The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 991-1000

Chapter 991 - Leave Application: Success

Chapter 991: Leave Application: Success

Tang Wulin exhaled and stretched his body. He went to have a meal upon leaving the cabin.

He spotted Jiang Wuyue at first glance when he arrived at the canteen. Jiang Wuyue was surrounded by a boisterous crowd as they were completely
engaged in a conversation.

Tang Wulin walked over in long strides and patted Jiang Wuyue’s back.

“Brother, having a meal huh?” Jiang Wuyue immediately smiled when he turned around and saw that it was Tang Wulin.

The other close combat soldiers who surrounded Jiang Wuyue smiled upon seeing Tang Wulin. They were smiling with admiration and respect.

Tang Wulin was only a second lieutenant, but he had worked together with Jiang Wuyue to resist the enemy in a recent battle. The memory of how
Tang Wulin amplified the soldiers’ abilities through his Golden Dragon Rage Domain was still fresh in their minds.

The army would always be a place that respected its powerhouses. The more powerful a person was, the more popular he or she would be in the army, especially in a place like the Blood God Army. Tang Wulin’s ability
reduced the fatalities of that battle by at least two thirds. How could he not be respected by these soldiers?

“What’re you discussing here? Sounds interesting,” said Tang Wulin with a smile.

Jiang Wuyue answered, “We’re talking about competition in the Star Dou Battle Network. The battle in which the third battalion commander lost to his opponent. The third battalion commander’s close combat skill is the top in our battalion, yet his opponent’s skill is on par with his. Moreover, the opponent’s martial soul is more incisive as well. The third battalion
commander was eliminated after the second round. He’s so depressed he won’t even eat.”

Tang Wulin felt his chest tightened while his lips twitched gently. However, he was smart enough not to say anything but spoke smilingly, “Let’s go and have our meal. Tell me more about it.”

After the meal, Tang Wulin and Jiang Wuyue sat together.

“Tell me, that was you, right?” Jiang Wuyue stared at Tang Wulin with a burning gaze.

Tang Wulin spoke with a bitter smile, “If the third battalion commander you mentioned used a long saber, then I’m afraid it’s true.”

Jiang Wuyue stared at Tang Wulin in bewilderment, “So, it was you? It really was you? How’s that possible? You’re skilled in mecha control as well? Are you even human?”

Tang Wulin coughed. “I’ve trained in it before. Please keep this an absolute secret between us.”

Jiang Wuyue coughed. “It’s been long while since I’ve had a meal from window number one.”

Tang Wulin’s expression stiffened. “What a guy!”

Jiang Wuyue sniggered. “Remember you used to prank me in the beginning? I’ll only have one portion and nothing more. It’s time for me to develop my body!”

“You’re thirty years old, why would you want to develop your body
anymore?” Tang Wulin was teasing but he still bought a portion for Jiang Wuyue. At the same time, he swore that he would not tell the truth in the future. “What did you do?” Jiang Wuyue asked Tang Wulin while they were eating.

Tang Wulin answered, “Spear’s consciousness. I channeled my spear’s
consciousness into the mecha. Although he could stop my attack, he was still affected so long as his willpower and spiritual power were not strong
enough. Furthermore, I still had other tricks up my sleeve. Had you been in his place at the time, it would be quite difficult for me to affect you with my spear’s consciousness.”

Jiang Wuyue nodded gently but his lips cracked into a bitter smile. “I’m not so good at operating the mecha. You know my size is almost that of a mecha when I unleash my martial soul at full force. Hence, there’s no mecha that is suitable for me. I’ve no choice but to remain as I’m now.”

Tang Wulin could not help smiling. It was a problem he would need to face as well because of his Overlord Dragon martial soul. However, there was not much of a difference between his body’s strength and a mecha’s.

Both cultivation and competition had now become the focus in Tang Wulin’s life. He would spend the next two weeks in cultivation and competition every day.

The Star Dou Battle Network was a quintessential form of actual combat which did not take life and death into consideration. So, it was extremely helpful to Tang Wulin. It had given Tang Wulin an opportunity to practice his mecha operating skills.

The west division’s overall ability was definitely the weakest in the entire Federation with the exception of the Blood God Army. Tang Wulin was frequently matched with an opponent from the Blood God Army. The intensity of the battles he was engaged in was the most powerful on the
entire continent considering that it was still at the preliminary stage.

The probability of being matched to an opponent from a nearby division was rather high in the competition.

The electronic voice finally made an announcement when Tang Wulin defeated his eighth opponent in the mecha battles. “The west division’s elimination tournament has ended. You’ve already qualified for the following round-robin tournament. There is a total of sixty- four contestants, which will be divided into eight groups, participating in the round-robin tournament. The final four contestants from each group will be the winners. The rank will not be taken into account for the final thirty- two contestants. The contestants will enter the Federation’s finals directly.”

It was meant to save time and labor. Tang Wulin would be taking part in seven round-robin tournaments where he might end up being one of the thirty-two finalists which would qualify him for the finals.

Tang Wulin won eight competitions consecutively, both in the soul master battles and the mecha battles. He did not encounter any opponent that was
especially powerful, the most powerful opponent being just a Soul Emperor.

His martial soul and bloodline fusion had been completed amid the battles he engaged in as well as his cultivation practice during this period. The
crystal core in his soul power vortex was becoming more obvious, so he was just a step behind the formation of his soul core.

“You have three days rest. After your rest, you will enter the round-robin stage of the tournament.”

Tang Wulin felt his chest warming after finding out he had three days off for rest and recuperation. ‘Should I apply for leave so I can take a break?’

Consequently, Tang Wulin looked for Blood One immediately.

“You wish to apply for a leave of absence?” Blood One darted Tang Wulin a look.

Tang Wulin had a hopeful expression. “I’ve been here for quite a while.
Besides, you’ve yet to approve my military rank promotion. Coincidentally, the elimination round of the tournament has ended and I managed to win in both types of battles. I’ve outperformed in my mission, so to speak. Can you please grant me two days leave so I can go visit the Fire Basin? Think of it as me taking leave for relaxation.” Blood One pondered for a moment before he spoke, “Alright then. Come back quick.”

“Thank you, sir.” Tang Wulin was overjoyed for he could finally visit Gu Yuena after being here for almost two months. Could he be any happier than this?

Tang Wulin left Blood One’s office hurriedly. He immediately dialed Gu Yuena’s soul communicator’s number.

“Gu Yue, I can visit you at last. Wait for me, I’ll be departing in a moment and be over as soon as I can. I should be there in about three hours.” There was no need for him to climb for this trip since he could fly back with his two-word battle armor.

“That’s splendid, father. I’ll wait for you.” Gu Yuena sounded like she was shaking from all the excitement.

Tang Wulin did not procrastinate and proceeded to unleash his two-word battle armor as soon as he left the barracks. He spread his wings and flew into the sky as he glided toward the Fire Basin.

The wind was bitter cold in the mountains. The cold pierced his body akin to knives yet the cold barely affected Tang Wulin with his dense and powerful blood essence. His golden wings spread out and made him appear as if he was a golden bird soaring in the sky. He flew past the mountain peaks underneath him as he glided into the distance at lightning speed.

The feeling of flying was truly amazing. In addition, he managed to save a lot of time! Tang Wulin flapped his wings strenuously once and accelerated once again. This was the advantage of using a two-word battle armor. There was a world of difference when compared to the one-word battle armor.

Finally, the Fire Basin was in his sight. The temperature in his surroundings was rising obviously. Tang Wulin retracted his wings and prepared for his landing. He did not intend to land in the Fire Basin because the military troops were stationed there. It would be unfortunate for him in case of a misunderstanding.

He retrieved some regular clothes from his storage ring and doffed his military uniform. Tang Wulin then dashed excitedly toward the Fire Basin for he was eager to be home at present.

Chapter 992 - Father, Let’s Go Home

Chapter 992: Father, Let’s Go Home

The closer he got, the more he longed for Gu Yuena.

Relying on his memory for directions, he charged into the basin and
sprinted toward the little yard he rented earlier. He had almost reached it
when an emerald light suddenly flashed and a spot of light flew toward him.

Tang Wulin smiled faintly. He swiped his hand and caught the Emerald Demon Bird that had flown toward him.

The Emerald Demon Bird squawked twice with dissatisfaction, but it was ignored by Tang Wulin.

He had left Gu Yuena alone here. The Emerald Demon Bird was the reason why he was not worried that she would be in trouble. The combat strength of the Emerald Demon Bird was definitely more powerful than a Soul Emperor. If he had not donned his battle armor, he might not have been able to fend it off. With its protection of Gu Yuena, he naturally had nothing to fear.

At the door to the small courtyard, Gu Yuena stood there waiting in her gown. She was getting a little impatient until she saw Tang Wulin. She immediately ran out of the door. Like a swallow returning to a familiar embrace, she threw herself into Tang Wulin’s arms.

“Father, I miss you so!” Gu Yuena hugged Tang Wulin tightly.

Tang Wulin hugged her delicate frame as well. He smelled the sweet fragrance that came from her. He immediately felt the exhaustion in his body vanish in an instant. Tang Wulin hugged her tightly. How could he not miss her? When he realized that she had not regained her memory, he heaved a sigh of relief. However, he quickly resented himself for having such feelings.

He hoped that she would stay by his side. However, if she did not have her past memory, she would not be her true self. Chances are, once she regained her memory, she would most likely leave him.

Back then, when Tang Wulin still had the support of Shrek Academy, Gu Yuena left him without even looking back. Without any such backing now, his situation was as precarious as a stack of eggs. He reckoned that she was worried that she would be a burden to him.

He caressed her long, smooth hair and enjoyed her fragrance. Tang Wulin gradually cast away all thoughts in his mind. In any case, she was in his
embrace now. That was enough.

He planted a light kiss on her long hair. Tang Wulin loosened his arms around her and supported her shoulders.

Gu Yuena lifted her head to look at him. She looked healthy, her beautiful face was rosy, and her eyes were filled with longing.

He could not stop himself from kissing her forehead again. Tang Wulin said with a gentle tone, “How’re you these days? Have you been living well?”

Gu Yuena pouted her red lips. “You didn’t even come back once. How can I be well?”

Tang Wulin laughed hysterically and said, “Don’t get mad, okay? I’ll be back more often after this. If you’re lonely, you can take a walk around the basin, the security around here should be fine. However, it’s best if you
wear something with a hood when you go out and put on a mask as well. You’re so beautiful that it’s easy to stir up trouble just by having people looking at you.”

“Alright, alright. I will,” said Gu Yuena with a sweet smile. “Father, I want to eat barbequed meat.” Her gaze was earnest. “Okay.” Tang Wulin acceded to her request without hesitation.
They went to the barbeque shop, which they had visited before, and ordered some barbequed meat.

The owner still had fresh memories of Tang Wulin’s appetite. When he saw Gu Yuena removing her mask to reveal her peerlessly beautiful face, he
could not help but said with a smile, “It’s been a long time since you were here. Why aren’t you eating as much this time?”

Tang Wulin said with a smile, “My appetite has shrunk.” He was telling the truth. After he had his Dragon Core, his appetite had reduced noticeably.

The owner left them. Tang Wulin looked at Gu Yuena with curiosity. “You never came back after our last meal here?”

Gu Yuena nodded. “Of course not! When you weren’t around, I didn’t come.”

“So, what’ve you been eating all this while?” asked Tang Wulin.

Gu Yuena said, “Anything simple I can get my hands on. I’ll cook some simple meals at home. If I have the time, I’ll go for a walk and sightsee. Sometimes, I’ll play with Little Emerald.”

The Emerald Demon Bird landed on her shoulder. Upon hearing what Gu Yuena said, it nodded.

The barbequed meat was juicy and tender with a crispy finish. The
customers who tried the dish were full of praises for it. Although Tang Wulin did not need to eat as much anymore, he still could not help but ordered extra to satiate his taste and belly.

“Do you have anywhere else that you’d like to go? I’ll keep you company,” Tang Wulin asked Gu Yuena. Gu Yuena shook her head and proceeded to take his hand. “Father, let’s go home.”

Go home.

When Tang Wulin heard the words, for some unknown reason, his strong character buckled and his eyes moistened instantly.

Yes, go home!

He had not heard those words for a long time now. It has been almost ten years since his parents went missing without any news of their
whereabouts. No information about them ever reached his ears. He was completely clueless where they were.

Apart from his parents, Na’er was the only kin he had left. However, the Gu Yue before him right now seemed to have merged with Na’er, since she looked every bit like Na’er. There were countless riddles in his heart that needed solving, but he had no way of knowing the answers if Gu Yuena did not regain her memory. He was genuinely afraid that it would be something bad. He suspected that the reason Gu Yue left was somehow related to

Go home. Two extremely simple words which melted his heart instantly.

How he wished he had a home! It did not have to be big or luxurious. All he wanted was for his family members to be together just like old times. To have his father, mother, little sister, and now her by his side.

He held Gu Yuena’s hand tightly. He seemed worried that she might disappear at any moment. They walked toward their house in the Fire Basin.

The interior of the house was spotlessly clean. Gu Yuena pulled Tang Wulin to a chair and sat him down. Then, she sat on his lap. She wrapped her arms around his neck with a sweet, beautiful smile as she rested her body within his embrace. Her silvery hair was gently caressing Tang Wulin’s cheeks. She was filled with a longing for him.

She did not say anything. Slowly, her breathing became rhythmic.

Tang Wulin’s heart was filled with a gentle feeling. He carefully lifted her slender frame and placed her onto the bed. He tucked her in and lay down next to her. He caressed her face gently and closed his eyes as he, too, fell asleep gradually.

There was no inkling how much time had passed. Two drops of shiny tears fell silently along her cheeks. She opened her eyes slowly.

There was no longer the childlike clarity in her eyes. Her gaze was
currently as profound and deep as a cold sea. As she looked at him, she pressed her lips together. She softly raised her hand and placed her palm on his face.

She pulled on the blanket to cover him. Then, she wriggled herself into his embrace and placed his hand on her face. She planted her whole body into his warm embrace. After wiping off the tears on her face, she closed her
eyes once more and fell into a deep sleep.

Tang Wulin woke up early the next day. He bought breakfast for Gu Yuena. It was the beginning to a wonderful day together.

The Fire Basin was a vast place. There were many places that were worth visiting. During the whole day, he took her to a few tourist spots and had some delicious food along the way.

During the excursion, he did not wield his Golden Dragon Spear. He just wanted to take the opportunity to fully enjoy her company.

Time flew when one was having fun. Tang Wulin held Gu Yuena’s hand as they stood in the courtyard and looked up at the starry night sky.

“Gu Yue, I have to go,” said Tang Wulin gently.

“Don’t go.” Gu Yuena immediately hugged his waist. Tang Wulin laughed bitterly. “I don’t want to go either, but I have to. I’ll be back to visit you soon, alright? I’ll leave after you’re asleep.”

Gu Yuena did not say anything, but her eyes were red.

How could Tang Wulin’s heart not be filled with reluctance? Today could be regarded as the most relaxing and happiest day he had experienced ever since he knew Gu Yue. They had toured the scenic spots like a true couple. If they could spend every day like this, Tang Wulin would not even trade it for the chance to be a god!

“Let’s go back into the house. I’ll leave after you’re asleep.” Tang Wulin hugged Gu Yuena softly.

“No, I want to watch you leave.” Gu Yuena’s expression suddenly turned stubborn.

Tang Wulin was stunned. He looked down at her flickering tear-filled eyes. How could he part with such a look on her face?

“I’ll stay with you for a while longer.”

They sat in the courtyard and looked up at the stars in the night sky as they leaned on each other. Time passed by quickly. Finally, Gu Yuena fell asleep on Tang Wulin’s shoulders.

He gently carried her back into her room. Tang Wulin raised an arm and tapped on the Emerald Demon Bird’s head. “Take good care of her, will you?”

The Emerald Demon Bird’s red eyes blinked.

He lowered his head and hesitated slightly. In the end, Tang Wulin planted a light peck on her lips. He covered her snugly with a blanket.

When he was at the door, he could not help but turn around again. He returned to her side to kiss her one more time.

“I’m leaving.”

Chapter 993 - Yield

Chapter 993: Yield

Tang Wulin walked out of the house and took deep breaths to calm his
emotions. He shut the door before making his way out of the Fire Basin.

In front of the window, a pair of wet and bleary eyes were fixed on his receding back. The Emerald Demon Bird was perched on her shoulder as it curled its feathers slightly.

Silver light flickered, and her figure disappeared silently as well.

It was already late in the night when Tang Wulin reached the Blood God
Army. He returned to the dorms, but his mind was filled with her silhouette.

It was only after he produced his Golden Dragon Spear and felt the influence of the Spear’s Consciousness did he gradually ease into meditation.

Reluctance to let go led to anxiety. He was already looking forward to their next meeting.

As long as he could obtain good rankings from the competition to make his way up to the ranks of a major, he would be able to meet her often. ‘Work hard, I’ll have to work harder!’

The much-needed break and recuperation was a proper balance between work and rest. Tang Wulin felt motivated to work harder.

No matter how heavy the responsibility was upon his shoulders, the moment he saw Gu Yuena’s sweet and beautiful smile, he no longer felt
exhausted. In order to have a future in which he could stay with her forever, he would have to become powerful. When he could be powerful enough to stand at the world’s pinnacle, he would no longer need to fear anyone keeping him and Gu Yuena apart.

He cultivated the whole night. The next day, the competition continued.

Tang Wulin entered the Star Dou Battle Network. He noticed there were
additional changes on top of his head. The initial golden and silver arrows had been replaced with triangles which shone with increased brightness.

It probably meant that he had proceeded to the next stage of the competition in both the soul master and mecha competitions.

However, he noticed a distinct difference this time. When he passed by the crowd, they took notice of him after they saw the marks atop his head. Out of all the people he came across, there was only a handful who had two marks like him.

‘Can the others who did not join the competition enter this place?’

Tang Wulin was quick to notice that the number of people entering the western area of the stadium was definitely more than the number of

The round-robin and elimination rounds for both the soul masters’
competition as well as the mechas’ competition were held separately. The two different competitions would be held on alternate days.

There were sixty-four soul masters who made it to the round-robin of the soul masters’ competition. Half of them would then be eliminated.
However, the number of people he saw right now surpassed six hundred forty!

“Our esteemed round-robin contestants, in this stage of the competition, the west competition area will be open for observation. Anyone can watch the matches by paying a certain amount of Federation coins. You may also
watch the matches of other contestants. Ticket prices will depend on the location of the seats.” Simultaneously, a spectator’s price list popped up in front of a dumbstruck Tang Wulin.

‘They sure know how to make money…’

Tang Wulin was flabbergasted. What unscrupulous merchants! In the end, the Federation was the largest profiteer!

If the spectators had to pay to watch the matches at this stage, would it not be the same for the finals? Judging by the fact that the Star Dou Battle
Network had only been promoted recently, it would not rake in much profits for now. However, in the future, if the general public could gain access to the Star Dou Battle Network, the revenue generated for the Federation
would be an astronomical figure indeed. Once the Star Dou Network was launched across the entire Federation, even the Spirit Pagoda would not be able to compete in terms of monetary gain.

Tang Wulin was very smart. He quickly intuited the role the Battle Network would play in generating the profits. Its influence would inevitably increase in tandem with its popularity. The only hurdle was that the hardware was
still overly expensive at the moment. He reckoned that it would be difficult to promote it extensively for the time being.

Just when he was lost in his thoughts, the time for his match had come.

A light flashed and Tang Wulin noticed himself standing in the competition ground.

It was the same vast competition ground. He could faintly make out the large crowd sitting on the perimeter of the competition ground as they prepared to watch the match.

‘So people really do buy tickets to watch the matches!’ This was just like the competition organized by the Star Luo Empire back then. Moreover, the Battle Network could accommodate an unlimited crowd.

Tang Wulin’s opponent appeared opposite him far away. From the
appearance of his opponent, there was not much of a difference between them. However, Tang Wulin noticed something different from when he was in the elimination rounds. Their names were displayed!

In order for the spectators to recognize the contestants so they could follow the progress of their contestant of choice in the future, the organizers revealed the names of both contestants.

Obviously, the name that hung above Tang Wulin was ‘Little Tang’. When he looked at his opponent’s name, he nearly spat out a mouthful of blood.

Between Four-Six!

‘Isn’t Between Four-Six Jiang Wuyue?’ They had not met each other throughout the previous matches. However, they never thought that they
would be able to evade their fates. They were matched against each other in their very first match of the round-robin.

When Jiang Wuyue saw that his opponent was Tang Wulin, he could not refrain from swearing. ‘What kind of rotten luck is this?’

The electronic voice began counting down at this moment. It even counted more numbers than before. “Five, four, three, two, one. Begin!”

“I yield!”

A light flashed before him. Between Four-Six disappeared.

An electronic voice reached Tang Wulin’s ears immediately. “Your opponent, Between Four-Six has yielded. You’ve won the first match of the round-robin.”


Tang Wulin was at a loss for words for a while. Currently, the spectators
who had purchased tickets for this match were in an uproar. Naturally, Tang Wulin could not hear the barrage of curses being hurled at the organizers, but he could definitely understand the spectators’ outrage for having paid to watch such a match. In the next moment, Tang Wulin noticed that the spectators in the
competition ground vanished as if they had been sent away instantly. At the same time, he had also returned to his waiting area.

He located Jiang Wuyue, who had the words ‘Between Four-Six’ flickering above him, at first sight.

“Wuyue, why did you yield?” asked Tang Wulin, puzzled. They were now familiar with each other that they addressed each other by their names.

Jiang Wuyue said angrily, “What else can I do? Should I let you beat me up? I’m not a masochist, you know?”

Tang Wulin said with puzzlement, “What about the spectators? Didn’t they pay to watch the match?”

Jiang Wuyue said with a smile, “Don’t worry, the Federation foresaw such circumstances. If someone yields, the spectators will be transported to
another match. After all, everything is virtual. There is no limit to the number of spectators. I’m so depressed for having been paired against you in the very first match. You’ll have to treat me to lunch.”

Tang Wulin said gloomily, “It’s become a habit of yours to rob me in broad daylight, hasn’t it?”

Jiang Wuyue guffawed. “I can’t help it since you’re rich. How about you forge something for me? I’ll not pay you with merit points since it’ll be a waste anyway. I’ll treat you to a meal.”

Tang Wulin said with a smile, “I’ve always thought that you were an honest man. I see now that you’re a profiteer as well. Alright, what do you want?
I’ll forge it for you.”

Jiang Wuyue was not exactly depressed. Although he had lost one match, he could still proceed to the next round so long as he won at least four matches in the round-robin. He did not have to win the match against Tang Wulin. Besides, he was very confident in his strength. Tang Wulin won the first soul master match without having to fight. On the other hand, he had to face a troublesome opponent during his first mecha match.

As usual, the spectators came in great numbers. The words ‘Little Tang’ flickered above his head.

Tang Wulin picked the spear as his weapon of choice just like he did during the previous mecha matches. With his daily practices, his Spear’s
Consciousness had improved. However, It was still a long way to unleashing the Thousand Accusing Fingers, whether it was in terms of
cultivation base or understanding. In any case, he was cultivating correctly.

His opponent was operating a long-range mecha. However, it was different from the long-range mechas he fought before which used soul cannons.
This long-range mecha was armed with two large boomerangs.

Chapter 994 - Super Powerful Boomerangs

Chapter 994: Super Powerful Boomerangs

Two boomerangs were crossed on its back. They flickered with a faint silver glow.

It was Tang Wulin’s first experience with a mecha that used boomerangs as its weapons. The name which hovered above his opponent’s mecha was Ling Wuyue. It sounded like a real name and a female name at that.

“Five, four, three, two, one. Let the match begin!”

With the electronic countdown, the mecha battle began officially.

Ling Wuyue’s mecha raised both its arms simultaneously and grabbed the two boomerangs’ protruding tips at its shoulders. Then, it suddenly flung them in Tang Wulin’s direction.

The two boomerangs shot out quick as lightning. They drew two arcs in the air as they spun at high speed. They shot out toward the skies. At least, in the eyes of everyone, they were not flying toward Tang Wulin.

Although Ling Wuyue operated a long-range mecha, she did not attempt to increase the distance between them. Instead, she broke into a run-up as she sprinted furiously in a beeline toward Tang Wulin. Surprisingly, she was trying to close their distance.

Tang Wulin dared not slack off. He controlled his mecha so that it ran to meet his opponent. At the same time, he kept an eye on the boomerangs that were spinning at high speed in midair.

There was no need to test them. Tang Wulin knew that the direct attacking power of these two boomerangs was far greater than an ordinary soul cannon. The run-of-the-mill melee mecha’s protective barrier would not be able to withstand a direct hit.

The boomerangs were about four meters long each. Both edges of the boomerang came together to make an angle of more than a hundred and forty degrees at its center. The two edges and inner blade of the boomerangs were made of extremely sharp alloyed blades. The more terrifying aspect of these weapons was when they were flung out, their internal soul circuits provided a high-frequency vibration which gave them their extremely powerful cutting strengths. Combined with their weight and speed at which they were tossed by a mecha, their destructive powers were the most powerful among the standard weapons, if not among the long-range mecha weapons.

Naturally, it came with its problems as well. With its powerful destructive strength, it was extremely difficult to control. It was not easy to master the boomerang.

The huge boomerangs whistled through the air. Surprisingly, they did not fly at Tang Wulin immediately. While they spun at high speeds, the two boomerangs covered a wide area of attack collectively as one spun behind the other. The two mechas had gotten closer to each other.

Ling Wuyue’s mecha suddenly leaped up and curled in midair. It had decided to take to the air. At the same time, the thrusters behind its back began flickering slightly.

If it were a battle between soul masters, the one who leaped into the air first would be at a disadvantage. Unless the soul master was absolutely
confident in his or her own strength, it would be more difficult to balance one’s body in midair. However, it was not the case for mechas since mechas could fly. A mecha had multiple ways to adjust its position even in midair.

Tang Wulin stopped his mecha in its tracks. He remained where he stood and pointed forward with his spear. He intended to cope with the fast-
changing events by adhering to a fundamental principle. A massive boomerang approached him. With a deafening whistle, it reached Tang Wulin in the next instant after Ling Wuyue had leaped.

Tang Wulin pulled back the spear in his hands before strongly thrusting it
again. With his visual acuity and using the mecha’s computations, he aimed right at the boomerang’s core. The core was at the point where the two blades were conjoined. It was the origin of the boomerang’s force. Once it was destroyed, the boomerang would be affected for sure.

“Ding!” Amidst the crisp sound produced in the instant the boomerang and the spear met, a powerful rotating force immediately lifted Tang Wulin’s
spear. However, the boomerang itself scurried away like a startled little rabbit. Its attacking powers were not completely unleashed. It flew back into Ling Wuyue’s mecha’s hand as the mecha pounced on him.

Ling Wuyue’s mecha grabbed the boomerang with its right hand. Using the sharp edge, it slashed downward at Tang Wulin from the front while the other boomerang appeared behind Tang Wulin at this very moment. It was a pincer attack!

That was not all. A faint layer of air flow was released from Ling Wuyue’s body. A third boomerang suddenly appeared at the thoracoabdominal
section of her mecha which slashed horizontally toward Tang Wulin. On the third boomerang, there were clearly two yellow and three purple soul rings.

Her martial soul was surprisingly a boomerang!

The third boomerang appeared slightly smaller than the standard mecha weapons. However, there was no doubt that it posed the greatest threat to Tang Wulin. His opponent did not cut him any slack from the onset. She was a three-boomerang expert. Her unique fighting style astonished Tang Wulin, albeit he was flustered slightly.

His opponent’s attacks had seemingly covered all possible routes of
evasion. Not only that, all five soul rings on the third boomerang were flickering. It was impossible to tell which one it was about to unleash. Tang Wulin silently praised his opponent. He controlled his melee mecha to swerve to the side. He utilized his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track and retreated backward at an angle.

He had predetermined the direction. The frontal attack was undoubtedly the strongest. The destructive power of the boomerang behind him was equally powerful. He decided to evade the most powerful attacks first.

He flung his spear behind him. Infused with soul power, the spear glowed. He did not need to look at it. He used his judgment to repel the boomerang in the simplest way possible.

With a melee mecha and his soul power, Tang Wulin could still repel a boomerang.

However, he did not expect Ling Wuyue’s third boomerang to suddenly change at this moment.

The third boomerang that was her martial soul suddenly floated upward. She flung the boomerang in her hand and it collided lightly with the third boomerang. Like birds flying in different directions, they flew in opposite directions at the same time. The first soul ring on the martial soul boomerang shone brightly. Its speed increased tremendously, and it
appeared to have turned into an illusory shadow as it flew around Tang Wulin’s mecha. It immediately clashed with the boomerang that was about to collide with Tang Wulin’s spear. After the two boomerangs collided, they changed their trajectories again. Of the three boomerangs, two of them
came at Tang Wulin from awkward angles, such as his mecha’s armpit and head. Currently, Tang Wulin’s mecha and spear stopped abruptly at a spot that was void. Even his Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track could not stop him from staggering under such sudden changes.

‘This is bad!’ Tang Wulin squinted his eyes slightly. In a bout of helplessness, he could only unleash his martial soul.

Scores of Bluesilver Emperor vines swarmed out like bees. This was Tang Wulin’s first experience of being at a disadvantage until he was forced to use his martial soul to defend himself. “Puff! Puff!” The two standard boomerangs were parried by the extremely tensile Bluesilver Grass. However, the Bluesilver Emperor was also riddled with dents. Those were mecha weapons, after all. Although it had evolved into the Bluesilver Emperor, and Tang Wulin had used the Bluesilver
Overlord Transformation to enhance it, it was unable to fully withstand the strikes from the boomerangs which vibrated at high frequencies.

In any case, the strikes were parried by the Bluesilver Emperor.

However, at this very moment, Tang Wulin felt an immense threat which came from the third boomerang.

When he utilized his Bluesilver Emperor to form a defense barricade, the third boomerang should have been within the boundaries. However, the third boomerang seemed to have vanished. All traces of its sound or soul power shockwave had disappeared in an instant. It was nowhere to be seen.

Her boomerang had a soul skill which concealed its own aura. Tang Wulin engaged his thrusters without hesitation. He decided to charge toward Ling Wuyue’s direction. In the next instant, his acceleration halted abruptly.

There was a deafening sound caused by abrasive friction. The various instruments within Tang Wulin’s mecha flickered wildly.

His mecha’s protective barrier was destroyed, and the thrusters on its back were damaged by thirty percent. If he had been slightly slower, he reckoned that his pilot cockpit would have been cut open.

‘That’s powerful!’

Affected by the boomerang behind it, Tang Wulin’s forward-charging mecha slanted to one side and rolled sideways.

Ling Wuyue, who was currently in midair, accelerated instantly. She had also engaged her thrusters. Looking down from high above, she pounced right at Tang Wulin. The two boomerangs had surprisingly returned to her
mecha’s hands. Descending from the skies, the two boomerangs directly cut at Tang Wulin’s mecha. ‘She’s too powerful.’ Everything was within his opponent’s command. His opponent had gained complete control over the battlefield.

Tang Wulin had never faced such a powerful mecha master before. Were mecha battles not about suppressing the opponent with one’s own strength? How could there be such dexterous operating skills?

However, the more dangerous it was, the more Tang Wulin’s potential would be realized.

He tapped the ground with his alloy spear and flipped his body forcibly. At the same time, he unleashed his Bluesilver Emperor’s second soul skill.
Scores of Bluesilver Emperors rose from beneath him and formed a Bluesilver Emperor forest which protected his mecha.

Chapter 995 - Unreconciled To

Chapter 995: Unreconciled To

The Bluesilver Impaling Array with the enhancement of the Bluesilver Emperor Overlord Transformation was very powerful. The additional protection it granted was immense.

Just when Tang Wulin thought that he could take it easy for a while, he suddenly sensed danger approaching from an unknown source.

Without hesitating, he engaged his thrusters once more, and he dared not hold anything back. The Dragon Core within his body swiftly sank into and merged with his soul power vortex. All the Bluesilver Emperor vines had turned golden in an instant.

“Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding!” Hearing a series of quick, consecutive
colliding sounds, Tang Wulin was shocked when he realized that his huge patch of Bluesilver Emperor vines, which formed the Bluesilver Impaling Array, was being cut away. The boomerang with five soul rings flickering on it was already very close to him.

With the enhancement of his Dragon Core’s bloodline power, Tang Wulin’s Bluesilver Emperor vines could prevent themselves from being cut into two, but they were still flicked away from the impact of the boomerang. On the boomerang, the first, second and third soul ring shone brightly.
Surprisingly, His opponent was unleashing all three soul skills at once.

Nevertheless, the Golden Dragon King bloodline-infused Bluesilver Emperor was still tough, and it greatly weakened the powers of the boomerang. The terrifying destructive strength even made the air tremble. A warped glow shone around the boomerang.

Tang Wulin reversed the direction of his spear and thrust toward the boomerang. However, the boomerang’s fourth soul ring shone brightly in an instant.

The boomerang suddenly turned from silvery white in color to an incandescent hue. It was as if it was lit by a dazzling flame. Tang Wulin was incredulous when he saw that his mecha’s spear had instantly split into two upon touching the boomerang. Even the Bluesilver Emperor vines which
shot up swiftly under his control were all swatted away. The rapidly
spinning boomerang had reached his mecha in a blink. Its target was the control room he was in.

‘This is too much!’

Fortunately, Ling Wuyue’s mecha was hindered by the Bluesilver Impaling Array and dared not close in on him. Otherwise, Tang Wulin would not have had a spare arm to deal with her.

The boomerang flickering with incandescent light emanated a peerless aura, and the air around it was intensely distorted. Although it was unable to cut the Bluesilver Emperor vines that had been infused with the Golden Dragon King bloodline power, its innate, unusual vibrating force was able to swat
away the vines. It had only slowed down ever so slightly when it reached Tang Wulin.

Only half of the spear was left in his hands and the boomerang was upon him. He could not dodge it. The sound from the damaged thrusters was echoing through Tang Wulin’s ears.

The spectators were already cheering. Everyone was certain they were witnessing a melee mecha’s imminent defeat.

At the same time, they were also deeply impressed by the boomerang mecha master. It was simply mind-blowing for someone to be able to use boomerangs with such masterful skill.

However, at this moment, nobody heard the sigh coming from inside Tang Wulin’s mecha control room.

“Clang!” Tang Wulin’s mecha control room’s protective barrier shattered. A golden claw reached out from within the control room.

Compared to the more than five-meter-long boomerang, this claw was not that large nor did it have the majestic aura of its opponent. However, the instant the boomerang reached him, the claw clenched. With a crisp ‘clang!’, the flickering incandescent boomerang…came to an abrupt halt!

Time seemed to have stopped in that instant. The expressions of the
spectators who had thought that the outcome of the battle had been decided froze.


What was going on? Why did a hand reach out from the insides of the mecha and stop the attack in this mecha battle?

It was a common tactic to block an attack with the mecha’s protective barrier and alloy armor. However, this was their first time seeing someone breaking their own mecha’s defenses to block the attack with their hand!

Ling Wuyue’s long-range mecha stopped in midair. The glow of the boomerang intensified. However, regardless of how strongly it flickered, it could not break free of the much smaller Golden Dragon Claw.

‘I didn’t want to have to do this!’ Tang Wulin sighed inwardly. In the next moment, a towering figure appeared behind his melee mecha.


“My god, what is that?” The spectators’ stand broke out in a series of surprised exclamations. Ling Wuyue’s mecha tossed out the two boomerangs without hesitation.

However, the gigantic figure, more than sixty-meters tall, had no intention of blocking the boomerangs as they drew closer. It allowed them to hit itself, and the two boomerangs bounced off its body like toys.

The immense figure suddenly accelerated and roared in Ling Wuyue’s direction. The furious, deafening roar rocked the entire competition ground, blocking out all other sounds. Long Wuyue’s long-range mecha seemed stunned. In the next moment, the gigantic figure’s tail swept across the battleground
and lashed mercilessly against Ling Wuyue’s mecha. “Boom!”
Ling Wuyue was truly unprepared for this. As one of the Blood God
Army’s ace mecha masters, she was an expert in mecha operating who lived up to the name.

However, she was only allowed to use a basic mecha that was standard for this competition. It had limited soundproofing qualities, and it did not allow her to unleash her true strength.

She could only look on as her own mecha was shattered, and she was sent out of the competition.

From its appearance to the end of the match, the Overlord Dragon had been on the competition ground for no more than ten seconds. However, those ten short seconds were enough to raise the same thought in all the
spectators’ heads.

‘Unfair! This is definitely unfair!’

He was clearly at a disadvantage in the mecha battle. However, he had relied on this terrifying giant beast that came out of nowhere. This was a mecha battle! Yet, what Little Tang used was not a mecha’s power.

Tang Wulin was also helpless. He understood that he was no match for his opponent in terms of mecha operating. However, it was not really unfair in some sense. What truly threatened him was his opponent’s martial soul and not the standard boomerangs. Normal boomerangs could not possibly tear his Bluesilver Emperor vines.

However, no matter the outcome, he genuinely admired this opponent of his. This was his first time being pushed to a tight corner since the start of the
competition. The opponent he met today was truly formidable. Not only did she have great control over her mecha, it was more important to note that her martial soul was also a force to be reckoned with. The combination of the two high-frequency vibrating boomerangs and her martial soul boomerang was akin to an arm directing the fingers. From the start of the match, she had been dominating Tang Wulin until the end. Her third boomerang was also used with great dexterity and preternatural swiftness.

Even though Tang Wulin had been very cautious, he could not unleash his untested spearing techniques.

Tang Wulin had noticed his own problems and shortcomings. Even though he was booed by many, he still felt incomparable relief. He never thought that a person could hone her skills to such an extent. He had been sparing no effort in trying to master the Thousand Accusing Fingers, but now it
seemed that his methods had been too routine. Spearing techniques were not all about marching forward bravely. Before he could do that, he first had to further strengthen his own grasp of the basics.

Having thoroughly thought about all this, Tang Wulin quickly disconnected from the Star Dou Battle Network after he had exited the competition space.

After he had returned to the dorm, he grabbed his Golden Dragon Spear and ran to the army’s training grounds. He suddenly realized that there were
some areas in which he needed more practice.

Wearing a military uniform which covered her pretty figure, Ling Wuyue’s expression was extremely sour.

In a round-robin tournament, it was nothing to lose a single battle.
However, this loss that she suffered made her feel particularly aggrieved.

Chapter 996 - Refuse to Concede Defeat

Chapter 996: Refuse to Concede Defeat

That huge creature looked familiar to her. Its strength was so terrifying. If she had been operating her own mecha, she was confident that she could put up a fight against it. However, not only were the offensive and defensive powers of the standard mecha weak, it was no match for her own mecha in terms of speed as well. She had no chance whatsoever to dodge the attack before she was destroyed by her opponent.

‘That guy had no shame at all!’

Also, the fellow had caught her boomerang with his bare hand. What was his hand made of? It was well-known that her boomerang’s attacking power was certainly one of the strongest among martial souls of the same rank.

Using her own judgment, she understood that she did not lose in terms of mecha, but on her martial soul. Her opponent must have been an expert with a twin martial soul.

In the moment she spent thinking, she recalled why the huge creature seemed so familiar.

“Jiang Wuyue!” she muttered through gritted teeth. Ling Wuyue strode toward the outside.

Two bars and two stars stuck out boldly on her shoulder. She was a lieutenant colonel.

“Jiang Wuyue, where are you?” She ignored the military officers who greeted her in the Star Dou Battle Network area and dialed Jiang Wuyue’s number. “What’s the matter?” From the sound of his tone, Jiang Wuyue’s was clearly irritated.

“There’s something we need to talk about. Where are you now?” Ling Wuyue took a deep breath and managed to suppress her burning rage.

“Am I supposed to always be at your beck and call? Why should I come to see you?” said Jiang Wuyue, annoyed.

“Do you have a death wish?!” Ling Wuyue finally erupted. “I’ll give you one minute to come before me immediately. If you don’t, I won’t be merciful on you. I’ll challenge you to a mecha battle every day in front of your men. You think I’m lying?”

“Hah, I don’t even use mechas. I’m not afraid of you!” Jiang Wuyue said indifferently.

“So you say. Just you wait. I’ll head over to your battalion right now. I’d like to see if anyone among them is strong enough to stop me.” Saying this, Ling Wuyue prepared to end the call.

“Hey, hey, hey! Alright, alright. What are you getting so worked up about? Where are you? I’ll come to see you,” said Jiang Wuyue helplessly.

Although he truly did not want to meet Ling Wuyue, he had no choice. She was powerful, after all. Besides, Ling Wuyue had a moniker in the army: the Mad Witch. She would dare to do anything, no matter how outrageous it was.

Previously, she had been promoted to a senior colonel. However, she was forcibly demoted because she had acted on impulse once.

The reason Jiang Wuyue was reluctant to meet her was mainly because they had some history between them, or maybe it would be more aptly described as a feud.

In terms of appearance, Ling Wuyue was not too bad, but not that great either. She was a staunch woman with slender build and bones that were slightly larger than other girls. They were both about the same age.

She had known Jiang Wuyue since they were little, and they were
constantly butting heads while growing up together. In the year when Ling Wuyue turned twenty-five, she suddenly went to meet Jiang Wuyue and
asked him to go out with her. She also told him that only a strong man such as himself was worthy of her.

However, just because Jiang Wuyue was strong, it did not mean that he would like a strong partner. He immediately turned her down. Beautiful girls such as Long Yuxue were more of his type.

Enraged, Ling Wuyue challenged Jiang Wuyue on the spot. Back then,
Jiang Wuyue’s cultivation base was already above Ling Wuyue’s, and his
Overlord Dragon martial soul had shocking strength. In a one-on-one battle,
Ling Wuyue could not do anything against him. In the end, she was subdued by Jiang Wuyue.

However, Ling Wuyue was stubborn. She did not let the matter die down just like that. She went back and brought her mecha to fight Jiang Wuyue again.

This time, it was Jiang Wuyue who was no match for her. Their cultivation bases were not much different from each other to begin with, and Jiang Wuyue was not suited to fight with a mecha. In the other hand, Ling Wuyue was the army’s ace mecha Master. Even though Jiang Wuyue had activated his one-word battle armor, he was roundly beaten by Ling Wuyue with her black mecha.

Ling Wuyue then told him that if he refused to be in a relationship with her, she would fight him every time they met.

Ling Wuyue was not from the Blood Division, and she was skilled in long- range attacks. She had climbed up the ranks faster than Jiang Wuyue and was already a deputy regiment commander now. Although her ranks were the same with Jiang Wuyue, she held more power compared to him. There was no way he could appeal to the army over such matters. Feeling helpless, Jiang Wuyue could only cultivate as hard as he could, finally breaking through to a six-ringed cultivation base and completing his two- word battle armor. It was only then that he was able to fight back against
Ling Wuyue, escaping the fate of being tortured by her every time they met.

After losing enough challenges to Jiang Wuyue, she decided to cultivate as possible as well. Once her cultivation base surpassed Jiang Wuyue’s, she would undoubtedly give him more trouble.

The whole situation left Jiang Wuyue feeling quite helpless. However, he had not thought of a suitable plane to counter such circumstances. That was why he was indignant when he saw Ling Wuyue’s name showing up on his soul communicator.

Of course, this experience was not entirely detrimental. At least, he had focused all of his efforts into cultivation. He had Ling Wuyue to thank for this.

Ling Wuyue told Jiang Wuyue her location, and after a short while, he found her.

When he saw Ling Wuyue with her furious expression, Jiang Wuyue could not help but be amused as he said, “Hey there, crazy woman! What’s with you today? Who’s daring enough to have angered you?”

In the army, nobody dared to cross Ling Wuyue. She respected the officers of higher ranks than hers and nobody below her rank could beat her. That was why Jiang Wuyue had said what he said.

Jiang Wuyue answered angrily, “Cut the nonsense. Let me ask you, does anyone in the army possess the same martial soul as you?”

Jiang Wuyue was astonished. “There isn’t anybody else. I’m the only one.”

Jiang Wuyue said, “Impossible. I fought with someone in the competition today. He was clearly no match for me with his mecha but in the end, he
summoned a huge creature that resembled your martial soul. I could see that it was just an image. It might’ve even been a spirit soul. But it was extremely powerful. It made short work of my mecha.”

“Huh?” Jiang Wuyue was stunned, “That can’t be true. Are you sure that it was our Western Competition Area? You sure that there’s no mistake?”

Ling Wuyue replied pointedly, “There’s no way that I’ll get it wrong. The people from Mingdu all went to either the Central Competition Area or the Northwestern Competition Area. They aren’t competing in our area at all. Could it be that there are other opponents in the Fire Basin that are capable of opposing even us? The person I fought isn’t skilled in operating his mecha, but the thing he summoned was exactly the same as your martial
soul when you unleashed it. It’s just that it was much bigger, about sixty meters tall, and very powerful.”

Jiang Wuyue frowned deeply. “That’s impossible. You know that my bloodline mutated when I was born. That’s how I got my Overlord Dragon martial soul. I’m the first one to have it in my family’s history. The
Overlord Dragon itself is a proud spirit soul. It won’t let itself be used by anyone else. How can it appear in the competition? These soul beasts have long been extinct! I think that you know about all this basic knowledge, right?”

Ling Wuyue said coldly, “I only believe my own eyes. You really have no idea?”

Jiang Wuyue answered, “There are too few clues. Can you tell me in detail about your opponent?” After he had heard Ling Wuyue’s words, he did not care to argue with her anymore. He was always interested in talking about the Overlord Dragon.

Ling Wuyue recounted the entire process of her battle with Tang Wulin to Jiang Wuyue.

When Jiang Wuyue heard her mention a golden claw reaching out from
within the mecha and caught her boomerang, his expression turned peculiar. At the same time, he connected some of the dots in his mind. “That should be enough clues, right?” asked Ling Wuyue.

Jiang Wuyue nodded. “Oddly enough, it does make me think of one monster. If it’s him, then it’s possible.”

“Is he from our army?” asked Ling Wuyue.

Jiang Wuyue nodded, “Yes, he’s from our army. A newcomer. He can also be regarded as quite extraordinary. I won’t be surprised in the least if you’ve lost to him. I couldn’t beat him either. The only thing was that I didn’t know that he had such skills.”

A hint of curiosity appeared in Ling Wuyue’s eyes, “Who’re you talking about? A new recruit? How come I’ve never heard of him?”

Jiang Wuyue, “It’s to be expected that you didn’t. He’s only been here for a couple of months. Give me a minute. I’ll ask if it’s him.”

Ling Wuyue asked through gritted teeth, “If it’s him, I’ll never forgive him. How dare he use his martial soul on me just because he can’t best my mecha?”

Jiang Wuyue responded sharply, “In a mecha battle, the soul masters’
abilities are also a part of the battle. It’s unsportsmanlike for you to say that.
It’s not as if you didn’t use your martial soul. The fact is his martial soul was stronger than yours. You’re jealous.”

“Bullsh*t! Quit your yapping and start contacting him!” Ling Wuyue stood with her arms akimbo as she retorted furiously.

Chapter 997 - Rematch

Chapter 997: Rematch

Jiang Wuyue dialed his soul communicator, but a busy tone came from the other end.

“He didn’t answer. I reckon he’s training, his Blood God Bracelet is switched off.” Jiang Wuyue shrugged helplessly.

“I don’t care, you must find him. Otherwise, I’ll assume that the person I fought today was you,” said Ling Wuyue angrily.

“How can you be so unreasonable?” Jiang Wuyue was angered as well.

“Since when have I been reasonable with you? What can you do about it? If you aren’t happy with it, let’s fight it out, one-on-one!” Ling Wuyue was
currently at the height of her anger.

“Forget it, I’ve no time for this. You wait here, I’ll try a few more times. I’m telling you, don’t you shift your anger toward him onto me. I’m already helping you by doing this, and this matter has nothing to do with me in the first place, why am I the one paying for what has happened? Besides, don’t go thinking that you’ll win just because you have your mecha, he’s a two- word battle armor master as well, and his strength surpasses even mine. If you guys fought in an ordinary setting, you’d still have no chance of beating him.”

Ling Wuyue snorted. “You focus on contacting him.” Her anger had died down somewhat. The incident today truly had nothing to do with Jiang Wuyue.

Jiang Wuyue tried Tang Wulin’s number a few more times, but still, nobody answered the call. Tang Wulin had switched off his Blood God Bracelet at the moment. He hated to be disturbed by others while he was cultivating. Currently, he was in the gravity training room. He wielded his Golden Dragon Spear and
stabbed at the air in front of him in rapid succession.

There were a few moves that were the basics of spearing. It was the training method he discovered back when he was with the Tang Sect. Stabbing was one of the basic movements.

Stab, hack, hit, and point. These were all spearing techniques.

After his fight with Ling Wuyue today, Tang Wulin realized what he lacked the most in were the basics. If he wanted to unleash the Thousand Accusing Fingers, he would have to perfect these basic moves first. He would understand the Thousand Accusing Finger’s secrets better by having a firm foundation.

That was why he was in the gravity training room. He intensified the gravitational force five times. He wielded his Golden Dragon Spear and practiced his basics.

On average, he could stab thirty times per minute. Every stab he made was focused. He devoted all his energy and attention to feeling the spear in his hands. He did not utilize his soul power or bloodline power. Instead, he
simply stabbed at the air as he accustomed himself with the sensation of stabbing with his Golden Dragon Spear.

He did not know how long he would have to practice before he could truly find the feeling. However, he believed that his basics would be strengthened as long as he continued cultivating.

All he did was stab. He practiced no other movement as he repeated his
actions without knowing what exhaustion meant. With his stamina, it was easy to sustain such cultivation. The natural circulation of his Dragon Core provided him the strength and rejuvenated his body. Even with the
gravitational force that was five times stronger, the only impact it had was a slight increase in his energy consumption. It was the greatest challenge the gravity training room could provide. Tang Wulin was not aware of the passing of time. When he finally felt his arms go sore, he stopped as he had a profound feeling during the process of stabbing with his Golden Dragon Spear.

He heaved a sigh and wiped the sweat off his face. He nodded with satisfaction. ‘I’m feeling something. I’ll go rest and continue later.’

He had another match after this. Naturally, he could not keep cultivating here.

He walked out of the training room. When he reactivated his Blood God Bracelet, it vibrated.

“Wuyue, what’s up?” Tang Wulin picked up the call and could not help but asked with puzzlement.

“Don’t you what’s up me. You almost caused my death. Where are you?” said Jiang Wuyue, seemingly puffing his final breaths.

“Huh?” said Tang Wulin with astonishment. “What’s wrong? I’m at the gravity training room. Where are you?”

“Wait for me at the door. We’re coming over right away.”

The call ended. Tang Wulin was truly befuddled. What is happening? Could this be about his surrender yesterday? That could not be! Jiang Wuyue
would not go so far as to say that he almost died because he yielded to him.

He wiped off his sweat. In no time, the two of them ran toward him rashly and in much haste.

The person running in front was a female officer. She was tall, had a slender build, but her shoulders were a tad broad. Also, she looked hale and hearty.
Her eyes were brimming with vigor, and her short hair was spiked up like steel needles. She was valiant and heroic in bearing.

Jiang Wuyue followed behind her, but his eyes were lifeless. He looked depressed, even. “You’re Tang Wulin? Are you Little Tang?” Ling Wuyue had closed the distance in a few steps and the questions came popping out of her mouth.

Tang Wulin was slightly astonished. He looked at Jiang Wuyue.

Jiang Wuyue said with a wry smile, “Did you face a boomerang-wielding opponent in the mecha match?”

Tang Wulin blurted, “How did you know that?”

Jiang Wuyue pointed at Ling Wuyue. “That was her. Since when did you possess the Overlord Dragon’s spirit soul? Why didn’t I know about it? She’s been looking for you.”

Ling Wuyue looked at Tang Wulin with keen sparkling eyes. There were no flames of anger in them, only insatiable curiosity instead.

No matter how she looked at him, Tang Wulin looked to be in his twenties only. He was handsome, she would give him that. His eyes were even more beautiful than hers. If he had long hair, he would have been a beautiful
woman without peer.

He also had a slender build and straight back. Ling Wuyue was a very picky person, but she could not find any fault with Tang Wulin’s appearance.

“That’s right, I’m Little Tang. You’re the one using the boomerangs? Ling Wuyue?” asked Tang Wulin.

Ling Wuyue snorted. “Yeah, that’s me!”

Tang Wulin proceeded to ask, “And you’re looking for me?”

Ling Wuyue responded, “I’ve come for a rematch, an actual combat rematch. I’ve not reconciled with my defeat yet.”


This time, it was Ling Wuyue’s turn to be astonished. She had expected
Tang Wulin to turn her down initially. She did not expect to see eagerness in his eyes at this moment.

Jiang Wuyue said, “Are you satisfied now, mad woman? My business here is done, I’ll leave you two to your games.”

“If you call me ‘mad woman’ again, I’ll rip your lungs out,” Ling Wuyue said without a hint of mercy.

Jiang Wuyue rolled his eyes. “It’s best if I don’t meet you ever. I wouldn’t even want to see you if you hadn’t contacted me first. I’m leaving.” In a huff, he turned around and fled the scene.

Tang Wulin had been cultivating his spearing techniques for a full three hours. Ling Wuyue had been pestering Jiang Wuyue for three hours to call Tang Wulin. Jiang Wuyue had no other choice. There was no way he would provoke this person! He almost went crazy after being tormented for three hours.

Looking at the fleeing Jiang Wuyue, Tang Wulin asked, “Where shall we go?” He had gotten used to his status in the Blood God Battalion and no longer addressed other people as senior officer. Ling Wuyue learned of Tang Wulin’s history from Jiang Wuyue during the time they waited for Tang Wulin to answer the call.

“To the mecha combat area. Follow me.”

The Blood God Army was well equipped with various amenities. Naturally, they had a mecha combat area as well, and it was state-of-the-art.

The mecha combat area was much larger than the combat room in which Tang Wulin had sparred with Jiang Wuyue previously. Its diameter was two hundred meters and the ceiling was more than seventy meters high. It was built below the ground which explained why Tang Wulin had not seen such a building on the surface.

They needed to pay with merit points to use the mecha combat area. Ling Wuyue paid the required amount and walked in with Tang Wulin. “Jiang Wuyue told me that your defenses are strong. I won’t be holding back later.” Ling Wuyue looked at Tang Wulin with keen sparkling eyes.

“Okay.” Tang Wulin’s reply was curt and direct as usual. He anticipated Ling Wuyue’s strength to be at her peak. With her mecha operating skills, she must be extremely powerful if she was operating her own mecha.

Naturally, Tang Wulin did not plan on fighting her with a mecha. That was, in fact, asking for a beating. He would face her in his strongest mode and take the opportunity to hone his spearing techniques.

The two of them came to a halt two hundred meters away from each other. Ling Wuyue took a deep breath. Her initially wild eyes quickly focused and had surprisingly turned icy cold in a short time. She was an impatient person, but that did not mean that she would act the same way during a battle. In fact, she acted just the opposite as she was able to keep calm during a battle. She had relied on her own strength to become an ace mecha master!

It must be known that the Blood God Army’s ace mecha master was starkly different from other ace mecha masters.

She raised an arm and tossed. A ball of black light appeared before her. The black shadow quickly enlarged and turned into an impressive-looking,
eight-meter tall, black mecha.

Although Tang Wulin was psychologically prepared, he drew a sharp cold breath when he saw Ling Wuyue operating a black mecha.

A black mecha was not terrifying in itself. What was terrifying was that it was in the hands of an ace mecha master.

Whether it was their speeds, weapons, equipment, or their offensive and defensive abilities, a black mecha and a standard mecha were as different as the skies and the earth. It was the difference between a ten-thousand-year
soul ring and a ten-year soul ring! Faced with such an opponent, Tang Wulin’s gaze focused immediately. He gathered all his attention and a faint golden glow arose all over his body.

Chapter 998 - The Powerful Ling Wuyue

Chapter 998: The Powerful Ling Wuyue

Tang Wulin did not allow himself to be careless at all. Speckles of golden light illuminated on different parts of his body as his cool-looking Dragon Moon battle armor rapidly covered his entire body. When the golden mask arose to cover his face, the aura unleashed from Tang Wulin’s body immediately prompted a response from Ling Wuyue whose brows moved ever so slightly.

Her gaze was subconsciously fixated on Tang Wulin’s right arm. She found herself staring at his large Golden Dragon Claw, much to her surprise.

Tang Wulin was cladded in his Dragon Moon battle armor which made him close to three meters tall. The pair of enormous dragon wings behind his back was spread out while his entire body emitted a dazzling golden radiance. The Golden Dragon Spear stretched out in his hand and revealed its original form. The air that surrounded his body seemed to warp slightly.

At this moment, Ling Wuyue remembered Jiang Wuyue’s words that his
cultivation base was no match to Tang Wulin’s. Also, Tang Wulin’s martial soul was even more powerful than his. Jiang Wuyue made no attempt to mask his words when he told her.

A stream of radiance projected downward from the black mecha’s chest and enshrouded Ling Wuyue’s body. In the next moment, she had already been absorbed into the black mecha. A faint radiance began to emit from the black mecha as the black mecha’s aura increased exponentially following Lin Wuyue’s entrance into its body.

Tang Wulin was observing the black mecha closely because he wished to forge himself a black mecha too. So, he had been especially attentive to mechas recently. Ling Wuyue’s black mecha was about eight meters in height with a long and slim body. It appeared to be extremely strong despite not having any cumbersome long-range attack weapon. There was a pair of folded wings
on its back that remained retracted at present. Tang Wulin could not be sure, but he noticed that the black mecha had more than double the number of propellers as compared to ordinary black mechas with a good number of them on the mecha’s front.

There were two large boomerangs on the black mecha’s back. The boomerangs were slightly smaller than the ones used in the earlier
competition. Their blades were dark as black ink, and they had matte surfaces.

The black mecha carried no other weapon apart from the pair of boomerangs. One could tell Ling Wuyue’s supreme confidence in her pair of boomerangs based on that alone.

Tang Wulin believed that the fighting abilities of the pair of boomerangs, as the black mecha’s main weapon, were certainly no less capable than her martial soul.

“Are you ready?” Ling Wuyue’s voice was heard through the mecha’s loudspeaker.

“Please proceed!” Tang Wulin shouted aloud while he raised the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand simultaneously.

Ling Wuyue’s black mecha moved. It stomped the ground in what appeared to be an agile move. In the next moment, it had already leaped into the air, but this time, Ling Wuyue did not immediately toss the pair of boomerangs on her back. She raised her right hand to pull out a boomerang. The black mecha accelerated as it shot straight in Tang Wulin’s direction.

Could it be that she was planning for close combat?

Tang Wulin’s chest tightened. He flapped the wings on his back as he moved toward her with the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand. The distance of a hundred meters was but a meter for them. The distance between them was shortened rapidly. Tang Wulin stabbed his Golden
Dragon Spear forward without using his soul skill.

He had been practicing the stabbing method for three hours prior to this. At present, he was cladded in his battle armor with the Golden Dragon Spear glowing brightly from the amplification of his soul power and bloodline power. Three-feet long radiances were unleashed from the spear with an indomitable aura. The surrounding air was breached wherever the golden radiance brushed through.

‘The stab must be pressed forward with an indomitable spirit!’

Tang Wulin was immediately overjoyed with a breakthrough in his understanding. It was absolutely a great achievement for him to be able to have a realization in the middle of a battle. He had hoped for such occurrences during his cultivation process.

“Hiss!” An airblast was produced in the air. A golden radiance flashed once and Tang Wulin appeared before the mecha.

The black mecha’s body paused for a moment in mid-air with the boomerang revolving in its hand. It made a lateral shift that was not
supposed to happen under ordinary circumstances. In other words, Ling Wuyue’s black mecha completed a ninety-degree deflecting movement in the air to dodge Tang Wulin’s indomitable spear. At the same time, the boomerang in its hand spun around and swept toward Tang Wulin’s side.

Tang Wulin did not manage to retract the Golden Dragon Spear that was in a forward piercing position because the black mecha was too quick. He felt Ling Wuyue’s mecha was just like an agility-type soul master.

However, Tang Wulin was not operating a mecha but engaging in a battle in his battle armor! He was most powerful under such circumstances.

He did not attempt to dodge, and his left Golden Dragon Claw went straight for the boomerang. “Bang!” The boomerang was pushed away, but Tang Wulin’s left hand trembled as a result.

Such powerful high-frequency vibrations that were invisible to the naked
eye instantly radiated from his left hand into his entire body. However, Tang Wulin’s Dragon Moon battle armor was glowing brightly on its own to dissipate the vibration force instantly.

On the other hand, Ling Wuyue’s black mecha spun in the air when it was slapped by Tang Wulin’s left Golden Dragon Claw. The boomerang on its back immediately fell from her shoulder in a rolling motion.

She dodged his Golden Dragon Spear and used her first boomerang to draw away Tang Wulin’s left hand while utilizing the momentum to turn around and launched a fatal blow with the boomerang on her back. Although the
entire process sounded lengthy, in reality, its execution was completed within a short breath.

Such a powerful technique!

Although Tang Wulin was protected by his Dragon Moon battle armor, he refused to concede. The dragon wings on his back flapped gently to send his body backward. He was much faster without the mecha.

As he was receding, the third boomerang appeared almost simultaneously. It accelerated at once and was at his waist immediately. This time, the boomerang immediately launched its three soul skills silently, much like a ghost, and struck Tang Wulin’s waist.

That was too swift!

The boomerang was not only shocking in its attacking ability but its speed and ability to conceal itself was flawless. Tang Wulin was already
exceedingly cautious, yet the boomerang was almost upon him. It even brushed against his Dragon Moon battle armor.

The tip of the Golden Dragon Spear was withdrawn and pierced forward in front of his body. At the same time, a divine radiance glowed brightly in Tang Wulin’s eyes as the Bluesilver Emperor surged out to interweave a large net in front of him to deflect the approaching mecha’s boomerang.


The martial soul boomerang still managed to lash the Dragon Moon battle armor before it contacted Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Spear. The boomerang dropped abruptly before retracting itself to break through the Bluesilver Emperor’s net and returned to the black mecha.

Tang Wulin was undoubtedly feeling shocked at present for he was struck by his opponent during the close combat fight. He was cladded in his two- word battle armor, so his speed was already fast. Yet, he did not manage to dodge his opponent’s attack. He could only imagine how skilful his opponent’s control of her mecha was.

On the other hand, Ling Wuyue was similarly shocked at how powerful Tang Wulin’s defense was.

Although she was successful in making a sudden strike at her opponent, she could see that the boomerang had only left behind a white scar on the
Dragon Moon battle armor without puncturing the battle armor at all. Furthermore, the white scar had already healed itself when her boomerang flew back to her. It was as if the battle armor was not touched at all.

Could such a defense truly belong to a two-word battle armor? She was most skilled in her attack ability amongst all the five-ring Soul Kings.

Each of them had their own thoughts. Meanwhile, the black mecha
suddenly burst out with an intense energy fluctuation. Tang Wulin could clearly see that the two pitch-black boomerangs suddenly turned into a
bright, translucent purple with an exceedingly terrifying energy fluctuation bursting forth from them, while the boomerangs were spinning and flying.

Chapter 999 - Blood Soul Fusion Skill

Chapter 999: Blood Soul Fusion Skill

This was the true weapon of the black mecha. Tang Wulin was shocked to see bolts of electricity shooting out in all directions where it passed as it powered itself up with electric energy. His entire body would have gone numb and weak as soon as his Bluesilver Emperor vines came into contact with the boomerangs. Even though the vines were not shattered by the vibrations, the two boomerangs were still dashing straight for Tang Wulin with nothing to stop them.


The black mecha’s fighting capability was only equal to a seven-ringed Soul Emperor on its own, while Tang Wulin clad in two-word battle armor was supposed to be just the same.

However, whether it was Tang Wulin himself or his opponent, Ling Wuyue, they could not use such a simple method to measure their own abilities because both them possessed powers far beyond their peers.

The Golden Dragon Spear vibrated ever so slightly as it was thrust forward once again. This time, dozens of golden lights bloomed out from the spear’s glow and covered the two boomerangs. At the same time, Tang Wulin unleashed his Golden Dragon Body.

Golden scales covered his skin and fused with the Dragon Moon battle
armor, making the armor appear thicker and heavier. An aura instantly burst out in the direction the spear’s light shined upon.

“Clang! Clang!” Both boomerangs were simultaneously struck, instantly tossing them upward. However, Tang Wulin was surprised to find that the boomerangs were spinning even faster after he had hit them. The boomerangs flew to opposite sides and appeared to be circling around, but Tang Wulin immediately sensed that a critical threat was coming from the rear.

Meanwhile, the black mecha had already dashed straight for him with the martial soul boomerang in its hand.

The boomerang had an incandescent glow once again. Its new light was dazzling, and her aura was elevated by more than double.

What was that?

Was it from her battle armor’s amplification? Did she unleash her battle armor as well?

Tang Wulin could clearly sense the boomerang’s elevation and such a power boost could only be created through the amplification of battle
armor. However, he could also sense that Ling Wuyue’s battle armor was one-word ranked, or it would have been even more terrifying.

The black mecha’s eight-foot figure appeared exceedingly agile. It was incomparably swift and had already reached Tang Wulin in a flash. A stream of bright light shimmered within the flickering radiance as
something thrust straight at Tang Wulin’s head.

The boomerang was being used as a machete. It found the Golden Dragon Spear’s flaw in the blink of an eye and attacked at once.

Tang Wulin spun the Golden Dragon Spear around. As his spear’s light
swept across, the spear shook and projected a curtain of shadow in front of him.

“Hiss…” The spear’s light came into contact with black mecha’s protective shield and gave out a high-pitched scraping noise, immediately tearing a hole into the shield. Meanwhile, Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Spear could finally block the boomerang’s attack.

However, the two boomerangs that flew out earlier arrived simultaneously at that exact moment and were aiming for Tang Wulin’s neck and waist. They went for the enemy’s vital parts with perfect timing. The
synchronization of the two boomerangs was perfectly controlled.

It seemed like the three boomerangs’ attacks arrived in unison, but they
were actually carried out in a precise sequence. It was just the right order to make Tang Wulin feel even more uneasy.

“Clang!” The martial soul boomerang was the first to collide with his chest.

The raw strength of the black mecha and Tang Wulin smashed into one
another through both of their weapons. As this happened, Ling Wuyue saw Tang Wulin’s Dragon Moon battle armor suddenly turn as bright as a mirror.

The two mecha boomerangs sparking with electric current had already
arrived, but the wings on Tang Wulin’s back suddenly unfolded and waved about like two guillotine blades before brazenly lashing onto the boomerangs.

“Boom, boom!” A sound like thunder was heard as the two boomerangs
were slapped away. While the two opponents were grappling, Ling Wuyue was astonished to see that Tang Wulin’s Dragon Moon battle armor
suddenly began to shimmer rapidly, and then she noticed that there was an
electric dragon on Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Spear boldly blasting at her boomerangs.

…What was that?

“Boom!” Ling Wuyue’s black mecha was blown away by the attack. Tang Wulin raised the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand. He pointed it at the mecha, and a valiant dragon’s roar was heard. The Bluesilver Emperor vines unleashed from his entire body almost leaped out almost immediately. A dazzling golden color blanketed all of the vines as if to turn every one of them into a giant dragon blooming with golden light. A golden dragon was unleashed from Golden Dragon Spear. Due to the infusion of the golden dragons created from the surrounding Bluesilver Emperor vines, it suddenly grew to a massive size, larger than the black mecha. It caught up to Ling Wuyue immediately. What sort of soul skill was that?

Ling Wuyue turned pale with fear as the boomerang in her hand unleashed the glow of her fifth soul ring. The boomerang flew out and collided with the golden dragon before detonating itself abruptly into a ball of incandescent light.

Yet, when the golden dragon was faced with the explosion, it had only raised one of its dragon claws to slap the ball of light away, shattering it instantly. The golden dragon arrived before the black mecha in the next moment.

Ling Wuyue felt as if her breathing had already stopped. It was as though her black mecha had sunk into the mud as the terrifying surrounding pressure made short work of the mecha’s protective shield. She devoted all her effort into infusing her soul power, yet she had only managed to delay her black mecha’s defeat.

How could he be so powerful? No wonder Jiang Wuyue acknowledged his weakness. From the beginning to the end, Tang Wulin had only truly
attempted to attack her just this once, yet she was already rendered incapable of resisting it.

Ling Wuyue’s heart was most unwilling to accept her defeat when the mecha competition had ended. At this exact moment, she was very much aware that the disparity between herself and this man before her was too
great. Even a Title Douluo-ranked powerhouse may not necessarily be able to protect himself when confronted by such an attack!

Tang Wulin looked at the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand and the now golden vines of the Bluesilver Emperor. He could not help cracking into a faint smile.

This was his first time using the fusion skill resulting from the combining of his martial soul and bloodline.

This could be considered a self-soul fusion skill that belonged to him, but it was not just the fusion of his martial soul. Therefore, Tang Wulin dubbed it a ‘Blood Soul Fusion Skill’. It was the fusion of the bloodline and martial soul.

His move was known as the Blue Emperor Dragon Soars to the Heaven!

The golden dragon spiraled downward until the black mecha’s protective shield was completely shattered. The giant dragon finally stopped when fragments of the black mecha, reflecting the shimmer of its dazzling body,
appeared before its eyes glimmering with blue-golden radiance. It returned quietly, circling around Tang Wulin’s side for a few seconds before it gradually dissipated into the air.

Tang Wulin was also feeling frightened, as he had consumed ten percent of his bloodline power just to launch the Blue Emperor Dragon Soars to the Heaven soul skill. His soul power had been consumed by a total of ten percent due to the imbalance with his bloodline power.

In other words, he could only use the Blood Soul Fusion Skill three times at most even if he were to devote all his effort.

Of course, the Bluesilver Emperor Dragon Soars to the Heaven was far from his most powerful Blood Soul Fusion Skill. The most powerful part of his Blood Soul Fusion Skill was that it was capable of a myriad of changes. All his martial soul abilities and bloodline abilities could be fused with one another including the soul skills of his own invention.

This was just the beginning for him. He would only become truly powerful when he had elevated his bloodline power and soul power to that of a Title Douluo.

The black mecha fell to the floor with a loud bang while Tang Wulin spread his wings to land softly on the ground. He retracted his dragon wings while he held the Golden Dragon Spear upright at his side. He nodded toward his opponent.

There was a shimmering glow, and, looking ghastly pale, Ling Wuyue
walked out from the mecha. Her black mecha was not damaged, but it was during that one moment earlier, she understood that Tang Wulin could completely and thoroughly destroy her mecha if he had wished.

Tang Wulin did not do so because they were only sparring after all. Yet, that enormous golden dragon of his left a profound impression on her mind.

She understood that Tang Wulin had no need to unleash his Overlord
Dragon spirit soul during the mecha battle in the Star Dou Battle Network. If he was willing, he could just depend on that terrifying soul skill earlier to defeat her, but he had not because he was attempting to conceal his ability for the competition later.

She had not lost unfairly.

“You’ve won.” Ling Wuyue pursed her lips tightly as she turned around and walked outside.

“Senior.” Tang Wulin retracted his Dragon Moon battle armor and chased after her in quick steps.

Ling Wuyue stopped walking and spoke without even turning her head,
“Anything else? If you wish to humiliate me, do it then. The winner takes all.”

Tang Wulin scratched his head. “Why would I do that? We’re comrades! I was just wondering if you’d be willing to teach me mecha operating techniques.”

Ling Wuyue was stunned for a moment before she finally turned around and looked at Tang Wulin with a puzzled look. “You want to learn how to operate mechas from me?”

Tang Wulin nodded and answered with a bitter smile, “Actually, you should be able to tell that I’m definitely not a worthy match for you if we were relying purely on our battle techniques. I’m only capable of defeating you by using brute force. I’m not skilled enough, especially when it comes to mechas. Thus, I wish to learn how to operate mechas and receive guidance from you.” He made a deep and sincere bow to Ling Wuyue while he spoke.

Let those who were capable to teach serve as teachers. Tang Wulin very much meant what he said!

Chapter 1000 - Mecha Guidance Master

Chapter 1000: Mecha Guidance Master

In the past, he had learned about mecha operation from the Tang Sect, but the sect’s mecha masters were lagging far behind the person before his eyes.

Even though Ling Wuyue’s boomerang martial soul was powerful, she was still much weaker compared to his Golden Dragon King Bloodline. She lost to him because of the disparity between their essential cultivation base, but not because of her skills and techniques.

Tang Wulin had not even managed to dodge Ling Wuyue’s first attack despite his Dragon Moon battle armor’s amplified speed! Moreover, how could a mecha’s speed be compared to a battle armor master’s? Thus, one could only imagine how skilled she was in operating a mecha.

Hence, Tang Wulin sincerely wished to learn from her. Ling Wuyue scoffed once. “Why would I agree to do so?”
Tang Wulin smiled. He was naturally confident when he proposed the idea. “That’s because I can help you to forge all the metals needed for your two- word battle armor. Made entirely from spirit alloy, yes? I’m a Saint
Craftsman-ranked blacksmith.”

He had no choice but to acknowledge that his identity as a Saint Craftsman was certainly useful on many occasions, not only for showing off. It was definitely practical.

As expected, Ling Wuyue’s eyes immediately glistened upon hearing his words, but she soon turned cold and detached. “You’re a Saint Craftsman? Who are you trying to fool here? Why don’t you just call yourself a Divine Craftsman then?” Tang Wulin spoke helplessly, “I’m telling the truth. Ask Jiang Wuyue if you don’t believe me. I’ve helped him forge something before. What’s there to fool you with? What you hear may be false, but what you see is true. I can help you to forge some metal first, then you can teach me.”

Ling Wuyue shifted her gaze slightly. “You can do spirit forging as well? Spirit-forged spirit alloy? Can you really do that?”

Tang Wulin said, “My battle armor is made from the metal I forged on my own. Take a look yourself. The greatest feature of two-word battle armor is that it can fuse into one’s body, and it’s much more useful than one-word battle armor for a soul master. At the same time, one must begin to build a firm foundation from two-word battle armor so it can be fused with one’s martial soul and become the battle armor that solely belongs to one person. I think that your cultivation base is already close to six rings, right? Then, you should begin to prepare the metal for two-word battle armor and start making it once you’ve reached six rings. It won’t be that easy for me to defeat you once you have the amplification of two-word battle armor. Your boomerang’s attacking ability will be enhanced even more by then.”

Ling Wuyue raised her head slightly. Her loss in the battle with Tang Wulin was due to the disparity between their martial souls. She could tell that she could not measure up to this boy with her inherent qualities, but, as a soul master, she was still highly captivated by the idea of two-word battle armor. She was already twenty-eight years old this year, so if she was unable to become a two-word battle armor master before the age of thirty, her future path would be longer and tougher.

Her situation was quite similar to Mu Ye’s, where most of her time and
energy had been devoted to her mecha. Approaching thirty, she realized that she would need to work on her martial soul. Tang Wulin’s words went
straight to her heart.

“Alright, if you’re truly capable of helping me to forge the metals needed for my two-word battle armor, it’s a deal. I’ll teach you mecha techniques.”

Tang Wulin smiled and said, “I wish to seek guidance from you on some mecha operating techniques and mecha-making skills. Is that okay?” “Sure.” Ling Wuyue agreed without the slightest hesitation. It would be a huge advantage for her if Tang Wulin could help in forging suitable two- word battle armor metals.

Both of them swore to each other palm-to-palm and set the agreement terms.

Tang Wulin had always been quick at finishing tasks. He brought Ling Wuyue straight to his forging workshop.

“I’m giving the material for the first piece of metal needed for your battle armor to you as a gift. You’ll need to prepare the rest yourself. Let’s
complete the agreement first.”

Tang Wulin inquired about Ling Wuyue’s thoughts on battle armor style and condition at once, before he immediately began to forge for her.

Naturally, he did not need to exert much strength to forge spirit alloy given his Saint Craftsman-rank forging standards. He immediately forged a piece of spirit alloy with a harmony rate of over eighty-five percent.

In less than an hour’s time, he had shaped a piece of spirit-forged spirit alloy into a silver-white pauldron that seemed to be pulsating with life source and presented it to Ling Wuyue.

With a faint smile on her face, Ling Wuyue exhaled as she looked at the metal before her, then at Tang Wulin. “I finally understand why Jiang Wuyue called you a monster. You are truly monstrous. I’m leaving. I’ll be teaching you for two hours every day in the afternoon when I’m not on duty.”

Tang Wulin was rather fond of Ling Wuyue’s character. She was slightly ill- tempered, but she was straightforward and direct. This was a classic military officer’s way.

Tang Wulin was in a great mood after finding such an awesome mecha teacher. He believed that he could certainly make vast improvements in the future with Ling Wuyue’s guidance, whether it was the process of forging black mechas or his mecha technique.

Additionally, he had attempted the Blood Soul Fusion Skill that day, and the power was unlimited, just as he had predicted. He would need to cultivate one step further to elevate it.

It was still in preliminary fusion right now, so there was still much room for improvement. Compared to a martial soul fusion skill, it was lacking
somewhat in its power, but he believed that it would definitely catch up to martial soul fusion skill’s level when its harmony rate was increased.

Tang Wulin’s life became even busier after the agreement he made with Ling Wuyue. He spent the day time cultivating on his own, while in the
afternoon, he was learning mecha techniques from Ling Wuyue and helping her to forge. Through all that, he began to make preparations for building his black mecha. He spent his nights participating in competitions and
continued to cultivate once again after the competition ended.

Tang Wulin began to receive high-ranking military officials seeking his help to forge when his reputation of being a Saint Craftsman started to spread.
There was not much work, but every agreement that he made was enough to earn him a good number of merits. These merits were used by Tang Wulin to exchange for the rare materials needed for his mecha. As for his three-
word battle armor, he was not in a rush to get to it now.

Even though he was already capable of completing soul forging, he did not consider himself mature enough, seeing as how he had just crossed the threshold. Tang Wulin’s plan was to wait until he became a rank-8 blacksmith before he forged his own three-word battle armor. This process required time and tempering.

There was an order to his priorities. For the moment, his most important goal was to condense his soul core and then elevate himself to rank-60 and a six-ringed cultivation base so that he could fuse the one-hundred- thousand-year Damask Tulip. Everything else would come after that. As a result, he was only preparing for his black mecha but was in no rush to begin making it. He genuinely did not have the time for that. As for his three-word battle armor, it was arranged for even later.

A soul master would require a seven-ringed cultivation base in order to truly utilize the three-word battle armor’s power. Even if Tang Wulin had his soul core, he did not have the seven-ringed martial soul avatar. Thus, he put the three-word battle armor in a later phase.

The following rounds of the round-robin tournament of soul master battles left Tang Wulin neither scared nor hurt, for he had not encountered any particularly formidable opponents. Every round of the mecha battles was tough as the opponents were so difficult that he could only defeat them by relying on the superiority of his martial soul.

“Wuyue, it’s so strange!” said Tang Wulin softly when he found Jiang Wuyue during lunch.

“What happened? What’s strange?” asked Jiang Wuyue in confusion.

Tang Wulin answered, “Haven’t you noticed that we still haven’t
encountered any especially powerful opponents after entering the round- robin tournament? Could it be that there are no seven-ringed or eight-ringed seniors from the army taking part in the competition?”

Jiang Wuyue rolled his eyes. “So, you’re asking about that, huh? Are you looking to be battered or something? Is that not a good thing?”

Tang Wulin frowned. “How’s that a good thing? Our main purpose in taking part in the competition was to train. Powerful opponents will help us to
elevate ourselves even more.”

Jiang Wuyue spoke in an unpleasant tone, “You really are looking to be battered. I think I can finally see that now. Let me tell you, this is the army’s decision. Nobody with seven-rings and above are allowed to take part in the competition, so, of course, you won’t be encountering any powerful opponents. Only a small number of high-ranking officials are even aware of our Blood God Army’s existence. The west division is so desolate. If a large batch of powerhouses were to appear in the end and enter the finals, won’t our existence be revealed? As for the reward, it’s not worthy of the army’s attention.”
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