The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 921-930

Chapter 921 - Departing to Enlist in the Army

Chapter 921: Departing to Enlist in the Army

o the North, East, South, and West. Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena were
assigned to the toughest location which was also the only place without the Tang Sect’s and Shrek Academy’s influence among all four of the assigned locations. However, it was the least discoverable.

Tang Wulin brought along a recommendation letter personally issued by the Holy Spirit Douluo to represent Shrek Academy.

Tang Wulin’s journey was the furthest as compared to his companions. Moreover, Gu Yue’s present condition rendered her incapable of helping him. Tang Wulin could only depend on himself even after he had arrived there to arrange a place for Gu Yue to settle down. Gu Yue’s condition
would not even permit her to enter the barracks. How could she serve in the military when she was still acting like a child?

Tang Wulin’s heart was torn by conflicting emotions. He wished that Gu Yue could become better soon but he was also hoping that she could remain by his side like. He was afraid that there was a good possibility that she
would leave once she became clear headed, regardless of the secret she was hiding in her heart. This was something that Tang Wulin would never agree to willingly.

Even though he would not take advantage of the amnesiac Gu Yuena, Tang Wulin was overjoyed and highly motivated as long as he could spend every day with her.

However, he had to proceed with caution. He had already put the greatest effort into Gu Yuena’s treatment, so her body’s condition would determine if she could make a full recovery. Three days later, they circled past the side of Mingdu and entered the
continent’s western region. The roads in the west were all well developed, at least it was as such for a few hundred kilometers around Mingdu City.

Another two days later, Tang Wulin finally began to see a huge desert that stretched as far as the eye could see.

On the western side of the Douluo Continent, there was a region that had not originally been part of Douluo. Over ten thousand years ago, it formed and linked to Douluo Continent after tectonic drift had caused a collision with the Sun Moon Continent.

At the time, the region belonged to the Sun Moon Empire. The rapid
advancement of soul technology in the modern age was closely related to the many kinds of rare metal brought by the Sun Moon Continent all that time ago.

Tang Wulin switched the combat vehicle to desert mode as they entered the desert. He could still drive the vehicle smoothly but at a lower speed.

The biggest advantage of soul technology was that there was no need for a soul master to worry about not having enough power, as he could still use his own soul power if necessary. Tang Wulin’s cultivation base was already nearing rank-60 now, so it was not troublesome at all for his soul power to push this soul combat vehicle forward.

Fortunately, he could rely on the navigator to guide him or it would be all too easy for him to lose his sense of direction in this boundless desert.

According to their schedule, it would take roughly about five days for them to arrive at the westernmost region after entering the desert. They departed from Heaven Dou City and crossed almost half the great continent before they could arrive at their destination with the whole journey being a total of ten thousand kilometers! One could only imagine how far the place was.

They had traveled for a day in the desert when Tang Wulin stopped the car when the sun had begun to set. “I’m so tired, Father!” Gu Yue coquettishly said to Tang Wulin after she had jumped down from the car and stretched her limbs.

Tang Wulin took a glance at the sky. The desert night was unusually quiet with a wind that blew past occasionally, bringing with it a gush of dust and sand.

The air was extremely arid, but the sky was especially clear. It was still dusk, and the sun setting in the distance seemed to connect with the edge of the desert. He had never been to the desert before, so he had never
appreciated how breathtakingly beautiful the scenery truly was.

Tang Wulin smiled and spoke, “Try to bear with it for a few more days. We’ll need another two and a half days before we can cross the desert and enter the Fire Basin. We’ll enter the Skyreach Mountain after exiting the Fire Basin, and then we’re almost at our destination.”

Gu Yuena frowned and spoke, “Father, I don’t like it here. There’s nothing tasty to eat.”

Tang Wulin could not help laughing and spoke, “It’s alright. We have an
adequate supply of dry rations. There’s not much that we can use to make a fire in the desert, so just make do with the food we have. We can find a place to rest and organize ourselves after we cross the desert and enter the Fire Basin.”

Gu Yuena was not the only one who disliked the place, as he was having similar feelings. As the Nature Child, it was to be expected that he would feel uncomfortable in the desert. There was no vegetation over here, so
there was no way he could borrow any strength from the location. A plant- type soul master’s favorite place was a lush forest or lake to nurture and nourish himself.

If Tang Wulin were to cultivate in this desert, he would be concerned that no amount of time could compare to cultivating for one day in the forest.

“Sleep in the car tonight. I’ll get you some rations.” There were three rows of car seats in the combat vehicle with the two rows of collapsible seats behind made into a twin bed. It was apparent that sleeping inside the car would not be an issue.

This was also the reason why Tang Wulin dared to bring Gu Yuena along as they entered the desert in such a simple and direct manner.

It would be much faster to travel by flight using their battle armor, but they would lose their way without the navigation equipment in the combat vehicle. Moreover, flying in the desert was not without its own perils.

Even though the soul beasts in the desert were scarce, there were still some. The desert had few resources needed by mankind, so humans rarely developed the area. This allowed the small number of soul beasts here to live freely.

The two of them casually ate some dried rations. Ever since the bloodline vortex appeared in his body, Tang Wulin discovered that his appetite had reduced. The bloodline vortex was capable of absorbing external origin
energy while adjusting the energy within his body. He did not need as much food as before to replenish his energy. After the vortex had formed, his bloodline was cultivating by itself with a silence influence over Tang Wulin.

It was apparent that Gu Yue was not that interested in eating the rations but she cried out excitedly when the night came.

“Father, look! There are so many stars in the sky! It’s magnificent!”

The desert seemed to be closer to the sky. Countless stars were suspended high above, but it felt like they could touch them. The night that was
supposed to be dark was filled with a dream-like beauty under the illumination of the stars.

Gu Yuena leaned against Tang Wulin’s shoulder as she sat on the top of a sand dune. Her pair of huge purple eyes appeared slightly dazed.

Tang Wulin was also stunned by the scenery. The sky was full of stars while his true love was by his side. There was only both of them embracing in the vast expanse of quiet desert.

He wished that they could sit together like this for eternity.

“Gu Yue, are you cold?” Tang Wulin spread out his arms and wrapped them around her.

The temperature difference between day and night in the desert was extreme.

Gu Yuenan shook her head. “I’m not cold. This is such a beautiful place! Are you cold?”

Tang Wulin could not help smiling as he spoke, “Of course, I’m not.”

Gu Yuena did not speak anymore, but simply leaned against his chest. It did not take long before those long lashes of hers slowly dropped as she fell
asleep in his arms.

She was beautiful and gentle as always when she slept. Tang Wulin could not help raising his hand and caressing her cheek gently. He had already begun to get used to Gu Yue’s new look now.

The only thing that he wished to know most was just how did Gu Yue turn into Gu Yuena. What was her relationship with Na’er? This felt just like a weight upon his heart. There was no way he could wholeheartedly regard the person in his arms as his true love without understanding this.

Tang Wulin sat for a little while more before he picked Gu Yuena up in his arms and walked back to the side of his Tang Sect Combat Vehicle. He opened the door and pressed a button to slowly flatten the back seats. He placed her onto the seat before he got into the car.

He closed the door and savored the quiet space that belonged to nobody but them.

He could still see the sky full of stars through the window of his vehicle. Gu Yuena was sleeping soundly. Tang Wulin removed a blanket he had prepared from his storage ring and covered both of them. His heart melted as he looked at her sleeping so beautifully. He held her in his arms and used his arm as her pillow, closing his eyes with satisfaction.

At that moment, all his stress and pain were tossed away to the back of his mind. His entire world was only her.

Both of them slept peacefully that night. They only opened their eyes when they had no choice but to awaken after the piercing sunlight shone onto them through the window.

Gu Yuena curled up in Tang Wulin’s arms just like a kitten. Tang Wulin woke up to find his left arm remained as her pillow but his right hand was already placed on her buttocks.

It was perfectly round, curvy and supple. His blood essence that had been rising in the morning immediately flowed down south uncontrollably.

Instinctively, Tang Wulin twisted his body away, whereas it was as though Gu Yue had lost any inhibitions. She whined a few times unsatisfactorily before she inched forward and pushed her body against his chest tightly.
She was even wrapping her long leg around his thigh.

Chapter 922 - Sand Demon Beetle

Chapter 922: Sand Demon Beetle

Tang Wulin’s heart heaved a sorrowful sigh. She was such a vexing little witch! He truly wished that he could devour her in one gulp.

His heart was burning because, if not for the fact that he had yet to clarify the relationship between Gu Yue and Na’er and that she was still having amnesia at the moment, he would certainly…humph humph!

With great effort and much difficulty, he managed to struggle free of Gu Yuena’s octopus grip. Tang Wulin exhaled in relief and drank a few mouthfuls of cold water to suppress the heat in his heart.

Gu Yuena opened her eyes and used her hand to shield herself from the
sunlight reflecting off the window. “Where are you going?! The sunlight is too glaring and there’s no curtain.”

Tang Wulin could not help laughing as he gave her buttocks a slap. “Why are you still lazing around in bed? Do you know what time it is? Time to wake up. We must continue our journey.” He would never admit to the fact that he was only doing so because he was enticed by the elasticity of her buttocks.

Gu Yuena mumbled to herself. She lay there and pulled the blanket over her head.

Tang Wulin was feeling exasperated, so he made his way to the driver seat in front and started the combat vehicle’s engine. “Sleep for a little while more then. I’ll keep driving. You can have some rations if you’re hungry. They’re behind you.”

“Hmm, hmm,” came her response from under the blanket. He started the car and continued to drive through the desert. Tang Wulin
chose a relatively smoother path to travel and also slowed down the car, so Gu Yuena could sleep better.

The journey was rather easy. After two days, loneliness silently creeped in when the night fell once again. After all, it had been two days without
seeing any living creatures other than themselves.

Fortunately, the map showed that there was only about half a day’s journey left before they crossed the desert and arrived at the Fire Basin.

“Gu Yue, what are you doing there?” Tang Wulin closed the door and looked at Gu Yue squatting nearby the combat vehicle, fiddling with the sand on the ground.

“Nothing much! Do you think there’s water underneath the sand?” Gu Yuena asked curiously.

Tang Wulin answered, “I don’t think so. With such arid air, we must be in the middle of the desert. I’m afraid water would only be found deep down.”

They chose a huge sand dune located on higher ground as their campsite, so they could see farther away and prevent themselves from being covered by the drifting sands.

Gu Yuena sat on the ground and waved at Tang Wulin. Tang Wulin walked over to her side and sat down as Gu Yuena leaned into his arms instinctively. With great satisfaction, she closed her eyes and basked in the warmth of his arms.

“Are you bored here?” Tang Wulin asked.

Gu Yuena shook her head. “Nope! I enjoy this. There’s only me and… Father.”

Tang Wulin smiled. “That’s right! There’s only us. The desert is very beautiful, but it’s a shame that it’s too harsh for us to stay here long.” Gu Yuena closed her eyes but did not speak anymore. Tang Wulin held her as he used his hand to slowly smoothen her soft and silky, silver-white hair. Every strand was gorgeous and translucent like crystal fiber. He felt like he could even play with her hair for an entire night and it would not bother him.

Meanwhile, Gu Yuena suddenly stirred. She opened her eyes subconsciously and stared into the distance.

Tang Wulin immediately reacted to the situation. He grabbed her and pulled her into his arms. At the same time, he squinted while golden light flashed across his entire body, and he stamped his right foot against the ground.

A stream of the golden light radiated from his foot through the sand.
Dozens of meters away, a golden dragon roared as it surged out from the desert floor. A large area of sand exploded and the grain scattered

A very large crustacean-like creature bored out from the ground while emitting a deep roar. It rolled on the ground once before it managed to stabilize itself. It was apparently startled, so it turned around and fled.
Despite its massive body, over two meters in diameter, it crawled away so swiftly that it vanished without a trace in an instant.

Tang Wulin did not actually have much knowledge of desert soul beasts.
When he had noticed Gu Yue opening her eyes and staring into the distance, he sensed that there was a soul beast heading toward them. He had used
Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth to startle it into coming out.

Tang Wulin did not intend to harm it, thus his Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth burst out in front of the creature instead of smashing directly into its body. Otherwise, this soul beast, that appeared to have a one-thousand-year cultivation base, would have been killed on the spot.

Gu Yuena spoke with a smile, “It seems like we won’t be lonely anymore.”

Tang Wulin could not help grinning as he said, “This is our first encounter with a soul beast in the desert. It’s quite intriguing. Gu Yue, you get into the car first. I’ll observe for a while to make sure that there’s no incoming danger.”

“Okay.” Gu Yuena nodded and returned to the car obediently.

Tang Wulin squinted with a purple glow shimmering in his eyes. At that
exact moment, a cold and refreshing sensation instantly burst in the depths of his eyes. He felt as the night suddenly turned bright and everything else within his visual field turned even clearer.

Was this…the blessing of the Piercing Gaze Dew?

Tang Wulin could not keep a slight smile from his face. It was rather impressive that there were additional benefits like this after the Six Great Beasts attached themselves to his Nature Seed.

However, the smile was wiped from his face one moment later. In the distance, there were numerous trails forming in the sand. It looked as if countless underground ridges were all surging in his direction at once.

Tang Wulin was speechless, and he regretted showing mercy just moments ago! There was no doubt that these incoming creatures were brought by the soul beast that escaped earlier.

He had no idea how powerful these creatures were.

Tang Wulin immediately turned around and spoke to Gu Yuena sitting in the Tang Sect Combat Vehicle, “Gu Yue, whatever happens, don’t get out of the car. I’ll guard the outside.”

There was a golden flash of light from Tang Wulin’s body as he spoke, and he unleashed his spirit soul, Goldsong. Goldsong was already rather large by now. It swayed its body, and with another golden flash, it rapidly swelled up into a giant serpent over thirty meters long. It positioned itself around the Tang Sect Combat Vehicle and guarded it.

With multiple streams of golden radiance, Tang Wulin unleashed his two-
word battle armor, Dragon Moon. It was difficult to tell friend from foe here in the desert so he could never let his guard down. His fighting capacity was elevated to Soul Sage-rank with the battle armor’s amplification, so it was naturally easier to respond to the situation.

With another golden flash, the Golden Dragon Spear conjured into his hand. Tang Wulin’s body was naturally emitting bloodline aura. He stood there motionless as if he was the center of the entire desert.

The underground ridges were traveling so swiftly that they were closing in on him within a few breaths.

As yellow light flashed across his torso, Tang Wulin let out a grunt. The surrounding sands immediately sank into the ground, until the entire sand dune was descending.

It was the Gravitational Control! He increased the gravitational force in a split second within a radius of one hundred meters around him,
compressing the sand. The desert soul beasts in the distance could not dig their way to him or attack his Tang Sect Combat Vehicle from below under such a powerful gravitational pull.

As expected, streams of creatures suddenly leaped out of the sand. It was the same species of crustacean-like soul beast from before. Hundreds of them encircled Tang Wulin and his Tang Sect Combat Vehicle.

The largest soul beast was over five meters in diameter. Its hard outer shell was black-brown in color while its entire body was emitting a highly
condensed aura. The shell on its back cracked open and revealed a pair of wings. Its eight legs underneath its abdomen appeared razor-sharp,
especially the two at the front. Its blade-like forelegs could be seen immediately when its upper body was raised a little.

The rest of the desert beetles had all reared up slightly and spread their wings. They gave out a humming sound as they flew, but none had managed to enter Tang Wulin’s increased gravity zone.

The Gravitational Control effect created by the Mountain Dragon King’s Torso Bone was extremely powerful, so Tang Wulin did not feel anxious at all. Even though the enemies could fly, their ability to do so would certainly be affected by the high gravitational force once they entered the range of his Mountain Dragon King’s Torso Bone’s control.

Tang Wulin spoke coldly, “We’re only passing by and we bear no ill intentions. I didn’t hurt your clansman earlier. Don’t seek your doom here.”

The leading beetle was certainly a soul beast of at least a one-hundred- thousand-year cultivation base, so it was impossible that it would not understand human speech. It should also be equipped with adequate intelligence.

“Your Majesty, don’t show mercy. This is a Sand Demon Beetle, a species of extremely evil soul beasts. They rely on draining the bodily fluids of living creatures to survive and cultivate. Animals and plants are all their targets. Take a close look at the bottom of their heads. There’s a very sharp mouthpart which spits out a secretion that will liquify and suck in all its prey’s energy as soon as it pierces the target’s body. The reason the desert is continuously extending outward is very much related to this species of Sand Demon Beetle. The desert is expanding because they’re endlessly devouring the plant life in and around the desert. Undoubtedly, they are the main culprit. This many Sand Demon Beetles would need only a single day to destroy one square kilometer of forest.”

Chapter 923 - Fire Basin

Chapter 923: Fire Basin

The voice resounding in Tang Wulin’s head was the Damask Tulip. Listening to the voice, Tang Wulin can’t help but be fearful. One square kilometer was equal to one million square meters! A colony of hundreds of the Sand Demon Beetles was capable of turning one square kilometer of forest into a desert in one day. It was one of the worst destructive forces in upsetting the ecological balance. There was no crime committed by mankind that could be worse than this.

Tang Wulin said nothing further after receiving the Damask Tulip’s explanation. He took a step forward and stomped heavily onto the
compacted ground due to the strong gravitational force. His body was akin to an arrow as he shot toward the Sand Demon Beetle at the most front.

The enormous Sand Demon Beetle gave out a loud squall as it flapped its wings to resist the gravitational pull of the ground. It stabbed its forelegs straight toward Tang Wulin.

A puff of green fog bloomed from its body as it flapped its wings
simultaneously. The rest of the Sand Demon Beetles were similarly flapping their wings and collectively releasing a dense, dark green fog.

“This is the Fainting Smog. It’s not overly harmful but it’s extremely
effective in paralyzing a person. It can paralyze a person rapidly via skin
contact which is its specialty. However, all the different kinds of toxins are just like the floating clouds before me,” the Damask Tulip spoke arrogantly.

As he was explaining to Tang Wulin, a pale pink halo rippled from Tang Wulin’s body. The dark green fog dissipated instantly as soon as it
contacted the pale pink halo. It then collided with the enormous Sand
Demon Beetle. Suddenly, the Sand Demon Beetle squalled. It attempted to flee while the aura of its entire body weakened dramatically. Tang Wulin would be unworthy of the leadership of the Shrek Seven
Monsters if he allowed such an opportunity to pass. The Golden Dragon Spear in his hand lashed forward determinedly as if he was going to split a mountain.

“Boom.” In a spectacle of massive strength, the hundred-thousand year Sand Demon Beetle was immediately crushed by his powerful lashing.

Tang Wulin’s strength exceeded two hundred thousand kilograms of force under the amplification of his Dragon Moon battle armor. Even a Title
Douluo-ranked powerhouse could not resist his blow without donning a battle armor.

His spear had shattered the Sand Demon Beetles’ leader as Tang Wulin began moving soon after. His feet stepped forward with the Ghost Perplexing Track as he wielded his Golden Dragon Spear to destroy
everything in his path.

None of the Sand Demon Beetles were capable of withstanding him even for a moment. There were only the sounds of bodies exploding
continuously in the desert.

He did not have to show any courtesy since they were just vermins.

The fog released by the Sand Demon Beetles was utterly ineffective with the Damask Tulip’s presence. The Sand Demon Beetles’ fog was being repelled by the fragrance of the Damask Tulip. Tang Wulin flapped the
enormous golden wings on his back in tandem with the movements of his Ghost Perplexing Track. All one could see was just a golden figure
shuttling back and forth continuously.

There were fewer than half of the Sand Demon Beetles remaining when they began to disperse and fled.

Tang Wulin began to pursue them when he was reminded by the Damask Tulip. His speed was impressive. Although he was not skilled in long-range attacks, he still managed to kill dozens more of the Sand Demon Beetles. He could have continued with his pursuit and attack of the Sand
Demon Battles if not for his concern of leaving Gu Yuena alone in the car.

He returned to the Tang Sect Combat Vehicle. At present, soul rings were arising from the dead Sand Demon Beetles’ bodies. Its appearances were obvious in the night.

“Gu Yue, it’s fine now.” Tang Wulin opened the door and sat in the car.

Gu Yuena appeared slightly depressed. “They’ve already fled, why did you still pursue and kill them?”

Tang Wulin smiled and said, “They’re vermins! All evils must be completely eradicated.”

Gu Yuena lowered her head slightly and muttered to herself, “Are all soul beasts vermins in the eyes of mankind?”

Tang Wulin could not help smiling and said, “Of course not. However, it’s true that the majority of soul beasts are aggressive toward mankind.”

He had not noticed Gu Yue’s change of expression at present. He asked the Damask Tulip in his mind, “Senior Damask, you’ve lived in the Icefire Polarized Eyes your entire life. How do you know the abilities of these desert soul beasts?”

The Damask Tulip answered, “Do you know what the word ‘great’ from ‘great Nature’ means?”

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. “Does it mean ‘vast’?”

The Damask Tulip said, “It’s not that simple. In the beginning, there were only low grade creatures existing in the great Nature. Then, there were us, the plants. The plant-type soul beasts are certainly not comparable to the animal-type soul beasts of the same rank when it comes to our fighting
abilities. It’s because we are inherently not as agile as the animal-type soul beasts, and our natural endowments are inferior as well. However, if we’re to compare our combined abilities, we’re definitely not weaker than the animal-type soul beasts.”

“You should’ve felt that as the Nature Child. You can call on the plants’ help for your spiritual power to perceive a larger range when you’re in a forest or a place with a large number of plants. As for me, I’m the king of plants and one of the heaven and earth spirit items. Hence, I’m capable of using the plants to learn about the world outside. By word of mouth among the plants, I can get useful information about the external world.”

“We were willing to sign a contract with Tang Sect back in the beginning for mutual dependence as we understood the horrors of the human world outside. However, our knowledge is limited at times. There have been many plants which conveyed information about the Sand Demon Beetles and their destruction of Nature. Hence, I’m aware of it. I’m afraid I may not understand as much as the other soul beasts except for the plant-type soul beasts.

Tang Wulin felt enlightened. “It’s a good thing you told me.”

The Damask Tulip spoke with a smile, “Your Majesty slaughtered countless Sand Demon Beetles today, so it’s the best protection for Nature. What a
waste that we can’t leave the Nature Seed easily. Otherwise, we could’ve helped you annihilate the Sand Demon Beetles.”

Tang Wulin smiled and spoke, “I’ll certainly search for these creatures which are destroying the forests on the edge of the desert if I’ve the opportunity in the future.”

After his conversation with the Damask Tulip, Tang Wulin found Gu Yuena asleep in the car He covered her with a blanket, while he lay down next to her and wrapped his arms around her delicate body.

A powerhouse would always be admired. There were no other desert-type soul beasts that came to attack them during the night. They continued their journey the next day and finally arrived at the Fire Basin at noon. The place deserved its name. The temperature here was rather high such that one would need light clothing upon entering the Fire Basin.

The road inside the Fire Basin was not maintained well. It seemed relatively backward although the Basin was like a vast city. Despite not being called a city, it was the most populated place in the western region of the entire

The majority of the buildings inside the Basin was built from earth and
stones. The attire of its people was quite different from those living on the other side of the desert. Most of the people wore veils to keep out the sand and wind. Hence, their identities were concealed.

Tang Wulin found a remote spot and kept his Tang Sect Combat Vehicle before he dragged Gu Yue along into the Basin.

He had not planned on bringing Gu Yue along to the Skyend Mountain where the conditions were said to be extremely harsh and unsuitable for ordinary people. On the other hand, the Fire Basin was different. It was home to a large number of aborigines all year round. At the same time, it was also the most important trade city on the west side of the entire
continent. All sorts of supplies were available here.

“Gu Yue, I’m going to enlist in the army. Is it okay if you stay here? I’ll try to visit you once in a while,” Tang Wulin spoke to Gu Yue softly.

Gu Yuena was stunned for a moment. “When will you be back?”

Tang Wulin smiled bitterly and said, “I don’t know yet. It depends on the
situation over there. However, I’m afraid it’ll not be easy to take leave since I’m enlisting in the army. I’ll do my best to visit you as frequently as possible.”

“No, I’m going with you,” Gu Yuena replied in defiance.

Chapter 924 - I’ll Be A Good Girl

Chapter 924: I’ll Be A Good Girl

Feeling helpless, Tang Wulin said, “I can’t do that! There’s no way I can take you there in your current condition. I heard from the Vice Hall Master that the Skyend Mountain army has the roughest and most mysterious group of people on the entire continent. I’m afraid that you’ll be in danger over there. Stay here first. I’ll take you there if I find a suitable place for you to
stay, alright?”

Tang Wulin learned that Gu Yuena was capable of living on her own after being with her for so many days. The only issue was her exceptional beauty which was a source of concern for Tang Wulin. He had bought some tools
earlier during the journey to make her a mask. The mask concealed her exquisite beauty while her hair was dyed black, so she did not appear
conspicuous any longer.

Gu Yuena lowered her head which was how she reacted whenever she was dissatisfied. Naturally, Tang Wulin was filled with pity when he saw her
condition, so he tried consoling her. It was Gu Yuena’s most effective tactic in dealing with Tang Wulin.

“Be a good girl. I really can’t take you along this time. Eh, can you smell the scent of roast meat?” Tang Wulin’s eyes suddenly brightened as he nudged Gu Yuena.

“Where, where’s it coming from?” As expected, the little foodie immediately looked up with an excited expression on her face. She had been extremely dissatisfied after eating dried rations for the past few days in the desert.

Soon, they found a roast meat shop that was regularly patronized by the locals in the Fire Basin. They feasted on large chunks of roast meat which were complemented with the fruit wine brewed locally. The meat was roasted to perfection such that it was tender on the inside but charred on the outside. Not only was it savory, but the juices inside the roast meat were also preserved. Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena feasted in decadence.

Although Tang Wulin did not need large amounts of food to support his bloodline power anymore, he still had a high metabolism for being a foodie for so many years. Both of them ate five portions before they finally

“Gu Yue, look. There’s so much scrumptious food here in the Fire Basin. Stay and you can have roast meat every day. On the other hand, if you follow me to the Skyend Mountain, you’ll only have dried rations every day just like when we were in the desert. I won’t feel good knowing that you
won’t be eating well. Be a good girl and stay here, alright?”

Gu Yuena was patiently coaxed until she agreed. Next, Tang Wulin had to get her accommodation. He was not short of money, so he found the best hotel for Gu Yuena and reserved a room for three months.

Most amenities were available in the hotel. Tang Wulin provided her with
adequate money and brought her along to stay for two days. This was so she could adapt and get used to living there on her own. Following that, Tang Wulin left with the Tang Sect Combat Vehicle and headed straight for the Skyend Mountain.

Driving alone was miserable. Having traveled only a hundred kilometers, he had thought of turning back to pick up Gu Yuena not less than ten times. He relied on his intensely strong willpower to suppress the impulse in his heart with great effort.

“Beep, beep!” The soul communicator resounded. It was a brand new soul communicator which Tang Wulin had just purchased in the Fire Basin. His communicator which he had brought along earlier had been shut off.

“What happened, Gu Yue?” Tang Wulin did not even check, but he knew it was her since she was the only person who knew this number.

“Father, I miss you already.” Gu Yuena’s voice sounded like she was crying. “Be a good girl, Gu Yue. I’ll be back soon. Do more meditation daily to absorb the Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum’s energy so you can recover soon. You can call me whenever you miss me, and I’ll call you before I come back, alright?”
“Hmm.” Gu Yuena’s voice sounded like she was sobbing harder now. “Alright, I’m coming back now. Wait for me.” He could not stand it

Tang Wulin turned the car around and returned to the Fire Basin. He
stopped the car in front of the hotel. As soon as he got down from the car, Gu Yuena ran up to him and thrust her svelte figure abruptly into his arms.

She did not say a word but only hugged him tightly.

Tang Wulin could feel his heart melting. How could he possibly part with her? He was overwhelmed with mixed emotions at once.

“Father, you can leave now. I’ll be a good girl,” Gu Yuena suddenly looked up and spoke with determination.

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment.

Gu Yuena smiled at him and tiptoed to kiss him on his cheek before pushing him back into the car. “Come back to visit me soon.”

Tang Wulin was slightly confused. He was speechless as he looked at Gu Yuena beaming with joy. “Gu Yue, do you want to…”

“You can go, father. I’ll grow up to be a good girl as I wait for you to come back.” Gu Yuena pushed him into the car, then waved at him.

Tang Wulin felt like he had lost control of his emotions. “Or else, you can…”

On the other hand, Gu Yuena smiled as she closed the door. “Father is
willing to come back so it shows that I’m important to you. Go, quick. I’m a sensible child. Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of myself.” Tang Wulin smiled at once. He was more at ease now. His car slowly gained speed while he looked at his rearview mirror occasionally. She remained standing there waving at him. His heart was enshrouded with love at this moment.

“Is the condition at the Skyend Mountain very tough? What is it to me? She’ll be waiting for me.”

Tang Wulin turned a corner and accelerated as he headed straight for the Skyend Mountain with a valiant will to fight.

Gu Yuena stopped waving her hand when she could no longer see the
silhouette of the combat vehicle. “Whoosh.” Her tears overflowed the rims of her eyes and wetted her cheeks.

“Little girl, why are you crying?” A raspy voice came from the side. A young man with dark complexion dressed in a top that revealed half a shoulder approached Gu Yue.

“Go away!” Gu Yue suddenly shouted aloud.

The young man shivered once. It was as if he had seen some exceedingly terrifying things in her purple eyes. His initially dark face turned ghastly pale as he turned around and fled.

Within the pair of crystal clear purple eyes, her vertical pupils constricted gradually and returned to its initial state.

There was only shock in Tang Wulin’s heart as he looked at the scenery in the distance.

Rolling, snowy white hills stretched as far as the eyes could see. It soared higher the further it stretched until it soared straight into the clouds.

The sun appeared to be much closer than it normally is. Tang Wulin could
sense that the light element here was overpowering. It might cause negative effects on his body despite his body’s strong defense. Apparently, he did not mind it too much because of his strong, resilient body.

The road had already come to an end. He had to cross the snow mountain in order to reach his destination.

It was Tang Wulin’s first experience in such a terrain where the air was thin and few people trod. Still, he was bedazzled by the beauty of nature.

He turned his head and looked behind. The places he passed were still green. Yet, when he turned around, his path ahead was covered in snow.

Standing there, he felt as trifle as a drop in the vast ocean. This is the charm of nature! How could anyone destroy such magnificence?

The Nature Seed positioned between his brows seemed to tremble gently once. It was as if the seed was responding to the fluctuation in his heart. Tang Wulin inhaled deeply as he walked in great strides toward the snow mountain ahead. At the same time, he retrieved the positioning system device given to him especially by the Amorous Douluo.

The positioning system could only be used to locate his destination. He had already turned it on since he left the Fire Basin and relied on its guidance to arrive here. At the moment, the positioning system was pointing at the snow mountain.

The temperature was already very low. Tang Wulin was dressed in an unlined garment. His footsteps were quick and steady while the bloodline vortex in his body circulated naturally to disperse the cold air around his body.

Soon, he entered the region of the snow mountain, and he found it difficult to walk. However, he did not unleash his battle armor because the Amorous Douluo once told him that he would need to be a conventional person while he was here. It was because each person enlisting in the army would need to walk this path on his own two feet. Even a flying soul master was no
exception. It was the rule. He was also not allowed to use his martial soul, or he would face elimination otherwise.

Chapter 925 - Climbing A Mountain

Chapter 925: Climbing A Mountain

All too soon, Tang Wulin began to comprehend just what it was that he faced as he ascended to the first mountain peak.

The act of climbing a snowy mountain was an unforgiving test of one’s will. Even for a soul master with abundant soul power, it was extremely difficult to go forward without using one’s martial soul.

Not only did the exceedingly thick snow on the mountain make walking very difficult, but the terrain was also steep and the temperature was getting lower and lower. The air felt thin at such a high altitude.

Despite his immense physical capabilities, Tang Wulin began to hyperventilate after he had started climbing the first mountain. It would have been utterly impossible for an ordinary person to do so without relying on modern equipment.

Even so, he did not feel put off by any of this as he actually enjoyed the exercise.

He adjusted his body and swallowed a few handfuls of snow he had picked up off the ground. Tang Wulin then leaped over to the other side of the
snow-topped peak.

The thick snow was the best cushion. His body rapidly glided along the side of the steep mountain as he slid downward.

He was the only person bold enough to attempt the feat. Anyone else would certainly have been worried about what to do when they slid to the bottom.

Tang Wulin stretched out his limbs and relaxed his muscles to increase the surface area that came into contact with the snow as much as possible to prevent himself from sinking into it. He continued accelerating as icy powder howled past him. He unleashed his spiritual power to sense the possible danger zones farther down and then tried to steer himself

He had taken over one hour to climb up the mountain but only a few minutes to go downhill. As he rapidly approached the bottom, Tang Wulin raised his legs. He used his inertia to continue gliding all the way forward until he reached the bottom of the opposite mountain. He even charged upward for dozens of meters before he could stabilize his body. He bent his knees and did a few sit-ups while his entire body sank into the thick snow on the mountain.

It felt amazing! This should have been what skiing was like.

The snow on the mountain was extremely thick. Tang Wulin knew enough about such things to understand that, under the circumstances, he should make as little noise as possible or else he could cause an avalanche very
easily. Thus, he held back on his impulse to cheer as he crawled against the wall. Half of his body was buried in the thick snow as he continued the
strenuous climb upward.

He did not use his martial soul, but his tough-as-steel palms. He was
capable of firmly gripping on to the wall and climbing up without using his Golden Dragon Claws.

Not all the mountains there were so steep. The terrain sloped gently after he climbed past the hazardous portion of the path. He stood up and continued to walk forward. He crossed one peak after another following the positioning system’s guidance.

His destination was growing closer and closer, but his whole body had already been completely covered by the snow in this stretch of the mountain.

The mountains before him were higher than the previous ones while the terrain was growing more and more dangerous. Tang Wulin finally felt a little tired as he sat on one of the mountain peaks. It had already been a full day. He had lost count of how many mountains he had climbed, and he could no longer see the path he had come through

As the sky gradually darkened, he was still nowhere near his destination.
Given his superhuman physique, he could continue to advance, but the temperature on the mountain was far too low that night. He could sense that the surrounding temperature was minus fifty degrees Celsius, and his body heat was depleting too fast.

He had to leave some leeway for himself no matter how confident he was. Otherwise, he would be in deep trouble should anything go wrong.

As for how should he take a rest, that was not an issue for him.

He dug a cave into the snow on the mountain wall and huddled inside it. He retrieved his blanket from his storage ring and used it to shield himself from the surrounding snow and ice. It was not comfortable but at least it was better than being stung by the bitterly cold wind outside.

He thought this was a rather wonderful experience. Tang Wulin pushed the blanket to shove the surrounding snow away and began to retract his aura to reduce his body temperature gradually. The blood essence and soul power vortices in his body circulated in a slower manner now.

There was already a crystal-like object beginning to take shape inside his
soul power vortex as his cultivation base was getting ever nearer to rank-60. His soul core seemed to be almost completely condensed. Once the core had condensed, his body would form its spontaneous circulation. He would be capable of replenishing himself even when he could not infuse external origin energy into himself.

Tang Wulin spent the night meditating, and he was refreshed and energetic when he awoke the next day. He was not in a rush to go outside as he had some food in the cave. The dried ration had hardened completely and did not taste good at all, but he would need to replenish his energy anyhow. His hands parted as he dug himself out of the cave. The icy cold wind blew against his body, immediately leaving him shivering and feeling renewed.

He moved his limbs about, as the blood essence soul ring in his body
circulated faster. Suddenly, a scorching hot blood essence fluctuation burst forth from his body. One could see a white mist appearing around him, dissipating into the air while his aura burnt like fire.

Tang Wulin took a few deep breaths and absorbed the nutrition available in the thin atmosphere. He took a look at his positioning system device as he suddenly leaped up to push on with his journey.

The mountain peak in front was becoming steeper and steeper. The mountain was almost ninety degrees, but this was the only path available. The positioning system showed that he would be nearing his destination after crossing this mountain.

However, it was truly too difficult to climb. There was not a lot of snow on the almost vertical mountain wall, yet there were many extremely slippery icicles on the ground. This made it very difficult to climb the mountain bare-handed.

Tang Wulin had developed his indomitable temperament after being confronted by hardship ever since he was young. He pondered for a moment before he came up with an idea.

‘I’m not allowed to use my martial soul, right? Even using the Golden
Dragon King’s strength is considered breaking the rules, so I’ll rely purely on my body’s strength then.’

He stabilized his body for a moment then he straightened the fingers of his right hand like a knife as he suddenly stabbed into the ice wall in front of him.

“Poof!” His right palm sank into the ice. Though the ice on the mountain was rock-hard, it was nothing when faced with Tang Wulin’s terrifying
strength. Tang Wulin had a firm grip as he hung onto the ice wall. He then shoved his other hand in just as he had done with the first. He tested the durability of the ice before contracting the muscles in his arms to fling himself upward.
With his incredible strength, he catapulted himself into the air.

He was relying solely on the strength of his arms! He flew up into the air for about ten meters and stuck his hands once again into the ice when his momentum ran out.

He was concerned that the ice would shatter under such immense pressure, which was why he was only pushing himself forward ten meters at a time. Tang Wulin figured he had no choice, but to be cautious.

He leaped into the air over and over again, piercing the ice continuously.
His hands were as stable as ice picks. Each time he ascended, he would firmly hold onto the ice before he tossed himself upward. He was like a frog swiftly leaping up the ice wall.

The steep wall was over a kilometer in height, but he reached the mountaintop in only two hours.

He swung his sore and swollen arms and moved his fingers, slightly reddened from the cold. The blood essence in his body circulated for one cycle before he had healed naturally. This was the benefit of having such
powerful physical abilities. The strength of Tang Wulin’s blood essence had elevated again, especially after he had consumed the Velvet Skyreach
Chrysanthemum. He could even feel that it might be possible for him to charge at the tenth Golden Dragon King Seal soon if this continued.

Tang Wulin was both eager and worried about the tenth seal.

Old Tang has been in a deep sleep for a long time, but he once told Tang Wulin that the final nine seals of the Golden Dragon King’s Seals were the most difficult to deal with. The Golden Dragon King’s energy from the first nine seals would more easily adapt to his body, whereas the final nine were filled with ammensely terrifying energy. He would immediately perish
should he fail to absorb it. Thus, he would never act rashly without being fully prepared. However, being dangerous and difficult meant there was a great opportunity behind this seal. There was no doubt that tenth seal would bestow him with a fifth extremely powerful Golden Dragon King Bloodline skill that far
surpassed his first four skills.

The snowy terrain that continued to extend upward sloped gently. This was something that he could not see before. Tang Wulin continued forward and reached the mountaintop. He was astonished to discover that the terrain on the other side of the mountain did not extend downward anymore. Instead, there was a plain located on the mountain’s peak, or more accurately, a
snow field.

Rows of barracks covered the field densely, and it appeared to be on a rather large scale. There were sentries at the perimeter, but there was no watchtower. He could not tell what the buildings were made of because of the thick snow covering them.

Yet a barracks that occupied an area of at least one square kilometer actually existed!

Chapter 926 - Blood God Army

Chapter 926: Blood God Army

Tang Wulin estimated that the elevation here was at least six kilometers. It was not a place suitable for humans to live in. Without a doubt, this was the destination of his current journey. This was the place where he would really be joining the army.

The Amorous Douluo had actually found the perfect place for him! In any case, he had made it.
When he thought about this, Tang Wulin stretched his limbs and then quickly ran to the barracks.

He had barely run a few steps when an alarming sight greeted him, and he
abruptly stopped in his tracks. About twenty meters before him, four figures jumped out of the snow without any warning. Four clearly unconventional beam assault rifles were pointed at him.

The four figures wore thick and heavy white clothes, and their rifles were steadily aimed at him. With Tang Wulin’s cultivation base, he could even sense danger from the four of them.

He immediately raised his hands, “Don’t get the wrong idea. I’m here to enlist and report for duty.”

Among the four white-clothed soldiers, one of them lowered his rifle while the other three still had theirs pointed at him.

The soldier walked to Tang Wulin’s side and said nothing. He patted his
entire body down. When he did not discover any weapons, he removed his helmet. “Recommendation letter.”

Tang Wulin hastily produced the Amorous Douluo’s letter from his storage ring and passed it to him. It was a piece of silvery-white metal. A large
snow-white bird image was branded onto the surface of the metal. The big bird looked handsome and slightly resembled an eagle. However, the ratio of its body was not exactly like an eagle, as it was larger and quite majestic.

Tang Wulin knew that this was a soul beast known as a Snow Condor. It was said that it was the guardian deity of the snowy mountain. Even so, they were extremely few in number. He had only seen them during his
classes in Shrek Academy. This image seemed to be the emblem of the army before him.

Tang Wulin honestly did not know much regarding armies. His objective for coming here was very simple and that was to blend in. He would then rely on his own abilities and slowly take charge of this place.

The name of this army was the Blood God Army. Indeed, it was the Blood God and not the Snow God. Although the pronunciations were the same in Mandarin, the meanings they represented were starkly different.

This army was not even listed among the Federation’s military. They were something unique, and they were the most powerful army. They guarded a secret boundary on the continent that was known by only a select few.

Those who were qualified to enlist here were true elites in every sense of the word. Similarly, those who had the qualifications to recommend soldiers to this place only came from a few places.

Shrek Academy, the Tang Sect, the Battle God Hall, the Spirit Pagoda, and some ancient and well-established soul master clans.

There were no weaklings here because the meek could not possibly survive here. The duration of military service here was also much longer than other armies, as the recruits had to serve for at least five years. In any case, most of the recruits who came here stayed on for more than a decade at a time. After the soldier verified Tang Wulin’s recommendation letter, he suddenly stood at attention and saluted him. The salute was different from that of normal federal soldiers. He made a fist with his right hand and hammered it forcefully into his chest.

Tang Wulin understood how to observe the customs of the place. He imitated him and struck his own chest as well. However, he was grabbed by the soldier.

“You’re not qualified yet. Come with me.” As he spoke, the soldier was already walking toward the faraway barracks in great strides.

As expected, they were unorthodox. Tang Wulin was slightly shaken, but he still followed him hastily. The other three soldiers returned to their place under the snow. The surface of the snow above them quickly flattened, as if they were never there.

The soldier brought Tang Wulin to the barracks. The snow around the barracks had been swept away. He could finally step on the hard, solid ground and no longer had to trudge through the thick snow.

The soldier brushed away the snow that had accumulated on him, then quickly made his way into the barracks.

Once they entered the barracks, the atmosphere changed. Everything here
seemed orderly. Other than the gleaming white snow all around them, it did not appear very different from a normal barracks. However, Tang Wulin noticed that he could hardly see any people here, not even any patrolling

Tang Wulin did not ask about this either. His opinion was that to understand a place, it was better for him to observe and listen, for nothing good would come from saying too much. Moreover, from the tone of the soldier who brought him here, the soldiers here must have been extremely proud of themselves, maybe even somewhat isolationist. He could clearly tell that he should not speak out of turn, let them see his strength firsthand and blend in with this community as soon as possible. He wondered if his companions were having such peculiar experiences in the other armies as well.

The soldier brought Tang Wulin to a building and pressed on the wall with his palm. A beam of light scanned his body and the metal door before him slid open.

“Follow me!”

Tang Wulin went with him into the building. Immediately, a gust of warm
air blew at them. It was as if his limbs were ironed over. The comfort he felt was indescribable. Even the oxygen content in the air seemed to have increased.

Tang Wulin heaved a long, satisfied sigh.

The soldier turned to glance at him. Then, he removed his helmet.

Tang Wulin immediately felt his field of vision brighten. To his surprise, it was a lady with long brown hair. She looked to be around twenty-six years of age. She was very tall and wore a thick military uniform. That was why Tang Wulin was unable to determine her gender before this. When he saw that the soldier was actually female, he could not help but be stunned.

The female soldier’s expression was ice cold. “What are you spacing out for? Come with me. Let me remind you, from now on, you must start preparing yourself. As for whether you’ll be able to stay here, it’ll be decided in the next three days.”

“Thank you.” Tang Wulin nodded.

The female soldier glanced at his unlined garment. “Arrogance is always a sure way to one’s death.” After she had said this, she immediately turned and walked inside a room.

Tang Wulin could not help but find this funny. He knew that she must have thought that he intended to show off by wearing such thin garments.
However, in truth, although he was not at the level where the cold or heat did not affect him, this low temperature truly did not bother him much.
Also, with the stimulus from the lower external temperature, his blood
essence vortex would swirl faster. It was equivalent to his blood essence cultivating itself.

He followed her inside. Tang Wulin’s expression changed soon after. There were all kinds of equipment around them, many of which he did not recognize. Even so, he still felt at ease here.

They went through a corridor, and the female soldier led him into another room. Tang Wulin finally saw another person in that room.

It was a second female soldier who looked to be in her forties. On her
shoulders were the insignia of a bar and two stars, that of a first lieutenant.

“First lieutenant, this is a new recruit. Arrange an assessment for him.” The female soldier’s expression was as frigid as ever.

“Yes, Major,” the middle-aged female officer in her forties stood up immediately, to Tang Wulin’s surprise. She saluted the young lady officer in a chest-hammering manner.

Major? The person who brought him in here was no ordinary soldier. She was a major?

Tang Wulin was somewhat familiar with military ranks. However, this lady was still so young, and she was already a major. The first lieutenant was not so youthful anymore.

With a nod to the first lieutenant, the young female officer turned around and left them.

Tang Wulin turned to watch her walk away. He was immediately even more curious about this place.

“Little guy, don’t be shocked. That’s just how Major Xing Luo acts when she’s executing missions. Conscientious and meticulous. There’s also no need for you to be shocked about our ranks. In the Blood God Army, only your strength and ability matter, not your age. Besides, I’m nonmilitary personnel. I’m here with my husband as a military dependent. If you can pass the assessment, you’ll know the rules here in the future.”

Chapter 927 - New Recruit Reporting In

Chapter 927: New Recruit Reporting In

“Thank you.” A genial smile appeared on Tang Wulin’s face. It was a genuinely thankful expression. With his good looks and his smile that resembled the sun, it was innate in him to be on the good side of most people.

The first lieutenant stood up and said, “Follow me. It’s been quite some time since we have newcomers. Handsome young lad, I must remind you, no matter where you’re from or what your origins were, never be arrogant. The Blood God Army is not your ordinary army. Those who were recommended here are all proud sons of the gods. But, those who remain make up less than one-third of the initial numbers. You’re a polite young lad. I hope that you can stay.”

Tang Wulin asked, “Are we beginning the assessment now? Is there no need for any registration?”

The first lieutenant replied, “There’s no need. You’ve already proven your identity, that’s why you’re here. Besides, before you pass the assessment,
any form of registration is meaningless. As to why we’re commencing now, the reason’s simple. The enemy won’t ever tell you when they’re coming.”

After he heard her final sentence, Tang Wulin immediately focused his gaze. The scene of the sudden attack on Shrek City was something that he could never forget.

“You’re right.”

The first lieutenant brought Tang Wulin out of the room, and they went to a place that resembled a warehouse. “You can pick any weapon you like here. Take note that where you’ll be undergoing the assessment later, you won’t be able to use your soul power. You can only rely on your physical self and the weapons here. So, pick one that you’re familiar with.”

An assessment where he would not be able to use soul power? Tang Wulin was shocked. In that case, would his bloodline power be affected?

Inside the warehouse, there was a dazzling array of weapons. There were many modern soul weapons which included beam assault rifles and soul cannons. They were available in all varieties. There were even mobile versions designed for an individual soldier’s use.

Tang Wulin recognized only a third of the weapons here, but he knew how to use those he recognized. After contemplating for a bit, Tang Wulin
eventually picked a long, dark alloy rod. Although he could not utilize his bloodline power, he had confidence in his strength. He might not be an
expert in the long-range soul weapons, but he knew how to operate them. If he was going to fight a mecha, he would consider using the long-range

When she saw Tang Wulin picking a long rod, the first lieutenant raised her eyebrows slightly. There was a hint of regret in her eyes.

“I see you insist on choosing pride. Come with me.” Her tone was slightly hostile, but she said nothing more. The first lieutenant brought him out of the warehouse to the center of the barracks. They were inside an
exceptionally huge building.

The top of the building was shaped like a cone. It was the tallest building in the barracks and was about fifty meters tall. They went in through a side door. Tang Wulin finally met the other soldiers.

There were dozens of people inside. They wore smart, white military uniforms. There was the Snow Condor emblem displayed on their chests just like the one on his recommendation letter. None of them took note of Tang Wulin who was led by the first lieutenant. However, Tang Wulin noticed, from the insignia on their shoulders, that they were all officers. The lowest of their ranks was that of a second lieutenant. There were no privates. Could this be the Blood God Army’s command center?

The first lieutenant brought Tang Wulin to an elevator at the side. The
elevator doors slid open. When both of them stepped into the elevator, an ice cold voice sounded.


Another person stepped into the elevator.

Tang Wulin’s eyes brightened. It was a female soldier that walked in. Her shoulder was decorated with a major’s insignia. She was the same female
major who brought Tang Wulin to the barracks. Currently, she had taken off her thick jacket and wore only her white military uniform. Her snow-white military uniform was well-ironed with hardly any creases. With the golden insignia on her shoulders, she looked valiant and heroic.

“Major!” the first lieutenant immediately saluted her. The female major also hammered her own chest. However, the action looked awkward for a
woman. She had a slender and tall build with beautiful looks. Nonetheless, she had a heroic spirit that was absent in ordinary women. Even so, it did not impede her physical development. When she hammered her chest with her right hand, waves rippled down her body. It made Tang Wulin’s lips twitch.

“I’ll be in charge of his assessment. You may return to your post,” said the major lowering her voice.

The first lieutenant was slightly stunned. “You’re personally taking charge?”

The major nodded, “Yes. I monitored his journey in the mountains. So, I’ll take charge of his assessment.”

“Understood!” the first lieutenant saluted her again. She then exited the elevator in great strides. The elevator doors shut. Tang Wulin could sense that the elevator was descending. In the closed and slightly cramped space, it was just him and the female major.

Tang Wulin cleared his throat. “Good day, major. My name’s Tang Wulin.” “Call me senior officer,” said the female major coldly.
“Understood. Good day, senior officer,” Tang Wulin hastily added. “Stand upright!” shouted the female major.
Tang Wulin was slightly shocked. He then stood straight as a ramrod. He
was not used to being shouted at in a commanding tone. However, when he remembered the first lieutenant’s words, he kept his silence.

The female major said nothing more, nor did she introduce herself. After a brief moment, the elevator bell rang with a crisp “Ding!”. The elevator doors slid open.

They exited the elevator and stepped into a metal corridor, much to Tang Wulin’s amazement. They walked along the corridor and made a left turn. The major brought Tang Wulin into a room.

Upon entering the room, Tang Wulin’s face immediately registered shock. The room hit him with a blast of nostalgia.

This was…

Why did it resemble the entrance to the Spirit Pagoda’s spirit ascension platform? It was the intermediate spirit ascension platform to boot. Glass covers were erected around the room. Judging by their sizes, he had no doubt that they were meant to accommodate people with standing room inside.

The major walked up to the control desk and began operating the machine.
Her hands moved quickly as they flitted across the keyboard. A series of crisp clicking sounds could be heard. Two glass covers slowly opened. Various instruments in the room lit up as well.

“Have you been to the spirit ascension platform before?” The major turned toward Tang Wulin to ask.

“I have,” answered Tang Wulin honestly.

The major nodded and said, “Your assessment will be similar to what you’ve experienced in the spirit ascension platform. Your mission is simple. You’re to protect me until the assessment ends.”

“Understood.” Tang Wulin nodded and walked toward one of the glass covers.

As she looked at his back, the major squinted her eyes slightly. Then, she swiftly followed him. “Let me remind you that you won’t be able to use
your soul power inside. You can only use the weapon in your hands, do you understand?”

“Understood.” The first lieutenant had reminded him earlier. At the same time, Tang Wulin made a quick judgment of the assessment. It was similar to the spirit ascension platform. He would not be able to use his soul power but could only rely on his physical abilities to fight.

He went under the glass covers, and it slowly closed shut. Metal plates immediately attached themselves onto his body. A metal hoop behind him kept his body in place. His surroundings gradually brightened.

Tang Wulin had not been to the spirit ascension platform for a long time. He shut his eyes and felt the changes in his surroundings silently. There was a
slight pricking pain in his limbs and bones. The sensation traveled all the way to his brain. His body broke out in spasms, and his mind went blank.

Tang Wulin could faintly feel the stimulus from the electric currents with the changes in the data wave and the shockwave from the spatial energy. He had not felt anything like this before. It was because his spiritual power had already reached the Spirit Abyss realm. That was why he felt such vivid sensations.

It was bearable. When he opened his eyes again, he discovered that he was amidst a snowy terrain. He still held the metal rod. What shocked him more was when he looked around, he saw the barracks which he had arrived at not long ago.

Chapter 928 - Underground Cavern

Chapter 928: Underground Cavern

Was it a simulation? It was completely identical to the operation at the campsite and was rather amazing.

In any case, there was a deep, massive crater beside him. The crater was so deep he could not see the bottom for it was pitch dark down there. There
were some unknown auras rising vaguely from the bottom which made his spirit shudder.

He focused his inner sight but realized he could not sense his soul power as expected. It was as if his soul power had vanished from his body. However, he considered himself lucky that his bloodline vortex was still present while his blood essence power remained as exuberant as before. So, he was barely affected.

Meanwhile, a shadow flashed past and the female major appeared by his
side. There was hardly any difference to her attire. However, when he had a second look at her, he found that she looked quite different. She no longer had the stoic look on her face but instead, she looked astonished!

“How did you come in here so quickly?” the major asked in puzzlement. “My speed matters as well?” Tang Wulin asked in reply.
The female major’s expression returned to normal. She pointed to the chasm by the side. “Jump down.”

“Okay.” Tang Wulin leaped straight into the black hole without the slightest hesitation. Although he did not know what was at the bottom, there was nothing much to fear in this simulated world. How could he be fearful of falling to his death after all that he had experienced recently? Furthermore, it would not be that easy to die from a fall with his physical prowess. The major followed behind closely and leaped in as well.

The surroundings began to turn dark, but Tang Wulin’s eyes glowed brightly. His eyes were shimmering with purple radiance. It was his Purple Demon Eyes.

The cultivation of the Purple Demon Eyes was capable of elevating one’s
spiritual power. On the other hand, once one had achieved a certain level of spiritual power, one’s Purple Demon Eyes could be enhanced as well. Thus, Tang Wulin’s Purple Demon Eyes had advanced to the third level. Although he had yet to complete the cultivation, it was supposed to be an
accumulative process. Naturally, he would achieve success without much effort with the passing of time.

It was truly a cavern. The walls around the cavern were uneven and not man-made. He dropped for about a hundred meters before he was halted abruptly. His momentum was immediately reduced as he was caught in a net.

With his Purple Demon Eyes, Tang Wulin could see circular holes of different sizes vividly after stabilizing himself within the net. Next to the net, the biggest of the holes was ten meters across while the diameters of the smaller ones were at least two meters. The shapes of the holes were irregular, and it was difficult to tell what the holes were dug with.

The female major got down from the net and approached a hole while
waving her hand at Tang Wulin simultaneously. Tang Wulin held the long rod in his hand as he made his way over swiftly.

When he stood next to the female major, the major said, “From now on, we may possibly be in danger at any time. You’re to protect me from danger
and continue to venture deep into the hole. The distance which you cover in the hole will be used as the result of this test. Do you understand?”

“Yes!” Tang Wulin nodded. He crossed the long rod in front of his body as he led the way into the hole. The hole chosen by the major was about three meters in diameter. The hole was pitch black similar to the rest of the place. Consequently, he could not see the situation in front clearly. Tang Wulin squinted his eyes. He was not allowed to use his soul power but his spiritual power remained unaffected.
With great effort, he could still rely on his spiritual power’s perception in addition to his enhanced sight from the Purple Demon Eyes to see about thirty meters ahead It was extremely difficult within such dim light.

As it was, it became darker still when he ventured deeper into the hole such that even his Purple Demon Eyes’ effect was quickly reduced.

Tang Wulin walked fairly fast while the major followed right behind him.

Tang Wulin wished he had an infrared imaging device, so it would be more convenient for him to move about in such an environment. However, he
could only rely on his own skills right now.

As it was, the alloy rod had its own use as well. He relied on the contact between the rod and the walls on both sides to determine the safety level in his surroundings.

All of a sudden, there was a gush of airflow from the front. Tang Wulin raised the alloy rod in his hand and waved it at the surging airflow. At the same time, his right foot took a step back while he used his body to shield the major behind him.

“Poof.” A soft thud was heard as Tang Wulin struck something. He used his Purple Demon Eyes to take a close look and found that it was a living
creature similar to a bat. It was not overly large but the impact felt was quite intense. He estimated it to be about a hundred kilograms. He did not feel a thing, but another person would have fallen from the impact.

The bat-like creature did not die after being struck by his rod. On the
contrary, it shrieked and recoiled before it pounced on Tang Wulin again with its four claws outstretched to grab Tang Wulin.

Fortunately, Tang Wulin was not caught off guard. In response, he poked the long rod squarely against the bat’s body. This time, he used more force. “Poof.” A soft thud was heard. The bat-like creature was blasted away by the prod. In the next moment, it exploded in mid-air. Tang Wulin’s attack was purely based on strength. He had such good control of his strength that he could focus and exert his power via the rod. His strength was channeled into the creature’s body through the long rod and was consequently blasted away.

The female major behind him raised her brows, but Tang Wulin could not tell her expression in the dark naturally. He paused for a moment before he continued to walk forward.

He squatted next to the bat’s carcass to take a look when he passed by.

Tang Wulin discovered in astonishment that the bat’s carcass was shrinking rapidly before it disappeared altogether. There seemed to be some form of energy dissipating in the air after it vanished.

Was it not made of real substance? Tang Wulin frowned slightly as he recalled how the bat was crushed earlier. There was no blood! On the contrary, it felt as if a ball of energy exploded.

However, the energy did not benefit him and would not strengthen his soul ring’s spiritual energy unlike the Spirit Ascension Platform.

Was it specially made for the test?

Tang Wulin continued to advance slightly puzzled.

He felt the airflows coming from the holes. There was more than one this time. In fact, a few gushes of airflows surged toward him simultaneously. Tang Wulin channeled his strength into the long rod with full concentration while he swayed the tip ever so slightly. A band of shadows formed from the swift movement of the rod to enshroud the airflows. While he was
waving the long rod, he stood there firmly and remained immovable like a mountain.

“Poof, poof, poof!” Three soft thuds were heard when the three bat-like
creatures exploded. Just like before, the carcasses began dissipating slowly on the ground after they were smashed.

He did not pause but continued to advance. The bats appeared in
succession. At times, there was only one. Sometimes, there were as many as six to seven of them. They almost filled the entire cavern’s tunnel with their large bodies.

However, none of the bats could break past the siege of Tang Wulin with his long rod. The bats were crushed and smashed in due course.

Light gradually shone through as they continued to walk forward for
another hundred meters while the number of bats became fewer as well. It was not exactly bright, but it was at least better than before.

The path turned a left corner and reached its end. Tang Wulin had only managed a few steps after the turn when he suddenly stopped. He expressed shock simultaneously.

The place was similar to a cavern. It was massive and occupied an area comparable to a stadium. On the other side of the massive cavern, there were hundreds of holes with different sizes on its massive wall. The
cavern’s height was about a hundred meters while there were hundreds of four-clawed bats flying and flapping inside the cavern at present.

More bats were coming out from the opposite wall of the cavern, while the light was also shining out from the holes. Radiance shone faintly throughout the cavern, but it was enough for Tang Wulin’s Purple Demon Eyes.

So the test was to defeat the bats?

Tang Wulin gaze shifted slightly. The major was standing by his side at the moment. She suddenly looked up and smiled at him.

This was the first time he saw the major smile. He felt rather uneasy that the smile seemed to be harboring a malicious intention. Then, the major spoke to him softly, “Please protect me.” She suddenly dashed straight into the cavern before she even finished her sentence.

The corners of Tang Wulin’s lips twitched once. Was this the legendary anthropic challenge?

He was lamenting in his heart, but he did not slow down at all. He tiptoed closely behind the major.

The four-clawed bats in the air gave out a series of shrieks the instant they sensed the presence of intruders. One of the bats descended from the
cavern’s roof while the others pounced on Tang Wulin from all directions.

Chapter 929 - The Assessment Begins

Chapter 929: The Assessment Begins

The major acted as if she could not see the bats and ran headlong toward the center. Tang Wulin brandished the rod in his hands like a spear. With every stab, a Four-clawed Bat exploded in the air. The shadow of the rod flitted
around the major, and not even a single bat was able to get within two meters of her.

With every passing moment, the major’s eyes grew more shocked. She had seen her fair share of new recruits who came here to be assessed. There
were great marksmen who were able to take charge of the entire situation, and there were those who relied on dexterous and masterful controls of various soul weapons to overcome the challenges. However, those that relied on their own bodily strength and battle experience to take protective measures at close-range were few and far between.

Naturally, she had her own reasons for choosing to assess Tang Wulin herself. After she had guided Tang Wulin to the first lieutenant, she obtained the security footage of the mountain’s perimeter. She saw how Tang Wulin brazenly climbed the mountain and came to the barracks.

Too fast. That was her first judgment after she saw the recording of Tang Wulin. He was more than three times faster than when she first came here. This fellow seemed inhuman. Without using any soul power, he had stabbed into the thick ice with his bare hands. The final climb was undoubtedly the most shocking part of his endeavor.

Curiosity had made her come to assess Tang Wulin personally this time. Under normal circumstances, the contents of the assessment would have been briefly explained to the recruit before it began. However, she did not do so this time. Also, after they arrived, she should have moved forward
slowly, but she chose to run. She wanted to see just how skillful this new recruit was, so she increased the difficulty of the assessment on purpose. However, the fact that Tang Wulin’s strengths were not simply explosive power was obvious. The force from the Four-clawed Bats’ advances could reach up to five hundred kilograms. It was not something that could be
easily blocked even by three-ringed or four-ringed soul masters with
exceptional physical strength. Yet, when faced with Tang Wulin’s blows, they were reduced to carcasses or puffs of air that quickly dispersed.

By the time the major ran to the center of the cave, more than half of the Four-clawed Bats had already been killed by Tang Wulin.

Even so, Tang Wulin had noticed a problem. These Four-clawed Bats were tough and unafraid of death. They had no notion of fear. So many of their companions had already died, but they still attacked madly. Their bodies were filled with bloodlust.

Even soul beasts would not do this! Their attacks were very determined, and Tang Wulin could only see cruelty in their eyes. There was no sign of terror, fear, or timidity.

What kind of creatures were these? Were they created by the Blood God Army to increase the assessment’s difficulty?

While immersed in his own thoughts, he killed most of the bats that pounced at him. As the number of dead bats increased, even within the dim light, Tang Wulin could see wisps of air rising and gradually gathered together. Then, they drifted toward the holes.

Tang Wulin turned to look at the major, “That’s it?”
A smile reappeared at the edge of the major’s lips. “You think too much.” At that exact moment, a low growl suddenly echoed through the cave.
Shortly after, from a medium-sized cavern, a massive bat flew out.

It was more than two times larger than the previous bats, and it had six claws under its belly. It spread its wings and let out a sharp cry. The sound seemed to send ripples through the air. Tang Wulin’s eyes focused. ‘A sonic attack?’

He quickly unleashed his spiritual powers. He knew very well that this
sonic attack was not something that he could block simply by covering his ears. At the same time, he reached out and pulled the major into his arms, supporting her waist with his left hand. Golden light burst out of his eyes.

Being held so close to Tang Wulin, the major could not see the golden light coming from his eyes.

Within Tang Wulin’s firm, warm embrace, the major felt her heartbeat increase instantly. However, the anticipated sonic shockwave did not reach them. It was as if it had been blocked by something.

The Six-clawed Bat in the air howled shrilly. It suddenly retracted its wings and shot at Tang Wulin like an arrow. It continued to shriek as it ceaselessly attacked Tang Wulin with sonic waves.

Tang Wulin snorted. He focused his gaze and two beams of light shot out from his eyes like purple lightning. At that moment, the major had just happened to raise her head and saw the purple flash which burst from his eyes.

The Six-clawed Bat let out a high-pitched screech. Its pouncing body immediately paused, and Tang Wulin leaped into the air. His left hand still clung tightly to the major while he lashed out with the metal rod in his right hand.

The Six-clawed Bat was truly tough. Even under Purple Demon Eyes’ spiritual attack, it could still react. It extended its wings once more and
slashed at Yang Wulin’s metal rod. It’s six claws were clearly larger than the Four-clawed Bats’.

“Bam!” the Six-clawed Bat’s body that was more than two meters long was sent flying. It was not so different from the Four-clawed Bats before. While the female major stared in bewilderment, its body exploded in the air with a loud boom. It turned into countless fragments and scattered everywhere. This…

‘Did he just destroy a Six-clawed Bat without using any soul power?’ The female major felt as if her brain did not have the capacity for this.

However, Tang Wulin did not take any notice. He loosened his arm around her waist and said apologetically, “I’m sorry if I’ve offended your modesty. I didn’t mean to. It was because of the bat’s sonic attack. If you were too far away from me, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to guarantee your

The major said nothing. She looked at Tang Wulin a little differently. The curiosity that was already there intensified.

In the beginning, she thought that Tang Wulin was arrogant since he picked a rod as his weapon, of all things. However, when she saw Tang Wulin destroy the Six-clawed Bat with one strike, this notion of hers vanished right away. With his close-quarter fighting skills, he had basically passed the assessment of strength.

However, the Blood God Army’s assessment was not as simple as a test of strength alone. The more important aspect was one’s personality. There
were not many in the Blood God Army, but they were truly loyal officers that would always have each other’s backs. The reason they required the new recruits to protect another person during their assessment was that they wanted to test if they would sacrifice themselves for another in a perilous

However, this could only be tested under actual perilous situations! If there was no danger, how could they test this?

Hence, since the major could not stop the assessment midway, she chose to stay silent.

The Six-clawed Bat was killed and the Four-clawed Bats that lingered around the cavern for a few moments finally made themselves scarce.
However, their moment of peace only lasted briefly. Three massive Six- clawed Bats crawled out of the cavern. Three bats. Their power was not simply three times that of a single bat. These creatures not only resembled bats in appearance but also had similar combat styles. They possessed great strength in battle and were skilled in synchronizing their movements with each other. ‘Let’s see how he’s going to handle this now.’

As the major was anticipating the battle, Tang Wulin was already on the move.

This time, he did not wait passively for them to attack. Without the threat of the Four-clawed Bats, he no longer had to worry about the major’s safety.
That was why when the three Six-clawed Bats crawled out of the cavern, Tang Wulin immediately sprang into action.

The metal rod in his hands suddenly turned into a black shadow. With a deafening explosion, it flew straight at one of the Six-clawed Bats. At the same time, he took a running jump and brazenly leaped at the second bat.

The metal rod was the first to hit its target. With a loud crash, the Six-
clawed Bat in the cavern was instantly destroyed before it could even crawl out of it. The other two bats had barely poked their heads out when Tang Wulin was already upon one of them

Chapter 930 - A Terrifying Creature

Chapter 930: A Terrifying Creature

He formed a fist with his right hand and punched the Six-clawed Bat.

The bat had just crawled out of the cavern, so it had barely stabilized its foothold and could not dodge it. All it could do was lash out at Tang Wulin with its six claws.

Six against one, it was a fierce stand-off.

However, at that point, Tang Wulin had a little technique prepared. He bent his legs and tapped on two of the bat’s claws with the tips of his toes. Then, he pulled his body back and evaded the Six-clawed Bat’s attack, landing his punch mercilessly upon its head.

“Boom!” The Six-clawed Bat’s body shattered. Tang Wulin relied on the momentum to do a somersault and descended from the skies. As he fell, he reached his left hand out in the direction of the metal rod which he had tossed. The Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon!

Even without the support of his soul power, the blood essence vortex within him still spun at high speed. He had also unleashed his Controlling Crane
Capturing Dragon, and the rod suddenly flew back to his hands.

The other Six-clawed Bat was extremely crafty. Rather than attack him, it pounced at the major.

The major stood there unmoving, but she frowned. Although Tang Wulin had displayed extremely powerful abilities, if he was just a reckless man who only cared about fighting and did not care about his comrades, they would have no use for him. Just then, a black shadow flashed before her eyes. With a soft thud, the Six- clawed Bat, almost upon her by then, was impaled by the long rod from the side. It was nailed into the rock wall far away. The instant the metal rod hit the rock wall, the terrifying energy erupted. It shook the Six-clawed Bat’s body until it shattered.

While the major was still staring at this scene with her mouth agape, Tang Wulin had already returned to her side and stood still there.

A black shadow shot toward Tang Wulin as quick as lightning. It did not look very large, but it was long, like a serpent with a row of little claws under its belly. When it had almost reached Tang Wulin, it suddenly opened its jaws and made to bite him.

This creature came very swiftly. It had almost reached Tang Wulin when he tossed his metal rod out for the second time and hit the third Six-clawed
Bat. Of course, its target was not Tang Wulin, but the major.

Tang Wulin was fast enough to shield the major with his own body.
However, the metal rod was not in his hands right now. The creature’s open jaw was more than a meter in diameter. There were rows of sharp, grotesque teeth inside its big mouth, but what was even more terrifying was that it stuck its tongue out at lightning speed and stabbed at Tang Wulin like a lance.

If he dealt with the tongue, he would not be able to deal with the jaw. He had only hastily managed to shield the major, so no matter how he looked at it, he would not be able to react in time to block this creature’s attacks.

At this critical moment, Tang Wulin reacted in a way that even the major did not expect. Appearing as though he had slipped, his entire body fell to the ground. Not only that, he swept at the major’s feet with his right hand and made her fall backward as well.

The major exclaimed in shock. She could not control her own body, but she saw that the lance-like tongue missed her by a hair’s breadth above her nose. Though she gasped, she did not close her eyes. This was a quality that was necessary for an outstanding soldier. She turned to look in Tang Wulin’s direction.

She saw that as Tang Wulin fell backward, he supported his body with one foot while he kicked upward with his other foot, landing the blow on the
creature’s chin.

The power of his kick was so terrifying, it forcibly shut the creature’s mouth upon impact. Its chin collided with its upper jaw with blinding speed.

With a thud, the creature’s extended tongue was severed by its own jaws. Not only that, Tang Wulin’s strength even shattered its mouth full of steel teeth. The teeth came spattering out of its mouth.

When Tang Wulin kicked out, he did not forget to pull on the major’s feet. The major only felt a gentle force on her legs which stabilized her the instant before she was about to hit the ground. Tang Wulin was already getting back on his feet. He supported her back with his right hand and lightly tapped on the ground with his left. Without exerting too much force, he was standing upright again and brought her along with him.

All this was accomplished while they caught their breath. Tang Wulin’s movements seemed as natural as the clouds and smooth as flowing water. He did not appear rushed in the slightest. As a result of a single kick, the creature had bitten off its own tongue, shattered its teeth and its body was
sent flying upward. Tang Wulin tapped the ground with the tips of his toes and rose into the skies. He quickly ran in the direction of his metal rod
while he held the major in his arms.

The major had only just broken out of her stupor. However, there was only one thought that was going through her mind, ‘He can even do that?’

A series of shrill howls came from the cavern. The giant serpent’s body which was sent flying in midair by Tang Wulin’s kick suddenly froze.
Shortly after, from the largest opening, out came a huge claw which
suddenly grabbed the serpent’s body. It jerked backward with great force and the strange serpent disappeared amidst the wails. Tang Wulin had just dislodged his metal rod from the wall, and his
expression was grim. ‘What was that?’ The size of the claw was more than six meters in diameter. If he judged it by normal standards, the owner of this claw could definitely not have crawled out from these openings. Also, this was the first time that he truly felt threatened.

He pulled the major and placed her behind him. Tang Wulin extended the rod in front of him as his eyes scrutinized the openings.

After a brief pause, the entire cavern suddenly started shaking slightly. Then, mist suddenly came bursting out from all the burrows.

Shock flashed across the major’s eyes. She clearly knew what this creature was. However, she clearly did not imagine that such a thing would appear in this assessment.

The dense mist was yellowish in color. As it surrounded them, Tang Wulin felt as if the atmosphere in the cavern suddenly changed. The temperature remained unchanged, but there was an unstable vibration putting pressure on them.

What was this?

He did not rashly launch into an attack. Instead, he observed calmly. Since it made him feel threatened, this thing’s combat strength would definitely not be a laughing matter.

The mist quickly condensed and a massive figure appeared.

It was a monster which Tang Wulin had never seen before. It had a giant dragon’s head, but its body was like a hill, covered in dark green scales and supported by three legs. Its formidable upper body was clearly brimming with power. Its arms were especially long, and its two sharp claws were
exactly what Tang Wulin had seen just moments ago. Every claw was more than five meters wide. It dragged a huge tail behind itself and had four eyes which flickered with a blood red glow. The aura its entire body exuded was especially vile. “That is Ba An. Be careful,” the major softly advised.

Ba An? What was that? Other than its name, the major’s warning had no information for Tang Wulin.

However, it was better than nothing. For a monster to have its own name and surname, it was obvious that it would not be that easy to deal with.
Tang Wulin lowered his voice, “Brace yourself against the cave wall here and don’t move. I’ll deal with it.” As he said this, he had already stridden forward and charged right at the monster.

This monster was absolutely massive. It looked to be more than forty meters tall. Among all the soul beasts of the continent Tang Wulin has seen, it was second only to the Overlord Dragon.

However, he was currently unable to use his martial soul, and he had no
way to summon the Overlord Dragon. Otherwise, it would have been a nice option to fight this creature with it.

Compared to this colossal Ba An, Tang Wulin appeared tiny and insignificant. With a great leap, he shot straight up like an arrow, stirring the air as he ascended. He raised the long rod in his hand and smacked Ba An with it.

The major stood in a corner. While she witnessed Tang Wulin’s charge, her heart shuddered slightly in that instant for reasons unknown to her.

Not everyone had the courage to charge at a monster with Ba An’s rank. This was especially true when it was the person’s first encounter with it.

Ba An growled furiously. Its four eyes lit up like a ball of fire. It opened its mouth and dark purple flames shot toward Tang Wulin.

The major instinctively shut her eyes. She truly did not want to see Tang Wulin being burned to ashes amidst that Deep Abyss Demon Flame.

For ordinary soul masters without any equipment, when they were faced with Ba An’s Deep Abyss Demon Flame, there was no other possibility other than melting instantly and turning into wraiths.

However, in the next instant, the sound that reached her ear was Ba An’s furious roar of pain.

She quickly opened her eyes. The major saw with shock that a golden figure had already charged onto the top of Ba An’s head. She would never forget this shocking scene. Ba An’s massive body flew sideways toward the faraway cave wall. It crashed roughly and bounced off before finally landing on the ground.

Tang Wulin descended from above and tossed the metal rod away. He had no other choice. This alloy metal rod was supposed to be very tough, but it had bent and could not be used anymore
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