The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 831-840

Chapter 831 - Staff Officer Shen

Chapter 831: Staff Officer Shen

The person walking at the head was a lady in a major’s uniform. She had such an attractive figure that even the military uniform could not conceal
her curves, but her charming face was cold. It seemed like she did not want to be bothered by anyone.

Her boots stepped onto the metallic ground with a crisp crashing sound.

“What’s the result of the inventory count? Have the two missing rank-5 fixed soul ammunition resurfaced?” the female officer asked.

She was speaking to another major walking beside her. The male major
appeared to be of thirty or forty years old. He was smiling obsequiously as he said, “Staff Officer Shen, we’re already investigating, but there have been no results as of yet. The inventory count has also been completed. The amount is the same as previously.”

Staff Officer Shen suddenly stopped walking and looked at him frostily. She spoke, “So you’re saying that those two rank-5 fixed soul ammunitions are lost? Do you know what this means?”

The male major’s expression changed as sweat trickled down his brow. “I know, I know. I’ll get you the answers as soon as possible. We’ve already searched through all the surveillance videos, but we haven’t discovered
anything. I plan to install a few more probes in the warehouse immediately in order to ensure there are no more blindspots there. Staff Officer Shen, I’m going to trouble you to speak of a few good words for me before the general. You know that Old Chen is always a coward. How could I possibly steal something that’s entrusted to me?”

Staff Officer Shen laughed icily. “You know best if you’re stealing
something that’s entrusted to you. I don’t care about this, but I want my findings. Even the general can’t protect you if you fail to find those two rank-5 fixed soul ammunitions. I’ll give you three more days. I want my findings and not your personal troubles.”

“Yes, yes. I’ll certainly give you a result within three days.” Major Chen wiped the cold sweat on his forehead as he grumbled inwardly.

“Take me to the warehouse so I can have a look for myself.” Staff Officer Shen’s expression relaxed ever so slightly. She continued to inspect the
warehouse under Major Chen’s guidance. This was his chance!
There was no doubt that this was too good an opportunity to be wasted. Tang Wulin scurried out without the slightest hesitation.
There were only four soldiers following behind the two majors. Tang Wulin’s body just charged past and the four soldiers were lying limply on the ground.

Staff Officer Shen and Major Chen reacted to the situation at once. Ten vines of the Bluesilver Emperor had already pounced toward their faces.

Major Chen screamed out in surprise. Just as he was about to grab the soul gun on his waist, he was coiled up tightly by the Bluesilver Emperor. Staff Officer Shen, who appeared to be over twenty years old, reacted extremely swiftly. She made a backward leap followed closely by two yellow and two purple soul rings arising rapidly from underneath her feet.

She was a four-ringed Soul Ancestor?

Staff Officer Shen’s aura abruptly turned frosty accompanied by a drop of temperature in the air. Ghastly cold wind and countless blooming
snowflakes headed straight toward Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin knew that he was already standing underneath the surveillance camera. He did not have the time for any more holdups. As his four golden soul rings arose, his third soul ring was already glowing. “Roar!” A valiant Golden Dragon Roar jolted the entire warehouse.

Staff Officer Shen’s entire body shook so violently that the four soul rings she had just unleashed were immediately disintegrated. The intense dizziness made her stagger.

Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon Roar was effective even when he was
confronting an opponent whose cultivation base far exceeded his own, what more for his current opponent whose cultivation base was far behind his.

Tang Wulin dashed forth and arrived at Staff Officer Shen’s back. His left hand was at her gut while his right hand had her throat.

Staff Officer Shen’s soul power was immediately sealed by Tang Wulin. He spoke coldly, “Don’t move or I’ll kill you.”

Staff Officer Shen had yet to completely recover from Golden Dragon Roar. She could only sense as an intense, masculine aura came surging at her with enough force to make her dizziness worsen.

Tang Wulin’s hand, which had slapped onto her abdomen, immediately wrapped around her slender waist. Her body was so cold that she was
especially sensitive to temperature. She could feel that the man behind her was filled with blazing hot Yang Qi that made her entire body feel sore and go limp.

It was an enemy attack!

Shen Xing immediately realized this, but she was already rendered completely helpless.

“You-you’ll never escape.” Shen Xing felt embarrassed and infuriated because she had never come into such close contact with a man. She could not even see Tang Wulin’s face clearly, but she sensed the waves of intense Yang Qi radiating from him. This man must be rather young.

“We don’t know that for certain.” Tang Wulin chuckled softly as he dashed out of the warehouse door with his hand around Shen Xing. Meanwhile, a piercing siren was set off instantly. The fixed soul
ammunition warehouse was a restricted area. The entire base would be shocked if it were suddenly under attack.

Tang Wulin held Shen Xing as a shield at his side while his other hand pulled off the access pass round her neck.

There was no doubt that the beautiful major had a rather respectable position in Northsea Army Corps. He ran through three layers of electronic gates continuously just by relying on her access pass.

Tang Wulin knew that they were in the depth of Northsea Army Corps underground base now. The first thing he needed to do was get above ground.

“How do I get to the surface?” Tang Wulin asked Shen Xing.

“I’ll never tell you. Don’t even think about it! Kill me if you can,” Shen Xing spoke coldly.

Tang Wulin spoke indifferently, “Kill you? Why would I kill you? I believe that you’re not afraid of dying, but as a woman, there are things more terrifying than death.”

Tang Wulin waved his right hand once as he spoke. Shen Xing felt a chill on her right arm as the sleeve of her military uniform was reduced to pieces.

“Oh!” She shrieked aloud as intense fear radiated through her entire body in a split second.

Tang Wulin’s voice echoed within her ears viciously, “So now you know what I’m about to do, right? I trust that the entire Northsea Army Corps is watching with so many surveillance cameras fixated on us. You’re a beautiful woman. Do you think that your fully exposed body will leave behind a profound impression on these soldiers’ minds?”

“You bastard!” Tears streamed down her face uncontrollably. Tang Wulin raised the Golden Dragon Claw on his right hand once again. “Are you going to tell me or not? If not, your entire top goes next.”

Was he truly going to do that? The answer was no, of course. He just needed to find an effective threat by any means necessary. After Tang Wulin was trained by Old Demon Nightmare, he realized that he was a far more hard-hearted man than he had been before. Moreover, it was as if he could find someone else’s weakness easier now.

The most effective threat to a woman, especially a woman as arrogant and frigid as Shen Xing, was definitely not death. A woman like her regarded reputation more than her life.

If Shen Xing were to stubbornly resist till the end, Tang Wulin would be out of options. He would not really tear her clothes away.

However, it was very apparent that Shen Xing’s mental strength was not as good as it appeared on the surface. “Right side!” she shrieked while her
charming body shuddered loudly.

Exposing her body under all the surveillance cameras was unimaginable. She knew she would go mad for sure because that was truly more agonizing than death. If it were to happen, she would bring shame not only to herself but to her entire clan!

Tang Wulin spoke in satisfaction, “You’re doing the right thing. However, if I were to ask something from you again and your answer is not as
straightforward, then I won’t be giving you the opportunity to consider anymore. Anyhow, you not only have this top but also a pair of pants, right?”

“You bastard!” Shen Xing wished that she could pull out all his muscles and peel off his skin.

Tang Wulin chuckled. “There are many more people that are worse than me.” As expected, there was an elevator at the end of the right side. Tang Wulin swiped the access pass as the elevator door opened with a ding. Tang Wulin entered the elevator with Shen Xing.

He was not worried about getting caught at all, seeing that he had a hostage. He was unconcerned because this major was clearly someone of unusual importance. A four-ringed major was not a common sight, so she definitely held a respectable position.

Moreover, he acted at such speed that he did not leave much time for the Northsea Army Corps to react.

It seemed that Tang Wulin’s judgement was correct. He did not encounter any obstacles during his elevator ride. However, when the elevator door opened, he was greeted by dozens of soul ray guns aiming for him.

“Don’t move. Release Staff Officer Shen,” a deep voice echoed. It was a male officer with a majestic figure standing at the head of all the soldiers. He was a lieutenant colonel.

Tang Wulin cupped his left Golden Dragon Claw around Shen Xing’s neck as he smiled indifferently. He spoke, “Step aside. Otherwise, I don’t mind tossing you a corpse.”

The lieutenant colonel gave a cold scoff. “Aren’t you the student from Shrek Academy? Does the academy allow you to kill the innocent? I don’t believe that you’d dare do it. Surrender yourself. Otherwise, don’t blame us for our uncourteous treatment.”

There was no doubt that Tang Wulin’s identity was already discovered.

Chapter 832 - Hostage

Chapter 832: Hostage

Tang Wulin suddenly laughed. “Is that so? Do you truly think I daren’t do it?” A strong intention to kill burst forth from his body. His eyes suddenly turned blood red in the split second that the Golden Dragon Claw on his left hand was about to close around her throat.

Shen Xing could only feel the blood in her entire body about to freeze. The terrifying aura from Tang Wulin’s body was suffocating her. This was the first time she had ever felt so close to death.

She had always assumed that she was not afraid of death and was even willing to sacrifice her life for the Federation. Yet, when she was at the juncture between life and death, she could not help feeling frightened.

The male officer’s expression changed abruptly as well. “Stop. You’ll be a federal offender if you kill her. We’ll capture and execute you similarly.”

Tang Wulin suddenly laughed hysterically. “I don’t wish to live anymore because that group of demons on Demon Island tormented me every day. It’s pretty nice to have someone else die with me. Come, let’s all perish together. It’s not a painful death if I die with a beauty.” As he was saying that, he had already lifted her off the ground with his right hand. Shen
Xing’s charming face turned ghastly pale at that moment.

“Stop! Fall back.” The male officer gritted his teeth in rage. He would have sacrificed one of his subordinates instead to seize the enemy had Shen Xing been someone else. Shen Xing was different! She was not only his love but more importantly, she was the sister of Shen Yue, the regimental
commander of Northsea Army Corps and deputy commander of the Northeast military command. If anything were to happen to Shen Xing, how was he going to explain to Shen Yue?

The soldiers fell back with the soul ray guns in their grasps. Tang Wulin placed Shen Xing back on the ground and walked outside in great strides with his arm around her body. It was as if he was taking a relaxing stroll in his courtyard.

No one dared to make a move. Tang Wulin had already displayed his power earlier. Aside from the fact that a lieutenant general may not have the power to defeat him, even a Title Douluo would not have the confidence to kill this one-word battle armor master before he killed the hostage.

Shen Xing panted loudly. A moment earlier, she had sensed that death was upon her. The fear she had never experienced before caused her charming face to turn pale.

Tang Wulin walked along the tunnel to the outside. He relied on the airflow to find the exit soon without anyone’s direction. He walked to the outside under the ‘escort’ of numerous soldiers.

The air outside was so refreshing! Tang Wulin inhaled a few deep breaths before he looked around his surroundings.

“Get me an aircraft. I want a Skywing F-17 and no tricks. I’ll make sure she’s safe if my request is fulfilled. I know there must be a powerhouse within the Northsea Army Corps. However, I’m confident I’ll be able to take out the hostage first before your powerhouse kills me.”

Tang Wulin spoke coldly, “You have ten minutes.”

As he was saying that, Tang Wulin dragged along the girl and found a
corner to rest. He leaned against the corner so he could ensure that no one attacked him from the flanks. He leaned Shen Xing against his chest and used her as a shield.

Shen Xing was basically sitting on Tang Wulin’s thighs. She sat stiffly although her body was shuddering in fear. Tang Wulin could not help feeling a certain warmth in his heart. However, he knew it was more important to be aware of his surroundings to prevent any unforeseen dangers from happening.

The aircraft had yet to show up. On the other hand, more soldiers were gathering. A large number of them surrounded him making the place
seemingly packed. Quite a number of soul cars were there too. “Five minutes!” Tang Wulin spoke coldly.
At this moment, a military car was being driven hurriedly to the area. It
came to a screeching halt. The car’s door was pushed open and out jumped Shen Yue who was dressed in a military suit.

She saw her sister in Tang Wulin’s hands as she got out of the car.

Shen Xing appeared to be slightly confused at present. One of her sleeves was missing while her face was covered with dried tear marks. Her body was shivering against Tang Wulin’s.

A violent fire of rage surged to her head with a whoosh. Shen Yue was fuming as she walked in big strides toward Tang Wulin. She felt like her lungs were about to explode as she tried to contain her rage at the moment.

She was already annoyed with the blunders that happened these days. One of her Skywing F-17s was stolen by the Shrek Seven Monsters, then
another was hijacked by Tang Wulin recently. It was the greatest insult to the Northsea Army Corps.

She did not expect Tang Wulin to show up again so soon. Furthermore, he had abducted her sister this time.

“Release her!” Shen Yue spoke coldly.

Tang Wulin glanced at the epaulet on her shoulder as he felt his chest tightened. She was a lieutenant general! It was the highest military rank he had ever seen. “Hello, general. Where’s my aircraft? My patience is limited,” Tang Wulin spoke coldly.

Shen Yue stared at Tang Wulin when she suddenly shouted with a deep voice, “I said release her.” Her raging roar was accompanied by intense spiritual awe.

Tang Wulin felt his vision darkened. A gush of formless overbearingness oppressed him such that he almost followed Shen Yue’s order

However, he was only entranced for a moment. When Shen Yue was about to dash over in the next instant, Tang Wulin suddenly choked Shen Xing’s throat while waving his right hand once simultaneously. Another side of Shen Xing’s sleeves was torn off amidst her piercing shriek.

Shen Yue was supposed to have already dashed over, yet she had no choice but to stop herself when she saw Tang Wulin’s reaction.

“If you wish to die, then you shall die together!” Tang Wulin roared in rage. Shen Yue clenched her fists tight. “Release her and I’ll be your hostage.”
Tang Wulin sneered once. “General, do you think I’m a three-year-old child? You’re certainly more powerful than I am for you’re a lieutenant
general at your age. Not to mention your strong spiritual power. Take you hostage? Do I look like a fool?”

Shen Yue was rendered helpless. She did not understand why her spiritual
awe had no effect on him although her spiritual power had already achieved Spirit Abyss! Why was it ineffective?

“Three minutes more. If the aircraft isn’t here yet, I won’t kill her but I’ll remove a piece of her clothing for every minute that has passed. See if I dare.” As he was saying that, Tang Wulin had already removed the first button on Shen Xing’s collar. Shen Xing’s expression revealed that she was going to suffer a mental breakdown. She shouted aloud, “Sister, save me.”

It was over! Shen Yue knew it was over the moment Shen Xing called her “Sister”. She had lost control of the situation.

As expected, Tang Wulin’s eyes brightened as he pulled Shen Xing up. His lips cracked into a faint smile. “I truly didn’t expect to be so fortunate.
She’s the general’s sister huh! Don’t worry, general. I’ll release her as long as you fulfill my request. You have two more minutes.”

“Bring the aircraft!” Shen Yue roared with a deep voice.

She knew that issuing such an order would do her no good. As the regimental commander, she chose to compromise when she was confronted by an enemy’s threat. Moreover, it was her sister at stake. Her future would forever be affected when the news about this incident got out.

Yet, what could she do? She had but one sister. She could not watch helplessly as her sister was dishonored or perhaps killed even!

In her view, Tang Wulin was already insane. His actions had completely
exceeded the scope of a Shrek Academy’s student. However, she knew very well that any Shrek Academy’s student that visited Demon Island would be abnormal for a period of time according to the Northsea Army Corps’ records.

Thus, Shen Yue dared not make the bet. She could not bear to stake her sister’s future on the bet.

Soon after, Tang Wulin spotted a Skywing F-17. Tang Wulin smiled as he pulled Shen Xing along.
Shen Yue spoke with a deep voice, “The aircraft is already here. Release her now. On my honor, I’ll allow you to leave with the aircraft.”

Chapter 833 - All Is Fair in War

Chapter 833: All Is Fair in War

Tang Wulin smiled and said, “Your Excellency General, do you think that I’m crazy? Or do I look like a retard to you? Are you talking to me about reputation now? Get real, put a parachute on the plane and have Staff
Officer Shen escort me. I’ll let her jump off the plane with the parachute
after I feel safe. I believe you have the resources to fetch her back. We don’t have to waste time talking about other stuff. You have no choice but to trust me now. Or maybe you’d like to watch me perish with her.”

Shen Xing’s body was trembling as she sobbed. Her legs were completely limp. She only managed to stand by leaning on Tang Wulin.

Shen Yue balled her hands into tight fists. She looked at Tang Wulin coldly. “You better pray that you don’t fall into my hands in the future.”

Tang Wulin said casually, “We’ll leave talk about the future to the future. What do you want to do now?”

Shen Yue shouted sternly, “Back off, let them board the aircraft.”

Tang Wulin brought Shen Xing and boarded the Skywing F-17. He was in no hurry to close the cockpit’s canopy. He said dryly, “Maybe we can do this another way. Later, I’ll let Staff Officer Shen escort me back to Demon Island, and then she’ll fly the aircraft back here. This way, you guys won’t incur many losses as well. I heard that Skywing F-17 can be configured for remote control, I wonder if this one is configured that way. I wouldn’t want the aircraft to fly back by itself. If this plane can be controlled remotely, I
suggest that you guys fix it. Otherwise… you catch the drift?”

Shen Yue felt that the young man in front of her was like a wily old bird who had thought over everything meticulously. “No, it isn’t equipped with a remote control system,” she said coldly.

“Very well, I hope that you aren’t lying to me if you truly care about your little sister.” The aircraft was already operating and the canopy slowly
closed shut, sealing them off from the outside world.

Tang Wulin wrapped Shen Xing with the Bluesilver Grass and made her sit on the co-pilot’s seat. He dexterously controlled the plethora of buttons and the Skywing F-17 suddenly accelerated on the runway. They soared into the skies which were already pitch-black as ink.

Shen Xing looked at Tang Wulin’s masterful piloting of the aircraft. Still feeling fearful, the moment the aircraft left the Northsea Army Corps’ base, her tears began flowing again despite herself.

Leaving the Northsea Army Corps’ base meant that her fate was completely in the hands of the young man beside her.

She had only now taken a good look at Tang Wulin. From the side, she could see his long eyelashes, handsome face, and the pair of clear eyes.

If she only judged him by his looks, she would never have thought he would be a malicious criminal.

In short, one’s appearances were more important than anything else. After Shen Xing noticed Tang Wulin’s good looks, the fright and anger she felt in her heart had toned down somewhat.

“Will, will you kill me?” Shen Xing asked.

Tang Wulin smiled. “I thought you’re not afraid of dying?”

Shen Xing’s gaze burned with rage. “I dare you to kill me if you have the guts. You won’t be able to live either.”

Tang Wulin said, “As long as your sister doesn’t do anything stupid, I have no reason to kill you. I don’t have any deep grudge against you anyway.
That’s enough, just sit there quietly.” Under Tang Wulin’s control, the Skywing-17’s speed was pushed to the maximum. They traversed thirty kilometres in the blink of an eye. The
aircraft descended slowly and was about to enter the boundary of Demon Island.

As expected, Shen Yue was worried about her sister’s safety. No attacks or takeover attempts were made.

Tang Wulin pulled on the control lever and the aircraft climbed into a rise
again. It drew an elegant arc in the skies and flew back toward the Northsea Army Corps’ base again.

“What’re you doing? Didn’t you say that you’ll let me fly the aircraft back?” Shen Xing looked at him with shock.

Tang Wulin said, “Don’t you know that all’s fair in war? And here I thought that you were a staff officer.”

As they spoke, the aircraft had already traversed the thirty-kilometer distance again. Tang Wulin retracted his Bluesilver Emperor. “Put on your seatbelt.”

The only reason why he requested a parachute from Shen Yue was to mess with her so that she would think that he was not familiar with the aircraft.

Shen Xing seemed to have understood his meaning. She hastily fastened her seatbelt.

Tang Wulin smiled. “The blue mountains never grow old, and the green
waters flow forever. We’ll meet again someday.” As he said this, he raised his hand and tapped Shen Xing’s belly. Shen Xing felt something hot flowing within her. Her sealed soul powers had returned to her. In the next moment, Tang Wulin had already pushed a button and the co-pilot’s seat was ejected out of the aircraft.

‘You bastard! I will never forgive you!” Shen Xing screamed as she rose into the skies. As he listened to her shouts of threats which grew farther away, Tang Wulin only smiled. He controlled the Skywing-F17, brought it into an instant
acceleration and flew straight toward Demon Island.

The aircraft entered Demon Island’s boundary and landed slowly. The third aircraft. This was already the third aircraft which Tang Wulin had brought here. However, it was not an open-cabin style but a complete aircraft.

When the aircraft landed firmly on the ground, Tang Wulin noticed with
shock that apart from Old Demon Nightmare and Old Demon Blight, there was another elder who was tall and big.

When he faced Shen Yue and the officers with their men of Northsea Army Corps, Tang Wulin was in control of the situation from the beginning till the end. Anyway, when he came down from the aircraft and saw the gaze of the third old demon, his heart could not help but skip a beat. In his
subconscious, a bad feeling welled up.

Old Demon Blight clapped his hands loudly. “Not bad, not bad. You’ve finally succeeded.”

Tang Wulin looked at Old Demon Nightmare. “I’ve done it, so it’s about time that you release my comrades, right?”

Old Demon Nightmare shrugged. “No problem. This old demon always keeps his word. I’ll release those comrades of yours.”

Tang Wulin was slightly stunned. He did not expect that Old Demon
Nightmare would be this easy to deal with. He hastily asked, “Where are they?”

Old Demon Nightmare snickered. “I’ve given them to Devour. Oh, let me introduce you. This is Old Demon Devour. You see, I’ve been torturing all of you for so long, and he can’t restrain himself anymore. From now on, your comrades belong to him.”

“You!” Tang Wulin glared at Old Demon Nightmare. He was burning with rage. Old Demon Devour said with his hoarse voice, “Relax, I’m not as inhumane as him. I scorn at the unethical use of drugs. My requirements aren’t high either. As long as you can do it, I’ll let them go.”

Tang Wulin calmed down after a brief moment of rage. How could one not lower one’s head when one was under the eaves. He had an inkling that these old demons would not let him and his comrades go that easily.

He looked coldly at Old Demon Devour. “What do you want me to do then?”

A flash of insanity suddenly appeared in Old Demon Devour’s eyes.
“Nothing much. In my life, I’ve only a single hobby, and that is to eat. That’s why they call me Old Demon Devour. As long as you finished all the food I give you, I’ll let all of you go.”

Eat? Tang Wulin’s expression instantly turned peculiar. Could there be something as easy as this? If someone had asked him what he was most skilled at, the first thing that came to his mind would not be forging but eating instead.

Although he was exceptionally gifted in forging, he was but a rank-6 blacksmith. The blacksmiths of rank-7 and above were more skilled.
However, when it comes to eating, Tang Wulin did not think that there was anyone on Douluo Continent who could be more skilled than he was.

“Alright, what shall we eat?” Tang Wulin looked at Old Demon Devour.

Old Demon Devour took a step forward and reached to his side. Then, he grabbed Tang Wulin’s shoulder. He moved swiftly, and he disappeared together with him from where they stood.

Old Demon Devour and Tang Wulin were gone. Old Demon Blight looked at Old Demon Nightmare. “Nightmare, I think this young boy has broken the record! In three months and six days, he successfully crossed the ocean, infiltrated the Northsea Army Corps’ base, and flew an aircraft back here.” Old Demon Nightmare nodded and counted with his fingertips. “I think he did. He’s the first one to do it in a thousand and five hundred years. The little fatso had also crossed the ocean, but he was instantly dealt with when he reached the other side. I even had to arrange everything for him, but that’s normal. This Tang Wulin, it’s no wonder he’s the captain.”

Old Demon Blight counted with his fingers, “We must quickly think of more ways to torture him. He’s in such a great condition and his endurance is also much stronger than ordinary soul masters. Not bad, not bad. I like these abnormal little monsters the most. We must look closely for his

Old Demon Nightmare snorted. “The most inhuman among us is you.” Old Demon Blight said, “You’re talking as if you’re human.”
“Blight, how long do you think he needs before he finishes the trials on Devour’s side?” asked Old Demon Nightmare.

Old Demon Blight suddenly shivered.”That fellow Devour… He’s truly sickening. Can we not talk about him?”

The scene in front of his eyes changed. When Tang Wulin’s vision cleared, he was already within the forest. He was still within the valley, but he was in the forest that was full of life.

Chapter 834 - Old Demon Devour

Chapter 834: Old Demon Devour

Each time he passed by this place, Tang Wulin always had the feeling he had returned to Shrek Academy. He truly missed the days spent in the
academy! Although they had cultivated painstakingly back then, at least there was no simultaneous torture of their body and soul.

It was not easy for him to endure the first part, and now he had to undergo the second part. This was his first time meeting Old Demon Devour. What on earth would he want?

Tang Wulin was most worried about his comrades’ situation. He had been separated from everyone for such a long time that he had completely no idea what had transpired. He did not know if his comrades were still alive.

As the captain, he had led everyone here to undergo their military training. If anything were to happen, he would be held accountable.

Old Demon Devour let go of Tang Wulin’s hand. His voice was hoarse and loud. It reverberated in the forest.

“There’s no need to worry about your comrades. You only have to worry about yourself. Relax, without my orders, Nightmare will not do anything to them. They love to torture others, but I don’t. Only immature demons
such as them would resort to those low-level pastimes. Your life will be much more pleasant if you come with me. Do you know why my title is Devour?”

A pleasant life?

Tang Wulin’s expression did not change, but he was thinking in his heart, ‘I’ll be stupid to believe in you!’ In the beginning, he actually trusted Old Demon Blight a little. However, after the ordeal of absorbing the Destruction Aura and the incidents following that, how could he not realize that Blight was actually no different from Nightmare?

Since this fellow before him was also one of the old demons, how could he be better than the rest? He would only be torturing him differently.

Since he did not know what the old demon wanted, he decided to keep silent. He did not have a choice but to endure the tortures of these old
demons. In Tang Wulin’s heart, there had always been a sliver of hope from the beginning till the end. He hoped that the challenges he currently faced were just tests from the academy, and these old demons were only testing them. It was with this hope that he managed to persist through all the pain he encountered.

Old Demon Devour looked at Tang Wulin with a deep and profound gaze. “The reason why I’m called Devour is because I love to eat. I loved to eat ever since a long time ago, and after I became a demon, I loved eating even more. So, I’m different from them. All of them have mental issues because it’s really boring here when you have nothing better to do. I’m the only one who has fun on Demon Island all this while, and that is to eat. As long as I have something to eat, I’ll never feel bored. Eating gives me joy and pleasure.

Eat? When he heard this, Tang Wulin instinctively gulped. If he counted the days, it must have been at least three months since he arrived here, and he had not eaten anything. He had completely relied on the dense life source here to support his body. Although this did not affect his body’s condition, to a person used to replenishing his energy by eating, having nothing to eat was definitely great suffering.

There was now an old demon in front of him who said that he liked to eat. Tang Wulin suddenly felt a strong sense of hunger charging into his sea of spirit. It was not a biological reaction but purely psychological.

When Old Demon Devour saw Tang Wulin gulping, he instantly smiled. “Looks like you’re also a fan of eating, am I right?” When he said this, he clicked his fingers loudly. “Then it seems that we share something in
common. From now on, you’ll eat everything I eat. I guarantee you’ll pass very easily.”

Tang Wulin said without hesitation, “What shall we eat?”

Old Demon Devour snickered. “Relax, I won’t bring you anything repulsive. Since we’re eating, then we must eat the kinds of food that are full of nutrients, and it must be something edible. Come, young man.”

As he spoke, he had already made his way into the forest. Tang Wulin hastily followed behind him.

Old Demon Devour stopped after walking a few steps. Then, he squatted and dug some dirt under a dark green bamboo plant. He made a hook with his finger and hooked out a big, dark green worm that was about three inches in length and fat as a finger.

The worm was completely dark green and seemed slightly transparent. It wriggled furiously trying to struggle out of Old Demon Devour’s hand.

Old Demon Devour’s right hand dug the dirt again. He dug out another worm in no time.

An uncomfortable foreboding filled Tang Wulin’s mind in an instant, ‘No way…’

At this very moment, he saw that Old Demon Devour had tossed one of the worms into his own mouth and began chewing on it. He even seemed to be enjoying it. A yellow fluid flowed down the corners of his lips.

“Ugh…” Tang Wulin reacted reflexively. He turned around and began retching.

This was truly disgusting. Even though he loved to eat, he would never eat worms! He was repulsed looking at Old Demon Devour’s current
appearance. At this moment, a dark green figure appeared before him. As he looked at the wriggling body, he could see a layer of yellow fine hairs on its body upon closer inspection. Tang Wulin’s expression changed drastically, and he shot toward the side like lightning.

For him, eating was always the most enjoyable thing on the continent.
However, at the moment, when he saw the overly disgusting worm being placed in front of him, having not eaten for so many days, Tang Wulin
could hardly repress his body’s reaction. He practically turned around and ran. He cared little for anything else. All he wanted to do was to get away from that Old Demon Devour that instant.

Regardless of how swiftly he moved, whether he used Tang Sect’s Secret Technique, Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track, or Golden Dragon Flies’ dashing speed, he could not be rid of the dark green worm which was dangling in front of his eyes. It did not show any signs of being thrown off.

Tang Wulin continued to run as he retched.

Suddenly, there was a dizzy sensation. Shortly after, he was forcibly pressed onto the ground. He barely had time to react when he felt his entire body
went numb. The soul power and blood essence power within his body were shackled. Then, a large hand pinched his nose.

When his nose was pinched, Tang Wulin instinctively opened his mouth to breathe. In the next moment, he looked on as the dark green, wriggling
worm was being shoved into his mouth.

Old Demon Devour pushed Tang Wulin’s chin upward with one hand, and Tang Wulin’s mouth closed naturally.

The feeling of a worm wriggling desperately in one’s mouth…

His hairs stood on end, and his vision darkened. His body reacted violently to the feeling of disgust. However, there was nothing he could do. He could not even lift a finger. Old Demon Devour’s hoarse voice sounded beside his ear, “I told you that we’re only going to eat. Why’re you running away? I hate those who don’t treat their food properly the most. Since you’re unwilling to eat it, then I’ll let this bamboo worm be digested slowly in your saliva. You’ll feel it
wriggling, then at some point, it’ll stop wriggling. Then, it’ll slowly turn into a liquid which will flow down along your throat. You’ll feel it become one with your body. Hmm, isn’t that wonderful? This process takes almost a day to complete. You can’t move nor do anything. I can see the changes in your eyes and your facial expression. Looking at your expression of
enjoying this delicacy, oh, it’s so wonderful. I must start thinking about what we should eat for tomorrow.”

Chapter 835 - Puking

Chapter 835: Puking

Tang Wulin would rather learn how to fly a plane or absorb destructive energy. He was even willing to face the firepower of the entire Northsea Army Corps. He would rather go through all that than to endure such immense suffering in his present wide awake state.

It was no exaggeration what Old Demon Devour said. What Tang Wulin felt right now was both mental and physical torture.

Each time Tang Wulin began to lose his consciousness, he would feel his
sea of spirit stimulated, and he would wake up instantly. At that moment, he could feel the contents of his mouth acutely.

The sensation was too disgusting to put into words. He just wanted to die there and then.

Twenty-four hours went by. Old Demon Devour smacked Tang Wulin’s head to knock him unconscious.

As he looked at Tang Wulin lying on the ground, two figures appeared beside him. They were Nightmare and Blight.

“I say, was I too cruel? I only gave him some delicious food to eat, that’s all. I’d only thought of the method before but never carried it out. Will it
stimulate his spirits so much that he goes crazy?” Old Demon Devour asked as if he was worried about him.

“Don’t give me that crap. Why didn’t you hesitate when you gave him the worm to eat?” said Nightmare with scorn.

Old Demon Blight added with a furious expression, “You’re truly despicable and shameless. Why haven’t you told us about your methods before? How could you do that? How could you surpass us in torturing?
When I saw his pained expression, he probably thinks you’re superior to the both of us in this regard. I’m really dissatisfied, you know? I’m extremely dissatisfied.”

“Hahahaha! Serves you right. I don’t care if you’re satisfied or not, the only thing I know is I’m having the time of my life here. Oh no, I must go and test this on the other little fellows as well and see their reactions. It’s alright even if they go crazy. We still have that guy Loathe, right? He’s the most helpful in restoring a person’s state of mind.”

“Little fatso, from the looks of things, we share a common interest now. From now on, whatever I eat, you’ll eat. I guarantee that you’ll pass this trial easily,” said Old Demon Devour to Xu Lizhi with a smile.

Xu Lizhi panted heavily. He had tried his very best to absorb the destructive energy and finally reached the opposite shore. However, regardless of the method he employed, he could not enter the base of the Northsea Army
Corps. He had no recollection what happened. As far as he could recall, when the artillery fire came, he had already returned to Demon Island.

Old Demon Nightmare then told him that he had failed, and he was about to release the poison mist. At this very moment, Old Demon Devour appeared as if he was the messiah. Old Demon Devour told him that as long as he followed his instructions, he could save his comrades from the fate of being tortured by the poison mist.

He was then brought by Old Demon Devour into the forest.

When he saw the big, dark green worm, Xu Lizhi blinked a few times.
Next, he saw Old Demon Devour toss a worm into his mouth and chewed on it forcefully.

Xu Lizhi’s eyes bulged immediately. Old Demon Devour looked at him with a smile. Then he heard Xu Lizhi asked in shock, “Can this be eaten? Is it tasty?”

This time, it was Old Demon Devour’s turn to be stunned. Then, he saw Xu Lizhi raised a hand and he picked up another worm from his hands, which he tossed into his own mouth. Xu Lizhi started chewing on it forcefully as well.


After chewing for a while, Xu Lizhi’s eyes lit up. Then, his Adam’s apple shifted. He obviously swallowed the worm.

“Wow, I thought it would be super disgusting. Who knew that it tastes so good! Although it’s slightly sour and astringent, there’s some bitterness in its sour flavor, but there’s a sweet aftertaste. More importantly, it has the faint aroma of the bamboo plant. My tummy feels warm after I’ve eaten it.
It feels quite comfortable really. It’s delicious! I never expected to find
something so special on Demon Island. It’s like a local specialty. Do you have more of this? Let me dig for one more.”

When he saw Xu Lizhi’s jubilant expression, Old Demon Devour was
stunned for a long while before he finally muttered, “Little fatso, you do have some unique talents in the affairs of eating.”

He was still talking when he saw Xu Lizhi squatting down beside the plant. He was digging through the soil with his hands.

Despite the object being the same, it was torture that made some people wish they were dead, but a source of extreme enjoyment for others. Truly, such a situation had never before happened on Demon Island.

Old Demon Devour was never one to admit defeat. Not to mention, none of the old demons on this island was willing to admit defeat. That was why
Devour had to rack his brains to find ‘high-grade’ food which Xu Lizhi would find repulsive. However, how was he to know that Xu Lizhi never rejected anything that was presented to him? Xu Lizhi would be slightly hesitant at first, but the more he ate, the happier he felt and the more excited he got. In the end, he would eat till his face was flushing red. He did not need Old Demon
Devour’s expertise to find the different kinds of ‘food’ in the valley which was rich in life source on Demon Island. He became good at it purely by learning on his own.

Old Demon Devour could not help but surrender. He could only choose to torture the others. He could not deny that Xu Lizhi was exceptionally gifted with natural endowments, but that he was foolish at times.

Without a doubt, Xu Lizhi had broken the record…

Tang Wulin had absolutely no idea how he had spent these two months. He spent his waking hours in a daze. The torture on his body was manageable, but his spirit was suffering greatly.

He was a person who loved to eat, but he was tortured by Old Demon
Devour so badly that he wanted to vomit the instant he saw food. However, his body’s powerful adaptive abilities gradually kicked in.

Tang Wulin was quick to notice that his body did not weaken because of the suffering from his torture. On the contrary, as he regularly ate peculiar food such as worms, cockroaches, snakes, rats, ants, and so on, his blood essence grew in vigor. It was especially true for his life source which was extremely dense currently.

“Old Demon Devour, thank you very much! Do you still have the worm?
How long can it live? Can I ask a favor from you? Let me catch some more so that you can let Yue Zhengyu eat them. These worms are so rich with life source, it must be good for his body. He had used his ability Sacrifice to
save me back then and lost too much of his life source. If he can eat some more worms, I’m sure it’ll benefit him greatly.” Old Demon Devour stared with his mouth agape as Xu Xiaoyan played with the big, dark green worm in her hands as if toying around with some treasure.

‘What is wrong with this world? It’s one thing for a food-type Tool soul master to eat worms, but this young lady, she…’

When Xu Xiaoyan ate the worm for the first time, the degree of suffering
she felt was similar to Tang Wulin. However, she too noticed that this worm was filled with dense life source. So, when Old Demon Devour planned to feed her a second worm, she acted this way.

This adaptive ability…

‘She’s not good in anything else, but this young lady’s ability to adapt is truly peerless!’

Of course, there were also those who were miserable.

For example…

“Blergh, blergh, blergh… kill me please!” wailed Xie Xie. His spirit was on the verge of collapsing.

“Blergh… I’ll kill you. Blergh… don’t let me get the chance, I’ll definitely kill you!” Ye Xinglan’s pretty face was already waxen.

‘Blergh, blergh, blergh… I’ll kill you!” Yuanen Yehui’s body twitched ceaselessly.

“This is truly wonderful. I’m almost crying! Old Demon Devour, may I know how I can keep these worms? Can I bring some with me when I leave? If I can keep them, with such dense life source as our support, the Holy Angel Clan can use their ability Sacrifice willingly. You see, our clan has ample monetary resources. Why don’t we work together to harvest the life source insects in this valley on Demon Island? We might be able to make medicine out of them. If we can do that, you’ll have made an outstanding contribution to the whole world!” Yue Zhengyu also found it repulsive, but since he possessed the ability — Sacrifice, his senses toward the life sourceweres the most acute among them. He had only eaten one
worm, but he realized the wonders it contained.

Hence, with Tang Wulin as the leader, the four of them were tortured by
Old Demon Devour for a full three months. Yue Zhengyu, Xu Xiaoyan, and Xu Lizhi, on the other hand, were guaranteed a spot in the next level.

“Do you guys know what I hate most in the world?” an elder with an
aquiline nose and grim expression stood before Yue Zhengyu as he asked coldly.

His eyes were full of loathing, almost to the point of Yue Zhengyu who stood before him being the most detestable person in this world.

“I don’t,” said Yue Zhengyu honestly.

The few days he spent with Old Demon Devour was the most relaxing days Yue Zhengyu had experienced since he came to Demon Island. The life
source he expended for Xu Xiaoyan through Sacrifice had been largely restored by consuming large quantities of the worms. This was definitely a welcome surprise. It had also greatly diminished his detest for Demon Island. His only hope now was to rescue his comrades.

Chapter 836 - Old Demon Loathe

Chapter 836: Old Demon Loathe

“What I hate the most is this world. My name is Loathe. Remember my name, Old Demon Loathe. I’ll bring you suffering. Ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times, ten thousand times more suffering.”

In the next moment, Yue Zhengyu was raised up. Then, a leather whip wetted with water lashed mercilessly against his body.

Up until then, Yue Zhengyu had always thought that he could endure pain quite well. However, after Old Demon Loathe, he realized that he was
wrong. He had no idea that there was such a multitude of methods to bring pain to others, or how ‘stimulating’ those methods were.

“Ahh!” His wails never stopped from the moment he was lifted up.

The intense pain constantly stimulated his body and spirits. Yue Zhengyu struggled desperately as he tried to free himself. However, he could only
look on as his skin was split open and his flesh broke forth. All he could do was watch helplessly as his nails were removed and his body gradually reduced to fragments. Slowly, he was at the gate of death.

Tang Wulin’s eyes were slowly losing their focus. He had undergone three months of torture by now. The life energy inside him was extremely vigorous, but his spirits were obviously shaken. He was in such a state that he was filled with fear every time he saw something wriggle.

Even when he felt the life energy contained within such ‘food’, to him, for such a wonderful thing to be associated with this kind of suffering was unthinkable. How could he accept that? Even so, he still braved on. For his companions, he had no choice but to continue. He had only this one thing on his mind. Regardless of whatever torture, he had to withstand it. He had to rescue his friends.

He had endured for three months by relying on his firm determination. He endured until Old Demon Devour finally let him go.

As he ate the various ‘foods’ presented before him by the mouthful, Tang Wulin was already numbed. There was only a sliver of intelligence in the depths of his eyes.

The edge of Old Demon Devour’s lips twitched as well.

As the first recipient of his torture among the Shrek Seven Monsters, he was initially very pleased with Tang Wulin’s reactions. He had also
genuinely felt an intense pleasure throughout the process of torturing Tang Wulin.

However, he noticed a problem after that. This fellow sure knew how to eat.

When his spirits were already numbed, he started to display his appetite after being ordered to eat the disgusting meals.

The most terrifying instance was when he consumed a seven-meter python, as thick as a thigh, all by himself.

After he had eaten the python, Tang Wulin’s own body reacted. Under the violent surging of his bloodline aura, his scales were emerging uncontrollably. However, he could still eat, and his appetite was only increasing.

Old Demon Devour was very pleased with torturing Tang Wulin. However, he pitied Tang Wulin as well. This fellow’s appetite was more terrifying than the little fatso. Although the fatso ate a lot as well, he had tossed him to Old Demon Loathe long ago because he was not even tortured. On the other hand, this fellow before him was clearly in so much suffering that he wished he were dead, but still, that appetite of his was truly terrifying. He ate so much. So very much…

Old Demon Devour thought time and time again to torture him in revenge for eating such an enormous amount. However, in the end, he realized that if this went on, the one who could not take it anymore would be himself and not Tang Wulin. This was a lot of high-grade nutrition! No matter how much life energy this place was filled with, the supply would never be
enough to support such a rate of depletion! That was why he had no choice but to release Tang Wulin and tossed him to Old Demon Loathe.

“Do you know what I hate the most in this world?” Old Demon Loathe looked at Tang Wulin coldly.

Tang Wulin’s gaze was still slightly dazed. “Are we still eating?”

“Eat? Look at your pathetic self. You’ve been tortured to such a condition just by the petty tricks of Devour, and you need this demon to help you regain your spirits through pain. I hate this! I hate this so much! I hate this world! I hate everything!”

Tang Wulin was lifted up and the leather whip cracked mercilessly against his body.

“Pa!” The leather whip rebounded. Tang Wulin’s clothes were in shreds. A white mark was also left on the surface of his skin.

A white mark? Why was it not bloodied? Old Demon Loathe was slightly stunned. Unwilling to accept what had happened, he lashed out with the whip again. This time, he purposely increased the strength of the whip.

There was another white mark. No, to put it more precisely, it was the only white mark. The mark left behind by the first whip had disappeared…


Naturally, Old Demon Loathe did not believe that this was truly happening.
He whipped Tang Wulin’s body like a tempest and the marks formed complicated patterns on his body. However, when Old Demon Loathe wanted to change to another tool of torture, he noticed that the whip marks on Tang Wulin had vanished. Not even a single mark was left.


What was happening?

Tang Wulin’s pupils started to focus. He no longer felt pain. He only felt the rich life energy within his body slowly starting to flow under the lash of the whip. It started to merge with his bloodline power. Throughout the process of merging together, an unusual pleasant feeling filled his limbs.

Up until then, his spiritual power had taken was painful blows. At this point, he finally felt comfortable, and his spirits finally relaxed somewhat.

He had been forced to eat those disgusting things for three months. From a certain sense, Tang Wulin had already sealed his own heart. That was how he was able to eat them. Naturally, he did not have the time to utilize his
soul power and coordinate with his own bloodline power.

Under the stimulation from the external pain, the Mysterious Heaven Method and his bloodline power would protect his body of their own
accord. Hence, they started flowing naturally and stimulated he gradual recovery of his spirits.

The sharp pang of pain came at this moment.

Old Demon Loathe had found a long steel nail from somewhere and
stabbed Tang Wulin’s body with it. With his strength, the steel nail finally broke Tang Wulin’s skin. Faint traces of blood trickled out.

The stabbing pain was clearly more intense than the lash of the whip. Under this stronger stimulation, Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon King bloodline and Mysterious Heaven Method’s power flowed more smoothly. Finally, his
spiritual world started opening up.

What Old Demon Loathe saw was the small wounds from his jabs closing swiftly. They did not even form scabs before his skin returned to normal. When he stabbed Tang Wulin’s body with the steel nail, he noticed that there seemed to be a glowing golden layer under Tang Wulin’s skin. His skin itself was extremely tough. When he pierced it with the steel nail, he could even feel Tang Wulin’s the skin swiftly hardening, as if his scales were about to surface.

He raised a hand to seal Tang Wulin’s soul power and the flowing of his bloodline. However, he could not seal his body’s instincts.

He fished out different instruments of torture ceaselessly and used them on Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin’s consciousness was finally completely restored. When he saw the busy Old Demon Loathe and the wounds that appeared on his body
which swiftly closed up afterward, Tang Wulin only smiled coldly. Pain?
He had already gotten used to this kind of pain when he started to learn to forge at the age of six. It was not that he did not fear pain, but his endurance was far superior to an ordinary person’s. Even a strong and powerful soul master could not compete with him in terms of endurance. Moreover, he had a powerful resistance.

The Golden Dragon King bloodline’s self-healing capabilities were too powerful. Tang Wulin’s body had incredible resistance whether it was against physical attacks or energy attacks.

Hence, Old Demon Loathe used each and every one of the torture tools he could find on Tang Wulin. However, what he got in return was a cold smile at the edge of the recipients’ lips.

How could any pain be worse than the heart-rending, lung-collapsing agony that came after charging against the Golden Dragon King seal? That pain
came from within…

Chapter 837 - Poison Mist Falls

Chapter 837: Poison Mist Falls

Tang Wulin infuriated Old Demon Loathe almost to the point of insanity. In the end, he started to employ even more cold-blooded tactics. However,
even after his bones were broken, Tang Wulin’s expression did not change, and his body would rapidly heal as well.

As for Tang Wulin’s weak spot on his torso, it was protected by the
Mountain Dragon King’s Torso Bone. Unless Old Demon Loathe could
shatter Tang Wulin’s body with a single attack, he would never be able to use his torture techniques on Tang Wulin’s internal organs.

“Little bastard, are you of the tortoise sign?” Old Demon Loathe threw his spiked club onto Tang Wulin’s body. He turned around and left. He had to vent his anger. If it did not work on this one, then he would have to look for another one!

Tang Wulin was finally put down. The one who came to show some kindness was still Old Demon Blight.

“That fellow Loathe is truly too vicious. Tang Wulin, are you alright?” Old Demon Blight looked at Tang Wulin with concern.

Tang Wulin only glared at him coldly. “What other methods do you guys have? Just use them all. When you’re at your wits’ end, will you think it’s time to let my companions go already?”

Old Demon Blight sighed. “That has nothing to do with me. This is all Old Demon Nightmare’s doing. All I can do for you is to limit him as much as possible so that he won’t actually release the poison mist.”

Tang Wulin made no sound. His suspicions of these old demons’ actions grew by the day. No matter what, at least he was still alive and well.

After being thrashed by Old Demon Loathe, he had completely absorbed the life energy contained within the disgusting food which he ate alongside Old Demon Devour. The life energy was so strong that it was getting more difficult for him to prevent his extremely vigorous blood essence power from charging at the ninth level’s seal.

Tang Wulin could also feel that if he was willing, breaking through the ninth level’s seal would come as naturally as water through a channel. It would not even be too painful.

Now he had to divide his attention and use a large part of his energy to control the bloodline energy within himself so that it would not break through the seal of its own accord.

If the old demons were simply torturing them, they should have been getting weaker and weaker. Why were they growing stronger instead?

Also, although the entire torturing process was doubtlessly painful, Tang Wulin still benefited a lot from it.

He could feel himself improving in certain aspects. It was not only in terms of abilities but even more to his attitude.

When he saw Tang Wulin’s ice cold gaze, Old Demon Blight’s expression suddenly darkened. “Little boy, do you not know gratitude? Or maybe you think that I’m on the same side as them?”

Tang Wulin replied drily, “You’re not?”

Old Demon Blight said angrily, “Of course not! Alright, since you think that way, fine. I’ll not bother with you anymore. I’ll let Nightmare deal with you as he likes.”

After he had finished, he turned and left. With a sway of his body, he vanished. Tang Wulin scoffed. How could he not see the show put on by Old Demon Blight for what it was? This was clearly him acting tough but really being timid. Whatever the case, he believed that these old demons would not let him off the hook that easily. The question was, what should he do now?

Just when Tang Wulin was lost in his own confusion, Old Demon Nightmare’s voice suddenly reached his ears.

“Very good. Now nobody’s protecting you lot. Well then, let’s make merry to our hearts’ content!”

Everything around him suddenly swerved and turned. When the dizziness faded, Tang Wulin was shocked to find that he was already inside a cavern.

The lighting was slightly dim. He could barely make out the things inside it.

He heard a series of groans. Tang Wulin immediately saw his companions whom he had been apart from for a long time now.

Xie Xie, Yue Zhengyu, Xu Lizhi, Yuanen Yehui, Xu Xiaoyan, and Ye
Xinglan all woke up from their stupor, each one with a different expression.

Nevertheless, without exception, they had clearly experienced a certain amount of spiritual stimulation.

“How’s everyone? Are you guys alright?” When Tang Wulin saw his companions, he was flooded with emotions, and he hastily asked them
questions. However, when he opened his mouth, he noticed that his voice was very hoarse.

The others barely managed to recover their consciousness, and their gazes were slightly dull.

At this point, rumbling sounds suddenly came from within the cavern. They did not have the time to react before iron bars fell from above and separated the seven of them.

Tang Wulin was isolated with Xu Xiaoyan. Behind the iron bars beside him were Xu Lizhi and Yuanen Yehui. Ye Xinglan, Yue Zhengyu, and Xie Xie were on the other side.

The Shrek Seven Monsters had been divided into three groups. This was…
Tang Wulin was filled with an ominous feeling. Suddenly, puffs of dense mist suddenly erupted from above their heads. It was the pink mist that they had seen before.

“Not good. Hold your breath!” Tang Wulin almost screamed at the top of his lungs.

Everyone had witnessed this pink mist before, and they all attempted to hold their breath immediately.

However, they quickly noticed that their soul powers were completely
sealed, and their bodies were sore and lifeless. Under such conditions, it was impossible for them to hold their breath for too long.

The pink mist filled the cavern, and then something more terrifying happened. The mist was like strands of silk as it started to creep into their skin.

They could prevent themselves from inhaling the mist by holding their breaths, but it was impossible to prevent it from seeping through their flesh.

When they saw the mist piercing their skin and their own bodies heating up, the seven of them started panicking.

Obviously, Old Demon Nightmare had planned their separation beforehand. None of the couples had been placed together.

Tang Wulin shouted angrily, “Guys, knock yourselves out, quickly!”

His willpower had always been very powerful. Although he felt the heat within his body making some of his body parts squirm, he still made the
correct choice the first opportunity he got. He bashed his own head against the wall of the cavern without hesitation. “Puh!”

His head crashed into the cavern’s stone wall, but he was shocked to find it soft and completely elastic. Tang Wulin’s body bounced back and he fell to the ground on his buttocks.

Naturally, Yue Zhengyu, Xu Lizhi, and Xie Xie heard what Tang Wulin had said. They, too, carried out his suggestion at the first moment. However, they had exactly the same result as Tang Wulin. Their bodies rebounded,
and they landed on the floor. Although they were slightly dizzy, they were still a long way off from being unconscious.

What now?

The seven of them were frightened, and the color drained from their faces.

The situation which they feared the most was now upon them. The pink mist grew thicker and thicker. Because of his shouting, Tang Wulin inevitably inhaled a few breaths of the mist.

The potency of the mist was overwhelming. This time, Tang Wulin’s Golden Dragon King bloodline could not protect him.

It was the Dragon Clan’s nature to be promiscuous. As the Dragon King, there was clearly no resistance toward this aspect within the Golden Dragon King’s bloodline. The Dragon Clan had always held themselves in high regard. When the King visited a place, it was seen as a passing down of their own bloodline and a grace at the same time. Otherwise, there would not have been that many Elemental Dragons in the world.

However, given the circumstances, this aspect was going to be lethal for Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin felt like his temperature was as hot as scorching coals, and his entire body had reddened as if he was burnt. He grabbed onto the iron bars with his hands and slammed his head into them. However, the growing urge within his body showed no sign of weakening. He was not able to summon his martial soul or bloodline power for help. He could not kill himself even if he wanted to. His powerful body was
sufficient to protect him from any harm.

The others were not faring much better than Tang Wulin. Xu Xiaoyan was already moaning softly. She was willing herself to suppress her natural instincts.

Xu Lizhi was also on the verge of giving in to his urges. He curled his fat body in a corner. On the other side, Yuanen Yehui’s willpower was much firmer. Although her breathing was rushed, she could still restrain herself for now.

Xie Xie, Yue Zhengyu, and Ye Xinglan were in an even more peculiar
situation. Ye Xinglan hid away in a far corner. She sat crossed-legged on the ground with beads of sweat forming on her forehead as she suppressed the
effects of the poison mist.

For fear of violating her sanctity, Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu backed away to the farthest corner, huddling closer to each other.

Even as their hearts filled with dread, their dark desires were getting increasingly uncontrollable.

“Zhengyu, kill me, please,” said Xie Xie to Yue Zhengyu with a bitter smile on his face.

Yue Zhengyu suddenly shouted angrily, “Why are you touching my damn thigh? If I can kill you, do you think I’ll show you mercy? Kill me if you can.”

“I didn’t touch your thigh. You’re the one who’s grabbing my waist, okay? Let me die! Just let me die!”

The more noise they made, the more pink mist they inhaled, and the more their bodies could not resist its effects. “Old Demon Nightmare, what do you want us to do? I’ll agree to anything. Just stop this poison mist!” Tang Wulin shouted with a stern voice.

What they saw was one thing, but what they actually faced was something else entirely…

Chapter 838 - Gu Yue?

Chapter 838: Gu Yue?

When Tang Wulin looked at Xu Xiaoyan who could no longer restrain herself and was inching toward him, he was flustered. No matter how resolute he was, he would have no choice but to compromise under such a situation.

“What’re you afraid of? Enjoy life, how wonderful it is to be able to do that.
Look, such a beautiful young lady is coming toward you, why would you want to suppress your desires? Let loose, give free rein to your desires!”

The voice was not Old Demon Nightmare’s. Instead, it was a female voice, a very seductive female voice. Although it was subtle, at this moment, it
was like a lighted fuse.

Tang Wulin’s vision blurred. Xu Xiaoyan who was inching toward him
seemed to have changed. Her appearance changed into Na’er, and then Gu Yue.

Tang Wulin told himself with all his might that the person who was getting closer to him was not Gu Yue, nor Na’er. However, the potency of the pink mist was too powerful. It was so potent that it not only invaded his body
and aroused his instincts, it even began to invade his spiritual world.

A series of illusions appeared ceaselessly within his mind. The good times he spent with Gu Yue replayed in his mind continuously.

Tang Wulin balled his hands into tight fists. He tried repeatedly to struggle out of this illusion. However, he was overwhelmed by these illusions.

Finally, a wet and hot hand grabbed his shoulder. Tang Wulin instantly felt his body was about to erupt like a volcano. He turned around instinctively. His eyes were reddened.

At this very moment, the pink mist disappeared from the cavern as if it was water that was being sucked by an adult whale. Shortly after, icy water gushed down like a waterfall. It drenched the seven of them completely
amidst their screams.

All their desires were snuffed out completely. Their muddled minds were also instantly refreshed.

Tang Wulin shivered greatly. He saw that Xu Xiaoyan was already very
close to him with her hand on his shoulder. His hand was already raised. If it were not for that icy water, his hand might have reached her body already.

The situation in the other two compartments was almost similar.

Yuanen Yehui had one foot on Xu Lizhi’s back. Xu Lizhi was sprawled on the floor as he panted heavily.

Ye Xinglan’s willpower was slightly stronger, but she was no longer sitting cross-legged. Instead, she had propped up her body and was in a stance from which she was ready to pounce.

The most awkward situation involved Xie Xie and Yue Zhengyu. The two of them were locked in an embrace. After they were drenched in cold water, both of them regained their senses and were glaring at each other.

“Ugh…” The two of them moved their heads away at the same time and feigned vomiting. They quickly parted at the drop of a hat.

“You, did you do anything to me?” They shouted furiously at each other almost at the same time.

Fortunately, the garments on their bodies were still tidy. They obviously had not proceeded beyond their embrace.

Following this incident, a strong sense of fear filled all their minds. They
could not imagine the consequences if the pink mist had persisted just now. What kind of situation would they have found themselves in? It would have left an indelible mark on them. It might even make them abandon their lives. Such was the severity of the incident.

There was nothing like mental torture.

“I bet you’re more obedient now, right?” came Old Demon Nightmare’s voice which sounded somewhat peculiar. Shortly after, a succession of strange laughing sounds pervaded the pain they felt.

The walls of the cavern shook as the loud voice resonated within. Tang Wulin and the others fell into a stupor once more under the intense sound waves.

Ever since they came here, they had met the old demons Blight, Nightmare, Devour, and Loathe. The methods by which the old demons tortured them were endless. Each of them was so terrifying that they could not resist them.

These old demons had completely exploited the weaknesses of their humanity. For half a year, their bodies and spirits had been mercilessly tyrannized upon by the demons’ torture.

When Tang Wulin woke up from his stupor, he noticed that he was still inside the cavern. There was another figure inside the cavern. The person leaned on the stone wall and wore a purple cloak. He could not make out the person’s looks.

He took a deep breath. Tang Wulin noticed that he could control his soul power and blood essence power once again. He instinctively flipped over and sat up. Other than the lingering dizziness in his head, everything was normal.

Tang Wulin calmed his spirits down. Then, he carefully approached the person to take a look at the person.

What he saw made his eyes bulge and surprised him.

Under the purple hood was a beautiful face so delicate that it seemed fragile to the touch. Her skin was fair and exquisite. Her looks were not perfect, but it had an unparalleled important position in Tang Wulin’s heart.

When he saw her, the first thought that crossed Tang Wulin’s mind was that this was impossible. However, shortly afterward, he felt his body and spirit greatly shaken.

He instinctively pinched himself on the thigh. He pinched rather strongly, and it was painful.

So, he was not dreaming. Everything before him was real. He instinctively reached out to pinch her cheek.

“Hmm!” The young girl grunted softly. Her long eyelashes moved and she opened her eyes slowly.

Their eyes locked. Tang Wulin got excited instantly. However, her gaze seemed to be momentarily lost as if she was in a trance.

“I… where am I?” the young girl asked absentmindedly.

Tang Wulin smiled bitterly and said, “This is Demon Island. Are you really you?”

The young girl sat up straight abruptly. She seemed to have regained her senses. She said hysterically, “You, why are you here? You…”

Yes, this young girl was none other than the long-lost Gu Yue.

Tang Wulin looked at her absentmindedly. He was looking at her shocked expression. “Gu Yue, you’ve given me much trouble to find you!”

Gu Yue’s breathing became rushed noticeably. She stood up swiftly and looked around her. She muttered, “You, you, why are you here? I was
clearly in Spirit Pagoda just moments ago. You…”

Tang Wulin shook his head. “If I said I don’t know, would you believe me?”

Gu Yue pressed a hand onto her fair chest. She suddenly turned around with her back facing Tang Wulin as if she was unwilling to face him. Her breathing was rushed.

“Why did you leave? What is it that we can’t face and overcome together? Sure, I know that the current me isn’t strong enough and might not be able to protect you completely, but I will work hard. I’ll work hard to become
stronger. The future me will surely be able to protect you. Gu Yue, can you not leave me again?”

Tang Wulin approached her. His slightly trembling hands latched onto her arms and he slowly turned her around.

“You don’t understand, you don’t understand. It’s not that simple,” Gu Yue’s voice was slightly shaky, “How could I bear to leave you? But, I can’t stay by your side. This is for your safety, and for your future.”

Tang Wulin turned her around forcefully so that she faced him. “Even if you’re worried that I won’t be able to accept it, can you at least tell me what it is? Could it be that you think I might love someone else other than you in this world?”

Gu Yue said drily, “There are so many exceptional girls who like you. You can go pick one of them.”

“Are you being serious?” Tang Wulin lowered his voice. Gu Yue looked away. She did not make a sound.
Tang Wulin drew a deep breath. “Just tell me. I don’t care what it is, but you should at least let me know the truth of the matter. Together, we can still think of a way to overcome it in the future! Maybe I don’t have the
strength to protect you yet, and I agree that we can be temporarily apart for now. But, you must at least let me know the reason. At least give me some hope to hold on to. You love me, and the feelings we have for each other is real. That is enough. I believe that I’d be able to protect you in the future
and be by your side. What is it that bothers you? Just tell me.”

Chapter 839

Chapter 839: Be Enamored With the Secular World and Your Desires Would Be Endless

Gu Yue lowered her head. She did not make a sound. Suddenly, she pounced into Tang Wulin’s embrace. She raised her head and gave him a long sensual kiss.

Tang Wulin was startled by her sudden inflamed passion. However, as he felt the familiar aura and her warm lips, he melted in her hands almost instantly.

Her movements were awkward. It was just like the first time they kissed
each other. However, amidst that awkwardness, Tang Wulin longed for her.

Their breathing became rushed and heavier. Even the temperature in the cavern seemed to be rising. Tang Wulin’s heart was on fire.

They tore at each others’ clothes in a frenzy. It was as if the pent-up desires in the depths of their hearts burst forth at this moment.

Suddenly, Tang Wulin felt a slight pain on his chest. A heartbreaking pain that was indescribable permeated his whole body. It also heightened the intensity of his desire making him hunger for Gu Yue even more.

The pain on his chest turned into a scorching heat as if it was telling him something. He was entranced by the beautiful body before him, but Tang Wulin’s gaze began to clear up.

He hugged her right hand. Golden light shone suddenly and turned into sharp claws. He scratched her skull mercilessly. Tang Wulin shouted
angrily, “You’re not her!” Amidst the dazzling golden light, Gu Yue’s figure turned illusory. It popped like soap bubbles in a bath and vanished without a trace. Golden light shone on his Golden Dragon Claw. Tang Wulin panted heavily.

It was only now that the silver scale on his chest dimmed gradually.

It was a reminder from the scale that Tang Wulin regained his senses and saw into the identity of the person in front of him.

A surprised and melodious voice came, “My illusion was dug out from the depths of your heart, but you’re able to break free from it. Now that’s a
surprise. It didn’t seem like your own power. Be enamored with the secular world and your desires will be endless. Hello there, I’m Old Demon Lust.”

From a dark and gloomy corner of the cavern, a curvaceous woman stepped out. She called herself an old demon, but she was not old at all. She looked to be in her twenties. Her outfit was revealing, her fair breasts were half
exposed. Her shapely legs were long and slender. Her sexy demeanor sent everyone into their wildest dreams.

Tang Wulin couldn’t quite place her looks, but he felt that she resembled Gu Yue very much. In truth, anyone who saw her thought they were seeing the person they loved.

Cold light shot forth from Tang Wulin’s eyes. “You, why did you torture me this way? You…”

Old Demon Lust smiled. She answered Tang Wulin’s questions calmly,
“Oh, no reason. I just wanted to see how deeply you love each other. I only have lust, I’ve never had love. That’s why I’m all for exploring the desires brought on by love. That’s my source of happiness.”

Tang Wulin’s gaze grew cold. He wanted to say something but he listened to Old Demon Lust first. “Actually, I guessed long ago that the most troublesome one to deal with among the seven of you must be you because you’re not easy to fool and the person you love isn’t here with you. Alas, you fell for it all the same. But I can see that your love runs deep. That’s
why you were fooled. Do you want to see how the others are faring?” Tang Wulin was slightly stunned. Old Demon Lust did not wait for Tang Wulin’s answer as she waved her right hand in the air. A shadow flashed past and six lighted screens appeared before them.

Naturally, these six lighted screens displayed the other six members of the Shrek Seven Monsters.

The lighted screens revealed similar interiors. They all looked similar to the one Tang Wulin was currently in. In the first cavern, it was Xie Xie, to Tang Wulin’s surprise. There was also a translucent Yuanen Yehui. Without a doubt, it was an illusion.

Xie Xie was already embracing Yuanen Yehui. However, to Tang Wulin’s surprise, he did not make any advances.

Xie Xie panted softly as if he was suppressing something within him. Yuanen Yehui’s hands wandered all over his back. Her petite frame seemed almost wedged between his body.

Xie Xie’s breathing was clearly rushed, but his movements were slightly stiff.

“You, didn’t you say that you’ll only be intimate with me after we’re married?” Xie Xie said as he panted.

The fake Yuanen Yehui said in her charming and sweet voice, “On Demon Island, we’re always in imminent danger of death. I’m scared that it’ll come true. I want you to be my first love. At least, I won’t have any regrets. Xie Xie, love me.”

Xie Xie’s body shook. Instinctively, his hand grabbed Yuanen Yehui’s buttocks.

However, just before Xie Xie’s hand touched Yuanen Yehui’s buttocks, his hand suddenly froze in midair. Shortly after, he shouted furiously, “You can go f*cking die!” He flipped his wrist and the Light Dragon Dagger
appeared in his grip. From the small of her back, he stabbed into the fake Yuanen Yehui’s body. When he saw this scene, Tang Wulin could not help staring with his mouth agape.

Since when did Xie Xie’s willpower become this strong? As far as he could remember, Xie Xie had always been a person who had no self-restraint!
Also, it was impossible for him to have an object like a silver dragon scale on his body to remind himself. He had resisted the attack of the illusion by relying on his own willpower.

He was not the only one. Old Demon Lust beside him was also shocked. She too stared at the scene with her mouth agape. What was happening?

The fake Yuanen Yehui transformed into a flurry of bubbles and vanished. Then, Tang Wulin saw Xie Xie mumbling to himself with tears streaking down his face. “How I wish that this was real! With Yuanen’s temper, there’s no way that she’ll give herself to me just because we’re in a dire
situation! She’s a person with strong principles. I seldom hold her hands for that matter! I love to do it, but how can it be possible? How I wish it was true!”

Tang Wulin was speechless. It was not the strength of Xie Xie’s resolve, but rather it was Yuanen Yehui’s personality. Perhaps, it was also Xie Xie’s understanding of Yuanen Yehui and a tinge of some hidden fear in the depths of his heart. After all, Xie Xie had unintentionally chanced upon a bathing Yuanen twice. Needless to say, he was clobbered after that. That must have left some deep scars within him.

Almost instinctively, Tang Wulin shifted his attention toward the screen that displayed Yuanen Yehui.

“Whap!” Yuanen Yehui’s sneered as she sent the fake Xie Xie flying. What the fake Xie Xie told her was similar to what the fake Yuanen Yehui had

However, Yuanen Yehui being her domineering self… Her beautiful face blushed from embarrassment, but she still sent the fake Xie Xie flying with a slap. “How, how could you hit me that hard? It hurts a lot, you know?” Xie Xie dragged himself up from the ground, his expression filled with sadness.

Yuanen Yehui snorted, “It hurts? I can make you hurt even more. You’re not him. He doesn’t have the courage to ask this of me. You’re a fake.”

When he saw this scene, Tang Wulin remained quiet. Was Xie Xie a henpecked husband for Yuanen Yehui to have such confidence? It was not obvious at normal times, but now it seemed as though Xie Xie was being dominated by Yuanen Yehui!

He was watching Old Demon Lust torturing his comrades, but for some reason, after witnessing the scenes of Yuanen Yehui and Xie Xie, Tang Wulin had the urge to laugh.

The next screen displayed the cavern which Xu Lizhi was in.

“No, Sister Xinglan, no. You’re divine in my heart. I’m just not ready yet. Sister Xinglan, don’t do this, I’m not used to this. In my heart, you’re not like this at all! Don’t touch me! I…”

Xu Lizhi was trembling like a little white pig. He was curled up in a corner while the fake Ye Xinglan squatted down beside him. She seemed uncertain as to how she should approach him.

When Tang Wulin saw this, the edge of his lips could not help twitching. It was because Xu Lizhi was rather unsightly at present. Not to mention his obese curled-up body in the nude, he was covering his private parts with his hands. His head was lowered as he dared not look at the fake Ye Xinglan
with her lecherous gaze.

“Lizhi, what’re you doing? You realize the situation we’re in. I’m really
afraid that an accident will happen. Since we’re together now, I want to give you my most precious thing. I know that you’ve liked me all these years.
What’re you afraid of now?”

Xu Lizhi panted heavily, but his body was still curled up in a ball. “Sister Xinglan, I can’t. I can’t do this while you’re vulnerable. Sister Xinglan, can you not force me? I’m not prepared, you know. I’ve always had this dream in my heart. I dreamed that one day, I’ll marry you in a respectable and proper manner befitting you. Our bridal chamber will be decorated in red. You’ll be wearing your wedding dress as you sit on the bed, and I’ll be by your side. I truly love you, that’s why I can’t violate you. The relationship between a man and a woman is sacred. I can only fulfill this wonderful ritual in my life with you under the auspices of our sacred customs.”

Chapter 840 - Eccentric Companions

Chapter 840: Eccentric Companions

Tang Wulin stared at the little plump man on the screen with his mouth agape. He never took him as an idealist.

The fake Ye Xinglan snorted. “We don’t even know if we can leave this place alive. Why do you’ve to consider all the other things? Can’t you do it?”

Xu Lizhi raised his head abruptly. His gaze suddenly sharpened. “You’re not sister Xinglan. Sister Xinglan has protected me since I was little. She’d never say such words that hurt my self-esteem. You’re not her!”

As he said this, he had already leaped to his feet. However, he did not make his move immediately. When he saw the fake naked Ye Xinglan before him, he was slightly stunned. He said, “Does sister Xinglan look like this when
she’s nude?” Then, he gulped before he gave the fake Ye Xinglan a slap.

Tang Wulin stole a glance at Old Demon Lust beside him. Old Demon Lust’s current expression was not pretty.

Tang Wulin instinctively looked in another direction He looked at the screen which Ye Xinglan was on.

Just as he had expected, Ye Xinglan’s willpower was definitely the strongest. Also, she was truly familiar with Xu Lizhi as well.

She stabbed through the fake Xu Lizhi’s chest with her sword. Ye Xinglan said coldly, “Xu Lizhi’s such a coward, how will he dare do such a thing to me? Besides, his heart is pure, he’ll never think about having sex with me just because we can’t leave this place alive.” She was the fifth person. Five people had broken free of her control. Old Demon Lust’s willow-shaped eyebrows rose with her hands akimbo. Her expression was furious.

Tang Wulin instinctively looked at the screen which Xu Xiaoyan was on.

Xu Xiaoyan seemed to have lost herself completely in ecstasy. She was resting in the fake Yue Zhengyu’s embrace.

The fake Yue Zhengyu said gently, “Xiaoyan, I love you. Although I’m not sure I can take you out of this place alive, I’m willing to give you my
everything, and I’m not some playboy. Will you be my first girl?”

Xu Xiaoyan’s beautiful frame shivered slightly. “I will, but I’m slightly
scared. I’m not prepared for this just yet. Zhengyu, can you give me more time?”

The fake Yue Zhengyu said softly, “Why do you need more time? What do you want to think about? I’m willing to sacrifice everything for you. I’ve
even used my natural talent Sacrifice for you. Aren’t these enough to prove my love for you? I’m even willing to lay down my life for you. Xiaoyan, I love you.”

As he said this, the fake Yue Zhengyu lowered his head and kissed Xu Xiaoyan’s lips.

Suddenly, Xu Xiaoyan’s eyes turned cold. Starlight flashed on her body and the fake Yue Zhengyu could not move.

“You’re not Yue Zhengyu. Zhengyu would never persuade me by showing kindness. Who are you?” Xu Xiaoyan said angrily.

The fake Yue Zhengyu was about to speak when Xu Xiaoyan slapped him on the face. Then, his body turned into bubbles and vanished.

Tang Wulin looked at Old Demon Lust beside him with a slightly peculiar gaze. “You’ve failed, because you don’t know us well enough.” Old Demon Lust’s breathing was slightly rushed. “No, it’s not that I don’t know all of you well enough, it’s my heart that’s at a loss. I was influenced by some of you before this and was flustered toward the end. Damn, damn me! How could I let my emotions be affected by you lot? Fortunately, there’s still one successful case!”

When she uttered her final sentence, she suddenly smiled. Her smile was seductive, but Tang Wulin’s heart grew cold.

In the final screen, Yue Zhengyu was already on top of the fake Xu Xiaoyan.

The scene started to blur. Tang Wulin could not see the actions clearly, but he could faintly hear the sounds.

Zheng Yu…

There were seven of them. Six did not fall to the temptation of lust. This was undoubtedly a surprising result. Even if only one of them fell into the clutches of lust, Tang Wulin would still be troubled.

Old Demon Lust looked at Tang Wulin with a triumphant expression. “Aren’t you dying to know what the consequences are of falling to the temptation of lust?”

Tang Wulin’s chest tightened and he said furiously, “What do you want to do?”

Old Demon Lust snickered. “Wait and see.”

After a long while, Yue Zhengyu let out a groan of satisfaction. “Xiaoyan, I love you. Don’t worry, I’ll take responsibility for you. Wherever you are, I’ll be there for you.”

“Are you really willing to take responsibility for me?”

The scene cleared up again. Yue Zhengyu and Xu Xiaoyan already had their clothes on. When Xu Xiaoyan said these words, her voice began to change from a melodious tone to a hoarse one. It was as displeasing as hearing the call of the crows.

Yue Zhengyu saw with shock that the fake Xu Xiaoyan before him became illusory. She gradually transformed into an old woman akin to a dying
candle in the wind.

The old woman cackled in a peculiar way, “A youth’s body is always nice. Be enamored with the secular world and your desires will be boundless.
Hello there, I’m Old Demon Lust, do you still love me?”

Yue Zhengyu stared at the old woman in front of him with his mouth agape. His face flushed green, then red. Suddenly, he screamed and spat out a mouthful of fresh blood, and dropped to the ground, unconscious.

“Snap!” Old Demon Lust beside Tang Wulin snapped her fingers loudly. “That’s more like it. That’s what I want.”

Tang Wulin said angrily, “You…”

Old Demon Lust turned around and looked at him with a smile, “Desires are boundless. It’s not bad to have desires. We only need to keep them in
check. We must also maintain a sliver of mindfulness when we unleash our desires. If a man can’t even control himself, then he has no one to blame for being tricked. You’re fortunate. Otherwise, you’d have ended up like him.”

After she finished, a pink light flashed. In the next instant, Old Demon Lust and the six lighted screens in front of Tang Wulin vanished.

Old Demon Lust, this was the fifth old demon. Zhengyu, he…
When he thought about Yue Zhengyu’s situation, Tang Wulin felt bouts of chill creep into his heart. Yue Zhengyu did not know that his sexual
encounter was only an illusion. The appearance of the old woman was just Old Demon Lust. It was truly a heavy blow for Zhengyu. If it were him, he reckoned that he would not have been much better off. Could he say that Yue Zhengyu’s willpower was not strong? Tang Wulin felt that he could not because he was not able to control himself either. He could only say that Yue Zhengyu loved without a care in the world. On the other hand, Ye Xinglan, Xu Lizhi, Yuanen Yehui, and Xie Xie were able to overcome this problem. It was mainly because their relationships were unique.

Xu Xiaoyan had luck on her side. Old Demon Lust was not in a good mood, so she did not control the conversation between the fake Yue Zhengyu and Xiaoyan. That was how Xiaoyan discovered her weak spot.

However, Yue Zhengyu was unfortunate. It was a heavy blow. He was unsure how he would face the situation after this. If it was Tang Wulin himself, he reckoned that it would be difficult for him to get over this. This was truly a test of their enchantment with the secular world! Zhengyu, you must endure this!

Without a doubt, Old Demon Lust would probably not let him meet Yue Zhengyu. Consequently, he would not be able to tell Yue Zhengyu the truth of the matter. He was only fantasizing about Xu Xiaoyan. He did not
commit the actual act with her. However, everything that occurred just now was apparently authentic. Tang Wulin still remembered clearly that it was painful when he pinched himself on the thigh.

The silhouettes in his surroundings morphed and everything around him became distorted. Tang Wulin returned to the spot at which he arrived when he first came to the valley.

He looked around him. There was no one else. He was alone.

At this moment, thumping sounds were heard as if a giant beast was coming toward him.

“Young man, you’ve passed,” a solid voice echoed within Tang Wulin’s ears. Shortly after, out came a huge old man from the forest.

He could only be described as huge. This old man was more than three meters in height, and his body was large and firm. Although his skin was wrinkled due to his advanced age, he still appeared younger than those few old demons before him. Naturally, the group of old demons did not include the young version of Old Demon Lust.

He passed?
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