The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 881-890

Chapter 881 - Qiangu Dongfeng

Chapter 881: Qiangu Dongfeng

The remaining six monsters inside the deep pit were already half-buried by the rubble. However, most of the shockwave did not reach the ground.

At the edge of her field of vision, Ye Xinglan was the only one who could see a silver orb of light suddenly burst out and flew away in the final moments before the explosion ended. The ball of light vanished without a trace.

It had ended. It seemed that this was truly the end of everything. The terrifying explosion had finally ended.

Ye Xinglan swept away the earth beside her. She was the first one to leap up. She then pulled everyone else out of the mound.

A crying sound was heard as Xu Xiaoyan could no longer suppress the
sadness within her. She burst into tears, and Yue Zhengyu quickly pulled her into his embrace.

Ye Xinglan’s expression was very grim as she lowered her voice and said, “Now is not the time to cry. We don’t have the right. The Pavilion Master paid with his life and gave us a chance to live. Tang Wulin blocked the
attacks of the fixed soul ammunition with his body. We must live on for Shrek. We’re already the last seeds. We’re the Shrek Seven Monsters. We must shoulder the heavy burden of avenging Shrek. Come with me.”

As she said this, she turned around and ran swiftly toward the wall of the deep abyss.

Yuanen Yehui carried Yali in her arms and followed closely behind her. Xie Xie gritted his teeth and followed beside her. Xu Lizhi’s chubby face was slightly twisted, and his lips were pursed tightly together.

Xu Xiaoyan wiped her tears away. Following Yue Zhengyu, she followed behind everyone else.

They could not give in to sadness. They had no rights to be sad. When they were faced with a great calamity, their highest priority was to live on. For themselves, for Shrek Academy, and for the Tang Sect.

There was no way that Ye Xinglan could be that calm. How could she not be in pain? However, Tang Wulin’s fate was unknown after he rescued his companions. He was nowhere to be found, and she could not let his
sacrifice be in vain. She had to bring her friends out of this place. First, they must survive, for only by that would they have a chance.

The training on Demon Island gave them stronger willpower than the
average person. That was the reason they did not break down under such crushing pain. As long as they lived, Shrek would still have its seeds, and by extension, the possibility of revival.

“Crunch!” The crystal cup fell onto the floor and shattered into pieces. The speaker was pale as the blood drained from his face.
“Shrek City was completely obliterated by two Godkiller-ranked fixed soul ammunitions? Shrek Academy was completely annihilated?” His body was trembling uncontrollably.

Since he held a high office, he should have stayed extremely calm. However, how could he stay calm at this moment?

He knew full well what the destruction of Shrek City meant. Even though he had wished to completely control Shrek City, he never considered destroying the best academy on the continent which had a twenty thousand year legacy. Although Shrek Academy was neutral, it was doubtlessly protecting the continent. It was truly the central pillar of the Douluo Continent.

Moreover, Shrek Academy had graduates all over the world. If the academy was destroyed by the two Godkillers, which should have been heavily guarded by Congress, there was no way that they could shirk off the responsibility. Not only would his official career be at an end, but also the
entire Federal Congress, maybe even the entire continent, would be in chaos.

“Investigate! Investigate the Godkillers now! Go!”

The speaker managed to calm himself down somewhat as he relayed a series of orders. Even if he knew that all this would not be of any help.
Shrek City’s destruction would put the most pressure in all the land squarely on his shoulders.

“Why? Why?! Tell me why?!” Heavenly Phoenix Douluo Leng Yaozhu’s eyes were bloodshot. Her ladylike hands slammed loudly onto the console table in front of her. The highly durable console table, which was made of various alloys, instantly turned into fine powder.

A middle-aged man stood behind the console table. He was big, tall and had handsome features. He had a high nose bridge and slightly small eyes. A powerful imposing aura emanated from him.

His brows furrowed as he looked at Leng Yaozhu with her bloodshot eyes. “Yaozhu, calm down. This incident was truly too sudden. I’m also at a loss.
As for how it happened, we’ll have to wait until the investigations are complete.”

“Qiangu Dongfeng, do you take me for a three-year-old? Do you think I’m unaware as to what kind of a person you are? Even if the Holy Spirit Cult had powerful methods, it’s not possible for them to obtain Godkillers that
easily. How could they transport that amount of fixed soul ammunition into Shrek City? How could all this be possible without your support from behind the scenes? Was this you? Was it you?!”

As she said this, Leng Yaozhu raised her hand and pointed at the Spirit Pagoda Master. She thrust her finger at this great power of the generation, Qiangu Dongfeng, who was equally famous as the Atlas Douluo, as she howled furiously.

Qiangu Dongfeng’s expression turned grim, “Zhuyao, you’re my deputy Spirit Pagoda Master. How could you support outsiders instead of your own people? Moreover, how could this have anything to do with me? Have you forgotten that our founder, Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao was a member of his generation’s Shrek Seven Monsters? We have no quarrel with Shrek
Academy. Why would we harm them? Besides, do you think that I have absolute control of everything here?”

When he said this, his tone became slightly gentler, “Zhuyao, this incident happened too suddenly. I’m also in a terrible fix and at a total loss. Who
would have thought that the Holy Spirit Cult would be bold enough to pull off such a feat? To go so far as to directly attack Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect headquarters. Do you think that the strengthening of the Holy Spirit Cult would benefit us? I can only be the fox who’s sad at the death of
the hare. The thing that we must tend to now is to recover the dead and help the wounded, all while searching for the traces of the Holy Spirit Cult, and fight against them with all our might. I know that Yun Ming’s death is a heavy blow to you. I’m very sorry for that, but we must handle this incident calmly.”

“Calmly? How am I supposed to be calm?” Leng Yaozhu’s breathing was clearly ragged, “Qiangu Dongfeng, if I ever find that you had anything to
do with this, I’ll fight you with everything I’ve got, even if it’s the last thing I do!” After she said this, Leng Yaozhu turned on her heel and left, leaving behind the grim-faced Spirit Pagoda Master.

Qiangu Dongfeng’s looked on bitterly as he watched Leng Yaozhu leave. Of course, he knew why she would suspect him. He had been pursuing Leng Yaozhu for many years, but Leng Yaozhu had never given up on that Yun Ming. Even when Yun Ming married Holy Spirit Douluo Yali, she still did not forget about him. She never married after so many years.

All this time, the Spirit Pagoda and Shrek Academy had been growing apart. Part of the reason was this convoluted relationship between their members.

“Pagoda Master.” A side door slid open. An average-looking but extremely pithy middle-aged man walked out quickly to Qiangu Dongfeng’s side.

“What’s the situation?”

“Shrek Academy is completely destroyed, there are no survivors. It’s said that the current Shrek Seven Monsters were also inside the academy. Yun Ming had forfeited his semi-god status at the final moment and gained temporary godly strength which he used to negate most of the destructive power from the two Godkillers and saved half the population of Shrek City. However, as the center of the explosion, there were no survivors in Shrek Academy and the Tang Sect headquarters. They even fired another rank-9 fixed soul ammunition in Shrek Academy’s direction as the final sweep.
But the Holy Spirit Cult had also suffered great losses this time.”

“In order to activate two Godkillers, they had sacrificed nearly twenty Soul Douluo-ranked evil soul masters, and hundreds of middle-ranked evil soul masters. Yun Ming’s attack before his demise had also destroyed their World Destroyer Skull. Other than the Holy Spirit Cult’s cult master, who fled, a total of eight Title Douluos from the Holy Spirit Cult were killed. It can be said that they were injured in their sinews or bones.”

Qiangu Donfeng squinted his eyes slightly. Surprisingly, he displayed a
satisfied expression. “Very good. As expected, Yun Ming didn’t disappoint me. Even though the Holy Spirit Cult had hidden for ten thousand years,
amassed their strengths, and plotted against Shrek Academy for such a long time, they still paid a dear price in the end. Suffering losses on both sides
was the best outcome of the situation. You may go and follow the original plan. Organize a team of experts from the Pagoda and search for the remnants of the Holy Spirit Cult. Once found, kill them without reservations. Now is the time for us to clearly display the flag of our stand. The complete destruction of Shrek Academy will inevitably lead to the dissolving of Congress under the pressure from the people. We must seize this opportunity to fight for more seats in Congress.”

“The Pagoda Master is intelligent. We can kill many birds with one stone.” A certain admiration was displayed in the middle-aged man’s eyes.

Qiangu Dongfeng eyed him coldly, “What do you mean ‘killing many birds with one stone’? We’ve done nothing. I see no joy in the destruction of Shrek Academy.”

The middle-aged man understood immediately and hastily nodded as he said, “Yes, we’re also very sorry for what happened to Shrek Academy.”

“Mmm, go. I’ll send out a Spirit Pagoda wanted circular after this and put all evil soul masters on the wanted list. I trust that you know how to
cooperate. Remember, do not leave any trail behind. At the same time, have someone keep an eye on the whereabouts of the vice Pagoda Master. Don’t let her cause any trouble.”


The middle-aged man left the room. Qiangu Dongfeng walked to the bed. Slightly squinting, he looked at the faraway clouds outside the window. He seemed to be lost in thought.

Chapter 882 - Awakening

Chapter 882: Awakening

‘It hurts.’ The intense pain shocked Tang Wulin into consciousness.

He felt as if all his joints were dislocated. With his body’s qualities, he rarely felt such pain other than when he was breaking through the Golden Dragon King’s seals.

‘Did I die? Am I dead?’

He slowly regained consciousness and recalled everything that happened before this.

He truly hoped it was a dream, that it would all disappear when he opened his eyes.

‘Yeah! It must be a dream. Shrek Academy’s so powerful, how could it be destroyed?’

With great difficulty, he opened his eyes.

He discovered with shock that his vision was met with a green scene. As his sight recovered, his hearing also returned slowly. Tang Wulin noticed that he was in a world filled with the chatterings of insects. This was… a forest?

There was intense pain all over his body. ‘It hurts so much, am I still alive?’

He blinked and struggled to move his body, but he realized that he could not do anything. He took a slow, deep breath, then he focused his spirit and looked within himself.

Tang Wulin discovered that his soul power vortex and bloodline vortex were both very weak. His meridians were damaged in many places. Even his inner organs were displaced.

With such serious injuries, any ordinary person would have been dead. However, he felt that his body was recovering gradually.

His dauntless bloodline power flowed within his body and pushed his meridians and organs back to their original positions. They were being reconnected as well.

‘I’m not dead. Is everything real? Why am I in a forest?’

Various puzzling thoughts lingered in his mind. However, Tang Wulin knew that the most important thing now was to recover as soon as possible. He
could only get answers to his questions after his body had healed.

After he regained consciousness, his body recovered at a much quicker pace. Under his control, his bloodline power moved his organs back to their original positions as easily as the hand directed the fingers. Next, his meridians were swiftly mended. At the same time, he activated the soul power vortex in his energy center as he absorbed the origin energy from the outside world to replenish his body.

Fortunately, the origin energy here was sufficient. Moreover, he was a
plant-system battle soul master. In this place where plants were bountiful, it was much easier for him to cultivate.

Time went by as Tang Wulin’s meridians and organs were fully healed. The pain gradually subsided. A portion of his soul power even gathered within his energy center.

When he finally opened his eyes, he was able to observe the outer world
with greater clarity. The first thing that came into view was a towering tree which reached up into the skies.

He flipped over and got up on his feet.

He was fortunate that he still had his recovery ability. He did not die even after taking the blow from the fixed soul ammunition. It was a miracle. He was lost in his thoughts when suddenly, he saw another person lying on the ground not far from him.

The person was dressed in a white blouse and a skirt. She lay there, motionless.

The instant he saw her, Tang Wulin felt his heart skip a beat. His memory was finally coming back to him. He remembered the person who suddenly appeared in his embrace during the final moments.

He rushed to the side of the lady. He carefully flipped her over.

She looked familiar and had a beautiful face. Was this not Na’er? The only difference was that she appeared to be two or three years older than Na’er.

‘It’s real! It’s all real!’

Tang Wulin hastily felt her pulse. She still had a pulse albeit throbbing weakly. Her clothes were torn in many places exposing her fair skin.

However, Tang Wulin did not bother himself with other thoughts. He carefully carried her in his arms and cautiously infused her with his Mysterious Heaven Method soul power.

Her meridians seemed fine, only her aura was extremely weak. Tang Wulin only realized she had no clothes on her back when he carried her. His hands touched her silky smooth and fair skin.

He was completely aware at this moment. He remembered vividly that she had suddenly appeared in his embrace back then. Just when he shouted, ‘Gu Yue, I love you’, she appeared in his arms.

Her voice was very familiar. However, why did she say that she was Gu Yue?

Her voice and aura were so familiar, but she had Na’er’s looks. For a time, Tang Wulin was puzzled. He had no idea what was happening. There was definitely no mistake. Tang Wulin was truly familiar with the aura she had.

Back then, when Gu Yue was studying with him, they were in contact frequently. They had grown up together since their childhood days.
Through the many years spent together, they became very close friends. She had an important place in his heart. It was impossible for Tang Wulin to mistake her for anyone else.

There was a faint fragrance about her. Her maiden’s fragrance gladdened the heart and freshened the mind. Na’er, on the other hand, had a faint smell of cream. It was much different from the scent Gu Yue had.

Currently, this young lady resembled a grown-up Na’er, but with Gu Yue’s smell. How is that?

Suddenly, Tang Wulin remembered something. He hastily looked at the young lady’s neck. He clearly remembered that there was an oval-shaped birthmark below her neck on the collarbone. It was very faint. If he had not paid attention before, it would be impossible for him to have noticed.

‘There is one! She’s Gu Yue!’

Tang Wulin found the birthmark at first glance.

Other things might be fabricated, but not a birthmark! However, what was the explanation for her appearance?

Tang Wulin carefully rubbed the sides of her face a few times. He had learned about the art of disguise before. Contrary to his expectations, her
appearance remained the same. He could not find any traces of disguise on her face. Also, the current Gu Yue had silver hair!

He parted one of her eyelids slightly. Her pupil was purple. Silver hair and purple eyes, it was clearly Na’er’s characteristics.

Tang Wulin was truly dumbfounded. Whether it was Gu Yue or Na’er who had returned, he would be extremely happy. However, this young lady seemed to be the combination of Gu Yue and Na’er. It was mind-blowing…

The overall feeling she gave was more like Gu Yue, but her appearance… Could it be that Gu Yue had learned a way of disguising herself so much so that even he could not see through? It was the only explanation.

Holding her in his arms, all sorts of emotions welled up within Tang Wulin. He had never expected that she would come to his side at the crucial moment. Also, he distinctly remembered that she had shielded him from the fatal attack with her body.

However, why were they here? Where was this place?

No matter what, saving her was his top priority currently.

He carefully infused his soul power into Gu Yue. However, Gu Yue’s body was like a bottomless pit. No matter how much he infused, his soul power would vanish without a trace. Gu Yue did not show any response as well.

Tang Wulin suddenly remembered something. He recalled that he felt a chilly sensation on his chest before Gu Yue appeared.

He instinctively touched his chest and coincidentally touched the necklace Gu Yue had left him back then. The pendant was a silver scale. He raised the scale to have a look, and he immediately had a hunch in his heart.

Could it be that the scale Gu Yue left him would convey her to his side when he was in danger of dying?

If that was the case, then everything could be explained. The person in his embrace was definitely Gu Yue.

‘Why did you have to go through such troubles?’ Tang Wulin hugged Gu Yue’s beautiful body tightly. If the person in his arms did not have Na’er’s appearance, he was afraid that he would not be able to restrain himself from giving her a kiss. He would at least wait until she regained consciousness to ask her about her presence.

Gu Yue did not regain consciousness. After infusing her with soul power for some time, Tang Wulin felt that he could not sustain the infusion. He needed to meditate to recover his soul power first. Although Gu Yue was
still unconscious, fortunately, her aura was quite stable.

Chapter 883 - Father

Chapter 883: Father

He restored his soul power and infused it into her, then he restored it again before infusing it…

The process was repeated a few more times before Tang Wulin finally sensed Gu Yue’s aura becoming condensed. It was a good sign which confirmed that the infusion of his soul power was effective.

The sky darkened indicating that night had come.

The sky gradually brightened signifying the dawning of a new day.

Tang Wulin had already infused his soul power into Gu Yue seven times.
He continued cultivating and infusing without any break so much so that he was completely exhausted.

After the eighth time, Tang Wulin sensed that Gu Yue’s aura was back to normal, but she had not awakened yet. He then coaxed his exhausted body to enter into the meditative state once more.

He circulated his soul power. After possessing his soul power vortex, the rate at which he could restore his soul power was obviously faster than before. His soul power was restored an hour later, and he did not feel as lethargic.

When he opened his eyes, Tang Wulin saw a pair of big, purple eyes staring into him at close proximity. It happened so suddenly that he was startled
and almost lost his breath. Fortunately, the soul power vortex in his body managed to react in time and guided his power back to normal again.

“You scared me. You’re awake!” Tang Wulin panted a few times before he managed to calm himself as he looked at Gu Yue. His shock soon turned by joy.

Gu Yue sat in front of him with her upper body dressed in his clothes. Her clothes were torn so badly that it barely provided any cover. Tang Wulin helped her change into his clothes with his eyes closed. It was strictly a private affair between them.

His clothes hung loosely on her as they were obviously a little big for her. Gu Yue sat in front of him as she blinked her huge eyes. Her pupils were akin to two small ponds that reflected Tang Wulin’s smile.

“Gu Yue?” Tang Wulin attempted to ask.

Gu Yue suddenly smiled. She was initially exquisite, yet her smile stupefied Tang Wulin.


“Plop!” Tang Wulin was sitting upright earlier when his body, all of a sudden, toppled sideways.

He scrambled to sit up swiftly as he watched Gu Yue in bewilderment. “What, what did you just call me?”

Gu Yue seemed to be slightly astonished from his tumble. She stretched out her hand and pulled his sleeve while she stuck her other thumb into her mouth and sucked at it. She muttered to herself, “Father.”

Tang Wulin’s eyes rolled upward. He almost lost consciousness. What was happening?

“Gu Yue, stop joking. You…”

“Father…” Gu Yue called out once again, her voice sounded as if she was wronged. Tears misted over her beautiful pair of purple eyes instantly. It
seemed like she was about to cry. What… She did not appear to be feigning it!

Tang Wulin rubbed his brows. “Don’t cry, don’t cry. Please allow me to have a quiet moment and think this through.”

Gu Yue pouted her lips as she looked at Tang Wulin. Her hand tugged at his sleeve. “Father, I’m hungry.”

Shrek Academy had perished. Tang Wulin’s heart was initially filled with sadness, yet he had forgotten the sorrow briefly when he was called ‘Father’ by Gu Yue just now.

“Sure. I’ll get you some food,” said Tang Wulin as he tried to calm himself with great effort.

He carried the storage ring with him. As a foodie, there was never a lack of food in his storage ring.

He procured some dry rations and passed them to Gu Yue. Gu Yue proceeded to eat in huge mouthfuls. However, her expression reflected her dissatisfaction. She mumbled to herself as she was eating, “Not tasty, this isn’t tasty.”

Tang Wulin felt helpless as well. How could the dry rations possibly taste good?

It gradually dawned upon him as he looked at Gu Yue’s expressions which were becoming more obvious than before.
Could it be that she had amnesia? If so, why was she calling him ‘father’? “Gu Yue, why do you address me as Father?” Tang Wulin asked in an
attempt to gather more information.

Gu Yue looked at him in confusion. “The first person I see is my father.” Her voice sounded childish and even had a slight lisp but apparently, she was speaking in all seriousness. ‘The first person she sees is her father? Isn’t this the law of the animal world?’

He had a mind full of questions as he faced Gu Yue who had Na’er’s facial features. Yet, he could not ask them aloud no matter how hard he tried at present.

Gu Yue finished the dry rations. She appeared to be full but still unsatisfied. “Father, it’s not tasty. I wish to eat something tasty.”

“Sure. Let me figure out a way,” Tang Wulin spoke with a bitter smile on his face.

Gu Yue wrapped her arms around his arms in excitement and leaned her head against his shoulder. She had this look of dependence.

Tang Wulin stood up. He finally had the energy to pay attention to his
surroundings at present. It was a lush green forest that felt boundless. There was no sign of human cultivation while the flora, which was taller than a person, covered the surroundings. The life source here was extremely thick, but he felt a vague sense of danger.

Where was this?

If it was not a dream, then he should have been struck by high-ranked fixed soul ammunition together with Gu Yue and ended up in this baffling place upon waking up.

‘Forget about it. I’ll take it a step at a time. Since it’s a forest, we should be able to walk out of it.’

At this point, Tang Wulin patted and held Gu Yue’s hand as they walked further inside the forest.

His left hand held Gu Yue’s hand while his right hand held the Golden
Dragon Spear which he used to clear a path for them to walk through. He soon realized that the Golden Dragon Spear was unnecessary. It was strange because the surrounding vegetation in this huge forest
seemed to be filled with friendly feelings. The grass and vines where he passed would part in the middle and opened up a path for him. It was a smooth and pleasant walk.

‘What’s going on? Although my martial soul has become the Bluesilver Emperor after its second awakening, it hasn’t always been this obvious in the past.’

‘Could it be because of my fifth soul ring? Nature’s Child?’

Tang Wulin stopped walking and focused his spirit to sense the great nature’s aura in his surroundings.

As expected, he could clearly sense the friendly feelings emitted from the numerous plants. It was as if all the plants were greeting him.

He would certainly yield twice the result with half the effort if he were to cultivate in this place.

What a waste that Tang Wulin did not even have the slightest intention to cultivate at present. He only wished to leave this place soon. He wanted to survey the situation at Shrek City and search for his comrades before figuring out Gu Yue’s condition to heal her.

He felt tired spiritually and emotionally right now due to the sudden change of events.

He turned his head to look at Gu Yue by his side. He felt much better with her presence as it would be an agony to be here alone.

“Father.” Gu Yue realized that Tang Wulin was looking at her so she smiled sweetly at him.

Tang Wulin spoke with a bitter smile on his face, “Can you please stop
calling me Father? Do you know you’re giving me goosebumps by calling me that? This is truly…” Gu Yue pouted with tears shimmering in her eyes. She spoke as if she was wronged, “Father, are you leaving me?”


Tang Wulin felt helpless. “No, no. Of course, I’m not leaving you. Good girl, do as you wish then.”

“Father, give me a hug.” Gu Yue spread her arms out toward Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin was speechless. Gu Yue had already pounced on him in
excitement. She hung onto his body like an octopus wrapping its prey.

Her head full of long silver hair blew in the wind with her bell-like laughter ringing in the ears.

Tang Wulin could only support her buttocks with a hand. Gu Yue was still bouncing up and down on his arms. At this moment, Tang Wulin was overwhelmed by the close physical contact with Gu Yue, yet he felt helpless.

Gu Yue wrapped her arms around Tang Wulin’s neck and leaned her head against his shoulder. Again, she had the look of dependence.

The helplessness in Tang Wulin’s heart turned into affection. He caressed her long hair softly. He did not let her go but supported her with one hand as he walked forward. He barely felt Gu Yue’s weight.

Chapter 884 - Scarlet Fire Monkey King

Chapter 884: Scarlet Fire Monkey King

Tang Wulin had never expected that Gu Yue would be so dependent on him at this point. When he tried to get her off of him, she stubbornly refused. In the end, he went from holding her in his arms to carrying her on his back.
Riding astride him, Gu Yue giggled as he walked farther into the depths of the forest.

“I’m so thankful!” Tang Wulin looked at the arms hanging before his chest and could not help feeling quite amused.

Gu Yue stuck her head forward and kissed him on his cheek. “Father, I love you.”

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. He was about to speak when his instincts kicked in and he leaped into the air.

A dark brown shadow flashed underneath his feet before immediately vanishing. If he had remained at his earlier position, he would certainly have been hit.

“Who’s there?!” Tang Wulin shouted aloud, but he did not see anything in the direction the attack came from.

Tang Wulin scowled as an icy cold aura burst out from his body. Bluesilver Emperor vines surged out from underneath his feet like a swarm of bees and spread out in all directions. He was in a forest, so this place was, to put it
simply, the battlefield made for him.

What happened next even left Tang Wulin astonished. When his Bluesilver Emperor martial soul bored into the ground, his perception immediately radiated outward. He had already achieved Spirit Abyss spiritual power and his ability was
strong enough that he could cover an area exceeding three hundred meters. However, it was normally just a rough map in his consciousness, whereas this time, when his Bluesilver Emperor fused with the forest, it was as though he could see through God’s Eye. His spiritual power could sense an even larger area and everything he perceived was projected into his mind in crystal-clear, three-dimensional forms.

There was a massive, bulky creature with brown-red fur covering its entire body in the area to Tang Wulin’s front left. The figure was leaping about at high speed while Tang Wulin and Gu Yue’s position seemed to be the center of its trajectory.

Curious, Gu Yue stuck her head out from behind Tang Wulin’s shoulder to look at her surroundings.

It should be much easier to deal with the incoming person if only he could see them.

To Tang Wulin’s surprise, it was a Scarlet Fire Monkey, but it was completely different from what he would have expected of one.

As far as Tang Wulin knew, the Scarlet Fire Monkey was considered a low- ranked soul beast. Most of them had cultivation bases of ten to one hundred years. It was considered rare to see a hundred-year Scarlet Fire Monkey,
and it was a solitary hunter. There was nothing impressive about it other than its speed and agility in the forest.

Yet this Scarlet Fire Monkey was unique. Its body size was more than ten times larger than an ordinary Scarlet Fire Monkey. Its length exceeded
seven meters while its brown-red fur was exuding a faint golden shimmer as it moved. What was even more astounding was the third eye on its forehead. The eye had a golden iris and a slit pupil glowing with an otherworldly light as it gazed in Tang Wulin’s direction. The radiance
emitted from the monkey’s third eye was so brilliant that Tang Wulin could still sense it despite being separated by numerous plants. It was as if that vertical slit pupil was staring straight at him. Was it a variant? There was no doubt that it was a variant soul beast. On the other hand, Tang Wulin had an idea as to his current location upon seeing the monkey.

Soul beasts were already an endangered species on the Douluo Continent! Before this, there was only one place that he had come into contact with a large number of soul beasts. It was the spirit ascension platform which imitated the Great Star Dou Forest controlled by the Spirit Pagoda. Could it
be that Gu Yue had brought him into the spirit ascension platform? This was entirely possible for it was not difficult for Gu Yue to bring him into this place given her position at the Spirit Pagoda.

Was this the spirit ascension platform?

The Scarlet Fire Monkey King was already charging in their direction at full speed while Tang Wulin was still stunned. It seemed like the monkey
sensed Tang Wulin’s observation. In a flash, it scurried onto a huge tree and catapulted itself off of it like a fiery red arrow.

Tang Wulin squinted his eyes as a stinging cold glow shimmered in his
eyes. He was desolated by the calamity that befell on Shrek Academy. The emotions suppressed in his heart exploded like a bomb when confronted by an assailant.

“Gu Yue, hold on tight,” Tang Wulin commanded softly.

Gu Yue hastily placed her arms around his neck tightly as her pair of long legs tightly wrapped around his waist. Tang Wulin’s blood essence fluctuation expanded suddenly as he spread out his arms from his sides and his pair of Golden Dragon Claws were unleashed.

After he had completed two circulation vortexes in his body,

Tang Wulin discovered that his martial soul and bloodline power could
already exist simultaneously without the need to switch between them. He could finally fight with both his martial soul and bloodline power at the
same time. Countless vines of Bluesilver Emperor surged out from the ground and formed a wall like a blue-silver forest to block the Scarlet Fire Monkey’s path.

The Scarlet Fire Monkey King was extremely fierce. It spread out its arms and bumped against the Bluesilver Emperor vines with scorching hot golden-scarlet flames bursting from its entire body.

The Bluesilver Emperor was still a plant-type martial soul after all. The
collision knocked the vines one after another and before long, it had already arrived before Tang Wulin with unstoppable momentum.

It did not pounce onto Tang Wulin immediately because there was an
additional pair of feathered wings under the Scarlet Fire Monkey King’s armpits such that hindered its acceleration as it dashed forth.

Was it using battle tactics? Could a soul beast be that intelligent?

The momentary pause was not to be belittled because it was enough to make the opponent completely mistaken its attack trajectory while at the same time its third eye glowed. A powerful spiritual wave immediately
surged over him like a rising tide. It was not a direct collision but more of a pressure that pushed down from all directions with Tang Wulin’s body as its target.

“Roar!” Tang Wulin raised his head and roared in rage. An enormous golden dragon’s head covered his entire body as he unleashed the Golden Dragon Roars.

The Scarlet Fire Monkey King’s body stiffened in the air for a moment while its powerful spiritual assault retracted after being shocked by the Golden Dragon Roars’ spiritual power.

However, it was also at this moment when golden lightning burst out from its golden pupil and past the surrounding warped air before it arrived in front of Tang Wulin instantly with scorching heat. Meanwhile, the creature dove down from the sky with its pair of sharp claws extended as it slashed at Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin stretched out his right Golden Dragon Claw to shield himself and blocked the lightning raining down on him. Scorching heat radiated from the bolt instantly as the powerful energy assault swayed even Tang Wulin’s incredible physique.

The Scarlet Fire Monkey King seized the opportunity to drop down from the sky as it brandished its pair of sharp claws at Tang Wulin.

“Leave!” Tang Wulin shouted in rage as he unleashed the Golden Dragon Soars to the Heavens! Gigantic golden dragons arose from underneath his feet and crashed into the Scarlet Fire Monkey King.

The explosions screeched as the surrounding forest began to topple away. The Scarlet Fire Monkey King was blasted into the air from the collision but Tang Wulin also staggered for two steps before he managed to stabilize himself.

The Scarlet Fire Monkey King dropped onto a huge tree branch in the distance. There was a mixture of surprise and bewilderment in its eyes. It was apparent that it was startled by Tang Wulin’s powerful attack.

Tang Wulin was slightly less agitated as well. The Scarlet Fire Monkey
King was unexpectedly difficult to deal with not only because its attack was ruthlessly brutal, but it was also equipped with spiritual power. At the same time, its defense was great enough that Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Soars to the Heavens did not manage to harm it in a frontal collision. Remarkably, the attack only compelled it to retreat.

It was a ten-thousand-year soul beast! Not only was it doubtlessly so but also it was not an ordinary one. It was indeed a variant ten-thousand-year soul beast.

Tang Wulin inhaled a deep breath as he got his emotions under control for a moment. He knew that he could not allow his feelings to affect him when dealing with such an enemy in battle. Tang Wulin squinted his eyes as he stared at the Scarlet Fire Monkey King. His aura began to strengthen. He had not used his battle armor because he was saving it for later. It was his last resort, so he would not unleash it recklessly.

If this place was the spirit ascension platform, then it was at least the intermediate if not the legendary platform. Otherwise, he would not be
confronting such a powerful soul beast. He would need to recover his power as much as possible in order to face whatever unexpected threats that could appear at any time in the future.

The Scarlet Fire Monkey King’s eyes rolled about when it was suddenly gone in a blur. Surprisingly, it was no longer pouncing toward Tang Wulin but fleeing into the distance.

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. For sure, the Scarlet Fire Monkey King was exceedingly intelligent. It discovered that Tang Wulin was not an easy target, so it chose to escape immediately.

Tang Wulin heaved a sigh of relief as well. He was aware that he would need to devote all his effort in order to defeat the Scarlet Fire Monkey King. A ten-thousand-year variant soul beast was not easy to deal with unaided.

“Father.” The voice calling out to Tang Wulin dampened his raging will to fight. The corner of his mouth twitched before he patted Gu Yue’s thigh.
“It’s fine now. Come down.”

“Alright.” Gu Yue reluctantly got down from Tang Wulin’s body with a look of lingering fear on her face. “Father, what was that?! It was so terrifying.”

Chapter 885 - Not Good!

Chapter 885: Not Good!

Tang Wulin was speechless when he looked at her. Gu Yue’s power was never inferior to his, and he felt that she was even more formidable than he. Yet now, she had turned into a child that needed constant care from others.

“It’s okay. I’ll protect you.”

Tang Wulin caressed her long hair while Gu Yue slid into his arms and spoke with a satisfied look on her face, “Father is the best.”

Tang Wulin’s palm stiffened. How was he going to face her when she awakened in the future?!

He sighed deeply while focusing his attention on assessing their situation.

The Demon Island’s torment taught to stay as relaxed as possible no matter how tough the situation was. He would try to calm himself in the shortest time possible even if he was emotionally unstable. Only by staying level- headed would he be able to face any hardship.

Tang Wulin calmed himself down and took a long, hard look at their surroundings.

There was no doubt that this was a stretch of primeval forest. With his
earlier speculation that this was the spirit ascension platform, he felt more and more that this was the spirit ascension platform’s simulated Great Star Dou Forest. The only difference was that the plants here were more
exuberant and lusher than the one he had encountered in the platform. It appeared to be even more ancient as well.

He assumed if this was inside the spirit ascension platform, then it was definitely not the intermediate spirit ascension platform. He had been to the intermediate platform before, and its vegetation was not as lush as this. Moreover, he would not have so easily bumped into such a powerful soul beast with strength equal to his.

Given the abilities that the Scarlet Fire Monkey King had displayed earlier, Tang Wulin was afraid that he would need to don his battle armor to best it.

Even though his soul power cultivation base was only rank-50, an ordinary six-ringed master was definitely not a match for him anymore. Tang Wulin could be considered a young master in the soul masters’ world right now given the additions of his battle armor and Golden Dragon Spear.

If that was the case, the Scarlet Fire Monkey King must have been at the soul beast rank of a twenty-thousand-year cultivation base to match him.

Was this the advanced spirit ascension platform? He never really understood the place actually, but he had heard from Gu Yue that the advanced platform was the primary resource of the spirit ascension platform.

However, he still had some basic judgment. For example, the gathering site for more powerful soul beasts would have a smaller number of soul beasts. This was because every powerful soul beast had its own territory that could not be breached by others. It was quite obvious that the place where they
were at now should be the Scarlet Fire Monkey King’s territory.

On the other hand, it was possible that they would encounter other soul beasts once they entered the next territory.

However, the most crucial issue at the moment was how they were going to leave this place!

The spirit ascension platform was equipped with a special exit, so one
would only need to press a button to leave the place. One could also leave the spirit ascension platform by fighting to the death in it, the penalty being some spiritual damage. The problem that he was facing right now was that there was no such exit button on their bodies so they could not exit by ordinary means. However, could they leave by fighting to the death?

Tang Wulin did not know the answer and there was no way he could try out this method. What if he truly died?

Moreover, Tang Wulin once heard that the highest level of existence in the spirit ascension platform was a real world. If Gu Yue and him were at that place now, then they would truly die if they were killed.

Thus, he would need to be most cautious no matter what.

He was not in a rush to advance upon considering this. The stretch of territory belonged to the Scarlet Fire Monkey King, and at least he was still capable of fighting it for the time being. This place was still relatively safe.
Moreover, he used his ability that was similar to God’s Eye to observe his surroundings at any time, so he could discover any dangers sooner. He
would rest and reorganize over here first and ponder out their next move for a moment before he made any further decisions.

If this was truly the legendary highest level of the spirit ascension platform, then the Great Star Dou Forest’s core area could possibly exist here, but it was also very ominous. This could possibly be a place where he could find a one-hundred-thousand-year soul beast!

If he were to recklessly go deeper, both he and Gu Yue were done for if they encountered a one-hundred-thousand-year soul beast.

On the other hand, he would only need to choose the correct direction and gradually move away from the core if this was truly the place. He should be able to walk out of this place if he were to go all the way.

Of course, Tang Wulin could not possibly rely on his eyes to see where he should go to. The newfound ability of his Bluesilver Emperor martial soul gave him a new source of information. It was the plants. The surrounding vegetation understood this world more than he ever could. At this point, Tang Wulin spoke to Gu Yue by his side, “Gu Yue, I’m going to meditate for a moment. I’m going to look for the way out of this place.
Stay by my side and don’t walk too far away.” “Oh,” Gu Yue answered obediently.
Tang Wulin could not help feeling distraught as he looked at Gu Yue behaving like this. Gu Yue was an independent woman always preoccupied with thoughts in her mind. There was a special intimacy between the both of them. Their relationship was formed silently over many years.

This Gu Yue was not the Gu Yue in his heart anymore. However, he was slightly hopeful that if Gu Yue had always been so innocent and pure then
he could be less worried about her. He placed himself in Gu Yue’s position and considered her departure back then. Even though he was heartbroken, if she was truly in love with him, then her heartbreak would be worse than his.

The only difference was that she knew how to look for him, while he had no way to locate her all along.

She was back this time, so he would never allow her to leave no matter what. Of course, he would first need to confirm his speculation that the person with Na’er’s appearance before him was truly Gu Yue. Otherwise, he dared not have an intimate moment with her even if he wanted to.

Tang Wulin crossed his legs and concentrated. He unleashed his mind through the Bluesilver Emperor and gradually fused with the surrounding plants as he linked up with them in succession.

Before a plant’s spiritual intelligence was awakened, it was a living form that could not be any simpler. The plants were akin to metals before spirit forging was completed. They had vitality but not intelligence.

On the other hand, the plants could become plant-type soul beasts once their spiritual intelligence was initiated. It was highly possible that the plants
could become even more powerful than ordinary soul beasts, but that plant- type soul beasts were few and far between. In any case, Tang Wulin’s method did not require that he linked up to plants with spiritual intelligence. He would only need them to inform him of the dangerous and safe pathways.

Soon, he found the answer!

The ordinary plants on the ground provided him with little feedback and felt blank, but those massively, tall trees passed him accurate information and guidance. These plants provided him with the images of two directions. The first direction was like an abyss while the other direction was bright and
sunny. There was no doubt that Tang Wulin had found the answer.

Tang Wulin was immediately overjoyed with such a discovery. He opened up his eyes and leaped up from the ground.

However, he was shocked to find that Gu Yue was not by his side.

He hastily unleashed his spiritual power and searched for her with God’s Perspective. Fortunately, she did not walk far, just about three hundred meters away from him. She lowered her head as she happily looked for something in the bushes. There was already a handful of colorful
wildflowers in her left hand, and she appeared to be in good spirits.

The smile on her face was bittersweet for Tang Wulin as they no longer had the companionship of their friends from Shrek Academy. Yes! Which maiden did not fancy fresh blossoms?

Meanwhile, two figures suddenly appeared in his God’s Perspective. One was pouncing toward his direction while the other was headed straight for Gu Yue.

They both appeared out of nowhere and were moving at incredible speed. Their movements were unrelenting.

This was not good!

Chapter 886 - Divine Dragon Reawakened

Chapter 886: Divine Dragon Reawakened

Tang Wulin screamed aloud in his heart as he shot toward Gu Yue at once akin to an arrow.

Gu Yue who had lost her memory was acting like a child. She was so fragile, to say the least. The fine hairs on Tang Wulin’s body stood up as he moved at his maximum speed. Simultaneously, a blade of Bluesilver Emperor shot out at an even higher speed as it headed straight for Gu Yue.

Surprisingly, it was the Scarlet Fire Monkey King that was pouncing toward Tang Wulin, while the figure aiming for Gu Yue was a green bird-type soul beast. It moved swiftly like a jade green arrow. It reached Gu Yue just as
Tang Wulin’s Bluesilver Emperor wound around Gu Yue’s waist. Its sharp long beak pecked at Gu Yue’s forehead.

It was an Emerald Demon Bird! Tang Wulin identified the soul beast in a split second. He was instantly terrified of the creature.

The Emerald Demon Bird was one of the most ruthless bird-type soul beasts. Its growth depended upon sucking the brains of all living creatures. Any soul beast or human could be its target although the Emerald Demon Bird was particularly fond of human brains. The soul beast moved swift as lightning and was at the top of the list in terms of speed in the entire soul beasts’ world. Fortunately, there were not a lot of them in the world.

The Emerald Demon Birds once caused a major catastrophe in the ancient world. They were still bird-type soul beasts at the time. Wherever the Emerald Demon Birds were present, all the living creatures were left with a hole in their heads without the brains. It was a terrifying scene!

Thereafter, the Emerald Demon Birds were exterminated in an operation that was carried out in the soul beasts’ world. They were singled out to be killed under the leadership of a few soul beast kings. Only a few survived the massacre. From then on, the Emerald Demon Birds’ threat to the living creatures on the continent was greatly reduced. Even when the birds
appeared occasionally, they were extremely cautious and vigilant.

Human knowledge of the Emerald Demon Bird was little, only some were recorded in the ancient records. This was because the Emerald Demon
Birds were abusing the continent when the soul beasts ruled over the continent.

During those times, an Emerald Demon Bird once fed on a true dragon’s brain and continued evolving to become the most terrifying killer of that era.

To avenge the murder of a dragon, the Dragon Clan which dominated the
continent during the era gathered its forces to massacre the Emerald Demon Birds and annihilated them completely.

At this point, Tang Wulin held his breath when he saw the appearance of the Emerald Demon Bird.

If the bird penetrated Gu Yue’s forehead, not even ten Gu Yue’s could survive. Moreover, it was so swift.

Tang Wulin exerted all his strength to pull his Bluesilver Emperor back, while he extended his claw without the slightest hesitation. He unleashed the Golden Dragon Nirvana and smacked the region in front of Gu Yue.

The Emerald Demon Bird was only about half a meter wide. However, with its wings spread out, it measured more than a meter. Its entire body was in emerald green while its long beak was akin to the transparent tube of a needle. Its speed was so swift one could hardly discern its movements in detail.

Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Nirvana Claw was already in action when Gu Yue was being pulled backward. Nevertheless, the Emerald Demon Bird
still managed to speed up. It was as if emerald green flames were gushing out from its tail to power its body forward at lightning speed. In no time, its long pointed beak touched Gu Yue’s brows.

“No…” Tang Wulin screamed out in agony. He felt like the blood in his body was ignited during that split second.

Gu Yue looked like she was in a daze. She was confused when her body
was being pulled backward. She watched helplessly as the Emerald Demon Bird’s long beak was about to strike her.

Tang Wulin roared in agony as he watched the Emerald Demon Bird’s impending strike and the Scarlet Fire Monkey King’s attack from behind. During that split second, the entire world was frozen. In the next moment, Tang Wulin and Gu Yue’s fates seemed to have been predestined.

Tang Wulin felt his heartbreak miserably. He would never forgive himself if he allowed Gu Yue to die under the Emerald Demon Bird’s long beak. He would rather it was his brain that was being fed on than to allow Gu Yue to be harmed even a little.

A strange scene emerged at this moment. The bloodline power surging and boiling in Tang Wulin’s body formed a layer of golden-red mist around his body. The mist was suddenly absorbed by the piece of silver scale on his neck.

The surrounding space seemed to have truly frozen. The Emerald Demon Bird’s swift movements and its long beak, that had contacted Gu Yue’s forehead, stopped moving.
Gu Yue and Tang Wulin’s body became illusory in the next moment. Piercing golden radiance bursts forth from Tang Wulin’s body. Similarly,
Gu Yue’s body emanated a piercing silver radiance. The dual colors of gold and silver echoed each other while the seven-colored crystal on Tang Wulin’s wrist was also glowing with dazzling radiance. In the next moment, the gold and silver colors fused together. A dazzling seven-colored lustre bloomed abruptly. The Emerald Demon
Bird and the Scarlet Fire Monkey King began moving simultaneously. The Emerald Demon Bird appeared like an emerald green meteor as it pierced into the seven-colored radiance.

Its body immediately bounced back following the sound of a crisp “ding”. Meanwhile, the Scarlet Fire Monkey King changed its direction forcefully in mid-air and landed on a huge tree, awe-struck by the seven-colored radiance.

Not only was the radiance powerful, but it was also equipped with intelligence, something most soul beasts did not possess. It was most skilled in seeking an advantageous edge. It used the Emerald Demon Bird as an aid to guarantee its success. The outcome was totally unexpected.

At this moment, Tang Wulin felt the bloodline energy vortex in his chest
suddenly spinning at an unprecedented terrifying speed while the bloodline of his entire body was undergoing peculiar changes.

The massive energy surging into his body was akin to a river flowing back to its source. He felt his entire person swelling up while the terrifying
energy made him look up to the sky and let out a loud dragon’s roar.

It was the Divine Dragon Transformation. He could clearly sense that he was completing the Divine Dragon Transformation with Gu Yue in his
presence. Usually, Gu Yue took the lead in the process of the Divine Dragon Transformation. His role then was to urge the Divine Dragon Transformation energy to battle.

However, it was different this time. The Divine Dragon Transformation seemed to be triggered by him. He could not withstand the unparalleled massive energy within coupled with the energy radiating from Gu Yue.
Hence, it blew him up like a balloon. The meridians in Tang Wulin’s body began to be unbearable although the process had only just begun.

“Argh…” The dragon’s roar turned into a painful scream. Tang Wulin had never felt so close to death even when he was enduring the pain of breaking the Golden Dragon King’s seal. He had never thought that such a situation would happen to him.

At the same time, his agonizing scream was heard, Tang Wulin could feel the energy in his body pausing for a moment as his consciousness returned to normal.

Seven-colored scales covered his entire body which had grown a full five meters taller now. There was a distinct difference as compared to his previous transformation with Gu Yue. It seemed like their martial soul fusion skill had completed its evolution.

Tang Wulin remembered vividly that Gu Yue once mentioned that their
Divine Dragon Transformation back then was the first evolution known as the Divine Dragon Awakening. Could this then be the second evolution?

A pair of enormous seven-colored dragon wings spread open behind Tang Wulin’s back. He could feel all the energy molecules in the entire forest
surging wildly toward him. They were not only surging into his body but formed a cloud of energy around his body. At any time, the energy cloud was at his disposal.

The unprecedented potency and addition of this skill had made him capable of mobilizing even Gu Ye’s power for himself.

Chapter 887 - Dual Beast Domination

Chapter 887: Dual Beast Domination

The Scarlet Fire Monkey King turned around and fled upon seeing the transformed Tang Wulin, particularly after hearing his earlier dragon’s roar.
It transformed into a golden-red shadow and scooted a thousand meters away in the blink of an eye.

The Emerald Demon Bird was even faster than the monkey. Ever since the clan was annihilated with just a few Emerald Demon Birds left, they became even more skilled at protecting themselves. It watched helplessly as the opponent’s aura became increasingly powerful. When should it flee, if not now?


Tang Wulin despised the two soul beasts for they almost caused the loss of his beloved earlier!

His right hand waved once in the air facing the Emerald Demon Bird’s direction. It was as if the air suddenly froze as the terrifying energy surged wildly. The Emerald Demon Bird’s flight slowed down abruptly. It appeared to be swimming in a puddle of glue as it struggled to advance but its speed had slowed down tremendously.

The seven-colored dragon wings on Tang Wulin’s back flapped once. In the next moment, he had caught up with the Emerald Demon Bird while his
seven-colored dragon claw extended and smacked the Emerald Demon Bird’s body.

The Emerald Demon Bird was rather impressive in its defense as well. The green radiance from its body glowed brightly all of a sudden and erupted into a green halo. A piercing explosive sound burst out when the seven- colored dragon claw struck the halo. The green halo shattered into pieces while Tang Wulin’s seven-colored dragon claw rebounded to his surprise.

Tang Wulin’s current cultivation base was elevated by at least three distinct levels under the effect of the Divine Dragon Transformation. In other
words, he was currently a powerhouse whose rank equaled that of a Soul Douluo’s. Furthermore, the strength of his bloodline power was even more terrifying than his Golden Dragon King bloodline.

The Emerald Demon Bird was extraordinary as expected. It was capable of resisting his attack.

A seven-colored vortex then rippled from Tang Wulin’s dragon palm.

Just as the seven-colored vortex appeared, the green radiance on the Emerald Demon Bird’s body dimmed to a large extent. It cried out sorrowfully before it was sucked into Tang Wulin’s dragon claw.

The Elemental Stripping was unleashed!

Undoubtedly, it was an ability that originated from Gu Yue. The Emerald Demon Bird was a wind attribute soul beast. It was capable of achieving such a high speed because of its wind propelling power.

Generally, there were only two attributes for soul beasts with swift speeds. It was either the spatial attribute or the wind attribute. The soul beasts with the spatial attribute were more skilled in short bursts of speed and could perform a myriad of transformations. On the other hand, the wind-attribute soul beasts were not as powerful but their speed increase was linear and, hence, more sustainable. They were even more skilled in performing different transformations.

Be it the wind or space attribute, the soul beasts were stripped of more than just the spatial element under the Elemental Stripping. The Elemental Stripping’s power could strip away all the elemental attributes in the soul beasts’ bodies under the influence of the Divine Dragon Transformation. The Emerald Demon Bird’s power diminished abruptly when it lost the support of the wind element.

It watched helplessly as it fell into Tang Wulin’s palm. However, the Emerald Demon Bird suddenly turned its head around. Its pair of eyes turned scarlet while its once green body turned a fiery red. Was it a wind and fire dual attribute soul beast?

The fiery red color remained for a moment before it turned green again. Everything happened within a split second. Tang Wulin could sense that his Elemental Stripping had reached its limit in absorbing.

What was the wind and fire dual attribute? It relied on the wind and fire vortices in its body to resist the Elemental Stripping. Even though this could only be sustained for a short period of time, it gave the Emerald Demon
Bird a fighting chance for survival.

The Emerald Demon Bird flapped its wings at full force. Its speed increased exponentially while its long beak became even finer akin to a sharp sword in its front as it blasted forward. At that moment, as it increased its speed, it gave out an intense roar. It burst forward breaking the sound barrier for it
was persistent in fleeing for its life.

It was the swiftest soul beast Tang Wulin had ever seen. In any case, he would not allow it to flee.

Having escaped from this incident after facing a formidable enemy with such a swift speed, would they be so fortunate the next time? Tang Wulin
would be nursing his grievance had Gu Yue, who was attacked by it, been a tad further away from him.

Thus, Tang Wulin’s left hand slapped the air just as the Emerald Demon Bird began to accelerate once again.

All of a sudden, the space around them collapsed. The surrounding plants were apparently frozen while a black hole emerged in the sky instantly. Tang Wulin’s energy was elevated to its peak under the support of the Divine Dragon Transformation. The black hole, a meter in diameter,
enshrouded the Emerald Demon Bird. Its speed which could break the sound barrier was instantly halted under the terrifying suction force.

Tang Wulin’s right Duskgold Dreadclaw seized the opportunity to strike when the bird paused for a moment.

The Duskgold Dreadclaw tainted with the seven colors covered a terrifying area of fifty square meters. Five streams of light blades, each fifty meters long, made of Duskgold with its seven-colored radiance descended from the sky to strike the ground with an apocalyptic result.

“Boom…” The Emerald Demon Bird’s body rolled on the ground with its
emerald green feathers scattering through the air. However, Tang Wulin was surprised that the soul beast, known for its speed, had such a strong body. It did not die despite being attacked by Tang Wulin’s Divine Dragon Transformation Duskgold Dreadclaw at full force. It had just lost
consciousness with a deep gash on its body.

Tang Wulin had no time to strike again, so he grabbed the Emerald Demon Bird with his hand. At the same time, his body swayed once and he had
already traveled a thousand meters with the silver radiance flickering once on his body. He repeated the process a few times, and the scarlet red figure was already in front before him.

“Come down!” shouted Tang Wulin as he swung his left hand at lightning speed simultaneously. A stream of golden radiance flashed and vanished instantly as the Scarlet Fire Monkey King shrieked while moving at full
speed through the air. It appeared to be dodging the golden radiance. Suddenly, it felt the energy squeezing its body with the surroundings becoming seven-colored at this moment. The golden radiance had pierced through the Scarlet Fire Monkey King’s body with precision when it paused for a moment.

The thick life force infused into Tang Wulin’s body wildly as these powerful bloodline energy refined through his Golden Dragon Spear replenished his body’s energy. Tang Wulin descended from the sky with the seven-colored dragon wings on his back spread open as he landed onto the ground.

The Scarlet Fire Monkey King was completely devoured by the Golden Dragon Spear in just a few breaths leaving behind only its skin and fur.

The Golden Dragon Spear remained golden but its radiance was in seven colors. Its speed in devouring a life force was much faster than previously.

Just as Tang Wulin had expected, the Scarlet Fire Monkey King’s death did not increase the spiritual energy cultivation base of his soul ring but formed a pitch-black soul ring above his body instead.

It was a ten-thousand-year soul ring! It was a real soul beast.

Tang Wulin took a deep breath. His consciousness jolted as he sensed his
strength draining rapidly from his body. Soon after, a figure separated from his body, and he hastily grabbed her slim waist with his left hand. She was none other than Gu Yue.

She appeared shocked apart from looking pale. She blinked her huge eyes and was about to cry.

Waves of weakened sensations radiated forth but Tang Wulin was surprised to find that the weakened sensations were not as intense as in the past where he would lose consciousness when they launched the Divine Dragon Transformation. Perhaps, it was because he had absorbed a ten-thousand year Scarlet Fire Monkey King’s life force. His endurance had increased
with at least thirty percent of his cultivation base still available. He was still alright!
There was the Emerald Demon Bird that he had yet to take care of. It would be dangerous if he were to lose consciousness while the Emerald Demon
Bird regained its strength.

Tang Wulin released the hand that was holding Gu Yue and raised his left hand to smack the Emerald Demon Bird’s body. “Father, don’t!” Gu Yue screamed out in shock. Tang Wulin’s Golden
Dragon Claw, which was just inches above the head of the Emerald Demon Bird, stopped in the nick of time.

“What’s wrong?” The fear and surprise in Tang Wulin’s eyes had disappeared as he looked at Gu Yue. Only joy remained.

Gu Yue saved him when Shrek Academy was attacked with fixed soul
ammunitions back then. Tang Wulin was seventy percent sure that the girl who looked like Na’er was sent by Gu Yue via his silver dragon scale. Now, he was a hundred percent sure that the person before him was Gu Yue.
Otherwise, where did the Divine Dragon Transformation come from? What better way was there to determine the identity of a person than using a martial soul fusion skill?

Gu Yue took two steps forward and scooped up the Emerald Demon Bird from Tang Wulin’s arms. “It’s adorable! Please don’t hurt it.”

Tang Wulin shuddered upon hearing Gu Yue’s words.

Adorable? The creature almost fed on her brain earlier! Yet, she called it adorable.

However, Tang Wulin now had the opportunity to take a closer look at the Emerald Demon Bird.

The Emerald Demon Bird could honestly be described as adorable. It was over a foot long with emerald-like green feathers on its entire body. Its long beak appeared translucent with a faint golden color shimmering in green. It had a long and slim figure with a body that was exquisitely streamlined. Its shape was just perfect. The eyelids over its closed eyes were also a faint golden color. There was also a line of golden striation that extended all the way from the top of its head to its tail.

Chapter 888 - Father Is So Cruel!

Chapter 888: Father Is So Cruel!

Tang Wulin still remembered its red ruby-like eyes. It would have been a perfect jade sculpture if it just stopped moving.

Still, this creature was deadly!

“No, it’s too dangerous. Don’t you know that the Emerald Demon Bird feeds on brains to evolve itself?!” Tang Wulin spoke anxiously.

“No, I won’t give you back.” Gu Yue held the Emerald Demon Bird and turned around with her back facing Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin dashed in front of her with a flash and spoke sternly, “Gu Yue, listen to me. This is not a toy. It almost killed you!”

“No, Father is so cruel.” Gu Yue made a half turn again.

Tang Wulin was rendered speechless. ‘I’m cruel? It’s going to kill us if I’m not cruel!”

“Gu Yue, listen to me, alright. The Emerald Demon Bird is an infamous bird beast. During ancient times, it once caused great bloodshed. I can see that this Emerald Demon Bird is different from what is told in the ancient records, but it’s even more powerful. I knocked it unconscious, but it will still threaten our lives once it has awakened. We can’t even use our Divine Dragon Transformation anymore, so we’ll die within its jaws at that point. Do you want to see me dead?”

Raising her head, Gu Yue looked at Tang Wulin’s serious expression and the hands that were stretched out to her. She blinked and she suddenly said, “I have an idea that’ll stop it from hurting us.” She suddenly raised a hand and drew in the air before Tang Wulin could respond.

Streams of peculiar lines began to appear in the air. Every line was shimmering with a lustrous silver light as if it was alive.

Gradually, these lines condensed into a silver scripture that dropped onto the Emerald Demon Bird’s head slowly.

The lines surged into the Emerald Demon Bird’s head as the bird’s body began to shiver. Gu Yue caressed its feathers. “Little Emerald. It’s going to be over in a moment.”

Tang Wulin looked at Gu Yue in astonishment. He could clearly sense that the silver scripture contained such incredible spiritual power that he could not even sense how great the spiritual power contained in the scripture was even with his Spirit Abyss cultivation base.

He hastily asked, “Gu Yue, have you remembered anything else?”

Gu Yue shook her head. “Nope! I can only remember this way to make Little Emerald follow our instructions. I can still vaguely remember that it will not create any more troubles now that this is done. It will follow my directions properly.”

Tang Wulin was still slightly concerned. “What are you going to do if you fail? It…”

“I won’t fail,” Gu Yue spoke with complete certainty and seriousness.

Tang Wulin spoke, “In that case, I promise not to kill it, but I’ll bind it with my Bluesilver Emperor. We’ll discuss further when it has awakened.”

Gu Yue was obviously unwilling, but she finally nodded her head after seeing Tang Wulin’s determined look. He carefully passed the Emerald Demon Bird in her hand to Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin dared not use the mundane Bluesilver Emperor, so he immediately released Goldsong. Goldsong flung its tail out and wound around the Emerald Demon Bird.

Gu Yue appeared to be very excited upon seeing Goldsong. It seemed like Goldsong was different from before.

After Tang Wulin’s separated his blood essence and broke through the ninth layer of the Golden Dragon King Seal, there was an additional horn on
Goldsong’s forehead. Its body was eighteen meters long. It appeared to be extremely fine, but its body was covered in golden dragon scales that
looked exactly like Tang Wulin’s instead of just striations. It looked just like a genuine little golden dragon.

Its pair of golden crystal-like eyes made it appear even more domineering than before. It raised its head and looked at Tang Wulin with a proud and bold aura.

Tang Wulin could sense a burning intelligence from Goldsong’s body. The little fellow, that had once been a defective spirit soul, was growing more and more now. Tang Wulin felt that if Goldsong could evolve a pair of dragon wings one day, then perhaps it could truly become a creature very much like a genuine dragon.

Even though the Overlord Dragon too was evolving following Tang Wulin’s evolving bloodline, the Overlord’s evolution was on a smaller scale
compared to Goldsong.

One of the reasons was that the Overlord Dragon was too powerful itself, and more importantly, it was still a land dragon and not a real dragon.

Goldsong was different because it was Tang Wulin’s first spirit soul. It was with Tang Wulin ever since his bloodline awakening. The bloodline in its body was completely the same as Tang Wulin’s bloodline. Thus,
Goldsong’s evolution was even purer due to Tang Wulin’s influence.

Of course, if the Overlord Dragon could evolve a pair of dragon wings as well in the future, then its situation would be quite similar. Their skills
would be the only difference. A Spirit soul’s most important purpose for a soul master was to provide soul rings. An ordinary soul master’s spirit soul was not very useful, while battle armor’s usage far exceeded a spirit soul for a powerhouse. Thus, powerhouses would devote more of their energy to developing battle armor.

Only a spirit soul that could be used for the final few soul rings could possibly become powerful enough, and then it could be used to provide
assistance to its soul master during a battle. This was also the reason why the Shrek Seven Monsters rarely unleashed their spirit souls during the fighting process. Even though the spirit soul that provided the first few soul rings would evolve after one absorbed spiritual energy from the spirit
ascension platform, the scale of its transformation was so little it was rather useless.

Only Tang Wulin’s Goldsong was different because its evolution did not follow his soul ring evolution, but it grew in unison with Tang Wulin’s bloodline. Tang Wulin had already broken through the ninth layer of the Golden Dragon King Seal so Goldsong was completely different now as well.

Tang Wulin placed his hand on Goldsong’s head. Goldsong stuck out its tongue and touched against his palm with pride in its eyes. It seemed to be showing off to Tang Wulin that it was already very powerful now.

Tang Wulin smiled. “That’s great! You can join in during our next battle.”

Goldsong nodded toward Tang Wulin in a very human manner then it turned its head and looked at Emerald Demon Bird with an unkind gaze. It was as if Goldsong was considering if it should bite the bird to death.

Gu Yue glared at Goldsong. “You’re not allowed to do so.”

Goldsong looked at her with bemusement in its eyes, then it lowered its head as if in agreement.

Gu Yue’s face lit up with happiness. The Emerald Demon Bird was injured rather severely so it would not be
waking up anytime soon. Tang Wulin ordered Gu Yue very sternly this time that she was not allowed to go more than ten meters away from him. He then crossed his legs and meditated to heal himself.

His consciousness dove deeply as the two vortexes in his body circulated and spun around.

The blood essence vortex had obviously shrunk, and it was spinning very slowly. There was no doubt that he had consumed a large amount of bloodline energy during the Divine Dragon Transformation process earlier
for his soul power vortex was acting as such too. However, Tang Wulin was more astonished that his meridians seemed to grow wider during the transformation process. There was no sign of damage due because his meridians were strong enough to endure ot.

With his elevated power, could he finally control the power of the Divine Dragon Transformation little by little? He recalled the feelings triggered during the transformation as he meditated.

He was absolutely terrified at the time. Gu Yue was the only thing on his mind. He would die for her, so he had triggered the Divine Dragon Transformation himself.

The energy radiating from Gu Yue was so strong that his body was already close to breaking down after it had fused with his own energy. Even so, the energy infusion stopped when he was screaming out in agony. Surely it was Gu Yue that was exercising control over it?

If Gu Yue was clear-headed, perhaps she and Tang Wulin could control the Divine Dragon Transformation properly and perfect the use of the martial soul fusion skill.

The feeling of such power was magnificent. More importantly, by
experiencing abilities on that level first-hand, he would definitely gain an even better understanding of it and streamline his own elevation in the future. He truly needed a long time to meditate for two reasons. One was to restore the energy he consumed, and another was to come to terms with his

Chapter 889 - What’s A Soul Beast King?

Chapter 889: What’s A Soul Beast King?

When he had awakened from meditation, Tang Wulin discovered that Gu Yue had laid her head against his thigh. She was sleeping soundly.

Looking at her lying there, Tang Wulin could not prevent his emotions from getting the better of him. He caressed her long hair gently.

‘Gu Yue, oh Gu Yue. Why do you have Na’er’s face? There’s no sign of makeup on you at all. What happened to you?’

There was no way he could treat her in this place that was very likely to be the Great Star Dou Forest. He could only heal her injuries after getting out of here.

He had to proceed with caution step by step now. On the other hand, Shrek City’s downfall would have sent a shockwave throughout the entire
continent. Therefore, as a leader of the Shrek Seven Monsters, he would undoubtedly suffer from an enormous amount of stress even after leaving this place.

He could clearly remember that Atlas Douluo Yun Ming had told him that they were Shrek’s seeds before he ascended into the sky. Shrek Academy cultivated them, and Tang Wulin would not be the man he was without Shrek. There was no doubt that he was duty bound to avenge Shrek.

Clenching his fists tightly, he struggled to keep himself from recalling the familiar faces in Shrek Academy.

Sorrow was useless, so he had to be strong.

He wondered how his companions were. They should have been fine after the bomb was blocked. Tang Wulin procured his soul communicator from his storage soul tool. Just as he had expected, there was no signal on the communicator, so he could not reach anyone outside.

He sighed, careful not to wake Gu Yue, and then he procured some dry rations to eat.

In the distance, the ten-thousand-year soul ring that arose from the Scarlet Fire Monkey King’s body had already dissipated after some time. There was no doubt that the ring was wasted. However, Tang Wulin and Gu Yue had no need for a soul ring right now. Tang Wulin would not have killed it if not for the Scarlet Fire Monkey King’s surprise attack. The soul beasts that still existed on the continent today, especially powerful ones, were
already as rare as unicorn’s horn.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin’s chest tightened suddenly when he thought of the Emerald Demon Bird. He turned his head to the side and took a glance.

By his side, Goldsong had coiled itself like a snake, and the Emerald Demon Bird was right in the middle of the coil. It was unusual that the
wound on its body had so swiftly healed completely and was covered with feathers once again. It was already awake as it looked at Tang Wulin with its red ruby-like eyes. It did not even struggle with Goldsong winding
around its body.

Tang Wulin frowned as he stared at the Emerald Demon Bird. If he had had his way, he would have already killed the bird. Its reputation alone was
enough of a reason for him to do away with it.

The Emerald Demon Bird seemed to feel his hostility as its body recoiled. It thdn looked at Gu Yue lying on his thigh and gave out a few crisp chirps.

Gu Yue’s body jerked, and her long lashes lifted as she groggily opened her eyes.

“What’s going on, Little Emerald? I was having a nap. Why’d you wake me?”

“Chirp, chirp, chirp,” the Emerald Demon Bird called out again. Gu Yue turned over her body and looked at Tang Wulin by her side. She immediately pouted her lips and spoke, “Father, Little Emerald says that you wish to harm it. Were you trying to scare it?”

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. “You can understand what it’s saying?”

Gu Yue nodded and spoke, “Yes! I’m Little Emerald’s master, so naturally, I understand it.”

Tang Wulin’s face was filled with astonishment. “Is that true? Are you sure?”

Gu Yue nodded once again. “Of course I’m sure. Take a look if you don’t believe me. Little Emerald, am I beautiful?”

Emerald Demon Bird hastily nodded.

Tang Wulin could not help laughing. “So am I handsome?”

Emerald Demon Bird glared at him ferociously then turned its head away. Its human-like behavior made Tang Wulin gawk in bewilderment.

“Hah hah hah hah!” Gu Yue laughed aloud joyously. “Father, release it quickly. I promise that it won’t hurt me.”

Tang Wulin squinted. Even though he was still concerned, he thought that it should be fine judging by the look of the Emerald Demon Bird. Moreover, he was by Gu Yue’s side, so he was not afraid.

“Goldsong, release it.”

Goldsong flung its tail once as a green glow surged skyward. The Emerald Demon Bird soared straight into the sky.

Tang Wulin raised his hand to catch it but was stopped by Gu Yue. The Emerald Demon Bird spun around for one circle in the sky before it spread its wings and descended slowly. It slowed its descent before finally landing on Gu Yue’s shoulder. It affectionately rubbed its head against hers. Was it truly tame?

This was Tang Wulin’s first time learning that a human was capable of taming a soul beast. Moreover, the variant Emerald Demon Bird’s before his eyes had at least a ten-thousand-year cultivation base, so it would
certainly be very helpful if Gu Yue was truly able to domesticate it.

The Emerald Demon Bird appeared extremely docile and did not show the slightest hostility. It stood on Gu Yue’s shoulder obediently and used its head to rub against her long hair occasionally.

Tang Wulin was relieved. Goldsong cruised its way to his side. With a flash of golden light, it fused into his body and vanished.

“Little Emerald, that’s your name from now on.” Gu Yue petted Emerald Demon Bird with a smile.

“Why don’t we call it Emerald Flower? Green body with red eyes. Doesn’t it look like a red flower on a nest of green leaves?” Tang Wulin suggested sincerely.

“Chirp, chirp!” the Emerald Demon Bird crowed in fury.

Gu Yue pouted her lips and spoke, “Little Emerald doesn’t like it. I’ll call it Little Emerald then.”

Tang Wulin glared at the Emerald Demon Bird coldly. “Be good. Otherwise, humph!”

Emerald Demon Bird raised its head but refused to pay any attention to him.

It did not have a favorable impression of the man that once hurt it.

“Let’s go.” Tang Wulin unleashed his Bluesilver Grass and linked up with the surrounding plants to explore the situation in the area as they advanced.

He had only walked two steps before he stopped and spoke to Gu Yue, “Can you ask the bird which direction we should take to leave this forest?” Despite having the plants’ guidance, a soul beast, especially one of a higher order with intelligence equal to a human’s such as this Emerald Demon
Bird, would understand the forest even more compared to them.

Gu Yue looked at the Emerald Demon Bird. There seemed to be a flicker in her eyes as it chirped a few times. Gu Yue nodded and spoke, “Father, you’re on the correct path. You can walk to the outside if you go in this direction. However, Little Emerald said that there are even more terrifying creatures out there, but it sounds like that means humans.”

Tang Wulin frowned. The place sounded more and more like what he had assumed. If it was true, it would be natural for soul beasts would fear mankind as it was mankind that continuously took over their original habitat.

From what he could recall, the peripheral area of the entire Great Star Dou Forest’s core should be heavily guarded in order to prevent the surviving powerful soul beasts inside from rioting. The large military presence did not come from the Federation but the Spirit Pagoda.

On the continent, Shrek Academy’s advantage was its prestigious reputation and its graduates from all over the world. On the other hand, Tang Sect’s
strong point was its resources and commercial value. The Spirit Pagoda’s main strength was its control over the soul masters’ world through the spirit soul and the spirit ascension platform.

The Spirit Pagoda’s headquarter was located near Shrek Academy on the outside of Shrek City. It was also located not far away from the Great Star Dou Forest. The core of the Great Star Dou Forest had always been within the Spirit Pagoda’s control so no one knew what was actually happening inside. One would need to pay a high price to the Spirit Pagoda in order to enter the place. It was said that the Spirit Pagoda was rearing the most powerful soul beasts in a pen.

He did not know how Gu Yue and he had entered this place, but in order to walk out of here, not only did he need to deal with the powerful soul beasts in the forest but at the same time he would need to make it out of the Spirit Pagoda’s tightly controlled perimeter before he left. At this point, Tang Wulin could not help looking at Gu Yue. It was she that brought him into this place. Moreover, she must have a rather high position in the Spirit Pagoda by now. Yet she had no memories of the past and was as pure as a blank paper.

It seemed like he could only bring along her as he applied the infiltration method learned from the Old Demons on the Demon Island as they broke free from the guarded area.

They trekked through the forest aided by Gu Yue’s guidance from the Emerald Demon Bird. Emerald Demon Bird told Gu Yue that there were only a few soul beasts left in the forest, so the beasts were not fighting for territory and instead lived in their own separate domains. Hence, the probability of encountering a soul beast was not considered too high. The bird had known the Scarlet Fire Monkey King, but they had not bothered
each other. The Scarlet Fire Monkey King told the bird that human prey had entered the forest, so it came in an attempt to hunt for food.

The Emerald Demon Bird’s cultivation base seemed to have reached a bottleneck, so it could only evolve by feeding on a powerhouse’s brain. The problem was that the soul beasts in the Great Star Dou Forest were not that easy to deal, so it would not attack recklessly. The Soul Beast King that
controlled the forest explicitly forbade soul beasts from killing each other, and it dared not disobey.

“What’s Soul Beast King?” Tang Wulin asked the Emerald Demon Bird out of curiosity.

The Demon Bird was stunned for a moment before it shook its head. The feathers on its entire body shivered as if it was terrified.

Chapter 890 - Purple-haired Woman

Chapter 890: Purple-haired Woman

Gu Yue spoke curiously, “Little Emerald, don’t be afraid. Tell us quick, who is the Soul Beast King?”

The Emerald Demon Bird raised its head to look at her, blinked its red eyes then lowered its head once again. This time, it refused to say anything further.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin sensed a gush of formless pressure radiating from all directions. His spiritual power that spread out through the plants was
constricted all of a sudden. What was that…
At the same time, Tang Wulin turned pale with fear. He hastily moved to Gu Yue’s side and grabbed her hand.

The Emerald Demon Bird raised its head with a look of terror revealed in its eyes. The sky turned gloomy.

The bright and warm sunlight vanished and in its place was a stretch of darkness. Massive pressure descended from the sky which invoked an indescribable fear. When Tang Wulin discovered that the origin energy and energy of the other attributes in the air were disappearing quickly, he was gripped with a sense of fear and panic. There was only the darkness element that remained.

“Roar…” A deep roar sounded, rustling the entire forest.

“Who is it who dares to slaughter soul beasts? Who is it who dares to invade Star Dou?” The voice echoed throughout the forest. Despite Tang Wulin’s efforts to communicate with the surrounding plants, it was silent all around.

Tang Wulin felt his heart sink. Such a terrifying overbearingness could only come from a soul beast with a hundred-thousand-year cultivation base that was equal to mankind’s Title Douluo. It was remarkably the most powerful soul beast Tang Wulin had ever met.

It was the colossal octopus Tang Wulin encountered in the sea when he was heading to Star Luo Empire that could remotely be compared to it.

The sky was completely pitch black with purple light flickering faintly. The surrounding air had a feel of ghastliness reflecting the presence of the dense darkness element. It was as if there were countless bitter shrills echoing at the same time. The great forest that was initially filled with a life source had turned into a haunted region within seconds.

The surroundings became incredibly quiet that even the sound of an insect’s chirp was gone.

Tang Wulin found it difficult to breathe. His soul power and blood essence power were almost pressured to freezing point.

Even though he was well aware that his cultivation base meant nothing when he was confronting a true powerhouse, he was still unwilling to concede in such a situation.

He was not afraid of death, neither did he have a wish to die. He still had many things to do. Besides, he had the heavy responsibility of reviving Shrek Academy.

Yet, could he survive when he was confronted by such a formidable enemy? He could not do it even if he had Gu Yue together to launch the Divine
Dragon Transformation.

Moreover, they had just launched the Divine Dragon Transformation earlier so they could not possibly launch it again within a short period of time. He turned his head to the side and looked at Gu Yue. She seemed to be frightened also as she hid by Tang Wulin’s side in her ghastly pale look. She was grabbing his arm tightly.

Tang Wulin felt pitiful in his heart. Would they finally end up vowing to die on the same day together in the soul beast’s forest?

No, absolutely not!

He was going to protect her with his life even if he was to exhaust the last drop of his blood.

At this point, Tang Wulin’s aura that was initially suppressed began to reassert itself. His indomitable will ignited his bloodline once again.

His bloodline fluctuation that was almost frozen was invigorated once again while his soul power was also brimming with vitality. A misty golden halo was unleashed from his body.

“I’ll never allow anyone to hurt you before I die.” Tang Wulin took a deep breath as his one-word battle armor turned over and covered his entire body rapidly. He swiped his right hand on his forehead and conjured the Golden Dragon Spear in his palm. His power was now elevating wildly
accompanied by the outburst of his bloodline.

“Huh!” A puzzled voice was heard in the distance.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin noticed a path opening in the great forest before him. The path was dark purple so he could only see vaguely with the light from the dark purple radiance.

A figure walked out slowly from the other end of the path. Her entire body was covered in purple-black scales. She had a slender figure with perfect, round breasts and long legs. The upper part of her chest was bared to reveal her snowy white skin and a deep cleavage between her breasts. Her long purple-black hair hung down loosely behind her back and away from her body even without the wind blowing. Her exquisite face was exceedingly
charming with her deep purple eyes. Her lips, on the other hand, were a bright purple. An ink-black scale on her forehead rippled with layers of purple radiance streaming forth to the top of her head.

Tang Wulin drew in a cold breath upon seeing her appearance. Initially, he assumed her to be a hundred-thousand-year soul beast, but now, he was
absolutely sure that the person before him was at the peak of its existence in the soul beasts’ world with a cultivation base of over two hundred thousand years. It was a beast with no equal!

He had gathered immense knowledge about the beasts when he was
studying in Shrek Academy. At the time, Tang Wulin was really interested, so he did some research of his own.

It was considered achieving the limit when a soul beast could cultivate to a hundred-thousand-year cultivation base. By then, there were only two ways the soul beast could continue to elevate itself. The first method was to
cultivate into a human form and remove its beast skeleton in order to possess mankind’s power of comprehension and higher intelligence. Then, it could become a God once it had broken through the limits of this world.

However, there seemed to be a rule that a soul beast could never become a God, just like the story Gu Yue once told.

The majority of the soul beasts would not choose this path. After all, a human’s age could never exceed two hundred years no matter how powerful that person was. If the soul beast failed the breakthrough to become a God, then, just like the humans, it would just become a part of history.

The other path was to break through its own hundred-thousand-year bottleneck. This stage involved overcoming heaven’s punishment. The punishment would be a hundred thousand years later. The soul beast’s body and spirit would perish together should the soul beast fail to break through.

For those soul beasts who were confident enough, they would choose the latter path. If they were successful, they would then live another hundred thousand years following the breakthrough. At the same time, the soul beast’s power would increase tremendously once it had broken through the bottleneck to become a beast!

If a hundred-thousand-year soul beast was equal to a Title Douluo, then a beast would be equal to a Hyper Douluo. A beast with a longer cultivation age and more successful breakthroughs at the bottleneck would have even more terrifying power.

There was once a beast with over a million-year cultivation base mentioned in the legends which broke through the bottleneck ten times!

On the other hand, there were beasts that were capable of transforming into the human form without choosing the path of cultivating into a human.

The person, before his eyes, who was exuding a ferocious aura was undoubtedly a soul beast. She was also capable of transforming into a human and appeared perfect. She had to be a beast with at least two hundred thousand years of cultivation base which would be equal to mankind’s Hyper Douluo.

On the other hand, Tang Wulin was only equal to a seven-ring soul beast
even with his one-word battle armor. Furthermore, he was just a seven-ring Soul Sage without a martial soul avatar. No matter how gifted he was, he
could not possibly fight the person before him albeit the person was a dragon-type soul beast.

The woman was getting closer. The dense purple radiance in her eyes was flowing outward to her sides. The closer she got, the stronger the pressure exerted on Tang Wulin. The golden light mist emitted from Tang Wulin’s body grew more expansive.

Tang Wulin was aware that the pressure was already close to the limit of his endurance. It was the strength of his indomitable willpower that supported the bloodline into continuously discharging the powerful aura to withstand the opponent’s pressure.

“Tiny little human, you have the nerve to come to my Great Star Dou forest and slaughter my soul beasts. How dare you!” warned the purple-haired woman. She stopped walking abruptly when she was about fifty meters away from Tang Wulin.
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