Unrivaled Tang Sect Volume 38

Book 38: The Merfolk's Blessing

Chapter 540: The Ice Sea

The practice battle was over. Tang Wutong withdrew her Golden Dragon Spear as she spun around and left.

Huo  Yuhao  hurriedly  chased  behind  her.  “What’s  wrong, Wutong?”

Tang Wutong said nothing as she strode towards the tent she was resting in.

“They’re at loggerheads now! For what? Does anyone know?” Xu Sanshi whispered.

Everyone shook their heads blankly, and only Bei Bei thought for  a  moment  as  he  said,  “Yuhao  was  deliberately  giving Wutong a chance, and I think she found that out. That’s the reason why she’s upset.”

“Really? Why did I not see that?” Jiang Nannan was a little unconvinced.
Bei  Bei  smiled  faintly  and  said,  “We  all  know  Yuhao’s abilities. He was giving her a chance from the beginning. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have used Spiritual Blast when he was dodging away. He should have used Spiritual Shock. Furthermore, Yuhao didn’t use his Eye of the Asura from the beginning to the end. He didn’t use his martial soul true body.”

Jiang Nannan asked, “Didn’t Wutong not use her martial soul true body either?”

Bei Bei shook his head. “No, she did. When Wutong was using her abilities related to that purplish-gold sun, she was using them with her martial soul true body. Yuhao had also used Pride of the Ice and Snow Empresses, but he didn’t use his martial soul true body. As for their fight with their weapons in the end, I didn’t understand that. But since Wutong is angry, there must clearly be a reason. Yuhao lost the fight a little too abruptly, and it didn’t seem like he had depleted all his soul power.”

Everyone understood things a little better as they listened to him.
Xu Sanshi chuckled and said, “I didn’t think she’d be so competitive.”

Bei  Bei  continued,  “She’s  a  Titled  Douluo  after  all!  She mustn’t feel very good because a Titled Douluo didn’t defeat a Soul Douluo, even if she was fighting against Yuhao. She should have given her full strength in that fight. I didn’t expect them to have trump cards like that.”

Huo Yuhao had already chased Tang Wutong back into her tent in this moment.

“What’s wrong, Wutong? Talk to me. Don’t be angry,”  Huo Yuhao moved next to Tang Wutong with a sheepish smile on his face.

Tang Wutong was still pouting.

Something in Huo Yuhao’s eyes shifted as he suddenly used Instant Teleportation and reappeared right opposite Tang Wutong, facing her, and pressed his lips against hers.
Tang Wutong’s eyes immediately widened as her pouting red lips were kissed. The mild anger in her heart was like a vent as it dissipated immediately.

But in the next moment, a certain someone yelled agonizingly as a powerful beam of golden light blasted him away and sent him hurtling out of the tent, which now had a huge hole in it.

The others from the Tang Sect all quivered as they looked on from a distance. Bei Bei, Xu Sanshi, and He Caitou exchanged glances as the same thought surfaced in their heads. It’s not such a good thing after all that your wife is so strong!

“Yuhao,” Tang Wutong dashed out from her tent as she came beside Huo Yuhao, who was lying motionless on the ground. That blast was very fierce and forceful, and even she could feel that Huo Yuhao didn’t take that hit easily.

Huo Yuhao groaned as he struggled up from the ground. His body suddenly swayed just as he got to his feet, and he fell into Tang Wutong’s arms.
Tang Wutong was afraid that her seal would blast him away once more, and she hurriedly supported him with her hands. “Are you okay?”

“No. My entire body is hurting, I can’t take it anymore,” Huo Yuhao closed his eyes as he spoke with a pained look on his face.

Tang Wutong hurriedly helped him back into her tent. There were thousands of people watching outside, what did they think was happening?

Tang Wutong helped him onto the bed once they were back in the tent. She couldn’t help but say, “You had it coming. Who asked you to kiss me?”

Huo  Yuhao  chortled.  “You’re  too  cute  when  you  pout.  I couldn’t resist, so I had to kiss your lips. Haih, when is my father-in-law going to remove this seal?”

Tang Wutong grunted and said, “I won’t agree even if Dad wants to remove my seal with your behaviour today.”
“Why?  What’s  wrong  with  my  behaviour?”   Huo  Yuhao seemed aggrieved.

Tang Wutong answered, “Of course your behaviour was bad. You weren’t using your full strength from the beginning to the end!”

Huo Yuhao was full of denial. “No! I just had a different fighting style. Did you not see me flipping all my trump cards in the end? But look at what’s happening! We are the ones who are flipping each other’s trump cards. Fortunately, there are no outsiders. Otherwise, we’d be in real trouble.”

Tang Wutong grunted again. “If others don’t understand you, how can I not? Your control over your spiritual power means you are entirely capable of switching more intricately between your martial souls, and you shouldn’t be so disoriented and messy. Furthermore, how dare you say that you completely depleted your soul power in the end?”

Huo Yuhao said, “There was only a little bit left, so I couldn’t just faint, could I? You were so full of energy, and since I would lose in the end anyway, it didn’t make sense for me to drag it out any longer.”

Tang Wutong pouted. “Nonsense. I had almost expended all my soul power, and it’s uncertain who would win in the end if we both expended all our soul power. Furthermore, your Spirits can fight independently. Why didn’t you use them? And you didn’t use your martial soul true body either. I don’t need you to give me a chance.”

Huo Yuhao grabbed her around the waist and said, “When did you become so competitive? But weren’t you holding back too? You didn’t use your Clear Sky Hammer from the beginning to the end. Don’t tell me that you only have one soul ring for that martial soul, because you have the ability to fuse two martial souls together.”

The corner of Tang Wutong’s mouth curved into a faint smile, but she said, “I forgot.”

Huo Yuhao stared at her tender and pretty face that was still fuming as he went up to her ear and whispered, “I really want to bite you.”

Tang Wutong blushed. “You’re so annoying. Hurry up and cultivate to recover. Aren’t we still going to the Ice Sea?”

“A bite won’t delay us for too long. Come here!” Huo Yuhao came even closer with an indecent expression on his face.

Tang Wutong dodged away. She was alert as she stared at him and said, “Are you not afraid that my seal will blast you away again? You’re not in a very good state right now.”

Huo Yuhao felt a little defeated when he heard those words. The previous hit had been quite heavy, and he could still feel throbbing pains around his body even now.

“Father-in-law, when will you appear? Please have mercy on me.” Huo Yuhao fell back onto the bed as he exclaimed up into the sky.

Tang Wutoong pursed her lips into a smile and said, “You should pray harder. My Daddy is almost never around.”

Three battles had been fought, and Shrek Academy’s three soul engineer legions became more cohesive, while their fighting strength also improved. They crushed their opponents
in every victory, and that was very beneficial for their confidence.

They had pillaged large amounts of resources, and that covered the three legions’ daily expenses and consumption. Morale was high and growing.

But now, the fourth battle wouldn’t happen for a long time. All the soul masters could only remain in the spectral demiplane to cultivate and wait.

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong left his spectral demiplane quietly after resting for an evening.

They appeared at the Ice Sea’s shores. Bone-chilling winds billowed as they came out, and Tang Wutong shivered from the cold.

Huo Yuhao hurriedly took her into his arms as they flew high into the sky.
They had stayed inside his spectral demiplane for a night, and it was already midday on the second day. They gazed in Eastern Sun City’s direction from the sky, but couldn’t see much. At least, there weren’t any traces of reinforcements.

Huo Yuhao had pocketed all the aerial surveillance soul tools mercilessly after they finished pillaging the city, and stored them inside his spectral demiplane. The entire city immediately became both blind and deaf. They didn’t have satellites to pass information on, and they couldn’t send word inland within a short period of time for them to send reinforcements. Eastern Sun City was the largest city in the north, and they had to seek aid from large cities inland so that they could find military forces strong enough to support them.

Their enemy was gone, so the most important matter for them was to send out information while redirecting food to the city.

Eastern Sun City’s first target was Oak City, which was the previous target of Huo Yuhao’s team, when they sent out their messengers. Oak City was one of the most important food warehouses in the north, but it was a pity that their reply was a negative one. All the food left in Eastern Sun City was only enough to sustain their citizens for a week, and disaster would
strike if that was dragged out any longer. Eastern Sun City’s rulers were so busy that they were already up to their ears with work.

Even though Huo Yuhao didn’t know what the exact situation was, he could still make a rough guess. He smiled at Tang Wutong and said, “I estimate that Eastern Sun City will need a week to transmit any information to Radiant City. I wonder how Xu Tianran will react when he finds out what has happened.”

Tang  Wutong  said,  “Hopefully,  he  will  turn  his  armies around in time. We will have achieved our goal if that happens.”

Huo Yuhao shook his head. “It won’t be that simple. The Sun Moon Empire has mobilized their armies to start an invasion, and they won’t change their strategies so easily just because their back ranks have become a little unstable. Therefore, matters at the frontlines won’t change unless the danger in their back ranks reaches a certain threshold. Therefore, our mission has barely begun. When the time comes that Xu Tianran feels that the chaos in his back ranks is threatening his rule, then we have a chance of successfully drawing his armies at the front lines back.”

Tang Wutong said, “Come, let’s go to the Ice Sea.”

Huo Yuhao held her little hand, and Haodong power flowed through their bodies as they flew towards the Ice Sea.

They were in the Extreme North, but the ocean’s surface hadn’t completely frozen over. The ocean was vast and there was no end in sight, while there was warm water flowing beneath the cold waves. This resulted in enormous icebergs and glaciers appearing above the ocean’s surface, but the ocean wasn’t completely frozen over.

Even then, the temperature in this place was so low that normal people couldn’t survive. Blocks of ice floated along the ocean’s icy surface as chilly winds cut to the bone. The winds carried some of the ocean’s pungent smells and chills as they whooshed by continuously.

Huo Yuhao wasn’t afraid of the cold at all. Furthermore, his soul power recovered even more quickly in such an environment, like he was a fish in water.

Tang Wutong needed to use her soul power to defend herself against the cold. But she was a Titled Douluo after all, and she wasn’t called the Dragon Butterfly Douluo for nothing. This little bit of cold couldn’t threaten her.

“If we were to fight on the Ice Sea, Wutong, you would be no match for me.” Huo Yuhao laughed as he spoke.

Tang Wutong sounded a little unconvinced. “How do you know if we haven’t tried it? If you’re unconvinced, we can fight again.”

“No. I don’t want to fight with you. If I beat you, my heart hurts. If I lose, my body hurts. This means it doesn’t make sense for me to fight at all. How can I fight you?” Huo Yuhao laughed as he spoke.

Tang Wutong hammered him gently, but she was all smiles.
The two of them flew inward. They weren’t flying very quickly, and they seemed very relaxed, but Huo Yuhao was continuously sweeping the Ice Sea for disturbances with his spiritual power. He would even extend his spiritual power into the seawater to investigate.

There were many aquatic beings swimming around beneath the icy surface, and there were quite a few aquatic soul beasts. However, they didn’t dare to attack Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong once they sensed their formidable auras.

The temperature continued to drop as they flew further towards the north, while the number of floating ice blocks continually increased. Enormous icebergs could be seen wherever they went, and there were some especially huge ones that looked like tiny islands.

There were some aquatic soul beasts on the icy surface. They glared at Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong, but they didn’t dare to come close. Soul beasts were very sensitive, and Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong didn’t deliberately mask their auras. Normal soul beasts who had relatively low cultivations didn’t dare to think about attacking them.
They flew for fifteen minutes, and were now very far from land. Huo Yuhao summoned the Snow Empress from his spiritual sea.

Huo Yuhao asked, “Snow Empress, how are we going to find the Mermaids?”

The Snow Empress appeared beside Huo Yuhao with a flash of white light. She took a deep breath as she came out, and her face was overcome with satisfaction. She was an Icesky Snow Lady, so icy environments like this were her favourite.

The  Snow  Empress  explained,  “Across  history,  Mermaids have lived deep in the Ice Sea. You have to continue outward. Don’t worry, you won’t be in much danger. Typical aquatic soul beasts can’t fight against the strength and speed that the two of you possess. But when you meet formidable opponents that you can’t defeat, fly up into the sky. Aquatic soul beasts will become increasingly weaker the further they are from the ocean; all aquatic soul beasts are limited by this fact no matter their cultivation. You should call me again after flying for another two hours at your current speed, and I will find a way to summon those Mermaids for you.”
“Alright!”   Huo  Yuhao  nodded  in  agreement.  The  Snow Empress’ eyes were full of longing as she glanced at the Ice Sea around her before she returned to Huo Yuhao’s body.

It wasn’t because she didn’t want to fly above the Ice Sea along with Huo Yuhao. If she was outside while they were flying at high speeds, she would add to Huo Yuhao’s burden and energy consumption.

Huo Yuhao was much more confident after his battle with Tang Wutong yesterday. If he teamed up with her, not even typical Transcendent Douluos could defeat them. Even if certain opponents were more powerful, couldn’t they run away if they couldn’t beat them? Furthermore, they were on the Ice Sea, where his abilities were greatly amplified. Without talking about anything else, those tough ice blocks were all conductors for his Ice Explosion. He didn’t have to fear anything even if he was faced with large numbers of aquatic soul beasts.

He held Tang Wutong’s hand as they maintained their high speed at about a thousand meters above the ocean’s surface while they proceeded further out. Huo Yuhao was confident, but he wasn’t careless. He was using Spiritual Detection from the beginning to the end so that he could feel everything that was changing around him.

Very few soul beasts appeared in the sky above the Ice Sea. At least, they hadn’t discovered any soul beasts throughout their journey. It was clear that this place was like a forbidden zone for flying soul beasts.

An hour passed in the blink of an eye. They could no longer sense any kind of land, but more and more icebergs began to appear on the ocean’s surface. The entire ocean appeared white as they gazed into the horizon, and it grew increasingly harder to see the water. The temperature in this place was getting closer and closer to the temperature at the Extreme North’s core regions.

Huo Yuhao was holding Tang Wutong’s hand, and he continuously used his Ice Empress Jade Scorpion to absorb the chill from her body into his own to dispel it. He could help Tang Wutong conserve some soul power to defend herself against the cold this way.

“There’s nobody else besides us. This tranquility with only ice, snow, and the vast ocean does feel good!”  Tang Wutong smiled as she spoke to Huo Yuhao.
Huo  Yuhao  laughed  and  said,  “This  place  is  too  quiet.  It might feel curious and novel for a day or two, but you’ll probably get too lonely if you have to stay in this place for too long.”

Tang Wutong winked and said, “Do I have that low a tolerance for loneliness?”

Huo Yuhao continued, “I’m just talking about normal human conditions. I won’t let you be lonely if you’re with me.”

“I feel like eating your grilled fish!” Tang Wutong laughed as she spoke.

Huo Yuhao was shocked as he hurriedly placed his index finger to his lips. “My love, we are above a large ocean’s surface. Even though the aquatic soul beasts beneath the Ice Sea are not all fish-type soul beasts, most of them are related. If we grill fish in a place like this, we’re picking a fight with all the soul beasts here.”

Tang Wutong giggled and said, “I’m just joking. Look at how scared you are.”

Huo Yuhao’s expression suddenly changed as his smile disappeared. His eyes grew focused as he stared in a certain direction, and he tugged on Tang Wutong as they began to slow down.

There was a pair of icy-cold eyes staring right at them from an enormous iceberg in the distance.

Those were enormous living beings, and there were several hundred of them lying prostrate on an iceberg. Huo Yuhao pulled on Tang Wutong because he could feel their intense hostility.

“What’s  that?”   Tang  Wutong  stared  into  the  distance curiously.

Her vision couldn’t compare to Huo Yuhao’s, but she could still feel things in the distance with the help of Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection.

There were many black soul beasts, and they were all of different sizes. The largest ones were more than a dozen
meters long, and emanated faint blue hues. The smallest ones were only a little longer than a meter, and every single one had two sharp tusks protruding from their mouths.

“Sea Devilwalruses! There are so many.” Huo Yuhao frowned a little.

Sea Devilwalruses were a species of aquatic soul beasts that were very characteristic. Soul masters didn’t understand much about aquatic soul beasts, but there had been an introduction to aquatic soul beasts back when they were studying in Shrek Academy.

The Sea Devilwalrus was a species of soul beast that was considered relatively docile, and their most salient characteristic was their extraordinarily formidable defensive capabilities. A grown Sea Devilwalrus would be more than seven meters long, and a Sea Devilwalrus was considered an adult when it had more than a hundred years of cultivation. Its seven-meter-long frame was very muscular, and its skin was more than ten centimeters thick. Their skin was extremely tough, and very resistant to all kinds of physical attacks. Sea Devilwalruses residing in the Ice Sea were probably also very resistant to ice-type and fire-type attacks.
Of course, all soul beasts had their strengths and weaknesses. In comparison to their formidable defenses, they came up short on offense and speed.

Sea Devilwalruses only became a lot faster in the water; they were very slow when they were above water. They only possessed several abilities to control water or ice to attack, and those attacks weren’t considered powerful.

Sea Devilwalruses lived in herds, and ten over walruses formed a herd. Several hundred walruses appearing at the same time was, at least, not mentioned in Shrek Academy’s teachings.

Huo Yuhao made an accurate judgment with just one look. “These Sea Devilwalruses have very average cultivation ranks. The strongest ones are ten thousand year soul beasts, and there are three of them. There rest have varying cultivations, and there are even some with ten years. Seems like this place is their natural habitat.”

Huo Yuhao explained this to Tang Wutong as he pulled her onto a new route. Sea Devilwalruses at this cultivation didn’t threaten them at all. Furthermore, they were flying a thousand
meters in the sky. With Huo Yuhao’s understanding of Sea Devilwalruses, even those with ten thousand year cultivations couldn’t attack at a range of more than a thousand meters.

They would just fly over them. From his perspective, this was just a small interlude in their journey across the Ice Sea.

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong were flying very quickly across the sky, and they were just about to fly over the iceberg that those walruses were group up on.

Right at this moment, several leading Sea Devilwalruses took out some strange objects. They looked like large light gold conch shells. Twelve walruses took out shells like that, and started blowing them forcefully as deep trumpeting sounds could be heard.

Both Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong’s expressions changed when they heard those sounds, because they could vividly feel that the air around them had tensed up. The airflow around them seemed to completely vanish in the next moment as they felt their bodies plummet rapidly.
Any living being who wished to fly in the sky had to rely on airflow. They had to use their soul power to push against the air currents so that they could fly.

When all the airflow and even physical substances had disappeared from the sky, they would be in something like an incredibly clean vacuum. They couldn’t leverage anything, so they would plummet from the pull of gravity. Even the Class 9 flying-type soul tools behind their backs became useless in such circumstances. Outstretched wings that couldn’t rely on any airflow were useless.

Falling from a thousand meters in the sky wasn’t funny at all. Even though Huo Yuhao didn’t know what those walruses had done, he could always keep his cool when faced with danger.

Huo Yuhao tugged on Tang Wutong’s hand as she immediately went behind him and wrapped her hands around his waist, while her dragon wings stretched as wide as they could.

Even if there wasn’t any airflow in the sky, they would still produce some resistance in the process of dropping down.
They could reduce their falling speed as long as they could draw on some air resistance.

Golden light erupted from Huo Yuhao’s eyes. Tang Wutong could vividly feel through Huo Yuhao’s shared Spiritual Detection that his spiritual power had locked onto a piece of floating ice on the ocean’s surface directly beneath them.

Huo Yuhao clenched his left fist in the next moment as that piece of floating ice exploded into a million pieces with a loud boom, and tremendous explosive forces carried air waves and seawater into the sky.

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong were already around three hundred meters from the ocean’s surface with their incredibly high speed.

That air resistance pushed upwards as Tang Wutong’s wings caught the wind and slowed them down. That air resistance dispelled their speedy plummet before they fell towards the ocean’s surface once more.

Falling from three hundred meters was not a big deal for formidable individuals as powerful as they were.

Tang Wutong frowned as her eyes widened into a glare at the herd of Sea Devilwalruses. An intense aura appeared around her as she raised her right hand, and her Golden Dragon Spear appeared in her grasp.

It was no wonder that she was angry. They were just flying forward, minding their own business, and had no intention to provoke those walruses at all. Yet, these Sea Devilwalruses had suddenly attacked them, and that attack could have been fatal. If they didn’t have a suitable response, falling from such an altitude would undoubtedly be fatal, because there were so many icebergs beneath them!

The twelve Sea Devilwalruses who were blowing the golden conch shells were slightly taken aback as they watched the two of them descend peacefully. The leader howled into the sky, and several hundred walruses split into two teams to outflank Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong.

Cold light flickered in Tang Wutong’s eyes as murderousness permeated the air.
Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong no longer attacked and killed soul beasts ever since they had fused with their spirits. However, they couldn’t just sit back and wait to die if soul beasts provoked and attacked them instead!

“Wait, Wutong.” Huo Yuhao held Tang Wutong’s hand.

Tang Wutong glanced at him, and her murderous aura immediately dissipated. Even though she was a little arrogant and stubborn at times, and even though she was competitive when she fought against Huo Yuhao, he was always the one making decisions when they were outside. She had to give her man sufficient respect.

Huo Yuhao stared at the largest Sea Devilwalrus who was in the lead, and he passed a message with his spiritual power. “Why are you ambushing us? We harbor no ill intentions.”

“All humans deserve to die!” That Sea Devilwalrus only had ten thousand years of cultivation, and it was clear that it didn’t have the ability to speak. However, it didn’t have any problem conversing through its consciousness.
Huo Yuhao shared its response with Tang Wutong through Spiritual Detection.

Huo Yuhao frowned and replied, “Not all humans deserve to die. We have no ill intentions in our journey into the Ice Sea. We only wish to look for the Mermaids. You have attacked us so rashly. Aren’t you afraid of bringing disaster to your tribe?”

The largest walrus howled furiously. It waved the golden conch in its front limb strongly as that deep humming sound could be heard once more.

“All of you have to die! You dare to come here to find the Mermaids. All of you must die for coming into the Ice Sea!” The walrus’ speech was a little incoherent, but Huo Yuhao could clearly sense the intense hostility coming from it.

Huo Yuhao wasn’t here to be enemies with the aquatic soul beasts. On the contrary, he was hoping that he could establish a relationship with the aquatic soul beasts like the one he had with the Great Star Dou Forest. If that was possible, then humans would have many more choices for Spirits. More soul masters would then choose Spirits, and they wouldn’t have to kill soul beasts for soul rings.

Therefore, he suppressed the anger in his heart as he lowered his voice and said, “Don’t make this mistake. I don’t wish to kill or harm your tribesmen.”

The Sea Devilwalruses had formed a circle around them in this moment, and they were moving toward Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong swiftly. Several walruses flickered with blue light as they blasted ice bullets at Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong.

These ice bullets were icy-blue, and there were very evident and intense soul power undulations as they zipped across the sky.

Those were Ice Explosion Shells! That was one of the Sea Devilwarlrus’ signature soul skills, and also considered their innate talent.

Huo Yuhao shook his head gently when he realized that persuading them was futile. He increased his Spiritual Detection’s range as he encompassed all the walruses within it.
Something that astonished all the walruses happened immediately afterwards.

The Ice Explosion Shells that were flying toward Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong froze at the same time, and every single one detonated in the sky as they exploded into countless ice particles in all directions.

The tiny particles of ice whooshed through the air, and they actually condensed into snowflakes as they started to dance as a blizzard erupted from within.

This blizzard came all too suddenly and too vigorously. The twelve Sea Devilwalruses hadn’t even reacted as the blizzard swept their tribesmen into the air.

Several hundred walruses danced and spun around in the sky, and they all screamed and hollered in shock and panic.

The twelve leading walruses were stunned. They could almost see their tribesmen being mutilated and eviscerated in the blizzard.
Their enemy was so powerful. This was something they hadn’t expected at all.

Tang Wutong turned her head and glanced at Huo Yuhao. She could see that his eighth soul ring was glowing. Huo Yuhao was using the Ice Bear’s Blizzard. He wasn’t using his Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice. He chose to use Blizzard instead because Blizzard was more explosive. However, its temperature wasn’t as low as his Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice.

The walruses which had surrounded and attacked them were all instantly swept away. Furthermore, the blizzard was starting to move towards the twelve leading walruses.

Those twelve walruses were completely taken aback. This was a frightening attack that was entirely like a cosmological phenomenon, and they couldn’t even begin to think of resisting it.

The walruses began to howl furiously after their momentary shock, and they blasted bullets of ice at Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong again and again. However, these bullets detonated by themselves not long after they were fired, and they couldn’t come close to Huo Yuhao or Tang Wutong at all.

The blizzard had arrived, and every single one of those twelve walruses lost all hope.

But in the next moment, they realized to their surprise that the blizzard didn’t attack them at all when it arrived. The walruses hadn’t even reacted when the blizzard began to settle down, and Sea Devilwalruses drifted down from the sky on snowflakes one after another as they landed stably next to them. Every single walrus was still in fear and panic, but they weren’t hurt at all as they landed.

There wasn’t a single missing walrus when they reappeared next to their leaders as the blizzard completely disappeared, like they hadn’t charged out to surround and attack Huo Yuhao or Tang Wutong at all.

The walrus leaders’ expressions changed completely. They all had at least ten thousand years of cultivation, and they already possessed a certain level of intelligence. They could naturally tell how difficult what Huo Yuhao had just done was. Controlling a soul skill to such an extent was something that they couldn’t even begin to imagine.
Even though using a blizzard to sweep all the walruses into the air was also difficult, it could be done with sufficient strength. The blizzard could even kill every single one of those walruses.

However, controlling the entire herd to fall from the sky and land back on the ground without being hurt at all wasn’t easy. Huo Yuhao had to be precise, down to every single walrus! A capacity for control like that far exceeded their imagination.

This human is so powerful.

The leading walruses put down the golden conch shells in their hands at the same time, and no longer harbored any thoughts to resist Huo Yuhao. Their opponent could have annihilated their entire tribe if he wanted to.

Huo Yuhao pulled Tang Wutong along. They didn’t go any closer to the herd, and instead, Huo Yuhao passed a message with his consciousness to the largest walrus. “Now do you understand that we harbor no ill intentions? If we were hostile, we could completely annihilate your herd.”
The  walrus  leader  roared.  “The  Mermaids  have  issued  a prohibition. All humans who enter the Ice Sea are enemies, and they have to be annihilated. Even if you let us go, there will be other aquatic soul beasts who will deal with you.” This was the reply from the leader of the walruses, but he had already put down the golden conch in his hands.

Huo Yuhao stared at the golden conch curiously and asked, “What is that? Why did it make us fall from the sky?”

“Sacred Conch, seals the sky!”  The Sea Devilwalrus didn’t hide anything at all.

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong exchanged a glance, and they could see the seriousness in each other’s eyes.

One of the greatest reasons why they were confident of venturing into the Ice Sea was because they could fly. Most aquatic soul beasts couldn’t fly, and even if they could, these soul beasts couldn’t compete with Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong in terms of flight speed. That meant they could retreat whenever they wanted to. Sea Devilwalruses were evidently not considered extremely formidable among aquatic soul beasts, but they were equipped with those Sacred Conch
Shells, which could lock down the sky. This meant that aquatic soul beasts had to have grasped and developed many similar methods and measures.

They couldn’t fight in the sky, but they could force humans or soul beasts flying through the air to drop down. It was no wonder there weren’t any flying-type soul beasts in the air above this vast ocean space. Perhaps they had all gone extinct in the fight against the aquatic soul beasts.

“Farewell.” Huo Yuhao knew that there wasn’t much reason to discuss anything with these walruses. However, their previous conflict wasn’t entirely meaningless. First, they had discovered that the aquatic soul beasts had some measures to lock down the sky. Secondly, they found out about the Mermaids’ resentment towards humans.

They flew into the sky once more, but were now flying at a conspicuously lower altitude. After all, they would be at a great disadvantage if they fell after those measures that locked down the sky were used. They would be at a greater disadvantage the higher they flew.
They maintained an altitude of five hundred meters above the ocean’s surface. They wouldn’t be hurt in any way if they fell from that height. Of course, the closer they were to the ocean’s surface, the more trouble they could run into.

Chapter 541: Oceanic Soul Beasts

Tang Wutong frowned as she lamented, “Yuhao, it seems like it’s not likely that our plan will turn out to be successful!” She was the one who had suggested they come to the Ice Sea. But from the look of things, especially from how things had turned out with the Sea Devilwalruses, the chances of leaving with any takeaway were getting slimmer.

Huo  Yuhao  consoled  her,  “It’s  okay.  We’ll  just  accept whatever comes our way. Since we were already so close to the Ice Sea, it’s only right that we come here to take a look. I believe we have to blame the Myriad Soul Douluo for the sour relationship between Humans and Merfolk. Judging from the number of avenging spirits he had, he must have offended plenty of aquatic soul creatures. And we don’t even know how many soul beasts he needs to kill before getting a single avenging spirit. I’m not surprised that the Merfolk hate us when he chose not to spare even the descendants of the Princess of the Sea. This tension is probably the reason why Eastern Sun City has started to install soul tools to counter attacks from the aquatic soul beasts.”

Tang Wutong said, “From the current look of things, it’s going to be very difficult for us to move around. On top of not
being able to leave with anything useful, we might even find ourselves in trouble.”

Huo Yuhao replied, “With the help of the Ice and Snow Empresses, I believe the situation won’t be as bad as you think. Let’s look deeper, we might just find something useful. We will stop at the distance the Snow Empress told us earlier. If things truly turn bad, we’ll leave right away.”

“Alright.”   Tang  Wutong  nodded  in  agreement.  With  the power of their combined abilities, they really had a good chance of escaping unscathed.

Suddenly, Huo Yuhao frowned as he warned Tang Wutong. “It’s coming again. Be careful. Don’t hurt or kill any of the aquatic soul beasts.”

Tang Wutong naturally understood what he meant. As long as they did not injure any aquatic soul beasts, their mission could still be successful.

While they were talking, a streak of grey light suddenly shot out from the ocean. In the blink of an eye, the light was already
in front of Huo Yuhao.

Because of his spiritual detection, Huo Yuhao had long been aware of the movement of this unknown entity. He pulled Tang Wutong and dodged the light as it streaked past and ascended higher into the sky before plunging back down in a parabolic arc. It found a small crevice on an iceberg and crept back into the Ice Sea.

Even though the entity took only a split second to do all of the above, Huo Yuhao was able to see what it was because of the powerful vision granted by his Spirit Eyes.

It was a very strange-looking fish that was shaped like a long blade. It was black, and about two meters long. It was like a bolt of lightning, and was able to move at an impossibly fast speed. If not for Huo Yuhao’s spiritual detection, it might have been difficult for Huo Yuhao to dodge its attack.

From the look of the sharpness of its aura, its attacking prowess should be more or less similar to Ji Juechen’s normal sword aura. In addition, the fact that it was able to launch itself from the sea to a height of five hundred meters was a sign of the attacking power it possessed.

“What was that?”  Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong were both shocked by what they had just seen. Once again, they had witnessed how different aquatic soul beasts were from the usual soul beasts. However, this time around, they were not able to identify the species of the soul beast.

Before they could even mull over it, another grey streak of light appeared. This time, Tang Wutong had become the target.

Huo Yuhao pulled Tang Wutong’s hand as they executed the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track by pulling one another. Although they managed to successfully dodge the fish’s attack, Huo Yuhao was visibly worried by what had just happened.

“Holy!  There  are  so  many  of  these  weird  fish  under  the water. I think we need to go higher.” As he spoke, he increased the power of the Class 9 flying soul tool behind his back as he brought Tang Wutong to a higher altitude. These weird fish might be fast and strong, but they should have a maximum attacking range. As long as Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong got to a sufficiently high altitude, they should not be a need to fear them anymore.
However, just when they were about to ascend, a loud cracking sound caught their attention.

A deafening cracking sound echoed outwards across the expansive sea as Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong watched a gigantic iceberg shatter, revealing the dark blue seawater beneath it.

The seawater started to become volatile as a giant whirlpool formed after the iceberg shattered. A powerful suction force was released by the whirlpool as it threatened to suck in everything around it. Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong felt as though they were about to sink into a marsh. When Huo Yuhao tried to rev up the power of his soul tool, he realized its force had been countered by the suction force.

At this very instant, ten of the weird blade-shaped fish leapt out from the whirlpool and went straight for Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong. This time around, they had sealed off all possible escape routes.

What a good ambush! Both Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong gasped at the same time.
Even though the gigantic whirlpool was unable to drag them down, this was already the second type of flight disabling skill they had seen the aquatic soul beasts use. Even though it was theoretically possible for them to force themselves away from the attraction of the whirlpool, they were not only facing the problem of the whirlpool. At the same time, they had to figure out how to handle the attacks from the fish! This meant that they could not focus their energies on escaping from the pull of the whirlpool. These fish were really intelligent in the timing of their attack.

Huo Yuhao pulled Tang Wutong with his right hand as she moved behind him. This would effectively reduce their surface area. Tang Wutong spread out the wings behind her back as she executed her Dragon God’s Fury. With the help of Huo Yuhao’s spiritual detection, golden light pellets were directed toward different fish as they sped towards them.

But the attacks from the blade-shaped fish were indeed powerful. They were actually able to slice the light pellets in half upon colliding with them.

However, Tang Wutong was no pushover either. She detonated some of the light pellets before they reached the fish, and their explosive power blasted the fish away.

The blade-shaped fish were not only strong in their attacks and extremely quick, but also fairly resistant to blows. After being blasted away, they were not injured in any way. All they did was fall back into the sea.

Nonetheless, Dragon God’s Fury had successfully blocked the attacks from the fish, and bought precious time for Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong to react.

A spark emerged from Huo Yuhao’s eyes as the image of the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion appeared behind him. A bright jade light projected itself from his chest into the whirlpool beneath him.

“Whoosh!” As the streak of jade light entered the whirlpool, the rapid dark blue whirlpool paused. Following which, the whirlpool gradually disappeared as a thick icy fog rose from the water and froze that area up again.

Ice Empress’ Wrath!

Since you wanted to suck me in, I shall freeze you up!

The blade-shaped fish did not appear again, and the whirlpool was resealed. The threat seemed to have ended. However, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong were still visibly worried.

Compared to the attacks from the group of Sea Devilwalruses, the attack this time round was significantly stronger. Other than the blade-shaped fish underneath the water, there must have been a powerful aquatic soul beast which had started the whirlpool. By using his spiritual detection ability, Huo Yuhao was able to see this aquatic soul beast.

When his Ice Empress’ Wrath entered the seawater, the aquatic soul beast suddenly dove deeper into the water. It used the resistance of the water to neutralize the impact of Huo Yuhao’s attack, and managed to escape without any injuries.

It was a humongous blue whale, and the whirlpool was created by its blowhole. This whale was more than sixty meters long, and possessed powerful soul power. It had cultivated for at least fifty thousand years.
And those blade-shaped fish were like its minions. They followed the whale after it left. The truth was that the blade- shaped fish had not launched a full-scale attack on Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong previously. The whale had over a hundred such blade-shaped fish.

While the blade-shaped fish had incredible attacking power, defensive capabilities, and speed, Huo Yuhao discovered that they had a weakness. They were unable to launch another attack after launching themselves into the air until they had returned to the sea.

Every entity would naturally be restricted by the laws of nature. Even the powerful blade-shaped fish were no exception.

Huo Yuhao mulled over what they should do next as he floated in mid-air with Tang Wutong. After a short while, he said to her, “We can’t go any deeper. The hostility and hatred the aquatic soul beasts have for us humans is a lot deeper than I had thought. I can’t risk your safety like this. Let’s go back.”

Huo Yuhao was a very decisive individual. When he sensed that the danger in the sea ahead was unpredictable, he
immediately made the decision to leave. He grabbed Tang Wutong’s hand as he revved the Class 9 flying soul tool to its maximum possible speed. Together, they flew back on the same path they had taken earlier.

Tang Wutong could sense Huo Yuhao’s worry as she smiled and asked, “If I wasn’t around, would you have continued to venture deeper?”

Huo Yuhao shook his head and said, “No, I wouldn’t have. Even if you were not around, I still wouldn’t have risked my life doing so because you would still be around somewhere, waiting for me. I will always think about you first before doing anything foolish. Of course, if you are referring to the time when you were missing and when I was in my worst moments, I just might have risked it and ventured further.”

Tang Wutong was very touched by Huo Yuhao’s words as she tightened her grip on his hand. “Yuhao, do you know how happy I am to hear what you just said?”

Huo Yuhao turned his head and flashed her a smile. “Were you touched by my words?”
“A little.” Tang Wutong stared at him with a serious look on her face. She continued, “Actually, after truly falling in love with a guy, a girl would not wish for her guy to be overly outstanding or powerful. She just wants him to be safe, and to be with her forever.”

As they locked eyes, Huo Yuhao nodded with an equally serious look on his face. “I will take care of myself. I won’t let you worry unnecessarily.”

Right now, both of them were flying at a very fast speed, at least twice the speed at which they had been flying when they were venturing out into the sea. At their current speed, they should take at most an hour to return to land. No matter how strong an aquatic soul beast was, it would definitely be a lot weaker on land. That was why they were still unable to threaten Eastern Sun City even till now.

Just when Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong were starting to relax, Huo Yuhao suddenly frowned.

Tang Wutong immediately sensed the change in his mood. “Yuhao, what’s wrong?”
“Something isn’t right.” Huo Yuhao muttered seriously.

“What’s wrong?” Tang Wutong asked.

Huo Yuhao slowed down and said, “We seem to be going deeper into the Ice Sea instead of returning to land.”

“Huh?” Tang Wutong asked. “That can’t be the case! From the position of the sun, we should be flying in the right direction, right?”

The more Huo Yuhao thought about this, the more he felt that something was wrong. He decided to stop and close his eyes as he tried to sense his surroundings. After a short while, he opened his eyes as a worried expression formed on his face. “Damn it. I think we’ve been tricked.”

After hearing his words, Tang Wutong tensed up as her Golden Dragon Spear appeared in her hand.

Huo Yuhao was very worried about what had just happened. Despite his superior spiritual power, he had actually flown for close to an hour before realizing something was wrong. One could only imagine what would happen next.
“What did you discover?” Tang Wutong asked softly.

Huo Yuhao forced a smile and said, “I only noticed the problem now because I didn’t discover anything strange. The temperature change was the only clue that alerted me.”

“With the speed that we were flying at, if we were heading for land, the temperature should have increased by now. But if you pay attention to our ambient temperature, you can tell that it has decreased. It was especially significant when we just flew over that region.”

After hearing his words, Tang Wutong immediately understood what he meant. “Are you saying that we’ve been caught in an illusion?” This was the only possible explanation, especially when the position of the sun told them that they were heading in the right direction. At their cultivation, it was nearly impossible for them to misjudge things like direction. The only possible answer was that they had fallen into a trap.

“So what do we do now?” Tang Wutong asked calmly.
Huo Yuhao’s eyes brightened as he replied, “We must first destroy this illusion. If not, regardless of which direction we fly in, we would only continue in the direction our opponent wants. The power of this illusion is very strong indeed.”

As he spoke, a line formed of rose gold light extended from the top to the bottom of his forehead. His Eye of Destiny was slowly opening.

The rose golden sunray patterns expanded on his forehead with the Eye of Destiny at their center.

Huo Yuhao closed his eyes, and used his Eye of Destiny to observe the world around him. This time, he was finally able to see something.

Even though his surroundings seemed to be fairly calm and still, there were actually some gentle energy ripples around him. These energy ripples were of the spiritual type. As he gazed at the sky with his Eye of Destiny, Huo Yuhao was finally able to see the true position of the sun. This discovery also allowed him to finally understand the mechanism behind this illusion.
The illusion was using spiritual power to distort their determination of the sun’s position. The most incredible thing about this illusion was how it did not require a lot of spiritual power to maintain it. The changes it invoked were also very gradual and minimal. Hence, it was terribly hard to notice this
illusion. Even Huo Yuhao was tricked by it.

Huo Yuhao grabbed Tang Wutong’s hand as they activated the Class 9 flying soul tools behind their backs. In the next instant, they activated the Haodong Power within their bodies as they powered their soul tools to send them speeding in the right direction at the fastest speed possible.

However, at that instant, a cold voice rang in their ears. “Since the two of you are already here, why leave so hastily?”

Suddenly, dark blue light surged from the Ice Sea. It was not a wave, but pure energy ripples. The moment the dark blue light surged out, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong felt as if they had collided with an extremely viscous fluid. Their flying speed dropped drastically.

Following which, the dark blue light became increasingly dense. Even though their bodies did not seem to be receiving
any blows, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong felt as though the world had spun around, and the sky and ocean had swapped positions in the next instant.

This was a power which could rival the authority of the heavens. Even with their incredibly high cultivations, they were unable to resist this transformation.

All Huo Yuhao could do was keep Tang Wutong in his embrace as he tried to protect her with his body. At the same time, he activated his Invincible Barrier, as well as his Ice Empress’ Armor. He was exhausting everything he had to protect them.

The sensation lasted for a few moments. When the energy ripples finally stopped, Tang Wutong and Huo Yuhao felt a cold sensation on their bodies. To their surprise, they had already appeared in a deep blue world.

This deep blue world was no special domain. It was the sea!

Yes! In this short amount of time, their surroundings had undergone a mysterious transformation. Both of them had
ended up in the sea, even though they were in the air just moments ago. Right now, both of them had an extremely worried expression on their faces.

The ocean was the home of the aquatic soul beasts. Their flying advantage was no longer present under these circumstances. When they looked up, all they could see was the same dark blue color. Not a single bit of light could penetrate the thick dark blue water. Even with Huo Yuhao’s Spirit Eyes, he could not see beyond a hundred meters.

Their bodies were being pounded by the immense water pressure and the icy currents in the sea. In this place, they were unable to breathe, and had to suffer the impact of the water pressure. The sea had become their natural enemy as it continuously tried to pressurize and contain them.

Tang Wutong was startled by what had happened. When she tried to budge, Huo Yuhao hugged her tighter as he kept her in his embrace.

It was fine for cultivators at their level to not breathe for short periods of time. As he hugged Tang Wutong, Huo Yuhao intensified the power of his Eye of Destiny.

The rose gold glow illuminated the surrounding seawater, allowing Huo Yuhao to notice the hundreds of different aquatic soul beasts that were only a couple of hundred meters away from them.

Among them were a couple of beautiful mermaids and mermen, which were in front of the other soul beasts. They were wielding long spears and unknown pieces of coral as they glared at Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong with much hatred.

Huo Yuhao released his spiritual power into his surroundings as he attempted to use spiritual detection, amplified by his Eye of Destiny, to scan the furthest he could.

He needed to find a way out before he could decide what to do next. If not, they would be trapped here with nothing to look forward to but their own deaths. With their current cultivation, they were able to replace their normal breathing with internal breathing. However, they could only maintain that for about an hour, and at the cost of a copious amount of soul power. This meant that if they were not able to escape from this place in an hour, they would drown here.
“Humans, stop your meaningless struggle. This is our world
—the great sea. The power of the ocean will not allow you to achieve anything meaningful with your spiritual power. Regardless of how strong your spiritual power is, it will still be suppressed by the ocean. This is the power of the Sea God!”

A very cold spiritual intent was transmitted into Huo Yuhao’s head. Huo Yuhao naturally traced where the intent was coming from as he looked in that direction.

He saw a beautiful mermaid. The mermaid was about three meters long. Her upper body was modeled after the female human anatomy. Two white shells were used to cover the private areas in front of her chest. That was all the torso apparel she had.

She had a head of long blue hair which did not seem to float about in the water. Instead, it seemed to be frozen in place. She was wielding a long silver spear in her hand. Her lower body consisted of a gigantic fish tail. There were many deep blue scales on the fishtail, which reflected the rose gold light from Huo Yuhao’s Eye of Destiny beautifully.
There was a silver crown above the mermaid’s forehead. In the center of the crown was a blue gem, which symbolized her status.

Other than her, there were over a hundred merfolk present. Every single one of them was radiating powerful spiritual fluctuations. In addition, Huo Yuhao realized that all of their spiritual fluctuations were linked, like a net. When he attempted to use his spiritual detection to project his spiritual power, the net would repel it, resulting in him being unable to detect what lay in the distance.

Martial soul combination skill! They were using an actual martial soul combination skill!

A martial soul combination skill was different from a martial soul fusion skill. A martial soul fusion skill was the fusion of either different or similar martial souls to increase their power exponentially and produce an entirely different kind of power. Meanwhile, a martial soul combination skill was mainly just the sum of each other.

Martial soul combination skills existed amongst human soul masters. But Huo Yuhao had not heard of hundreds of aquatic
soul beasts executing a martial soul combination skill together.

No wonder they were able to set a trap without me knowing… No wonder they can use such an incredible power to bring Wutong and I into the ocean… They were using the power of a martial soul combination skill!

Huo Yuhao could sense that amongst the mermaids and mermen in front of him, the most powerful aquatic soul beast was the mermaid that had transmitted her spiritual intent to him. However, she was but a soul beast which had cultivated for about a hundred thousand years, and was still a fair bit away from reaching two hundred thousand years. Other than her, there were no other soul beasts that had cultivated for more than a hundred thousand years.

Huo Yuhao was certain that no single soul beast in front of them would be able to defeat either him or Tang Wutong if they were to fight one-on-one.

However, the situation would be entirely different if the throng of mermaids and mermen were to collectively release a martial soul combination skill. Even though the skill would not be enhanced like a martial soul fusion skill, the power would
still grow to insane proportions when all their powers were stacked together.

When the spiritual power of over a hundred mermaids and mermen was added together, it could definitely be on par with a Transcendent Douluo. Huo Yuhao instantly became very worried about the sight before him.

“My beautiful mermaids and mermen, we come in peace. We have come here to look for the Princess of the Sea to discuss some  things.”   Huo  Yuhao  projected  his  spiritual  intent outwards as Tang Wutong closed her eyes and circulated her soul power. She was trying to activate their Haodong Power to slow down their body processes and maintain their internal breathing. This would hopefully extend the duration which they could stay underwater as long as possible.

“You filthy humans, don’t try to seduce us with your disgusting words. Stop resisting and we will grant you a peaceful death. If not, we will tear both of you to pieces.” The mermaid with the crown seemed to bear immense hatred for humans. When she was transmitting her spiritual intent, she had an intensely furious expression on her face.

Huo Yuhao replied, “My beautiful mermaids and mermen, if you have been tracking our movements, you will have realized that we have not harmed a single soul beast since we have entered the Ice Sea. We only wish to make a mutually beneficial exchange with you. We really don’t harbor any malevolent intentions.”

“Cut the crap! Kill them!” The mermaid seemed to have lost her patience as she pointed the long silver spear in her hands at Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong. Instantly, a humongous net formed by their collective spiritual power was launched in their direction.

Huo Yuhao was enraged by their reaction to his words. Since entering the Ice Sea, he had been trying to control his
emotions. He took care to make sure he did not hurt any aquatic soul beasts. But after being repeatedly attacked by the aquatic soul beasts, he had had enough. Even the nicest soul in the world had a limit for such things.

“Do you really think I’m scared of you?” Huo Yuhao flashed an angry stare as he hugged Tang Wutong with his left hand while lifting his right hand. An icy blue light formed in his hand.

A black dagger that radiated a cloudy glow appeared. An icy blue gem sparkled from the hilt of the dagger.

Yes, it was the Sigh of the Frozen Goddess, Morning Dew Dagger!

After appearing, the dagger caused the temperature of the surrounding water to plunge rapidly. This drop in temperature spread outwards at an insane speed. Other than the area where Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong were standing, the seawater around them started to freeze rapidly.
By using his Ultimate Ice to activate the Morning Dew Dagger, Huo Yuhao was able to reduce the temperature of his environment to extremely low temperatures. But at the same time, the collective spiritual power of a hundred mermaids and mermen was about to hit them.

Their spiritual power was effectively at the same level as an Ultimate Douluo. However, Huo Yuhao did not fear it. He merely pumped in more Ultimate Ice power into the Morning Dew Dagger as he tried to expand the volume of the frozen area under the sea.

“Booomm!”  When  the  spiritual  power  reached  a  distance that was about ten meters from him, a mysterious barrier was formed from Huo Yuhao’s body. The martial soul combination skill released by the merfolk collided with this barrier, and the skill disintegrated instantly. It was no longer able to cause any harm to Huo Yuhao or Tang Wutong.

“Th-This is impossible!” The mermaid with the crown cried out in disbelief. It was the first time that she had seen a human withstand the net that they had collectively formed with their spiritual power. This was simply unbelievable. Judging from Huo Yuhao’s aura, she felt that he was not supposed to be capable of that!

And while she was stunned, the space around her started to distort. A mermaid that was floating beside her suddenly disappeared, and was replaced by a proud and tall figure in an insidious fashion.

At this instant, the beautiful mermaid with the crown was still shocked beyond belief. The other soul beasts were still focused on the Ultimate Ice created by Huo Yuhao. No one would have thought that there would be a change in the situation right next to the mermaid with the crown.

Xuanwu Displacement! Yes, Huo Yuhao had executed Xuanwu Displacement—the soul skill which he had replicated from Xu Sanshi, and the technique which had saved his life countless times.

Eye of Destiny, Spiritual Shock!

After moving to the mermaid’s side, it was Huo Yuhao’s turn to strike!
He really did not want to harm any of the aquatic soul beasts. However, they were starting to threaten his safety. Most importantly, they were starting to threaten Tang Wutong’s safety. He could never and would never allow them to harm her! Thus, he was not planning to go easy on them.

Because everyone was focused on the rapidly expanding ice ball, no one would have thought that Huo Yuhao would leave it. They did not expect him to move closer to them.

Just when the mermaid started to sense the impending danger, Huo Yuhao’s spiritual shock hit her.

Because it was launched from the powerful Eye of Destiny at such a short range, one could only imagine its power.

The mermaid screamed in pain as her head was forced backwards. However, the crown on her head seemed to release a powerful blue glow which negated a fair bit of the impact from the spiritual shock. Nonetheless, she felt as if her head had exploded as her mind went completely blank. She momentarily lost all ability to resist .
Indeed, Huo Yuhao had gone easy on Tang Wutong when they were duelling—just as she had accurately pointed out. With his incredible control over his spiritual power, it was impossible for his soul skills to have any disjointedness. Right now, he was exhibiting his true power.

Upon releasing his spiritual shock, the star anise had already crept out of his shoulder. Its blue light expanded to its surroundings. It seemed as though Huo Yuhao’s body had been enveloped by a powerful icy blue glow.

Star Anise Icy Coagulation!

It was incredibly effective to execute Star Anise Icy Coagulation in the Ice Sea. Both Huo Yuhao and the star anise were surprised at the powerful effect of this soul skill. Upon releasing it, Huo Yuhao felt as though his body was about to burst. His incredible soul power seemed to be causing his body and its passageways to expand.

Without hesitating, Huo Yuhao continued, executing the Star Anise Omnithrust.
With Huo Yuhao’s body as its center, countless ice spikes were released in every direction, and headed for the soul beasts around him.

The aquatic soul beasts that had been carefully selected to ambush Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong were all fairly powerful. After their initial confusion, they had already regained their composure. However, it was too late. The ice spikes were already coming for them.

The aquatic soul beasts frantically tried to activate their defensive soul skills in an attempt to block them. However, they discovered much to their surprise that the ice spikes did not have any pointy edges. Instead, the tips of the ice spikes were shaped like a ball. Hence, upon colliding with their bodies, the spikes simply knocked the aquatic soul beasts away without piercing into any of them.

With the help of these two powerful soul skills, Huo Yuhao was now able to create a one-on-one situation with the mermaid with the crown.

Huo Yuhao’s Eye of Destiny radiated a rose gold spark. It seemed like he was really not going to go easy on her.

Weakness, Confusion!

Just when the mermaid was starting to recover from the spiritual shock, she started to feel giddy. Her spiritual sea was in chaos once again.

Huo Yuhao extended his left hand as he attempted to grab the mermaid’s neck. A layer of blue ice crystals formed automatically as they tried to block Huo Yuhao’s hand. It was apparent that this was her innate defensive ability.

Unfortunately, she was going up against Huo Yuhao—a soul master with Ultimate Ice.

As Huo Yuhao suddenly clenched his fist, a loud explosion could be heard.

The ice crystals instantly exploded as the mermaid within them let out a grunt of pain. Huo Yuhao’s left hand continued to stretch forward as he grabbed her neck. He injected his Ultimate Ice soul power into her body and prevented the soul power in her body from circulating. At the same time, he
released five golden blades from his right hand which spun around her head.

“Don’t move a muscle! If not, I will kill her immediately!” Huo Yuhao’s icy spiritual intent was transmitted to every single aquatic soul beast around him.

As he passed this message to them, he retreated with the mermaid to the side of the ice ball he had formed from the Morning Dew Dagger.

Because ice was less dense than water, the ice ball was bound to float upwards. As Huo Yuhao controlled the mermaid and leaned against the ice ball, he floated up with it. The most important thing for him now was to escape from the sea into the world outside, which contained fresh air. That was the only way he could continue his fight with these aquatic soul beasts.

After being overwhelmed by the Star Anise Omnithrust, they saw how Huo Yuhao had controlled the mermaid with the crown after they had regrouped. And just as Huo Yuhao had expected, they did not dare to make a move after seeing how their leader was being held hostage.
The mermaid with the crown had awakened by now. She glared angrily at Huo Yuhao, and tried to use her spiritual power to attack him. However, she immediately realized her spiritual sea had been locked by Huo Yuhao. There was no way she could retaliate against him.

The truth was that the mermaid’s ability was actually not much weaker than Huo Yuhao’s. The main reason for her lack of success was that Huo Yuhao was able to curb her abilities to a large extent.

The collective spiritual illusion the merfolks had created was undeniably powerful. Even Huo Yuhao—a soul master who specialized in spiritual abilities—was tricked by it.

However, when it came to individual spiritual power, she was a lot weaker than Huo Yuhao. Her strongest ability was, in fact, nothing when compared to Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power. Because of this, her fighting power became a lot weaker. Hence, she had absolutely no chance against Huo Yuhao’s surprise attack.

However, the mermaid still could not wrap her head around how Huo Yuhao was able to fend off their collective spiritual
attack. Even the leader of the entire mermaid race would not have been able to take the blow head-on. How was this human able to do it?

Of course, Huo Yuhao would never reveal how he did it. He was only able to pull it off because of the Three-Eyed Golden Lion’s Skull of Destiny. It pretty much granted him immunity against three spiritual attacks every day. And this immunity was absolute and unconditional.

Previously, he had relied on this ability to survive against the humongous spiritual blows from the Evileye Tyrant. It was the last thing that Wang Qiu’er had given him. Once again, it protected him at this critical moment.

As the ice ball continued its ascent, the other soul beasts kept a good distance from it. Huo Yuhao quietly let out a sigh of relief. They would be out of the ocean soon. Once they left the ocean, their chances of staying alive would be a lot greater. By holding the mermaid hostage, Huo Yuhao had a good chance of escaping the Ice Sea unscathed.

Previously, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong did not know how deep within the sea they were. As the ball continued in its
ascent, they realized that their surroundings had only become slightly brighter. They were probably at least a couple thousand meters under the water. No wonder the pressure was so high! However, at the rate at which they were ascending, they should be able to leave the water before they ran out of breath.

Chapter 542: Asura Three-Eyed Godsealing Curse

“I am really sorry. I didn’t want it to end like this. We really did not come with any bad intentions.”  Huo Yuhao tried his best to explain to the mermaid with the crown. Even though he did not know exactly was her status amongst the Merfolk was, he believed that she was probably a mermaid with a decent status, considering how she had already cultivated for a hundred thousand years.

The mermaid showed no sign of forgiveness as she glared back at him with hateful eyes.

Huo Yuhao sighed after seeing how his friendly gesture was not reciprocated by the mermaid. He knew it was probably impossible to reverse her attitude towards humans. Even though he didn't know why the mermaid hated humans so much, he couldn't care less, as all he wanted to do now was bring Tang Wutong to safety. He was not so naive to believe that he could solve the sour mermaid-human relationship by himself.
Suddenly, Huo Yuhao sensed that something was wrong. His senses were particularly acute because his Eye of Destiny had been open all this time.

The speed at which the ice ball was ascending suddenly decreased, as the small amount of light that was starting to show in the ocean disappeared.


Immediately, Huo Yuhao hugged the mermaid tighter as his heart sank. He knew it was impossible for him to kill his hostage. If he were to kill her, the rest of the soul beasts would never let him leave. Right now, he could sense the transformations within the water. However, he was unable to pinpoint where exactly they were coming from. If he was unable to detect the source of the transformations, it suggested how powerful his opponent was.

The mermaid was blushing, yet angry at the same time. It was her first time being so close to a person of the opposite gender. She had never gotten so close to a male aquatic soul beast, much less a human male.
This human's aura is exceptionally strong. His spiritual power is especially powerful. He is probably the human with the strongest spiritual power I’ve ever met. In her eyes, Huo Yuhao also had a very different scent. He did not have the same ocean smell that her peers possessed, and this was something
that was quite refreshing to her. Huo Yuhao placed one of his hands around her waist as he wrapped the other hand around her neck.

However, Huo Yuhao did not know that the most sensitive region on a mermaid's body was their neck. If he were to release his hands right now, he would realize how the mermaid's neck was flushing.

"Human, there is no way you can escape."

A mysterious energy suddenly appeared as Huo Yuhao watched the mermaid in his arms dissolve into bubbles and disappear. Following which, it seemed as though this entire region's space was sealed as all water currents stopped.

An invincible pressure started to act on him from all directions. Huo Yuhao had been barely sustaining himself on his internal breathing, and his face grew pale after feeling the
increase in pressure. He suddenly felt the possibility of his impending death. He knew he could not hold on much longer.

A bright blue light could suddenly be seen in the middle of the seawater. It was a pillar of light which came from the bottom of the sea. It shot towards Huo Yuhao and stopped at a region approximately three hundred meters away from him and Tang Wutong. Following which, two figures appeared.

One of them happened to be the same mermaid with the crown. The other mermaid happened to be one which they had not seen before.

This new mermaid looked very peculiar. Its size and figure was pretty similar to that of the one which wore the crown. However, her crown was golden. In fact, even the scales on her fishtail were golden. The immense pressure that was acting on Huo Yuhao came from this mermaid, which looked like a beautiful middle-aged woman.

If their battleground was not in the ocean and Huo Yuhao was able to team up with Tang Wutong, he might have stood a chance against them. However, he was deep in the sea in his opponents' home ground. There was almost no chance that he
would be able to escape today. And that was because he had already recognized the mermaid's identity.

There was only one possible person in the entire sea who could possess such incredible power.

"Greetings, Your Highness!" Even though Huo Yuhao might not be able to move, he could still send his greetings through his spiritual intent.

"Human, why did you come to our homeland? Do you still want to pollute our Sea? You have already harmed so many of our people. Is it still not enough for you?" The Princess of the Sea's voice might be threatening, but she did not immediately attack Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao gave her an awkward smile. “ I am sorry, Your Highness. I am really not aware of what my fellow humans have done to the Merfolk. I can only vouch for myself and my partner that we come in peace. The reason why we are here is that we hope to discuss something with you. If you are willing to give me a chance to speak, I will gladly allow myself to be captured and share with you what we hope to discuss.”
“Since  you  are  the  one  who  rules  this  sea,  you  should naturally know everything that happens in this area. In that case, you should know how both of us did not harm any aquatic soul beasts throughout our entire journey in the Ice Sea. We really don’t have any bad intentions. I believe that there will always be good and bad people in both the human race and among the Merfolk. Even though I don’t think I am a perfect person, I can guarantee that I come in peace.”

The Princess of the Sea frowned as she looked at Huo Yuhao. “Do you really think both of you would still be alive if you had harmed my people? Tell me what you are here for. I will give you a chance to persuade me.”

Huo Yuhao let out a sigh of relief. As long as he had a chance to speak, he had a chance to live.

However, the mermaid which was wearing a silver crown interjected, “No Mother, you must not give these despicable humans another chance. Have you forgotten? When they first interacted with us, they seduced us to trust them with their words. And what did they do in the end? If not for them, my sister would not have…”
As she spoke, she, who was obviously a mermaid princess, started to tear up.

Huo Yuhao was surprised to see how her tears streamed out in a glistening fashion before transforming into white round pearls that floated in the seawater.

“Don’t cry, my child. Tearing up will only drain your life energy. Don’t worry. I promise you I will make sure they pay for what they have done.” It was apparent that the Princess of the Sea was very doting towards her daughter.

Shit! After hearing what she said, Huo Yuhao started to panic. He quickly mustered the soul power in his body as he tried to break free from her control.

However, the Princess of the Sea definitely called the shots in the ocean. Besides, she possessed the ability of an Ultimate Douluo.

The Princess of the Sea waved her left hand, and the seawater around Huo Yuhao started to contort vigorously, and
apply immense pressure on him. It was almost as though the entire sea was her weapon.

As Huo Yuhao tried to forcefully release his soul power and execute a soul skill, he felt a powerful spiritual energy suppress his spiritual sea and body.

This was not just a spiritual-type soul skill, but a suppressive attack based purely on spiritual power.

It had been a while since Huo Yuhao had last faced an opponent who had spiritual power that was more powerful than his. The Princess of the Sea’s spiritual power was beyond Huo Yuhao’s imagination. Perhaps only the Evileye Tyrant would be able to beat her in spiritual power.

It was not long before the suffocating sensation returned again. Huo Yuhao knew that he could not hold it any longer. It was simply too disadvantageous for him to fight in the sea.

Am I really going to die here? No. No way. I must bring Wutong out. Even if it comes at the expense of my life, I must save her!

In this situation which concerned Wutong’s life and death, Huo Yuhao’s eyes suddenly lit up.

The sunray patterns around the Eye of Destiny on his forehead started to shine as its rose gold glow turned the surrounding seawater golden.

A layer of rose gold light sparkled behind Huo Yuhao’s back as a gigantic eye slowly opened.

Huo Yuhao knew that there was still a slim chance that he might survive the Princess of the Sea’s attack. This was because he still had the Beast God’s seal on him. When he was about to die, Di Tian would definitely think of a way to save him. However, Tang Wutong did not have the same kind of protection. The thick ice that was surrounding her was starting to break under the immense pressure applied by the Princess of the Sea. The pressure would act instantly on her body the moment the ice ball caved in. By then, even if he managed to stay alive, Tang Wutong would die in the sea.

Back when she was still Dong’er, she had already left him once. Huo Yuhao had vowed to keep her out of harm’s way and
never put her in any form of danger again.

As the determination in heart grew stronger, Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea exploded like a geyser. A powerful golden glow expanded into the surroundings from Huo Yuhao’s head. The eye that was behind Huo Yuhao’s back also started to become less illusory. Initially, it seemed to be purely rose gold. But as it became increasingly material, it started to become bronze, then silver, before finally turning golden.

If Du Busi were still alive, he would have recognized this as a symptom of the second awakening of a Body Soul. In fact, a golden awakening meant that it was the highest tier and most powerful transformation!

“Huh?” The Princess of the Sea was surprised to see how Huo Yuhao was able to put up a fight against her spiritual power.

How is this human who is at most twenty years old able to possess such powerful spiritual power? I can’t believe my eyes!

The Princess of the Sea’s eyes lit up. Of course, she would not be giving Huo Yuhao any chance of escaping. Her eyes turned a
crystal clear blue as blue ripples were released from them. These waves rolled towards Huo Yuhao in an overwhelming fashion.

Huo Yuhao was a lot weaker than the Princess of the Sea when it came to soul power and cultivation. This was further exacerbated by the fact that they were competing in the sea. The only possible way he could compete with her was through his spiritual power. Hence, he could only watch the blue ripples envelope his entire body.

Immediately, Huo Yuhao’s forehead emanated a rose gold light. He should be feeling fortunate that the Princess of the Sea had once again chosen to launch a spiritual attack at him. After all, the Merfolk were best known for their spiritual abilities.

Once again, Huo Yuhao’s Three-Eyed Golden Lion Skull of Destiny provided him immunity from the second spiritual attack of the day. It was able to block the Princess of the Sea’s attack, and bought Huo Yuhao precious time to act.

Lights started to sparkle in his Eye of Destiny as all three of Huo Yuhao’s eyes turned golden. While the Princess of the
Sea’s attack enveloped his body, he would escape unscathed and surprise the Princess with his attack.

Three streaks of pure golden light were projected from his body into the seawater. In the blink of an eye, the light had already sped past all three hundred meters of seawater and landed on the Princess of the Sea’s body.

Spiritual Shock! It was a spiritual shock released when he was in his three-eyes state.

When the three golden streaks landed on her body, the gigantic eye behind Huo Yuhao’s back flickered with a golden light before disappearing. In the next instant, it had silently reappeared behind the Princess.

The Princess of the Sea instantly tossed her daughter out of the way as her body immediately turned a rose gold color—the same color as the gigantic eye.

Asura Three-Eyed Godsealing Spell!
This was an extremely powerful ability the Huo Yuhao had developed in the moment of inspiration when his Body Soul awakened for the second time.

This was not a soul skill but a combination of his soul skills, spiritual power, soul power, and the power of destiny from the Eye of Destiny that the Three-Eyed Golden Lion had given him. It was an entirely self-created soul skill which combined all of the above.

Even though the Princess of the Sea was incredibly powerful, she was unable to break free from the seal of the Asura Three- Eyed Godsealing Spell. She could only rely on her spiritual power to defend herself from the impact of this powerful soul skill, and was unable to release any sort of power into her surroundings.

Huo Yuhao was instantly freed from his shackles. Without hesitating, he turned around and slammed into the ice ball behind him with his left palm.

The ice ball exploded as a path suddenly appeared.
And a purple golden light—Tang Wutong—emerged from the ice ball.

Huo Yuhao grabbed Tang Wutong’s hand as both of them made a dash for the surface. Even though they were in the sea, Huo Yuhao activated the Class 9 flying soul tool behind his back as it accelerated their ascent to an incredibly fast speed, similar to the blade-shaped fish.

At this instant, a piercing scream echoed into Huo Yuhao’s brain. Huo Yuhao’s stare immediately turned cold as he looked behind him. The mermaid with the silver crown was chasing after them. Huo Yuhao’s eyes immediately revealed his burning desire to kill her.

For the greater part of their journey, they had not threatened the lives of any aquatic soul beasts. In fact, they were the ones who had been threatened constantly. In the end, even the Princess of the Sea had decided to take action against them.

Even though the Princess of the Sea was temporarily sealed, her daughter still persistently chased after them as she tried to stop them from escaping. This made Huo Yuhao terribly angry.
“Do you really think I don’t dare to kill you?” Huo Yuhao’s body immediately radiated a powerful murderous intent. At this instant, the Haodong Power between him and Tang Wutong had already been established.

Huo Yuhao raised his right hand and released a Darkgolden Terrorclaw towards the mermaid.

Instantly, a gigantic claw appeared at a distance of a hundred meters from him. The claw was able to shatter all the surrounding seawater with its sharpness.

Even though the mermaid was still a fair distance away, she could sense the sharpness and power of the claw. Her face immediately turned pale.

While the Merfolk were known for their spiritual gifts, they did not possess particularly outstanding defensive abilities. Even though she was a mermaid with close to a hundred thousand years of cultivation, her close-combat ability was relatively weak. Hence, she was captured by Huo Yuhao fairly easily.
Thus, as the claw came towards her in a suppressive manner, the mermaid had no choice but to slow down as she controlled the surrounding seawater to improve her defense.

Huo Yuhao made good use of this opportunity to continue accelerating with Tang Wutong. However, the claw did not collide with the mermaid head-on. It merely swept horizontally before hitting her as it blocked her path.

The mermaid was surprised that her defense was not challenged by the claw. Just when she was about to continue to chase after them, she realized that the Darkgolden Terrorclaw was able to turn itself around in the seawater and follow her. It was able to follow her in a peculiar fashion wherever she tried to move as it attempted to block her from pursuing Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong.

This was the first time that the mermaid had encountered a soul skill which was “alive”  even after being released. What’s going on?

Of course, she did not know that this was a result of Huo Yuhao having attained a high level of spiritual power. His spiritual power had already been given material form. When
he launched the Darkgolden Terrorclaw, he had injected a sliver of spiritual power into it.

The mermaid merely had to increase her speed and go around the claw to escape from it. Huo Yuhao’s claw would not have been able to keep up with her. After all, there was only so much control the sliver of spiritual power could grant. Nonetheless,  the  claw  which  had  seemed  to  be  “alive”  had mentally overwhelmed the mermaid to the extent that she did not attempt to try and beat it.

Meanwhile, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong continued their ascent as they neared the surface of the water.

“Whoosh!  Whoosh!”  Two  loud  splashing  sounds  could  be heard as both of them emerged from the sea and flew straight up into the sky.

Tang Wutong hugged Huo Yuhao the moment they managed to get back into the sky

Right now, Huo Yuhao was incredibly pale. After leaving the high-pressure environment within the deep sea, his mouth and
nose were bleeding. His entire aura had become a lot weaker.

“Yuhao, are you okay?” Tang Wutong asked frantically.

Huo Yuhao waved his hand as he attempted to reassure her that he was fine. “I’m fine. It’s just that I expended too much spiritual power in a short amount of time. Don’t worry about me. We better leave quickly. I don’t think my seal can hold the Princess of the Sea much longer.”

How could Huo Yuhao create the Asura Three-Eyed Godsealing Spell and escape a life-threatening situation without paying the price for it? In fact, it had taken a lot out of him for him to achieve both of those things. He was almost out of spiritual power now. The only reason why he was able to continue his ascent was that he simply had incredibly strong and powerful spiritual power.

Tang Wutong held Huo Yuhao in her embrace as she increased the speed of their flight. Huo Yuhao breathed heavily as he tried to suppress the dizziness in his head that was trying to overwhelm him. Afterwards, he mustered his soul power and changed his martial soul.
His Spirit Eyes were instantly replaced with an aura of Ultimate Ice. At the same time, he summoned the Snow Empress.

The Snow Empress was able to sense what had happened outside—especially after the huge commotion in his spiritual sea. A few of his spirits had already been awakened by what had happened. Huo Yuhao might have released them just now if he was able to free up some time during the battle to do just that. However, the pressure exerted on him was simply too much for him to do anything else.

After the Snow Empress left his body, her expression also showed her disbelief at what had just happened. She had not expected the usually gentle and welcoming Princess of the Sea to be so inhuman and ruthless in the way she responded to Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong.

After summoning the Snow Empress, Huo Yuhao closed his eyes as he allowed himself to fall unconscious. The Snow Empress turned to Tang Wutong before nodding. “Wutong, he has only fainted because of the huge amount of spiritual energy he has used. From now on, I will control his body and cooperate with you. Yuhao’s seal can only hold the Princess for a short while. There will most likely be a battle after it fails. It
would be best if I can persuade the Princess to let us go. If not, we can only do our best to keep ourselves alive.”

Tang Wutong nodded as she revealed an equally cold stare. “I will do my best to work with you, Snow Empress.”

After finishing her sentence, the Snow Empress fused back into Huo Yuhao’s body and assumed control of it.

It was a logical decision by Huo Yuhao to select the Snow Empress to assume control of his body, because she was the spirit with the strongest spiritual power. The Snow Empress immediately drew upon his soul power to lift his right hand. The ring on his right hand lit up as crystal clear armor appeared in mid-air.

This set of armor was deep blue. However, its color was very different from the sea’s dark blue color. It was not only full of life, but also seemed to possess a primordial aura. When it appeared, it seemed to cause the surrounding temperature to plunge.
The Snow Empress lifted her left hand and tapped gently on the armor. Instantly, the armor disassembled itself into over ten different streaks of light that fused into Huo Yuhao's body.

This was a full suit of armor that was composed of several plates that resembled slabs of dark blue crystal. Every single plate was carved exquisitely as they fit perfectly with Huo Yuhao's body.

After donning the armor, Huo Yuhao's body seemed to have become considerably larger. Every single plate reflected the light from its surroundings. From afar, Huo Yuhao looked like a human-shaped sapphire gem as he radiated a warm blue glow.

The Snow Empress controlled Huo Yuhao's body as she helped him put on the helmet. At this instant, Huo Yuhao's body seemed to be radiating an intensely cold aura. Even Tang Wutong could not help but use her soul power to insulate her body from the cold.

The Snow Empress let go of Tang Wutong's hand. After all, she was not able to use Huo Yuhao's body to perform any
martial soul fusion skills and use the Haodong Power with Tang Wutong. Ultimately, she was not Huo Yuhao.

However, after putting on this armor, the aura that Huo Yuhao was releasing had already surpassed Tang Wutong. This meant that his aura was already more powerful than that of a Titled Douluo.

As Huo Yuhao opened his eyes, one could notice how his eyes were entirely blue. Those were the Snow Empress's eyes. The aura he was releasing continued to intensify as it steadily became stronger.

Yes, this was the armor that Huo Yuhao and Xuan Ziwen had painstakingly researched and developed over the past two years. Xuan Ziwen had claimed that this was an irreplicable super human-shaped soul tool—the Icy War God's Armor!

The entire armor was built from the Divine Ice Crystals that Huo Yuhao had brought back the other time. There were two sets of armor. One of them was the normal version, and the other one was the one Huo Yuhao was wearing right now.

The normal version had been given to Nan Qiuqiu because Huo Yuhao would not have been able to get so many Divine Ice Crystals without her mother’s help. The armor Huo Yuhao was wearing was made of Divine Ice Crystals which contained ice spirits. In other words, this set of armor possessed life energy.

The formation arrays within the interior of the armor were all carved from Divine Ice Crystals. They were all completed by Huo Yuhao, who had used his Ghostcarving Blade and Sigh of the Frozen Goddess, Morning Dew Dagger. Without these two items, he would not have been able to even cut the crystals.

Huo Yuhao could not bear to wear this set of armor all the time. Because his cultivation was still lacking a bit, he did not have the ability to fully control the immense power of the armor.

Xuan Ziwen had said that this was one of the most perfect products he had ever seen in his life. All of the diagrams and papers were completed by Xuan Ziwen and Huo Yuhao
together. However, Huo Yuhao did all the work, Xuan Ziwen while supervised him.

Xuan Ziwen had said that this armor could not be used by anyone else. Without an Ultimate Ice martial soul, there was no hope for a cultivator to control this armor after wearing it. At the same time, Xuan Ziwen had factored in Huo Yuhao’s personal characteristics when designing the Icy War God's Armor. He had also managed to design the Spiritual Control system that the Sun Moon Empire’s Illustrious Virtue Hall had been unable to produce successfully despite multiple attempts.

This Spiritual Control system’s functionalities were contingent on the user’s powerful spiritual ability and his or her ability to withstand spiritual pressure. These criteria made it almost impossible for any normal person to use this armor. If a normal cultivator were to attempt to connect his or her spiritual power to the system, the person would either immediately die from the shattering of his or her spiritual sea, or turn into a lunatic.

The armor was designed with all these considerations in mind. However, Xuan Ziwen admitted that he was not sure if Huo Yuhao was able to fully harness the potential of this Class 9 soul tool. Nonetheless, it would at the very least be able to
perform at the level of a top-tier Class 9 soul tool. With this armor, he was confident of challenging any Class 9 soul engineer in the Sun Moon Empire.

The most mystical part about the armor was its main material. It was impossible to find another armor in a million years which was built from Divine Ice Crystals with ice spirits!

Huo Yuhao had never worn it for two main reasons. First, he was confident in his own abilities. Second, he was not confident of being able to control the armor properly. He was worried that he might accidentally kill a soul beast if he were to put on the Icy War God's Armor. If that were to happen, there would be no chance of repairing his relationship with the Merfolk.

Afterwards, both Tang Wutong and he were suddenly transported into the deep ocean. Hence, he never found an opportunity to put the armor on. But right now, under the control of the Snow Empress, he was about to put on this top- tier Class 9 soul tool outside of Tang Sect for the first time.

“Let’s  go!”   The  Snow  Empress  signalled  Tang  Wutong. Following which, she activated the flying soul tool that came
along with the armor, and they sped back in the direction they came from.

The Icy War God's Armor was a human-shaped soul tool. The biggest advantage of human-shaped soul tools was how they were a comprehensive fit for their users.

The entire design of the armor was conceptualized with close-combat in mind. This was necessary to harness the powerful effects of the Divine Ice Crystal, as well as Huo Yuhao’s very own Ultimate Ice martial soul’s power.

Of course, close-combat, in this case, did not mean a purely physical kind of combat. It merely meant combat within a short range.

After flying for a couple of minutes, the sea beneath them started to become tumultuous. Waves crashed against one another with increasing intensity as the seawater reached higher and higher against the buffeting winds.

The Snow Empress had long foreseen this, and hence, she brought Tang Wutong higher up into the sky.

The powerful martial soul combination skill that the Merfolks had used to displace the sky and sea could only be used within a certain range. Beyond this range, the effects would be heavily reduced, or even be rendered ineffective.

As the seawater beneath them continued to surge, the Snow Empress brought Tang Wutong to an altitude of four thousand meters. This was an altitude that normal merfolk would never be able to reach. The threat from their martial soul combination technique was naturally invalid at this height.

The Princess of the Sea emerged from the ocean with a furious look on her face. She rode on a wave, with her gigantic fishtail swinging at the back. Her daughter stood by her side as both of them surged into the skies with the support of the seawater and waves beneath them.

With their current cultivations, they would naturally be unable to fly. Also, when they left the seawater, their powers would be reduced drastically. Hence, they had to use the seawater to support them into the skies.
After all, the Ice Sea was a vast sea. When the Princess of the Sea put in more power to lift herself higher, more water vapor would be released into the air, resulting in increased humidity.

As the air became increasingly viscous and humid, the absolute speed advantage that the Ice Empress and Tang Wutong possessed disappeared. They had no choice but to slow down.

Tang Wutong realized how both Huo Yuhao and herself had belittled the Merfolk. They might not be able to fly, but they still possessed several methods to counter flying entities.

At this instant, streaks of grey light suddenly shot up from the surface of the sea as they sped in the direction of the Snow Empress and Tang Wutong.

Even though Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong had encountered these soul beats before, they did not know what they were.

However, the Snow Empress knew they were called Demonic Blades. They were an extremely special kind of fish. Their bodies were incredibly sharp and tough. Even though they
might not possess any elemental characteristics, they had incredible penetrative ability.

After every attack, they had to retreat into the sea to accelerate before their next attack.

Actually, they were not supposed to be able to attack at such a high altitude. They were only able to do after the Princess of the Sea had raised the sea level.

The Snow Empress let out a cold snort as she tapped the air with her hand. The rich water element in the air was also beneficial for entities which specialized in ice-type abilities.

Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice!

Large snowflakes started to materialize out of thin air as strong winds started blowing in the sky. The Demonic Blades which had just risen into the air were immediately blown away by the snowy winds. They were unable to get close to the Snow Empress and Tang Wutong.
"Huh?" The Princess of the Sea was obviously surprised by what she had just seen. Both the Snow Empress and her were the leaders of the Extreme North. While she governed the sea, the Snow Empress governed the Extreme North Ice Field. Hence, she had definitely seen the Snow Empress execute her
three ultimate techniques.

While the Ice Sea was definitely the home ground of the Princess of the Sea, the Snow Empress could also share the home ground advantage because of its cold environment.

“Empress’  Chill!  How  is  a  human  supposed  to  know  the Snow Empress’ skill? Unless…” The Princess of the Sea could not believe that an entity as strong as the Snow Empress would actually become a human’s soul ring.

The attack from the sea started to subside, and the Snow Empress and Tang Wutong also stayed where they were. After all, it was almost impossible for them to breach the encirclement—formed from throngs of aquatic soul beasts— led by the Princess of the Sea at the Ice Sea.

“Princess  of  the  Sea!”   The  Snow  Empress’   clear  voice reverberated in the air. She slowly descended from the sky as
she kept her gaze on the Princess of the Sea, who was floating on a wave crest.

“This voice…  you are?”  The Princess of the Sea was a little confused as she stared at Huo Yuhao, who was wearing full- body armor.

A projection flickered as the Snow Empress drifted out from Huo Yuhao’s body before floating beside him. Following which, Huo Yuhao’s eyes turned jade-green as the Ice Empress took control of his body.

“Snow  Empress?”  After  seeing  the  Snow  Empress  in  her material form, the Princess of the Sea was shocked beyond belief.

“Yes, it’s me. It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other.
How have you been?” The Snow Empress nodded politely.

In the Extreme North, while the Ice Sea was under the jurisdiction of the Princess of the Sea, the strongest entity was still the Snow Empress. Hence, among the soul beasts of the Extreme North, the Snow Empress was still the strongest.

The Princess of the Sea frowned. “Snow Empress, why are you here? Do you know what’s with this human? Please don’t tell me you came here with him.”

The Snow Empress nodded and said, “That’s right. I came here with him. We were planning to discuss some matters with you. But I did not expect the usually gentle Princess to be so aggressive as to attack us directly.”

A strange expression flickered across the Princess’ face. “Snow Empress, are you intending to help him put in a few good words? Do you know how much harm humans have done to us—aquatic soul beasts—in the past few years?”

The Snow Empress was stunned as she asked, “How were the humans able to harm your people when all of you are in the middle of the Ice Sea? Forgive me, but I really haven’t heard of this before.”

The Princess of the Sea gritted her teeth angrily as she replied, “Humans have been hurting us for the past few years. Two years ago, a few humans entered the Ice Sea to look for me. They were extremely powerful, and we were hopelessly
naive because of our limited interactions with them. We would not actively attack them as long as they didn’t hurt our people.”

“And when these people found me, they asked me to cooperate with them. I was very perplexed because I did not know of many matters in which it was possible for humans to collaborate with us aquatic soul beasts. Driven by my curiosity, I dug deeper.”

“Those humans told me how they were trying to invent an entirely new cultivation method. This new method would enable humans to gain abilities which were similar to those of soul rings without killing any soul beasts. They told me how this could potentially resolve the conflict and animosity between soul beasts and humans.”

After hearing what the Princess of the Sea had said, Tang Wutong’s eyes widened in disbelief. Even the Snow Empress was shocked by what she had just heard. Both of them looked into each other’s eyes. None of them had thought that the issue would be so complicated.
The Princess of the Sea continued, “Human soul masters are often required to hunt soul beasts in order to obtain soul rings. Because we—aquatic soul beasts—rarely come into contact with humans, we are seldom the hunting targets of humans. Hence, we didn’t possess much hatred or animosity with them. Thus, after hearing what they had to say, we became even more relaxed as we inquired about the details of their plan.”

“They said they had come up with an ability called Spirits. When dying soul beasts become spirits, their lives will be extended. In fact, the stronger the soul beast, the likelier it was for it to strengthen the human soul master and extend his or her life after it became a Spirit. In return, the soul beast was also able to extend its life. As long as it continued to live, anything was possible in the future.”

Chapter 543: The Sea God Descends

“The lifespans of aquatic soul beasts are very limited. If we are unable to overcome this limit, we will basically age and die. The prospect of extending our lives even for just a couple of decades would already be incredible! Besides, the thought of being able to experience the humans’ world was equally enticing. Hence, we became really interested in his idea. Afterwards, those humans released a spirit for us to see. It was indeed very mystical to lose one’s body, but not one’s soul. It was also my first time witnessing something so special!”

“After thinking about it, I decided to try and collaborate with them. Those people told me how there were many humans who were hoping to get some spirits. However, the soul beast would have to undergo some ceremonies, which must be conducted on land. Those ceremonies needed some formations, and those formations could not be placed in the middle of the sea. I was too foolish back then, and believed them without any hesitation. I gathered some of the merfolk who were on the brink of death and sent them to the shore. I sent over a thousand merfolk to the shore without knowing that that would be the last time I would see them.”
“After a month passed, I sent a few merfolk to check with the humans. I wanted to know if the spirit ceremonies had been performed successfully. Those humans told us how the merfolk I had sent over had all successfully become spirits. In addition, they told me that they realized how aquatic beasts were more
suitable to become spirits than normal soul beasts. The stronger aquatic soul beasts were even able to split just a sliver of their soul to become spirits. The remaining soul could still stay within its main body. After the main body died, the part of the soul which was in the human’s body could continue being a
spirit. It was as if it had gained an extra life. This would also
allow the human which had this special spirit to live longer, or even live as long as us aquatic soul beasts. They convinced us that it would be a win-win situation if we were to hand them some of our stronger aquatic soul beasts for experimentation.”

After hearing what the Princess of the Sea had said, Tang Wutong felt a chill run down her spine. She had never expected someone to use the Spirits that Huo Yuhao had researched for their own evil agenda. On top of that, they had brought trouble to the entire Merfolk race. Without asking the Princess, she already knew who these humans were.

The Princess’ eyes were full of hatred as she lamented, “I was so foolish. I couldn’t see through their ploy, and actually agreed to their arrangements. In addition, I ordered my
daughter to bring my people to the shore to assist them with their experimentation.”

“Those despicable humans didn’t know that Merfolk royalty are able to sense each other spiritually. In addition, we can actually communicate with one other over long distances through spiritual means. A few days later, my little daughter passed a message to me and told me how we had been duped by the humans. Those despicable humans lied about their ability to transfer spirits. Our first batch of merfolk had all been tricked by the humans to release their spirits before they were all made into avenging spirits. This time around, they had even planned to use the stronger members of our race to make soul beast puppets. They were really cruel and ruthless.”

“Even though I was shocked, I quickly assembled my people to rescue my little daughter. However, those despicable humans were ready for us. Our rescue was not only unsuccessful, but we also lost countless merfolk in the battle. After all, once we leave the seawater, our powers decrease drastically. In the end, I barely managed to rescue my little daughter. Even then, she had already been tortured until she was at her limit. “
When she stopped here, the Princess of the Sea and the mermaid with the silver crown were already tearing up.

“Snow Empress, tell me, how am I supposed to not hate those despicable humans? Afterwards, I regrouped my people, and we launched countless attacks on them. However, they were always able to repel our attacks with their strange weapons. Now, I have already given the order to kill any human who dares to enter the Ice Sea!”

As she spoke till here, the Princess no longer tried to conceal her murderous intent.

The Snow Empress frowned immediately. I can’t believe this… Now I know why the Princess of the Sea—who was usually very gentle and kind—has become so hateful. She had actually been through so many unfortunate events. It must have pained her to see her own people die, and how her own daughter almost lost her life. What could be worse than watching one’s own people transform into avenging spirits, never to be reborn? Her hatred for humans is very understandable.
Tang Wutong exclaimed, “Your Highness, all of you have been duped. Those people aren’t even the creator of Spirits. Yuhao is the one who created them.” As she spoke, she pointed at, Huo Yuhao who was standing beside her.

The Princess of the Sea laughed coldly and said, “So are you now going to ask me if I want to collaborate with you? Do you really think I will still believe you despicable humans and your stupid Spirits project? I will never agree to your requests again
—even if you get the Snow Empress to ask on your behalf.”

The Snow Empress sighed and said, “Princess of the Sea, this entire thing is a misunderstanding. Those humans who had cheated all of you are scum among the human soul masters. They are called evil soul masters. There is an organization within the Sun Moon Empire which is called the Holy Ghost Church. It consists of only evil soul masters, who employ all sorts of devilish methods to strengthen their abilities. The fellows who had transformed your people into avenging spirits have just been killed by these two humans. I can also vouch for the fact that Yuhao is the real researcher who came up with Spirits.”

The Princess of the Sea was doubtful of the Snow Empress’ words. “How can you prove that?”

The Snow Empress replied plainly, “Because I am the first soul beast in the entire continent which was successfully transformed into a Spirit. I am Huo Yuhao’s Spirit.”

“What?” Both the Princess of the Sea and her daughter exclaimed in disbelief. They could not fathom why a powerful soul beast like the Snow Empress would actually submit to become a human’s Spirit. On top of that, they did not understand why the Snow Empress was trying to persuade them for Huo Yuhao.


The Snow Empress stared at the startled Princess of the Sea as she sighed. Following which, she shared how she was captured by human soul masters when she was trying to rebuild herself and transform into a foetus. She then went on to explain how she bumped into Huo Yuhao, and became his Spirit.

However, as she explained, the Snow Empress became increasingly uncertain of convincing the two mermaids. She
realized how their eyes became increasingly aloof. It was apparent that they did not really believe what she was saying.

“The Spirits system that Yuhao has developed is extremely beneficial. It can drastically reduce the number of killings between humans and soul beasts. At the same time, it can also reduce the conflict and animosity between humans and soul beasts.”

“Enough!” The Princess of the Sea suddenly interrupted the Snow Empress. “Stop talking. Your glib tongue will not be enough to dupe me again. You can’t be the Snow Empress. With the power that she has, how could she become a human’s Spirit? I don’t know how you humans managed to replicate her image, and even her powers. But all of you are going to die today. My little daughter is about to die, and today, all of you will join her, and keep her company on her last journey.”

As she spoke, the Princess of the Sea released a loud battle cry as she pushed her hands forward. The seawater immediately surged upwards before transforming into countless waves which rolled towards the Snow Empress, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong.
The Snow Empress stared coldly at the incoming waves. She knew that it was no longer possible to reach a peaceful resolution. As she let out a sigh, she quickly returned to Huo Yuhao’s body and regained control over his body from the Ice Empress.

A dark blue light instantly expanded from Huo Yuhao’s body into his surroundings. This time round, it was no longer the Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice, but pure Ultimate Ice soul power.

An unexpected scene unfolded before everyone’s eyes. Those humongous waves suddenly froze when they about a couple of dozen meters from Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong. They had transformed into thick blocks of ice in mid-air before dropping back down into the sea.

Those were humongous ice blocks! Hence, they released a deafening sound when they landed in the water.

This unexpected power was due to the boost provided by the Icy War God's Armor. Under the influence of the Divine Ice Crystals and the Ice Spirits within them, the armor was able to absorb ice-type elemental energy from the air and replenish
the energy within the armor on its own. At the same time, it had an amplifying ability which amplified Huo Yuhao’s Ultimate Ice soul power by at least three times.

Because it possessed an internal regenerative ability and external amplification ability, calling it the armor of the generation would not be an overstatement. On top of these, it possessed incredible offensive and defensive capabilities.

As the gigantic ice blocks landed in the sea, the Snow Empress controlled Huo Yuhao’s hand as she made him clench his fist. Instantly, a second loud sound could be heard. The ice blocks exploded under Huo Yuhao's control as shockwaves spread out far across the sea. All sorts of floating ice structures were immediately destroyed by the ice shards and the shockwaves. Their destruction guaranteed the destruction of their neighboring ice blocks as a chain reaction formed on the ocean’s surface.

Ice Explosion!

This time around, Huo Yuhao was not the one who executed the Ice Explosion. This was because the person who was
controlling Huo Yuhao when he clenched his fist was the Ice Empress!

Ice Explosion was an extremely powerful ability which belonged to the Ice Jade Scorpions. Previously, when the Ice Empress chose to become Huo Yuhao’s second martial soul on top of becoming his soul ring, she was unable to hand this soul skill over to him. However, when it came to controlling the Ice Explosion skill, the Ice Empress was definitely better than the Snow Empress.

Hence, she not only detonated the blocks of ice that fell from the sky, but also the icebergs within a few thousand meter radius.

That insane explosive power instantly caused the entire expansive Ice Sea to become extremely chaotic.

Among Huo Yuhao’s five most powerful Spirits, the Ice Empress had the worst temper. The Ice Empress was infuriated after watching how the Princess of the Sea was so demanding and unreasonable even after the Snow Empress had tried to personally convince her otherwise. She could not bear to see how the Princess of the Sea threatened to kill Huo Yuhao and
Tang Wutong. Hence, the Ice Empress chose to detonate the icebergs around them. This sent the entire sea into a frenzy, which the Princess of the Sea could not turn a blind eye to. Even though both herself and her daughter would not be in trouble, the countless aquatic soul beasts in the sea would be in serious peril.

The Princess of the Sea had no choice but to focus fully on controlling the seawater to counter the powerful explosion started by Ice Explosion. She had to contain the explosion in order to prevent it from affecting the underwater world.

The Snow Empress hesitated for a short while before signalling Tang Wutong. Together, they flew away into the distance.

With the ice explosions distracting the Princess of the Sea, it would be a while before she could catch up to them. The Snow Empress felt that it was unlikely that the Princess of the Sea would chase after them anymore.

However, it seemed as though the Snow Empress had underestimated the Princess’ hatred for humans. Just when they had flown out a bit, a gigantic wave was raised again as it pursued them.

This time around, the Snow Empress was not planning to run away anymore. Huo Yuhao’s dark blue eyes flickered, following which, the Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass emerged from his shoulder. The Ice Empress, Little Bai, and the Skydream Iceworm were also released from Huo Yuhao’s body as they floated behind him.

While Tang Wutong was silently standing where she was, she could sense clearly the anger boiling within the Snow Empress.
Back when the Snow Empress was still in the Extreme North, she was probably of equal status to the Princess of the Sea. In fact, she was more powerful than the Princess of the Sea. However, the Princess did not seem to care about this, nor did she show any respect to the Snow Empress. With the ego and pride the Snow Empress had, how could she let this go so easily?

Since you really want to fight, bring it on!

The Snow Empress stared coldly at the Princess and her daughter, who were riding on a tall wave crest. She said coldly, “Princess of the Sea, are you dead set on fighting me to the death today?”

The Princess of the Sea returned an equally cold stare. “Snow Empress, I don’t care whether you are real or fake or some sort of Spirit. I just want you to know that my little daughter—who has the royal blood of the Merfolk flowing in her golden veins
—is my successor. Now that she is about to die, the entire Merfolk race could go extinct. In that case, do you think I still have anything holding me back? These despicable humans must all die.”
As she spoke, she raised her hands as she transformed the ocean around her into water arrows. These arrows went straight for the Spirits, Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong, who were floating in mid-air.

“Oh really?” The Snow Empress replied coldly, “Let’s see who will be the one dying today!”

The Icy War God’s Armor radiated a deep blue glow as the water arrows which were rapidly ascending transformed into ice crystals before falling back into the sea. The Ice Empress, who was beside the Snow Empress, pressed her hands down as some of the ice arrows changed direction, and sped downwards instead.

The Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass released its Star Anise Icy Coagulation as it furiously absorbed the ice-type elemental energy from the air. The air above the Ice Sea was definitely not only the Princess’ home ground. The ice-type Spirits also commanded the same home ground advantage.

Er Bai released a blinding white light from its body as the air around it started to become very volatile and violent. The Ice Bear King’s Blizzard!

At this point in time, winds and clouds were surging over the backdrop of humongous waves on the surface of the Ice Sea. A huge battle was about to unfold.

The Skydream Iceworm had transformed into a golden light before appearing in front of Tang Wutong. Tang Wutong lifted her hand and reached out for the Life Reflection Shield.

As she held the Life Reflection Shield with her left hand and the Golden Dragon Spear with her right hand, she released a powerful golden aura as she floated in mid-air. She was charging her power for the inevitable blow she would deliver.

She might not be moving now, but once she launched herself into the fight, she would definitely create an incredible impact.

The Princess of the Sea and her daughter seemed to have revised their strategy this time around. She sent gigantic water pillars from the Ice Sea into the sky. The pillars were aimed at both Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong. Even though the Ultimate Ice soul power was able to freeze these pillars, the continuous water flow within them would immediately flush the ice slabs
into Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong. There was no chance of them landing straight back into the sea.

In addition, the Princess of the Sea was a powerful soul beast which had cultivated for over six hundred thousand years, and ruled the vast ocean. She had long seen through the fact that the Snow Empress was only relying on the strengths of the humans for this battle. Even though the Snow Empress might be able to put up a fight when it came to soul skills and other fancy abilities, she would not be able to compare with the Princess of the Sea when it came to pure power. Hence, the Princess of the Sea chose the simplest method—to dominate! Even though it would be very taxing on her body, she wanted to dominate Huo Yuhao—who was under the control of the Snow Empress—by defeating him with her larger soul power reserves.

On top of that, the Princess of the Sea began her melodic singing as she released rings of blue light into her surroundings. It was impossible to avoid them as they drifted towards Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong.

The Snow Empress and Tang Wutong immediately shut off their sense of hearing. However, the Princess’ voice was also a
form of spiritual attack. Hence, it was useless to just shut off one’s sense of hearing.

If Huo Yuhao was still awake, he would definitely know a way to stop it. However, the Snow Empress could only use Huo Yuhao’s body to release her abilities. She was not able to control his spiritual power. If the Skydream Iceworm had not fused completely with Huo Yuhao, she might still be able to control some of his spiritual power. However, after Huo Yuhao had fused the Three-Eyed Golden Lion’s Skull of Destiny with his body, she was no longer able to control his spiritual power.

A powerful dizzying sensation started to sweep towards them. The Princess’ spiritual power was simply too strong. Under the suppression of her superior soul power and the constant shockwaves of her spiritual power, the Snow Empress was unable to release her attacking power effectively. The Princess’ power was definitely comparable to that of a human Ultimate Douluo.

Because Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong were unable to perform their martial soul fusion, even with the support of the Spirits, they were fighting a losing battle.
The Princess of the Sea stared coldly at her opponents, who were being pushed back by countless blocks of thick ice. She knew that victory was imminent. Even though these humans were extremely powerful—especially when they had the help of the Snow Empress—they would not be able to stand up to her overwhelming power.

My dear daughter! Mother will avenge you. If you really die in the future, I will use countless human lives to pray for your soul!

The Snow Empress gritted her teeth as she tried to fend off the furious attacks which were coming her way. If not for the Icy War God’s Armor, she would have long since crumbled. After all, Huo Yuhao had not even become a Titled Douluo. Even though he already possessed a soul core, it was ultimately still a spiritual-type soul core. Under such circumstances, the soul skills he could execute were very limited. The assistance provided by his Spirits were all built on the foundation of his original soul power. Even though this granted him a boost in power, this boost was ultimately limited.

Huo Yuhao might be able to put up with the attacks for longer if he was awake and was able to use the Haodong Power with Tang Wutong. However, the Snow Empress was unable to
hold off the attacks any longer. The boost provided by the Icy War God’s Armor was still not able to put Huo Yuhao on par with an Ultimate Douluo!

What do I do now? Are we really going to perish here? Huo Yuhao had just managed to establish contact with a God. There was a really good chance that he could set us free in the future. How can I just die here like this?


Suddenly, a loud metallic sound could be heard. Following which, a blinding golden light appeared beside Huo Yuhao.

After the golden light appeared, it was actually able to stop the rapidly ascending blocks of ice. No matter how the seawater tried to push it upwards, the thick block of ice just would not budge.

This is…
Everyone, including the Princess of the Sea, the Snow Empress and the Spirits, were all focused on Tang Wutong.

Yes, this overwhelming golden light was coming from Tang Wutong’s body.

Right now, Tang Wutong had closed her eyes as a gigantic ball of purple-gold light radiated from her back. This was her eighth soul skill—the Dragon Dance of the Radiant Sun.

The Dragon Dance of the Radiant Sun’s huge amount of energy was highly concentrated as it continued to radiate pressure and power to block the Princess’ attack.

However, both the Snow Empress and the Princess of the Sea could tell that Tang Wutong would not be able to maintain the sun for too long. After all, it was ultimately a soul skill, and there was a limit as to how long soul masters could maintain their soul skills.

The Princess of the Sea laughed coldly after determining that Tang Wutong’s soul skill was but her final struggle. She continued to inject her spiritual power into her voice as her
singing became increasingly melodic. However, she did not activate her stronger soul skills.

The more powerful a soul skill was, the likelier it was to expose the user defensively after execution. Previously, Huo Yuhao was able to neutralize her strongest attack and seal her. This left a deep impression on the Princess of the Sea. Hence, now that she had the upper hand, she was content with maintaining her lead. She was not anxious to win at all, because she knew she could outlast Tang Wutong and Huo Yuhao when it came to soul power.

The Snow Empress took in a deep breath as she turned around to look at the Ice Empress. The Ice Empress gave her a gentle nod as she turned around and floated to Huo Yuhao’s side. The image of the Snow Empress emerged from Huo Yuhao’s body and fused instantly with the Ice Empress. A powerful ice jade color light suddenly appeared, and instantly increased in intensity!

Pride of the Ice and Snow Empresses!

This was probably their last chance to fight to the end.
Even though they knew how slim their chances were, they knew they had to try in order to even have a chance of surviving.

However, no one would have expected what would happen next.

As the Pride of the Ice and Snow Empresses transformed into a gigantic pillar of light that pushed the thick block of ice in the air towards the Princess of the Sea, Tang Wutong chose to keep her Dragon Dance of the Radiant Sun close to her body instead of assisting the Ice and Snow Empresses with their attacks. It seemed as though she had given up on attacking when the best opportunity had just revealed itself to her.

The five Spirits were shocked by what she had just done.
What is she thinking?

Under the protection of the purple golden sun, Tang Wutong, who was floating in mid-air, tapped her forehead with her right hand. Following which, her ninth soul ring lit up!
Even Huo Yuhao had not seen Tang Wutong use her ninth soul skill. They might share an intimate relationship, but he had never asked her about it. After all, soul skills were the biggest secrets for soul masters. If Tang Wutong did not share her ninth soul skill with him, Huo Yuhao would never ask her about it because he respected her decision.

But now, when they were in serious peril, Tang Wutong decided to activate her blood-red ninth soul ring for the first time.

As the red light continued to expand into its surroundings, the Snow Empress and Ice Empress immediately understood what Tang Wutong was trying to do after seeing how the ninth ring lit up. Tang Wutong did not release the Dragon Dance of the Radiant Sun to attack the Princess of the Sea. She had released it to protect herself as she used the time to execute her ninth soul skill. It was apparent that her ninth soul skill required a long time to charge up before it could be released.

The Princess of the Sea felt her heart skip a beat as an inexplicable sense of panic hit her. She was shocked by what she was seeing. Immediately, she did not care about wasting soul power anymore as her eyes turned golden. She moved her
gigantic fishtail as a golden image appeared behind her back. The image was identical to her.

The image lifted her hands as a blue hexagonal crystal appeared in mid-air.

Just when the Pride of the Ice and Snow Empress was about to hit her, it was blocked by this crystal. The attack disintegrated immediately, and the Princess of the Sea remained unharmed.

“Is this…  the Ocean Heart?”  The Snow Empress asked in disbelief.

The Ocean Heart was a fabled super soul skill which only Merfolk with the golden bloodline could control and use. It could grant its user immunity from any energy-based attack once. Following which, it would transfer the energy within the attack it had absorbed to the user, allowing them to combine that power with their own power for their next attack.

As the Princess held the Ocean Heart, she neutralized the Pride of the Ice and Snow Empresses and absorbed its energy. Following which, her entire body turned a brilliant gold as her
spiritual energy surged and caused huge waves throughout the entire Ice Sea.

The Princess of the Sea raised the Ocean Heart high up in the sky as a blue pillar of light shot straight up into the sky at Tang Wutong.

This blue pillar contained an insane amount of energy. It consisted of water-type elemental energy, Ultimate Ice energy from the Pride of the Ice and Snow Empresses, and the insane spiritual energy from the Princess of the Sea.

This attack was called the Curse of the Ocean Heart! It was truly the strongest attack the Princess of the Sea was capable of.

When the blue light was released, the entire sky above the Ice Sea darkened. Countless lightning bolts flickered in the sky, as though the sky was about to crack and fall.

The Snow Empress and Ice Empress were both stunned by the powerful blow coming their way. The Star Anise
Mysterious Ice Grass started to tremble in fear, while Little Bai’s jaws dropped as it stopped its storm.

The streak of blue light was going straight for Tang Wutong, and destroying everything that stood between it and her.

The Snow Empress definitely knew how powerful the streak of light was. Before she became a Spirit, she was also able to kill her enemies with a single blow from her Snowless Glacier after setting up her domain. Unless it was truly necessary, soul beasts which possessed such high cultivation levels would never use such deadly techniques. The Princess of the Sea must have felt sufficiently threatened by Tang Wutong’s ninth soul skill to have decided to use her Ocean Heart.

One must know that the Ocean Heart would require a month to recharge before it could be used again!

At this instant, Tang Wutong seemed to be in her own world. She appeared to be completely oblivious to her surroundings. As the blue light continued to get closer to her, she did not show any signs of resistance.
A golden light flashed as it moved in front of Tang Wutong. It was the Life Reflection Shield, which had landed in her hands.

At this crucial moment, the Skydream Iceworm was the only one who was still able to keep himself clear-headed.

It definitely knew that he would not be able to block this blow. However, he just wanted to fight for some time for Tang Wutong. At this instant, he was just thinking about all the things that had happened between Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong, as well as the tribulations he had overcome with Huo Yuhao. He had no hesitation or any ulterior motives. All he wanted to do was protect Tang Wutong for that short instant for Huo Yuhao.

And then, at that very instant, Huo Yuhao—who had been unconscious—was suddenly awakened by some mysterious energy. His eyes suddenly lit up with fear and determination.

“Dong’er! Wutong!”

A blinding light flashed as all four Spirits were thrown aside by Huo Yuhao. He immediately planted himself before Tang
Wutong just when the blue light was only three meters away from her. He extended his right hand to grab the Life Reflection Shield from Tang Wutong before swinging it out of the way.

He turned around to face Tang Wutong.

Huo Yuhao’s eyes slowly closed as he fell back into his unconscious state. However, his face revealed a satisfied smile.

He did not know what the blue light was. In fact, his entire “awakening”   was  purely  subconscious.  However,  he  was already satisfied with what had just happened. He was able to take the blow for his loved one. What could be more satisfying than waking up for this short instant to do that?

The Skydream Iceworm morphed back into its human form after being tossed out of the way. Tears were already streaming down his face as he tried to control his emotions. The other Spirits rushed towards Huo Yuhao after realizing what he was about to do as they tried to block the blow for him. However, it was too late. The Curse of the Ocean Heart was already at his back.
At that instant, the five Spirits’ minds blanked out. They naturally knew why Huo Yuhao would push them out of the way.

Because they had all previously absorbed the Manifold Mysterious Ice Essence, the foundation of their spiritual awareness was very stable. Even if he were to die, they would still be able to live on and pursue their goals through alternate means. Their lives would not be threatened, at least in the short run. Huo Yuhao did not want them to die for him!

The Princess of the Sea and her daughter were also shocked to see Huo Yuhao put his body in front of Tang Wutong without any hesitation. They were very uncomfortable seeing his demonstration of love.

This human is actually willing to sacrifice himself to save his companions! Does he really deserve to die?

However, it was already too late. The attack released by the Princess of the Sea had already reached Huo Yuhao’s back. The Princess of the Sea did not believe that he would be able to withstand this attack. Both Tang Wutong—the human which
seemed to threaten her—and Huo Yuhao would most definitely disintegrate into pieces.

When the Curse was about a foot away from Huo Yuhao, the Icy War God’s Armor started to release dark blue ripples. It was trying to radiate as much Ultimate Ice as possible to resist the Curse.

However, no matter how strong a soul tool was, its user had to be strong enough to harness its potential!

A low humming sound could be heard from the Icy War God’s Armor. It was almost as though it was crying for its owner.

A long and loud sigh could be heard from a position in front of Huo Yuhao.

Following which, Huo Yuhao was thrown out of the way like a gunny sack.
That streak of blue light that was merely inches away from his body did not manage to hit him.

Tang Wutong floated silently in mid-air, as though she had already lost consciousness. The Dragon Dance of the Radiant Sun which was behind her back had also disappeared. She closed her eyes and slept like a sleeping beauty.

A trident which was glistening with a brilliant golden glow was suspended before her. The Curse of the Ocean Heart landed directly on the tip of the trident.

The Princess’ strongest attack—which rivalled that of an Ultimate Douluo—was neutralized. The Princess’ jaw dropped as she watched the Ocean Heart, which was in her hand, disintegrate.

An illusory hand formed on the pole of the trident as an illusory figure appeared out of thin air.

Even though the person was not in his actual physical form, he was instantly able to calm the entire Ice Sea when he
appeared. There were no longer any ripples or waves in the entire ocean.

He had long blue hair that resembled a waterfall. His long hair that reached his feet was the backdrop for his mighty figure and broad shoulders. The man wore a majestic blue robe, which seemed to ripple like water. If one were to pay close attention to his robe, one would lose his or her soul in the depths of the dark blue of his robe.

Even though his handsome face hinted that he was under thirty years old, he had a pair of sunken eyes that were very alluring. His eyes seemed to look empty, yet at the same time, they appeared to encompass everything in the universe. Occasionally, a flash of purple flickered across his eyes. It seemed to hint at the inevitable passing of beauty in our world, as well as the astounding truths of life and death.

The Snow Empress, Ice Empress, Skydream Ice Worm, Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass, and the Ice Bear King had all become frozen in mid-air after the faint figure appeared. Their spirit forms were no longer able to move.
Huo Yuhao, who had been tossed aside was also floating peacefully in mid-air.

The daughter of the Princess started to tremble vigorously. She lowered her head and did not dare to even steal a glance at the figure.

The beautiful Princess of the Sea’s eyes widened as the scales on her gigantic fishtail suddenly curled up. She realized she had lost all connection with the sea. Her power was decreasing at an impossible rate.

However, she was not overly concerned by that. Her attention had already been fully absorbed by the golden trident before her, as well as the illusory figure wielding it.

“Yo-You are…” The Princess of the Sea’s voice trembled, not out of fear, but because of her excitement.

“Don’t hurt them. Bring them to your little daughter, and they will help you. Don’t let hatred blind you.” The voice projected from the image was extremely gentle. However, in
the ears of the Princess and her daughter, it was filled with authority.

The image gently raised the trident in his hand. Following which, the trident released an unparalleled golden light. Instantly, the entire Ice Sea turned golden as the golden light rippled within and across the water. Every single aquatic soul beast in the Ice Sea felt as though they had been purified spiritually. All of their negative emotions seemed to have vanished.

And this included both the Princess and her daughter. They found the long lost calm within their hearts, and no longer felt the hatred they had felt towards Huo Yuhao, Tang Wutong, and humans in general.

The illusory image walked towards Tang Wutong as he lifted his hand and stroked her long hair dotingly. Following which, the image flickered and returned to Tang Wutong’s forehead, along with the golden trident. The golden trident brand reappeared on her forehead before disappearing again.

The golden color in the seawater slowly faded away as the five Spirits in the air slowly regained the ability to move. All of
them felt as though they had just woken up from a dream.

Chapter 544: Tears of the Mermaid Princess

“Whoosh!”  Huo Yuhao was suddenly freefalling toward the ocean.

He had been tossed quite a distance away before this, so he was relatively far from his Spirits as he was falling, while Tang Wutong was still unconscious as she hovered in midair.

“Yuhao!” The Snow Empress exclaimed as she flew as fast as she could in his direction.

The Princess of the Sea raised her right hand at Huo Yuhao, and a beam of blue light struck his body.

“No—” The Snow Empress shouted as Huo Yuhao’s other spirits pounced in his direction as quickly as they could. But how could they be faster than the Princess of the Sea, who was firing a beam of blue light at him?
Blue light permeated the air as it swallowed Huo Yuhao’s body.

Huo Yuhao’s five Spirits could feel their souls quiver in that instant, and an unspeakable fear coursed over their bodies. They couldn’t imagine how their futures would be if they lost Huo Yuhao in this moment.

But their eyes shone brilliantly once more in the next moment.

The blue light that enveloped Huo Yuhao’s body immediately transformed into a layer of blue air bubbles that cocooned him. He stopped falling, and hovered in midair once more as it allowed the Snow Empress to jump over.

The layer of air bubbles didn’t have any offensive or defensive capabilities, like all it could do was float. The Snow Empress almost immediately returned to Huo Yuhao’s body and controlled him.

The murderousness in the Princess of the Sea and her daughter’s eyes had completely vanished, and gentle blue light
now shone from their bodies.

The Princess nodded in Huo Yuhao’s direction and said, “I’m sorry, Snow Empress. Looks like we did have a misunderstanding before this.”

The Snow Empress reoriented herself and attempted to recall what had just happened. She felt extremely astonished and in disbelief, as her heart was still filled with fear even to this moment because she was afraid of losing Huo Yuhao. At the same time, she was also fearful of the shadow that Tang Wutong’s ninth soul skill had drawn out.

That shadow had suppressed everything around it when it appeared. It was more easily explained for Spirits because they were in their spiritual forms, and their original strength was long gone. But the Princess of the Sea and her daughter weren’t like that! The Princess had more than six hundred thousand years of cultivation, and she would be ranked in the top four among the Ten Great Savage Beasts if she was ranked with the ones on land. But she didn’t have any intention to resist that shadow. What kind of soul skill was that, that it could achieve such an effect?!
Tang Wutong had reopened her eyes by now. A layer of bluish-golden light flickered and disappeared in the instant when she opened her eyes.

“Yuhao!”  She  screamed  as  well  before  she  raced  in  Huo Yuhao’s direction and hugged him. Tang Wutong was still unleashing her martial soul, but it was evident that her ninth soul ring had turned gray. One couldn’t even see that it was there without inspecting her closely.

The Princess and her daughter left the ocean’s surface and flew towards Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong. Their hostility was completely gone by now, and all that was left was an apologetic expression.

They flew in front of Tang Wutong and bowed to her respectfully. “Greetings, Messenger of the Sea God. We express our apologies for our behaviour before this. You are our beacon and guide, and we pray that the Sea God’s light will shine upon us for eternity.”

Tang Wutong nodded and said, “Now you should understand that we don’t harbor ill intentions?”
The Princess nodded hurriedly and said, “Are the two of you, my valued guests, willing to come into our ocean?”

She could vividly remember every single word that the shadow had just said to her, and her eyes were full of eagerness and urgency as she spoke.

The Snow Empress’ voice came from Huo Yuhao’s body as she said, “It’s too late for you to understand. Let’s go, Wutong. Forget about them. If you hadn’t unleashed that ability of yours before this, both you and Yuhao would be in the ocean feeding fish by now.”

The Princess’ expression changed drastically as she forced a laugh and said, “I’m begging you, Snow Empress. Give us a chance. My daughter is about to die, and it’s my fault. If you can save my daughter, I will agree to whatever price you wish us to pay.”

Her voice was full of grief and agony. Her daughter beside her began to sob at the same time, and she bent down for a deep bow.
“You decide, Wutong.”  The Snow Empress’  voice became a little more friendly. They were all soul beasts after all. Furthermore, their conflict with humans that the Princess had just told her about moved her in the end.

Tang Wutong nodded in the Princess’ direction and said, “Take us to your child.”

The Princess was overjoyed. She bowed deeply at Tang Wutong before she raised her hands, and gentle blue light enveloped everyone. It transformed into an enormous blue air bubble before it sank into the sea.

The Princess lived up to her name as the Ice Sea’s ruler. The blue bubble landed on the ocean’s surface, and the seawater split around it. There wasn’t a single trace of hindrance as the bubble took them deeper into the ocean. They couldn’t feel a single bit of underwater pressure, and they could even breathe casually.

The seawater’s color grew dark. They could only see the things around them with the light shining faintly from the blue air bubble, but their visibility was low.
All the aquatic soul beasts beneath the ocean automatically backed away when they felt this air bubble’s aura.

They were descending very quickly, and they only started to slow after roughly ten minutes. The depths of the ocean began to light up.

Tang Wutong looked, and her beautiful eyes were overcome with astonishment.

An enormous patch of buildings that resembled halls and palaces were just standing there, deep beneath the ocean. They emanated faint blue colors, and lit up the surrounding several dozen kilometers. There were mermaids swimming through and around them, and every single one of these buildings was made from corals in the oceans, and all sorts of rare minerals.

They weren’t like true human structures, but they possessed the ocean’s characteristics. For instance, Tang Wutong witnessed a mermaid who had just come out from a gigantic seashell that was five meters tall, and was swimming around swiftly in the ocean.
This is the underwater world! It’s magnificent.

All the merfolk swimming around stopped when the Princess of the Sea and her daughter returned. They lowered their heads respectfully and expressed their reverence.

The Princess waved her hand, and only then did those merfolk swim away once more. They didn’t dare to come near, and only those who were especially daring would stare curiously at Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong in the air bubble. Some were confused, while most felt hostile.

The Princess controlled the air bubble and floated to some structures that were completely made from corals. This building was also the largest one in this underwater world.

The bubble gradually grew smaller as the two mermaids emerged from within it. They left two elongated bubbles that covered Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong’s bodies.

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong could breathe on their own with these bubbles around, and they wouldn’t feel the seawater’s pressure around them.

“My  two  honored  guests,  please.”  The  Princess  used  her consciousness to pass a message, and gestured at them at the same time before she went ahead to lead the way.

This coral palace was extremely large. It was thirty meters tall and more than a hundred meters wide. A building of such scale was rarely seen even in the human world. This palace radiated dense soul power undulations, and the building itself possessed certain offensive and defensive capabilities. Considering how deep this palace was beneath the ocean, there was no doubt about its safety.

The Princess and her daughter escorted Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong as they drifted inward. Of course, the Snow Empress was still controlling Huo Yuhao’s body.

Huo Yuhao’s unconsciousness was even more absolute after he blocked an attack for Tang Wutong. Even his five Spirits couldn’t feel his spiritual undulations at all; he was in a deep slumber. It wasn’t hard to see how costly using that Godsealing Spell was to him.
The Princess and her daughter took them all the way into the palace’s innermost regions, and stopped when they arrived at a pristinely white room that was constructed entirely from corals.

The two mermaids were already overcome with grief and sadness in this moment, because they could clearly feel that their loved one’s life force was becoming increasingly weaker.

They opened the coral door and took Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong inside.

The room was huge, and there were all kinds of ornaments and decorations inside. There were pearls the size of human heads, shells that were translucent like crystals, and gorgeous seven-colored corals. Every single item would command exorbitant prices in the human world.

There was a bed in the center of the room. The bed was also white, and it seemed a little like jade as it emanated faint chills.

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong had seen something like that before. It was ice jade.

Back when Huo Yuhao had first discovered the Clear Sky Sect, he had completed his Spirit fusion with the Snow Empress on ice jade, and had nearly made a grave mistake.

There was a young mermaid lying on this bed of ice jade. She looked very similar to the other young princess, except she was a little smaller and more petite. She had flowing blue hair and a golden tail, and still radiated astonishing beauty even though she was just lying there in a deep sleep.

However, her life force was so weak that it was almost undetectable. Her face was ghastly pale, and it carried a tinge of defeat. It appeared like her life was coming to an end.

The Princess and her daughter sobbed uncontrollably as their pearly tears floated through the water and radiated faint white light.

The Princess of the Sea turned around and went down on her knees toward Tang Wutong. “I’m begging you, please save my child. If you can save my child, I promise I will fulfill whatever request you have.”
Tang Wutong arrived in front of the mermaid princess who was in a deep slumber, and she observed her condition closely before she shook her head gently and said, “I’m sorry, Princess of the Sea. There’s nothing I can do.”

The Princess of the Sea was momentarily stunned as tears burst out from her eyes once more. This time, her tears became like golden pearls as the entire underwater world seemed to quiver from her sobbing.

“No, that’s not possible. The Sea God just said that you guys can save my child, so you definitely can. I’m begging you, please save my daughter. I’m willing to pay for my disrespect before   this   with   my   life.”    The   Princess   was   sobbing uncontrollably.

Tang Wutong shook her head and said, “Princess, it’s not that I’m unwilling to help you, but I really don’t have that ability. Perhaps, there might be something he could do if he were still awake. But he’s been knocked unconscious from the battle he just had with you, and he’s expended too much spiritual power.”

The Princess of the Sea finally understood that she had brought this upon herself! She glanced at her daughter on the ice jade bed and then at Huo Yuhao before she gritted her teeth
and said, “If he’s consumed too much spiritual power, then I have a solution.”

She raised her hand as she spoke and waved it in the water. The golden pearls that she had shed as tears gathered in front of her once more. The Princess hesitated no more, and the golden pearls glowed under her control and flew in Huo Yuhao’s direction.

A mermaid’s tears were the most valuable pearls in the world, and they contained pure spiritual energy. If normal people could obtain even a single tear, their intelligence would be enhanced, and they would even find longevity from the nourishing of their spirit.

The Princess of the Sea was queen of the mermaids, and golden pearls like that only appeared when she was in extreme grief. Every single golden pearl was part of her spiritual origin, and they would naturally return to her body if they dissipated in the ocean’s water. But in this moment, she directly passed the energy in her tears to Huo Yuhao. In other words, she was fusing part of her spiritual origin with him!
Faint golden light circled around Huo Yuhao as they gradually diffused into his body.

Huo Yuhao’s spiritual aura immediately grew dense, and the Snow Empress gave up control over his body as well. She allowed Huo Yuhao to absorb the Princess’ spiritual power in that air bubble.

Every golden pearl landed on Huo Yuhao’s forehead before disappearing inside.

Huo Yuhao’s Eye of Destiny opened soundlessly after a few moments, and his translucent soul core deep inside his pupil spun rapidly as it absorbed the Princess’ vast spiritual origin from those golden pearls.

Huo Yuhao’s spiritual soul core was initially as deep as it could be, and everything around it was like a black hole. However, after absorbing that spiritual power, the dark soul core was slowly tainted with a golden layer as its rotation slowed. However, its aura became increasingly stable.
Cultivating soul cores was the most difficult task for soul masters. Why was it so hard to improve after becoming a Titled Douluo? The reason was because a Titled Douluo had to continuously consolidate his soul core if he wished to improve his cultivation, and he had to increase his soul core’s strength and stability. How difficult was that? Furthermore, this was a task that external forces couldn’t help with at all in typical circumstances.

Huo Yuhao seemed to have been blessed from his misfortune. The Princess was a soul beast who could be considered one of the most adept with spiritual power in the world. Her spiritual power wasn’t overbearing and dominant like the Evileye Tyrant King, but was instead filled with warmth and gentleness like the ocean’s water, and these golden pearls were tears that came from her spiritual origin, so they contained her purest spiritual power. There weren’t any impurities in them.

Therefore, Huo Yuhao didn’t run into any trouble throughout the fusion process, and the golden pearls greatly nourished his soul core.

Changing a soul core’s fundamental qualities through cultivation was extremely difficult. What was happening to Huo Yuhao meant his spiritual soul core wasn’t at its original
standard anymore, and it was going through a qualitative improvement.

How hard was it to undergo a qualitative improvement like that at his level of spiritual power? This qualitative change would definitely be enormously helpful for him to form his second soul core. His control would be greatly improved.

The Princess stopped after forty-nine golden pearls fused with Huo Yuhao. Her face had become a little pale, and her spiritual aura was conspicuously weaker than before.

She would need tens of thousands of years of nourishment to recover after consuming so much of her spiritual origin. Of course, that wasn’t important to the Princess of the Sea. The most important matter for her was to save her child!

Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power was nourished so much that he finally, gradually woke up from his deep slumber.

The first feeling he had when he opened his eyes was how clear this world was. He didn’t need Spiritual Detection for
everything around him to be in his senses, and that feeling was just too magical.

Eh? Is this the underwater world?

Huo Yuhao regained his memory as he immediately snapped his head to one side. He heaved a huge sigh of relief when he saw a pair of large pinkish-blue eyes staring right at him.

Huo Yuhao felt very warm and wonderful when he saw Tang Wutong’s concerned eyes as she stared at him. She was most concerned about him, no matter when and where!

“I’m alright, don’t worry.” Tang Wutong held his hand and gently leaned against him.

“That’s  great!”   Huo  Yuhao  reoriented  himself  before  he turned towards the Princess of the Sea.

The Princess seemed very frail, but her eyes were filled with hope as she stared at Huo Yuhao and begged, “I’m sorry, my respected human friend. We have misunderstood you before
this, and I am begging you to heal my daughter. If you can save her, the Merfolk are willing to do anything to return this favor.”

Even though Huo Yuhao didn’t know what had happened, he could tell from the Princess’ attitude that they should have reconciled their conflict.

Huo Yuhao then turned to the mermaid princess lying on the ice jade bed. Of course, he understood what the Princess of the Sea was saying. That was especially so because this mermaid princess’ aura had become extremely weak. It wouldn’t be long before she would leave this world forever.

“Alright, let me take a look at your daughter first.” He didn’t have time to ask about what had happened as he arrived next to the ice jade bed. The air bubble that was protecting him shifted and followed his footsteps very strangely.

Huo Yuhao activated Spiritual Detection, and it stretched like an enormous web over the mermaid princess.
Huo Yuhao realized to his surprise that his spiritual power seemed to have undergone another qualitative enhancement. It had become like his Purple Demon Eyes, and possessed a kind of ability that could go into very intricate detail. Furthermore, his spiritual power had become a lot more consolidated.

Huo Yuhao inspected her closely for a while, and discovered what the mermaid princess’ problem was as he frowned tightly.

“The princess’  situation is not very optimistic. I’m afraid I don’t have the ability to heal her.”

The Princess of the Sea and her daughter’s faces changed drastically when they heard his words, and their eyes grew dim.

They were also very adept with spiritual power, and had already conducted all kinds of checks on their little princess. Naturally, they knew what the problem was.

Huo Yuhao continued, “The princess’ spirit must have been severely injured. There isn’t any problem with her body, but
her spirit has been separated from her body. Furthermore, her spirit is fragmented and incomplete, while her origin has been heavily damaged. This is the reason why her spiritual sea and her life energy are dissipating so quickly. I’m afraid she can’t make it another day. If not for the fact that the princess’ spiritual power is sufficiently strong, she might have…”

The Princess forced back her grief and asked, “Is there really nothing you can do?”

Huo Yuhao contemplated for a moment. “Princess of the Sea, can you tell me how she became like this? What kind of enemy hurt her? I need to know what kind of injury her spirit has suffered before I can think of a way to help her.”

The Princess of the Sea hurriedly nodded before she recounted the same story she had told the Snow empress.

Huo Yuhao immediately understood after listening to her description. “It seems like the princess must have been hurt by evil soul masters. That evil soul master wanted to turn her spirit into an avenging spirit, so he used special methods to strip her soul away. He filled her spirit with intense resentment and hatred during the extraction process, as only then can the
princess’ soul maintain its tremendous strength after becoming an avenging spirit. But he hadn’t completed his extraction process when you rescued her, and that’s the cause of this current situation. Did you see what the princess was like when her soul was being stripped away? I need to know what happened, and how much of her spirit has been taken away, and which part. That’s the only way I can save her.”

The Princess of the Sea shook her head and said, “I don’t know all that. She was like that when I rescued her, and we couldn’t stay in that place for long, so we hurried back. We thought that we would definitely have a way to save her with our own abilities, but…”

Huo Yuhao frowned and said, “Since that’s the case, I can only take a risk and try.”

The Princess didn’t hesitate at all. “That’s alright, just do what you need to. The child is bound to die if you don’t try, and even if you fail, that’s just her bad luck.”

The Princess’ trust made Huo Yuhao relax a little. He nodded and said, “I have to find out how her soul was being stripped
away. I will use abilities similar to that of an evil soul master during the searching process, so please don’t misunderstand.”

“Alright, I will protect you.” The Princess answered without any hesitation. She only had a single thread of hope left in her heart, and she would probably lose her child forever if she let this opportunity slip. She had already decided that this little daughter would eventually be her heir!

Huo Yuhao took a deep breath. He was brimming with spiritual power in this moment, and could use any spiritual- type ability very casually.

Deep chanting sounds could be heard as a gray soul ring appeared on Huo Yuhao’s body, and his aura became dark and sinister.

The Princess of the Sea and her daughter would have panicked in fear if he hadn’t warned them beforehand. But Huo Yuhao’s words and the shadow that Tang Wutong had released before this calmed them down, and they stared earnestly at Huo Yuhao. This was their last hope.

The incantations were lengthy as Huo Yuhao’s body radiated dense spiritual power continuously, gradually forming a gray glyph in front of him.

This glyph was very unique. It looked like a human face, and it was still blurry in the beginning, but gradually appeared to be identical to the mermaid princess’ appearance, who was still unconscious. But it was completely gray.

“Go!” Huo Yuhao growled as his incantations stopped.

The glyph that was shaped like a human face swiftly floated towards the mermaid princess, and descended and landed on her face.

The mermaid princess’ body quivered vigorously once before she began to tremble, and an illusory picture drifted out from her head.

The image wasn’t large, only half a meter in diameter. But it was clear enough for everyone to see.

The image presented the mermaid princess, but she was tied onto a wooden frame with more than ten metal chains. Wasn’t that the Myriad Soul Douluo standing in front of her?

The Myriad Soul Douluo was chanting something, and he waved the Myriad Soul Banner in his hands continuously. Enormous avenging spirits howled from time to time as they encircled the mermaid princess.

There were many strange tools and items laid out around her. There were skulls, and there were other soul beasts’ bones
and skeletons.

The mermaid princess cried out agonizingly again and again, and her body trembled vigorously. She was clearly in a lot of pain.

The Princess of the Sea and her daughter couldn’t bear to look, and they closed their eyes.

Time Reversal! This was a powerful necromantic spell that Electrolux had left behind for Huo Yuhao. It demanded too much from an individual’s soul, which was why Huo Yuhao had never used it. He was taking a risk by attempting it today, and he didn’t think that he would succeed on his first try. Huo Yuhao’s formidable spiritual power was the important guarantee so that he could complete this spell. Of course, that was also because the mermaid princess was unconscious, and couldn’t possibly resist him.

The shadows in the image were illusory, and some were a little blurry. It was evident how much pain the mermaid princess was in back then.
It didn’t take long before another illusory shadow appeared from her head. This image was just like her own head, but it looked very sinister, as her eyes were bloodshot.

Huo Yuhao was momentarily stunned when he saw this. He immediately recalled that, back during his fight with the Myriad Soul Douluo, wasn’t this the most formidable avenging spirit in his Myriad Soul Banner?

So, so the Myriad Soul Douluo’s mermaid avenging spirit came from this mermaid princess.

The situation in the image changed once more. The Myriad Soul Douluo seemed to be startled, and he stopped his incantations as he swung his Myriad Soul Banner. The mermaid avenging spirit was sucked into it before he walked away.

The images stopped as the shadows dissipated, and everything returned to its original state. The mermaid princess’ circumstance seemed to become worse on the ice jade bed, and her life energy was almost undetectable.
“So?  Can  she  be  saved?”  The  Princess  of  the  Sea  asked eagerly.

Huo Yuhao forced a laugh and said, “I’m afraid that’s not possible. The princess’ soul has taken a fatal injury, and maybe not even a God can do anything about this. From what we just saw, that evil soul master must have taken away part of her soul. He used certain methods to frighten her, and he gave her the most intense pain and agony so that she developed all kinds of negative feelings. When these negative feelings started entering her soul, the evil soul master used special methods to extract these negative feelings and fused them with part of her soul. He then stripped away that part of her soul and transformed it into an avenging spirit. If you hadn’t appeared in time, the princess might have really completely become an avenging spirit. If that had happened, the evil soul master would have definitely become a lot more powerful.”

“But even then, her spiritual origin has been damaged, and only half of her soul remains. She can’t possibly survive something like this, and her spiritual sea is completely dried up, while that is the same for her life energy. She is faced with certain death.”
The Princess of the Sea fell silent when she heard Huo Yuhao’s words. Of course, she knew that his words were true. She had tried everything she could over the past few days to try and heal her daughter, but everything was futile. Huo Yuhao’s description confirmed her own speculations, and no matter how much she wasn’t willing to admit it, she knew that it was the truth.

“Is there really nothing you can do?”  The Princess of the Sea’s other daughter, the mermaid princess with the silver crown, asked worriedly.

Huo Yuhao fell silent for a moment, then said, “There is a very slim chance that perhaps I can prolong the mermaid princess’ life. But I cannot guarantee that it will be successful. Furthermore, even if I do succeed, she won’t be the same mermaid princess as before.”

The Princess of the Sea’s eyes glowed. “It doesn’t matter what she becomes as long as she can survive.” She was just a mother in this moment, and she had already given up any thought of her little daughter taking over her throne. All she wanted was for her daughter to live!
Huo Yuhao hesitated for a few moments, then said, “I can try to fuse with her spirit. If I’m successful, then she will continue living as a Spirit. If I fail, then… her spirit will vanish.”

The Princess and her daughter’s expressions changed when they heard those words.

Her spirit would vanish! That meant she would be obliterated from the world, and would disappear forever.

Faint light flickered as Huo Yuhao turned towards the Princess of the Sea. “If we don’t try this, her spirit will dissipate. You are aware of her current state, and we can’t rely on any other force to keep her fragmented soul together. Her soul is like a crystal that is completely cracked open, and part of it has been taken away. We can only use the contract so that those cracks can be pieced back together and healed. Please, make your decision quickly. The longer you drag this out, the lower our chance of success.”

“Yuhao!” Tang Wutong suddenly called his name.
Huo Yuhao turned around to Tang Wutong. She shook her head at him, and her eyes were full of disapproval.

They had been together for so long, and they understood each other’s thoughts very well. He naturally knew why Tang Wutong would object.

This mermaid princess who was in deep slumber had suffered so much pain and agony by human hands, and she would definitely awaken during the process.

The most important requirement for Spirit fusion was that the soul beast had to be cooperative. Everything would be futile if that wasn’t the case.

The mermaid princess had suffered so much pain at the hands of that evil soul master. How could she cooperate with Huo Yuhao? He would have to take a very vigorous backlash if he failed.

The mermaid princess was a hundred thousand year soul beast, and she was also a spiritual-type soul beast. If she fought against Huo Yuhao, the backlash would be very strong, and he
would likely be severely injured! His chances of success would be a lot smaller than any of his previous fusions.

That was the reason why Tang Wutong objected. She believed that he was wasting his time.

Huo Yuhao shook his head at her gently, and determination surfaced in his eyes.

He was determined to help the mermaid princess, but that wasn’t because he wanted a Spirit out of this so that he could give his Spirit Eyes its eighth soul ring. The reason he wanted to do this was because he sought understanding from these aquatic soul beasts.

Their expedition deep into the Ice Sea had allowed him to witness how vast and formidable the aquatic soul beasts were, and he had witnessed how powerful they were.

If aquatic soul beasts continued to view humans as enemies, then rivers would run with blood in the future. Even though the Ice Sea was within the Sun Moon Empire’s territory, this was still something that Huo Yuhao didn’t want to see. He
hoped that Spirits could be spread to every corner of the earth, and that was the reason why this opportunity was so important. The Princess of the Sea would trust him if he succeeded, and that would be extremely beneficial for aquatic soul beasts to joint the Spirit Pagoda’s endeavors in the future. When that happened, more soul masters wouldn’t need to hunt and kill soul beasts for soul rings. That was the best outcome.

So, Huo Yuhao was willing to take this risk. He could feel that his spiritual power was improving. He wasn’t sure whether or not this attempt would be successful, but he still had to try, even if it would result in him being severely injured!

A deep voice rang out in this moment. The Princess of the Sea sniffled as she said, “Alright, I agree. Please do it. You will always be our friend, no matter how this turns out.”

Huo Yuhao turned towards the Princess, and then at her daughter next to her. He nodded heavily in their direction before he came beside the ice jade bed.

If Tang Wutong hadn’t released her ninth soul ring, they would never trust a human. But their hostility had completely
disappeared after that shadow appeared from her ninth soul ring, and it even dispelled all the murderousness and resentment in every other aquatic soul beast’s hearts in this area.

There was only hope in the Princess and her daughter’s hearts.

Faint light flickered as ice-cold light radiated from Huo Yuhao’s face. Deep incantations could be heard once more.

They were at the bottom of the ocean. He was limited by his circumstances, so there was no way he could carve a magic formation to support him. The mermaid princess’ situation also meant that he couldn’t delay any further, and he had to begin right away.

Chapter 545: Merfolk's Blessing

This time, it was probably Huo Yuhao’s least confident attempt in fusing with a Spirit, apart from the time when he had fused the Snow Empress. However, it was also his most important fusion.

Low-pitched incantations echoed in the seawater. Huo Yuhao released gentle spiritual undulations from his body. These undulations spread towards the Mermaid on the Frigid Jade Bed, releasing a gentle aura.

The Mermaid was deep in sleep. Her soul had been crushed and the spiritual power in her spiritual sea was close to drying up. Her soul power had already ceased to exist, and her life energy was almost fully drained. Everything pointed to the fact that she was about to die.

However, she was still very beautiful in this state. Her giant tail still shone with a dim, golden glow.

Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power was also dim gold. As he recited incantations, his spiritual power engulfed her body and
covered her in a layer of gold. It also seemed to give her a layer of life energy.

Soft and gentle incantations echoed continually. Huo Yuhao’s body also turned golden. An ethereal projection of a hexagram array appeared underneath his feet. He was well into the recitation of his incantations.

Tang Wutong, the Princess of the Sea and the others were all watching intently from one side. In this aquatic world, there wasn’t any danger from the outside world. The real danger only came from the fusion process.

No one knew what the result would be, but they were all praying for success.

Slowly, a strange aura came from the sleeping Mermaid. This aura manifested as streaks of golden light. These streaks of light were released from her head. As they were released, they crystallized, and dense soul undulations also appeared.

The Princess of the Sea grabbed the hand of her eldest daughter tightly. The streaks of golden light were the remnants
of the soul energy of her youngest daughter’s soul. Once they dissipated, any indication of her youngest daughter’s life would cease to exist. She would be truly dead.

Huo Yuhao appeared as calm as could be. He gently moved his hands in the air to fit the rhythm of his incantations.

The soul energy released from the Mermaid started to gather under his control. Slowly, it took a humanoid appearance of a human. It was the appearance of the Mermaid.

It was just that she had no expression right now. It didn’t seem any different to her sleeping self.

The Princess of the Sea was very tense when she saw this. She knew that Huo Yuhao’s compression of her soul energy using his spiritual power could only last for some time. Once he let go, her daughter’s soul energy couldn’t possibly return to her body. This also meant that there was no room for regret now.

Of course, Huo Yuhao wasn’t going to back out. He only had one chance, and there wasn’t any room for failure.

Huo Yuhao’s voice became more high-pitched as he recited the incantations. His Eye of Destiny also completely lit up, and a beam of golden light shot out of it, striking the soul of the Mermaid.

The gentle soul undulations started to become more intense.
The Mermaid’s soul started to gradually open her eyes.

When she opened her eyes, she immediately revealed her emotions. She was even very emotional.

Fear, it was extreme fear!

She was completely at a loss. She was so fearful that there was only terror, sorrow, fear, and all other types of negative emotions in her eyes.

Tang Wutong’s heart sank. She clearly knew how difficult it was to fuse with a Spirit under such conditions!
Huo Yuhao shook a little, but he didn’t stop reciting the incantations. His eyes were still fixated on the Mermaid, as he tried to communicate with her on a spiritual level.

The Mermaid’s soul was struggling intensely to break free. Her powerful soul energy could be felt. She was struggling as hard as she could to destroy and break free from the restraints she had been placed under.

However, she would forever leave this world if she managed to do so!

At this moment, the Princess of the Sea and her daughter were very anxious. The Princess of the Sea really wanted to comfort her daughter! However, she couldn’t do so. She could do so at all! Right now, the sleeping Mermaid could only see Huo Yuhao, as she was stimulated by his spiritual power. She couldn’t see anyone else, and was completely immersed in his incantations. Only Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power surrounded her, and he was the only one trying to comfort her.

“No, no, no!”  The Mermaid was struggling as hard as she could. The entire contract was shaking tremendously. Huo Yuhao’s hexagram array even started to crack.

The spiritual power of this Mermaid was very strong, even stronger than that of her elder sister. Even though only a part of her soul remained, she was still resisting so hard that Huo Yuhao was about to cave in. After all, he had completely let himself go as he recited the incantations. He had no ability to resist at all. He was completely subjected to any impact inflicted on him by the other party’s soul.

Fresh blood flowed from Huo Yuhao’s mouth, nose and ears. At this point, they were just pitting their spiritual power against each other. No, they weren’t fighting at all. Rather, Huo Yuhao was trying to persuade the Mermaid. If he couldn’t do so, he would undoubtedly suffer a major backlash. In addition to that, he would fail completely.

Tang Wutong clenched her fists. At this point, no one could help Huo Yuhao. It was just a spiritual interaction. Furthermore, it had nothing to do with the strength of one’s spiritual power.

Such an equal contract could only be fulfilled if both parties were willing. Otherwise, failure was inevitable.
Huo Yuhao was holding on as well as he could right now. This was why he was suffering from a backlash. Otherwise, he could have given up on the contract earlier, and allowed the Mermaid’s soul to dissipate.

However, how could he possibly do that?

The Princess of the Sea could no longer bear to watch. From the condition Huo Yuhao was in, she could tell that he was already trying his best. He couldn’t do any better. My little girl, are your really fated to die like this?

Huo Yuhao was also becoming more and more dejected as time passed. The negative emotions experienced by this Mermaid were much worse than he had expected. He couldn’t sense any positive emotions coming from her at all. Her negative emotions were raging. When she felt that she was a human, she immediately resisted with all her might. Under this circumstance, hanging on even for a while longer took a huge toll on him, much less completing the equal contract.

What should I do? What should I do? Huo Yuhao tried to think of various solutions, but this was his first time experiencing such a situation! What kind of appropriate
solution could he think of? He could only try his best to last a little longer, and hope that this Mermaid would experience a change in her emotions. That would give him an opportunity to explain himself.

However, things didn’t go the way he wanted. Not only did her emotions not show any signs of changing, but they even became more frenzied. Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea started to show little cracks as it clashed with her spiritual power.

I can’t hold on. I think I really can’t hold on anymore. Huo Yuhao laughed bitterly to himself. He couldn’t use his life to exchange for more time! There were still five other Spirits in his spiritual sea. Once there was critical damage to his spiritual sea, his five other Spirits would also be critically hurt.

He sighed to himself. Although he was very unwilling, he also recognized that there was no other way. He could only choose to give up.

The contract was at its peak right now. The souls of both parties were starting to interact. Even though the Mermaid greatly ostracized Huo Yuhao, their souls still had a chance to interact under an equal contract.

This was going to be his only try. If this Mermaid didn’t show any signs of improving after they interacted, Huo Yuhao would have to end this fusion. Otherwise, he might suffer irreparable injuries.

Once their souls interacted, everything happened according to Huo Yuhao’s expectations. The Mermaid’s soul immediately jumped away in fear, as if she had been greatly shocked.

No, it’s still not working. Do I really have to give up?

Just as Huo Yuhao was feeling hopeless, the Mermaid’s soul actually calmed down for a moment. Following this, she seemed to be in a slight daze, and just stared at Huo Yuhao.

What? She’s no longer attacking me? She’s no longer trying to break free from me?

Huo Yuhao was also a little perplexed. He had tried so hard earlier, but didn’t achieve anything. Why was it that things were on the brink of changing now that he was about to give up?

At this moment, a layer of white light appeared within Huo Yuhao’s soul. This layer of white light wasn’t under Huo Yuhao’s control. Then, it separated from his soul and drifted in mid-air.

After this, the layer of white light expanded until it transformed into an image. It looked the same as that Mermaid!

Huo Yuhao was astonished when he saw this. The Princess of the Sea and her other daughter were also astonished.

This was…

This was clearly her soul origin! Although only a streak of it was left, it seemed to contain something within it.

As the white light flashed, it landed on the Mermaid’s body. Suddenly, she calmed down. The way she looked at Huo Yuhao also changed.
Her gaze turned much gentler. When she looked at Huo Yuhao, she seemed to be sighing softly. Her soul also started to experience changes. Originally, it only had a face. However, it soon grew bigger, and a body started to appear. It adopted the look of a Mermaid as it drifted in mid-air.


“This  is…  a  Merfolk's  Blessing.”  The  Princess  of  the  Sea exclaimed.

Tang Wutong was confused as she looked at the Princess of the Sea. She asked, “Elder, what’s a Merfolk's Blessing?”

The Princess of the Sea said, “We Mermaids are known for our spiritual power. Each of us has the opportunity to offer a blessing once in our lives. The person that’s blessed by us will be fortunate, and he’ll forever be seen as a friend to Merfolk. If it’s someone from our species, it’s a show of love. This person has actually received a Mermaid’s Blessing. In addition, it’s from my pitiful daughter! How, how is this possible? What has happened?”

Tang Wutong suddenly recalled what had happened during that fight. She was astonished as she said, “I think I know what’s going on. Before we came here, we teamed up to kill the evil soul master who harmed your daughter. Among the avenging spirits that belonged to him, one had the appearance of a mermaid. Yuhao used his power of purification to cleanse her. Before that mermaid avenging spirit disappeared, it released a spot of white light that landed on Yuhao’s body. Is that likely to be the Mermaid’s Blessing that you’re talking about?”

The Princess of the Sea teared up once again. This time, her tears weren’t golden. They appeared as clear-white pearls. They were tears of bliss and guilt. She felt guilty for how she
had targeted Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong in the past, and blissful because her daughter was able to survive.

The mermaid seemed to recognize Huo Yuhao after the fusion was granted a Mermaid’s Blessing. She no longer appeared fearful anymore. There was only a look of kinship and gratitude in her eyes.

The incantations and the contract continued. Without any resistance, everything was successful

Golden flowing light surrounded Huo Yuhao and the mermaid. Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea contained five powerful Spirits as of now. In fact, it was already at its bottleneck previously. However, it was further enriched by the golden pearls. Furthermore, with the Princess of the Sea’s golden pearls, his spiritual sea was extremely compatible with this mermaid.

As their spiritual powers interacted, Huo Yuhao didn’t feel as if his spiritual power had reached a bottleneck. On the contrary, the cracks that had formed in his spiritual sea earlier quickly healed, and his spiritual sea was even expanding at a rapid speed.

This was absolutely a delightful surprise. Was this the effect of a spiritual-type Spirit?

Before this, Huo Yuhao didn’t have a pure spiritual-type Spirit. This mermaid was his first.

During the fusion process, the mermaid could also sense the memories that Huo Yuhao let go of. Her expression turned gentler and gentler. Her lower body gradually turned pure gold after she lost her soul. After this, her body started to turn into light before transforming into spots of golden light that drifted up.

The mermaid didn’t absorb these spots of golden light. When Huo Yuhao finally finished reciting his incantations, her body had already turned completely golden. She moved her tail slightly before landing on his shoulder.

The bubbles that were originally around Huo Yuhao were crushed. However, Huo Yuhao didn’t feel suffocated at all. It was as if air had surged into his pores from all directions. In addition, he could clearly feel his spiritual power growing very quickly. It didn’t seem that there was an upper limit either. His
spiritual soul core expanded. The dim gold of the golden pearls earlier turned bright gold now. His entire spiritual sea grew by more than a third. In his spiritual sea, the seawater was no longer viscous, but completely solid. The color of the seawater was also much deeper.

His immense spiritual power spread, and even left the surface of the sea. He could sense everything around the sea and the entire underwater palace by now.

The mermaid finally saw her mother and elder sister. There was a sorrowful look in her eyes, but there was also a look of delight now that she had gotten a new life. Right now, she wasn’t stable as a Spirit yet. This was why she still couldn’t speak.

She gently moved her tail, and the golden lights that were formed from her body drifted out before landing on her elder sister.

Suddenly, her crown turned from silver to gold, and her silver tail also turned golden.
This was the strength of her lineage! The mermaid who had just become Huo Yuhao’s Spirit fused the strength of her lineage and passed it on to her elder sister.

She passed the golden Merfolk lineage of to her elder sister, so that her elder sister could continue to pass it down and become the next Princess of the Sea. This was the last thing that she had left in the sea. From now on, she was no longer part of the Merfolk, but Huo Yuhao’s sixth Spirit!

The Princess of the Sea and her daughter were both tearing up by now.

From the memories of this mermaid, Huo Yuhao learned that she was called Li Ya, and her elder sister was called Li Jing.

Dim light flashed, and Huo Yuhao revealed a smile on his face, “Elder, I was lucky to have been successful. Although her Highness cannot recover, she can at least live in a different state. As long as I’m alive, she’ll exist.”

After he finished speaking, Huo Yuhao sat cross-legged on the ground and went into meditation. Although the mermaid
was close to dying before she became his Spirit, she still carried the golden blood and lineage of the Mermaids! Her spiritual power was extremely great, even greater than her elder sister.

Huo Yuhao fused with her as a Spirit, causing his spiritual sea to balloon. Even his soul core evolved. He needed time to digest and adapt to everything.

White light flashed, and the Snow Empress appeared out of thin air in front of the Princess of the Sea. She smiled at her and said, “Princess of the Sea, I’m sure you don’t think I’m fake now, right?”

The Princess of the Sea lowered her head in guilt and answered, “Apologies, Snow Empress. I was blinded by hate. If not for the Sea God’s warning, we would have committed a serious error. However, I don’t understand why you and the Ice Empress became Spirits of this young fellow. What’s so special about him?”

The Snow Empress sighed and said, “If I had to guess, he’s a man of destiny. All of you can come out now.”
As the Snow Empress called, the other four Spirits also separated themselves from Huo Yuhao’s body and appeared in front of the Princess of the Sea.

The Snow Empress said, “Let me introduce her first. You know Ice, so I won’t say much about her. This is Skydream. In terms of cultivation, he was the strongest in the ice plains of the Extreme North. He’s also the only one in the continent right now whose cultivation is above a million years.”

The Princess of the Sea was stunned as she looked at the Skydream  Iceworm,  “A  million  years…”  As  a  six  hundred thousand year aquatic soul beast, she clearly knew how difficult it was to achieve a breakthrough at such an advanced stage of cultivation. It’s unbelievable to know that a soul beast in the ice plains can actually reach a million year cultivation.”

The Skydream Iceworm laughed bitterly. “Snow Empress, don’t overpraise me. I’m just food to many soul beasts. Princess of the Sea, I know you are worried about your daughter. In fact, let me enlighten you with my experience.”

The Skydream Iceworm recounted how he had become Huo Yuhao’s first soul ring, and how the Ice Empress became his
second martial soul.

Just like the Snow Empress mentioned, the Ice Empress, Snow Empress and Skydream Iceworm’s fusion with Huo Yuhao was a stroke of fate, whereas the Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass and Ice Bear King did it of their own accord.

After listening to the Skydream Iceworm’s account, the Princess of the Sea finally understood why Huo Yuhao was so magical, and how he had managed to come up with Spirits, which was unheard of before.

The  Snow  Empress  said,  “We  didn’t  have  any  confidence when we first followed Yuhao. However, as time passed, his character and abilities earned our recognition. He’s currently working towards the goal that he promised Skydream when he first fused with him. If he manages to fulfil it one day, we’ll be able to rise to the heavens with him, and break free from the restraints of this world.”

After hearing the Snow Empress’ words, the Princess of the Sea’s eyes brightened. While the Snow and Ice Empresses are taking a gamble, this young fellow’s fortune has been raised to a very high standard, given the amount of strength that he has
gathered. Perhaps he might really stand a chance at breaking free from the restraints of this world. When that happens…

The Princess of the Sea started to become envious, and her imagination started to run wild. After a brief moment, she restrained the stroke of impulse in her heart.

She knew that her daughter carried the hope of the Mermaids when she had fused with Huo Yuhao. While she had the desire to do the same thing, she knew that she had just reached a six hundred thousand year cultivation, and still had a long time to live. The aquatic soul beasts of the Ice Sea still needed her. Furthermore, becoming a god was almost a dream! This was why she eventually restrained her desire.

She then turned her attention to Tang Wutong, “You and the Sea God are…”

The Princess of the Sea and Li Jing weren’t the only curious ones. Huo Yuhao’s five Spirits were also equally curious.

The changes in the late stages of the fight happened because of Tang Wutong. If not for that strange projection she
summoned, they would all have been stranded here, and Huo Yuhao would have perished.

Tang Wutong smiled and replied, “My last soul skill is called Descent of the Sea God.”

The Princess of the Sea shuddered a little, and muttered, “Descent of the Sea God. Indeed, it’s indeed the Sea God!” She lifted her head to look at Tang Wutong once again, and saw the deep gaze in Tang Wutong’s eyes. She didn’t probe further, and only bowed respectfully to her.

Tang Wutong returned the bow, and didn’t explain further.

The Ice and Snow Empresses looked at each other. They were both astonished as they looked at Tang Wutong.

Sea God’s Descent? Is she actually a god? This soul skill is too strong. Even though Tang Wutong’s soul ring turned grey after unleashing that soul skill, and she probably needed a lot of time to recover before being able to unleash it, it was their first time seeing a soul skill that was that powerful. What soul beast or Spirit could possibly give her such a soul ring?

Tang Wutong settled down in the underwater world and waited for Huo Yuhao’s meditation to end. Just as they were deep in the sea, a huge storm was brewing in the Sun Moon Empire.

The Imperial Palace of the Sun Moon Empire!

Xu Tianran was seated on his throne, and there was strong killing intent in his eyes. Hundreds of officials were kneeling down in front of him. The entire palace was filled with a tense atmosphere. No one even dared to breathe loudly.

“Are  all  of  you  aware?  In  just  a  short  few  days,  a  soul formation at the Ming Dou Mountain Range was attacked and
destroyed. Following that, Oak City and Eastern Sun City were attacked and looted. The intelligence that we obtained has actually only indicated that the other party is a group of soul engineers. As for how many of them there were or what soul tools they used, it is unclear. Who can tell me where this soul engineer legion came from, and how they snuck into our borders? Or do they actually belong to us?”

Xu Tianran was shouting by the time he was finished. His furious roars echoed throughout the entire palace.

The officials were all terrified. They didn’t dare to say anything impulsive in front of Xu Tianran in his state of fury.

“Military  Chief,  tell  me!  What’s  going  on?”   Xu  Tianran glared at the Military Chief, who was standing in the front row.

The Military Chief was already more than sixty. He had no choice but to straighten his back and furrow his brow as he said, “Your Majesty, I’ve also been pondering this issue after receiving the news. It’s likely to be the work of those from the Star Luo Empire at the border of the Ming Dou Mountain Range. After all, it’s close to their empire. If they used some
special method to hide from our aerial surveillance soul tools and launch an all-out assault, it’s possible for them to complete such an ambush.”

“Nonsense!”  Xu Tianran roared, “Hide? How can they do that? You’re the Military Chief. Don’t you know how many aerial surveillance soul tools we have deployed at the border? This time, all our aerial surveillance soul tools were wiped clean. We’ve suffered heavy losses. The attack even came from within our territories, and not from the Ming Dou Mountain Range. You say it’s the work of the Star Luo Empire. Where’s the proof? Where is it? How many enemies were there?”

The Military Chief laughed bitterly. “That’s something I can’t understand either. To attack such a large-scale soul formation of ours, it’s important for them to be immensely strong. However, they didn’t leave any traces behind when our reinforcements arrived. The guards that survived the attack only claimed to have seen soul tools similar to our all-terrain self-driving forts. They were present in large numbers too. They overwhelmed us, which led to defeat. As for where those self-driving forts disappeared to, we are also unaware. As news was passed to Radiant City, the border troops deployed almost all our aerial surveillance soul tools to sweep the area, hoping to find where the problem was. However, we were disappointed. We didn’t find any clues. We only found possible
traces that an army might have been stationed in a patch of forest. That’s all. Our enemies seem to have vanished into thin air.”

“What about Oak City and Eastern City? Did they also vanish into  thin  air?”   Xu  Tianran’s  fury  seemed  to  have  been restrained a little.

The Military Chief said, “Given the current situation, I’m afraid that’s the case. We obtained more detailed intelligence from both cities. Oak City was also subjected to a similar attack. The enemy’s attack was simply too much for a city like Oak City to defend against. The city was quickly looted in a short period of time. Not long afterward, Eastern Sun City was attacked. However, the soul engineer legion that attacked Eastern Sun City didn’t use any self-driving forts. Rather, it was an elite, fully-equipped soul engineer legion. They were simply too strong. Even the two Titled Douluo from the Holy Ghost Church suffered at their hands. All our resources in the soul formation and warehouses in Eastern Sun City were completely looted.”

Xu Tianran’s breathing became heavier. He was panting in large breaths. Clearly, he was enraged.
Normally, he was able to control his emotions. However, how could he possibly remain calm after receiving so much bad news? The reason why he was furious was actually because he was terrified.

How could he tolerate someone else in his backyard? He didn’t even know the background of his enemies, and his empire had been subjected to such huge blows. It was very worrying for him.

Right now, the Sun Moon Empire was launching a very heavy assault on the three empires of the original Douluo Continent. At such a time, news of victory was spreading very quickly from the frontlines. Under Ju Zi’s leadership, the Sun Moon Empire relentlessly attacked the other territories and achieved success. This should be a period of success for the nation. However, news of instability was coming from the back end.

One, perhaps two, soul engineer legions had entered the empire. However, their aerial surveillance soul tools didn’t reveal anything. No one even knew how they had managed to sneak in. This soul engineer legion was extremely effective. Clearly, the empire was at great risk.
Under such a circumstance, Xu Tianran was even plagued by nightmares. How could he not be furious?

“Your Majesty!” An elder beside the Military Chief lifted his head. He was even older, perhaps around seventy. He was the Chief Minister, the head of all the Ministers.

“Chief Minister, please speak.”  Xu Tianran was much more courteous towards this Chief Minister. Without his support, there was no way he could have stabilized his position as Emperor.

“Your Majesty, now is not the time to be angry. We need to find this group of enemies first and destroy them at all costs. That’s important to alleviate any worries at the frontlines.”

Xu Tianran nodded slightly. He was an anti-hero. Although things were disastrous at the back end, he didn’t think of pulling Ju Zi and the army back.

Currently, it was very possible that the soul engineer legion hailed from one of the three other empires on the Douluo Continent. He had already sent people to inform Ju Zi of what
was happening, and find out whether there were any important legions that were missing at the front lines.

If this soul engineer legion came from one of the three empires and was sent into the Sun Moon Empire, their goal would be very easy to understand – restrain and destabilize the morale of the army at the front line. Once the Sun Moon Empire’s army retreated from the front line, the empire would have been tricked.

Xu Tianran gestured and said, “Everyone, rise. Prepare a seat for the Chief Minister.”

After hearing that his tone of voice was not as furious as it was before, all the officials secretly heaved a sigh of relief. The atmosphere in the palace also relaxed much more.

The Chief Minister didn’t stand on ceremony either. He had been through three Emperors, and was very well respected. As he sat and looked at the other officials, it seemed like he was looking down on them.

“What suggestions do you have?” Xu Tianran asked.

The Military Chief replied, “Given the current situation, we must first stabilize the north before getting rid of this group of thieves.”

Xu  Tianran  laughed  bitterly.  “These  thieves  have  really captured the correct timing. This is when we are the emptiest inside. We’ve sent out most of our soul engineer legions for this war. Only the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineer Legion is stationed in Radiant City, as well as two other soul engineer legions defending more important sites. To counter a soul engineer legion, we need another soul engineer legion. We’re a little overwhelmed now!”

The Chief Minister said, “Desperate times call for desperate measures. I think we need to determine where this group of thieves are first before we can target them. When necessary, we should use our greatest strength.”

“No!”  The  Military  Chief  reacted  anxiously  after  hearing that. “Your Majesty, Radiant City is the most important!”

The Chief Minister furrowed his brow and said, “If we don’t use our greatest fighting strength, we’ll only appear powerful.
At such an important period, what other suggestions do you have if you don’t adopt mine?”

The Military Chief went silent. He had many suggestions, but couldn’t achieve anything without the means! To unite the entire Douluo Continent, the Sun Moon Empire had gone all- in, sending out all their main fighting soul engineer legions. All types of soul tools were also being manufactured. At the same time, new soul engineer legions were also being trained. However, time was still needed for the results to be seen.

Over the past two years, the warehouses had been depleted to advance the speed of developing soul tools. If not for the fact that resources were being shipped back from the Heavenly Soul Empire, the Sun Moon Empire would have been unable to proceed further. However, similarly, the officials realized the benefits of war after they saw the benefits of occupying the Heavenly Soul Empire. This was why Ju Zi had gained a lot of recognition from leading the army.

“Military Chief, how’s the training for our new army going?” Xu Tianran asked.
The  Military  Chief  replied,  “Currently,  we  are  seeing progress for the four new armies that we’ve been training. However, we are still lacking in equipment. Only two new armies are equipped well enough for fighting. All our factories are operating at full capacity, but we’ll still need half a year for all four armies to be fully equipped.”

These new soul engineer legions were all equipped with Class 4 linked soul tools, and the soul masters in these legions had to have at least three rings. This was already the best the Sun Moon Empire could do. Many soul masters were even recruited from the Heavenly Soul Empire.

Chapter 546: Destruction of Heavenly Soul City

The Sun Moon Empire might be the best in terms of soul tools, but they had their own problems too. In terms of soul masters, there was a large difference between them and the three empires of the original Douluo Continent. If not for the fact that they had recruited a batch of soul masters from the Heavenly Soul Empire, they would probably not have been able to form these four new armies. Furthermore, many of those three-ringed soul masters had relied on medication to reach their cultivations. It wasn’t stable.

However, whether their abilities were stable or not wasn’t important. The most important thing was whether they could use soul tools. Because of this, the Sun Moon Empire had used all its resources to manufacture soul tools, and hoped to quickly equip its new soul engineer legions. With these legions and their soul formations, they would be strong everywhere!

Xu Tianran nodded. He knew it very well in his heart, and quickly said, “Quickly equip the first two armies with the newly manufactured soul tools. They must be prepared to obey any orders.”
“Yes, Your Majesty!”  The Military Chief acknowledged his words.

Xu Tianran turned to his Chief Minister and said, “Chief Minister, please continue.”

The Chief Minister said, “We have to quickly tap into our strengths if we want to find those guys. I suggest we deploy the Preparatory Troops to the north to conduct a carpet search. At the same time, we’ll activate the farmers to search the wilderness. Whoever can provide satisfactory information will be greatly rewarded. We can first determine where they are before taking them out in one fell swoop!”

“Your Majesty, I suggest that you quickly give orders to send rations to the north. Eastern Sun City and Oak City have been looted, causing rations in the north to be sorely lacking. We need to supplement them quickly. Otherwise, there’ll be chaos among the people.”

Xu Tianran nodded and said, “Alright, we’ll follow the Chief Minister’s suggestions.”
“Report!”  Outside  the  palace,  an  anxious  shout  could  be heard.

All the officials broke out into a cold sweat as they watched the reporting soldier. If he had come earlier, when Xu Tianran was still furious, his life would have been in danger!

That soldier didn’t wait outside, but charged into the palace holding a token instead. The guards outside the palace quickly gave way when they saw his token. They didn’t stop him at all.

All the officials were also astonished when they saw the token in this trooper’s hand. A Flying Blazon!

This so-called Flying Blazon was an information transmission method invented by the Sun Moon Empire. Whoever carried this Flying Blazon was at least a six-ringed soul engineer. He would be equipped with a powerful flying- type soul tool. Under urgent conditions, he would be allowed to use this Flying Blazon. It was the fastest way of transmitting information.
Xu Tianran set a rule. As long as the messenger had a Flying Blazon, it had to be presented in front of him no matter when it arrived. This was even if he was sleeping in the middle of the night. Every Flying Blazon soul engineer had such a token. In the Sun Moon Empire, he would be given any help he needed no matter which county he passed through.

The soul engineer quickly entered the palace and kneeled down on one knee in the middle of the hall. “Your Majesty, a Flying Blazon from the front lines.”

“Report!”  Xu Tianran became a little tense. At such a time, only Ju Zi had the right to use such an information transmission method. This also meant that this Flying Blazon had come from her.

Under what circumstances would such a transmission method be used instead of long-distance transmission through aerial surveillance soul tools?

The bad news from the north had already dampened Xu Tianran’s mood. He was really afraid of further bad news.
A box that was formed using a confidential soul tool was brought in front of Xu Tianran. There was a secret marking on the box, an arrangement between Ju Zi and Xu Tianran. Only he knew how to open this box.

After pressing the box a few times and entering a series of words, the box ‘clicked’ and opened, revealing a neatly folded piece of paper.

At this point, all the officials were quiet. They were really afraid of bad news coming from the front lines.

Xu Tianran opened the piece of paper. It only had two lines of writing on it. He glanced at it before he stood up suddenly. As it affected his prosthetic leg, his body even shook a little before he managed to stabilize himself as he shot up from his throne.

All the officials shuddered at the same time when he stood up. What was going on…

Xu Tianran stood where he was with an indescribable, complex look on his face. After a full minute, he slowly put the
piece of paper down. Then, his gaze swept across his officials.

Even the Chief Minister knew that something big had happened. He slowly stood up from his seat too.

Xu Tianran said, “The War God Empress sends news that our army fought the Heavenly Soul and Dou Ling Empires during the wee hours of the morning, defeating them! The Imperial Family of the Heavenly Soul Empire has been wiped out, and all surviving members of the regime have been removed. The remaining troops of the Dou Ling Empire have all fled under the protection of Shrek Academy! In three days, our army will occupy the entire Heavenly Soul Empire apart from Shrek City!”

Inside the palace, it was so silent that one could hear a pin drop!

The Chief Minister’s beard shook, and he immediately fell to his knees. He exclaimed, “The heavens have blessed the Sun Moon Empire!”
“The heavens have blessed the Sun Moon Empire. Long live His Majesty!” All the officials only reacted now, and they all fell to their knees.

Xu Tianran laughed. His laughter was filled with coldness and excitement. The paper in his hand had already been crushed.

The Heavenly Soul Empire, one of the empires with the longest history in the Douluo Continent, has been wiped out by me! The territories of the Sun Moon Empire have expanded once again! In the near future, the entire Douluo Continent will be under me. When that happens, I’ll rename the entire continent the Sun Moon Continent!


Tang Wutong sat quietly beside Huo Yuhao and only watched him silently.

Both of them had been here in this underwater world for some time, but she didn’t know how many days had passed.
After that mermaid completed her Spirit Fusion, Huo Yuhao went into deep meditation, and released strong spiritual undulations from his entire body.

Li Ya, the mermaid, was the first pure spiritual-type Spirit that Huo Yuhao had fused with. She had even been a hundred thousand year soul beast. Her spiritual origin and soul energy were strong, far beyond Huo Yuhao’s expectations. Although her soul was critically hurt, her fusion with Huo Yuhao still managed to upgrade his spiritual sea significantly.

In his deep meditation, Huo Yuhao’s spiritual sea was seething. His solid spiritual sea also started to revolve like a whirlpool. His soul core became more stable, and its internal revolutions actually slowed down by more than ten times compared to before. However, the compressed soul power in it also became ten times more viscous too.

The tier of his spiritual strength was increasing, enabling him to be completely immersed in his deep meditation. He even obtained the different types of secret tricks that Merfolks used to control spiritual power from Li Ya. It was a very magical feeling for Huo Yuhao. To him, this was extremely important.
I believe eldest senior and the others must be very anxious now. Tang Wutong silently thought to herself. However, she liked this feeling for some reason. She was just silently protecting Huo Yuhao and watching him cultivate. It was a very nice and peaceful feeling.

In this deep underwater world, no one would come to disturb them.

Regarding Spirits, Tang Wutong had already had a detailed chat with the Princess of the Sea about them. Since Huo Yuhao was cultivating, she replaced him in completing the mission.

With her earlier Sea God’s Descent, and how Huo Yuhao had offered Li Ya an alternative way of living, everything was very successful. The Princess of the Sea agreed to coordinate with humans when it came to Spirit Fusion in the future. However, this was only an outlook. After all, the Ice Sea could only be entered from the Ice Sea, whereas the ice plains of the Extreme North were in the Douluo Continent.

When Yuhao wakes up from his cultivation, he should be thrown into the war again. I wonder what the situation is like outside. The Sun Moon Empire should know what we’re doing
over here by now. I wonder if they’ll pull their troops back. Perhaps not. After all, we’ve not done enough yet.

We haven’t made contact with the spectral demiplane. Eldest senior and the rest must certainly be anxious. However, the warehouses are full of food. It can support three soul engineer legions for a long time. As for water, Yuhao specially constructed a reservoir when they initially entered the demiplane. At the same time, he used necromancy to cleanse it. Bei Bei is personally in charge of watching it. He should be able to maintain at least three months of clean water.

Just as Tang Wutong was deep in her thoughts, she suddenly furrowed her brow, and subconsciously turned to Huo Yuhao

The immense spiritual undulations coming from his body suddenly retracted, and his entire body shuddered.

“He’s  about  to  wake  up.”   Tang  Wutong  was  delightfully surprised as she looked at him.

At this moment, Huo Yuhao’s body started to shine extremely brightly. The bright light even caused Tang Wutong to shut her
eyes temporarily and turn around. The entire underwater world turned extremely bright.

Strong spiritual undulations were released, and a golden figure separated from Huo Yuhao’s body.

This figure was around two meters tall, and she was ravishing. The paleness and weakness from before had completely vanished. She had sky-blue eyes and hair, which flowed behind her back. There was a golden crown on her head. When she appeared, it seemed as if captivating music was playing in the sea.

Yes, it was Li Ya!

When the Princess of the Sea and Li Jing sensed this, they immediately rushed over.

When the three of them reunited once again, they all hugged and cried.
Huo Yuhao also finally opened his eyes now. The color of his eyes hadn’t changed, and he no longer exuded bright light anymore. However, Tang Wutong sensed something indescribable when she saw his eyes again. Something in his eyes had changed. It was as if they could cut through heaven and earth.

The surrounding seawater separated on its own, and allowed Tang Wutong to finally have a feel of the ground.

Huo Yuhao drifted up and came in front of her, giving her an embrace. “My love, sorry to have worried you.”

Tang Wutong was a little astonished as she looked at him and asked, “You can control seawater too?”

Huo Yuhao smiled and answered, “Of course not. But Li Ya can. She’s now my Spirit. I can control some of her abilities. Take a look!”

As he spoke, Huo Yuhao lifted his right arm. There was a thin layer of golden scales on it. Clearly, it was the same type of scales as were on Li Ya’s tail.

All this while, Huo Yuhao had already possessed the rest of the soul bones he needed. He even had the Darkgolden Terrorclaws. He only lacked a right arm bone. Li Ya had possessed the last soul bone he needed. After the fusion was completed, he finally had a soul bone for every part of his body.
This was the best a soul master could achieve.

As Huo Yuhao had not yet become a Titled Douluo, Tang Wutong felt that her abilities were a little better than his. However, even she couldn’t see through him after this fusion, even though she was the most familiar with him. She couldn’t tell exactly how strong he was.

Huo Yuhao pulled Tang Wutong and only proceeded forward after the three mermaids had separated from one another. Then, he bowed to the Princess of the Sea.

Li Ya’s eyes were red. Although she wasn’t nourished by the Manifold Mysterious Ice Essence like Huo Yuhao’s other Spirits, it was important to note that Huo Yuhao had managed to successfully form a spiritual soul core. After Li Ya fused with him, he benefited greatly. However, his pure and immense spiritual power didn’t just nourish her soul. It also enhanced it.
It was crucial not to forget that there was a streak of divine sense in Huo Yuhao’s soul!

Although it was only just a little, it was still very helpful for a spiritual-type soul beast.

Li Ya nodded gently at Huo Yuhao and she became slightly embarrassed, “Thanks, Yuhao. You gave me a new life. You cleansed my hatred. You are my benefactor. I’ll follow you forever.”

After listening to her words, Tang Wutong felt that it was a little awkward. Fortunately, Li Ya didn’t adopt the appearance of a female human. She managed to calm herself down. She clearly knew how deep Huo Yuhao’s feelings were for her. Even Wang Qiu’er, who looked exactly like her, couldn’t win him over!

Huo Yuhao nodded at Li Ya and smiled. “Your Highness, it’s fate that decreed you were able to survive.”

The Princess of the Sea sighed and said, “From now on, I’ll be in your care.”

As she looked at Li Ya before looking at Li Jing, who had just inherited Li Ya’s lineage and whose tail had just turned golden, the Princess of the Sea let out a long sigh. This was the best result they could get, the fortunate part out of the misfortune.

Huo Yuhao also didn’t know how long he had been here. He quickly asked the Princess of the Sea, who shocked him with her reply.
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