The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 951-960

Chapter 951 - The Actual Battle in the Abyss

Chapter 951: The Actual Battle in the Abyss

Long Yuxue continued to speak as they walked, “The base troop here is changed once a month. Our army has a total of ten battalions under its
command, every battalion has about one thousand five hundred men. This is the combat unit. Our Secret Service is considered a combat support unit, so we’re not counted. The remaining staff members are part of the support and research crews which make up about ten thousand people in total. Our total strength has always been between twenty-five and thirty thousand. A new recruit like you is also a reserve officer if you were to join the combat unit.”

“We’ve accumulated thousands of years worth of experience to allow us to reduce our fatalities compared to those days. Generally, a new recruit will go through one year of reserve duty after one month of special training.
Only the new recruits that pass the reserve duty are allowed to truly join the frontline battlefield. Your situation is slightly special. You’re transferred to the Secret Service because of your exceptional abilities, but this means you need to familiarize yourself with combat against abyssal creatures.”

Both of them passed through three more guarded checkpoints before they finally entered the actual abyssal passage.

The lighting in front was no longer the same. It appeared as if a faint glow was penetrating through the passage.

“This is the light from the other side of the abyssal passage. We are in a
Grade C passage, so I don’t think we’ll encounter abyssal creatures that are too powerful. You should be able to handle that. Confronting the real
creature is not the same as fighting them during the test. Have you ever been in a battle with a real soul beast? I don’t think so, right? Perhaps you have participated in some competition? However, do remember that it’s a life and death situation when you’re fighting an abyssal creature. You’re absolutely not allowed to act mercifully. Moreover, you must always deliver a crushing blow. This is not a drill.”

Even though Tang Wulin had indeed been well-endowed by nature, he had also made himself very powerful as well. In Long Xuyue’s point of view, many geniuses like him could not adapt upon arriving at the Blood God
Army because life in the continent had always been peaceful. There were no opportunities for soul masters to truly engage in real battles. On the other hand, it was a war between mankind and abyssal creatures here, and it was not a joke. Thus, she reminded Tang Wulin repeatedly, so he would take this seriously and not be arrogant. An arrogant person would usually
end up dead quickly.

Tang Wulin did not elaborate much, just nodding in agreement.

They continued forward for another kilometer. According to Tang Wulin’s calculations, they had already walked for about seven to eight kilometers upon entering this place. Peculiar energy was fluctuating inside the abyssal passage as if the passage was a spatial plane instead of being made of solid rock and soil. This could also be the reason why the abyssal plane could not connect to other places.

It was as if the abyssal plane used a tube to pierce through space into the world of the Douluo Continent, and the abyssal creatures could only crawl into the world through this tube.

Now that the main tube was already sealed, they could only search for other branches and figure out a way to enter before attempting to open up the main tube.

“Prepare to fight!” Long Yuxue shouted in a deep voice, and with a flash of light, a soul weapon appeared in her mecha’s hand.

It appeared to be a large firearm over two-meters long, with a slender body. The gun barrel was especially long, but it was still slightly finer than the quick-firing gun barrel which Tang Wulin repaired the other day. Tang Wulin sensed that the energy fluctuation hidden inside the weapon was so terrifying such that even he felt threatened despite his powerful defense. Long Yuxue’s mannerism changed at once when she was holding the soul firearm. She was no longer icy cold as before. Her aura had completely disappeared and even the sense of danger radiating from her firearm vanished soon after. It was as if her entire person had melded into the air.

Yet, she was plainly standing there before his eyes. Tang Wulin could not help admiring her ability to conceal her aura.

The whole time, Tang Wulin had not actually learned about Long Xuyue’s abilities. He could vaguely sense that her cultivation base was around five- rings.

Tang Wulin came from Shrek Academy, and he could always outdo his opponent. Hence, he had assumed that Long Yuxue’s fighting capabilities could never possibly triumph over his.

Yet, at that exact moment, he began to have doubts when he saw Long Yuxue standing there with the soul firearm in her hand. Long Yuxue should be more powerful than he had imagined, and she could certainly achieve the rank of major by relying on her power.

Long Yuxue’s speed increased soon after she procured her weapon. She touched the ground with the tips of her toes as she moved forward swiftly without making any noise.

There was a place similar to a node at every alternate section of the abyssal passage, while the tomb-like location was most favorable for battles.

Long Yuxue suddenly stopped after crossing another node. She took a glance at the instrument in her hand and then made a hand gesture signaling Tang Wulin to hush.

The back of her soul firearm was placed on top of the minimecha’s shoulder while her hands supported the weapon. She stood firmly on the ground
while her aura faded even more, till it felt like even her breathing had stopped. She stood there just like a statue. All of a sudden, Long Yuxue moved. Her body turned ever so slightly while the firearm in her hands instantly shot out a stream of gray light.

The beam moved at a speed that could not be captured by one’s naked eyes. Even Tang Wulin’s Purple Demon Eyes could only see indistinctly that there was a gray shadow that vanished as soon as it flashed.

The flash was gone, and Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. A piercing cry suddenly came out from the distance. A creature that was grey-black all over stood up in the darkness.

Tang Wulin could see that it was similar to a lizard. It was completely grey- black with curved hook-like spines growing out from its body. One of its
eyes was already blinded from the shot. Its body twisted a few times as it shrieked before it transformed into a puff of grey smog that dissipated into the air. The grey smog shot straight toward the inside of the abyssal cave.

It was an abyssal creature. Tang Wulin’s body moved in a flash and he
shielded himself in front of Long Yuxue. The wings on his back closed as he retracted his battle armor and brought out his Golden Dragon Spear.

“Be careful.” Long Yuxue’s icy cold voice was heard in his ears.

“Don’t worry!” Tang Wulin pointed his Golden Dragon Spear ahead as he dashed forth in great strides.

It seemed like there were more species of abyssal creatures than he had imagined. He had never seen the species earlier before either. However, he could tell that it was an abyssal creature skilled in concealing itself known as the Devour Lizard through his classes with Long Yuxue. The creature
survived by devouring the life force of other creatures.

It came from a big clan of abyssal creatures. The powerhouses of this clan could achieve the rank of Mo Mei’s species. Moreover, they came in great numbers with uneven ranks. They had very high defense, but their
weakness was their eyes. “Whoosh, whoosh, whoosh!” Meanwhile, a few figures scurried in their direction like lightning. They were a few more Devour Lizards as this
species lived in groups. The lizard at the vanguard was killed so the companions behind would come charging forward.

The Golden Dragon Spear in Tang Wulin’s hands shook as thousands of energy spears filled the entire cave. The Devour Lizards were all
enshrouded within their radiance.

“Poof, poof, poof!” The Devour Lizards were gradually pierced by the Golden Dragon Spear one after another with a series of soft thuds. One could only see streams of gray smog after the Golden Dragon Spear
penetrated the Devour Lizards’ bodies due to the high speed. This time, the smog did not manage to flee but were sucked into the Golden Dragon Spear and infused into Tang Wulin’s body.

To his surprise, he was absorbing pure energy after it was filtered by the Golden Dragon Spear.

Tang Wulin squinted his eyes as he immediately came to a realization. After these abyssal creatures were killed, most of the energy from its body would be taken back by the abyss. Thus, the abyss was capable of being reborn
again even after so many of the abyssal creatures were killed. At the same time, he had already proven that he could truly absorb the abyssal creatures’ energy through his Golden Dragon Spear by engaging in a real-life battle.

The energy from these Devour Lizards was so minuscule that its effects on him were negligible, but it was still beneficial for him to slowly accumulate it anyhow. Many a little makes a mickle, so it was still better than nothing.

Chapter 952 - Accumulating Merit Points

Chapter 952: Accumulating Merit Points

What a waste it would be if he were to only depend on heaven-and-earth treasures to elevate his physical attributes.

Holding her firearm, Long Yuxue was immediately relieved as she watched his broad shoulders while he killed the Devour Lizards steadily behind his back. He was not frightened even though he was engaged in a real battle. It was apparent that he had no lack of battle experience. That was impressive!

Tang Wulin took a glance at his Blood God Bracelet and noticed that he was awarded thirty merit points for killing three Devour Lizards. It was
apparent that the number of merit points given for killing a Devour Lizard was much higher than that for a Four-clawed Bat.

As Tang Wulin continued to walk forward, Devour Lizards came pouncing toward him one after another, but all ended up as merit points and energy for him. They passed through a segment of the passage that was about fifty meters long. Tang Wulin walked in front and killed over forty Devour Lizards, receiving hundreds of merit points. This could be considered the first jackpot he had earned.

Following behind him, Long Yuxue was getting increasingly shocked as she observed him. The fighting capacity which Tang Wulin displayed when he was fighting the Devour Lizard was extreme. Moreover, he had never pierced the Devour Lizard’s eye, which was its weak spot, but just struck at its head. The Devour Lizard’s head was as hard as an alloy, but it was like
soft tofu when it was pierced by the Golden Dragon Spear. It did not even stand a chance.

He was very effective at close combat indeed! As both of them arrived at the second node of the passage, Long Yuxue gradually grew more at ease.

The node was slightly larger than the one before. There was a cave about fifty meters away where energy was surging intensely in the surrounding space.

Tang Wulin had just walked to the entrance of the cave when he saw a pair of gray-white eyes filled with deathly stillness.

It was a Devour Lizard with a bulky body that was more than ten times larger than the Devour Lizards before. Its body was more than seven meters long and entirely covered in thick gray scales. The scales were continuously opening and closing following the rhythm of its breathing while releasing faint gray mist.

“Be careful. This is a larger Devour Lizard of a much higher level. The mist spouted from it is ever changing and can take the form of a weapon or battle armor. Do your best not to let it get near you,” Long Yuxue reminded him in a deep voice.

Tang Wulin’s figure flashed as he charged forward with the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand pointed straight ahead. Meanwhile, he unleashed his
Golden Dragon Body and golden dragon scales completely covered him. His pair of palms transformed into the Golden Dragon Claws as golden light shimmered in his eyes.

The large Devour Lizard let out a deep roar as the mist spouting out from its scales suddenly turned thicker. The mist surged forward rapidly and
suddenly solidified just as Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Spear struck it. It enshrouded the spear just in time.

Tang Wulin felt his Golden Dragon Spear turned heavier as if it had sunk into deep mud. At the same time, the gray thick mist was still surging in his direction continuously as if it was attempting to completely engulf him.

There was a great roar, and the large-scale Devour Lizard cried out in rage while the thick mist immediately dissipated. At the sound of the roar, its enormous body was blasted away.

Without needing to look, Tang Wulin knew that Long Yuxue wrapped up the right with her firearm. Close in to block the enemy and kill them from a distance. This was the standard combat procedure for the army.

Tang Wulin raised his left hand and waved to signify that he was okay. He shook the Golden Dragon Spear he held once and golden light burst out.
The gray mist had blown apart when the Golden Dragon Spear pierced the Devour Lizard’s head with a golden glow shimmering in the surroundings.

At once, a gush of energy infused into his body. It was much thicker than that from when he had killed the ordinary Devour Lizard earlier. The
Devour Lizard faded soon after, and the grey mist vanished from his sight.

‘As expected, this is a good place to cultivate!’ Tang Wulin extolled in his heart.

Long Yuxue arrived at his side. “Be careful and don’t advance rashly. You
can’t assess the abyssal creatures with conventional thinking. Sometimes an opponent that appears weak to us can cause a great deal of trouble.”

“Hmm,” Tang Wulin nodded and said, “But there’s no need for you to
attack so hastily. It’s not too late to attack when you’re certain that I’m in danger.”

Long Yuxue scoffed. “You don’t appreciate a good deed.”

Tang Wulin could not help smiling. Naturally, he could tell that Long Yuxue was extremely competitive, and she intended to compare herself to him.

He took a glance at his Blood God Bracelet. His merit points had increased by fifty once again.

Tang Wulin felt that there were slightly fewer abyssal creatures in this little passage.

They continued to advance to the next passage. However, Tang Wulin suddenly sensed danger the moment before he was about to enter. He had Spirit Abyss-ranked spiritual power, so his perception was more acute than ordinary people. He struck out with his Golden Dragon Spear without the slightest hesitation. With a deep roar, a golden dragon blasted
out from the Golden Dragon Spear and spiraled upward. It was the Golden Dragon Soars to the Heaven.

Even though it was done hastily, Tang Wulin managed to exert over seventy percent of his power due to his proficiency with the Golden Dragon Soars to the Heaven.

“Boom!” At the loud rumbling, a figure blasted into the depths of the passage. Tang Wulin could only see a faint pair of bloodred eyes.

In a flash, he led the charge into the passage. Tang Wulin had unleashed his Golden Dragon Body, so his eyes were glowing as though they had been

After entering the passage, he could clearly see that it was an extremely peculiar creature. The creature’s body appeared to be in the shape of a leaf and had six claws. He immediately figured out that this was the Six-clawed Demon that Long Yuxue had mentioned was a species of soul beast
extremely skilled in concealing itself and attacking its enemies by sneaking up on them.

The Six-clawed Demon had a relatively powerful defense. Even though it was blasted away by Tang Wulin’s spear, but it did not seem to be badly injured. Its six long, sharp claws pierced straight into the ground. Soon
after, a large stretch of densely arranged spikes bored out from under Tang Wulin’s feet.

Though they looked slender, every spike was exceedingly sharp and exuded a lethal air. The tips of the spikes had an overwhelmingly destructive aura.

“Boom, boom, boom!” There was a series of loud explosions, and the Six- clawed Demon’s pupils suddenly constricted in the distance.

Its target was still standing there despite being hit by its attack, and the
explosions were the sound of its spikes shattering. Tang Wulin did not even attempt to dodge or hide because there was no way the spikes could pierce through his Golden Dragon Body.

Tang Wulin scoffed coldly as he suddenly stomped his right foot against the ground. With a loud boom, all the spikes on the ground around his body
were crushed and the Six-clawed Demon was blasted away. With a golden flash, the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand flew out and impaled the demon.

A golden glow surged out of the Golden Dragon Spear. When it returned to his hand once again, it transmitted the energy into Tang Wulin and his body absorbed it.

Looking at the double-pointed dragon spear in his hand, Tang Wulin could not help feeling admiration in his heart. His ability to fight had become unfathomable and unyielding because of it.

The energy was not only replenishing his blood essence power but also his soul power.

Every battle prepared him for the next one. Tang Wulin no longer felt like it was a painful chore for him to join the Blood God Army anymore. On the
contrary, it was a heaven-sent opportunity for him.

Long Yuxue entered the cave just in time to see Tang Wulin’s Golden
Dragon Spear destroy the Six-clawed Demon. Though she was capable of dealing with a Six-clawed Demon, she was more skilled in long-range
attacks, so she would need to shoot from afar. On the other hand, the Six-
clawed Demon had very powerful defenses, so it was only possible to kill it after being engaged in a battle for a while.

Long Yuxue gave Tang Wulin a big thumbs-up as she asked, “How do you feel?”

Tang Wulin beamed with joy. “Not too decadent actually.”

Long Yuxue rolled her eyes at him. “What else do you want if this is still not luxurious enough for you? I’ve warned you that the arrogant ones die the fastest. Don’t be overly conceited. There have been many geniuses in the army, but the true geniuses are the ones who survived.”

“Hmm, I understand. Let’s continue then.” Tang Wulin eagerly strode forth.

Long Yuxue followed behind him. She could not help feeling stunned as she looked at his wide shoulders, tall and straight back, his white uniform and his long, golden staff. She thought that this boy resembled her future lover which she imagined countless times in the past.

Even so, she also recalled her father’s words. He was genuinely incomparable, but he was also bearing a burden all of his own.

She actually wished that he could be less outstanding.

Naturally, Tang Wulin was unaware of Long Yuxue’s thoughts. He
continued to attack and kill abyssal creatures while gaining benefits from the experience. Moving forward in great strides, Tang Wulin was feeling highly motivated to fight.

He relied on his Purple Demon Eyes to observe and his sharp sense of
spiritual power to perceive. He managed to kill countless abyssal creatures in succession, and though he absorbed only a small amount of energy, it
was still good for him. Replenishing the energy which he had consumed in battle was not an issue.

It took a longer period of time than before to arrive at the next node because the abyssal creatures that he encountered along the way were much more powerful than the Devour Lizards he had faced in the beginning.

Chapter 953 - Goldsong Unleashing Its Powers

Chapter 953: Goldsong Unleashing Its Powers

There was a light at the end of the tunnel, but when Tang Wulin reached it, he was in no hurry to rush out. Instead, he paused.

This node was clearly much larger than the one before. However, the aura that reached him now left him no choice but to stop in his tracks.

Although Tang Wulin’s stealth vest had masked his own aura, the instant he appeared, many qi activities were directed toward him.

There were at least a hundred abyssal creatures in this node. There were dozens of species. It was a starkly different situation compared to when there was only a single colossal Devour Lizard.

‘There are so many of them!’ Tang Wulin’s heart went cold. Long Yuxue was already behind him. “Don’t back down yet. Be careful. If the need
arises, use your gear.”

“Mmm.” Tang Wulin nodded. Wielding the Golden Dragon Spear, he guarded the cave mouth.

He did not have to take the initiative to attack, as the abyssal creatures in the node that noticed their presence was already charging at them.

The first creatures that rushed forth were the few Devour Lizards that were nearest to him. They were by no means small, and their scales kept flapping up and down. Dense, greyish mist spewed forth from them and surged toward him.

Tang Wulin smiled slightly. He started spinning the Golden Dragon Spear in his hands, and it swiftly turned into a glowing shield. His incredible blood essence power burst forth as the Golden Dragon Spear’s spun. It blew against the grey mist so that it could not get near them. At the same time, he stomped heavily on the ground with his right foot, triggering the Golden
Dragon Shocks the Earth!

The three Devour Lizards nearest to him were rocked so greatly that their bodies went rigid. Although these three lizards were not killed by his
Golden Dragon Spear, and when their bodies shattered, they transformed into nothing but air and the rotating spear sucked them into him. This might have been because of the powerful blood essence shockwave released by his Golden Dragon Spear or maybe these three Devour Lizards were too
close to Tang Wulin when they were destroyed. They turned into energy and surged into Tang Wulin’s body.

This was an unexpected boon! Eight golden dragons flew out of his body one after another. The aftershock sent the remaining Devour Lizards flying. The mouth of the cave they guarded was impregnable.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Three shots were fired, and three Devour Lizards
seemed to have had their eyeballs blasted out one by one. Although they did not die, they were still gravely injured. It was Long Yuxue behind Tang Wulin, displaying her strength.

To a long-range attacker, it was definitely the ideal to have a sturdy and reliable tanker in front. Tang Wulin’s tanking ability was undoubtedly very reliable.

Another herd of abyssal creatures rushed up to him. Most of them were Six- clawed Demons, numbering around twenty. The demons did not get near him. Instead, they stuck their claws into the ground, and great patches of
spikes made their way for Tang Wulin. These spikes could bypass their targets. In other words, Long Yuxue behind Tang Wulin was not safe either.

“It’s alright, leave it to me!” shouted Tang Wulin. He stomped on the ground with his right foot again. It was another shot of Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth. As all the spikes shattered, the twenty or so Six-clawed Demons far away were all sent flying from the impact of Tang Wulin’s
attack. A beam of golden light shot out from Tang Wulin’s body toward the front
as quick as lightning. It seemed to have reached the first Six-clawed Demon in an instant. Golden light flashed and countless golden glows rose from the ground. Every beam resembled stalagmites. The twenty or so Six-clawed
Demons recoiled. Shortly after, the golden figure suddenly shook and lashed out like a long whip. With a series of buzzes, the demons shattered and turned into wispy energy.

Another beam of golden light descended from the skies and embedded itself in the middle of the group of Six-clawed Demons. Their bursts of energies had no way of escaping as they were all sucked into the golden light.

The light which had first shot out revealed its body, and it was a magnificent golden snake with distinguishing features. It was covered in diamond-shaped golden scales. If one looked closely, one could see that these scales were exactly the same as the ones that grew on Tang Wulin’s body. It was already more than six meters in length. The most unusual
attribute was that there were two faint bumps on its head which resembled budding horns. Its head also looked different from ordinary snakes. It looked more like a dragon.

It was extremely quick. The attack just now was undoubtedly its doing.

“That’s….a spirit soul?” said Long Yuxue in shock. What a powerful spirit soul! Although the Six-clawed Demon was not too powerful among the
abyssal creatures, there were no weak beings among the abyssal creatures either. These six-clawed demons were specialized in defense. However, under the whip of that great golden snake, they seemed to have been
shattered with a single lash of that great golden snake.

Without a doubt, this great golden snake was Tang Wulin’s first spirit soul, Goldsong.

Goldsong grew in sync Tang Wulin. Although it was from the family of
snakes, under the Golden Dragon King bloodline’s constant nourishment, it seemed to have grown more and more like a dragon. Because it was Tang Wulin’s first spirit soul, it had spent the most time with him. Though nature had not been kind to it and it was once considered defective, this also meant that it was like a blank canvas. After being amply nourished by the Golden Dragon King bloodline, it grew stronger and stronger. It could use all of Tang Wulin’s Bluesilver Grass soul skills and even some of his blood
essence’s abilities.

In truth, the three years Tang Wulin spent burying dragons in Dragon Valley was where Goldsong was remolded. Tang Wulin was nourished by the dragon spirits there every day, and naturally, it was the same for Goldsong. Its bloodline had undergone a complete change.

At first, Tang Wulin was oblivious to this. However, he started noticing
after unleashing it for a few times. Goldsong’s combat strength was much more powerful than before. It reaped even more benefits than the Overlord Dragon.

Because of Tang Wulin’s problem with his own cultivation base, the duration which he could summon the Overlord Dragon was limited. With the increase in his cultivation base, the time that it could be summoned was extended. However, it was different for Goldsong, which practically had no restrictions for summoning. This was because Goldsong was highly
compatible with him, just like an extension of his own body.

Now, Goldsong had appeared, basking in a glorious air. How could Long Yuxue not be shocked?

Goldsong moved swiftly and launched another attack. It released the
Bluesilver Impaling Array again. A huge swathe of golden spikes spread outward. The great number of abyssal creatures which charged forth
stopped short in front of the Bluesilver Impaling Array.

Goldsong moved quickly and masterfully. Its strength was directly
connected to Tang Wulin’s. Like a whip, it lashed at the abyssal creatures, shattering them with every attack.

At the same time, it was also mentally connected with Tang Wulin. When it had shattered all these abyssal creatures, all of them exploded near the
Golden Dragon Spear. Hence, most of the energies were devoured by the spear. Only a few of the hundred abyssal creatures managed to reach the cave’s mouth. Most of them were killed by Goldsong. Long Yuxue’s mouth was
agape as she witnessed all of this. She was also a soul master, and she had a spirit soul of her own. However, compared to the spirit soul of this fellow before her, her own spirit soul was simply rubbish!

This was too powerful! How could this fellow’s spirit soul reach such levels? She was not even sure if she would be a match for this spirit soul if she were to go up against it one-on-one.

In the end, the purge was completed. Tang Wulin raised his hand and
summoned the Golden Dragon Spear back into his grasp. It passed on the energy it had absorbed to him.

His blood essence vortex and soul power vortex increased in density at the same time. The crystallite within them also increased in clarity. Tang Wulin understood that his soul core and bloodline core were one step closer to birth.

With his current progress, he was that much closer to completing them as long as he managed to kill some abyssal creatures.

Chapter 954 - Abyssal Tide

Chapter 954: Abyssal Tide

Long Yuxue heaved a sigh. Even if she had a platoon, purging this place of abyssal creatures was not something that could be done in a short while.
However, Tang Wulin had relied solely on his spirit soul and accomplished just that in such a short period of time. It was beyond belief!

Just how powerful was his strength? Up till now, he had not even used his battle armor to fight. Would that not mean that he would be more terrifying if he had his battle armor on?

Tang Wulin leaped into the node. He did not retract the Goldsong. Instead, he pressed forward quickly. He reached the next tunnel and entered it

The Goldsong was like Tang Wulin’s eyes. What it saw, Tang Wulin could naturally see as well.

Light flashed in the tunnel and the Goldsong was already inside. The
surprising thing was that the tunnel’s interior was empty. There were no abyssal creatures inside.

“Wulin, that’s about it. It’s your first time here, so it’s best not to go too deep. Throngs of abyssal creatures will appear inside the abyssal tunnel at random times. If a large group of abyssal creatures appeared, what with the few of us, it’s…”

She had not finished her sentence when Tang Wulin suddenly stopped in his tracks. “I think you’re right.”

Low roars accompanied the escalating air flow which came from inside the tunnel. When she heard the sound, Long Yuxue’s expression changed drastically!

“This is bad. It’s really an abyssal tide! Run!” Before she had even finished speaking, she pulled on Tang Wulin as she turned around and ran out of the tunnel.

Tang Wulin did not have a thorough understanding of the abyssal tunnel.
However, he was not so arrogant as to think that he could hold back the
abyssal tide with his own strength. With that, he turned around and without hesitating ran after Long Yuxue.

Long Yuxue was a little slow. Tang Wulin hooked her slender waist with his right hand and unleashed his two-word battle armor at the same time. His pair of golden wings unfurled behind him.

The Goldsong turned into a beam of golden light and entered Tang Wulin’s body. Tang Wulin flapped his wings mightily. At the same time, he
commanded his entire body’s blood essence energy to surge toward his
Dragon Moon battle armor behind him. He flew toward the way they came in, like a beam of flowing golden light at blinding speed.

Long Yuxue exclaimed in shock. She then noticed being held in an
embrace. Because of the high speed, the strong headwind made it difficult for her to keep her eyes open. However, she felt strangely at ease. What tremendous speed! Under his battle armor’s full throttle, it seemed that he was not any slower than the Mo Mei.

The rumbling sound kept coming from behind, and it sounded like it was getting closer. Tang Wulin felt like it was a giant, destructive vortex that was closing in on him from behind as if it was going to devour them all.

Such a feeling was definitely uncomfortable. The sense of danger
compelled him to increase his speed to the maximum as he passed through the cavern in front of him.

He finally reached his starting point, the place where he first came in. It was where the Blood God Army had formed a line of defense. “It’s an abyssal tide! Everyone, be careful!” shouted Tang Wulin.

In truth, when he charged out, he noticed that this node was already filled with energy. Scores of giant, light shields were already erected. All the soul cannons were filled with energy and ready to be fired. Without a doubt, the rumbling was the best warning.

Tang Wulin flapped his wings. He landed on the ground with Long Yuxue and sighed in relief.

When they saw the great pair of golden wings behind him, many of the Blood God Army’s soldiers displayed admiration on their faces.

Although those enlisted were outstanding talents, there was only a handful who were able to attain the ranks of a two-word battle armor master.

A gigantic light shield was erected before him. The threatening feeling he felt earlier immediately vanished. At this very moment, an extremely powerful greyish-black air flow surged out from the tunnel.

All the light shields shone at the same time. The dazzling lights merged together to form a giant light barrier which blocked the impact of the greyish-black light.

Amidst the greyish-black glow, something could be seen faintly, brandishing its claws. The terrifying force of the impact made the glow of the light shields burst forth with light.

Long Yuxue could only sigh in relief now. She looked up at Tang Wulin beside her and saw his grim-looking face. She patted her own chest. A moment later, she raised her soul rifle in her hands.

Although it was through a mini mecha, she felt a sense of security which
came from Tang Wulin. This fellow truly lived up to the name of the Shrek Seven Monsters.

Naturally, Tang Wulin did not know what Long Yuxue was thinking of. He only felt the energy shockwave from the abyssal tide’s impact. The barrier formed by the energy shields sufficed for now. However, the energy tide’s shockwave was very powerful. It seemed unlikely that the current barrier was capable of withstanding it.

As expected, a deafening alarm sounded after a short while.

“The abyssal tide’s intensity is already at rank-3! The barrier can only last for five minutes max. All units retreat to the second line of defense, now! Meanwhile, report to combat command and request for backup. I’m afraid that the abyssal creatures are about to launch an all-out attack.”

“Let’s go.” Long Yuxue pulled on Tang Wulin and charged into the tunnel. Tang Wulin flapped his wings and followed closely behind.
“What does intensity rank-3 mean?” asked Tang Wulin as he followed Long Yuxue.

Long Yuxue’s expression was grim. “Usually, the abyssal tide will be between ranks 1 and 2. At those intensities, our barrier is strong enough to keep them at bay. That’s also the norm. Every few decades or so, the
abyssal creatures will launch an all-out war where the abyssal tide will reach rank-3. A rank-3 abyssal tide will require large defensive equipment to hold it back. It also means that there’ll be experts among the abyssal
creatures that’ll attack our defenses with all their might. At times like these, it’s always the most difficult for us. I never thought that you’d be so unfortunate as to witness this event so early in your career. Even I haven’t
seen a rank-3 abyssal tide before. Get ready to fight. Every soldier will be mobilized for sure.”

“Alright!” Tang Wulin did not ask further. Currently, the only thing that they could do was to continue fighting and wait for reinforcements.

They retreated to the second line of defense. Tang Wulin finally saw the large defensive machines. These soul tools were prepared well in advance. Rows of defensive formations were completed swiftly. Everyone moved in an orderly fashion and no one appeared flustered although the abyssal tide had reached rank-3. Scores of soul tools, which Tang Wulin could not even recognize, were quickly assembled. The energy shockwave suddenly intensified. Tang Wulin saw a giant metal ball drop within the abyssal cavern behind them. The ball was more than three hundred meters in diameter. There were hundreds of light beams shooting out from below as they supported its
weight. The metal ball itself was emanating an immense amount of energy. At the same time, huge strips of metal shot out of the ground from within the abyssal caverns, connecting themselves to the soul tools within.

“What’s that?” Tang Wulin asked Long Yuxue, who was beside him.

Long Yuxue said, “That’s the true core of our Blood God Army. It’s known as Blood God’s Heart. It’s the product of immeasurable manpower and resources from the Federation as well as our own research efforts. There’s only one Blood God’s Heart in the entire Federation. It can convert a large amount of origin energy into soul power and channel it into our soul tools, forming an energy cycle. Do you know anything about integrated soul power batteries?”

Tang Wulin replied, “I’ve heard of them. They supply energy for large soul tools.”

“Hmm. In a sense, the Blood God’s Heart is similar. However, the Blood God’s Heart utilizes the latest soul technology. It’s a variation of a special
metal developed by the Federation and its corresponding soul circuit. These metals are truly frightening. When they mutate, they’ll erupt with an immense amount of energy. When they discovered this metal, the first thought the Federation had was to use it to make weapons. That’s how the three godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition came to be. However, they
were soon discontinued after they were made because the godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunitions were too terrifying. Also, there wasn’t much of the rare metal left. All of it had been used to make this Blood God’s Heart so that it can supply us with a continuous and large amount of energy to guard this place.”

Tang Wulin was shocked. Although he was not sure about the effects of the Blood God’s Heart, he had personally witnessed the extremely powerful destructive energy of the godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunitions! It was a catastrophe that could not even be withstood by a Limit Douluo with his four-word battle armor on. Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect headquarters had been destroyed under its attack. He never expected the Blood God
Army to be in possession of such a powerful soul tool of the same rank.

“Hum.” At this moment, a deep buzz sounded. The soldiers from the first line of defense had all retreated. A blue, light shield immediately took
shape at the tunnel’s opening, effectively sealing off its exit

Chapter 955 - Enter into Close Combat

Chapter 955: Enter into Close Combat

“Boom!” The greyish-black air flow had collided into the barrier within a minute. It shook the blue, light screen greatly. The entire abyssal cavern
seemed to be shaking with it as well. However, the blue, light screen’s defensive capabilities were far superior to the first line of defense. In spite of the strong impact, it did not budge.

Tang Wulin glanced at Long Yuxue beside him. “What’ll happen next?”

Long Yuxue replied, “Usually the abyssal tide will attack with an energy shockwave first. Next, a large number of abyssal creatures will launch an all-out attack. Although the energy shield can withstand the destructive
energy, it’ll consume a large number of our resources as well. Hence, once the abyssal tide’s destructive energy diminishes, we’ll need to prepare the
shield for the next impact of the destructive energy. We can only rely on our army’s combat strength to fight with the abyssal creatures. Take a rest while you can. It’s going to be a long battle after this.”

As she said this, Long Yuxue pulled Tang Wulin to a corner. She removed her own mini-mecha. She then sat cross-legged on the ground and began meditating.

Tang Wulin removed his battle armor as well. Due to the special status of the Secret Service, nobody came to question them. Currently, there was
already a large number of the Blood God Army soldiers swarming the place. The soldiers who donned heavy mechas and were skilled in close
combat stood in front. The rear was backed by various soul cannons. There were more long-range attackers making their preparations for the impending battle.

Tang Wulin saw someone familiar at this moment. It was Jiang Wuyue. Jiang Wuyue was not wearing any mechas currently. Dressed in his well- ironed military uniform, he was giving orders to the front line soldiers to get into formation.

The energy which Tang Wulin had expended was replenished by the Golden Dragon Spear, so he did not feel too exhausted. He glanced at Long Yuxue beside him, and he made up his mind to approach Jiang Wuyue.

He was most skilled in close combat whereas Jiang Wuyue was from the 1st Melee Battalion. He felt that he was better suited to fight alongside his battalion with his skills set.

“Senior officer!” He came to Jiang Wuyue’s side and saluted him.

Jiang Wuyue was currently at his busiest. When Tang Wulin suddenly
appeared in his sights, he was slightly stunned. “Why’re you here? Aren’t you a new recruit?”

Tang Wulin replied, “Senior officer Long brought me here for a drill. We were inside the tunnel just now. We were on the way out when we
encountered the abyssal tide.”

Jiang Wuyue suddenly had an idea and lowered his voice as he said to Tang Wulin, “About the energy that you infused me with the last time, how many people can you infuse at the same time?” He had been preoccupied with
Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Rage Domain. Within that domain, his combat strength was increased by fifty percent!

Undoubtedly, the abyssal tide was a vital trial that the Blood God Army had to face. Similarly, each powerful abyssal tide would bring a large number of merit points. It was precisely the time to make their mark. Under such
conditions, if his combat strength could suddenly be increased by as much as fifty percent, then he would undoubtedly be able to obtain many more merit points.

Tang Wulin glanced at the venue and said, “An area with a fifty-meter diameter. There’s no limit on the number of people. I think it’ll work on anyone, but it’ll work better on soul masters with dragon-type martial souls.”

“Alright, I understand. Brother, what do you say about teaming up with me? I’ll share a portion of our collective merit points with you,” Jiang Wuyue immediately said what was on his mind. He was a soldier who was not used to beating around the bush. He liked to be frank and direct.

Tang Wulin liked it this way as well. It was his objective all along, “No problem. From now on, I’ll follow you, senior officer.”

“That’s settled then. Who knows, after this battle, you might be directly promoted to a first lieutenant from a second lieutenant. Haha! Our fortunes are shining upon us since it’s happening while we’re on duty. It’s what I hope to encounter, meeting the first wave of attacks from the abyssal
creatures. What’s more, it’s a rank-3 abyssal tide which only happens once every few decades.” Having to face powerful enemies, Jiang Wuyue was not scared in the least. Instead, he was filled with excitement.

In his heart, it was only natural for soldiers to display what they have learned on the battlefield to massacre their enemies. With such a personality, he would not partake in a peace-keeping force even if he had to. He would prefer to experience the euphoria of killing his enemies.

Tang Wulin had quite a good impression of Jiang Wuyue. Especially when he had suppressed him with his Golden Dragon King bloodline, Jiang Wuyue was still able to display a powerful combat strength. It could only be accomplished by having a pure and powerful will to battle!

That was why he was very much looking forward to this. He wanted to see just how powerful Jiang Wuyue was on the battlefield. More than that, he wished to witness the combat powers of the Blood God Army.

He did not enlist in the Blood God Army as a military officer just for the sake of being promoted up its ranks. Instead, he wanted to have his very
own force. When he realized that the Blood God Army was actually tasked to guard the abyssal tunnel, he was a little disappointed. Even if he could recruit enough followers here, he could not take these followers away because they had to guard the abyssal tunnel.

Even so, if the Blood God Army were powerful enough, it would still be a great help to him.

Jiang Wuyue slapped Tang Wulin on the shoulder. “Follow me.” As he said this, he continued giving orders to the combat personnel on the front lines.

Jiang Wuyue might seem as if he had lost his marbles at times, but when he was in war mode, he behaved differently altogether. He was firm and stable when he gave his orders. His burning desire to fight did not affect his judgment in the slightest. He would notice every detail. Soon, a two- hundred-meter wide, iron defensive line was erected by his 1st Melee

Through his observation, Tang Wulin noticed that there were a hundred mechas in the 1st Melee Battalion. The lowest level model to be found were the purple mechas. There were even five black mechas. If it had been
another army, this would not be the lineup of a mere battalion. Instead, it
would be an outstanding mecha unit! They could very well be a regiment by themselves, but over here, they were only a battalion.

That was not all, there were another hundred one-word battle armor masters in the 1st Melee Battalion. Their combat strengths were at par with the mecha masters.

Normally, a battalion would comprise of three hundred to five hundred men. Jiang Wuyue’s 1st Melee Battalion had three hundred men. Jiang Wuyue gave Tang Wulin a brief explanation. There were two soldiers in every mecha so that they could better unleash the powers of the mecha. A
single person’s soul power could never match two persons’. Moreover, their martial souls would complement each other. However, a mecha was too bulky and was not as effective as a soul master when fighting in cramped
spaces. That was the reason for the other hundred soul masters to fight
alongside them. Although they were only one-word battle armor masters, their combat strengths were not to be taken lightly. There were no soul masters with cultivation bases under four rings in the entire 1st Melee Battalion.

If this battalion were to battle outside, they would be capable of going up against a ten-thousand strong division.

As expected, it was the most elite combat troop!

It was not the only melee battalion here. There were three other melee battalions stationed here. There were as many as thirty-six similar tunnels but were all the tunnels equipped with similar manpower? The soldiers in
charge of long-range attacks in the rear were fewer in numbers compared to the melee battalions in the front. Their firepower was undoubtedly the most effective in killing off the abyssal creatures.

Tang Wulin had been beside Jiang Wuyue this whole time as he heard him giving orders to his soldiers. He regarded this as an opportunity to learn on a live battlefield. Such opportunities were hard to come by!

Finally, Jiang Wuyue finished giving orders. All the defenses were in place.

The abyssal tunnel was still trembling. The destructive energy shockwave was getting stronger than the one before it. The shockwaves seemed never- ending. However, each and every Blood God Army soldier was calm and
steady. All soul tools were fully charged and everyone was in tip-top condition for combat.

Chapter 956 - The Mad Tide

Chapter 956: The Mad Tide

The reinforcements had arrived, but they did not descend into the tunnel. They were on standby as a replacement for the soldiers who were fighting.

The Blood God Army had a force that was two divisions strong. It was not without reason that they were able to suppress the abyssal tunnels for thousands of years. Regardless of the changes they faced, they were able to react and adapt quickly. It was this quality alone that made them

A faint light flickered and a smile appeared on Tang Wulin’s face. Amidst the iron-filled aura, he felt his own bloodline beginning to boil.

All men had always hoped to dominate the battlefield and experience the shock of steel and blood.

It was Tang Wulin’s first experience on the battlefield. It was also his first to face a battle of such a large scale. There were as many as two thousand troops inside the tunnel.

Tang Wulin had asked Jiang Wuyue regarding the matter. If all thirty-six tunnels needed guarding, and two thousand men had to be stationed at each tunnel, then their numbers would not be enough! After all, the main force was only fifteen thousand strong. At most, they could only guard seven tunnels.

However, Jiang Wuyue explained to him that the calculations did not work this way. It was not easy to initiate an abyssal tide from the abyssal plane. Of the thirty-six tunnels, abyssal tides would only appear inside three tunnels at most. Hence, not all of them had to be guarded. In truth, there
were also protective shields within each tunnel. Even if the abyssal tides
appeared in many tunnels, the Blood God’s Heart’s defensive strength was still capable of withstanding them for a long while. It would provide ample time for the troops to rotate among the tunnels and kill off the abyssal
creatures which would attack after the abyssal energy.

At the same time, the army had reserved forces. They also had some special soul weapons that were meant for fighting these abyssal creatures. The defenses that had lasted for thousands of years were impregnable. Naturally, they had ways to tackle all the situations.

After he heard his explanation, Tang Wulin decided not to ask anymore. He knew that it would be more expeditious to observe for himself.

The destructive energy impact lasted for almost two hours. The rumbling sounds gradually subsided. However, Tang Wulin could see that the
densely-packed abyssal creatures had filled the entire cave’s exit behind the blue light screen. Once the light screen was shut down, they would immediately charge forth.

These abyssal creatures looked fierce. If ordinary people saw them, they would have been scared to death already.

“Prepare for battle!” Jiang Wuyue shouted. His body flashed with light, and he donned his battle armor. A pair of wings unfurled behind him. It was an impressive-looking two-word battle armor.

His battle armor was metallic black with no extravagant ornamental patterns, but it was extremely thick and heavy. It was a trait of the Overlord Dragon.

Pure power!

The mecha warriors of the melee battalion took a step forward and raised their gigantic shields.

Each mecha held a giant shield which was fifteen meters tall. It completely shielded them. They only had to withstand the impact from their enemies and their sole purpose would have been achieved. The ones who would dish out real damage were the long-range attackers in the rear.

If it were not a rank-3 abyssal tide, there would be no need for them to deploy such measures.

Tang Wulin could not help but found the current situation amusing. His luck had always been against the will of the heavens. If only three out of the thirty-six tunnels could possibly encounter the abyssal tide, it would only be a one-twelfth chance! With his luck, he had chanced upon the experience of coming across an abyssal tide. He was speechless.

At this very moment, the destructive energy’s impact subsided completely.
Just then, an electronic voice came on, “The Blood God’s Heart’s shield will be shut down shortly. All units prepare for battle.”

Behind them, Long Yuxue leaped to her feet. Tang Wulin was not near her but beside Jiang Wuyue instead. Although she was frowning, she still displayed her professionalism as a soldier. She joined the ranks of the long- range attacking units behind them without hesitation and prepared for battle.

The bluish light gradually faded. The deafening roars of the abyssal creatures could be heard distinctly now.

“Attack!” came the yell of a commanding officer from behind. Shortly after, hundreds of light orbs shot out. They drew arcs in the air and bombarded the cave’s mouth.

Over at the cave, the Blood God’s Heart’s protective shield had vanished at this precise moment. The abyssal creatures surged out from within.

“Argh!” came a sharp howl. All the Blood God Army’s soldiers had their hearts shaken, and they lost their sanity temporarily. A shower of white light enveloped them at this very moment and blocked the sound from reaching their ears. The Blood God Army was truly experienced in dealing with the abyssal
creatures. However, the experience had been obtained by sacrificing lives.

An intense explosion sounded shortly after. Countless abyssal creatures
were destroyed in the explosions. For a time, an extreme energy shockwave surged throughout the battlefield.

The long-range attacks rained down relentlessly from the rear and collided fiercely with the charging abyssal creatures.

Tang Wulin stood beside Jiang Wuyue and saw countless blasts of light. He could not make out the details of the scene.

The giant shields in the hands of the melee battalion’s mecha warriors shone with a protective glow. They formed a light screen and blocked
everything before them. They facilitated their comrades in the rear to fire away at their enemies.

It was a war! In war, Tang Wulin was confident of his own strength although he felt insignificant.

The explosions happened one after another. Amidst the deafening cries, the abyssal creatures seemed to have no blood. Only puffs of dense, greyish- black clouds returned to the cave along the abyssal tunnel. Those were the abyssal creatures that have died.

Tang Wulin thought, ‘I wonder how much my cultivation base will improve if I use my Golden Dragon Spear to absorb those energies. If only I were in the front lines.’

However, he kept that as a thought. Putting the sheer number of abyssal creatures aside, he did not think that he would be able to withstand the aftermath of the long-range attacks’ exploding shockwaves.

The battle had become intensely fierce very quickly.

Currently, of the thirty-six tunnels, other than the tunnel where the abyssal tide had appeared, the others were all sealed by the Blood God’s Heart’s shield to prevent new abyssal tides from appearing. The defenses were strong as iron.

Mankind’s technology had been continuously improving. New weapons
were endlessly being utilized on the battlefield. When the Blood God Army was first established, it had lost seventy percent of its soldiers during the first abyssal tide. Over time, the number of soldiers lost decreased for each battle.

Up until this moment, although there were still soldiers killed during the battle, the number of casualties had decreased significantly. It had become comparatively safer.

“Bam!” A sound different from an explosion was heard. One of the shield- wielding mechas on the front line retreated a few steps. Some abyssal
creatures had gotten near!

Shortly after, there were more intense collisions. The abyssal creatures’ impacts were extremely fierce. Amidst the loud crashing sounds, the mecha warriors channeled all their energies for defense. Meanwhile, the rear
continued in their assault.

For a time, the abyssal creatures’ attacks were completely confined to one side.

Jiang Wuyue observed the entire battlefield with a grim expression.
Currently, the battle armor masters and black mecha masters had not even joined the fray. They were the reserved forces meant to support the weaker defenses.

Based on the strength of the enemies’ attacks, it was still not time to threaten their defenses.

At the moment, the ground began shaking. Scores of shadows suddenly
appeared in the skies. These shadows were bulky. They had just appeared in midair, and they immediately brought upon an immense pressure along with their presence. Tang Wulin looked up and saw a dozen huge Ba Ans in the air. He did not know what power had sustained them up there. These Ba Ans had obviously tried to break through their defensive line and attack the long- range troops behind.

Jiang Wuyue snorted and waved his hand.

A row of strong lights shone behind him. The long-range attackers had been ready for quite a while. Beams of dazzling rays shone brightly in the air.
The Ba Ans in midair let out wails. Under the attacks of the unknown soul tools, they were riddled with a thousand gaping wounds and blasted into the air flows.

Lights flashed within Tang Wulin’s eyes. He could not restrain himself any longer. He tossed his Golden Dragon Spear and impaled a Ba An. The lance absorbed some blackish-grey air flow. The volume was equivalent to the body size of a Ba An.

In terms of kills, his merit points did not increase, but after the Golden Dragon Spear returned to his grasp, a powerful energy wave instantly coursed through his body. It immediately invigorated his aura.

“Don’t waste your strength,” Jiang Wuyue said with a frown on his face.

“Hmm.” Tang Wulin nodded but his heart was filled with great joy. The Ba An was indeed a high-ranking abyssal creature. With just a single individual, after he refined the energy he obtained, his soul core and blood essence crystal had shown signs of solidifying.

He silently urged the two vortices within his body to absorb this surge of energy. At the same time, he carried out a second refinement. Only the
essence was left.

Chapter 957 - Black Empress

Chapter 957: Black Empress

Just when Tang Wulin felt an inexplicable joy, suddenly, amidst a muffled bang, a mecha in front with its shield reeled backward without warning. It was about to crash heavily into the cave’s wall behind them.

Jiang Wuyue’s expression changed. He charged over in a swift movement and caught the mecha with his body.

“Boom!” Jiang Wuyue collided against the mecha. Even with Jiang Wuyue’s Overlord Dragon’s strength, he still could not stop it. He reeled backward with the mecha.

Tang Wulin reacted at this moment. He urged his bloodline power with his Body Sect Method and rushed over in a flash. He caught Jiang Wuyue in midair with his arms and managed to stop both man and mecha with his brute force.

However, when they fell to the ground, the mecha’s shield was shattered. The mecha lay limply on the ground, sparking all over its body. When the hatch cover was lifted, the soldiers inside were already dead with blood flowing out of their seven orifices.

A black mecha quickly filled in the gap. A silhouette flitted past Tang Wulin’s eyes.

It was a tall female covered with a layer of dark purplish scales. It had a pair of wings with bony claws at its tips. A deep, dark glow flickered in its eyes.

Many soul energy attacks landed on it. Anything that came within three meters of it dissipated immediately. Not even explosives were effective against it. “A Black Empress is spotted! Everyone, be on your guard! Call the Title
Douluo here, block its path!” Jiang Wuyue shouted angrily. At this moment, the black mecha which had just filled in the empty spot was blasted away
and came crashing toward them. That was not all. With a gap showing, its silhouette shot past and the black-armored, winged female appeared in the
rear. It waved its hands and a blast of black air-flow suddenly burst forth. A dozen mechas around it were flung off their feet. The line of defense was immediately torn apart leaving a huge opening.

Faced with such a situation, there was no need for Jiang Wuyue to issue any more orders. The battle armor warriors who were the reserves rushed forth aggressively.

Jiang Wuyue yelled furiously and charged at the black-armored female as well.

Tang Wulin had never seen such a creature before. It resembled a human, and it looked beautiful as well. By human standards, it was considered hot and looked seductive, but it was more than three meters tall. The black
scales which covered its entire body glowed with an eerie luster.

The Black Empress and the Mo Mei were top-ranking abyssal creatures but were among the smaller ones. They were able to go through the abyssal tunnel and reach the human’s realm.

Compared to the Mo Mei, the Black Empress did not move as fast, but its combat strength was more domineering. Every Black Empress had a
strength that was equivalent to a Title Douluo’s.

The appearance of this single Black Empress immediately brought danger to the battlefield. The energy beam attacks from the rear coordinated well with the battle armor warriors which somehow managed to suppress the
Black Empress. However, more abyssal creatures were on their way. About six Ba Ans dashed out of the opening and collided with the mecha warriors who were within close range.

Tang Wulin had experienced the strengths of these Ba Ans before. If he did not don his battle armor, he had to focus all his attention in fighting them. The purple mechas appeared fragile before the Ba Ans.

“Roar!” a sonorous dragon’s roar came from Tang Wulin’s mouth. His battle armor covered his body in an instant. His fourth golden soul ring shone brightly, and a golden halo expanded from under his feet.

His Dragon Moon battle armor was extravagant to begin with. When it was combined with the expanding golden halo, it looked very much like a domain. For a time, the warriors in the rear felt a great boost of morale and thought that a three-word battle armor master had arrived.

A three-word battle armor master definitely had the battle strength of a Title Douluo. With the enhancement of the battle armor, even a seven-ring soul master could attain the combat strength of a Title Douluo.

Where the golden light shone, each and every battle armor master and mecha master was covered in a golden glow. Their battle spirits were instantly lifted to their highest levels. At the same time, their soul power shockwaves were also greatly empowered. Their bloodline shockwaves grew stronger as well!

It was precisely the Golden Dragon Rage Domain!

Tang Wulin did not know when the most suitable time would be, but he knew that if he did not unleash his domain right now, there would be more casualties from among the Blood God Army.

Jiang Wuyue, who had just charged toward the Black Empress with his enlarged body, felt the effects the most. Under the enhancement of the
Golden Dragon Rage Domain, his body glowed with dark golden light and his aura instantly intensified.

He opened his mouth and a powerful beam of light shot out. The light shot straight toward the Black Empress.

The Black Empress stared at him coldly. It waved its hand and a round, black energy shield blocked his breath. However, the powerful impact made it pause in its tracks. Dozens of beams hit it, and it staggered backward from the impact.

However, its purpose was not to attack the enemy’s defense. Instead, it was to deflect the pressure of the attacks and enlarge the opening so that more
abyssal creatures could charge in.

Fortunately, they had battle armor masters as their reserve forces.
Otherwise, the defensive line would have been completely broken through.

At this very moment, a golden figure suddenly shone brightly and caught up to Jiang Wuyue who was in front. A sonorous dragon’s roar resounded throughout the battlefield.

Because he moved forward, Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Rage Domain, which had an effective area with a diameter of fifty meters, was able to
assist many more of his comrades.

More mecha masters and battle armor masters received the Golden Dragon Rage Domain’s enhancement of their combat strengths. The Ba Ans and other abyssal creatures that charged over were immediately pushed back.

Tang Wulin flapped the wings behind him and descended from the skies. He then turned into a beam of golden light and charged right at the Black Empress!

The Black Empress frowned slightly as it was not used to Tang Wulin’s domain. It made a fist with its right hand, pulled it back, and lashed out with a punch!

Tang Wulin saw a giant black vortex appeared before him. The vortex was furiously devouring his strength. He paused for a while. Shortly after, a despair-filled destructive aura surged forth. It brought the spiraling energy shockwave along and blasted toward his body.

“Roar!” a sonorous dragon’s roar came from Tang Wulin’s mouth. A giant dragon’s head appeared before him. The Golden Dragon Roar. The destructive energy which was full of despair paused slightly and was dispersed by the Golden Dragon Roar. Soon after, the Golden Dragon Roar turned into the Golden Dragon Soars to the Heaven which collided with the destructive energy.

“Boom!” The terrifying energy erupted, and Tang Wulin’s body was sent flying. However, the Black Empress on the ground was not in good
condition either. Obviously, Tang Wulin’s cultivation base was not at the rank of a Title Douluo, but his strength was greatly magnified. In addition, there were many long-range attackers firing away at the Black Empress from below.

It was sent reeling a few meters away by Tang Wulin’s attack.

Jiang Wuyue closely followed behind. Under the effects of the Golden
Dragon Rage Domain and the enhancement from his two-word battle armor, his cultivation base was at the rank of a Soul Douluo.

He charged daringly and collided with the Black Empress. The Black Empress was forcibly pushed back to the opening in the line of defense.

Tang Wulin flapped his wings to reduce his momentum. He turned half a circle and all his soul power and blood essence power were focused on his
Golden Dragon Spear. The Golden Dragon Spear in his hand suddenly lit up and the dazzling glow seemed to have sucked away all traces of light within the cavern.

This time, Tang Wulin had infused his power into it without reserve. With the enhancement from the Golden Dragon Rage Domain, his blood essence vortex was already spiraling at an insane level. The two pointed tips of the Golden Dragon Spear shook slightly because of the sheer amount of energy that was channeled into it. It was an all-out infusion of an extremely terrifying energy shockwave, together with soul power and blood essence power. Even the soldiers looked at Tang Wulin with fear in their eyes.

The storing force! Under the enhancement of his battle armor and the
Golden Dragon Rage Domain, he channeled his strong killing intent into his weapon. At the moment, Tang Wulin had channeled everything he had into the Golden Dragon Spear.

Chapter 958 - The Blood Essence Vortex’s Variation

Chapter 958: The Blood Essence Vortex’s Variation

The Black Empress was knocked into the breach by Jiang Wuyue. It bounced back in the next moment while Jiang Wuyue was blocked by a few Ba Ans. The two parties were engaged in an intense confrontation.

Meanwhile, the cave suddenly dimmed for a moment followed by a flash of golden lightning that struck from nowhere. It appeared at the front of the
Black Empress instantly.

The Black Empress had just blasted Jiang Wuyue away when it suddenly felt a shudder through its body from the depths of its soul. The scaly wings on its back abruptly closed around itself while a massive black halo
appeared above its head. The black halo appeared like a crown with a faint golden radiance shimmering in the middle. A ghastly symbol emerged in front of the Black Empress soon after and transformed into a shield.

Everything happened at the speed of light!

“Boom…” Golden radiance shot out violently while the surrounding Ba Ans were all blasted away by the terrifying energy. Jiang Wuyue stumbled repeatedly after being shaken by the impact.

“Poof…” The Black Empress’ body swayed once while her icy cold and emotionless eyes eventually revealed emotions. They were fear and disbelief.

The black shield transformed from the symbol earlier was smashed into
smithereens while the shimmery gold spear pierced through her palm into her shoulder. A terrifying suction force broke out instantly and transformed into layers of radiances that surged into the Golden Dragon Spear. The Black Empress spat in disgust as it shook its arm abruptly to fling the Golden Dragon Spear away, but its arm and right half of its body were
shriveling rapidly. Its shoulder collapsed and even one of its wings dropped off.

It rushed back to the breach rapidly, and with a sway of her body, vanished without a trace.

The black mechas were in the midst of charging forward. A few Ba Ans were killed in succession with the assistance of numerous battle armor masters. The breach was finally filled once again. The long-range attacks coming from behind were growing stronger too. Enormous balls of lights which traveled in parabolic curves dropped on the abyssal creatures below before exploding in puffs of intense energy fluctuations.

Tang Wulin had already descended from the sky at present. His blood
essence and soul power were both exhausted currently, something he had never experienced before. He had condensed all his strength and energy into that one attack earlier. It was also something that only the Golden Dragon Spear could handle whereas other ordinary weapons could not possibly
endure it.

A golden radiance flashed once and the Golden Dragon Spear flew back into Tang Wulin’s grasp once again. An impetuous rush of energy as immense as the seas surged into his body at once.

Tang Wulin felt like he was in a welcome rain after a long drought as he moaned in joy. He held the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand and used it to prop himself up against the ground while he quietly absorbed the energy.

Almost all the energy absorbed was infused into his blood essence vortex.

As an unprecedented sense of potency wafted through him, his blood
essence vortex began to circulate once again to sweep away the weakened sensation he felt. Although his soul power was not restored to the same level as his blood essence, his condition was immediately elevated to at least sixty percent of his usual self.
 Tang Wulin was uncertain whether his earlier attack could hurt the Black Empress. He was applying the Tang Sect’s Hidden Weapons technique to condense the strength from his whole body together with the Golden
Dragon Spear’s all-domineering effect.

The Black Empress had underestimated him. She could not withstand the power of such a blow in the end, so she was severely injured. However, it
was Tang Wulin’s first encounter with a victim that was not sucked dry after it had been pierced by the Golden Dragon Spear. It had even removed the
spear from its body.

He was screaming ‘what a pity’ in his heart for he would undoubtedly receive massive gains if he had killed such a powerful abyssal creature like the Black Empress. It would be extremely beneficial to his military rank promotion.

However, Tang Wulin was contented as such. At least, he managed to
absorb the Black Empress’ energy for he could sense the endless stream of blood essence energy in the Golden Dragon Spear as he felt relaxed and

All of a sudden, his body shook once abruptly. The blood essence in his heart surged wildly such that a layer of faint red color emerged on his skin, which appeared slightly abnormal. Tang Wulin discovered that the blood
essence vortex in his body was changing in color due to the high-speed
circulation. The initial faint golden color had turned into blazing white. He felt as if he was about to explode.

‘Oh no, could it be that my body can’t withstand anymore because I absorbed too much energy at once?’

He began to feel swelling pain all over his limbs and bones. Tang Wulin gave out a muffled humph, but he could not even release his grasp on the Golden Dragon Spear.

A layer of misty radiance floated onto the Golden Dragon Spear and slowly infused into Tang Wulin’s body such that the color of his body was growing redder and darker. He was still clad in his Dragon Moon battle armor at present with his face covered by the mask, so no one felt anything odd about him.

It was an awesome scene of Tang Wulin severely injuring and defeating the Black Empress in just a single attack. Tang Wulin’s behavior of resting at the same spot after launching such an attack was quite normal. Hence, no one noticed that he was facing such a problem.

Oh no! Tang Wulin smiled bitterly in his heart because he never expected the Black Empress’ energy to be so immense. The energy converted by the Golden Dragon Spear was filtered, but the portion of the Black Empress’
energy was incessant despite the filtration.

Tang Wulin had only ever encountered such a feeling when he was
absorbing dragon clouds in the Dragon Valley back then. However, the
energy radiating from the Golden Dragon Spear at present was even more direct. The dragon cloud could be absorbed for a long period of time because it was outside of his body. Currently, the energy transfused from the Golden Dragon Spear was infused into his body and bloodline power immediately. The process was too brief that there was utterly no time for him to digest and absorb it!

‘What do I do? It’s hopeless. Looks like I can only withstand it by brute force then!’

Tang Wulin maneuvered his soul power to surround his blood essence power so he could subtly influence the spinning speed of his blood essence vortex and soul power vortex.

However, it was utterly useless. On the contrary, his blood essence vortex
and soul power vortex were spinning even faster until the inside of his chest was completely blazing white.

At present, he would not have been able to withstand the tremendous pressure if not for his meridians which were extremely tough.

Tang Wulin could not help smiling bitterly to himself because if he were already failing at this, would it not be even more terrifying if he were to break the tenth layer of the Golden Dragon King Seal?

‘No, I can’t stand this anymore.’ An intense crisis arose in his mind. At this moment, Tang Wulin felt the blood essence vortex in his body suddenly
collapsed inward.

The sudden change made him feel as if his entire body was squeezed inward along with his blood essence soul vortex. It felt like he was about to be compressed into a flat pancake.

‘I’m doomed!’


There was an explosion inside his body accompanied by a loud rumbling noise that only Tang Wulin could hear. The terrifying explosion made him sink into a stretch of darkness. A radiance glowed brightly on his battle
armor while Tang Wulin’s body was bursting with an unprecedented, massive aura. The aura burst forth from his body with a layer of misty blood. The color was not red but a faint golden.

Tang Wulin lost his consciousness instantly. During that moment, he felt as if his entire body had turned into powder. The booming sound and all else were isolated in another world in that instant.

His soul floated in the air while everything else in the external world turned blazing white with only the echoes of the explosion remaining in his ears.

How did that happen? His thought had already frozen such that he could not think anymore. His heart was even filled with a fear that he had never felt before.

Tang Wulin lost count of time. It was as if a few centuries had passed, but then again, it also felt like a moment. Tang Wulin’s frozen body could barely move while he supported his body by grabbing on to the Golden
Dragon Spear firmly with the palm of his hand. He gradually regained his consciousness. His body was still riddled with intense pain and a peculiar sensation in his distended limbs.

It was an itchy feeling that, on the contrary, felt somewhat comfortable with fuzzy waves of warmth. The pain rapidly disappeared wherever the waves passed over.

Tang Wulin finally regained his consciousness when he discovered in
astonishment that it had turned into a golden world. Not outside but inside his body.

He saw strands of golden striations arranged in a crisscross pattern. Was that… his meridians?

Also, those tracts of condensed golden color, were those his muscles? Why did his bones appear to be made of jewels? It was golden and transparent
such that he could even see his bone marrow moving rhythmically inside akin to the mercury in a thermometer.

The golden blood flowed back and forth in his body following the rhythm of his breathing which finally gathered in his heart before being pumped to each and every part of his body.

The inside of his body had already turned into a golden world. Not the initial faint golden color but a dazzling golden gloss.

Tang Wulin hastily shifted his consciousness to the position of his chest. His blood essence vortex vanished and in place were peculiar strands of golden light bands lingering around his chest. Suspended at the core
position of these golden light bands was a diamond-shaped crystal about the size of a thumbnail.

Chapter 959 - The Dragon Core

Chapter 959: The Dragon Core

It was not big, but it was the hub of all the golden light bands. Tang Wulin could see at a glance the hairline cracks on top of the crystal. These cracks were precisely his Golden Dragon King Seal!

It was clear as the day he first witnessed of the Golden Dragon King Seal in its true form. He could almost break the seal if only all those light bands
were charging at it.

Crystal core? Could it be that this was a bloodline core that was similar to a soul core? Was it formed from the condensation of his blood essence power?

Tang Wulin was in disbelief. Actually, he was not certain if his blood essence vortex could finally be condensed into a soul core.

Facts showed that there seemed to be a regular pattern in this world. He had succeeded in condensing his blood essence power. All the pain in the world did not bother Tang Wulin in the slightest at this moment because the formation of this core had elevated his condition to a whole new level.

For the blood essence power to condense into its solid form and transformed into something akin to a soul core, it was more difficult than
cultivating soul power. Tang Wulin had gradually built such a foundation by continuously elevating himself through lucky coincidences coupled with the amplification effect of the Gold Dragon King’s bloodline power.

The Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum had adapted to enhance his body. Since he had just absorbed such a large amount of energy, he took the final step to complete this magnificent feat that was unprecedented in history.

He named his crystal core subconsciously. Its name was the ‘Dragon Core’! He could never have possessed such a powerful blood essence energy
without the help of the Golden Dragon King’s bloodline power. Thus, he named it the ‘Dragon Core’ for the honor it deserved.

He was an entirely different person now as if he had just broken through a layer of the Golden Dragon King Seal. However, there was no doubt that the formation of the Dragon Core not only posed no threat to his health but would result in the elevation of his physique on a large scale. Tang Wulin had the confidence for the very first time to charge at the Golden Dragon King’s tenth layer seal without killing himself in the process with the presence of the Dragon Core.

It was an unprecedented fantastic event. The Dragon Core would let him strive for a long period of time to endure the Golden Dragon King Seal in the future. At the same time, the Dragon Core would also allow him to finally break through the human limit in his physique as he advanced to
another level.

The so-called human limit was the strongest physical condition which a Limit Douluo could achieve. There was no doubt that Tang Wulin had already attained this level judging by the state of his internal physique.

There were many major benefits to his present situation. First, his body’s endurance was strengthened tremendously such that there were major
elevations in his attack, defense, and strength.

Second and more important, there was no need to worry that his body could not withstand the charging of the soul power when he would elevate his
soul power in the future. It would not be a problem for him to immediately possess the Hyper Douluo-rank soul power with his physical condition right now. His cultivation speed would only develop faster without any bottleneck to trouble him anymore.

He stood upright and patted his chest softly. Tang Wulin’s heart was beating loudly despite his torment which had just ended. He was enjoying the reward now, although he felt like he was dying just a moment ago. He had managed to endure the experience. A faint radiance shimmered as a relieved expression appeared on Tang Wulin’s face. He pressed a button on the side of his helmet and his mask slid down allowing him to breathe in some fresh air.

At present, the deafening boom was heard in his ears once again. The battle to resist the abyssal tide continued. Tang Wulin stretched his body slightly as he sensed the potency radiating through every part of his body which made him moan aloud once again.

The spine on his back was akin to a newly awakened giant dragon. It burst out with a series of popping sounds.

Meanwhile, Jiang Wuyue sealed the breach while the rest of the soldiers followed up by plugging the gap. He had already retreated back to Tang Wulin’s side. He gave Tang Wulin’s shoulder a slap.

“You’re a courageous man, thanks to you just now. However, why did that domain of yours last for such a short while?” Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Rage Domain naturally disappeared when something troubled his body.
However, everyone managed to seize the opportunity to momentarily block the abyssal creatures’ savage lashings.

Tang Wulin spoke with a bitter smile, “There was a little trouble with my body a moment ago. I was exhausted and I couldn’t sustain it anymore.”

“That shot delivered by your spear earlier was spot on! I didn’t expect you to injure the Black Empress severely. However, what a waste that we didn’t manage to retain her. Otherwise, you would’ve performed an exceptional
and meritorious service.”

Tang Wulin spoke with a lingering fear, “The Black Empress is too scary. It’s even more powerful than the Mo Mei.”

“Hmm.” Jiang Wuyue nodded. “It’s definitely different. The earlier Black Empress is not considered the most powerful one from her clan. The most terrifying part about her was her growth potential. The Black Empress’ lineage was the strongest amongst the abyssal kings. When the abyssal
creatures first appeared, the Empress originated from the Black Empress’ lineage. The Black Empress you saw today has yet to take the human form. The true, terrifying Black Empress appears no different from mankind outwardly. They’re capable of infiltrating our place using all sorts of tricks. During the earlier years, they once caused countless catastrophes to our
Blood God Army. Afterward, we came up with preventive methods which had sophisticated detection devices, only then did we manage to kill a few Black Empresses such that they dare not use those tricks anymore.”

“The Black Empress is the most powerful abyssal creature capable of passing through the narrow abyssal passages to enter our side. A king can be from the Mo Mei’s lineage but their lineage has always been to help out the Black Empress’ lineage. They’re considered the Black Empress’ most powerful vassal alliance. I’m afraid that the Mo Mei will be appearing in the abyssal tide this time alongside the Black Empress. It’s going to be a tough war.”

Before Jiang Wuyue’s voice died down, a figure flew over from behind. The figure was covered in silver armor from head to toe with his wings spread out and a silver halo underneath his feet.

This was the real battle armor’s domain! It was a three-word battle armor!
The powerful reinforcements had finally arrived.

Tang Wulin could not see the person’s face because he was wearing a mask, but he could tell from the person’s aura that he was absolutely a powerhouse.

Tang Wulin heaved a sigh of relief. With the appearance of this powerhouse who awed the entire scene, it would certainly be easier to deal with the
Black Empress when it showed up.

“You should return to the barracks to rest since you’re exhausted. The Secret Service is not supposed to participate in the battle frontline anyway. Don’t worry, although you didn’t manage to kill the Black Empress earlier, your meritorious service will not go unrecorded for sure. I represent my battalion’s brothers to thank you for covering the breach and defeating the Black Empress to prevent any damage to our side.”

Tang Wulin spoke, “Sir, that’s what I’m here for. My physical condition is fine. Please let me join the battle, and I wish to be in the vanguard.”

Jiang Wuyue burst out laughing. “You’re a courageous man. From this day onward, you’re my brother.” He paused for a moment before he lowered his voice and spoke, “The condition is that you don’t fight me for Yuxue. If not, we can only be brothers on the battlefield but remain enemies, otherwise.

Tang Wulin could not help feeling a little helpless and said, “I truly have a girlfriend already.”

Jiang Wuyue laughed aloud. “That’s for the best then. Since you wish to go forward, then we shall go together. There’s no need for me to lead anymore now that the Blood Gods are here. Go.”

Tang Wulin and Jiang Wuyue ran forward together. While they were running, Tang Wulin asked, “What’s a Blood God?”

Jiang Wuyue answered, “It’s the most powerful section in our Blood God Army. It’s where our name comes from. There’s a total of nine Blood Gods in our army. All of them have Title Douluo’s cultivation bases, and they’re all three-word battle armor masters. In addition to the regimental
commander, two deputy commanders, and two divisional commanders, we have a total of fourteen who are Title Douluo-rank, three-word battle armor masters.”

Chapter 960 - The Giant Finger

Chapter 960: The Giant Finger

Tang Wulin could not help drawing in a cold breath upon hearing his words.

Fourteen three-word battle armor masters? Although such combat
capabilities were still no match to Shrek Academy in the beginning, they were still exceedingly terrifying men in the continent. There were but
eighteen War Gods from the Federation’s War God Hall! Although Tang Wulin had no idea of the War Gods’ powers, he suspected that the majority of them were also three-word battle armor masters.

In other words, the Blood God Army’s fighting abilities were not lacking when compared to the War God Hall’s. No wonder they paid little regard to their identities and the reason the Amorous Douluo sent Tang Wulin over here. There was hope to rebuild the academy in the future if he could gain the support of the Blood God Army.

The soldiers in the front parted into two sides to give way to Jiang Wuyue and Tang Wulin who came over.

Jiang Wuyue opened his mouth to let out a roar while his body enlarged rapidly as he dashed forward valiantly. His fighting technique was immensely domineering and ruthless. With his two-word battle armor on his body and his pair of fists which served as his best weapon, he charged forward to push away a Ba An by force.

Tang Wulin followed closely behind. His height had exceeded two point five meters under the magnification of his two-word battle armor. The
wings behind his back spread open while the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand lashed out horizontally against a few Devour Lizards until their bodies were all smashed into pieces. At the same time, he shook his wrist once to release a multitude of the
Golden Dragon Spear’s radiance at once. An entire colony of four-clawed bats was devoured by the spear’s radiance and transformed into a gush of airflow that was absorbed by the Golden Dragon Spear soon after.

Tang Wulin felt different this time when he absorbed the abyssal creatures’ energy. The sensation he felt earlier was obvious, but now, he only felt a few gushes of airflow that flowed into his body. The light bands
surrounding the Dragon Core flickered with radiance for a moment, but there was no reaction from the Dragon Core itself.

Could it be that his demand for energy had increased? Tang Wulin had not figured it out yet, as there was no time for him to ponder on the battlefield.

At present, although there was still a large number of abyssal creatures charging their way toward the close combat battalion, with the artillery attack from behind, the majority of these creatures were injured.

With a few companions by his side, he would only need to focus on the
attack in front. There was no need to consider anything else, so he attacked to his heart’s content.

His right foot stomped once against the ground. A layer of golden radiance spread out toward the front. It was the Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth.

Two Ba Ans which were charging toward Jiang Wuyue paused for a moment. It was apparent that their momentum had slowed down. The
surrounding two shields lashed out, colliding into them, and stopped them in their tracks.

Jiang Wuyue moved in a flash and conjured a pair of war hammers in his hands. The double war hammers waved about.

“Boom…” A Ba An was thrown away while the other was pushed back to the long-range artillery zone by the Golden Dragon Shocks the Earth’s eight golden dragons which bored out of the ground. Tang Wulin immediately felt different when he launched the Golden
Dragon Shocks the Earth. The Dragon Core was shimmering with radiance when he used the Golden Dragon Nine Moves. The blood essence power increased exponentially within a split second such that the power emitted from the Golden Dragon Shocks the Earth was at least doubled.

If it had been in the past, it was impossible that a powerful Ba An could be pushed out by using only the Golden Dragon Nine Moves.

“Roar…” It was the Golden Dragon Roar!

The enormous Golden Dragon head bored out from Tang Wulin’s torso, then completely enshrouded his whole body. The loud and valiant Dragon’s roar was heard throughout the entire scene such that even the sounds from the exploding artillery were drowned.

A dozen of the weaker abyssal creatures nearest to him was immediately crushed by the shock delivered from the Golden Dragon Roar and transformed into nothing but air. On the other hand, the more powerful
abyssal creatures slowed down, so the stress at the close combat battalion dropped abruptly giving them a chance for a breather.

The Blood Gods in the air could not help gazing over the battlefield.

There was no lack of battle armor masters from the close combat battalion but only a few were two-word battle armor masters. Tang Wulin’s and Jiang Wuyue’s wings looked very appealing when seen from above.

The Blood God could not believe his eyes as he looked at the giant Golden Dragon head roaring.

Then, a voice was heard in his headpiece as he nodded gently. He was paying more attention to Tang Wulin now.

“Roar…” A raging roar was heard from the direction of the abyssal passage. A gush of grey-white airflow surged out abruptly to block the
energy emitted by the long-range attacks. Soon after, a stream of grey-white radiance shot out abruptly, aimed precisely at Tang Wulin. What was that?

Tang Wulin felt his consciousness instantly freezing in his mind and the blood in his entire body as well. He watched in fear the thing which
extended from the abyssal passage. It turned out to be an enormous finger. A giant finger which was over ten meters in diameter. A white and almost translucent nail covered the tip of the finger. The finger was thick and large, but it appeared long and slender to one’s eyes.

The finger was before him in a split second.

Meanwhile, a stream of silver light descended from the sky. The dazzling radiance was so bright that it was akin to the creation of heaven and earth!

The huge sword’s radiance, over ten meters in width, struck the gigantic nail just in time. A loud rumbling noise that deafened the ears was heard. All the soldiers from the close combat battalion retreated simultaneously, while the surrounding abyssal creatures were blown into pieces from the terrifying explosion.

Tang Wulin felt his body lighten at the same time the suffocating pressure vanished. He hastily fell back a few steps as his expression changed to one of fear.

The person blocking him was the three-word battle armor master with a broadsword as his weapon. Every strike he made with the sword cast a huge sword’s radiance. His Title Douluo-rank cultivation base was enhanced by his three-word battle armor. He proceeded to chop at the gigantic finger at least a dozen times.

Slowly, the finger bent, then it snapped abruptly. A gush of terrifying grey- white radiance burst forth onto the three-word battle armor master’s body.

The three-word battle armor master was thrown away. He slammed violently into the wall although he tried adjusting his wings by force so as to fly upward diagonally. Nonetheless, his entire body was still pushed deep into the wall. However, the gigantic finger also shuddered for a moment before it recoiled reluctantly.

Tang Wulin’s face was already ghastly pale at present. He looked toward
Jiang Wuyue, whose expression was equally unpleasant, by his side. “What was that?”

“I don’t know either.” Jiang Wuyue had a countenance of fear similarly. He felt the same suffocating sensation that made him lose all hope. His
experience was not as severe as Tang Wulin’s but he was sure that he would die if the finger had been pointed at him just now.

The corners of Tang Wulin’s lips twitched once. The joy from cultivating his Dragon Core earlier was immediately swept away. He was still too weak when compared to a true powerhouse!

“Don’t be discouraged. That was a direct attack from the Abyss King. You should be proud of yourself for being able to provoke the Abyss King into crossing the boundary and launching a direct attack at you.” A deep voice was heard in his ears. Silver light flashed once and the three-word battle
armor master appeared above their heads once again. There was no doubt that the deep voice came from him.

Tang Wulin nodded at his savior in the air as he launched the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand into fighting with the abyssal creatures once again.

The Dragon Core supplied him with massive energy in an endless stream. Tang Wulin launched the Golden Dragon Rage Domain after being provoked by the Abyss King.

The domain that was only effective within a fifty-meter radius initially
could now achieve a hundred and twenty meters after being elevated by the Dragon Core. Over two hundred of the powerhouses from his side were
covered within the domain. For a moment, their powers increased
exponentially such that they could force the army of abyssal creatures into retreating. The long-range attack from behind was even more effective since the space between the abyssal creatures was reduced. The abyssal creatures’ fatality rate increased tremendously.

Jiang Wuyue received the most obvious elevation from the Golden Dragon Rage Domain which had increased its coverage area and its elevating effect had become even more powerful. Jiang Wuyue also felt that his cultivation base received direct elevation within the domain. It was as if something had awakened within his bloodline. His pair of war hammers swung about with great ease as if he had entered a place where no one puts up any resistance such that even the Ba Ans could not stop his advancing tracks.
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