The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 931-940

Chapter 931 - Fighting Ba An

Chapter 931: Fighting Ba An

Currently, Tang Wulin was covered in golden scales. The Golden Dragon Claws protruded from his hands. Four circles of golden rings rose from under his feet and circled rhythmically around him.

This was…

Golden? Soul rings? No, it was impossible. It was impossible for humans to be able to utilize their martial souls here!

The major was completely stupefied. Then, she saw Tang Wulin leaping
again with a speed that was at least twice as fast as the last time. He looked like a golden cannonball as he shot straight toward Ba An.

Ba An got up from the ground. The strength of its body was also shocking. Tang Wulin had relied on his Golden Dragon Body and Domineering
Golden Dragon Body to withstand its abyss demon flame as he charged toward it. That was how he caught it off guard and sent it flying.

There was an obvious dent on Ba An’s skull. Tang Wulin had hit its head with his metal rod just now.

However, Tang Wulin was a little disappointed. If he had used his Golden Dragon Spear just now, Ba An would not just be sent flying.

A pair of giant dragon claws slashed at Tang Wulin. Ba An howled furiously. The scales on its body shone with a dark green glow. Even in their world, it was a tough existence. Nevertheless, it was injured by a mere puny human. It turned wild with insanity. The terrifying aura made the air quiver. “Roar!” At this very moment, Tang Wulin let out a formidable dragon’s roar. The third golden soul ring on his body shone brightly, and a giant golden dragon’s head burst forth from his body. Ba An’s mad and furious howls were surprisingly suppressed in an instant. Shortly after, the dragon’s head charged outward. Tang Wulin shoved forward with the Golden Dragon Roar followed by the Golden Dragon Soars to the Heavens!


The golden light and the dark green light collided mercilessly with each other. Tang Wulin halted abruptly in mid-air before he was sent flying toward the cave’s ceiling while Ba An rebounded toward the faraway cave wall.

At this very moment, a beam of golden light shot toward Tang Wulin like a lightning strike as if it wanted to impale heaven and earth.

It caught up to Ba An in mid-air in the blink of an eye. Ba An instinctively raised its huge claws to block it. However, the golden light went through its claws and pierced directly into the center of its four eyes.

Tang Wulin was Tang Sect’s direct disciple. Although his Golden Dragon Spear might be slightly big, its precision could not be doubted.

A shrill wail came from Ba An. Just then, clouds of dark green air gathered around the golden spear with blinding speed. They were forcibly pulled toward it.

Tang Wulin descended from above. His chest was heaving intensely. The battle had seemed brief, but he had exhausted his strength during the past few skirmishes. He felt as if he was about to faint from exhaustion.

From the collision just now, Ba An’s strength was completely out of Tang Wulin’s expectations. Ba An’s full strength was at par with Tang Wulin’s. They had collided with full force. If it were not for the Golden Dragon Roar which had shocked his opponent, Tang Wulin reckoned that it would have been impossible for him to remain unscathed when he followed up his
attack with the Golden Dragon Spear. Tang Wulin’s feet touched the ground. On the other side, Ba An’s colossal body shuddered violently. It wanted to break free from the Golden Dragon Spear, but it seemed impossible given its current circumstances.

The dark green air flow colored the Golden Dragon Spear in a dark green hue. However, Ba An’s gigantic body began disintegrating until it
completely shattered in the end.

The Golden Dragon Spear shone with golden light. All evidence of the dark green color vanished. In the next moment, the Golden Dragon Spear had returned to Tang Wulin’s hand.

Tang Wulin felt a gush of pure energy entering his body. The energy could not be used to replenish his soul power. Instead, it made his bloodline soul rings shake tremendously, and they began swirling at an accelerated pace. There were obviously pure essences within his blood essence as he had felt the same sensation when he was absorbing the Golden Dragon King’s
essence after he broke through the Golden Dragon King’s seal. Although the volume was much less, it was extremely pure energy.

This was…

Although he knew that it was only a simulation, Tang Wulin was still
shocked. With his current body strength, it was not an easy feat to feel his own blood essence power increasing.

The major had been speechless for a long time. She stared at Tang Wulin’s back with lifeless eyes.
Overpowering Ba An? Close quarter combat! The mysterious golden soul rings, and his monstrous strength. Was this fellow truly human?

At this moment, another dark green figure shot out of the central opening and hung in mid-air.

Tang Wulin had a slight frown. It seemed like there was no end to this!
However, he was now confident. The Golden Dragon Spear’s feedback had instantly restored his blood essence power to its peak condition. It might even have increased it.

Compared to Ba An, the dark green figure was clearly much smaller. It looked to be only two meters tall, slightly taller than an ordinary human. It had a pair of special wings on its back. They resembled bat wings, but their bone structures were obviously larger. The bones were not covered with typical skin. Instead, it was covered with dark green scales.

Her body resembled a human female, but her features were distorted. Her buttocks were huge, so were her breasts. Her eyes burned with gloomy greenish flames, her waist was small which was out of proportion with her huge buttocks. Sharp spikes covered her hands and feet.

Tang Wulin squinted his eyes slightly. He did not feel any threat from the monster. However, in the depths of his mind from the deepest parts of his bloodline, he felt an inexplicable fear welling up within him.

Could it be that this humanoid creature was more terrifying than Ba An before her?

When this creature appeared, the major’s expression changed drastically. Fear was written all over her face. The shock she felt from Tang Wulin’s display of his strength was suppressed this very instant. Currently, only fear was left in her heart.

“Mo Mei.”

“Die, humans!” Mo Mei’s ice cold voice resonated within the depths of Tang Wulin’s soul.

A light pattern appeared before her at the sound of her voice. Shortly after,
Tang Wulin felt his body tense up. His life energy was depleting at an
alarming rate. A dark green light pattern had appeared around him without him noticing it. It was swiftly soaking into his body.

A curse-type ability? On Douluo Continent, only the evil soul masters had
similar soul skills. However, this creature which the major referred to as Mo Mei was obviously not an evil soul master.

“Humph!” Tang Wulin gave a snort. The bloodline vortex within him
swirled wildly. The persistence in the depths of his heart united with his
spiritual power. Moments after, a golden halo emerged from his body. The seven-colored gem on his wrist shone. A domineering thought rippled from him.

Mo Mei grunted. The eerie green flames in his eyes flickered intensely. In the next instant, Tang Wulin charged out with lightning speed. He wielded his Golden Dragon Spear and broke free from her curse forcibly. In that instant, he was charging right at her.

Mo Mei flapped her wings behind her. She had produced a strange-looking weapon, that resembled a bone or a battle knife, out of nowhere. She descended from above and slashed directly at Tang Wulin.


Both of them collided. Tang Wulin was rudely flung to the ground from mid-air. Mo Mei also recoiled from the impact as she reeled backward for dozens of meters.

Tang Wulin’s gaze instantly turned grim. His opponent had a small build, yet she had such powerful strength. The more crucial factor was that he did not understand her.

In the next instant, as Mo Mei retreated backward, her body suddenly flashed with light. The wings behind her flapped once again, and she appeared before Tang Wulin instantaneously.

Chapter 932 - A Human Shield

Chapter 932: A Human Shield

It was truly as quick as lightning. The strange blade in her hands directly slashed at Tang Wulin’s shoulder.

Tang Wulin never expected her to have such speed that was akin to teleportation. Even if he had foreseen this, it was too late to dodge her
attack now. At this moment, Tang Wulin made the only choice available to him.

He did not attempt to dodge, nor did he make any defensive movements. He scratched at his opponent’s chest with his left hand. He swung his right hand brazenly, the Golden Dragon Nirvana Claw!

He gave up the Golden Dragon Spear. It dropped down and he caught it with his right foot.

Both sides suffered losses!

Tang Wulin was quite confident in his own defensive powers and recovery abilities. He would have to attack his enemy’s weakness!

Mo Mei snorted with disdain. The long knife in her hands brought with it a chain of afterimages. Its movement was swift. Before Tang Wulin’s hands could reach her, the blade had sliced into his shoulder mercilessly.

“Whoosh!” Blood spattered. Tang Wulin felt his left shoulder blade shattered by the terrifying great force. However, at this moment, his tenacious body revealed its qualities.

Although he could not use his soul skills, the defensive power of the Mountain Dragon King’s Torso Bone was still effective. When his collarbone and shoulder blade was shattered, his bones retracted to forcefully clasp the battle knife of his enemy.

The battle knife emitted energy that was filled with despair and destruction. Since Tang Wulin had undergone the Demon Island’s training, his body’s destruction energy was much purer than the knife’s. Hence, he was not overly affected by it.

His left hand did not manage to reach his enemy. Nevertheless, his right hand stayed on course as the Golden Dragon Nirvana Claw made its way toward its target.

Mo Mei was highly confident in her own speed. However, she had not expected Tang Wulin’s claw attack to encompass an area of ten square meters. Five streaks of dark golden light flashed.

Mo Mei had already retreated more than twenty meters, but she was still hit by the golden light.

Just before she was hit, she suddenly brought her wings close to herself. “Boom!”
Like a cannonball, Mo Mei shot toward the faraway rock wall which was a hundred meters away. One of her wings was torn away by the Golden
Dragon Nirvana Claw and ended up floating in the air. Tang Wulin endured the intense pain from his shoulder. He tossed the Golden Dragon Spear with his right foot and it flew toward Mo Mei quick as lightning.

He had no chance to seize the opportunity. The instant his feet touched the ground, he turned around and began running. He sprinted toward the major at his fastest pace.

Mo Mei’s speed was too quick for him. He could only protect the major while he was within a certain distance from the major.

A dark green light flashed. After Mo Mei crashed onto the rock wall, she
slid down onto the ground just before the Golden Dragon Spear reached her. She had obviously suffered great damage as well. She did not merely lose a wing, there were also five deep cuts on her body.

Her wounds wriggled violently to close up, but the sharp edge of the
Golden Dragon Nirvana Claw had torn her body savagely. Swathes of dark green fluid flowed down her body. When they dripped onto the ground, they immediately turned into a dense, dark green gas which spread

“Human, your soul will suffer eternal torture in the deep abyss!” Mo Mei’s voice sounded in Tang Wulin’s head again. At this moment, Tang Wulin
was already with the major, and he had removed the battle knife from his shoulder.

He sealed his blood vessels so as not to lose too much blood. Although Tang Wulin’s complexion had turned pale, he did not show any signs of pain on his face.

Tenacity had always been his forte.

Golden light flashed and the Golden Dragon Spear was in his grasp. Tang Wulin took a deep breath as he mediated the blood essence vortex within him. The dense blood essence power surged wildly toward his wound. He
carried the spear with his left hand while he pushed on his shoulder with his right hand to realign his bones.

The major stood behind him. She could hear the cracking sounds of his shifting bones. However, Tang Wulin did not even shudder once.

He had a will that was as tough as iron!

“Ah, it’s completed. It’s supposed to be completed.” the major searched frantically for something on herself.

At this very moment, the faraway Mo Mei suddenly moved. She swayed and instantly split into two. From an opening in the cave, countless dark green lights surged forth wildly and entered her body. Her broken wing had regrown. With her terrifying speed, she appeared next to Tang Wulin in the blink of an eye. Her two split bodies squeezed him.
Her split body’s left half held another battle knife which had materialized out of thin air and slashed at Tang Wulin’s shoulder again. Her right half
suddenly paused in mid-air. The runes appeared once again. However, this time, they were not aimed at Tang Wulin, but at the major behind him.

Mo Mei was just too fast. Whether it was her speed, strength, or the terrifying curses, they shocked him greatly.

Everything happened in the blink of an eye. Tang Wulin did not even have time to think. He could only manage split-second decisions.

He did not bother about the Mo Mei which came at him from the left. Tang Wulin turned around instantly. He spread his arms and pulled the major into his embrace. Simultaneously, a mass of golden light erupted from his body.


The Golden Dragon Roar!

The major felt a scorching shockwave erupting from Tang Wulin’s body. She was immobilized by the deadly curse, but now she had regained her ability to move.

“Swish!” The sound of a sharp blade slicing into flesh was so near. However, she only felt a comforting sense of security and the rapid flickering scales.


She felt as if the entire world was turned inside out. The major could faintly see Tang Wulin sweeping his Golden Dragon Spear horizontally to smash both Mo Meis till they reeled from the impact. The Golden Dragon’s roar
still resounded in the air, while at the same time, she saw a brilliant golden arm fall to the ground. She instinctively shut her eyes with all her might. Simultaneously, she pressed on the instrument’s button which she had finally found.

Everything around them was distorted. Only Mo Mei’s shrill howl resounded in their ears. The instant they vanished, there were only two drops of tears that fell on the ground. They turned into water vapor as Mo Mei’s terrifying attacks came in rapid succession.

His body shuddered. Tang Wulin slowly opened his eyes. His chest rose and fell slightly. He only managed to calm down after a few breaths.

He instinctively touched his left shoulder. It was still intact. However, the intense pain he felt lingered. It was too surreal!

He sighed inwardly. If he did not have to protect the major, he would still have some fight left in him. If he had stabbed Mo Mei with his Golden
Dragon Spear, he would have the chance to turn the defeat into a victory. However, Mo Mei was truly powerful. He had no idea how the Blood God Army had developed such a monster for the sake of the assessment.

The glass cover opened, and all the fastening equipment on Tang Wulin’s body was released. He flexed his shoulders and walked out from under the glass cover.

The major beside him had not woken up yet. Through the glass cover, he could see that her brows were tightly knitted together as if she was under some immense pain.

Suddenly, her body shook violently, then she calmed down. Was it a sign of her regaining consciousness?

Tang Wulin could determine from the major’s aura that she should have a
cultivation base of around five rings in terms of soul power alone. Although he did not know her origins, at her age of about twenty-six, she was
exceedingly outstanding to have attained a soul power of such a rank.

Tang Wulin could not compare his comrades and himself to ordinary soul masters. After all, they were the current generation of the Shrek Seven Monsters. They stood at the pinnacle among their peers.

After a brief moment, the major slowly opened her eyes. Her eyes were not focused at first, but they quickly adjusted after a while. Through the glass cover, she saw Tang Wulin staring at her from the outside.

A complicated gaze flashed across the depths of her eyes. The major opened the glass cover and unfastened herself from the equipment at the same time.

When she took her first step out from underneath the glass cover, her knees buckled. Tang Wulin instinctively lurched forward and caught her in time.

He had not noticed it during the battle, but Tang Wulin clearly felt it now. The major’s body temperature was slightly high, but she was in good shape and her body was supple. It was obviously the result of frequent exercise.
She had neat, short hair and an attractive face.

“Thank you.” the major’s beautiful face blushed as she struggled to stand up and break free of Tang Wulin’s embrace.

Tang Wulin ventured, “My assessment…”

The major was stunned, but she quickly returned to normal. Even her expression regained its icy-cold trademark.

“You’ve passed. Come with me.” After she finished, she brought him out of the room which was used exclusively for assessments. She walked quickly. At the very least, she walked quicker than when they came as if she was running away from something.

Chapter 933 - She’s Single

Chapter 933: She’s Single

It was good that he passed the test. However, Tang Wulin was feeling a little upset that he had revealed his bloodline soul ring abilities too soon. He felt speechless about the situation now, although the feeling had been
exhilarating during the battle earlier. Being pressured was actually helpful to his combat experience. He found it satisfying especially after his Golden Dragon Spear pierced through Ba An’s body to absorb its special energy.

At that moment, he felt the elevation of his body similar to the situation where he had consumed nutritious food. It had been a long time since he felt this way after his physical quality was elevated. Unfortunately, it was just a simulation. It would be nice to have this kind of creature in the real world. He would then have found a way to continue elevating his body’s strength.

He recalled the battle earlier and analyzed the lesson and experience gained as he followed closely behind the major. They passed through the barracks.

Soon, the major brought him back to the place he was at in the beginning. He met the first lieutenant once again.

“Is the test completed? It took longer than usual, didn’t it? Has he passed?” the first lieutenant asked smilingly.

The major nodded. “He passed.”

Tang Wulin noticed that they were not addressing each other’s military rank during their conversation.

“Which rank did he pass?” the first lieutenant asked out of curiosity. The major shook his head. “I don’t know. We’ll have to wait for the higher authorities to decide. It’s very high.”

“Very high?” The first lieutenant knew the major very well. Not many people in the entire Blood God Army obtained a good appraisal from her. She could only imagine the kind of shock the major underwent with this extremely good-looking youth.

“Please make arrangements for him to receive his gear. Assign him to the
special service temporarily while we await the specific assignment after we carry out an evaluation of him,” said the major.

“Sure. Do you wish to show him the barracks first, now that he’s a member of the Blood God Army?” the first lieutenant asked smilingly.

The major hesitated for a moment. At the end, she relented. “Sure. I’ll wait for him outside. Please help to register him.”

The major turned around and walked outside upon saying that. She had only taken two steps when she suddenly stopped and turned around to address
Tang Wulin, “My name is Long Yuxue.” As soon as she said that, she strode out of the room.

Long Yuxue sounded like a name with a story.

“Do you think her name sounds pleasant?” the first lieutenant asked with a smile on her face.

“Pleasant indeed!”

The first lieutenant spoke in jest, “She’s still single. You need to put in more effort.”

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. He could not help laughing. “Are you trying to matchmake us?”

The first lieutenant sighed. “I’ve no choice. What can I do when I only have a daughter?” Daughter? Tang Wulin was startled. The major Long Yuxue seemed different now, quite unlike the person he met earlier.

“She looks like her father. I bet you sensed that our relationship earlier was a little odd. It’s actually quite normal. We’re at the barracks, so we address each other by our military ranks during work hours. On the other hand,
she’s my daughter naturally during the break times. Alright, we shall register you now. Your personal particulars have already been obtained from the recommendation letter and keyed into the system. Tang Wulin from Shrek Academy, an inner court student. Is that correct?”

“Yes.” Tang Wulin nodded.

The first lieutenant spoke, “Age. Twenty-one years? What’s your soul power cultivation base? I need your latest data.”

“About rank-58. It has been some time since I’ve tested mine,” Tang Wulin spoke frankly.

The first lieutenant praised him. “You’re truly worthy of your title as a student of Shrek Academy. How about your battle armor? What is its name?”

Tang Wulin answered, “Dragon Moon.”

“Two-word battle armor?” The first lieutenant’s body shuddered a little. She now understood her daughter’s marked attention toward this youth. Again,
she reminded Tang Wulin that her daughter was single because of Long Yuxue’s interest in him. Long Yuxue had told Tang Wulin her name! The first lieutenant had never witnessed her daughter behaving in such a way before.

“Hmm.” Tang Wulin nodded.

After the registration, the first lieutenant procured a few sets of military uniforms and passed them to Tang Wulin. She gave him two sets of
standard uniforms and two sets of thick winter uniforms. That was all he received. “Ma’am, will I be given any weapons?” Tang Wulin asked out of curiosity.

The first lieutenant shook her head. “No. No one is allowed to reap without sowing in the Blood God Army. You’ll need to work hard to gain powerful weapons and a higher military rank. Only your military merit can be used to exchange for the things you need here.”

Military merit? By carrying out missions? During peacetime, it was not that easy to accumulate military merit. Tang Wulin did not think that the Holy Spirit Cult’s group of evil soul masters would stay in a place with such poor living conditions.

“You’ll find out later. Go, she’s waiting for you outside,” said the first lieutenant with a knowing smile.

Tang Wulin smiled. “Ma’am, I have a girlfriend.”

The first lieutenant was stunned for a moment before she shrugged. “It’s alright. Anything is possible before marriage.”

Tang Wulin did not speak anymore. He feebly thumped his right fist against his chest which was the Blood God Army’s military salute. He then kept the uniforms in his storage ring before he walked out.

Long Yuxue continued to wait outside. Her expression was still as cold as before. She called out when she saw Tang Wulin. “Follow me. I’ll take you to your quarters and give you a briefing on the barracks.”

The weather outside was still cold, but it hardly affected Tang Wulin.

“You must first understand the restricted locations. The building over there is the army’s command post, so one doesn’t enter the place without an impending mission unless one is summoned by the superior. There’s also the building over there. That’s the weapon’s warehouse, another restricted zone. Hence, you’re not allowed to enter at will. This is the barracks and that’s the training area over there. Normally, it’s also the location with the most people. It’s equipped with all sorts of the Federation’s most advanced training devices. You’re allowed to head over there and use it anytime. However, you must be dressed in your military uniform that has your identity tag. Without your military uniform, it’s difficult to go anywhere.”
Long Yuxue explained the situation in the barracks to Tang Wulin in detail. “Ma’am, I have a question. Am I allowed to leave the barracks at will?”
Tang Wulin asked.

Long Yuxue stopped walking. “Leave the barracks? Why do you want to do that?”

Tang Wulin said, “Oh, nothing. Just go for a walk.”

Long Yuxue spoke indifferently, “There’s no leave of absence for you before you achieve the rank of a major. A major’s rank or above will entitle you to a day’s leave per week to go outside, but you must hand in all your military hardware before you go out, including your mecha. You can only rely on your own ability while you’re outside.”


Tang Wulin was not overly concerned about this. Although it was a little difficult to reach the Fire Basin in a day without using his martial soul or battle armor, it was not impossible. He would just fly there.

However, it might take a while before he could be a major!

According to his knowledge of the army, he should be a third-class private when he enrolled in the army. He would then be promoted to a second-class private, and finally to a first-class private under a soldier’s ranking. They
were all considered a private’s rank.

Thereafter, it would be second lieutenant, first lieutenant, captain, and then major.

In other words, he was five to six ranks away from this person before him.

“Promotions within the military are quite easy during the early stage. I don’t think it’s difficult for you judging by your combat ability. However, you must first undergo special training for a month. This is required for all the new recruits. The training lasts for a month which gives you time to learn about the Blood God Army as well as what you should do as a member of the Blood God Army.”

Tang Wulin could not help asking, “Ma’am, may I ask how long it took you to be promoted to a major?”

Long Yuxue raised her brows ever so slightly. “Don’t reach for what is beyond your grasp. I think you can do it faster than me, but remember not to be taken in by greed. The Blood God Army sacrificed the most in this respect over the years. The special training that follows a month later will cover such matters.”

“I understand.” Four years… he could not leave Gu Yuena in the Fire Basin for four years. Tang Wulin was even more depressed that his soul
communicator had lost its signal at present. In other words, there was utterly no way he could get in touch with Gu Yuena right now.

“Are you in a rush to leave?” Long Yuxue could tell from the change in Tang Wulin’s expression.

Tang Wulin said, “Not really. I hope to improve myself as soon as I can.” Of course, he would not mention that he had a girlfriend waiting outside since this would violate the rules of the army.

Long Yuxue brought Tang Wulin to a barrack. The barrack was extremely clean on the inside with metallic finishings all over. However, he noticed
that the temperature rose as soon as he entered the inner area of the barrack. It felt warm and comfortable for him.

“This is your room. Everyone here is given a single room, and it’ll be in
accordance with your rank. You’re a new recruit which is the lowest rank.
When you’re promoted to a lieutenant, there’ll be adjustments later. The
same goes for the promotion to a major. There will be an evaluation of your test later today. So, you’ll begin your special training for new recruits tomorrow. Take a rest first.”

Chapter 934 - Canteen

Chapter 934: Canteen

Long Yuxue was about to leave after being done with the briefing when she was stopped by Tang Wulin. “Ma’am, where do I go for meals?”

Long Yuxue replied, “Didn’t I tell you where the canteen is earlier?” Tang Wulin spoke with a bitter smile on his face, “No!”
Long Yuxue spoke, “Don’t you know the rule that new recruits aren’t allowed to eat?”

“Huh?” Tang Wulin was staring at Long Yuxue in bewilderment. ‘Is there such an army that doesn’t provide meals to its soldiers?’

Long Yuxue spoke indifferently, “Over here, one must rely on one’s own
effort for everything including your meals. You’ll need to use your military merits to exchange for the meal allowance. Only then can you eat in the
canteen. However, new recruits are allowed to take a loan first
and deductions will be made from his or her military merits later.”

The corners of Tang Wulin’s lips twitched once. The Blood God Army was truly peculiar!

“Ma’am, may I ask for a loan from you?” Tang Wulin asked to test the waters.

Long Yuxue spoke, “Sure. The interest rate is ten percent per month.”

Tang Wulin was speechless. How could the interest be that high? He would still need to eat anyhow, so he could only ask helplessly, “Okay, Can I borrow from you then?” “Follow me. It’s dinner time anyway.”

The both of them walked out from the barracks. As expected, the canteen was located nearby. Tang Wulin saw the largest crowd he had seen since he joined the Blood God Army as he followed Long Yuxue into the canteen.

The canteen was very large with a floor area of thousands of square meters. There were at least two thousand people having their dinners. Yet, there was an endless stream of people coming in still.

There were a dozen windows with different signages displayed above the windows. The signages were numbered one, two, three, four, and so on.

Long Yuxue explained to Tang Wulin. “The smaller the number on the window, the more expensive the food is, but it’s also more nutritious and helpful to the body.”

Tang Wulin pondered on how similar it was to the academy’s rules.
However, he had not paid much attention in the past despite his voracious appetite. He would eat at whichever window that provided adequate food. He had not expected that the army did not provide meals to its soldiers. So, it was fortunate for him that he did not need to eat as much now.

Long Yuxue brought Tang Wulin to window number six and joined the queue. Tang Wulin realized that the smaller the number on the window, the shorter the queue was. No one queued at the windows numbered one, two and three as such.

There was a large number of lieutenant ranked officers in the canteen. On the other hand, there was no private present. As for Tang Wulin himself, he had not changed into his military uniform yet. He had Long Yuxue by his
side, so his identity was not an issue.

As a foodie since young, Tang Wulin actually wanted to check out the food provided at the first three windows, but he was too shy to do so.

Tang Wulin asked Long Yuxue softly as they were queuing. “Ma’am, is there a need for a blacksmith in our army?” Long Yuxue darted him a look. “Of course, we need blacksmiths to repair our mechas. Why? Are you a blacksmith?”

Tang Wulin nodded and spoke, “Yes, I’m a blacksmith! Will I be able to earn military merits by forging?”

Long Yuxue answered, “You can do that but you’ll earn fewer merits.” “Enough for meals?” Tang Wulin inquired again.
Long Yuxue spoke, “Are you really concerned about not having enough to eat? I thought I’ve just given you a loan. You can pay me when you’ve
accumulated your military merits later.”

Tang Wulin did not explain further because he could not say that he wished to eat better food. He nodded.

“Yuxue!” A pleasant voice was heard at this moment. Tang Wulin
subconsciously looked toward the direction where the voice came from.

A female military officer with her hair in a ponytail came walking to their side. She was a captain dressed in a well-ironed military uniform which
complemented her appearance that she appeared just as valiant and heroic as a man.

She was just as beautiful as Long Yuxue, but her jawline was less defined. Her pair of huge eyes were shimmering with cheekiness.

“Qiyue.” Long Yuxue’s lips cracked into a rarely seen smile when she saw the captain.

Jiang Qiyue’s gaze fell upon Tang Wulin out of curiosity. “Plain clothes? Is he new? He looks rather handsome, doesn’t he?”

Long Yuxue nodded. “Just arrived today and passed the test. I brought him here for a meal.”

Jiang Qiyue smiled and spoke, “You’re the kind-hearted one. I bet you’re giving loans at low interest again, right? I’ve been telling you that everyone’s going to complain if you keep breaking the rules. Everyone’s monthly interest is a hundred percent while yours is only thirty percent. The others wouldn’t have put up with it if it weren’t you.”

A hundred percent monthly interest? Tang Wulin widened his eyes when he overheard that. Moreover, Long Yuxue loaned him at a rate that was not
even thirty percent! It was only ten percent per month. Being quick-witted, he would keep it to himself at this moment.

Long Yuxue darted Tang Wulin a look while her charming face was blushing faintly. “It’s not easy being a new recruit. We’ve been in their shoes before, so we should help whenever we can.”

Jiang Qiyue turned her head to the side and looked toward Tang Wulin. Her smile was flirtatious in an obvious manner. “Handsome boy, my name is
Jiang Qiyue. What’s yours?”

“Tang Wulin,” Tang Wulin replied with a smile on his face.

His smile was gentle yet perfect. His pair of bright huge eyes were crystal clear as if he could illuminate the entire world. Jiang Qiyue was dazed for a moment as she looked at his smile. She cried out in her heart. He’s so handsome!

The Blood God Army had the highest number of handsome men amongst
all the armies. She was used to seeing handsome men, yet the person before her seemed to make everyone else pale in comparison. She did not manage to find any flaw on Tang Wulin despite her fastidious behavior when it
came to choosing her man. This had never happened to her before.

She tilted her head and looked toward Long Yuxue. “This is quite interesting! How’s his test results?”

Long Yuxue darted her a look. “I don’t know.”

Jiang Qiyue spoke in astonishment. “You brought him here for a meal, so it should be you who brought him for the test too, right? How could you not know?” Long Yuxue spoke, “The higher authorities will evaluate his result. I’m not allowed to give the score.”

Jiang Qiyue was astonished. “Was it so impressive?” Long Yuxue answered, “More impressive than you think.”
Jiang Qiyue was about to say something when a loud and clear voice came from behind. “I don’t believe that.”

The three of them turned around and found a tall, burly male officer behind them. The person had similar facial features as Jiang Qiyue. He had an
exceedingly muscular figure but was only slightly shorter than Tang Wulin.
The bulging muscles on his arms appeared terrifying. Tang Wulin was already considered sturdy, yet this person was even more imposing.

“Brother!” Jiang Qiyue called out, then wrapped her arm around the senior’s arm spontaneously with a coquettish look on her face.

Tang Wulin noticed the military rank of lieutenant colonel on this person’s shoulder.

Long Yuxue nodded her head as a greeting. “What don’t you believe?”

The lieutenant colonel’s gaze was obviously burning as he looked at her. “I don’t believe that he can be that impressive to be praised by Yuxue. I
wonder which rank he would get in your opinion? Second-class private?” Long Yuxue shook her head. “First-class private.”
“That’s impossible.” The lieutenant colonel spoke in astonishment, “You should know how difficult it is for a new recruit to be ranked a first-class private. We’re all well aware of the difficulty to be promoted in the Blood God Army without any military merits!”

Long Yuxue appeared to be reluctant at acknowledging him as she turned around and continued with the queue. The lieutenant colonel appeared familiar with her attitude. He turned around and looked toward Tang Wulin. “Boy, did Yuxue say you can achieve the rank of first-class private?”

Tang Wulin smiled bitterly and spoke, “I don’t know the assessment
standards, so I can’t make any judgment. Hello sir, I’m Tang Wulin.” He revealed a non-threatening smile as he was saying that. He had just arrived here, but he knew the best method to get a promotion after going through the education he acquired from Demon Island.

“I don’t believe that. What are you most skilled in?” the lieutenant colonel asked. He seemed to pay no regards to Tang Wulin’s salutation.

Jiang Qiyue looked at Tang Wulin curiously on the side.

Chapter 935 - Betting Over A Meal?

Chapter 935: Betting Over A Meal?

Tang Wulin frowned slightly. Could it be that this man considered him to be a rival for the major’s affections?

He could tell from the way this lieutenant colonel looked at Long Yuxue that he liked the major. Tang Wulin had obviously found himself in a predicament!

“Strength,” Tang Wulin answered flatly. He did not wish to cause any trouble, but he refused to remain silent. Even in the army, he would still need to stand tall as befitting his power.

The lieutenant colonel burst out laughing. “Strength? Very well! We shall have a trial of strength then. If you can last for three seconds in my hand, I’ll believe that you’re worthy of being promoted to private first-class.”

Tang Wulin’s expression turned cold. “Your opinion as to whether I am deserving of promotion is of no concern to me. Why should I engage in a trial with you?”

Jiang Qiyue widened her eyes while Long Yuxue, standing in front of him, could not help looking behind too.

This was a case of ‘newborn calves not being afraid of tigers’. New recruits were often overconfident upon arriving here, but they would all know their place in the end.

The lieutenant colonel showed no sign of anger, merely watching Tang Wulin with interest. He spoke, “Then what would it take for you to accept my challenge?” Tang Wulin suddenly smiled as well, in an extremely genial manner. If the rest of his Shrek Seven Monsters were here to witness his smile, they would certainly understand that Tang Wulin was about to entrap someone. The more cunning Tang Wulin was being, the more sincere his smile appeared.

“Sir, I’m newly recruited here, and I don’t even have enough military gallantry for food. Why don’t we bet on a meal? If I win, I’ll eat from any window until I’m full, and you’ll foot the bill.”

The lieutenant colonel sized Tang Wulin up and down with his eyes. “Very well! It’s settled then. If you lose, I won’t give you too much trouble. You’ll do my laundry for a month at my place. How’s that?

The request was really not that bad. Tang Wulin could not help feeling less hostile toward the lieutenant colonel because he did not go too far at least. However, was he truly certain about betting with Tang Wulin?

Pity arose in Tang Wulin’s heart despite himself. “So how do you think that we should compete then?”

“It’s very simple. We’ll shake hands until one side admits defeat.” The lieutenant colonel stretched out his huge, fan-like hand as he spoke.

Tang Wulin spoke to Jiang Qiyue and Long Yuxue, “Will the two kind sirs please bear witness.”

Jiang Qiyue sighed softly. “Handsome boy, it’s not a bad thing to help with my brother’s laundry. It will be a chance to learn about my brother’s actual combat experience.”

Tang Wulin smiled. “Sir, are you so sure that I’ll lose?”

Jiang Qiyue giggled. “It seems like you’re very confident in yourself! Why don’t I add to the bet? If you win, I’ll buy you a meal too, and if you lose, you’ll do my laundry for a month, with the exception of my undergarments.” The surrounding soldiers watching the scene immediately broke into uproarious laughter when they heard that.

Tang Wulin was not irritated. He answered with a grin, “Sure.”

He stretched out his hand and shook the lieutenant colonel’s as he spoke.

The lieutenant colonel raised his brows ever so slightly. “Rookie, remember my name. I’m Jiang Wuyue.”

The corners of Tang Wulin’s lips twitched once. He felt that the names picked by this family were truly just matter of convenience!

There were obvious differences between Jiang Wuyue’s and Tang Wulin’s hands. The length of Tang Wulin’s fingers and palm still had a slight upper hand in this situation, but Jiang Wuyue’s palm was exceedingly wide and thick just like a bear’s paw. There was a clear contrast between his and Tang Wulin’s slim, long and fair palm.

Both hands quickly gripped each other.

“This is a confrontation of pure strength. No one is allowed to use soul power or their martial soul, okay?” Jiang Qiyue spoke as she jumped about excitedly on the side.

Jiang Wuyue’s lips cracked into a malicious smile as his palm began to
exert a small amount of force. What a waste that he did not manage to see the piteous look which flashed across Long Yuxue’s eyes standing by the side, remaining silent.

Jiang Wuyue was truly worthy of his reputation of being dumb to have a trial of strength with this boy capable of fighting Ba An using only his raw power.

Tang Wulin was also smiling, but his right hand was holding onto Jiang Wuyue’s in a natural manner.

“Huh?” The look on Jiang Wuyue’s face began to change one moment later. He felt as if he was not holding onto a hand but a piece of rare metal that was incomparably hard. The opponent’s palm and expression remained unchanged no matter how much strength he exerted.

‘The boy is…’

‘He’s only using his physical strength since there’s no soul power fluctuation coming from him. Could it be that the little toyboy’s strength…”

The jeering Blood God Army’s fighters could tell that something was wrong as well. Three seconds? It had already been ten seconds. Jiang
Wuyue had said that Tang Wulin would be considered the victor if he could endure for three seconds.

“Sir, look! Time’s already up!” Tang Wulin spoke with an innocent look on his face.

Jiang Wuyue was being stubborn, so he exerted all his strength into his right hand while the expression on his face became grim. He could not embarrass himself like this in front of so many people!

Tang Wulin sighed softly. He had planned to give Jiang Wuyue a way out, but it seemed like the man before him still refused to quit! Tang Wulin’s hand finally began to shift as his five fingers slowly tightened.

Jiang Wuyue felt as if there was an iron hoop wrapped around his palm. He could do nothing as the hoop grew increasingly tighter. His strength ebbed away when faced with his opponent’s power, like a dead branch breaking off a tree. Intense pain began to radiate from his bones.

Jiang Wuyue’s face began to turn pale as he realized that the new recruit before his eyes had genuinely surpassed his strength.

Meanwhile, he suddenly felt as the grip around his hand loosened. Tang Wulin’s palm went back to normal while Jiang Wuyue got his nerves under control as the pressure was lifted. He was not a complete fool, so he immediately understood the opponent’s intentions. Jiang Wuyue raised his brows ever so slightly as he took the lead to loosen his hand. “Very well. You’re capable of withstanding for so long in my hand, so you’re considered a man of great potential. I’ll be informing the higher-ups that our 1st Close Combat Battalion is taking you in.” With that, he raised his hand and slapped Tang Wulin’s shoulder twice.

Both slaps were genuinely heavy, but Tang Wulin endured it with a smile on his face.

“Thank you, sir. So what do you think I should eat today?” Tang Wulin asked.

Jiang Wuyue waved his hand generously. “Have anything that you like. The meals at the windows with lower numbers are the best. I recommend you to take some from window number one. I admit defeat!”

Jiang Wuyue had a straightforward and easy-going temperament. Moreover, he even helped to point out the window with the most expensive meal for Tang Wulin. This gave Tang Wulin a good impression of him. Despite all that, Tang Wulin was always merciless when it came to food…

It had already been too long since he had last had a scrumptious meal as he was busy hurrying on with his journey. He could only munch on cold and hard dried rations, especially after entering the boundless mountains. The test earlier had already consumed a great deal of his spiritual power.

If one could use words to describe Tang Wulin’s situation now, then the word ‘savage’ would be most suitable for him.

“Sir, I won’t be borrowing from you anymore for today. Thank you, sir.” Tang Wulin walked over to window number one as he spoke.

Jiang Qiyue looked toward her brother with an inquisitive look. The rest of the soldiers watching the scene gradually dispersed. Even though they were curious about Tang Wulin, he was not more important than eating during meal time. Jiang Wuyue spoke with a bitter smile on his face, “The boy is a monster. His strength is extremely high, and he’s more powerful than me.”

“That can’t be.” Jiang Qiyue widened her mouth in surprise. “I still remember that your strength had already exceeded thirty thousand kilograms during your last strength test. Don’t tell me that you were acting mercifully earlier?”

Jiang Wuyue’s lips twitched once. “Merciful? Do you think that I’m that type of person? However, the boy is quite impressive. He’ll serve his full purpose in our Close Combat Battalion with such powerful strength. So it’s decided then. I’ll look for higher authority later.”

“He belongs to our Secret Service. Don’t you even dare to think about it,” Long Yuxue’s icy cold voice floated over.

“Secret Service?” Jiang Wuyue spoke in astonishment, “So you want this boy as well, Yuxue? But your Secret Service normally focuses on intelligence missions, where long-range attacks are more important than close quarter combat. Do you think he is of use to you?”

Long Yuxue did not bother to explain, but she pointed to the situation at window number one. “It’s not looking very good for you, it seems.”

Jiang Wuyue turned his head to the side and looked to the window casually. His expression changed abruptly in the next moment. “Does the boy have a death wish?” He walked over in great strides as he spoke.

Plates after plates of food were continuously brought out from canteen window number one. There was already a row of plates placed on the
platform in front of the window and the staff was still carrying more food to the outside.

More than a dozen sets were ordered within that short period of time.

Chapter 936 - I Won't Let It Go To Waste

Chapter 936: I Won’t Let It Go To Waste

Naturally, there was a reason that so few were queueing at windows number one, two and three. The Blood God Army’s used a credit system based on military gallantry. For the most part, a meal from window number one was equal to the military gallantry acquired through a low-intensity battle. To put it simply, the cost of a meal from window number one was enough to promote a private third-class to a private second-class. Even though later promotion required a huge amount of gallantry, one could imagine how
expensive the food supplied from window number one was. “Boy, what are you doing?” Jiang Wuyue furiously asked.
Tang Wulin turned his head to the side to look at him with an innocent
expression. He replied, “Sir, I thought you said that I could have anything that I like?”

Jiang Wuyue’s imposing manner wavered. “It’s true that I said that you can have anything you like, but don’t waste the food. Don’t you know that greed and wastefulness are the biggest sins in life?”

Seeming sincere, Tang Wulin immediately answered, “Don’t worry, sir. I’ll never let the food go to waste.”

“Can you finish all of this? Let me remind you that every meal from
window number one has a heaven-and-earth spirit item. It’s exceedingly nutritious, so there’s no way you can eat so much. You can’t digest the food even if you’re capable of eating it all. Aren’t you afraid that you’ll die from overeating?”

Tang Wulin spoke with a smile, “Sir, why don’t we do this? We make another bet. If I can eat all of this, then the next meal…” “B*stard. Did I say I wanted to bet you? Back off.” Jiang Wuyue sounded slightly agitated.

A faint voice came from window number one. “Goods sold are not refundable. Battalion Commander Jiang, please pay up. You’re the one who said you conceded defeat.”

Jiang Wuyue’s lips twitched. He still needed an extremely large amount of military gallantry to be promoted from a lieutenant colonel to colonel. He had already been accumulating his gallantry for over a year, but he still had two-thirds to go. In this single meal, one-tenth of his gallantry had been
spent, so it was no wonder that he was regretting his decision.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin could not be bothered with him anymore as he stood at the window and began eating in huge gulps.

He had no idea what the ingredients used for the food were, but he could certainly tell that the taste was absolutely amazing. It was no less
scrumptious than the food Teacher Mu Ye made. There was a dish made of extremely tender and juicy pheasant. It was so good it made Tang Wulin feel like eating his own tongue.

Jiang Wuyue suppressed the pain in his heart and paid the bill. Just as he turned around and fumingly looked back at Tang Wulin, the irate expression on his face froze instantly.

This was because three sets of dishes from window number one had already disappeared in the time it took him to pay the bill. Tang Wulin was working hard on the fourth set now.

A huge bowl of Snow Spirit Bird’s broth was made from an entire Snow Spirit Bird. Jiang Wuxue watched as Tang Wulin put the whole leg into his mouth and spat out the bone in the next moment. A bowl of soup had vanished completely within a few breaths.

He appeared to be eating fast but kept his manners entirely intact. Seeing him eat, it was as if Tang Wulin was on an assembly line. As Jiang Wuxue stood there dazed, another set was finished.

Watching the scene from a distance, Jiang Qiyue and Long Yuxue were both similarly stunned.

“Is the boy reincarnated from a soul that died in a famine? I can’t afford to provide for him when he eats like this, no matter how good looking he is, right?” Jiang Qiyue gulped.

Long Yuxue’s lips cracked into a contemplative smile. “If I’m not mistaken, I recall that someone else placed a bet earlier as well. Do you have enough military gallantry? You can always borrow from me if you’re short. I thought you just mentioned earlier that I’m not supposed to break the rules. As it is, I guess I’ll charge you one-hundred percent monthly interest.”

“Don’t do that, Yuxue!” Jiang Qiyue screamed out in agony. “I’m about to go broke! Don’t do it! I’ve already been collecting my military gallantry for a long time in order to be promoted to major. Oh my god! Where did you find such a monster?! What am I going to do? Yuxue, you must help me, or else please help me beg for mercy from him. You’re the one who brought him in anyway.”

Long Yuxue shrugged. “The evil we bring on ourselves is the hardest to bear. I can’t help you when you’re the one asking for trouble.”

Jiang Wuyue’s mouth was already agape as he witnessed Tang Wulin eat all ten sets of dishes from window number one. He then watched Tang Wulin walk to window number one and ask the chef inside, “Do you still have more?”

“No, that’s all we have for today,” said the head chef inside the canteen. Jiang Wuyue could not stop himself from asking, “You’re still hungry?”
Tang Wulin walked to window number two, saying, “I suppose I can make do with number two.” It had been a long time since he feasted so heartily, but the feast today was truly decadent. He did not want to bankrupt Jiang Wuyue, but he truly could not stop himself from eating.

The food was fantastic in quality as well as quantity. He felt as the lethargy he had been suffering from recently was swept away. His entire body finally felt at ease and contented. Moreover, the blood essence vortex in his chest was already spinning at its highest speed. There seemed to be faint glittering light shimmering in the very center of its core. It was just the right time for him to replenish a large amount of energy. He had almost finished digesting all of the food that he had just consumed.

Tang Wulin feasted on a dozen meals from window number two before he stopped. He cracked a toothy grin at Jiang Wuyue, whose face had already turned the color of mud. “Thank you, sir.”

Jiang Wuyue stood there dumbstruck, watching him depart. Tang Wulin greeted Jiang Qiyue and Long Yuxue before leaving the canteen and returning to his quarters.

A soldier’s room was not very well-furnished. It was ten square meters with a very simple washroom. However, Tang Wulin was quite satisfied, as he had a room to himself. That was at least better than sharing a room with
someone else.

‘Gu Yue, what do I do when I can’t get in touch with you?’ Tang Wulin was feeling slightly anxious. He could not possibly wait for four years until he was promoted to the rank of major.

In order to accumulate gallantry to move up the military’s ranks, Tang Wulin would first need to figure out the basics of their scoring system in the special training for the following month.

He sat cross-legged on his bed and meditated. He would need to seize every opportunity he could to cultivate painstakingly. He could possess a one- hundred-thousand-year soul ring as soon as he had broken through to rank- 60, so his cultivation base would undoubtedly ascend to a whole new level. Tang Wulin’s fight with Mo Mei that day made his own inadequacies clear to him. His strength was enough, but he still had a lot of room for growth when it came to converting it into speed. He would need to improve on that or else his strength, though incredible, would be wasted if it was ineffective against the enemy.

While Tang Wulin was meditating, a total of twelve people was watching a screen in Operation Room No.3 inside the Blood God Army’s command post.

The screen was displaying Tang Wulin’s climb up Skyend Mountain.

Long Yuxue was there as well. She was standing behind, while the rest of the people sitting there were at the rank of senior colonel or higher. Seated at the front were two generals with stars pinned to their uniforms.

These generals were men who appeared to be over forty years of age. One of them was huge and muscular, with thick brows and large eyes. He had a handsome and dignified appearance as he sat there exuding an air of grandeur.

The person by his side was a tall and slim man. He appeared to be sixty percent similar to Long Yuxue, so it was apparent that he was related to her.

“Pretty impressive physical capabilities there,” the major general with the well-built physique said with a deep voice.

Long Yuxue spoke, “Yes, I’ve examined the data. It took a total of eight days from when he entered Skyend Mountain to arriving at the barracks. There was no sign of him using his soul power or martial soul. However…”

“However what?” the major general that looked very similar to her asked.

Long Yuxue answered, “However, he seemed to possess an unusual kind of strength. I think it originates from his bloodline. Generals, both of you can take a look at the footage from his test to witness how he displays the
strength later. It’s very peculiar but also extremely powerful.”

Chapter 937 - Shock

Chapter 937: Shock

The burly major general burst out laughing. “That’s impressive. The person is truly of good stock to be appraised by Little Xue as such. Alright, let’s take a look at his assessment exercise then.”

Long Yuxue came forward to switch the channel.

Shadows flashed once on the screen which then displayed the scene of her and Tang Wulin entering the simulated world.

Long Tianwu took a glance at his daughter with a peculiar expression on his face. He had heard from his wife about how his daughter personally brought along this new recruit for his test and gave him the highest valuation. Only the new recruit with the highest valuation deserved their attention. They personally watched the test recording so they could determine the rank for the new recruit.

The scene began to change as Long Yuxue and Tang Wulin leaped into the abyss and entered the cavern.

Tang Wulin walked in front with the iron rod in his hand while his eyes were shimmering with purple radiance occasionally.

“He was chosen and sent over by Tang Sect, but was from Shrek Academy originally? Seems like he’s a survivor from Shrek Academy?” Long Tianwu squinted his eyes.

“I think so.” Xu Weitao nodded. “I didn’t expect that Shrek would be
completely annihilated. I’m afraid that our people who originated from Shrek would be out of control if not for our suppression of the news. It seems like the continent is no longer peaceful.” Long Tianwu nodded. “It’s highly suspect and not as simple as it looks. I think it’s related to the military. Our regimental commander is on his way to the army headquarters, so we’ll wait for him to brief us on the situation
when he’s back. I hope that the army headquarters will not get involved or it’ll be a big disappointment. How could they kill Atlas Douluo?”

Xu Weitao sighed once. “Some people think that the current Douluos are powerful enough. On the other hand, Shrek Academy’s neutral stance draws resentment from those who are overly ambitious. We can’t just leave this matter as it is. We’ll wait for the regimental commander to make the final decision then.”

“Hmm. huh!” The scene had begun to change as the two major generals were conversing with each other.

Long Tianwu made a bewildered sound because he saw the scene where Long Yuxue was suddenly running toward the middle cavern. Was not the difficulty of the assessment fabricated?

They then watched as Tang Wulin’s figure followed closely behind Long Yuxue. He waved the long rod up and down continuously to kill the four- clawed bats in succession.

“His close quarter combat is very impressive when he used the Tang Sect’s Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track. Moreover, he’s calm and steady. It’s quite impressive for twenty-one-year-old to do this. His strength is exceedingly powerful that he can rely on an iron rod to defeat so many four-clawed bats easily. He did it all without any reinforcements or equipment, so he has at least a second-class private’s attributes.”

Long Yuxue did not utter a word. The scene changed and the six-clawed bat had crawled its way out and pounced on Tang Wulin.

Long Tianwu and Xu Weitao’s gazes turned serious. The six-clawed bat
was more than ten times stronger than the four-clawed bat, especially when it was equipped with the ability to launch sonic attacks. The soundwaves once caused a lot of trouble for the Blood God Army. A close range attack was highly distressing in many cases. In the next moment, Long Tianwu stiffened a little because he witnessed Tang Wulin holding Long Yuxue in his arms when he defeated the six-
clawed bat.

Long Yuxue’s charming face blushed as she explained, “His spiritual power is exceedingly powerful. He used his spiritual power to protect me such that I wouldn’t be struck by the soundwaves.”

Long Tianwu did not speak. A man capable of relying on pure strength to kill a six-clawed bat was definitely considered an elite amongst the new recruits.

What followed after made them change their views drastically.

Witnessing three six-clawed bats being killed by Tang Wulin, the officers, behind the two generals, were shifting in their seats. The voices of their discussions sounded as one.

Soon after, Tang Wulin fell and brought Long Yuxue down together with him. However, by using a sophisticated feet positioning technique and terrifying strength, Tang Wulin managed to kick the giant serpent away. The scene caused the two major generals to jump to their feet.


“Ba An? How did a Ba An appear there? This test is too difficult, isn’t it? What a waste, I was hoping to see how long this young boy would last.”

Long Tianwu and Xu Weitao frowned as they sat in the front row and watched a giant claw appear.

“Gentlemen, the test has not ended yet,” Long Yuxue could not refrain herself from saying.

Not ended yet? That was a Ba An!

Later, they witnessed the scene where Tang Wulin suppressed Ba An by force. It was a collision of pure strength alone. Yet, what was happening with that golden soul ring? The entire operations room was in complete silence when Ba An was pinned against the stone wall by the Golden Dragon Spear.

He did not use his martial soul nor soul power, but he still managed to kill Ba An. He did not even use his battle armor or mecha! He relied purely on his strength. Could it be related to his bloodline’s strength possibly?

He deserved a higher accolade than ‘genius’.

Very few amongst the group of people who were present, including the senior colonels, could achieve such a victory.

“Extraordinary,” Xu Weitao spoke in a deep voice.

“Mo Mei!” Long Tianwu suddenly stood up because the scene had yet to end. A Mo Mei appeared in the scene.

In the next scene, Tang Wulin fought hard against the Mo Mei and used his body to shield Long Yuxue. The enthusiasm of the audience in the operations room was evoked once again.

Early morning the next day.

It was still pitch dark outside when Tang Wulin awakened from his meditation. The day was shorter than the night over here. He gazed at the frozen and snow-covered land outside and sensed the warm comforting temperature in the room. Tang Wulin found it relaxing to his surprise.

The heavy burden on his shoulders felt lighter when he was far away from the clamor of the inner continent. Although he had not completely forgotten his worries, at least he did not need to be stressed out.

His first impression of the Blood God Army was good. The Amorous Douluo certainly had his reasons to send Tang Wulin here. His main purpose was to work hard on elevating his power and achieve a certain military rank in the army.

There was no doubt that the Blood God Army was not as influenced by the Federation. It was an autonomous world here. Although it was not as neutral as Shrek Academy, the army was highly qualified.

As to why the Blood God Army was stationed here, the Amorous Douluo did not tell, so Tang Wulin would need to find out by himself.

The feast from last night had an impressive effect. He felt full of vigor while his blood essence power was elevated.

Tang Wulin stood up and stretched his body. After a brief wash up, he walked out from his room and went outside.

The temperature of Skyend Mountains in the early morning was extremely low. Even Tang Wulin could not help shivering. He was already dressed in a white military uniform. The well-ironed military uniform fitted him
well and complemented his slim figure with a stalwart appearance.

He moved his body about slightly. Was he going to begin his special training today? He wondered what the agenda would be today.

With his prior experience from the training on the Demon Island, he did not worry about how tough the Blood God Army’s special training would be.
What else could be more physically and mentally tormenting than the Demon Island?

He could not see the sky clearly as the air was filled with snow mist blowing in the sky. What a waste that his martial soul was not of ice
attribute. Otherwise, he could be cultivating here to yield twice the result with half the effort.

“Tang Wulin.” A sweet voice was heard at this moment.

“Ma’am.” Tang Wulin turned around and saw Long Yuxue. “You’re early! Do you live here too?”

Long Yuxue shook her head. “No, I don’t live here. I’m here to see you. Your test grade has been despatched. Please follow me to receive your military rank after breakfast. At the same time, your assignment will be announced.” “Yes!” Tang Wulin thumped his right hand against his chest and gave Long Yuxue the Blood God Army’s military salutation.

Long Yuxue took a step forward. She then used her left hand to support his elbow while her right hand shifted the position of his arm.

“It should be in this position. Your fist is placed slightly higher above your heart. Do you understand?”


“Have your breakfast first. Oh right, Qiyue has pleaded for mercy from you…” At this point, even Long Yuxue was amused by the situation as she recalled Jiang Qiyue’s piteous look while she implored for sympathy. She could not help feeling entertained by the prank because she did not expect Qiyue to land herself in such a situation.

“Oh? Alright, then I’ll just order one set,” Tang Wulin spoke.

“How did you manage to eat so much?” Long Yuxue could not refrain herself from asking.

Tang Wulin spoke, “Er… I’m blessed with having a good appetite, I guess. However, I can eat less. There’s no need for me to eat so much each time. However, eating more is helpful to my cultivation.”

Long Yuxue took a glance at him in surprise. She nodded and spoke,
“Cultivating by eating? I bet that’s related to your bloodline ability, right?”

Tang Wulin’s chest tightened, but he did not deny it. On the contrary, he nodded.

He met Jiang Qiyue during breakfast, only that she was no longer as lively
as yesterday. Her hair was pleated into two little braids that made her appear as the girl next door with a piteous expression on her face.

Tang Wulin could not help laughing in his heart. How could she think that he would not see through her disguise! What else had he not seen from the seven old demons on the Demon Island? However, he could not be bothered with her.

Chapter 938 - Second Lieutenant Staff Officer Tang Wulin

Chapter 938: Second Lieutenant Staff Officer Tang Wulin

“Good morning, senior officer.” Tang Wulin saluted Jiang Qiyue.

Jiang Qiyue hastily said, “We’re all in the same unit. Call me Paoze, you don’t have to address me as senior officer. We’re not in the middle of a mission. Just call me by my name. Handsome, take a look at this…”

Tang Wulin said, “I’ll have something simple, as at window number six.
One is enough. I ate a lot last night, and I feel like I haven’t digested it completely.”

“Really?” Jiang Qiyue’s big eyes brightened up. Then, she looked at Long Yuxue beside her with a grateful expression.

Long Yuxue said, “This has nothing to do with me. He agreed to it.”

Jiang Qiyue immediately hugged Tang Wulin’s arm in a bout of excitement, “Thank you so much.”

Her body was far more developed than the average person’s. Tang Wulin
could feel her buxom body coming into contact with his own. He could not help but smile wryly. He broke the contact seamlessly and said, “It’s nothing. Yesterday was just for fun. I humbly ask the senior officer to teach and guide me in the future.”

Jiang QIyue’s gaze flickered. How could she not have noticed Tang Wulin’s clever move in breaking the physical contact between them?

After they had their breakfast, Long Yuxue brought Tang Wulin to the
Blood God Army’s command post. The commissioning ceremony would be held here. It was the rule of the Blood God Army. The Blood God Army’s command post was neat and simple. There were no decorations and it looked just as cold as the snow outside. The
commissioning ceremony would be held in a small hall that could fit about a hundred people. When Tang Wulin followed Long Yuxue into the hall, a dozen people were already seated below the stage. Their epaulets shone like dazzling starlight.

At first glance, there were two generals. The others were officers above the rank of colonel. Tang Wulin noticed that these people looked at him with
curious gazes.

Of course, he had an inkling that it was related to the use of his bloodline power during the assessment. However, Tang Wulin thought nothing of it.
Since the assessment did not allow the participant to use soul power and
soul skills, it must have been designed to assess the soldier’s other qualities. For example, the protection of one’s comrades. He had undergone the
Demon Island’s training before. When Long Yuxue told him to protect her, Tang Wulin surmised that was probably the objective of the assessment.

In the end, he had to use his bloodline power. Naturally, he had his reasons for doing so. He did not hold back because he wanted to fit in with the army as soon as possible. Displaying his strength was undoubtedly the best way to do so. The attention he received today was within his expectations.

Long Yuxue made Tang Wulin stand on the side. She then walked up to the few officers and saluted them while standing at attention.

“Secret Service deputy chief reporting. I have brought the new recruit Tang Wulin. Awaiting further instructions.”

Long Tianwu said, “Begin.” “Understood.”
Long Yuxue turned around and said to Tang Wulin, “I now invite the new recruit Tang Wulin to ascend the stage to be commissioned.” Tang Wulin walked to the center of the stage. He faced the officers and hammered his chest with his right hand. He saluted them in accordance to the convention of the Blood God Army.

Long Tianwu then stood up and walked over to him. Nearby, Long Yuxue came over with a tray. Two epaulets were placed alongside two golden
collar patches on the tray.

A bar and a star. Second lieutenant?

When Tang Wulin saw the rank, he was shocked. ‘I thought I was only going to be a private.’ In his opinion, with his performance during the
assessment, he could have been commissioned as a first-class private. Least of all, he had not expected to be commissioned as a second lieutenant.

The three ranks of a private were corporal, sergeant, and first-class sergeant. Then came the rank of second lieutenant. The significant difference between a private and a lieutenant was that even a first-class sergeant was
still not considered an officer. However, a second lieutenant was definitely a full-fledged military officer.

It was an incredible feat for him to be commissioned as an officer the moment he joined the army. A higher entry point meant that his chances of further promotion would be better.

Long Tianwu said to Tang Wulin, “Tang Wulin, we’ve seen your
assessment’s recording and thought that your performance was outstanding.
You’ve truly shocked us for being able to display such combat strength without utilizing your soul power. According to the Blood God Army’s rules, an outstanding new recruit can be given the rank of a first-class
sergeant. However, based on your excellent performance, the army decides to make an exception and award you the rank of a second lieutenant. I hope that you’ll keep up the good work and accomplish further merits.”

“Understood!” responded Tang Wulin.

Long Tianwu personally attached the rank insignia on him. The well-ironed white military uniform appeared different with the addition of the military rank. Tang Wulin looked incredibly heroic.

“Second Lieutenant Tang Wulin, you’re assigned to the Secret Service as a staff officer. You’ll immediately assume your duties after a month of special training.”

From this moment on, Tang Wulin was the Secret Service’s staff officer, Second Lieutenant Tang Wulin. It also meant that he had finally joined the federal army to be a soldier officially, a military officer to be exact. A
whole new world has opened up for him.

Staff officer Second Lieutenant? What were the duties of this post? Tang Wulin truly had no idea. However, he decided to take things as they came. He was sure that he would be given his duties soon enough in the following month. Since he was in the Secret Service, the deputy chief Long Yuxue
would be considered his colleague.

The commissioning ceremony ended. Long Yuxue brought Tang Wulin along, and they left the command post.

“Senior officer, is my special training commencing after this?” asked Tang Wulin.

Long Yuxue nodded, “I’m your special training instructor for this whole month. You’ll be following the schedule I set for you throughout the training. First off, I’ll give you some classes on theoretical knowledge.”

Contrary to Tang Wulin’s expectations, Long Yuxue did not bring him to any sort of classroom. Instead, they went into a dorm room that resembled an apartment. No matter his view, it seemed identical to the place where Long Yuxue lived.

“Sit, this is my dorm,” said Long Yuxue magnanimously.

Tang Wulin did not ask further. He sat down on the living room’s sofa.

Long Yuxue said, “You’re the only new recruit we have. Hence, there’s no need to go out of our way to find a place. Please remember everything I’m about to tell you.”

“Yes, senior officer.”

Long Yuxue glanced at him, “There’s no one else here. You can call me by my name. We’ll be colleagues after this.”

“Uh, won’t it be inappropriate?” Tang Wulin glanced at her.

Long Yuxue made a cold face and lowered her voice, “This is an order.” “Very well then…”
Long Yuxue said, “You must be curious why there’s an army at this location, Endless Mountains. The terrain is tough and unforgiving. The living conditions are harsh. Am I right?”

Tang Wulin nodded. The Endless Mountains was the westernmost part of the continent. On a map, one would notice the west coast could be reached quickly after traversing the Endless Mountains. The west coast was also the most desolate place on the entire continent because of the barrier formed by the Endless Mountains.

Beyond the west coast, there was no oceanic soul beast activity or destruction of any kind. There was no human living there at all. In any case, the Blood God Army was still an excellent army.

Why was such an excellent army placed here? Tang Wulin was truly
curious. When Long Yuxue brought this up, he knew that he would finally learn about the army’s secret.

Long Yuxue continued, “The Blood God Army was formed six thousand three hundred years ago. So, it has a history of thousands of years. On the continent, there are few who know about our existence. Our soldiers are different from ordinary soldiers. We shoulder heavy responsibilities and go on missions. Generations of the Blood God Army’s experts have been
silently protecting the entire Douluo all this time.” Tang Wulin listened intently. Long Yuxue’s gaze revealed a disappointing, vague recollection as she
continued. “The reason why we protect this place is because a great disaster happened at this very spot.”

“You should know that the mountain range we’re on did not belong to
Douluo Continent in the beginning. It was formed by the movement of the tectonic plates when Sun Moon Continent joined with this land. In other
words, this land originally belonged to Sun Moon Continent. Then, the two continents collided and merged together. That’s how Douluo Continent
came about, with its surface area which is now twice as big. Ten thousand years ago, due to differences in the cultures and ideals, a war broke out. In the end, the continent was unified. Time passed, and the current Federation eventually took shape.”

“It’s still unknown whether the collision of the two continents created some spatial distortion. A strange spatial tunnel appeared in the Endless
Mountains. To put it simply, another space had connected to where we are. Hence, in the world outside or even in the universe, there are many more planets where there may be various spaces which contain all kinds of living creatures. The appearance of the spatial tunnel may have shortened the distance between the different spaces. Maybe, it connects two spaces which are hundreds of millions of miles apart from each other. Anyone can go from one space to another in a short span of time through this spatial tunnel. Can you understand this?”

“I understand.” Tang Wulin nodded. After his experience in the Dragon Valley, he had some level of understanding regarding spaces that were independent of Douluo Continent.

Chapter 939 - Abyss

Chapter 939: Abyss

Long Yuxue said, “Such a tunnel appeared in the Endless Mountains. At first, it was tiny and the location was isolated, so nobody noticed that it existed. However, with the passage of time, the tunnel increased in size. The creatures from the other world started coming into our Douluo
Continent. We dubbed them ‘abyssal creatures’.”

Tang Wulin’s pupils suddenly contracted to pinpoints. “What you’re saying is, the creatures I’ve encountered during my assessment actually exist?
Those are the abyssal creatures you’ve mentioned?”

Long Yuxue replied, “You’re smart. Yes, that’s exactly what I’m saying. When the abyssal creatures began coming into the Endless Mountains in great throngs six thousand three hundred years ago and started their migration, there was a great disaster. Because it took place in the secluded
western location of the continent where the population is sparse and also the blackout on information by the Federation, there were only a handful of people who knew about it.

“The purpose of the abyssal creatures is destroying and devouring. They will consume all living things, whether they’re animals or plants. Like locusts, they leave behind a barren land wherever they go. They are filled with madness. In just a short amount of time, all life in the Endless
Mountains disappeared.

“Fortunately, at that time, the Federation’s technology already developed to a certain extent, and they found out about the invasion early on. That’s how the disaster didn’t spread to the inner parts of the continent. The Federation had practically mobilized two-thirds of its armies to eradicate these abyssal creatures. With the combined efforts of Shrek Academy, the Tang Sect, the Spirit Pagoda, and the Battle God Hall, in cooperation with the eleven mecha regiments, and countless fixed soul ammunitions, they eventually managed to push the abyssal creatures back into the tunnel.

“In the battle, more than two hundred people died. The Tang Sect Douluo Hall Hall Master had died during a fight with an abyssal creature’s plane king. Four of the Shrek Seven Monsters of that generation had died. Ten of the Battle God Hall’s eighteen battle gods had died. Three of the Four Great Spiriters of the Spirit Pagoda had died. Of the three main and deputy hall masters, one had died while the other was gravely injured. It is said that the battle was absolutely horrifying.”

Tang Wulin gasped. He could tell how powerful these four organizations were from their current strengths. According to Long Yuxue, the Title
Douluos who participated in the battle must have numbered more than thirty. Also, when he counted the years, he calculated that battle armor would have developed during that period in time. Although it was not as
powerful as modern battle armor, it would not have been far inferior. If even the Tang Sect’s Douluo Hall’s Hall Master died in the battle, he could only imagine how powerful the abyssal creatures were. When he thought about Mo Mei, whom he had encountered in the virtual world, Tang Wulin’s heart could not help but feel heavy.

“Our seniors’ blood wasn’t spilled in vain. The abyssal creatures were pushed back to their original plane. Five of the seven emperor-ranked abyssal creatures had died in that battle. The leader of the Seven Abyss Emperors was also gravely injured under the combined might of that
generation’s Tang Sect Douluo Hall’s Master, Shrek Academy’s Sea God Pavilion’s Master, and the leader of the Shrek Seven Monsters. Countless abyssal creatures were killed. After that, the seniors had forcibly sealed the
abyss’s tunnel. They weren’t able to seal it completely, but abyssal creatures above the rank of King would find it difficult to pass through the tunnel.
The Blood God Army was also formed during that time by the four organizations. It only had one objective, and that was to guard the tunnel, to never let the abyssal creatures reach the continent again.

“We have absolutely no idea where the abyssal creatures live, but we know they’re extremely powerful. For example, Mo Mei, whom you’ve
encountered, can be regarded as a lord-ranked abyssal creature. The colossal Ba An is only of header-rank. Throughout these six thousand years, the abyssal creatures have always wanted to invade our world. That’s why they kept attacking the seal while we’re protecting it with all our might.”

Tang Wulin said, “So the military gallantry that’s been mentioned can only be earned by battling the abyssal creatures?”

“That’s right,” Long Yuxue continued, “The cavern you saw in the
assessment was modeled after the abyss’s cave. The scenario created is also highly similar. In the cave, we’d be under the effects of the spatial tunnel’s shockwave and our martial souls will be greatly weakened. It’s not that
we’ll be unable to use them, but it’s basically the same thing. This is why you could not use your soul power during the assessment. The spatial
shielding device created by our current technology only allows soul masters to use their martial souls for a short amount of time.”

Tang Wulin nodded. “I see, so that’s why. In other words, after my special training, I’ll begin fighting abyssal creatures? The more abyssal creatures I kill, the more military gallantry I can accumulate?”

Long Yuxue nodded. “In theory, yes. But you’re in the Secret Service, that’s slightly different from the combat unit.”

Tang Wulin said, “Senior officer, then can I be moved to the combat unit? I’d like to fight on the front lines.”

When she saw Tang Wulin’s fighting spirit ablaze, Long Yuxue raised her brows slightly. As a female soldier, she did not admire guys who merely had handsome looks, but those that were responsible and strong warriors.

Without a doubt, Tang Wulin had all these qualities. During the assessment, all fights were not very different from the real world, especially when he fought Mo Mei in the end. Mo Mei’s speed did not even allow him time to think. It was under those conditions that Tang Wulin was still able to protect her with his own body. The endurance of his will to fight was apparent.

That was why Long Yuxue did not doubt what Tang Wulin had said. “No, you’re mistaken. Compared to the combat unit, we have more opportunities of coming into contact with abyssal creatures. Do you know what our responsibilities are?” asked Long Yuxue.

Tang Wulin shook his head. He was at a loss.

Long Yuxue continued, “Our main job is to carry out various missions. The other day when you saw me standing guard outside the barracks, I was
substituting for one of my friends. Under normal circumstances, that’s not our usual job requirement. Our most important task is scouting, to provide information and samples for the research institute.

“The combat unit has to take turns in fighting the abyssal creatures, and also resupply the unit, among other responsibilities. Moreover, it’s not
every day that there’ll be abyssal creatures venturing over here. The main mission of the combat unit is to guard the abyss tunnel and not let a single abyssal creature pass. We, the Secret Service, are different. Our duty is to gather intelligence. We’ll enter the place closest to the spatial tunnel and might even go onto the abyss’s plane obtain more information about the
abyssal creatures and their living conditions. If we discover a new species and bring back samples of it, it’s a very important achievement. Hence, if you want to be promoted quickly, it’ll be most suitable for you to stay with the Secret Service for now.”

Tang Wulin asked with some curiosity, “Why do you say ‘for now’?”

Long Yuxue replied, “Up to certain ranks, personal military gallantry is very important. But when you climb high enough in the ranks, especially above the rank of a lieutenant colonel, your leadership ability will also be considered as your merits. It’s because the higher ranking officers must
have the ability to command or it’ll be impossible for you to be promoted to a higher rank. Even if you are, you’ll only be like a foreign official in the
army. You won’t be able to directly command a unit. Take Jiang Wuyue, for example. He was from the Secret Service. He only transferred to the combat unit after he was promoted to major. He spent two years to be
commissioned as an officer, hence he accumulated military gallantry at a quick pace. If I ate like you did yesterday, I wouldn’t be able to pay.” Tang Wulin squinted his eyes slightly and said, “You’re saying that I better stay in the Secret Service until I’m a major before I transfer to the combat unit?”

Chapter 940 - Opportunity?

Chapter 940: Opportunity?

“That’s right. It’s the quickest way to accumulate military gallantry. Of
course, not everyone can do that. One must have sufficient strength to be
able to carry this out. Your abilities have been tried in the assessment. In the following month, I’ll inspect your skills further and assign missions to you. The greatest advantage of our Secret Service is that, unlike the combat unit, we don’t have any general dispatching of forces. We can enter the abyssal tunnel to scout and fight any time.”

“I understand.” Tang Wulin nodded.

After he had heard Long Yuxue’s introduction, he finally had a rough understanding of the Blood God Army. Although the existence of the abyssal plane made his heart feel heavy, Tang Wulin also felt like an opportunity had presented itself.

When he fought with Ba An and absorbed its energy with his Golden Dragon Spear, he clearly felt the boost that the pure energy gave his
bloodline. From this experience, it seemed that although the abyssal plane creatures were filled with destructive properties, the energy they contained was extremely pure. After he obtained the energy from his Golden Dragon Spear, he could immediately use them.

Under normal circumstances, it was impossible for him to devour another creature’s life energy through his Golden Dragon Spear to support his own cultivation. He could not do that to a human and there were no soul beasts around him right now, so that was impossible as well. However, when he
was faced with these foul abyssal creatures that wanted to destroy the entire human world, Tang Wulin had no qualms whatsoever.

Through his battles with abyssal creatures, he could use his Golden Dragon Spear to devour their energies and harmonize them with his own body. Although it did not have much of an effect on his soul power’s cultivation, it greatly enhanced the elevation of his bloodline power. It could even be
comparable to eating heaven-and-earth treasures. Where else would he be able to find such a resource?

Given all that, the increased risk that came with being a soldier in the Blood God Army was worth the greater opportunities.

From a financial standpoint, if he could fight the abyssal creatures and absorb their energies to replenish himself for a long period of time, he might not even need to consume heaven-and-earth treasures when he
eventually tried to break through the Golden Dragon King’s Seals in the future.

In Tang Wulin’s opinion, such conditions were difficult to come by. Every time he tried to break through, he would face extremely high risks. The further he went in unsealing the Golden Dragon King, the greater the dangers. He was completely clueless as to what awaited him after rank-9.
He would only truly comprehend the severity of the risks he would face after he attempted to break through the tenth seal.

Old Tang had been in a deep slumber. Although he was almost done preparing the heaven-and-earth treasures to break through the tenth seal and had consumed the Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum not long ago, Tang Wulin still worried. After all, this might very well elevate his bloodline power to a whole new rank.

At the same time, he was also looking forward to it. It would definitely be most beneficial if he could achieve his objectives by devouring the abyssal creatures’ energies.

The Amorous Douluo had truly found him the perfect place. Not only could he gradually obtain the help of the military here, but he could also
constantly improve himself here at the same time. The eighteen Golden Dragon King Seals had helped him reach his current level, but it was also
like an ax that constantly hung over his head. Even so, what if he was able to absorb the Golden Dragon King’s energy from all eighteen seals? What would come of that? The existence of the abyssal plane undoubtedly gave him such an opportunity.

The plane was so powerful that the four great organizations of the Douluo Continent had to fight with all their might and were gravely injured in the process, so Tang Wulin reckoned that the abyssal creatures were legion.

Strength. What he needed most right now was strength!

“What are you thinking about?” Long Yue asked suddenly.

With that, Tang Wulin finally snapped back to his senses. “Nothing. I’m just thinking about how I can fight the abyssal creatures as soon as possible.”

Long Yuxue lowered her voice. “I admit that your strength is great, but I must remind you not to be arrogant no matter the circumstances. The
abyssal creatures are more terrifying than you imagine. Also, it’s different when you’re in actual combat compared to when you’re in a virtual setting because you won’t be able to be revived. Do you understand?”

“Mmm.” Tang Wulin nodded.

Long Yuxue’s expression darkened slightly as she said, “I’ll explain to you what we know about the abyssal plane, and the general conditions of the various abyssal creatures for now.”

Long Yuxue was a good instructor and gave Tang Wulin detailed descriptions. Tang Wulin also listened intently. He would immediately raise a question when he had one, and she would answer everything.

With his deeper understanding of the abyssal plane, Tang Wulin appreciated the greatness of the Blood God Army even more. According to Long Yuxue, less than half of the Blood God Army soldiers served for a full ten years before leaving this place.

Mankind’s technology was constantly developing, and their experience of fighting the abyssal plane was also increasing. However, they were still unable to avoid casualties.

The sudden fall of Shrek Academy was also a great blow to the Blood God Army. The Tang Sect and Shrek Academy had been supplying the Blood God Army with a great amount of fresh blood. If they no longer had their reserve force, the Blood God Army would face the risk of dying off in the future. It would also be difficult to predict if they could continue fighting
against the abyssal plane.

Although the Battle God Hall and the Spirit Pagoda could still send them new recruits, the Blood God Army would eventually be controlled by one of these two organizations with those being its only sources. This was
something that the commanding officers of the Blood God Army did not want to see. This was because the Blood God Army existed to protect
Douluo Continent and not to become anyone’s weapon.

Tang Wulin also understood that the Blood God Army’s equipment seemed to be the most powerful that mankind had.

For one to be considered for enlistment in the Blood God Army, one must first increase one’s cultivation base to at least four rings. Being a four- ringed Soul Ancestor was a requirement to join the Blood God Army, though even the strictest of sects would not have made such a demand, leave alone the military. Also, the person could not be a mere soul guide master, but a true soul master.

In a battle with abyssal creatures, weapons mostly served auxiliary purposes. If one was not powerful enough, it was simply impossible for one to fight continuously.

A long-term battle in the high altitude and freezing temperatures of the snowy mountains was extremely trying on a soldier’s strength and will.
Hence, although it was said that not more than half of the soldiers here
could retire after serving a full term, in truth, many of them were actually dismissed because they could not endure the service mentally.

Being dismissed was different from being discharged. Military officers discharged from the Blood God Army were definitely top talents that most military commanders would fight over. However, those who were dismissed would not have the right to say that they had served in the Blood God Army before.

Ten years was a long time in a person’s life.

Many people from great families wanted to find ways to enlist their outstanding talents in the Blood God Army. They all had the same objective, and that was to train themselves in these ten years. If they were able to complete all ten years of service, then they would most likely become the pillars of their families in the future.

Currently, some of the commanding officers in the federal army were from the Blood God Army, regardless of whether they were from the Hawk Faction or the Dove Faction. Although the current federal military minister had not served in the Blood God Army before, his son was a member.

Hence, although she did not spell it out, Tang Wulin could read between the lines of Long Yuxue’s words. The Blood God Army was a cradle for military commanding officers. Of course, this was all under the presumption that one could return to civilization alive.

Ten years, huh?

Tang Wulin laughed bitterly in his heart. He reckoned that the Amorous Douluo sent him here so that he would have enough time settle himself down.

What height would he be able to reach in ten years?

Tang Wulin balled his fists. He set a goal for himself in his heart. In ten years, he would think of a way to be a commanding officer no matter what. At the same time, he would raise his personal strength to the rank of a Title Douluo.
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