The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 901-910

Chapter 901 - Holy Spirit Healing

Chapter 901: Holy Spirit Healing

Mu Ye was just as excited when he saw him. He rushed at Tang Wulin and gave him a big hug.

“This is wonderful! I thought that the Body Sect’s best disciple in a thousand years was killed along with everyone else, but here you are, safe and sound.”

Naturally, the others knew Mu Ye, besides Yali and Gu Yue having lost her memories. They all went forward and paid their respects.

“Alright, let’s talk more inside.”

The house of rock blended in so well with the surrounding mountains that it would even be overlooked even when seen from a satellite. After they had entered the rock house, they discovered that it was a world of its own.

The house was directly connected to the mountains in the rear, and there was a vast cavern inside them. There were at least a dozen soul masters with formidable cultivation bases inside. It was apparent from their outer characteristics that they were all soul masters from the Body Sect.

“Teacher, how’s my uncle-master doing now?” asked Tang Wulin.

Mu Ye said, “His condition is still stable, but he shows no signs of improving. The one who attacked him was an evil soul master close to the ranks of a Limit Douluo. If it weren’t for your uncle master’s three-word battle armor, I’m afraid he would have been beyond help. Come, I’ll bring all of you to him.”

Tang Wulin turned toward Holy Spirit Douluo. “Aunt Yali, you…” It was Yali who told them to address her as such instead of using Her Excellency.

“Mm.” Yali nodded.

Mu Ye stared at her with his eyes fixed on her face. He sighed inwardly but said nothing as he led the way in front of everyone.

Zhen Hua had been recuperating in the inner regions of the mountain’s depths. He had lain down quietly on a bed made of rock and shut his eyes tightly. His face was pale, and on the surface of his skin, a faint greenish aura could be seen. It made the entire interior of the rock room seem gloomy.

Mu Ye lowered his voice and said, “When battle armor reaches the ranks of four-word, it attains a certain amount of intelligence. It’s no exaggeration to call it the soul master’s second body. Zhen Hua’s current condition is that his battle armor had shielded his vital organs and managed to block the invasion of the evil spirit. However, this evil spirit is too powerful. I’ve tried many methods, only for it to almost infect me as well. I had no choice but to give up. With the power of his four-word battle armor, the most he
could do was maintain this state of equilibrium. However, nobody could be sure what would happen if this situation dragged on.”

Yali walked to the side of Zhen Hua’s bed. When she saw the greenish glow on Zhen Hua’s face, her eyes finally had some gleam of life in them. Soul rings rose slowly from beneath her feet. With her gradually intensifying divine aura, the dark atmosphere within the cavern was immediately dispersed.

With the unleashing of her martial soul, her own body seemed to have been invigorated. Her initially withered look regained its peerless beauty. Mu Ye, who was looking on from the side, could not help but feel shocked.

Yali’s soul rings shone brightly, and she exuded a gentle white light from her body. The light covered Zhen Hua’s body and entered it like strands of silk. Above him, a glowing white vortex started to form. The greenish aura clinging to him was sucked out like strings by the pull of the white vortex. Without a sound, it was engulfed by the white light and vanished.

A shrill howl rang out. It sounded exactly like the furious roars of wraiths. However, in the face of the white vortex, the cries of these phantoms started to weaken.

Greenish orbs were consecutively sucked out of Zhen Hua’s body and were ground to dust by the vortex. Zhen Hua’s complexion started to improve.

Mu Ye looked at Yali’s treatment of Zhen Hua with amazement. He could not help feeling greatly shaken. He could tell that this was a Hyper Douluo- ranked soul master from the shockwave of Yali’s aura! Also, Yali was not
an ordinary Hyper Douluo, but a recovery system Hyper Douluo.

What did this mean? At least, as far as he could recall, he had never seen a recovery system soul master of such rank.

It was already very difficult for a recovery system to cultivate to the rank of a Title Douluo, leave alone a Hyper Douluo.

Moreover, the ranks of Yali’s soul rings were not weak at all. Two of her
soul rings were red in color whereas the others were all black. Even Mu Ye himself could not match up to her in terms of his soul rings’ ranks.

‘This person must have had a high position in Shrek Academy, right?’

When the final green light orb was sucked out, Yali’s gaze turned grim instead. Her body was shining with a layer of golden light. First, a pair of great golden wings unfurled behind her. Shortly after, golden armor
emerged and swiftly covered her entire body, completely enveloping her.

A golden light ring rose from under her feet. Within the golden ring, many golden feather-shaped patterns intertwined with each other. Upon its
appearance, it was as though the entire cavern was painted gold. The initial gloominess was nowhere to be seen. At the same time, the whole cavern room was filled with a divine aura. A hymn echoed through the cavern. It was indescribably pleasing to the
ears. Everyone present there felt as if their very souls were being purified.

A crown appeared on Yali’s head, with three little angels dancing on top of it. She raised her right hand and a shining gold scepter appeared in her grasp. Her aura was instantly raised to a level where even Mu Ye had to look up in awe.

“Four-word battle armor!”

This was the first time that anyone present there had witnessed the Holy Spirit Douluo release her battle armor and martial soul at full power.
Although her aura was formidable, it was not domineering or suppressing. Instead, it made everyone feel as if their souls were purified.

She pointed at Zhen Hua’s body with the scepter. Immediately, Zhen Hua’s skin turned purple. Then, this purple mass started surging outward like a
swarm of bees and formed a massive purple skull in the air. It roared at Yali.

Yali’s eyes glowed with a divine golden color as well. They were filled with coldness and anger, “Holy Spirit!”

A beam of dazzling golden light shot out from the tip of her scepter. The purple skull shone brightly with violet light, but it had only held its ground for an instant. It was shattered by that holy light and was purified.

However, an evil thought also echoed through the cavern, “The Holy Spirit isn’t dead?”

The golden light dimmed and Yali retracted the four-word battle armor into her body. Her powerful aura vanished, but strangely, her greyish-white hair had turned black again. Her looks were also restored to their immaculate beauty. Her life energy, which she had expended before this, seemed to have replenished after her martial soul was unleashed.

In truth, at Yali’s rank, when she used her four-word battle armor, her cultivation base could reach the ranks of a Limit Douluo. With her cultivation base, it would not be easy even if she wanted to die, let alone just expending her life energy.

Zhen Hua’s complexion was already restored to normal as his color slowly returned to him. All traces of gloominess had vanished.

Mu Ye looked at Yali in shock. Then, he looked at Zhen Hua before he said earnestly, “Thank you, Your Excellency.”

Yali only shook her head softly and walked off to the side. Her gaze resumed its lifeless look, and she resembled the walking dead once more.

Just when Tang Wulin and the others felt that Zhen Hua needed more time before he would recover, the Divine Craftsman laying on the rock bed heaved a great sigh and slowly opened his eyes.

It was undeniable that the Holy Spirit Douluo was the best in the world when it came to healing.

Zhen Hua sat up. He looked at himself, then he looked at Tang Wulin and Mu Ye beside him. He said with astonishment, “I’m alright? That evil

He was halfway through his sentence when he saw the Holy Spirit Douluo standing at the side. He hastily got down from the bed and said respectfully, “Your Excellency Holy Spirit.”

Yali glanced at him and nodded slightly without saying anything.

Zhen Hua calmed his emotions. He knew beyond all doubt that it was thanks to her that he was able to come out of this unharmed. However, he could also tell from Yali’s gaze that she had suffered some terrible blow

Chapter 902 - The Divine Craftsman’s Analysis

Chapter 902: The Divine Craftsman’s Analysis

Tang Wulin took the initiative to walk to the front. After paying his respects to Zhen Hua, he recounted the events on the day when Shrek Academy was attacked.

As Mu Ye and Zhen Hua listened to his story, their expressions turned grimmer by the minute.

Only Tang Wulin and the others who stood before them now knew the details about what happened when Shrek City was destroyed. Before the Godkiller-rank fixed soul ammunition, everything fell. Even Shrek
Academy’s golden tree, which it relied on for its own protection, had completely disappeared.

The atmosphere inside the cavern felt suffocating.

Zhen Hua looked at Tang Wulin, “Wulin, what do you plan to do?”

Tang Wulin lowered his voice, “I’ll observe how things progress first. I’ll wait until the situation on the continent stabilizes before we think of a way to slowly rebuild Shrek. Before anything else, we must first elevate ourselves to the ranks of two-word battle armor masters. Uncle-master, teacher, do you know where we can find a heaven-and-earth treasure called Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum? Aunt Yali had said that this thing can help Gu Yue regain her memories.”

Without a doubt, the sect master of the Body Sect and the Divine Craftsman were knowledgeable. That was why Tang Wulin asked them about this hurriedly.

Mu Ye frowned and shook his head slightly, “I’ve heard about it, but I’ve never seen it.” Zhen Hua said, “I’ve only heard about it as well. This Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum greatly benefits soul masters who cultivate the Body
Technique. I think there’s a place that would definitely have it. Many of the rarest heaven-and-earth treasures can be found there, especially plant

Tang Wulin was overjoyed. “Where is this place?”

Zhen Hua said, “The Tang Sect’s secret location. Do you still remember the Tang Sect Icefire Seal the Amorous Douluo gave you? That seal is a pass to that place. But you must first contact the higher-ups in the Tang Sect.”

When the Tang Sect was mentioned, Tang Wulin’s gaze immediately darkened. The Tang Sect’s headquarters had also suffered a devastating blow!

“Let’s not get upset right now. The Tang Sect and Shrek are different. Everything that Shrek Academy had was in Shrek City. When Shrek City was destroyed, it’s the same as destroying Shrek’s most vital pillar. But the
Tang Sect is different. Although a large number of the Tang Sect elites were gathered in the headquarters, the important thing was that only resources
were destroyed, and not the people. From what I know, the Amorous
Douluo and Heartless Douluo weren’t inside the headquarters at the time. Otherwise, they might just have prevented the destruction caused by the two Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunitions if the two of them had
worked together with Atlas Douluo. Even if they couldn’t, the damage wouldn’t have been so severe.”

When he heard this, Tang Wulin’s eyes lit up. If the Tang Sect could preserve their strength to some extent, then it would certainly be a great help for them in their mission to rebuild Shrek in the future. They would be too weak to do anything if the mammoth task was left to eight or nine of them.

Zhen Hua squinted his eyes slightly. He pondered for a moment and said, “Nobody expected this sudden attack from the Holy Spirit Cult. We had
absolutely no idea that the Holy Spirit Cult possessed such terrifying power. However, they might have just completely exposed themselves with this. Although they destroyed Shrek City, they suffered great losses as well. I know about Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunitions very well. The three Godkillers were sealed once they were made. It’s not only that their destructive powers are too great, it’s also because it’s too difficult to
activate them. An absolutely massive amount of energy is required. Simply put, the amount of energy needed to power the entire Shrek City can barely activate these three fixed soul ammunitions. That’s why, the Holy Spirit
Cult must have taken great losses as well from this surprise attack they launched. The only thing is that I don’t know which method they used to activate them.”

“The way things are now, it’s complete chaos outside, but the federal government should be able to stabilize it in some time. When that point comes, we’ll have to observe who benefited the most from this incident.
They’re most probably related to the Holy Spirit Cult. You’re all still very young, and youth means hope, even though soul masters, including battle soul masters, aren’t held in high regard compared to the past, due to the rapid advancement of soul technology. However, I must tell all of you this: don’t ever lose confidence in yourselves because of this Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition.

“In truth, a Limit Douluo-ranked four-word battle armor master won’t lose to Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunition. With the continent’s current resources, it’s impossible for the Federation to develop weapons of such rank. The Holy Spirit Cult might even have been preparing for as long as a thousand years for this attack. That’s why, no matter what, it’s crucial that all of you work hard to increase your strength. So, I think it’s the most
suitable decision for all of you to elevate yourselves to the rank of two- word battle armor master.

“Even so, all of you must also look for a path for your own futures all the
same. Shrek was utterly destroyed, and it won’t be easy to rebuild it. It’s not something that can be accomplished by individual strength. You’ll need a force that’s powerful enough. Even if the Tang Sect was whole, it’s impossible for it to have enough strength to support you guys in
accomplishing this matter. It’s because Shrek was too powerful, so powerful that the entire Federation had to be afraid of it. This time, when the Holy Spirit Cult destroyed Shrek City, it also destroyed many experts. There might just be signs that the Federation was helping them from the shadows. Hence, if you guys want to rebuild Shrek, then you must have enough influence within the Federation.”

When he said this, Zhen Hua paused. In a voice heavy with thought, Tang Wulin asked, “Uncle-master, what do you recommend we do?”

Zhen Hua said without hesitation, “Enlist. If I remember correctly, it was once your goal to join the military after you’ve graduated from the
academy. This is a very suitable choice. The military is independent of the political world. Although it is also divided into many factions, these factions are relatively autonomous. Under such circumstances, all you need to do is gain control of sufficient military resources and move up the ranks. In the future, it’ll only be possible for you guys to rebuild Shrek when you’re in possession of considerable martial strength.”

Ye Xinglan said with a frown, “Your Excellency, we’ve had so many seniors who graduated from Shrek Academy and have established
themselves in leadership positions all across the continent. Could they not step forward when we’re about to rebuild Shrek?”

Zhen Hua said drily, “Child, don’t be naive. You’re not wrong in saying that Shrek Academy has students everywhere. If a clarion call had been made, I’m sure that many would have responded. However, that was when Shrek Academy still existed. Only then would it have had such a great effect. This is also the true reason why Shrek was powerful, but Shrek is no more now. The people of Shrek have lost their core. Then, when you guys call to gather, how many people do you think you can muster?

“A person will definitely be tainted by society once he becomes part of it. They will also shoulder more responsibilities on their shoulders. They will have families and bonds. Then, under such circumstances, how many of them will really face death unflinchingly and accompany you guys to rebuild Shrek together?

“Looking at it from another perspective, although you’re all extremely talented young people, have you ever considered the fact that your cultivation bases are only at the ranks of Soul Kings and Soul Emperors?
Who knows how many of your seniors have cultivation bases that are
superior to yours. What qualifications do you have to call them? What gives you the right to represent Shrek? It’s never enough to just rely on the mere words of the current Shrek Seven Monsters unless the day comes where all of you can become four-word battle armor masters and possess strengths that can shock the masses. Only then will it be possible. You must remember, to rebuild Shrek, you must not be short on both strength and force!

Chapter 903 - The Plan

Chapter 903: The Plan

Zhen Hua’s words sounded resolute, forceful, sonorous and decisive. It was as if his words were filled with wisdom that enlightened Tang Wulin and his companions.

Yes, just as Tang Wulin mentioned, they could only depend on themselves right now. On the other hand, they were still far from being powerful
enough to restore and rebuild Shrek. There was only one reason and it was that they were too weak.

“I understand.” Ye Xinglan nodded strenuously.

“All of you are not to enter the military with your original names. I’ll think of something regarding your identities. I believe all of you have learned the Makeup skill? You’ll all need new personas. You shall use your new identities to walk in society while you’re building your strength.”

Zhen Hua spoke with a solemn expression, “Perhaps someone is looking good to start trouble because the world has been peaceful for too long. All of you are not only Shrek’s hope but also the hope for the future of the
Douluo Continent. If my prediction is right, the Hawk Faction is going to use the destruction of Shrek City to advocate for war. They will be using the pretext of fighting against the terrorists to expand the armed forces and the military’s hardware. There are always people whose goal is the unification the entire Douluo Star. I’m afraid that war will break out soon. Not only internally but, very possibly, externally as well. Of course, this is only guesswork right now. We’ll still need to monitor the situation to find out
where this is leading.”

Mu Ye spoke, “How about you? Are you going back?” Zhen Hua smiled bitterly and spoke, “I don’t know, but I can’t return just now. I’m only going to end up as a target if I return too soon, without Shrek Academy’s power and support from the Tang Sect headquarters.

Tang Wulin spoke, “Uncle-master, Teacher Mu Chen is at the Blacksmith’s Association headquarters of Heaven Dou City now. He said that he was
controlling the situation as it is.”

Zhen Hua’s eyes brightened. “Mu Chen is there? That’s wonderful and makes my return even more unnecessary. It’s better to stay in the shadows than in the light. I didn’t expect that the association’s arrangement would
come in handy now. Wulin, all of you shall stay here and work on your two- word battle armor first. I’ll be providing some guidance on making battle
armor to all of you. When you’re done making your armor, I’ll contact the Tang Sect to assist in curing your little girlfriend. Once her treatment is
completed, all of you shall enlist in the military.”

Tang Wulin could not help feeling refreshed and motivated when his thoughts were straightened out. He had to proceed with caution and be
certain that every step he took was sure-footed given the current situation.

Tang Wulin and his companions stayed and began forging their battle armors once again under Zhen Hua’s guidance. Zhen Hua had only
provided some directional opinions, but the specific operations were all carried out by themselves.

In the making of two-word battle armor, they would first need to elevate all the metals of their armors to soul-forged metals before adding wings, followed by inscribing circuits later.

On the other hand, the most difficult part of the entire process did not lie in the final circuit inscription. Both Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan could
complete that task quite easily. They had adequate soul power to complete circuit inscription with their Soul Emperor cultivation base. The process of forging was the most difficult of all!

More accurately, the plan which Tang Wulin made back earlier to use spirit alloy in their one-word battle armor had placed even more pressure onto himself.

One-word battle armor made of spirit alloy could cut down on the resource usage on a large scale. There was no need to waste the material needed to make the one-word battle armor because it could be used again for the two- word battle armor. The difficulty of core circuit inscription would be reduced so much that they would only need to increase the complexity and special features of the circuit slightly.

Yet the forging process for this method was even more difficult than making two-word battle armor directly. Firstly, Tang Wulin could not afford to make any mistakes because failure was not an option. He had to succeed on the first attempt without having any opportunities for a trial. Additionally, he would need to make sure that he did not affect the original core circuit as he forged, while simultaneously he would need to fuse-forge a new metal.
He was not absolutely sure that he could complete such a task when he had been a rank-6 blacksmith.

Now, however, the situation was different! He was already a Saint
Craftsman. The youngest Saint Craftsman in the history of the entire Douluo Continent!

Tang Wulin’s double hammers knocked onto the golden armor before him. The scent of a gentle aura was naturally emitted from Tang Wulin’s body with every knock he made. This aura, which was for adjusting the battle
armor under his forging hammers perfectly, was not only derived from his soul power fluctuation but also his blood essence fluctuation and even the support of his massive spiritual power.

The pair of forging hammers in Tang Wulin’s hands were quite different from before. The original spirit-forged heavy metal hammers had transformed into soul-forged heavy metal hammers now. The difference between soul forging and spirit forging was that soul forging was not only giving life but intelligence to the metal. The metal infused with intelligence could empathize with its master.

Thus, the sound made by the pair of soul-forged heavy metal hammers every time they knocked against the battle armor was different. It would distort slightly, according to Tang Wulin’s intention to avoid complicated patterns, with such accuracy that he did not alter the original striations and also increased its strength as needed.

One knock from those hammers was equal to the effect of dozens knocks in the past. This was the benefit of soul forging, and Tang Wulin could
exercise even more precise control and greatly reduce the chance of failure.

The forging of two-word battle armor required its metal to be elevated to
soul-forged metal and also the addition of another type of metal in order to achieve even stronger alloy. Only a Saint Craftsman was capable of
completing all these perfectly.

The rest of the group stood nearby as they looked at him including Saint Craftsman Zhen Hua, who was unrivaled in his time.

Tang Wulin’s elevation to Saint Craftsman was done under Zhen Hua’s guidance, but even he could see the artistry of Tang Wulin’s forging.

This was the culmination of the training Tang Wulin had received from Mu Ye. The many years of accumulated experience finally allowed him to
exercise control over his unfathomable strength. Tang Wulin’s self-control was already much greater than before, and this combined with his forging enabled him to steady his Saint Craftsman’s level within a few short months. Although he was still incapable of competing against Mu Chen’s profound experience as a Saint Craftsman, but it was already extremely
easy for him to complete the process of forging two-word battle armor.

On the other hand, as they watched Tang Wulin, the rest of the Shrek Seven Monsters felt that his forging now was clearly much more relaxed
compared to what it had been. He seemed to be less sombre, yet every knock he made produced a melodious sound akin to the rhythm of music. The heavy knocking from the past was no longer heard. His amazing forging process made them feel at ease, as if their souls were being elevated along with the gentle tapping of his hammers.

Xu Lizhi was the first to sit down cross-legged. He felt enlightened after listening to Tang Wulin’s forging sound. His companions sat down in succession and entered states of meditation quietly as well. Only Gu Yue remained to look at Tang Wulin with her huge eyes, unblinkingly. She tilted her head occasionally, looking confused as if she was pondering about something.

Tang Wulin first began to forge his own battle armor. This was not out of selfishness but because he was not absolutely confident in his ability to upgrade the battle armor the first time. He could never allow himself to
experiment with his companions’ battle armor. Additionally, he was most familiar with his own armor.

In reality, after he began fuse forging, he entered a state which made the process seem to be.

He first completed the forging of his right Golden Dragon Claw. The
Golden Dragon Claw now appeared to be slightly thicker and heavier as compared to that from his one-word battle armor. The patterns on it were engraved more deeply while the entire claw was slightly larger as well.
There was more space left for him to perform soul circuit inscription later.

The original light gold color of his battle armor became deeper after being fused with the third type of rare metal. It exuded a pleasing charm as the metal began to bloom with vitality after being upgraded from thousand- refined to spirit-forged Tang Wulin could even sense what seemed to be pores on this metal transforming as he breathed.

He had originally planned to add two types of rare metal to fuse-forge his two-word battle armor. However, he decided against it in the end and only added one type of rare metal on Zhen Hua’s suggestion.

Zhen Hua advised Tang Wulin to do so because Tang Wulin’s forging level was elevating too quickly, so he would possibly reach some kind of breakthrough very soon. Two-word battle armor was the real initiation of battle armor. Tang Wulin was already a Saint Craftsman, so he was capable of fusing two types of metals, but he had just achieved such a rank after all. Fusing too many types of metals would severely test his current skill level. In order to ensure that their battle armor would be flawless in the future, Tang Wulin could only add in one type of metal for forging to attain perfection. Anyhow, they would still need to forge three-word and four- word battle armor. It would be best if he could forge with total confidence by then.

Chapter 904 - Shen Xing’s Concern

Chapter 904: Shen Xing’s Concern

Under normal circumstances, a set of two-word battle armor would only require a spirit-forged metal. Hence, it was rare as a unicorn’s horn for a battle armor master to use an alloy two-word battle armor, let alone three types of alloys.

The two-word battle armor was a massive upgrade from the one-word battle armor, so the alloy’s function would gradually be revealed. It sufficed for their cultivation base at present.

Tang Wulin completed forging a piece of battle armor, followed by Ye
Xinglan carrying it to another anechoic chamber to complete its production.

Tang Wulin, as a Saint Craftsman, was becoming more skilled with the passing of time. The task of elevating the battle armor was meaningful to him. To ensure flawless results, he would need to devote all his attention during forging. Although he carried out the forging with ease, his
accomplished forging skills allowed him to have a more profound comprehension of his forging realm now.

The world outside was in a major upheaval, yet there was only a group of youths elevating themselves at full force within this mountain.

In Mingdu.

This was the Douluo Federation’s provincial capital and was once the
second largest city on the continent preceded only by Shrek City. Currently, it was the largest city on the continent after Shrek City had been destroyed.

Mingdu’s atmosphere was tense these days. There was no way to conceal the incident of Shrek City being destroyed by its citizens. The evil soul masters loathed Shrek Academy for suppressing them through the countless years, and also Tang Sect which had
continuously dispatched its Battle Soul Hall’s fighters to eliminate the evil soul masters on the continent.

How about the place that ranked third amongst the most detestable locales? It was no other than the capital of Douluo Continent, Mingdu City.

Many citizens chose to move to the villages and the smaller cities after the terrorist attack because they were concerned for their safety. At the same time, they were worried about the political situation.

The federation parliament announced its dissolution, so the government was in a dysfunctional situation. Next came the reshuffling of the parliament,
while a massive search and retaliation against the evil soul masters’ unprecedented terrorist attack were conducted.

The Holy Spirit Cult seemed to have predicted the possibility of retaliation. After the terrorist attack, it suddenly vanished without a trace. Thus, despite the federation army’s full devotion to the search, they could not find a thing.

The parliament reshuffle was finally completed after three months. The Hawk Faction that advocated war occupied the controlling position. The War God Hall secured seven seats in the federal parliament while the military seats increased by a third.

After the reshuffling of the parliament was completed, many government decrees were adopted to enforce a non-appeasement policy toward the Holy Spirit Cult. Anyone had the authority to kill the evil soul masters upon
sight. The person would be greatly rewarded by the Federation once the kill is verified, while those who provided the information to the Federation
would be rewarded as well.

Simultaneously, the parliament decided to extend the War God Hall’s involvement while expanding the military forces to carry out a series of follow-up operations targeted at the Holy Spirit Cult. The most important task, however, was to ensure peace prevailed amongst the people.

The federal parliament authorized the army to install the most advanced detection equipment in all the big cities and to perform a thorough scan of each and every city so that any potential threat would be neutralized.

With the multiple safety measures in place, Douluo Continent’s situation gradually stabilized after the disastrous explosion in Shrek City six months ago. Only a massive crater remained in what was once Shrek City.

What surprised most people was that Tang Sect’s response to the explosion was lukewarm to put it mildly. In fact, the rest of Tang Sect’s companies in the big cities were closed in succession. The Dazzling Era Tang Sect
Technology Company that was directly managed by Tang Sect was shut down completely. Everything went silent. The sect that was once the most powerful on the continent seemed to be languishing after a severe blow from the explosion.

To be sure, it was a situation that most people did not wish for. There were a few Shrek Academy graduates who fervently voiced their views of
avenging and rebuilding the academy.

Some people also proposed to the new federal parliament to rebuild Shrek City. However, there were no such plans at the moment, for they could not manage this issue within a short period. The region that was supposed to be Shrek City remained a massive crater hole.

“Sister, do you think that the Federation will rebuild Shrek Academy?” Shen Xing asked her two-star ranked sister who was standing by her side.

Shen Yue was pushed to the front stage by the military to become one of the Young Faction’s important, high-ranking military officers. She also qualified as a member of the parliament after the re-election. Meanwhile,
she was transferred back to the military to hold important positions.

Shen Yue frowned. “It’ll be difficult to do so. Moreover, what’s going to happen even if Shrek Academy is rebuilt? Shrek’s foundation is gone, the Sea God’s Pavilion is gone too. Even if Shrek Academy is rebuilt, it won’t be the top academy on the continent again as it was initially.”

Even though this lieutenant general originated from the Imperial Sun Moon Soul Master Academy that was considered Shrek Academy’s rival, she still grieved over its loss when she found out that the top academy on the
continent was obliterated.

In a sense, Shrek City was one of the democratic icons of Douluo
Continent. Such an independent, yet neutral locale was a pain in the neck for the government. Nevertheless, it served an important role that protected the democratic rights of the common people and many other groups.

The federal government’s control over the continent would be undoubtedly easier now that Shrek was gone. However, a weak check and balance
system would not be healthy for the continent’s long-term development.

Shen Yue was not from the military’s Hawk Faction, but she belonged to the Dove Faction that advocated defending the continent against others. The unprecedented terrorist attack brought the Hawk Faction to power on a large scale. However, the Dove Faction also managed to capitalize on the
situation by acquiring some territories whereby she was deployed by the Dove Faction.

Shen Yue was feeling quite concerned as she was afraid that the continent’s stability in the future would be affected after the Hawk Faction occupied the commanding position. As a high-ranking military officer, she was aware of the differing opinions on uniting the planet. Douluo Continent had been in the lead all along with its soul technology.

Shen Xing looked at her frowning sister, but her mind was already drifting skyward. She remembered the face vividly in her mind. She would never forget the man that appeared in her dreams almost every night during that period.

Was he dead? Did he die in the explosion this time? She did not even have the opportunity to take revenge against him now. Yet, she was feeling very sad in her heart for some unknown reason. Recently, she had been in a depressed state for a long while.

A guy and a gal held hands as they walked along the spacious street. Their figures were slim and tall but their facial features were commonplace. The young man was over one point nine meters tall with a pair of long arms, a
slim waist, and wide shoulders. The young girl had an exceptionally tall and slim figure as well, particularly her long, shapely legs. The only flaw was her skin looked pale while her appearance was quite ordinary.

“We’re here.” The young man pointed to a teahouse as he guided the young girl toward it.

The young girl opened her mouth in an attempt to say something, but she refrained herself. She could not help pouting her lips as if she was feeling dissatisfied.

A waiter immediately welcomed them when they walked into the teahouse. “Table for two?”
The young man nodded and spoke, “We wish to have the Da Hong Pao tea.”

The waiter’s gaze changed ever so slightly, “How many times do you want the tea to be steeped?”

The young man answered, “Three times will be just nice. It’ll be insipid if it’s steeped too many times.”

“Sure. Please follow me.” The waiter turned around and walked upstairs upon saying that.

The young man and young girl followed behind as they went upstairs.

The waiter did not speak anymore but guided them to the second floor. They walked all the way to the end of the corridor when he tapped against the wall gently. The wall cracked open to reveal a door. The waiter gestured for them to go ahead. The young man pulled the young girl along as they walked into the room.

It was a tearoom inside. There was someone sitting cross-legged on the rush cushion behind the tea table steeping his tea.

“Please take a seat,” he said calmly.

Chapter 905 - Seven-Colored Miasma

Chapter 905: Seven-Colored Miasma

The person sitting in the room was handsome and appeared to be over thirty years old, but there was an aura of mindfulness exuding from his persona.

The young man’s expression immediately became excited when he saw the person. He took a few quick strides forward and sat down opposite the person. “Vice Hall Master.”

The middle-aged man pushed a cup of tea to him. “Have a sip.”

The young man was stunned for a moment, but he calmed down soon after. He raised the teacup and blew away the heat before emptying the cup in one gulp.

A faint scent flowed with the heat to his stomach. He felt warm and fuzzy all over at once. His body was enveloped by the scent of tea as well.

“I’m very glad that all of you are still alive. At least, Shrek still manages to retain its kindling to start a new fire. Fortunately, Shrek Academy’s legacy has not ended.”

Grief flashed past the middle-aged man’s eyes for a moment.

The young man lowered his head with reddened eyes. He spoke with a deep voice, “Vice Hall Master, how’s the situation with Tang Sect now?”

The middle-aged man shook his head. “It’s bad. After the headquarters was bombed, all the Dazzling Era Tang Sect Technology Companies were forced out. The military that was working with us initially stopped all
communications with us. Simultaneously, multiple attacks were launched on us, both overtly and covertly as well. It’s obvious that it was premeditated. The Hall Master made the decision to close down a portion of our companies temporarily. Tang Sect has many plans for crisis management, and the plan initiated now is one of it. Moreover, it’s a plan used to deal with the most severe crisis.”

The young man spoke, “Who else is there other than the Holy Spirit Cult?”

The middle-aged man spoke dully, “Have you heard of the phrase ‘when a wall is about to collapse, everybody gives it a push’? I’m afraid that there’s a long history behind this conspiracy that is aimed at both Shrek and Tang Sect. This is not done by a single generation. The Holy Spirit Cult is being pushed to the stage front, but we can’t tell how many there are behind the
scenes. I can only tell you that everyone in sight is an enemy. Tang Sect and Shrek’s statuses on the continent are overly aloof. Actually, we knew that the Federation will deal with us one of these days, only that we didn’t
expect its approach to be so violent, and that it will come so soon.”

“Whether it’s the current elders of Sea God’s Pavilion or the leaders of our Tang Sect, everyone is deemed guilty. We’ve been immersed in our inner
secrets for far too long. Despite the obvious possibility of a crisis occurring, no one dares to take action rashly. On the other hand, the facts have proven us wrong. The enemy is more ruthless than we thought and is even willing to sacrifice millions of innocent lives.”

The young man raised his head. A faint golden radiance flickered in his eyes. “Vice Hall Master, what’s the plan for Tang Sect after this?”

The middle-aged man spoke bluntly, “Everyone has to pay a price when
confronting Tang Sect. Tang Sect’s glory is not going to vanish just because of this setback. It’s the same with Shrek. I learned from Zhen Hua about the purpose of your trip. Those people can’t possibly know all of Tang Sect’s inner secrets and even Shrek’s. Tang Sect and Shrek’s future is in your hands. They must be rebuilt.”

“The piece of Icefire Seal I gave you the last time is useless now. However, Tang Sect’s hidden boundary known as the Icefire Polarized Eyes will open for all you. Tang Sect will be supporting all of you covertly with full
strength. They may be able to conspire against us for centuries or even millennia. However, we don’t mind putting in a generation or even a few generations worth of hard work to get back what we deserve. Perhaps, it’s precisely because Tang Sect and Shrek are too law-abiding that we have
allowed these people to act outrageously against us. The lives of over a million people cannot be in vain.”

The temperature in the tearoom had dropped as the middle-aged man spoke in a majestic manner that was fleeting.

The young man nodded his head strenuously. “We are bound by duty to
serve. Vice Hall Master, when shall we head to the Icefire Polarized Eyes?”

“At once.” The middle-aged man stood up. “Wulin, we are going to pick up your comrades now. Then, we shall head there right away.”


The young man was Tang Wulin in makeup, while the young girl beside him was naturally Gu Yue who had lost her memory.

At present, Gu Yue blinked her huge eyes as she stood next to Tang Wulin listening to the discussion on the book of heaven.

On the other hand, the middle-aged man was the Amorous Douluo Zang Xin whom Tang Wulin met once before. He was the current Vice Hall Master of Tang Sect’s Douluo Hall and also the number two person in
charge of Tang Sect.

The two ordinary, soul cars drove into the street and stopped right in front of the teahouse.

The muscles on Zang Xin’s face shifted the moment he walked out of the teahouse. He appeared to have changed into someone else.

It was necessary because today’s soul technology and satellite surveillance were capable of locating a specific person based on his or her facial features.

Tang Wulin and Gu Yue followed Zang Xin and got into a car. The Amorous Douluo spoke slowly, “Tang Sect has gone fully underground now. After visiting the Icefire Polarized Eyes, all of you shall enlist in the military as planned. There’s no need to bother with anything else.”

“Yes.” Tang Wulin could feel that the burden on his shoulders lightened by a little upon hearing his words. Even though the academy was gone, he still had someone he could rely on. Anyhow, Tang Sect was also his backup.

Zang Xin leaned against the seat and closed his eyes. “Remember this, Wulin. You’ll all remain solitary on the continent if you all choose not to do anything or don’t do enough. On the other hand, once you all have achieved certain results, you’ll all be akin to magnets. The inner secrets that once belonged to Shrek and Tang Sect will be attracted to you. In the official investigation, all of you no longer exist in this world. Hence, all your potentials and identities make you all the most suitable candidates to revive Shrek Academy and Tang Sect.”

“All of you are not only the Shrek Seven Monsters but also this generation’s elders of the Sea God’s Pavilion. You are all the hope and future of Tang Sect. Don’t contact Tang Sect after you’ve left the Icefire Polarized Eyes so as to conceal yourselves. Tang Sect will take the initiative to contact all of you when the time is right. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I do.” Tang Wulin’s heart was trembling slightly as he was speaking. Zang Xin’s words insinuated that they shouldered a great responsibility and could only depend on themselves.

It seemed like Tang Sect’s loss from the explosion was far greater than he had imagined.

Half an hour later, they picked up the rest of the Shrek Seven Monsters on the outskirts of Heaven Dou City. Later, the two highly camouflaged Tang Sect Combat Vehicles drove down the road.

The windows of the cars turned dark while the partition inside the car slid down to prevent everyone from looking outside. The Icefire Polarized Eyes was Tang Sect’s most important hidden boundary. The route that led to the place would need to be kept a secret even from them. Tang Wulin lost track of how long it had been. In the time it took him to meditate twice, the car slowed down.

Gu Yue was sleeping soundly on his thighs.

“We’re here.” The car windows lightened such that they could see the outside once again. Tang Wulin discovered that the combat vehicle had arrived in a forest.

The group of people squinted as they got off the car. Their eyes were getting adjusted to the bright lights.

The forest appeared primeval as if it had never been developed before. Apart from that, there was nothing unusual.

The Amorous Douluo spoke curtly, “Follow me. From now on, all of you must listen to my command because it’s not safe.” He took the lead to walk first upon saying that.

Tang Wulin pulled Gu Yue along while the rest of the people tracked behind them.

The Amorous Douluo was not advancing too swiftly, so the group of people managed to keep up with him. They could not help looking at their
surroundings curiously when they walked into the forest. Everything appeared normal. There was no exotic flowers or plants. It took about two hours before the terrain suddenly turned rugged.
“Follow my path. Don’t miss a step. There are many toxic plants here so it will be troublesome if anyone gets poisoned,” Zang Xin spoke.

Everything in the surroundings suddenly began to turn illusory. Tang Wulin could only feel as if he had stepped into an obscure world that only Zang
Xin could see clearly. Was this… an illusion?

Chapter 906 - Dragon Moon Tang Wulin!

Chapter 906: Dragon Moon Tang Wulin!

It seemed to be an extremely detailed illusion.

A flickering golden starlight chain linked up everyone in the group. It was Xu Xiaoyan’s Star Chain. The chain would ensure that everyone shared their burdens together even if they were in danger or harmed.

“Father, what kind of place is this?! It’s so strange!” Gu Yue whispered into Tang Wulin’s ear softly.

Even though Tang Wulin had already urged her repeatedly not to address him as ‘father’, yet Gu Yu could not stop herself no matter what. In the end, she could only address him as such in a place that was not crowded.

Zang Xin stopped after they had walked for another period of time. Everything in the surrounding area suddenly became bright and lively again.

Tang Wulin and his companions discovered that they had arrived by the
side of a cliff. They turned their heads and looked to the place where they had just passed by. It was also a forest, but it was a colorful forest with many plants which they had never seen before. There was no doubt that these must be the toxic plants mentioned by Amorous Douluo earlier.

This location was certainly a natural deterrent to people with all of its poisons and illusions.

“I suppose all of you have already completed your two-word battle armors, right? The place we’re heading to is in the valley.”

Tang Wulin nodded. Zang Xin spoke, “Let me take a look at your battle armors.”

Golden radiance flashed in Tang Wulin’s eyes as a soft dragon’s roar rippled through him. Golden spots of light illuminated on the vital points of his body including each of his joints, his forehead and chest.

Golden striations linked these golden light spots. The first pieces that
appeared were the Golden Dragon Claws on his hands with overlapping patterns. The Golden Dragon Claws emerged followed by golden scale-like battle armor that curled upward and covered his arms rapidly. Three curved sharp daggers appeared on each side of his forearms. The sharp blades had longer arcs as compared to the ones on his one-word battle armor.

Next, his pauldrons appeared. The overlapping pauldrons curled downward rapidly and formed his cuirass.

Tang Wulin’s aura became even stronger when the golden battle armor
covered his entire body. Every single scale on the bright golden battle armor bulged ever so slightly with a crest line, and a halo could be seen circulating within those crest lines. A diamond-shaped metal formed his mirror armor like an enormous scale.

There was a golden flash of light as his helmet covered his head. Sharp, dragon horn-like protrusions bored out of the two sides of his helmet before a golden mask formed and covered his face, revealing only his eyes
shimmering with splendid radiance.

Tang Wulin bent over ever so slightly. A pair of gigantic golden scaled wings spread out from his back. The wings appeared to be formed by
countless scales pieced together. They were over four meters in width when spread open and covered his entire back completely when they were folded.

Tang Wulin’s aura surged once again at that moment when the pair of
scaled wings appeared. His entire body was filled with strength and beauty.

‘Dragon Moon’ was the name given by Tang Wulin to his two-word battle armor. The word ‘Dragon’ was derived from his martial soul Golden Dragon King, while the word ‘Moon’ was derived from the word ‘Yue’ in Gu Yuena’s name.

He was Dragon Moon Tang Wulin!

Gu Yue giggled as she stood by Tang Wulin’s side. “I have one too! I have one too!”

A speckle of silver radiance illuminated on her forehead and brightened her face slightly. The makeup on her face and her hair color returned to normal in a split second, revealing her exquisite beauty.

It was peculiar that no other parts of her body were shimmering with silver light. Only that speckle on her forehead was spreading out. It was an oval- shaped silver gemstone. The gemstone expanded outward and transformed into Gu Yue’s crown-like helmet. A silver mask dropped and covered her
charming face. Silver battle armor flowed down from the top of her head akin to quicksilver spilling on the ground.

Oval-shaped dragon scales were the foundation of her battle armor. Another oval-shaped silver gemstone adorned the center of her chest with while a faint seven-colored radiance circulated inside it.

Compared to Tang Wulin’s tall and bulky battle armor, Gu Yue’s battle armor appeared much slimmer and longer without overly exaggerated pauldrons and close combat weapons. Her armor made her entire body
appear slender and magnificent, complementing her beauty. It was like a heavenly maiden had descended to the human world.

A pair of silver dragon wings spread out behind her back, smaller than Tang Wulin’s dragon wings by one size. However, there was a total of eighteen
silver gemstones that encrusted her wings with faint flickering radiance. All sorts of elements in the air became animated when her suit of armor
appeared. Moreover, the elements naturally gathered around her, until she was enshrouded by a seven-colored halo. Gu Yue’s battle armor was not made by Tang Wulin and his companions.
She seemed to recall something when she saw that Tang Wulin had
completed his own two-word battle armor and became so excited that she immediately unleashed her battle armor. The group of people realized that Gu Yue had already completed her two-word battle armor and had even named it.

‘Dragon Qilin’ was the name given by Gu Yue to her two-word battle armor.

The word ‘Dragon’ was derived from Na’er’s Silver Dragon martial soul, while the word ‘Qilin’ was derived from the word ‘Lin’ from Tang Wulin’s name.

She was Dragon Qilin Gu Yue, or perhaps she should be known as Dragon Qilin Gu Yuena.

Dragon Qilin added radiance and beauty to gold and silver colors. It was as if there was this amazing connection between them in the unseen world. A misty gold halo formed naturally around Tang Wulin’s battle armor just as Gu Yue unleashed her own. It was extraordinarily peculiar.

Dragon Moon Tang Wulin and Dragon Qilin Gu Yuena, both were two- word battle armor masters!

The golden and seven-colored halos came into contact with one another, making both of their auras grow even stronger, much to everyone’s surprise. Amorous Douluo was watching them with splendor in his eyes. There was no doubt that Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena’s cultivation bases and battle
armors were more powerful than he had imagined.

Tang Wulin’s Dragon Moon battle armor was made of three types of alloys with perfect spirit forging. The strength of its amplification far exceeded his original one-word battle armor.

However, Tang Wulin was quite surprised to find that there was a spear in Gu Yuena’s hand after she had unleashed her two-word battle armor. Was that the Silver Dragon Spear? Was that not Na’er’s Silver Dragon Spear? The difference was that an oval-shaped silver bead adorned the tip of Silver Dragon Spear. It appeared to have no spearhead yet a ray of radiant energy spurted out from the silver bead naturally just a Gu Yuena waved the spear gently.

Tang Wulin’s weapon was the Golden Dragon Spear, so was Gu Yuena’s weapon a white Silver Dragon Spear?

Meanwhile, their companions had also unleashed their own two-word battle armor behind them at.

Ye Xinglan had the greatest number of lights on her body during that split second when she unleashed her battle armor. In an instant, it was as if she had transformed into the star-studded milky way.

The starlights combined as a suit of distinct battle armor appeared on her body. Ye Xinglan’s two-word battle armor had a peculiar incandescent
color. The metal that covered her entire body was just like crystal shimmering with dazzling sparkles.

Every part of her battle armor was designed with the sharpness of a blade just like herself. The battle armor did not appear to be that ostentatious for even the pair of wings folded on her back were tiny. It was exceedingly
sharp and even looked a little like a mecha’s steering wings. Whatever the
case, a magnificent sword’s aura naturally burst from Ye Xinglan’s body the moment she put on her battle armor and her mask came sliding down.
The strength of her sword’s aura felt as if it could break the vault of heaven. ‘Star Wisdom’ was the name given by Ye Xinglan to her two-word battle

The word ‘Star’ was derived from her Stargod Sword martial soul, while the word ‘wisdom’ was derived from the word ‘Zhi’ from Xu Lizhi’s name.

She was Star Wisdom Ye Xinglan! The chubby Xu Lizhi was standing right by her side. The battle armor on Xu Lizhi’s body appeared slightly odd. His original one-word battle armor was yellow but now it had turned brown. The color was much darker than before.

His battle armor was thick and heavy, and it appeared to be the bulkiest
among them. Every piece covered his body looked like it was made of rock, and a large circular yellow gemstone adorned his chest. His helmet had the most traditional style to it, whereas the pair of wings behind his back were exceptionally large, much larger than Tang Wulin’s. He felt as heavy and thick as a mountain.
The fearful aura emitted from his body made waves of destructive energy. ‘Guardian Star’ was the name given by Xu Lizhi to his two-word battle

The group of people was teasing him to name his battle armor after his buns originally, yet Xu Lizhi refused to do so. In the end, he used the word ‘Star’ from Ye Xinglan’s name, while the word ‘guardian’ signified his duty to protect. Naturally, they all understood his intentions.

He was Guardian Star Xu Lizhi!

Xie Xie stood valiantly next to Xu Lizhi. When Xie Xie’s battle armor was upgraded to two-word, it became illusionary, with shimmering, untouchable shadows. The armor appeared to be semi-transparent with a faint halo
circulating inside it. It was as if his battle armor was carved from a crystal. Dragon patterns emerged on the surface of his battle armor, making it much more mysterious than his one-word battle armor.

His battle armor appeared to be even thinner than Ye Xinglan’s. The two pairs of scaled wings behind his back were slightly shorter but extremely
strong. He did not have a helmet but a trident-shaped headband. It was as if there was a refreshing breeze surrounding his body.

His battle armor and all its accessories were meant to elevate his speed- related abilities and to double his speed and soul power. His defense was much weaker than the rest, but it allowed him to move unhindered at the maximum velocity.

‘Dragon Night’ was the name given by Xie Xie to his two-word battle armor.

The word ‘Dragon’ was derived from his Light Dragon Dagger martial
soul, while the word ‘Night’ was derived from the word ‘Ye’ from Yuanen Yehui’s name. He was already making heroic remarks that he would
certainly ensure that his battle armor achieved four-word status in the future when he was still making the battle armor. He would name it ‘Double
Dragon Night Glory’.

He was Dragon Night Xie Xie.

Chapter 907 - Icefire Polarized Eyes

Chapter 907: Icefire Polarized Eyes

Making Yuanen Yehui’s battle armor was the most complicated process of all, because of her twin martial soul. Moreover, neither of her twin martial souls were submissive to the other. Thus, she spent a very long time just on its design.

She unleashed her Fallen Angel martial soul. Her battle armor had turned a deep purple after three types of metals were added. Every pattern on her battle armor was brimming with strength, while a pair of black-feathered wings spread open behind her back in addition to her feminine appearance. She was exuding a mysterious yet miraculous aura.

Her suit of battle armor would undergo some changes when she had transformed into the Titan Giant Ape, in order to allow amplification of her fighting capabilities. Yuanen Yehui sacrificed the ability to fly when she
was in the Titan Giant Ape form so she could make the most of her combat skills. Hence, she could only unleash her Fallen Angel martial soul when Amorous Douluo commanded everyone to fly.

‘Heaven Double’ was the name given by Yuanen Yehui for her two-word battle armor.

The word ‘Heaven’ originated from the place where her Fallen Angel martial soul was expelled from, while the word ‘Double’ was derived from Xie Xie’s Double Dragon Dagger.

Yuanen Yehui was planning on naming her two-word battle armor ‘Heavenly Titan’, to represent both her martial souls, the Titan Giant Ape, and the Fallen Angel. She finally agreed to add Xie Xie’s name after his neverending coaxing and pestering. There was no telling how many vows of loyalty he had made to her in exchange. She was Heaven Double Yuanen Yehui.

Xu Xiaoyan’s battle armor was the most breathtaking of them all. After achieving two-word battle armor status, her battle armor had turned
completely transparent, as if it was carved out of crystal. It was complicated yet beautiful, with all sorts of circles forming a pattern of streamlines on the surface. It was as if there were countless starlights on the inside of the battle armor. The concept of this design was acquired when they were on the star observation platform before.

The speckles of starlights were unleashed from the core circuit, so it had an extremely strong amplification effect on her abilities. It was capable of
shortening the time needed to unleash her Star Staff while increasing the duration of its effectiveness. At the same time, it could also unleash the Star Guard Barrier on its own, creating an extremely powerful defense. It could borrow the star’s power, especially at night, so her defensive power could
even exceed Xu Lizhi’s.

‘Star Universe’ was the name given by Xu Xiaoyan for her two-word battle armor.

The word ‘Star’ was taken from her Star Guard Barrier, while the word ‘Universe’ was derived from Yue Zhengyu’s name.

She was Star Universe Xu Xiaoyan.

Yue Zhengyu stood behind Xu Xiaoyan with his hands touching her crystal clear yet exquisite scaled wings. His pair of pure white feathered wings
spread out behind his back. His battle armor remained the same color as it was as one-word battle armor. It was pure white and flawless with elegant golden patterns, brimming with holiness.

Holy runes were engraved on his battle armor that appeared thicker and heavier with even more magnificent patterns than when it was still one- word battle armor. His pair of wings were completely covered by battle
armor, and a royal crown adorned his head. His entire body was exuding a holy aura. It was still daytime. Sunlight illuminated the grounds and shone against his body, enhancing his holy aura overwhelmingly. He was the exact opposite of Xu Xiaoyan because his fighting capabilities would be slightly stronger during the day due to his Holy Angel martial soul.

‘Heaven Word’ was the name given by Yue Zhengyu for his two-word battle armor.

The word ‘Heaven’ originated from the place where his Holy Angel martial soul came from, while the ‘word’ was derived from the word ‘Yan’ in Xu Xiaoyan’s name.

He was Heaven Word Yue Zhengyu.

Eight of them with eight suits of battle armor. Their cultivation bases were already elevated to an entirely new level now that they possessed their own two-word battle armor.

Other than Yue Zhengyu, the rest of them had made rather drastic changes to their battle armor. This was intentionally done by Tang Wulin during the upgrade process.

Soon, they would be unable to show their real faces to the world possibly for a very long period of time. It was their highest priority to protect themselves well under such circumstances. Even though their battle armors did not reveal too much, it was still possible that certain observant people would be able to tell who they were. The changes to their battle armors
would make them relatively harder to identify.

On the other hand, Yue Zhengyu’s case was rather unique. His battle
armor’s engraved runes were made specifically for the Holy Angel Clan so any radical alterations to his battle armor would result in the weakening of his fighting capacity on a large scale. He chose to maintain the original style after much consideration.

Those eight people were Dragon Moon Tang Wulin, Dragon Qilin Gu Yuenan, Heaven Word Yue Zhengyu, Star Universe Xu Xiaoyan, Heaven Double Yuanen Yehui, Dragon Night Xie Xie, Star Wisdom Ye Xinglan and Guardian Star Xu Lizhi.

They finally had their own titles after acquiring their two-word battle armor. The title was made up of the combination between one’s martial soul and the name of one’s lover.

Zang Xin could not help cracking into a smile that came from the bottom of his heart as he watched them unleashing their battle armors and witnessed
as pairs of feathered or scaled wings spread out.

This was the first time he was seen smiling so joyously ever since the great catastrophe that befell Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect. These young people were even more outstanding than he had expected. Not only did their cultivation bases far exceed their peers, but their battle armor was also
extraordinary. Clearly, their armor was not made in a rush just for the purpose of elevation as they had made them upon solid foundations. These were the battle armors most suitable for themselves of quality that far
exceeded their peers. “Follow me.”
Zang Xin’s body swayed as he spoke, and he flew into the air above the mountain valley.

Tang Wulin and the rest of the group flapped their wings and followed Zang Xin as they flew into the air.

Yuanen Yehui and Yue Zhengyu were still most skilled in flying naturally while the rest of the people rarely had time for flying practice after they
acquired their two-word battle armors. They appeared slightly unstable upon flying into the air but they were a generation of prodigious geniuses that could control their bodies within a split second. They spread their
wings and channelled out their soul power to allow themselves to suspend in the air.

With a wave of his hand, Amorous Douluo led their descent into the mountain valley. Meanwhile, the faint golden glow was released from his body, forming a shield of light that enshrouded Tang Wulin and his companions.

The light shield dove into with them inside it, and Tang Wulin and the rest could immediately see a magnificent layer of seven-colored mist on the inside of this mountain valley.

Just as they entered the mist, they were shocked when they realized that there was an intense energy fluctuation on the surface of their protective light shield. Despite it being conjured from Amorous Douluo’s unfathomable cultivation base, holes and breaches began to appear all over the shield.

“This is known as seven-colored miasma. It’s one of the strongest poisons in the world, capable of corroding anything. It has been gathering on top of this mountain valley for many years, and there’s also some found in the
surrounding forest. Our sect expended a lot of strength and effort to gather it on top of this mountain valley to increase its concentration. It’ll only take a brief moment to corrode even a black mecha into nothingness. Only a person with at least Hyper Douluo’s cultivation base can rely on his soul power to protect his body and withstand the damage from the seven-colored miasma for a short period of time.”

There was no doubt that this was the strongest protection for Icefire Polarized Eyes. Even a Hyper Douluo could possibly be trapped without prior knowledge of such a toxin!

Fortunately, the poisonous mist was not too thick. Their visual field brightened abruptly after they flew through a few dozen meters. A small valley appeared before them.

The group was immediately astonished by the extraordinary scene before their eyes as soon as they saw the situation in the mountain.

A peculiar lake came into view first. It had two colors with one side being blue while the other was red. Both sides of the lake had a clear distinction as they did not cross into one another. The name of ‘Icefire Polarized Eye’ must have originated from this.

Exotic flowers and herbs grew on the shores around this double-colored lake. There was also a gargantuan flower that could be seen even from the sky. It was incomparably massive.

Tang Wulin’s Purple Demon Eyes could tell at a glance that he could not recognize most of the vegetation over here. There was no doubt that these were top grade heaven-and-earth treasures.

On the other hand, monstrous auras suddenly rushed at them from below as they descended from the sky. The feelings seemed to be very hostile.

What was that…?

Chapter 908 - Six Great Beasts

Chapter 908: Six Great Beasts

The Amorous Douluo Zang Xin smiled. A purple light flashed within his eyes. Immediately, the divine intentions were shattered. The pressure decreased and Zang Xin led them to land in the valley.

The vegetation parted before them, and a patch of barren land was exposed. There was just enough space for the nine of them to stand on.

When they landed in the valley, everyone was shocked by the vegetation before them. It was a world with a riot of colors. Every plant seemed magnified here.

Xie Xie exclaimed with puzzlement, “Is that the Blazing Apricot Cabbage? My god, it’s so huge! How’s it possible? I’ve seen this in the ancient records. This plant only grows two inches every ten thousand years! This plant… my god! I reckon it’s been around for two hundred thousand years now!”

They had just landed when the domineering aura pressed against them
again. This time, the aura was more intense. The exotic flowers and rare plants around them seemed to come to life. What was even more peculiar was six silhouettes gradually took form and appeared before them.

The leader of the pack was dressed in a long purple robe in a classical fashion. He had handsome features and a slender body. For some unknown reason, his looks were familiar to Tang Wulin.

Behind him, there was a lady dressed in red who had beautiful looks but a hostile expression. She was a person transformed from the Blazing Apricot Cabbage which Xie Xie pointed to just now. Besides her, there were four others who stood with her, and together they walked toward them. It was apparent from their aura that these six people were not welcoming of them.

Six plants that were able to take on human forms? Everyone knew full well what this meant. They were the Plant System soul beasts that were able to take on human forms. They were of the ranks of great beasts already!

Who would have thought that there would be six experts of the ranks of great beasts in Tang Sect’s secret boundary? It was simply unbelievable!

Zang Xin smiled and went forward to greet them. “My friends, long time no see. I hope everyone’s doing fine.”

The purple-robed leader said drily, “We can do better without your disturbances. Amorous Douluo, may I ask what you have in mind for bringing in so many outsiders this time?”

Zang Xin replied, “Naturally, it’s to seek aid from all of you.”

The purple-robed man’s expression darkened. “I remember that our
agreement with Tang Sect was that only a single person is allowed into the Icefire Polarized Eyes every hundred years, and that person is allowed to take no more than two types of herbs. In exchange, you will help us protect this place and won’t let it be destroyed by you humans.”

“That’s right.” The Amorous Douluo nodded.

The purple-robed man said coldly, “Then, what’s the meaning of you bringing eight people here this time? Is it not to expose our existence to the whole world?”

Zang Xin sighed. “If I had any other options, would I come and disturb the slumber of Brother Luo and the others? It’s because Tang Sect is facing the danger of collapsing that I’m here. I remember that the Spirit Ice Douluo
also had an agreement with you guys that when Tang Sect was in danger of being destroyed, all of you will spare no effort in helping us survive the disaster.” The purple-robed man’s expression changed. He said in shock, “Tang Sect is at the height of its powers and splendor. How is it possible that it’s under threat?”

A dash of sadness flashed past Zang Xin’s eyes. “Tang Sect’s headquarters was bombarded with rank-12 godkiller fixed soul ammunitions. The headquarters was destroyed, and nine Title Douluos were sacrificed. There were also more than a thousand and two hundred soul masters of varying ranks who were sacrificed on that day. Furthermore, Tang Sect is being
attacked on all sides and is forced to stop the operations of its branches. Not only that, I believe everyone knows that Shrek City, in which Shrek
Academy was located, was the best city on the continent. Similarly, it
suffered a destructive blow. Shrek City was completely destroyed, and more than ten million people died. In addition, more than twenty Title Douluos from Shrek Academy died. The only ones who survived in the inner court
are the few youths you see before you now.”

“As the saying goes, when the lips are gone, the teeth will be cold. Ever
since the Spirit Ice Douluo passed away, Tang Sect has stood by its promise for ten thousand years and protected the Icefire Polarized Eyes. For the longest time, we’ve never asked for anything from you in return. But now, Tang Sect is facing the danger of being destroyed. If you aren’t willing to help us, then I’m afraid Tang Sect won’t be able to protect the secret here in the near future, since it’d be destroyed by powerful enemies. Once the Icefire Polarized Eyes is exposed, I’m afraid that all of you won’t have peaceful days anymore. Although you have sufficient cultivation bases, you’re not used to fighting. Moreover, the technology of man has already
advanced to the level where your cultivation bases aren’t a threat anymore.”

After he finished, the Amorous Douluo sighed again. He stared at the purple-robed man before him, his gaze hopeful.

The purple-robed man’s brows were tightly knitted together. He turned around and looked at his companions. The divine intention’s shockwave intensified. It was apparent that they were communicating.

This was the first time Tang Wulin heard the actual number of casualties of Tang Sect’s and Shrek Academy’s Title Douluos. For a time, he could not help but felt his heart sank.

There were as many as thirty Title Douluo-ranked experts who died! Shrek Academy was completely destroyed. Tang Sect also suffered as great a
calamity. On top of that, they had to face the situation where everybody gave a shove to the falling wall, in which case the falling wall was them. Those were truly difficult times.

Without a doubt, the Icefire Polarized Eyes was one of Tang Sect’s hidden secrets. Tang Sect could only turn the tides of the situation by relying on these hidden secrets that they had prepared beforehand.

After a while, the purple-robed man turned around. He looked at Zang Xin with keen sparkling eyes. “How then does the Amorous Douluo want us to help?”

Zang Xin lowered his voice, “I want to equip each of these eight youths
with at least a hundred-thousand years heaven and earth treasure to enhance their cultivation bases and potential. Among them, this girl had been gravely injured, so she needs the Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum. As for the others, we’ll have to look at their individual conditions.”

“Impossible.” The purple-robed man flatly rejected Zang Xin without hesitation.

When Tang Wulin heard Zang Xin’s words, he was speechless with wonder. Heaven and earth treasures of a hundred-thousand years cultivation base?
Was he trying to con these people here?

There was no way that they would agree to those requests!

The purple-robed man said angrily, “Amorous Douluo, don’t push your luck. You must know that it takes ten thousand years to nurture a hundred- thousand years spirit grass even inside the Icefire Polarized Eyes. Ever
since we’ve been robbed by the Spirit Ice Douluo, it hasn’t been easy for the Icefire Polarized Eyes to have a rest and recover somewhat after ten thousand years. If it’s just as you said, this place will immediately wither away and return to the dismal situation it was in ten thousand years ago.” Zang Xin lowered his voice, “Brother Luo, no eggs can remain unbroken when the nest is upset. If I had other choices, I won’t be putting forward this proposal. I humbly ask Brother Luo to think this through.”

As he said this, he took a step forward. His aura suddenly burst forth, and it felt as if it had substance. The entire space instantly turned grim, and the terrifying pressure was suffocating.

Tang Wulin had heard his teacher mention that this person before him was a Limit Douluo. Even though his cultivation base was not on par with the late Atlas Douluo, there would not have been much of a difference. Moreover, the Amorous Douluo had not unleashed his four-word battle armor yet.

Zang Xin was surprisingly fearless in facing the six great Plant System soul beasts. He looked more like he wanted to take on all six of them at once. It seemed as if he was about to seize by force. He had no other choice but to display his domineering side.

The purple-robed man snorted. “This is the Icefire Polarized Eyes, not your Tang Sect. Do you think that we’ll be completely unprepared after all these years?”

A layer of purplish light burst forth from his body. A peculiar aroma quickly pervaded the entire space. It lightened the heart and refreshed the mind. When the Shrek Seven Monsters smelled the aroma, they immediately felt their body going weightless. They felt an indescribable comfort.

From inside the Icefire Polarized Eyes, behind the six great beasts, the lake water of different colors suddenly shot toward the skies. The water columns ascended in a spiral like two giant dragons.

Two figures gradually appeared in the lake water. “All hail the Dragon Lords!

Chapter 909 - The Great Reversal

Chapter 909: The Great Reversal

“All hail the Dragon Lords!” The purple-robed man and the other five great beasts took a few steps backward as their expressions remained stoic and respectful.

Two giant dragons materialized and hovered above the lake water of the Icefire Polarized Eyes. One of them was icy blue while the other bright red. Both the dragons shone with dazzling brilliance. An unrivaled but domineering aura swept over everyone present. Even with the Amorous
Douluo’s cultivation base, his expression changed despite himself. He took a step backward to shield Tang Wulin and the others.

With the appearance of these blue and red dragons, all the plants in the Icefire Polarized Eyes seemed to come to life. For a time, the life source
around them increased tremendously and many plants started growing at a quick pace. All the pressure pressed toward Tang Wulin and the others.

Zang Xin’s expression was sour. “Brother Luo, Tang Sect has protected the Icefire Polarized Eyes for ten thousand years. Have you made such preparations to fight us?”

The purple-robed man said drily, “Protect us? That’s right, it’s true that you took care of most of the troubles for us, but similarly, we’ve given back to you. Since the times of your founder, Tang San, when have you stopped
asking from us? As for today, since Tang Sect is declining, there’s nothing more to be said. We’ll have no need for your protection in the future. With our abilities, I don’t think there’s any problem for us to defend ourselves.”

Zang Xin raised his eyebrows. “Brother Luo, aren’t you worried that we’re going to leak information about the Icefire Polarized Eyes? When that time comes, you’ll become a public target.” The purple-robed man smiled faintly. “If every single one of you stays here, do you think that Tang Sect will leak the information about us?”

Zang Xin smiled out of extreme anger. “I see that Brother Luo is full of
confidence. Do you honestly think that, with your capabilities, you’re able to imprison me here?”

The purple-robed man replied drily, “If I didn’t have the confidence, we won’t be having this dialogue, will we? I wonder if you know about the origins of our two Dragon Masters?”

Zang Xin’s gaze flickered. “I humbly request Brother Luo to enlighten me.”

The purple-robed man replied, “Back then, the initiator of soul beasts, the Dragon God, gave birth to nine children. Of the nine children, there were the seven great elemental holy dragons of water, fire, earth, wind, light, darkness, and space. In addition, there were the Mountain Dragon, and the most powerful leader of the pack, the Golden Dragon. Collectively, they were called the Nine Great Dragon Lords.”

“The Dragon God had fallen in the Divine Realm, and the Nine Great
Dragon Lords each had their own turn of fortunes in life. Among them, the Water Dragon King and the Fire Dragon King had fallen at the same time on this very piece of land. Their bodies were buried thousands of feet under the Icefire Polarized Eyes. In fact, that’s how the Icefire Polarized Eyes
came about. Their essences nourished everything here. After countless years of hard work, we’ve finally summoned the dragon souls of the two Dragon Lords to protect our small plot of land. I don’t believe that you can fight against god-ranked Dragon Lords with your mere human strengths.
Even if only the dragon souls of the Dragon Lords are left, I don’t think it’s too difficult to keep the Amorous Douluo here with the combined strengths of the two great Dragon Lords.”

Zang Xin stared at the two great Dragon Lord’s dragon souls which hovered in the air while emanating a fierce aura. His expression worsened.

Ever since Tang Sect’s headquarters was destroyed, Tang Sect had suffered a great and unprecedented loss. He never thought that it would rain throughout the night when the roof was already leaking. Even in Tang Sect’s secret boundary, the Icefire Polarized Eyes, such an incident had occurred.

As a Limit Douluo, he could naturally feel the powerful aura that came from the two Dragon Lords. Although they were dead with only their dragon souls remaining, the will of these two great Dragon Lords were
extremely powerful. If it had been only a single Dragon Lord, he could still manage to hold his own with his four-word battle armor. However, if both of them fought together, it would take all he had just to survive.

The purple-robed man’s judgement was based on his understanding of Limit Douluos. He had limited knowledge of battle armors. Nevertheless, with the addition of the six great beasts, even if Zang Xin managed to run away, he would be gravely injured. It would be impossible for Tang Wulin and the others to survive this.

Zang Xin had been careless and overconfident, after all.

The Amorous Douluo Zang Xin sighed softly and said, “Brother Luo, if I’m willing to leave this place with these youths and continue to uphold the promise of protecting the Icefire Polarized Eyes, I wonder if Brother Luo
would let us leave?”

The purple-robed man smiled. “The Amorous Douluo should know that once a soul beast has the cultivation base of our ranks, our intelligence will not be inferior to yours. How can you utter such childish rubbish? Our hidden secrets have been revealed, how can we let you leave this place

Zang Xin’s gaze turned cold. “Do you really think that you can keep me here?”

If he was alone, he naturally would not have made such compromises. However, for the survival of these youths from Tang Sect and Shrek Academy, he had no choice but to do so. Just when he was about to unleash his four-word battle armor and intimidate his opponents, a voice suddenly came from behind him.

“Vice Hall Master, these dragon souls are nothing.”

When these words were said, it immediately attracted the attention of Zang Xin and the six great beasts before him.

Tang Wulin held Gu Yue’s hand and came to Zang Xin’s side. He looked at the purple-robed man before him and said drily, “Sir, since you know that there’s the Ice Dragon King and the Fire Dragon King, I wonder if you can recognize the aura on our bodies?”

As he said this, the blood essence vortex within him swirled intensely. His Golden Dragon King bloodline aura surged and overflowed.

Although Gu Yuena was muddleheaded currently, under Tang Wulin’s guidance, a layer of silvery glow also appeared on her body. The seven-
colored elemental shockwave in their surroundings suddenly intensified. It resonated with Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon King bloodline.

In midair, the two swirling Ice and Fire giant dragon souls suddenly paused in their movements. Shortly after, the two shadows descended from the
skies and hovered a hundred meters above Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena.

The terrifying pressure that was there before instantly vanished. Surprisingly, there was some genuine affection shown by the two great Icefire Dragon Lords’ dragon souls. They were even excited emotionally.

Gu Yuena giggled. She flapped her wings and rose into the skies. The purple-robed man had wanted to stop her but an extremely sharp thought burst forth from Zang Xin who was close to him. It suppressed the beasts so forcefully that they were unable to move even a single muscle.

Gu Yue rose into the skies, but Tang Wulin did not stop her. He only let out a loud roar toward the skies. A giant golden dragon’s head enveloped his body. It was brazenly the Golden Dragon Roars. Amidst his dragon’s roar, the Ice and Fire Dragon Lords in the air trembled and displayed emotions of fear. As dragon souls, they no longer possess intelligence. They only had some of their initial powers. Under the many Plant System soul beasts’ nourishment and help, they had regained their forms. No matter what the case may be, the genes which originated from the very depths of their bloodline could never be altered. The Golden
Dragon King’s roar and the Silver Dragon King’s aura was the most fearsome to them.

Gu Yuena beat her wings and rose into the skies. The two Dragon Lords immediately circled around her and roared alongside. Gu Yuena giggled with a tone that sounded like silver bells. For a time, the gloominess that was present before this had been cleanly swept away.

Zang Xin’s gaze was full of shock, and the purple-robed man’s face turned pale. He said with fright, “Golden Dragon King, Silver Dragon King! No, it’s impossible!”

Tang Wulin said drily, “In this world, nothing is impossible. The way I see it, I’m afraid these two Dragon Lords won’t help you anymore. Gu Yue, let them return to where they came from.”

Gu Yuena replied with a simple “oh”. She beat her wings and flew toward the Icefire Polarized Eyes. The two giant dragons had been depending on the Icefire Polarized Eyes’ lake water to render substance to themselves.
Under Gu Yuena’s guidance, they immediately flew back to the spot where they appeared above the lake and reentered the lake. Only two little dragon souls, no longer than two meters, remained. They circled around Gu Yuena joyfully.

The Golden Dragon King and the Silver Dragon King were transformed by the fallen Dragon God many years ago. The Silver Dragon King inherited the Dragon God’s seven great elemental abilities whereas the Golden
Dragon King inherited the bloodlines of the Golden Dragon and the
Mountain Dragon. The Ice and Fire Dragons were naturally close to the Silver Dragon King’s aura. They were like children who met their mother. For a while, they completely ignored the existence of the Plant System great beasts. Obviously, the Amorous Douluo did not expect something like this to happen. A faint smile appeared at the edge of his lips. “Brother Luo, this is certainly some turn of events. But I never expected that the years of Tang Sect’s protection has been forgotten by ungrateful bastards like you. I now believe that there’s a reason for the demise of soul beasts on the continent.”

The purple-robed man said with a ghastly pale expression. “You humans have treated us soul beasts as items for your own improvement. How can we not have some method of self-preservation? Even if we don’t have the two Dragon Lords, if the six of us join forces, there’s still a chance that you may not succeed.”

The calm he had before this was now gone. There was only an outward display of toughness in a desperate attempt to mask his inner frailty. Zang Xin squinted his eyes, and the smile on his face widened by the moment. “I’d like to try. Let’s see if Brother Luo’s Damask Tulip is more powerful, or my Amorous Sword is sharper.”

Chapter 910 - The Amorous Swordsman with the Merciless Sword

Chapter 910: The Amorous Swordsman with the Merciless Sword

A sword’s consciousness burst forth from the Amorous Douluo’s body,
shocking the very heavens. He had suppressed it for a long time now, and when it appeared, it felt as though it dominated the whole world and looked down on all creation. The powerful sword’s will even dispersed the seven- colored miasma. A beam of sunlight shined through the rift of the miasma and into the valley.

Standing at the back, Ye Xinglan felt the Amorous Duoluo’s sword’s
consciousness and her eyes lit up immediately. Her martial soul was also a sword, and to see an expert’s sword’s consciousness would be immensely helpful for her own cultivation.

“Three hundred-thousand-year spirit creatures,” said the purple-robed man through gritted teeth.

The Amorous Douluo ignored him and said coldly, “Eight and not one less. Otherwise, I’ll kill all of you here and now. After all, it’s not a difficult task. With the nourishing effects of the Icefire Polarized Eyes, there’ll naturally be enough heaven-and-earth spiritual creatures in no time. Considering that the Tang Sect has been too lenient in the past, we’ll assume full control of this place from now on. The six of you are of higher quality than hundred- thousand-year spirit creatures. I think that you guys will do fine as well.”

The lady in red, Blazing Apricot Cabbage, yelled angrily, “Don’t you go overboard! If worse comes to worst, we’ll let the fish die and tear the net. I think that we can kill you with our combined strengths. Even if we fall here, I won’t let you have your way.” “You don’t? Alright.” Celestial light shot forth from Zang Xin’s eyes. The
sword’s consciousness which filled the heavens instantly solidified. To their astonishment, it was a hundred-foot-long sword. At the same time, streams of silver liquid surged out of his pores, quickly forming armor which
covered his entire body.

This glittering, translucent silver suit was like a living creature with three pairs of wings. There were countless patterns on the magnificent armor, while light flowed and swirled within it. The Amorous Douluo’s stature
also grew until he was three meters tall. He was at the core of this gigantic figure, while the rest of the body was made of his armor.

He raised his hand and the massive sword hung over the Icefire Polarized Eyes. An extremely terrifying sword’s consciousness made its presence felt across the land. Millions of small swords appeared around the hundred feet long giant sword.

There was a rose emblem on Amorous Douluo’s four-word battle armor’s mask. His eyes were like gentle pools as if they were filled with endless longing.

A four-word battle armor Limit Douluo!

The only time Tang Wulin and his companions had seen an individual display such powerful combat strength was when they had witnessed the Atlas Douluo just before the destruction of Shrek Academy. This was their second time.

The entire Icefire Polarized Eyes shook violently. Even the movements of the two dragon souls which circled around Gu Yue slowed. The world
seemed to be overwhelmed with the sword’s consciousness, full of longing. The seven-colored miasma in the air was crushed in an instant and dispersed immediately.

If one looked up to the skies, it even appeared as though the light of the sun itself had transformed into a giant sword. The tip of the sword pointed precisely at the Icefire Polarized Eyes. “God-ranked?! This is impossible! It’s god-ranked!” The purple-robed man’s voice was full of terror, and his face had lost its color.

The Amorous Douluo’s gentle voice reverberated in the valley, “If it’s the Golden-eyed Black Dragon King Di Tian, then you might still stand a
chance. You are but beings cultivated from plants. How much combat experience do you have? Do you even have the bloodlines suitable for
battle? I could easily tear all of you to pieces right here and now even if there were ten of you, leave alone six. Do you still think that the two great Dragon Lords can stop me from leaving? Do you still think that I can’t return the six of you to your spiritual creatures’ form?”

Behind the purple-robed man, a man clad in white clothes turned pale. “Has humankind become so powerful already?”

The Amorous Douluo said drily, “That’s right. So do you still think that the Tang Sect’s protection is meaningless after all these years? There are now as many as ten individuals who are at the level of a demigod, just like I am. I don’t need too many of them. If only two of my colleagues come here, you couldn’t even stop me with your two Dragon Lords. After all, they don’t have the support of their actual bodies. If it comes to that, then the Icefire Polarized Eyes would truly face certain doom. I know that it isn’t
easy for you guys to have cultivated to this level, and your presence can
enhance the effects of the Icefire Polarized Eyes to produce more heaven-
and-earth treasures, so I’ll give you one last chance. Eight types of hundred- thousand-year spiritual items and not a single type less.”

The purple-robed man looked dejected. “I humbly ask the Amorous Douluo to retract his divine powers for now. We’ll discuss this peacefully.”

Zang Xin’s mask hid the smile that appeared at the edge of his lips. The monstrous sword’s consciousness shrank, and he dropped back onto the ground. However, he did not show any intention of releasing his four-word battle armor. The hundred-foot sword descended from the skies. It landed behind him and turned into a long, silver sword.

The Amorous Sword! It was Amorous Douluo’s Amorous Sword with which he shocked the entire continent.

The heartless one truly has feelings, the amorous swordsman wields the merciless sword. This statement was used to describe the two great masters of the modern Tang Sect.

The Heartless Douluo rarely killed anyone whereas this Amorous Douluo had been a god of war during his youth. When he was still with a fighter with the Battle Soul Hall, he had taken countless lives. In hopes of
becoming the master of the Douluo Hall, he had made the most of his great strength. However, he loathed evil as if it was his personal enemy, so he
showed no mercy to his foes. This was the reason he did not become the hall master in the end and ended up being the vice hall master. In terms of cultivation base, he was not inferior to the Heartless Douluo.

Gu Yue had already returned to Tang Wulin’s side. She looked curiously at the gorgeous four-word battle armor, three meters tall with six wings on its back.

The purple-robed man, Damask Tulip sighed. “Amorous Douluo, you win this time. Other than the six of us, there are sixteen types of hundred- thousand-year heaven-and-earth treasures in the Icefire Polarized Eyes. You should know that although they did not gain higher intelligence under our
control, they’re still true plant system soul beasts. When their lives are threatened, these people whom you brought here must be able to subdue them. Their combat strength will be slightly more powerful than ordinary ten-thousand-year soul beasts. However, they aren’t at the ranks of true hundred-year soul beasts.”

The Amorous Douluo nodded his head. This was the truth. Although no other plants had turned into true hundred-thousand-year soul beasts under the suppression of these six great beasts, their energy was already at that level. Naturally, they would be able to grow to the ranks of great beasts if they were given the chance.

Tang Wulin asked curiously, “Why didn’t you allow them to develop their intelligence? If you did, wouldn’t the Icefire Polarized Eyes be stronger?” The purple-robed man said coldly, “Do you think that we didn’t want to? It’s not that we did not wish it, but our hands were tied. Spiritual creatures like us relied on the Icefire Polarized Eyes for our accelerated growth. Ten thousand years’ worth of growth was equivalent to a hundred thousand years’ worth of cultivation base. Naturally, it’s fine if it was within ten thousand years, but once we cultivated to ten thousand years, which was
actually equal to a hundred thousand years, we must endure the punishment of the gods which was inevitable for all hundred-thousand-year soul beasts.
We plants are already much more fragile compared to our animal
counterparts, so it’s much more difficult for us to bear divine punishment. Moreover, we hadn’t actually experienced a hundred thousand years of life. In the first few ten thousand years when we were born, it seemed that all plants that reached the ranks of a hundred thousand years died without
exception. It was only many years later, under the combined effects of luck and the individual’s own body that great beasts were gradually born.
However, it’s still an extremely rare occurrence. In other words, even if only one out of a hundred individual hundred-thousand-year soul beasts born here survived a god’s punishment, it would be a cause for celebration. I’m the only one who survived the punishment for a second time.”

“Even so, I can say with absolute certainty that I won’t be able to survive a third time. Since we had no confidence in succeeding, we chose to not have them develop intelligence. Without intelligence, they won’t invoke the gods’ envy. There will still be punishment but it’ll be much weaker. With our help, they can live a longer life.”

“With six soul beasts that had achieved a hundred-thousand-year cultivation base, this is already the highest number since the formation of the Icefire Polarized Eyes. Ten thousand years after this, it’ll be difficult to say how many of us will still be left.”
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