was sufficiently impressive.

Now, it seemed like even the palace was equipped with these soul tools. They were definitely more than sufficient to protect the entire palace regardless of whether they were used to attack or defend. In addition, if they were really high-energy compression array soul tools, this meant that the Sun Moon Empire had already developed methods to produce smaller high-energy compression array soul tools. It would not be long before they equipped their soul engineer legions with these frightening weapons! That would truly be a nightmare.
Huo Yuhao did not know how they were recharging these high-energy compression array soul tools. It would not be very practical for them to recharge them manually. Who knew how many soul masters they would need to be fully recharged?

After seeing all of this, Huo Yuhao definitely could not leave. He needed to observe and learn more. After all, these high- energy compression array soul tools concerned his next plans. It was likeliest for him to kill Xu Tianran within the palace. After assassinating him, he would have to flee from the palace safely.

If Xu Tianran were able to control all of these high-energy compression array soul tools, he would definitely be able to protect himself from any Ultimate Douluo who planned to assassinate him.

Hence, Huo Yuhao knew he had to pay attention to the details.

After taking a few steps into the palace, Ye Xishui suddenly stopped before she looked up into the sky.
This shocked Huo Yuhao! What a powerful detection ability! Even though I was simply surveilling from the sky, she was able to tell that I was there. An Ultimate Douluo is really a lot more powerful than any Transcendent Douluo. However, I don’t think she knows where we are.

Just when Huo Yuhao was reassuring himself, a black figure entered the barbeque restaurant.

“Give me a beef tenderloin. Make it very tender. I want it medium-well. Also, give me a cup of wheat wine.”

Huo Yuhao immediately slapped his forehead. Tang Wutong also let out a helpless sigh. The reason was that the person who had just entered the restaurant was none other than Long Xiaoyao.

Both of them looked at one another as they saw the startled expression on each others’ faces.

Long Xiaoyao had naturally seen them. This powerful soul master walked towards their table, pulled out a chair and sat in front of both of them.

Chapter 600: Story of the Darkness Holy Dragon

Long Xiaoyao smiled as he said, “I didn’t expect us to meet again so soon.”

Huo  Yuhao  sighed  and  said,  “Elder,  your  cultivation  is unpredictable! I didn’t expect you to find us even though we’ve been so careful.” Although it was easy to put on makeup, Huo Yuhao naturally understood that they could no longer hide their identities after Long Xiaoyao discovered them.

Long Xiaoyao laughed and said, “What if I told you this was a coincidence. Would you believe me?”

Huo Yuhao’s lips twisted a little. I don’t think I need to answer such a dumb question. He raised his cup of malt wine to express his sincerity before gulping the wine down. The bitter yet fragrant taste of the malt wine immediately overwhelmed his chest area. It was very comfortable, but the bitterness didn’t disappear for a long time.

This time, Ye Xishui was one of their targets.

At this moment, the waiter had already delivered the food that Long Xiaoyao wanted.

“Grandpa  Long,  you  haven’t  been  here  for  a  long  time! Quickly, come and taste this delicious piece of beef tenderloin that our chef has chosen.” The waiter passionately put the food in front of him.

“Alright, help me thank him.”  Long Xiaoyao chortled and started to cut up the beef tenderloin with a small knife.

The waiter retreated, and Tang Wutong couldn’t help but ask, “You’re already so old, yet you’re still eating meat. Aren’t you afraid of being a laughing stock?”

Long Xiaoyao laughed, “Eating is a joy in life. It’s something we have to do everyday from the day we are born until the day we die. I love meat. If I can’t even eat meat, what’s the point of living?”  As he spoke, he started to gulp down wine and meat together.
Huo Yuhao was a little pensive as he looked at Long Xiaoyao and said, “Right now, I actually believe that our meeting is a coincidence.”

Long Xiaoyao chuckled and said, “That’s why I said that we are fated, are we not? Share whatever you are seeing with me. I know you have that ability.”

Huo Yuhao couldn’t help it, and shared what he was seeing with Long Xiaoyao.

Long Xiaoyao was definitely more familiar with the imperial palace than he was. He immediately discovered something wrong with the four corners of the palace.

Long Xiaoyao was perplexed as he asked, “Oh? What’s that?
Four corners are brightly lit?”

Huo Yuhao said, “If I’m not wrong, they should be high- energy compression array soul tools. Elder Ye is also a Class 9 soul engineer. You should have heard of such a soul tool before.”
Long Xiaoyao’s expression immediately changed. “What did you say? They’re high-energy compression array soul tools? No, impossible. The Sun Moon Empire only has such soul tools outside the city. Why are they in the palace?”

Huo Yuhao said, “I was supposed to check out the palace today. However, I had an ominous feeling before I entered. That’s why I’m here. After that, I went to observe. Elder Ye seems to have just gone in.”

Long Xiaoyao’s expression immediately turned grim. He took a big gulp of malt wine and squinted. “The Sun Moon Empire’s power has really exceeded our expectations. Continue observing.”  He didn’t immediately leave after discovering the high-energy compression array soul tools. He continued eating his beef and drinking his wine.

Since he wasn’t anxious, there was less of a need for Huo Yuhao to be anxious. However, he maintained his Spiritual Detection out of respect for Long Xiaoyao. He didn’t check things out further. In his heart, he couldn’t wait for Xu Tianran and Ye Xishui to fight. That would fit his interests.
A huge piece of beef tenderloin was quickly consumed by Long Xiaoyao. He even had another cup of wine.

Long Xiaoyao seemed to enjoy it a lot. He was all smiles as he looked at Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong.

“Although Mu En is gone, he should be laughing even in the afterlife since he’s got a disciple like you! It’d be great if I had a disciple like you.”

If it were someone else, he would immediately give up everything to become Long Xiaoyao’s disciple. However, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong were already both the disciples of the Dragon God Douluo Mu En. Naturally, they wouldn’t do that.

“You’re exaggerating.” Huo Yuhao hurriedly said.

Long Xiaoyao shook his head and said, “I’m not. I’m being serious. When Mu En and I were your age, we were too inferior compared to both of you. There are even a few fellows from the Tang Sect who aren’t faring worse than us at their age.”
Huo Yuhao didn’t know how to react. He only smiled. In fact, he couldn’t determine whether Long Xiaoyao was a friend or foe even up until now.

Teacher said that he’s secretly protecting me. However, he’s also a supreme elder of the Holy Ghost Church! He’s always been by Ye Xishui’s side, helping her commit evil. Without him, the Holy Ghost Church wouldn’t have been able to develop so quickly over the past few years. Its success is closely tied to the Dragon God Douluo, Long Xiaoyao.

Long Xiaoyao sighed. “Little Huo, do you look down on me and think that I’m a disgrace to have earned my reputation along with your teacher?”

Huo Yuhao was astonished. He honestly replied, “There was once a period of time when I did think that way. However, I learned more after that. I guess you must have some things that you can’t say.”

Long Xiaoyao smiled, and seemed to be very happy. “Very good. At least you’re not lying to me. That’s a virtue, even though white lies are important sometimes. You seem to be
disapproving with your words. Do you think that I should not be committing evil even if there are things that I can’t say?”

Huo Yuhao took a mouthful of the malt wine and tried to hide  his  awkwardness.  “Elder,  you’re  really  very  sharp. Nothing escapes your eyes. I apologize for my actions.”

Long Xiaoyao shook his head and replied, “There’s nothing to be apologetic about. Almost everyone thinks the same way as you. Even my friends and family think the same too. It’s just I really have no choice.”

He retracted his smile. What replaced it was a look of unhappiness and pain that couldn’t be wiped away.

“Let me tell you. There are many things which aren’t that simple. I’ve not told this matter to anyone before. If I don’t say it now, I might not get a chance again. Do you want to listen to it?”

Can we say no? Moreover, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong were both curious about his life.
They nodded at the same time.

Long Xiaoyao sighed and revealed a lost look in his eyes. “We’ll have to go way back to the start. Then, Mu En, Ye Xishui and I met one another when we traveling outside. Mu En and I met the earliest. We only knew each other through fighting. He had the Radiant Holy Dragon, while I had the Darkness Holy Dragon. We were each the other’s nemesis. That’s why we were foes the moment we met. Our cultivations were similar, and our ages were also around the same. How could we not be competitive? Within a year, we fought seven times. Each time, the victor was different. Eventually, I lost one more time than him. Among the seven fights, I won three and he won four. He won against me, most notably during the finals of the Continental Advanced Soul Master Academy Soul Dueling Tournament. He won against the team that I led. It was also then that I first met Ye Xishui. She was the only female soul master that could challenge us in terms of cultivation.”

When he said that, a smile appeared on Long Xiaoyao’s face. Whatever happened in the past was undoubtedly the best things that had happened in his life.

“After fighting for close to a year, we became closer because of one matter. We met a village that was harmed by evil soul
masters. The evil soul masters were on a killing spree. They were using human souls and corpses to cultivate. We passed that village from different places. When we saw the tragic state it was in, we couldn’t help but intervene. When we finally killed all the evil soul masters, we realized that we were helping one another. Suddenly, we laughed, and became good friends from then on.”

“Mu En is a composed person. I’m more rebellious. To be honest, I was really slightly more handsome than your teacher then. Haha!” Long Xiaoyao laughed. He was even laughing very heartily.

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong couldn’t refute this point. Although Long Xiaoyao was already very old, he was still very big and tall. It was also clear how he looked when he was younger. Huo Yuhao even felt that the Darkness Holy Dragon was more handsome than him when he was younger.

Long Xiaoyao followed with, “We started to travel around the continent and faced many experiences. We also teamed up together quite frequently. Then, we were astonished to find out that our martial souls were complementary even though their types were completely different. We even managed to unleash
a fusion skill once. Darkness and light can actually come together. Don’t you think it’s very magical?”

Fusion skill? Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong stared at each other. This was really new information for them. Neither Elder Mu nor Elder Xuan had told them about this matter. Could darkness and light actually fuse?

From Long Xiaoyao’s description, he did have some differences with Elder Xuan then. It turned out that Elder Mu and Long Xiaoyao knew each other from the tournament.

“Mu En and I analysed the situation. We believe that we were able to use fusion skills because of the connection between our martial souls. Even though darkness and light were opposites, there was something we shared. It’s that our martial souls are both dragons. We only completed our fusion because of this similarity in our lineages. However, our martial souls were only fifty percent compatible. An extremely destructive force could be generated when darkness and light clashed as we fused our martial souls. However, it couldn’t increase our cultivations. Compared to your fusion, we were a long way off.”

“Our relationship got better and better, and we became very good friends. That was until one day, when we bumped into Ye Xishui again.”

“Ye Xishui was really beautiful when she was younger. Lass, she wasn’t worse compared to you.” As he said that, there seemed to be a captivated look in Long Xiaoyao’s eyes, even though he was already very old.

“She was both bubbly and cute then. Very soon, the three of us became very good friends who toured the continent together. Xishui had a very good personality. We were both young men too. Very soon, it became apparent that we liked her. Both of us discussed this matter privately. Since we both liked her, we’d rely on our capabilities to win her heart. I was more confident than your teacher. After all, I was much better in the looks department. My powers weren’t inferior to him either. I had the confidence of winning Xishui’s heart. I even told him that the other party must accept her choice no matter what, and that we’ll remain good friends no matter the outcome. Mu En agreed.”
“To prevent jealousy from ruining our relationship, Mu En and I decided to both find Xishui one day and confess. We hoped that she would make a choice. It was better for us to confess than hide our feelings. Xishui seemed to have been scared by us. She hesitated for half a day before she made her choice.”

A bitter look appeared.

Long Xiaoyao was helpless as he gently shook his head. “I didn’t expect that I would be the one to be rejected. Xishui chose Mu En. Even up until now, I can still remember how delighted Mu En was. It was something he couldn’t hide. He leaped over and hugged her. He even spun three rounds with her in his embrace.”

“Even  though  we  agreed  to  be  good  friends,  I  was  still devastated then. I left without turning back. When Mu En came to chase after me, I ran with all my strength. He didn’t chase after me because he had to take care of Xishui.”

Huo Yuhao couldn’t help but ask, “Elder Long, wait a minute. Why did I learn that Xishui didn’t choose either of you?
Instead, she wanted both of you to fight a year later. The winner would get her! But neither of you went...”

Long Xiaoyao snorted, “You must have heard that from Little Xuan. He only heard it second-hand. While it’s true that we did fight later, Xishui was already with him then. It’s just that they kept it a secret.”

After sighing, Long Xiaoyao said, “I’m actually a very proud person. I’ve known this for a long time. That was the heaviest blow that I’d suffered in my entire life. I walked the streets feeling very lost. Unknowingly, I walked out of the city and entered the wilderness. I was alone, and I didn’t even know how long I walked. My heart was completely broken. The pain of being jilted was excruciating. I hated Mu En then. I even hated Xishui. I didn’t understand why she would choose him. I was confident that I was more handsome. I could tell from Xishui’s eyes that she liked me.”

“Perhaps you will laugh at me, but I was really confident. However, she still chose Mu En in the end! Don’t tell me that it was because he came from Shrek Academy? I was indignant. I was really indignant. However, I couldn’t return. I had already promised Mu En that we’d remain good friends no matter who she chose. I couldn’t go back and fight for her again. That’s
why I left. When I left, I left for an entire year. I dominated the continent for that one year. I attacked the strong and helped the weak. I was much more heavy-handed and vicious than I used to be. In fact, I was looking for information about the two of them. Both of them dominated as a couple in the continent, and became leading figures in the younger generation of soul

“Time didn’t make me feel better. Eventually, I still decided to go and find them. I wanted to personally witness how blissful they were. I knew that it wasn’t going to be easy for me to escape my feelings. I’m a stubborn person. That’s why I eventually wanted to see. No matter what happened, I had to see.”

“Destiny decided that we should meet again. They were very blissful together. When Mu En saw me, he was a little awkward. After comforting me, we even drank until we were both drunk. However, I was strangely calm then. I no longer blamed Mu En when I saw him. Your teacher is a good person. He’s really a good person. I fully believe that he didn’t play any tricks when we pursued Xishui. Liking someone can’t change. If you like someone, you like that person. If you don’t like someone, you don’t like that person. Then, I suddenly felt that I was able to finally let go. That left me very happy. It was good
to be able to let go. At least no one else had to be hurt anymore, and I myself didn’t have to be hurt anymore.”

“Xishui was also very calm when she met me. She wasn’t as close as she was a year ago. She had become very gentle by then. It seemed as if she was ready to become Mu En’s wife. I wished both of them well.”

“I felt it to be unfair, which was why I proposed to fight Mu En. I hoped to use a fight to alleviate the pain in my heart. I fought Mu En in front of a bunch of people from Shrek Academy. I lost, and lost very tragically. Mu En had grown a lot in one year. Perhaps it was because of love. His overall abilities were a tier above mine. Of course, it might also be because I was dispirited for an entire year.”

“We went to drink. I indulged in a lot of alcohol and got completely wasted. Mu En was also drunk. When I woke up in the middle of the night, my head was splitting. In the room, only Mu En and I were around. Xishui had disappeared.”

“There was a note on the table. It was beside Mu En, and it was written by Xishui. She told him to wash up before
returning to the room after he woke up. I knew that Xishui was a clean freak. She hadn’t changed.”

“I took the note and walked out. I walked to her room. The door was open, and she seemed to be asleep. When I walked in, I smelled a fragrance. I wasn’t too bothered then, and only silently walked to the bedside. I only wanted to take a look at her before leaving. Then, I thought that it would be my last time seeing her. In the future, I wouldn’t see either of them anymore, in case it broke my heart.”

“When I walked to the bedside, Xishui’s voice sounded. She said, ‘Why are you up so late? I’ve waited for you for a long time. You can’t escape me today. Why do we have to wait until marriage before we are together? We can be together tonight. Do you smell the fragrance? Hehe, it’s a poison that I made. It’s called Fragrance of Spring Wind and Rain’”

“After hearing her voice, I didn’t dare to move. I was afraid of being found out. What was I supposed to do now that I had broken into her room? After hearing her words, I was astonished. Although I didn’t know what the Fragrance of Spring Wind and Rain was, I could guess! A warm flow went straight into my brain. My rationality told me that I should flee and find a place to neutralize the poison. However, I couldn’t
bear to leave. My heart was racing then. I did something that I regret for life. Xishui pulled me in. The room was very dark then. Her breathing was very quick. So was mine. When I touched her skin, the emotions that I had been suppressing for a year were unleashed. I leapt onto her like a beast.”

After hearing until here, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong couldn’t help but open their eyes wide. This is… really a blessing in disguise! Not to even mention that Elder Xuan wouldn’t know about this, I’m sure Elder Mu doesn’t know either, right?

Suddenly, they didn’t know what to say. Huo Yuhao was even secretly relieved that nothing like this had ever happened to them.

Long Xiaoyao gulped down another cup of wine and shouted at the top of his voice, “Another cup!”

Even though many years had passed, it was evident he was still very bothered about this matter. The pain in his eyes couldn’t be hidden.
Huo Yuhao softly asked, “Elder, it’s been such a long time.
What happened after that?”

Long Xiaoyao sighed, “When I woke up, Xishui was already up. She was seated beside me. There was a dagger in her hand, which she was slowly moving towards her chest. I was shocked. I quickly grabbed the blade of the dagger, even though it cut me. My heart was very pained. I knew that I had committed a grave error. It was also at that moment that Mu En called for Xishui.”

As he shut his eyes, Long Xiaoyao’s body was shaking slightly. More than a hundred years had passed, but when he thought of what had happened back then, he still couldn’t control himself. This showed how awkward the situation was for him.

Huo Yuhao’s lips twisted. How can Long Xiaoyao be the only one who was tortured by this incident? Teacher and Ye Xishui were both victims too. Who could be blamed for this incident?

Long Xiaoyao was wrong. He should have run away. However, he was deeply in love with Ye Xishui. Was his love wrong?
What about Ye Xishui? Teacher was an honest man. She only poisoned him to get closer to him. She might even have been trying to make him less jealous. While her actions were a little extreme, were they wrong?

As for teacher, he’s the most pitiful. He doesn’t even know what happened. His lover and his best friend actually…

Huo Yuhao couldn’t ask any further. He put himself in their shoes. If he was any of them, he wouldn’t have been able to accept fate.

The malt wine arrived again. Long Xiaoyao gulped down more and more wine. An unhealthy flush surfaced on his face.

The waiter hurriedly said, “Elder Long, drink slower. It’s not good for your body if you drink too quickly.”

Long Xiaoyao shook his head softly. “Take the cup. I’m not drinking anymore. I’ll just sit for a while longer.”

“Alright, no problem. You and your friends can sit as long as you want.” The waiter took the cup away.

Long Xiaoyao opened his eyes once again. He looked at Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong bitterly. It seemed like his story had ended.

“I owe Xishui. This debt cannot be repaid. That was her first time. I owe Mu En too. I can’t repay my debt to him either. Now, you should know why I’m committing all this evil. I knew that Xishui was killing with her Holy Ghost Church, but I still chose to protect her. I thought that I could forget, but I can’t. Even after seeing her for many decades, I can still remember everything clearly. That’s why I can’t stop her no matter what she does. I don’t have that right. When I committed that grave error, my life didn’t belong to me anymore.”

“Compared to Mu En, Xishui was more hurt. I was the one who ruined her life. I love her, and I’m willing to sacrifice everything for her. My life belongs to her too. I can only die before her. If she dies before me, I’ll follow her. That’s why no one can persuade me to leave her. My life has long been tied to hers.”

Long Xiaoyao’s breathing became a little heavy. However, there was a relieved look on his face. It was his first time telling his story after so many years.

Although he didn’t finish his story, anyone could guess that what followed was a tragedy.

Huo Yuhao was also having mixed feelings. He didn’t know if he should pity the Darkness Holy Dragon or feel sad for his teacher. Perhaps, this tragedy was an arrangement of fate.

Long Xiaoyao stood up and said, “I should leave. Treasure the person in front of you, young man. Remember, find me when your cultivation reaches Rank 98. I’ll go and fetch Xishui now.” After he finished speaking, he took big steps out.

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong remained where they were without moving. The situation seemed to have become more complex. After listening to Long Xiaoyao and Ye Xishui’s story, they still couldn’t change their stance, even though they pitied her for what had happened. After all, Ye Xishui was the true mastermind of the Holy Ghost Church. Under her leadership, the Holy Ghost Church had killed many people. Even Long Xiaoyao was suspected of helping her. That was a fact that couldn’t be wiped away.

They weren’t going to be less hostile, but they were more understanding. Huo Yuhao held Tang Wutong’s hand and laughed bitterly, “All this while, I felt that we’ve suffered a lot. However, it’s nothing compared to what teacher, Elder Long and Ye Xishui have gone through. We’re quite lucky. At least we
are together. I’m really satisfied now. I really want to leave with you and find a quiet place where we can live together. Occasionally, we can see our teammates. How great would that be?”

Tang Wutong stood up and walked to Huo Yuhao’s side. She sat in his lap and hugged his neck. She completely placed her face in his embrace.

Huo Yuhao felt something wet. Tang Wutong’s body was shaking slightly.

She had been suppressing her emotions when Long Xiaoyao was telling his story earlier, but right now, she completely let them go.

“Teacher is really too pitiful. I can imagine why he fought so hard against the Body Sect. Given his abilities, he wouldn’t be hurt so easily. If not to protect Shrek, he might have chosen to free himself already. The pain he’s been through must be even deeper than what Elder Long has been through.” Tang Wutong said softly.
Huo Yuhao silently nodded.

Mu En had never told them about what happened between him, Ye Xishui and Long Xiaoyao before. He had kept this secret to himself until the day he died.

In Huo Yuhao’s mind, Elder Mu’s figure resurfaced. He recalled his elderly face, and Huo Yuhao’s eyes started to turn red.

Sun Moon Empire, Imperial Palace.

Ye Xishui was seated, and held a cup of tea in her hand. She was silently tasting the tea.

The Sun Moon Empire’s Imperial Palace was very particular when it came to serving tea. Only the best tea leaves that were half-fermented were chosen. They were specially prepared. Every year, there was very little production of such tea leaves. Only members of the imperial family were given the privilege to enjoy such tea.
Ye Xishui was very calm right now.

Xu Tianran was sitting in the main seat. Beside him was Ju Zi.

“Elder Ye, this matter might really be a misunderstanding. I still hope that you can be magnanimous. I’m willing to make amends to the church. If there’s anything you need, please tell me.”  Xu Tianran appeared very courteous, and spoke with a smile on his face.

Ju Zi was also decked in bright yellow beside him. She didn’t say a word. She didn’t even react at all.

Ye Xishui put the cup of tea down. She turned to Ju Zi and said, “Your Majesty, what if I want someone? What if I only want one person?”

Xu Tianran’s expression stiffened. Even though he knew who Ye Xishui wanted, he still asked, “Who do you want?”
Ye Xishui laughed coldly, “I want Her Majesty to follow me to the Holy Ghost Church. Is that possible?”

Ju Zi sat there calmly and seemed to be completely ready to comply with any instructions Xu Tianran had for her. There was no expression on her face.

Xu Tianran’s expression changed slightly, and he replied, “Elder Ye, I’m afraid that cannot happen. My inner palace is too empty. I only have the Empress. We are very close to each other. This incident is a little weird. Why don't we talk after investigating carefully?”

Ye Xishui waved him off and said, “There’s no need to. If you want to condemn someone, you can always find an excuse. I don’t expect you to investigate anything. Furthermore, from your actions, I know what your choice is. There is nothing else to say. I can understand what Your Majesty is thinking. I was only joking earlier. Since you’ve decided to give us up, I only have one wish, which is for you to let the Holy Ghost Church off. I’m willing to leave the empire with the church. We just want peace.”
Xu Tianran was stunned as he looked at Ye Xishui. Was she still the Death God Douluo he knew? This wasn’t something he knew she was capable of saying. What’s going on? Why is she acting like this?

Ye Xishui lifted her teacup and took a sip once again. She sighed, “I’m tired. I have no other wish in my life anymore. I just hope to live out the rest of my life in peace. Your Majesty, you have to admit that the church has contributed to the empire, even though we’ve brought you a lot of trouble. I hope this will make you show some mercy on us. I’ll be satisfied then.”

Xu  Tianran  laughed  and  asked,  “Elder  Ye,  what  are  you talking about? Whether your church wants to stay or leave is up to you. No matter what, the church will always be a partner to the empire. It’s just that… about your church being a national church…”

Ye Xishui laughed slightly. “It’s just a title. We don’t need it. You can take it back. I came here today just to tell you that we won’t seek any vengeance. We just hope to obtain peace. That’s all I wanted to say. Your Majesty, please take care. I’m going to leave.”
Ye Xishui stood up and slowly walked out. She seemed to be a little slow, and she also appeared very old.

Xu Tianran stood up and gestured. However, he didn’t move a single inch. He only watched as the Death God Douluo slowly walked out of the palace hall.

Ju Zi was doubtful as she looked at Xu Tianran. She softly asked, “Your Majesty, do you think she’s for real?”

Xu Tianran shrugged her off and revealed a cold smile on his face, “Will she be so tame? The more she tries to look weak, the bigger the problem is. She’s just trying to numb us. Not only do we have to carry on with our plan, but we need to be quicker with it too.”

A light flashed in Ju Zi’s eyes. “So now…”

Xu Tianran nodded, and swiped his right hand down with force.
Ju Zi suddenly stood up and turned around before walking away.

Ye Xishui revealed a relieved look on her face as she walked out of the palace hall. She had finally said what she had to say. It was really time for her to leave. No matter whether Xu Tianran believed her, what she had said was the truth. It was from the bottom of her heart.

I’m really tired after all these years. I’m really tired. Teacher, no matter what, I’ve lived up to what you wanted. In the future, I only want to live them for myself and him!

As Ye Xishui continued walking, she was no longer as sluggish as before. What replaced it was agility. It was an agility that appeared after she had put everything down.

There was a smile on her face. Her pale-white face developed a slight red glow. She could finally put everything down now.

Chapter 601: Trap to Kill an Ultimate Douluo

It was already afternoon. The sun was moving towards the west, but it was still shining very brightly. She chose to enter the palace at this time to express her sincerity. In fact, for an evil soul master like her, noontime did affect her, although it wasn’t too big.

“Didididi!”   Deafening  alarms  rang  throughout  the  entire palace without any warning.

Ye Xishui suddenly stopped in her tracks. Her eyes turned cold. She knew what she was going to face next.

Xu Tianran was still not going to let her off. She had given him such a good opportunity, perhaps even the last opportunity. However, he still made that choice. Xu Tianran, very good, very good! I really want to see what you can do to keep me here.

As she smiled, Ye Xishui pointed her right hand to the sky and stood in palce without moving. Behind her, a blood-red
projection had already silently surfaced. It was her martial soul, the Blood Soul Demonpuppet.

A strong wave of spiritual pressure spread from Ye Xishui’s body. All infrastructure within a hundred meter-radius of her was instantly crushed. Very quickly, a massive plot of empty land was formed.

Since they were already completely at odds, there was no need for Ye Xishui to show any mercy.

At this moment, four strong beams of light shot into the sky. These four beams of light were presented as a rainbow glow. When they rose into the sky, they quickly gathered towards the center before turning into a huge dome that completely engulfed the imperial palace within it. Suddenly, a dazzling rainbow glow covered the imperial palace. It was as if a beam of divine light had descended.

It was a magical feeling, but Ye Xishui’s expression suddenly changed.
As a Class 9 soul engineer, her understanding of soul tools was very deep, even though she didn’t make her name producing soul tools. Moreover, this beam of light was very familiar. How could she not recognize high-energy compression array soul tools? Precisely because she recognized them, she was aware of how terrifying they could be. They were capable of protecting an entire city.

No matter how strong a person was, he was still human. When it came to Ye Xishui’s standard, she could even guess that a god had limited strength. It was just beyond the standard of humans.

However, the strength of high-energy compression array soul tools could be increased without limits. Of course, perhaps this world might be destroyed if their strength was increased to a stage where even the ground couldn’t take it anymore.

Theoretically, it was unlimited. Perhaps that might not manifest itself in reality, but it was certainly enough to deal with an Ultimate Douluo.

Figures started to appear from within the imperial palace. There were pitch-black human-shaped soul tools and terrifying
pressure, and immense soul power undulations started to spread.

The Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion! It was the thumb of the Hand that Protects the Nation. It was truly powerful.

Apart from them, many soul engineers also rose into the sky along the perimeter of the palace. The Imperial Dragon, Evileye Tyrant and Fire Phoenix Soul Engineer Legions were all here. More than two thousand advanced-tier soul engineers had gathered within the imperial palace. An elder was drifting in mid-air at the centermost area of the palace. He was glaring at Ye Xishui.

“Kong! De! Ming!” Ye Xishui shouted one word by one word.

Kong Deming stared at her coldly. “Elder Ye, I knew that we’d fight one day. I just didn’t think it would be so soon.”

Ye Xishui laughed. Her laughter was shrill, and hurt everyone’s ears when they heard it, “Yes! I’ve actually expected
such a day to come. I just didn’t expect Xu Tianran to completely ignore our past ties. Hehe, hehehehe.”

“It’s not that I’m ignoring our past ties. It’s just that we have no past ties to talk about. All these years, how many civilians have the Holy Ghost Church cruelly murdered? This time, you’ve even attacked the army, hurting the morale of my soldiers. We could have succeeded in one shot, but they had no choice but to return to the capital because of your attack. Elder Ye, do you know how many losses the Holy Ghost Church has brought to the empire? I don’t care about our past ties? Then, let me ask you, where were you and your church when Du Busi was in the capital trying to kill me? I believe you wished I had died then. A chaotic empire is more beneficial for you, am I right?”

Xu Tianran was in a golden-yellow human-shaped soul tool as he drifted in mid-air. Around him were at least ten Class 9 soul engineers. Ju Zi was half a step behind him.

Ye Xishui’s smile didn’t disappear. “If you want to condemn us, you can find any excuse to. Moreover, we can’t even explain ourselves clearly even if all these dirty deeds have been blamed on us, given our reputation. War God Empress, your ploy is indeed brilliant! I just don’t know one thing. When has the
Holy Ghost Church offended you?” She didn’t look at Xu Tianran, but turned her attention to Ju Zi.

Ju Zi said, “The Holy Ghost Church didn’t offend me. You offended my army, my citizens and the peace of my empire. Evil cannot exist in an empire that’s going to dominate the continent. No matter what reason you give, it’s no longer important whether the Holy Ghost Church is the one that attacked the empire. More importantly, the Holy Ghost Church has to disappear from this world forever. It must not exist anymore.”

Ye Xishui was enlightened. “It seems like Your Majesty still wants to doom the church. I understand. What a strong formation! The father of soul tools, Kong Deming, is here. There are also many familiar faces and soul engineers, just to deal with me. It seems like Your Majesty still regards me very importantly. I’m grateful. The only question is, can all of you keep me here today? If I leave today, I’ll destroy one city every month, and use more avenging spirits to strengthen myself. I’ll do this until the empire is completely wiped out.”

While she was smiling as she said all this, no one thought that she was bluffing. This was the scariest thing. The terrifying part wasn’t the fact that she was being hysterical.
The terrifying part was that there was a hint of rationality even though she was being hysterical.

Xu Tianran’s expression changed greatly. If Ye Xishui really escaped today, a disaster would befall the empire. In his heart, he slightly regretted his decision. After all, she was an Ultimate Douluo! Even if he couldn’t use her, she shouldn’t have become his enemy. The consequences were really unthinkable.

However, since things were already like this, there was no room for regret. No matter what, the plan had to proceed. Moreover, Xu Tianran also didn’t think that she had a chance of survival. The Sun Moon Empire paid a huge price to set up this trap.

The protective barrier formed by the four high-energy compression array soul tools was so that Ye Xishui couldn’t flee. It was also used to keep Long Xiaoyao from coming to save her.

They had even considered Long Xiaoyao’s mentality when they came up with this plan. After all, he wasn’t an evil soul master. He had his own bottom line. No matter what, he wouldn’t lay his hands on ordinary citizens given his current
status. As for how he would take revenge after Ye Xishui was killed, that was another matter. Ju Zi had informed him that Long Xiaoyao was hurt quite badly after the clash at the mountain valley. This was why this was a very rare opportunity that couldn’t be missed.

Kong Deming sighed and said, “Ye Xishui, just from your words now, you deserve to die. Today, I’ll restore justice on behalf of the heavens. I’ll destroy your Blood Soul Demonpuppet.”  As he spoke, Kong Deming raised his hands towards Ye Xishui. A beam of golden light shot out.

Ye Xishui snorted coldly. She lifted her hand too and pointed at Kong Deming, and a beam of blood-red light shot towards him.

Terrifying soul power undulations rose from the outer perimeter. The soul engineers were accumulating their power. Against the Death God Douluo, they had to give their all. This was why they had to use whatever strength they had.

When the blood-red light was five meters from Kong Deming, it was blocked by a layer of golden light. The cries of
countless avenging spirits echoed across the sky, but the golden light was not breached at all.

The beam of golden light unleashed by Kong Deming turned into a golden halo when it was five meters from Ye Xishui, and was about to wrap itself around her.

Ye Xishui’s body suddenly turned illusory. In a flash, she escaped from the halo. The halo landed on the ground and disappeared without a trace.

Ye Xishui’s shrill laughter resonated throughout the entire palace. The Blood Soul Demonpuppet behind her shone brightly, and streaks of immense bloody lights were unleashed. They turned into giant avenging spirits in the air that rushed in all directions. Every avenging spirit was about the size of a human head. There were twelve of them. Once they appeared, a bloody rain seemed to strike the entire palace.

Blood Soul Spell! This was the ultimate technique Ye Xishui was famous for. Every blood soul that she cultivated using this spell had been cultivated for centuries. Ten thousand avenging spirits devoured one another, and the remaining survivor
became a blood soul. This blood soul even had to feed on avenging spirits for a long time to become stronger.

When a blood soul just formed, it was only the size of a fingernail. How long did it take for a blood soul to reach the size of a human head? Not only did it have to devour avenging spirits, but it even had to devour the avenging spirit of a powerful individual. The stronger an avenging spirit was, the faster a blood soul would grow.

Once such blood souls acted up, their vengeance would cause one’s soul to lose control. Those whose cultivation wasn’t strong enough might even experience their souls being drawn out from their bodies before being devoured. These blood souls were both domineering and vicious.

The fight had only just started, but Ye Xishui had already unleashed her strongest skill. This showed that she was prepared to risk her life.

Kong Deming turned serious when he saw the blood souls. “One  person  to  one.  We  must  seal  them  and  not  let  them escape.”  As he spoke, he lifted his hands. They each fired a beam of golden light, trapping two blood souls.

The ten Class 9 soul engineers around Xu Tianran quickly scattered. They each unleashed their greatest skills to control one blood soul.
Ye Xishui laughed coldly. Bloody lights shone brightly in her eyes. Suddenly, her long hair turned blood-red. Her Blood Soul Demonpuppet surged into her body and fused with her.

Suddenly, she grew twice as large. The clear and transparent blood-red on her body made her seem as if she was carved from a ruby. Bloody air currents surged in the air and spread instantly.

“Boundless Blood Sea!” Ye Xishui screamed.

The surrounding buildings were instantly vaporized when they were touched by the Boundless Blood Sea, which began spreading outward.

No wonder she was an Ultimate Douluo and the strongest evil soul master in the Holy Ghost Church. Even in such a disadvantageous situation, she still managed to resist all the soul engineers around her! How confident was she?

Xu Tianran roared furiously. There was a wand in his hand, which was only a few centimeters long. There was a rainbow gem the size of a fist on it. He lifted this wand and pointed it at
Ye Xishui. Suddenly, a rainbow beam of light descended from the sky, striking towards Ye Xishui.

This was the strength of a high-energy compression array soul tool. He had used the four compression array soul tools to protect the people of the Sun Moon Empire before. This time, he used this small compression array soul tool to attack.

Ye Xishui didn’t dodge. In fact, she couldn’t dodge at all. She made a lifting gesture. Suddenly, the blood sea surged upward and turned into a huge shield. It blocked the descending rainbow beam of light.

“Boom!”     A   tremendous   boom   sounded.   A   powerful shockwave immediately spread. The eleven Class 9 soul engineers immediately unleashed protective soul barriers. Along with the barrier unleashed by the soul engineers from the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion, they managed to block this shockwave and prevent it from spreading further.

The terrifying explosion had just ended when a series of booms were continuously heard. The blood sea flipped and forcefully resisted the attack of the rainbow beam of light. However, those who were sharp could tell that the blood sea
was shrinking. It was becoming smaller under the attack of the high-energy compression array soul tools.

A grin appeared on Xu Tianran’s face. Even an Ultimate Douluo stood no chance against high-energy compression array soul tools.

Today, he was relying mostly on the compression array soul tools. The soul engineers’ main job was to protect him and the imperial palace. This plan to kill was considered a first test. Once it was a success, they would invest much more money into the research of high-energy compression array soul tools.

Ye Xishui was completely unaware that the Sun Moon Empire had already pumped much more money into their research of high-energy compression array soul tools than any other research. Kong Deming was leading the research, while seven Class 9 soul engineers formed the core members of the research team. The amount of resources and money that were drained couldn’t be properly measured.

This was the strength of soul tool technology.
Ye Xishui’s figure suddenly appeared in mid-air. She was still blood-red. Kong Deming instantly shifted in front of her, blocking her.

They clashed.

Kong Deming was flung out, his entire body shining with golden light, while Ye Xishui returned to the sky.

Countless streaks of lights were aimed at her. The linked attacks were about to be unleashed.

The linked attacks of the other three beast lord-ranked soul engineer legions were still fine. The most terrifying one was the one that came from the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion. It was a pitch-black soul ray, as thick as a water vat. Wherever it passed, deep cracks would be left in the air that couldn’t be mended.

Even Ye Xishui’s expression changed slightly when she sensed the power of this soul ray. It was not weaker than the attack fired by a compression array soul tool. The Sun Moon
Imperial Soul Engineer Legion is actually so strong? No wonder Xu Tianran dares to lay his hands on me.

Thinking about it was one thing. Dealing with it was another.

Red lights flashed, and three blood souls broke free from their restraints. They each blocked one linked attack from each of the three beast lord-ranked soul engineer legions. Those three blood souls cried out tragically, but the three linked attacks were resisted. And Ye Xishui directly resisted the attack from the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion herself.

She was hit! Xu Tianran was delighted. He was fully aware of how powerful the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion’s linked attack was. It couldn’t be resisted by a human. Even an Ultimate Douluo couldn’t do so.

If Kong Deming was to appraise it, he would even claim that a Class 10 soul engineer wouldn’t be able to block such an attack. If even an Ultimate Douluo was helpless, perhaps only a god could possibly resist it.
Was Ye Xishui dead?

The Bloody light dissipated, scattered and vanished in the air” No traces were left. Ye Xishui didn’t even scream.

But, was she really dead?

“Be careful! She’s not dead!” Kong Deming suddenly shouted.

Following this, a blood soul that was originally restrained by a Class 9 soul engineer suddenly blew apart and turned into blood rain. Ye Xishui seemed to be reborn from this blood rain. She pressed her palm against the sky.

That Class 9 soul engineer started to shine with countless streaks of light. They were activated protective barriers. However, a blood-red palm print still appeared at the next moment. His entire chest collapsed. He spat out fresh blood and flew back. In the air, a blood soul separated from Ye Xishui’s body and devoured the avenging spirit and soul that appeared after he died.
Ye Xishui’s body instantly shone brightly with blood-red light. A strong wave of blood energy was sucked into her body. That Class 9 soul engineer turned into ash, scattering in the air. A terrifying pressure immediately rose, and intense bloody lights shone in the sky.

A Class 9 soul engineer had died just like that. Furthermore, his strength also further boosted Ye Xishui’s powers.

This was the terrifying ability that an evil Ultimate Douluo possessed. Even such an impressive linked attack couldn’t kill her. She had even exploited the opportunity to kill a Class 9 soul engineer.

However, Kong Deming noticed that there were only eleven blood souls now. Evidently, the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion’s attack wasn’t completely useless.

A terrifying attack was unleashed next. A strong beam of light descended. A rainbow glow formed in the sky once again. It was the second attack of the compression array soul tools.
Xu Tianran’s face contorted a little. Just like how Ye Xishui didn’t know he was this strong, he also didn’t expect an Ultimate Douluo to be so terrifying at full strength. When Ye Xishui was trapped in a life-and-death situation, she still managed to so easily kill a Class 9 soul engineer under him.

Ye Xishui groaned, and her body instantly turned blood-red. When that rainbow glow landed, her entire body turned into a bloody fog and disappeared once again.

After this, another blood soul blew apart. Just like before, she smacked her palm against a Class 9 soul engineer’s chest. It was as if she had smacked a piece of tofu. That Class 9 soul engineer was killed just like that. His blood energy and soul were devoured. Although there was one less blood soul because of this, Ye Xishui’s aura became stronger than before.

What kind of special spell is this? Why is it so terrifying? Even though she has fewer and fewer blood souls, it’s as if she’s accumulating her power! This was terrifying, as no one could see where her limit was.

“Force the blood souls away. Force them in. Attack!”  Kong Deming commanded loudly.

No one knew Ye Xishui’s weak spot. They could only give it a go. From the start, he didn’t think that they could easily kill an Ultimate Douluo. Otherwise, they wouldn’t have made such heavy preparations. Right now, they could only try to prolong the fight. It was only this way that they could tire her out.

Ye Xishui snorted coldly, and her body suddenly turned into countless blood projections, which swept out in all directions instantly.

The Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion, which was about to unleash their linked attack, lost their target instantly. It was almost impossible to lock onto her now.

However, their many layers of linked defensive barriers were still very effective. They managed to block the invasion of the bloody lights. The Class 9 soul engineers within the barriers also took this opportunity to retreat to the edges of the barriers.

As the bloody lights dissipated and Ye Xishui reappeared, the barriers shrank in. This was a unified move performed by the remaining Class 9 soul engineers under Kong Deming.

As immense pressure squeezed in, a frightening power rose. The Class 9 soul engineers instantly shifted. They moved to the outer perimeter just as the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion retracted their linked defense.

The original plan was to kill Ye Xishui in one move. Now that they couldn’t do that anymore, they could only slowly drain her using their overall power. This was the backup plan.

In this backup plan, the most important thing to do was to help everyone retreat.

Two Class 9 soul engineers were already dead. This was something the Sun Moon Empire couldn’t accept. Veins were already visible on Xu Tianran’s forehead. If not for fear that the high-energy compression array soul tools would overheat, he would have attacked relentlessly by now.

Ye Xishui drifted in mid-air and revealed a scornful look on her face. There were still ten blood souls surrounding her.

“The avenging spirits of two Class 9 soul engineers. Great stuff! However, soul engineers will only be soul engineers. The strength of their souls is still far from a true Titled Douluo. It’s a pity.” As she spoke, she shook her head and sighed. The soul engineers watching her were furious.

Ye Xishui coldly looked at Xu Tianran, “Continue attacking if you want to kill me. I’ll see how much you’re willing to sacrifice. It’s a pity that you might not succeed.” As she spoke, she started to descend.

She pressed her palm against the ground.

Strong bloody lights spread along the ground. Deafening booms started to echo throughout the entire imperial palace.
Xu Tianran and Kong Deming’s expressions changed. They knew what Ye Xishui wanted. She couldn’t overcome their aerial defense, and thus it was impossible for her to escape. However, even compression array soul tools couldn’t cover the ground. Although the ground defenses in the palace were still very impressive, they weren’t good enough. At least, they weren’t good enough to stop an Ultimate Douluo.

The ground shook. The ground beneath Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong also shook at the same time.

They were no longer in the store. They were on the streets. Just like many civilians, they saw the rainbow glow in the sky.

Of course, the civilians didn’t know what was happening. To them, it was very common for something like this to happen in the Sun Moon Empire. Soul tool technology was very widespread here.

Huo Yuhao furrowed his brow. From his perspective high up in the sky, he could see many things. However, his spiritual power couldn’t enter the barrier formed by the compression array soul tools. He could only see what was going on inside.
As the ground shook, he could roughly guess what Ye Xishui was doing. Yes, the ground might be her only route of escape. But had Xu Tianran really not prepared for this? It wasn’t impossible to unleash a protective soul barrier underground, although it wasted a lot of time. Furthermore, it would be very difficult to control. Could it resist an Ultimate Douluo?

Tang Wutong turned her head to look at Huo Yuhao. She asked, “Who do you hope will win this fight?”

“Xu Tianran.” Huo Yuhao answered without any hesitation.

Tang  Wutong  was  astonished.  “Aren’t  you  sympathetic  of Elder Ye after listening to Long Xiaoyao’s story earlier?”

“I am,” Huo Yuhao replied, “but I’ll still wish for Ye Xishui to be killed. There’s no room for negotiation. Can you imagine it? What would happen if an enraged, evil Ultimate Douluo escapes? Even though I don’t like the Sun Moon Empire, I don’t wish to see any innocent civilians killed. That’s why Ye Xishui must die. If she really escapes, we must risk everything to kill her. Even though we’ll incur Elder Long’s wrath, we have to do so.”
Huo Yuhao was very hard-headed with his words. He didn’t hesitate at all.

Tang Wutong nodded silently and said, “The fight has been going on for some time. Why hasn’t anyone from the Holy Ghost Church come to assist Ye Xishui? Are they really so scared of death?”

Huo Yuhao shook his head and said, “No. This must be Ye Xishui’s arrangement. It’s easier for one person to escape. If the Holy Ghost Church is here, can they resist four soul engineer legions? They’ll only send themselves to die. The Holy Ghost Church has suffered heavy losses recently. Ye Xishui must have had told them to leave first before she entered the palace herself. It’s a pity. Up until now, we still don’t know where their headquarters are. Otherwise, we could find many opportunities to make our move if we went over there now.”

At this moment, a beam of black light suddenly landed in front of Huo Yuhao. He raised his hand at grabbed at that beam of light.
It was a black piece of paper, with words in some kind of white pigment. When he saw the words on it, Huo Yuhao was astonished. He immediately held Tang Wutong’s hand and turned around before leaving.

Inside the palace, the ground only stopped shaking after a minute or so. A huge depression more than a hundred meters deep had appeared.

It was hollow beneath the palace. When Ye Xishui used her palm strike, an entire cave was immediately formed.

Ye Xishui jumped down without any hesitation. Because of this, she paid the price of two blood souls.

Even though there might be traps underground, the geography underground was confusing. She only had a chance to escape if she exploited this confusion. This was why she had to face any arrangements Xu Tianran had made underground.

Xu Tianran sighed and softly shook his head after Ye Xishui escaped underground. After this, a sly smile surfaced on his face. As he waved, the rainbow glow in the sky suddenly
scattered. Immediately, he flew towards the sky with Ju Zi. It wasn’t just him. Kong Deming, the Class 9 soul engineers and the four soul engineer legions all rose up.

A black figure appeared in the sky. It jumped into the palace without any hesitation. A low-pitched dragon roar sounded immediately after this.

Xu Tianran clearly noticed this black figure, but he didn’t stop anyone from letting the figure enter. Instead, a wider smile surfaced on his face.

The rainbow glow shone once again. The four high-energy compression array soul tools unleashed stronger beams of light compared to before. This time, even the underground of the palace was covered in a rainbow glow.

“Boom---”  A boom resonated underground. A beam of light lit up.

Ye Xishui was flung into the air by this beam of light. She didn’t manage to escape after all.
Xu Tianran laughed, “Ye Xishui, you must not have expected this. I sacrificed my palace to deal with you. I’m clearly aware of the price to pay to kill you. I drained you to force you to take risks. Otherwise, what if you had some other special ability? That’s why this will be your grave. You must not have guessed the true purpose of my four compression array soul tools. They are going to be your coffin. This is to protect Radiant City, and prevent the collapse of the palace from affecting anything in the city. It’s just that I didn’t expect Long Xiaoyao to be so attached to you. This is the best ending. Goodbye, Death God Douluo. Go and find your Death God and the Dragon God Douluo. This is great.”

As he spoke, Xu Tianran pressed a button at the bottom of his staff.

The entire palace shook a little. Following this, an orange-red glow was unleashed from underground. This glow was very weak at the start. It only appeared from the slits. However, the slits soon became bigger and bigger. The glow also became bigger and bigger. The orange-red glow and the rainbow glow of the compression array soul tools intersected.

Slight quaking sounds rumbled. It was important to know that this was even after there were compression array soul
tools to protect the city. How terrifying must the quaking be to generate this?

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong weren’t even out of Radiant City yet, but they turned around at almost the same time. What they saw was only a huge orange-red ball light rising from the imperial palace.

Huo Yuhao instantly turned pale. “Vicious. Xu Tianran is really vicious. He used his palace to deal with the Death God Douluo. I wonder how Elder Long is. Let’s go back.” Huo Yuhao pulled Tang Wutong and ran back without any hesitation. Long Xiaoyao’s condition was unknown, but Ye Xishui was definitely doomed. This was Xu Tianran’s killing blow. He must have been very confident.

Right now, Huo Yuhao’s train of thought was completely clear. He finally understood how Xu Tianran had managed to trick Ye Xishui.

The imperial palace was a complete trap. Class 9 stationary soul cannon shells must have had been installed inside the palace. As for how many of them there were, he was unsure.
However, there was definitely more than one or two if they wanted to kill an Ultimate Douluo.

From the start until the end, the compression array soul tools were a bluff. Ye Xishui’s attention was drawn to what they were capable of.

They were indeed very strong. However, they were almost invincible when it came to defending. When they were used to attack, it did seem that they were still rather flawed. However, Xu Tianran used them to defend! At the same time, the explosion was made even more destructive as it was confined. The Death God Douluo was most certainly dead!

No wonder he had such a strong sense of crisis when he got close to the imperial palace. If he and Tang Wutong were in the palace, they would have been doomed too! Even if they could escape in time, they would still be encircled by the Sun Moon Empire. This proved that his senses were very accurate. Not entering the palace saved both him and Tang Wutong.

The orange-red glow was getting stronger and stronger. Even the glow from the Sun couldn’t compare to it. If one watched from above, he would notice that there was an extra sun at the
core of Radiant City. It was a sun that was flashing with an intense red glow. This sun was dazzling, but it was filled with death.

Xu Tianran had already flown up high. Even though his plan was foolproof, and the soul tools were capable of withstanding the explosion, he still flew up high. There was no harm for him to be cautious, and this was something he did very well.

Chapter 602: Death of an Ultimate Douluo?

Ju Zi was behind Xu Tianran. This plan had been conceptualized by both of them. Of course, Xu Tianran had had this plan all along. She had merely helped him refine and perfect it. It was precisely because of this plan that Xu Tianran was able to fully commit to his decision.

The plan had unfolded perfectly, and even the Darkness Holy Dragon was trapped within it. Both Ultimate Douluo from the Holy Ghost Church had fallen into their trap. The Holy Ghost Church was finished. Even if their remaining people were able to run away, they were no longer a threat. Without the two Ultimate Douluo, the Holy Ghost Church was no longer able to threaten the Sun Moon Empire. It would not be too difficult to exterminate the remaining evil soul masters.

Right now, the Imperial Dragon Soul Engineer Legion was still by Xu Tianran’s side, protecting him. The rest of the three beast lord-ranked soul engineer legions were scattered around the sky above the palace. All of their surveillance soul tools were locked onto this area. If the Darkness Holy Dragon and the Death God Douluo were somehow able to survive their attack, they would receive a final devastating blow from these
soul engineer legions. This was the last step of Xu Tianran’s plan.

A huge number of troops had gathered towards the palace from all directions. The civilians had been escorted out as the troops made sure that there were no trespassers entering the palace right now.

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong were naturally exceptions. Under the protection of his Imitation, they were able to enter the cordoned-off area with ease.

The bright orange light was still shining at this moment. It was clear how powerful that explosion was. Huo Yuhao would definitely not want to try to resist the devastating power within that explosion. The temperature had to be at least a few thousand degrees celsius. It was not something the human body could withstand. Even an Ultimate Ice Transcendent Douluo like him would not be able to withstand that heat.

What a vicious plan!

Ju Zi, was this your plan, or Xu Tianran’s?

Ju Zi was also looking at the explosion from the air. Like Xu Tianran, she also revealed a smile. However, her smile was a warm one instead of the chilling laughter that Xu Tianran was giving out.

All the important personnel within the palace, including Ju Zi’s son, had already been evacuated. They had only left a few servants and guards to trick the Death God Douluo. At the end of the day, there were a few people who had to die with the Death God Douluo.

The two of them had to die. If they were to live, Huo Yuhao would have to face them in the near future. Ju Zi knew that the Death God Douluo would never let Huo Yuhao go. Similarly, Huo Yuhao would never let her go. The only way to resolve this conflict was that one of them had to die. Yuhao, now that I have taken down two of your most powerful enemies, you should be a lot safer.

After knowing that the man she loved was in a much safer state now, Ju Zi was very happy. However, some bitterness was infused into her happiness. The reason was that Huo Yuhao would never truly belong to her. However, she was still happy
that she could do something for him. This was true even though she knew that he would not want her to help him.

Ju Zi had always enjoyed solving problems through the simplest means. She was happy that the Holy Ghost Church problem was coming to an end. Nonetheless, it was quite a pity that Xu Tianran did not sustain many losses from this incident. There were still several powerful soul masters and soul engineers around him. Of course, Ju Zi’s second plan was about to unfold soon.

It was a brilliant plan to destroy the two Ultimate Douluo at the expense of the palace. Without the palace, there would be no high-energy compression array soul tools. At the same time, the four high-energy compression array soul tools around Radiant City were already being used to ensure the explosion within the palace did not flatten the entire city.

This was the perfect example of a good scheme. Ju Zi had managed to combine what she wanted to achieve and what would inevitably happen together in her plan. She was able to be righteous while tricking her opponents into her trap. It seemed as though the power of destiny was fuelling her schemes.
After seeing how successful her plan was, Ju Zi could not help but smile even wider. Even if that man would never be hers, there was another person who would always be hers. He was none other than her son.

Her son's name, Yunhan, had a special relationship with Huo Yuhao's name. The Yu character in Yuhao's name was like the rain to the cloud in Yunhan's Yun. Hao and Han combined to mean vastness.

Xu Tianran naturally did not know what his wife was thinking right now. At this moment, his body was filled with adrenaline. He was so excited to have taken down two Ultimate Douluo. This was definitely a first for the Sun Moon Empire. After all, Du Busi had not been killed by him. He had committed suicide. On top of that, he was not an Ultimate Douluo.

This time round, his achievement would definitely go down in history. He would be revered by future generations.

"Hahaha!" Xu Tianran let out a burst of deafening laughter that scared Ju Zi, who was by his side.
"Now that the Holy Ghost Church had been destroyed, it's time for us to focus on the Star Luo Empire and the Dou Ling Empire. Ju Zi, I will give you a year to reorganize our troops and replenish them with equipment, manpower, and supplies. A year later, you will set off as the Marshal and conquer the entire continent for me. I want the entire Douluo Continent to tremble under our feet and shudder under the glow of our soul tools. Once the last empire had been destroyed, we shall rename Douluo Continent the Sun Moon Continent!"

"But I will not destroy Shrek Academy. Even though they have been going against me, they are still the pinnacle and shrine for all soul masters. At the end of the day, I am also a soul master. Once we have conquered the entire continent, I will make the Academy bow down to us. When that happens, I will put on the Academy's uniform and attend lessons there. After all, this was my childhood dream. I will then name it the Sun Moon Imperial Academy, and make sure it stays a part of our empire forever. They will ensure that we remain a powerful empire for the rest of history. "

"Long live Your Majesty! Long live Your Majesty!" The soul engineers from the Imperial Soul Engineer Legion cheered in unison.
Everyone could see the excitement and anticipation in Xu Tianran's eyes. It was almost as if he had seen the entire continent bow down before him.

Even though Kong Deming was standing quietly behind Xu Tianran, his eyes were sparkling with the same excitement as Xu Tianran's. At the end of the day, any citizen of the Sun Moon Empire would be excited by what he had just said.

The bright orange light did not start to fade until fifteen minutes had passed. Even then, it was fading very slowly. On the other hand, the multi-colored barrier formed by the four high-energy compression array soul tools had already become very faint. It had become so thin that its colors were almost no longer visible.

The explosion within the barrier was simply too frightening. It was so powerful that the barrier formed by the high-energy compression array soul tools had almost crumbled under its power.

“Ju Zi, you were right to direct a huge amount of energy from the high-energy compression array soul tools in the outer city. Even though this means that the outer city’s high-energy
compression array soul tools will need to recharge for a long time, it has allowed us to accomplish our goal. If we had failed to contain the explosion, I believe we would have lost at least a third of Radiant City. It seems like you have made another great contribution again. Tell me, how should I reward you?”

Ju Zi smiled and answered politely, “As long as Your Majesty allows me to stay by your side and witness you succeed in conquering the entire continent, that is enough for Ju Zi.”

“Hahaha! You have put it very well!”  Xu Tianran laughed again. In fact, it had been a while since he had been so pleased and happy. He had not even been this excited back then when he had ascended the throne.

The reason was that he was no longer the same person as before. Previously, Xu Tianran was not able to control the entire land before him. Now, he was truly the mightiest Emperor in the entire continent. Not only was he able to control the internal affairs within his empire, but he was also able to gain the support and reverence of his ministers and generals. Now that he had conquered the Heavenly Soul Empire and taken down the two Ultimate Douluo that were constantly bugging him, how could he not be exhilarated?
He no longer wanted to suppress his emotions. This was because there was no longer anyone in this world who could question him. He truly wanted to be the first and mightiest emperor of the entire continent!

Xu Tianran was deeply impassioned by Ju Zi’s words as he clenched his fists tightly. If not for his legs, he would definitely have moved out with his troops and witnessed the glorious act of his army trampling over the other empires with his own eyes!

As the bright orange light continued to fade, he was slowly able to see the situation within the barrier formed by the high- energy compression array soul tools.

The area enveloped by the barrier appeared to be very clean. It did not look like it had just gone through a massive explosion. In fact, the entire ground was sparkling clean. That was because there was no more ground. All that was left was a gigantic crater. Red hot lava surrounded the incredibly deep crater. The fiery liquid was still flowing within the crater, deepening it. Because of the high temperature of the lava, the light within the barrier was contorted and bent.
What was originally the palace now only consisted of the four high-energy compression array soul tools at the four corners of its compound. They were the only things still intact after the explosion. However, even those soul tools were starting to burn up. Traces of black smoke could be seen coming from them. It was apparent that they were starting to break down due to the immense energy released by the explosion.

Xu Tianran did not feel that it was a bad deal to trade his palace for two Ultimate Douluo. This was a loss he could definitely afford.

However, it was still undeniable that it was an incredible explosion! Ten Class 9 stationary soul cannon shells had been used. The two Ultimate Douluo should be pleased with how their deaths were “celebrated”.

All ten stationary soul cannon shells were of the same type. They were all high-energy, highly explosive, and heat- releasing.

Just a single one of them would be sufficient to take down a normal city. One could only imagine the temperature and
explosive forces released by ten of these stationary soul cannon shells compressed within this small area. A God might not even be able to survive this explosion.

Xu Tianran was really happy to see how everything had unfolded. Now, all that was left to do was to clean up the mess.

“Boom!”  A loud explosion could be heard from within the barrier. It seemed like one of the high-energy compression array soul tools had finally given way, and exploded. It released dense black smoke into the air as the multi-colored light barrier faded. Following which, a chain reaction occurred as the three other high-energy compression array soul tools exploded one after another. More black smoke was released into the air.

It seemed like all of them had been destroyed by the explosion. However, their purpose had already been realized. At the end of the day, the Sun Moon Empire had paid a hefty price to take down two Ultimate Douluo. They had lost two Class 9 soul engineers, a large number of guards and servants within the palace, four of the latest high-energy compression array soul tools, and ten Class 9 stationary soul cannon shells. The value of these things would have been enough to build a huge city from scratch.

However, Xu Tianran was still very happy. After all, the two Ultimate Douluo would have been able to destroy more than a huge city if they were to combine their powers.

Without the multi-colored barrier, the heat from the explosion instantly surged out and scattered in all directions. At that instant, the ambient temperature within the entire Radiant City seemed to have risen by quite a bit. The places which were nearer to the palace became incredibly sweltering.

This was inevitable. Fortunately, Xu Tianran had prepared for this. He had organized a team to project beams of water into the huge crater within the palace.

Huge amounts of steam were released at that moment. It was truly an impressive sight to behold.

Xu Tianran, who was still floating in the air, smiled at Ju Zi and said, “When we rebuild the palace, there is no longer a need to excavate. It is now a lot deeper than before. In fact, the underground walls should be incredibly tough now that they have been baked by the heat.”
Suddenly, the beeping sound of an alarm could be heard! The sound immediately alerted all the soul engineers from the Imperial Soul Engineer Legion, who had been starting to lower their guard. They instantly activated their linked defensive barriers to protect Xu Tianran, Ju Zi, and the rest. The Emperor’s safety was of the utmost importance.

“What’s going on?” Xu Tianran exclaimed.

“Your Majesty, we have detected soul power and spiritual power fluctuations from the crater. The fluctuations are of incredible magnitude, and they are enveloping the entire palace.”  One of the soul engineers reported to Xu Tianran. Now that the Sun Moon Empire had installed surveillance soul tools above the palace, they were able to detect any movement or changes instantly.

Xu Tianran was visibly frustrated by the news. “Attack. I want all of you to launch an all-out attack on the palace.”  He did not dare to imagine what would happen if both Ultimate Douluo were still alive.

Suddenly, the steam turned into countless snowflakes. Huge snowflakes began to dance above the palace, and their
extremely cold auras chased away the intense heat which was radiating from the crater. At the same time, they prevented the surveillance soul tools from monitoring the events unfolding within the crater.

A series of loud explosions continued to ring in the air as the crater within the palace became deeper with the attacks which thrown into it by the soul engineers. All sorts of lights from the explosions crushed the snowflakes as Radiant City trembled under the explosive power of the Imperial Soul Engineer Legion.

Ju Zi could not help but clench her fists at the sight of this. She naturally recognized those snowflakes. Idiot! Why are you here right now? Are you actually trying to save the Death God Douluo? Why?!

Of course, Huo Yuhao would not be giving her an answer. The reason was that both he and Tang Wutong had already disappeared with the two Ultimate Douluo when the cannons were fired. The security established by the troops was nothing when it was up against Huo Yuhao’s Imitation and Spiritual Interference Domain.
The clothes on Long Xiaoyao’s body had already disappeared. What was left were just the burned black dragon scales on his body.

On the other hand, Ye Xishui’s body seemed to be giving off a radiant aura. At this moment, she seemed to have become a holy angel of sorts. However, her body was somewhat translucent. The Blood Soul Demonpuppet aura on her body had vanished completely.

Chapter 603: Dual Legacy

Long Xiaoyao was carrying Ye Xishui. There was a mysterious glow on Ye Xishui’s face as she stared at Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong. Surprisingly, she seemed to be very calm about the whole thing.

“Let’s talk later and leave now!” This was the first thing Long Xiaoyao said after seeing Huo Yuhao.

Prior to this, just when the barrier formed by the high- energy compression array soul tools had disappeared, Huo Yuhao had received a transmitted message from Long Xiaoyao. He had been told by Long Xiaoyao to cover him.

At that instant, Huo Yuhao actually hesitated. Even though he had only heard Long Xiaoyao’s voice, he felt that Ye Xishui was probably still alive. If he were to save Long Xiaoyao, he would also end up saving Ye Xishui.

However, he decided after a short moment that favors and grudges were meant to be settled separately. He should return the favor to Long Xiaoyao before thinking about how he should
exact his revenge on Ye Xishui. Even if Long Xiaoyao were to try and stop him, he would never let Ye Xishui get away scot- free. After all, it would be disastrous to let an evil soul master who was also an Ultimate Douluo get away.

The chaotic explosions continued for a good fifteen minutes before they ended. By then, both Xu Tianran and Ju Zi were already very anxious. In fact, goosebumps had already formed on Xu Tianran’s skin.

If the Dragon Emperor Douluo and the Death God Douluo were still somehow able to survive, he would definitely not be able to bear the consequences. In fact, no one would be able to take their wrath. The entire Sun Moon Empire would probably be destroyed by their rage and fury.

“Ju  Zi,  do  you  think  they’re  dead?”   Xu  Tianran  turned around and looked at Ju Zi.

“Dead,   they   must   be   dead!”    Ju   Zi   exclaimed   with determination. This was the first time she sensed cowardice from Xu Tianran. He was actually afraid of what might happen!
“Yes, they must be dead. They have to be dead.” Xu Tianran exclaimed.

Right now, all of Radiant City had been locked down by the soldiers and soul engineers. However, their methods were useless against Huo Yuhao. Once he unleashed his Imitation, no one would be able to detect him, or the people whom he was bringing along with him.

After traveling for a good fifty kilometers—which was but a short moment for a Transcendent Douluo—Huo Yuhao stopped within a small forest.

He had to stop now. In fact, at this instant, he revealed a very serious and solemn expression. He was about to face a very difficult problem. Even though he really did not want to confront it, he knew he had to settle it now.

After seeing how Huo Yuhao had stopped, Tang Wutong naturally stopped moving. She held hands with him as both of them turned around. Long Xiaoyao had been following behind them while carrying Ye Xishui on his back.
At this instant, Huo Yuhao noticed how Long Xiaoyao’s scales had turned dark red. His old face had also become very red. However, it was not a healthy kind of red. In Huo Yuhao’s eyes, all he saw was the aura of death.

That’s true! Even an Ultimate Douluo should not be able to come out alive from those frightening explosions. Long Xiaoyao and Ye Xishui are already more than two hundred years old, and are definitely past their peak. Hence, they should be in an extremely dire state.

Long Xiaoyao placed Ye Xishui onto the ground gently as he propped her up to allow her to sit up straight. However, Ye Xishui raised one of her hands as she held onto Long Xiaoyao’s shoulder. She wanted to stand next to him.

What surprised both Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong was how Ye Xishui had seemed to become younger.

Long Xiaoyao was right. Ye Xishui was very beautiful when she was younger. In fact, she did not pale in comparison to Tang Wutong at all.
The gentle and radiant golden aura she was giving off made her seem very holy and sacred. This was exactly the same as the time Huo Yuhao had first seen Ye Guyi use her angel martial soul. Her skin was fair and porcelain-like. The smile she had on her face seemed to tell Huo Yuhao that she had let go of all of her grudges. Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong were very shocked by the transformation in her look and attitude.

They had no idea what the two Ultimate Douluo’s current states were. They only knew that both of them seemed to be behaving in a strange way.

Huo Yuhao could still sense the pure and powerful soul power fluctuations from Ye Xishui’s body. She no longer seemed to have the aura that evil soul masters possessed. However, she didn’t seem to be radiating any life energy either.

On the other hand, Long Xiaoyao’s body was still radiating fairly powerful life energy fluctuations. However, Huo Yuhao could tell that they were deteriorating, and were terribly unstable.

“Senior Long.”  Huo Yuhao forced himself to look at Long Xiaoyao.

Long Xiaoyao sighed and said, “I know. There’s no chance that you will let Xishui go today. I understand where you’re coming from. Both of you should also be able to tell that we’re almost dead. However, I don’t know if I can fulfill my own wish before then. I had originally wanted you to find me after you reached Rank 98. But it seems like I’m running out of time!”

Huo Yuhao kept silent. He had heard Long Xiaoyao’s story with Ye Xishui from Long Xiaoyao himself. In fact, he could understand the pain in his heart.

“Yuhao, can I ask something of you?” Long Xiaoyao asked.

Huo  Yuhao  remained  silent  before  saying,  “As  long  as  it doesn’t involve me letting Senior Ye go, I can promise you any other thing.”

Huo Yuhao knew that Ye Xishui and Long Xiaoyao would never be able to defeat him and Tang Wutong in their current state.
Long Xiaoyao shook his head and said, “When I eventually die, I will naturally lose the ability to protect her. I just want you to promise me not to hurt her until I die. Can you kill her after I’ve died?”

Huo Yuhao’s body froze. His heart was pained to see an Ultimate Douluo going down on his knees for something so simple!

After hesitating for a short while, Huo Yuhao replied, “As long as Senior Ye doesn’t try to flee, I can definitely do what you have requested of me.”

Long Xiaoyao nodded and said, “You can rest assured that you will not regret accepting my request. I will definitely reward you for this.” As he spoke, he slowly turned around to face Ye Xishui. The look on his face was instantly replaced with the gentlest expression.

“Xishui, you are really very beautiful. You have remained so beautiful while I have aged so much.” His voice was very gentle as he spoke slowly. It was as though he was confessing something.
Ye Xishui flashed a gentle smile on her beautiful face. “No, we have both aged. I never thought that I would be able to be with you until our last moments. I am so happy that things are ending this way. Don’t be sad. This is the best ending that I can get.”

Long Xiaoyao’s voice started to tremble. “Xishui, have you really forgiven me? Are you really willing to forgive me for everything I did to you?”

Ye Xishui smiled. She seemed to be genuinely happy.

“Xiaoyao, you’re really an idiot. In fact, it’s not just you. Mu En was also an idiot. Both of you are really idiots. Both of you have been played by me all this while! It’s just that both of you are too dumb to realize it. You’re really a big idiot!”

Even though she was laughing, tears were pouring down her face.

“Why is that?” Long Xiaoyao stared blankly at her.
Ye Xishui sighed and said, “You gave way too much for me in this lifetime. Now that we have both reached the last moments of our lives, let me do something for you. Let me remove the baggage you have been carrying with you all this while, and leave our world happily. I can finally share a lot of things with you.”

Long Xiaoyao was stunned. In fact, both Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong were stunned. What Ye Xishui was about to say was definitely something she had hidden with her life.

“What do you plan to tell me?” Long Xiaoyao asked.

Ye Xishui smiled plainly. “That thing. The thing you have always been feeling guilty about actually doesn’t exist. If I were to rephrase what I just said, I meant that you did not have to feel guilty about it. The reason is that I had planned it all along. The person whom I was waiting for was you all along— not Mu En. I was willing to be married to you.”

“What are you saying?” Long Xiaoyao could not believe what he had just heard. Huo Yuhao could see the fear in his eyes. Long Xiaoyao stared at Ye Xishui and said, “Xishui, stop it. Stop
speaking. I don’t want you to spoil my impression of you. You were perfect back then, at least.”

Ye  Xishui  shook  her  head  and  said,  “No,  I  want  to  say everything. If I can’t let everything out, I can’t bear to die. Actually, you don’t have to worry about anything. Even though you had been protecting me by my side and were even being used by me for all these years, you had not lost anything. The reason is that you have been protecting a woman who loves you from the bottom of her heart. Do you know that?”

Long Xiaoyao stared at Ye Xishui in disbelief. Perhaps it was because of the current state of his body, but he was actually losing control of his emotions.

Ye Xishui continued, “Back then, when both of us and Mu En first participated in the Continental Advanced Soul Master Academy Soul Dueling Tournament, I had already gone there with an ulterior motive. Back then, I was already a part of the Holy Ghost Church. My sole intention was to identify the best talents among our generation. Hence, I met you and Mu En.”

“Both of you were so outstanding and powerful. In fact, I paled in comparison to both of you. All of us were young back
then, and it was easy for us to get together. On top of that, I had an agenda for getting close to both of you. Hence, both of you fell in love with me unknowingly. At the same time, I had also fallen in love with one of you.”

“You must have thought that Mu En was the one I had loved all this while, right? Now I can tell you truthfully that you’ve been a big idiot. I loved you right from the beginning. In fact, I had never liked Mu En.”

“You were extroverted, handsome, and loved to show off. I fell in love with everything about you. Mu En was also great, but he was too much like a stone. He’s not my type at all. Hence, you were the one who I had loved all this while.”

“However, I could not choose you. Zhongli Wu’s father would never allow me to choose you because you were not a member of Shrek Academy. This was exactly why I was forced by him to choose Mu En instead of you.”

After hearing what Ye Xishui had said, his mind turned completely blank. He had not expected the biggest misery in his life to have originated like this.

Ye Xishui was still smiling, even though tears were streaming down her face.

“Afterward, we met again. It was during that time when I was tasked by Zhongli Wu’s father to separate you. He told me how dangerous it was for the Holy Ghost Church to be up against two of the most gifted soul masters of my generation.
Hence, I had to turn you against each other. That was the only way we could stop both of you from affecting the development of the Holy Ghost Church.”

“Hence, I proposed that plan and used my body to bait you. After giving you my first time, I created a painful conflict for the three of us. However, only both of you were truly in pain. I had always known what I was doing. I was the Sacred Lady of the Holy Ghost Church! Hahaha!”

“Y-You…”  Long Xiaoyao pointed at Ye Xishui as he spat out blood from his mouth.

Ye Xishui stared at him gently and said, “Xiaoyao, please don’t be angry. You will only die too quickly for me to finish what I have to say. Perhaps you will be less angry after you have heard what I have to say.”

“After what happened then, I left. However, I did not regret what I had done. I had given my body to the person whom I truly loved. I knew that both you and Mu En would have to live a life of misery after that. However, I had no choice. Do you know that Zhongli Wu’s father would have to kill both of you if my plan had failed? Compared to watching him kill both of
you, I would rather watch both of you suffer in misery! After all, you are my love, and Mu En was a big brother whom I looked up to! How could I not know how nice he was to me? Both of you have always been incredibly important in my heart. Hence, I needed to do that to protect both of you from the Holy Ghost Church.”

“And I succeeded. Both of you ended up becoming Ultimate Douluo. Even though both of you were in pain and misery, we were at the very least still alive. Isn’t that right?”

“After a few decades, Zhongli Wu’s father forced me to bear him a son before he died. He told me how that was the only way he could hand over leadership over to me without any worries. Following which, he helped me become an Ultimate Douluo. That was when I completely became the enemy of Shrek Academy. As the Sacred Lady of the Holy Ghost Church, I could never really be with either of you.”

“Do you know how much I wanted to be with you that time we met after Zhongli Wu’s father died? However, I knew I could not. The reason is that I was already the Leader of the Holy Ghost Church. As the leader among all evil soul masters, I would ruin your reputation if I were to get together with you. I could only force you to follow me and protect me. This would
allow you to continue to be regarded as the Dragon Emperor Douluo, instead of a member of the Holy Ghost Church.”

“I am so happy that you have continued to follow me and protect me even after a hundred years. I might be an immoral and evil soul master, but I am still human. Do you really think I cannot see the feelings you have for me? However, I didn’t dare to get together with you. I couldn’t bear to see your name destroyed because of me. Hence, I could not let you know about the love I have for you.”

“Now, I can finally exclaim my love for you. Xiaoyao, I have always loved you and you alone. Even though you have followed me and suffered because of me for more than a hundred years, I must tell you that I am definitely deserving of your love. The reason is that I have borne a son for you. Do you know that?”

“W-What did you say?”  Long Xiaoyao’s jaw dropped after hearing what Ye Xishui had said. His body began to tremble. A son? Xishui has borne a son for me? However, it had already been more than a hundred years. Even if he was a powerful soul master, he would have probably died after a hundred years.
“You probably did not expect that. I knew you would have been very shocked after hearing what I had to say. To be honest, just like you, I have not seen him for more than a hundred years. I don’t even know if he’s still alive. I can’t go and see him, because I can’t bear to let him know that his mother is an evil soul master, and the Leader of the Holy Ghost Church. I only wish for him to lead a healthy life and be a normal human being. In fact, I don’t even want him to be a soul master. Hence, I gave him the surname of Yan—my surname before I joined the Holy Ghost Church.”

“However, fate works in mysterious ways. Our grandson was actually able to get into Shrek Academy by his own merit. He eventually became a disciple of Mu En. If I had not known that his martial soul was the same as my second martial soul—the Radiant Phoenix, I would not have known that Mu En had accepted our grandchild as his disciple. In fact, Mu En did his best to nurture him, and he ended up as the Dean of the Martial Soul Department.

“What?!” Both Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong could not help but express their disbelief. If not for Ye Xishui’s confession today, who would have known that Yan Shaozhe was actually Long Xiaoyao’s and Ye Xishui’s grandson?
“You’re lying. You’re trying to sow discord among the people within the Academy!” Tang Wutong exclaimed in rage.

Ye Xishui smiled as she looked at Long Xiaoyao, who had already been stunned by everything she had said. “Is there a need for me to sow discord when things have already come to this stage? Besides, as an Ultimate Douluo, do you think I have to go around and spoil relationships? I am who I am. I say what I say. Of course, I will not go around spreading lies. Shaozhe should be our grandchild or great-grandchild, judging from his age. However, I have never tried to contact him. I have only gone to check on his bloodline and confirm that he is our descendant.”

Huo Yuhao pulled Tang Wutong back and shook his head.
Tang Wutong simply could not believe what she was hearing.

Long Xiaoyao frowned as he looked at Ye Xishui. “Is this all real? I really can’t believe it. Why? Why didn’t you tell me all of this earlier?”

Ye Xishui spoke plainly, “This is because I was the Sacred Lady of the Holy Ghost Church! I was the Leader of the Holy Ghost Church! I am the Supreme Leader of the Holy Ghost
Church! What could I have told you? I have already done so many immoral and inhuman things. I have the blood of hundreds of thousands of lives on my hands. What would have changed if I told you all of this? So that you would fall deeper in love with me? So that you would become an evil soul master? So that we would drag all of our descendants into the Holy Ghost Church? No. I could not have said all of this to you. In fact, I can’t even share them with anyone else. I could only
bury all of it in my heart. I can only dream of the momentary
sweet moments I had in my dreams. These sweet memories are what prevent me from becoming the true destroyer of the world.”

“Look at this!” Ye Xishui raised her arms as a gentle golden flame rose around her body. “This is my real trump card. No one would have expected an evil soul master with the Blood Soul Demonpuppet to possess a second martial soul. Even Zhongli Wu’s father didn’t know that I had this martial soul. I did my best to hide it from everyone. The people from the Holy Ghost Church would definitely kill me if they knew I had this martial soul. Hence, I have hidden it for close to two hundred years. I had not expected it to be useful today. By using the phoenix’s ability to rise from the ashes, I was able to save both of our lives.”
Long Xiaoyao shook his head and said, “I should not have entered. If it was just you alone, you might have been able to survive. You would not have had to ignite your life energy.”

Ye Xishui shook her head and said, “No, if you hadn’t entered, I would really have died. My heart would have died. I really wanted you to come in. The only reason why I chose to enter the trap willingly is that I had already become tired of this world. I needed to find a place where I could truly belong. I had planned all of this carefully. Do you think that Xu Tianran can actually trick me? Do you think his trap would have been successful if I hadn’t entered willingly? I was using this last chance to see if you still loved me, just like a hundred years go. I am so glad I was right. Xiaoyao, thank you for not disappointing me. I am really, really happy.”

Long Xiaoyao’s breathing was becoming more pained as he stared at Ye Xishui. However, he remained silent.

Ye Xishui lifted her hand and stroked his face gently.

“What’s wrong? Why are you keeping quiet?”
“You have made my life so miserable with all your lies!” Long Xiaoyao looked up into the sky and bellowed. At that instant, tears streamed from his old eyes. He would never have expected his struggles to be so meaningless. He did not know that he was bearing responsibility for a crime he had never

At this instant, he did not feel relieved or happy. He just felt as though he was empty. That sensation was a lot more painful than what he had gone through before.

Ye Xishui spoke gently, "Xiaoyao, this is our last moment together in this world. Even though our lives are ending soon, I want to be your wife from this moment onwards. Will you be my husband? From now on, you no longer have to listen to my orders. I will do whatever you ask me to do and be a good wife, alright?"

Long Xiaoyao stared at Ye Xishui and said, "All this while, I thought that you were the person to whom I owed the greatest apology. Now, I finally realize that Mu En is the one whom we need to apologize to. He must have suffered a lot more pain than we went through. Even though he has died, he still did not know what actually happened all those years ago. You are really cruel to him!"

Ye Xishui sighed and said, "Sometimes, ignorance is bliss. We often underestimate time's ability to heal wounds. The reason why I have not visited him in all these years was so that I would not reawaken those painful memories. At the end of the day, he eventually had a family and took on responsibilities at Shrek Academy. Even if those painful memories were still a part of him, they would be but a small part of his existence. In my opinion, you suffered more by staying by my side."

Long Xiaoyao turned around and looked in the direction of Shrek Academy before saying, "Brother Mu, who would have known that both of us were badly mistaken about the truth back then? The Holy Ghost Church had always been our common enemy! Xishui, you are right. At the very least, I’ll know what actually happened before I die. I will not die like an ignorant fool. Brother Mu, it seems like I won't be able to repay what I owe you in this life! I guess I can only make it up to you by doing a favor for your disciple."

After finishing his sentence, he quickly turned around and looked at Ye Xishui. "Xishui, are you really willing to follow everything I say?"

Ye Xishui nodded silently.

"Okay! Even though you won't be able to make up for everything you have done, let's try to leave something behind on this continent. Let us do something for Brother Mu. How does that sound?"

Ye Xishui smiled and said, "I will do anything you ask me to."
Long Xiaoyao turned around to face Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong. "Yuhao, I had originally planned for you to look for me after you reached Rank 98. Previously, Xuan Zi had written to me about how you had managed to form Yin Yang Complement soul cores. Is that true?"

"Yin Yang Complement? He actually did it?" Ye Xishui was very surprised by what she heard. "No wonder he was able to take down so many of our evil soul masters. He had actually managed to form Yin Yang Complement Soul Cores, something which only Di Tian has managed to accomplish. Tell me, lad, how was your body able to withstand the frightening amount of pressure?"

Huo Yuhao chose not to answer Ye Xishui's question. He merely nodded at Long Xiaoyao.

“Since you have already formed your second soul core before becoming an Ultimate Douluo, this means that you will have to form your third soul core when you are pushing for Rank 99. I can foresee how that will be incredibly difficult. I originally wanted to help you in your final push, but it seems like I won’t have a chance to help you anymore. As I continue to weaken before I die, there is no longer any use for me to hold onto my soul power. If I were to give it to you, it might actually help you
to form your third soul core. At the very least, I would actually help you to make history. However, I don’t think I can live to see you reach Rank 98. I guess I can only pass you the purest thing within my soul power, as well as some of the things I have comprehended in the past few years. This will be the only way I can repay Mu En.”

“Senior Long, I can’t accept this.” Huo Yuhao held his hand before him. He was shocked to learn that Long Xiaoyao was actually looking for him for this.

Long Xiaoyao smiled and shook his head. “Don’t reject my offer. This is my last wish. If you were to reject me, I won’t be able to rest in peace. Besides, I would rather pass what I have cultivated to someone rather than let it disintegrate into nothing. You don’t have to worry about me handing all of my soul power to you. I will only be passing you the purest and most basic thing within my soul power. I will inject this pure energy into your body and allow you to digest it slowly. At the same time, it will probably help you establish a foundation for your future third soul core.”

After finishing his sentence, Long Xiaoyao turned around to look at Tang Wutong. “To be honest, I didn’t expect you to
have formed your second soul core too. Is it also a Yin Yang Complement soul core?”

Tang Wutong glanced at Huo Yuhao before nodding. “Yes. I only managed to complete it with Yuhao’s help.”

“Great! That’s great! Xishui, I need you to hand your soul power to this lady. This is my final request for you. We will leave our power in their hands.”

Ye Xishui was a little stunned, but she immediately nodded before looking at Tang Wutong.

However, Tang Wutong seemed to have a different idea. She shook her head violently and said, “I don’t want the power of an evil soul master.”

Ye Xishui gave her a bitter smile before saying, “I no longer have any power from my evil soul master self. In fact, all of my evil soul power, including the Death God Pagoda, was destroyed back at the Palace. Even my Blood Soul Demonpuppet martial soul and my very own body had been destroyed. Can’t you tell that I no longer have a body? I am
now but a body of energy. The only reason my soul did not shatter was because my cultivation was sufficiently high. I had originally only intended to protect Xiaoyao and get him out alive. I didn’t know that he was already severely injured before then. Hence, his life is also coming to an end. You can rest assured that my Radiant Phoenix martial soul has not been tainted with anyone’s blood. It only contains the purest radiant power, which is also the kind and gentle side of me. Now, I am no longer the Death God Douluo. I am but Long Xiaoyao’s wife. Ye Xishui has already died.”

Tang Wutong frowned after hearing her words. She still could not overcome the psychological barrier in her heart.

At this very instant, an extremely familiar voice rang in her head.

“She is right. She is no longer the Death God Douluo. All of the filthy things in her body died during the explosion. Help them fulfill their final wish.”

“Father!” Tang Wutong exclaimed.
Huo Yuhao, Long Xiaoyao, and Ye Xishui were shocked upon hearing what Tang Wutong had just said. It was important to note that they were all at the pinnacle of the world of soul masters. How could they not know if someone else was also present?

Tang Wutong gave them an awkward smile and explained, “Sorry! I suddenly remembered something my father told me. Alright. I will accept it. But I won’t thank you for your gift.”

Ye Xishui smiled. “I have never asked anyone for gratitude. I am just doing what my husband wants. Xiaoyao is right. I owe Mu En too much. I’m just glad that I can do something for his disciple in the last few moments of my life.”

Huo Yuhao turned to face Long Xiaoyao, only to see the sincerity in his eyes. The Three-Eyed Golden Lion’s Skull of Destiny did not give him any warning of impending danger. He knew that neither of them were trying to trick them.

“Senior Long, is there really no way to save you?” Huo Yuhao asked sadly.
Long Xiaoyao flickered and reappeared behind him. “I have explained myself already. I want to die before Xishui. Sit down.” As he spoke, he placed one of his hands on Huo Yuhao’s shoulder. Even though he was already severely injured, the Dragon Emperor Douluo was still incredibly strong. Huo Yuhao was forced into a sitting position.

Tang Wutong also sat down before Huo Yuhao as they faced one another. They could see the sadness and shock in each other’s eyes.

Long Xiaoyao and Ye Xishui stood behind Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong respectively. They placed their palms behind both of their backs.

“You two can fuse your martial souls, right? I need both of you to start cultivating, and slowly receive our soul power.” Long Xiaoyao ordered.

“Okay!” Huo Yuhao raised his palms and placed them against Tang Wutong’s. At that instant, their Haodong Power started to flow between them as countless little vortexes began to move between their bodies.
Huo Yuhao had enveloped his Spiritual Detection around the four of them. Even though his intuition told him that he would not be in any danger, he knew that he should still be wary of Ye Xishui. After all, she was the most powerful evil soul master within the Holy Ghost Church! If Ye Xishui were to decide to do something bad to Tang Wutong, Huo Yuhao would immediately use his Xuanwu Displacement to switch places with her. He believed that he should still be able to handle her blow, especially with the current state she was in.

After a while, it seemed like Huo Yuhao’s intuition was correct.

Long Xiaoyao and Ye Xishui had inserted their soul power in a gentle way into both of their bodies.

Long Xiaoyao exclaimed, “Yin Yang Complement soul cores are truly remarkable! They are definitely one of the miracles of our world. I have never seen such pure and condensed soul power. In fact, they have fused so well. The two soul cores complement one another while providing the necessary opposing forces to build up strength and power. This is truly the best way to train.”
Ye Xishui nodded and said, “That’s right! Even though I had twin martial souls, I did not dare to train my Radiant Phoenix. I have always hidden it from everyone. If not, I might also have had a chance to form my own Yin Yang Complement soul cores. Who knows? They might just be able to challenge Di Tian with their human bodies if they are able to become Ultimate Douluo.”

Long Xiaoyao smiled and said, "Then let us be a part of this miracle."

Long Xiaoyao and Ye Xishui continued to channel their soul power into Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong's bodies. The soul power they were transferring did not have any elemental type. It was the purest kind of soul power. Their soul power was able to immediately fuse with the Haodong Power without any conversion.

No wonder they were Ultimate Douluo. They knew exactly how to use their soul power to help others.

Both Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong were able to withstand the pressure from the soul power because of their Yin Yang Complement soul cores. Their bodies had become a lot more
resistant to these forces after forming their second soul cores. The four soul cores in their bodies absorbed the pure soul power greedily as Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong's cultivation improved rapidly.

Chapter 604: Rank 98!

After fifteen minutes, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong’s soul power suddenly rose to Rank 96.

In another hour, their soul power rose to Rank 97.

Two hours later, they were Rank 98.

In less than four hours, their cultivations had increased to Rank 98 with the help of the two Ultimate Douluo. When they reached that point, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong’s hands were no longer holding on to each other anymore.

Just like they had judged earlier, their Haodong Power could no longer flow between them when their cultivation reached a certain tier. This was because it was too powerful. It was so strong that they themselves couldn’t handle it anymore.

It was only by letting go of each other’s hands that the soul power circulating in their bodies would weaken. This would
open up more places in their bodies to circulate the immense soul power of an Ultimate Douluo.

Although Long Xiaoyao and Ye Xishui transferred purified soul power into them, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong only realized how dense Ultimate Douluo soul power was when they received it. Their soul power felt completely boundless.

Huo Yuhao was well-aware that he and Tang Wutong might not win against either one of them even if they teamed up. It was much more likely that they would lose.

The cultivations of these two individuals were simply too astonishing!

As his soul power got stronger and stronger, Huo Yuhao’s soul cores started to gradually slow down. Huo Yuhao only felt that his body was ballooning more and more. It seemed like it could blow apart at any time.

“I want to set a foundation for the establishment of your third soul core. You have a very strong foundation now. Your first soul core is in your brow, while your second soul core is in
your chest. Your dantian is free for your third soul core to occupy. Next, your third soul core can only be space-type. Furthermore, your third soul core has to be woven in an alternatively up and down pattern. Finally, your three soul cores should be well-connected and well-linked to one another, to maximize their real power. I can’t help you with the final circulation, but I can help you build a foundation in your
dantian. In the future, what you have to do is link this third soul core with your other two soul cores. It’s only through this that you can become an Ultimate Douluo. As for how strong you will be then, I wouldn’t know. I’ll pray for you and Mu En from another world.”

Long Xiaoyao’s voice appeared in Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea. Following this, Huo Yuhao sensed that the soul power pouring into his body by Long Xiaoyao had surged to his dantian. At the same time, some of it had separated and isolated the area above his chest.

His cultivation is simply boundless! It’s too powerful.

An outline of small soul cores was quickly constructed. Huo Yuhao’s two other soul cores were isolated, and felt nothing.
The circulation of soul power in his dantian was the same as that at his brow area.

Huo Yuhao had never considered the problem of how to make three soul cores circulate in tandem with one another. However, it would become an important consideration from now on.

Even though Long Xiaoyao didn’t mention it, Huo Yuhao knew that his three soul cores would bring him a lot of problems in the future if he didn’t take them into consideration.

Tang Wutong’s body was also filled with soul power right now. However, she was in a more troublesome situation. This was because her first soul core was already in her dantian, even though her second soul core was in her brow. Only her chest could contain her third soul core. Her chest was where the soul power from her two current soul cores interacted. Her whirlpool-like soul power was generated there. How was she going to outline her third soul core?

After pondering over it for a moment, Ye Xishui shared her thoughts with Long Xiaoyao.

Long Xiaoyao had already helped Huo Yuhao with his third soul core. After he heard Ye Xishui’s words, he immediately stood up and came in front of Tang Wutong. He sat cross- legged in front of her and clasped his palms with her. He took the front, while Ye Xishui took the back. Tang Wutong was at the center.

Long Xiaoyao said, “It’s impossible for her to construct her third soul core in this condition. We can only put her in the same situation as Yuhao before there’s any possibility of completion. That’s why we have to shift the positions of her soul cores.”

Ye Xishui couldn’t help but laugh when she heard Long Xiaoyao’s words, “That’s a good idea. I didn’t expect us to team up together to do something good one day. It’s a great feeling! Let’s begin then. I’ll lift her while you protect her. If we can’t succeed, there’s no one else in this world who can. Even if we don’t, there’s no danger.”

Wasn’t she right? Even Di Tian could only win against one of them. If they both fought him at the same time, he might not actually win.
Tang Wutong’s soul core in her dantian was slowly lifted up, and gradually transferred to her chest.

Long Xiaoyao’s scales slowly turned blood-red, while Ye Xishui’s body turned illusory.

Huo Yuhao sat where he was cross-legged. He silently sensed the changes in his body.

The soul power in both his soul cores was already fully nourished. His third soul core had started to form, but it was isolated. The power used to isolate his third soul core was a seal implanted in his body by Long Xiaoyao. As long as it wasn’t removed, it would continue to isolate his third soul core. However, once it was broken, he had to immediately try to fuse his three soul cores. Otherwise, he was bound to die once there was any chaos in his body.

Even though he had directly absorbed Long Xiaoyao’s soul power, there was still a part of it that he couldn’t absorb yet.

As an Ultimate Douluo, Long Xiaoyao’s soul power was like essence. He had filtered out the elemental type of his soul
power, but still transferred quite a lot of it to Huo Yuhao. As a result, Huo Yuhao couldn’t absorb all his soul power. His body couldn’t take it yet, not even though he was already so strong. This was because Rank 98 was already close to the extreme, while Rank 99 was the human limit!

When he reached this tier, he fully understood the problems that came with great power. Huo Yuhao’s senses were becoming more and more acute. Every minor change that happened to his internal soul power was stirring. It felt as if he might blow apart and die if he didn’t control his soul power well.

The extra soul power was compressed in his dantian by Long Xiaoyao. It was where his third soul core was going to be. Huo Yuhao didn’t know how much soul power was going to be in his third soul core. He didn’t even dare to use his spiritual power to check.

He had to get used to his Rank 98 soul power before he could gradually control it. He could only try to form his third soul core after everything was clear. Otherwise, if he catalyzed a war between his current two soul cores and his third soul core, he was the only one who was going to suffer.
Whether it was Long Xiaoyao or Ye Xishui, they had never faced this issue with a third soul core before. They were only trying things out, but it was an experiment that couldn’t fail. This was because the experiments were conducted on Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong’s bodies! If they failed, the two of them would be wiped out.

Tang Wutong’s condition was gradually stabilizing. Even Ye Xishui and Long Xiaoyao felt that this was a little weird. Tang Wutong’s passageways were very smooth. They didn’t meet with any trouble at all. Furthermore, Tang Wutong’s control was also very immaculate. She wasn’t in any danger at all.

Because of this, it was much easier for them to pour in their soul power into her.

After Long Xiaoyao returned to Huo Yuhao’s side, he poured his remaining soul power into him. Huo Yuhao’s third soul core slowly took form. The whirlpool became bigger and bigger, before it started to compress inward. Very soon, Huo Yuhao saw a pure-white entity appear.

The reason why it was white was because it didn’t have any elemental type. Huo Yuhao had to give it an elemental type in
the future.

It was terrifying. At least this was what Huo Yuhao thought. What if he failed? Of course, he knew that he could quickly make a breakthrough to become an Ultimate Douluo after he absorbed Long Xiaoyao’s soul power. However, without a doubt, it was much more dangerous for external soul power to surge into his body compared to the surge of his own soul power in his body.

Of course, everything was relative. If he relied on himself to cultivate and form his third soul core, he would certainly face the issue of a lack of soul power. With an Ultimate Douluo setting the foundation for him now, he would not meet such a problem in the future.

Since he had already decided, he could only carry on like this. It was such a rare opportunity. To Huo Yuhao, he wasn’t very excited. Rather, he was extra careful.

Time passed second by second. Huo Yuhao was consistently sensing the changes to the soul power in his body. Fortunately, everything was proceeding very smoothly. The barrier that
Long Xiaoyao had placed in his chest was very solid. It didn’t waver at all.

The soul power that was pouring into his body grew fainter. After that, it became weaker. Finally, Huo Yuhao’s body entered a state of calm when the last streak of soul power was poured into his body.

As he opened his eyes, Huo Yuhao immediately turned to look behind him. He only saw Long Xiaoyao smiling behind him.

Right now, Long Xiaoyao was much more elderly than he normally looked. Wrinkles were all over his face. Ye Xishui was in a different state compared to him. Only a dim projection of her was left behind. Even her appearance was unclear by now.

“Elder Long, how are you?” Huo Yuhao hurriedly lifted Long Xiaoyao up.

Long Xiaoyao smiled and replied, “I’m fine. Couldn’t be better. During the process of transferring my soul power to you, I got everything clear in my head. There are no more regrets in my life. Xishui is right. I can finally leave without any regrets. The only person I’ve let down is your teacher. Now, I’m passing all my cultivation to you. I shall consider it my repayment to him. Go and do whatever you want. The Holy Ghost Church should indeed not exist in this world. Don’t have any misgivings.”

“You must quickly cultivate and control the soul power in your body. When you finish adjusting yourself, you can charge towards your third soul core. Remember, don’t be anxious. The only path you can take is space. You can only complete your third soul core if you understand the profundity of space. Both of you need to complement and protect each other in order to succeed. I hope that both of you will become the first cases of humans with three soul cores. In that way, you won’t waste the guidance that Mu En and I have given you.”
“Yes,  Elder.”   Huo  Yuhao  respectfully  acknowledged  his words.

He was both sympathetic of and inspired by Long Xiaoyao. However, he didn’t fully agree with his methods. No matter what, he had aided the Holy Ghost Church’s development for his own selfish reasons – his relationship with Ye Xishui. However, Long Xiaoyao was already on the brink of death. There was no need to continue blaming him for anything. Furthermore, he had helped him a lot too.

“Elder Long, do you have any last wishes?” Huo Yuhao asked softly.

Long Xiaoyao shook his head. “No, I’m about to leave this world. I’m finally free. If there’s a next life, it’ll be great if Xishui and I were just ordinary people! Xishui.”

After hearing his call, Ye Xishui gradually flew over. She landed above him, and her gentle projection seemed to fuse with his body.

A gust of wind blew.

Long Xiaoyao’s body flew up just like that, and seemed to turn into countless butterflies. Slowly, it turned into powder and dissipated. Only countless spots of light charged into the sky.

There were black and golden spots, that entangled with one another as they rose into the air.

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong watched as these spots of light rose into the sky. Both of them bowed down. No matter what they had done in the past, they were already transcendent in this world! They deserved this respect. Moreover, they had also passed all the power they had left to Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong.

In the future, whatever good deeds that he and Tang Wutong performed could be considered as helping to atone for their sins.

“Two Ultimate Douluo! Gone, just like that. It’s unimaginable. I’m afraid Elder Xuan is the only Ultimate Douluo on the continent now.” Tang Wutong said heavily.
Huo Yuhao smiled and said, “Don’t be anxious. In the near future, we’ll become Ultimate Douluo too. Even though the process won’t be simple, I’m confident with you by my side.”

“Yes.”  Tang  Wutong  gave  him  a  sweet  smile.  Her  body’s condition was exactly the same as his right now. She was even faring a little better than him.

Ye Xishui didn’t lie. All her abilities that were related to evil soul masters had disappeared during that massive explosion. The soul power of the Radiant Phoenix was also light-type. It was fully compatible with Tang Wutong, which made the entire fusion process abnormally smooth.

The outline of Tang Wutong’s third soul core had already formed. To allow it to accept the space element, Ye Xishui only left a part of the light element inside her third soul core. This was to aid Tang Wutong in her control over it.

“I’m afraid we can’t unleash our Haodong Power in the future.”  Tang Wutong twisted her lips and appeared a little displeased.
Huo Yuhao smiled and said, “That’s because we’re already close to the peak of this world! However, we should still be able to use our fusion skills. If you don’t believe me, we can find someone to test them on.”

Tang Wutong was confused as she looked at him. She asked, “Find who? Xu Tianran?”

Huo Yuhao replied, “Now that Radiant City is on alert, it’s not the time to touch Xu Tianran. You’ve also seen it. He’s too powerful. It’s not good for us to be there right now. When we were still in Radiant City, Elder Long gave me a simplified map. I finally understand where the Holy Ghost Church’s headquarters is. Before he died, the last words he told me were that we can deal with the Holy Ghost Church however we want.”

“Headquarters?   Where   is   it?”    Tang   Wutong   asked, astonished.

Now that Ye Xishui and Long Xiaoyao were both dead, Zhong Liwu was the strongest in the church. Huo Yuhao had already defeated him before he became a Transcendent Douluo. Right
now, it would naturally be even easier for him. Destroying the Holy Ghost Church was indeed of paramount importance now.

Tang Wutong was a little excited as she said, “What are we waiting for then? Let’s go.”

Rank 98! She and Huo Yuhao were both Rank 98 Transcendent Douluo now. Who was a better enemy for them to test their skills than the Holy Ghost Church?

Both of them leaped up at the same time. They were still holding each other’s hands, even though their Haodong Power no longer flowed between them. They rose straight into the sky before picking up speed.

They didn’t need any soul tools now. Their soul power quickly circulated in their bodies. They were controlling the air. Two sonic blasts rang out in the sky before they both disappeared.

Sun Moon Empire. Radiant City.

“Any discoveries?” Xu Tianran asked.

Ju  Zi  nodded  and  replied,  “We’ve  activated  everyone.  We didn’t find any clues though. The Holy Ghost Church’s headquarters is too mysteriously located. I only know the rough location. According to Ye Xishui, the Holy Ghost Church should be moving, but I’m not sure what their current situation is. I’ve already sent the army to search in that direction. I hope we can find them.”

“Okay.” Xu Tianran nodded. He still looked very grim. Up until now, he still couldn’t verify that Ye Xishui and Long Xiaoyao were both dead. Their deaths were simply too crucial. If they were alive and took revenge anytime soon, the Sun Moon Empire would be in big trouble.

“I didn’t expect Ultimate Douluo to be so powerful. There’s even a possibility that they aren’t dead. It seems like I’ve really underestimated soul masters. No wonder Shrek Academy could be successful for so many years. This is the foundation of soul masters! It’s a pity we don’t have such talents or opportunities. If I wasn’t hurt then, perhaps I might have stood
a chance. But now, I don’t. This time, if both of them are dead, I’m afraid Elder Xuan from the Sea God’s Pavilion is the only remaining Ultimate Douluo. I wonder when the Sun Moon Empire will have its own Ultimate Douluo. When that happens, we’ll be really strong.”

Ju Zi smiled. She walked over and gently massaged his head.

“It won’t be long before that happens. When Your Majesty rules the entire continent, will you still be scared that you can’t nurture an Ultimate Douluo, given the resources of the entire Douluo Continent?”

Xu Tianran relaxed a little. He gently patted Ju Zi’s hand and said, “Well said. You can go prepare now. I’ll give you half a year’s time, and the entire army. Deploy all resources. When we attack again, I want the remaining two empires to be completely wiped out. Your greatest enemy is also in the Star Luo Empire. When are you planning to deal with them?”

Ju Zi’s eyes turned cold, and she replied, “I’ll leave them for last. I want him to watch as his empire is trampled by the Sun Moon Empire’s army. I want him to live in excruciating pain before he finally dies.”

“Haha, good. Well said. Let him suffer in pain before dying!” Xu Tianran laughed.


Flying at high speed and controlling the air to propel oneself were two different concepts. Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong had this same thought right now.

At Rank 98, they didn’t need to drain their own soul power to fly anymore. They were completely relying on the air to move their bodies according to their wishes. As long as their bodies could take it, their speed was limitless.

Even they didn’t know how fast they could go. However, they felt as if they were moving thousands of kilometers in an instant.

The scenery below them changed very quickly. When they passed through clouds, they would automatically dissipate. It was as if the clouds were giving way to them.
From afar, Huo Yuhao saw the mountain range below him, and was astonished, “We’re here so quickly? We will be at our destination very soon. Wutong, our abilities are probably at the tier of an Ultimate Douluo.”

“Oh? How do you know that?” Tang Wutong asked Huo Yuhao curiously.

Huo Yuhao said, “Don’t forget. We already have Yin-Yang Complement soul cores. Along the way, I’ve been trying to understand our control of the air. We were already Rank 95 Transcendent Douluo earlier, but the feeling is different now. This means that it’s not just our soul power that increased. We were enhanced! What can enhance us to such a tier? Only if we are Ultimate Douluo. This also means that we are as strong as Ultimate Douluo, even though we’ve not yet reached Rank 99. We’re even Ultimate Douluo with Yin-Yang Complement soul cores.”

Tang Wutong sighed slightly and said, “I might have thought the same thing if it was before I met Elder Long and Ye Xishui. However, I beg to differ now. Ultimate Douluo have their own killer moves. They have their own understanding of this world. Perhaps our cultivations might have reached that tier, but we cannot considered Ultimate Douluo before we develop our own understanding. That’s why we must continue to work harder. We’ll definitely be able to reach that tier. When that happens, the world will be very different.”

Huo Yuhao laughed as he said, “Well said. I’ll always be with you no matter what. We’ll charge towards that tier and that world.”

No matter what, his cultivation was already similar to that of an Ultimate Douluo! How could he not be excited? It was what he had been pursuing all this while.

“We’re almost there. Let me check.”  Huo Yuhao controlled their speed as he held Tang Wutong’s hand. He slowed down.
He had indeed been to this place before. The dense forest in front of him turned from dark-green to pitch-black. In the entire continent, only this forest had such a special characteristic. It was because this was the Evildemon Forest.

Yes, the Holy Ghost Church’s headquarters was in this forest. If not for the information provided by Long Xiaoyao, no one would have guessed this.

In the Sun Moon Empire, the Evildemon Forest was like the Great Star Dou Forest in the Douluo Continent. The strongest soul beasts that lived in the Sun Moon Empire were in this forest. This included Evileye Tyrant King, ranked second among the Ten Great Savage Beasts

Huo Yuhao had obtained the seventh soul ring of his Spirit Eyes here. He had killed a hundred thousand year Evileye Tyrant, before he was discovered by the Evileye Tyrant King and barely escaped death!

He was different from how he was in the past right now. This time, he might not be afraid of those Evileye Tyrants anymore. However, what he didn’t understand was why the Holy Ghost Church had located their headquarters here. It was no issue for
those powerful evil soul masters. But what about the weaker evil soul masters? When they faced powerful soul beasts, their lives would be in danger.

No matter what, it was good enough if he could find evil soul masters here. Without the protection of the Death God Douluo, no one here could stop them anymore.

When he landed, Huo Yuhao had already unleashed his Spiritual Detection. It was like a huge web that engulfed the entire forest.

Long Xiaoyao had only told him about the Evildemon Forest. He didn’t specify exactly where the Holy Ghost Church was in the forest.

When Huo Yuhao surveyed the forest, he was very cautious. After all, there was a savage beast living here who was only inferior to Di Tian in the world of soul beasts. It was best not to offend the Evileye Tyrant King. It would help him avoid any unwanted trouble.
Huo Yuhao had once swore that he wouldn’t kill another soul beast unless he was attacked. This was why he wasn’t going to provoke the Evileye Tyrant King, even though he wasn’t afraid of him.

His spiritual undulations continued to spread. Very soon, Huo Yuhao found his target.

He knew his limits very well during this surveillance process. Since the Holy Ghost Church’s headquarters was in this forest, they would need resources. Furthermore, Radiant City was the core of the Sun Moon Empire. This was why their headquarters had to be closer to Radiant City if it was in this forest.

The forest was fraught with dangers. To avoid any danger, it was best for the headquarters to be away from the core region. As a result, he was mainly surveying the perimeter of the forest facing Radiant City.

And indeed, he quickly found a lot people who were hard at work.
They were too obvious. They were moving too many resources out, piling them up in a plot of empty land. After this, these resources were put into spatial storage-type soul tools by specialized people.

It was unknown how many such storage-type soul tools they had. After the plot of empty land was fully filled, the resources were quickly put away. After that, they started to move resources once again.

Huo Yuhao’s first guess was that the headquarters was underground. This was because all the resources were being moved out from underground.

He moved his Spiritual Detection downward. Given his current spiritual power, seeing underground was not an issue. As he ventured deeper down, he was suddenly astonished.

What kind of project is this? Below the forest, there was a construction that was similar to a palace.

This underground building was more than a thousand acres wide. It was made from granite, and was furnished with all
kinds of decorations, making it appear very elegant.

There were around a thousand people in this building right now, and most of them were busy. Among them, many were relatively weak, only having between three and six rings. However, there were still one to two hundred people with rather strong cultivations. They were commanding the weaker ones, who were moving the resources.

Huo Yuhao didn’t even need to check to know that he had found the correct place. Apart from the Holy Ghost Church, who else would be so wealthy? From the resources that were being moved out, it was clear that there were rare metals, mountains of gold soul coins, and valuable treasures. Their worth was immeasurable. Although their wealth couldn’t compare to the Sun Moon Empire, they were still as rich as Shrek Academy! These evil soul masters must have stolen and robbed all these items. Alright, this is great.

If he couldn’t verify this was the correct place just from these material items, Huo Yuhao’s suspicions were confirmed when he found Zhong Liwu and Feng Ling among the crowd of people.
Nangong Wan was also there. There were also many other familiar faces.

This was the place!

Zhong Liwu was watching grimly as his people worked. He asked Nangong Wan, “Is there any news from the Supreme Elder?”

“Not yet. She hasn’t brought back news even though she left in the morning.” Nangong Wan answered respectfully.

Zhong Liwu furrowed his brow and said, “The last batch of resources have all been moved. Our people are also back too. Once we transport this batch, we can temporarily seal the exit. We’ll come back when we have the chance. This is the foundation of our church. We’ll definitely be back one day.”

Nangong Wan nodded and replied, “We’ll definitely be back.
Sect leader, when will we leave?”
Zhong   Liwu   replied   without   any   hesitation,   “We’ll immediately leave after we put everything away.”

Nangong  Wan  was  stunned.  “Aren’t  we  waiting  for  the Supreme Elder and Elder Long?”

Zhong Liwu shook his head and replied, “No. She told us not to wait for her. I wonder what she’s thinking. Since the Sun Moon Empire has already fallen out with us, why is she not instructing us to take revenge on them? Given her powers, how can they possibly stop her? I’m not afraid for her safety. We’ll leave immediately after we finish packing. Our people are our foundation. We just need to escape and accumulate our power before we’ll rise again.”

“Yes.”    Nangong   Wan   respectfully   acknowledged.   Here, Zhong Liwu was the one in charge. Nangong Wan could only listen to instructions.

At this moment, Feng Ling and Zhong Liwu lifted their heads at the same time and looked into the sky. Their expressions changed slightly.
Nangong Wan and the other elders were slightly slower in reacting, but they also lifted their heads after a while.

As Titled Douluo, their senses were very acute. The huge pressure that had suddenly appeared in the sky certainly caught their attention. How was it possible for them not to sense it?

They were frantic when they sensed the terrifying pressure. The origin of this pressure was also unknown. At many times, the unknown was the most terrifying.

At Zhong Liwu’s command, a barrier of light immediately rose, engulfing all the evil soul masters within it.

The Sun Moon Empire wasn’t the only one with linked defensive barriers. The Holy Ghost Church had been their national church for a long time. They also had their own ways of preserving themselves. In addition, this was their headquarters!

The sky slowly turned dark. Huge clouds started to gather.
The weather seemed to turn chillier too.

“I’ll go up and take a look.” Feng Ling said.

Zhong Liwu pulled Feng Ling back and shook his head at her. “They are not from the Sun Moon Empire. Soul engineers can’t put this kind of pressure on us. There are very few people in the continent who can unleash such terrifying pressure. Send a distress signal.”

“Distress signal? Towards it?”  Feng Ling was astonished as she looked at Zhong Liwu.

Zhong Liwu nodded.

In the next instant, a bright golden flame rose into the sky. After it burst in the sky, another beam of golden light shot further up into the sky. It burst too, and turned into a golden umbrella, which hung in the sky, only fading slowly.

A beam of white light descended from the sky. It wasn’t considered very strong. However, the expressions of the evil soul masters changed a little when it appeared. This was because the pressure that was being blocked by the linked
defensive barrier got stronger. It was even much stronger than before.

“Chi!” Before the linked defensive barrier could even stop the white light, it had already been penetrated. The white light struck down.

Zhong Liwu was the first to retreat. He fled far away.

The difference between the Holy Ghost Church and Shrek Academy was that everyone in the Holy Ghost Church only thought of their own safety whenever there was danger. They didn’t think of anyone else.

A boom sounded at this moment. It was as if the ground had been torn open. A terrifying explosion caused the sky to change colors.

It was the Tang Sect’s special Class 9 stationary shell, Tai Ah!

In the past, Huo Yuhao had once used this stationary shell to pierce a protective barrier in the Sun Moon Imperial Palace.
How could a protective barrier by the Holy Ghost Church possibly stop it now?

After the barrier was penetrated, it didn’t collapse immediately. The huge explosion that ensued happened within the region of the protective barrier.

Even a Titled Douluo had to fear a Class 9 stationary shell! It was the most expensive weapon in the world.

It was an important reason why a soul engineer could be stronger than a soul master.

Chapter 605: Destruction of the Holy Ghost Church

The explosion lasted for more than ten seconds before it slowly faded away. When Zhong Liwu crawled up from the ground, all he saw was a land wrecked by a devastating explosion.

Many rare metals had been melted, and many resources had been vaporized. What hurt him the most was that many of the lower to mid-tier evil soul masters had disappeared without a trace. There was no other possibility, given the magnitude of this devastating attack.

Who is it? Who’s capable of finding this mysterious place and using a stationary shell on it without any hesitation?

Sun Moon Empire. It has to be Xu Tianran!

Zhong Liwu had already turned pale green. He regretted not listening to his mother and evacuating the lower to mid-tier soul masters first. To save time, he made them all move the resources out.

No one with less than seven rings could survive this explosion. Even those who had seven rings or more needed some subconscious help from the evil Titled Douluo to survive.

The Holy Ghost Church’s defense was normally not so lax. However, they had dismantled a lot of their defenses because they had to move their resources. Who would have expected someone to attack at such an opportune time? Didn’t mother go to Radiant City? How is it that the Sun Moon Empire is able to attack this place? Furthermore, how did they know we’re here?

The place was still burning. The protective soul barriers were completely wrecked. The region that was blown up was completely charred too.

Less than a hundred evil soul masters had survived this explosion.

Soul tools. This was the strength of a soul tool. More terrifyingly, this huge explosion had completely destroyed the future of the Holy Ghost Church!

Zhong Liwu gritted his teeth, and his eyes turned red. However, following this, he felt the original burning temperature disappearing. What replaced it was extreme cold.

It was snow. Snowflakes were falling from the sky. The dancing snowflakes resembled penguin feathers.

The hazy clouds were surrounded by snowflakes. Very soon, the earth turned white. Even the charred region was covered by snow.

The residual temperature of the ground seemed to be useless against these snowflakes. The snowflakes didn’t even melt.

Huo Yuhao drifted in mid-air like a sovereign watching his world. He held Tang Wutong’s hand, and his Spiritual Detection had already covered a large area around him.

The reason why he had used Tai Ah wasn’t because he thought he couldn’t deal with these evil soul masters. It was because he didn’t want any loopholes.
If any evil soul master escaped, disaster might ensue. This was why he had to be merciless if he wanted to get rid of all evil.

Zhong Liwu seemed to sense something. After he got up, he immediately looked into the sky. There was a horrified look on his face. Right now, he felt as if he was being dissected and displayed in the open.

As snowflakes danced, the air temperature fell dramatically. Less than a hundred evil soul masters survived, and many of the survivors were injured. This was the strength of a Class 9 stationary soul shell. If one wasn’t prepared to face it, it could be lethal. This was what had happened in the Dou Ling Empire’s Imperial Palace. Right now, the Holy Ghost Church suffered the same fate.

An extremely chilly aura descended. Some evil soul masters inadvertently touched those snowflakes, and were shocked to realize that the snowflakes were not as soft and weak as they looked. They were actually as hard as rocks. One would instantly sense an unprecedented chill invading his body the moment he touched it.
It was bone-chilling. It was as if their marrow was about to be frozen right there and then.

Soul masters were stronger than ordinary people. However, even a Titled Douluo couldn’t survive for long when the temperature was negative one hundred and fifty degrees Celsius.

As the snowflakes descended, Zhong Liwu immediately knew who had come. What left him depressed was that this person’s ability seemed to be stronger than it was in the previous fight. What? How is he able to grow so rapidly? Why is he so terrifying? How did he find this place?

“Scatter, flee!”  Zhong Liwu shouted. He suddenly increased his speed and charged deeper into the forest. Feng Ling followed closely behind.

At this moment, a clear-white halo fell from the sky and engulfed all the evil soul masters. None of them were left out.

“Can you escape though?”
The snowflakes turned into terrifying, sharp weapons. As they danced in the air, they turned into sharp blades. These blades critically hurt the evil soul masters.

Light projections fell from the sky. There were snow fairies, jade-green snowflakes, and even giant bears. A massacre began.

It was the Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice. This was the true, perfect version of the Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice. Even the Snow Empress couldn’t unleash it to such a standard.

This was because Huo Yuhao’s Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice fused the domain-type abilities of both the Ice and Snow Empresses. It combined their strengths.

Under such a low temperature, only someone who possessed Ultimate Ice could adapt. The Snow Empress, Ice Empress and Ice Bear King all descended.

Once Huo Yuhao’s second soul core was completed, they were all able to make great use of his strength. It was as if they were as strong as they were before.

No evil soul master could block their attack. Not a single one. All of them were like helpless little kids as they were continuously turned into ice statues or crushed into powder.

The white halo that fell from the sky was Huo Yuhao’s Mass Enfeeblement. There was no one else in the continent right now whose spiritual-type soul skills were as terrifying as Huo Yuhao’s.

The whirlpool-like soul power generated from his Yin-Yang Complement soul cores ensured that every soul skill was of two different types, spiritual and ice.

As a result, every evil soul master didn’t just feel weak when Huo Yuhao’s Mass Enfeeblement struck them. They also felt a chill that invaded their spiritual seas. It was as if their consciousness was being frozen.

The two Ultimate Douluo of the Holy Ghost Church were no longer around, and Huo Yuhao had already killed many of their Transcendent Douluo. The ones who remained weren’t that strong.
Right now, they only wanted to flee. They wanted to escape from this terrifying hell of ice and snow.

Singing voices rang out, and the Princess of the Sea began singing in the air. Icy-blue halos spread out. It was an enhancement that the Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass brought to the Snowy Domain of Ultimate Ice.

Five Spirits. It was as if there were two Ultimate Douluo teaming up with three Transcendent Douluo. Although they couldn’t limitlessly tap into Huo Yuhao’s strength, it was enough to deal with these evil soul masters.

Only Zhong Liwu and Feng Ling managed to rush out from the Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice as they escaped immediately. They didn’t flee far away, but started to venture deeper and deeper into the forest.

There were many soul beasts inside the forest. It was only by rushing in that they might possibly survive.

Zhong Liwu didn’t even think of resisting Huo Yuhao. His injuries hadn’t even healed since the last fight. His Bone
Dragon King was also gone. Right now, he wasn’t in his best state, and the aura that came from Huo Yuhao’s domain made him extremely afraid.

Ultimate Douluo, this was clearly the pressure that came from an Ultimate Douluo!

He was very familiar with such pressure. He had experienced it from his own mother and Long Xiaoyao before. However, he hadn’t expected Huo Yuhao to become an Ultimate Douluo so soon.

He didn’t even have any intention of guessing right now. He didn’t have the time. Right now, he only wanted to flee. He wanted to flee far away. He had to preserve his life first.

Zhong Liwu was no longer young. However, he was still very concerned about his own reputation. The longer he lived, the less reluctant he was to die.

“Stop.” A voice sounded from the sky. To Zhong Liwu, it was like lightning striking.
Feng Ling roared, and flames started to burn on her body. The Dark Phoenix immediately rose. Strong flames burned everything around her, and thick smoke started to appear.

Two figures descended from the sky. The flames that were burning the forest were instantly put out. Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong were holding hands as they descended in front of Feng Ling and Zhong Liwu.

When he saw them, Zhong Liwu’s last glimmer of hope was crushed. Yes, they clearly had the aura of Ultimate Douluo. And it wasn’t just one person, it was both of them!

Against two Ultimate Douluo, how could they survive?

Huo Yuhao said, “Out of respect for Elder Long and Elder Ye, I can preserve your corpses.”

Zhong Liwu looked at Huo Yuhao coldly. “Do you really think you’re going to win? You’ve killed so many from the Holy Ghost Church today. If we can escape today, we’ll use every means at our disposal to turn Shrek City into a ghost city.”
Huo Yuhao laughed sarcastically. “First, you won’t have that chance. Second, if the Holy Ghost Church is so capable, Shrek City would have long since ceased to exist. You weren’t able to do it in the past, and you won’t do it in the future. Do you think Shrek can be poisoned by you?”

Tang Wutong let go of Huo Yuhao’s hand. She took a step forward towards Zhong Liwu and Feng Ling.

Huo Yuhao still had to control the Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice, and his soul power was still being used by his five Spirits. On the other hand, she was in perfect condition.

Feng Ling attacked first. She couldn’t take the oppressive atmosphere anymore. Dark flames were unleashed. They didn’t spread this time, but formed a line of fire aimed at Tang Wutong.

Tang Wutong laughed coldly, and a blinding ring of sunlight shone behind her. The sunlight was purplish-gold, and it turned into a giant wheel of light behind her. Feng Ling’s line of fire was crushed before it was even in front of Tang Wutong.

Tang Wutong lifted her left hand, and a pitch-black hammer with golden patterns appeared in her hand. She shook her wrist, and her Clear Sky Hammer hammered the air.

A sonic blast sounded. Within a hundred meters, all plants were decimated. A huge depression was even created in the ground.

Feng Ling groaned and spat out fresh blood. Her eyes were filled with horror.

As Tang Wutong waved that hammer, she only felt that the air had consolidated and turned into a huge hammer a hundred meters in diameter. After this, the huge hammer struck her.

The Dark Phoenix’s flames scattered and disappeared. Her legs also collapsed into the ground.
She couldn’t resist at all as her powers were completely suppressed.

Zhongli Wu’s staff was already in his hand. Avenging spirits started to rise around him. No matter what, he was still a Rank 98 Titled Douluo. He couldn’t wait and watch as he was killed. What he had to do was delay his death.

The Death God Demonpuppet’s shadow appeared behind him. Avenging spirits then appeared. They started to burn as they cried tragically, turning into balls of fire. After this, they were devoured by the Death God Demonpuppet.

Zhongli Wu already looked very ferocious right now. Feng Ling looked up into the sky and roared. She instantly turned into a black Fire Phoenix. As she roared, she unleashed a strong spiritual blast. She was unleashing her True Body.

Dragon wings opened up behind Tang Wutong as she summoned the Golden Dragon Spear with her right hand. After this, she pointed it at Zhongli Wu while she waved her hammer in the air.
Every time the Dark Phoenix wanted to get close to her, she would immediately be flung away by invisible air currents. Every time she was hammered, the flames on her body would immediately weaken. This was a difference in absolute power.

The sunlight behind Tang Wutong got stronger and stronger. A strong aura of light illuminated Zhongli Wu’s body, such that he started to smoke. However, he tolerated the pain. His Death God Demonpuppet became more and more real as the flames of avenging spirits were continuously poured into it.

Zhongli Wu’s strength came from these avenging spirits, but right now, he actually burned all of them. This showed that he was going all-out.

Huo Yuhao was standing not far away from Tang Wutong. However, he appeared very relaxed. He was just acting as an audience.

Suddenly, the strong aura released by the Dark Phoenix stopped in mid-air after it forcibly resisted Tang Wutong’s hammer.
Feng Ling’s original form was slowly revealed. She looked very pale, and she spat out fresh blood. Her body also started to burn. It wasn’t just her soul power that had been combusted. The power of her soul was also burning.

“Wutong, be careful.” Huo Yuhao warned.

Although Feng Ling was the vice-sect leader of the Holy Ghost Church by name, she was in fact being controlled by Zhongli Wu. For him, she was willing to burn her own soul and martial soul. It didn’t seem like it was on her willing part.

Feng Ling screamed tragically into the sky. Her body suddenly turned into a huge ball of black-red fire. After this, she instantly fused with her own phoenix flames. Suddenly, the Fire Phoenix turned completely black. She fluttered her wings with force. This time, she blocked Tang Wutong’s Clear Sky Hammer. After this, she fell from the sky, not towards Tang Wutong, but towards Zhongli Wu.

A cold smile appeared on Huo Yuhao’s face. Without a doubt, Feng Ling and Zhongli Wu were unleashing a secret spell of the Holy Ghost Church. As for what the effect would be, Huo Yuhao was unclear. However, he knew that it should be rather
powerful, since it involved burning both Feng Ling and Zhongli Wu’s avenging spirits as the price to pay. Perhaps it might temporarily offer them the powers of an Ultimate Douluo. After all, the powers of evil soul masters were rather weird and mysterious.

However, how would Huo Yuhao give Zhongli Wu an opportunity to do so?

His figure flashed, and he came in front of Tang Wutong. He opened his arms wide and hugged her.

A grin appeared on Tang Wutong’s face. Her dragon wings reversed and engulfed Huo Yuhao. Following this, their bodies shone brightly.

A vertical eye that shone with strange lights silently appeared. Gold, jade-green, dark blue, deep purple and other colors flashed and alternated within this vertical eye.

In the next instant, a beam of light that fused many different shades of colors shot out from the vertical eye.
Huo Yuhao had to grasp the perfect timing. When he finally hugged Tang Wutong, it was just when Feng Ling and Zhongli Wu fused. At this moment, Zhongli Wu couldn’t possibly move.

The strange, multi-colored beam of light caused the vast region of space around it to be illuminated with a layer of strange light as it shot out.

Zhongli Wu turned dark-red as Feng Ling fused with him. His Death God Demonpuppet was fusing with his real body, and his aura was rapidly becoming stronger and stronger.

It was at this moment that the multi-colored beam of light was in front of him. Zhongli Wu only felt his entire body shaking. After this, he felt as if the entire world had become different. He felt weirdly relaxed. It was a relaxation that came from deep within his heart. It was very comfortable.

However, he could no longer feel his immense soul power. The Death God Demonpuppet seemed to have been snatched from him. His entire body became a golden statue. His immense power instantly vanished, like melting ice and snow.
It was the Golden Road Amidst Withering Resplendence, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong’s powerful fusion skill.

The fusion skill unleashed by two individuals who were close to being Ultimate Douluo had in fact transcended the boundaries of this world. It was at the tier of demigods.

No matter how strong the secret spell Zhongli Wu and Feng Ling had used was, how could it compare to the near-godly strength of Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong’s attack?

Feng Ling’s strength disappeared along with her soul. No traces were left behind. Zhongli Wu’s Death God Demonpuppet was also snatched away. Even his soul power was halved. When he struggled to escape, it felt as if he was older by tens of years.

As Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong’s powers changed, their Golden Road also changed. The withering didn’t just happen on martial souls and soul skills. It also happened on life energy.

Zhongli Wu was already very old. After he was subjected to this Golden Road, his life energy was greatly drained. He
seemed like an old man who was on the verge of death right now.

“Impossible, this is impossible. This is power that doesn’t belong to humans. Even if it’s my mother or Elder Long, they don’t possess such strength. Why is it they can demonstrate such power?” Zhongli Wu whined. He didn’t even use his last trick before he was already completely destroyed. This was too heavy of a blow to him, as the price he had to pay was his life.

Beams and beams of light shot from the distance and only stopped when they were in front of Huo Yuhao. After this, they turned into balls of light and separately fused with his body.

Zhongli Wu appeared even more grim when he saw these lights. Since his Spirits were back, it also meant that all the powerful individuals from the Holy Ghost Church were dealt with. None of them was alive anymore. The Holy Ghost Church was really wiped out.

“Huo Yuhao! You destroyed my Holy Ghost Church. Even if I become a ghost, I won't let you off.” Zhongli Wu was filled with hatred as he looked at Huo Yuhao.
Huo  Yuhao  sighed  and  said,  “It’s  a  pity.  You  can’t  even become a ghost. You’ve harmed too many people in this life. Even if you become a ghost or an avenging spirit, you’ll still be punished by the heavens. However, I won’t give you that chance out of respect for Elder Long and Elder Ye Xishui. Do you think that you still can become a ghost?”

As he spoke, Huo Yuhao’s eyes turned golden. He slowly walked towards Zhongli Wu. His immense spiritual power turned into a huge barrier, engulfing them. As his terrifying spiritual undulations spread, they were capable of disabling the spiritual strength Zhongli Wu possessed.

At this moment, the entire area shook tremendously.
Terrifying spiritual power descended from the sky.

A low-pitched, dominant, and cold voice echoed in the air.

“Who is it? How dare you disturb my sleep. Who dares to carry out a massacre in the Evildemon Forest?”  As this voice sounded, the sky actually distorted and turned dark.
Pitch-black clouds started to crack. It was as if the entire sky had cracked open. A huge eye appeared in mid-air, focused on where Huo Yuhao, Tang Wutong and Zhongli Wu were.

“Sovereign, you’re finally here! Please punish these two who are here to disturb the peace of the Evildemon Forest!” Zhongli Wu screamed hysterically. The reinforcements he had been waiting for finally arrived.

Yes, this was the Holy Ghost Church’s final backer. If not for the permission that the Evileye Tyrant King gave, how would the Holy Ghost Church have been allowed to set up their headquarters in the Evildemon Forest? Even though it was only at the edge of the forest, it showed the relationship they shared with the Evileye Tyrant King.

With Ye Xishui and Long Xiaoyao around, they had the right to negotiate with the Evileye Tyrant King.

This time, the Holy Ghost Church wouldn’t have resorted to moving if not for the fact that Ye Xishui and Long Xiaoyao felt that their lives were about to reach their end.
The Evileye Tyrant King wasn’t some kind soul. Once the Holy Ghost Church could no longer stand at the same footing as him, he would definitely not mind them being destroyed. This was even though the Holy Ghost Church had given him a lot of benefits over the past few years. The Evildemon Forest was his territory. Of course he wouldn’t want any humans to remain here.

A beam of purplish-gold light flashed. Zhong Liwu shook heavily as he screamed hysterically. The look in his eyes dimmed instantly before it gradually lost its color.

No matter who came, Huo Yuhao was still determined to kill him. As the sect leader of the Holy Ghost Church, he had to die. This was non-negotiable.

From this moment, the Holy Ghost Church had wiped off the face of this earth. This evil soul master sect, which had harmed many lives, was forever gone!

“Human, you’ve offended my dignity. You need to pay the price.”  The  Evileye  Tyrant  King’s  voice  sounded.  Following this, a dark red beam of light that was more than a kilometer long descended from the sky. It engulfed both Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong.

Huo Yuhao was once been subjected to the Evileye Tyrant King’s attack. Back then, he had relied on his Spiritual
Immunity to avert disaster before he fled the Evildemon Forest.

This time, he was no longer the same Huo Yuhao who had only just become a Soul Sage.

Huo Yuhao’s eyes were full of passion. Behind him, his huge vertical eye suddenly brightened. A rose-gold radiance instantly shone.

It was his Martial Soul True Body, the Eye of the Asura!

Compared to the dark red beam of light that descended from the sky, the rose-gold light that Huo Yuhao emitted was evidently weaker. The two beams of light clashed in the air.

The gloomy clouds shook tremendously. The huge dark red beam was blocked just like that. Its color was also quickly changing. There was an extra layer of icy-blue light around it. Furthermore, it was moving back towards its origin.
Spiritual Shock! Huo Yuhao had unleashed the true strength of his Yin-Yang Complement soul power.

“What?”   The  Evileye  Tyrant  King  was  astonished  as  he groaned. After this, the dark-red beam of light quickly retracted all the way until it was only ten meters long. After this a terrifying spiritual windstorm was unleashed in mid-air.

The sky instantly turned red, as if it were a patch of bloody sea. Tremendous spiritual undulations caused all the soul beasts in the Evildemon Forest to lie prone on the ground. They didn’t dare to move at all. They felt the rage coming from the Evileye Tyrant King. Here, the Evileye Tyrant King was the sovereign.

Tang Wutong came to Huo Yuhao’s side. She saw how serious Huo Yuhao was. After one clash, Huo Yuhao’s nose and mouth were already bleeding.

He’s really capable of challenging Di Tian!

When their spiritual powers clashed, Huo Yuhao felt an indescribable pressure. The Evileye Turant King had actually
fused both his immense spiritual and spatial power. Huo Yuhao had fused his Ultimate Ice into his spiritual power, whereas the Evileye Turant King’s spiritual power was filled with a raging spatial storm. The terrifying spatial power almost tore Huo Yuhao’s spiritual origin apart.

“Let’s go up.”  Huo Yuhao held Tang Wutong’s hand. They rose up and turned into projections. Instantly, they were high up in the sky.

He had sworn not to easily kill soul beasts. There were many soul beasts living in this forest. Given the powers of the Evileye Tyrant King, many lives would be killed if they fought on the ground. This was why he brought the fight up to the sky.

The immense pressure that was originally in the sky vanished as the terrifying spiritual windstorm raged. When Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong passed through that windstorm, they finally saw the Evileye Tyrant King.

He was simply gigantic. He was a huge eye with a diameter of more than three hundred meters. There was a total of eighty- one tentacles that poked out from him, each of them around five hundred meters long, and wriggling in the air.

Behind him, everything was dark red. It was an ocean of soul power. This was why it felt as if the apocalypse was coming when he appeared.

“Greetings, Evileye Tyrant. I am Huo Yuhao. I did not come into the Evildemon Forest to disturb your sleep. It’s just that the Holy Ghost Church has been killing human lives. I had to get  rid  of  them.  I  seek  your  forgiveness.”  Huo  Yuhao  said calmly to the Evileye Tyrant King.

He had no intention of getting into the bad books of the Evileye Tyrant King. After all, he was one of the strongest creatures on the continent. He controlled the Evildemon Forest. All the soul beasts in the Sun Moon Continent were under his charge.

The Spirit system was already achieving results as time passed. To further advertise it, the help of stronger creatures was needed. If he could convince the Evileye Tyrant King that Spirit Transmission was a possibility, it would be very helpful in promoting more harmonious relations between humans and soul beasts. This was why Huo Yuhao was so polite.
The Evileye Tyrant King opened his eye wide to look at Huo Yuhao. His voice echoed, “Human, you are very powerful. You are the only human who’s been able to directly challenge my spiritual power. However, you’ve killed humans that have an agreement with us. I can’t just let this matter rest. You must pay the price.”

Huo Yuhao said, “Evileye Tyrant, don’t think that humans are weak just because you’re strong. I don’t wish to become enemies with you. However, this doesn’t mean that I’m afraid of you. We won’t accede to any conditions. We just don’t want to turn hostile with you. If you want to turn hostile, that’s up to you. You can see whether you can take advantage of us.”

“Hehehehe!”   The  Evileye  Tyrant  King  suddenly  laughed loudly. His eighty-one tentacles kept on dancing in the air. The sky distorted once again. Immense spiritual power surged in the air. The all-engulfing pressure appeared once again.

Huo Yuhao was also in admiration of this Evileye Tyrant King. He was able to project his spiritual sea outside of his body and create such powerful spiritual undulations. Huo Yuhao didn’t even think he could do that. Perhaps he might possibly be able to do that once he formed his third soul core.
However, just like he had said, he wasn’t afraid of the Evileye Tyrant King. His confidence came from his abilities.

“Human, it’s been awhile since someone spoke to me like this. Very well, I’d really like to see how strong you are. If you can escape from my hands today, I’ll let this matter rest. Otherwise, you shall remain as compost for this forest.”

As he spoke, the Evileye Tyrant King’s eighty-one tentacles turned scarlet-red. They struck toward Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong from all directions.

He was indeed very fierce! When he dared to leave his own territory to challenge Di Tian, it was a testament to how impulsive he was. It was impossible that he didn’t sense that Tang Wutong was close to becoming an Ultimate Douluo. However, he still chose to fight them despite that.

Although Huo Yuhao had sworn never to actively kill soul beasts, he wouldn’t show any mercy if he knew that a soul beast wanted his life. Furthermore, he still lacked one soul ring. He lacked the ninth soul ring of his Spirit Eyes. In this world, there was no one more suitable than the Evileye Tyrant King for his ninth soul ring.

Huo Yuhao had twin martial souls. If he were an ordinary soul master, he couldn’t possibly absorb the soul ring generated after the Evileye Tyrant King was killed. This was because the energy within it would simply be too much for him to handle.

However, Huo Yuhao was different! His cultivation was already very close to that of an Ultimate Douluo. He even had twin soul cores. It was possible for him to absorb the Evileye Tyrant King’s soul ring.

Huo Yuhao wore a heavy look on his face when he faced the tentacles. He didn’t directly unleash his domain-type abilities. The Evileye Tyrant King was simply too strong.

Although it was his first time fighting him, Huo Yuhao had faced Di Tian before. He was well-aware that creatures like the Evileye Tyrant King and the Beast God were at the peak of this world. Not even an ordinary Ultimate Douluo could fight them.

The Evileye Tyrant King’s control of spatial power was not inferior to the Beast God. This was why he could only prevail by surprise instead of fighting the long way. If the Evileye
Tyrant King could even project his spiritual sea out of his body, how dense would his soul power be?

Fog started to rise from Huo Yuhao’s body. His Morning Dew Dagger was already in his grasp. Tang Wutong was still holding her hammer in her left hand and spear in her right hand, and Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection was fully linked to her.

They weren’t afraid even as they faced the Evileye Tyrant King. They were only excited. Their powers had just increased, but their foundations weren’t very steady yet. Ever since they had reached Rank 95, they hadn’t had a chance to properly consolidate their cultivations. To better comprehend their own cultivations and control the newfound powers they had accumulated, the best way was to fight!

It was just like when Huo Yuhao suggested fighting ten soul masters on his own. It was after that incident that he built his foundation to become a Transcendent Douluo.

Although the Evileye Tyrant King was strong, Huo Yuhao was very confident of retreating. Even if he couldn’t win, he could still escape. Since this was the case, he was going to fight
heartily. He wanted to use this as an opportunity to increase his live fighting experience.

Using his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, Huo Yuhao shifted with Tang Wiutong. With the help of his Spiritual Detection, it was as if only one of them was using their Instant Teleportation, even though both of them had used it at the same time.

They crossed more than a hundred meters instantly. Huo Yuhao appeared in a region of space where there was only one tentacle. He slashed his Morning Dew Dagger.

In the sky, an icy-blue light projection flashed before disappearing.

When the tentacle hit the icy-blue projection, it was like a dark-red whip. More frighteningly, it even contained a bright- silver glow within it. As this glow flashed, it was about to whip the icy-blue light apart.

Chapter 606: The Evileye Tyrant Perishes

However, lights suddenly shone brightly from that icy-blue light blade. Silver and gold flashed alternately. The temperature in the air dipped. After this, the blade swiped past the tentacle.

The Evileye Tyrant King screamed in pain. One of his tentacles had been chopped off by Huo Yuhao just like that. Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong’s figures flashed past just like that. As Huo Yuhao picked up speed, it felt as if he was rushing. However, he still managed to escape from the other tentacles.

Rather than using pure strength to fight the Evileye Tyrant King, it was best to pit his technique against the Evileye Tyrant King. The Tyrant King didn’t know Huo Yuhao had the Morning Dew Dagger. He was immediately at a disadvantage the moment they started fighting.

However, at the same time, the Evileye Tyrant King’s wrath was awakened. His pupil darkened. After this, a dark-red wheel of light appeared at the perimeter of his sea of spiritual power.
“Om—” The sky seemed to shake tremendously. Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong felt as if there were thousands and thousands of spikes piercing their spiritual seas. After this, the spikes began pulling their spiritual seas out of their bodies.

What kind of power is this? Huo Yuhao was astonished. It was his first time facing the Evileye Tyrant King. While his overall powers were inferior to Di Tian, he was undoubtedly the strongest when it came to spiritual power.

If it were someone weaker, his spiritual sea would have been stripped from his body. Without a spiritual sea, one would become an idiot. How could he possibly resist then?

Fortunately, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong both had spiritual soul cores. When they felt that immense pulling force on their spiritual seas, their spiritual soul cores quickly shook. Their spiritual power resisted the spikes that had entered. However, even so, they stalled for a moment. This gave the Evileye Tyrant King the chance to entangle his tentacles over them.

However, it was also at this moment that an icy-blue glow shone from Huo Yuhao’s body. A clear and transparent tuft of
grass appeared on his shoulder – it was the Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass.

Huo Yuhao didn’t even need to control it. His Spirit immediately fired an attack on his behalf.

Star Anise Omnithrust!

Countless ice spikes fired from Huo Yuhao’s body. As the tentacles hit the ice spikes, remnants of ice scattered everywhere. However, they were eventually still blocked off, and didn’t reach Huo Yuhao or Tang Wutong.

A deep-blue sword light appeared next. The Snow Empress was standing by Huo Yuhao’s side. She used one of her Three Ultimate Techniques, Unparalleled Cold.

More than ten tentacles were sent flying by this attack. Although the Unparalleled Cold wasn’t as sharp as the Morning Dew Dagger, and couldn’t directly cut them off, it still froze them under the effect of Ultimate Ice.
The Ice Empress appeared beside the Snow Empress. Her eyes were shining with jade-green light. As she turned around, she revealed her Ice Empress True Body. She hooked her tail up, and a jade-green streak of light shot towards the Evileye Tyrant King.

Even if Huo Yuhao didn’t prepare this soul skill, the Ice Empress could still use it after she gradually restored her origin strength. Right now, it was as if Huo Yuhao had unleashed his martial soul.

“Eh!” The Evileye Tyrant King exclaimed once again. He shot out a beam of black light from his pupil. When this beam of light clashed with the streak of green light, countless sparks formed in the air. It was also at this moment that the Ice Empress closed up her pincers tightly. Suddenly, the tentacles that were frozen exploded.

She didn’t expect her attack to hurt the Evileye Tyrant King. She only wanted to get his attention and stall him from dealing with his frozen tentacles. Once this was done, she used her Ice Explosion Technique.
The Evileye Tyrant King’s tentacles were indeed very strong. Even the Ice Explosion Technique couldn’t destroy them. Only some purplish blood splattered.

“Both of you have really infuriated me!” The Evileye Tyrant King roared in fury. All his tentacles straightened instantly. Right now, Huo Yuhao had only just regained his awareness after recovering from the spiritual attack earlier. He was also astonished to see that every tentacle at the front had a similar- looking eye as the Evileye Tyrant King himself. It was just that they were much smaller. Right now, every eye was shining with a strange glow.

Apart from the one tentacle that Huo Yuhao had chopped off, the remaining eighty tentacles were all flashing with dim light.

“Yuhao, be careful!” The Snow Empress shouted. At the same time, she turned around and vanished. She turned into a huge patch of snowflakes and disappeared into her surroundings. She proceeded in the direction of the Evileye Tyrant King.

She was the Snow Empress, ranked third among the Ten Great Savage Beasts.
The Evileye Tyrant King roared furiously. His eighty tentacles unleashed eighty pure black rays. When they were fired, it felt as if the sky had changed color.

The snowflakes that the Snow Empress transformed into danced in the air. They avoided the rays. In any case, the rays weren’t aimed at her. They were aimed at Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao could clearly sense the trajectories of the soul rays using his Spiritual Detection, but he had no way of avoiding them. On a spiritual level, he was eventually still inferior to the Evileye Tyrant.

Tang Wutong suddenly took a step forward. She came in front of Huo Yuhao and swung her Clear Sky Hammer. This time, the black projection of a giant hammer surfaced behind her. When this hammer appeared, it grew in size along with the wind. Almost instantly, it was more than a hundred meters long. It hammered heavily in the air.

This was Tang Wutong’s Clear Sky Hammer True Body. Even Huo Yuhao was only seeing this ability for the first time.
Tremendous booms sounded. The entire sky seemed to crack and collapse. A great suction force caused Huo Yuhao and the Evileye Tyrant King to shake as they were pulled slightly.

The black rays that the Evileye Tyrant King had unleashed immediately scattered.

However, they only scattered for a moment. At the next instant, they actually disappeared. When Tang Wutong discovered them again, they were already in front of both of them.

It was spatial power. The Evileye Tyrant King had actually combined his spatial and spiritual power very well.

Tang Wutong didn’t retreat. She used the hammer to block them. After this, a terrifying intent was unleashed from her body.

A golden pattern started to spread on her Clear Sky Hammer. After this, the surrounding space turned silver with the Clear Sky Hammer at the center. After this, the void cracked. This time, the eighty black rays were finally dissipated.

This was spatial power too. However, Tang Wutong’s spatial power was fused with the ultimate strength of her Clear Sky Hammer.

The dissipated black lights blew apart in the air. However, Tang Wutong was still struck by the shockwave. She shuddered, and her Clear Sky Hammer True Body vanished. A thought was also transmitted to Huo Yuhao.

“Spiritual Numbness.”

Tang Wutong shone brightly with golden light immediately after this. It was a sign that she was using her cultivation to fight the Evileye Tyrant King.

At this moment, the Evileye Tyrant King suddenly released a violent and wild intent. Following this, his huge pupil turned fresh red. A giant beam of red light shot out.

It was a terrifying beam of light that was around three hundred meters long! The snowflakes that the Snow Empress
had transformed into were all engulfed within it. It was also approaching Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong.

This was the Evileye Tyrant King’s strongest attack.

Huo Yuhao only felt his spiritual sea being overwhelmed. It felt as if a catastrophic event was imminent. After probing with a few attacks, the Evileye Tyrant King finally used his strongest attack.

The Snow Empress re-appeared in front of him. She fused with the Ice Empress. After his, a streak of icy-white and jade- green combined before they shot out.

Compared to the Evileye Tyrant King’s terrifying attack, this streak from the Pride of the Ice and Snow Empresses was only ten meters long, and was much smaller. However, it protected both Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong.

“Boom—” A tremendous boom echoed in the air. A big hole seemed to have been blown open in the sky. A frightening spiritual intent was unleashed, along with the immense aura of Ultimate Ice. Spiritual undulations spread everywhere.

Broken holes could be seen everywhere in the sky, which took a long time to close. The entire sky shook from the brutally strong intent on display. This was the result of a clash between extremely powerful parties.

The Ice and Snow Empresses were only Spirits after all, and weren’t in their original forms. Otherwise, they might not be afraid of the Evileye Tyrant King if they teamed up. Right now, they could only use Huo Yuhao’s strength. Huo Yuhao’s cultivation was still a little way off from the Snow Empress at her peak.

Huo Yuhao was a little pale after the clash. His soul power was surging. He still couldn’t use the soul power in his dantian that belonged to Long Xiaoyao. As his soul power was being used up, the compressed soul power in his body started to stir.

The Evileye Tyrant King is really strong! However, I can really finally face his attack directly.

The Evileye Tyrant King’s next attack didn’t arrive immediately. His grim voice echoed throughout the sky. “Good,  very  good.  You’ve  actually  made  the  Ice  and  Snow
Empresses part of your strength. This is really unexpected. However, how dare you provoke me given your abilities? Today, this will be your burial ground.”

His tentacles straightened once again. Eighty streaks of black light were unleashed once again, and were once again used for spiritual numbness.

These rays contained the effects of spatial power. It was extremely difficult to destroy them. It was almost impossible to dodge them too. This made it extremely difficult to resist them.

Tang Wutong struggled before she escaped from the first hit from spiritual numbness. As her figure flashed, she arrived behind Huo Yuhao.

Her body started to glow with a layer of purplish-gold light after she moved behind Huo Yuhao. She appeared very dignified, and a light fog rose around her.

Huo Yuhao shone with blue light. His Icy War God Armor quickly engulfed his entire body. He lifted his Morning Dew Dagger and slashed.

A weird intent was released from his body. It was one of excitement. Even the Evileye Tyrant King was affected, and felt very joyous.
The rays that had locked onto his enemies earlier suddenly took a turn and shot towards Huo Yuhao. It was where he used his dagger.

A spatial crack suddenly opened, and swallowed all eighty rays.

“What? What kind of ability is this?”  The Evileye Tyrant King was curious. This was because he was astonished to discover that he had lost control of his rays when Huo Yuhao slashed.

Huo Yuhao smiled and replied, “Spiritual power! Don’t tell me anyone else is prohibited from specializing in spiritual power apart from you?”

Yes, he was using his power of emotions.

After these years of training and cultivation, he had developed his own understanding of the power of emotions. Even though it wasn’t very profound yet, it was still very useful to him.
Earlier, he unleashed happiness, an emotion.

While that slash seemed very ordinary, it was actually a self- created soul skill.

The Evileye Tyrant King’s pupil shrank a little. “Spiritual power. Very good, kid. No matter what happens today, I must leave you here. If I let you develop any further, you might actually threaten me one day.”

Huo Yuhao sighed and said, “I wanted to keep things harmonious between us, but you had to bring it to this stage. Since this is the case, I must kill you no matter what. You’ll become my ninth soul ring. You are the one who first attacked us. Don’t blame us for being merciless.”

As he finished speaking, Huo Yuhao’s body started to experience changes. A beam of bright golden light was instantly unleashed from his body. At the same time, whether it was the Ice Empress, the Snow Empress or the Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass, they instantly fused back into his body.
That beam of golden light broke the sky. The originally dark- red sky was instantly torn open. Then, another beam of golden light descended from the sky and met Huo Yuhao’s. Dense icy fog started to spread from his body.

Huge dragon wings opened up behind him. Tang Wutong, who was behind Huo Yuhao, disappeared. As he was in his Icy War God Armor, whatever was happening to his body couldn’t be seen from the outside.

He took a step forward, and a streak of silver light appeared in front of him. Suddenly, he transcended space.

“Oh?” The Evileye Tyrant King was astonished. When that beam of golden light descended onto Huo Yuhao’s body, he instantly felt as if Huo Yuhao had completely changed. His earlier aura had completely transformed, as if he had become a being of light.

The Evileye Tyrant King’s pupil shrank before dilating. This time, he turned completely dark green. A terrifying killing aura spread from him.
The sky also turned dark green. Only that beam of golden light that had struck Huo Yuhao remained.

The silver light flashed again. When Huo Yuhao re-appeared, he was a hundred meters in front of the Evileye Tyrant King.

The Evileye Tyrant King’s tentacles were furiously reaching for him, hoping to block him.

Huo Yuhao lifted his right hand and slashed his Morning Dew Dagger. This time, the emotion that was unleashed was sorrow. The tentacles were guided to one side again as they were affected by this sorrow.

“Light of Destruction!” The tone of the Evileye Tyrant King’s voice was very weird. Every time he mentioned a word, the air would distort strangely. His terrifying spiritual power seemed to become a real entity. At the next instant, a dark green beam of light that was around a hundred meters long shot out at Huo Yuhao.

What Huo Yuhao didn’t know was that the longer the lights unleashed by the Evileye Tyrant King, the weaker they were.
Even Di Tian had to pay a huge price if he wanted to resist this Light of Destruction.

However, what left the Evileye Tyrant King extremely astonished was that Huo Yuhao seemed to have become illusory after he suffered this attack. Nothing appeared to have affected him.

If there were any changes to speak of, it was that there was a beautiful mermaid projection behind him. Captivating mermaid singing also started to sound.

The Morning Dew Dagger shone extremely brightly. The air turned unprecedentedly chilly. The temperature reached negative two hundred and sixty degrees Celsius, slowing down the tentacles that were approaching.

How is this possible? How is he fine after being struck by my Light of Destruction? Impossible, this is impossible.

The Evileye Tyrant King was horrified. At this instant, he felt a huge sense of crisis.
A strong beam of light was unleashed from Huo Yuhao’s body. Following this, a golden hammer rose from his back, and instantly arrived in front of the Evileye Tyrant King.

They were too close. The instant pressure that surfaced caused the Evileye Tyrant King’s pupil to cave in a little. A strong spiritual barrier was immediately unleashed from his pupil, and clashed with the golden hammer.

The spiritual barrier was immediately frozen. After this, it started to crack, and golden lights shone in all directions.

Blaze Amidst the Frost, Heavenly Emperor's Hammer

The Evileye Tyrant King’s body shook a little, but he also demonstrated his transcendent abilities as the second-ranked of the Ten Great Savage Beasts.

After he suffered this blow, his pupil turned deep-blue. After this, a three-meter long deep-blue light shot out from his pupil.
When this deep-blue light appeared, time seemed to stop. Huo Yuhao, who was lifting his Morning Dew Dagger, was completely restrained in mid-air at this instant. Everything around him was rapidly compressing. The deep-blue light was moving very slowly. However, the sky and the ground turned deep-blue just as it shifted. Everything about the Evileye Tyrant King turned deep-blue.

Space-Time Light!

This was the Evileye Tyrant King’s highest level of understanding. He had relied on this immense skill to escape from Di Tian’s hands.

He understood the strength of time through his understanding of spiritual power and space. This was the power of time that originated from his spiritual origin. The power of time could snatch away the spiritual origin of living creatures, causing their spiritual origins to weaken instantly.

Even though Di Tian had critically hurt him, Di Tian had also needed a thousand years to recover to his peak state after he was struck by this Space-Time Light. This showed how powerful it was.

When the deep-blue Space-Time Light struck Huo Yuhao, the frosty aura he had released turned deep-blue. His entire body also turned deep-blue.

The Evileye Tyrant King finally heaved a sigh of relief. After he was able to unleash his Space-Time Light, the only creature who had managed to survive was Di Tian.

In fact, the Evileye Tyrant King had to pay a huge price to unleash his Space-Time Light. He drained his own life energy to use it.

It was important to know that his next catastrophe was imminent. It was almost fatal to him to have drained his life energy. However, the sense of crisis that Huo Yuhao had brought him earlier was simply too scary. When it came to his tier, he was very confident in his own senses. He didn’t doubt them at all. This was why he used his Space-Time Light without any hesitation.

The Evileye Tyrant King shook a little. A strong intent was instantly unleashed from his body.

It was one of disbelief!

Yes, he was in disbelief! This was because a sharp blade that was flashing with dense icy fog had stabbed right into the center of his pupil. A figure was holding that sharp blade, with a hint of the deep-blue light from earlier still on him.

His pupil was stuck close to his Evileye as it popped out. It was icy-blue now. Yes, it was icy-blue, not rose-gold.

An icy-blue streak of light shot into the Evileye Tyrant King’s pupil. Following this, another streak of icy-blue light shot in once again as mermaid singing voices were heard.

The Morning Dew Dagger had completely vanished. It was completely stabbed into the huge eye.

“Roar—” Tragic and furious screams caused the entire forest to shake. Many trees were crushed instantly.

The Evileye Tyrant King flew back. One of his tentacles forcibly whipped at Huo Yuhao. After this, another beam of the Space-Time Light shot out and froze Huo Yuhao in mid-air.

However, the Evileye Tyrant King was shaking tremendously. Icy-blue streaks were spreading across his pupil. No fresh blood flowed out, only boundless icy frost.

Even up until now, the Evileye Tyrant King didn’t understand why he had lost, or how he had been hit by Huo Yuhao’s fatal blow.

Why? Why?

Huo Yuhao was only delayed in the air for two seconds before he returned to normal. However, he didn’t continue attacking. He turned around and fled. At that instant, he rushed out from the sonic blast. Instantly, he traveled more than a hundred kilometers.

He clenched his left hand and used his Ice Explosion Technique.

From afar, a terrifying boom rocked the entire Evildemon Forest. It lasted very long without fading away.

When the helmet was removed, it was not Huo Yuhao’s face, but Tang Wutong’s instead. No, more accurately speaking, it should be the Solitary Dance Amidst the Frost, Raiment of Light.
Yes, from the moment that lethal strike was unleashed, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong were already fused together. The Solitary Dance Amidst the Frost, Raiment of Light gave them the ability to directly resist the Evileye Tyrant King.

From their earlier clashes, Huo Yuhao deeply understood that he and Tang Wutong might not be the Evileye Tyrant King’s match. It was a difference in absolute ability. However, he still chose to fight.

However, it was all heaven’s will.

Even with the Icy War God’s Armor, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong could only directly resist the Evileye Tyrant King for a short period of time using their Raiment of Light. However, against the Evileye Tyrant King’s terrifying explosive strength and immensely strong spiritual power, they could only flee.

However, they still managed to kill the Evileye Tyrant King.

Only Huo Yuhao could answer why. He had used his immunity to three spiritual attacks.

Huo Yuhao had completely neutralized the Evileye Tyrant King’s strongest three spiritual attacks using this immunity. It was also an important reason why he managed to survive.

Since he didn’t suffer from the attacks, he could easily use the buffer time after the Evileye Tyrant King attacked to counterattack with all his power.

He used the Heavenly Emperor’s Hammer to wreck the Evileye Tyrant King’s spiritual barrier.

The two streaks of Spiritual Shock that were unleashed from the Sigh of the Frozen Goddess along with the Merfolk’s Duet fatally wounded the Evileye Tyrant King.

The close to absolute zero temperature of Ultimate Ice was completely infused into his spiritual attacks. It was the strength of the Goddess of Light, a combination of Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong’s powers. Everything led to that ultimate strike.
Tang Wutong dazedly drifted beside Huo Yuhao. Until now, both of them still felt as if they were in a dream.

“Have we, have we succeeded?”  Tang Wutong softly asked Huo Yuhao. “That was a savage beast that’s only inferior to Di Tian! He was ranked second among the Ten Great Savage Beasts.”

Huo Yuhao looked at Tang Wutong and hugged her. “Yes, we’ve really succeeded. We’ve killed the Evileye Tyrant King. We’ve really succeeded!”

It was a close and dangerous fight. Right now, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong’s soul power was at less than 20 percent. If Long Xiaoyao and Ye Xishui didn’t increase their cultivations to Rank 98, they wouldn’t have stood a chance at all.

While Huo Yuhao was immunized from the Evileye Tyrant King’s spiritual attacks, that still had to be sustained. If not for the fact that their martial soul fusion made the Goddess of Light’s strength almost boundless, they wouldn’t have survived the Space-Time Light.
Twice! Huo Yuhao couldn’t imagine the consequences if he wasn’t immunized. Even if he didn’t die, he would have become a moron.

Right now, they had finally succeeded. The Evileye Tyrant King had been killed just like that.

“Go, let’s go.” Tang Wutong held onto Huo Yuhao. They both flew back towards the Evildemon Forest.

The sky was still deep blue. The Evileye Tyrant King was simply too strong. Even until now, his aura had not fully dissipated.

There were dark red patches of blood on the ground, as well as big lumps of the Evileye Tyrant King’s corpse. There were even a few items that caught Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong’s attention.

First, there was the Morning Dew Dagger. It had not changed as it drifted in mid-air. Apart from the dagger, there was a dark red halo with seven golden patterns.
In the center of the halo, there was a dark-blue pupil. It was only the size of a palm, but it was flashing with a demonic glow.

“What is this? Soul bone?” Huo Yuhao was astonished to see what was in the center of the soul ring.

For soul beasts with cultivations above a hundred thousand years, powerful hundred thousand year soul bones would appear along with their hundred thousand year soul rings. However, it was Huo Yuhao’s first time seeing such a soul bone. Even in the records of Shrek Academy, there were no such soul bones.

“What  kind  of  soul  bone  is  this?”   Tang  Wutong  asked, curious.

Huo Yuhao shook his head and said. “I don’t know either. It seems like it’s an external soul bone. It should be a pupil too. I just don’t know how we should use it.”

Tang Wutong was excited as she said, “Of course, you have to directly absorb it. Your martial soul is your Spirit Eyes. It’s the
most suitable for absorbing such a soul bone. I didn’t expect an eye to be a soul bone too! This is too magical.”

Huo Yuhao brought Tang Wutong as they flew over. First, he grabbed the Morning Dew Dagger and put it away before guiding the soul ring and bone over using his spiritual power.

When his spiritual power interacted with the soul ring, he instantly felt a strong sense of discrimination coming from it.

Evidently, it was the intent of the Evileye Tyrant King.

However, this wasn’t a problem for Huo Yuhao. If the Evileye Tyrant King were still alive, Huo Yuhao would naturally not be his foe. Now that he was already dead, Huo Yuhao probably possessed the strongest spiritual cultivation in the world. It was not an issue for him to guide the soul ring and bone over.

He increased the output of his soul power, and guided the soul ring and bone to the ground.
It was a hundred thousand year soul ring with seven golden patterns on it! Among all the soul rings Huo Yuhao had, only the Skydream Iceworm’s million year soul ring was superior to it. But the Skydream Iceworm was far inferior compared to the Evileye Tyrant King when he was alive. Even when he was at his million year cultivation, he would still have to beg for his life if he faced the Evileye Tyrant King.

Now, the Evileye Tyrant King had actually transformed into a soul ring. To Huo Yuhao, he was no longer just delightfully surprised.

Tang Wutong was excited. “Quickly, absorb it. I’ll protect you. Our soul powers recover very quickly. In this forest, no one else can threaten us apart from the Evileye Tyrant King. Quickly, absorb it. Perhaps you might start to touch the door to your third soul core.”

“Alright.” Huo Yuhao agreed before he sat cross-legged on the ground.

Just as he was about to absorb the soul ring, a white light flashed before the Snow Empress crawled out.
“Yuhao, wait a minute.” The Snow Empress was very serious as she spoke to Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao was puzzled as he asked, “What’s wrong, Snow Empress?”

The Snow Empress furrowed her brow and replied, “I’m afraid you’ll meet with problems if you try to absorb the Evileye Tyrant King’s soul ring now.”

“Oh?” Huo Yuhao knew that the Snow Empress wouldn’t warn him for nothing. He had never absorbed such a powerful soul ring before. He immediately stopped and listened to her explanation.

The Snow Empress said, “If that human Ultimate Douluo didn’t give you his soul power, it shouldn’t be a problem. Absorbing the Evileye Tyrant King’s soul ring would only make your cultivation much better. However, things are different now. You have too much soul power in your body. Although you’ve just drained a lot, it’ll recover very quickly. You can’t immediately form your third soul core. Once you absorb the Evileye Tyrant King’s soul ring, you’ll likely face a situation where there’s too much soul power in your body. Eventually,
you won’t be able to release or absorb soul power. Your life might even be in danger.”

“This is indeed a problem. However, I didn’t bring any soul ring-sealing soul tools.” Huo Yuhao furrowed his brow. It was luck that he could kill the Evileye Tyrant King, as well as because of the spiritual immunity. If he didn’t absorb this seven hundred thousand year soul ring, it would dissipate soon!

Tang Wutong also creased her brow. She knew how dangerous it was earlier. In fact, both she and Huo Yuhao did conserve some power after they transformed into the Goddess of Light. They were ready to flee. Huo Yuhao even had three Class 9 stationary shells. No matter how strong the Evileye Tyrant King was, they were still enough to help them escape.

Now that they had toiled to kill such a powerful creature, they couldn’t bear to give up his soul ring! The soul bone was still fine. It could still be absorbed later. But what about the soul ring?

However, Huo Yuhao couldn’t take the risk either. No one knew how much power was contained within a seven hundred
thousand year soul ring. It was immense strength that could help even a Transcendent Douluo improve further! If something went wrong, it would be fatal.

“No worries, you still have me!”  A naughty-sounding voice was heard. Following this, golden lights flashed, and one more person appeared beside Huo Yuhao. It was the Skydream Iceworm, whom he had not seen for a long time.

The Skydream Iceworm looked very delighted right now. He placed his hands behind his back, as if he was very satisfied.

“Brother  Skydream,  you  have  a  plan?”   Huo  Yuhao  was delightfully surprised as he looked at the Skydream Iceworm.
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