The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 961-970

Chapter 961 - Isn’t He Tired?

Chapter 961: Isn’t He Tired?

Tang Wulin stood side by side with Jiang Wuyue. They acted as the arrowhead of the close combat battalion to hold out against the most powerful abyssal creatures. They attacked and killed four Ba Ans
consecutively and forced them back to the passage entrance.

Tang Wulin was highly motivated by all the killing. Grey-black airflows were continuously absorbed into the Golden Dragon Spear as there was a great number of dead abyssal creatures in the surroundings.

He could feel the most obvious change in his body when he killed a Ba An that his Dragon Core was beginning to glisten after absorbing a massive
amount of energy.

If the energy that could be absorbed by Tang Wulin’s blood essence vortex, after being filtered by the Golden Dragon Spear, was a hundred percent initially, then the energy absorbed by Tang Wulin’s Dragon Core would now be at one percent. The energy would be condensed into its essence for his consumption.

Although the proportion was actually much lower, Tang Wulin obviously felt that his Dragon Core was growing by itself.

It might be slow but the energy essence that was condensed a hundredfold would make it enlarge gradually.

Tang Wulin enjoyed the battlefield. Despite the fact that he was almost killed by the Abyss King earlier, he was not afraid because the Blood Gods were guarding them from above. He still had a fighting chance even if the abyssal creatures such as the Mo Mei and the Black Empress were here. The Golden Dragon Rage Domain was also capable of inspiring the soldiers to fight at the same time. The close combat battalion’s soldiers fought like
an ambush of wild tigers and managed to completely suppress the abyssal creatures as a result of their exponential increase in power.

“Boy, aren’t you tired?” Jiang Wuyue asked Tang Wulin after he blasted away an abyssal creature with his hammer.

The Golden Dragon Rage Domain had been active for over forty minutes, but Tang Wulin’s courage mounted as the battle progressed.

Jiang Wuyue depended on his pair of hammers to extend his killing range, so he managed to kill far more abyssal creatures than Tang Wulin.
However, as Jiang Wuyue’s soul power and physical strength reduced, there was a change in his position with respect to Tang Wulin’s.

Tang Wulin was walking in front while he was behind at present. No enemy could put up a fight wherever Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Spear was. He was akin to an invincible general. The abyssal creatures fell unceasingly from the shimmer of his golden radiance.

Jiang Wuyue was speechless to find that he was feeling a little lethargic after such a long battle despite his impressive fitness. On the other hand,
Tang Wulin’s aura had not weakened at all. On the contrary, a layer of misty golden gloss was emitted from his body while he grew more courageous as the battle progressed.

“I’m still okay and I should be able to sustain the domain for a period of time still. These abyssal creatures appear to be endless! However, it seems like they are not as strong as before,” Tang Wulin spoke as he fought on.
The Golden Dragon Roar was most effective when used on a battlefield. The shock it delivered controlled the abyssal creatures over a large distance. These abyssal creatures would then be struck by the destructive attacks.

Tang Wulin stood at the forefront, so he absorbed the most energy not only from the creatures he killed but also the ones killed by his comrades. A
stream of the golden spear’s radiance spurted over thirty meters from the tip of his Golden Dragon Spear. He had never condoned any massacre in such an indulgent manner before. There had been no opportunity for him when he was on the continent.
However, he could now finally unleash the pain that had been suppressed in his heart when Shrek Academy was previously destroyed in a massacre.

Jiang Wuyue followed closely with clenched teeth. They had fought non- stop for almost twenty minutes.

An order was despatched from behind for them to fall back. The 2nd Iron Blood Battalion had already arrived.

The soldiers were fatigued, so they would need to be rested and regrouped to prevent unnecessary fatalities.

“Sir, I wish to fight for a little while more!” Tang Wulin retracted his Golden Dragon Rage Domain. Although the domain consumed a lot of energy from him, he could replenish the energy at an even faster rate!
Nevertheless, he would need to rest and regroup after using the domain for a prolonged period since the domain not only consumed his bloodline power but also his spiritual power. It seemed like he could not sustain his spiritual power any longer.

“Sure, then you shall fight for a little while more. I’ll inform the 2nd battalion commander. Boy, you’re a monster!”

Jiang Wuyue brought his battalion of soldiers into retreat, leaving Tang Wulin behind to hold out at the forefront. The Golden Dragon Spear in Tang Wulin’s hand projected streams of remnant shadows as it moved
swiftly. The 2nd Close Combat Battalion had a smooth takeover from the 1st Close Combat Battalion. Tang Wulin felt the stress of fighting the battle lighten as soon as the new batch of soldiers came in.

A golden light flashed once as he unleashed the Golden Dragon Rage Domain once again!

His spiritual power was slightly restored after the momentary respite earlier.
He relied on his Golden Dragon Spear’s assistance, so he did not bother with his soul power and blood essence at all. The domain’s effect was crucial in the group battle. The soldiers from the 2nd Battalion immediately felt their strengths defy the heavens as soon as they charged into the domain.

The abyssal creatures were suppressed such that there was utterly no way they could get into battle formation. They could not even charge out of the cave due to the intensive long-range attacks.

Tang Wulin had been at the forefront with the other close combat soldiers offering him assistance at his flanks. His fighting capacity was the best in the entire scene. He refused to back down and relied on his superb physical endurance as well as his attack and defense abilities.

Jiang Wuyue had already retreated to the back at present. He did not leave immediately but rushed excitedly over to the long-range attack’s side where Long Yuxue was. “That boy is not human! Isn’t he even a little tired?” Jiang Wuyue was already fatigued after engaging in a long, fierce battle despite being an Overlord Dragon soul master. Yet, it seemed like Tang Wulin was still lively and in high spirits. Furthermore, he had just launched another domain.

The Golden Dragon Rage Domain had a critical impact on the battlefield. Close combat could be carried out with such precision due to its presence. Otherwise, the Black Empress’s assault earlier would have delivered a destructive blow to them.

Long Yuxue also felt speechless. She was well aware that Tang Wulin was very powerful but she had not expected him to be that powerful. The two- word battle armor on his body had an overall amplification effect on his performance at the battlefield such that he could even be on par with a
Blood God.

His individual fighting capacity was certainly far below a Blood God’s, yet his ability to assist in the battle could not be matched even by a Blood God. His domain, capable of supporting the entire battalion, was not something the Blood Gods were bestowed with. The battle continued as every abyssal tide was a prolonged fight, especially the Grade 3 abyssal tide which would go on for at least two to four weeks. However, they had a good start. The stress they faced in the beginning was not too much making it easy for their headquarters to allocate adequate resources and make suitable arrangements.

There were some rough spots which were difficult to block but the smooth operation of the defense allowed them to allocate more staff for preparatory work. There were a few large-scale soul devices being transported
continually for installation. The entire Blood God Army was running smoothly.

“Yuxue, do you realize that there’s something peculiar about his golden
spear? Usually, after an abyssal creature died, its abyssal energy will return to its abyssal plane to nourish a brand new abyssal creature. Yet, Tang Wulin’s spear seems to be able to devour the abyssal energy so it has no
way of returning anymore. I’ve no idea what’s going on with him. I’ve heard from the regimental commander that the abyssal plane is capable of sustaining the effort to launch the abyssal tide continuously because their original source has never been harmed before. As a result, their origin
energy can always be restored after the battle. If the effect of Tang Wulin’s golden spear can be developed, then we’ll be able to weaken the abyssal plane’s strength a little during each battle. They’ll need to consider that the next time they wish to launch another abyssal tide.”

Long Yuxue squinted as she had also realized the same thing. Those grey- black airflows were sucked away by the golden spear while Tang Wulin’s aura seemed to grow stronger after absorbing those airflows. That ought to be the long spear’s effect. Every soul master had his or her own secret. As such, it would not be polite to ask him about it.

The situation was especially evident in today’s battle. Tang Wulin was the person charging in front so the surrounding airflows transformed from the dead and injured abyssal creatures were surging into his golden spear akin to the rivers that flowed into the sea. The golden spear’s radiance extended almost thirty meters and was simply all-conquering such that even a Ba An found it difficult to resist. It seemed like his power had improved. Had he always been rejuvenating himself in the past?

Of course, they were unaware of the birth of Tang Wulin’s Dragon Core
after he absorbed a portion of the Black Empress’ abyssal energy to elevate his blood essence power to another level. His blood essence’s strength was enough for him to rival a seven-ring Soul Sage. Moreover, he had the
amplification of his two-word battle armor. Naturally, his fighting capacity was elevated on a large scale.

The Golden Dragon Spear was closely related to Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon King Bloodline. His bloodline power was elevated with the
assistance of the Dragon Core so his Golden Dragon Spear’s power had also been enhanced to absorb energy from a longer distance.

Chapter 962 - The Arrival of King Mei

Chapter 962: The Arrival of King Mei

Tang Wulin’s cultivation base was elevated by a large chunk. He would be able to maintain his extreme fighting capability as long as he continued to absorb abyssal energy. Moreover, his Dragon Core had already fully
stabilized after it was infused with such energy and turned into the core of all his blood essence power. The core was still slowly expanding.

Tang Wulin had been at the frontline during the battle not only to assist the army but also for his own benefit. Even though no Black Empress’ pure
energy was available, he could not keep himself from absorbing the enormous amount of energy in any case!

A massive amount of energy burst out from the abyssal creatures that died from the long-range attack explosions. A major portion of this energy was immediately absorbed by Tang Wulin, and only those further away from him managed to flee. It was as though two battalions of soldiers were helping him to kill the abyssal creatures while he was converting these
abyssal creatures’ energy for his own use. Meanwhile, his Dragon Core immediately received a major boost as a result of this process.

Tang Wulin felt as the golden glow inside his body grew brighter and brighter, though he gradually felt bloated all over. It was apparent that this feeling was due to his over-absorption of energy, but the Dragon Core was like a bottomless pit that continuously consumed this energy to strengthen itself.

Such a golden opportunity was hard to come by so naturally, Tang Wulin was reluctant to fall back. The Dragon Core could grow stronger if this
continued. Tang Wulin believed that the agony he suffered when he was breaking through the latter Golden Dragon Seals in the future would be relatively lesser because of this. All of a sudden, just as Tang Wulin’s spear pierced through a large abyssal creature, an icy cold aura burst forth soundlessly. His Spirit Abyss-rank
spiritual power made him shudder loudly. He flapped his wings without the slightest hesitation as he fell back instantly while conjuring the Golden
Dragon Soars to the Heaven through the tip of the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand. His Domineering Golden Dragon Body was launched in the same instant.

The frosty aura came right up to him in the next moment. The Golden
Dragon Soars to the Heaven was stripped away by the gush of frigidity. Not only that, the aura even managed to stab right onto Golden Dragon Spear.

The irresistible and terrifying energy compelled the Golden Dragon Spear to smash against Tang Wulin, and then the iciness cut onto his chest.

The Dragon Moon battle armor shimmered rapidly as the effect of the Domineering Golden Dragon Body burst out, but Tang Wulin could still sense that his Domineering Golden Dragon Body was about to collapse.

Since he was bestowed with this ability, this was his first time feeling so weak.

Fortunately, the Domineering Golden Dragon Body’s effect was increased by much more than before under the assistance of the Dragon Core. Tang Wulin managed to block the attack in the end, but he was still blasted away by the blow and crashed ferociously in the distance. He could only stabilize his body with great effort after he collided with two mechas, sending them flying.

The Golden Dragon Spear in his hand jutted forward abruptly as the
strength extracted from the Domineering Golden Dragon Body once again conjured the Golden Dragon Soars to the Heaven. Not only that, Tang Wulin finally unleashed his martial soul as countless Bluesilver Emperor vines surged out like a swarm of bees. His fourth soul ring glowed brightly as he began the Bluesilver Overlord Transformation. The Bluesilver Emperor vines transformed into a large net, shielding his body as he rapidly fell back. Blood essence flowed wildly in his chest. The terrifying chill was still
surging into his body. He felt like his two-word battle armor was no longer capable of resisting the tide.

The frostiness had only paused for a moment when the Bluesilver Emperor vines created by the Bluesilver Overlord Transformation were reduced to fragments. The icy coldness pursued Tang Wulin with gray-white radiance. As swift as Tang Wulin was, the gray-white light was even faster.

Fear soon emerged in Tang Wulin’s mind. A figure descended from the sky at this exact moment. A silver-white energy blade firmly swayed before
Tang Wulin’s face. “Boom!”
Tang Wulin saw the silver-white silhouette expand within his field of vision, and in the next moment, the figure slammed against him. Both of them were blasted to the back together.

Tang Wulin had only managed to store his Golden Dragon Spear and wrap his hands around the silver-white figure’s waist when both of them tumbled to the outside.

However, the gray-white figure finally stopped moving and revealed its image.

Surprisingly, it was a woman. A woman dressed in a gray-white dress. Her eyes were also gray-white in color while her long gray hair hung down loosely all the way from her shoulders to her feet.

There were so many Blood God Army soldiers in the surroundings, but at that exact moment, any attack that entered the area thirty meters around her body would be annihilated instantly.

It was even more peculiar that there were countless gray-white wisps of air slipping out from her body and surging toward the abyssal passage behind her. It made her body gradually turn translucent. Her gray-white eyes were immediately locked onto Tang Wulin’s body. Her gaze was filled with icy coldness and desolation. Her intense designs to murder made Tang Wulin feel like his Spirit Abyss-rank spiritual power
was about to freeze.

‘What’s going on here? How could she be so powerful?’

The Blood God somersaulted while slapping a palm onto Tang Wulin’s body. Tang Wulin felt a gush of tremendous force radiating through him,
and he was slapped out of the cave at once. He was thrown all the way back to the long-range attack team. Meanwhile, there was a sudden burst of intense silver light erupting from the Blood God’s body. The saber in her hand was raised high into the air while the domain radiance underneath her feet spread out. The surrounding air immediately became thick and sticky.

Both the enemy and the army began to slow down. On the other hand, the saber in her hand seemed like it was frozen and unfathomably heavy as she slowly pushed it into the void.

The gray-haired woman’s gaze finally fell upon the Blood God. Her eyes appeared even colder but with a single sway of her body, she vanished
without a trace into the abyssal passage.

Silver shadows flashed past, and the large stretch of abyssal creatures immediately turned into smog, disintegrating in succession as they sank into the cave after the gray-haired woman. To everyone’s surprise, the abyssal tide actually paused momentarily.

Tang Wulin spread out his wings and struggled to stabilize his body.
However, he still stumbled upon landing. He supported himself with a hand against the ground, and only then did he manage to steady himself.

He lowered his head and immediately discovered that there was a gray-
white streak on his Dragon Moon battle armor. It extended all the way from his right shoulder to the left side of his abdomen. The protective shield of his battle armor, along with almost one-third of the suit, was broken. His two-word battle armor was spirit-forged in addition to the three types of spirit alloys used, so it had already begun its self-repairing process.
However, the gray-white scar seemed to possess a special form of potency that affected Dragon Moon battle armor’s ability to mend itself. It seemed like it would take a longer period of time before it could be completely restored.

So terrifying! Tang Wulin could confirm without a doubt that his body
would have been cut open by the gray-haired woman with one strike if not for his Domineering Golden Dragon Body.

This was simply unbelievable!

How powerful the opponent must have been in order to do this! Just judging by the frontal collision which took place earlier, even the Title Douluos
which Tang Wulin encountered in the past might not have been able to launch such a powerful attack.

Not to forget the fact that his Dragon Core had already elevated his blood
essence almost to the rank of Soul Sage. With the addition of his spirit alloy two-word battle armor, Tang Wulin could at least rely on the Domineering Golden Dragon Body when he was engaged in a full-blown confrontation.
Judging purely on defense alone, Tang Wulin was not inferior to a Title Douluo. He was genuinely exerting a Title Douluo-rank defense even if it had just lasted momentarily.

Even so, he was still almost killed. Though the Golden Dragon Soars to the Heaven was fully unleashed twice, one after another, it had been completely annihilated by the gray-white airflow. How high did the opponent’s
attacking ability have to be in order to do that?

The Blood God had also suffered losses from the collision with the enemy. A full force attack from three-word battle armor had struck home, but the Blood God had ended up rolling on the ground just like Tang Wulin. The
enemy’s power was so terrifying that she could even measure up to a human Hyper Douluo, right? Could a powerhouse of this rank emerge from the
abyssal creatures?

Chapter 963 - Blood God Battalion

Chapter 963: Blood God Battalion

Everyone sighed in relief when the attacks from the abyssal creatures
suddenly subsided. However, the combat strength displayed by the grey- haired girl still struck fear in some of their hearts.

With a flash of silver light, the Blood God was already in front of Tang Wulin. Contrary to Tang Wulin’s expectations, the voice that came from under the mask was that of a woman. Cold and crisp, her voice made the listener feel as if they were eating iced watermelon in winter.

“Come with me,” she ordered, roughly grabbing Tang Wulin’s pauldron. She moved swiftly, taking them out of the cave.

Long Yuxue and Jiang Wuyue looked on as the duo left. They could not help but exchange looks. They did not know what they were supposed to
say. The scene just now had surpassed their knowledge of abyssal creatures.

The close-range and long-range attackers went back to their formations to prepare for the coming of another abyssal tide at any time. Tang Wulin, on the other hand, was being led by the Blood God. They walked out of the
abyssal cavern and flew straight for the army’s headquarters.

After they exited the cavern, the Blood God spoke, “Follow me on your own.” She let go of Tang Wulin and flew in front of him.

Tang Wulin hastily stabilized his body and steadied his breathing. He flapped his pair of dragon wings and followed her.

The Blood God seemed to have arrived behind the command post in a flash. She dropped toward an inconspicuous yard. The yard did not look too different from the camp. As their feet touched the ground, she started retracting her battle armor which turned into beams of silver light and melted into her body.

Tang Wulin landed behind her and drew his Dragon Moon battle armor back as well.

Because he was behind her, Tang Wulin could only see the Blood God’s back. She wore a clean, white military uniform and a star hung upon her
shoulders. To Tang Wulin’s surprise, she was a major general. Her silvery- white hair was short which added to her valiant and heroic bearing. She
stood with her back straight, supported by her slender waistline.

The feeling of rolling around with her before this resurfaced in his mind. That was right! He felt that her waist was very slim. He did not expect that the Blood God was truly a female. She was a Blood Goddess!

This Blood Goddess’s figure was truly astonishing. Her waistline was
especially slim, but her buttocks were the most thick-fleshed among all the beautiful ladies whom he had seen before. Her extremely rounded bubble butt and her waistline formed a wondrous arc. Her hips were slightly thick, but her legs were long. All these were wrapped within the military uniform, which appealed greatly to male hormones.

“Follow me.” The Blood Goddess turned to glance at Tang Wulin, which gave him a glimpse of her face.

Her icy blue eyes and silver hair truly formed a peculiar combination. Her hair was not like Gu Yuena’s. Gu Yuena’s hair had a crystalline quality to it while hers was whiter, though it still appeared silky and smooth.

She was not exceptionally beautiful. At least, she was lacking in this respect compared to Gu Yuena, but she was filled with heroic spirit. Maybe this
was a unique trait of a soldier. Tang Wulin had seen this in Long Yuxue, and now he saw it again in her.

Tang Wulin followed the Blood Goddess into the building. The temperature of their surroundings rose and immediately made him feel relaxed. He entered the narrow and cramped barracks. There was an elevator straight ahead.

A beam of light scanned them, and the Blood God Bracelet on the Blood
Goddess’s arm shone as their lights met. With a wave of her arm, a halo was unleashed from her bracelet, which clearly had a different rank from Tang Wulin’s, and the light enveloped his body. She then walked toward the

The elevator doors slid open and Tang Wulin hastily followed her into it.

There were no buttons inside the elevator, but after the doors slid shut, it immediately moved. It felt as if it was going down.

After dozens of seconds, the elevator doors reopened. The Blood Goddess, who looked to be in her thirties, walked out of the car and brought him into a round lobby.

The lobby was surrounded by three rows of screens showing the situation of every cavern. They must have been surveillance footage of the general
conditions of the caverns.

“Welcome to the Blood God Battalion. You may call me Blood Eight, because I’m ranked eighth among the Nine Blood Gods. The ranking is only based on strength and not age,” the Blood Goddess’s said with her ice- cold voice.

“Good day, senior officer.” It was only now that Tang Wulin had the opportunity to salute her. With great respect, he continued, “Thank you for saving my life.”

Blood Eight waved her hand in dismissal and pressed the Blood God Bracelet on her wrist.

The screens around them parted and revealed hidden doors. Four of the doors opened and a person walked out from each one. “What’s the matter, Little Eight?” came a sluggish voice. It was a man who looked to be about twenty-six or twenty-seven years old. His hands were
crossed behind his head, and he had a lazy expression on his face. However, a golden major general’s star glittered on his shoulder.

Blood Eight’s face darkened. “Blood Seven, don’t make me repeat myself. Call me Blood Eight, not Little Eight.”

Blood Seven chuckled. “Alright, alright! We’re all on the same team. Don’t be too sensitive about such things.”

‘Humph!” Blood Eight snorted.

The other three walked toward them as well. Among them, there was a
woman who looked to be in her fifties. She said wearily, “Blood Seven, you and that mouth of yours! One day, if Blood Eight surpasses you, we’ll see if you can still act like this.”

Blood Seven laughed. “Can’t you see that that’s precisely my motivation for cultivating harder? Sister Three, if such a day truly comes, you must protect me!”

Blood Three shook her head helplessly, but her gaze fell on Tang Wulin. “Blood Eight, you’ve brought someone new here. Does he have enough potential?”

Blood Eight nodded. “He’s somewhat interesting. Let’s take a look at the recording first. It happened in cave number six.” As she spoke, she walked to a screen and started pushing some buttons.

Tang Wulin saluted the newcomers, “Good day, senior officers.”

Blood three smiled. “Relax. The Blood God Battalion is different from the others. We don’t have that many rules here. I’ll introduce us. I’m Blood Three. This is Blood Five, Blood Six, and Blood Seven. You’ve met Blood Eight. Usually, there’s only nine of us in Blood God Battalion. Welcome.” Blood Five and Blood Six were males. Blood Five was big and tall with tanned skin. He looked like a black iron tower as he stood there, lofty as a mountain. Blood Six was thin and small. He was also the most average- looking among all of them. He looked like he would not even hurt a fly. His presence could barely be felt. It was as if he did not exist. He also wore a genial smile on his face. However, Tang Wulin noticed that his arms were
exceptionally slender. Although he was thin and small, there was a certain edge to him.

He must have been terrifyingly fast and an agility system battle soul master. Blood God Battalion?
Tang Wulin had not heard much about the Blood God Battalion. Long Yuxue, too, had not spoken much about it. Clearly, this place was a well- kept secret in the Blood God Army. However, there was no doubt that they were the true core of the Blood God Army’s combat strength.

Blood Seven came to Tang Wulin’s side and smiled. “Little brother, where are you from? I see you’re a second lieutenant. You’ve been here long?”

Tang Wulin replied, “Senior officer, I joined not long ago. I came with Tang Sect’s recommendations.”

“A recruit from the Tang Sect?” Blood Seven’s gaze flickered, but his gaze was directed at Blood Six. “It’s someone from your Tang Sect.”

Blood Six immediately displayed a faint smile on his face. “Welcome, little brother. Tang Sect, eh? Who recommended you?”

Tang Wulin replied, “His Eminence the Amorous Douluo.”

When he heard the words Amorous Douluo, Blood Six’s expression changed slightly. He seemed perturbed.

“Everyone, come and see this.” At that moment, Blood Eight’s voice attracted everyone’s attention. They all walked up to the screen. On the screen, a replay of the battle which Tang Wulin and the others had fought in was displayed.

The replay started from when Tang Wulin had not joined the fray in the
cavern. He was standing beside Jiang Wuyue at the rear. Blood Eight tapped on the screen on a figure who was wearing battle armor. Everyone understood that that was Tang Wulin.

Naturally, the scenes of the resulting fight played on the screen. When the replay had just begun, everyone still acted naturally.

Chapter 964 - The Blood Gods

Chapter 964: The Blood Gods

The smile on Blood Seven’s face faded quickly. Blood Five was stoic as a
statue. Blood Six displayed shock in her eyes. Blood Three seemed as if she was lost in thought.

“Combat strength that’s way ahead of your peers. What’re those golden light rings?” Blood Seven turned and asked Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin answered vaguely, “It’s my bloodline power. Those that show up later are my soul rings.”

A smile appeared on Blood Six’s face. “Interesting. The Black Empress was gravely injured, even the Abyss King was drawn out. The final one must be the Mei Empress, right? The price that we have to pay each time a Goblin Empress appears isn’t small. Fortunately, she’s suppressed by the seal and
can only project less than one-third of her powers here. Otherwise…”

Less than one-third of her powers? Tang Wulin inhaled sharply. Her less than one-third strength had almost killed him instantly. If she had used all her powers, how terrifying would she have been?

The Mei Empress? The Mo Mei’s Empress? Tang Wulin immediately thought of the Mo Mei whom he had faced before.

Blood Eight glanced at Blood Six and Blood Seven. “You guys should know that this isn’t what I intend to show you.”

Blood Three nodded. “It truly is strange. Although I shouldn’t ask anything personal about a soul master, this has something to do with the abyssal tunnel. Young man, I must ask you this. What method did you use to suck away all the abyssal energy? Where did the absorbed abyssal energy go?” Tang Wulin stayed silent for a while. In truth, he knew that the Golden
Dragon Spear’s strange behavior would have been noticed by others sooner or later. He had thought of a pretext before this. The simple reason why he was not afraid that others might see the Golden Dragon Spear’s worth was because he was the only one who could use it. He did not need to worry
about someone snatching it away from him.

“Yes, my Golden Dragon Spear has a special attribute which is that it’s able to devour the energy of various living beings. I only found that out after I
came here. Surprisingly, it’s also capable of devouring the energy from the abyssal creatures. It can devour their energies, filter them, and channel them to me so that I can continue fighting.”

What Tang Wulin said was true, but he did not reveal all as he kept some details to himself. He did not mention that the absorbed energies might be used to improve his own cultivation base. After all, he was not familiar with everyone here. He was not completely sure if he could trust the people here.
Telling half-truths was the best course of action when faced with such a crowd. Of course, he had been taught by the few old demons.

“Can I have a look?” Blood Seven asked eagerly.

Tang Wulin nodded. He wiped his forehead with his right hand. A golden light flashed and the Golden Dragon Spear was already in his hands. He wielded it with both hands and presented it to the people.

Blood Seven subconsciously touched the Golden Dragon Spear. The instant he touched it, his expression changed, and he pulled his hand back as if he had been electrocuted.

He could clearly feel a powerful sense of suppression appearing within his bloodline when he touched the spear. It was an uncomfortable feeling, and it even shook his spirits somewhat.

Blood Three was not as reckless. She said with astonishment, “This must be a weapon connected to your bloodline. Did you forge it yourself?” Tang Wulin shook his head. “I don’t know where it came from. I think it has been inside me all this while. When I reached a certain rank in my
cultivation, it appeared naturally.”

Blood Five finally opened his mouth, “Associated weapon?”

Tang Wulin did not know what associated weapons were, but from the words’ semantics, the Golden Dragon Spear seemed to fit such a description.

Blood Five raised his hand and held the Golden Dragon Spear. His body
shook as well, but he did not react like Blood Seven whose arm practically shot backward. However, his eyebrows were still raised as he seemed to be lost in thought.

After a while, he let go of the Golden Dragon Spear. He shook his head lightly. “There’s no way.”

Blood Three nodded. “I agree, there’s no way we can replicate this. What a shame. But, the Mei Empress and the Abyss King had attacked him
consecutively. It’s obvious what a threat his presence was to them. We must protect him closely from now on. That’s right, we haven’t even asked your name yet.”

“Senior officer, my name’s Tang Wulin.” Tang Wulin put the Golden
Dragon Spear away. With his quick wits, he naturally understood what they meant.

Blood Six asked, “Have you always cultivated with Tang Sect?”

Tang Wulin shook his head. “I graduated from Shrek Academy.” It was true. After he had obtained his two-word battle armor, it was equivalent to graduating from the academy. The only issue was that the Shrek Academy no longer existed.

Blood Five’s body shook as he said with a lowered tone, “Shrek Academy?” “Yes.”

A complicated emotion flashed past the depths of Blood Five’s eyes. His hands tightened into fists subconsciously. Blood Three’s expression grew grim as well.

“When did you leave the academy?” asked Blood Three.

A tinge of sadness flashed past Tang Wulin’s eyes. “Recently, just before the academy was hit by the disaster.”

“What happened?” Blood Five took a step forward and suddenly held Tang Wulin by the collar. His aura was clearly enraged. The entire lobby seemed to have erupted in raging air flow.

“Blood Five!” Blood Three bellowed.

It was only now Blood Five retracted his aura. He loosened his grip on Tang Wulin, but he continued in a low voice, “Tell me, what exactly happened to the academy? How can it… How could it…”

Tang Wulin could tell that Blood Five had close ties with the academy. A bitterness showed at the edges of his lips. “It was too sudden. Everything happened too fast. It was a terrorist attack that had long been planned…” He recounted his experience to them.

The listeners’ expressions darkened. It was especially true of Blood Three and Blood Five. Their faces were ghastly pale.

“You’re one of the current Shrek Seven Monsters? Is the Holy Spirit Douluo still alive?” asked Blood Three.

Tang Wulin nodded silently. In the next moment, Blood Three’s tears burst forth like a fountain. Blood Eight hastily rushed toward her and gave her a hug. “Sister Three, don’t be sad.”

Blood Five’s fists cracked. “Good, very good! Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition. The Holy Spirit Cult! Very good!” A killing intent seemed to burst forth from his body. The entire lobby was quivering slightly. Blood Six could hardly keep calm. Shrek Academy was not the only place that was destroyed. The Tang Sect’s headquarters was
also destroyed!

However, Tang Wulin’s feelings were even more intricate. Although he felt sad, he was somewhat relieved as well. At the very least, he had met people with the same views here. Without a doubt, Blood Three and Blood Five
were related to Shrek. They were most probably graduates of Shrek
whereas Blood Six was from the Tang Sect. These people might very well be his mainstay in the future. The people in the Blood God Battalion were experts with the ranks of Title Douluos!

“Teacher Yun Ming has handed over the task of restoring Shrek to you guys. So, you must work hard!” Blood Five raised his hands and grabbed Tang Wulin’s shoulders tightly.

Teacher Yun Ming?

Blood Five shut his eyes. No tears flowed out from them, but his killing intent had turned to grief. “Back then, when I was still in the academy, Teacher Yun Ming was my teacher.”

This statement alone was enough to explain his current emotion.

Blood Three had also taken control of her tears presently. Her voice was
shaking still. “My name’s Yun Lan. Yun Ming was my cousin, and the only family I had.”

Tang Wulin was shaken. Although he could tell that these two were related to the academy, he had not expected them to be that close. No wonder the Amorous Douluo had sent him here. As expected, he had his objective.

Blood Eight held Blood Three’s hand, “Sister, don’t be sad. Shrek Academy will certainly be restored to its former glory.”

Blood Three cried silently. She was unable to speak. At this moment, the elevator doors, which Tang Wulin and Blood Eight had stepped out of earlier, slid open. Two people walked in.

The one in front was an old man. He appeared to be covered in a peculiar energy shockwave as if his entire person was enveloped in the elements. When he saw him, Tang Wulin felt his heart and body tremble. This person’s aura was truly powerful. It was as if the origin energy was resonating within his body.

He looked old with his white mane, but his eyes were clear. He had emerald pupils which struck some as strange.

“What’s wrong, Sister Three?” the first person he saw when he came in was the silently grieving Blood Three.

The other person who trailed behind him was slender and handsome. His long black hair fell loosely behind him. Everyone wore white military uniforms. The few people whom Tang Wulin had met, the old man included, were major generals based on the insignias on their shoulders.
However, the person who walked behind the old man had three golden stars on his shoulder. He was… a general?

A federal general?

Chapter 965 - General Blood One

Chapter 965: General Blood One

He was definitely a high-ranking official! This officer looked to be in his thirties at most.

The highest position in Douluo’s federal army was the Military Minister, a four-star senior general, followed by the commander-in-chief who was also a four-star senior general. Below them were a few other generals. In other words, there were only two senior generals in the entire federation. There were not more than ten generals altogether. To his surprise, he was standing in front of one of the few generals. He never expected a federal general to be in the remote Endless Mountains.

Could it be that this was the Blood God Army’s commander? However,
even if he was the commander, did that entitle him to be commissioned as a general?

What intrigued Tang Wulin even more was that he could not feel any soul power shockwave from the federal general. He felt every bit like a layperson.

The old man’s gaze fell on Tang Wulin. “Little Eight, have you called us here for this young man?”

Blood Eight nodded. Her nickname was ‘Little Eight’, but she showed no sign of retorting the old man addressing her.

The old man sized up Tang Wulin. He turned to look at the three-star general behind him. “Big brother, is he from your Tang Sect? He has the basics of the Mysterious Heaven Method.”

The Tang Sect? The three-star general was a Tang Sect person? Tang Wulin’s pupils constricted. Everything he saw and heard today was mind-boggling. Although he was informed that there would be people from the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy, he never expected a Tang Sect three-star general. If word of this got out, how many people would dare oppress the Tang Sect?

The young man known as big brother walked forward. He looked at Tang Wulin and said with a smile, “You’re Wulin, right? Zang Xin has told me about you. Let me introduce you to everyone. Tang Wulin is a disciple of
the Tang Sect, a member of the Battle Soul Hall. At the same time, he’s also the leader of the current Shrek Seven Monsters. Wulin, you can call me
Blood One, this is Blood Two.”

“Good day, senior officers.” Tang Wulin hastily saluted them.

Blood One waved his hand. “There aren’t that many rules in the Blood God Battalion. If Blood Eight brought you here, there must be something about you that’s worth our attention. Tell us what it is.”

Blood Eight replayed the footage and explained Tang Wulin’s condition at the same time.

Blood Two looked astonished. His gaze toward Tang Wulin also changed.

“Big brother, with regards to Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect, if our help is needed, we won’t reject no matter what,” said Blood Two to Blood One in a lowered voice.

Blood One waved his hand again. “We’re all from the Tang Sect, Shrek
Academy, the Battle God Hall, and the Spirit Pagoda. But, ever since we’ve been here, especially when we joined the Blood God Battalion, our lives are no longer our own. They belong to all the living souls on the continent.
Regardless of what happened to the Tang Sect, it won’t change this calling of ours. For us, there’s nothing more important than guarding the abyssal tunnel. I’m also pained by the disaster that befell the Tang Sect and Shrek, but I can’t leave this place just because of that incident. We don’t have the right to leave this place. Unless the day comes where we’re able to completely cut off the abyssal tunnel or destroy the abyssal plane, we’ll be guarding this place until we die.”

These words of his were said firmly. The expressions of the Blood Gods turned grim.

Regardless of the happenings of the world, there was nothing more important than guarding this place. Once the abyssal tunnel was broken through by the abyssal creatures, it would truly plunge the people into misery and suffering. It would be difficult to estimate the number of lives sacrificed before the tunnel could be resealed.

No matter how pained and enraged Blood Three and Blood Five were, they could not leave the Blood God Battalion. They had to guard this place
against the invaders of another plane.

“Tang Wulin’s condition is truly special. We’ll try and see if we can utilize his Golden Dragon Spear in a more effective way while fighting the abyssal creatures. Wulin, the heavy task of restoring the Tang Sect and Shrek
Academy fall on the shoulders of your generation. As a member of the
Blood God Battalion, the help we can offer you is to train you consistently to accelerate your growth.”

When he heard Blood One’s words, he could not deny that he was disappointed. The Blood God Battalion had nine experts of Title Douluo rank. They were at least three-word battle armor masters. It was truly a formidable force. If he could obtain their help, it would have been much easier for him to restore Shrek Academy.

However, with the great threat of the abyssal tunnel, there was truly no way that they could help him rebuild Shrek.

As he looked at the silent Tang Wulin, Blood One asked, “Wulin, we know that your Golden Dragon Spear can devour abyssal energy. But, does it have any side effects?”

Tang Wulin shook his head. “There are no side effects. If I absorb too much, I’ll need some time to digest them.” Blood One nodded. “Very well. From now on, you’re a supernumerary personnel of the Blood God Battalion. You’ll receive orders from the Blood God Battalion and are not to wantonly enter the battlefield. I’ll devise a
strategy that’s meant for your condition.”

“Understood,” Tang Wulin responded respectfully.

Blood One looked at the others. “Blood Six, Blood Seven, and Blood Eight, go and guard the tunnel. The tide this time was quite powerful. Wulin has drawn the Mei Empress to attack once, so there’s no way that she’ll attack
again during this tide. Wulin, come with me.” Blood Six, Blood Seven, and Blood Eight left.
Blood One brought Tang Wulin to a door in the center of the lobby. The door opened and he led him in.

The room was not too big, but it was filled with origin energy. The decorations inside were plain and simple. It was only slightly bigger than Tang Wulin’s current room in the dormitories. There was not even a bed. In its place were a few rush cushions.

“Sit.” Blood One pointed at one of the rush cushions. Tang Wulin sat down.
Blood One sat down opposite him.

“Actually, I’ve known all along that you’d come, and I’ve been keeping an eye on you. Zang Xin had informed me the first opportunity he got before you arrived. You’re even more outstanding than I imagined. When I saw you, I could finally sigh in relief.”

Tang Wulin said nothing. Currently, his heart was heavy. He was only thinking of his failure to obtain the help of the Blood God Army. Hence, the purpose of him coming here to enlist had been fruitless.

Blood One said, “You must be thinking that the reason Zang Xin sent you here was for you to display your strengths and obtain the army’s support to help you in the future when you want to rebuild Shrek and the Tang Sect’s headquarters, am I right? Hence, my words just now must have shattered your hopes.”

Tang Wulin nodded.

Blood One continued, “You’re wrong. We did not send you to the Blood
God Army so that you may gain something, but we want you to understand the importance of responsibilities. The Blood God Army’s existence to the Tang Sect was as important as the Demon Island was to Shrek Academy.”

Demon Island? Did he know about Demon Island as well?

Blood One said with a smile, “Yes, I know about the Demon Island. After all, I was a former student of Shrek Academy. To put it more precisely, I was one of the Shrek Seven Monsters together with Yun Ming back then. I was his captain.”

Tang Wulin lifted his head abruptly. His colors drained out of fright.

Captain? He was the Shrek Seven Monster’s captain. Did this not mean that his strength was even more powerful than Atlas Douluo Yun Ming?
However, Yun Ming had ended up being the Sea God Pavilion’s Master.

Blood One sighed softly, “It has been a hundred years since then, now that I think about it. A hundred years have just gone by in the blink of an eye.
Ever since I came here sixty years ago, I never left. The reason why I didn’t stay on in the academy was because of the Tang Sect. I thought that Yun
Ming and the others would be able to guard the academy. I never expected such an incident to occur.”

Chapter 966 - The Heartless Douluo

Chapter 966: The Heartless Douluo

A name suddenly surfaced in Tang Wulin’s mind. He almost blurted out, ‘You’re the Heartless Douluo?’

He was able to surpass the Atlas Douluo, had a high status in the Tang Sect, was a representative of the Tang Sect here, was able to become the Blood
God Battalion’s Blood One, and was a general in the military. To have
achieved all these, he undoubtedly had to possess untold strength. There was only a single person in Tang Wulin’s mind who fulfilled all these
conditions and that was the Heartless Douluo, Cao Dezhi.

The Heartless Douluo smiled. “You’re a smart kid. I know that you’d be able to guess. The general public had thought that I, Cao Dezhi, had gone somewhere to enjoy myself for my own reasons. However, who would’ve
known that sixty years ago, I had only just begun to understand the meaning of my life? Yes, I’ve been here for sixty years. I have ventured into the depths of the abyssal plane as many as eight times to scout the situation
within the abyss. I’ve lived a rich life for six decades now. I’ve succeeded the previous Blood One. He was from the Battle God Hall and was Battle God Hall’s hall master for the last three generations. He only told me one thing back then. He said that it’s lonely here, but I’ll be proud. Life is lonely, but the soul is proud!”

“Today, six decades later, I agree very strongly with his statement. I’m also proud of every soldier in the Blood God Army. Their souls are proud. So, when Zang Xin told me about his wish for you to come here to train, I
agreed because I hope that you can also possess a proud soul. This is
extremely important for your future. At the same time, it’ll allow you to see this world more clearly.”

The Heartless Douluo. This was really the Heartless Douluo! When he heard his words, the gloominess within Tang Wulin’s heart vanished completely.

It could not be denied that restoring Shrek Academy to its former glory was important, but guarding the abyssal passage was just as vital!

Guarding a place for sixty years as if it was only a day? What kind of sentiment was this? Yes, their souls were proud.

Tang Wulin took a deep breath. “Hall Master, I might not be able to
completely comprehend your train of thought right now, but I’m willing to stay here. I understand what you mean. I’ll also give it my all and work hard to improve myself.”

The Heartless Douluo smiled. “Everyone has their own responsibilities. My responsibility lies here, while yours lies with the academy. Don’t act with undue haste when you’re anxious for success. You must remember, the
academy only has hope if you’re alive. Even if your generation isn’t able to rebuild the academy, you must lay a firm foundation for the next generation. The continent’s current situation is chaotic, whether internally or externally, every side is experiencing a series of problems and changes. What you must first do is continue improving and obtain the strength to protect yourself.”

Tang Wulin nodded seriously.

The Heartless Douluo continued, “You’re strong. This makes me happy.
Alright, I’ll tell you about the true conditions of the abyssal plane so you’ll have a better understanding.”


The smile on the Heartless Douluo’s face vanished as he spoke with a lowered voice, “The abyssal plane will be more powerful than you imagine. In that world, there are a hundred and eight layers of abysses. Every layer is connected via spatial passages, and a monarch resides on each level. Hence, there are actually one hundred and eight monarch-ranked existences. We
call them the 108 Abyssal Monarchs. Among these 108 Abyssal Monarchs, the first thirty-six layers’ monarchs have strength on par with human Title Douluos, so there’s no need to fear them that much. The monarchs of the next thirty-six layers are equal to our Hyper Douluos, meaning they’re also manageable. But the final thirty-six layers are experts that might even
surpass Limit Douluos. Indeed, the final eighteen layers’ monarch’s are practically demi-gods. The 108th Abyss Great Monarch has power akin to a god’s.”

“The energy in the abyssal world exists in a special form. It’s completely different from our origin energy. They’re able to devour life on our world and convert the origin energy for their own use to strengthen the entire plane. On the other hand, there’s nothing useful for us in the abyssal plane.
Otherwise, the Federation might have put together a great army to march on the abyssal plane. With no benefits to gain, the Federation has entrusted the guarding of the passage to the Blood God Army.”

“The 108th abyssal layer’s energy is conserved. In other words, in that plane, all the energy makes up a total amount, and this total amount won’t easily change. If it’s reduced, then it has to absorb energy from the outer world to replenish it. The outer world’s energy is our life energy. That’s
why after they connected to our plane, the abyss has constantly tried to invade us and strengthen their own overall energy.”

“In a certain sense, you can picture the abyssal plane as an entity, a
complete living organism. The abyssal creatures are but its cells. When the cells die, the energy will be recycled and new cells are made. This is the most terrifying thing about the abyssal creatures. We can defeat them and kill their experts, but we can’t utterly destroy them. For example, the Abyss King that you encountered before this, Mei Empress, were extreme abyssal experts from the final thirty-six layers. They were affected by the abyssal passage seal and could only project part of their strength here. Otherwise, there was no way that Blood Eight would be able to block that.”

“From the current looks of things, only the first thirty-six layers’ abyssal monarchs can pass through the passage. That’s why, when I’m here, experts of their ranks wouldn’t dare to come through recklessly. After all, even if they can be reborn, the process of recovery after death is extremely long
and arduous.” “Every time I ventured into the abyssal plane, my objective was to kill more and more abyssal experts and buy us more time. Fortunately, six thousand years ago, a great person completed the seal. If the seal was not completed
and an abyssal monarch from the final thirty-six layers came, it would be a devastating blow to us. Although mankind’s soul technology is advanced, it’s not at the level where it can fight with these creatures yet.”

Tang Wulin drew a cold breath. One hundred and eight Abyssal Monarchs! He finally understood why this man was so determined to guard this location. Yes, if there were no experts such as him to suppress the abyssal passages, there would be an unprecedented catastrophe once the passage
was cleared and the seal was destroyed. Nobody would be able to bear the consequences of such a tragedy.

“I’m now thinking that if we’re able to kill the 108 Abyssal Monarchs, we will be able to completely annihilate their abyssal energy and prevent them from coming back to life. From what I know, the core of all 108 layers of the abyss is their monarch. Once the monarch is truly dead, it might lead to the crumbling of that layer’s abyssal plane. The abyssal creatures belonging to the plane will also crumble completely and die out. If that’s the case, maybe we can really get rid of the abyssal plane, our great enemy. But all this can only be possible if you’re powerful enough. Among the 108
Abyssal Monarchs, the final eighteen monarchs are all stronger than I am. They’ve already taken notice of you. So, if you enter the abyssal plane, they might very well attack you wildly until you die. Hence, I can’t let you take unnecessary risks. On this side of the passage, I can guarantee your safety thanks to the suppression of the seal, but if you’re in the abyssal plane, I
can’t make any promises.”

When he said this, the Heartless Douluo revealed a faint smile on his face. “So the responsibilities on your shoulders might be heavier. If, in the future, you’re able to cultivate until you reach the ranks of a Limit Douluo and at least have the ability to protect yourself, I hope that you can come with me as we venture deep into the abyssal plane and attempt to kill the 108
Abyssal Monarchs. We’ll completely eradicate this danger from the continent.” Tang Wulin eyes widened in shocked, and he felt his heart heat up. If he
could really kill the 108 Abyssal Monarchs and absorb their energy into his body, he might no longer face any problems breaking through the Golden Dragon King’s Seals.

However, he had only absorbed a portion of the Black Empress’s energy and his dragon core had changed. If he absorbed energy from the 108
Abyssal Monarchs, just how immense would that amount of energy be?

The Heartless Douluo continued, “Of course, your current cultivation base is highly insufficient, but I can at least see hope for the future in you. One day, if you’re able to cultivate up to my rank, you’d stand a great chance of killing some abyssal monarchs with that Golden Dragon Spear of yours. At the very least, you can intimidate them so that they won’t casually approach the abyssal passage anymore.”

Tang Wulin nodded slightly. If such a day were to come, then it would definitely be good news for him.

Chapter 967 - Rewarding One Based on Merits

Chapter 967: Rewarding One Based on Merits

“You’re still young. I know that you must be anxious to restore the Tang Sect and Shrek Academy, but this is not the time to rush things. What you need is more building-up and settling down. You need strength that’s powerful enough. You should rest well. Although Shrek Academy is no more, Shrek’s hidden secrets can’t be wiped away that easily. You have
ample time to improve and build yourself up. Zang Xin sent you here for that exact purpose. Now that it’s chaotic outside, we must get a hold of the situation. At the same time, we must wait for a suitable opportunity. Every single bit of power that you’re gathering now is to prepare for your
explosion of strength in the future.”

“Understood.” Tang Wulin nodded respectfully.

When he left the Blood God Battalion, Tang Wulin’s Blood God Bracelet had been switched. Unlike the old one, the new Blood God Bracelet was marked with an insignia of a circle of bright red roses. Every rose stalk was full of thorns. This was the Blood God Battalion’s emblem. From this moment on, he was already a supernumerary member of the Blood God

However, he was told not to join the battles within the abyssal passage without Blood One’s approval from now on.

Perhaps Tang Wulin’s arrival had flustered the abyssal plane, because though the amount of abyssal energy that was sucked away was not much, it did not return to the abyssal plane. The duration which the abyssal tide lasted this time was much shorter than normal circumstances. It had only held for seven days before it subsided completely. There was no appearance of more powerful abyssal creatures. Tang Wulin did not venture onto the battlefield anymore. While the abyssal tide continued, he took the opportunity to go into short, secluded
cultivation. His main objective was to reap the rewards of his dragon core and solidify it.

From its initial size of a fingernail, his dragon core had grown to the size of a longan fruit and glowed with a brilliant golden halo. Tang Wulin’s bloodline flowed naturally with every breath he took. In other words, even if he was not actively cultivating, the blood essence within him would still nourish his body as if he was.

During his seclusion, Tang Wulin also noticed that after the dragon core formed, his body had also undergone some intriguing transformations. It was as if his body had been enlightened. It would naturally absorb the
energy from the world around him as he breathed. He was like a vessel
which continuously spewed out the old and absorbed the new. He absorbed all the energy from the world around him, extracted their essences, rejected their impurities, and harmonized it with his body.

Just like when a soul master possessed a soul core, Tang Wulin his physique had entered a whole new realm after he gained the dragon core. The most obvious change his body had undergone was a great decrease in his
appetite. He no longer needed to consume a large amount of food to replenish his own energy. It seemed that he could sustain his body’s daily requirements just by breathing.

The next thing was that he felt his tenth Golden Dragon King Seal wearing thinner. This was only a feeling, as the seal would not weaken on its own.
He understood that this must have been because he already had enough strength to break through the seal.

However, he was in no hurry. The Golden Dragon King Seals were sure to be more and more dangerous as he progressed. He decided that it was better for him to build himself up as much as possible. Even if he was able to break through the tenth seal, what would he do about the eleventh seal?
What about the twelfth seal? Nobody could be sure how things would turn out toward the end. Hence, when Tang Wulin was secluding himself, he gained greater control over his own blood essence power. He would never approach the seal
casually. He would not even attempt to break through it unless he had no other options.

His secluded cultivation had brought about an improvement in his
cultivation base again. His soul power was raised to rank-59. He was only a single rank away from becoming a rank-60 Soul Emperor.

Ever since his Bluesilver Grass martial soul had awakened into the
Bluesilver Emperor, and with the few years of experience in the Dragon Valley, the rate at which his cultivation base improved clearly accelerated. Tang Wulin was very satisfied with the fact that he had not reached a bottleneck. As long as he accumulated enough energy, he could keep
improving just like this. He was extremely confident that he could cultivate to the ranks of a Title Douluo before he turned thirty.

“Bam! Bam! Bam!” came the knocks on the door.

Tang Wulin, who had been meditating in the room, stood up. He walked to the door and opened it, revealing Long Yuxue standing outside.

“Senior officer.” Tang Wulin hastily invited her in.

Long Yuxue looked to be in high spirits. She clearly had joined a battle. The abyssal tide was dangerous, but it also meant opportunities. It was the best
chance to improve one’s own rank and accumulate merits. Long Yuxue would certainly not let such an opportunity slide.

“You’ve never returned ever since the Blood Eight brought you away the other day. What happened? Why aren’t you joining the battles anymore? I only heard about it afterward that apparently there was an order from above forbidding you from taking part in the fighting?” Long Yuxue’s questions were straight to the point.

Tang Wulin replied, “Maybe it’s because of my Golden Dragon Spear. The Blood God Battalion has its own worries. That’s why they wouldn’t allow me to fight.” Long Yuxue had a puzzled expression as she said, “Come, I’ll take you to the combat unit. It’s time to be rewarded for our merits.”

“Huh?” Tang Wulin looked at her with astonishment. “What do you mean rewarded for our merits?”

Long Yuxue said with a smile, “Of course, it’s something good. You already know that the Blood God Bracelet will automatically record our merits as
we kill abyssal creatures. However, we’ll receive some compensation after large-scale battles such as the previous one. To put it simply, it’s because the frontline soldiers were bearing the brunt of it that the long-range
attackers could fire away without a care. That’s why, after a large battle, the long-range soldiers will compensate the melee soldiers with a certain number of merits. The army naturally had the formula to calculate that.
Since you were fighting in the front lines and put on such an outstanding display in the first battle, I’m sure that you’ll receive extra merits. Besides, the way I see it, with the merits you’ve accumulated up to now, it’s already enough for you to raise your rank to the first lieutenant. You’re a lucky one. You practically just came here! Already you’ve experienced an abyssal tide. Also, this tide was quite easy to deal with. It subsided within a mere seven days.”

Merits? Tang Wulin had genuinely forgotten about this, but this was definitely a boon.

He followed Long Yuxue to the combat unit. The soldiers were redeeming their merits with their own Blood God Bracelets, and the commissioning ceremony was underway. Those whose merits had reached a certain
threshold could be promoted. After every abyssal tide battle, there would be a huge batch of soldiers moving up the ranks.

Tang Wulin followed behind Long Yuxue and they queued up.

The ceremony progressed quite quickly in the beginning. There were a dozen senior officers in charge of commissioning the soldiers. Many
soldiers had the additions of golden stars on their shoulders. Tang Wulin could not help but feel envious and look forward to his turn. According to Long Yuxue, he should be able to be promoted to a first lieutenant. That would be one bar and two stars. He would be a step closer to becoming a major.

These days, he would free up his time to give Gu Yuena a call and ask about her condition. Other than saying that she missed him, Gu Yuena was very reliant on him. If it were not for him enlisting in the army, Tang Wulin
would want to meet her as soon as possible. That made it that much important for him to be promoted.

Finally, it was Long Yuxue’s turn.

Long Yuxue handed over her Blood God Bracelet. After it was being
scanned by the instrument, the senior colonel before her smiled and said, “Yuxue, quite a performance this time. You truly do your father proud. In this battle, you’ve earned nine thousand seven hundred and ten merits.
According to the rules, the long-range attackers must compensate the melee soldiers some merits. Three thousand and a hundred merits will be deducted from you. That leaves you with six thousand four hundred and ten merits.
With the inclusion of the merits you accumulated before this, congratulations, you can be promoted to lieutenant colonel.”

Although Long Yuxue had already made her own judgments about her condition, she still could not help but grin broadly. Being promoted to a lieutenant colonel before one turned thirty was no easy feat.

She stood at attention, saluted the senior colonel, and walked forward to receive her promotion.

After her, it was Tang Wulin’s turn. Tang Wulin handed over his own Blood God Bracelet as well.

Chapter 968 - Blood Nine

Chapter 968: Blood Nine

For a moment, the senior colonel was caught off guard upon receiving his Blood God Bracelet. He then raised his head abruptly and looked toward Tang Wulin. “Are you from the Blood God Battalion?”

Tang Wulin nodded and spoke, “Reporting for duty, sir. The Blood God Battalion’s supernumerary personnel, Tang Wulin.”

The senior colonel was stunned for a moment. Later, he examined Tang Wulin’s Blood God Bracelet. “Your Blood God Bracelet’s merit points are divided into two parts with the latter being battle merit points. Let me take a look. You’ve only participated in this campaign for a day, so the merit points are accumulated from this very day. Your merit points are sixteen thousand and eight hundred?”

His voice went a few pitches higher. Then, he calculated for a moment before he spoke, “In addition to the double points awarded for close
combat, your total merit points gained are twenty-one thousand and four hundred.”

Tang Wulin’s eyes glowed brightly at once. Over twenty thousand merit points? These points were not forging merit points but battle merit points!

His merit points were so high because he was holding out in front earlier,
and there were quite a number of powerful abyssal creatures such as Ba Ans which died under his Golden Dragon Spear. His merit points were doubled until it had reached over ten thousand points despite being absent in the later part of the battle. At the same time, he was also rewarded additional merit points for defeating the Black Empress.

Different abyssal powerhouses carried different merit points accordingly. One would be awarded different merit points if one could sustain a battle for a certain amount of time with the abyssal creatures of Mo Mei’s and Black Empress’ levels.

“You’ve joined the Blood God Battalion?” Long Yuxue who was preparing to receive an honor for her merits came running over hurriedly. She grabbed Tang Wulin’s hand and looked with intense admiration at his Blood God
Bracelet adorned with a thorned rose.

Everyone in the Blood God Army was well aware that the main force that truly guarded the abyssal passage was the nine Blood Gods from the Blood God Battalion. One would be immediately promoted to major general as
soon as one became an official Blood God. Although it signified that the person would always remain here, it was a great honor to be able to become a Blood God. Also, it would be placed on record by the Federation, so it
would indeed be a noble honor for one’s family.

Consequently, three generations of the Blood God’s descendants would be bestowed with many privileges in the Federation. The Blood God would be given privileges which are no less inferior to that of a federal
assemblyman’s and could cast a supernumerary ballot in all the council sessions.

They were the true guardians of the Federation who gained the respect and admiration of everyone.

Tang Wulin answered naturally, “Only a supernumerary personnel.”

Long Yuxue’s expression immediately turned peculiar. Of course, there
were more than just nine Blood Gods in the Blood God Battalion for a few outstanding Blood God Army’s members could possibly become its
supernumerary personnel or reserved Blood Gods. It proved that Tang Wulin had taken the first step on the path!

She had already figured out the factor that contributed to Tang Wulin’s ability to become a Blood God Battalion’s supernumerary member was
related to the miraculous Golden Dragon Spear. Even so, it was still a great honor to be able to join the Blood God Battalion. Moreover, how many days had it been since he enlisted at the Blood God Army? He had yet to pass his first month here. How could he not be a subject of envy for Long Yuxue who had spent all her life in the Blood God Army? She was even feeling a little jealous of him.

Tang Wulin no longer belonged to any of the Blood God Army’s departments once he joined the Blood God Battalion although he was still under the direct supervision of the Blood God Army. It meant that she could not make him do anything for her despite being his direct commanding officer.

Long Yuxue could not help recalling her father’s words that Tang Wulin
came from Shrek Academy and was the leader of the current Shrek Seven Monsters. A piece of gold would shine no matter where it is, so the same
applied to him in the Blood God Army where powerhouses were abundant.

In less than a month, he had already begun to prove himself. At least, the soldiers from the 1st Iron Blood Battalion and 2nd Blood Battalion under the Blood Division were aware of such a person who is capable of unleashing the domain ability and amplifying their overall fighting
capacities on a large scale.

On that day itself, they killed and injured more enemies in close combat because of Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Rage Domain. On the other hand, their casualties were much reduced. The 1st and 2nd Battalion had an
extremely good impression of Tang Wulin such that even Jiang Wuyue
could not stop praising him and acknowledging Tang Wulin as his brother.

Such was the situation within a month, what if he was here for a year, two years, or even longer? He would become one of the Nine Great Blood Gods sooner or later.

Tang Wulin reminded Long Yuxue as he watched her caught in a daze. “Ma’am, you should go ahead to receive your merits.”

“Oh.” Long Yuxue suddenly woke up to reality. However, her excitement in being promoted to lieutenant colonel earlier had dissipated by half at present. Tang Wulin was curious too regarding his military rank promotion. What rank would he be promoted to with his merit points? The merit points
accumulated by Long Yuxue added to this battle’s should not exceed twenty thousand points. So, she could be promoted from a major to a lieutenant
colonel. However, his merit points exceeded twenty thousand, could he be promoted to a rank higher?

Tang Wulin watched as Long Yuxue’s military rank went from two lines
with a star to two lines with two stars. With excitement, he stepped forward.

“We can’t confer the Blood God Battalion over here. Your conferring shall be determined by the Blood God Battalion. You can leave now.” With that, the officer-in-charge left him disappointed.

He was already a direct officer of the Blood God Battalion after becoming one of its members. The army could not even confer his military rank

Tang Wulin looked toward Long Yuxue as if he was pleading for help. “Ma’am…”

Long Yuxue smiled bitterly and spoke, “It’s the rule. I can’t help you either. Furthermore, don’t address me as ‘ma’am’ anymore in the future. The
Blood God Battalion’s status in the army is unique and exclusive. You’re not someone we can compare with even if you’re just a supernumerary personnel now. This means that you’ll have to put in more effort than
anyone of us in the future. You should address me by my name. You can check it out for yourself from the Blood God Battalion. As a Blood God
Battalion’s supernumerary personnel, you’re not restricted by most rules.” “I see. Alright then.”
Long Yuxue gazed after the departing Tang Wulin as her gaze turned even more complex now. She wondered when her turn would be to become the Blood God Batallion’s supernumerary personnel!

Tang Wulin arrived at the Blood God Battalion’s station and entered the
elevator successfully by using the Rose Blood God Bracelet. He had been to the hall before.

However, he felt confused upon arriving at the place as there was no one inside. Moreover, he had no idea whether he should look for the other people in the Blood God Battalion. What should he do?

He should wait then.

Tang Wulin took a seat right in the middle of the rotunda. He could only wait since a Blood God might turn up anytime.

Tang Wulin lost count of the time. He awoke from his meditation when he sensed a touch in his spiritual world.

“Are you new? Why are you meditating here?” A youth dressed in military uniform with a general’s star pinned to his shoulder looked at Tang Wulin curiously.

The youth appeared to be about twenty years old. He had a handsome, smiling face that made him appear kind and friendly.

However, Tang Wulin could tell that he was one of the Nine Great Blood Gods by looking at the military rank pinned to his shoulder. The Blood Gods were all soldiers with at least a major general’s rank.

Tang Wulin immediately stood upright and gave him a military salute. “Hello, sir.”

“Hmm. At ease. What’s going on with you?”

Tang Wulin answered, “I’m Tang Wulin, a supernumerary personnel. I’ve just joined the Blood God Battalion, and I wish to see Chief Blood One to inquire about what I should do next.”

“I see. You can use your Blood God Bracelet to call anyone of us directly. Let me show you. By the way, I’m Blood Nine.”

Blood Nine? The person before him was Blood Nine whom he did not meet the other day. Tang Wulin already knew that Blood Three and Blood Five from the Blood God Battalion originated from Shrek Academy. Blood One and Blood Six were from the Tang Sect, while Blood Two, Blood Eight, and Blood Nine were from the War God Hall, and lastly, Blood Four and Blood Seven who were from the Spirit Pagoda.

There were only three out of nine who came from the War God Hall which had the most number of people here out of the four great organizations.
However, Blood One was the Hall Master of today’s Tang Sect Douluo Hall. He could be regarded as Tang Sect’s Sect Master, so overall, the highest power still belonged to the Tang Sect.

“Thank you, sir.” Tang Wulin now understood the difference between his Rose Blood God Bracelet and the ordinary Blood God Bracelet. There was a special communication system built into it which could be used to get in
touch with the Nine Great Blood Gods. Through the system, the Nine Great Blood Gods could get in touch with him as well.

As a supernumerary personnel, he could not get in touch with the Nine
Great Blood Gods directly, but he could leave them a message and wait for their response.

Tang Wulin hastily left Blood One a message, as advised by Blood Nine, to inquire about what he should do.

He was quite surprised to find Blood One replying soon after. “Your location shows that you’re in the Blood God Battalion. Wait for me there.”

“Big brother told you to wait for him here? Very well then. I want to meet him too,” Blood Nine spoke smilingly.

“Thank you, sir,” Tang Wulin spoke from the depth of his heart as Blood Nine appeared to be an extremely kind and friendly person.

Blood Nine spoke with a smile on his face, “I’ve heard from the rest that you’re from Shrek Academy. What a waste that Shrek is gone. You don’t know this, but when Blood Three and Blood Five heard the news, they almost couldn’t refrain from leaving the mountain to return to Shrek City. It was Blood One who deterred them, so they stayed.”

Chapter 969 - The Mission

Chapter 969: The Mission

Although it had been a long time since the event, Tang Wulin still could not help feeling gloomy each time someone mentioned it.

His lips cracked into a bitter smile. “The academy is destroyed and we don’t even know where the enemy is nor how many people took part in the plan.
However, we will rebuild Shrek no matter what. Shrek’s glory won’t cease in our generation’s hands.”

“Hmm, you better put in more effort. I can only provide you with spiritual support as one of the Blood Gods. After all, we can’t leave this place.”
Blood Nine patted Tang Wulin’s shoulder. He was about the same age as Tang Wulin apparently.

Meanwhile, the door of the elevator opened and Blood One walked out.

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment upon seeing Blood One. As
compared to the day he met him, this Heartless Douluo now exuded a murderous aura instead.

Tang Wulin was especially sensitive toward other people’s auras due to his strong bloodline power. The aura emitted from the person before him made Tang Wulin’s bloodline fluctuate violently.

Blood Nine raised his brows ever so slightly as he smiled and spoke, “Big brother, did you just go over there again?”

“Hmm.” Blood One nodded. “They retreated so soon that I’ll need to go check on it again to prevent unwanted troubles. They withdrew into a
passive defense this time real quick, so I’m not tired. After a few battles, I can see that they were not scheming, it was more like they were petrified.” Blood Nine was stunned for a moment. “Who were they petrified of?”

Blood One’s lips cracked into a faint smile as he pointed to Tang Wulin by his side.

Blood Nine looked toward Tang Wulin in astonishment. “By him? That can’t be.”

Blood One smiled and spoke, “I’ll elaborate more on that in a while. Wulin, I’ve already made arrangements for you. I’ll be assigning a mission for you next.”

“Yes.” Tang Wulin became inspired at once. He was feeling eager and anxious to go.

Blood One announced, “I’ll explain to you in a moment. You must make preparations for battle and adapt yourself.”

“Yes.” Blood Nine spoke in bewilderment, “The tide has ended. What mission will that be?”

Blood One smiled. “Have you forgotten about the Federation’s latest technology?”

Blood Nine was immediately enlightened. “So you wish to send him to participate?”

“Hmm. It’s safest for him to participate on our side without worrying about revealing anything accidentally. Wulin, head back first. I’ll be contacting you via the Blood God Bracelet later. Our side here needs you to make
some preliminary preparations for your mission which will commence in three days.”

“Yes.” Tang Wulin did not leave immediately. He looked toward Blood One with slight anticipation. He spoke, “Sir, I went over to the combat unit to
exchange my merit points earlier. They said that I need to elevate my military rank in our Blood God Battalion. Can you please…” Blood One was the Heartless Douluo Cao Dezhi, so he was considered as one of Tang Wulin’s people. Tang Wulin did not hesitate to act or speak boldly.

Blood One smiled and spoke, “How many merit points are there?” Tang Wulin answered, “Over twenty thousand points.”
Blood One was stunned, but he could not help smiling and said,
“Impressive. You’ve managed to gain over twenty thousand merit points in just one battle. It seems like you’ve truly devoured a lot of abyssal energy this time. No wonder you startled those old creatures. I suspect they were back to determine your status, and that’s why the abyssal tide ended so
soon. Twenty thousand over merit points should be enough to promote you to a captain. However, there’s no rush in this. Here’s an idea. If you
complete this upcoming mission successfully, I’ll immediately approve your promotion to a major. You can have a double promotion then.

Tang Wulin’s eyes widened at once. Was that even allowed? It was already a surprise for him to be promoted to a captain. If he were promoted to a major, would that not mean that he could visit Gu Yuena at least once a
week then? It would be truly remarkable!

“Yes, sir. I’ll head back to make preparations.”

Tang Wulin left. Blood Nine looked toward Blood One as Blood One’s expression turned solemn.

“What happened, big brother?” Blood Nine asked in puzzlement.

Blood One spoke in a deep voice, “Tang Wulin’s appearance may be an opportune moment for us possibly. However, it may also end up as a
catastrophe. I can’t make a complete assessment of the situation yet. He revealed himself too soon. I’ve already spoken to the regimental
commander that we should consolidate our defense line. The abyssal tide lasted only a short while this time, but I’m worried that the next wave will come sooner.” …

In the Spirit Pagoda’s headquarters.

“The latest technology developed by the Federation will be officially launched soon. Not only are we taking part this time, but we’ll also need to get ourselves a good ranking,” said Qiangu Dongfeng in a deep voice as he sat on the main seat.

The person sitting on his right was the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo while a middle-aged man sat on his other side. Almost everyone in the scene was a high-ranking official of the Spirit Pagoda.

“The latest technology developed by the Federation is a technology that’s beyond its time. It’s still in the test phase despite its engineering methodologies which have matured since earlier. Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect’s headquarters were destroyed and caused great turmoil on the continent. As a result, the Federation has released this latest technology in time for everyone to participate, and it’s also a tactic to divert the public’s attention. Yaozhu, how’re the contestants on your side? Have you found that disciple of yours, yet?”

The Heavenly Phoenix Douluo Leng Yaozhu spoke indifferently, “I’ve already selected the participants on my side. I’ve also contacted my disciple. She’s very good, and she’s going to take part.”

Qiangu Dongfeng nodded satisfactorily. “We’re not going to tolerate any mistakes in this matter because it’s going to further enhance our influence. We’ve managed to take a quarter of the seats in the new parliament. So, if we can assert our influence a step further through this competition, it will be extremely helpful to our Spirit Pagoda’s next development plan.”

Leng Yaozhu darted him a look, but she did not speak. As the Vice Pagoda Master of the Spirit Pagoda, she knew Qiangu Dongfeng far too long and too well. No one else knew but how could she not know his objective. He was an ambitious man. His goal was to make the Spirit Pagoda be the
ancient Martial Soul Hall of twenty thousand years ago. With the organization’s strength to domineer over the entire Federation, he would be in control of it.

Although she had yet to gather any evidence, she believed that the incident that happened to Shrek Academy was his doing.

“The Federation’s latest technology? What does that mean? Each big city has its own entries and each big city’s Spirit Pagoda is allowed to take part. It’s said that the technology is similar to the Spirit Pagoda’s spirit ascension platform but somewhat different. The latest technology covers the whole
continent such that all soul masters who wish to take part can do so. It’ll scan and simulate each soul master’s abilities and physical condition to
ensure it’s fair. This technology will be extremely helpful in elevating a soul master’s actual combat abilities, especially a mecha master.”

“That’s right. Similar devices are owned by the big organizations in the past and those devices aren’t even perfect such that the systems aren’t linked to one another. This time, it’ll be different. It’ll be launched by the Federation, so all the systems will be unified. The Federation has organized this
competition and set lucrative rewards to attract as many soul masters as possible to take part and promote this advanced technology. It’s said that the army has already used it and its effects are impressive.”

“That’s great if it’s true. What are you waiting for? Let’s sign up. It’s free anyway. It’ll be good for our experience.”

“Are there any restrictions?”

“Nope. It’s said that any soul master below the Title Douluo rank is allowed to take part. There’s no other restriction. Oh right, you must be below a three-word battle armor master because the system is incapable of
withstanding a three-word battle armor master’s fighting. The main problem is that the external facility is not strong enough. A three-word battle armor master’s leaked energies during a battle can damage the system even if his or her physical condition has been scanned earlier. Thus, as long as one isn’t a three-word battle armor master or does not deploy a three-word battle armor, and is below the Title Douluo rank, one is then allowed to take part.”

Chapter 970 - Artificial Intelligence?

Chapter 970: Artificial Intelligence?

“Just purely one-on-one? Is there anything like a team battle?”

“Not yet. The competition this time is divided into two parts: mecha battle, and soul master battle. These are all individual matches. This is a
competition for the entire Federation, so the competition will be carried out according to the zone division, followed by the finals. It’s said that any soul master capable of entering the finals will be rewarded generously. Those
who are ranked the first sixteen will receive lucrative rewards. The finals’ champion will receive all the resources necessary to forge a red mecha or some heavenly-refined metal for a set of four-word battle armor. This is
simply unbelievable!”

“Star Dou Battle Network?” Tang Wulin could not help appearing astonished as he looked at the information sent by Blood One.

It was the latest technology developed by the Federation. One could enter the Star Dou Battle Network to take part in simulated battles through a peripheral device known as the ‘Star Dou Cabin’.

The simulated environment seemed similar to the Spirit Pagoda’s spirit ascension platform, but there was no restriction on the number of people
participating as with the spirit ascension platform. However, it did not have the spirit ascension effect, so it did not clash with the Spirit Pagoda’s objective.

The biggest advantage of this technology was that it allowed all soul masters and mecha masters to battle and compete against one another on the same platform. The entire Battle Network had just been developed recently and it is said that it would be upgraded frequently in the future.

Blood One assigned Tang Wulin the mission to participate in the Battle
Network Competition this time. His mission was to be one of the top three finalists.

Tang Wulin’s lips twitched once. Initially, he thought that he would be able to complete the mission even if it was a difficult one. Yet, his confidence dropped as he learned more about the Star Dou Battle Network.

The restriction was that one must be below the Title Douluo rank. In other words, all eight-ring, Soul Douluo-ranked powerhouses were allowed to participate too. Also, one must be below a three-word battle armor master. However, there was no lack of Soul Douluo and Soul Sage powerhouses with two-word battle armors. They could even rival the Hyper Douluos
with their accumulated powers.

It would be a great battle of the entire continent. Tang Wulin did not have absolute confidence that he was invincible to those below the Title Douluo rank despite his natural endowments!

The reason which motivated Blood One to engage Tang Wulin in the Battle Network was very simple. He wished to elevate Tang Wulin’s combat
abilities by making Tang Wulin confront different powerhouses constantly to forge a stronger character.

Tang Wulin would readily agree but felt the goal was set a little too high. In any case, Tang Wulin had the confidence to be one of the sixty-four finalists.

Final three… he would give it his best shot.

The lack of confidence did not mean that he lost the will to fight as he had always been the person whose courage mounted as the battle progressed.

The Star Dou Cabin had already been moved to his living quarters. Tang Wulin was not staying in his previous quarters anymore but the dormitory at the Blood God Battalion.

The Blood God Battalion’s supernumerary personnel lived on a level above the rotunda. His living conditions had not improved much as his quarters
were only equipped with the basic amenities except that the room was
slightly larger. However, the room was now occupied with the Star Dou Cabin.

The object occupied eight square meters of floor space. It looked like a larger version of a coffin but with a complicated setup. It should be quite costly to build.

The army did not accept appointments for the use of the Star Dou Cabin. So, whoever wanted to use it had to queue up for it. Every day the cabin was crowded with a long queue of people waiting to use it. Hence, Long Yuxue had never brought Tang Wulin to the cabin before.

Tang Wulin was excited when he saw a Star Dou Cabin of his own in his living quarters. A Star Dou Cabin for his exclusive use on the very day this latest piece of technology was launched. It was definitely a luxury.

The sign-up process had already begun, so he should try it out then. The division competition would commence two days later, so he would need to register before the division competition began. Later, he could familiarize himself with the simulated world.

Tang Wulin pressed a button to turn on the Star Dou Cabin. He then got into the cabin.

The internal structure of the cabin was exceedingly complicated. At least, it was much more complicated than the spirit ascension platform he was in before.

Tang Wulin did not feel suffocated or claustrophobic when the cabin door closed. All kinds of metal wires were hitched and stuck on his body. One after another, the metal hoops tightened and locked onto his body. It was meant to prevent the energy leaking when he was engaged in the Star Dou Battle Network’s battles. The whole process took about five minutes before all the docking was completed. Tang Wulin felt as if he was an experimental subject.

His vision was pitch black. Meanwhile, an electronic voice was heard
saying, “Star Dou Cabin’s preparation is completed. Access to Star Dou Battle Network. Allow or deny?”

The electronic voice sounded unpleasant and mechanical to the ears. Tang Wulin answered, “Allow.”

His entire body shook once as he felt intense current radiating through his entire body. It felt like his entire person was electrocuted. No wonder ordinary people were not allowed to use the Star Dou Cabin. Just the process of being scanned with soul energy would result in irreversible damage to an ordinary person without adequate physical quality.

In his heart, he was complaining, but he felt dizzy in the next moment. The darkness before his eyes had already turned bright and clear when he regained consciousness once again.

He did not feel like he had entered another world as he did in the spirit
ascension platform before. All sorts of data began to appear before his eyes.

“The body scan is complete. Access to Star Dou Battle Network is
successful. Please state your purpose and the Battle Network will process accordingly.”

“I would like to sign up for the Federal Star Dou Battle Network
Challenge.”‘It doesn’t feel like it’s that high-tech a product anyway!’ Tang Wulin thought to himself.
“Sure. Begin the process of registration immediately. What is your name?” Tang Wulin hesitated for a moment before he gave his real name. Blood
One had reminded him that the reason he was sent to the Blood God Army was to ensure that he need not worry about revealing his identity. He was absolutely safe here and that no one would come for him. Apart from the Blood God Army itself and the Federation’s high-ranking officials, no one knew the Blood God Army’s exact location and also the Blood God Army’s remote status.

The most powerful part of the Star Dou Battle Network was its tight
security. The internal information was stored in the battle network’s control center only. All human soul masters participating in the battle network
would follow a ranking system. The ranking could only be elevated after the outcome of a battle. However, no one was allowed to access or investigate the participants’ information at will. Even the federal parliament was not given access unless approved by the entire committee. This prevented those people with ulterior motives from using the battle network to investigate others.

The system asked a series of questions in order to register Tang Wulin.

“You can choose a nickname for yourself. Your nickname will be displayed during the competition.”

Tang Wulin considered for a moment before he spoke, “Golden Dragon King, ok?”

“Golden Dragon King, ok? Please confirm.”

Tang Wulin was speechless. “Golden Dragon King!” “Golden Dragon King? Please confirm.”

“I’m sorry. The nickname you chose is already taken,” the electronic voice was heard once again.

If Tang Wulin could see his own face now, he would see frustration written all over his face at present. What was happening?

“Please choose a new nickname.”

“Little Tang.” Tang Wulin simply made up a name. “Little Tang? Please confirm.”

“Confirm. Nickname is successfully created. Tang Wulin, nicknamed Little Tang, soul power rank-50. Special physical quality suspected to be dragon- type bloodline. Physical strength exceeds conventional standards.
Determined to be gifted as a natural endowment-type soul master. Admission registration is completed. Please state your choice in participating in the Federal Star Dou Challenge.”

“Yes,” said Tang Wulin. He felt shocked in his heart. After being frustrated over the process of choosing a nickname for himself, he discovered
something odd.

There was something different as compared to his earlier experiences when he was at the Spirit Pagoda’s spirit ascension platform or even the other
simulated worlds. It was the lack of interaction. However, at present, the electronic voice was interacting with him! It was like the entire Star Dou Battle Network was communicating with him.

‘What does this mean?’ Tang Wulin finally understood the advanced technology that was beyond its time. It was not the simulation system but its use of artificial intelligence.

The Federation’s technology was already so advanced that they used
artificial intelligence in its simulation system now. Although the system appeared to be rather crude and could be considered low-end even when compared to the spirit ascension platform, its standards far exceeded the spirit ascension platform after artificial intelligence was built into the

It was not that difficult to set up and upgrade the internal system but the artificial intelligence installed was something new and innovative! The electronic voice that sounded mechanical ought to be the beta version of artificial intelligence. It was also mankind’s first experience in using
artificial intelligence, so it was meaningful indeed.

The competition this time was not so much about soul masters experiencing a brand new technology but testing the application of artificial intelligence in the soul masters’ battles. With the gradual improvement of artificial intelligence, it would lead to a quantum leap for mankind’s technology.
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