Unrivaled Tang Sect Volume 43

Book 43: The Ice-Spirit Douluo and the Dragon Butterfly Douluo

Chapter 586: Sacrifice for Her?

This was Huo Yuhao’s first time using the spectral door in the Sea God’s Pavilion. This was really because he didn’t want to alarm anyone. Perhaps leaving just like this was the best choice. He didn’t even know if he could return.

He sent Tang Wutong into the spectral demiplane along with the bed before he silently left the Sea God’s Pavilion. He found the Ice Bear King resting in a corner of the academy and sent him into the demiplane to protect Tang Wutong. After this, he left the academy.

When Xiao Xiao came to Tang Wutong’s room, all she saw was a piece of white paper.

Very soon, this piece of white paper was in front of Elder Xuan.

“Elder Xuan, eldest senior, elders and teammates, I’m leaving with Wutong. Wutong is not in a very good condition. None of us know what to do. I’m bringing her to find a physician. No matter what price I have to pay, I must heal her. She’s very
important to me. If she can’t recover, I’m afraid that I can’t face this world calmly anymore. Everyone, please take care. Yuhao.”

He sounded very calm, but everyone could sense the heavy fatigue in his words. They could sense Huo Yuhao’s fatigue.

Yes! He had been carrying a lot on his shoulders over these few years. With Tang Wutong around, at least he had a spiritual support. Now that she was heavily injured, Huo Yuhao chose to leave. More accurately speaking, he didn’t leave, but went to seek treatment for Tang Wutong. Her recovery would also determine whether his heart would change for the better.

“This  kid  is  really  pitiful.  His  heart  is  too  heavy.  I  hope Wutong can recover.”  Elder Xuan shut his eyes heavily. Huo Yuhao had done a lot for the academy. At such a time, who could blame him? They could only wish him well.

Ma Xiaotao silently stood beside Elder Xuan. She also saw what Huo Yuhao had left behind. Although she didn’t know what had happened, there was a resilient look in her eyes right now.

Go and do what you have to, little brother. I’ll shoulder your responsibilities on your behalf!

“Elder Xuan, let me take over Yuhao’s position in the Sea God’s  Pavilion  now  that  he’s  left.”  Ma  Xiaotao  asked  Elder Xuan.

No one thought that Ma Xiaotao was doing this to usurp power. When the entire continent was in turmoil, power also meant responsibilities.

Elder Xuan nodded silently. “Alright.”

Ma Xiaotao looked at Xiao Xiao and asked, “You are also part of the Tang Sect. Tell me, what happened to Yuhao when I was away?”

After leaving Shrek City, Huo Yuhao felt very relaxed. He hadn’t experienced such a feeling for many years. Relief was perhaps the best word to use to describe his current feeling.
Leaving everything behind wasn’t easy. However, letting go was sometimes the key to understanding happiness.

Was Huo Yuhao happy? He didn’t know either. But he knew that he was relieved. It was finally time for him to temporarily give everything up. He really wanted to forget everything in this world and just protect Tang Wutong.

If not for the fact that she was in a coma, he wouldn’t have made up his mind to do something like this. In his heart, there were still many things he had to do. However, they weren’t important right now. What was more important than Tang Wutong?

Lights flashed in the sky as clouds swept past him. Unknowingly, Huo Yuhao was already flying at an extremely rapid speed. His Yin-Yang Complement soul cores seemed to be even more compatible as he was in such a relieved state. They no longer fought each other, but seemed to fuse together through the Yin-Yang Complement.

Whirlpool-like soul power was generated in his body, and surged before dissipating at high speed. This dissipation was almost nothing to Huo Yuhao.

From Shrek Academy to the Clearsky Sect, the distance wasn’t considered too long.

The Clearsky Sect was in the Heavenly Soul Empire. More accurately speaking, it was now part of the Sun Moon Empire.

Huo Yuhao was simply too quick. He was so quick that the aerial surveillance soul tools couldn’t find him. But any surveillance soul tool that came within reach of his senses couldn’t escape his clutches.

He didn’t even need to use any energy. Ever since he had killed that Class 9 soul engineer, Huo Yuhao had developed a new understanding of the Tang Sect’s Hidden Weapons. It was really like going back to the basics. That feeling was magical. This was why he could still destroy the core formation of an aerial surveillance soul tool as long as he had a small piece of metal, even if the soul tool was thousands of meters away. From there, he could destroy the soul tool completely.

It was a very refreshing feeling. Right now, Huo Yuhao was seeking such excitement. This was why any aerial surveillance
soul tool he passed was ‘unlucky’. Many of them were destroyed.

Sun Moon Empire army.

Ju Zi quietly sat in the commander’s tent. Her Sin Memorandum had just been sent back to the Sun Moon Empire’s Radiant City. This time, she had lost, and lost badly.

Just as the army retreated, the remaining members of the Imperial Dragon and Evil Tyrant Soul Engineer Legions returned. Just after they returned, the legion commander of the Evil Tyrant Soul Engineer Legion immediately went to confront the evil soul masters. There were less than three hundred soul engineers left in the two soul engineer legions. However, they were still as hostile as ever. The moment they entered the base, they immediately went to where the evil soul masters were stationed.

At this moment, the evil soul masters were without a head. Zhong Liwu had disappeared, while the evil Transcendent Douluo were either dead or injured. Their overall strength had fallen.
A violent confrontation was about to ensue.

When the other soul engineer legions heard this news, they immediately rushed over to mediate. However, they also turned furious when they learned from the Imperial Dragon and Evil Tyrant Soul Engineer Legions that the Holy Ghost Church had ambushed those two soul engineer legions.

It wasn’t their first day getting annoyed by evil soul masters.
This incident caused the entire base to descend into chaos.

Even Ju Zi wouldn’t be able to handle such chaos in the base.

The eventual result was that almost all the evil Titled Douluo from the Holy Ghost Church ran away. However, those that were weaker were all torn apart by the enraged soul engineers.

This issue was blown up. What was the Holy Ghost Church? It was the national church of the Sun Moon Empire! Even if it was an evil soul master sect, it was still a holy church that protected the empire.
Many of the soul engineer legion commanders kneeled down in front of Ju Zi and asked for punishment.

However, was it really possible to punish them now? These soul engineer legions were her supporters!

As a result, Ju Zi could only temporarily station the army outside the original Heavenly Soul Empire’s borders. After that, she sent a Sin Memorandum to await punishment from the Emperor. It was only by doing this that she could reach the perfect resolution. Otherwise, there would be a revolt.

Yuhao, you are really vicious! You always claim to be soft- hearted. Aren’t you showing me your toughness this time?

No one knew who had attacked the two soul engineer legions from the Hand that Protects the Nation, but how could Ju Zi not know? Huo Yuhao possessed both ice-type abilities and the ability to summon spectres. Furthermore, she was the one who had personally told Huo Yuhao that the Sun Moon Empire wanted to attack the Dou Ling Empire.
Yuhao, you’re really smart. You actually guessed that I was going to carry out an assassination. Although you arrived a little late, you were still able to maintain your composure and use such a tactic to cause internal chaos within my army.

Yes, you’ve gotten your way. This time, there’s internal chaos within the Sun Moon Empire. Along with our low morale, we won’t be able to attack anytime soon. Such a good opportunity has gone to waste. There’s also news from the Dou Ling Empire that there’s a surviving member of the imperial family. This member fixed internal problems in Dou Ling City, so things weren’t as bad as they were supposed to be.

Ju Zi refused to believe that these matters had nothing to do with Huo Yuhao.

Yuhao, this Yuhao! You are really much more powerful than I imagined. Have you finally matured during the war?

I’m not sure whether it’s a blessing or misfortune to have you as my opponent. Yuhao, no wonder I’m interested in you. Even though you’ve caused me a lot of problems, why am I still so happy? Is it because I’ve watched my man mature?
In fact, I’m more hopeful that you’ll become the ruler of the entire continent in the future. If that’s the case, I’ll do my best to help you. Our kid will be your future successor. That’s the perfect ending I hope to see. However, I know that that’s almost impossible.

Ju Zi locked up all the commanders involved in attacking the Holy Ghost Church. She still had to do what was right on the surface. At the same time, she also convinced them. She was the leader of an army. Now that a problem had arisen, the blame would be attributed to her first. If the Emperor condemned them, she would suffer all the consequences.

“Marshal, this matter has nothing to do with you. We are the culprits. You are the pillar of our empire. Without you, we couldn’t have wiped out the Heavenly Soul Empire and caused the entire continent to waver. How can we let you take any punishment for us?” A Class 9 soul engineer said agitatedly.

Who would have expected the War God Empress to say that she would shoulder all the blame? She was the Empress! She was also the Marshal of the army. She could attribute all the wrongdoings to the internal chaos. While any chaos could be linked to the marshal, the reason for this chaos could still acquit her of any wrongdoing.

However, she didn’t do so. This meant that she was willing to shoulder all responsibility. This left all the soul engineer legion commanders and Worshipped with a whole new outlook of this Empress. A marshal who was willing to shoulder all responsibility was definitely what any soldier would want to see.

Ju Zi nodded gently and said, “I should be responsible for this matter. I was the one who gave the order for the two soul engineer legions to attack the Dou Ling Empire. Accurate information can only be obtained from me. I can’t report such a military mission to the military supervisor either. That’s why the responsibility lies with me. All of you don’t have to say anything else. Since I mentioned that I’ll shoulder all the blame, I’ll do it. From a profit standpoint, punishing me alone can help to protect all of you, the pillar of the empire.”

Ju Zi sounded very composed. However, how could all the soul engineers be composed when they heard her words? Suddenly, they all lowered their voices.

They were clearly aware of what kind of responsibility she had to bear for this matter. By attacking the Holy Ghost Church, it was equivalent to causing a revolt, even if it was justified! The punishment for a revolt was the extermination of nine generations of one’s clan. Yes! By taking the blame for everyone, Ju Zi was indeed minimizing all punishment. After all, she held such a respectable status in the empire.
This War God Empress was once an orphan saved by the Emperor of the Sun Moon Empire. Many people tried to scheme against him when he decided to marry her. An Empress without a proper background was disallowed in the imperial family.

If not for the fact that Xu Tianran ignored all the objections, Ju Zi wouldn’t have become the Empress. Right now, her lack of background was ideal. Because she was by herself, no matter how heavy the punishment was, she would be the only one punished.

However, she was the Empress! She was even the War God Empress. Even though she appeared very calm, how could the soul engineers be calm?

“We are willing to share the blame with you, Marshal. Even if  we  are  killed,  we  will  die  without  any  regrets.”  A  soul engineer legion commander kneeled on the floor before kowtowing to her. This was a formality given only to an Emperor. As a legion commander, no one could make him kneel on both knees except for the Emperor.
With the first came the second. Very soon, the entire tent was full of people kneeling down.

Ju Zi kneeled too. Right now, she could no longer hold her cool. Her tears fell uncontrollably.

“Thank you, comrades, for your unity. However, I must accept responsibility myself. The empire cannot survive without all of you. I only have one small request right now. I hope all of you can agree to it.”

The oldest Class 9 soul engineer lifted his head to look at her.
His expression was very fierce, but it was filled with sincerity.

“Your Majesty, please tell us. We’ll do it as long as we can.” This soul engineer had already decided. At such a period of time, it was best for Ju Zi to bear the burden for everything herself. This was because she was likely to escape without punishment. After all, she had accumulated many merits. She might not die. As for them, they were doomed if they went to take the rap. The Holy Ghost Church and military law wouldn’t let them off.
Ju Zi said, “With your trust, I can die without regrets. However, the Crown Prince is too young. If I die, there’ll be another Empress in the future. I’m only asking for your help as a mother. Please protect the Crown Prince and let him grow up happily. Even if he can’t become the Emperor in the future, it’s
fine. Everything is good as long as he’s safe.”

Right now, Ju Zi appeared very cowardly, and was even filled with fear and sorrow. But it was also right now that she could truly touch others. The invincible War God Empress revealed her soft side. Such an atmosphere was too much even for these iron-blooded soldiers.

Another Class 9 soul engineer suddenly stood up and came to lift Ju Zi to her feet. “Marshal, we’ll always be on your side no matter what. You won’t die. No one will die. We control more than two-thirds the power of the empire. We…”

“Shut up.” The old soul engineer appeared furious, “Do you really want everyone to lose their life?”

They couldn’t continue after speaking until here. Ju Zi regained her composure and comforted all the generals before sending them back to rest. As for how they were going to settle
this matter, they were going to follow the original plan. However, she had obtained what she wanted.

At times, putting herself in the soldiers’ shoes was more important. By doing so, she could win them over. By winning them over, she could then win over the entire world!

Ju Zi took a solid step in the attainment of her target.

Huo Yuhao wasn’t aware of all this. In fact, he just reached his destination.

A thick snowy mountain was already within view. It was covered by fog, but the fog couldn’t stop Huo Yuhao anymore. Even if there were powerful soul beasts amidst the fog, he couldn’t be stopped.

Gentle spiritual power spread, and Huo Yuhao sensed everything around him. He was like a spectre as he silently ascended Clear Sky Peak.
At the top of the peak, Clear Sky Castle was still standing there as usual. Nothing seemed to have changed.

This was Huo Yuhao’s fourth time at the castle. Every time, he had a different feeling. He felt the best the first time. When he first came, he was well-treated by the two sect leaders. However, it was also here that he almost flattened the entire castle because of the Snow Empress’ embryo.

What was most unforgettable in Huo Yuhao’s mind was that his teacher, Electrolux, had left him forever here.

Wang Dong’er was unconscious the second time, and he was the one who personally brought her back. Then, he was completely heartbroken. When he left that time, Wang Dong’er ceased to exist.

When he came for the third time, it was because he found out that Wang Dong’er had left.

This was the fourth time. It seemed like misfortune followed him every time he came. However, he had no choice if he wanted Tang Wutong to recover.

Huo Yuhao didn’t knock on the door when he arrived in front of the castle. He didn’t call anyone either. He only just kneeled down in front of the castle.

Not long afterward, the door to the castle opened, and Tai Tan walked out.

He didn’t say anything to Huo Yuhao. He only walked in front of him before giving him a kick. This kick threw Huo Yuhao far back.

Tai Tan used a lot of force with this kick. Huo Yuhao’s body was like a shell, and he was kicked all the way out of Clear Sky Peak.

Tai Tan was merciless. Huo Yuhao didn’t resist either. The tremendous pain almost crushed his second soul core .

He spat out mouthfuls of blood. However, he still appeared as relieved as he was earlier.
He returned to the peak and silently came in front of Tai Tan. He kneeled down once again. He didn’t say anything, and only lowered his head.

Tai Tan looked coldly at him. Of course, I don’t have to ask him anything. The only reason he’s here is because Wutong is in trouble, judging from his demeanor.

“Where is she?” Tai Tan asked.

Huo Yuhao recited a few incantations, opening the spectral door. Tang Wutong was sent out and presented in front of Tai Tan.

Tai Tan hugged Tang Wutong and returned to the castle. The door to the castle closed heavily, and a deep rumbling sound could be heard.

No one came out from the castle after Tai Tan entered. Huo Yuhao didn’t move either. He only kneeled there and waited silently.
He neither ate nor drank anything. For someone of his cultivation, he wouldn’t die even if he kneeled down for a few months. Furthermore, his injuries also gradually recovered under the effect of his twin soul cores. He only needed one day to heal completely. He didn’t even take any medicine.

He kneeled down properly, and felt much better doing so.

He had no intention of returning alive this time. If Tang Wutong couldn’t be treated, he would kill himself for her. If she could be treated, he had to see her again even if it was at the expense of death. This was why he was kneeling down, not only to atone for his sins. He was also kneeling down to wait for results. This time, he wouldn’t leave the peak no matter what happened. He was going to wait here until Tang Wutong was fine, or until she died.

He was no longer sad. This was because he treated her as part of himself. If she was well, he would be well, and the reverse was also true. If she was a part of him, what was there for him to be sad about?

Seven days and nights passed just like this.
The cold caused a layer of frost to form on his body. Even when kneeling down, his soul power was still circulating silently. According to his estimates, his soul power should be around Rank 94 after the gains he had made during that big fight earlier, and after he formed his twin soul cores.

For normal Titled Douluo, it was very difficult to improve further after crossing Rank 90. However, this wasn’t an issue for him. The foundation set by his twin soul cores was too good. His improvement didn’t stop at all. According to Elder Xuan, he would at least reach Rank 98 without facing any bottlenecks. Of course, it was also precisely because of this that he would face a life-and-death situation when he reached Rank 98 and wanted to make a breakthrough to Rank 99.

However, this wasn’t on Huo Yuhao’s mind right now. He had no desire to improve himself anymore. He only had one person on his mind.

Another seven days passed. By now, fourteen days had passed. Huo Yuhao had already grown a beard from kneeling there. He was even like an ice statute right now. His entire body was completely engulfed by a thick layer of frost.
When the fifteenth day arrived, the door to the castle finally opened. Tai Tan was still the one who walked out.

Tai Tan appeared very grim. When he walked out, Huo Yuhao immediately reacted. He subconsciously lifted his head, and the ice cracked.

Tai Tan kicked him once again. However, it was much softer this time. At least Huo Yuhao wasn’t hurt this time.

Although Huo Yuhao was still a little sloppy and his beard was still quite long when he flew back, there was no longer any ice or snow on his body.

“Come in.”  Tai Tan turned around and went back into the castle after he said these two words.

Huo Yuhao hurriedly followed him. He could no longer keep calm. His heart was palpitating. How exactly is Wutong? He didn’t know. It was time to determine his fate.

After entering the castle, Tai Tan brought him to the main hall. He sat down himself, but didn’t invite Huo Yuhao to take a seat.

Niu Tian was also around. He was silently seated in the main seat, and appeared even more gloomy than Tai Tan.

“Wutong is not in good shape. Do you call this protecting her?” He said coldly.

Huo Yuhao’s heart sank. He didn’t say anything, and only kneeled down.

“Get up. What’s the point of having you here just to kneel down and kowtow to us? Even if you kneel for ten thousand years and become a turtle, will Wutong get better?”  Tai Tan was furious.

Huo Yuhao laughed bitterly. “I only have this body of mine. I won’t harp on what I’ve done wrong. As long as I can save Wutong, I’m willing to do anything. If I can’t, I’ll go with her. We’ll go to another world, and I’ll protect her there.”

Niu Tian’s facial muscles contorted. “Given a choice, I should have killed you the moment I saw you. At least we’d spare our darling so much pain.”

Huo Yuhao could only laugh bitterly. Niu Tian was right. If Tang Wutong didn’t follow him, she might not have suffered so much pain.

“Right now, there’s only one way.” Niu Tian suddenly said.

“Ah?” Huo Yuhao was surprised as he looked at him. There was immediately an angry look in his eyes.

“However, you’ll need to make a sacrifice,”  Niu Tian said calmly, “Are you willing to do so?”

“I am.” Huo Yuhao didn’t even ask what the sacrifice was. He agreed without any hesitation. He was even willing to give up his life for Tang Wutong. What more could he not do?

Niu Tian said, “Wutong’s body has been corroded by the aura of death. This aura of death has already fused with her spiritual sea, which is keeping her unconscious. The only way right now is for her to force this aura of death out from her body using her own strength. This is the only way she can recover. However, she’s not strong enough yet.”

Huo Yuhao was confused as he asked, “What should we do then?”

Niu Tian answered, “If I’m not wrong, you already have twin soul cores. Furthermore, they are Yin-Yang Complement twin
soul cores. Am I right?”

“Yes.” Huo Yuhao immediately nodded. At the same time, he was astonished. It was important to know that even Zhong Liwu couldn’t tell what his twin soul cores were, but this sect leader of the Clear Sky Sect could. Even with Huo Yuhao’s sharpness, he couldn’t tell how strong Niu Tian really was. Was it that Niu Tian was also an Ultimate Douluo? The only creature who could tell that he had Yin-Yang Complement soul cores was the Beast God, Di Tian!

Niu Tian said, “If we want Wutong to force the aura of death out from her body using her own strength, we need her to form twin soul cores too. They have to be formed using the Yin-Yang Complement too, so that she’ll stand a chance of survival. The soul cores will also dispel the aura of death naturally. Neither myself nor my second brother can do it. Our powers are different from Wutong’s. Our martial souls are also different. Only you can help her.”

“We have a special method in our sect which allows one to temporarily project his soul core into the body of another party. From there, one can help the other party to circulate their soul power. However, the only requirement is that both parties need to have extremely compatible soul power.
Wutong’s soul core is also light-type. It’s also her Radiant Butterfly Goddess soul power. There’s only one way for her to most easily form her second soul core right now, which is through spiritual power. Your spiritual power is sufficiently strong too. This is why we need you to project your spiritual soul core into her spiritual sea and help her form her second soul core. From there, you can complete the formation using the Yin-Yang Complement. Do you understand?”

“Are there any risks?” Huo Yuhao asked.

“Yes. The thing about this method is that it helps the other party, but it harms yourself. Wutong isn’t in much danger. As long as you are determined enough, the probability of success will be high. However, you might lose your soul core in the process. You might even hurt your origin because of the internal damage to your soul cores. The worst result is that you’ll become an idiot. Even if you don’t, your powers will fall greatly. You might not ever become a Titled Douluo in the future.” Niu Tian said. “This is why you should consider it very carefully. Once we begin, it’s going to be very difficult to stop. Stopping it will instantly endanger Wutong’s life.”

Huo Yuhao stood up and shook his head. “There’s no need to consider anymore. Let’s begin.”

Tai Tan said, “You must think it through carefully. Any injuries will be irreversible. Your twin soul cores are bound to be affected. According to my knowledge, you are the first human in history to complete the formation of Yin-Yang Complement twin soul cores. It’s likely that no one will follow in your footsteps either.”

“Uncle Tai Tan, Uncle Niu Tian, let’s stop wasting time. If we delay any further, Wutong’s body will be corroded even more by the aura of death. Let’s begin now. As long as we can make Wutong better, I can even give you my life. Let’s not even talk about lowering my cultivation. However, I have something that I need both your help with.”

Niu Tian said, “Tell me.”

There was a determined look in Huo Yuhao’s eyes, “If I become an idiot in the process, please kill me immediately before dumping my corpse. We don’t need Wutong to see me in that state. Just tell her that I left her after sending her here.”

Tai Tan was curious. “Why?”
Huo Yuhao answered, “With her temperament, she’ll want to take care of me forever if I become an idiot. She’ll never be happy or blissful ever again. She’ll be hurt if she knows I left. However, her pain will lessen over time. But she must never know I’m dead. Otherwise, it’ll only backfire. This is why I hope both of you can grant me this wish.”

After hearing his words, Niu Tian and Tai Tan looked at him with a gentler expression on their faces. Niu Tian nodded and said, “Alright, I promise.”

Huo Yuhao said, “Let’s begin then. Is there food to eat? I want to grab a bite and take a rest first so that I’ll be in my best state. I must help Wutong recover.”

Tai Tan said, “Let me bring you some food.”

Huo Yuhao ate scrumptiously and didn’t bother about taste at all. Right now, he only saw food as a way to replenish his energy.

After eating, he meditated a little. After two hours, he finally re-appeared in front of Tai Tan.

Niu Tian had disappeared somewhere. Once again, Tai Tan asked Huo Yuhao whether he was regretful. After receiving a determined answer, he led Huo Yuhao to the top of the castle. They only stopped when they reached the top floor.

There was only one room at the top. There were four windows around the room. The sea of clouds outside the castle could be clearly seen from this room. As the clouds drifted in the sky, it felt as if this was some kind of immortal realm.

Tang Wutong was quietly lying down at the center of a large bed. She appeared very peaceful, as if she was in a deep sleep. But she looked very pale, and there was even an aura of death surrounding her body.

The Death God Demonpuppet’s attack was simply too strong.
It was a miracle that she had actually survived.

Huo Yuhao’s face immediately contorted when he saw her.

Whether it was Wang Dong’er or Tang Wutong, they had both suffered a lot for him. Even Huo Yuhao didn’t know how
he could face Wang Dong’er or Tang Wutong. If this carried on, he might actually go crazy.

As a man, instead of protecting his own woman, he let her get critically hurt because of him. Such a feeling was very consuming.

Huo Yuhao was in such pain. When he heard of this method to save Tang Wutong, he actually felt relieved in his heart. It was as if he had been freed from restraints.

So what if he had to sacrifice his abilities for her?

Huo Yuhao turned his head to look at Tai Tan, “Uncle Tai Tan, how do we start?”

Tai  Tan  said,  “Sit  opposite  Wutong.  I’ll  lift  her  up.  Your palms must touch. Then, I’ll give you instructions on what to do.”

“Alright.”  Huo Yuhao gave Tai Tan a hand in lifting Tang Wutong. They placed her in a seated position.

Her head drooped, and her pinkish-blue hair flowed down.
Huo Yuhao couldn’t help but tear up when he saw like this.

As their palms touched, his palms shook slightly.

“Cleanse your mind of impurities. Otherwise, you’ll harm both her and yourself.” Tai Tan’s voice sounded in Huo Yuhao’s ears.

Huo Yuhao was immediately alarmed. He hurriedly focused and stabilized himself.

Tai Tan said, “Pour your soul power into Wutong’s body slowly. Entangle your soul power with hers. After we control the aura of death and restrain it, it’ll be less chaotic, even though the resistance will be even stronger. Once you fuse your soul power into her, the aura of death will certainly circulate into your body through your soul power. If you want to complete this method, you must possess an aura of death too.”

Huo Yuhao circulated his soul power and slowly fused it with the aura of death in Tang Wutong’s body. The entire fusion
process was very slow. The aura of death wasn’t very domineering. While it flowed into Huo Yuhao’s body, it wasn’t doing so very smoothly. This was because Huo Yuhao’s twin soul cores were simply too strong. His soul power was shaped like a whirlpool. Once the aura of death entered his body, it was immediately swept away.

Chapter 587: Projection! Fusion!

Huo Yuhao was no longer as weak as he was after he fought ten people. Even if the Death God Demonpuppet stabbed him in the back right now, the aura of death would quickly be dispelled from his body by his twin soul cores.

To guide the aura of death into his body, Huo Yuhao had no choice but to control his twin soul cores to circulate soul power at a slower speed. This allowed his soul power to become gentler so that the aura of death could gradually enter and try to corrode his body.

Tai Tan observed both of them by one side. When a layer of the aura of death started to surface on Huo Yuhao’s skin, he said, “You can pour your soul power into Wutong and try to communicate with her soul power. While your soul power is different from hers, both of you can fuse your martial souls together. This means that your martial souls are still very compatible. At least she won’t develop resistance. You must try to multitask. On the one hand, you have to try to interact with her soul power. On the other hand, you must try to push your spiritual power into her spiritual sea. Use your Eye of Destiny to release your spiritual power. The point of entry is at the same exact spot on Wutong’s forehead.”

Huo Yuhao didn’t make a sound. His Eye of Destiny slowly opened. Rose-gold sunray patterns spread from his forehead as gentle spiritual power surged from his Eye of Destiny.

Even with Tai Tan’s cultivation, he was still astonished when Huo Yuhao released his pure spiritual power. This kid’s abilities have indeed increased greatly. He walked behind Tang Wutong and lifted her head.

Huo Yuhao carefully controlled his spiritual power, approaching Tang Wutong’s brow with it. He was very aware of what was on her forehead, and where the golden trident pattern was. This pattern rarely appeared. It would only be activated when he touched any part of Tang Wutong’s body with a seal, or if Tang Wutong intentionally activated it. It should be there since Uncle Tai Tan asked me to trigger it.

Gentle spiritual undulations gradually transmitted from Tang Wutong’s brow under the stimulation of Huo Yuhao’s gentle spiritual power. Although these undulations weren’t strong, it felt as if it was resisting any foreign invasion.
Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong were already so close to each other, but he could still sense the rejection the seal had towards him.

Purely in terms of spiritual power, Huo Yuhao was close to the standard of an Ultimate Douluo. This slight rejection couldn’t affect him. He only continued to use his spiritual power to stimulate that particular spot on her forehead.

Slowly, Tang Wutong lifted her head on her own. She no longer needed Tai Tan’s help. Dim golden patterns started to appear on her forehead.

At the very start, there was only a streak. However, the patterns slowly grew more extensive, and her spiritual undulations also became stronger and stronger.

Huo Yuhao was astonished to discover that these spiritual undulations that Tang Wutong released made him want to submit to her.

In terms of the strength of their spiritual powers, there was still a pretty large gap. However, this was not important. The
more important thing was the mighty and dominant feeling that Tang Wutong’s spiritual power projected. When it interacted with his spiritual power, it was as if it was looking down on it.

Huo Yuhao had had such a feeling before, which had even caused a misunderstanding between him and Tang Wutong. It was when he had tried to fuse with Tang Wutong’s martial soul not long after he met her. Back then, he had felt something like this from her soul power.

As his cultivation increased, this feeling had slowly disappeared, and eventually vanished.

Right now, this feeling appeared again. The golden trident became more and more apparent under the stimulation of Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power. The pressure that Huo Yuhao was under also grew stronger and stronger.

“Continue to pour out your soul and spiritual power. Don’t stop.” Tai Tan’s voice sounded once again.
Huo Yuhao could only maintain the output of his spiritual and soul power. Tai Tan didn’t teach him any secret methods. He only told Huo Yuhao to maintain such a state.

Huo Yuhao possessed Yin-Yang Complement soul cores. Whether it was the recovery of his soul or spiritual power, he was one of the best in the world right now. Even an Ultimate Douluo might not be comparable to him in this aspect. After all, he was the first person to cultivate Yin-Yang Complement soul cores.

It was under such a condition that Huo Yuhao was able to maintain his current state. The recovery of his soul and spiritual power was faster than their output. To him, it was not an issue at all.

As he poured in his soul power, the aura of death in her body seemed to be completely forced out. There seemed to be much more of the aura of death seeping into Huo Yuhao’s body. To affect Tang Wutong’s treatment, Huo Yuhao didn’t even dispel the aura of death. He allowed it to circulate within his body.

However, his body was very sturdy right now. His passageways and organs were all exuding golden light. With his
immense soul power and life energy, such external forces couldn’t influence him at all. Everything that the aura of death was trying to do was in vain.

The brightness of the sky gradually faded. As Huo Yuhao’s Eye of Destiny was open, he knew that a day had passed.

After day came night. After night, it was daytime again.

In the blink of an eye, one day and one night had passed. Huo Yuhao was still in his original position.

More of his soul power had entered Tang Wutong’s body by now. It entangled itself with her soul power without impacting it. While Tang Wutong’s soul power didn’t fuse with his, it didn’t reject his soul power either.

On the spiritual level, Tang Wutong’s golden trident shone with blinding golden light as it was stimulated by his spiritual power. As the intense golden light shone, the entire room was illuminated, and the might that the golden trident unleashed even left Huo Yuhao i feeling a little strenuous.
At this moment, a sudden buzz came from Huo Yuhao’s body. After this, a refreshing feeling instantly entered his Eye of Destiny. His rose-gold Eye of Destiny was covered by a layer of icy-blue light.

When this glow appeared, the might that came from the golden trident suddenly disappeared. It vanished.

This was…

Huo Yuhao was delightfully surprised to discover the presence of this refreshing feeling. Wasn’t it the aura of the Morning Dew Dagger?

Sigh of the Frozen Goddess, Morning Dew Dagger. It was what he had inherited from the God of Emotions Nian Rongbing. After being subjected to external stimulation, the dagger naturally passed its aura to him.

Don’t tell me that the aura of the golden trident also belongs to a god? Otherwise, why does it need to be neutralized by the aura of another god?
While he could no longer sense the aura of the golden trident, Huo Yuhao was still very confused.

He started to pour out more spiritual power. The golden trident looked like a real entity right now. Not only was it shining brightly with golden light, but there was even a material feeling to it.

“Yuhao, summon your spiritual soul core fully. After that, force your spiritual soul core into Wutong’s spiritual sea through the spiritual connection that you’ve built with her, that golden trident.”

Huo Yuhao hesitated a little. He didn’t follow Tai Tan’s instructions immediately.

It wasn’t easy for him to shift his soul core. A soul core was a soul master’s foundation. Furthermore, stability was key. Once there were problems with one’s soul core, an explosion could happen. Given Huo Yuhao’s abilities, the entire castle might be blown to pieces if his soul core exploded!
This wasn’t even what Huo Yuhao was most worried about. This was because he believed in his control. More importantly, could Tang Wutong withstand it? Could her spiritual sea withstand his soul core? Could his soul core be shifted over through their current spiritual connection?

“Don’t worry. I’m about to use our secret method. Just do what I say. Do you really think I’m going to lie to you?” Tai Tan seemed to have read Huo Yuhao’s thoughts, and immediately responded.

Huo Yuhao had no choice right now. He could only believe Tai Tan. He gritted his teeth and started to control his spiritual soul core.

Huo Yuhao’s spiritual soul core was a golden whirlpool. At the depths of this whirlpool, there was a subtle golden crystal entity. Right now, his spiritual soul core started to gently shift under his intentional control.

His spiritual soul core was in his Eye of Destiny. Or rather, it was connected to his Eye of Destiny. When he touched his spiritual soul core, it was immediately projected outwards from his Eye of Destiny.

His bright golden spiritual soul core was revolving tremendously in his Eye of Destiny, but it was very stable. Furthermore, it was slowly becoming clearer and clearer.

The rose-gold sunray patterns disappeared, to be replaced by golden radial patterns. Huo Yuhao’s forehead also shone with golden light that was as intense as the golden light that came from Tang Wutong’s golden trident. The entire room was engulfed with immense spiritual undulations. Even the entire castle was covered by a layer of golden light from Huo Yuhao’s spiritual soul core.

There was a sea of clouds outside the castle. The clouds that were closest to the castle were illuminated brightly. As golden light spread, the mountain peak that the Clear Sky Castle was on seemed to become an immortal paradise.

Tai Tan was already seated cross-legged behind Tang Wutong by now. He was sensing the immense spiritual aura that Huo Yuhao’s spiritual soul core released. There was a delighted look on his face.
He started to recite incantations. He lifted his hands at the same time and pressed them against Tang Wutong’s shoulders.

Strange lights formed. As Tang Wutong was blocking him, Huo Yuhao couldn’t see Tai Tan slowly shrinking behind Tang Wutong. A gentle light projection also appeared in front of Tai Tan. There seemed to be a man with long blue hair seated cross-legged there.

He lifted his hand and pressed one finger against the back of Tang Wutong’s head.

Suddenly, the light from the golden trident on Tang Wutong’s forehead retracted. After this, the light that had scattered earlier immediately gathered together before shooting towards Huo Yuhao’s Eye of Destiny.

Golden light shone as the Eye of Destiny was hit. Huo Yuhao only felt his entire body shaking tremendously. He actually felt a strong suction force that was sucking his spiritual core out.

The stable circulation of his spiritual soul core was disrupted, and its revolution became violently quick. This caused Huo Yuhao’s entire head to turn golden.

Outside the castle, all the clouds within a fifty kilometer radius shone with the same glow.

Huo Yuhao tried to focus his gaze, but all he saw was that the golden light came from Tang Wutong’s golden trident. This suction force was like a bridge between him and Tang Wutong.
There wasn’t any reluctance on his part. Huo Yuhao did his best to use his spiritual power to push his spiritual core outward.

It was important to know that his was a Yin-Yang Complement soul core. Once it completely left his body, his Ultimate Ice soul core might actually blow apart.

Huo Yuhao had already thought this over properly. He believed that Tai Tan also didn’t know the characteristics of his Yin-Yang Complement soul cores. This was why he judged the outcome in that manner. In fact, from the current situation, his Ultimate Ice soul core might immediately blow apart the moment his spiritual soul core left his body. When that happened, his entire body might actually explode.

When he thought of this potential outcome, Huo Yuhao also thought of a way to counteract it. Giving his spiritual soul core to Tang Wutong could save her. That was enough.

He was also very self-confident. He was confident that he could control his Ultimate Ice soul core for at least a short period of time. If he was given time to recite incantations, that would be enough.

If that happened, he would open his spectral door and enter his demiplane before shutting the door. He would then blow apart in his own demiplane.

He might destroy the entire demiplane if he blew apart in there. Perhaps he might only destroy a part of it. He was fine with it as long as he didn’t harm anyone.

This was what he thought. It was very simple and direct. This was why he decisively chose to listen to Tai Tan’s suggestion. When he came to save Tang Wutong, he had already expected death.

If only one of the two of them could survive, he naturally wished that it was Tang Wutong.

Dim lights flashed in the air. The golden light that was shining from Huo Yuhao’s body became stronger and stronger. As his spiritual soul core shifted out, the chain between his two soul cores was also pulled longer and longer. The circulation speed of his Ultimate Ice soul core also got faster and faster. It seemed like it was going to turn violent soon.
Huo Yuhao perfectly demonstrated his control right now. He suppressed both his soul cores and contained their violent tendencies.

His Eye of Destiny had turned into a golden whirlpool by now. Even the pupil was gone. Against the golden trident, the golden light that it let out also became more and more intense.

“Project!” A gentle voice sounded. Huo Yuhao could only tell that this voice didn’t belong to Tai Tan. It didn’t seem to belong to Niu Tian either.

After this, Huo Yuhao felt a gentle beam of light striking his body. This beam of light felt warm, but there was an indescribable pressure that came with it. The pressure he was under earlier re-surfaced. It was even stronger now than it was before.

What was this?

Huo Yuhao was astonished. However, before he could even react, he felt his soul and spiritual power pouring out of his body. Following this, his spiritual soul core shook a little. Huo
Yuhao only felt a strong turning force, and a sense of weakness immediately swept over his spiritual sea.

A golden whirlpool appeared thirty centimeters in front of him. Wasn’t that his spiritual soul core?

However, Huo Yuhao was stunned that his spiritual soul core didn’t disappear. It was still in his Eye of Destiny. It was just that its spiritual aura was weaker than what it was previously. It was at most only at one-tenth of what it was earlier.

One-tenth of an Ultimate Douluo’s spiritual power was still close to the standard of a Rank 90 Titled Douluo. However, the sense of weakness was still very overwhelming, as Huo Yuhao lost ninety percent of his spiritual power so abruptly.

It was a torturous feeling. At least this was what Huo Yuhao was feeling right now. His Ultimate Ice soul core also became stronger. The center of the chain connecting both soul cores was where both soul cores collided with each other, generating whirlpool-like soul power. However, it was rapidly shifting upward, and only stabilized after entering Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea.
His two soul cores became a little unbalanced now. The whirlpool-like soul power that he generated contained the chill of Ultimate Ice, while his spiritual aura had evidently weakened.

What was going on? Why was a part of his soul core able to be separated? Ninety-ten separation?

Projection? Earlier, that voice mentioned something about projection. What’s that? Is this the secret method of the Clear Sky Sect? It’s magical!

Although Huo Yuhao was weak, he could still clearly see that the golden whirlpool was drifting in the air towards Tang Wutong, along the trajectory of the golden light released by the golden trident.

It wasn’t moving at an incredible speed, but it was very stable. It seemed to have completely detached itself from Huo Yuhao’s control. He couldn’t even sense that part of his spiritual power. The circulation speed of his spiritual soul core also fell considerably. Just like Tai Tan had mentioned, his spiritual soul core had become extremely weak right now.
“Focus. When Wutong absorbs your spiritual soul core, she’ll interact with the soul power that you poured into her body. At the same time, she’ll stimulate the resonance of your spiritual soul core. You must be careful. If you can’t control your soul and spiritual power, you’ll become an idiot. Do you understand?”  Tai Tan’s voice sounded once again. Yes, it was Tai Tan’s voice this time. Huo Yuhao was certain.

At this point, Huo Yuhao naturally couldn’t say anything. He quickly focused, and did his best to tolerate the intense weakness. He also tried his best to sense the changes to the soul and spiritual power in his body.

The golden whirlpool slowly came in front of Tang Wutong until it reached her golden trident. After this, the whirlpool stopped there.

Tang Wutong was illuminated golden. Huo Yuhao could clearly sense that the soul power undulations in her body had become stronger. His soul power inside his body was also circulating according to these intense undulations, and was quickly being sucked by away Tang Wutong.
If it were someone else, he might really think that Tang Wutong was sucking his power away to strengthen herself. At least, this method seemed like it was doing that. It was similar to an evil soul master’s abilities.

However, Huo Yuhao didn’t think so. He would have no regrets even if he gave everything to her.

This was why he didn’t resist at all. He relaxed completely, and let Tang Wutong absorb his soul power. Tang Wutong’s passageways became brighter and brighter as they were strengthened by soul power. The aura of death in her body seemed to realize that the situation wasn’t good, and started to struggle in her body. However, it couldn’t cause any damage, as it faced Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong’s combined soul power.

The golden whirlpool in front of Tang Wutong’s golden trident became smaller. Or rather, it was slowly being absorbed into Tang Wutong’s body through the golden trident.

Huo Yuhao immediately sensed that the soul core in Tang Wutong’s dantian was surging. Immense soul power was shooting towards her head.
He was very familiar with such a feeling. When he first cultivated his Yin-Yang Complement soul cores, didn’t he face something like this? He only escaped death with Elder Mu and his Six Spirits’ help, and became the first human in history to form Yin-Yang Complement soul cores.

As he sensed the crisis Tang Wutong was in, Huo Yuhao immediately reacted. His soul power that was entangled with her started to rapidly move. There was only one goal – slow down the circulation of Tang Wutong’s soul power.

After she was unconscious for so many days, Tang Wutong’s soul power was in a resting phase. Due to this, her own functions were slightly slow.

The volume of Huo Yuhao’s soul power was greater than hers. After absorbing so much soul power earlier, Tang Wutong’s soul core circulated at a slower speed as Huo Yuhao moved this time. It was even being delayed.

A golden whirlpool was taking form in Tang Wutong’s spiritual sea.
She found it much easier to form her second soul core compared to Huo Yuhao. This spiritual soul core was already ready. She just had to absorb it. Her first soul core in her dantian was restrained by Huo Yuhao. In this way, Tang Wutong’s cultivation speed would become much faster than Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao managed to do this as he used the fact that Tang Wutong’s soul power didn’t reject him. Of course, the more important thing was that it came from the Clear Sky Sect’s secret method. Without this secret method, Tang Wutong wouldn’t have been able to absorb Huo Yuhao’s soul core no matter what. It was the kind of ability that didn’t exist in the world of soul masters.

There was a relieved look on Huo Yuhao’s face. He was already seeing the likelihood of success. Golden light was still shining brightly on Tang Wutong’s forehead. However, she was about to fully absorb his spiritual soul core.

It didn’t even feel like Huo Yuhao was being forced to do this at all. Instead, he appeared very delighted. To be able to give something to Tang Wutong was the most blissful thing for him.
Tang Wutong’s soul core became more and more violent. Her soul power was also getting a little out of hand, such that Huo Yuhao’s soul power could no longer restrain it.

Without any hesitation, Huo Yuhao poured even more soul power into Tang Wutong’s body and continued to restrain her soul core. At the same time, he also relaxed a little. He also ‘assaulted’ Tang Wutong’s spiritual soul core with some of his soul power.

To complete the formation of Yin-Yang Complement soul cores, it was impossible to avoid a clash, and the soul cores had to adapt to each other. No one was more experienced than Huo Yuhao when it came to this.

Of course, the Beast God Di Tian was also experienced too. However, the difference was that Huo Yuhao was human! Huo Yuhao was the first human to form Yin-Yang Complement soul cores. When it came to this, no one could compare to him.

The smile on Huo Yuhao’s face widened. He also didn’t know how much time had passed. He only felt himself getting weaker and weaker. Not only was ninety percent of his spiritual power drained, but even his soul power was also drained.
However, he felt much more comfortable like this. His twin soul cores also became much more balanced. The only difference was that he could restore his soul power through his cultivation. However, in the spiritual power aspect, it felt as if someone had taken ninety percent of his origin strength. So much time had passed, but he didn’t exhibit any signs of recovery.

Huo Yuhao didn’t seem to mind this. What could this count for? As long as Tang Wutong could recover, he was content. Right now, he only hoped that he wouldn’t become a moron after all of this was over. He believed that Tang Wutong wouldn’t look down on him.

In fact, he was even sure that she wouldn’t leave him even if he became an idiot. This was why he wanted that guarantee from Niu Tian and Tai Tan. If he really became an idiot, he didn’t want to become Tang Wutong’s burden!

The golden light from the golden trident finally retracted. Tang Wutong seemed to have completely absorbed Huo Yuhao’s spiritual soul core. As her spiritual and soul powers clashed, small, unstable whirlpools also started to form. Although they weren’t very stable, they appeared continuously. This also
meant that the two soul cores were starting to adapt to each other.

This was good, this was very good!

Seeing that success was within reach, Huo Yuhao was delighted. He was aware that this was a sign that the Yin-Yang Complement twin soul cores were about to be completed.

Tang Wutong’s soul power was above Rank 90 already. Once her twin soul cores formed, it was almost certain that she would become a Transcendent Douluo. As for how much his cultivation would drop, Huo Yuhao was also unsure. He had no time to think about it either.

Lights flashed, and the soul power undulations in the air became stronger and stronger. Huo Yuhao shut his eyes. He even shut his Eye of Destiny. A strong sense of weakness quickly engulfed him, causing him to turn pale. However, there was still a slight smile on his face.

A figure slowly stood up behind Tang Wutong. This figure had a slender figure, and his blue hair flowed behind his head.
There was no flaw in his handsome and charming face.

He looked at Huo Yuhao with a complex look in his eyes. After a brief moment, he gently sighed. He lifted his hand and pressed it against Tang Wutong’s forehead. Suddenly, the golden trident shone. Something seemed to be injected into it, but it also seemed like something had disappeared.

Two balls of light shone behind Tang Wutong. One was a golden sun, while the other was a purplish-gold moon. Gold and purple intersected, which was a captivating sight to behold.

The blue-haired man smiled in satisfaction and nodded gently. As he waved his hand, a gentle beam of light covered Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong’s bodies.

Tang Wutong’s soul cores shook. Following this, her soul power suddenly surged out.

Huo Yuhao’s soul power, which he had used to restrain Tang Wutong’s soul core earlier, was sucked in, as if it was being
swept away by a tornado. The chain between Tang Wutong’s two soul cores also fully formed.

A beam of golden light suddenly shot out from Tang Wutong’s golden trident. It struck Huo Yuhao’s brow. His Eye of Destiny opened on its own because of the stimulation of this external force.

Following this, Huo Yuhao felt that the remnants of his spiritual power had been completely drawn out from his spiritual sea. He was left completely void of spiritual power.

The whirlpool around his soul core disappeared. What was left was only a golden object, which wasn’t very huge. At this instant, Huo Yuhao blacked out, and lost all consciousness.

Am I really going to become an idiot? This was the last thought in his head. If he had one more second to think, he would certainly have hoped that Niu Tian and Tai Tan would fulfil their promise – bring his idiotic self away and vanish completely from Tang Wutong’s life.
It wasn’t just his spiritual power that was completely drained. Even his soul power in his dantian was sucked away. Unprecedently bright light shone from Tang Wutong’s body.

This time, it was time for Tang Wutong to support Huo Yuhao’s body as he sat there, his head slowly drooping.

It was at this moment that a figure silently shone from Huo Yuhao’s back. It was a man who had long, golden hair.

“Is this enough?” The golden-haired man asked.

The blue-haired man nodded gently and replied, “Seeing that he’s willing to sacrifice himself for Wutong, I’ll forget about his succession of your godly seat. However, he’ll still need to work harder if he wants to marry my daughter.”

As he spoke, the blue-haired man pushed his hands forward. Suddenly, the sun-moon radiance behind Tang Wutong’s back shone brightly. The golden-haired man also mimicked a pressing action towards Huo Yuhao’s body. Behind Huo Yuhao, a golden sun and a blue moon suddenly appeared. It was just
that they shone less brightly than Tang Wutong’s golden sun and purplish moon.

The golden lights were like a bridge. Both golden suns illuminated each other, and their golden lights complemented each other. A gentle glow connected both suns.

The golden sun behind Huo Yuhao’s back gradually became brighter as it was illuminated by the golden sun behind Tang Wutong. The strange thing was that immense spiritual undulations started to come from Huo Yuhao’s body.

Not only this, but the blue moon behind his back also released a beam of light, which intersected with the purplish moon behind Tang Wutong’s back.

As the suns and moons intersected, their soul and spiritual power also started to interact.

The two soul cores inside Huo Yuhao’s body started to circulate, and his whirlpool-like soul power spread.
Streaks of black air started to spread from Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong’s body. They diffused into the air before slowly disappearing.

The golden-haired man snapped, “Don’t you think this is cheating? We can’t intervene in anything below.”

The blue-haired man replied, “Cheating? I’m not! I’m only guiding my aura on my daughter’s body. She’s my flesh, and my blood runs in her. Who can say anything about this? As for Huo Yuhao, he’s received feedback from my daughter’s power because he saved her. That’s why something like this has happened. It’s not my doing. It’s theirs. I’m only using the Clear Sky Sect’s secret method.”

The golden-haired man was unconvinced. “Clearly, you were the one who created that secret method.”

“Is that so? Whatever. Alright, I’m going. Are you?”

“Let’s go. Tang San, I suddenly feel like whacking you. I’m not sure why. Furthermore, why do I have this feeling that I’m not benefitting at all?”

“Not benefitting? Alright then! Let’s switch. You can leave with your godly seat. I’ll deal with him and let him inherit my position. I believe he won’t reject me with Wutong around.”

“Dream on!”

“I’m going. I can’t be bothered with you.”  The blue-haired man took a step, and his body seemed to fuse with space. After this, he instantly vanished.

The golden-haired man wore a complex expression on his face as he looked at Huo Yuhao. He lifted his hand and gently pressed it on Huo Yuhao’s head. Then, he nodded his head in satisfaction.

“Trying to snatch my successor? Dream on.”  He also took a step forward before he disappeared into the air.

Tai Tan came out from some unknown place and chuckled, “Is this considered a fight between immortals?”
Niu Tian pushed open the door and walked in. “What? Even if immortals fight, they can only do it above, not here. Let’s not say anything more and just follow their instructions. This time, both of them are finally reaping rewards.”

When Huo Yuhao gradually regained consciousness, he first felt warmth. His entire body also felt very comfortable.

Am I still alive? Or am I in another world? It seems like one can still feel warmth in another world.

He slowly regained his awareness.

“Of  course  you’re  still  alive.  You’ve  never  been  better.”  A slightly interesting voice sounded. Huo Yuhao was stunned for a moment. After this, he felt a very familiar aura. He thought of something before taking a look in his spiritual sea.

His spiritual sea was now a plot of land. Familiar figures started to appear in front of him.
A handsome man was playing with his long, golden hair. At the same time, this man was smiling at him. He was wearing a long, white robe, which was completely clean.

“Brother Skydream.” Huo Yuhao said agitatedly.

It wasn’t just the Skydream Iceworm in human form. There were also a few others around. For example, there was the Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass.

The Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass also appeared in human form. It appeared as a simple and honest young man, and it was standing beside the Skydream Iceworm. On the other side, two beauties were staring at Huo Yuhao. Although they seemed aloof, they couldn’t hide their delight.

The chubby Ice Bear King was also smiling as he looked at Huo Yuhao. He opened his arms as he rushed over, giving Huo Yuhao a big bear hug.

The captivating Princess Li Ya was also grinning as she watched Huo Yuhao. Captivating tunes came from her mouth, as if hundreds of birds were singing.

“All, all of you are awake? Or am I meeting you in another world?” Huo Yuhao almost couldn’t catch his breath as he was hugged by the Ice Bear King. His voice was very unclear, but every one of his Spirits could tell what he was saying.

Chapter 588: Two Transcendent Douluos!

“There’s no way we would all die so easily! After all, I have already lived for a million years. I am definitely tougher than you think. However, we are also not quite sure what happened. To be honest, we just felt an immense amount of energy surging into your body, which accelerated our recovery. After that, we just woke up after one another. We were about to ask you what happened because we couldn’t sense what was going on outside at all. Now that your spiritual power has become so strong, there’s no way we can sense what is going on outside without your permission.”

“All of you are not dead? And you mentioned an immense amount of energy?”  Huo Yuhao was also stunned by what he had just heard. He turned his head to look at the Ice Empress and Snow Empress, only to find them nodding.

Suddenly, many questions started to form in Huo Yuhao’s mind. Unless I hadn’t turned into an idiot back then? Or could everything before me be a dream? No, no, that can’t be right. I seem to be able to control everything around me. This means I must still be alive.
Following which, Huo Yuhao felt a warm sensation in his heart. His entire body seemed to be brimming with power and strength.

“Let  me  go  out  and  take  a  look.”   Following  which,  he immediately returned to his body after signaling the slightest intent. At the same time, he was observing the situation of his body from within.

He was immediately shocked by what he saw.

The first things he saw were two vortexes, which belonged to his soul cores. Both vortexes were now close to twice their original size. The gems which were forming within the soul core vortexes were now a lot more apparent than before.

The two different vortexes were golden and blue. Each of them was releasing an immensely powerful soul power which was fusing and interacting with one another. The brilliant golden-blue light was rippling between the two soul cores.

The tiny soul power vortexes which were being released by the interactions between the two soul cores now resembled
pearls. Because of how much energy was contained within them, one would mistake them as a complete material object rather than just a vortex of energy.

This was the first time Huo Yuhao was sensing this. It was simply magical. He felt as though his body was brimming with power, and that he had attained new heights in his cultivation.

It was almost as if his passageways and organs had already disappeared. He felt as though his entire body had become uniform, just like an entire continent. His soul cores were like the sun and the moon which shone on this huge continent.

The golden sun and blue moon had allowed him to comprehend certain laws which governed the universe. It seemed like his soul cores were not only sources of power.

However, the transformations in his body were not what startled Huo Yuhao the most. Most importantly, why was all of this happening to him? If he was fine, was Tang Wutong also fine? How was she doing?
Now that his consciousness had completely returned, Huo Yuhao gradually opened his eyes. When he opened his eyes, he instantly realized that he was still in the room at the top floor of the Clear Sky Sect. However, Tai Tan and Tang Wutong were no longer in the room. It seemed like he was the only person
left here.

Where is Wutong?

While Huo Yuhao was startled, he found himself floating before landing on the ground with a single intent.

Huo Yuhao immediately scanned his surroundings by releasing his Spiritual Detection.

While he was executing his Spiritual Detection, he was surprised to find it working without mustering any of his spiritual power. It seemed like his techniques could now be activated with his intent. Following which, a three- dimensional diagram of Clear Sky Castle formed in his head. Every single living thing was presented in the diagram. In fact, even the slightest detail was captured by his Spiritual Detection.
No, Tang Wutong doesn’t seem to be here. He could only sense the mighty life energy of Tai Tan and Niu Tian.

On top of that, he was now absolutely certain that the Sect Leader of the Clear Sky Sect, Niu Tian, must be an Ultimate Douluo. On the other hand, Tai Tan was at least a Transcendent Douluo. Both of their bodies seemed to possess an explosive type of power. The fact that the power they were releasing was already so powerful implied that they were probably in possession of something even more frightening within their bodies.

Where’s Wutong? Right now, this was the only thought on Huo Yuhao’s mind. He instantly dashed out of the room before teleporting to where Tai Tan and Niu Tian were.

Both Niu Tian and Tai Tan were sitting in a spacious room enjoying a cup of wine.

They were both startled by Huo Yuhao’s sudden appearance. After realizing that their intruder was Huo Yuhao, the startled looks on their faces broke out into faint smiles.
“Uncle Niu Tian and Uncle Tai Tan, where is Wutong? How is she doing? Has all the death aura within her body been expelled? Do you all know where she is? Did anything bad happen to her?” Huo Yuhao went on like a machine gun as he fired a series of questions at both Niu Tian and Tai Tan. They were, of course, caught off-guard by the number of questions being thrown at them.

“Okay, first, you need to relax.” Tai Tan chuckled.

Huo Yuhao’s anxiety was written all over his face. How could he relax right now?

Niu Tian pointed outside of the window and spoke, “Go and see for yourself.”

Huo Yuhao rose to the window as he peered out of it. He saw something he would never forget for the rest of his life.

Pure white clouds were drifting about in the air as they rapidly morphed between different shapes. At times, they were surging about like violet waves in the sky before changing into all sorts of sculptures at the very next instant.

A beautiful violet-colored figure was dancing gracefully within these rapidly changing clouds. As she stepped on the clouds enshrouding her figure, her body radiated a faint golden glow. She looked like a fairy emerging from the clouds.

Coupled with her graceful dance and her long violet hair, she was radiating an irresistible attraction.

A golden sun and a purple moon were suspended above her head as they showered her with radiant light. Their lights further enhanced her fairy-like image.

As her powerful soul power fluctuations rippled across the sky, the clouds around her changed colors continuously.

Huo Yuhao leaped up into the sky as he headed for the clouds. Gentle soul power fluctuations were rippling from his body. In fact, they were no longer soul power fluctuations. They were manifestations of his love for Tang Wutong.

The pure feelings of love and admiration were, of course, the best possible emotions! An image that belonged to Rong
Nianbing flickered behind Huo Yuhao, and the surrounding clouds turned golden in color at the next instant.

Huo Yuhao opened his arms as he flew towards Tang Wutong. At this instant, there was nothing in his eyes but her beautiful figure.

Tang Wutong had naturally seen him as a faint smile formed on her face. However, she moved aside and dodged Huo Yuhao’s embrace before hiding in the clouds with a giggle.

Huo Yuhao was stunned, and he immediately dashed straight into the clouds. However, he realized that Tang Wutong was no longer in the cloud he had seen her enter. He immediately unleashed his Spiritual Detection only to find the surrounding clouds to be brimming with Tang Wutong’s soul power. His Spiritual Detection was actually unable to locate her exact position.

That’s right! Now that she’s in possession of Yin Yang Complement soul cores, her spiritual power and soul power would have fused perfectly. The soul power she had released must possess the characteristics of her spiritual power. That’s why I won’t be able to locate her with my Spiritual Detection.

Huo Yuhao started to become anxious. He was really afraid that everything he was seeing was just an illusion. Right now, he only wanted to get close to her and touch her. He needed to make sure that everything was real.

A blue moon silently ascended behind Huo Yuhao. Following which, Huo Yuhao planted his palm gently on the clouds.

At that instant, he felt the blue soul core at his chest area rotate. The powerful blue vortex seemed to have appeared in his palm instantly.

The huge patches of clouds outside of Clear Sky Castle were instantly enshrouded by extreme cold.

Every single water-type element was frozen immediately. At that instant, every single cloud within fifty kilometers of Huo Yuhao transformed into chunks of ice which dropped to the ground.

After the clouds dropped down, Huo Yuhao was able to see Tang Wutong again. She was shocked to see what Huo Yuhao
had done. At the same time, it seemed like she was a little displeased with what Huo Yuhao had done to the beautiful clouds she had made.

However, Huo Yuhao couldn't care less about those clouds. He no longer wanted to be tortured by their separation. He immediately teleported to where Tang Wutong was as he opened his arms to hug her.

Tang Wutong also teleported at the same time. However, she merely moved back by a single step. She extended her arms to hold Huo Yuhao’s hands.

When Huo Yuhao felt the familiar warmth in his hands, he felt as though his heart was about to melt in bliss.

Just when he was about to speak, he suddenly felt two streaks of soul power surging from Tang Wutong’s body. Before he could even react, he realized his soul power had actually fused with Tang Wutong’s soul power. Their bodies lit up at the same time.
The golden sun and purple moon above Tang Wutong’s head immediately drifted towards Huo Yuhao, while his golden sun and blue moon instantly appeared behind his back.

The golden suns overlapped with one another before ascending further into the sky. The blue moon and purple moon overlapped with one another to become a violet full moon. The full moon’s radiance overlapped with the golden sun’s radiance to release an awe-inspiring sight.

Tang Wutong and Huo Yuhao’s bodies became illusory at the same time. Following which, the light their bodies were radiating seemed to have become material and solid.

Initially, the light seemed to dim before it suddenly exploded with blinding radiance. At that instant, Huo Yuhao felt as though his mind had turned completely blank. The explosive radiance they released seemed to have shattered the space around them.

This must be fusion! My martial soul and Wutong’s martial soul can finally fuse again!
Yes, they were now able to fuse again. Now that Tang Wutong had acquired her Yin Yang Complement soul cores, their martial souls were now compatible again.

At the end of the day, their Haodong Power was still Haodong Power. However, it had undergone a tremendous transformation.

Both of their soul cores had expanded by more than thirty percent. It was important to note that a thirty percent expansion in diameter meant that their volume would have gained an even larger increase! Hence, their collective power had improved exponentially. In addition, both of their powers had also multiplied.

This was the power of Yin Yang Complement soul cores.

At this instant, both of them had a pair of Yin Yang Complement soul cores. If one were to look at them with a different perspective, both of them were also like a pair of soul cores. Huo Yuhao would be the Yang, while Tang Wutong would be the Yin. Hence, their Haodong Power would also receive a similar Yin Yang Complement boost. Such
enhancement was definitely unprecedented in the history of soul masters.

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong instantly fused together to become a single entity. Following which, they released a streak of golden light into the distant sky.

The diameter of this golden beam of light was at least a hundred meters. It was so long that their eyes could not see the end.

This was the first martial soul fusion skill they had unleashed when they had first fused their martial souls.

The Golden Road Amidst Withering Resplendence.

This was definitely the ultimate version of the skill! It was truly an endless golden road.

Both of them seem to have transformed back into their normal forms immediately after they had taken on the shape of the gigantic eye. Huo Yuhao immediately brought Tang
Wutong deeper into his embrace as he hugged her soft and scented body. This sensation allowed him to be sure that everything was real.

Improving his cultivation was really not that important to him. As long as she was around and fine, that was enough.

“Why were you so foolish to block that dagger for me?” Huo Yuhao’s voice trembled as he choked on his words.

Tang Wutong burst into laughter as she laughed, “You’re the foolish one. If you were in my place, would you not have done that? You are my one and only love. Are you the only one that is allowed to protect me? Am I not allowed to protect you? We need gender equality in our relationship.”

HuoYuhao tightened his embrace as he whispered, “Do you know that if you had really died there and then, I would definitely have taken my life and followed you. I want to be wherever you are.”

“Of course I know that. That’s why I can’t bear to be separated  from  you,  my  dear  fool!”  Tang  Wutong  giggled.
However, while she was laughing, tears were already streaming down her cheeks.

At this instant, Niu Tian and Tai Tan were watching the couple who were locked in an embrace from the windows of Clear Sky Castle. Both of them revealed a warm smile on their faces.

“These two fellows have finally gotten together. I’m really happy for them. It’s exactly like how Wutong’s mother got together with that fellow. That fellow must have been touched by how Yuhao was willing to give up his cultivation for Wutong. He must have seen how Yuhao wanted to fuse his Yin Yang Complement soul cores with her martial soul. This time around, both of them seemed to have benefited a lot from this tribulation. They have both become Transcendent Douluo. The fact that they have both attained the rank of a Transcendent Doluo at such a young age means that they probably have a chance to match the record of that person from ten thousand years ago!” Tai Tan remarked with admiration.

Niu Tian coughed and said, “Alright, that’s enough. If I remember correctly, I think you once liked Xiao Wu when she was in her human form, right?”
“Shhhhh! Can you not be so loud? Do you not know how easy it is for that fellow to become jealous? Look at how he has been torturing his future son-in-law. I can only imagine what he would do to the person who tries to snatch away his woman.” Tai Tan spoke in a timid fashion which was completely different from the usual machismo he showed.

After hearing what Tai Tan had said, Niu Tian burst into laughter.

Huo Yuhao was hugging Tang Wutong very tightly, and wished that he could bring her body as close as possible to his. After a short while, his mind started to clear up, and a question formed in his head.

I am embracing Wutong tightly! How is that possible? Why isn’t the seal reacting to it?

As he thought about it, he tried to increase his grip around Tang Wutong.

Still, there was no reaction.
“Can you be gentler?”  Tang Wutong grumbled in her usual adorable way.

Huo Yuhao immediately let go of Tang Wutong and asked her, “Why is there no reaction?”

Tang Wutong blushed and said, “My father visited earlier.
After seeing what you were willing to do for me, he…”

Huo Yuhao was immensely elated after hearing this. Even though Tang Wutong was not yet done with her sentence, only a fool would not understand what she was trying to say.

“Thank you, future father-in-law! You’re the best!”

Huo Yuhao immediately lowered his head as he stared at Tang Wutong with passionate eyes. He looked at the pink tender lips before his eyes as he slowly lowered his head.

Tang Wutong immediately blushed, but she did not try to avoid Huo Yuhao. She raised her arms and placed them around his neck.

Chapter 589: Xu Sanshi Trapped

The dispersed clouds drifted over from the distance, and the sky was covered once more with dream-like colors.

He had her arms around her amid the clouds and mist, and she was leaning into him.

“I really thought I was going to lose you again, Wutong, do you know that? That feeling almost made me go insane. From today onward, I will give you my soul and my spirit, along with all the good, the bad, my weakness, and all my bad habits. They are very annoying, but there’s only one good thing about them all: my love for you.”

“You’re such a fool.”

If not for Tai Tan beckoning, they would probably have sat in the clouds until the end of time.

But they had to return to reality in the end, and they returned to Clear Sky Castle. Everything seemed different in
Huo Yuhao’s eyes, and the third time seemed to be the charm, as Clear Sky Castle’s ominousness had ceased. He felt like extreme sorrow had turned into overwhelming joy.

Tang Wutong blushed when she glanced at Niu Tian and Tai Tan’s amused eyes, and she pulled Huo Yuhao away and ran away.

Clear Sky Castle’s food was a little drab, but it was delicious in the two lovebirds’ mouths. They had a sumptuous feast, and only then did Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong think about what had happened amid their pulsating love.

“Our martial souls can fuse again, and we can use Haodong power once more. What happened? I could clearly feel that you were sucking me dry! Why has my cultivation not dropped, but increased instead? I can feel that I should be a Transcendent Douluo, and you’re about the same, too. Furthermore, we both have two soul cores now.”

Huo Yuhao asked Tang Wutong a little curiously as she lay in his arms.
Tang Wutong shook her head. “I don’t know what happened, either. Everything was already like this when I woke up. Uncle Tai Tan said that you healed me through some secret technique, and I remember him saying that our martial soul and soul power levels have become identical after I obtained
my second soul core. Afterwards, my soul power fed back into your body and formed Haodong power, and it began cultivating by itself. The Haodong power circulated between us for nine days, and then we became like this.”

“Nine days? We’ve been cultivating together for nine days?” Huo Yuaho asked in shock.

Tang  Wutong  nodded  and  said,  “Uncle  Tai  Tan  said  that you’ve taken me back for almost a month. Are you in a hurry to go back? If you are, let’s go right now.”

Huo Yuhao hugged her tightly and said, “No, I’m not in any hurry. I already made up my mind before I came out, and I told everyone that I might not return. I’ve helped the academy repel the Sun Moon Empire’s army, and I’ve fixed sister Xiaotao. The academy probably won’t need me for the time being.”
Huo Yuhao buried his head into Tang Wutong’s shoulders, and he truly enjoyed this feeling. Tang Wutong was well again, and even if he had to live life all over again, he was willing to forget everything that had happened as long as he could live with her for eternity within Clear Sky Castle. He wouldn’t care about all the chaos in the outside world anymore.

Tang Wutong smiled as she caressed his hair. “We can face anything blissfully as long as we’re together! We cannot truly be here forever in peace, because there are still things that we cannot let go of. Humans aren’t meant to live their lives just for themselves. You’ve always been living for others, but do you know how many people will worry about you when you’re not around, and how many people will worry about us? We have to return to the world that we belong to in the end. At least, we cannot run away or escape before the dust settles.”

“Nobody can hurt us now, and we are gradually gaining the ability to change the world. Since that’s the case, we no longer have any reason to shun our responsibilities. The academy and the Tang Sect need our protection. Furthermore, there is still something that you’ve yet to fulfill!”

Huo Yuhao trembled as he looked up at Tang Wutong, and their gazes met. Of course, he knew what Tang Wutong was
referring to.

Even though she kept telling him to let this go, could he really do that? That wasn’t possible. At least, that wasn’t possible for now. He didn’t just need time; more importantly, he had to face it.

Huo Yuhao took a deep breath as he nodded gently and said, “You’re right. Since we can’t shy away, then let us face the world. Perhaps our minds can truly face everything peacefully after all that we’ve been through. But we’re not leaving today, because we still have to stay in this bliss for another day. We won’t have to think about anything, and I want to just accompany you like this to watch the sunrise and the sunset. I want to accompany you to watch the drifting clouds and floating mist.”


They were just sitting down together on Tang Wutong’s bed. Huo Yuhao didn’t do anything, and they were just leaning against each other, and they barely even spoke. They were just admiring the beautiful scenery outside the window, listening to each other’s heartbeats, and breathing each other in. They
were just sitting there quietly, and in this moment, there was only bliss in their hearts.

A new day had begun, and there was morning dew all around.

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong enjoyed some warm soup and had some simple food, as happiness and bliss still permeated their hearts. They were truly different this time, as both their bodies and their souls had sublimated.

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong’s fatigue, pain, and responsibility that they had accumulated for a long time seemed to have been cleansed over this month, and their eyes had become much clearer and brighter than before.

“Uncle Niu Tian, Uncle Tai Tan, we’re leaving.” Huo Yuhao stood in front of the Clear Sky Sect’s two leaders as he knelt in front of them.

Even though he didn’t know how he and Tang Wutong had managed to recover, or how his strength had improved, he knew that what had happened was closely related to these two
sect leaders, who were cold on the outside but warm on the inside.

Niu Tian smiled faintly and said, “Go. The two of you possess the strength to dominate the entire continent now. There are people who can defeat the two of you, but as long as you don’t leave each other’s side, almost nobody in the world can destroy you. Take care of Wutong. Otherwise, I’ll whack you.”

“Yes,” Huo Yuhao answered respectfully.

Tai Tan pouted a little as he said, “You’re no fun at all. Go, go. Wutong, my good child, come back and see your uncle if you have time.”

Tang Wutong stepped forward and gave Tai Tan and Niu Tian a bear hug. Her eyes were turning red as she soared into the sky with Huo Yuhao, and they held hands as they flew into the distance.

Niu Tian’s expression seemed very liberated as he watched them leave. “We have basically completed our task, and we can return.”

Tai Tan nodded. “Yes! It’s time to return.”

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong flew through the air, and the air seemed like soldiers who were obeying their commands as they propelled them forward like rockets.

Tang Wutong asked, “Where are we heading to first, Yuhao?”

Huo Yuhao was momentarily stunned. “I haven’t thought about that…”

Tang Wutong giggled and said, “That’s not like you. Don’t you always plan meticulously before anything. Don’t you always have a million ideas?”

Huo Yuhao thought for a moment, then said, “Let’s head to the Dou Ling Empire, to Dou Ling City. I wonder how third senior brother is doing handling things over there. More importantly, we don’t know if the Sun Moon Empire is moving against Dou Ling City. The seed that I’ve planted in the Sun Moon Empire’s army should be enough to cause some
infighting and chaos within their armies, but I don’t know how much all that will develop.”

Tang Wutong nodded and said, “Yes, let’s head to Dou Ling City. You have defeated Ju Zi, so the academy and the Tang Sect will be alright for now. The Dou Ling Empire is in the most danger. I’m not sure if third senior brother and the others can hold on!”

Inside Dou Ling City.

Military reports were sent continuously into the royal palace’s main hall.

The tall, big person sitting atop the throne was none other than the Eternal Defense, Xu Sanshi.

Dou Ling City’s royal palace had just suffered a destructive attack, and they rebuilt this makeshift main hall within a short period of time. The royal palace’s original location appeared as empty as ever, and there was nothing all around.
The city’s subjects did suggest switching locations, and they mentioned that this place was ominous. However, Xu Sanshi turned down their suggestions and said that they had to pick themselves up from where they fell.

Therefore, the Dou Ling Empire’s royal palace was being rebuilt in its original location, but everything was simple and unornamented.

One month had gone by, and Xu Sanshi seemed very different from before. His lazy smile that appeared on his face every day was gone, to be replaced by dignity and majesty. However, he also appeared a lot older than before, even though only a month had gone by. It wasn’t hard to see how much effort, blood, and sweat he had put into this.

“Report, Prince Regent, Dancing Cloud City has fallen. The city defense army fought to the last man so that the citizens and civilians can evacuate safely.”

Another piece of bad news.
Xu Sanshi’s expression was calm, but his face had turned completely black. He grabbed his throne’s armrest, and his knuckles turned white because he was using too much strength.

Jiang Nannan was standing right beside him. She raised her hand and placed it gently on his shoulder in an attempt to console his riling emotions.

Many things had transpired within the Dou Ling Empire over the past month.

News of the royal palace’s destruction couldn’t be completely hidden after all, and that news swiftly spread throughout the city and the lands beyond. There were many different opinions and voices about that fact.

The Dou Ling Empire was very strict about assigning territories to the royal family, but some from the royal family had branched away back in the early days. There were some who still held some kind of authority.
The royal palace had been destroyed, and almost every single individual directly descended from the royal family had perished. There were some who started eyeing the throne when this apocalyptic news reached them, and everyone was fearful and unsettled within the empire. Several ambitious fellows quickly seemed like they were raring to make a move.

Under such circumstances, Xu Sanshi had the support of Dou Ling Empire’s subjects and soldiers as he swiftly gained control over several cities along Dou Ling City’s periphery. Furthermore, he tried to withdraw his armies as much as possible so that he could concentrate and centralize them as much as he could.

Part of this army comprised the elites who had journeyed to reinforce Shrek City, and the Dou Ling Empire’s internal regions could only stabilize if Xu Sanshi had the support of this elite army. Only then could he suppress those ambitious fellows such that they wouldn’t make a move against him so easily.

But how could that be easy? That elite army’s commander was a reputed general of the Dou Ling Empire, and though he had turned his army around when he received accurate intelligence, he didn’t return to Dou Ling City immediately, but temporarily stationed himself in a large southern city after entering the Dou Ling Empire’s territory. On the surface, they claimed that they wouldn’t participate in a conflict within the royal family, and that they’d only accept the most outstanding member of the royal family to command them.

They were clearly trying to wait out the conflict to extract any profits that were left over. If the general had some royal blood running in his veins, perhaps the situation would have been worse.

Xu Sanshi was like a roasted pork on a spit under such circumstances, and the situation that he was facing was extremely difficult.

Two of the imperial family’s clans in the north had already started rebellions in the name of assisting the emperor. The Dou Ling Empire’s inner territories were empty in the first
place, so these two armies began pushing toward Dou Ling City as soon as was possible. One army began committing unspeakable misdeeds as they started killing and pillaging along the way. They murdered, stole, and robbed continuously to strengthen themselves.

Xu Sanshi’s army on this side wasn’t small, but because Dou Ling City’s elites had been mobilized away before this, only normal soldiers were left in the city. Their fighting strength could only match one of those rebelling armies, and it wasn’t hard to imagine the kind of pressure that Xu Sanshi was under when both armies began pushing against him at the same time.

Xu Sanshi would never hold onto his throne unreasonably, but he wouldn’t give it away just like that. If he handed the throne over to someone incapable or to the wrong hands, that would spell a calamitous disaster for the entire Dou Ling Empire.

Fortunately, the Sun Moon Empire hadn’t launched any invasions against the Dou Ling Empire over the past month. Otherwise, their situation could be a lot worse.
Xu Sanshi had limited strength under his control, and he didn’t have a good solution under such circumstances.

He had displayed excellent capability when he first gained authority over Dou Ling City, and he swiftly handled the situation. However, he didn’t have enough reputation or influence to control the entire empire. He didn’t share the same surname as the royal family after all, and he wasn’t a true heir to the throne.

His family didn’t come forward to help him, and that was something he hadn’t expected. Only his mother was here, who was a princess of the Dou Ling Empire.

Xu Sanshi’s father had declined to come forward to help him because he didn’t view the Dou Ling Empire’s predicament very optimistically. Further, he couldn’t risk his entire family. He was the leader of his family, so he had to consider his family’s wellbeing.

Xu Sanshi had trouble both from the inside and the outside, so how could he not be flustered? But what could he do? He could deploy some soldiers to fight those two armies who were rebelling against him, but that would only result in his army’s
obliteration. The only thing he could do was to give the order for the citizens and civilians who had suffered to evacuate. At the same time, he gave the order to establish a defensive perimeter with Dou Ling City in the center as quickly as possible. He had to defend himself against the two royal family’s rebelling armies before he could negotiate with the
Dou Ling Empire’s elite army.

Even though that elite army was sitting it out, the empire’s subjects didn’t give them any more trouble. There was a reason for them to sit this out, because the royal family was gone, and the last remaining few who had royal blood weren’t even directly related.

Xu Sanshi’s bloodline was considered the purest, but his surname was Xu, not Xue, which was the royal family’s surname. That became a big problem. Therefore, whoever was most outstanding would inherit the highest authority under such circumstances. What the Dou Ling Empire needed right now was an excellent leader.

The elite army’s commander was testing Xu Sanshi and those two rebelling armies. Whoever emerged victorious in their conflict meant that person was strong enough to inherit the throne.

The elite army’s location was strategically important, and they swiftly established a defensive perimeter along the borders to prepare against the Sun Moon Empire’s invasion, which could come at any time. Therefore, nobody blamed those commanders and generals even though they didn’t heed Xu Sanshi’s mobilization orders. Those generals and commanders weren’t wrong in the eyes of many of the empire’s subjects.

Xu Sanshi did consider getting himself out of this mess and leaving, but could he really walk away like that? The two royal family’s rebelling armies were definitely inadequate heirs, and the royal family’s blood ran in Xu Sanshi’s veins after all! He didn’t want to see the Dou Ling Empire ruined at the Sun Moon Empire’s hands just like that.

Therefore, he decided to hold on after discussing it with his mother. Even if he had to leave in the future, he had to make sure that the empire’s internal affairs were stabilized before anything else.

Now, Xu Sanshi had dealt with all kinds of administrative matters, and even though he was a Soul Douluo, he still felt spent and fatigued. His civil and military officials were gone,
and the royal palace’s hall immediately became as empty as ever.

“Those two fellows shouldn’t have any powerful individuals around them. Why don’t we conduct an assassination operation? We’ll solve all our problems if we kill them both.” Nan Qiuqiu clenched her fists as she suggested to Xu Sanshi.

Nan Qiuqiu had felt extremely stifled over the past few days. Everything went relatively well in the beginning, but ever since the empire’s elite army refused to reinforce the empire’s capital city, and ever since those three forces began vying for the throne, Xu Sanshi’s side had been at a disadvantage. Even Dou Ling City’s civil and military officials’ attitudes were starting to change.

Xu Sanshi shook his head and said, “The Dou Ling royal family blood is already gone. We cannot cause anymore bloodshed. I’m not that keen on protecting my position, but I don’t think that they can do this any better than I can. The empire is in danger, yet they’ve chosen to start a rebellion for the throne at a time like this. They are extremely short- sighted, and they will definitely not make excellent rulers.”
Nan Qiuqiu snapped, “Then what should we do? Do we have to wait until their soldiers arrive at our gates? If we don’t kill them, uncountable innocents will die in war. Have you not heard? Several thousand soldiers defending their city have been massacred. Why should we keep people like that alive?”

Xu Sanshi glanced at Nan Qiuqiu and replied, “Assassination isn’t that easy to accomplish. Those two fellows have dared to start a rebellion, and that means they must have at least one Titled Douluo supporting them. Otherwise, what would they have to fight for the throne? The elite army and the Dou Ling Empire’s formidable individuals are all sitting it out near the borders, and if we make a brash move and we fail, our position will deteriorate.”

Ye Guyi muttered under her breath, “If only Yuhao were here. I really didn’t expect him to become so powerful. He challenged the Sun Moon Empire in a one-versus-ten battle, and he only used seven rounds to force the Sun Moon Empire’s army to retreat. The academy has given him a title: Eye of the Asura, the Spirit Ice Douluo. Wutong has also been titled as the Dragon Butterfly Douluo.”

Xu Sanshi heaved a sigh and said, “There’s too much weight on Yuhao’s shoulders. Eldest senior brother has told us that
Wutong was heavily injured to save him, and little junior brother has disappeared with her to get her treated. We can only rely on ourselves at a time like this. Let’s just wait for a little while more. The Tang Sect Soul Engineer Legion is on the way, as long as they can reach us in time, all our problems will
be resolved.”

“You’re still too soft, Sanshi.” A gentle voice rang out in this moment, and a tall and slender middle-aged lady walked out from behind him.

She was wearing a luxurious dress. Even though she wasn’t so young anymore, she still had her charms and elegance. She also looked quite similar to Xu Sanshi.

Yes, she was Xu Sanshi’s mother, and also the Dou Ling Empire’s princess, Xue Lingxun.

“Mother, why are you outside? Are you feeling better?” Xue Lingxun had arrived in Dou Ling City not too long ago, and when she witnessed the Dou Ling Empire’s royal palace in a pile of dust and rubble while her relatives were all dead and gone, she fainted from her grief. She only started feeling a little better over the past few days.

Xu Sanshi had asked for his mother to direct things, but judging from the situation, he had no choice but to take the lead himself.

“Son, any fight for the throne will always be cruel and brutal. This is no longer a problem of how important your bloodlines are at a time like this. Those two fellows who are rebelling in the royal palace’s troubling times have very thin royal blood in their veins, and the fact that they can react so quickly means that they’ve already had this idea for a long time. What you need to do in a situation like this is to eradicate all your problems when they first appear as quickly as possible. This girl is right. Your weakness will cause more people to die. If you can accomplish it, you have to take down their leaders and win over their soldiers. You have to stabilize and gain authority over the empire’s internal affairs as quickly as possible, and only then will the Dou Ling Empire have a chance at survival.”

“I’ve already met the minister. If you’re unwilling to change your surname, that’s up to you. But for the Dou Ling Empire, for your mother, I ask that Nannan and you let the Xue family adopt your first son in the future so that he can take over the royal throne. Is that alright? As long as you agree, the capital city’s subjects and officials will fully support you to fight against those two traitors.”

“Uh…” Xue Lingxun’s sudden suggestion stunned Xu Sanshi, while Jiang Nannan blushed from embarrassment.

Xue Lingxun did like her future daughter-in-law quite a lot, but Xu Sanshi and Jiang Nannan weren’t officially married yet. Her comment breached the topic of having a child, so how could she not feel embarrassed?

Xu Sanshi glanced at Jiang Nannan subconsciously, and Xue Lingxun turned around to face her at the same time. Her eyes instantly turned red, and she actually went down on her knees toward Jiang Nannan.

Jiang Nannan was a Soul Douluo! She reacted once she realized that something wasn’t right, and she took a quick step forward as she supported Xue Lingxun. Jiang Nannan applied strength with her soft and malleable waist as she helped Xue Lingxun back on her feet.

“What are you doing, aunt?” Jiang Nannan began to sweat on her forehead.
Xue Lingxun sniffled and she said, “Please take my kowtow, child. I am doing this for the Dou Ling Empire’s millions of citizens, and I’m doing this for the future of the Dou Ling Empire’s royal family. I am begging you as the Dou Ling Empire’s princess.”

“I promise you, aunt. Please don’t cry.” Jiang Nannan had a kind heart, so how could she reject her in such a situation?

Xue Lingxun was overjoyed as she grasped Jiang Nannan’s hands tightly. “You’re such a good child. Thank you.”

Xu Sanshi sounded a little blue as he said, “You guys haven’t asked me for my opinion! I should have a say about my own son!”

“Go away!”  Xue Lingxun snapped as she rolled her eyes at him. She pulled Jiang Nannan and stepped behind happily, and she no longer seemed sad at all.

Nan Qiuqiu’s eyes were wide open, and her jaws were slack as she stared at Xue Lingxun, whose grief had turned into bliss. She muttered under her breath, “Third senior brother, your mother must have been an actress, right?”

“Nobody in the royal family is simple. I wonder how my father managed to win my mother over back then. Now, I understand a little about why my father has refused to come. Perhaps, if he’s here, my mother will pressure him to make me change my surname.”

Ji Juechen was standing at one side, and he hadn’t been talking  at  all.  But  he  suddenly  exclaimed  out  loud,  “Be

Xu Sanshi reacted as soon as was possible, and light flashed on his body as he immediately switched positions with Nan Qiuqiu.

His Xuanwu Shield instantly appeared in front of him.

“Ding!”   A  crisp  clang  could  be  heard  as  sharp  shards scattered in all directions, and the air was making sounds because it was being cut open. A black shadow glimmered into view immediately afterward.

There was a short dagger in this black shadow’s hands, and the entire dagger was dark purple as it radiated chilly light.

The black shadow shifted slightly when he missed, and he immediately moved away from the front of Xu Sanshi’s Xuanwu Shield and arrived at his flank before he stabbed out once more. The black shadow was as fast as lightning.
Even though Xu Sanshi was barely able to defend against the shadow’s first attack in the nick of time, he realized to his surprise that his Xuanwu Shield’s defensive capabilities weren’t able to completely dissolve his opponent’s attacking force. Part of the dagger’s sharpness went through his shield and into his arm’s passageways, and he could feel intense throbbing pain in his arms. If his soul power wasn’t formidable enough, he
would have been severely injured with that one hit.

Such formidable attacking strength. He should be an agility- type soul master. No, more precisely, he should be an agility- type Titled Douluo!

With his current defensive capabilities, even agility-type soul masters who were adept at offensive attacks couldn’t directly break through his Xuanwu Shield’s defenses with a simple attack like that. His opponent had to be a Titled Douluo at the very least to achieve that.

Xu Sanshi’s body immediately shone with faint golden light, and the golden light turned into darkness as it rippled outward. It seemed like dark golden liquid as it encompassed the space all around him.
Xu Sanshi’s sixth soul skill, Xuanwu Domain.

Xu Sanshi had a lot of experience in battle, and he used his domain-type ability as soon as he realized something was wrong.

Xu Sanshi’s Xuanwu Domain meant the assassin’s speed would undoubtedly be heavily restricted.

The three others responded as Xu Sanshi unleashed his domain.

The Judgment Sword appeared in Ji Juechen’s hands. However, he didn’t move as he just stood there, and a single wave of sinister sword intent directly locked onto that assassin.

The four of them weren’t afraid of even a Titled Douluo with their cultivation.

“In the name of Holiness.” A clear voice rang out as a beam of golden light surged into the sky and covered the entire hall. Shadows and silhouettes appeared one after another as golden
light shone upon them, and three pairs of white wings stretched out behind Ye Guyi’s back. A six-winged Angel!

Yes, the person with the highest cultivation among the four of them wasn’t Ji Juechen or Xu Sanshi. They were still a step away from becoming Titled Douluo, so Ye Guyi was the strongest one.

Ye Guyi went into closed-door cultivation after she had purified large amounts of avenging spirits, and she finally broke through and became another of the Tang Sect’s Titled Douluo.

Ye Guyi unleashed her Holy Light, and all kinds of concealing abilities were dispelled.

Xu Sanshi used Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track. Even though he wasn’t as quick as his opponent was, Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track’s mystical and profound qualities enabled him to avoid his opponent’s attacks that came in quick succession. His Xuanwu Shield transformed into countless shield shadows that protected him at the same time, so that the assassin couldn’t find a target.
The assassin was also very experienced in battle. He could tell that he had lost his chance, and he could also feel the crazy sword intent coming from Ji Juechen’s body, so he chose to retreat as soon as was possible so that he could rendezvous with his own people.

The royal palace was entirely silent in this moment. Holy Light shone on everyone, and more than twenty people emerged from the shadows. They swiftly dispersed and surrounded Xu Sanshi and the three others.

Soul rings were glowing radiantly, and there were actually four Titled Douluo among these twenty people, while the rest were Soul Douluo, and only two of them seemed relatively weaker. One was a middle-aged man who looked a little over forty, and he was a Soul Sage. There was another youth who wore a chilly expression on his face, and he seemed like he was roughly thirty years old. He was a six-ringed Soul Emperor.

Xu Sanshi’s facial muscles twitched as he glanced at Nan Qiuqiu, who wasn’t far from him. “Assassination.”

Two figures swiftly returned from behind the hall. Wasn’t that Jiang Nannan and Xue Lingxun? Over ten people surged in
behind them, and there was a Titled Douluo at the helm, while the rest were also Soul Douluo and Soul Sages. Xu Sanshi and the others were surrounded.

The youth with a chilly look on his face laughed coldly and said, “Don’t even try running away or asking for reinforcements, because that’s almost impossible. This lonely palace has no other survivors except for the few of you; we’ve already dealt with all your personal guards. We have used Class 8 soul tools purchased from the Sun Moon Empire to isolate this place, so not a single sound will travel out even if an epic battle occurs.”

Xu Sanshi stared coldly at the youth before him as he lowered his voice and said, “Are you Xue Leng and Xue Kui?”

The youth laughed out loud, and his laughter was overflowing with arrogance. “I am Prince Xue Leng, and this is Duke Xue Kui. You must be surprised that we have teamed up.”

He pointed at the middle-aged man beside him as he spoke.
“Xue Leng, Xue Kui. Seems like you’ve planned this from the start, haven’t you?” Xu Sanshi’s eyes turned to Xue Kui as he spoke.

Xue Kui’s physical appearance was average. He was the type who wouldn’t attract any attention at all in a throng of people, and he even seemed a little dull. But who would have expected a middle-aged man like that to be a murderous monster?

He was the one who had ravaged any city and the city’s defensive forces that he had come across on his journey, the Lord of Luo An Province, Xue Kui.

Xue Leng was the Lord of Tian He Province.

Xue Leng’s title was higher. His ancestors had once contributed greatly to the Dou Ling Empire a long time ago. Back when the Heaven Dou Empire had separated into the Heavenly Soul Empire and the Dou Ling Empire, Xue Leng’s ancestors had helped the Dou Ling Empire’s royal family successfully escape from the clutches and pursuit of the Heavenly Soul Empire’s royal family. The Dou Ling Empire’s royal family had eventually succeeded in establishing their own empire, and only then were his ancestors bestowed with a
hereditary dukedom. Xue Leng’s family was considered relatively noble in the Dou Ling Empire.

Xue Kui’s status was a lot lower. Even though he was also a Lord over a province, his title was Marquis.

They had separately mustered their armies within their territories, and they raced to Dou Ling City in the name of coming to the Emperor’s aid. Xue Leng showed a lot of restraint along the way, and he wouldn’t do anything cruel to anyone unless his opponents attacked him first. Xue Kui was the complete opposite, and he rained hell on every city he came across.

The Dou Ling Empire’s inner regions were already empty, and his province’s military forces were all strong and elite. They naturally swept over everyone in their path.

Xue Leng and Xue Kui were clearly vying for the throne, but who would have thought that they would form an alliance? Furthermore, they seemed very familiar to each other, and even their appearances looked similar.
Xue Kui lowered his voice and said, “Xu Sanshi, your mistake was mixing yourself into this mess. Xue Leng would have been Emperor a long time ago if you hadn’t been here. Today is the day you die.”

Xu Sanshi stared at him coldly and said, “I don’t understand why you’re willing to ruin your own reputation. Why would you do that? Aren’t you coveting the throne?”

Xue Kui laughed coldly and replied, “You’re about to die, so I don’t mind telling you. Xue Leng is actually my son. Back when I was travelling the provinces all those years ago, I accidentally acquainted myself with a lady, who happened to be the wife of the previous Tian He Duke. There’s no need for me to tell you what happens next, right? As for why I have chosen to pillage and murder, I’m doing that to contrast against my son. A red flower will become even more gorgeous with green leaves complementing it, don’t you think?”

Xue Kui no longer had to speak. Xue Lingxun was fuming with rage, and she was so furious that she couldn’t speak at all.

“You’ve already planned this a long time ago?”  Xu Sanshi lowered his voice as he spoke.

Xue Kui smiled plainly and said, “The Sun Moon Empire’s War God Empress has already promised us that, as long as she rules over the empire, the Dou Ling Empire will avoid imminent calamity as long as we submit to the Sun Moon Empire and become their vassal state. That is undoubtedly the best choice at a time like this; stubborn resistance is meaningless. The Sun Moon Empire is too powerful. We can’t fight against them at all. We’re doing this for the good of the empire.”

Xue  Lingxun  raised  her  voice.  “Those  two  soul  engineer legions that ambushed the capital – were you the ones who let them in?”

“You don’t have to splash that dirty water on us,”  Xue Kui replied coldly, “we will never admit that. That happened only because the Sun Moon Empire’s soul engineer legions are too powerful. On the other hand, it happened also because the previous royal family was too weak. Now, everything is about to end. It’s great that you’re here, Xue Lingxun, because you and your son are the only remaining direct descendants of the royal family. Both of you shall die here today, and nobody will be able to stop my son from ascending to the throne after this.”
Xue Leng grunted coldly and said, “Why are we still wasting our breath on them? Go, I want them dead.”  He took a step back as he spoke. Xue Kui, who seemed like he was forty years old when he was actually almost sixty, shifted backward at the same time.

They had planned this for a long time, and they had finally arrived at the time when they would reap what they had sown.

Chapter 590: Desperate Straits

Xu Sanshi didn’t have to guess to know that some of these powerful individuals before him were from the Sun Moon Empire. Else, it would have been impossible for those two provincial governors to gather so many powerful people. After all, Xu Sanshi and his peers were going up against five Titled Douluo, and a huge number of Soul Douluo and Soul Sages!

On the other hand, there were only six people in total on Xu Sanshi’s side. The only real Titled Douluo they had was Ye Guyi.

It was obvious that this would be a one-sided affair if they were to fight with them. The only way for them to survive was to break out of their encirclement.

Xu Sanshi took a step back and used his body to shield his mother. Even though Xue Lingxun was a princess, her cultivation was not particularly high. She was only able to attain the rank of a Soul Emperor even with her royal bloodline and the wealth of resources at her disposal. She was definitely the weakest one among all of them.
Xu Sanshi lowered his head and said, “Mother, I need you to climb onto my back. Today, both of us will live and die together.”

Xue Lingxun seemed to be enraged by his words. “What are you talking about? Just leave me and break out on your own. I don’t need all of you to protect me.”

“Leave now. Sanshi, take your friends and leave now.”

While they were speaking, Xue Kui, Xue Leng and the people they had brought along with them had begun to attack them.

The five Titled Douluo split up at the same time as they covered five different directions. The rest of the Soul Douluo and Soul Sages surrounded Xu Sanshi and his peers.

Ye Guyi’s eyes revealed a golden glow as the wings behind her gently flapped. Following which, she released a powerful holy aura as the nine soul rings on her body started to radiate an intense glow.
It was apparent that both Xue Kui and Xue Leng had gained the upper hand from the current look of things. However, all of them knew that they could not afford to become complacent. This was because Xu Sanshi and his friends were from Shrek Academy. As long as one of them was able to escape, they would all die when he or she managed to get help from the Academy. Hence, they knew that they had to keep all of them here at all costs.

The Titled Douluo assassin who had struck earlier suddenly vanished into thin air. It was apparent that he had used some sort of ability to conceal himself. The other four Titled Douluo occupied the four different cardinal directions as they released their martial souls after taking up their positions.

The Titled Douluo they were facing directly had a lion as his martial soul. The lion was radiating an intense fiery light. It was probably a Wildflame Lion. It was apparent that he was an assault soul master.

The two Titled Douluo on their left and right looked almost exactly the same. They were actually twins, and they wielded the same long pole, which was probably their martial souls.
The soul master at their backs looked a little strange. He was more than twice the size of an average human. He was more than three meters tall, and was incredibly muscular. In fact, he did not even look like a human. And this was before he had even unleashed his martial soul.

Based on Xu Sanshi’s experience, he could tell straight away that this was a defensive soul master who specialized in power and strength. His main objective was to make sure that none of them could escape out the back.

Even though there were no control soul masters—the most frightening kind of soul master—among them, it seemed like they would be more than sufficient to deal with Xu Sanshi and his friends.

The Wildlion Douluo who was before them let out a deafening roar as his long hair took on a fiery red color. Following which, his thick mane expanded as dense fire-type elemental fluctuations swept towards the six of them.

At this instant, the two Titled Douluo at the side also made their move. The poles in their hands suddenly expanded as they raised them high up in the air. After they had completed
their transformation to become two gigantic pillars, the two Titled Douluo slammed them down to the ground.

If only Yuhao were here. This was a thought which everyone shared at this instant. If only Yuhao were here, they would not fear this battle at all, even if he didn’t participate directly. They would be a lot less fearful with him around to command them even if they were outnumbered by their enemies.

Unfortunately, Huo Yuhao was not here. They could only rely on their abilities.

Xu Sanshi let out a low growl as his body expanded. At the very next instant, he released a golden glow as the Xuanwu Shield took on a brilliant golden color. Golden Tortoise’s Possession!

The first person on their side to make a move was Ye Guyi. She leapt and soared upwards as she spread the wings behind her back. Following which, one would notice the countless golden sparkling particles which were concentrating towards her body.
Very soon, a golden holy sword appeared in her hand. At this instant, Ye Guyi looked just like a God who had descended from the skies.

As she slashed her holy sword forward, a streak of golden light ripped apart the flames that were coming their way. Following which, the sharp sword light raced towards the Wildlion Douluo. She did not seem to be concerned about the two gigantic pillars which were coming their way from the sides.

At this instant, a rose-colored light suddenly lit up, but it did not directly participate directly in Ye Guyi’s attack. Instead, it fused into the Holy Angel from the back before disappearing.

Xu Sanshi suddenly tossed his Xuanwu Shield upwards. Following which, it transformed into a formation of shields which protected the group of people from the incoming pillars.

Xu Sanshi also released his intense and viscous Xuanwu’s Domain to envelop himself and his peers. As long as the domain was present, the assassin who was hiding nearby would find his movement restricted. At the same time, all their enemies’ attacks would be weakened and slowed.

Even though they were going up against so many powerful opponents at once, the people from the Tang Sect were able to fight against them in an organized manner without panicking.

The Wildlion Douluo let out a low growl before he punched both of his fists forward. At the same time, his second, third, and fourth soul rings all lit up together. Only a Titled Douluo would be able to execute three soul skills together seamlessly.

The flames on his body instantly turned blue. As he punched his fists outwards, the image of a blue lion’s head surged towards Ye Guyi’s sword light.

When the image collided with the sword light, the lion’s head suddenly froze in mid-air. Following which, the blue image turned pink before vanishing into thin air. Following which, the Holy Sword’s sword light instantly reached the Wildlion Douluo.

“Huh?” The Wildlion Douluo gasped in surprise as he quickly retreated. While his massive body suddenly contracted, he released an angry roar towards Ye Guyi and the rest.
At this instant, his head turned into a lion’s head as his sixth soul ring lit up. A vortex gushed out from the image’s mouth and blocked the Holy Sword’s sword light before it started to grind the sword light away at an incredible speed.

Just when it seemed like the Wildlion Douluo’s vortex had successfully blocked the Holy Sword’s attack, the Wildlion Douluo felt an inexplicable sense of fear in his heart. This was a fear that originated from deep within his spirit.


A matte black sword light suddenly appeared at this very instant. The position where this sword light appeared was very obscure. Because of how bright the Holy Sword’s sword light was, the Wildlion Douluo was not able to notice the black sword light. However, just when he thought his Lion Roar had blocked the Holy Sword’s sword light, the matte black sword light went straight for him.

What is that? It’s so sharp!
His lion’s roar was instantly sliced apart when it came into contact with the black sword light. Even though the energy within the Lion Roar had reduced the power within the Holy Sword’s sword light, the white sword light was still invincibly sharp. After destroying his sixth soul skill, the black sword light intertwined with the Holy Sword’s sword light as they surged towards the Wildlion Douluo.

At this instant, the Wildlion Douluo broke out into a cold sweat.

Everything was happening too quickly. Even though the Wildlion Douluo was in charge of the front, he was only supposed to feint an attack. The actual plan was for everyone to execute a soul skill that was supposed to be enough to destroy all of them. They had all agreed to defeat the group of people from the Tang Sect in a stable manner at minimal cost. On top of that, because of the advantage they had in their collective strength, they were fairly confident about their chances of winning.

However, they had not expected the Tang Sect’s people to be able to release so much power at once. Even though they only had six people, three of them had come together to attack the front.

Right now, it was already too late for the Wildlion Douluo to use unleash his martial soul true body. He could only let out a low growl as he released his eighth soul skill as quickly as possible. He wanted to use his powerful soul skill to attempt to block the sword lights coming his way.

However, at this instant, Ye Guyi spread her wings out to their maximum before releasing a bright scream in the air.

Suddenly, the sky above them was ripped apart. Following which, a beam of holy light shone down onto the Wildlion Douluo from the sky.

This was an attack the Wildlion Douluo would never have been able to avoid. He felt his body tighten as the soul power within him began to burn furiously. The most frightening thing was how his eighth soul skill was interrupted just like that.

Holy Light Illumination!
This was one of Ye Guyi’s soul skills which had evolved after she had added some of the new insights she had comprehended into the skill. This was supposed to be her first soul skill. However, she had now managed to add in the silencing ability
—an ability which allowed her to stop her opponent from executing their soul skills.

After all, the Holy Angel martial soul was one of the most powerful martial souls in existence. It would not pale in comparison to Huo Yuhao’s Ultimate martial soul. Ever since Ye Guyi had become a Titled Douluo, her individual fighting power was ahead of everyone except for Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong. She was the third strongest individual within the Tang Sect.

Even Ji Juechen and Xu Sanshi paled in comparison to her.

Ye Guyi understood that she had no choice but to be ruthless in her methods with the current situation they were in. This was the only way that everyone could possibly survive. Hence, she did not plan to show any mercy to any of their enemies the moment they appeared before her.
The biggest mistake the Wildlion Douluo had made was to underestimate her. At the end of the day, Ji Juechen and Nan Qiuqiu had both lent Ye Guyi a hand to assist her attacks. Their attack was a combination of all three of their powers.

This led the Wildlion Douluo to believe that the three of them had only combined their powers because they were not strong enough individually. In fact, he felt that Ye Guyi was simply too young to be a proper Titled Douluo! On top of that, he could not even recognize her martial soul. He only saw how many feathers it had, and had no idea what it was.

After all, not every soul master had the privilege of studying within Shrek Academy. They would definitely not have the same kind of exposure that the students had.

Hence, the Wildlion Douluo was bound to pay the price for underestimating Ye Guyi once she released her powers for real.

However, a golden light was automatically released at this instant. It seemed like the Wildlion Douluo was actually in possession of an invincible barrier.

However, invincible barriers were not that useful in battles between Titled Douluo. His invincible barrier was shattered almost instantly by the black and white sword lights. After shattering the barrier, the remaining streaks of sword light landed on the Wildlion Douluo, whose soul skill had been interrupted earlier.

The Wildlion Douluo grunted as a wound formed across his chest. He was fortunate enough to possess a fairly strong amount of soul power and an invincible barrier. If not, he would have suffered a far more serious injury.

However, at this instant, the Angel Douluo, Ye Guyi, was already in berserk mode. She released another layer of brilliant golden light, which started to expand from her body into her surroundings.
It looked like she was establishing a gigantic golden barrier around her peers. This was because Xue Kui, Xue Leng, and the soul masters they had brought along with them had released their ranged soul skills while she was fighting the Wildlion Douluo.

Even though these soul skills were not particularly strong individually, their powers became significant when combined! It was still fairly threatening when so many people were to launch an attack at them.

Under such circumstances, Ye Guyi had no choice but to establish some defensive measures.

All surrounding ranged attacks were immediately reflected the moment they came into contact with her golden light. When the golden light eventually gave way, all the remaining attacks were either deflected or blocked by the last ounce of power within the golden barrier. Even the two gigantic pillars released by the Titled Douluo at the side were slowed by the barrier before they landed on Xu Sanshi’s Shield Wall.

Instantly, a loud thud could be heard as the Shield Wall shook vigorously. Xu Sanshi let out a grunt, but he ultimately
managed to block the gigantic beams.

It seemed like the group had managed to hold off the first combined attacks from their opponents with the collective defensive powers of Xu Sanshi and Ye Guyi.

On the other hand, Ye Guyi had only just started. Just now, the barrier she had released was her own soul skill—Holy Light Spiritual Formation. Following which, her entire body took on a brilliant golden color. As the golden light intensified, she looked as though she had been carved out of pure gold.

At the same time, the wings behind her back had also taken on the same color. This was her seventh soul skill—Angel True Body.

At this instant, it seemed as though the Holy Angel had just descended from the World of the Gods. Her powerful holy aura was released into her surroundings, and her opponents could immediately feel an immense pressure from her aura.

Following which, her eighth soul ring lit up. A golden figure instantly split from her body, and at the next instant, it had
appeared behind the Wildlion Douluo.

After being interrupted by Ye Guyi’s soul skill, the Wildlion Douluo was trying to unleash his seventh soul skill—his martial soul true body. However, he found himself immobilized the minute the golden angel appeared behind him.

The Wildlion Douluo felt as though his entire soul had been locked in position at that instant. He tried his best to resist that mysterious force. However, he was unable to break free from it. Following which, the golden image fused directly into the Wildlion Douluo’s body.

At the very instant, the Wildlion Douluo’s body turned golden. As he breathed in and out, golden streaks of air were released from his nostrils and mouth.

Everyone who was standing by the Wildlion Douluo was scared out of their wits by this frightening sight. At this instant, a streak of matte black sword light flashed across the crowd. It seemed as though the surrounding space was frozen at that moment. Following which, everyone could hear a cry from a Soul Douluo. When they turned around to see what had
happened to him, they saw that his body had been sliced in two.

On the battlefield, the sword fanatic, with his frightening sword intent, was always the person with the strongest attacking power.

Ji Juechen had drawn first blood when he released his explosive fighting power.

Even though Xue Kui and Xue Leng had retreated from them, they could not help be shocked by how Xu Sanshi’s friend was able to kill their soul masters even after being surrounded by so many powerful soul masters. At that moment, they truly understood what it meant to be a graduate of Shrek Academy!

After all, they had learned from their investigation that Xu Sanshi was one of this generation’s Shrek’s Seven Monsters.

After successfully slaying someone with a single blow, Ji Juechen slashed his Judgement Sword outwards again. Even though he did not manage to kill someone this time, he was able to force a good number of them backward.

As the intense battle unfolded, the Wildlion Douluo suddenly released a loud howl. His body suddenly released a blast of golden light. It was almost as if his soul had been stripped from his body. His pupils turned completely white as his body vibrated intensely. Huge amounts of fire-type soul power were spurting out from his pores before blood started to flow out from everywhere.

A Titled Douluo was actually unable to defend himself after being hit by this soul skill. This was simply unimaginable.

Every single soul master was stunned after seeing what had happened to the Wildlion Douluo. They could only tell that it was a result of Ye Guyi’s eighth soul skill.

Angel of Death!

After the Wildlion Douluo had released all of the golden energy from his body, he started to burn in the golden light, which had transformed into a gigantic beam of light. The beam surged up into the sky as the Wildlion Douluo screamed in the burning light. No matter how hard he tried, he was unable to escape from the light.

Ye Guyi released another wave of Holy Light Spiritual Formation to negate the bulk of the attacks being launched at them.

Following which, Ye Guyi released an explosive amount of golden light again. Pairs of golden wings spread themselves one after another on her martial soul true body as her ninth soul ring lit up.

At this instant, Xue Leng and Xue Kui started to become genuinely frightened. She’s just too scary! Why does she have so much power when she seems to be only twenty years old? What kind of ability is she unleashing? Her eighth soul skill was already enough to destroy a Titled Douluo. What would happen if she unleashes her ninth soul skill?!

Ye Guyi’s six pairs of wings doubled instantly as they increased from the original six pairs to twelve pairs. Her aura continued to surge until it reached a frightening level of power. Even though she was releasing the same Holy Light Spiritual Formation, the soul masters with seven or eight rings were no longer able to damage her light barrier with their collective attacks.
Her frightening abilities had already exceeded what these Dou Ling Empire soul masters could have imagined.

To be honest, Xue Kui and Xue Leng had actually done proper research on Xu Sanshi and his peers before they had begun their operation. They believed they had a decent understanding of their abilities.

However, they had not expected this group of youthful individuals, whose oldest person was at most thirty years old, to be so powerful.

They were especially shocked by Ye Guyi, because they did not expect her to be the strongest individual amongst the group. In fact, they did not even know that she was a Titled Douluo—much less a Titled Douluo who was so powerful!

Now that Ye Guyi had twelve pair of wings, what did that mean? It meant that she was now an Archangel! She was no longer mortal, and had developed God-like powers!

Hence, Ye Guyi’s ninth soul skill was called Archangel’s Descent, which was also known as the God of Angels!

An insane amount of golden light was released from her body. She could only unleash and maintain this soul skill for ten seconds. However, she was able to wield power which could almost rival an Ultimate Douluo during those ten seconds. When she eventually became a Transcendent Douluo, the duration would be extended to thirty seconds.

Even though one would not be able to do much in ten seconds, it was definitely sufficient to kill a good number of people.

As the Holy Sword appeared in the Archangel’s hand, Ye Guyi slashed the sword forward as streaks of holy light rippled into her surroundings.

The two Titled Douluo at the side who were wielding their poles received the most damage from the holy light. They could only try their best to use their martial soul true bodies to counter the holy light that shone onto them. By fusing into their long poles, they fought with their lives to counter the prowess of the Holy Sword.
When the holy light ended, only half of their long poles remained intact. The other half had been completely destroyed by the holy light.

In fact, there were more than six soul masters who were completely purified by the holy light. The Titled Douluo at their rear was also knocked away by the powerful light from the Holy Sword.

They would never have expected one person’s explosive attack to be so powerful.

“Run now!” Xu Sanshi exclaimed. Following which, a golden light flashed, and he swapped positions. When he reappeared, he was standing beside Xue Kui. On the other hand, Xue Leng had been displaced to where Xu Sanshi was.

Jiang Nannan was already waiting for Xue Leng to appear. She immediately put Xue Leng in a lock before smashing him into the ground.

Xu Sanshi’s Xuanwu Shield collided heavily with Xue Kui. Even though Xue Kui was able to muster his soul power in
time, he was still slammed outwards. His entire body in a numb state after being affected by the Mysterious Underworld Quake.

Xu Sanshi let out a warcry as he unleashed the power of his Golden Tortoise. He slammed the Xuanwu Shield in his hand into the ground as huge black ripples spread outwards within his Xuanwu’s Domain. The remaining soul masters immediately found themselves stumbling about on the rapidly shaking ground within the Xuanwu’s Domain.

Once again, the Judgement Sword in Ji Juechen’s hand radiated black and white light as another three soul masters fell prey to the slash of his sword. Following which, he led the way as he started to charge outwards.

A gigantic soft tendon python separated itself from Jiang Nannan’s body as it wrapped itself around Xue Leng. Following which, she held Xue Leng as her hostage and raised him up, forcing the soul masters to stay back. Afterward, she started to dash out from the back.

In the meantime, Nan Qiuqiu’s eighth soul ring lit up. She gave a cold stare as a gigantic image of her Rouge Dragon
formed behind her back. The Rouge Dragon opened its mouth and released several pink balls of light, which exploded in the air one after another as they made sure no one could go after them.

The eighth soul skill of the Rouge Dragon Annihilation martial soul—Annihilation Tempest.

The frightening power of annihilation blocked all the soul skills that were being thrown at them from their backs. One Soul Sage who was rushing towards them went straight into the Annihilation Tempest and disappeared without leaving a trace.

Xue Lingxun was not stupid. She knew that such opportunities were hard to come by as she dashed out behind Ji Juechen.

Once again, Ye Guyi swept the Holy Sword in her hand horizontally as the Holy Light Spiritual Formation spread out to her surroundings again.
Even though the God of Angels had ended, Ye Guyi’s final Holy Light Spiritual Formation was enough to send the remaining Titled Douluo and soul masters flying after it expanded into its surroundings.

Nan Qiuqiu immediately appeared beneath Ye Guyi as Ye Guyi fell from the sky. The twelve pairs of wings behind her back had vanished as she dropped onto Nan Qiuqiu’s back. Right now, her face was unbelievably pale.

After all, she had only become a Titled Douluo not too long ago, and her powers had not yet fully stabilized. On top of that, the God of Angels was a terribly demanding soul skill. Hence, she must have expended a lot of soul power to support her powerful attacks.

After unleashing that soul skill, she was definitely out of gas for the short term. However, she had managed to clear a path for everyone with the explosive powers she had displayed.

Just after Nan Qiuqiu adjusted Ye Guyi’s position on her back, a black figure suddenly appeared behind her. The figure was wielding onto a dark purple dagger as he attempted to plunge the dagger into Ye Guyi’s back.
By now, their opponents had unanimously decided that Ye Guyi—the person who possessed the mysterious angel martial soul—was the biggest threat. It was precisely because of her that they were unable to gain an upper hand over Xu Sanshi and his friends.

Hence, the assassin had decided to get rid of her first.

In fact, this assassin who was also a Titled Douluo had been hiding for a long time. Right now, after seeing how an opportunity had presented itself to him, he finally made his move.

However, just when he was about to successfully stab Ye Guyi, a figure suddenly appeared between him and Ye Guyi. This figure released a powerful golden glow that managed to block him.

The person who had helped Ye Guyi block the dagger was none other than Jiang Nannan. She had used her fourth soul skill—Invincible Golden Body.
While the Titled Douluo was momentarily stunned, a gigantic pink hand appeared before him. It was the Hand of Annihilation. Nan Qiuqiu was enraged by what the assassin had tried to do, and immediately unleashed an attack at him.

Following which, Jiang Nannan’s soft tendon python was also released in his direction right after the Hand of Annihilation. The python was able to use all of Jiang Nannan’s soul skills. That was what made it so powerful.

To be honest, Jiang Nannan’s spirit was the most practical amongst all of them.

The soft tendon python swept its gigantic body sideways to force the assassin back. Even though the Hand of Annihilation had been neutralized, it had bought precious time for the group.

At the end of the day, the Palace was within Dou Ling City— the capital of the Dou Ling Empire.

Even though they had employed soul tools to conceal the explosive battles which had unfolded within the palace, they
would still have a chance of surviving once they escaped from where they were. As long as they could alert the troops who were stationed around the Palace, they had no need to fear these enemies.

Xu Sanshi slammed his shield angrily at the wall as he knocked down a huge patch of the wall of the newly rebuilt palace. Xu Sanshi had never wanted to let Xue Kui go. With his current cultivation, Xue Kui was nothing in his eyes.

A normal Soul Sage had no chance of resisting a Soul Douluo trained by Shrek Academy. On top of that, Xu Sanshi had almost attained the rank of a Titled Douluo.

And there was a reason why he was called the Eternal Defense.

Xu Sanshi raised his huge hands before sweeping them at Xue Kui. This was the mutated ability of the Xuanwu Displacement. As the Golden Tortoise behind him flashed with golden light, a gigantic golden hand appeared on Xue Kui’s body before reeling him backward in a violent motion.
However, at this instant, Xue Kui’s and Xue Leng’s bodies suddenly released a similar glow. Two streaks of silver light flashed as both of them vanished at the same time.

Teleportation? When did they get ahold of this kind of soul skill?

No, that can’t be it. It didn’t seem like a soul skill. It seemed more like the power of a soul tool.

Xu Sanshi was startled by what he had just seen. However, he knew that now was not the time to worry about it. He believed that he ought to dash out first. As he raised the Xuanwu Shield in his hand, he tried to dash out of the hall. As long as he was able to leave this compound, there was a chance he could call for help from the army.

However, just when he had taken a step forward, he was thrown back into the hall at the next instant.

A low humming sound could be heard as a bright orange light illuminated the hall.
“Class  9  soul  engineer.  There’s  a  Class  9  soul  engineer outside.” Xu Sanshi growled angrily.

At this instant, his other companions led by Ji Juechen had arrived by his side. They arrived just in time to watch him get knocked back.

After hearing Xu Sanshi mention a Class 9 soul engineer, a grave look formed on everyone’s faces.

If they were going for a one-on-one battle, Xu Sanshi would not have feared a Class 9 soul engineer. After all, he would definitely be able to put up with the soul engineer’s attacks with his powerful defensive abilities even if he were not able to triumph over him. On the other hand, he might just be able to take down the Class 9 soul engineer if an opportunity arose.

However, the situation before them was completely different. After all, there were so many soul masters against them! Even though the Wildlion Douluo had died, there were still four Titled Douluo in the hall. While two of them might have been injured and weakened by Ye Guyi, they still had a fair amount of fighting power. Besides, they still had an assassin who was
also a Titled Douluo, as well as a Titled Douluo who specialized in defense.

Now that a Class 9 soul engineer was waiting for them outside the hall, it was near impossible for them to escape.

How? What are we going to do?

After releasing a series of powerful attacks, Ye Guyi’s soul power had been completely sapped. Even though the others still had a substantial amount of soul power, it was going to be very difficult for them to repeat their previous performance.

Now that Ye Guyi had lost her fighting power and they had to protect the relatively weaker Xue Lingxun, things had started to look very bad for them.

Xue Leng’s cold voice could be heard from the outside. “All of you are going to die here. If not for my teacher’s teleportation bag, all of you might just have been able to escape successfully. However, we have planned for the worst. Hence, all of you are bound to die here. Kill them all. They’re out of energy.”
Right now, there were still more than twenty soul masters alive. The assassin had also revealed himself as the four Titled Douluo gathered the soul masters towards the group of individuals from the Tang Sect.

A look of despair started to form on Xu Sanshi’s and his friends’ faces. Nan Qiuqiu gritted her teeth as she put Ye Guyi down onto the floor gently. Following which, she put on her Icy War God’s Armor.

Even though her Icy War God’s Armor could not be compared to Huo Yuhao’s, it was still able to give her powers which would put her almost on par with a Titled Douluo.

Xue Lingxun might not possess a wealth of battle experience, but she still knew what to do right now. She understood that she would only burden the team if she were to try to get herself involved in the fighting. Hence, she stepped back to look after Ye Guyi.

Right now, Ye Guyi was sitting on the ground with her legs crossed. She was holding two milk bottles, and completely ignoring everything that was happening around her. She was trying her best to recover as much soul power as possible. It
was already quite difficult to break out from their encirclement right now. All they could do was to try and win their fight with these enemies.

It seemed like the Class 9 soul engineer was not planning on coming in. After all, it was best for him to fight in a spacious environment. It was definitely not wise to fight a powerful soul master within a confined space like the hall. On top of that, everyone believed that the soul masters inside would be sufficient to deal with the remaining people from the Tang Sect.

Xu Sanshi revealed a cold look on his face as he wielded his Xuanwu Shield and moved in front of Nan Qiuqiu. Ji Juechen and Nanqiuqiu stood by his side, while Jiang Nannan stood right behind him. The four of them had taken up positions to form a simple battle formation.

The four Titled Douluo moved forward slowly, not wanting to rush into things. After all, the group before them had left a deep impression on them after witnessing their explosive power.
In just a few moments, they were actually able to take down a Titled Douluo! Even though their Titled Douluo had also lost her fighting power temporarily, it was still completely different from being taken down directly.

In addition, the powerful Titled Douluo was still trying to recover her soul power. Even though they did not want to give her too much time to recover, they did not dare to be too hasty. After all, everyone only had one life. If they were to take a risk with their lives, they might just die. Now that they had established an absolute advantage over them, they would definitely not do something so foolish.

The Soul Douluo and Soul Sages behind the four Titled Douluo started to unleash their martial soul true bodies one after another. It was only when they had unleashed their martial soul true bodies that they could release their strongest powers.

This was something they had to do—to bulk up their overall fighting power with their martial soul true bodies. At this instant, an exciting battle was about to unfold.
The tension in the air was palpable. The four Titled Douluo did not unleash their martial soul true bodies because they wanted to be more agile and flexible with their moves. After all, they simply had to block the attacks from Xu Sanshi and the rest. The rest of the attacking work could be done by the Soul Sages and Soul Douluo. Their attacks would be more than sufficient to overwhelm and kill them. Their tactic was truly vicious and powerful. After all, the group from the Tang Sect could not even retreat.

All sorts of strange and peculiar martial soul true bodies started to form before their eyes as the atmosphere got even tenser. Xu Sanshi’s body radiated a powerful glow as the Xuanwu Shield in his hand radiated a brilliant golden glow. As long as his opponents made their move, he would instantly unleash his Xuanwu True Body. He was confident that he would be able to hold off his enemies’ attacks for a substantial amount of time with his Xuanwu True Body. After all, they did not call him the Eternal Defense for nothing.

While they wanted to kill their enemies, they were not sure how many they could take down before the enemies killed them. Since they might not be able to leave, they had decided to take down as many of their enemies as possible.
Just when the battle was about to break out between both parties, a cry could be heard from the outside the hall.

“Huh?” After hearing the sound, a worried expression formed on the four Titled Douluo’s faces. After all, everyone in Xu Sanshi’s group was in the hall. The only possible source of the scream was from their own people. That also meant that Xu Sanshi’s reinforcements could have arrived.

Under such circumstances, none of them dared to withhold any of their powers. The four Titled Douluo let out a battle cry in unison as they charged towards Xu Sanshi. The Soul Sages and Soul Douluo behind them also released their soul skills with every ounce of strength they had in their bodies. At that very instant, all sorts of soul skills swarmed towards Xu Sanshi from all directions.

After all, Xu Sanshi was the only one with respectable defensive power. The rest of them might be strong offensively, but they were definitely not as skilled as Xu Sanshi in terms of defensive power. After Xu Sanshi was taken down, they would definitely be able to kill the rest of them in no time.

Chapter 591: The Ice-Spirit Douluo Descends

However, the four Titled Douluo were surprised to see Xu Sanshi smile at this moment when they had expected to see him panic. They all saw a smile that sent shivers down their spines.

Xu Sanshi suddenly turned around and exposed his back to these people in front of him. He waved his Xuanwu Shield in the air as his fourth soul ring lit up.

This was one of Xu Sanshi's most powerful skills—Xuanwu Displacement.

After releasing a flash of light, Xu Sanshi disappeared before their eyes.

All of those soul masters who were taking orders from Xue Kui and Xue Leng were stunned. Did he disappear just like this? Even though they did not know how he had escaped, they were certain that his peers from Tang Sect as well as his
mother would perish under the huge wave of attacks. Did he really run away just like that?

However, they were forced to dismiss that possibility at the next instant. After Xu Sanshi had disappeared, another figure instantly appeared in his place.

Following which, this figure released an invincibly powerful light.

The surrounding air suddenly became intensely cold as the temperature of the entire hall plunged instantly. Countless icicles were released at Xue Kui and Xue Leng from that person’s body.

Those icicles were at least three meters long as they penetrated and blocked every single soul skill that was coming his way. Even the four Titled Douluo had no choice but to use their soul skills to attack those icicles to prevent them from piercing their bodies.

The man who was dressed in a white long robe was able to block all of their attacks with a single soul skill after appearing
in Xu Sanshi’s former position.

Those three-meter long icicles were so strong that the Soul Sages and Soul Douluo could not hold them off. In fact, they contained so much energy that even the four Titled Douluo were thrown back by the sheer force they exerted on them.

“Spiritual   Blast.”    The   young   man   dressed   in   white announced with a low voice. Following which, the surrounding air suddenly became illusory.

Every single soul master felt as though his or her head was hit by a gigantic hammer. Their bodies started to tremble vigorously as loud grunts of pain could be heard. Those soul masters who tried to release more soul skills after their previous ones were destroyed by the icicles found themselves interrupted. The Soul Sages naturally suffered the most, as they were instantly forced out of their martial soul true bodies before stumbling backward. Blood immediately gushed out from their mouths and nostrils. It was apparent that they had sustained serious injuries.

“Mass Enfeeblement.”  A circle of white light expanded into the surroundings before enveloping Xue Leng, Xue Kui and the
rest. A powerful sense of fatigue started to plague them as the white light sapped their energy.

It seemed as though the young man dressed in white wanted to inform them of his every move as he announced once again, “Spiritual Confusion.”

Four vortexes appeared on the four Titled Douluo’s bodies at the same time. Their sudden appearance seemed to have stunned the four of them.

The young man raised his right hand as a deep blue light appeared in his palm. The dark blue light was shining from a long blue sword.

Following which, the young man slashed out with his sword as the four Titled Douluo transformed into ice sculptures. Because of how powerful the slash was, the ice sculptures flew backward after they formed.

How powerful must that slash be to take down four Titled Douluo with a single blow?
However, that was not the end.

“Blizzard.”   Countless  snowflakes  started  to  form  out  of nowhere in the air. Following which, a powerful blizzard began to gush towards the group of soul masters.

Even though the temperature in front of the young man had plummeted to below minus two hundred degrees celsius at that instant, the temperature behind him was still warm and comfortable.

After being weakened by Mass Enfeeblement and Spiritual Blast, the Soul Sages and Soul Douluo who were used to winning their battles could only huddle up as they tried to warm their already frozen blood by mustering their soul power and soul skills to protect themselves.

Unfortunately, all of their methods were futile. It was impossible for them to change the outcome under the wrath of the powerful blizzard. Ultimately, they would all inevitably collapse due to the insanely low temperature. The only difference was when they would collapse, because they all had different cultivations. Within ten seconds, the side of the hall
that was in front of that young man had turned into a world of ice.

It took less than a minute for that person to finish all of them off. Now, the entire hall had become silent.

At this instant, two familiar figures brought Xue Leng and Xue Kui into the hall.

Xu Sanshi was holding onto Xue Kui, while a young lady who had long violet hair grabbed Xue Leng’s armor. Both Xue Leng’s and Xue Kui’s heads were lowered. It was apparent that they had already lost all hope.

The young man dressed in white turned around and looked at the group of people from Tang Sect before smiling. “Hi, did you miss me?”

Nan Qiuqiu rushed forward and punched his chest unapologetically. “Why did you only come now?”
The young man revealed an awkward smile. “Can’t you be a little bit gentler?”

Nan Qiuqiu rolled her eyes before replying, “If you want tender love, go and look for your Wutong. Wutong, I’m so glad you’re okay.”

That’s right! The young man was none other than Huo Yuhao. And the young lady who had entered the hall with Xu Sanshi was naturally Tang Wutong.

The only reason why Xu Sanshi had smiled in the face of immense danger earlier was that he had sensed Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection Sharing! Huo Yuhao had told him to switch places with him. Hence, he performed the Xuanwu Displacement to send Huo Yuhao into the hall.

Afterward, everything became really straightforward.

The powerful soul masters who had troubled the rest of them were nothing to Huo Yuhao. He could take them down extremely easily.
Ye Guyi no longer tried to meditate as she stood up and looked at Huo Yuhao in the same way as Ji Juechen. Both of them were staring at Huo Yuhao as though he was a freak.

Huo Yuhao let out an awkward laugh. “Can both of you stop looking at me like that? I’ll really start to blush.”

Ji Juechen stomped forward towards Huo Yuhao before glaring at him with his piercing eyes. “Tell me. How did you do it? Even if you became a Transcendent Douluo, you should not have been able to pull that off. In fact, how did you take all of them down without any powerful soul skills? I can’t believe it.”

This was probably the longest sentence the sword fanatic had constructed in a long time. In fact, he was stammering while he was speaking to Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao smiled and said, “Wutong and I have regained our martial soul fusion. Now, the effects of our martial soul fusion can still last for ten seconds under our control even if we have been separated. Hence, what all of you just witnessed in the last ten seconds of the battle was pure fighting power which was unbelievably close to that of an Ultimate Douluo.
That, coupled with my Ultimate martial soul, was more than enough to take all of them down.”

More than a month ago, before he had even become a Transcendent Douluo, he was able to force the entire Sun Moon Empire army to retreat by himself. There was no doubt that he would be able to do a lot more with his enhanced abilities. In fact, he no longer needed to wear his Icy War God’s Armor to destroy all of these Titled Douluo who were picking on Xu Sanshi and his friends. After all, the strongest Titled Douluo among them was only Rank 92.

However, these people were still alive even though they had been frozen by Huo Yuhao’s Ultimate Ice. Nonetheless, their lives were now entirely in Huo Yuhao’s hands.

Xu Sanshi threw Xue Kui to the ground and looked away. He was so angry that he didn’t want to look him in the eye. He had long developed a murderous intent against Xue Kui and Xue Leng.

At this instant, Xue Lingxun walked towards Xu Sanshi and asked, “Sanshi, who is this? Is he a senior from the Academy?
Why does he look so young? Senior, do you mind sharing with me how you take care of your skin?”

An awkward look immediately formed on Xu Sanshi’s face. Even though he loved his mother a lot, he could not deny that she wasn’t really sharp at times. Of course, he also knew that if his mother were a little sharper, his father would not have been able to bring her away from the palace. Hence, he was still glad that his mother was someone who was not very sharp mentally.

“Come on, Mother. He’s not my senior. He’s a fellow disciple. To be more precise, he is actually my junior brother. His name is Huo Yuhao. Do you remember the news that came not too long ago? He is the Eyes of the Asura—the person who managed to win seven consecutive battles against Transcendent Douluo and Class 9 soul engineers by himself. He is Huo Yuhao—the Spirit Ice Douluo. This is Tang Wutong, the Dragon Butterfly Douluo.”

Xue Lingxun’s eyes widened in disbelief as she stared at Huo Yuhao before looking back at Xu Sanshi.
Huo Yuhao immediately moved forward with Tang Wutong to greet her. “Hello, Mrs. Xu.”

Xue Lingxun was still trying to take in the information her son had just shared with her. Suddenly, she turned around and slapped Xu Sanshi’s arm. “You little rascal, you really are a failure! Look at him and how powerful he is. I can’t believe you’re actually older than him.”

At this moment, Xu Sanshi was not sure whether he should laugh or cry. “Mother, how can you compare me with freaks like him!? My little junior brother is really a monster among monsters. I’m already doing quite well. I think it’s important to be satisfied with the results of one’s hard work instead of always comparing oneself with others!”

Jiang Nannan forced a cough as she spoke, “Sanshi and Mrs. Xu, don’t you think we should settle the matters at hand first?”

Xu Sanshi froze before nodding. Afterward, he turned around and looked at Huo Yuhao as though he were waiting for instructions.
Huo Yuhao shook his head and said, “I am your fighter for today. Here, I will only take instructions from you. I will do whatever you want me to. But you must be the one making those decisions. Of course, I can make them die anytime. Just let me know what you need me to do.”

Xu Sanshi was a little stunned by what Huo Yuhao said.
Afterward, he turned around to look at his mother.

Xue Lingxun had become normal again. A murderous look formed on her face as she declared, “They deserve to die.”

Xu Sanshi remained silent before shaking his head. He said, “I need all of you to stay here. Let me go out and get some people to come in. We need to find out what was actually going on before making decisions like these.”

Because the barrier outside the hall had already been removed by Huo Yuhao, news of Xue Kui’s and Xue Leng’s betrayal was spread to the rest of the city within fifteen minutes. An hour later, all of the Dou Ling Empire’s generals and ministers in the city were gathered within the hall.
Everything—including Xue Kui and Xue Leng—was still as it was right after the battle. Xu Sanshi made sure that no one shifted the ice sculptures, nor did he let the father and son leave.

By now, both Xue Leng and Xue Kui had given up all hope of surviving. There was no chance that they could escape from this huge group of powerful soul masters.

As for the Class 9 soul engineer who was lurking outside, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong had already tried their newly enhanced martial soul fusion skills on him. They had combined their powers and given him a blow of their Heavenly Emperor’s Hammer. As many would have expected, he did not survive that blow even though he was in possession of several defensive soul tools.

In fact, Huo Yuhao felt that it was a shame that they had snuffed him out just like that. After all, a Class 9 soul engineer was literally a walking treasure trove! That soul engineer probably had several valuable soul tools on him. However, he had fallen from the sky before Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong could even rummage through his things.

Xu Sanshi sat on the throne as his mother, Xue Lingxun, stood by his side, while Huo Yuhao and the rest stood by the sides of the hall.

The generals and ministers could definitely see what had happened while they were away. Even now, the temperature within the hall was still fairly low. In fact, every general and minister could not help but shiver after stepping into the hall.

It was still not that bad for those ministers and generals who had a relatively high cultivation. On the other hand, those ministers and generals who were not soul masters had no choice but to shiver as they waited for the rest of the people to enter the hall.

Xue Kui and Xue Leng had been tied up by Huo Yuhao and thrown into the center of the floor before everyone. Both of their heads were lowered as they kept quiet. As for the other soul masters who had been transformed into ice sculptures, they were still frozen just as before. All of them were standing there in their original fighting stances before they had been frozen.

W-What happened here? This was the same question that was on everyone’s minds. Among them, there were still quite a few ministers and generals who could recognize Xue Kui and Xue Leng.

In fact, some of them did not seem to be very pleased with what they were seeing.

“Prince Regent, w-what has happened here? Why are Xue Kui and Xue Leng here? And what’s with all of these ice sculptures?”  The Prime Minister stepped out and asked after planting one of his knees on the ground. He could no longer hold it anymore, and wanted to know what was going on. He did not go down on both of his knees because Xu Sanshi was still not the Emperor.

Xu Sanshi maintained his solemn expression as he asked, “Prime Minister, do you know who these two convicts are?”

The Prime Minister replied, “Yes, I do know them. This is Duke Xue Leng, the provincial governor of the Tian He Province, while the other person is Duke Xue Kui, the provincial governor of the Luo An Province. Why are they…”

Xu Sanshi spoke plainly, “Do you still not understand why they are tied up like this? Those thirty-odd ice sculptures were people they had brought in. Among them are five Titled Douluo. Do you see the burn mark on the floor here? It was left behind by one of Xue Kui’s people whom we killed earlier. If you were to get some of our guards to do a search outside the hall, you would probably find the dead body of a Class 9 soul engineer.”

After hearing Xu Sanshi’s explanation, everyone’s jaws dropped. They definitely knew what it meant when he explicitly pointed out the Class 9 soul engineer. Those ministers and generals who had revealed a displeased expression were even more shocked after hearing what Xu Sanshi had said.
It was a known fact that other than Shrek Academy, which had one or two Class 9 soul engineers, the rest of the Class 9 soul engineers on the continent were all from the Sun Moon Empire.

It was naturally impossible for Xue Kui and Xue Leng to get someone from Shrek Academy to take orders from them. This made the answer extremely obvious. After all, the entire Palace of the Dou Ling Empire had just been destroyed by the Sun Moon Empire. On top of that, the entire royal family had been murdered by them. The entire Dou Ling Empire definitely hated the Sun Moon Empire to the core.

“Rubbish! There is no Class 9 soul engineer. Even if there was one, he or she would have been on your side. If not, how would you be able to defeat us with so few people? We had so many Titled  Douluo  with  us.”   Xue  Leng  angrily  repudiated  Xu Sanshi’s claims. He knew that he would really lose all hope of surviving if he did not try to persuade the ministers to join his side.

Xu  Sanshi  stood  up  before  walking  down  the  steps.  “Xue Leng, are you familiar with my background?”
Xue Leng turned his head and looked away from him.

Xu Sanshi said, “I am from Shrek Academy and was given the honor of being a member of this generation’s Shrek’s Seven Monsters. The Sun Moon Empire’s army was camped just outside Shrek City not too long ago. As for how we managed to destroy all of your minions, I would only have to reveal a single name to convince all of you that what I have said is true.”

As he spoke, he walked towards Huo Yuhao and explained, “This person is my junior brother. I believe many of you must have met him before. Since that’s the case, let me share his name with you. His name is Huo Yuhao. I believe all of you should know who he is, right?”

“Huo Yuhao?” The Prime Minister muttered to himself. But very quickly, he looked up again as a startled look formed on his face. “Your Highness, didn’t you mention to us that there was a person who had challenged the Sun Moon Empire to ten one-on-one battles, and won seven consecutive battles. That person eventually managed to force the War God Empress to admit defeat and retreat. Wasn’t that person the Eyes of the Asura, the Spirit Ice Douluo—Huo Yuhao?”
Xu  Sanshi  nodded  and  replied,  “That’s  right.  He  is  Huo Yuhao. In addition, Yuhao has confirmed that the enemies who assaulted our Palace and almost exterminated everyone within the royal family were the Imperial Dragon Soul Engineer Legion and the Evil Tyrant Soul Engineer Legion—the two beast lord-ranked soul engineer legions of the Sun Moon Empire. Yuhao and Wutong went after the two legions together and managed to take down more than half of them. In fact, they even managed to kill the legion commander of the Imperial Dragon Soul Engineer Legion.”

“What  a  joke!”   Xue  Kui  exclaimed.  “Do  you  know  how powerful the Sun Moon Empire’s beast lord-ranked soul engineer legions are? They are part of the Hand that Protects the Nation—the strongest force the Sun Moon Empire possesses. Do you really think the two of them can take down those two soul engineer legions who destroyed the entire Palace? Are the linked soul tools they carry around just for show? Xu Sanshi, I can’t believe you actually said something so absurd.”  In  his  last  sentence,  he  purposely  emphasized  Xu Sanshi’s surname.

Xu Sanshi burst into laughter that echoed within the entire hall.
“The ignorant should never be blamed. Do you know how powerful my junior brother is? Oh, that’s right. You didn’t even see how your minions—including the four Titled Douluo
—were destroyed by my little junior brother with a single soul skill. Perhaps I need to let you know that my junior brother is an Ultimate Douluo. Do you understand what I have just said? An actual Ultimate Douluo who is only a little more than twenty years old.”

After hearing what Xu Sanshi had said, everyone in the hall was shocked. Gasps of surprise could be heard from everywhere. At that instant, everyone turned their heads to look at Huo Yuhao.

What was an Ultimate Douluo? Ultimate Douluo were so rare that they pretty much existed only in myths! The most powerful soul master in the entire Dou Ling Empire was the Heavenly Sun Douluo. Even then, he had not even reached Rank 98, and was definitely not an Ultimate Douluo.

But now Xu Sanshi was claiming that the young man before them who was only a little older than twenty had already attained the rank of an Ultimate Douluo. All of them simply could not believe what he had just said. In fact, even the Prime Minister seemed a bit doubtful about Xu Sanshi’s words. After
all, how was that possible? In the entire history of the Douluo Continent, there was only a single instance when a twenty- year-old young man had attained the rank of an Ultimate Douluo.

In fact, they were not the only ones who were shocked. Even Huo Yuhao could not believe what Xu Sanshi had just said. He knew he was no Ultimate Douluo! After all, he had just become a Transcendent Douluo. What is third senior brother doing?

Xu Sanshi gave a light chuckle before continuing, “I know all of you cannot believe what I have just said. However, have you ever considered what the news from Shrek Academy was suggesting? My little junior brother won seven consecutive battles, and defeated evil soul masters and Class 9 soul engineers. Among them was Zhongli Wu—the Leader of the Holy Ghost Church. Even Zhongli Wu was defeated by my little junior brother. From that day onwards, my little junior brother received the title of Spirit Ice Douluo. Zhongli Wu was previously ascertained by the Academy to be a Rank 98 Transcendent Douluo. This definitely lends credibility to what I have just said. It is also common knowledge that evil soul masters are usually more powerful than soul masters at the same rank as them. Hence, the fact that he was defeated by my little junior brother simply means that he is a real Ultimate Douluo. There’s no other possible explanation. As for whether
the Imperial Dragon Soul Engineer Legion and the Evil Tyrant Soul Engineer Legion were really attacked, and whether their legion commander was actually killed, all of you can go ahead and investigate the matter. It shouldn’t be too hard to find out the truth.”

As Xu Sanshi spoke, he became even more confident as he destroyed all of the arguments Xue Kui had put forth.

Everything Xu Sanshi had raised was substantiated with facts. Huo Yuhao’s feat before Shrek City was definitely true, and could never be faked. If Zhongli Wu was really defeated by Huo Yuhao, what else could it mean? Besides, there were also soul masters among the generals and ministers before Xu Sanshi. They naturally knew that battles consumed a lot of soul power. Prior to facing Zhongli Wu, Huo Yuhao had already taken on several Transcendent Douluos. Even though Ma Xiaotao had not attained the Transcendent Douluo rank, her Ultimate Fire martial soul gave her powers that were almost on par with that of a Transcendent Douluo.

Even then, Huo Yuhao was somehow able to secure consecutive victories without any significant rest between the battles. Under such circumstances, the only logical explanation was that Huo Yuhao was an Ultimate Douluo.

An Ultimate Douluo! An Ultimate Douluo was actually standing behind Xu Sanshi.

It was important to note that an Ultimate Douluo had been the most powerful force of destruction before the appearance of Class 9 soul engineers. Before the Sun Moon Empire’s recent rise, no other place—other than Shrek Academy—had had Ultimate Douluo.

How powerful was an Ultimate Douluo? It was rumored that an Ultimate Douluo could shift mountains and fill the ocean. He or she would be able to destroy an entire city in the blink of an eye. If an Ultimate Douluo were to support the rule of an Emperor, it would be the best deterrence against any people who harbored ill intentions against the empire.

Even though soul engineers were increasingly well regarded and had almost overtaken the status of soul masters in terms of prestige, everyone was starting to understand how a powerful soul engineer must first be a powerful soul master. This was a fact that Shrek Academy had disseminated to the rest of the continent.
This was exactly why the Sun Moon Empire was so anxious to start the war. In fact, they had no choice but to attempt to conquer the entire continent in the shortest amount of time.

Once the three empires’ technological development started to pick up speed, they would definitely be able to overtake the Sun Moon Empire with the huge number of soul masters they had. However, no one knew how long they would need before they successfully overtook the Sun Moon Empire.

Hence, they could only try to conquer the entire continent while they still had an absolute advantage over the other empires. It was only after they had conquered the empire that they could be freed from all of these worries. But when that happened, the Sun Moon Empire would also have no choice but to admit that Shrek Academy’s theory was right. They would have to merge the development of soul tools and soul masters.

Hence, Ultimate Douluo were still the most powerful existence in the entire world. In fact, only a Class 10 soul engineer could be compared to an Ultimate Douluo.
However, there was no record of a single Class 10 soul engineer in the history of soul engineers. Hence, Ultimate Douluo were definitely the strongest in the entire continent!

Hence, when the ministers and generals present in the hall started to believe that Huo Yuhao was an Ultimate Douluo, they changed the way they looked at Xu Sanshi. After seeing this transformation, Xue Kui and Xue Leng revealed grave expressions on their faces.

They had not expected things to turn out this way. Also, they had not even known that Huo Yuhao was an Ultimate Douluo. Today, when they had brought their most powerful underlings with them along with a Class 9 soul engineer from the Sun Moon Empire, they had planned to go all-out to take down Xu Sanshi and his friends. After all, Xu Sanshi was from Shrek Academy, and they didn’t know what kind of reinforcements the Academy would send to assist or avenge him. They knew they would definitely not be able to go up against the Academy. Hence, they knew that they had to kill Xu Sanshi after taking control of the situation before seizing the palace. And when that was done, both father and son would be able to seize the military and then the throne.

Unfortunately, they had failed. And good things never happened to those who failed.

Xu Sanshi strolled towards Xue Kui and Xue Leng before speaking plainly, “There is little royal blood left in the Dou Ling Empire. Yet both of you try to launch a coup for your own selfish reasons right after the Sun Moon Empire has threatened our empire. How dare the two of you try to lead your people to attack me? Neither of you can be spared.”

“Your Highness, no…” The Prime Minister sensed that something bad was about to happen, but he was already too late.

Xu Sanshi had raised both of his hands and placed them on Xue Kui’s and Xue Leng’s heads.

At this instant, a few people rushed out from the group of generals as they tried to stop Xu Sanshi. However, a white figure flashed before them.

The surrounding temperature plunged again as those generals were instantly turned into ice sculptures. In fact, no one had even seen how Huo Yuhao managed to do it.
There were actually quite a few soul masters with seven or eight rings among the generals. However, even they could not help but shudder after sensing the powerful soul power fluctuations radiating from Huo Yuhao’s body.

Following which, two loud thuds could be heard as both Xue Kui and Xue Leng started to bleed from their mouths and noses before collapsing onto the ground.

Xu Sanshi took out a handkerchief before using it to wipe his hands, which were not stained with their blood at all.

“It is a fact that both Xue Kui and Xue Leng tried to launch a coup against our empire. They deserved to be sentenced to death. However, because of the contributions their family and ancestors made for the empire, and how royal blood is currently scarce within the empire, their families shall be spared. However, their families will be demoted to commoners. Is everyone agreeable with my verdict?”

The culprits were already dead. Besides, there was an Ultimate Douluo standing behind Xu Sanshi. Only a fool would dare to go against what he had just announced.
Xu Sanshi spoke plainly, “I know some of you in the hall have some links to Xue Kui and Xue Leng. However, right now, our empire is short of talent and manpower. Hence, I can pretend as if nothing had happened to preserve the few resources our empire still possesses. I hope that all of you can value your
lives and commit to the betterment of our empire. Prime Minister, I will leave it to you to decide who shall take over command of Xue Kui and Xue Leng’s troops.”

“Yes,  Your  Highness.”   The  Prime  Minister  acknowledged with an unwilling look on his face.

Following which, Xu Sanshi threw the handkerchief in his hand onto the face of the dead Xue Kui.

“Even though the internal conflict within the empire has been settled, we still have external problems to deal with. However, I must admit that I’m not the best at leading an army or fighting wars. I believe that all of you can definitely do that better than me. I must also admit that the internal conflict started because of the power vacuum formed due to the lack of an Emperor. Xue Kui and Xue Leng believed that I was greedy for power. They did not want a person with the surname of Xu to take away the empire built by the Xue family. This was the most important reason why they wanted to start a coup. I
found it hilarious because I had never wanted to become an Emperor. I have always been living a free and easy life. So let me now lay down a few important things.”

As he spoke, Xu Sanshi raised his hands and took the purple- gold crown off his head. Following which, he returned to the throne and placed the crown on the seat.

“Now that the internal affairs of the empire have been temporarily stabilized, I think it’s time for all of you to decide who shall inherit the throne. My mother will definitely be staying in the empire, and she will make the final decision as to who shall become the new Emperor. I will now give up my Prince Regent title. From today onwards, Xu Sanshi shall not have any ties or relationship to the Dou Ling Empire. I have already done enough as someone who possesses royal blood.”

After finishing his sentence, Xu Sanshi walked to the side and grabbed Jiang Nannan’s hand. Following which, he sauntered out of the hall.

Every single minister and general was shocked by what they had just witnessed.
What is going on? Is he quitting? Did he just quit his appointment as the Prince Regent and turn down his potential position as the Emperor?

Right now, Xu Sanshi was the only male with royal blood in the entire Dou Ling Empire. Because of what Xue Kui and Xue Leng had done, their descendants no longer had a chance of succeeding the throne.

What will happen to the empire now that Xu Sanshi is leaving? Who’s going to become the Emperor? The Prime Minister, who was usually very calm and composed, started to panic as he knelt down on the ground immediately. “Your Highness, please stay!”

The ministers and generals knelt down in unison as they exclaimed, “Please stay, Your Highness.”

Xu Sanshi held Jiang Nannan’s hand as he stopped walking. “I am both a member of Shrek Academy and a member of the Tang Sect. I don’t usually spend my time mulling over political matters. In fact, I have always been a happy-go-lucky person. But ever since I have arrived at the Dou Ling Empire, I have stopped smiling. Every day, I am suffering under the immense
pressure that comes with my position. In addition, all of you have never given me your fullest support. But I understand why you chose to do that. After all, my surname is Xu, not Xue. This is a fundamental difference which is almost irreconcilable. Also, I have never learned how to be an emperor, and have never wanted to learn it. I have no interest in becoming the Emperor of the Dou Ling Empire. I have already made my decision, and none of you need to stop me. All of you should know that it would be futile. With my little junior brother around, none of you will be able to stop me. If all of you still want the Xue family to stay in power, please allow my mother to reign from behind the curtains. After all, she has the Xue surname. It will be a lot easier for you to accept her. In the future, after my wife has given birth to our first
son, I will give him the surname of Xue. If no one opposes it, I
will send him back here to receive his education in the Dou Ling Empire. That’s all I have to say. Goodbye.”

After that, Xu Sanshi held Jiang Nannan’s hand before leaping upwards. Following which, both of them flew out of the palace from the hole in the roof.

Following which, Huo Yuhao, Tang Wutong, Ye Guyi, Nan Qiuqiu, and Ji Juechen transformed into seven streaks of light and followed right behind them.
Xue Lingxun sat down at where Xu Sanshi used to sit as the edge of her mouth twitched on its own. She had not known that Xu Sanshi was planning to do this. How could that little rascal not inform me of his plan in advance?

And he just left like that? That’s too unbecoming of him. After taking down all of his potential competitors, he left without even bidding a proper goodbye. This was his act of revenge for all the grievances he had felt. Even though the Dou Ling Empire’s internal politics were now a lot more stable, how could they function without a leader? However, it was important to note that Xu Sanshi did not leave in an entirely irresponsible fashion. After all, there was a reason why he had made a proper introduction for Huo Yuhao before he left. He wanted to remind the ministers and generals that the Xue family had the support of an Ultimate Douluo. In addition, his mother was backed by Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect. He wanted to let them know that they had better think twice before trying to seize political power from the Xue family.

This was indeed a very shrewd move. However, Xue Lingxun could not help but feel that it was a wasteful act from her son to give up the throne so easily. She came to the conclusion that different types of people were made for different things.
After soaring up into the sky, Xu Sanshi broke out into a loud laugh. The smile which had been missing for a while had finally returned to his face.

Jiang Nannan also revealed a gentle smile. She was definitely the person who understood Xu Sanshi best. She had seen how stressed he had become since he took on the Prince Regent position. Now that he was released from this stress, how could she not be happy?

“Sanshi, is it really okay for us to do this?”  Jiang Nannan asked softly.

Xu Sanshi stopped laughing, but his smile was still on his face. “What’s wrong with this? We have already done our best to stabilize the empire. After all, what’s so good about being an emperor? Do you really think I care so much about such things? In this world, there are only a few things I truly care about—my parents, family, friends, and you. What’s the use of having so much power? It won’t be as fun as touring the world with you. I am so glad I have broken free from the clutches of those fellows. Did you see how displeased they looked when we left? It was so hilarious. They looked as though they had just eaten shit. Little junior brother, have you taken care of those people?”

Huo Yuhao nodded and said, “I have taken care of them. Those soul masters were merely taking orders from Xue Kui and Xue Leng. I have interrogated them, and they have all expressed their desire to atone for their mistakes by working hard for their new leader. I have left a seal on them, and have
passed the method to control the seal to your mother. If they are to harbor any malicious intent against your mother, they will die instantly.”

As the successor of a necromancer, it was not difficult for Huo Yuhao to plant such seals on people. With the help and support of those Titled Douluo, Soul Douluo, and Soul Sages, Xue Lingxun would be able to protect herself. This was also why Xu Sanshi was able to leave without any worries.

“I think I’d go crazy if I were to continue to stay at that place even after being freed from my responsibilities.”  Xu Sanshi admitted.

Huo Yuhao tried to change the topic. “Third senior brother, how could you betray me like this? When have I become an Ultimate Douluo? Do you know that the words you have said today will spread across the entire continent like wildfire?
Now that the Holy Ghost Church and the Sun Moon Empire are coming after me, I already have enough trouble on my plate.”

Xu  Sanshi  gave  him  a  naughty  chuckle.  “Come  on!  Even though you’re not yet an Ultimate Douluo, I believe you’re not too much different from it, right? I might not have become a Titled Douluo, but I believe I can still tell certain things apart. The aura you released when you were dealing with those fellows was more or less on par with that of an Ultimate Douluo. The fact that you were able to freeze so many powerful soul masters with just a single soul skill means that your fighting power is comparable to that of an Ultimate Douluo. On top of that, you have already told me what your martial soul fusion with Wutong can accomplish. So you can stop pretending to the rest of us! The two of you are now somewhat equivalent to an Ultimate Douluo. In this case, I think the Tang Sect will really need to depend on you in the future. In fact, I don’t think the Academy will let you go so easily either. You’ll probably become the Master of the Sea God’s Pavilion in no time. After all, with great power comes great responsibility.”

Chapter 592: Direction

Huo Yuhao’s face turned bitter, “Third senior, you know how painful it is to be under heavy pressure. Am I not in pain then? Because of your words, I don’t even dare to return to the academy anymore.”

Xu Sanshi sighed and changed the topic. He said, “When the Tang Sect Soul Engineer Legion comes and holds down the fort at Dou Ling City, watch my mom deal with those officials and generals. Even though she steps out of line with her words sometimes, she’s still very intelligent. I inherited her intelligence. It’s much better for her to control the empire. At least she grew up in the imperial palace. She must have learned some tips and tricks on how to be the ruler of an empire. What do I know? I’ve been played by those officials and generals. It appears that I’m a prince, but none of my orders have worked out. They always seem to find a reason to challenge me. Things are better now. I can just walk away. The Tang Sect is much more comfortable! As for your problem, you can settle it yourself. If you’re really unwilling to handle it, I can help you tell the others. I’ll just say you and Wutong are both fine.”

Huo Yuhao twisted his lips and said, “Are you doing this for my own good? It concerns too many things in this world. How
can I just put it down? Oh yes, third senior, how has the situation in the Sun Moon Empire been during this period of time I took Wutong for treatment? Has the Sun Moon Empire done anything?”

Xu Sanshi shook his head and replied, “I’m not sure. You should also know that the Sun Moon Empire is the best at hiding any information. If they really want to seal off any information, no one will know anything. The Sun Moon Empire’s army has disappeared. They should be in the Heavenly Soul Empire. As for exactly where, no one knows. Who knows when they’ll reappear? They only have two targets
– the Dou Ling Empire and the Star Luo Empire. Oh right, it
seems like the academy has become more generous. Not only have they asked the elites from the Dou Ling Empire to return, but they’ve also sent the Tang Sect Soul Engineer Legion over to help. Why is this so?”

Huo Yuhao chuckled and answered, “If you have so many Class 9 stationary soul cannon shells, you’ll naturally be more generous.”

“What?” Xu Sanshi screamed. “Yuhao, don’t tell me that you robbed the Sun Moon Empire’s imperial palace? Otherwise,
how could you have so many Class 9 shells? They’re strategic resources. Even the Sun Moon Empire rarely uses them.”

Huo Yuhao told him about how he had robbed the Imperial Dragon Soul Engineer Legion. After hearing his story, Xu Sanshi gave him a thumbs-up. Xu Sanshi really wanted to kill everyone from those two soul engineer legions that Huo Yuhao had been up against.

“Yuhao, what are your plans after returning to the sect? Are you going to revamp the sect, or what?”

Huo Yuhao thought about it for a moment before replying, “The  situation  is  a  little  complicated  right  now.  I  need  to gather first-hand intelligence before I can decide what to do. I won’t return with all of you this time. When you see Elder Xuan after returning, relay the message that both Wutong and I are fine. We are going to the Sun Moon Empire to obtain some intelligence. We’ll report back once we’ve obtained something reliable. Furthermore, we’ll also do something to try to delay their army.”

“Hmph, I knew you were going to run away again. Alright, you can go. However, you must take care of your safety! Haih,
I’m really worrying too much. Given your current abilities, especially your concealment ability, it’ll be difficult for anyone to deal with you. Not even an Ultimate Douluo will find it easy.”

Huo Yuhao shook his head and said, “I’m not that optimistic either. Nothing’s impossible. Not only is the Holy Ghost Church after me, but I believe Di Tian is also watching me. He might appear at any time. Do you really think I can fight Di Tian given my current abilities?”

Xu Sanshi shuddered a little. “Little junior, don’t scare me. If that’s the case, we should split earlier. Both of you can still flee. What about us? It’s best to have fewer people.”

Huo Yuhao couldn’t help but chuckle when he saw him acting afraid. Ye Guyi suddenly flew over and was a little indignant as she said, “Why is he an Ultimate Douluo now? Huo Yuhao, challenge me to a duel if you dare.”

Huo Yuhao looked at her and sincerely said, “Guyi, thanks for your help this time. If not for you, everyone might not have hung on until we came.”
Ye Guyi’s face turned cold and she replied, “You’ve never treated me as one of you.”

“What? Why do you say that?” Huo Yuhao was astonished as he looked at her.

Ye Guyi coldly answered, “I’m also a part of the Tang Sect. It’s only right that I protect my comrades. Why are you thanking me in such a superior manner? I’m challenging you to a duel!”

Huo Yuhao was confused as he looked at her. He sighed and asked, “Alright then. Where?”

“Here.” Ye Guyi pointed to the sky. Her six wings fluttered as she rose into the air.

Huo Yuhao was a little helpless as he shook his head. He also flew up.

Jiang Nannan furrowed her brow. Xu Sanshi was even more shocked. “What is she trying to do? She wants to fight even
though she just got here. Yuhao is also another one. Why did he agree?”

Tang  Wutong  smiled  at  one  side  and  commented,  “She’s liked him for so long. It’s only right that she’s using him to vent right now.”

Nan Qiuqiu was curious, “You know about it?”

Tang Wutong revealed a helpless look in her big, pinkish- blue eyes, “I’m not blind. Can’t I tell how she looks at Yuhao? In fact, I think I’m the one she really wants to challenge. However, she believes she can’t stop if she fights me. That’s why she’s using Yuhao to vent. No worries, I don’t mind letting her vent. It’s all for the harmony of the sect.”

Xu Sanshi gave her thumbs-up as he wore an admiring look on his face. “Magnanimous! You have the demeanor of a big- hearted woman. Why don’t you let Yuhao have a few mistresses? I believe the Tang Sect will grow big and strong if he’s willing to open his mouth. Perhaps that War God Empress will come to the Tang Sect. Perhaps Shrek Academy is the one that will rule the continent in the end. Hahaha! Wutong, why are you looking at me like that? I feel a little uncomfortable.”

Tang Wutong snapped at him, “I think you’re looking for it. Come, let me challenge you too. Ever since I became a Transcendent Douluo, I haven’t really fought before. You can be my guinea pig. I can help you build your foundation to make a breakthrough as a Titled Douluo too. Sister Nannan, surely you won’t stop me, right?”

Jiang Nannan’s expression was also back to normal now. “Some  people’s  mouths  are  just  loose.  They  deserved  to  be beaten up. Wutong, don’t leave any face for me.”

As they were speaking, a fight had already begun in the air. Against Huo Yuhao, Ye Guyi had no intention of showing mercy. Her body immediately shone with golden light the moment she started. She unleashed her martial soul true body immediately.

Huo Yuhao wore a bitter look on his face. He only focused on defending himself, and allowed Ye Guyi to assault him.

However, he easily dispelled all her attacks.
It had to be admitted that Ye Guyi’s attacks were very strong. Huo Yuhao was also very impressed by them. When the fight was over, his shirt was already damaged in many areas. There were even a few spots that were charred, and he had to change before leaving.

Ye Guyi was also completely drained. She only stopped her attacks after she used the last streak of her soul power.

Huo Yuhao only paid the price of a piece of shirt. After the fight was over, Ye Guyi appeared to be more relieved. However, she still maintained her silence during the journey back.

After an hour, they separated. Huo Yuhao held onto Tang Wutong as they proceeded in the direction of the Heavenly Soul Empire.

Xu Sanshi waved them goodbye with one hand and used his other hand to rub the bruises on his face. Tang Wutong’s abilities had increased drastically. Even his Xuanwu Shield wasn’t sufficient to defend against her. However, Tang Wutong still gave Jiang Nannan some face. She didn’t really whack him badly. Does this lass not know not to hit someone in the face? Xu Sanshi was displeased as he complained to himself.

In the distance, the Heavenly Soul Empire was within sight. Huo Yuhao was holding onto Tang Wutong, but there was a melancholic expression on his face.

The Heavenly Soul Empire was gone. It had been wiped from the face of this earth.

After the Sun Moon Empire occupied the entire Heavenly Soul Empire, more than half the territories of the entire continent came under their control. Ever since the Douluo Continent had formed, no empire had occupied such a huge proportion of the continent.

Even if the Star Luo and Dou Ling Empires teamed up, they weren’t strong enough to fight the Sun Moon Empire. While one person’s fighting strength could decide victory in a fight, it couldn’t change the overall situation in the entire continent.

Regarding this, Huo Yuhao was very clear.

The Sun Moon Empire would never stop the war. As human- shaped soul tools kept on developing, their powers were going
to increase by leaps and bounds in the short-term.

From the human-shaped soul tools currently used by the Sun Moon Empire, it seemed like they were rather simple. Only the Class 9 ones were strong enough. It was unknown how those lower-tier soul engineers were able to control those human- shaped soul tools, but it was certain that they were still rather impressive.

Under this circumstance, the Sun Moon Empire’s soul engineer legions would become even stronger once they were able to equip their soul engineers with more human-shaped soul tools. If the human-shaped soul tools meant that the soul engineer legions could carry more stationary shells and Milk Bottles and increase their defensive strength, that was enough for their overall abilities to increase significantly.

Human-shaped soul tools were already quite developed. In the near future, the Star Luo and Dou Ling Empire’s fate would be sealed when ordinary soldiers could also use simplified soul tools.

Huo Yuhao was a little lost when he thought until here. Since he knew that everything was in vain, why was he still doing it? The continent was going to be dominated by soul tools in the future. This was the natural outcome as technology developed. Perhaps it wasn’t a bad thing for the continent to be unified. As long as the Sun Moon Empire was more restrained and passed down the good things of the original three empires, a unified empire wasn’t necessarily a bad thing.

However, he would feel very panicky when he thought of this. His own empire could potentially be wiped out. This was definitely not something that would be joyous to anyone.

No matter what the future was going to be like, he was going to do his best to protect his empire.
Even if the Sun Moon Empire ruled the entire continent, he wouldn’t be around anymore. Furthermore, the Soul Tool Hall was still improving day by day. In addition, both the Dou Ling and Star Luo Empires were quickly developing their own soul tools. If they delayed the Sun Moon Empire’s unification of the continent, it might be possible for them to remove the threat that the Sun Moon Empire posed. When that happened, the continent would still remain divided. As more and more of their soul masters started using soul tools, the Dou Ling and Star Luo Empires might actually have an opportunity to counter the Sun Moon Empire.

Of course, this was the ideal situation. After the Heavenly Soul Empire was wiped out, didn’t the Sun Moon Empire reorganize part of its soul masters?

Not every soul master in the Heavenly Soul Empire had as much backbone as Du Busi. At least this wasn’t the situation now. If not, how could the Sun Moon Empire form a few more soul engineer legions out of nothing? Where did the soul engineers come from? Weren’t they just soul masters equipped with soul tools? Using soul tools wasn’t very difficult. A soul master could use soul tools after some simple training. It was not as if they were required to manufacture them.
The overall strength of the Sun Moon Empire was still very great! Whether it was the Star Luo or Dou Ling Empire that was destroyed next, it would result in an irreversible outcome. Right now, the only hope they had was that internal problems would arise in the Sun Moon Empire. For example, Ju Zi’s suggestion was one.

If Xu Tianran could be killed, Ju Zi would give the Star Luo and Dou Ling Empires ten years of buffer time. After ten years, who knew what the situation would be like? At least, Huo Yuhao could still reach Rank 98 within ten years and aim to become an Ultimate Douluo with three soul cores.

If he really succeeded, no one knew how powerful he would be. Perhaps soul tools could no longer threaten him. If that was the case, everything would be different. Moreover, could he really not change an entire war with his individual ability once his fighting strength reached an extreme? For example, could he possibly abduct Ju Zi and her son? If internal problems kept arising in the Sun Moon Empire, perhaps the threat they posed could really be removed.

When he thought until here, Huo Yuhao felt more and more tortured. However, he started to understand why Du Busi was so proud that he chose to die instead. He really had no choice!
His empire was on the brink of collapse. If he didn’t resort to such an extreme method, there was nothing he could change.

However, could Huo Yuhao really do the same? No, he couldn’t. Not even talking about anything else, he couldn’t even convince himself.

He also didn’t know how Xu Yunhan was right now. When he thought of how close both of them were earlier, Huo Yuhao felt much more relaxed. He had to have a few such kids with Tang Wutong in the future. Wutong is so pretty. Our kids should be very good-looking.

As he gently held onto Tang Wutong’s hand, he felt how delicate her small hand was. He felt a little passionate right now. His father-in-law, whom he had not met before, had finally let him off. The seal had been removed. It seemed like he could do more things now.

However, perhaps he might have been traumatized, or perhaps he treasured Wutong too much, but Huo Yuhao hadn’t done anything yet.
As they entered the Heavenly Soul Empire’s borders, they inevitably ran into high altitude aerial surveillance soul tools drifting in the sky.

Huo Yuhao would always have a fresh feeling when he saw these soul tools. This was because they were all modified.

The Sun Moon Empire never once relaxed on their research of soul tool technology. They kept on improving their soul tools. The pressure of war enabled them to fully understand the huge advantage that technology gave them.

However, these surveillance soul tools weren’t modified as rapidly as the improvements in Huo Yuhao’s abilities. They were unable to find traces of Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong no matter what.

This plain terrain in the Heavenly Soul Empire was very level. To find an army in such a huge empire wasn’t easy. Huo Yuhao wasn’t very anxious either. He only led Tang Wutong around within the empire. Whenever they reached a city, they would enter to seek intelligence, as well as try the local delicacies.
Of course, he wasn’t just drifting without any purpose. First, he moved along the side of the Heavenly Soul Empire that was close to the Dou Ling Empire’s borders. If the Sun Moon Empire wanted to attack the Dou Ling Empire, it had to station troops along this stretch. However, nothing like this happened. This meant that the Sun Moon Empire was unlikely to attack the Dou Ling Empire in the short-term. If it wasn’t the Dou Ling Empire, was it the Star Luo Empire?

This discovery left Huo Yuhao very tense. Precisely because he was very familiar with Ju Zi, he was more aware that Ju Zi hated the Star Luo Empire! Her family members had perished during a clash between the Star Luo Empire and Sun Moon Empire. As a result, she would bring the war to the Star Luo Empire once she had the slightest chance to do so. The reason why she hadn’t targeted the Star Luo Empire earlier was because it was the strongest among the three empires of the original Douluo Continent. If the Sun Moon Empire dealt with the Star Luo Empire first, it would suffer much greater losses, especially if the Star Luo Empire had the support of Shrek Academy. If the Sun Moon Empire failed to take the Star Luo Empire down, it was also difficult to tell how greatly the Sun Moon Empire would be drained as the war went on.

The White Tiger Duke was a reputable general. Everyone knew this. Ju Zi also regarded him as her most formidable

Currently, the Star Luo Empire still threatened the Sun Moon Empire with their control of the Ming Dou Mountain Range. They restrained part of the Sun Moon Empire’s forces.

However, it was a very good time for the Sun Moon Empire to attack the Star Luo Empire right now. The Heavenly Soul Empire had already been wiped out and the Dou Ling Empire was facing internal chaos. They couldn’t even protect themselves, much less help the Star Luo Empire. Apart from Shrek Academy’s help, the Star Luo Empire didn’t have any other external reinforcements. In terms of strength, the Star Luo Empire was still inferior to the Sun Moon Empire.

When he thought until here, Huo Yuhao hurriedly led Tang Wutong deeper into the Heavenly Soul Empire. He wanted to take a look at Heaven Dou City first before proceeding to the Star Luo Empire’s borders. If Ju Zi was really intent on attacking the Star Luo Empire, Huo Yuhao had to intervene.

Even Huo Yuhao didn’t realize that his concern for the White Tiger Duke had exceeded his hate for him as time passed.
Heaven Dou City didn’t seem any different from how it was before. After it went through war, it was devastated for a period of time. However, it was soon rebuilt by the Sun Moon Empire. Not only did it regain its former look, but it was also becoming more and more prosperous after soul tools were introduced to the civilians in the city.

Huo Yuhao had the illusion that this city hadn’t been through a war when he entered. The streets were bustling with activity, and everyone appeared to be very happy. It was as if the pain that this city had once been through had vanished.

Civilians were really the easiest people to satisfy. As long as they didn’t go hungry, weren’t cold and had a roof above their heads, they were content. As for who their ruler was, they weren’t too bothered.

Huo Yuhao sighed before gently shaking his head. He led Tang Wutong towards the imperial palace in the city.

They had once met the Darkness Holy Dragon Long Xiaoyao here and almost died. However, they weren’t so afraid of him now. The imperial palace was the best place for them to obtain any intelligence.

Huo Yuhao had already unleashed his omnidirectional Spiritual Detection. With his current cultivation, his Spiritual Detection was sufficient to cover half the entire city.

There weren’t many troops stationed in the city. After all, this was a landlocked city, and wasn’t the capital. It was just a huge city.

The Sun Moon Empire didn’t erect very strong defenses for the inner cities. It seemed like they didn’t remember how Huo Yuhao had once destroyed many of their cities.

Right now, Huo Yuhao had the idea of returning to lead his three soul engineer legions to cause trouble in the Sun Moon Empire once again, so that the Star Luo Empire and Dou Ling Empire had more time. However, it seemed like this idea was a little unrealistic right now.

The academy needed to be defended, and the Tang Sect Soul Engineer Legion was being sent to the Dou Ling Empire. As for the two other soul engineer legions, their situation wasn’t very clear. Given how intent the Sea God’s Pavilion was on
protecting the academy, Huo Yuhao wouldn’t be allowed to use the soul engineer legions now.

It seemed like he could only cause destruction on his own.

The imperial palace was within sight. Huo Yuhao could sense more and more soldiers, as well as many surveillance soul tools inside the imperial palace scanning the outside. Some of these surveillance soul tools were even unfamiliar to him.

“Do we go in? Or what?”  Tang Wutong softly asked Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao shook his head and replied, “No, let’s not enter for now. Let’s observe a little longer first. There are some surveillance soul tools that I’m unfamiliar with. It’s best to be careful.”

Before he came to Heaven Dou City, Huo Yuhao was actually a little eager. If the Sun Moon Empire’s army needed a place to reorganize, Heaven Dou City would be the most suitable place to do so. There were plenty of resources here.

It was a pity that there wasn’t an army outside the city. Huo Yuhao even had the illusion that their army had disappeared. This was a very frightening feeling for him.

Tang  Wutong  asked,  “Should  we  capture  someone  and interrogate him?”

Huo Yuhao shook his head and said, “I’m afraid only those in power will know any military secrets. Let’s observe first before we find anyone. Once we find someone, we’ll ‘invite’ him out at night.”

As he spoke, he had already focused his Spiritual Detection inside the palace. He scanned the place in detail.

Very soon, Huo Yuhao found a very familiar figure. He had once met this person the last time he was here.

He was Jing Hongchen, the Dean of the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy.

Of course, the original Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy was long gone by now. The Illustrious Virtue Hall was also gone. Huo Yuhao didn’t know if they had been rebuilt. However, it seemed like Jing Hongchen would have nothing to do with them even if they were rebuilt, judging from the fact that he was in this city now.

While Jing Hongchen continued to back Xu Tianran, Xu Tianran still threw him one side after he gained the throne. Of course, Heaven Dou City was still very important. To be the mayor of this city was still considered good enough for Jing Hongchen.
Not only did he find Jing Hongchen, but Huo Yuhao also discovered two very familiar people. Both of them had once given him a lot of trouble on a competition stage. Huo Yuhao hadn’t expected them to be alive.

“Wutong,  guess  who  I  found?”   Huo  Yuhao  mysteriously asked Tang Wutong.

Tang Wutong was curious as she asked, “Who? From your expression, it seems like it’s someone we know.”

Huo Yuhao nodded. “Do you still remember that lady who once had a crush on you? She was really nice to you.”  As he spoke until here, he couldn’t help but chuckle.

“She had a crush on me?” Tang Wutong was stunned. After this, she recalled, “Are you talking about Meng Hongchen? I always thought she had died in that huge explosion.”

Huo Yuhao shook his head and answered, “No, she didn’t die. She’s in the palace right now. She’s not the only one. Xiao Hongchen is also here. Enemies always cross the same path! We fought them to the death once. Xiao Hongchen was heavily
hurt. I didn’t expect him to survive. In addition, they aren’t weak right now. They should be Soul Douluo. Even though they can’t compare to us, they are still one of the better ones in the Sun Moon Empire. Come to think about it, they can’t be considered soul engineers. They’re more like soul masters. Xiao Hongchen’s talent is astonishing. I wonder how their fighting strength is right now.”

Tang Wutong’s expression turned weird. “We’re supposed to be enemies, but for some reason, you seem to be very excited talking about them. They’re really our old foes. Yuhao, let them off this time. Let’s not kill them, okay?”

Huo Yuhao smiled as he nodded and said, “I have the same feeling as you. Let’s not kill them. I didn’t have the intention of killing them either. Let’s just pay them a visit. As for Jing Hongchen, we’ll let him off as long as he tells us what we want to know. If not for the pressure they placed on me, I wouldn’t have developed so quickly.”

Both of them looked at each other and smiled. When a person’s abilities reached a certain level, there were many things in the past that they didn’t care about anymore. At least, this was what was happening to the two of them right now.
Jing Hongchen’s family could no longer pose any threat to them.

Night fell. Huo Yuhao held Tang Wutong’s hand and confidently walked into the palace, camouflaged in the darkness of the night.

Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection and Imitation combined perfectly. Along with delicate control of his Snowy Domain of Ultimate Ice, Huo Yuhao managed to modify their body temperatures. He also used spatial power to alter any traces of their presence. With their twin soul cores, they could appear and disappear anytime and anywhere they wanted.

Whether it was oscillation detectors, thermal detectors or spiritual detectors, Huo Yuhao could anticipate them beforehand and react accordingly.

Xu Sanshi was right. Huo Yuhao possessed some abilities that were on the level of an Ultimate Douluo. These surveillance soul tools were completely useless against him.
Unless the Sun Moon Empire came up with a soul tool that could seal space, it would be very difficult for them to discover him at all.

They walked into the palace as if they were walking into their garden.

Heaven Dou City’s Imperial Palace had a long history. When it still belonged to the Heavenly Soul Empire, the furnishings and decorations inside the palace weren’t considered very new or modern. Instead they were very simple and ancient. It had appeared very dignified and awe-inspiring at the same time. It was just that some soul lamps now affected the simple and ancient feel inside the palace.

As he looked at the dirty spots on the walls, Huo Yuhao knew that the Sun Moon Empire had no intention of refurbishing this palace. It was a pity. It was really a pity.

Huo Yuhao still recalled the significance of this city to the Tang Sect. The sect came from Heaven Dou City! There was even a large courtyard in this city that belonged to the Tang Sect. No matter what happened in the future, he was intent on reclaiming that courtyard. That was also Tang Ya’s wish.

Under the guidance of his Spiritual Detection, they quickly entered the palace.

There were five hundred troops stationed inside the palace. Apart from them, there were another a hundred soul engineers. These soul engineers were responsible for a soul formation that was used to defend the entire palace. They coordinated with all types of surveillance soul tools. To ordinary people, this place was impenetrable.

However, that wasn’t true for Huo Yuhao.

He revealed a smile on his face and led Tang Wutong to the front of a palace hall. He stopped a few steps in front of the door and shared his Spiritual Detection with Tang Wutong. A three-dimensional image appeared in their minds.

Inside the palace hall.

Jing Hongchen gently sipped on a cup of wine. There was a comfortable look on his elderly-looking face. “Great wine, this is great wine! Such great wine is one of the best in the
Heavenly Soul Empire. Even Xu Tianran might not have tasted such great wine in his life.”

There was a strange expression on Huo Yuhao’s face. Jing Hongchen was so domineering in the past, but he was relegated to tasting wine now. This was completely not his style!

When he was in control of the Illustrious Virtue Hall and Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy, his authority was unrivaled. The Illustrious Virtue Hall was one of the most prestigious research organizations in the Sun Moon Empire, along with the Worship Hall. It had played a huge role in the development of the Sun Moon Empire’s technology.

However, his aura right now was much different from before. His cultivation even seemed to have fallen. It was very reflective of how his mentality had changed over the years.

“Grandpa,  you  should  drink  less.”   Meng  Hongchen  was advising him from one side.
Jing Hongchen snorted. “What do I do if I don’t drink? In this city, I’m not needed unless something special happens. I’m only a figurehead here. Xu Tianran, I helped you to where you are now, but I’ve landed in such a state. You even excluded me from the rebuilding of the Illustrious Virtue Hall. Since that’s the case, what else can I do except drink and rot here?”

Xiao Hongchen was furious as he said, “Xu Tianran is too despicable. You contributed so much for him in the past. You supported him when no one did. But he’s treated you like this. Isn’t that just because he controls the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion now? He dared to kick you to one side and give the important roles to those around him. He’s really despicable. He only steers clear of those from the Worship Hall. In my opinion, he wouldn’t even care about the Worship Hall if his Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion was stronger. Grandpa, I don’t understand. Why didn’t you go to the Worship Hall in the past?”

Jing  Hongchen  sighed  and  replied,  “It’s  not  that  I’m unwilling. I didn’t have the face to do it! How can I face your great-grandfather after the Illustrious Virtue Hall was destroyed in my hands? How can I go to the Worship Hall if I have no face to see him? Why did you think I came here to take up this post? If Xu Tianran didn’t tell your great-grandfather before he sent me here, would he have dared to treat me like
this? Your great-grandfather didn’t say anything because he wanted to punish me! What could I say? I could only go. I’ll probably be stuck here for the rest of my life. However, don’t learn from me. Both of you are extremely talented. All these years, both of you have been improving too. I’m only keeping you here so that you’ll shock the world one day. When both of you become Titled Douluo, our Hongchen family will rise once again. When that happens, both of you can find your great- grandfather. I no longer have any potential, but you still do. When you enter the Worship Hall, that’ll be the day that the Hongchen family rises once again. When that happens, you must fight for control of the Illustrious Virtue Hall. It’s the core of our empire!”

After listening to Jing Hongchen’s words, Xiao Hongchen and Meng Hongchen nodded. Xiao Hongchen even clenched his fists. “Grandpa, don’t worry. We’ll work hard. One day, we’ll become the best!”

Chapter 593: Hongchen Family

Jing Hongchen looked at Xiao Hongchen and said, “Kid, you were born at the wrong time! If you had avoided this period of time, you’d be a leading figure in any other era. It’s a pity that Shrek Academy has too many talents in this era. They’ve suppressed you, such that you can’t fulfil your potential. You’ve even wasted a lot of potential trying to increase your cultivation, leaving side effects. Otherwise, you would have become a Titled Douluo given the amount of resources we’ve poured into you.”

When Xiao Hongchen competed in of the Continental Advanced Soul Master Academy Soul Dueling Tournament for the second time, he had used some kind of special method to increase his cultivation. He had stimulated his own potential to quickly become a Soul Sage. He was preparing to shine in the tournament, but who knew that he would still lose tragically? He even almost lost his life. After that, he only recovered his vital energy after recuperating for five years. Although he had been cultivating tirelessly over the years, his cultivation still lagged too far behind his sister. He had just become a Soul Douluo, but Meng Hongchen was already at Rank 87. Soon, she would try to make a breakthrough to become a Titled Douluo.
Xiao Hongchen walked in front of Jing Hongchen and grabbed his wine flask. He downed two mouthfuls from it. After this, his eyes turned red as he said, “Shrek, it’s all Shrek’s fault. They were the ones who thwarted my destiny. One day, I’ll completely destroy Shrek Academy if I manage to make my way into the Illustrious Virtue Hall and control it. I’ll let Huo Yuhao and the rest watch as Shrek Academy is destroyed.”

“Shut up!”  Jing Hongchen snatched the flask back. He was furious as he said, “What nonsense are you spouting? Do you think you can destroy Shrek Academy on your own? Remember, don’t let this idea resurface again. Otherwise, you’ll implicate our entire family with you. Do you understand?”

Xiao Hongchen retorted, “Grandpa, didn’t you teach me to aim far and wide since my youth? Why can’t I destroy Shrek Academy? Why?”

“You don’t know your limits.” A low-pitched voice sounded. The three of them were astonished at the same time. They turned in the direction of the voice. In the night, the lighting inside the palace was very dim. At this moment, two figures gradually appeared.
They were all astonished when they saw the appearance of those two figures.

Xiao Hongchen’s reaction was the biggest. He almost leapt forward instantly. When he saw his enemy, he became agitated. How could he possibly keep calm?

Huo Yuhao held Tang Wutong’s hand and silently stared at the three of them.

Xiao Hongchen and Meng Hongchen had both grown up. They were no longer as young as they looked in the past. Meng Hongchen was still as pretty as she was before. However, Xiao Hongchen’s hair had already started to turn slightly grey, even though he was still less than thirty.

Right now, he was about to spew flames from his eyes as he saw Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong.

However, he didn’t leap out eventually. Just before he moved, Jing Hongchen pulled him back.
Meng Hongchen looked at Huo Yuhao in a daze. When she finally turned her attention to Tang Wutong, her face also turned pale. In her mind, she would never forget Wang Dong. He was her first crush! However, it had only ended in pain. After all these years, it still tortured her greatly.

Meng Hongchen looked at Tang Wutong in a daze and muttered, “What should I call you now?”

Tang Wutong also looked a little awkward as she nodded at her. She replied, “I’m Tang Wutong.”

“Tang Wutong? Aren’t you Wang Qiu’er or Wang Dong’er?” Meng Hongchen was a little astonished.

Xiao Hongchen roared, “Grandpa, let go of me!”

“Shut up!”  Jing Hongchen stood up suddenly. “Piak!”  Xiao Hongchen was slapped.

Right now, Jing Hongchen appeared more domineering than he was before. His terrifying and suppressive aura was
unleashed towards Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong.

Huo Yuhao smiled. He didn’t even move. The aura from Jing Hongchen disappeared once it was ten meters from him. Jing Hongchen couldn’t even tell what skill he had used.

Jing Hongchen’s expression changed, and he said, “Both of you, leave right now. There’s no need to get reinforcements. Quickly, leave this place and return to Radiant City.”  He was talking to Xiao Hongchen and Meng Hongchen.

“No, I’m not going!”  Xiao Hongchen still refused to listen after being slapped. He had been suppressing his anger for many years. If not for Huo Yuhao, he wouldn’t be in such a state. Would his cultivation have stalled for so many years? He was supposed to be a generational talent, but he couldn’t even touch the peak of this world anymore. He was full of hate right now! He hated Huo Yuhao the most.

“Shut up! Get lost.” Jing Hongchen turned pale. This rascal. Is it time to be emotional? Even five evil Transcendent Douluo from the Holy Ghost Church lost to this young man. What does he intend on relying on to fight him?
Jing Hongchen was once the head of the Illustrious Virtue Hall. He had many avenues to turn to for information. He didn’t believe that the hundred soul engineers in the palace were capable of dealing with Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong. Perhaps they were already dead.

He was only relying on his own strength to seek an escape route for his two grandchildren right now.

“Grandpa, we won’t leave. Even if we die today, we must die with you.”  Meng Hongchen walked to Jing Hongchen’s side, and a layer of white fog slowly surfaced from her body. She unleashed her Vermilion Clear Icetoad, and white air currents engulfed her. However, they didn’t move towards Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong. This was because she was aware that her lethal poison was useless against Ultimate Ice.

Xiao Hongchen was also much more aware now. He gritted his teeth and stood on the other side of Jing Hongchen. Dark golden light flashed from his body. He unleashed his Three- Legged Golden Toad and was prepared to fight.

When he saw how the three of them were ready to fight, Huo Yuhao laughed. Then, he said, “Hallmaster Hongchen, would
you believe me if I said we aren’t here to hurt the three of you?”

Jing Hongchen was stunned. However, he didn’t relax because of this. “What do you guys want then?”

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong had appeared here without any warning. Weren’t they here for something? Jing Hongchen had heard that Huo Yuhao had once led soul engineer legions to cause trouble in the Sun Moon Empire, causing huge losses. Would he really show mercy now that he was here? It was important to know that the Sun Moon Empire had even surrounded Shrek City not long ago, but Huo Yuhao was the one who forced them to retreat.

Huo Yuhao sighed slightly and replied, “I really have no intention to kill anyone. To be honest, it’s been many years, but what happened in the past still flashes before our eyes. Although we were once opponents, we shouldn’t be enemies if our empires aren’t at war with each other. Xiao Hongchen, Meng Hongchen, I should thank both of you. Both of you trained me, so that I managed to develop more quickly.”
Xiao Hongchen’s eyes turned red. “Are you treating me as a stepping stone?”

Huo Yuhao shook his head and replied, “Nope, never. I just have this feeling when I think of the past. We were not comparable to both of you in the past. However, we had strong fighting wills. Eventually, we emerged victorious. It’s just we didn’t expect you to take such an extreme path. If you hadn’t overly stimulated your potential back then, we’d still be opponents now. It’s a pity.”

“Am I not fit to be your opponent now?” Xiao Hongchen was furious. He suddenly lifted his right hand, turning it into a dark gold metal barrel. A dark gold shell was instantly fired towards Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong.

Huo Yuhao shook his head and lifted his right hand. He waved it gently, causing the temperature to suddenly fall. In the next instant, that dark golden shell disappeared.

Only Tang Wutong saw a small slit in the air where the shell crossed it. That slit devoured the shell. As for where it exploded, she didn’t know.
As they were moving around the Heavenly Soul Empire over the past few years, they had been cultivating too. They were sensing spatial power. After all, spatial power might be the key to their breakthroughs to Ultimate Douluo in the future. Right now, they had developed some understanding of spatial power. Using it now had started to take effect.

Jing Hongchen’s expression changed. He knew what power his grandson had just unleashed. He didn’t expect it to hurt Huo Yuhao, but he didn’t expect it to be neutralized so easily either. Huo Yuhao is indeed much stronger than I expected. How has he done this even though he’s so young?

Meng Hongchen was furious. “Huo Yuhao, why are you flaunting your powers here? What do you really want?”

Huo Yuhao didn’t even look at her. Rather, he turned to Jing Hongchen.  “Hallmaster  Hongchen,  we  don’t  wish  to  kill anyone today. That’s why I hope you can ask your grandchildren to curb their behavior. I only have one question to ask. Tell me the answer and we’ll leave. I promise I won’t harm them either.”

“What if I don’t answer you?” Jing Hongchen asked coldly.

Huo Yuhao calmly replied, “I wouldn’t mind helping Shrek Academy remove some potential threats. I’ve killed many members of the Sun Moon Empire over the past few years. I can’t even count how many anymore. Two more wouldn’t matter.”

Jing Hongchen’s expression changed. “Are you threatening me?”

Huo Yuhao smiled, “If you think it is, then it is one. So what if I threaten you?”

Power was everything. Jing Hongchen was evidently scared out of his wits by Huo Yuhao. However, he couldn’t do anything. He couldn’t not be terrified. The three of them were not as strong as Huo Yuhao. Moreover, Tang Wutong was with him.

“What do you want to know?” Jing Hongchen tolerated the humiliation and opened his arms wide to stop Xiao Hongchen and Meng Hongchen.

Huo Yuhao asked, “I want to know where the Sun Moon Empire’s army is right now. It’s too troublesome to find them slowly, and I just so happened to pass by Heaven Dou City. That’s why I’m here to ask you. Give me accurate information, and I’ll leave immediately.”

Jing Hongchen was furious. “You want me to betray my empire? No!”

Huo Yuhao nodded. He didn’t say anything else, and just pointed his right hand at Jing Hongchen. As he lifted it, a golden sun and blue moon slowly rose behind him. An unprecedentedly strong aura was instantly unleashed.

Xu Sanshi was right. When Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong fused their martial souls, they possessed the abilities of an Ultimate Douluo!

Jing Hongchen shouted, and his body shone with red light. A disc drifted in front of him, and bright red light shone. It turned into a huge screen that protected him and his two grandchildren.

Huo Yuhao was a little empathetic as he looked at him. Then, he shook his head.

Without a doubt, Jing Hongchen had unleashed his Class 9 defensive-type soul tool, Hongchen’s Yearning. Compared to ordinary Class 9 soul engineers, Jing Hongchen was much stronger. He also had many powerful Class 9 soul tools with him. However, he was only a Class 9 soul engineer.
An icy-blue glow flashed before disappearing. In the sky, a layer of morning dew appeared.

White scratch marks appeared on the surface of the Hongchen’s Yearning. Jing Hongchen groaned and only felt as if his body was being separated. He felt as if he was being torn apart.

It was a terrifying feeling. Jing Hongchen was frightened. Before he could even react further, Huo Yuhao was already within the Hongchen’s Yearning, and Tang Wutong with him.

The temperature fell to negative one hundred and fifty degree Celsius. The extremely low temperature was the best domain to use. Whether it was Jing Hongchen, Xiao Hongchen or Meng Hongchen, they all felt as if their blood had coagulated. Their soul power, blood and even aura weren’t flowing properly. They had no choice but to circulate their soul power to maintain their body temperatures.

After this, they saw a smile on Huo Yuhao’s face. It wasn’t an arrogant smile, but it gave them the feeling that they couldn’t resist him.
Huo Yuhao shook his head at the three of them. As he moved his right hand, dark gold blades of light appeared. He smacked down another of Jing Hongchen’s Class 9 soul tools.

A low-pitched dragon roar echoed in front of Tang Wutong. A purplish-gold dragon head spat out countless streaks of flowing light, suppressing Xiao Hongchen and Meng Hongchen, who could only struggle with all their might.

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong used their Instant Teleportation and disappeared. When they reappeared, they were already in front of Xiao Hongchen.

Xiao Hongchen, who was about to turn fluid, was locked in his current state by the low temperature. Huo Yuhao palmed the air, sealing the space around him. This caused Xiao Hongchen’s body to freeze up immediately.

Tang Wutong’s body shone brightly with golden light. As a sonorous dragon roar echoed, Jing Hongchen and Meng Hongchen’s attacks were completely devoured by that purplish- gold light. They couldn’t pose any threat to Huo Yuhao at all.
Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong returned to where they were as they instantly stepped back. However, Xiao Hongchen was in front of them right now. The dark gold Xiao Hongchen had been completely frozen.

Huo Yuhao pressed his palm against Xiao Hongchen’s head.
He appeared very calm as he looked at Jing Hongchen.

Jing Hongchen’s body was shaking. It wasn’t because he was furious, but because he was terrified.

He’s too strong. That’s right, he’s really that strong! After he personally witnessed it, he finally understood why Huo Yuhao said everything he did earlier, and why he had promised to let them off. The three of them were no longer fit to be his opponents. The revenge that Xiao Hongchen was harping on earlier was just a joke.

An Ultimate Douluo who’s only twenty plus years of age? It seems like this world is really about to change! The heavens gave the Sun Moon Empire such powerful soul tools, but they gave such a freak to the three empires of the original Douluo Continent. Who can challenge such a freak? At least it’s not possible for me.

Jing Hongchen shut his eyes in pain. He nodded at Huo Yuhao and said, “Alright, I’ll tell you.”

If it was twenty years ago, or even ten years ago, he would have protected his own dignity even if it was at the expense of watching his biological grandson die in front of him, given his character as the Hallmaster of the Illustrious Virtue Hall.

However, things were different now. He was old. He was an old man. He treasured his family more. He only had these two outstanding grandchildren now. They were his entire hope. They were also the hope of his family. Jing Hongchen’s subordinates and friends were almost all dead from that huge explosion. Otherwise, why would he be in this state? This was why he had no choice. He could only compromise, as long as he could save his grandchildren’s lives.

Huo Yuhao nodded. As he shook his hand, Xiao Hongchen was in front of Jing Hongchen again. The effect of ice on his body also disappeared. Huo Yuhao wasn’t even a little afraid that Jing Hongchen was going to go back on his word. If he could capture Xiao Hongchen once, he could do it again.
Xiao Hongchen was still shuddering even after he returned to normal. He wasn’t afraid, but was still shaking from the cold.

He was a little dazed as he looked at Huo Yuhao. If he still had some energy when he was furious, he was only left with desolation now. Yes, it was desolation.

What should I do? How can I resist him? He couldn’t find the answer. He even understood that he might never find an answer for the rest of his life.

Huo Yuhao shook his head at him and said, “I know how to show gratitude. Thanks for putting pressure on me then. Thanks for being my opponent then. I won’t kill you today. You don’t have to be so frightened either. If you want to seek revenge, I welcome you anytime. However, you need to work harder.”

Xiao Hongchen’s face suddenly turned blood-red. He spat out a mouthful of blood and staggered.

Jing Hongchen was furious. “Go, please go. The Sun Moon Empire’s army is two hundred and fifty kilometers to the south
of Heaven Dou City. They are resting at a place surrounded by mountains. Go! Don’t let me see either of you again.”

If Huo Yuhao continued speaking, he might forever lose his grandson. His only wish was for them to leave now. The best thing was that he would never see them again.

Huo   Yuhao   nodded   at   Jing   Hongchen.   “Hallmaster Hongchen, take care.” After getting the answer he wanted, he held Tang Wutong’s hand before turning and leaving.

“Wait a minute.” Jing Hongchen suddenly called.

Huo Yuhao stopped in his tracks and turned back to look. “Hallmaster, what else do you have to say?”

Jing Hongchen paused for a moment before saying, “Huo Yuhao, I have something to tell you. Currently, the War God Empress is under investigation by His Majesty. I don’t know why, but it has something to do with the Holy Ghost Church. I heard that the soul engineers in the army killed many of the lower-tier members of the Holy Ghost Church. Only the evil Titled Douluo managed to escape. There’s also some confusion
regarding this in the capital. That’s also the reason why the army hasn’t done anything yet. However, I also hear the War God Empress has deployed newly-trained soul engineers to fill up the gaps in the soul engineer legions. They are accumulating their strength.”

“Oh?” Huo Yuhao was a little astonished as he looked at Jing Hongchen. He hadn’t expected him to say something like this.

Jing  Hongchen  continued,  saying,  “Currently,  the  newly- trained soul engineers should be on the way. I predict that His Majesty wouldn’t want to offend the two Ultimate Douluo in the Holy Ghost Church over this matter. However, the strength under His Majesty is getting stronger and stronger. It’s also not a fact that the two Ultimate Douluo are at an absolute advantage. At least the War God Empress should be fine. His Majesty trusts her the most. Furthermore, he’ll still need to rely on her to help him in the war. It’s a good opportunity now. As for what you can do, it’ll depend on you. I shall not speak further. I shall just take it as a favor that I’m repaying for not killing us.”

Huo Yuhao smiled and replied, “Thanks for telling us.” After he finished, he held onto Tang Wutong and turned around before leaving.

Xiao Hongchen and Meng Hongchen were both astonished as they looked at their grandfather. They wouldn’t have expected him to tell Huo Yuhao such a confidential secret.

“Neither of you can’t understand why, right? I’m telling him the truth. I didn’t lie at all. Don’t you think I’m betraying my empire?” Jing Hongchen spoke self-mockingly.

Xiao Hongchen’s voice was a little hoarse as he asked, “Grandpa, why did you do that?”

Jing Hongchen looked at him coldly. “Now do you know how ridiculous you were acting earlier? Let me tell you. Even if our empire rules the entire continent, Shrek Academy will be fine. The empire will not target the academy. The reason is simple. It’s an academy, not an empire. This is also why Shrek Academy is very clever. They’ve never leaned towards any side. They only influence soul masters and soul engineers. No matter which empire rules the continent, it’ll want such a prestigious academy to stick around. This is why Shrek Academy has survived so long, and will continue to survive. If the empire really wants to destroy Shrek Academy, it might even catalyze its own downfall. This is because there are too many powerful individuals in the academy.”

“For example, there are many among the Heavenly Soul Empire who were from Shrek Academy that have already submitted to the Sun Moon Empire. They can submit after the Heavenly Soul Empire perished. However, do you believe that they’ll immediately revolt if Shrek Academy is destroyed? Both of you have been to Shrek Academy before. Tell me, how does it feel over there?”

Xiao Hongchen gritted his teeth and didn’t say anything. Meng Hongchen said, “It’s really a learning institution that every soul master wants to go to. Even though we were ostracized by the students there, the teachers didn’t do the same. As long as we asked, we got the correct answers. Over there, they have the best learning and cultivation atmosphere. Any student that hails from Shrek Academy is outstanding. Furthermore, everyone has a deep love for the academy. If possible, I would really love to go back there to learn. That’s why I can understand why many of their inner courtyard students choose to remain with the academy.”

“Nonsense!” Xiao Hongchen roared furiously.
Jing Hongchen shook his head and said, “Kid, you’re too stubborn. Did you know? I’ve been to Shrek Academy before, and really wanted to learn there once. That’s also the reason why both of you were able to go there in the exchange. It’s because I was relying on you to fulfil my dream! I know how outstanding their students are. Those who come to the Sun
Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy will be accomplished too, but I still couldn’t help but send both of you there. It’s not just me. Every soul master wants to go there. Everyone wants to go there, even His Majesty!”

“His Majesty?” Meng Hongchen exclaimed.

Jing Hongchen nodded and answered, “Believe it or not. If His Majesty rules the continent in the future, the Crown Prince will learn in Shrek Academy, as long as his safety can be guaranteed. This is the charm of Shrek Academy! That’s why Shrek will be fine. Everything that Xiao mentioned earlier is just ridiculous.”

“As for why I told Huo Yuhao everything earlier, the reason is actually very simple. It’s because I hope that he’ll know, or rather, I don’t wish to see the empire dominate the continent so quickly. If the empire successfully rules the continent, soul engineers like us will lose our footing. As long as the war
continues, both of you have the opportunity to shine in the Worship Hall in the future. This is why I did that. That’s right, I betrayed my empire. However, I had to do it for my family.”

Jing Hongchen shut his eyes in pain. “Both of you must remember that you should never treat Huo Yuhao as your target anymore. Neither of you stand a chance. I’ve never even heard of such an extraordinary genius emerging from Shrek Academy before. He’s already fully developed. Even the two Ultimate Douluo in the Holy Ghost Church might not even be able to kill him. Once they die, the continent will belong to Huo Yuhao. If there’s anyone in the history of the Douluo Continent who can compare to him, it has to be the founder of the Tang Sect, Tang San. Back then, Tang San led Shrek’s Seven Monsters as they established the Tang Sect. They dominated the entire continent, and he finally became a god. He defeated the Hallmaster of the Martial Soul Hall, who had already become a god. From there, he tore the Martial Soul Hall apart and helped his empire truly control the continent. After that, he rose into the godly realm and vanished. Although this is a legend, I believe that Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong both possess the potential to become gods if such a realm exists. They are opponents that neither of you can challenge at all!”
“Gods?” When he heard this word, even Xiao Hongchen was stunned. He had never thought of it before. What did it mean to be a god? Were there really gods in this world? No one knew. However, this legend existed in Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect.

Even until now, the statues of the first generation of Shrek’s Seven Monsters who became gods were still outside the gates of Shrek Academy.

Jing Hongchen nodded seriously. “It’s really possible. Time will prove everything. Perhaps we can really see the appearance of gods in our lives.”

Meng Hongchen was completely confused by now, whereas Xiao Hongchen was in a daze. He didn’t expect that the person he had always regarded as his greatest foe had the potential to become a god.

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong didn’t stay any longer after they left the palace. They flew into the sky. All the surveillance soul tools were just a joke to them.
“Yuhao,  do  you  believe  Jing  Hongchen?”   Tang  Wutong asked.

Huo Yuhao nodded and replied, “Highly credible.”

“Why?” Tang Wutong couldn’t understand.

Huo Yuhao replied, “He’s past his prime! Can’t you tell? Jing Hongchen is already very displeased with the Sun Moon Empire. He was once the head of the Illustrious Virtue Hall and one of the best Class 9 soul engineers. What about now? Although he’s the mayor of the Heaven Dou City and appears to be very glorified, he has actually already been excluded from the core of power in the Sun Moon Empire, by the work of Xu Tianran. How can he not hate him? From the words of his two grandchildren earlier, it does seem that he’s indignant. Since that’s the case, he needs his grandchildren to rise to the occasion. Peace is never what powerful individuals need. They only stand a chance if this war continues. Jing Hongchen is just afraid that there will no longer be any chaos. Of course, he doesn’t want us to really harm the Sun Moon Empire, but he doesn’t want the Sun Moon Empire to rule the entire continent so quickly. It won’t be beneficial for him.”
“He’s actually so selfish?” Tang Wutong was a little scornful.

Huo Yuhao felt a little heavy and said, “That’s not really it. With his family around, he can’t just think about himself!” He thought of the White Tiger Duke. Did he ignore mom and me because…

Am I really searching for excuses on his behalf? Huo Yuhao was shocked, but he found it amusing too.

He could still deeply remember that he had secretly sworn to avenge his mother when he became the strongest person in the Douluo Continent when he left the Duke’s Mansion.

He was already close to his goal of becoming the strongest person on the continent. If he could become an Ultimate Douluo in the future, he could become the strongest person in this world. However, he was no longer as vengeful as he used to be. As he became stronger, a lot of his hate slowly dissipated.

Huo Yuhao was very grateful to the academy and the Tang Sect. Without the guidance of the academy, he might have actually gone down the wrong path. Perhaps he might have
become an evil soul master. It was precisely because the academy kept on changing his perspective and was concerned about his growth. The academy nurtured him to where he was today. It was also because of the encouragement he got from his teammates.

Huo Yuhao was a grateful person. He had always been like this. He would use his whole life to repay this debt of gratitude.

Dim starlight flashed in the sky. The stars were extremely bright tonight. Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong concealed themselves in the night sky using Huo Yuhao’s Imitation, and flew towards the south.

“What should we do next? Kill those soul engineers? It’s a good opportunity before they rendezvous with the army.” Tang Wutong said.

Huo   Yuhao   nodded   and   replied,   “It’s   indeed   a   good opportunity. Ju Zi once proposed this idea to me – if I can kill Xu Tianran, she won’t wage war for the next ten years. The Star Luo and Dou Ling Empires would be given the chance to get stronger.”
“What? She wants to kill her husband?”  Tang Wutong was astonished.

There was a bitter smile on Huo Yuhao’s face. “It seems so. I don’t know what she’s thinking either. However, I’ve got to admit that her proposition is tempting. That’s why my next target is possibly Xu Tianran. Xu Tianran is an anti-hero. The Sun Moon Empire is really able to dominate the entire continent under his control. However, there’ll certainly be chaos within the Sun Moon Empire if he dies. Ju Zi will need some time to stabilize her son’s position in the empire. That’s why the Sun Moon Empire would be unable to wage any war in the short-term, even if she goes back on her word. That’s why killing Xu Tianran is my goal.”

Tang Wutong said, “So you’re going to the Sun Moon Empire to discuss this matter with Ju Zi?”

Huo Yuhao shook his head. “That’s not the only reason. A lion will only negotiate with a tiger. If we don’t demonstrate our strength, how can I possibly force her to keep her promise? That’s why we must still act and weaken her forces. After that, we’ll negotiate with her. In this way, she’ll be more pressed. This is something we can’t avoid. If possible, I don’t wish to
become enemies with her. Ju Zi is too clever, especially on the battlefield. Even I can’t outwit her.”

Tang Wutong nodded and said, “The only flaw with Ju Zi is her individual ability. If she were stronger, she’d really be too dangerous. Yuhao, will you kill her if she threatens the academy one day?”

When she asked this, Tang Wutong looked very serious. When Huo Yuhao looked into her eyes, Tang Wutong revealed a guilty expression. She lowered her head and said, “I’m sorry, Yuhao. I still feel a little uncomfortable.”

Huo Yuhao pulled her into his embrace and controlled their flying speed just like this.

Chapter 594: Army in the Valley

“I understand. Don’t worry, Wutong. In this world, only Dong’er and Qiu’er are able to walk into my heart. Right now, whether it’s Dong’er or Qiu’er, they’re in fact you. That’s why no one can affect our relationship. Yes, I once liked Ju Zi. However, that’s all in the past. Things might have been different if she was willing to be with me before I knew you were a girl. However, she didn’t; she chose to walk her own path. Thus, I already know that it’s forever impossible between us. That’s why I only treat her as a friend. If she threatens the academy one day, I’ll definitely not show any mercy.”

When he said his last sentence, Tang Wutong could clearly sense the killing intent in him.

The academy was still the most important thing in his heart!

Tang Wutong revealed a smile on her face and asked, “What if I’m the one threatening the academy? I know it’s a stupid question, but I still want to ask you.”
Huo Yuhao was stunned. After this, he immediately turned serious, “You can’t make jokes about that. If that day really comes, I’ll kill you too. The difference is that I’ll kill myself after I kill you—I’ll kill myself for you. In that way, I’ll protect our love and the academy.”

“I’m sorry, Yuhao. I’ll not ask such a question in the future.” Tang Wutong hugged him tightly and seemed to want to alleviate his worries.

Huo Yuhao softly caressed her long hair and said, “I hope such a day never comes. I don’t think Ju Zi will do that. After all, the academy is not an empire. No matter how mad Xu Tianran is, he wouldn’t target the academy. For any ruler, the academy is the best supplier of talents. Moreover, the academy has such a long history. If someone wants to destroy it, he’ll need to consider whether it’s worth incurring the wrath of all the students of the academy.”

Tang Wutong nodded and said, “Yes, we’ll all give our all if the academy is destroyed.”

Huo Yuhao nodded lightly and revealed a slight smile on his face, “Alright, let’s not talk about this anymore. Let’s pick up
speed. Let’s observe the situation in the Sun Moon Empire first before we decide what to do. We need to weaken Ju Zi’s abilities, but we can’t do that too much. Furthermore, the Sun Moon Empire will adapt once we make a move. Something else might happen too. That is, the Holy Ghost Church might send someone to the army. If that’s the case, it’ll get a little crowded. We just need to kill those soul engineers and plant it on the Holy Ghost Church. I’ll not have any misgivings doing that.”

Tang Wutong snapped, “You’re getting worse. Who do you think the Holy Ghost Church will send next? Will Ye Xishui personally come? There’s also Zhong Liwu. After he attacked me that day, you greatly hurt his martial soul. I wonder how he is now.”

Huo Yuhao said, “Zhong Liwu’s origin must have been hurt too. Although I don’t know how critical his injuries are, they shouldn’t be light. He won’t be able to recover in a month. That’s why I believe the Holy Ghost Church can only send one person capable of striking fear into everyone’s hearts – Ye Xishui. It’s just that Ye Xishui might not be able to compare to an entire army. No matter how strong the Death God Douluo is, the Sun Moon Empire’s army might not really be afraid of her with the linked soul tools they have. Even Di Tian didn’t fare very well against them. I wonder whether his injuries have healed.”

Tang Wutong rolled her eyes and asked, “Are you concerned about him now? It’s already good that he’s not bothering you.”

Huo Yuhao chortled and said, “I’ll need to face him one day, even if I try to avoid him. I just hope that I can face him when I’m stronger. I can only stand at the top of this world if I defeat him. Wutong, promise me that you won’t stop me when I challenge him one day. You don’t have to help me either. I’ll use my own strength to beat him.”

Tang Wutong was stunned. “But we are together.”

Huo Yuhao sighed and replied, “To me, challenging Di Tian is not just a way of proving my strength. At the same time, it’s a personal mission. It’s a mission I have to complete.”  In his mind, he recalled what Nian Rongbing had told him.

To increase his cultivation and become a Transcendent Douluo, Huo Yuhao could clearly sense the strength of the God of Emotions getting greater and greater in his body. Perhaps it was the strength of a god.
It was a strength that didn’t belong to him. At least, it didn’t belong to him yet. However, it was fusing with him.

When he summoned this strength before, it was when Tang Wutong got hurt trying to save him. He unleashed the power of emotions and fused his emotions with his fighting strength. It was an important direction that he was gearing towards in the future too.

Di Tian was already at the top of the world. Even if he became an Ultimate Douluo and had a third soul core, he might still be unable to defeat Di Tian. If he wanted to beat Di Tian, he had to fuse his power with his emotions. It was only through this way that he could achieve a breakthrough and truly inherit the title of the God of Emotions.

He wasn’t just doing this for himself now. Becoming a god was also a route that he had to take if he wanted to free the six Spirits in his body. Furthermore, when that time came, he would definitely bring Tang Wutong along with him to the godly realm. Huo Yuhao had this thought – since Tang Wutong was so strong, he could ask Nian Rongbing to find a title for her to inherit after he became the God of Emotions. To him, Nian Rongbing shouldn’t reject his request.
When he thought until here, Huo Yuhao suddenly felt very motivated. What was happier than knowing one’s direction in life?

Huo Yuhao relaxed his embrace of Tang Wutong and held her hand once again. As the two of them spoke, they had already covered two hundred and fifty kilometers.

In the distance, the lay of the land was presented in Huo Yuhao’s mind as he used his Spiritual Detection. Just like Jing Hongchen had described, there was a huge valley. The size of this valley was much bigger than the Icefire Yin Yang Well that they had been to before.

Although there were many treasures and even two wells in the Icefire Yin Yang Well, it wasn’t very huge. However, it was very different here. This valley was very large, far exceeding the size of an ordinary city.

There was an entrance and exit at both sides of the valley. The terrain was very level. From the plants that grew here, it was evident that this was a treasure spot.
Mountains of rocks surrounded the valley. Although they weren’t completely barren, there weren’t many plants growing on these mountains. This was why only the rocks could be seen. While they weren’t aesthetically pleasing, they were very tough. They were natural city walls.

The Sun Moon Empire was hiding here. It was indeed very difficult to locate them. If not for Jing Hongchen’s intelligence, Huo Yuhao wouldn’t have found them here anytime soon.

Huo Yuhao used his Spiritual Detection to take a more detailed look. Indeed, there were many tents pitched in the valley. Furthermore, there were soul formations erected in four different directions, at the tops of the mountain peaks. The scale of these soul formations was rather great. It appeared that they were all helmed by beast lord-ranked soul engineer legions.

Who are they trying to deal with? Surely not me, right? Huo Yuhao wondered curiously. Along with his previous guess, the answer had revealed itself to him.

His plan had ultimately succeeded. Internal chaos had ensued as their soul engineers killed the evil soul masters. The
Holy Ghost Church was definitely going to retaliate. I wonder how Ju Zi is going to deal with this matter. She didn’t lead the army back to the empire. That shows that she’s not willing to truly admit her mistake. As for how Xu Tianran is going to deal with this situation, I think it’s obvious. He’ll side with Ju Zi. While the Holy Ghost Church is important to the Sun Moon Empire, its primary purpose is to deal with Shrek Academy. Now that the academy is slowly not becoming the most important opponent to the empire, the Holy Ghost Church is becoming less and less important, especially after the Heavenly Soul Empire’s destruction and the increase in the Sun Moon Empire’s overall strength following the investment of a huge amount of resources. However, Ju Zi is different. Her reputation in the army is only growing. She also represents Xu Tianran’s interests. If she’s heavily punished, it’ll clash with his interests. That’s why Xu Tianran should be on her side.

The furious Death God Douluo will surely be here to look for trouble. I just don’t know when she’ll appear. However, it seems like she’s not here yet. However, she wouldn’t be able to handle so many soul engineers at once even if she manages to destroy a part of their soul formations! As for where Ju Zi is, I’m afraid only she’ll know. It won’t be easy to find her.

Of course, Huo Yuhao was considering things from Ye Xishui’s perspective, rather than his own. He had his Spiritual
Detection. Even if there were many times more soldiers, he would still be able to locate Ju Zi as long as he had enough time.

He didn’t directly proceed to find Ju Zi. He only checked the deployment of the soldiers on the terrain, as well as the positions of all the soul formations. After this, he flew further with Tang Wutong, through a route that soldiers would have to pass in order to reinforce the army in the valley.

It was impossible to escape from Huo Yuhao’s sight given his spiritual power.

Tang Wutong asked, “How is it? What’s the deployment of soldiers like over here?”

Huo Yuhao said, “The entire Sun Moon Empire army is here. Ju Zi should be here too. There are four beast lord-ranked soul engineer legions helming soul formations at the mountain tops. In the mountain valley, there are eight other soul formations. Although they’re weaker, they’ve been built very close to one another. They complement the soul formations at the mountain tops very well. Above the valley, in a region covering a few hundred kilometers from the center, there are all types of aerial surveillance soul tools. This is a trap! Even we would be discovered if we made any moves inside, and it wouldn’t be easy to escape. Ju Zi is really vicious! She’s targeting the Death God Douluo and the Darkness Holy Dragon. It’s too domineering. Have they really fallen out so badly?”

Tang Wutong chuckled and commented, “It’s all your doing.
If you didn’t frame them, things wouldn’t be like this.”

Huo Yuhao also laughed. “Do you know how I feel right now?”

Tang Wutong was confused as she looked at him.

Huo  Yuhao  laughed,  “Right  now,  I  feel  that  we  have  to carefully make our way in from the outside and slowly tear apart her impenetrable defense. We’ll then thwart her plans. Although it’ll take some time, I feel confident for some reason.”

“If my earlier plan didn’t succeed, the Holy Ghost Church would undoubtedly want to deal with me first. Two Ultimate Douluo won’t be easy to deal with. However, it seems like Ju Zi is going to help us take the pressure this time. From her current setup, she must be pretty confident that the Death God Douluo will come and seek trouble. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have prepared like this. Let’s watch and observe first, and let them fight among themselves. When they’re almost done, let’s step in. As for killing those reinforcements, of course it’ll be the doing of the Holy Ghost Church.”

Tang Wutong laughed. “You can do whatever you want. Anyway, if you are the antagonist, I’m the woman of the antagonist.”

“Haha! I must be a thief, and you’re the thief’s wife.”
“Sounds bad. What thief’s wife? I’m much better than that!”

The two of them quickly picked up speed and flew into the distance.

Mountain valley. Commander’s tent.

Ju Zi was seated in the commander’s tent. Right now, her warrior robe was gone. She was only in an official uniform, just like how she was in the palace. She creased her brow and paced up and down the tent. No one knew what she was thinking about.

After Xu Tianran’s instructions were delayed for a long time, they finally reached her. Xu Tianran sternly admonished her for what she had done, but he didn’t mention any punishment. He only said that she would be punished after she returned from the war against the Dou Ling and Star Luo Empires.

His edict was very interesting. Everyone could tell that he was protecting her. Only Ju Zi knew that he wasn’t just protecting her; he was also weakening her!
Evidently, Xu Tianran knew that the Holy Ghost Church would be mad after he passed this edict. Of course, he wasn’t afraid of the Holy Ghost Church in Radiant City. He had the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion to protect him. Along with the soul formations in Radiant City, even Ultimate Douluo couldn’t easily lay their hands on him.

Xu Tianran was also not the one who killed the soul masters from the Holy Ghost Church. It was Ju Zi’s soul engineers in the army. She was even the commander of the three armies. It would be a surprise if the Holy Ghost Church didn’t vent their anger on her.

Fortunately, she had entrusted her son to Xu Tianran before she left the imperial palace. It was unlikely that he would come into any danger. Xu Tianran was being distrustful of her right now. He was always very distrustful. He must believe that she wielded too much power after they stabilized things in the Heavenly Soul Empire. This was why he was weakening her through the Holy Ghost Church.

Of course, this matter could be argued the other way around too. He wished to borrow her strength to weaken the Holy Ghost Church. The only way to do so was to kill them all.
The Sun Moon Empire had already demonstrated its absolute advantage on the continent. This meant that the Holy Ghost Church was expendable now. Given this, it wasn’t a bad idea to wipe out the evil soul masters once and for all. At least, this was something that all the citizens and officials were willing to see. If so, why not?

Xu Tianran was just going to be an observer. He was clearly aware that he had to stand on Ju Zi’s side. She wielded a lot of power, and she was very clever too. As for the Holy Ghost Church, he didn’t think too much of them. Now that the army had rebelled, it was equivalent to the Holy Ghost Church being ostracized by the Sun Moon Empire. They couldn’t return to their former glory anymore.

Just like Jing Hongchen, the Holy Ghost Church had served its purpose.

The Holy Ghost Church’s greatest mistake was its arrogance. It was too arrogant, believing that the Sun Moon Empire couldn’t deal with Shrek Academy without them.

When it came to this, the three empires of the original Douluo Continent had made the same mistake. They had
looked down on the strength of soul tools.

Xu Tianran and the Sun Moon Empire had used facts to prove that soul tools could help them dominate the entire continent. After this fact was established, what further use was the Holy Ghost Church? The evils of the Holy Ghost Church had already incurred a lot of wrath. Getting rid of them completely was something everyone would be happy to see. The dirty spots of the past had to be cleaned, and they had to be cleaned completely.

What Xu Tianran wanted was to rule the entire continent properly, not in an evil manner.

This was why he had thought of this good idea after pondering over it. He was going to let someone else settle his problem without implicating him.

As for Ju Zi’s life, did it really matter compared to his future? Of course, if she really died, he would still be very sad. At least, she was the most loyal and caring among all his subordinates. Xu Tianran had even thought of it. If Ju Zi died, he would announce to his people that he would not marry anyone else in
the future. Anyway, he already had a Crown Prince. Whether he had an Empress didn’t matter anymore.

The cold smile on Ju Zi’s face widened. She could completely see through Xu Tianran’s mind right now. She could even imagine his expression when he gave this edict.

A distrustful anti-hero. This was her appraisal of him.
However, she despised him more and more right now.

I wonder how Yuhao is. Tang Wutong was severely hurt by Zhong Liwu that night. Did he manage to treat her after he left?

When she thought of Huo Yuhao, the coldness in Ju Zi’s heart turned into worry. Even though she knew that he was her greatest threat in the future, she still couldn’t help but think of him. If she had to lose to someone in the future, she wished it would be to Huo Yuhao. It wasn’t shameful losing to someone she deeply loved. Perhaps it was even a form of bliss. When that happened, she might really be freed.
All types of ideas surfaced in her mind. After two hours, she returned to her seat and sat down a little lethargically.

After she willingly took the rap for her subordinates, her reputation in the army grew unprecedentedly high. All the generals admired and respected her.

They were resting here because they were waiting for Xu Tianran’s edict. Apart from admonishing Ju Zi, Xu Tianran had also instructed her to proceed with her attacks until they ruled the entire continent. Supplies would be sent over. As for the threat the Holy Ghost Church posed, he didn’t mention a single word at all.

Are you still thinking of using me as a tool to help you rule the entire continent? A cold look flashed across Ju Zi’s eyes. Xu Tianran, you’re really bold! Your selfishness will doom you. You only have three to four years left to live. Unless I’m dead, you are doomed!

When she thought until here, Ju Zi looked very cold. Her entire face was filled with killing intent. Fortunately, she was the only one in the tent right now. No one saw her. The edict had already been crushed into waste paper in her hand.

A boom suddenly sounded, jolting Ju Zi awake. She subconsciously put on her human-shaped soul tool and rushed outside to take a look.

Once she exited the tent, she immediately saw the brightly-lit sky. On the mountaintops surrounding the mountain valley, four soul formations had already fully unleashed their linked defensive barriers. It was just that the light coming from the protective soul barrier in the southeast was much dimmer, and rocks were falling from the sky on that side.

Fortunately, only soul engineers were stationed there. Not many people were hurt as soul rays were used to deal with the falling rocks.

Advanced-tier soul engineers quickly gathered close to the commander’s tent. They all looked into the sky, and they appeared very serious.

Only Ju Zi looked steady. There was even a scornful look on her face, “What’s meant to come will always come. It’s a pity that she’s more foolish than I thought. Is she really trying to overcome my defensive formations with brute force?”

“Marshal, we must not be complacent. After all, she’s the strongest person in the empire. It’s best to be prudent.”

In the sky, a dark-red figure flashed. There was a huge projection behind this figure. This projection was around a hundred meters tall, and was completely dark red. There was a giant pointed tower surrounding its arms. Red light had just retracted from the tip of the tower.

When the southeast side of the soul formations was attacked, the linked defensive barrier was automatically activated. However, it was still overcome. Huge losses were incurred. More than a third of the soul formation was wiped out. This was why the effect of the linked defensive barrier in this direction wasn’t very ideal.

Ye Xishui was the figure drifting in front. Behind her was her Blood Soul Demonpuppet, and that pointed pagoda was undoubtedly the soul tool that was hailed as the only soul tool close to being a Class 10 soul tool, the Death God Pagoda.

The Death God Pagoda had almost threatened the life of Huo Yuhao. This time, it was facing Ju Zi.

Ye Xishui’s voice traveled far and wide. “Empress, hand over all the killers and I’ll leave. You’ll still be the marshal. Otherwise, I’ll not leave anyone alive. All soul engineers will die.”

Ju Zi’s voice was transmitted through a sound-amplifying soul tool. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. There are only loyal soldiers here. What killers are you talking about? Death God Douluo, as the Supreme Worshipped of the empire and sect leader of the Holy Ghost Church, how dare you kill my soldiers? Even if you bring this issue to His Majesty, I wouldn’t be afraid of you. Do you really think you can fight me and my soul formations on your own? You’re too naïve.”
“Hmph!”  Ye  Xishui  roared  furiously.  Suddenly,  her  voice echoed everywhere. The entire mountain valley started shaking. Another ball of red light formed at the top of her Death God Pagoda. Although Ye Xishui didn’t have Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection, her spiritual power was still at his standard. She could still use her voice to find someone.

At this moment, a domineering beam of white light rose into the sky. This beam of white light instantly appeared in front of Ye Xishui.

On a closer look, it was evident that this beam of light was formed from eight smaller beams of light. It was dazzling. Wherever it passed, space shattered. It also illuminated the entire night sky.

At this moment, a low-pitched dragon roar sounded, and a huge pitch-black figure blocked Ye Xishui. It was a giant black dragon. It opened its mouth suddenly and let out its pitch- black breath, which contrasted perfectly against the beam of white light.

Just as the breath and beam of white light clashed, countless spatial cracks seemed to form within the black breath.
Although it was forced back by the beam of white light, the beam of light was also rapidly weakened.

Ju Zi’s expression changed. She muttered, “Dragon Emperor Douluo, you are indeed here too.”

Yes, it was the Darkness Holy Dragon who had blocked the attack for Ye Xishui. That huge, black dragon was undoubtedly his True Body.

The terrifying collision in the air generated dazzling sparks, which only disappeared after the beam of white light had completely dissipated.

The first linked attack was forcefully resisted by the Darkness Holy Dragon just like that.

The legion commanders who had unleashed this attack turned pale. They hadn’t expected a linked attack from eight soul formations to be resisted by the strength of a single soul master. It was already beyond what they could comprehend.
However, that was only the start of their attack. Another four beams of light shot towards Ye Xishui. These four beams of light came from the four sides. They were unleashed by the four beast lord-ranked soul engineer legions.

Although these linked attacks by the soul engineer legions couldn’t compare to the linked attack from before, the strength of every beam of light was still half that of the beam of white light earlier. When the four beams of light shot out, the sky immediately changed color.

Linked attacks and defenses were the greatest strengths that soul engineers could rely on.

This was also why Ju Zi was scornful when she saw that Ye Xishui wanted to fight her army directly.

Against such an army, it was not the best choice for an Ultimate Douluo to fight head-on. She wouldn’t be able to fully unleash her strength.

Of course, that was also because the surveillance soul tools she had set up were very effective. Apart from Huo Yuhao’s
special abilities, ordinary Titled Douluo, and even Ultimate Douluo, wouldn’t be able to hide from those surveillance soul tools. This was the reason for the current situation.

A dark red beam light was unleashed at Ju Zi.

The four beast lord-ranked soul engineer legions had just finished attacking, and were now frantically re-deploying their linked defensive barriers.

Ye Xishui was very good at exploiting opportunities. She didn’t even bother with the four beams of light. Instead, she exploited this opportunity to attack Ju Zi.

Long Xiaoyao started to spin in the sky as he let out breath after breath. He dispelled the four beams of light. However, upon closer inspection, the black air currents around his body had clearly become weaker.

Bloody light inched closer. No wonder the Death God Pagoda was the world’s strongest offensive soul tool. The linked defensive barriers set up by the four soul engineer legions were instantly broken, and the red light rained down towards Ju Zi.

At this moment, Ju Zi only felt her body turning cold. She couldn’t avoid it even if she wanted to. This was the terrifying effect of a soul tool that was close to being Class 10.

However, the second line of defense was instantly activated. The eight soul formations inside the mountain valley shone brightly at the same time. Another layer of linked defensive barriers was erected above them, protecting Ju Zi.

As the blood-red light and pure white linked defensive barriers collided, bright lights were released. It was as if countless streaks of bloody light had blown apart. However, they didn’t just dissipate. Instead, they turned into blood-red avenging spirits that clawed and chewed at the barrier. Piercing, scratching noises could be heard.

The Light of the Death God was terrifying because it burned countless souls every time it was unleashed. From there, the strongest force of vengeance was formed. It wasn’t just a soul power-driven attack. It also contained spiritual power.

A linked defensive barrier formed by close to ten soul engineer legions was needed before the Light of the Death God
could be resisted. The blood-red lights finally disappeared. However, even though many of the soldiers weren’t hurt, they felt as if their souls had left their bodies. They were all feeling dizzy.

The Death God Douluo was actually so strong?

That was also Ju Zi’s first time facing Ye Xishui. Her appraisal of the Death God Douluo was already very high in the past, but right now, she realized that her judgment might have been flawed.

Ye Xishui wasn’t just an Ultimate Douluo. She was also a Class 9 soul engineer. Her own self-created soul tools might not be very strong, but her Death God Pagoda was one of the strongest soul tools in the world of soul engineers.

She was even an evil Ultimate Douluo! When she unleashed her full strength, the offensive power she could demonstrate was beyond everyone’s imagination. She didn’t even defend herself. She poured her Ultimate Douluo cultivation into her Death God Pagoda. Along with the force of vengeance in her Death God Pagoda, she managed to resist ten soul engineer legions with her individual strength. This was absolute power!

Long Xiaoyao also astonished everyone. After all, Ye Xishui’s attack didn’t manage to overcome the defensive formations of all twelve soul formations. However, Long Xiaoyao had helped Ye Xishui defend against all their attacks with just his own strength. Was he still human? Could a human really resist such terrifying attacks that were even capable of destroying an entire city?

Even Di Tian was exposed by the Holy Ghost Church when he faced linked offensive soul tools. Was the Dragon Emperor Douluo stronger than Di Tian?

At a place very far away, two people were lying in an ordinary bush. Their eyes were both shut, but they held each other’s hands very tightly.

“Yuhao, don’t you think this is a good opportunity? If we…” Tang Wutong softly asked.

Huo Yuhao shook his head and answered, “They won’t give us an opportunity.”
When the Dragon Emperor Douluo and the Death God Douluo first arrived, they were already aware. After that, Huo Yuhao had brought Tang Wutong here. They weren’t observing the fight with their eyes, but through his Spiritual Detection.

Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection engulfed the entire battlefield. He was watching from a sky-high perspective, and observed every change on the battlefield.

The only feeling he had was that the two Ultimate Douluo were too domineering.

No wonder they were Ultimate Douluo!

Huo Yuhao could roughly guess that his and Tang Wutong’s combined fighting strength was around the standard of an Ultimate Douluo. However, he had a different feeling when he watched them in action.

What were Ultimate Douluo? They were the extremes of this world. They represented the limits that humans could reach. Not only were they very strong, but they were also very proud.
When Ye Xishui arrived, she didn’t think of using any other method to fight. She appeared directly above the mountain valley. She didn’t even proceed to destroy the aerial surveillance soul tools. She unleashed her Death God Pagoda just like that and attacked the mountain valley. How domineering was that?

At least Huo Yuhao didn’t think of such a method when he was pondering how he should deal with this mountain valley. It was a method that was supposed to fail!

However, Ye Xishui had relied on her abilities to carve a way out for herself. She had even almost threatened Ju Zi’s life.

Huo Yuhao was absolutely certain that Long Xiaoyao and Ye Xishui’s abilities were complementary.

Even though their martial souls couldn’t fuse, even Di Tian might not be able to defeat them if they were together.

Ultimate Douluo couldn’t possibly fuse their martial souls. This was because martial soul fusion at such a level would exceed the limits that this world had on power—it reached the
level of gods. Humans couldn’t reach such a level. Even Huo Yuhao was well-aware that he and Tang Wutong wouldn’t be able to use their fusion skills once they became Ultimate Douluo.

Chapter 595: The Power of Two Ultimate Douluo

The Dragon Emperor Douluo and Death God Douluo had teamed up. The Dragon Emperor Douluo defended, while the Death God Douluo attacked. Against more than ten soul formations, they didn’t even have any intention of retreating. On the contrary, they even suppressed their enemy. This was a demonstration of their power!

Of course, Huo Yuhao could also tell that this was the furthest they could go, even though they were very strong and powerful. After all, they were humans. Even though they were very strong, it was already very astonishing that could resist the world’s strongest combination of soul tools. However, it was a different story if they really wanted to fight.

Indeed, a huge, black dragon silently appeared below Ye Xishui. It was carrying her. In the next instant, it carried her high into the air. It broke through space just like that before vanishing into the night. This caused the second round of linked attacks to hit nothing.
While they avoided the attacks, they weren’t fleeing. They just left. No power was great enough to retain them.

Ju Zi was standing in front of her tent. Earlier, she had clearly sensed that she was very, very close to death.

Very soon, news passed that sixty-seven soul engineers from the Evileye Tyrant Soul Engineer Legion had died. The soul tools at the top of the mountains were greatly damaged. Only half the original strength of the soul formations could be used on now.

It was just an attack by two people. However, that was sufficient to cripple the strongest army on the continent. This was even though the army was at its strongest. What a tragedy this was! But this was power, extreme power that humans could achieve at their limits.

Ju Zi suddenly felt fearful. This was her first time having such a feeling. Right now, she truly understood that humans were truly the peak of this world once their abilities reached the peak. Could her army have resisted the two Ultimate Douluo if they had attacked them sneakily?
Even Titled Douluo had their principles. They wouldn’t hurt ordinary people. However, what could they rely on to rule this continent after their greatest fighting strength was wiped out? No wonder there were some who claimed that Ultimate Douluo were the strongest strategic weapons in this world. It was indeed the case! Class 9 shells were far inferior compared to them. Ultimately, Ju Zi lacked such power.

Ju Zi silently returned to her tent. She gave the order to mend the soul formations. At the same time, she also instructed her army to be more alert. The linked defensive formations always had to be half-on. Once any enemy appeared, they were obliged to attack, no matter the price.

Revenge was being sought on them. Next, it would depend on how they reacted to it.

Today, the Death God Douluo’s attack was undoubtedly just to test their strength. What was next? What would happen in the next fight? Ju Zi didn’t know. For the first time, she felt that her destiny wasn’t in her own hands.

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong continued to lie prone. They only opened their eyes after the fight was over and the
Darkness Holy Dragon had concealed himself and the Death God Douluo in space. When they looked at each other, they saw the horror in each other’s eyes.

“If it was us, how far could we have gone?”  Tang Wutong asked Huo Yuhao a little doubtfully.

Huo Yuhao laughed bitterly and said, “We’d be able to resist one attack, and that’s only if we have the Goddess of Light.”

Tang Wutong nodded gently. That was roughly what she had estimated too. It was only when the Goddess of Light was around that they could resist an all-out attack from the linked offensive soul tools earlier.

The Darkness Holy Dragon resisted had five strikes consecutively. The first one was stronger, while the other four were weaker. When Huo Yuhao referred to resisting an attack, he was referring to an attack of the same standard as the first strike.

The Darkness Holy Dragon is too strong!
Huo Yuhao softly said, “I didn’t expect Elder Long Xiaoyao to be so strong. If I’m not wrong, his cultivation should still be below Ye Xishui.”  After learning from his teacher that Long Xiaoyao had in fact been secretly helping him, Huo Yuhao didn’t feel so vengeful towards him anymore.

“Does your teacher know that you’re complimenting me like this?” A low-pitched voice suddenly sounded.

Huo Yuhao subconsciously tightened his grip on Tang Wutong’s hand. Both of them used Instant Teleportation at the same time before they were reappeared a hundred meters away. Immense soul power undulations also instantly rose from their bodies, reaching an extreme state. Both of them revealed horrified looks on their faces.

It was important to know that they had been using Imitation to conceal themselves!

A black figure silently walked out from space. It was as if he had appeared from thin air. Another blood-red figure followed him out.
The Death God Douluo appeared even younger now. It was just that her face was very pale. Long Xiaoyao’s aura was also a little unstable, but his eyes weren’t lifeless. Instead, they were glistering like stars in the sky.

When he saw how wary Huo Yuhao was, Long Xiaoyao couldn’t help but laugh. “Good, you’ve indeed improved a lot. No wonder Zhong Liwu suffered under your hands. I bet you didn’t expect it. You didn’t expect us to find the two of you, right?”

Huo Yuhao silently shook his head and bowed, “Greetings, Dragon Emperor and Death God.”

Long Xiaoyao ignored his greetings and continued speaking, “We only discovered you not because your spiritual power is not concealing you well enough. On the contrary, your spiritual power seems to be greatly accomplished. Even we can’t discover you using our spiritual power. We only discovered you through our senses. You can’t imagine how acute our senses are. You can only fuse with this world once you become an Ultimate Douluo. When that happens, you’ll become part of this world. When something in this world threatens you, you can still trace the source even if you can’t see it. This is how we found you.”

Huo Yuhao laughed a little awkwardly and said, “Both of you are too awe-inspiring and domineering. We are very impressed, and could only cheer you on from afar. We have no ill intentions. If there’s nothing else, we’ll leave.” As he spoke, Huo Yuhao turned around with Tang Wutong and was about to leave.

“Hold up!” Ye Xishui’s rather hoarse voice echoed. Suddenly, it was as if thousands of avenging spirits were crying sorrowfully. A huge pressure fell from the skies and engulfed Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong.

Huo Yuhao’s eyes suddenly lit up. There seemed to be a boundless night sky and shining stars in the depths of his eyes. His Ultimate Ice aura spread from his body and viciously collided with Ye Xishui’s aura.

A silent boom echoed through the air. A clash of auras was even more dangerous at their level than a real fight.

If it were someone else with a lower cultivation, he would be instantly crushed into powder if he couldn’t resist Ye Xishui’s overwhelming aura.

Huo Yuhao’s body shook a little, and he took half a step back. Ye Xishui shook slightly, but she didn’t step back. There was also an astonished look in her sinister, ice-cold eyes.

She hadn’t expected this young man to be capable of resisting her pressure. It was also her first time being resisted, apart from Long Xiaoyao. There were even a few kings of soul beasts who had tried before.

Over the past few years, Di Tian was the only one who had put her at a disadvantage. However, she had still managed to escape safely, and Huo Yuhao had been critically hurt.

Right now, she could clearly sense that Huo Yuhao hadn’t borrowed Di Tian’s strength, but he was still able to resist her power. This was no longer achievable by a Rank 98 Titled Douluo. Currently, it was as if his strength was at the tier of an Ultimate Doulou!

How is this possible? How old is he? Has he formed his second soul core? Don’t tell me that Zhong Liwu’s words were true?
The Dragon Emperor Douluo sighed slightly when he saw how  astonished  Ye  Xishui  was.  “Xishui,  don’t  be  like  this. You’ll only scare the kid.”

Ye Xishui looked coldly at him, “You should meddle less with my business. It seems like little Wu was right. This kid has already comprehended the profundity of second soul cores. He’s relying on their martial soul fusion to forcefully increase his cultivation infinitely close to that of an Ultimate Douluo. I really want to see if he can fight my Death God Pagoda.”

As she spoke, blood-red light shone brightly behind her. Her giant Blood Soul Demonpuppet also surfaced, and the Death God Pagoda reappeared. This time, it was facing Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao’s expression changed greatly. He had personally witnessed how powerful the Death God Pagoda was. Right now, it was impossible that he was not anxious facing the Death God Douluo in a duel.

“Xishui!” Long Xiaoyao’s voice became even deeper.

Ye Xishui coldly looked at him. “Are you trying to help him?”

Long Xiaoyao shook his head and retorted, “Watch your temper! You’ve not changed even after all these years. It’ll be difficult for us to kill them given that we aren’t in our best condition. Since this is the case, why don’t we chat with this young man? You’ve already used your Death God Pagoda twice earlier. If you continue using it, you’ll lose yourself amidst the hostility once again. Do you really want to be like those
walking dead that only know how to kill?”

“I told you that I don’t need you to meddle in my affairs!” Ye Xishui shouted back, “No matter what I become, it has nothing to do with you. Long Xiaoyao, stop being sarcastic here. This kid has already threatened the Holy Ghost Church. If he didn’t severely hurt Little Wu and kill those from the Worship Hall, how could that little thief have gotten what he wanted? Do you know how long it has taken for the Holy Ghost Church to become as powerful as it is right now? Now, that bastard Xu Tianran wants to seize this opportunity to get rid of us. I want to let him witness what our true strength is.”

Long Xiaoyao was a little helpless as he shook his head. He said, “Alright, stop playing. If you stay like this, I’ll leave forever.”
As he spoke, he suddenly started to cough. Although his coughing wasn’t very loud, it caused Ye Xishui’s expression to change greatly. Her earlier hostility suddenly disappeared. She immediately patted his back gently.

“Xiaoyao, Xiaoyao, don’t be so uptight. What’s wrong? Calm down. Are you okay?” Ye Xishui asked concernedly.

Long Xiaoyao sighed as he turned slightly pale. “I’m too old. My blood isn’t flowing very well. If I was at my peak, I wouldn’t have been drained so much from those earlier attacks. But I’m not hurt yet.”

“Are you hurt?” Ye Xishui was astonished.

Huo Yuhao couldn’t help but say, “Elder Long, you faced the linked attacks of more than ten soul engineer legions of the Sun Moon Empire. Their offensive strength was too strong. It’s already unbelievable that a human can resist it. Moreover, you resisted it many times.”

Ye Xishui’s expression turned gentler. It was evident that she wasn’t very well mentally.

“Alright, Xiaoyao, don’t be anxious. I’ll listen to you. I’ll not harm   those   two   kids.”    As   she   spoke,   her   Blood   Soul Demonpuppet vanished. Her fierce and aggressive aura also disappeared.

Long Xiaoyao’s eyes were still very bright as he looked at Huo Yuhao. He wasn’t affected just because his aura was weaker now. He stared at Huo Yuhao passionately and asked, “Have you formed your second soul core?”

Huo Yuhao silently nodded.

Long Xiaoyao took in a deep breath and said, “According to what I know, you are the only soul master in the past few thousand years who has cultivated a second soul core before becoming an Ultimate Douluo. You’re still so young too. I see hope in you.”

Huo Yuhao shook his head and replied, “No, I’m not the only one. Wutong has also succeeded.”  He didn’t hide anything or tried to bluff Long Xiaoyao.
Just like Long Xiaoyao was able to find them using his senses, Huo Yuhao could sense something special coming from him for some unknown reason. This feeling developed his trust towards him.

“She also has one?” Long Xiaoyao was stunned as he looked at Tang Wutong.

“Yes! I also thought of that. Unless she formed her second soul core, how could both of you have maintained your martial soul fusion? Very good, both of you are very good. No wonder you’re Mu En’s disciples.” Long Xiaoyao’s smile was very genial. However, Huo Yuhao felt that it was very strange. It was just like Elder Mu was acting before he had passed on.

He was astonished. Don’t tell me that the Dragon Emperor Douluo is also…

Chapter 596: Dual Cultivating

Huo Yuhao was stunned as he looked at Long Xiaoyao.

He’s clearly bursting with energy. However, why is he just like teacher just before he passed away? What’s going on?

Ye Xishui was also a little stunned as she looked at Long Xiaoyao, “Xiaoyao, are you fine? Are your injuries okay?”

Long Xiaoyao shook his head and replied, “This small wound is nothing. I’m fine, Yuhao. Both of you are also here to deal with the Sun Moon Empire’s army, right?”

Huo Yuhao nodded. There was nothing for him to hide.

Long Xiaoyao smiled and turned his head to look at Ye Xishui. “Xishui, I can’t help you if you want to harm these two kids. I owe Mu En too much. It’s just like how I owe you. That’s why I can’t harm his disciples.”
After hearing Mu En’s name, Ye Xishui’s entire body shook. Her originally sinister and cold-looking eyes revealed an extremely complex look.

She squinted and turned to Huo Yuhao. “This is the second time. There’s no third time. When I see both of you again, I’ll definitely kill you. Xiaoyao, let’s go.” As she spoke, she had already leapt up. After this, she flew into the distance.

Long Xiaoyao didn’t immediately chase after Ye Xishui. Tnstead, he looked at Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong with a gentle look in his eyes.

“Both of you have set a precedent in human history. However, don’t be too arrogant. There’s still a long way to go. Though both of you do have some abilities, there are many types of destructive forces in this world. You’ll need to face them in the future. That’s why you should take the time to cultivate more. Yuhao, when you reach Rank 98, come find me at Radiant City. There’s something your teacher has left for both of you.”

As he spoke, Long Xiaoyao stood up and retrieved a black crystal stone before passing it to Huo Yuhao.

“As long as you are in Radiant City, use your soul power to activate this stone. I’ll find where you are and come to you. I’m leaving now. Xishui is only here to vent her anger. Given her identity, she wouldn’t keep attacking the Sun Moon Empire’s army. After all, the Holy Ghost Church’s base is still in the Sun
Moon Empire. I don’t know what she’s going to do next. Both of you must be extra careful. Since she said that she’ll deal with both of you the next time, she’ll not go back on her words. Furthermore, both the Sun Moon Empire and Holy Ghost Church are determined to get rid of both of you, especially you, Yuhao. Your presence has already made Shrek Academy much brighter than it’s supposed to be. That’s why you must be prudent and careful no matter when.”

“Thank you for your concern, elder.” Huo Yuhao respectfully bowed to Long Xiaoyao.

Long Xiaoyao waved his hands. A sorrowful look suddenly appeared in his eyes. He sighed before he drifted up and chased after Ye Xishui. He instantly disappeared.

Tang Wutong stuck out her tongue as she watched him leave. She  said,  “These  Ultimate  Douluo  are  indeed  very  strong! We’re still very lousy compared to them. What Elder Long is
hinting is that we’ve become a little inflated after we’ve become Transcendent Douluo. At times, it’s better if we cultivate. Come on, let’s start now.”

Huo Yuhao was a little annoyed. “There’s such a beautiful view here, but we’re going to cultivate. Won’t it dampen our mood?”

Tang Wutong chuckled and said, “When we first entered the academy, who was the one who cultivated tirelessly and was unwilling to waste even a second? Don’t tell me you are becoming lazy? We have a heavy responsibility on our shoulders. I’ll carry half for you in the future, but you’ll still need to carry the other half. Come on!”

“Alright!”    Huo   Yuhao   leaped   towards   Tang   Wutong immediately.

Purplish-gold lights suddenly flashed, and a huge dragon head blocked him off. Huo Yuhao screamed tragically and flew more than ten meters away.
“What, what are you doing?” He lay on the ground, extending his limbs and complaining to Tang Wutong.

Tang Wutong revealed a sly look on her face. “My father’s seals don’t seem to be fully gone. That’s why…”

After half a minute, both of them sat cross-legged on the grass. Their palms were clasped together and they entered cultivation.

This was their first cultivation together ever since they became Transcendent Douluo, and after Tang Wutong formed her second soul core.

After their Haodong Power formed once again, they were able to cultivate using their martial soul fusion again. Before, they had used such a method to grow stronger and stronger.

The interaction of their soul power in a fight and during their cultivation was completely different. Huo Yuhao’s whirlpool-like soul power poured into Tang Wutong’s left hand through his right hand, and Tang Wutong’s whirlpool-like soul power poured into Huo Yuhao’s right hand from her left hand.

When their soul power poured into each other’s bodies, their bodies shook, and bright lights shone from them.

A golden sun and blue moon, as well as another golden sun and purplish moon, appeared at the same time.

The golden suns were slowly getting closer to each other above their heads. After this, they fused together, and immense spiritual energy shot into the sky. A beam of strong golden sunlight tore the night sky apart. It was like a bright golden beam that held the sky together. The blue and purplish moons also shone brightly. Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong’s bodies started to become clear and transparent.

It was even clear that four soul cores were rapidly revolving inside their bodies. The whirlpool-like soul power in their bodies kept on circulating.

The blue and purplish moons slowly drifted in between both of them, while the suns were above them.
The two moons fused together just like that. The moonlight turned bluish-purple, and it was very bright.

In the air, origin energy of heaven and earth surged towards their bodies. After surging into their bodies, it was crushed and filtered before it fused with their soul power.

In just a day, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong’s soul power had completely transformed. It felt brand-new to them now. It shone with a strange glow, which was a combination of blue, purple and gold. Those three colors intersected with one another to produce a strange yet dazzling radiance. After this fusion, their soul power was also a few times stronger than it was before.

Every whirlpool had a strong suction force, absorbing the origin energy of heaven and earth into it.

“Should we run?” Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong opened their arms at the same time. After this, they both held onto each other’s hands and concealed themselves in the night sky.
They had no choice but to flee! They were so close to the Sun Moon Empire’s army. Who would have expected them to create so much noise just by cultivating? What were they waiting for if they didn’t flee? At least they had to find a cave before they could cultivate again.

Their Haodong Power was still joined, but what they found weird was that their soul power retained its original state. Their whirlpool-like soul power was still very strong. It was the result of their enhancement, however, the radiance that had appeared during their cultivation earlier had disappeared. The suction of air had also disappeared.

“What’s going on?”  Tang Wutong asked Huo Yuhao. They were telepathically connected. Huo Yuhao naturally knew what she was asking.

“I don’t know either.” Huo Yuhao was a little helpless as he answered, “Don’t tell me that the soul power we generated during our cultivation is already beyond the restraints of this world?”

Tang Wutong shook her head and said, “I don’t think so. It might have been so before. However, it’s clear that our abilities
are still too weak after I witnessed the Darkness Holy Dragon’s power earlier. I believe our fused soul power is barely at the realm of an Ultimate Douluo. I don’t believe it has exceeded the restraints of this world.”

Huo Yuhao said, “I don’t understand what’s going on either. The only explanation I can think of is that our fusion is only perfect only if it’s completely silent. We can’t use that radiant whirlpool-like soul power to fight. It’s only an alternative method for us to restore our soul power. Let’s try more. Even if we can’t use it to fight, it’s still not bad to increase our recovery speed!”

Both of them flew very far away and found a dense forest to hide in. Tang Wutong blew open a cave with her dominant aura, and both of them went inside.

They were very excited by this new discovery. They were still quite traumatized after they were subjected to pressure by the two Ultimate Douluo earlier. Their thirst for power appeared once again. This time, it was unprecedentedly strong.

Huo Yuhao used a few branches to cover the opening of the cave, to prevent any light from shining out. In a short while, a
small cave took form.

Huo Yuhao held Tang Wutong’s hands as they stood in the cave.  “Let’s  our  focus  our  energy  and  try  again.  Let’s  see whether we can enter that state while standing up.”

“Alright.” Tang Wutong nodded.

Their hands were connected once again. Their soul power circulated in their bodies.

The golden suns, blue moon and purplish moon appeared once again. After this, the radiant whirlpool started to glow once more.

The difference from before was that their fusion was more rapid this time. Furthermore, a dazzling, spinning halo appeared around them after this fusion. Both of them felt that their soul power was being restored very quickly. It then started to slowly increase after reaching the peak of their restoration.
While ‘slow’ was a subjective term, it had to be noted that it was very difficult for Transcendent Douluo to increase their abilities through cultivation. However, their soul power was slowly climbing. This meant that they could cultivate their abilities in such a state. Their cultivation speed was even faster than most ordinary Transcendent Douluo.

As they looked at each other, they could see the excitement in each other’s eyes. They knew that they had found another way to improve. While this couldn’t be directly used on a battlefield, it was still very beneficial to them if they wanted to last in a fight. As long as they had a little time to rest, they could recharge and restore their energy at the fastest speed. They managed to fully tap into the advantages of having Yin- Yang Complement soul cores.

Both of them quickly entered a cultivation state. Their four soul cores fused and intersected. As they resisted one another, brand-new soul power was unleashed once again. Their cultivations were also increasing dramatically.

Originally, forming Yin-Yang Complement soul cores had already given them the potential to experience significant improvements in their cultivations. Tang Wutong had also managed to form Yin-Yang Complement soul cores with Huo Yuhao’s help. This was unprecedented.

Furthermore, most of Tang Wutong’s spiritual power in her spiritual soul core came from Huo Yuhao. She had absorbed,
transformed and turned his spiritual power into her own spiritual power. This made their spiritual power even much more compatible. This was also why they had no problems fusing their martial souls, and once again generated Haodong Power.

Of course, their Haodong Power was far, far stronger now than it was before.

While they were threatened by the Death God Douluo earlier, Huo Yuhao was in fact not afraid of her at all. What he was afraid of was that Long Xiaoyao would do everything he could to help her.

Ever since he had interacted with Long Xiaoyao, he became more and more curious about him. His abilities were undoubted, given that he was also from the same generation as Elder Mu. It wasn’t even overboard to say that he was the strongest human in the world right now.

However, why was he willing to be used by Ye Xishui? Since he could make his name along with Elder Mu, it also meant that his character wasn’t too flawed either. Or this was what Huo Yuhao felt, at the very least.

Moreover, Elder Mu had also mentioned that he was helping him. However, Huo Yuhao realized that his help for Ye Xishui was always unselfish every time he saw him. It was definitely not a formality.

But why is this so? Is he being controlled by her? Impossible! When Long Xiaoyao and Elder Mu made their name, Ye Xishui wasn’t even so strong. So why could she controlled Long Xiaoyao so easily? It’s really ridiculous for an Ultimate Douluo to be under this kind of restriction.

However, if this isn’t the case, why is he listening to her?
This doubt kept on racing in Huo Yuhao’s mind.

This was why he didn’t dare to take the risk. Against the Death God Douluo, he and Tang Wutong wouldn’t be at too much of a disadvantage even if they couldn’t beat her. However, things would be different if Long Xiaoyao got involved. They might not even have an opportunity to escape.

This was why Huo Yuhao was very careful. He didn’t even reveal his Morning Dew Dagger, because he wanted to only use it at the most critical of times – when they had to escape.

Fortunately, Long Xiaoyao didn’t abet Ye Xishui. Ye Xishui even chose not to attack, and left because she was giving Long Xiaoyao face. This also left Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong relieved.

However, their thirst for strength also grew because of this incident. Their earlier satisfaction and perhaps arrogance had ceased to exist. To fight Ultimate Douluo, it was paramount for one to become one too. Long Xiaoyao’s advice was indeed golden.

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong quickly entered cultivation.

Their soul power was around Rank 95 now. They had just become Transcendent Douluo. However, this wasn’t really anything major. It wasn’t the crux of the problem. Given their cultivation speed, Huo Yuhao was completely confident of raising his soul power by another rank. In less than two years, they would be at Rank 98. This was the major benefit brought about by their Yin-Yang Complement soul cores.

I wonder what teacher asked Long Xiaoyao to pass to us when we reach Rank 98?

Huo Yuhao was actually very curious. This was because Mu En didn’t mention this when he had helped him form his twin soul cores. This was why he was feeling rather anxious in his heart.

If Elder Xuan knew the Dragon Emperor Douluo, he would have immediately told Huo Yuhao that the Dragon Emperor Douluo was lying. The reason was very simple. This was because Elder Mu had really passed away, and his soul had dissipated. If there was anything he had left for Huo Yuhao, he would have told Elder Xuan before he died.

It was a pity that Huo Yuhao didn’t know all this. He was still thinking of finding the Dragon Emperor Douluo after he made a breakthrough, so as to find out what was actually going on.

As time passed, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong’s soul power was increasing under their mutual influence. Cultivation didn’t affect Huo Yuhao’s sense of the outside world. His immense spiritual power naturally formed a spiritual forcefield. This forcefield spread, and even the path connecting the Sun Moon Empire and that mountain valley was engulfed within it.
Sun Moon Empire army, commander tent.

Two days had passed.

Ever since Ye Xishui had attacked, two days had passed. She didn’t appear again. However, her single appearance had already left all the soldiers traumatized.

She was too strong. The two of them had managed to resist the Sun Moon Empire’s linked offensive attacks, and even almost destroyed their linked defensive soul tools. What kind of power did they possess? Two Ultimate Douluo were actually so terrifying. It was beyond everyone’s imagination.

Not many soldiers had been killed, but the surviving ones were under a great psychological burden. Because of this, many of the advanced-tier soul engineers had not even smiled for two complete days.

They finally realized the truth now. They finally understood how strong the Holy Ghost Church was. In terms of higher-end combat strength, they were still the best in the empire!
News of the attack had been sent to the capital. However, it seemed to have disappeared. No news was transmitted back. It seemed like Xu Tianran had given up on them.

“Is it a lesson for us?” Ju Zi muttered.

Two days were enough for her to think through many things.

If the Death God Douluo was relentless, she wouldn’t have used such a method. Even if she cared about face a lot, she could just use her Light of the Death God when our defenses are at their weakest every day, if she wanted to use brute force. The army would continuously suffer damage, and we’d keep on living in fear. It would be almost impossible for us to chase after them too.

However, she didn’t so. This means that she’s still very concerned about the Holy Ghost Church’s position in the empire. She won’t do anything anytime soon. It’s just that I don’t know what they’re up to next.

Ju Zi was very unsettled. She was even more willing to face the violent Ye Xishui, rather than not face her at all.

No matter what, I must destroy the Holy Ghost Church. Otherwise, there won’t be any peace in the empire in the future.

When she thought of the strengths of the two Ultimate Douluo, Ju Zi couldn’t help but shudder. In the future, this empire would belong to her son. How could she tolerate outsiders in the empire? With them around, the rule of the empire would be greatly influenced. Son, don’t worry. No matter how difficult it is, I’ll help you get rid of these obstacles.

Ju Zi was immediately inspired to fight when she thought of her son. Her earlier cowardice disappeared. To a mother, she wouldn’t fear any enemy if it was to protect her own kid.

“Report!” A frantic voice shouted.

Ju Zi calmed down a little before saying, “Report.”

“The  empire’s  reinforcements  were  attacked  outside  the valley. All of them have been killed. When we arrived to help
them, there were only corpses. All their resources have been taken too.”

“What?” Ju Zi was aghast. She looked horrified, “What have you discovered?”

The messenger lifted his head. After hesitating for a moment, he replied, “There are traces of spectral creatures. Our aerial surveillance soul tools also discovered something like a Bone Dragon flying into the distance. The aura of spectral creatures has also been left behind. The thousand soul engineers that were sent to help have all been…”

A thousand soul engineers! Even if they were from the reserves, they were still trained by the empire. With the help of these thousand soul engineers, she could replenish everything she had lost at the front lines. How could she not be enraged now that everything was gone?

However, she also felt a little weird just as she was enraged. This was because she knew that Ye Xishui’s attack had ended, and her attack was already enough to strike fear into her troops. Why did she attack again? The Holy Ghost Church was the prime suspect because of the spectral aura. Unless…

Ju Zi thought of something, and immediately recalled the magical dimension.

Yuhao, is it you?

When she thought that Huo Yuhao could be nearby, Ju Zi started to become more energized. Her earlier rage also disappeared.

If Yuhao is responsible for this, that explains it. However, no matter who did this, I’m going to put the blame on the Holy Ghost Church. There’s no lack of opportunities to deal with them. One such opportunity has arrived.

“Send  an  order  to  gather  all  the  legion  and  vice-legion commanders in the commander’s tent for a meeting.”


Ju Zi squinted. Since there’s such a prime opportunity, don’t blame me for being vicious. If I don’t use this opportunity well,
I’m not fit to be the War God Empress. Holy Ghost Church, be prepared to incur Xu Tianran’s wrath.

As she thought, she quickly walked to her desk and started to furiously pen a letter.

After a while, all the legion and vice-legion commanders had gathered at the commander’s tent. There were even Class 9 soul engineers from the Worship Hall.

Seeing that Ju Zi was writing something, they all stood there quietly. No one uttered a sound.

Ju Zi had taken punishment as the marshal of the entire army. The Death God Douluo even arrived to attack her. These things made all her commanders very respectful of her. How could they possibly not follow such a leader? Even though she was a little young and a lady, she was still a perfect leader, considering her successful track record and responsible attitude.

After waiting for around ten minutes, Ju Zi finally finished writing her letter. When she lifted her head again, her eyes were already red. It seemed like she was holding tears in.

“Marshal, what’s going on? What has happened?” A Class 9 soul engineer asked, astonished.

The other soul engineers and commanders were also perplexed. It was also their first time seeing Ju Zi like this. They couldn’t understand what was going on. When did she
become so fragile? What happened such that she was acting like that?

Ju Zi didn’t say anything. She bit her index finger and stamped the letter with her own blood.

All the commanders were astonished when they saw this. A blood letter? What is she doing?

Ju Zi slowly stood up and walked forward. Her body was shaking. Her tears were already flowing uncontrollably.

“Commanders,  Worshipped,  I’ve  let  everyone  down.”  Her tears flowed. Ju Zi shut her eyes in pain.

The Class 9 soul engineer who had spoken earlier anxiously asked, “Marshal, what’s going on? No matter what, we’ll stand on your side. Quick, tell us.”

Ju Zi took in a deep breath and torturously answered, “I’ve received news that the soul engineer legion that the empire sent to reinforce us has been wiped out. They were killed not
far from the mountain valley, along the path they had to take to reach us from the empire. A thousand soul engineers were killed, their souls were taken away, and our resources have been looted.” She added the line ‘their souls were taken away’.

“What?” Exclamations echoed throughout the entire tent. Suddenly, all the soul engineers and commanders opened their eyes wide. The astonishment in their eyes was slowly turning to rage.

Ju Zi shut her eyes in pain. “From our aerial surveillance soul tools, we discovered Bone Dragons fleeing the scene. At the same time, the aura of spectral creatures was also left behind.”

Bone Dragon? These two words were sufficient.

Not long ago, Zhong Liwu was riding a Bone Dragon as he fought Huo Yuhao outside Shrek City. Eventually, it had died at Huo Yuhao’s hands.

Bone Dragons had appeared once again. Everyone knew what it meant.

“Bastards!” One legion commander roared and clenched his fists so hard that they almost broke. His soul engineer legion had lost many men, and he had been awaiting reinforcements.

Suddenly, he became overly agitated.

Ju Zi bitterly said, “I’ve already written everything regarding this incident down. I’ll immediately send it to His Majesty and implore him to take action. If this continues, our morale will certainly be affected. While our soldiers at the frontline are killing enemies for the empire, we are being stabbed in the back. How can we continue to fight and contribute to the empire if that’s the case? Everyone, I’m afraid my position as your leader is about to end. I’ve already asked His Majesty to allow me to resign. In the future, I hope all of you can continue to assist His Majesty and share his burdens.”

As she spoke, Ju Zi lifted her hands and removed her helmet. She turned around and walked to the front of the tent before putting it down on her desk.

“Marshal,  you  must  not  give  up  on  us!”   A  vice-legion commander cried sorrowfully before he knelt down on one

“Yes! Marshal, we need your leadership. Only you can lead us to rule this continent.” When the first person kneeled down, a second person started to do the same. Along with their hate for their common enemy, all the commanders kneeled down immediately. Even the Worshipped bowed down to Ju Zi.

Seeing everyone like that, Ju Zi wiped away the tears in her eyes. Her expression started to turn sinister and cold.

“I thank all of you for your support. Please rise.”

After hearing that Ju Zi’s voice had returned to normal, all of them stood up once again. They focused all their attention on her.

There was a strong killing intent coming from Ju Zi’s eyes. “How dare the Holy Ghost Church kill my soldiers? We cannot exist in the same world as them. Commanders, if we want to contribute to the empire, we need to rid ourselves of any dissidents, and kill these despicable and vicious Holy Ghost Church members. It’s only through this that we can save our
empire. Who is willing to write a blood letter to His Majesty along with me?”

“I am!”

“I’m willing…”

The commanders were all united. After they were subjected to Ye Xishui’s attack, their rage and displeasure at the Holy Ghost Church were replaced by fear.

However, when they heard that a thousand soul engineers had been killed by the Holy Ghost Church, their suppressed rage immediately erupted once again.

Many of them left their blood on their letters. At the same time, they also left their own signatures. This completed a blood letter.

Ju Zi said, “Pass my order –  the army will proceed in the direction of the empire. We’ll coordinate with His Majesty to get rid of the Holy Ghost Church. It’s only by destroying the
Holy Ghost Church that we can continue to expand the empire.”

“Yes! We’ll listen to your orders.”

When these commanders left their blood on their letters, their fates were tied to the War God Empress.

The Sun Moon Empire’s army started to disassemble their soul formations, while the beast lord-ranked soul engineer legions took turns to watch out for any dangers. The entire army then proceeded in the direction of the Sun Moon Empire.

Ju Zi’s letter was immediately sent out. At the same time, the news was passed on. However, it wasn’t to Xu Tianran. It was to the Worship Hall in Radiant City. The Worship Hall was the true backer of the army.

As he watched the army proceeding in the direction of the Sun Moon Empire, Huo Yuhao immediately realized that Ju Zi was exploiting this situation.
It was almost time for him to find her. A grin appeared on his face. This was an opportunity he could not forgo.

Huo Yuhao concealed himself in the void along with Tang Wutong. He immediately unleashed his Spiritual Detection to check the path in front of them, as they rapidly got closer and closer to the Sun Moon Empire’s army.

In the sky, all types of aerial surveillance soul tools were moving along with the army. At least two soul engineer legions were flying in the air. These two soul engineer legions were responsible for surveillance and protecting the army.

Only the members of the beast lord-ranked soul engineer legions had the ability to fly. This was why they were naturally responsible for guarding and patrolling.

These soul engineers were helpless against Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong. From afar, Huo Yuhao had already found Ju Zi using his Spiritual Detection.

While Ju Zi was out on the battlefield, she was still the Empress. This was why she took a different sedan from the
other commanders. She had her own sedan. Sixteen horses were responsible for pulling it, and the Fire Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion was responsible for guarding it.

Huo Yuhao led Tang Wutong as they softly landed on her sedan. Tang Wutong let go of his hand said, “Go in. I won’t go. She might disrupt your plan if she’s hostile towards me.”

Huo Yuhao chortled and said, “You are indeed an understanding lady!”

Tang Wutong was a little unimpressed by him, and replied, “If I were really understanding, I should let you marry her too, right?”

“No, no. It’s difficult to handle too many beauties. You are enough for me. I’m going now.” His Imitation covered a sufficiently large region. This was why Huo Yuhao wasn’t afraid of Tang Wutong being exposed.

With a flip, he silently made his way into the sedan.
The sedan was very large. In fact, it was an extremely comfortable carriage.

There was almost ten square meters inside. There was a desk, a chair and even a bed.

Right now, Ju Zi was the only one inside. She was thinking silently.

Gentle spiritual undulations spread, sealing the entire sedan.
No sound from inside could be heard outside.

“Oh?” After realizing that something was amiss, Ju Zi subconsciously lifted her head. She looked at the space in front of her, which was empty.

“Are you here?” she asked softly.

“How did you know it was me?”  Huo Yuhao asked, a little stunned.
He wasn’t surprised that two Ultimate Douluo had found him. However, it was illogical that Ju Zi was able to discover him. With her abilities, she shouldn’t be able to discover him when he used his Imitation!

Ju Zi smiled and said, “Instincts. I knew you would come. That’s why I asked all my servants to leave. I was waiting for you, and you indeed came.”

Huo Yuhao silently surfaced and sat on a bench in front of Ju Zi.

“How are you? I’ve not seen you for some time.” Huo Yuhao asked a few meaningless questions. Although he had isolated all sound within the sedan, he shared everything that was happening with Tang Wutong. One reason was for safety. Secondly, he was afraid that Tang Wutong would be jealous. Of course, the latter reason was more important.

Ju Zi snorted, “How am I? How can I be well? I’m not fine at all. Should I hate you, or thank you?”
Huo Yuhao smiled and replied, “Of course you should thank me. Whether it’s you or Xu Tianran, both of you want to get rid of the Holy Ghost Church, am I right? It’s just that neither of you have found an excuse to. This time, I’m delivering an excuse to you. Shouldn’t you thank me?”

Chapter 597: Working Together

Ju Zi snapped, “You destroyed my beast lord-ranked soul engineer legions and killed the legion commander of my Imperial Dragon Soul Engineer Legion. This time, you even killed my remaining soul engineers. I should be thanking you? You are an enemy of the empire.”

Huo Yuhao sighed. “I don’t want to kill either. However, if I don’t, I don’t know how many people from the Star Luo and Dou Ling Empires would be killed by those soul engineers. It’s no longer significant to talk about this now. I’m here to ask you, does what you said to me earlier still count?”

Ju Zi was stunned. “What are you talking about?”

Huo Yuhao’s mouth twisted a little. “Killing Xu Tianran.”

Ju Zi was finally enlightened, and she smiled. She replied, “So what if it counts? So what if it doesn’t count? Are you going to kill me if I don’t stay true to my word? I’m just afraid you won’t bear to. Only you can sneak into my sedan. Even an Ultimate Douluo can’t do so.”

Huo Yuhao was a little helpless as he shook his head. Tang Wutong was above the sedan. Everything she said could be heard by Tang Wutong.

Huo Yuhao sighed and replied, “Although I shouldn’t be encouraging you to kill your husband, Xu Tianran is an anti- hero. His existence will only pose a huge threat to the Star Luo and Dou Ling Empires. Even if you go back on your word, I’ll still target him. Furthermore, I won’t show mercy just because of you.”

Ju Zi smiled and asked, “Why would I go back on my word? I should be pleased. We are only husband and wife in name. We don’t act like a couple. My kid isn’t his either.”

Huo Yuhao was dazed for a moment, and subconsciously whispered, “Be careful with your words.”

Ju Zi’s smile turned even sweeter. “What’s wrong? I don’t believe that you didn’t soundproof this sedan. No one can hear me. What are you so scared of?”
Huo Yuhao smacked his forehead and looked at Ju Zi strangely. Earlier, she had told him about her complicated relationship with Xu Tianran. However, it was his first time hearing that her son wasn’t Xu Tianran’s biological son. He was the Crown Prince!

Huo Yuhao turned grim, “Did he find someone for you, then…”

Ju Zi answered, “Yes, he found someone for me. After that, he made me kill that person. It’s a pity that he didn’t expect me to find someone else instead of the person he assigned to me. That’s why he needs to die. If he doesn’t, everything will be exposed when my son’s martial soul awakens when he turns six. Then, we’ll both be doomed. For my son, I must kill him. You should also understand why I asked you to kill him. To a mother, she’ll turn crazy if anyone threatens her kid. She’ll fight for her kid. That’s why you must not doubt my words. I must kill Xu Tianran. We share the same opinion when it comes to this, don’t we?”

Huo Yuhao was astonished as he looked at Ju Zi. It was like his first time meeting her. Whose kid is Xu Yunhan? Who did Ju Zi bear her child with? Suddenly, he was confused.
When she saw how shocked he was, Ju Zi said, “You don’t have to suspect anything. It’s my greatest secret. I feel much better having revealed it. Alright, tell me, how are you planning to kill Xu Tianran?”

Huo Yuhao took in a deep breath and calmed himself. No matter whose kid it was, it theoretically had nothing to do with him. He shouldn’t probe either. It might be better for him to know less.

“It’ll depend on you. I need you to tell me Xu Tianran’s work and rest timings, as well as deployments across the entire Sun Moon Imperial Palace. If I’m not wrong, given the current situation the Sun Moon Empire is in, Xu Tianran’s defense in the palace must be erected against Ultimate Douluo. Given that, we might find it difficult to flee even if we succeed in killing him. That’s why I need more details. It’s only then that I can truly kill him.”

Huo Yuhao had personally witnessed the Body Douluo’s death when he went to Radiant City the last time. Xu Tianran wasn’t even hurt, even though Du Busi unleashed an all-out attack. This showed how protected he was.
Huo Yuhao didn’t think that he was stronger than Du Busi.
This was why he needed more intelligence from Ju Zi.

Ju Zi nodded and said seriously, “You’re right. Xu Tianran is indeed defensively strong. There’s even stuff that I don’t know. I’ll tell you everything I know. To get close to him, I suggest that you follow me. You’ll only have a chance to get close to him if you get close to me.”

Huo Yuhao furrowed his brow. “Follow you? You are followed by your female soul engineers from the Fire Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion. How can I follow you?”

Ju Zi smiled. “Can this stop you? Can’t you conceal yourself?
Given your current abilities, who can discover you?”

Huo Yuhao said, “Nothing is absolute. Just when you were attacked a few days ago, Ye Xishui and Long Xiaoyao discovered me and Wutong. However, they didn’t lay their hands on us. They just left. Through their instincts, Ultimate Douluo can discover us. In addition, there should be very powerful soul engineers in the palace. They might be able to discover us. That’s why your safety is greatly compromised if I follow you. You must think this over carefully.”

Ju Zi furrowed her brow. “That is indeed a problem. However, just don’t get too close to me. You should be able to conceal your aura. Although there are female soul engineers with me, can’t you just put on some makeup? Oh, you mentioned that Wutong is with you. Is she fine?”

“Of course. She’s very fine,” Huo Yuhao answered.

A cold look flashed across Ju Zi’s face. “That’s a pity.”

“Do you really wish me dead?” Tang Wutong couldn’t take it anymore. Ju Zi was consistently teasing Huo Yuhao.

A projection appeared, and Tang Wutong appeared with it. She sat beside Huo Yuhao and held his arm. It was as if she was flaunting that he belonged to her.

Ju Zi’s expression changed, and she coldly retorted, “Whether or not you’re dead doesn’t concern me. We are only working partners now.”
Tang Wutong smiled and said, “Oh, wise words. We are only working partners now. Then, please show some self-respect. Whatever it is, you are a married woman. Even if you can’t share a proper relationship with your husband, you should learn some dignity. That’s the baseline a woman should never cross.”

“You!” Ju Zi rarely got angry. However, she was about to act up after she was triggered by Tang Wutong.

“Alright,  stop  squabbling.”  Huo  Yuhao  interjected.  “Ju  Zi, describe the situation in the palace. As for concealing myself within your Fire Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion, we’ll discuss that again.”

“Alright.” Ju Zi nodded. She didn’t want to continue further either. She was afraid that she would be able to take it, and would reveal an even more important secret. If that happened, there would be no turning back.

Seeing how Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong were acting, she knew she didn’t stand a chance at all. So what if she revealed the secret? She would only create more dangers for her son in the future. Although Huo Yuhao was soft-hearted, he was a
decisive person when it came to the bigger picture. If anyone knew, the ramifications were unthinkable.

When she thought until here, Ju Zi suppressed her deepest secret even further. She started to tell both of them about the situation in the imperial palace.

“…this is basically what’s going on in the palace. That’s why Xu Tianran can theoretically not be killed. Your chances are slim. However, no matter what, we must try. I’ll find someone to coordinate with you when it comes to this.”

Huo  Yuhao  asked,  “Are  you  commanding  your  army  to return to the empire? Is the war not going to continue?”

Ju Zi replied, “I’ve already framed the Holy Ghost Church for what you did. I won’t directly bring the army back to the empire. If I did, Xu Tianran would surely suspect me. When we reach the border, I’ll relieve myself of any military authority and lead some of my soul engineers towards the capital. There, I’ll plead guilty in front of Xu Tianran. That will be your chance.”
Huo Yuhao nodded and said, “Indeed, it’s not encouraged to bring your entire army back. It’ll be too obvious. Xu Tianran will also become more alert. What other plans do you have?”

Ju Zi replied, “I understand Xu Tianran very well. This time, I’ve framed the Holy Ghost Church. One thousand soul engineers were killed. They are the main pillars of the empire. Xu Tianran won’t be able to hold it in anymore after learning that they are dead. He might even consolidate whatever strength he has when I return before attacking the Holy Ghost Church and removing them completely. When that happens, there’s bound to be a violent confrontation. That’s also going to be when Radiant City is at its most chaotic. That will be another chance to strike.”

Tang Wutong twisted her lips. “That’s a really vicious ploy.”

Ju Zi snorted, “Come up with a better plan if you can!”

Tang Wutong smiled and replied, “I don’t have to think of another plan. Women don’t always have to be so intelligent. If they were, what would be left for their lover to experience? I’m stupid, but it’s enough that Yuhao is clever.”

“Vicious!”  Even Huo Yuhao couldn’t help but be impressed. Women were much more powerful when they bickered with one another.

Indeed, Ju Zi’s aura became a little unbalanced after hearing Tang Wutong’s words. She glared at her fiercely.

“Alright, we’ll proceed with the detailed plan once we reach Radiant City. Since you’re going to place me within your Fire Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion, do it quickly. We’ll be nearby. I’ll use my Spiritual Detection to communicate with you. One day later, I’ll come find you.”

“Okay.” Ju Zi nodded obediently. She also changed her expression very quickly.

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong silently disappeared. Ju Zi remained seated in the sedan, and everything returned to normal very soon.
She shut her eyes and quietly thought.

When it came to this matter, they had to succeed. Ju Zi knew what she lacked. She lacked someone powerful beside her.

Undoubtedly, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong’s arrival had changed this. From how Huo Yuhao had defeated Zhong Liwu, it showed that he possessed the ability to kill Xu Tianran. This was even more plausible since he was very skilled at concealment. When it came to this, even an Ultimate Douluo couldn’t compare to him.

This was why she had to succeed this time, no matter what. If they missed out on this opportunity, it would be almost impossible.

When she thought until here, Ju Zi started to think of a detailed plan. She had a series of plans she wanted to complete. Many details still had to be perfected.

After exiting the sedan, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong silently rose into the sky before they carefully maintained their distance from the Sun Moon Empire army.

“Hmph! She’s bad!” Tang Wutong commented furiously.

Seeing how furious she was, Huo Yuhao couldn’t help but comfort her, “Don’t be angry. She’s actually having it very hard. She’s a woman, but she’s under so much pressure.”

“Do you feel that much pity for her?” Tang Wutong smiled as she looked at Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao instantly shut his mouth. It was not a good idea to piss Tang Wutong off at such a time.

Tang Wutong’s smile slowly turned into a heavy look. After this, she leaped into Huo Yuhao’s embrace and tightly hugged him around his waist. “I’m sorry, I don’t know why I’m acting like a child. However, I can’t help it. The others are fine. Are there really a lack of girls who like you? Don’t think I don’t know. Ye Guyi and Nan Qiuqiu actually fancy you. However, for some reason, I don’t think they pose any threat. Only Ju Zi is different. I feel that her relationship with you is a little unclear. If not for the fact that I fully trust you, I might think that her child has something to do with you.”
Huo Yuhao laughed, “Don’t spout nonsense. How can that be possible? I’m still a, still a…”

“What?” Tang Wutong looked very innocent.

Huo Yuhao snapped, “Let’s not talk about it. Whatever it is, I’m the same as you.”

“How can it be the same? You’re a man, but I’m a woman. How can we possibly be the same?” Tang Wutong was already fully grinning by now.

“Do you really want to know?” Huo Yuhao lowered his head and looked at her seriously.

Tang Wutong was intelligent. Before Huo Yuhao could make a move, she immediately jumped out of his embrace and turned around before fleeing. “No, I don’t want to know!”

“Too late!” Huo Yuhao screamed before he pursued her.
They chased after each other in the sky just like that. The earlier unhappiness also gradually disappeared.

Sun Moon Empire. Radiant City. Imperial Palace.

“Bang!”  Xu Tianran slammed the letter in his hand on the table. His servants immediately kneeled down. They were all shaking. They were afraid that he would vent his anger on them.

Over the past few days, many servants had incurred his wrath, and paid the price of death as a result.

“Bastards! Is the Holy Ghost Church intent on revolting?” Xu Tianran’s aura had turned unstable.

Not long ago, he had pondered Ju Zi’s Sin of Memorandum for some time before he responded.

The Holy Ghost Church shared a tense relationship with the army. That was something that had been true for some time. However, Xu Tianran was a little doubtful that the Holy Ghost
Church would attack and loot from the army. At least, it wasn’t an agenda that was in the best interests of the Holy Ghost Church.

However, the truth was displayed in front of him. Two beast lord-ranked soul engineer legions had suffered heavy losses. From the evidence, everything pointed to the evil soul masters from the Holy Ghost Church. This led to an intense reaction from the army.

Zhong Liwu had disappeared to some unknown place after his fight with Huo Yuhao. He didn’t have an opportunity to explain. After that, the army started a mutiny. Many lower to mid-tier evil soul masters from the Holy Ghost Church were killed. Only the Titled Douluo managed to escape.

This intensified the conflict, and Ye Xishui personally came to look for Xu Tianran.

Xu Tianran expressed his intention to investigate this matter thoroughly. However, how was he supposed to do that? Although he was the Emperor, he wasn’t the only one calling the shots in the empire.
Among those who died, there was someone very important. It was the legion commander of the Imperial Dragon Soul Engineer Legion, who represented the interests of the members of the imperial family.

His death was also accompanied by the loss of many high-tier stationary soul cannon shells that the Imperial Dragon Soul Engineer Legion had accumulated for years. Almost all of them were gone. How much did that cost?

The imperial family was the pillar of the empire, and the leaders of the nobles. Their interests were too important. Even though Xu Tianran wielded great power, he couldn’t ignore them!

The losses suffered by the Imperial Dragon Soul Engineer Legion almost drove the members of the imperial family crazy. Xu Tianran was also under a lot of pressure. The War God Empress was also highly protected by these members of the imperial family. From different avenues, they managed to find out what was happening at the front line. They were very satisfied with Ju Zi’s protection of her soul engineers. It was important to know that the Imperial Dragon Soul Engineer Legion was responsible for killing the most evil soul masters from the Holy Ghost Church when the mutiny occurred!

The pressure from both sides was focused on Xu Tianran. His decision was obvious. The Holy Ghost Church was becoming less and less of an asset. He couldn’t shake the empire’s foundations because of them. This was not to even mention that Ju Zi was his most trusted aide, who also contributed
greatly to the empire. The Heavenly Soul Empire was now part of the Sun Moon Empire. Without any backend disturbance, the Dou Ling and Star Luo Empires would suffer the same fate very soon. Xu Tianran wasn’t worried about this at all.

With the resources of the Heavenly Soul Empire, the Sun Moon Empire developed even more smoothly. Ju Zi also had a deep hatred for the Star Luo Empire. She was intent on attacking them. She had arranged them to be the last not because her hate for them had dissipated, but because she wanted to deal with them when the Sun Moon Empire was at its strongest.

As a result, Xu Tianran wrote a memorandum to admonish her heavily. When she returned to the empire, she would be punished. However, this didn’t have any real meaning. When it came to this matter, it was obvious that Xu Tianran no longer gave the Holy Ghost Church any face.
However, this couldn’t be helped either. If he cared too much about the Holy Ghost Church, what would happen to his own soul engineers? What would happen to the imperial family? What about the nobles?

The evil soul masters from the Holy Ghost Church were ostracized. This was a good opportunity to slowly make them less powerful.

When Ye Xishui left, Xu Tianran did consider that the Holy Ghost Church would take revenge. However, the Holy Ghost Church had also developed very quickly over these years because of the Sun Moon Empire’s support. Some of their soul masters with flawed martial souls or with martial souls that were likely to mutate were taken under the wing of the Holy Ghost Church and trained using the methods of evil soul masters. The Holy Ghost Church’s headquarters was also in the Sun Moon Empire. No matter how displeased the Holy Ghost Church was, they couldn’t possibly ignore their own foundation.

However, it seemed like Xu Tianran had underestimated how evil these soul masters were. A thousand soul engineers, killed just like that! All their resources had also been looted. Apart from those from the Holy Ghost Church, who could have done
this? Bone Dragon? Despicable Bone Dragon. Zhong Liwu, you didn’t return to carry out your duties, but you killed my army. Very good, very good!

A sinister smile surfaced on Xu Tianran’s face. No matter how cruel he was, he still had to empathize with his soldiers’ feelings.

His soldiers had killed many enemies at the front line. While not many of them died at their enemies’ hands, many of them were killed by those on the same side. If he looked at this from another perspective, he couldn’t possibly tolerate this incident if he were a general.

The blood print on every blood letter was very clear. He also had an impression of the names of those who had written the letters. How pressed must they be to write such letters? Ju Zi’s letter is at the bottom of the pile. It’s evident that she is under a lot of pressure.

If I don’t deal with this matter well, I’ll most definitely shake the foundation of the empire. I can only cut my losses now.
When he thought until here, his face turned even colder. His killing intent also appeared.

“Reporting. There’s news from the War God Empress at the frontline.”


This time,there were no letters. It was news transmitted using transmission soul tools. A special messenger noted down the contents and directly reported to Xu Tianran.

When he saw this letter, Xu Tianran immediately turned grim. Ju Zi had reported to him that the morale of her soldiers was very low. They also hated the Holy Ghost Church to the core. They couldn’t take it anymore, and wanted an explanation. To prevent any further mutiny, she had no choice but to accede to their request. She led the entire army to the border and was planning to station them near the Ming Dou Mountain Range. On the one hand, she was trying to strike fear in the heart of the Star Luo Empire. On the other hand, she wanted to quickly bring the generals back into Radiant City to receive further instructions.

Although the message wasn’t very clear, Xu Tianran could clearly sense the rage in it. Evidently, things were getting unstable at the front line. This was something that he really didn’t want to see.


“Yes.”  A black figure silently appeared behind Xu Tianran. Even though the lighting was very bright, he still appeared illusory. His appearance wasn’t clear.

“Gather more information on the Holy Ghost Church. This is a secret mission. Do not be discovered. Ask the legion commander of the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion to find me.”

“Yes, Your Majesty.” The black figure silently retreated before disappearing into a dark corner.
A light flashed in Xu Tianran’s hand. The paper that had recorded the message was instantly crushed before it disappeared. He had already made a decision by now. His rage dissipated a little.

Holy Ghost Church, what a Holy Ghost Church. Since you’ve already become a disobedient dog, don’t blame me for being vicious.

The only reason why Xu Tianran hesitated a little was because of the two Ultimate Douluo. However, he had done detailed background research on Long Xiaoyao and Ye Xishui. Their ages were already a problem, not to even mention anything else.

Those from the same generation as them were all already dead. They were considered the oldest among humans. They were both more than two hundred years old. They might die at any time. Ultimate Douluo weren’t immortals, unless they could reach their way into a higher realm.

Whether the godly realm existed was a big question. However, from their current condition, it seemed unlikely that they were going to the godly realm. Ju Zi, if things are fine on
your side, you just need to wait a few more years until those two are dead. It won’t be a problem to attack the Holy Ghost Church then.

Shrek City.

“Eh, Sanshi, why are you back?” Bei Bei was astonished when he saw Xu Sanshi.

“Shouldn’t you be at Dou Ling City? Our Tang Sect Soul Engineer Legion has already been sent over. Why are you back? Why are all of you back?”

Bei Bei was astonished as he looked at all his teammates.

Xu Sanshi chuckled and said, “Who’s willing to remain at that place? I’m about to go crazy. Bei Bei, listen to me and you’ll understand.”

He recounted how Huo Yuhao and the rest had managed to enter Dou Ling City, and explained how he had managed to
stabilize it. He also mentioned how he was a prince, as well as the various obstacles they had faced there.

After hearing his recount, Bei Bei’s expression immediately turned gloomy. The internal problems in Dou Ling City had prevented Xu Sanshi from strutting his stuff. They were still experiencing internal chaos at such a time.

Bei Bei only looked slightly more relieved when Xu Sanshi mentioned that Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong had saved them at the most critical of times.

“You are really useless too. All of you can’t even deal with five Titled Douluo. Sanshi, it’s not a bad idea for you to return either. Go and cultivate. Don’t come out until you’ve become a Titled Douluo.” Bei Bei snapped.

Xu Sanshi snorted and replied, “Do you think it’s very easy to become a Titled Douluo? Eh, surely not. Don’t tell me you’re…”

Bei Bei chuckled, and was a little pleased as he said, “I’m feeling great. For some reason, my cultivation speed has
increased significantly ever since Xiao Ya was treated. It has improved by leaps and bounds. Xiao Ya has also made a breakthrough. She just went to the Spirit Pagoda a few days ago and fused with the Bluesilver Emperor. Now, we have two more Titled Douluo in the Tang Sect. That’s why all of you must work harder. Alright, if little junior and Wutong appeared at the same time, does that mean Wutong is completely well?”

Xu Sanshi was depressed as he looked at Bei Bei. Their cultivations had been similar all this while. Now that Bei Bei had become a Titled Douluo, he was really dealt a huge blow.

“Yes,  Wutong  is  not  only  well,  but  she  has  even  made  a breakthrough with little junior. From little junior’s words, it seems like they are both Transcendent Douluo. You are only a Titled Douluo. What’s there to flaunt? Nannan, let’s go and make breakthroughs too. This time, I won’t come out until I become a Titled Douluo.

“Wait a minute.”  Bei Bei pulled Xu Sanshi to one side and asked him about everything that had happened in Dou Ling City in detail once again. After he verified that the Tang Sect Soul Engineer Legion had arrived and Xue Lingxun was there
to help, he let Xu Sanshi go. However, he didn’t allow him to cultivate as of yet. He pulled him to Shrek Academy first.

It was important to let the academy know what was happening in the Dou Ling Empire.

Things in Shrek City were much more relaxed after the Sun Moon Empire left. The elites from the Star Luo and Dou Ling Empires also retreated. Shrek City had already regained its peace. Of course, this was all on the surface. No one knew when the Sun Moon Empire’s army would appear once again. They also didn’t know who their next target was. Given the situation in the continent, none of them could really relax their guard.


“Haha!”  Soft  laughter  sounded.  Ju  Zi  covered  her  small mouth and couldn’t help but laugh again.

There were two people in front of her. They were completely covered by fiery-red human-shaped soul tools. Only their helmets were off, revealing their facial appearance.

One was the captivating and awe-inspiring Tang Wutong. Her long pinkish-blue hair and fiery-red human-shaped soul tool were in contrast. This made her seem even more ravishing.

The other person was more interesting. Huo Yuhao was the other person in the human-shaped soul tool. He hadn’t put on makeup yet. However, the human-shaped soul tools of the Fire Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion were designed according to the figure of a female!

Although this human-shaped soul tool that Ju Zi had obtained for Huo Yuhao had once belonged to a female soul engineer with a rather big build, there was still a big difference between a female and male figure.

For example, the chest armor was poking out slightly, and was fiery-red. When Huo Yuhao wore it, it did seem slightly weird.

Even Tang Wutong couldn’t help but laugh softly.
“What’s so funny? I can just not wear it, can I? I can just use my Imitation to produce one.”  Huo Yuhao snapped and was about to strip off the human-shaped soul tool.

“Don’t! Didn’t you mention that extremely strong individuals will be able to realize if you change your figure or conceal yourself? Furthermore, I don’t know what new soul tools there are in Radiant City. So, it’s better for you to wear it. We won’t laugh at you anymore. Once you put on the helmet, who would know you are inside?”

“However, it’s really too much!” Huo Yuhao said, furious.

“Haha!” Tang Wutong couldn’t hold it in anymore. She burst out laughing. How ridiculous was it for a guy to wear a female human-shaped soul tool? Even if he wore the helmet, they still knew that he was the one inside!

Huo Yuhao glared at Tang Wutong as if he was telling her that he would deal with her when they returned.

Ju Zi rushed a few steps forward, as she was afraid that he would go back on his word. She personally helped him wear
his helmet, covering his appearance. It was much better after she covered his face.

Tang Wutong smiled as she said, “What an awe-inspiring female warrior. You look pretty good just like this.”  As she spoke, she also wore her helmet.

This human-shaped soul tool had no effect on Tang Wutong. All the human-shaped soul tools of the Fire Phoenix Soul Engineer Legion were enhanced by fire, and were equipped with all types of fire-type soul tools. Although Tang Wutong didn’t possess fire-type soul power, her light-type soul power could still demonstrate some fire-type characteristics. This was why she could use this soul tool too. Although it didn’t enhance her a lot, it didn’t weaken her.

Huo Yuhao was more tragic. Not only did this human-shaped soul tool not fit him, but it also contradicted his Ultimate Ice soul power, even though he could control it using his spiritual power. He would not feel comfortable in it at all. He only felt better by changing to his Spirit Eyes. However, there was nothing in it to help his agility.
“Okay, let’s do it like this. Both of you will follow me at all times, as if you are my bodyguards. You can trust all my bodyguards. No one will suspect you if you don’t say anything.” Ju Zi said seriously to Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong. Of course, she still couldn’t hide the amusement in her eyes.

Huo Yuhao decided not to speak anymore.

Ju Zi walked in front of Huo Yuhao and smiled. “Do you think I’m acting against my own interests? We are clearly enemies, but we’re teaming up.”

The army moved very quickly. When equipped with all types of soul tools, they were proceeding faster than other armies from the three empires of the original Douluo Continent. Some of the carriages were propelled using Milk Bottles, and they could even carry quite a lot of soldiers.

After a few days of observation, Huo Yuhao gained a deeper understanding of the Sun Moon Empire’s advantage in terms of soul tool technology. Just like he had expected, more and more of the Sun Moon Empire’s soul tool technology was being used on ordinary people now. Even though Milk Bottles were expensive and could only be operated through the soul power
of soul masters, it was no longer a dream for ordinary people to become soul masters in the future, given that there was such a beginning already.

This was the Sun Moon Empire’s real advantage. No wonder Ju Zi dared to promise not to attack the Star Luo and Dou Ling Empires in the next ten years after he killed Xu Tianran. She was confident! The two empires wouldn’t catch up in terms of soul tool technology within ten years. They couldn’t even gather enough resources.

Whether it was the mining and purification of rare metals or soul tool production, the Sun Moon Empire had too much of an advantage. Although Shrek Academy was doing its best to catch up, it was impossible for an academy to challenge the likes of an entire empire!
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