The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 871-880

Chapter 871 - The Terrifying Tang Wulin

Chapter 871: The Terrifying Tang Wulin

“Roar…” At this moment, the valiant dragon’s roar was heard once again. It was the Golden Dragon Roar.

Even though Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan did not possess the Dragon Clan bloodline, their bodies were still shaken violently and slowed down simultaneously under the influence of Tang Wulin’s raging roar.

Tang Wulin stamped his right foot on the ground and unleashed the Golden Dragon Roar followed by the Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth. It warped the surrounding space. Ye Xinglan who was standing closest to him was
affected such that her entire person shivered and immediately became frozen.

Her cultivation base was only outranked by Tang Wulin within their group of seven. She managed to unleash the protective shield on her battle armor glowing with speckles of starlight when she felt unwell. Thus, she only
shivered a while before she resolved it with her ruthless sword. However, it was precisely then that eight golden dragons scurried out and flew toward Yuanen Yehui. Tang Wulin seized the opportunity when Ye Xinglan was
stunned to get to her.

His right Golden Dragon Claw swung forward and shattered the space
where his hand passed through. The fragmented space naturally produced a suction force that drew in Ye Xinglan.

Ye Xinglan lifted her Stargod Sword and integrated herself with the One with the Sword without much space for maneuvering, much to everyone’s surprise.

“Ding ding ding!” A series of crisp sounds were continuously heard from the spot where the sword met the claw. The disparity between their powers could be seen now. Although Ye Xinglan had channeled the sword’s
consciousness as best as she could, she was still oppressed by Tang Wulin
such that she was retreating after each collision. The disparity between their strengths was just too huge.

Tang Wulin turned around and swept his right foot against the ground. The massive dragon’s tail emerged unexpectedly with the sound of his valiant dragon’s roar. It was the Golden Dragon Wags Tail.

Tang Wulin was not especially skilled in executing his techniques. His method was simple and crude. He made his opponents submit by force. He did not intend to compete against her sword’s consciousness or
swordsmanship. Nonetheless, he was using the purest form of his strength to suppress her.

Ye Xinglan was helpless so she could only transform her Stargod Sword into countless swords’ radiances to retreat quickly. In the end, she was still blasted away by the Golden Dragon Wags Tail.

Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Wags Tail swung his body horizontally. He did not even look at Ye Xinglan retreating from the shock as he raised his right arm and unleashed the Golden Dragon Nirvana Claw!

Yue Zhengyu and Xie Xie had fought against his Golden Dragon Nirvana Claw earlier. Only this time, Yuanen Yehui who had just gotten over the Golden Dragon Shocks the Earth would be fighting it alone.

The terrifying and massive dragon claw dropped down from the sky with a suction force that could shatter space. Coupled with the sharpness of the
Golden Dragon Dreadclaw, it was the most powerful attack in Tang Wulin’s Divine Dragon Nine Moves at present.

It was impossible for Yuanen Yehui to transform into the Fallen Angel to evade the attack. The sixth soul ring on her body glowed brightly as the double hammers struck together in front of her. She stood in the trial arena as if her feet were rooted to the ground. A giant hand, ten meters in
diameter, suddenly appeared behind her back. The giant hand clenched into a fist and resisted Tang Wulin’s massive Golden Dragon Nirvana Claw. Yuanen Yehui was at the same level as Yue Zhengyu. She had broken through to be a six-ring Soul Emperor.

“Boom…” Tang Wulin and Yuanen Yehui shook violently at the same time. The Golden Dragon Nirvana Claw and the Titan’s Grip were crushed when they collided into each other. They were evenly matched.

However, Yuanen Yehui was reinforced by her battle armor, the three great enhancements of her Titan Strength, Diamond Titan, and Devil Titan, plus her sixth soul skill. With all these reinforcements, she had only managed to resist the attack.

Nevertheless, she finally managed to block Tang Wulin’s most powerful attack head-on when a speckle of frosty starlight appeared behind Tang Wulin’s back.

Tang Wulin swung his right hand back abruptly as a stream of golden radiance crossed his back. It was his Golden Dragon Spear. Simultaneously, his one-word battle armor ‘Dragon’ emerged on his body.

Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan were even more powerful than Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu. It was difficult to defeat them without the battle armor.

Yuanen Yehui’s sixth soul ring remained glowing brightly. Her right hammer was tossed into the air as her Titan’s Grip appeared once again to grab the giant hammer before slamming it down.

Ye Xinglan who was behind Tang Wulin froze for a moment. Her fifth soul ring glowed as her entire person transformed into a star that was flickering with blazing hot radiance. The formidable sword’s consciousness locked down his entire body.

The two powerhouses devoted all their efforts in their attacks, and it seemed like they could finally suppress Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin took a deep breath as he seemed to enter a special state. His eyes turned unusually bright. Just as the giant hammer was about to come into contact with him, the battle armor that covered his entire body turned as smooth and bright as a mirror.

“Boom…” The giant hammer bounced when it struck the Domineering Golden Dragon Body.

The Golden Dragon Spear in his hand pierced forward at the same time when the radiance on his entire body shimmered at high speed to meet Ye Xinglan’s fifth soul skill, Star Sword!

“Ding…” When the piercing impact sound was heard, Xie Xie, Yue Zhengyu, Xu Xiaoyan, and Xu Lizhi all cringed as they closed their eyes. Yue Zhengyu hastily spread open his wings to protect everyone. His Holy Light bloomed brightly, and in the next moment, the shock wave had
already arrived at their spot.

Ye Xinglan gave out a muffled humph. She spat out a mouthful of fresh blood while she fell back.

Tang Wulin had an apologetic look in his eyes. He turned around and swept his Golden Dragon Spear horizontally. The Golden Dragon Wags Tail gave another sweep and blasted Yuanen Yehui away.

Tang Wulin donning his battle armor exerted a strength that felt indomitable for he was truly too powerful.

Xu Lizhi had already made his way to Ye Xinglan as he stuffed a Recovery Pork Bun into her mouth swiftly.

Ye Xinglan consumed the Recovery Pork Bun and gave Tang Wulin a thumbs up.

Tang Wulin rushed over quickly. “I’m sorry, Xinglan. Your sword’s consciousness is too powerful. I couldn’t control myself.”

Ye Xinglan smiled and spoke, “It’s fine. Our battle makes us feel
challenged. I know you’ve already reduced your strength. Otherwise, I wouldn’t be able to resist the spear if not for Yuanen Yehui who helped in lessening a portion of your strength.

It was true that Tang Wulin had already reduced his strength as best as he could, but the strength from the Domineering Golden Dragon Body in
addition to his own overly powerful strength had made him hurt Ye Xinglan.

The group of people gathered. Xie Xie could not stop himself from asking, “Big brother, how did you become so powerful in such a short time? Even sister Xinglan and Yuanen are not your match.”

Tang Wulin spoke, “I got better at controlling my strength, then my bloodline had a further awakening. Actually, all of you’re unaware of my elevation. Otherwise, I won’t win so easily. Of course, you’re the

Xie Xie sniggered. “It’s fine. I’ll be on your side the next time. Then I won’t be affected. In fact, it’ll be beneficial for me, right? I think that it shouldn’t be a problem for both of us to fight against five of them. I’m always on your side.”

“Will you die if you tell the truth for once?” Yue Zhengyu asked irritatingly.

“You can give it a try!” Xie Xie stood by Tang Wulin’s side proudly. He just assumed Tang Wulin’s authority as his own which made the rest of them

However, Tang Wulin pondered for a moment before saying, “We can surely try. Xinglan, are you still good to go?”

Ye Xinglan replied, “I’m fine. Do you really wish to have another go?”

The battle of two against five would be different from the battle of one
against two earlier. Although Xu Lizhi did not have much fighting capacity, his buns were good at enhancing everyone. A mature squad like the Shrek Seven Monsters would be capable of superb cooperation. With the addition of each member, it would result in the improvement of the team’s overall fighting capacity by many folds. To top it off, there was also Xu Xiaoyan’s control soul skill.

Ye Xinglan, Yuanen Yehui, and Yue Zhengyu were three great assault-type soul masters. In addition, two of them were also six-ring Soul Emperors. It would not be easy for Tang Wulin and Xie Xie to resist them with their
combined powers.

Tang Wulin nodded with determination. “Let’s go ahead then. Our trial is mainly to get an in-depth understanding of our current situation. Next,
we’re going to make our two-word battle armors. I intend to have some surprises in the forging of our two-word battle armors.”

Xie Xie asked in curiosity, “What surprise?”

Tang Wulin smiled. “I’ve already achieved a breakthrough.”

The group of people was all shocked as the words escaped their mouths. “Saint craftsman?”

Tang Wulin made his revelation nodding with a smile.

Chapter 872 - The Possibility of a Cured Soul Skill

Chapter 872: The Possibility of a Cured Soul Skill

The group stood staring at one another while Xu Xiaoyan screamed out in surprise. “Oh my god! Big brother, please bring us along if you’re going to elevate your power on a large scale the next time! Saint Craftsman and soul forging? Does that mean you can now forge three-word battle armors for us?”

Tang Wulin smiled and spoke, “There’s still some deficiency. After all, I’ve just achieved this level, so I’ll need some time to perfect my skills.
Moreover, you can’t use it even if I’m capable of forging one for you. Without the foundation of a seven-ring cultivation base and martial soul, we can’t possibly use the battle armor made from soul-forged metal. We
shouldn’t reach beyond our grasp, so it’s better for us to complete our two- word battle armors. However, with soul forging as our inner secret, I intend to complete fuse forging with at least four types of metals when I’m forging the two-word battle armors for all of you. So, our battle armors will always be above the standards of our peers. The two-word battle armor will not only have wings but it’ll also be capable of curing a soul skill that won’t be restricted by the martial soul. All of you will need to consider properly. It’s best for the soul skill to be something all of us can agree on to portray ourselves.”

The so-called cured soul skill was the process of curing a soul skill through the battle armor’s special core circuit. The soul skill’s power would be related to a soul master’s cultivation base and his or her battle armor.
Naturally, additional cured soul skills could be added to the three-word battle armor later on.

For example, Tang Wulin’s soul skill could be cured onto Xie Xie’s battle armor. This would require the soul masters who possess the soul skills to work closely together. “Big brother, I’m going to cure that claw skill of yours earlier,” Xie Xie immediately spoke without the slightest hesitation.

Tang Wulin laughed to himself. “You wish. Let’s put aside the fact it’s my bloodline soul skill, but we don’t even know if we can cure it at present.
Even if we can, you don’t have the amplification of my strength and the
Golden Dragon Dreadclaw. Hence, it’s not suitable for you. Only Yuanen’s strength is strong enough to employ most of my Golden Dragon Nirvana Claw’s power among all of you, so Yuanen can consider that. Of course,
we’ll still need to try out if you can use my bloodline soul skill during the curing process.”

Tang Wulin continued speaking, “I think there’s still a chance. Moreover, the more types of spirit alloys are used, the higher is the battle armor’s bearing capacity. It’s also possible for us to cure some of our teacher’s soul skills. We can choose anything that’s below a seven-ring, but it’s best if the soul skill can fuse perfectly with our own abilities in order to achieve the best amplification result.”

The two-word battle armor and one-word battle armor were two completely different concepts. Strictly speaking, one could only be considered a true battle armor master after one possessed a two-word battle armor. Of course, Tang Wulin and his comrades’ spirit alloy one-word battle armors were the exceptions.

At present, Yue Zhengyu and Yuanen Yehui had already broken through to six rings, so they were completely qualified for the two-word battle armor’s foundation while the rest were at the same soul power level.

Xu Lizhi was especially excited because if he were to own his own two-
word battle armor, he would only need to cure a useful attack-type soul skill to make a qualitative leap in his power. Then, he could finally fight.

“Alright, let’s fight once more. Devote all your efforts into this. Only then can I determine what your battle armor needs the most,” Tang Wulin spoke as he smiled. Even though it was not a suitable time for them to use the soul forged battle armor, Tang Wulin was confident in completing the spirit alloy forging with four or even five types of metals with soul forging as their inner secret. Of course, he would still need to consider the characteristics of the chosen soul
skill which everyone wished to cure into their battle armors during the spirit alloy forging process.

This was the benefit of having a talented blacksmith on their team when it came to making battle armors. A blacksmith’s role was crucial when it
came to the later part of the process.

It would be a very difficult task to complete soul forging if it was done by an ordinary blacksmith. As it was, soul forging was already adequate for a two-word battle armor. Yet, one could imagine how good the battle armor’s
bearing capacity would be with the soul skill. Many two-word battle armors could not be cured with the battle armor soul skill due to the battle armor’s inferior quality.

Zhen Hua was well-known all over the continent for his craft. He gained the continent’s respect because a perfect four-word battle armor would require a Saint Craftsman’s full dedication. It was especially so during the later
stages of making the battle armor.

If Tang Wulin were to spread the news that he was already a Saint
Craftsman, it would be easy for him to make money in Shrek Academy.

Feng Wuyu was a Title Douluo but he was not an easy person to deal with. However, he was still young, so the soul masters were willing to work together with him.

Xie Xie moved swiftly and stood by Tang Wulin’s side. He was slightly worried about having to fight against his five other comrades. He spoke softly, “Big brother, can we really do it? My battle armor has yet to heal completely. I’m afraid I won’t be much help to you!”

Tang Wulin gave him an unpleasant look. “Can you stop being such a loser? Yuanen is looking at you.” Xie Xie sniggered. “I’m confident with your presence! Big brother, let’s have a taste of being defeated.”

Yue Zhengyu raised his brows. “It’s too early to tell who’s going to be defeated.”

Both parties fell back. The battle of two against five. There was a great disparity between the two parties.

Yuanen Yehui, Ye Xinglan, and Yue Zhengyu stood in front while Xu
Xiaoyan and Xu Lizhi were behind. All five of them donned their battle armors without the slightest hesitation.

Tang Wulin did not don his battle armor at all. His expression turned
serious as he faced his five comrades. This battle would not be as relaxed as the previous ones.

Xu Lizhi had begun chanting incantations and producing his buns which were the Bloodthirst Bean Buns, the Puncture Pork Buns, and the Firm Crystal Buns. It seemed like he was making the buns for everyone.

Tang Wulin shouted aloud, “Begin!” He could not afford to wait for Xu Lizhi to finish preparing all the buns. Otherwise, he and Xie Xie would not stand a chance.

Tang Wulin’s body moved in a flash and had taken the lead to run ahead. Xie Xie similarly moved swiftly and vanished behind his back.

Tang Wulin could sense that there was a gush of penetrating energy growing behind him at present. Was that the momentum accumulating force? Xie Xie’s loss earlier was due to his bloodline!

Xie Xie had not slowed down ever since he got together with Yuanen. Actually, his fighting capacity was not as weak as he appeared today.

As Tang Wulin’s fighting partner, Xie Xie felt completely different from the situation when he confronted Tang Wulin earlier because Tang Wulin was no longer the enemy. He could feel the bloodline fluctuation radiating from Tang Wulin’s body stimulating his bloodline. The process of mobilizing the momentum accumulating force was faster than usual.

Even though his bloodline power was incapable of directly increasing his overall power, his bloodline was vigorous enough that it allowed him to channel a hundred and twenty percent of his usual power.

This was the disparity. Not to mention the fact that Tang Wulin could also enhance their abilities simultaneously.

Even when confronting five people, Tang Wulin was indomitable. He was akin to a giant dragon that was baring its fangs at the enemy.

Just then, a ring of radiance suddenly appeared on the path ahead which they had to pass through. Tang Wulin was surprised as his body shifted horizontally so that he could change his position in a brief moment.

The Starwheel Shackles were silent. He would have been bound by the Starwheel Shackles if he had slowed down even a bit. The Starwheel Shackles had an immobilizing effect that his momentum would be decreased immediately. Even so, Tang Wulin’s swift momentum was weakened due to his evasive moves.

Yuanen Yehui stuffed a Bloodthirst Bean Bun into her mouth as she took the lead to approach them. The Saint Sword in Yue Zhengyu’s hands
condensed once again. He raised the Saint Sword high as the Light of Judgement descended from the sky to stab at Tang Wulin.

In the match of five against two, they had the upper hand so their fighting methods were naturally different from before.

Yuanen Yehui was not done after consuming one Bloodthirst Bean Bun. She turned over her hand and caught the Firm Crystal Bun which Xu Lizhi tossed over using the Tang Sect Hidden Weapon technique. She stuffed it into her mouth as a layer of crystal-like gloss shone on her body and immediately reinforced her defense. The Star Chains were released and connected the five of them together as one.

The corners of Tang Wulin’s lips twitched once. It was truly different with the addition of Xu Xiaoyan and Xu Lizhi. He had absolute confidence that he would win in the match of two against three, but not in the match of two against five.

Smilingly, Xu Xiaoyan unleashed the Star Chains. Then, she pointed at Tang Wulin as he dodged subconsciously, yet nothing happened this time.

Xu Xiaoyan stuck out her tongue at him with a sweet smile on her face.

Tang Wulin squinted his eyes. Suddenly, his right foot stepped forward while his right arm extended backward. Soon after, the Golden Dragon Spear transformed into a bolt of golden lightning shooting straight at Xu Xiaoyan.

Tang Wulin’s strength could only be described as ‘terrifying’ with the
amplification of his battle armor and Golden Dragon Body. The Golden
Dragon Spear was equipped with such a terrifying destructive force. When it was hurled as a spear, even a seven-ring Soul Sage would need to be

Chapter 873 - You Guys Are Acting Shamelessly!

Chapter 873: You Guys Are Acting Shamelessly!

When Xu Xiaoyan saw Tang Wulin made that move, she turned pale from fear. She unleashed her soul skill Dazzling Starlight in the nick of time.
Countless beams of starlight shot forcefully toward Tang Wulin and
enveloped his body instantly. However, this did not stop Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Spear from being hurled.

The Domineering Golden Dragon Body was followed closely by the
Golden Dragon Spear. Tang Wulin moved his hands separately in a vertical direction. When the Dazzling Starlight shone on him, he made a very
strange motion.

His alternating hands formed the shapes of claws. He aligned his palms together and took a step forward with his left foot. He seemed to be hitting out with a punch.

Yue Zhengyu looked on as the Golden Dragon Spear shot toward him. Subsequently, his colors drained. His Light of Judgement had shone on
Tang Wulin’s body, but he was still a step behind the Golden Dragon Spear.

The Light of Judgement was absorbed by the Domineering Golden Dragon Body. Tang Wulin’s mirror-like battle armor flickered rapidly. Currently, the Dazzling Starlight had already reached him and immobilized him on the

Yue Zhengyu stepped to the side and shielded Xu Xiaoyan. The saint sword in his grip, he hacked with all his might as he attempted to parry the Golden Dragon Spear. However, the Golden Dragon Spear had not reached him yet when he felt the sharp aura seemingly stabbing his body. He was unable to stop it! He was very sure that even if he had adjusted his battle armor’s defensive abilities to its maximum with the Bloodthirsty Bean Bun’s
enhancement, he would still be unable to ward off Tang Wulin’s attack. The Golden Dragon Spear was truly formidable. Who would dare say that the captain did not have any long-range attacks?

The sharp sword gleam finally reached him in the nick of time. It stabbed at the Golden Dragon Lance’s side with utmost precision. The Golden Dragon Lance emitted a dragon’s roar and its glow dimmed somewhat. It was then that Yue Zhengyu’s saint sword slashed the Golden Dragon Lance.

Even though Ye Xinglan had blocked most of the Golden Dragon Lance’s power, when Yue Zhengyu’s slash landed on the Golden Dragon Lance, he still trembled violently. He was taken aback as if he was electrocuted and almost bumped into Xu Xiaoyan.

The Golden Dragon Lance shot upward with a roar. In that instant, the saint sword was shattered.

On the other side, it was Yuanen Yehui who charged toward Tang Wulin. The enemy attacked a key point which called for reinforcements. Ye
Xinglan, who should have been here, was distracted by the Golden Dragon Lance. In the end, she chose to rescue her comrade.

The giant hammer rose and crashed down onto his head.

The way Yuanen Yehui saw it, Tang Wulin was currently held in place by the Dazzling Starlight. His Domineering Golden Dragon Body was
activated by the Light of Judgement. Although his attacks would be
stronger if he launched a counterattack now, he had to rely on himself for his defenses.

In order to be on time, she did not use her soul skills. Instead, the all-out attack with her Devil Titan had reached Tang Wulin.

It hit the target!

Yuanen Yehui rejoiced in her heart. However, at this very moment, she felt a peculiar swirling force which originated from Tang Wulin. Her giant hammer which should have struck Tang Wulin’s chest had been grabbed
and twisted by him. Her body was also made to revolve from her giant hammer’s twisting momentum. Just when the giant hammer fell into Tang Wulin’s hand, he was also released from the Dazzling Starlight. Tang Wulin did not bother with Yuanen Yehui who was nearby. Instead, he was targeting Xu Xiaoyan.

A sharp glow shot out from Tang Wulin’s side. It reached Yuanen Yehui who had lost control of her body. Was that not Xie Xie?

Before this, he had Tang Wulin shielding him. Even the Dazzling Starlight was blocked by Tang Wulin and he was not affected in the least. At the
crucial moment, his long-prepared Twin Dragon Daggers attacked with lightning speed. One of them was illusory while the other was real. He split into two clones and attacked from both sides.

A sonorous dragon’s roar came from Tang Wulin’s body. A circle of golden soul ring shone forth from under his feet. The Golden Dragon King’s fourth bloodline soul skill, Golden Dragon Rage Domain.

Xie Xie initially had a trace of the Dragon Clan’s bloodline. The Golden
Dragon Rage Domain’s enhancement had a strong effect on him. He felt the bloodline aura of his entire body surged suddenly and his two clones immediately reached Yuanen Yehui.

“Xie Xie.” At this moment, a strange scene unfolded.

Surprisingly, Yuanen Yehui did not attempt to defend herself. Instead, she lowered her hands and her stature shrunk instantly. She regained her original form. She even called Xie Xie’s name once in a sweet, feminine voice.

Her voice was very gentle. It could even be described as seductive.

If there had been a magnifying glass beside Xie Xie now, the goosebumps on his body would certainly have been visible.

The two clones crossed each other, but the Twin Dragon Daggers were retracted. None of his attacks landed on Yuanen Yehui. Yuanen Yehui smiled sweetly. She turned and gave a kick with one of her long legs at the same time. Her kick landed right on Xie Xie’s buttocks, and she sent him flying.

Tang Wulin was speechless. It was supposed to be a sure kill. However, Xie Xie had let him down at the final moment.

They were naturally at a disadvantage with two against five. If they wanted to win, they had to find another way. The one who posed the biggest threat to him was Xu Xiaoyan. That was why Tang Wulin had restricted her by using his spear. Then, he created an opportunity to isolate Yuanen Yehui
and restrained her. If Xie Xie had obtained victory just now, it would have been much easier to fight with two against four.

However, who would have thought that Xie Xie would chicken out at the crucial moment? Not only was he sent flying from a kick, but he also did not even get back to his feet after he face-planted himself on the ground. Once again, his bloodline was sealed by Yuanen Yehui.

Compared to the Golden Dragon Spear before this, the giant hammer tossed by Tang Wulin was far inferior in terms of power. Without the Golden
Dragon Spear’s speed and sharpness, the hammer was parried by Ye Xinglan.

Tang Wulin suddenly hit out with a punch. Although the punch had sent Yuanen Yehui reeling, under the effects of the Star Chain, the impact was evenly distributed among them. So, the punch did not harm her in the

“You guys are perverse! How could you use such techniques?” Tang Wulin said with grief and indignation.

Yuanen Yehui chuckled, “Captain, we all graduated from the Demon Island. Have you forgotten what we learned from that place?”

Her voice had barely faded when he was surrounded by Ye Xinglan, Yue Zhengyu, and Yuanen Yehui herself. A circle of Starwheel Shackles had also appeared under Tang Wulin’s feet. Feeling helpless, Tang Wulin had no other choice but to unleash the
Domineering Golden Dragon Body again. At the same time, he executed his strange pose again.

When they thought about it, it was quite strange. After he struck the pose, anyone who attacked him would be sent reeling. Even Yuanen Yehui was sent reeling despite her strength. It applied to everyone else.

Even when Ye Xinglan’s Starsaint Sword stabbed at him, she felt as if she had stabbed into a vortex which sent her reeling as well.

Under this peculiar posture, Tang Wulin escaped danger once again.

However, he was facing a joint attack by five individuals! When he did not face any imminent danger from their attacks, he was constantly under Xu Xiaoyan’s control. This was a tragedy for Tang Wulin.

What left him speechless was the person who broke through his strange pose was surprisingly Xu Lizhi.

He did not know when Xu Lizhi went behind him. A plump hand coupled with some purplish black glow was pressed onto his back silently.

An extremely domineering destructive aura made Tang Wulin unable to
strike the strange pose when the next round of the Starwheel Shackles and the Dazzling Starlight hit him. Then…

Five minutes later.

A blue-nosed, swollen-faced Tang Wulin sat gloomily in the trial arena. Xie Xie, who was nearby, dared not even look at him.

Yue Zhengyu said triumphantly, “Captain, do you understand now? Fear not a godlike opponent, but fear a pig-like teammate. If I were you, I won’t hold myself back, I’ll fight it out with him one on one!”

When they clobbered Tang Wulin just now, they did not show any mercy. However, Tang Wulin’s defensive abilities left them astonished once again. Under the joint attacks of three assault-system battle soul masters, he had surprisingly held his ground before choosing to surrender. Throughout the five minutes, he had attempted to break through their attacks multiple times. However, his attempts were foiled by Xu Xiaoyan’s timely controls.

Without a doubt, if it were not for Xu Xiaoyan’s extremely powerful
controls, they might not have won against Tang Wulin even if they had fought him three against one. Even if they had won, they would probably have paid a dear price for it.

Chapter 874 - Ill at Ease

Chapter 874: Ill at Ease

The bruises on Tang Wulin’s face were fading quickly. With his recovery abilities, these minor wounds amounted to nothing.

Xie Xie said in an obedient manner, “Big brother, it’s my fault. But I didn’t do it on purpose, honest! Yuanen never acted this way before. I promise, it won’t happen next time.”

Tang Wulin glared at him, “There won’t be a next time. If she calls you ‘hubby’ the next time, you might even attack me.”

Xie Xie raised his head in astonishment. He looked at Tang Wulin, then he looked at Yuanen Yehui. It seemed that such an incident might, indeed most probably would, happen.

Before Yuanen Yehui, he truly had little to no combat strength.

Tang Wulin sent the fellow flying with one kick. The others broke into laughter. Yuanen Yehui said distastefully, “Who’d call him that?! Don’t even think about it.”

Slightly exasperated, Tang Wulin said, “I roughly know about your
conditions. I’ll personally tailor some plans for you after this. Let’s call it a day.”

After parting with his companions, Tang Wulin returned to his little wooden hut. It was only then that a hint of loneliness appeared on his face.

He had witnessed his companions going forward as couples. How could he not feel envy in his heart? Then again, what could he do other than be
envious? There was nothing else for him to try. He still did not have any information regarding Gu Yue or Na’er. ‘Where are they? Where are they at?!’

‘Gu Yue, do you truly wish to never see me ever again? Wait for me. I’ll definitely be strong enough to find you.”

A soul bus speeded on the highway. This bus appeared very ordinary like it was no different from a normal soul bus. The only difference was that the windows of the bus were covered with curtains so that the people outside
could not see the interior at all.

Far away, Shrek City’s inspection stand was in sight. The bus gradually slowed and queued orderly as it awaited its turn for inspection.

At this exact moment, a uniformed staff member walked out of the inspection stand. The appearance of his epaulet clearly showed that he held a certain position at the inspection stand.

Quickly walking out of the stand, he gestured at the soul bus. He then pointed at another passageway which was still closed.

The soul bus reacted very fast, immediately exiting the queue. It quickly changed direction and moved toward the passageway.

The staff walked into the passageway and activated the equipment inside it. The door of the bus opened, and an extremely average-looking middle-aged man alighted. He walked up to the staff and presented his documents.

The staff scanned his documents and returned them to him. Then, he went into the control room and raised the barrier. The iron bars were slowly lifted. The middle-aged man turned around and boarded the bus again. He drove the soul bus and passed through quickly. The bus headed in the direction of Shrek City.

The iron bars were lowered again, and the staff member walked out naturally. This passageway was still off-limits. Such an incident did not attract the attention of the other vehicles. After all, there were special privileges everywhere, even in Shrek City. That was a
special passageway that was only accessible to those with connections. They could avoid queueing up and would not even have to pay any fees.

However, nobody noticed that after the staff member finished processing the passage of the soul bus, he had immediately gone to the resting area of the toll stand’s staff. He changed his clothes and even exchanged greetings with his coworkers. Then, he hopped on a soul car and silently drove away. The direction in which he left was not toward Shrek City, but to another far off location.

Due to the increasing number of vehicles on the road, the soul bus lowered its speedng the traffic. There were a dozen or so passengers onboard, and they were all silent. All wore black uniforms and head covers, so only their noses and eyes were visible. Due to their attire, the entire soul bus’s
atmosphere seemed slightly gloomy.

The only person who appeared quite ordinary was the driver, the middle- aged man who had gotten off the bus a few moments ago.

A man in black who sat in front stood up and quickly walked to the rear of the bus. He said in a low voice, “How’s the screening equipment doing?”

Another man in black took out an instrument, looked at it and nodded toward him. “Everything’s normal. Other than the base radiation, there are no leaks.”

“Very good.” With that, he returned to the front. He said to the driver, “Proceed according to plan.”

“Understood!” the driver responded respectfully. At the same time, a certain fanatical air emanated from his eyes, filled with madness.

The soul bus continued cruising on the road. Soon after, it reached the inner regions of Shrek City, and the inner city gradually became visible from far away. The bus did not continue on in the direction of the inner city. Instead, it turned into a broader street. After driving for a little longer, it slowed down gradually. On this road, there was a building that appeared to be a hotel.
The main doors opened slowly, and the bus drove into it unhindered. After that, it was concealed behind the doors.

On Sea God’s Island, Atlas Douluo Yun Ming sat cross-legged on the
wooden bed and opened his eyes slowly. For some reason, a sudden shock burst through his system.

“Yali,” he called out softly.

“What’s the matter?” Holy Spirit Douluo walked in from outside. She could clearly hear that there was something wrong in Yun Ming’s tone.

“I don’t know why, but I feel ill at ease.” Yun Ming’s voice had some confusion in it.

Yali was startled with a shock, “What? Ill at ease?” The Atlas Douluo was the current Limit Douluo. He had the title of the strongest man on the
continent, supreme in the soul masters’ realm. His senses were many times sharper than an average person, and his spiritual powers had reached the Spirit Domain realm long ago. His senses were so acute that he could even detect the changes in weather across the entire Douluo Continent.

If something could make him feel uneasy, it must have been very serious. For example, when Heaven Dou City was under attack the other day, he had had a premonition. He had even precisely foretold that something was about to happen in Heaven Dou City. Alas, when he warned the Federation, they
could not adopt the necessary measures in time, which led to the tragedy in Heaven Dou City.

“Is it strong? Where is it?” Yali continued asking.

Yun Ming’s brows were tightly knit together, then he shook his head, “It’s strong, but there’s something odd about it. The unease in my heart fluctuates between a strong sensation and a weak one, and I can’t tell where it’s from. I can’t feel where the problem is. This is very strange. Don’t tell me that this is a natural disaster?”

Yali’s spoke with a furrowed brow, “Natural disaster? You don’t even have a location?”

Yun Ming shook his head, “I don’t have it yet. But the intensity of this feeling is something I’ve never felt before. Put simply, if it is indeed a natural disaster, then it will be of unprecedented proportions.”

Yali drew a cold breath. For Yun Ming to have said such a thing meant that the potential disaster would be catastrophic. She lowered her voice and said, “Then, what should we do?”

Yun Ming said, “We can only warn the Federation. I believe, after they learned their lesson previously, they’ll certainly take some sort of action this time. Meanwhile, I want you to send out a Shrek Order. Inform all the graduates from Shrek’s inner court, tell them my premonition and have them be on their guard. They can request for assistance from the academy if they observe a disturbance.”

“Alright. Shall we call a Sea God Pavilion meeting?” asked Yali.

Yun Ming shook his head, “Let’s not do that yet. After all, I have no way of making sure. Ever since I reached the realm I’m at now, my own powers are greatly restricted by the heavens. I can’t rule out the possibility that my
senses will go wrong sometimes, but it never hurts to be cautious.”

Yun Ming had long since been unable to feel the existence of the Divine Realm. Ever since he reached the realm of a Limit Douluo, which was a
demigod rank, Yun Ming frequently felt as if he was in a trance. He seemed to be able to feel something, but at the same time, it was as if he could not feel anything at all.

The higher he rose in rank, the more he wanted to seek out the location of the Divine Realm. Was it like chasing a wild goose which flew into an unseen world? That was why his cultivation dealt with God’s will. Hence, he did not rule out the possibility that it was the hand of God that was interfering with him. However, he still had that uneasy feeling.

Tang Wulin woke up from his meditation feeling refreshed, his entire body at ease.

After his martial soul had awoken for the second time, and after the two great vortex systems were formed, the pace at which his cultivation
advanced could be described as a seven leagues stride. With each day’s cultivation, he clearly felt his own improvement.

This was not only the case for his soul power but also his other skills, such as the Purple Demon Eyes. After his bloodline energy vortex had formed, the rate at which his Purple Demon Eyes developed through cultivation had increased three-fold. Initially, he was at a bottleneck, and it was difficult for him to go any further. However, in this period of time, he clearly felt that his Purple Demon Eyes had improved. This also increased the rate at which his spiritual powers developed.

Chapter 875 - Warning Signs

Chapter 875: Warning Signs

It was already a rare occurrence for a person to have reached the Spiritual Abyss realm of spiritual power at his age. Those who were able to maintain such a pace of cultivation were few and far between.

He got off the bed. As he was preparing to go practice forging, Tang Wulin suddenly felt a wave of scorching heat coming from his wrist.

This was…

The burning sensation was quite apparent, and he instinctively lowered his head to look. He saw on the bracelet which he had got from Dragon Valley, the teardrop-shaped multicolored gemstone was flickering with a faint light. The heat had originated from this.

Ever since he had received this bracelet, it had not shown any changes before this. This was the first time it had showed any reactions, but what had happened? What made it heat up? Could it be caused by the stimulation from his bloodline?

Feeling somewhat perplexed, Tang Wulin raised the bracelet and looked at it closely. The burning feeling intensified. A sense of foreboding reached his heart.

This was very strange. Tang Wulin was never sure what purpose this bracelet served. The only thing he knew was that this was a parting gift from the dragon souls in Dragon Valley. As he felt the scorching heat released by it, coupled with the uneasy feeling in his heart, he could not help but feel confused.

Could this have been a warning? Why would a warning sign be sent to him? If this had happened while they were still on Demon Archipelago or when he was outside, he would immediately be in a state of high alert.

However, they were still on the grounds of Shrek Academy! In this world, what place would have been safer? Moreover, this was Sea God’s Island, the most important location in the academy. He reckoned that there were at least ten experts who exceeded the rank of a Hyper Douluo. Even the Atlas Douluo himself, a man of supreme power, was present here. What warning signs could there be?

‘It must be my imagination.’

Out of caution, Tang Wulin quickly focused his spirits and looked within himself. He observed the status of his bloodline vortex. He wanted to rule out the possibility that the strange reaction from the bracelet was caused by some issue with his Golden Dragon King bloodline.

However, his bloodline vortex was flowing normally. His blood essence
was exceptionally vigorous, but it would not have affected the circulation of his bloodline vortex.

Everything could not have been better. If he kept up this cultivation pace, he would certainly grow stronger.

Recently, he had been fuse forging four spirit alloys, and the results were great. Given that he had enough strength for Soul Refinement, there were no obstacles for him. He even started attempting to fuse forge five spirit
alloys. If he could succeed in doing that, he would most certainly be able to raise the qualities of everyone’s battle armor in the future. Even if it was two-word battle armor, he would be able to make it perform like three-word battle armor to a certain extent.

The temperature of the bracelet on his wrist started decreasing gradually. Everything seemed to be returning to normal.

Tang Wulin sighed in relief. He shrugged and decided to put it out of his mind. Who could say what all this was about? He reckoned that he was only being unnecessarily anxious. ‘What can happen in Shrek?’

As he thought this, he walked out of the wooden hut and went straight into his forging room to begin his practice.

Once he stabilized his rank-7 blacksmith abilities, he would start to forge metals for his companions. He had prepared the schematics long ago. As soon as he finished forging, Ye Xinglan and Yuanen Yehui could start making battle armor for everyone. With their cultivation bases, although they would have to go through certain processes, they would not be too
slow. After all, they had their secret weapon which was their one-word battle armor made of spirit alloy. It was enough for them just to modify and upgrade their own existing battle armors.

“Mistress, what’s the matter?” the girl clad in black asked softly.

At its peak, the mountain towered above the clouds. There were huge
swathes of clouds as far as the eyes could see. The mountain breeze was a biting cold. It moved the clouds which brought moist air with them across the mountaintop. However, there were no signs of water vapor around them.

Gu Yuena stood at the edge of the cliff. Her long, white dress
complemented her silver hair beautifully as it flowed ethereally in the wind. Her eyes clearly showed that she was at a loss. She shook her head gently.
“I don’t know why, but I suddenly have this uneasy feeling in my heart. Its rate has increased by five beats per minute.”

“What?” The girl clad in black was greatly astonished. “My lady, you’re…”

Gu Yuena shook her head. “I don’t know either. How’s the preparation of the things that I’ve ordered you guys to make?”

The girl in black lowered her voice and said, “Everything’s sixty percent
complete. The early stages are already done. Di Tian said that there were no problems on his side. Once the preparations are completed, and my lady shows her hand, we’ll definitely succeed. After that, it will just be a matter of time.”

“Mmm.” Gu Yuena nodded indifferently.

After a slight pause, the girl in black ventured further. “My lady, the people from the other side have contacted us again. As the saying goes, ‘the enemy of my enemy is my friend’. Are we really not going to work together with them?”

Gu Yuena turned around abruptly. She swung her right hand, and a wave of terrifying aura erupted from her body. The fearful sensation caused the
entire mountaintop to tremble. The clouds and mist around them scattered instantly, forming water droplets which spread outward in the skies.

The girl in black was sent reeling from the force. The mountaintop resounded with Gu Yuena’s ice cold voice. “How many times do I have to tell you? I will never work together with those filthy things. If you mention them in front of me again, I’ll flay your dragon skin.”

The girl in black disappeared. She did not return to the mountaintop.

Gu Yuena’s expression was grave. She remained there for a long while in complete silence. However, slowly, the figure surfaced in her mind.

‘We’ve been apart for so long, is he still doing well?’

‘Why am I feeling so uneasy? It seems, in this world, he’s the only one whom I’ll keep worrying about…

The quiet room was very spacious. The dome was an arc. Large patches of demonic marks spread out from the dome to the surrounding walls.

The room was thirty meters in height, with a diameter of more than fifty meters. It was an extremely wide room. In the center of the room, a total of twelve people sat cross-legged. They were in a circle, mumbling something under their breaths. Soul rings rose around the twelve.

Anyone that saw them would have been shocked to find that each of the twelve had eight soul rings rising around them. Eight-ringed Soul Douluos were beings who stood at the peak of the soul masters’ realm. It happened that this many of them had gathered together on this occasion for a single purpose.

On the floor upon which they sat, the demonic marks were even more
complicated. More horrifyingly, little streams of blood flowed around the marks. Those were fissures which formed the demonic marks, and within them, the flowing blood moved constantly.

There were as many as a hundred people standing in the outer circle. They were all dressed in black and wore black headgear, with only their left hands being visible. The blood was from their cut open wrists.

A faint smell of blood pervaded the room which gave it a frightful
atmosphere. However, this dense, bloody wave did not reach the outside, not even in the slightest.

What was this? What was happening? How could such a phenomenon take place?

In the center of the circle formed by the twelve Soul Douluos who sat cross- legged, there was a purplish-black hexagram on the floor. The bloody aura was flowing outward from the center. Another object stood erect there,
shining brightly. It was a three-meter tall, purplish-black thing with countless demonic marks upon it.

Its tip was a pointed cone, and wing-like appendages spread downward from it. The vast energy from its surroundings surged into it like a river flowing to the ocean. It was like a bottomless void which absorbed the vast energy and a large amount of blood.

Chapter 876 - Caught by Surprise

Chapter 876: Caught by Surprise

That was not all. There was also a room next door with the exact same
setup. The only difference was that the object in the center of the formation in the room was dark green. The demonic marks were even more peculiar and shifted constantly.

Whether it was the hundred people in black in the outer circle or the twelve Soul Douluo-ranked experts in the inner circle, their bodies gradually
shriveled due to their loss of energy. However, not a sound came from any of these two rooms.

Tang Sect.

Guo Xiaoxu had just settled a string of official duties. His gaze indicated that he was pondering something. At this moment, he heard a firm voice which was full of vigor.

“Xiaoxu, what are you thinking about? You’re so intent on thinking. Why don’t we go out for a drink?” Zhao Song, the hall master of Power Hall, one of Tang Sect’s three outer halls, walked in from the outside. He caressed his bald head and chuckled.

He was on extremely good terms with Guo Xiaoxu. Both of them were of the same age and were once partners who cultivated together. They joined Tang Sect at the same time and later became senior officials in Tang Sect. Although Guo Xiaoxu’s rank in Tang Sect was higher than Zhao Song, it had never affected their brotherly relationship.

Xiaoxu replied, “I’ll pass. There are too many internal matters to handle lately. The two hall masters aren’t here, and the worshippers in the Worship Hall don’t bother themselves with these matters. I’m the only one who can do it.” Zhao Song said, “The things back in Heaven Dou City aren’t settled yet? I thought that the post-disaster works were almost done.”

Guo Xiaoxu sighed and said, “The Holy Spirit Cult has re-emerged after hiding for so long, and they’re well organized. Although the post-disaster work in Heaven Dou City is near completion, we’re still unable to locate
the Holy Spirit Cult’s main powers. Before this, the vice hall master himself was there to oversee the operation, but even he could not find any leads.
They only managed to catch the small fries. According to the hall master’s analysis, Heaven Dou City wasn’t the sole target of the Holy Spirit Cult
since they made such a massive move. It could also happen anywhere. That’s why we must always be alert.”

Zhao Song’s brows were furrowed. “You’ve got a point. These despicable bastards. Don’t let me get my hands on them. If I catch any of them, I’ll pluck off their heads and make them into chamber pots.”

Guo Xiaoxu chuckled, “Look at you. You still have that temper of yours. I hear that the outer halls are quite busy these days. You know what, let’s go grab a drink. We should relax when we’re supposed to relax. Where’s Liang Xiaoyu? Call him up as well.”


When night fell, Tang Sect quietened down gradually.

Tang Wulin had completed his forging practice. When he came out of the forging room, it was pitch-black outside. He lifted his head and looked to the skies.

The skies were dark and the winds were blowing strong tonight. There were no stars around which gave a strong sense of suppression.

At this moment, the colorful gemstone on his wrist began warming up. It was far hotter than it had been. Tang Wulin almost tossed it away.

‘What’s wrong?’ Tang Wulin hastily lowered his head to look. It appeared brighter in the darkness of the night. The gemstone turned blood red. An intense fear rose from the depths of Tang Wulin’s heart.

This was…

A warning, it must be a warning. Something was about to happen.

If this happened during the day, he could still find ways to calm himself down. However, at this moment, the sensation was overwhelming. It was so intense that he could not disregard it anymore.

His body flickered and Tang Wulin leaped out. He ran straight toward Sea God’s Island. At the same time, he quickly dialed Xie Xie’s soul

“Xie Xie, what’re you doing?” Tang Wulin asked hurriedly.

“I was about to start meditating. What’s wrong, big brother? Can you wait until tomorrow? Yuanen promised me that she’ll allow me to meditate with her tonight, hehe.”

Tang Wulin said hurriedly, “Forget about meditation. Call Yuanen, and call the others as well. Come to Sea God’s Island as quickly as possible. I have a feeling that something bad is going to happen.”

“Huh? Big brother, what’s going to happen? Are you sure? It’s already late into the night. Do you still want me to wake everyone up?”

Tang Wulin said angrily, “Just do what I tell you and be quick about it. I’m not sure what’ll happen, but it doesn’t sit well with me. Quickly, let’s gather on Sea God’s Island.”

Without a doubt, Sea God’s Island was the safest place.

Xie Xie trusted Tang Wulin completely. After those words, he hastily said, “Alright, let’s meet at Sea God’s Island. We’ll be there right away.”

The call ended and Tang Wulin was already on the edge of Sea God Lake. He tapped the ground lightly with the tips of his toes, and he walked over the ripples. He quickly headed in the direction of Sea God’s Island.

All of a sudden, the pitch-black night sky flashed brightly. Tang Wulin was proceeding toward Sea God’s Island at blinding speed when he instinctively raised his head to look.

He saw a peculiar sight. In the skies, dazzling and eye-catching flames trailed behind balls of light and were filling up the skies. The glow of the lights intensified with every passing moment. They were clearly headed toward Shrek Academy.

Missiles? Or were they fixed soul ammunitions? Enemy attack, it was an enemy attack!

Shrek City was the largest city on the entire continent. Although Shrek Academy was only an academy, Shrek City had its own exclusive army
stationed within. There were thirty thousand men which was the limit set by the federation for Shrek’s army. However, their equipment were of the best quality. There were as many as five thousand men who were Mecha
Masters, divided into five divisions.

In addition to that, Shrek Academy had many outstanding talents who were at their peaks. It also had a long history of twenty thousand years where Shrek was known as the invincible.

Who would have thought that there was somebody brave enough to launch an attack on Shrek City. The cluster of missiles probably numbered a hundred as they cruised toward Shrek City like a meteor shower.

Fixed soul ammunition could be fired over long distances, but Shrek City’s anti-missile system was not just for display! If these missiles were fired from outside the city, they would be obliterated once they reached a certain distance from Shrek City.

However, these missiles were already above Shrek Academy. From the looks of things, by the time the missiles spread out, they would engulf the whole of Shrek’s inner city. Tang Wulin looked at the group of missiles that was like a meteor shower, and he was instantly stunned. What was happening? His bad feeling turned out to be true. A surprise attack aimed at Shrek City had truly happened. It was unbelievable!

At this moment, beams of light shot upward from Sea God’s Island. In the beginning, there were only seven figures. Shortly after, dozens of figures rose into the skies consecutively.

They were the impressive experts of Shrek Academy’s inner court.

The seven beams of light that rose first were the most dazzling. Each beam of light had an imposing manner as they rose into the skies. They then moved toward the falling fixed soul ammunition.

The moment Tang Wulin landed on Sea God’s Island, the first explosion sounded.

The intense sound and the explosion was like a giant firework. It lit up the whole sky above Sea God’s Island making it seem like it was daytime.

What a terrifying explosive force. It was at least a rank-7 fixed soul
ammunition. Tang Wulin stared with his mouth agape. However, he could not do anything to help currently. He did not have his two-word battle
armor yet. Hence, he did not have the ability to fly. He could only look on as the teachers and seniors of the inner court confronted the enemy.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Sounds of explosions were heard continuously. Stunning fireworks erupted in the skies.

Fixed soul ammunition was the most terrifying weapon for the past ten thousand years. Those of rank-7 and above were even regarded as tactical weapons.

Currently, the fixed soul ammunitions erupting in the high skies were all rank-7 and above.

Chapter 877 - A Sea of Fireworks

Chapter 877: A Sea of Fireworks
The first few experts who took to the skies were better off. The Shrek inner court students who came after them were all suppressed back to the ground amidst the terrifying turbulent flow of energy.

Horrifying explosions sounded one after another. The figures that
successfully remained in the skies forcibly detonated the incoming fixed soul ammunitions. They did not allow a single one to fall onto the city.

Faraway, more and more figures leaped into the skies from both the inner and outer cities. An unknown number of experts were gathered in Shrek City. The experts were not only from Shrek Academy, but from Tang Sect as well.

Many of them detonated the fixed soul ammunitions which came at them from the skies. For a time, the entire sky above Shrek City seemed to have turned into a sea of fireworks.

At this moment, a few figures flew over the surface of the lake. They were Xie Xie, Yuanen Yehui, and the other members of the Shrek Seven

When he saw them, Tang Wulin regained his senses. He hastily unleashed his bloodline aura and guided them to his side.

“Good heavens! What’s all this? This…” Xie Xie was shocked until he was unable to shut his jaws.

He had been a little upset with Tang Wulin’s summons. It was not easy for him to have the opportunity to be intimate with Yuanen, only to have it ruined by Tang Wulin. Under the present circumstances, he dared not voice out his reluctance.

The others all wore grim expressions.

They knew that a surprise attack against Shrek Academy such as this was unprecedented!

The energy wave in the skies started to descend. Even when they stood on Sea God’s Island, they could feel the terrifying pressure. If they allowed this overwhelming destructive shockwave to reach the ground, the entire city would suffer an apocalyptic catastrophe.

Rings of bright lights rose to form a protective barrier. At first, it was only Shrek’s inner city, Shortly after, Shrek’s outer city also lit up. The two barriers bore the brunt of the shockwave and managed to dissipate its destructive force completely. Although the shockwave produced intense ripples, the barriers were effective in blocking them.

Tang Wulin did not exchange words with his comrades. They all wore grim expressions. They were unqualified to partake in such battles. How did Shrek Academy turn into a battlefield in the first place?

During the day, Tang Wulin even thought that Shrek Academy was the
safest place. However, when night came, such a terrible surprise attack had befallen them.

The hundred-odd fixed soul ammunitions above rank-7 would have cost a fortune! Could this be an attack launched by the Federation against Shrek City? Or was this from the Holy Spirit Cult?

It was highly unlikely to be the former. After all, there were a number of high-ranking officials in the Federation who graduated from Shrek
Academy. Moreover, Shrek Academy had always been neutral and had never interfered with the decisions made by the Federation. It had focused solely on protecting its own land which was Shrek City. If it were the latter, then it would have been horrendous. If an evil soul master cult, a terrorist organization, controlled such a huge number of fixed soul ammunitions, what would that mean? Who would believe nobody from among the Federation was working with them?

They must not let the fixed soul ammunitions reach the ground! Shrek City would inevitably experience the same fate as Heaven Dou City.

When he thought about Heaven Dou City, Tang Wulin’s heart suddenly tightened. He immediately remembered the words Guo Xiaoxu said to him. The surprise terror attack in Heaven Dou City was caused by the explosion of a rank-9 fixed soul ammunition.

If it were a rank-9 fixed soul ammunition, it might not be so easily blocked by the city’s barriers. Even a Hyper Douluo would not dare face a rank-9 fixed soul ammunition head on.

When he thought about this, his throat ran dry and his mouth was parched. Just what sort of terrorist attacks have these evil soul masters planned? He was afraid that these were not the only attacks they had in store for them.

Sea God Pavilion.

The Sea God Pavilion Master, Atlas Douluo Yun Ming stood on top of the Sea God Pavilion. The Holy Spirit Douluo stood beside him. At the same time, the Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue was also beside him.

The three great Title Douluos were looking at the skies faraway.

Yun Ming finally understood why he had felt such intense discomfort. It turned out that the disaster was happening at none other than Shrek City. In fact, it was Shrek Academy at that.

Just as Tang Wulin never expected anyone to be brave enough to attack Shrek City, he, as the Sea God Pavilion Master never expected this to happen also. His current expression was as cold and unmoving as the lake’s water. Yali gripped Yun Ming’s hand tightly. She had forgotten how long it has been since she felt such anxiety. She was as distressed as she could ever be.

They knew that since the Holy Spirit Cult attacked Shrek City, it meant that the Holy Spirit Cult had a high level of confidence in their own strengths.

“Great! Times have really changed.” the Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue
snorted, “It seems that we, Shrek have not bared our fangs for far too long. Now, even any Tom, Dick, or Harry dares to take advantage of us. Yun
Ming, is Shrek’s influence on the Federation this weak? What’s the meaning of all these fixed soul ammunitions? They were fired near the outer city. What’s the meaning of that? Since when did our Shrek City’s defenses become so weak?”

When faced with the Light Dark Douluo’s accusations, Yun Ming was left speechless.

She was right! Shrek City had enjoyed peaceful times for too long. The invincible Shrek City. It was a notion that everyone had in their hearts. Who would have expected anyone bold enough to attack Shrek City?

With Shrek City being under close-range attack of so many fixed soul
ammunitions, he knew full well what it meant. The Limit Douluo could not help but ball his hands into tight fists currently.

However, he was also aware that he had to maintain his cool. He had to
assume control of the entire situation. The enemy’s attacks would likely get more sophisticated.

At this very moment, a slight vibration came from the ground. Yun Ming and Long Yeyue had ominous expressions on their faces.

A series of soft explosions erupted somewhere far away. This time, they did not come from the skies, but the ground.

If one looked down from the skies, one would have noticed that clusters of mushroom clouds rose abruptly from Shrek’s outer city. A series of shocking explosions seemed to have prompted the horrifying wails from the citizens.

It has begun, it has finally begun.

Since the enemy was able to transport the fixed soul ammunitions into the outer city and fired them from there, they could also detonate them directly in the outer city.

Shrek City was the largest city and the most number of citizens on the entire continent. Almost everyone took pride in being a citizen of Shrek City.
Currently, an unprecedented horrendous disaster had befallen them.

Yun Ming’s face was pale. The entire Shrek City’s army had been mobilized. He had given the order when the first signs of danger appeared. He ordered every street in the outer city to be sealed. No one was allowed to enter or leave. The outer city was to be searched meticulously.

Minutes after he gave the order, he was met with an intense explosion.

An explosion in the skies was fireworks, but one on the ground would be disastrous! There were more than fifteen such explosions. Many innocent citizens died as a result.

Without a doubt, it was a war that had been carefully planned. It was a war! No longer could it be considered a terrorist attack. This was a total disaster, a disaster that came out of the blue.

Every city had its own devices to detect explosives. Any dangerous object such as the fixed soul ammunition would be immediately dealt with once it was detected in any city.

However, in Shrek City, the invincible Shrek City, nobody had noticed the appearance of such large numbers of fixed soul ammunitions. What did it signify?

It meant that the enemy had deceptive measures, but it also signified that Shrek City was no longer a monolithic rock. Yun Ming was hit with a sudden realization. The great explosion in Heaven Dou City had attracted the attention of many. Whether it was Tang Sect or Shrek Academy, they had dispatched many experts to the scene. However, the enemy’s objective was never Heaven Dou City.

The real threat to the Holy Spirit Cult was not Heaven Dou City. It was Shrek Academy and Tang Sect.

The enemy’s actual target was here from the very beginning!

“F*ck!” Yali growled and almost dashed out. However, she was pulled back by Yun Ming.

The enemy’s attacks would definitely not just end here. Whether it was Shrek Academy or the Tang Sect’s headquarters, both of which were located inside Shrek’s inner city, the damage caused would be immense, but not so serious until it shook Shrek City’s foundations.

This surprise attack was only the beginning. If they were flustered and
shaken by the enemy, then there could only be greater disasters that await them.

“Everyone from Tang Sect, please rescue and help the wounded. I’ll leave the outer city to you,” Yun Ming’s voice was projected far and wide.

A light flashed and the Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue beside him suddenly rose into the air. She could no longer restrain herself.

Chapter 878 - Atlas, Sunshot

Chapter 878: Atlas, Sunshot

Yun Ming raised his hand, but in the end, he did not stop her. Even he would not be able to stop this person.

Yun Ming drew a deep breath and calmly gripped Yali’s hand, “I’ve already failed Shrek, but I must still protect it.”

At the edge of Sea God’s Island, Tang Wulin and the others were ghastly pale.

They could hear the explosions in the outer city. Simultaneously, they could see the cluster of mushroom clouds that were rising far away.

Their minds were currently blank. This was something they could never have imagined. They did not even know where the enemies were, yet this terrifying disaster was happening.

The energy storm in the skies still did not disperse. The mushroom clouds had already taken countless lives.

“Come to the Sea God Pavilion!” Suddenly, a stern voice reached their ears.

Tang Wulin shivered and immediately reacted. He gestured at his comrades and they dashed toward the Sea God Pavilion.

Sea God’s Island was not big. They soon arrived at the Sea God Pavilion’s golden treehouse. They saw the Atlas Douluo and the Holy Spirit Douluo standing there holding hands together.

Yun Ming was quite calm as if nothing had happened. When he saw Tang Wulin and the others, he took a step forward and stood before them. “From this moment on, no matter what happens, do not leave the Sea God Pavilion. Go inside, quick.”

Tang Wulin was stunned. “Pavilion Master, please allow us to contribute to the academy’s cause. We…”

“Silence, go inside!” Yun Ming suddenly glared and shouted angrily. He waved his hand and terrifying energy lifted them off their feet and sent them into the Sea God Pavilion.

“Remember, all of you are the academy’s heirs. In the worst case scenario, you’ll be the foundation of the academy’s revival,” Yun Ming’s voice resounded in their ears.

Tang Wulin’s expression changed with fright. Was the situation this dire?

At this moment, Tang Wulin suddenly noticed that everything outside had turned purple.. It was the sky that had turned purple. The purplish glow of the sky tainted the earth with the same color.

A beam of dazzling golden light suddenly shot forth from the golden treehouse and enveloped the entire Shrek Academy’s inner court. The Sea God Pavilion, where the golden treehouse was, lit up. Unrivaled, dense life energy lingered around them. It also prevented them from leaving the Sea God Pavilion.

Tang Wulin saw with utmost clarity that when the terrifying purple glow
appeared, the scores of figures that rose from Shrek Academy into the skies suddenly disappeared amidst its brilliance. They vanished without a trace as if they were completely wiped out from the face of the world.

The Atlas Douluo Yun Ming’s body shuddered noticeably. In the next moment, he pulled on the Holy Spirit Douluo Yali’s hand, and they rose into the skies. They shot into the high skies.

The purple hue of the sky grew in intensity with every passing moment. Even the golden glow released by the golden treehouse began to dissipate gradually. An unrivaled brilliant glow erupted from Yun Ming’s body. He attempted to charge out of that purple mass. However, the purple light was terrifying.
Subsequently, a giant purple skull appeared in the sky.

The purple skull was a thousand meters in diameter. It opened its mouth and spewed flames at the ground. Nine people sat cross-legged on top of the
skull. They were all clad in black robes. Their black robes were ornamented with green edges. Each of them had nine soul rings about them. Of his nine soul rings, the person in the center had one orange and four red with the remaining black.

“Yun Ming, I reckon that you never expected that Shrek would be in such dire straits under your care. From this day on, Shrek will no longer exist in this world, and the same goes for Tang Sect.”

The giant purple skull shot dark purplish flames from its mouth and it clashed with the aura of Yun Ming’s spear.

The Atlas Spear immediately burst forth with a brilliant glow. The glow released by the golden treehouse below him suddenly converged into a point and shone on Yun Ming. Immediately, Yun Ming’s entire body glowed with a brilliant golden hue.

A thick, heavy and luxurious-looking four-word battle armor covered his entire body. Currently, he looked like a war god.

As the golden treehouse’s energy was focused on Yun Ming, Tang Wulin and the others could see through the windows the surroundings of the golden treehouse. Everything on Sea God’s Island was rapidly crumbling away under the shine of the terrifying purple glow.

“Rank-12. You dare to transgress the great offense under the heavens and activate a rank-12 fixed soul ammunition,” Yun Ming’s furious roar resounded in the skies. The terrifying energy wave exploded wildly in the skies above Shrek Academy.

Tang Wulin was stunned. His comrades around him were also stunned. Xie Xie dared not imagine what would have happened if he had not listened to Tang Wulin to turn up at Sea God’s Island.

Another beam of light shone far away. It was a terrifying green light. It exploded at the Tang Sect’s headquarters.

The entire Shrek City had turned into a world of doom. From the skies, one could see two vortices, a green and the other a purple, which was constantly expanding and swallowing everything around them. They spread out
endlessly. The entire Shrek’s inner city was rapidly vanishing from the world.

All the defenses were ineffective before the green and purple vortices.

Countless lives were lost amidst the rampage of the terrifying energy storm.

The golden treehouse shook violently. Tang Wulin felt everything before his eyes become illusory. When the two great energy vortices formed, he initially thought that he could establish himself in the soul masters’ realm.
However, as he faced the suppression of the terrifying energy that was like heaven’s wrath, he felt as insignificant as an ant.

If they had been outside the golden treehouse, they would certainly have been devoured by the deadly energy. They would have been sacrificed in this terrifying storm.

It was over. Shrek Academy was history.

Who could have imagined that such a terrifying scene would ever occur? The best academy on the continent, Shrek, the sun that did not set, had fallen.

The golden treehouse shook violently. The outer layer of the golden light was continuously peeled off by the terrifying purplish light’s impact.

Tang Wulin suddenly remembered that Yun Ming had sternly told him once before. Due to the formation of his fifth soul ring, he had absorbed too much of the golden treehouse’s energy. Hence, the golden treehouse’s energy was greatly diminished. If he had not absorbed it, the golden treehouse’s energy might have been able to withstand the surprise attack at present!

It was over, everything was over.

The golden light of the golden treehouse finally crumbled completely. The terrifying deadly energy began to shatter the Sea God Pavilion’s outer layer.

Tang Wulin bit his lip stubbornly. He spread his arms out to shield his comrades. He unleashed his Golden Dragon Rage Domain.

However, he knew very well that he was unable to do anything in the face of such a terrifying heaven’s wrath. There was no way he could protect

“Atlas, sunshot!” At this very moment, a shout came from the outside.

The voice was directed at their minds. It made the terrifying pressure that Tang Wulin and his comrades were under suddenly become much lighter. The fragmented Sea God Pavilion outside suddenly solidified. It was as if time stood still.

In the skies, the Atlas Douluo Yun Ming’s expression was grim. There was an endless sorrow in the depths of his eyes.

As the current Sea God Pavilion Master, he had to witness Shrek Academy being buried by his own hands. It was a legacy that had lasted for twenty thousand years! Right now, it was coming to an end. His present emotions were intolerable.

A rank-12 fixed soul ammunition was something that he would never have anticipated no matter what.

In the current world and the history of mankind, there were only three such ultimate weapons. To produce these three rank-12 fixed soul ammunitions, the Federation had utilized innumerable resources before they were
successful. Subsequently, the Federation had announced that it would stop the continuous development of these ultimate destructive weapons. With Douluo Continent’s limited resources, it was impossible for a fourth rank- 12 fixed soul ammunition to be produced.

Chapter 879 - Atlas Light, Final Shine

Chapter 879: Atlas Light, Final Shine

The three rank-12 fixed soul ammunitions were developed two thousand years ago. After their development, mankind’s science and technology had been at a standstill for a thousand years. It was due to the massive amounts of resources spent on manufacturing them.

The three rank-12 fixed soul ammunitions were guarded by the Federation using the most stringent methods. They were supposed to be the ultimate weapons of Douluo Continent.

They were also known as godkillers! As the name implied, the three fixed soul ammunitions had the ability to kill gods. Their powers were unimaginable.

Nobody had tested their powers yet. Even the rank-11 fixed soul
ammunitions were no longer in existence. However, they commanded the highest priority in the Federation’s list of interests. If ever there came a day where they were to be used, the approval of the entire Congress was required. The vote for their deployment had to be unanimous.

Who would have thought that the ultimate weapons of the continent would show up here in Shrek Academy and in Tang Sect?

The power of two rank-12 fixed soul ammunitions was enough to destroy the whole Shrek City!

The Title Douluos and the inner court disciples who rose into the skies had all perished under this terrifying, sudden explosion. Shrek Academy, which had been extremely powerful at one time had been reduced to ashes in the blink of an eye. This was a horrific technology. When the advancement of mankind’s technology had reached such an extent, it could cause cataclysmic damages to mankind.

Yun Ming raised his Atlas Spear high. The life energy which originated from the golden treehouse shone forth with a dazzling light. The rank-12 fixed soul ammunition which fell on Shrek Academy was known as the Godkiller Armageddon whereas the one which landed on Tang Sect was known as the Godkiller Devours the World.

Currently, he saw the entire Shrek City crumbling away.

A bitter smile appeared at the edge of his lips. The four-word battle armor on his body suddenly burned intensely. Even with his Limit Douluo’s powers, it was impossible for him to withstand the god-killing powers of a rank-12 fixed soul ammunition. However, if he wanted to run away, there was nobody who would be able to stop him.

Nonetheless, could he run away? He could not. Shrek Academy was about to perish. As the current Sea God Pavilion Master, there was no way he
could leave and shirk his responsibilities.

He could see the cold, sinister, and mocking gazes of the evil soul masters atop the faraway giant skull. He could clearly feel the brutal massacre of lives in Shrek City.

No matter how much regret he felt, he had no way of turning the current situation around.

How did all this happen? Why were rank-12 fixed soul ammunitions used? How did Shrek City’s own defenses weaken after so many years of peace? If the two fixed soul ammunitions had not been fired from close range but from outside the city, the city would not have experienced such disastrous damages.

Countless thoughts flashed past Yun Ming’s mind. He could now only do one thing. Atlas, Sunshot!

A dazzling golden light enveloped him completely. Behind him, beams of golden light began appearing. These golden lines of light weaved together to form the outline of a peculiar-shaped, giant rune. The entire space
seemed frozen upon the appearance of the rune. Even the nine evil soul masters on the faraway skull were shocked.

The leading evil soul master swung his right hand and the skull under him suddenly appeared a hundred miles away. His expression was grim as he spat out two words, “Godhood tablet!”

The beams of golden light completed the formation of the shape as a wail came from below Yun Ming, “Brother Ming, don’t!”

Yun Ming lowered his head slowly. He had this melancholy look as he gazed at the peerless beauty below him. “I’m ashamed to face the seniors of Shrek. Farewell, Yali. Take good care of yourself. Preserve the final seeds for Shrek.”

After he said this, the Atlas Spear in his hands shook suddenly. The beams of golden light behind him suddenly crumbled away. At the same time, a dazzling golden light burst forth. They instantly spread throughout the
entire Shrek City and completely covered the skies above Shrek Academy.

Yun Ming had reached the rank of a Limit Douluo for decades. Throughout the decades, he had continually searched for mankind’s limits and the way to another world.

He could not feel the existence of the Divine Realm. One could only understand this when one was at his level. The Divine Realm exists, but it was not connected to the realm of mankind.

One could only be a god by creating a Divine Realm.

Yun Ming’s cultivation base could definitely be considered as one of the best among the previous generations of the Sea God Pavilion Masters. He was unsure if he would be successful in this life. Nevertheless, he had toiled to pave the way for future generations. He also believed that mankind would be able to create another Divine Realm in the near future.

The Godhood tablet behind him was created by him. He had intended to use it for exploration and travel to outer space. A Divine Realm required a
Godhood tablet as stated in the ancient records. When his own Godhood tablet was powerful enough to create a Divine Realm to cover Douluo
Continent, he would then be deemed to have succeeded.

Sadly, his decades of hard work had resulted in only a glimpse of the knowledge required. Even if everything had gone smoothly, it would be impossible for him to create a Divine Realm in his lifetime. All he could do was leave his experience behind.

Shrek Academy was suddenly in danger of being swamped. When he unreservedly unleashed his incomplete Godhood tablet, he was momentarily a god.

The energy released by his Godhood tablet was the pinnacle of his work which he had achieved in his lifetime.

The two rank-12 fixed soul ammunitions a.k.a. godkillers had succeeded. They had succeeded in killing a god. However, Yun Ming had also used his last ounce of strength to negate their terrifying destructive energy.

The colors, purple and black, were forcibly sucked in midair under the neutralizing effects of the golden color. The three colors collided with each other and were intertwined together. They then crumbled and disintegrated.

Yun Ming’s body gradually turned illusory. No matter how hard Yali tried, she could not rise into the skies.

Yun Ming lowered his head. He no longer looked at the collisions in the
skies because he had already done his best. He had unleashed everything he had.

Currently, there was only a reluctance to part in his eyes. He was reluctant to part with Shrek Academy, more so his lover. He could see the constantly shifting shape of Yali’s mouth, but he could not hear her. He saw her tear-streaked face and her gaze that revealed she was on the verge of breaking down.

He said softly, “Live on, for Shrek.”

After he said this, he suddenly spread his arms. The glow on his right hand dimmed, The Atlas Spear descended from the skies and dropped into Yali’s hands. With the final burst of godly energy, the Atlas Spear finally broke off from being a martial soul and took on a true, solid form.

Yun Ming, with his arms spread, shone with extreme brightness. It was as if he was a true sun. In the next moment, he was already shooting toward the faraway giant skull.

Atlas Light’s Final Shine.

The nine evil masters on the skull were horrified. The giant skull
accelerated at full speed. The current Yun Ming was no longer a Limit Douluo, but a fallen god. The final burst of power from his fall was not something they would want to butt heads with.

However, they could not outrun the speed of a god.

Amidst the brilliant golden light, the giant skull was swallowed whole. The entire sky instantly turned blinding white. The darkness of the night seemed to be shattered by the strong, bright light. The powers of the two godkillers were also sucked into the godly light.

All life forms under the white light’s shine could only prostrate on the ground as they were suppressed by the supreme energy. The white light persisted for a long time, just like Yun Ming’s feeling of unwillingness to leave.

Tang Wulin was sprawled on the ground. He tried to prop up his body to crawl, but he could not do it. He had heard every syllable of Yun Ming’s last words distinctly, but his mind drew a complete blank. Everything happened too fast and sudden. The powerful Shrek Academy had been completely decimated overnight.

The horrendous war seemed to be between the gods, and they had appeared so meek. They could only face the results of the war. Under the terrifying
collision, they were like the ants, powerless to do anything. If they did not have the protection of the Sea God Pavilion, they would have long been turned to ash.

Eventually, everything settled down. The glow outside slowly dimmed, and everything seemed to have vanished. The whole scene was eerie and silent. When Tang Wulin lifted his head, he saw the crumbled Sea God Pavilion before him. It had turned to dust and was scattering silently in the wind.

At this very moment, a spot of golden light suddenly flew in from afar. It plunged in between Tang Wulin’s brows with hardly a sound and disappeared.

The Holy Spirit Douluo Yali lay prostrated on the ground far away. She was unconscious. There was deathly silence all around.

Chapter 880 - I Love You Too

Chapter 880: I Love You Too

Sea God’s Island disappeared and Sea God Lake dried up. Tang Wulin
could only see a vast shadowy scene. There was a giant pit that was a more than three hundred meters deep, and it was pitch-black like a deep abyss.

Was this Shrek Academy? Could this be Shrek City? They could only see endless darkness.

The Shrek Seven Monsters got up off the ground and stood on their feet. They took in their surroundings sluggishly, with rigid looks on their faces. They had recovered their ability to speak, but no words found their way to their mouths.

Shrek, their Shrek Academy, had been wiped off the face of the continent just like that.

From the beginning to the end, the entire series of events seemed to have only taken a dozen minutes. The once almighty Shrek Academy, with a legacy stretching back more than twenty thousand years, had been destroyed in mere moments. The students and teachers were gone without a trace. The only ones left seemed to be the seven of them and the unconscious Spirit Douluo.

Scarlet Dragon Douluo Zhuo Shi, Blazing Dragon Douluo Feng Wuyu,
Silver Moon Douluo Elder Cai, Light Dark Douluo Long Yeyue, and
countless other Shrek Academy masters had disappeared in that Godkiller Armageddon. They had vanished completely.

They were only twenty years old, after all. Even though they had undergone many hardships, it was still difficult for them to accept such a sudden and drastic change. The academy, which they had relied on for their studies and even their
survival, was taken away instantly. As the next generation of Shrek and the current Shrek Seven Monsters, they did not have its support behind them

This was not a war; this was a total disaster! The two greatest forces on the current continent were gone. Shrek Academy was destroyed. The Tang Sect headquarters disappeared.

The Tang Sect had fared slightly better, as it at least had branches in other cities. However, Shrek Academy had none! The most bustling city on the continent, a megapolis with millions upon millions of citizens had been destroyed in a blink. At the same time, millions upon millions of lives had been lost as well!

This could be referred to as the greatest cataclysm ever since mankind set foot on the Douluo Continent. It was an unprecedented catastrophe.

The skies above his head suddenly lit up. The dazzling glow made them instinctively lift their heads.

All seven showed hopelessness in their eyes. Directly above the deep pit in which they found themselves, a ball of light, shining with brilliant colors, was falling toward the pit like meteors chasing after the moon.

Fixed soul ammunition. It was more fixed soul ammunition. The
ammunition had yet to reach them, but its powerful aura put so much pressure on them that it was difficult to breathe. The terrifying sensation gave them a feeling of impending doom.

Complete annihilation!

Those were the only two words they could think of at that point. It did not matter where this fixed soul ammunition came from, but it was clear that the enemy had no intention of letting anyone escape with their lives.

Only by completely wiping their opponents out would they be able to carry out their plans unhindered. Dodge? Run away? They had nowhere to run to. This was a three hundred meter deep abyss. The ammunition was already before then, and it was at least at rank-8. With their cultivation bases, regardless of how masterfully they utilized their powers, it was impossible for them to evade such monstrous power.

They had lost their pillar of support. They no longer had the protection of Shrek Academy. They could only withstand this terrifying attack with their own bodies.

Tang Wulin was the first one to react. There was no hesitation within him. He suddenly took a step forward and jumped up.

His powers had already reached the level where the others would tremble at their mere mention. Even if he had relied solely on his body’s strength, this leap was already more than a hundred meters. Not only that, a giant vine unleashed from under him. All the golden vines, Goldsong included, were instantly enhanced by Bluesilver Emperor Transformation. In the next instant, the vines pushed against the ground forcefully after he had leaped. This push sent him up to an altitude of more than five hundred meters.

He could not fly, but he could reach greater heights with this method.

He spread his arms and faced the fixed soul ammunition falling from the
skies. He did not know how much he could block, but this was the only way he could do to give his friends a chance at survival.

At the very least, he had no ties to anything here. He was all alone in this world. He only wished that his companions could continue living, even though their prospects seemed bleak.

A brilliant gold color burst forth from his body, and Golden Dragon scales covered him. He then accelerated through the air with Golden Dragon Flies, which gave him another fifty meters of thrust. The fixed soul ammunition was practically in front of his nose.

Tang Wulin could even clearly see the complicated patterns on the
ammunition bursting forth with a wild glow. At that moment, he felt no fear in his heart, only yearning. He missed his parents, and he missed Na’er and the shadow which left the deepest impression on him.

‘Farewell, Gu Yue. If you’re safe and sound, then all is well with me. Forget about me. I can’t fulfill my promise to you anymore.’

He closed his eyes, and two teardrops trickled down his cheeks. He spread his arms out, and everything seemed insignificant. Gu Yue’s illusory
silhouette seemed to be standing right there in front of him. He wanted to reach out and pull her into his warm embrace.

Tang Wulin was satisfied. If he left this world in such an illusion, he would be free of all burdens. He made up his mind to leave with his yearnings.

“Wulin!” “Captain!”
“Big brother!”

The Shrek Seven Monsters finally regained their senses, but by then, even if they could fly into the skies to take his place, they were already too late.

Their eyes were filled with despair. Only Ye Xinglan moved swiftly. A dazzling energy blade blew a huge gouge in the ground. She quickly pushed all her companions into the pit and pulled the unconscious Holy Spirit
Douluo over.

Tang Wulin intended to trade his life for a slim chance of survival for them. How could she let his sacrifice be in vain?

This was not the time for mourning. At least some of them must live on and become the seeds of the reborn Shrek Academy.

A chilly sensation spread across Tang Wulin’s chest. Tang Wulin smiled, because he suddenly felt that he had truly embraced her.

Her body was boiling hot and still had a faint maiden’s fragrance. Her breath was like the scent of orchids and was slightly labored. It was just like the night after sea God’s Fate Date Festival, when she laid in his arms.

“Gu Yue, I love you,” Tang Wulin mumbled. If he was able to feel such a surreal sensation before his death, he would have no reason to be dissatisfied.

“Idiot, I love you too,” came a familiar voice laced with countless complicated emotions.

The shock made Tang Wulin wide awake, his eyes bulging.

There really was someone in his arms. He stared blankly at the peerlessly beautiful face before his eyes.

“Na’er?” Tang Wulin was stunned. She looked so familiar, but she seemed to have grown. There was less childishness about her, and she was even more beautiful.

“Idiot, I’m your Gu Yue,” she puckered her lips and gave his lips a light peck. At that point, an undying glow had swallowed their bodies.

The final sight Tang Wulin saw was a pair of great silver wings. They drew close and enveloped them both. A terrifying explosive force suddenly burst forth. However, the only sensation he felt besides the concussion was a
warm hug which had a familiar aura. That and the familiar voice which resounded in his ears.

In the deep pit, the other six Monsters looked up. They only saw a dazzling light. It seemed like a figure suddenly materialized out of thin air and hugged Tang Wulin. Then, the figure blocked the ammunition which fell from the skies with her own back.

The great explosion lasted for around a minute before it gradually subsided. The very earth had sunk three feet deeper. The rampaging energy storm resounded wildly within the vast pit.
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