The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 851-860

Chapter 851 - The Shen Sisters

Chapter 851: The Shen Sisters

Xu Lizhi spoke, “Now I understand why our teachers had those looks on their faces when we left the academy. And that senior we met from War God Hall. I really don’t want to return to that place for all eternity.”

When they found out that they were allowed to leave the island, they almost could not contain themselves and jumped into the sea impatiently, heading as far away as possible.

“Actually, the Old Demons are rather piteous,” Xu Xiaoyan spoke.

Yue Zhengyu’s expression changed. “If they’re piteous, then what are we? Did we not get enough of their torture?”

“Zhengyu, calm down.” Tang Wulin spoke, “We were ruthlessly tortured, but I have to admit that we improved by leaps and bounds within such a
short period of time. We’ve all grown, and I truly felt like I’m no longer a child but an adult the moment we left that place.”

“Yes! We’ve all grown,” Yuanen Yehui chuckled as she spoke.

Tang Wulin spoke leisurely, “Oh right, I’ve seen everyone’s reaction during Old Demon Lust’s test, other than Zhengyu who had an accident. It was Old Demon Lust who showed it to me intentionally. Say, would all of you like to know each other’s reaction?”

The group of people became quiet, while Yue Zhengyu widened his eyes in surprise.

Soon after, the other five almost yelled in unison, “Shut up!” The soul train arrived with a honk that finally brought light to the deserted, little train station. Tang Wulin clasped his hands at the back of his head as he looked at the familiar train and recalled every single encounter. He
walked onto it first.
It was, at last, time to go back. The arduous days were finally behind them. In the end, he did not talk about the things he had witnessed on that day.
Some things were better left unsaid.

In the Northsea Army Corps, Shen Yue’s expression was dark as she listened to the reports from her inferior. She was in the worst of moods.

She was shocked to find that there were hidden traitors in the Northsea
Army Corps with such important posts. She was bound by unshirkable duty as a regimental officer. More importantly, her sister was almost taken hostage. She would certainly get to the bottom of this incident and remove the infiltration by its roots.

“Dispatch my orders. Launch cleanup operations immediately. Vet the army corps’ internal officers strictly.”


Obviously, Major Chen and his partners were removed from the military. After an inventory count, it was found that over two hundred fixed soul ammunitions were missing. That was enough to annihilate a small city.

Shen Xing looked at her sister. She still had yet to completely regain her composure.

“Sister, don’t be too stressed out.” Everyone had left the room, so Shen Xing addressed Shen Yue casually.

Shen Yue frowned. “This is already not an issue of stress anymore.
Someone infiltrated our Northsea Army Corps, so what about the other
army corps? How about the entire Northeast Military Region? I can’t hide this incident, so I must report it. I’m afraid that I’ll be reprimanded. As for you, I’ll detail your meritorious service accordingly. It was you that discovered the issue anyhow. Moreover, you managed to stop those traitors from escaping. I won’t mention the Shrek Seven Monsters. I’ll say that it was all your doing.”

“Sister, then what about you? What sort of punishment will you be getting?” Shen Xing asked anxiously.

Shen Yue smiled bitterly while shaking her head. “I don’t know. I can only take one step at a time. The incident this time is very serious, so I’m afraid that my position as the regimental office is at stake. I’ll be transferring you as soon as possible once your merit is approved. It’s time for you to take

Shen Xing nodded gently. For some reason, she did not have anymore nightmares when she slept after the whole incident.

Shen Yue did not send someone to pursue the Shrek Seven Monsters, because there was no need for her to do so. It was meaningless. What could she do even if Tang Wulin’s group of seven was caught? It would only bring greater scandal to the Northsea Army Corps. It was better for
everyone to leave them be. After all, the conflict between Imperial Sun Moon Soul Master Academy and Shrek Academy was only a personal
dispute. On the other hand, she would need to consider many things in the long-term as a high-ranking military officer.

After changing trains twice, Tang Wulin and his companions boarded the
correct train as they headed straight for Shrek Academy. This time, they did not encounter any surprises, and their journey was safe and sound.

Tang Wulin felt like tears were about to stream down his face as the soul train came to a firm stop on Shrek City’s tracks. A soul train journey with no incidents was truly unprecedented. He had been on tenterhooks the
whole time!

He got off the train and stretched his whole body. “We’re finally back. Are we going to check-in straight away or do all of you have your own matters to attend to?” Tang Wulin asked his

Xie Xie spoke, “I don’t plan on returning to the academy so soon. I need to take a long rest. I can’t take it anymore because of how serious it is this time. I plan to go home. It’s been too long. Yuanen, let’s go back to my home together. An ugly wife will meet the in-laws anyhow. Ouch!”

Yuanen Yehui twisted Xie Xie’s ear with a murderous look on her face. “Who are you calling an ugly wife?”

“I’m ugly, I’m ugly. You’re the most beautiful one.” When it came to love, Xie Xie had never been a person of good morals.

Yue Zhengyu said gleefully, “Serves you right. Xiaoyan, are you going to invite me to your home? I’m not ugly, am I?”

Xie Xie furiously replied, “Are you picking a fight?”

Xu Xiaoyan giggled. “Sure! I come from the same place as Xie Xie, so you can follow me as we return to Eastsea City. I’ll show you around my home.”

Yue Zhengyu and Xie Xie glared at each other with disgust, but they did not fight.

Tang Wulin could not help laughing and shook his head. He turned to Ye Xinglan and Xu Lizhi. “How about the both of you?”

Xu Lizhi looked toward Ye Xinglan. Ye Xinglan answered, “We’ll be better off returning to the academy. We’ve really learned so much this time. I plan to go back and consolidate the knowledge and so does Lizhi. Our gains from this trip have been abundant, so I’ll be helping him to strengthen his
cultivation base.” “Alright.” Tang Wulin spoke, “We shall gather at the academy in one month’s time.
After that, I want all of us to train together as a team. Does everyone agree?”

Xie Xie answered, “Fine with me.” Yuanen Yehui nodded.
Yue Zhengyu spoke, “Fine with me too. Moreover, I think that Big Brother made the right decision. I plan to enlist with you once we’ve graduated from inner court.”

Xie Xie looked at Yue Zhengyu in astonishment and spoke, “I didn’t expect you to be so patriotic. I don’t normally see that!”

Xu Xiaoyan laughed softly. “He thinks that the military uniform looks good on him. He has been talking about that quite a few times ever since he was dressed in military uniform the other day.”

Yue Zhengyu was immediately dejected. “Wifey, you shouldn’t let me down like that!”

Xu Xiaoyan rolled her eyes at him. “Since when was I your wife?”

Yue Zhengyu sniggered. “We’ve already made a deal. How are you not my wife yet?

I already consider the version of you from the illusion to be just like the
actual you. After all, Old Demon Lust’s simulation is so real. Heh-heh-heh- heh.”

Xu Xiaoyan’s charming face blushed when she saw him sniggering
cunningly. “Hey, you’re not going home with me if you’re going to behave like this!”

Yue Zhengyu hastily stopped speaking.

Ye Xinglan smiled and spoke, “It’s fine with me as well. We’re a team so we should have real joint training. Moreover, I’m also quite interested in enlisting. I’ve only genuinely understood that our individual strength is minuscule compared to an army after seeing the situation in the Northsea
Army Corps. Even though we won’t always be in the military, I feel that it’s essential that we understand the standards of the modern armed forces. I think that Xu Lizhi and I will be enlisting as well after graduation.

Chapter 852 - Parting Ways Temporarily

Chapter 852: Parting Ways Temporarily

Tang Wulin was overjoyed that he did not need to part ways with his comrades. It was truly amazing.

He turned around and looked at Xie Xie and Yuanen Yehui.

Xie Xie was also looking at Yuanen Yehui. There was no doubt that the henpecked husband Xie Xie would follow Yuanen Yehui’s choice.

Yuanen Yehui’s gaze turned desolated as she shook her head. “I can’t enlist as I have some important matters to attend to after graduation.”

She turned around and left upon saying that. Xie Xie was astounded, then he smiled apologetically at Tang Wulin before he turned around and chased after her.

As he gazed at their receding figures, Tang Wulin muttered to himself,
“Yuanen seems to be troubled by something, but she has never mentioned it before.”

Ye Xinglan spoke, “It’s probably related to her family background. Don’t you feel it’s odd that she possesses two types of top grade martial souls?
Her Fallen Angel is supposedly an extremely powerful martial soul that
could become an evil soul master. Yuanen joined as a working student at the beginning, so it’s probable that she has some secrets.”

Tang Wulin spoke, “We ought to have a talk with Yuanen when they return. We are a team regardless of what happens. We’re obliged to help her.”

“Big brother, we need to leave too.” Yue Zhengyu held Xu Xiaoyan’s hand and waved at Tang Wulin. Ye Xinglan asked Tang Wulin, “We have our own respective places to go, how about you? What are you going to do?”

Tang Wulin answered, “I’ll be heading to Tang Sect first, then I’ll stay at my uncle master’s place for some time. I’ve a lot of contemplating to do regarding our experience on Demon Island. I’d like to seize this opportunity to become a rank-7 saint craftsman. If I succeed, then I’ll have the foundation to produce our three-word battle armors in the future.”

Ye Xinglan’s eyes glowed. “You’ve already made the necessary preparations?”

Tang Wulin smiled. “It’s a wonderful feeling that I have right now. As to
whether it works or not, I’ll know when I’ve tried it. However, I think that it should not be too difficult with my uncle master’s guidance.”

A rank-6 saint craftsman would have fainted from rage had he listened to Tang Wulin’s words. How could a rank-6 blacksmith dare say that it should not be too difficult to break through to saint craftsman? It could only be
Tang Wulin who was daring enough to claim so. Soul forging was not so easily accomplished!
It was much more difficult to channel intelligence than to channel life into a metal.

The most important factor in the early part of producing a battle armor was designing, followed by crafting, and lastly forging. However, forging was the critical process for a high rank battle armor because the initial
component for a battle armor upgrade was its material.

The group of people were still using one-word battle armors at present. They could only graduate from the inner court once they become two-word battle armor masters. A three-word battle armor would be an important
attribute that determined if they could become the new generation of powerhouses in the future. Ye Xinglan spoke, “You’ve already prepared the foundation for us. We’ll need to work together when we upgrade our battle armor. We can begin when you return next month.”

Tang Wulin nodded. “This is also the reason why I’m striving to be a saint craftsman. It’ll be much easier for us to upgrade with a saint craftsman’s forging ability and also help reduce your stress.”

“Hmm.” Ye Xinglan nodded. Even though she was a rank-6 maker, there was still a huge gap before she could be a rank-7 maker. She could not possibly advance for another two or three years. If Tang Wulin could use
his saint craftsman’s forging skills as a foundation for their work together in making the battle armors, then their success rate would be much higher.
More importantly, every battle armor’s quality would be higher. The group’s cultivation base was already at rank-50 and above, so it was time for them to upgrade their battle armors.

“Alright. We shall part ways at this point.”

The three of them parted ways after they exited the soul train station. Tang Wulin headed straight to Tang Sect.

He was heading to Tang Sect because he wished to check at the Battle Soul Hall whether there was any mission for him to complete. He needed to
show up anyhow having been away for so long. Moreover, he was already a one-word battle armor master now. More importantly, he had not upgraded his fighter rank in the Battle Soul Hall. He was still a white fighter. With his current status as a one-word battle armor master, he should already be a yellow fighter.

Tang Wulin suddenly remembered that he was not dressed in fighter attire when he arrived at the Tang Sect headquarters. Many of his items had been confiscated by the academy, but he should have returned to the academy first actually.

He had forgotten to bring along his items including his soul communicator and rare metals which were still in the academy, having been away for so long. Everyone seemed to have forgotten. He wondered if Xie Xie and the rest remembered on their way home.

Anyway, he would enter and have a look since he was already at Tang Sect.

Tang Wulin discovered in astonishment upon entering the door that there
were more people at Tang Sect than he expected. Everyone seemed to be in a rush entering and leaving the place.

Tang Wulin was barely acquainted with anyone there because he rarely came to Tang Sect. Out of the blue, he saw a familiar face as he was
walking forward.

It was the big, bald Branchmaster Zhao with a muscular body who walked out from within.

Tang Wulin recognized him. He had met the man before when Wu Zhangkong brought him along for a visit.

“Branchmaster Zhao.” Tang Wulin saluted him respectfully.

Branchmaster Zhao’s name was Zhao Song. He was one of the Tang Sect’s three halls, Power Hall’s branchmaster.

Zhao Song was slightly stunned upon seeing him. “You are…”

Tang Wulin spent three years in Star Luo Empire and had engaged in closed door cultivation upon returning, so it had been many years since Zhao Song had seen him. He was also at the onset of puberty then, so his once cute
appearance had now turned into a tall, handsome youth. “Branchmaster Zhao, I’m Tang Wulin.”
“Tang Wulin? Oh, it’s you!” Zhao Song finally recalled. He immediately
smiled and spoke, “It’s been many years since I last saw you, child. You’re so tall now. Alright, I can’t talk much now because I have some urgent matters to attend to outside. Go inside, Guo Xiaoxu is there.” He left in a rush upon saying that. Guo Xiaoxu was the Battle Soul Hall’s branchmaster, also Tang Wulin’s top superior. He had brought Tang Wulin into the Battle Soul Hall back at the beginning.

The Battle Soul Hall’s door was open when Tang Wulin arrived. There were many people in there. Judging by their masks, there were quite a number of yellow and purple fighters to Tang Wulin’s surprise. In fact, there was even more than one black fighter.

Tang Wulin stuck his head in and wondered if he should enter the place because he was not dressed in fighter attire when he was stopped by a yellow fighter’s raised hand.

“Who are you? Don’t you know that the Battle Soul Hall is a restricted area?” the yellow fighter spoke in a deep voice.

Tang Wulin spoke, “I’m sorry. I’m a fighter too but I didn’t bring my fighter attire today. So…”

“You’re a fighter too? Don’t you know the rule that one is not a fighter
without one’s attire? Leave this place quick.” The yellow fighter entered the Battle Soul Hall in a rush upon saying that.

Tang Wulin was feeling frustrated because he was curious about the
situation. There were nearly a hundred fighters at the Battle Soul Hall with the majority of fighters being yellow rank and above. Of all things, he did not bring his fighter attire, so he was not allowed to enter!

Just as he was about to leave in frustration, a man wearing a red mask walked out of the Battle Soul Hall.

Red fighter? Tang Wulin was shocked. Let alone meet one, he had never before heard of a red fighter in the Battle Soul Hall.

Judging from the fighter’s rank and the color of his soul ring, there was no doubt that the red fighter was even more powerful than a black fighter. Tang Wulin felt somewhat stressed upon seeing the short, red fighter. He hastily stepped to the side and made way for him. The red fighter stopped walking and gave out a soft ‘huh’.

“Tang Wulin?”

Tang Wulin was surprised that the other person called out his name. “You know me?”

The red fighter raised his hand and removed the mask on his face revealing a familiar face. It was the Battle Soul Hall’s branchmaster, Guo Xiaoxu.

Tang Wulin felt elucidated in his heart. No wonder the man could wear a red mask. It turned out that he was the Battle Soul Hall’s branchmaster.

“Branchmaster Guo, hello.”

Guo Xiaoxu smiled. “Why did you come? Where’s your fighter attire? Oh yes, I heard that you’re already a one-word battle armor master, so you can change your attire. Come, this is just the right time for me to upgrade your fighter rank.” He turned around and walked toward the Battle Soul Hall’s operating zone on the side upon saying that.

Tang Wulin hastily followed behind and asked softly, “Branchmaster Guo, why does our Battle Soul Hall seem like it’s very busy?”

Guo Xiaoxu sighed softly. “A very serious incident happened in the Federation. How can we not be busy? After all, our Battle Soul Hall has been responsible for protecting the Federation all along.”

Tang Wulin was stunned. “A serious incident happened?”

Guo Xiaoxu was equally astonished and said, “Don’t you know?”

Chapter 853 - Terrorist Attack

Chapter 853: Terrorist Attack

Tang Wulin gave a forced smile and said, “My companions and I have just returned from the academy’s military training. I don’t even have the time to go back to the academy before I came here. So, I won’t know what happened!”

Guo Xiaoxu took a glance at him and spoke with a deep voice, “Ten days ago, there was a terrorist attack in Heaven Dou City. Many people were killed. Heaven Dou City’s administrative office was levelled to the ground. The public announcement was that over a thousand people were killed. In reality, there were more than four thousand dead and over ten thousand

“Oh?” Tang Wulin’s mouth was wide open in surprise. Heaven Dou City?
He could still remember vividly that the chief executive was Sister Mo Lan’s father. Heaven Dou City was under a terrorist attack. Furthermore, there were so many fatalities?

“Then how about the chief executive of Heaven Dou City?” Tang Wulin hastily inquired.

Guo Xiaoxu sighed. “He was sacrificed on duty. The attack was too sudden with no warning signs. A total of sixty rank-5 fixed soul ammunitions were detonated at different places of Heaven Dou City and caused massive chaos in the city. Then, a fighter aircraft appeared out of nowhere in the sky above Heaven Dou City’s Administrative Office and released a rank-9 fixed soul
ammunition which resulted in the heaviest casualties. The incident shocked the entire Federation. The Federation was now in a rank-1 state of alert and has despatched a large number of staff to investigate the incident. Our Tang Sect’s Battle Soul Hall received a call for assistance from the Federation’s War God Hall to work with them and join in the investigation.”

Tang Wulin took a deep breath as fear enveloped him upon hearing Guo Xiaoxu’s words. The incident happened so suddenly, and it was such a
catastrophe! This prompted him to think about the Northsea Army Corps’ stolen ammunitions. So, he hastily described his discovery at the Northsea Army Corps’ base.

Guo Xiaoxu frown grew more serious as he listened to Tang Wulin. “We have yet to receive this information. It seems like the army is covering up the incident. I’m afraid the theft at the Northsea Army Corps’ fixed soul
ammunition warehouse wasn’t a one-off incident! It’s absolutely a massive catastrophe if a large amount of fixed soul ammunitions were channeled

Tang Wulin spoke, “Do we know which organization is responsible?”

Guo Xiaoxu spoke, “We already knew. The Holy Spirit Cult announced that it was responsible for the attack.”

Tang Wulin clenched his fists tightly. “The Holy Spirit Cult again.”

He had encountered this evil soul master’s sect more than once. It had been a narrow escape for Tang Wulin. He did not expect to hear of the Holy Spirit Cult so soon. Moreover, the Holy Spirit Cult was more aggressive now.

Guo Xiaoxu spoke, “For the past six months, the Holy Spirit Cult launched a number of terrorist attacks in a haphazard manner and caused tremendous losses. When the attacks first began, the Federation attempted to suppress the news with great effort. However, they could no longer cover up
anymore when a large scale attack such as this took place. I don’t expect the Federation to be so calm when it’s already corrupted to such an extent.”

When he heard the dissatisfaction and rage in his voice, Tang Wulin asked, “Branchmaster Guo, are you saying these terrorist attacks are related to the Federation itself?” Guo Xiaoyu laughed coldly. “Of course. How many evil soul masters are there in the Holy Spirit Cult? Do you think they can grow so strong in such a short time without some higher authority’s support? There is no doubt that someone is behind the attacks, only that we don’t know whether the person is from the Holy Spirit Cult itself or someone outside who controls the Holy Spirit Cult. There is certainly a group of people behind the Holy Spirit Cult who we must find as soon as possible. Otherwise, there will only be more fear. Fortunately, we found out from you today that something happened at the army or else we wouldn’t have known.”

The procedure to become a yellow fighter from a white fighter was quite
simple. Tang Wulin displayed his one-word battle armor with Guo Xiaoxu’s support. He was immediately upgraded to his new fighter rank, and he
subsequently changed into a yellow fighter’s black robes and yellow mask.
He immediately felt at ease after donning the robes as he would not be chased out of the Battle Soul Hall anymore.

“Wulin, follow me.” Guo Xiaoxu brought Tang Wulin along as they returned to the Battle Soul Hall once again.

“Our Battle Soul Hall took over many missions from the Federation. We are searching for the Holy Spirit Cult based on the information received. You have combat experiences with the Holy Spirit Cult, so I think you should join some of the missions. This will be good training for you too. Well? Are you willing to join a reconnoitre squadron?”

Tang Wulin replied without the slightest hesitation, “It’s my duty.”

He loathes the Holy Spirit Cult to his bones. In addition, the Holy Spirit Cult launched a terrorist attack that killed so many innocent people. It would be a meritorious deed to eliminate evil.

Guo Xiaoxu soon completed the arrangements for Tang Wulin to join a reconnoitre squadron of five people. The squadron was led by a purple fighter with four other yellow fighters including Tang Wulin.

Purple fighters were two-word battle armor masters while a yellow fighter only had a one-word battle armor master’s cultivation base according to the Battle Soul Hall’s internal system. Even though there were only a few purple fighters, their fighting capacity was rather impressive.

Tang Wulin was surprised to learn that the fighter point was doubled for the reconnoitre mission due to the urgency of the matter being related to the
Holy Spirit Cult.

This was a beneficial event because the fighter points could be used to
exchange for all sorts of resources from the Battle Soul Hall. The resources included various kinds of rare and precious materials as well as the Tang Sect Techniques.

It was rare for ordinary Tang Sect disciples to exchange heaven and earth treasures of ten-thousand years. Even a thousand-year heaven and earth treasure was considered highly valuable. The Battle Soul Hall was the largest concentrate of resources for Tang Sect. In any case, the Tang Sect points could not be used as only fighter points were acccepted.

After all, the Battle Soul Hall’s fighters were the true core of Tang Sect.

Tang Wulin was not concerned about breaking through the ninth layer of the Golden Dragon King Seal at present. He would need resources of
astronomical figures to break through to the Golden Dragon King Seal later in the future. Not only did he require heaven and earth treasures of ten- thousand years and above, he would also need it in extremely large quantities. Just three or four types would not make the cut.

Even though he was considered a blacksmith close to saint craftsman rank, he still felt the pressure.

He would need to cultivate anyhow and could not focus all his energy on forging in exchange for money. There was no doubt that the fastest way was to complete the Tang Sect fighter’s mission.

How could he miss such a great opportunity for double points?

Tang Wulin and his squadron were assigned the mission to investigate an
abandoned factory in Heaven Dou City’s western suburbs. They would need to find clues and traces of the Holy Spirit Cult to complete the mission. According to trustworthy sources, the Holy Spirit Cult’s people had been seen around the area.

The abandoned factory was used to produced rare metals in the past. It was extremely huge, but it was abandoned later due to an explosion that resulted in large amounts of hazardous substances being leaked which polluted the land. The authorities did not have any solution to clean up the pollution. So, the land had been left unused until now.

Hence, they had to put on protective gear to shield them from the hazardous substances after they embarked on the mission. Naturally, the ability of a
soul master to resist hazardous substances far exceeded an ordinary person.

The purple fighter leader stood at the front as he looked toward the four yellow fighters including Tang Wulin and spoke, “Begin the operation immediately. Check your communicator later. My code name for this operation is Purple One. The rest of you will be Yellow One, Yellow Two, Yellow Three, and Yellow Four respectively.”

He pointed to the four people while he was saying that. Tang Wulin found it amusing that he was assigned the number three again. He had an affinity to the number three, the only difference now being his initial White Three had become Yellow Three.

“Let’s get to know each other briefly. I’m an assault-type soul master, how about all of you?” Purple One asked.

Yellow One spoke, “I’m an agility-type soul master.”

Yellow Two spoke, “I’m a recovery-type soul master.” The person sounded like a young female. A recovery-type soul master capable of becoming a one-word battle armor master at a young age was apparently no ordinary being.

Tang Wulin spoke, “Assault control-type soul master.”

Chapter 854 - Tang Sect Combat Vehicle

Chapter 854: Tang Sect Combat Vehicle

Yellow Four spoke, “I’m a defense-type soul master.”

Satisfied with everyone’s answers, Purple One nodded. Even though the identity of each fighter was kept secret, and soul masters were not allowed to question each other’s ability, at least knowing their area of expertise
would be beneficial when working together as a team.

“Very well. Then, Yellow Three, what is the level of your control?”

Tang Wulin answered, “Vine-type control, skilled in Bind that controls the entire area. Also with a certain level of attacking ability.”

Purple One spoke, “Alright, then you shall be our squadron’s master-control soul master for the time being. I’ll be the head of the arrow, Yellow Two, you’ll be healing at the back, while Yellow One is in charge of reconnaissance. Yellow Four’s top priority is protecting Yellow Two and
Yellow Three. Understood?” “Understood.”
The members of the group were capable of being yellow fighters because they were all elite. It only took a simple exchange to complete the details of the mission.

“Depart!” Purple One did not waste time with idle talk. At the wave of his huge hand, the five of them left the Battle Soul Hall and boarded the soul car specially prepared by the Tang Sect.

The Tang Sect’s soul car was completely blue. It was said that the color was meant to commemorate the sect’s first ancestor, Tang San. It was no ordinary blue pigment, as the car was able to change color with such precision that it could easily camouflage in numerous situations. Moreover, the car, specially built for the Tang Sect, was also equipped with other types of functions.

Tang Wulin had never seen Tang Sect’s high-tech equipment before, because he had been just a white fighter. Before this, he had only come
across the Tang Sect Combat Vehicle’s rate on the exchange list. It was very costly! It was even comparable to rare thousand-year spirit items!

Purple One personally drove them. Tang Wulin soon noticed the advantages of using the Combat Vehicle. It was fast and very stable and, from within, he could not hear any noise from outside. The vehicle was five-seated, so
everyone could adjust their own seat into a comfortable position.

Purple One and Yellow One sat in the front while Tang Wulin, Yellow Two and Yellow Four sat in the rear seats. Soon after leaving the Sect’s headquarters, Purple One drove the car onto a highway as they headed
straight toward Heaven Dou City.

The ‘Tang’ logo was placed on the front of the Tang Sect Combat Vehicle.
Upon reaching the highway, the logo lit up and began making a siren-like
sound. Tang Wulin was astonishmed to find that Combat Vehicle continued to accelerate until it was several times faster than a soul train.

The rest of the soul cars on the highway avoided them. They gave way to the vehicle by vacating the innermost lane upon hearing the sound of the siren.

Was this a privilege? Could a soul car really travel that fast?

Tang Wulin was greatly surprised. As a person encountering accidents on a soul train all the time, he would truly appreciate if he could possess a car
capable of driving at such speed and with such privilege. It would be easy and convenient for him to travel anywhere.

“Purple One, do we have the privilege of exceeding the speed limit and of having others make way when we drive the Tang Sect Combat Vehicle?” Tang Wulin could not help asking. Purple One spoke, “What’s on your mind, huh? We’re only allowed to do so when we are performing special missions with the sect’s permission and the federation’s knowledge. Our Tang Sect doesn’t have any privileges.”

‘I see.’ Even though Tang Wulin was slightly disappointed, he thought it was reasonable. After all, there were quite a lot of Tang Sect fighters. If
each one was allowed to drive with such privileges, a careless driver could possibly cause a traffic accident. It made more sense that they were only
allowed to do so for special missions.

Purple One continued, “However, that’s not always strictly the case. If you were to make special contributions to both the Sect and the Federation, you’ll be awarded the special contribution medal by the Federation that is used together with our Combat Vehicle, and that might grant you some privileges. Of course, this must be formally applied too. I believe there are a few fighters with such vehicles in our Battle Soul Hall. You can check the information database for the specific requirements when you return.”

“Thank you,” Tang Wulin answered. This was a good development! He
would give it more consideration after he had gone back and looked into it.

It was possible to possess such privileges at Tang Sect, as in Shrek
Academy. At this point, Tang Wulin could not help thinking about his yellow mecha. He should actually upgrade it with his current forging skill. It would be much easier to commute with the mecha.

There were so many things he really wanted to do! He cracked a slight smile thinking about the possibilities open to him.

Purple One was an extremely skilled driver. He could handle the Tang Sect Combat Vehicle at high speed, going even faster than a soul express train as they entered Heaven Dou City.

It was already getting dark. The car slowed down and got off the highway as Purple One drove the car into Heaven Dou City. At the same time, he
initiated the Combat Vehicle’s camouflage system, so it instantly turned into an ordinary car and did not appear that conspicuous anymore. Tang Wulin could not help feeling dispirited upon entering the city. He could see many camps and makeshift shelters on both sides of the road.
With his sharp ears, he would occasionally hear crying voices. All sorts of Federation rescue vehicles could be seen everywhere. He could only imagine how catastrophic this terrorist attack had been on Heaven Dou

The ancient city that had existed for over twenty thousand years had been ravaged. The Holy Spirit Cult was truly an abomination.

Purple One spoke with a deep voice, “It’s a little late now. Are any of you not trained for night operations?”

No one uttered a word.

“Very well. We shall immediately head to the abandoned factory area to carry out our search. I don’t know how long it will take us to find some
clues, so we ought to begin early. Yellow Two, are you alright physically?”

“I’m fine,” Yellow Two answered with a crisp voice. Purple One asked because she was a recovery-type soul master.

Purple One took a glance at the vehicle-mounted navigation system. He turned the steering wheel and drove them onto a path. Not many cars were on it, so the vehicle gradually gained speed as it headed for the suburb.

Tang Wulin closed his eyes to rest. His right hand subconsciously pressed against the yellow fighter’s badge he had just received earlier.

The yellow fighter’s badge could elevate one’s spiritual power to a certain extent, and it had multiple other capabilities such as positioning, locating
and low-range radar. With an attached communicator that was connected to the badge’s internal database, it was highly functional despite its small size.

There was a vast difference between yellow rank and white rank when it came to the bearer’s benefits. If white fighters were described as reserve officers, then yellow fighters were the Battle Soul Hall’s main combat force.

Finally, the Tang Sect Combat Vehicle arrived at a region that was obviously abandoned when the sky had completely darkened. One could see the shadows of the factory buildings from afar.

There was no lighting, so the place appeared desolate and bleak. As soon as the car had driven into the area, one could feel a chilly sensation flooding into one’s chest.

Purple One stopped the Combat Vehicle and spoke softly, “Check your communicator.”

The group of them pressed onto their own badge separately and verified one by one according to the numerical sequence.

“Communication effective. Exit the vehicle,” Purple One instructed and then got out of the car while shutting off all the car lights.

The group left the vehicle in succession. The frosty gloominess felt unusually apparent now.

Purple One looked at his surroundings and said, “Yellow Two, team with Yellow Four. Yellow One, Yellow Three and myself will make up four teams to spread out and search. Immediately report if you make any discovery. Don’t act rashly if you discover an evil soul master. Call out to your teammates first. Remember, prioritize your safety before anything
else. Understood?” “Understood!”
It was apparent that the abandoned factory district was huge. Every one of them was given a blueprint. Purple One spread his out and divided the
search area, reserving the deepest part for himself. “Move.” Purple One waved his hand once at the Tang Sect Combat Vehicle. With a flicker of radiance, the car was placed in the ring on his finger. He then led them as they made their way to the factory.

Tang Wulin had a storage ring of his own. The enormous space inside the ring was enough to store even a mecha, but he had left it in the academy before the military training.

Yellow One swiftly merged into the darkness. Tang Wulin glanced at his map and advanced in his assigned direction.

There was a violet flash in his eyes as he utilized the Purple Demon Eyes to observe his surroundings clearly without the need for any lighting
equipment. The Purple Demon Eyes was the Tang Sect technique almost all of their fighters were skilled in.

Purple One did not make a conscious effort to instruct everyone to wear the protective clothing because he was confident in them. Everyone possessed battle armor, and the armor was more useful than any protective clothing.

Tang Wulin did not feel uncomfortable at all. His Golden Dragon King
Bloodline was so powerful that ordinarily hazardous substances could not invade his body!

Tang Wulin advanced rapidly. He initiated his yellow badge’s micro-radar function as he was walking and sensing everything in his surroundings.

It was his first time using the micro-radar, which was capable of detecting within a range of one-hundred meters in diameter and use the data to project a three-dimensional image into his Spirit Sea. It was said the design was inspired by the spiritual detection of Spirit Ice Douluo Huo Yuhao’s Spirit Eye soul skill. Of course, the detection range was much smaller compared to the Spirit Ice Douluo.

Chapter 855 - Wasted Trip?

Chapter 855: Wasted Trip?

The micro-radar came with a heat detector that was especially effective in detecting living things, making it very convenient.

Tang Wulin turned on the radar and kept his soul power infused. A tthree- dimensionalimage of the area within a range of one hundred meters immediately appeared in his mind. His surroundings were all shabby factories and facilities, and it felt extremely bleak and desolate.

It was described as searching, but Tang Wulin would actually only need to walk around the factory and rely on the micro-radar to complete the basic search.

Tang Wulin advanced swiftly while he controlled his soul power to seal his pores and aura simultaneously, allowing him to move agilely and make as little noise as possible.

Tang Wulin picked up the Silent skill from Old Demon Blight on Demon Island. The most important part about sneaking into a place was to ensure that the enemy had no way to discover him. Old Demon Blight’s skill was
extremely sophisticated. Not only was he capable of silencing his breath, he was also capable of manipulating his soul power and destruction energy, fusing them together until his body temperature could be concealed. He
could even avoid being detected by a heat sensor.

Tang Wulin was applying what he had learned. Even if someone was to use all sorts of detectors right now, there was no way for anyone to discover him after he had completely sealed his breath, soul power and altered his body temperature.

Old Demon Blight told Tang Wulin that everyone only had one life to live, so he would need to be most vigilant at all times to confront possible threats. There was no time for regret when a mistake happened, because he would already be dead.

Tang Wulin remembered especially clearly of all the Demons’ teachings, due to the many kinds of torment he faced there. Thus, he used the Silent skill and was concealing himself as much as possible as he advanced
soundlessly. He was even using his soul power to minimize the signature of the micro-radar’s energy fluctuation.

Tang Wulin was the fastest at learning the Silent skill among the Shrek Seven Monsters because his spiritual power was the strongest. His Spirit Abyss-ranked spiritual power allowed him to have the precise controls necessary to complete the skill.

Tang Wulin quickly searched a large area, but there was nothing to be found. There was not even an insect or pest of any kind in the place, perhaps due to the hazardous materials. It was genuinely dead silent.

“Inner zone search is complete. All clear,” a voice echoed from the communicator in his ear.

“East zone search is complete. All clear,” followed Yellow One.

Tang Wulin pressed onto his communicator and spoke, “West zone search is complete. All clear.”

Yellow Two’s voice sounded, “Searching south zone now.”

Purple One spoke, “Yellow One, Yellow Three, both of you head to south zone to rendezvous with Yellow Two and Yellow Four. I’ll search the north zone before rejoining all of you.”


As captain, Purple One naturally undertook a heavier workload than
everybody else. This was the Battle Soul Hall’s rule that everybody could naturally execute. Tang Wulin advanced toward the south zone swiftly, relying on the yellow badge’s positioning device to locate Yellow Two and Yellow Four. Yellow One arrived one step earlier than him because agility-type soul masters
would always be slightly faster.

“It looks like there’s nothing here!” Yellow One spoke with slight disappointment.

According to this mission’s criteria, one must discover something before the mission was considered complete. Otherwise, one could only score one- third of the reward promised.

Yellow Two smiled. “I hope that Purple One will bring us good news.” “Hmm.” Tang Wulin could only nod.
He was frowning ever so slightly under his mask. Even though he found nothing in his search earlier, he had had a feeling that something was not right the whole time. He had fought evil soul masters on numerous occasions, and he was highly perceptive. He sensed that there was an unseen force in the factory that made him very uneasy.

It had not taken long before a figure confronted them. Tang Wulin and his teammates instinctively got into a defensive formation while examining their badges.

It was Purple One.

Purple One’s body moved in a flash. “All clear. The abandoned factory is completely empty. The heat sensors aren’t detecting anything either.”

Yellow One spoke, “So what do we do? Was this a waste of time?”

Purple One considered for a moment. “It seems like this is it. Logically, the evil soul masters should have retreated to a distant location after launching an attack on this scale. They wouldn’t be staying near Heaven Dou City
anymore. Anyway, the army already searched this place, and they also didn’t find anything.” Frustrated, Yellow Two sighed softly. Yellow Four did not speak and neither did Tang Wulin.

Purple One pondered for a moment before he said, “Alright, let’s withdraw. We can’t remain here for no reason. Our search using the fighter’s badge is extremely reliable. If the badge’s micro radar didn’t manage to pick up
anything, then it’s difficult for us to discover anything more even if we were to stay here. We must return first before we discuss any further.”

“Boohoo…” a soft weeping sound suddenly echoed at that exact moment.

At once, the five fighters reacted to the sound, looking toward the direction where the crying was coming from. The sobbing that suddenly echoed
within the abandoned factory in the pitch black night made the hairs on the back of their necks stand up immediately.

Tang Wulin was the calmest one because he had seen way too many dubious situations on the Demon Island.

“Who’s there?” Purple One shouted sternly while initiating the micro-radar on his fighter’s badge. He was astonished that there was no trace of any life form at all within his micro-radar’s over three hundred-meter range.

“Boohoo…” the sobbing sound continued.

Tang Wulin frowned ever so slightly as if he suddenly recalled something.

Soon after, the mournful noise was heard loudly from all around as if
countless people were crying. The crying echoed and made the surrounding factories seemed to become disturbed as well. Shadows overlapped at once while those abandoned facilities seemed to become alive and were swaying gently.

“Be careful, everyone!” Purple One shouted in a deep voice while unleashing his martial soul. A total of seven soul rings arose from underneath his feet. Tang Wulin was surprised to learn that he was a seven- ringed Soul Sage. There was no doubt that the Battle Soul Hall was extremely cautious when it came to arranging missions. Every fighter was precious to the Hall.
Hence, even though they were only a reconnaissance squadron, they were paired with a seven-ringed Soul Sage battle armor master. Being both a
seven-ringed Soul Sages as well as a two-word battle armor master made him capable of possessing power that exceeded an ordinary Title Douluo, so he could easily handle whatever perilous situation came his way.

Yellow One, Yellow Two and Yellow Four each unleashed their five-ringed martial souls. Yellow Four retreated to the rear, with her back against
Yellow Two. Yellow One and Tang Wulin stood on either side while Purple One stood at the front and forming a standard cross-combat formation.

Tang Wulin also unleashed his two yellow and three purple soul rings. His five soul rings appeared slightly different from the rest of the three yellow fighters.

It was the Disguise skill! Perhaps it should be called the Soul Ring Disguise skill that originated from Old Demon Nightmare.

The most direct manner for soul masters to identify each other’s power was by looking at the color and quantity of their soul rings. Different colors represented different cultivation bases while soul rings also clearly revealed a soul master’s strength or weakness.

Because of this, Old Demon Nightmare passed on the Disguise skill to Tang Wulin which allowed him to fuse together, control and warp a person’s field of vision through his spiritual and destructive power. In other words, the radiance emitted from his soul rings was refracted making the others see them as having different colors.

The Disguise skill was ineffective in actual combat, but it was very useful, especially after Tang Wulin acquired the strange green-gold soul ring from Nature’s Child.

He appeared no different from an ordinary soul master. “Boohoo… Boohoo… Boohoo…” The sobbing sound was growing more and more bitter. One could not help shivering upon hearing it.

Chapter 856 - Spiritual Illusion

Chapter 856: Spiritual Illusion

Purple One spoke coldly, “Stop acting like a ghost. Come out!” He pointed his right hand to the sky as he was saying that. A ball of white light surged skyward despite his soul ring which had not even been triggered. The mass of white light was condensed. It surged upright to the sky fifty meters above before it suddenly exploded and transformed into a white halo ring that illuminated the surrounding ground.

He had such powerful control over his soul power. Tang Wulin was shocked because Purple One lived up to his reputation as a purple fighter. The effect was obviously launched with his Mysterious Heaven Method soul power. It conserved soul power as compared to using his soul skill. At the same time, it had an illuminating effect. It appeared to consume massive power, but in reality, the soul power that was expended was insignificant.

There was nothing on the ground. With his Purple Demon Eyes, he did not see anything suspicious within his visual field.

Purple One spoke with a deep voice, “Follow me.” As he was saying that, he walked outside in quick strides.

There was no doubt that the peculiar situation was only happening within the factory. It would be better for them to leave the place.

“Boohoo… boohoo… boohoo…” the sobbing echoed once again while the surrounding air turned bleak and cold.

Just as Purple One and the four yellow fighters were about to head out from the factory zone, the surrounding space began to warp violently that they
could not distinguish their direction anymore. Everyone felt dizzy as if the sky and land were churning as a whole. An unknown fear and spiritual stress suddenly overwhelmed them akin to rising tidewater rushing in and overpowering them.

Meanwhile, they had yet to discover where the enemy was coming from.

Purple One spoke with a deep voice, “It’s a spiritual illusion. It’s possibly an enemy skilled in spiritual power. I can’t reach the headquarters. Be
careful, everyone. Stay together.”

He noticed that a vine had wound around his waist. Instinctively, he turned his head to find Tang Wulin making a hand gesture at him.

The most scary part about being in an illusion was that they would lose
communication with one another after they were forcefully separated by the enemy. Tang Wulin managed to unleash his Bluesilver Emperor to solve this issue.

The sobbing grew louder while the surroundings were spinning rapidly akin to being on a merry-go-round. Purple One attempted to launch an attack but his attack dissipated as soon as it struck the illusion just like clay oxen going into the sea.

Purple One stopped acting rashly. He felt like he had sunk into the deepest valley for falling into the enemy’s deadly illusion. An illusion of this stature was definitely not something that could be unleashed by an ordinary soul master. This had to be done by a person with domain abilities. It would be
extremely difficult for them to break away from the enemy’s domain. It was apparent that the enemy was attempting to cut off their communications
with headquarters requesting for reinforcements.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin’s voice echoed in Purple One’s ears, “Purple One, it’s Yellow Three here. I know how to break the illusion temporarily. Get us out of here using the fastest method when I’m diffusing the illusion.”

“Okay!” He did not question how Tang Wulin was going to diffuse the illusion. A Tang Sect fighter’s steady composure was undoubtedly revealed at this time. Tang Wulin’s voice was heard simultaneously in the ears of his fellow fighters. In the next moment, he spoke softly, “Three, two, one!”

The group was pulled together in unison following Tang Wulin’s count of three. Soon after, Tang Wulin straightened his body. There appeared to be no change in the five soul rings on his body. In reality, it had already been replaced with the Golden Dragon King’s four bloodline soul rings.

“Roar…” a raging roar that shook the heaven and earth was heard that it shut out the sobbing sound instantly.

A terrifying and deafening roar was unleashed as if an enormous golden dragon head was about to surge skyward. The illusion was at once shattered akin to a bubble popping while the surrounding factory area seemed to have returned to normal instantly.

There was no need for Tang Wulin to speak. Purple One had already leaped and pulled at the Bluesilver Emperor on his body with both his hands
simultaneously. He had relied on his seven-ring Soul Sage cultivation base to gather Tang Wulin and the rest to dash out swiftly.

The sudden turn of events took the concealed enemy hiding in a dark corner by surprise. Their speeds were unusually swift as they dashed out of the factory zone.

“Argh…” a seemingly sad scream pierced the air. A gigantic skull suddenly bored out of the ground just as they were about to dash out of the factory.

The skull was ten meters high with green flames darting from its eye
sockets. A puff of green flames shot out toward Tang Wulin’s group of five as it opened its mouth.

Although it was not hot, the five people felt an intense piercing pain permeating their souls simultaneously. It was as if the soul fire was burning in their minds.

What trick was this? Purple One roared in rage as purple radiance shot out violently from his
eyes. He had already perfected his Purple Demon Eyes. At the same time, pieces of battle armor turned around swiftly on his body. A pair of wings
spread open behind his back to block the green flames from hurting the four people behind him.

A muffled humph was heard as Purple One staggered once. The dark brown battle armor covering his body was tainted by the green flames much to
everyone’s surprise.

Yellow One shouted in her pleasing voice as a stream of pure white flames swept across Purple One’s body, “Spiritual Heal!”

Her execution was precise because there was no doubt that the green flames were aimed at attacking one’s sea of spirit. The green flames on Purple
One’s body were subdued as expected. However, the flames spurting out from the gigantic skull had spread out in all directions and were sweeping toward them.

Yellow Four shouted as the fourth soul ring on his body glowed brightly. A revolving, circular shield appeared. The shield was covered with a layer of strange scales when it was conjured. The strange scales rapidly spread out and transformed into a protective shield that enshrouded the whole group.

At the same time, everyone’s battle armor was already unleashed to enhance their defenses.

Purple One roared once as the sixth soul ring on his body shimmered. Finally, the group of people found out his martial soul.

A purple giant dragon flew into the sky following a loud and distinct cry. It flapped its wings in the sky as a purple energy storm swept across an area a hundred meters ahead of them abruptly.

The Purple Jade Divine Eagle was a species of extremely powerful flying- type soul beasts. Purple One was launching his sixth soul skill at present which was known as the Divine Eagle Heavenly Dance. The Divine Eagle Heavenly Dance was capable of unleashing the Purple Jade Storm. The dual spiritual and physical attack storm was released as a siege attack that was capable of attacking a large area.

The Purple Storm lashed into the giant skull’s green flames. However, it only managed to block the flames from continuing to lash at the group but was incapable of launching an attack.

It was at that moment they understood that the enemy they were fighting was far more powerful than them. They had not even seen the person, yet they were already in an inferior position.

The calmest person at the moment was Tang Wulin. After his horrendous
experiences on Demon Island, his mental strength far exceeded the ordinary folks.

Tang Wulin was not in a rush to attack as he was observing the gigantic
skull closely when Purple One and Purple Four were resisting the enemy’s attack.

He realized that there was a ring of faint green radiance that was continually accumulating in the skull’s direction whenever the giant skull spurted green flames. It was as if the skull was absorbing something from its

Tang Wulin grew more certain of his judgment when he witnessed the scene.

“Roar…” His third soul ring shimmered as the Golden Dragon Roar was heard once again.

The green flames spurting from the skull’s mouth flickered slightly but it did not appear to be weakening. However, one would notice the faint green radiance around the skull vanish each time the Golden Dragon Roar was unleashed.

Meanwhile, Tang Wulin leaped from the side. The Golden Dragon Spear had already appeared in his right palm flashing with a golden radiance. The piercing golden radiance emanated from his body as he flung his arm transforming the Golden Dragon Spear into a golden electrode that shot straight into the skull’s forehead.

The entire process from launching the Golden Dragon Roar to hurling the Golden Dragon Spear was completed by the time it took to blink one’s eyes twice.

It was apparent that the giant skull was affected by the Golden Dragon Roar. Meanwhile, the Golden Dragon Spear had already arrived at the center of the skull’s forehead within a split second.

A green light shield appeared simultaneously, but nonetheless, it was penetrated by the Golden Dragon Spear. The shield vanished in a flash the moment it came into contact with the Golden Dragon Spear’s tip.

The Golden Dragon Spear was equipped with three special abilities that
were puncture, penetrate, and devour. Each time Tang Wulin broke through a layer of the Golden Dragon King Seal, his control and comprehension of the Golden Dragon Spear would be elevated by a rank.

The giant skull tilted backward due to the momentum created by the Golden Dragon Spear after it penetrated the shield. The green flames in its mouth
spurted into the sky.

Tang Wulin let out a loud and distinct dragon’s roar while he was in the air. A flash of golden shadow appeared in midair as he launched the Golden
Dragon Flies!

Chapter 857 - Valiance

Chapter 857: Valiance

Tang Wulin immediately tossed out the Golden Dragon Spear before urging the Golden Dragon Flies to the side of the giant skull as he flung his right hand brazenly.

Five streams of dark golden, seven-meter long blade radiances flashed once as the radiances pounded into the giant skull. Scraping and shattering noises were heard simultaneously. The green radiance dissipated at once as
countless flames shot out intensely.

Tang Wulin crossed his arms to protect himself as the golden radiance
enshrouded his body. He somersaulted backward landing on the ground. He waved his right hand once to conjure a stream of golden radiance that shot forward before returning to his hand like a boomerang. It was the Golden Dragon Spear which had rendered its outstanding performance earlier.

Let alone Yellow One, Yellow Two, and Yellow Four, even Purple One was stunned from witnessing the present scene.

The entire episode only took two breaths from the moment when Tang Wulin had an outburst until he crushed the skull. The skull that had given them much trouble was finally shattered. It was simply unbelievable.

“Go, quick!” Tang Wulin shouted aloud to jolt his comrades out of their daze. They immediately reacted and quickly dashed out from the factory zone together with him.

The terrifying, overbearing force vanished as soon as they exited the factory. There was no enemy chasing after them either.

Purple One flung his hand and out shot the Tang Sect Combat Vehicle. He took the lead and leaped into the vehicle while the rest jumped into the vehicle in succession. He stepped on the accelerator to its maximum as he drove them at full speed back to where they came from.

In the factory district.

A figure emerged silently from afar. He appeared to be a middle-aged man over forty with seven soul rings shimmering on his body. He had two yellow, two purple, and three black soul rings. His right hand was holding a pitch black staff with a light orb which appeared as a mist of green light floating on top of the staff.

His expression was unpleasant and gloomy.

“He broke my Devil Devour Skull. I’m afraid that the people from Tang Sect will be coming soon. We can’t handle everything for we must leave immediately after we’ve collected all the grieving souls here.”

“Yes!” A large stretch of skulls which were densely arranged flew up from around him. Each skull was shimmering with green flames in its eye
sockets. These skulls which were much smaller than the giant skull flew out rapidly in all directions.

The Tang Sect Combat Vehicle drove at high speed. The group’s battle
armors were gradually retracted into their bodies accompanied by streams of radiances.

Yellow Four could not help staring at Tang Wulin in surprise. “Yellow Three, how did you do that? The attack earlier was simply amazing. The
skull exploded into pieces at one go. Oh my god, you’re truly impressive.”

Tang Wulin spoke, “It’s not that I’m impressive, it’s just that the skull wasn’t as powerful as you imagined.”

Purple One had just completed his report to the headquarters. The
communications signal had returned to normal upon leaving the factory district. He could not help turning around upon hearing Tang Wulin’s words and asked, “Tell us what happened.” Tang Wulin answered, “When the sobbing sounds appeared, we hadn’t
spotted any signs of life. This indicated the sounds weren’t produced by a life form. I’ve recently witnessed some peculiar situations. Thus, I made a bold guess that the sobbing sounds were probably made by vengeful spirits within the factory.”

“Judging by our mission, the target factory was involved in a major hazardous substance leakage incident so there was bound to be a lot of fatalities. Those innocent victims who were accidentally killed could have become vengeful spirits. These vengeful spirits were supposed to perish naturally but they could exist for a longer period of time if someone were to manipulate their existence intentionally, such as evil soul masters!”

“Thus, I made a bold speculation that those were vengeful spirits when we couldn’t determine the source of the sobbing sound. It was probably the vengeful spirits of those people who died in the factory earlier. The illusion that appeared later could have been triggered by the vengeful spirits.”

“One would require an enormous amount of spiritual power to control the vengeful spirits. We couldn’t tell where our enemy was hiding. In order to leave the tight encirclement, we had to disrupt the enemy’s control of the vengeful spirits. Hence, I used the sound soul skill of mine. The raging roar’s dual sonic and spiritual shocking effects made the vengeful spirits lose control momentarily such that we could escape from the place.
Although the giant skull has a powerful attacking ability, I noticed that there was a lot of radiance which was similar to the vengeful spirits which scared us gathering underneath the skull. Hence, I made a wild guess that the
source of the giant skull’s energy was most likely from the vengeful spirits in the factory. If my guess was right, then the enemy hiding in the dark
corner was possibly not as powerful as we had imagined for he was only relying on the vengeful spirits in the factory to become so powerful.”

Tang Wulin paused for a moment before he continued, “If he wasn’t that powerful, then the skull which he unleashed would naturally be flawed in its defense as well. I used this knowledge to launch an attack. As expected, it was easily destroyed after the channeling of the vengeful spirits was halted. My guess was confirmed when no one chased after us after we left that place. The enemy was certainly not that powerful. He wasn’t a worthy opponent outside of the factory.”

The people in the Tang Sect Combat Vehicle became silent after listening to Tang Wulin’s analysis.

After a long while, Purple One who was driving the vehicle spoke slowly, “Did you truly enter the same factory as us?” It was obvious that his voice sounded rather bitter.

He was the mission’s captain, yet he did not discover the enemy’s true purpose and made a proper judgment of the situation when they were
confronted by danger. If it were not for Tang Wulin’s correct hunch and his heroic effort to turn the tide during the crucial moments, they would possibly still be trapped in that place.

Yellow One, Yellow Two, and Yellow Four were also looking at Tang Wulin as if he were a monster.

His fighting capacity was impressive, but his analytical ability was even more incredible.

Tang Wulin scratched his head. He did not think it was anything out of the ordinary. In fact, it felt quite normal for him. Why were his teammates in awe of him?

He was unaware that he had changed into a different person after undergoing the special training on Demon Island which included his ability to observe, react to emergencies, and make quick decisions. He had far
exceeded the abilities of any ordinary person and even the Tang Sect fighters. The extraordinary ability which he had unintentionally revealed was enough to shock his teammates.

The Tang Sect Combat Vehicle stopped after it was driven into the city. They waited for the arrival of reinforcements. It did not take long before two black fighters appeared silently. The two black fighters looked at Tang Wulin approvingly before they vanished into the night.

“So, what are we going to do now?” Yellow One asked Purple One.

Purple One replied, “We shall wait here for the result. At the same time, we can also check if our mission is completed. Everyone can rest for a while in the car if you’re tired. I’ll be on watch.”

While he was a little envious of Tang Wulin’s ability, he also felt guilty. If it were not for Tang Wulin’s resolute effort to turn the tide, they would have
suffered a great loss this time. Moreover, they could have been annihilated. If that were the case, he could not absolve himself from being accountable as the captain.

Tang Wulin walked toward Purple One and was about to say something
when Purple One shook his head at Tang Wulin. “I’m fine. There’s no need to console me. I’m very glad to have a teammate like you. Also, I realize that we’re still lacking in many areas to fight the evil soul masters. I’ll work hard to compensate for the inadequacies when I return to the headquarters.”

Tang Wulin gave him a thumbs up for he had proven himself to be a fighter!

There were a few reasons that resulted in Purple One’s failure to react to the emergency situation today. One was because it happened abruptly, while the other was his lack of understanding of the evil soul masters. In addition to the fact that he was not a calm person, he also lacked the experience to fight the evil soul masters.

Chapter 858 - Teachings of the Pavilion Master

Chapter 858: Teachings of the Pavilion Master

However, all these things did not affect his outstanding qualities. Fighting against the evil soul masters was a long, arduous journey. Tang Wulin’s performance had annoyed him a little. Nevertheless, as long as he remained a fighter, he would continue to improve himself.

Yellow One, Yellow Two, and Yellow Four came over and thanked Tang Wulin.

The situation over at the factory was uncertain. No one had any intention of taking a rest, so they could only wait here patiently. They waited until the
skies were almost bright when the two black fighters returned with the news.

The evil soul masters within the factory had left. Tang Wulin’s judgment was correct. The evil soul masters had used the wraiths within the factory. There was also an altar deep beneath the factory. Judging from the altar’s use, the wraiths of the factory had been exorcized. Many souls of the
casualties in the terror attack had been exorcized at the altar by the evil soul masters.

Everyone had a heavy heart upon receiving the information. At the same time, the two black fighters also announced that their mission was

For Tang Wulin’s outstanding performance throughout the mission, he was awarded half of the mission’s rewards while the other four fighters divided the remaining half among themselves.

One could not decline the rewards given despite one’s modesty. When the superior fighters had decided, the lower-ranked fighters had no choice but to obey. Also, Purple One and the others sincerely thought that Tang Wulin deserved the rewards.

The rewards of the mission were already doubled to begin with. Now that he had half of it for himself, Tang Wulin definitely reaped a more than generous reward. However, the mission had also left an indelible mark in his heart. He had seen the savageries of the Holy Spirit Cult.

Even with the Federation’s strength, there was nothing it could do to the Holy Spirit Cult. Although the attack had happened a long time ago, they were still unable to locate the main forces of the current Holy Spirit Cult’s mission. This time, they had finally gotten hold of some clues after all the
trouble, but the evil soul masters still managed to get away. Indeed, it would be difficult to believe that they did not receive any outside assistance. The inner network of the Holy Spirit Cult was truly terrifying.

Purple One drove the Tang Sect’s fighting vehicle back to Shrek City. After he reported on the mission’s completion and claimed his points, the whole team was disbanded.

Tang Wulin did not accept any more missions. Instead, he headed back to the academy. He wanted to go back and retrieve his things before anything else. Then, he planned to go to Heaven Dou City where his uncle master was.

When he had accomplished the mission, he knew that the Blacksmith’s
Association was not affected by the great explosion. This turned out to be a great fortune amidst misfortune.

Everything within Shrek Academy remained the same. Tang Wulin went to the inner court. He proceeded to Sea God’s Island to report himself.

He had barely reached Sea God’s Island when he was shocked to see someone waiting at the shores.

The person wore a white garment and had his hands behind his back. His handsome face had a faint coldness to it. When he saw Tang Wulin coming over, he was hardly perturbed. Instead, he waved at him. Tang Wulin tapped the water’s surface with the tip of his toes and landed
steadily on the shore. Then, he quickly bowed and paid his respects. “Elder Yun.”

The person who was waiting on the shores was none other than Shrek Academy’s current Pavilion Master, Atlas Douluo Yun Ming.

Yun Ming nodded slightly toward him. “Come with me.” He turned around and walked toward the inner parts of Sea God’s Island.

Tang Wulin hastily followed after him.

Outwardly, Yun Ming did not seem to be walking very fast. However, Tang Wulin had to run with all his might just to keep up with him.

Sea God’s Island was not that big. In no time, Tang Wulin had followed him to the Sea God Pavilion.

They entered the Sea God Pavilion, but Yun Ming did not stop in the hall. Instead, he walked up the stairs. Tang Wulin followed behind him and looked curiously at his surroundings.

He was not familiar with the Sea God Pavilion which made him highly
curious regarding the place. The wooden hut was not spacious and was built leaning on the Gold Tree. It was one of the most revered places on the
entire Douluo Continent!

Yun Ming brought Tang Wulin all the way up to the Sea God Pavilion’s third floor. They went into an empty room.

There was no furniture inside the room, only two rush cushions on the floor.

Yun Ming sat on the one further inside the room. He pointed at the cushion opposite. “Sit.”

Tang Wulin obeyed and sat down. He was feeling both shock and curious. ‘Could it be that Elder Yun was waiting for me by the shore?’ He was not in the least surprised that Yun Ming knew about his return. With Elder Yun’s cultivation base, he reckoned that Elder Yun would have known the instant he set foot in Shrek City.
“Do you have any news of Na’er?” asked Yun Ming with his lowered voice. Tang Wulin shuddered inwardly, but he shook his head with a bitter smile.
He did not have any news, whether it was about Na’er or Gu Yue!

Yun Ming suddenly said, “You’ve formed a soul power vortex already?”

Tang Wulin looked at him with astonishment. He then nodded. Although he could not quite comprehend Yun Ming’s rank, he was wondering about the capability of his eyes that could see a person’s soul power vortex just by looking at the person. It was as if his body could be seen through by Yun
Ming’s gaze.

Yun Ming’s brows were slightly furrowed. He seemed to be pondering something.

Finally, he spoke after a long while, “Are there any problems?”

Tang Wulin shook his head. “It’s just as teacher said. The soul power vortex is normal. I, myself am unsure why the soul power vortex formed at my rank. I thought that it would only appear just before I attain rank-7.”

Yun Ming said, “In truth, the soul power vortex and ranks are unrelated. It’s only related to the density of one’s soul power. Once your soul power has reached a certain concentration level, it will increasingly resemble a solid.
However, there’s no such thing as a soul power in solid form. Hence, the
soul power that’s nearly solid will exist in such a unique state, and that is a vortex.”

“Simply put, if you have highly concentrated chocolate syrup, and you leave it alone in its natural state, it’ll quickly form into chunks. Or, imagine a cup of hypersaline water, crystals will quickly form and settle at the bottom of the cup. However, when you stir them constantly and maintain the stirring, they will stay in their liquid state. Such liquids can maintain their high density and are also evenly distributed.”

“It’s the same with soul power. After your soul power reaches a certain level, your body will naturally manage it. At the same time, your body will guide it to form a vortex. It is a natural process of soul power cultivation until the condensation of a soul core. The soul power vortex itself possesses a strong attractive force. It attracts the soul power within you, and it has a very powerful pull on the outer world’s origin energy. This can help you obtain twice the results with half the effort in your cultivation. It’s very rare for you to be able to form a soul power vortex with your five-ring
cultivation base. Back then, I’d also formed the soul power vortex when I was at rank-59. After that, the rate of my cultivation from rank-60 to rank- 70 wasn’t much different from rank-50 to rank-60.”

After hearing Yun Ming’s words, Tang Wulin had newfound knowledge about the soul power vortex. Also, he was astonished that the Sea God
Pavilion’s Pavilion Master Elder Yun had imparted his knowledge to him. ‘He formed his soul power vortex at rank-59? Does this mean that I’m going to surpass him in this aspect?’

Although he was startled, Tang Wulin remembered everything Yun Ming said. These were the teachings of a person who was regarded as the best under the heavens! The majority of soul masters would never have such a chance in their lifetimes.

When Yun Ming saw that Tang Wulin was listening keenly, he continued, “From now on, all you have to do is just cultivate conventionally. With the soul power vortex as your foundation, your cultivation base will increase very quickly. If you have any problems, you can come and ask me in the Sea God Pavilion.”

“Understood. Thank you, Elder Yun,” said Tang Wulin in reverence.

Yun Ming looked at him with a slightly complicated gaze, “I’m a very
emotional person. Because of what happened to Na’er, that’s why I don’t like you.” Tang Wulin was stunned, but he could only respond with a bitter smile. Regarding Na’er, his heart was also filled with regret.

Yun Ming continued, “When I take the academy into consideration, I know I shouldn’t feel that way. This time, the effects of your military training on Demon Island were very good. I received word from them that your results even surpassed most of your seniors.”

Tang Wulin made no reply. ‘Is he praising me?’

Yun Ming paused as if he was pondering over something. However, it seemed like he did not have a conclusion. He waved his hand and said, “You may leave.”

“Alright.” Tang Wulin stood up hastily. After bowing to Yun Ming once again, he turned around and left.

As he looked at Tang Wulin receding, Yun Ming sighed softly and massaged his brows.

A small door on the side of the room opened. The Holy Spirit Douluo Yali walked out from within. She moved behind Yun Ming and kneaded his
shoulders lightly.

“You still can’t make up your mind? This child is truly outstanding. With his temperament and abilities, he can surely shoulder great responsibilities.”

Yun Ming shook his head. “I still don’t like him. We’ll see.” Yali sighed softly. “Don’t you push him too far away!”

Chapter 859 - Broadcast of The Grandteacher

Chapter 859: Broadcast of The Grandteacher

A faint smile showed on Yun Ming’s face. “I’m not worried about that. He isn’t only one of the academy’s Shrek Seven Monsters, he’s also a Tang Sect fighter at the same time. My actions this time have violated the rules set by the academy. Just think of it as putting him through additional trials. Arrange a meeting to inform the others that we’ll consider Tang Wulin as a prospective Sea God Pavilion resident elder. But, this information mustn’t reach the outsiders, including Tang Wulin himself.”


Yun Ming stood up and held his wife’s hand. “Actually, I’m looking forward to the miracles that he might create in the future. The previous Sea God Pavilion Masters had to endure countless cycles of hardship before they were finally able to shoulder the heavy responsibility.”

Yali smiled. “I like this child very much. I believe he can do it. According to the regulations set by the academy, a person who passes all the trials on Demon Island is qualified to become a Sea God Pavilion resident elder. If the person manages to break the record as well, then the person will be the next Sea God Pavilion Master. His results are obvious to all.”

Yun Ming smiled. “I have my plans.”

Tang Wulin exited the Sea God Pavilion, but he still felt puzzled. Did the Sea God Pavilion Master, Elder Yun come to fetch him by the shore just to give him a few tips on the cultivation method of his soul power vortex? He could feel that Yun Ming had something to say but refrained himself.
Nonetheless, he did not know what it was that Yun Ming wanted to say.

In any case, Elder Yun seemed to have accepted him to some degree. This was good news. Tang Wulin returned home and carried everything which he had stored with him. Then, he went to the wooden house where Scarlet Dragon Douluo Zhuo Shi lived.


Zhuo Shi was basking in the yard. When one had achieved one’s cultivation base, there was no longer a need to cultivate all the time. More time was
spent on understanding the world. Instant enlightenment was the insight needed for a breakthrough.

When Zhuo Shi saw him, he was not shocked in the least. He smiled and asked, “Did you meet the Pavilion Master?”

Tang Wulin answered curiously, “You knew?”

Zhuo Shi said with a smile. “It’s only natural that he finds you. Come and sit by your grandteacher’s side,” he said as he pointed at the seat beside him.

Tang Wulin went beside Zhuo Shi and sat down. Zhuo Shi said, “Tell me about your experiences during this trip.” After he finished, he closed his eyes.

There was nothing that Tang Wulin needed to hide from his grandteacher. He then recounted the encounters he had together with his comrades. From the incident on the soul express train fighting powerful evil soul masters to their arrival in the Northsea City and their horrendous experiences on the Demon Island, he narrated the whole story in detail. The only thing he left out was the Tang Sect fighters’ mission in which he had participated after his military training.

Zhuo Shi listened to him with his eyes closed. He only opened his eyes after Tang Wulin had finished his narration.

Zhuo Shi sighed softly and said, “The peace in the continent seems to be
coming to its end. My generation is old. The responsibility of transforming and protecting the continent lies on the young shoulders of your generation.”

Tang Wulin looked at him with shock. “Grandteacher, is it really that serious?”

Zhuo Shi lowered his voice and said, “It’s more serious than you imagine. There are some problems among the higher-ups of the Federation. Some of them are openly infighting themselves within the Federation. On the
surface, the Federation is still calm and peaceful, but in truth, the infighting is quite serious. The incident of Heaven Dou City this time is a result of the infighting. As a Federation congressman, Mo Wu was a potential successor, but he died in the Holy Spirit Cult’s surprise attack. This escalated the
conflict further among the members of the Congress. Although we can’t be sure which congressman is affiliated to the Holy Spirit Cult, there’s no doubt there’s an insider among the congressmen who protects them.
Otherwise, there’s no way that the Holy Spirit Cult can hide while the Federation is powerless to act against a sect of the evil soul masters.”

“It seems like we’ll be having troubled times soon. The Federation isn’t the only one facing problems. I’ve heard that there’s also an inner conflict in Spirit Pagoda. Even on Star Luo Empire’s side, the Green Skeleton
Rebellion seemed to have received some form of support. Their war with the Star Luo Empire’s officials is escalating. It seems that the entire Douluo Star is going through troubled times.”

Tang Wulin’s brain was in overdrive thinking about it. However, he was as puzzled as ever. After all, he had only been a mere student of Shrek
Academy. He was not too familiar with the continent’s situation. He worked very hard and focused mainly on his cultivation.

Zhuo Shi said, “There’s no need for you to trouble yourself with this matter yet. You’ll at least have to wait after your graduation from the inner court before you’re involved in any of this. But, you must remember, as the leader of this generation’s Shrek Seven Monsters, there’s no way you can
evade this responsibility. Shrek Academy has always been neutral, but that’s during peaceful times. Once there’s a threat that can cause upheavals on the continent and endanger the lives of common people, the academy
will take precautionary actions. Do you understand what I’m trying to say?”

Tang Wulin nodded slightly. Without a doubt, Shrek Academy’s heritage had for tens of thousands of years been deeply ingrained on Douluo
Continent. The outstanding graduates of the academy were everywhere holding various influential posts on the continent. Once the academy made a clarion call, the power it would amass was formidable.

Zhuo Shi raised a hand and pressed down on Tang Wulin’s shoulder. “In the future, the pressure you’ll be under will only increase. You’ll then truly understand the benefits you’ve gained from your trip to the Demon Island. I only hope that the greater the pressure, the more motivated you will be.
Come, tell me about the problems you faced while you were cultivating including the Golden Dragon Nine Moves.”

Tang Wulin stayed in Zhuo Shi’s wooden house until evening came. After Zhuo Shi’s instructions, he overcame all the problems that had surfaced recently.

He stayed on Sea God’s Island that night.

He stayed in the wooden house Gu Yue left him. He sat on the edge of the bed and looked at the clear and bright moonlight outside the window. Her beautiful face surfaced in his mind. He seemed to feel her presence.

The silver dragon scale on his chest reflected the gentle moonlight’s glow. He was sleepless during the night.

The next day, Tang Wulin left the academy early in the morning. He had mentioned to Zhuo Shi that he would be in Heaven Dou City for a month.
He would go there and learn to forge from the Divine Craftsman, Zhen Hua.

His forging level had reached a crucial bottleneck currently. Once he could accomplish Soul Refinement, he would enter a new realm in the field of forging. As the youngest rank-6 blacksmith of the current forging world, once he achieved a breakthrough, he would have limitless possibilities in terms of forging. After he exited the academy, Tang Wulin did not go to the soul express train station to board the soul train. He was genuinely afraid of soul trains now,
especially the route between Shrek City and Heaven Dou City. He had lost count of the incidents he had encountered on this route alone. For the safety of the passengers and himself, he decided that it was better not to board the soul train.

He arrived at the Battle Soul Hall of Tang Sect. Tang Wulin proceeded to redeem a Tang Sect fighter vehicle with his points.

After his prior experience riding a fighter vehicle, Tang Wulin had taken a liking to this mode of transportation. Its high speed aside, it was very stable.
The only shortcoming was that it had no special features. Even so, the equipment on the vehicle far surpassed other ordinary cars.

As for his mecha, he had retrieved it already. Now, he only needed to wait for it to be upgraded. Mechas and cars were different after all. The Federation had strict regulations on mechas, especially during an

Tang Wulin had a lot of fighter points. He still had a large balance after redeeming a Tang Sect fighter vehicle. He stored the fighter vehicle in his storage ring and only released it after he was out the door.

Unlike the fighter vehicle he rode the other day, he had redeemed one with three rows of seats. It was a Tang Sect fighter vehicle that could carry eight passengers at maximum capacity. Its speed was not as fast as the previous one, but it had better cross-country capabilities.

There were seven members among the Shrek Seven Monsters. The extra seat was naturally kept for her

Chapter 860 - Suppressing Disturbances with Wisdom

Chapter 860: Suppressing Disturbances with Wisdom

He drove the car and went on his way. The camouflage system on the Tang Sect fighter vehicle was activated. The surface of the vehicle was covered by a layer of dark blue paint. Under low light, it appeared black. It showed a deep sapphire-like luster under the sun, and was extracted from a mineral.
The color was known as cavansite blue. It was corrosion-resistant, and its application strengthened the metals. Some mechas also opted for these materials as their cover paint.

Tang Wulin drove the Tang Sect fighter vehicle and went on the highway at lightning speed. He was headed toward Heaven Dou City.

The feeling between driving a vehicle and riding in one was different. Tang Wulin noticed that the Tang Sect fighter vehicle was very stable and easy to control. He could easily attain the state of being one with the vehicle.

Although it ran at high speeds, it was still stable. In merely two hours, the landmark of Heaven Dou City could already be seen from afar.

It was not known if the Battle Soul Hall had arrested the evil soul masters from the Holy Spirit Cult. The incident at the abandoned factory still
weighed heavily on Tang Wulin’s heart. The more he understood the Holy Spirit Cult, the more he realized how threatening they were to society and the Federation at large. Those crooks must be dealt with as soon as possible!

Tang Wulin exited the highway and drove onto the main road leading to Heaven Dou City. The situation was almost similar to the day before yesterday. There were still many victims on both sides of the road. However, they were being taken care of by the official agencies, and their numbers had decreased.

He reckoned that the reconstruction work would take a long time. After all, the damage done was quite extensive. It was inevitable that the Federation harbored animosity toward the Holy Spirit Cult.

As he thought about this, Tang Wulin had already driven into the city
center. There was order in the city as police cars were prevalent throughout.

If the police cars were truly effective, there would not have been a surprise attack. Tang Wulin sighed inwardly. In any case, it was better than nothing. At the very least, the city folks would be at ease.

Heaven Dou City’s Blacksmith’s Association remained as the headquarters of the Blacksmith’s Association. Tang Wulin drove his car near the building and stopped after he made a turn into an alley. He alighted from the vehicle and stored it into his storage ring and walked toward the Blacksmith’s

He made it as far as the door before he stopped in his tracks. It was not that he did not want to go in, but the main entrance of the Blacksmith’s
Association was jam-packed like a can of sardines.

“Hand over the murderers! Hand over the murderers!” There were at least a thousand people blocking the entrance to the Blacksmith’s Association as they shouted madly. The more agitated folks even picked up stones and began tossing them at the Blacksmith’s Association.

A yellow tape was pulled across the association’s doors. There were policemen stationed behind the yellow tapes trying to maintain order. It was quite obvious that they would soon be overwhelmed by the frenzied crowd.

Tang Wulin was shocked by the scene. He pulled a guy on the periphery
aside and was informed by the guy that the Blacksmith’s Association was in deep trouble. According to the surveillance displays, before the surprise attack on Heaven Dou City occurred, at least a dozen of the terrorists who detonated the fixed soul ammunition were last seen heading into the Blacksmith’s Association.

For a big city such as Heaven Dou City, soul surveillance cameras practically monitored all the major streets. That was why the terrorists were caught on camera.

Even though there was no evidence that the Blacksmith’s Association was related to the Holy Spirit Cult, the footage was leaked by someone who had an agenda. The upset citizens of Heaven Dou City had found a scapegoat
and came to the Blacksmith’s Association.

The Blacksmith’s Association’s headquarters had been besieged for many days. The main doors were shut tight currently. There was no question that the incident had dealt a great blow to the reputation of the Blacksmith’s

Tang Wulin’s brows were tightly knitted together. He trusted his uncle master completely. How could the Blacksmith’s Association possibly have any relationship with the evil soul masters? Moreover, how could the
surveillance footage be so easily accessed by the public? At the very least, it should not have been made public before the investigation was

When he analyzed the situation calmly, it was obvious that someone had an intention to frame the Blacksmith’s Association!

Tang Wulin could still vividly recall the assassination of his uncle master. Without a doubt, the assassination was related to the Holy Spirit Cult. As the only Divine Craftsman on the continent, his uncle master was a thorn in their side because he would not take instructions from the Holy Spirit Cult. Hence, it was better for them to dispose of him.

The majority of the citizens were driven by their emotions especially those who had lost their loved ones. It was tough for them to control their
emotions. It was especially true when the Heaven Dou City’s administrative building was blown up. Almost all the high-ranking city administrative officials died. The new, inexperienced officials blundered as they tried to handle the incident. Who would be in the position to defend the
Blacksmith’s Association?

It was under such circumstances that the pressure on the Blacksmith’s Association grew.

What should he do? Tang Wulin’s gaze reflected he was deep in thought. Since he came to know of the problem, he had to think of a way to assist his uncle master.

He was in no hurry to enter the Blacksmith’s Association. Instead, he went to an inconspicuous corner and observed silently.

There were probably a thousand citizens gathered here, and their emotions were running high while they lingered in the vicinity. They had been here for days creating such scenes. Most of the glass windows on the side of the Blacksmith’s Association’s building were shattered.

What was their objective for making such a scene?

If one wanted to handle an incident, one must first analyze it calmly. This was what Old Demon Sloth taught Tang Wulin. His notion was ‘the most brilliant people in the world are the laziest because only the lazy ones will think of ways to conserve time and effort’.

If one did things recklessly when faced with a situation, one would only be wasting time and effort. Only by focusing on a target and achieving victory in one fell swoop could one conserve time and energy. Only then would one have more time to do other things, for instance, sleep.

Tang Wulin did not completely agree with Old Demon Sloth’s statement. Nonetheless, he learned a lot from him on how to go about doing things.

Previously, he would not have any idea on what he should do. He could only go in to look for his master uncle and ask about the Blacksmith’s Association’s current situation. However, he was much calmer now than he was before. He remained at the hidden corner and observed each and every citizen present who was causing havoc.

With his Spirit Abyss realm spiritual cultivation base, he could easily
scrutinize a person in detail. The first thing he did was to ascertain whether there were any soul masters amidst the crowd.

There was not a single soul master to be found among the troublemakers. They were all ordinary people.

However, he did not give up. Instead, he continued his surveillance. After a while, Tang Wulin noticed that there were a few leaders among the citizens who were making a scene.

Each time the shouting citizens took a breather, the leaders would voice out their protests and set off a new wave of uproars.

There were sixteen of them. They distributed themselves throughout the
area occupied by the thousand-strong group. Tang Wulin also noticed that these people wore advanced micro-communicators on their ears.

Tang Wulin was quite familiar with this tool’s value. It was not something an ordinary person could afford or would want to buy.

When he concluded his findings, they did not mean a thing when viewed individually, but collectively, a number of things could be proven.

Tang Wulin had no need for detailed evidence.

He turned around and left. He walked toward the darker areas of the street.

“Hand over the murderers! Punish the Blacksmith’s Association!” shouted the citizens at the top of their voices.

“Bring the president of the Blacksmith’s Association out here to give us an explanation!” “The members of the Blacksmith’s Association should be sent to the guillotine! You band of evil soul masters should just die…”

Shouts of curses punctuated the air.

Suddenly, a figure charged into the crowd quick as lightning. He appeared in an instant. A formless energy was unleashed from his body. Wherever he passed, the crowd was being pushed aside.

A yellow cloak and a yellow mask. He wore a Tang Sect yellow fighter’s badge on his chest.

He raised a hand and grabbed someone from the crowd who was shouting for justice to be served to the murderers.

Shortly after, without waiting for the crowd to react, he suddenly shouted, “There’s nowhere you can run!” Circles of soul rings shone brightly on his body. There were eight rings in total. Two yellows, two purples, and four blacks. The extremely domineering aura erupted from his body.

Gigantic bluish-golden vines which appeared like huge dragons shot out with a whistle. They shot into the skies at first, then they plunged into the crowds. They wrapped themselves firmly around their targets whom they had locked onto earlier.

The thousand-odd people shrieked hysterically because of the sudden, shocking turn of events.

“The Tang Sect’s Battle Soul Hall is capturing the evil soul masters of the Holy Spirit Cult. There’s no need to be alarmed.” A stunning, spiritual force of the Golden Dragon Roar was contained within Tang Wulin’s voice. He managed to suppress the surprised shouts of the crowd in no time.

The policemen behind the yellow tape ran quickly toward him. When they saw Tang Wulin’s attire, the fighter’s badge on his chest, and the soul rings on his body, they stopped in their tracks abruptly and went no further.
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