The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 981-990

Chapter 981 - Practicing the Spear

Chapter 981: Practicing the Spear

However, the truth was right before their eyes. Tang Wulin had done just that. The long-range mecha opposite him was befuddled. It went around Tang Wulin’s mecha in circles as it continuously fired shots of soul
ammunitions toward him.

If it were a contest of energy consumption, a long-range mecha would not be worried. If it continued to fire away like this, the melee mecha would definitely be the one to buckle. The recoil of the spear from stabbing at the soul ammunitions expended energy.

Long-range mechas were weak in defense and were slower than melee mechas. However, their energy storage was much more than melee mechas. A dragged-out battle such as this was something long-range mechas would love to engage in.

Currently, Tang Wulin’s opponent was most likely thinking of how he had met such a queer person? Did this person come here to die?

However, Tang Wulin felt different. To him, the endless rounds of
ammunition fired at him were opportunities for him to practice with his spear. With every stab of the spear, the trajectory seemed to leave an
imprint in his mind. In just a short while, he had stabbed a hundred times with the hundred trajectories imprinted in his consciousness.

It was a wonderful feeling. He stabbed, retracted, and stabbed again repeatedly.

The king of weapons, a kingly path!

The energies of both parties were decreasing continuously. If a melee mecha did not dodge the long-range mecha’s attacks, it would consume more energy and at a faster rate, although it was blocking the attacks with a weapon. The energy level of Tang Wulin’s mecha was already at a critical level after ten minutes.

The lights in the internal control room turned red to alert him, but Tang Wulin remained calm as ever as he controlled the mecha to stab time and again.

The Thousand Pointing Fingers, the Ten Thousand Spears as One. It was where the essence of this move lay.

Old Tang told Tang Wulin that he had to brandish his spear at least ten million times in actual combat if he wanted to master this move.

To stab his spear ten million times in actual combat! That’s a pretty large number! However, Tang Wulin was not one to give up easily. The battle before him was his best practice.

The alarm beeped. His energy level dropped below ten percent.

The barrage from his opponent had also increased in intensity. His opponent clearly knew the total amount of energy contained within his standard mecha.

Tang Wulin’s melee mecha finally moved. He suddenly dashed forward. The thrusters behind him shone brightly. Just when his mecha was left with the last ounce of energy, he made a forward charge with his melee mecha.

Of course, he wanted to win. Only by winning could he proceed to the next stage of the competition to further meet people who would provide him the opportunity to practice with his spear.

Inside the long-range mecha, a trace of disdain appeared at the edges of the mecha master’s lips. ‘Did he only think of counterattacking at the final moment? That’s impossible.’

Similarly, his opponent engaged the thrusters and sped to the side in an attempt to put more distance between themselves. Although the melee mechas were faster than the long-range mechas, they were not that much faster. If the long-range mecha wanted to catch up to him, it was still possible with a single burst of speed from the thrusters.

What puzzled this long-range mecha master was the non-stop stabbing motion of the spear in his opponent’s hands. It stabbed at the air with blinding speed. The melee mecha suddenly shone with a golden glow.

Soul power infusion?

Other than the energy provided from its own soul battery, a mecha can also be powered by soul power infused by a soul master. When the long-range mecha master saw Tang Wulin resorting to this, he was not surprised but rejoiced instead. At the same time, he increased the distance between them. He continued to fire away with his soul cannon. Every long-range mecha master had a determined heart and ample patience.

At this very moment, he felt something was off. He noticed the controls of his mecha suddenly slowed down. An indescribable fear suddenly appeared in the depths of his heart. Even such a large-sized mecha could not alleviate the fear he had within him. An intense pressure filled the air.

Right then, he saw the huge spear in the charging mecha’s grasp stabbing a hundred times in an instant. The tip of the spear flickered with a faint golden light.

The two mechas closed in on each other rapidly!

The long-range mecha master clearly wanted his mecha to accelerate, but there seemed to be something suppressing him, slowing his movements down.

If the competition ground were used for a battle between soul masters, it
would have been too vast. However, for mechas with heights taller than ten meters, a sudden spurt of speed could bring the two opponents close enough until they were face-to-face!

What just happened? The long-range mecha master was frightened. The shadow of the spear with its golden glow had completely enveloped his mecha.

‘Unleash martial soul! Too late.’

It was beyond his judgment. When his mecha was blasted to bits in a large explosion, he was sent out of the competition grounds. He had no idea how he had lost.

Tang Wulin looked at the mecha in front of him which was reduced to a wreck. Then, he looked at the spear in his own hands. A kingly path, a kingly heart!

He mumbled these words in his heart. Suddenly, a glimmer of enlightenment arose within him.

The forward charge he made a few moments ago was not to close in on his opponent but to unleash the Spear’s Consciousness within him.

Clearly, his opponent’s cultivation base was not powerful. Under the assault from his Spear’s Consciousness, his opponent’s spirit was intimidated. Even the armor of the mecha could not prevent the onslaught from reaching him. It was under such circumstances that Tang Wulin closed in on him to finish him off with a single strike.

The attack could not be regarded as the Thousand Pointing Fingers, it did not even come close. However, within a short span of time under Old
Tang’s guidance, Tang Wulin had grasped the intricacies of the Spear’s Consciousness. Although the insight was brief, it was enough to raise his understanding of the spear to the next level.

A king controlled the world and possessed all kinds of riches! A king’s heart was steady as a rock even when faced with a thousand accusing fingers!

If he was going to use a king’s spear, he had to have a king’s heart first. A king’s heart with the determination to win and persistence to master the spear!

He exited the Star Dou Battle Network. Tang Wulin unleashed his Golden Dragon Spear the first opportunity he got. He gripped it tightly in his hands. He had decided that from this day on, the spear should not leave his hands!
He could only become one with it when he genuinely felt it, be intimate with it, and obsess over it.

‘I’m hungry, let’s eat!’

When Tang Wulin entered the cafeteria with the Golden Dragon Spear in his hands, he drew many side glances. However, there were no rules in the Blood God Army that forbade soldiers from carrying their weapons while having their meals.

After all, a battle against the abyssal creatures could commence at any time. Everyone should always have their weapons at their sides.

Tang Wulin only ordered one set. Naturally, he picked the best. Window number one. Currently, he had ample merits which could not be used for promotion anyway. He would treat himself to a good meal.

He held the spear in his left hand and ate with his right!

“Yo, brother! What has gotten over you?” Jiang Wuyue sat down beside Tang Wulin. When he saw the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand, he could not help but ask in astonishment.

Tang Wulin smiled and said, “Oh, it’s nothing. I’ve been practicing with the spear lately. It feels better for me to be holding it.”

“You’re only eating this much?” When he saw the exquisite food on Tang Wulin’s platter, Jiang Wuyue could not help salivating.

Tang Wulin had only now noticed that Jiang Wuyue’s military rank was that of a colonel. It seemed that an abyssal tide would bring a faster promotion to those with power. “Congratulations, colonel!” said Tang Wulin with a smile.

Jiang Wuyue said, “Why hasn’t your rank changed? Judging by your performance the other day, you should’ve been promoted to a captain
already. I should be the one congratulating you. You’re already in the Blood God Battalion while I’m not even in its shadow. My father once said that my martial soul is domineering, but after nine rings, it’s still lacking in power. After all, it’s not a true Real Dragon Bloodline. I reckon it’s the reason why the Blood God Battalion isn’t interested in me.”

Tang Wulin said with astonishment, “But you have the Overlord Dragon martial soul! Isn’t the Blood God Battalion impressed with that?”

Jiang Wuyue said, “I’ve heard rumors that those with martial souls which are the foundation of Limit Douluos can qualify to join the Blood God
Battalion. Clearly, you can. That’s why you’re already a supernumerary personnel. You probably know that there are countless people in our army working their asses off to obtain such a position. How many days have you been here? You truly have my admiration, envy, and hatred.”

“I’ll treat you to a number one meal,” said Tang Wulin who was all smiles. Jiang Wuyue’s eyes brightened up. “One set may not be enough!”
“Forget it then.” If Tang Wulin, with his personality, did not have a good impression of Jiang Wuyue, he would not have treated him to a meal.

Jiang Wuyue guffawed. “Alright, one set it is.”

The two of them conversed as they ate. The conversation naturally focused on the Federal Star Dou Battle Network Challenge.

“The first round is over. I’m now hoping that I’ll not face you before I get to the top-32,” Jiang Wuyue said earnestly.

Tang Wulin said with a bitter smile, “You think I want to face you?”

Jiang Wuyue replied, “With your strength, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to be in the top-32. However, luck usually plays a determining role in competitions like this. Let’s see how our fortunes turn out. You seem to be taking this seriously!”

Chapter 982 - Gray World

Chapter 982: Gray World

As he said this, he pointed at Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Spear. He had taken quite a liking to the impressive weapon. However, ever since he found out that the spear could not be touched, he kept his distance from it out of respect.

Tang Wulin also glanced at the Golden Dragon Spear in his hands as he focused on the intrinsic golden color and large blade at the tip. His heart could not help but fill with pride.

The king’s spear! He must master its true essence. Otherwise, he would be disrespecting this divine tool that seemed to have been born alongside him. Yes, in Tang Wulin’s heart, the Golden Dragon Spear was a divine tool. If he had not had it, how could he have condensed his dragon core so quickly?

As he looked at the Golden Dragon Spear with slight admiration, Jiang Wuyue said, “You should be breaking through to rank-60 soon, right? Do you need a new spirit soul? If you’re planning to get one here, we’ll have to go to the Fire Basin’s Spirit Pagoda. The spirit souls supplied by the Spirit Pagoda to our Blood God Army are of high quality.”

Tang Wulin shook his head. “I don’t need that. I have a suitable one already.”

Of course, he did. The Damask Tulip was within his Nature’s Seed. He could feel the Damask Tulip’s and the various hundred-thousand-year
cultivation based plant soul beasts’ auras. They could be regarded as Tang Wulin’s true hidden secret.

… A gray wind blew over the land. It gave the landscape a bleak and chilly
atmosphere as if the entire world was gray. It was due to the accumulation of countless ashes.

The gray world was vast, and its ends unseen. There were no stars or sun, only an endless gray shade. Beyond the swathe of gray was an even deeper gray!

If a living being came here, the only thing it could feel was the despair emanating from this place.

The endless despair radiated far away. It was boundless and without limit.

There was a figure walking slowly within this forsaken world. His entire body was covered by a large black cloak and was surrounded by a layer of black air which repelled the gray color outside.

If it was said that the surroundings had an aura of despair, then his was that of deathly stillness!

Deathly stillness and despair did not conflict with each other, nor did they clash.

“Why have you come here?!” A low voice suddenly echoed through the
surroundings. The entire gray world contorted as if a giant gray vortex was forming.

The black figure finally stopped walking. He lifted his head slowly. From under the black cloak, two sparkling purple beams shot out. This was
coming from his gazing eyes.

“Lord of the abyss, isn’t it because of your guidance that I’m able to come here?”

“What do you want?” The low voice asked about his intentions for coming directly.

“Our objectives have always been the same, though our means may have differed. What you want is endless consumption and to make the abyss a special Divine Realm in your plane. What I want is an endless supply of wronged ghosts, to make Death a god and turn the world into a Divine
Realm of Death. So what we want has always been the same since the very beginning.”

The area suddenly stopped contorting. The gray world of despair returned to its normal state.

From afar, a gray figure slowly walked toward the man in black.

The man in black slowly raised his head, revealing his fair chin. An arc was drawn by the edges of his lips. He was smiling contentedly. He knew that his straightforward words had hit their mark.

Nobody would be able to stop his upcoming plans.

Destruction was only the beginning. The funny thing was that those idiots had thought that it was hatred that made him commit such a great wrong
against the heavens and brought about disaster. However, they did not know that what he wanted was to make an offering of the Douluo Continent in order to complete his supreme Divine Realm.

What could a swallow know of the swan’s dreams? Those people were merely ants. When he became the Holy Spirit Cult’s founder, he already had this lofty goal in mind. The current generation was the best opportunity to
carry out his plans.

The two figures slowly came closer to each other. Everything around them started contorting again. However, a dash of black was added to the gray

Despair, deathly stillness, destruction!

A light flashed and Tang Wulin entered the Star Dou Battle Network again. Above his head, there were two arrows that pointed upward. They were gold and silver. The silver arrow had appeared after he won his first mecha battle. It undoubtedly represented his qualifications to proceed to the next round.

The second match came sooner than he expected. The high technology
Battle Network was great in the sense that even though there were millions of contestants, the matches could be finished within the shortest amount of time. Compared to actual combat, it was very convenient.

A faint light flickered, and Tang Wulin smiled slightly. He joined his hands in front of his chest and kept the Golden Dragon Spear in his embrace.

Yes, the spear would not leave his hands. The pole of the spear shone with a brilliant golden light, but it was much dimmer than before.

Tang Wulin’s understanding of the Golden Dragon Spear had changed
slightly after wielding the spear for two days. He had discovered that the Golden Dragon Spear’s size could be altered according to his will.

The Golden Dragon Spear in his hands was currently only two feet long. Its glow was more contained right now and did not attract as much attention. It now looked small, elegant and cute in its own exquisite way.

The second match was about to start!

He wondered what kind of an opponent he would be meeting today. Tang Wulin no longer had high hopes with his luck. He had been focused on understanding the Spear’s Consciousness and cultivating his soul power. He was now hoping that his opponent would be more powerful. A worthy opponent would be able to stimulate his potential more.

With that smile on his face, Tang Wulin stretched his limbs and strode into the competition ground. Before him, there were scores of figures joining the match as clusters of lights. Everyone who came here today had golden
arrows that were pointing upward above their heads.

After the first elimination round, half of the contestants must have already ended their matches. Today, almost half of them would be eliminated again. “It’s time for the match, Little Tang, get ready for the competition.”

A light flashed, and he reentered the competition ground. Holding the
Golden Dragon Spear in his hands, Tang Wulin looked at what was facing him.

His opponent had a slender figure and seemed to be a female. The name above her head was concealed, and there were no clues as to her identity since she also had a mask on.

“Three, two, one! Let the match begin!”

“Tang Wulin!” The voice that came from opposite him was filled with fury.

Tang Wulin was stunned. This voice was very familiar to him. ‘This can’t be?! This luck of mine is truly rotten. I wonder if it’s my luck that’s rotten or is it hers?…’

Yes, was that not Long Yuxue’s voice?

Long Yuxue had threatened him even before the start of the first match that he could not win against her.

However, the two of them had been put against each other now. How could this not be seen as a farcical situation?

Without a doubt, Long Yuxue had known his identity through the Golden Dragon Spear in his hands. They were having a meal together not long ago.

“This…” Tang Wulin was speechless.

“Don’t think that you can defeat me so easily. Let’s see what you got!” Long Yuxue’s voice went from angry to ice cold. The other thing that turned ice cold was the temperature on the competition stage.

Tang Wulin could not help but feel a tinge of helplessness. He could have high battle spirits no matter who his opponent was. However, when he was faced with this person before him, he truly did not have the will to battle. He was still very grateful to Long Yuxue. Ever since he joined the Blood God Army, Long Yuxue had given him a lot of help. It could be said that without Long Yuxue’s assistance, he would certainly not have been able to blend in with the army so quickly. If it were not for her bringing him into actual combat, he would not have the chance to display his strength that
easily and join the Blood God Battalion.

Hence, Tang Wulin was still grateful to her. However, this competition was vital to his mission. This would determine whether he would have the right to apply for leave to meet his beloved. He could not afford to lose!

Chapter 983 - Domain of Ice

Chapter 983: Domain of Ice

Tang Wulin had never fought with Long Yuxue before, but he was aware that she was very skilled in her long-range attack abilities, especially her impressive control of soul weapons and timing. However, he did not know anything about her martial soul or cultivation base.

Tang Wulin figured out that Long Yuxue was an elemental-type soul master after five soul rings arose from underneath her feet. Her martial soul was ice!

Sticks of icicles emerged from the area surrounding her body. She looked just like an enormous ice hedgehog. Tang Wulin could not see which of her soul rings was glowing under the concealment of the icicles. However, the ground underneath her feet was freezing rapidly and an icy blue color was spreading in all directions. To his surprise, the temperature of the huge
competition stage was dropping swiftly. What was that? Her domain?
‘A five-ringed Soul King capable of creating a domain? Oh, my god! What sort of monsters are in this army? No wonder she’s capable of becoming a lieutenant colonel at such a young age. Not because she’s lucky, but because of her abilities!’

Even though Tang Wulin was not planning to lose on purpose but he would still allow her to launch a few attacks anyhow. He could tell that Long Yuxue would need some time to unleash her domain-type ability, so he might as well gave her the chance.

“Huh?” Tang Wulin’s expression suddenly changed because he discovered that while he did not try to disable Long Yuxue’s domain, she herself
appeared to have no intention of stopping it from spreading. It had only taken a moment before the domain had already covered one-third of the entire competition arena.

The arena had a diameter of five hundred meters! It was made exceedingly spacious for mecha battles. Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Rage Domain
could only cover an area of one hundred meters in diameter when it was unleashed. This was far more significant than just being five times larger.

Long Yuxue’s domain area had already exceeded Tang Wulin’s Golden
Dragon Rage Domain in size, and her domain was even more powerful in the sense that it came with multiplying effect. The larger the domain became, the lower the temperature in the space dropped. It seemed to have a cumulative effect so that the lower temperature would accelerate the growth of the domain once again.

‘What’s happening? Could it be that her domain can actually cover the entire competition arena? That’s a little too terrifying, right?’

Tang Wulin remained still, while he was feeling shocked in his heart. He would like to see how far Long Yuxue could actually go.

The temperature continued to drop while the densely arranged icicles
around Long Yuxue had already completely covered her body. It was so cold around Tang Wulin, a drop of water would freeze. The mist from his breath turned into ice powder that scattered in the air, so the temperature had gone down to at least minus fifty celsius now!

Long Yuxue’s domain did not manage to cover the entire competition arena. The icicles around her body finally flew out when the domain spread out until it had covered almost half of the arena.

The icicles were flying in all directions. Within the domain, the icicles were shooting at a manageable speed, but they were growing larger shockingly fast.

The icicles that were less than a foot in diameter initially had already
enlarged to one meter in length by the time they were fifty meters from Tang Wulin’s body. The icicle’s tip was sharp while its end was thick and heavy as they shot straight for Tang Wulin with a sharp howling noise.

Tang Wulin raised his Golden Dragon Spear and shook his wrist. With a flash of gold, an icicle exploded into pieces in the air. However, the
shattered ice powder did not disperse and turned Tang Wulin’s body cold for a moment.

Tang Wulin felt cold despite his physique and blood essence power, so one could only imagine how low the temperature was after the icicle had

One icicle, two icicles, it was as if all the icicles in the air had eyes as they flew in Tang Wulin’s direction.

The explosion of icicles did no harm to Tang Wulin, but he soon discovered that as the surrounding temperature continued dropping, large patches of the ground began to freeze. On the other hand, Long Yuxue’s domain, which had already stopped growing in the distance, began to spread in his direction once again.

‘How can that be? Her domain is capable of growing by itself?’

Tang Wulin was aware that he could not wait anymore. The person that he was acquainted with turned out to be a most terrifying foe. Long Yuxue grew up in the Endless Mountains ever since she was young, so there was no telling if there were some other peculiar abilities that he was unaware of.

Tang Wulin touched the tip of his toes against the ground and dashed in Long Yuxue’s direction in a flash.

The ground was very slippery, but Tang Wulin was not put off by that.
Diamond-shaped scales grew out from underneath his feet. Under his
control, the scales perked upright and pierced the ice surface, firm enough that he could completely exert his strength to dash in Long Yuxue’s direction. Long Yuxue scoffed. Her feet moved ever so slightly as her body began to accelerate and arrived over a hundred meters away in a flash.

How was that possible?

Tang Wulin was truly astonished now. It was unbelievable that Long Yuxue’s domain could do such a thing. There was no doubt that applying her domain in this way was derived from her own attribute and could only be described as an original idea. However, he had no choice but to admit that Long Yuxue was genuinely powerful as her domain was already unleashed completely. There was no way he could catch up just by relying on speed!

Long Yuxue raised her hand and shot out shards of icicles. The icicles were small when they first flew out, but they grew bigger and bigger! The icicles flew toward Tang Wulin like cannonballs with eyes.

Of course, Tang Wulin’s body, which seemed to be made of bronze, could not be damaged by the icicles so easily no matter how large they were. Yet, the issue was that these icicles were proving capable of reducing his speed. The icy surface also restricted his movements while amplifying Long Yuxue’s.

The domain consumed a large amount of Long Yuxue’s energy, yet the icicles were nothing for her. It was very difficult to tell which one of them would run out of energy first.

Tang Wulin spoke with a bitter smile, “Stop playing around.”

Long Yuxue spoke with a cold voice, “Who’s playing with you? Defeat me if you can. I won’t show you any mercy.”

Tang Wulin felt speechless for he wondered who it was that was showing mercy.

‘What should I do, huh? Of course, there’s a way!’

“I’ll be straightforward then!” said Tang Wulin helplessly. Long Yuxue scoffed once. “I’d like to see if you can be straightforward too for a change!”

Tang Wulin paused for a moment first before he inhaled a deep breath. In reality, the easiest way was to unleash his battle armor and rely on his
armor’s ability to fly. This way, the ground could not restrict his speed anymore and he could catch up to Long Yuxue.

Yet, the opponent was just a one-word battle armor master. Was he considered a bully if he were to unleash his two-word battle armor?

Thinking about it, he managed to find a solution!

The Golden Dragon Spear thrust out from Tang Wulin’s hand slowly after he inhaled a deep breath. It was not stabbing in Long Yuxue’s direction but into the air.

Long Yuxue managed to pull out more distance between herself and Tang Wulin. Tang Wulin was right in the center of the arena. Long Yuxue was
stunned for a moment as well upon witnessing the spear. What was the boy doing?

However, her expression changed soon because she saw a layer of densely arranged scales emerge on Tang Wulin’s body when the spear moved forward. It was Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Body.

Long Yuxue had seen Tang Wulin unleash the scales before, but it was as if Tang Wulin’s entire body was glowing while his disposition also changed unexpectedly as soon as the spear thrust out. He still looked the same, but his dominant manner seemed to soar far beyond them, and he was exuding a solemn, untouchable aura. It was as he was subduing the chill in the air.

A seven-meter-long glowing spear burst out soon after the spear was thrust forward. An intense blood essence fluctuation burst into life. Not only that, rings of light scattered underneath Tang Wulin. Four golden soul rings began to shimmer and alternated with his five martial soul rings. Dozens of Bluesilver Grass blades spread out in all directions
simultaneously as his spear the thrust out, covering a large area in an instant. On the other hand, the hard ice on the ground began to vanish soundlessly wherever the Bluesilver Grass passed.

Long Yuxue was even more shocked to see that ice blue color clearly
appeared on the Bluesilver Grass. The blue color was surging into Tang Wulin’s body and gradually transformed into faint golden radiance less than five meters away from him before fusing into his body.

What was that?

She was vaguely aware that Tang Wulin’s martial soul was a plant type but she was uncertain which. At present, she was filled with disbelief and
confusion as she watched him breaking her domain in such a manner.

Soon after, Tang Wulin thrust the spear forward again. The first spear’s radiance was still shimmering in the sky when the second spear’s radiance had already flickered violently and even brighter and further than the first one in the sky. More and more vines were slowly emerging from Tang Wulin’s body. These vines were uneven but every time one stretched out, a portion of the domain on the ground disappeared.

Chapter 984 - Martial Soul and Bloodline Fusion

Chapter 984: Martial Soul and Bloodline Fusion

Taking a step forward, Tang Wulin began to advance. This time, the Golden Dragon Spear he held in front of his body shook abruptly and created dozens of spears of light in an instant. Countless golden spears shimmered in the air and gave out a series of violent sonic booms. The sound made it feel like the entire arena was tearing itself into pieces.

The chill was further dispersed. Tang Wulin took nine steps forward in
succession which caused thousands of lights to burst out from the center of the competition arena at once. On the other hand, Long Yuxue was very
surprised to find that Tang Wulin’s aura strengthened with every step he took, while the scales on his body glowed brighter. The overbearing aura oppressed her so much that she could not even bring herself to even try to attack him.

She had known that Tang Wulin was very powerful, but they had always been comrades-in-arms. Thus, she had no idea what it felt like to fight
against him.

Tang Wulin had not even attacked her, but she could profoundly understand Jiang Wuyue’s agony earlier.

The domineering aura was even more terrifying than a direct attack as there was no way she could dodge. Long Yuxue felt like her spirit and thoughts were being seized by Tang Wulin, while her ice attribute, that had been
strengthening thanks to her ice domain, was weakening.

Tang Wulin did not even bother to look in Long Yuxue’s direction as he thrust his spear forward and unleashed his strongest soul power fluctuation. Every fiber of his being was completely focused into the Thousand
Accusing Fingers and his spear’s consciousness. His martial soul and bloodline power were being released under the
constant stimulation of the spear’s consciousness. They were trying out different types of combinations.

He had not used any of his soul skills, only the spear’s radiance. Dazzling streams of light burst from the spear, linking into one another and
continuously empowering his aura. It was the best feeling ever!
He could not release his weapon’s consciousness in such a brazen manner within the army, but he could do so now. He could unleash everything he had considered over the past few days in the simulated competition arena.

He was still far from his goals, but he had managed to find the weapon’s consciousness that was unique to him.

He cultivated and slept together with his Golden Dragon Spear every day, and this was finally beginning to show some results. The Golden Dragon
Spear hummed and vibrated as its consciousness was gently released. It was the best method that allowed Tang Wulin to achieve mastery in the use of his martial soul and bloodline power.

Long Yuxue could clearly see that there was a thin layer of gold with a scale-like pattern appearing on the Bluesilver Emperor vines that were imitating the movement of the spear. It was as if every vine was Tang Wulin’s spear covered with the Golden Dragon Body.

This was the overlaying effect of his bloodline power and soul power! This was something that Tang Wulin had never realized before.

He had never thought that his soul power and blood essence power could produce some kind of relationship before Old Tang’s reminder. At that moment, he finally understood where he went wrong.

He did not possess twin martial souls, having only his one Bluesilver Grass martial soul. His blood essence power was supposed to be assisting his martial soul in battle. He had forgotten about this all along because his
Golden Dragon King Bloodline was powerful enough to be used on its own.

He recalled his experience while participating in the Star Luo Continent’s competition when the Fox King Su Mu once used his bloodline power to amplify his martial soul! Yet, he had never attempted to do so in the past, having only allowed his martial soul to be silently influenced by his bloodline.

He possessed a mountain of treasure all along which he had never even tried to use. How foolish he was.

In reality, one reason Tang Wulin had never gone down this path was that his own bloodline power was so great. The other reason was that he was so influenced by his bloodline soul ring, he had assumed that these two soul rings could never possibly appear together in his subconscious mind. He regarded his bloodline power as a twin martial soul.

He was suddenly enlightened after Old Tang’s prompt that his bloodline power was not his martial soul! He was supposed to be able to alternate between those two at his convenience. He should be able to fuse these two together, not just alternate between two, in order to reach his full potential.

At this exact moment, his martial soul and bloodline power had finally begun to fuse with every thrust of his spear.

The dragon core on his chest was slowly sinking. The golden radiance
covered his entire body while simultaneously surging into the soul power vortex in his abdomen. The crystal-like form on the inside was becoming clearer and clearer.

“Humm…” Tang Wulin suddenly thrust his spear forward while the hundreds of spears of light fused into one. All the golden Bluesilver Emperor vines abruptly stood upright, reflecting the spear’s consciousness.

Long Yuxue’s domain exploded with a loud bang and transformed into an icy mist that rose into the air. However, the ice mist immediately dispersed as soon as it went near Tang Wulin. This was the elemental stripping effect derived from the silent influence of the Bluesilver Golden Array. Even though the soul skill was not used yet, a portion of its energy was released during the shimmering process his soul power and bloodline power had undergone.

It was so powerful!

The intense energy fluctuation was glowing in the air. Tang Wulin took a quick step forward and swept his Golden Dragon Spear horizontally across all the Bluesilver Emperor vines.

A great golden light bloomed out of thin air.

Tang Wulin laughed aloud and shouted out, “Golden Dragon Body!”

In an instant, all the Bluesilver Emperor vines were illuminated. The thin layer of gold suddenly turned bright. It was as if every vine of the
Bluesilver Emperor was really coated with golden dragon scales. They did not appear like vines anymore but genuine giant dragons.

However, Tang Wulin immediately felt that his blood essence power and soul power were rapidly being depleted at the same time.

It was apparent that he had to pay a price for combining the two!

Tang Wulin pointed ahead with the Golden Dragon Spear in his head and yelled aloud, “Golden Dragon Soars to the Heaven!”

Countless Bluesilver Emperor vines jutted forward out like the Golden
Dragon Spear. A giant golden dragon over twenty meters long bloomed out from the Golden Dragon Spear before dashing forward valiantly. On the other hand, puffs of fine golden dragon energy were spurting out from the tips of the Bluesilver Emperor vines. The dragon energy attached itself to the golden dragon doubling the power of the Golden Dragon Soars to the Heaven in the space of one breath. It dashed toward the front boldly like a real dragon descending. Tang Wulin was overjoyed! There was no doubt that he had succeeded,
even though the Golden Dragon Soars to the Heaven consumed twice the bloodline power and a larger amount of soul power compared to ordinary circumstances. Yet, the power of the blast was more than doubled!
Moreover, it had completely exceeded the limits of his rank. Only martial soul fusion skills could rival this ability of his.
Two soul masters were required to launch a martial soul fusion skill, and it consumed a lot of energy once it was launched, so it was difficult to relaunch within a short period of time and there was only a single method. Yet, Tang Wulin’s fusion of martial soul and bloodline could be applied to any of his abilities! How could this ever be rivaled by a simple martial soul fusion skill?

Long Yuxue had already dropped her arms. She watched the golden dragon spreading its wings and roaring nonchalantly in the air, and she understood that she did not even stand any chance.

She had only experienced such complete helplessness when she was fighting against her father.

How powerful was he? How far would he go before he reached his limit?

Long Yuxue’s was so shocked, she had already forgotten that she was still in the competition and that person showing off in the center of the arena was her opponent.

Tang Wulin’s body swayed after he had retracted the Golden Dragon Spear. He stamped his right foot against the ground and loudly cried, “Golden
Dragon Shakes the Earth!”

Chapter 985 - A Bewildered Stare

Chapter 985: A Bewildered Stare

A total of eight golden dragons arose this time. The golden dragons arose with the Bluesilver Emperor vines akin to a myriad of stars surrounding the moon. The Golden Dragon Soars to the Heaven had just exploded with a loud bang and transformed into an airflow. The violent energy that shocked the competition arena set off a rushing gale.

The eight golden dragons flew off in all directions. Tang Wulin suddenly roared in rage to unleash the Golden Dragon Roar.

A massive golden dragon head that was three times bigger than the Golden Dragon Soars to the Heaven appeared valiantly. The golden dragon head
was about two meters tall initially but grew to four meters following the infusion of countless Bluesilver Emperor vines.

The terrifying soundwave shook the entire competition arena violently.
Tang Wulin did not realize that he had unleashed the Golden Dragon Roar toward Long Yuxue in the distance.

They were a hundred meters apart but Long Yuxue could feel the gush of incomparably hot aura blowing against her face furiously. The terrifying soundwave and spiritual assault together with the purple electric current unleashed from the giant dragon’s eyes caused her mind to go blank.

Her body quivered once before she tumbled to the ground.

In the next moment, her virtual body burst into pieces before she completely vanished from the competition stage.

The Golden Dragon Roar was at its peak now. Tang Wulin’s long,
continuous practice with his spear at the center of the competition stage previously had enabled him to channel the powerful aura produced from the fusion of his martial soul and bloodline power into the Golden Dragon Roar.

The entire space was shaken from the roar earlier. Long Yuxue was caught off guard such that she did not even have the chance to react to the situation before she left the competition arena.

If it had happened outside, her battle armor would protect her body when
set off by a stress response. In a simulated world, the battle armor would not appear without her initiating the deployment.

“Victory: Little Tang!”

Tang Wulin was still excited from the battle, yet he was transferred out again in the next moment.

‘I… I’ve won?’

He looked at the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand as his memories flashed back in his mind. He recalled the scene where Long Yuxue’s body exploded when he had directed the Golden Dragon Roar into the distance at the final moment.

‘Oh no…”

Tang Wulin logged out from the battle network and exited the Star Dou Cabin quickly. He changed his attire at once before he ran outside.

He had never died in the simulated battle network before. So, he was not sure how it felt to die in this place and whether it would bring about profound feelings similar to the spirit ascension platform.

There was no doubt that Long Yuxue would experience agonizing pain
when she was blasted into pieces earlier. He was worried for Long Yuxue’s health if the attack was not attenuated by the network.

Thus, he left the living quarters in a hurry and dashed straight in the direction of the army’s rest area. The snow was being blown into the air wherever he passed such that everyone cast a look at him.

Within a few minutes, he had dashed into the army’s rest area where the Star Dou Cabins were located. The place was already packed to the brink with a large crowd gathering on the outside as well.

Tang Wulin was about to squeeze his way in when he was immediately stopped.

“What are you doing? Jumping the queue? Don’t you have any ethics?” A tall man with a huge physique blocked the path in front of Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin was so anxious at present. He felt as if he had returned to Shrek Academy. Subconsciously, he grabbed the person’s shoulder and tossed him away.

He was at least a hundred kilograms, yet he was akin to a blade of grass in Tang Wulin’s grasp.

The rest area which was bustling just a while ago quieted down. No one dared stop Tang Wulin from squeezing his way in. He pushed through the crowd, and in a short while he was on the inside. At first glance, he found Long Yuxue.

Long Yuxue’s face looked pale as she was walking out from the inside. The Star Dou Cabin came with an attached dressing room which would be disinfected before a user entered it.

“Are you okay?” Tang Wulin took a step forward and held her shoulder in an attempt to sense whether her blood essence fluctuation was disturbed.

Long Yuxue was startled when Tang Wulin held her shoulders. She looked up to find that it was Tang Wulin. Although she was surprised, she felt the warmth in her heart at the same time. The rage in her heart was gone.

She shook her head gently. “I’m fine.” Tang Wulin was relieved. “Did it hurt when you were injured in the
simulation cabin? Does one suffer the same agonizing pain when one dies in the simulation just like the Spirit Pagoda’s spirit ascension platform?”

Long Yuxue shook her head. “How can the federal government ever produce something as perfect as the Spirit Pagoda? The pain sensation is lowered to twenty percent, so there’s no danger. However, it’s still quite painful for me. You’re a scoundrel. Are you even human for treating me so?”

Long Yuxue suddenly sensed that the surrounding ambiance felt different at this point. She raised her head subconsciously and looked up at her
surroundings. She found a group of people staring at her in bewilderment.

There were hundreds of people queueing, yet every single person’s gaze was fixated on them at present. A number were staring in bewilderment while a few had their mouths agape in surprise. Yet, others had peculiar expressions on their faces.

“What’s going on? What are you all looking at?” said Long Yuxue shyly, her charming face blushing scarlet.

Zhang Huanyun was in a bad mood at present.

He had been feeling rather cheerful initially. He had personally tried out the Star Dou Battle Network developed by the Federation. He had heard of the battle network from the report by the scientific research department when he attended a meeting in the Federation’s capital, Mingdu City. At the same time, he had given it a go and found the simulation quite impressive. As
compared to the simulation devices in the past, the Federation had not only developed artificial intelligence which was included in the network but more importantly, it was user-friendly as well. Even lay people could use it. It was particularly helpful in elevating the caliber of the army.

As the Federation’s general and current regimental commander of the Blood God Army, he held a prestigious status in the army. The Blood God Army’s influence was somewhat alike Shrek Academy’s influence in the soul masters’ world. A number of important personnel in the army were the military officers promoted after ten years of service in the Blood God Army. Thus, his position amongst the military superiors was absolutely distinguished as the Blood God Army’s regimental commander.

Thirty Star Dou Cabins were provided for everyone’s use regardless of military rank, but one must join the queue to wait for one’s turn. The
contestants were given priority to use the cabins according to the
competition schedule. These rules were set by the regimental commander.

Being the authority on the rules, he knew very well how to boost the morale of his subordinates. Hence, he showed up today to participate in the use of the Star Dou Cabins as well. Actually, he already had one of those cabins in his office.

He chatted with the Blood God Army’s officers and men as he joined the queue. He enquired about how they felt when they were engaged in the
abyssal tide earlier. He acted friendly with his men and was in a jovial mood.

Just when he was feeling rather good for himself, a second lieutenant
suddenly charged into the place like a hot-headed bull and began squeezing his way in till he reached the end of the queue. The youth was rather strong as he pushed through a number of people who did not manage to stop him.

As the regimental commander, he thought he could use his body to block the second lieutenant’s path in jest.

As he was about to enquire why the youth who was in such a hurry, that he was breaking the rules, he had not expected the young scoundrel to grab his shoulders and toss him aside without even uttering a single word.

Being a rank-98 Title Douluo and a four-word battle armor master, who was one of the few people at the peak of the world, Zhang Huanyun had not
expected to end up in such an embarrassing situation. The youth had acted too rashly. Coupled with his own lack of preparation for the situation, Zhang Huanyun had never expected that a second lieutenant would attack him. He took a beating and was immediately tossed outside. However, the youth acted with a sense of propriety. He withheld his
strength so Zhang Huanyun was not seriously injured despite falling on the ground. Nonetheless, as the regimental commander and the highest
commanding officer of the entire army, how could Zhang Huanyun be in a good mood when he was tossed out by a second lieutenant under the keen eyes of the watching crowd?

At this moment, the general with three stars pinned on his shoulders had his arms akimbo as he watched a pair of youngsters showing great concern for each other. It suddenly struck him that he recognized the young maiden.
Was she not his second-in-command, Long Tianwu’s daughter?

Out of the blue, Long Yuxue also noticed the regimental commander’s presence. She could not help covering her mouth with her hands. Zhang
Huanyun was not present earlier when she came, so she had not expected to meet him.

“Senior officer!” She stood at attention and saluted.

Tang Wulin was startled by Long Yuxue’s sudden action. He hastily loosened his grip on her shoulders as he turned around and looked

‘Wow, a three-star general just like Blood One!’ He had a hunch about the person’s identity even if it was just a wild guess. He stood at attention and saluted immediately following Long Yuxue.

However, an ominous foreboding arose in Tang Wulin’s heart as he was saluting. He suddenly recalled something at present. Besides, he felt that this person was rather familiar.

Zhang Huanyun raised his brows and, with his attention on Tang Wulin, hollered, “Your name!”

Chapter 986 - Refusal to Obey

Chapter 986: Refusal to Obey

“Tang Wulin.” Tang Wulin stood at attention with his gaze fixed and a stoic expression, acting as if he was not the one who tossed aside Zhang
Huanyun earlier.

Zhang Huanyun was infuriated by this youth. Damn! How could he pretend he had nothing to do with tossing Zhang Huanyun aside earlier? In any
case, the youth had a pleasant demeanor about him.

“Are you not aware of the rules here? Why don’t you queue up like everybody else?” asked Zhang Huanyun calmly.

Tang Wulin’s expression remained calm as before. “Reporting as ordered, sir. I faced Senior Officer Long Yuxue in the competition just now.
Something happened during the confrontation and I’m worried she may be injured in the Star Dou Battle Network so I came rushing over to check on her.”

“Competition? You weren’t here. So, how did you take part in the
competition? Huh, you’re from the Blood God Battalion?” He just noticed the red rose on the Blood God Bracelet on Tang Wulin’s wrist.

“Yes, sir. I’m Tang Wulin, a supernumerary personnel of the Blood God Battalion.”

Zhang Huanyun spoke, “Very well. The Blood God Battalion only produces heroes and never rulebreakers. You shall be punished like any ordinary
soldier when you break the rules despite your status as a Blood God Battalion’s fighter. Understand?”

Tang Wulin immediately answered, “I refuse to obey.” The surrounding people broke into an uproar at his words.

Who was Zhang Huanyun? He was the newly appointed Blood God Army’s regimental commander. He had spent sixty years in the Endless Mountains to reach his position as the regimental commander by being promoted one rank at a time from the beginning as a private soldier. He was peerless and his reputation in the entire Blood God Army could not even be rivaled by
Blood One the Heartless Douluo, Cao Dezhi.

Tang Wulin was probably the first person in the past few decades who dared to speak to him in such a manner.

Zhang Huanyun had a good laugh. “Why do you refuse to obey the order?”

Tang Wulin shifted his gaze. “I think your punishment may be discordant with the misdeed committed.”

Zhang Huanyun burst out laughing. “Oh I see, you think I’m not treating you fairly?”

“Yes,” said Tang Wulin.

Zhang Huanyun spoke, “As a soldier of the Federation and the Blood God Army’s regimental commander, I do my best to be fair to every soldier under me. I’ll never allow my personal feelings to affect my judgment. I’ve abided by this since the first day I joined the Blood God Army, and it has been sixty years and a hundred and sixty-three days till today. That has never changed. However…”

Tang Wulin’s lips twitched once. ‘He won’t be making an exception for me, right?’

“I won’t be making an exception for you. Besides, you’re not under my
command. Your punishment will be more severe in light of your offense in attacking a senior officer. Follow me!” Zhang Huanyun waved his hand at Tang Wulin as he was speaking before he turned around and walked outside. Long Yuxue only managed to ask softly at present, “What did you do?”

Tang Wulin spoke with a bitter smile, “I was in a rush earlier and he blocked my path. So, I grabbed him and tossed him aside…”

“Huh?” Long Yuxue’s knees buckled, and she almost sat on the ground. Even her father would address the man as ‘uncle’ in private.
However, Long Yuxue rolled her gorgeous eyes as she looked at Tang Wulin differently now as the result of a change in her feelings. ‘He acted so impulsively because he was worried about my safety!’

Tang Wulin obediently followed behind Zhang Huanyun as they walked out from the rest area. Zhang Huanyun walked in long strides and with his head held high. Tang Wulin was not feeling perturbed, nor could he see any
emotional change in Zhang Huanyun. His psyche had undergone training on the Demon Island, so he could calmly analyze any situation he faced instead of being overwhelmed with anxiety.

What was the Blood God Army? It was the Federation’s guardian angel. He had been the regimental commander of the army for decades and the Federation’s general was a man of integrity and fortitude. Although Tang Wulin manhandled him earlier, he was certain that Zhang Huanyun could feel that he withheld his strength such that Zhang Huanyun would not be injured even if he had been a layperson. Besides, Tang Wulin did it under
extenuating circumstances!

How could Zhang Huanyun with his regimental commander’s position bother with such an inconsequential person like Tang Wulin? Thus, Tang Wulin refused to obey so as to leave a profound impression on the regimental commander. A soldier ought to possess an unyielding spirit, right? Moreover, he did not think he did anything wrong. He jumped the queue not because he was impatient, but rather he was concerned for his comrade-in-arm’s condition.

Long Yuxue was apparently not as calm as him. She followed closely by Tang Wulin’s side. She was at a loss with what she should do now. Precisely because she had been living in the Endless Mountains all year long, she was even more aware of how prestigious Zhang Huanyun’s position was in the army. Even the Blood God Battalion abided by Zhang Huanyun’s orders.

Zhang Huanyun walked straight into the operations headquarters while
Tang Wulin and Long Yuxue followed closely behind almost as if they were his two bodyguards.

Zhang Huanyun turned around with a sly smile on his face as he looked at the two youths entering the elevator.

‘They look like a perfect couple. The boy is truly handsome and rivals my looks when I was young!’

“Tang Wulin, where are you from?” Zhang Huanyun had just returned, so he was not acquainted with this new recruit.

Tang Wulin immediately replied, “Shrek Academy.”

Zhang Huanyun’s expression changed spontaneously upon hearing the
words ‘Shrek Academy’. He frowned and spoke, “You enlisted in the army after Shrek Academy was destroyed?”

Although there were thousands of people in the Blood God Army, he could almost remember every one of them for he had spent decades in the army
after all. He did not recognize the second lieutenant, Tang Wulin, so he must be a new recruit. It was not difficult for him to figure out Tang Wulin’s second lieutenant promotion because there was a recent case of the abyssal tide. It was quite normal for Tang Wulin to be promoted so quickly.

“Yes, senior officer,” said Tang Wulin loudly.

Zhang Huanyun widened his eyes and heaved a sigh. “Shrek.”

Tang Wulin could tell there was a heavy sense of pity in the man’s eyes, unlike Blood Three and Blood Five’s deep sorrow. He knew that the regimental commander was not from Shrek Academy for sure. Zhang Huanyun said, “So you’re not here because the academy sent you, right?”

Tang Wulin answered, “The Tang Sect’s respected Amorous Douluo sent me to enlist in the Blood God Army.”

Zhang Huanyun understood and said, “So, it’s him. No wonder you’re allowed to enlist in the Blood God Battalion.”

“Reporting as ordered, senior officer. I relied on my own abilities to enlist in the Blood God Battalion,” said Tang Wulin loudly once again.

Meanwhile, the elevator stopped with a ‘ding’. The door opened.

Zhang Huanyun’s lips cracked into a smile. “Very confident of you! What a dynamic young man. Follow me then.” He took the lead and walked out as he was saying that.
Long Yuxue stood behind Tang Wulin with a vibrant expression on her face. “Yuxue, can you stop pinching me?” said Tang Wulin with a bitter smile.
Long Yuxue had been pinching him behind his back the whole time he was talking to Zhang Huanyun. It felt painful!

Long Yuxue spoke softly, “You fool, how dare you speak to the regimental commander in this manner? My father doesn’t even dare speak to him in
such a manner.”

Tang Wulin was speechless. He knew Long Yuxue meant well, but he was equally aware that a soldier had to be more than modest at times.

“You don’t understand.” Tang Wulin shook his head helplessly. He then walked in long strides to catch up with Zhang Huanyun.

Zhang Huanyun had the largest office Tang Wulin had ever seen in the army. However, it was not decorated lavishly. There were a few
bookshelves, a table, and a few sofas for receiving visitors. Only essential decorations could be seen on the walls. Zhang Huanyun took a seat on his sofa while Tang Wulin stood on the opposite side.

“Young man, you’re very confident of yourself! Please tell me then, which ability did you rely on to enlist in the Blood God Battalion?” asked Zhang Huanyun smilingly.

Tang Wulin answered, “Reporting as ordered, senior officer. My name is Tang Wulin and I’m Shrek Academy’s inner court disciple. I’m one of the Shrek Seven Monsters of this generation and also the squad leader of the Shrek Seven Monsters. I’m a rank-59 Soul King. My associated weapon is the Golden Dragon Spear which inherently suppresses the abyssal creatures and is capable of absorbing their abyssal energies for my use. Senior Blood
Eight discovered me, and I was brought into the Blood God Battalion where I became the Blood God Battalion’s supernumerary personnel with Blood
One’s approval. Blood One assigned me a mission which forbids me to
enter the abyss anymore. There were two king-rank abyssal creatures which attacked me. Fortunately, I narrowly escaped and was saved by Blood Eight.”

Zhang Huanyun was genuinely interested in Tang Wulin. He was an impressive young boy because he was capable of tossing out the off guard Zhang Huanyun which was something not any ordinary person could do. Being a man with a cultivation base close to a Limit Douluo, Zhang
Huanyun’s body would react to any stimulus despite being unprepared. His stress reaction was not intense at the time because Tang Wulin did not hurt him intentionally. Even so, he could still complete the Thousand Ton Fall naturally, so his opponent could not get at him anymore. He sensed a very powerful strength from Tang Wulin’s body. At the same time, he also
sensed a whiff of overbearingness.

Chapter 987 - Zhang Huanyun's Shock

Chapter 987: Zhang Huanyun’s Shock

Of course, he could tell that Tang Wulin had a Soul King cultivation base by sight, but that left him even more astonished. If Tang Wulin was only a Soul King then how did he acquire such incredible strength? This thoroughly confused Zhang Huanyun.

The smile on Zhang Huanyun’s face completely vanished after he had listened to Tang Wulin introduce himself.

‘The leader of the current Shrek Seven Monsters? The young boy is the most important seed left behind by Shrek Academy. No wonder the
Amorous Douluo sent him to my Blood God Army.’

He was even more shocked when Tang Wulin described his ability to
suppress abyssal creatures. He could absorb abyssal energy? Blood One had forbidden him from continuing to participate in the war, so it was clear that this capability had reached a significant level.

Zhang Huanyun had dedicated his entire life to the Blood God Army. He had deep feelings for the place and he spent his days fighting the abyssal creatures, so he understood how terrifying they were. He was well aware that the continent would be plunged into misery and suffering if those
abyssal creatures were to break through the Blood God Army’s seal.

Thus, his eyes instantly started glowing brightly when he listened to Tang Wulin talking about his ability to suppress abyssal creatures. He had not heard of this before!

He had just returned, and the Blood God Battalion was relatively independent. Indeed, Blood One was on an equal level as he. He had yet to meet anyone from the Blood God Battalion ever since he came back, but he was immediately interested upon listening to Tang Wulin’s words. “Take a seat, both of you.” Zhang Huanyun waved his hand at both Tang Wulin and Long Yuxue while he pressed a button on the Blood God
Bracelet on his wrist.

His Blood God Bracelet was different. It was blood red in color, but there was a golden line that circled around the center. This was the Blood God Bracelet worn only by the regimental commander, while second-in-
command and seniors wore bracelets with silver lines around them.

“Blood One, is this a good time? There’s a boy named Tang Wulin here.
Were you going to inform me of this?” He had quickly dialed the communicator.

“You’re back? I was just about to look for you to discuss that. Are you in the office?” The Heartless Douluo’s voice was heard.

“Hmm, come over then,” said Zhang Huanyun.

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment as he had not expected that. He was only hoping to show himself in the best light before the regimental
commander, but Zhang Huanyun ended up calling Blood One. Tang Wulin could tell that the regimental commander’s position was even higher than Blood One by the way the took the initiative to come see him! Blood One was the current sect master of the Tang Sect, but there was no doubt that Zhang Huanyun was the person with the most authority in the Blood God Army.

For various reasons, Tang Wulin did not try to hold anything back and
explained everything in detail. Firstly, it would not have been that difficult for Zhang Huanyun to find out about his identity. The other reason was that Tang Wulin hoped to receive his support in the future. This man was the Federation’s general and the Blood God Army’s regimental commander, so it would be undoubtedly much, much easier to rebuild Shrek Academy in the future with his backing.

It did not take long before Blood One pushed open the door and entered. He saw Tang Wulin. Tang Wulin hastily stood up and saluted him, followed by Long Yuxue. The young maiden was still feeling rather dazed at the moment.

These two men before her were the most respected in the Blood God Army, holding the highest positions!

Blood One darted Tang Wulin a look before he took a seat next to Zhang Huanyun.

“The boy said that his ability could suppress abyssal creatures. To what extent?” Zhang Huanyun asked Blood One.

Blood One nonchalantly replied, “Take a look for yourself.” As he spoke, he pressed a button on his Blood God Bracelet and projected a ray of light onto the white wall by his side. The scene displayed on the wall was Tang Wulin’s performance during that battle against the abyssal tide.

Zhang Huanyun watched sombrely, with no emotion showing on his face. However, his expression changed ever so slightly when he witnessed the appearance of that gigantic finger and the King Mei later on.

“Both of you shall leave now,” said Zhang Huanyun to Tang Wulin and Long Yuxue.

“Yes, senior officer.” Tang Wulin stood up and looked at Blood One. Only after Blood One nodded at him did he leave, taking long strides.

Long Yuxue followed hurriedly as they walked out of Zhang Huanyun’s office. She could not refrain herself from asking as soon as they walked out from the room, “What’s going on? What’s with the charade? The Blood
God Battalion allowed you to join in because they valued your Golden Dragon Spear’s ability?”

Tang Wulin nodded. “I guess you can say that.”

Long Yuxue frowned. “How can the regimental commander let you off so easily?” Tang Wulin felt speechless so he said, “Girl, you don’t seem to be well- versed in reading people! Could it be that you think that the regimental commander would be fussing over a nothing second lieutenant like me? You think too much. He is only interested in me purely for my ability.
However, there’s no need for me to make an impression anymore. Let’s go. Back to cultivation.”

“I’m not well-versed in reading people? Who was it that blasted my body into pieces in the competition? You had the nerve to do so after I’d been taking care of you so well when you enlisted in the army. Hmmph!”

“My bad, sir. Why don’t I treat you to a meal?”

“I’m going to order from window number one. Ten portions.”

“But you can’t eat so much, sir!” said Tang Wulin with a bitter smile.

“I’ll share with someone else if I can’t finish it. I won’t waste the food, don’t worry.”

“Alright, alright. As you wish.”

Tang Wulin and Long Yuxue left, while Zhang Huanyun and Blood One leered at each other with consternation in the office.

“You’re really a piece of work, Cao Dezhi! You’re very quick to betray others, huh?” Zhang Huanyun glared at Blood One.

Amorous Douluo spoke expressionless, “How can you say that I betrayed you? Don’t you forget that I’m the one that brought this child from the Tang Sect.”

“I don’t care about that. He belongs to me after he officially enlisted in the Blood God Army. What difference does who sent him make? His Golden Dragon Spear’s effect is related to our army’s overall effort in resisting the abyss. This is not a small matter. How could you just take him into the
Blood God Battalion like this? I don’t care. Return him to me. I’ll assign him to a special position, so he can follow me and his safety will be ensured.”

“Don’t even think about it. Will I ever be able to take him back if he follows you?” Blood One fired back without the slightest hesitation.

Zhang Huanyun spoke, “What’s wrong with following me? Could it be that you don’t know that I’m looking to groom a successor as I get older? Our Blood God Army is different from any other army. The regimental
commander bears heavy responsibilities, so there must be a successor with adequate ability to take over my position. Moreover, anyone who is put forward by me to the army headquarters will certainly be approved. I haven’t found anyone suitable to inherit my position. The boy is quite impressive and he’s still young. Moreover, his ability can even suppress all sorts of creatures on the abyssal plane. Perhaps, he could even contain the abyssal passage for centuries if he can be cultivated, then I can finally hand over my duties with ease.”

Blood One pouted. “You must be dreaming. It’s too good to be true. Not that I don’t allow it, but even if I were to give him to you, he can’t be your successor. Do you know what sort of responsibility this boy is carrying on his shoulders?”

Zhang Huanyun spoke, “Shrek Academy, right. Of course I know that, but you must also know that many hands were involved in Shrek Academy’s destruction. Alone, it’s impossible to rebuild Shrek Academy, no matter how outstanding he is. The Federation will never allow that. I don’t know about the nasty schemes the Federation has put into place, but I can be sure that the Federation will never allow another independent authority to exist anymore. When even an institution as formidable as Shrek Academy was destroyed, could it be that you still think this twenty-year-old young man
can do something about it? Nevermind the future, do you think he can
support the process of rebuilding? It’s impossible even with the complete support of the Tang Sect.”

Blood One spoke indifferently, “There has been no lack of miracles in this world. I also believe that there is a possibility that this child will bring
something phenomenal. Let me ask you, if there comes a day when the abyssal passage’s issue can be completely resolved and there would be no need to worry about abyssal plane anymore, are you willing to support the revival of Shrek Academy?”

Chapter 988 - Blood One’s Hopes

Chapter 988: Blood One’s Hopes

Zhang Huanyun looked distracted. “Don’t talk about such hypotheticals.” Blood One continued, “What if it truly happens?”
Zhang Huanyun replied, “Even so, we’d need accurate information about the situation and detailed analysis. If he’s the one who’d accomplish such a great feat, then I wouldn’t even have a problem handing over the entire
Blood God Army to him. After all, the Blood God Army exists to take care of the abyssal passage. If there were no more threats from the abyssal plane, then the Blood God Army would lose its purpose. What happens in the future is none of my business. I could also take some time to relax, if I
should live that long, that is.”

Blood One nodded. “That would be all it takes.”

Zhang Huanyun could not help but ask, “You really think that this young man can turn the tide between the abyssal plane’s energy and us?”

Blood One smiled faintly. “Why not? At least there’s a chance. His Golden Dragon Spear is much more effective than you think. Not only is his
cultivation base strong, but his bloodline ability is also even more formidable. He was able to become the leader of the Shrek Seven Monsters, so his abilities can’t be dismissed. He’s also a Saint Craftsman-ranked blacksmith. He’s the youngest Saint Craftsman in the history of blacksmithing. I don’t think you know that yet.”

“Are you serious?” This time, Zhang Huanyun was truly shocked. There was not even a single Saint Craftsman in the entire Blood God Army!

Blood One shrugged. “If it wasn’t for Long Tianwu’s orders which forbade him from using his merits earned from blacksmithing to raise his ranks, I think that he’d be able to become a major general in less than a year. Do you believe that?”

Zhang Huanyun appeared to be pondering. “What about your plan?”

Blood One replied, “Before he’s powerful enough, we must first keep him hidden. The abyssal plane has already noticed the effects of his Golden
Dragon Spear. The Mei Empress even joined the attack herself. If we allow him to continue fighting and the abyssal plane was willing to pay any price, it would be highly difficult for us to stop them even if we wanted to. I’ve
sent him to enter the Federal Star Dou Battle Network Challenge so that he can train in it for some time. When his strength has reached the point where he can take the task on solo, that’ll be the time when we’ll wage an all-out war against the abyssal plane. I’d very much like to see what’ll happen
when he sticks his Golden Dragon Spear into the bodies of the 108 Abyssal Monarchs. The 108 Abyssal Monarchs are basically the 108 fulcrums of the abyssal plane. I’m not sure how many we’d have to break before the
abyssal plane will crumble or break away from their connection with our world, but I can be sure that as long as some of the 108 Abyssal Monarchs
die, the abyssal plane will think twice before they ever attempt to invade us again.”

“The greatest problem we face now is that we aren’t able to truly wear them down. Otherwise, why would we be so hard pressed after fighting them for thousands of years, with generation after generation of Blood God Army

Zhang Huanyun’s eyes flickered. “I see what you’re saying. You’re hoping that this young man can use his weapon to completely kill the 108 Abyssal Monarchs, attempt to destroy a few of the hundred and eight abyssal layers, and cut the abyssal passage off.”

“That’s right.” Blood One nodded solemnly.

Zhang Huanyun took a deep breath, “Alright, this plan sounds good. You have my unconditional support. Tell me if you need anything. If the day truly comes where we no longer have the need to guard this place, the
Blood God Army will stand with Shrek and the Tang Sect. In the army, everything has to be traded with merits, and no merit is greater than
completely resolving the problem of the abyssal plane. If that time comes,
even if you make the Blood God Army your personal fighting force, I won’t have any qualms. All these years, even after the Tang Sect’s headquarters
was destroyed, you didn’t go back. I’ll remember this sentiment of yours.”

The Heartless Douluo said with a smile, “Let’s not talk about these things. Our objectives are the same. Haven’t you also spent sixty years here? We’re working tirelessly toward a single goal. At least, we’ve seen the first ray of hope in six thousand years, haven’t we?”

The two real leaders of Blood God Army looked at each other and smiled. Words were not necessary to convey what they felt.

Naturally, Tang Wulin did not know that these two had reached an
agreement, nor was he aware how important he was in their hearts. After he had treated Long Yuxue to a meal, he returned to his dorm and continued to cultivate stoically.

His fight with Long Yuxue that day had paid great dividends. He had
actually enhanced his martial soul with his bloodline power for the very first time. For him, this had enormous implications. It had made his overall strength increase by a great leap.

He grasped his Golden Dragon Spear and meditated as he sat cross-legged.
He silently felt the support of his Dragon Core within his soul power. His soul power vortex now had a golden tinge, showing a close connection to his Dragon Core.

Tang Wulin could even vaguely feel that some of his Dragon Core’s aura had settled within his soul power vortex. With this combination, it should be much easier for him to enhance his martial soul with his bloodline power next time.

This meditation session had taken him longer than usual. Tang Wulin connected some of the thoughts in his mind. At the same time, he
considered his skill, the Thousand Accusing Fingers. As expected, actual combat was the best way to improve oneself. With the merging of his soul power and bloodline power, he was more confident of facing the upcoming matches in the competition.

Old Tang had said that he needed to use his own abilities to create the final three moves of the Golden Dragon Nine Moves. After his bloodline power had enhanced his martial soul, he started having some ideas. He definitely needed more time to put his thoughts in order, but at least it was a good

A faint light flickered. Tang Wulin slowly emerged from his state of meditation. He carefully opened his eyes and everything around him
appeared clearer. Although there was no noticeable improvement in his cultivation base, he felt as if he was reborn.

He exerted force subconsciously, and every one of his muscles tensed up instantly. His Dragon Core was at the center of his body, and it shone with a dazzling golden light. His soul power vortex was quickly colored by a faint layer of gold. The two of them were always in a state where they could merge.

However, it was a pity that his soul power cultivation base and bloodline cultivation base were not yet at the same rank. Once his Soul Core was formed, Tang Wulin believed that the merging of these two cores would definitely produce a powerful reaction.

He looked forward to that day’s arrival. At least, by the looks of things
currently, it was not too far off. Maybe, when he broke through rank-60 soul power and became a Soul Emperor, his soul core would be successfully
condensed. He still had an ace up his sleeve. When the time came, he would directly merge his hundred-thousand-year soul ring with Damask Tulip.
Although he intended to turn Damask Tulip into his spirit soul and not his soul ring since it would not increase his soul power very much, he felt that there was no way that his Soul Core would not successfully merge with it with the addition of his hundred thousand year soul ring.

That was why, on the surface, Tang Wulin’s cultivation base did not seem to have increased by much, but he had obtained his Dragon Core in the short month since he had come to the Blood God Army. If he could obtain his Soul Core and make this interconnected enhancement work, it could definitely raise his power by a few ranks. If he were to achieve that, even Tang Wulin himself would not be able to judge what level his combat
strength would reach.

A faint smile appeared on Tang Wulin’s face, and he got up to his feet. He was shocked when he saw the time.

It was already the time for the second day’s match. He had initially been planning to have a meal.

He quickly entered the Star Dou Cabin and connected to the Battle Network.

Once again, it was the time for a mecha battle that day. Tang Wulin went straight to the competition grounds and entered right away.

Selection: Melee Mecha Weapon: Spear
Tang Wulin had entered the mecha competition to train his own long-range attacking abilities. However, after he started training with the spear, there had been a change of plans. Before he completed the move Thousand
Accusing Fingers, he was intending to compete with a spear.

Chapter 989 - Quick-moving Sabre

Chapter 989: Quick-moving Sabre

Tang Wulin entered the competition stage. A shadow flashed on the opposite side and a mecha appeared. This time, it was no longer a long- range but a close combat mecha.

The opponent’s weapon was a saber with a long curved blade. The saber was slightly longer than the spear in Tang Wulin’s hand. The saber’s blade was over six meters long and two meters wide. It was thick and heavy, looking all powerful and impressive.

“Three, two, one, begin.” The crude, electronic voice announced Tang Wulin’s second mecha battle in the competition.

Both of them dashed toward each other without the slightest hesitation. It
was simple and straightforward as the two close combat mechas approached each other rapidly.

When one close combat mecha fought another in a battle, the winner would be whoever had the stronger fighting skills, and better soul skills in reinforcing one’s mecha.

Generally, a soul master’s cultivation base must be strong in order to
amplify the mecha’s soul skill in close combat. It would be very difficult for a soul master below a three-ring cultivation base to fight in a mecha battle using his or her martial soul. The power would be too weak to damage the opponent’s protective shield.

Any mecha master would consider whether his or her martial soul was
compatible with their chosen mecha. Mecha masters could only exert their most powerful influence when their martial souls were fully compatible to their mechas in a mecha battle. The opponent’s mecha raised the long saber in its hand and slashed down swiftly at Tang Wulin. The saber burst forth with lightning speed despite being so large and heavy. It took only a moment before it was upon Tang Wulin’s mecha.

The saber was so swift!

Tang Wulin squinted as his hands slid over the control panel swiftly. The spear in the mecha’s hand blocked the attack with an upward motion.

The opponent had the upper hand and refused to budge. The saber’s tip bounced off to reveal the hilt. The opponent then relied on its power to push the blade straight at Tang Wulin’s operations cab.

What a ferocious move!

Tang Wulin slid his mecha backward. At the same time, the propeller on the opponent’s back was illuminated. The saber’s blade was almost upon Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin blocked with his spear once again in an upward motion, as he attempted to look for a break in his opponent’s defense.

The opposing combatant had unleashed its propeller only for a moment, turning it off before it charged forward. Tang Wulin’s attempt to block failed while his opponent capitalized on the opportunity to sweep the long saber horizontally at the waist of Tang Wulin’s close combat mecha.

Tang Wulin could tell that the mecha master was experienced in operating a close combat mecha in actual combat.

On the other hand, he was not as skillful in operating a mecha and was at a slight disadvantage.

However, he remained calm. He did not panic even when confronted with danger. There was hardly time for him to retract the spear, but his feet movements did not slow down. On the contrary, he charged at his opponent. The propeller on his opponent’s back glowed brightly and its speed increased exponentially.

Meanwhile, he raised his spear and held it upright. He was about to use it as a long rod to smash the opponent’s mecha.

The opposite mecha continued moving horizontally with its long saber
slicing ruthlessly in front. At the same time, the hilt was strenuously pulled back. Tang Wulin’s mecha appeared to be charging straight toward the
saber’s tip.

Not only that, a fiery radiance burst forth abruptly from the opponent’s mecha. The saber’s radiance glowed with a bitter coldness and an overbearing aura.

The opponent’s mecha squatted to evade Tang Wulin’s attack while its soul skill was unleashed to perfection. The opponent would not allow himself to be caught at a disadvantage before he used his soul skill. The rumor, that
whoever unleashed one’s martial soul first would end up in a compromised position, turned out to be absurd when one was confronted by a person who was truly skilled in actual combat.

The opponent’s soul skill burst forth with perfect timing. It put Tang Wulin who was unleashing his propeller into a desperate situation.

Tang Wulin watched helplessly as there was no way to dodge. He controlled his close combat mecha into making a very odd movement.

Suddenly, the mecha swayed once and changed its direction with its propeller turned on at full force. It did not move sideways but upward.

The mecha would need to withstand the extremely powerful turning forces when it changed directions with its propeller running at top speed. The mecha master would face the same situation as well. A person without an extremely strong physique would not be able to withstand the maneuver.

Naturally, it would not be an issue for Tang Wulin. However, his mecha was only a regular standard model, so it would not be able to withstand the forces. Nonetheless, he figured out a way.

He unleashed the soul power from his body which then seeped into every joint of the mecha to stabilize the mecha’s structure instantly. The mecha had not unleashed its protective shield, but there was an additional layer of misty white radiance on its surface. It was precisely Tang Wulin’s
Mysterious Heaven Method soul power.

The saber’s radiance almost sliced across the area underneath his feet while the spear in his hand which was lashing downward was at the optimum position for a stab.

The spear’s tip was glowing with a layer of misty white radiance. It pierced directly into the area above the head of the opponent’s mecha.

Everything happened in a flash, from the moment when the opponent unleashed his fiery soul skill with its saber’s shimmering radiance to the moment Tang Wulin diverted his mecha.

The opposing mecha that was squatting initially suddenly leaped up and scurried diagonally in the air to evade Tang Wulin’s spear attack. At the same time, the long saber in its hand waved backward to stab at Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin lifted his spear, and the two weapons clashed once again. “Bang!”
This time, they were equally matched. Both mechas were blasted away in opposite directions simultaneously. They landed with two loud clangs,
“bang, bang”.

The two drivers’ expressions were solemn when they confronted each other once again. Both of them were equally aware that they were confronting a master fighter.

It was Tang Wulin’s first experience in fighting against an opponent with
such fluid control over the mecha. The opponent’s control of his long saber seemed as easy as the palm directing its fingers. It was as if the mecha was part of the opponent’s body. Furthermore, his long saber was wielded at an unusually swift speed which was apparently influenced by his soul power.

However, Tang Wulin’s will to fight grew stronger the more he dealt with such an opponent. Hence, he did not use his martial soul and bloodline power but relied solely on the amplification of his soul power.

He wished to improve his spear technique, so he was not in a rush to defeat the opponent.

Tang Wulin’s mecha suddenly took a step forward while his spear pierced out valiantly. He acted differently this time with his spirit and energy united. His soul power flowed into the mecha. It was as if his body and the mecha were fused as one.

The opponent chose to wield his saber to counteract Tang Wulin’s spear which had suddenly moved faster. The saber’s hilt was tilted slightly.

“Bang.” The spear’s consciousness bloomed during the collision. The opponent’s mecha was shaken till it fell back half a step. Nevertheless, its long saber was jabbing away toward Tang Wulin. The opponent took
advantage of the weapon’s length.

A radiance flashed once in Tang Wulin’s eyes. He retracted the spear in a horizontal motion to push away the saber. Both of them were fighting furiously with their respective saber and spear at close range.

Neither of them unleashed their soul skills, while the two mechas continuously struck at one another with their weapons.

The close combat of mechas involved both attack and defense in a bold, unrestrained manner. The application of skills was limited, yet the mecha battle was especially intense.

Tang Wulin soon threw himself into the battle. The feeling of one with the mecha allowed him to execute some actual combat techniques during the battle after he had infused his soul power into the mecha. With his control of the mecha, it began to move with more agility.

On the other hand, the opponent’s fighting capacity had increased as well. His mecha was controlled to perfection. The long saber had a wide,
sweeping arc. It moved up and down, left and right without conceding any opening to Tang Wulin.

At the moment, both sides were equally matched in the battle. No one had the upper hand.

Tang Wulin was certain the opponent was a mecha master from the Blood God Army. Most likely, he had at least a five-ring cultivation base.
Otherwise, it would not be so difficult to deal with him.

Both parties were not fighting with their skills as neither of them was willing to use their soul skills to defeat their opponent. The battle was supposed to be their training ground.

Tang Wulin was unaware that the Star Dou Battle Network zone in the army’s rest area had broken into an uproar at present.

“Who is that? His close combat skill is unexpectedly superb. Since when is there a close combat master in our west division? Even the third battalion
commander can’t take him down. It’s truly satisfying to watch this.”

A large screen was placed in the Star Dou Battle Network zone which projected all the ongoing battles in the thirty Star Dou Cabins for the soldiers, who were waiting for their turns, to watch.

At present, the screen was displaying the battle between Tang Wulin and his opponent.

Both parties fought courageously as the battle progressed. They were locked in a struggle with their saber and spear crossing each other. It was a rare opportunity to witness such a battle, and it was absolutely the most
exciting competition from the west division ever since the mecha battle began.

Chapter 990 - The Spear’s Consciousness

Chapter 990: The Spear’s Consciousness

“They’re both waiting for the opportunity to unleash their soul skills, victory or defeat will be determined then. The opponent is too powerful. Although the third battalion commander’s technique is impressive, the opponent is still able to respond accordingly. Did you see that? He can divert his direction multiple times when he’s using the propeller. The left and right sway earlier was brilliant. I would’ve surely been struck by the third battalion commander if it were me.”

“Who’s the opponent? I’m sure he’s not from our side. No one here is taking part in the mecha battle using a spear as a weapon. Moreover, no one is at the third battalion commander’s level! The third battalion
commander’s close combat skill is top in our Iron Blood Battalion. The first battalion commander will need to use brute force if he wishes to defeat him.”

“What do you mean by brute force?” Jiang Wuyue’s dissatisfied voice was heard.

The soldier stuck out his tongue and sniggered. “Hello, sir.”

Jiang Wuyue was already looking at the large screen with a curious expression on his face.

He had been at the place for some time and was itching to have a go upon watching the battle between the two mechas on the screen. The close
combat skills displayed at this level would definitely be considered the highest possible.

In the beginning, the mecha with the spear was obviously at a disadvantage with its rusty and choppy movements. However, the person had extremely good control over the mecha such that he would often make movements that an ordinary mecha could not do to dodge the third battalion commander’s attacks.

However, as the battle progressed, the close combat mecha with the spear began to move faster. Moreover, its movements were becoming more fluid. Both parties were evenly matched soon after.

The spear moved at a swift speed with an indomitable spirit. There were a few occasions where he attacked the opponent’s vital points to counteract the onslaught he was facing. His improvement was drastic, no? Initially, he used his spear to trick his opponent, so he could catch him off guard.

The soldier was right earlier. Jiang Wuyue was afraid that he would need to use brute force if he wished to defeat these two combatants if he were on the inside. Jiang Wuyue was not particularly outstanding when it came to his combat skills as he was more powerful with his martial soul.

“Boom, boom, boom!”

The saber and spear collided with each other three times consecutively. The third battalion commander fell back abruptly suffering a loss in this brutal fight much to everyone’s surprise.

A fiery glow emerged from the mecha soon after such that the third battalion commander seemed to turn red abruptly. Its long saber swung out, and this time a stream of saber’s radiance akin to flowing water shot out and struck straight at the opponent.

“It seems like the third battalion commander is at a disadvantage now. Otherwise, he wouldn’t take the initiative to attack,” someone called out immediately.

Tang Wulin’s mecha did not fight recklessly. In fact, it swayed its body and executed a series of ingenious moves to evade the third battalion
commander’s attack.

“What? Why does it look like the Tang Sect’s Ghost Perplexing Track?” The Tang Sect’s technique, Ghost Perplexing Track was learned by every Tang Sect disciple as a foundation skill.

The technique could be used with a myriad of adaptations in actual combat. Everyone had a unique variation of the style, but it was absolutely powerful and effective in actual combat.

However, the technique was only applied to the human body. The Ghost Perplexing Track was well-known throughout the world as it was
exceedingly complicated and difficult to master. Only the top grade mecha masters could complete some simple moves with a mecha, because there were many movements which the mecha found restrictive, such as twisting the body.

Yet, the mecha operated by Tang Wulin at present was flaunting such moves. At the same time, the propeller behind his back was turned on. It was indeed unbelievable that he used the Ghost Perplexing Track while charging at full speed.

The third battalion commander felt his vision blurred when the opponent was standing before him. The spear pierced straight into his cabin, but he had yet to retract his long saber.

The third battalion commander ignited his soul skill without the slightest hesitation. Red-gold flames burst forth from his body and fused together with the mecha’s protective shield. At the same time, the long saber in his hand swept across. There was utterly no need for him to dodge anymore.

His goal was simple, which was to use his soul skill to block Tang Wulin’s attack. In order to defeat Tang Wulin, he had to attack him directly at the risk of injuring himself.


The spear touched the protective shield. The third battalion commander
suddenly felt dizzy as a gush of intense overbearingness radiated through his entire body. The soul power he was channeling paused for a moment. His protective shield managed to block the attack from Tang Wulin’s mecha, but the spear’s consciousness that burgeoned from Tang Wulin’s spear radiated into the cabin. It caused the long saber controlled by the opponent to pause for a moment, while its flame weakened considerably.

The protective shield on Tang Wulin’s mecha was launched fully. At the same time he blocked the saber’s attack by force, he managed to pierce
forward with his spear. The spear’s consciousness burst out as the spear was tainted golden by his vigorous bloodline power. He had become one with his mecha during the transfer of his bloodline power.

“Boom…” The third battalion commander was smashed by the spear’s
consciousness that came blasting at him. His vision darkened just as he was withdrawn from the competition.

On the giant screen, the Blood God Army’s soldiers were watching a scene being displayed. In their eyes, the battle of the two mecha masters was progressing smoothly when, all of a sudden, the opponent who was using the Tang Sect’s Ghost Perplexing Track evaded the third battalion
commander’s attack and managed to counterattack effectively.

However, the third battalion commander responded well. The combination of his soul skill and protective shield proved to be the perfect defense
against the counterattack.

However, they could not figure out why the third battalion commander’s defense collapsed at the final moment. The opponent, on the other hand, had pierced and penetrated straight through the third battalion commander’s cabin with his spear.

“What, he can’t be losing on purpose, can he?” A major could not refrain himself from shouting out. Other than losing intentionally, they really could not think of any other possibility.

Naturally, the third battalion commander did not intentionally lose. As the first battalion commander, Jiang Wuyue understood the situation. At that instant, it suddenly struck him that the third battalion commander’s opponent looked rather familiar. The Star Dou cabin opened, and the third battalion commander crawled out with an unpleasant expression. A large crowd surrounded him the moment he came out of the cabin.

“Battalion commander, what happened there? How did you suddenly miss at the final moment?” asked a soldier.

The third battalion commander spoke with an unpleasant tone, “Missed? I didn’t miss at all, although that guy is odd. I managed to block that spear of his earlier, but there was a shocking power that radiated into the control
cabin. It made me sink into a temporary standstill that I couldn’t continue to channel my soul skill. It was a misfortune! I truly couldn’t understand what it was. It was like a form of spiritual shock which wasn’t related to any soul skill.”

“Spear’s consciousness?” Jiang Wuyue walked over and stood before the third battalion commander.

The third battalion commander’s expression changed ever so slightly. “It felt like it. Why, Old Jiang, Have you felt it before?”

Jiang Wuyue squinted. “I felt it before, but it can’t be that youth! His
spear’s consciousness can’t be that powerful, and he shouldn’t be able to use it on the mecha. You’re definitely unlucky.”

Tang Wulin ended the competition fully satisfied, for he had just won
another battle. Moreover, he felt highly inspired by this battle because he had made tremendous improvements in operating the mecha. At least, he had learned from the opponent how to fuse himself with the mecha.

He believed that he could achieve great improvements in operating the mecha by the end of the competition.

However, the opponents would also be stronger the further he advanced in the competition. The way for him to advance was to exhibit more of his
abilities later. Although the earlier opponent had impressive close combat techniques, he did not think that he would lose. The reason was simple. He still had many other abilities apart from operating a mecha. For example, his Goldsong and Overlord Dragon could also engage in battle directly. In addition, his recent success in the amplification of his bloodline power together with his martial soul which could replenish his strength would enhance his fighting
capabilities. All these attributes ensured that the ordinary mecha masters could not defeat him so easily.
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