The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 911-920

Chapter 911 - The Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum

Chapter 911: The Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum

‘So that’s how it is,’ Tang Wulin thought to himself. These plants seemed to be able to grow rapidly thanks to the Icefire Polarized Eyes, but apparently, it was not all sunshine and rainbows.

As if he could tell what Tang Wulin was pondering, the Amorous Douluo smiled and said, “It’s not what you think. I’m sure all the plants are happy to grow around Icefire Polarized Eyes. If they did not and they cultivated normally, it would be an achievement just for a plant system soul beast to be produced out of one million plants. It’s also very rare for these plant
system soul beasts to cultivate intelligence. However, in this place, as long as the plant had lived long enough, almost all of them could turn into soul beasts. Isn’t that a fantastic opportunity? If this weren’t the case, do you think that they’d still be willing to stay here? Icefire Polarized Eyes is also very helpful for them in resisting divine punishment.”

It was true that Tang Wulin knowledge of plant system soul beasts was insufficient. However, after he had heard Amorous Douluo’s words, he got the idea that this land was still precious for plants.

The purple-robed man sighed softly. “Amorous Douluo, after this extortion, please don’t come back for another one thousand years. Can you do that?
The wise man does not catch fish by draining the pool. There’s no need to fear that we’ll be too strong. Since mankind is this powerful, we’ll still need Tang Sect’s protection in the future. When the time comes, old-timers like us will obviously not survive. I can promise you that when we think that our life is up, we’ll be willing to turn into spirit souls and fight for the chance to become a god alongside you soul masters. However, I implore that you keep your part of the deal as well and not ask too much of the Icefire Polarized Eyes.” Zang Xin’s eyes lit up, “Alright, I’ll promise you that. You’ll be proud of your own choices. Didn’t Eight-Pointed Frozen Grass back rise to the heavens alongside Spirit Ice Douluo back then? Maybe, one day, you’ll be able to do the same.”

The purple-robed man laughed bitterly, “I dare not harbor extravagant hopes. Come with me. I’ll take you to retrieve Velvet Skyreach
Chrysanthemum first.”

As he said this, he turned around and walked in the direction of Icefire Polarized Eyes. The plants parted naturally and a path was opened up before them. Under the protection of the Amorous Douluo, they made their way to the Icefire Polarized Eyes’ side.

It was a hundred-thousand-year heaven-and-earth spiritual item! How could it not make their hearts flutter?

“Don’t let your guard down. With your strengths, it won’t be a problem for you to fight the soul beasts here, but you mustn’t underestimate your opponents. If you fail, you’ll lose the opportunity to obtain a hundred- thousand-year spirit grass. A hundred-thousand-year spirit grass won’t be
able to produce a Soul Bone, but as long as it harmonizes well enough with your bodies, it can at least raise your soul power cultivation bases by three ranks. At the same time, it can raise your potential to at least that of a Hyper Douluo’s. In the future, when you’re working toward becoming a Hyper
Douluo, it’ll be a vast boundless plain,” warned Zang Xin.

Tang Wulin looked at Gu Yue beside him slightly worried. He was not afraid of anything else, but there was a bit of a problem with Gu Yue’s condition. Could she still fight on her own now?

The Holy Spirit Douluo had said that a ten-thousand-year Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum was enough to overcome her problem. If that was not possible, a hundred-thousand-year one should work just as well.

A giant, brilliant golden chrysanthemum with fine fluffy hairs presented itself before everyone. It did not have a strong scent, and its stalk was exceptionally thick and sturdy. The giant chrysanthemum flower swayed gently and gave off a natural domineering aura.

No other plants grew within five meters of it. This was the result of the shock of its powerful plant aura.

“A hundred-thousand-years Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum. You can’t use any metal objects to harvest it. It should start to show resistance once it’s touched. You must defeat its transformation,” said the purple-robed man with gloomy eyes.

Tang Wulin glanced at Gu Yuena, “Gu Yue, can you fight?” Gu Yuena was stunned, “Fight what?”
Tang Wulin replied, “When you touch this chrysanthemum after this, it might transform and hit you. Can you deal with that?”

“Hit me? Why would it hit me? Xiao Lan and Xiao Hong told me that they wanted to give me all the flowers here as gifts. This chrysanthemum is pretty. I’ll go and pluck it.”

As she said this, she hopped and skipped over to the flower. She raised her hand and touched the Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum.

Tang Wulin followed closely behind her. The moment any sudden changes occurred, he would attack at the first moment and protect Gu Yuena.

When Gu Yuena touched the big chrysanthemum, its golden petals suddenly shrunk away. Shortly after, a mass of golden light shone and seemed to
charge toward Gu Yue.

At this very moment, two dragon roars went out at the same time. A blue and red light appeared above Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum almost instantly. A domineering pressure descended from above and suppressed the Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum until it was unable to move.

Gu Yue did not waste any effort in plucking the flower. The pair of dragon souls immediately circled around her. Gu Yuena giggled, “Thanks, guys. I like it.”

When the six great beasts saw the Ice and Fire Dragon souls fawning over her, they could not help but stare with their mouths agape. Was this silver- haired, purple-eyed young lady’s Silver Dragon King bloodline truly that pure?

Naturally, there was no psychological burden when the pair of Ice and Fire Dragons helped Gu Yuena pluck this Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum. It could be said that all the heaven-and-earth spiritual items here were nurtured by them.

Gu Yuena held the big flower in her hands and returned to Tang Wulin. She lifted it as if she was showing it off, “Father, look! Isn’t it pretty?”

Tang Wulin touched his nose and looked at the purple-robed man, “How should she eat this?”

The man in purple fought back the strong urge to cover his face with his hands. “Peel off the petals and eat them one by one.”

Tang Wulin said to Gu Yuena, “This is delicious. Try it. Eat one petal at a time.”

“Really?” Gu Yuena’s eyes brightened. The new her was like a little glutton. She immediately peeled off a petal and shoved it into her own mouth.

As expected, the petal melted as soon as it entered her mouth. It turned into a sweet, refreshing liquid with a chrysanthemum’s aroma and slid down her throat.

“It’s really delicious. Father, have some too!” As she said this, she immediately peeled off a handful of petals and passed them to Tang Wulin.

“I’ll pass. Eat up. Quick,” added Tang Wulin hastily. “No, no.” Gu Yuena pouted her red lips. “Good things must be shared with Father.”

Tang Wulin was about to reject her offer when the pair of Ice and Fire
Dragon souls that circled above Gu Yuena suddenly growled. Tang Wulin vision blurred, and a handful of chrysanthemum petals were shoved into his mouth.

The Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum’s petals immediately liquified and slid down his throat. He could not spit them out even if he wanted to.

Gu Yuena giggled, “Good job, Little Blue, Little Red!”

Tang Wulin hardened his expression and said angrily, “Gu Yue!”

Gu Yuena stuck out her tongue. “Father, it’s my fault. I’ll eat what’s left.”

Tang Wulin’s brows were slightly furrowed. With that handful, he had eaten at least one-third of the Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum. He was unsure if the remaining flower had enough potency to heal Gu Yuena recover. It
should be enough, right? After all, this was a hundred-thousand-year Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum!

After it entered his stomach, a hot sensation flowed from his belly and radiated toward his limbs and bones. Tang Wulin felt his body quickly heating up.

It was a warm feeling in the beginning, but after he took a few breaths, the wave of heat quickly become scorching. It made him stop in his tracks despite himself. He was shocked to see that his Golden Dragon Body had been unleashed without him activating it. Golden dragon scales covered him, glowing with a faint reddish hue as the hot air flowed.

“Meditate and absorb it.” A force pressed down on his shoulder and Tang Wulin sat down. Gu Yuena’s face also flushed red. It seemed as if there were ripples in her beautiful eyes. It looked incredible. “Gu Yue, come.” Tang Wulin waved her over. Gu Yuena sat in front of him. Tang Wulin held her hands and aligned his palms with hers. At the same time, he activated his Mysterious Heaven Method soul power and slowly
channeled it into Gu Yuena’s body. He urged her soul power to flow with his own.

Chapter 912 - Star Luo Holy Pearl

Chapter 912: Star Luo Holy Pearl

Gu Yuena’s beautiful frame shook slightly. Tang Wulin felt extremely dense energy rising from her body. The moment it came into contact with his
Mysterious Heaven Method soul power, an intense repelling force was instantly generated. The soul power was far more powerful than his own.

At this very moment, because of Gu Yuena’s close proximity, the aura they released also intertwined with each other. It was quite odd when one thought about it. When Tang Wulin’s golden bloodline aura came into
contact with Gu Yuena’s seven-colored bloodline aura, the naturally resisting soul power within Gu Yuena’s body ceased resisting immediately. It merged naturally with Tang Wulin’s soul power and surged as it flowed.

His soul power was channeled from his right palm into Gu Yuena’s body, and it flowed back through his left palm. It formed a circulation and
continued this way for a while. Very quickly, Tang Wulin entered into a state in which he let go of everything.

The Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum was a top-grade heaven and earth treasure. It had an extremely potent nourishing effect on the human body. It was also the best herb to invigorate one’s pulse and consolidate one’s bodily constitution.

For Gu Yue, the benefit was the treatment of her illness which involved dredging her brain’s blood vessels. As for Tang Wulin, the benefit it brought was even greater. His bloodline vortex had started swirling with his soul power vortex. His blood essence surged and flowed, and his bloodline aura spread outward uncontrollably.

The Ice and Fire dragon souls circled above them. They displayed overly excited emotions. As they circled above, they seemed to be also absorbing their auras. In turn, they released some of their own auras as if they were regurgitating the auras which they absorbed earlier.

The Amorous Douluo Zang Xin smiled slightly. He made a gesture toward the Damask Tulip before him. “Please continue.”

The Damask Tulip looked at the two dragon souls that were circling in the air. He sighed inwardly. The schemes of men were truly inferior to that of the heavens. He could never have imagined that there would be a pair of
children that possessed the bloodlines of the Golden and Silver Dragon
Kings among the youths that the Amorous Douluo brought here. Not only did the pair of Ice and Fire Dragon Kings’ dragon souls not resist, they even became their allies.

Currently, he had no intention of relying on his fortune. As the saying went, ‘being under the eaves, one has to lower one’s head’. With the aura unleashed by the Amorous Douluo, he could already destroy the entire Icefire Polarized Eyes by himself.

“Come with me. This is the Star Luo Holy Pearl which is a hundred thousand years old. I can see that there are two among these youths whose cultivation bases are related to the stars. They can pick this.”

The Amorous Douluo smiled. He turned and looked at Ye Xinglan and Xu Xiaoyan, “Come, one of you. Get ready for battle.”

Ye Xinglan did not wait for Xu Xiaoyan to respond. She immediately said, “Spiritual fruits such as these will improve one’s communication with the stars. Although my Stargod Sword relies on star power, the sword’s
consciousness is more important. Xiaoyan, why don’t you take it?”

Xu Xiaoyan said, “Sister Xinglan, how can I? It’s also helpful for you, I think you should have it.”

Ye Xinglan shook her head and said, “No. Wulin is meditating now, so I’m the acting captain. Listen to me, go on.” The purple-robed man Damask Tulip said, “You guys don’t have to
compromise to accommodate each other. There’s more where these heaven and earth treasures come from. But, I suggest the weaker one to take it. The Star Luo Holy Pearl is the most gentle amongst all the hundred-thousand- year spirit items. It’s also one of the most human-friendly types. On its own, it’s difficult for it to attain intelligence, but after it fuses with a human, it
can turn into a human soul master’s soul core in the future. Hence, it won’t reject the notion of being plucked.”

After Ye Xinglan heard these words, she smiled and made an inviting gesture toward Xu Xiaoyan.

As a Master-Control soul master, Xu Xiaoyan’s direct combat ability was undoubtedly the weakest among them. She was not even as powerful as Xu Lizhi. On the other hand, Ye Xinglan’s combat ability was weaker than none except Tang Wulin’s. Hence, it was more suitable for Xu Xiaoyan to absorb and fuse with the Star Luo Holy Pearl.

Xu Xiaoyan felt a little awkward, but she was also touched. She walked up to Ye Xinglan and gave her a hug. Then, she walked toward the Star Luo Holy Pearl.

The Star Luo Holy Pearl was a spirit item that was extremely pleasing to the eyes. Its stalk was black which was very rare among plants. However, a golden fruit the size of a palm grew on its tips. This golden fruit shone with such a brilliance that it appeared like a giant pearl. However, when observed closely, one could see that the golden color was actually from thousands of golden light spots. It was extremely unusual.

Xu Xiaoyan shifted her Starwheel Ice Staff to her left hand and touched the golden fruit gently with her right.

Immediately, the golden fruit shook slightly. Shortly after, the surface of the fruit burst forth with thousands of starlight beams.

These starlight beams enveloped Xu Xiaoyan in no time. The Amorous Douluo’s pupils contracted, and he looked at the purple-robed man. However, the purple-robed man showed no change in his facial

Under the starlight envelope, the Starwheel Ice Staff in Xu Xiaoyan’s grasp lit up. In an instant, the Big Dipper that was revealed, after the seven-
colored miasma was destroyed, dimmed as if day had turned into night. Countless stars dotted the night sky and beams of resplendent starlight descended from the heavens. They shone on the Star Luo Holy Pearl and Xu Xiaoyan.

Xu Xiaoyan closed her eyes as if she felt something. The Star Luo Holy Pearl shook gently and continuously as it emitted golden halos.

In no time, everyone present understood what was happening. The Star Luo Holy Pearl seemed to be fighting with Xu Xiaoyan over the starlight descending from the heavens.

In the beginning, the glow on the Star Luo Holy Pearl was noticeably brighter. However, in no time, when Xu Xiaoyan’s third soul ring lit up, all the starlight which descended from the heavens was completely absorbed by her soul skill, the Dazzling Starlight. Then, it was unleashed from the tip of her Starwheel Ice Staff and shone on the Star Luo Holy Pearl.

The shaking Star Luo Holy Pearl immediately solidified. The golden halo that it emitted initially dimmed in an instant. It could not unleash anymore.

A faint smile appeared at the edge of Xu Xiaoyan’s lips. She alternated between unleashing her first, second, and third soul skills. All the starlight that fell from the skies was wholly absorbed by her and turned into her soul skill.

Each time the Star Luo Holy Pearl wanted to sway its head or wag its tail, it would instantly be immobilized. The repetitive start-stop action was
actually quite funny and peculiar at the same time.

The purple-robed man finally showed some change of expression. He looked at Xu Xiaoyan in shock. The two Golden and Silver Dragon King bloodlines had already shocked him greatly before this. In this instance, the purity of the starlight unleashed by this girl before him was something he had never seen before in his life.

Each night, the Star Luo Holy Pearl would absorb the stars’ and the moon’s essences to vitalize itself. The other heaven and earth treasures naturally felt this too. They even reaped some benefit from the process. They knew how well the Star Luo Holy Pearl could control starlight. However, at this moment, it was completely overpowered by a mere human. It only proved that this girl had a more intimate relationship with the starlight.

As expected, humans were richly endowed by nature and were the wisest of all the creatures.

The purple-robed man sighed inwardly. He understood that the Star Luo Holy Pearl could not be saved.

At the end, a golden light flashed. Unable to endure Xu Xiaoyan’s “torture” anymore, the Star Luo Holy Pearl’s fruit rolled off its stalk and fell into her hands. The tip of the stalk flashed with golden light, and another golden fruit the size of a fingernail appeared.

Xu Xiaoyan jubilantly held the Star Luo Holy Pearl close to her chest. When she felt the pure star power contained within it, she could not help but grin broadly.

She had not made it back to her comrades when the Star Luo Holy Pearl in her hands suddenly flashed with golden light and shrunk swiftly. Then, it turned into a golden line of light which entered her mouth and vanished.

Xu Xiaoyan staggered. Shortly after, her entire body shone brightly with starlight. All the stars on her battle armor shone to their extremes. She quickly sat down cross-legged. The starlight on her chest was the most
resplendent. Faintly but surely, the starlight was gathering toward her chest. Later, the golden light on Xu Xiaoyan flickered and gradually faded.

The purple-robed man’s gaze darkened. He sighed and continued walking in a different direction. Yue Zhengyu came to Xu Xiaoyan’s side. He wanted to feel the transformation of her body. When he got close to her, the starlight on Xu
Xiaoyan’s body produced a powerful repelling force and pushed him away.

What a powerful spirit item! It was able to produce such a powerful effect right after it was consumed. Without a doubt, it was definitely beneficial for Xu Xiaoyan.

It was important for the heaven and earth treasures to heighten one’s cultivation base. However, what was even more important was the purification of one’s bloodline and improvement of one’s potential.

They were already considered talented before this. Now, after consuming the hundred-thousand-year cultivation base heaven and earth treasures, they would be as powerful as Long Yue who had inherited the Mountain Dragon King’s martial soul. Furthermore, there would not be the problem of the bloodline’s backlash which Long Yue experienced.

The purple-robed man continued walking forward. When he stopped again, a spirit grass as white as jade appeared in everyone’s sight.

“It’s the Origin Energy Immortal Grass which is a hundred thousand years old. It’s the greatest treasure that can increase the soul power of humans.
Nothing can beat the effects it has on soul power enhancement. Also, it can aid you in compressing your soul power and condensing your soul core.
Apart from that, it has no other special attributes. The Origin Energy Immortal Grass is relatively gentler. However, it’s quite hardy, and it won’t be easy to subdue it.”

Chapter 913 - Origin Energy Immortal Grass

Chapter 913: Origin Energy Immortal Grass

It was only capable of purely increasing one’s soul power and assisting in condensing one’s soul core?

The group of people was outstanding students of Shrek Academy, so they naturally understood this point. The more singular the effect a heaven and earth spirit item had, the higher the elevation resulting from its effect.

Just like how mankind’s cultivation had its limits, there was also a limit to the origin energy that a heaven and earth spirit item could absorb. If there were multiple effects to a heaven and earth spirit item, its power would be
spread across the multiple effects. Hence, the power of each effect would be lessened.

In this way, the more singular the effects that a heaven and earth spirit item could bestow, the higher its grade would be.

“Yuanen, Li Zhi, the Origin Energy Immortal Grass is suitable for both of you. So, who’s going to take it?” Ye Xinglan asked both of them.

Yuanen Yehui possessed the twin martial soul, so it was extremely difficult for her to find a heaven and earth spirit item that could elevate both of her martial souls. Thus, it was even more important that the heaven and earth
spirit item that she chose elevated her in either her strength or soul power.

Xu Lizhi was a different case. He was a food-type soul master, so he had limited areas for elevation. Food-type soul masters also found it most difficult to cultivate. The Origin Energy Immortal Grass was naturally a good choice for him to elevate his soul power.

Yuanen Yehui spoke without the slightest hesitation, “I hope to acquire an immortal grass capable of elevating my strength. Lizhi, go ahead and take it.”

Lizhi was not self-effacing either for he understood that this could possibly be the immortal grass most suitable for him. He walked forward in great
strides and stood before the Origin Energy Immortal Grass. He extended his right hand and touched the jade-like immortal grass.

The Origin Energy Immortal Grass shuddered gently as a gush of intense white light surged out from the immortal grass. The thick and pure energy expanded outward such that Xu Lizhi fell a few steps back. A ball of white light condensed and turned into a figure that looked similar to Xu Lizhi. It was a mass of white light with his body outline.

The white light ‘Xu Lizhi’ pushed out with its hands just was dense and pure origin energy that immediately surged toward Xu Lizhi.

Xu Lizhi did not retreat but parted his legs and stood firmly on the ground. His hands turned into jade instantly as he launched the Tang Sect
Technique’s Mysterious Jade Hands. At the same time, he made a forward rotation with his arms to channel out his Mysterious Heaven Method soul power. Just as the Origin Energy Immortal Grass’ hands were approaching Xu Lizhi, its body was swaying from the impact as it tumbled to one side.

Xu Lizhi suddenly took a step forward and slammed his heavy shoulder into the figure.

The Origin Energy Immortal Grass was staggering from the collision. However, the Origin Energy Immortal Grass was soon glowing brightly with over ten rays of white light swarming out to lash at Xu Lizhi.

Xu Lizhi chuckled. He continued to use the Tang Sect Technique’s
Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon. Suddenly, he spun around and guided those white lights into shooting out to the surroundings. At the same time, he advanced further with his hand outstretched toward the Origin Energy Immortal Grass.

At present, he was clad in battle armor. His soul power had already
achieved the rank of Soul Sage under the amplification of his battle armor. His palms were as heavy as anvils.

He was a food-type soul master, so his martial soul had no way to support his fighting capacity. Thus, Xu Lizhi devoted a lot of effort to train painstakingly in the Tang Sect Techniques. He was especially skilled in the Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon whereby he was dispersing the impact on him while diverting his strength into the attack using his Mysterious
Heaven Method soul power as the groundwork. Another soul master of the same grade could not necessarily triumph over him using soul skills alone.

Xu Lizhi’s Guardian Star battle armor had the strongest defense amongst all his comrades. He also had the highest elevation of soul power. Although the Origin Energy Immortal Grass was filled with exuberant origin energy, it
still could not harm Xu Lizhi in the collision.

Gushes of airwaves burst out continuously while Xu Lizhi’s courage mounted as the battle progressed. He launched various Tang Sect
Techniques which included the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, the
Mysterious Jade Hands, the Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon, and the Catching Hand to remain evenly matched against the Origin Energy Immortal Grass.

The purple-robed man could not help heaving a sigh secretly as he watched the match. Of course, he was capable of sensing the obese youth’s soul power. The youth’s battle armor was capable of elevating his cultivation
such that he was equally matched with the Origin Energy Immortal Grass. This was the terrifying side of mankind’s technology! It was also the rationale for his decision to come to terms with the Amorous Douluo.

Mankind’s power was truly something the soul beasts could not contend with anymore.

Nonetheless, the Origin Energy Immortal Grass was quite impressive too. Rings of white halos radiated from the immortal grass while the strong soul power infused into it enabled it to conjure soul power shadows ceaselessly. Moreover, it was also absorbing and infusing the origin energy in the air making it one with the origin energy. Each attack it launched was heavier than the one before. It was as if the immortal grass was adapting to the battle.

Albeit not blessed with intelligence, the Origin Energy Immortal Grass was still a hundred-thousand-year soul beast. Xu Lizhi began to lose ground gradually with time’s passing.

The Origin Energy Immortal Grass’ attacks were too powerful. Those were pure energy collisions that suppressed Xu Lizhi until he had trouble coping with it.

However, Xu Lizhi still had his ways for he was a soul master after all! He would stuff a Recovery Pork Bun, an Agility Soup Bun, or even a Firm
Crystal Bun into his mouth occasionally, so he could still sustain his effort.

Yuanen Yehui, Xie Xie, and Yue Zhengyu could not help frowning as they watched from the side. Could Xu Lizhi truly defeat the Origin Energy Immortal Grass if this continued? According to the man in purple, they
would not be qualified to pluck the immortal grass without defeating it. They would miss a great opportunity if they lose.

There was only Ye Xinglan whose expression remained unchanged. She
appeared extremely calm as if there was nothing worth worrying over this battle.

“Hehe. It feels really good to have a worthy opponent.” Xu Lizhi laughed aloud while stepping back to distance himself from the Origin Energy
Immortal Grass. Simultaneously, he tossed two buns into his mouth. One of the buns was a Bloodthirst Bean Bun while the other was a Puncture Pork Bun.

These two buns were meant to increase his fighting capacity temporarily. He had not eaten any of the two buns during the battle earlier. Although the effect of the Bloodthirst Bean Bun was great, he would slump into a
moment of weakness after it was consumed. Hence, he would only consider eating it at crucial moments. Xu Lizhi consumed two buns and his aura arose drastically at once. He was even exuding immense pressure. At the same time, his palms had turned deep purple when he raised his hands.

He took a step forward and stretched out his hands simultaneously. Without any fancy moves, he braced the origin energy expelled from the Origin Energy Immortal Grass.

“Boom…” Xu Lizhi stumbled backward a few steps before he managed to stabilize himself amidst the violent booming noise. This time, both parties went all out in their collision with each other. Frustrated by the long battle, the Origin Energy Immortal Grass unleashed nine white halos during the
attack this time.

Xu Lizhi was repulsed by the attack, but the shadow projected by the Origin Energy Immortal Grass underwent some ghastly changes as well. More than a third of the light mass was rapidly dissolving and dispersing outward at an alarming rate within a sea of purple light.

The Origin Energy Immortal Grass shrieked while its body swayed
abruptly. It detached half of its body leaving a portion that broke away from the shadow. Meanwhile, the detached portion which was tainted in purple disintegrated into the air.

“It’s destructive power!” the six Great Beasts shouted shockingly in unison.

Sunlight and water were the ingredients of a plant’s growth. All plants including the soul beasts and ordinary plants used life force as the basis to their existence while the destruction energy was the opposing energy of life.

The destruction energy was perhaps not as effective when used against a soul master. However, when it was used against a plant or a soul beast
which had its life force as its core, the effect was incredibly effective that it was beyond Xu Lizhi’s expectation.

Xu Lizhi stabilized himself and sniggered. He walked in great strides toward the Origin Energy Immortal Grass once again. He managed to infuse his destructive power forcefully into the Origin Energy Immortal Grass’ shadow earlier by utilizing the amplification of his Bloodthirst Bean Bun and Piercing Pork Bun which produced such an amazing result. The outcome of the battle was decided there and then.

Chapter 914 - Orange Spirit Soul

Chapter 914: Orange Spirit Soul

Xu Lizhi was the most persistent in absorbing destruction energy back when they were still on Demon Island. He was also the one who had
endured for the longest time at that checkpoint. He understood what his problem was all along.
His fighting capabilities were too weak because he was a food-type soul master. On the other hand, he loved Ye Xinglan, and she agreed to couple up with him. However, deep down, he was still feeling rather inferior. It was not a pleasant experience for a man to always have to depend on his woman for protection.

Hence, he had been working hard all along in an attempt to catch up to Ye Xinglan. He wanted to protect Ye Xinglan with his own strength.

He had put great effort and willpower in persisting to look for a way to elevate himself. He had finally found it when he was confronted by destruction energy.

The Mysterious Heaven Method’s special feature was its ceaselessness. The Old Demons’ original intention was to strengthen the Shrek Seven
Monsters’ immunity and resistance by saturating them with destruction
energy. On the other hand, Xu Lizhi turned this around by fusing every drop of destructive power with his soul power.

In the beginning, this had been genuinely detrimental to him, but he managed to withstand the process by relying on Recovery Pork Buns and Firm Crystal Buns every step of the way. He gradually adapted to destructive power after prolonged exposure and blazed a different trail by storing it in a specially opened vital energy sea in his body. This was his first time using the energy for battle, and it had yielded superb results.

The most terrifying part about destruction energy was that it would replenish itself by naturally absorbing the aura expelled by an opponent when it had destroyed them.

The effect was best seen when used on a life form.

Meanwhile, the energy released from the Origin Energy Immortal Grass used life force as its core energy, so it was completely overwhelmed by destructive power.

Because of this, destruction energy was fully unleashed and pressured the grass into shrinking back to its original body.

“Be merciful. Take the Immortal Grass but don’t taint anything here with the destructive power,” the purple-robed man shouted at Xu Lizhi to stop his attacks.

The deep purple light vanished. Xu Lizhi went up to the Origin Energy Immortal Grass and retracted his battle armor. He pulled at the grass with his hands and it detached itself naturally from the ground, leaving behind a small blade of Immortal Grass on the same spot just like the Star Luo Holy Pearl from earlier. Its seed would continue to grow and its life cycle

The Origin Energy Immortal Grass appeared thin, but it felt heavy in his hands.

Amorous Douluo spoke, “You can choose to consume the leaves of the
Origin Energy Immortal Grass one by one. You can absorb the essence of every piece through meditation to gradually elevate your soul power. The Immortal Grass has a spirit so consume it as soon as possible. This is for you.”

He tossed a jade box to Xu Lizhi as he spoke. “The Immortal Grass that you have yet to consume can be stored in this jade box temporarily.” “Yes. Thank you, Vice Hall Master.” Overjoyed, Xu Lizhi looked for a vacant spot to take a seat before consuming a leaf of the Origin Energy Immortal Grass.

The taste was just like very tough, raw, uncut grass and it was truly unpleasant. As soon as the grass reached his stomach, Xu Lizhi felt as thick and strong origin energy surged into his body and fused with his soul power before surging wildly through his meridians.

Ye Xinglan’s lips cracked into a gratified smile for Xu Lizhi should be able to elevate his cultivation base to six-ringed Soul Emperor with the help of this one-hundred-thousand-year Origin Energy Immortal Grass. Moreover, it would also act as a firm foundation for his cultivation base in the future and maybe even condense into a soul core.

The purple-robed man stood there with an expression as if he was deep in thought.

“Xiang Xiang, what’s going on with you?” the Blazing Apricot Cabbage arrived by his side and asked with her divine telepathy.

The purple-robed man answered, “These people brought by Amorous Douluo seem slightly different. They made me think of that man from twenty thousand years ago.”

“You mean Tang San?” the Blazing Apricot Cabbage asked in astonishment.

The purple-robed man called the Damask Tulip nodded his head, “Tang San took away my predecessor and finally cultivated into a god afterward before he flew into the Divine Realm. My predecessor naturally followed him and acquired immortality. However, there was no spirit soul at the time. Later on, Holy Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao’s brought his power over to our side and formed a spirit soul agreement with the Eight-Pointed Frozen Grass in the
end. The Eight-Pointed Frozen Grass, too, followed him and cultivated into a god before ascending into the Divine Realm as an immortal.” “Compared to my predecessor, the Eight-Pointed Grass came out ahead. His divine mind was almost completely preserved, to the point that it brought up the possibility for us soul beasts to follow humanity’s soul masters into the Divine Realm in the future. We have not thought about the Divine
Realm for many years. Yet these young people brought by Amorous Douluo made me feel that perhaps some of them may be able to find the Divine
Realm in the future and perhaps even rebuild it?”

The Blazing Apricot Cabbage spoke in bewilderment, “So you’re saying that your enthusiasm is aroused?”

The Damask Tulip sighed. “Not much is left of my two-hundred-thousand- year lifespan. A year in the Icefire Polarized Eyes is equal to ten years in the outside world. I may be reaching my second punishment in just over one hundred years or so, and I don’t think that I’ll make through this time. Maybe this is truly an opportunity for me.”

The Blazing Apricot Cabbage was silent. The rest of the four Great Beast- rank heaven and earth spirit items had also drawn closer. There was no doubt that the Damask Tulip’s words had moved them as well.

The only chance to break free from the heaven and earth’s doomsday was to engage in fused cultivation with mankind.

However, they would also need to bear the risk of dying alongside their soul masters if their hosts were incapable of cultivating into a god. The risk was relatively higher if they chose to attach themselves to humans so they
would need to be extremely cautious.

This group of humans might actually be able to cultivate into divinity some day.

If the Damask Tulip remained in the Icefire Polarized Eyes, he could live for just over one hundred years more, whereas if he chose to follow a human soul master, he could possibly live for another two hundred years should the soul master cultivated to Title Douluo-rank. In other words, he would not suffer a great loss even if he never managed to cultivate into a god. Thus, despite being initially repulsed, the Damask Tulip’s interest was piqued as he watched these humans reveal their powerful natural talents one by one.

“So can we continue with the next person?” Amorous Douluo asked. The Beasts’ godly thought communication could not be heard by Amorous
Douluo despite his cultivation base. However, Amorous Douluo could tell from the exchange of glances between the Damask Tulip and the other
Beasts that the intense feelings of disgust they felt earlier had vanished.

The Damask Tulip turned around and hesitated for a moment before
enquiring, “Amorous Douluo, if I’m willing to be converted into a spirit soul, I wonder if you have any recommendations?”

Soul beasts had always been straightforward in their manners without any intention of beating around the bush.

Even though Zang Xin could tell that their attitudes had begun to change, he did not expect such a complete turnaround. He was stunned for a moment before he joyously asked, “Brother Damask, what do you mean?”

The Damask Tulip spoke with a bitter smile on his face, “I don’t have much time left and I’m about to confront my second heaven-and-earth doomsday. I don’t think that I’ll pass, so I might as well take the risk to join you humans and attempt to reach for your Divine Realm.”

Zang Xin immediately smiled. “Brother Damask, this is a great choice. These seven children are the current generation of the Shrek Seven
Monsters, just like our first ancestor Tang San all those years ago and also Holy Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao. Moreover, they are no less gifted than any of our ancestors.

Their own efforts will determine their destinies. In any case, I’m absolutely certain that in all the world, this group is the most likely to reach the divine level.”

At this point, he turned around and looked at Ye Xinglan, Yue Zhengyu, Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie, who had yet to begin absorbing spirit items, and spoke, “Who amongst all of you are willing to allow the Damask Tulip to convert into your spirit soul? Even though you have yet to elevate to the soul ring cultivation base, Brother Damask can still temporarily inhabit
your body and fuse with you when you’ve achieved a breakthrough in your cultivation base.”

The Damask Tulip spoke proudly, “My cultivation base is already one hundred and ninety-eight thousand years at present. I’m very close to the two-hundred-thousand-year realm now. I will certainly be at the two- hundred-thousand-year level as a soul ring, so I suppose I’ll become an orange spirit soul.”

Ye Xinglan asked, “I wonder what is your ability, your excellency?”

The Damask Tulip sounded even haughtier as he answered, “My scent is capable of expelling all poisons.”

Unexpectedly for the Damask Tulip, Ye Xinglan frowned upon hearing his words and shook her head in disinterest.

Xie Xie and Yuanen Yehui shook their heads as well. Yue Zhengyu did not even shake his head but said outright, “I don’t need that. There are all sorts of antidotes being developed today. What’s the use of being able to expel poison? Moreover, there’s no way that that can contribute to any significant soul skills.”

Chapter 915 - Cold-shouldered

Chapter 915: Cold-shouldered

The Damask Tulip was incredulous as he looked at the four young people before him. The corners of his lips twitched while the rest of the five Beasts were standing behind in disbelief.

He was rejected. The king of the Immortal Grass beyond his time, the Damask Tulip, to everyone’s surprise, had been given the cold shoulder.

Amorous Douluo almost laughed aloud. He could not help saying, “You all shouldn’t think like that. An orange spirit soul is hard to come by and can only be endowed by a Beast. Even if the soul skill is slightly weak, it’s rather high in the soul ring rank, so it’s quite efficient in intimidating others.”

Damask Tulip furiously replied, “What do you mean by ‘it’s quite efficient in intimidating others’? I’m the king of the Immortal Grass. I’m capable of identifying the special features of all heaven-and-earth spirit items, and my position allows me to command all of them as well. Every plant-type soul beast’s fighting capacity is reduced by half before me.”

“There aren’t a lot of plant-type soul masters, I think. It’s not significant in elevating one’s cultivation base anyway,” Ye Xinglan spoke earnestly.

Xie Xie chimed in. “Precisely. It’s quite useless. I’m only looking for an Immortal Grass that increases my velocity. The perfection of speed is my goal.”

Yuanen Yehui spoke, “I seek to focus on my strength or just one attribute. A spirit soul that has no actual combat effect is useless for me. Moreover, if it occupies the space of two soul rings, it will certainly reduce my fighting
capacity greatly.” Yue Zhengyu shrugged. “I wish to have a light attribute heaven-and-earth spirit item. It’s useless even if it’s nice to see. We’re skilled in disguise, so
it’s easy for us to conceal an orange soul ring, but I’d be better off without it if it has no practical applications.”

“I…” The Damask Tulip truly wished to jump into the Icefire Polarized Eyes and put himself out of his misery.

They were dismissing him just like that.

“You know nothing, you little brats! Tang San, the original founder of your Tang Sect, chose my predecessor from the start! Do you think that he made the wrong choice?! My power is not as simple as it looks! I…”

Shouting in a rage, The Damask Tulip let out all his fury in an emotional outburst.

“Little Tulip, don’t be angry. I think they’re deliberately trying to annoy you,” the Blazing Apricot Cabbage consoled hastily.

“Do you want to be my spirit soul?” Yue Zhengyu’s eyes glowed brightly upon seeing her. “My martial soul is the Holy Angel. Light and fire are
supposed to complement each other. If you’re willing to be my spirit soul, I’ll gladly welcome you. My Holy Flame would certainly be elevated to a brand-new level.”

The Blazing Apricot Cabbage was caught off guard for a moment before she snapped, “Don’t even think about it. I can still live for another three thousand years. Why should I risk my life for you humans? Huo Yuhao took away my essence years ago and badly damaged my cultivation base.
Otherwise, I might have even broken through the second doomsday. I’m
completely uninterested in mankind, so how can I possibly join all of you?”

Yue Zhengyu could not help sighing when he saw the Blazing Apricot
Cabbage’s stubborn expression. He spoke with helplessness, “What we ask for we can’t get. What we don’t ask for is begging to be taken.” The Damask Tulip almost spat out a mouthful of fresh blood in anger. ‘What do you mean by ‘begging to be taken’, huh? What do you mean that?!’

Amorous Douluo hastily tried to calm the situation, saying, “Children, all of you don’t understand the significance of an orange soul ring. It will give you a wide range of enhancements. The benefit it brings to you is far greater than what a mere a soul skill can do. Apologize to Brother Damask quickly.”

The four of them all had different expressions. They saluted the deranged Damask Tulip with great effort and considered that an apology.

“I’ll never join them no matter what. They’ve truly pissed me off!” The
Damask Tulip was green with rage. He was so infuriated he almost vomited blood.

At this precise moment, a voice was heard.
“Senior, I wonder if your scent is capable of altering a person’s aura?” The Damask Tulip turned around and glanced in the direction of the voice,
just in time to see Tang Wulin, who had begun meditating the earliest, stand up and walk to his side.

Damask Tulip answered proudly, “Every ability related to smell is within my power.”

Tang Wulin arrived by his companions’ side and bowed his body ever so
slightly. He spoke, “Then, I wish to receive your favor very much. I would like to invite you to become my spirit soul after my next breakthrough.”

Damask Tulip frowned. He looked at Tang Wulin and spoke, “Are you willing to do so?”

Tang Wulin spoke with full certainty, “Yes, I am.”

Damask Tulip spoke, “Yet it seems that I’m not especially compatible with your Golden Dragon King’s aura. Comparatively, as a plant-type soul beast, I prefer the power of light or water element energy. Of course, the best is still a plant-type martial soul. Otherwise, I can’t even transform into an orange soul ring if we’re not compatible enough.”

Tang Wulin immediately smiled when he heard that.

The reason that he awakened so quickly was that he ate too little of the
Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum, and also because his body was too strong now. The Golden Dragon King’s bloodline power was altered by the Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum, but it had also absorbed the nutrition in the
Chrysanthemum too soon after it had undergone the change. Tang Wulin’s soul power was elevated by one rank while his blood essence power was
enhanced at the same time. His blood essence vortex felt like it was already about to crystallize.

Therefore, he chose the Damask Tulip for two reasons. The first being because its cultivation base was genuinely powerful. It was extremely difficult to acquire even a real one-hundred-year soul ring in the modern world, leave alone a Beast-level soul ring.

A Beast could at least provide him with two orange soul rings, which could certainly strengthen his body.

The biggest danger lurking inside his body was the nine Golden Dragon King Seals, which would eventually become an issue. He could possibly bring about his own destruction if he was not careful.

Thus, when he heard Amorous Douluo mentioning that the orange soul ring from the transformed Damask Tulip was capable of elevating one’s physical abilities when he had just awakened from his meditation earlier, he immediately inquired without the slightest hesitation. On the other hand, the ability to alter his body’s aura was naturally to allow him to better conceal his cultivation base.

Meanwhile, how could he not smile at the Damask Tulip’s question? His martial soul was not the Golden Dragon King! Vines surged out of Tang Wulin’s body as the Bluesilver Emperor’s aura instantly erupted from him. Blue-gold vines parted behind his back and
came into contact with all sorts of spirit grass in the surroundings. At once, a gentle spiritual wave bloomed from Tang Wulin’s body. In that split
second, he seemed to be assimilated into the Icefire Polarized Eyes and everything else in his surroundings.

“This is…”

The Damask Tulip stared in astonishment as Tang Wulin unleashed the
Bluesilver Emperor. His body shuddered as he sensed Tang Wulin’s aura, and he gasped aloud when his gaze fell upon Tang Wulin’s body and saw a green-gold soul ring behind his back.

“The Nature Child!”

Tang Wulin’s consciousness shifted ever so slightly and he could immediately sense the spiritual connection he had formed with all the plants and Immortal Grass in this Icefire Polarized Eyes. It was different from
what he had sensed in the other forests and plants before. The plants here had extremely high spiritual intelligence, so they could transmit their friendly feelings to him directly.

Moreover, Tang Wulin was surprised to discover that his aura began to grow rapidly due to the amplification of the plants in the Icefire Polarized Eyes. The newest green-gold soul ring on his body was even exuding an aura that felt like it was on fire.

This was…

He had once experienced the effect of the green-gold soul ring and its soul skill, the Nature Child. The area which his spiritual power could cover
when the soul skill was launched rivaled the most powerful radar.
Moreover, he could control all the plants within the area for his own use and temporarily borrow their strength! In that state, he could even compare himself to a Title Douluo. “Choose me. I’m willing to become your spirit soul unconditionally.” A shadow flashed past and a figure had already arrived in front of Tang Wulin.

It was one of the six Great Beasts from earlier. The man had a dark
complexion and a handsome face. His entire body radiated a translucent, glossy light as he stood at the back without uttering a word. His eyes
shimmered as brightly as the stars.

Chapter 916 - The Nature Seed

Chapter 916: The Nature Seed

“Little Black, move aside!” Tang Wulin felt the heat on his face as another figure flashed past. The Blazing Apricot Cabbage whose beauty was unrivaled appeared before him. “Choose me. My fighting capacity is the
strongest amongst everyone. I can provide you with the purest flames to amplify your abilities and even add control to the fire element of your natural attributes.”

“What are you all doing? Where’s your dignity?” the Damask Tulip roared in rage as he stopped the remaining three beasts that were about to rush over. He then walked over to Tang Wulin in big strides, and with both his hands, he pulled the Little Black and the Blazing Apricot Cabbage away.

The arrogance on his face vanished as he stood before Tang Wulin. “I agree to do so.”

The rest of the five beasts immediately burst into an uproar as soon as he said that.

“What do you mean by ‘you agree to do so’?” The Little Black immediately pulled the Damask Tulip away.

The Blazing Apricot Cabbage was even angrier as she spoke, “Little Tulip, you’re despicable. How could you do that? I have no qualms with those queries you proposed.”

The Damask Tulip sneered. “I wonder who mentioned earlier that she still has three thousand years of life, so she will never become a human’s spirit soul.”

The Blazing Apricot Cabbage replied in a rage, “How is that the same?
He’s the Nature Child. If we follow him, we can always cultivate with him as the root whenever. We don’t need to face God’s punishment under his protection. Even if faced with a downfall, he’ll naturally transform into the Nature Ancient Tree. As his companion, I’ll naturally be reborn under the protection of the Nature Ancient Tree. Who cares about three thousand years of life when you can have immortality?”

The Blazing Apricot Cabbage’s words did not convince the Damask Tulip, but it enlightened Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin did not expect his Nature Child to have such an overpowering influence on these heaven and earth spirit items.

Ye Xinglan, Xie Xie, Yuanen Yehui, and Yue Zhengyu were stunned from witnessing this scenario at present.

These beasts were quirky in that they went from wanting to kill the Shrek Seven Monsters to fighting among themselves in order to be Tang Wulin’s spirit soul. How quickly their attitudes changed had made some people flabbergasted. However, it seemed like this turn of events was a good thing.

The Damask Tulip spoke to Tang Wulin, “Nature Child, I can allow all of you to acquire one more spirit item each. Furthermore, I can tell you which type is the most precious.”

“That’s betraying your own friends for personal gain! Little Tulip, have you no shame?” Another beast dashed over furiously.

The Damask Tulip gave a cold humph. “All of you don’t know a thing. Have you not discovered what his martial soul is? It’s the Bluesilver
Emperor, the same Bluesilver Emperor of Tang Sect’s progenitor, Tang San. Tang San’s first choice was me back in the beginning. As his descendant, the Nature Child should choose me. All of you better stop vying because you can’t possibly triumph over me!”

As he was saying that, the Damask Tulip flashed once as a misty, purple halo was unleashed from his body instantly. The aura from the rest of the five beasts weakened tremendously. This ought to be the Damask Tulip’s ability to suppress the other plants which he mentioned previously. Tang Wulin did not utter a word. As a wily person himself, he was well aware that remaining silent would be most beneficial under such

“Little Tulip, you can’t act this way. The Nature Child is discovered by all of us together. This is an opportunity for us to gain our immortality. Aren’t you a little selfish for wanting this all to yourself?” The Blazing Apricot
Cabbage was outraged.

“Precisely. I can’t stand this anymore,” said the youth dressed in a blue robe who was the youngest amongst the six.

“Little Frozen, your predecessor had followed the Holy Ice Douluo into
ascending as Gods. You have no right to say bad things about me,” said the upset Damask Tulip.

Tang Wulin just realized that the youngest person was surprisingly the Eight-pointed Frozen Grass. His predecessor was one of the few Great Soul Spirits of the Holy Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao.

However, the Damask Tulip gave it a thought when he was challenged on his self-indulgence. A moment later, he heaved a sigh and retracted his purple aura before returning to his companions.

“Little Blazing is right. This is an opportunity for everyone and we’re all
acting impulsively. The Nature Child is definitely alluring to all of us. To be fair to everyone, why don’t we explain our abilities and allow the Nature
Child to make his choice?”

As the king of immortal grass, he chose to make it a fair opportunity for everyone.

The Six Great Immortal Grasses were all looking toward Tang Wulin. The Blazing Apricot Cabbage spoke eagerly, “I’m the Blazing Apricot Cabbage. I was born in the Middle Yang Lake of the Icefire Polarized Eyes. I’m of the highest rank for a fire-type plant. I’ve told you about the acquired effect after fusing with me. Although I’m not so compatible with your attributes, I must tell you that Tang San once used my predecessor and also the Little Frozen’s predecessor to perform the Fire-Ice Body Refining to strengthen his body back at the beginning of time. Although we didn’t manage to become his soul ring, our predecessors were very helpful to his cultivation.”

Fire-Ice Body Refining? It was Tang Wulin’s first time to learn of this as well.

The Eight-pointed Frozen Grass continued, “Yes, that’s right! I’m the exact opposite of the Little Blazing. I was born in the Polar Ice Spring that is the opposite of the Blazing Yang Spring. I’m the ultimate cold immortal grass.”

The beast known as the Little Black continued to speak, “I’m the Little
Black and I’m the Black Jade Divine Bamboo that has been cultivating for a hundred and sixty thousand years. I’m perfectly compatible with you. Your martial soul will be vastly strengthened and enhanced upon absorbing me.
I’ll increase the firmness of your soft side. All your Bluesilver Emperor vines can be converted into Black Jade Bluesilver Spears with unparalleled power. I’ll strengthen your martial soul’s combat capability on a large

The other two beasts walked forward separately. The person on the left
spoke, “I’m the Piercing Gaze Dew that cultivated into human form. The Holy Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao chose my predecessor and received remarkable abilities to cultivate his spirit eyes and the Purple Demon Eyes. Although I’ve only been cultivating for a hundred and ten thousand years,
I’ve already crossed the first hurdle of God’s punishment, so I can be
considered a beast. I’ll be of great advantage to your Purple Demon Eyes if you choose to fuse with me.”

The final person was also the one with the bulkiest body amongst the beasts. “I’m the Earthworm Pumpkin. I’ve been cultivating for a hundred and ninety thousand years. You’ll acquire an orange soul ring after
absorbing me. Although we’re all beasts, only two-hundred-thousand-year beasts with a cultivation base that is close to the second great punishment will enable you to possess the orange spirit soul. This is the difference in the ranking. I possess the ability of the Earthworm’s Turn, so I’m of the
earth attribute. I can sense a piece of extremely powerful earth attribute soul bone in your body. Fusing with me will allow you to have extraordinary elevation in your ability to control the earth and even increase your soul bone’s skill on a large scale.”

The five great beasts each introduced themselves individually.

The Damask Tulip spoke finally, “They’re all correct. Moreover, we’re all beasts with intelligence. Choosing any of us to become your spirit soul will provide you with a piece of soul bone when you fuse with us during your next breakthrough to a higher rank. In comparison, I think that I, the Little Pumpkin and the Little Black are most suitable for you. This judgment is
completely based on your needs and suitability.”

Tang Wulin was quiet. He was feeling overwhelmed with the numerous choices at present.

A hundred-thousand-year soul ring and bone were absolutely the ultimate goals for a soul master. At the moment, there were six such creatures
willing to become his spirit soul and waiting in a row for him to make his choice. It was unprecedented, but it also gave him a tough decision.

“Before I make the choice, will the Senior kindly tell me the reason in your high appreciation of the Nature Child? What’s the profound meaning of the Nature Child anyway?” Tang Wulin asked.

Even Atlas Douluo Yun Ming was incapable of answering him back at the beginning. At present, this seemed the best opportunity for him to get the answer as he was facing these plant-type beasts.

The Damask Tulip was quiet for a moment before he spoke, “The Nature Child is the seed that is recognized by the great Nature.”

“Seed?” Tang Wulin asked in astonishment.

The Damask Tulip nodded. “Yes, the seed. The seed that is also known as the Nature Seed. Such a seed has only appeared a few times in history. The Nature Seed is only born when the Nature Heart is destroyed on the
continent. In other words, the plant which is at its peak in the world
cultivates such a seed and entrusts the Nature Child with it when Nature is devastated. The Nature Child will look for an opportunity to germinate such that Nature can breed and populate once again. The Nature Seed can be found on any plant or animal, but it’s the first time we’ve learned that it
appears in a human.”

Chapter 917 - Three Questions

Chapter 917: Three Questions

At this point, his gaze turned dull. “Frankly, we didn’t believe that Shrek Academy was annihilated until we sensed the aura of the Nature Child in you. The previous Nature Child was the Gold Tree in Shrek Academy. Its existence had supported Nature. Now that I think about it, it has fallen

Tang Wulin could not help feeling shocked upon listening to his words. The Gold Tree had already fallen as the Damask Tulip mentioned, while his
Nature Child had been formed with the help of the Gold Tree. Actually, he had already accomplished the Nature Child soul ring even before the Gold Tree had fallen!

What caused Nature to be destroyed so incisively? Without a doubt, it was the reckless act of mankind. Tang Wulin felt heaviness on his chest when he thought about it because he was a part of mankind.

“What’s going to happen if the Nature Seed doesn’t germinate and take root?” the Amorous Douluo suddenly asked.

The Damask Douluo’s expression changed. “Then, Nature will wither away and it will be an apocalypse in the human world. All living things will gradually die because of the destruction of the food chain. Douluo
Continent will be on its path to complete obliteration. At the end, nothing will survive.”

These words sounded ominous such that the Shrek Seven Monsters were all shocked upon hearing this. They thought of the current situation in the
continent. The soul beasts were already endangered or extinct, and mankind’s technology was developing rapidly. Almost every big city had turned into a concrete jungle while the habitats of other living creatures were being destroyed in the process. If this continued, would the world cease to exist when all the forests on the continent were gone?

No one could answer this question. Even the Damask Tulip sounded like he was exaggerating to attract attention. Yet, such an outcome seemed inevitable! Was the case of the soul beasts being an endangered species not evident?

Tang Wulin said, “So, what should I do as the Nature Child?”

The Damask Tulip shook his head in confusion. “I’ve been here ever since I was born. All my knowledge about the Nature Child is embedded in my genes and it’s all that I know. I don’t know what you should do as the
Nature Child either, but I’m certain that all of us will help and protect you in the hope that, one day, you’ll be powerful enough to revive Nature.”

Tang Wulin nodded gently. A great, new responsibility had just been added to the burden on his shoulders.

The Damask Tulip’s eyes were filled with anticipation. “So, what’s your choice?”

Tang Wulin was quiet for a moment before he spoke, “Since all of you are willing to help me, are you willing to leave with me? I’m fine without any of you becoming my spirit soul. How about being my companions instead? Is that doable?”

These six people were all beasts with over a hundred-thousand year
cultivation bases, so their statuses could be considered as Title Douluos. They were all almighties even without a battle armor. It would be much easier to rebuild Shrek Academy with their help in the future.

The Damask Tulip was stunned for a moment but cracked into a bitter smile soon after. “That’s impossible. We’re different from ordinary plant-type
soul beasts after all. Our cultivation base is only a tenth of the actual because we relied on the Icefire Polarized Eyes’ origin energy for our cultivation. Thus, we’ll continue to weaken, and our lifespan will be
shortened significantly as soon as we leave the Icefire Polarized Eyes. It won’t take long for god’s punishment and destruction to catch up with us. Our cultivation bases will be reduced by then even if we choose to become spirit souls. Hence, we can’t possibly follow you unless you’re capable of fusing with all of us as your spirit souls.”

Tang Wulin had an idea in his mind. “I can’t do it alone but I have my
comrades. They can infuse their spirit souls as well. Oh right, I’m sorry that I’m being so selfish…” Tang Wulin became a little upset as it suddenly dawned upon him.

He realized that if these plant-type beasts chose to become their spirit souls, the beasts would die should something befell them in the future.

The Damask Tulip was stunned for a moment before he turned around and looked at the five beasts as if he was deep in thought.
A flurry of thoughts were communicated swiftly among the six great beasts. Tang Wulin was about to say something when he was stopped by the
Amorous Douluo’s gaze that hinted at him to wait.

A moment later, the Damask Tulip turned around once again and spoke to Tang Wulin solemnly, “The scenario which you’ve just proposed is not impossible. However, I must first verify a few things. Firstly, as the Nature Child, will you stay together with your comrades always?”

Tang Wulin looked at his comrades before speaking determinedly, “We’ll certainly be together, if not every second or minute of the way, at least for the restoration of Shrek Academy.”

The Damask Tulip spoke, “My second question. In the future, how do you plan to manage our Icefire Polarized Eyes? The Icefire Polarized Eyes is one of the three treasured lands of the highest grade in today’s world. I’m not sure whether the other two still exist, but I can certainly tell you that the Icefire Polarized Eyes will be of immense help to you if you wish to revive Nature one day.”

Tang Wulin spoke, “You mean that I can borrow the strength from here?” The Damask Tulip spoke, “I can’t attest for the others, but with your Golden Dragon King bloodline and also as the Nature Child, you’ll certainly be able to. The status of the Dragon King has made the two
Dragon King spirit souls in the Icefire Polarized Eyes follow you, while the status of the Nature Child has gained our trust in you. Hence, not only are you allowed to borrow the strength of this place, but you can even take it all away.”

Even the Amorous Douluo drew a deep breath upon listening to the Damask Tulip’s words as he looked at him absentmindedly.

Tang Wulin’s gaze was distracted for a moment before he pondered a while. Then, he spoke, “I can’t give you a definite answer for this question right now, but I can tell you that I’ll certainly revive Nature to the best of my
ability so long as I’m able to do so. By then, I’ll make the decision of how to utilize the Icefire Polarized Eyes. At the same time, as a Tang Sect disciple, I’ll always abide by the promise made between the Icefire Polarized Eyes and Tang Sect and I’ll never abuse the Icefire Polarized Eyes’ strength.”

Although the Damask Tulip did not manage to get any written promise from Tang Wulin, he was smiling on the contrary. “You’ve proven yourself to be the Nature Child chosen by the Gold Tree.” Tang Wulin’s promise of not
abusing their strength and doing anything rashly had put them at ease.

The Damask Tulip spoke, “This is my final question. Or perhaps, I should say it’s a condition proposed by us. We hope that when the day comes, as
the Nature Child, you’re going to sow the Nature Seed in some place where you’ll plant the seeds from the six of us surrounding you.”

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment, but he immediately answered, “As long as I understand how to sow the seed and the time has come for me to plant the Nature Seed, I’ll certainly do it.”

“That’s settled then.” The Damask Tulip walked forward with great strides as his hands began to conjure something in the space above him. Streams of radiance formed into magnificent light striations in the air while the five beasts behind him each conjured their own striations. Their consciousness surged into Tang Wulin’s mind soon after. Those were precisely the three things he promised to do earlier.

“Please sign the contract. Once the contract is completed, the six of us will become you and your comrades’ associate spirit souls. We’ll never leave or abandon you, and we’ll go through thick and thin together eternally,” the
Damask Tulip spoke in a resolute and decisive manner.

Tang Wulin was overjoyed while the rest of the four people from the Shrek Seven Monsters were jubilant. The addition of such spirit souls was equal to another few more hundred-thousand year soul rings! Such a soul spirit
could at least provide them with two to three soul rings with an impressive elevation. Perhaps, their soul skills would not be particularly powerful, but the amplification effect on them would definitely be optimistic.

Chapter 918 - The Icefire Alliance

Chapter 918: The Icefire Alliance

It was the era of endangered soul beasts, so one could imagine how difficult it was to acquire a one-hundred-thousand-year soul ring. This was simply
an unprecedented opportunity for everyone.

Under Amorous Douluo’s guidance, Tang Wulin bit his finger and squeezed out a drop of blood while reciting the oath to sign a contract with the
Damask Tulip and the rest of the six Beasts.

Later generations labeled this contract ‘the Icefire Alliance’. It had a profound influence on Shrek Academy’s future and even the history of the entire continent.

The contract was completed. The six Beasts’ faces were filled with
excitement. They did not seem to be bothered by the fact that they were becoming spirit souls soon.

The Damask Tulip spoke with a smile on his face, “Your Majesty, you can make your choice now.”

“Your Majesty?” Tang Wulin was stunned.

The Blazing Apricot Cabbage was also smiling as she spoke, “Certainly. The Nature Child is nature’s willpower. You’re the ruler of all plants so naturally, we’re addressing you as such. Now, whom do you wish to choose from among us?”

Tang Wulin considered for a moment before saying, “I choose senior Damask Tulip.”

He made the decision so quickly that the Six Great Beasts were rather surprised, including the Damask Tulip himself. The Damask Tulip could not help asking out of curiosity, “Your Majesty, how did you come the decision to choose me so quickly?”

Tang Wulin spoke sincerely, “Senior is capable of more than just providing me with an orange soul ring and endless intelligence. The orange soul ring will be very important in augmenting my physical capabilities, so I can have a stronger body as I continue to elevate the Golden Dragon King
Bloodline in the future. Additionally, you’re also capable of evading poisons and commanding plant life. You’re very compatible with the skills of my Nature Child and also my Bluesilver Emperor so I naturally chose you.”

The remaining five Beasts were disappointed, but they did not say anything else. Tang Wulin’s status in their hearts was already completely different
after the contract was signed.

The Damask Tulip was beaming with joy. “Your Majesty, for a human, you have magnificent taste! I can see that there is still some disparity between Your Majesty’s cultivation base and rank-60, so I shall attach myself to your body and await our fusion. Your Nature Child aura is also beneficial for me. Everyone is leaving the Icefire Polarized Eyes for a short period of time, so I don’t think that we’ll deteriorate too quickly. Please follow me, Your

As he spoke, the Damask Tulip turned around and walked toward the Icefire Polarized Eyes’ lakes.

The Damask Tulip stopped when they arrived in front of a large purple flower by the lakeside. They had first seen this flower as they were descending from the sky when they first arrived. It was the largest flower within the entire Icefire Polarized Eyes.

The Damask Tulip smiled and spoke, “This is my original body. From today onward, I’m yours, Your Majesty.” He raised his hand and touched the large Damask Tulip as he spoke. The large flower closed rapidly and transformed into a flower bud before it slowly rose and flew toward Tang Wulin. The enormous Damask Tulip shrank rapidly as it flew to Tang Wulin, while Tang Wulin’s Bluesilver Emperor was moving of its own accord after being guided by the flower. There was a flash of light from the green-gold soul ring. Tang Wulin was struck motionless as a golden shadow immediately
appeared on his forehead.

It had the form of a seed. The Damask Tulip was overjoyed. He waved his right hand to guide the tiny, little flower bud from his original body to merge into the area between Tang Wulin’s brows.

Tang Wulin felt a gush of fragrance radiate through his entire body as an incredibly comfortable sensation sweep over him.

“The Nature Seed is located within Your Majesty’s soul sea. It’s my honor to be able to accompany the Nature Seed for the time being.” The Damask Tulip had already gone down on one knee as he spoke. His eyes were filled with happiness.

“Your Majesty, your companions have yet to arrive at the bottleneck of a breakthrough at the moment. Why don’t all of us incubate ourselves in your Nature Seed temporarily? We could greatly elevate ourselves as long as we have adequate time to incubate and grow to orange spirit soul rank. This
will be very helpful to Your Majesty’s friends as well.” The Blazing Apricot Cabbage looked at Tang Wulin with great yearning.

Yes, other than Xu Lizhi, the rest of Tang Wulin’s companions would not be able to break through to the next level yet.

Tang Wulin spoke, “That will not be an issue. I think that it’s possible that my companion who’s absorbing the Origin Energy Immortal Grass right now is about to have a breakthrough soon.”

The Damask Tulip spoke, “My apologies, Your Majesty. We had some slight reservations when we were helping you and your companions in
choosing Immortal Grass. There’s something that we have yet to clarify. The Origin Energy Immortal Grass is genuinely one of the highest grades of Immortal Grass available, but it is highly exclusive. It’s possible that friend of yours can’t fuse with any other plant-type martial souls in the future anymore after he was infused with one that had origin energy. Thus, none of us is suitable for him. He’ll need another one with origin energy to elevate his soul power’s strength on a large scale. His soul power will at least
exceed the others of the same rank by forty percent. Moreover, the Origin Energy Immortal Grass can actually transform into his sixth soul ring as long as it accepts him. We’ll have to see if the Origin Energy Immortal
Grass approves of him during the fusion process and is willing to leave behind its foundation to become his spirit soul.”

“I had certainly been unwilling before, but how can I refuse in the presence of the Nature Child?” A stream of white light arose from the spot where the Origin Energy Immortal Grass had been plucked and transformed into a
white figure. Much to Tang Wulin’s surprise, it took the form of a chubby, young man that appeared rather similar to Xu Lizhi.

“Is that form changing? You…” The Damask Tulip looked at him in astonishment.

The Origin Energy Immortal Grass sounded a little annoyed as he
explained, “My origin energy lineage is different from all of yours. I’m able to take a human form without the need to endure divine punishment after one hundred thousand years, and I’ll only face my first god’s punishment
when I reach one hundred and fifty thousand years. I can’t bear the noise of your constant chattering every day, so I didn’t reveal my human figure.
Since the Nature Child descended upon us today I didn’t have a choice but to allow my original body to be absorbed by the little fat boy. What else can I say? Will Your Majesty please take my seed and count me in as one of your guardians when you’re sowing the Nature Seed in the future?”

A perfectly round, white seed flew out from his hand and arrived before Tang Wulin as he spoke.

Tang Wulin did not even need to exercise control as a gush of suction force was naturally produced from his forehead that drew the Origin Energy Immortal Grass’ seed into the Nature Seed.

The Origin Energy Immortal Grass saluted to Tang Wulin respectfully before merrily leaping into the sky and heading straight for Xu Lizhi. At the exact moment that he landed on Xu Lizhi, an aura burst out from Xu Lizhi’s body. It was apparent that he had broken through to a new realm.

A red soul ring appeared around his body after he had fused with the Origin Energy Immortal Grass. A thread of golden lines adorned the top of red soul ring. This could only be bestowed by a soul beast with a cultivation base of over one hundred thousand years.

Meanwhile, the Origin Energy Immortal Grass’ phantom shadow emerged and swayed behind his back. There was no doubt that Xu Lizhi’s sixth soul
skill would be so powerful such that he would shock everyone with his buns as a food-type soul master.

His soul ring could not possibly be orange-gold, but he was not at a loss
compared to his companions. This was because Ye Xinglan, Yuanen Yehui, Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu of Shrek Seven Monsters had already attained six soul rings. There was only Xu Xiaoyan and Tang Wulin who were still at a five-ringed cultivation base.

Xu Lizhi’s sixth soul ring was already at one hundred thousand years. As long as he was willing, the Origin Energy Immortal Grass could bestow him with three or even four one-hundred-thousand-year soul rings. In other
words, he would have one more high-ranking soul ring than his companions.

Only Xu Xiaoyan and Yue Zhengyu could overtake him after they fused with the immortal grass spirit souls before themselves now. On the other
hand, Gu Yue was also six-ringed when she consumed the Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum earlier. As the captain, Tang Wulin could not spare any more of these Six Great Spirit Souls for Gu Yue as it would be unfair.

As the Nature Child, he could not withdraw even if he wanted. He was the main signee of the contract, so he was afraid that these Beasts would turn hostile immediately if he did not choose a plant-type Beast to fuse with.

Ye Xinglan was smiling gleefully. It was absolutely unbelievable for a food- type soul master to possess a one-hundred-thousand-year soul ring, and this was his sixth soul ring! Given his cultivation base, Xu Lizhi was incapable of fusing with the spirit soul under ordinary circumstances as his body could not withstand the process. However, in this case, the Origin Energy Immortal Grass was a
spirit soul that used its original body as a heaven-and-earth treasure to nourish and fuse with his body with great effort. He would only need to
store a portion of energy for him to continue absorbing in the future when he reached an even higher rank, and then he would not need to worry that his body could not withstand anymore.

The group of Beasts each revealed their original bodies. The Blazing
Apricot Cabbage, the Black Jade Divine Bamboo, the Earthworm Pumpkin, the Eight-pointed Frozen Grass and the Piercing Gaze Dew all flew up and shrunk their bodies before they rushed to penetrate into the Nature Seed located between Tang Wulin’s brows.

Tang Wulin felt as all sorts of auras flowed within his body. He was
surprised to find that his soul power had immediately increased by one rank under the nourishment of their auras. They truly deserved their reputation of being Beast-rank heaven-and-earth treasures.

Chapter 919 - Lovesick Heartbreak Flower

Chapter 919: Lovesick Heartbreak Flower

After the Six Great Beasts had fused their original bodies into him, their human forms began to fade.

“Your Majesty, our seeds are in our original bodies. We’ll naturally leave them in the Nature Seed by the time we transform ourselves into spirit souls for you and your companions. There’s no need to worry. We’ll grow next to the Nature Seed as guardians when you sow it. May we ask if there are any more heaven-and-earth that you and your companions need?”

Tang Wulin turned his head to the side and looked toward his friends. The group was already glowing with excitement. Yue Zhengyu took the initiative to speak, “I don’t. The opportunity to receive a senior as my
associate spirit soul in the future means the world to me. We must learn to be content, or we’ll be struck by lightning as punishment.”

The rest of them nodded in succession. Tang Wulin smiled and said,
“They’re right. We shouldn’t drain the pool to catch the fish. Even though the Icefire Polarized Eyes is capable of growing plants quickly, time is still needed. We can’t take too much, and it’s better to leave some for those that come after.”

They were already taking away the Six Great Beasts, so there was no other item that was more precious than they here. They would truly be struck by lightning if they were too greedy.

The Damask Tulip’s smile was growing wider now. However, he pondered for a moment before he spoke to Tang Wulin, “Your Majesty, may I recommend that you try one type of spirit item? If you manage to get its
approval, it could possibly save your life in the future once, or perhaps I should say that it will bestow one more life upon you.” “Oh?”

Tang Wulin looked at the Damask Tulip in astonishment. There was no doubt that the Damask Tulip was already considering all sorts of issues completely from Tang Wulin’s point of view, now that he was chosen to become Tang Wulin’s spirit soul.

The Damask Tulip walked to the side as the plants parted one after another, revealing a huge rock as black as ink. The rock was striking among so many spirit items. There was a pure white flower with a dash of red growing on the top of the rock. It was so incredibly beautiful that it seemed to compel one’s spirit toward itself from a mere glance.

“What is…?” Tang Wulin asked in confusion.

“It’s called the Lovesick Heartbreak Red. In reality, its cultivation base has already exceeded one hundred thousand years but it will never transform into a soul beast. This is because it has been trapped in its own spiritual
world, with no possibility of escape.”

Tang Wulin spoke in bewilderment, “The Lovesick Heartbreak Red? So you’re saying that this is the legendary Lovesick Heartbreak Red used by the Tang Sect’s founder, Tang San, to resurrect his wife, Soft Bone Douluo? This is the spirit item reputed to be the most lovesick in the entire plant kingdom?”

The Damask Tulip nodded. “Precisely.”

Tang Wulin had read about this Immortal Grass in historical records about Tang Sect’s founder, Tang San. He did not expect to find it growing here in the Icefire Polarized Eyes.

According to the legends, this Immortal Grass was capable of resurrecting the dead and restoring flesh to bare bones, but it could only be possessed by a lovesick person. Those without absolutely undivided devotion could never possibly pluck this Immortal Grass.

Tang Wulin asked, “So how do I pluck it, then?” The Damask Tulip spoke, “You’ll need to think about your beloved, the one that your heart holds most dearly, while you spit a mouthful of blood onto it. Then it will fall off on its own, signifying its approval of you. Otherwise, you can’t possibly pluck it, no matter how strong you are. Your Majesty, no harm in trying if there’s someone you love in your heart.”

Without realizing, Tang Wulin turned his head to the side and looked at Gu Yuena sitting cross-legged in the distance. Warmth sprung up in his heart immediately.

Their entire history together seemed to flash before his eyes in an instant.

He remembered how she would only respond to him when they first met.
She was obviously gifted with outstanding natural talents, yet she would
always accompany him, staying by his side like an accessory. They came to love each other over time, and things advanced gradually from there.
Tender feelings remained entwined around their hearts all the while.

It was not until that fateful day when she suddenly began to treat him differently. It was as if she was rejecting him, yet he understood that everything she had done was to protect him from harm.

In the end, she was finally moved by his confession on Sea God Lake. They finally got together during the Destined for Three Reincarnations segment.

She departed the next day, but she left behind that silver dragon scale together with her heart to accompany him for eternity.

He loved her from his very bones, while she loved him deeply as well. The feelings they had for each other were equally profound.

When he had to confront the aftermath of Shrek’s annihilation, she
suddenly appeared by his side and used her body to shield him from that massive explosion caused by the rank-9 fixed soul ammunition.

There was no need to constantly talk about love. One would only need to show it when it truly mattered. It was during that one moment when she had appeared in the sky, Tang Wulin’s heart melted entirely. After that, he could never possibly let another woman into it for the rest of his life.

Even though the love between them might still have to endure countless hardships, he was not afraid. As long as he knew that she loved him, he was willing to walk hand in hand with her no matter what dangers lay ahead.

She made him strong. Despite Shrek Academy’s total destruction, Tang Wulin did not despair because she was by his side.

He would always be strong for her, so he would be able to protect her and their love.

Turning his palm away, Tang Wulin struck his chest with the back of his hand. The blood essence in his body surged as he opened his mouth and
spat out a mouthful of blood filled with sentimental emotions and deep love onto the Lovesick Heartbreak Red.

Warm blood flowed along the petals and seemed to stain the large flower. The Lovesick Heartbreak Red shuddered gently while the fresh blood spat out by Tang Wulin slowly seeped into the pure white flower, turning it a piercing red.

It floated down gently and landed on Tang Wulin’s palm.

“A person filled with the finest, most admirable qualities and love.” The Damask Tulip was overjoyed because His Majesty managed to receive the
Lovesick Heartbreak Red’s approval, which meant an extra life for him! Of course, this was an auspicious event for himself as a spirit soul, because this would greatly increase the chance of the Nature Seed breeding in the future.

When they had been discussing earlier, the Damask Tulip had only needed one reason to convince his fellow Beasts.

That reason was very simple and direct. If the Nature Child could sow the Nature Seed one day, then they would receive advantages unprecedented in history should they choose to accompany him. In the future, they could become the founders of the Douluo Continent’s environment. They would only have such an opportunity if they followed Tang Wulin.

If the Nature Seed was not sown, then it would mean that the natural world of the Douluo Continent would certainly break down soon. Even if they
were to live by the lakeshore of the Icefire Polarized Eyes, could the eggs remain unbroken when the nest was in ruins? There would come a day
when they would be eliminated as well.

The Nature Child had appeared, so they could only imagine how much damage nature had already taken. It was only by working together as one to support the Nature Child so that he could sow the seeds successfully in the future, that they stood a chance of living in this world for ages to come.
Perhaps there was even a chance for them to be just like the Eight-pointed Frozen Grass and accompany His Majesty as he ascended to the Divine

Thus, they were willing to transform themselves into associate spirit souls for this generation of the Shrek Seven Monsters. It would also be highly beneficial to their elevation process if they accompanied the Nature Child, Tang Wulin.

On the other hand, they had a selfish motive too. They had been in this place for thousands of years. Even though Icefire Polarized Eyes had the perfect environment for them, as sentient beings how could they not yearn for the outside world?

The Icefire Alliance was formed for all these reasons.

Tang Wulin stored the Lovesick Heartbreak Red cautiously in a jade box. There was no excitement on his face, only tenderness.

The Damask Tulip spoke, “Your Majesty, our mission is already complete.
Our original bodies are fused into the Nature Seed, so our souls can’t be
separated from them for too long. I’m about to merge back into your body. Please do as you and your companions like, Your Majesty.” As he spoke, the souls of the Beasts each transformed into a stream of light and infused into the area between Tang Wulin’s brows before disappearing.

For the foreseeable future, the Nature Seed in Tang Wulin’s body would nurture and nourish them. In turn, they would reward Tang Wulin by
exerting a silent influence over him, just like how Tang Wulin’s soul power had just increased by one rank.

Tang Wulin’s soul power had already reached rank-50, so he was not that far from rank-60.

“This has been a great success.” Amorous Douluo was smiling joyously. “Ever since the great catastrophe dawned on the Tang Sect, I’ve never felt as confident as I do today, that all of you will certainly revitalize the Tang Sect in the future. Take a rest over here. We’ll leave when Gu Yue has

By that point, the seven-colored miasma driven away by the sword’s
consciousness had already condensed once again. It filled the originally beautiful valley with bright colors.

The Icefire’s double dragon souls were still swirling around each other in endless cycles above Gu Yuena to protect her.

They seemed to be on more intimate terms with Gu Yuena compared to Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin returned to Gu Yuena’s side and sat cross-legged on the ground once again. The natural environment here was magnificent, with countless heaven-and-earth spirit items, so there was no place else more suitable for him to cultivate his Bluesilver Emperor martial soul than right here.

Chapter 920 - Has Gu Yue Returned?

Chapter 920: Has Gu Yue Returned?

The rest of the group was resting and meditating on their own too. The trip to the Icefire Polarized Eyes had yielded great gains for them far beyond
anything they had imagined. They were now equipped with solid foundations for their futures.

Xu Lizhi awakened slightly earlier than Gu Yuena. His chubby face could not stop smiling when he saw the new red soul ring on his body. He later summoned the Origin Energy Immortal Grass to get to know each other.

Xu Lizhi smiled but refused to speak about the sixth soul skill bestowed by this Origin Energy Immortal Grass. He was only willing to say that he
would certainly surprise everyone with his new skill.

A food-type soul skill formed from a one-hundred-thousand-year soul ring was enough to elevate their entire squadron’s power by at least one rank
even if its effect was not enough to shake the universe and move the gods.

Tang Wulin opened his eyes just as Xu Lizhi was madly jumping about on the spot out of excitement. Tang Wulin had not managed to enter deep meditation state because of his concern for Gu Yue. He immediately
awakened as soon as he sensed an energy fluctuation from Gu Yue beside him.

Just after he opened his eyes, he found Gu Yuena, sitting opposite him, opening her gorgeous eyes as well.

Her huge, violet eyes appeared pure as before, while her long lashes fluttered repeatedly. With her silver hair draped across her shoulders, she appeared quiet and calm with a cold air that made her seem unapproachable. Her aura became more powerful after she had absorbed the Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum’s essence.

“Gu Yue,” Tang Wulin called out gently. Had his Gu Yue returned? “Hmm,” Gu Yue answered softly.
In the distance, his companions immediately quieted down with their gaze fixed on the two of them.


Just like that, everyone exploded with laughter.

Tang Wulin’s expression stiffened as he glared at Gu Yuena in bewilderment. Even so, he felt as if a heavy weight was lifted off his mind when Gu Yuena called him ‘father’. Perhaps it was because the Gu Yuena that addressed him as such would never abandon him so easily.

Gu Yuena smiled sweetly at Tang Wulin. She came forward and wrapped her arms around his neck, while her lovely body leaned into his embrace.

Tang Wulin hastily hugged her. The feeling of fulfillment he got made him feel like the blood he spat out for the Lovesick Heartbreak Red earlier could be replenished in a split second.

“Gu Yue, this is for you.” Tang Wulin retrieved the jade box he kept in his chest pocket earlier and placed it on Gu Yuena’s palm.

“What’s this?” Gu Yuena asked curiously.

Tang Wulin spoke with a smile on his face, “This is a flower. If you ever encounter a dangerous situation and you’re severely injured while I’m not by your side, you can consume this flower and you’ll be fine.”

“Okay, Father. Flowers are my favorite,” Gu Yuena spoke with excitement. She roughly shoved the Immortal Grass, reputed to be most lovesick, in her chest pocket. Tang Wulin smiled too. He could not stop himself from giving her a soft peck on her delicate cheek.

Gu Yue shuddered ever so gently but her lips quickly cracked into a smile and her cheeks reddened. She spoke, “Thank you, Father.”

“Cough cough. Should we leave now? Don’t be torturing dogs when
someone is by their lonesome here.” Amorous Douluo sounded slightly frustrated.

Only then did Tang Wulin realize that his companions were still waiting for them. He hastily pulled Gu Yuena up to her feet before awkwardly saying, “Let’s go.”

The squad unleashed their battle armor once again, flapping their wings as they flew into the air.

Just as Amorous Douluo was about to utilize his shield to protect everyone as they made their way through the seven-colored miasma, Tang Wulin
suddenly heard the Damask Tulip’s voice in his mind. “There’s no need to trouble yourself like that!”
A lightly scented, pale pink halo suddenly spread out from Tang Wulin’s body and covered everybody else instantly.

The seven-colored miasma was a terrifying, corrosive poison, but it was pushed away swiftly like melting snow as soon as it came into contact with the pink halo. The halo appeared to be dissipating the miasma, and it dispersed into the surroundings rapidly.

The Damask Tulip deserved its reputation of being the king of plants
capable of suppressing all poisons! This was Tang Wulin’s first time feeling like he had made quite a good choice.

The Damask Tulip was not aware that Tang Wulin chose him as his spirit
soul so swiftly because his companions refused to do so! As a captain, Tang Wulin had the mentality to choose the spirit soul that had been rejected. Tang Wulin was afraid that the Damask Tulip would be so infuriated if he found out that he would vomit blood.

Ten days later, Tang Wulin drove the soul combat vehicle as he moved along the highway westward with Gu Yue.

There were only two of them in the vehicle. Gu Yuena was beaming with joy as she looked at the beautiful scenery from the window with excitement on her face. It felt just like a field trip.

A few days ago, Tang Wulin brought Gu Yuena along to visit Holy Spirit Douluo. Holy Spirit Douluo examined her but could not understand why she had yet to recover after consuming the Velvet Skyreach

However, she told Tang Wulin that it was certainly not because the medicinal properties were inadequate. A one-hundred-thousand-year Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum was a hundred times more effective than a ten- thousand-year Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum. Even one petal was said to be enough to cure Gu Yue’s condition. The only explanation available now was that the nerves in Gu Yue’s brain had not opened up entirely, but the
Chrysanthemum would gradually take effect. She should be able to absorb it soon and eventually recover.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin brought Gu Yuena along as they traveled on the road for five days. They would arrive at the Douluo Continent’s current federal capital, Mingdu, in three more days. Their destination was not
Mingdu, so they would continue to travel westward until they arrived in the continent’s far west.

There had been a meeting between Amorous Douluo Zang Xin and Saint Craftsman Zhen Hua, and they had a thorough discussion before making meticulous arrangements for Tang Wulin and his companions.

The situation on the continent had temporarily stabilized for the moment, but it had been an eventful year. The Tang Sect was facing total collapse, and it was the time when Shrek Academy’s supporters were most severely suppressed. There were so many enemies targeting them that they had no way to deal with all of them. There was nothing they could do to change the situation even if both of the Tang Sect’s hall masters were to work together.

Thus, their only choice was to wait patiently, at least until the disturbance boiled over.

Hence, Tang Wulin and his companions had a plan to carry out after they had conversed with Amorous Douluo, Zhen Hua and Mu Ye. Firstly, joining the army was inevitable, but they could not all enlist together. It would be too conspicuous for the eight of them to be seen as a group, and it would not be beneficial for their development in the army.

At the same time, Zang Xin made the decision to allow Tang Wulin to enlist using his original identity upon careful consideration. By doing this, they
could come forward on behalf of Shrek Academy formally when they could take a firm stand in the army. If they were to enlist in the army in disguise, they would become the main targets for their enemies once they revealed that they were hiding their identities.

However, their level of risk would be greatly elevated if they were to enlist in the army with their original identities. Their lives would be in even more danger if they were discovered by evil soul masters. They could possibly be murdered.

Thus, the location at which they could enlist would be somewhere within their control or a place where they would not be easily discovered.

The Eight of them were separated first because it would be much easier to hide one person in the army than to hide seven in one army troop at the
same time.

Hence, the Tang Sect utilized its secret relationships concealed in dark corners to assign them to different military regions. They were all using
their original identities, but their relationship with the Tang Sect and Saint Craftsman Zhen Hua was concealed using Shrek Academy’s hidden ties. Holy Spirit Douluo had lost all interest in life, but her influence over Shrek Academy was still powerful. There were still loyal supporters of Shrek in the army just like how the Northsea Army Corps was still the private army reserved for Imperial Sun Moon Soul Master Academy.

The eight of them were divided into four pairs, with every pair being a couple.

This would be beneficial as they would readily care for their partner and
come to each other’s aid when in distress. Additionally, they would not be distracted from their training out of worry for their partner or from missing them.
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