The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 891-900

Chapter 891 - The Seven-Colored Radiance of the Bracelet

Chapter 891: The Seven-Colored Radiance of the Bracelet

All of a sudden, her pupils constricted sightly for a moment as if she had seen something which left her puzzled.

Tang Wulin crossed the Golden Dragon Spear in his hand and spoke with a deep voice, “I didn’t mean to offend you. I didn’t know how we ended up here either as I was unconscious. The Scarlet Fire Monkey King attacked us without any instigation on our part. We killed it in self-defense.”

The purple-haired woman frowned, but she did not speak any further. Subsequently, the pressure radiating from her body weakened.

Meanwhile, Gu Yue stuck out her head from behind Tang Wulin as she looked at the woman curiously.

They stood gazing at one another when the woman’s body shuddered once.
An intense shock flashed past her eyes. She was about to say something
subconsciously but she was stunned for a moment when she saw Gu Yue’s gaze.

“What are your names?” the purple-haired woman asked in a deep voice.

Tang Wulin spoke, “I’m Tang Wulin and this is my girlfriend, Gu Yue. We don’t mean to offend you, but if Your Excellency allows us to leave, I’m willing to give away my precious items in exchange.”

The woman looked at him as if she was deep in thought. The murderous intent that was initially unleashed from her body was subdued as if she was moved by Tang Wulin’s words. “Exchange? What do you’ve to exchange with me?” She pondered as she asked the question. From her viewpoint, it would be easier to kill Tang Wulin. Yet, she recognized his identity earlier, but more importantly, she saw Gu Yue standing behind Tang Wulin. This was troublesome.

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. ‘That’s right! What can I offer in exchange? There aren’t many items that I can interest her in as a beast beyond her time.’ He had mostly rare metals with him. The heaven and
earth treasures he collected were valuable to him, but he was afraid it meant nothing for a beast which had lived in Great Star Dou Forest for many hundred-thousands of years.

Tang Wulin suddenly came up with an idea. “Are you from the Dragon Clan?”

The purple-haired woman raised her brow slightly. “That’s right. I’m from the clan of the Hell Demon Dragon.” There was no point to conceal her identity. In reality, the person before Tang Wulin was ranked the ninth
amongst the Ten Great Beasts of thousands of years ago. She was precisely the Hell Demon Dragon King. During that time, she was the leader of the Ten Great Beasts together with the Gold-Eyed Black Dragon King Di Tian. They were known as the two great dragon kings of the beasts.

Even though her cultivation base was far inferior compared to the Beast God Di Tian, the purity of her bloodline and her potential was on par with
the Beast God Di Tian. She was one of the rare pure-blooded dragons from the dragon clan. Thus, she was capable of breaking the heaven’s punishment and cultivated to be a beast.

The Hell Demon Dragon?

Tang Wulin drew in a cold breath as he immediately recalled this person’s identity.

It was exceedingly rare for hundred-thousand-yearar soul beast to exist. A soul beast capable of cultivating to become a beast was even scarcer. The Hell Demon Dragon before him was not just a myth. It truly existed! As he was thinking about this, he dared not let down his guard for fear that the other party would attack him. It was extremely important for him to stay alive. Moreover, there was Gu Yue by his side.

He raised his hand and removed the bracelet from his wrist. He spoke with a deep voice, “I once visited the Dragon Clan’s graveyard on another
continent. I got this bracelet from there. It may be of use to you.”

The bracelet exuded a gentle seven-colored radiance. If one were to look closely, one could genuinely sense the dragon clan’s aura on it.

The Hell Demon King lifted her charming brow as she raised her hand and waved at Tang Wulin gently. A gush of gentle suction guided the bracelet flying in her direction.

The bracelet completed a distance of fifty meters in the blink of an eye and dropped onto the Hell Demon Dragon’s fair palm. Yet, something happened during that split second when the bracelet came into contact with her palm.

All of a sudden, a situation they never expected occurred.

The seven-colored crystal that appeared ordinary suddenly glowed brightly. A gush of incredibly intense seven-colored radiance surged skyward.

The present world which was dark as ink changed immediately to a world tainted with a dazzling multitude of seven colors. It was as if there were
countless giant dragons roaring loudly.

“Argh!” The Hell Demon Dragon King screamed out in pain as the bracelet flew out of her hand. Speckles of seven-colored radiances condensed slowly to transform into a giant seven-colored shadow. The seven-colored shadow looked like a dragon with supreme overbearingness.

Even the powerful Hell Demon Dragon King bent over with her hands and knees on the ground instantly. Her entire body was shivering intensely, but she could not budge at all. It was as if she was enduring some irresistible pressure. On the other side, Tang Wulin was stunned. In contrast, he did not feel
anything at all which made him completely different from the Hell Demon Dragon King. Not much had changed except the pressure exerted by the
Hell Demon Dragon King had completely vanished.

Tang Wulin felt extremely comfortable basking in the seven-colored radiance. Even Gu Yue who was standing behind him now stood by his
side. There was a dazed look in her eyes that seemed to be deep in thought.

The seven-colored crystal expanded in the sky, and in the next moment, it transformed into a stream of seven-colored lights that returned to Tang Wulin’s wrist.

Tang Wulin felt a gush of noble willpower radiating into him as if it had a special relationship with him.

The sharp tip of the seven-colored crystal shaped like a water
droplet suddenly poked downward and pierced through his radial artery. Fresh blood spewed out and melded with the seven-colored crystal.

Tang Wulin felt a gush of extremely massive willpower surged into his brain at once. He gave out a muffled humph, then his vision darkened just as he fainted.

“Father…” the last voice he heard was Gu Yue’s.

In the distance, the Hell Demon Dragon King’s body shuddered for a few minutes. The seven-colored radiance gradually disappeared, and everything returned to normal.

She sat on the ground as she panted loudly. She was in shock and bewilderment as she looked at Tang Wulin whom had fallen to the ground. His entire body was coated with a layer of seven-colored radiance.

What was that? A blessing from the Dragon God? She could obviously
sense the Dragon God’s aura, but it was not the true Dragon God, only his willpower. As a pure-blooded true dragon, she worshipped the Dragon God just like all the pure-blooded true dragons. The Dragon God was their religious idol. They could assume some of the Dragon God’s power once they had achieved a certain level of cultivation base.

On the other hand, the Dragon God’s willpower earlier felt as if it was borrowed from the power of belief. After all, all the Dragon Clan’s members were aware that the Dragon God did not exist anymore. Yet, the faith in such a belief existed although the belief could not be manifested by even a hundred Hell Demon Dragon Kings!

Such descension of the Dragon God’s willpower could only appear back in those years during the Dragon Clan’s period of great prosperity. How was this possible? How could it possibly happen to a human’s body because
even Her Majesty could not do that!

At the same time she was feeling shocked in her heart, she could not help gazing at Gu Yue.

Gu Yue was also seized with panic as she called out to Tang Wulin who was lying on the ground.

“Father? What the heck?” the Hell Demon Dragon King was staring at Gu Yue who was calling out anxiously in bewilderment.

She got up from the ground and walked over to Gu Yue and Tang Wulin’s side in quick strides. However, she dared not get too close because of the seven-colored radiance glowing on Tang Wulin’s body.

“Your Majesty…” she called out softly.

Gu Yue raised her head subconsciously with tears brimming in her eyes. “You’re a bad person. Why did you hurt my dad? I hate you…”

“What…” the Hell Demon Dragon King’s eyes widened. She could not believe all that was happening before her.

Was Gu Yue still Her Majesty whose heroic words had been so influential? No! Something was definitely wrong here. At this point, she dared not let her guard down as she soared into the sky and transformed into a stream of purple light before disappearing. The matter was already beyond her decision.

The sky turned bright and clear once again as the sunlight shone on the ground. The forest was brimming with life and vitality under the sunlight. A dense life source resonated in the air. Everything had returned to normal.

The seven-colored radiance continued to reverberate around Tang Wulin’s body. He was unconscious, but he appeared as if he had just fallen asleep.

It did not take long before the figures arrived silently. There were four of them who arrived in succession. One of them was the Hell Demon Dragon King who left earlier. Among the other three were two males and one female.

The female was also exquisitely beautiful. She was dressed in a long,
emerald green dress that complemented her life source which made her appear kind and friendly.

Of the two males, one was a handsome youth but had an evil energy all around him, while the other was a middle-aged man with a strong temperament.

Chapter 892 - The Dreamland

Chapter 892: The Dreamland

The middle-aged man was apparently the leader of the four. His hair was dark, but he had a long, golden lock draping over his cheek. His arrival
seemed to make the great forest surrounding them go quiet. He did not need to put on any display of power, as his presence alone was enough.

“Your majesty,” the middle-aged man respectfully greeted Gue Yue immediately upon seeing her.

Gu Yue raised her head with terror in her eyes. “Who…who are all of you? Don’t hurt my father.”

The group of four felt like they had turned to stone. They stood there at a loss as to whether they should laugh or cry.

The handsome youth asked the middle-aged man, “Big brother, what’s going on with Her Majesty?…”

Tang Wulin was already unconscious, and it was apparent that Gu Yue was not feigning her behavior.

The middle-aged man stepped forth and stood before Gu Yue. Cowering, she immediately lowered her head and pounced onto Tang Wulin in an
attempt to shield him with her own body.

In this case, Gu Yue had naturally fallen into the seven-colored radiance. The radiance had only just touched the middle-aged man’s hand, but iis entire body instantly shook violently. He fell back a few steps with a
shocked expression on his face.

The remaining three were even more astonished by what they had
witnessed. They knew very well who this man was and how impressive his cultivation base, yet he had been stunned by this gentle seven-colored glow. This seven-colored radiance was so powerful!

“Just as I thought, it’s the Dragon God’s Willpower,” the middle-aged man frowned, “but how did the Willpower descend upon him? He’s a human being even if he has the Golden Dragon King Bloodline in his body. This is not soul beast reconditioning. The Golden Dragon King Bloodline is
extraordinary, yet where does this Dragon God’s Willpower come from?”

The purple-haired woman gave a forced smile. “I have never seen such powerful Dragon God’s Willpower in my life. Di Tian, what should we do?”

Yes, this middle-aged man before her was known as the Soul Beast God, the leader of the Ten Great Beasts, Golden-eyed Black Dragon King Di Tian.

Di Tian squinted his eyes and spoke to the youth, “Demon Spirit, please lift up Her Majesty. I’ll examine Her Majesty’s body for a moment.”

The youth was stunned for a moment. “Big brother, you can’t even do it yourself. How can I?”

Di Tian spoke, “The Dragon God’s Willpower is only capable of having a mesmerizing effect on those of us from the Dragon Clan. You don’t have the Dragon Clan’s bloodline, so it will be fine for you. However, you can’t hurt him as long as we’re here. If you were to try, the Dragon God’s Willpower would compel us to protect him.”

The youth spoke in astonishment, “It’s incredible that it would be so powerful! It’s been so long since we had such an interesting turn of events, but I thought Big brother said that the child ought to be killed? Her Majesty could possibly regain the Dragon God’s power by killing him.”

A bitter smile appeared on Di Tian’s face. “The decision was made by Her Majesty. It’s even more difficult to tell now that there’s Dragon God’s Willpower in his body. Perhaps, his condition now was also arranged by Her Majesty.” The youth walked in quick strides to Di Tian’s side as he stretched out his hand and pulled Gu Yue up. A faint green glow circulated around his body. Though the glow was extremely mild, it was obvious that Gu Yue could not resist him at all.

Gu Yue tried her best to struggle, but having been covered in the green light, she could not move an inch.

Di Tian stretched out his hand and pressed it onto Gu Yue’s forehead with a gentle shimmer flickering on his fingertips.

Gu Yue’s vision immediately started to dim, but as energy rippled from Di Tian’s palm into her, a layer of fine silver scales emerged on her body.

A moment later, Di Tian retracted his hand as if in relief.

“Her Majesty is fine. I think that she was so violently disturbed that her primordial spirit was disturbed as well. Her memories are muddled. Given her powerful self-healing abilities, it won’t take long before Her Majesty returns to normal, even without any kind of assistance. Mankind’s term for her condition is ‘transient global amnesia’.”

The rest of the three were put at ease. Hell Demon Dragon King could not help laughing and said, “I see. I was shuddering with fear when Her
Majesty called him ‘father’! So what do we do now, Di Tian?”

Di Tian pondered for a moment before he spoke, “The matter is already beyond us, so let Her Majesty deal with this herself. Her Majesty won’t be harmed, in any case. None of this will be an issue after her memories have recovered naturally. On the other hand, we can only continue to observe the human named Tang Wulin. The appearance of the Dragon God’s Willpower in his body should be related to Her Majesty. I can understand Her
Majesty’s refusal to kill him now. It must be because she was trying to
cultivate the Dragon God’s Willpower. Her Majesty can accomplish great things in the future when she combines the Golden Dragon King’s strength to awaken the Dragon God with this power in her possession. At that point, we can build the true Divine Realm, as is the right of soul beasts on this
Douluo Continent, and get out from under the foot of mankind.” Clenching their fists tightly, the rest of the Great Soul Beasts’ eyes were burning with a blazing fervour upon hearing his words.

The four of them fell back quietly, and the green glow on Gu Yue’s body faded. It was only then that the Emerald Demon Bird, with its emerald green feathers, dared to come out from her long silver hair. It looked toward the figures disappearing in the distance, still feeling fear in its heart.

The whole time, Tang Wulin had been dreaming. He dreamed of many, many things.

There were giant dragons soaring in the sky above an enormous island that extended into infinity. The dragons had scales of many colors, with different body sizes and a variety of unique traits.

On the ground, the titanic Mountain Dragon King dropped onto the sea and transformed into the continent. In the sky, the Holy Dragon King roared at the heavens with its incomparable power that awed the entire continent.

The Water Dragon soared into the sky before diving into the sea continuously, creating great crashes of water.

All things on earth submitted themselves to the home of the true dragons. It was a magnificent scene for the triumphant Dragon Clan.
He had lost track of time when the sky suddenly turned red. Humongous balls of fire descended upon them, dropping into the sea and land.

The giant dragons ascended into the sky and used their enormous bodies to block the fireballs.

The fireballs broke apart and brought countless catastrophes. The forests
were on fire, the rivers ran dry and the land cracked open. The entire world seemed to be collapsing after being struck by an untold number of fireballs.

The giant dragons used their bodies to stop the barrage and used their strength to guard the whole world. Their bodies fell from the sky endlessly. They seemed to be moaning to the heavens and called out a name.

The seven-colored radiance descended as a gargantuan yet phantomlike
seven-colored dragon suspended in midair. It blocked most of the fireballs, so, with great effort, the great catastrophic apocalypse was prevented in the end.

Even so, the Dragon Clan had fallen. The real dragons suffered from a huge number of fatalities, and given the Clan’s difficulties reproducing, this inevitably meant that they fell from the pinnacle of their power almost instantly.

Countless giant dragons’ corpses blanketed the entire earth. Everywhere was covered with pools of dragon blood.

The other clans protected by the Dragon Clan started to mutate after soaking in dragon blood. They began to possess their own energy.

‘Soul beasts? Are those soul beasts? Could it be that this is the origin of soul beasts?’

The gigantic seven-colored phantom flapped its wings abruptly in midair. The sky shook violently as a massive rift appeared. A powerful vortex pulled the countless Dragon Clan’s corpses off the ground and fused them into the rift.

Most of the Dragon Clan on the earth vanished, leaving behind very few real dragons. Those that were still alive had been severely injured.

The rift in the sky slowly closed while the seven-colored phantom fused into the rift before disappearing without a trace.

The scene changed. Tang Wulin was looking at the massive Dragon Clan’s graveyard that he once visited.

Within the enormous graveyard, the Dragon Clan’s corpses covered the plain. Time passed, and the corpses gradually decomposed into skeletons. Countless Dragon Clan skeletons remained there, exuding an aura of unimaginable sorrow.

The seven-colored phantom sat in the middle of the Dragon Clan’s graveyard. The glow from its body was flickering, and light flew from the Dragon Clan’s corpses silently to the phantom before slowly fusing into it.

Chapter 893 - Reward for Burying Dragons

Chapter 893: Reward for Burying Dragons

Everything was like an illusion. Tang Wulin wished to reach out for it, but it was beyond his grasp.

“Oh!…” the sound of his own scream startled Tang Wulin awake, and he suddenly sat up with Gu Yue by his side.

“Father, Father!” Gu Yue hastily grabbed his hand.

Tang Wulin panted violently and then rapidly took in his surroundings.

He was still in the forest, but the Hell Demon Dragon King had already vanished without a trace.

He took a few deep breaths to calm his frantic emotions, and he gradually relaxed. He immediately realized that both he and Gu Yue were still alive. It must have been related to the seven-colored glow that his bracelet had unleashed earlier.

He assumed that the Hell Demon Dragon King ran away in fear after she was startled by the bracelet’s radiance.

The bracelet!

Tang Wulin lowered his head and looked at his wrist. The bracelet remained hanging on his wrist quietly with the seven-colored jewel faintly shining.
There did not appear to be any change at all.

Yet for some reason, it seemed to have formed a peculiar bond with Tang Wulin. He could not tell what it was, but something was indeed different. “Thank you. Thank you for saving Gu Yue and me,” Tang Wulin spoke from the bottom of his heart. He was aware that this was the reward given by those dragon bones from the Dragon Clan’s graveyard.

He spent a thousand days burying dragon bones but he had never thought of gaining anything from the experience. However, the Dragon Clan gave him such a precious gift, though he had yet to understand what the significance of this crystal jewel was.

Unhindered by soul beasts, the path they were on should be easier. Tang Wulin could not help holding Gu Yue’s hand tightly as he looked at her anxious face by his side. “I’m fine. Don’t worry. Let’s go.”

Gu Yue nodded. “You almost scared me to death. A few more people came earlier. They said something baffling that I don’t understand. Then, they left.”

A few people? It was Tang Wulin’s turn to be shocked. A few people came over here? Were they soul beasts?

All of them could not possibly be from the Dragon Clan. On the other hand, his bracelet did not have a hypnotic effect on soul beasts outside of the
Dragon Clan. He would say it was a miracle that they survived safely.

“Let’s go quick. We must leave this forest as soon as possible. It’s too dangerous here.” Tang Wulin abruptly placed Gu Yue onto his back as he spoke, then he leaped into the air, going in his chosen direction at full

His maximum speed march was extremely swift due to his cultivation base and the guidance of his Bluesilver Emperor martial soul. The complicated topography and variety of plants in the forest did not have any effect on him.

Tang Wulin was slightly astonished that they did not encounter any more soul beasts along the way. For the next two days, there was no attack from any of them at all. It seemed like they were just strolling in an ordinary forest. Tang Wulin was even feeling like he was in a trance. Was this truly the core of the Great Star Dou Forest? Yet every time he looked at the Emerald
Demon Bird perching on Gu Yue’s shoulder, he knew for certain that he
was not dreaming. They were genuinely on the inside of this Great Star Dou Forest.

Slowing down, Tang Wulin was suddenly on alert as he walked. He could finally see the end of the forest in the distance within his visual field provided by the plants.

Tang Wulin was taken aback by the sight at the end of the forest in the distance.

It was a wall. A wall made from metal.

There was a wall of metal situated right outside this Great Star Dou Forest. It’s height was over three hundred meters, making it much higher than the tallest trees in the area. Moreover, Tang Wulin discovered that the area one hundred meters above the forest was covered in an almost transparent barrier as he looked toward the sky above the metal wall.

Tang Wulin first thought of the words ‘prisoner’s cage’ when he saw all of this.

The core of the Great Star Dou Forest once bred the most powerful soul beasts, yet it had been turned into a massive prisoner’s cage now?

No one truly understood the situation over here because it was seen as the Spirit Pagoda’s forbidden territory.

Sorrow surged from the bottom of Tang Wulin’s heart out of nowhere. The final untouched land for the soul beasts had already become a cage set up by the Spirit Pagoda.

He had studied history as well. According to the records, Holy Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao founded the Spirit Pagoda organization back in those years with the goal of peaceful coexistence between mankind and soul beasts! On the other hand, the reality displayed before his eyes was quite different. Mankind’s technological advancement was truly too rapid. Human powerhouses relied on battle armor, and they could already completely dominate the strongest soul beast. Even humanity itself was suffering from the terrifying lethality caused by modern technology.

Soul master was once the number one profession on the continent. It was the most prestigious field made up of the most powerful people.

Since the battles of ancient times, it was proven that the party with the most powerful soul masters was already halfway to victory in combat.

Yet a soul master’s individual strength had already begun to diminish following the recent developments of soul technology, as shown by the complete annihilation of Shrek Academy.

Shrek Academy had so many Title Douluos and a Hyper Douluo, so it would have been impossible to destroy the academy if this were to have happened ten thousand years ago. Yet two most horrifying rank-12 fixed soul ammunitions in the entire human world brought a calamitous
catastrophe without any advanced detection.

Even Atlas Douluo Yun Ming with his Hyper Douluo cultivation base beyond his time, in addition to his four-word battle armor and the Gold Tree’s strength, did not manage to completely block the destructive attack.

Mankind had become so deadly, how could soul beasts avoid going down the path to extinction?

Tang Wulin stopped walking because he was feeling slightly at a loss. He was suddenly struggling to understand what was the point of all his painstaking cultivation?

Was it for destruction? Of course not. He did not wish to destroy anything.

He cultivated with great effort ever since he was young because he wished to improve his family’s situation. He wanted to become a mecha master just like he had always dreamed. He cultivated with great effort when his parents went missing because he wished that he could find his family members one day.

On the other hand, what were his efforts at this exact moment for? Just by relying on him and his few other surviving companions, could they truly rebuild Shrek? Even if they could, would Shrek simply be destroyed once again with more of the modern age’s technology?

Tang Wulin felt as waves of different emotions surged into his heart at once and he lost himself to them.

“Father, what’s wrong with you?” Gu Yue suddenly stuck her head over and looked at Tang Wulin standing there motionless.

Tang Wulin laughed bitterly as he shook his head. “I’m fine. It’s just that I’m suddenly feeling at a loss. It’s like my path forward is full of uncertainties and I don’t know what to do.”

Gu Yue blinked her eyes. “I don’t understand. Where Father is, Gu Yue will be.”

Tang Wulin’s entire body trembled. Such simple words made his spirit soar, and blazing determination arose in his heart.

Yes! Was the end result really that important? At least, he should bear the responsibility of his actions. Even if he did not walk the furthest in the end along the path, it would not matter. At least, she was still by his side.

Tang Wulin placed Gu Yue onto the ground and turned around. He held her tightly in his arms.

Gu Yue’s lovely body was soft and flexible. He felt her weight in his arms.

Her faint fragrance lingered in his nose and washed away all the fatigue, fear, pain and sadness that plagued him. He was burning with raging will to fight.

Gu Yue leaned into his chest obediently while holding his waist as well. Her charming face was filled with joy. She spoke softly, “Father…” “Stop calling me father. Call me Wulin.” “Wulin…”
Night came with starlight flickering in the darkened sky. From a certain
angle, one could see that there was a light barrier that separated the forest and Star Dou.

Tang Wulin and Gu Yue sat in the depths of the forest and looked up at the sky through the gap between the trees. Tang Wulin had never thought of jumping his way out.

How could he do that when the soul beasts could not? Then, how should he leave this place?
He could only act on a strategy if he could not leave by force.

He was not in a rush because there was no doubt that the wall was likely
equipped with formidable defenses. Given his five-ringed Soul King rank, this was certainly not something he could break through alone.

However, he believed that he could definitely figure out a way to escape.

He calmed himself for a few days and thought about the destruction in Shrek City. He had gradually begun to have some ideas in his mind.

He did not want to reveal his identity to them as he did not trust the people from the Spirit Pagoda.

The Spirit Pagoda headquarters was a stone’s throw away from Shrek City, yet those two Godkiller-rank ammunitions did not land on the Spirit Pagoda’s side but chose Shrek and the Tang Sect.

Shrek Academy’s prestige and power made it an obvious target. Then, there was no doubt that the Spirit Pagoda was slightly more powerful than the
Tang Sect, at least on the Douluo Continent. Why did those evil soul masters choose the Tang Sect instead of the Spirit Pagoda headquarters?

Chapter 894 - The Star Dou Fortress

Chapter 894: The Star Dou Fortress

Who stood to gain the most without Shrek Academy and Tang Sect making things difficult? It was certainly not the common people nor the soul masters.

Thus, Tang Wulin dared not trust the Spirit Pagoda, and he dared not reveal his identity at this moment since it was truly a sensitive issue.

As Shrek Academy’s current generation Shrek Seven Monsters, they would undoubtedly become the target of the Holy Spirit Cult if they were known to be still alive.

Hence, he would first need to protect himself so as to survive.

Yet, how could he leave this place with the wall that was as strong as iron? It would definitely be more difficult than when he infiltrated the Northsea Army Corps.

If he could not travel by air, how about going underground? Tang Wulin soon dropped the idea. There was no lack of soul beasts capable of
burrowing underground. It is doubtful with the Spirit Pagoda’s experience of ten thousand years, they would have overlooked this security measure.

It was truly a case of ‘There is no road to heaven, nor any door to Earth.’ It was impossible to escape this place!

Gu Yue leaned against Tang Wulin’s back with a carefree expression on her face.

In an attempt to probe further, Tang Wulin asked, “Gu Yue, will you please let me take a look at your storage bracelet?” A delicate silver-white bracelet sat on Gu Yue’s right wrist. The bracelet was encrusted with translucent jewels with a remarkably high-level soul circuit drawn onto its surface.

“Okay.” Gu Yue stretched out her hand.

Tang Wulin was suddenly saddened upon seeing her plain wrist. Ever since their relationship as a couple was confirmed during the Sea God’s Lake
Date Festival, he had never gifted her anything.

He procured a piece of silver-white metal from his storage ring that was pulsating rhythmically on its own as if it was alive.

Tang Wulin pinched the metal softly with his right hand. A peculiar scene emerged. He pinched off a chunk of the metal as if it was mud.

His right Golden Dragon Claw popped out, and he carved the metal
cautiously with the claw. It only took a short while before a silver ring appeared in Tang Wulin’s hand.

Tang Wulin put the ring on Gu Yue’s left middle finger as he spoke with a smile on his face, “Middle finger signifies that we’re head over heels in love. This is the first piece of soul-forged metal I forged so it’s considered rather meaningful. Although I haven’t engraved any core circuit, it represents my love for you. Gu Yue, do you like it?”

There were no special patterns on the silver-white ring, only the striation of two overlapping hearts.

Tang Wulin’s forging skill was impressive but he did not possess any
special abilities in carving. The only precious part of the ring was that it was made of a piece of soul-forged metal, yet without the core circuit’s effect, the soul-forged metal was only slightly better at self-healing and tougher than ordinary metal.

However, Tang Wulin’s expression was filled with gentleness as he looked at the ring. Gu Yue gifted him with the silver scales as a love token so he was returning the gesture with a ring.

“Thank you, father. Oh no, Wulin.” Gu Yue looked at the ring smiling with gratitude from the bottom of her heart.

Tang Wulin held her hand. “In all my life, I’ll give you, and you alone, this ring. You’re my one and only love in my whole life.”

“Good! Good!” Gu Yue clapped while she cheered in excitement.

Tang Wulin could not help smiling for she was still acting like a child.

At present, he had removed the storage bracelet from Gu Yue’s wrist. There were many things in Gu Yue’s bracelet including bottles of unknown
content, metals carved with core circuits, and some items that looked like instruments. In fact, there were many items which Tang Wulin could not recognize.

He searched for a while before he finally found a few pieces of items similar to identity cards and tokens.

Tang Wulin did not understand the internal structure of the Spirit Pagoda, but it should not be a problem for him to walk out with Gu Yue’s identity. Otherwise, how did they enter the place initially?

Tang Wulin returned the bracelet to Gu Yue before he began applying some makeup on himself.

He could not delay anymore as Gu Yue was suffering from amnesia. They would need to leave this place as soon as possible to find a place where she could be healed.

Gu Yue was not in her right mind, so he would need some time to look after her before he could take action.

Two days later.

In the Spirit Pagoda’s Star Dou Fortress. The Star Dou Fortress had a history of over three thousand years since the day it was built. Three millennia ago, the Spirit Pagoda seized the opportunity to build the fortress when the numerous beasts of the Great Star Dou Forest’s core ring were severely defeated in a great battle. Moreover, the beasts had an agreement with the Spirit Pagoda whereby mankind
would not destroy the forest so the beasts could live in it.

The agreement was such that mankind could kill the beasts that attacked mankind’s defenses while the beasts were allowed to kill any human who entered the forest.

It appeared that both parties were equals. Yet, the Star Dou Fortress took centuries to build. When it was finally completed, the Great Star Dou Forest’s core ring was converted into a prison cell.

The soul beasts were held captive in a pen, while the Spirit Pagoda was
selling admission tickets to the place at a high price. Entry to the place was at one’s own risk but it was the only place where soul masters could possibly get top grade soul rings from high-ranking soul beasts.

It was already too late by the time the beasts wanted to ditch the agreement. They were no longer the worthy rivals of mankind anymore.

The Spirit Pagoda relied on fixed soul ammunition arrays, mecha troops,
and top grade battle armor masters with protective shields as its methods of defense. The beasts, even those with wings, could not escape but only
endure their imprisonment in the great forest.

However, the Spirit Pagoda stopped the abuse toward the soul beasts after the completion of the overall rearing pen. Occasionally, a few people were allowed to enter the place. It was difficult to say if those people entering the forest could come out alive unless they paid a high price or gave resources to the Spirit Pagoda for its powerhouses to protect them.

It was apparent that the Spirit Pagoda’s action had approval from the Federation. The reason was simple since there would no longer be any threat to mankind from the soul beasts. Everything would be within mankind’s control. “Monkey, report status on your side.” A female clad in uniform asked through the communicator inside the control tower which was the main protective shield of Star Dou Fortress.

“Sister Xing, everything on my side is normal. All the protective shield
control valves are normal.” A sharp male voice was heard at the other end. “Copy.”
Sister Xing was one of the people in charge of the main control tower. She was tasked in performing a routine inspection daily on the equipment to
ensure its smooth operation.

For thousands of years, the Star Dou Fortress’ protective shield was continuously strengthened. At present, even a legendary soul beast
powerhouse would need to attack the protective shield for hours to break out by force. In this case, the Spirit Pagoda would be able to gather its own powerhouses to deal with the particular soul beast.

Sister Xing’s expression showed she was more relaxed as she stretched herself. Her inspection was as usual, and there was not much of a problem. The remainder of the day would be relaxing.

The Star Dou Forest was as secure as a military base. In fact, its
entertainment facilities within were well-equipped and lively, to say the least. Last night, she drank a lot in the bar. However, being one of the technical personnel in the workforce, she would never allow her personal life to interfere with her work.

“Beep, beep!” Meanwhile, the communicator suddenly went off. “Huh.” Sister Xing hastily looked toward the screen before her. “What’s wrong?” Sister Xing hastily asked.
“Report to the tower. The reserve spiriter Miss Gu Yuena is requesting to return. At the same time, she is accompanied by Mister Xu Shengqun.” Sister Xing spoke, “Approve their release after examining their identity passes.”


Sister Xing cut off the communicator as she muttered to herself, “These
VIP spiriters always utilize their privileged transport to enter without giving any notice in advance. Geez.”

“Beep, beep.”

Chapter 895 - Entering the Fortress

Chapter 895: Entering the Fortress

“Mister Xu Shengqun doesn’t have his identity pass with him, while Gu Yuena’s identity pass is valid. How do I manage this situation?”

Sister Xing was stunned for a moment. “He doesn’t have his identity pass? What’s going on?”

“Mister Xu Shengqun said he left it behind…”

Sister Xing’s heart turned cold for a moment as she spoke with a deep voice, “Left it behind? How’s that possible? Take them to the observation room before calling the inspection troop to verify his identity.”


The steel gate before them slowly opened as Tang Wulin and Gu Yue both entered together. His appearance at present was the same as Xu Shengqun with a solemn look on his face. He had even adopted the shape of Xu Shengqun’s body using his soul power and bloodline power. He was dressed in an ordinary robe. Gu Yue followed by his side in a respectful manner.

“Mister Xu Shengqun, we will need to call in the observation troop to verify your identity as you’ve left behind your identity pass. Miss Gu Yuena, your identity checks out, so you’re allowed to enter.”

Gu Yuena? Tang Wulin’s chest tightened for a moment when he heard Gu Yue’s name. He turned around and looked toward Gu Yue by his side. Why did they address her as ‘Gu Yuena’?

Of course, he would not be feeling puzzled if it was just a name used before since a name was nothing but only a designation. Yet, Gu Yue had Na’er’s appearance at present! The situation was different now.

Even though he was feeling shocked in his heart, he appeared calm and collected. After all, his foremost intention was to leave the fortress.

“There’s no need. I’ll be joining Mister Xu Shengqun into verifying our identities together.” Gu Yue immediately rejected.

Meanwhile, the wall in front opened to reveal a square metal box-like object inside with a few signal lights flickering on its surface. “Will our two respected guests please follow me.”

Upon saying that, the square box advanced to the front and guided them down a metal-paved path through a metal door.

Tang Wulin could only rely on his spiritual perception power to sense his surroundings after he lost the flora’s guidance upon entering this place.
However, he soon discovered that his effort was wasted. The surrounding metal walls had a thickness of over two feet. Moreover, the walls were
certainly fortified with infused soul energy that even a Title Douluo powerhouse could not escape from this place by force, let alone lesser mortals.

The fortress was strengthened with such defenses that it was truly difficult to leave this place undetected!

They followed the robot into crossing the metal-paved path and entered through a thick metal door. They arrived at a similarly sealed metallic room. Tang Wulin could see all sorts of powerful soul devices in all the corners of the room.

This should be the so-called observation room.

Tang Wulin calmly sat on a chair while Gu Yue stood by him with a cold yet composed expression, just like her previous self.

To ensure that she maintained her current state, Tang Wulin spent a lot of effort in training her yesterday. It did not take long before a section of the wall opened with a few people coming out from the inside. They were all clad in battle outfits and armed
with soul weapons in their hands. The surrounding soul devices illuminated immediately and were aimed at Tang Wulin and Gu Yue. Any conspicuous action of theirs would immediately trigger an all-out attack.

The person in charge appeared to be over forty years old. He took a few steps forward and spoke coldly, “Spiriter Xu Shengqun, why is your identity pass not with you?”

“I left it behind,” Tang Wulin spoke in a flat tone.

The inspector spoke with a solemn expression on his face, “As a high- ranking official of the Spirit Pagoda, I’ll be taking disciplinary measures against you for infringement of the rules. Please take note.”

“Understood.” Tang Wulin’s voice sounded exactly like Xu Shengqun’s
such that he was indistinguishable from the person he was impersonating.

The inspector spoke, “I’ll begin to verify your identity next. Please perform the fingerprint and iris recognition.”

The other inspector walked over with an instrument in his hands as he was saying that.

Tang Wulin once learned from the old demons that he would need to use a method with at least a sixty percent success rate to perform a perfect infiltration. Later, he would need to gradually improve his success rate through observation and adaptation during the infiltration process.

Right now, it was pointless for him to observe further as he was already facing the situation which made it impossible for him to better his success rate.

Tang Wulin stood up to perform the fingerprint and iris recognition. All of a sudden, he wrapped his arm around Gu Yue, who was by his side, at lightning speed while retreating at the same time. One of his hands already had a chokehold on Gu Yue’s throat.
 The defense system’s soul devices immediately reacted to the situation by shooting countless beams which covered Tang Wulin’s body.

At the same time, Tang Wulin made an extremely peculiar reaction. He pulled Gu Yue along as he stepped back. He used Gu Yue’s body to shield himself while a layer of misty yellow radiance spread out instantly to
enshroud Gu Yue’s upper body.

The beam that shot into the yellow radiance was scattered apart. Tang Wulin dragged Gu Yue along as they retreated to a corner. At least, he did not have to confront his enemies from all four directions in his current position.

“Stop the attack or I’ll kill her!” Tang Wulin’s icy cold voice echoed through the entire room.

All the attacks stopped abruptly while the inspectors were startled as well. It was their first time in handling such a situation. On the other hand, Gu Yue was so engrossed in the action that her face was filled with surprise and fear.

Gu Yue was Tang Wulin’s final trick. There was no doubt that Gu Yue’s position was rather high in the Spirit Pagoda. Furthermore, her teacher was the Spirit Pagoda’s Vice Pagoda Master. At least there was some certainty in using her life to blackmail the Spirit Pagoda. Even though his success rate may not even be sixty percent, it would be considered a success if Gu Yue could cooperate well with him.

Tang Wulin only had this plan since there was no other opportunity. The yellow radiance that surrounded Gu Yue’s body was derived from the Mountain Dragon King’s Torso Bone. He used it in order to conceal his identity so that he would not have to unleash his martial soul and battle armor.

“Who are you? You’re not Mister Spiriter!” the inspector shouted in rage.

Tang Wulin gave out a cold humph. “Of course I’m not, but all of you
should have already verified that the girl with me is your Spirit Pagoda’s high-ranking official. Let me out of this place, or I’ll kill her otherwise. We shall perish together as my last resort. You have five minutes. Open the door and let me go.”

The inspector spoke in an icy cold tone, “It’s useless. You can’t run away. Release the respected reserve spiriter, perhaps you’ll be treated with justice then.”

Reserve spiriter? Tang Wulin’s chest tightened because he was unaware of Gu Yue’s status had the other party not mentioned it.

He knew there were Four Great Spiriters other than the Pagoda Master and two Vice Pagoda Masters from the Spirit Pagoda. He did not expect Gu Yue to have reached the status of reserve spiriter at her young age. Even though they would probably need a longer time to guide her, it was evident enough of her value to the Spirit Pagoda. She was even more beneficial to Tang Wulin’s situation now.

The Mountain Dragon King’s Torso Bone unleashed its soul skill the
Mountain Dragon Defense while Tang Wulin coerced Gu Yue into walking toward the inspectors.

“Stop talking nonsense. Open the door or I’ll kill her.”

The piercing siren was echoing throughout the entire Star Dou Fortress at present.

Sister Xing who was going to take a rest had no choice but to check on the situation over here. She had triggered all the internal emergency defense
equipment while performing an analysis with all the instruments.

“According to the data analysis, the enemy intruder’s protective shield has a strength of one thousand and sixty five, so the beams of ordinary soul devices can’t penetrate it. We’ll need to use the more powerful soul cannons to break it down, but the hostage will certainly be harmed.”

The results of the analyzed data were soon published. Tang Wulin’s
Mountain Dragon Defense was as powerful as a seven-ring defense-type soul master’s defensive power. In this case, it was impossible to kill Tang Wulin without hurting Gu Yue. They could not even use a sniper shot.

The inspectors and Tang Wulin stood facing each other. The situation had already been reported to the higher level officials of the Star Dou Fortress.

Just as Tang Wulin had predicted, the opposing party finally gave in when he was raving with an intense intention to kill while Gu Yue was in agony. The metal door opened.

However, Tang Wulin would need to confront the dozens of mechas that covered the whole area as soon as he walked through the metal door.

“Walk away or I’ll kill her.” Tang Wulin suddenly roared in rage as if he was hysterical. An unprecedented mad aura burst out his entire body that even his eyes turned crimson red.

‘In order to make the opponent believe that you will kill the hostage, you must first express your madness.’ These were the words used by the old demons when they taught him back in the beginning.

Chapter 896 - Dashing by Force

Chapter 896: Dashing by Force

If your opponent sees you hesitate, they could possibly take the initiative
and look for an opportunity to kill you. There was no doubt that Tang Wulin would be at more of a disadvantage the longer he waited.

As he was speaking, he had leaped up with Gu Yue in his arm and dashed straight for a purple mecha.

Tang Wulin made a half turn just as he was about to arrive in front of the mecha and landed a kick against its shoulder.

“Boom!” The mecha was immediately blasted away by his powerful kick and crashed into the mechas behind it.

“Strength measurement: exceeds one hundred and fifty thousand kilograms. Mecha damage: twenty-one percent.”

Was this the work of a human being?

There was already a large number of Star Dou Fortress’ high ranking officials gathering on the platform. This was the question that came to them immediately when they witnessed the terrifying strength unleashed by Tang Wulin. They thought that the figure appeared to be Xu Shengqun, but his
entire body was emitting an aura of rage. They were sure he must have been a soul beast because no human could possibly possess such incredible

It was an important matter when a beast escaped, but the reserve spiriter Gu Yuena was undoubtedly even more important. The mechas were forced to retreat under Tang Wulin’s continual barrage. Obviously, they would never agree to Tang Wulin’s request to open up the entire Star Dou Fortress’ protective shield. On the other hand, it was much easier if he was only hoping to run away. They would only need to chase
and kill him afterward.

Tang Wulin could not tell where he was after dashing his way out from the path paved with metal, but he could tell the location of the Great Star Dou Forest and the peripheral area generally. Thus, he would not have any issues with his orientation.

He dashed across a few pathways. Even though there was a large number of Spirit Pagoda powerhouses in front and behind him, Tang Wulin did not
stop for a moment.

Yet the metal-paved paths here curved strangely. He would lose his sense of direction if this continued.

There was no doubt that the Spirit Pagoda’s powerhouses were awaiting the opportunity for him to make a mistake or exhaust himself before they killed him with one fatal blow to save Gu Yue.

He could not follow the rulebook anymore.

Tang Wulin stopped moving. One of his hands continued to hold Gu Yue hostage while he smashed the other one against the wall behind him as he turned.

A deep dragon’s roar was heard. He activated his bloodline power, but his scales could not be seen.

One hundred thousand kilograms of inhuman strength smashed into the metal wall.

The wall, reinforced by an energy shield over one meter thick, immediately curved inward with a tremendous crashing sound. Tang Wulin used his
elbow to strike it once again. The shockwave from the collision made the Spirit Pagoda powerhouses on the scene shudder in fear.

He did this three times, creating a massive hole behind his back which revealed a rather open space. He pulled along Gu Yue as they dashed into the hole without the slightest hesitation. He continued moving forward
according to the direction in his mind. He would immediately break through with his brute strength when he had arrived at the location.

If the Spirit Pagoda was to release its protective energy shield, Tang Wulin would immediately threaten Gu Yue’s life, while he would use his monstrous power to smash against the wall until it was broken by force
without the energy shield.

Tang Wulin refused to acknowledge even when Spirit Pagoda’s representative expressed their wish to lead him to the exit. He would only use his savage method and search for a way out for himself.

“Boom!” Only a small dent appeared when he smashed against the wall for the seventh time. If the wall from earlier was a meter thick, then this one that Tang Wulin discovered was at least five meters thick. It was utterly impossible for him to dash out of the wall even with his strength.

However, he was not surprised but overjoyed at the find. As an armed fortress, its strongest defense was undoubtedly at its peripheral area. They could very possibly have already at the exterior wall.

What should he do? He had an old trick up his sleeves. He still had other ways when his raw strength was rendered useless.

He braced Gu Yue’s body against himself while he unleashed his left Golden Dragon Claw. He pressed the claw onto the wall with his back against it.

His right Golden Dragon Claw’s special feature was ‘Smash’, while the left Dragon Claw’s special feature was ‘Tear’. His Golden Dragon Claw
continued to tear down pieces of thick and heavy metal under the infusion of his monstrous bloodline power, then he threw the pieces at the Spirit Pagoda powerhouses encircling them from in front. It only took a moment before Tang Wulin tore a hole into the wall while both he and Gu Yue were concealed by it.

Meanwhile, no surveillance equipment could see the situation inside clearly anymore. Tang Wulin used both of his hands as he launched Golden Dragon Claws and Duskgold Dreadclaw at full force with Gu Yue acting as a shield in front of him. By force, He managed to continuously dig out a pathway
wide enough to fit one person.

The alloy used to make the fortress’ exterior wall was incredibly tough, but Tang Wulin was a blacksmith. He had a good understanding of metal, thus, he could bore his and Gu Yue’s bodies deeper and deeper into the hole
while sending metal scraps to the back continuously.

The Spirit Pagoda’s powerhouses were stunned as they watched the scene. They were starting to wonder more and more as to whether Tang Wulin was actually a soul beast. If he was an outsider infiltrating the location, then he could not possibly have so little knowledge the place that he would need to adopt such an uncivilized method to break through the wall.

Yet they found themselves at a loss as to whether they should cry or laugh that such a barbaric method seemed to be so effective.

Tang Wulin felt refreshing air blowing against his back, and he knew immediately that they had finally gotten out. He had dug a hole into the fortress’ outer layer wall by force. From outside, he could see that he was over a hundred meters above ground.

Tang Wulin’s lips cracked into a faint smile. He had escaped.

Gu Yue turned her head to the side trying to say something, but her mouth was covered by Tang Wulin. They would be in deep trouble if Gu Yue were to speak something that would cause the other party to discover that she
was not Gu Yue. So many Spirit Pagoda powerhouses could tear them to pieces with ease. As Gu Yue screamed in surprise, Tang Wulin leaped into the air and headed straight for the ground with one hand around Gu Yue’s slim waist.

The height of one hundred meters was not an issue for him. They descended for about sixty to seventy meters before his right foot stepped onto the fortress. He shot forward like an arrow as he carried Gu Yue into the distance at lightning speed.

There was a total of over sixty mechas coming for them immediately like a swarm of bees. Surprisingly, the leader was a red mecha.

“You’ve already broken away from the fortress. Release the hostage and we’ll let you leave,” the electronic voice echoed in the air.

Tang Wulin roared aloud, “Stop following me and I’ll release the hostage one hour later. Do you think I’m so foolish to trust that you’ll keep your promise after I release the hostage now?”

“Go away. I’ll tear her body apart and toss you the pieces if you continue to follow me.” Tang Wulin swung his right fist as he roared in fury and tossed Gu Yue’s jacket out.

Slightly annoyed, Gu Yue pouted her lips, but she did not speak, as she had been ordered.

As expected, their pursuers slowed down at the sight of the jacket. Tang Wulin carried her as he dashed wildly at full speed in an attempt to flee in a random direction.

Eluding the Spirit Pagoda’s grasp was no simple task as it possessed the most cutting-edge technology available in the Federation, and their radar was capable of covering a massive area. They could even request for military assistance from the Federation.

Hence, Tang Wulin immediately unleashed his Bluesilver Emperor martial soul as soon as he brought Gu Yue into the forest. He relied on the Bluesilver Emperor’s connection with the surrounding plants to conceal their scent and aura. At the same time, Tang Wulin rapidly dug out an underground cave on a stretch of vegetation and dove in with Gu Yue.

The Mountain Dragon Defense was launched as the soil was blocked on the outside of his body. Tang Wulin relied on his pair of Golden Dragon Claws to dig downward. He had already exerted all his strength. It only took a few minutes before he had already dug a hundred meters underground.

Chapter 897 - Vexing Little Witch

Chapter 897: Vexing Little Witch

Though it was highly advanced, their powerful radar was not designed to detect signals from underground, so it was impossible for it to track
anything one hundred meters deep.

Gu Yue lay on Tang Wulin’s back with her arms wrapped around his neck.
He used his pair of Dragon Claws to open up a path as he dug forward swiftly.

He was not doing digging in a random direction. In fact, he saw that there was a river nearby just as he was about to jump off the fortress earlier. He
thought that there must have been a river that crossed through the Great Star Dou Forest that had been revealed later on due to deforestation. The river
was about a hundred meters wide with an unknown depth, so he felt this was his best escape path.

“No. We’ve lost them.”

“Do a blanket search. Use the underground detector.”

The Spirit Pagoda rapidly encircled the forest, but all their detection
equipment was unable to find any sign of Tang Wulin and Gu Yue. It was as if they had vanished into thin air.

A few minutes later, the entrance of Tang Wulin’s cave was discovered.
However, the underground cave was already sealed, so they would need to dig it out again. Then, how were they supposed to locate Tang Wulin’s path if they were so busy digging?

It was already fifteen minutes later when a large number of underground detection instruments was moving in convoy. The underground detection that covered the area of dozens of kilometers had yet to discover any large life forms. Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena seemed to have vanished into thin air.

“Whoosh!” As the water roared, Tang Wulin and Gu Yue stuck out their heads almost in unison.

The cold and refreshing water flowed downward with the current and carried their bodies along with it.

Tang Wulin turned around to see that Star Dou Fortress was already dozens of kilometers behind them. Yes, he dug the underground tunnel all the way to the river and relied on the water current to carry them out. They floated along with the current and distanced themselves from the hubbub without too much effort.

Tang Wulin pulled Gu Yue into his arms as he asked softly, “Are you cold?”

Gu Yue shook her head. Even though she had lost her memories, the cold still had no effect on her since her cultivation base had not changed.

“Father, you were so scary earlier. You frightened me when you were yelling at them,” Gu Yue spoke in dissatisfaction.

Tang Wulin smiled and spoke, “How would they believe that I’d genuinely threaten your life if I didn’t?! It’s fine now. They can’t possibly discover us at this point. We’ll go downstream, and I’ll put on some makeup for you
when we’re ashore. Then, we shall both change our clothes. Everything will be fine then.”

“Hmm, hmm. Father, I’m hungry.” Gu Yue hugged his neck. Their clothes were thoroughly soaked in water, and Tang Wulin immediately felt himself burning up as she leaned closer. Her youthful, vigorous body was more than he could handle.

“Gu Yue, have you remembered why they were calling you ‘Gu Yuenan?” Tang Wulin asked. The question had been constantly clouding his mind like a haze. Gu Yue shook her head in confusion and held him tightly.

They continued to flow downstream for another five to six kilometers. Tang Wulin brought Gu Yue onto the shore when he saw a highway intersection near the riverside.

“Change into dry clothes. Fath… I’ll take you to a meal.” The fact that he had almost addressed himself as ‘Father’ left Tang Wulin feeling quite

“Father, I don’t know how.” Gu Yue’s huge eyes were filled with innocence.

The corners of Tang Wulin’s lip twitched once. ‘She doesn’t know how to change?’

Her drenched clothes left almost nothing of Gu Yue’s graceful figure to the imagination. Tang Wulin felt his face flush as his heart started beating loudly.

“You’re such a vexing little witch.” Tang Wulin moaned as he found a corner by the roadside. Blushing, he procured a set of Gu Yue’s clothes from her storage bracelet and then passed them to her. Gu Yue was not bothered, but it was having a drastic reaction on Tang Wulin.

“Father, are you hot? Why is your face turning scarlet?” Gu Yue blinked her huge eyes as she asked.

“Smack!” Tang Wulin raised his hand and gave her perky buttocks a slap. “Shut up.”

“Hmmph!” Gu Yue pouted her lips in annoyance.

To keep himself from behaving rashly, Tang Wulin needed just as much of his incredible willpower as he used to resist the pain of breaking through the Golden Dragon King Seal.

Despite their love for each other, he did not wish to do anything to Gu Yue when she had amnesia. After Tang Wulin was done changing her, he changed into a set of dry clothes swiftly as well before pulling Gu Yue onto the road. He then brought out the Tang Sect Combat Vehicle that was camouflaged as an
ordinary car. He drove along the road with Gu Yue and left the place in a hurry.

They could move much faster with the combat vehicle, and Tang Wulin soon discovered that the road was leading to the east by reading the road signs.

He was not in a rush to return to Shrek City, so he drove all the way to a
small city nearest to the highway. Exiting the highway, he entered the city, and once there, he disguised himself and Gu Yue with makeup.

“Father, why do you look old now?” Gu Yue asked with a frown when she saw that Tang Wulin had used the makeup to age himself.

Tang Wulin spoke in frustration, “You’re always calling me ‘Father’ so this is the most natural look for me! Speak as little as you can later.”

“Oh, but you’re not handsome anymore,” Gu Yue muttered to herself.

The two of them got off the car and entered a small hotel. He checked in for two rooms, so they could have a moment’s rest.

His expression gradually became dour when he turned on the soul television in his hotel room.

He expected that the television stations would be showing all sorts of information related to the great disaster in Shrek City.

Tang Wulin’s had steadied his mind after experiencing such a catastrophe, followed by his encounters in the Great Star Dou Forest. The incidents had already taken place, so it was completely meaningless for him to continue grieving. Firstly, he would need to deal with the situation he was currently facing, and he would need to figure out a way to change it. His main purpose for staying here was to clear his thoughts before he decided what to do next. He was well aware that the reason he could calm his frantic emotions was that Gu Yue was by his side. He was at his most determined when his true love was with him.

“The Federation will do its duty in handling the unprecedented attack at Shrek City. The Federal Parliament announces its dissolution, and a date for elections will be set.”

“Preliminary statistics for the fatalities in Shrek City exceed one thousand two hundred people with over two million casualties. Less than one-third of the city’s area has taken immeasurable damage. Shrek Academy is
completely annihilated while the Tang Sect headquarters is destroyed. According to the witnesses’ accounts and satellite images, the Spirit
Pagoda, which is located slightly farther away from the blast zone, would have been affected by the explosion if not for Shrek Academy’s His Excellency Sea God’s Pavilion Master Atlas Douluo’s sacrifice in blocking the two Godkiller-rank fixed soul ammunitions.”

“The Federation’s army has already formed an investigation squad to determine the cause of two Godkiller-rank fixed soul ammunitions’ disappearance. The commander-in-chief has stated that they’ll certainly do anything within their power to find the assailants. Such a horrific tragedy is unprecedented on the continent. The army mourns the deceased deeply.”

“Shrek Academy’s graduates are holding ceremonies in several places across the continent to mourn the students and staff that were tragically killed in the attack.”

“The Tang Sect has declared war on the Holy Spirit Cult. However, the
Tang Sect is suffering from severe losses this time according to our sources on the inside. Their headquarters took a heavy blow with at least four branchmasters slain, while its Douluo Hall Master’s whereabouts are still unknown. Our reporter is following up on the most up-to-date information at present.”

“The Holy Spirit Cult declares responsibility for this terrorist attack, but the cult did not reveal itself until this moment. The station calls on the public to immediately report to your local district offices if you notice anything suspicious.”

“There is a rumor that a third Godkiller-rank fixed soul ammunition has gone missing just like the other two. If this is true, which city will be the target of the next Godkiller? What is the federal government actually doing?”

All sorts of chaotic information were continuously broadcasted through the soul television channels. As he watched the television, Tang Wulin did not notice that he was clenching his fists so tightly that his nails were digging into his palms.

He was still hoping that everything that had happened was an illusion. He wished that everything was just like the dream created by the Old Demons back when they were still on Demon Island and that this was just a nightmare.

Yet the reality of it all was right there before him. There was no doubt that this was not just a nightmare. As he saw two deep craters on the ground and the surrounding remnants of Shrek City on the television, Tang Wulin could not help but shed tears from his eyes.

One thousand two hundred people dead! Those were one thousand two hundred living beings yet they were killed without a thought.

The number one city on the continent. The city that never slumbered and its academy with over twenty thousand years of history was gone just like that.

The enemy was cunning and cruel!

Tang Wulin remained motionless for the longest time after he turned off the television. He sat there and calmed his emotions as he analyzed the information which he had just received.

Chapter 898 - He’s Still Alive!

Chapter 898: He’s Still Alive!

Judging by the current situation, Shrek City had suffered grave losses. Shrek Academy was almost completely destroyed. Tang Sect’s headquarters too was utterly destroyed. The damages they suffered were innumerable.

From the current situation, there were no reports on his comrades. The Holy Spirit Cult!
Could the Holy Spirit Cult succeed in launching such an attack on its own?
Was the military idling away doing nothing? Were rank-12 fixed soul
ammunitions that easily stolen? The parties involved in this must have been more than just an evil soul master cult. There must be more than meets the eye.

Shrek City’s existence had always been a wildcard in the Federation.
However, the Federation dared not do anything against Shrek City. After all, its status was well respected.

Judging by the current great explosion, the Federation actually had the means to fight Shrek with their ultimate weapons. It was only that they had no way of doing it. Could this incident be perpetrated by the Federation
which had intended to get rid of Shrek under the name of the evil soul masters? Maybe, someone from the Federation had cooperated with the evil soul masters to destroy Shrek City.

The Holy Spirit Cult would not have minded even if this chamber pot was associated with them. They were like rats that ran across the streets. The
objectives of some people had already been achieved. Without the influence of Shrek Academy on the continent, it was clearly more convenient for these ambitious individuals to achieve their desires. However, Tang Wulin had no knowledge of the current situation. After all, he did not have much interest in politics.

Tang Sect had also suffered a destructive blow. Clearly, like Shrek
Academy, Tang Sect was dreaded by the people in power. This tragedy was more than it seemed.

How about the Spirit Pagoda?

Tang Sect, Shrek Academy, and the Spirit Pagoda were prestigious organizations that were on equal standing. Why were Tang Sect and Shrek Academy completely destroyed, but not the Spirit Pagoda? Their headquarters was unscathed even though it was very near to the scene of the tragedy.

From the perspective of being a threat to the evil soul masters, the Spirit Pagoda was more of a menace than Tang Sect. At the very least, that was the case in their demonstrated strengths. The numbers and strengths of the soul masters from the Spirit Pagoda’s headquarters certainly surpassed that of Tang Sect’s. However, the second godkiller fixed soul ammunition did not hit the Spirit Pagoda but landed on Tang Sect’s headquarters instead.
Was there an ulterior motive behind all this?

Although Tang Wulin did not think the Spirit Pagoda would be in cahoots with the evil soul masters, there was still a small possibility nonetheless.

Hence, the current Spirit Pagoda could not be trusted. This was why he did not state his identity in the Great Star Dou Forest. Currently, nobody knew that the Shrek Seven Monsters were still alive. Under such circumstances, it was definitely better for them to be in the shadows rather than divulge their presence.

The Holy Spirit Cult was far stronger than they had expected. On the giant skull which appeared that day, there was at least one evil soul master who possessed a cultivation base that was almost at par with the Atlas Douluo.

Moreover, after they had launched such a destructive terrorist attack, all evidence was most likely destroyed in the great explosion. It would be difficult for them to investigate. Even if they managed to find incriminating proof, they were currently on their own and could do nothing.

After clearing his mind, Tang Wulin knew the one thing he could do now was to forbear!

What he needed was not only his strength but a supporting force behind him. He needed a team which he could rely on to go against the evil soul masters.

Tang Wulin slowly opened his eyes and walked to the window. Although he had asked for two rooms, he was currently in the same room as Gu Yue.

Gu Yue was curled up in bed and was sound asleep for a long time. Her
entire body was covered by the blanket. Her long hair spread on top of the bed, and her long eyelashes curled against her cheeks. She was as beautiful as an over-sized doll.

Tang Wulin glanced at her and immediately felt at ease. He returned to gaze outside the window. He took out his soul communicator slowly and
switched it on.

He dialed a number.

Tang Wulin felt an inexplicable nervousness. If this number could not be connected, it would have an ominous bearing on him. This call would be the decisive indicator of whether he was truly alone.

“Wulin?” a slightly anxious voice came from the receiver. When Tang Wulin heard the voice, he was a little stunned.

He drew a deep breath, but his voice still trembled despite himself. “Xinglan, I’m alright.”

The other end of the receiver went silent. Just when Tang Wulin feared the worst, a deafening cheer suddenly came from the receiver.

Tears immediately streaked down Tang Wulin’s cheeks. He heard their voices. The cacophony of voices included Ye Xinglan, Xie Xie, Yuanen, Xu Xiaoyan, and Xu Lizhi. Everyone was there. Even though their voices were slightly hysterical from their excitement, Tang Wulin could still single out their individual voices.

‘It’s them, it’s really them! They’re all alive, they’re all well.’ Tang Wulin felt himself choked and at a loss for words.
They are definitely the lucky survivors of the disaster!

“Big brother, big brother,” Xie Xie cried and shouted through the receiver.

“Hmm,” Tang Wulin grunted in reply. He managed to suppress his emotions and regained his ability to speak.

“Big brother, where are you? Are you really alive? I’m not dreaming, am I?” Xie Xie’s voice trembled. Tang Wulin could feel the excitement in his voice at this moment.

“I’m still alive, I’m alright. Gu Yue saved me. The token she gave me had transported her to my side in the nick of time. Then, we were transported together to a faraway place. I’m alright now. I’m currently in a small city
about two hundred kilometers away from Shrek City. I don’t even know the name of this city. What about you guys? Where are you guys now? Is
everyone alright?”

Ye Xinglan retrieved the soul communicator from Xie Xie, “We’re all alright, we’re in Heaven Dou City right now. Her Excellency the Holy Spirit Douluo is fine as well. But, her emotions are…”

Holy Spirit Douluo? Tang Wulin’s body shook. It was true! The Holy Spirit Douluo seemed to have fainted the other day. She was still alive. With such a Hyper Douluo alive, things were better than he expected. However, when he thought about her relationship with Yun Ming, Tang Wulin felt his heart wrench.

He imagined putting himself in her shoes. If something had happened to Gu Yue, how much pain would he be in? “Comfort Her Excellency first. I’ll meet up with you guys as soon as possible. Also, Xinglan, don’t contact anyone for now, including Tang Sect. The academy is done for, but we must be strong. As a reminder of the Pavilion Master’s final words, we’re the last hope of the academy. Will the academy only have hope if we’re well and alive? Now, we must protect ourselves first, do you understand? So, whatever you do, do not expose your identities. It’s best to be in disguise at all times.”

“Yes, I think so too,” said Ye Xinglan. “We had our disguises on before we came to Heaven Dou City, but we didn’t contact anyone. The other day, we thought we saw Gu Yue appear, but we weren’t sure if you were destroyed by the fixed soul ammunition or if you were still alive. That’s why we’ve been waiting ever since we came here. Wulin, please come. We’re waiting for you. Please be careful.”

Tang Wulin noticed that Ye Xinglan who had always been calm and steady now appeared to be in heart-wrenching pain.

“Okay, wait for me. I’ll head over as soon as possible. Keep in touch.”

Tang Wulin ended the call and wiped the tears on his face. He heaved a long sigh.

At least his comrades were still alive. At this moment, what news could be more wonderful than that?

Gradually, a plan formed in his mind. He would meet up with his comrades first, then find a way to heal Gu Yue. After that, he would look for an opportunity to restore Shrek.

He had to use all the resources at his disposal. Heaven Dou City would be a conducive place.

He held his soul communicator. After a moment’s hesitation, he switched it off.

Two persons came to mind when he thought of whom he could seek help from at this hour. One of them was his Body Sect sect master and teacher, while the other was naturally his Divine Craftsman uncle master.

Even so, he was in no rush to contact them. He decided to wait until he reached Heaven Dou City. Besides, the Holy Spirit Cult was merciless, hence, his uncle master might not be in the safest of circumstances. He was the only Divine Craftsman on the continent. Although he might not be a direct threat to the Holy Spirit Cult, he could still produce four-word battle armors.

Tang Wulin returned to the bed. When he lay down on the bed, exhaustion immediately overcame his entire body. However, it was not physical
exhaustion, but a mental one.

He only felt better after he hugged Gu Yue through the blanket. He soon fell into a deep sleep.

Both of them woke up the next day. It was already late morning. They ate some food, then drove the Tang Sect Combat Vehicle. They sped along the road.

Tang Wulin had already taken a look at the navigation tool on the vehicle. He chose a route which had a slight detour and was in the opposite direction of Shrek City. He was headed toward Heaven Dou City. At this moment, he could not afford to be imprudent.

Chapter 899 - Seven Monsters, Assemble

Chapter 899: Seven Monsters, Assemble

Throughout their journey, the mechas flew past their heads as many as six times. Three fighter aircraft flew past them as well. It was inconceivable just how tense the situation was around Shrek City.

The great explosion has touched the lives of countless people. The entire population on the continent were so scared that they were even afraid of their own shadows.

Tang Wulin finally drove into Heaven Dou City at dusk. He contacted Ye Xinglan again and finally met up with everyone in a small, remote hotel.

The others almost rushed up to him. Everyone gave him a big hug. Xu Xiaoyan and Xu Lizhi were sobbing away.

Everyone knew that if it were not for Tang Wulin coming to their rescue that day and took the blow from the powerful fixed soul ammunition whose rank was unknown, they would all have been dead. Back then, Tang Wulin had no idea that Gu Yue would appear to save him!

“You’re finally back! If you’re back, I can also be free of this heavy responsibility. Captain, welcome back to the team,” Ye Xinglan solemnly said to Tang Wulin.

Yes, they were the Shrek squad, the final rays of hope for Shrek Academy. Moreover, they were the current generation of the Shrek Seven Monsters.

They could not shirk the responsibility of reviving Shrek.

“Father, who’re they?” At this moment, a slightly puzzled voice came from behind Tang Wulin. The atmosphere that had been slightly grim before this immediately changed.

Gu Yue poked out her head from behind Tang Wulin.

“Big brother, what’s this? Role play?” Xie Xie stammered.

Tang Wulin pulled Gu Yue by her hand to his side. He smiled bitterly, “Do you think that I have the mood for role play? Gu Yue had helped me block that great explosion. I’m not even sure what happened during that time.
When we regained consciousness, she had lost her memory. Then, she kept calling me ‘father’.”

“Lost her memory? She’s Gu Yue? Isn’t she Na’er?” Xu Xiaoyan stopped crying for a while and looked at Gu Yue.

Tang Wulin smiled bitterly and shook his head. He briefly recounted the events that transpired after he met Gu Yue, and how he recognized her as Gu Yue although she looked like Na’er now to his comrades.

Xie Xie tried a question, “Gu Yue, do you know who I am?”

Other than Tang Wulin, he and Xu Xiaoyan had known Gu Yue the longest. “I don’t.” Gu Yue shook her head, she was at a loss.
Ye Xinglan, who had always been strong, had reddened eyes. “It’s all because she wanted to save us. What do we do about her current condition? Can she be treated?”

Tang Wulin smiled bitterly and said, “I don’t know. After we were out of danger, I’ve chosen to come and meet you guys. We’ll have to think of a
way to treat her after this. The thing is, I’m also unsure if we’re able to with this condition of hers…”

“Let me have a look,” a very hoarse voice sounded. A person walked out from the inner room.

When Tang Wulin saw her, he almost could not believe his own eyes. Yali had changed, her outer appearance had changed completely. She
seemed to be severely dehydrated. Her face looked pale and lacked vitality.
She was thin to the bone. Her initially unrivaled beautiful face even appeared withered. Her long hair was now greyish-white.

It was as if she had grown old overnight.

“Your Excellency, you…” Tang Wulin looked at her with shock.

Yali staggered slightly as she walked. She slowly made her way over to Tang Wulin and shook her head at him. Her eyes were bloodshot and lifeless. She raised her hand, which glowed with a gentle white light, and lightly pressed it against Gu Yue’s forehead.

The most horrible thing that could ever happen to a person was to die inside. Without a doubt, the Holy Spirit Douluo’s heart had died alongside Atlas Douluo.

Amidst the white halo unleashed by Yali, Gu Yue appeared at a loss and was flustered. However, it was apparent that she did not feel anything.

After a while, Yali slowly retracted her hand. She had a slight frown. “Her condition is quite unique, there are no abnormalities in her bodily functions. Her soul sea must have suffered some kind of blow which led to the malfunction of her brain cells. This has sealed her memory which puts her in a state of memory loss.”

Tang Wulin asked anxiously, “Can her condition be cured?”

Yali replied, “It’s not easy. The most complicated organ of the human body is the brain. The brain is an extremely mysterious entity. According to the Federation’s research, there’s been limited breakthrough regarding the human brain, and there’s no way we can know all its secrets. The most we can do is to divide the brain into a few simple regions. But, there’s no clear definition regarding these regions. It’s also one of the more important
research areas of soul technology. We have to treat her prudently, otherwise, we might injure her nerve cells in the process and cause irreversible damage to her.” After hearing her words, Tang Wulin could not help but drew a cold breath. This person before him was the current best Recovery System soul master on the continent. If she said that Gu Yue’s condition was complicated, then it was truly complicated.

As she saw Tang Wulin’s changing complexion, Yali said, “Don’t you worry, it’s not as if there’s absolutely nothing we can do about her
condition. Generally speaking, when we’re presented with such conditions, we need only find a suitable heaven and earth treasures to help her
strengthen her bodily functions. This includes her brain’s nerves as well. We’ll strengthen her body’s resistance to eliminate the pathogenic factors to restore her brain to normal. Naturally, her memory will recover. The only heaven and earth treasure that comes to mind which can treat her condition is called Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum. It’s very rare, and we need one that’s at least ten thousand years old. If Shrek was still around, we could’ve utilized the academy’s resources to search for it, but now…” As she said this, her gaze instantly darkened.

Everyone fell silent. Everyone’s heart seemed to be weighed down by a block of heavy lead. Shrek was no more, their roots were no more.

Tang Wulin drew a deep breath, “Your Excellency, we’ll definitely rebuild Shrek and regain Shrek’s glory on the continent. I promise!”

Yali nodded slightly, but a bitterness showed on her face. “The future depends on all of you. I’ll support you with all I have,” after she said this, she turned around and went back into the room.

Her staying alive already displayed her great determination. She held onto the hopes of seeing Shrek rebuilt and also fulfilling the final wishes of Atlas Douluo.

As the Sea God Pavilion Master, Yun Ming witnessed Shrek Academy’s destruction. The pain he experienced was beyond comprehension. If it were not for the support she had from the thought of fulfilling his final wishes, Yali would have followed him to the netherworld already.

Velvet Skyreach Chrysanthemum. Tang Wulin pulled on Gu Yue’s hand. His spirits were determined. This heaven and earth treasure would be found sooner or later. He would most certainly cure Gu Yue. He was currently the backbone for the group. No matter what, he could not stay idle. Shrek was left with their meager
strengths now. As the captain, he could not shy away from shouldering this immense burden and Shrek’s hopes.

“Everyone, get a grip. The skies have not fallen on us yet. Shrek still has us. Since the academy has chosen us as the current Shrek Seven Monsters, it means that we’re capable enough. Shrek’s future depends on us now. It’s our responsibility and our duty. The academy has nurtured us, and we take pride in being a part of the academy. In my heart, Shrek is forever the best
academy in the world. Regardless of how long it takes, we must push forward courageously. We must get back on our feet from where we have fallen.”

Ye Xinglan planted her feet firmly beside Tang Wulin. She said with a low voice, “Wulin, tell us. What should we do from now on?”

Tang Wulin lowered his voice and said, “The current situation on the outside is extremely complicated. The academy has been destroyed and the federal congress is dissolved. The continent is currently in a chaotic state. In this situation, we can’t rely on nor trust anyone else. When I was little, my father told me something once, and I still remember it vividly as if it
was yesterday. He said that a man can only rely on himself his entire life. I believe that deeply. Now, the ones whom we can fully trust and rely on are ourselves.”

Chapter 900 - Teacher…

Chapter 900: Teacher…

“I’m not afraid of death, but we’re all the seeds of the academy. We can’t easily reveal ourselves during times like these. Everyone thinks that we’ve died alongside the academy. That’s our only advantage for now. We’re still in the dark. So, for the time being, I’ve decided to lay low for a while and
not contact anyone. We’ll observe the situation without doing anything first, at least until things have settled down outside, then we’ll start strategizing.
At the same time, we must analyze the people that we can trust, and those whom we can ask for help. We must also observe who benefited the most from this great disaster.”

“I don’t believe that the Holy Spirit Cult is capable of stealing two
Godkiller-rank fixed soul ammunitions and fire them within Shrek City. There must be some other force that’s helping them. We’ll have to at least find a target. After we have our target, we can make better preparations.
While we’re laying low, we must also improve our strengths and complete elevation to the rank of two-word battle armor masters. Only when we’re at such a rank will we have the power to protect ourselves.”

As Tang Wulin was stating his thoughts, he had no intention of discussing it with his companions. Democracy was not needed now. They needed
someone who was decisive to lead them forward. Without a doubt, Tang Wulin was the only one who was capable of doing this.

After they had heard his words, everyone’s eyes were ablaze. They had their goal now and tasks that they wanted to accomplish. At least they would no longer feel like they were at a total loss.

“Where shall we hide?” asked Yue Zhengyu.

Without a doubt, the small hotel that they were currently staying in was unsuitable. They could not even refine their battle armor to two-word rank there. They needed resources and a suitably quiet place to carry on with their work.

Tang Wulin replied, “I’ll think of something.”

As he said this, he fished out his own soul communicator and dialed a number. This was the first person whom he had contacted other than his companions.

“Wulin?” a slightly hurried voice came from the other end of the soul communicator.

Tears immediately came to Tang Wulin’s eyes when heard this voice. He managed to suppress his surging emotions as he softly responded,

Yes, the first person he chose to contact was one of his teachers. The person was the current sect master of the Body Sect, Body Douluo Mu Ye.

Mu Ye said hurriedly, “Where are you? Are you alright? Shrek…”

Tang Wulin smiled bitterly. “Teacher, I’m alright. Where are you? Also, is my uncle-master doing well?”

When he heard Tang Wulin’s question, Mu Ye immediately fell silent, “Your uncle-master is…”

Tang Wulin’s heart tightened. “Did something happen to him?” Did things turn out as he expected? He had anticipated that the Holy Spirit Cult would not leave his uncle master, the only Divine Craftsman on the continent since they were bold enough to lay hands on Shrek and the Tang Sect.

Mu Ye replied, “Fortunately, I was by his side. We ran quick enough, and he’s still alive, but his wounds are very serious. His body is invaded by the evil soul master’s dark spirit, and he’s currently comatose. We’re in the mountains on the outskirts of Heaven Dou City. There’s a Body Sect
safehouse here.” After Tang Wulin had heard Mu Ye’s words, he sighed in relief. At least his uncle-master was still alive.

Tang Wulin squinted slightly. “Teacher, can you give me an address? We’ll head over.”

Mu Ye paused, seemingly pondering something. After a while, he said,
“Wulin, you’ll have to prove your identity to me first. You’re on the official list of casualties, you know?”

Tang Wulin said, “Of course. How shall I prove myself?” Mu Ye asked, “What’s your current forging rank?”
Tang Wulin replied, “Saint Craftsman rank. I’ve just attained this rank when I was learning under you and uncle-master in Heaven Dou City. At the
same time, I learned how to carefully control my body’s energy down to every fiber of my muscles from you. You’ve taught me that when I can
control my body at the cellular level, then I have truly mastered the Body Sect’s secret technique.”

“Whew!” Mu Ye seemed to have heaved a long sigh, “Alright, I’ll also prove my identity to you. Back then, when we were traveling to the Star Luo Empire, I laid a firm foundation for you throughout the forty-nine days of basic training.”

The edge of Tang Wulin’s lips twitched slightly, “Teacher, please tell me your address. We’ll rush over as soon as possible.”


Mu Ye gave him an address and the route they should take.

Tang Wulin ended the call and sighed in relief. The few people that he could think of trusting right now were naturally his teachers and uncle- master.

Teacher Mu Chen was already in Shrek City from the beginning, but his fate was unknown. Hence, the first people he thought of contacting were naturally Mu Ye and Zhen Hua.

Upon ending the call with Mu Ye, he immediately dialed another number. When he dialed this number, his hand was trembling slightly.

The ringtone rang about five times, but nobody picked up. Tang Wulin’s heart could not help but sink into the bottom of the valley.

Just when he was about to end the call, the call suddenly connected. “Who’s this?” a low and hoarse voice came from the other end.

When Tang Wulin heard this voice, his body shook tremendously. He could no longer control his own emotions. He immediately started sobbing.

“Wulin?” the voice on the other end immediately raised an octave, “Wulin, you’re still alive? You…where are you?” The loud voice could even be heard by Tang Wulin’s companions around him.

Yes, this voice belonged to Mu Chen. He was the very Saint Craftsman of the generation who brought Tang Wulin onto the broad path of the forging world.

“Teacher, it’s me. I’m still alive, I’ve escaped. It’s difficult to explain. It’s great that you’re alright. Where are you?”

Mu Chen’s breathing was obviously very agitated. After his heavy breathing continued for a few seconds, he managed to calm his emotions down. “I’m in Heaven Dou City. I wanted to look for your uncle-master, but the day before yesterday, the Blacksmith’s Association’s headquarters in
Heaven Dou City was under attack and your uncle-master went missing. It’s chaos in the headquarters right now. I’m assuming personal command, but don’t come here. There’s no guarantee of safety no matter where you are right now. We’ll talk more when things are settled down on my part. You
should go find a place to hide first. It’s good that you’re alright. It’s all that matters! Don’t worry. Your sister-master and I are unharmed. I brought her back to Eastsea City before this, and we were lucky enough to be spared from this disaster.” Finally, there was some good news. Tang Wulin heaved a great sigh of relief. His entire body relaxed.

“Alright, teacher, you take care as well.”

Tang Wulin ended the call and panted heavily. He instinctively proceeded to dial another number, but Ye Xinglan reached over and stopped him.

“Wulin, calm down.”

Tang Wulin’s heart shuddered and he stopped dialing. Without a doubt, the more people they contacted, the higher the possibility of them being

He put down the communicator and switched it off. “I’m sorry. I was too excited.”

In their current situation, they could never be too careful.

“We’ll rest for the day and depart tomorrow. We’ll go look for my teacher and uncle-master first and settle ourselves there. Then, we’ll ask Her Excellency Holy Spirit Douluo to take a look at my uncle-master and see if she can treat him.” If it was an invasion by evil spirits, the Holy Spirit
Douluo should be well-qualified to fight against it.

The night went by without much conversation. Early the next morning, they ate their breakfast and went on their way silently. Tang Wulin’s Tang Sect Combat Vehicle could carry eight passengers under normal circumstances. With the current addition of Holy Spirit Douluo Yali, there were nine of them in total, so was slightly cramped. They had no choice but to squeeze the few thinner girls at the back.

Everyone kept quiet throughout the trip. The blow from the recent incident was too great for them all. They dared not even think about the teachers
who had taught them and their friends with whom they had classes together before this. Fortunately, they at least had their spiritual pillar of support.
Their loved ones were still by their sides. Holy Spirit Douluo Yali was the only exception. She sat in the vehicle and threw her lifeless gaze outside the window. She seemed to have lost her soul.

Gu Yue was the only one who seemed very happy in the vehicle. She kept smiling at Tang Wulin and called him ‘father’ with a sweet voice. It was only during moments like these when everyone looked at Tang Wulin with peculiar expressions did the mood lighten up a bit.

After reaching the mountainous region, the road started to become bumpy. Fortunately, the Tang Sect Combat Vehicle lived up to its name. It could traverse most road conditions. Finally, in a faraway corner, a house made of rocks appeared in their sights.

If Mu Ye had not given them detailed directions, it would not have been easy for them to find this place.

When Tang Wulin saw Mu Ye push the door open and walk out from the inside, his eyes reddened again. Being able to meet someone so dear to him after a great disaster left him almost unable to control his own emotions.
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