The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 861-870

Chapter 861 - Six Experts

Chapter 861: Six Experts

Although soul technology was advanced on the continent, the social
standing of soul masters was not as grand as it was ten thousand years ago. However, on Douluo Continent, being a soul master was still the noblest profession. It had not changed since the old days.

Everyone’s martial soul would awaken when they were six years old. Everyone prayed and wished that they would be able to become a soul master. A majority of them would return home with their hopes crushed, but in their hearts, the status of soul masters remained the same from the beginning till the end.

When they saw an eight-ring Soul Douluo and felt his powerful strength
and imposing manner, apart from being shocked and frightened, they were filled with even more curiosity.

High-ranking soul masters were not a common sight! This was an eight-ring Soul Douluo, a person who would be considered among the top soul masters in the entire continent. In addition, he was also from Tang Sect, but was he a Tang Sect fighter as well?

Not everyone knew about the Tang Sect’s Battle Soul Hall, but those who knew understood that the Federation’s War God Hall and the Tang Sect’s Battle Soul Hall were both famous organizations of soul masters on the
continent. Their combined strengths were extremely powerful.

Tang Sect had been around for twenty thousand years. It had a reputable social standing. Tang Sect’s founding ancestor, Tang San was an outstanding personality of his generation. The other equally outstanding
person was Spirit Pagoda’s founder, Spirit Ice Douluo, Huo Yuhao who was from Tang Sect also. Compared to mere soul masters, Tang Sect was more of an enigma and had an elitist nobility to them. That was why when Tang Wulin revealed his identity, the resentment of the rioting citizens were somewhat subdued.

“You, what right do you have to grab me? We’re just here for an
explanation from the Blacksmith’s Association. Even if you’re from Tang Sect, you can’t just go around accusing good people.” Despite being held by Tang Wulin, the guy was still trying to talk his way out.

“He’s clearly sent by the Blacksmith’s Association. Everyone, don’t believe anything he says!” Further away, one of the culprits who was snared by the Bluesilver Emperor vines also clamored.

Tang Wulin laughed coldly. “I’ll tell you soon why I’m grabbing hold of you and your friends. First, I have a question to ask everyone. Does anyone recognize this person whom I have in my grasp right now?”

Although these dozen men were clamoring for attention, the dazzling glow from Tang Wulin’s soul rings had a calming effect on the crowd such that their emotions were not as riled as they were before.

A citizen who stood near Tang Wulin said, “I don’t. He doesn’t look familiar.”

Tang Wulin lowered his voice and said, “These dozen men were the ones who made the most noise just now. Heaven Dou City has been struck by a great calamity. In fact, this should be when everyone should work together to overcome this tragedy. Instead, they instigated everyone to come and
create trouble here. The criminals who launched the surprise attack did come to the Blacksmith’s Association, but let’s think about this calmly.
Does their arrival at the Blacksmith’s Association mean that they’re from the Blacksmith’s Association? Don’t you think the culprits know about the surveillance systems in Heaven Dou City? If we infer further, if these
criminals visited a restaurant or stayed in a hotel, does this mean that the restaurant or the hotel is now their accomplice? There are some among you who may be running a business. If they’ve been to your premises, does this also mean that you’re an accomplice of theirs?” “These people whom I have arrested were stirring up everyone’s emotions intentionally. It’s at crucial times like now, when our collective strength is needed to overcome the disaster and to rebuild homes, we need to ask ourselves the motive for creating such scenes.”

As he said this, Tang Wulin plucked out a micro communicator from the person’s ear. “Look, everyone. What’s this? This is a micro communicator. It’s not cheap. It costs thirty thousand Federation coins per set. And the one this person has is a high-end model. Its anti-jamming feature is amazing
which would cost another fifty to sixty thousand Federation coins. May I
ask, as an ordinary citizen, would you have any need for such a thing? You can check for yourselves and find it in the ears of these men whom I have arrested. See if there are such communicators.”

The citizens had by now turned into a hubbub of voices. The more inquisitive among them quickly found the communicators in the ears of the captured men and held up the devices for everyone to see.

“There is, there really is! They look like the same model.” Tang Wulin smiled faintly. The die was cast.
“They instigated everyone to come make a scene here. Their intentions should be condemned. In my opinion, they’re the ones who are highly
suspect to be accomplices of the criminals. I’ll hand them over to the police later. We’ll get to the truth after a thorough interrogation. I know everyone’s upset after Heaven Dou City was hit by such a serious disaster. This is precisely why we shouldn’t commit acts that aggrieve those dear to us and
support the enemy instead!”

As he said this, Tang Wulin retracted his soul rings. At the same time, he gestured at the policemen. With the help of the crowd, they gathered these dozen ashen-faced men.

“No, I’m not a criminal, I’m not a criminal. Someone gave me money to
create havoc and lead everyone here to make a scene.” A troublemaker with a weaker disposition finally broke down. Everyone knew what the consequences were if they were found guilty as the criminals of the terror attack.

When one of them broke down, the resistance of the others started to waver as well. The crowd around them fell into an uproar.

With such a favorable outcome, Tang Wulin had achieved his objective. While the police were handling the matter, Tang Wulin seized the opportunity to slip out of the crowd silently. He made a detour and went straight to the Blacksmith’s Association’s backdoor. At the same time, he dialed Zhen Hua’s number.

The telephone rang, and Zhen Hua’s hearty laugh reached Tang Wulin’s
ears. “I knew it was you! Since when did you learn the disguise skill? When I saw you releasing the eight soul rings, I was startled.”

“Huh? You knew that was me?” said Tang Wulin with shock.

Zhen Hua smiled and said, “You little rascal! Alright, come in and talk. I’ve sent someone down to fetch you.”

He was still talking when the back door opened. A familiar-looking person was at the door, but Tang Wulin could not remember the person’s name.
Tang Wulin hastily went in.

He was slightly shocked. From the tone of his voice on the communicator, uncle master’s mood seemed to be good! Could it be that he was unmoved regardless of the state of things outside? If so, he needed to redress his

They took the elevator and went to the floor where Zhen Hua was on. When he entered Zhen Hua’s office, Tang Wulin was startled.

The Divine Craftsman Zhen Hua was not alone in his office. There were as many as six other people. There was another person whom Tang Wulin was familiar with. It was his other teacher, Body Sect’s master, Mu Ye. When he saw Tang Wulin, Mu Ye could not help deriding him. “You little brat, you’ve wrecked our plans the moment you returned. If you hadn’t unleashed your Bluesilver Grass, I wouldn’t even recognize that it’s you.”

“Teacher, uncle master.” Tang Wulin was slightly puzzled.

Apart from these two, the others, two males and two females, were seated in the office. They looked middle-aged.

One of the middle-aged men said helplessly, “We had quite a good sting operation, now it’s all for naught.”

Tang Wulin suddenly understood what was happening. He said with shock, “Are you saying that the people making a scene down there were arranged by you?”

Zhen Hua laughed hysterically. “Not really. We aren’t that bored. We’re only beating them at their own game. The Holy Spirit Cult found some lay people to make a scene. Their objective is clearly to draw me out there to launch a surprise attack on me. The ones launching the surprise attack on me will most probably be some high-ranking members of the Holy Spirit Cult. We’re just cooperating with their acting. When the crowd reaches our
main entrance or even barge through the locked doors, that’s the time I’ll go out. But all this has now been foiled by you, you little brat. When they see the appearance of a Soul Douluo, even if they wanted to fight me, they’d
surely have changed their plans.”

Chapter 862 - Amorous Douluo

Chapter 862: Amorous Douluo
After hearing Zhen Hua’s words, Tang Wulin could not help but smile bitterly. Apparently old ginger was hotter than new! He thought that he had settled everything perfectly, but he did not expect this to be a trap set by his uncle-master and the others for the Holy Spirit Cult.

Zhen Hua erased the grin on his face. “The incident is very serious now. I never expected the Holy Spirit Cult to be as bold as this. Wulin, you’ve also been away for such a long time. How was the military training the academy sent you to participate in?”

Tang Wulin felt that it was inappropriate for him to divulge too much in front of this crowd. He only said, “I learnt a lot from it. Didn’t I come to see you right away after I had returned?”

Zhen Hua nodded. “Here, let me introduce you to everyone.” As he said this, he pointed to two middle-aged women and said, “These two are from the Battle God Hall. They’re both battle gods.”

Tang Wulin was not completely clueless as to the Battle Soul Hall. There was a total of eighteen battle gods in the Hall, and they were it’s mainstays. The eighteen battle gods were all experts holding the rank of Title Douluo.
They took orders directly from the Federation’s parliament. It was said that the Battle God Hall had combat strength which surpassed even the eighteen battle gods. As to what that superior combat strength was, Tang Wulin had no idea.

The two middle-aged women did not appear too extraordinary. With Zhen Hua’s introduction, Tang Wulin learned that one of them was Tang Liyue, and the other was Zhu Xuan.

Tang Liyue’s title was Ice Moon, while Zhu Xuan’s was Morning Cat. They were truly both Title Douluos.

Zhen Hua pointed to another middle-aged man and said, “This is Heaven Saint Douluo, Xu Shengqun from the Spirit Pagoda.” While he spoke, Zhen Hua was clearly more serious than when he was introducing the two battle goddesses from Battle God Hall before this.

Tang Wulin hastily said, “Greetings, Your Eminence.”

Xu Shengqun looked at Tang Wulin with piqued interest and nodded toward him.

Zhen Hua smiled and said, “Brother Xu is one of the current four great spiriters of the Spirit Pagoda.”

Tang Wulin’s heart skipped a beat. He knew much more about the Spirit Pagoda than the Battle God Hall. Spirit Pagoda’s organization was quite compact.

When the Federation’s parliament was formed back then, they had imitated the structure of the Spirit Pagoda’s upper echelons.

Spirit Pagoda had thirty-six elders. In the beginning, the posts of the elders were held by individuals of power from all sides, but with the development of the times and the Spirit Pagoda’s increasing importance on the continent, it gradually turned into an independent body.

Even so, the Spirit Pagoda still had a council of thirty-six elders who would handle all important decisions.

There were a few superior officers above the council. This included the Spirit Pagoda Master, two vice Pagoda Masters, and four spiriters. They made up forty-two members in total, and they collectively formed the
superior officers of the organization. The Spirit Pagoda was a relatively democratic organization. Even the Pagoda Master could not do as he wished. However, the Pagoda Master had the right to veto, which was the greatest power he held. The vice Pagoda
Master and spiriters had two votes each, which was only one vote less than the Pagoda Master’s three votes. Every council elder had one vote.
Whenever there was an important decision to be made, it was the time for a collective vote to be done.

For the two vice Pagoda Masters and the four spiriters, they had to have made some sort of great contribution to Spirit Pagoda to be elected.
However, the more important thing was that they represented Spirit Pagoda’s peak combat strength. They were masters that were at least of Hyper Douluo rank.

In other words, the cultivation base of this Heaven Saint Douluo Luo Shengqun before him had exceeded even the Body Sect’s master, Mu Ye. As for his overall combat strength…

Zhen Hua’s turned his attention to the last person. From his expression,
Tang Wulin could make out some element of respect. With Zhen Hua’s
status as the Divine Craftsman of the generation on the continent, it was a shock for Tang Wulin to see him displaying reverence for someone else. Just how esteemed was this person?

He was not the only one. Even Mu Ye beside him, when his gaze fell onto this last person, displayed a strange countenance. What Tang Wulin saw on his face was terror.

Without a doubt, both Zhen Hua and Mu Ye, they could shake the four seas with a stomp of their feet. It was unimaginable for someone to be able to
elicit such reactions from them.

The middle-aged man had a slender build. His was handsome, with beautiful and gentle eyes, and long lashes just like Tang Wulin. Although he seemed to be in his forties, he was still filled with the worldly charisma of a middle-aged man. Sitting there, he did not release a strong, imposing aura, nor did he attract as much attention as the others before him. However, when Tang Wulin’s gaze fell on him, he could not help but feel compelled.

Zhen Hua said, “Wulin, I should tell you, this man is somehow related to you.”

“Related to me?” said Tang Wulin in astonishment.

The middle-aged man beamed at him, revealing his white teeth. “I think I’ll introduce myself. I’m Zang Xin. We’re both from the Tang Sect.”

Zang Xin? This name was undoubtedly alien to Tang Wulin. If they had something in common, it would be that there were more strokes to the
characters of their names…

Zhen Hua said, “Senior Zang is the Tang Sect Douluo Hall’s vice hall master, his Title is Amorous.”

When Zang Xin heard his own Title, he immediately coughed twice. He seemed to be embarrassed.

Zhen Hua quickly stopped, then he said awkwardly, “My apologies. I’ve forgotten that you don’t like your Title being mentioned.”

Currently, Tang Wulin was oblivious to Zang Xin’s feelings toward his own Title. He was completely astounded by the words “Douluo Hall”.

He was very familiar with the Tang Sect’s inner structure. There were three inner halls and three outer halls. He was a member of one of the three inner halls, the Battle Soul Hall.

In order, the three inner halls were the Worship Hall, the Battle Soul Hall, and the Enforcement Hall. However, there was another higher power above these three within the Tang Sect, and that was the Douluo Hall.

It was said that only the devotees of the Worship Hall could possibly be promoted to the Douluo Hall. The Douluo Hall’s master was the current Tang Sect master. Amazingly, the person before him was the Douluo Hall’s vice hall master. That meant that there was no one above him but the sect master!

After he had gone to the Star Luo Empire, Tang Wulin knew very well that not only did the Tang Sect have much influence on the Douluo Continent, its status was even higher on Star Luo Continent.

Zhen Hua had referred to Xu Shengqun as brother Xu, but he called this
Amorous Douluo Zang Xin senior Zang. The difference between these two was great. Without a doubt, this Amorous Douluo was not as young as he appeared.

“Sigh, it’s all the hall master’s fault for giving me such a Title back then. I’ll be embarrassed for life! Wulin, you don’t have to call me ‘Your Eminence’ or anything like that, and there’s also no need to call me by my Title. Just call me Old Zang.”

This Douluo Hall vice hall master had an easy, amicable tone to him. He always had a smile on his face, but Tang Wulin dared not do what he
suggested. He hastily said with respect, “Tang Wulin pays the vice hall master his respects.”

Zang Xin friends grinned. “This is our first time meeting each other. Let me give you a gift.” When he said this, he raised a hand and a small object flew at Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin hastily caught it and found it to be a small round plate. The plate was exquisitely made, and there was clearly a soul circuit contained within it. It looked to be very beautiful on the outside. One side was blue while the other was red. The word “Tang” was carved onto both sides.

“Tang Sect’s Icefire Seal!”
The other five Title Douluos, including Xu Shengqun exclaimed in shock. Even the two women, Ice Moon Douluo Tang Liyue and Morning Cat
Douluo Zhu Xuan displayed admiration on their faces. They seemed to be unable to contain themselves. Tang Sect’s Icefire Seal? Even though Tang Wulin was a Tang Sect disciple, he did not know what this was. However, he was clever. He immediately bowed deeply and, with respect, said, “Many thanks to the vice hall master for the gift.” He did not have the courage to refer to Zang Xin as Old Zang.

Zang Xin smiled. “It’s nothing. This was given to you by the hall master through me. I’m just doing a favor without troubling myself. Whatever you received is what you deserved.”

“Hall master? The hall master knows about me?” The identity of the current Tang Sect Douluo Hall’s master was unknown to most of the Title
Douluo’s, leave alone Tang Wulin. Only a few of the continent’s elites knew the identity of this mysterious hall master.

Zang Xin said, “When you’re free, do come and visit the Douluo Hall, and bring the Tang Sect Icefire Seal with you. There’ll be someone there to teach you how to use it. Keep it well. If you lose it, then you’ll also lose this opportunity.”

“Understood,” Tang Wulin responded respectfully. He then went and stood behind Mu Ye and Zhen Hua. There was no doubt that everyone present here were his seniors. This was no place for him to sit down.

Zhen Hua said with a grin, “I was thinking that with senior Zang assuming personal command this time, we might just be able to catch a big fish, but I didn’t expect our plans to be unintentionally foiled by Wulin. Everyone,
why don’t we have lunch first? Mu Ye, I’m afraid I’ll have to trouble you again.”

“Alright,” Mu Ye responded curtly, then glanced at Tang Wulin. “Young man, come and assist me.”

Chapter 863 - Mystery?

Chapter 863: Mystery?

Zang Xin’s lips cracked into a faint smile as he watched Mu Ye take Tang Wulin into the kitchen. “Someone from the Body Sect finally got wise. He’s very lucky as well.”

Zhen Hua laughed as he said, “I’m also very surprised. I didn’t expect the Tang Sect to value Tang Wulin that much. Frankly, I, too, think highly of this child. I heard from Mu Chen that he’s already close to the rank of Saint Craftsman already. I think that he’s going to consult me on information
about that soon.”

“Saint Craftsman? How old is he?” Xu Shengqun spoke in astonishment. Zhen Hua boastfully replied, “Nature has greatly blessed the boy.
There are no blacksmiths with the potential for Heavenly Refinement on the continent, except him.”

What was the significance of Heavenly Refinement? Everybody else could see that Zhen Hua was saying this because he was too shy to brag about himself.

Tang Liyue and Zhu Xue matched each others’ gaze. Radiance flashed in the depths of the two women’s eyes.

Zang Xin always seemed to be beaming. “The Tang Sect values him more than any of you can imagine. Hence, everyone please don’t speculate about him.”

His words were of course not meant for Zhen Hua. The Blacksmith’s Association and soul masters did not have any conflict but instead complemented each other. However, the Spirit Pagoda and the Battle Soul Hall’s relationship was quite different.

Tang Liyue spoke with a grin on her face, “Senior Zang, you can’t protect your boy too much! Those of us from the War God Hall have never discriminated against him. He’s a Tang Sect disciple, but he can join the War God Hall as well to serve the Federation.”

Zang Xin remained smiling but he declined to comment.

Xu Shengqun was about to say something, but he thought better of it after he caught a glimpse of the cheery Amorous Duoluo.

He dared not overstep his boundaries in this man’s presence, even though he himself was one of the six highest ranking members of the Spirit Pagoda. Amorous Douluo may be the vice hall master of Douluo Hall, but it was very clear that this man was not that different from the Douluo Hall’s master. He was also a man standing at the pinnacle of the world.

Spirit Pagoda’s master once said that the opponent he was most unwilling to confront on the continent was not Shrek Academy’s Atlas Douluo, but the two great hall masters of the Tang Sect. It showed that his estimation of these two hall masters was exceedingly high.

In the kitchen, Mu Ye’s expression seemed to have relaxed slightly as soon as he closed the door. He suddenly raised his hand and patted Tang Wulin on the shoulder.

Tang Wulin was aware of what Mu Ye was about to do, so, of course, he would not dodge. He allowed Mu Ye’s palm to smack his shoulder.

He felt his shoulder became heavier as a tremendous force burst out instantly.

Tang Wulin had not met Mu Ye for an even longer time than Zhen Hua. He had never seen his teacher ever since he returned from the Star Luo
Continent. Mu Yue was slightly stunned for a moment. He had already considered the fact that Tang Wulin’s strength would grow, which was why he was
applying so much pressure on his shoulder. Even so, he did not at all expect that Tang Wulin would not have any reaction to his slap.

Tang Wulin sniggered.

Mu Ye raised his brows as his lips cracked into a spurious smile. The palm pressing against Tang Wulin’s shoulder abruptly exerted more strength.

Tang Wulin washed the potatoes. “Teacher, shall I peel the skin?”

The corners of Mu Ye’s mouth twitched as his heart filled with shock. Even a Soul Sage strength-type soul master would certainly fail to withstand the force he had just applied, yet his disciple was unbothered. How was this possible?

He did not continue because he could already see the floorboard underneath Tang Wulin’s feet was cracking. Perhaps Tang Wulin would be able to
endure an even greater amount, but the floorboard would not withstand anymore.

“Little brat, what have you eaten? How did your strength increase so much?”

Tang Wulin shrugged. “Teacher, that’s a secret. However, my strength has already increased one hundred thousand kilograms since last time.
Moreover, I can feel that it’s still growing.”

As the Body Sect’s master, Mu Ye had always been filled with pride about his body’s strength. Even though he had yet to break through to Hyper
Douluo level, he was always under the assumption that his physical power was on the same level as a Limit Douluo. However, he found himself
astonished when he witnessed his disciple with less than a five-ringed
cultivation base. Going by Tang Wulin’s development speed, he was afraid that his disciple’s strength could exceed his own. “My boy, you’re impressive. I’ll teach you the Body Sect’s Body Refining Method later. With strength as great as yours, you must learn how to transfer it.”

“Transfer?” Tang Wulin looked at Mu Ye in surprise.

Mu Ye spoke flatly, “You have one hundred thousand kilograms worth of
strength, so how much can you wield without getting near your opponent?”

Tang Wulin answered, “I’d need to combine it with a throwing weapon, or with my martial soul or soul skill in order to use it more effectively.”

Mu Ye shook his head. “Strength is a portion of energy as well. Your bloodline soul skill or your martial soul skill are not conflicting it. It’s like you have a buried treasure but don’t know how to dig right now. On the other hand, our Body Sect’s Body Refining Method is just what you need to excavate your treasure. However, you must also not to be overly obsessed with your strength because soul power cultivation is still the foundation.
Only with great soul power will you be able to cultivate twice the result with half the effort. Your teacher was too absorbed in his strength back in those years, besides focusing too much attention to studying mecha
afterward. Because of this, I couldn’t even break through to Hyper Douluo rank up till now.”

“Yes.” Tang Wulin nodded sincerely. Mu Ye’s words came from the bottom of his heart. Tang Wulin understood how much the situation affected him just by looking at his expression.

In reality, Mu Ye was the Body Sect’s prodigy of his generation in his youth. He was reputed to be the one most likely to reach the rank of his predecessor. However, it became troublesome for his teacher to educate him, as he soon exceeded his teacher’s power. In addition, he had so many hobbies that he missed the best period to cultivate his soul power.
Otherwise, he might have become a Limit Douluo given his natural abilities.

Mu Ye was preparing the ingredients when he was said, “Have you ever met that Amorous Douluo before?” Tang Wulin shook his head.

Mu Ye spoke, “The Tang Sect has truly left me speechless. I didn’t expect that they’d value you so highly. Build a good relationship with these few people if you have the opportunity. They have exceedingly high positions within the Tang Sect. In reality, their words were more influential than the Douluo Hall’s master on many occasions. The Tang Sect Icefire Seal given by him is an extremely lucky item, so you must hold on to it tightly.”

Tang Wulin asked in curiosity, “Teacher, what’s the Icefire Seal actually? Why is everybody so shocked by it?”

Mu Ye spoke with a deep voice, “The Tang Sect has a history that is much longer than our Body Sect. As far back as when the sect’s first ancestor, Tang San, dominated the continent, the Tang Sect discovered a land of plenty. More precisely, it was discovered by the Thousand Hands Douluo
Tang San. This land was well-hidden, and it was said to be heavily guarded by obstacles and poisons. However, the inside was birthing many of the finest heaven-and-earth treasures. I’m not especially familiar with the real situation, but you only need to know that these two great talents, Tang San and Huo Yuhao benefited from this treasured land.”

Tang Wulin was even more curious about the Icefire Seal when he heard this. However, it was quite apparent that Mu Ye did not understand the true state of affairs either.

Mu Ye spoke, “Use the Tang Sect Icefire Seal as soon as you can after you’ve returned. I believe that Amorous Douluo’s guidance will never lead you astray. Oh, right. Don’t get too close to him.”

Tang Wulin was slightly confused for Mu Ye was just advising him to befriend Amorous Douluo, yet why did he ask him not to get to close to the man one minute later?

Mu Ye’s gaze appeared slightly odd. A wave of gentle energy was radiating from his body as he surrounded Tang Wulin and himself and isolated
everything on the outside. “Do you know what the Title of the Tang Sect’s Douluo Hall’s current hall master is?” Mu Ye asked.

Chapter 864 - The Unexpected Breakthrough

Chapter 864: The Unexpected Breakthrough

Tang Wulin shook his head. How could he possibly have known since the Tang Sect’s Douluo Hall hall master had always been an enigmatic person? Even though Tang Wulin was a fighter at present, he was still considered far below the higher ranking officials of Tang Sect.

Mu Ye spoke softly, “His title is Heartless, Heartless Douluo Cao Dezhi.”

It was Tang Wulin’s first time to hear of the Tang Sect’s current Douluo Hall hall master, also the Tang Sect sect master’s name. His eyes widened in surprise instantly.

“Have you managed to associate anything yet?” Mu Ye’s eyes were flickering with radiance.

Tang Wulin shook his head in a daze. Heartless Douluo? Amorous Douluo?

Mu Ye spoke, “Life can be heartless but you may still meet people full of passion. Amorous love loathes itself for wrongly devoting love for the heartless. Legend has it that the Amorous Douluo and the Heartless
Douluo… cough, cough. There’s no need for me to explain anymore, is there?”

Tang Wulin widened his eyes instantly. “So you’re saying that… both men are gay?”

“Hmm, yes!” Mu Ye raised his brows. “Don’t ever mention this to anybody other than the people in this house. This is one of Tang Sect’s biggest

Tang Wulin felt uneasy all over. The Douluo Hall hall master, Heartless Douluo and the vice hall master, Amorous Douluo were a couple? This was…

“Teacher, is your information reliable?” Tang Wulin asked Mu Ye.

“Unreliable, of course!” Mu Ye spoke in a rational and natural manner.

Tang Wulin almost spat out a mouthful of blood from rage. “Why are you still saying that if it’s unreliable, aren’t you afraid…”

Mu Ye laughed and spoke, “I’m just pulling your leg. Moreover, it’s not a groundless rumor since it’s a legend. There’s certainly some rationale behind this. For instance, the Heartless Douluo and the Amorous Douluo have never married according to my knowledge. They were both from a generation of great talents so there are certainly many outstanding women that fancy them. Could it be that there’s none that they fancy? Also, these two men have an extremely close relationship all along. They lived
wandering from place to place during the early years and performed deeds of valor for Tang Sect. Their titles are also obscure as such.”

Tang Wulin heaved a sigh of relief and said, “You’re just making groundless accusations.”

Mu Ye sniggered. “The Amorous Douluo spread love everywhere while the Heartless Douluo never had any scandals. Legend has it that the Amorous Douluo indulged in worldly pleasures to conceal his relationship with the Heartless Douluo. I don’t know much about the specific details, but they’re not considered normal anyhow.”

Tang Wulin coughed dryly. It was better for him not to join in his
seniors’ conversation. He knew that Mu Ye did not have any ill intention although Mu Ye was quite vocal during the conversation. After all, Body Sect and Tang Sect were in a rivalry during the early years. Body Sect became less domineering while Tang Sect grew bigger and more powerful with the passing of time. The relationship between the two sects was
already strained since earlier.

Mu Ye’s culinary skill was genuinely good. In addition to the exquisite ingredients, he concocted a table full of scrumptious food for lunch. Zhen Hua invited the guests to take their seats. The Amorous Douluo, Zang Xin undoubtedly took the host seat since he held the highest position among the group of people.

Tang Wulin naturally sat at the most junior seat at the table. He could not help feeling that he was letting a wonderful opportunity slip by as he looked at the scrumptious meal that filled the dining table. He could not just chow down the delicacies with so many seniors around. Hence, he could only feast with his eyes.

Zhen Hua found a bottle of wine, whose packaging was aged, from some unknown place. He poured a cup for everyone including Tang Wulin as well.

“My bottle of dragon blood wine has a very long history, so I’ve always been reluctant to drink it. It was given by a dear friend back then. Today’s just the right day to savor it.”

The wine was colored amber with a faint fragrance. The fragrance was special as its scent was similar to sandalwood and even a little like

Tang Wulin had a cup to himself. He had never tasted wine so he was curious.

“Cheers to Senior Zang and all my good friends.” Zhen Hua raised his cup as he gave a toast.

Zang Xin smiled as he raised the cup. “Dragon blood wine, this is definitely good stuff! I haven’t tasted any for many years. Hmm, it smells like Scarlet Dragon’s dragon blood. Strong and fragrant with a thick fire element
essence. It’s good for expelling ghastly evil energy and strengthening one’s blood essence. Furthermore, it’s good for nourishing one’s masculinity.”

Other than Tang Wulin, the rest of the male Title Douluos cracked into heartfelt smiles upon hearing the words ‘nourishing masculinity’. Zhen Hua gave a thumbs up. “Senior Zang is truly an expert. Cheers.” He was the first to empty his cup.

Dragon blood wine? Tang Wulin looked curiously at the wine in the cup. He too emptied his cup as he watched everybody emptied theirs.

The dragon blood wine tasted sweet and pleasant, but it was very strong. Tang Wulin felt a surge of heat spreading across his chest instantly, followed by the feeling of a warm liquid flowing into his stomach.

All the pores on his body seemed to open up in the next instant. Two scarlet patches could be seen on his cheeks while his vision became blurred.

What a strong wine! It felt so comfortable.

He felt his body beginning to relax at present. He felt as if his bones, meridians, bloodline, and skin were rejuvenated.

His entire body felt warm and fuzzy. Soon, his skin was flushed with a layer of redness.

He looked to the Title Douluos once again and found that they appeared no different from usual.

There was no doubt that there was a disparity between their powers. The energy contained in the dragon blood wine was so strong that Tang Wulin was incapable of absorbing the energy instantly with his cultivation base.

However, all of a sudden, Tang Wulin heard a ‘clang’ sound radiating from his body. Soon after, his blood essence began to surge wildly while his
entire body stiffened. Oh no!
There appeared to be a problem. His ninth layer seal had just broken.

The dragon blood wine had stimulated the bloodline aura that was
constantly being suppressed by Tang Wulin. It broke the Golden Dragon King’s ninth layer seal at one go when his bloodline aura arose abruptly. Actually, Tang Wulin did not know much about the dragon blood wine. Otherwise, he would not have drunk it.

The dragon blood wine was, of course, a potent nourishing drink. Zhen Hua had served it as a polite gesture, but the drink was not meant for everyone.

Tang Wulin drank it not knowing its nourishing effect would be so potent. Although he had the Golden Dragon King bloodline, the Scarlet Dragon blood was from a true dragon as well. However, the Scarlet Dragon’s rank was inferior to the Golden Dragon King.

How could the Golden Dragon King bloodline not be infuriated by the Scarlet Dragon bloodline’s presence? Even though the dragon blood wine was consumed as a drink, the Golden Dragon King bloodline immediately became frantic. Subsequently, it was fairly easy for the Golden Dragon
King bloodline aura to break through the ninth layer seal which was already precarious at one go.

Tang Wulin was blushing scarlet on his cheeks the moment before. Now, the violent energy fluctuations erupted with his body as the center. The golden scales appeared on his skin and covered his entire body within

Tang Wulin was already capable of covering his whole body with golden
scales without using the Golden Dragon Body after the first eight out of the eighteen Golden Dragon King seals were broken. Currently, breaking the ninth seal would become the final polish on his scales.

The intense bloodline aura surged out while a low dragon’s roar began to radiate out of Tang Wulin’s bloodline vibration. The chair underneath him shattered instantly, and he landed onto the ground.

Tang Wulin did not worry about anything else at this moment. He
controlled his body with great effort by sitting cross-legged on the ground.

Since he had been equipped with the ability to break the ninth layer seal, he could stabilize himself at the crucial moment. Otherwise, he would be lying on the ground in pain similar to his previous episodes of breaking the seals. The group of Title Douluos were also startled. Xu Shengqun spoke in
astonishment, “Brother Zhen Hua, your wine is a little too strong huh! The child…”

Zhen Hua was also surprised. His eyes were filled with confusion as he looked at Tang Wulin. “It shouldn’t be! Even though the dragon blood wine is potent, Tang Wulin should be able to withstand a small amount with his physical qualities. How did this happen? Could it be that his cultivation base has achieved calmness and is about to have a breakthrough? That’s not right either! His soul power should have just achieved rank-50 recently, so there’s still a huge gap before his next bottleneck!”

“Not his soul power.” Zang Xin walked to Tang Wulin’s side squinting his eyes. “It should be a breakthrough similar to his ability, but it’s not his soul power but the change in his bloodline aura. It’s a highly domineering
energy that strangely conforms to his body completely.”

Mu Ye walked to Tang Wulin’s side as well. He understood Tang Wulin’s
situation most. He knew that the bloodline in his body was the dragon type, and it was probably triggered by the dragon blood wine.

However, Zang Xin could not tell whether Tang Wulin was in any danger or not. Mu Ye, on the other hand, thought that it should not be a big concern.

Gradually, Tang Wulin became calmer, and he appeared to be fine.

Zang Xin smiled. “Alright, let’s continue our meal. Perhaps he’ll recover by the time we are done eating.”

Tang Wulin could sense the Golden Dragon King essence burgeoning in his body akin to a blow-out at present. After the last portion of his body was
covered in golden dragon scales, it formed a special circulation of energy on his skin that was being continually produced.

Chapter 865 - Double Circulation

Chapter 865: Double Circulation

Tang Wulin’s bloodline energy was powerful all along but he required large amounts of food as replenishment. A large portion of his bloodline energy would be consumed each time it was used, and he would be in a weakened state once it was exhausted. However, it felt different this time. The surging bloodline energy began to form miraculous vortices on the surface of his
skin. These vortices and his Mysterious Heaven Method’s soul power circulation in his meridians did not conflict with each other. On the
contrary, the portion of bloodline power initially stored in his meridians was slowly being absorbed by his skin.

The bloodline power circulated underneath his skin while the soul power circulated in his meridians. A strange reaction began to appear when these dual circulations were being separated continuously.

First of all, Tang Wulin’s Mysterious Heaven Method’s soul power circulated in an even smoother manner than before. The speed of its
circulation began to increase as his soul power vortex spun smoothly. The lowest point of the vortex began to flicker with a shimmery radiance when it reached extremely high speeds.

Then, the bloodline power became separated on its own. Its circulation became similarly smooth but more importantly, the bloodline power formed into a separate circulation on its own. Gradually, his bloodline aura was
elevated just like when he was cultivating his soul power.

The dual circulations went progressively from its initial choppy manner to a smooth process. The two powers did not seem to interfere with one another. In fact, they complemented each other subtly. The bloodline power was thick and strong on the outside while the Mysterious Heaven Method’s soul power was being generated ceaselessly on the inside. The two powers
surged continuously akin to the surging currents along the Yangtze River. The Golden Dragon King’s ninth seal that was already broken produced rings of golden radiance as it stabilized the bloodline aura circulation outside his body such that Tang Wulin felt like he was born anew.

He sensed a giant golden dragon seemingly leaping into the sky in his
spiritual world. The dragon suspended above his sea of spirit. There were nine golden light spots shimmering from the dragon’s head to its tail that made it appear fierce and valiant. It was a terrifying aura that was indescribable. It seemed to fill the entire world to its brim.

It was Tang Wulin’s first time feeling the overbearingness that originated from the Golden Dragon King’s energy. Its imperious power triumphed over everything and domineered all the life forms in the world. It felt as if it was no longer asleep as before. In fact, it felt as if everything should submit themselves before it.

The Golden Dragon King bloodline in his body seemed to come alive. It had truly transformed into the Golden Dragon King which reigned freely as it looked down on the world beneath it. It even felt like it was about to dash out of his body.

At this moment, Tang Wulin finally understood why Old Tang said that the latter nine of the Golden Dragon King bloodline seals were completely different from the former nine.

How could the sleeping Golden Dragon King compare to the awakened
Golden Dragon King? It seemed like he needed to tame the Golden Dragon King in order to continue absorbing the energy contained in Golden Dragon King seals in the future.

The danger which he was about to confront was especially terrifying.

Tang Wulin took a breath of cold air as he was feeling worried. However, he could sense that the latter nine Golden Dragon King seals were stronger than the former nine seals countless times. In other words, it would be
extremely difficult to break through the seals. Similarly, it would be just as difficult for the energy within the seals to break out. In any case, he would have lots of opportunities and time for preparation.

The Mysterious Heaven Method’s soul power and the Golden Dragon King bloodline energy circulated for forty-nine cycles before returning
separately. The Mysterious Heaven Method’s soul power was gathered in his soul power vortex while the Golden Dragon King bloodline power was gathered around Tang Wulin’s chest and seemed to form into another vortex as well. It was a golden vortex that was located on his chest.

The group of people who were sitting by his side having their meals could
see Tang Wulin’s chest glowing. Rings of golden radiance bloomed outward from his chest such that his clothes could not even conceal it.

Tang Wulin’s aura continued to rise without stopping. He had just a five- ring soul skill among the group of people who were a generation of great talents. Yet, they all felt the waves of compelling force radiating from his body. It was not possible that the compelling force came from his source power, rather it originated from his bloodline.

“The boy’s bloodline aura is even more powerful than yours! I’m not referring to the energy in his bloodline but the origin aura.” Zhen Hua’s eyes glowed brightly as he remarked to Mu Ye by his side.

Mu Ye also had a peculiar expression on his face. “I can sense that too. I didn’t expect his bloodline to continue evolving. I thought that his bloodline was already completely opened up by me initially. He’s revealing his true
self now. His bloodline aura formed a self-circulation and that’s interesting.”

The Amorous Douluo, Zang Xin squinted his eyes as he muttered to himself, “Self-circulation. This signifies that his bloodline aura can possibly be like soul power that condenses into something similar to a soul core.
There hasn’t been any soul master capable of doing this according to Tang Sect’s ancient recordings. Could it be that a portion of this child’s bloodline belongs to a soul beast? All of you should know that it’s possible for soul beasts to condense soul cores after the soul beasts cultivate to ten-thousand- year cultivation bases. Most of their soul cores originated from their bloodlines which were different from the soul masters. Once the soul beast is dead, the soul core will transform into a soul ring while the most powerful or special soul core can even affect its skeleton to evolve into soul bones.”

Zhen Hua suddenly spoke to Zang Xin and everyone else on the scene
solemnly, “I have a request. I hope that everyone can keep a secret for my disciple nephew. I don’t want the Federation to take him away and make him a test subject.”

Zang Xin smiled. “You’re thinking way too much. It may be the case if it were someone else, but not him. He’s from Tang Sect, not only that, he’s
also Tang Sect’s future successor who will certainly enter the Worship Hall or even the Douluo Hall. Moreover, don’t you forget he’s also one of the Shrek Seven Monsters of this generation. Do you think that Shrek Academy will allow its students to be test subjects?”

As he was saying that, his gaze swept past the few people from Spirit Pagoda and the Battle Soul Hall naturally. He had not yet unleashed his imposing manner, but those people were already feeling fearful. There was no doubt that Zang Xin’s words not only represented himself but the entire Tang Sect.

“You missed out one thing. He’s also a member of Body Sect and my official heir,” Mu Ye spoke with a slight arrogance.

Zang Xin darted a look at him. He gave a calm smile but did not speak anymore.

Frankly, Mu Ye was a little troubled and even glared at Zhen Hua out of rage. If not for Zhen Hua’s dragon blood wine, Tang Wulin would not have exposed so much of himself today before so many powerhouses. His
exposure this time was not beneficial to himself. Mu Ye was figuring out a way to abduct Tang Wulin in the future so that Tang Wulin could inherit the sect master position of Body Sect. It was only because Tang Wulin’s
cultivation base was still below expectation currently that Mu Ye was not in too much of a rush. Nonetheless, Tang Wulin was already targeted by Zang Xin, so Tang Wulin would naturally be in the Tang Sect’s high- ranking officials’ attention. Zang Xin had passed Tang Wulin the Tang Sect’s Icefire Seal earlier, so most likely he noticed the distinctive features of this boy. It would be even more difficult for Mu Ye to make a claim on Tang Wulin in the future.

Zhen Hua appeared all innocent, although he was feeling joyous in his heart. His disciple nephew was akin to a dragon hiding in deep waters. Tang Wulin could possibly soar up to the sky at one go if he wanted to do so. The child had a stable and calm mentality, not only was he humble and gentle, he was becoming more resolute in his development. Zhen Hua was quite regretful because it would have been better today without the presence of the Battle Soul Hall and Spirit Pagoda’s representatives.

The group of people had drunk three cups of wine each before Tang Wulin heaved a sigh of relief and slowly opened his eyes.

The aura from his body was retracted as everything returned to normal. In the split second when he opened his eyes, the group of people saw a stream of bright light flash past his eyes.

Chapter 866 - Taking the First Step is Half the Work Done

Chapter 866: Taking the First Step is Half the Work Done

The light was so brilliant that it mesmerized all of them, including Zang
Xin. In that split second, no one noticed that his pupils were not round like an ordinary human’s but vertical slits burning a dazzling gold.

With a flash, his eyes returned to normal. Tang Wulin felt his bones and limbs relax and he now had an undying strength.

Although he had only broken the ninth seal, he felt like his strength had multiplied many times. It felt amazing.

“Come and eat if you’ve awakened,” Zhen Hua said with a smile.

Tang Wulin hastily stood up and spoke a little bashfully, “My apologies uncle-master, teacher, seniors. I didn’t know that…”

Zang Xin waved his hand. “It’s alright. This is your chance. Come and eat, but don’t drink any more dragon blood wine.”

Smiling awkwardly, Tang Wulin pulled up a chair and joined the meal.

The crowd had been watching him so closely that they had hardly touched their plates. With their cultivation bases, they no longer required food for sustenance anyway. This was not the case for Tang Wulin. His hunger had not diminished despite how much his cultivation base had elevated. He feasted ravenously and felt his body become even more at ease. After all, the dishes that had been served were made using the finest ingredients!

The rest of the group bid their farewells after the meal. Only Zhen Hua and Mu Ye were left. Zhen Hua spoke to Mu Ye, “Get in line! My nephew-disciple is here for me.”

Mu Ye snorted. “You’re the one providing food and accommodation, so there’s no rush.” He patted Tang Wulin’s shoulder and walked away, leaving Tang Wulin and Zhen Hua behind.

Zhen Hua sighed softly. “Wulin, do you know that breaking through today in front of so many people… it’s a double-edged sword!”

Tang Wulin’s chest tightened. “Uncle-master, what do you mean?”

Zhen Hua spoke, “Mu Ye, Senior Zang Xin and I are fine because you’re one of us in a sense. We’re proud that you’re gifted with extraordinary talents. However, those people from the Battle Soul Hall and the Spirit Pagoda, albeit our allies, are competitors in some sense too. Of course, I’m only a blacksmith, so it’s fine with me, but it’s different for the Tang Sect, Shrek Academy and even the Body Sect. I’m afraid that though the Battle Soul Hall’s intention for you to join them earnestly is quite clear, the Tang Sect may not be willing to let you go. This involves a conflict between powers at the highest level.”

“Of course, you’ve revealed your potential before this group of people today so this will only cause the Tang Sect to value your presence even more, while the Battle Soul Hall and the Spirit Pagoda’s higher-ups will pay more attention to you. It’s up to your development in the future. However, you must remember this: no matter how you choose or what happens in the future, most crucially, you must be strong enough. Depending on other’s
strength and acting accordingly to the situation may be important, but they’re never as vital as becoming powerful yourself. It’s only when you’re so equipped, that you’ll be able to stand your ground.”

“Yes.” Tang Wulin truly felt inspired. He was aware of this since he was young. Father once told him that the only person he could fully trust and depend on for eternity in this world would be himself.

Zhen Hua smiled. “However, there’s no need to be too worried because you’re still young, after all. Potential is one thing, but it’s another thing if you’re capable of transforming potential into power. Moreover, you still have Shrek Academy behind you and you’re a blacksmith. If you’re capable of achieving the status of Saint Craftsman soon, then you’ll definitely be a rare resource for anyone. The higher your achievement in forging, the better you’ll able to conceal your other abilities, so you can protect yourself.
Hence, stay here for this period of time. I heard from your teacher that you’re already halfway to Saint Craftsman now, so I won’t release you before you reach such a rank this time.”

Tang Wulin could not help smiling upon seeing his uncle-master’s
craftiness which he did not even attempt to hide. Uncle-master wished for him to reach a higher level in forging anyhow. After all, what more could be more important than forging in a Saint Craftsman’s eyes? On the other hand, it was genuinely important for Tang Wulin himself to be able to have a breakthrough in his forging skills.

Surprisingly, Zhen Hua did not guide him on how to perform soul forging, but he perfected Tang Wulin’s skill in every detail of forging like extracting silk from a cocoon. Even though Tang Wulin was already doing very well,
Zhen Hua would always find some flaws in his forging process. Then, he would instruct Tang Wulin to perform fuse forging on all sorts of metals so that he could sense the minute changes in the metals’ properties.

Tang Wulin’s spiritual cultivation base had already entered Spirit Abyss.
His soul power and bloodline power had increased steadily after this breakthrough, so his soul power cultivation base managed to reach rank-54 due to his bloodline energy stripping. His bloodline power increased
exponentially as well, till he could not only elevate his forging abilities but also gradually control his newfound strength.

Gradually, he immersed himself in the world of forging wholeheartedly and forgot about the time in the outside world. He was invested in it in both body and soul.

“Have you achieved a breakthrough?” Mu Ye inquired closely. “Yes!” “Have you truly achieved a breakthrough?” Mu Ye said once again.

Tang Wulin looked at his teacher with a speechless expression. “Teacher, you’ve already asked this question over twenty times! It’s true. You can ask uncle-master if you don’t believe me.”

The corners of Mu Ye’s lips twitched once. “There’s no need for that. I believe you, but it’s rather difficult for me to accept a Saint Craftsman of just over twenty years old!”

Tang Wulin’s lips curved into a beautiful arc. “Yet it is the truth.”

How could his heart not be overjoyed? Yes, he had finally achieved a breakthrough the previous night.

In reality, it had already been over four years since he became a rank-6 blacksmith. The speed of his breakthrough this time was not as fast as it had been previously.

However, making one giant leap had always been exceedingly difficult in the world blacksmiths.

From thousand refinement to spirit forging, spirit forging to soul forging, every step was akin to crossing a moat. Every step taken to cross a boundary had an entirely new field of influence in the forging world and even the whole continent.

The treatment given to a Saint Craftsman and Master Craftsman was a hundred times better. The price difference between soul forged and spirit forged metal was like that as well!

Spirit forging gave life to the metal, so that metal after spirit forging was akin to a plant. On the other hand, soul forging gave intelligence to metal.
Even though it was only the most elementary intelligence, the metal would be able to learn to think. These two forging methods were extremely different. Hence, Mu Ye could not stop asking for confirmation when he found out that Tang Wulin had finally completed the breakthrough the day before and finished his first piece of soul forged metal at last.

On the other hand, Zhen Hua had not appeared at all that day, but Mu Ye could imagine how excited Zhen Hua would be when he found out.

Mu Ye exhaled as he spoke, “Boy, you truly are…”

Tang Wulin blinked his eyes. “Teacher, I thought that you’re going to teach me a Body Sect Technique, right? When are we going to start?

Mu Ye suddenly smiled. “Aren’t you proud that you’ve become a Saint
Craftsman? Hmm, I’ll give you a taste for showing off in front of me soon.”

Tang Wulin shuddered when he immediately recalled how he was almost tortured to death on the ship. However, he calmed down very soon because he had undergone Demon Island’s military training! What could be more painful than being tormented by those seven old demons?

The Old Demons were not only tormenting their bodies, but they had taken an even heavier toll on their souls. That part was more terrifying than
anything else.

“Your body’s condition is different from the martial souls our Body Sect cultivated in the past. Relatively speaking, I’m willing to categorize your martial soul as a bloodline. Body Sect doesn’t have any technique to
cultivate bloodline. Thus, I’m going to teach you how to control your body. If you have a body brimming with an uncontrollable strength, it’s impossible to truly grab hold of the profound mystery of strength no matter how strong you are. Your body’s energy is precisely like that. There are
countless mysteries to the human body, such as how to trigger it, how to
control it, how to channel the power of a few times more than your body’s energy. I’m going to teach you these.”

“Thank you, teacher. So when do we begin?” “Now!” Tang Wulin stayed in Heaven Dou City for a full month before he finally returned.

Thanks to the Tang Sect Combat Vehicle, he had no need to commute by soul train. It would not be right for him to cause more train wrecks!

By the time he drove back to Shrek City, he was already five days too late for the date he had set to meet up with his companions. However, Shrek Academy did not ask too much from its inner court disciples but instead
gave them space to explore themselves. It was just the same for the current generation of the Shrek Seven Monsters.

Chapter 867 - Let’s Battle Together!

Chapter 867: Let’s Battle Together!

Undoubtedly, Tang Wulin had made massive gains over the past month. He had broken through the ninth layer of the Golden Dragon King Seal,
separated his soul power and bloodline, advanced to Saint Craftsman and learned to control his body.

It felt more like he had unleashed everything from the past few years during that one short month.

It had already been more than four years since his visit to Star Luo Empire back then. Whether it was his experience burying dragons or training on the Demon Island afterward, it was a process of accumulating experience over the past four years for him. As they said ‘well begun is half done’, he had finally come to understand what he was capable of during his month in
Heaven Dou City.

He headed straight for the inner court and returned to the small wooden
shed that once belonged to Gu Yue and himself. He was even wondering if Gu Yue had already returned or at least left behind a word or two for him in the shed. It would be wonderful even if it was just a letter.

A layer of thin dust covered the inside of the wooden shed. There was nothing else besides that.

The moment Tang Wulin entered the wooden shed, his once bright eyes
could not help but turn downcast. She had not returned, and there was still no sign of her.

What sort of issue had made her this heartless? She was obviously fond of him, yet she was so determined to leave.

There was also Na’er. Where had she gone? Tang Wulin could only feel as waves of pain throbbed inside his chest.

He already knew very well that he should study at the academy. He needed more time to accumulate experiences, cultivate and elevate himself. Even so, he was feeling like he could not concentrate anymore.

Whatever the case, one would need to become a two-word battle armor master in order to graduate from the inner court. Generally, one’s soul power would need to be at rank-60 or higher when completing the armor before one could become a two-word battle armor master.

Tang Wulin clenched his fists subconsciously. He would join his
companions as they strived to become two-word battle armor masters this time. After becoming a two-word battle armor master, he put all his efforts into fulfilling his wish to gain more power. He would then go searching for his parents, Na’er and Gu Yue.

He inhaled a deep breath and smelled the familiar scent of the ring as he put aside the dejection he felt in his heart. He was already twenty years old now. He had reached this point bit by bit after his parents’ departure ten years ago. He had encountered many difficulties and hardships, but he managed to overcome everything one step at a time. He was far more determined than the average person. He managed to suppress the pain in his heart by telling himself that there was still hope. He would get better for
sure if he could become more powerful in the future.

Tang Wulin opened the soul communicator which he had kept off for over a month and recharged it with an infusion of a little soul power. He then dialed Ye Xinglan’s soul communicator number.

“Wulin?” Ye Xinglan’s voice came through. She sounded just as calm as she had been before.

“Hmm, it’s me. I’ve returned. Has everybody else come back as well?”

Xu Lizhi was also heard on the other end of the soul communicator, “Big brother, you’re finally back. We thought that you’d gone missing again. It’s good that you’re back. Where are you? Everyone’s back. We’ll come to you.”

Tang Wulin spoke, “I’m on Sea God’s Island. Come over.”

The Shrek Seven Monsters had the privilege of entering Sea God’s Island at their leisure, a privilege not given to the rest of the inner court students.

It did not take long after those familiar faces appeared that Tang Wulin broke into a joyous smile.

Despite parting for only a month, Tang Wulin still felt a great warmth when he saw them again. At least, he had these incredible companions by his

“Huh, Big brother, why do I feel like there’s something different about you?!” Xie Xie could move the fastest, so he was the first one to arrive at Tang Wulin’s side.

Tang Wulin shrugged. “What’s different then?”

Xie Xie frowned. “Something’s different. I’ll describe it with the words of my teacher. It feels different, and it’s called the sixth sense.” Speed Hall’s master Liang Xiaoyu was his teacher. Liang Xiaoyu told him that the sixth sense was extremely important as an agility-type soul master. A powerful sixth sense would allow him to have the swiftest reaction speed.

Tang Wulin chuckled and spoke, “Do you really want to know?”

Xie Xie immediately turned vigilant. He was acquainted with Tang Wulin for the longest time, and he understood him the most, so he knew that Tang Wulin was coming up with an evil idea when he was laughing in the gentlest manner.

“No!” Xie Xie shook his head without the slightest hesitation.

“I want to! I want to!” Yue Zhengyu came over with a smile on his face. His spirit seemed to have already recovered from the terrible experience on
Demon Island. Tang Wulin took a look at him then at Ye Xinglan. It seemed like they had
changed quite a lot in the past month! It seemed like the issue between them was already solved.

“Big brother, don’t look at her. I’ve visited her home and then I brought her to mine as well. Both of our parents have already approved our marriage at any time. However, we plan to discuss that further when we become more powerful.”

Marriage? Tang Wulin was caught off guard when he heard the word.

Xie Xie raised his leg swiftly and kicked Yue Zhengyu’s backside. “Why
are you mentioning a subject so sensitive to him? We’re all couples here so is it good to talk about this in front of Big brother? Do you know how torturous this is for him? Big brother is already pitiful for being a single dog, so how could you do that? I’d never do that right, Yuanen? Yuanen, I’m okay at any time as long as you’re willing to marry me. I can do it now too.”

“Enough, both of you!” Tang Wulin spoke bitterly, “I’ve mastered some of the skills I acquired earlier by studying them comprehensively over the past month. That’s why you may feel that something is different about me. Since everyone is present, we shall head to the trial arena on the island. Both of you shall battle against me together.”

Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu took a glance at each other. They had doubts about the idea.

“Together? Are you certain, Big brother?”

There was no doubt that they recognized Tang Wulin’s power, but his soul power cultivation base had not elevated by much during his three years of disappearance. On the other hand, the rest of their powers had already
surpassed him by a vast amount. Tang Wulin was still formidable by relying on his bloodline power, but they did not think that Tang Wulin was a
worthy opponent in a match of two against one. After all, they had come a long way from what they had been before. Everyone had undergone their training on the Demon Island separately, and it was mostly aimed at testing one’s spirit and soul. It did not affect one’s power much.

Yue Zhengyu’s lips cracked into a smile. “That’s great! Big brother, it’s settled.”

Xie Xie sniggered. “Alright, alright. We’ll try then.”

Tang Wulin frowned, as he could see them harboring ill intention in their eyes. It appeared that they were very confident!

Xu Xiaoyan covered her mouth and chuckled softly. She made a hand gesture at Tang Wulin which Tang Wulin came to understand why was Yue Zhengyu so confident.

However, was Tang Wulin not sure of himself as well? More importantly, he wished to learn the extent of his skills right now anyhow.

The Sea God’s Island trial arena was located on a hill. The arena was designed to be used by Title Douluos, so it was definitely strong enough and would not have any issues.

Tang Wulin’s group of seven walked in a line to the trial arena. Xu Lizhi
excitedly turned on the trial arena’s protective shield on the side. As a food- type soul master, the rest of the squad’s internal sparring had nothing to do with him. He would watch the match together with Xu Xiaoyan from the

Xu Xiaoyan’s control-type soul skill acted in defiance of nature, so it would not be fair for any side for her to participate.

Of course, they also felt a handicap match was unfair. Everyone was on the same level, so the higher their cultivation base, the greater the difference between them. Thus, everyone did not have high expectations of Tang Wulin including Xu Xiaoyan. A fight of two against one could only be won if there was a real disparity. Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu were always fighting, but their relationship was actually very close. They could work in unison extremely well too, so it
should not be a problem for them to fight Tang Wulin with their assault and agility skills.

Chapter 868 - The Soul Emperor

— Yue Zhengyu
Chapter 868: The Soul Emperor — Yue Zhengyu

While Tang Wulin was achieving breakthroughs, they were not idling
either! The Demon Island’s experience had a huge impact on Yue Zhengyu, but he discovered in astonishment that his soul power and even his spiritual power had greatly improved ever since he overcame those ordeals.

A faint divine radiance was emitting from Tang Wulin’s face. He crossed his arms before his chest, then looked at Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu standing opposite him. The smile on his face grew wider.

Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan were sitting on the side. Yuanen asked Ye Xinglan, “Xinglan, who do you think will win?”

Ye Xinglan had a faint smile on her face. “Are you not rooting for Xie Xie anymore?”

Yuanen Yehui spoke, “Not really. Based on my understanding of them, Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu would stand a better chance if they were to join forces. After all, they’re in a good position with their cultivation bases and they are familiar with each other’s moves. However, I also understand Wulin well. When he fought against us back in the beginning during his first grade, he had won every battle. He appeared calm, but he was very
cunning in reality. He would never fight a battle that he wasn’t confident of winning. He would always shield everybody during the toughest moments. Zhengyu and Xie Xie are not his equals based on their respective powers.
Anyway, it’s difficult to tell who’s going to win the battle in the end. In any case, we’re not as familiar with each other ever since our return from the
Demon Island, especially with Tang Wulin. After all, he stayed in Star Luo Empire for such a long time and we haven’t heard about his encounters there ever since his return.” Ye Xinglan smiled and spoke, “We’ll see then. If we were to place a bet, I’d go with Tang Wulin.”

Yuanen Yehui spoke in astonishment, “Why?” She was slightly hesitant, yet she could tell from Ye Xinglan’s expression that she was obviously
confident in Tang Wulin.

Ye Xinglan shook her head. “I don’t know why either, but it’s a feeling.
Take a close look. Tang Wulin’s aura seems different from before. Xie Xie’s sixth sense is right. As to how different it is, we shall wait and see. Wulin is sparring with them both today, so he’s not doing this for fun.”

“Hmm.” Yuanen Yehui nodded. Their gaze fell upon the arena in unison. Xu Xiaoyan giggled. “I’ll be the referee. Are you guys ready?”
The hilltop was not considered overly large with a diameter of only three hundred meters. The place was not spacious enough to allow the five-ring Soul King fighters to display their full powers, but it was equipped with a
super strong prohibition spell that prevented their energies from getting out of bounds.

Tang Wulin nodded while Xie Xie sniggered. “Big brother, we won’t be merciful! I still remember how hard you hit me until I was blown away when we first met back in the beginning. I bear grudges.”

“Oh?” Tang Wulin looked at him with a spurious smile.

Xie Xie turned his head to the side to look at Yue Zhengyu. Yue Zhengyu gave a humph. “Don’t worry. My intention to triumph over him is much greater than yours. So, don’t hold me back.”

“F*ck!” Xie Xie made an obscene hand gesture at Yue Zhengyu. “I wonder who’s holding whom back. Xiaoyan, we’re ready.”

Xu Xiaoyan smiled and spoke, “Alright. Begin then!” She waved her hand once as she said that. Yue Zhengyu had already dashed toward Tang Wulin akin to a flying arrow in the next moment following Xiaoyan’s signal. There were no fancy tricks. He was dashing forward by brute force alone with the distance between Xie Xie and himself growing apart immensely.

“Hey, wait for me. Do you even understand what working together means?” Xie Xie was upset, but it was obvious that he was slow in making his move so he fell behind Yue Zhengyu.

When Yue Zhengyu was dashing forth with unprecedented momentum, his soul rings arose from underneath his feet swiftly.

Four purple and two black soul rings. Yes, six soul rings! A total of six rings.

Xu Xiaoyan made a hand gesture of the number six at Tang Wulin earlier.

Twenty-one year old Yue Zhengyu had fully unleashed his power as a prodigy of his generation within a few short years and became a six-ring Soul Emperor powerhouse.

Back at the beginning, in order to protect Xu Xiaoyan, he had launched the naturally endowed Holy Angel’s lineage bloodline known as Sacrifice. He expended a large part of his life energy because of that. In fact, the Holy
Angel’s lineage had a special benefit from using Sacrifice. The divine skill Sacrifice enabled them to contemplate the profound meaning of the life flame and the holy flame. Even though a large portion of the life energy
was consumed, the Holy Angel’s lineage could benefit by experiencing the Holy Angel lineage’s aura in a shorter period of time to elevate themselves.

The series of tests on the Demon Island made Yue Zhengyu advance by leaps and bounds. Most importantly, he absorbed a massive amount of life energy over there which not only replenished the life energy he consumed when he launched Sacrifice, but also simultaneously enhanced the life
energy in his body. This was his inner secret which allowed him to have the courage to challenge Tang Wulin and made him believe that he stood a
chance for victory. Even though Yue Zhengyu had some intense, bad memories on the Demon Island, he was the one with the most gains in his spiritual power and soul power.

Recently, he had finally completed his breakthrough after receiving the
approval from Xu Xiaoyan’s family to get married. He attained the rank of Soul Emperor and became a member of the high-ranking soul masters. He was also equipped to possess a two-word battle armor.

The combination of four purple and two black soul rings was of the highest grade available. Dazzling holy flames arose from his body. His first soul ring was illuminated accompanied by the appearance of a pair of pure white feathered wings on his back. Simultaneously, a ray of Holy Light fell upon his body.

The Holy Light was a combination of attack and defense. Yue Zhengyu understood very well that it was utterly useless to attack Tang Wulin with the Holy Light, but it could enhance himself when it was attached to him. His pair of pure white feathered wings was tainted with a golden color in a split second.

The saint sword appeared following that with the shimmering sword’s radiance which made him appear like an angel descending from heaven.

The wings on his back flapped once and Yue Zhengyu, akin to a ray of golden radiance in the sky, arrived at a diagonal spot above Tang Wulin. An enormous angel shadow appeared behind his back as he held the sword with both his hands and stabbed toward Tang Wulin without the slightest reservation.

The stab appeared simple but it was a combination of his first, second, and fourth soul skills. The Angel’s Descent attack was unleashed just a moment before he attacked such that the move was executed to perfection. The
attack elevated his fighting capacity by a hundred and twenty percent.

Tang Wulin had not moved ever since Yue Zhengyu launched his attack. He remained standing at the same spot and did not even unleash his martial
soul but only smiled as he watched Yue Zhengyu dashing toward him. It was only when Yue Zhengyu suddenly increased the speed of his flapping wings when Tang Wulin finally showed some signs of astonishment on his face.

A soft “ding” was suddenly heard precisely then.

An illusory dagger appeared before Tang Wulin without any warning and pierced right into his chest. His right chest was hit, but it was not fatal.

A crisp hum was heard during the moment the dagger pierced into his chest. Surprisingly, the dagger could not inch forward at all.

Of course, the dagger did not belong to Yue Zhengyu. The illusory figure condensed ever so slightly to show Xie Xie’s face filled with disbelief.

How was this possible?

While Yue Zhengyu was spreading his wings, his brilliant flames had
completely concealed Xie Xie standing behind him. Earlier, Xie Xie had completely fallen behind while Yue Zhengyu sped up suddenly. Xie Xie should not have appeared at this spot no matter how.

Yet, he was the one who completed the attack first. Even though he was only using the Shadow Dragon Dagger, he had attacked with full force piercing forward boldly. All the momentum gathered and attacking power burst forth during the split second when he pierced into Tang Wulin.

However, Xie Xie felt as if his Shadow Dragon Dagger had pierced into a lofty mountain such that he could not move forward at all.

One could not help thinking that Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu worked together very well. However, just when everyone thought that Yue Zhengyu attacked first, it was Xie Xie who was ahead in the attack.

In fact, Xie Xie never thought that he could succeed with one attack, but it was enough as long as his attack was capable of attracting Tang Wulin’s
attention and destroyed his defense and attack rhythm. Yue Zhengyu’s follow-up attack would arrive in the next moment. Yet, he had not expected that Tang Wulin did not have the slightest intention to block his attack. His Shadow Dragon Dagger did not even cause any harm to Tang Wulin.

He understood when he saw Tang Wulin crack a smile. Tang Wulin did not fail to sense his presence. On the contrary, Tang Wulin was not even planning to defend himself.

It was at this moment when Tang Wulin made his move. His right foot stamped against the ground abruptly. A low rumble of the dragon’s roar accompanied by a terrifying earthquake made the entire surroundings within thirty meters appear to collapse.

It was the Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth!

Yet, was this still the original Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth?

Chapter 869 - Instant Blast Off

Chapter 869: Instant Blast Off

Eight golden dragons rose straight from the ground. Each dragon was over five meters long and even space was warped in their presence. Yue Zhengyu felt the warped space contorting his body wildly such that he could not unleash more holy flames to resist the onslaught. At the same time, his Saint Sword stabbed into nothing having missed Tang Wulin’s body.

Xie Xie was standing within close range. Being an agility-type soul master, he too was shaken until his entire person shot straight upward.

Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu were part of the Shrek Seven Monsters after all. Even though both of them could sense that something was off, their reactions were good. Both of them unleashed their battle armors in unison at once.

Their battle armors spun around swiftly and covered their bodies in an
attempt to resist the Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth, but it was apparent that Tang Wulin was not planning to go easy on them. He made a half turn
as he swung his right leg at lightning speed. The eight golden dragons in the air bored into his right leg instantly similar to the rivers that merged into the sea. Then, a gigantic dragon appeared before everyone.

Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu had donned their battle armors defending themselves with full protection. Still, their bodies were blasted away, akin to two cannonballs, and slammed against the protective shield afar, producing two rings of piercing radiance on the shield.

What… What!
What? Yue Zhengyu and Xie Xie were stunned by the blow. Xu Xiaoyan’s smile froze while Xu Lizhi widened his eyes.

Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan’s expressions froze instantly as well. How was this possible?
The word ‘miracle’ could not even begin to describe the scene which they had just witnessed.

Two hits!

The Golden Dragon Shakes the Earth and the Golden Dragon Wags Its Tail were part of the Divine Dragon’s Nine Moves. Yet, it only took two hits for Tang Wulin, and he had not even unleashed his martial soul.

Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu were thrown away.

Was it because they failed to coordinate well? Was it because their attacks were not powerful enough?


Only that Tang Wulin’s ability was exceedingly domineering. He was so domineering the both of them did not even stand a chance.

Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu felt their blood essences tossing and surging in their entire bodies as they slid down from the protective shield. Although their battle armors blocked the majority of the attack, they still felt sore and lethargic all over that they had to quickly use their soul powers to restore themselves with great effort.

They were uninjured as the two hits had shocked more than injured them. An instant blast off in the match of one against two.
This was simply… Since when was he so powerful? They had a similar experience before when they were fighting against Monster Academy’s Dragon King Long
Yue. Long Yue once subdued them with such a heavy compelling force, but he was two levels above them at the time.

On the other hand, Tang Wulin was only a five-ring soul master at present!
His cultivation base was not as powerful as theirs but that terrifying compelling force felt like a mountain pressing down on them.

At this moment, Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu realized that they were not on par with Tang Wulin anymore.

“Again!” Tang Wulin’s deep voice was heard simultaneously.

Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu had already donned their battle armors at present. After their breathing had normalized, they both leaped up on their feet in unison.

They were the Shrek Seven Monsters. So, how could they not be competitive?

Xie Xie leaped into the air as his body began to spin at high speed. A golden dragon shadow immediately arose from his body accompanied by a dragon’s roar. His fifth soul ring glowed brightly as he unleashed his fifth soul skill, the Light Illusion Dragon. An illusory dragon appeared vaguely in the Light Illusion Dragon’s shadow. It was the Shadow Illusion Dragon.

Xie Xie used his strongest ability, the Twin Dragon Transformation which he had learned earlier.

Yue Zhengyu pointed the Saint Sword skyward as he shouted coldly. A gush of raging intention burst out from his body instantly while the angel shadow behind him enlarged simultaneously. His spirit soul little angel
appeared on the top of his shoulder while a stream of dazzling golden radiance shot into the air illuminating the entire trial arena. The enormous golden radiance was reflected from the skies above. The enormous light pillar over three meters in diameter devoured Xie Xie’s Twin Dragon Transformation in a split second. “Roar, roar, roar…” The majestic and powerful action of the Twin Dragon Transformation carried along the Holy Light emitted from the Archangel’s Rage while being accompanied by the valiant dragon’s roar twisted the
entire trial arena.

Two great one-word battle armor masters launched their topgrade soul skills simultaneously. They used the Archangel’s Wrath to amplify the Twin
Dragon Transformation such that it became so powerful not even a two- word battle armor master could resist it.

However, Tang Wulin remained standing at the same spot without budging, only that his gaze had become more solemn.

He took a deep breath as his entire person seemed to swell with the rhythm of his breathing. The soul power vortex in his body spun at high speed
while the blood essence vortex on his chest spun in reverse. A layer of golden-white radiance enshrouded his entire body while the golden dragon scales emerged on his skin naturally. Four golden halos surrounded his body.


The blood essence could be seen surging in Tang Wulin’s body when he let out the Golden Dragon Roar. His body blurred instantly and transformed into a massive Golden Dragon’s head with an utmost tyrannical aura bursting forth from his body. It seemed like he had truly transformed into the Golden Dragon King precisely at this moment.

Xie Xie’s Twin Dragon Transformation immediately blurred when the
Golden Dragon Roar was heard. It was about to disintegrate despite being enhanced with the Archangel’s Wrath.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin revealed himself once again. His hands circled once on the sides of his body before pushing forward solemnly. It was the Golden Dragon Soars to the Heaven!

The blurred massive dragon head earlier condensed once again and transformed into a thirty-meter long, golden giant dragon that dashed forward and crashed ferociously into the Twin Dragon Transformation.

A valiant dragon’s roar was heard while another sorrowful dragon’s roar echoed through the entire trial arena.

The group of people watching the battle afar had a change of expressions.

Just then, a few figures appeared silently on the side of the trial arena, including the Scarlet Dragon Douluo Zhuo Shi and the Blazing Dragon Douluo Feng Wuyu.

Feng Wuyu expressed his surprise upon witnessing Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Soars to the Heaven. “Is this your Scarlet Dragon Soars to the

Although shock was apparent in Zhuo Shi’s eyes, he puffed up his chest and responded immediately, “Are you impressed?”

Feng Wuyu turned his head to the side and took a glance at Zhuo Shi when he realized that Zhuo Shi looked different. “Impressed my as*! It wasn’t you, but it appears improved. I don’t buy that you can’t feel your bloodline trembling.”

The two great Title Douluos were shuddering rather intensely at present due to Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Roar and Golden Dragon Soars to the
Heaven. It was the fear from one’s bones. Tang Wulin appeared monstrous and lofty in the trial arena even for them.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin suddenly disappeared. His entire person transformed into a giant golden dragon in the air once again. He flew and arrived at the collision spot in a flash.

Soon after, his right arm extended and waved in the air. The Golden Dragon Claw swelled up in the wing and transformed into a giant dragon claw over five meters in diameter. The duskgold light blades protruded from the dragon claw and slapped down abruptly. The surrounding space abruptly turned black akin to a black hole during that one moment when the claw
snapped forward. A terrifying pulling force burst forth from the black hole while the two figures appeared from the explosion’s core and were enshrouded by the claw.

Those were the Golden Dragon Flies and the Golden Dragon Nirvana Claw of the Divine Dragon’s Nine Moves.


The two figures were blasted away simultaneously. This time they were not flying in the same direction but in opposite directions. Yue Zhengyu was in a slightly better circumstance because his feathered wings curled inward
wrapping him, but his feathers were dropping when he flew backward.

Chapter 870 - Is He Already So Powerful?

Chapter 870: Is He Already So Powerful?

On the other side, Xie Xie appeared horrified. Two huge gashes extended all the way from his right shoulder to his left hip. The battle armor was
completely severed. Although the battle armor was repairing itself swiftly by relying on the highest grade spirit alloy, Xie Xie had lost his fighting
capacity. He lay on the ground and could not stand up anymore.

Tang Wulin descended from the sky and landed on the ground. A hum was heard against the silence of the entire scene.

Yuanen Yehui made her way to Xie Xie’s side in a flash and held him up from the ground while examining the condition of his body.

In the next moment, the shock in her eyes grew when she raised her head. Xie Xie appeared to be in a bad condition, but he was not suffering from any injuries actually. His battle armor was obviously severed and exposed his body inside. However, his clothing was not even torn, only that his bloodline and soul power were sealed. Tang Wulin’s attack earlier was so
powerful, yet he was capable of controlling his strength with such precision. It was simply marvelous.

No one would assume that his hit did not injure Xie Xie. In fact, Xie Xie’s body would have already been severed into pieces had he devoted all his
effort to attack Xie Xie.

Yue Zhengyu landed on the ground. He was not feeling well either with three large gashes on his damaged battle armor. His condition was slightly better than Xie Xie’s. His battle armor was skilled in defense, so it was not completely ruined.

He was astounded upon landing onto the ground. Earlier, he felt as if his body was frozen as he was confronted by Tang Wulin’s slapping claw. He could barely dodge so he just withstood the force. His Saint Sword was utterly defenseless as it was immediately crushed under Tang Wulin’s terrifying Golden Dragon Claw. In the next moment, he was thrown away by the blast. He was afraid that he would end up like Xie Xie if not for his full force defense. Moreover, he felt that Tang Wulin had not exerted all his strength in his claw. More importantly, Tang Wulin had not even donned his battle armor! This was simply…

Since when did he become so powerful?

The rest of the Shrek Seven Monsters felt that Tang Wulin was in a
completely different category at present. It had only been a year and he was akin to being reborn. He was even more like the dragon that soared up to the nine heavens when he displayed his power which was extraordinary.
Even Yue Zhengyu who had advanced to a six-ring Soul Emperor did not even stand a chance with Tang Wulin.

Yue Zhengyu realized that maybe he would stand a chance if only he used his special skill Sacrifice. Yet, he thought that it was not worth taking the risk.

The disparity was a little too much, no?

Yuanen Yehui patted and rubbed Xie Xie’s body a few times before Xie Xie awoke. His body trembled continuously for a good ten seconds before he returned to normal.

“What’s going on with you?” Yuanen Yehui asked puzzled.

Xie Xie spoke with a bitter smile, “My bloodline is petrified. Big brother’s Golden Dragon Roar earlier was completely different from before. My bloodline was immediately subdued making my entire body lethargic as if I was filled with lead. How could I fight anymore? When did big brother become so powerful?”

At this moment, Tang Wulin who had descended from the sky earlier looked like a changed person. His figure was no longer slender and tall but bulky. He appeared just like when they were confronting the Mountain Dragon King Long Yue before. However, in this case, Long Yue lacked Tang Wulin’s intelligence. Long Yue could only be comparable to the present Tang Wulin when he acted wild.

Tang Wulin had truly transformed just like the dragon hiding in the deep waters that soared up to the skies.

Tang Wulin looked at his hands and realized the control of his strength in
every part of his body coordinated so smoothly with his spiritual power that he could sense and detect his opponents. It truly felt amazing.

Apart from the fact that breaking through the Golden Dragon King’s ninth seal perfected his blood essence power, the Body Sect’s techniques which allowed him to control his body and spirit played a crucial role as well.

Just like what Mu Ye had mentioned, it was utterly useless even if he had a body full of strength which he could not fully utilize. There was no doubt that Tang Wulin had mastered the ability to control the utilization of his
soul power and blood essence power. The two vortices in his body spun
around at high speeds to complement each other such that his consumption of energy would be immediately replenished.

“I’ll try.” Ye Xinglan had already arrived in front of Tang Wulin in a flash. Not only was she not showing any fear as she confronted Tang Wulin, she was in high spirits to fight him. This was precisely her character. The girl
who charged forward in the face of difficulties no matter what. Her destined path was to constantly confront the powerhouses and achieve a breakthrough by challenging her limits over and over again.

“Very well. Yuanen will join as well.” Tang Wulin waved his hand at Yuanen Yehui at the same time.

There was no doubt that Yuanen Yehui and Ye Xinglan were more powerful than Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu.

Yuanen Yehui stood up and walked in great strides to Ye Xinglan’s side. Xu Lizhi was surprised to find that Ye Xinglan did not object at all. He could tell from this that she knew she was not Tang Wulin’s worthy opponent at the moment.

Xu Xiaoyan licked her red lips as she walked to Yue Zhengyu’s side. She announced, “Begin!”

Ye Xinglan took a step to the side, then she stood there without budging. The lighting surrounding her body suddenly dimmed a little. It felt as if all the light had been absorbed by her body. A sharp sword burst forth from her body which caused the protective shield around the trial arena to ripple.

However, the sensation only lasted for a few short moments. It did not bother anyone but it made the sword’s presence feel even more terrifying.

Ye Xinglan closed her eyes. She did not unleash her martial soul, but she stood there as if she was meditating. Tang Wulin’s expression was much more solemn than before.

Yuanen Yehui took a step forward and positioned herself in front of Ye
Xinglan. Her figure expanded exponentially to reveal her Titan Giant Ape martial soul.

She raised her arms from the sides of her body as a pair of giant hammers appeared out of thin air. The giant hammers were made by Tang Wulin for her back in the beginning. The hammers were once damaged when they
were battling the evil soul masters but Yuanen Yehui found another blacksmith to help her repair it. The heavy hammers that were supposed to be used for the mechas seemed weightless in her hands.

Yuanen Yehui’s gaze froze for a moment as the pieces of battle armor flipped over swiftly and covered her entire person. She appeared majestic but imposing at the same time.

Tang Wulin launched an attack on his own initiative. He touched the tip of his foot on the ground once and sent his entire person dashing forward much like a cannonball. As he sped along at high speed, his right arm was retracted on his back. His fists were clenched as he moved through the air gathering an ever increasing force. Yuanen Yehui took another step forward as she charged forward similarly. She swung the double hammers violently because she was not going to be merciful for she understood Tang Wulin’s strength very well now.

“Boom…” Both of them collided together. Even with her pair of heavy hammers and the amplification of her battle armor, Yuanen Yehui was still blasted away by Tang Wulin’s punch. She slammed onto the protective
shield afar just like Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu earlier.

Tang Wulin’s body froze for a moment in the air before the Golden Dragon Shadow behind his back appeared once again. The Golden Dragon Flies gave him double acceleration in the air as he pounced straight for Ye

At this moment, Ye Xinglan made a move. She raised her right hand and made a grabbing motion behind her head. The Stargod Sword emerged all of a sudden with a shimmery reflection. The light in the surrounding area was absorbed at that moment. One could only see a stream of dazzling
starlight appearing in a flash within the pitch black space. “Clang!”
Tang Wulin descended from the sky and was blocked by Ye Xinglan’s
sword. She was the first person who managed to block Tang Wulin’s attack during the trial fight today.

At the same time, her battle armor attached to her body was shaking violently. Meanwhile, her dazzling sword’s reflection had enshrouded Tang Wulin’s body.

Tang Wulin crossed his arms. He walked with the Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track such that his speed was unusually fast. His movements appeared illusory and shimmery accompanied by a series of remnant

Ye Xinglan’s Star God Sword albeit swift constantly missed him and could not lock down his position. Yuanen Yehui bounced into the air afar as two balls from the Air Cannons blasted toward Tang Wulin to prevent him from moving. Simultaneously, she completed her Devil Titan transformation. She held the double hammers in her hands as she descended from the sky and landed behind Tang Wulin to join Ye Xinglan into attacking him from both the front and back.

Xu Xiaoyan stood next to Yue Zhengyu as she spoke softly, “Look at them. Sister Xinglan and Yuanen are not as weak as the both of you.”

Yue Zhengyu rolled his eyes. “Not that we’re weak but it’s Xie Xie’s fault. He was petrified by big brother’s dragon roar such that he couldn’t even fight anymore. Otherwise, how could I be defeated so badly? I didn’t even manage to use my sixth soul skill. Moreover, I could’ve fought on.”
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