The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 941-950

Chapter 941 - Understanding the Abyss

Chapter 941: Understanding the Abyss

In the following week, Tang Wulin had been following Long Yuxue as he collected more information about the abyssal creatures.

There was a lot that he had to learn about these beings from another plane. For example, he had to understand the different races, their different talents, unique ways of combat, as well as the important points regarding battling in the tunnel. Every little thing was extremely crucial.

However, to Tang Wulin, such training was easy. If all he had to do was gather knowledge, he could make short work of it with the power of his memory and comprehension.

Long Yuxue was astonished to notice that this fellow was not only a handsome and powerful warrior, but his mind was also very focused. He
seemed to be able to memorize everything that she said in no time. He was also able to infer other things from one fact and ask questions that she never thought about. She even had to consult her father about some of the details before she was able to give him the correct answers.

After that week, the two of them had become more familiar with each other, and Tang Wulin had a clearer understanding of the Blood God Army’s

Although the Blood God Army was referred to as an army, its forces were only divided into two divisions. One of them was the Blood Division. Their name meant that they would draw blood and fight until the very end, never retreating even if it meant throwing away their lives. The main responsibility of the Blood Division was to engage the abyssal creatures in direct combat. Xu Weitao was the Blood Division’s commander. The other division was the God Division, which comprised specialist units. It included the mecha combat unit, a unit that specialized in operating heavy arms and defenses, and various soldiers who served auxiliary purposes during combat.

Although there were only two divisions in the entire army, there were five regiments within each division, and could be regarded as authorized independent divisions. Although the number of people whom Tang Wulin met was few and far in between, the actual number of soldiers in the entire Blood God Army, combat personnel and logistics personnel included, was twenty-five thousand. Though they were not as numerous as a standard
army, they were all the elite of the elite.

Usually, great armed forces, such as the Northsea Army Corps, were made up of at least three armies, which meant they were a hundred thousand men strong. Since the Blood God Army could form a fighting force with just twenty-five thousand men, one could imagine its importance and true power on the battlefield.

Long Yuxue had proudly told Tang Wulin earlier that if they deployed them in actual combat, the Blood God Army could definitely crush any other
army the Federation had.

The harsh conditions and ample combat opportunities here had shaped this army until it truly resembled a Blood God, so formidable was their combat prowess.

The Secret Service which Tang Wulin was under God Division’s jurisdiction, but it was not included within the division’s five regiments. It was directly under the command post and cooperated with the army’s research laboratory. They mainly carried out missions that could not be done by the combat unit. Relatively speaking, they were at a higher risk.
Hence, those who were able to join the Secret Service were definitely the best of the best.

“Basically, you understand everything about the abyssal race. What’s left is for you to experience what you’ve studied in actual combat. For the next
special training, I’ll take you to see how the combat unit fights. You must blend in as soon as you can. Although we’re from the Secret Service, you’ll end up in a combat unit sooner or later. It’ll be beneficial for your future
career advancement if you familiarize yourself with the way they fight,” Long Yuxue said to Tang Wulin.

“Alright. When shall we go?” Tang Wulin asked eagerly.

Long Yuxue replied, “Let’s go tomorrow. By the way, how’s your forging room coming along? Don’t you disappoint me. I’ve bet all of my fortunes on you.”

As the saying went, the boxer’s fist must stick to its task, and the singer’s mouth no rest shall ask. As a blacksmith, it would be a great loss for him if he could not practice forging just because he was in the army. However, it was not easy for him to find a forging room. The Blood God Army was
stationed deep within the Endless Mountains. Resources here were scarce.
There were only three forging rooms in the army, and they were used exclusively by the official blacksmiths. They were mainly engaged in mecha maintenance.

Tang Wulin had higher requirements for a forging room. For example, he wanted the best forging table and various auxiliary equipment. He had brought many rare metals himself. What he needed next was enough space for him to actually forge.

Without a doubt, he was clearly unable to accomplish all this since he had
zero military gallantry. The person whom he was familiar with and was able to help him was none other than the person who stood before him now.

Long Yuxue had generously spent her military gallantry. With the addition of her network in the army, she assisted Tang Wulin in building this forging room. However, her request was not for Tang Wulin to repay here with interest in the future. Instead, she wanted to be a shareholder with her investment, owning fifty percent of the shares. In the future, the merits
which Tang Wulin earned through forging would be divided equally between them. With his stingy personality, Tang Wulin would never have agreed to these terms if it were anyone else. However, he was a newcomer here and a
stranger to everything. Besides, Long Yuxue genuinely wanted to help him.
He could also tell that when Long Yuxue said that she wanted to be a
shareholder, it was clearly because he had zero military gallantries right now, and she did not want him to be unable to be promoted after earning merits.

Good deeds must be repaid with kindness. Otherwise, who would be interested in doing good deeds? Long Yuxue’s network was sufficient to help Tang Wulin quickly expand his market. With these conditions, Tang Wulin practically agreed immediately.

Long Yuxue had named their forging workshop Long Tang Workshop.

Tang Wulin replied, “The workshop is ready, boss, so you can start receiving orders. As long as it’s about forging, I can do it. Of course, only if the price is reasonable, and we only do business in merits. You can decide on the fees. Just charge according to the difficulty of the forging.”

“Alright!” Long Yuxue smiled and said, “I’ll find something for you to do before starting any actual combat. At least you can earn some pocket money. Are you free in the afternoon? I have a job for you right now.
Servicing mechas and weapons cost a soldier his own merits. We’ll charge less than the army’s service workshop, and I guarantee that our business will bloom. But just how good are your forging skills?”

Tang Wulin smacked his own chest. “That won’t be a problem. I can vouch for the quality and speed. I’m not afraid of too much work.”

“Alright, then you should go prepare now. We should at least let you earn enough merits so that you’ll have enough to buy your own meals,” Long Yuxue said as she walked out of the room.

Tang Wulin said with a smile, “Then you’ll have to find more business because I eat a lot!” The two of them conversed happily and parted ways after they had exited Long Yuxue’s dorm. Tang Wulin was about to have a look at his forging workshop and make final preparations when someone blocked his path.

He had the insignia of a lieutenant colonel on his shoulder. Jiang Wuyue’s gaze toward Tang Wulin was clearly slightly hostile. He had noticed that Tang Wulin had been frequenting Long Yuxue’s dorm recently. Although his younger sister had already found out for him that this was mainly due to Tang Wulin training under Long Yuxue as a new recruit, Jiang Wuxue still felt uneasy about it.

There were many dynasties in the Blood God Army. The so-called dynastic families were those whose ancestors were also soldiers here. Their children had followed their footsteps for generations. Naturally, they formed military dynasties. These families had high statuses in the Blood God Army. For
example, the Long family, which Long Yuxue was from, had a hundred members in the army.

Jiang Wuyue and Jiang Qiyue’s Jiang family was also the same. Their families had a close relationship.

Jiang Wuyue had liked Long Yuxue since he was a child, but he had had the nickname of Slug, possibly because he always had a runny nose when he
was little. Long Yuxue disliked him very much, and she had always been cold to him. Now that they were all grown up and at the age where they were supposed to form their own families, Jiang Wuyue’s heart grew heavier. However, Long Yuxue was as cold as ice and prickly as a porcupine. He had absolutely no chance of getting close to her.

Tang Wulin had only been here for a short period, but Jiang Wuyue could
already see that the smile which he was not able to see even once a year had already appeared for Tang Wulin a handful of times. How could he not be unbearably envious of this?

“Tang Wulin!” Jiang Wuyue called out with a deep voice.

“Good day, senior officer.” Tang Wulin stood at attention and saluted Jiang Wuyue.

Chapter 942 - One Against One

Chapter 942: One Against One

“It’s fine. Enough with the niceties. I’m not talking to you as a senior officer now, but man to man,” Jiang Yue said with a lowered voice.

Every inch of Tang Wulin knew exactly why Jiang Yue was there. He could not help but smile. “So what business do you have with me?”

Jiang Wuyue went straight to the point. “I’ve liked Yuxue for many years now. I’d like to challenge you to a one-on-one battle. If you win, I’ll leave her alone. If you lose, if you lose…” He scratched his head as he thought about this, but he could not find the words.

Tang Wulin had thought that he would say that he wanted him to leave Long Yuxue alone if he lost.

Jiang Wuyue mumbled to himself, “Yuxue is not an object, so I don’t think we can just give her away to each other. Forget it. I just don’t like you. Let’s just fight it out without talking about anything else. I want to beat you up.
It’s that simple. Do you have the guts? We’ll do it in the battle room.”

Tang Wulin almost burst out in laughter. This fellow was honest to a fault. “Senior officer, first let me tell you one thing. I have a girlfriend. Senior officer Long and I are just friends. We don’t have the kind of relationship
that you think. Next, senior officer, if you really want to beat me up, I won’t particularly be against it. I won’t even hit you back. A hundred merit points for one punch. How does that sound?”

Jiang Wuyue was stunned. “You have a girlfriend?” Then, his expression instantly turned fierce. “Boy, you can’t be thinking about stepping on two boats with one foot?” Tang Wulin was not sure if he should laugh or cry. It was really taxing talking to such a frank person.

“All right, senior officer. I’ll fight you. But since we shouldn’t use Senior officer Long as the stakes, we can’t just simply fight. We’ll bet with merit points. How’s that? I’ll let you set the amount.”

Jiang Wuyue raised his eyebrows and said, “Merit points? Do you have any to begin with?”

Tang Wulin replied, “Just because I don’t have any now, that doesn’t mean that I won’t have any in the future. You see, I’ve been given the rank of
second lieutenant even though I just got here. That proves that I have some potential. If I lose, I’ll earn some merit points to pay you back in the future.”

Jiang Wuyue thought about it. “Alright, I’ll pay for the battle room. Then, I’ll wager a thousand merit points with you. Are you game?”

Tang Wulin said, “A thousand sounds a bit too small, don’t you think?” If he wanted to be promoted from a second lieutenant to a first lieutenant, he would need ten thousand merit points. How could he earn ten thousand merit points? With abyssal creatures such as Four-clawed Bats, killing a
single one would earn him ten merit points. He needed to kill a thousand of them. Whereas abyssal creatures such as Ba An would earn him two thousand merit points. If he did it by fighting in a squad of many, the Blood God Army had its own unique system. The merit points would be distributed based on the contributions of each member during the battle.

“You think a thousand is little? You’ve just joined us, and you might not even earn it in two or three months. Young boy, are you planning to lose
even your underwear?” said Jiang Wuyue pointedly. When they ate together the other day, Tang Wulin had gobbled down more than three thousand of his merit points. His heart still ached when he thought about it.

Tang Wulin said, “Alright then.” He did not wish to bully an honest man. He would make do with less. Jiang Wuyue’s soul power was about the rank of six rings. The only six- ringed opponent who truly gave Tang Wulin a hard time was Long Yue, so he was confident of taking on Jiang Wuyue.

“Let’s go!”

Jiang Wuyue was definitely a go-getter. He sprinted to the Blood God Army’s living quarters, bringing Tang Wulin along with him.

The so-called living quarters was a very large house. The rooms inside were all inter-connected. When they were not carrying out missions, this was
where the Blood God Army’s soldiers trained, entertained themselves, and relaxed. There were various amenities inside. Of course, there were also battle rooms which simulated actual combat.

Because it was still morning, there were not many people in the living quarters. There were only a few soldiers who were training or relaxing.

The cost of renting the battle room was fifty merit points an hour. Everything here had to be paid for with merit points. The objective was to motivate the soldiers to fight bravely.

Jiang Wuyue swiped his metal bracelet on the battle room’s door, and fifty merit points were automatically deducted. Tang Wulin had such a bracelet as well. It was called a Blood God Bracelet and was a very convenient device. It could store the soldier’s personal information and record the
number of merit points earned directly after killing an abyssal creature, so it was fair. Within the Blood God Army, all transactions were made via this
Blood God Bracelet.

The Blood God Bracelet could even be connected to one’s body’s own
conditions. If a soldier was injured or sick, the bracelet would inform the headquarters immediately so that treatment or help would be sent.

The combat room was quite large at a hundred meters in diameter. In the snowy Endless Mountains, it was not easy to build such a combat room. Fifty merit points for an hour was a reasonable price. Other factors aside, the internal barrier alone consumed a large amount of energy.

Jiang Wuyue removed his outer jacket. He walked up to a panel and activated the barrier.

Tang Wulin removed his jacket as well, and his gaze became more wary.
Regardless of what he thought of his opponent, he would never underestimate them. This was a habit he had formed throughout the years. It was also a specialty of Shrek Academy’s students.

Jiang Wuyue’s aura also changed instantly. He wore his heart on his sleeve, but once he entered his battle mode, his entire person resembled a lion that was ready to pounce at its prey. His bearing was focused, and he stared at Tang Wulin with a fixed gaze.

“Are you ready?” Jiang Wuyue shouted at Tang Wulin.

“I’m ready.” Tang Wulin was in a natural stance. His eyes glared at his opponent.

“Ding Ring Ring!” At that moment, there was suddenly a bell-like ringing sound coming from Jiang Wuyue. His face immediately turned bashful. He raised a hand to signal a pause. “I’m sorry, I have to take this.”

“Qiyue? What’s the matter? Me? I’m in the combat room, sparring with one of my brothers…What? You’re coming? It’s not anything fun. Don’t come. Alright, alright, little ancestor. I can’t afford to provoke you. But you must keep this as a secret!”

Jiang Wuyue ended the call with a helpless expression. “Qiyue wants to come and see our fight no matter what. I can’t afford to cross this young
girl, because I’m afraid that she’ll tell on me when she gets back. I’m sorry, but please wait for a while.”

Tang Wulin could not help but find this funny. This fellow seemed to be terrified of his younger sister! It was not long till Jiang Qiyue dashed in. Her eyes bulged when she
entered the combat room and saw that Jiang Wuyue’s opponent was Tang Wulin. “I say, brother, what are you doing? He’s just a new recruit and you’re challenging him? Oh, I get it. You’re jealous, aren’t you? Do you have any humanity in you? What if you did some permanent damage to this handsome young man?”

When Jiang Wuyue said those words, he was frank and outspoken, but when the words came from his sister’s mouth, he blushed bright red.
“Qiyue, talk softer. Don’t worry. I know my own limits. Besides, he agreed to this. You can ask him if you don’t believe me.”

“You agreed to fight my brother? Although I’ve heard Yuxue mention that you’re quite skilled, my brother, this lieutenant colonel, has earned his
status through his own efforts. You can’t do it. How old are you? What’s your cultivation base? My brother is regarded as the successor to the Blood Division by Uncle Xu.” Jiang Qiyue’s small mouth was like a machine gun. She fired words rapidly.

Tang Wulin said, “I volunteered for this. I can only improve in actual combat by training.”

Jiang Qiyue said pointedly, “I think you’re just looking to be beaten up. Oh well, if you’re willing, then so be it. I’ll be the judge,” she said as she
walked toward the periphery.

When she sauntered past Tang Wulin, she whispered softly to him, “My brother’s martial soul is the Overlord Dragon. You must be careful. It’s a very powerful martial soul, the greatest of the strength system. Since you’ve helped me save some money the other day, take this as my repayment. We don’t owe each other anything after this.”

After she had finished, she exited the combat room. The Overlord Dragon martial soul?

Chapter 943 - Overlord Dragon Jiang Wuyue

Chapter 943: Overlord Dragon Jiang Wuyue

Tang Wulin was truly shocked not because the opponent’s dragon-type martial soul was suppressed by him. On the contrary, the Overlord Dragon martial soul could not possibly exist under ordinary circumstances!

He could not help holding Jiang Wuyue in high esteem upon listening to Jiang Qiyue. It was rather interesting that his martial soul could mutate to such a level.

Tang Wulin possessed the Overlord Dragon spirit soul, so he was well-
aware of how powerful the Overlord Dragon was naturally. He was not sure he could defeat the Overlord Dragon soul master with a six-ring Soul Emperor cultivation base if not for his bloodline.

“Alright. Are you ready?” Jiang Qiyue’s voice was heard over the loudspeaker.


Jiang Wuyue’s left foot stepped on the ground and gave out a deafening loud roar following Jiang Qiyue’s announcement. He plowed toward Tang Wulin akin to a bulldozer.

Jiang Wuyue’s body began to swell up at full speed when he was dashing forward. He had only taken a few steps forward when his height had
already exceeded seven meters. He was like a humanoid beast. The skin on his upper body turned metallic black as the pieces of thick and heavy scales covered his entire body with metallic ore. His eyes turned red while his overbearing aura warped the air around his body.

Soul rings arose from underneath his feet. Four purple and two black, befitting his status as a six-ring Soul Emperor. Moreover, his soul rings complemented one another in a rather powerful manner.

If a beast soul was perfection, then he was close to perfection. Even Yuanen’s Titan Giant Ape martial soul could not necessarily triumph over him in a trial of pure strength.

He was a lieutenant colonel and battalion commander of the Blood God Army. Surprisingly, he possessed such impressive powers. It made Tang Wulin appreciate the Blood God Army even more.

Jiang Wuyue did not use his soul ring ability, but he suddenly took a huge step forward and rose into the air before he pounced on Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin’s eyes were also glowing at this moment. Since he was fighting against an opponent of pure strength, he could win by using his own
strength to counter his opponent.

Four golden soul rings arose from underneath his feet at full speed while golden scales covered his entire body simultaneously. Tang Wulin’s aura soared instantly as the Golden Dragon King Bloodline’s fluctuation bloomed outward without the slightest reservation.

Jiang Wuyue who had pounced forward sensed Tang Wulin’s aura. His initial overbearing aura vanished abruptly. His seven-meter tall figure immediately shrank to six meters. His blood-red eyes were filled with disbelief.

At this moment, Tang Wulin was already upon Jiang Wuyue. His right Golden Dragon Claw was clenched in a fist and collided with Jiang Wuyue’s fist.


The violent collision shook through the entire battle room. Tang Wulin was shaken until he fell from the sky while Jiang Wuyue was blasted away for meters before he crashed onto the ground. “Oh!” Jiang Qiyue’s voice was heard echoing through the loudspeaker. She was shrieking aloud.

Jiang Wuyue lost during the handshake trial of strength the other day.
However, Jiang Qiyue assumed that her brother’s loss was only because he had not unleashed his Overlord Dragon martial soul. Once it was unleashed, his strength was absolutely peerless in the world. Yet, the scene before her
at this moment told a different story.

Little did she know that Tang Wulin was feeling just as surprised at present.

The Overlord Dragon was the Golden Dragon King Bloodline’s descendant. Although it was not a true dragon, it was bequeathed with the Golden
Dragon King Bloodline. It was affected by Tang Wulin’s bloodline just like how the Overlord Dragon spirit soul had pledged its allegiance to Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon King Bloodline back in the beginning.

Hence, Tang Wulin thought that Jiang Wuyue would be defeated easily in a hand-to-hand fight. He could tell from the situation that his bloodline was
affecting Jiang Wuyue. Tang Wulin realized that the strength radiating from Jiang Wuyue’s hand during the collision just now was at least a hundred thousand kilograms!

Not that Tang Wulin’s bloodline suppression was ineffective, but Jiang Wuyue’s will to fight was indomitable. Jiang Wuyue used his immense will to fight to neutralize a portion of Tang Wulin’s bloodline suppression effect.

Jiang Wuyue got up from the ground apparently unharmed. The Overlord
Dragon had a reputation for its body’s resilience and strong defense as well.
However, Tang Wulin’s irresistible terrifying strength had managed to shock Jiang Wuyue deeply.

Jiang Wuyue had never encountered any of his peers whose strength
exceeded his. He could still console himself after losing to Tang Wulin in the handshake trial because neither of them was using their martial souls at the time. In this case, he had already devoted all his effort, yet he remained far from being Tang Wulin’s worthy match. He was even more surprised to find that the martial soul and bloodline that he had always been so proud of was suppressed by the new recruit. He
could even feel that his bloodline was stunned when Tang Wulin unleashed his Golden Dragon King aura earlier that he felt like giving in to Tang Wulin. He had exerted all his strength to elevate his will to fight. Only then did he manage to resist with great effort.

‘What is his martial soul when his soul ring is golden in color?’

Tang Wulin noticed that Jiang Wuyue had stood up, so he dashed toward Jiang Wuyue in a flash. It was rare for him to meet a worthy opponent,
especially one who is capable of resisting his strength with great effort.

Under his control, the blood essence vortex in Tang Wulin’s body was spinning at high speed and flowing down to his lower limbs. Strength radiated to his left foot instantly. The entire battle room echoed with a
deafening roar just as his foot stepped on the ground. The protective shield outside the battle room shook violently and rippled with a layer of radiance. Obviously, the protective shield was tested to its limits.

In the meantime, Tang Wulin’s body was elevated to an unprecedented level under the effect of his terrifying strength.

Ever since his fight with the Mo Mei the other day, Tang Wulin became prudent with regards to his speed. Once, when Mu Ye was teaching him about the Body Sect’s technique, he told him that a Body Sect’s disciple would need to learn how to control his body. A soul master’s type and
system no longer mattered in a battle when a person could exercise
complete control over his body because the Body Sect’s technique could guide one’s soul power to merge with the body’s strength which can then be utilized in all situations.

Under Mu Ye’s tutelage, Tang Wulin cultivated not just a portion of his body but the whole body. The sensation was obvious especially after he possessed the blood essence vortex.

Meanwhile, he was trying to see how fast he could be if he devoted all his effort into it. His blood essence vortex sank when all his blood essence power rushed into his left foot just now. At the same time, as he took a step forward with his left foot, he felt a little sore and a slight pressure in his left foot. It was
apparent that his left foot was withstanding the blood essence power that was overly powerful.

Jiang Qiyue heard the echo of the deafening roar on the outside of the battle room. She watched in bewilderment as a streak of golden lightning struck the inside of the battle room. In the next moment, Jiang Wuyue who had just stood up and unleashed his third soul skill was blasted away by the golden lightning akin to an exploding bomb hitting its target. He hit the wall on the other side of the battle room and was stuck firmly against the wall.

Tang Wulin appeared at the spot where Jiang Wuyue was standing earlier as he lowered his head to look at his fist. He discovered in astonishment that his strength had increased when he elevated to his top speed. His speed was directly proportional to his strength. His high speed increased the momentum force and coupled with his strength provided a formidable force that would be even more powerful if he had complemented the attack with the Golden Dragon Soars to the Heaven instead of his fist.

Jiang Wuyue’s body glided down slowly. Blood was flowing out from his mouth and nose at the moment while his mind remained blank. He felt as if he had been rammed by a soul express train from the front and his entire body blown to smithereens.

He had already used his third soul skill known as the Overlord Dragon
Body such that his defense and strength were both elevated considerably.

Currently, the opponent’s bloodline aura was invading his bloodline intensely while the feeling of submission in his body was growing more obvious. It was even attempting to break down his will to fight.

He had never felt as defeated as he was now. His loss was related to the fact that he underestimated his opponent. Furthermore, his opponent was so young! Why was he being so presumptuous of his opponent who is part of the outstanding younger generation of the Blood God Army? How could
Tang Wulin’s strength be so terrifying? Meanwhile, Jiang Qiyue saw the fourth golden soul ring on Tang Wulin’s body suddenly glowed.

“Oh no!” Jiang Qiyue cried out in her heart as she hastily shouted into the loudspeaker, “Stop. Don’t fight anymore.”

Chapter 944 - Jiang Wuyue’s Surprise

Chapter 944: Jiang Wuyue’s Surprise

Jiang Wuyue had been beaten woefully by Tang Wulin during the two
attacks. Tang Wulin had not even used his golden soul ring’s strength yet. At present, he was about to use his strongest soul ring. How could Jiang Wuyue possibly withstand it?

However, Jiang Qiyue watched as Tang Wulin’s lips cracked into a smile.

A golden halo rippled away from underneath his feet and spread outward
swiftly. Step by step, Tang Wulin walked in Jiang Wuyue’s direction. Soon, the golden halo with complex striations appeared underneath Jiang Wuyue’s feet and enshrouded him.

Precisely at that moment, an extremely loud and sonorous dragon’s roar broke out from Jiang Wuyue’s mouth. The spine on his majestic body
straightened instantly.

His heavy and thick black scales abruptly turned golden while the
submission and fear he felt earlier vanished during that split second. His mind was now filled with extreme excitement.

Jiang Wuyue felt as if the blood in his body was boiling. His soul power increased exponentially. He had never felt this powerful before. He even felt that he could pull down the heavens if it had a handle or pulled up the ground if there was a hoop.

“Roar, roar, roar…” a series of raging roars escaped his mouth. The dark golden color on his body grew brighter until his entire person was
enshrouded by a layer of dark golden gloss. Even his six soul rings were misted with a layer of faint golden radiance. He took a glance at the scales on his body. His initial Overlord Dragon’s scales were uneven, but the scales were undergoing changes till they became well-defined. The scales took on the form of diamonds while the
dark golden gloss had a texture to them now. Jiang Wuyue felt at ease when he sensed the potent surges from his body. He felt confident enough to tear apart a Ba An if one were to appear before him now.

Tang Wulin discovered that all his four Golden Dragon King soul skills had evolved after he broke through the ninth layer of the Golden Dragon King Seal. It was unprecedented. The most obvious evolution was his fourth soul skill, the Golden Dragon Rage Domain. The elevation of the domain more than doubled with its effect becoming even more powerful.

Jiang Wuyue could clearly sense the change due to his Overlord Dragon Bloodline which was in close proximity to the Golden Dragon King. As a result, his power was elevated by more than fifty percent.

He went from being suppressed to being elevated. The sudden turn of events overwhelmed him.

The golden halo retracted then vanished. Tang Wulin spoke to Jiang Wuyue, “Sir, that’s all for today.”

The strength that had increased exponentially in Tang Wulin’s body immediately vanished without the golden halo’s enhancement. His scales returned to normal while his aura reduced soon after. The pain he suffered from the collision earlier had disappeared because of the halo’s appearance.

“What kind of ability is that? Why does it make me feel like I’ve become so much more powerful?” Jiang Wuyue looked at Tang Wulin with a blazing gaze. He had completely forgotten that the youth before him was his love rival. As a member of the Blood God Army, he revered Tang Wulin’s
strength so much so that he was enthralled by his capability.

Tang Wulin smiled and spoke, “I think it’s possibly because our bloodlines originated from the same source.” He could not summon his Overlord
Dragon spirit soul now because there was no way it could fit into the space available. “Same source of bloodline? What’s your martial soul?” Jiang Wuyue asked in puzzlement.

Tang Wulin replied, “It’s just my bloodline and not related to my martial soul.”

Jiang Wuyue looked confused. “That’s not right! I can tell from your aura that you’re more than just a four-ring. Yet, why are there only four rings on you, and they’re all golden?”

Tang Wulin spoke with a bitter smile, “It’s complicated to explain. That’s not a soul ring but it’s an ability from my bloodline. My martial soul is
something else.” It was apparent that he was not going to elaborate further. Jiang Wuyue spoke, “How long can your final ability lasts?”
Tang Wulin answered, “It’s not an issue to go on for half an hour.”

Jiang Wuyue’s eyes brightened. Half an hour? He recalled the feeling he experienced earlier of how his power was elevated to a level beyond his
imagination. Moreover, he thought about Tang Wulin’s close-range combat ability which had unfolded before his eyes. It made him view Tang Wulin differently.

Tang Wulin felt slightly uneasy as he sensed Jiang Wuyue’s burning gaze. “Sir, look. Regarding that one thousand merit points…”

“Yes. I’m giving it to you at once.” Jiang Wuyue wrapped his arm around Tang Wulin’s shoulder. He then raised his bracelet and operated on it for a moment to transfer a thousand merit points to Tang Wulin.

“Brother, all that happened prior to this was in the spirit of elevating our martial souls, right? You said that you have a girlfriend already, didn’t you?” Jiang Wuyue spoke affectionately.

Tang Wulin could not bear to tell him that they were actually not that close. So, he only nodded and replied, “That’s right! I have a girlfriend and we’re getting along in our relationship.” “Then it’s all a misunderstanding. Brother, I don’t think that the Secret Service is suitable for you. Why don’t you come over to my section? It’s not difficult to accumulate military merits with your abilities. I’ll encourage our brothers from the 1st Iron Blood Battalion to support you. I assure you that we’ll assist to get you promoted as a captain within a year at most, so you can be the deputy battalion commander. What do you think? Moreover, if you’re willing to come to our side, I’ll immediately make arrangements for you to be the captain for our main link. Although your military rank may be low, our battalion takes into account a person’s abilities. Who
would dare oppose you when you’re even capable of defeating me?”

‘Become the deputy battalion commander in a year? It’s only a rank below the major, right?’ Tang Wulin’s interest was immediately aroused.

Meanwhile, the door to the battle room opened and in walked two people from the outside.

“Very well! Jiang Wuyue, how dare you snatch away my man?” The person walking in front was not Jiang Qiyue but Long Yuxue who came rushing over upon hearing the news.

Jiang Qiyue dialed Long Yuxue’s number when she found Tang Wulin and Jiang Wuyue were about to fight. She was appreciative of Tang Wulin’s kind gesture for not eating a full feast using her military merits the other day.

However, when Long Yuxue met them, she saw that they were quite amicable with each other with Jiang Wuyue attempting to entice Tang Wulin with his offer.

Jiang Wuyue immediately lost his cool as soon as he noticed Long Yuxue’s presence. He hastily smiled apologetically and said, “Yuxue, I don’t mean that. Look at Brother Tang’s impressive close-range combat ability. It’s truly a waste of good talent if he doesn’t come over to join our side!”

Long Yuxue gave a cold scoff. “I’ll be reporting to Senior Xu later about how you’re making promises on awarding positions in private. You can land yourself in serious trouble. Moreover, Wulin has just joined the army and he’s still not familiar with everything here. Our Secret Service similarly needs a talent like him. So, he won’t be going over to the combat unit any time soon. Our Secret Service has a bigger purpose for him. You must first go through me before you try to recruit any of my men!”

Jiang Wuyue would perhaps have rolled up his sleeves in preparation for a fight had it been another person. In this case, he could not do anything
when he was confronted by Long Yuxue. He raised his hands helplessly. “Sure. I surrender. I won’t be taking your staff anymore.”

Long Yuxue pulled Tang Wulin away from Jiang Wuyue’s arm. “Let’s go.”

Tang Wulin was pulled out from the combat unit straight away. Jiang Qiyue looked at Tang Wulin differently even now. She gazed after their departing figures. She turned around but could not refrain from asking her brother.
“Brother, was Tang Wulin’s strength so terrifying? Why did it seem like you couldn’t even resist him?”

Jiang Wuyue spoke with a distressed expression, “I don’t know what happened either. The aura on his body seemed to have an innate ability to suppress me. We weren’t fighting actually. I think I can fight him if I were to devote all my efforts together with my battle armor’s strength, but it
seems like he wasn’t putting in his all as well. I don’t have the confidence to triumph over him though. Do you know how old he is?”

Jiang Qiyue answered, “I think he’s twenty-one years old. I’ve heard Sister Yuxue mentioned it before.”

Chapter 945 - Lu Ni

Chapter 945: Lu Ni

Jiang Wuyue’s expression immediately turned quizzical. Even in the Blood God Army, where there was no lack of extraordinary talent, he was
considered one of the brightest of the younger generation, but he was
already twenty-eight years old. Their age difference of seven years would not ensure that he could defeat the opponent. The disparity was truly too great.

A soul master’s growth and development was fastest before the age of thirty. One’s cultivation speed would nosedive after one’s body became aged and lacked genetic elevation.

Thus, almost all Title Douluo-rank powerhouses built their firm foundations before thirty years of age. The greatest had managed to achieve an eight- ringed cultivation base or even managed to become Title Douluos before thirty.

Jiang Wuyue was very confident that he could cultivate to the rank of Title Douluo in the future, but he would be at least forty before that could happen. On the other hand, Tang Wulin’s inner secret gave the impression that he was truly capable of reaching Title Douluo-rank before he reached thirty!

The boy could certainly rocket to the top position in the army if he could develop himself well.

“What happened?” Long Yuxue asked furiously as she pulled Tang Wulin out of the battle room.

Tang Wulin spoke, “You just left when I was brought here by Senior officer Jiang. Nothing much happened. We’ve only been sparring for a while.” Long Yuxue looked at Tang Wulin in a skeptical manner. “Really?”

“Hmm.” Tang Wulin nodded. He found himself rather fond of Jiang Wuyue’s character, especially after he learned of Jiang Wuyue’s Overlord Dragon martial soul. As a result, he was helping Jiang Wuyue keep some secrets.

Long Yuxue scoffed coldly. “That fellow has always been acting imprudently. Don’t pay too much attention to him in the future. Are you injured?”

“It’s okay. I’m fine. Senior officer Jiang was going easy on me,” Tang Wulin spoke with a faint smile on his face.

Long Yuxue had not seen the battle. She snorted before she spoke, “That fellow is only good at using brute force, but you’re just the same. Both of you belong to the same system. No wonder he values you so much. But remember that you’re part of our Secret Service, okay?”

“Yes, sir.”

Long Yuxue spoke, “I’ve just found you a customer when I was called by Qiyue. Go to the forging room now. The customer is already there.”

“Great!” Tang Wulin was still extremely enthusiastic about earning merit points right now as his goal was to be promoted as soon as possible.

The forging room was located on the same side as the living area. It was different from a battle room because it was located in a rather secluded area on the other side. The soundproof insulation here was limited so such a spot was chosen in order to reduce the noise pollution.

Long Yuxue said to Tang Wulin as she was walking, “I’ve invested all I have for you. Don’t agree too quickly if you can’t fulfill the customer’s request. Don’t ruin your reputation by damaging the item. Then there would be nothing I could do to help you anymore. “Sure.” Tang Wulin did not elaborate too much because he believed that the facts would speak for themselves.

As expected, someone was already waiting by the door when he arrived at the forging room. It was a female officer that appeared to be thirty years old with a lieutenant colonel rank pinned to her shoulder. She was gentle and
appeared friendly, though not especially beautiful.

“Sister Lu Ni,” Long Yuxue called out to her affectionately as she took two steps forward swiftly and wrapped her hands around the female officer’s

Lu Ni smiled as her gaze fell upon Tang Wulin. “The blacksmith that you’ve mentioned is this handsome little boy here?”

Long Yuxue nodded. “Yes! He’s new and just received his military rank recently. He’s undergoing new recruit’s special training with me at present. He’s a rather impressive blacksmith.”

Surprise flashed past Lu Ni’s eyes. Could a new recruit be immediately ranked as a second lieutenant? She had never heard that this was possible before. Even though Tang Wulin looked young, she did not doubt his forging ability, and she spoke in a very courteous manner, “Please.”

Tang Wulin hastily returned the salute and opened the door to the forging room. “Please enter, sirs.”

The forging room had a simple arrangement with the forging table in the center of the room, while all sorts of rare metals were placed on the metal racks on two sides. Most of those metals were brought by Tang Wulin himself while there was also a portion that was given by Long Yuxue.

Lu Ni took a glance at the rare metals on the racks. She smiled and said,
“Your materials are very well-stocked here! I wonder what’s the standard of your forging, though?”

Tang Wulin spoke, “I can forge according to your request. Which type of metal are you looking for? Or perhaps tell me the item you wish to forge. I should be able to do it.”

He had not detailed his forging rank immediately because, firstly, she might not have believed him, and the other reason being he was afraid that the
customer would be startled. It was better for him not to publicize too much as he was still new. On the other hand, a person’s forging capability could be proven not with words but fact. A customer’s good feedback would need to be accumulated through word of mouth, so it was better for him to do
something rather than speak about it.

“You sound very confident! My request is not that difficult.” There was a flash of light from Lu Ni’s hand as she brandished a metal tube while she spoke.

The tube was about one meter long with a diameter of about ten centimeters or so. It appeared just like a gun barrel.

Lu Ni spoke, “This rapid-fire gun of mine was taxed a little too much, so it’s a little out of shape now. Please help me to repair it. If it’s possible, please help me add in a suitable metal to make it even stronger. My firing rate is quite fast, and it needs to sustain for quite a long period of time, so a good gun barrel is very important to me.”

Tang Wulin took a look upon receiving the metal tube. He studied the outside and then the inside.

The rapid-fire gun barrel appeared to be quite normal on the surface if
slightly askew, but one would discover that the tube’s interior was covered with bumps and hollows. It was obviously the result of high temperatures over a long period of time. The gun barrel could not be used anymore.

“Sir, how many merit points are you willing to spend for this gun barrel?” Tang Wulin asked.

Lu Ni was caught off guard. She could not help smiling and spoke, “I thought you’re supposed to set the price as a blacksmith?” Tang Wulin answered, “That’s true. However, I have a few different methods of repairing this gun barrel, and the merit points that are required vary accordingly. Simply put, it comes down to three methods. The first is to repair the gun barrel directly, and I’ll only charge one hundred merit points for that. The second is as you’ve mentioned. I can add in some other metal to make it even stronger. I can tell that your gun barrel’s material quality is still acceptable, I think that it’s made of Purple Iri with a high melting point. It’s melted into this condition, despite its quality, so your
weapon itself must be very powerful as well. Thus, I’m afraid that there’s still a possibility of it getting damaged even if I were to fuse it with other metals. Hence, the third method that I’m proposing to you is that I will forge a brand-new tube according to your gun barrel’s specifications so we can resolve the issue of overheating and melting once and for all.”

Lu Ni was interested in Tang Wulin’s proposal. “So how much are you
charging for the two latter methods? Are you sure that you can put an end to my gun barrel’s overheating issue? I’m afraid that it’s somewhat difficult! If you must know, I’m using an ultra rapid-fire gun.”

Tang Wulin scratched his head and spoke, “I don’t understand soul weapons very well, but I don’t think that’s a big issue. I’ll take one thousand merit points for the second method and at least five thousand merit points for the third method.”

Lu Ni was immediately startled upon hearing Tang Wulin’s quotation. One thousand merit points were enough to do many things while five thousand merit points were enough to get Tang Wulin promoted from second lieutenant to first lieutenant. In her eyes, this was no small amount.

“Wulin, stop joking.” Long Yuxue was anxious from listening to their
conversation. She had a very close relationship to Lu Ni, and Lu Ni was also especially popular in the army. She first invited Lu Ni over, so she
could help Tang Wulin promote his forging room. Now the price that Tang Wulin quoted was so high that she felt thoroughly embarrassed.

Tang Wulin beamed with joy. His smile stupefied Long Yuxue and Lu Ni to the point that their hearts were screaming ‘so handsome’ in unison. His
sparkly clean smile felt warm like sunshine on a rainy day. “Sir, you’re my first customer, so I’ll help you to forge using the first method for free. You’ll see my craftsmanship once I strengthen your gun barrel by over ten percent without adding any metal first. If you still require my assistance using the next two methods in the future, then we shall discuss that further, okay?”

Lu Ni looked at Tang Wulin’s smile. “Alright. Then I’ll try the free one first.” She had a very steady temperament, so she would never act rashly. She would not spend her merit points so easily just because Tang Wulin was handsome. At the same time, she wished to see how far this supremely
confident young man could go with his forging ability.

Tang Wulin walked to the forging table with the gun barrel in his hand. He examined the barrel cursorily before pressing a button and tossing it into the furnace within the forging table.

He stretched his arm slightly as it had been some time since his last forging. He felt his chest heating up as he was already at the Saint Craftsman level. Forging was an ability that was fused into his bones and also his cherished profession.

Chapter 946 - The First Sale

Chapter 946: The First Sale

Standing on the spot, he went quiet and calmed himself. Despite this being an extremely simple task, Tang Wulin still took it seriously because of the respect he had for forging.

The best forging table would not take long to heat up metal. When the gun barrel rose once again to the top of the forging table, it was burning red, raising the temperature in the forging room by a few celsius.

Tang Wulin spread his arms out from his body, and his pair of soul-forged heavy silver hammers appeared in his hands. Without any preparation, his right hand raised the hammer and pounded onto the gun barrel.


One side of the gun barrel was flattened…

“Oh!” Long Yuxue could not stop herself from shouting while in her heart she screamed, ‘It’s ruined!’.

This time, even Lu Ni could not help frowning.

She had already repaired her gun barrel by forging more than just once or twice. The process was not considered overly complicated as the blacksmith would only need to fire the metal at a high temperature and make
adjustments to the out of shape spots using some molding tools, followed by stabilizing, solidifying and cooling the gun barrel. The Purple Iron was very strong on its own, so it would not be an issue to smelt it repeatedly.

Yet Tang Wulin flattened the gun barrel with one strike. His strength was rather impressive, but was he really attempting to restore the gun barrel? Could it be that he was destroying it? It was not that easy to fix the gun barrel once it was flattened. The boy’s actions made no sense!

“Wulin, what are you doing?” Long Yuxue could not stop herself from scolding him softly.

Tang Wulin behaved as if he had not heard anything while his pair of heavy silver hammers dropped swiftly. With a few clashes of metal, the originally cylindrical gun barrel was completely flattened.

Long Yuxue could not stand it anymore. She covered her face because she could not bear watching.

“Sister Lu Ni, I’m so sorry. I’ll compensate you later. I truly didn’t know this was going to happen…” She deeply regretted that she trusted Tang Wulin’s forging ability out of some curious coincidence.

A bitter smile appeared on Lu Ni’s face. Even though the gun barrel was not considered especially costly, she still felt attached to it after using it for so long. She was feeling slightly uneasy when she saw it being ruined by Tang Wulin. Despite her easy-going attitude, she was also utterly disappointed in Tang Wulin given her initial impression.

He was obviously pretending to know about forging when he was in fact clueless! Why did he even bother to make up three methods? Everything seemed like a joke now.

“Bang, bang, bang!” Tang Wulin’s pair of hammers struck with a
continuous rhythm. The hammers pounded so swiftly that the entire gun barrel had been turned into a piece of sheet metal while Long Yuxue and Lu Ni were still engaged in a conversation.

Then, the iron sheet gradually turned into an iron block under the two hammers’ guidance. The process was very fast. While Long Yuxue was still apologizing to Lu Ni, the gun barrel had become an iron lump.

Long Yuxue could not refrain herself from going forward to stop Tang Wulin from continuing to embarrass himself, but she was grabbed by Lu Ni. “Let’s see how far he can go.”

“Bang, bang, bang!” The series of banging sounds suddenly got louder like raindrops splattering against tree leaves. The noise was overwhelming.

All of a sudden, a radiant beam with flickering lights abruptly burst out and swayed in the air. The radiance rose over six feet high while a faint dragon’s roar echoed softly through the room.

“What is that…?”

Long Yuxue and Lu Ni’s pupils simultaneously constricted. Even though they were not blacksmiths, they still had a relatively wide range of
experiences in the world.

“Is that grade 1 thousand refined?” the two women asked almost in unison.

Lu Ni fancied her gun barrel precisely because the gun barrel was thousand refined, but it was only ordinary thousand refined. This was just a soul device after all. It was already very uncommon for the metal to be at thousand refined level.

Yet she had never heard that a blacksmith would be capable of performing a second elevation for a thousand refined metal. Moreover, it was immediately elevated to a grade-1 thousand refined level.

No, this was not ordinary grade 1 thousand refined! The best condition of a grade 1 thousand refined metal would only conjure a five-foot beam, but the radiance arising from the Purple Iron lump at present was definitely more than six feet. Also, what was that dragon’s roar?

Tang Wulin was incapable of advancing a piece of thousand refined metal by himself, but the situation was different when he was paired with his soul- forged forging hammers.

The most distinguishing feature of soul forging was intelligence. A metal bestowed with intelligence could completely fuse with its master as one with mutual understanding and mutual empathy. The process may have looked easy, but Tang Wulin had linked himself up with his heavy silver hammers so that he could deftly improve the internal structure of Purple Iron. He managed to increase its quality without reducing its volume.

In reality, this method was akin to using a cannon to blast a mosquito away.
It was an exhausting process and far more complicated than simply
adjusting the gun barrel again. The fact was his forging workshop had just opened so he could only use such a method to make headway as soon as possible and accumulate adequate merit points for himself.

The radiance lasted for a total of ten seconds before it slowly faded. Tang Wulin’s pair of heavy silver hammers were now pounding less forcefully but at higher speed. The metal began to change its form rapidly and gradually flattened before it slowly took form under the heavy silver hammer’s influence.

Long Yuxue could even see that one of Tang Wulin’s forging hammers had gradually changed into a long rod to work in tandem with the other hammer. The sheet of Purple Iron was quickly rolled up and formed into a gun barrel once again.

Tang Wulin’s movements were so fast that they had not recovered from the shock of seeing a grade 1 thousand refined metal before the gun barrel had already regained its original form.

“Hiss…” The barrel was plunged into the water to cool it down. Tang Wulin’s took it out again and dropped it into his hands.

“Sir, it’s done.” Tang Wulin passed it to Lu Ni.

Lu Ni lowered her head to take a look and discovered that the gun barrel had the exact same size as before, but its deformities had completely vanished and it looked just like a brand-new gun barrel. The only difference was the addition of a dense cloud pattern on its surface that made it appear to be textured.

This was… The gun barrel was still warm to the touch when she received it. She took a glance at its interior and found it to be as smooth as a mirror. It felt entirely different in her hand. She pinched lightly and, though this was not a formal assessment, she felt that the gun barrel had been strengthened by at least thirty percent. Tang Wulin was just being modest when he had promised only a ten percent increase!

“I’m sorry for making you worry, but it’s very difficult to improve its quality without adding anything if I don’t forge it again. It should be fine now. I think that it won’t be damaged for a while at least. It will last longer than before for sure,” Tang Wulin said with a smile.

Lu Ni let out a sigh of relief. She looked at Tang Wulin’s hands and found that his pair of forging hammers had already vanished.

She turned her head to the side and looked toward Long Yuxue. “Little Xue, you’ve truly found yourself an extraordinary business partner! Lucky you.
I’m jealous. Tang Wulin, are you still looking for investors?”

Tang Wulin shook his head. “I’m sorry, sir. We’re not in need of any more investment at this point.” What a joke. Tang Wulin bore the pain of
counting Long Yuxue in as a partner because she offered timely assistance. How could he possibly allow someone else to invest?!

Lu Ni held the gun barrel and spoke, “Now I regret not asking you to forge using the second method at least. I’m very curious as to how would it turn out if it’s forged with the third method?”

Tang Wulin spoke, “As a gun barrel, the metal needs to work under constant high temperatures. In order to ensure indefinite usage, then it would need to possess self-repairing abilities and the metal would need to be strengthened. For the third method, I’d add two types of rare metal and perform fuse forging, then elevate it to spirit forging. This way, it would be capable of
self-repair even without inscribing a soul circuit. It wouldn’t be damaged
even after prolonged usage. It would also make it possible to engrave a soul circuit so the artillery power can be amplified. Even though it is slightly more costly, I think it’s worth the price. Of course, this is on the premise that your ultra quick-firing gun is powerful enough as such an investment is only worthwhile if you plan to use it long term.”

Astonished by Tang Wulin’s words, Lu Ni could not help asking, “Fuse forging? Fuse forging. You…you’re a rank-5 blacksmith? Oh no, you ought to be close to rank-6 to be able to perform fuse forging, right?”

Tang Wulin beamed with joy. “I can do some simple soul forging too.” He had already given enough hints, so it was time for him to reveal his

“Soul forging? You’re a Saint Craftsman?”

Both Lu Ni and Long Yuxue were so overwhelmed by the amount of information that they felt like their brains were useless now.

A Saint Craftsman-ranked blacksmith? There were none in the entire Blood God Army. There could only be so many Saint Craftsman-ranked blacksmiths on the entire continent. All of them together still made up less than twenty people. The Blood God Army was so secluded that even if the army was willing, no Saint Craftsman would come over here willingly.
Who could make them come then?

Thus, the highest ranked blacksmith in the Blood God Army was only rank- 6.

Chapter 947 - The Saint Craftsman’s Surprise

Chapter 947: The Saint Craftsman’s Surprise

How could these two women not feel shocked when Tang Wulin told them that he could do soul forging at present?

Tang Wulin smiled. “Practice is the sole criterion of truth. Ma’am, I welcome you to recommend me more customers.”

One thousand merit points for the second method was very expensive. Five thousand merit points for the third method was even more expensive. Yet, it would not be considered expensive if the blacksmith was actually a Saint
Craftsman. It was truly not that expensive!

Lu Ni looked down at the gun barrel in her hands. She could not even begin to imagine that the person who helped her to forge earlier turned out to be a Saint Craftsman.

It was simply unbelievable. What was a Saint Craftsman? A Saint
Craftsman was a person capable of forging the base metal for a red mecha. He was a person capable of completing the pre-production for three-word battle armor.

A Saint Craftsman stood at the peak of the forging world and held an
exceedingly high status in the entire continent. There was only one Divine Craftsman on Douluo Continent! On the other hand, the person before her was already a Saint Craftsman at an age of barely twenty years. How could one be certain he would not be the next Divine Craftsman?

Long Yuxue’s exquisite body was trembling mildly as she looked at the warm smile on Tang Wulin’s face. The way she cast her eyes on him was changing subtly. Lu Ni took a deep breath as she stored her gun barrel cautiously. Then, she pressed a few buttons on her Blood God Bracelet. “Thank you for your trouble. Kindly receive these merit points.”

Tang Wulin spoke, “Ma’am, I said that it’s free of charge!”

Lu Ni spoke, “No. I’d feel guilty for taking something so precious for free. Furthermore, I hope that you can prioritize my needs when I need your forging skills in the future. Master Tang, I apologize for being impolite
earlier, and don’t you address me as ‘ma’am’ anymore.”

Tang Wulin unabashedly received the merit points she transferred. It was not a hundred but five hundred merit points. Actually, the elevation done on the gun barrel for five hundred merit points was not expensive.

Long Yuxue sent Lu Ni, who was still unwilling to part, away. She closed the forging room’s door and looked at Tang Wulin with a burning gaze.

Tang Wulin felt slightly uncomfortable from her stare. “Ma’am, what’s going on with you?”

Long Yuxue suddenly spoke with rage in her voice, “Why didn’t you tell me earlier?”

Tang Wulin was taken aback and spoke with slight helplessness, “Would you believe me if I had told you that I was a Saint Craftsman?”

“No,” Long Yuxue replied without the slightest hesitation. “It’s one thing
whether I believe you or not, another thing altogether whether you’re telling me the truth. It’s not right for you not to tell me!”

“Okay, my bad.” Tang Wulin immediately gave in. It would not be smart of him to quarrel with women.

Long Yuxue suddenly sniggered, then her gaze became gentler as she looked at Tang Wulin. “Thanks for allowing me to profit at your expense. How about if I take a smaller cut then?” To open a forging workshop with a Saint Craftsman was just pie in the sky. She began to speculate the value of operating such a business in the future.

“Sure, sure! How low are you planning to go?” Tang Wulin immediately
agreed without the slightest hesitation. Of course, it pained his heart to see his earnings diminish.

“You wish!” Long Yuxue giggled, turned around, and left after she opened the door. “Lil’ Tang, put in more effort, okay.”

“This woman is truly…” Tang Wulin could not help feeling frustrated.

Long Yuxue was almost in a trot as she came over to the operations headquarters. She had free access to the place as the deputy commissioner of the Secret Service.

“Long Yuxue reporting!” She exclaimed aloud upon ringing the doorbell. “Come in!” Long Tianwu’s deep voice was heard.
The door swung open and Long Yuxue dashed into the room in high spirits. “Father, I have something to tell you,” said Long Yuxue with joy.
Long Tianwu’s expression dulled. “It’s working time now so you should address me as ‘sir’.” He was slightly astonished to find his usually stoic daughter becoming so spirited today.

Long Yuxue immediately felt her excitement dampened, so she gave a dissatisfied humph and spoke, “It’s fine if you don’t want to hear about it. Don’t regret this in the future!”

Long Tianwu was stunned for a moment. He could not help smiling as he spoke, “Little girl, what is it? Tell me quickly.”

Long Yuxue turned her head to the side and spoke with a slight arrogance, “I’m not telling you about it anymore. I’m leaving, sir.” She turned around upon saying that and prepared to leave. Long Tianwu stood up and burst out laughing. “Alright, my precious daughter. There’s no outsider here. Father was being a little strict earlier, and I’m sorry.”

Long Yuxue then calmed down and spoke, “Father, let me tell you a pieced of good news. We’ve found ourselves a treasure.”

“Hmm?” Long Tianwu looked at his daughter in puzzlement. Long Yuxue sniggered. “It’s Tang Wulin!”
“Tang Wulin? What’s with him?” Long Tianwu said, “I thought he’s undergoing special training with you. Did you discover something new about him?”

Long Yuxue answered, “It’s truly a new discovery. Do you know that he’s also a blacksmith?”

Long Tianwu spoke, “Every soul master with the ambition to become a battle armor master will also develop an ability that is related to battle armors. This is not something new! Only that there are not many who choose to forge.”

Long Yuxue spoke, “Do you know what his blacksmith rank is then?”

Long Tianwu spoke, “Judging by your expression, I think his forging level should be quite impressive. Could it be that he’s a rank-5 blacksmith? Can he perform spirit forging already? It’s truly impressive at his age.”

Long Yuxue demurred and pouted her rosy lips in discontentment. She then said, “Is your daughter a person that is so easily impressed? What’s a little spirit forging to me?”

Long Tianwu could not help smiling and said, “What’s a little spirit forging for you, huh? Do you know how difficult it is to do spirit forging… Wait, what do you mean?” An astonished expression appeared on Long Tianwu’s face. Long Yuxue giggled and nodded. She spoke, “That’s right. He can do more than spirit forging. He can do soul forging and he’s a rank-7 Saint
Craftsman. He is definitely the youngest rank-7 Saint Craftsman forging grandmaster in the history of the forging world!”

Long Tianwu drew in a cold breath, yet he was not thrilled. On the contrary, he was quiet.

“What’s wrong, Father? It’s a good thing! Shouldn’t you be happy about it?” Long Yuxue asked in puzzlement.

Long Tianwu heaved a sigh. “If it had been another person, I’d be
extremely happy because it’s genuinely a joyous occasion for our Blood God Army. However, Tang Wulin’s stature is a little peculiar.”

“His stature?” Long Yuxue looked at her father.

Long Tianwu spoke, “He possesses a very powerful fighting ability with a powerful bloodline. He’s also a rank-7 Saint Craftsman. Where do you think such an outstanding young man is cultivated?”

Long Yuxue answered, “Isn’t he chosen and sent by the Tang Sect?”

Long Tianwu spoke, “The Tang Sect is incapable of cultivating such a talented person. He is exceptionally endowed by the heavens and is even god’s favored person. He will certainly be a towering personality on the
continent in the future. Moreover, he’s handsome, so Father believes that he is very appealing. Yet, I must warn you to stay far away from him. Father
can only hope that you remain safe and sound.”

Long Yuxue was all confused. “Father, what are you saying? I don’t understand.”

Long Tianwu spoke with a deep voice, “I’ve verified his stature with the Tang Sect. Tang Wulin is the leader of the current Shrek Seven Monsters from Shrek Academy. Do you understand now?”

Long Yuxue was quivering uncontrollably upon hearing her father’s words. She had listened to too many stories about Shrek Academy and the Shrek Seven Monsters ever since she was young. She had never expected the youth, who addressed her as ‘ma’am’ and had a thirst for knowledge, to unsuspectingly be a current Shrek Seven Monster.

“Shrek City was destroyed and Shrek Academy has fallen. He is duty bound to the academy as a current Shrek Seven Monster. Tang Sect’s Douluo Hall Hall Master sent him over with only two objectives. One is to nurture him while the other is to ensure his successful enlistment in the army. Shrek was destroyed, so their adversaries are targeting Shrek Academy’s students.
Obviously, these people are waiting to cash in on the golden opportunity.”

Chapter 948 - Merit Points That Can't Elevate One's Military Rank

Chapter 948: Merit Points That Can’t Elevate One’s Military Rank

“None of Shrek Academy’s former members will ever abandon it. On the other hand, this is something that all the great forces on the continent are unwilling to see. Thus, you can only imagine the stress that he will have to face in the future. Such a person is not destined for an ordinary life, and he is bound to be under the threat of constant danger. Do you understand what I’m trying to say here?”

Long Yuxue spoke, “But our Blood God Army is relatively independent, so we won’t be affected! No one here is going to look for trouble with him

Long Tianwu slapped his forehead. “Silly little girl, he’s going to leave one day! He’ll never stay in the Blood God Army forever!”

Long Yuxue was caught in a daze. ‘He’ll leave?’

In her mind, she had always felt that the greatest soldiers would definitely choose to remain with the Blood God Army and pass down his or her
legacy. Having been born and raised there, she never thought that she would leave the place one day. Yet, her father’s words revealed to her that she was different from Tang Wulin and that he would leave one day.

A sensation that was difficult to describe radiated through Long Yuxue’s body. She suddenly turned around and ran away. “I’m going to ask him.”

Long Tianwu heaved a sigh as he gazed after his daughter quickly dashing out. Perhaps his daughter had truly taken a liking for that young man.
Fortunately, he had been forewarned. He could only hope that Yuxue would not land herself in any trouble. He pressed a button for the communicator on his table. “General.”
“Dispatch my order to increase the exchange rate for every merit point
earned from supplementary professions to one hundred and twenty percent. They can be used to exchange for the higher value but from this day on, they can’t be used for promotion. Only merit points earned from battle can be used to elevate military rank.”

“Yes, sir!”

It was way too easy for a Saint Craftsman-ranked blacksmith to earn merit points, so he could not let Tang Wulin climb too far up the ranks so soon. That was definitely not beneficial for the Blood God Army.

Tang Wulin was unaware that Long Yuxue’s moment of excitement had
shattered his dream of using the merit points he gained through forging to attain a high rank.

After Lu Ni left carrying the gun barrel, Tang Wulin did not have the large influx of customers that he had imagined. It was until late afternoon that Lu Ni brought over two female officers. One was a major while the other was, surprisingly, a colonel.

Both of them did not elaborate much, but they each requested Tang Wulin to forge a part after asking for a quotation. Both the parts were thousand refined.

Once again, Tang Wulin displayed his incredible forging abilities. He used an exceedingly short amount of time to complete high quality forging under the close watch of the three female officers.

The two female officers did not speak much after they had paid the merit points, and they left with Lu Ni. No other customers came for Tang Wulin after that for the rest of the day.

As evening arrived, Long Yuxue did not turn up either. Tang Wulin returned to his quarters when he was certain that he would not receive any more customers that night. Doubt had crept into his heart. With forging skills like his, how could he possibly have no customers? Why did customers stop coming later in the day? Had something gone wrong

It was only the next day that he finally understood what had happened. The reason was simply that Lu Ni had prevented the information from leaking out.

Everyone knew the value of a Saint Craftsman, but anyone could be a little selfish. The spirit forging requests on the first afternoon were meant to further test his capability, while no one turned up after that because Lu Ni and her close friends went back to prepare all the items they wished to forge. They seized the opportunity when Saint Craftsman Tang Wulin was not popular, before his reputation spread in the Blood God Army, to have him work on all the items they wished to forge first.

Thus, Lu Ni brought a total of five female officers when she came again
early the next morning. The workload that they brought startled even Tang Wulin. Three of the female officers brought an entire suit of battle armor’s worth of spirit-forged metals. For that, they spared no effort in preparing Tang Wulin’s payment, even borrowing a large amount of merit points the night before.

This was undoubtedly a huge commission.

“May I inquire if all of you prefer pure spirit forging or spirit-forged metal with smelted alloy added?” Tang Wulin asked. He was not a Master
Craftsman only capable of spirit forging but a Saint Craftsman. The difference between these two ranks was that he could easily complete fuse forging with all sorts of metals, not only soul forging.

Two-word battle armor was too important for an ordinary battle armor master because this was the actual birth of the battle armor. Additionally, a good foundation would undoubtedly become the shortcut to his breakthrough in the future. Therefore, the female officers indicated that they wanted the best. Two of them chose to fuse forge two types of metals, while the other wealthier female officer with a history of military service even chose to fuse forge three types of metals.

In addition to requests to make all sorts of weapons, Tang Wulin accepted projects that earned him more than one hundred thousand merit points. The business was definitely highly lucrative. All the materials were provided by the female officers themselves! He was only charging for his labor costs.

However, his excitement only lasted until noon. One hundred thousand merit points could immediately promote him to a major under ordinary
circumstances. However, someone from the military supplies department came over to his forging workshop at noon and announced the army’s decision to not accept merit points earned outside of battle in exchange for military rank. This instantly left Tang Wulin feeling greatly disappointed.

This was obviously aimed at him! Tang Wulin was feeling quite helpless.
He understood that this was due to the army’s fear that he would utilize forging to promote himself too quickly, but it was still a heavy blow to him.

Consequently, Tang Wulin made the decision to change the signage outside his forging workshop, stating his intention to not accept forging missions below soul forging level.

“What happened?” Long Yuxue finally arrived. Surprised by the sign hanging in front of the door to his forging workshop, she could not help questioning Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin passed over his Blood God Bracelet to her quietly. “I borrowed a total of twelve thousand merit points from you to start up this forging
workshop. I’ll return the points first then we’ll halve the remaining profits later on. I don’t wish to take on too much forging work anymore, so I
apologize. However, when I take on soul-forging jobs, we’ll still split the profits.”

Long Yuxue looked astonished as she gazed at Tang Wulin’s nonchalant expression. “What’s going on with you? I thought Sister Lu Ni had found you a lot of jobs today?” Tang Wulin spoke indifferently, “That’s right! It was going pretty well, but the military supplies department came and informed me that all the merit points earned from forging couldn’t be used to elevate military rank. If that’s the case, what’s the point of me earning so many points? Do I use them to exchange for food?”

Long Yuxue was stunned for a moment as she had yet to be informed of this. She was immediately shocked upon hearing the news. “How did this happen? Who told you about this? Is this a misunderstanding?”

Tang Wulin passed the order sent by the military supplies department to Long Yuxue. It had been sealed with the army headquarters’ red stamp.

Long Xuyue’s charming face turned ghastly pale at once upon reading the name of the person that issued the order. She immediately understood that this was her father’s doing. Moreover, it was due to her own actions.

“I’m going to ask them.” Long Yuxue turned around and ran away upon saying that.

Tang Wulin sighed as he watched her depart in a rush, but his gaze suddenly became focused once again. ‘So I can’t rely on forging to get myself promoted in the army, right? Alright then, I’ll just rely on battles to elevate myself.’

His Blood God Bracelet had been upgraded by the military supplies department earlier that day. His military gallantry was divided into two parts. One part could be earned through forging while the other could be gained when he killed abyssal creatures in combat.

His decision to only accept jobs that required soul forging or higher refinement was not out of spite, but after careful consideration. Tang Wulin would not mind being a little tired if he could earn merit points from forging in order to elevate his military rank, but if his merit points could not be used to elevate his military rank then he would not be wasting time on forging anymore. He needed to elevate his military rank as soon as possible, so he would reserve his time for taking part in battles. Of course, he would still need to complete the forging jobs which he had already accepted to the best of his ability.

It was already dusk when Long Xuyue returned. Her eyes were red when she was back. It was apparent that she had been crying.

“I’m sorry, Wulin. I…I didn’t manage to convince them…” Long Yuxue’s voice sounded a little hoarse.

Tang Wulin had just completed forging the foundations for a piece of two- word battle armor. He smiled upon hearing her words. “It’s okay. Look, I’ve earned one hundred thousand merit points in such a short period of time.
We’ll divide it, and you can buy anything you desire. Plus, the value of accepting only soul forging work is relatively higher. I can only elevate
myself by practicing soul forging. Perhaps, more soul forging tasks will be coming my way soon. What a pity that we can’t utilize the merit points to raise our military ranks together. But it’s okay. We shall earn more points so we can make you a top-grade mecha.”

Chapter 949 - Purchasing Equipment

Chapter 949: Purchasing Equipment

Long Yuxue raised her head and gazed deeply at Tang Wulin. She bit her rosy lips when she saw the warm smile on his face.

“I’m sorry.”

Tang Wulin could not help grinning and said, “This is a decision from higher authority. Why are you apologizing?!”

Long Yuxue’s voice suddenly sounded as if she was agitated. “But if I hadn’t told Father about this, you wouldn’t have been discovered when you were accumulating your merit points. You could have become at least a major.”

Tang Wulin walked in front of her. “Sir, it’s fine. I believe that I can become a major really soon by relying on my abilities. If you wish to help me, then please make arrangements for me to take part in a battle in the abyssal cave as soon as possible.”

“Hmm.” Long Yuxue nodded. “You should have already entered the actual combat stage of your special training. Our special service has the
concession to enter the abyss. I’ll take you there tomorrow. We shall choose our equipment tomorrow since you have your own merit points now.”


Early morning the next day, Long Yuxue came looking for Tang Wulin at his quarters. Tang Wulin did not even have the time to finish cultivating his Purple Demon Eyes when he saw her approaching.

She was such a warm-hearted girl! “Sir.” Tang Wulin hastily went down the stairs.

“Let’s go. I’ll take you to the military supplies department.” Long Yuxue seemed to have already recovered after a night’s rest. She appeared to be brimming with energy.

The military supplies department was in charge of all the equipment in the army. Tang Wulin followed Long Yuxue there and found that there were no other Blood God Army soldiers there except for some members of the staff.

“We’re here to purchase some equipment.” Long Yuxue displayed her Blood God Bracelet.

“Please choose an option.” An electronic touch screen appeared in front of Tang Wulin and Long Yuxue.

Long Yuxue spoke, “There is some equipment that you must choose such as the abyssal isolation shield. With it, you can use your martial soul freely
without being affected by the destruction aura in the abyssal plane.
Otherwise, you won’t be able to use your martial soul. This is the basic
equipment, so it only costs one hundred merit points. Very cheap. In reality, the Federation invested a massive amount of resources and money in order to research its development.”

She had already picked out a headband-like item for Tang Wulin as she spoke. That was the abyssal isolation shield she had mentioned.

“Then, you’ll need some equipment for self-defense, such as the spatial rectifier. This item can warp the space surrounding you after it’s triggered. When you’re trapped in a tight encirclement, it’s very important to use this to warp space so you can create an opportunity to flee. Hmm…and also this. You’ll need the stealth vest too. Wear it and it’ll unleash a kind of
abyssal aura fluctuation that makes the abyssal creatures unable to detect your presence through your spiritual power or aura. Even though it doesn’t truly make you invisible, it’s a necessity for our special service’s missions. You should get one.” Long Yuxue took the initiative to help Tang Wulin pick out suitable pieces of equipment one after another as she carried on with her explanations.

Almost all the equipment available here was targeted at abyssal creatures.
Tang Wulin felt that the most practical ones were the stealth vest and the
abyssal isolation shield. These two items could ensure that he could express his powers on the largest scale possible.

“Do you need a long-range weapon?” Long Yuxue asked Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin shook his head. “Not at the moment, I think. Oh right, am I allowed to use mecha when I’m fighting against abyssal creatures?”

Long Yuxue nodded. “Of course, you can. However, you’ll need to
consume a lot of energy in order to conceal your mecha’s aura. Generally, everyone will bring along their mecha, but they won’t use it unless
absolutely necessary. They’ll only launch it when they’re in great danger. It’s used to break out of an encirclement or annihilate the enemy quickly.”

Tang Wulin’s chest tightened because he recalled the combat method Teacher Mu Ye had taught him long ago. Even though Mu Ye had been
unable to become a Hyper Douluo because he was too invested in studying mechas, he once told Tang Wulin that mechas were extremely important for modern warfare. Many battle armor masters overlooked that and thought that battle armor had already outmatched mechas, so there was utterly no need for them anymore. However, Mu Ye’s theory had been that battle
armor and mechas could cooperate with each other. A mecha was just like the battle armor’s outer layer, so if the combination was good, it could
elevate the soul master’s overall fighting capacity.

Tang Wulin very much agreed with the concept. That day, Atlas Douluo
could have had a red mecha that complemented his four-word battle armor, and perhaps he would have even survived the ordeal!

Thus, Tang Wulin had been thinking about seeking the opportunity to build himself a powerful mecha. The yellow mecha that he used before was definitely no longer suitable for him. Its offensive and defensive capabilities were too weak. The defense provided from Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Body and battle armor was
already so great that he could even outmatch a black mecha. He was considering which direction he should focus on when he was making mechas in the future under such circumstances.

Tang Wulin bought the three aforementioned pieces of equipment while the rest of the purchases included disposable soul devices such as bombs. One could never have enough of such items.

He was not too well-versed in soul devices originally, but ever since Shrek Academy was destroyed by the Godkiller-rank fixed soul ammunition, he finally understood the painful reason for the soul beasts’ extinction.
Mankind’s soul weapons had already reached a terrifying level. There was a limit to mankind’s power, but weapons were still being developed with no
end. The very planet could be destroyed one day.

Tang Wulin believed that it was possible that the entire planet could be
shattered if a large number of Godkiller-rank fixed soul ammunitions were triggered. The Federation made the decision to limit such ammunition to three not only because they had limited resources but also because they feared for themselves. On the other hand, the fact that two Godkiller-rank fixed soul ammunitions destroyed Shrek City would only spread the fear of soul weapons even further.

Tang Wulin had heard that the Federation was investing even more
scientific resources into researching airborne vehicles, though he was unsure of how far they had progressed.

“That’s all that you’re purchasing? Actually, that small-sized mecha is pretty good. It’s equipped with the fighting capacity of a purple mecha and many miscellaneous functions such as radar. It’s pretty impressive,” Long Yuxue reminded Tang Wulin.

Even though Tang Wulin bought quite a lot of disposable equipment, his total expenditure was only a few thousand merit points. It was nothing to him as he already had tens of thousands of merit points. Long Yuxue accepted half of Tang Wulin’s merit points which were due to her as his investor, but she did not take back her initial investment nor did she object to Tang Wulin’s decision to only accept high-end tasks in his forging workshop.

“I’ll take these first. I’ll make adjustments after the battle if I need any other equipment,” Tang Wulin told Long Yuxue.

“Hmm.” Long Yuxue nodded. “Alright. Having this much equipment as a new recruit is already considered more than the others. Moreover, there’s me. I’ll protect you.”

“You’ll protect me?” Tang Wulin looked at her in astonishment.

Long Yuxue smiled but did not explain any further. “Let’s go. From here on in, I’ll take you into actual combat, but you must remember to follow all orders once we’ve arrived at the abyssal passage. Otherwise, you’ll be punished with military justice!”

There was no sign of joking on her face at the end of the conversation.

Tang Wulin nodded immediately. “Yes, sir.” He had no knowledge of the
abyssal passage, so there was no doubt that it was best that he trusted Long Yuxue’s wisdom. At least she could provide him with experience which was what he needed most right now to familiarize himself with the abyssal plane.

Long Yuxue brought Tang Wulin along as they headed straight for the rear end of the Blood God Army after they had left the military supplies department. She tossed a pair of skis to Tang Wulin once they were out of the Blood God Army barracks. “Do you know how to use these?”

Tang Wulin answered with a bitter smile on his face, “Not so much.”

Long Yuxue smiled. “I think that you’ll adapt to them in a moment with your skills in controlling your body. Follow me. Part your legs and use the skis to decelerate.” She had already put on her pair of skis while speaking. She took the lead
and slid forward. They were on a mountain covered in snow, so skiing was absolutely the best mode of transportation in this environment.

It was quite difficult for Tang Wulin to get used to the skis as he started moving forth rapidly. Long Yuxue deftly used her skis to control her direction while Tang Wulin appeared to be shooting straight forward.

However, he was not afraid because he could always fly with his battle armor if anything untoward happened.

The snowland was extremely flat. Even though Tang Wulin continued
accelerating, at least there were no obstacles in front of him. He watched Long Yuxue’s movement in front while he attempted to try it out himself. His body swayed so much that he almost took a tumble on a few occasions, but he managed to rely on the skillful control he had over his muscles to
stabilize himself.

Chapter 950 - Arriving at the Abyss

Chapter 950: Arriving at the Abyss

Little by little, he began to grasp some techniques to sway left and right while controlling his center of gravity, and he could finally reduce his

He skied for more than ten minutes when Long Yuxue suddenly shouted from in front, “Be careful! The abyssal cave is right up ahead. Slow yourself down!”

As she was saying that, she controlled her skis skillfully to decelerate, but Tang Wulin was not as agile as she. He continued forward at the same

Tang Wulin suddenly felt something tighten around his waist. He did not realize that Long Yuxue had arrived behind him and had grabbed the garment around his waist. He quickly began to slow down as Long Yuxue helped him to decelerate gently.

“Sir, your skiing skills are really impressive!” The two of them finally
stopped when they were a few hundred meters away from the massive cave. Its gargantuan mouth was over three thousand meters in diameter.

Long Yuxue took the skis off her feet and spoke to Tang Wulin, “This is one of the basic skills in the Blood God Army. You’ll get used to it naturally
after coming here a few more times.”

Tang Wulin nodded. It was true that skiing should not be a problem for him as long as he had adequate time to adapt to it.

Long Yuxue spoke with a deep voice, “The abyssal passage is right in front of us. You still remember how you entered during the test the other day, right? It’s the same here only that the actual location is much larger than the test’s simulation. Moreover, there are many more abyssal creatures in there. Be careful and listen to my commands. Don’t hesitate when I order you to fall back in case we encounter overwhelming forces. Do you understand?”

“Understood!” Tang Wulin nodded.

Long Yuxue stopped walking when she arrived in front of the gigantic cave. Tang Wulin stood by her side and looked down. It was all pitch black in there with the occasional sound of a loud, rumbling echo. Snow was sliding down from the surroundings from time to time while enormous icicles formed in the area surrounding the cave.

The over three-thousand-meter wide mouth of the cave looked just like huge, voracious jaws capable of swallowing anything.

Long Yuxue pressed her right hand against her chest. Soon after, Tang Wulin could hear a series of clanging sounds. A small piece of metal
cracked open first, followed by metal scales unfolding and covering Long Yuxue’s entire body. It was a small mecha.

The mecha covered Long Yuxue’s entire body, but it only appeared to be three meters tall with a pair of folded wings on its back. Its size was not very big compared to ordinary mechas. Air was being blown out from underneath her feet, suspending her body in midair.

“Yours should be two-word battle armor, right? Unleash it then. Don’t hesitate even for a moment when we’re down, and also, turn on the abyssal isolation shield and your stealth vest.”

Tang Wulin did as he was told. He could immediately sense that a layer of air was unleashed from the metal ring on his head and enshrouded his body at once. Meanwhile, a strange fluctuation seemed to be pulsating from his stealth vest. It had a peculiar frequency that was supposed to mimic that on the abyssal plane.

Triggering it with his consciousness, pieces of golden battle armor began to unleash on their own and swiftly covered his entire body. When the pair of enormous golden dragon wings unfolded and spread out behind his back, even Long Yuxue, who had figured out that Tang Wulin was a two-word battle armor master, could not help getting caught in its spell. Her eyes
sparkled as she stared at it.

“What magnificent armor! I’ve seen three-word armor that looked less impressive than yours. Please help me to forge the metal necessary for a set of two-word battle armor when we’re back. I wish to become a two-word battle armor master soon, too, so I won’t need such a minimecha anymore.”

“Sure.” Tang Wulin immediately agreed.

The material used in his two-word battle armor was different because it was forged from three types of alloy. Moreover, he added something special for his battle armor, of course. The ornateness of the battle armor was not just for show on the surface but also because it was inscribed with even more
core circuits. Nature had endowed Tang Wulin with a powerful body, so he was capable of withstanding more energy build-up than ordinary people.
Thus, his battle armor’s amplification effect was greater than ordinary two- word battle armor. This was determined by his body’s strength.

Under the control of his soul power, Tang Wulin’s wings spread out so his body was suspended in the air. The scales on his battle armor were exuding golden streams of light, reflecting off the snowy landscape.

Although Long Yuxue in her minimecha appeared to be taller and bulkier, her mecha looked so unsophisticated it was akin to a beggar’s outfit
compared to Tang Wulin’s battle armor.

“Let’s go.” She suppressed her envy as she admired his armor. ‘The boy has truly proven himself to be the leader of the current Shrek Seven Monsters!
Just judging by his battle armor you can tell how extraordinary he is.’

Tang Wulin spread his wings out behind his back as he leaped into the cave together with Long Yuxue.

Long Yuxue slid against the cave wall while she spiraled downward. A series of electronic scans were soon triggered below. The Blood God
Bracelet on their hands were glowing, so there was no doubt that this was the identity verification device installed by the Blood God Army.

Long Yuxue once told Tang Wulin that the Blood God Army spent many years of hard work to build an exceedingly strong defense system on the periphery of this abyssal passage, which was effective against both internal and external assaults. They would be under heavy attack as soon as the
abyssal creatures attempted to charge out from the cave, so this was also the final layer defense for the abyssal passage.

The Secret Service was granted special authority as expected. Both of them soon landed on the net below the abyss.

Tang Wulin once inquired from Long Yuxue as to what was underneath the large net if one continued to venture down?

Long Yuxue told him that this was once the real abyssal passage because the most powerful abyssal creatures could only come out through an opening that was large enough for them. Afterward, it was sealed with the
combined efforts of the powerhouses from the great forces at the time. Only the smaller passages still existed and thus resulted in the current abyssal passage.

The inside of this pitch-black passage was guarded by two battalions at all times. Though the Blood God Army was relatively small, their fighting
capacity was exceedingly powerful with the most cutting-edge equipment.

They guarded the abyssal plane for so many years and stopped the abyssal creatures from bringing catastrophe upon the Douluo Continent.

This time, Long Yuxue did not allow Tang Wulin to walk in front of her as she had done in their previous experience during the test. She walked ahead with great strides into the passage.

The inside of the passage was not entirely pitch black, as every alternate
section was illuminated. It was apparent that this was a safe zone and all the lights had been installed by the Blood God Army as well. They soon encountered a soldier from the Blood God Army and passed through the checkpoint smoothly by relying on their Blood God Bracelets’ Secret Service signal.

They continued to venture inward and arrived at the first passage platform. This place had become a metallic world with all sorts of soul devices installed everywhere, and there was even a metal room used to rest.

Long Yuxue whispered to Tang Wulin softly, “There are hundreds of
abyssal passages right now, with a total of thirty-six high-ranking passages that the more dangerous abyssal creatures could pass through. For example, Mo Mei which you’ve already encountered is one of the top-grade abyssal creatures. The one that you saw the other day was only a larva. We’d be doomed if it was an adult. It’s a creature that would even trouble a Title
Douluo but also the smallest species among the top grade abyssal creatures. It was said that the Abyssal Queen had been from Mo Mei’s clan.”

Tang Wulin asked, “So which way are we heading to now?”

Long Yuxue replied, “The abyssal passages are categorized as Grade S, Grade A, Grade B, and Grade C. It’s your first time here, so, of course, we’ll go to the Grade C Passage. Passages of this grade are slightly
narrower, so the abyssal creatures that can pass through them are of limited power. It’s quite safe for us to explore, making it convenient for you to learn about the creatures.


After a few words with the base, Long Yuxue brought Tang Wulin along as they entered a passage that was only the height of a man.
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