Unrivaled Tang Sect Volume 29

Book 29: The Yin Yang Love Querying Valley

Chapter 353: Yin Yang Love Querying Valley

Xu Tianran nodded contentedly and said, “I have the same intention too. To defeat our external foes, we have to pacify opposition within our borders first. I want to take care of the internal situation and take this opportunity to exterminate traitors. For this, I’m afraid I’ll have to trouble you, Imperial Tutor.” At this point, a cold gleam crossed Xu Tianran’s eyes. The corners of his mouth twitched as he betrayed a strong killing intent.

The mysterious Imperial Tutor said plainly, “That’s right. Some people must be held accountable for this incident. As for those who are faultless, we can say that they perished in the explosion. I’ll follow the list that you gave me earlier?”

“Yes,” said Xu Tiaran as he nodded.

The Imperial Tutor said, “Then, let me take this chance to congratulate Your Majesty on your premature ascension to the throne.” Xu  Tianran  said  sincerely,  “When  the  Sun  Moon  Empire unites the continent, the Holy Ghost Church shall be the national religion. At that time, I’ll name the Founder of the Church as the National God. All shall hold you in reference, and you shall be elevated on a divine pedestal.”

“That’s for later, let’s take care of things one step at a time,” the Imperial Tutor said. He did not appear very excited. He nodded at Xu Tianran and then turned to leave.

When he reached the entrance, he stopped and turned around.

“We  can’t  devote  all  our  strength  over  at  the  Western Mountain yet. However, I’ve already activated the Mysterious Land there. We’ll trap them there and then take care of them later. By then, Shrek Academy will be totally drained. It’ll be impossible for them to resist us anymore.”

Xu Tianran said, “I had the same plan. However, can we really trap them?” The mysterious Imperial Tutor intoned, “That place imprisoned my grandfather for 100 years. He was not weaker than Uncle Long. In the end, he managed to take some things out from there, but they were just a small portion of the Mysterious Land. Mere mortals cannot resist that place. Once
something goes wrong, it’ll result in imprisonment spanning decades until death. After I activate it, even a Titled Douluo can’t fly there. He can only leave after going through various trials and tribulations. My grandfather made three errors when he was there, and hence, he was trapped for 100 years. Did we not try it before? Among those whom we threw inside, less than 10% of them survived. I’ve already instructed Little Feng to bypass the Western Mountain, and got four of my elders to guard the exit. Even if they escape, they will still be killed.”

“Good,” Xu Tianran said as he nodded his head. “It’s all up to you, Imperial Tutor.”


The sky gradually lit up. When Huo Yuhao opened his eyes once more, purple and gold light shone in his eyes. His energy was indescribably vibrant!

The mysterious three-way cultivation had aided him, Wang Dong’er, and Wang Qiu’er immensely. While they only cultivated for around four hours, Huo Yuhao was able to increase his soul power by cultivating the difficult Ultimate Strength martial soul. Furthermore, the combined power of the purple and gold soul power was able to erode the Ultimate Ice, the origin energy of heaven and earth, in his lower limbs at twice the usual speed. It was akin to cultivating after ingesting distilled wine.

Wang Dong’er and Wang Qiu’er opened their eyes too. Their two highly-similar eyes, which reflected vastly different personalities, also shone with a layer of purple and gold light.

Wang Dong’er experienced the greatest increase in soul power because she did not have an Ultimate martial soul. Wang Qiu’er and Huo Yuhao both possessed Ultimate martial souls and hence, their increase was less than Wang Dong’er’s. However, it was still substantial. The three of them looked at each other. An odd atmosphere permeated their surroundings.

Even Wang Dong’er sensed that something felt wrong. Does this mean that the three of us are ‘together’? But, but…

Huo Yuhao touched his nose, nodded at Wang Qiu’er and said, “Thank you.”

Wang Qiu’er stared at him, then shook her head as she said, “It’s fine. This benefits all of us.”  With that, she turned and walked away.

Wang Dong’er’s gaze turned soft. While Huo Yuhao thanked Wang Qiu’er, he said nothing else to her. It was clear who he was close with, and who he was not. She liked how Huo Yuhao did not try to beat about the bush. This clearly indicated to Wang Qiu’er that there was no chance between Huo Yuhao and her. Hence, she would not develop false notions. While this might appear hurtful, it was better to suffer less in relationships. Huo Yuhao raised his head to look at the sky. He was instantly surprised, because he realized that the sky was shrouded by fog five meters from the ground. Furthermore, he realized that the fog in the sky was changing color.

“Since you have all woken up, come over.” Elder Xuan’s voice wafted over. Quickly, assisted by Wang Dong’er, Huo Yuhao entered his human-shaped soul tool. Then, he walked over to Elder Xuan.

The rest had already gathered. There was a solemn expression on Elder Xuan’s face.

Huo Yuhao subconsciously released his Spiritual Detection. However, he was soon surprised. Despite having released Spiritual Detection, its radius was no more than 5 meters. Any further, and he felt like a clay cow in the sea. Not only could he not sense anything, but he could also feel something eating away at his spiritual power.

How can this be? My Spiritual Detection can’t even see as far as my eyes. Huo Yuhao had never experienced this before. Even in the Setting Sun Forest, which had been saturated with a toxic miasma, he had still been able to use his Spiritual Detection!

Elder Xuan looked at Huo Yuhao and said, “You can feel it too, right? Our sensory abilities have been greatly weakened. The fog above our heads is like a cage, trapping us here. If we can’t escape, we’ll truly be caught in a rut.”

Wang Qiu’er could not help but ask, “Can we not fly?”

Elder Xuan shook his head and said, “I tried, but it doesn’t work. When I tried, it was as if the entire sky was resisting me. A powerful pressure forced me to land. The strength of this pressure surpasses what a normal person can resist. Even Long Xiaoyao, an Ultimate Douluo, would find it impossible.”

When they heard Elder Xuan’s words, everyone could not help but gasp.

The Martial God Douluo Xian Lin’er frowned and said, “This is strange indeed. However, why did we not detect this when we flew over?” She and Elder Xuan had personally flown over the Western Mountain. In one day, they had surveyed the entire Western Mountain, and yet they did not realize that there was something amiss.

However, this transformation had now trapped everyone here. How could she and Elder Xuan not fault themselves?

Elder Xuan intoned, “This area appears to be enveloped by a mysterious power. Even the ground is different. I tried to control the earth and burrow through the ground, but I failed. We appear to be trapped in an unbreakable prison.”

Elder Xuan’s martial soul, the Godly Taotie Bull, was an Earth-type martial soul. It could manipulate the ground very well. He had tried to use his powerful strength to alter his surroundings and break through the obstacles. However, he failed.

“Does anyone have any plans? Speak,” said Elder Xuan, who was depressed and perplexed. However, he managed to keep a straight face. At this moment, he could not panic. If he did, these kids would panic even more. “Elder Xuan, should we split into groups and explore? We can divide ourselves into smaller groups. This may not be a prison, but a maze instead. Perhaps we can walk out?” Dai Huabin asked.

Before he could finish his sentence, Bei Bei spoke, “No, we can’t split up at this time. If you’re right and this is indeed a maze, this is still a maze the Sun Moon Empire constructed for us. What if evil soul masters from the Holy Ghost Church are in here with us? The moment we split up, we’ll become sitting ducks for them.”

Dai Huabin’s face twitched. However, he did not dare to say anything to Bei Bei. In the inner courtyard, while Bei Bei’s position could not compare with Zhang Lexuan’s, he was still one of the more powerful members of the younger generation. In particular, his performance against the Holy Ghost Sect team left a deep impression on everyone.

Elder Xuan looked at Huo Yuhao and said, “Speak, Yuhao.”

Huo Yuhao said, “I’ve just tried it, and the radius of Spiritual Detection is no more than five meters. It’s no better than our sight. You’re right. Here, we are under the suppression of a mystical power, which can’t be resisted by mere humans. However, I don’t think that it’s purely a cage. It must have its secrets. Since it’s not something that humans can resist, it was definitely not built by the Sun Moon Empire. Their soul tools have not yet reached this level. Even a Class 10 soul tool could
not cover such a huge mountain. Hence, this is a natural formation. The Sun Moon Empire can only control it. Since its made by nature, it’s not a death trap. There’s bound to be an escape.”

“I agree with elder brother. At this time, we can’t split up. Everyone should concentrate on one direction. Even if we return to where we started off, we’ll make observations and discover new things. With these clues, we can improvise further. This is our last resort.”

“Right,” Elder Xuan said as he nodded. “Alright, let’s consume some of our rations and set off. Yuhao, come with me, I want to ask you something.”

“Yes,”  Huo Yuhao said as he quickly walked over to Elder Xuan in his human-shaped soul tool.

“How’s your recovery?” Elder Xuan asked. 
“I’m fine,” Huo Yuhao replied.

Elder Xuan nodded and said, “That’s good. While I believe you, you need to provide me with an explanation for the powers you revealed yesterday at the Radiant City Elite Soul Engineering Tournament. Also, what happened to the person who possessed the Holy Angel? Did you really kill her?” 
Huo Yuhao was shocked. The explosion last night had left a great impact on him, and he had forgotten about the incident with Ye Guyi.

“Elder Xuan, the power I unleashed yesterday can be said to be my third martial soul. However, I don’t think this power comes from our world.” Then, he explained Electrolux’s origins to Elder Xuan in a way he could understand. At this moment, there was no way he could hide the truth.

Even with Elder Xuan’s experience, he was shocked.

“A sorcerer. A profession in another world? This…”  Elder Xuan regained his senses after a long while. Helplessly, he patted Huo Yuhao’s shoulder and said, “Yuhao, while your power is unique, you should know what it means to be an evil soul master on this continent. The cooperation between the Sun Moon Empire and the evil soul masters infuriates every soul master. Your power, however, appears similar to those of evil soul masters.” Huo Yuhao nodded and said, “Elder Xuan, I understand what you mean. I won’t use this power casually. I won’t even use it with my original appearance. The participant of the Radiant City Elite Soul Engineering Tournament was Tang Wu, not Huo Yuhao.”

Elder  Xuan  sighed  in  relief  and  said,  “It’s  good  that  you understand. Your Spirit Eyes and Ice Jade Empress Scorpion are powerful enough. Train them well. Can you release Ye Guyi now?”

Huo Yuhao tried, but then shook his head and said, “The invisible power here is too strong. I can’t communicate with the spectral demiplane Teacher Electrolux left me. However, she’ll be in no danger inside the demiplane. I’ve already tried to protect her as much as I could. With her powers, she can go without food for at least half a month.”

Elder Xuan nodded and said, “Good job. If we can leave this place, we must protect this child with the Holy Angel martial soul. In the future, she will become one of the main forces of resistance against the Holy Ghost Church. Yuhao, my attitude yesterday was wrong. When I saw such a huge explosion, coupled with your evil soul master-like power, I started to doubt you. Then, I gave it more thought. You were chosen by Elder Mu, how can be there anything wrong with you? However, you must remember that no matter where you are, no matter what you experience, no matter what happens to you, you must be true to yourself. Do you understand?”

Huo Yuhao nodded vigorously and said, “I will, Elder Xuan.”

Elder Xuan smiled slightly and said, “Now that we’re in a death trap, please be careful. Go and have a bite.”

Now that they had resolved this small ‘conflict’, Elder Xuan was in a much better mood. Together with Huo Yuhao, they walked back into the main camp. Everyone had finished their meals by now, and were re-grouping.

Through Elder Xuan’s arrangements, everyone was divided into three groups. Among them, Shrek’s Seven Monsters were a group by themselves. They were led by Elder Xuan. The team from Shrek split into two groups. Wang Qiu’er, Zhang Lexuan, and the main fighting force of the team from Shrek were in one team. They were led by the Martial God Douluo Xian Lin’er. The remaining substitutes, along with the Tang Sect’s substitutes and Gao Dalou, Ji Juechen, Jing Ziyan, and Nan Qiuqiu, formed the biggest group. The other four Titled Douluo from Shrek Academy were in charge of them. Among these four Titled Douluo, two of them were elders from the Sea God’s Pavilion with the strength of Transcendent Douluo. They were the strongest team.

Elder Xuan walked with Shrek’s Seven Monsters at the front. Xian Lin’er led the second group in the center. The four Titled Douluo and the third group stayed at the back. All of the groups had to be able to communicate verbally with each other so that they would not be too far apart. They also tried to leave markings on more distinctive plants as they passed.

This was a dumb plan, but it was also their only plan. After they left their marks on all the plants, any plant with no marks would indicate a brand-new direction. This was how they moved forward.

As they moved forward, they had to be careful. They were not fast, and while the area five meters above the ground was not shrouded with a dense fog, there was still a light fog. Coupled with the thick vegetation, they could only see about ten meters ahead. The entire forest was so quiet it was terrifying. It was as if there was nothing alive there. This silence was so creepy that it terrified everyone.

Dai Huabin now felt that his previous suggestion had been very stupid. The silence would have been a lot scarier had they separated, to the point whereby it might drive them mad.

They walked forward, and soon, two hours had passed.

Huo Yuhao walked directly behind Elder Xuan. This was done upon his request. Suddenly, he turned to Elder Xuan and asked, “Elder Xuan, do you feel that this feels different from last night? We seem to be on a path with no return.”

Elder Xuan nodded and said, “I have the same feeling too. Right now, the path is different from the path yesterday, which made us walk in circles.”

This could be good news. Now that there was no chance of heading back, they would surely find a possible exit as long as they headed forward. They continued to walk forward. After two more hours, Elder Xuan was sure they were no longer walking around in circles. Throughout their journey, they did not see any repeated scenery. Furthermore, they did not see the marks which they were leaving on the plants again.

While they could not fly, and they could not use their spiritual power for long-range detection, there was a chance that they could walk out of here. This made them content.

At this moment, it was already noon. The fog made their surroundings extremely blurry. The air felt heavy.

Elder Xuan ordered everyone to take a break here. They set up camp like last night.

The advantage of numbers demonstrated itself. At the very least, the silence of the forest did not terrify them too much.

For those with storage-type soul tools, they brought more than enough food. The only ones with no food were those from the Tang Sect. They only had rare metals in their storage-type soul tools… 
They were only able to eat by asking the elders for some food.

Elder Xuan sat with Shrek’s Seven Monsters. As he ate his favorite chicken drumstick, he said, “According to the size of the Western Mountain, we should be able to leave this place in one more day if we continue to walk at our current speed.”

Bei Bei said, “Let’s hope that this is the case, but…”

While he did not say it, everyone understood what he meant. The Sun Moon Empire brought them here for a reason. How could they escape so easily?

Elder Xuan looked at him and said, “There’s no ‘but’. Right now, we can only walk step-by-step. With our food and water supply, we can last ten days. If we still can’t get out by then…”

At this point, Elder Xuan’s face turned severe. He raised his head to look at the sky. Everyone knew what he meant. If they still couldn’t escape, he would risk it all and attempt to fly. Perhaps there was still a sliver of hope there. As they spoke, danger suddenly appeared around them.

Everyone subconsciously looked in one direction. Then, a gold and silver light surged toward them like a wave. Instantly, it covered every single one of them.

Everyone unleashed their most powerful protective skills simultaneously. However, this all-encompassing light did not clash with them. In their hearts, however, they all sensed that something was amiss.

What is this?

They looked at each other. They were all covered with a layer of faint gold and silver light. For the younger members of Shrek Academy, their faces turned dismal.

The unknown was the scariest. No one knew what was going on, and hence, there was no way to resist it.

However, they quickly sensed that something was amiss. A powerful attractive force came along with the silver and gold light. The weaker ones were instantly pulled flying in one direction.

Elder Xuan cried out and raised his hands. Thick yellow light surged forth and enveloped everyone within it. However, the attractive force of the silver and gold light became even stronger. Even the yellow light Elder Xuan unleashed was being tugged by it. It started to move in the same direction.

“What is this?”  Xian Lin’er, the Martial God Douluo, had a bad temper. She struck out with her right fist, and a powerful cluster of soul power bombarded the silver and gold light.

However, after her soul power entered the fog in front of her, nothing happened.

One had to know that Xian Lin’er was one of the more powerful Titled Douluo in Shrek Academy. Earlier, when she faced off against the Scorpion Tiger Douluo Zhang Peng, she was able to stand her ground.

Huo Yuhao, who was in the human-shaped soul tool, looked surprised. Light flashed in his mind. Something appeared to be moving in it. A thought flashed through his mind.

Gold and silver, attractive force, he had seen something like this somewhere before…

However, before he could give it any more thought, the attractive force increased in strength. This time, even Elder Xuan could not resist it.

“Grab onto each other, we can’t get seperated!”  Elder Xuan shouted.

While he could not resist the attractive force, he was still able to ensure everyone stayed together.

The yellow light turned into a huge yellow ball of light which covered everyone. Then, the gold and silver attractive force lifted their huge ball of light into the sky and sent them flying at breakneck speed into the sky. On the bright side, they had resolved their flight problem. Quickly, everyone was sucked into the thick fog, where they could not even see the fingers on their hands. 
A heavy look crossed Elder Xuan’s face as he activated all his soul power to protect everyone. The other Titled Douluo were not idle as they also used their pure soul power to form a barrier. After Elder Xuan cast his big barrier, the others cast smaller ones. They were now one step closer to protecting everyone.

These kids were the best soul masters of the next generation. Furthermore, Shrek Academy was ultimately still a school, not a sect. No matter what happened, the safety of their students took precedence. Bringing these kids back safely was more important than anything else!

Huo Yuhao was in a state of deep thought. He searched his memory. This phenomenon seemed similar to something he had seen before...

However, as he was inside the human-shaped soul tool, his friends could not see what he was up to. Everyone else was tense, and no one had the time to look at him. The attractive energy appeared to be getting stronger. However, it was not destructive. The protective soul barrier Elder Xuan had unleashed separated them from the outside world. Everyone released their martial souls in preparation.

To them, the situation was too odd. Even Elder Xuan, someone with the cultivation of an Ultimate Douluo, could not resist it head-on. What terrifying power! While an Ultimate Douluo was not strong enough to move mountains or drain oceans, it would not be difficult for him to wreck an entire city!

And yet, he could not resist this shapeless gold and silver energy...

“Everyone, make your preparations!”  Elder Xuan shouted. His body shook, and his nine soul rings shone brightly. His body started to expand, and he turned into a Godly Taotie Bull, sweeping everyone onto his back. The light he unleashed became brighter, and they were now being moved at a much slower speed. While they were still moving, it was no longer as quickly as before.

They continued to fly through the air, pulled by the attractive power. As they could not sense their surroundings, and their sight was blocked by the fog, everyone felt as if they were in the clouds…


After fifteen minutes, the scene before them began to clear up. They had emerged from the thick fog.

“This is…”

Everyone opened their eyes wide and looked in disbelief.

The scene before them was that shocking! None of them could have imagined it.

While they were in the thick fog, they all sensed danger around them. However, at this moment, they were shocked by the majestic water before them. All of their negative emotions from before were gone. Before them was a wide lake. It was surrounded by mountains, and the water of the lake was so clear that one could see its bottom. Strangely, the water was gold and silver!

At the center of the lake was a round patch of gold. The intense golden light spread outward from the patch as if it were a reflection of the sun.

They could see a moon encircling it, sun and moon connected to one other. The moon gave off a silver light.

The vast lake was completely dominated by these two colors of gold and silver. The two-colored light spread outward non- stop. It crept across the mountain and spread far into the distance. How beautiful, how stunning!

Everyone looked dazedly at the scene before them, rather disbelieving. However, it was real. Furthermore, under the pull of the gold and silver light, they gradually approached the center of the lake.

“I know!”  Huo Yuhao shouted. When he saw the shocking scene before his eyes, all the dots in his brain connected. He finally thought of where he had heard about this curious scene.

He said urgently, almost shouting, “Later, no matter what we encounter, if a voice asks you questions, you must reply truthfully! If you lie, you’ll be in mortal danger! Remember, remember, remember to speak the truth, especially when it comes to relationships! You must not lie!”

Right when he finished, they were already in the center of the lake, above the golden sun and the silver moon.

The golden sun and silver moon in the lake became extremely radiant. The radiant gold light and the bright silver light started to rise and engulf all of them, including Elder Xuan, who was still in his Godly Taotie Bull form!

This power was extremely unique. It appeared about them effortlessly. They could feel it, but they realized that they were unable to control it.

Elder Xuan’s Martial Soul True Body was forced back into his original shape by the two-colored light before they were all completely covered by it. When they could see other again, they were shocked to discover that they were all placed inside separate gold and silver bubbles, floating in mid-air.

Everyone was split apart, and no two people were together. Many of them were terrified. All they could remember were Huo Yuhao’s words.

When Huo Yuhao said that, he had used his spiritual power.
His words were imprinted in all of their minds.

Before they could make any more observations, the gold and silver bubbles started to descend into the sun and moon in the center of the lake.

Wang Dong’er looked at Huo Yuhao, and he looked back at her. He nodded at her vigorously and gestured toward her. His meaning was clear: Don’t worry about me, do as I said!

Wang Dong’er nodded to show that she understood.

Had it been an ordinary person, they may already have collapsed when faced with such a change. However, the students of Shrek Academy were the top of their generation. In comparison, they were taking it all rather well. While they were shocked, surprised, and a bit terrified, they all seemed relatively stable.

There were loud plops as the gold and silver light that surrounded them dropped them into the lake.


When he fell into the lake, Huo Yuhao did not feel the gold- colored lake around him. Instead, heaven and earth spun around. At this moment, he recalled his source of information about this place.

He had first encountered records of this place from the Icefire Yin Yang Well in the Setting Sun Forest, where he had obtained the Poison Chapter from the ancestor of the Tang Sect, Tang San.

In the Poison Chapter, it stated that the Icefire Yin Yang Well was one of the Three Great Blessed Lands. It contained the power of Ultimate Ice and Ultimate Fire, and was extremely dangerous. However, it contained countless natural treasures as well. Any plant that grew there would grow ten times faster. Those who could enter it would benefit immensely.

When Huo Yuhao actually entered it, he was shocked by the many divine herbs and plants. Then, he was able to retrieve the Yearning Heartbroken Grass to save Wang Dong’er. However, he was also severely injured by the Blazing Sunspring and the Extreme Chill Icespring, and barely made it back alive.

According to Tang San’s records, the Three Great Blessed Lands were both dangerous and filled with treasures. He had to surmount countless dangers before he could enter the Icefire Yin Yang Well! If not for his abilities, which were barely enough, there was no way he could have entered.

The place before him was another of the Three Great Blessed Lands. It was ranked above the Icefire Yin Yang Well, and it was the top Blessed Land among the three.

This place was known as the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley. In the Poison Chapter, no one knew if the Three Great Blessed Lands were real or not. Tang San had only seen the Icefire Yin Yang Well. No one was sure if the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley actually existed.

The Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley was the first among the Three Great Blessed Lands not because of its riches, but because of its danger. Furthermore, no one knew what kind of danger existed here. To benefit from it was exceedingly difficult.

Legend had it that in the God Realm, after the Goddess of Love was betrayed by her love, her grief made her insane, and she descended into the mortal world. Heaven and earth were inverted, and the sun and moon became a lake.

As the Goddess of Love was betrayed by her lover, she hated all those who betrayed their lovers. Hence, when these kinds of people entered the Sun Moon Lake of the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley, it would enrage her, and she would seek to exterminate them.

Only those who were true to their lovers could leave this place alive and reap its rewards. All liars would be severely punished.

Huo Yuhao did not remember all this, because the Poison Chapter was extremely vague in its description. The most important line from it was, “The sun and moon form its lake, the earth shall ask about your love. Those who are true may take the risk, but those who show true love are invincible here.”

With such a blurry description, Huo Yuhao would not have been able to remember the short line from the Poison Chapter had he not seen the golden sun and silver moon. Even Tang San doubted the existence of the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley. Hence, he only left one tip. Speak the truth, and be true to your love. Only then could one survive!

Other than that, there was no other information about it. Hence, while Huo Yuhao knew a bit more than the rest, this was the full extent of his knowledge.

Everything around him swirled like the celestial bodies in the sky. The scenes around him changed non-stop. Even though Huo Yuhao tried to shut his eyes, he still felt dizzy. It seemed to impact someone with stronger spiritual power more.

Finally, when he felt the dizziness subside, he opened his eyes once more.

He seemed to be in a transparent world. Everything around him was made from gold and silver crystals. He remained in his bubble, but he appeared to have landed on a round surface.

This surface was light-gold in color. It was about twenty meters wide, and near its edge were thirteen circles with a diameter of one meter. He had landed in one of these circles...

Chapter 354: Do You Have A Lover?

When he looked up, he noticed the golden sun and silver moon shining above them. Everything else around him was blurry shadows. Other than this platform, he could not see any further.

All thirteen spots on the round platform were rapidly occupied. In addition to him, Wang Dong’er, Wang Qiu’er, Bei Bei, He Caitou, Xiao Xiao, Jiang Nannan, Xu Sanshi, Zhang Lexuan, Ning Tian, Wu Feng, Dai Huabin, and Zhu Lu were there.

They each stood in a gold and silver gas bubble. Huo Yuhao tried to shout, but he realized that his voice could not be heard by the others. The others observed their surroundings carefully. From the shape of their mouths, some appeared to be shouting. However, this place was eerily silent.

Calm, I must keep calm. This was ultimately the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley. Huo Yuhao made his decision. He opened his human-shaped soul tool and revealed himself. This was so that the others could see his expression. Wang Dong’er looked at him straightaway. Huo Yuhao quickly raised his hands and waved at her.

Wang Dong’er waved back at him, telling him that she could see him.

After much thought, Huo Yuhao started to gesture with his hands. Due to what he had shouted out earlier, his hand gestures caught everyone’s attention. His gestures were simple. He told them to do as he instructed.

At this moment, the golden round platform started to emit fog. Suddenly, a thin sliver of golden light shot out from the center of the round platform. It quickly made one round around the platform. The back of the golden sliver spun around and pointed at the thirteen round platforms.

“The Heavens and the Earth will query you about your love, a heartfelt adventure. Begin!” a voice said calmly. No one could tell if it was a man or a woman as it rang out in the ears of all thirteen of them. They all quieted down because, to their surprise, they realized that all they could see now was gold and silver light. The sliver of light at the center of the round platform started to spin rapidly. It passed by all of their bubbles, lighting them up in succession. After it passed, their bubbles returned to their normal state.

Suddenly, the golden sliver stopped. It pointed to a smaller, round platform. The person on this platform was Wu Feng.

Wu Feng was chosen by the golden light. She was a little shocked, because the bubble she was in started to light up. She was a proud individual, however, and she showed no sign of fear. She appeared to be shouting something.

The bubble around her disappeared. A column of golden light started to rise from underneath her feet, and soon, it enveloped her whole body. Inside the golden light, her body slowly started to rise. When she was a meter above the ground, it stopped.

Wu Feng felt the changes with a little shock. She discovered that while there was nothing wrong with her, she could not move anymore. At this moment, the emotionless voice rang out once more.
This time, only she could hear it.

“Do you have a lover?”

Wu Feng’s heart shook, but she did not open her mouth. In her mind, all she could think of was Huo Yuhao’s instructions.

“Do you have a lover? If you don’t reply after the third time, you’ll be punished with death.”

“Yes, I do,” said Wu Feng loudly as she grit her teeth. While the others were paying attention to her, they all appeared slightly confused. She could see that she was the only one who could hear this voice.

“Who is your lover?” the voice asked calmly.

“Ning Tian,” replied Wu Feng without any hesitation. “That’s her, right?”  The golden light underneath her lit up and landed on Ning Tian. Instantly, the bubble around Ning Tian opened, and she too started to float in mid-air.

“Ning Tian!” Wu Feng cried out. However, the bubble around her started to rise, blocking out her voice. However, her bubble was now transparent. Unlike the rest of them, she could still see Ning Tian.

“Do you have a lover?” the voice asked Ning Tian.

Ning Tian frowned and looked at Wu Feng, who appeared to be shouting, shook her head, and said, “No, I don’t.”

“She said you’re her lover, right?” the voice asked once more.

Ning Tian was shocked, and then she replied, “I know she likes me. However, we’re both girls. I can’t accept homosexual love. Hence, I only treat her as a good friend.”

“If you don’t love her, she’ll die. Will you choose to love her?” the voice quickly asked. 
Ning Tian paused. This question was difficult to answer.

“If you don’t love her, she’ll die. Will you choose to love her? If you don’t answer after the third time, you’ll be punished with death,” repeated the voice.

Ning Tian gritted her teeth and said, “No, love doesn’t work that way. I can die for her, but I can’t love someone of the same sex.”

When she said that, she did not notice that the bubble around Wu Feng had disappeared. Wu Feng heard everything she had just said.

Wu Feng’s face turned pale. Ning Tian was once again enveloped by her bubble, and her voice was sealed off.

“You heard her words. Do you still love her?” the mysterious and calm voice asked Wu Feng. Wu Feng bit down on her lower lip, and her eyes shone with a fiery light. “You’re so cruel.”

“You heard her words. Do you still love her? If you don’t reply after the third time, you’ll be punished with death,” the calm voice repeated in a mechanical fashion.

“Yes, I do! She doesn’t love me, but this doesn’t mean I can’t love her. Why can’t this love be one-way?” Wu Feng shouted in rage.

“She just said that she’ll die for you, but she won’t love you. Are you upset?”  the calm voice asked in a way that sought to torture the target as much as it could.

“No shit, you bastard!” Wu Feng cursed.

“Pa!”  A golden light came from nowhere and hit Wu Feng fiercely. Instantly, the clothes around her waist were torn open, and a bloody wound could be seen. Her soul power was completely sealed, so she couldn’t release her martial soul. Wu Feng could not help but cry out in pain.

“For the insult, you’re punished with one stroke of the whip.
If you do that again, you’ll die.”

“Yes, I’m upset! Does that make you happy?”  Tears dripped from Wu Feng’s face. She had always liked Ning Tian, but she knew that Ning Tian could not accept such an unconventional love. If not, she would not have shown her love for Huo Yuhao at the Sea God’s Lake.

“She said that she’s willing to die for you. Now, I have two options for you. You can try and get her to die for you, or you can die. If she’s willing, you’ll live. If you’re willing to die, then she’ll live. Between the two of you, only one of you will live.” The calm voice suddenly turned cold, and brimmed with a strong killing intent. It was enough to make Wu Feng shiver.

However, she made her decision almost instantly. Without hesitation, she said, “Alright, I’ll die. Let her live. Let her leave this place and live out her life. Kill me!” When she said that, Wu Feng looked deeply at Ning Tian. Tears flowed from her face, but her determination never wavered.

The golden light flashed, a golden blade appeared silently in front of Wu Feng. At the same time, she found that could move her hands once more.

“Kill yourself,” the calm voice said as if it was nothing.

Wu Feng inhaled and cried out, “Let Ning Tian go!”  As she spoke, she grabbed the sharp blade in front of her and pierced her chest with it.

However, at that very moment, time seemed to stop. Wu Feng was frozen, though the tip of the knife was already at her chest. It looked as if it would penetrate her chest at any moment.

The bubble around Ning Tian burst open, and the calm voice said, “To let you live, she’s willing to sacrifice her own life. If I hadn’t stopped her, she would have already died for you. You just said that you’re willing to die for her. If you want, you can die, and she’ll live. This is your last chance.”

As she said that, the same golden blade appeared in front of Ning Tian. Its sharp blade gleamed coldly.

Life and death, this was the hardest question of all for humans. Ning Tian grabbed the knife and looked at Wu Feng, who was suspended in mid-air with tears running down her face. Her blade was almost at her breast. She couldn’t help but take a deep breath as tears trickled down her own face.

“Ah Feng, I know you like me, but we’re of the same sex! I’ve told you many times, but you just won’t listen. For me, you’re willing to offer your own valuable life. I owe you this. Here, maybe only one of us can live. Go and live your life. If we meet again in our next lives, I hope to be a guy. Then, I’ll marry you for sure.”

As she said that, Ning Tian closed her eyes, lifted the golden knife and slashed at her throat. Two golden rays of light lit up together. Ning Tian suddenly felt a weight disappearing from her hand. On the other side, Wu Feng could move once more. However, the knives in their hands had disappeared.

Two different voices sounded next to their ears. Their frames were enveloped by the bubbles once more.

Over on Wu Feng’s side, the voice said, “Love is blind, and may go against human nature, making it impossible. However, true love is willing to sacrifice everything. This kind of love is pitiable. You pass the first round, Sincerity.”

Over at Ning Tian’s side, the voice said, “Love is not blind. For friendship, you’re willing to sacrifice everything you have. This comes from the depths of your heart. You pass the first round, Sincerity.”

Ning Tian and Wu Feng looked at each other, separated by their bubbles. Both of them felt slightly disoriented. In their hearts, they felt a strange sensation, as if they had understood something. This place did not appear as frightening as they had thought. There were now an additional pair of gold and silver rings over their bubbles... 
The gold and silver light screen rose once more, blocking their view. The sliver of golden light started to spin rapidly once again.


When the shining golden light from the central round platform stopped this time, it stopped on Bei Bei’s platform.

The bubble opened, and Bei Bei was suspended in mid-air.

The calm voice asked him, “Do you have a lover?”

Bei Bei could sense that there was a light flashing outside, but he did not know what had happened. However, he trusted Huo Yuhao completely. Coupled with his own intellect, he calmed down quickly.

“Yes, I do,” he replied calmly. 
“Who is she?”

“Tang Ya,” Bei Bei replied without hesitation.

“Correct,” Bei Bei replied quickly.

The calm voice paused momentarily, then asked, “What is the one thing you want to do the most for your lover?”

Bei Bei replied, “I want to help her return to normal, so she can be by my side once more.”

The calm voice asked, “When she’s by your side again, do you think she’ll be happy?”

Bei Bei answered, “I’ll do everything I can to make her happy.” The calm voice said, “Your words mean nothing. If you could exchange a body part of yours to make her normal again, would you do it?”

“Of course,” Bei Bei replied firmly.

A sharp golden knife appeared before him, and the calm voice said, “Then castrate yourself.”

Bei Bei paused. He had not expected that this unknown voice would make him do such a thing.

“Are you sure she’ll recover?” Bei Bei could not help but ask.

“Do you have a choice?” the calm voice replied, as an image appeared in front of Bei Bei.

It was a face he was extremely familiar with.

Tang Ya sat quietly on a bed. She stared blankly out a window, and her face was extremely pale. Dark-blue patterns of light occasionally glimmered on her face.

“You just said that you would be willing to sacrifice a body part for her. Do you regret it now? You can regret your choice. You can choose not to cut it off,” the voice said calmly.

Bei Bei’s body was shaking. However, he slowly raised his hand and touched the blade.

“I’m willing to castrate myself for her, but I have one request,” he said as he gripped the blade of the knife tightly.


“If you can really cure her from afar, then try your best to erase all her memories. Make her forget me, make her forget everything about me, alright?”

“I can consider that,” the voice said plainly. “Thank you,” Bei Bei replied. His eyes turned red as he stared intently at Tang Ya in the image. Suddenly, he shouted, “Xiao Ya, I love you!” A golden light glinted as he brought the sharp blade down.

“Pu!”   An  intense  shot  pain  through  him.  Bei  Bei  felt everything turn white.

“You’re willing to sacrifice for love, and you don’t want your lover to feel upset. You pass the first round, Sincerity.”

The light screen rose, and Bei Bei stared dazedly as he watched the silver-gold light screen blocking his vision once more. He was back in his bubble. He could not help but shout, “I’ve already cut it off, cure Xiao Ya!”

There was no reply. Furthermore, Bei Bei felt that something was amiss. He lowered his head and felt the pain coming from his leg. There was no sharp knife there. The hand which had gripped the sharp knife had only struck his leg. No wonder he only felt pain… The golden light started to spin once more. Bei Bei felt as if all his energy had been sucked out of him. He sat down on the floor as cold sweat trickled down his body.

For guys, there was a certain body part that was more important than their lives. He was willing to sacrifice it for Xiao Ya, but it would be best for him not to do it!

Bastard, what if I’m permanently scarred by this? Bei Bei cried out in pain in his heart. He had lost his previous cool.


The golden light continued to spin. This time, it stopped rather quickly. Before it even completed a rotation, it stopped. This time, its target was Zhang Lexuan.

The bubble opened, and Zhang Lexuan rose into the air.

When she looked at the changes that were taking place around her, Zhang Lexuan was even calmer than Bei Bei. She had been trying to unleash her martial soul. While she was not successful, she did not slack in her efforts to do so. How could she be the strongest in the inner courtyard without a strong will? While Elder Mu did allow her to enter the Sea God’s Pavilion before he died as a form of compensation, it was also in part due to her powers.

“Do you have a lover?” the calm voice spoke up once more, causing her to perk up.

“No,” she replied without hesitation.

“Have you loved someone before?” the calm voice asked once again.

“Yes,” Zhang Lexuan replied. She remembered Huo Yuhao’s words very clearly.

Zhang Lexuan took in a deep breath, then said, “Bei Bei.” She did not know that at this time, while Bei Bei’s bubble blocked his gaze, he could hear everything Zhang Lexuan said.

Just as he recovered from the previous questioning, he heard Zhang Lexuan’s voice. This made him almost jump up from the ground.

“Has  he  ever  loved  you?”   the  calm  voice  asked  Zhang Lexuan.

“No.” Zhang Lexuan knew the answer to this question very well.

“How did you fall for him?” The calm voice asked quietly.

Zhang Lexuan paused, and she blushed slightly. However, a look of pain crossed her eyes.

“How did you fall for him? If you don’t reply after the third time, you’ll be punished with death.” A bitter smile crept onto Zhang Lexuan’s face. This question opened  the  deepest  wound  in  her  heart.  “When  I  came  to Shrek Academy, he was still young. At that time, Elder Mu made me swear to become his wife. I had to take care of him, love him, and be his wife in an arranged marriage. Elder Mu saved my life. At that time, I had nowhere to call home, so I agreed.

“Elder Mu treated me well and trained me wholeheartedly. Soon, I became the most powerful soul master of my generation. He made no other requests of me, but I remembered my duty in my heart. I was Bei Bei’s fiancée, his wife in an arranged marriage.

“I watch him grow up day by day. At the start, I tried to play the role as best as I could. I accompanied him every day, protected him, and tried to fulfill all his wishes. This was because I had already made mental preparations to marry him when he grew up and become his wife. Since then, in my heart, he was already my little husband. However, he never treated me that way in return. All that time, he only treated me as his sister, he always called me sister. At that time, we were still young, so I did not give it much thought. “As Bei Bei grew older, his body started to mature. He finally surpassed me in height. At that time, I finally realized that my future fiancé had become a man. He was very handsome, the corner of his mouth beamed like the sun, and he smiled in a devilishly handsome way. Everything he did attracted me. I felt that the promise I made was not a task anymore. Something stirred in my heart.”

Perhaps she had kept these words inside her for way too long, but in this mysterious unknown world where even Elder Xuan could not resist, Zhang Lexuan started to speak freely. She bared her soul, and at that moment, a slight smile crept across her face as she indulged in her memories.

Bei Bei heard everything from his bubble. He experienced everything that Zhang Lexuan said. He felt that he had returned to that time of his life.

A beautiful elder sister who was always next to him. An elder sister who would protect him and satisfy his requests. When he was young, he was so in love, so dependent on her! Then…

“Then, he turned twelve years old, and finally entered the Academy to study. At that time, I was a disciple of the Inner Courtyard. As my cultivation became more intense, coupled with my split from the outer courtyard, we had no choice but to separate. At that time, I thought, ‘I must continue to cultivate and become stronger so that I can better protect him in the future, and guard him as he grows up.’

“However, I never expected that when he appeared before me again, he was next to a little girl, a beautiful girl around his age. She was extremely pretty, and he treated her very well. I could tell that he looked at her differently from how he looked at me. At that time, I realized suddenly that I’d lost my fiancé.

“I went to find Elder Mu to report this to him and seek his counsel. He thought for a long while, and then told me that his decision back then had been too selfish. He should not have let me make that promise. After all, I was much older than Bei Bei. Even though soul masters don’t age normally, there was still a generational gap between him and me. Elder Mu said that from that moment, I had regained my freedom. After all, Bei Bei did not know about this, and I could choose my future from that moment onward.

“When I left Elder Mu’s room, I felt as if I had lost my soul. Ten years of care and ten years of commitment. In the end, it was not a promise that I had to keep. However, I realized that this young, always-smiling boy was already imprinted in my mind.

“I tried to forget him as quickly as I could. I tried quite intensely. Every day, I trained as hard as I could. I hoped to numb myself with my cultivation. However, after I ended my closed-door cultivation, I met him by fate once more. At that time, I realized that there was no way I could forget him. I actually fell for a guy who was almost ten years younger than me!” 
“I found Elder Mu and I told him that regardless of what decision he and Bei Bei came to, I would fulfill my promise. I would become his fiancée, and I wouldn’t betray my vows. When I said these words, I was extremely resolute. However, only I knew that I wasn’t bound by this decade-old promise. Instead, I was bound by the emotions in my heart that had grown over the past ten years. In ten years, I watched as a boy became a man. In my heart, there was no other man but him!”

Zhang Lexuan choked on her words. She finally released all the emotions she had been suppressing in her heart. In all these years, whenever she saw Bei Bei and Tang Ya together, her heart would ache. What pained her even more was Tang Ya’s disappearance. Since then, Bei Bei had changed. However, it was only because she knew him so well that she felt so strongly.

Zhang Lexuan had never fought for his heart. After all, she was older than Bei Bei by almost ten years, and Tang Ya and Bei Bei were closer in age. How would she stand a chance? Hence, Zhang Lexuan chose to keep quiet. She watched him quietly. At the start, she was unwilling to give up her love just like that. However, over time, she quietly gave up. Sometimes, she would reveal a bit of her emotions to Bei Bei. However, she had never really asked him for anything. Instead, she kept these emotions to herself deep in her heart. Her promise was like an island of refuge for her.

She was exceptional, and had attracted countless men in Shrek Academy. However, she rejected all of them for this one true love.

As Bei Bei listened to Zhang Lexuan’s words, his heart ached with a great agony. In his mind, he started to recall everything he had done with Zhang Lexuan when they were young.


“Sister Lexuan, can I eat the fruits on that tree? Pick one for me.”

“Okay.” “Sister Lexuan, you’re so beautiful. Marry me when I grow up, okay?”


“Sister Lexuan, I’m tired.”

“I’ll carry you.”

“Sister Lexuan, I’m hungry.”

“I’ll cook something for you.”

“Sister Lexuan…”


Tears streamed down Bei Bei’s face. At this moment, he finally realized how much Zhang Lexuan had sacrificed for their relationship. Through all these years, she had concealed her truest emotions in the depths of her heart! No wonder he had felt himself growing distant from Sister Lexuan after he met Tang Ya. Sister Lexuan, Sister Lexuan, how can I face you?

At this moment, Bei Bei heard the terrifying voice.

“Since you love him so much, and he doesn’t love you, are you still willing to sacrifice yourself for him?” the calm voice asked once more. Its tone was cold.

Zhang Lexuan fell silent for a while. She raised her hands to wipe away her tears, then said with determination, “I am.”

“Are you willing to die for him?”

“I said that I’m willing,” Zhang Lexuan said calmly and emotionlessly. At this moment, Bei Bei, who heard this voice too, felt as if someone had slammed a sledgehammer into his chest. His face turned pale, and his body trembled. He sat straight down on the floor, and his lips quivered, but he said nothing. “You’re a dumb girl. But your emotions are true, and your love is selfless. You pass the Sincerity round. Your selfless sacrifice shall be rewarded. You are hereby exempted from the second round,” said the calm voice with a bit more emotions.

Zhang Lexuan was stunned. Then, she watched as the light screen rose in front of her once more. However, how could she remain calm?


The golden light flashed once more, and circled them again. The warm gold light shone everywhere. It appeared that in the depths of the lake of the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley, the iciness and hate were warmed by the many forms of selfless love it had encountered.

The golden light now circled for a longer period of time.
When it stopped once more, it stopped at... Dai Huabin!

He floated up, and a clear golden light flashed. Dai Huabin became visibly tense. Like everyone else selected by the golden light, he knew nothing about what had just happened.

However, as one of the top soul masters of the younger generation, he was no fool. While he hated Huo Yuhao, he recognized his abilities. When Huo Yuhao had shouted those words just then, he heard all of them. No one would ignore life-saving advice because of hate!

“Do you have a lover?” The calm voice asked.

“Yes, I do!”  Dai Huabin replied without hesitation. At the same time, Huo Yuhao’s words rang out repeatedly in his head. Speak the truth always, no matter what you’re asked.

“Zhu Lu,” Dai Huabin replied. However, he did not know that the moment he said that, Zhu Lu could already hear his voice.

“Is she the one you love the most?” 
Dai Huabin paused for a moment. He hesitated.

“Is she the one you love the most? If you don’t reply after the third time, you’ll be punished with death,” the calm voice said coldly.

“No,” Dai Huabin said. When he said that, his voice was rigid.

When Zhu Lu, who was sealed in her own golden light, heard his response, her entire body stiffened. An incredulous look crossed her face, and her tiny frame trembled. She wanted to struggle, to fight, but here, even Elder Xuan was helpless. How could she escape?

“Then who do you love?” The calm voice asked.

Dai Huabin looked prepared as he said solemnly, “Wang Qiu’er.”

At that moment, Wang Qiu’er could hear him too. 
“Since you already have a lover, how can you love someone else? How can you face her?” The voice was merciless.

Dai Huabin’s eyes turned dark, and he said, “It’s true, I can’t face her, but I do love her. However, in my heart, I think I love Wang Qiu’er more.”

The calm voice asked, “I’ll give you a choice. Between the two of them, you can choose one to die for. If you do that, she’ll live. Who do you choose?”

This question impacted Dai Huabin greatly. His entire body turned stiff. In his head, the same question replayed itself over and over again. He had never given it much thought, but he had also never expected to face such a problem today. At this moment, his brain ran wild.

This time, the voice did not prompt him. It wanted him to think this through.

After a long while, Dai Huabin finally said with difficulty, “I know. If I had to choose one person to die for, I’d choose Zhu Lu.”

“Eh?” The calm voice was calm. “Zhu Lu? You don’t love her, though.”

Dai Huabin replied, “Yes, but she’s the one who loves me the most in this world. She’s always by my side, and she sacrifices herself for me in many ways. I can’t face her because I am attracted to some other woman. However, I’m clear that Wang Qiu’er doesn’t love me, and there’s no possibility of anything happening with her. All I can do is love her quietly. However, if I were to choose someone to become my wife, I’d choose Zhu Lu. At the same time, I’ll use my life to protect her. If I die and she lives, I won’t have any regrets.”

The calm voice appeared lost as it said, “Your thinking is weird, and your view on love is hard to understand, but your heart is true. You pass the first round, Sincerity.”

When Dai Huabin landed back on the ground, his face had a terrible expression. He had been asked the most painful question of his life, and experienced intense emotional turmoil. The golden light flashed once more, and landed on Zhu Lu. When it dissipated, Zhu Lu’s small frame started to rise. At this moment, her face was streaked with tears.

When she heard that Dai Huabin did not love her the most, her heart was filled with despair. The entire world had turned gray. However, when she heard that Dai Huabin was willing to die for her after he said all those things, her emotions became exceedingly complicated. However, she was not in despair anymore. At the very least, the man she loved still liked her.

“Do you have a lover?” the calm voice asked.

“I... do,” Zhu Lu replied, choking on her words.

At that moment, Dai Huabin, who was still in emotional agony, heard her voice. His entire body trembled, and he realized that she had heard everything. It was likely that Wang Qiu’er had heard him too. An indescribable feeling rose in his heart, like he had lost his soul. His entire body went limp. If not for the mysterious power supporting him, he would have already collapsed to the ground. “Who is he?”

“Dai Huabin,” replied Zhu Lu, gritting her teeth.

thoughts?”  The calm voice seemed to ask the questions that would cause the most pain.

“He’s a piece of shit!” Zhu Lu cried out. Afterward, she began bawling.

“Do you still love him?” the calm voice continued its questioning.

Dai Huabin opened his eyes and perked his ears up to listen. He was suddenly scared of the answer he would get. However, he could not help but listen.

“Yes…”   Zhu  Lu  did  not  hesitate.  Even  though  she  was bawling her eyes out, she answered the question without a moment’s hesitation. “He doesn’t love you, and you called him a piece of shit, so why do you still love him?” The calm voice had no intention of sparing her!

Chapter 355: Unparalled Sincerity

Zhu Lu took a deep breath and tried to calm herself. “Do I need a reason to love? I love him, or at least I do now. Even if he doesn’t want me, even if he abandons me, will this love disappear? What kind of shitty questions are you asking? Go to Hell!”

The punishment that had struck Wu Feng appeared once more. A light flashed, and Zhu Lu could not help but scream in pain.

Dai Huabin struggled with all his might. At this moment, he felt an immense pain in his heart. This pain was so immense that the glowing image of the girl with the light-blue hair in his mind appeared to have dimmed by quite a bit.

Only in times of trouble will we realize who truly cares for us. Right now, he was able to see who he truly loved. In his mind, he screamed in a frenzy, “Don’t hurt her, hit me instead!” “This pure love reveals the truth of your feelings. While you insulted me, I shall spare you on account of the truth of your feelings. You pass the first round, Sincerity.”

The light faded, and Zhu Lu was returned to her bubble.
However, it took a long time for her to steady her emotions.


The spinning sliver of light appeared once more. This time, it stopped before it completed a full revolution. Its target was Wang Qiu’er.

The light around her cleared, and Wang Qiu’er rose into the air. Her expression was icy-cold. She had heard everything that Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu had said. However, she was not affected. She just could not understand the nature of this place.

“Do you have a lover?”  The same question was asked once more. “No.” Wang Qiu’er said coldly.

“Have you loved someone before?”  The calm voice showed no sign of abating.

“Yes,” Wang Qiu’er replied coldly.

“Who is he?”

“Huo Yuhao,” Wang Qiu’er replied. She had no need to hide her feelings. At this moment, Huo Yuhao was instantly able to hear her voice.

Qiu’er?, Huo Yuhao thought in his heart, as the exchange between Wang Qiu’er and the calm voice rang out next to his ears.

When she said that she loved him, Huo Yuhao could not help but smile bitterly in disappointment.

Qiu’er, Qiu’er, look at me, how can you…? 
“Does he love you?” the calm voice continued.

Wang Qiu’er said, “No.”

“And you still love him?”

“Yes,”  Wang  Qiu’er  replied.  She  replied  to  the  questions lazily, and her answers mostly consisted of single words.

“Just now, Dai Huabin said that he loved you. What thoughts do you have?”


“If you were given a choice once more, would you still choose Huo Yuhao?” the calm voice asked.

“Yes,” replied Wang Qiu’er. Her voice started to falter. “Why?”

Wang Qiu’er inhaled and said, “While I hate how he doesn’t reciprocate my feelings, I like the feeling of being in love with him. Love has made me different.”

“If he were to face mortal danger one day, would you sacrifice your life for him?”

Wang Qiu’er replied calmly, “I’ve already tried, and hence I can tell you confidently that I would.”

Huo Yuhao listened quietly. He was not shocked by Wang Qiu’er’s responses until the very last bit. She tried? What did she try? She tried to die for me? When? Why don’t I know about it? At this moment, the shock Huo Yuhao was feeling was hard to imagine. He seemed paralyzed.

“Are you willing to die now so that he can live?”  The calm voice did not give up. Wang Qiu’er appeared to be mocking the voice as she said, “Bring it on.”

Her reply was very fast and very resolute. However, these three words were able to render Huo Yuhao breathless.

Qiu’er, she…

Time appeared to stop for a long while. Then the voice rang out once more. “I don’t like your tone, but I respect your steadfast nature. You pass the first round, Sincerity.”

Wang Qiu’er descended, and was sealed once more.


The golden sliver of light spun once more and instantly, it landed on Huo Yuhao. The light cleared, and he rose into the air. He could finally see the outside world. However, this did not give him any solace or reassurance. He was still deeply shocked by what Wang Qiu’er had said just now.

“Do you have a lover?” the calm voice asked coldly.

“I do,” Huo Yuhao replied instantly.

“Who is she?”

“Wang Dong’er,” Huo Yuhao said as he took a deep breath to calm himself.

Instantly, Wang Dong’er could hear his voice. Even though she already knew the answer, Wang Dong’er felt her heart melting when Huo Yuhao said that he loved her.

“Is she the one you love the most?” the calm voice pressed.

“Yes,” Huo Yuhao replied without any hesitation. “Just now, Wang Qiu’er said that she loved you. You should have heard it. What do you think?”

“I…” Huo Yuhao trailed off with a bitter smile on his face. “I don’t know. Qiu’er is a good girl. If I hadn’t already met Dong’er, I may have fallen in love with her. However, my heart is completely filled with Dong’er now.”

“So you didn’t leave any space in your heart for Wang Qiu’er? Do you dare to say that you have never considered her as an option?” the calm voice asked as its tone turned audibly harsh.

Huo Yuhao was stunned. “I admit, I did consider her before, because she resembled Wang Dong’er perfectly. However, the reason I considered her then was because I loved Dong’er. Hence, I can only apologize to Qiu’er.”

While Wang Qiu’er understood Huo Yuhao’s determination, she still felt her heart turn icy-cold when she heard him say those words.

“If you could start all over again, with Wang Qiu’er and Wang Dong’er appearing in front of you at the same time, who would you love?” the voice asked. It showed no sign of abating.

Huo Yuhao paused and said, “I don’t know, because there’s no possibility of that happening.”

“In this world, nothing is impossible,”  explained the voice. Then, it asked, “Since you love Wang Dong’er so much, would you die for her?”

“Of course I would. I’ve already tried to before. I’m brave enough. In my heart, Dong’er has always been more important than my own life,” Huo Yuhao replied emotionally.

“Hmm, a complicated love life, but you can still stay true to yourself in the face of temptations. You pass the first round, Sincerity.”

The gold light faded, and Huo Yuhao was placed back in his original spot.

--- The golden sliver started to move once more, until it stopped at Wang Dong’er, who was not very far away from Huo Yuhao. The light cleared, and Dong’er rose into the air.

“Do you have a lover?”

“Yes,”  Dong’er  replied  with  a  slight  smile.  She  suddenly thought that this place was rather decent. At least to Huo Yuhao and her, it was a rather stress-free place. Just speak the truth. Since this is the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley, let it query me.

“Who is he?”

“Huo Yuhao.”

“Is he the one you love the most?”

“Yes.” “You should have heard the exchange just now. Another person said that she loves him deeply and is willing to die for him. That person is Wang Qiu’er. Did you know that?”

“I knew,” Wang Dong’er replied without any hesitation.

“So what thoughts do you have?” the voice asked.

Wang Dong’er said, “I don’t have any thoughts on that. In fact, I once tried to match-make the two of them.”

“Why?” The calm voice was not the only one who wanted to know the answer to that question. Huo Yuhao, who had just calmed down himself, wanted to know too.

Wang Dong’er said, “Qiu’er deserved it. Love can’t be shared, and naturally, I don’t want to share it. However, ever since I started to interact with Qiu’er, I can sense her love for Huo Yuhao. While I want him for myself, I can’t bear to see her in so much pain.” “Aren’t   you   scared   of   competition?”    the   voice   asked pressingly.

Wang Qiu’er said, “No, I’m not afraid. I trust that Huo Yuhao’s love for me won’t change. In fact, both he and Qiu’er rejected my proposal. Qiu’er said that she wasn’t willing to take this ‘gift’, and Yuhao said that his heart only had me in it.” When she said the final bit, her voice brimmed with pride.

Then, she added, “If you want to ask if I’m willing to die for Huo Yuhao, I will say yes. However, sometimes, those who are alive have it worse than those who are dead. If I die, he’d be devastated. I’m willing to die for him, but I don’t want to see him in so much pain.

“If we can grow old and die together, I’d be willing to let him die first. Then, I can be with him until the last moment of his life. He can leave his world under my care, and then I’ll follow him. I’m willing to face the cold inevitability of death alone, but I don't want him to do so.”

The calm voice sighed and said, “You have it all planned out.” “Do  you  have  any  more  questions?”  Wang  Dong’er  asked with a smile.

“You’ve already answered all of them, so what’s left for me to ask? You pass the first round.”

No one knew why, but when Huo Yuhao, Wang Dong’er, and Wang Qiu’er heard this calm voice, they all realized that it sounded sorry.

Huo Yuhao was touched beyond words. Dong’er, Dong’er, my lovely wife! While I don’t know what I would have done had you and Qiu’er appeared in front of me together, I know that I’ll still choose you to be my wife in our next lives. I want to be with you for all our lives. I don’t ever want to be apart from you!


The golden sliver spun, and this time, it did not stop instantly. It appeared to have been affected by Huo Yuhao, Wang Qiu’er, and Wang Dong’er. This time, it spun for a very long while. 
After a long time, the golden light finally stopped. This time, it paused on Xiao Xiao.

Xiao Xiao rose into the air.

“Do you have a lover?” It was the same question again.

“Yes,” Xiao Xiao replied, blushing.

“Who is he?” 
“He Caitou,” Xiao Xiao replied in a low voice. Among all the people here, she was the shyest.

“Is he the one you love the most?”

“Yes,” Xiao Xiao replied softly.

“If only one of you could leave this place alive, would it be you, or him?” the calm voice asked coldly.

Xiao Xiao was stunned. “Can we both not die? I’m still young, I haven’t married anyone yet, I, I…  Wa!…,”  She burst out into tears.

He Caitou could hear her now. When he heard her crying, an odd expression crossed his face.

“One of you must die. It’s either you or him. Answer me. If you don’t answer me, both of you will die. You have the right to choose. If you let him die, you may live,”  the voice said calmly.

Xiao Xiao choked, and her petite face turned white. To her, the terror of death was not something she could deal with easily.

The voice seemed pleased that it had finally found someone who was afraid of death. It did not prompt her.

“Then, I’ll die. But after I die, can you let Caitou tell my father and mother, and then get him to take care of them for me? While he may be ugly, he’s a nice person. I think my parents will like him.” It was difficult, but Xiao Xiao still made her decision.

“We can only live once. Will you really choose death?”  The calm voice asked once more.

Xiao Xiao said, “I don’t want to die! However, I don’t want Caitou to die. If I see him die, I might be more afraid. I’d rather die myself. Isn’t it said that once you die, there’s nothing to worry about anymore? Can you let me have a quick death? I’m scared of pain.”


“You pass the first round.”

The voice did not want to speak with Xiao Xiao any more. The light faded, and Xiao Xiao dropped down back down and was enveloped by her light bubble.


The sliver flashed, and He Caitou immediately rose into the air.

“Do you have a lover?’”

“Yes.” “Who is she?”

“Xiao Xiao,” He Caitou replied resolutely.

“Is she the one who you love the most?”


“Between the two of you, if only one of you could live, who would you want it to be?” The questions were highly similar. However, for everyone, it was a question of life and death. At this point, one had to know that He Caitou did not know that Xiao Xiao had passed her round. He only heard her say that she was willing to die for him, and that she wanted him to take care of her family.

At this moment, Xiao Xiao listened intently. She had absolute faith in He Caitou’s love for her. Since they had gotten together, he had protected her and taken care of her as if she were a tiny flower in a greenhouse. His deep love for her had made her forget her initial dissatisfaction with his appearance. “I’d choose to live,” He Caitou answered after a long silence. The moment he said that, Xiao Xiao’s eyes opened wide in shock. Instantly, her beautiful eyes started to water.

I’m so scared of death, but I still chose death for you…

Caitou, who is normally so honest, and who loves me so much, actually…

Caitou, you…

“Why?” the calm voice asked.

He Caitou took a deep breath and said, “I have yet to avenge the deaths of my family, and hence, I cannot die. So, I’d choose to live. But if Xiao Xiao dies, I’m already a dead man. My heart would be dead. I’d castrate myself to keep my purity for her. After I avenge the deaths of my family, I’d join her in death.

“If there’s a next life, I want to be her pet so that I can protect her quietly. If there really is a next life, I won’t demand her love, but I’ll make up for my mistakes in this lifetime with the love of many lifetimes.

“However, I must have my vengeance. I’ll never forget how my father’s hand went limp right before he died, or the red, grief-stricken look in my mother’s eyes. Death, to me, is a form of release. However, I can’t have this release now. I live for revenge. Loving Xiao Xiao is like a luxury to me.

“I don’t know who you are or why you brought us here, but if possible, can you please let both Xiao Xiao and I live? Even if you force me to give up my love for her, even if you make her forget me, I’d be willing. Furthermore, I’m willing to be a slave for her in my next life. I don’t even mind reincarnating as an animal so that she can live a wondrous life. Please, I beg you.”

He Caitou’s lips were pursed tightly together. Even his voice was different from normal. He spoke with a magnetic and enthralling voice.

Xiao Xiao’s eyes watered. Finally, big, fat tears trickled down her face. At this moment, there was no coldness or despair in her eyes, only intense, red-hot emotions. He Caitou’s body was stiff. He did not know if Xiao Xiao could hear his voice. He also did not know if Xiao Xiao would forgive him. However, he spoke the truth as it was, without keeping anything to himself.

“Sincerity and truth. Love at its highest and most passionate level. You pass the first round, Sincerity, and you are exempted from the second round. Xiao Xiao is also exempted from the second round.”

He Caitou was lowered gently and returned to his original spot. At this moment, hot tears streamed down his face. He had never cared about the exemption. He was just scared that Xiao Xiao, his beloved Xiao Xiao, would leave him.

At this moment, among everyone who stood around this mysterious wheel, eleven of them had already been chosen. Thanks to Huo Yuhao’s reminder, none of them was severely punished. Only Wu Feng and Zhu Lu were whipped because they were discourteous, but it was not severe.

Only two people were left, Xu Sanshi and Jiang Nannan. ---

The golden sliver spun, and it stopped on Jiang Nannan. The light cleared, and she rose into the air.

As she was one of the last to be selected, she did not look well. She had been trapped for a long time, and did not know what was happening outside. This loneliness was terrifying. At least there was light. The faint golden light made everything less scary.

“Do you have a lover?” the calm voice asked.

Jiang Nanan jumped, but she reacted quickly. “Yes, I do.”


“Xu Sanshi.”

“Is he the one you love the most?” “Yes.”

“Between the two of you, if only one of you could live, who would you want it to be?”

Jiang Nannan received the same question. Her stunningly- pretty face paled. However, thanks to Huo Yuhao’s reminder, she knew that she could not lie. However, she did not know if Xu Sanshi could hear her voice.

“I hope I could live,” Jiang Nannan said with much difficulty.


“I want to take care of my mother. If I die, there’ll be no one to take care of my mother. If no one takes care of her, she’ll die. My mother and I have relied on each other since I was young. I’m willing to do anything for my mother. I love Sanshi, but I love my mother more. If I had to choose one, I’d choose to live for my mother. I’d take no new lover, and after my mother passes away, I’ll look for him in death.” When Jiang Nannan said this, she did not hesitate too much. She did not say it with much emotion. Instead, she recounted it as if it were a fact. Clearly, her mother was the most important thing to her.

“Romantic love and familial love. So, you think familial love is more important? How can you face Xu Sanshi?”

Jiang Nannan smiled bitterly and said, “Without my mother, I wouldn’t exist. I can’t face Sanshi, but I’ll atone for it in my next life. Instead, I want to ask you why you are so intent on tearing us apart? Why is it that only one of us can live? I don’t know who you are, but it serves no other purpose than to cause us pain. Why don’t you kill us both? If we both die, my mother will die too, and we can be reunited in the next world.”

“You pass the first round, Sincerity,”  said the calm voice. It had no other questions for her, and it appeared slightly flustered as it made that announcement.

--- Jiang Nannan returned to where she was. The golden light landed on Xu Sanshi. As it spun, Xu Sanshi rose into the air.

“You sick pervert!”  Xu Sanshi cursed the moment he could speak.

Crack! A ray of golden light turned into a whip and struck Xu Sanshi.

Xu Sanshi cried out in pain. He felt an intense shock from where he had been whipped. Even his soul was in agony.

“For disrespecting me, you’re sentenced to three strokes of the whip.”

Crack! Crack! Perhaps this voice was triggered by Jiang Nannan’s attitude, but it whipped Xu Sanshi thrice. Xu Sanshi wailed in pain. This pain was unbearable, and it was impossible not to cry out.

Jiang Nannan could hear him, and panicked, but there was nothing she could do. She could only curse silently. “You idiot, why are you resisting something you can’t fight?”

“Do you have a lover?”  the calm voice asked coldly once it was done.

“Yes,”   Xu  Sanshi  replied.  Perhaps  it  was  because  of  the punishment, but Xu Sanshi was now much more well-behaved, albeit drained.


“Jiang Nannan.”

“Is she the one you love the most?”


“If only one of you could live, and you had the option to choose who lived, who would it be?” “Her. I’ll die.” Xu Sanshi said tiredly. The three strokes of the whip had come down hard. His entire body was twitching in agony.

“Just now, Jiang Nannan chose you to die. Don’t you want to be like her and stay alive to take care of your parents?”

Chapter 355: Unparalled Sincerity

Xu Sanshi said in an unpleasant tone, “My situation is different from hers. Her and her mother rely on each other. While I have parents, I also have siblings who can take care of them. Yes, I will have wronged them by doing so. However, they never really liked me to begin with. I believe that if I die, it won’t bother them too much.”

“You’re willing to sacrifice yourself for love, but you aren’t filial to your parents. You will only be allowed to pass the first round with ten lashes.”


Crack, crack, crack…

“Ah! Ah! Ah!”

Cries of pain rose in the air. Xu Sanshi was in so much pain that he could not help but cry out non-stop. However, he had no way of resisting it. 
At this moment, the bubbles around everyone turned transparent. Everyone could see once more. They all looked at Xu Sanshi, who was being whipped in the air.

They might not be able to hear, but they could see his pained expression! The Eternal Defense, Xu Sanshi, was in such a pitiful state right now. What defense was there to speak of?

After ten strokes of the whip, Xu Sanshi fell back to the ground. His entire body lay there unmoving. He could not even raise a single finger. However, weirdly, the ten strokes of the whip did not leave a single mark on him.

“The  first  round,  Sincerity,  is  over.  The  second  round, Adventure, shall now begin. All those who are exempted may progress straight into the third round.”

Three rays of light shone simultaneously. Zhang Lexuan, He Caitou, and Xiao Xiao disappeared. There were now only ten people left out of the original thirteen. However, their surroundings started to change. Everyone could sense a powerful killing intent.

The wheel on the ground started to change. Ten boxes appeared on the wheel. However, each box had a different insignia. Each of the ten insignias was different, but they were not hard to identify.

For example, one of them looked like a sword, which should have something to do with fighting. Another one looked like a pair of human lips. There were also other insignias. Some took a bit longer to identify.

The plain voice sounded in their ears, “The second round, Adventure, shall begin. You have all progressed to the second round. After this round starts, the light underneath your feet will shine and the wheel will spin. Depending on what box the light stops at, you will have to fulfil the corresponding task. If you can’t do that, you will then progress to the next round, Deep Adventure, which has a possibility of mortal danger. If you still can’t pass that, you will die. After your task has been revealed, you have a chance to go straight to the Deep Adventure round. It will start now, beginning with Xu Sanshi.” No one would have expected that Xu Sanshi, the one who had experienced the most pain, would be the first one to start. The round area where he lay lit up, and the huge wheel started to spin. The insignias on top of the wheel started to blur as they spun.

At this moment, no one could talk to each other. All they could do was watch the wheel spin.

Gradually, the wheel started to slow down. Insignias started to flash visibly in front of Xu Sanshi.

The pain in his body appeared to have decreased, but Xu Sanshi still had yet to catch his breath. Despite facing the second round right now, he did not know what it entailed. However, the clueless one was often the most fearless. Right now, there was nothing he had to worry about.

Finally, the wheel stopped. When it stopped, a fan-shaped light lit up in front of Xu Sanshi, showing the insignia that was chosen for him.

It was in the shape of a pair of lips. 
“The Adventure is a French kiss. Now, the wheel shall choose again. Regardless of who is chosen, you have to convince them, or force them, to French kiss you for three minutes. In total, you have ten minutes to complete the task. If you can’t do it, you will move on to the Deep Adventure round. Once again, let me emphasize that the Deep Adventure round has a risk of mortal danger. You may face an opponent whom you cannot resist. The chance of death is more than 50%. The wheel will now choose your target for you.”

The wheel started to spin once again.

Xu Sanshi listened to all this in shock. The others heard it too. Instantly, all the girls except Jiang Nannan turned pale.

Xu Sanshi was stunned too. Then, a look of joy flashed across his eyes. This was mandatory kissing!

Other than him, most of the remaining nine were girls. Only Huo Yuhao, Bei Bei, and Dai Huabin were guys. This meant that there was a 66% chance of a girl being chosen! Eh, they’re all beauties. Regardless of which one is chosen…. There’s no need to force her, right? After all, we’re all trying to live!

Xu Sanshi’s mood changed, and he forced himself to stand up as he stared at the spinning wheel.

This time, the wheel returned to the spinning gold light of the first round. The golden light flashed quickly, and then slowed until it seemed to be on the verge of stopping.

Xu Sanshi opened his eyes wide. In his heart, he prayed, “Let it be a girl, let it be a girl, anyone will do! Even though they say we should not go after our friends’ wives, this is a matter of life and death. They will understand.”

The light finally stopped. The moment it stopped, Xu Sanshi’s eyes almost popped out of his head.

“You’re fucking with me!” he cried out unhappily. When the golden light stopped, it landed on the ‘unlikely’ 33%. It stopped at Bei Bei!

“Target has been chosen. Your time starts now.”

The two rays of light shone together. Xu Sanshi and Bei Bei appeared at the center of the round platform, and a golden hourglass appeared in mid-air. Fine, golden granules of sand started to trickle down.

Bei Bei was also shocked by the fact that he had been chosen. The two of them looked at each other. At that moment, neither of them knew what to say.

Xu Sanshi screamed into the air, “Does seeing me fucked makes you happy? Why is it Bei Bei? Why is it him!?”

He really wanted to scream, “I choose the Deep Adventure round!”  However, the ten strokes of the whip had left a deep impression on his mind. Xu Sanshi could tell that this mysterious existence would not be kind to him. If he chose that, he would be faced with death. The existence evidently did not like him!

I just have to kiss him for three minutes, and I will pass this round! This is better than death! However, we have to do it in front of so many people, including Jiang Nannan. At this moment, Xu Sanshi instantly felt that he was in a really painful spot.

“Bei Bei…” Xu Sanshi said with much difficulty as he licked his lips.

Bei Bei jumped like a cat whose tail had been stepped on as he said, “Don’t even think about it!”

“Do you think I want to?” Xu Sanshi said angrily, “I don’t! However, I want to live, you know that! Do you want us all to die here?”

Bei Bei snorted, “I’d rather die than to get kissed by you! If I don’t kiss you, I’ll die. If I kiss you, I might not live. So why would I want to kiss you? Who knows how many more tortures this place has for us?” 
“There are three rounds. If you pass all of them, you can leave. Furthermore, according to your situations, you will be given different, customized rewards,” said the voice.

Xu Sanshi gulped and said, “Bei Bei, hear that? It’s only three rounds. While this place is strange, that voice seems to honor its word. Furthermore, while the questions earlier were difficult, it considered our responses from an emotional aspect. Just bear with it. Do it for our future happiness! Don’t you want to save Xiao Ya?”

“I…” When he heard ‘Xiao Ya’, Bei Bei, who was initially as riled up as a fighting cock, softened. That’s right! He did not care about his life, but what about Xiao Ya? If he did not save her, Xiao Ya might become an evil soul master forever.

He thought for a while, then sighed and closed his eyes. He faced Xu Sanshi and said, “Let’s do it.”

Xu Sanshi looked at the hourglass and bit down on his lips. He stepped toward Bei Bei and stared intently at his lips. In his mind, he repeated this thought over and over again, “These are two sausages, two sausages, two sausages…” 
Bei Bei had his own mantra too. I’m getting kissed by a pig, kissed by a pig, kissed by a pig…

Finally, Xu Sanshi stood in front of Bei Bei. The two of them were of similar heights. There was no need to trouble either party. However, when they were only inches apart, Xu Sanshi’s footsteps stopped. These aren’t sausages!

“Here I come!” Xu Sanshi said.

Bei Bei kept his eyes closed and said angrily, “Hurry up, pighead.”

Xu Sanshi gritted his teeth and closed his eyes. Then, he lunged forward.

“Bleugh…”   When  Bei  Bei  felt  something  touch  his  lips, however, he could not hold it in anymore. Everything he ate in the morning spewed out of his stomach. “Bleugh!” Xu Sanshi had lowered his head slightly, and so his nose had hit Bei Bei’s lips. But at this moment, vomit was splashed all over his face. His initial determination fell apart. He started to puke furiously too as he vomited all over Bei Bei.

This task, which had seemed easy to complete, turned into a nightmare for Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi. Both of them puked all over themselves.

“For contaminating the valley, you shall both be moved to the Deep Adventure round.”

The golden light flashed and cleaned all of their vomit up instantly.

This scene before everyone tugged at their hearts. What nonsense is this!? The one who was the most shocked was Jiang Nannan. She was both worried and slightly tickled by it. In her heart, she was rather delighted, too. If that rascal really did THAT with Bei Bei… However, what does Deep Adventure entail? There’s a 50% mortality rate! Then, she thought about how Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi had trained together all these years. Their coordination was superb. One of them attacked, while the other defended. They should be able to make it... 

Chapter 356: Adventure, Adventure

Just as countless thoughts flitted through Jiang Nannan’s mind, the wheel started to spin once again! As they all stared at the weird symbols on the wheel, everyone wore an ugly expression on their faces. They prayed that for their Adventure round, the task would not be too perverted.

Everyone’s breathing started to become more and more tense. As they stared intently at the spinning wheel, they all knew that they could be next.

A ray of golden light shone. This time, it lit up underneath Jiang Nannan’s feet. This meant that she was up next.

She had still not gotten over her shock at Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi’s predicament. Instantly, the color drained from her face as she stared at the wheel in shock.

The wheel started to slow down. A different symbol appeared in front of Jiang Nannan. This symbol looked weird. There were three fists on it, one of which was larger than the other two.

“You have to defeat two other randomly-chosen opponents. If you beat them, you pass. If you lose, you’ll enter the Deep Adventure round. If your opponents win, their tasks shall still be decided by the wheel, but their difficulty level will be reduced. If your opponents lose, their task shall still be decided by the wheel, but their difficulty level will be increased.”

The wheel turned golden. This time, two rays of light started to spin rapidly.

One versus two? While this ‘Adventure’ was not as perverted as Xu Sanshi’s, it was still extremely difficult! Among everyone here, who was weak? Furthermore, everyone in the Tang Sect had good ties with each other. How could she possibly fight them?

The two rays of light stopped. When she saw where they stopped, Jiang Nannan sighed in relief. This was the best possible outcome. The two rays of light stopped at Ning Tian and Wu Feng, the odd ‘couple’. They flashed, and then the two of them entered the arena. The three women in the arena faced off against each other.

Wu Feng and Ning Tian exchanged gazes. Both of them had an odd look in their eyes.

Jiang Nannan did not know what they had experienced in the first round. Neither did she know that they had feelings for one another. However, Jiang Nannan had no psychological baggage fighting them.

This place was like a round stage. While it was big relative to the wheel, it was not big enough for soul masters to fight.

Five soul rings rose simultaneously from underneath Jiang Nannan’s feet. At the same time, her second and third soul rings lit up.

Wu Feng and Ning Tian felt themselves getting heavy, and only then did they realize that something was amiss. They recovered quickly from their awkwardness, just in time to see Jiang Nannan appear suddenly behind Ning Tian and reach out to grab Ning Tian’s shoulder.

This was Jiang Nannan’s second soul skill, Gravity Control, and her third soul skill, Instant Teleportation!

While Ning Tian was an auxiliary-type soul master, she placed a great emphasis on protecting herself because she had no way of fighting someone directly.

A layer of light suddenly shone from her body. This was a Class 5 protective soul barrier. At the same time, she moved her body forward, and a shuttle-type soul tool appeared underneath her feet, propelling her forward and away.

However, while she took defensive steps, how could Jiang Nannan not have made offensive preparations?

As a close-combat soul master, Jiang Nannan’s fighting style and techniques could only be unleashed when she was close to her opponent. The appearance of soul tools was able to check her battling style. Hence, as one of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, Jiang Nannan had made a special request to the Academy for a set of close-combat soul tools.

In the tournament earlier, she did not have many chances to fight. Furthermore, as they faced extremely powerful opponents in the group round, she was unable to use her close- combat soul tools. Now, however, she got her chance.

Two silver rings started to shine on both her middle fingers.
A set of silver gloves appeared on her long arms.

A silver, suction cup-shaped pattern appeared on the palms of her gloves. The suction-cup patterns instantly released rays of light that violently drew Ning Tian's soul barrier towards them. She had no chance of escaping.

Not only that, but five sharp knives also sprang out of the fingertips of Jiang Nannan’s gloves. Like a hot knife cutting through butter, they slashed through the protective soul barrier and went straight for Ning Tian’s shoulder.

However, they were not mortal enemies. They were all from Shrek Academy, and the moment Jiang Nannan’s hands touched Ning Tian’s shoulders, she retracted the knives immediately. All she did was squeeze Tian’s shoulder with her palm.

All of Jiang Nannan’s soul skills were meant for close- combat. If one thought that she was weak, they would be deeply mistaken. The moment she got close to a target whose strength did not surpass hers, the fight was over.

Ning Tian lost all feeling in her shoulder after Jiang Nannan grabbed it. Her entire body felt weak, as if her blood vessels had been sealed. It became more difficult to circulate soul power through her body. The protective soul barrier that Jiang Nannan had broken though disappeared. She felt the world around her swirl as Jiang Nannan picked her up.

This all happened in an instant. By the time Wu Feng rushed over, Jiang Nannan had already lifted Ning Tian off the ground.

An angry dragon roar could be heard. Wu Feng’s entire body blazed with a fiery light, and fiery red dragon scales appeared on her. By lifting Ning Tian, Jiang Nannan knew that she was completely exposed in front of Wu Feng. Wu Feng did not lack fighting experience. She reached forward with her dragon claws, and her fourth soul ring started to shine. To save Ning Tian, she used her most powerful soul skill.

Wu Feng’s body disappeared. The fiery-red light turned into the shape of a huge dragon that bounded into the air, barreling straight toward Jiang Nannan. This was her fourth soul skill, Dragonflight!

However, Jiang Nannan’s fourth soul ring started to shine too. As a layer of golden light flashed, Wu Feng landed a direct hit on her.



Jiang Nannan threw Ning Tian down onto the ground ferociously, instantly dazing her. When her body touched the ground, Ning Tian finally realized how terrifying Jiang Nannan was. She felt her body was almost tenfold heavier. When Jiang Nannan let go, a suffocating power came from her hands, causing her soul power to dissipate. Just like that, she crashed hard against the ground.

Even though Ning Tian wore a protective layer of soft armor, such a hard landing knocked her out cold. Her entire body felt like a fragile, collapsing structure.

The boom afterward came from Wu Feng crashing into Jiang Nannan. With her fourth soul skill, Invincible Golden Body, Jiang Nannan was unscathed. Wu Feng, however, was bounced away.

Jiang Nannan smiled. Having taken care of Ning Tian, she became more confident. Without the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda’s augmentation, Wu Feng was no match for her alone.

Her small frame flashed, and Jiang Nannan rushed toward Wu Feng, who had taken up her human form again.

From an outsider’s perspective, Jiang Nannan was the weak link among Shrek’s Seven Monsters. However, when they actually faced her, both Wu Feng and Ning Tian finally realized how terrifying this beauty could be. 
Her jade-like legs suddenly increased in strength. Instantly, Jiang Nannan’s speed reached Wang Qiu’er’s level. However, her body was much more flexible. She was not as violent as Wang Qiu’er.

Over such a short distance, Wu Feng was unable to see Jiang Nannan clearly after she increased her speed. Jiang Nannan was right on top of her almost instantly. Wu Feng grunted, and the second and third soul rings on her body lit up.

Dragonfury, Dragonburst!

An intense red light shone from Wu Feng’s body. Everything within a 1.5-meter radius appeared to have exploded.

Jiang Nannan’s body suddenly stopped three meters in front of Wu Feng. This sudden stop, which went against all physics, was just enough to let her dodge Wu Feng’s burst.

Not only that, but Jiang Nannan’s hands turned as bright and spotless as jade. This was one of the Tang Sect’s Secret Techniques, Mysterious Jade Hands. 
Huo Yuhao had mastered the Purple Demon Eyes better than anyone else. However, Jiang Nannan, who specialized in close- combat, had spent a lot of time effort refining the Mysterious Jade Hands!

Jade-colored light swirled, and Jiang Nannan reached out with her hands before separating them.

At the same time, the power of Dragonburst reached its peak. Dragonfury still blazed, but as Jiang Nannan pushed with her hands, this intense heat was forcibly and quickly parted.

Tang Sect Secret Technique, Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon!

Jiang Nannan body twisted to the side, and just like that, she was able to move toward Wu Feng in this odd fashion. The tips of her toes lightly touched the ground, and her entire body charged toward Wu Feng in this weird position.

Wu Feng was not afraid. Her first soul ring lit up, and Dragonfire rose. Her dragon claws slashed toward Jiang Nannan.

She did not believe that with her martial soul, a Fire Dragon, she would fare worse than Jiang Nannan in a head-on clash. They were both five-ringed Soul Kings. Even though her soul power might be stronger, how much stronger could it be?

Indeed, in terms of the strength of their martial souls, Jiang Nannan did not surpass Wu Feng by that much. However, her fighting style was the perfect counter to Wu Feng.

As her martial soul was a Fire Dragon, her fighting style focused on maintaining a medium-to-close range with her opponent. In a wide enough arena, she would be able to demonstrate her mid-range fighting style to the best of her abilities. There, it would be difficult for Jiang Nannan to win.

However, this ‘arena’ was way too small. This was an advantage for those who fought at close range. At this close range, Jiang Nannan had an absolute advantage.

Jiang Nannan’s response to Wu Feng’s dragon claws completely shocked the latter. 
Her body fell forward swiftly, something most people could not do. However, Jiang Nannan pulled this feat off with her control over gravity.

Her judgment was perfect, and just like that, Wu Feng’s dragon claws slashed nothing but thin air, passing over her body. 
“Oh no.” Wu Feng sensed that something was amiss. However, she had no intention of retreating. Instead, her right leg flew into the air like a bolt of lightning as she tried to kick Jiang Nannan.

Horizontal roll! Jiang Nannan was able to grab Wu Feng’s right leg with her hands from a sideways position.

Had it been anyone else, they would be burnt by the Dragonfire that blazed on Wu Feng’s right leg. However, Jiang Nannan was immune to it. With the power of her Mysterious Jade Hands, she had no such fear. On the other hand, when Wu Feng felt Jiang Nannan’s hands squeeze the bottom of her knee, she noticed that her right calf lost all sensation.

Wu Feng had always been strong. Faced with this situation, she showed no sign of weakness. Instead, she kicked out at Jiang Nannan, who was grabbing onto her right leg, with her left leg. At the same time, the fifth soul ring on her body lit up. She turned into a red dragon once again and unleashed her most powerful soul skill, Dragon Cloudpierce. She not only used this soul skill to break free from Jiang Nannan, but she also relied on it to turn the tables on her.

However, at this time, Jiang Nannan’s fifth soul ring lit up as well.

Even though their power was the same, how could Jiang Nannan be known as one of Shrek’s Seven Monsters if she gave her opponent any chance at retaliation at such a close distance?

Golden light flashed, and Jiang Nannan grabbed Wu Feng’s left leg too. Then, before Wu Feng could fully unleash her fifth soul skill, a layer of golden light started to creep up her legs. Everywhere it touched, Wu Feng could feel her lower limbs going numb. When the golden light reached her navel, she felt her soul power drain from her body. Her soul skill, which she was in the midst of using, was forcibly halted. She collapsed onto the ground.

Jiang Nannan’s figure could be seen in the golden light once more. This was her fifth soul skill, Soft Bone Lock. Wu Feng’s soul power and body were completely sealed. She lost all abilities to fight. Naturally, under this condition, Jiang Nannan could not continue to attack. However, for a soul master like her, it was enough. As long as she released Soft Bone Lock, she would regain her abilities much quicker than Wu Feng.

“Jiang Nannan wins. She passes the second round, Adventure.” A few rays of light shone simultaneously. Wu Feng and Ning Tian returned to where they were. They recovered fully from their fight with Jiang Nannan. At this moment, Jiang Nannan disappeared from where she was too. No one knew where she went.

Undoubtedly, Jiang Nannan was the first person to pass the second round based on her own merits, other than the three who were exempted. At the same time, she showed Wu Feng, Ning Tian, Zhu Lu and Dai Huabin the difference in their abilities. This was due to a disparity in strength. Jiang Nannan, viewed as the weakest among Shrek’s Seven Monsters, was able to defeat a combination of the strongest auxiliary-type martial soul, Ning Tian and her Seven Treasure Glazed Pagoda, and Wu Feng, who possessed the Fire Dragon.

Even though the small arena was to Jiang Nannan’s advantage, it was clear that her strength was superior to both Wu Feng and Ning Tian. 
Six out of the original thirteen were gone. Only seven were left.

Huo Yuhao, Wang Dong’er, Wang Qiu’er, Wu Feng, Zhu Lu, Ning Tian, and Dai Huabin.

The wheel appeared once more, and a golden light shone, attracting everyone’s attention. This time, Dai Huabin was the one who was chosen for the wheel’s ‘Adventure’.

The wheel spun, and this time, it stopped rather quickly. The symbol that appeared in front of Dai Huabin was a pair of swords.

“Defeat your opponent, and you shall pass this round. If your opponent beats you, they’ll pass this round. The loser will be sent to the Deep Adventure round.”

The moment the voice stopped speaking, a ray of golden light shot out. This time, it did not even spin. Instead, it landed directly on Zhu Lu. This was an ‘Adventure’ indeed! However, it was not one of strength, but one of the heart.

Despite Dai Huabin’s strong personality, when he saw that it was Zhu Lu who was chosen by the light, a bitter look crossed his face.

The golden light flashed, and Zhu Lu appeared in front of Dai Huabin. The two of them looked at each other. Both of them had complicated looks in their eyes.

Zhu Lu, in particular, looked at Dai Huabin as tears streamed down her face. Her lips trembled, but she did not say anything.

Dai Huabin sighed and said softly, “Lulu, I’m sorry, it’s all my fault. I’ve never thought about my deepest thoughts. I’m wrong. There’s nothing else to say. If we can leave this place alive, I’ll love you and you alone with all my heart. No one else shall have my heart. I concede defeat for this round. I choose the Deep Adventure.”

After he finished this sentence, tears fell from Dai Huabin’s eyes. 
“No!” Zhu Lu shouted hysterically. However, it was too late.
The golden light flashed, and Dai Huabin disappeared.

“Dai Huabin admits defeat. Zhu Lu successfully passes this round.”

“Wait a moment, I don’t want to pass this round. I want to go with him to the Deep Adventure round. Let me go, let me go…” Zhu Lu cried. Her voice choked, and she no longer sounded human. The moment Dai Huabin conceded defeat and risked it all to go into the Deep Adventure round, all of the unhappiness in her heart disappeared.

“Are you sure you want to choose the Deep Adventure? If you and Dai Huabin take part in Deep Adventure together, it’ll be even more difficult!”

“I choose the Deep Adventure. Even if I die, I want to die with him.”

“Alright, I shall satisfy your request. Zhu Lu shall progress to the Deep Adventure round.” The golden light flashed, and Zhu Lu disappeared.

Silence. The wheel fell into a deathly silence. The mysterious existence appeared to have disappeared. For a long while, there was no sound.

Everyone had seen what had happened, including Huo Yuhao. While he did not know what had happened between Zhu Lu and Dai Huabin, he felt his heart wrench when he saw Dai Huabin choose the Deep Adventure without any hesitation so that Zhu Lu could pass this round.

In his heart, Dai Huabin had always been his enemy, his foe. He was the murderer who had killed his mother. However, when he personally witnessed Dai Huabin reveal his emotional side, he felt even more anguish.

If Dai Huabin were a cruel and selfish person, he would have no qualms about seeking revenge in the future. However, he now realized that through his interactions with his peers, his ever-deepening love for Dong’er, and his personal experiences of worldly affairs, the hatred in his heart seemed to have faded. No! I must have my revenge on him and his mother. If not for them, how could mother have died?

This touched the most sensitive part of his heart. Huo Yuhao reacted to this pain unknowingly. He clenched his fists tightly.

However, even though he was determined to have his revenge, Dai Huabin’s actions just now were seared into his mind.

The golden light appeared once more. This time, it landed on Wang Qiu’er. The wheel spun, and Huo Yuhao’s turbulent emotions were calmed in the face of the golden light. He could subtly feel that regardless of what Wang Qiu’er got, it would have something to do with him.

The golden light stopped, and the symbol that appeared underneath Wang Qiu’er’s feet was the one that had appeared in front of Jiang Nannan earlier on. It was the one with the three fists.

“You have to defeat two other randomly-chosen opponents. If you beat them, you pass. If you lose, you’ll go to the Deep Adventure round. If your opponents win, their tasks shall still be decided by the wheel, but their difficulty level will be reduced. If your opponents lose, their tasks shall still be decided by the wheel, but their difficulty level will be increased.”

Two rays of golden light, without even spinning, fell onto Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er. Then they flashed, and three of them were facing each other in the center of the stage.

The three of them looked at each other. All of them felt strange.

Wang Qiu’er’s gaze stared intently at Huo Yuhao as she said, “Bring it on, the two of you. Don’t concede defeat, because that will be an underestimation of my abilities. I’ve waited for this for a long time. I didn’t get my chance in the tournament, so let me have it now.”

Huo Yuhao sighed and said, “Qiu’er, what are you doing this for?”

Wang Qiu’er said, “I’m sure I can beat you.” 
In her resolute eyes, Huo Yuhao appeared to have seen his own intense hate. His heart softened, and he said, “Alright, since you want to fight me so badly, bring it on. However, this shall be a fight between the two of us. For fairness’ sake, and for my own glory, Dong’er shall not take part. This shall just a
fight between you and me, alright?”

Wang Qiu’er looked at Huo Yuhao’s human-shaped soul tool, and she said coldly, “Are you that confident?”

Huo Yuhao smiled and said, “Have you forgotten how Yan Feng died at my hands? Dong’er.” As he said that, he turned to look at her.

They exchanged glances and Wang Dong’er smiled slightly and nodded. While she did not know what Huo Yuhao wanted to do, she had to support her man at this moment. She too could sense the determination in Wang Qiu’er’s heart. Where does this determination come from? From your own unresolved feelings?

Regardless of whether she wins or loses, let her have this chance. At the very least, she would not actually injure Huo Yuhao. Wang Dong’er was sure of this. She turned and stepped back to watch the battle from the side.

Wang Qiu’er looked at Huo Yuhao, and her gaze turned cold as she said, “I never expected to fight you under these circumstances. I’ll do my best, and I won’t hold back.”

“You know me. I won’t regret my words. I hope you’ll do your best too, as a sign of respect to me.”

Huo Yuhao looked at her seriously, then nodded. His human- shaped soul tool sealed shut, enveloping his body within.

Even with the human-shaped soul tool, no one thought that Huo Yuhao had an unfair advantage. He was immobile, and he could not unleash the power in his legs. He was nowhere near as agile as he normally would be. 
With the current development of human-shaped soul tools, it would be difficult for Huo Yuhao to be stronger and better than he normally was without it. Furthermore, this was designed and made at the last minute, with absolutely no add-ons.

Wang Qiu’er lifted her hand, and a golden light started to shine. She gripped her Golden Dragon Spear tightly in her hands.

When she saw the bright-golden spear appear, a look of worry crossed Wang Dong’er’s face as she watched from afar. Weapons had no eyes. This was different from a bare-handed brawl. Why was Qiu’er so serious?

“Are you ready?”  As Wang Qiu’er raised her Golden Dragon Spear, a layer of golden fog started to waft from her body. The air started to shine with a golden layer of light. A powerful soul power surged forth from her body and targeted Huo Yuhao, coming toward him with the force of a tidal wave. Faced with this suppression, Huo Yuhao controlled his human-shaped soul tool with his spiritual power. He stepped out with his left leg and squatted slightly with his body. He raised both hands in a defensive gesture in front of him. At the same time, a layer of golden light shone from his body. This was the energy of his Sovereign’s Descent. Following that, a
golden figure floated behind his back. This was his unique skill,
Goddess of Light.

Faced with an opponent like Wang Qiu’er, Huo Yuhao did not dare to hold back at all. He knew that Wang Qiu’er was able to improve even more from this tournament. All aspects of her power showed improvement, and her abilities were even stronger than before. Furthermore, he was rather immobile; he could only move with the help of his human-shaped soul tool. In a one-on-one fight, it would be difficult to beat her.

However, he had to be careful. Huo Yuhao did not care so much as to whether he would win or lose to her. There was nothing shameful about losing to Wang Qiu’er. All he wanted was to not lose too badly.

“Bring it on!” Huo Yuhao cried out. Wang Qiu’er narrowed her eyes. The look in her eyes became razor-sharp. She bent forward slightly, then charged. Almost instantly, she appeared in front of Huo Yuhao. She stabbed at Huo Yuhao’s chest with her Golden Dragon Spear.

An emerald light flashed, and a thick emerald-green pillar about the size of Huo Yuhao’s chest shot out. It met Wang Qiu’er’s attack head-on.

Huo Yuhao understood Wang Qiu’er’s strength too well. This tyrannical woman loved to charge straight ahead when she fought. At such a close distance, he would rather use his own judgment than depend on Spiritual Detection.

Hence, the moment he shouted ‘bring it on’, Huo Yuhao had already activated his Ice Empress’ Wrath.

Ultimate Ice took the shape of an emerald-green pillar, which crashed straight into Wang Qiu’er. She was like a moth that flew straight into the fire.

An intense golden light shone from Wang Qiu’er’s body. The golden fog protected her, and it was able to resist against Ice Empress’ Wrath. Furthermore, an umbrella-like light shone from the Golden Dragon Spear in her hands. While Huo Yuhao managed to stop her, he could not push her back.

Among the two yellow, two purple, and two black soul rings on Wang Qiu’er’s body, two of them lit up together. The strength of her first soul skill, Golden Dragon Body, and her second soul skill, Dragon’s Strength, were both activated. She roared and, basking in the power of her two soul skills, continued to pierce through Ice Empress’ Wrath. Her target was Huo Yuhao’s chest.

However, as the Ice Empress’ Wrath helped to block her, Huo Yuhao was able to resolve his speed and agility problems. Borrowing the light of Ultimate Ice from the Ice Empress’ Wrath, he took a few steps back. The golden figure behind him turned into a ball of intense light as he met Wang Qiu’er’s attack.

An intense energy burst forth on top of the wheel. It rose high up into the air like a tornado.

At this moment, the spectators not only included Wang Dong’er, but also Wu Feng and Ning Tian. While they could not sense the power, they could still watch. As they watched, their faces changed.

We’re all of the same age, so why are they so powerful? It’s understandable for the captain, as she’s almost 20 years old. However, Huo Yuhao is only 17, but he’s so powerful! He can even match the captain and… and he has the advantage right now…

That was right. Huo Yuhao had the advantage in this clash!

An intense explosion rang through the air, and energy surged upward. Both Huo Yuhao and Wang Qiu’er had neglected something, and that was the fact that they were fighting in a rather small area. When such a strong soul power kicked in, the strength of the rebound made the entire area around them vibrate. Neither of them could stand straight as they both hurriedly retreated.

At this moment, Huo Yuhao’s advantage became clear. He had used the Ice Empress’ Wrath to slow Wang Qiu’er, and then fought her with the Goddess of Light. Hence, he was only affected by the power of the rebound, while Wang Qiu’er had to contend with the strength of the Goddess of Light as well. Furthermore, she also had to deal with the coldness of Huo Yuhao’s Ultimate Ice. She retreated quickly, and only steadied herself near the edge of the battlefield.

Wang Qiu’er had improved, but so had Huo Yuhao. His greatest advantage lay in the fact that he had more soul skills than an ordinary soul master. Hence, with more soul skills, he had more options as he fought. The main problem he faced was how he should combine his soul skills. As he gained more experience, he became more confident in his own mastery of his various powers. To him, all he had to ensure while he unleashed his soul skills was that he had enough soul power.

His spiritual power had also continued to increase, which allowed Huo Yuhao to be more precise as he used his soul power to activate his soul skills. This reduced soul power wastage, just like his Ice Empress’ Wrath just now.

The moment Goddess of Light touched Wang Qiu’er, he was able to stop Ice Empress’ Wrath with his strong controlling abilities. He did not unleash the full strength of this attack.

An immense soul power tore through the air, and Wang Qiu’er did not wait for it to stop. She raised her right leg and stepped on the edge of this strange world. Then, she pushed herself forward as her Golden Dragon Spear dazzled with light. She charged straight toward Huo Yuhao. This time, she was strengthened by her first and second soul skills. In terms of strength, she was much stronger and faster than before.

It was not realistic to try and hide in such a small space. Huo Yuhao did not try that. A deep-blue figure appeared behind him and instantly grew larger. Her expression was icy-cold, and she wielded absolute power over ice and snow. It was the Snow Empress.

The Snow Empress’ figure entered Huo Yuhao’s body instantly. He raised his right arm, and a dark-blue sword light formed, which turned into a shockingly long ray of light that slashed down vertically. The spear light, which encompassed a wide area, appeared insignificant next to this. Looking at its shape, it seemed capable of splitting heaven and earth.

Unparalleled Chill, Empress’ Sword.

This was the most powerful sword from the perfect fusion of Huo Yuhao and the Snow Empress. The vast amount of spear light was concentrated into one stalk. It tapped the edge of the deep-blue light, and a faint ‘ding’ could be heard. Then, the deep-blue Empress’ Sword bounced into the air and disappeared into nothing. However, the Golden Dragon Spear stopped too. A deep-blue light started
to spread from the tip of the spear. It crept halfway down the spear before it was forcibly stopped by the golden-yellow light. However, Wang Qiu’er, who gripped the spear tightly, appeared to be covered by a layer of ice.

His Ultimate Ice had become even purer! Wang Qiu’er could sense her entire body freezing up. She could not help but gasp in shock. She had never expected Huo Yuhao to fight her head- on. Could he really pull it off?

At this moment, Huo Yuhao, who had been on the defensive since the start of the battle, started to go on the offensive. Light shone from his back once more and, propelled by his soul thruster, he soon appeared in front of Wang Qiu’er. An odd scene appeared. The armor of his human-shaped soul tool above his hand opened, and his bare palm was revealed. He pushed out with this palm and hit Wang Qiu’er’s right shoulder. When she saw Huo Yuhao’s palm, which shone with an odd deep-blue light, Wang Qiu’er’s face soured. Despite her fierce fighting style, she did not dare to come into contact with Huo Yuhao. Her body flashed and, pivoting on her Golden Dragon Spear, she swiftly retreated.

Huo Yuhao was familiar with her powers, so how could she not be familiar with his? When he struck with his left hand, this was evidently Huo Yuhao’s most powerful Snowless Glacier.

This supreme coldness was something that even Wang Qiu’er could not deal with. Had it been anyone else, she would have taken the blow and counter-attacked. But once this coldness entered her body, it would be game over for her.

Wang Qiu’er retreated in a flash, but Huo Yuhao showed no sign of abating his attack. He struck out with his left palm once more, and then switched to his right fist, which was armor- clad. A golden light flashed, and Goddess of Light appeared behind Huo Yuhao once more. Undoubtedly, this punch was imbued with the power of his ability. Wang Qiu’er already had a bone to pick with Huo Yuhao. Now, as he attacked relentlessly, she became even more enraged. A dragon roar resonated in the air as she raised her hands. Her left hand struck Huo Yuhao’s right fist, while she tried to grab Huo Yuhao’s head with her right hand.

She feared Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Shock most. To him, this was the best chance to unleash that powerful attack. As his spiritual power increased, Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Shock became more powerful as well. Wang Qiu’er was confident that she could take it, but if she did, her body would surely be injured. Furthermore, once she was injured, she would move much slower. Hence, as she struck, she first tried to take care of Huo Yuhao’s head by using her immense aura to suppress him.

She was confident that if Huo Yuhao used Spiritual Shock now, she would lose control of her soul, but her attack would not cease. At the very least, she would not be at a disadvantage.

Chapter 357: Skydream Domain

Wang Qiu’er’s predicted Spiritual Shock did not come. Instead, Huo Yuhao continued to punch at her with all his strength.

Using strength against me? Just as this thought rose in Wang Qiu’er’s mind, Huo Yuhao struck her with his fist.

According to her original calculations and her understanding of Huo Yuhao, she could easily swat his right fist to the side with a palm-strike. If Huo Yuhao did not use his Spiritual Shock, with his strength, there was no way he could resist the strength of her right hand.

However, this judgment was based on Wang Qiu’er’s past understanding of Huo Yuhao. What if his offensive capabilities had changed?

The moment she hit his right fist with her left palm, Wang Qiu’er sensed that something was amiss. Huo Yuhao’s fist was not filled with spiritual power, but it was shockingly strong. Her palm was not powerful enough to knock his fist to one side.

However, Wang Qiu’er brimmed with fighting experience. Since she could not knock it aside, she immediately lowered her wrist and changed it from a palm-strike to a push as she tried to block Huo Yuhao’s fist.

Even so, she changed her attack at the last minute, and hence was unable to maximize her strength. Under the immense strength of Huo Yuhao’s right fist, he was able to strike her left shoulder.

Wang Qiu’er grunted, and her body was sent flying. Her hand, which she had used to grab Huo Yuhao’s head, let go.

How can this be possible? Ning Tian and Wu Feng stared at this scene in shock. While they both knew that Huo Yuhao was strong, they had never expected him to be so strong to the point where he could resist Wang Qiu’er in a head-on fight! This is a face-to-face fight, pure and simple. Doesn’t he have only five rings? Why is he so strong? Questions surfaced in Ning Tian and Wu Feng’s minds non- stop. Since the Continental Elite Youth Soul Master Tournament, they had both trained hard and improved rapidly. After they made it to the semi-finals, their confidence peaked, and they even anticipated their showdown against the Tang Sect in the finals.

When the explosion happened, causing the finals to be called off, some, if not all of them, were despondent. They would not be able to defeat the Tang Sect under Wang Qiu’er’s leadership, and this was their greatest regret.

However, today, in this mysterious Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley, they finally understood the difference between the Tang Sect and themselves.

Jiang Nannan, whom they perceived to be the weakest, was able to defeat both of them by herself. If one said that it was because she specialized in close-combat, and hence had an advantage in this small space, what about the fight before them right now? What about the fight between Huo Yuhao and Wang Qiu’er? What could they say? While victory and defeat had yet to be decided, Huo Yuhao now had an absolute advantage over Wang Qiu’er, forcing her back step-by-step. If Huo Yuhao alone was already so powerful, how powerful were the others of Shrek’s Seven Monsters?

When the Tang Sect defeated the Holy Ghost Sect, everyone, both those from Shrek Academy and outsiders, attributed it to luck. The only thing they could not explain was Huo Yuhao’s mysterious final attack.

However, they personally experienced it today, forcing both Ning Tian and Wu Feng to admit that there was a huge disparity between the Tang Sect and themselves. This was no small difference!

She crashed, rebounded, and landed. Like a lioness, Wang Qiu’er bounced back into the air instantly.

When she had fought Huo Yuhao in close-combat just now, she let go of her Golden Dragon Spear. At this moment, it was back in her hands. A light screen appeared in front of her, blocking any possibility of Huo Yuhao continuing his attacks. However, he did not continue. Instead, he stood where the two of them had clashed.

On his forehead, a piece of metal of his helmet slid to one side to reveal a mysterious vertical eye. A mystical golden light appeared as well.

Oh no, he’s going to use Spiritual Shock. Wang Qiu’er subconsciously let go of her Golden Dragon Spear as she used all her might to concentrate her spiritual power. At the same time, her soul power rose around her. A golden dragon swirled around her body. Offense turned into defense.

However, the Spiritual Shock which she had expected did not appear. Instead, a shocking scene took place before her.

Ripples started to appear in the air nearby. Twisted, round waves started to spread outward with Huo Yuhao at their center. Rays of light shone, and the air around him twisted. Everything around him looked mysteriously like ripples of water. The area of the wheel was not large. At this moment, it was completely enveloped within the ripples, and started to twist. There was no dead end or crack.

Wang Qiu’er had never seen Huo Yuhao use this power before, and she naturally did not know its secret. Her heart turned cold, and she slashed horizontally with her Golden Dragon Spear. A golden light screen started to spread outward. A patch of golden light burst forth from her spear as it attacked the distorted air.

Wang Qiu’er’s objective was simple. She tried to find out what it was by attacking it to ascertaining his location. Once she found him, she would lock onto him and then attack him with all her might.

However, this powerful ability, which Huo Yuhao had used as his trump card against the Holy Ghost Sect, could not be overcome so easily.

As golden light dashed past the ripples, it disappeared soundlessly. The air around him started to tremble even more intensely, but the area where a bit of light could still be seen disappeared completely. That was right, it disappeared completely. It was as if Huo Yuhao had never been there.

At this moment, Wang Qiu’er sensed that something was wrong. Can this transformation come from the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley?

However, she soon discarded this thought. While this place was mysterious, it operated on set principles. Whenever that mysterious voice spoke, it would not backtrack on its words. Since it said that it would let her fight Huo Yuhao, there should be no unexpected change to it. Furthermore, Huo Yuhao specialized in spiritual power. This should be a new ability of his. However, he hasn’t increased his soul rings. Did he make this ability himself?

The ability Huo Yuhao was using now was not something he had made himself. No matter how powerful he was, he had yet to reach that stage. Among the four soul skills the Skydream Iceworm gave him, the most useless one seemed to be Spiritual Interference. But as Huo Yuhao increased his own spiritual power ceaselessly, he was able to combine it with Imitation to form this mysterious domain. He called it the Skydream Domain. However, Huo Yuhao’s cultivation was still limited. He had to accumulate power for some time before he could use the Skydream Domain. Wang Qiu’er was the first one to experience the full version of it.

Three Huo Yuhaos suddenly appeared in front of Wang Qiu’er. Three rays of emerald-green light shot at her simultaneously from different directions.

Wang Qiu’er was shocked. She crossed her Golden Dragon Spear with her left hand. She stabbed toward the left and punched toward the right, and her Coiling Golden Dragon appeared and swirled around her body as she faced the last attack head-on.

However, she discovered that she had been tricked. The attacks that came from three different directions disappeared in the next instant. Her attempts to resist it with all her might were for naught.

An illusion! Wang Qiu’er sensed the source of the problem. However, she did not dare to be careless. Right now, she was at the edge of the space. At least, she still remembered where was. If she charged forward, she would be trapped within the domain. Then she would be in even bigger trouble.

She held the Golden Dragon Spear in front of her protectively, and her coiling Golden Dragon continued to twist and turn around her protectively. Wang Qiu’er closed her eyes. Instantly, her body emitted a layer of mysterious golden light. This was her innate skill, Golden Dragon’s Perception.

While Golden Dragon’s Perception could not break Huo Yuhao’s domain, it was able to greatly augment her analysis of her own predicament. Once an actual attack came, she would be able to resist it and counter-attack.

The mysterious scene was now in a stalemate.

Wang Qiu’er’s Golden Dragon Perception and Coiling Golden Dragon both required soul power. Huo Yuhao’s Skydream Domain not only required soul power, but also required spiritual power. If they continued this stalemate, it would become a competition to see who could last the longest. “I’ve lost.”  Huo Yuhao’s voice rang out. Then, the twisted surroundings disappeared completely. He remained where he was as if nothing had changed. However, Wang Qiu’er’s attack in his direction had been futile.

“How  did  you  lose?”  Wang  Qiu’er  asked,  glaring  at  Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao smiled bitterly and said, “Don’t forget, I only have five rings. Furthermore, the area of this domain-type soul skill is too large, so naturally, much of my soul power is going to be wasted. From the start, I only had a few reliable skills. If we continue to fight, I don’t really have a chance. Furthermore, your Golden Dragon Perception checks my domain. My only way to win would be a battle of attrition. However, like this, my soul power will run out first. Hence, the final victor will still be you.”

Huo Yuhao was extremely sincere, but Wang Qiu’er sensed that something was amiss.

“You did not lose, you still have so many techniques,”  she said angrily. Huo Yuhao smiled bitterly and said, “Tell me, among my moves, which one can beat you?”

You have…” Wang Qiu’er was just about to say “The Pride of the  Ice  and  Snow  Empresses”,  which  he  used  that  day. However, she immediately realized that he was only able to use it in the Purple Golden Butterfly Dragon Transformation state. However, as he had not fused with Wang Dong’er, there was no way he could use it.

She thought about it, and realized that there really was no skill he could use to beat her!

“You can use a Milk Bottle,” she said with much difficulty.

Huo Yuhao stared at her with disdain and said, “Can you be more reasonable? We’re having a fair fight, and you want me to use a Milk Bottle? Do you think this place will allow me to fight you unfairly? Furthermore, if I use a Milk Bottle, I’ll lose my concentration. I wouldn’t even be able to maintain the domain. I’ve lost. Dong’er and I have lost. You pass.” Indeed, as Huo Yuhao admitted defeat, the voice rang out, “Wang Qiu’er wins. Pass.”

The golden light flashed, and Wang Qiu’er disappeared with a suspicious look on her face. Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er returned to their original places.

Could Huo Yuhao really beat Wang Qiu’er? Even he did not know the answer to this question. He did have many attacks he could use, but how powerful was Wang Qiu’er? She was known as the strongest soul master with a dragon martial soul. Wang Qiu’er’s strongest trait was that if she faced a more powerful opponent, she would respond with strength in kind. The strength of her opponent was often enough to make her perform extraordinarily. Furthermore, with her Ultimate Strength, even if she ran out of soul power, her fighting abilities might not decrease. Furthermore, if she used all her strength, even a Soul Sage or a Soul Douluo would not dare to fight her head-on.

Huo Yuhao had never planned on winning. He planned to face her head-on and gain an advantage before conceding defeat. This was the best possible outcome. This would not cause him to lose confidence in facing Wang Qiu’er, but it would also clearly show the results of this battle. 
Just when Huo Yuhao thought that they would be sent back to their original spots to continue with the mysterious wheel, the calm voice rang out coldly.

“In a two against one fight, you did not use all your strength, and hence, violated the rules. You conceded defeat deliberately and thus, you will be punished with the Deep Adventure.” Two rays of light flashed, and before Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er could say anything in response, they were whisked away.


Wu Feng and Ning Tian were both shocked. When Dai Huabin faced off against Zhu Lu earlier on, he conceded defeat straightaway! However, this mysterious place did not say that they cheated, and instead, it allowed Zhu Lu to progress. Under her pleas, it then sent her to Deep Adventure as well.

However, after the fair fight between Huo Yuhao and Wang Qiu’er, they were deemed to have cheated because Wang Dong’er did not participate. What kind of rule was this? The light flashed, and the wheel appeared once more. This time, the light appeared underneath Ning Tian’s feet.

Only Wu Feng and I are left. Ning Tian could not help but look at Wu Feng. Wu Feng was looking at her.

Ning Tian had decided if she ended up in a one-on-one fight, she would concede defeat. After all, there was no way she could beat Wu Feng one-on-one. If I have to go to the Deep Adventure, so be it! Even though Ning Tian clearly knew that as an auxiliary-type soul master, entering the Deep Adventure was akin to a death sentence, she was resolute in her decision.

Emotionally, she was still confused. She had always known that Wu Feng liked her, but she was heterosexual. The only one she liked in the younger generation was Huo Yuhao. However, Huo Yuhao had chosen Wang Dong’er, who was better than her in all aspects. This made her lose confidence.

Chapter 358: The Deep Adventure Is Actually...

To Ning Tian, the Sea God’s Fated Blind Date was a huge humiliation that she would always remember. This time, in the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley, after she heard Wu Feng’s confession, her emotions were extremely conflicted. She was touched by Wu Feng’s love for her. If I were a guy, this would be great!

Just as a flurry of thoughts crossed Ning Tian’s mind, the wheel in front of her finally stopped. A familiar symbol appeared before her.

This was the symbol which had appeared in front of Xu Sanshi. It was a pair of lips.

Dazedly, she lifted her head to look at Wu Feng. Wu Feng looked back at her. However, right now, Wu Feng’s eyes brimmed with joy.

**** “Bleurgh, bleurgh…”  The sound of vomiting resounded in the air for a few minutes before finally stopping.

Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi stared at each other in anger. The odor from their bodies reached its peak.

However, as they looked at each other’s pathetic state, the expressions on their faces started to change. Finally…


“Reality proves that I have absolutely no interest in you,” Xu Sanshi said proudly.

Bei Bei said angrily, “What crap! Do you think I’m interested in you? You bastard, you dirtied me. Hurry up and clean me. It’s so uncomfortable. Where is this place?”

As they spoke, the two of them finally reacted to their new surroundings as they surveyed them. The place they were at was a pile of rubble. They could see ruined buildings and scenes of devastation all around them. It resembled a city, but it was evidently different from the situation in the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley.

Xu Sanshi activated his soul power. A black light swept past their bodies. The special water-type power of the Xuanwu cleaned the vomit from their bodies. Bei Bei also activated his lightning-type soul power to get rid of the smell in the air.

“This looks like…”

Xu Sanshi and Bei Bei looked at each other because they both found the architectural style here familiar. They looked into the distance, where a tall building confirmed their suspicions.

Shocked, the two of them said in unison, “Radiant City?”

At this moment, the calm voice that had tortured them so much  rang  in  their  minds,  “The  Deep  Adventure  shall      
The voice disappeared, and a light-golden hourglass appeared near the corner of their eyes. Sand slowly trickled down so as to keep track of the time. Also, the hourglass sinisterly reminded them that they were still under the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley’s control…

When they sensed this change, Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi both cursed.

One could only imagine the state Radiant City was currently in. Having undergone such a destructive explosion, the entire city should be in a state of lockdown. No one knew how many soldiers and powerful people were around them. While the two of them were not weak, this was still the capital of the Sun Moon Empire! How could they return to the Western Mountain so easily?

“Let’s strategize,” said Bei Bei, who had calmed down before Xu Sanshi, as he waved his hands. 
Xu Sanshi nodded meaningfully. They were both elites of Shrek Academy. Faced with danger, they put aside their anger and regained their cool. He looked at his surroundings, and they found a rather secluded corner and hid.

Bei Bei said helplessly, “At least we were given three days, not three hours.”

Xu Sanshi looked at him, annoyed, and said, “How’re your wounds?”

Bei Bei said, “I can attack. You?”

Xu Sanshi laughed bitterly and said, “Better than you. I have 70% of my strength left. Let’s pray we aren’t too unlucky. Perhaps we can even sneak out.”

At this moment, they heard footsteps and a voice. “Quick, search that area. See if there are any casualties. Search there too.” Bei Bei stared at Xu Sanshi with an odd gaze as he growled in a low voice, “Shut your damn trap in the future!”



Light flashed, and Dai Huabin found himself in an army camp. To his surprise, he was wearing a uniform. At this moment, he stood outside a huge tent. It was dark around him. It was nighttime.

This is…

When he saw this familiar scene, Dai Huabin was stunned. He even doubted whether everything he had just experienced was a dream. Maybe this was reality...

However, reality was cruel. The plain voice from the Yin- Yang Love Querying Valley sounded, “The Deep Adventure will start now. The theme is ‘rescue’. Your father, the White Tiger Duke Dai Hao, is being targeted by an assassin. You must stop the assassin to help your father escape danger. You are now one of his bodyguards. No one will know who you really are. You can only depend on your intellect and your abilities. The scenario in this round is completely real, which means that if you can’t save your father, not only will you die, but your
father will die too. Five minutes later, your father will bring
men out on a patrol. After two hours, you will regain your ability to speak. You can’t stop him from going out. The enemy can appear at any moment. To win, you have to help your father return to the army camp successfully. If the White Tiger Duke dies, you fail, and will be punished with death.”

When Dai Huabin heard the voice and the requirements for this round, he could not help stare in the air in shock. He had been sent thousands of miles away to the Ming Dou Mountain Range to his father’s camp. However, his father would not recognize him, and would even undergo an assassination attempt. What… what is going on?

Just as he stood there in shock, the bodyguard next to him trembled. Then, a familiar smell wafted over. Dai Huabin squinted, and to his shock, he realized that the other bodyguard had turned into Zhu Lu. “Lulu?” Dai Huabin wanted to shout, but he realized that he could not say anything. At this moment, Zhu Lu was already looking at him. She was evidently deeply touched. Instantly, she threw herself into his arms. Tears streamed uncontrollably down her face.

While the two of them could not speak, Dai Huabin could see from Zhu Lu’s face that she had already forgiven him.

At this moment, Zhu Lu’s body froze. Her expression transitioned from touched to shock. Evidently, she had heard something.

Zhu Lu grabbed Dai Huabin and squatted down immediately. Her finger made rapid motions in the soil, and words appeared in front of him. Dai Huabin opened his eyes wide in shock. Her Deep Adventure was exactly the same as his.

“You’re so dumb! You passed this round, so why are you here?” Dai Huabin wrote quickly on the ground.

Zhu Lu shook her head, and a smile crept across her face. She lifted her head and kissed him. Then, she wrote on the ground ‘We shall live and die together’.

Dai Huabin’s body trembled. He looked at Zhu Lu and nodded vigorously at her.

At this moment, a bugle sounded.

Dai Huabin was the son of the White Tiger Duke. He had been in the military since he was young, and naturally understood what the bugle meant. This was a signal to gather, meant specifically for the White Tiger Bodyguards.

Indeed, a huge amount of White Tiger Bodyguards started to move. The two of them wore the apparel of White Tiger Bodyguards too, so naturally, they ran together with the rest.

Father is going to experience an assassination attempt, what can I do? What should I do? At this moment, he realized he was still lost. He could not speak, and even if he could, his father could not recognize him. If he told his father about the assassination attempt, his father would surely not believe him. Dai Huabin had never experienced such a situation before. His thoughts were scattered, and he did not know what to do. However, he was clear that this task was no joke. If he failed, not only would Zhu Lu and he die, but his father would too.

At this moment, Dai Huabin could only concentrate.

The White Tiger Bodyguards were the most elite soldiers under the White Tiger Duke. They gathered quickly.

From afar, Dai Huabin saw his father, clad in armor, standing in front of the main tent. His expression was icy-cold. A servant brought his steed over. It was the dashing White Tiger Colt.

The White Tiger Duke Dai Hao’s gaze swept over his bodyguards, then he nodded and said, “The temporary peace did not cause you to slack off. I’m pleased. Alright, Small Team 1, patrol with me. The rest are dismissed. Let’s go!”

As he spoke, he leaped onto the White Tiger Colt. Four other guards mounted their horses too. Section 1 of the White Tiger Bodyguards ran toward the stable and mounted a horse each. They set off together with the White Tiger Duke.

Undoubtedly, Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu were part of Small Team 1.

The White Tiger Bodyguards were personal soldiers of the White Tiger Duke. Even though the war had ended, and the White Tiger Duke no longer held the position of Marshal, his bodyguards would still follow him everywhere.

In the White Tiger Bodyguards, 100 men formed one small team, 500 men formed one mid team, and 1500 men formed one large team. The entire White Tiger Bodyguards comprised three companies, which was equivalent to the strength of one regiment. There were also some special operatives. This was the maximum amount of soldiers Dai Hao, as the White Tiger Duke, was allowed. 
Dai Hao rode out on the White Tiger Colt in front of them. He was not fast, and the White Tiger Bodyguards caught up to him quickly.

Every one of them rode a Dragonscale Horse, and wore a complete set of white armor. In the blackness of the night, they were extremely eye-catching. The rhythmic clatter of metal could be heard throughout the entire Ming Dou Mountain Range.

To protect against a sudden invasion by the Sun Moon Empire, the Star Dou Empire had stationed troops in the Ming Dou Mountain Range. The White Tiger Duke was in charge of the Ming Dou Mountain Range, and had been appointed as the Commander of the Western Army. There were three other commanders as well, all of whom were important officials of the Star Luo Empire.

The Ming Dou Mountain Range extended south for thousands of kilometers from the borders of the Star Luo Empire, the Heavenly Soul Empire, and the Sun Moon Empire. It was named from when it was formed from the crash between the Sun Moon Continent and the Douluo Continent. (Translator’s Note: The Chinese word for ‘Ming’ is formed from the combination of the Chinese words for ‘Sun’ and ‘Moon’.)

The Ming Dou Mountain Range had complicated terrain. Weird rock formations were everywhere, and there was little vegetation. Thanks to this natural barrier, the Star Luo Empire did not face as much pressure from the Sun Moon Empire. Coupled with the vastness of the Star Luo Empire, while it was just one of three original countries of the Douluo Continent, it was still bigger than the Sun Moon Empire. With a heavy garrison, it would not be easy for the Sun Moon Empire to invade through here!

However, while the Ming Dou Mountain Range was good for defense, it was still difficult to station troops there because of its geographical features. Coupled with its long and narrow terrain, garrisoned troops would naturally have to be dispersed over a wide area.

The White Tiger Duke would patrol often to inspect the various troops of the Western Army. He was famous for his strict application of military justice. In the past few years, the Western Army had been impenetrable. In the small skirmishes they had with the Sun Moon Empire’s own garrisoned troops, they had never experienced any defeats. It was also why the Sun Moon Empire trod carefully here.

This time, Dai Hao went out to inspect the three camps that were a hundred and fifty kilometers south of his main camp. He headed out at night so that he could return to his main camp before nightfall tomorrow.


“I…” When Huo Yuhao heard the cold voice announce that he and Wang Dong’er would be sent directly to the Deep Adventure round, he could not help but curse despite his normally mature nature.

This is too unfair, he thought. The mysterious Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley seemed to be targeting him. He did not feel that he had cheated! In fact, if they really continued to fight, he might not have been able to best Wang Qiu’er. Did it actually want him and Wang Dong’er to join forces to defeat Wang Qiu’er before sending them to the Deep Adventure round? What kind of logic was that? 
However, there was no chance for him to vent his frustration. He and Wang Dong’er fell into a patch of golden light.

Everything around him became unclear. He felt as if his entire body was being twisted. It was agonizing. With much difficulty, he finally escaped from this pain.

To his shock, he realized that he was now on a horse!

The horse galloped and he was almost thrown off. Fortunately for him, he grabbed the saddle in time to steady himself.

Where is this place?

Huo Yuhao looked in front of him; there were men in front and behind of him. They all wore familiar white armor. It was night, and everything seemed slightly blurry as the Dragonscale Horse underneath him galloped. He turned his head to look to the side and recognized Wang Dong’er, who was seated next to him. The two of them looked too obvious in this group. Wang Dong’er could still blend in, as she was wearing the white armor. However, Huo Yuhao wore his human-shaped soul tool, forged from rare metals. What made him curious was the fact that while his human-shaped soul tool weighed at least two hundred and fifty kilos, his steed seemed to have no problems carrying him.

“Yuhao, where are we?” Wang Dong’er asked curiously.

Huo Yuhao chuckled bitterly and said, “I don’t know! Is this part of the test?”

At this moment, the calm voice rang out in their minds.

“The Deep Adventure begins. The theme of this round is ‘rescue’. You’re now on patrol with the White Tiger Duke. After a while, there will be an ambush. Both of you look like White Tiger Bodyguards, and you will not be recognized due to your appearance or your special equipment. The requirements for this round are to assist the White Tiger Duke after he has been ambushed, and help him to escape back to his camp. At the same time, you have to keep Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu, both of whom are also in this group, alive. Only when all three of them return to the White Tiger Duke’s main camp successfully will you have succeeded. If any one of them dies, you will fail, and be punished with death. The round starts now.”

After he heard the contents of this test, Huo Yuhao did not know what to say.

What nonsense is this? Not only do I have to save someone, but I also have to babysit them? Furthermore, the rescue target is…

No useful tip was provided. He did not know who his enemy was, or how many of them would appear. He could guess the capabilities of his foes. Anyone who dared to assassinate the White Tiger Duke could not be weak, and should at least be a Titled Douluo. After all, the White Tiger Duke was a powerful Soul Douluo! Furthermore, as a duke of the empire, and the Commander of the Three Armies, he and his personal bodyguards would be equipped with powerful soul tools, too! The stronger he was, the more powerful his potential foes would be. What angered Huo Yuhao even more was that he had to rescue Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu. Furthermore, he could not fail. If any one of them died, they would fail! Right now, the fates of Dai Hao, Dai Huabin, and Zhu Lu were all tied together with his and Wang Dong’er’s.

Anything that had to do with Dai Hao would trigger Huo Yuhao. However, he was trained under the Ultimate Soldier Plan, and hence, in terms of his resilience and mental strength, he was way superior to Dai Huabin.

He was angry and upset for a short while, but he soon calmed down. He started to analyze the situation in front of him. At the same time, he activated his Spiritual Detection to sweep everyone around him and get a sense of the situation.

Wang Dong’er regained her cool, too. When she felt Huo Yuhao sharing his Spiritual Detection with her, she felt more at ease. She knew that Huo Yuhao had been able to calm down. As long as he was calm, it would be fine.

Wang Dong’er knew of Huo Yuhao’s grievance with the White Tiger Duke. When she heard that they were out here to save Dai Hao, she was also shocked. She could not help but look at Huo Yuhao. Indeed, Huo Yuhao had an odd expression on his face. However, to her relief, his expression soon returned to normal. It meant he was able to calm down.

Yuhao is becoming more and more mature! Even in such a situation, he calmed down almost immediately...

“Yuhao,  how’s  your  soul  power?”  Before  they  came,  Huo Yuhao had fought fiercely with Wang Qiu’er.

Huo  Yuhao  said,  “It’s  at  its  peak.  The  Yin-Yang  Love Querying Valley is generous. If it had not replenished my soul power to its peak, I’m afraid we’d have no chance at all.”

Quickly, the feedback from Spiritual Detection was seared into his mind.

The White Tiger Duke brought four special guards who rode at the front with him. With his Spiritual Detection, Huo Yuhao could sense that they had at least six rings. Coupled with the White Tiger Duke, who was an eight-ringed Soul Douluo, they were definitely not weak. The other White Tiger Bodyguards around him were all soul masters, as well. While they were not terribly powerful, some of the leaders of the small groups had the power of two-ringed or three-ringed soul masters.

To normal soldiers, the White Tiger Bodyguards were indeed elites. They were all well-trained and well-armed. Even four- ringed and five-ringed soul masters would not dare to take them on.

However, not all of the White Tiger Bodyguards were soul masters! For any country, the number of soul masters was always going to be a problem. Even for the Sun Moon Empire, which tapped into the strength of their entire country, they had only formed a few soul master legions.

It was a rare sight to see so many soul masters gather back in Radiant City. At least one-third of all the powerful soul masters on the continent had been involved in the ambush against the palace.

After he had an idea of the overall strength on his side, Huo Yuhao made some calculations. Then, he started to scour the group for his target. 
Fortunately, the odd space did not treat them too harshly. Huo Yuhao quickly found Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu. Instantly, he reached out to them with his Spiritual Detection, and was able to complete his Spiritual Detection Sharing with them.

At this moment, Dai Huabin was panicking. He just regained his voice when he felt Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection Sharing hit him.

Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu felt their minds buzz. The blackness around them lit up, and they could sense every small change in a fifty-meter radius. This sensation, which made them feel as if they were looking down from the sky, surprised them.

His words entered their minds.

“Dai Huabin, Zhu Lu, its Huo Yuhao. Wang Dong’er and I are taking part in this Deep Adventure with you. No matter what differences we had in the past, we now face the same problem. You should know what to do. In particular, this concerns the life of your father, Dai Huabin. What you’re sensing now is my Spiritual Detection, which has finished connecting to you. From now on, my Spiritual Sharing will always be activated. If you trust me, listen to my orders. Only then can we stand a chance of saving your father. Do you understand?”

Even though that person was Huo Yuhao’s father too, his first and only visit to this camp took place five years ago with Dai Yueheng. Hence, he had never recognized the Duke as his father. 
Huo Yuhao had calmed down completely. It was a mechanical kind of cool. In this state, his judgment would be best, as he cast aside all emotional attachment and faced everything before him calmly.

Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu looked at each other. They could see the look of joy in each other’s eyes.

While they had never thought well of Huo Yuhao, they could not deny that he was powerful, indeed. When he first joined the Academy, he was able to join forces with Wang Dong’er, who back then was still Wang Dong, and they emerged as the champions of the entrance exam. Since then, Dai Huabin had tried to beat him many times through his own efforts, but failed over and over again. At this time, he had to admit that the distance between Huo Yuhao and him had widened even more. There was no way he could catch up now.

Dai Huabin had had no idea what to do. When he heard Huo Yuhao’s voice, he felt a sense of relief. He nodded vigorously from atop his horse, signaling to Huo Yuhao that he would obey all his commands.

Huo Yuhao snorted coldly in his heart. This guy isn’t that dumb.

As he thought that, Huo Yuhao did not slack off. He enveloped the White Tiger Duke in his spiritual power. While he did not know where the enemy would ambush him, it had to be somewhere he had to pass by. Right now, he did not care how the enemy knew of the White Tiger Duke’s patrolling schedule, but he had to stop him from advancing.

To assassinate the White Tiger Duke, the enemy must have laid an inescapable trap. The moment they entered it, Huo Yuhao did not think that he would be able to save the White Tiger Duke. Wang Dong’er was a Soul Emperor, and Dai Huabin, Zhu Lu, and he were all Soul Kings. With their strength, how could they save the eight-ringed White Tiger Duke? What power did they have? The only way to do so was to avoid the enemy’s trap completely.

The White Tiger Duke sat atop his White Tiger Colt, allowing it to gallop ahead at full speed. He was motionless as he rode on.

The reason he came out to patrol was because of the unstable situation in the Sun Moon Empire.

The Sun Moon Empire had wanted to strike for a long time. The two sides were inches away from war. On the Star Luo Empire’s side, they had stationed many soldiers at every single pass and chokepoint.

According to the news from the Sun Moon Empire, they were still months away from war. The Sun Moon Empire could only attack after they stationed enough soldiers at the border.

However, Dai Hao had received a shocking piece of news today. An unprecedented explosion had rocked Radiant City, devastating more than one-third of the capital. The explosion threw the Sun Moon Empire into turmoil, and they had suffered heavy losses. An official statement from the Sun Moon Empire stated that the explosion had something to do with the Star Luo Empire and the Heavenly Soul Empire, though it gave no details. According to the information Dai Hao had received, Princess Jiujiu wrote that the explosion had nothing to do with them. It was likely committed by Shrek Academy!

But it did not matter who did it anymore. An explosion like this would have a severe impact on Radiant City. While there were not a lot of casualties, the Illustrious Virtue Hall and the Sun Moon Imperial Soul Engineering Academy were both completely destroyed. It was also likely that one of their major armories was destroyed, as well!

Under these conditions, it was much less likely for the Sun Moon Empire to start a war. In particular, according to his intelligence, the Emperor of the Sun Moon Empire was so overcome by the explosion that he passed away!

This would throw the imperial family of the Sun Moon Empire into an internal conflict. While the Crown Prince, Xu Tianran, had an absolute advantage and the initiative, the other princes who had a chance of ascending the throne were not weak, either! Furthermore, they understood Xu Tianran very well. The moment he ascended the throne, their fates were sealed. Hence, they would surely counterattack with all their might. For the Star Luo Empire, this was good news! The chance of an all-out war was currently almost zero. This would give the Star Luo Empire more time to prepare.

In the past few years, the three original empires of the Douluo Continent had put an increasing amount of attention toward the development of soul tools. The White Tiger Duke did the same. While he could not take part in the manufacturing of soul tools, he understood their importance in warfare.

Not long ago, the White Tiger Duke had been extremely excited by one particular soul tool... the Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannon from the Tang Sect! It’s most important aspect was that it could be operated by ordinary soldiers after it had been charged by the Sealed Milk Bottles. While it was difficult to protect and guard, especially because of their reliance on and periodic maintenance required of stationary soul cannon shells, he was sure that the troops of the Ming Dou Mountain Range, with its defensible terrain, would benefit greatly should the Zhuge Divine Crossbow Cannon be adopted on a wide scale.

He was out on patrol today because he worried that the damage to the Sun Moon Empire might provoke their troops to act irrationally. Hatred could cause one to lose their mind, especially when it came to hatred between countries. Hence, he wanted to inspect the defenses of all the major chokepoints.

Dai Hao always liked to be personally involved. As a result, he was able to command respect among his troops. Right now, the blackness of night stretched far into the distance, and a chilly wind caressed his face. This put him into a good mood. After all, the delay of the war lessened the pressure on him, the Commander of the Three Armies.

Just as Dai Hao was thinking about how he should implement soul tools in his army, a mysterious spiritual ripple washed over him. It was not strong, but it was very fine. It seemed to penetrate his mind, and was trying to enter his Spiritual Sea.

He furrowed his brows in anger, and his eyes shone with light. Spiritual fluctuations emitted from his body, blocking the spiritual power. At the same time, he raised his hand, causing the four special guards next to him to stop their horses. The White Tiger Colt underneath him stopped, too. The White Tiger Bodyguards were the elites of his army. Individually, while they could not compare with soul masters, they were very adept at arranging themselves into formations and following orders. The White Tiger Duke controlled them as if they were one of his limbs.

Hundreds of White Tiger Bodyguards stopped after they received the signal, and the formation remained as orderly as before.

Dai Hao turned around, and his White Tiger Colt growled.

The White Tiger Colt was a mysterious beast. It had the body of horse, the skin of a tiger, and its power was Rank 6. Dai Hao had raised this one personally since it was young, and he viewed it as a brother. When paired with Dai Hao, before the latter reached the cultivation of a Soul Sage, he was already able to exhibit powers superior to one. It had served Dai Hao well and faithfully!

The senses of the White Tiger Colt were sharp. Like Dai Hao, it could sense the spiritual fluctuations. It immediately looked at the last few members of the White Tiger Bodyguards. “Who is it? Show yourself!” Dai Hao bellowed. He glared in that direction. With his cultivation, he was able to sense that it came from one of his personal guards the moment it came into contact with him.

This assessment shocked Dai Hao. He was able to eliminate his target’s spiritual power, but its strength was not normal for White Tiger Bodyguards. Only spiritual-type soul masters should be this powerful! If not, only someone with the cultivation of a Soul Sage and above could do this! Fortunately, his opponent’s spiritual power showed no ill will...

There were disturbances among the White Tiger Bodyguards. The four special guards next to Dai Hao rushed forward on their Dragonscale Horses. One of them shouted, “Nobody move! Alert!”

The White Tiger Bodyguards grabbed the reins of their Dragonscale Horses. None moved. Only the horses neighed.

Huo Yuhao pressed down on the back of his horse and jumped down. At this moment, in the eyes of the other White Tiger Bodyguards, he was a tall and strong member of their number. He did not appear too different from the rest. Under the power of the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley, the other White Tiger Bodyguards were all familiar with him, and treated him as one of their own. However, no one could remember his name.

“Lord Duke, it was me!” Huo Yuhao shouted.

The White Tiger Duke narrowed his eyes into slits. His other four special guards all leapt up from their horses as a pair of small wings opened behind them. They surrounded him from the air. Furthermore, the other White Tiger Bodyguards drew their weapons and encircled Huo Yuhao. Only Wang Dong’er remained next to him.

Dai Hao looked at Huo Yuhao, and his eyes narrowed into slits. He found him familiar too, but he could not remember his name.

“Who are you? Did you use your spiritual power to test me?” Dai Hao roared. Huo Yuhao nodded and said, “Yes, you should have felt the strength of my spiritual power. I am a spiritual-type soul master, and I joined the White Tiger Bodyguards because of my respect for your loyalty to our country. I have nothing to hide, but I don’t want to stand out too much. Hence, I remained in White Tiger Bodyguards. Just now, I sensed danger in front, which was why I used my spiritual power to warn you.”

Suspicion filled Dai Hao’s eyes. Then, his gaze turned cold as he said in a low voice, “Seize him!”

Chapter 359: Saving Father!

As an iron-blooded commander, the White Tiger Duke’s desire for control had always been strong. Against the unknown, he naturally chose to control the other party. As for whether Huo Yuhao’s words were true or false, he had to capture him first before interrogating him.

The rest of the White Tiger bodyguards didn’t move. Only the four bodyguards leaped towards Huo Yuhao at the same time.

Huo Yuhao sighed in his heart. It’s really not easy convincing him!

It was his first time interacting with the White Tiger Duke. At this moment, he had mixed feelings. He had only managed to keep his calm, and say everything he had said earlier through willpower.

The four special guards unleashed their martial souls. Three of them were Soul Emperors, and the last one was a Soul Sage. They were quite strong! 
The Soul Sage was the first to charge towards Huo Yuhao. He had three yellow, three purple, and one black soul ring. It was a decent combination of soul rings.

However, an indescribable, terrifying aura surged towards him when he was ten meters away from Huo Yuhao.

At that instant, the Soul Sage felt as if he was facing the king of soul beasts. The all-engulfing suppression left him very stifled, and his forward momentum stalled. He was horrified to discover that the soul rings of the mysterious White Tiger bodyguard on the other side were rising.

Two yellow, two purple, four black and one red soul ring. There were nine soul rings. There were actually nine soul rings. The most terrifying thing was that the last soul ring out of these nine was a blood-red, hundred-thousand year soul ring.

A hundred-thousand year soul ring only existed in legends, even in the world of soul masters! Those who had gone through orthodox soul master education would know that a hundred-thousand year soul beast possessed high intelligence. It could even choose to be reborn as a human! It was extremely difficult to hunt and kill a hundred-thousand year soul beast. Not only must one possess great abilities, but he must also be lucky!

If a Titled Douluo faced a hundred-thousand year soul beast, the Titled Douluo was slightly more likely to win if their cultivations were similar. However, this was under the premise that the soul beast didn’t hail from the one of the stronger species. While it might be possible for a Titled Douluo to defeat a hundred-thousand year soul beast, killing and capturing it was much more difficult. A soul beast that could survive for a hundred-thousand years or achieve a cultivation of a hundred- thousand years possessed great survival abilities.

Moreover, hundred-thousand year soul beasts were getting rarer and rarer as time went on. They were very aware that soul masters hunted them. As a result, most of the hundred- thousand year soul beasts hid in special habitats. Those habitats were like their worlds. A soul master who tried to venture into these habitats was likely to die! However, this person that had hidden himself among the White Tiger bodyguards actually possessed a hundred- thousand year soul ring. The terrifying aura earlier was also unleashed through the hundred-thousand year soul ring. It was too scary, a complete suppression in terms of rank and cultivation.

The other three special guards naturally stopped in the air. The Dragonscale Horses that the surrounding bodyguards were on all screamed tragically before they collapsed to the ground. They were all soul beasts that had only been alive for a few decades, and couldn’t resist the aura of a hundred-thousand year soul beast. They could even be frightened to death by a hundred-thousand year soul beast!

Only the White Tiger Colt underneath the White Tiger Duke remained standing. However, on a closer look, Huo Yuhao could see that the White Tiger Duke was releasing dim-white soul power over his White Tiger Colt. Against Huo Yuhao’s aura, this soul beast that had close to a ten-thousand year cultivation was still greatly suppressed.

The White Tiger Duke’s expression turned serious. He hadn’t expected a Titled Douluo with a hundred-thousand year soul ring to be hiding among his bodyguards! 
At this point, he was also stunned to realize that he couldn’t even the tell the age of the other party. This was the first time something like this had happened to him!

“Who are you?” Dai Hao asked. He was much more aware of what a hundred-thousand year soul ring meant compared to his special guards. A hundred-thousand year soul ring was a stepping stone to becoming a Transcendent Douluo!

Generally speaking, it was very difficult for a Titled Douluo to advance in rank after they reached Rank 90. Most Titled Douluo would fail to become a Rank 95 Transcendent Douluo. Only those who were extremely gifted, intelligent, and fortunate enough had such an opportunity!

However, there were some Titled Douluo who were exceptions. As long as they continued cultivating and persisted until they made breakthroughs, they could become Transcendent Douluo. These Titled Douluo possessed a hundred-thousand year soul ring!

No form of medicine or strength could compare to a hundred-thousand year soul ring in terms of enhancing a soul master’s body. It made a soul master capable of handling the soul power of a Transcendent Douluo, and adjusted his gifts until he reached such a level!

It was precisely because he knew all this that Dai Hao didn’t think the person in front of him was only a Titled Douluo. He clearly knew that someone who possessed a hundred-thousand year soul ring could possibly be a Transcendent Douluo!

A hundred-thousand year soul ring was a top-ranked treasure that all soul masters coveted. However, it also represented huge trouble. A hundred-thousand year soul ring couldn’t be stripped off a soul master, but a hundred-thousand year soul beast would still produce hundred-thousand year soul bones! As long as a soul master was dead, his soul bones could still be snatched away!

As a result, other Titled Douluo might be tempted to kill someone with a hundred-thousand year soul ring in a bid to snatch their soul bones!

That was why soul masters with a hundred-thousand year soul ring would try to increase their abilities to the level of a Transcendent Douluo if they didn’t have sufficient protection around themselves. In this way, they could protect themselves from being pursued and killed.

I can’t challenge a Transcendent Douluo on my own!, Dai Hao quickly realized.

Huo Yuhao felt a little helpless right now. He had had no choice but to use his Imitation to make himself seem this impressive. Otherwise, how could he stop the White Tiger Duke from attacking him, and make him listen?

One’s abilities always had the biggest say in the world of soul masters!

“You don’t have to care who I am. You should be able to sense that I don’t have any ill intentions towards you. Otherwise, I could have attacked you whenever I wanted. I didn’t have to wait until now, or give you any warning. I specialize in spiritual power, thus I can sense that a huge crisis is waiting for you somewhere not too far away. If you believe me and quickly turn back, you can still make it. Otherwise, you won’t be able to handle whatever’s trying to deal with you. Turn around immediately.” Huo Yuhao used the simplest way to tell him what his intention was.

Dai Huabin was among the bodyguards right now. When he saw Huo Yuhao on his Dragonscale Horse, revealing the aura of a Transcendent Douluo, he was in awe. He thought to himself, This fellow is still the same as ever. His ability to scare others is greater than whatever other abilities he possesses! Didn’t he do the same to us in the past? However, he is making it seem so real that my father doesn’t even realize it...

Yes, Huo Yuhao was using his immense, concrete-immaterial spiritual power under the guise of his Imitation to pose as a Transcendent Douluo. It wasn’t just that Dai Hao didn’t discover anything, even Elder Xuan wouldn’t be able to tell anything unless he was close enough to him. For the White Tiger Duke, he wouldn’t be able to tell unless he really fought Huo Yuhao.

Dai Hao squinted and said, “How do I know this is not another trap? Why should I believe you?”

Huo Yuhao didn’t make a sound, but he suddenly lifted his head to look into the sky. His senses were very acute; they weren’t inferior to Wang Qiu’er’s Golden Dragon’s Perception. His judgment on danger had always been very accurate. When he lifted his head, golden light shot out of his eyes. His spiritual power was already focused in one direction.

On a flat ground, Huo Yuhao’s unidirectional detection could reach out close to five thousand meters. He could cover an even longer distance in the air, as there weren’t any obstacles.

When he revealed his spiritual power, the White Tiger Duke didn’t doubt his abilities anymore. His terrifying spiritual power was even greater than the White Tiger Duke’s spiritual power! Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power was even on the verge of turning material as he unleashed it! What is his cultivation? Transcendent Douluo, this person must be a Transcendent Douluo! However, I’ve never heard of any Transcendent Douluo with a spiritual-type martial soul on the continent! Has this guy been hiding all this while?

Huo Yuhao wasn’t as relaxed as Dai Hao. When he unleashed his spiritual power into the air, his expression immediately changed, and he shouted, “Quickly, give the order to retreat! There are surveillance-type soul tools deployed in the air by your enemies. They are observing your every move. If you suddenly stop, they’ll be alerted, and they’ll come for you! Quickly, retreat!”

When Huo Yuhao was in Shrek Academy, he had learned from his teachers that the defenses of all military bases had become very tight now due to the rapid development of soul tools. Furthermore, there were Titled Douluo following the White Tiger Duke, given how important he was to the Star Luo Empire. It was just that these Titled Douluo usually remained hidden. This time, he hadn’t even brought any of them with him. As long as he could return to his military base, his safety would be assured! 
Dai Hao wasn’t an indecisive person. He was able to become the Commander of Three Armies because he always performed his tasks quickly and effectively. After sensing Huo Yuhao’s immense spiritual power, he made his decision and ordered, “Let’s turn back to our base!”

After Huo Yuhao heard his words, he heaved a sigh of relief, and quickly retracted the suppression that he had unleashed upon them.

However, he was in slightly low spirits because the Dragonscale Horses weren’t able to get up anytime soon. In the face of the Ice Empress’ hundred-thousand year aura, they needed at least two hours before they could get up. However, he couldn’t be bothered by this now. He had had no choice earlier! If he hadn’t asserted his authority, the White Tiger Duke wouldn’t have believed him.

The White Tiger bodyguards were indeed elites. They didn’t need to be ordered before they started to retreat on foot. They turned towards the direction of their base, and started to run. They still maintained a strict formation. As they ran, they deliberately kept to two sides, leaving a pathway in the middle.

Without the suppression from Huo Yuhao, the White Tiger Colt became normal again. The White Tiger Duke quickly rode it back along the path that they had rode out on earlier.

Dai Hao was right not to use any flying-type soul tools. They would make him an obvious target in the air. Even if he were ten thousand meters away, the surveillance-type soul tools would be able to easily lock onto him. It was much easier for him to retreat on the ground.

Anyway, his enemies wouldn’t dare to remain in the air. The anti-air defense system in the Ming Dou Mountain Range wasn’t to be trifled with. It covered the entire aerial region within three thousand meters of the ground. The surveillance- type soul tools that Huo Yuhao had discovered earlier were close to five thousand meters in the air, and so weren’t discovered by the aerial surveillance soul tools!

The Dragonscale Horse that Huo Yuhao was on couldn’t take it anymore either. He jumped off the back of the horse along with Wang Dong’er. In a second, Dai Hao had already ridden the White Tiger Colt over in front of him.

“Elder, thanks for the warning. If we manage to avert this disaster, I’ll be eternally grateful to you.”

As Huo Yuhao looked at the White Tiger Duke’s resolute expression that didn’t seem to reveal any sense of panic, Huo Yuhao felt his breathing quicken.

At this point, there wasn’t any hatred in his heart. It was just a genuine wish to help the White Tiger Duke escape.

“Let’s move quickly. Otherwise, it’ll be too late. Oh yes, is there any way of preventing your defensive-type soul tools from launching attacks against aerial objects? Or at least preventing them from attacking the aerial-type soul tools that we have?”

Dai Hao stopped the White Tiger Colt and answered, “There is one way. As long as we mark the soul tools with a special symbol that belongs to our military, it is possible. I’m the only who can mark these soul tools; there’s a special way of distinguishing these markings.”

Huo Yuhao nodded and asked, “That’s great. How far are you from nine rings?”

Dai Hao was stunned, and replied, “I obtained nine rings half a year ago.”

Titled Douluo? He’s actually a Titled Douluo? Huo Yuhao was stunned at this moment. However, his heart turned cold following this.

He didn’t know Dai Hao was a Titled Douluo, but the enemies who were planning to ambush him definitely knew! An ambush on a Soul Douluo and an ambush on a Titled Douluo would naturally be different. This meant that their enemies were bound to be even stronger!

Huo Yuhao couldn’t be bothered with anything else. He quickly retrieved something from his storage-type soul tool and gave it to Dai Hao. He said, “Quick, use it to cover you later. We’ll also help cover you. Quick, leave.” 
After Dai Hao received the box that Huo Yuhao passed to him, he didn’t hesitate, and turned his colt around before it galloped away. He opened the box as his colt galloped.

Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er were at the back now. However, Dai Huabin’s voice came from the side, “Let’s cover him together.”

As he looked at Dai Huabin, Huo Yuhao was immediately furious. “Cover my ass. Quickly, go. If even he can’t deal with the enemy, what use do you think you are?”  As Huo Yuhao spoke, he pointed at the White Tiger Duke, who was getting further and further away.

Dai Huabin straightened his neck and said, “If you can stay behind to cover for them, why can’t I do the same?”

Huo Yuhao wanted to slap him, which would help him get his revenge, too. However, Dai Huabin couldn’t die, as he was extremely important to both him and Wang Dong’er in their bid to pass the Deep Adventure round. “Stop with the crap and let’s go.” As he spoke, Huo Yuhao had already activated his soul thrusters to advance in the direction of the White Tiger Duke. Wang Dong’er didn’t unleash her martial soul, and just followed. Her martial soul was too obvious in the dark, she wouldn’t unleash it unless it was unnecessary.

Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu chased the both of them. He was much more relieved. They had only left the base a little while ago. With his father’s speed, he would only take ten minutes to return!

However, the sky lit up at this moment.

Balls of greenish light started to fly towards them from the west. These greenish lights were shaped like gourds. As they were too far from the ground, their actual size couldn’t be determined. However, the sparks that they created in the sky were extremely blinding. The lights flew towards the White Tiger Duke.

They are indeed here!, Huo Yuhao sighed to himself. The enemy had surveillance-type soul tools in the sky, which was equivalent to having an extra eye in the sky. 
Only the Sun Moon Empire was capable of sending surveillance-type soul tools five thousand meters into the air. At least, no other empire in the continent could do so yet. Most anti-air defense systems couldn’t accurately attack a target that was more than three thousand meters away.

There was nothing Huo Yuhao could do about this, either. He was only a soul engineer between Class 6 and 7, and a five- ringed Soul King. Unless he could rise five thousand meters into the air to deal with the surveillance-type soul tools, he had no way to change the situation. Even though he knew they were being watched, he couldn’t destroy the surveillance-type soul tools. This was the result of his lack of power.

Huo Yuhao knew that he was doing pretty well so far. He had managed to stop the White Tiger Duke from advancing in a very short period of time. However, it was obvious that the enemy was well-prepared. After discovering that something was amiss, they had quickly launched a long-range attack.

Right now, they could only see how effective the Star Luo Empire’s defenses were. The sky above the military bases of any empire was always a restricted zone. Huo Yuhao and Wang Qiu’er once got into trouble when they were in the Heavenly Soul Empire. In the Ming Dou Mountain Range, the aerial restricted zones were even more strictly enforced.

When these greenish, gourd-shaped lights appeared, balls of red lights started to surge out from the mountain range towards them. They were aerial interception soul cannons!

It wasn’t very difficult to create such soul cannons. The key was that they were huge and exhausted a lot of rare metals. When in use, they also drained a lot of soul power.

Seeing that the reaction of the Star Luo Empire’s anti-air defense system was pretty quick, Huo Yuhao also heaved a sigh of relief.

Very soon, the balls of red light clashed with the greenish, gourd-shaped lights. Just as both parties were about to clash, the greenish lights cracked. The front and back of the gourd- shaped lights separated. The front parts charged forward at a faster speed, colliding with the red lights, while the back parts stopped in mid-air. 
This transformation was extremely quick. Without Huo Yuhao’s Spirit Eyes and Purple Demon Eyes, he wouldn’t have been able to see everything clearly.

Deafening explosions reverberated through the air, and huge glows illuminated the entire sky.

Was the interception successful?

Just as the White Tiger bodyguards thought of this, their hopes were extinguished. The balls of greenish light turned cone-shaped before they once more charged down like bolts of lightning. They were targeting the path the White Tiger Duke would take.

Not good!, Huo Yuhao cursed in his heart. He couldn’t be bothered with anything else now. He activated his Spiritual Detection to its extreme and directed it straight at the White Tiger Duke’s head.

At this point, the White Tiger Duke was very focused on the changes in the air. As he was unwary, Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power invaded his mind.

Before he could resist with his own spiritual power, he was shocked by what Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection offered him.

Data about the greenish lights was presented in his mind: how long they would take to land, where they would land etc. It all appeared in his mind.

The White Tiger Duke was very experienced, and immediately knew what was going on. He expanded in size, and his short hair turned black and white, like a white tiger’s stripes. Two yellow, two purple and five black soul rings suddenly rose from him, turning into blinding light. His fourth soul ring shone extremely brightly, and balls of bright lights in the form of tiger heads quickly took form above his head. These balls of light generated dazzling, white sparks as they shot into the air.

Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom!…

A series of tremendous booms echoed throughout the entire mountain range. 
The White Tiger Duke had unleashed his White Tiger Meteor Shower in the opposite direction. Furthermore, he managed to intercept the red lights accurately! The descending greenish lights had fallen extremely rapidly. Without Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection, the White Tiger Duke couldn’t have accomplished such an impressive deed!

Just as everyone thought that the crisis had been temporarily averted and the White Tiger Duke could continue to return to base, a brownish-yellow light suddenly rose about three hundred meters in front of the White Tiger Duke.

This earthy light was only ten meters in diameter when it first appeared. However, it instantly spread out to more than a hundred meters in diameter. The entire mountain range was illuminated by this light.

This was…

Huo Yuhao’s pupils shrank. This was not a soul skill, since it was able to hide from his Spiritual Detection and appear directly along the mountain pass. It had to be a soul tool! It was also the strongest soul tool he had ever seen in a fight! As such, it had to be at least a Class 8 soul tool! 
These people who are here to kill the White Tiger Duke are going all-out! This should be a Class 8 stationary soul cannon!

“Be careful!” Huo Yuhao shouted almost subconsciously. He also felt very weird when he shouted these two words. Why am I concerned about his safety?

Boom, boom, boom!…

Suddenly, the entire Ming Dou Mountain Range seemed to shake. A huge, deafening explosion shook the region covered by the earthen light. Debris scattered all around, and the intense shockwaves instantly engulfed more than a thousand square meters.

“Defend!” The White Tiger Duke shouted. He didn’t retreat. His first, third, and fifth soul rings flashed. His figure instantly doubled in size. As he smacked his tiger palms together, a layer of intense white light started to spread out, with his body at the center. The shockwaves that were coming towards him were blocked. 
When he saw this scene, Huo Yuhao, who subconsciously moved to shield Wang Dong’er, was a little dazed.

Given the White Tiger Duke’s abilities, he would not be dealt much harm if he only protected himself. However, the barrier he erected covered an extremely wide area. He was bound to be drained at a much faster rate!

Explosions rang continuously. The ground started to fissure, starting from the center point of the explosion. These fissures quickly extended in all directions.

One side of the path that they were on was a cliff, while the other side was a tall mountain. Although the mountain pass was considered quite wide, there were many rocks falling from the sky after the explosion occurred.


The White Tiger bodyguards were deservedly called the elites of the elites. Even though their individual strengths were insignificant in the face of such a terrifying explosion, they tried to gather together at this point. A portion of them with shields lifted them up to block the falling rocks and incoming shockwaves. The four special guards rushed forward without any hesitation and helped the White Tiger Duke with some of the pressure he was facing. However, the incoming shockwaves were still too strong, so strong that they were driven back as they were struck.

Huo Yuhao already roughly knew what the soul tool was. It was a Class 8 stationary soul cannon shell called a Landslide Shell!

When soul tools were at least Class 7, those with special effects would be given their own names. This was especially true for stationary soul cannon shells. There were all types of names for them.

This Landslide Shell was one of them. It was supposed to be a Class 7 stationary soul cannon shell. However, it was classified as a Class 8 shell after special formation arrays and materials were used to strengthen its cloaking and obstructive capabilities. It had very strong penetrating abilities. It would immediately drill into the ground once it landed, tapping into its rare metal formation that had a great affinity for earthen elements. It could drill into soil or granite in the shortest possible time before unleashing an immense shockwave.

The shock that it unleashed was equivalent to a hundred shock cannon shells, simulating the strength of an explosion and enabling it to cause a landslide.

This Landslide Shell wasn’t considered very lethal among the Class 8 stationary soul cannon shells. However, it was more stable, which allowed it to be hidden effectively. Its effect on a battlefield could be quite great, especially in strategic attacks like this. The enemies’ goal was very simple… block off the White Tiger Duke’s return route and buy time for them to assassinate him!

“General,  quickly  leave!  Don’t  care  about  us!”  the  special guard who was a Soul Sage shouted anxiously.

Right now, the strongest shockwave had already passed. However, the White Tiger Duke didn’t leave. With his cultivation, flying at a low altitude was nothing. However, he turned back and kept on unleashing his White Tiger Meteor Shower in the air. He crushed the falling rocks that were going to hit his men

As Huo Yuhao looked at him drifting in mid-air, he felt as if something were choking him in his chest.

He is actually risking being assassinated in order to protect his subordinates. He…

Dai Hao shouted, “Cut the crap! Soldiers, get ready to fight the enemy! All of you are my warriors and my fellow soldiers. I won’t leave any one of you behind! We’ll remain here and wait for reinforcements!”  As he spoke, he lifted his hand, and a beam of bright light shot into the sky.

They weren’t very far from the base. They wouldn’t need to wait too long for reinforcements to arrive. After the aerial attacks and the explosion that had just occurred, their camp should have been put on alert, and reinforcements should be on the way. A huge hole a few hundred meters wide had been blown apart in front of them. It was impossible for them to traverse it on foot. If the White Tiger Duke left on his own, he would be forsaking his White Tiger bodyguards, who consisted of more than a hundred men. In a war, such a situation was very common. However, the White Tiger Duke didn’t make that
decision. He was their general, and the soul of the Star Luo
Empire’s military. He was a true hero. There was no way he could forsake his soldiers and brothers.

In addition, it might not be a wrong choice to defend here. After all, it was very difficult to tell where the enemy would come from.

When Dai Huabin saw that his father was unwilling to leave, he started to turn anxious. He hurriedly asked Huo Yuhao, “What do we do?”

Huo Yuhao clenched his fist tightly. “What else can we do?
Let’s help him!”

He couldn’t decide for the White Tiger Duke. The only thing they could do now was help him guard this place. In addition, they weren’t too far from their base. They still had a chance. 
Huo Yuhao activated his Spiritual Detection and covered the area where the White Tiger bodyguards were. Huo Yuhao couldn’t share his spiritual power with everyone, but he shared it with the White Tiger Duke and the four special guards from earlier.

With Huo Yuhao’s help, the White Tiger Duke was able to more efficiently intercept the falling rocks with his White Tiger Meteor Shower. All the large rocks were destroyed by his Meteor Shower.

Wang Dong’er had also opened up her Radiant Butterfly Goddess’ wings at this moment. With Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection, she unleashed her Light of the Butterfly Goddess to help the White Tiger Duke. She further lowered the threat of the landslide.

The bodyguards weren’t idle, either. Although not all of them had shields, they still used their weapons to sweep the falling rocks away from them. While there were still some casualties, there weren’t too many. At this point, streaks of red light suddenly flashed from afar. They appeared in a very elaborate pattern, and started to move towards the White Tiger Duke and his guards.

They were explosive bombs!

Huo Yuhao focused his gaze, then sighed in his heart. He could guess the origin of his enemies. First, there was a Class 8 stationary soul cannon shell, then there were explosive cluster bombs. It had to be the Sun Moon Empire!

The White Tiger Duke took a deep breath before he turned in the air. He flew towards the bombs as his fourth soul ring continued to shine. His White Tiger Meteor Shower changed directions just like a rapidfire cannon, flying straight towards the explosive bombs.

At the same time, he also shouted, “White Tiger bodyguards, listen to my orders. Disperse and retreat!”

It was very difficult for them to disperse in such an area. The path in front had been blown apart, making it extremely uneven. On one side, there was a cliff. On the other side, there was a mountain. They could only search for a route through the area that had been blown apart. Fortunately, there was a gentle slope that they could use to leave this place.

These soldiers would never defy the White Tiger Duke’s orders. After hearing his order, the captain leading the troops immediately led them towards the pathway that had been blown apart.

However, the Landslide Shell was there to stop them from escaping. When they came to the edge of the cliff, they only saw a deep depression.

The team leader of the first team was a burly man around forty years old. As he saw the disconnected path in front of him, he seemed desolated. He quickly turned around and faced the rest of the bodyguards that had followed him, revealing a determined look on his face.

His gaze swept over all the soldiers in front of him. “Brothers,  we’ve  all  witnessed  it  with  our  eyes.  The  Duke remained because of us. If not for us, he would already be safe. We are at an impasse right now. Every second that we burden the Duke puts him in one more second of danger. Ever since we joined the White Tiger bodyguards, we knew that we were willing to sacrifice our lives for the Duke. I won’t force any of you to do so now. Those who are willing to follow me, you’ll always be my good brothers. Sir, I’m willing to sacrifice my life for you. Please take care.”

As he spoke, he took a deep look at all the comrades in front of him. After this, he turned around suddenly pointed his left toes to the ground before he leapt off the cliff.

As a section leader, Zhang Biao had managed to judge the situation they were facing accurately. Because of them, their enemies were inching closer and closer. No one knew when reinforcements would arrive. The only way to ensure the White Tiger Duke’s safety was to allow him to retreat quickly, and the reinforcements to gather. However, the White Tiger Duke was unwilling to forsake them, which made them his burden. There wasn’t any way they could disperse here. The only thing they could do was sacrifice their lives to save the White Tiger Duke!

When he saw this scene, Huo Yuhao felt as if his chest had been hammered. The White Tiger Duke’s subordinates were willing to sacrifice their lives for him, and he was willing to risk his life to protect them, too! Suddenly, he seemed to become mightier in Huo Yuhao’s mind. As he pulled at Wang Dong’er, the two of them leapt off the cliff.
@Chapter 360: For the Sake of Rescuing Those Who Have Loyalty, I'm Willing!
“Idiot! Zhang Biao, what are you doing?”  The White Tiger Duke was very observant, and naturally realized that Zhang Biao had leapt off the cliff. He started to turn anxious.

At this point, the bodyguards all shouted at the same time, “Sir, please take care!” Following this, all of them bit their lips and leapt off the cliff with determined looks on their faces.

The White Tiger Duke was unmoved even when he was under the attack of that Landslide Shell. However, his expression changed now. His eyes turned red, and he roared to the four special guards that were beside him, “Idiots! Quickly, go and stop them.”

However, they didn’t move at all. They even tried to block his view.

The Soul Sage sorrowfully pleaded, “Sir, please leave. They are doing this for your safety! If you have any pity for them, quickly go now.” 
In just a moment, the bodyguards apart from Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu had already leapt off the cliff.

Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu were both stunned.

Such a tragic scene appeared in front of them during this short span of time. They weren’t even twenty years old. Even though Dai Huabin was the White Tiger Duke’s son, he had never seen such a tragic scene before!

Dai Huabin’s head seemed to ring with what his father had once told him and his brother. Every White Tiger bodyguard is a loyal and brave warrior. The two of you must treat them with respect.

The White Tiger Duke’s eyes were blood-red now, and the look in his eyes turned extremely fierce. He pulled out the box Huo Yuhao had given him earlier, tore it open, and poured his soul power into it!

A ball of huge silver light quickly rose into the sky and illuminated the darkness. Very soon, it was high up in the sky. 
When this silver light stabilized in the sky, a silver ray descended and landed in front of the White Tiger Duke. He mimicked a lifting action, and another dim golden light ball appeared within this silver ray.

This ball had a diameter of one meter. As it gradually rose, it seemed like a sun. It complemented the silver light ball in the sky and flew all the way up until it was next to the silver ball.

The two lights complemented each other in the air and started to revolve around an invisible center. They formed an even larger gold and silver ball in the air.

Yes, Huo Yuhao had given the White Tiger Duke the latest Class 9 soul tool that the Starsky Douluo had created, the Sunmoon Divine Needle!

With Huo Yuhao’s current cultivation, he couldn’t use this soul tool. However, the White Tiger Duke could!

It wasn’t difficult to use the Sunmoon Divine Needle. It just had to be unleashed before it would lock onto the opponent, and then attack. The most difficult part about using it was the demand it had on one’s soul power, as well as locking onto the opponents.

Although the White Tiger Duke had just become a Titled Douluo, Huo Yuhao was very familiar with the White Tiger. As one of the top-ranked beast souls, the White Tiger Duke’s abilities would have increased significantly after he became a Titled Douluo. Ordinary Titled Douluo couldn’t compare to him. Furthermore, he was in his prime. It was during this period of his life that his blood and energy were most vigorous. It was highly likely that he would become a Transcendent Douluo in the future.

Since that was the case, he shouldn’t have a problem using the Sunmoon Divine Needle!

Although the White Tiger Duke was filled with rage and sorrow right now, he was shocked when the Sunmoon Divine Needle rose into the sky. He felt his spiritual power rising into the sky along with the needle. His range of vision expanded greatly, and his spiritual power was being strengthened continuously. Originally, he couldn’t track where his enemies were. However, they soon appeared within his perception. As the Sunmoon Divine Needle spun, his soul power was also quickly being drained. However, the attacks from his enemies had weakened when the Sunmoon Divine Needle appeared.

This was how terrifying a Class 9 soul tool was!

The gold and silver ball in the sky was like a huge double- colored eye, coldly watching the earth and seeking its targets.

As one of the top-ranked Class 9 soul tools, there were very strict requirements for using the Sunmoon Divine Needle. It had to absorb Sunmoon Essence for three days before it could be unleashed. In addition, it drained a lot of soul power. After three strikes, Sunmoon Essence had to be absorbed again to charge it.

However, its terrifying strength was a result of the strict requirements needed to use it. The greater the requirements, the greater the destructiveness of a soul tool. Even a Transcendent Douluo would be hesitant to face an attack from the Sunmoon Divine Needle! The greatest point about the Sunmoon Divine Needle was that it was effective against all elements. Because of the Sunmoon Essence, any form of defense would be ineffective against it, no matter what element it was made of. In addition, it possessed the penetrating strength of a Class 9 soul tool, covering a region that spanned more than thirty kilometers. It was truly frightening!

The enemy had evidently recognized the background of this Sunmoon Divine Needle, and thus they restrained their attacks. They knew that they were exposed under the surveillance of the Sunmoon Divine Needle.

The White Tiger Duke, or rather the White Tiger Douluo, had an awe-inspiring look in his eyes. Through the Sunmoon Divine Needle, he observed his enemies from afar. There were more than ten of them.

He zoomed in using the needle, and could clearly see the number and color of soul rings that his enemies possessed.

There were a total of twelve of them. Among them, four were nine-ringed Titled Douluo. There were even Class 9 soul engineers among them. The Landslide Shell couldn’t have been unleashed so easily without them.

Apart from the four Titled Douluo, the lowest-ranked among the remaining eight were only Soul Sages. There were four eight-ringed Soul Douluo!

At this point, the four Titled Douluo were already shining with golden light. They had unleashed their Invincible Barriers. Another four of the remaining eight had also unleashed Invincible Barriers. The twelve of them had completely split up, and they didn’t dare to step forward even a centimeter anymore.

This was the power of the Sunmoon Divine Needle!

Even Huo Yuhao didn’t know that the Sunmoon Divine Needle could make their enemies feel so fearful when it rose into the sky.

Huo Yuhao’s guess was completely right; these enemies came from the Sunmoon Empire. They were here to assassinate the White Tiger Duke! 
The White Tiger Duke held a very important status in the Star Luo Empire. He had great control over the military. If he were assassinated, it would greatly boost the Sun Moon Empire’s future plans in starting the war.

These twelve assassins were well-prepared. Not only did they plant spies, but they even used high-altitude surveillance-type soul tools, a newly-invented category of soul tools. Of the twelve assassins, two were even Class 9 soul engineers! They had set a trap thirty kilometers ahead using different kinds of soul tools. Once the White Tiger Duke fell into their trap, they were confident in killing him, even if he was a Transcendent Douluo.

However, they hadn’t expected the White Tiger Duke to turn back after leaving his base. It was completely outside their expectations.

One of the leading soul engineers realized that they had been exposed. However, the White Tiger Duke had already left his base. There were only a hundred bodyguards with him, and thus it was still a good opportunity for them to assassinate him! As a result, they turned to their Plan B, using the Landslide Shell to stop the White Tiger Duke, and rushed over as soon as possible. They were willing to pay any price to kill the White Tiger Duke!

Just as they were about to achieve their goal, the White Tiger Duke didn’t even try to break his way out, but remained to protect his subordinates. All of this left them extremely delighted.

However, they were all stunned when they saw the gold and silver lights in the sky.

More than half of these assassins were soul engineers. The two Class 9 soul engineers even had a wealth of experience.

If these were any ordinary assassins, they might not have been bothered by the Sunmoon Divine Needle. However, this group of assassins was well-aware of what it was! The ignorant were fearless, but those who truly knew were extremely terrified! Who didn’t know about the Sun Moon Needle, the soul tool that made the Starsky Douluo Ye Yulin famous? Among these two Class 9 soul engineers, one of them was even a good friend of Ye Yulin. He happened to know about the Sunmoon Divine Needle that had just been researched and created.

This was why he immediately activated his Invincible Barrier the moment he saw the Sunmoon Divine Needle. Even though he knew his Invincible Barrier might not be able to stop the needle, it was still better than not having any protection at all.

When he mentioned that it was the Sunmoon Divine Needle, the soul engineers present also broke out in a cold sweat.

The Sun Divine Needle was known as the Light of the Death God. Whoever it shone on would be struck dead! The power of the Sunmoon Divine Needle was even greater than the Sun Divine Needle! Let alone a Transcendent Douluo, even someone of Elder Xuan’s cultivation would be hurt if he tried to deal with an attack from the Needle!

These assassins were here to kill the White Tiger Duke, not to die. The four Titled Douluo treasured their lives a lot. “What do we do? Why does he have the Sunmoon Divine Needle? Don’t tell me that the Starsky Douluo…”

“Impossible! The Starsky Douluo wouldn't betray us. Let’s decide quickly! Our Invincible Barriers won’t last long!” 
“Let’s retreat first before coming up with a new plan.”  The leading Class 9 soul engineer was decisive, and gave the order to retreat.

One’s life was very precious. Everyone only had one life! None of them were willing to risk getting killed by the Sunmoon Divine Needle in their bid to assassinate the White Tiger. None of them dared to!

As a result, these twelve assassins immediately turned and fled. To them, their main worry now was finding the fastest way to get at least fifteen kilometers away.

The White Tiger Duke still had a glimmer of hope right now. He had seen Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er leaping off the cliff, too. That was why he didn’t activate the Sunmoon Divine Needle immediately. The strongest weapons were the most terrifying before they were used. Although he didn’t know why his opponents had run, he was relieved to be safe temporarily. Right now, he could only watch and see whether the mysterious man could save his subordinates. 
The White Tiger Duke was holding on over on his side, while Huo Yuhao was very busy in the air right now.

After he jumped off the cliff with Wang Dong’er, Wang Dong’er immediately opened up her Butterfly Goddess’ wings.

The first to jump off the cliff was Zhang Biao. The cliff seemed to be at least three hundred meters high. If a soul master couldn’t fly and didn’t have any way of reducing the speed of his descent, he was bound to die from the fall!

As Huo Yuhao dove down rapidly, he unleashed his spiritual power to the best of his abilities. A huge spiritual net quickly engulfed the air around him, and all the White Tiger bodyguards that had leapt off the cliff. In this way, he could tell exactly where each of them was.

A streak of deep blue light shot out from Huo Yuhao’s forehead and instantly descended. It was the little Snow Lady.

When the little Snow Lady appeared, she waved her hands in the air rapidly. A gust of strong wind rose from the mountain valley. The wind slowed the descent of all the bodyguards, even though they were all decked out in armor.

The Snow Empress didn’t just control snow. She was the Icesky Snow Lady. In the Extreme North, the extreme chill wasn’t the only scary thing, there was also the wind. This was also one aspect in which the Snow Empress was stronger than the Ice Empress!

Apart from the extreme chill, she also had a deep grasp of the profundity of the wind. For example, the Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice included gales.

Huo Yuhao was only afraid his Ultimate Ice would affect the bodyguards, and thus he didn’t use his domain’s strength to gather them. He could only let the little Snow Lady slow their descent.

As she controlled the wind, the little Snow Lady had already charged all the way down. In a flash, she was beside Zhang Biao. She used her little hands to gently push Zhang Biao’s back. He was about thirty meters from the ground, but he was now flying towards the side instead of falling as he was pushed. Zhang Biao was also a soul master. The sudden force that came from his side shocked him. He subconsciously lifted his body in a hurry and tried to control it.

For a soul master of his rank, thirty meters was a manageable height. As he rolled in the air, he exploited the sudden force that came from his side to reduce the speed of his descent. He also used his palms and soul power to slow his fall.

After the little Snow Lady pushed Zhang Biao, she lifted her hands once again. Another gust of wind blew upward and slowed the momentum of the bodyguards who were still falling.

Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er finally charged down after the little Snow Lady helped to stall the descent of the bodyguards.

At this point, the two of them reached their fastest speed. Along with the little Snow Lady, they started flipping and moving about. They caught hold of the bodyguards that were falling from the sky. Huo Yuhao felt very regretful that he didn’t have a soul tool he could use now! His soul tools were mainly very lethal. At this point, there were too many bodyguards falling, even though the area that they covered wasn’t too extensive.

Huo Yuhao unleashed the Life Reflecting Shield with his right hand and a protective barrier with his body. As he flipped about, he continued to use the Tang Sect’s Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon. However, he still couldn’t catch everyone.

As one person fell, he caught hold of him before instantly pushing him away. He used his right leg to hook onto another person, and also used his Life Reflecting Shield to knock someone else away. He charged forward quickly, and managed to grab hold of more than ten people.

However, he couldn’t possibly catch everyone. He simply had no time! He could only knock them to the sides just as they were about to crash, reducing their speed of descent. They were bound to get hurt, but at least they could still preserve their lives.

However, there were still some bodyguards who couldn’t be saved even though Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er tried their best.

Three hundred meters! They had jumped three hundred meters off a cliff, and they were all wearing armor. Their momentum was deadly. Huo Yuhao was only a Soul King, and Wang Dong’er was only a Soul Emperor. Even if they were slightly stronger, they couldn’t possibly save that many people spread out over such a large area.

Blood splattered around them, and life after life was lost.

Huo Yuhao bit his lips tightly. All these soldiers were dead because they were trying to protect the White Tiger Duke!

They had jumped off the cliff willingly. Before they jumped off, they had even asked the White Tiger Duke to take care of himself.

It was Huo Yuhao’s first time seeing this kind of soldier. It was also his first time experiencing the smell of blood and iron that one could only experience in the military. A bloody smell spread out, and Huo Yuhao was already tearing up. He had done his best. When he grabbed hold of the last bodyguard, he discovered that his arms were already aching. He forcefully rolled on the ground, and his human- shaped soul tool let out a piercing, screeching sound. It took some time before he managed to reduce his falling momentum. However, the inertia still caused him to crash, and he couldn’t
help but spit out blood on the inside of his mask.

There was a blurry red in front of his eyes. He felt extremely weak right now.

He only heard tragic screams around him. Along with the bloody smell that drifted throughout the entire area, he was feeling very distressed.

What kind of soldiers were they? They were willing to sacrifice their precious lives for their own general! They jumped off the cliff without any hesitation!

Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er didn’t know how many people they had saved. The entire process only took one minute. However, they had drained their soul power and energy. The feeling that they were experiencing now couldn’t be described with words. They had tried their best in this one minute. However, Wang Dong’er couldn’t help but cry when she saw fresh blood splattering from the human figures below her.


“Ah——” Huo Yuhao peered into the sky and shouted furiously. His spiritual power soared tremendously, but he couldn’t do anything now. What was supposed to happen had already happened. He couldn’t have possibly saved these few precious lives!

At  this  point,  a  calm  voice  sounded  in  his  mind,  “The enemies have retreated. The White Tiger Duke is no longer in a crisis. You have passed the Deep Adventure round. Right now, you have two choices. You can choose to pass this round, or use this opportunity to restore everything back to normal.

“By restoring everything back to normal, those who have not yet been dead for fifteen minutes will recover completely. However, those who have been dead for more than fifteen minutes can’t recover, as their spirits have dissipated. If you choose this option, you must go through the Deep Adventure round once again. You can make your choice now, but you’ll only have ten seconds to decide. After ten seconds, the two of you will automatically be returned to the valley.”

Wang Dong’er naturally heard what Huo Yuhao heard. The two of them looked at each other, and they each saw the surprise and persistence in the other’s eyes. Wang Dong’er grabbed Huo Yuhao’s hand and the two of them shouted at the same  time,  “We’ll  choose  to  restore  everything  back  to normal!”

Yes, they were willing to go through the Deep Adventure round once again to save all the soldiers and their loyalty!

Suddenly, a strange ball of light appeared. A bright golden light that seemed like the sun appeared above Huo Yuhao’s head, while a silver crescent surfaced above Wang Dong’er’s head.

Querying.”   The  calm  voice  echoed  throughout  the  entire mountain valley. Following this, a gold and silver light spread from Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er’s bodies. The bodyguards were all covered by the same gold and silver light. The bodyguards who were still alive were shocked as they looked at Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er. At this moment, they could roughly make out their appearance.

They could clearly sense a strange, warm flow circling their bodies before the excruciating pain from their wounds disappeared. All of their injuries were healing at an alarming speed.

What was even stranger was that the pools of blood on the ground started to flow back into the corpses lying on the ground. The bodies started to contort slightly. Gradually, their actions became more and more obvious. There were even some who started crawling up.

The bodyguards who had just lost their lives seemed very confused now. They turned around and stared at Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er in shock. They couldn’t believe it.

“Miracle. This is a miracle! Are the two of you immortals that have descended to the mortal world?” Zhang Biao crawled up from the ground at this moment. He was also hurt. There were many jagged rocks on the ground, which was also the reason why many of the bodyguards were hurt and killed. However, his injuries had already fully recovered after he was immersed in the gold and silver light. 
He saw a ravishing beauty with flowing blue hair, and another person who was covered entirely in metal, emitting an intense golden glow.

They were holding hands as a miraculous glow shone from their bodies. It wasn’t just light that came from their bodies, there was also warmth!

More and more of the bodyguards were standing up by now. All of them turned around and faced Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er, who were both emitting the Sunmoon Radiance.

The White Tiger bodyguards started to kneel down on one knee and expressed their gratitude towards the both of them for giving them a chance to live again. Their eyes were filled with respect and passion. In their hearts, the two of them possessed the strength of gods!

The gold and silver light suddenly became much more glaring. In the next instant, the light withdrew towards the center. When it disappeared, Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er disappeared with it.

At the same time, Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu also heard the same calm voice.

“The White Tiger Duke’s crisis has been averted. The Deep Adventure round has ended and the two of you have passed.”

Everything started to distort and become blurry at this moment as their world seemed to be spinning. Whether it was Huo Yuhao, Wang Dong’er, Dai Huabin or Zhu Lu, they all entered a weird space. The calm voice sounded in their ears once again.

The voice said to Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu, “The two of you only put in an average performance in the Deep Adventure round, and thus you barely passed the round. There won’t be any rewards, but the two of you can enter the last round, the Sincerity Love Querying Great Adventure. I hope that you can pass the next round.”

The light flashed, and Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu disappeared. 
The same voice sounded in Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er’s ears. However, they heard different things than Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu had.

“The White Tiger Duke met with danger, and Huo Yuhao was able to use his spiritual power to warn him, as well as to gain his trust using his own abilities. This is an important reason why the two of you passed this Deep Adventure round. However, you didn’t use your own abilities to chase the enemies away. Instead, you used external items to do so. As a result, you didn’t pass the Deep Adventure round with full marks. However, on account of the fact that you saved everyone in time and reduced the number of casualties, I’ll consider it a pass. Originally, the reward that the two of you were supposed to get was one chance to recover from a critical injury. However, you instead chose to restore everything to normal. As a result, your rewards will be canceled, and your points have become negative. The two of you will need to go through another Deep Adventure round. If you pass, you can advance to the third round, the True Love Querying Great Adventure. Be prepared, your second Deep Adventure round is about to start!”

Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er still felt as if their world was spinning. They couldn’t see their surroundings clearly. However, they were smiling delightedly at this moment, and they gripped each other’s hands tightly.

They didn’t regret having to go through the Deep Adventure round again. To be able to revive so many loyal soldiers, they felt that it was worth it even if they had to go through several more rounds. Right now, the satisfaction that they felt in their hearts was unrivaled.

As a light flashed, Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er also disappeared.


White light descended from the sky. The White Tiger Duke landed in the valley. He was stunned when he saw his bodyguards standing on the jagged rocks.

At this point, the reinforcements from the base had already arrived. Many strong individuals were here to protect the White Tiger Duke. The Sunmoon Divine Needle was still shining in the sky. It was a pity that their enemies had already fled far away. 
Seeing that most of his subordinates were still alive, the White Tiger Duke was feeling very emotional as he looked at the gold and silver ball in the sky

Who was that? Who was it that helped me and saved me from this crisis? Who exactly was it?

The White Tiger Duke stood there in a daze, and didn’t speak for a long time.


Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi were in a rather disastrous situation right now. After they encountered the Radiant City patrol, they had no choice but to use force to charge their way out. They couldn’t possibly explain their identities. In addition, they didn’t even look like they came from the Sun Moon Empire.

However, they attracted even more enemies after they charged past the first group of guards. It was only now that Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi realized how terrifying Radiant City was. Even though the surrounding walls were broken and dilapidated, defense-type soul tools were still everywhere. However, the aerial surveillance soul tools were even more terrifying.

The surveillance soul tools weren’t very strong, but they
remained hundreds of meters in the air. They were very
practical, and were used to follow Xu Sanshi and Bei Bei. With these surveillance soul tools to guide them, the Sun Moon Empire’s soldiers were always hot on their trail. Even though the two of them were strong, they were still in peril.

In addition, soul engineers had been deployed to deal with them because they were resisting strongly. Right now, they were still some way off from the western edge of Radiant City.

What left Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi even more depressed was that their injuries were starting to influence their abilities.

------ Golden light flashed, and Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er finally felt stable.

It took the two of them took some time to adapt before they stopped feeling dizzy. Huo Yuhao pulled Wang Dong’er close to him, and subconsciously activated his Spiritual Detection.

Huo Yuhao was surprised by current state of his body.

Earlier, he and Wang Dong’er had drained themselves to save the White Tiger bodyguards, but right now, he discovered that he was feeling much better. Even his soul power seemed to have experienced an improvement, and his spiritual power had become more refined.

However, Huo Yuhao’s expression suddenly changed greatly.
He exclaimed, “Ah!”

“What’s  going  on?”   As  he  shouted,  Wang  Dong’er  also became anxious. Huo Yuhao looked heartbroken as he said, “My Sunmoon Divine Needle is still with the White Tiger Duke. It’s a Class 9 soul tool! If the Duskwater Alliance wasn’t trying to poach me, they wouldn’t have asked Xu Tianran to make Ye Yulin give up the Sunmoon Divine Needle.”

Huo Yuhao was very clever. During the tournament, he had already guessed the reason why the Starsky Douluo had offered the Sunmoon Divine Needle as a reward for the champion. The tournament was decided with a fight, and the Duskwater Alliance knew how strong Huo Yuhao’s martial soul was. They were trying to use a Class 9 soul tool and a Class 9 stationary soul cannon shell to bribe him. In fact, it was just another way of boosting the strength of the Holy Ghost Church!

The truth was that their judgment of Huo Yuhao’s abilities was accurate. Even with Ye Guyi’s appearance, Huo Yuhao still managed to attain victory.

As for Ye Guyi, she was in a slightly more pitiful state right now. Huo Yuhao had placed her in his spectral demiplane, and was prepared to release her after he managed to escape danger following the conclusion of the tournament. However, who would have expected the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley to appear so suddenly, isolating his connection with his spectral demiplane? Ye Guyi had no choice but to wait for a while longer inside.

Of course, Huo Yuhao could guarantee Ye Guyi’s safety. The spectral demiplane was passed down from Electrolux to Huo Yuhao. As his teacher, Electrolux had also passed him the key to controlling the demiplane. Even though Huo Yuhao couldn’t completely control the demiplane given his lack of abilities, he was still able to draw out a safe region to contain Ye Guyi.

Huo Yuhao’s heart was aching after he lost the Sunmoon Divine Needle! Given his twin martial souls, he should have been able to use the Needle when he obtained eight rings. It was a powerful soul tool that even a Transcendent Douluo was terrified of!

“Are you really heartbroken?” Wang Dong’er was amused as she looked at him.

Huo Yuhao was stunned, “Am I not supposed to feel this way?” Wang Dong’er chortled and hugged his metal arm. She said, “You didn’t give it to an outsider, though.”

Huo Yuhao’s expression turned slightly weird. As he recalled what had happened earlier, he suddenly realized that he had started to hate the White Tiger Duke less and less. He had been filled with admiration and respect when he saw how the White Tiger Duke sacrificed his safety for his subordinates.

No, I won’t forgive him! Huo Yuhao forcefully told himself.


He didn’t feel so heartbroken when he realized he had given the Sunmoon Divine Needle to the White Tiger Duke…

Whatever! At least he’s safer with the Needle. That way, he won’t be killed so easily, and he can wait for me to return to exact revenge on him.

As he thought about it from this perspective, Huo Yuhao felt that he had straightened things out. His expression also returned to normal.

At this moment, the calm voice that made Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er jumpy sounded once again, “The Deep 
Another rescue…

However, Huo Yuhao’s expression changed in the next instant.

“The two of you are to the west of Radiant City. Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi are trying to break out from this direction. The two of you will be considered to have passed this round if you can rescue them from the danger they are currently facing and return to the western mountain. If the two of you fail this mission, the punishment is death! At the same time, the two of them will also die. The Deep Adventure round begins!”

Eldest and third senior’s Deep Adventure round was actually in Radiant City. Radiant City is a very dangerous place to be in right now! Just as Huo Yuhao was horrified, he was also depressed. That was because he hadn’t been given enough information.

He was supposed to rescue them, but he didn’t know their exact location. This meant that they still had to locate them before rescuing them! It was going to be very difficult!

Chapter 361: Is He a Creator of Miracles?

However, Huo Yuhao suddenly had a strange feeling at this moment. He was stunned to realize that the aura of the Yin- Yang Love Querying Valley seemed to have experienced some form of transformation. The direct benefit of this transformation was that he could now connect to his spectral demiplane!

This meant that he could use the strength left behind by Electrolux if he had no choice. At the same time, he could also…

Huo Yuhao grabbed Wang Dong’er’s hand and recited an incantation. A light flashed, and both of them vanished.

In the next moment, a cold and sinister world was right in front of them: Huo Yuhao’s spectral demiplane!

The spectral demiplane created by Electrolux was indeed extraordinary. Huo Yuhao immediately sensed that the Love Querying Valley’s control of him had disappeared the moment he stepped into this demiplane. This meant that he shouldn’t be affected by the valley here.

However, it was a pity that he was even here at all!

Huo Yuhao sighed. The Love Querying Valley is too cunning. My mission is to save eldest and third senior, and thus some of the restraints I was under have also been released.

It was true that he wouldn’t be affected by the power of the valley in this spectral demiplane. However, could he really forsake Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi, and escape with Wang Dong’er? It was obviously not a practical choice.

“You’re finally here. I thought that you were still a cheat,” a resentful voice called out. A yellow figure flashed up, and the angry Ye Guyi appeared in front of them.

She was enraged. When Huo Yuhao defeated her with his abilities, she was already half-convinced by what he said. After that, Huo Yuhao’s power brought her to this place, where undead were all around. She didn’t know how he did it, but the undead didn’t get close to her. However, the aura in this spectral demiplane was too uncomfortable and irksome for her, since she had the Holy Angel martial soul.

When Huo Yuhao left, he left for a long time. Ye Guyi was tempted to kill the undead on more than one occasion to vent her disgust towards this world she was in. However, she knew that the undead here were different. These undead were filled with the aura of light wouldn’t give her any strength or strengthen her martial soul. Furthermore, there was an army of them. No matter how self-confident she was, she couldn’t possibly clash with them directly.

After waiting for such a long time, Huo Yuhao was finally here! Naturally, she was angry with him!

Huo Yuhao was apologetic as he said, “I’m sorry, Ye Guyi. We’ve met with a bit of a special situation. I’ll bring you out now. However, we’ll need your help when we get out. Our friends are trapped in Radiant City. We need to rescue them.”

Ye Guyi snorted coldly. “Why should I help you? You are a disgusting evil soul master. I’m still not even clear about who you are!” Huo Yuhao was a little helpless as he answered, “Up to you. Anyway, I’m mainly here because I have to release you. If you don’t want to help us, you can leave as soon as you’re out. It’s very dangerous outside. Come on.”

As he spoke, he lifted his right hand and recited another incantation. A strange layer of greyish light engulfed the three of them. Although Ye Guyi revealed a disgusted look on her face, she didn’t try to avoid it. In addition, she started glancing in Wang Dong’er’s direction.

Wang Dong’er was dressed in a white warrior robe, which perfectly accentuated her petite figure. Although her figure seemed a little less mature than Wang Qiu’er’s, she had a more youthful aura. Her powdery-blue hair flowed behind her head, and her big, beautiful eyes seemed like the prettiest gems in the world. As she grinned, Ye Guyi was dazed, even though she had always been one who was confident in her ravishing looks.

However, she didn’t remain in a daze for too long. Very soon, they vanished in a patch of distorted light.

Ye Guyi was jolted awake by the aura of necromancy. These undulations, which sickened and disgusted her, lasted for a minute or so, until they were finally brought back to the familiar world.

It was nighttime here as well, but the sky above Radiant City was empty. The huge buildings emitted all sorts of lights. Even though they were still some distance away, they could still easily make out where they were.

Huo Yuhao was rushing to rescue Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi, and thus he couldn’t be bothered with Ye Guyi. He quickly pulled Wang Dong’er as he charged in the direction of Radiant City.

“Hey! You haven’t explained things to me!” Ye Guyi’s figure flashed, and she pursued the two of them before intercepting Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao turned grim as he said, “Move away, I need to rescue some people. If you dare to block me, you’ll be my enemy. Although I think your Holy Angel will be very useful to deal with evil soul masters, I won’t hesitate to turn you into a specter, either! Get lost!” As he spoke, Huo Yuhao’s eyes shone with golden light, and his immense spiritual power surged towards Ye Guyi.

“You, you…why are you so fierce?”  Ye Guyi was shocked. After all, Huo Yuhao had defeated her once, and left a deep impression on her mind. As she saw how serious and assertive he was right now, she couldn’t help but feel a little afraid.

Huo Yuhao ignored and ran around her as he continued to pull Wang Dong’er along with him. His speed soared as he burst towards Radiant City.

Ye Guyi stomped her feet in indignation as she watched them leave. However, she still followed them.

“Hey!  Wait  for  me.  I’ll  help  you  rescue  your  friends! However, you must tell me what’s going on with your evil soul master abilities after we rescue them!”

Wang Dong’er chortled and shot a flirtatious glance at Huo Yuhao  before  saying,  “Loosening  up  to  get  her  under  your control. You sure have a way with chasing girls.” Huo Yuhao snapped, “We are in such a rush now, but you still have the mood to crack jokes. Help me.” As he spoke, his armor flipped up, revealing his left hand. Their Haodong Power started to circulate through their bodies via the hand that was holding on to Wang Dong’er. Huo Yuhao’s eyes also became

His vigorous spiritual power shot forward like a sharp sword. At this point, Huo Yuhao didn’t bother hiding his spiritual cultivation anymore. His spiritual strength had reached an extremely high level, and his spiritual power changed into a beam of invisible spiritual light that shot into the distance to observe his surroundings. As he turned his head, he started to scan around.

Ye Guyi felt the vigorous spiritual power from Huo Yuhao wash past her, and was horrified.

The demand on her own spiritual power to use her Holy Angel was also very high. This was because her Holy Angel didn’t just rely on the power of light to become stronger, it also relied on the power of belief, as well as the power of purification that was obtained from purifying evil. All these required immense spiritual power to control. As a result, Ye Guyi had always been very confident in her spiritual power. However, she now discovered that her spiritual power couldn’t compare to Huo Yuhao. His cultivation is obviously only around six rings, but the strength of his spiritual power seems to be boundless and unpredictable. His terrifying spiritual suppression can even exceed that of a Titled Douluo!

After his quick scan, Huo Yuhao didn’t find Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi’s auras. However, he discovered a large number of the Sun Moon Empire’s troops. They were all deployed to the west of Radiant City, and encircling it secretly. There were also several soul engineers equipped with soul tools among these troops. They were moving in an orderly manner, and it was obvious that they were prepared to react to any kind of situation.

Huo Yuhao took in a deep breath and slowly shut his shining golden eyes. A strange glow began to shine on his forehead. His Eye of Destiny opened silently, and a purplish-golden light shot out from it.

As he fully unleashed his spiritual power, Huo Yuhao also finally revealed one of his soul rings that he usually concealed with his Imitation. 
White, purple, purple, black, black. His five soul rings appeared around him.

Yes, these were the true colors of Huo Yuhao’s soul rings.

The words that the Skydream Iceworm told him before weren’t exaggerated. His Spirit Eyes were able to become so strong because his soul rings evolved as his spiritual power increased, and later, after he fused with the Skydream Iceworm’s spiritual origin

His first soul ring was a “ten year” soul ring, his second and third rings were thousand-year soul rings, and his fourth and fifth soul rings were ten-thousand year soul rings. Among soul masters of the same rank, he was unique.

Furthermore, his second and third soul rings might even evolve to ten thousand year soul rings as his spiritual power continued to increase.

Ye Guyi was shocked when she saw his five soul rings. What’s going on? Ten year, thousand year, thousand year, ten thousand year, ten thousand year? Is he normal? Aren’t his soul rings supposed to be greyish? Why are they like that now? Which ones are real, and which ones are fake? He’s only a Soul King, but he defeated me even though I’m a Soul Emperor.
This, this…

This completely contradicted everything Ye Guyi knew about soul masters. Suddenly, she became very curious about Huo Yuhao.

Huo Yuhao’s Eye of Destiny Spiritual Detection could cover more than seven kilometers if aimed in a single direction. It was the best that he could manage right now.

As he scanned the area with his Spiritual Detection, he sensed everything that was happening within the region he scanned... 
Finally, he revealed a delighted look on his face. I’ve found them!

“Let’s go. Ye Guyi, follow us. Stay no more than ten meters away from us.”

“I…” Ye Guyi wanted to retort, but Huo Yuhao had already pulled Wang Dong’er along with him as he charged forward. In addition, Wang Dong’er’s body lit up with one yellow, three purple, and two black soul rings. They were better than what was normally the best combination possible! Her bluish-gold butterfly wings opened up on her back, and a captivating glow rendered her even more ravishing.

Hmph! I’m not inferior to her! Ye Guyi unleashed her Holy Angel following the rise in her competitive spirit. While she was drained in her fight with Huo Yuhao, she had completely recovered when she was in the spectral demiplane. The place was filled with a spectral aura, but there was also a dense aura of light. However, it didn’t help her recover her soul power. As she opened her four angel wings, Ye Guyi fluttered her feathery wings and chased after Huo Yuhao. There were white wings on one side, and bluish-gold wings on the other side. The three of them definitely formed a very dazzling lineup.

The Sun Moon Empire’s troops were already watching them from afar. Huo Yuhao lifted his head to peer into the sky. With his vision, he had already located a few surveillance soul tools in the sky.

A cold smile appeared on his lips. While these surveillance soul tools were effective against most people, they might not be effective against him.

A strange layer of spiritual undulations rippled from his body. Ye Guyi only saw his first, white soul ring shining before the light around them started to bend.

She was also inside, and thus she couldn’t see what changes were happening to her body. The only feeling that she got was that the light that both she and Wang Dong’er emitted dimmed down before it disappeared. Their surroundings also turned pitch-black. However, she could still see the bluish-gold from Wang Dong’er’s wings. She became very curious as she witnessed this strange scene occurring.

However, she was astonished at the next moment. Huo Yuhao’s gentle spiritual power was transmitted over. As she thought he was trying to connect with her, she naturally accepted his spiritual power. However, Ye Guyi opened her eyes wide in shock following this.

Everything around her became very clear in her mind. She could tell what was going for several square kilometers around her. She almost shouted out loud when she realized she had an all-around view of her surroundings.

Spiritual power can be used in this way? Isn’t he an evil soul master? However, I can’t feel any evil aura from him now. On the contrary, there’s a very thick aura of light. What’s with this guy?

Ye Guyi followed Huo Yuhao tightly as the questions piled up in her mind. Through his Spiritual Detection, he told her to follow him closely. Very soon, the three of them got close to the troops who were stationed to the west of Radiant City.

Ye Guyi started to get a little nervous. Although the three of them were very strong, they were still outnumbered! Furthermore, the Sun Moon Empire’s military would still have some soul engineers, even if there was no real soul engineering team around.

They were trying to make their way into Radiant City. If they were discovered, they would be surrounded. This guy doesn’t seem like an idiot, why is he doing something as foolish as this?

However, she was shocked once again even before her doubts were answered.

The soldiers didn’t seem to notice them at all. They didn’t react even though the three of them were getting closer and closer.

In fact, the soldiers weren’t able to see them at all! Huo Yuhao had used his Imitation to hide from others on several occasions. It was even more effective at night. Unless one really tried to sense his aura, they wouldn’t be able to detect him using the naked eye. In addition, only soul masters that were superior in cultivation to him and certain special
soul beasts would be able to sense his aura while he was concealed this way.

They were able to charge past the troops into Radiant City openly!

Ye Guyi stopped trying to guess what Huo Yuhao’s abilities were shortly thereafter. It was because she was more astonished by the dilapidated buildings and walls in front of her.

As she looked at several of the collapsed building in front of her, as well as the fissures on the ground that snaked around everywhere, Ye Guyi couldn’t help but exclaim, “Is this really Radiant City? Why has it become like this?”

“Shut  up!”   Huo  Yuhao  transmitted  this  message  to  her through his spiritual power. His Imitation couldn’t isolate sound! Is she trying to tell the troops where we are?

Ye Guyi also realized her mistake, but she was still dissatisfied as she snorted at Huo Yuhao, “Am I supposed to shut up just because you want me to?” While she was speaking again, she tried her best to lower her volume.

Huo Yuhao didn’t have time to bother with her. Right now, he could sense that Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi were in a crisis. He quickened his footsteps and burst forward.

He didn’t choose to fly because he understood soul tools very well. The aerial surveillance soul tools in the air had very simple structures, as they were very large, and yet needed to remain in the air. However, the anti-air soul tools on the ground were different. He couldn’t hide from them even with his Imitation. The anti-air soul tools were aided by soul power detection soul tools. No matter what, Huo Yuhao couldn’t possibly conceal his soul power undulations completely. Once they were discovered, they couldn’t possibly handle the barrage of attacks that would be unleashed against them. Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi were indeed in a disastrous situation right now. They had been surrounded by their enemies.

A bunch of soul engineers that had them surrounded. These soul engineers weren’t individually strong, the highest-ranked among them was only a Class 5 soul engineer. However, they had strength in numbers.

At least forty soul engineers had formed a loose circle, trapping the two of them.

The soul tools that were used were mainly Class 3 or Class 4. However, they were mainly used for rapid and long-range attacks. There were many rapid-fire cannons and explosive bombs that were targeting Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi. They weren’t given the opportunity to catch their breath.

The fighting strength of soul engineers would greatly increase after they achieved a certain numerical advantage. That was what was happening with this bunch of soul engineers. They were from the Sun Moon Empire’s soul engineering legion, and had great chemistry with one another. The soul tools that they used only exhausted their soul power, and didn’t drain any other resources. 
If Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi had been at their peak condition, they wouldn’t find it a problem to fight their way out.

However, the two of them were critically injured during the Continental Elite Youth Soul Master Academy. Although they had received treatment in time, they were still far from fully recovered. After a series of fights, their injuries had relapsed. At this point, Xu Sanshi was using his Shield of the Xuanwu Turtle to protect Bei Bei. He tried to charge his way out a few times, but he was forced to retreat on every occasion.

Furthermore, a flashing red light silently appeared in the sky at this point. This ball of light very quickly locked onto Xu Sanshi.

It was an Eye of Fear!

Even though they weren’t soul engineers, Bei Bei and He Caitou recognized what it was. During the tournament, He Caitou used an Eye of Fear to create many opportunities for their team to beat their opponents. However, they were the ones who were going to suffer from the wrath of this Eye of Fear right now. It wasn’t a good feeling to be on the wrong side this time.

“Bei Bei, I didn’t expect to die with you here. I’ll fight all the way with them. Later, try to break out on your own when I unleash my full abilities. I can’t take care of her anymore. Ask her to find a good guy and marry him,” Xu Sanshi said to Bei Bei without any hesitation.

Bei Bei was flustered and exasperated as he said, “Nonsense! I don’t think you can help me escape with your lacking abilities. I think you should get out of here. You’re more likely to escape with that turtle shell you’ve got. I’m more explosive than you.” In the face of this crisis, he was less refined than he normally was.

Xu Sanshi was furious. “Cut the crap! Anyway, Nannan has always nursed a grievance against me. She won’t be too sad even if I die. You are different from me. You still have to save Xiao Ya! What will she do without you? Go on, get the Hell out of here! That Eye of Fear is about to finish charging.”

As he spoke, he gave Bei Bei a forceful push. 
However, Bei Bei’s body shone with blinding golden light at this point. A sonorous dragon roar reverberated through the nine heavens. It was a sign that meant the Radiant Holy Dragon was about to be unleashed.

Bei Bei hadn’t tapped into the abilities of his Radiant Holy Dragon earlier even though he was facing formidable enemies, due to his injuries. However, it was evident that he was going all-out by unleashing it now.

Xu Sanshi’s eyes were red as he glared at Bei Bei. However, Bei Bei now appeared very calm and refined. He was smiling as he looked at Xu Sanshi. The golden bolts of lightning that surged around him started to gradually turn into a light fog. Everything within a region of several tens of square meters turned a blinding gold. In a matter of seconds, lightning flashed within this region, which seemed to have transformed into a special world. The golden glow around Bei Bei started to combust like flames!

He was burning his life energy to increase the strength of his soul power! His Radiant Holy Dragon was strong enough to increase his fighting strength significantly. By sacrificing his life energy, he made his fighting strength even more terrifying. 
Xu Sanshi’s eyes had already turned red. He wanted to stop Bei Bei, but he was flung far away by a strong bolt of golden lightning! 
Bei Bei smiled as he waved at him. He pointed toward the west before pointing to the inside of Radiant City. After that, he waved to him again.

Xu Sanshi had known him for years, and thus he naturally knew what Bei Bei was telling him. He was asking him to escape first, and save Tang Ya in the future.

Xu Sanshi suddenly shouted hysterically at the top of his voice as he glared at Bei Bei. “Bei Bei, you homo. Now I know you truly love me!”

Bei Bei wanted to say something, but he chose to turn around and ignore him.

At this point, the red light flashing from the Eye of Fear in the sky suddenly dimmed. A tragic scream sounded from afar, and a ball of bloody light shot into the sky. The bloody light, which was a mixture of red and white, scattered, and the Eye of Fear shook a little before it fell from the sky.

The surrounding temperature started to fall significantly. Snowflakes started to drift in the air as the temperature dipped. The soul engineers didn’t even have time to react before they realized that their bodies were starting to freeze.

Xu Sanshi was stunned. However, he was then delighted. He shouted at Bei Bei, “Little Junior is here! It’s Little Junior! Homo, quickly retract your powers! I’ll follow you if you dare to die!”

At this point, Xu Sanshi couldn’t help but tear up, even though he was normally a very proud and resilient person.

Yes! Huo Yuhao is here!

At this moment, Huo Yuhao’s expression was so cold that he seemed like a devil king from Hell. Purplish-gold light shot out from his eyes. The spiritual undulations he released were very pure! However, they also seemed to have materialized. It was like two sharp, purplish-gold blades had shot out from his eyes.

Huo Yuhao was extremely terrifying in such a state. The little Snow Lady had already silently appeared behind him. She clasped her hands, her index and ring fingers slightly bent. She formed a weird hand gesture before a blizzard started to rage forth from her body.

Yes, it was the Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice, formed from a combination of the third ultimate technique of the Snow Empress’ Three Ultimate Techniques, the Empress’ Chill, and Huo Yuhao’s Domain of Perpetual Ice!

The terrifying blizzard raged as Huo Yuhao charged his way in.

When Bei Bei’s began to burn his life force, Huo Yuhao almost went crazy.

Bei Bei wasn’t just his eldest senior, but also his elder brother. He was even a father figure to Huo Yuhao! No one could replace Bei Bei in his heart. Seeing that his eldest senior had been forced to such a state, Huo Yuhao went entirely bonkers.

The bloody light that had scattered earlier was in fact the brain matter of a Class 7 soul engineer.

He was also the one controlling the Eye of Fear!

Huo Yuhao managed to locate him using his immense spiritual power. After his spiritual cultivation reached the concrete-immaterial realm, this was his first time unleashing his Spiritual Shock using his Eye of Destiny with all his strength.

Although the individual fighting strength and spiritual power of a Class 7 soul engineer was inferior to that of a seven- ringed Soul Sage, they were still considered very powerful. However, this Class 7 soul engineer’s head was instantly blown apart by Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Shock, just like that.

The Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice was unleashed using the Haodong Power, and it immediately covered a three-hundred meter area! 
The rest of the soul engineers that had dispersed were all instantly engulfed by the blizzard.

Huo Yuhao’s eyes flashed with purplish-gold light once again. Bei Bei groaned, and the golden lights around his body started to scatter. The golden flames on his body also went out. His eyes closed, and he collapsed to the ground.

Once someone started to burn their life force, there was no way they could stop it themselves. Huo Yuhao had no choice but to strike him with his Spiritual Shock to stop him from burning more of his life force!

With Bei Bei’s cultivation and the combustion of his Holy Radiant Dragon earlier, even an eight-ringed Soul Douluo couldn’t possibly stop him. Huo Yuhao could only do so using his spiritual power. Even though Bei Bei was hurt, his life was still preserved!

Huo Yuhao charged towards Bei Bei. Wang Dong’er mimicked a pressing action on Bei Bei’s back, and the Golden Fire from her soul bone started to surround Bei Bei. He was temporarily shielded from the aura of Ultimate Ice as a result of this. 
“I’m freezing to death! Yuhao, I can’t take it anymore!”  Xu Sanshi’s tragic screams sounded from behind them.

Huo Yuhao heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Bei Bei’s life had been preserved. He quickly removed his domain and let go of Wang Dong’er’s hand. He rushed to support Xu Sanshi, who was staggering.

Even though he was only in the Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice for a short period of time, Xu Sanshi had already turned pale.

Although the origin energy of Ultimate Ice in Huo Yuhao’s body had been bothering him, it had also enabled him to fully unleash the strength of his Ultimate Ice. At the same time, the little Snow Lady was slowly evolving. Although Huo Yuhao was still a Soul King, his fighting strength was increasing significantly.

The biggest problem with the Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice was its all-around, indiscriminate attack. At least, with Huo Yuhao’s current abilities, he still couldn’t control the strength of this domain effectively. He was unleashing the Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice, not the fusion skill that both he and Wang Dong’er possessed.

Huo Yuhao bent down and lifted Xu Sanshi onto his back. He felt very fortunate right now. Fortunately, I created this human-shaped soul tool earlier. I’m getting some good use out of it now. If I hadn’t made it, I wouldn’t be able to save the two of them now!

Huo Yuhao returned to Bei Bei’s side after he lifted Xu Sanshi up on his back. He used both his hands to carry Bei Bei and twisted his lips at Wang Dong’er before saying, “Let’s go.”

Ye Guyi was also shivering right now. When she saw the little Snow Lady appear, followed by the terrifying domain, she was completely speechless. She thought that Huo Yuhao was a freak. In addition, she could clearly see Huo Yuhao’s soul rings experiencing changes as he unleashed his domain. Four turned orange-gold, while one turned red. Is he still a soul master? Is he even human?

Huo Yuhao wasn’t in a mood to comfort the shaken Ye Guyi. Under Wang Dong’er’s protection, he turned around and rushed westward. He unleashed his Imitation again, distorting the light around them, and they vanished into their surroundings.

“Get  over  here,  quick.  What  are  you  doing?”  Huo  Yuhao shouted at Ye Guyi.

At this point, Ye Guyi was quite some distance away from Huo Yuhao. Earlier, she had used her Holy Angel to resist the Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice. She now watched as Huo Yuhao and the rest vanished before her eyes. She opened her eyes wide.

He’s actually able to cloak everyone. No wonder the troops couldn’t discover us earlier. No wonder he wants me to stay within ten meters of him!

Under the guidance of Huo Yuhao’s spiritual power, Ye Guyi quickly rushed up to them. She shielded him from the side opposite Wang Dong’er as they charged westward.

The aerial surveillance soul tools in the air had already discovered the tremendous changes that had happened on the ground. Deafening alarms started to ring out. 
Several figures appeared in the air after several seconds. The truly strong individuals of the Sun Moon Empire had arrived!

However, their expressions changed when they saw the ice sculptures below.

With the help of Wang Dong’er, Huo Yuhao’s Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice managed to reach the level of a Soul Sage. It was Ultimate Ice that was equivalent to the strength of a Soul Sage! How could those Class 4 and 5 soul engineers possibly resist it?

As a result, they lost their lives when they were frozen. Even their soul tools were covered in frost.

“Where are they?”  an elder asked a Soul Sage that was in charge of controlling the surveillance soul tools.

“They are missing. Mo Zha rushed here just now, but his head was blown apart by some special force.” Mo Zha was the Soul Sage who had controlled the Eye of Fear earlier. This soul engineer who controlled the surveillance soul tools was also a Soul Sage. Right now, he looked very dismal. His abilities were very similar to Mo Zha’s. If Mo Zha couldn’t resist that force, he wouldn’t be able to do so either! If not for the fact that the elder was a Class 8 soul engineer, he wouldn’t dare to be here at all!

“Increase  the  detection  range  and  use  the  soul  power detectors. I don’t believe they can escape! They must be using some ability to cloak themselves!”  the Class 8 soul engineer shouted.

The unsettled Class 7 soul engineer nodded and immediately retrieved a huge soul tool from his storage-type soul tool.

He carried that soul tool on his back. It looked like a huge box. As he poured his soul power into it, intense soul power undulations started to rise. Following this, a thick metallic object started to rise from the box. After rising up one and a half meters, the top of the box cracked open and formed an umbrella shape. A total of seven metal frames around the metallic umbrella started to gather in the center towards a specific point.

Soul power undulations were released, and the soul tool started to scan the ground around it. 
It was a Class 6 soul power detector. It required the soul power of a seven-ringed Soul Sage to be used continuously over a large area. In addition, it couldn’t be too far from the ground, so it was not to a high-altitude soul tool.

However, just as he started activating this soul power detector, several bursts of sparks started to come from it. He and the other soul engineers around him were given a scare.

They all looked down subconsciously. A terrifying, freezing tornado raged below them!

Chapter 362: Great Adventure of Sincerity!

Boom, boom, boom, boom…

Intense booms erupted in a circle and mixed with the icy mist that had just exploded before they merged into an enormous tornado that rocketed into the sky.

This explosion was simply too frightening, as if the apocalyptic explosion that had just occurred in Radiant City was descending upon the city once more. Terrifying soul power undulations pushed the soul power detector to its limits, and it detonated with a protesting crack of metal. The soul engineers hurriedly soared into the sky, and even then, the extreme chill coming from beneath them made them shiver all over.

This horrifying and tremendous explosion covered everything within one thousand meters on the ground, and some structures that were still standing were instantly blown to smithereens. Fortunately, the soldiers and citizens in the region had already scattered, and not many lives were lost. However, this frightening explosion’s force and impact was clearly similar to that of a Titled Douluo’s all-out attack.

Huo Yuhao was meticulous and cautious. The more dangerous the situation, the calmer he was, and his judgments would still be accurate even if there were emotions stirring up his heart.

Huo Yuhao had predicted that they would attract their enemies’ attention when he hid with Bei Bei and Xu Sanshi once more, and this was the reason why he opted to unleash his Snowy Dance of Ultimate Ice even though it would affect Xu Sanshi at the same time. Otherwise, with the strength that he would have had if he had teamed up with Wang Dong’er to unleash Mantra Amidst the Void, Spiritual Tempest, every single soul engineer on the scene would also have been eliminated.

The soul engineers that had been frozen into ice statues became Huo Yuhao’s timed explosive bombs for later, and his left hand was the most important entity that controlled these explosives and their detonations. Ice Explosion was known as a godly skill of Ultimate Ice, and that claim wasn’t without substance. With the proper prerequisites met, Huo Yuhao could become even more frightening than seven-ringed and eight-ringed soul masters in larger battles like this.

This was the outcome even when Huo Yuhao didn’t used his hands to activate Ice Explosion and detonate the soul power within these soul engineers’ bodies directly. Otherwise, this explosion would have covered far more than just a kilometer; it’s impact would probably have reached the various soul engineers in the sky!

Huo Yuhao’s face was cold and solemn as they soared through the air. He was carrying Bei Bei in his arms, Xu Sanshi on his back, and his heart was full of peace and tranquility at this moment.

Huo Yuhao didn’t even look back when the deafening explosion erupted behind him. The huge army in front of them was shifting around, so Huo Yuhao and the others changed directions a little before they ran through the cracks between those soldiers, while Wang Dong’er and Ye Guyi followed behind him. Bei Bei’s breathing was weak, but his condition was stable, and all his vitals were normal. Xu Sanshi’s breathing had become a lot more regular and normal after he took some time to rest and adjust himself.

For some reason, Huo Yuhao suddenly thought of the White Tiger Duke’s personal guards who had jumped off the cliff for him before this. He suddenly understood why so many men chose to become soldiers, as only on the battlefield could they have that feeling where they were together in both life and in death, and only then could they feel the honor and glory of being valiant warriors.

There had been a thought in his mind, and it was just a thought, but it grew and gestated like a seedling from the bottom of his heart. He had made up his mind.

The three of them finally broke free from the Sun Moon Empire’s encirclement by zipping in between the gaps between the Sun Moon Empire’s army units with Huo Yuhao’s Imitation. Huo Yuhao’s Spiritual Detection, which was shared with the others, and his Imitation were the most important reasons why they could escape so easily. There were some flatlands in front of them, but Huo Yuhao chose to stop in his tracks at this moment. He frowned faintly, and turned towards Ye Guyi with an awkward look on his face as he said, “Ye Guyi, this place is considered safe for now. But if we continue towards the west, we will run into another kind of danger. We have to continue forward, but you don’t have to. I can tell you everything about us now.

“I’m Huo Yuhao from Shrek Academy’s inner courtyard, and she is Wang Dong’er.. She’s my girlfriend, and she’s also from the inner courtyard. I don’t have time to explain my abilities to you for now. You should know the Sun Moon Empire’s connection to the Holy Ghost Church, and you have also seen how powerful they are. There’s no way for us to fight them by ourselves with our strength. If you are willing, you can join Shrek Academy: the academy’s doors will always be open to you, and your Angel should be enough for the inner courtyard to make an exception to take you in.”

Wang Dong’er glanced at Huo Yuhao and gently touched his arm. Huo Yuhao had just introduced her to another pretty girl as his girlfriend, which proved how sweet he was to her.

Ye Guyi was taken aback when Huo Yuhao mentioned that he was from Shrek Academy. She knew of Shrek Academy, of course; as the number-one Academy on the continent, there were probably not many who didn’t know it. No wonder! No wonder he has so many strange abilities. He’s actually from Shrek Academy!

They hadn’t known each other for very long, but for some reason, Ye Guyi had an indescribable faith in Huo Yuhai… perhaps because Huo Yuhao had the chance to kill her a long time ago, but he didn’t do it.

“Let  me  think  about  it,”  Ye  Guyi  answered  with  a  subtle frown.

Huo Yuhao nodded and said, “Alright, I won’t force you. But I believe that we will become allies in the future, since we share the same enemies.”

Xu Sanshi was still conscious, and right at this moment, the plain voice that had already traumatized them a little rang out once more in their ears.

“You have passed this Deep Adventure. The second test has been narrowly completed, so everyone can proceed to the third round – Sincerity Adventure. You may return.”

Four faint gold and silver beams of light rose up from their bodies at the same time. Ye Guyi looked on with widened eyes and a slack jaw as all four of them vanished right before her eyes in an instant. Her body also drifted out from under the influence of Huo Yuhao’s Imitation.

Ye Guyi patted herself on the forehead. Her mind was already numb, as Huo Yuhao had given her too many shocks and surprises, to the point where she had gotten used to it.

Should I go to Shrek Academy? I’ll think about that after I leave this place. I’ll circle around since I can’t travel to the west.


Golden rays flashed by one after another as the virtual world that they were in reverted to reality. Huo Yuhao, Wang Dong’er, Bei Bei, and Xu Sanshi appeared one after another in an entirely new environment.

They seemed to be inside an enormous courtyard. The courtyard’s boundaries couldn’t be seen with the naked eye, and there was a golden sun and a silver moon hanging in the sky to show that they were still under the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley’s control.

Four gold and silver beams surged from beneath their feet. However, these rays of light were no longer arresting their strengths and abilities. Huo Yuhao could clearly feel that the soul power and spiritual power he had expended before this were being restored with incredible speed, and even the faint fatigue in his body vanished under the warm radiance.

Bei Bei’s reaction was the most conspicuous one. His body drifted away from Huo Yuhao’s hands, and was gradually straightened while a dense mist nourished his body continuously.

Huo Yuhao could tell at this point that everyone else who had disappeared before had reappeared in this place, except they didn’t have mist around their bodies. Everyone was standing around in a circle, and everyone had a dome over them, as if they were trapped and couldn’t leave.

Everyone heaved deep sighs of relief as Huo Yuhao and the three others appeared before them, with the exception of Zhang Lexuan. Her pretty eyes flowed with worry and anxiety when she saw that Bei Bei was still unconscious.

Xu Sanshi was the first to recover from his weakened state. He realized to his surprise that not only had his body recovered, but the old injuries that he had sustained from the tournament had also been healed. The Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley did have its mysterious and miraculous characteristics!

Bei Bei finally regained consciousness after a little while. He opened his eyes and saw everyone around him, and he understood that he had passed the previous test. He turned around towards Huo Yuhao and squinted at him. Bei Bei didn’t seem like he had just returned from the edge of death at all, and his classic scholarly disposition and his faint, amiable smile returned to him once more. His eyes unintentionally met the anxious look in Zhang Lexuan’s eyes, and his expression froze a little. However, his eyes only carried a little more awkwardness, as if everything had become a little more complicated.

“Congratulations on passing your second test. After this, you will proceed to the last test – Sincerity Adventure. If you can pass this test, you can leave, and you will be rewarded with something at my discretion.

“The   Sincerity   Adventure   doesn’t   have   any   limits   or boundaries to what it may entail. Some of you may find your task easy, while others may find theirs exceptionally difficult. Everyone will face a different test. You will begin now.”

The borderless golden courtyard began to tremble violently as that strange and peculiar voice rang out once more. All kinds of scenery glimmered into view, and every single one that was either familiar or novel rotated back and forth in the sky. Every scene that flashed and flowed by would produce waves of intense suction force.

Finally, golden beams landed on all thirteen people in the courtyard. They had no chance to resist those light beams at all, and everyone was taken away by those golden beams, one after another, vanishing in the blink of an eye. 

Huo Yuhao closed his eyes. He sensed the space that was twisting and contorting around him and it made him dizzy, but he tried his best to regain his composure as much as possible.

Huo Yuhao had now had his first experience in actual war after two Deep Adventures, and both episodes gave him a whole new perspective on everything. These experiences would be valuable for his growth if he could safely exit the Yin- Yang Love Querying Valley...

Suddenly, Huo Yuhao’s body trembled, and he felt as if he were standing on solid ground once more. He knew from his past experiences that he had arrived at the location where he was supposed to face his third test.

However, he was a little confused when he opened his eyes, because the environment he was standing in now appeared exactly the same as it was before this. He was still inside a boundless golden courtyard; the only difference was that there was someone standing roughly ten meters away from him. This person was covered in faint bluish-golden light, and Huo Yuhao couldn’t see him clearly at all.

Huo Yuhao’s instincts told him that this person was a man! 
“Hello,  who  are  you?  What’s  my  third  test?”  Huo  Yuhao asked calmly. Golden light flickered in his eyes as he spoke, and he immediately launched Spiritual Detection at this person.

An encounter with a stranger in such a wide and open space meant this stranger was far more likely to be an enemy than a friend.

However, Huo Yuhao’s pupils began to contract in the next moment, because he realized to his surprise that his spiritual power couldn’t sense this person’s existence. He felt as if this person was formed from air. His Spiritual Detection reached over, but he wasn’t blocked… Instead, he couldn’t feel anything at all...


This was the first time he had ever felt something like this since he had gained the use of Spiritual Detection. This person is?… 
“Is Huo Yuhao your name?”  a calm and melodious man’s voice travelled into his ears. The man’s voice was a little surreal and dreamy, but he sounded warm and amiable.

“Yes.” Huo Yuhao gave a simple answer. He began to channel his soul power at the same time so that he could keep himself in his peak condition, while his Eye of Destiny opened on his forehead. This unknown enemy was frightening, but Huo Yuhao could tell from his experience with the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley’s previous two tests that no matter how peculiar and mysterious this place was, the valley wouldn’t give him a task that was actually impossible to complete.

“Do you want to know who I am? Do you want to know what your third test, Sincerity Adventure, is about?” The man’s melodious voice sounded a little amused.

“Yes.” Huo Yuhao continued to give simple answers.

“First, I will tell you that I’m not the task for your third test. However, you have to fight me if you wish to continue to take your third test. Try everything you can to beat me.” 
Huo Yuhao was momentarily stunned. He hadn’t expected to find himself in such a situation. The man didn’t explain anything at all; he only talked about fighting.

Is this part of the third test? Or perhaps only a preface?

Huo Yuhao didn’t get much time to think before the figure opposite him suddenly moved. He felt like a bluish-golden shadow had instantly appeared before him and pushed out a palm in his direction.

This shadow didn’t have any special aura, but Huo Yuhao realized that he felt weak and unable to do anything when this bluish-golden shadow appeared. He was at a loss and disoriented, and he didn’t know what he had to use to fight back against his opponent, because the man was like a ball of air, as if he didn’t exist at all.

The shadow’s flickering bluish-golden palm accurately planted itself onto Huo Yuhao’s chest. In the next moment, Huo Yuhao felt a terrifying aura that pierced all the way into his heart and bones exploded inside his chest. In that moment, he could clearly hear all the bones in his body crackling like fireworks… the sound was horrifying!...

Hopelessness and death were all that was left.

Huo Yuhao transformed into a blizzard of blood and flesh that scattered in all directions.

However, pure white light suddenly erupted from where Huo Yuhao was originally standing at this moment. This white light transformed into a small seven-layered pagoda, which it rotated rapidly in midair before sucking Huo Yuhao’s spirit inside. This pagoda trembled violently, as if it were trying to struggle out of this space.

“Eh? That’s interesting. You possess a strength that comes from a different dimension. He’s quite a good teacher… what a pity,” The same calm voice sounded a little surprised, and another layer of bluish-golden light bore down from the sky in the next moment.

The white pagoda instantly shattered, and a strange scene occurred afterwards. Uncountable specks of light swiftly congregated, and Huo Yuhao reappeared in this vast courtyard after he had been shattered into pieces by that single palm strike, as if nothing had happened at all.

Huo Yuhao died, his spirit was pulled back together, and he returned to life. That feeling of his body being broken into pieces and reassembled was deeply imprinted into Huo Yuhao’s soul, and he experienced death, hopelessness, and extreme pain within those few short seconds.

Huo Yuhao was completely lifeless and sluggish when his body reformed. However, his human-shaped soul tool that he had put in so much effort into crafting wasn’t with him. Instead, it had been reassembled beside him.

“I’ll let you use your legs for now.” That calm voice appeared once more, and Huo Yuhao realized afterwards that the Ultimate Ice origin energy of heaven and earth in his body seemed to have disappeared. He could suddenly feel his legs again.

Huo Yuhao hadn’t used his own legs to walk since he came back from the Setting Sun Forest’s Icefire Yin Yang Well. He wasn’t very used to suddenly being able to move once more, but he was still quite delighted.

However, the same shadow that flickered with bluish-golden light appeared before him once more immediately afterwards.

Huo Yuhao went through the exact same experience as before. His body was blown to smithereens, and his spirit drifted for a moment before he was reassembled again.

“I’m very disappointed in you. Have you lost even the courage to fight?” There was a little reproach in that calm and melodious voice now.

Huo Yuhao was rendered speechless. At this point, his body was normal, but his face was ghastly pale. He had gone from life to death and back to life, and it wasn’t possible for his mentality to be normal and stable after all that.

The bluish-golden shadow didn’t attack him anymore. He placed his hands behind his back and just stood there quietly. It took Huo Yuhao several full minutes before he managed to stabilize and regulate his breathing, and his intensely beating heart settled down as well. He stared at this opponent that he couldn’t possibly defeat as he suddenly gritted his teeth and bolted forward. Soul power circulated within his body as he
attempted to unleash his Goddess of Light.

But Huo Yuhao instantly discovered that he couldn’t focus his spiritual power at all, let alone fuse it with his soul power. He couldn’t even unleash a normal soul skill when he reached his opponent, let alone his self-invented soul skills. The only thing he could lash out with was his fists.

The man waved his right hand, sweeping it onto Huo Yuhao’s body as if he were swatting a fly. Huo Yuhao instantly crumbled to dust before he was reassembled once more.

The bluish-golden figure was still standing there, motionless.

Huo Yuhao grit his teeth tightly. His opponent was frighteningly powerful, and had even restrained and arrested Huo Yuhao’s own abilities. How could he possibly defeat someone like this? How could he win? The agony of death and the insidiousness of being reborn, in addition to his spirit’s vigorous ripples, dealt a heavy blow to his mind. Everything was just incredibly upsetting.

He wanted to call the Little Snow Lady. He wanted to summon the Skydream Iceworm and the Ice Empress. However, he couldn’t establish any connection with his spiritual sea at all. The only thing he could rely on at this point seemed to be his own physical strength and pure soul power.

Huo Yuhao’s breathing gradually stabilized once more. He recovered a little faster than the previous time, but he no longer rushed blindly at his adversary. Instead, his brain worked rapidly as he sought to find a solution.

I can’t beat him. If I can’t beat him, can I run?

This thought had just appeared in Huo Yuhao’s head when he turned to run, and he began to race away from the shadowy figure as fast as he could.

However, he only took three steps before a palm slapped against his body once more, and he went through the same pain and suffering again. 
Huo Yuhao was reborn once more, and was panting vigorously while all that agony lingered in his mind.

No, not like this. I can’t run. Then what should I do? I can’t run, and I can’t defeat him. I can’t even die! Does that mean I have to grind it out with him right here?

No, that’s not right. There must be a solution. The Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley wouldn’t give me an impossible task.

Huo Yuhao calmed himself once more before he started to ponder and think. He couldn’t run, and that meant he had to face this challenge head-on. Right, what did he just say before this?

He asked whether I still had the courage to fight. Does that mean that this round is testing my courage?

Huo Yuhao suddenly raised his head as his train of thought stopped here. He stared vigorously at the bluish-golden figure in front of him, and then rocketed at his opponent once more. This time, Huo Yuhao had learned his lesson from his previous attempt, and was no longer affected by his inability to use soul skills. He mustered his soul power into his hands, and used the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track at the same time. Just as he was about to rush right in front of his opponent, he suddenly sidestepped in a flash and slashed at the bluish-
golden figure’s waist with his hand.

His opponent was incredibly quick. He pressed down with his right hand and slapped Huo Yuhao with his right hand, and Huo Yuhao’s arm instantly vanished. The bluish-golden shadow kicked out and stomped Huo Yuhao in the chest, and he erupted into dust and particles once more.

Huo Yuhao went through another round of rebirth, heavy panting, pain, and contemplation.

He used two hits before he killed me this time. Then, what about the next round?

Huo Yuhao darted forward yet again. He was stuck in this boundless courtyard, and was up against an invincible opponent. He knew that his only choice was to fight.! The agony of death and rebirth seemed a little fainter than before, and wasn’t so intense anymore. Therefore, Huo Yuhao recovered in the blink of an eye this time. He immediately charged at the bluish-golden figure once he recovered.

Huo Yuhao could only use his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, Mysterious Jade Hands, and Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon as he gave everything he had to assault his opponent.

As Huo Yuhao fought with his unknown adversary, everyone else started their respective rounds as well.


Golden light flashed, and Dai Huabin was surprised to realize that he was now inside a vast forest. He was surrounded by plants he was a little unfamiliar with.

Tall trees seemed to pierce right through the clouds; Dai Huabin couldn’t even see beyond the treetops, they were so huge. The atmosphere around him felt a little eerie, and even the colors of the vegetation here were a little gloomy and ghostly.

Dai Huabin unleashed his martial soul, the White Tiger, as he surveyed his surroundings warily. Where is this place? What’s this Sincerity Adventure about?

Right at this moment, an agonizing howl could be heard from not too far away.

“Lu Lu!” Dai Huabin could no longer keep his cool when he heard this voice, and he raced in the direction this cry came from without hesitation. That voice belonged to Zhu Lu; he had been together with Zhu Lu for a long time, and they were thus very familiar with all those small details about one another. 
Dai Huabin charged through the vegetation before witnessing a terrifying sight; an enormous centipede was assaulting Zhu Lu!

This centipede was more than three meters long, with uncountable legs. It was jade-green in color, and emanated a dark green toxic gas. Dai Huabin was still quite a distance away, but he could already smell a waft of its rotting stench.

Zhu Lu was using her agile hands against this giant centipede, but there was a gash extending all the way down from her pretty cheeks and across her entire right arm. Her right arm was hanging limply by her side, and it was evident that she had cried out in pain because of this wound.

Even though Dai Huabin had never seen this kind of soul beast before, his eyes became bloodshot when he realized that Zhu Lu was injured, and he unleashed a tiger’s roar into the sky. Dai Huabin’s five soul rings rose up in an instant, while his already muscular body began to grow and expand. He was still relatively far away, so he opened his mouth as his second soul ring sparkled and fired a white beam of light towards that centipede.

The centipede looked very peculiar. It was like a tough spring, and suddenly spun around when it felt the threat coming from not too far away. It actually used its head to block Dai Huabin’s White Tiger Fierce Light Wave.

White light was deflected in all directions, but the centipede was only knocked sideways slightly. Its body twisted and meandered as the lower half of its body bounced lightly against the ground, before it launched itself towards Zhu Lu again. The centipede was obviously more interested in Zhu Lu than in Dai Huabin.

Dai Huabin was charging forward at full speed at this point, and he used his first, third, and fifth soul rings without any hesitation.

Those soul rings gave him his White Tiger’s Shield, White Tiger’s Vajra Transformation, and White Tiger’s Devilgod Transformation. These three soul skills were typically used together, and were the signature moves of the White Tiger lineage.

Dai Huabin transformed into an exceptionally muscular and burly giant more than two and a half meters tall. His entire body was covered in white fur, which radiated eye-catching color as his tiger claws protruded like razor-sharp blades. Dai Huabin raised his speed and strength to the highest possible level as he arrived beside Zhu Lu in a flash. He swung his tiger claws powerfully at the giant centipede.

The centipede opened its mouth, and a dense and dark green venomous fog erupted from its jaws. This fog sprayed onto Dai Huabin’s White Tiger Shield, and sizzling sounds could be heard. Dai Huabin could feel his soul power being consumed at an exponentially faster rate than before.

However, his claws struck the centipede’s body as well! This time, the centipede didn’t have an easy time dealing with Dai Huabin’s attack.

Dai Huabin felt as if he had slashed into a thick and sturdy metal rod. The centipede was remarkably elastic, and it bolted swiftly into the air, but Dai Huabin’s sharp claws left several deep gashes behind on its tough body.

Dai Huabin’s fourth soul ring lit up at this moment, and uncountable light rays instantly rained down on the centipede.

In terms of connecting soul skills, Dai Huabin lived up to his reputation as one of Shrek Academy’s elites. How could anybody who could enter Shrek Academy’s inner courtyard be a subpar fighter?

Dai Huabin looked back at Zhu Lu as he attacked the centipede and asked, “How are you feeling, Lu Lu?”

Zhu Lu was clearly very relieved when she saw him. Her delicate frame swayed a little as she sat down on the ground. “I think I’ve been poisoned. Be careful.”

“I’ll kill it first, before I help you treat your wounds.”  Dai Huabin roared angrily once more. Zhu Lu being injured gave him a massive heartache, and this was especially true after he had determined his true feelings for Zhu Lu earlier today. Dai Huabin unleashed his full strength, and his body sprang into the air. He arrived before the giant centipede in almost the same instant as he stretched out his tiger claws and launched lightning-fast attacks upon it.

The centipede was quite formidable. Its body was three meters long, and was its strongest weapon, every single leg was like a sharp blade.

Dai Huabin couldn’t be bothered with any tricks and techniques because he wanted to save Zhu Lu as quickly as possible. He relied on the effects of his White Tiger’s three amplification soul skills stacking to fight force with force!

Shrill clashing sounds rang out again and again as more and more wounds appeared on the enormous centipede’s body. Dai Huabin’s white fur and his White Tiger’s Shield became his most effective defensive abilities, and he continued fighting force with force just like that. Even though he was expending soul power at an alarming rate, he didn’t seem like he was injured at all.

Dai Huabin smashed the giant centipede once more, sending it flying. The enormous centipede was already wounded all over, and it seemed to realize that it had lost. It arched and bounced back to its feet before escaping rapidly into the distance.

Dai Huabin couldn’t be bothered with chasing it; he immediately returned to Zhu Lu’s side.

Zhu Lu was almost unconscious at this point. Dai Huabin only realized how serious her injuries were when he knelt down beside her.

The giant centipede’s venom was extremely intense. Black streaks webbed all over her body, and this was especially true for her facial wound and the gash down her right arm. Her skin was starting to smell of rot, and even her flesh and the muscles beneath her skin had become black. Zhu Lu’s soul power could only prevent the toxins from reaching her brain and heart. But even so, it didn’t seem like she could hold those toxins off any longer.

What should I do? Dai Huabin’s fighting strength was formidable enough, but he wasn’t any good at first aid or treating wounds! Dai Huabin almost ground his teeth down as he watched Zhu Lu in the state she was in. 
“Hold on, Lu Lu.” Dai Huabin growled as he suddenly raised his right hand and sliced off the flesh and skin around the wound on Zhu Lu’s right arm. His other hand swiftly transformed back into a human arm, and he helped her seal her blood vessels to prevent her from losing too much blood.

However, Dai Huabin drew a cold breath once more after slicing off her poisoned flesh – the bones underneath Zhu Lu’s flesh had already become black; it was clear that she was heavily poisoned.

What should I do? I can’t hesitate any longer.

Dai Huabin took a deep breath, and his tiger eyes welled up with tears as he swiped out vigorously with his right hand. Sharp tiger claws that resembled sharp blades instantly cut downward…


Xu Sanshi’s eyes were a little lost as he appeared along a street. The street was bustling with activity, and there were many people around him.

Eh? Why does this place look so familiar?

He was shocked to realize that he seemed to have returned to the real world, and felt an indescribable familiarity towards everything around him.

Xu Sanshi looked up at the sky. The sun was sliding down towards the west; it was evening.

“Second young master, second young master! Why are you still here? We’ve already made the reservation for you. Follow me, quickly. It’s your birthday celebration today.” A little fellow that seemed a little wretched raced over, and arrived before Xu Sanshi as he panted vigorously.

“What are you doing here, Chen Wen?” Xu Sanshi felt a surge of warmth in his heart when he saw the person who was speaking to him. The reason was because this fellow who seemed exceptionally wretched was Xu Sanshi’s good friend that he had grown up with and played with as kid. This fellow was also his personal servant, and the two of them had been together since they were children. They were as close to one another as actual brothers.

However, Chen Wen’s talent wasn’t good, and he didn’t have any soul power after his martial soul had awakened. Xu Sanshi, meanwhile, became stronger and stronger, and after he entered Shrek Academy, they no longer kept in touch like they had before. Xu Sanshi was elated when he saw Chen Wen here.

“What’s wrong with you, second young master? Where am I supposed to be if I’m not supposed to be here? Quickly, follow me, or we’ll be late! You have no idea, but I’ve found an exquisite one for you today. You will definitely be pleased. Haven’t you been saying for years that you wished to experience that wonderful sensation as soon as possible? Today is your fifteenth birthday, and the house master has personally arranged everything for you. Why aren’t you eager and in a hurry?”

Xu Sanshi could feel that something was wrong with his own voice when he spoke, and he suddenly snapped his head down and stared at his own body when he heard Chen Wen’s words. He realized to his shock that his body had become smaller and shorter, and even his clothes were different from what he was wearing in the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley.

My fifteenth birthday – my fifteenth birthday! Can it be? Can it be that I…?

Xu Sanshi had an epiphany hit his brain like a thunderbolt at that moment. His mentality was typically stable and steady on normal days, but he couldn’t help but feel a numbing and stinging feeling on his scalp, as if he had touched an electric current, and he was having trouble controlling himself. Xu Sanshi felt as if Bei Bei had unleashed his Vigorous Thunderbolt on him.

This is my fifteenth birthday! Today is actually my fifteenth birthday! I… I’m actually back, and I look like I did all those years ago. How is that possible? How is any of this actually possible?

Chen Wen hurriedly ran over and tried to pull Xu Sanshi along as he saw the sluggish look in his eyes. Xu Sanshi was entirely immersed in his own memories at this moment, and his eyes were still lackadaisical as he followed Chen Wen’s lead. Xu Sanshi’s mind was a mess.

Of course Xu Sanshi remembered his fifteenth birthday. His fifteenth birthday was the day that he had first met her…

This place was his hometown, and both of them came from the same city. Xu Sanshi came from the Heaven Dou Empire, and his family belonged to one of the Heavenly Dou Empire’s reclusive sects, the Mysterious Underworld Sect. Everyone in his family had centered their hopes on Xu Sanshi to succeed as house master in his generation, and his family had nurtured him as best they could since he was a child. Xu Sanshi had entered Shrek Academy at the age of twelve, and he became an overnight celebrity along with Bei Bei when they amazed the world with their feats and became one of their class’s most outstanding students.

He had already been at Shrek Academy for three years when his fifteenth birthday came to pass.

Chen Wen tugged and pulled as he swiftly led Xu Sanshi somewhere. This place’s atmosphere seemed a little dubious. The lanterns that were hanging outside were pink, and there were pavilions and cocklofts inside, along with artificial rocks and landscapes. This place seemed exceptionally elegant and exquisite.

This place,,, it really is this place. I’m actually back! Does this mean that the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley is giving me a chance to undo what I did?

Xu Sanshi’s eyes suddenly became sharp and focused, and he suddenly felt his thoughts becoming clear and rational in that moment.

He raised his head and looked up at the sky. The moon had risen high into the sky, but it seemed like it was formed from a golden sun and a silver moon in Xu Sanshi’s eyes.

If… if you’re really giving me a chance to undo what I did, I am absolutely willing even if my life is shortened by ten years. It was today’s stupidity all those years ago that distanced my true love from me, and she is still haunted up until this day. She isn’t the only one… I feel the same way! “We’re here, second young master, it’s right inside.”  Chen Wen’s smile became a little wider and more wavy as he pointed at a small room in a corner in front of them, not far from where they were standing.

This is the place. Xu Sanshi’s throat and mouth went dry at this moment. Everything was just as he remembered. He was back, he was actually back...

Chapter 363: But, I Don't Care. I Love You

Chen Wen suddenly turned serious, and said, “Second young master, every direct male disciple of our Mysterious Underworld Sect has to undergo a special awakening ritual of his martial soul when he’s fifteen years old. This awakening is extremely important to you. Once it’s completed, your martial soul might completely evolve. If it evolves to the Xuanwu Shield, you’ll become the heir to the sect leader.”

The martial soul that was passed down in the Mysterious Underworld Sect was the Shield of the Xuanwu Turtle. There was a secret that only those within the Sect knew: the evolution of the Shield of the Xuanwu Turtle!

They only developed this ritual after many attempts by the ancestors of the sect.

Chen Wen knew this secret not only because he was Xu Sanshi’s personal servant, but also because five generations of his family had served under the Mysterious Underworld Sect. They were true, core disciples. Even though they couldn’t undergo the awakening of their martial souls, they still held a very high status in the sect. 
This ritual was very crucial in evolving the Shield of the Xuanwu Turtle to the Xuanwu Shield.

This ritual was carried out when he was fifteen, and still a virgin.

Regarding this, the Mysterious Underworld Sect had always kept it a secret. After all, it wasn’t a very glorious thing. The Mysterious Underworld Sect was reclusive. To carry on the survival of the sect, they had no choice but to do this. When this time came, they would always choose a girl from a good family and offer her a huge sum of money if she was willing to have sexual intercourse with the chosen male disciple.

If the girl was willing to join the Mysterious Underworld Sect, she could at least become his concubine, and possibly his wife if their relationship developed well. If she wasn’t willing, she could leave with that sum of money.

This had long become a rule of the Mysterious Underworld Sect. As the most likely candidate to experience an awakening of his martial soul, Xu Sanshi was selected. A virgin was also picked out for him after a strict selection process by the Mysterious Underworld Sect. Not only did the girl have to be a virgin, but she had to be a soul master that wasn’t older than
Xu Sanshi, too! In addition, she had to be intelligent, and

Right now, everything had been prepared. The only thing left was for Xu Sanshi to enter the room and start the ritual.

Xu Sanshi’s gaze was a little lost. Of course he recalled that night, or rather, this night. He was only fifteen years old then, but he was already very curious about the opposite gender, due to how his family attached such importance to this ritual and his natural development. He was very excited as he entered the room, but it had turned into a huge mistake…

At this point, he couldn’t remain calm as everything played out again.

“Okay, young master, you can enter now. Do your best.” Chen Wen’s serious expression turned playful again. There was even a look of envy and perversion on his face. 
“Young master, I’ve taken a look for you. This lady is extremely beautiful. Master even mentioned that you can wed her if you like.”

Xu Sanshi took in a deep breath. As he looked at the door, he started to have mixed feelings.

“Nannan, I’m coming,” he silently said to himself before walking over with big steps.

Is the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley letting me try again because it wants to reawaken my martial soul again? No, it’s testing my sincerity. It’s testing what’s really important in my heart.

What had happened then kept on playing in Xu Sanshi’s mind.

When he had walked into the room, he had been eager to head to the bed. All he saw was a ravishing young lady who had shut her eyes under the dim lights. It was his first time seeing her. However, he didn’t know that she was also… 
Due to several reasons, he had had no choice but to do this. He pressed down on Jiang Nannan, but her rigid body was trembling.

Xu Sanshi tried a few times, but he didn’t succeed. Finally, he decided to try the position that his uncles once joked about. He flipped her over and pressed down from behind.

However, he went into the wrong hole… only to find that he was unable to stop, as the evolution process had begun.

Xu Sanshi was extremely gifted. The Shield of the Xuanwu Turtle eventually still evolved, but the evolution wasn’t complete. It was only a half-completed Xuanwu Shield.

This incident was the reason why Jiang Nannan ostracized him so much. Xu Sanshi also realized that he had made a big mistake, but he couldn’t help what had already happened.

She left after the incident. When Xu Sanshi saw her again, she was already in Shrek Academy. Right now, Xu Sanshi had mixed feelings as this scene replayed itself in his mind.

When he saw Jiang Nannan, he only had a burning passion towards her. However, Jiang Nannan treated him as if he were a brutal beast. Since then, he had gone through a lot before he finally got together with Jiang Nannan. With the help of the Sea God’s Fated Blind Date, he managed to get Jiang Nannan to accept him.

However, he knew that she still hadn’t forgotten what had happened, even though she accepted him now. It had also been affecting their relationship. It was only recently that she was willing to hold his hand, hug him, and kiss him.

Jiang Nannan had once told Xu Sanshi that she was still emotionally hurt from that incident, and needed more time.

Right now, Xu Sanshi had to face this girl whose eyes were shut, and who was waiting for him quietly.

Xu Sanshi pursed his lips tightly and looked into the sky. Right now, his emotions were surging, and were about to flow out.

“Thank you, Love Querying Valley. You let me live this out once again. Thank you for giving me this opportunity. I’m willing to start afresh from here. Thank you.”

As he spoke, he bowed to the bright moon in the sky. After that, he pushed the door open and walked in.

Chen Wen was a little confused at how Xu Sanshi was acting, but still continued to guard the door for him. He stood outside the door and guarded the room.

As he entered the room, the lights were as dim as before. Xu Sanshi could still clearly recall that he was excited and nervous when he rushed to the bed.

Right now, he was taking slow steps. His body was even trembling. As he was agitated, he clenched his fists tightly.

He finally walked in front of the bed. He saw Jiang Nannan waiting silently for destiny, or rather misfortune, to arrive. 
He lifted his head and forcefully held back his tears. He gently unveiled her and sat beside her on the bed.

Jiang Nannan shuddered when she felt someone coming, and she became very tense.

Yes! She was still very young then, around fourteen years old. I’m really a beast. Xu Sanshi lifted his hand and slapped himself on the face.


Jiang Nannan seemed to be frightened by the sudden noise, and subconsciously opened her eyes. She was very nervous, and looked at Xu Sanshi with a frightened look on her face.

“Don’t be scared.” Xu Sanshi gently said. After that, he stood up from the bed and tried to comfort her.

Jiang Nannan gently bit her lower lip. She didn’t move as she looked at him. 
Xu Sanshi took in a deep breath. “I’m sorry for frightening you. Believe me, I won’t let you come to harm. Not now. Not in the future.”

After hearing his words, Jiang Nannan seemed a little lost.
She didn’t know what to say as she looked at him.

Xu Sanshi squatted down beside her so that he could get a closer look at her face. He gently said, “My name is Xu Sanshi. I know that they gave you money to consummate this ritual with me, but I won’t do it. I don’t want to hurt you.”

Jiang Nannan was a little stunned. However, her fear and anxiety suddenly disappeared. It was just that Xu Sanshi was still overwhelmed with emotions right now, and didn’t discover it.


“You’re Jiang Nannan, am I right?” Xu Sanshi asked softly. Jiang Nannan nodded.

She was under a blanket as Xu Sanshi pointed at her and said, “I’ll go to one side. You can put your clothes back on. I think you’ll feel safer that way. We can chat afterwards. To put them at ease, I can’t leave this room tonight.”

Jiang Nannan was evidently stunned. “But, your martial soul has to be cultivated…”

Xu Sanshi interrupted her, “I can’t be a beast even if that’s the case. I told you that I won’t hurt you. Not now. Not in the future. How can the awakening of my martial soul compare to you? So what if it’s the Xuanwu Shield? So what if I become the sect master? They are nothing compared to you. I’m willing to give up everything for you. Even if I can’t enter the inner courtyard of Shrek Academy in the future and become a member of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, I’m still willing.”

As he spoke, Xu Sanshi stood up and turned around. He walked into a corner and faced the wall. He smiled. The trauma in his heart had finally been removed. After so many years, the trauma, pain and guilt in his heart had finally vanished. 
Yes! I can give up everything for you, Nannan. I love you. If we can start afresh, I’m willing to use everything I’ve got to make this right. I’ll love you with all my heart so that you’ll no longer be traumatized. Tears started to stream down his face as he smiled.

“I’m  done  changing.  You...  you  can  come  over.”   Jiang Nannan’s voice sounded behind him. 
Silence. Nothing but silence all around.

The moon was shining very brightly on this night. However, Jiang Nannan was feeling very mixed feelings.

Right now, she was standing outside a village as she carried something in her arms.

Everything around her felt very familiar and clear in her memory. Her heart seemed to be trembling as she felt the surrounding aura.

She gently bit her lip as her purple hair flowed behind her head. She looked up at the sun and moon, and silently asked, Why am I back here? Why? Why am I back in this place, where I was once extremely frightened?

Is this to remind me of my most painful memory? Is this to make me experience that pain once again? No, I don’t want to! I don’t want to!

Jiang Nannan shook her head forcefully, and her tears flowed down uncontrollably.

She would never, ever forget this place.

That night, that guy, whose body suddenly started glowing black, brought me so much pain and humiliation. I’ve been traumatized ever since that experience, even though that guy…

Jiang Nannan was in low spirits as she walked forward. She still clearly remembered that she had sent the sum of money back after receiving it and immediately left for Shrek Academy. That was because she was too ashamed to see her mother anymore…

A few years had passed since then, but she had only communicated with her mother through letters. She also sent some money back to her, but she had never had the courage to return to see her. She was afraid of reliving the pain if she saw her mother. I want to see my mom again and personally pass her money. Although she always claims to be well every time she writes me a letter, is she really well? I’m so foolish. No matter what I’ve done, mommy will always love me. She’ll forgive me. Mommy, I really miss you.

Her tears flowed even more uncontrollably. Her yearning to see her mother seemed to lessen the trauma that she was experiencing.

She ran quickly. Even though her abilities had only recovered to the standard of a three-ringed soul master, she was still much faster than other soul masters of the same level, as her martial soul was a Softbone Rabbit.

Finally, she saw the place. It was a reputable clinic in the city, which offered the best treatment and rehabilitative services.

The reason why she had agreed to that guy’s family’s request was because her mother…

She was getting closer and closer to the clinic. Just like that day, the owner of the clinic was standing at the door. The owner passed her the sum of money and a Xuanwu Divine Pill that only the Xuanming Sect had to treat her mother. After she saw her mother consume the Xuanwu Divine Pill from outside the window, she quickly turned and ran away. She was tormented then, and that torment had lasted even until now.

Mommy, how are you?

She missed her mother incredibly. However, the clinic turned illusory just as Jiang Nannan was about to reach the front door. Everything around it turned illusory.

“No! No… why did you bring me into this illusion, but not let me  see  my  mother?  Please,  let  me  see  my  mother!”  Jiang Nannan shouted and wailed.

After that, she realized that everything in front of her had turned clear again. However, she was no longer able to control her body. The clinic in front of her seemed to turn transparent.

Everything distorted, and a thought suddenly appeared in her mind, One day later... One day later? What does that mean?

Jiang Nannan started to become agitated even before she recovered from her confusion. This was because she finally saw her mother, who was lying on a bed, and appeared very pale. Right now, her mother’s body rippled with a black glow. It was the effect of consuming the Xuanwu Divine Pill.

“Mommy, mommy!”  Jiang Nannan shouted. However, her voice couldn’t be heard.

At this moment, she saw another person. Another person had walked into her mother’s ward.

Why, why is he here?

Jiang Nannan was stunned. The person who had walked into the ward was Xu Sanshi. Chen Wen was also following close behind him.

Xu Sanshi seemed very puerile, but Jiang Nannan knew that his cultivation was already close to four rings. He was stronger than her.

Suddenly, Xu Sanshi and Chen Wen started conversing with each other.

“Is she the mother of that girl? Why is she not here?”

Chen Wen scratched his head and replied, “I don’t know, either. I only heard that her mother was staying here. She sold her body to us because her mother was sick. Her mother has a congenital heart disease, and needed our Xuanwu Divine Pill to improve her condition. At the same time, she needs to rest for a long time before she can recover. I think she had no choice, thus she had to…”

Xu Sanshi clenched his fists tightly and furiously said, “Why didn’t you mention this earlier? She was doing it to save her mother, but I…” As he spoke, he punched the wall next to him.

“We have to find her no matter what. I need to make amends for my mistake! I’ll marry her once I find her! I’m, I’m really a jerk! Chen Wen, can you help me lift her up?” Chen Wen was stunned. “Second young master, what do you want to do?”

Xu Sanshi said, “While the medicinal power of a Xuanwu Divine Pill is mild, it digests very slowly. Furthermore, the longer the time needed for digestion, the weaker the effect of the pill. I can use my soul power to speed it up, so she’ll be able to absorb the medicinal power of the pill much more easily. After all, my soul power is complementary to a Xuanwu Divine Pill.”

Chen Wen hurriedly said, “You can’t do this, young master. You’ve just experienced the second awakening of your martial soul. You can’t do this. You’ll hurt your vitality.”

Xu Sanshi was still furious. “I have to do it no matter what. I hurt her so badly! What’s a little vitality? Since I can’t find her now, I’ll help take care of her mother first.”

Chen Wen unwillingly lifted Jiang Nannan’s mother up under Xu Sanshi’s demands. Jiang Nannan was in a daze as she watched all of this. She muttered to herself, “Sanshi…”

Everything in front of her seemed to suddenly speed up. Jiang Nannan saw Xu Sanshi sitting behind her mother and activating his soul power. Eventually, he fainted, but her mother woke up.

She also saw how Xu Sanshi told the clinic personnel to take good care of her mother before giving them a large sum of money.

Time passed quickly. The thought that had appeared in her mind earlier surfaced again, One week later.

Chen Wen came to the clinic with a lot of food and daily necessities. He was visiting her mother on Xu Sanshi’s behalf.

Two weeks later, Chen Wen came to visit again.

Three weeks later… Every week, Chen Wen would come to visit her mother on Xu Sanshi’s behalf. However, he asked her mother not to include any of his visits in her letters to Jiang Nannan.

Half a year later...

Xu Sanshi personally paid Jiang Nannan’s mother a visit. He’s, he’s actually here to visit mommy. But I never once returned…

Tears streamed down Jiang Nannan’s face once again.

As she saw how her mother and Xu Sanshi had a pleasant conversation, how Xu Sanshi helped to massage her mother’s shoulders and heal her body with his soul power, Jiang Nannan broke down in tears.

This idiot. He, he never once told me anything. He has been helping take care of my mother all these years. Idiot, fool, jerk! Why, why didn’t you tell me? Her mother’s figure slowly faded away. However, her flushed, red cheeks, her benevolent smile and the affable look in Xu Sanshi’s eyes were deeply imprinted on Jiang Nannan’s mind.

All this are real. It must be real. Sanshi…

Everything in front of her suddenly changed. Her surroundings dimmed, and Jiang Nannan was stunned to realize she was lying down on a bed. After this, she heard a familiar voice.

“I’m sorry for making you so frightened. Trust me, I don’t want you to come to any harm. Not now. Not in the future.”

“My name is Xu Sanshi. I know that they gave you some money to consummate this ritual with me, but I won’t do it. I don’t want to hurt you.”


“You’re Jiang Nannan, am I right?” Xu Sanshi asked softly. Jiang Nannan nodded.

“I’ll go to one side. You can put your clothes back on. I think you’ll feel safer this way. We can chat afterwards. To put them at ease, I can’t leave this room tonight.”

Jiang Nannan was stunned. “But, your martial soul has to be cultivated…”

“I can’t be a beast even if that’s the case. I told you that I won’t hurt you. Not now. Not in the future. How can the awakening of my martial soul compare to you? So what if it’s the Xuanwu Shield? So what if I become the sect master? They are nothing compared to you. I’m willing to give up everything for you. Even if I can’t enter the inner courtyard of Shrek Academy in the future and become a member of Shrek’s Seven Monsters, I’m still willing.”

As she looked at his resolute back and his determined words, Jiang Nannan could no longer keep her tears from flowing.

“I’m done changing. You, you can come over now.” Xu Sanshi turned around and walked to the bedside, but he panicked when he saw Jiang Nannan tearing up.

“Nannan, don’t cry. Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to you no matter what. I won’t harm you. I guarantee you that I won’t touch you.”

“I don’t care,” Jiang Nannan sobbed.

“What?” Xu Sanshi was in a daze as he watched Jiang Nannan sit up suddenly on the bed. She wasn’t wearing any clothes, and her movement revealed her delicate, white shoulders. “What did you say?”

Jiang Nannan suddenly leapt towards him and hugged his neck. Her voice was almost inaudible because of her crying. “I said I don’t care. Fool, I said I don’t care. I love you, Sanshi.” 
Their surroundings instantly went completely quiet. However, both Xu Sanshi and Jiang Nannan’s bodies began to change. After a moment, they were less adolescent; they’d returned to their twenty-year-old selves.

The bed was still the same bed from five years ago. However, their bodies and hearts were wound tighter than they had been five years ago at this moment.

He wasn’t going to enter the wrong hole this time.

The black glow that signified the evolution of his martial soul surfaced once again.

Outside of their room, the golden sun and silver moon seemed to arc together in a smile.

------ A boundless prairie spread out before her, jade-green vines of Bluesilver Grass swaying in the gentle breeze. As they swayed, they seemed to endlessly extend.

When Zhang Lexuan discovered herself in such a place, her eyes started to shine brightly. She had always loved this sort of boundless feeling. The endless green, the refreshing air, the bright sunlight, and the birds that occasionally flew by all left her in a pleasant mood. It was as if all her troubles were slowly slipping away, one breath at a time.

Where is this? There was no such place on the continent in Zhang Lexuan’s memory, or at least, not that she knew of. If this place was real, she believed that she would’ve already fallen in love with this place.

“What is love?”  A dull voice echoed through the air. This voice seemed to resonate from all directions, even the sky, as it did so.

What is love? Zhang Lexuan was dazed as she lifted her head to peer into the sky. Afterwards, she gently shook her head. She’d never fallen in love; how could she know what love was? In her heart, there was only one person she was fond of. 
“Love is about giving and devoting one’s self. It’s also about thoughtfulness and having no regard towards anything else.” The loud voice suddenly became gentle, as if it was a gentle breeze sweeping across her, comforting her soul.

“Love is selfish, possessive, and present everywhere. It’s also the root of much pain.

“However, we cannot live without love. A life without love is incomplete. Do you understand?”

Zhang Lexuan laughed bitterly. “I understand. However, how can I forget something deep within my bones?”

“You’ll forget everything as a reward.” A gust of wind raged, causing leaves to billow upwards. Just like them, Zhang Lexuan’s spirits were also lifted into the air.


Bitingly cold mountains and gusts of wind. 
“Ah—!” Ning Tian tried to keep her balance as she let out a shriek of fear. She’d already broken out into a cold sweat.

She was shocked to find that she’d appeared at the edge of a cliff, and that there was a deep valley in front of her. If she were to take even half a step forward, she’d disappear into the deep valley in front of her, never to return.

There was a deep valley in front of her, but what about behind her?

When she turned around, Ning Tian saw a bunch of mountains behind her. She was standing atop the peak of a mountain.

“Who are you?” A deep voice echoed upwards from the valley.

“I’m Ning Tian.” Ning Tian subconsciously replied.

“Who are you?” The same question was posed to her again. 
“I am Ning Tian from the Seven Treasures Glazed Sect! I’m the  next  sect  leader  of  the  sect!”   As  she  stood  atop  the piercingly-cold mountain peak, Ning Tian felt that her emotions had gone out of control for some reason. Thus, she shouted as loud as she could without regard for anything else.

Her voice echoed far and wide and through the mountain range. Even after a long time had passed, it hadn’t completely faded.

“You are under too much pressure.”  The deep voice echoed again. “Are you willing to relieve this pressure?”

“How do I do so?” Ning Tian asked agonizingly.

Ever since she’d been young, she’d been the lone daughter of the Seven Treasures Glazed Sect’s sect master. The Seven Treasures Glazed Sect had once met with a catastrophe ten thousand years ago, and been almost completely destroyed. After ten thousand years of development, it had finally re- established itself as the continent’s top auxiliary-type tool soul, and had once again become one of the strongest sects on the continent. However, Ning Tian had led a boring life as a direct female disciple. The only things she’d done throughout her life had been studying and cultivating.

She’d then proceeded to enter Shrek Academy at the apex of this boring life. Originally, she’d been considered a chosen child of heaven, and had thought that she would be the best amongst those the same age as her. However, she soon came to know of Shrek Academy’s golden generation. She met the unbeatable Wang Dong’er, the gifted Dai Huabin, Xie Huanyue and finally Huo Yuhao, the strangest person, who had twin martial souls, immense spiritual power, and even Ultimate Ice.

As she continued to mingle with them, she realized that she wasn’t nearly as outstanding as she’d thought. Even though she was still extremely outstanding, her limelight had been completely stolen by the others.

It was evident how tormented she felt! She had once tried to cultivate even harder. However, her martial soul was an auxiliary-type! It was the Seven Treasures Glazed Pagoda, which couldn’t be used to fight directly. It was thus very difficult for her to cultivate. In fact, it was just as difficult for to cultivate as it was for Huo Yuhao to cultivate his Ultimate Ice. No matter how hard she’d tried, it didn’t change the fact that an auxiliary-type soul master couldn’t exceed a battle soul master.

When she saw that Huo Yuhao, Wang Dong’er, and Xiao Xiao were crowned champions along with their inner courtyard seniors in the last Continental Elite Advanced Soul Master Academy Tournament, Ning Tian hadn’t just been filled with envy, she’d also been filled with jealousy.

And following that, she’d suddenly like she couldn’t possibly catch up to the rest of them, no matter how hard she tried. At that point, she’d thought of another possibility, which was the hope that her family had held for her.

As a top-ranked auxiliary-type sect, many strong soul masters often looked to the Seven Treasures Glazed Sect for help. As one of the elites of the younger generation of soul masters, Ning Tian knew that she’d have to find a protector that would stay by her side one day. This person’s strength wouldn’t simply determine her future status in the sect and whether she could successfully take hold of the sect’s reins, but it would also determine the future of the sect itself. That was why she’d chosen Huo Yuhao during the Sea God’s Fate. She’d chosen him because he was the most gifted, as well as most likely to be the strongest individual amongst the younger generation of soul masters in the future.

However, she hadn’t expected to fail. She’d lost, and lost tragically at that. She'd been as embarrassed as a little girl when she’d taken the initiative to express her love, but had still been met with rejection. When that rejection came, it had felt as if her heart was stabbed by tens of thousands of blades—it was extremely painful.

She didn’t really like Huo Yuhao very much. Rather, she just couldn’t accept her failure.

The blow dealt to her from this failure was simply too huge. For a period of time, she was completely despondent. At that point, only Wu Feng remained at her side.

Wu Feng was angry with Huo Yuhao, and cultivated even more tirelessly than her. Yet, even when Ning Tian saw all of this, she still only treated Wu Feng as a sister. “You can relieve all your pressure by jumping off of this cliff.” The deep voice echoed yet again. It was asking her to die.

Ning Tian was dazed by the voice. Jump off? Everything will be settled if I just jump off... Yes! What could be better than death to alleviate this pressure? What could be more exciting than death?!

Death? She laughed.

Bring it on! A sharp gaze flashed through Ning Tian’s eyes, before she pursed her lips. The huge pressure that she’d been facing was instantly converted into persistence that now drove her to leap off the cliff. With that, she flung herself off the edge in front of her.

The moment that she leaped, she seemed to hear a tragic scream.

“No…!” Gusts of wind raged around her, becoming even colder as they swept past her. At this moment, Ning Tian felt as if her spirit had detached from her body; it was a magical feeling. The pressure she felt seemed to slowly disappear as she fell.

I’m sorry, Wu Feng. If there’s such a thing as another life, I’ll become a man and will protect and take care of you. You’ll be my wife. We’ll run our family together, and I’ll make sure to love and repay you for all of the love you’ve shown me all these years.

Tears started to trail through the air above her. As they did, they formed pearl-shaped beads in the air.

Even though she was in free fall, Ning Tian realized that the voice had been right. The pressure that she’d felt seemed to have vanished. At this moment, nothing seemed important to her anymore.


Wu Feng stood upon the mountain peak, gazing down at the deep valley that Ning Tian had disappeared into. As she stared into the endless drifts of snow, her tears started to flow uncontrollably.

“Ning Tian, why... why did you do this? Why did you jump off the cliff? Why?”

She’d appeared on the other side of the mountain, and had then been given instructions to walk around. Right when she’d been about to arrive, she’d been greeted with the scene of Ning Tian leaping off the cliff. No matter how hard she tried, she hadn’t been able to make it in time; she could only watch as Ning Tian disappeared into the valley below.

Everything seemed to lose importance when she saw that; Wu Feng seemed to have lost her soul. She staggered, about to fall.

“Follow her. If you really love her, you should seek a new life with her.” The voice echoed through the mountain valley.

Wu Feng was shocked. She looked at the deep valley before her, before lifting her head to gaze at the sky and wail, “Ning Tian, I’m coming!” Yes! Since the person she loved was already gone, what was the point of her staying alive?

The projection of a fire dragon grew behind her. This projection carried a sense of elegance and passion, before disappearing along with Wu Feng as she leaped off the cliff in pain and tears

Everything became silent and peaceful again afterwards, the mountains still as bitingly cold as ever.

Chapter 364: Forbidden Ice Peak

Where is this? Bei Bei was currently standing in the middle of a bustling street. Seeing this, he was quick to question his surroundings, as this place was unfamiliar to him. However, he’d been brought here after the golden lights flashed.

Suddenly, a dim light flashed, and a figure silently appeared in front of him.

“Bei Bei?” A voice softly asked.

“Eh?” Bei Bei focused his gaze on the person. All he saw was a smiling, handsome face. He couldn’t describe his feelings when he saw who it was.

This person had long, flowing, sky-blue hair, while their azure eyes contained a gaze as deep and boundless as an ocean. He revealed a gentle smile on his face that made him seem very reliable. “Follow  me.”  The  person  slowly  turned  around.  In  just  a single step, he’d already moved more than ten meters forwards.

Although Bei Bei didn’t know what was happening, he was crystal clear that he was in an illusion of the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley. He quickly followed the person that had just appeared.

The man wasn’t walking too fast or too slow; he was moving at a pace that he could follow comfortably. Oddly, the bystanders didn’t seem to notice their rapid pace.

Who exactly is this person? Bei Bei wondered as he moved.

Finally, the man stopped outside a house. He pushed the door open, before walking in.

Bei Bei hurriedly followed him inside.

The house’s courtyard was very quiet. Everything about it seemed extraordinarily peaceful, too. Not even the sounds of birds or insects could be heard.

The man led Bei Bei into the main hall of this house. After passing the central hall, they stepped into the backyard, and finally came to a room.

The man signaled to Bei Bei and pointed at the room.

Bei Bei subconsciously walked towards the room. The door was already open. When he peeked in, his body shook tremendously.

“Xiao Ya!” Bei Bei shouted, before instantly charging into the room.

Yes, there was a lady seated cross-legged on a bed inside this room. Her body was currently flashing with a bluish-black glow.

Her hair flowed behind her back, while her expression was calm, albeit slightly pale. She was Tang Ya! “Xiao Ya!” Bei Bei charged towards her and lifted his hands to grab her shoulders. However, he grasped nothing but air. After a moment, Bei Bei was stunned to realize that his hands had gone straight through Tang Ya’s body.

Why? Why am I illusory?

“Xiao  Ya!”  Bei  Bei,  who  was  normally  calm  and  refined, started to experience an outpouring of emotions. He wanted to hug her! He wanted to hug her slender body, hold her in his embrace, and use his body heat to warm up her icy-cold body.

Everything around him suddenly distorted slightly. Tang Ya gradually disappeared, followed by the house disappeared, and finally everything around him disappeared.

After this, a huge pinkish flower with a refreshing floral scent entered Bei Bei’s vision.

This flower turned into a halo before dispersing. Following this, he saw a sparkling, crystal-clear blue ball take its place. It looked like it had an extension of crystals, yet seemed like it had leaves too. 
Everything around him turned illusory again. A strong wave of dizziness struck Bei Bei, and he lost consciousness.


“Oh? Why am I here? Wasn’t this place already destroyed?” He Caitou was astonished as he looked around him.

His surroundings were filled with metal. There was a metallic glow and smell, which helped him immediately recognize that this was the underground research institute of the Illustrious Virtue Hall.

Both he and Huo Yuhao had once spent a long time in this research institute. However, it was completely empty now.

“Come out, Xu He,” A sinister voice echoed out.

The moment he heard the words ‘Xu He,’ He Caitou shuddered. He unwillingly turned towards the direction of the voice. 
He saw Xu Tianran, who was slowly coming approaching him in his wheelchair.

Xu Tianran wore an aloof expression on his face, and several masked men in black were following him. All of them revealed strong auras from their bodies.

He Caitou slowly stood up. At this moment, he was shockingly calm.

“Xu Tianran!”

Xu Tianran smiled and said, “I bet you didn’t expect this, right? Xu He, we’re actually meeting under such circumstances. I didn’t expect a bastard like you to survive. Today, we can truly catch up as brothers. How’ve you been all these years? As your elder brother, I really haven’t taken care of you properly!”

He Caitou gnashed his teeth and said, “Xu Tianran, I’m going to kill you!” As soon as he shouted, he seemed to forget that he was a soul engineer, and leapt straight towards Xu Tianran. 
Xu Tianran wore a scornful expression on his face. He lifted his hand and He Caitou was flung into the air, crashing into a forging table behind him. When he landed, he was in excruciating pain, and couldn’t even stand up anymore.

“You’re going to take revenge by yourself? The entire Sun Moon Empire is under my control now. Yes, a son should pay his father’s debts, but that entails being capable of doing so first! My father was ruthless when he massacred your entire family! I can still clearly remember how he impaled your younger sister with his spear. The desperate, pitiful look in her eyes. However, what could you do? What could you do as her elder brother? Could you have saved her? You couldn’t! You didn’t have the capability, am I right?

“In fact, don’t you think that living is more painful than death? You’ve been carrying this hatred for years. How tiring must your life be? It’d simply be best if you died. Everything will be over when you die.

“Your father was fatuous; he wanted to keep the earlier agreement, but wasn’t willing to ramp up the development of soul tools by turning experimental products into weapons, nor start a war and get back what belonged to the Sun Moon Empire. He wasn’t fit to be emperor! Even though I’m not very satisfied that my old man has lived for so long, I have to admit that he’s been successful. Replacing your father was the greatest achievement of his life, and it has cleared all the obstacles in front of me. The future of the Douluo Continent belongs to me, Xu Tianran! It belongs to the Sun Moon Empire! After I conquer this continent, I’ll change its name to the Sun Moon Continent. I want the words ‘Douluo Continent’ to completely vanish from this world!”

The more Xu Tianran spoke, the more fanatical he became.
He seemed exactly like an evil villain as he sat there.

He Caitou struggled up from the ground, his eyes already completely red. The hatred that he’d always been suppressing had been entirely unleashed at this moment. He let out a beastial roar of anger, before charging towards Xu Tianran again like a mad tiger.

Xu Tianran wasn’t bothered by this at all. He lifted his hand once again and flung him back once more.

“Die. Dying will end everything. It’s a pity that you won’t get to see how prosperous the Sun Moon Continent will be in the future. When you reach the afterlife, remember to tell your dead father that a ruler that doesn’t know how to invade isn’t fit to be one. Ask him to repent over there.”

He Caitou was under immense pressure right now, but a voice suddenly screamed, “No! I won’t let you hurt him!” and a tender figure suddenly appeared in front of him.

He Caitou saw two yellow, two purple, four black and one red soul ring, which were extremely dazzling.

“Xiao Xiao…” When did Xiao Xiao become a Titled Douluo?

Right now, Xiao Xiao seemed to have grown up, and her figure had become more slender. She seemed to have a greater heroic aura and more mature elegance about her right now. As soon as she lifted her right hand, a beam of blinding, dark- golden light descended from the sky. Suddenly, everything started to tremble. The beam of dark-golden light was akin to extremely huge meteor that struck Xu Tianran and the masked men behind him.

The beam of light exploded with earth-shattering power. The terrifying explosion turned everything around it into powder.

The Illustrious Virtue Hall disappeared. Everything disappeared. The only thing left was a huge depression left, as well as the tragic screams left behind by Xu Tianran and the masked men.

He Caitou was dazed as he looked at Xiao Xiao. The physical pain that he felt seemed to have disappeared. By the time he crawled up, she’d already turned around.

“Caitou.” Tears streamed down her face, sparkling beneath the illumination of her soul rings.

“Why were you so silly? Why didn’t you tell me about the hatred in your heart? Why didn’t you let me share your burden? Am I not your woman?”

“Xiao Xiao…” “Fool!  Even  though  you  aren’t  handsome  or  romantic,  I never despised you for anything when I decided to get together with you. Caitou, you idiot! In the future, you have to share your pain with me, no matter what! Your enemy will be my enemy!”

Xiao Xiao had already leapt into He Caitou’s embrace as she spoke. She hugged his muscular body tightly.

Tears flowed uncontrollably down He Caitou’s face. “Xiao Xiao, Xiao Xiao, Xiao Xiao…”


Gusts of chilly wind blew as snowflakes drifted in the air. It was completely white everywhere. Snow fluttered through the air, and the ground was completely frozen.

Located at the top of a mountain, there was less than two hundred square meters of available surface area. There was a thick layer of snow on the ground. Not only was it cold, but it was also very tough.

There were two identical-looking people on the mountain peak right now. Their eyes and hair were powdery-blue, and they were both extremely ravishing.

“Where is this?”  Wang Dong’er was a little confused as she looked at Wang Qiu’er opposite her.

Wang Qiu’er seemed to have sensed something. She looked very stern as she scanned their surroundings.

“This is the location of your Sincerity Adventure: A final fight on the summit of this icy peak! Huo Yuhao will go to whoever wins.” An aloof-sounding voice echoed in the air.

Wang Dong’er straightened her gaze. “Can matters of the heart truly be settled through violence?”

“It’s the best way to resolve things. The two of you look the same, and are equally outstanding. However, only one of you can be with him. The survivor will have the right to remain with him; he won’t know what happened. Today, only one of you can leave here alive. There are countless icy mountains around you. If neither of you dies, you will both remain here forever.”

Wang Dong’er and Wang Qiu’er moved at the same time. They didn’t charge towards each other. Rather, they turned around and rushed towards the edge of the icy peak they were on to look down.

Even with her cold character, Wang Qiu’er’s expression changed drastically as she gazed down.

They were on a free-standing icy peak. There was only a deep valley beneath, the depth of which couldn’t be determined. Gusts of chilly wind continuously blew upwards. Even as she glanced downwards, Wang Qiu’er could feel her body turning stiff.

Yes, this was a forbidden zone. It was a forbidden zone with no escape. Compared to Wang Qiu’er, Wang Dong’er seemed very calm once she glanced down.

She slowly walked towards Wang Qiu’er and sat down in the middle of the ice peak.

“Qiu’er, let’s talk.” Wang Dong’er gestured to Wang Qiu’er.

Wang Qiu’er regained her cold and serious look and sat down five meters in front of Wang Dong’er.

“What do you want to talk about? About how much he loves you?” she asked coldly.

Wang Dong’er shook her head and said, “Not him. Let’s talk about us. Let’s talk about this place, about the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley.”

Wang Qiu’er’s eyes brightened and she said mockingly, “Indeed! There’s no need to talk about him. You’re always the winner to him. What else is there to talk about? Even if I were to kill you now, would he ever fall in love with me? No. Even though I haven’t spent as much time with him compared to you, I’m certain that he won’t be with me even after you die.”

Wang Dong’er furrowed her brow. “Qiu’er, what’s wrong?”

Wang Qiu’er shook her head. “I’m fine.”

Wang Dong’er lifted her head to look at the sky and breathed in the refreshing air. “We won’t be in danger. While this place is supposed to be filled with death, it is in fact filled with compassion. If you are sincere, you won’t be punished.”

“What?” Wang Qiu’er lifted her head and looked at Wang Dong’er doubtfully.

“Can’t you tell?” Wang Dong’er said confidently, “It’s trying to help us repair our relationship. It’s the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley, not the Yin-Yang Love Destroying Valley. It only detests those who turn their backs on love. It’s evident from the problems that it’s posed us. We only rescue people; we don’t kill people.” “That’s why it’s clear that this is a test of whether we care about each other.”

Wang Qiu’er became normal again. “Then how do we leave this place?”

Wang Dong’er shook her head and answered, “I don’t know either. Let’s get going. If the Love Querying Valley is testing us, how could it not be testing him? Don’t you think it’s weird? Where do you think Yuhao is?”

Wang Qiu’er furrowed her brow. “You’re smart and calm.

Wang Dong’er smiled. “There are no buts. What’s there to show off in front of your man? He’s my heaven.”

Chapter 365: Fighting For Happiness!

He’s my heaven! These three simple words dealt a huge blow to Wang Qiu’er. She stared at Wang Dong’er dazedly, not responding for some time.

Wang Dong’er felt a little weird as she looked back. “Am I wrong?”

Wang Qiu’er’s gaze suddenly turned gentle. “Perhaps you’re right. This is probably also the reason why I’ll never be able to compare to you in his heart.”

Wang Dong’er shook her head and said, “I don’t think so. The difference between us is only the time that we met. I simply met him first, thus I managed to occupy a spot in his heart. Else, you definitely would’ve been capable of gaining his attraction, given your talents. If you couldn’t, he wouldn’t be a normal man.” When she said this, Wang Dong’er couldn’t help but laugh. As she gazed at the identical yet more cold-looking face in front of her, Wang Dong’er was in a weirdly peaceful mood. Wang Qiu’er mocked herself. “No, you don’t understand. In fact, I’d already lost at the start, and lost terribly at that. I can’t compare to you no matter what.”

Wang  Dong’er  was  stunned.  “Sister  Qiu’er,  I  would’ve thought you were my long-lost sister if not for the fact that I know I’m the only child in my family. We simply look too alike.”

Wang Qiu’er suddenly became agitated. “Maybe I’m wrong. Or maybe I shouldn’t have done what I did from the start. But… if I’d met him earlier, before you revealed your identity to him, I truly might have had a glimmer of hope.”

Wang  Dong’er  was  confused.  “Sister  Qiu’er,  why  can’t  I understand what you’re trying to say?”

Wang Qiu’er silently shook her head and continued to speak to herself, “In fact, it’s also because I’ve never understood my own heart. It’d be great if I did. Or perhaps… perhaps I shouldn’t have gone out to find him. I’m wrong; I’ve always been wrong.” Wang Dong’er stopped speaking, and only listened to her speak silently.

“Are  you  confused  by  what  I’m  saying?”   Wang  Qiu’er laughed, her laughter carrying a weird, sarcastic tone. However, she was being sarcastic to herself.

Wang Dong’er nodded slightly.

Wang   Qiu’er   chortled   and   said,   “There   aren’t   any coincidences in this world! Do you really think that we’d look so alike if our blood didn’t come from the same origin? Don’t you think that I look quite like the Goddess of Light he holds in his heart?”

Wang Dong’er was dazed. “Sister Qiu’er, what do you mean?”

Wang Qiu’er said, “My looks came from you. Or rather, it came from the projection of you that is imprinted the deepest in his heart, and which he was filled with love towards. That’s the reason why I transformed myself into this appearance and appeared in front of him. However, I didn’t expect that your so-called elder sister was false; it was actually you! This projection in his heart was actually a representation of you when you grew older.”

Wang Dong’er finally couldn’t remain seated anymore. She suddenly stood up, and stared at Wang Qiu’er, stunned. “Qiu’er, what’re you talking about? You… are your looks real or fake?”

Wang Qiu’er’s grin grew wider and wider as she said, “You’ve doubted me for a long time, am I right? Truthfully, they aren’t really fake. They’re quite real. The only thing I’ve done is establish this identity.

“Do you know why I’m telling you all this? It’s because I suddenly feel like being selfish for once. Today, only one of us can live to see him again. If I can kill you, I might just have a chance, however small it may be, with him. I can still convince him to accept me through my hard work. However, if I don’t do this, I won’t have a chance at all. I’m sorry, Dong’er. I’ve only ever loved him in my life. The moment I fell in love with him was when he disregarded everything and swallowed the scorching water from the Blazing Sunspring. Did you know that he almost died after he plucked that Yearning Heartbroken Grass for you? I saved him because there was another Yearning Heartbroken Grass nearby that I plucked for him. I fed it to him; if I hadn’t, he wouldn’t have been able to return alive to see you again. When I plucked that Yearning Heartbroken Grass for him, I realized that I’d fallen deeply, hopelessly in love with him.

“Love is a selfish and possessive thing. He died for you in his past life; the life that he has now was given to him by the Yearning Heartbroken Grass that I plucked. He should belong to me. I love him; I really do love him.”

Wang Qiu’er’s smile turned into tears. She continued to sit where she was, but tears had already filled her face.

Wang Dong’er was silent as she saw Wang Qiu’er tears.
However, there wasn’t any shock or hostility in her eyes.

She gently lowered her waist and bowed to Wang Qiu’er, “Qiu’er, thank you. Thank you for letting Yuhao survive. If not for you, he would have died for me. I can sense your love for him—it’s very sincere. However, I have the same amount of passion and love for him.

“You’re right. Or rather, this Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley is right. Of the two of us, only one can remain together with him. No matter who wins or loses, I believe that we’ll both still treat him well and love him well. Qiu’er, I only have one request. If you win, and if you can, please transform into me to continue loving him. I don’t want him to mourn my death. Can you do so?”

Wang Qiu’er’s tears suddenly stopped flowing, and she shook her head silently. “My transformation is final; I can only do it once. Moreover, you are you, and I am me. You are Wang Dong’er, and I am Wang Qiu’er. I want him to love me.”

Wang Dong’er asked, “Then, if I die, don’t tell him how I died. Just tell him that I went missing. In this way, at least he’ll still find some repose in his heart. In the future, you must love him and slowly transfer his love for me to yourself.”

Wang Qiu’er opened her eyes wide, her pupils dilating. She roared, “Why are you saying all of this? Are you trying to make my determination waver? Dream on!”

As she spoke, she sprung up from the ground. Her Golden Dragon Spear instantly appeared in her hand, turning into a streak of golden light as it pierced towards Wang Dong’er. Her spear seemed to be surrounded by countless golden snakes and formed a huge golden dragon, its dominant aura seeming to pierce through the heavens and the earth. Suddenly, everything around it turned dim. This spear seemed to encompass all of Wang Qiu’er’s internal rage and persistence
towards her love.

A dazzling glow shone from Wang Dong’er’s back. She pointed her toes slightly towards the ground, before she drifted into the air. The wings of the Goddess of Light opened up and propelled her backward as if she were sliding on water.

Yellow, purple, purple, black, black, black. Six soul rings began to shine. Her second soul ring shone the brightest, and countless streaks from her Light of the Butterfly Goddess were released from her butterfly wings to strike the golden dragon that was coming towards her.

Tremendous booms shook the air. Wang Dong’er retreated as Wang Qiu’er pointed her spear at her while pursuing her. In the blink of an eye, Wang Dong’er had already been forced to one edge of the icy peak. Suddenly, Wang Dong’er’s body sank down and the lights behind her were retracted. Instead, a pitch-black hammer appeared in her hand.



Followed by a piercing sound, Wang Qiu’er’s spear revealed its form. However, the strength of the hammer wasn’t enough to force it away completely. It was only knocked away from Wang Dong’er’s torso.

Bloody light appeared as the spear stabbed Wang Dong’er’s left arm, piercing it.

Suddenly, the terrifying life-devouring ability of the Golden Dragon Spear was fully activated. However, golden halos shone from Wang Dong’er’s left arm. It was the power of the Golden Light Left Arm Bone, which kept the spear from devouring Wang Dong’er’s life energy. However, Wang Dong’er’s arm still rapidly lost color. “Why?” Wang Qiu’er’s gaze was sharp as she stared ruthlessly at Wang Dong’er. She knew that she couldn’t hurt Wang Dong’er with this one strike given her abilities. Even if there was a gap between them, it wasn’t huge. Although Wang Dong’er didn’t have an Ultimate martial soul, she had twin martial souls. In terms of cultivation, she wasn’t much inferior either.

Wang Dong’er smiled slightly. “Take this strike as repayment for saving Yuhao. However, don’t worry; I won’t give up on this fight. On the contrary, I’m still going to fight for my happiness. After suffering from this strike, I feel more at ease fighting for my happiness. Come on, Qiu’er. Show me the best you’ve got.”

As she spoke, Wang Dong’er’s eyes brightened. Her powdery- blue eyes turned completely blue, and her Clear Sky Hammer disappeared. Once again, the wings of her Butterfly Goddess appeared. Following this, she turned into a streak of bluish- gold light and rose into the air.

Wang Qiu’er only felt her spear tremble slightly before Wang Dong’er had freed herself from it. Following this, a streak of bluish-gold light shot up into the sky. It was Wang Dong’er’s sixth soul skill, the Butterfly Goddess’ Dance.

Wang Dong’er had once used it against Yan Feng. Even though he was a Soul Sage and a Bone Dragon, he’d almost been defeated by her Butterfly Goddess’ Dance. This time, Wang Dong’er was using it at the beginning of the fight.

“Qiu’er, be careful. I won’t show mercy!”  Wang Dong’er’s voice suddenly echoed out. 
Wang  Qiu’er  was  furious.  “Who  needs  your  mercy?”  She squatted down, before shooting upwards like a golden arrow. Her sixth soul ring shone as she shot up and unleashed her sixth soul skill, Golden Dragon’s Bloodlust. She’d decided to pit her sixth soul skill against Wang Dong’er’s sixth soul skill. Wang Qiu’er was like a goddess of war right now; she had natural instincts for fighting. When she realized that something was different about Wang Dong’er, she quickly increased her fighting strength to its maximum.

A furious-looking golden dragon coiled around her body as it appeared. It slowly rose up along the Golden Dragon Spear’s shaft. Its instantaneous explosive power seemed to tear the entire sky apart.

Wang Dong’er was glowing brightly with dazzling light when she stopped in mid-air. Following this, the light scattered, and countless, small Radiant Butterfly Goddesses suddenly dispersed, before suddenly beginning to engulf Wang Qiu’er.

Butterfly Goddess’ Dance. This was indeed Wang Dong’er’s Butterfly Goddess’ Dance. 
A sonorous dragon roar reverberated, and Wang Qiu’er’s fifth soul ring instantly lit up.

Wang Dong’er had used her strongest skill immediately. Even though Wang Qiu’er didn’t know her intention, she was still determined to pit her strongest skills against Wang Dong’er. The combination of her Golden Dragon’s Bloodlust and Golden Dragon’s Roar was the strongest pairing of soul skills she could form.

The Coiling Golden Dragon instantly grew larger, and started to cover Wang Qiu’er’s body entirely. Its eyes were completely red now, marking a sign of bloodlust. The entire icy peak was illuminated by the light coming off its body.

The countless Radiant Butterfly Goddesses were like dazzling, bluish-gold clouds that bore down on Wang Qiu’er, whereas the Coiling Golden Dragon charged towards them as if it were searching for light.

When both parties came into contact with each other, Wang Qiu’er’s dragon stopped, and the countless Radiant Butterfly Goddesses gently adhered to it. They didn’t clash forcefully with the dragon, but rather landed on it gradually.

This was using softness to conquer strength.

Wang Dong’er was clearly aware that she would lose to Wang Qiu’er in a direct confrontation, even with the Chaotic Splitting Wind Hammer Technique of her Clear Sky Hammer. Wang Qiu’er would never let her have the opportunity to unleash her Chaotic Splitting Wind Hammer Technique at its full strength. That was why there was only one way she could beat Wang Qiu’er—using her softness to conquer Wang Qiu’er’s strength. Only her Butterfly Goddess’ Dance was capable of suppressing Wang Qiu’er.

The golden dragon instantly turned bluish-gold as it was engulfed by the Radiant Butterfly Goddesses. A huge bluish- gold projection also surfaced in the sky at the same moment.

The golden dragon started to contort tremendously as it tried to break out of the trap set by the Radiant Butterfly Goddesses. However, Wang Qiu’er’s explosive strength and dominant aura were continuously weakened as she tried to escape. Against Yan Feng, Wang Dong’er had unleashed seven consecutive explosions using her Butterfly Goddess’ Dance. Even with Yan Feng’s evil soul master abilities, he’d still needed to use his Martial Soul True Body to break free. However, even then he’d still been hurt.

Wang Dong’er’s Butterfly Goddess’ Dance was only possible because she could metamorphosize her abilities. She was no less gifted than Huo Yuhao. After all, she also had twin martial souls.

At this point, Wang Qiu’er finally experienced how strong Wang Dong’er was.

Boom! The first explosion rang out, and a huge Radiant Butterfly Goddess projection suddenly appeared, causing the Coiling Golden Dragon to turn even more bluish-gold.

Boom, boom, boom… Another three explosions sounded. The golden dragon started to twist and contort tremendously. The Radiant Butterfly Goddesses surrounding it had also turned into bluish-gold patterns on Wang Qiu’er’s body. Boom, boom...The fifth and sixth explosions rang out, the terrifying explosions causing the golden dragon’s aura to weaken significantly.

However, the sky suddenly turned silent at this moment. The bluish-gold butterfly projection that appeared after the sixth explosion reverberated seemed to materialize in the air.

Following this, a golden dragon projection appeared beneath it, and started to rapidly knock its way into Wang Qiu’er’s body.

Weng…! Ang…!

The piercing golden lights seemed to create another small sun in the sky. Afterwards, an unprecedentedly domineering aura instantly erupted. The bluish-gold light faded away, and the dragon finally managed to break free from its restraints, escaping the encirclement before the last explosion occurred.

Wang Dong’er’s figure surfaced in the air, formed from a combination of countless streaks of bluish-gold light. Right now, she seemed very pale, and her left arm sagged beside her body. However, her fifth soul ring also lit up, and she turned a transparent gold.

This was her fifth soul skill, Goddess of Light’s Possession.

In the next moment, the golden dragon that had risen up clashed with Wang Dong’er’s Radiant Butterfly Goddess once again.

Although they were both golden, they both had different styles and auras. The golden light from their bodies weaved in the air as they clashed.

Wang Dong’er’s Radiant Butterfly Goddess and Wang Qiu’er’s Coiling Golden Dragon both disappeared. Only two ravishing figures descended from the sky and gradually landed on the icy peak.

Both Wang Dong’er and Wang Qiu’er seemed a little pale.
However, their gazes were equally sharp. Although they’d only clashed for a short period of time, they’d already given their all.

Their long, powdery-blue hair fluttered in the air, and they were both very persistent and focused. Their resolve caused the icy peak to be filled with a somber air.

As they were landing, they were also recharging themselves. Their next clash was bound to be just as spectacular as before. It might even decide who the victor of this fight was.

However, the sky lit up at this point. It was as if the sun had graced the icy peak with its presence. The bright golden light quickly attracted their attention.

They lifted their head to look into the sky. What they saw left them both astonished and anxious.

Amidst the golden lights, a figure was quickly charging towards another figure. However, the former figure was flung backwards every time he tried to attack. Blood continuously flowed from his body. However, he still crawled up in persistence and charged towards the illusory figure. 

“It’s him?”

Both of them spoke at almost the same time. Their strong fighting intent dissolved at this moment.

The bluish-gold lights behind Wang Dong’er started to ignite again. She couldn’t be bothered to recover her powers anymore; the wings of her Goddess of Light quickly opened. As she fluttered them with force, she propelled herself towards the figure in the air that kept on being beaten down.

Wang Qiu’er couldn’t fly, but this didn’t affect her movement. She sank down, before suddenly springing up like a cannon shell. The strength of her Golden Dragon propelled her body upward towards the other’s figure at an even faster speed than Wang Dong’er.

However, an indescribably terrifying force suddenly descended from the sky when they reached a certain altitude, causing them to be forced back down to the icy peak. 
“No…!” Wang Dong’er cried out in sorrow when she saw Huo Yuhao flung back yet again.

As Wang Qiu’er’s character was different than hers, her reaction was also different. She didn’t cry out, but rather gritted her teeth. She disregarded everything and sprang up into the air again.

However, they were too weak compared to the force that had descended from the sky. All of their efforts were simply wasted.

A bluish-gold figure slowly walked towards Huo Yuhao, and a shining trident appeared in his hand.

“No…!”  This time, Wang Qiu’er finally shouted along with Wang Dong’er. They both had a desperate look in their eyes.

At this point, the light projection paused, and the indifferent voice from earlier sounded yet again. “No conclusion will be reached from this duel between the two of you. Since that’s the case, we’ll use another method. Huo Yuhao is on the brink of death right now. However, he’ll survive so long as one of you is willing to sacrifice your life for his. However, you must remember that he might end up with
the other person if he survives and you die. This means that you might grant your love rival her wish if you sacrifice your life to save him. The two of you will have three seconds to decide.”



“Isn’t this a little cruel to them? Wasn’t his test sufficient?” A dull voice asked.

“If it was just to be my son-in-law. However, my personal expectations of him aren’t nearly that simple. Moreover, there’s also a prerequisite to becoming said son-in-law. Have you forgotten?” A soothing voice replied. “It’s not easy becoming your son-in-law! Why do I feel like you were trying to exact revenge earlier? Are all fathers like that when they see their daughters fall for someone else? You must be having fun with the fight, right?”

The soothing voice coughed, before saying, “Don’t malign me! I’m very impartial. Without a storm, how can there be a rainbow? I’d already decided this when I let Xiao Qi descend on this world. In the future, if he can’t let Xiao Qi… I’ll consider that nothing happened at all, then.”

“You’re too vicious!”

“How could it be easy to be my son-in-law? Hmph! She’s my favorite!”

“Aren’t  you  going  a  little  overboard  on  your  daughter  as well…”

“Without a storm, there’s no rainbow. Without setbacks, one won’t learn how to treasure things.” “Alright,alright. You win…”

“Without a storm, there’s no rainbow.”

“Shut up before I complain to your wife! Oh yeah, does the boss know that you’re doing this to his descendant?”

“I forgot to tell him…”



Huo Yuhao struggled to crawl up from the ground. He didn’t know how many times he’d been beaten to the ground at this point.

He’d been battered as soon as he’d begun, and gone through the entire process death and coming back several times at this point. He’d slowly gotten used to this feeling, and had pestered his opponent longer and longer. 
Throughout this process, he’d practically felt every type of pain one could imagine. He could even clearly remember the specific pain tied to a specific bone when it was crushed. This inhumane torture that he was suffering was akin to a form of baptism.

However, this baptism seemed to make him stronger. Every time he experienced pain and gritted his teeth before charging towards his terrifying opponent, he felt that his mental resilience had become ever so slightly stronger. 
It wasn’t a good feeling, but Huo Yuhao could clearly sense his improvement.

The reason that he was able to last longer and longer against his opponent wasn’t because his abilities had risen to a level where he could rival his opponent. Rather, it was because his opponent’s abilities seemed to become weaker as time passed. Naturally, this enabled him to last longer.

The longer he lasted, the greater the beatings he suffered. As time passed, he even felt that it would be better to be killed in one hit—at least the pain would only last an instant. That, and he’d only have to suffer the pain of death, rather than suffering the inhumane torture that he was currently being subjected to.

Slowly, he was beginning to collapse, and became extremely weak and confused. The only thought left was that he knew he had to charge towards his opponent with all his strength. He had to attack, fight, and go all-out. After some time, he was on the verge of collapse. He fainted, but his opponent didn’t kill him this time.

In this strange place, injuries healed at a miraculous speed. Huo Yuhao was able to clearly feel his crushed bones reassembled, his broken passageways re-connected, and his blood begin to circulate through his body once again. He’d already slowly gotten used to the terrifying pain the longer he fought.

It’s so comfortable to just lie down! Why hasn’t he killed me yet?

When he finally crawled up from the ground once again, everything around him was empty, replaced by an omni- present golden light. The bluish-gold figure had disappeared.

Did I pass, or not?

Huo Yuhao was in a daze as he wondered this. Going through that unforgettable experience should be enough for me to pass, right? If he had to go through it again, he might really lose his mind. 
However, was the abuse that he’d gone through really all the test was about? It didn’t feel like things would be so simple.

At this point, his surroundings turned into a light fog that rose from the ground. The fog then started to form layers, before distorting.

Huo Yuhao focused his gaze. At this point, he’d already fully recovered. Although he didn’t know if there would be any more tests for him or if everything had ended, he felt extremely confident. Not only did he not possess any fear, he was instead eager.

The brutal torture that he’d experienced hadn’t been for nothing. His abilities and mental resilience had both improved significantly.

A light flashed, turning the ground into a huge hexagonal projection. Countless esoteric symbols flit about and transformed within it. Everything here was unrestrained, unlike before. Huo Yuhao sensed that his soul power was still circulating properly, and that his spiritual power was no longer suppressed.

The only depressing thing was that his lower limbs had been frozen once again. The earlier neutralization of the origin energy of Ultimate Ice had lost its effect. Furthermore, he couldn’t connect with his ring in order to unleash his human- shaped soul tool to carry his body. As a result, he could only sit on the ground, using his arms to steady himself.

At this point, two beams of golden light shone vertically not far in front of him. Two figures slowly became clear and appeared in front of him.

These two figures were supporting each other. Their entire bodies were stained with blood as they appeared. If not for the fact that Huo Yuhao was familiar with them, he wouldn’t have recognized them.

“Dai Huabin, Zhu Lu?” Huo Yuhao exclaimed in shock. Dai Huabin also saw him. He lifted his head and struggled to nod. After Huo Yuhao had helped his father the previous time, he was no longer hostile towards him. However, there was a sorrowful look in his eyes at this moment.

Dai Huabin was heavily wounded; it was as if he’d just climbed out of a dye vat—his entire body was stained with blood. However, he still remained standing, and was supporting Zhu Lu in his arms. Zhu Lu’s body was convulsing, and she groaned from time to time.

Huo Yuhao could immediately tell that something was wrong with her using his Spirit Eyes.

When he focused on Zhu Lu’s body, he was extremely shocked to find out what was happening to her.

Zhu Lu was in a tragic state: Her entire right arm had been bent out of shape. As for her face, it was only possible to see half of it, as it was covered in blood and wounds; only half of her nose and one ear remained. The remaining side of her face was extremely pale. “Dai Huabin, Zhu Lu, what’s going on?” Huo Yuhao couldn’t help but ask. It was very difficult for him to move right now, thus he could only sit where he was and question the two of them.

Dai Huabin struggled to speak. “She’s been poisoned. To save her…”

Huo Yuhao understood what was going on. As he looked at the wounds all over Dai Huabin’s body, he suddenly felt that his hatred towards him had slightly diminished.

No, no! I can’t forget my hatred towards him. He was the one who hurt mom, who caused her to…

However, why didn’t mom let me take revenge, and instead tell me that it was destiny?

Huo Yuhao felt slightly tormented, and shut his eyes. To Dai Huabin, he had a commiserating expression on his face. Dai Huabin helped Zhu Lu to the ground as he sat down next her. He lowered his head and let her lie on his thighs. Right now, he didn’t appear nearly as fierce as before. There was only a gentle look in his eyes as he examined Zhu Lu’s injuries. Tears also started to stream down uncontrollably from his eyes.

“Lulu, don’t worry. When I decided to chop off your arm, I’d already decided that I’d love you and wed you as my wife no matter what became of you. You’ll always be the most beautiful in my eyes. I’ll kill whoever calls you ugly. I’ll take care of you well. Even if I die, I’ll make sure you don’t come to any harm.”

Dai Huabin was sobbing. Tears fell from his eyes with every word he said. All the promises in the world couldn’t compare to a real-life experience. As he braved life and death with Zhu Lu, he’d only managed to pass his Sincerity Adventure round after a few close brushes with death. He finally understood his own heart, and what the most important thing to him was.

At this point, another two beams of golden light shone.

Huo Yuhao quickly turned his attention to these two beams of light. While he was in low spirits because of Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu’s condition, he knew that—with the appearance of these two beams of light—it signified that Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu had successfully passed their rounds. This meant that they should be able to leave this place alive. What about the rest of them? The remaining few people were all closely connected to him. They were either his good friends or his seniors. Most
importantly, there was also his lover!

The two beams of golden light that had just appeared became clear. This time, the two people who’d appeared were in a completely different state than tragicness that had befallen Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu.

They were still close together, but they were embracing each other.

Xu Sanshi seemed very delighted, and was in high spirits.

The ravishing Jiang Nannan was leaning against him in his arms with a blush on her face. She hugged one of his arms and wore a satisfied smile. Although there were tear stains next to her eyes, the two of them exuded a blissful aura. “Third senior, fourth senior, are the two of you fine?”  Huo Yuhao hurriedly asked.

“I’m  great.  I’m  feeling  extremely  great!  Hahahaha!”   Xu Sanshi looked at Huo Yuhao and immediately broke out in delighted laughter. However, he soon saw both Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu, and furrowed his brow. He shot an enquiring look at Huo Yuhao afterwards.

Huo Yuhao pursed his lip and said, “They’re critically hurt.
Zhu Lu…”

Xu Sanshi could see everything for himself even though he didn’t finish his words. He was extremely shocked by the condition Zhu Lu was in.

No matter what, they were still from the same academy. He didn’t gloat over their misfortune, and quickly went over to the both of them before squatting down. He slowly released his gentle Xuanwu soul power.

Behind him, the projection of a turtle-snake appeared . It was no longer flawed, and didn’t need to be activated with force. It was a pure Xuanwu!

The gentle power of water quickly cleansed Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu’s wounds. Not only did it remove the bloodstains, but it also cleaned up their wounds.

Although Xu Sanshi didn’t know how to perform any medical treatment, the pure water element from his Xuanwu martial soul was very beneficial towards healing their wounds. At the very least, it would be able to remove the remaining poison in their bodies.

Dai Huabin lifted his head, his eyes filled with gratitude as he nodded towards Xu Sanshi.

Xu Sanshi sighed and said, “If we can leave this place alive, we can return to the academy and find someone to treat her. There’s a healing and auxiliary-type teacher who’s a Titled Douluo in the inner courtyard. Perhaps she can help heal her.”

“Okay.” Dai Huabin seemed to be slightly disinterested, choosing only to hug Zhu Lu tighter. Another beam of golden light shone. This time there was only one beam.

“Eldest senior sister?”  When they saw Zhang Lexuan, Huo Yuhao, Xu Sanshi, and Jiang Nannan couldn’t help but call out to her. Another person had returned, which proved that another person had passed their test. It was a good thing to them.

Zhang Lexuan smiled and nodded at them. After that, she also saw Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu and immediately rushed over. However, she didn’t know how to treat them, and could only comfort them.

Huo Yuhao watched from the side, and was stunned to realize that Zhang Lexuan seemed to have become different. In the past, she rarely smiled. However, she now seemed to be casually grinning. Even though she’d furrowed her brow after seeing Zhu Lu’s critical injuries, the resentment that was normally there was gone. She seemed more approachable, and her eyes were brighter too. She was different!

It seems like everyone has experienced different things in their Sincerity Adventure test. It’s also the same with third and fourth seniors.

However, what exactly happened to these two? Dong’er, when will you return? Qiu’er isn’t here yet either. How’s she doing?”

Chapter 366: Dong'er, Don't Die!

At this point, another two beams of golden light shone. Huo Yuhao was eager as he turned his attention in that direction.


Two people fell from the sky screaming and crashed to the ground.

The two of them were hugging one another. However, they rolled on the ground after crashing, and seemed very disheveled.

Huo Yuhao was disappointed.These two weren’t the ones he was waiting for. They were Ning Tian and Wu Feng!

Ning Tian and Wu Feng were panting heavily, and took some time to catch their breath. When they saw everyone looking at them, they started to cheer at the same time. “We’re alive!”

“We aren’t dead!”

As they cheered, they hugged each other tightly. They seemed to be delighted to be alive.

Eight out of the earlier thirteen had returned. What about the remaining five?

Just as Huo Yuhao was thinking that, another three beams of golden light shone down simultaneously. The first person to appear was Bei Bei, who seemed to be in a daze. He seemed to be trying to recall something.

Huo Yuhao was stunned to see that Bei Bei was looking at him with a doubtful look in his eyes. The unfamiliar feeling in his eyes made it seem like he didn’t know him.

The other two who appeared with Bei Bei weren’t Wang Dong’er and Wang Qiu’er. They were He Caitou and Xiao Xiao! They also looked very weird. Xiao Xiao was sitting on He Caitou’s right shoulder, swinging her legs. She was smiling sweetly, and hugging He Caitou’s neck with her left hand. He Caitou was also grinning ear to ear.

They’re all back and they’re all fine. What about Dong’er and Qiu’er?

Huo Yuhao clenched his fists tightly. He was finally becoming a little anxious. Why aren’t Dong’er and Qiu’er back? What has happened to them? No, they’re fine. They won’t meet with any problems. They’re both so outstanding. No matter what situation they encounter, they should be able to deal with it!

Huo Yuhao was becoming more and more nervous. The more he cared, the less able he was to keep calm.

A projection suddenly lit up, but no one returned. Instead, a strange light screen was presented in front of everyone.

The light screen turned from ethereal to clear. Everyone saw an icy mountain peak in front of them. “Dong’er,  Qiu’er!”  Huo  Yuhao  immediately  noticed  Wang Dong’er and Wang Qiu’er, who were both seated on this ice peak.

Apart from the unconscious Zhu Lu, the rest were also drawn to this light screen.

Bei Bei was also jolted out from his dazed state right now. He quickly hurried to Huo Yuhao’s side. He clapped Yuhao’s shoulder  as  he  squatted  down.  “Little  junior,  don’t  worry. They’ll be fine.”

Huo Yuhao didn’t open his mouth. While he was a resilient person, how could he remain calm when Wang Dong’er was about to get into trouble? The more he cared, the more vexed he was!

A voice came from the light screen. When Huo Yuhao heard that voice and realized that only one of them could survive, he clenched his fists. If Bei Bei wasn’t tightly holding onto his shoulder, he would have charged forward without any hesitation. “Calm down, Yuhao. You must calm down and watch what happens. There must be a reason why we are being shown this.”

Huo Yuhao took in a deep breath. He knew that Bei Bei was right. At such a time, being impulsive wasn’t going to solve any problem.

Wang Dong’er and Wang Qiu’er’s voices were both audible. Everyone wore a weird look on their faces when they heard their conversation.

Although many of them knew that things were ambiguous between Wang Qiu’er and Huo Yuhao, they hadn’t expected her feelings for Huo Yuhao to be so intense. Even Wang Dong’er seemed to approve of her love towards Huo Yuhao.

In the light projection, their conversation…

…… ““Love is selfish and possessive. He died for you in his past life. The life that he has now was given to him by the Yearning Heartbroken Grass that I plucked. He should belong to me. I love him. I really love him.”

“Qiu’er, thank you. Thank you for letting Yuhao survive. If not for you, he would have died for me. I can sense your love for him... it’s very sincere. However, I have the same passion and love for him.”

“You are right, or rather this Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley is right. Of the two of us, only one can be together with him. No matter who wins or loses, I believe that we’ll still treat him and love him well. Qiu’er, I only have one request. If you win, and if you can, please transform into me to continue loving him. I don’t want him to mourn my death. Can you do so?”

“My transformation is final. I can only do it once. Moreover, you are you, and I am me. You are Wang Dong’er, and I am Wang Qiu’er. I want him to love me.”

“Then, if I die, don’t tell him how I died. Just tell him that I went missing. In this way, he’ll at least still find some repose in his heart. In the future days, you must love him and slowly transfer his love for me to you.”

“What are you saying all this for? Are you trying to make my determination waver? Dream on!”


Everyone was stunned after hearing their conversation. Wang Qiu’er’s looks were based on Wang Dong’er? Who is she, then? What final transformation? She can turn into a human? Even Elder Xuan can’t detect her transformation? What, what exactly is this?

Huo Yuhao noticed something different from the rest. When he heard Wang Dong’er said “I only have one request. If you win, and if you can, please transform into me to continue loving him. I don’t want him to mourn my death. Can you do so?” His eyes immediately turned red.

“Dong’er...!”    he   shouted   loudly.   However,   he   couldn’t influence what was going on in the projection. Bloody light scattered as Wang Qiu’er’s spear stabbed into Wang Dong’er’s arm. However, Wang Dong’er remained as calm as ever.

Huo Yuhao shut his eyes in torment. He couldn’t make himself watch their fight.

Wang Dong’er was his lover. However, what about Wang Qiu’er? Wang Qiu’er said that she was the one who gave Huo Yuhao his current life. If not for her, he would have died in the Icefire Yin Yang Well. Was he supposed to hate Wang Qiu’er for hurting Wang Dong’er? He couldn’t possibly do so. Right now, he only felt that he was the one in the wrong. He didn’t manage his relationships with Wang Dong’er and Wang Qiu’er well, which led to this current tragedy.

What do I do? What do I do? I can’t bear for either of them to be hurt!

Tremendous booms sounded, and Huo Yuhao’s fingernails had already pierced into his palm. Right now, he was feeling very conflicted and helpless. “Yuhao, look.” Huo Yuhao opened his eyes as Bei Bei shook him tremendously. He was stunned to find out that he had appeared in the projection. He had appeared in another projection above the ice peak. The bluish-gold figure that he had fought earlier also appeared.

Wasn’t this the moment when he charged at that figure for the last time?

Where are Qiu’er and Dong’er? They’ve stopped fighting, and they were suppressed by some kind of force. They must be very anxious because of me...

In that light projection, the bluish-gold figure was walking step by step towards him. There was a bright-golden trident in his hand too.

“No…!” Wang Qiu’er and Wang Dong’er shouted at the same time. They both had a desperate look in their eyes.

At this point, the projection paused, and the indifferent voice from earlier sounded once again. “There’s no conclusion from this duel between the two of you. Since this is the case, we’ll use another method. Huo Yuhao is on the brink of death right now. He’ll survive as long as one of you is willing to sacrifice your life for his. However, you must remember that he might end up with the other
person if he survives and you die. This means that you might grant your love rival her wish if you sacrifice your life to save him. The two of you only have three seconds to decide.”


Huo Yuhao couldn’t help but shout in fury when he watched until here. “Scoundrel! You can’t do this! You can’t do this! I’ll die, let me die instead!”  He struggled to break free from Bei Bei’s grasp and crawled towards the projection in front of him. It was also at this point that it suddenly dissipated, turning into spots of light. A thick beam of light descended from the sky and landed not far away from him.

Huo Yuhao opened his eyes wide to see who was in it.

He saw two figures in it. Yes, there were two figures!

However, they weren’t standing side by side. One person was carrying the other person.

Wang Qiu’er was the one standing. Wang Dong’er was peacefully lying in her arms.

Huo Yuhao was stunned. At this moment, he had already focused his gaze. He opened his eyes wide, and couldn’t believe the scene in front of him. Following this, he struggled to use his hands to support his body and crawl towards Wang Qiu’er with all his strength.

“Dong’er, Dong’er, Dong’er! How are you? Dong’er!” 
Everyone else stood quietly at the side. At this moment, they didn’t know how to comfort Huo Yuhao. Even though they could guess what had happened, they didn’t want to believe it was the truth.

Wang Qiu’er also appeared to be in a daze as she carried Wang Dong’er. Tears streamed down her cheeks and dripped onto Wang Dong’er’s body.

Finally, Huo Yuhao crawled over in front of her. He tugged at her pants and wanted to get up to see Wang Dong’er.

Wang Qiu’er squatted down and passed Wang Dong’er to Huo Yuhao.

Right now, Wang Dong’er wasn’t breathing. However, her eyes were wide open. Even though she was already dead, Huo Yuhao could still see the reluctance and yearning in her eyes. “Dong’er,  Dong’er...”  Huo  Yuhao  peered  into  the  sky  and wailed tragically. His hysterical voice echoed loudly in the air. Tears flowed down his face; he had broken down completely now.

What happened? What happened after the projection disappeared?


“There’s no conclusion from this duel between the two of you. Since this is the case, we’ll use another method. Huo Yuhao is on the brink of death right now. He’ll survive as long as one of you is willing to sacrifice your life for his. However, you must remember that he might end up with the other person if he survives and you die. This means that you might grant your love rival her wish if you sacrifice your life to save him. The two of you only have three seconds to decide.”

Wang Qiu’er was in a daze. She subconsciously looked at Wang Dong’er, and was stunned. 
There was a pair of milky-white hands that radiated fearlessness….

There was a pair of eyes that yearned for life and love…

There was a sorrow that carried a sense of reluctance…

There was a natural stroke of decisiveness that gave no regard for anything else….

There wasn’t any hesitation. There was no delay or waiting. It was just for Huo Yuhao, so that he could escape danger a second earlier.


Wang Dong’er’s pressed her milky-white hands against her forehead, and a blinding golden light shone. Her Radiant Butterfly Goddess’ wings instantly changed into countless spots of light before dissipating.

She wasn’t looking at the sky, but at Wang Qiu’er. There was a look of pleading and exhortation in her eyes. There was also a strong look of reluctance…

“Dong’er!” Wang Qiu’er shouted, and she turned into a beam of flowing light before charging towards Wang Dong’er. She grabbed Dong’er before she collapsed to the ground.

Wang Dong’er didn’t hold back as she attempted suicide. At this moment, there was no longer any vibrancy in her eyes. Blood oozed out from her pores too. However, there was also a tinge of satisfaction in her eyes even though she was reluctant.

“I… have… won…”

Tears flowed uncontrollably from Wang Qiu’er’s eyes at this moment.  “You’ve  won.  Yes.  You’ve  won.  Dong’er,  Dong’er, don’t die… you…” Wang Dong’er smiled, but didn’t shut her eyes. She looked into the sky instead, at the figure that had retracted his golden trident. She also looked at Huo Yuhao, who still hadn’t risen to his feet.

The bluish-gold figure holding the trident seemed to be staring back at her. The light from his body dimmed, and he silently vanished from the sky.

Wang Dong’er was trying to look at Huo Yuhao, even though she was slowly losing her life. However, she still couldn’t bear to shut her eyes even as she was about to die. She still wanted to take a last look at Huo Yuhao.

I really want to be your wife…

I really want to be with you every moment…

I really want to bear our kids…

I really want to love you forever… I really want to…

The shiny beads of tears in her eyes also seemed to turn powdery-blue as they streamed down Wang Dong’er’s cheeks…

Wang Qiu’er was in a daze as she lifted Dong’er up. Her tears continuously fell onto Wang Dong’er’s clothes. As she watched Wang Dong’er slowly lose her life, she knew that she had lost.

“You win. You love him more than me. You can be completely selfless for him. At that moment, I actually wished that you would die for him so that I could be with him. I don’t feel maligned losing to you. However, why am I in so much pain? Dong’er, I should be the one who’s dying. I’ve lost. I’ve really, completely lost this time. You died for him, and I can’t bring myself to lie to him. I’ve lost, and you’ve won. He’ll only love one person in his entire life. It’ll never change...”

Boundless golden light descended from the sky and quickly engulfed them. In the next moment, the stars realigned, and time was distorted.

“She won. She used her life to tell me that she loves you more than me. She won.” Wang Qiu’er was smiling bitterly as she stood up. Her body trembled as she turned around and walked away step by step. She walked toward the boundless golden world.

No one stopped her. No one could stop her.

No one had expected that the person to perish in this Yin- Yang Love Querying Valley would eventually be Wang Dong’er.

Huo Yuhao hugged Wang Dong’er’s body tightly. He only felt that his heart had left with her. At this moment, the others were surrounding him. Bei Bei squatted down and softly clasped Huo Yuhao’s shoulder.

However, no one was able to say any comforting words. Xiao Xiao and Jiang Nannan were already crying miserably.

Dong’er’s dead. Dong’er’s actually dead… she’s dead because she wanted Yuhao to remain alive… Suddenly, Huo Yuhao lifted his head and opened his eyes wide. He shouted, “Dong’er isn’t dead. Dong’er isn’t dead. This, this is the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley. You can revive her, right? Right?” Huo Yuhao looked into the sky. After this, he placed Wang Dong’er down beside him and crawled forward a bit before starting to kowtow.

“Please, please, revive Dong’er. I’m willing to exchange my life and spirit for hers. Please…”

He was crying his guts out at this moment. In just a few kowtows, Huo Yuhao’s forehead was already bruising and bleeding.

Xu Sanshi wanted to go forward to pull him up, but he was stopped by Bei Bei. Bei Bei knew that this was the only way in Huo Yuhao’s eyes.

The entire place suddenly lit up. Wang Qiu’er was dragged back by an irresistible force. Different streaks of light illuminated everyone’s bodies, sealing them all. At this point, the indifferent voice that everyone was afraid of echoed forth.

“Dai Huabin, have you realized what you truly want after going through so much?”

Dai Huabin was stunned. He lifted his head into the sky and replied, “I just want to be with my Lulu. Nothing else matters.” Zhu Lu’s injuries left him grief-stricken. However, he felt that he was very fortunate as he looked at Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er. At least Zhu Lu was still alive…

“You were drawn by beauty, but you managed to find yourself in the end. This shows that affection is important to you. You’ve passed your Sincerity Adventure round, and you’ll be rewarded. Your reward will be a Substitution of Love. You can choose to move Zhu Lu’s injuries to your own body to fully heal her. If you don’t want to, you can choose to increase both yours and Zhu Lu’s soul power by five ranks.”

After hearing the the voice, Dai Huabin’s eyes lit up. “I choose to accept the Substitution of Love. Please begin.” After hearing until here, even Huo Yuhao lifted his head. He was surprised as he looked at Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu. Substitution of Love. If there’s such a thing, does it mean I can substitute my own life for Dong’er’s? He suppressed his sorrow and hugged Wang Dong’er tightly as he watched Dai Huabin and Zhu Lu’s bodies change.

A streak of golden light flashed by and landed on their bodies. Something strange occurred instantly. Dai Huabin’s right arm vanished like melting ice, while Zhu Lu’s right arm was slowly growing out. She was also trembling slightly.

Dai Huabin seemed to be in great pain, but he didn’t even look at his right arm. He only grit his teeth and bore the pain.

It wasn’t just his right arm that was experiencing changes. His face was also experiencing changes… it was starting to rot!

Dai Huabin lowered his head to look at Zhu Lu. Seeing that her injuries were slowly healing, the look in his eyes turned gentler even though he was perspiring from the intense pain. Suddenly, the golden lights that engulfed them became stronger before vanishing along with the two of them.

“Xu Sanshi, you were willing to give up your future as a soul master for love. It’s very touching. You are also filled with kindness. You’ve passed your Sincerity Adventure round. I believe you’ve already obtained the best reward that you could possibly get.”

Xu Sanshi’s gaze shifted away from Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er.  He  nodded  and  said,  “Yes,  I’ve  obtained  the  best reward. I’ll treasure Nannan in the future.”

“Jiang Nannan, you’ve also rid yourself of the trauma in your heart. You are gentle and kind, but you couldn’t fulfill your filial duties because of what happened to you. But Xu Sanshi fulfilled them for you, and thus you’ve also passed. Compared to Xu Sanshi’s complete awakening of his Xuanwu, your reward will be less grand. Your soul power will be increased to Rank 60. You can go and find a suitable soul ring now.”

A huge beam of golden light descended from the sky and engulfed them. Jiang Nannan also lit up with white halos. As the light flashed, the two of them disappeared. 
Rewards. They all passed, and are being rewarded.

The sorrow in Huo Yuhao’s eyes slowly turned into hope. When will it be my turn? When will it be our turn? I don’t want anything else but to revive Dong’er... 
“Zhang Lexuan,” the voice said.

“Yes?”  Zhang Lexuan lifted her head to peer into the sky.
There was a confused look in her eyes.

“Love  is  never  a  punishment.  However,  you’ll  only  hurt yourself if you indulge in a love without an outcome. You’ll also receive the best reward possible; an opportunity to forget. Go and find your true love.”

A golden light flashed, and Zhang Lexuan disappeared.

“Ning Tian, Wu Feng.”

Ning Tian and Wu Feng were standing side by side right now.
They lifted their heads to look into the sky.

“Dying for love and walking away from the pain. The two of you have passed your Sincerity Adventure rounds. The reward that you are going to get is going to be quite heavy, thus the two of you will share one reward. This reward will solve all your problems. Ning Tian, you’ll be a man from today onward. Go.”

Two beams of golden light shone at the same. Ning Tian and Wu Feng were shocked as they looked at each other before they were taken away.

Ning Tian’s familial pressure would be greatly alleviated if she were a man. In addition, the dilemma that she and Wu Feng faced in their relationship could also be resolved. After going through the three rounds, this was what she wanted too. Changing her gender was indeed the best way to solve the root of their problems.

“Bei Bei!”

“If I’m going to get a reward, I want Xiao Ya!”  Bei Bei said eagerly.

“You barely passed your Sincerity Adventure round, as your lover isn’t around. This was also the reason why it was easier for you to pass. You’ve already received your reward. Remember, there are clues in everything you’ve seen. You’ll have three opportunities to release the final glow to inquire of other people. Go.”

Before Bei Bei could say anything, a golden light flashed, and he was dragged away and vanished.

Everyone’s situation was indeed different. At this point, the only people left were He Caitou, Xiao Xiao, Huo Yuhao, Wang Qiu’er, and Wang Dong’er.

Huo Yuhao pursed his lips tightly, and felt his forehead swelling. There were even some bloodstains on his forehead. Considering how strong his body was, he must have kowtowed strongly...

The voice echoed again, but it didn’t call Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er.

“He Caitou, Xiao Xiao.” He Caitou and Xiao Xiao looked into the sky at the same time. Xiao Xiao was holding onto He Caitou’s arm. Even though they knew that they weren’t going to be punished, Dong’er’s death still left them very tense. In this valley, they simply could not control their own destiny.

“Revealing  your  true  feelings  in  the  face  of  a  crisis.  He Caitou, the release of the knot in your heart is your reward. Are you content?”

He Caitou nodded forcefully and replied, “I am. However, can you revive Dong’er…?”

The voice seemed to ignore his request, “Xiao Xiao, you used your love to untie the knot in your lover’s heart. You deserve to be rewarded. He Caitou, reveal your original appearance as Xu He. This will be the greatest reward for Xiao Xiao. At the same time, Xiao Xiao’s soul power will be increased to Rank 60.”

A beam of golden light descended from the sky and engulfed both of their bodies. He Caitou’s appearance started to transform strangely. As his face contorted, he slowly turned into someone else. His skin was still tan, and he was still bald. However, he now had bushy eyebrows and huge eyes, and his overall look was very charming.

This was the true He Caitou! He was actually Xu He, but he had used a secret technique of the previous dynasty to alter his appearance!

Xiao Xiao was in a daze as she looked at He Caitou. She was a little stunned, and asked, “So you are actually this handsome?”

He Caitou laughed bitterly. “In fact, I’d already forgotten how I looked. Since the knot in my heart has been untied, then let me regain my own appearance. It no longer matters if I’m recognized. I’ll be me, and I’m Xu He. However, I’ll always be your He Caitou too. Xiao Xiao, I promise you that I won’t hide anything from you from today on.”

“Okay.” Xiao Xiao nodded, but she was still a little worried when she looked at Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong’er. Among Shrek’s Seven Monsters, she shared the best relationship with Wang Dong’er. They had grown up together, and had been together ever since they entered Shrek Academy. They had gone through too many things together. She wasn’t any less sad than Huo Yuhao over Wang Dong’er’s death. Right now, she was still very sorrowful.

However, both she and He Caitou vanished as golden lights flashed, before she managed to make any requests.

At this point, only Huo Yuhao, Wang Dong’er, and Wang Qiu’er were left in this place.

Wang Qui’er was still a little stunned. Her eyes were lifeless, as if she had lost her spirit. Huo Yuhao’s forehead was bruised, and he was shuddering slightly. This was a testament to how tense he felt right now.

“Huo Yuhao, Wang Dong’er, Wang Qiu’er. Your three fates are closely interlinked. However, true love is always mutual, and it can only be between two parties. That’s why only two of you can get together eventually. Wang Dong’er is already dead. Huo Yuhao, are you willing to give your love to Wang Qiu’er and love her properly in the future?”

“No, I’m not. I only want Dong’er to be revived. Please revive Dong’er. No matter what you do to me, I hope you can revive Dong’er.” Huo  Yuhao’s  voice  was  still  trembling.  He  was sobbing heavily, and tears flowed down his face uncontrollably.

“The death of one person is a win-win situation for all three of you. At least one person will be spared the pain. Isn’t this good?  Don’t  be  obstinate.”  The  indifferent  voice  sounded  a little angry.

“No, it’s not good at all. I only want Dong’er, and I only love her. If you are unwilling to revive her, then kill me too. Even if I go to another world, I want to be with her. I don’t ever want to separate from her.”

Huo Yuhao hugged Wang Dong’er tightly and stuck his face close to hers. He already seemed to be very dazed as his tears fell onto Wang Dong’er’s cheeks. At this point, the fear and sorrow in his heart slowly diminished. If Wang Dong’er was dead, he would choose to die. If Wang Dong’er was alive, he would remain alive. While this Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley could decide a person’s fate, there wasn’t much for him to be worried about after Wang Dong’er’s death, since his heart had already died with her. Wang Qiu’er suddenly lifted her head and shouted, “I’m the one who should be dead! Let me die in exchange for Dong’er’s life. In this way, they can be together. I shouldn’t have appeared in their lives. I affected them. Just let me die. Let me die!”

The indifferent voice went silent. It seemed to be thinking, or rather, hesitating.

Huo Yuhao lifted his head to look at Wang Qiu’er. He took in a deep breath and shook his head slightly. He said, “No, Qiu’er, you didn’t do anything wrong. You never did anything wrong at all. I was the one in the wrong. I hurt both you and Dong’er. Now that things have come to this stage, you must live well. Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley, does it mean that we are all entitled to a reward since we’ve reached this stage?”

“That’s  right.  However,  the  dead  person  will  not  be rewarded.” The Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley answered.

Huo Yuhao nodded and said, “Alright, I shall not plead for you to revive Dong’er. Instead, I hope that you can make Qiu’er forget me and everything that happened between the three of us. Can you do that? After that, let us leave this place.” 
“Forgetting  everything  might  be  a  good  thing  at  times.
However, are you willing, Wang Qiu’er?”

Wang Qiu’er shook her head with strength and replied, “No, I don’t want to forget. I would rather bear this pain than forget this experience. This is the most painful yet unforgettable memory of my life. Whether I’m dead or alive, I want to preserve this memory. Don’t take it away!”

“Ahhhhh… there will never be happiness in a love triangle.
Alright, I’ll grant both of your wishes, since this is the case.”

A beam of golden light descended from the sky and shone on Wang Qiu’er’s body first. In the next moment, she had already vanished.

Following this, another beam of white light shone on Wang Dong’er’s body. Huo Yuhao could clearly sense the warmth from this beam of white light.

“Wang Dong’er sacrificed herself for love. Her utterly fearless spirit is commendable. I’ll revive her. However, you must remember today’s lesson and hold fast to your words, Huo Yuhao. Otherwise, you’ll face tougher tests in the future. You’ll need to be even tougher than this. Do you understand?”

After hearing that the Love Querying Valley was willing to revive Dong’er, Huo Yuhao was suddenly full of energy. He started to become very excited, and nodded his head desperately. His tears immediately stopped flowing.

“Death is sometimes not scary. The path that you’re going to take is destined to be tough. Do your best.”

Wang Dong’er’s rigid body slowly became softer. Her complexion slowly regained its color too, and her chest also started to rise and fall. Her life energy was restored under the nourishment of that beam of white light.

Huo Yuhao only felt that he had never felt so weak before. Wang Dong’er’s death to her resurrection tortured him more than the three tests he had had to go through earlier.

Seeing that Wang Dong’er was slowly recovering, he hugged her body as if he were holding a treasure. He was choking with his sobs.

After a brief moment, Wang Dong’er’s breathing became normal again, and her face regained its rosy color.

Alive, my Dong’er is alive!

Huo Yuhao finally smiled. At this moment, he only felt that Wang Dong’er was the most beautiful thing in this world.

“Eh...” the indifferent voice suddenly sighed. At this moment, it seemed to become slightly more emotional.

Huo Yuhao had been in a very tense state for a long time. After hearing this sigh, he reacted quickly and blurted out, “What’s wrong?”

“There’s a problem with Wang Dong’er’s resurrection.”  The voice sounded even more helpless.
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