The Legend of the Dragon King Chapter 821-830

Chapter 821 - Na’er?

Chapter 821: Na’er?

Ye Xinglan looked at the skies. “It’s been a whole day. What’re we going to do next?”

Tang Wulin thought about it for a while and said, “We’ll do nothing. We’ll just stay here and cultivate. How about this, apart from Xu Lizhi, we’ll
work in pairs to stand guard. The others can meditate and cultivate. Just think of this as secluded cultivation. The life source is so dense here, it’ll be highly beneficial for our cultivation.”

The others nodded in agreement. They felt it as well. Although they had experienced inhumane torture before this, they could obtain twice the
results with half the effort when they cultivated here. The life source in the air was the purest origin energy, and it complemented the Mysterious
Heaven Method which had the special attribute of abundance. The results of their cultivation were better than when they cultivated in the academy.

Xu Lizhi spoke with fear after the event, “That Old Demon Nightmare won’t have let us off that easily, will he?”

Tang Wulin said with a deep voice, “When the soldiers arrive, we’ll use a general to hold them off. When the water rises, we’ll use earth to keep it back. Remember, we’ll do our best not to eat anything or drink the water from here. We’ll ration the drinking water we brought. We’ll just wait and see. I’m sure they’ll make their move soon. If we make the first move, we may fall into one of their traps in this place which we’re completely unfamiliar with. That’s why we have to wait for them to make the first move.”

“Okay!” The others voiced out their agreement and began their individual cultivation.

Tang Wulin’s conviction gave everyone a great boost in confidence.

“Eh? What’s that?” Xie Xie suddenly pointed in the direction before them.

A faint yellowish mist slowly encroached them. The yellow mist came from all directions.

Tang Wulin hastily shouted, “Hold your breath! Be careful, everyone!” A new trick was being deployed.
As he spoke, he made a gesture toward Yuanen Yehui.

Yuanen Yehui’s soul ring flickered and she immediately unleashed her Titan Giant Ape martial soul. She raised her fists and shot air cannons to disperse the yellowish mist as much as possible.

However, at this very moment, yellowish mist emerged from under their feet. It completely enveloped the seven of them.

Just before he lost consciousness, the thought in Tang Wulin’s mind was that they should not have stayed there because it was Old Demon
Nightmare who brought them there!

The seven of them fell limply to the ground. They were totally unconscious. The yellow mist dispersed. Two figures came to their sides.
Old Demon Blight was all smiles, while Old Demon Nightmare wore a villainous expression.

“A bunch of kids and still they’re trying to out-scheme us? Hehehe! We’ll have you know just how much better we are,” said Old Demon Nightmare coldly. Old Demon Blight said, “Alright, alright. Be quick. Let’s see what these little fellows are thinking about.”

When Tang Wulin came to, he noticed that he was still where he was before he fainted. However, his comrades were gone!.

He flipped and leaped to his feet with blinding speed. His face looked grim.

He was beginning to suspect if this was truly the location where the
academy had sent them to do their military training. Why was everything so strange? Also, the methods Old Demon Nightmare used against them were not training techniques at all. They seemed more like torture.

What kind of a place was Demon Island?

“Ahh!” A shrill cry made Tang Wulin shiver. The cry sounded very familiar. It must have been someone he knew, but this person was not among the Shrek Seven Monsters.

Who was that?

Tang Wulin swiftly unleashed his battle armor and the Golden Dragon Spear. In this peculiar place, he must put on a hundred and twenty percent of his spirit.

He needed to look for the source of the voice even though his comrades were with him at present. Besides, this was the place where Old Demon Nightmare brought them. They should not have stayed in the first place.

After Tang Wulin muttered to himself, he quickly ran toward the direction from which the voice came.

“Ahh!” another sharp cry came which revealed the direction to him. Tang Wulin flitted through the forest. Suddenly, far away, a lake presented itself before him.

Beside the lake, a fair figure was on the ground and slowly retreating. The figure was wielding a long spear which flickered with silver light. She had no clothes on her, and she seemed to be taking a bath. Before her, a python was slowly closing in on her. This python was more than a hundred meters in length and was as thick as the diameter of a water tank. Its huge head was the size of a small house. It opened its huge mouth and was slowly inching toward the young girl.

“Na’er!” Tang Wulin shouted hysterically. Then, he ran over without hesitation.

Golden light flashed, Golden Dragon Flies. His body moved swiftly and he seemed to have shielded Na’er behind him in an instant.

It was precisely Na’er who wielded the Silver Dragon Spear. The python before her was exuding an extremely terrifying and imposing manner with its body.

Tang Wulin howled furiously toward the skies. He unleashed his Golden Dragon Body and the Golden Dragon Roar without hesitation.

When it was pounded with the Golden Dragon Roar, the python’s body retreated momentarily. Shortly after, it opened its mouth and bared its fangs toward Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin swept sideways with the Golden Dragon Spear in a fearless manner. With the enhancement of his Golden Dragon Body, he raised his own powers to extreme levels.

“Boom!” Amidst the loud noise, the python’s head was struck to the side. The python felt the pain. Its scales stood up on its humongous body as it swiftly wound its way toward him.

Tang Wulin’s expression was grim. He summoned the Overlord Dragon. A day had passed, and he was able to summon the Overlord Dragon again
which was most suitable for dealing with this giant snake.

When the Overlord Dragon appeared, it opened its big mouth and bit the neck of the python. The python struggled desperately. Its humongous body began to wind around the Overlord Dragon’s body. The most terrifying character of the Overlord Dragon was its powerful occlusal force. The outcome was already decided once the python was bitten by the Overlord Dragon.

Tang Wulin turned around and was stunned.

Na’er was already a young lady and not the little girl she once was. Her hands could barely cover the beauty of her body. For a time, Tang Wulin felt only a surge of heat.

He quickly bit the tip of his tongue and tried hard to sober up. Then, he hastily removed his jacket and tossed it to Na’er. “Put this on, quick.”

Na’er caught the jacket. She looked at Tang Wulin but her beautiful eyes were tearing up.

“Brother, you’re so mean. Why don’t you want me? Which part of Na’er is not good enough? Just why don’t you want me?”

She did not put on the jacket as she abruptly pounced on Tang Wulin. She proceeded to hug him tightly.

Tang Wulin’s entire body went stiff. He hastily said, “Na’er, let go of me. Let’s deal with the python first. Have you come here for the military training as well? Why did the Pavilion Master say you were missing?”

Na’er cried softly and said, “Teacher doesn’t want me to be with you anymore. He’s angry. That’s why he sent me here. But, I miss you so!
Brother, can you not leave me alone? Don’t leave me alone anymore.” As she was saying this, she hugged Tang Wulin even tighter.

Tang Wulin sighed in his heart, but he was at a loss for words. Nonetheless, it was still a happy affair for him to be able to find his little sister.

He gently caressed Na’er’s long hair. “Don’t be like this, Na’er. Let’s deal with the python first.”

Na’er said, “Brother, but first, tell me. Do you pick me or her?” Tang Wulin lowered his head to look at Na’er. What he saw was a pair of stubborn eyes.

“Na’er, I’ve told you clearly the other day. I…” He was halfway through his sentence when he suddenly noticed Na’er’s gaze becoming ice cold. Shortly after, he felt pain on his chest. A beam of silver light pierced his body.

“Na’er, you…”

Tang Wulin stared blankly at Na’er. The Silver Dragon Spear in Na’er’s hands had stabbed through his chest.

Na’er’s face was vicious. “Why? Why won’t you pick me? I’m better than her in many ways, but you won’t pick me. If you won’t pick me, then it’s better if you just die!”

As she was talking, she twisted the Silver Dragon Lance in her grasp forcefully. The intense pain made Tang Wulin’s entire body convulse. His life force was fast depleting.

“No, no, you’re not Na’er. Na’er would never do this to me!” Suddenly, Tang Wulin’s eyes lit up as he looked at the fierce looking Na’er, “You’re not Na’er. No matter what, Na’er won’t attack me. Nightmare, Old Demon Nightmare, you’re not Na’er!”

Tang Wulin roared furiously. He lashed out with his right hand’s Golden Dragon Claw, Golden Dragon Nirvana!

“Pooh!” The Na’er before him instantly dissolved, so did the python. Everything around him was becoming convoluted.

“Such a powerful spiritual will. It’s really not easy to make you collapse! Alright then. I’ll be more extreme.”

Everything before his eyes became illusory. Tang Wulin’s vision went dark as he fell unconscious again.

When he came to this time, he noticed that he had returned to his initial spot. He flipped and sat up. Tang Wulin instinctively checked his chest. There was no wound. Naturally, there was no Silver Dragon Lance either. Na’er was just an illusion. In fact, it was Nightmare!

Chapter 822 - Mating?

Chapter 822: Mating?

Tang Wulin panted heavily. He somehow managed to endure it. However, when Na’er stabbed the Silver Dragon Spear into his chest, the shock and pain he felt at that moment were indescribable.

Fortunately, his firm belief and his trust in Na’er helped him triumph over Nightmare. He had managed to endure it somehow. Even so, the sound of Na’er weeping and lamenting still echoed inside his mind. It made his heart pulse with pain. At the end of it all, he let Na’er down.

Was he in a dream then or was he awake? Tang Wulin was not clear about this. The nightmare just now really felt real. The pain he felt was real too.

At this moment, Old Demon Nightmare slowly appeared before him.

“Are you shocked?” Old Demon Nightmare looked at Tang Wulin as if he wanted to crack a joke.

Tang Wulin’s expression was grim. He found it hard to respect this old man in front of him.

“Where’re my comrades? Where are they?” If everyone was gathered together, he figured that things would somehow be better.

Old Demon Nightmare said, “Don’t be in such a rush, you’ll meet them very soon. But, I need you to do something for me. If you can’t do it, the consequences will be dire.”

Tang Wulin raised his brows. “What do you want me to do?”

Old Demon Nightmare said, “Of course, it’ll be something very difficult. Tell you what, I’ll show you the consequences first.” As he said this, he flicked his right hand. An illusory frame slowly took shape.

“I must say that your spiritual power is amazing, and your determination is firm. You’re the first one to break free of my nightmare in two hundred years. This is very good, but I’m not satisfied. Since the dream can’t make you experience true pain, it can’t make you collapse mentally. We’ll need to switch to a real game. I’ll call it a test of the heart.”

The frame was split into three parts. Each part showed a cavern. There were two persons in each cavern.

Within the first cavern, it was shockingly Xu Lizhi and Xu Xiaoyan. Ye Xinglan and Xie Xie were inside the second cavern. In the third were Yue Zhengyu and Yuanen Yehui.

The caverns were not large. They looked to be about ten square meters. A pink light orb hung from the ceiling of the caverns. Mist could be faintly seen within the light orbs.

“See that? They’re on good terms right now. Of course, that’s their current scenario,” the smile on Old Demon Nightmare was very peculiar, extremely peculiar.

Tang Wulin looked at him coldly, “What do you want?”

Old Demon Nightmare said, “You’ve seen the pink mist within their rooms, right? From my understanding of their dreams, they should be three
couples. So, I’ve separated them and placed a couple in each room. As for that pink mist, it’s the strongest drug I can find. The kind that works on men and women, even on animals. Once they inhaled the mist, they can do only one thing.”

When he said this, he clicked his fingers loudly. Then, he said with a grin, “Mate!”

Tang Wulin eyes bulged, a surge of hot blood instantly filled his head. “I’ll fight you to the death!” He abruptly took a step forward and aimed a punch at Old Demon Nightmare’s head.

Old Demon Nightmare’s body was illusory, so Tang Wulin’s fist went right through him. In the next moment, he had already appeared on the other side of Tang Wulin.

“Little fellow, don’t act rashly on impulse. Do you want me to open the three light orbs filled with the mist?” Old Demon Nightmare swung his arm and the three balls of pink mist began to rock.

“No!” Tang Wulin’s hands were balled tightly into fists. Because of his rage, his nails dug into his palms.

It was truly horrifying. An intense fear welled up inside him. Of course, he knew what would happen if the mist was released. It would be an absolute disaster.

The three pairs of couples were swapped. If they acted under the influence of that vile mist, it would have been crueler than killing them.

“You must be dying to say that this is no military training, or ask me why I’m doing this, am I right?” Old Demon Nightmare shrugged taunting Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin’s breathing was rushed, his eyes were reddened. He glared at him furiously. He realized that Demon Island was not as simple as it

Old Demon Nightmare sighed and said, “Actually, everything’s much more complicated than you think. The first thing I’ll tell you is that I’m already a thousand seven hundred and sixty-four years old.”

Tang Wulin was stunned. A thousand seven hundred years old? How was this possible? Even the most powerful Title Douluo or Limit Douluo would be hard pressed to live past three hundred years.

Old Demon Nightmare said, “Do you think that I want to be this old? I don’t want to either, but I can’t help it. It’s not easy for me to die, even if I wanted to. To put it more precisely, I’m not human. I’m a wronged ghost on Demon Island. This archipelago did not exist. It appeared because of the demon’s arrival. During that time, there weren’t that many oceanic soul beasts in these waters.”

“The demon is the purplish-black light you saw. The chunk on Demon Island is the largest fragment. We call it the Demon Fragment or
Destruction Fragment. There’s a fragment on each island in this Demon Archipelago. Back then, when these fragments sunk to the bottom of the ocean, I happened to be fishing in these waters with a few of my friends. We were ordinary folks who were trying to feed our families.”

“That terrifying energy ripped our fishing boat to pieces and obliterated our bodies as well. I felt as if I was in a trance for a long while. I couldn’t tell how long it was before I realized I was still alive. From that moment on, I became Nightmare. I’d turned into this entity which is neither human nor ghost. We’re a part of this place and we can’t leave it. Thus, began our isolated existence on this desolate island.”

“If anyone from the outside came here, there’s no way they could survive unless they’re in the valley that’s in front of you now. This is our territory. There’s no way outsiders can enter here. Until one day, a senior from your Shrek Academy came here. He was powerful, so powerful that we couldn’t resist him with our powers back then. He fought intensely with us for a long time. In the end, he was gravely wounded by the Destruction Fragment’s
energy. Before he left, he told us that his fight with us had benefited him. He hoped that his juniors can train here in the future. Since we had nothing better to do, we agreed to his proposal.”

“The reason you guys came here is to undergo special training. That’s not the case with us. You guys are just our toys. Not long ago, we were finally able to control the energy source of the Destruction Fragment. We don’t have to fear your Shrek Academy anymore. That’s why old demons like us can let loose and do whatever we fancy. Even though we can’t leave this place, part of this land is still under our control.” Old Demon Nightmare blabbered on for a long time, “Little boy, why don’t you surrender to your fate? You can only blame your bad luck.” As he listened to Old Demon Nightmare, Tang Wulin’s heart gradually sunk into the depths of the valley. Everything was much more frightening than he imagined.

He suddenly bit the tip of his tongue to heighten his mindfulness of the
situation at hand. “Old Demon Nightmare, what would you have me do to free my comrades?”

Old Demon Nightmare snickered, “Since this is military training, you’ll just have to listen to my orders and directions. I’ve cast the Nightmare Curse on you, so don’t even think of breaking free of my control. I can kill you
anytime I like. I know you don’t fear death, but aren’t you afraid of what I can do to your comrades? After I have them sleep with each other, I will definitely not kill them. I’ll send the evidence of their activities together with them to Shrek Academy. Oh hell, I get all excited just thinking about it. How do you think Shrek Academy will feel by then? Won’t it be interesting?”

Tang Wulin’s heart was trembling already. “Whatever it is you want me to do, I’ll do it. Don’t release the mist, or else, I won’t let you off even after I turn into a ghost.”

Chapter 823 - I’ll Teach You!

Chapter 823: I’ll Teach You!

Old Demon Nightmare spoke in disdain, “We’re all ghosts. Are ghosts afraid of ghosts? Any threat is useless on me so you’re better off doing
something meaningful. What should I assign you to do? Hmm. Go to the Northsea Army Corps base and steal an aircraft.”

‘Steal an aircraft?’ For some unknown reason, Tang Wulin felt slightly relieved upon receiving the order because his situation was still far better than his comrades. At least it was a task that would not cause him to suffer a mental breakdown.

“Sure. But, I don’t know how to fly an aircraft,” Tang Wulin spoke gravely. Old Demon Nightmare spoke, “That’s easy! I’ll teach you!”
“You’ll teach me?” Tang Wulin was stunned that an old demon who had been on an island for thousands of years knew how to fly an aircraft.

Old Demon Nightmare spoke, “You shouldn’t doubt my ability, much less my intelligence. Oh, there are few things that excite us. Come, I’ll teach you how to fly an aircraft. You can then steal me an aircraft.”

Tang Wulin had no choice. Twenty minutes later, he saw the Skywing F-17. The aircraft which had its canopy removed flew by them.

Tang Wulin suddenly realized a problem as he saw the soul airplane. He
could not help asking, “Old Demon Nightmare, even if I were to learn how to fly an aircraft over to the island, there’s no way I can fly two airplanes here!”

Old Demon Nightmare replied in a logical manner, “Who says you’re going to fly two airplanes. I’ll be sending you over, then you fly the aircraft here by yourself. Whichever way you come to Devil Island will be the way you go to the Northsea Army Corps base.”

“Huh?” Tang Wulin was staring at him in bewilderment. How did he come to Devil Island? He did an airborne landing! Was he going to perform an
airborne landing at the Northsea Army Corps base?

Did the Northsea Army Corps not have all sorts of radar equipment? He would be discovered at once if he were to go back now. How was it good for him?

“Don’t be startled. Figure out a way yourself. You’re capable of stealing an aircraft and fled the Northsea Army Corps base. Don’t tell me you can’t figure out a way a second time. Alright, board the aircraft.”

Old Demon Nightmare already took the lead to walk to the front of the
aircraft as he was saying that. He waved his hand once and conjured a black airstair that was connected to the cockpit. Tang Wulin did not sense any
soul power fluctuation from Nightmare’s body, yet it appeared everything was created naturally.

Old Demon Nightmare took the lead to walk up the stairs while Tang Wulin took the copilot’s seat.

“I’ll first explain briefly, then I’ll guide you to fly an aircraft.” A sense of
evil crossed Old Demon Nightmare’s mind as he flashed a sinister smile. He explained briefly the principle of flight and also the basic functions of all the buttons in the cockpit.

Tang Wulin was skilled in operating a mecha. Operating a mecha was
actually more complicated than flying a soul airplane. One needed to not only control all sorts of buttons but also mobilize the mecha through different physical movements at the same time. It was apparent that flying
an aircraft was not as difficult as one would only need to operate the buttons and drive control.

Tang Wulin learned diligently, and he soon got the hang of it. “Can you remember?” Old Demon asked.

Tang Wulin nodded. “I can remember the basics now.”

“Very well then. I’ll let you experience it now!” Old Demon Nightmare waved his hand once as he was speaking. A pile of rocks in disarray that was initially in front of the aircraft suddenly transformed into a light band as dark as ink which extended outward into the distance turning into a runway.

Old Demon Nightmare gave a youthful cheer as he rapidly ignited the Skywing F-17. He operated the control buttons in the aircraft with precision. He pulled the cyclic control as the Skywing slowly cruised forward and began to pick up speed gradually.

Tang Wulin buckled his seatbelt immediately as an ominous feeling appeared the next moment.

The turbine ejector on the back of the Skywing burst out with orange-red flames as it thrust the aircraft abruptly down the runway. The tremendous momentum pinned Tang Wulin firmly against the seat. In the next moment, the Skywing had taken off into the skies. The take-off was many times faster than the one executed by Xie Xie. It seemed like it was not even halfway down the runway when it took off.

Old Demon Nightmare gave an odd piercing laugh. He pulled the cyclic control all the way as the Skywing shot straight up into the sky. It then deviated from its initial course and executed a roll-off-the-top maneuver.

Tang Wulin felt overcome with dizziness and confusion. He could not tell which way was up and which way was down at the moment.

Soon after, he saw Old Demon Nightmare’s hands moved rhythmically on the control panel in an almost unreal manner. Then, the Skywing immediately rolled sideways after a turn in the sky. It rolled continuously as if it was attempting to toss out Tang Wulin’s internal organs with violent lashings and keeping him dizzy simultaneously. The aircraft was performing aerobatics in the skies. …

“You saw that, right? That’s the consequence of not following instructions. You can imagine the result when the mist is released.”

Xie Xie was staring at Old Demon Nightmare in bewilderment. He wished he could tear this fellow into pieces, especially when he witnessed the scene where Tang Wulin lay next to Yuanen Yehui in their unconscious states.
Extreme fear made him shiver uncontrollably.

“You, you can’t do this. I’ll do anything you want me to…”

An evil expression was revealed on Old Demon Nightmare’s face. “Very
simple. Steal an aircraft for me. How to fly an aircraft? I’ll teach you. I saw your good-for-nothing look when you were captured by six aircraft in the
air when you came. You’re simply the worst of the lot.”

“You!” Stargod Sword shimmered with dazzling radiance in Ye Xinglan’s hand. It was not her first time being shown the scene by Old Demon
Nightmare. As she helplessly watched the scene unfold, her cheeks turned red while her body shivered involuntarily.

“This is just an illusion you created. I don’t believe it! Moreover, you placed Wulin and Lizhi together. What’s going to happen between them anyway? Even if you were to use the drug on them, they still won’t…”

Old Demon Nightmare sniggered and spoke, “Really? Don’t you know that between a man and another man, they can actually…”

“Stop talking. I agree to…”

“Ugh…” Tang Wulin got down on one knee and vomited for more than ten minutes. His head was still spinning despite his current situation, while his stomach was tossing and turning like a turbulent river. He had never felt this sick before, even when he broke through the Golden Dragon King Seal. Old Demon Nightmare had taken him on a ride for a
whole hour. During that time, he was shown all the operations and functions of the Skywing. Tang Wulin had experienced everything an aircraft was
capable of executing.

Despite having the physical strength that exceeded ordinary people, he still could not withstand the terrifying high speed lashings and turnings of the
aircraft’s maneuvers.

Old Demon Nightmare stood not far away from him. “Good-for-nothing. Look at your useless self. I’m still fine despite being an old man. Look at you now. Stand up quick. Let’s go again! You’ve already rested for too long. I’m going to release some poison mist for your comrades if you don’t stand up now.”


This happened three more times.

Strength seemed to have drained away from Tang Wulin. He felt muddled and his entire body seemed to be falling apart. His body felt weak and limp that he could not even exert any strength. His face was pale as a ghost. He did not feel like vomiting because there was nothing in his stomach for him to vomit anymore.

Old Demon Nightmare picked him up from the aircraft and tossed him onto the ground. He stretched his body as he muttered to himself with a smile on his face, “It’s been so long since I’ve such depraved feelings. Why do I feel so happy looking at you in pain? Do you think I have a mental problem?”

Chapter 824 - Retch...

Chapter 824: Retch…

Tang Wulin could hear his words clearly, but he was unable to say anything in response. He could think of little to say anyway. He only wished to spout all the worst curses in the world at this man.

In the next moment, he slumped against the ground and fell into a deep slumber.

A shadow flashed past and Old Demon Blight appeared next to Old Demon Nightmare’s side.

“Not bad! He can withstand torment much better than I imagined. The rest of them failed after two attempts. Tang Wulin managed to withstand three and could still curse you in his heart moments ago. Really impressive. He’s
a good seedling. A good seedling should be tormented well. Bring in storms that are even more intense.”

Tang Wulin was plunged through dire suffering over the following days.
Every time he woke up, Old Demon Nightmare brought him onto the
aircraft for another miserable flight. He experienced the highly complicated aerobatics at high altitude again and again.

After the second time, he stopped vomiting, but he felt extremely nauseous and dizzy.

Tang Wulin finally understood why mental breakdown occurred here because he felt like he was close to that point himself. If the previous
seniors came here and had such encounters, it would have been all too easy for them to have suffered mentally.

Tang Wulin did not know how long it had been when the dizziness started to become less agonizing. He also found that his mind was clearing and he could focus once more.

He was astonished to discover that he had begun to adapt to the process.
Yes, the dizziness no longer came, no matter how hard the aircraft turned in the air, how abrupt the emergency acceleration and deceleration, or how harrowing the vertical and backward maneuvers. He had gotten used to it over time. Additionally, he began to have a sense of direction at high
altitude. He could see the surrounding sea and clouds clearly. Even as Old Demon Nightmare flew the plane according to his own whims, the nausea still faded. Every ascent was less unsettling than the previous experience.

Eventually, he began to feel the joy of flying freely in the sky.

“Come on! Keep going, Old Demon Nightmare. Could it be that you can’t fly anymore? I think you’re too old for it, right?” Tang Wulin spoke ferociously.

Old Demon Nightmare had his hands on his hips. He looked at Tang Wulin with a raised eyebrow.

“Brat, you think that the old man has no more methods to torment you? Very well, since your nausea is gone, it’s your turn to fly the aircraft.”

“My turn?” Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment. The feeling of being a pilot was completely different from being a passenger.

For some reason, Tang Wulin did not feel any uncertainty or fear when he looked at the numerous buttons and the control panel before him. On the contrary, it all felt very familiar to him.

Yes! He already knew what to do because he spent every day watching Old Demon Nightmare pressing these buttons to torment him. They were
already seared into his mind. He could remember clearly what form of
suffering each button would result in. He was even more familiar with the expression that appeared on Old Demon Nightmare’s face when he was
about to do something. He pressed the buttons stiffly in preparation for take-off. The sense of familiarity became clearer and clearer. He pulled the cyclic control as the Skywing F-17 gradually accelerated before ascending into the air.

Tang Wulin felt as if he was soaring through the clouds in that split second when the plane got off the ground. Not only had his sense of familiarity grown stronger, but he also felt completely carefree, like a fish entering the sea for the first time. At that moment, the pain he had felt transformed into joy. He toggled a few switches subconsciously and pulled the cyclic control to its final position. He guided the aircraft into making a backward turn in the air.

The aircraft trembled ever so slightly during the process of turning over. It was slightly unstable, so Tang Wulin held on tightly to the cyclic control in the hopes of completing the stunt by force.

It accelerated and continued to soar higher. The Skywing F-17 began to fly in the sky under Tang Wulin’s control.

He had previously learned to operate a mecha after all. Moreover, he was already unaffected by the numerous impact forces and dizziness caused by the aircraft. As he flew in the sky, he felt like he could command the Skywing F-17 as easily as a part of his own body. It just felt that

Tang Wulin was still slightly stiff when operating the aircraft in the beginning, but gradually, his movements became proficient. His physical
capabilities allowed him to operate the aircraft. His hands were nimble, and his body’s endurance against the force of impact allowed him to make the Skywing F-17 perform a series of extreme aerobatic maneuvers.

The aircraft flew high and low, up and down, rolling and turning, and rapidly dove. It was as agile as a bird in the sky.

Tang Wulin enjoyed the feeling of emergency acceleration after he had completed a roll-over the most. It felt like he was freeing himself from every care in the world. Streams of shadows flashed past his body. Just as he reluctantly landed the aircraft on the ground, he discovered that Old Demon Nightmare’s voice was gone. As he turned around to take a look, he was shocked to see that Old Demon Nightmare had already vanished.

In the cavern.

“Retch!” Old Demon Nightmare bent over as though he were about to vomit. His body was even flashing between reality and illusion.

“What is this? It truly is that uncomfortable to sit in the copilot’s seat! Why is my soul suffering from such violent impact? How did the bugger learn to operate the aircraft so soon? This isn’t logical!”

Old Demon Blight looked at Old Demon Nightmare in a daze. “Your body…”

Old Demon Nightmare waved his hand dismissively. “I’m fine. My body just hasn’t adapted to this. Besides, we’ve been here for so many years.
Could it be you’re still unwilling to part with me if anything were to happen?”

Old Demon Blight snickered. “Okay, our situation is still better than the rest of them. Speaking of which, I think they’ll be waking up soon. I’m going to stand in silent tribute for those little fellows.”

Tang Wulin steadily landed the aircraft. He saw Old Demon Nightmare standing there after he had jumped off the aircraft.

“Who gave you the permission to land? Continue to fly. You’re only allowed to come down when I say that you can stop practicing.” Old
Demon Nightmare waved his hand as if he was swatting a fly before he whisked Tang Wulin back to the aircraft.

Whatever the case, Tang Wulin had already gotten used to flying so he continued to pilot the aircraft on a regular basis. Eventually, Tang Wulin felt he must have been practicing flying for a total of one month. He had already managed to become as one with the Skywing F-17.

“Alright, let’s call it a day. Today is the day you can go and steal an
aircraft.” Old Demon Nightmare allowed Tang Wulin to leave the plane. He raised his hand and patted on Tang Wulin’s head. Tang Wulin fainted.

Tang Wulin discovered in surprise that he was refreshed and in high spirits when he woke up once again. His condition had recovered back to its peak. He was still standing next to the aircraft with Old Demon Nightmare.

Old Demon Nightmare sat upon the pilot’s seat while Tang Wulin naturally sat on the copilot’s seat.

Old Demon Nightmare spoke flatly, “Do an airborne landing. There’s no need for the safety belt. I’ll be tossing you out later. Rely on yourself for everything else. I’ll release the poison mist if you’re not back with an
aircraft in three days time. Do you understand?”

“Yes,” Tang Wulin lowered his head and answered. He seemed to have already been bullied into submission.

This time, Old Demon Nightmare flew the aircraft in a very stable manner. Soon, the Skywing F-17 had reached maximum velocity and soared to an altitude of a few thousand meters.

There was no aircraft canopy, so the terrifying wind caused the Skywing F- 17 to shake violently. The extremely low temperature was even rapidly
consuming Tang Wulin’s physical abilities.

The communicator inside the aircraft suddenly sounded, “This is the
Northsea Army Corps ordering you to reduce your altitude. Otherwise, we’ll shoot you down.”

Old Demon Nightmare sneered. Suddenly, he performed a side roll with Skywing F-17. He then abruptly dove toward to the land. Tang Wulin had not buckled the seatbelt, so the sudden change almost made him topple over. He hastily grabbed the handle to stabilize himself.

“Let go. I’ll give you a ride down!” The Skywing F-17 shook in midair, then turned over horizontally. Tang Wulin had yet to react to the situation when a powerful force pulled at his hand, and he felt like he was tossed out like a piece of trash.

The sky and ground were spinning. Tang Wulin first sensed that there was no parachute or anything of the sort on his body, nor did he have the
assistance of his companions capable of flight. ‘So I’m just tossed out just like that?’
His body fell at high velocity, with the tremendous gravity of the ground pulling at him, and he was dropping like a bomb.

Tang Wulin had already adapted to the dizziness in the sky from all the time flying the plane, so at least he was capable of differentiating between the ground and the sky.

He adjusted his body first for a moment before he calmed down. Vines of the Bluesilver Emperor rapidly unleashed from his body and wound together on the top of his head. The Bluesilver Emperor wove into a large net before it slowly tightened and transformed into a parachute.

Chapter 825 - Airborne Aircraft Hijack

Chapter 825: Airborne Aircraft Hijack

As the air pushed back, Tang Wulin’s descent began to slow. A faint smile appeared on his face. ‘Did you really think that I couldn’t figure out a
solution? I thought of it a while ago.’

The Bluesilver Grass had many wonderful capabilities and this was clearly on display at that moment. If it was truly a grass, of course, it could not possibly withstand such powerful acceleration. However, his was actually the Bluesilver Emperor with the Bluesilver Overlord Transformation’s
amplification. It was easy for the Bluesilver Emperor to support his weight. However, Tang Wulin had only just broken into a grin when his face froze. He saw two Skywing F-17s sweeping past him on both sides.
The Northsea Army Corps was very quick with their response!

Both Skywing F-17s circled around before hovering in front of him. Tang Wulin watched as they fired a large net directly at him, ensnaring his entire body.

Was this an airborne capture?

He had been caught in the air for the second time. The last time he dealt with Northsea Army Corps’ airborne acquisition, he used the Overlord Dragon to break free.

He was in the air above the maritime zone near the Northsea Army Corps. Even if he were to drop down, this was inescapable.

However, Tang Wulin was not surprised but joyous to be captured in the sky. The plane pulled his body at high speed. Having gone through Old Demon Nightmare’s torture, Tang Wulin did not faint from the sudden burst of acceleration.

An intense electric current shot through the net and Tang Wulin felt his
entire body go numb immediately. His battle armor unleashed on its own to shield him from the shock. Tang Wulin grunted as he swung his arms to
conjure two vines of Bluesilver Emperor. The Bluesilver Emperor vines wound upward and crept along the net until it wrapped around the aircraft
tail. Tang Wulin pulled himself up the vine, getting closer and closer to the aircraft.

It was apparent that Northsea Army Corps’ flight crews had not realized what was happening. Capturing an airborne assailant was an easy task for them. Generally, when one was caught in an airborne acquisition, the
sudden acceleration would make the target unable to resist. Even if they were in peak physical condition, the shock from the high-voltage electric current would take care of them.

If it was not for the existence of two-word battle armor masters, airborne acquisitions would practically always be successful. Unfortunately for them, this pilot was confronting Tang Wulin whose physical strength was no inferior to a two-word battle armor master’s.

Tang Wulin utilized the Bluesilver Grass to quickly climb up to the tail. Meanwhile, the Skywing F-17 had already begun to return to the base. By tightening the grip of the Bluesilver Grass, he slowly pressed closer to the cockpit.

The pilot was flying steadily when he noticed the light dim ever so slightly. Puzzled, he suddenly heard an abrupt knocking sound.

He raised his head and looked up just in time to see Tang Wulin lying on the cockpit, waving his hand at him. Tang Wulin seemed to be gesturing for him to get out.

The pilot was shocked, but his reaction was extremely swift. He guided the plane into performing a side turn instantly. Just then, he heard the sound of shattering. A shimmering pair of sharp, golden claws had reached through the cockpit’s reinforced glass, breaking it instantly. Tang Wulin turned around and bored into the cockpit before he landed on the back row seat.

“Goodbye!” Tang Wulin hit the ejector button. The piloted was rocketed out as the aircraft was still in the process of turning at high speed. The ejection seat would certainly have a parachute. Tang Wulin relied on his sharp
Golden Dragon Claws to stabilize himself firmly in the high speed turning aircraft. Bluesilver Emperor vines then shot out at lightning speed and
wrapped around the aircraft to seal the cockpit temporarily.

Tang Wulin held onto his Bluesilver Emperor and made his way to the pilot’s seat. He then operated the controls in a practiced yet rapid manner.

Meanwhile, the Skywing F-17 was already giving out all sorts of warning sounds. Tang Wulin first cut off communication between the aircraft and control tower, then he pulled the cyclic control. The aircraft managed to regain equilibrium under Tang Wulin’s guidance.

“Whoosh!” A Skywing F-17 swiftly swept past his side. It was apparent that this was the other aircraft from earlier. The aircraft quickly flew to the front as it released its net once again. This time it was aiming at the entire aircraft now flown by Tang Wulin.

Tang Wulin would never allow it to take him so easily! He pushed the
cyclic control and the Skywing F-17 suddenly dove down and evaded the airborne acquisition net from underneath. The light for the turbine ejector
glowed brightly as it pushed the aircraft into accelerating instantly. Its speed exceeded the other aircraft as it flew in the direction of Demon Island.

It was apparent that the other plane was not ready to give up. Due to Tang Wulin’s attempt at cutting off communication, a series of artillery sounds boomed at the back of the F-17 as a large array of light rays scattered down.

Tang Wulin remained calm as ever while his hands swept past the control panel before him. Skywing F-17 rolled over horizontally and made a series of rapid evasive maneuvers. He was unaware that the aerobatic technique he was performing at that moment was called ‘the Motorized Bat’.

Bats relied on their echolocation to detect objects and were highly agile fliers. Their airborne movements were extremely unpredictable. The
artillery from behind completely missed. Tang Wulin pulled the aircraft into performing a loop. It cut out a perfect arc in the sky, appearing at the rear of the other plane.

Tang Wulin hesitated for a moment before deciding not to shoot at the other aircraft in the end. He accelerated abruptly as he dove straight for the sea below.

The other pilot suddenly circled to the back of Tang Wulin’s plane, making the situation highly precarious. The enemy fighter knew that he would become the direct target, so he hastily made a series of dodging maneuvers.
However, it was already too late for him to continue his pursuit when the aircraft flown by Tang Wulin drifted farther away on the radar.

The distance of thirty kilometers was nothing for an aircraft flying at high speed. With a flash of light, the aircraft piloted by Tang Wulin had dove beyond the Demon Island’s boundary and vanished into thin air.

“Whoa!” Tang Wulin cheered as he sat in the convertible aircraft. He waves his arms strenuously as the aircraft landed smoothly under his operation.
Meanwhile, Old Demon Nightmare had just returned as well.

A peculiar expression flashed past Old Demon Nightmare’s face as he
watched Tang Wulin jump down from the aircraft, cheering in excitement. “You’re happy, are you?” Old Demon Nightmare stared at Tang Wulin.
Tang Wulin’s smile vanished as he saw Old Demon’s gaze, but he still
spoke anyhow, “I’ve already done as you asked. I’ve flown an aircraft here. Can you release my companions now?”

Old Demon Nighmare smiled. “Release them? Since when did I say I was going to release them? Come, let’s take a look at their situation now.” As he was saying that, he waved his right hand in the air as the previous scene appeared once again.

However, Tang Wulin looked at the scene and discovered puffs of pink mist spreading out in the cavern and covering his six friends in the three caverns.

“You…” Tang Wulin turned pale with fear. The excitement that he was feeling from his successful attempt to seize the aircraft vanished.

Old Demon Nightmare’s face cracked into a shady smile. “Oh, I’m sorry. I didn’t control it carefully, so I accidentally leaked the poison mist. This is bad!”

Tang Wulin dashed forward as the Golden Dragon Claw in his right hand glowed brightly. He aimed a blow straight for Old Demon Nightmare. He had been suffering for so many days in order to fulfill Old Demon
Nightmare’s request, yet he just… Tang Wulin was already close to madness at present.

If his companions were to…

How were they going to survive?!

The shadow flashed once, and Tang Wulin’s attack missed.

Old Demon Nightmare waved his right hand once. Suddenly, the pink mist in the three caverns seemed to be controlled and regained its original ball shape once again.

Chapter 826 - Swimming Over?

Chapter 826: Swimming Over?

Tang Wulin was stunned for a moment, but he attacked a second time in the end. He roared in rage, “What are you doing?”

Old Demon Nightmare shrugged. “Nothing, only that I don’t like seeing you happy. Remember, I’m a demon. Demons enjoy seeing others in pain and sorrow. I’ll enlighten you on ‘extreme joy begets sorrow’ if ever I see you happy again.”

Tang Wulin’s breathing sounded labored at present. He had never loathed anyone so much in his life as he looked at Old Demon Nightmare. At this very moment, he wished that he could rip this fellow into a million pieces.

Not only was this man tormenting his body, but his mind also.

“So what does it take for you to release my comrades willingly?” Tang Wulin asked.

Old Demon Nightmare spoke in disdain, “That’ll depend on your performance. Do you think I was going to release them just by having you steal an aircraft? Actually, I’ve always wondered how they’ll feel after
sleeping with each other in spite of their relationships. I’ve been
suppressing this inner longing just because of you, so you should thank me. Take a look at your expression now. Quick, I want to see you smile.
Otherwise, I’ll spread out the poison mist once again.”

“You…” Tang Wulin gritted his teeth in rage. He was suppressing his
emotion with great effort before managing a desperate smile on his face.

Old Demon Nightmare walked in front of him and patted his shoulder.
“Hmm, way to go. Alright, you’re about to begin the next segment. Let me think about your next segment. Since crossing the sky is not a problem for you, swim over next. I’ll release your comrades when you can swim over and steal an aircraft from the opposite shore.”

‘Swim over?’ Tang Wulin’s pupils constricted.

‘What did he mean by swimming over?’ He would need to swim across the stretch of black sea which was hundreds of meters wide and had the ability to devour all the energy of whatever it came into contact with. Even then, there were another thirty kilometers of ocean to cross, and he did not know how many sea soul beasts existed in that sea.

The sea soul beasts in the sea were so powerful that the Federation had to despatch an army corps to guard over them and built such powerful defenses. Was he indeed capable of swimming over?

Old Demon Nightmare raised his hand and conjured a piece of black crystal that flew in front of Tang Wulin’s face.

“This is my Nightmare Crystal. When you feel that you can’t endure any longer, infuse your soul power into it so you can return here. In any case, it’s up to you. However, if you take too long, I may not be able to restrain myself from allowing them to bring me joy, hahahahahah!”

Old Demon Nightmare vanished into thin air, laughing all the way.

Tang Wulin squeezed the Nightmare Crystal in his hand as his breathing became heavier.

He was not afraid of hardship nor challenges. However, he did not think that Old Demon Nightmare was someone who kept his promise.

What else could he do? He could only abide by Old Demon Nightmare’s instructions when faced with his threat. Old Demon Nightmare knew how to tug his heartstrings. He had no other choice but to do Old Demon
Nightmare’s bidding for his companions’ sake.

Tang Wulin was skilled in swimming, but it was truly hazardous to cross the sea while facing so many sea soul beasts. Furthermore, there was the Northsea Army Corps’ defense on the other side of the sea. He had no doubt that he would be blasted intensely by the Northsea Army Corps’ soul cannons the moment he got ashore.

Xu Lizhi panted loudly. The clothes on his body were completely drenched in sweat. His mind was filled with fear while his body was convulsing uncontrollably.

“Hopeless, you’re simply good for nothing. What else can you do? If not because of your fair complexion and chubbiness which I fancy, I would’ve carved you into slices of meat for my meal.”

“I can tell from your worthless appearance that you probably hid behind the others in the past. Tell me what else you can do when there’s always
someone to protect you from danger. If you can’t even leave three hundred meters of Destruction maritime space, when will you reach the opposite
shore then? Despite enduring three months of flying an aircraft, you haven’t even lost any weight. Worthless, truly worthless! You’re simply good for nothing! Are you capable of stealing an aircraft? Forget it, I’d be better off looking for some fun with somebody else.”

Xu Lizhi panted heavily. Then, he watched a scene appearing before him. There were only two people in the scene when a puff of thick red mist dispersed to enshroud both their bodies.

Those people were Ye Xinglan and Xie Xie.

“No…” Xu Lizhi immediately roared in a rage with a voice that sounded inhuman. He watched helplessly as Ye Xinglan’s body began to twitch as if she had awakened from the coma while Xie Xie’s body began to shiver as the clothes on his body gradually came apart.

He roared in a grieving manner. “No, please don’t. I’ll try harder. I can certainly swim to the opposite shore. I’ll for sure. Please stop. Stop it!” He knelt onto the ground in front of Old Demon Nightmare with a ‘thump’ while his entire body convulsed uncontrollably. His mind was already on the verge of a breakdown. If not for a glimmer of hope left, he would not have wished to live in this world.

“Crack!” A metal bar dropped down from the sky and blocked him from pouncing toward Ye Xinglan and Xie Xie.

“To the sea!” Old Demon Nightmare yelled coldly at Xu Lizhi.

“Roar…” Xu Lizhi roared in rage. His eyes were red as he dashed toward the Destruction Sea which was dark as ink. Waving his arms desperately, he swam frantically toward the open sea while the energy in his body was being absorbed in lightning speed.

Waves rippled across the sea. His rotund body generated such an outburst of energy that the seawater was being parted as he moved through the water.
His body was growing weaker but his spirit was, on the other hand, fervently energetic. If he failed to swim out of the Destruction Sea, Sister Xinglan would…

This thought alone provided him with all the soul power which was now bursting forth from his body. He was swimming in a state of frenzy.

Old Demon Nightmare was standing by the shore as he cracked into an evil smile. The scene displaying Ye Xinglan and Xie Xie transformed into a bubble that disappeared without a trace. He watched as Xu Lizhi had
already traversed the pitch black maritime space and was now in the blue sea region.

However, sea soul beasts soon began to appear around him.

Xu Lizhi waved his arms frantically as all sorts of Tang Sect techniques such as Controlling Crane Capturing Dragon and Mysterious Jade Hands
appeared as vortices in the sea. The sea soul beasts were obliterated by him as he devoted every effort to swim toward the deeper end. This went on until streaks of blood appeared on his body with multiple cuts and lacerations on his skin. …

Tang Wulin did not wish to budge at all as he lay on the beach. He felt like his entire body had shattered. Nevertheless, he could still remember vividly when the giant devil ray sank its sharp teeth piercing his skin which seemed like moments ago.

Even his Golden Dragon scales were incapable of resisting the terrifying devourment. It was the Nightmare Crystal that brought him back during the final moment, but he was already exhausted.

He relied on his cultivation base and the Bluesilver Emperor’s miraculous function to get out of the Destruction Sea. Yet, there was still a dense life source in the maritime space outside that was even more terrifying.

There was not even a single sea soul beast that was below a hundred-year
cultivation base in the sea because they would have been devoured by even more powerful sea soul beasts.

All the different types of sea soul beasts were terrifying because they came in herds. The Golden Dragon King bloodline’s aura could terrorize
everything on land, but it had a limited effect in the sea. Tang Wulin had already devoted all his efforts yet he could only advance five hundred
meters in the sea before he was exhausted and failed to endure the sea soul beasts’ attacks.

There were innumerable sea soul beasts which stretched as far as he could see. Finally, he lost all hope. He had already risked his life to kill without a thought, but the powerful sea soul beasts appeared endlessly.

‘I can’t, I can’t do this! I don’t think I can swim past this maritime space
even if I’m capable of becoming a Title Douluo.’ Tang Wulin had begun to feel dispirited. However, each time he thought of his comrades’ predicament whereby if he failed to swim past this area, his comrades

His chest suddenly tightened when he thought of this. He turned over and sat upright subconsciously. A man in the distance walked to the front of Tang Wulin before taking a seat.

Tang Wulin was stunned upon seeing the man. He was not Old Demon Nightmare nor any of his comrades. It was his first time meeting the man ever since their last encounter in this place.


Old Demon Blight whose hair and beard was all white was smiling warmly. “I’ve already known all about you. Nightmare is simply despicable.” His
expression revealed deep hatred and resentment as he said that.

Chapter 827 - Absorbing the Destruction Aura

Chapter 827: Absorbing the Destruction Aura

Hope arose in Tang Wulin’s heart as he looked at the old man. “Senior, help me, please help me. I really can’t stand it anymore.”

Old Demon Blight sighed. “I’m sorry, there’s nothing I can do. I can’t fight Old Demon Nightmare because he’s too powerful. I only seized the opportunity when he was resting to meet you secretly. What’s he asking of you that you’re in such agony?”

Tang Wulin hastily gave a brief description of his encounters. Old Demon Blight gave a forced smile upon listening to his struggles and spoke, “He gave you an impossible mission as expected. Considering you’re just a one- word battle armor master, it’s impossible to swim out of this maritime space even if you’re a three-word battle armor master for there are hundred- thousand-year soul beasts that exist in these waters!”

Tang Wulin spoke in a daze, “So what should I do then?”

Old Demon Blight answered, “Nightmare is not a patient man, moreover he’ll be emotionally unstable if this continues. Your friends are in danger. There’s nothing I can do to save them, but I have a way to help you swim out of this maritime space, only that…”

“How? Please help me.” Tang Wulin hastily asked as if he had just clutched onto a life-saving straw.

Old Demon Blight sighed before he spoke, “The method is very dangerous, and it’s also very taxing on your body. Do you really wish to learn? Only that, it might cause you to lose your wits if you’re not careful!”

Tang Wulin took a deep breath. “I can tell that Old Demon Nightmare is only tormenting us without any intention to let us leave. I’m going to die anyhow, so I’ll fight to the very last. I don’t want to watch helplessly as my comrades remain tormented by him. Please teach me.”

Old Demon Blight nodded. “Alright then. Since you and I have been destined to meet, I shall guide you on a path. You’ve seen that Destruction Fragment in the middle of Demon Island. There’s a terrifying destructive power in the Destruction Fragment. However, it’s also accompanied by a life force whose nature is not destructive when it fell into the human realm. Hence, it’s capable of suppressing this Destruction Fragment’s power from spreading its influence at the very least.”

“The archipelago’s existence is precisely because of these Destruction Fragments. On the other hand, the surrounding sea soul beasts were
attracted by the life force generated by the Destruction Fragment. In fact, these sea soul beasts are extremely fond of that dense life force because of its benefits. At the same time, they’re also extremely terrified of the destructive energy. There’s only one way to swim past this maritime space safely. That is to taint yourself with the Destruction Fragment’s aura. The sea soul beasts will naturally stay away from you upon sensing the
Destruction Aura. So, you only need to swim for thirty kilometers which I don’t think is a problem with your ability.”

“But how do I taint myself with the Destruction Fragment’s energy?” Xie Xie looked at Old Demon Blight with a longing expression.

Old Demon Blight gave a forced smile and spoke, “It’ll be extremely painful and also very dangerous. If your willpower isn’t strong enough, the Destruction Aura will devour your soul, and then your body. Do you think your willpower is strong enough?”

Xie Xie spoke without the slightest hesitation, “I can and I will. For Yuanen and everybody else, I can do anything. I beg of you senior, please teach me.”

Old Demon Blight sighed once. “Alright then. Be prepared for the extremely agonizing process.” …

Yes, it was extremely agonizing. Tang Wulin could sense the pain described by Old Demon Blight just as he slowly approached the Destruction Fragment until he was a thousand meters from it.

He held a purple crystal in his hand that was exuding gushes of peculiar energy fluctuation capable of weakening or attenuating some of the
Destruction Energy’s terrifying aura.

Even then, the Destruction Energy was still able to surge into his body easily.

The pain was unbearable. It was almost as if one’s body was shredded to pieces and then put together once again. The processes of destruction and fusion were repeated continuously. Imagine how it felt when your body disintegrated but recombined again after numerous cycles!

Every feeling and sensation was felt so vividly that it was seared into his soul. The torment was beyond words. Even for someone as tough as Tang Wulin, he was continually screaming out in agony.

Nonetheless, his body would be tainted with a purple-black mist that was barely discernible each time his body was shattered and recombined. Tang Wulin knew that it was the Destruction Aura described by Old Demon

In the cavern.

Old Demon Nightmare pouted his lips. “Your torture is more ruthless than mine, yet you’re pretending that you’re a good person.”

Old Demon Blight sniggered and spoke, “That’s the difference between you and I. You’re destined to be a demon but I, on the other hand, may still be a saint.”

“Bullshit, bullshit! You’re a bullshit saint. If they were to know that the piece of Blight Crystal given by you is to increase the sensitivity of their bodies and spirit such that they would feel the pain ten times more, will they still thank you?”

Old Demon Blight spoke in a rational manner, “I’m doing this for their good. It’s only when they are sensitive to the changes in their bodies will they be able to figure out what their limitations are. If the pain isn’t intense enough and they enter the place recklessly, what are they going to do when their bodies cannot take the pain and they have a mental breakdown? I’m a compassionate person.”

“Bullshit, bullshit. You’re just doing that so you can watch them suffer even more. They’re supposed to absorb adequate Destruction Aura in about a month, yet with your actions, I think they can’t even absorb enough in three months.”

Old Demon Blight spoke, “You’re enjoying this too!” It was truly effective!
When Tang Wulin stepped into the pitch black Destruction Sea once again, he immediately sensed the change in his body. The rate of his energy devoured by the sea reduced obviously. Furthermore, he felt like he was fusing with the Destruction Sea. It was as if his body was a part of it.

It was only a momentary feeling because the energy in his body continued to be drained, only less intense than before.

When he exited the Destruction Sea and entered the sea that was filled with sea soul beasts, it felt the same. Tang Wulin discovered that some weaker
sea soul beasts were avoiding him, only the seal soul beasts of a thousand- year cultivation base still dared to attack him.

He was naturally capable of withstanding even longer after he conserved his soul power when he was exiting the Destruction Sea. This time, he swam out for one kilometer before he could not endure anymore.

He relied on the Nightmare Crystal to return to the island. He was still intensely weakened as before but at least he had found a way. He had found a way to swim further out to sea.

Even though he did not wish to return to the area near the Destruction Fragment, he did not have a choice but to return to the place.

The ability to swim past the sea indicated that he could possibly bring along his comrades into leaving this nightmarish place. He would first need to make himself more powerful if he wished to rescue his comrades.

Tang Wulin grabbed the Blight Crystal once again and returned to the area near the Destruction Fragment with such strong emotions in his heart. He approached the Destruction Fragment cautiously by taking one step at a time. He felt his body shatter and recombine once again.

The Golden Dragon King bloodline was fluctuating violently in his body during this process. Tang Wulin could feel his blood essence surging and tossing. The purple-black color on his body became darker when he
approached the Destruction Fragment repeatedly.

Chapter 828 - Xu Lizhi’s Persistence

Chapter 828: Xu Lizhi’s Persistence

“Ouch…” Yue Zhengyu screamed out in agony as he fell on a knee. He had already lost count of how many times he could not endure the Destruction Aura’s lashings anymore.

He possessed the holy power that was inherently powerful at repelling the Destruction Aura. Thus, the pain he felt was the most intense when he
endured the Destruction Aura’s lashings.

‘Stand up, I must stand up. Xiaoyan, I can’t allow Xiaoyan to lose her chastity.”

Yue Zhengyu clenched his teeth as he supported himself to stand up little by little. He was panting loudly. Despite the pain that occasionally made him
scream in agony, his gaze remained shockingly persistent.

Tang Wulin fell onto the ground. He absorbed the Destruction Aura in the air slowly. He had already lost count of the days for there was no way of telling whether it was sunrise or sunset when one was in extreme pain. He was advancing with great effort.

The Demon Island’s dense life source was the best replenishment for one’s body. There was not a need for eating as one could survive by absorbing the life energy.

Some faintly discernible radiance emitted from the surface of Destruction Fragment while the dense Destruction Energy emerged continuously from the surroundings. Tang Wulin realized that all his abilities were gradually tainted by the Destruction Aura as he penetrated deeper into the area. All his soul skills seemed to be endowed with strong destructive power. Even his Golden Dragon King Bloodline seemed to be tainted with a wisp of purple-black color. Not only did the Golden Dragon King Bloodline not reject it, on the contrary, but it was also being absorbed silently.

Tang Wulin had the ability to charge at the ninth Golden Dragon King Seal earlier but he did not attempt to do so. This was because Old Tang had reminded him that the final nine seals were the most agonizing. Once he
charged past the ninth seal, he would need to face the following nine seals soon. He did not know what to expect by then.

Yet, Tang Wulin could clearly sense the cracks beginning to appear on his ninth seal during the absorption of the destructive power. The cracks had begun to spread whereby he had already lost the strength to control the seal.
Hence, he had no choice but to slow down his rate of advance so that he could adapt himself better to stabilize the seal.

He was most afraid that he would break through the seal during the
absorption of the Destruction Aura for he did not know what would happen then.

Absorb, absorb, absorb!

Xu Lizhi advanced toward the Destruction Fragment one step at a time. His gait was firm just like his gaze.

His body was slowly disintegrating akin to a molecule being destroyed and created repeatedly. He did not even scream under the excruciating pain.

He was not skilled in battles for he could only produce steamed buns.

He was only capable of shouting out ‘don’t judge a meat bun by its folds’.

It was always his comrades that protected him when they were confronted by formidable enemies. It was always Sister Xinglan who protected him with her sword. He always felt proud when he saw the Stargod Sword
shimmering with radiance. Except, Old Demon Nightmare now kept reminding him that he was good for nothing.

Was he not a good-for-nothing? As a man, he was always hiding behind his beloved woman’s back. He could only make buns behind her back as he
watched his beloved woman confront the formidable enemy. This was extremely depressing for him.

He wished that he was the one to protect Ye Xinglan, to shelter her from wind and rain, and also fight those powerful enemies for her.

Yet, he could not do it. He could never do it all this while.

He was weak and his actual combat capability was worse. He could only rely on some Tang Sect techniques for the close-range battles.

He did not wish to be like that anymore.

When he dashed into the sea after absorbing the Destruction Aura, he relied on his soul power tainted with the Destruction Aura to crush a sea soul beast. Soon after, Xu Lizhi realized he had finally found the opportunity.
The Destruction Aura was akin to a weapon. Even though it was so tormenting when he was absorbing it, its destructive power gave him a truly powerful fighting ability.

He had been pursuing such a fighting ability all along!

‘I want to become powerful to protect my Sister Xinglan. I don’t want to be a good-for-nothing in the eyes of my comrades. I want to be a useful person.’

‘I won’t stop no matter how painful it is!’

Xu Lizhi advanced cautiously in a persistent manner. The dense Destruction Aura lashed against his body over and over that his fair complexion and obese body was almost completely tainted purple-black.

To absorb the Destruction Aura better, he did not use his soul power to resist but yield his body voluntarily to absorb the destructive power. This would undoubtedly intensify the shattering of his body. However, Xu Lizhi did not care anymore. He cared about his ability to be more powerful by this process so that he could protect his lover.

Finally, he could not advance anymore. The rate at which his body was getting shattered and reformed had already reached its maximum. His soul was about to be completely shattered in the next moment that he would not even leave behind a trace of his existence!

It was at this moment when Xu Lizhi stopped walking and chanted the soul incantation.

The incantation echoed from his mouth as soul rings arose from underneath his feet.

“Don’t judge a meat bun by its folds, I have a Crystal Bun!”

The translucent Crystal Bun appeared in his hand, then he stuffed it into his mouth without the slightest hesitation.

A layer of crystal-like membrane covered his body akin to a battle armor. However, one could still see his chubby body within that layer of crystal.

In the next moment, a gush of destructive power lashed in his direction. Xu Lizhi seized the opportunity to retreat from the Destruction Aura. Then, he immediately sat cross-legged on the ground and closed his eyes to meditate.

He ate the Crystal Bun not because he wished to use the Crystal Bun’s firmness as his defense but to draw support from the crystal armor’s isolation power to completely isolate the Destruction Aura within his body for absorption.

In his previous cultivation, the Destruction Aura in his body would dissipate soon after he left the vicinity of the Destruction Aura. There was only a small portion that remained within his body.

It would be different now after he consumed the Crystal Bun for the Destruction Aura would be contained. Naturally, this brought Xu Lizhi more intense pain as compared to the others. It was a perpetual agony. Yet, his willpower was more resilient than his comrades because he needed the strength and ability provided by the destructive power.

“I never thought of this!” Old Demon Nightmare frowned.

“I never thought of this!” Old Demon Blight’s face was filled with astonishment as well.

“The persistence of these little bastards have truly exceeded our
expectations, especially that little fat boy. He’s a food-type soul master yet his willpower is so persistent. It’s utterly unbelievable. I thought that he
would have a mental breakdown in less than three months. It seems like I’ve underestimated him. Moreover, he has the most thorough experience amongst everybody else. This is truly shocking!”

Old Demon Blight sniggered. “Isn’t that even better? It’s truly joyous to watch them in pain.”

“Why have I not been awakened to witness the interesting event?” a deep voice suddenly echoed.

Old Demon Nightmare and Old Demon Blight turned around at the same time and saw a figure that was beyond tall and huge.

“Devour!” Both of them called out in unison.

It turned out to be an old man, and his hair was not white but yellow. His hair looked like withered grass while the top of his head was bald.

His back was slightly bent despite his tall and huge physique. He had an aged but hideous appearance. Even more terrifying was his exceptionally
large mouth. His large mouth would reach to the back of his ears every time he opened his mouth to speak. “Both of you are inhuman for savoring the joy alone!” Old Demon Devour looked up to the sky and sighed. “I don’t care, they’re mine next. I’m going to treat them to the joy of Devour after this!”

Old Demon Nightmare and Old Demon Blight frowned. “Alright. You can have some fun. However, you’ve to wait until they’ve swum over to the other side first.”

“Slap!” One of Tang Wulin’s hand clapped into the seawater and left behind a deep mark beneath the shallow seawater.

He pulled himself from the sea and lay on the ground. He lay there with no intention to move at all.

The purple-black aura coiled up against his body. He closed his eyes tightly while his face was ghastly pale.

He had arrived, he had finally arrived. He had lost count of the number of times he had absorbed the Destruction Aura before the sea soul beasts finally stopped attacking so that he could swim over to the other side in the end.

However, he still encountered an especially powerful sea soul beast during the swim. He was even attacked and swallowed by the sea soul beast, but he was spat out because it loathed the Destructive Aura.

Chapter 829 - Underground

Chapter 829: Underground

The whole routine had been arduous, the suffering beyond words. In any event, he had finally arrived on the opposite shore. He had finally crossed the sea.

Tang Wulin lay there and allowed the seawater to wash up against his body as a faint smile appeared on his face.

‘Have I finally succeeded after enduring so much hardship and undergoing so much torture?’

He lay there hardly moving as he completely concealed all his soul power. He swept up the sand quietly, like a turtle burying itself, bringing his body temperature under control.

By doing so, he prevented himself from being discovered by the Northsea Army Corps’ radar. He needed to rest because he could barely lift a finger right now.

His breathing gradually returned to normal as he adjusted his blood essence fluctuation.

Ever since he came to Demon Island, it was truly a rare occurrence for such a quiet moment. Tang Wulin understood why Elder Cai’s expression was so peculiar back then. Demon Island was truly controlled by demons! The
situation now was different according to Old Demon Nightmare. It was difficult to tell if they could even return alive.

It would have already been three months since they have been on the island. Although Tang Wulin could not tell the actual duration, he knew he had been tormented in a state of being neither dead nor alive for approximately three months. If this had been part of the military training, how was he going to live out the remaining period of a year and eight months? What else was waiting for them next?

He sighed in his heart. Tang Wulin relaxed his body to allow his physical abilities to recuperate. He had not eaten at all for the past three months. If he could steal an aircraft and returned to the island, would Old Demon
Nightmare release him and his comrades? It was apparent that it would not be so easy.

Anyhow, there was a slim chance of survival as long as he could ensure that his comrades were safe at the moment. At least, he had already crossed the sea by relying on the Destruction Aura. He was here not to just steal an
aircraft. More importantly, he needed to find a path for their return. He would take his squad back to the Federation as soon as he had the opportunity to save them.

Tang Wulin once thought about seeking reinforcement from the academy, but he knew that it was not a viable option. If he were to use his soul
communicator, aside from whether the academy would respond to his call, what if Old Demon Nightmare found out with his ghastly ability? Tang Wulin dared not take the leap because he would be doomed eternally if he missed! He could never stand to see his comrades destroying themselves in pain.

He rested for an hour before his body gradually adjusted to the situation. This was not Demon Island after all so the vitality here was not as rich. Thus, he felt an intense hunger when his physical ability was restored.

He should have caught a sea soul beast if only he had known earlier. His body would be replenished even if it was just some sashimi!

He raised his head ever so slightly and looked to the defense line afar. Searchlights flashed past the thick and tall walls continuously. It was only dusk at present so he could clearly see the iron and steel forest along the defensive line.

Tang Wulin did not doubt that the defense here would be impregnable even if a one-hundred-thousand-year soul beast were to launch an attack. Due to the high-speed development of soul technology, a soul master’s status on the continent now was not as prestigious as before.

‘No, I can’t force my way in. I don’t stand a chance. If I can’t go up, then how about I go underground?’

Tang Wulin already had a plan before he came. He possessed a pair of powerful Golden Dragon Claws which had both its special features of ‘Tear’ and ‘Smash’. Hence, it should not be too difficult for him to dig a tunnel. His only concern was there may be some defense or detection
equipment underground based on his understanding of mankind’s soul technology. If he was not careful, it would be more troublesome if he was discovered underground.

However, he must try. It was still better to go underground than confront the terrifying firestorm of soul cannons.

Tang Wulin slowly unleashed the Golden Dragon Claws at this point. He began pawing at the sand below him such that his body gradually sank into the sand.

He could not help thinking that the Mountain Dragon King’s Torso Bone had been most helpful for his development. Not understanding the bone well enough had not prevented him from having the ability to control gravity. It had also greatly enhanced his defense and even increased his affinity with the earth element exponentially.

Tang Wulin’s body sank slowly. The earth became soft and loose under the influence of the Mountain Dragon King’s Torso Bone aura. He relied on his pair of sharp Golden Dragon Claws to dig into the ground.

The underground was inevitably stuffy but Tang Wulin’s physical quality made it possible for him to withstand the discomfort. The Golden Dragon King Bloodline circulated naturally and provided enormous amounts of
energy in addition to his hyper-powerful strength. Soon, he was already deep into the ground. It only took ten minutes for him to pass through the soil and enter the rock mass. Tang Wulin’s movement through the rocks was even faster because there was little possibility of the rocks collapsing. There was no need for him to rely on the strength of the Mountain Dragon King’s Torso Bone to stabilize the surrounding area unlike the situation when he was digging through the soil layer.

Tang Wulin was preparing to use this tunnel more than once. He had planned to use this tunnel in the future to lead his comrades in an escape. For that reason, he was especially cautious during the digging process. He was not in a rush to advance in the direction of the Northsea Army Corps’ base. On the contrary, he was digging as deep as he could.

The possibility of him being discovered was less the deeper he dug the tunnel.

An hour passed. Tang Wulin relied on his strong physique to dig deep into the ground for a hundred meters. He faced many obstacles during the process which included the presence of underground water.

Tang Wulin had no choice but to divert his tunnel upon uncovering water underground. He had to look for a dry area before he could continue digging downward. The digging was undoubtedly arduous and tortuous. Fortunately, he succeeded in the end.

It was already a hundred meters below the ground. The thick slabs of rocks provided the best shelter to prevent them from being discovered.

Tang Wulin leaned against the tunnel as he panted heavily. The air here was extremely thin resulting in extremely low levels of oxygen. Any ordinary person would have suffocated to death in these conditions. Only Tang Wulin could withstand this as he attempted to use his cultivation of internal breathing to reduce his oxygen intake.

Tang Wulin estimated his current position before he began digging horizontally. The mass of rock was almost like tofu before his Golden
Dragon Claw’s special features: Tear and Smash. Tang Wulin’s powerful arms worked better than any excavator. He was heading rapidly toward the direction of the Northsea Army Corps’ base.

Generally, the military had a few methods for underground detection. The most important one being the seismograph.

Any underground change would produce unusual vibrations which in turn generate ripples. If the seismograph detected these ripples, it would then generate the data. When the vibrations were stronger, the data generated would reflect that as well.

The seismograph was capable of detecting any changes underground at depths of more than ten kilometers. However, the shortcoming was that it could only detect relatively large fluctuations.

There was also the soul power detector. It searched for any suspicious signs by detecting the underground soul power fluctuations. The soul power detector’s range was less than a seismograph as it was only effective for depths of less than five hundred meters. However, it was much more
sensitive than the seismograph as any minor soul power fluctuation would cause a reaction in the detector.

In any case, these two detectors complemented each other and formed an effective monitoring system for the underground world.

Tang Wulin’s method of not using any soul machine or soul power but only his strength to dig underground was extremely rare. It was difficult for a Title Douluo powerhouse to do this unless the person was cultivating Body Sect’s body cultivation. On the other hand, it was actually impossible to build an indomitable defense no matter how advanced the technology was.

Chapter 830 - Sneaking Into the Warehouse

Chapter 830: Sneaking Into the Warehouse

Thus, Tang Wulin’s presence was not detected by the Northsea Army Corps’ numerous types of sensors as he slowly made his way forward
underground. The seismograph displayed that everything below ground was of normal fluctuation. A single person’s activity was far too small for the
seismograph to give out a warning.

Tang Wulin rested for a while when he was tired, then continued to dig when he had recuperated. He had even lost count of how long he had dug through this place.

During that period of time, he had twice returned to the surface to rest.
When he was famished, he went to the sea and hunted for a sea soul beast before relying on his Golden Dragon Claws to slice it into sashimi. He returned to his underground world to continue digging after his physical
strength was restored.

“Ding!” Tang Wulin immediately stopped moving when he suddenly heard the crisp sound. He retracted his aura swiftly as his hairs stood on end.

‘What’s going on?’

Tang Wulin dared not unleash his Bluesilver Grass martial soul to light the way, so he could only let out his blood essence soul rings. The golden glow of the soul rings illuminated the path and he was astonished to see that a metal plate was blocking the end of his tunnel.

‘A metal plate? Does this belong to the Northsea Army Corps? Is this meant for underground fortification or to cut off the outside world?’

Tang Wulin placed his palm against the plate gently and quietly felt it for information. He was already almost a blacksmith of craftsman-level, so he had an extensive knowledge of metal. He could basically identify a metal’s properties just by touching it and sensing with his spiritual power.

He was trying to do so at this point. He soon identified that the metal before him was uncommon, but was not considered too rare. It was an extremely
sturdy type of titanium alloy.

There was no other energy fluctuation on it, so it was not some kind of soul device. It was purely an alloy plate.

Tang Wulin was relieved upon learning this. He would be in great trouble if this was a soul device because that would mean he had to continue digging downward and try to go around the barrier. However, if this was really just a metal wall, then it was highly possible he had reached the outer layer of the Northsea Army Corps’ underground fortification. He could enter just by breaking through this final obstacle.

His heart rate increased slightly. Tang Wulin pondered for a moment before he slowly stretched out a finger. A Duskgold Dreadclaw slowly emerged from his fingertip and pierced the titanium alloy soundlessly.

Could such a rare and durable metal be a challenge for his Duskgold
Dreadclaw? Tang Wulin slowly twisted the blade into the metal, drilling a hole in the barrier.

Faint light emitted in front of the Duskgold Dreadclaw that he had pushed forth. Moments later, when Tang Wulin no longer felt any pressure at his fingertip, he knew that he had drilled through the metal wall.

Feeling shocked, he retracted his finger silently.

The metal wall was two meters thick. The durability of such a thick alloy wall was incredibly strong and its construction would be extremely
expensive. The Northsea Army Corps spared no expense for its capital!

A faint ray of light came through the small hole. Tang Wulin felt as if tears were running down his face when he saw the glow. He finally felt the radiance of mankind once again! Ever since he was on the Demon Island, he had been living like an animal, so he was glad to see a sign of
civilization again.

Despite being only a small hole, Tang Wulin’s Spirit Abyss spiritual power was capable of slowly entering it to sense the situation on the inside without making a sound.

Just as he had predicted, this was the Northsea Army Corps’ underground fortification. Moreover, he was surprised to find that this was an enormous warehouse. A dazzling array of soul weapons and equipment stored in the warehouse served as a feast for his eyes. The fixed soul ammunitions came in the largest amount. There was no doubt that Tang Wulin had entered the most important storage warehouse without realizing. No wonder the outer wall was of such thick alloy.

The biggest advantage to this warehouse was that nobody was there. The biggest disadvantage was that the outer defense was certainly super strong for such an important warehouse.

What should he do then?

‘I’ll think about this once I’m inside. I can still return using my original
entrance if everything else fails. I can either advance or retreat. Let’s see if there’s any way to get out from the inside of this warehouse.’

Tang Wulin pondered for a while before he set his exit at a dark corner by the northern side shelf nearing the ground surface. The position was the least noticeable.

He relied on the Duskgold Dreadclaw to cut out a square from the metal wall slowly. In order to remain hidden, he cut out an exit just one square meter in area. It was quite strenuous for him to fit through the hole given his body size.

Tang Wulin almost moaned out loud when he inhaled a lungful of fresh air. He silently climbed out of the hole soundlessly and sealed the metal cover once again. If one did not know it was there, it would be impossible to notice.

All of a sudden, he felt terror arise from the bottom of his heart. Tang Wulin’s entire body stiffened as he hastily leaned against the wall and dared not move.

He soon realized what the source of his fear was. It came from the shelves before him marked with skeletons. Those were fixed soul ammunitions placed on the shelves.

Tang Wulin learned a lot about fixed soul ammunitions from the academy. This was the most terrifying weapon created in ten thousand years. It was said that even the Limit Douluos dared not face the most powerful fixed
soul ammunition.

Judging by the size and label on these ammunitions, these were mainly between rank-4 to rank-6. These were already the most powerful fixed soul ammunition that could be carried in ordinary fighter aircraft. To ensure
safety, only hyper mecha were allowed to carry more powerful ammunition than that.

Tang Wulin remained still, as he unleashed his spiritual power quietly to sense the situation in the warehouse.

From the feedback of his spiritual power, Tang Wulin quickly identified that more than fifty percent of the items stored in this warehouse, which was
about three thousand square meters, were fixed soul ammunition. It was possible that the entire Northsea Army Corps base would be blasted away if all of it was triggered.

Other than that, there were some mechas in reserve, all of the standard yellow variety.

This was to say, the warehouse was used to store rather powerful strategic materials but not of the highest grade available. At least there was no rank-7 fixed soul ammunition nor higher ranking mechas here. There were surveillance cameras in the warehouse but only at the most
crucial locations. This meant that he would not be so easily noticed as long as he was careful.

He still had an opportunity!

His spiritual power could not penetrate the warehouse due to the thickness of the surrounding metal walls, hence Tang Wulin was unaware of the
situation outside.

He memorized all the positions of the surveillance cameras before he began to quietly move forward. Tang Wulin would first need to get away from that opening he had made. This way, even if he was discovered, at least his exit would not be so easily noticed and he might be able to use it later.

The only thing worth celebrating was that it was impossible for the
warehouse storing fixed soul ammunitions to be equipped with a defense
system. Otherwise, it would be catastrophic if the system launched an attack and triggered the fixed soul ammunitions.

He took a quick glance along the wall. The warehouse was sealed so tightly that the oxygen level, temperature, humidity were kept to an exact level.
What should he do? He could not dash out of here either! There was certainly some powerful defense force on the outside. He would be
immediately discovered if he were to burst through the door without having the access pass. This was the Northsea Army Corps, and Tang Wulin may have been a one-word battle armor master, but he did not think that he could rely on his power to dash out of this place through brute force.

He was pondering if he should dig another underground tunnel as his other exit.

All of a sudden, a series of electronic beeps was heard. The thick and heavy warehouse door slowly opened.

‘Is someone here?’

Tang Wulin hastily hid in the corner. A few people walked in from the outside after the door opened.
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